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FAQ/Walkthrough by I N F E R N O

Version: 0.60 | Updated: 01/21/06

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                         ____        __       __         __ 
                        / __ \____ _/ /______/ /_  ___  / /_
                       / /_/ / __ `/ __/ ___/ __ \/ _ \/ __/
                      / _, _/ /_/ / /_/ /__/ / / /  __/ /_  
                     /_/ |_|\__,_/\__/\___/_/ /_/\___/\__/  
                ____                 ____           __            __
               / __ \___  ____ _____/ / /___  _____/ /_____  ____/ /
              / / / / _ \/ __ `/ __  / / __ \/ ___/ //_/ _ \/ __  / 
             / /_/ /  __/ /_/ / /_/ / / /_/ / /__/ ,< /  __/ /_/ /  

                 Game.......................Ratchet: Deadlocked
                 Platform...................PlayStation 2
                 Author.....................Evan "I N F E R N O" Falon
                 Started....................November 4th, 2005
                 Updated....................January 21st, 2006

                 AOL Instant Messenger......IxNxFxExRxNx0 
                 MSN Messenger..............xl_inferno_lx@hotmail.com

                        | This document is Copyright |
                        |   2005-2006, Evan Falon    | 

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               1) Version History ............. [VHST01]
               2) Information ................. [INFO02]
               3) Controls .................... [CTRL03]
               4) On-Screen Display ........... [SCRN04]
               5) Pause Menu .................. [PSMN05]
               6) Special Items ............... [SPCL06]
               7) Weapons ..................... [WPON07]*
               8) Gadgets ..................... [GDGT08]
               9) Walkthrough ................. [WALK09]*
                   DreadZone Station .................. [DRED00]
                   Catacrom Four ...................... [CATA01]
                   Sarathos ........................... [SRTH02]
                   Kronos ............................. [KRNS03]*
              10) Online ...................... [ONLN10]
                   Connecting To A Game ............... [CNCT00]
                   Game Modes ......................... [MODE01]
              11) Skill Points ................ [SKIL11]
                   DreadZone Station .................. [DREDSK]
                   Catacrom Four ...................... [CATASK]
                   Sarathos ........................... [SRTHSK]
                   Kronos ............................. [KRNSSK]
                   Shaar .............................. [SHARSK]
                   Orxon .............................. [ORXNSK]
                   The Valix Belt ..................... [VALXSK]
                   Planet Torval ...................... [TRVLSK]
                   Stygia ............................. [STYGSK]
                   Maraxus ............................ [MRXSSK]
              12) Unlockables ................. [UNLK12]
              13) Special Thanks/Legal ........ [THNK13]
              14) Copyright ................... [CPRT14]

                      * Indicates section is incomplete *

1)                          Version History                            [VHST01]

| Version................Date.............Updated   | 

Version 0.00 ..........11/04/05......... Started FAQ
Version 0.05 ..........11/04/05......... Added Copyright and Special Thanks
Version 0.10 ..........11/12/05......... Added Information, Controls, On-Screen
                                         Display, Pause Menu, Special Items,
                                         and Unlockables
Version 0.15 ..........11/24/05......... Added Pause Menu
Version 0.20 ..........11/26/05......... Started Weapons
Version 0.25 ..........11/29/05......... Added Gadgets
Version 0.30 ..........12/01/05......... Started Online, Continued Weapons
Version 0.35 ..........12/02/05......... Completed Online, Started Walkthrough
Version 0.35 ..........12/03/05......... Continued Walkthrough
Version 0.35 ..........12/09/05......... Continued Walkthrough, Weapons
Version 0.40 ..........12/10/05......... Started Skill Points
Version 0.45 ..........12/23/05......... Continued Walkthrough, Weapons
Version 0.50 ..........12/29/05......... Completed Skill Points
Version 0.55 ..........01/13/06......... Continued Walkthrough
Version 0.60 ..........01/21/06......... Continued Weapons

2)                                Information                          [INFO02]
Ratchet: Deadlocked is a PlayStation 2 videogame, released in North America on
October 24th, 2005. Ratchet: Deadlocked (also referred to as R:D) is a
third-person shooter. Both Insomniac and SCEA helped design and publish this
great game.

3)                                 Controls                            [CTRL03]
                           X  ..... X Button
                          [] ..... Square Button
                          /\ ..... Triangle Button
                          () ..... Circle Button
                          <- ..... Left D-Pad Button
                          -> ..... Right D-Pad Button
                          Up ..... Up D-Pad Button
                          Down ... Down D-Pad Button
                          L3 ..... Left Analog Stick Pressed Down
                          R3 ..... Right Analog Stick Pressed Down
                          Start .. Start Button
                          Select . Select Button

                        |        Menu Controls        |
                    Start  ................ Pause/Start Game
                    Left Analog  .......... Highlight Menu Item
                    X  .................... Select Menu Item
                    Left Analog  .......... Change Setting
                    /\  ................... Previous Screen

                        |    First-Person Controls    |
                    Right Analog ............ Control Camera View
                    Left Analog ............. Run
                    Left Analog (Halfway) ... Walk
                    X  ...................... Jump
                    X (Twice) ............... Double Jump
                    [] ...................... Swing Wrench
                    /\ (Held) ............... Weapon Quick Select
                    () ...................... Fire
                    L1 ...................... Jump
                    L1 (Twice) .............. Double Jump
                    L2 (Twice) .............. Charge Boots
                    R1 ...................... Fire
                    R1 (Hold) ............... Swingshot
                    R2 (Hold) ............... Weapon Quick Select Menu
                    Start ................... Pause Menu
                    Select .................. Expand Map
                    R3 ...................... Expand Map
                    []  []  [] .............. Multi-Strike Combo
                    L1 [] or X [] ........... Hyper-Strike
                    L2 [] ................... Comet Strike

                        |    Third-Person Controls    |
                    Right Analog ............ Control Camera View
                    Left Analog ............. Run
                    Left Analog (Halfway) ... Walk
                    X  ...................... Jump
                    X (Twice) ............... Double Jump
                    [] ...................... Swing Wrench
                    /\ (Held) ............... Weapon Quick Select
                    () ...................... Fire
                    L1 ...................... Reset Camera
                    L1 (Hold) ............... Look mode
                    L2 ...................... Change Target
                    L2 (Hold) ............... Strafe
                    R1 (Twice) .............. Charge Boots
                    R1 (Scope) .............. Zoom In
                    R2 ...................... Change Target
                    R2 (Hold) ............... Strafe
                    R2 (Scrope) ............. Zoom Out
                    Start ................... Pause Menu
                    Select .................. Expand Map
                    R3 ...................... Expand Map
                    []  []  [] .............. Multi-Strike Combo
                    X [] .................... Hyper-Strike/Comet Strike

                        |     Landstalker Controls    |
                       X ....................... Jump
                       /\ ...................... Enter/Exit
                       () ...................... Fire
                       L1 ...................... Switch Seat
                       L2 ...................... Strafe Jump
                       R1 ...................... Fire
                       R2 ...................... Strafe Jump
                       Left Analog ............. Move
                       Right Analog ............ Aim

                        |      Hoverbike Controls     |
                        X ....................... Jump
                        /\ ...................... Enter/Exit
                        () ...................... Fire
                        L1 ...................... Jump
                        R1 ...................... Fire
                        Left Analog ............. Move
                        Right Analog ............ Turn

                        |        Puma Controls        |
                      /\ ...................... Enter/Exit
                      () ...................... Fire
                      L1 ...................... Switch Seats/Fire Mortar
                      R1 ...................... Fire
                      Left Analog ............. Forward/Reverse
                      Right Analog ............ Turn

                        |      Hovership Controls     |
                       X ....................... Descend
                       /\ ...................... Enter/Exit
                       [] ...................... Ascend
                       () ...................... Fire
                       L1 ...................... Switch Seats
                       L2 ...................... Descend
                       R1 ...................... Fire
                       R2 ...................... Ascend
                       Left Analog ............. Move
                       Right Analog ............ Turn

4)                             On-Screen Display                       [SCRN04]
                        |         Single Player       |
                                 Health Level
Your health level is displayed on the top of the screen, in the center. It
shows your health number, followed by your maximum health number. The larger
the maximum number, the more hits it will take to kill you. Fill the experience
meter to increase your maximum health level.

                               Experience Meter
The experience meter is located directly above your health level. It shows a bar
that will fill up depending on the enemies you have killed. When the bar
reaches it's maximum, you will get a higher maximum health, and the bar will

                                Current Weapon
Your current weapon is shown under the ammo count, to the left side of the
screen. The icon will change depending on what weapon you have selected at any
given point in the game.

                              Weapon Tri-Select
The weapon tri-select shows your current weapon, as well as your last two used
weapons. You are able to switch between these three weapons by tapping the /\

                              Weapon Power Meter
The weapon power meter tells you how close you are to upgrading your weapon. It
is located directly above the weapon tri-select, and when the bar reaches the
top, your weapon will upgrade to the next level.

                                  Bolt Count
Your bolt count tells you how many bolts you currently have. You can find the
bolt count on the upper right hand of your screen. When you defeat enemies, 
break crates, or get rewards, your bolt count will increase.

                                   Max Ammo
Your maximum ammo is located above the weapon power meter, and it shows the
maximum ammo that your selected weapon can carry.

                                Ammo Remaining
Your ammo remaining is shown directly before your max ammo, and it tells you
how many rounds you have remaining in your selected weapon. Break ammo crates,
or go to a vendor to increase the ammo you have remaining.

                              Bot Control Menu
The bot control menu is located in the bottom left of the screen, and gives you
quick access to the bots. Command your bots to do tasks such as regroup, heal,
crank bolt, and many more.

                              Attack Meter Line
The attack meter line in located in the middle of the bot control menu. The
gauge rises when your bots take damage, or deal damage out. When the attack
meter line reaches the top, a special move is available for your bots. Press up
on the d-pad for your bots to do the special move.

                       |         Quick Select        |
Your quick select screen lets you access your weapons while pausing the game.
Hold down /\ or R2 to bring up the quick select menu, and navigate around with
the left analog stick. Highlight a weapon and let go of /\ or R2 and you will
resume your game with your selected weapon. Press [] while holding down /\ or
R2 to access a second page of your quick select.

                       |            Radar            |
Your radar displays your current position in the game. The arrow is your
current position, red dots are enemies, blue and white flashing stars are
teleporters, yellow dots are vendors, and the green dots are your bots. Press
R3 to change your small radar into a full-screen map.

5)                                Pause Menu                           [PSMN05]
The Pause Menu comes up when you press the Start button. Use the left analog
stick or d-pad to navigate through the pause menu. To select a subsection of
the pause menu, press X. To exit from the pause menu press Start again, or /\.

                       |           Weapons           |
The weapon section of the pause menu shows all the weapons that you have in
your arsenal. From this screen, you can read descriptions of the weapon, the
level, ammo, damage, and experience of a selected weapon, and the ability to
select this weapon for use when you unpause the game.

Use the left analog stick or d-pad to navigate through the weapons section. On
the left side of the screen is a picture of the selected weapon, and under is
the information on the modifications. To the right of this picture is the
ammo, damage, experience, and level. Under the description and picture is the
list and options to change the Omega and Alpha mods on the weapon. Change
weapons by moving the cursor over each weapon at the top of the screen.

                       |          Challenges         |
The challenges section of the pause menu shows you your current mission as well
as missions you have already completed. In the middle of the screen is the name
of the mission, as well as a list of which difficulty you've completed the
mission on. On the lower half of the screen, there is a challenge overview.
This will tell you the summary of the mission as well as the rewards you can
earn by completing this mission. On the right side of the screen is your
current standings, including rank, points, bolts, and medals earned.

Press () in the Challenges menu to get a list of skill points. The skill point
screen will tell you which skill points you have earned, and have yet to earn
at a specific planet. On the left side is the name of the skill point, and a
check mark if you've completed it. On the right side is the description of the
skill point as well as the reward for completing it. Earning skill points will
unlock cheats to be used in the game.

                       |           Planets           |
The planets menu shows you the current planets you have access to, as well as
those still yet to be unlocked. If a planet is completed, there will be a check
mark next to the name. If it has not been completed, there will not be a check
mark, and if you have yet to unlock it, there will be a lock next to the name.

When highlighting a planet, the description will appear at the lower half of
the screen. The number of skill points earned at that planet and the number of
dread challenges will be displayed at the right side. When looking at a planet
you cannot access, it will show you your current status as well as the status
required to access the planet.

                       |         Equiptment          |
The equiptment screen displays what equiptment you have picked up throughout
the game, both for Ratchet and your bots. On the top of the list will be the
different weapons and gadgets your bots have access to, and on the bottom is a
list of the gadgets that Ratchet has collected so far.

                       |             Help            |
In the help section, you can review the help logs by selecting Help Log and
pressing X on it. The Moves section tells you each one of Ratchet's moves, as
well as how to use them during the game. A description accompanies the name of
each of Ratchet's moves.

                       |           Options           |
The options menu lets you customize how your game is played, from the camera to
the sound.

[Control Options]                              The control options section lets
                                            you customize your controls in game

[Game Settings]                          You can customize the settings of your
                                          game, sound levels and other settings

[Save]                                       The save option lets you save your
                                      progress in any of 4 available save files

[Load]                                        The load option lets you load any
                                         one of your files that have been saved

[Quit]                                           The Quit Game option exits you
                                                         from your current game

                       |           Extras            |
[Skill Points]                                   The skill points section tells
                                                you which skill points you have
                                              completed, as well as those which
                                                are still available to complete

[Leader Board]                            The Leader Board shows you your dread
                                             points and your standings compared
                                                           to other competetors

[Stats]                                 The stats section lets you see how many
                                              enemies killed, with what weapon,
                                                    as well as many other stats

[Cheats]                                       The cheats section allows you to
                                              use your acquired skill points to
                                                           buy different cheats

[Skins]                                          The skins section lets you use
                                            your Glamour Stars to buy new skins

[Media]                                        The media section shows you each
                                                  one of the cutscenes that you
                                                  have seen in the game already

6)                               Special Items                         [SPCL06]
                       |            Health           |
Health comes in crates, and is called Nanotech. Nanotech adds to your current
health. You can often find health with crates of bolts and ammo. In the
single-player mode, Nanotech will restore part of your health, but in online
multiplayer games, Nanotech restores all of your health.

                       |            Bolts            |
Bolts are the equivalence of money in Ratchet: Deadlocked. Use bolts to buy
anything from weapons to weapon mods. Bolts come your way from many places, the
most common is in boxes. Brown wooden crates contain bolts, which can be
collected by breaking open the crate. Special tasks and challenges will also
reward you in bolts, as will defeating enemies.

                       |            Crates           |
There are several different types of crates in R:D, each with an individual
type of result. The boxes contain bolts, ammo, or health. Yellow crates, called
Jackpot Crates, contain bolts, which buy you weapons as stated in the previous
section. Blue boxes with a white cross are filled with health, and green boxes
with yellow circles contain ammo.

                       |           Vendors           |
Vendors come in two different forms, weapons and bot weapons. Weapon vendors
sell you new weapons, as well as ammo for weapons you already own. Bot weapon
vendors sell you the newest in bot technology, and will only be available from
Al's Shop. He will sell you upgrades for your bots.

7)                                  Weapons                            [WPON07]
Weapons in Ratchet: Deadlocked come about after unlocking them after completing
levels. Each weapon has unique qualities, from damage to the amount of ammo
available. Weapons can be upgraded from their original version 1 to version 10,
a much more powerful version, by gaining experience from use. Once a weapon
reaches level 10, the Mega version of that weapon can be bought. Mega weapons
start at level 11 and allow you to level them all the way up to level 99.

The description following the weapon's name explains how the weapon works, and
how it is best used. The place that it is available will explain where you may
first acquire the weapon in the single player mode. The power is gauged on the
pause menu, and it relates to the amount of damage enemies who are hit by the
weapon will take. When weapons reach version 10, they have a new name and will
change to a different, more powerful weapon.

Modifications are earned when you level up a weapon. After each level, a new
mod will be unlocked for you to use. Each weapon has 10 alpha mod slots, and it
is up to you to buy and select these alpha mods for each individual weapon.
There are eight types of omega mods, napalm, time bomb, freeze, mini-bomb,
morph, brainwash, acid, and shock. Only one of these omega mods can be on a
weapon at a single time, compared to the alpha mods which can be a combination
of any mod.

The omega mods are as follows: Napalm, Time Bomb, Freeze, Mini-Bomb, Morph,
Brainwash, Acid, and Shock. The Napalm mod releases lava around the area of
explosion, injuring those who cross it. The Time Bomb mod explodes after coming
into contact with an enemy, injuring those around it. The Freeze mod freezes
enemies and allows them to be killed easier. The Mini-Bomb mod releases bombs
after the original shot has exploded. The Morph mod morphs enemies into farm
animals. The Brainwash mod makes enemies turn on themselves, firing at other
enemies instead of you. The Acid mod injures the enemy even after the shot has
hit them. The Shock mod shocks an enemy and anyone within the area.

The alpha mods are as follows: Speed, Ammo, Aiming, Impact, Area, XP, Jackpot,
NanoLeech. The Speed mod will make the weapon fire at a higher rate. The Ammo
mod will increase the amount of ammo the weapon is able to hold. The Aiming mod
will increase your accuracy. The Impact mod will increase the amount of damage
dealt to an enemy. The Area mod will increase the area of an explosion. The XP
mod will increase the experience gained from killing an enemy by 50%. The
Jackpot mod will increase the amount of bolts gained from killing an enemy by
50%. The NanoLeech mod leeches health off fallen enemies and gives it to you.


The weapon format is as follows:

_/Level 1-9 Weapon Name\_______________________________________________________
[Where Available]
[Level 1 Damage]

 /Level 10 Weapon Name\
[Level 10 Damage]

 /Mega Weapon Name\
[Level 99 Damage]

 /Omega Mods Available\
 /Alpha Mods Available\


_/Dual Vipers\_________________________________________________________________
[Description]     The standard weapon, shoots dual streams of bullets at
                  enemies. Similar to the N60 Storm of UYA, fast rate of fire.
                  Great weapon to start with, especially with the shock mod,
                  but will end up fairly weak in the later stages of the game.
[Where Available] From Start
[Cost]            Free
[Level 1 Damage]  10

 /Dual Raptors\
[Description]     Ricochetting bullets, increased power
[Level 10 Damage] 80

 /Mega Dual Raptors\
[Cost] x bolts
[Level 99 Damage] 168

 /Omega Mods Available\ Freeze, Morph, Brainwash, Acid, Shock
 /Alpha Mods Available\ Speed, Ammo, Aiming, Impact, XP, Jackpot, NanoLeech


_/Magma Cannon\________________________________________________________________
[Description]     The Magma Cannon is a great weapon for groups of enemies
                  because of the blast radius. It fires many small shots, doing
                  damage to many enemies who are far away, and great damage to
                  enemies who are close.
[Where Available] From Start
[Cost]            Free
[Level 1 Damage]  60

 /Vulcan Cannon\
[Description]     Increased damage, shots home onto enemies
[Level 10 Damage] 300

 /Mega Vulcan Cannon\
[Cost] x bolts
[Level 99 Damage] 567

 /Omega Mods Available\ Freeze, Morph, Brainwash, Acid, Shock
 /Alpha Mods Available\ Speed, Ammo, Impact, XP, Jackpot, NanoLeech


_/B-6 Obliterator\_____________________________________________________________
[Description]     The B-6 Obliterator releases a bomb that effects any enemy in
                  the blast radius. There is great splash damage, so use this
                  in large groups of enemies to clear out areas.
[Where Available] Complete Qualification Course (DreadZone Station)
[Cost]            15,000 bolts
[Level 1 Damage]  200

 /B-11 Vaporizer\
[Description]     Larger bomb, larger explosion, greater damage
[Level 10 Damage] 750

 /Mega B-11 Vaporizer\
[Cost] x bolts
[Level 99 Damage] 1550

 /Omega Mods Available\ Napalm, TimeBomb, Freeze, Mini-Bomb, Morph, Brainwash,
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  Acid, Shock
 /Alpha Mods Available\ Speed, Ammo, Aiming, Impact, Area, XP, Jackpot,
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  NanoLeech


_/Hunter Mine Launcher\________________________________________________________
[Description]     The Hunter Mine Launcher launches mines at enemies, which
                  then home onto enemies and explode upon impact. It is useful
                  for large groups of enemies because of the blast radius, and
                  becomes very powerful when leveled up.
[Where Available] Sarathos
[Cost]            35,000 bolts
[Level 1 Damage]  120

 /Stalker Mine Launcher\
[Description]     Two times the size, explosion creates 2 new mines
[Level 10 Damage] 500

 /Mega Stalker Mine Launcher\
[Cost] x bolts
[Level 99 Damage] 1034

 /Omega Mods Available\ Napalm, TimeBomb, Freeze, Mini-Bomb, Morph, Brainwash,
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  Acid, Shock
 /Alpha Mods Available\ Speed, Ammo, Impact, Area, XP, Jackpot, NanoLeech


[Description]     Much like the MiniRocket Tube from UYA, the Arbiter launches
                  extremely powerful rockets at enemies. This becomes one of
                  the best weapons in the game, especially with the right mods.
[Where Available] 
[Level 1 Damage]  

[Description]     Launches three rockets, upgraded damage
[Level 10 Damage] 2500

 /Mega Silencer\
[Cost] x bolts
[Level 99 Damage] 4991

 /Omega Mods Available\ Napalm, TimeBomb, Freeze, Mini-Bomb, Morph, Brainwash,
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  Acid, Shock
 /Alpha Mods Available\ Speed, Ammo, Aiming, Impact, Area, XP, Jackpot,
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  NanoLeech


_/Fusion Rifle\________________________________________________________________
[Description]     A very powerful sniper rifle, the Fusion Rifle allows you to
                  take out very strong enemies from a great distance away. Zoom
                  in and pick off enemies while staying out of their range.
[Where Available] Kronos
[Cost]            50,000 bolts
[Level 1 Damage]  500

 /Anti-Matter Rifle\
[Description]     Upgraded damage, new look to each round
[Level 10 Damage] 2000

 /Mega Anti-Matter Rifle\
[Cost] x bolts
[Level 99 Damage] 4046

 /Omega Mods Available\ Freeze, Morph, Brainwash, Acid, Shock
 /Alpha Mods Available\ Speed, Ammo, Impact, XP, Jackpot, NanoLeech


_/Scorpion Flail\______________________________________________________________
[Description]     It looks like a ball and chain, but feels like the Plasma
                  Whip from UYA. This is a good crowd control weapon because of
                  the range. Whip it out near a group of enemies and don't stop
                  flailing until they're all gone.
[Where Available]
[Level 1 Damage]  400

 /Leviathan Flail\
[Description]     Sends shock to nearby enemies
[Level 10 Damage] 1550

 /Mega Leviathan Flail\
[Cost] x bolts
[Level 99 Damage] 3012

 /Omega Mods Available\ Freeze, Morph, Brainwash, Acid, Shock
 /Alpha Mods Available\ Speed, Ammo, Impact, Area, XP, Jackpot, NanoLeech


_/Holoshield Launcher\_________________________________________________________
[Description]     The Holoshield Launcher allows you to hide behind a shield
                  for a certain amount of time. You can shoot through this
                  shield, but enemies cannot.
[Where Available] Catacrom Four
[Cost]            20,000 bolts
[Level 1 Time]    10

 /Omni-Shield Launcher\
[Description]   Larger, shoots back at enemies
[Level 10 Time] 28

 /Mega Omni-Shield Launcher\
[Cost] x bolts
[Level 99 Time] 54

 /Omega Mods Available\ Freeze, Morph, Brainwash, Acid, Shock
 /Alpha Mods Available\ Speed, Ammo, Impact, XP, Jackpot, NanoLeech


_/Miniturret Launcher\_________________________________________________________
[Description]     The Miniturret Launcher lets you set up turrets which will
                  assist you in shooting at the enemy. This works well against
                  large enemies or bosses, because they are like extra bots.
[Where Available]
[Level 1 Damage]

 /Quasar Turret Launcher\
[Description]     Upgraded damage
[Level 10 Damage] 150

 /Mega Quasar Turret Launcher\
[Cost] x bolts
[Level 99 Damage] 238

 /Omega Mods Available\ Freeze, Morph, Brainwash, Acid, Shock
 /Alpha Mods Available\ Speed, Ammo, Impact, XP, Jackpot, NanoLeech


[Description]     The replacement for the RYNO, the Harbringer rains down
                  explosions from the sky, hitting every enemy on the screen.
[Where Available]
[Cost]            2,000,000 bolts
[Level 1 Damage]

[Description]     Increased power, new look to each round
[Level 10 Damage] 10,000

 /Mega Supernova\
[Cost] x bolts
[Level 99 Damage] 19,967

 /Omega Mods Available\ Freeze, Morph, Brainwash, Acid, Shock
 /Alpha Mods Available\ Ammo, XP, Jackpot, NanoLeech

8)                                  Gadgets                            [GDGT08]
                             | Ratchet's Gadgets |
The Swingshot allows Ratchet to traverse over large gaps that he othewise could
not jump over. Look for green glowing orbs in the sky, which you can attach to
and swing onto the other side of an area. Simply jump towards them and press
the R1 button and you will automatically latch onto it. To manually equip the
Swingshot, press [] when in the quick-select menu.

The Grindboots let Ratchet slide down rails as well as ledges. The Grindboots
are automatically activated once you are near a rail. Simply jump on the rail
and the Grindboots will do the rest.

_/Charge Boots\________________________________________________________________
The Charge Boots allow Ratchet to travel at incredible speeds. Simply tap the
L2 button twice and Ratchet will take off in whatever direction he is facing.
Be careful around open ledges or Ratchet may go flying to his death.

_/Gravity Boots\_______________________________________________________________
The Gravity Boots let Ratchet walk on special walls and ceilings, despite
gravity. Simply walk onto an accessable wall and Ratchet will climb it no
matter the angle, automatically.

                               | Bot's Gadgets |
Ratchet may run into an enemy that cannot be damaged because of a forcefield
that surrounds it. Turrets, as well as other landstalkers are examples of
enemies that may have these forcefields around them. Command your bots to throw
an EMP at the enemy, and it will temporarily disable the shield as well as the
enemy itself. The left direction on the d-pad will command your bots to use an

_/Hacker Ray\__________________________________________________________________
The Hacker Ray allows Ratchet's bots to hack special orbs to gain access to
otherwise inaccessable areas in the level. Get near a hackable orb and press
right on the d-pad to command your bots to use the Hacker Ray.

_/Shield Link\_________________________________________________________________
The Shield Link allows one of your bots to put up a temporary shield around
Ratchet, or the other bot. Press right on the d-pad in appropriate situations
to use the Shield Link. It is often used when one bot is using the Hacker Ray,
throwing an EMP, or turning a bolt crank.

_/Bot Grind Cable\_____________________________________________________________
Who needs a rail when you've got bots? The Bot Grind Cable allows your bots to
send out a grind cable from one area to another. This allows Ratchet to pass
over large gaps which he would not be able to pass otherwise. Use the Bot Grind
Cable with the right directional button on the d-pad in appropriate situations.

When bots take damage, the gauge in the middle of the bot commands will fill
up. When it's full, the Ravager attack becomes available to use. Press the up
directional button on the d-pad when the gauge is full to unlease the Ravager
attack on all on-screen enemies.

9)                               Walkthrough                           [WALK09]
Ratchet: Deadlocked starts you off by watching a scene from the popular show
called DreadZone, located in the Shadow Sector. Captain Starshield takes out 3
unsuspecting robots, but is struck down from behind by Ace Hardlight. This is
the basis of the show DreadZone, putting heros in combat situations and seeing
if they live or die.

Just as Sasha calls Ratchet and explains about the disappearing heros, his ship
is boarded, and Ratchet is kidnapped by Gleeman Vox. This begins your time in
the containment area. Al has installed the standard armor and has sent you to a
training course to test it out. This is where you take control of Ratchet and
guide him to victory.

Start by looking at the holotarget on the left by moving the right analog
stick. Next, look right at the holotarget and use the R1 button to fire at it.
When it has disappeared, aim upwards and shoot that holotarget. Jump to the top
of the ledge with the X button to complete the next small task. 3 more
holotargets will appear around the arena, you will need to destroy them all.
The first is directly in front of you, so take him out first. Next, double jump
over the ledge and shoot the next holotarget standing behind it. Turn to the
left and you'll see stairs leading up to the third holotarget. Climb them and
take him out to gain access to the teleporter. It is located at the end of the
arena, use it by pressing /\ while standing on it.

You will be transported to another battle arena after a small cutscene with Vox
telling you about being a contestant on DreadZone. Messages from Clank will
appear at the bottom of your screen, which will help you during your time at

The next arena starts with a bridge over lava, so cross it and go into an open
area. To the right of the arena Bladeballs will come at you. Use R1 to fire
either your Dual Vipers or Magma Cannon at them. When they're all destroyed
another wave of Bladeballs as well as swarmers will come after you. Take them
out and 5 DZ Strikers will appear. These enemies are robots and are more
powerful than the smaller enemies you just faced. Move around to avoid damage
and take them out to trigger a group of Tremors. Tremors are quick, so fire
at them as soon as you see them. Another wave of swarmers will come at you
after the Tremors, dispose of them to get to the next cutscene.

Ratchet as well as Al and Clank have collars fitted around their neck so they
will not be able to escape without exploding. After the cutscene ends go to the
transporter in the middle of the arena to get back to the containment area.
Clank wants you to find Al, and with good reason too. Not only will you see Al
dancing to Courtney Gears, but you'll gain 2 new bots which will help you
during your time in DreadZone. Al is waypointed with a blue and white flashing
star in case you can't find him by sight alone.

Once you've got your bots from Al, you can return to his area to go to the bot
vendor and upgrade them. Now head over to Clank at the other side of the
containment area. After visiting with him, Vox orders you to fight in the
Battledome, so go to the ship on the left side of the area which will take you
to the Battledome.

                        |      DreadZone Station      |                [DRED00]
_/Advanced Qualifier\___________________________________Green Medal, 1500 bolts
You'll start this battle by facing Swarmers and DZ Strikers that jump out of
the dropship. The Magma Cannon is fairly powerful against these early enemies,
and does well with groups of enemies. Use it to take out this first wave, and
watch as one of your bots goes down. When bots take too much damage they'll
fall to the ground, disabled. You can repair them by pressing Down on the
d-pad. Once your bot is repaired, 2 platforms will appear for you to cross the
lava and advance to the next area.

You'll jump down into a lower level of the arena and immedietly be attacked by
Bladeballs and DZ Strikers. Don't worry about getting hurt or using ammo from
either one of your weapons, because there is plenty in boxes in this area.
Once all these enemies have been taken care of, cross the lava on the platforms
but stop short of the next area. There are 3 DZ Strikers here, all of which you
can pick off with some careful shooting. Avoid their fire and take them out
from a safe distance, then jump into the area. Bladeballs will come out of
no where to attack you, so blast them to death. A dropship will drop off 4
Tremors, which can be taken out if you fire directly at the dropship. More
Bladeballs will come after you as another dropship drops off 4 more Tremors.
Use the same strategy to take out these enemies.

Cross to the next area where you will see a bolt crank in the middle of the
battlezone. Bladeballs and Tremors will attack you before you are able to use
the boltcrank. Take these enemies out and press [] to start turning the bolt.
Rotate the left analog stick and you will automatically turn the bolt,
unlocking more platforms that lead to another area. In this next area is a 70mm
Stalker Turret. Jump off the platforms and go directly behind one of the three
barriers, avoiding the turret's fire. Press left on the d-pad for your bot to
throw an EMP at the turret. The EMP will temporarily disable the turret, so be
quick about taking it out. I suggest the Magma Cannon because it has more
power. Once you destroy it, you've completed the qualification course and are
transported back to the containment area.

                   [Unlocked]     Planet:     Catacrom Four
                                  Weapon:     B-6 Obliterator

_/Grist for the Mill\_____________________________1500 Dread Points, 1000 bolts
Ratchet is thrown into a relatively small arena for a 10-round battle. This is
a basic arena battle with some of the weaker enemies you've seen already. It
starts with DZ Strikers and Swarmers, and by round 5 adds Tremors. Keep moving
and use your Magma Cannon to take out multiple enemies at one time. Each round
is pretty short, and this challenge is over before you know it.

_/The Big Sleep\__________________________________2500 Dread Points, 1500 bolts
This battle is complete with DreadZone's Sleeper Gas, which drains Ratchet's
health slowly throughout the battle. Unfortunetly you won't have much nanotech
by this point in the game, so try and stay in the middle of the arena due to
the health pickups that appear there. DZ Strikers and Swarmers will start off
this battle, with some Bladeballs appearing in the next round. Keep moving in a
circle and breaking open the health crates, and this easy challenge will be
over quick. 

                        |        Catacrom Four        |                [CATA01]
_/Valley of Heroes\__________________________________0 Dread Points, 1000 bolts
                   [Unlocked]     Weapon:     Holoshield Launcher
This challenge starts off with a vendor on the right side, so now would be a
good time to buy the B-6 Obliterator or the newly unlocked Holoshield Launcher.
Next, travel down the path into the small canyon where several Bladeballs will
appear. Let your bots take them out so you don't waste ammo. Next, a few DZ
Strikers will fly your way, so use the Dual Vipers to take them out. A 70mm
Stalker Turret is next along the path, so quickly move to the left side of the
path and hide behind the barrier. Use the right button on your d-pad to make
your bots throw an EMP at it. Once it's down, it takes about 4 shots from the
B-6 Obliterator to take it out with help from your bots.

At the edge of the cliff ahead will appear a few Bladeballs and DZ Strikers
will stand in your way. Defeat them and move on to the gap in the path. There
are 2 platforms ahead of you leading the the next area, but they're
electrified. Command your bots to throw an EMP at the platforms to disable the
electricity. It is now safe to jump on them and get to the next area. There is
a large arrow which will launch you to the top of the cliff when you press the
X button on it. After you jump to this area, the mission is complete.

_/On the Prowl\______________________________________0 Dread Points, 1500 bolts
The landstalker is behind enemy forces, so break through them and capture 3
nodes to gain access to it. Go left and drop down to the first node, where
robot zombies will begin to attack you. Press right on the d-pad to command
your bots to capture the node while you shoot at the zombies. The second node
is only accessable if you go left through the field of Robot Zombies and up
the ramp into the tunnel. DZ Strikers and Swarmers will be waiting for you in
this tunnel, so have your favorite weapon out. At the end of the tunnel is a
70mm Stalker Turret. Hide behind one of the many barriers and throw an EMP at
it to disable it. Take it out and capture the node directly behind it. A
dropship will drop off 2 DZ Strikers who temporarily block your way. Blast
through them and continue on. 

Drop down and go straight to the third node. There will be DZ Strikers and
Swarmers guarding it, but after you take them out and capture the node, the
bridge will be extended. Watch for Robot Zombies coming up from the ground as
you travel towards the bridge. Over the bridge will be DZ Strikers, Swarmers,
and more Robot Zombies. Swingshot over the gap, turn right and swingshot over
the second gap to complete the mission.

_/All Aboard the Landstalker\________________________0 Dread Points, 2000 bolts
Take the landstalker out for a spin in this easy mission. You just need to
target the Quasar Orbs, which are the large black circles in your path. There
are 3 in all, all blocking the path you need to travel on. Use the mortars to
take them out, and ignore all other enemies. Nothing is strong enough to
damage the landstalker, so just target the orbs and keep moving. Once you've
broke the first, break the second to the left and go up the hill to get to the
third. Go across the bridge and into the blue light to finish the mission.

_/Rise Up\______________________________Green Medal, 0 Dread Points, 2500 bolts
This battle is five rounds in a very small arena. The main enemy are Robot
Zombies, with a few DZ Strikers in the third round. Keep moving and only worry
about your health, since ammo is scattered around everywhere. Stand in the
middle of the arena if needed, no zombies will emerge from there. Once the five
rounds are complete, you won't have enough Dread Points to unlock the next
planet, so complete the one of the Dread Challenges to unlock it.

                   [Unlocked]     Item:     Hacker Ray

                             | Dread Challenges |
_/Hoverbike Madness\______________________________1500 Dread Points, 1000 bolts
Use the hoverbike to go through checkpoints within the time limits. There are
40 checkpoints, and you have 48 seconds to go through them all. After each
checkpoint, you gain a few seconds onto your time. Use the R1 button to shoot
the barrels so you won't run into them and lose time and health. Once you pass
this mission you'll have enough Dread Points to unlock Sarathos.

                     [Unlocked]     Planet:     Sarathos

_/Destruction Derby\______________________________2000 Dread Points, 1500 bolts
Take the landstalker out again, but this time your target is a set number of
enemies. You have 1:30 to take out 56 enemies of any kind. Start by taking out
the 70mm Stalker Turrets because they will do the most damage to the
landstalker. Enemies will pop up all around you, so keep unleashing mortars
and hold down the fire button and this challenge will go by fast. Don't forget
the take out the groups of Swarmers that sometimes come up behind you, they
count as enemies as well and can boost your kill count. Take out the 56 enemies
and this mission is completed.

_/Monuments of Death\_____________________________2500 Dread Points, 2000 bolts
There are three ancient statues that you'll need to destroy in this challenge.
The first one is straight ahead of you, guarded by Robot Zombies. Use the
right button on the d-pad to command your bots to plant explosives on the
statues, which will automatically blow up once the explosives are set. Follow
the path to the blue and white star to find the next statue, and do the same
thing as the first statue. Make your bots plant explosives and fight off the
Robot Zombies as the pop up from the ground. Once you've taken out all 3 of the
ancient statues, this challenge as well as planet is completed.

                        |           Sarathos          |                [SRTH02]
_/Alien Soil\________________________________________0 Dread Points, 1500 bolts
                   [Unlocked]     Weapon:     Hunter Mine Launcher

You start off facing several Swarmers as well as a Leviathan. Levithans can be
pesky if you let them charge their attack (beam of light from the tail). Keep
shooting at Leviathans to disrupt them, and eventually they'll go down. Once 
the first Leviathan is down, go around the corner to find 2 more. Take them out
and continue forward. On the left is a small swamp where a Leviathan and a few
Swarmers will pop up. On the right a Leviathan tail will come out of the same
type of small swamp. Use the B-6 Obliterator on these two groups to take them
out. Command your bots to hack 2 orbs, which triggers Swarmers and a Leviathan
to attack you. Go through the door and up the ramp, kill a few Swarmers and see
a Dropship drop off a few DZ Strikers. After you kill these enemies, the
mission is complete.

_/Sarathos Sprint\___________________________________0 Dread Points, 2000 bolts
This mission is all about finding the Puma, which is the vehicle you will be
using in the next mission. Start off by going down the ramp and meeting a
Leviathan head-on. Use the cave as cover and launch the B-6 Obliterator at it.
Some Swarmers will appear before you advance to the next area, which contains a
70mm Stalker Turret. Take cover behind something and make your bots disable it
with an EMP. The B-6 Obliterator works well taking out the turret quickly, but
the Magma Cannon is also a good choice. Along with the turret, there are a few
DZ Strikers, 2 Leviathans, and some annoying Swamers. Both weapons (B6 and
Magma) are good crowd control weapons, so use either freely in taking out this
group of enemies.

Hack 2 orbs by pressing the right button on your d-pad, and jump up to the next
area. There's health, ammo, and Swarmers here. Take out the enemies then get
the ammo and health. Go up another small hill and take out some Swarmers on the
way, ignore the dropship for now. At the top of the hill is a Leviathan, feel
free to go back down the hill a bit to take cover. Because the Leviathan's
attacks can't hit you from up on the top of the hill, this is a good place to
wait out the beam of light it shoots at you. Take care of it and go down the
other side of the hill to find some DZ Strikers. Past them is a double
swingshot, followed by another 70mm Stalker Turret. Again, take cover and let
your bots do the prep work. A Dropship and some Swarmers will appear, so use a
crowd control weapon to take out the turret and enemies. Hack 2 orbs and hold
off some Swarmers and DZ Strikers as the mission ends.

_/Where the Leviathans Roam\_________________________0 Dread Points, 2500 bolts
This mission is done within the Puma, so learn the controls as they pop up onto
the screen before you start. This challenge can be as long or as short as you
want it to be. You'll need to capture 3 nodes before unlocking the arena where
the next challenge takes place. Killing enemies in the Puma is all choice, and
can easily be skipped if you don't need the bolts or don't have a lot of time.
The 3 nodes are waypointed around your map with blue and white stars, so head
towards any one of them. When you arrive, there will be a bolt which you can
command your bot to turn. Stay in your Puma and provide a bit of cover fire.
When your bot is finished, move onto the next node. After 3 nodes the arena
opens, so drive there and complete the mission.

_/King of the Leviathans\_______________Green Medal, 0 Dread Points, 3000 bolts
Start by hacking 7 orbs located around a small swamp in the middle of the
arena. Make your bots hack the orbs while you defeat the enemies around the
arena. Killing these enemies now keeps them from distracting you when you have
to defeat the King Leviathan. When all orbs have been hacked, the King
Leviathan will appear out of the swamp and shoot a laser from it's tail. Avoid
this and it will jump out and shoot at you some more. Try to run the same way
that the beam is traveling, as to avoid it. Getting behind it will also work
fairly well. Use all your strongest ammo on the King Leviathan, because the
mission will end after you defeat it.

                   [Unlocked]     Planet:     Kronos
                                   Item:      Cable Launcher

                             | Dread Challenges |
_/Check Me Out\___________________________________2000 Dread Points, 1000 bolts
Use the hoverbike to go through each gate in the time limit. There are 34
checkpoints and you have 53 seconds. There's no need to go fast in this one
because it's pretty easy, just stay away from the exploding barrels. Hold down
the fire button to clear barrels away from each checkpoint. After completing
all 34 checkpoints, the mission is accomplished.

_/Swamp Fever\____________________________________5000 Dread Points, 2500 bolts
Use the Landstalker to take out a certain number of Leviathans. There are 23
Leviathans, and you have 3:14 to kill them all. The Leviathans are marked with
red dots on your map, and there's more Leviathans around then you need to kill.
Use the mortars and keep moving, and this challenge should be completed rather

                        |            Kronos           |                [KRNS03]

_/Infiltrate the Cathedral\__________________________0 Dread Points, 1500 bolts
                   [Unlocked]     Weapon:     Fusion Rifle

Start this mission by moving forward towards an group of DZ Strikers, Swarmers,
and Cycloids. You can pick the DZ Strikers off from a distance with the Fusion
Rifle if you've just bought it, but they can be disposed of just as easy with
any of your other weapons. Take the turret in near the DZ Strikers if you need
to conserve ammo, or are having trouble. Keep on the path where more Swarmers
will pop up at you, as well as a dropship with several DZ Strikers. Just after
you take these enemies out, another dropship will drop off more DZ Strikers
and Tremors. Keep backing up and shooting as the Tremors come quickly after you
and deal out fast damage. Use the Holoshield Launcher if necessary.

Near this area is another turret, which helps greatly with the Tremors. Next,
travel into the arena where you'll meet a new enemy: an Executioner.
Executioners are the most powerful enemy at this point in the game, both hard
to kill and deal a lot of damage when you're hit. Their primary attack is
swinging their wrench and sending a pulse out at you. Use the Holoshield
Launcher in the arena so you can see what you're in for. Or you could keep
moving and take it out with a few shots from the Fusion Rifle. Along with the
Executioner are Swarmers and Cycloids. Take these out and move on.

Come up to the edge of a cliff to make 2 DZ Strikers fly up from below. Again
the Holoshield will work wonders here, or you can take your chances dodging
their shots. Press the right button on the d-pad to make your bots use the
Cable Launcher to get you to the other side. There will be Swarmers and DZ
Strikers with a dropship awaiting you on the other side. Make your bots hack
the 2 orbs while you avoid the enemies. Once the orbs have been hacked, the
mission is completed.

_/Introducing Shellshock\____________________________0 Dread Points, 2000 bolts
Jump onto the cable and slide into the arena where you'll meet Shellshock for
the first time. Shellshock has one major attack that he'll use on you, which is
launching rockets. The rockets will fall all around the arena, so avoid the
targets on the ground. When the targets are red then the rocket is about to
land on it. Keep moving in circles around the arena, keeping an eye on the
ground as to avoid rockets falling. The Fusion Rifle works very well because of
the power it has. Use your most powerful weapons against Shellshock because
when he's got about 1/3 of his health left he'll take off. In his place a
dropship will come and drop off a few DZ Strikers, Tremors, and Swarmers. Once
you take them out, the same thing will happen. After taking out the second
dropship and set of enemies, the mission is over.

_/Enemies are Such a Grind\__________________________0 Dread Points, 2500 bolts
Start off by moving forward, where a door will open revealing 3 Cycloids.
Quickly take them out with the Magma Cannon, or any other crowd controlling
weapon. Next, go up the elevator where Swarmers and DZ Strikers will await. Let
your bots handle the Swarmers as you aim for the DZ Strikers up on the ledges.
The Holoshield Launcher can be deployed as soon as you get off the elevator,
making this part very easy. Continue forward and double swingshot to the next
area. Use the grind rail on the right, avoid the metal circles that will get
in your path. Jump to appropriate rails as to avoid the end of rails. DZ
Strikers will appear both flying next to the rails and on platforms. Jump to
avoid their shots and use the Dual Raptors to take them out. Eventually you
will get to a double swingshot, so keep your eyes open for it. After this
section, you'll get to the end of the rail and the end of the mission.

_/Infiltrate the Cathedral, Part 2\__________________0 Dread Points, 3000 bolts
As soon as this mission starts, Swarmers will come at you like crazy. Throw up
a Holoshield and let it gain experience as it knocks them off. Equip the shock
mod with it if you've bought it. When the Swarmers have been taken care of, a
lift will come down the 3 DZ Strikers on it. Use another Holoshield and take
them out so you can use the lift to get up to the next area. There will be more
DZ Strikers up here, followed by a swingshot. Use the swingshot and go left
where a dropship, DZ Strikers, and more Swarmers will await you. After taking
these enemies out, another dropship will unload the same enemies.

Jump up to the platform where an Executioner awaits. Keep moving in circles
around him while firing at the same time. In the next area 2 dropships and an
enemy on a turret will fire at you. Quickly take out the enemy on the turret to
avoid damage from the dropships. When these enemies have been taken out, access
to the arena will be granted as the door drops. 2 Executioners wait for you in
the arena, so use your most powerful weapon because the mission is almost over.
Another door drops and releases Cycloids, DZ Strikers, and Tremors. You'll need
to hack 2 orbs, so command your bots to do it for you. Stay alive until the
orbs have been hacked, which is what ends the mission.

_/Shellshock Returns!\_______________________________0 Dread Points, 2000 bolts
This Shellshock battle is a lot like the first time you met with him. He will
start with a shockwave attack, and a simple double-jump will avoid this. Next
he will move onto small bombs which will explode all around you. Again jumping
will save you health, don't both with Holoshields as the bombs come from all
angles. Shellshock will then take a direct shot at you, easily avoided if you
keep moving. His final attack before he starts over is the rocket attack seen
in the previous battle. Avoid the red targets on the ground and you'll be safe.
The Fusion Rifle will take Shellshock's health down dramatically, which
triggers his exit from the arena. The Magma Cannon also works well due to
Shellshock's large stature and the Magma Cannon's area of impact. After you've
taken down Shellshock, Cycloids will stand in your way of completing the
mission. Take them out, as they're nothing compared to Shellshock.

_/Fight to the Cathedral\____________________________0 Dread Points, 3500 bolts
Start off by going forward to meet up with a few DZ Strikers, a dropship, and a
70mm Stalker Turret. Take cover as your bots throw an EMP at it. Take out the
enemies in this area and hop onto the grind rail. Jump from rail to rail
avoiding the red ends of rails. When you get off the first rail, a few DZ
Strikers will be waiting for you. Hop onto the next rail, and another one after
that, and yet another one after that. Avoid the DZ Strikers shooting at you
while jumping from rail to rail to avoid falling. After the end of this last
rail, the mission will end.

_/Showdown with Shellshock\_____________Green Medal, 0 Dread Points, 6000 bolts
Move forward where you'll find DZ Strikers protecting a bolt crank. Let your
bots take care of the bolt crank while you destroy the enemies in the area.
Shellshock will appear from above, but will leave when he has about 1/3 of his
health still left. Use the Fusion Rifle to dramatically lower his health while
running in circles to avoid his attacks.

Move onto a similar room filled with Tremors and a bolt crank. Use the same
strategy as before, especially when Shellshock comes down into this area as
well. When you defeat him this time, move onto a double swingshot that leads
you into another area with a bolt crank. Shellshock will appear in this area as
well. He will leave once more as you move onto the final room. This is the last
time you will face Shellshock, so use all your ammo on him. Once you've taken
him down the mission is complete.

                [Unlocked]   Tournament:      Avenger Tournament
                                   Item:      Charge Boots

                             | Dread Challenges |

_/Night Flight\___________________________________4000 Dread Points, 1500 bolts

_/Fight to the Cathedral\_________________________6000 Dread Points, 2500 bolts

_/Fight to the Cathedral\_________________________2000 Dread Points, 1000 bolts

10)                                 Online                             [ONLN10]
                        |     Connecting To A Game    |                [CNCT00]
_/Quick Play\__________________________________________________________________
Get into a game right away by selecting the Quick Play option from the online
menu. By selecting this option, you will be placed into the lobby of a game
waiting to start.

_/Create Game\_________________________________________________________________
When creating a game, you have the option to change many settings to adjust
the gameplay in your server. Toggle the game type, map, vehicles, weapon
options, as well as aspects for each game type.

_/Find Game\___________________________________________________________________
Finding a game can be as simple as narrowing down the options from the server
list. Either look at the entire list of games, or use the options on the left
side of the screen to narrow the games down.

_/Form Party\__________________________________________________________________
To get a group of friends, or just players you've recently played with, choose
the Form Party option. Choose from a list of your online buddies, recent
players you've played with, or search for a player by name. Once selected,
these players will be put into a chat room where you can communicate with them,
find a game where you can all play in, or create a game where you will all be
transported to.

The Buddies option lets you look at all of your buddies that you have made
while playing online. You can add new buddies to your list or remove current

Create or join a clan by choosing the Clan option, and compete against rival
clans online. You can access the clan message room and talk with other clan
members, as well as challenge other clans to a match.

The Stats option allows you to look at all of the stats you've accumulated
while playing Ratchet: Deadlocked online. These stats range from the kills
you've racked up, to the number of games you've played in.

                        |          Game Modes         |                [MODE01]
_/Capture the Flag\____________________________________________________________
The objective in Capture the Flag is to travel to the enemy base and take their
flag, then bring it back to your own base to score a point. The winner of
Capture the Flag is the team with the most points at the end of the round. In
one game type, you must wait until your flag is secure on the stand before you
can capture the enemy's flag. In the other game type, you are allowed to score
the enemy's flag while your flag is off the stand.

Capture nodes to gain points as well as upgrades. Each node you capture gains
you more points, as well as the option to choose an upgrade for your team near
each of your team's nodes. Eventually options like vehicles and health pads
will become available to you and your team after capturing enough nodes. These
upgrades will aide you in defeating the enemy team and winning the game.

Either a free-for-all, or a team based battle where only one thing matters:
kills. Kill everything in sight to gain points. The winner is the player with
the most kills at the end of the round.

One player is much stronger than every other player in the server. The rest of
the players attempt to kill this player, and whoever succeeds will become the
juggernaut. For each kill, the juggernaut gains hit points, so take them down
before they become too powerful.

_/King of the Hill\____________________________________________________________
Stay in the glowing area while trying to kill anyone else who is in it. Staying
in the glowing area will gain you points. The winner of this game mode is the
player with the most points at the end of the round.

11)                              Skill Points                          [SKIL11]
Skill Points can be earned after completing tasks. Once you get enough Skill
Points you can unlock cheats.

[Skill Point Name]                                 [How To Receive Skill Point]

                        |      DreadZone Station      |                [DREDSK]

[Skillful]                               [In the challenge "Grist For the mill"
                                                      kill 10 enemies in a row]

[Fiver]                                  [In the challenge "Grist For the mill"
                                      kill 5 enemies without taking any damage]

[Get Some Ball]                           [Destroy 15 Bladeballs in 15 seconds]

[Ankle Biters]                                 [Kill 10 Swarmers in 10 seconds]

[The Protector]            [Kill 5 Tremors with the Magma Cannon in 20 seconds]

[Eagel Eye]                                     [Complete any challenge with an
                                                     accuracy above 75 percent]

[Can't Touch This]                              [Complete any challenge without
                                                             taking any damage]

[Speedy]                           [Complete the challenge "Maniac Speed Demon"
                                                       in less than 60 seconds]

[Dead Again]                                  [In the challenge "Zombie Attack"
                                                         kill 50 Robot Zombies]

[The Bomb]                                                 [Blow up 15 barrels]

[Five In One]                                     [Kill 5 Swarmers in one shot]

[Two In One]                 [Use the Fusion Rifle to kill 2 enemies in 1 shot]

[Reactionary]                                   [Destroy Reactor in 30 seconds]

[Eviscerator Raider]                  [Defeat Eviscerator using only the Flail]

[Ace In The Hole]              [Defeat Ace Hardlight without taking any damage]

                        |        Catacrom Four        |                [CATASK]

[Piece Meal]              [Use the B-6 Obliterator to kill 20 enemies in a row]

[Nap Time]               [Your combat bots must gain 15 kills in any challenge]

[Crank It Up]                                  [In the challenge "On the Prowl"
                                          manually turn at least 2 bolt cranks]

[The Perfect Mod]         [Kill 5 enemies using 2 different mods in 30 seconds]

[All Scattered]            [Complete any challenge only using the Magma Cannon]

[Lights Out] deploy the EMP on three turrets in any challenge

[Tough As Nails]                         [Complete a Catacrom Graveyard mission
                                                    on Exterminator Difficulty]

[I Dare Ya]                            [Complete any challenge without healing] 

[Cha Ching]                                   [Find and break 5 Jackpot Crates]

[Vandalism]                                        [Break 10 breakable objects]

[Camera Shy]                                         [Break 5 hovering cameras]

[Chase The Goose]              [In the challenge "Hoverbike Madness" finish the
                                 checkpoint race with more than 5 seconds left]

[Derby Death]              [In the challenge "Destruction Derby" kill 5 enemies
                                          at once with the Landstalker mortars]

[Unstoppable]                       [Kill 25 enemies without taking any damage]

[Holey Warriors]                       [Use the Dual Vipers to kill 10 Zombies]

                        |          Sarathos           |                [SRTHSK]

[Shocking]                  [Kill 25 enemies using the Shock Mod in 45 seconds]

[Long Shot]               [Kill 10 enemies in 60 seconds with the Fusion Rifle]

[Mystic Wwarrior]                [Complete any challenge without taking damage]

[Mix And Match]                     [Kill 10 enemies using five different mods]

[Beat Em Up]            [Kill 15 enemies with the Scorpion Flail in 30 seconds]

[The Big Band]                                   [Kill 4 DZ strikers in 1 shot]

[That'll Fix Em]                   [Use the wrench to kill 15 enemies in a row]

[No Fly Zone]                               [Kill 4 Dropships with the Arbiter]

[Camera Shy]                                        [Break 15 hovering cameras]

[No Peas Allowed]        [Complete any challenge without using the Dual Vipers]

[Death From Above]            [In the challenge "Swamp Fever," kill 2 Leviathan
                                  enemies at once with the Landstalker mortars]

[Denied]                              [Complete any challenge without using the
                                               B-6 Obliterator or Magma Cannon]

[Don't Come Back]                  [Use the B6-Obliterator to kill 5 Leviathan]

[Time To Kill]                 [Complete the challenge "King of the Leviathans"
                                                             in less than 2:00]

[Gone In Thirty Seconds]                    [Roadkill 10 enemies in 30 seconds]

                        |           Kronos            |                [KRNSSK]

[Cow Patties]        [Use the Hunter Mine Launcher to kill 20 enemies in a row]

[Raining Shells]                     [In the challenge "Introducing Shellshock"
                                  defeat Shellshock using only the Dual Vipers]

[Slip and Slide]             [Complete the challenge "Enemies Are Such a Grind"
                                                             in less than 3:00]

[Punishment]            [Deal 250 damage in any challenge with the Dual Vipers]

[Too Nimble]                        [Kill 20 enemies without taking any damage]

[Big Changes]                           [Use the Morph mod to morph 40 enemies]

[Can't Hit Me]                           [In the challenge "Shellshock Returns"
                                   defeat Shellshock without taking any damage]

[Jet Assist]                 [Use the Arbiter to kill 25 enemies in 40 seconds]

[Lucky Shot]             [Use the Fusion Rifle to kill 3 DZ Strikers in 1 shot]

[Dizzy]                        [Manually turn 3 of the bolt cranks in challenge
                                                    "Showdown With Shellshock"]

[Flying High]              [Kill 7 enemies at once with the Hovership missiles]

[Who Am I?]        [Keep 3 enemies brainwashed at once using the Brainwash mod]

[Don't Flail Me Now]       [Use the Scorpion Flail to kill 25 enemies in a row]

[Now It's Personal]                [Kill an Executioner using only your wrench]

[Just Passing Through]           [Complete any challenge without taking damage]

                        |            Shaar            |                [SHARSK]

[Drunk For Joy]                                         [Destroy 5 Laser Backs]

[Catch Me If You Can]            [Complete any challenge without taking damage]

[Hot Stuff]                    [Use the Napalm mod to kill 40 enemies in a row]

[That's Gotta Hurt]                     [In the challenge "Landstalker Stalkin"
                                           kill a Landstalker with your wrench]

[The Smashing Machine]     [Use the Scorpion Flail to kill 30 enemies in a row]

[Boom Stick]                 [Use the Magma Cannon to kill 15 enemies in a row]

[All Balls]                             [Kill 30 enemies without taking damage]

[The Run Away]                    [Complete the challenge "Landstalker Stalkin"
                                 without taking any damage to your Landstalker]

[Far Far Away]                       [Kill a Landstalker with the Fusion Rifle]

[Tea Cups]                       [Destroy 5 Executioners with the Fusion Rifle]

[Shocking]                          [Kill 10 DZ Berserkers using the Shock mod]

[Look Out Below]                      [Complete the challenge "Whack-a-Swarmer"
                                                       in less than 90 seconds]

[Blow Ships Up]                          [Destroy 4 Dropships with the Arbiter]

[Locked and Loaded]        [Complete any challenge using only the Magma Cannon]

[Lights Out]                     [Deploy the EMP on 5 turrets in any challenge]

                        |            Orxon            |                [ORXNSK]

[Hard To Hit]                       [Kill 30 enemies without taking any damage]

[The Frying Pan]                         [In the challenge "Labyrinth of Death"
                                  destroy 10 DZ Berserkers with the Napalm mod]

[Running In Circles]                          [In the challenge "Node Overload"
                                             capture 6 bolt cranks on your own]

[The Electrical Socket]             [Kill 10 DZ Berserkers using the Shock mod]

[Snooker]                         [Kill 10 Bladeballs with the B-6 Obliterator]

[Counter Snipper]                   [Kill 5 Executioners with the Fusion Rifle]

[Batter Up]                              [Use the wrench to kill 15 Bladeballs]

[Toughen Up]               [Complete any challenge without using health crates]

[Iron Skin]                      [Complete any challenge without taking damage]

[Light Them Up]                     [Use the Shock mod to kill 10 Executioners]

[Light Speed]                      [Complete the challenge "Chains of Villainy"
                                                             in less than 1:30]

[Special Delivery]                                        [Destroy 5 Dropships]

[Half and Half]                         [Kill 10 DZ Berserkers with 2 different
                                                         weapons in 45 seconds]

[Chilly Proposition]                         [Complete any challenge using only
                                           the Magma Cannon and the Freeze mod]

[Don't Be a Wimp]           [Complete any challenge on Exterminator difficulty]

                        |       The Valix Belt        |                [VALXSK]

[The Disease]      [Keep 5 enemies brainwashed at once using the Brainwash mod]

[Medieval Power]                    [Use the Scorpion Flail to kill 50 enemies]

[Touchy Feely]                                [Kill 3 Strikers with the wrench]

[Invulnerable]                   [Complete any challenge without taking damage]

[Fuselage]                             [Kill 5 dropships with the Fusion Rifle]

[Schooled]                            [Kill 30 Pincer Rays using the Hovership]

[Healthy]                  [Complete any challenge without using health crates]

[Mix and Match]            [Kill 9 enemies with 3 different mods in 30 seconds]

[Turret Syndrome]              [Kill 20 enemies using the Mini-Turret Launcher]

[Chill Out]                    [Use the Freeze mod to kill 20 enemies in a row]

[A Baker's Dozen]                       [Kill 13 Cycloids with the same weapon]

[Ring My Bell]                        [Beat the "Time Extension" challenge with
                                         at least 30 seconds of time remaining]

[The Big Bang]                    [Use the Arbiter to kill 5 enemies in 1 shot]

[In a Row]                 [Use the Fusion Rifle to kill 2 enemies in 1 attack]

[Bombs Away]                          [Kill 20 enemies using the Mini-Bomb mod]

                        |        Planet Torval        |                [TRVLSK]

[Frenzied]                                   [Morph 5 Laser Backs into animals]

[Bits and Pieces]              [Use the B-6 Obliterator to kill 20 DZ Strikers]

[Hard Luck]                 [Complete any challenge on Exterminator difficulty]

[Hard To Hit]               [Complete the "Seek and Destroy" challenge in 2:45]

[UNFAIR Game]             [Kill 15 enemies with 3 different mods in 40 seconds]

[Mined Out]                    [Kill 30 enemies using the Hunter Mine Launcher]

[No Help]                  [Complete any challenge without using health crates]

[Dead On]                                   [Kill 10 Robot Zombies with Napalm]

[Not a Scratch]                  [Complete any challenge without taking damage]

[In the Open]                             [Destroy 10 barrels in any challenge]

[Muniez]                                      [Find and break 3 jackpot crates]

[Stripped]                    [Complete any challenge without using Omega mods]

[I'm Melting]                               [Kill 25 enemies with the Acid mod]

[Far Away From It All]           [Use the Fusion Rifle to kill 10 Executioners]

[Quick Fix]                [Kill 5 Robot Zombies in 30 seconds with the wrench]

                        |           Stygia            |                [STYGSK]

[Skilled Warrior]                               [Kill 20 enemies in 40 seconds]

[Clean Sweep]                [Use the Magma Cannon to kill 20 enemies in a row]

[Shocking Conclusions]           [Kill 15 enemies in a row using the Shock mod]

[All Mixed Up]     [Keep 5 enemies brainwashed at once using the Brainwash mod]

[Electrical Storm]                       [Kill 10 Cycloids using the Shock mod]

[Well Protected]                          [Block 10 attacks with the Holosheild
                                                     Launcher in any challenge]

[Low Blow]                              [Use the wrench to kill 5 Executioners]

[Don't Come Back]                        [Complete any challenge without dying]

[Drop Dead]                                               [Destroy 5 Dropships]

[Strange Changes]                       [Use the Morph mod to morph 20 enemies]

[Payback]                 [Kill 10 enemies in 60 seconds with the Fusion Rifle]

[Super Hero]                     [Complete any challenge without taking damage]

[Ravaged]                               [Kill 40 enemies with 6 different mods]

[Bash 'Em]              [Kill 25 enemies with the Scorpion Flail in 45 seconds]

[Hot Seat]                        [Use the Napalm mod to ignite 3 Executioners]

                        |           Maraxus           |                [MRXSSK]

[Kill 'Em All]                      [Kill 35 enemies without taking any damage]

[Frenzy]                                       [Kill 15 Swarmers in 30 seconds]

[Watch Your Step]      [Kill 5 enemies in a row using the Hunter Mine Launcher]

[True Shot]          [Complete any challenge with an accuracy above 75 percent]

[AA Assault]             [Kill 3 Reaper enemies in a row without taking damage]

[Speed Bumps]         [In the challenge "Total Control," "Roadkill" 10 enemies]

[Rapid Fire]                                    [Kill 30 enemies in 30 seconds]

[Modified]                            [Use 8 different mods to kill 30 enemies]

[Chill Out]                  [Use the Freeze mod to freeze 10 enemies in a row]

[Heatwave]                      [Use the Napalm mod to kill 5 enemies in a row]

[Heavy Metal]                          [In the challenge "Total Control" kill 5
                                          Executioners using the Mini-Bomb mod]

[Dead Last]                                    [Kill 5 Reaper enemies in a row]

[Pocket Rocket]                   [Use the Arbiter to kill 15 enemies in a row]

[Fatal Frenzy]                 [Kill 10 Swarmers in 20 seconds with the wrench]

[Time Will Tell]                      [Complete the "Speed Trap" challenge with
                                                more than 10 seconds remaining]

12)                              Unlockables                           [UNLK12]
There are many types of unlockable items in Ratchet: Deadlocked, from skins to
cheats, to Exterminator Cards.

[Unlockable]                                                    [How To Unlock]

Ninja Ratchet                                        Get All Exterminator Cards

Exterminator Mode                                             Complete the Game

Ace Harlight Exterminator Card                             400,000 Dread Points

Vox Exterminator Card                                     Get Every Skill Point

Vox's Pet Exterminator Card         Pass All Missions on the Highest Difficulty

Eviscerator Exterminator Card                              Get Maximum Nanotech

Reactor Exterminator Card                                  Get All Mega Weapons

Shellshock Exterminator Card                     Buy All Omega Mods and Weapons

HUD Color                                                        5 Skill Points

Gangsta Guns                                                    10 Skill Points

Mirrored World                                                  15 Skill Points

Remove Helmet                                                   20 Skill Points

Exterminator Bot Heads                                          25 Skill Points

Super Bloom                                                     35 Skill Points

Super Morphing Freeze Wrench                                    45 Skill Points

Weather                                                         60 Skill Points

Kill Quark!                                                    105 Skill Points

Color Blind                                                    120 Skill Points

Morph Mod on Vehicles                                          140 Skill Points

Alpha Clank Skin                                                           Free

Marauder Skin                                                              Free

Avenger Skin                                        Complete Avenger Tournament

Crusader Skin                                      Complete Crusader Tournament

Liberator Skin                                    Complete Liberator Tournament

Vindicator Skin                                  Complete Vindicator Tournament

Ninja Ratchet Skin                                   Get All Exterminator Cards

"The Muscle" Skin                                              25 Glamour Stars

King Claude Skin                                               30 Glamour Stars

Vernon Skin                                                    30 Glamour Stars

LandShark Skin                                                 35 Glamour Stars

Squidzor Skin                                                  40 Glamour Stars

Kid Nova Skin                                                  45 Glamour Stars

Jak Skin Skin                                  50 Glamour Stars (Must Be Co-Op)

W3RM Skin                                                      55 Glamour Stars

Starshield Skin                                                60 Glamour Stars

Venus Skin                                                     75 Glamour Stars

13)                          Special Thanks/Legal                      [THNK13]
Special thanks go to:

• Insomniac and SCEA for bringing this masterpiece to gamers everywhere.
• The R:D game manual which I used for my controls section.
• http://www.network-science.de/ascii/ for generating my ASCII
• Neoseeker.com for hosting my guide, and having a great gaming site.
• GameFAQs.com for hosting my guide, and being a wonderful site for all gamers.

• The only sites that have my permission to use this guide are Neoseeker.com,
GameFAQs.com, and SuperCheats.com. All other sites must email me and ask to use
my guide before putting it on their site.

14)                                Copyright                           [CPRT14]
                 This FAQ is copyright 2005-2006 Evan Falon.
 This FAQ may not be altered, reposted, plagiarized, or used to make a profit 
                without permission from myself, Evan Falon.

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