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FAQ/Walkthrough by BNii

Version: 1.03 | Updated: 08/23/05

Colosseum: Road to Freedom FAQ/Walkthrough
Version 1.03
August 23, 2005
By Brian Nii (bnii at hawaii dot edu)

Table of Contents
1.  Version History
2.  Birth of a Gladiator
3.  Daily Training
4.  Basic Combat
5.  Atilius Arena
6.  The Colosseum
7.  Weapons and Armor
8.  Events
9.  Frequently Asked Questions
10. Acknowledgements

| 1. Version History |

Version 1.03 (August 23, 2005) – Updated the active skill information in daily 
training. Updated named gladiator information in the colosseum and events 
section. Updated the weapon and armor lists.

Version 1.02 (August 19, 2005) – Added more detailed information on the 
individual active skills in the daily training section. Added information on 
the second secret ending in the events section. Large update to the slave list 
in the events section. More questions added to the FAQ section.

Version 1.01 (August 18, 2005) – Various minor updates. Updated the slave 
information in the events section.

Version 1.0 (August 15, 2005) – First completed version of FAQ.

Version 0.2 (August 13, 2005) – Reformatted the FAQ since it came out totally 
messed up for some reason when I submitted it. Completed the weapons and armor 

Version 0.1 (August 12, 2005) - First version of FAQ.

| 2. Birth of a Gladiator |

What we do in life echoes in eternity.
                       - Maximus, Gladiator

From the start of the game Magerius (the showman who buys you later on) 
appears and asks you several questions about your past. First he asks you where 
you came from. You'll have the following to choose from:

Britannia (Type B)
Hispania (Type A)
Numidia (Type C)
Rome *
Greece *

* Appears after you clear the game once.

The land you choose affects the appearance of your gladiator. If you're going 
for a specific look choose Hispania for Type A, Britannia for Type B, and 
Numidia for Type C. Selecting nowhere chooses a land of origin randomly. Next 
you'll be asked what your previous occupation was.

Soldier *
Nobleman *
Gladiator *

* Appears after you clear the game once.

Your choice of occupation seems to affect the initial ability scores of your 
gladiator. Selecting nothing will randomly select an occupation. Magerius will 
then ask about which path you believe in.

Path of Destiny
Path of Survival
The Unknown Path

I'm not entirely sure how which path you select affects the game, but if you 
select the Path of Destiny Magerius will comment that you have faith in the 
gods. If you choose the Path of Survival he'll say that you must like 
challenging yourself. The unknown path randomly selects between the two. Next 
you will be asked which of the Roman gods you believe in.

Hercules (strength)
Amore (love)
Victoria (victory)
Virtus (valor)
Mars (war)
Jupiter (a.k.a. Zeus – the god of gods) *
Non Believer

* Appears after you clear the game once.

Certain weapons and armor in the game are "favored" by certain gods. Finally 
Magerius will ask for your name. When you're done entering your name the game 
will begin. 

After several scenes in which you're brought to the slave market, you'll begin 
your first fight in a small arena. Use the L1 button to pick up the wooden 
sword on the ground in front of you. Attack the opponent with the Triangle, 
Square, X, and O buttons. When he's defeated press L1 + O to drop the weapon, 
then exit the arena via the gate. A few scenes later you'll enter the arena 
again. Pick up the sword as you did before and defeat your opponent. A second 
opponent appears after the first. If you're feeling sneaky you can pick up the 
sword the first opponent dropped in your other hand (press L1 and Square) for 
some two sword fighting action. With two swords in hand you can perform 
multiple attacks by repeatedly pressing the O button. Defeating the second 
opponent brings out a third. Defeat him in the same manner as the other two and 
a fourth (and final) opponent appears. Dispatch him, drop your weapon (or 
weapons) by pressing L1 + O (L1 + Square for the left hand), and exit the 
arena. A short time later you'll fight one last bout against none other than 
your cell buddy Memnon. This time you'll be fighting with real weapons. 
Memnon's a bit tougher than the previous slaves you've fought against. Once 
trick to use is the dodge (tap R1 before an attack hits you). Other than that 
keep hitting him with the sword until he keels over. If a skill tablet drops 
from his corpse, be sure to pick it up after the match by standing next to it 
and pressing L1. Drop your weapon and exit the arena.

Magerius buys you for a whopping one million, um, whatever currency the Romans 
happen to be using at this time (referred to in the game as "s"). Your goal is 
to pay all of that off in 50 days. When you reach Magerius's training camp 
you'll have a chance to go through a brief tutorial. After that you'll fight a 
mock battle against Gnaeus, one of the trainers. Pick up the wooden sword and 
beat him silly with it. Afterwards Celadus, another trainer, takes you to the 
dining area and explains that after every training session you should come here 
to eat. Once the tour ends you'll wake up the next day in your room ready to 
start your destiny as a gladiator.

| 3. Daily Training |

So Spaniard, we shall go to Rome together and have bloody adventures. And the 
great whore will suckle us until we are fat and happy and can suckle no more. 
And then, when enough men have died, perhaps you will have your freedom.
                                                      - Proximo, Gladiator

As mentioned previously, your goal is to pay off Magerius one million S in 50 
days so you can become a free man. The only way to do that is to win battles in 
the arena and colosseum. The only way to do that is to train and get stronger. 
The first thing you should do is access the start menu (with the start button 
obviously). Personally I like to turn the vibration off (unless you like to, 
um, vibrate) and set the camera to "far". You can check out your status and 
equipment as well. Since you don't have any equipment at the moment take a look 
at your status for now. 

[Status Screen]

The following is a brief explanation of the status screen:

Name: The name you chose for your gladiator at the beginning.

Rank: Your gladiator's current rank. You begin at Low Rank and work your way 
upwards to Middle Rank, High Rank, and finally Highest Rank. Rank descriptions 
are as follows:

Low Rank (Apprentice) – You start with this rank. You have little clothing and 
are barefoot. You share a room in the basement with several other gladiators. 
You can only enter bronze level battles, and cannot participate in duels or 
mock battles. You can equip up to 3 passive skills (see below).

Middle Rank (Journeyman) – Achieved at 15 Palma (see below). You get a shoulder 
guard and some sandals. You get a private room on the first floor with an item 
box. You can enter silver level battles and certain mock battles and duels, but 
no duels with named gladiators. You can equip up to seven passive skills.

High Rank (Veteran) – Achieved at 50 Palma. You get arm guards, chest straps, 
and a belt. You have a private luxury room on the second floor with a bed and 
item box. You can enter gold level battles and participate in all mock battles. 
Duels with some named gladiators are possible at this point. You can equip up 
to 11 passive skills.

Highest Rank (Master) – Achieved at 4 Corona (see below). No appearance change 
from High Rank. You have a large private luxury room on the second floor with a 
larger bed and item box. You can participate in any battle at the arena or 
colosseum. You can equip up to 15 passive skills.

Class: You begin as a Slave. When you pay off your debt to Magerius this 
changes to Free Man. Once you are a Free Man you can purchase slaves at the 
slave market via Magerius's room.

Money: This is the money that you have on hand. You cannot use this to pay off 
Magerius. You can however use this to purchase weapons and armor, get yourself 
healed by the healer, or purchase slaves late in the game.

Corona: You earn one Corona for each named gladiator you defeat at the 
colosseum. Since there are seven in all, you can earn a maximum of seven 

Palma: You earn one Palma for every battle you win at either the arena or 
colosseum. You can earn a maximum of 99 Palma, although for ranking purposes 
you only need to earn 50.

STR (Strength): This stat determines your offensive power, as well as how heavy 
a weapon you can carry into battle without being too encumbered.

DEX (Dexterity): This stat determines how likely you are to drop a weapon or 
lose a piece of armor in combat. The higher dexterity you have, the less likely 
you are to drop something when hit.

AGI (Agility): This stat determines how quickly you can move and attack.

VIT (Vitality): This stat determines how much damage you take from opponent's 
attacks on your body. Works in conjunction with the body levels.

STA (Stamina): This stat determines your stamina level. The higher the stamina 
level, the more you can run and attack in battle.

Note: Max value for STR, DEX, AGI, VIT, and STA are 255.

CAP (Capacity): This is the maximum weight value of weapons and armor you can 
equip on yourself.

The next four icons indicate the toughness of your gladiator's body parts. The 
higher the level, the less damage that body part receives when struck in 

Neck (head icon): Level of resistance to attacks to the head.

Body (head icon): Level of resistance to attacks to the body.

Arms (head icon): Level of resistance to attacks to the arms.

Legs (head icon): Level of resistance to attacks to the legs.

Note: Max value for body levels is 10.

These icons represent the level of proficiency with certain combat styles. Each 
time you attack while using a style you gain experience in that style. The 
higher the level, the more damage you can do using that style.

Sword Style (sword and circular shield icon): Current level of sword style.

Shield Style (sword and square shield icon): Current level of shield style.

Two Hand Style (two sword icon): Current level of two hand style.

Striker Style (fist icon): Current level of striker style.

Note: Max value for style levels is 40.

Now that you're familiar with the status screen it's time to look at the skill 
wall nearby. Here you can set your skill tablets, check your status, and check 
the calendar. First we'll take a look at the skills.


There are two types of skills in the game: active and passive. Active skills 
are special skills you can use in combat. Passive skills are bonuses, which are 
added to your abilities. In order to use skills they need to be set into the 
wall. The maximum number of active skills you can set is four, and they are 
mapped to the Square, Triangle, X, and O buttons on the controller. To use them 
in battle you need to hold down the L2 button and press the corresponding 
button for the skill. In addition you also need to be using the same fighting 
style for the particular active skill. Active skills also require stamina in 
order to use. The amount of passive skills you can set depends on your current 
rank (3, 7, 11, and 15 for Low, Middle, High, and Highest Rank respectively). 
Passive skills provide a bonus to certain abilities (for example a STR+1 
increases strength by 1, indicated by a red +1 on the status screen), or they 
can increase a body level (for example a HEAD+1 increases the head level by 1, 
indicated by a red +1). Bonuses are cumulative, so a STR+1 and STR+2 set in the 
skill wall will increase strength by 3. Occasionally in battle an opponent may 
drop a skill tablet, or you may on rare occasions find them outside of battle.

Each active skill is used for a particular style, and has a prerequisite style 
level to use it. A skill also has a power level, which can be increased (unless 
the skill description says the skill is at maximum level). Every time you gain 
a level in a style, you earn a skill increase tablet for that style (check the 
fifth column when setting an active skill for the skill increase tablets). This 
tablet can be used to increase a skill level for one skill. Each time an active 
skill goes up in level, usually the attack power increases, the stamina cost 
may increase or decrease, and the required level to use the skill may go up. 
Occasionally you may receive special tablets as a reward in your room that can 
raise any type of skill one level, but these are very rare.

As mentioned previously, skill tablets are usually obtained by defeating 
opponents in battle. They have a very distinct shape and make a distinct sound 
when they hit the ground. You can pick one up by pressing the L1 button while 
near the tablet, even if your hands are full. If you're in the middle of battle 
however, doing so can make you very vulnerable, as you'll be wide open to 
attack for several seconds. As a general rule of thumb, the higher the level 
match, the better skill tablets opponents drop. Named gladiators usually drop 
active skills, and if you pick up an active skill you already have you'll 
receive a different skill in that same category. Sometimes spectators outside 
the arena will toss a skill tablet at you, but this happens randomly and is 
extremely rare. You may also find a skill tablet by kicking a jar (R1+X) in an 
infirmary, but again this is random and extremely rare.

[Active Skills]

Bash               Hilt Thrust      Body Blow         Uppercut
Evade Thrust       Splitter         Power Slash       Disarm Slash
Glorious Glint     Daisy Cutter     Wild Splash       Doppler Sence

One sword skills are a mixed bag in terms of utility. Bash, Hilt Thrust, Body 
Blow, and Uppercut are pretty average in terms of power (although it is fun to 
watch people fly around using Uppercut). Evade Thrust can be useful as a 
counterattack as it hits quite low, and Splitter can be used to quickly 
introduce yourself to an oncoming enemy. Power Slash automatically makes you 
drop your shield since it requires two hands to use, which sort of nullifies 
the purpose of having a shield in the first place. Avoid using this one at all 
costs. Disarm Slash sounds cool, but it has such a long wind up time that it's 
impractical to use in the arena. Glorious Glint is a spinning slash that is a 
great follow up to an attack. Daisy Cutter has a large attack radius, but it's 
so slow that you can easily get hit out of it. Wild Splash fires off three 
quick attacks in a row. Doppler Sence combines a powerful overhead hit with a 
shoulder tackle, and is a personal favorite of mine since it combos so well 
with other attacks.

Charge             Shield Ram       Shield Bash       Double Stinger
Turn               Ground Pound     Piercing Thrust   Cyclone
Edge               Duel Spirits     Rumble Roll       Hidden Clow

Shield skills tend to be either linear charge attacks or short-range radius 
attacks. Charge, Shield Ram, Double Stinger, and Piercing Thrust tend to fall 
into the first category. Shield Bash, Cyclone, and Edge fall into the latter. 
There are a few attacks that don't fall into either category. Turn is strange 
as it actually restores stamina rather that depletes it. The downside is that 
you're pretty much a sitting duck while you're using it. Ground Pound actually 
sends any nearby weapons/armor in the vicinity flying into the air, which can 
be useful for keeping enemies distracted by the bouncing objects. Edge is a 
close range shield swing, while Rumble Roll is similar but has a longer range 
since you swing with the shield in a horizontal position. Duel Spirits is a 
much stronger version of Charge/Shield Ram. Hidden Clow is somewhat of a 
strange move. It's a powerful vertical swing that results in you facing the 
opposite direction afterwards. Cyclone is worth mentioning as it consumes a 
monstrous amount of stamina, especially at higher levels (over 1000+). While it 
has a long windup time, it's pretty much guaranteed to send an enemy flying if 
it hits, often sheering off a piece of armor in the process.
Wild Dance         Sting            Twin Spikes       Scissor Lifter
Back Thrust        Sweep Slash      Fury              Stunning Blow
Double Axe         Double Slice     Tornado           Dolphin

Two hand skills tend to be all about offense. Sting and Sweep Slash are 
fantastic against prone opponents, while Wild Dance, Fury, Double Axe, and 
Double Slice can do large amounts of damage, especially with the heavier 
weapons. Twin Spikes and Scissor Lifter can be a bit hard to hit with since 
they have a narrow target range. Back Thrust automatically turns you around in 
the opposite direction, so it can be useful if you need to fend off an incoming 
attack from the rear. Tornado has to be the most spectacular looking attack 
here, but it's more for entertainment value rather than being practical for 

White Fang         Sway             Double Kick       Iron Knuckle
Right Pistons      Left Pistons     Shoulder Tackle   Flying Knee
Lariat             Head Butt        Sobat             Stomping

Striker skills tend to look more like pro wrestling moves than anything else. 
Double Kick, Shoulder Tackle, and Flying Knee look more impressive than they 
actually perform. Iron Knuckle and Left/Right Pistons are a bit more practical. 
White Fang is very powerful, but has a long startup time. Lariat is also slow, 
but powerful, and Stomping is always good for a laugh when your opponents are 
down. Head Butt isn't too outstanding, but Sobat is a nice move since it's 
quick and combos well with other attacks.

Now that you know a bit more about skills, finally take a look at the calendar.


The calendar shows the current day underneath the day number. Remember that you 
have until day 50 to pay off your debt. The two squares underneath the day 
shows whether or not that day is scheduled for the Atilius arena or the 
colosseum. If both squares are blank, that means that day is free for training. 
If a sword icon is displayed in the top box, a bout at the Atilius arena is 
scheduled. If the icon is one the bottom, the bout is scheduled at the 
colosseum. Note that if you head outside to the training courtyard on a day 
scheduled for a bout, you will end up going whether you like it or not (at 
least until your rank improves). The only way to avoid this is to go to your 
bed and choose the sleep option, which sends you to the next day. Of course 
this is highly counterproductive and I never recommend doing so. Since the 
first day is a training day you might as well go out for your first training 


Since you're a low rank gladiator you start out in the basement. Head out the 
door and up the stairs, and follow the rest of the gladiators outside to the 
outer courtyard. Here you'll see the various gladiators training outside. Each 
day you can participate in up to two training sessions before the day ends. 
Depending on how well you do in them you can earn training points, which can be 
used to upgrade your gladiator in the dining room at the end of the day. Each 
type of training usually has three different difficulty levels. The higher the 
difficulty level, the more training points you can earn, but the greater chance 
of making mistakes. You may end up earning less points than if you had chosen a 
lower difficulty level.

[Training with Gnaeus]

Located to the left of the entrance is Gnaeus. He's dressed in red and is 
standing near what looks like a shooting gallery. He offers training in 
throwing swords and dodging. Sword throwing training is just that. You have ten 
swords to knock down the moving targets with. Pick them up with the L1 button 
and throw them with L1+O. Dodging practice involves dodging a swinging pole. 
Press the R1 button before the pole hits you to dodge it. Personally if I had 
to choose one over the other I'd stick with dodge practice, as this skill is a 
real lifesaver (especially during duels).

[Training with Decimus]

Decimus is the trainer standing to the right of the entrance near the other 
gladiators doing various exercises. This is where you can train your body 
levels performing simple exercises. Each exercise requires you to press a 
button when it enters the zone in the middle of the bar at the top of the 
screen. Hitting the corresponding button when it's in the yellow mark earns you 
an excellent rather than good response. Push-ups strengthen your arm level, 
squats strengthen your leg level, sit-ups strengthen your body level, and 
bridges strengthen your neck level. Not only do you strengthen your body levels 
with this training, but also you can earn training points to boot.

[Training with Celadus]

Standing to the right of Decimus near the training dummies is Celadus. Here you 
can train against wooden dummies in combo exercises, do challenges, or spar 
against another gladiator. Combo exercises involve pressing buttons in the 
order as they appear on screen as fast as you can before the time bar runs out. 
Challenges involve, well, certain challenges, such as striking certain dummies, 
knocking down an opponent, or knocking out an opponent. Sparring involves mock 
combat against another gladiator using wooden swords and no armor. Personally 
I'd stick with training with Decimus, but if you want to train with Celadus you 
would probably want to stick with combo exercises.

[Dining Room]

After doing two training exercises you will automatically be taken to the 
dining room (you can also head there early via the door near Decimus in the 
courtyard). Here you can spend the training points you earned by talking to the 
cook Crixus. There is a total limit to the amount of points you can spend 
(indicated by the limit value). Other than that, it's pretty much up to you how 
to spend your points. Personally I go for a relatively balanced approach to 
allocate my points. Strength is important, but don't overlook the rest of your 
abilities. Dexterity helps prevent getting disarmed frequently. Agility helps 
your mobility in combat. Vitality lets you absorb more damage and reduces 
healing costs. And stamina provides the energy to keep going in the arena. I 
have no idea what offerings do in terms of game play, so I tend to ignore it 
for the most part. Once you're done allocating your points exit the room and 
the day will end. At the end of each day the game will prompt you to save. Note 
that this is the only way to save the game during training days.

| 4. Basic Combat |

Listen to me. Learn from me. I was not the best because I killed quickly. I was 
the best because the crowd loved me. Win the crowd and you will win your 
                                                      - Proximo, Gladiator 

Before we get to combat basics, you need to make a decision as to what type of 
fighting style you want to adopt. Sometimes you won't really have a choice 
during battle, as you'll often need to fight with whatever's available, or even 
bare handed if necessary. Some people don't focus on a particular style. This 
has the advantage of being very flexible to whatever situation may arise. The 
downside is that skills and style levels tend to be low, as they're not 
focusing on any one fighting style. Focusing in a particular style has the 
advantage of high style levels and skill levels, making them formidable 
opponents when fighting in that style. The downside is that if they become 
disarmed or are forced to fight with improvised weapons, their fighting ability 
drastically decreases. The decision is yours to make.

[One Sword]

Pros: Well balanced attack and defense.
Cons: Not as offensive as two-hand fighting, nor is it as defensive as shield 
The one sword fighting style doesn't necessarily mean fighting with a sword, 
but with one weapon, whether it is a club or a spear. Fighters in this style 
also use a small shield in their off hand. This allows them to fight 
effectively while still maintaining a defense against counter attacks. It's a 
very flexible style in terms of offence and defense.


Pros: Strong defense.
Cons: Limited offense.
Similar to the one sword fighting style, except that it uses a large shield 
rather than a small shield. As you might expect, this style offers excellent 
defense as the large shield provides a great deal of protection. The downside 
is that a large shield also limits mobility as well as angles of attack. This 
style is best suited for pole arms such as spears, but it can also be 
surprisingly effective with large weapons such as hammers.

[Two Hand]

Pros: Strong offense.
Cons: Weak defense.
As the name implies, this style uses a weapon in each hand. This allows for 
rapid attacks as the user can strike quickly whirling each weapon around like a 
saw, or rapidly jabbing them at his opponent's gut. The downside to this style 
is that the user cannot use a shield, and must rely completely on armor for 
defense. Users of this style must overwhelm their opponent with quick strikes 
and be ready at an instant to dodge attacks due to their low defense.


Pros: Fast attacks.
Cons: Low offense and defense.
Fighting unarmed is usually a bad idea in the arena, and is usually the result 
of getting your weapons knocked from your hands, rather than a conscious 
choice. Some gladiators are crazy (or desperate) enough to fight with their 
bare hands. This is the default fighting style if you fight without a weapon. 
While this allows for fast attacks, as you can imagine the damage is relatively 
poor compared to weapons. Also because this style lacks a shield or weapon, you 
cannot block or parry attacks (you can still dodge however). Fighting without a 
weapon is very challenging and requires sharp reflexes and judicious use of 
skills to be effective.
Note: The computer controlled opponents never fight unarmed willingly. They 
will fight bare handed if disarmed and attacked, but will make a beeline 
towards the nearest weapon available as soon as they can.

Now let's move on to the basic controls.


Left Analog Stick: Hold lightly to walk, hold down to run.
Right Analog Stick: Moves camera.
R3: Centers camera.

Use the left analog stick to move your gladiator. The right analog stick 
controls the camera. Pressing the right analog stick in (R3) centers the camera 
in the direction you're facing. Note that movement depletes the stamina gauge 
(see below).


Triangle: Performs a high attack.
Square: Performs a left to right attack.
O: Performs a right to left attack.
X: Performs a low attack.
L2 + Attack Button: Active Skill

You can attack opponents to your sides or back by pressing the left analog 
stick towards them (relative to the screen) and pressing an attack button. If 
you tap an attack button you perform a jab attack (quick but low damage). 
Pressing the attack button performs a turn attack (slower but normal damage). 
Note that you can perform special attacks by using certain attacks in a certain 
order (for example a horizontal cut followed by a vertical cut results in a 
cross cut). If you have an active skill mapped to one of the attack buttons, 
you can use it by pressing L2 and the respective button.


Directional Button Up: Appeals to audience.
Directional Button Left: Sends teammates away from you (team battle).
Directional Button Right: Calls teammates towards you (team battle).
Directional Button Down Twice: Surrender.

The directional buttons can be used to perform special commands in battle. 
Pressing up causes your gladiator to appeal to the audience. This is somewhat 
of a taunt and usually causes any opponents nearby to come and attack you. 
Pressing down twice results in your gladiator to surrender the match. This may 
or may not result in your gladiator being killed, depending on how well you did 
in the match. During a team battle pressing left will cause your teammates to 
disperse from your position (doesn't work all the time), while pressing right 
calls your teammates towards you.

Note: Appealing using a one sword style has a much longer animation than 
appealing with the other styles. Keep this in mind otherwise you'll be a 
sitting duck during the match. I usually appeal after a match as a sign of 
victory. =)


R1 (Hold): Block.
R1 (Tap before getting hit): Dodge.
R1 + Attack Button: Parry
R2 + Left Analog Stick: Roll

Holding down the R1 button blocks an incoming attack. Note that this does not 
prevent your weapon/shield from being knocked away, or yourself from being 
knocked down from an attack. Also you cannot block an attack from behind. You 
can slowly move while in the blocking position using the left analog stick. You 
can also quickly sidestep left to right by tapping the left analog stick in the 
respective direction while blocking. Tapping up and down performs a short 
dash/back step while blocking.

If you tap the R1 button before the moment of impact you dodge the attack 
instead. This is indicated by a blue blur effect. Pressing an attack button 
while holding down R1 performs a parry. If you connect with your opponent's 
weapon they will be momentarily caught off guard, leaving them open for an 
attack. Pressing the R2 button and the left analog stick causes you to perform 
a roll. Note that you can still get hit while rolling, but it can be useful 
sometimes to avoid an attack.

[Pick Up/Use Items]

L1: Pick up skill tablets/keys.
L1 + O: Pick up/throw weapon/shield/armor with right hand (battle). Pick 
up/drop item with right hand (outside).
L1 + Square: Pick up/throw weapon/shield/armor with left hand (battle). Pick 
up/drop item with left hand (outside).
L1 + Triangle: Wear/throw helmet (battle). Wear/drop helmet (outside).
L1 + X: Kick item (battle). Deposit into item box (after battle).

The item manipulation system differs depending on whether you're in battle or 
outside the arena. In battle pressing the L1 button allows you to pick up skill 
tablets or special items such as keys, regardless of whether or not your hands 
are full. If your hands are empty, pressing L1+O picks up a weapon/shield/armor 
in your right hand, and pressing L1+Square picks it up in your left hand. If 
your hands are full pressing the same buttons will cause you to throw the 
weapon/shield/armor in the corresponding hand. Pressing L1+Triangle picks up 
and equips a helmet if you don't have one already. If you already have one on 
doing so throws the helmet you're wearing instead. Note that you cannot equip 
armor other than a helmet during battle. You need to use an item box outside of 
battle (see Item Box below). After a battle concludes (after the victory 
message) but before it ends you can press L1+X to pick up a weapon/armor and 
send it directly to your Item Box. Item manipulation is similar outside of 
battle. The only exceptions being that you drop items at your feet instead of 
throwing them.

[Battle Gauge]

During a battle the battle gauge will be displayed in the upper left corner of 
the screen. The gauge is composed of three parts. The left gauge is the stamina 
gauge. The stamina gauge depletes as you move, attack, or use special skills 
and recovers when you are at rest. Depleting the stamina gauge leaves you 
vulnerable to attack so keep an eye out on it during combat. The eagle icon is 
the damage gauge. The damage icon is divided to represent the damage level of 
your head, left and right arm, body, and left and right leg. As you take damage 
to a body part, that part of the gauge will turn from blue, to green, then 
yellow, then orange, and finally red. If a part is flashing red it means that 
part is on the verge of being destroyed, resulting in immanent death. To the 
right of the eagle icon is the adrenalin gauge. This gauge is an indication of 
how popular you are with the audience. When it fills completely it begins to 
flash. When this occurs you can activate adrenalin mode by pressing R1+L2. 
During this period time slows down, allowing you to perform combos that would 
normally be impossible, and your stamina gauge automatically refills.

| 5. Atilius Arena |

Are you not entertained? Are you not entertained? Is this not why you are here?
                                                      - Maximus, Gladiator

Your first bout will be at the Atilius Arena, the smaller of the two arenas in 
the game. Talking to Magerius near the wagon allows you to return to the 
training camp to end the day. You will automatically go home after doing so if 
you enter every event for the day, but that won't happen yet since there are 
some silver level competitions on the list and you aren't high enough in rank 
to enter them. To the right you can see two guards in front of a fenced off 
area. This leads to the arena staging area, but ignore it for now and head past 
them to an area with the "Arma" (armory) sign on it. 


This is where you can purchase various weapons and armor from the merchant. You 
can also sell weapons and armor (at a drastically reduced value, you only get 
10% of the value listed for the item) or upgrade weapons and armor. To purchase 
a weapon or armor simply pick it up and talk to merchant. Nearby is an Item Box 
where you can store items that you purchased. Do not under any circumstance 
leave the Arma while you have a weapon or piece of armor in your hand. I 
repeat, do not leave the area with anything equipped in your hand. Just to be 
safe make sure to leave everything in the box before you leave the area. The 
sell option sells everything that you currently have equipped. Make sure you're 
not equipped with anything important before selling an item. Upgrading a 
weapon/armor is usually ridiculously expensive, and isn't always guaranteed to 
work. Weapons and armor have levels of quality indicated by the letter 
coloring. Gray indicates poor quality, White is normal, Blue is good, and 
Yellow is excellent. The shop always sells white quality items, but on rare 
occasions blue or yellow items will appear, especially when you advance in 
rank. Blue and yellow items also have special qualities such as increasing your 
abilities or decreasing your opponent's abilities. The stock of the Arma 
changes after every match, and the quality of goods increases as you advance in 
rank. Note that the Colosseum does not have an Arma, so if you want to buy or 
upgrade weapons you need to do so at the Atilius arena.


As you head back outside you may notice a crowd gathered by the gate nearby. If 
you move near the gate the crowd will start heckling you and occasionally start 
throwing objects. Most of the time they'll throw stones at you (which can 
actually hurt you), but sometimes they'll throw a bag of money, which you can 
pick up for a small amount of cash. On extremely rare occasions you might even 
get a skill tablet. Do not pick up any stones they throw at you. You can also 
find crowds at the Colosseum (see below) that react in the same way. Note that 
crowds will normally heckle you, but when you reach the highest rank they will 
actually start cheering you. When this happens the odds of getting money thrown 
at you increases (they will occasionally still throw rocks though).

[Staging Area]

Past the two guards is a staging area for the arena. You'll find various poor 
quality weapons and armor lying about. Quickly snatch them up and dump them in 
the item box before another gladiator picks them up. At this point you'll need 
all the help you can get. You'll notice a skill wall nearby where you can set 
your skill tablets. To the left of the skill wall is the healer. The healer 
completely heals all damage that you accrue in the arena, for a price. Note 
that you do not heal automatically after every match. The cost of healing is 
dependent on how much damage you have. The bailey near the arena entrance is 
the person you talk to in order to enter a match. Before doing so you'll 
probably want to equip yourself first. Head for the Item Box nearby to do so.

[Item Box]

The Item Box is where you can store your weapons and armor. You can store a 
maximum of 20 items regardless of type. Items are divided into weapons, 
shields, helmets, arm armor, leg armor, and miscellaneous. Note that this total 
does not include items you currently have equipped. If you try to put more than 
20 items in the box you will be told you have insufficient space. You can sell 
items directly from the box by pressing the O button. Note that for weapons and 
leg armor, the X button equips the right arm/leg and the square button equips 
the left arm/leg.

The Item Box can also be used to quickly equip and store items. If you press 
the Square button while next to the Item Box you can "set" the weapons and 
armor that you have currently equipped. If you press the O button you can equip 
all the weapons and armor that you "set" previously. Pressing the Triangle 
button stores all weapons and armor inside the box. You should always store 
your weapons and armor inside the box before leaving a staging area or the 


If you leave the Arma or a staging area with anything in your hands, the guards 
will warn you to put down your weapons (armor, or even a stone counts as a 
weapon as well). If this happens quickly reenter the area you just came from. 
If you remain in the area the guards will attack you and you enter punishment 
mode. The purpose of punishment mode is to, well, punish you for running around 
with a weapon. In this mode an unlimited number of guards attack you a whopping 
five at a time. You begin at punishment level one and as you kill more guards 
the punishment level increases. As each level increases the guards become 
better armed until at level five or six they have spears and heavy shields. As 
far as I know, there is absolutely no good reason to enter punishment mode to 
begin with, so avoid it at all costs. If you see an Item Box leave all your 
items in it before leaving the area. Note that this applies to your room as 
well. On a side note you can instigate a fight with a guard by kicking him 
(R1+X), but why you would want to do so is beyond me.

UPDATE: Apparently there is a limit to the number of guards that will attack 
you during punishment mode. If you manage to defeat a certain amount of guards, 
you can get a special event to occur (see Events).


Once you've equipped yourself talk to the bailey to look at the battle list. 
Battle lists are made up of six bouts and follow chronological order. If you 
select a battle further on the list the previous battles become unavailable. 
For example, if you enter the third battle on a list, the first and second 
battle become unavailable afterwards, leaving only the fourth, fifth, and sixth 
battle on the list. Each battle has a description, ranking, and reward listing.

Description: This is a description of the battle type. Battles include Team 
Battle, Battle Royal, Survival, Hunting, Duel, and Mock Battle. Mock Battles 
are only available at the Colosseum.

Ranking: There are four rank levels, corresponding with the four gladiator 
ranks. These are Bronze (Low), Silver (Middle), Gold (High) and Skull 
(Highest). You cannot enter a battle if you do not meet the requisite rank for 
it. Each rank level has four difficulty levels as indicated by the number of 
icons. A battle with one bronze icon is ridiculously easy, while a battle with 
four skull icons would be ridiculously hard.

Reward: This is the base amount of S that you earn by winning this battle. Note 
that 90% of this goes to Magerius to repay your debt. The remainder goes to 
your own fund. Note that this value may be higher or lower depending on how 
well you performed in the battle. 

Now let's briefly go over the different battle types.

[Team Battle]

Team Battles are usually the easiest match types in the arena. There are 
basically two types of team battles: general kill them all, and kill the 
general. In the general kill them all match your group of gladiators must 
eliminate the opposing team. Regardless of how many gladiators are on a team, 
only three from each team can take the field at once. In your case, you will 
have two allied gladiators with you. Each time a gladiator is killed a 
replacement appears. While having allies makes things a bit easier, the only 
problem is that they tend to group around your targets, and usually end up 
getting hit as much as your opponents. Press left on the directional button to 
order them to back off if you want them to clear the area around you. The 
second Team Battle variant involves generals. A general is the leader of a 
gladiator team, and eliminating him instantly wins the battle for the team that 
killed him. If the battle description says Kill General, your team must 
eliminate the enemy general. If the description says Defend General that means 
your team has a general and you must eliminate the opposing team while 
preventing your own general from dying. Obviously the former type is much 
easier than the latter type. Generals are quite sturdy and usually use the 
shield fighting style, but they can be quickly killed if ganged up on. If 
fighting an enemy general try to gang up on him and attack from the sides or 
rear. Defending a general is much harder. If your gladiator is powerful you may 
end up accidentally killing him if he gets too close to your target. In this 
case you need to fight very cautiously when your general is nearby. Try to get 
the opposition to follow you away from your teammates.

[Battle Royal]

As the name implies, in this battle it's every man for himself. There are two 
types of battle royal matches: elimination and survival. Elimination battle 
royal means you must be the last man standing out of a designated amount of 
gladiators. Survival means that you need to survive for a set amount of time 
against an unlimited amount of opponents. Regardless of type, a maximum of five 
gladiators (including yourself) can be fighting at once. To make things 
interesting some obstacles will be placed in the arena. At Atilius arena spiked 
poles will damage anyone that gets too close to them. Be careful not to get 
knocked into them. On the plus side, AI opponents often tend to walk into them. 
At the Colosseum you'll find rotating blades that affect a much wider area than 
the spiked poles.

Note: The spiked poles at the Atilius arena can be cut down during the match if 
they take enough damage. If one falls directly on top of you it will kill you 
instantly, so be careful.


Survival is similar to the Battle Royal, with one major exception: this time 
everyone is trying to kill you. Like Battle Royal there are elimination and 
survival matches. In elimination you must wipe out the opposing side. In 
survival you must hold out against unlimited opponents for a specified period 
of time.


In hunting you and two teammates fight against five wild animals in a battle to 
the death. In the Atilius arena you fight against bulls one at a time. In the 
Colosseum you fight against five tigers all at once. Bull fighting is a bit 
easier, as they appear one at a time and are easy to dodge when they charge. 
The fifth bull is always a huge monstrosity though, and can take and give a 
great deal of damage. Tigers are tougher to fight, as they are much faster and 
harder to hit. Tiger matches involve two normal tigers, two white tigers, and 
one large tiger. It doesn't matter if your teammates are alive at the end, but 
they are fantastic for distracting the animals while you hit them from behind. 
If you're extremely lucky the large bull/tiger may drop a special item (horn 
fragment for bulls, tiger skin for tigers) that you can sell for a lot of 


The duel is a one on one match between you and a veteran gladiator. These 
gladiators are much stronger than the generic ones you fight in the other 
battles, and usually carry high quality weapons and armor. They can also do 
something that most gladiators you fight against don't normally do: dodge your 
attacks. In the Atilius arena you will always fight "No Name" gladiators. In 
the Colosseum you will fight famous gladiators who are ridiculously tough. Note 
that you need to be at least high rank to fight them, as they are gold level 

[Mock Battle]

Mock Battles recreate historical battles in the arena. These often have unusual 
opponents and/or winning conditions. These only occur at the Colosseum, and 
require either middle or high rank to enter. For more detail see the Colosseum 
section below.

Once you select the type of battle you will participate in the gate will open. 
Note that you can still heal and change equipment before entering the gate. 
Once you do so the battle will begin after a brief introduction. Good luck!

[Winning the Crowd]

As mentioned earlier, 90% of your winnings go to Magerius, and 10% goes to 
you. This value may be higher or lower depending on how well you performed. A 
good indication of your performance is the adrenalin meter. If it's going up 
the crowd approves of your fighting. When it's full you'll start to hear the 
audience start the classic "Kill! Kill! Kill!" chant. How do you win the crowd?

Kill your opponents: The easiest way (and most obvious) is to kill your 
opponents. The crowd goes wild if you kill two opponents simultaneously, and 
goes nuts if you kill three at the same time. Also you get bonuses for each 
consecutive kill you make within a short period of time. Killing two opponents 
quickly gets you a Double Kill bonus, three opponents gets you a Triple Kill 
bonus and so on all the way up to a whopping 10 opponents. If you somehow kill 
10+ opponents in a row you get the coveted Rampage Kill message.

Hit your opponents: Chain attacks occur when you strike an opponent, even if 
the attack is blocked. The higher chain count you achieve in the battle, the 
better your evaluation. You also get bonuses for counter hits (indicated by red 
damage numbers), hitting your opponent in the air (aerial hits), hits from the 
side, or the hits from behind (backstabs).

Dodging: Skillfully dodging your opponent's attacks adds to your evaluation, 
not to mention saving you a whole lot of money on healing.


After the battle you'll see the results screen that evaluates your performance.

Prize: The base reward money for winning the match.
Top Hit Chain: The highest chain attack achieved in the match.
Back Stabs: The number of times you attacked someone from behind.
Evasion Rate: % of attacks dodged during the match.
Special Messages:
No attempt to defend – Did not dodge or block.
One-sided Match – Received no damage during the match.
Overwhelming Power – Quickly ended the match.

Evaluation: A description of how well you performed during the match.
Fought like a coward
No Interest
What a brute!
Nothing special
Seen better
Has potential
Might be good
Has a future
Good skills
Excellent Skills
One to talk about
One to watch
A power fighter
Amazing strength
Regular barbarian

Bonus: Bonus money earned based on evaluation. This can be a negative number if 
you performed poorly. Sometimes you can get a negative bonus even with a 
positive evaluation and vice versa. For the most part though the more positive 
evaluation the better your bonus. If the bonus is high enough you may even pay 
off more debt than the original reward was worth.
Debt: Money paid off to Magerius.
Earnings: Money paid to you.

[Post Battle]

At the end of each battle the announcer will tell you to leave the arena. At 
this point you can do so by exiting through the gate you came in, which takes 
you back to the staging area. Or you could stay and grab all the leftover 
weapons and armor scattered about the arena floor. You only have a short period 
of time to do so before you're automatically sent back to the staging area. As 
you can imagine this is a great opportunity to grab some great swank to either 
use in the next battle or to sell for money. Make it a habit after every battle 
to grab whatever isn't nailed down, and if it is try to find a crowbar to pry 
it out (just kidding).

After the battle go and heal up, maybe check out the Arma (remember to remove 
your equipment) although you probably don't have enough to buy anything good 
yet, and get ready for the next match. You won't be able to enter all the 
matches the first time around though as you're still at low rank. Once you've 
entered all the matches possible (and I always recommend doing so whenever 
possible) talk to Magerius to head back home. Note that this is the only way 
to save the game. You can't save between matches. Congratulations on your first 
day at the arena!

The remaining calendar days usually alternate between training and going to the 
arena (there are a few exceptions later on). When you increase in rank however, 
certain events may occur when conditions are met (see Events below).

| 6. Colosseum   |

The beating heart of Rome is not the marble of the Senate; it's the sand of the 
                                                      - Gracchus, Gladiator

The Colosseum is the second and largest arena in the game. It offers the same 
matches as the Atilius arena, in addition to historical mock battles and duels 
with famous (named) gladiators. The only thing the Colosseum doesn't have is an 
Arma, so if you want to purchase items or upgrade you're out of luck. On the 
plus side, you can usually get much better items at the Colosseum since the 
opposition is usually of a higher caliber than at Atilius.

[Mock Battle]

Once you reach middle rank Mock Battles become accessible at the Colosseum. As 
mentioned previously these recreate historical battles in Roman history. The 
reward for winning such battles is much greater than regular matches, but on 
the same token they are much harder as they often feature unusual hazards 
and/or winning conditions. The following are the mock battles available at the 

Goal: Defeat 10 Romans, then one/two charioteers.
Note: Chariots cannot be defended against.
If you've seen the movie Gladiator, this is the same battle that was featured 
in that movie. In this battle it's the Carthaginians versus the Romans, and you 
get to play on the side of Hannibal. At first it seems like a 10 on 10 standard 
team battle. Once you defeat 10 Romans however, two chariots enter the arena. 
Like in Gladiator they have spinning blades on their wheels. And like in 
Gladiator getting hit with them spells instant death (there is a chance that a 
piece of your armor will get sheered off instead, consider yourself very lucky 
if that occurs). The chariots will either circle around the area or turn into 
the cross intersection formed by the walls. The goal here is to knock the 
gladiator off the chariot by throwing either a weapon or shield at it (shields 
are much easier). There is somewhat of a safe zone near the corner of the area 
where Caesar sits if you need to get out of the way. I don't think the chariots 
can enter the inside corners of the L shaped walls either. Once you knock a 
rider off you need to kill him to end the match. Sometimes you need to kill 
both riders, but I'm not sure why this sometimes occurs. What you need to be 
aware of is that the rider less chariot will still circle aimlessly around the 
arena, mowing down anyone in its path. On the plus side, it will also instantly 
kill your opponent if they get in the way as well. I've actually won this 
battle once without doing anything. Somehow the allied CPU knocked off one of 
the charioteers and he ended up getting run over by the second chariot. This is 
probably my least favorite mock battle due to the instant kill nature of the 
chariots, which will keep you on edge throughout the match to say the very 

Goal: Destroy the archer tower in the central fort.
This battle involves the invasion of Sicily by the Roman army. There are five 
forts placed in the Colosseum: one in the center and four on the outer 
perimeter. The goal here is to destroy the archer tower in the center fort. To 
do so you will need to find the master key to open the door. The master key is 
hidden in one of the outer forts. Each outer fort is locked with a key, which 
is being held by a guard outside. Defeat a guard and he'll drop a key. Pick it 
up with the L1 button and open one of the outer fort gates. Each outer fort 
contains three guards. Defeat them all. If you picked the right fort you'll get 
a message telling you to pick up the master key that was dropped (it's bronze 
rather than silver). If you chose the wrong fort you need to go back outside 
and kill another guard, grab his key, and try another fort. The master key 
opens the central fort, which contains three guards plus the archer tower. 
While you can rush the tower and try to hack it to bits, it's much easier to 
dispatch the three guards before doing so. Note that the archer on the tower 
will fire at you throughout the battle (but not while you're in the outer 

Goal: Defeat 10 enemies, then Jurgurtha.
This battle is similar to Zama in that you need to defeat 10 enemies before the 
big nasty surprise appears. The big nasty surprise in this case is one 
seriously pissed off elephant. Jurgurtha will be riding on the back of the 
elephant, and it is possible to knock him off by throwing something at him from 
one of the towers. You still need to watch out for the elephant though. While 
it doesn't instantly kill you like the chariots, getting trampled by an 
elephant isn't exactly pretty. The alternative method is to kill the elephant, 
and then take out Jurgurtha when he falls off. The only problem with this 
method is that the elephant can take an insane amount of damage before falling. 
We're talking well over 1000+ points here. The best strategy is to attack the 
rear of the elephant while your allies (if there are any left) distract it. The 
elephant will mash them into pulp rather quickly, so you'll be working against 
the clock. The elephant can turn around to sweep with its trunk, but the real 
threat is when it starts rearing up on its hind legs. When this happens quickly 
move behind it or get flattened. Once you dispatch the elephant, Jurgurtha 
shouldn't be much of a problem, but he does put up a decent fight. If you're 
very lucky the elephant will drop a Tusk Fragment when it dies, which is a rare 

Goal: Defeat Anthony.
Note: Falling off the boats causes instant defeat.
It has been historically suggested that the Romans once flooded the entire 
Colosseum to reenact a naval battle. From a technical standpoint this probably 
wouldn't be possible due to the trapdoors underneath. In this battle you'll be 
fighting a mock naval battle on ships placed in the arena. Falling off the 
ships means instant death (even though there's nothing at the bottom but 
regular sand). This means you must be very careful not to get knocked off by an 
opponent, or worse yet fall off yourself by overshooting a target with an 
attack. On the plus side, this also applies to your opponents as well. It's 
much easier to knock opponents over the sides of the ships than to defeat them 
the traditional way. Sometimes they even fall off by themselves. From the start 
you'll jump across to the first ship where three enemies will appear. Once you 
defeat them the gate to the next area will open up. This gate opens up to a 
long (and narrow) bridge, where it is very easy to fall off. Not to mention 
that three enemies are stationed on it. To top it all off, an archer will fire 
at you the moment you step on it. Fortunately there are wood shelters on the 
bridge that you can take cover behind. Be very careful when fighting on the 
bridge. Use jab attacks to "poke" the enemies off to their doom. You'll fight 
on two more ships with three enemies each before reaching the final ship. 
Anthony is very easy to spot due to his distinctive helmet (the Anthony Galea, 
which can only be obtained on this stage). Defeating him instantly wins the 
battle, so focus your attacks on him. It's quite easy to push him over the 
edge, but 50% of the time he usually ends up falling off by himself, so it's an 
easy victory either way.

Goal: Defeat Vercingetorix.
This is another fort battle like Sicily, except you're invading one big fort. 
Vercingetorix is inside the fort, which has three gates you need to knock down 
in order to get to him. The entrance to the fort is located in the back. Once 
you knock down the first gate several guards appear. Beyond the second gate 
more guards appear along with an archer. Knocking down the last gate reveals 
Vercingetorix along with two guards (the archer disappears when you enter). 
Defeat him and you win the battle. He drops the Vercingetorix Galea upon death, 
which is exclusive to this battle.

Goal: Defeat 20 opponents or defend the gates for 5 minutes.
Note: Losing one gate ends the battle in defeat.
If you've been neglecting your Agility at the cost of your other abilities, 
this is the battle where it will come and bite you on the ass hard. The 
battlefield is one long corridor with a gate on one end and two gates on the 
other. You need to prevent the two gates from being destroyed. Otherwise you 
lose the battle. The opposition comes from barbaric hordes from Germania, who 
will come in three at a time. Every time a barbarian is killed a new one will 
enter from the opposite end. You have two allies with you on this one, but it's 
not going to be an easy battle. First of all the battlefield is very long, and 
the barbarians run very fast. If one slips by in the melee they will quickly 
reach the gate. The gate is very flimsy and it doesn't take long for a single 
barbarian to deal quite a bit of damage. The main thing you need to be aware of 
is that whenever a barbarian appears initially they will ignore everyone else 
and make a direct beeline towards the gate. If you intercept them with an 
attack they will direct their attention towards you. If left alone, however, 
they will occasionally sneak back towards the gate. When this occurs you need 
to quickly run towards the gate and take them out. If your gladiator is slow 
(i.e. low Agility) and you're far away from the gate, this becomes a serious 
problem if even one barbarian slips through. Make sure you account for all 
three barbarians at all times, and immediately intercept any new ones that 


While duels are available at the Atilius arena, it is only at the Colosseum 
that you can fight against "named" gladiators. There are seven of them in the 
game, and each one of them is a true terror to behold. They have powerful 
weapons and sturdy armor, dodge with amazing frequency, and unleash powerful 
skills. Unless you can match them in these categories it is unlikely that you 
have any chance of beating them. These high level duels become available at 
high rank, although some require the highest rank to participate in. Defeating 
a "named" gladiator earns you a Corona, some high level weapons and armor, and 
possibly an active skill tablet, in addition to a large amount of money. The 
following are the "named" gladiators you can fight at the Colosseum in the 
order that they appear:

Style: Shield
Skills: Rumble Roll, Duel Spirits, Cyclone, Ground Pound
Flamma Hammer Atk:27 Def:21 Wgt:48 Cost:5670
Flamma Scutum Atk:8  Def:29 Wgt:40 Cost:9610
Flamma Galea  Atk:5  Def:31 Wgt:36 Cost:7760
Flamma Manica Atk:12 Def:19 Wgt:32 Cost:5310
Flamma Ocrea  Atk:5  Def:20 Wgt:29 Cost:5010
Flamma wields a large hammer and large shield, making for an impressive 
offensive/defensive combination. While he soaks up the damage with the shield, 
he can counter attack using his massive hammer, which tends to strip off armor 
at a disturbing rate. If you can knock off his shield it will considerably 
increase your chances of hitting him.

Style: Two hand
Skills: Sweep Slash, Fury, Wild Dance, Dolphin
Anubis Sword Atk:25 Def:10 Wgt:31 Cost:11960 x2
Anubis Galea Atk:8  Def:16 Wgt:21 Cost:4280
Anubis Ocrea Atk:6  Def:17 Wgt:25 Cost:4880
Hories can catch the unwary off guard with his lightning fast twin sword 
attacks. While he's not the mountain that Flamma was, his attacks can swiftly 
tear you to shreds. While using two swords tends to reduce defense, Hories is 
good at dodging. The best defense here is a good offense. If you can knock even 
one sword of out his hand you can hamper his style and have an advantage.

Style: One sword
Skills: Splitter, Sobat, Wild Splash, Daisy Cutter
Nemesis Pike    Atk:26 Def:18 Wgt:51 Cost:7250
Nemesis Palmula Atk:1  Def:21 Wgt:18 Cost:8230
Nemesis Galea   Atk:12 Def:14 Wgt:18 Cost:4950
Nemesis Ocrea   Atk:9  Def:13 Wgt:21 Cost:4250
The only female gladiator in the game, Nemesis is a formidable opponent 
nonetheless. Her pike gives her exceptional range in combat, and her shield 
gives her a tighter defense than Hories. Try to get in close to nullify her 
range advantage and disarm her ASAP.

Style: Two hand
Skills: Scissor Lifter, Back Thrust, Tornado, Sting
Horis Sword      Atk:26 Def:19 Wgt:34 Cost:9680 x2
Horis Galea      Atk:10 Def:13 Wgt:17 Cost:4690
Horis Manica L/R Atk:9  Def:16 Wgt:23 Cost:6300
Horis Ocrea      Atk:4  Def:13 Wgt:21 Cost:4560
Ursus is the second Egyptian themed gladiator. Like Hories he uses a two-sword 
style in combat. What makes him tougher than Hories is that due to the unique 
design of his swords he has a much greater chance of parrying your attacks. 
Other than that he pretty much fights the same way as Hories, but he's much 
tougher to take down since he wears way more armor that Hories did.

Style: One sword
Skills: Bash, Glorious Glint, Body Blow, Evade Thrust
Spiculus Sword      Atk:24 Def:14 Wgt:26 Cost:14690
Spiculus Palmula    Atk:4  Def:28 Wgt:30 Cost:15720
Spiculus Galea      Atk:3  Def:21 Wgt:24 Cost:8120
Spiculus Manica L/R Atk:3  Def:12 Wgt:15 Cost:6870
Spiculus Ocrea      Atk:4  Def:14 Wgt:22 Cost:5160
Spiculus is completely decked out in shiny armor, making it an uphill battle to 
deal any significant damage to him. He uses a one sword fighting style, so 
there isn't any particular weaknesses you can take advantage of. Regardless of 
what fighting style you use it won't be an easy battle.

Style: Shield
Skills: Shield Bash, Edge, Shield Ram, Double Stinger
Sextus Sword  Atk:24 Def:13 Wgt:25 Cost:12690
Sextus Scutum Atk:15 Def:33 Wgt:48 Cost:13970
Sextus Galea  Atk:9  Def:27 Wgt:30 Cost:8690
Sextus Manica Atk:5  Def:16 Wgt:25 Cost:4780 (Gray)
Sextus Ocrea  Atk:7  Def:19 Wgt:27 Cost:5590
Like Flamma, Sextus uses a large shield to absorb a great amount of damage. 
Unlike Flamma, Sextus has a sword instead of a hammer, which he can swing much 
faster. The key to victory is getting rid of his shield somehow. Otherwise most 
attacks you launch at him will simply be deflected.

Style: Two hand
Skills: Stunning Blow, Double Axe, Double Slice, Sting
Dannaos Axe   Atk:40 Def:19 Wgt:59 Cost:17540 x2
Dannaos Galea Atk:12 Def:29 Wgt:40 Cost:10320
Dannaos is hands down the most powerful gladiator in the game. Wielding two 
massive axes his strategy is to simply chop you into bloody pulp. You might 
think his lack of armor as being a weakness, but he's quite good at parrying 
your attacks with his axes, and he's good at dodging too. The only real 
strategy you have here is to dodge and counterattack. Going head to head with 
him is simply not an option. You could possibly try to overwhelm him by 
constantly attacking, but he's got the advantage in that department. If by some 
miracle you do manage to defeat him, make sure to take his weapons and helmet. 
While incredibly heavy, they are also among the best in the game.

| 7. Weapons and Armor   | 

Thrust this [sword] into another man's flesh, and they will applaud and love 
you for that. You may even begin to love them.
                                                - Proximo, Gladiator 

Note: Values listed are for default white quality items except where noted.



Swords come in two varieties: straight edge and curved. There isn't much of a 
difference between the two in terms of how they perform, but some swords are 
longer than others, and in a close fight that can make all the difference in 
the world.

Novacula          Atk:5  Def:3  Wgt:4  Cost:350
Dull Gladius      Atk:5  Def:6  Wgt:12 Cost:132
Pugio             Atk:5  Def:7  Wgt:7  Cost:530
Sica              Atk:8  Def:7  Wgt:16 Cost:1210
Falcata           Atk:8  Def:8  Wgt:12 Cost:2310
Gladius           Atk:8  Def:9  Wgt:15 Cost:1020
Tracian Sword     Atk:8  Def:10 Wgt:19 Cost:1420
Polished Pugio    Atk:9  Def:7  Wgt:8  Cost:1820
Leaf Sword        Atk:11 Def:8  Wgt:14 Cost:1350
Bronze Glaidus    Atk:12 Def:6  Wgt:11 Cost:1490
Talon             Atk:12 Def:11 Wgt:25 Cost:1970
Gippy Sword       Atk:12 Def:15 Wgt:21 Cost:2340
Long Sica         Atk:14 Def:9  Wgt:24 Cost:2980
Spata             Atk:14 Def:10 Wgt:23 Cost:2060
Gippy Hook        Atk:14 Def:11 Wgt:20 Cost:2590
Iron Gladius      Atk:15 Def:10 Wgt:26 Cost:2310
Sticker           Atk:17 Def:12 Wgt:28 Cost:4120
Celtic Blade      Atk:17 Def:12 Wgt:39 Cost:3340
Sabre             Atk:18 Def:10 Wgt:21 Cost:5570
Celtic Long Sword Atk:19 Def:13 Wgt:40 Cost:3890
Falx              Atk:20 Def:8  Wgt:22 Cost:5460
Butcher Knife     Atk:20 Def:12 Wgt:22 Cost:4870
Polished Gladius  Atk:21 Def:8  Wgt:17 Cost:4870
Tracian Dagger    Atk:22 Def:3  Wgt:5  Cost:11230
Martian Gladius   Atk:22 Def:11 Wgt:31 Cost:5230
Gaulish Blade     Atk:22 Def:15 Wgt:42 Cost:4560
Finely Sabre      Atk:23 Def:7  Wgt:27 Cost:8390
Keen Blade        Atk:23 Def:7  Wgt:33 Cost:3260


Chain weapons are rather uncommon in the arena. They deliver a powerful blow 
with the centrifugal force they generate.

Cheap Flail       Atk:13 Def:5  Wgt:27 Cost:530
Flail             Atk:16 Def:5  Wgt:29 Cost:980
Chain Hook        Atk:16 Def:6  Wgt:32 Cost:850
Berserk Flail     Atk:21 Def:6  Wgt:36 Cost:2810


Pole arms have long reach, but can be difficult to fight with in close 
quarters. They are also very heavy weapons, limiting the gladiator to light 

Cheap Pike         Atk:7  Def:3  Wgt:31 Cost:540
Carthaginian Spear Atk:10 Def:5  Wgt:32 Cost:670
Celtic Pike        Atk:12 Def:6  Wgt:35 Cost:720
Trident            Atk:13 Def:9  Wgt:43 Cost:1160
Needle             Atk:15 Def:7  Wgt:40 Cost:1490
Long Spear         Atk:16 Def:8  Wgt:41 Cost:2360
Gaulish Ensign     Atk:17 Def:8  Wgt:45 Cost:1740
Snowy Pike         Atk:20 Def:5  Wgt:25 Cost:7420
Hardy Trident      Atk:20 Def:11 Wgt:58 Cost:2890
Gippy Ensign       Atk:22 Def:9  Wgt:53 Cost:3560
Roman Pike         Atk:25 Def:6  Wgt:50 Cost:4070
Incisive Pike      Atk:28 Def:2  Wgt:48 Cost:5110
Commander Pike     Atk:31 Def:14 Wgt:58 Cost:5770


Clubs inflict heavy bludgeoning damage, which can often knock armor off of an 
opponent, or even render them unconscious. 

Leather Club       Atk:5  Def:6  Wgt:12 Cost:112
Pickel             Atk:6  Def:4  Wgt:5  Cost:74
Bludgeon           Atk:11 Def:11 Wgt:19 Cost:730
Thorn Bat          Atk:13 Def:11 Wgt:20 Cost:1020
Mace               Atk:16 Def:13 Wgt:35 Cost:1540
Clava              Atk:27 Def:18 Wgt:55 Cost:6420


Axes combine the weight of a hammer with the cutting edge of a blade. While 
heavy, they inflict massive amounts of damage on armor and flesh alike.

Francisca          Atk:20 Def:8  Wgt:31 Cost:2360
Battle Axe         Atk:23 Def:10 Wgt:41 Cost:2740
Berserk Axe        Atk:28 Def:8  Wgt:50 Cost:7780
Great Axe          Atk:35 Def:15 Wgt:50 Cost:3650


The hammer causes damage by its sheer weight alone. Its heavy head can quickly 
strip an opponent of armor with a few well-placed blows.

Maul               Atk:27 Def:21 Wgt:49 Cost:2780
Pole Hammer        Atk:29 Def:24 Wgt:54 Cost:3980
Gate Hammer        Atk:36 Def:13 Wgt:48 Cost:4980


Shields come in two categories: small and large. Small shields are indicated by 
the circular shield icon, and large by the square shield icon. While small 
shields don't offer as much protection as large shields, they also do not 
inhibit mobility as much. 


Dull Leather Shield Atk:2  Def:4  Wgt:5  Cost:70
Leather Shield      Atk:3  Def:5  Wgt:5  Cost:200
Thorn Palmula       Atk:12 Def:7  Wgt:21 Cost:1520
Buckler             Atk:2  Def:8  Wgt:15 Cost:1070
Red Small Scutum    Atk:4  Def:9  Wgt:9  Cost:1370
White Small Scutum  Atk:4  Def:9  Wgt:9  Cost:1610
Southern Shield     Atk:4  Def:10 Wgt:8  Cost:1200
Palmula             Atk:5  Def:10 Wgt:15 Cost:140
Painted Palmula     Atk:6  Def:10 Wgt:16 Cost:530
Spike Shield        Atk:21 Def:10 Wgt:42 Cost:5600
Onyx Small Scutum   Atk:8  Def:11 Wgt:16 Cost:5100
Black Small Scutum  Atk:5  Def:13 Wgt:12 Cost:3980
Black Palmula       Atk:5  Def:13 Wgt:19 Cost:2100
Snowy Palmula       Atk:6  Def:13 Wgt:23 Cost:7410
Brass Shield        Atk:8  Def:14 Wgt:26 Cost:2100
Bronze Buckler      Atk:3  Def:15 Wgt:19 Cost:3050
Northern Shield     Atk:5  Def:16 Wgt:26 Cost:4650
Hardy Small Scutum  Atk:8  Def:18 Wgt:23 Cost:4830
Round Shield        Atk:10 Def:20 Wgt:32 Cost:6780
Iron Round Shield   Atk:10 Def:20 Wgt:32 Cost:5380
Polished Palmula    Atk:12 Def:29 Wgt:42 Cost:19560


Thebe Shield        Atk:1  Def:5  Wgt:12 Cost:740
Wood Shield         Atk:2  Def:5  Wgt:19 Cost:190
Painted Wood Shield Atk:3  Def:5  Wgt:19 Cost:520
Dull Scutum         Atk:5  Def:8  Wgt:31 Cost:540
Leaf Shield         Atk:3  Def:9  Wgt:24 Cost:1970
Myrmillo Scutum     Atk:8  Def:9  Wgt:35 Cost:580
Corona Scutum       Atk:6  Def:10 Wgt:34 Cost:790
Dull Gaulish Shield Atk:7  Def:12 Wgt:30 Cost:1550
Gaulish Shield      Atk:9  Def:12 Wgt:31 Cost:1550
Red Battersea       Atk:5  Def:16 Wgt:35 Cost:3780
Iron Thebe Shield   Atk:21 Def:16 Wgt:48 Cost:5980
Blue Battersea      Atk:6  Def:17 Wgt:38 Cost:4130
Hexa Scutum         Atk:11 Def:18 Wgt:39 Cost:5590
White Battersea     Atk:7  Def:19 Wgt:42 Cost:5980
Trad Scutum         Atk:5  Def:22 Wgt:50 Cost:5680
Carthaginian Shield Atk:4  Def:23 Wgt:41 Cost:7290
Spike Tower Shield  Atk:35 Def:24 Wgt:64 Cost:9230
Blazonry Scutum     Atk:16 Def:31 Wgt:45 Cost:8970
Roman Scutum        Atk:6  Def:35 Wgt:57 Cost:12950


Helmets, as the name implies, protect the head from damage. The are the only 
body armor type (other than shields) that can be equipped during battle 

Fur Headwear        Atk:1  Def:2  Wgt:1  Cost:1320
Leather Headwear    Atk:2  Def:3  Wgt:5  Cost:590
Greece Galea        Atk:3  Def:3  Wgt:12 Cost:20
Gippy Headwear      Atk:1  Def:4  Wgt:4  Cost:1130
Rivets Galea        Atk:5  Def:4  Wgt:11 Cost:40
Deer Skull Galea    Atk:19 Def:4  Wgt:14 Cost:2750
Gaulish Galea       Atk:5  Def:5  Wgt:14 Cost:390
Roman Bear Galea    Atk:1  Def:6  Wgt:8  Cost:2530
Old Galea           Atk:4  Def:6  Wgt:18 Cost:150
Roman Galea         Atk:3  Def:6  Wgt:16 Cost:430
Spike Galea         Atk:8  Def:6  Wgt:17 Cost:550
Boeotian Galea      Atk:3  Def:7  Wgt:15 Cost:1560
Face Guard          Atk:3  Def:7  Wgt:17 Cost:180
Corinthian Galea    Atk:3  Def:8  Wgt:18 Cost:450
Heavy Galea         Atk:4  Def:8  Wgt:21 Cost:520
Bronze Spike Galea  Atk:7  Def:8  Wgt:19 Cost:900
Dacian Galea        Atk:3  Def:10 Wgt:21 Cost:1950
Bull Skull Galea    Atk:15 Def:10 Wgt:16 Cost:2540
Myrmillo Galea      Atk:4  Def:13 Wgt:27 Cost:2100
Sector Skull Galea  Atk:5  Def:13 Wgt:28 Cost:2650
Iron Sector Galea   Atk:6  Def:13 Wgt:28 Cost:1740
Carthaginian Galea  Atk:3  Def:14 Wgt:20 Cost:5360
Scarab Galea        Atk:4  Def:14 Wgt:24 Cost:3120
Iron Crest Galea    Atk:4  Def:14 Wgt:25 Cost:2910
Exy Jaggy Galea     Atk:8  Def:15 Wgt:29 Cost:1860
Loutish Galea       Atk:4  Def:16 Wgt:17 Cost:6740
Pirate Galea        Atk:5  Def:16 Wgt:21 Cost:5170
Phrygian Galea      Atk:1  Def:17 Wgt:16 Cost:9230
Porous Galea        Atk:2  Def:17 Wgt:25 Cost:4650
Iberian Galea       Atk:4  Def:17 Wgt:25 Cost:4010
Vercingetorix Galea Atk:3  Def:18 Wgt:24 Cost:6970
Gold Crest Galea    Atk:4  Def:18 Wgt:27 Cost:3690
Tracian Galea       Atk:4  Def:18 Wgt:27 Cost:4810
Exy Sector Galea    Atk:3  Def:20 Wgt:25 Cost:6010
Patinated Galea     Atk:3  Def:20 Wgt:26 Cost:5460
Anthony Galea       Atk:2  Def:21 Wgt:26 Cost:8230
Commander Galea     Atk:3  Def:21 Wgt:25 Cost:6870
Iron Myrmillo Galea Atk:9  Def:21 Wgt:28 Cost:5980
Provocator          Atk:4  Def:22 Wgt:25 Cost:7050
Red Provocator      Atk:4  Def:22 Wgt:25 Cost:7050
Blue Provocator     Atk:4  Def:22 Wgt:25 Cost:7140
Centurion Galea     Atk:3  Def:23 Wgt:26 Cost:7210
Heavy Black Galea   Atk:7  Def:24 Wgt:33 Cost:2710

[Arm Armor]

As you might expect, arm armor protects the arm from damage. This is important; 
if your arm suffers critical damage you will be unable to use it for the 
duration of battle. Note that manicas default to being worn on the right arm 
unless it specifically is made for the left arm (i.e. has a L designation).

Leather Manica       Atk:2  Def:4  Wgt:9  Cost:560
Hard Hobnail Manica  Atk:2  Def:4  Wgt:11 Cost:210
Chain Manica         Atk:3  Def:5  Wgt:12 Cost:640
Wrist Armor L/R      Atk:2  Def:6  Wgt:13 Cost:740
Iron Spike Armor L/R Atk:12 Def:6  Wgt:17 Cost:990
Gold Wrist Armor L/R Atk:1  Def:7  Wgt:14 Cost:980
Gold Spike Armor L/R Atk:11 Def:7  Wgt:18 Cost:1060
Boa Wrist Armor L/R  Atk:3  Def:8  Wgt:15 Cost:1130
Iron Wrist Armor L/R Atk:3  Def:9  Wgt:16 Cost:1290
Galerus              Atk:2  Def:11 Wgt:18 Cost:3360
Sector Manica        Atk:4  Def:11 Wgt:22 Cost:1590
Exy Sector Manica    Atk:4  Def:12 Wgt:23 Cost:2030
Iron Manica L/R      Atk:5  Def:12 Wgt:24 Cost:1350
Light Scale Manica   Atk:3  Def:13 Wgt:22 Cost:4100
Heavy Manica         Atk:4  Def:13 Wgt:27 Cost:1360
Stann Manica         Atk:5  Def:13 Wgt:25 Cost:1450
Exy Stann Manica     Atk:5  Def:14 Wgt:26 Cost:1890
Superior Manica      Atk:4  Def:15 Wgt:25 Cost:3810
Scale Manica         Atk:4  Def:16 Wgt:30 Cost:2300
Myrmillo Manica      Atk:4  Def:17 Wgt:32 Cost:2780
Blazonry Galerus     Atk:5  Def:20 Wgt:35 Cost:4320
Martian Manica       Atk:5  Def:21 Wgt:37 Cost:4660

[Leg Armor]

Leg armor, obviously, protects the legs. Each leg needs its own set of armor, 
and you can mix and match them without penalty. Coordinating them with your 
outfit looks much cooler though.

Rivets Ocrea         Atk:1  Def:3  Wgt:9  Cost:130
Stann Ocrea          Atk:3  Def:6  Wgt:17 Cost:330
Iron Spike Ocrea     Atk:14 Def:6  Wgt:15 Cost:470
Gold Spike Ocrea     Atk:13 Def:7  Wgt:16 Cost:460
Dull Plain Ocrea     Atk:7  Def:8  Wgt:20 Cost:470
Plain Ocrea          Atk:4  Def:9  Wgt:21 Cost:780
Snowy Ocrea          Atk:2  Def:10 Wgt:15 Cost:6340
Cuprum Ocrea         Atk:5  Def:11 Wgt:22 Cost:1160
Dull Plate Ocrea     Atk:6  Def:11 Wgt:22 Cost:1340
Boa Ocrea            Atk:4  Def:12 Wgt:20 Cost:2590
Exy Cuprum Ocrea     Atk:5  Def:12 Wgt:23 Cost:980
Sector Ocrea         Atk:6  Def:12 Wgt:21 Cost:1890
Plate Ocrea          Atk:7  Def:12 Wgt:22 Cost:1540
Steel Ocrea          Atk:9  Def:17 Wgt:31 Cost:2260
Blazonry Ocrea       Atk:7  Def:19 Wgt:30 Cost:4730
Martian Ocrea        Atk:8  Def:20 Wgt:32 Cost:3970
Silver Ocrea         Atk:10 Def:21 Wgt:36 Cost:4980
Gold Ocrea           Atk:11 Def:22 Wgt:37 Cost:4980


All items (with one exception) in the miscellaneous category are rare special 
items that can be obtained during hunting matches. Horn fragments are dropped 
by the last bull at the Atilius arena hunting matches, while tiger skins are 
dropped by the large tiger at the Colosseum hunting matches. The one exception 
is the tusk fragment that is rarely dropped by the elephant in the Jurgurtha 
mock battle. While they can be used in battle as impromptu weapons, their main 
value lies in how much money they are worth when sold.

Horn Fragment       Atk:8  Def:5  Wgt:11 Cost:8000  (Gray)
                    Atk:10 Def:5  Wgt:11 Cost:16000
                    Atk:12 Def:5  Wgt:11 Cost:24000 (Blue)
                    Atk:14 Def:5  Wgt:11 Cost:37000 (Yellow)

Tiger Skin          Atk:1  Def:1  Wgt:5  Cost:50000 (Gray)
                    Atk:1  Def:1  Wgt:5  Cost:60000
                    Atk:1  Def:1  Wgt:5  Cost:70000 (Blue)
                    Atk:1  Def:1  Wgt:5  Cost:80000 (Yellow)

Tusk Fragment       Atk:14 Def:6  Wgt:26 Cost:12000 (Gray)
                    Atk:16 Def:6  Wgt:26 Cost:23000
                    Atk:18 Def:6  Wgt:26 Cost:35000 (Blue)
                    Atk:20 Def:6  Wgt:26 Cost:51000 (Yellow)

| 8. Events      |

Today I saw a slave become more powerful than the Emperor of Rome.
                                                - Lucilla, Gladiator

Most of the events in Colosseum: Road to Freedom occur when you reach certain 
ranks. The decisions you make during these events can alter the storyline 
somewhat, although sometimes you don't really have a choice in the matter.

[Duel with Narcissus]

When you reach middle rank (obtained at 15 Palma), Magerius will ask you see 
you when you leave your room. He introduces you to the mysterious Marcia, who 
is the Emperor's consort, and her accomplice, the mysterious Laetus. They'll 
offer you the opportunity to enter a special bout at the Atilius arena. If you 
accept, a special duel will appear on the list the next time you arrive at 
Atilius (Marcia's Offer). As you enter the staging area you'll meet Narcissus, 
one of Marcia's gladiators, and a real jerk. He'll taunt you and walk away. It 
turns out that he's the gladiator that you'll be fighting against in the duel 
that Marcia arranged.

NARCISSUS (1st Battle)
Style: One sword
Skills: Evade Thrust, Body Blow, Splitter, Bash
Falcata        Atk:8  Def:8  Wgt:12 Cost:2310
Ablaze Palmula Atk:6  Def:9  Wgt:12 Cost:1800

Narcissus will probably be the first opponent that you face one on one in the 
arena. What makes him stand out from the rest of the cannon fodder is the fact 
that he can dodge your attacks. Otherwise, there isn't really anything special 
about this fight. He might pull off an active skill or two, but at this point 
your gladiator should be able to pull off some moves of his own. Defeat him and 
Marcia will congratulate you after the fight. She'll have some work for you 
later on, so this won't be the last time you see her.

[Duel with Commodus]

If you won the duel against Narcissus, Magerius will speak to you a short time 
later during training. Apparently the Emperor is entering the gladiatorial 
games at the Colosseum, and he needs an opponent for a match he's holding. For 
obvious reasons the match is fixed, so winning is not an option. If you agree 
to the match, it will be scheduled for the next Colosseum event (vs Commodus). 
On the day of the match Marcia will appear at the Colosseum and ask if you 
actually intend to win the match. I'm not sure if what you say makes a 
difference, but you might as well answer in the negative. Once you accept the 
duel, you'll meet up with Commodus himself on the elevator to the arena. He'll 
ask you if you think you can win against him. Again, I'm not sure what 
difference it makes what you say here, but it doesn't seem to matter either 
way. Commodus is confident that he's going to win this match one way or the 

Warning: Since you need to "lose" this match, be sure not to take any valuable 
weapons or armor with you, as they will be lost upon completion of the battle. 
Instead, grab the default weapons in the staging area and equip them instead.

COMMODUS (1st Battle)
Style: Two hand
Skills: Sting, Stunning Blow
Hercules Mace     Atk:22 Def:24 Wgt:31 Cost:17980
Hercules Galea    Atk:23 Def:19 Wgt:17 Cost:13360
Hercules Manica L Atk:4  Def:22 Wgt:27 Cost:7250 (Gray)
Hercules Ocrea    Atk:5  Def:19 Wgt:27 Cost:9160
Commodus is a complete joke. Even though he attacks aggressively with two 
clubs, he's pretty much a pushover. However, if you intend to throw the match, 
you need to make it seem real enough. First of all you need to get his health 
bar into the red. Try to get it as low as possible without killing him. You can 
tell if it's low enough if you see him stagger around gasping for breath after 
a few attacks. Now you need to let him hit you a few times until one of your 
body parts is in the red. You can dodge his attacks a bit if you want to make 
things more exciting. Once you're in the red immediately surrender by pressing 
down on the directional buttons twice. If you're successful you'll see the 
mission successful message on the screen. Afterwards, Narcissus will taunt you 
on the way out, but Marcia will congratulate you on a job well done.

If you accidentally defeat Commodus, the game will immediately go into 
punishment mode (at level four) as Commodus orders his guards to kill you. 
While this might seem like a death sentence, there is a small chance of 
actually surviving the onslaught of attacking guards...

[Fight for your life!] (Secret Ending)

To survive you will need to kill 100 guards. Yes, you heard right. 100 guards. 
For most gladiators this is an impossible task, as you will be nowhere strong 
enough to take down half that number before succumbing to their sheer numbers. 
However, if you have unusually strong weapons/armor and high powered active and 
passive skills (saved over from previous games), and some mad gladiatorial 
skills, it might be, just might be, possible to accomplish this Herculean task. 
There are a few things you might need to know before starting the battle:

- Once the battle starts the entire Colosseum area becomes one gigantic 
battlefield. When I say the entire Colosseum, I mean that you can actually exit 
the arena and continue fighting in the staging area, down the hallways and 
stairs, all the way to the carriage where you arrived.
- When punishment level hits five all the guards will be carrying spears and 
large shields.
- If want any hope of winning, bring your best weapons and armor beforehand. 
You're bound to lose some of your armor during the frantic melee, so keep this 
in mind.
- Don't get surrounded. Up to five guards will appear at a time, and if they 
completely surround you they'll take turns hitting you over and over again 
before you can recover.
- Let them hit each other. The fact that they're all going after you means you 
can bait them into hitting each other. While this doesn't do too much damage to 
them with their shields, it can knock them over, giving you time to run away.
- Knock them over. Remember that you can knock people over with a running 
start. This allows you to avoid being surrounded when they start ganging up on 
- Use the environment. Use walls, corners, and stairs to limit the avenues that 
the guards can approach you. Keep the guards coming in one direction instead of 
all directions.
- Most importantly: Run like hell! Keep moving while slashing and bashing away 
at your foes. If you stay in one place the odds of your survival are pretty 
much zero.

If by some miracle you manage to kill 100 guards, a special cut scene will play 
showing your gladiator climbing over the fence around the Colosseum and taking 
the road to freedom, literally. An ending will play saying that you pretty much 
were the only gladiator in the history of the Colosseum to have ever escaped 
through sheer violence. The ending makes it seem like it's a bad thing. 
Personally I think it's kind of cool. Note that this is the only way you can 
obtain Commodus's weapons and armor, as it is the only way you can save them 
after the battle. Doing so means you actually need to survive the battle with 
said items, which is something that even I wouldn't try. In fact I wouldn't 
bother in the first place. While his weapon and armor are unique, they aren't 
worth the hassle of obtaining them.

[Duel with Narcissus] (Part Two)

This event occurs after the battle with Commodius, and only when you reach high 
rank (achieved at 50 Palma). Magerius will call for you. Once again Marcia 
asks if would like you to duel against a certain gladiator in the next Atilius 
event. You can probably guess who that's going to be. If you agree, you'll get 
the opportunity to fight Narcissus once again at the arena. Once you arrive at 
Atilius Narcissus will appear at the staging area. Looks like he went up in 
rank too. He'll boast that Marcia has a special mission for him, and that he's 
not going to let you win like the last time (yeah right).

NARCISSUS (2st Battle)
Style: One sword
Skills: Evade Thrust, Body Blow, Splitter, Bash
Narcis Sword   Atk:18 Def:13 Wgt:26 Cost:4380
Narcis Palmula Atk:3  Def:21 Wgt:30 Cost:7800
Narcis Galea   Atk:1  Def:13 Wgt:20 Cost:3950
Narcis Manica  Atk:1  Def:11 Wgt:20 Cost:3950 (Gray)
Narcis Ocrea   Atk:1  Def:14 Wgt:20 Cost:5870

Surprisingly, Narcissus is much tougher this time around than he was 
previously. Aside from looking like a monkey, Narcissus now has a whole lot of 
armor, and a few new tricks up his sleeve. But by now you should be packing 
some weaponry of your own. After the battle, Marcia will appear and tell you 
that initially she was planning to use Narcissus for an important mission, but 
she's choosing you instead since you're the superior fighter.

[Duel with Commodus] (Part Two)

I'm not sure what the exact rank requirements are for this event, but you're 
guaranteed to get it if you're at the highest rank, are a free man (i.e. paid 
off your debt), and dueled with Commodus previously and Narcissus twice before. 
This event occurs on day 48 of the calendar. During this time you won't be able 
to train for the rest of the game, so make sure you spend all your training 
points beforehand. Marcia will appear and tell you that Commodus is training 
for another appearance in the games. He's pretty paranoid, and doesn't even 
allow his own guards in his private training area. Only Marcia is allowed 
entrance. Since you dueled with him previously, Commodus has taken a liking to 
you, and has specifically asked for you to spar with him tonight. Marcia sees 
this as a golden opportunity to assassinate Commodus, who's pretty much a crazy 
paranoid bastard at this point. Agree to help her out and she'll personally 
escort you to the Emperor's training ground later that night.

Follow Marcia up the stairs to the door to enter the training room. Commodus 
(sans armor) will welcome you and tell you to pick up the practice weapons 
lying on the table so he can start training. There are two wooden swords along 
with a small and large wooden shield on the three tables in the room. This 
allows you to match the fighting style of your choosing before fighting 
Commodus. Once you're armed head back towards Commodus and the fight will 

COMMODUS (2nd Battle)
Style: Two hand
Skills: Sting, Stunning Blow
Wooden Sword x2/Gladius x2

Although you're using wooden swords, that doesn't prevent you from holding back 
this time. This time the fighting is for real. While you don't have any armor 
on for this fight, neither does Commodus. When you get Commodus's health down 
to a certain level, he'll start complaining that you're fighting a bit too 
hard. Keep hitting him and eventually he'll start calling for his guards. 
Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to remember that he didn't allow his guards to 
be here in the first place. At this point he takes out two real swords from the 
statue and tries to kill you. Dodge his attacks and counter with your most 
powerful skills, and he should go down in no time at all.

Once you defeat Commodus, Marcia will tell you to quickly escape. She has a 
plan to cover up what happened here tonight. On your way out Laetus appears, 
followed by your old friend Narcissus. You can probably guess who's going to 
end up taking the blame for this.

[Duel with Narcissus] (Part Three)

The day after Commodus is killed Magerius will call you into his room. It 
seems that last night Narcissus murdered the Emperor during a training session, 
apparently out of jealously for Marcia. Today at the Colosseum they are 
arranging his execution as a special event. Since you were close to the former 
Caesar they want you to personally execute Narcissus as a special match. How 
can you refuse such an offer? Accept and it's off to the Colosseum. There's 
only one match on the menu tonight, and it's the main event.

NARCISSUS (3rd Battle)
Style: One hand
Falcata Atk:7 Def:8 Wgt:12 Cost:980 (Gray)

This isn't so much of a duel as it is an execution. Narcissus has only one 
sword and no armor, while you probably have everything but the kitchen sink on. 
On your way up the elevator, Laetus will appear and tell you that you have some 
nerve executing Narcissus, when it was you that made him end up getting 
executed in the first place. He'll tell you that you're alive only because the 
crowd loves you and that you're useful for the moment. When your usefulness is 
over so will your life. Sounds like a threat. Oh well. A guard will kick 
Narcissus into the arena. He'll mutter something about being framed by Marcia, 
but he'll accept it since that's what she wants. Whatever. Have fun totally 
destroying Narcissus.

[Duel with Laetus] (Good Ending)

If you've been following the story so far and have executed Narcissus, this 
event will occur on day 50. The new Caesar Septimius is holding a celebration 
at the Colosseum, and you're invited whether you like it or not. As you enter 
the Colosseum Marcia will appear and tell you in a nutshell that Rome is pretty 
screwed, but thanks for your help anyway in killing Commodus. Now she can go 
home while you fight to the death in the arena. Gee, thanks a lot Marcia. I'm 
so glad I could be of help to you. As you make your way to the elevator, Laetus 
appears fully decked out in armor. He tells you that there's one loose end he 
needs to take care of, and that loose end is you. If you can beat him in the 
arena, however, he promises a new start under Septimius. Your reply determines 
the outcome of the last battle. If you're going for the good ending you need to 
agree to his proposal.

Style: One sword
Skills: Splitter, Disarm Slash, Hilt Thrust, Doppler Sence
Laetus Sword  Atk:34 Def:17 Wgt:48 Cost:16920
Laetus Galea  Atk:6  Def:26 Wgt:26 Cost:10890
Laetus Manica Atk:3  Def:22 Wgt:24 Cost:8960
Laetus Ocrea  Atk:9  Def:23 Wgt:31 Cost:6450
As the last opponent in the game Laetus is hands down the most difficult 
opponent you will face in the arena. His attacks are quite vicious, and his 
defensive skills are quite formidable. The only saving grace is that for some 
reason he doesn't have a shield. There isn't any real surefire strategy for 
beating him other than dodging and using your most powerful skills when there's 
an opening.

After you defeat Laetus, what happens next depends on how you answered him on 
the elevator. If you agreed to his proposal, Laetus will yield to you and the 
new Caesar Septimius will applaud your efforts. The "good" ending will occur at 
this point. 

[Alternate Secret Ending]

If you refuse Laetus's offer in the elevator, things will turn out much 
differently when you win the duel against him. After the battle Laetus will 
fall dead, and Septimius will order his guards to kill you. If you manage to 
kill 100 guards, you get a slightly different version of the secret ending that 
you would have gotten if you had defeated Commodus in the Colosseum match.

[30 Man Survival Match]

If for some reason you don't manage to pay off your debt to Magerius by day 
50, he will sell you off to the Emperor, and you end up fighting in a 30 man 
survival match at the Colosseum. If you win, Caesar awards your efforts by 
giving you your freedom. You get an ending that's not quite as good as the 
"good" ending that you get from defeating Laetus at the Colosseum.

[Early Retirement]

If you pay off your debt to Magerius before day 50, he will ask if you want to 
retire from being a gladiator or if you want to continue. If you choose to 
retire you get a retirement ending. If not the game continues as normal.

[Slave Market]

If you choose to continue fighting as a free gladiator, the option to purchase 
slaves from the slave market becomes available in Magerius's room. Note that 
this takes up the entire day, so you can't train or fight in the arena if you 
choose to go. At the slave market you can choose to purchase male or female 
slaves. Generally there will be two female and two male slaves available, but 
sometimes there may be three females and one male, or vice versa. You can 
purchase a maximum of two female slaves and two male slaves. I would highly 
recommend buying females over males.


Female slaves are very expensive, often costing hundreds of thousands of S. But 
they're often well worth the price, as they add a permanent bonus to your 
abilities when purchased. Generally the more expensive the slave, the higher 
the bonuses you can get. You can purchase up to two of them for your room. 
Unfortunately, by the time you can actually purchase slaves, the game will be 
pretty much at its end stage. Female slaves do not carry over to the next game 
like skill tablets. Here's a price listing and possible effects:

Cost:120000 STR+10 DEX+0  AGI+0  VIT+2  STA+0
Cost:125000 STR+3  DEX+3  AGI+0  VIT+5  STA+5
Cost:128000 STR+15 DEX+0  AGI+0  VIT+2  STA+0
Cost:130000 STR+0  DEX+10 AGI+0  VIT+0  STA+10
Cost:142000 STR+8  DEX+8  AGI+8  VIT+8  STA+8
Cost:156000 STR+0  DEX+0  AGI+0  VIT+13 STA+13
Cost:172000 STR+0  DEX+15 AGI+0  VIT+0  STA+15
Cost:188000 STR+2  DEX+0  AGI+15 VIT+14 STA+0
Cost:196000 STR+7  DEX+7  AGI+10 VIT+15 STA+0
Cost:200000 STR+8  DEX+8  AGI+8  VIT+8  STA+15
Cost:225000 STR+5  DEX+5  AGI+10 VIT+5  STA+15
Cost:256000 STR+10 DEX+10 AGI+10 VIT+10 STA+10
Cost:320000 STR+12 DEX+12 AGI+12 VIT+12 STA+12
Cost:345000 STR+15 DEX+15 AGI+15 VIT+15 STA+15
Cost:449000 STR+40 DEX+0  AGI+40 VIT+0  STA+20
Cost:452000 STR+0  DEX+50 AGI+0  VIT+50 STA+0
Cost:455000 STR+0  DEX+20 AGI+0  VIT+20 STA+60
Cost:461000 STR+25 DEX+40 AGI+15 VIT+0  STA+20


I highly recommend not purchasing male slaves if at all possible. Male slaves 
have stats like female slaves, but these are their own personal stats. The main 
purpose of having male slaves is that you can have them fight with you in the 
arena. While this sounds exciting, it really isn't. First of all, male slaves 
can only fight at the Colosseum. Second, they can only participate in team 
battles or hunting matches. Third, they have the same AI as the computer 
opponents, meaning that they aren't any more useful than having computer AI 
allies. Come to think of it, there isn't actually any benefit from having male 
slaves, unless you want to give them goofy names, send them against tigers with 
only crappy equipment, or have them stand half naked in your room *shiver*. 
While male slaves are much cheaper than female slaves, you're much better off 
buying female slaves.

Cost:32000  STR:10 DEX:10 AGI:10 VIT:12 STA:10
Cost:44000  STR:18 DEX:38 AGI:20 VIT:25 STA:35
Cost:48000  STR:25 DEX:10 AGI:12 VIT:39 STA:32
Cost:56000  STR:35 DEX:15 AGI:10 VIT:45 STA:16
Cost:59200  STR:39 DEX:31 AGI:26 VIT:42 STA:35
Cost:68000  STR:40 DEX:25 AGI:30 VIT:46 STA:38
Cost:79000  STR:46 DEX:18 AGI:34 VIT:52 STA:26
Cost:82500  STR:49 DEX:30 AGI:20 VIT:66 STA:35
Cost:86800  STR:42 DEX:10 AGI:10 VIT:42 STA:30
Cost:92000  STR:55 DEX:25 AGI:35 VIT:54 STA:23
Cost:95500  STR:58 DEX:10 AGI:12 VIT:49 STA:55
Cost:99500  STR:75 DEX:42 AGI:48 VIT:35 STA:10
Cost:112000 STR:61 DEX:20 AGI:35 VIT:86 STA:42
Cost:148000 STR:85 DEX:10 AGI:20 VIT:91 STA:30
Cost:165000 STR:82 DEX:45 AGI:56 VIT:60 STA:32
Cost:188999 STR:91 DEX:22 AGI:38 VIT:60 STA:42
Cost:250000 STR:98 DEX:42 AGI:49 VIT:95 STA:45

| 9. Frequently Asked Questions |

Q: What do the colors mean when damage numbers come up?
A: White: Regular damage
   Red: Counter hit
   Green: Damage parried by weapon
   Blue: Damage deflected by armor

Q: How many endings are there?
A: There are five main endings in the game:
Ending 1: Don't pay off your debt by day 50. Win the 30 man survival match.
Ending 2: Pay off your debt before day 50. Choose to retire.
Ending 3: Pay off your debt, defeat Narcissus, lose against Commodus, defeat 
Narcissus again, kill Commodus, execute Narcissus, agree to Laetus's offer and 
defeat him.
Ending 4: Defeat 100 guards during punishment mode.
Ending 5: Same as ending 3, except refuse Laetus's offer, defeat Laetus, then 
defeat 100 guards.

Q: Where can I purchase weapons and armor?
A: You can only purchase weapons and armor at the Arma (Armory), which is 
located at the Atilius arena outside where the carriage is.
Q: What is the limit for _______?
A: The following are the maximum values in the game:
Palma: 99
Coronas: 7
Strength, Dexterity, Agility, Vitality, Stamina: 255
Capacity: 271 (? – not entirely sure about this)
Neck, Body, Arm, Leg: 10
Active Skills: 16 (note some active skills cannot be increased)
Passive Skills: 5
Style: 40

Q: When can I buy slaves?
A: You can only purchase slaves when you pay off your debt to Magerius.

Q: How do I bring slaves to the arena?
A: You can only bring male slaves to the arena if you equip them beforehand, 
and they only appear at the Colosseum, and can be used only for team or hunting 

Q: Can I heal during a battle?
A: Normally you cannot heal during a battle. However, if you manage to raise a 
style level in the middle of a battle you will be miraculously healed of all 
damage. While it isn't a reliable source of healing, it can work wonders when 
it does occur.

Q: How do I get Commodus's club/armor?
A: First of all you need to defeat him during the special event at the 
Colosseum. Then you need to defeat 100 guards while you have the club/armor in 
your possession since there is no post victory opportunity to put them in your 
item box with L1+X. If you ask me it's not worth the effort you need to obtain 

Q: How do I get Laetus' sword/armor?
A: You cannot use L1+X to pick up his sword/armor, because that causes you to 
kick (since the battle isn't over). Since there is no after battle scene after 
the victory message, the only way to get his sword/armor is to pick it up with 
an empty hand before the battle ends. Once you have it in your hand it will 
appear in your item box the next time you load the save.

Q: How do I equip armor with the L1 button?
A: You can only equip helmets with the L1 button (L1+Triangle). The only way 
you can equip arm/leg armor is via the item box.

Q: Does selling items pay off your debt?
A: No. The only money that pays off the debt is the rewards earned in battles.

Q: Why can't I fight the elephant in the hunting battles?
A: The elephant only appears in the mock battle of Jurgurtha.
| 10. Acknowledgements |

Special thanks goes to Koei (www.koeigames.com) and Ertain (www.ertain.com) for 
bringing out this game to the states.

This document may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
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