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FAQ/Walkthrough by dunkeriffic

Version: 0.9 | Updated: 03/12/06

Ratchet: Gladiator
Walkthrough/Strategy Guide by dunkeriffic
Copyright 2005-2006 Matthew Towle
This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
website or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright.

This FAQ is allowed on the following sites:

Version 0.1-December 22nd, 2005       Started Weapons, Mods, Bot and Wrench
                                      Upgrades Section
Version 0.2-December 23rd, 2005       Updated Weapons, Mods, Bot and Wrench
                                      Upgrades Section and Started Vehicles
                                      Section and Started General Guide
Version 0.25-December 24th, 2005      Updated General Guide and Started Dread
Version 0.3-December 26th, 2005       Updated General Guide and Started Boss
Version 0.4-December 29th, 2005       Finished Boss Section and Enemy
                                      Description Section
Version 0.5-December 30th, 2005       Started Skill Points Section and Updated
                                      Extras Section 
Version 0.55-December 31st, 2005      Finished Weapons, Mods, Bot and Wrench
                                      Upgrades Section, Extras Section and Hints
                                      and Tips Section and Updated General Guide
                                      and Skill Point Section
Verison 0.6-January 2nd, 2006         Updated General Guide and Skill Points
                                      Section and Modified Enemy Descriptions  
Version 0.65-January 4th, 2006        Updated General Guide Section and Dread
                                      Challenges Section
Version 0.7-January 13th, 2006        Updated General Guide Section and Skill
                                      Points Section
Version 0.75-January 15th, 2006       Updated General Guide Section and Skill
                                      Points Section. Version first submitted
                                      to GameFAQs
Version 0.8-February 7th, 2006        Updated General Guide Section and Dread
                                      Challenges Section
Version 0.85-February 25th, 2006      Updated General Guide Section, Dread
                                      Challenges Section and Skill Points
Version 0.90-March 12, 2006           Finished Dread Challenges Section and
                                      Updated General Guide and Skill Points

This is my first strategy guide. In this guide, I will give you everything you
need to know to complete it 100%, however in this guide online play will not be
covered. This guide assumes you know the basics of the game, for example
controls. If you have a strategy for a boss, challenge or weapons tips, please
e-mail them to me and I will post them, with credit. My e-mail address is


Table of Contents
1. Weapons, Mods, Bot and Wrench Upgrades
2. Vehicles
3. General Guide
4. Dread Challenges
5. Boss Strategies
6. Enemy Descriptions
7. Skill Points
8. Extras
9. Hints and Tips
Section 1 Weapons, Mods, Bot and Wrench Upgrades

This is the format of the weapon section.

Name: Name of weapon
Upgrade Name: Name of upgraded weapon
Cost: Cost of Weapon
Firing rate: Default speed (1-10) 10 fastest, 1 slowest
Default Ammo: Default Ammo
Damage: v1(Damage at v1) v10(Damage at v10) v99(Damage at v99) 
Supported Alpha Mods: Alpha mods that can be placed on this weapon
Supported Omega Mods: Omega Mods that can be placed on this weapon
Rating: (1-10) 10 best, 1 worst
Mega Cost: The cost of the mega version
Notes: Strategies for this weapon and general tips

Name: Dual Vipers
Upgrade Name: Dual Raptors
Cost: Start off with it
Firing rate: 10
Default Ammo: 200
Damage: v1-10 v10-80 v99-168  
Supported Alpha Mods: Every Mod except Area
Supported Omega Mods: Shock, Acid, Freeze, Brainwash, Morph
Rating: 7
Mega cost: 2,250,000
Notes: Basically dual machineguns. This weapon is extremely fast firing, but 
each shot does little damage. Shock or Freeze mods are good for this weapon. At
v10 the shots turn blue and ricochet off enemies, hitting others. They are the
only weapons that can be used on grindrails. Good for taking out lots of small

Name: Magma Cannon
Upgrade Name: Vulcan Cannon
Cost: Start off with it
Firing rate: 6
Default Ammo: 20
Damage: v1-60 v10-300 v99-567
Supported Alpha Mods: Every Mod except Aiming and Area
Supported Omega Mods: Shock, Acid, Freeze, Brainwash, Morph
Rating: 6
Mega Cost: 1,750,000
Notes: Essentially a shotgun. Slightly stronger closer than further away. Acid
or Freeze are good mods for this weapon. Increasing the ammo amount would be a
good idea. At Vulcan Cannon it homes in on enemies.

Name: B-6 Obliterator
Upgrade Name: B-11 Vaporizer
Cost: 15,000
Firing rate: 4
Default Ammo: 6
Damage: v1-200 v10-750 v99-1550
Supported Alpha Mods: Every Mod
Supported Omega Mods: Every Mod
Rating: 5
Mega Cost: 2,500,000
Notes: The grenade launcher of the game. Quite slow firing and not powerful 
enough considering its very limited ammo. Ammo Mods are essential for this gun.
Mini-Bomb and Napalm are good mods to use for this gun. 

Name: Hunter Mine Launcher
Upgrade Name: Stalker Mine Launcher
Cost: 35,000
Firing rate: 7
Default Ammo: 12
Damage: v1-120 v10-500 v99-1034
Supported Alpha Mods: Every Mod except Aiming
Supported Omega Mods: Every Mod
Rating: 8
Mega Cost: 1,250,000
Notes: Fires mines out, which sit there until an enemy comes in range, at which
point they lock onto enemies, zoom in and explode. You do not even have to fire
this gun to make it detonate. Simply run into a enemy with the gun out and the
mine will explode. Area Mods are nice for this weapon. For Omega Mods Time Bomb
or Mini Bomb are good mods. When it becomes the Stalker the mines become bigger
and more explosive. The mines also split into two smaller ones, meaning every
shot grants you three mines.

Note: The 'Manual Detonation' method (running into an enemy with a mine out),
      causes your Bolt Multiplier to reset to 1. You have been warned.

Name: Scorpion Flail
Upgrade Name: Leviathan Flail
Cost: 75,000
Firing rate: 7
Default Ammo: 20
Damage: v1-400 v10-1500 v99-3012
Supported Alpha Mods: Every Mod except Aiming
Supported Omega Mods: Shock, Acid, Freeze, Brainwash, Morph
Rating: 8
Mega Cost: 1,000,000
Notes: This is a mace. Every time you fire Ratchet will slam it into the ground,
causing a shockwave. It only hits the ground, and it has a very short range, so
don't try attacking enemies from far away or in the air. However, when it
reaches Leviathan Flail it sends out a shockwave straight ahead, increasing its
range. Area Mods are good for this. In terms of Omega mods I'd put something
like Acid on, as this is a weapon that concentrates on power, or Shock Mod,
which is great for this weapon.

Name: Arbiter
Upgrade Name: Silencer
Cost: 60,000
Firing rate: 4
Default Ammo: 8
Damage: v1-600 v10-2500 v99-4991
Supported Alpha Mods: Every Mod 
Supported Omega Mods: Every Mod
Rating: 9
Mega Cost: 2,750,000
Notes: A Rocket launcher. It fires a single rocket, in a straight line. It is
pretty powerful, but very slow firing, so Speed Mods will greatly help.
Time-Bomb is a great Mod to have on this gun. When it reaches the Silencer it
will fire three rockets in a straight line, at 45 degree angles. Great on a
group of enemies.

Name: Mini-Turret Launcher
Upgrade Name: Quasar Turret Launcher
Cost: 100,000
Firing rate: 7
Default Ammo: 8
Damage: v1-50 v10-150 v99-238
Supported Alpha Mods: Every Mod except Aiming and Area
Supported Omega Mods: Shock, Acid, Freeze, Brainwash, Morph
Rating: 9
Mega Cost: 2,000,000
Notes: A returning weapon from other R and C games, the Mini-Turret Launcher 
fires miniature turrets that will lock onto an enemy and blast it with rapid 
fire shots. By the time you can get it, it is quite weak, but when it is v10,
it's a force to be reckoned with. The v10 ones fire charged up beams. This is a
great gun for when you are low on health, simply fire a few and hide. If you
throw out too many then some will roll up until some detonate. The Freeze or
Shock Mod is a great choice for this gun.

Name: Holoshield Launcher
Upgrade Name: Omnishield Launcher
Cost: 20,000
Firing rate: 5
Default Ammo: 8
Time: v1-10 v10-28 v99-54
Supported Alpha Mods: Every Mod except Aiming and Area
Supported Omega Mods: Shock, Acid, Freeze, Brainwash, Morph
Rating: 6
Mega Cost: 750,000
Notes: This fires shields out that will block all enemy projectiles, and if
enemies run into them they will receive damage. This lasts for a certain amount 
of time, and eventually they will flash red and disappear. You can only throw a
certain amount out at a time. When they become Omni they will shock the enemy.
It doesn't matter what Omega mod you put on as it will have little chance to use
it. This is a great defensive gun, but you will rarely need it.

Note: Running through your own Holoshield causes your Bolt Multiplier to reset
      to 1. You have been warned again. 

Name: Fusion Rifle
Upgrade Name: Anti-Matter Rifle
Cost: 50,000
Firing rate: 6
Default Ammo: 8
Damage: v1-500 v10-2000 v99-4046
Supported Alpha Mods: Every Mod except Area and Aiming
Supported Omega Mods: Shock, Acid, Freeze, Brainwash, Morph
Rating: 7
Mega Cost: 1,500,000 
Notes: This is the sniper rifle. It's pretty powerful, but can be slow to 
reload. You can either zoom in with it, or fire it close range without zooming 
in on it. Speed and Ammo Mods are the best for this gun. This guns shots explode
when it hits enemies, so you can use it to kill sevral enemies who are close
together. If you like to actually snipe with it then Brainwash is a cool Mod.
Nothing like watching enemies attacking each other from a safe distance.

Name: Harbinger
Upgrade Name: Supernova
Cost: 2,000,000
Firing rate: 8
Default Ammo: 3
Damage: v1-5000 v10-10000 v99-19967
Supported Alpha Mods: Speed, Ammo, Jackpot, XP and Nano-Leech
Supported Omega Mods: Shock, Acid, Freeze, Brainwash, Morph
Rating: 10
Mega Cost: 3,000,000
Notes: This gun fires beacons which causes lasers to rain down on the enemy.
This is the most powerful gun in the game, but it has very limited ammo. I 
recommend using every available slot to add Ammo Mods. The Omega mods are almost
pointless as this gun does so much damage.


These are the Omega mods.

Name: Name of Omega Mod
Cost: Cost of Omega Mod
Notes: My personal opinion of the Mod

Name: Acid Mod
Cost: 5,000
Notes: Covers the enemy in acid which slowly damages the enemy. An O.K Mod, but
it takes too long to hurt the enemy.

Name: Shock Mod
Cost: 30,000
Notes: Every time you hit an enemy electricity appears from the enemy and
strikes nearby enemies. A good Mod.

Name: Freeze Mod
Cost: 60,000
Notes: Slows the enemy down, and if you hit them enough, they will temporarily
stop completely, making it coming vulnerable to your attacks. One of the best
Mods, the only downside being that it doesn't work on bosses.

Name: Napalm Mod
Cost: 15,000
Notes: Every shot creates pools of Napalm that will hurt any enemies that will
walk through it, and sometimes it will stick to enemies, acting as a sort of
Acid Mod. Can only be used on explosive weapons.

Name: Mini-Bomb
Cost: 75,000
Notes: Every time the bomb explodes, small mines are formed which bounce around
and hit enemies. A good Mod. Can only be used on explosive weapons.

Name: Time-Bomb
Cost: 250,000
Notes: The shot detonates, sending electric blasts to nearby enemies. This Mod
has a time delay and is very powerful. Can only be used on explosive weapons.

Name: Brainwash
Cost: 150,000
Notes: After the enemy is hit enough times they become yellow and will start
attacking other enemies. This is an O.K Mod but it takes too long for enemies
to hurt each other.

Name: Morph
Cost: 100,000
Notes: This turns enemies to animals, either pigs, ducks, chickens or sheep.
The animals will walk into enemies and blow up. Not too useful, more for comedic

These are the Alpha Mods

Name: Name of Alpha Mod
Notes: Description of Alpha Mod

Name: Speed Mod
Notes: Increases the fire rate of the weapon. A good Mod, and essential for some

Name: Ammo Mod
Notes: Increases the max ammo amount. Also a good Mod, very useful for some
weapons. The amount the ammo increases by depends on the gun.

Name: Aiming Mod
Notes: Improves Auto-Aim. Can be helpful, but not really necessary.

Name: Impact Mod
Notes: This stops the enemies, and can even knock them over. Good if you have
more than one on a weapon.

Name: Area Mod
Notes: Increases the blast radius. This can only be used on explosive weapons.
Very helpful.

Name: Jackpot Mod
Notes: Increases the amount of bolts received. not very noticeable, but it's
better if you stack them.

Name: XP mod
Notes: Increases experience of weapons, and Nanotech experience bar. Very

Name: Nanoleech Mod
Notes: Causes enemies to drop health. Rare with only one Mod, but improves if
they are stacked.  

Bot Upgrades

There are two types of upgrades, Weapons and Gadgets and Health and Damage.

Weapons and Gadgets

This is the format of this part.
Name: Name of Upgrade
Cost: Price of Upgrade
Notes: Description of Upgrade

Name: Bogo
Cost: 20,000
Notes: This allows your bots to throw grenades at the enemy. They throw quite 
often and it is fairly powerful. Not essential but it can be useful.

Name: Range Warrior
Cost: 30,000
Notes: A sniper rifle that allows bots to attack from further away. No real
power difference and the extra range isn't really needed, but O.K if you've got
the bolts.

Name: Beta Ravager
Cost: 100,000
Notes: This is an upgrade to the bots Alpha Ravager attack. Instead of throwing
a bomb, they launch a giant shuriken which rebounds from enemy to enemy, dealing
massive damage.

Name: EMP
Cost: Available at start
Notes: This allows one bot to throw an EMP at Turrets and certain forcefields.
This is an essential move for taking out shielded enemies, and to temporarily
stop them, even if they are unshielded. Obviously only works with mechanical
enemies such as Turrets and Landstalkers.

Name: Hacker Ray
Cost: Gotten for free upon completion of Catacrom 4
Notes: This allows bots to hack into orbs, which activate machinery, open doors,
etc. This is used very often, and you know when to use it as you will see
several orbs on stands with orange circles on them.

Name: Grind Cable Launcher
Cost: Gotten for free upon completion of Sarathos
Notes: This allows bots to launch a grind cable across gaps. You know when to
use it as there is a black circle with a yellow symbol on it. You can always
launch grind cables the other way, so you can go back if you want to.

Name: Shield Link
Cost: 15,000
Notes: This allows one bot to put up a shield around another while they are
hacking, launching a grind cable, etc. They also put it around you if you are
turning a bolt crank. Very useful.

Health and Damage
This is the format of this part:
Name: Name of Upgrade
Cost: Price of Upgrade

All these upgrades work basically the same, increasing how much damage bots do
and how much health they have. As they are all the same, I have not added notes
on these. The first four are bought in Normal Mode, but the last three are only
available in Challenge Mode. They have to be bought in order.

Name: Go-Comet A
Cost: 25,000

Name: Go-Comet X
Cost: 50,000

Name: Go-Comet XR
Cost: 75,000

Name: Hyper-Tron
Cost: 100,000

Name: Dreadinator
Cost: 150,000

Name: DZ Ultra
Cost: 200,000

Name: Ultranator
Cost: 250,000
Wrench Upgrades

This is the format of this part:

Name: Name of Upgrade
Cost: Cost of Upgrade

All the wrench upgrades do is increase their strength, so I have not added a
note section. From the Fission Lance, however, the wrenches will be on fire,
setting any enemies you strike on fire as well. The first five are available in
normal mode, but the last three are only available in Challenge Mode.

Name: Versa Wrench Lite
Cost: Start off with it

Name: Versa Wrench Multi-Core
Cost: 16,000

Name: Versa Wrench Striker
Cost: 24,000

Name: Fission Lance
CosT: 32,000

Name: Obsidian Blade
Cost: 40,000

Name: Obsidian Blade v2
Cost: 60,000

Name: Obsidian Blade v3
Cost: 75,000

Name: Obsidian Blade X
Cost: 100,000
Section 2 Vehicles

This is an armoured tank which has machine guns and mortars which can lock onto
enemies. It is the most powerful vehicle in the game but, to counter this, it is
very slow. Consequently it will take a lot of enemy fire but it is very durable.
It has a useful jump and sidejump ability to help it avoid fire.

This is a combination of power and speed. This is like a jeep, with machine guns
and a cannon. It is not as strong or durable as the Landstalker, but it is still
a formidable force. It has a decent top speed and is quite easy to dodge enemy

The only flying vehicle. This can go up and down as well as side to side. It has
a turret which is reasonably powerful and mortars which lock on and can fire
lots at once. 

This has only one weapon, the machine gun, which is quite weak. It is also the
weakest vehicle in the game, being quite easily destroyed. However, to make up
for this it is the fastest vehicle in the game and used mainly for moving from
place to place. One other advantage it has is that it can strafe side to side
with L2 and R2!    
Section 3 General Guide

The Beginning

After the cutscene, follow the movement instructions, jump up to the ledge and
eliminate the three holo-enemies. Then enter the teleporter. Walk across the
bridge and get ready for a fight. Get used to moving around and try to keep
enemies in front of you. Ammo is found in the green boxes and Nanotech (health)
are the glowing spheres in boxes. After killing the enemies head into the

Clank will tell you to head to Al's. Notice your map-your objective is shown as
a blue star. Vendors are yellow, enemies are red and it can be enlarged by
pressing select or R3. Go to Al's and meet your Combat Bot's, Merc and Green.
Check out the bot vendor. You will be able to buy one paintjob for 1,000 bolts
and the Shield Link for 15,000 bolts. You will not have enough for the Shield
Link and you should save your money, so don't buy the paintjob.

Now head over to Clank and be prepared for your first real fight. To start the
fight, go up to the ship and press triangle. But first, you might want to head
to the vendor. For sale is the Acid Mod for 5,000 and the B-6 Obliterator for
15,000. Buy the Acid Mod if you can/ wish, then enter the ship. 

Time for your first Battledome challenge-'Advanced Qualifier'. Fight off the
enemies around here and then watch the intro to bot revival. Jump over the
platforms, but be careful, one touch of that lava and you will die instantly.
Take out the enemies in this thin section and grab Nanotech if you need it.
Then head along the platforms to the next section. Kill any enemies here and
watch out for the two dropships that will drop Tremors. Head over to the next
section and watch out for more enemies. After killing them turn the bolt crank.
Later on you will be able to command your bots to do it, but right now you have
to do it. Now jump over the rest of the platforms, and hide behind the blocks.
These can be destroyed, for future reference. Press left on the d-pad to get
your bots to throw out an EMP and shoot the Turret until it blows up. First
challenge complete. The Turret you just fought is a lot weaker than ones later
on, by the way.

You may have noticed messages appearing onscreen, for example
'The Protector'-200 bolts. These are skill points which are awarded for
performing certain tasks. They pay a cash prize and if you get enough they
unlock cheats. Check the Extras section on your menu for more info.
You might also want to check your weapons screen. Scroll down to Alpha Mods and
you will see that your Vipers have an Aiming Mod and the Magma Cannon has an
Ammo Mod. You will have a spare Ammo Mod, so, if you want, you could swap it,
for example, for the Aiming Mod on the Vipers. You will have unlocked Catacrom
4 and two Dread Challenges (see Section 4).

Catacrom 4

Valley of Heroes

Check out the vendor (you should do this every new planet). Available to buy is
the Napalm Mod (15,000) and the Holoshield Launcher (20,000). The Napalm Mod
only works on explosive weapons so don't buy it unless you have the
B-6 Obliterator. 

Your objective in this part is to simply make it to the other side. Head down
the pass taking out the Bladeballs and Strikers. Get behind cover and EMP the
turret and blast it. If you hear a beeping sound, the turret is about to
reactivate so get behind cover, EMP it again and finish it off. Then kill the
other Bladeballs and Strikers, EMP the platforms and use the jump pad to get to
the blue beam.

On the Prowl

Head down off the cliff to the node nearest to you, just on the left. Command
your bots to turn it and fend off any attacking Robot Zombies. Space is cramped
around the first node, so make sure to watch your map for enemies or you'll be
surrounded and killed. After this head across the plain to other node, the one
by the big ramp. Zombies continuously spawn on the plain, so don't try to take
them all down. After activating the second node head to the passageway which
leads to the final node. Take out any DZ Strikers and watch out for the Turret.
Standard method for Turret destroying applies. Activate the final node and take
out the flying Strikers. Hop off the ledge and head across the newly opened
bridge (near the first node). Run across the plateau, taking out any Strikers
and Zombies along the way At the gap with the green floating spheres in the air,
jump  off the edge and press circle or R1 to swing across. Kill the Swarmers and
swing across to the next platform.

All Aboard the Landstalker

In this challenge, you can't get out of the vehicle. At first, lock on to the 
Quasar Orb with the mortars by holding down L1 and release the button to destroy
the Orb. Head out the gap and turn left. Kill the strikers and take out the
turret. Then get rid of the next Orb. Head up the slope and get rid of the
remaining enemies. Destroy the Orb, turn right and head across the bridge.    
Rise Up

This is an arena match. Five rounds, the enemies you'll be facing are Robot
Zombies, Swarmers and DZ Strikers. This is quite easy, just remember to keep
moving and grabbing ammo.

You have now completed your first Dreadzone campaign. You will probably have
noticed that you do not have access to the next planet. This is because you need
Dread Points, which are earned by completing Dread Challenges. It doesn't matter
which ones you do, as long as you do enough to earn the required amount of
points. You will have unlocked three more Dread Challenges on this planet.
Whenever you complete a campaign, you unlock a medal. The colour of these
varies, but you need these (and Dread Points) to unlock tournaments. Don't worry
about these, as you will have enough to unlock a tournament when you've done all
the planets in that part, which is an obvious requirement anyway.

Upon completing this challenge, you will also earn the Hacker Ray, a device
which allows bots to hack orbs and open doors, lower forcefields, etc. This will
be used very often, including next level.

Alien Soil

At the Vendor you can now buy the Shock Mod(30,000) and Hunter Mine Launcher
(35,000). Kill the group of Swarmers up ahead and get ready to face Leviathans.
There are three on the slope, one will appear from the hole on the left (you can
walk across these without damage) at the hilltop and one will rise up from the 
hole on the right. Head past that hole 'round the back of the building if you
want ammo or health, but watch out for Swarmers. Order your bots to hack the 
orbs and kill the Swarmers and the Leviathan which appears from the nearby hole.
When both orbs have been hacked enter the arena and prepare for a short battle.
The main enemies will be Swarmers, but there will be a few Strikers as well. Use
the block for cover if need be.

Sarathos Sprint

In this mission, your objective will be to reach the Puma, a jeep-like vehicle
on the other side of the swamp. Head down the hill and kill the Leviathan, then
head left towards the turret, but watch out for Swarmers and Strikers! Hide
behind the blocks, EMP it and take it out. Get rid of any remaining enemies and
order your bots to hack the orbs. Swarmers will pop out of the ground while they
are doing this. Jump up the ledges and onto the big round section. Swarmers will
appear from the left and right hand side of you while you are doing this. Go up
the hill, and be ready for a Leviathan at the top. Go forward, kill any enemies
that come from the dropship, then swingshot across the gap. Destroy the turret
and any remaining enemies, and get your bots to hack the orbs. Then head to the

Where the Leviathans Roam

In this challenge you can get out of the Puma if you wish. In this challenge,
you have to take three nodes. Drive forward, running over any Swarmers in the
way. Head to the node directly ahead of you. Whenever you have to cross the
river in this challenge, make sure you have a decent speed to jump the gap in
any bridge you use. Simply get to the nodes, clear the area of enemies, order
your bots to turn the node, kill any reinforcements, and move on. On node has a
Landstalker nearby. Kill it the same way you would a turret, EMP it then blast
it. When you've taken every node, head to the new objective on your map and jump
the gap to complete this mission.

King of the Leviathans

Order your bots to hack the orbs around the arena and kill any Swarmers or
Leviathans, which will appear from the hole in the middle and the edge. Once
every orb has been hacked, the King Leviathan will appear from the hole in the
middle. Shoot it while circling around the hole until it jumps out-boy, is it
big! Just keep shooting and moving until it dies-it's a lot less tougher than it

You have now completed Sarathos and unlocked two more Dread Challenges. You will
also earn the Grind Cable Launcher, which is, like the Hacker Ray, used a lot. 
Most grind cables are two-way, so if you need to, you can head back the way you


Infiltrate the Cathedral

Available at vendor now is the Freeze Mod(60,000) and the Fusion Rifle(50,000). 
On this planet (and others later on), you will encounter stationary blue
shields. They act like Holoshields, in that they let your fire go through but
block enemy fire. They are up for an unlimited amount of time as well. Use them
if you need to! Head forward, killing any Swarmers and DZ Strikers, and watch
out for any Striker who tries to get in the turret. More enemies will appear
further on, but you can use the turret if you want. Head left when you can
(don't go straight on) and watch out for Tremors and more Strikers. There is
another turret up here. After all the enemies in this area are dead, a door will
open. Go into the new arena and kill the Executioner. These guys take a lot of
shots. After the arena, tell your bots to set a grind cable, jump on to
automatically grind across the gap. After this, order the bots to hack the orbs
and kill any enemies that appear.

Introducing Shellshock
This challenge is basically a boss fight. Grind across the gap and fight
Shellshock (see Boss Strategies). You don't actually have kill him, just
get him down to about 1/3 health. Fight off any other enemies and the challenge
will end.

Enemies are Such a Grind

This challenge is a long grindrail. Simply kill the first few enemies, jump on
the lift, kill the DZ Strikers on the platform then jump on the rail. You can
simply jump over the Ramge Striker's shots if you wish, but it is highly
recommended that you kill the flying enemies that follow you, as they stay with
you for a long time and their shots are hard to dodge. To switch rails simply
jump in the direction that rail is. At one point you will have to jump off the
rail and swingshotto the other side. As soon as you get to the end of the
grindraill this challenge will end.

Infiltrate the Cathedral Pt 2

Head forwards and kill the Swarmers that will continuously jump up fromt the
sides. When they are all defeated a lift will come down with Strikers on it.
Kill them and jump on it. At the top there will be floating Strikers. After
killing them look left. An Executionr and some Strikers will be visible. You
have to kill them later, but if you want you can kill them now. You can hit them
with the Vipers or Fusion Rifle if you have it. After this swingshot over to the
next platform and kill all the Strikers there. A Dropship will appear just ahead
of you dropping DZ Strikers which will fly behind you, and another Dropship will
show up dropping Strikers further along the path. These Dropships will stay and
fire missiles at you, so you will have to destroy them. After this jump up to
the platfrom where the Executioner youe killed earlier were. A Dropship will
drop Strikers so kill them (use the turret if you need to). After they're dead,
a door will open up behind the turret. Go in and kill the to Executioners and
any other enemies that appear. Go through the new door, kill any enemies and
order your bots to hack the orbs.

Shellshock Returns

This challenge is essentially the same as 'Introducing Shellshock'. The only
difference is that part of Shellshock's halth is missing. Everytime you fight
Shellshock from now on that same chunk of health will be missing.

Reach the Cathedral

Go forward and take out the Turret. Dropships will appear and Strikers will hop
out. After they are dead, hop on the rail. At the end, you will land on a
platform with some Strikers. Once they are destroyed, launch a grind cable to
the other end. You will reach a second platform like the one you just left. Kill
all the enemies and jump on the rail and hop off at the end. Then you will reach
a bigger platform with Nanotech and more enemies. When they have gone, a rail
will drop down. After reaching the end of this rail run towards the blue light
to finish this mission.

Showdown with Shellshock

This is a simple mission. Head to each corner in the cathedral in turn, fight
Shellshock, turn a bolt crank and head to the next corner. Whenever you try to
activate the node, Tremors will appear, so kill them. Each Shellshock fight is
the same as last time, apart fromt the final time, when you will have to drain
his health all the way down. Ammo and Nanotech can be found in the alcoves when
you fight Shellshock.

After you have completed this challenge you will unlock the Avenger Tournament
(if you have enough Dread Points) and a new Wrench and Bot upgrade will be
available at the vendor (New Wrench and Bot upgrades always become available
when a new tournament becomes open). A new weapon also becomes available, the
Arbiter(60,000). The Wrench upgrade is the Versa Wrench Muti-Core(16,000). The
bot upgrades are the Bogo(20,000), Go-Comet A(25,000), several new paintjobs
and a head.

If you are on Challenge Mode, the Wrench upgrade will be the Obsidian Blade
v2(60,000) and the bot upgrade will be the Dreadinator(150,000)

You will also receive the Charge Boots after this mission. By double tapping L2
(default control scheme), Ratchet will fly forwards much faster than usual. You
can hardly steer, so be careful when using them near an edge. They also only
work in burst of 2-3 seconds.

Avenger Tournament

Manic Speed Demon

Normally in tournaments, there are two rounds of fighting, followed by a
showdown with a boss. However, as you have already killed Shellshock, this time
you will face three arena rounds.

In this one, you will have to kill 60 enemies in the amount of time available.
Dropships count as more than one enemy. This is an easy challenge, as the
enemies aren't hard to kill and you have plently of time to do this. Just keep
shooting and use your map if you can't see any enemies.

The Tower of Power

This challenge follows the same route as 'Advanced Qualifier', the only
difference being the enemies that populate the path. Fight your way through to
the platform where the Turret was on 'Advanced Qualifier'. Once you reach it and
kill all enemies there, you complete this challenge.

Climb the Tower of Power

This is a basic platforming challenge. I'm not going to tell you exactly where
to go, as this is not too hard, and there are no real tricks. However, I shall
give you some tips.

Platforms have a border around them. These are colour-coded, with each colour
signifying a different thing:

Orange=Safe, but flips over to reveal flaming side
Red=On flaming side, but flips to safe side
Orange flashing Red=Will change from Orange to Red very shortly
Blue=Will wobble and collapse a few seconds after Ratchet lands on it

Whenever you reach a solid part, there will be enemies nearby. Be ready. If,
while on these solid parts, you are under fire you can take cover behind the
massive spiked block on one corner of the platform. The spikes will not harm you
and there is an area between the end of the platform and the outside of the
block that Ratchet can easily fit on.

Once you reach the top of the tower, there will be three Nanotech crates nearby.
Grab them if you need them as you will have to fight several enemies, for 
example King Leviathans and Executioners. When they are done, this tournament
will have been completed.

You will have unlocked a new suit of armour by completing this tournament. If
you don't like it you can switch to any other armours you have unlocked in the
Skins menu.


Return to the Deathbowl

In the vendor now is the Scorpion Flail(75,000) and the Mini-Bomb Mod(75,000).
Go forward and hack the orbs while killing any Swarmers that appear. When the
orbs are hacked go across the bridge and order your bots to hack the other orbs.
During this process eliminate any enemies that appear. Watch out for the
Laserback which shows up at the other bridge. Once the hacking is done, go
across the new bridge (where the Laserback was), kill the floating Strikers and
go to the Landstalker.

Landstalker Stalkin'

In this challenge you have to turn four nodes, and you can get out if you wish.
Go forwards towards to the first node and destroy any Missile Turrets. Once
every Turret (and any Strikers) are dead, then turn the crank. Kill the enemies
that drop down (look out for the two Executioners). Then head over to the
opposite node, but watch out for two Landstalkers and several Turrets, all of
whom have shields. Once you get to the sceond node, take it and kill all the
Turrets, Strikers and Executioners. A Dropship appears when the node has been
taken, so destroy it. The forcefields leading to the actual temple will drop and
you will have access to the second area. Go up the nearby steps and kill the
nearby executioners then take the remaining two nodes. But be careful, the one
on the left has heavy defences-Beam Turrets, Missile Turrets, Strikers,
Executioners and Laserbacks!  

As the Wrench Turns

In this challenge you will have to turn nodes again, but this time you have no
Landstalker to help you out. Go forwrd up the steps to the temple. Once inside,
kill every enemy and crank the node. When this is done, a Laserback will appear
just outside. When it is dead, go out of the temple, back to where the vendor is
then head left (right when facing temple). Go across the thin layer of water and
head up the steps to the second node. This node is protected by four Beam
Turrets. Eradicate them and capture the node. Keeep going onwards and hop off
the ledge, placing you right in the midst of several Beam Turrets, Strikers,
Laserbacks and Executioners. The fighting here is extremely frantic, and you may
want to consider the Holoshield Launcher. When no more enemies are left, turn
the node and head around the back of the temple to the next node. Kill any
enemies then jump up using the jump pad to reach the fourth node. Get rid of the
Strikers and Swarmers and when this node is done head down the steps for the
final node. This node is as frantic as the third node. Watch out for
Executioners and two Laserbacks which appear at the steps leading back up to the
fourth node. When this node is taken, the challenge ends.


Labyrinth of Death

Now at the vendor is the Morph Mod(100,000). Head down the ramp and kill the
Swarmers. Then turn around and kill the four Strikers that will be dropped from
two Dropships. After this you have a choice, hack the forcefield on the right,
or the forcefield on the left. It doesn't matter which route you choose, as
they are the same, except in reverse. I will detail the right path here. Hack
the forcefield and go through. Kill any enemies here (a regular forcefield area
has Swarmers and Strikers), then hack the next forcefield. Head right if you
need health and ammo and kill the Bladeballs. Then head left towards the Turret.
Go behind the blue Holoshield and take it out. Then head forwards, take out any
more enemies and hack the orbs on the left. Go through this regular section and
go into the next area. Kill all the Strikers and watch out for the shielded
Landstalker. When you start hacking the orbs two Dropships full of Strikers will
appear. When the orbs are hacked complete the next regular section and once
these orbs have been hacked the mission will end.
Node Overload

In this challenge you will have to turn six bolt cranks. There is a jump pad
from your start position that will take you up to where the nodes are. Watch out
for the Landstalker when you get up there. It doesn't matter which order you get
the nodes, but they all have things in common. They will all be surrounded by
three Beam Turrets and usually two Strikers will appear when you approach the
node. When the node has been hacked normally a Dropship will show up and drop
reinforcements. In the middle of the area, Beam Turrets and Executioners will
continuously drop down.

Refinery Ambush

A short challenge, this. You have to hack lots of orbs while fending off
enemies. The only enemies you will face in this challenge are Strikers and
Swarmers. Simply order your bots to hack the orbs and kill any enemies that
appear. Health and ammo can be found around the room.

Chains of Villainy

In this challenge you have to destroy several 'anchors' in the water, which are
essentially Quasar Orbs. You can get out of the the vehicle if you wish. First,
mortar the one right next to you while moving past the bridge the Landstalker is
one. There is no need to destroy it. Keep moving and when you reach the next
section go across the bridge just before the pad. While you are going across the
bridge, destroy the anchor on the right side. In the next area get your bots to
EMP the Turret, and destroy it while jumping across to the island its on. (You
can stand in the liquid, but it will damage your vehicle) Destroy the anchor on
your left while jumping across to the other side of the liquid. Head to the
final anchor and pass over the vehicle pad for a quick boost of health. Keep
going forward until you see the last anchor and destroy it to complete this

After you have completed this challenge you will unlock the Crusader Tournament
(if you have enough Dread Points). A new weapon will become available, the
Mini-Turret Launcher(100,000). The Wrench upgrade is the Versa Wrench Striker
(24,000). The bot upgrades are the Range Warrior(30,000), Go-Comet X(50,000),
several new paintjobs and another head.

Crusader Tournament

Static Deathtrap

According to Dallas, this is supposed to test your 'strategy and planning' by
leaving you with only the Stalker Mine Launcher. In this challenge you have
unlimited ammo, sort of. Your ammo will recharge one by one every couple of
seconds, so if you fire too fast you will temporarily run out of ammo. This is a
five round match, with no big enemies, mostly Strikers and Reapers. Just keep
throwing mines around.


In this challenge you have to turn nodes within a time limit. Go forward and
kill any enemies here while getting your bots to turn the node. After this has
been done jump onto the grindrail. At the end of the grindrail take the next
node and watch out for Strikers. When this one has been taken move to the other
side of the platfrom to take the next node. Once the third node has been taken
and all the enemies dead jump across the new platforms. You will see the
platform with the final node on has lots of barrels. As the explosions from
these barrels can hurt you I recommend shooting them now. When you reach the
platform take the final node while killing any enemies.

Reactor Battle

See Section 5.

The Valix Belt

Lost and Found

For 150,000 bolts you can now buy the Brainwash Mod. Walk forwards and kill the
Swarmers and the two waves of Strikers. Head left and destroy the Dropship. Then
launch a cable and grind across. Kill any Swarmers and DZ Strikers, including
the ones that drop out of a ship, then kill the Executioner that will appear.
After this grind across the platform and do the same thing again. Once these
enemies are dead jump across the platforms to your right. Kill the Swarmers and
the Cycloids, then head acroos the other platforms. Kill the Strikers and grind
on a cable to the other platfrom. There will be several Swarmers and
Executioners around. After they are dead, move forwards across the holographic
bridge. A Dropship will appear. Blow it up. There is health on the left, but
going to it triggers Strikers to appear. Across the bridge two more Dropships
will appear. Once they are gone go into the building and kill the Cycloids and
Strikers then turn the node.

Space Ace

This is a very easy challenge, all you have to do is destroy twelve groups of
enemies in the Hovership. Just use your radar for the enemy locations and if you
need to go back to the vehicle pad to top up your health.

Power Up

In this one you have to go through the power station while hacking the two orbs.
on the way. Go forwards, killing the Strikers and the Executioners. Go up the
slope in the power station and order your bots to hack the orbs. Watch out for
the Swarmers that will appear at the bottom of the slopes. Once the orbs are
activated go exit the powerstation and kill the Executioners. Go forwards and
kill all the Strikers, especially the ones in the Turrets. After the Strikers
are gone go into the final powerstation. There are four Strikers with laser guns
in here. After they are gone, hack the orbs, and watch out for the two
Executioners that will appear behind you at the entrance of the powerstation.
Kill the Executioners and Dropships at the other end of the powerstation and
walk into the blue light.

Let the Light Shine Through

Destroy the Strikers and Dropships in front of you, then kill any Cycloids.
Swingshot over the gap and kill the Executioner and the two Dropships. Launch a
cable and grind across it. Get rid of the Swarmers and the two Executioners. Hop
on the lift, ride it to to top and grab any health and ammo you need. Then swing
across to the next area. Kill the Swarmers and the Executioners and grind down
to the final section. Kill any enemies, using the turrets if you want. Run
around the left hand side of the building. Kill any Strikers and Cycloids you
see. When every enemy is dead turn the bolt crank in the building.

For completing this mission you will unlock the Gravity Boots. These allow the
wearer to walk on special surfaces. Simply walk up to the surface and these will
automatically equip, allowing you to walk up the surface. 


Hoverbike or Bust

Your objective in this mission is to reach a Hoverbike by hacking three pairs of
orbs. The thing is, the orbs all have Turrets guarding them. Head forwards and
destroy the first Turret and any Strikers around. Get your bots to hack the orbs
and kill any Zombies that spawn in front of you. After the orbs are hacked head
left up the slope, past the Ace Hardlight statue. Kill any enemies up here and
head down the other side to the next Turret. Destroy the Turret and start to
hack the orbs. Watch out for the respawning Zombies and the Laserback that will
appear. Head up the slope on the left and destroy any Strikers and the final
Turret (use the blocks for cover). Turn the final set of orbs and kill the
Laserback that will appear from the hallway on the left.

Seek and Destroy

In this challenge you can get off the Hoverbike if you wish. The objective of
this is to destroy 12 drones that fly around the map in a line, in one
direction. They will change direction if you get near the front of them. They
will not attack you in any way. The best way to do this mission is to follow
them on the Hoverbike (use the map to check which way they're moving), firing
at them as you go. You can tell if you are hitting them as they turn blue.

The Turn On

Jump on the Hoverbike right next to you and head to the node behind you, through
the green room with the four turrets. Ignore any enemies until you get to the
building that leads onto the node. Get off the bike and destroy the brown box
that generates Bladeballs. Then go up the ramp to the upper level and go towards
the node. Two Laserbacks will appear so kill them before heading out onto the
walkway. There is health to your left in the building if you need it. Head out
and kill any Strikers and turn the node. Two Laserbacks will spawn while it is
being turned (using the turret is a good idea). After this node is done, get
back on the bike and head back to the start. At the start, ignore the Zombies
and Executioners in front of you and head into the building and go for the node
on the left. Kill the two Laserbacks and any Strikers, then order your bots to
activate the node. Destroy any Bladeballs that come zooming out from the
corridor and the Strikers that appear at the top of the Gravity track. Go left
towards the final node and blow up any Bladeball generators. Kill the two
Executioners and any Strikers around and then activate the final node. Watch out
for the several Executioners that appear when the node is being turned.

Blast of Fresh Air

In this challenge you must place several explosives on the Ace Hardlight statue
to blow it up. Run forwards towards the Turret and EMP it. Before you take it
out turn around and kill the Executioner. When both of them are gone, run up
to the statue kill all the Beam Turrets and run round, killing any enemies and
setting any explosives. Your main enemies are Bladeballs, but Dropships will
appear. Watch out for one area where there is a Turret. It is not in range if
you stand close to the statue, but if you are at the edge it will be able to
hurt you. Once all explosives have been placed a timer will start. Simply
survive until the timer runs out to do this mission.

You will have now unlocked the Vindicator Tournament. Now available is the
Harbinger(2,000,000), the Fission Lance(32,000), and the Omega Mod Time
Bomb(250,000). The bot upgrades will be the Beta Ravager(100,000) and the
Go-Comet XR(75,000) and the usual paintjobs and heads.
Vindicator Tournament

Murphy's Law

Another weapon cycling challenge. You will start off with the Fusion Rifle
against some DZ Strikers. After these you will face a Dropship full of Swarmers
with the Magma Cannon. The Dropship will stay to fire at you, but you can easily
destroy it with the Magma Cannon, as hitting the rockets will destroy them
before they get to you. When it is gone you will have to face several Laserbacks
(and Reapers) with the Arbiter. After these are dead you will have to face some
Executioners with the Dual Vipers.

Air Drop

You will have to survive for three minutes against countless enemies and barrels
which will drop down from above and explode. These are easy to avoid, just watch
out for the big targeting reticules which appear on the ground and make sure
you're not on them when they turn red. This is not that hard, just avoid the
reticules and keep shooting.

Eviscerator Battle
See Section 5.


Junking the Jammers

This is a Landstalker mission, and you cannot get out of it. Destroy the two
orbs on either side of the forcefield to deactivate it. Do this for the other
forcefields as well. Head forwards killing any enemies you see, starting with
the Dropships. When all enemies are dead go through the next forcefield towards
the vehicle pad. Kill all enemies here and deactivate the last forcefield.
Head up the walkway and destroy all the Strikers. Once you reach the round
platform get rid of the Turret and destroy the thing in the center of the
platform. Go round the platform now and destroy the other three things to do
this challenge. Watch out for the other Turret on the opposite side of the
platform. There will also be Dropships dropping Executioners and Strikers. Go
back to the vehicle pad if you need to.

Section 4 Dread Challenges


Grist for the Mill

A simple arena fight, which is ten rounds long. Very easy, just watch your
health and ammo.

The Big Sleep

Another arena fight, again ten rounds, but this time Ratchet's health will
slowly drain. Thankfully to counter this there are lots of Nanotech crates
everywhere. Follow standard fighting rules but remember to grab health

Catacrom Four
Hoverbike Madness

This is a Hoverbike race around the robot graveyard, the objective being to go
through every checkpoint within the time limit (exact time depends on
difficulty level). Every checkpoint will grant you a few extra seconds. There
are barrels which will damage your vehicle and slow you down, so dodge them,
jump them, or shoot them. There are also a few Strikers. You should slow down
towards the end, or else you'll risk missing the bridge.

Destruction Derby

This has a simple premise. You have to destroy a certain amount of enemies
(depends on difficulty) within the time limit. Just move through and use your
mortars as often as possible to maximise damage. Make sure you take out the
turrets first as these can take chunks of your health away very fast.

Monuments of Death

In this challenge, you have to destroy three statues around the level. First,
run to the one nearby. Order your bots to place the explosives (two have to be
placed at each statue). While they're placing the explosives, destroy any
Zombies. Head over the plain to the next statue. Repeat the same steps as statue
one, but be careful you don't fall off the nearby edge. Now head over the bridge
to where the third node was located in 'On the Prowl'. Order your bots to set
the explosives on the final statue. When it's destroyed, the mission will end.


Check Me Out

This is another Hoverbike race, this time around the swamp. Its the same rules
as last time, go through all the checkpoints in time. The main difference is
that this time there is a lot more barrels, so dodging (or shooting) them is
vital. Unlike the last one there are no enemies, so concentrate on the barrels.

Swamp Fever
In this challenge you tke control of the Landstalker and must kill a certain
amount of Leviathan in the time limit (exact time depends on difficulty). Just
head forward using your mortars to kill any Leviathan. Once you've killed every
enemy you can see, head left, where the arena was in 'Where the Leviathans
Roam'. Follow the trail of Leviathans until you've killed enough to complete
the challenge. If you are having trouble in the Landstalker than you can get out
and go on foot if you want to. 


Night Flight

In this challenge you take control of the Hovership and your aim is to destroy
several turrets placed about. Use your mortars to wipe them out, and when you
have destroyed it, move on to the next, don't worry about any other enemies.
This is a fairly easy challenge.

Inverted Action

In this challenge you are in a cross shaped section, with two hacker orbs in the
center. You have to keep hacking while fighting the enemies, otherwise the arena
walls will close on you. Just order your bots to keep hacking and defend them
with any weapons you have. This is not too hard, and ammo and Nanotech spawn in
the center after every round.

Dark City Arenas

This takes place in one of the cities many arenas. This is a basic arena fight
with no twists. Ammo and health appears regularly in the arena. There are no
real tactics necessary for this fight-just shoot every enemy you see.

Avenger Tournament

Perfect Chrome Finish

A standard arena challenge.... except you can't get hit. This is annoying. The
first couple of rounds are quite easy, with only Swarmers and Bladeballs, but
later on Beam Turrets and Cycloids Appear! Holoshields would be a very good idea
if you have them. Throw them round you in a box shape for maximum protection!

Close and Personal

In this challenge you have to kill every enemy with only the wrench. The main
enemies will be Swarmers and Bladeballs. Later on, however, Strikers and Beam
Turrets will appear. You should kill Strikers first, as they can move and cause
you a fair amount of pain, then Beam Turrets as they are really powerful, then
the Swarmers and Bladeballs.


Assault on the Frozen Tundra

In this challenge you will have to take four nodes with only 'limited weapons'.
You start off with no weapons, but weapon icons are found on the ground. Run
into them to pick up that weapon. You can only carry one at a time, so if you
run into another one then it will replace your previous weapon. This is kind of
tricky, and you will die a few times, but if you take a node and die, you will
not have to take that node when you respawn. This will a couple of deaths, but
you should accomplish it fairly easily. 

Shoot to Kill

An extremely annoying target shooting range in the Landstalker. You have to
get several points (depends on difficulty) in the time it takes to reach the end
of the course. You have no control over movement, so concentrate on shooting.
Use mainly the mortars, but always hold R1 down to fire the machine guns. Ignore
any enemies on this level, as there is not nearly enough to kill you. There are
several types of targets, listed here:
Blue: These are standard, point giving ones. Often break down into smaller ones.
Brown: Explosive targets that can take out several other targets.
Yellow: Jackpot, these double the amount of points you get for a certain amount
        of time and they are stackable, so get two and get double the time.


In this challenge you must kill a certain amount of Swarmers in the time limit.
Like the challenge 'Assault on the Frozen Tundra' you must use weapon pickups.
There are several weapon pickups, although they all alternate between the Magma
Cannon and the B-6. Groups of Swarmers will spawn as soon as the last set is
gone. Follow the trail of Swarmers, which takes you left around the temple.
The last group of Swarmers is just to the right of the temple entrance. The best
gun is the Magma Cannon, but switch to the B-6 to sustain ammo between pickups.
To make this easier, you can add ammo mods to the weapons, and Shock is a good
mod here. If you haven't bought the B-6 then it will be replaced with the
Vipers or Flail. Ironically, this makes the challenge easier, due to the fact 
that they have vastly increased ammo/power.

Robots in a Barrel

A eight round long match in the Deathbowl. Quite easy, no strategy or tips


Swarming the Gauntlet

In this challenge you have to go through the 'Labyrinth of Death', killing a
certain amount of enemies in the time limit, with only pick up weapons. The only
enemies in this challenge are Bladeballs and Beam Turrets. Forcefields seperate
each section, and drop down when all enemies are dead. This challenge is not
hard, but make sure to get rid of any Laser Turrets first, otherwise they might
cut you down while you're killing the Bladeballs. 

Scoring with the Blarg

This is another Landstalker shooting challenge. The same rules apply as in
'Shoot to Kill', the only difference is that this time there is a lot more
enemies. They can kill you, so now you will have to juggle shooting enemies and

Crusader Tournament

Zombie Attack

You have to survive for an amount of time while constantly under attack by
Zombies, Strikers and Executioners. You also only have pickup weapons. This is a
very fun challenge, and quite easy, but remember to watch your ammo amount-make
sure you are near a pickup when you start to run out. Another good tip is to
shoot barrels to take out several zombies at once.

Heavy Metal

In this challenge you will be fighting several large enemies, e.g. Executioners,
Reapers and Leviathans. Follow standard arena rules, but there is one new
feature in this battle. See those poles around the arena? Later on these will
create small forcefields that will damage you if you come into contact with
them, basically they reduce the arena size. You can EMP them, but it will only
temporarily affect them, it is easier to ignore them.


In this challenge you have to survive for two and a half minutes. Enemies
consist mainly of Swamrers, but also King Leviathans, Executioners and Strikers.
The Swarmers will not attack you, but try to run into a red square at the other
sie of the arena. Every bit of time they spend in the box makes a counter which
starts at a 100 decrease. When it reaches 0 Ratchet will die. This is quite easy
and great for getting bolts and experience. One way to make this very easy is to
use Quasar Turrets with Shock Mod on.

Valix Belt

Time Extension

A Hovership race. You have to go through all the rings within the time limit,
and each checkpoint will grant you more time. Travel around all the rings and
don't worry about the enemies as they will not be able to hurt you if you keep
moving. Tilt the camera in the direction of the next checkpoint to make it
easier to get, remember you're in a Hovership so in this race the checkpoints
can be above or below as well as left or right.

Your Land is My Land

Almost the same as 'Power Up', the only difference being the location of the
nodes and the enemies around. Just run through, killing any enemies you see
and turn all three bolt cranks.


Turret Trouble

In this challenge you are confined to a turret and have to take out four waves
of enemies. The enemies are Cycloids, Strikers, Executioners and Dropships.
Taking out Dropships should be your main priority, as they can kill you quickly.
There is a health box next to you on the ground, shoot it to gain the health.
This is easy, but watch out for the Executioners, Dropships and any Strikers
that try to get into the other turret on the ground.

Vindicator Tournament

Higher Ground

This challenge is very similar to 'Climb the Tower of Power'(Avenger
Tournament), the difference is that this one is harder. Follow the same tactics
as before, but there are two sections to watch out for: one is right at the
beginning, after the first platform. There will be several platforms which curl
around each other, getting higher and higher. The problem is that every other
one will flip over, but they are all green. To avoid this, see which of the two
platforms at the start flip over, and stand on the the one that doesn't. The
next one will flip, so wait for it to be safe and jump over it to the next safe
one. Simply repeat this to the end, but be careful of the two last platforms,
which flip over very quickly after each other. The other section is the long
grindrail, which requires you to rapidly switch rails to avoid rings. This is
quite easy, but remember that you will have to use your Swingshot at the end.
Also, although it doesn't look like it, you can jump over the rings, even the
ones grouped in threes.


In this challenge you must shoot several balls to calibrate the grindrail and
then ride it to the next section. If the balls are green, they have been
calibrated. If they are yellow, you need to shoot them, and if they are red, you
cannot calibrate them just yet. Just shoot all yellow ones until they are green
and when they are done any red ones will turn yellow. Once all balls have been
calibrated grind to the next section. After three grindrails you will have to
fight some Reapers to end this challenge. The best weapon for this is the Quasar
Turrets as they shoot both enemies and the calibration orbs.


Speed Trap

A simple checkpoint race, this time in a Puma. The only difference between these
and the Hoverbike races is that it is a lot harder to dodge barrels, so I
recommend firing the machine guns at all times. Aside from that, this is an
easy challenge.

Spider on a Wire

The final Landstalker shooting mission. This is the easiest one as there are
no enemies and tons of targets to hit. Just remember to get the Jackpots first.
Section 5 Boss Strategies


You fight Shellshock several times, but each fight is essentially the same. He
has several attacks. 

1)He will fire his gun, a single shot, this is easy to dodge, just move to the
2)He will shout something about a 'dishonourable discharge'-after this he will
  drop a bomb that creates a shockwave. Just jump over it.
3)If targets appear all over the ground, then Shellshock has fired missiles. To
  dodge this just keep moving. The targets turn red just before a missile is
  about to hit, so don't stand on any red targets.
4)For his final attack, Shellshock will fly up in the air and drop homing 
  'Bouncer' bomblets. These are hard to dodge-move and hope.

Despite all appearances Shellshock is quite weak, so just blast at him with
everything you've got and he will fall.


Reactor is annoying as he has a large amount of health and it will take a lot to
make him fall. His attacks are as follows:

1)He will fire a gun in a burst of five or six shots. The shots move faster than
  you so just strafing won't help-you'll have to jump over the shot as well.
2)After attack 1), Reactor will slide his left foot on the ground like a bull.
  And like a bull, he will charge at you. Just keep moving while he is getting
  ready to do this attack, and he will miss.
3)In this attack, he will charge up his hands with blue light, and fire two
  beams at you, one after the other. Just move to dodge this attack. You cannot
  stand on the ground while it is blue or you'll get hurt.

After he has lost 1/3 of his health he will glide to the other end of the arena.
He will do this again after you take another 1/3 of his health away. When this
happens (both times) ammo and health will appear.


Eviscerator is even tougher than Reactor and it will take a while to kill him,
but his attacks are quite easy to avoid. They are:

1)Eviscerator will run after you swinging his blades. To dodge this just
2)After attack 1), Eviscerator will constantly flip towards you, just continue
  backpeddling from attack 1).
3)After attack 2), he will jump up and fire a blue/green laser at you. Strafing
  works well for this. 
4)After a certain amount of damage, he will flip to the side and fire lots of
  missiles in the air. These will fly around, land in the ground then explode.
  This is easy to dodge, if you see a missile land next to you, move.

Every so often, Eviscerator will put a forcefield around him and some Tremors
will appear. If you do not defeat them fast enough then Eviscerator will put
down his forcefield and start attacking. Everytime these Tremors spawn, Nanotech
and ammo will appear.

Ace Hardlight

Ace does not have much stamina, and so his health goes down quite quickly.
However, he does have one trick up his sleeve....

1)Ace will fire his gun in a short burst. Strafing will dodge this.
2)He will throw a bomb that creates a shockwave. Jump.
3)He will create several copies of himself. They only perform attack 1), and are
  easily destroyed.
4)Ace will launch a 'snake' projectile, which will track you for a certain
  amount of time. To avoid this, keep moving.
Rdejong3 says that you can destroy this snake, like so:
 When the snake comes after you, jump over its body. The snake will bump into
 itself, which makes it disappear! Before you can do this, you will have to wait
 until the snake is lower above the ground. This will take about 5 seconds.
5)Not technically an attack, Ace will put up a shield around him. He will attack
  as normal while it is up, and you can't do anything to bring it down, so you
  will have to wait for it to collapse.

Everytime his health gets to a certain level (lower each time), Ace will use a
health kit and recover his health to full. The last time he does this is when he
is almost dead and he says 'must fight-ignore pain'. Health and ammo is found
around the edge of the arena.

Gleeman Vox

Gleeman Vox is generally not too hard, although he does have some annoying
1st Half Only
1)Vox will fire two parallel electric beams. Strafing works well for this
2)Vox will strafe side to side, dropping Spider Bots as he goes. These are about
  half the size of Ratchet and will run up to Ratchet (they are fast) and when
  they touch him, they hurt him. However, they are destroyed quite easily.

2nd Half Only 
1)Vox will launch some sort of bomb, which will cause a shockwave. Jumping is
  enough to avoid this attack.
2)In this attack, He will fire several devices that surround and follow you with
  a series of lasers firing from them in a pattern. Every so often, they will
  close in and you will have to jump or get hurt. This attack is very annoying
  and hard to avoid. The only way to get rid of the devices is to destroy them.
3)He will fire missiles that will land on targets, which appear on the ground
  (this is very similar to Shellshocks attack). Simply keep moving and try not
  to step on targets.

1st and 2nd Half
1)Vox will create ghost enemies, mainly Swarmers and Zombies. If you have Quasar
  Turrets then use them, as they will shoot the enemies, allowing you to
  concentrate on Vox. In the 2nd Half the enemies get tougher,
  e.g. Executioners.

When you take off half his health, Vox will fly to the other side of the Arena,
get bigger and use some new attacks. The best weapons to use on Vox are the
Silencer and Quasar Turrets.

Section 6 Enemy Descriptions

Beam Turrets- The turrets that fire red beams are Beam Turrets. They are
              powerful but easily destroyed.
Bladeballs- Like the name suggests, balls that will stop near you, then blades
            will appear on them, which will spin and hurt on contact. Stronger
            than Swarmers, but still pretty weak. 
Cycloids- Brown things that swirl around in the air and fire red lasers at you.
Dropships- These are flying ships that drop enemies e.g. Strikers. Sometimes
           they fly away but sometimes they stay and lauch missiles.
Executioners- The strongest regular enemy. Has a 'trident', which will charge up
              with light, and fire at you in the form of a ball.
Laserbacks- Big beetles that hover, charge up orange light in their hands and
            fire rapid laser shots at you. Strong enemies. 
Leviathans-Purple creatures that have two attacks, both with their tales. One,
           they fire green balls at you. Two, they fire a green beam which they
           track you with for a limited time.
Missile Turrets- Turrets that launch missiles at you. They are strong but not
                 very durable.
Reapers- Lizards that will eithers fire green balls at you (close range) or fire
         orange spikes at you (far range). The second attack is more common.
Robot Zombies- Zombies found on Catacrom 4. They ruun after you and swipe you
               when in range.
Strikers- Come in colours red, green, blue and brown. They are basically
          soldiers and have either three shot burst guns or long range rifles
          with laser sights.
Swarmers- These come in several varieties, but are almost all the same-creatures
          that will bite you. Takes only one wrench hit to kill them.
Tremors- Green creatures that will run up to you and swipe with their arm. Later
         on they will use a long range shockwave in addition to their claw, but
         this is very weak.
Turrets- These are the big turrets that occasionally have shields around them.
         They are quite strong, but there is usually some cover nearby.

The Ghost form of any enemy is the green, almost transparent form found on Ghost

Section 7 Skill Points

    -How to get it 

        - In the challenge 'Grist for the Mill' kill 10 enemies in a row with
          the same weapon.
        - Quite easy, just use something like the Vipers. Swrmers make this SP
          even easier.
     - In 'Grist for the Mill' kill five enemies without taking any damage.
     - If you're having trouble with this, use someting like the B-6 against
       some Swarmers.
Get Some Balls
              - Kill 5 Bladeballs in 15 seconds. 
              - Use either something with a big blast radius, e.g. the B-6, or
                something fast firing e.g. the Vipers. Any challenge with enough
                Bladeballs will do e.g. Manic speed Demon.
Ankle Biters
            -Kill 10 Swarmers in 10 seconds.
            -Find an area where several Swarmers appear, for example one of the
             arena challenges (like 'Grist for the Mill'), and destroy them.
             A very easy SP.
The Protector
             -Kill five Tremors with the Magma Cannon in 20 seconds.
             -Go to the 'Advanced Qualifier' challenge and the second big
              section where the two Dropships that drop Tremors appear (use the
              guide if need be). Kill them all as fast as you can with the Magma
              Cannon and you should get this.
Eagle Eye
         -Complete any challenge with an accuracy of above 75%.
         -Pick a short challenge and use a gun like the Magma Cannon, where you
          have a bigger chance of hitting something.
Can't Touch This
                -Finish any challenge without taking a hit. 
                -You will get this after comnpleting the mission 'Perfect Chrome
                 Finish'. Use the guide if necessary.
      -Complete 'Manic Speed Demon' in under 60 seconds.
      -Use a strong weapon, like the Arbiter, or a fast firing weapon, like the
Dead Again
          -Kill 50 Zombies in the challenge 'Zombie Attack'.
          -Use the Hunter Mine Launcher, the Arbiter or the Vipers. Ignore the
           Executioners and Strikers.
The Bomb
        -In the challenge 'Zombie Attack' blow up 15 barrels.
        -This is easy. Shoot any barrels that are around, and they respawn.
Five in One
           -Kill five Swarmers in one shot.
           -Find a group of Swarmers and use the Arbiter or B-6.
Two In One
          -Kill two enemies with the Fusion Rifle.
          -To get this, fire a shot into a crowd of Swarmers.
           -Kill Reactor in less than 30 seconds.
           -Go on a low difficulty setting and use the most powerful weapon you 
            have (this is really easy with the Supernova).
Eviscerator Raider
                  -Kill Eviscerator with only the Flail.
                  -Go on a low difficulty and attack whenever he isn't e.g.
                   after his laser when he is taunting you.
Ace in the Hole
               -Kill Ace Hardlight without taking a hit.
               -Use a low difficulty setting and the most powerful weapon you
                have to kill him quickly and lessen the chance of being hit.
Catacrom 4

Piece Meal
          -Use the B-6 to kill 20 enemies.
          -Can be done on any challenge, but 'Rise Up!' is the best as it's just
           an arena battle, thus giving you several enemies to kill.
Nap Time
        -Let your Combat Bots gain 15 kills on any challenge.
        -To do this easily, find several Swarmers, or use the respawning Zombies
         on 'On the Prowl' (if you do this, put it on a low difficulty to allow
         the bots to kill enemies easily).
Crank It Up
           -On the challenge 'On the Prowl', turn at least two bolt cranks
           -Very easy, however if you keep getting killed by Zombies then buy
            the Shield Link.
The Perfect Mod
               -Kill five enemies with two different mods in 30 seconds
               -Do it at the respawning Zombies area in 'On the Prowl'. By
                'different mods', it means Omega mods, so use two weapons with
                two different Omega mods. It doesn't matter how many you kill
                with each weapon, so it could be 4 with one gun and 1 with the
                other, or 3 with one and 2 with another.
All Scattered
             -Complete any challenge using only the Magma Cannon.
             -The first challenge is the shortest, so use that one. Just 
              remember to go back to the vendor if you need ammo.
Lights Out
          -Use the EMP on three Turrets.
          -Go on 'Destruction Derby', which has five Turrets, and tell your bots
           to EMP them.
Tough As Nails
              -Complete any challenge on Exterminator Difficulty.
              -Do it on 'Valley of Heroes', as it is the shortest, use your most
               powerful weapons and, if necessary, use the Holoshields.
I Dare Ya
         -Complete any challenge without health kits.
         -Use the first challenge as it is the easiest, and try not to break
          open health kits, as Nanotech will home in on you if you get too
Cha Ching
         -Break open 5 Jackpot crtaes.
         -Jackpot crates are yellow crates that give lots of bolts. Do this on
          'On the Prowl'. The first one is one the left just before the tunnel
          leading to the third node. The second is right next to the third node.
          The third one is just across the bridge on the right (next to the
          second statue on 'Monuments of Death'. The fourth is around the back
          of the first statue you destroy in 'Monuments of Death'. The fifth is
          in plain sight by on the platform between the two Swingshot targets 
          (the one with the Swarmers).
         -Break 10 objects
         -Easiest on 'On the Prowl'. Just keep breaking things. Jackpot boxes
          (and probably ammo boxes) count.
Camera Shy
          -Break five hovering cameras.
          -Do it on 'Monuments of Death' or 'On the Prowl'. Use the Fusion Rifle
           as most of the time they are in the sky.
Chase the Goose
               -Complete 'Hoverbike Madness' with 5 seconds left.
               -Very easy, but if you're having trouble then go on a low
                difficulty to start off with more time. 
Derby Death
           -In 'Destruction Derby' kill 5 enemies at once with the mortars.
           -Find a group of Swarmers and mortar them all.
           -Kill 25 enemies without taking a hit.
           -On 'Rise Up' there is a lot of enemies, making this SP easy to get.
Holey Warriors
              -Kill 10 Zombies with the Vipers.
              -Do it in the plain with respwaning Zombies in 'On the Prowl'.


        -Kill 25 enemies in 45 seconds using the Shock Mod.
        -Easiest on 'King of the Leviathans', as there are lots of Swarmers
Long Shot
         -Kill 10 enemies in 60 seconds with the Fusion Rifle.
         -Again, 'King of the Leviathans', it has the highest concentration of
Mystic Warrior
              -Complete any challenge without taking damage.
              -Use 'Alien Soil' as it is short, but watch out for Leviathans.
Mix and Match
             -Use 5 different mods to kill 10 enemies.
             -Use 'King of the Leviathans' as it is the level with most enemies.
Beat Em Up
          -Kill 15 enemies with the Scorpian Flail in 30 seconds.
          -Yet again, 'King of the Leviathans'. Go for the Swarmers to make this
           really easy.
The Big Bang
            -Kill 4 DZ Strikers in 1 shot.
            -At one of the nodes in 'Where the Leviathans Roam', are 4 Strikers.
             Use the Harbinger on them to make this easy.
That'll Fix 'Em
               -Kill 15 enemies in a row with the wrench.
               -On 'Sarathos Sprint' after the first Turret, when you have have
                to hack the orbs, Swarmers will appear. After you hack the orbs,
                more Swarmers appear on the platform above you. And more appear
                on the slope ahead of that. Wrench all of these until you get
                the SP.
No Fly Zone
           -Destroy 4 Dropships with the Arbiter.
           -On 'Where the Leviathans Roam', after you caome out of the narrow
            section onto the wide open area, a Dropship will pass you. Follow it
            to a bridge leading to the node ahead of you. It will stop here to
            let out two Strikers. Get out of the Puma and eliminate it. Then
            go to the first node, the one ahead of you. Another Dropship will
            be dropping off Strikers above the node. The other 2 will appear at
            the other nodes dropping off reinforcements everytime you capture
Camera Shy
          -Break 15 Hovering Cameras.
          -On 'Where the Leviathans Roam', just keep driving around and shooting
           any you see with the machine gun.
No Peas Allowed
               -Complete any challenge without using the Vipers.
               -Either do 'Alien Soil' as it is short, or do 'Where the
                Leviathans Roam' without getting out of the Puma to do this and
                the 'Denied' SP in one go.
Death From Above
                -In 'Swamp Fever' kill 2 Leviathans at once with the mortars.
                -Find 2 Leviathans on their own and lock on to both of them,
                 until two are charged up. Fire, and one should hit one and one
                 should hit the other. Do this until they are both dead. Also
                 try to stand in the middle of them so both mortars hit at the
                 same time.
      -Complete any challenge without using the B-6 or Magma Cannon.
      -Either do 'Alien Soil' as it is short, or do 'Where the Leviathans Roam'
       without getting out of the Puma to do this and the 'No Peas Allowed' SP
       in one go.
Don't Come Back
               -Use the B-6 to kill 5 Leviathan.
               -Easiest in 'King of the Leviathans' as there are lots of them,
                and there are ammo pick ups everywhere.
Time to Kill
            -Complete 'King of the Leviathans' in under 2 minutes.
            -Go on a low difficulty and use your most powerful weapons.
Gone in Thirty Seconds
                      -In 'Where the Leviathans Roam' roadkill 10 enemies in 30
                      -At the very beginning, in the narrow area, 3 groups of
                       Swarmers appear, more than enough. Go slowly, so you can
                       steer and hit more, because if you miss, by the time you
                       turn around, your bots will have killed them.


Cow Patties
           -Kill 20 enemies in a row with the Hunter Mine Launcher.
           -Any challenge is easy for this SP, but Dark City Arenas is the
            easiest as it has the most enemies.
Raining Shells
              -Beat Shellshock with only the Dual Vipers in the challenge
               'Introducing Shellshock'.
              -Quite easy, but if you're having trouble got to a low difficulty
               setting and add ammo mods to the Vipers.
Slip and Slide
              -Complete 'Enemies are Such a Grind' in 3 minutes.
              -You will probably get this without knowing it, but if not then
               ignore all enemies and get to the rail as quick as possible.
          -Deal 250 damage with the Vipers.
          -Just use the Vipers on any challenge until you get the SP.
Too Nimble
          -Kill 20 enemies without takind any damage.
          -This is easiest on 'Dark City Arenas' as it has the most enemies.
Big Changes
           -Morph 40 enemies.
           -Just keep using a gun with the Morph Mod on to get this.
Can't Hit Me
            -In 'Shellshock Returns' defeat Shellshock without taking damage.
            -Go on a low difficulty setting and use your best gun to defeat him
             quickly and reduce the risk of being hit by him.  
Jet Assist
          -Kill 25 enemies in 45 seconds with the Arbiter.
          -The 'Dark City Arenas' challenge is best for this because it has the
           most enemies.
Lucky Shot
          -Kill 3 DZ Strikers with the Fusion Rifle in 1 shot.
          -Make sure you go on a difficulty where your Rifle can kill them in 1
           shot. Then go to 'Dark City Arenas'. After you kill the group that
           appear straight in front of you, 4 Strikers will appear on the right.
     -Manually turn 3 of the bolt cranks on 'Showdown with Shellshock' yourself.
     -Easy, but it is a good idea to have the Shield Link.
Flying High
           -Kill 7 enemies at once with the Hovership mortars.
           -Lock onto a group of Pincer Rays (the orange things that fly around
            in groups) until the reticules turn yellow, which means that they
            all mortars are locked on. Then fire.
Who Am I?
         -Keep 3 enemies brainwashed at once.
         -Use an explosive weapon (B-6, or even the Fusion Rifle) with that mod
          on against a group of enemies, preferably ones that won't die in one
          hit from that gun.
Don't Flail Me Now
                  -Kill 25 enemies in a row with the Flail.
                  -Can be done on any challenge, but 'Dark City Arenas' is
                   easiest as it has the most enemies.
Now It's Personal
                 -Kill an Executioner with the Wrench.
                 -The best place to do this is on 'Infiltrate the Cathedral',
                  the first one you see is in an arena with no other ones.
Just Passing Through
                    -Complete any challenge without getting hit.
                    -The best challenge is either 'Introducing Shellshock' or
                     'Shellshock Returns'.


Drunk For Joy
             -Destroy 5 Laserbacks
             -On 'Landstalker Stalkin', after you have deactivated the
              forcefields to get to the last 2 nodes. Go for the right one
              first, while you are turning it 2 will appear. After it has been
              turned, while heading to the left node, another 1 will appear.
              At the left hand node, while killing all the enemies 2 more
              Laserbacks will show up.
Catch Me If You Can
                   -Complete any challenge without damage.
                   -This is easiest on 'Whack-a-Swarmer' challenge, as the only
                    enemies you fight are Swarmers.
Hot Stuff
         -Use the Napalm Mod to kill 40 enemies in a row.
         -If you have enough ammo mods, you can do it with the B-6 on the
          'Whack-a-Swarmer' challenge. Otherwise do it on 'As the Wrench Turns'
          as it has the most enemies.
That's Gotta Hurt
                 -Kill a Landstalker with your wrench.
                 -Go on 'Couch Potato' difficulty, preferably with the best
                  wrench possible. There are 2 Landstalkers in 'Landstalker
                  Stalkin', both with Turrets around. Find one and take out the
                  Turrets so the Landstalker is the only enemy around. EMP it
                  then run up and hit it until it is destroyed.
The Smashing Machine
                    -Kill 30 enemies with the Flail.
                    -Best on 'As the Wrench Turns', as it has the most enemies.
Boom Stick
          -Kill 15 enemies in a row with the Magma Cannon.
          -On 'Whack-a-Swarmer', ignore any B-6 pickups and only go for the
           Magma Cannon ones for ammo.
All Balls
         -Kill 30 enemies without taking any damage.
         -This is easiest on 'Whack-a-Swarmer', as it has lots of enemies and
          they are all Swarmers.
The Run Away
            -Complete the challenge 'Landstalker Stalkin' without your vehicle
             taking a hit.
            -At the very start get out of the Landstalker and do the mission on
Far Far Away
            -Kill a Landstalker with the Fusion Rifle.
            -On 'Landstalker Stalkin', EMP a Landstalker and destroy it with the
             Fusion Rifle.
Tea Cups
        -Kill 5 Executioners with the Fusion Rifle.
        -On 'Landstalker Stalkin', there are 2 after the first node has been
         turned, 2 at the second node and 2 more at the top of the stairs by the
         second node. There are also several others by the final two nodes.
        -Kill 10 Berserkers with the Shock Mod.
        -Berserkers are basically Strikers. Just kill 10 of them on 'As the
         Wrench Turns' with the Shock Mod.
Look Out Below
              -Complete 'Whack-a-Swarmer' in under 90 seconds.
              -Use only the Magma Cannon pickups and if you are having trouble
               then put the Shock Mod on.
Four Dropships
              -Destroy 4 Dropships with the Arbiter.
              -On 'Landstalker Stalkin' there are planty of Dropships. Some only
               drop off enemies, so destroy them as soon as you see them.
Locked and Loaded
                 -Complete any challenge with only the Magma Cannon.
                 -'Return to the Deathbowl' is the shortest, so do this on that.
Lights Out
          -Use the EMP on 5 Turrets.
          -On 'Landstalker Stalkin' EMP every shielded thing you see to get
           this 'Skill Point'.


Hard to Hit
           -Kill 30 enemies without getting hit.
           -'Refinery Ambush' is the best challenge, most enemies are
            Bladeballs, but watch out for the Strikers.
The Frying Pan
              -In 'Labyrinth of Death', kill 10 DZ Berserkers with the Napalm
              -Equip your best explosive weapon with this mod, and kill any
               Berserker you see (Berserkers are essentially Strikers).
Running in Circles
                  -In 'Node Overload', turn the six nodes yourself.
                  -Having the Shield Link really helps here. Throwing down some
                   automatic weaponry, like Miniturrets, Mines, and to a lesser
                   extent, Holoshields, are also good. 
Electrical Socket
                 -Kill 10 DZ Berserkers with the Shock Mod.
                 -Berserkers are essentially Strikers. You should be able to
                  find enough on any challenge.
       -Kill 10 Bladeballs with the B-6 Obliterator.
       -You can only do this on 'Swarming the Gauntlet'. The only hard thing
        about this SP is finding the Obliterator. Once you've done that, the
        rest is cake.
Counter Sniper
              -Kill 5 Executioners with the Fusion Rifle.
              -On 'Node Overload' Executioners (and Beam Turrets) will
               constantly respawn.
Batter Up
         -Kill 10 Bladeballs with the Wrench.
         -Only possible on 'Swarming the Gauntlet'. There are plenty of
          Bladeballs on this mission.
Toughen Up
          -Complete any challenge without using any health kits.
          -You'll get this as soon as you get Iron Skin.
Iron Skin
         -Complete any challenge without taking damage.
         -Easiest on 'Refinery Ambush'. Mini-Turrets and Holoshields are very
          useful here.
Light Them Up
             -Use the Shock Mod to kill 10 Executioners.
             -On 'Node Overload' Executioners (and Beam Turrets) will
               constantly respawn.
Light Speed
           -Complete 'Chains of Villainy' in less than 1:30.
           -Just keep trying the route in the main guide until you get it.
Special Delivery
                -Destroy 5 Dropships.
                -'Labyrinth of Death' has more than 5 Dropships, but most are
                 only there for a few seconds (to drop off enemies).
Half and Half
             -Kill 10 DZ Berserkers in 45 seconds with 2 different weapons.
             -'Refinery Ambush' has a lot of Berserkers (Strikers).
Chilly Proposition
                  -Complete any challenge with only the Magma Cannon and the
                   Freeze Mod.
                  -The easiest challenge for this is 'Refinery Ambush' as it the
                   shortest. Luckily the Magma Cannon and Freeze Mod is a good
                   combination, so this shouldn't be too hard.
Don't Be a Wimp
               -Complete any challenge on Exterminator difficulty.
               -Yet again easiest on 'Refinery Ambush'. Just use your most
                powerful weapons.  

The Valix Belt

The Disease
           -Keep 5 enemies brainwashed at once.
           -You can either use a weak weapon (e.g. Vipers) on a group of
            Swarmers and fire one shot for each one. This will not kill them
            but will brainwash them. Another possibility is to fire an explosive
            weapon with the Brainwash Mod on into a crowd of enemies.
Medieval Power
              -Use the Flail to kill 50 enemies.
              -Just keep using the Scorpion Flail until you get this point.
Touchy Feely
            -Kill three Range Strikers with the Wrench.
            -On 'Lost and Found' and 'Power Up' the first enemies you see are
             Range Strikers.
            -Complete any challenge without taking damage.
            -Unlike other levels with this skill point, there isn't an easy,
             short mission to do it on. The best challenge is probably
             'Power Up', just learn where the enemies are and use Holoshields.
        -Destroy 5 Dropships with the Fusion Rifle.
        -'Lost and Found' is the best challenge for this, as it has more than
         enough Dropships. However most of them are only there for a few
         seconds to drop off enemies.
        -Kill 30 Pincer Rays
        -In the challenge 'Space Ace' kill 30 Pincer Rays (flying red things)
         with your Hovership. You can only use missiles to kill these, if you
         use your machine guns you will not get the SP.
       -Complete any challenge without using health crates.
       -You'll get this when you get the SP Invulnerable.
Mix and Match
             -Kill 10 enemies with three different Omega Mods in 30 seconds.
             -Any challenge except 'Space Ace' and 'Time Extension' is suitable
              for this.
Turret Syndrome
               -Kill 20 enemies with the Mini-Turrets.
               -On any challenge except 'Space Ace' and 'Time Extension' use
                the Mini-Turrets until you get the point.
Chill Out
         -Kill 20 enemies in a row with the Freeze Mod.
         -On any challenge except 'Space Ace' and 'Time Extension' use the
          the Freeze Mod until you get the point.
A Baker's Dozen
               -Kill 13 Cycloids with the same weapon.
               -On 'Let the Light Shine Through' at the last node, there will
                be a lot of Cycloids. Throw Mini Turrets until they are dead
                and you should get the SP.
Ring My Bell
            -Complete 'Time Extension' with 30 seconds or over left.
            -This is easiest if you go on a low difficulty level, as you will
             get more time for each checkpoint.
The Big Bang
            -Use the Arbiter to kill 5 enemies in 1 shot.
            -The easiest way to do this is to find a group of Swarmers. Just
             fire a rocket into the middle of them, and if there were 5 or more
             in the group then you will get this SP.
In a Row
        -Use the Fusion Rifle to kill 2 enemies in 1 shot.
        -This has to be done on 'Let the Light Shine Through'. Find a group of
         Swarmers and fire into them. The Fusion Rifle fires explosive shots, so
         this should not be that hard.
Bombs Away
          -Kill 20 eneies with the Mini-Bomb Mod.
          -Any challenge, just use any gun with this Mod on.
Section 8 Extras

[Skill Points Needed]  [Cheat Name]              [Cheat Description]
         5           HUD Colour              Change the colour of the HUD
         10          Gangsta Guns            The Dual Vipers are turned inwards
         15          Mirrored World          Reverses every level
         20          Remove Helmet           Ratchet won't have his helmet on
         25          Exterminator Bot Heads  Bots will have the head of an 
         35          Super Bloom             Makes screen bright and blurry
         45          Super Morphing Freeze   The Wrench will freeze or morph
                     Wrench                  enemies
         60          Weather                 Change the weather effects
         105         Kill Qwark              Turns all Strikers into Qwark
         120         Colour Blind            Makes the screen black and white
                                             or pale yellow
         140         Morph Mod on Vehicles   When an enemy is killed by a 
                                             vehicle, they morph
100% game completion Ninja Ratchet           Ninja Ratchet is dressed like a
                                             ninja, has a flaming sword instead
                                             of a wrench (which is stronger),
                                             and he is 10-20% faster 


Skins can be bought in the 'Skins' menu under 'Extras'. They are bought with
'Glamour Stars'. These are earned by doing missions. The amount you get depends
on difficulty. Couch Potato gives 1, Contestant gives 2, etc. To buy, or select
an already bought skin, simply select it and press x. You start off with two
free skins, the 'Marauder' Armour (any other Armour you unlock also appears
here), and 'Alpha Clank'. You won't be able to see what the other skins are
until you have enough Stars to buy them. There is also a 'Jak' skin. This is Jak
from the 'Jak and Daxter' series by Naughty Dog. To get this, load up your file
in Co-Op mode and go to skins, then scroll down and buy Jak. Jak can only be
played as by the second player, so therefore is only available in Co-Op.

Challenge Mode

Once you beat the game once, you are given the option to go back in time or
start a game in Challenge Mode. Challenge Mode is playing through the game 
again, but with a few perks.

For starters it is harder, not that much harder, but harder. To counter this you
can buy 'Mega' version of each weapon that has already reached v10. Once you
have bought it you can upgrade that weapon to v99! However, it upgrades much
faster than the regular weapon. Everytime it goes up a level its power
increases, but by a small amount. Everytime it goes up the tenth level e.g. 20,
30, it increases more. For example, when the Vipers upgrade they go up 1. But
on its tenth upgrade level it goes up 2. When it reaches v99 the shots change
colour everytime they are fired. You can also buy Alpha mods at the vendor.
The Mega weapons and Alpha mods are very expensive, but there is now a new 
feature to help. The Bolt Multiplier.

This inceases everytime you kill enemies. It starts off at times 1, and goes up
to times 20. If, however, you get hit it resets back to one. You keep the 
Charge Boots, all weapons (at current level and mod setup), current bolts and
you unlock a new difficulty (the hardest one), Exterminator.

Exterminator Cards

These are required for 100% completion. There are six of them, each unlocked by
doing different things. They appear around the Rank-O-Matic in Challenge Mode
only. So although you can unlock several first time around, you will not see
them until Challenge Mode.

Shellshock-Buy every weapon and Omega mod
Reactor-Buy every Mega weapon
Eviscerator-Get 100 Nanotech
Ace Hardlight-Get 400,000 Dread Points
Gleeman Vox-Get all Skill Points
Slugga-Complete all challenges on Exterminator difficulty

Note: For the Slugga Card, all challenges on Exterminator means all story levels
      (including Control Level) and all Dread Challenges.

Section 9 Hints and Tips 

Use Your Map!
Your map shows the direction of your objective, your bots position and, most
importantly, enemies! Never leave an area until you see no more red dots. Just
because you don't see an enemy, doesn't mean he's not there. And remember, for
a better look of the route to your objective, you can always enlarge your map.

Accuracy is King!
On the higher difficulties especially, running out of ammo is very possible if
you waste it. This is very important for weapons like the B-6, which has a
default ammmo amount of only six. Be as accurate as possible, and don't use more
than you need to. If you are falling short of ammo, then try killing any big
enemies, like Executioners, who usually drop ammo.

Upgrade your weapons quickly!
As soon as one weapon is upgraded, you should move onto the next. The only time
you should be using an already upgraded weapon is:
a)On a hard level
b)On a boss
c)When you have to (e.g. Vipers on grindrails)
d)When you have no weapons left to upgarde (obviously)

You may not like that Fusion Rifle, but there might be a challenge or SP when
you're forced to use it, and it'll be a lot easier with an Anti-Matter Rifle
than a v1 Fusion Rifle!

Strafing is an incredibly useful feature that allows you to dodge while still
keeping sight and being able to attack an enemy. Strafing combined with flipping
means you can avoid any attack thrown at you, including things such as Turret
fire and Landstalkers.

Upgrade your bots!
You may not think you need them, but later on they can be your saviour. They
can do many useful things, like hack and turn bolt cranks. Buying items like the
Bogo, Beta Ravager, Shield Link and Go-Comet upgrades are vital. They aren't too
powerful, but they can take care of lesser enemies like Swarmers while you
concentrate on the Dropship firing at you. They also provide distractions for
enemies, in that if they are closer to an enemy than you are, than the enemy
will shoot at them, allowing you to pummel it in relative safety.

Use Turrets/Vehicles!
When low on health, Turrets or Vehicles (more likely Turrets) can be a life
saver. They give you a new Nanotech bar, so while you are on the Turret/Vehicle
it is not you being hurt, but them. Not only this, but they pack awesome
firepower, so all enemies will probably die anyway. 

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