Albuse Dumbledore (Voice)Lewis MacLeod
Arthur Weasley (Voice)Dominic Coleman
Barty Crouch Jr. (Voice)Sam Hazeldine
Cedric Diggory (Voice)Blake Ritson
Executive ProducerHarvey Elliott
Fleur Delecour (Voice)Claudia Renton
Harry Potter (Voice)Daniel Larner
Hermione Granger (Voice)Harper Marshall
Lead Game ProgrammerMichael Willis
Lead Level IntegratorRudolf Kremers
Lord Voldemort (Voice)Ralph Fiennes
Mad-Eye Moody (Voice)Stanley Townsend
Mermaid (Voice)Lydia Andrew
Music ComposerJeremy Soule
Music ComposerJulian Soule
Narrator (Voice)Stephen Fry
Peter Pettigrew (Voice)Tom Goodman-Hill
ProgrammerMarc Bannister
ProgrammerIain Bell
ProgrammerMichael A. Carr
ProgrammerAlex Harkness
ProgrammerPatrick Steele
ProgrammerJohn Treece-Birch
ProgrammerNick Tuckett
ProgrammerLeigh White
Ron Weasley (Voice)Gregg Chillin
Viktor Krum (Voice)Boris Mitkova


Data and credits for this game contributed by Menji, Alec86, JF7X, LordAndrew, odino, RudolfKremers, and Hardkoroff.

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