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Best in the series! 11/29/05 4500
Be forewarned, it will steal you soul... 11/07/05 a55a55in_87
You Lose! But the Soul Still Kinda Burns...Kinda. 11/01/05 battojutsu
A swing and a miss that meant well... 01/02/06 chaoseffect451
So happy together... 10/31/05 discoinferno84
A very good tale of swords and souls... 11/14/05 DJ cream
The best sequel since the Dreamcast version. 10/31/05 jennafaith1
OK game, but too many flaws. 08/25/08 JormungandrLoki
A bit flawed, but excellent nonetheless 10/31/05 Kengosam
Welcome to the new stage of history. 10/31/05 KirbySSB
Want an Objective Review? 11/28/05 Lucavix
Wow... Just wow... 11/01/05 Meijin
Too much gameplay difference between to what SCII to SCIII transition 06/24/08 mf29
Soul Calibur is still as sharp as ever! 11/08/05 MrPink93485
Epic continuation from the previous games. 05/27/08 mudkipz4eva
Namco, why has thou forsaken us for the mighty dollar? 10/28/05 Priest of B
Really good, but it may help even more to look past some of the unnecessary add-ins 01/31/06 PyramidHead87
This game will make you cry. 01/02/06 Reverblade
The soul still burns, but for how much longer? 10/31/05 sbn4
How could this series get any better? 01/04/06 Sesu_David
Another tale of souls and swords? Again?! 11/10/05 ShadowGuardian9
Has the soul faded? 12/14/05 swfan10
Just isn't up to par with the first two. Sorry. 10/28/05 That Guy
The legend will never die... 08/21/08 Tidus56789
I've never yelled at a game so much and loved it so much at the same time. 10/28/05 TMSAssassins
Honestly, the game's a ten, but my conscience won't lemme give it. 10/28/05 Walt3210

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