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Juggernaut Guide by mtb_minime

Updated: 11/27/05

+                                    +
+  Ratchet: Deadlocked               +
+  Juggernaut Guide                  +
+  by Matthew Bennett (aka Matt B.)  +
+                                    +

     -+- Contents -+-

1. Introduction
2. Basic Juggernaut Info
3. Tips for when you are the Juggernaut
3a. Weapons
3b. Vehicles
3c. Extra Tips
4. Tips for when you are against the Juggernaut
4a. Weapons
4b. Vehicles
4c. Extra Tips
5. Personal Strategies...
5a. ...for when I'm the Juggernaut
5b. ...for when I'm against the Juggernaut
6. Author/Contact Info (and copyright stuff)


     -+- Introduction -+-

Originally this guide was written for the beta test throughout September of '05
of Ratchet: Deadlocked. The beta had 4 playable levels: Temple of Shaar (half
of the inside and all of the outside), Dark Cathedral (without the side areas
by the back of each side), Sorathos Swamp (known previously as Alien Landscape)
and Mining Facility (known previously as Return to Blarg). The beta also did
not have any options regarding unlimited ammo, spawn with weapons, and spawn
with chargeboots. We were all on our own from the very beginning, so the guide
goes accordingly. The original purpose of this guide was so that fellow beta
testers could take a look at this and give me a good challenge (as you probably
already know, I was the Juggernaut King; yet nowadays, I refrain from using
that title since I am nowhere near as good at the mode as I used to be). In
this guide, I will leave everything as it originally was since most of the
tactics remain the same, but I will add in a few additional notes since a few
minor things have been changed since the beta. One final thought, in the beta,
quitting was starting to become a problem since there were idiots concerned
with stats and quits/disconnects weren't being counted then. I placed a lot of
emphasis in this guide in using different weapons and going after different
players so that no one quites. Well in the retail the quitting problem is not
an issue at all since you still get the win and that jerk still gets the loss.
However, I do not recommend hogging a single weapon since you will become a
notorious weapon whore and no one will play with you.


     -+- Basic Juggernaut Info -+-

The game mode is basically like "Smear the Queer". Everyone teams up against
the Juggernaut and tries to kill him. Once you kill the Juggernaut, you become
it, and you must rack up kills as the Juggernaut to win the match. 

In addition, the Juggernaut has special powers that the other players do not.
The Juggernaut spawns with charge boots (note: this will be changed in the
final version), his weapons have twice as much power (note: this will be
changed in the final version), for every kill he gets his ammo and health
increase (note: health increase will be proportional to the number of players
in the game), and he can have a maximum amount of health of 200 (everyone else
has 50). And if the option is enabled, the Juggernaut can turn invisible when
he stands still.

Now here are the limitations to being the Juggernaut. He cannot pick up health
from boxes, and he cannot enter vehicles. Also, when he is invisible, he can
still be spotted on the map/radar, and there is a barely visible cloud around
him, so he is not completely invisible.

**EDIT** Insomniac has also added the ability for the Juggernaut to only be
seen if he is hit. Furthermore, the health numbers are now eliminated. Also,
there is an option to determine whether the Juggernaut has low, normal, or
high healing powers. The most important edit here is that in the retail, the
Juggernaut cannot upgrade his weapons anymore. In the beta I would have a fun
time trying to upgrade all my weapons in a single match (and I almost always
succeeded). Now in the retail, the Juggernaut's weapons are basically V2's of
everyone else's weapons (note that you cannot pick up a Juggernaut's pack and
have upgrades).


     -+- Being the Juggernaut -+-

The only way to win the game is being the Juggernaut (obviously) so you want to
make the most of your time as the Juggernaut. I'll tell you what each weapon is
good for, and how to fight each vehicle, and then throw in some extra tips.

(3A)= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


   -Using the Dual Vipers-

Use these if it's the only weapon you have besides the scorpion flail. They're
a good all-around weapon with a good fire rate. Just run up behind someone
firing full blast or approach someone from the front and keep jumping around
and circling them. I only use this weapon if I run out of ammo for my better
weapons or if I haven't upgraded it yet.

   -Dodging the Dual Vipers-

Just jump around a lot. If there's only one person using
the vipers on you, just take some hits and kill him quickly. If you are
surrounded be Dual Vipers, jump around a lot and take out each enemy one by

   -Using the B6 Obliterator-

This weapon is one of the best in Juggernaut mode. You can take down vehicles
on their pads with just a few shots and it works well in a crowded area. If the
other players surround you and get close enough, just aim down at the ground
and keep firing. It usually takes two shots to kill a player. One technique I
like to use is to chargeboot straight into someone and fire the bomb when I'm
about 6 feet from them. It makes for a quick surprise attack, especially if
they do not have chargeboots.

**EDIT** The B6 has been toned down in power a little bit for the retail. It's
still a great weapon, it just doesn't dominate as well, so I wouldn't say it's
"one of the best" anymore.

   -Dodging the B6 Obliterator-

If their accuracy is bad, you can usually jump to the side and avoid the splash
damage. It is preferable to chargeboot away and create some distance and nail
them before they can get close again.

   -Using the Magma Cannon-

Unless you can be really sneaky and manage to get up close to someone without
them noticing, this weapon is not very good. I use it as an alternate
close-range weapon to the Obliterator. However, this gun is good for taking out
a group of approaching mines. And just like the Obliterator, you can chargeboot
up to someone's face and blast them a few times. If the player you are trying
to kill keeps jumping up out of range, just stop shooting until he lands on the
ground; fire shots when he is on the ground, not in the air.

**EDIT** The Magma Cannon is a bit better in the retail so I usually use it
more than the B6. If you see someone approaching from far away, a great tactic
is to chargeboot straight ahead and catch them by surprise with a nice shot to
the face.

   -Dodging the Magma Cannon-

If a player is trying to use a Magma Cannon against you, they probably ran out
of ammo for other guns. Use the Obliterator or just keep backpedaling away from
the player. The range of the magma cannon is very short, so you should be able
to jump around and scoot back a little without taking too much damage.

   -Using the Hunter Mines-

Hunter Mines are a great offensive weapon. Just throw them at players who are
below you or by themselves on a small platform. Surround them with 5 or 6 mines
and then feel free to walk away since they will probably be dead in a few
seconds. If you have 3 or 4 people all approaching you at the same time in a
small group, throw all your mines towards them and follow it up with some viper
shots or rockets. However, I prefer to use the mines for defensive purposes
only. Hide them in small corners near chargeboots, strong weapons (like rockets
or fusion rifle), or especially vehicles and health (just make sure the mines
are far enough away from the health so that the mines will hit before the
person can get the health).

   -Dodging the Hunter Mines-

If you see them in the distance, destroy them with some viper shots. If the
mines are tracking you, shoot some B6 bombs at the ground or some magma cannon
shots if you don't have ammo for the B6. Be careful, as the Juggernaut; mines
are your greatest threat if you get surrounded. Try to chargeboot away if
possible, but mainly stick with the B6 strategy. You should be able to take out
mines and other players with a coupld B6 shots.

   -Using the Arbiter-

This is one of the best weapons to use as the Juggernaut. It causes 25 damage
un-upgraded and a full one-hit-kill 50 damage when it is upgraded. Use the
rockets on a player who likes to jump around since jumping hardly dodges these.
The arbiter is also great against vehicles, especially slow ones. When using
the Arbiter, try to do some jump-shots since it'll be harder for the opponent
to dodge when they're close. You can even use the Arbiter as a secondary B6;
just fire at the ground near a strafing opponent and he'll die quickly. One
warning, though, don't get too carried away with the rockets because this could
lead to people quitting if you keep hitting them with shot after shot and they
have nowhere to run.

**EDIT** I'm not sure the "alternate B6" method works as well since there isn't
much splash damage to the rockets in the retail. Also note that the health
proportions have changed and as far as I know there are no more instant kills
with rockets.

   -Dodging the Arbiter-

Probably the easiest gun to dodge, just strafe! Run sideways while facing the
player using them and avoid jumping. Also try to avoid getting a wall behind
you because the rocket will miss, but will hit the wall and you'll get hit with
splash damage. Be extra careful around people with rockets because although
they are easy to dodge, multiple rocketeers can end your time as the
juggernaut as long as they are firing from multiple angles.

   -Using the Fusion Rifle-

Just like the arbiter, this is one of the best weapons to use while being the
Juggernaut. It is highly recommended you use this weapon while moving around
and without the scope, but even if you only use the scope, it is still
powerful. If you use the scope, hide somewhere high or in a corner and pick off
players. I believe it takes two shots when it's not upgraded, but it's a
one-hit kill when it is upgraded. If you use it without the scope, use it to
nail players without chargeboots. Also, this weapon is one of the best for
taking out vehicles.

**EDIT** Hip-sniping is a little bit more difficult this time around (I believe
Insomniac decreased the accuracy of it when you're not using the scope). Once
again, no more upgraded weapons and no more instant kills.

   -Dodging the Fusion Rifle-

This depends on the skill of the player using the rifle. Sometimes you can jump
around and strafe and be random and a player can't hit you, but sometimes it
just makes it easier for a good player. All I can really say for this is try to
create some distance and make yourself a smaller target.

**EDIT** I recommend closing the distance between you and the sniper, but do
not charge directly in a straight line towards this person. Try to zig-zag your
way up. If you go straight, you're toast.

   -Using the Scorpion Flail-

Only use this if you absolutely must, or if you are giving yourself a
challenge. It works best when you are invisible and an unsuspecting player is
approaching. Just keep hitting R1 and try to smash it down on the player. You
can even add some jump swings if he starts shooting at you. Most of the time,
however, players will die quickly since the weapon is strong in the hands of
the Jug.

**EDIT** Two major updates here: One, holy crap did Insomniac boost the Flail's
power! This weapon went from the worst to so good that many people call it
total cheapness. Second, you can now chargeboot and swing the flail as you're
doing so. This is great for chasing someone down or taking an approaching
player by surprise.

   -Dodging Scorpion Flail-

This weapon is very powerful against the Juggernaut, but not very useful. Just
chargeboot away and create distance. If you can't get away, use a B6 bomb.
Also, try to jump around a bit as well.

**EDIT** Mainly run away from someone who is coming at you with a flail. As
long as that person keeps swinging, you will never escape.

(3B) = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 

     -+-Defeating Vehicles-+-


The hovership is dangerous when it gets close since the primary blasts can pin
you down and the missiles will track you anywhere. Use rockets or sniper fire
to get it down quickly. Once you hit it a few times, it shouldn't bother you
anymore. It is probably the easiest vehicle to take down and still get a kill
out of it since most of the time the player can't escape in time.

**EDIT** In the beta you could only escape the hovership via its pad. Now, you
can jump out anywhere. This takes away from an easy kill by simply destroying
the ship. Also, since the weapon power has been toned down, it takes a few more
shots to take down the hovership.

   -Puma Tank-

Keep jumping so it can't run you over. Although it can't flatten you, it can
definetly cause damage by simply running into you. The secondary fire is slow
but medium in power, your main concern should be the machine gun. It'll pin you
down and you won't be able to chargeboot away. To destroy it, use rockets or B6
bombs if it's close. If you can snipe without the scope, use the fusion on the

**EDIT** Now I'm not sure about this, but I have the feeling that in the retail
you are able to run over the Juggernaut.


These are the most annoying vehicles in the game. They can dodge rockets easily
and the machine gun fire will pin you down. Try to get some distance if it's up
close, if you can't, use the B6 or even Magma Cannon. If it's far away and
heading straight, use rockets, if it is strafing try to snipe it down. Usually
a few shots will kill it.

**EDIT** For the billionth time, the weapons are weaker, so it takes more than
a few shots to destroy the hoverbike.


This is the most dangerous vehicle if the driver uses it correctly. Your main
objective should be to stay away from these at all costs so the seeking
missiles won't be in range. Use rockets or sniper fire, it's a very large and
slow-moving target, but it does have a lot of health. If you get pinned down by
machine gun fire, use the B6.

(3C)= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

     -+-Extra Tips-+-

To destroy any vehicle on its pad, use a few B6 bombs or some sniper shots. You
should occasionally cruise by the vehicle pads and destroy the vehicles, just
so no one can use them.

Create distance between yourself and the other players. Do not get surrounded.
It's easier to pick off players one by one when they're far away then to let
them all gang up on you.

Try to upgrade more than one weapon. It'll give you a better variety of weapons
and people won't quit because you're "whoring" a weapon.

If someone is just sitting there on a vehicle pad trying to attack you but you
can't fight back because it keeps regenerating, just walk away and hope the
player will get off the pad. If they won't get off, then it's their loss, they
won't have a chance to be the Juggernaut.

Pick up chargeboots and weapons. Even if you have full ammo for a weapon, pick
it up any way, it's better for you to have it than your opponents. The same
goes with chargeboots. If you steal everyone else's, they will be slowed down a
lot and will be easy kills since you're the only one with the boots.

**EDIT** In the retail you can only pick up boots if you don't have them. And
you may not pick up a weapon if you have full ammo for it. So there goes that
little tip.

When you're running low on health, and you're surrounded, run away and try to
regain your composure. See if you can get the group to separate. Go for someone
who is off by themself and you'll pick up an easy 50 HP.

**EDIT** Not necessarily 50 anymore since the health you gain is proportional
to the number of players in the game.

Got people hiding behind holoshields? Fire some rockets and you'll kill the
inexperienced players who stand up close to the shield. If that doesn't get
them, then rush in with a B6 bomb.

**EDIT** Be careful not to touch the shield. In the beta, the shield was just
that, a shield. In the retail, it hurts you as well, so watch yourself.


     -+- Defeating the Juggernaut -+-

To become the Juggernaut, you first need to know how to defeat him. Here I'll
tell you what each weapon is good for and how to use the vehicles effectively.

(4A) = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


   -Using the Dual Vipers-

Use these either up close or from a medium distance (if the Jug is being
distracted). As long as you can dodge the Juggernaut's attacks and pin him down
with the vipers, you should defeat him easily. These work especially well on
Juggernauts who have lost their chargeboots.

**EDIT** It is now impossible for someone to lose their chargeboots and still
be Juggernaut. In the beta, if the Juggernaut suicided, he could still be the
Juggernaut except he would respawn with 1/4 of his health and no boots or
weapons. In the retail, if the Juggernaut suicides, that's it for him.

   -Dodging the Dual Vipers-

Jump around and try to strafe different directions. Do not move in forwards or
backwards (with respect to the Juggernaut) in a straight line or you'll be dead
in no time.

   -Using the B6 Obliterator-

This works well if the Juggernaut is cornered with nowhere to run. Just keep
the bombs coming and he should fall quickly. The only risk is that you need to
get close to use this, so the Juggernaut will fight back with his B6.

   -Dodging the B6 Obliterator-

Not much I can say here. Unless the Juggernaut is very inaccurate, it's
extremely difficult to dodge the B6. The best I can say is jump sideways and
try to run away and get to health fast.

   -Using the Magma Cannon-

Unless the Juggernaut is completely surrounded and won't be able to attack you,
you should never use this. This works great up close, but the Juggernaut can
kill you easily while you're within range.

   -Dodging the Magma Cannon-

Just keep backing out of range. This weapon has a short range so it should be
easy to not get hit. Be careful if he charges straight at you or from behind
because a Magma shot that close is certain death.

   -Using the Tesla Mines-

These are one of the most effective weapons against the Juggernaut. Try to
throw them down all around the Juggernaut and do not let him get away. You only
really want to use the mines in an offensive situation. Using these as defense
won't help much since only a few will be able to hit him and he won't lose much

   -Dodging the Tesla Mines-

Keep using B6 bombs or viper shots to get them off of you. You want to stay
away from mines at all costs since it only takes one or two to kill you. Be
wary of mines guarding health or weapons.

   -Using the Arbiter-

This is one of the best weapons to take the Juggernaut down with. If other
players are up close to him and he is jumping around, keep shooting the rockets
and he'll be easy to kill. They can also work well on a Juggernaut with his
back turned and he won't be able to dodge them.

   -Dodging the Arbiter-

Simply strafe while you're facing the Juggernaut. Get him to waste his ammo.
Then go on the offense.

   -Using the Fusion Rifle-

This weapon is pretty good for killing the Juggernaut as long as he's
distracted with someone else. Try to pick him off from far away, try not to
snipe without the scope up close or else you'll get bombed.

   -Dodging the Fusion Rifle-

Jump around and be random all the while creating distance between yourself and
the Juggernaut. A Fusion to the face will most-definitely kill you. Also,
beware of an invisible Juggernaut sniping you or your team. If you see a shot
barely miss you, figure out where it came from and try to take cover quickly.

   -Using the Scorpion Flail-

Only use this if the Juggernaut is not using any weapons and if he's surrounded
and pinned down. You can take him down quickly with this, but it is not

**EDIT** Ok, now that power has been amped up with this weapon, it is highly
recommended to use this against the Juggernaut. Even if the Juggernaut is using
weapons, it's still very effective; before it was just suicidal.

   -Dodging Scorpion Flail-

Well, if a Juggernaut hits you with this, you're basically pinned down and
dead. But try to jump around and get out of range.

(4B)= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

     -+-Using Vehicles-+-


This vehicle is great for pinning down the Juggernaut, and the secondary fire
is very effective if you can get a full lock-on. However, the Hovership is the
easiest vehicle to get killed in. Try to only use this while sitting on a pad,
and if you have to fly around, if you get hit once you should immediately fly
away because you'll probably get hit once more and by then, the hovership will
be almost gone. If someone wants to get in, it doesn't matter where you sit. If
you think you're a better pilot, sit in front, but if you think the Juggernaut
is low on health, sit in back and kill him.

**EDIT** Since you can exit the hovership at any time, it's best to sit in the
front regardless of how good a pilot you or your partner is. In the beta, a
good pilot was necessary so that you wouldn't die, but now it's not a problem.

   -Puma Tank-

This vehicle is great for pinning down the Juggernaut and running him over. Use
the machine gun on him non-stop and try to run him over. You can't flatten him,
but running into him causes damage. The second seat has a good mortar, but I
prefer to sit in the front to take the kill.


These are good for annoying the Juggernaut. Just circle-strafe him so his
rockets can't connect and keep the machine gun going. It'll take a while to
kill him, but he won't be able to escape by chargebooting away. The hoverbikes
can even jump around in case you're getting shot up too much.


This vehicle, in my opinion, is the best for taking down the Juggernaut. If
you're all alone in it, walk up to the Juggernaut and pin him down with
machine-gun fire and then quickly switch seats and fire short bursts of the
cannon. Most people like to hold the trigger then release a massive blast, sure
this works, but not as well as tapping the trigger and releasing individual
beams fast. Also, you need to learn the timing as to how fast you can fire the
blasts, if you tap too fast, nothing will fire at all. The single blasts work
great because they cause a lot of damage and pin down the Juggernaut. If you're
in front and you see a teammate approaching, switch seats and let him drive,
you want the kill to become Juggernaut right?

(4C) = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 

     -+-Extra Tips-+-

Your teammates are also your enemy. Do not let them get kills on the
Juggernaut, try your best to steal their kills. Always ride in the better seat
of vehicles so you can steal their kills.

Let the idiotic teammates surround the Juggernaut and be sacrifices while you
sit back and hit the Jug with rockets or sniper fire.

Although your teammates are your enemies, work together! You won't be able to
kill the Juggernaut if you rush in one by one like a crappy fighting game or
RPG. The Juggernaut will almost always win a 1 on 1 fight.

Do not group together. Spread out and slowly surround the Juggernaut and leave
him nowhere to run.

Get chargeboots and weapons right away! Let your teammates go by themselves and
attack the Juggernaut with Vipers and no chargeboots. You want to arm up before
you try to fight the Juggernaut.

Make regular health and ammo runs. You don't want to go into a face off with
the Juggernaut with half health and hardly any ammo. It will take all of your
ammunition to take down the Juggernaut.


     -+- Personal Strategies -+-

These are just a few of my own strategies that should help you out if you
really need some extra help. I'll tell you what I do when I'm the Juggernaut,
and what I do when I'm not.

**EDIT** These were some of the best tips I could come up with and they worked
in the beta. But in case you haven't played the retail with me lately, you'll
know that I suck immensely at Juggernaut now (I'm 4-14, the only wins coming
from the first day or two when no one else knew what they were doing).

(5A)= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

     -+-Being the Juggernaut-+-

I like to upgrade all (or in rare cases almost all) of my weapons. I start off
with the Fusion Rifle or Arbiter. If I'm in the middle of upgrading another
weapon and I get in trouble, I know I can always make a quick kill with either
of these.

Here is my usual upgrade order:
1) Arbiter
2) Fusion Rifle
3) B6 Obliterator
4) Tesla Mines
5) Dual Vipers
6) Magma Cannon
7) Scorpion Flail

**EDIT** No more upgrades for the Juggernaut, so ignore this.

In your quick select, you should have a close-range weapon, a medium-range, and
a long-distance. You can easily get by by only using three weapons as long as
you have these three variations of range. My close-range is the B6, my medium-
range is the Fusion, and my long-distance is the Arbiter. You can't fail with

If I notice a lot of players relying on vehicles, I will frequently cruise by
their pads and destroy them all.

Don't be afraid to run away. I actually run away a lot if I get too
claustrophobic. I regain my thoughts and focus on killing one player at a time.

I can't stress this enough, go for players who are away from their group. It's
easy health and ammo. Of course, do not go for the same player over and over
since this will result in a quit.

I like to stay in an area that is near at least one vehicle. If you stay in the
middle of the map, players can get control of both (or all three) vehicles and
take you down. If you stay near one, they won't be able to take it, and you'll
only need to worry about one vehicle.

Lay decoy mines. I like to lay a few mines out in clear sight so that someone
will destroy them, and think it's safe to move on, then when they walk forward,
more mines will come out of hidden corners.

Lay decoy holoshields. If "Jug Invis" is on, I'll lay a few holoshields down,
then move to a different position and become invisible and pull out the fusion.
Most players will see the red shields and think you're nearby, so while they're
waltzing over, you can nail 'em in the back.

(5B) = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

     -+-Defeating the Juggernaut-+-

Steal from your teammates! Don't let them have weapons or chargeboots.
Ultimately one of you will become the Juggernaut, and you don't want to give
your future opponents an advantage.

**EDIT** Since you can't pick up a weapon if you have full ammo, use up a shot
and take the weapon so no one else can, let alone the Juggernaut

If you notice a bunch of players surrounding the Juggernaut, try to keep some
distance and take him down from far away. If the other players die and you
don't kill the Juggernaut, you won't be in harm's way. If you do kill the
Juggernaut, the other players will be in a nice tight group for you to take out
with a rocket or B6.

Do not get close to the Juggernaut. Keep a little distance so you can still
attack, but you'll always have a way out.

Get your three quick select slots ready before you dive into battle. You don't
want to face off with the Jug when you're unprepared.

**EDIT** Now that we are able to move around while using the quick select, it's
not completely necessary to have your quick-select ready. It was a pain in the
beta trying to switch weapons while bouncing around.

Try to kill the Juggernaut when you're standing on health. It's like having an
extra life. Once you start attacking, he'll probably come after you, but if you
get hurt, you'll be healed instantly.

Break open health boxes, even if you don't need the health. In an emergency,
you can easily chargeboot through and grab the health. If you chargeboot to
break the box, there's about a 50/50 chance you'll actually get the health.

**EDIT** I believe now it's about 80/20 chance that you'll get the health, but
there's still that small chance, so take the extra precaution.


     -+- Author/Contact Info -+-

Well, to start I own all 3 Ratchet & Clank games and I have beaten them all
100%. I played Up Your Arsenal online as "Matt B." and I was a little above
average. Once I got the beta test for Deadlocked, I was hooked on the
Juggernaut mode. Unfortunately, no one else plays it religiously, so no one is
as good as me :D

**EDIT** I own all 4 Ratchet games now and I beat Deadlocked 100%. Juggernaut
still doesn't seem that popular since I can't find many games, but there are
many who play it religiously now and I hardly get on (and in the rare times I
do, I usually play Conquest). And forget the part about "no one is as good as
me," almost everyone is better than me at Juggernaut now.

Some call me the "Juggernaut King" and these stats will tell you why:
Rank 1 in Juggernaut mode
Rank 1 in wins (66, 2nd being 18)
Rank 1 in Games Played (73, 2nd being 55)
Rank 1 in Juggernaut Kills (1951, 2nd being 570)
Rank 1 in Juggernaut Time (29121.6 seconds, 2nd being 8928.63)
**These stats were collected at the completion of the beta test**

**EDIT** New Juggernaut stats: 4 wins and 14 losses! :(

You can e-mail me at mtb_minime@msn.com or instant message me via AIM at

Thanks for reading, and even more thanks to Insomniac for making this great
game so far!

Also a big thanks to Jigganis (the master of Ratchet FAQs) for giving me some
tips for editing this guide and keeping me encouraged to try to get this on
the net.

This guide is written and copyrighted by Matt Bennett and may not be posted or
re-used anywhere without my specific permission or if I post it there myself.
If you want to post it, e-mail me at mtb_minime@msn.com and I'll probably let

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