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Trivia FAQ by BobDole1216

Version: 1.05 | Updated: 01/10/2006

XXX     XXX       MM       MM  EEEEEE  NN     N
  XX   XX         M M     M M  E       N N    N
   XX XX          M  M   M  M  E       N  N   N
    XXX      ---  M   M M   M  EEEE    N   N  N
   XXXXX           M    M    M  E       N    N N
  XX   XX          M         M  E       N     NN
XXX     XXX        M         M  EEEEEE  N      N

L        EEEEEE   GGGG   EEEEEE  NN     N  DDDDD    SSSSS       2222
L        E       G    G  E       N N    N  D    D  S     S     2    2
L        E       G       E       N  N   N  D    D  S               2 
L        EEEE    G       EEEE    N   N  N  D    D   SSSSS         2
L        E       G  GGG  E       N    N N  D    D        S       2 
L        E       G    G  E       N     NN  D    D  S     S      2

Rise of Apocalypse

Yes, I suck at Ascii.  If anyone would be willing to do a better title for 
me, please tell me.

The Trivia game is a good way to get quick and easy experience,especially 
in the Easy and Normal difficulty settings.  Chapters 4 and 5 will give you
as much experience as multiple bosses!

Version History:
December 31, 2005 - Version 1.05: Added a submitted in-depth analysis to a

October 17, 2005 - Version 1.04: Added a counter-inaccuracy.

October 12, 2005 - Version 1.03: Added more inaccuracies.

October 11, 2005 - Version 1.02: Added neoseeker and supercheats to the list of
sites that have my permission to post my FAQ.

October 5, 2005	- Version 1.01: Added in experience amounts for Acts 4 and 5.

October 3, 2005 - Finished writing Version 1.00!

Question: The trivia question goes here.
Answer: The answer that the game counts as correct goes here.

Side Notes
I have heard that some of the 'correct' answers are actually incorrect.
However, I am not knowledgeable enough to find these inaccuracies on my own.
If you e-mail me and explain why certain answers are actually incorrect, I will
post your explanation with credit.

All of the questions and answers are copied verbatim from the game, spelling
and grammatical errors included.  The only changes I made to the questions 
and answers were capitalization corrections (first letter/word of the answers
and elements, among other things).  I take pride in my writing, so please
e-mail me if you find an error (either my spelling/grammar, or differences
between how the game worded/spelled questions/answers and how I worded/spelled
questions/answers).  My e-mail is JMil1987@comcast.net

I know the layout isn't all that pretty, but it's direct (and it's my first 

Act 1

Location: Across from Professor X (near the Xtraction Point)

Each correct answer gives all active characters 50 experience.
Total experience: 2500

Question 1: Sabretooth's archenemy is:
Answer: Wolverine

Question 2: In the video game X-Men: Legends, Iceman had a crush on
Answer: Alison Crestmere

Question 3: Juggernaut first appeared in X-Men number:
Answer: 12

Question 4: As a young man, Gambit wed an assassin named:
Answer: Bella Donna Boudreaux

Question 5: What is Victor Creed's mutant code name?
Answer: Sabretooth

Question 6: Forge has been romantically linked to:
Answer: Storm

Question 7: While growing up in an orphanage, Cyclops was bullied by a
a boy named Nathan, who was really:
Answer: Mr. Sinister

Question 8: Which is true of Colossus in his armored form?
Answer: Even his eyeballs become steel-like.

Question 9: Beast was born a mutant because:
Answer: His father was exposed to a massive amount of radiation

Question 10: What is Apocalypse's real name?
Answer: En Sabah Nur

Question 11: Before joining the X-Men, Angel was a crime fighter who
worked under the name:
Answer: Avenging Angel

Question 12: Abyss is able to:
Answer: Pull enemies into an inter-dimensional cavity in his chest

Question 13: Blink's real name is:
Answer: Clarice Ferguson

Question 14: What is Lorna Dane's X-Men code name?
Answer: Polaris

Question 15: Blob is originally from:
Answer: Lubbock, Texas

Question 16: Grizzly worked for which team?
Answer: Six Pack

Question 17: Why does Lady Deathstrike hate Wolverine?
Answer: She thinks he stole her father's work in adamantium.

Question 18: Quicksilver's mutant power is:
Answer: Super speed

Question 19: What is Polaris' mutant power?
Answer: Magnetic Manipulation

Question 20: Blink's protector is:
Answer: Sabretooth

Question 21: Which X-Man saved Polaris from Mesmero?
Answer: Iceman

Question 22: Before joining the Brotherhood, Blob worked at:
Answer: A traveling circus

Question 23: What color hair does Polaris have?
Answer: Green

Question 24: Quicksilver and his sister were raised by:
Answer: Gypsies

Question 25: What secret project did Wolverine and Sabretooth both belong to?
Answer: Weapon X

Question 26: Cable, Domino, Grizzly, George Washington Bridge, Hammer and Kane
together form what group?
Answer: Six Pack

Question 27: Blink is albe to teleport:
Answer: As far away as the moon.

Question 28: Zealot is the bitter enemy of:
Answer: Magneto

Question 29: Quicksilver's real name is:
Answer: Pietro Maximoff

Question 30: Sabretooth made his debut in which Marvel comic book?
Answer: Iron Fist

Question 31: Jean's psychic powers awoke when:
Answer: Her friend was hit by a car.

Question 32: Juggernaut frequently partners up with which of the 
following mutants?
Answer: Black Tom Cassidy

Question 33: Who did Sabretooth have a son with?
Answer: Mystique

Question 34: What is Lady Deathstrike's real name?
Answer: Yuriko Oyama

Question 35: Who are the children of Magneto?
Answer: Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver

Question 36: Which Marvel hero's comic did Mystique first appear in 1978?
Answer: Ms. Marvel

Question 37: Lady Deathstrike's father developed a process for:
Answer: Bonding Adamantium to bone

Question 38: Abyss works for:
Answer: Apocalypse

Question 39: Where is Genosha located?
Answer: The Indian Ocean

Question 40: Professor Xavier attended which university?
Answer: Oxford

Question 41: On average, if Rogue touches a mutant for a minute,
how long does she retain that mutant's powers?
Answer: 60 minutes

Question 42: Which of these mutants can't fly?
Answer: Wolverine

Question 43: What time traveling team of mutants does Blink belong to?
Answer: Exiles

Question 44: Who here is not a mutant?
Answer: Juggernaut

Question 45: What group of criminals did Lady Deathstrike join after her
attempt to kill Wolverine failed?
Answer: The Reavers

Question 46: Blob is able to generate:
Answer: A gravitational force that makes him immovable

Question 47: What X-Man did Polaris have a relationship with?
Answer: Havok

Question 48: Forge was contracted by the U.S. government to develop a way
to detect an alien race known as:
Answer: Dire Wraiths

Question 49: Who is Sabretooth's son?
Answer: Graydon Creed

Question 50: Beast was born in:
Answer: Dunfee, Illinois

Act 2

Location: Next to Forge and the Review Computer (again, near the Xtraction 

Each correct answer gives all active characters 200 experience.
Total experience: 10000

Question 1: Angel is:
Answer: Extremely wealthy

Question 2: Wolverine made his debut in 1974 in which comic book series?
Answer: Incredible Hulk

Question 3: In the video game X-Men Legends, what was the name of the base
Magneto had in orbit of Earth?
Answer: Asteroid M

Question 4: Which of the following X-Men was at one time Apocalypse's horseman 
Answer: Wolverine

Question 5: Destiny belonged to which super villain team?
Answer: The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants

Question 6: Garokk was originally:
Answer: A British sailor

Question 7: In the video game X-Men Legends, who was the first playable 
character at the very beginning in New York City?
Answer: Wolverine

Question 8: How many fingers does Nightcrawler have on each hand?
Answer: Three

Question 9: Who is Ka-Zar's wife?
Answer: Shanna O'Hara

Question 10: Which person is Mystique not connected to?
Answer: Mikhail Rasputin

Question 11: Which X-Man was involved romantically with Magneto?
Answer: Rogue

Question 12: Joseph is a clone of which mutant?
Answer: Magneto

Question 13: Iceman's real name is
Answer: Bobby Drake

Question 14: Who is not a member of the Brotherhood?
Answer: Lupa

Question 15: As a boy, Nightcrawler's hero was:
Answer: Errol Flynn

Question 16: Who served alongside Cable in his mercenary group, Six Pack?
Answer: Domino

Question 17: What is Bishop's mutant power?
Answer: Absorb energy and rechannel it

Question 18: Ka-Zar's father came to the Savage Land in search of what?
Answer: Anti-metal

Question 19: What are Forge's powers?
Answer: Inventing new technology and mystic powers

Question 20: Ka-Zar was originally named:
Answer: Kevin Plunder

Question 21: Colossus' brother Mikhail first appeared in Uncanny X-Men number
Answer: 285

Question 22: What evil villain is also known as Cain Marko?
Answer: Juggernaut

Question 23: Heather Cameron is known as which X-Man?
Answer: Lifeguard

Question 24: Magneto first appeared in 1963 X-Men number:
Answer: 1

Question 25: What name does Magneto go by?
Answer: Erik Lehnsherr

Question 26: Mikhail is the brother of:
Answer: Colossus

Question 27: Colossus first learned he could turn into metal when he:
Answer: Saved his sister from a runaway tractor.

Question 28: In the video game, X-Men: Legends, what was the code name of the
young woman the X-Men saved in New York City from Blob and Mystique?
Answer: Magma

Question 29: Bishop is a time traveler from which century?
Answer: 21st

Question 30: What is Omega Red's real name?
Answer: Arkady Gregorovich

Question 31: Nightcrawler was once the leader of which of the following 
Answer: Excalibur

Question 32: Pyro's real name is:
Answer: St. John Allerdyce

Question 33: Approximately how old is Apocalypse?
Answer: 5000 yrs old

Question 34: What is Sauron's real name?
Answer: Karl Lykos

Question 35: Shanna at one time:
Answer: Worked at a zoo in New York City

Question 36: Death, War, Pestilence, and Famine together form what group?
Answer: The Four Horsemen

Question 37: What is Pyro's mutant ability?
Answer: He can control fire.

Question 38: What is Sunfire's real name?
Answer: Shiro Yoshida

Question 39: Ororo Munroe's X-Men code name is:
Answer: Storm

Question 40: Omega Red's arm coils are made from what material?
Answer: Carbonadium

Question 41: Toad first appeared in:
Answer: X-Men number 4

Question 42: Where is the Savage Land located?
Answer: Antarctica

Question 43: Who is Mystique's best friend?
Answer: Destiny

Question 44: The Savage Land is protected from freezing temperatures by:
Answer: Alien Technology

Question 45: Mikhail Rasputin has been:
Answer: A Russian cosmonaut

Question 46: Nightcrawler grew up working in a circus as:
Answer: An acrobat

Question 47: What animal protected Ka-Zar as he grew up in the Savage Land?
Answer: A sabretooth tiger

Question 48: What was Shanna known as in the Savage Land?
Answer: Shanna the She-Devil

Question 49: Garokk was ship wrecked in the Savage Land in what time period?
Answer: 1400s

Question 50: Bishop has a sister named:
Answer: Shard

Act 3

Location: Second floor, on a table in the room after the one adjacent to 

Each correct answer gives all active characters 450 experience.
Total experience: 22500

Question 1: Sunfire's sister's code name was:
Answer: Sunpyre

Question 2: Wolverine wound up killing the father of this woman he loved:
Answer: Mariko Yashido

Question 3: What Hellfire Club leader first appeared in X-Men number 129 
in 1980?
Answer: Sebastian Shaw

Question 4: Storm was once the leader of which of the following groups?
Answer: The Morlocks

Question 5: What is Heather Hudson's Alpha Flight code name?
Answer: Vindicator

Question 6: Who oversaw the Weapon X program during Wolverine's 
Answer: The Professor

Question 7: Who is not a member of Alpha Flight?
Answer: Prism

Question 8: Cyclops's father is the captain of a spaceship named:
Answer: Starjammer

Question 9: Which super team was Wolverine originally intended to lead?
Answer: Alpha Flight

Question 10: Who is the leader of the team known as the Hellions?
Answer: Emma Frost

Question 11: Who is Heather Hudson's husband?
Answer: Guardian

Question 12: There is speculation that Professor Xavier's father at one time:
Answer: Was part of the Weapon X project that worked on Wolverine.

Question 13: Havok's real name is:
Answer: Alex Summers

Question 14: What is James MacDonald Hudson's Alpha Flight code name?
Answer: Guardian

Question 15: Which of the following X-Mne has also been a member of The 
Answer: Wolverine

Question 16: Who saved Apocalypse as a child?
Answer: Baal

Question 17: The process of bonding Adamantium to Wolverine's bones would have
killed him if not for:
Answer: Wolverine's healing power

Question 18: What super hero team does Heather Hudson belong to?
Answer: Alpha Flight

Question 19: What is Sebastian Shaw's title in the Hellfire Club?
Answer: Black King

Question 20: Toad is from:
Answer: England

Question 21: Ororo Monroe, better known as Storm, first appeared in 1975 on 
which comic book?
Answer: X-Men Giant-Size number 1

Question 22: Where did Juggernaut find the Ruby of Cyttorak?
Answer: Korea

Question 23: Jean Grey's main powers are:
Answer: Telekinesis, Telepathy

Question 24: Which super team does James MacDonald Hudson belong to?
Answer: Alpha Flight

Question 25: Sebastian Shaw belongs to which New York Social Club?
Answer: The Hellfire Club

Question 26: Apocalypse first appeared in X-Factor number 5 in:
Answer: 1986

Question 27: Who headed the facility failed Weapon X experiments, like 
Deadpool, were sent to?
Answer: Dr. Killebrew

Question 28: Cable founded which team comprised mostly from former Xavier 
school students?
Answer: X-Force

Question 29: The leader of the Brotherhood is:
Answer: Magneto

Question 30: What is Sebastian Shaw's mutant power?
Answer: Absorb and rechannel energy

Question 31: Who did Apocalypse kidnap and raise to be as cruel as he is?
Answer: Stryfe

Question 32: Who took control of Iceman's body and discovered his powers were 
than he realized?
Answer: Emma Frost

Question 33: Who is James MacDonald Hudson's wife?
Answer: Vindicator

Question 34: Sugar Man is originally from a timeline where:
Answer: Xavier is dead and Apocalypse nearly rules the world

Question 35: Magneto once raised a mysterious city from the ocean in what part
of the world?
Answer: The Bermuda Triangle

Question 36: Who was not a subject of the Weapon X project?
Answer: Shard

Question 37: Betsy Braddock is known as which X-Man?
Answer: Psylocke

Question 38: Scarlet Witch's real name is:
Answer: Wanda Maximoff

Question 39: Rogue first appeared in which 1981 comic book?
Answer: Avengers Annual number 10

Question 40: Before turning to crime, Pyro was a:
Answer: Writer

Question 41: Who were students of Emma Frost?
Answer: The Stepford Cuckoos

Question 42: The Weapon X facility is located in:
Answer: Canada

Question 43: Infinite Soldiers are clones created by:
Answer: Mister Sinister

Question 44: Sugar Man is a traveler from which alternate reality?
Answer: The Age of Apocalypse

Question 45: Sunfire is a member of Japanese super hero team known in English
Answer: Big Hero 6

Question 46: After escaping from the Weapon X facility Wolverine was 
discovered and befriended by:
Answer: James and Heather Hudson

Question 47: What is untrue of Guardian?
Answer: Is a mutant

Question 48: What does Rogue absorb when she touches someone?
Answer: All the above

Question 49: While working for the government in Dallas, Texas, Forge had a 
penthouse known as:
Answer: Eagle's Nest

Question 50: What color is Beast's fur?
Answer: Blue

Act 4

Location: Behind Professor X (room to the right after entering the mansion).

Each correct answer gives 800 experience to all active characters.
Total experience given: 40,000

Question 1: Nick Fury is the leader of:
Answer: SHIELD

Question 2: The mutant sewer dwellers of New York City are known as:
Answer: The Morlocks

Question 3: What is Wolverine's real name?
Answer: James Howlet

Question 4: Moira MacTaggert's Mutant Research Center is located:
Answer: On Muir Island

Question 5: In World War II, Nick Fury commanded:
Answer: The Howling Commandos

Question 6: Angel's secondary mutation allows him to:
Answer: Accelerate his healing factor.

Question 7: Banshee has the mutant power to:
Answer: Generate a sonic scream.

Question 8: Bastion assembled which organization?
Answer: Operation: Zero Tolerance

Question 9: What is the Black Queen's real name?
Answer: Selene

Question 10: What is the name of the machine Professor Charles Xavier uses to 
find mutants around the world?
Answer: Cerebro

Question 11: Deadpool wears a mask:
Answer: To cover his scarred face

Question 12: Banshee's daughter uses the code name:
Answer: Syrin

Question 13: Who is the evil clone of Cable?
Answer: Stryfe

Question 14: Colossus's sister's code name was:
Answer: Magik

Question 15: What is Professor Xavier's middle name?
Answer: Francis

Question 16: What is the Black Queen's mutant ability?
Answer: Drain other's life force to maintain her beauty.

Question 17: Who is the great-grandfather of Bishop?
Answer: Gateway

Question 18: Sean Cassiday, better known as Banshee, first appeared in 1975 in
which comic book?
Answer: Uncanny X-Men number 28

Question 19: Magneto once disguided himself as what mutant to infiltrate the 
Xavier Institute?
Answer: Xorn

Question 20: Sunfire's powers first manifested when:
Answer: He touched radioactive soil

Question 21: Deadpool is a victim of:
Answer: Weapon X

Question 22: Scarlet Witch's power is the ability to:
Answer: Affect probability and make the improbably become possible

Question 23: Who is Banshee's cousin?
Answer: Black Tom Cassidy

Question 24: What was the name of the boy Rogue kissed and almost killed just 
as her powers were beginning to emerge?
Answer: Cody Robbins

Question 25: Who is Kitty Pryde's loyal companion?
Answer: Lockheed

Question 26: Which of Apocalypse's four horsemen is Archangel?
Answer: Death

Question 27: As a child, Storm was a:
Answer: Pickpocket in Cairo, Egypt

Question 28: Toad is devoted to:
Answer: Magneto

Question 29: How many Adamantium claws does Wolverine have on each hand?
Answer: Three

Question 30: Deadpool joined the Weapon X program because:
Answer: He had cancer

Question 31: Who has not served in the Hellfire Club's inner circle?
Answer: Lorna Dane

Question 32: Which Hellfire Club member is really a non-mutant cyborg?
Answer: Donald Pierce

Question 33: What was Emma Frost's title in the Hellfire Club?
Answer: White Queen

Question 34: Who was Kitty Pryde's mentor?
Answer: Wolverine

Question 35: Moira MacTaggert had a son named Kevin who also went by the name 
Answer: Proteus

Question 36: Which X-Man is romatically involved with Kitty Pryde?
Answer: Colossus

Question 37: Lockheed, Kitty Pryde's small dragon companion, first appeared on 
which Aliens' homeworld?
Answer: The Brood

Question 38: Where do Wolverine's claws appear?
Answer: Between his knuckles

Question 39: What is Marrow's real name?
Answer: Sarah

Question 40: In the video game X-Men Legends: The Rise of Apocalypse, what is 
the name of Magneto's secret hideaway near Genosha.
Answer: Sanctuary

Question 41: Bastion is really:
Answer: A hybrid Sentinel in disguise

Question 42: For a time, Bishop worked:
Answer: As a detective

Question 43: Forge was trained in magic by:
Answer: The Cheyenne Shaman Naze

Question 44: The Hellfire Club originally started in:
Answer: London

Question 45: In the video game X-Men: Legends, who is the leader of the 
Answer: Marrow

Question 46: For a time, Banshee worked for:
Answer: Interpol

Question 47: What is the name of the room where the X-Men do their training 
Answer: The Danger Room

Question 48: In the Hellfire Club, Sebastian Shaw goes by the code name:
Answer: Black King

Question 49: Deadpool possesses the ability to:
Answer: Heal quickly

Question 50: Nick Fury is blind in which eye?
Answer: Left

Act 5

Location: Behind Professor X (up the stairs and to the right from the 
Xtraction Point).

Each correct answer gives 1250 experience to all active characters.
Total experience: 62,500

Question 1: Beast grew blue fur because of:
Answer: A serum he took

Question 2: Cable's hair is what color?
Answer: White

Question 3: Which of the following X-Men was at one time a host for 
Answer: Cyclops

Question 4: Ahmer Abdol is also known as:
Answer: Living Monolith

Question 5: In X-Men Legends 2 - Rise of Apocalypse, who was responsible for 
transforming the X-Man Angel into Archangel?
Answer: Mr. Sinister

Question 6: Bishop was a part of what security force in the future?
Answer: Xavier Security Enforcers

Question 7: Scott Summers works under the code name:
Answer: Cyclops

Question 8: Colossus has a brother named:
Answer: Mikhail

Question 9: Who is the one person Havok's power can't hurt?
Answer: Scott Summers

Question 10: Which two X-Men were at different times Death, one of 
Apocalypse's four horsemen?
Answer: Wolverine and Angel

Question 11: When Bobby Drake's powers first activated he:
Answer: Was locked in jail for his own protection

Question 12: When consumed by her powers, Jean Grey becomes:
Answer: The Dark Phoenix

Question 13: What is Mister Sinister's real name?
Answer: Nathaniel Essex

Question 14: Bishop's sister is named:
Answer: Shard

Question 15: What is the name of Apocalypse's 4 lieutenants?
Answer: The Four Horsemen

Question 16: What was Juggernaut's occupation when he found the Ruby of 
Answer: Soldier

Question 17: Madeline Pryor was:
Answer: Created by Mister Sinister to be an exact copy of Jean Grey

Question 18: Where was Apocalypse born?
Answer: Egypt

Question 19: Who was Bishop pursuing through time when he first encountered 
the X-Men?
Answer: Trevor Fitzroy

Question 20: Who is not related to Scott Summers?
Answer: Mr. Sinister

Question 21: Gambit is from:
Answer: New Orleans

Question 22: Apocalypse's Horsemen first appeared in 1987 in which comic book?
Answer: X-Factor

Question 23: Who did Magneto have twins with?
Answer: Magda

Question 24: What mutant team did Forge and Mystique belong to?
Answer: X-Factor

Question 25: What is the sound made when Nightcrawler teleports?
Answer: Bamf

Question 26: Who did Rogue permanently absorb the powers of?
Answer: Ms. Marvel

Question 27: What color hair does Ororo have?
Answer: White

Question 28: Which Alien race have the X-Men never encountered?
Answer: Skrulls

Question 29: Which of the following is not one of Wolverine's alias'?
Answer: War

Question 30: What is the other team that Nightcrawler and Shodowcat serve 
together on?
Answer: Excalibur

Question 31: Gambit's real name is:
Answer: Remy LeBeau

Question 32: Who is Kurt Wagner's adopted sister?
Answer: Rogue

Question 33: Professor Charles Xavier lost the use of his legs:
Answer: While battling a tyrant named Lucifer in the Himalayas

Question 34: Scarlet Witch first appearance was in X-Men number 4 in:
Answer: 1964

Question 35: Who trained Storm in the ways of thievery as a child?
Answer: Achmed El-Gibar

Question 36: Who is considered by some to be the very first mutant?
Answer: Apocalypse

Question 37: Which member of the X-Men had previously worked for Mister 
Answer: Gambit

Question 38: What was Mr. Sinister's occupation when he met Apocalypse?
Answer: Geneticist

Question 39: Colossus is romantically involved with:
Answer: Kitty Pryde

Question 40: Which mutant is from the future?
Answer: Bishop

Question 41: Who formed the X-Men?
Answer: Professor Charles Xavier

Question 42: Before turning into the Living Monolith, Ahmet Abdol had been a:
Answer: Professor of Archeology

Question 43: Sunfire is from:
Answer: Japan

Question 44: What color are Nightcrawler's eyes?
Answer: Yellow

Question 45: What material is used in Cyclops's visor?
Answer: Ruby Quartz

Question 46: When Jean was manipulated into working for the Hellfire Club, 
she was known as:
Answer: The Black Queen

Question 47: Rogue is from:
Answer: Mississippi

Question 48: Scarlet Witch has a brother named:
Answer: Pietro

Question 49: Who proposed the Mutant Registration Act?
Answer: Senator Robert Kelly

Question 50: What are the first names of Iceman's parents?
Answer: William and Madeline

Trivia Inaccuracies
*Note* - These are copied down [almost] exactly how they appeared in my e-mail.

-Act 1, Question 31 (Not so much an inaccuracy, more like an explanation): What
they don't tell you is that Jean's mind was inside her friend's mind when her
friend died after being hit by the car.

-Act 3, Question 3: This issue was Emma Frost's first appearance.  I own it and
was irritated that the game marked me wrong.

Act 3: Question 3: The Game is right, it is Shaw.  [Havok3595] is right, it was
Emma's first appearance, but it was also Shaw's.  They asked for which leader,
not which member of the HellFire Club.

-Act 4, Question 12: No biggie, Siryn (sic)'s name is just misspelled.  In the
game, that is...your FAQ has it as it appears there.

-Act 4, Question 18: Uncanny X-Men number 28 was NOT in 1975, but in 1967.

-Act 5, Question 28: The X-Men have encountered the Skrulls several times.  In
the trial of Phoenix (Uncanny X-Men #137), a supposedly impartial Skrull
observer cheats to help the Imperial Guard defeat the X-Men.  Some X-Men,
including Xavier, were replaced by Skrulls circa Uncanny X-Men 275-277.  Xavier
later convinced a team of Skrulls to impersonate some of the X-Men in one of
the Marvel mega-crossovers...I want to say Operation Galactic Storm.

-Joseph Lucko (Nomad0036@Yahoo.com) for 'inaccuracy' 1-31.

-JustMeYo for the experience given by questions from Acts 4 and 5, and for
confirming that the Act 4 and 5 questions were in the correct order.

-Havok3595 for the following inaccuracies: 3-3; 4-12; 4-18; 5-28.

-Celtic Spawn for the inaccuracy misunderstanding.

Sites allowed to have this FAQ

Copyright (c) 2005 to Josh Milburn. This is the work of Josh Milburn and 
International Copyright law protects this FAQ/Walkthrough. You can not
sell, change, or post this FAQ on a website as your own. You can post it on 
your website as long as I receive full credit for it. If you do post it on a 
website, I want an e-mail from you first so I can give you the go ahead. 
Unless I give you permission, you are not allowed to post this FAQ on your 
website. I will only update the FAQ I have on http://www.GameFAQs.com

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