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Reviewed: 05/07/06

Madden, leading the pack of football games every year


9/10. Sometimes the commentary gets old but you don't often hear the same thing over and over as you do in other football games. It has great effects as you can here the crowd louder in an exciting situation and you always here that sound of pain when you truck stick a defense back to the turf. They also have a wide variety of songs on the sound track which you could listen to when not in game if you wanted.

Game play:

10/10. The Game play is excellent with a wide variety of plays to choose from on both offense and defense. Also, "Money plays" are non existent in this game because the CPU with adjust it self based on the plays you do the most. Nothing I can think of beats the feeling of looking off the defense with the QB Vision Cone and then using a Precision Pass to chunk it high to T.O. down the field. You have a wide variety of ways to avoid defenders including spinning, juke left, juke right, stiff arm left, stiff arm right, juke back, hurdle, or just run them over with the new Truck Stick! With your Created team you can create a fan or even create a whole playbook. You can decide how to run your receivers route whether you want to run a hook, streak, or slant. You can then use your customized playbook and team against your friends for nonstop competition and action every second.


9/10. The graphics are excellent. Not the best graphics I have seen but for a sports game its definitely a step up. If you want to Create a player then you can adjust him to your exact liking. You can pick how big his feet are, his calf muscle, calf fat, thigh muscle, thigh fat, how big his pads are, forearm muscle, forearm fat and more. You can adjust his helmet to the way you want it to look with the variety of face masks the game has to offer. You can also choose his appearance, which means whether or not he wears long sleeves, has a visor, has eye paint, a mouthpiece, and a neck roll. You can also create your own team customizing your name, logo, stadium, stadium name, and customize your uniforms to a wide variety of colors that they have to offer.

Replay ability:

10/10. It never gets old. If you play Superstar mode and finish it, you can create another Superstar, play Franchise Mode, create your own team, or work on getting the 200+ Madden Cards. If you get bored of all that you could simply try to break the records from the record book in this game, just play the CPU, or invite friends over and play in a Madden Tournament. In Franchise mode you can use your own created team, use a Regular NFL Team, or start a Fantasy Draft with an NFL team. You decide to trade players, make them captains, do fan promotions, customize the stadium, and set ticket and concession stand prices.

Buy or Rent:

Definitely buy. The game is great it never gets old, great graphics, great sound, great game play. Buy this game!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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