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Guide and Walkthrough by iammatty

Version: 3.0 | Updated: 03/22/2006

24: The Game Walkthrough
by Matt Wall (iammatty)

(C) 2006 - Matthew Wall

All trademarks, copyrights, characters and any thing else contained in 
this document belong to their respective trademark and copyright holders.

   *** This Walkthrough may contain spoliers: You have been warned ***

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L.A. IS UNDER ATTACK.  Thouands of lives hang in the balance.  For Agent Jack
            Bauer, it's going to be another one of those days...

 Table of Contents              **

To search for something, simply hold CTRL + F and then copy the six-digit
code next to the part of this guide that you'd like to find into the find
box and press enter.

   1.  Version History                        (VSHI24)
   2.  Game Controls                          (CNTR24)
   3.  The Guide                              (THGD24)
           1)  * 6:00am - 7:00am              (6am7am)
           2)  * 7:00am - 8:00am              (7am8am)
           3)  * 8:00am - 9:00am              (8am9am)
            4)    Part One: The Chase
            5)    Part Two: Locate Robert Daniels
           6)  * 9:00am - 10:00am             (9am10am)
            7)    Part One: Locate the Snipers
            8)    Part Two: Take out the snipers
           9)  * 10:00am - 11:00am            (10am11am)
            10)    Part One: Decode the PDA
            11)    Part Two: Mr. Shin
           12) * 11:00am - 12:00pm            (11am12pm)
            13)    Part One: Drive
            14)    Part Two: Bringing Lee In
           15) * 12:00pm - 1:00pm             (12pm1pm)
            16)    Part One: Bring Lee to CTU
            17)    Part Two: Eddie Cain
           18) * 1:00pm - 2:00pm              (1pm2pm)

   4.  FAQ - Read Before Sending for Help     (FAQQ24)
   5.  Contact and Credits                    (CONT24)

 Version History       (VSHI24) **

18th March - Missions 1-13 added (First six hours)

21st March - Added next 2 hours (missions 14-18)
             Contact and Credits Added
             Game Controls Added
             Contents Menu Tidied Up

22nd March - Updated Contact and Credits
           - Added FAQ

 Game Controls         (CNTR24) **

In Game Controls

X        - Use Cover / Action / Restrain Enemies / Hold to Sprint
O        - Roll / Climb over or onto Object
TRIANGLE - Toggle On/Off Stealth Mode
SQUARE   - Punch / Kick Object / Stealth Takedown / Drag Body / Search Body

L1       - Aim
L2       - Re-Centre Camera
R1       - Fire
R2       - Challenge / Issue Command

Start      - Pause
Select     - View PDA
Up/Down    - Use Items
Left/Right - Change Weapons

Right Analogue - Rotate Camera / Flick Between Enemies / Press to Reload
Left Analogue  - Move

 The Guide             (THGD24) **
	   	      -- 6:00am - 7:00am       (6am7am) --

 * Board the ship and stop the detonation of the ricin cargo *
 -- Board the Ship
 -- Locate the Ricin bomb
 -- Defuse the Ricin bomb

Ok, you're now, as you've always dreamed, playing as Jack Bauer. Take a
few minutes to get used to the controls, and once you've done that lead
your team to the staircase leading up to the ship, which is just ahead
and slightly to the right. Head up the staircase, then go up the second
set and stand in the yellow marker beside the container. You now have to
follow the instructions to kill the two terrorists.

    - Press X to use cover
    - Press L1 to aim (keep held down)
    - Flick the right analogue stick to switch between targets
    - Press R1 to fire (try using the right analogue stick to get head

Once you've killed the two hostiles, frisk their bodies for weaponry and
bullets and then continue round the side of the ship, where you will find
a set of stairs through a door. Go down them and your team will blow the
door open at the bottom.

There are two terrorists immediately in the room, take them down and
continue through the room, take any weapons/bullets they have and go into
the room on your right. Follow the rooms through until you reach a kitchen
area, where you will have to kill three terrorists. Do what you do best and
continue on.

Once you reach a hallway, enter the room to your left and pick up the body
armour and the shotgun and exit the room. Walk up the hallway and you'll
enter a room with lots of bunk beds, and then you'll meet two hostiles in
the next room (with the lounge sofas and the tv).

Go down the steps, along the corridor and wait whilst your men blow open
another door. You'll be ambushed by about five terrorists in the next room,
one or two of which should surrender if you press R2. Kill the hostiles and
restrain the surrendered. Follow the yellow blip on your map to find a
staircases guarded by two terrorists. Gun them down, get their weapons and
ammo and continue down the stairs. 

Follow the machinery room around, down the staircase and then outside. You'll
meet about 8-10 terrorists. Kill them, and before you venture outside, fill
your health up on the Health Station by the door and then exit the room.
You'll be met with a fairly large resistance force. Aim for the one standing
on the balcony to hit the explosive tanks, which should trigger a large
explosion which will block your path. Don't worry, just deal with all of the
hostiles and climb up the staircase-like bit with the O button.

You'll be ambushed by about 8 terrorists when you get near the door, eliminate
them and wait whilst your men blow open the door. Head through the door, turn
left, the left into the staircase. Go forward and stand in the yellow marker
beside the bomb.

    /\*** Circuit Breaker ***/\

All you have to do is work your way around the circuit to get to the yellow
markers. You have 00:45 seconds to complete it, and to get a 100% rating, you
must defuse the bomb without passing through any more than 9 waypoints.

	   	      -- 7:00am - 8:00am       (7am8am) --

 * Lock down the base and take out Carr and Tarket *
 -- Destroy all 4 comms points
 -- Locate security room key card
 -- Trigger base lockdown
 -- Take out Tarket
 -- Take out Carr

First of all, tear off the COMM POINT in the room you start in, then head
out of the door and down the hallway. You'll reach a T-Junction, with two
enemies down the hall and to the left. Take them out, go left and then 
through the door on your right. Pick up the health-pack, then exit the
room and go back down the hallway. Go around the bend, kill the three
enemies further on and enter the room on your left. Rip off the COMM POINT
and exit the room, then continue down the hallway. Kill the two advancing
enemies and then enter the storeroom on your right to get Adrenaline and
some 9mm bullets, continue on down the hallway. You'll enter a computer
room with the third COMM POINT on the wall on the far side of the room.
Destroy it and enter the hallway next to the disabled comm point. Kill the
two terrorists and go along the long corridor that emerges into the a
garden. Climb up the ladder and head around the railings to get to another
hall. Head through the large room, killing all of the terrorists and head
up the stairs to get to the control room. Disable the COMM POINT and take
the Security Room Keycard.

A timer will come on. Run back the way you came (down the ladder and
through the hallway) and head to the security room. Open it with your new
card and continue through. Use the Lock-Down switch and call ther elevator
room with the bars. Enter the elevator and "Press Up."

On this new floor, you'll meet one terrorist. Kill him and enter the room to
your right to find a Health Pack. Go up the hallway and enter the jeep.

You don't need to stop off to kill all of the enemies, but I really do 
advise that you do. But make sure you stop off at the second enemy point,
because that's where you'll have to find and kill Tarket. Work your way
along the corridor until your reach the end, where you'll encounter a 
large resistance force led by Carr. Eliminate all of them as quickly as
possible, because a little countdown has started and you need to get out
before it reaches zero. Once you've killed Carr, get back to that exit
ramp where the Yellow Marker now sits. Step into the yellow marker...

	   	      -- 8:00am - 9:00am       (8am9am) --
 * Locate Robert Daniels, he is the only lead *
 -- Get to Robert Daniels' house
 -- Chase after Robert Daniels

You will find yourself as Jack Bauer, all you have to do is drive to the
location on the map before the timer runs out. It's best to go to your map
every now and then to get the best route (L2 to view map).

Once you've got to his house, you'll find him trying to drive away. You need
to chase him down. Follow his exact route so you don't get lost and make sure
that you keep him in your sites. Once you reach the freeway, the hostiles
will attempt to... blow you up. Make sure you stay at a reasonable distance
and try to avoid the burning carcasses of the other cars that they destroy.

 * Locate Robert Daniels, he is your only lead *
 -- Search the building for Robert Daniels
 -- Apprehend Daniels, he must be taken ALIVE

You're in a car park, with three men patrolling nearby a van. Take all three
of the hostiles out and get into of the vehicles around the car park. Ram
through the gates on the far side of the car park, get out and eliminate the
terrorist who comes through and the terrorist in the next room. Kill the
terrorist in the loading bay and then swiftly kill the hostile that runs away
shouting "Intruder." If he gets away, he will trigger an alarm, so make sure
he dies quickly. Head along the corridor and go through the door into the
staircase. Go up to floor one and hide in the nearest room. Two terrorists
will talk about Rodriguez, and one will go to find him. Wait until he passes
by the room you're hiding in and snap his neck. Sneak around and do the same
to the other terrorist. There are another two terrorists beside a locked door
and one hiding in a nearby room. Take out all three and then press "Use
Device" on the keycard slot next to the locked door.

    /\*** Sequence Analyser ***/\

All you have to do is keep swapping the letters around to find the correct

Go through the door and take out the three enemies by the sofas. Collect
any ammo they have, you'll need it later, and then take out the two
shotgun wielding terrorists beside the staircase. Head up the steps and take
out the three terrorists up there. Be careful on the steps, because if you
shoot the tv or the laying-down coffee machine, they'll roll down the stairs
and kill you. Head into the computer room. Four hostiles will begin a search
for you. I recommend hiding until one walks past and then snapping their
neck. This will prevent a gun-fight. Once you've killed all four terrorists,
head for the yellow marker, which marks a staircase. Head up to the next

Kill the three terrorists dotted around and apprehend the woman, and continue
down the hallway. Enter the room on your right to find an assault rifle, then
elimiate the four enemies in the next construction room. Head into the room
with the yellow marker and you'll find a hostile with a hostage. Line up your
aim and shoot the terrorist in the head. Apprehend the hostage and refil your
life on the Health Station. Go through the glass doorway and go up the stairs.

Take out the terrorist on the stairs and the three hiding behind the desks on
the next floor, and make your way through the room. Head into the computer 
room and take out the three terrorists that ambush you. Head down the hallway 
on the far side of the room and kill the two hostiles hiding behind boxes.
Bash through those boxes and kill the three hostiles that ambush you. If you
need it, a health pack can be found in one of the toilets.

Head over to the elevator.

    /\*** Sequence Analyser ***/\

Get into the elevator and go to the next floor. When you get out, you can 
either go left or right. Left will take you into an ambush, so go right and 
snap the neck of the guard with his back to you. Carry on along that hall
and kill the three enemies that were waiting to ambush you, which are in a
room on your left. Continue along the hallway, wiping out the rest of the
waiting enemy forces. Go left into the room with the door with the two
glass panels on either side. You MUST take Daniels alive. Stand by the door
and kill his bodyguard terrorists, then get close to Daniels and hit him with
the barrel of a gun, then press R2, to make him drop his gun.

	   	      -- 9:00am - 10:00am     (9am10am) --

 * Locate the Snipers *
 -- Extract information from Robert Daniels

    /\*** Interrogation ***/\

You need to extract information from Daniels. You must try to get the stress
level inside the blue shaded area by either raising the stress level with
TRIANGLE, lowering it with X or keeping it the same with SQUARE. Once you've
filled all of the green bars, you can press CIRCLE to break him.

Once you've broken him, you'll find yourself playing as CTU-Techie, Shaun.
You need to zero in on the snipers via Infrared Satellite.

Here are the locations on the snipers:

 - Seventh Floor, the person beside the bottom window.
 - Third Floor, the person in the bottom right corner.
 - Second Floor, the person standing on their own by the window.

 - Seventh Floor, the only person on that floor.
 - Fifth Floor, the person in the top right corner.

 - Roof, person in the top right corner.
 - Fifth Floor, person in top right corner.

 - Ninth Floor, to left corner.

 - Sixth Floor, top left person.

 * Take out the Snipers *
 -- Kill the Snipers

Basically, you need to kill all of the snipers that Shaun had to find. Once
you've killed them, the motorcade will be attacked, and a fresh set of
Snipers to be taken out will appear. Kill them all.

	   	      -- 10:00am - 11:00am       (10am11am) --

PART ONE: Decode the PDA
 * Decode the PDA *

    /\*** Data Retrievel ***/\

You will be shown a large set of blue, red and grey squares. When the yellow
circle is above a red square, press CIRCLE, and when the yellow circle is
above a blue square, press X.

    /\*** Sequence Analyser (2 LEVELS) ***/\

PART TWO: Mr. Shin
 * Speak to Mr. Shin and find out information about Lee Jin Yu *
 -- Speak to the cashier
 -- Speak to Mr. Shin

Enter the shop, but DON'T draw your gun, alert them that you're with CTU or
hit anyone. Approach the cash register and talk to the cashier. Say the

 - "Look, I know he's been in the shop several times in the last two weeks."
 - "Ok, tell me who else can help me?"
 - "Is Mr. Shin the owner?"
 - "I need to know where Mr. Shin is, it's very important, a man's life is
    at stake!"
 - "Let me into the back room, I need to talk to Mr. Shin right now!"

Enter the back rooms and check all of them. You'll find that Mr. Shin is not
there. You need to start sprinting for the door the moment you leave the 
backrooms. You need to weave your way through the alleys, dodging the things
that Mr. Shin throws at you. It may take you a while and a few tries, but it
can be done.

  -  When you cross the car park, make sure you dodge the car that skids and
     drives towards you.
  -  Try to remember the things he does, so that next time you do it, it'll
     be easier.

	   	      -- 11:00am - 12:00pm   (11am12pm) --

 * Go to Lee Jin Yu's apartment building. *

Get into your car, the black one parked just outside the alleyway, and start
driving. The quicker you do it, the quicker your score'll be.

 * Locate Lee Jin Yu and bring him in for questioning *
 -- Go to the sixth floor
 -- Take Lee Jin Yu to CTU

You'll find yourself in a large room, head straight to the stairs in front of
you and go up. Go up to the first floor and either Restrain or Kill the two
drug users that are there. Aiming your gun and pressing R2 should make them
surrender. Turn left, restrain the civilian walking along the hallway and
then go up the stairs at the end of the hall. A civilian will kick some
boxes at you and run away. Restrain him then focus your attention on the two
drug dealers having a gun fight. Aim your gun and press R2 to make them
surrender, if they don't, kill them. Continue on through the hallway after
a search for ammo and then go into the large room. A man with a shotgun
will blow down the wooden part of the wall. Kill him or restrain him, and
then continue on. There will be another hostile waiting at the next
staircase. Kill him and go up. Michelle will call you telling you about
a backup team. Go up the stairs and you'll find a gunman waiting by a
window, deal with him and then go through the door. Go around the hallway
and you'll find a large gunfight between some men. Kill or restrain them, but
take care not to hit the two civilians running around the place. Go through
the rest of the hall, and try to kill the guy who shouts "Over there," and
does a runner. Continue down the hallway, restrain the civilian woman and
then go up the next set of stairs. Two hostile will be waiting on the
landing, deal with them and then take out the lone man hiding behind a chair
down the hallway to your left. Come back out of the hallway with that man,
and go to the next left turning. You'll find about three men in the room
down that hall, one of which is using Lee Jin Yu as a hostage. Don't enter
the room, just kill the two hostiles, and take out the man holding Lee with
a well-aimed headshot.

	   	      -- 12:00pm - 1:00pm   (12pm1pm) --

 * Take Lee Jin Yu back to CTU *

Take the first right you come to, and a clip of a white car beginning to
follow you should come on. Turn left onto the freeway and a black van should
start following you too. Go onto the right section of the freeway (marked
with a yellow marker and keep driving!

  -  When going around bends, try to stay as close to the sides as you can
     as this will help you gain speed and distance on your followers.
  -  Try to weave your way in and out of passing cars and switch sides of
     the road often as this will make it more difficult for the cars to
     follow you.

 * Locate and apprehend Eddie Cain before the gas bomb triggers *
 -- Locate Eddie Cain
 -- Apprehend Eddie Cain - He must not be killed!

You'll start off as Tony Almeida in a crowded Subway Terminal. Restrain
a few civilians and then go through the metal-detectors and down the
escalators. You'll see three men massing by the next set of escalators.
Kill or restrain them and then turn and kill the man standing by the
support beam. Kill or restrain him and then go down the escalators.
Follow the hallway around and then go back up a set of escalators.
You'll see four men massing by the top of another set of escalators.
One of which will have a hostage. Take out the man with the hostage
by using a well-aimed headshot and then kill or restrain the other
three men. Follow the hallway around, then go down the second set
of escalators/steps, and kill the five hostiles on the floor below.
Now, wait for the subway train to come along, then sprint down the 
track, but wait in one of the alcoves for the next train to pass.
Go down the hallway in the fourth alcove on the left and kil the 
three enemies waiting in the hallway. Then, kick down the door
and apprehend Eddie Cain.

	   	      -- 1:00pm - 2:00pm   (1pm2pm) --

 * Escort Kim to the M3 Panic Room on floor 1 *
 -- Get to the stairs and go to floor 1
 -- Go to M3

Go straight down the hallway in front of you and turn right. Use your
PDA to open the door.

    /\*** Circuit Breaker ***/\

If you need another gun, go back down the hallway that you came from and
kill the terrorist that enters the room. Go back down the hallway and go
through the door that you decoded minutes ago. Go through and kill the
two terrorists talking in the room. Go through the next set of double
doors and kill the terrorist who comes round the corner. Turn right at
the T-Junction and kill the four terrorists in the big room. Turn left
and go up the set of steps and then go through the double doors. A
hostile will have a hostage. Kill him with a headshot and continue on.
Turn left and kill the two terrorists who ambush you. Go into the room
on your right, and kill the hostile in that room. Go through the doors
and engage the terrorist in the room directly ahead, with all of the
hostages in. Kill the last terrorist in that room and go through the
doors. Turn left and kick the door down on the right, enter and dispose
of the terrorist, and then go down the stairs. Kill the terrorist
waiting on the landing and go through the doors onto Floor One.
Kill the four terrorists in the room ahead of you and then go through 
the door at the end of the room. Kill the terrorist chasing the hostage,
then go through to the next room. Kill the five terrorists in that
room and then go through the doors to find a terrorist guarding 
the entrance to M3. Kill him and step into the yellow marker.

 FAQ                   (FAQQ24) **

Ok, I've decided to post some people's questions, and the answers
I gave. I will let these people remain anonymous, but please read
through these Q+As before sending me any messages.

I read your walkthrough and was very impressed but unfortunately 
it does not go up to the point where I am stuck but wondered if
you could help anyway. I'm on the mission where you are Chase
and have to protect Madsen. I can kill everyone from the water 
tower with the sniper and then go into the building and kill 
the guy in there but after doing this the PDA still says kill
everyone in the main building. I've searched for ages and can't 
find anyone else left to kill. Any suggestions?
 ANSWER   --
Ok, I know exactly what has happened. You have encountered a
VERY irritating glitch, I found a useful post on the GAMESPOT
forums that helps:

I've seen some versions of help but it didnt help me. Here is 
my version. When you get to 4:28 pm and the mission ahead has 
Chase shooting from the water tower. Chase then goes into the 
building to shoot the men inside except there are no men. There 
is only one guy. Thats the glitch.

How to fix it

1. Playstation is turned off
2. With game disc and memory card in place, turn on Playstation
3. Load the game (it should be at 4:28. If its not, more about 
   that later
4. The cutscene with Jack and Tony begins
5. Remove the memory card
6. The following message will appear: "Warning, memory card 
   removed . . . Use save game option to manually save progress
   & re-enable autosave?"
7. Press X for 'OK'
8. Re-insert memory card
9. Watch the cut scene
10. "Previously on 24" dialog box appears. Press X
11. Play the game as usual. If done properly, many men will enter 
    the building during gameplay
12. Save when you have completed the mission.

If your memory card is at 4:41 . . .
Go to 'restart mission' and do a save during the cutscene. You 
will overwrite 4:41, and be back at 4:28.

 Contact / Credits     (CONT24) **

Need some help? Have a suggestion for the guide? You can e-mail me at


This guide is fully my own work. I have written EVERYTHING out, played
through the game multiple times and devoted an awful lot of time to it
so I would appreciate no plagiarism of my guide. If you have seen this
guide on another website/magazine or any other place please contact me
so I can take the appropriate action. If you would like to host or use
this guide on your website, partially or inn full, you MUST contact me
before doing so, but please be aware that I may not allow it.

This guide is permitted to be used on: - http://www.gamefaqs.com
				       - http://www.cheatcc.com/ 

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