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FAQ/Walkthrough by Element50

Version: .6 | Updated: 05/30/06

Ratchet: Deadlocked Walkthrough/Strategy Guide
Copyright 2006 Josh Silvis (Element50)

Version History:

Version .1 May  23, 2006: Started Guide
Version .2 May 24, 2006: Worked on main walkthrough
                                         Started Weapons Guide

Version.3 May 25, 2006: Finished Weapons Guide
                                       Finished Weapons Mod Guide
                                       Finished Wrench Upgrade Guide
                                       Finished Vehicles Guide
                                       Started Boss Guide

Version.4 May 26, 2006: Finished Boss Guide
                                       Started Enemy Guide (Full Credit to 
RSmit for those)
		            Finished Enemy Guide
                                       Worked on Main Walkthrough 
		            Started Skill Point Guide

Version.5 May 27, 2006 Worked on Main Walkthrough 

Version.6 May 28, 2006 Worked on Main Walkthrough (up to the middle of Orxon)
                                       Started Skill Point Rewards Guide
                                       Finished Skill Point Rewards Guide
                                       Submitted Guide to GameFaqs.


Table Of Contents

Version History ___.1VHS
Table Of Contents ___ .2TBC
Full Game Walkthrough___.3FGW
Weapons Guide___.4WPG
Weapons Mod Guide___.5WMG
Wrench Upgrade Guide___.6WUG
Vehicles Guide___.7VHG
Boss Guide___.8BSG
Enemy Guide___.9EMG
Skill Point Guide___.10SPG
Skill Point Rewards Guide___.11SRG
Dread Challenges Guide___.12DCG
Bot Upgrade Guide___.13BUG
Thanks/Contact Info.___.14TCI



Hello all and welcome to my guide for the excellent if not short 4th 
installment to the fantastic Ratchet & Clank series.  A few things are 
different this time ‘round. Most noticeably your partner in heroism, Clank is 
missing. Well not missing just missing out on the action. He will be safely at 
mission control while your out in the field risking your Lombaxian tail for 
you and others heroes freedom. Deadlocked is different also in that its much 
more arena/fighting based rather than platform/action based as the others in 
the franchise have been.  Anyhoo enough of my rambling which I doubt your 
reading anyway, lets get on with it.


After all the opening cut scenes, your ready to.......well calibrate your 
targeting matrix...fun fun.  Shoot the two holo targets that appear in front 
of you. Take this time to get used to the controls, you can change them in 
options if you want. Now hop up the steps and Clank will transmit a digital 
mini map which is very helpful. You can enlarge it with R3 or Select. The next 
three holo targets for you to waste are in front of the large container thing 
up the steps, one behind it and there is one more up the large steps on the 
left side of the room. After that is done you may run to the back of the room 
where you will find your first teleporter.

 Enter it and you will teleported to another room and a short cut scene. Time 
for part 2 of the qualification course. The green spinning box in front of you 
is ammo and the blue glass boxes are health. You will now fight some simple 
Swarmers. After that you will fight some DZ strikers and other enemies, simple 
stuff. After you kill them, head to the teleporter in the middle of the room 
to go to your Containment Suite.

Containment Suite---- Diggs?

This will be your home for your stay at Dreadzone.  It’s got all your 
necessities, Clank, Bot upgrade station, vendor, Planetary Transport Vessel, 
Battledome Transport and anything  else you need.  You will see at the vendor 
you can purchase the B-6 Obliterator (whick I kept calling the Biobliterator, 
54 straight UYA runs will do that to ya.) for 15,000 or the Acid Mod for 
5,000. I’d recommend holding off on both and saving your bolts.  After that, 
go see Al on the right side of the Suite. You’ll be introduced to your awesome 
companions for the games duration. Merc and Green, your combat Bots.  At the 
Bot Vendor you can buy a paint job and the Shield Link feature, but don’t buy 
either and head to Clank.

After you chat with him, you’ll be off to your first real arena battle. Head 
over to the smaller ship you see come in and get in. You’ll be transported to 
the Battledome.

Advanced Qualifier      

Prizes for completing this challenge:

* 1 Green Medal.
* Unlocking planet Catacrom Four.
*Dread Challenge: Grist For The Mill

You start off this challenge by fighting some basic enemies. After a minute or 
two of fighting, one of your bots will die in a scene. Revive him with down on 
the D-Pad and he’ll come back. Just a  note, your bots won’t die that quickly 
or easily in the future, that was just so you can learn to revive them. After 
that some platforms will raise up to the next area. Hop up over the platforms 
to the little stretch of land and fight off some more enemies. Smash the 
health crates if you need and hop over the next, longer set of platforms to 
the area in front of you. 

Some more fighting follows , nothing that needs explaining and you can run to 
the other side of the room with a bolt crank. Fight the enemies including the 
blueish gray things with spikes on their backs called Tremors.  After everyone 
is nothing but XP in your Nanotech bar, press [] next to the crank and Ratchet 
will get on it. Turn it until some more platforms pop up. Another note, from 
now on you can get your bots to turn the cranks for you while you fight if 

Hop over the last set of platforms and you will be faced with a 70mm Stalker 
turret. This one is a lot weaker than the ones you will face past this point 
so its no big deal. Take cover behind the barriers and hit left on the D-Pad 
to make one of your bots toss out an EMP grenade. It will temporarily disable 
the turret and that's obviously when you should destroy it. If it starts 
beeping, that means it’s about to re activate and you should take cover again. 
Once it’s gone you will have completed your first challenge, congrates!

 | PLANET: Catacrom 4 |

New At The Vendor: Mod: Napalm Mod (15,000), Weapon: Holoshield Launcher 

Skill points:

* Piece Meal      (reward 200 bolts).
Use the B6-Obliterator to kill 20 enemies in a row.

* Nap Time        (reward 800 bolts)
. Your Combat Bots must gain 15 kills in any challenge.

* Crank It Up     (reward 200 bolts).
  In the challenge "On the Prowl." manually turn at least two bolt cranks.

* The Perfect Mod (reward 500 bolts).
  Kill five enemies using two different mods in 30 seconds.

* All Scattered   (reward 200 bolts).
  Complete any challenge only using the Magma Cannon.

* Lights Out      (reward 500 bolts).
  Deploy the EMP on three turrets in any challenge.

* Tough As Nails  (reward 1,400 bolts).
  Complete a Catacrom Graveyard mission on Exterminator Difficulty.

* I Dare Ya!      (reward 1,400 bolts).
  Complete any challenge without healing.

* Cha Ching       (reward 200 bolts).
  Find and break five Jackpot Crates (in "On the Prowl.").

* Vandalism       (reward 200 bolts).
  Break 10 breakable objects.

* Camera Shy      (reward 500 bolts).
  Break five hovering cameras.

* Chase the Goose (reward 800 bolts).
  In the challenge "Hovering Madness", finish checkpoint race with more than
  five seconds left.

* Derby Death     (reward 800 bolts).
  In the challenge "Destruction Derby." Kill five enemies at once with the
  Landstalker mortars.

* Unstoppable     (reward 1,100 bolts).
  Kill 25 enemies without taking any damage.

* Holey Warriors  (reward 200 bolts).
  Use the Dual Vipers to Kill 10 Zombies.

Valley Of Heroes

This is a simple first mission that doesn't need much explanation. Your goal 
is to make it across the valley that is filled with enemies.  Start down the 
path and take out the DZ Strikers and the floating orange balls called 
bladeballs. About halfway across you will encounter another 70mm Stalker 
turret. This one is stronger than the previous, but it’s still simple enough 
to kill. Get behind cover, have a bot toss an EMP and wala! One sparking pile 
of wreckage. Kill the enemies after it and pick up any health and ammo you 
need then toss out another EMP onto the electrified round platforms and hop 
across them. Jump onto the glowing orange pad in front of you to get onto the 
cliff and finish the mission.

On The Prowl 

Stock up on any ammo at the vendor and hop down the cliff wall to the first 
node, marked with a blue star on your mini map. Stand next to it and hit the 
right D-pad to order your bots to turn the crank for you. You will be using 
this tactic for probably all of the cranks, unless your trying to get a skill 
point. Once that one is turned face north and go that way. Robot Zombies 
(corny name isn’t it?) will start popping up all over place. You can kill then 
for some good weapon XP but be warned they won't stop spawning.

At the other end of this plateau....err thing your on will be the second 
node,  Have the bots crank it whie you fight off swarmers, Robot Zombies and 
Strikers. Once that’s done head into the tunnel entrance that you passed on 
your way here. Fight your way and you’ll find another turret. Destroy it and 
the final node is just behind it. Turn the crank and fight off the enemies 
that attack you. Once the last node is turned, a bridge on the other side of 
the valley  will activate. Kill the Strikers that float up in front of you and 
fight your way back across the valley near where you started.

Cross the bridge and you’ll get to a gap with a glowing green sphere. This is 
a swingshot target . Jump out across the gap and press R1 or circle and you 
will swing across. Kill the next set of enemies and swing across one more gap 
to get to the blue light and complete the mission.

All Aboard The Landstalker

For this mission your in the big, bad, burly walking tank the Landstalker. 
Controls are explained in game so I won’t. Destroy the first Quasar Orb (the 
big red sphere) by holding L1 and locking on to it. Once it’s gone, walk out 
into the area and kill the enemies that come. Head to the left and you will 
encounter a turret, it’s much easier to kill with the Landstalker. Past that 
is another orb, destroy it and there will be more enemies and one more gate. 
Obliterate everything in your path and you will get to a small bridge. Cross 
it to finish the mission.

Rise Up

There's no need for an explanation for this, its just an arena match will 5 
rounds. You will face off against Robot Zombies, Bladballs , Swarmers and DZ 
Strikers. There is ammo all around the area so that's fine. Keep watch out for 
anyone sneaking up behind you, don’t stop moving and you’ll be fine.

***Campaign Complete***

Prizes for completing this Campaign.

* 1 Green Medal.
* Hacker Ray (for your Combat Bots).
* Unlocking planet Sarathos (see below).

Congratulations on completing your first planet. You currently do not have 
access to the next planet yet. You need a certain amount of dread points for 
that. You earn them by completing the Dread challenges that you unlock after 
completing a planet. Just finish them all for enough points. Check 
section .11DCG for walkthroughs. That section probably wont be complete until 
later though so you may need to wait. There simple enough though. One you 
complete this campaign you will unlock the Hacker Ray, which is used to open 
doors, hack orbs, and lower forcefields. Very useful, and you will be using it 
quite often. 


Dread Challenge: Hoverbike Madness.

This is a race with the Hoverbike. You can earn extra time by going through
the red circles. You don't have to get them all, just get most of them. Keep
R1 pressed all the time through this Dread Challenge, the shots will break
the barrels which will otherwise slow you down. Getting the skill point "Chase
the Goose" is easy, just don't miss too many rings and you will get it.

Dread Challenge: Destruction Derby.

In this challenge you have to use the Landstalker to kill at least 56 enemies
before the timer runs out. Charge up the mortars (with L1) and kill five
enemies with one mortar shot to get the skill point "Derby Death".
Let your Combat Bots EMP three turrets before you destroy them to get the
skill point "Lights Out".

Dread Challenge: Monuments of Death.

In this Dread Challenge you have to blow up three towers. Unfortunately the
towers are guarded by armies of Zombie Robots. Once you get close to a tower
you can order your Combat Bots to activate the explosives. There are two
explosives on each tower. Once you have blown up the third tower this Dread
Challenge ends. If you should run out of ammo you can always backtrack to the
Weapons Vendor on this level, there is no time limit.

| PLANET: Sarathos |

New At The Vendor: Mod; Shock Mod (30,000), Weapon: Hunter Mine Launcher 

Skill Points:

* Shocking          (reward 800 bolts).
  Kill 25 enemies using the Shock Mod in 45 seconds.

* Long Shot         (reward 1,200 bolts).
  Kill 10 enemies in 60 seconds with the Fusion Rifle.

* Mystic Warrior    (reward 2,000 bolts).
  Complete any challenge without taking damage.

* Mix and Match     (reward 1,200 bolts).
  Kill 10 enemies with five different mods.

* Beat Em Up        (reward 1,200 bolts).
  Kill 15 enemies with the Scorpion Flail in 30 seconds.

* The Big Bang      (reward 1,200 bolts).
  Kill four DZ Strikers in 1 shot.

* That'll Fix Em    (reward 400 bolts).
  Use the Wrench to kill 15 enemies in a row.

* No Fly Zone       (reward 800 bolts).
  Kill four Dropships with the Arbiter.

* Camera Shy        (reward 400 bolts).
  Break 15 hovering cameras.

* No Peas Allowed   (reward 800 bolts).
  Complete any challenge without using the Dual Vipers.

* Death From Above  (reward 800 bolts).
  In the challenge "Swamp Fever" kill two Leviathan enemies at once with the
  Landstalker mortars.

* Denied            (reward 1,200 bolts).
  Complete any challenge without using the B6-Obliterator or Magma Cannon.

* Don't Come Back   (reward 400 bolts).
  Use the B6-Obliterator to kill five Leviathan.

* Time To Kill      (reward 1,600 bolts).
  Complete the challenge "King of the Leviathans" in less than 2:00:00.

* Gone In 30 Seconds (reward 800 bolts).
  Roadkill 10 enemies in 30 seconds.

Alien Soil

You start off this level facing off with some swarmers, kill them and move 
forward. You’ll now face a new enemy, The Leviathan. Leviathans come in two 
forms...sorta. One is  just normal where there walking around out on the 
ground for you to attack. The other is every now and then you will see pools 
of brown sludge. The tails of Leviathans will pop out of these and shoot green 
beams at you, which is an attack normal Leviathans have as well. Anyways, you 
will encounter 3 or 4 Leviathans, two will pop out of the pits of sludge and 
there is one or two walking around.  Kill them along with the accompanying 
group of swarmers in front of the door. Head around to the left or right side 
of the building if you want health and ammo, but watch out for more swarmers 
that will pop up and attack you. 

After that’s all done, head back to the main door. You will see two glowing 
orange balls on posts. These are the orbs you hack through out the game. Hit 
right on the D-Pad and your bots will use the Hacker Ray you acquired 
previously on Catacrom 4.  Once the door is open head into the room where you 
will kill more swarmers and then a dropship will drop in some more bigger 
enemies. Once their all dead it’s mission complete.

Sarathos Sprint

You start off inside a tunnel .Head outside and kill the single Leviathan 
waiting for you. Take a left and hop over to where a turret is. Take over and 
EMP it, then attack. You will now have to hack a few orbs to continue. Kill 
all the swarmers and other enemies then continue forward. Hop up the steps, 
get any health or ammo if you need it and kill the swarmers that pop up to 
attack you. 

At the top of the hill get ready to kill another Leviathan. Once he’s gone, 
Kill the enemies that come from the dropship, swing across the gap and you 
face one final turret. EMP and kill it then hack the last few orbs while 
fighting off more enemies. Once all that is done then final field blocking 
your path to the Puma, which is a fast ATV like vehicle, will lower allowing 
access. Run to it to finish the mission.

Where The Leviathans Roam

You do this mission in the Puma, but you may get out of it at any time by 
pressing /\. Drive forward running over or shooting the three groups of 
swarmers and then waste the few Leviathans that are in the first part of the 
open area.  Head right and jump the gap across the river heading for the first 
node. It’s located, like the other two, inside a small building. Also note the 
3 vehicle pads just outside all the nodes which can be used to heal your Puma. 
Get near it and you can just use your bots as usual to turn it while you drive 
around and cover them. Once that's done drive across the river again heading 
for the second node.

Once you get there repeat the same formula as before of having Merc or Green 
turn the bolt crank while you cover them. Finish that one up and drive to your 
3rd star on the map. This one has a Landstalker inside of it. All enemy 
Landstalkers that you face need to be deactivated with an EMP just like the 
turrets. So disable its shields then unload on it with the mini plasma mortars 
and normal guns on the Puma. Once it’s dead turn the final crank and a large 
door will open. Drive up the ramp and through it to the blue light to complete 
this mission.

King Of The Leviathans

Now you get your big showdown with the King Leviathan. How this works is 
simple. Orbs circle the whole arena and you need to hack all of them to wake 
up the king. There are quite a few to hack so just run around killing enemies 
that pop up out of the large hole in the middle while hitting right on the D-
Pad whenever the symbol appears to hack.

Once they are all hacked, the king will come out of his whole. Only part of 
him will pop up at first until you damage him enough. Depending on what level 
your weapons are at it will be pretty easy or very hard to kill him. Once 
enough damage has been inflicted on the big guy he’ll jump out and take you on 
face to face.  Just do the same as before while watching out for his beam 
attack and you should be fine. Kill him  and you complete the campaign. Nice 

Prizes for completing this Campaign.

* 1 Green Medal.
* Cable Launcher (for your Combat Bots).
* Unlocking planet Kronos 

***Campaign Complete***

Another planet down.  This time you’ve won the Grind Cable Launcher, which is 
used to get across gaps with ease. Two more Dread Challenges are also 
unlocked. Next up is the planet Kronos , where you’ll meet and do battle with 
your first Exterminator.


Dread Challenge: Check Me Out.

This is another Hoverbike checkpoint race. You wil earn extra time with each
checkpoint, so try to get most of them. Keep R1 pressed during this race to
break the barrels, they will harm your Hoverbike and slow you down. Just don't
miss too many checkpoints and you will finish this race quite easily.

Dread Challenge: Swamp Fever.

In this Dread Challenge you have to use the Landstalker to kill 23 of the
Leviathans on this level. Try to kill two Leviathans in one mortar shot for the
"Death From Above" skill point. You only have a limited time, so don't hang
around. Finishing this Dread Challenge will earn you the "No Peas Allowed"
skill point automatically (if you didn't earn it before this challenge).
Just keep using the mortars on those Leviathans, the Landstalker's normal fire
is too weak to kill the Leviathans quickly.

| PLANET: Kronos |

New At The Vendor: Mod: Freeze Mod (60,000), Weapon: Fusion Rifle (50,000)

Skill Points:

* Cow Patties          (1,400 bolts).
  Use the Hunter Mine Launcher to kill 20 enemies in a row.

* Raining Shells       (1,400 bolts).
  In the challenge "Introducing Shellshock." defeat Shellshock using only
  the Dual Vipers.

* Slip and Slide       (1,900 bolts).
  Complete the challenge "Enemies are Such a Grind" in less then 3:00:00.

* Punishment           (400 bolts).
  Deal 250 damage in any challenge with the Dual Vipers.

* Too Nimble           (1,400 bolts).
  Kill 20 enemies without taking any damage.

* Big Changes          (400 bolts).
  Use the Morph Mod to morph 40 enemies.

* Can't Hit Me         (2,300 bolts).
  In the challenge "Shellshock Returns." defeat Shellshock without taking any

* Jet Assist           (1,400 bolts).
  Use the Arbiter to kill 25 enemies in 40 seconds.

* Lucky Shot           (1,900 bolts).
  Use the Fusion Rifle to Kill three DZ Strikers in one shot.

* Dizzy                (400 bolts).
  Manually turn three of the bolt cranks in the challenge "Showdown With
  Shellshock" yourself.

* Flying High          (1,900 bolts).
  Kill 7 enemies at once with the Hovership missiles.

* Who Am I?            (900 bolts).
  Keep three enemies brainwashed at once using the Brainwash Mod.

* Don't Flail Me Now   (400 bolts).
  Use the Scorpion Flail to kill 25 enemies in a row.

* Now It's Personal    (900 bolts).
  Kill an Executioner using only your wrench.

* Just Passing Through (2,300 bolts).

Infiltrate The Cathedral 

At the start go forwards and kill the DZ Strikers and Swarmers up ahead. You
will also encounter a new enemy: the Cycloids. These airborne enemies spin
around and they shoot lasers from their tails. Watch out, a DZ Striker may
enter the turret and use it to shoot at you, so kill them quickly. Go forwards
on the path and break the Jackpot Crate at the end near the door. Go back and
turn right and keep killing the DZ Strikers and Swarmers. Some more DZ Strikers
will drop in from the Dropships. Turn left and just keep killing the enemies
as they appear. Inside the small building is another Jackpot Crate.

Continue along the path, there is another turret up ahead so kill the enemies
quickly before they can use it. Once you reach that turret the door to the
arena on the left will open and a bunch of Tremors will come running to you.
Kill them all. Backtrack to the Weapons Vendor to max out your ammo and come
back here. Now enter that arena.

Once you enter that arena the door behind you closes and a new enemy appears.
It is an Executioner, these big guys pack quite a punch, so kill him quickly.
Some Swarmers and another group of Cycloids will also appear, kill them too.
Kill all the enemies and the door up ahead will open. Watch out, as you exit
the arena three flying DZ Strikers will appear, so kill them quickly. Use the
ammo crates to max out your ammo again.

Now you will have to order your Combat Bots to make a grind cable for you.
When you let one of the Combat Bots make a grind cable always let the other
Combat Bot use his Shield Link to protect him. If the grind cable making Combat
Bot is hit the grind cable disappears and you don't want that to happen when
you are grinding along that cable. Just grind along the cable to the other end.
When you are on a grind cable you can use your Dual Vipers. Jump off at the
other end and kill the Swarmers and DZ Strikers. Dropships will drop off new
groups of DZ Strikers and more Swarmers will appear. When you have killed them
all order one of your Combat Bots to hack the orbs, let the other one protect
him with his Shield Link. During the hacking a lot of Swarmers will appear from
all sides, so be prepared and kill them all. When the orbs have been hacked
this challenge will end.

Introducing Shellshock

Start this mission by having a bot launch a grind cable and grind across it. 
You’ll now have to face Shellshock, your first Exterminator. You don’t have to 
actually kill him just get him down to about 32% health or so. Like I’ve said 
before the Dual Vipers are great for bosses but using them on this fight will 
get you an added bonus. If you use nothing but the Dual Vipers you will get 
the skill point “raining Shells”. Simply avoid enough of his attacks and 
unload on him with the Dual Vipers and you’ll come out on top. After you get 
rid of Shellshock though, some DZ Strikers, Swarmers and Trmors will appear 
and you have to fight them off. Kill them all and this mission comes to a 

Enemies Are Such A Grind

Most of this mission is just one huge grindrail with some DZ Strikers on the 
sides and floating near you, shooting. Kill the three Cycloids that attack you 
on the elevator. At the top are 2 sets of DZ Strikers and a group of Swarmers. 
Make sure to kill the DZ Strikers as they can take off a good chunk of health. 
They are on the two huge blocks on either side of the area. Once there dead, 
you have to swingshot to another area. Do so and you will see two rails. You 
could hop on one and grind all the way around it to get the Jackpot Crate. Or 
you can just stand near the edge and shoot it with a single shot from your 
Dual Vipers. 

After that hop onto the right rail. Continue along this rail shooting the DZ 
strikers that are on the platforms and the one stat start to hover next to 
you. You’re gunna want to take those ones out fast cause their shots are very 
hard to dodge and can take out a lot of health. Near the end, there is a spot 
where you have to swingshot across a gap, swing to the first one then shot 
yourself over to the next one to land back on the rail. Grind a little ways 
more and you’ll hop off into the blue light.

Infiltrate The Cathedral Part 2

At the start turn to the right and pick up that Jackpot Crate in the arch.
When you leave the small building a whole group of Swarmers appears. Just kill
them. When they are dead the lift up ahead comes down and on it are three DZ
Strikers. Kill them as well. Now climb on the lift and ride it to the top.
On the top you are confronted by another group of flying DZ Strikers. Across
the gap on the platform is another group of 3 DZ Strikers. There is an
Executioner on the platform on the left, accompanied by 3 DZ Strikers. If you
have the Fusion Rifle you can pick them off from afar. Use the Swingshot to
get to the platform up ahead.

A Dropship will appear, dropping off a group of DZ Strikers. After they have
been dropped off the Dropship starts to shoot at you, so take cover behind the
small blue barrier that appears when you are near to it. Shoot down the
Dropship and kill the DZ Strikers. Drop down onto the path and walk towards the
next blue barrier. Take cover behind it, another Dropship appears, dropping off
DZ Strikers and shooting at you. Deal with it in the same way as you did with
the other one. If you didn't use the Fusion Rifle to kill the Executioner then
you will have to face him up close. When he and the 3 DZ Strikers are dead
another Dropship will appear, dropping off more DZ Strikers. Kill them all.

The last Dropship will arrive shortly after that, so be prepared. Watch out,
one of the DZ Strikers may climb in the turret that is near the wall, so kill
him quickly. Lastly a group of Swarmers will appear, but they shouldn't be a
problem. If you are not at full ammo then backtrack to the start of this level
and max out your ammo. Return here and enter the arena. The door behind you
will close and two Executioners will drop down into the arena. Kill them and
a door on the left will open. Behind that door is a group of DZ Strikers so
kill them quickly. On the higher platform behind them is another group of
DZ Strikers with some Tremors thrown in. When you have killed everyone let one
of your Combat Bots hack the orbs, let the other one use his Shield Link.
During the hacking a group of Swarmers, Tremors and Cycloids appear so be
prepared and let them have it. Once your Combat Bot have hacked the orbs this
challenge ends.

Shellshock Returns

This is pretty much a re hash of “Introducing Shellshock”. You’ll notice that 
part of his health bar is missing this time around though.  Just do the same 
as before with using the Dual Vipers until he once again runs off. After he 
flies off again, a group of Cycloids will appear for you to kill. You are able 
to get two skill points in this challenge. The first is “Just Passing 
Through”, but you probably got this on an earlier challenge. You get it by 
beating any mission without taking any damage. The second point you can get is 
the “Can’t Hit Me” point. You do this by defeating Shellshock without taking a 
single hit. 

Reach The Cathedral

At the start whip out your Fusion Rifle, equip the Shock Mod on it, and aim it
at the DZ Strikers up on the platform in the distance. Wait until the three
DZ Strikers are close together and kill all three of them with one shot from
the Fusion Rifle for the "Lucky Shot" skill point. Max out your ammo at the
Weapons Vendor. When you exit the arena a group of Swarmers appears, kill them.
On the raised platform up ahead is a Stalker Turret so take cover and let one
of your Combat Bots EMP that turret. Destroy it quickly. A Dropship will drop
off some Swarmers and DZ Strikers, kill them all. Now you have to use the
grind rails again. Just as in the "Enemies are Such a Grind" challenge you can
ride the first grind rail all the way around, jumping over the barriers, to
pick up another Jackpot Crate. Jump onto the grind rails a second time, this
time you jump on the second grind rail when they are close together. Jump over
the barriers. Kill the Swarmers and DZ Strikers on the next platform.

On this next platform you must order one of your Combat Bots to make a grind
cable, let the other one protect him with the Shield Link. Grind down the cable
and shoot the DZ Strikers on the next platform. Pick up the ammo. Before you
jump on the grind rail you can kill two DZ Strikers who are on small platforms
up ahead (just to the right of that blue column of light). You will need to
kill them with the Fusion Rifle. When they are dead you can jump onto the grind
rail and grind down it. Jump over the barriers. When you land on the next
platform a group of DZ Strikers will appear, kill them. Up ahead a Dropship
will drop off more of them. Kill them all. Before you jump on the next grind
rail you can kill two DZ Strikers who are on small platforms up ahead in the
distance. The third one you can see is too far away, you can't kill him from
here. Now jump on the grind rail. This is a tough part. You have to switch
grind rails every now and then and there are DZ Strikers around shooting at
you. Just keep your view forwards so you can see when you have to jump over a
barrier and when you have to jump onto another grind rail. When you finally
reach the end of the grind rail it is just a short stroll towards the blue
light. Once you get there this challenge ends.

Showdown With Shellshock

Well, you have made it into the Cathedral. Now you will have to fight your way
through it. There are 3 bolt cranks on this level, if you turn them yourself
and not let your Combat Bots do it then you will earn the "Dizzy" skill point.
Enter the first room and kill the 3 DZ Strikers there. Shellshock will come
floating down from an opening high up. Shoot him enough times and he will go
away again. Turn the bolt crank. The only problem with turning the bolt crank
yourself is that the enemies that appear during the cranking will just gather
around you waiting for the moment you are finished. When you are finished kill
the Tremors that have arrived during the cranking. Kill the next group of
Tremors as well. There is some ammo and health in this room, behind one of
those boxes on the side.

Make your way to the second room (past the Weapons Vendor). Kill the Tremors
here and Shellshock will come down for the second time. Just keep running
around him firing at him and watch out for his shockwave attack. Crank the
second bolt crank on this level. Your Combat Bots will protect you during the
cranking with the Shield Link. This time a couple of Cycloids will appear
during the cranking so when you have finished cranking kill them quickly.
Again there is some health here, should you get hit.

Use the Swingshot to get to the third room. Equip the Swingshot and start from
the edge, otherwise you will hit the toxic fluid and lose some health. When you
land in the third room Shellshock will come down for the third time. He will
use his shockwave attack and his rocket attack. Just fight him like you did
the previous times. Run around him firing constantly at him until he leaves.
You can get ammo and health here. Turn the last bolt crank and earn the skill
point "Dizzy". During the cranking some Tremors arrive. Kill them all. Now
those two boxes on the side will continue to spawn Swarmers. You will have to
destroy those boxes and then the Swarmers will stop coming into the room.
If you wasted too much ammo on the Swarmers then you can always backtrack to
the Weapons Vendor. Just remember to equip the Swingshot when you want to cross
that patch of toxic fluid. Come back to this room.

Now you can enter the fourth room. Guess what, you have to fight Shellshock
again. Don't worry, it is the last time. He will attack you again with his
shockwaves and his rocket showers. Just keep firing at him, jumping when he
uses his shockwave and trying to stay away from the rockets. Before long you
will have defeated him.

***Campaign Complete***

Congratulations, you have just defeated your first Exterminator.
That was the longest campaign/planet in the game so be glad that's over.  For 
beating it you’ve unlocked your first tournament, The Avenger Tournament. 
Other unlocked things are a new Wrench upgrade (The Versa Wrench Muti-Core for 
16,000) and The Arbiter (60,000) which is a powerful missile launcher. You 
also get some new things for Merc and Green. The weapon Bogo (20,000), the  
bot upgrade Go-Comet A (25,000). Along with those comes a new paint job The 
Gold Star (3,000) and a new head (2,000) .

Prizes for completing this Campaign.

* 1 Green Medal.
* Charge Boots.
* Unlocking the Avenger Tournament 

***Campaign Complete***


Dread Challenge: Night Flight.

This is the first Dread Challenge where you have to pilot the Hovership. Just
like the Landstalker the Hovership has two attacks, a normal cannon (R1) and
missiles (L1). Keep L1 pressed and target as many enemies as you can. Release
L1 to unleash a deadly missile attack. Try to target seven enemies at the same
time and shoot them all down with the missiles for the "Flying High" skill
point. There is no timer here, so you can take as long as you want. Should the
Hovership get too damaged then you can always return to your starting point
and repair the Hovership on the Vehicle Repair spot (just like with the
Landstalker, the Hoverbike and the Puma).

Anyway, the objective is to destroy the 5 Stalker Turrets. Those turrets are
heavily guarded, there are Missile Turrets, DZ Strikers and a new enemy: the
Pincers. These Pincers fly around in groups. They will form a pattern and then
fly at your Hovership with great speed. Try to kill them before they form that
pattern. Another tactic is to kill a couple of them, let the rest form the
pattern and when it zooms at your Hovership you move out of the way, turn
around quickly and get the rest before they regroup.

You can earn a lot of bolts in this Dread Challenge, that is, apart from the
bonus you get when you complete it.

Dread Challenge: Inverted Action.

This Dread Challenge is another arena fight, but with a twist. The walls, made
from forcefields, are closing in. Your Combat Bots have to keep hacking the
orbs to make sure that you have enough room to run around in. Always let the
other Combat Bot protect his teammate with the Shield Link. You must also keep
an eye out for Combat Bots that are down. You need to revive them pronto.
Your task is to kill the enemies. And boy, are there a lot of enemies. You
have to kill Swarmers, DZ Strikers, Tremors, Cycloids and Executioners.

Dread Challenge: Dark City Arenas.

This is a fight in a normal arena. You have to kill lots of enemies. There are
Swarmers, DZ Strikers, Cycloids, Executioners, Beam Turrets and Dropships.
This is a rather good place to upgrade some of your weapons.

| Tournament: Avenger Tournament |

Requirements     : 4 Green Medals.
                   15,000 Dread Points.

Skill Points:

* Skillful           (reward 100 bolts).
  In the challenge "Grist for the Mill." kill 10 enemies in a row with the same

* Fiver              (reward 200 bolts).
  In the challenge "Grist for the Mill." kill five enemies without taking any

* Get Some Balls     (reward 100 bolts).
  Destroy five Bladeballs in 15 seconds.

* Ankle Biters       (reward 100 bolts).
  Kill ten Swarmers in ten seconds.

* The Protector      (reward 200 bolts).
  Kill five Tremors with the Magma Cannon in 20 seconds.

* Eagle Eye          (reward 300 bolts).
  Complete any challenge with an accuracy above 75 percent.

* Can't Touch This   (reward 500 bolts).
  Complete any challenge without taking damage.

* Speedy             (reward 400 bolts).
  Complete the challenge "Manic Speed Demon" in less than 60 seconds.

* Dead Again         (reward 400 bolts).
  In the challenge "Zombie Attack." kill 50 Robot Zombies.

* The Bomb           (reward 100 bolts).
  Blow up 15 barrels.

* Five In One        (reward 200 bolts).
  Kill five Swarmers in one shot.

* Two In One         (reward 300 bolts).
  Use the Fusion Rifle to kill two enemies in one shot.

* Reactionary        (reward 3,900 bolts).
  Defeat Reactor in 30 seconds.

* Eviscerator Raider (reward 5,900 bolts).
  Defeat Eviscerator using only the Flail.

* Ace In The Hole    (reward 7,900 bolts).
  Defeat Ace Hardlight without taking any damage.

Maniac Speed Demon

This challenge is very similar to the “Advanced Qualifier” round you did in 
the beginning  of the game. You have to kill 60 enemies in the allotted time, 
which isn’t too hard since they give you more than enough time. You face some 
Dropships, Tremors, Swarms, Bladeballs and a new enemy, The DZ Beserker. They 
are very similar to the DZ Strikers but stronger and if they lives long 
enough, they'll toss out Bladeballs at you.  You can also get the skill 
point “Speedy” if you can complete this in under 60 seconds.

The Tower Of Power

This is a second arena challenge. Theirs the usual bunch, Swarmers, DZ 
Strikers, a few Tremors, a couple Dropships and a new enemy. The Reaper is an 
ugly bastard that shoots out many large, red spikes that come at you in a 
wave. They will usually use this attack often and use it when they are far 
away. Kill the Reaper and some platforms will pop up. Hop across them to get 
to another stretch of land. Kill all the Sawrmers then Tremors that attack you 
and hop across the newly arisen platforms to the next area.

Watch out, in the next arena are two Reapers, so try to
kill them from afar. When they are dead the next enemies appear. Swarmers,
Tremors, Dropships: the usual lot. Get all the ammo you can find and head for
the next section. Here you have to kill Swarmers, Beam Turrets, Tremors and,
yes, you guessed it, two more Reapers. Make your way to the last arena section.
Here you have to kill Swarmers, Tremors and a Dropship. Once they are all dead 
you finish this challenge. One more to go.

 Climb The Tower Of Power 

This whole tower is essentially a obstacle course. It starts off with some 
glowing, flipping platforms. On one side as you can see there are flames and 
one is safe. Hop onto the few platforms when the safe side flips over and 
you’ll land on safe ground again. You have to kill some Cycloids on this part 
before moving on to the next area of flipping platforms. This time there's two 
rows of vertically rising, and once again flipping platforms.  You need to hop 
up them in a zig zag pattern. So hop on the first right one then the second 
left one, third right one ect. Be sure to get up them quickly as they flip 
over quite quickly. Once you reach the top of this section, there are some 
more Cycloids for you to kill.

Up ahead is the next section of the obstacle course. It has two rows of those
flipping platforms on the left and on the right. In the middle is a row of safe
non-flipping green platforms. But those green platforms are too far apart to
jump from one to the other, so you will have to jump on the flipping platforms
to be able to jump onto the next safe green platform. Again diagonally jump
(Double Jumps work best here) from a green platform on a safe flipping one and
immediately back onto the next safe green one. Keep this up and before you know
it you are on the next big platform. 

Since the rest of the course it more or less the same thing as what you’ve 
just been doing, there’s no real need to explain it. There are a few variants 
in the types of flipping platforms but it’s basically the same thing. Once you 
reach the top of the Tower, you will be on a very large platforms with health, 
ammo and enemies. The enemies include Swarmers,  Executioners, DZ Strikers, 
Dropships and a Leviathan. Once they all are dead the challenge ends and 
you’ve beaten your first tournament. 

The prizes for winning the Avanger Tournament are:

* Avenger Suit.
* Unlocking planet Shaar
* Unlocking planet Orxon

***Tournament Complete***


Dread Challenge: Perfect Chrome Finish.

This is another arena fight, but this one has a twist. You must kill all the
enemies without getting hit. Yes, just getting hit once will mean failure.
The enemies are Swarmers, Blade Balls, Cycloids and Beam Turrets. Watch out
for the Beam Turrets, they can hit you from far away. Just shoot them as soon
as they appear.

Dread Challenge: Close and Personal.

Yet another arena fight, but this time you have to kill all the enemies with
just your Wrench. If you are having a hard time doing this Dread Challenge
then you can always try it again when you have more health and a stronger
Wrench. The enemies you have to kill are Swarmers, DZ Strikers, Blade Balls and
Beam Turrets. You can knock the DZ Strikers off the platform with your Wrench.
This is not an easy challenge, but the reward of 10,000 Dread Points makes up
for that.

| PLANET: Orxon |

New At The Vendor: Mod, Morph Mod (100,000)

Skill Points:

* Hard To Hit           (reward 2,900 bolts).
  Kill 30 enemies without taking any damage.

* The Frying Pan        (reward 2,100 bolts).
  In the challenge "Labyrinth of Death." destroy 10 DZ Berserkers with the
  Napalm Mod.

* Running in Circles    (reward 1,400 bolts).
  In the challenge "Node Overload" capture six bolt cranks on your own.

* The Electrical Socket (reward 700 bolts).
  Kill 10 DZ Berserkers using the Shock Mod.

* Snooker               (reward 700 bolts).
  Kill 10 Blade Balls with the B6-Obliterator.

* Counter Sniper        (reward 1,400 bolts).
  Kill five Executioners with the Fusion Rifle.

* Batter Up             (reward 1,400 bolts).
  Use the Wrench to kill 15 Blade Balls.

* Toughen Up            (reward 2,900 bolts).
  Complete any challenge without using health crates.

* Iron Skin             (reward 3,600 bolts).
  Complete any challenge without taking damage.

* Light Them Up         (reward 700 bolts).
  Use the Shock Mod to kill 10 Executioners.

* Light Speed           (reward 2,100 bolts).
  Complete the challenge "Chains of Villainy" in less then 1:30:00.

* Special Delivery      (reward 2,100 bolts).
  Destroy five Dropships.

* Half And Half         (reward 1,400 bolts).
  Kill 10 DZ Berserkers with two different weapons in 45 seconds.

* Chilly Proposition    (reward 2,100 bolts).
  Complete any challenge using only the Magma Cannon and the Freeze Mod.

* Don't Be A Wimp       (reward 3,600 bolts).
  Complete any challenge on Exterminator Difficulty.

Labyrinth Of Death

Start off by killing all  the Swarmers that are running around below you. Then 
turn around and you’’ll see two Dropships drop out four DZ Strikers. Kill them 
and the ships if you want, then re stock your ammo and run back down the hill.

You have a choice of two paths, it doesn't matter which you take but I usually 
take the right path so I’ll explain that one. Hack the two orbs and enter the 
first area. You’ll have to have your bots hack the second field while you kill 
DZ Strikers and Swarmers. Once through it, you can go right if you need health 
and ammo but to continue head left. There is a turret here, so hide behind the 
blue shield that pops up here and take out the turret. Continue past the 
former gun and kill the bladeballs and DZ Strikers that appear. Hack the two 
orbs to the left to continue into the next room. Past the next room there is a 
Landstalker for you to kill. Dodge it’s fire long enough to have a bot toss an 
EMP at it then destroy the walking tank. 
Kill all the rest of the normal enemies here then hack the next forcefield and 
go through this section and into the next area. Once you start hacking these 
orbs, a couple of dropships will drop down some DZ Strikers for you to kill. 
Once their dead, finish hacking and go into the last room and finally hack the 
final orbs to finish up this challenge.

Node Overload

In this challenge you start below a huge platform and must turn six bolt 
cranks to complete it.




This section contains all of the weapons with details about each one.  This is 
set up much like everyone else has theirs done so it will look similar. I also 
have the damage they do at levels 1, 10 and 99. I actually think I saw this on 
another FAQ though.... oh well.

Name: The Arbiter
Upgraded Version: Silencer, Mega Silencer
Starting Ammo: 8 Rockets
Cost: 60,000 bolts
Damage: V1: 600, V10: 2500, V99: 4991
Bolts to Upgrade: 2,750,000
Description: A very useful weapon that you will be using quite often. The 
Arbiter fires out a single powerful missile.  It can take out most land 
enemies in just a shot. Some take 2 or 3. I strongly suggest putting speed 
mods on as it has a slow firing rate. Once it reaches The Silencer it will 
fire out tri (3) rockets at different angles. Impressive weapon.
Rating: 9

Name: B-6 Obliterator
Upgraded Version: B-11 Vaporizer, Mega B-11 Vaporizer
Starting Ammo: 6
Cost: 15,000
Damage: V1: 200, V10: 750, V99: 1550
Bolts To Upgrade: 2,500,000
Description: Really this is a crappy weapon. Its similar to the Mini-Nuke of 
GC but not nearly as good. It fires out a small grenade that explodes and 
cover a large area with minimal damage. Napalm Mod is a good one for this gun.
Rating: 4

Name: Dual Vipers
Upgraded Version: Dual Raptors, Mega Dual Raptors
Starting Ammo: 200
Cost: Free
Damage: V1: 10, V10: 80, V99: 168
Bolts To Upgrade: 2,250,000
Description: The main weapon of the game, you start with these and they are on 
the cover of the game. They are twin Sub machine guns that do low damage with 
each shot but take down enemies quickly still. Isn’t too useful later on in 
the game. But it is one the best weapons to use on bosses, it takes down their 
health extremely quickly. Shock mod is good for these.
Rating: 7 1/2

Name: Fusion Rifle
Upgraded Version: Anti-Matter Rifle, Mega Anti-Matter Rifle
Starting Ammo: 8
Cost: 50,000
Damage: V1: 500, V10: 2000, V99: 4046
Bolts To Upgrade: 1,500,000
Description: This is your sniper rifle of the game. A powerful one at that. 
You can either shoot through the scope, or you can “hip snipe” which is 
probably what you’ll use most. You don't need a sniper too much in this game 
and the scope on it is kinda complicated. Ammo and Speed Mods are useful for 

Name: Harbinger
Upgraded Version: SuperNova, Mega SuperNova
Starting Ammo: 3
Cost: 2,000,000
Damage: V1: 5000, V10: 10000, V99: 19967
Bolts To Upgrade: 3,000,000
Description: Since there is no RYNO, RYNOII or RY3NO in this game this is the 
replacement. The Harbinger rains down huge powerful lasers from the sky 
killing everything onscreen except bosses, who can be taken out in just a few 
shots. It has very low ammo to start so ammo mods are essential. No other mod 
is needed due to the sheer power of this weapon.
Rating: 10

Name: Holoshield Launcher 
Upgraded Version: Omnishield Launcher, Mega Omnishield Launcher
Starting Ammo: 8
Cost: 20,000
Damage: V1: 10, V10: 28, V99: 54
Bolts To Upgrade: 750,000
Description: This is similar to the Holoshield Launchers of past but these are 
bigger and better. They block all incoming enemy fire and allow you to shoot 
through  them. Enemies will get hurt slightly if they walk into them. Once it 
becomes Mega, The Omnishield Launcher shocks enemies that get near it. No mods 
necessary. If you don’t forget it, this is actually a very useful item
Rating: 6 1/2

Name: Hunter Mine Launcher
Upgraded Version: Stalker Mine Launcher, Mega Stalker Mine Launcher
Starting Ammo: 12
Cost: 35,000
Damage: V1: 120, V10: 500, V:99: 1550
Bolts To Upgrade: 1,250,000
Description: Pretty useful weapon that you probably won’t use to often in 
favor of better ones. It fires a single mine that will turn yellow and lock 
onto an enemy. Once it upgrades to mega, it fires a large mine that splits off 
into smaller ones. You can also just run into enemies with the gun and it will 
explode, this is called “manual detonation”.  I personally like to use a 
Napalm Mod on this. 
Rating: 7

Name: Magma Cannon
Upgraded Version: Vulcan Cannon, Mega Vulcan Cannon
Starting Ammo: 20
Cost: Free
Damage: V1: 60, V10: 300, V99: 567
Bolts To Upgrade: 1,750,000
Description: A very basic weapon that, like the Haunter Mine Launcher, will 
probably be forgotten quickly. It shoots out burst of magma similar to a 
shotgun. Shoots very fast so speed mods are not needed. The Vulcan Cannon will 
be a little more powerful and the shots will lock onto targets.
Rating:4 1/2

Name: Mini Turret Launcher
Upgraded Version: Quasar Turret Launcher, Mega Quasar Turret Launcher
Starting Ammo: 8
Cost:  100,000
Damage: V1: 50, V10: 150, V99: 238
Description: This is an old favorite from previous R&C games. This gun does 
what it says, fires out mini turrets that will unload on enemies until it is 
destroyed or runs out of ammo. Its a great defensive weapon as you can just 
throw a few out then take cover and let them do the work for you. The Quasar 
Turret Launcher is the same thing but fires out charged beams that are rapid 
fire. Much more powerful and effective. Brainwash or Shock mod are good for 

Name: Scorpion Flail 
Upgraded Version: Leviathan Flail 
Starting Ammo: 20
Cost: 75,000
Damage: V1: 400, V10: 1500, V99: 3012
Description: This is my personal favorite weapon in the game and one that you 
should buy ASAP. Its similar to the Plasma Whip of UYA but much, much, much 
better. This pounds the ground severely damaging all enemies near its point of 
impact. Once it becomes the Leviathan Flail you have your best friend for 
challenge mode. If you look up at dropships or floating enemies it will kill 
them as well. All mods are good for this, I use Freeze and Morph mod myself. 
An amazing weapon that should be cherished by all.
Rating: 10


In this section I will explain all of the Weapon mods in the game, Alpha and 
Omega. There are 16 in total

Alpha Mods

Mod Name: Aiming Mod
Price: 100,000
Description: This makes the auto aim of weapons like the Dual vipers better.

Mod Name: Speed Mod
Price: 400,000
Description: This increases how fast a weapon will shoot. A very good mod 
needed for weapons like the Fusion Rifle.

Mode Name: Ammo Mod
Price: 300,000
Description: Increases the amount of ammo weapons can hold. Very useful for 
weapons like the Harbinger.

Mod Name: Nanoleech Mod
Price: 5,000,000
Description: This mod causes fallen enemies to drop health on occasion. Not 
very useful till challenge mode because of the very high price tag. 

Mod Name: Jackpot Mod
Price: 3,000,000
Description: This increases the amount of bolts dropped from fallen enemies. 
Along with the XP Mod this is one of the most useful mods and can earn you 
massive amounts of bolts when piled on a weapon.

Mod Name: XP Mod
Price: 3,000,000
Description: Along with the Jackpot mod, this is one of the most useful mods. 
Increases the amount of XP gained to the weapon that the mod is equipped to.  
Also increases health XP, so if it is piled on top of each other this can 
become extremely useful.

Mod Name: Impact Mod
Price: 200,000
Description: This increases the power which a weapon has to stun and knock 
back enemies, not too noticeable.

Mod Name: Area Mod
Price: 500,000
Description: This increases the blast radius of all explosive weapons and can 
only be equipped to them.

Omega Mods

Mod Name: Napalm mod
Price: 15,000
Description: this is one of the more useful Omega mods. Can only be equipped 
to explosive weapons.  It creates gallons of lava that stick to the ground and 
stay on the floor damaging anyone except you who walks into it. Also it sticks 
to enemies damaging them continually.

Mod Name: Acid Mod
Price: 5,000
Description: once it explodes it covers it covers the enemy is acid again 
damaging them continually.

Mode Name: Shock Mod
Price: 30,000
Description: Another one of the more useful mods. This mod strikes enemies and 
send out waves of electricity that damage all other enemies near it.

Mod Name: Time-Bomb Mod
Price: 250,000
Description: very good mod. It will stick to enemies and have a time delay 
before exploding into electricity that damage all nearby enemies. Very 

Mod Name: Brainwash Mod
Price: 150,000
Description: You must hit an enemy multiple time for this to work. One it does 
hover, it will infect them and cause them to attack other enemies. By then 
though, you will have probably killed them by yourself.

Mod Name: Mini-Bomb Mod
Price: 75,000
Description: This can only be equipped to explosive weapons. It will creates 
small mini bombs that will bounce all over the place damaging enemies that run 
into them.

Mod Name: Freeze Mod
Price: 60,000
Description: Once this hits the enemy it will cover them in ice, not only 
damaging them but slowing them down as well. Pretty useful if used right.

Mod Name: Morph Mod
Price: 100,000
Description: This mod turns enemies into either chickens, ducks, pigs or 
sheep. Kinda a fusion of the Quack-O-Ray, Sheepinator and er... the other one 
from the first R&C , I forgot the name. Good to put on the Scorpion Flail.


In Deadlocked you can upgrade your wrench for the first time. Below are the 
upgrade explanations. All the upgrades do is increase the wrenches attack 
strength. Once it becomes the Fission lance, it will be on fire and set 
enemies ablaze who get hit with it. Also the last 3 ( Obsidian Blade V2, V3 
and Obsidian X) are only available in challenge mode.

Starting Wrench: Versa Light Wrench
Price: Free

Upgrade 1: Versa Multi Core
Price: 16,000

Upgrade 2: Versa Wrench Striker
Price: 24,000

Upgrade 3: Fission Lance
Price: 32,000

Upgrade 4: Obsidian Blade
Price: 40,000

Upgrade 5: Obsidian Blade V2
Price: 60,000

Upgrade 6: Obsidian Blade V3
Price: 75,000

Upgrade 7: Obsidian X
Price: 100,000


In this section Ill explain the 4 vehicles of the game and their functions


A returning vehicles from GC the hover bike is quick but weak. It has twin 
machine guns that fire dual blue lasers off either side but they are really 
weak and slow to kill an enemy. On the up side though, the hoverbike is very 
fast and agile. It can strafe from side to side as well with  L2 and R2.


The puma is a nice ATV like vehicle. Its very quick and has not only twin 
machine guns that are much more powerful than the hoverbikes, but it has a 
single mounted motor launcher on the top that can kill a Leviathan in 2 shots. 
With it’s high speed and agility it’s great for dodging enemies and with it’s 
medium fire power it makes for a good defense as well.


This is essential a giant armored tank. It’s shaped like a spider and it has a 
very impressive leaping ability both to the sides as well as forward and 
back . It is probably the most powerful vehicle in the game but it compromises 
that feature by being very slow in moving. The landstalker has, like the other 
vehicles, twin laser machine guns and very powerful mortars that shoot out 
multiple shots at the same time which are very strong.


Pretty much the name says. A giant ship that well fly's........ surprise huh? 
It has the normal mortars and twin machine guns but they are much more 
powerful. Can fly up and down, simple stuff.


The 5 bosses in Deadlocked are the four Exterminators plus 1 final boss who I 
won’t say is in case your reading this before you get there.

There isn’t really a strategy for them because all you need to do is dodge 
their attacks and unload on them with your most powerful weapon. But I will 
say that the Dual Vipers/Raptors are very useful for all bosses except the 
last one, so keep that in mind.


You will actually be fighting Shellshock 5 times, but four of those fights you 
only need to get his health down  to about 25% or so. Last time you fight him 
you have to kill him....err fully dead.

His attacks are as follows: 

Attack 1- His most used attack, is for him to fire homing missiles in the air. 
He does this extremely often so for the duration of most of the fights you 
will have to dodge these. Little targets appear on the ground and that’s where 
the missiles will hit.

Attack 2- He will pull out a large pistol and fire off a few big yellow 
bullet...things. Pretty easy to dodge as they come in a single line of fire.

Attack 3- If you hear the words “Dishonorable Discharge” then he’s about to 
toss out a small bomb that will detonate and send out a powerful shockwave 
that covers a wide area. Simply jump the shockwave.

Attack 4- Shellshock will release one large bomb that will explode and it will 
send out smaller, hard to dodge bombs. It’s very similar to your Mini Bomb mod.

All of these attack are easy to avoid, so do that and unload on him with the 
Dual Vipers/Raptors and he’ll die soon enough.


Simple boss, simple attacks, simple fight.

His attacks are as follows:

Attack 1- This is a two part attack. He’ll start by pulling out a large 
pistol, like Shellshock’s and fire out a stream of shots, harder to dodge then 
Shellshocks though. After that’s done he’ll go into attack 2.

Attack 2- Reactor will stand there and slide his foot on the ground like a 
bull. After a second or two, he’ll charge at you quickly. Just move left or 
right quick enough and you’ll be fine.

Attack 3- He uses this attack surprisingly often. Reactor will stand there for 
a second then put his hands together then charge up a blue ball of energy in 
his hands. After another second he’ll fire it out in 4 lines in front of him 
that will stay on the ground for a while.

After he loses about 32% of health or so he’ll fly to the other end of the 
arena and health and ammo will appear. Again after another 32%, the same thing.


Eviscerator is quite a tough boss because of his high health. 

His attacks are as follows:

Attack 1- Every so often, he’ll flip around crazily (he does that a lot) and 
fire out a salvo of missiles that will stick in the ground and detonate after 
a few seconds.

Attack 2- Eviscerator will start sprinting at you while swinging his blades, 
easy to avoid, just move left or right once he reaches you

Attack 3- He will jump straight up and fire a large green beam at you, just 
strafe around it to avoid.

Attack 4- He’ll float up and cover himself with a blue shield. While he’s in 
it some Tremors (the blue things with ridges on their backs) will attack you. 
Kill them to lower the field.

A note:  Health and ammo will appear along with the Tremors.

Ace Hardlight

Ahh yes, the big bad Ace Hardlight. He's actually a major pushover and 
probably the easiest Exterminator.

His attacks are as follows:

Attack 1- This is what makes this fight even somewhat challenging. Ace will 
cover himself in a shield and heal himself back to full health. More annoying 
than hard.

Attack 2- He will most always do this right after attack 1. Ace will create 5 
or 6 other holo forms of himself that are able to shoot the same gun as the 
real ace and do just as much damage. A single Scorpion /Leviathan Flail should 
kill most of them in one shot.

Attack 3- Ace will send out a long ...ummm “snake like beam” that will slowly 
chase you around the arena. Just stay in front of it and you’ll be fine.

Attack 4- He’ll toss out a small bomb that will explode into a strong 
shockwave. Just jump over it. Some times he will throw multiple ones at a time 
so keep and out for more even if you think it’s over.

Attack 5- This isn't an attack but it is annoying. Ace will put up his shield 
and fight you like he would with out it. He’ll get out of it when he summons 
up his holo forms.

Ace should heal himself, I believe 3, possibly 4 times, it’s been a while 
since I've fought him. After the fourth time he should say “Hey, I’m outta Med 
packs...Uhh not that I need em” and then he wont heal himself anymore. Ammo 
and health will appear around the outside edge of the arena as I’m sure you’ve 

Gleeman Vox

Well that wasn't much of a surprise was it? Vox is pretty challenging but not 
as bad as Dr. Nef. Since the Dual Vipers/Raptors don’t take out too much from 
his health. The Silencer and Leviathan Flail are the best weapons to fight 
him. Some quasar turrets are also good for the other enemies.

His attacks are as follows:

Attack 1- Vox will drop out 5 or 6 spider bots that crawl up to you and 
explode.  They are easy to kill but for some reason  it’s hard to hit them.

Attack 2- He’ll shoot out two lines of electricity from his mech suit. Strafe 
jumping is enough to avoid these.

Attack 3- Vox will create ghost forms of enemies, mainly swarmers and robot 
zombies. Like mentioned above, Quasar turrets are good for these.

Attack 4- Similar to Ace and Shellshock , Vox will throw out a small bomb that 
creates a shockwave. Just jump over it.

Attack 5- Again like Shellshock, he will shoot out missiles that make targets 
on the ground for you to dodge.

Attacks 4 and 5 Vox will only use in the 2nd half of the fight, after he flies 
off. 1 and 2 he will only use during the first half, and 3 he will use both 
halves. Do note though that the enemies get harder in the 2nd.


Huge thanks to RSmit for providing all the information you see in this 
section. Everything below is his own work.

* Swarmers.
Looks   : The smallest enemies, they walk up to you.
Attacks : They try to bite you, that is their only attack.
Types   : Tri-Spike Swarmers.
          Claw Tooth Swarmers.
          Rhino Swarmers.
          Ghost Swarmers (not on the Stats page).

You will find the Swarmers throughout the game, the only difference between
the different types is their looks. The different types have different colors.
The Ghost Executioners on the Ghost Station sometimes release Ghost Swarmers.
Ghost Swarmers also appear in the final battle.

* DZ Strikers.
Looks   : Medium sized robots, some of them can fly.
Attacks : They can have two types of guns, one that shoots three bullets and
          they can also have a laser-aiming gun that fires only one bullet.
          Sometimes they fire Blade Balls at you (see Blade Balls).
Types   : DZ Strikers.
          DZ Berserkers.
          DZ Vipers.
          DZ Stingers.
          DZ Annihilators.
          DZ Ghost Strikers.

You will also find the DZ Strikers throughout the game. The different types
are tougher as you go down the list, the Ghost DZ Strikers only appear on the
Ghost Station, although you can find them in the "Zombie Attack" challenge in
the DreadZone Station Battledome. They are almost invisible, they only show as
a faint greenish shape.

* Executioners.
Looks   : Big robots, they hold a big wrench.
Attacks : They shoot big yellow laser bullets from their wrench, when you get
          too close they slash you with their wrench.
Types   : Executioners.
          Ghost Executioners.

You will also find the Executioners on most of the planets. These guys pack
quite a punch, so kill them quickly. They will normally shoot at your Combat
Bots first, but sometimes they go straight for Ratchet. The Ghost Executioners
only appear on the Ghost Station, although you can also find them in the
"Zombie Attack" challenge in the DreadZone Station Battledome. They are also
almost invisible, just like the DZ Ghost Strikers.

* Robot Zombies.
Looks   : Medium sized decrepit looking robots, they climb out of the ground
          and then they stagger or run in your direction.
Attacks : When they get close they hit you with their arms.
Types   : Robot Zombies.
          Ghost Zombies.

You will find the Robot Zombies on Catacrom Four and in some of the DreadZone
Station Battledome challenges. The Ghost Zombies only appear on the Ghost
Station. You can have some fun with these guys. You can shoot them in half, so
that they are either reduced to a couple of legs walking around aimlessly or
they drag themselves along the ground with their arms, you can decapitate them
so they walk around headless. The Ghost Zombies are almost invisible, just
like the other Ghost enemies.

* Pincer Rays.
Looks   : Red space enemies, they fly in groups. They will form into a pattern
          where they are all connected with electric links, then they fly at
          your Hovership with great speed.
Attacks : They will ram your Hovership if you let them fly at you.
Types   : Pincer Rays.

You will only find the Pincer Rays in the challenges you have to do with the
Hovership. They spawn in certain spots on the map, so if you stay near that
spot you will get wave upon wave of them. When you are killing them for the
skill points make extra sure you ONLY kill them with the missiles (L1). When
you kill them with the cannon (R1) they don't count for the skill point.
Try to target as many of them before they do their formation attack and shoot
them with the missiles (for the skill point) or missiles and cannon (when you
have the skill point or there isn't a Pincer Rays related skill point on that

* Shriekers.
Looks   : They look just like Swarmers, they are green.
Attacks : They also walk up to you and try to bite you.
Types   : Shriekers.

They appear on Sarathos and in the DreadZone Station Battledome. They aren't
mentioned in any of the skill points. They are mentioned in the skill points
on Sarathos as Swarmers (because they look the same).

* Blade Balls.
Looks   : Small balls that fly at you.
Attacks : When they are near you they stop and blades come out of them. Then
          they start to spin, hurting you with their blades.
Types   : Blade Balls.

The Blade Balls are old friends to those who have played the earlier Ratchet &
Clank games, they are the only returning enemies in this game. They are ideal
for the "get multiple enemies in one shot" skill points (they share that
characteristic with the Swarmers). Just equip the Fusion Rifle with the Shock
Omega Mod and fire one shot at them, most of the times you will kill a whole
group of them with that one shot. Sometimes the DZ Strikers will fire Blade
Balls at you when they can't hit you with their laser shots.

* Cycloids.
Looks   : They look like a circular spinning dish with a long straight tail
          under the dish. They will appear in groups, they will always fly.
Attacks : They will shoot red laser beams from the tips of their tails.
Types   : Cycloids.
          Ghost Cycloids (not on the Stats page).

When they appear they are almost always in a tight group, but they soon
disperse and fly in all directions. The Ghost Cycloids only appear in the
"Escape" challenge on the Ghost Station.

* Tremors.
Looks   : Medium sized enemies with long arms.
Attacks : They run up to you and slash you with their arms or they produce a
          narrow ground attack which they fire in your direction.
Types   : Tremors.

The Tremors aren't that dangerous when they do their slash attack but their
ground attacks can hurt you if you're not careful. These ground attacks travel
quite fast and they can do them from far away.

* Reapers.
Looks   : Medium sized enemies with spikes all over their backs. They have
          short arms and short stocky legs.
Attacks : They will fire a volley of red scales at you, these scales travel in
          an arc and land all around you. The scales will hurt you when you
          walk into them. When you get too close to them they will spray a
          cloud of green vapor in your direction.
Types   : Reapers.

Try to kill the Reapers before they have the chance to do their primary 
You can see when they are about to use their primary attack. They stand still
and bend slightly forwards before they unleash a volley of those red scales
from their backs.

* Leviathans.
Looks   : Large enemy with a flat body with four short legs, a long curved neck
          and a little head.
Attacks : They will either spit green blobs of acid at you or they will fire
          a green laser beam at you. Both of these attacks are quite powerful
          so watch out for them. When you get too close to them they will try
          to hit you with swipes from their long necks.
Types   : Leviathans.
          King Leviathan (level boss).

You can only find the Leviathans on Sarathos and in the DreadZone Station
Battledome. They are usually accompanied by groups of Shriekers. On Sarathos
they will jump out of the mud holes or only stick their necks out of these
mud holes. Not all of them come out of mud holes, you can also see them walking
around in the area, they will run up to you.

* Laser Backs.
Looks   : These big enemies look a little like a beetle. They float above the
          ground, when they are about to shoot at you they tilt back and their
          two machine guns, one on each side of their body, open up like a
          flower. They usually appear in pairs.
Attacks : They will produce streams of bullets from their twin machine guns.
          They will stop shooting for moment and then they will shoot at you
          again. They will keep this up until you kill them.
Types   : Laser Backs.

The name of the Laser Backs is very confusing, they have nothing to do with
lasers. Kill them before they start to shoot or pay the price. Use a strong
weapon to kill them.

* Landstalkers.
Looks   : They are the same as the Landstalkers you use in certain challenges.
          Their turrets are nearly always protected by a shield.
Attacks : They fire continuous streams of laser bolts from their turrets.
          They will also fire a mortar-like laser bolt, that one is thicker and
          it travels in an arc. They will fire it when you are hiding behind
          a Holoshield (not when you put it close to them) or behind a ridge.
Types   : Landstalkers.

Watch out for these enemies, they can really kill you very quickly with their
attacks. Their shields must be de-activated with an EMP Grenade before you can
kill them. When they are hit by an EMP Grenade they are incapacitated for a
short while, after that they start to fire their laser bolts again. They will
appear as large bright red dots on the map.

* 70 millimeter Stalker Turrets.
Looks   : They are fixed turrets from Landstalkers. They are nearly always
          protected by a shield.
Attacks : They fire continuous streams of laser bolts.
          They will also fire a mortar-like laser bolt, that one is thicker and
          it travels in an arc. They will fire it when you are hiding behind
          a Holoshield (not when you put it close to them) or behind a ridge.
Types   : 70 millimeter Stalker Turrets.

These enemies are just fixed Landstalker turrets, so the things that apply to
the Landstalkers also apply to them.

* Dropships.
Looks   : Big flying ships, their doors open like wings. They will usually drop
          off enemies and then fly away again.
Attacks : Sometimes they hang around and fire streams of rockets at you.
Types   : Dropships.

Destroy the Dropships before they can drop off their cargo. You will need a
strong weapon to destroy them. Especially the rocket shooting Dropships must be
destroyed quickly or you will pay the price.

* Beam Turrets.
Looks   : Ground based enemies, they pop up when you get too close to them.
Attacks : They fire a thick orange laser beam in your direction.
Types   : Beam Turrets.

The Beam Turrets (and the Missile Turrets) form the passive defense systems in
this game. You can spot where they will appear when you capture a node. There
will be a black three-pointed star on the ground. They will show as red dots
on the map, even when they are still underground. Kill them when they pop up,
there is a short pause before they attack.

* Missile Turrets.
Looks   : Ground based enemies, they pop up when you get too close to them.
Attacks : They will shoot rockets at you.
Types   : Missile Turrets.

The Missile Turrets (and the Beam Turrets) form the passive defense systems in
this game. You can spot where they will appear when you capture a node. There
will be a black three-pointed star on the ground. They will show as red dots
on the map, even when they are still underground. Kill them when they pop up,
there is a short pause before they attack.


This section will contain all 165 (damn, long ways from the 30 of previous 
games) skill points. Right now I will explain what you must do to get it but 
not how exactly in detail. In the future I hopefully will, but right now I 
wanna get the meat of the guide finished. You can look at RSmit’s excellent 
Skill point guide on GameFaqs at 



You’re not getting all those skill points for nothing. Below are the rewards 
you get and how many points you need to get them.

| 5 Skill Points |

---HUD Color--- 

This cheat allows you to change the color of parts of your Heads Up Display. 
The things that change color are: Ratchets XP Bar, Weapons XP Bar and the 
center square in your bot commands, which is your Ravager Meter and the pop up 
display help messages. There are 11 colors to choose from plus the default 

| 10 Skill Points |

---Gangsta Guns---

This changes the way that Ratchet holds the Dual Vipers/Raptors when they are 
equipped. You can turn it On or Off.

| 15 Skill Points | 

---Mirrored World---

This switches the directions of everywhere you go including your Containment 
Suite. So what is normally left will be right and what is normally right will 
be left. It’s interesting to go through the whole game this way. You can turn 
it On or Off.
| 20 Skill Points |

---Remove Helmet---

This nifty cheat allows Ratchets Dreadzone battle armor’s helmet to be removed 
so that you can see his head. Pretty cool. You can turn it On or Off.

| 25 Skill points |

---Exterminator Bot Heads---

This changes the heads of  Merc and Green. Once activated, you can choose from 
the following different heads:


| 35 Skill Points | 

---Super Bloom---

This changes the look of all glowing objects to look extremely bright. Can get 
a little hard on the eyes sometimes. You can turn it On or Off.

| 45 Skill Points |

---Super Morphing Freeze Wrench---

This gives both morphing and freezing effects to your wrench. Its basically 
like putting the morph mod and the freeze mod both on your wrench. You can 
turn it On or Off.

| 60 Skill Points |


This changes the in game weather effects even in your Containment Suite. There 
are a lot of choices, they are as follows:

*Dust Storm
*Heavy Sand Storm
*Light Snow
*Heavy Rain
*All Off ( No Weather)
*Green Mist
*Meteor Lightning
*Black Hole
*Light Rain Lightning
*Setting Smoke
*Upper Atmosphere
*Ghost Station
*Lightning Storm

| 105 Skill Points |

---Kill Qwark!---

This option changes all the different types of DZ Strikers in the game into 
Captain Qwarks. You can turn it On or Off.

| 120 Skill Points |


This allows you to change the look of the whole game, the choices are as 

*Colorblind (Everything is black & white)
*Sepia Tone (Everything looks like an old photograph)

| 140 Skill Points |

---Morph Mod On Vehicles---

When you turn on this cheat the weapon you fire with (R1) in all vehicles will 
morph enemies when you shoot them. Turn it off in those challenges where you 
have to kill a set number of enemies in a limited time, the morphed enemies 
take longer to die. Having this cheat turned on in those challenges will 
hinder you, not help you. You can turn it On or Off.

| Collect All 6 Exterminator Cards | 

The final cheat is Ninja Ratchet. You must collect all 6 of the Exterminator 
Cards to unlock it. The cards and their requirements are below.

*Shellshock -- Get all normal weapons and Omega mods.
*Reactor -- Collect all of the Mega Weapons in challenge mode.
*Eviscerator -- Get 100 health.
*Ace Hardlight -- Get 400,000 Dread Points
*Vox -- Collect all 165 Skill Points
*Slugga (Vox’s Pet) -- Complete ALL challenges on Exterminator Difficulty. 
That includes dread challenges.

Although you can get 3 of the Exterminator Cards in Normal Mode (Shellshock, 
Ace Hardlight and The Eviscerator) you will only receive those Exterminator 
Cards in Challenge Mode, on your first visit to the Containment Suite on the 
DreadZone Station. The Exterminator Cards are displayed around the edge of the 
central platform. When you have completed the requirements for an Exterminator 
Card in Challenge Mode you will be informed of that fact when you return to 
the Containment Suite on the DreadZone Station. You must fly in from one of 
the planets, only then will the new Exterminator Card be given to you. It will 
not be given to you when you return from the Battledome on the DreadZone 






You can contact me at Element30000@ a o l. c o m or IM me at the same address. 



 For huge contributions to the guide, including  the entire Enemy Discription 
chapter and a lot of Koros information . Thanks a lot!

Insomniac Games-

 Of course for making this and the other 3 amazing Ratchet & Clank Games


For being the best game site out there!

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