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FAQ by DuneHopper

Version: 0.1 | Updated: 01/07/2006

Jak X Combat Racing

All trademarks and copyrights contained herein are owned by their respective 
trademark and copyright holders.

Submitted and maintained by “DuneHopper”
Release 0.1
(General FAQ)

This guide really focuses on the Adventure mode of the game. Master your
racing and weapon techniques, then you’ll be ready for online mode.

Below describes what types of races are in each cup series, minimal weapon
coverage, then outlines what secrets you can purchase and the amount of orbs
for each. Then a chart of vehicle maximum capabilities, and finally a short
summary of specific strategies for each type of race.

Table of Contents
1.0.0  Red Eco Cup (Class 1 Vehicles)
2.0.0  Green Eco Cup (Class 2 Vehicles)
3.0.0  Blue Eco Cup (Class 3 Vehicles)
4.0.0  Yellow Eco Cup (All Classes)
5.0.0  Weapons
6.0.0  Secrets Shop
7.0.0  Vehicle Capabilities
8.0.0  Race Strategies
9.0.0  Acknowledgements and Future Guide Releases

1.0.0   Red Eco Cup (Class 1 Vehicles)
1.1.0  Spargus  (15 medal points)

1.1.1  Spargus City
          Circuit Race
          Freeze Rally
          Death Race

1.1.2  Precursor Temple
          Circuit Race

1.2.0  Kras City  (18 medal points)

1.2.1  Loading Docks
          Death Race
          Turbo Dash

1.2.2  Dirt Stadium
          Sport Hunt

1.2.3  Seaport Strip
          Circuit Race

1.2.4  Mar Coliseum

1.3.0  Haven City  (9 medal points)

1.3.1  Clifftop Battlefield
          Artifact Race

1.3.2  Forbidden Jungle
          Freeze Rally

1.3.3  Sewer Raceway
          Circuit Race

1.4.0  Icelands  (15 medal points)

1.4.1  Icebound Citadel
          Death Race
          Circuit Race

1.4.2  Mountaintop Highway
          Turbo Dash

1.4.3  Frozen Speedway
          Death Race

1.4.4  Timberline Track
          Rush Hour

1.5.0  Grand Prix  (6 medal points)

1.5.1  Qualifier

1.5.2  Qualifier

1.5.3  Grand Prix
          Kras City
          Spargus City
          Southern Tour

2.0.0   Green Eco Cup (Class 2 Vehicles)
2.1.0  Spargus  (18 medal points)

2.1.1  Beachfront Drive
          Circuit Race

2.1.2  Desert Arena

2.1.3  Canyon Run
          Rush Hour
          Freeze Rally

2.1.4  Badland Sanctuary
          Circuit Race

2.1.5  Wasteland Isle

2.2.0  Kras City  (18 medal points)

2.2.1  Kras City
          Turbo Dash
          Death Race

2.2.2  Waterfront Loop
          Freeze Rally

2.2.3  Deathdrome
          Death Race

2.2.4  Dirt Stadium
          Artifact Race

2.2.5  Western Tour
          Circuit Race

2.3.0  Haven City  (15 medal points)

2.3.1  Forbidden Jungle
          Circuit Race
          Death Race

2.3.2  Clifftop Battlefield
          Sport Hunt

2.3.3  City Outskirts
          Circuit Race

2.3.4  Haven City
          Circuit Race
2.4.0  Icelands  (3 medal points)

2.4.1  Frozen Speedway
          Circuit Race

2.5.0  Grand Prix  (6 medal points)

2.5.1  Qualifier

2.5.2  Qualifier

2.5.3  Grand Prix
          Forbidden Jungle
          Mountaintop Highway
          Northern Tour

3.0.0   Blue Eco Cup (Class 3 Vehicles)
3.1.0  Spargus  (18 medal points)

3.1.1  Canyon Run
          Circuit Race

3.1.2  Desert Arena
          Artifact Race

3.1.3  Beachfront Drive
          Rush Hour

3.1.4  Northern Tour
          Circuit Race

3.1.5  Badland Sanctuary
          Death Race

3.1.6  Spargus City
          Turbo Dash

3.2.0  Kras City  (18 medal points)

3.2.1  Waterfront Loop
          Death Race

3.2.2  Seaport Strip
          Turbo Dash
          Death Race

3.2.3  Dirt Stadium

3.2.4  Loading Docks
          Circuit Race

3.2.5  Deathdrome
          Rush Hour

3.3.0  Haven City  (9 medal points)

3.3.1  Eastern Tour
          Circuit Race

3.3.2  Clifftop Battlefield

3.3.3  Waterworks Circuit
          Freeze Rally
3.4.0  Icelands  (9 medal points)

3.4.1  Icebound Citadel
          Freeze Rally

3.4.2  Mountaintop Highway
          Freeze Rally

3.4.3  Ice Pit

3.5.0  Grand Prix  (6 medal points)

3.5.1  Qualifier

3.5.2  Qualifier

3.5.3  Grand Prix
          Sewer Raceway
          Frozen Speedway
          Western Tour

4.0.0   Yellow Eco Cup (All Classes)
4.1.0  Spargus  (15 medal points)

4.1.1  Precursor Temple
          Death Race
          Turbo Dash

4.1.2  Spargus City
          Rush Hour

4.1.3  Beachfront Drive
          Freeze Rally

4.1.4  Wasteland Isle

4.2.0  Kras City  (15 medal points)

4.2.1  Seaport Strip
          Rush Hour

4.2.2  Mar Coliseum
          Artifact Race

4.2.3  Kras City
          Rush Hour

4.2.4  Deathdrome
          Turbo Dash

4.2.5  Waterfront Loop
          Circuit Race

4.3.0  Haven City  (15 medal points)

4.3.1  Waterworks Circuit
          Circuit Race
          Death Race

4.3.2  Sewer Raceway
          Freeze Rally

4.3.3  Clifftop Battlefield

4.3.4  Atoll Arena
4.4.0  Icelands  (9 medal points)

4.4.1  Mountaintop Highway
          Circuit Race
          Death Race

4.4.2  Southern Tour
          Circuit Race

4.5.0  Grand Prix  (6 medal points)

4.5.1  Qualifier

4.5.2  Qualifier

4.5.3  Grand Prix
          Canyon Run
          Eastern Tour
          Final Race -- Miso!!

The game handbook does a nice job of describing the weapons, their usefulness
and some strategy. Therefore a detailed explanation will be excluded here.
Collect red eco weapons when you are in front, and yellow eco weapons when you
are behind. . .and blue eco ALL the time. You can only have one weapon of red
and yellow at once, therefore use the weapons almost as fast as you can
collect them. You can hoard multiple blue eco for turbo, but you will be more
successful if you keep the turbo on full at all times (except in the sewers!!)

6.0.0 Secrets Shop
6.1.0 General
  Mirrored Tracks              30,000
  Mirrored Adventure Mode      40,000
  Daxter                       50,000
  Pecker                       40,000
  Hero Mode                    50,000

6.2.0 Concept Art
  Vehicle Art                  20,000
  Backgrounds Art              20,000
  Character Art                20,000

6.3.0 Vehicles
  Sand Shark                   40,000
  Naughty Dog                  50,000

6.4.0 Reels
  Commentary Scenes            15,000
  Bloopers Movie               20,000
  “Making of” Movie            20,000
  Breakdown of a Scene         20,000
  Hot Coffee                  100,000

6.5.0 Helmets
  Ottsel Cranium               16,000
  Haven Skullcap               32,000
  Spargus Sandmask             48,000
  Marauder Lip Bomb            56,000
  Kras Brain Bucket            80,000
  Grey Matter Hatter           96,000 

6.6.0 Antennas
  Pennant Antenna               8,000
  Metalhead Trophy             16,000
  Precursor Orb                24,000
  Daxter Head                  32,000
  Clank Head                   40,000
  Furry Dice                   48,000

6.7.0 Bonus Wheels
  Scherr-tech Spinners         10,000
  Triple Cast Ferrites         15,000
  Blitz RPMs                   15,000
  Vella-Flow Lamenants         20,000
  Vortex Dreads                20,000
  Quad-spun Air-plates         20,000
  EDA Road Eaters              25,000
  Magnesium Trifolds           25,000
  Spinworx Heavy Metal         25,000
  Depleted Uratrax             25,000

Vehicles             Engine     Gearbox     Armor     Turbo     Total

Road Blade              7          7          8         9         31
Basher                  6          8          8         9         31
Dragonfly               9          9          7         5         30
Howler 99               9          9          8         6         32

Street Grinder          8          9          7         8         32
Hammer Head             8          7          8         8         31
Firebat                10         10          4         6         30
Roadhog                 7          8          9         8         32

Javelin X               8          8          7         8         31
Anvil RTX               8          8          9         7         32
Boomer                  7          8         10         7         32
Havoc V12              10         10          7         6         33

Sand Shark              6         10         10         7         33
Naughty Dog             5          5          5         5         20

8.1.0  Artifact Race
The main focus of your attention should be on the radar screen. Don’t bother
going for artifacts that other racers are much closer than you. Use turbo as
much as possible. Yellow artifacts are worth one point and reds are worth two

8.2.0  Capture
Same as the Artifact Race, focus on the radar and look for the white dot or
through your windshield for a white beam to indicate where the power cell is.
The goal is to capture the power cell and bring it to your base. You are
Usually on the red team in single player mode, so work together with your
other red teammates. Protect your teammates with the appropriate weapon type.
Obviously, if the opposing team captures the power cell, attack their lead
car If you destroy it the power cell will be dropped where the lead car was
destroyed. Pick it up and TURBO back to your base.

8.3.0  Circuit Race
Typical racing model against other drivers with weapons activated. Standard
weapon tactics apply here: Collect red eco weapons when you are in front, and
yellow eco weapons when you are behind. . .and blue eco ALL the time. Watch
for other red defensive weapons left in the track by other drivers.

8.4.0  Death Race
You are the only real driver against four yellow target cars. Full weapons as
much as possible and blast and side swipe as many cars as possible. Again,
full turbo as much as possible. You can really rack up points by kill combos.
Allow a second or two for the target cars to “bunch” up and blast away. Every
lap you finish increases the amount of points per target car, so finish the
first lap as soon as possible but don’t pass up easy targets.

8.5.0  Deathmatch
Typical racing model with a twist, similar to the Death Race, you are shooting
cars, only this time its other drivers. Collect as many weapons and use them
as fast as possible. Collect blue eco and make a beeline to the finish line
ASAP. You may notice you’ll get hammered by other drivers if you remain in
First place all the time, sometimes I hang back in second only to fire a
yellow weapon just before the finish line.

8.6.0  Freeze Rally
A real challenge to collect ALL freezers, this is one race you don’t need to
hammer the turbo button 100% of the time. Slow down just a hair to pick up the
time bonuses. Don’t bother driving backwards too far, the game will blow you
up. Get really familiar with each track and where the freezers are located.
You get two laps in each track and there are multiple paths in many tracks.
This race takes a bit of practice.

8.7.0  Rush Hour
Described as “chicken” in the intro, although the drone cars do little to
avoid you at all. They seem to follow the same lines each time for each track.
A little practice and staying on turbo will serve you well. Again, like the
Death Race, each target car goes up in value for each lap you complete. Kill
Combos are possible here as well. Pick a fairly heavily armored vehicle and
test your skill with power sliding instead of trying to weave into the
oncoming targets. Stay away from the red cars.

8.8.0  Sport Hunt
Much like the Artifact Race, watch your radar. Pick the closest targets. Watch
the “health” meter for each. Pick up yellow and blue eco, you can ignore the
red. Most of the other drivers really don’t bother you.

8.9.0  Turbo Dash
Now this is FAST! Pick up the power cell, glue your finger to the turbo and
use power slides to turn. As soon as the meter hits 100% you can pick up
another cell. The one with the highest count wins. I’ve yet to figure out how
to use the cell as a weapon, but it seems possible.

Kudos to GameFaqs. Great site, excellent help.

Thanks to Naughty Dog. Fantastic series all around. Good replay too.

Also thanks to Insomniac Games...it seems ND and IG really enjoy
cross-promoting with the “placements”. Really entertaining.

Thanks to my nine-year old for keeping me awake at night playing this game.
He wrote the “Capture” strategy too!

Future releases may include HERO mode differences and track secrets.
But feel free to write your own guide!!

Typical copyright and disclaimers apply.
Copyright 2006 by “DuneHopper"

No other site may post this guide except GameFaqs.com


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