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Colossus Guide by cheu

Version: New!! | Updated: 06/17/06

X-men Legends II : Rise of Apocalypse™
Colossus FAQ  (flowerboy_huh@yahoo.com)
Copyright 2005 Cheu

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   Stuff inside:
      1. Profile
      2. Intro
         a2. Why use Colossus?
             a2.50. Strengths
             a2.75. Weaknesses
         b2. Costumes
      3. Skills
         a3. Iron Fist
         b3. uppercut
         c3. Thunder Clap
         d3. Massive Strike
         e3. Bounding Smash
         f3. Siberian Express
         g3. Demolition
         h3. Unbreakable
         i3. Steelskin
         j3. Roar
         k3. Block
         l3. Brawler
         m3. Galvanize
         n3. Metallurgy
         o3. Might
         p3. Mutant Master
      4. Equipment
         a4. Belt
         b4. Gloves
         c4. Armor
         d4. How to get
             d4.25. Belt
             d4.50. Glove
             d4.75. Armor
      5. Playing Piotr
         a5. Strategy
         b5. leveling up stats
         c5. leveling up skills
      6. Hints, Tips and tricks
         a6. Easy Techbits
         b6. Team Choices
             b6.50. Recommended Team Members
             b6.75. Colossus's Team Bonuses
         c6. Colossus' Stats
             c6.50. Bonus Points
             c6.75. Hidden Maximums
         d6. Conversation with Kitty

                                  1. Profile                                  


Piotr Nikolaievitch Rasputin


(former) Peter Nicholas, The Proletarian 

(normal) 6'6", 
(armored) 7'5" 

(normal) 250 lbs (113 kg),
(armored) 500 lbs (227 kg)

(normal) Blue,
(armored) Silver 


New York City

First Appearance:
Giant Sized X-Men #1 (1975) 

Organic Steel: Colossus is a mutant with the superhuman ability to convert
the tissue of his entire body into an organic steel-like substance, granting
him superhuman strength and a high degree of resistance to bodily harm. This
substance, resembling organic steel, is of unknown composition but appears
to be analogous to osmium and to carbon steel. He is able to transform into
this armor-like state at will (the process is virtually instantaneous) and
remain in that form for an as yet undetermined amount of time. (The longest
time he has remained in armored form by choice so far has been five days).
Once in his armored form he remains so until he consciously wills himself
back to normal. If he is rendered unconscious, however, he spontaneously
reverts to his normal form. While in his armored state, Colossus possesses 
the same degree of mobility that he does in his normal form. 

The process by which Colossus transforms himself to armored form and back
(including his gain of additional mass from an unknown, perhaps
extra-dimensional, force) remains unknown. Colossus cannot become partially
or selectively armored; his body is either entirely converted or not. Even
his eyes become steel-like. It is not knowned what could pierce his armored
body although some super strong energy attacks can damage it. It has always
been asked if the adamantium claws of wolverine could plunge into his body
in armour state but that remains unseen. 

Superhuman Durability: In his armored form Colossus is highly resistant to
most forms of bodily harm. His armor is capable of withstanding ballistic
penetration, including that of a 110 millimeter Howitzer shell. He could
survive a collision with a loaded, one-ton flatbed truck at 100 miles per
hour or an explosion of 450 pounds of TNT. He can survive extremes of
temperature from 70 degrees above absolute zero (-390 degrees Fahrenheit)
to approximately 9000 Fahrenheit. However, it is theorized that above the
latter temperature, his armored form would begin to melt. Colossus's armored
form cannot rust under normal Earth conditions. 

Self-Sustenance: His normal lungs are capable of holding his breath for 3.6
minutes. in his armoured state Piotr as no need to breath,eat or sleep and
by being so he does not become tired like normal people. 

Organic Steel Healing: ability to heal damage he suffered in his organic
steel form when he returns to human form, though he only can do this if the
damage is less then 70%. 

Enhanced Endurance: due to his organic steel form he is granted enhanced 

Enhanced Speed: due to his organic steel form he is granted enhanced speed,
compinsating for his increased weight, allowing him to move basiclly as fast
as he could if he was unarmored. 

Colossus is in unusually fine physical health, permitting the transition back
and forth from his normal organic flesh state to his armored form to occur
with minimal stress on his system. 

Strength Level: In his normal state Piotr also has superhuman strenght at
least several times more than a normal man maybe due to his size and body
weight.In his armoured state however he is able of lifting or pressing about
90 tons under optimal conditions and becomes one of the most stronger beings
on earth able of put up a fight with the likes of Juggernaut, Thor, Thing
and many others and hold his ground. 

"Known Abilities"- Piotr is the steel warrior with an artist soul and in his
heart he as always been more of a farmer than a warrior. His personality is
very sweet and tender and he is a very skilled artist in fact he is the
"picasso" of the x-men perfering to draw a picture of his teammates than to
put up a fight. he is a very noble soul and altought big and tough in aparence
his the most sensible of all the x-men. 

Piotr Rasputin was born on the Soviet collective farm called the Ust-Ordynski
Collective near Lake Baikal in Siberia. His superhuman powers emerged in
adolescence. At first, Rasputin was content simply to use these powers to aid
the other people of the Collective. 

However, Rasputin was contacted by Professor Charles Xavier, founder of the
X-Men, when Xavier was organizing a new team of mutant X-Men to help him
rescue the original X-Men from the sentient island Krakoa. Rasputin agreed
to leave the farm community in which he was born and raised to go to America
with Xavier. Xavier gave Rasputin the code name "Colossus" and Rasputin aided
Xavier's other new recruits in their battle against Krakoa. After the battle
was won, Rasputin remained in the United States with the new X-Men while the
rest of his family stayed on the farm. 

Rasputin's family always remained in his thoughts. Shortly thereafter a
woman known as Miss Locke kidnapped many of the X-Men's loved ones to use as
hostages in order to force the X-Men to aid her in freeing her employer,
Arcade, from captivity by one of Doctor Doom's robots. Among her captives
was Colossus's younger sister Illyana, whom Locke had somehow kidnapped from
the Siberian collective farm and transported to the United States. The X-Men
freed Illyana from captivity, and she went to live with her brother Piotr
(known as Peter in America) at Xavier's mansion. Due to her later captivity
in a dimension known as Limbo where she spent years while only mere moments
elapsed on Earth, Illyana became the adolescent sorceress known as Magik. 

During the morlocks massacre at the hands of sinister´s marauders Colossus
was injured by wildtide shurikens and become unable to return to his human
form. Later along with the rest of the X-men he fought the magical being
knowned has the Adversary and was named dead altough he and the X-men were
ressurected by Roma and given a new home and base in Australia becoming radar
invisible. Later after the Inferno Crisis he and the rest of the X-men
returned to their base in Australia. After Storm´s " death" he along with
Havok,Dazzler and Psylocke crossed the Perilous Siege and he found himself
in new york but with no memories of his former life and became a famous
artist and became involved in a realtionship with the morlock Callisto.
later his memories returned and he once became an x-man. After Illyana was
returned to her true Earth age, Colossus thought it would be better for
Illyana if she went back to live with their parents. Sadly, her parents were
slain and she was kidnapped by a mutant known as the Soul Skinner who hoped
to genetically evolve Illyana to the point where she would have the use of
her powers again. Colossus, with the help of the X-Men, saved Illyana and
brought her back to the mansion. 

Later, Illyana became the first tragic victim to be infected with the Legacy
Virus and die from it. The deaths of his immediate family caused Colossus to
rethink his position with the X-Men and join Magneto and his Acolytes, who
had offered him an alternative to the X-Men's way of fighting and living. 

His stay with Magneto was not long once he realized that Avalon was not the
place for him, either. He left in search of the only person he felt truly
cared for him, his former love and teammate Kitty Pryde, now a member of
Excalibur. Colossus traveled to England, where he found Kitty in the arms of
her new love, Pete Wisdom. Colossus, enraged, attacked Wisdom, and although
the battle was short-lived, they both sustained minor injuries. 

Colossus accepted Kitty's new life and chose to become a member of Excalibur.
Once the team dissolved, Kitty, Colossus and Nightcrawler returned to the
States and became active members of the X-Men. 

Beast, one of his X-Men teammates, claimed to have found the cure for the
Legacy Virus after consulting the late Moira MacTaggert's notes. However, it
required a mutant to activate their powers, and the process would be fatal.
Colossus agreed to use it despite Beast's warnings that it might not work.
Colossus was successful, and the cure was spread worldwide, claiming his
life in the process. Colossus' body was supposedly cremated, and Kitty
scattered the ashes over his Russian farmland home; however, his body had
secretly been stolen by Ord, an alien who had learned that an Earthly mutant
would be responsible for destroying his world. Ord had come to Earth to
declare war, but the spy agency S.W.O.R.D., a sub-division of S.H.I.E.L.D.
handling extraterrestrial matters, was able to settle diplomatically with
him. Ord had Colossus restored to life and imprisoned him for years while
experimenting on him. 

Ultimately, Ord discovered the Legacy Virus cure still in Colossus' system
and presented his findings to Benetech geneticist Doctor Kavita Rao, who
modified it to create a "cure" for the "mutant condition." Learning of the
cure, the X-Men went to Benetech to investigate. There, Kitty found Colossus
alive and, after overcoming her initial shock, took him to aid the X-Men
against Ord. Defeated, Ord was taken into custody, and Colossus returned
home with the X-Men to adjust to his new lease on life. 

Currently Colossus has returned to the X-Men and his long love Shadowcat.
Despite his impressive physical power and stature, Colossus is actually one
of the gentlest and least-aggressive X-Men characters. He would prefer to
be a soft-spoken artist, but realizes his responsibility to use his powers
for the betterment of humanity. 

Soon after, Colossus became involved in a mystery involving the deaths of
several of his cousins, all of whom (like himself) were descended from the
“doom of Old Russia”, Grigori Rasputin. It was eventually revealed that
Grigori was attempting to return through his descendants, and that his old
ally Mister Sinister had teamed with Colossus' brother Mikhail to hasten
the process. Ultimately, Mikhail sought to protect Colossus by exiling
himself to ensure Grigori could never return. 

                                    2. Intro                                  

Hello, this is my FAQ on Colossus of X-Men Legends II : Rise of Apocalypse, I am
mainly writing this FAQ because I like Colossus and he's my favoritte character.

a2. Why use Colossus?

Personally, I used Colossus because he was and still is my all time favorite
X-Men...but even if he has the lowest ratings, I don't see any difference with
him and any other tank in the game so why complain about him. Another thing is
that Colossus looks so much cooler than other characters because who else has
shiny skin? Aside from this he's got a cool russian accent...

     a2.50. Strengths

         He's got big damage, Might and other characteristics of a tank...
         actually he is a typical tank. Plus! he's got a lot of passives AND
         really really good damaging attacks PLUS the useful skill Mutant
         Master so he doesn't lose his energy. and remember...HE IS MIGHTY,
         HE IS COLOSSUS!!!

     a2.75. Weaknesses

         He can't fly, Teleport. that's the worst problem he has... aside
         from this he only has melee attacks so he can't fight those who are
         immune to melee but who cares...your not alone, you've got allies

b2. Costumes

Check these links out to see his costumes... I couldn't really find all of his
costumes so I'll just describe the once I couldn't find... 

Ultimate Colossus (Default):

Close to the original Colossus:

Age of Apocalypse Colossus:

Original Colossus:

Brown Colossus:
In this costume colossus is brown and by this I mean everything
is brown, I can't say for sure if he has clothes but he looks 
like he has a helmet or Something.

Xtreme/Winter Colossus:

Human Colossus:
Ultimate Colossus unmetalized (I just made a new word :D)

                                   3. Skills                     

a3. Iron Fist



Increased melee attack with knockback.

Good for starters... don't put any other points into it though

(Level 1) : +250% physical damage, 40 knockback,  8 EP

(Level 4) : +280% physical damage, 53 knockback,  11EP

(Level 7) : +310% physical damage, 67 knockback,  15EP

(Level 10): +341% physical damage, 81 knockback,  18EP

(Level 13): +370% physical damage, 95 knockback,  22EP

(Level 16): +400% physical damage, 109 knockback, 25EP

(Level 19): +430% physical damage, 123 knockback, 29EP

(Level 22): +460% physical damage, 137 knockback, 33EP

(Level 25): +491% physical damage, 151 knockback, 36EP

(Level 28): +520% physical damage, 165 knockback, 40EP

(Level 31): +550% physical damage, 179 knockback, 43EP

(Level 34): +580% physical damage, 193 knockback, 47EP

(Level 37): +610% physical damage, 207 knockback, 50EP

(Level 40): +641% physical damage, 221 knockback, 54EP

(Level 43): +670% physical damage, 235 knockback, 58EP

(Level 46): +700% physical damage, 249 knockback, 61EP

(Level 49): +731% physical damage, 263 knockback, 65EP

(Level 52): +760% physical damage, 277 knockback, 68EP

(Level 55): +790% physical damage, 291 knockback, 72EP

(Level 58): +820% physical damage, 305 knockback, 76EP

b3. Uppercut


Level 7, Iron Fist

An increased melee attack that pops enemies into the air.

This attack can be the better than Massive Strike if you 
use Thunder Clap and Thunder Clap is one heck of an attack

(Level 7) : +310% physical damage, 14EP

(Level 10): +341% physical damage, 17EP

(Level 13): +370% physical damage, 21EP

(Level 16): +400% physical damage, 24EP

(Level 19): +430% physical damage, 28EP

(Level 22): +460% physical damage, 32EP

(Level 25): +491% physical damage, 35EP

(Level 28): +520% physical damage, 39EP

(Level 31): +550% physical damage, 43EP

(Level 34): +580% physical damage, 46EP

(Level 37): +610% physical damage, 50EP

(Level 40): +640% physical damage, 54EP

(Level 43): +670% physical damage, 57EP

(Level 46): +700% physical damage, 61EP

(Level 49): +731% physical damage, 65EP

(Level 52): +760% physical damage, 68EP

(Level 55): +790% physical damage, 72EP

(Level 58): +820% physical damage, 76EP

c3. Thunder Clap


Requirements: Level 14

A thunderous clap  that sends out a 140 degree blast
of damage.

Best compliment to a melee attack and Colossus is
a Tank which means He's got a lot of Melee attacks
so I'm meaning to say that you should get it!!!

(Level 14): +230% physical dmg, 120 radius, 24EP

(Level 17): +250% physical dmg, 121 radius, 28EP

(Level 20): +270% physical dmg, 123 radius, 32EP

(Level 23): +289% physical dmg, 124 radius, 36EP

(Level 26): +309% physical dmg, 126 radius, 40EP

(Level 29): +329% physical dmg, 128 radius, 44EP

(Level 32): +349% physical dmg, 129 radius, 48EP

(Level 35): +368% physical dmg, 131 radius, 52EP

(Level 38): +388% physical dmg, 132 radius, 57EP

(Level 41): +408% physical dmg, 134 radius, 61EP

(Level 44): +427% physical dmg, 136 radius, 65EP

(Level 47): +447% physical dmg, 137 radius, 69EP

(Level 50): +466% physical dmg, 139 radius, 73EP

(Level 53): +486% physical dmg, 140 radius, 77EP

(Level 56): +506% physical dmg, 142 radius, 81EP

(Level 59): +525% physical dmg, 144 radius, 86EP

d3. Massive Strike


Level 21, Uppercut

An increased melee attack with a chance for a 33% instant
HP loss on target.

This is one of Colossus' best melee attacks... use it
if you aren't using thunder clap...

(Level 21): +541% physical dmg, 16% chance, 28EP

(Level 24): +566% physical dmg, 17% chance, 32EP

(Level 27): +592% physical dmg, 18% chance, 36EP

(Level 30): +618% physical dmg, 19% chance, 40EP

(Level 33): +644% physical dmg, 20% chance, 44EP

(Level 36): +669% physical dmg, 21% chance, 48EP

(Level 39): +695% physical dmg, 22% chance, 52EP

(Level 42): +721% physical dmg, 23% chance, 56EP

(Level 45): +747% physical dmg, 24% chance, 60EP

(Level 48): +772% physical dmg, 25% chance, 64EP

(Level 51): +798% physical dmg, 26% chance, 68EP

(Level 54): +824% physical dmg, 27% chance, 72EP

(Level 57): +850% physical dmg, 29% chance, 76EP

(Level 60): +875% physical dmg, 30% chance, 80EP

e3. Bounding Smash


Level 28, Thunder Clap

A colossal leap and landing that sends out a radial shock
wave of damage.

This move has good knockback and good damage. This isn't
Colossus' best radial move though...

(Level 28): +275% physical dmg, 245 knockback, 51 EP

(Level 31): +288% physical dmg, 282 knockback, 56 EP

(Level 34): +300% physical dmg, 320 knockback, 62 EP

(Level 37): +313% physical dmg, 357 knockback, 68 EP

(Level 40): +325% physical dmg, 395 knockback, 74 EP

(Level 43): +338% physical dmg, 432 knockback, 80 EP

(Level 46): +350% physical dmg, 470 knockback, 85 EP

(Level 49): +363% physical dmg, 507 knockback, 91 EP

(Level 52): +375% physical dmg, 545 knockback, 97 EP

(Level 55): +388% physical dmg, 582 knockback, 103EP

(Level 58): +400% physical dmg, 620 knockback, 109EP

f3. Siberian Express 


Level 28, Massive Strike. 

Charge against enemies, and objects, knocking them back.
(Press and hold.)

Siberian Express is one of the best press and hold moves.
Good Damage, Good Knockback and you can just run around
hitting enemies (and knocking them out).

(Level 28): +575% physical dmg, 245 knockback, 48 EP/s

(Level 31): +610% physical dmg, 282 knockback, 53 EP/s

(Level 34): +645% physical dmg, 320 knockback, 58 EP/s

(Level 37): +681% physical dmg, 357 knockback, 63 EP/s

(Level 40): +715% physical dmg, 395 knockback, 68 EP/s

(Level 43): +750% physical dmg, 432 knockback, 74 EP/s

(Level 46): +786% physical dmg, 470 knockback, 79 EP/s

(Level 49): +820% physical dmg, 507 knockback, 84 EP/s

(Level 52): +856% physical dmg, 545 knockback, 89 EP/s

(Level 55): +890% physical dmg, 582 knockback, 94 EP/s

(Level 58): +925% physical dmg, 620 knockback, 100EP/s

g3. Demolition

Radial, Xtreme

Level 15

An Xtreme concussion attack.

It's got big damage so it's good. But before you put
ranks into this skill, check his other Xtreme, Unbreakable

(Level 15): +550% physical  damage

(Level 20): +700% physical  damage

(Level 25): +850% physical  damage

(Level 30): +1000% physical damage

(Level 35): +1150% physical damage

(Level 40): +1300% physical damage

(Level 45): +1450% physical damage

h3. Unbreakable

Boost, Xtreme

Level 20

Makes Colossus invincible and doubles his damage for a time.

This skill is better than Demolition...think of it, instead of doing
really big damage you become invincible and your damage doubles for
45 seconds so you can do the damage your skills do x2 for 45 seconds.

(Level 20): 15 seconds

(Level 25): 22 seconds

(Level 30): 30 seconds

(Level 35): 37 seconds

(Level 40): 45 seconds

i3. Steel Skin



Generates steel armor around his body which absorbs an amount of
damage instead of colossus taking it.

Colossus doesn't have that much EP ya know because after he gets
hit while doing this the boost disappears...don't put any points
into this skill

(Level 1) : 15 physical damage absorbed, 32EP

(Level 4) : 17 physical damage absorbed, 46EP

(Level 7) : 20 physical damage absorbed, 60EP

(Level 10): 23 physical damage absorbed, 74EP

(Level 13): 26 physical damage absorbed, 89EP

(Level 16): 29 physical damage absorbed, 103EP

(Level 19): 32 physical damage absorbed, 117EP

(Level 22): 35 physical damage absorbed, 132EP

(Level 25): 38 physical damage absorbed, 146EP

(Level 28): 41 physical damage absorbed, 160EP

(Level 31): 44 physical damage absorbed, 175EP

(Level 34): 47 physical damage absorbed, 189EP

(Level 37): 50 physical damage absorbed, 203EP

(Level 40): 53 physical damage absorbed, 218EP

(Level 43): 56 physical damage absorbed, 232EP

(Level 46): 59 physical damage absorbed, 246EP

(Level 49): 62 physical damage absorbed, 261EP

(Level 52): 65 physical damage absorbed, 275EP

(Level 55): 68 physical damage absorbed, 289EP

(Level 58): 71 physical damage absorbed, 304EP

j3. Roar


Level 14, Steel Skin 

A battle cry giving all party members a bonus to all character traits.

If you're desperate use it but I think the bonus is too small to be
useful so the choice is yours...

(Level 14): 13 seconds, +2 Strength (Strike), Speed, Body, Focus, 84EP

(Level 17): 15 seconds, +2 Strength (Strike), Speed, Body, Focus, 98EP

(Level 20): 18 seconds, +3 Strength (Strike), Speed, Body, Focus, 113EP

(Level 23): 21 seconds, +4 Strength (Strike), Speed, Body, Focus, 128EP

(Level 26): 24 seconds, +5 Strength (Strike), Speed, Body, Focus, 143EP

(Level 29): 27 seconds, +6 Strength (Strike), Speed, Body, Focus, 158EP

(Level 32): 29 seconds, +7 Strength (Strike), Speed, Body, Focus, 173EP

(Level 35): 32 seconds, +8 Strength (Strike), Speed, Body, Focus, 188EP

(Level 38): 35 seconds, +9 Strength (Strike), Speed, Body, Focus, 203EP

(Level 41): 38 seconds, +10 Strength (Strike), Speed, Body, Focus, 218EP

(Level 44): 41 seconds, +11 Strength (Strike), Speed, Body, Focus, 233EP

(Level 47): 43 seconds, +12 Strength (Strike), Speed, Body, Focus, 248EP

(Level 50): 46 seconds, +13 Strength (Strike), Speed, Body, Focus, 263EP

(Level 53): 49 seconds, +14 Strength (Strike), Speed, Body, Focus, 278EP

(Level 56): 52 seconds, +15 Strength (Strike), Speed, Body, Focus, 293EP

(Level 59): 55 seconds, +16 Strength (Strike), Speed, Body, Focus, 308EP

k3. Block


Level 7

Allows heroes to protect  themselves from all attacks by blocking damage
at the cost of EP.

This move isn't good for anybody...save your points for something better

(Level 7): 100% EP/Damage blocked

(Level 10): 87% EP/Damage blocked

(Level 14): 75% EP/Damage blocked

(Level 17): 62% EP/Damage blocked

(Level 21): 50% EP/Damage blocked

l3. Brawler



Gives a natural ATK increase.

Good passive. Keep this skill maxed

(Level 1): +21% ATK

(Level 1): +31% ATK

(Level 1): +40% ATK

(Level 1): +50% ATK

(Level 1): +61% ATK

(Level 1): +71% ATK

(Level 1): +80% ATK

(Level 1): +90% ATK

(Level 1): +100% ATK

(Level 1): +110% ATK

(Level 1): +121% ATK

(Level 1): +130% ATK

(Level 1): +140% ATK

(Level 1): +150% ATK

(Level 1): +160% ATK

m3. Galvanize



Gives a natural DEF increase.

Another good passive .Keep maxed

(Level 1): +15% DEF

(Level 1): +24% DEF

(Level 1): +31% DEF

(Level 1): +39% DEF

(Level 1): +48% DEF

(Level 1): +55% DEF

(Level 1): +63% DEF

(Level 1): +72% DEF

(Level 1): +79% DEF

(Level 1): +88% DEF

(Level 1): +95% DEF

(Level 1): +103% DEF

(Level 1): +111% DEF

(Level 1): +120% DEF

(Level 1): +127% DEF

n3. Metallurgy



Increases natural resistance to elemental, energy and
mental damage.

Don't put anything here...equipment is better for

(Level 1): +5% energy, elemental & mental resistance

(Level 1): +8% energy, elemental & mental resistance

(Level 1): +11% energy, elemental & mental resistance

(Level 1): +14% energy, elemental & mental resistance

(Level 1): +17% energy, elemental & mental resistance

(Level 1): +20% energy, elemental & mental resistance

(Level 1): +23% energy, elemental & mental resistance

(Level 1): +26% energy, elemental & mental resistance

(Level 1): +29% energy, elemental & mental resistance

(Level 1): +32% energy, elemental & mental resistance

(Level 1): +35% energy, elemental & mental resistance

(Level 1): +38% energy, elemental & mental resistance

(Level 1): +41% energy, elemental & mental resistance

(Level 1): +44% energy, elemental & mental resistance

(Level 1): +47% energy, elemental & mental resistance

o3. Might



Increases lifting strength and destruction level of
melee attacks.

Max this out...(you only need one point anyway)

(Level 1): Lift heavy objects, damage reinforced walls and objects

(Level 5): Lift massive objects, damage reinforced walls and objects

p3. Mutant Master


Level 7

Increases EP regeneration rate.

This is the remedy to the EP problem of Colossus

(Level 7): +30% EP regeneration

(Level 8): +42% EP regeneration

(Level 9): +54% EP regeneration

(Level 10): +66% EP regeneration

(Level 11): +78% EP regeneration

(Level 12): +90% EP regeneration

(Level 13): +102% EP regeneration

(Level 14): +114% EP regeneration

(Level 15): +126% EP regeneration

(Level 16): +139% EP regeneration

(Level 17): +150% EP regeneration

(Level 18): +162% EP regeneration

(Level 19): +175% EP regeneration

(Level 20): +187% EP regeneration

(Level 21): +199% EP regeneration

                                 4. Equipment                                 

a4. Belt:
Webslinger (Unique)
225 DEF. +20 Speed. +10 Striking (Level 35)

b4. Gloves:
Hammer of Nimrod (Unique)
250 ATK. 50 DEF. +50%% Bleed Damage over 5 seconds. 
Double Physical Dmg (Level 35)

c4. Armor:
Regenerative Plating
700 DEF. +15 Body. +5 HP Regeneration.
+25% All Resistances (Colossus)

d4. How to get:

d4.25. Belt:
Beat the Yellow Fonted enemies (Leaders) at the Higher leveled
Places until you get What your looking for...

d4.50. Gloves:
Beat the Yellow Fonted enemies (Leaders) at the Higher leveled
Places until you get What your looking for...

d4.75. Armor:

     Challenge - Colossus

     Sewers South, New York, in the first very large room, in
     the left corner opposite the entrance

     * Defeat 30 enemies
     * Complete within 3:00

     Titanium Award (beat the course): Regenerative Plating
     Adamantium Award (within 1:30): +1 Strike
     Vibranium Award (within 1:00): +1 level

                               5. Playing Piotr 

Here I'll tell how to use, level up, etc.

a5. Strategy:
Since Colossus is a tank you should help your teammates by charging the
enemy head on and staying there fighting serving as a wall for the ranged
fighters in the team...When using Colossus the thing you should always
remember is to keep hitting because the best defense is a good offense.
You won't really be running out of EP since you have a lot of energy and
mutant master so you just have to keep attacking. When fighting
enemies charge in using Siberian Express than start hitting
with one Thunder Clap and then follow it up with a series of Melee attacks
than a Thunder Clap and then a series of Melee attacks and then repeat the
process until they're dead

b5. leveling up stats
Level  |  Stats  
  2    |+4 Strike  
  3    |+4 Strike
  4    |+4 Strike
  5    |+4 Strike
  6    |+4 Strike
  7    |+4 Strike
  8    |+4 Strike
  9    |+4 Strike
 10    |+4 Strike
 11    |+4 Strike
 12    |+4 Strike
 13    |+4 Strike
 14    |+4 Strike
 15    |+4 Strike
 16    |+4 Strike
 17    |+4 Strike
 18    |+4 Strike
 19    |+4 Strike
 20    |+4 Strike
 21    |+4 Strike
 22    |+4 Strike
 23    |+4 Strike
 24    |+4 Strike
 25    |+4 Strike
 26    |+4 Strike
 27    | +1 Body
       |+3 Strike
 28    | +4 Body
 29    | +4 Body
 30    | +4 Body
 31    | +4 Body
 32    | +4 Body
 33    | +4 Body
 34    | +4 Body
 35    | +4 Body
 36    | +4 Body
 37    | +4 Body
 38    | +4 Body
 39    | +4 Body
 40    | +4 Body
 41    | +4 Body
 42    | +4 Body
 43    | +4 Body
 44    | +4 Body
 45    | +4 Body
 46    | +4 Body
 47    | +4 Body
 48    | +4 Body
 49    | +4 Body
 50    | +4 Body
 51    | +4 Body
 52    | +4 Body
 53    | +4 Body
 54    | +4 Body
 55    | +4 Body
 56    | +4 Body
 57    | +4 Body
 58    | +4 Body
 59    | +4 Body
 60    | +4 Body
 61    | +4 Body
 62    | +4 Body
 63    | +4 Body
 64    | +4 Body
 65    | +4 Body
 66    | +4 Body
 67    | +4 Body
 68    | +4 Body
 69    | +4 Body
 70    | +4 Body 
 71    | +4 Body
 72    | +4 Body
 73    |+4 Focus
 74    |+4 Focus
 75    |+4 Focus
 76    |+4 Focus
 77    |+4 Focus
 78    |+4 Focus
 79    |+4 Focus
 80    |+4 Focus
 81    |+4 Focus
 82    |+4 Focus
 83    |+4 Focus
 84    |+4 Focus
 85    |+4 Focus
 86    |+4 Focus
 87    |+4 Focus
 88    |+4 Focus
 89    |+4 Focus
 90    |+4 Focus
 91    |+4 Focus
 92    |+4 Focus
 93    |+4 Focus
 94    |+4 Focus
 95    |+4 Focus
 96    |+4 Focus
 97    |+4 Focus
 98    |+4 Focus
 99    |+4 Focus

d5. leveling up skills

Thunder Clap
Big Damage, no need to aim
and good w/ Melee

Everytime you can

need for massive Strike

First level you can than
stop leveling it

Massive Strike
need for Siberian Express

First level you can than
stop leveling it

Siberian Express:
Good "Press and Hold" Skill

just one on the first level
so the knockback doesn't
knockback to much so you
can hit the enemy successively

Double Damage and Invinciblity,
Good Xtreme...

One at level 20 and than wait
to fill up the others 

Mutant Master:
Unlimited EP!!

After Filling Up Brawler

The more damage the Better

If you can't put points
into Thunder Clap.

The Harder the Better

After Filling Up Mutant

Your a Tank you Need it...

First Level

                           6. Hints, Tips and Tricks                          

a6. Easy Techbits (Thanks to techiedude)
    Want techbits? All you have to do is to go to the Tower Apex
    (end of Act 4) and break stuff...Want more? Read-on then...
    here's how you do it in 5 easy steps:

    1. Replace two of your current team members with Gambit and Toad,
    if you aren't already using them on your team...

    2. Ramp up Toad's Xtreme power "Plunder" and "Secretion" as high
    as you can and ramp up Gambit's Xtreme power "Prince of Thieves"
    and Energy Form as high as you can and a rank on staff Slam...

    3. Go to the Tower Apex and Get ready to break stuff (not yet)...

    4. Select Toad and activate "Plunder"and "Secretion" then select
    Gambit and activate "Prince of Thieves" and "Energy Form" making
    Gambit really Quick...

    5. Break Stuff using staff slam...

Keep in mind that their Xtreme powers are time-limited so you'll need to
use their Xtreme powers 3-4 times to clear the entire level of canisters
and get the maximum benefit (depending on how high their XTreme power is
leveled-up) but trust me you won't run out of Xtreme tokens because of all
things you break that give tokens (It practically pays for itself). By doing
this you'll get alot of techbits and I mean A LOT...this trick is great
for buying Skill points and levels.

b6. Team Choices

b6.50. Recommended Team Members

Nice Character who can support
Colossus from behind and Secretion
makes up for the lack of Speed
of Colossus

Another good behind support
and Static Charge Makes
Colossus do even more damage

Another good support and Energy
Fury makes Colossus do even more

See Gambit's reasons

Jean Grey:
Calming Presence makes attacks

b6.75. Colossus's Team Bonuses

Some Team bonus's that could be useful. (all have Colossus in em')

      Team Name/bonus                         Team Members
     Age of Apocalype:                  Any 4 heroes with AoA skins 
    +100% attack rating                  

      Bruiser Brigade:                      Wolverine, Rogue,
20 Energy gained per knockout             Juggernaut, Colossus

        Heavy Metal:                      Colossus, Juggernaut,
      +10 to all Stats                     Iron Man, Magneto

        New X-Men:                    Nightclawler, Storm, Colossus,
      +15% max health                  Wolverine, Sunfire, Bishop

c6. Colossus' Stats (Thanks to Majestros and PapaGamer)

c6.50. Bonus Points

All four stats have 250 point ceilings and there is no way to take back 
assigned stat points.  At every level increase, several bonus points are 
automatically allocated to predetermined areas.  Melee-oriented characters 
typically receive regular Strike upgrades while spell-caster characters
end up  with frequent Focus boosts.  Thus, reaching the 250 point cap for
any one stat before hitting the lvl99 maximum equates to wasted stat points.

Here are the stats of an untouched Colossus at level 1 and 99:

At level 1:

Body  : 20
Focus : 8
Strike: 24
Speed : 16

At level 99:

Body  : 69
Focus : 8
Strike: 147
Speed : 41

c6.75. Hidden Maximums

Only Tech Stations and Danger Room missions can provide permanent increases 
past the 250 point limit.  However, stats have been known to reset if pushed 
above their hidden preset maximums, making unplanned Tech Station usage 
risky.  Luckily, Danger Room mission bonuses have no effect on maxed out 
stats.  Use Tech Stations to swiftly approach a desired stat limit, then 
switch over to Danger Room missions the rest of the way.  The following table 
catalogues every stat point cap in the game, taking the guesswork out of the 
Tech Station gamble.  Equipment enhancements are not bounded by these limits.

Here are the Hidden Maximums of Colossus:

Body  : 304
Focus : 250
Strike: 310
Speed : 274

d6. Conversation with Kitty

In Act 4 Kitty Pryde will be there standing near the
sewers and if you talk to her using Colossus, you will
get cute but cheezy conversation between the two lovers...

P.S. I don't have the full conversation yet, I'll update it
when I get it...

                                  7. Goodbye                                  

Ok...this is the part where I say goodbye
to you...but before that I'd like to say
thank you to...

...the people who make gamefaqs.com...
...Activision for making the game...
...and you for taking time to read my FAQ...

Aside from that please E-mail me at...
...for any mistakes or suggestions...

Ok...that's all I have to say so...

    !!! G  O  O  D  B  Y  E !!! 

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