1. Zachary Quinto Adam Kaufman
  2. Andy Davies Additional Art
  3. Ben Durrant Additional Art
  4. Matthew James Additional Art
  5. David Kirkland Additional Art
  6. Alex Townsend Additional Art
  7. Wai Yuen Additional Art
  8. Martin Binfield Additional Characters
  9. Alex Kanaris-Sotiriou Additional Characters
  10. Xavier Malard Additional Characters
  11. Sarah Hefford Additional Design
  12. Andy Knowles Additional Design
  13. Phil Mansell Additional Design
  14. Tim Saunders Additional Design
  15. James Shepherd Additional Design
  16. Matthew Dickson Additional Design Implementation
  17. Rob King Additional Design Implementation
  18. Andy Knowles Additional Design Implementation
  19. Rodney Charters Art Direction Consultant
  20. Sam Coates Art Direction Consultant
  21. Duppy Demetrius Art Direction Consultant
  22. Paul Gadd Art Direction Consultant
  23. Joseph Hodges Art Direction Consultant
  24. Simon Knights Art Direction Consultant
  25. Mark Marcum Art Direction Consultant
  26. Chip Bell Audio Programming
  27. Daniel Hotop Audio Programming
  28. Gary Richards Audio Programming
  29. Richard Talbot-Watkins Audio Programming
  30. Gary Richards Audio Programming: AV Manager
  31. Michael Blaha Build Systems Support
  32. Jim Chaney Build Systems Support
  33. Rob Hill Character Art
  34. Candice Teo Character Art
  35. Mary Lynn Rajskub Chloe O'Brian
  36. Stuart Bugg City Environment
  37. Richard Priest City Environment
  38. Pete Ridgway City Environment
  39. Sean Callery Composer
  40. Chris Sorrell Creative Director
  41. Dave Ranyard Creative Services Manager
  42. Dalia Al-Husseini Cutscenes Creation
  43. Matt Bagshaw Cutscenes Creation
  44. Martin Binfield Cutscenes Creation
  45. Angelo Bod Cutscenes Creation
  46. Alan Brand Cutscenes Creation
  47. Mark Brown Cutscenes Creation
  48. Andy Davies Cutscenes Creation
  49. Lisa Harmon Cutscenes Creation
  50. Tony Jackson Cutscenes Creation
  51. Alex Kanaris-Sotiriou Cutscenes Creation
  52. Rachel Larkum Cutscenes Creation
  53. Art Lenavat Cutscenes Creation
  54. Ben Levitt Cutscenes Creation
  55. Xavier Malard Cutscenes Creation
  56. Bruce Millar Cutscenes Creation
  57. Richard O'Donovan Cutscenes Creation
  58. Shafeq Rahman Cutscenes Creation
  59. Chris Riddell Cutscenes Creation
  60. Ross Stanton Cutscenes Creation
  61. James Stevenson Cutscenes Creation
  62. Dean Stolpmann Cutscenes Creation
  63. Matt Stoneham Cutscenes Creation
  64. Mike Swindall Cutscenes Creation
  65. Andy Tudor Cutscenes Creation
  66. Michael Blaha Cutscenes Rendering Support
  67. Andy Knowles Cutscenes Rendering Support
  68. Gary Richards Cutscenes Rendering Support
  69. Andy Tudor Cutscenes Supervisor
  70. Dennis Haysbert David Palmer
  71. Martin Deacon Design Implementation
  72. Sarah Hefford Design Implementation
  73. Chris Roope Design Implementation
  74. Tim Saunders Design Implementation
  75. Katie Sorrell Design Implementation
  76. James Stimpson Design Implementation
  77. Alex Sulman Design Implementation
  78. Kieran Teasdale Design Implementation
  79. Chris Sorrell Designer
  80. Alex Sulman Designer
  81. Rodney Charters Director of Photography
  82. Stephen Bashow Driving Programmer
  83. Daniel Hotop Driving Programmer
  84. Guy Moss Driving Programmer
  85. Steven Wright Driving Programmer
  86. James Busby Engine Extensions
  87. Jim Chaney Engine Extensions
  88. Paul Firth Engine Extensions
  89. Chris Sorrell Engine Extensions
  90. Jason Wilson Environment Art Director
  91. Pete Ridgway Environment Team Lead
  92. Tamas Bako Environments
  93. Stuart Bugg Environments
  94. Dave Fletcher Environments
  95. Michael Frost Environments
  96. Pete Giles Environments
  97. Tony Heap Environments
  98. Thomas Jones Environments
  99. Ben Levitt Environments
  100. Scott McInnes Environments
  101. Steven Moore Environments
  102. Richard Priest Environments
  103. Shafeq Rahman Environments
  104. Chris Riddell Environments
  105. Pete Ridgway Environments
  106. Dean Stolpmann Environments
  107. Richard Thomas Environments
  108. James Shepherd Executive Producer
  109. Oliver Wright Front-End Graphic Design
  110. Steven Moore Gadget Graphic Design
  111. Juri Oudshoorn Gadgets Implementation
  112. Richard Adams Game Sound Effects Editing
  113. Lee Banyard Game Sound Effects Editing
  114. Nicholas Kidd Game Sound Effects Editing
  115. Stephen O'Callaghan Game Sound Effects Editing
  116. Kenny Young Game Sound Effects Editing
  117. Nicholas Kidd Game Sound Recordist
  118. Fernando Munoz Graphic Designer
  119. Matt Bagshaw Ingame Animation
  120. Alan Brand Ingame Animation
  121. Mark Brown Ingame Animation
  122. Lisa Harmon Ingame Animation
  123. Steven Wright Interrogation Programmer
  124. Alan Dale Jim Prescott
  125. Rob Hill Lead Artist
  126. Katie Sorrell Lead Designer
  127. Matthew Porter Lead Programmer
  128. Bryony King Lead Tools Programmer
  129. Michael Blaha Level Content
  130. Paul Crowder Level Content
  131. Ben Hesketh Level Content
  132. Daniel Hotop Level Content
  133. Darren White Level Content
  134. Juri Oudshoorn Localization
  135. Chris Sorrell Localization
  136. Gary Antcliffe Optimization
  137. Julian Rex Optimization
  138. Steven Tattersall Optimization
  139. James Busby Physics/Collision
  140. Guillaume Raffy Physics/Collision
  141. Steven Wright Physics/Collision
  142. Paul Donovan Player/Camera Programmer
  143. Ben Hesketh Player/Camera Programmer
  144. Tony Pyle Player/Camera Programmer
  145. Chris Sorrell Player/Camera Programmer
  146. Paul Gadd Producer
  147. Paul Firth Rendering Engine and Special Effects
  148. Paul Schulze Ryan Chappelle
  149. Christopher Burgess Script Database
  150. Andrew Scheller Script Database
  151. Michael Blaha Tools Programming
  152. Christopher Burgess Tools Programming
  153. Jim Chaney Tools Programming
  154. Matthew Dickson Tools Programming
  155. Guillaume Raffy Tools Programming
  156. Kevin Rose Tools Programming
  157. Andrew Scheller Tools Programming
  158. Tamas Bako Vehicle Art
  159. Pete Ridgway Vehicle Art
  160. Matt Tracey Vehicle Art
  161. Glenn Morshower Voice: Agent Aaron Pierce
  162. Daniel Dae Kim Voice: Agent Tom Baker
  163. James Badge Dale Voice: Chase Edmunds
  164. Mary Lynn Rajskub Voice: Chloe O'Brian
  165. Andreas Katsulas Voice: Governor Radford
  166. Kiefer Sutherland Voice: Jack Bauer
  167. Sarah Wynter Voice: Kate Warner
  168. Elisha Cuthbert Voice: Kim Bauer
  169. Christian Kane Voice: Madsen
  170. Reiko Aylesworth Voice: Michelle Dessler
  171. Sarah Clarke Voice: Nina Myers
  172. Tom Sizemore Voice: Sid
  173. Carlos Bernard Voice: Tony Almeida
  174. Chris Sorrell Writer


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