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Reviewed: 09/28/05

A action/RPG that stays true to the anime

Naruto: Uzumaki Ninden is an Action Fighting game with a mix of RPG elements into it. The game is based on the highly popular anime "Naruto", which tells a story of a demon monster fox boy named Naruto, who trains as a ninja and dreams of one day becoming a Hokage(Highest Title given to the most skilled and powerful ninja of a ninja village). You take the role of Naruto a young but capable ninja carrying out various tasks for the current Hokage.


The plot of the game start off after advancing more than a few episodes of the anime cartoon and books(For those who just watch or read the anime it is advised to read or watch further before considering playing this game as it contains many spoilers). Basically you take the role of Naruto who is given various ninja missions to carry out. These missions range from easy D-rank escort missions to difficult special S-rank missions. Also many fans of the anime TV series will enjoy the story plot in the game as it's both surprising and meanwhile stays true to the original anime.


The graphics of the game is normal judging it was made for the Playstation 2 console. But I find the characters to be blocky in 3D which in my opinion looked much better in 2D. Some fans may even love to see their favorite characters in 3D. And most of the effects of the "Ninjutsu" are done nicely enough.


The soundtracks and the background music in the game is mediocre but the voice acting is the best part of it, most of the character voices is done nicely especially the main character Naruto. Most fans could recognize voices of most of the characters as those of the original anime TV series.


The game controls are easy enough to pick up and master as it don't feature complicated systems like in most action/RPG titles. You can easily execute special moves like "kage Bunshin no jutsu"(Shadow replication technique) and "Rasengan" with just the R1 and R2 buttons. Once you taken a mission you will carry it out by selecting the destination on a map and at the same time encounter enemies while traveling from point A to point B. Mostly you be fighting solo as Naruto but sometimes you be given support characters to aid you on certain missions, even so I feel that the game put aside a lot of characters as you only get to use the character for only a few seconds. And most enemies can be defeated with a few good quick combo hits. Even so, I find the combat to be repetitive as you can keep using the same moves to beat up the same enemies without breaking a sweat. Other than using ninja tools like shuriken and kunai you will also get to customize blocks that oddly enough increase your physical status and attacks. There are three status bar you need to keep an eye on, the "Hit Points" meter which states how much damage you can take before getting a game over, the "Chakra Energy"(A form of energy that a ninja uses to perform certain Ninjutsu) which will decrease depending on the usage of your special moves and a "Seal meter" that once fired up gives you the ability to unleashed Naruto's demon fox power the power of the nine-tails, that causes Naruto to go into a rage and do devastating attacks which causes much more damage. The gameplay in Naruto: Uzumaki Ninden should satisfy fans of the anime if not gamers alike.


-Third person action/RPG
-Various difficulties and missions
-Fast fluid combat system
-Creative gameplay system
-Various characters and abilities
-Original characters voices
-For 1 player
-Only in Japanese

Naruto: Uzumaki Ninden is a game done creatively with the anime, every characters ability is shown truly like the anime. Even with its somewhat repetitive combat system many fans should still enjoy the boss battles that require a more tactical approach. This game should satisfy fans that want to experience being a ninja in the shoes of Naruto. This game still have room for improvements but still recommended especially for fans of the anime.


A potential action/RPG game that still stays true to the original anime.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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