Review by arkyne22

Reviewed: 04/21/06

All The Wonders Of Ghost Recon 2... And Less!

I rented this today and let me tell you, it's truly a disaster. I've yet to play it on X-Box 360, so bare that in mind. I'll try to keep it simple. It'll be divided in Single Player and Online. I also played GR2 for comparison.

Single player

Graphics - 6/10

About all that's good are the weapon models and your team mate. The environments are standard fare. The look good enough for sure. The worst by far are the enemies. The move like robots, their movements are like 4 frames, so they look choppy as hell. Especially when you kill them. The explosion are no better. And there are a lot of explosions and enemies, so it's a lot of choppyness to look at. There are a few clipping issues as well.

Sound - 8/10

Standard bang bang bang and "I'm in position and waiting for orders, SIR!". The voice acting is decent enough during the briefings. The explosions sound like they came from GR2. The guns sound alright I guess. I've never heard an actual M8 fire before.

Control - 6/10

The controls are decent enough, but kind jumpy. There isn't much pressure sensitivity, and you're gonna want to crank up the speed.

Gameplay - 5/10

Not fun. I feel like I'm playing GR2 and the plot is a terrible rip off from the book TRIAL BY FIRE by HAROLD COYLE. I recommend the book though, it's much more exciting than this. You move along streets and alleys. But they didn't learn their lesson from GR2. It's still linear as hell. There may be a couple extra alley ways, but it's still not enough. You can climb roofs now though, and that's about as far as innovation goes. But the gameplay overall is boring. Enemies are like shooting fish in a barrel. No joke. The AI has not improved.


Graphics - 3/10

Terrible. Absolutely Horrendous. Not a single change from GR2. The same was done with Splinter Cell 3. This is ridiculous. Why bother to make a sequel if you're not going to change anything. They only change is the GR3 environments, that's it. The player models are also an insult. Otherwise, it's identical to GR2.

Sound - 2/10

They were bad then and they're bad now. And what the hell is that sound when they run?

Control - 4/10

About the only alright thing. The response is good enough when you're moving. but terrible when your changing you stance.

Gameplay - 2/10

Dumb. Once again, it's GR2 in GR3 packaging. If you ever played GR2 online you'll be quite familiar with the gameplay. Requires no strategy at all. And all the old folks are back. In fact, GR2 online was much better. You could actually use the jungle to your advantage. In the urban environments here, you're better off using the character with the suit. I'm not joking.


Save your Money. If you must see it, rent it. Or go to your local electronics super store and watch it demo'd on 360. If you do buy, I hope you never had GR2. It's a poor game with an already used plot with terrible graphics, brain dead AI, and an Online portion that is worse to GR2. Go figure.

Single Player Total - 6/10 (average, rounded)
Online Total - 3/10 (average, rounded)

Overall - 4.5/10 -> rounded to 5/10

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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