• Japan-only Skins

    Go to the pause menu and press the following buttons on the D-pad to unlock the corresponding skin. This only works in the Japanese version.

    Down, Left, Up, Left, Right, Left, UpSanta Ratchet
    Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Down, DownGenome Ratchet
    Up, Right, Down, Right, Left, RightPipo-Saru Ratchet
    Up, Up, Down, Down, Right, Up, UpSaurus Ratchet

    Contributed By: Kurohime.

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  • Character Epilouges and Credits

    Beat the game once and start Challenge Mode to unlock these features in the Media menu:

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Character EpilougesBeat the game once and begin Challenge Mode
    CreditsBeat the game once and begin Challenge Mode

    Contributed By: ChickenBot.

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  • Exterminator Cards

    These are given to you in Challenge Mode after completing various goals:

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Ace HarlightEarn 400,000 Dread points
    Eviscerator100 Max Nanotech
    ReactorBuy Mega version of all weapons (Challenge mode)
    ShellshockBuy all weapons and Omega mods
    Vox Get all Skill points
    Vox's PetComplete all missions on highest difficulty
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  • Exterminator Difficulty

    Finish the game once in normal mode (in any of the first four difficulties) to unlock the 5-star Exterminator difficulty (and challenge mode). Now you can either select the Exterminator difficulty when you play your game again in challenge mode or you can start a new game from scratch in the Exterminator difficulty.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Exterminator difficultyFinish the game in normal mode.

    Contributed By: RSmit.

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  • Ninja Ratchet

    Ratchet will be faster, in my opinion better looking, in other words better.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Ninja RatchetObtain all Exterminator Cards

    Contributed By: fatmanjunior.

    5    1

  • Rainbow weapon effects

    At level 99, weapons get a rainbow color effect added to their shots.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Rainbow weapon effectsGet weapon to Lvl. 99

    Contributed By: bigjon310.

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  • Skill Points

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Color Blind120 Skill Points
    Exterminator Bot Heads25 Skill Points
    Gangsta Guns10 Skill Points
    HUD Color5 Skill Points
    Kill Quark!105 Skill Points
    Mirrored World15 Skill Points
    Morph Mod on Vehicles140 skill points
    Remove Helmet20 Skill Points
    Super Bloom35 Skill Points
    Super Morphing Freeze Wrench45 Skill Points
    Weather60 Skill Points

    Contributed By: darkcloud_3133 and Unnatural20.

    8    4

  • Unlockable Skins

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    "The Muscle"25 Glamour Stars
    Alpha ClankFREE
    AvengerBeat Avenger Tournament
    CrusaderBeat Crusader Tournament
    Jak SkinCo-op mode, 50 Glamour Stars. Only 2P
    Kid Nova45 Glamour Stars
    King Claude30 Glamour Stars
    LandShark35 Glamour Stars
    LiberatorBeat Liberator Tournament
    Ninja RatchetCollect all Exterminator Cards
    Squidzor40 Glamour Stars
    Starshield60 Glamour Stars
    Venus75 Glamour Stars
    Vernon30 Glamour Stars
    VindicatorBeat Vindicator Tournament
    W3RM55 Glamour Stars

    Contributed By: ThePSYCHOguy, slashhunter14, and TigerSan420.

    5    1

  • Weapons that go to 99

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Mega weapons ( from level 10-99)just beat the game, and get the weapon you want to take to 99 to level 10.

    Contributed By: FFX_addicted.

    5    3

Easter Eggs

  • Plumber Epilouge

    To get the epilouge you have to beat the game and watch the whole entire credits.

    Contributed By: Ratchetbuddy101.

    6    1


  • Free Ammo

    Go to any Boss Battle and play it. When you start, the game will automatically reload all of your weapon's ammo. Exit the challenge and your ammo on all of your weapons will be reloaded for free. This way you do not have to spend your bolts on ammo.

    Contributed By: ChickenBot.

    5    1

  • Massive Weapon Experience & Bolts

    After gaining access to the Battledome Challenge "Endzone", use the Holoshield Launcher and/or Mini-Turret Launcher with Shock Mod equipped. After setting up the shields and turrets, equip whatever weapon you want to upgrade, making sure you have the Shock mod equipped. Complete the challenge and repeat until you upgrade your weapons to the desired level. After being able to buy Experience/Jackpot Mods, max out the alphamods on the weapon of your choice to rapidly get to lvl 99 weapons and/or make millions of Bolts.

    Contributed By: Gantros.

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