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Reviewed: 12/19/05 | Updated: 01/16/06

An awesome end to a needing series

I will be the first one to say, I was not impressed by Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. I thought it was a weird, confusing game, and was frustrated by the game play to no end. I didn’t like solving the puzzles, and I hated that enemies always came from no where. The Two Thrones, has washed away all of those bad memories I had with number 1, and instead made me a huge fan of the series. I never did play Warrior Within, for fear of being upset again. But now I think I need to.

One of the greatest parts of PoP is its combat system. The fast pace action and constant puzzles, are probably the most mind troubling and headache giving feature of The Two thrones, or any game. You will die, a lot. Doesn’t matter how great of a gamer you are, you will die. The enemies still come at you out of no where, but they are not overwhelming. Most of the time, you will be fighting maybe one or two at a time, and then go to the next group and fight two. Some of the bigger puzzles force you to fight about four to six, depending which Prince you are.

Speaking of the two different Princes, the transition between them added a few nice mix to the game. When you are the “light” Prince, from the first two Prince of Persia games, you fight using a smaller blade and a secondary larger blade if you can find one. Some enemy’s always drop them, so don’t worry. He is very acrobatic and you will find yourself jumping and flipping and using the Sands of Time to rewind time or slow down time, numerously while him. But, although he is the more all around of the two, he is a lot weaker than the Dark Prince, and you will have to get in close to fight your enemies, unlike with the Dark Prince where you can attack them from afar.

The “darker” Prince, is a lot more different. The stronger of the two personalities’ his only weapon is an extendable chain rested around his arm. You transform into him when you are needed to do longer jumps and more difficult puzzles. He is stronger, faster, and more simple minded than the original Prince. All of this seems great right? Well don’t be so quick to judge. The Dark Prince’s health is in a constant down spiral from the moment you transform into him, and the only way to heal him is to find Sands of Time inside enemies or inside random boxes and vases. He also has a severe allergic reaction to water, so when you come in contact with the wet stuff, you will transform back to The Prince. Both have advantages, and numerous disadvantages as playing as them. Mastering both will be a must if you don’t want to die every two minutes.

New additions have also been made in game, such as chariot racing, which is a very cool thing, but just a little difficult not to crash, because crashing means dieing instantly. The Boss battles are huge and very fun, and the sheer size of some of them will leave you with your jaw open.

But the game stands strong with its story through and through. It never seems to drop at any point, is always full of surprises and turning points. Being that I never played number 2, and only the starting few levels of one, I was a little confused by some people in the game, but The Two Thrones does a grand job of giving each character a full background history pretty much, if you listen closely.

The Two Thrones starts as The Prince and Kaileena, the one who pretty much gets the game going in Warrior Within, are returning from their last adventure, to Babylon. The Prince is telling her how much better her life will be and promises to protect her from anything. Well as soon as the turn the bend, the see The Princes gigantic land. Unfortunately the walls are on fire, several large holes have been made, people are fighting, and there are several hundred flaming arrows coming straight for your boat. Welcome home. Well your boat pretty much is destroyed, plus you and Kaileena are separated in the water.

You awaken on a shore, and look around, only to see two guards grabbing Kaileena and taking her into the city. Now you must find her, and make sure she is unharmed. The story pretty much stays on this formula for about, the next hour. Until you finally find her, being sacrificed so that the Vizier, from Prince of Persia 1 who didn’t die since The Prince and Kaileena got rid of the Sands of Time, so that he can kill her and recover the Sands for himself, so he can become immortal. He does this, and a big storm type thing happens, he becomes a big flaming cocoon, you are strapped with a big chain around your arm, Kaileena is dead, and everyone else who was there, is just screwed. It’s very cool, and has numerous surprises and challenges.

Characters sound very nice in Two Thrones. They all have their own personal voices and the acting is well done, for the most part. The voice inside your head provides a huge amount of comic relief and will have you crackling to yourself numerous times. The Princes really have the best acting by far, since they play the largest role, and are very realistic. The game sounds, about average to me. The clinking of the swords and footsteps echoing, and small thing like that really made up for some of the lacking details I find in other games. The game sounded okay, but after playing games such as Far Cry Instincts or Splinter Cell, they just don’t stack up very well.

But where it lacks in sound quality, and more than makes up for graphics. Sure, they aren’t the greatest to ever grace consoles, but they certainly are spectacular. Just watch the Prince while playing, you will notice his hair wave back and forth as he walks, or the when you find some Sands of Time, how the small particles faintly disappear in air. Very fine details were put into the The Two Thrones. Cut scenes, are not the best I have seen. It was weird, the actual game play, looked better than the cut scenes. Not something I was used to in games. But I am no complaining, I would just think that being how the constant action is better than watching a thirty second movie, is kind of different.

Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones is defiantly the best PoP game, and a grand way to end the series. It has constant action, and requires you to think on your feet, and fast. The only problem I had with the game was how lacking the sound felt, and the fact that I died more times than any other game I have ever played, with the exception of Ninja Gaiden and one or two other titles. It is a must buy for fans of the series, or those looking for a great game to play.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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