Review by aeric67

Reviewed: 04/24/06

Finished it in 6 hours, wished I had those hours back!

This was my first experience with ghost recon, and it will be my last! I've played SOCOM and I'm gonna stick to that if GRAW is the competition. Levels are either WAY too easy, or frustrating. Not hard mind you, just plain annoying. It has 2 minigames survival and some sort of kill them all in the quickest time thingy. Both of which licked ass ( and not in a good way!) If you have money to burn you still will feel disappointed in this piece of crap. It's not even worth a rental. Heck the commercials for this game are better than the game, and they're free! Gonna get it anyway? Fine you do that, just remember I told ya so. Ubi soft should be ashamed for what they have done to this genre of games.

This is for the version released for the PS2. I'm hoping that the Xbox 360 version had some better production. But, from what I see I'm not taking the chance.

Ok time for the good points. I was able to trade it for a much better game. The controls seemed pretty solid. The single teammate you were able to control followed commands pretty well (surprisingly.) Check points were set out fairly liberally which helped reduce (but not eliminate) the frustration factor.

Now the bad points. The whole "advanced warfare" thing that this game was based on was next to non-existent. I mean yer fighting mexican rebels armed with AK-47's, grenades, and the odd turret weapon. We could have sent the Crips and have the same results. The Enemy AI stands for Absolute Idiots. Wanna win the game real easy like? Place your teammate behind some cover, any cover get yourself spotted, then run. Find yourself some cover and wait. If one comes, they all come. Even as your mowing their buddies down right in front of them, they still run out to the slaughter house floor like enraged sheep! Sometimes they get sneaky and come up from behind. Do they sneak up and go for the kill? No! Of course not! They yell, run like chickens with their heads cut off and fire madly from too far away! Sometimes I'd just ignore them, you know, just to tick them off. Please just avoid this stinker, it's for your own good. The only reason I gave it a 4 was because the scenery was kinda nice.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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