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Reviewed: 07/31/06

It's been a few years since a truely worth while Bond game was released

I'm not a huge fan of James Bond. I've seen from Goldeneye and beyond. I've played the games Goldeneye and up (I did skip Goldeneye 2). So, I haven't seen the film that this game is based on but I must say it feels just like a Bond movie. If you want to know if it's close to the actual movie then you'll have to look else where.

Bond is supposed to protect some duchess or princess or something. Russians do something bad, Bond must stop them. Throw in the infamous group Octo........ Anyway, it's entertaining like a summer blockbuster but there really isn't a whole lot to the plot. It almost felt refreshing not having a convoluted story to follow.

From Russia with Love has some really nicely done graphics. The facial models are amazing and Bond looks just like he did back then (Sean Connery). The fact that everything looks as it should really adds to the game a lot. Car models seemed kind of iffy and the graphics felt a little under detailed at times, when it wasn't characters that is.

Sound effects in the game are pretty good. The guns sounded nice. Things go boom, glass shatters and all of the normal stuff you run into is there. Connery is here to do the voice which is a huge plus. Not sure if everyone else is correct but it was all good. Lines were delivered fine ECT. Music was decent I guess but again I really can't remember anything besides the Bond theme.

Control is hit or miss at times. Normal Bond is fine. Feels kind of jerky at first but it was using the get the hang of. It's easy to aim, shoot, and use your gadgets. Switching guns was super easy. It really didn't take me long to get the hang of the controls. However, the control for the vehicles was terrible. Driving the car became a nightmare, it was hard to turn correctly and the camera was terrible during those moments. Thankfully there are only 2 or 3 car moments in the game.

If you've played the recent Bond games then you know what you're in for. The game is a third person shooter. Imagine Tomb Raider if you will, but minus the whole adventure and puzzles. From Russia does have puzzles but they are either use laser to blow up lock or use the Q-chopper to blow up lock. It doesn't get harder than that.

The game has about 15 levels, plus four secret levels which are unlocked by getting X amount of rewards. The game has 75 rewards which unlock different things. You get rewards for clearing the game on 007 setting, beating a stage in X amount of time, getting the 007 moment in each stage, and to kill X amount of guys. Most are easy and unlike normal I played the game on normal and not easy. This was a rental so I usually go for the easiest setting. The game wasn't too hard though.

Anyway, the stages feel linear unless it's find X amount of X item. Then it’s a larger area to explore but it's still just as linear but now you're searching for something instead of just heading from point A to point B, which most missions are. It kind of takes away from the game but also makes this the perfect rental.

There's a nice selection of guns. Maybe 10 or so but all are used differently. There are also some gadgets but a few of those I never used. I only used the Q-chopper and the laser thing.

The game is fairly long and took me longer than Black did. The game does have plenty of things to unlock which is nice for those who aren't into multiplayer. The game does have multiplayer but I must admit that I never touched it as most of my friends don't play games and those who do don't play often enough to even be remotely good at it. That being said the game does support up to four players and it is offline only.

I bought From Russia with Love for only 9.99. That's a good price for this game. It's a good rental as well but it really isn't worth full price, even if it's $20 that seems a bit much. If you have gamer friends then maybe it's worth the extra money...

Story - 7/10
Graphics - 7/10
Sound - 8/10
Control - 6/10
Game Play - 8/10
Replay value - 7/10

Final Score - 7/10

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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