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Surrender you must or die you will. 09/11/07 1337PTS
Battlefront 1.5 I think not! 11/07/05 Almighty_8_8
Fun game, but could stand to vhange a few features. 07/24/08 bigvinu
Possibly the Best Star Wars Game to Date 01/11/06 Code_Foxtrot
Battlefront II, best game of the decade! 11/07/05 DarthKakarot
Interesting Upgrades 01/20/06 DarthSecretus
An amazing sequal let down by the thing they said would make it better! 03/28/06 dbx125
Just like playing Halo back home 11/28/05 Eagles610
Battlefront II, aka Battlefield: Star Wars 01/11/06 FutbolStiver
Star Wars Battlefront II 11/15/05 Grave700
The Force is Definatly with this game! 03/11/08 holychik3n13
Jedi? Why do you do this to me? 01/04/06 idiotman7
Nothing beats being Darth Vader and choking some Rebels 11/14/05 Kirin_Var
This Is The UltimatevStar Wars Gsme Off All Time 11/04/05 MADMONKEY78000
Easily one of the best Star Wars games, and funner then the original 11/07/05 MaggotOfEvil
BetterFront 2 01/05/06 mcdust
Same as the first? I think not! 11/21/06 MetallicTreecko
"We're lost." "The 501st never gives up!" "Put a sock in it!" 04/07/09 Mono_Kosas83
A fast-paced action game that excells in both single and multiplayer 11/04/05 MrSoundgarden
A classic 09/21/07 n64fan1
The only Star Wars game that actually thrills you to watch a droid explode. 12/04/07 NFLStreetLegend
Same style, different feel, psychoticly better. 11/07/05 NOODLES1991
A sequal that falls short 11/21/05 partimegamer
Absolute Sabotage! 11/07/05 redsk1n92
The best Star Wars game ever! 11/09/05 shAdo_1253
The Force will be with you, always. 11/28/05 SithlordSideous
A good game overall and it has some really addictive gameplay. 10/02/06 Thomas_H
Have Blaster, Will Travel 11/11/05 xtrememarine23
Purely Amazing 11/03/05 ZeroSaviorX7
Nothing more then I expected. 11/08/05 zombiesmusher01

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Star Wars Battlefront II (2005) No Multiplayer Review
Star Wars Battlefront II (2005) No Multiplayer Review from MurdockEx

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