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Judgement Ring Item FAQ by threetimes

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 02/07/08

                        SHADOW HEARTS 3: FROM THE NEW WORLD

                             JUDGMENT RING ITEMS FAQ 

                            Nautilus: Developer
                            Aruze:    Publisher
                            X-Seed:   Localisation/Distributor (NTSC)
                         Ghostlight:  Distributor (PAL)


                          by threetimes: February 8th 2008

This FAQ identifies all the locations for all the Judgement Ring items.  It
does not tell you how to win battles or navigate all the dungeons, but if you
are missing a particular Ring Item, you can quickly check out the location, and
maybe find one or two that you didn't know existed!

  Table of Contents

A. Introduction

B. All Ring Items listed by Location

C. All Ring Fragments: 14 in total

D. Ring Effects Items  (Alphabetical Order: 39 in total)

E. Strike and Hit Area Expand Items

F. Ring Abnormalities

G. Credits and Acknowledgements

H. Legal Stuff and Contact

A. Introduction

The Judgement Ring is used for everything in this game.  You use it in battles
to make physical and magic attacks and as a basis for executing a combo 
attack.  You also use it when playing the Lottery and for all shopping.  The 
Lottery and shop rings are predetermined and cannot be influenced by the 
player.  The battle rings can be altered to suit, and customised in many 
different ways.

o The Ring Fragments can be exchanged for Attack Boosts.

o The Added Effects can be equipped to a ring to give an additional effect to 
  physical attacks.  

o The Expand Items allow you to alter the width of the ring's Hit and Strike  
  areas.  Sometimes additional ones can be obtained after boss fights if 
  certain conditions are fulfilled, but I have only included the ones you can 
  get without any extra effort. 

New Game+  

None of the Ring items are transferred to the new game.   However you will find
that some of the Stellars are replaced with Keys.  Also, if you complete the
Snaps quest, you can get the best Ring item in the game: the Eternal Key.

B.. All Ring Items listed by Location

 o = Added Effect Ring Item
 x = Ring Fragment

 1. New York City 
    o Evasion Down 1
    o Slow 3
    x Ring Fragment

 2. Arkam University 

 3. Grand Canyon 
    o Poison 1 
    o Sp-Defend Down 1
    x Ring Fragment
      Strike Area Expand
      Hit Area Expand

 4. Chicago 
    o P-Defend Down 1
    x Ring Fragment
      Hit Area Expand

 5. Alcatraz Prison 
    o Seal 1
    o Sp-Attack Down 1
    o P-Attack Down 1
    x Ring Fragment
      Hit Area Expand
      Strike Area Expand

 6. Roswell Research Institute 
    o Blood Loss 1 
    o Slow 1
    x Ring Fragment
      Hit Area Expand

 7. Caribbean Pirate Fort 
    o Paralysis 1
    o Apathy 1
    x Ring Fragment
      Strike Area Expand
      Strike Area Expand
      Hit Area Expand

 8. Las Vegas 
    o Petrify 1
    x Ring Fragment

 9. Chichen Itza 
    o Instant Death 1 
      Hit Area Expand

10. Rio De Janeiro 
    o P-Defend Down 2
    o Evasion Down 2
    o Instant Death 3
    x Ring Fragment
      Hit Area Expand

11. Machu Picchu 
    o Sp-Defend Down 2
    x Ring Fragment

12. Vilcabamba 
    o P-Attack Down 2 
    o Poison 2
    o Seal 2
    o Sp-Attack Down 2 
    x Ring Fragment

13. Aito Cave 
    o Petrify 2
    o Blood Loss 2 
    o Paralysis 2 
    x Ring Fragment
      Hit Area Expand

14. Uyuni Salt Lake 
    o Instant Death 2
    x Ring Fragment
      Hit Area Expand 

15. Garland Residence 
    o Apathy 2 
    x Ring Fragment
      Hit Area Expand

16. Purramount Pictures 
    o Slow 2

17. Brazilian Ninja Village 
    o Apathy 3
    o Blood Loss 3  
    o Seal 3
    x Ring Fragment
      Hit Area Expand

18. Guina Highlands 
    o Paralysis 3  
    o P-Defend Down 3
      Hit Area Expand

19. Doll's House 
    o Petrify 3 
    o Sp-Defend Down 3  
      Hit Area Expand

20. Garvoy Valley
     Strike Area Expand
     Hit Area Expand

21. The Gate 
    o Evasion Down 3 
    o P-Attack Down 3 
    o Sp-Attack Down 3
    o Poison 3 
      Hit Area Expand

C. All Ring Fragments: 14 in total

If you miss one of these items, you can still find it, by returning to the
location specified.

In order to receive the Attack Boost you must give a Ring Fragment to the Ring
Spirit in New York.  Aya can be found around the left corner of the main
building in New York City.  A question mark will appear above Johnny's head
when he stands at the left side of the box below the sign "Garland Detective
Agency".  Press X to engage in conversation.  You can visit the Ring Spirit
whenever you like, and the next conversation will then take place, and you can
have as many conversations as you have Ring Fragments, so in theory you could
save them all up and have the all the conversations at once...if you really
wanted to do that.

Each character has a maximum number of attacks for their ring.  If you used 
all 14 Attack Boosts this list shows the maximum attacks each character could 
have.  There are 7 characters and 14 Attack Boosts, and each person can add two

boosts to their ring.

Character  Default Attacks  Maximum Attacks

Johnny          1                 3
Shania          3                 5
Natan           2                 4
Frank           3                 5
Mao             2                 4
Hilda           1                 3
Ricardo         2                 4

 Location .................................Summary

 x New York City ..........................Automatic

The group return to New York after the events in Arkam University.  After a
scene in the Detective Agency, exit to the street and there is another scene
with "Cheeky Joshua".  He says he picked up a weird thing on the sidewalk and
then a strange light appeared but then went after he screamed.  Joshua hands
Johnny the thing he found.  This is your first *Ring Fragment*.  Go to the left
corner of the building and you can see a strange white glowing light next to
the box under the Agency sign.  Move forward and press X to investigate, and
you will get the first *Attack Boost* from the Ring Spirit, and a Ring tutorial
if you choose.

 x Grand Canyon ...........................Path to first trial

After entering the village and talking to the person in the large tent at the
left, the man blocking the path ahead will let you pass.  Once this path is
open go forwards to the next screen.  Then before going too far, there is a
bush at the right of the path with the *Ring Fragment*.  It is opposite a dark
stone that juts out from the left of the path.

 x Chicago ................................Chest near Night Club

The *Ring Fragment* is in a chest at the right corner of the pavement to the 
right, heading up the screen towards the Deuce Night Club.

 x Alcatraz Prison ........................Return to boss area

After fighting the boss you will automatically leave Alcatraz, and to find the
Fragment you have to return and follow the same route to the outside area where
the fight took place.  The *Ring Fragment* is found in the corner of the wall 
to the left of the right fence.  There are no more enemies here.

 x Roswell Research Institute .............Near shop

Once you reach the area with the "Just us Guys" shop, head up to the top right 
corner of the room and through to a walkway.  Then go around the right hand 
metal walkway and there is a chest containing the *Ring Fragment*

 x Caribbean Pirate Fort ..................Captain's cabin

After completing the first series of events and the boss fight, a new location
will open up on the world map (Purramount Pictures).  Return to the Fort and
walk up the ladder and along the track to where the pirate ship can be found to
the right.  Now you can access the captain's cabin from the deck of the ship. 
The *Ring Fragment* in a chest by the bed.

 x Las Vegas ..............................Chest in casino

Once inside the hotel lobby head right into the casino.  The *Ring Fragment* 
can be obtained from a chest located at the far right bottom corner of this 
large room.

 x Rio De Janeiro .........................Red truck

From the arrival point walk down the left side of the town square, and the 
*Ring Fragment* is to the left of the red vehicle.

 x Machu Picchu ...........................Near shop outside

After emerging into the open from the first puzzle area, stay on the upper 
path and just to the left of where the shop can be glimpsed on the lower 
grassy level, you can find the *Ring Fragment*

 x Vilcabamba .............................Second floor

After operating the switches on the first floor, stand on the circle to go up 
to the second floor.  Walk right and up to find the *Ring Fragment* behind the 

 x Aito Cave ..............................Far right cave

From the entrance to the cave start by going straight up and past the blue Tiki
and continue to the right (the south east corridor on the map).  There will be
a north opening, but continue past this and into a large open room.  Get the
*Ring Fragment* from the chest at the right.

 x Uyuni Salt Lake ........................Fourth floor

There is a save point as you enter the fourth floor.  After using the switches 
and finally getting the far door to open, Johnny will be at the far left of 
the save point, and all yellow and red pillars will be up.  Go right past the 
save point and cross over the gap using the three red pillars.  Then walk 
across the two yellow pillars.  The second one closest to the wall has the 
*Ring Fragment*.  (From here you can go straight up and on through the open 
door to the next floor.)

 x Garland Residence ......................Second save point

This *Ring Fragment* is in a chest close to the second save point in the 
study: the chest is in the top right hand corner to the right of the long 
couch.  The room is at the far end of the mansion, if you check the game map. 

 x Brazilian Ninja Village ...............Momonga jump

Complete four jumps successfully to land at the place where the item can be
found.  You must jump 200 feet, 220 feet, 230 feet and finally 280 feet, in
that order.  The *Ring Fragment*  is hidden at the waterfall and the area
is the one where the 10th caddie can be found, so you could do the jumps in a
different and longer sequence to get there.

D. Ring Effects Items  (Alphabetical Order: 39 in total)

All quotes are taken directly from the game.

Ring Items with a 1 will add a low-odds effect.
Ring Items with a 2 will add a medium-odds effect
Ring Items with a 3 will add a high-odds effect

o Apathy...this prevents any stock increase.

"This Ring Item embodies the resignation of the bull head ghost, Tartagoth, 
who found his maze too hard to escape."

  Apathy 1          Pirate Fort

This item is found on the abandoned ship.  To reach the ship take the boat that
is at the end of the path that goes past the hut.  Once you can access the
hold, go all the way to the right until you reach the "Just us Guys" shop. 
Then go right into the next room and walk up the room and there is a treasure 
chest just before you reach the opening at the top left.  (It is opposite the 
blue hole where you exit to the shore.)

  Apathy 2          Garland Residence
After finding your way through the numbered seals you will reach Seal VIII. 
The chest containing this item is to the right of the seal. 

  Apathy 3          Ninja Village (Frank's quest, boss)
Frank's character quest involves Momonga jumping, and after he has completed 
all the jumps he has to fight Jonin in a one-on-one battle.  This item is an 
automatic drop that you will receive when Frank wins.

o Blood Loss...this cuts current HP in half.

"This Ring Item embodies the shrewdness of the evil spirit Dedelys who steals 
half your life to grant your wish."

  Blood Loss 1      Roswell (Lottery)
Lottery Member 10 is standing next to the vehicle to the left of the hotel 
where Roger's ship has crashed.  This is the prize for hitting the red area. 

  Blood Loss 2      Aito Cave
This item is found in a chest that lies behind two blue Tikis.  You can only
reach this location if you are teleported there from the red platform that is
to the west and north of this central location.  This is reached by going up
and right from the save point at the Western Corridor, and at the next junction
head left and up just before two Tikis that are facing away from you.  Here you
can find the platform that takes you to the chest with the ring item.

  Blood Loss 3      Ninja Village
This one is easy as all you have to do is to open the chest that by the fence 
at the entrance to the village.  It is in the left corner of the fence and 
left of the blue sign where two ninjas are talking. 

o Evasion Down...this makes it harder for the enemy to evade physical attacks. 
"This Ring Item embodies the fierce tenacity of the giant spider Ungol who can 
catch a tiger."

  Evasion Down 1    New York (Ring Spirit)
The location of this one is often missed, simply because it is so obvious, 
although you cannot actually miss getting it.  You will automatically receive 
this item when Johnny first talks to the Ring Spirit and accepts instruction 
on how to use the ring. 

  Evasion Down 2    Rio de Janeiro
Another easy to find, but easy to miss item.  Enter the newspaper offices to 
the left of the town centre and search the lockers to the right of the room. 

  Evasion Down 3    The Gate
You can only find this item after defeating the first Malice Soaker boss. 
After this, in the next part of the area, go left and at the end of the path 
you can find a chest with this item.


o Instant Death...this can instantly kill an enemy.
"This Ring Item embodies the cruelty of the evil bird Chemelkil who eats one's 
soul at the brink of death."

  Instant Death 1   Chichen Itza
When you reach the second part of this dungeon there is a room with 12 pillars 
and a save point.  The chest containing the item is behind the pillar that is 
closest to the right wall and the last one of the centre row. 

  Instant Death 2   Uyuni Salt Lake (boss)
This is another automatic drop after a boss fight.  You can only reach the 
boss by climbing to the top floor of the dungeon, and opening the door at the 
right after completing the small puzzle on the floor. 

  Instant Death 3   Rio (Hilda's quest)
Another boss fight drop, though this time it is a lone fight for Hilda after 
her personal quest.  You have to reach floor 13 of the Sushi House in Rio to 
trigger this battle. 

o Paralysis...this stops all movement.
"This Ring Item embodies the severity of nature in the plant Marlone.  Its 
poison petals cause paralysis."

  Paralysis 1       Caribbean Pirate Fort
From the start point at the fort go down the screen to the beach.  There you 
can find the barrel, and the item is in a hidden chest between the barrel and 
the rock wall. 

  Paralysis 2       Aito Cave (Uma Hunting boss)
Yet another character quest reward, and this time for Natan as one of his UMA 
hunting expeditions.  The boss will only appear after setting three different 
sets of bait in three different locations.  

  Paralysis 3       Guina Highlands (Natan's quest, boss)
Yes, another UMA hunting quest for Natan, and an even more complicated one.  
The Ring item is an automatic drop after beating the boss.

o Petrify...this turns the enemy to stone and another hit can destroy them.
"This Ring Item embodies the shock of Medusa, the snake woman who accidentally 
looked into a shield."

  Petrify 1         Las Vegas
The group will gain access to the hotel rooms in Las Vegas and this item is 
found in Room 807 inside a chest.  You need to find the key for this room by 
fighting the enemies in room 823, and they will leave the key on the floor 
after this battle, so all you have to do is pick it up. 

  Petrify 2         Aito Cave (boss)
This item is dropped by the boss of Aito Cave and you will receive this 
automatically after winning the battle. 

  Petrify 3         Doll's House (Ricardo quest, boss))
After completing the dolls' eyes puzzle in the Doll's House, the boss, Dana,
will drop this item when you win the battle.  Ricardo does not have to fight
alone. This quest location can only be accessed after Ricardo has found all the
Muse items and after the party have visited the open Gate.  It also has to be
triggered by talking to Al Capone in his office in Chicago.

o P-Attack Down...this decreases the power of an enemy's attacks.
"This Ring Item embodies the prudence and bravery of Edward III, the "Armour 
King."  It weakens the force of an enemy's Physical attack."

  P-Attack Down 1   Alcatraz (boss)
You will receive this Ring item automatically as a drop, when the boss Ronwie 
is defeated at the end of this dungeon area.

  P-Attack Down 2   Vilcabamba (boss)
You have to operate various switches to ride the teleporters to find the two 
bosses of this dungeon.  One of them, Killer, drops this item automatically 
once defeated.

  P-Attack Down 3   The Gate (boss)
The first boss at the Gate, Malice Killer, drops this item when you defeat 

o P-Defend Down...this decreases defence from physical attacks. 
"This Ring Item embodies the primordial appetite of slime that dissolves 
anything.  It weakens an enemy's Physical Defence."

  P-Defend Down 1   Chicago
Find this inside the pub: the nostalgically named Prospect of Whitby.  It is 
hiding in a corner if you go down the corridor to the end, and turn right, then
check the left hand seating area. 

  P-Defend Down 2   Rio de Janeiro
From the entrance to the town head straight past the fountain and through the 
opening to the next screen where you find the slum area.  The "Just us Guys" 
shop/motorbike is parked here and there is a rubbish bin to the right of 
where the item can be found.

  P-Defend Down 3   Guina (Natan quest)
This item can be found in the highlands.  It is at the right of the path before
reaching the second save point.  From the start save point go left, and past
the first turning to the right, (check the map to see that this is just a dead
end), then continue to the crossroads, and turn right towards the next save
point.  There are two small bushes on the right of this path and a rock,and the
item is found there.

o Poison...this makes an enemy lose some HP every turn.

"This Ring Item embodies the viciousness of the Snake God Molda, who kills any 
living thing that draws near."

  Poison 1          Grand Canyon
This one is difficult to miss as it is inside a treasure chest inside the 
large main tent. 

  Poison 2          Vilcabamba
This is found in a treasure chest on the third floor of this dungeon.  This is 
the floor with the save point, and from here head right and then down and the 
chest is at the end of the narrow pathway. 

  Poison 3          The Gate 
From the second save point, (Beyond the Gate: Passageway), you can go left, 
and then carry on down this path a little way, and finally then head right 
onto a small circular area to find a treasure chest with this item.

o Seal...this prevents the enemy from using magic.

"This Ring Item embodies the  deep sadness of the mermaid Meima who lost her 
sight because she loved a human."

  Seal 1            Alcatraz
This one is easy to get, but actually can be missed, simply because of the 
slightly odd camera angle.  After you enter the location and have walked 
through the water, go up the stairs to the left and get a scene at the door.  
Continue and when you can, turn right to find the Ring item.  This is before 
entering the metal door. 

  Seal 2            Vilcabamba
You can find this inside a treasure chest on the first floor where it is 
possible to make blue connecting pathways of light after having activated the 
switches on the other floors.  It is close to the yellow teleporter at the 
left of the area. 

  Seal 3            Ninja Village
To reach the treasure chest containing this Ring item you must complete the 
fourth momonga jump after flying 160 feet.  Pick it up by heading down the 
sandy area and before climbing the tower for the next jump. 

o Slow...this slows speed, making it take longer for an enemy to have its turn.
"This Ring Item embodies the unexpectedly gentle heart of the brawny forest 

  Slow 1            Roswell
This is well hidden, in a store room to the left of the central room where you 
find Roger and Hilda.  There are some oil drums with markings on them and a 
collection of boxes in the middle of the room.  The item is found in the boxes.

  Slow 2            Purramount Pictures (Mao, fight 3)
Mao's personal quest at Purramount Pictures will first open up after you 
complete the Pirate location.  You must collect various coins in order to 
progress to the different fights and scenes.  The Ring item is an automatic 
enemy drop when Mao defeats the third actor: Cat Morita.

  Slow 3            New York, Chelsea, (boss)
You can only trigger this event after visiting the the Gate towards the last
stage of the game.  Return to the Chelsea area of New York and speak to a chap
who will inform you that there is a black bat inside the Erick Theatre.  Enter
the theatre and walk around to the right and up inside the main ground floor
hall and you will find an elderly member of Hilda's family.  If Hilda defeats
him (it is hardly possible to lose this battle) she will automatically receive
the item as a drop after the battle.

o Sp-Attack Down...this makes magic attacks less effective.
"This Ring Item embodies the inquiring mind of old magician Aeon who 
perpetually seeks the truth.  It weakens an enemy's Special Attack."

  Sp-Attack Down 1  Alcatraz
There are hidden double doors in the south wall of the main cells area, 
directly opposite the central corridor.  Go in this room and there is a chest 
to the far right, near where you find the Jailbreak Spoon. 

  Sp-Attack Down 2  Vilcabamba (boss)
After successfully negotiating the switches and teleporters you will meet the 
double boss of this dungeon.  One of them, Killer, drops this item 
automatically when you win the battle. 

  Sp-Attack Down 3  The Gate (boss)
Defeat the boss, Malice Gilbert, in the Gate area and you will be rewarded 
with this Ring item as a drop.

o Sp-Defend Down...this makes defence from magic less effective.
"This Ring Item embodies the fighting spirit of Warrior Maiden Valkyrie in the 
Battle of Ragnarok.   It weakens an enemy's Special Defence power."

  Sp-Defend Down 1  Grand Canyon
This is another of those easy to find, but easy to miss items.  When you first 
arrive at this location you are on top of a mountain plateau.  Walk to the far 
right, (not going down the path), and you will find this item. 

  Sp-Defend Down 2  Machu Picchu
After manipulating the coloured masks you can open the central door in the 
room that has three doors in the north wall.  There are three chests in here 
and one of them contains the Ring item.

  Sp-Defend Down 3  Doll's House (Ricardo's quest)
This item is easily found inside the Doll's House in the study, which is the 
room at the right of the main double doors.  Check the bookcase on the far 
wall opposite the entrance to this room.

E. Strike and Hit Area Expand Items

These items are useful because they help you to be more accurate in hitting 
every area of the ring.

Each character's ring has a different layout and some are harder to use than
others.  First experiment with the ring in battle to see how easy or hard you
find it to get every hit area, and then to get a ring perfect by hitting
every strike area.  Once you know how it flows, then consider adding the items
that can extent the areas and help you get a better laid out ring.  This is 
really a matter of personal preference.

Note that if you add these and then later decide to alter the number of
attacks, thus changing the layout of the ring, the items will automatically be
removed and returned to your stock.  They are not lost and can be re-used on
the newly laid out ring.

Getting More Area Expands

Although some can be found in the dungeons they also may be dropped from boss
fights when you fulfil certain requirements.  See the Boss Battle Bonuses FAQ 
by Hunter_Rose for more details on this.  

Later in the game you can get Strike Area Expands from the Lottery member 2, 
at Moana village, and from Lottery member 5 in Times Square, and Lottery 
member 1 in Rio de Janeiro.  Hit Area Expands are a second or third prize in 
some of the other Lotteries.  Thanks to lugia46's Lottery FAQ for this 
additional information. 

If you want more Hit Area Expands, and especially if you have walked a long 
way, visit Arkam and speak to Foley the P.E. Teacher to get Hit Area Expands 
in exchange for 4000 steps on the Pedometer, and Strike Area Expands for 8000 

You can also buy these items from the shop inside the hotel at Roswell at the 
point when the Gate location opens.  This is the dispenser that Roger makes 
available, as he did in the previous two Shadow Hearts games.  

Hit Area Expands 

1. New York

2. Arkam

3. Grand Canyon
In the village, go right past the shop and it is in a chest behind the tent. 

4. Chicago
From the entrance go left and get this from the chest opposite the "Just us 
Guys" shop. 

5. Alcatraz Prison
In the central area of the prison, go up through the main doorway, and then 
left, and left again going all the way along the corridor to the end to find a 

6. Roswell
In the room where you get Keycard 2 this item can be found in the bottom right 

7. Caribbean Pirate Fort
Find this in the left hand drawer in the captain's cabin after the boss has 
been defeated. 

8. Las Vegas

9. Chichen Itza
Use the press square switch to open a door on the second floor for this item.

10. Rio Janeiro
Find the item in the flower box at the left corner of the main square. 

11. Machu Picchu

12. Vilcabamba

13. Aito Caves
This Ring item is hidden in some stones at the dead end of a tunnel heading 
east from the tunnel that is at the far east of the caves and heads north. 

14. Uyuni Salt Lake
After going through the door out of the third floor, walk to the top of the 
path and find a Hit Area Expand just to the left of the door that leads into 
floor 4.

15. Garland Residence
After going through Seal III you can enter Johnny's bedroom through a door to 
the left, and find this item on the bed at the top of the room.  This room is 
at the left of the top central corridor.

16. Purramount Pictures

17. Brazilian Ninja Village
There is an item in a chest in the jump area of the 11th caddie.  

18. Guina Highlands
There is one at the side of the path that leads right from the second save 

19. Doll's House
On the second floor, inside the room, there is a lamp stand on a table to 
the left of the door and opposite the save point.  The item can be found here.

20. Garvoy Valley
Go all the way following the left hand path until you reach the place where 
you can turn left, and then follow this narrow path to the area where there is 
some debris on the ground. From here you can continue to a dead end where the 
item is found in a corner.                        

21. The Gate
From the first save point after defeating Malice Killer, go forwards and then 
turn right.  Follow the path and then go right again and there is a chest with 
the item before the path starts to slope downwards.

Strike Area Expands
3. Grand Canyon
Reward when you defeat the boss Tanaka.

4. Alcatraz
Reward when you defeat the boss Ronwei. 

7. Carribbean Pirate Fort
Go left from the first save point to find it inside a chest in the small cave.
A reward when Shania defeats the boss La Sirene.

20. Garvoy Valley
After using the ladder to cross the gap continue down the path and there is a 
chest with the item.

F. Ring Abnormalities

Negative States
During battle there are some enemies that can use attacks and spells which 
effect the way the ring behaves.  These are listed in the Help menu under the 
heading Abnormalities

o Fast Ring:    the bar moves twice as fast. 

o Tight Ring:   all areas shrink to half the normal size.

o Small Ring:   makes the whole ring smaller.

o Random Ring:  although the speed is constant, the speed will change each 
                time the Ring is used.

o Fickle Ring:  the bar will change speed unpredictably as it revolves.

o Blind Ring:   all areas of the ring are hidden.

o Up Ring:      the speed of the bar will increase as it moves.

o Fake Ring:    false areas will appear on the ring.

o Reverse Ring: the bar moves in the opposite direction: anti clockwise.

Healing the Ring
There are two items that can be used to heal these abnormalities, and one 
stellar magic spell.

Phoenix Tail:      Heals all Ring Abnormalities
Daphne Fruit:      Heals all Status Ailments and Ring Abnormalities
Stellar Magic:     Heal or Arc Heal 

Preventing Ring Abnormalities
The alternative is to protect the party.

Pocket Watch:  This accessory prevents all ring abnormalities.
Crucifix:      This rare accessory will prevent all status abnormalities.
Meteor Shower: Prevents Status/Ring Abnormalities for 3 turns.

Ricardo: Old Man's Diary: Melody: Delight 35 MP (Meteor Shower)
This Serenata Roots Item is acquired by talking to the old man in the office 
at Rio, and then visiting Chicago and talking to the old woman next to the bar 
in the Deuce night club.  After this conversation return to the newspaper 
office at Rio to receive the Old Man's Diary, from the old man. 

Positive Abnormalities: THE KEYS
There are also certain special and very useful items that you can find or buy 
which will assist the ring.  These can only be used once. Some of these can be 
obtained as a drop when you defeat boss enemies quickly, or achieve a high 
number of hits in a combo. 

o Third Key: Continuous successful actions allows max 3 Ring spins.

Find one in Grand Canyon mural area.
Obtained by telling the truth during the Pirate Barrel scene.
Buy these from Just us Guys shop in Purgatory for 30,000 gold each.
Receive one if you complete the upgraded Momonga Test 
(thanks to Leonia's FAQ for this information.)

o Fifth Key: Continuous successful actions allows max 5 Ring spins.

5th Mao Purramount fight drop
Return to the top of Uyuni Salt Lake and find one where you fought Killer.
Arkam University Pit Fight Prac Beast Sci III

o Seventh Key: Continuous successful actions allows max 7 Ring spins.

Q, the boss, drops one in Rio, Hilda's quest. 
The boss (Envious Jealousy) in Purgatory drops one.
Return to Garvoy Valley and you can find one at the Sun Altar where Shania 
fought Tirawa.

o Eternal Key: Continuous successful actions allows infinite Ring spins.

Only available in New Game + and obtained by completing the Snap Card 
collection and then talking to Masatoshi in Chicago.

G. Credits and Acknowledgements

Nautilus for their fantastic work with all the Shadow Hearts games over the 

Ghostlight for bringing this game to PAL people.

Thank you to CJayC for creating the best games site on the web, and to SBAllen 
for continuing to run GameFAQs, and accept my FAQs. 

tsura_mal's FAQ gives the full list of Ring Customisation items which was a 
great help as a checklist. 

leonia19's walkthrough is a wonderful resource for everything when playing the 
game, and I used this to check many details. 

The Boss Battle Bonuses FAQ by Hunter_Rose lists all bonuses that are 
available when you defeat a boss with certain conditions being met. 

lugia46's Lottery FAQ gives details about the all the Lottery prizes.

Thanks to MikoNoNyte and MACisBack for agreeing to accompany me on a 
celebration playthrough of all four Shadow Hearts games.,  

Thanks to the guys at the Koudelka board.

Thanks to Saikyo Mog, who gave me the idea to do this FAQ, and although he 
probably doesn't want any credit this time, he's still going to get some.;)


H.  Legal Stuff and Contact

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personal, private use.  It may not be placed on any web site other than
GameFAQs.com or otherwise distributed publicly.  Use of this guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright.

This FAQ is copyrighted by threetimes February 8th 2008.

Any errors or omissions are all my fault, so if you notice any, please let me
know.  Emails must be titled SHADOW HEARTS 3, FROM THE NEW WORLD RING FAQ and 
can be sent to me at:

threetimes.ajh (insert @ with no spaces) googlemail.com

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