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Reviewed: 06/28/06

Whether you rent it, buy it, or even borrow it from a friend, you must play this game!

Whether you rent it, buy it, or even borrow it from a friend, you must play Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones.

STORY:The game starts off with the Prince returning to his Kingdom of Babylon. The Prince is shocked when he finds that his kingdom has been ravaged by war. But, the prince doesn't know who they at war with or why they are at war. The Prince eventually learns that it was the Vizier along with his army that has taken over the kingdom and that it was all a trap in order to capture Kaileena (the Empress of Time) so that the Vizier could possess her power. Well, the Vizier gains the power of the Empress of Time, but some of this power is accidentally transferred into the Prince as well. And this gives birth to the Dark Prince. And now with this new found power the Prince must defeat the Vizier and at the same time, not be completely overtaken by this new alter ego, the Dark Prince.

GAME PLAY:In Prince of Persia you can play as the Prince. The Prince is the hero of the story and the rightful ruler of Persia. The Prince fights with the dagger of time that he acquired from the Vizier. He can pick up other weapons from fallen enemies and use them. Plus, he do all sorts of acrobatic moves like rolling and flipping in order to evade the enemy attacks. Plus he can grapple the enemy and flip them completely. And here is the best part of all; he can use the new speed kill system to stealthily kill his enemies. How does it work? When there is an enemy nearby, the Prince will automatically go into a crouching position. Once you are in enemy range the screen will become sort of blurred and then you must press the square button to initiate it. Then, the Prince will pounce on the enemy and time will stand still for about a second or two. You must then press the square button again. And you must keep doing this until the enemy is defeated. But, if you press the square button too soon or too late it will ruin the speed kill and the enemy will toss the Prince away. The speed kill system can also be used on multiple enemies at a time and even on bosses. But, combat isn't all the Prince can do. He can also use his acrobatic skills to reach certain places. He can jump onto and off of ledges, climb up and down poles, run up and down and across walls, slide down curtains, bounce off windows, etc. The Prince also can use special powers. Such as rewinding time, slowing down time, and even using a wind attack.

You can also play with the Dark Prince. The Dark Prince is the Light Prince's alter personality. It is the evil side of the Prince. The Dark Prince fights with the dagger of Time, just like the Prince. But in addition to the dagger, the Dark Prince can also fight with chains. But, the downside to this is that the Dark Prince can not pick up and use enemy weapons. But, the Dark Prince can use all the magical powers that the Prince can use. Also, the Dark Prince's speed kill system is easier. With the Dark Prince you rapidly press the triangle button, not like the Prince where you have to press square button and then wait and few seconds and press it again. The Dark Prince can do all the acrobatic moves that the Prince can, but he can also use his chains to swing on things. Overall, the Dark Prince is much stronger than the Prince,but there is one downfall. The Dark Prince's health bar falls at a constant rate and you have to collect sand in order to regain the health so you can't take too long or you're dead.

SUMMARY:Prince of Persia is one of the best games that I've ever played. I have no complaints what-so-ever. On a chart from 1 to 10, Prince of Persia:The Two Thrones gets a 10!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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