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Reviewed: 08/28/07

Why Naruto, WHY?!

Ah yes! Naruto is one of my most favorite animes. I tape the newest episode every week unless I’m either lazy or miss it and I read the manga as well. I have seen a lot of reviews for past Naruto games on the TV show X-Play. Most of them are 2 or 3, but I figured it was only their opinion, not mine. Then I came across Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles and realize they haven’t reviewed it yet and I haven’t seen any reviews for it, so I figured I play it because I would be in my own words, untainted by the power of suggestion. Sadly, for my first Naruto game, I was sadly disappointed.


I can’t say much on the storyline, because their seemed to be none to me besides Naruto going out on several missions for the Leaf Village. But a bunch of the missions were interesting with their own story in it.

6 out of 10!


Whoa! Those are some pretty sweet looking graphics! All the characters are cool looking and the rouge ninja you fight are all very interestingly detailed. The cut scenes are even better! This game has a great sense of art design going for it and I want to see more it in the future sequels and games!

9 out of 10!


Ah yes… the areas you fight in are unique and different though they all seem the same to me… you either fight in a field, an area with theirs a pond, or a cliff. Though the detail is nicely done in them, I just wish I could see more different areas.

7 out of 10!


The voice acting is nice and is well… the same thing we get in the anime which is a good thing for fans and me. As for everything else… I have heard better.

6 out of 10!


Pretty good! Though it takes a bit of time mastering the controls, I have to say I found no problems with them. Though, the use of a secondary character when switching from Naruto to them is painfully difficult to master and almost useless on my part.

7 out of 10!

Game Play:

HUH?! You call this good?! Alright, it is a bit over exaggerating on my part, but this game is hard!! First all, the missions in the beginning are easy and simple enough to beat, but then comes some of the later missions are increasingly hard and almost impossible!

The boss fights are a huge problem! Why do they have so many *bleep* health gages?! Then there was that battle where you have to fight two people at the same time and you can’t use your partner because you have to summon them and use them only instead of fighting two on two!!

And if that wasn’t annoying enough, you can’t replay missions to try again!! That’s right!! If you lose even one mission, you can never play it over again so you can win it! What’s with that crap?!

Then there’s that stupid protect the cart! You can protect that thing because you got to fight over 5 people at once while 3 others are attacking it! There’s no way to win at some of these!!

3 out of 10!

Other Things:

The AI is either the stupidest thing on Earth or the smart thing on the Earth at sometimes. Trust me on this.

But on a positive side, I must say the RPG element is pretty sweet. I like the Chip System and how you must sell certain weapons to buy better ones. It makes strategy a bit interesting.

Now I must strongly advise you to renting this game before you buy it. It might save you some hard earn cash or your parents’ cash. Now I’ll crunch all the numbers up and see what the official score is… divide this by this… add that… scratch that… round that…. Alright! Here’s the score:

According to my estimate it’s a 6 out of 10, but I say if you include all the small other things it is a…

5 out 10!

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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