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Game Script by Shotgunnova

Version: Hilda | Updated: 01/28/08

(¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\ |\     /| (¯¯¯¯¯¯¯) (¯¯¯¯¯¯\  (¯¯¯¯¯¯¯) |\     /|
| (¯¯¯¯\/ | )   ( | | (¯¯¯) | | (¯¯\  ) | (¯¯¯) | | )   ( |
| (_____  | (___) | | (___) | | |   ) | | |   | | | | _ | |
(_____  ) |  ___  | |  ___  | | |   | | | |   | | | |( )| |
      ) | | (   ) | | (   ) | | |   ) | | |   | | | || || |
/\____) | | )   ( | | )   ( | | (__/  ) | (___) | | () () | 
\_______) |/_____\| |/_____\| (______/  (_______) (_______)
|\¯¯¯¯¯/| (¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\ (¯¯¯¯¯¯¯) (¯¯¯¯¯¯¯) \¯¯¯¯¯¯¯/ (¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\
| )   ( | | (¯¯¯¯\/ | (¯¯¯) | | (¯¯¯¯)|  ¯¯) (¯¯  | (¯¯¯¯\/ FROM THE NEW WORLD
| (___) | | (__     | (___) | | (____)|    | |    | (_____  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
|  ___  | |  __)    |  ___  | |     __)    | |    (_____  ) Game Script
| (   ) | | (       | (   ) | | (\ (       | |          ) | by Shotgunnova
| )   ( | | (____/\ | )   ( | | ) \ \__    | |    /\____) | 1-04-08 to 1-20-08 
|/     \| (_______/ |/     \| |/   \__/    )_(    \_______)
                                                              TABLE OF CONTENTS

 00) Opening............................................................. GS00
 01) New York - Upper West Side & Times Square........................... GS01
 02) New York - Chelsea.................................................. GS02
 03) Boston - Arkham University.......................................... GS03
 04) New York - Upper West Side.......................................... GS04
 05) The Grand Canyon.................................................... GS05
 06) New York - Upper West Side.......................................... GS06
 07) Chicago............................................................. GS07
 08) Alcatraz Prison..................................................... GS08
 09) Chicago............................................................. GS09
 10) Purramount Pictures................................................. GS10
 11) Roswell............................................................. GS11
 12) New York - Upper West Side.......................................... GS12
 13) Pirate Island....................................................... GS13
 14) Las Vegas........................................................... GS14
 15) Chichen Itza........................................................ GS15
 16) Rio de Janeiro...................................................... GS16
 17) Machu Picchu........................................................ GS17
 18) Moana Village....................................................... GS18
 19) Vilcabamba.......................................................... GS19
 20) Moana Village....................................................... GS20
 21) Aito Cave........................................................... GS21
 22) Grand Canyon........................................................ GS22
 23) Uyuni Salt Lake..................................................... GS23
 24) Garland Residence................................................... GS24
 25) Roswell............................................................. GS25
 26) The Gate............................................................ GS26
 27) Endings............................................................. GS27
 28) Updates............................................................. GS28
 29) Contributions/Thanks................................................ GS29
 30) Legality............................................................ GS30

00) Opening                                                              [GS00]

????: I lost my memory that day...along with my family. When I woke up, in the
      hospital, the doctor told me that we'd been involved in an accident. My
      father and sister died...trapped in a blaze of burning crimson. If I try
      and remember anything else, it's terrifying...

[A boy is shown walking a sidewalk in old-era New York. After a cutscene where
a Native American girl jumps off a building and grows wings, the kid walks to
the Garland Detective Office the next day. A big oafish-lookin' guy is there;
his name's Lenny Curtis.]

Lenny : Hey, where've you been? There's work to do, master! You've got a

Johnny: Yeah? A customer? Really?

[It's a hunchbacked freaky guy (like Peter Lorre) sitting on a couch nearby.]

Johnny: Welcome to Garland Detective Agency! I'm the boss, Johnny Garland.

Gilbert: Yes, how do you do. My name is Gilbert and I'm a teaching professor
         from a well-known university in Boston.

Johnny: Sit down.

Gilbert: I was told by a reliable source that this is the place to come if you
         happen to be looking to find someone.

Johnny: You're looking for someone?

Gilbert: Yes, this man.

[He shows a photo of a wiry, bespectacled man.]

Gilbert: I've heard rumors that someone who looks very much like him has been
         seen around Manhattan recently. Marlow Brown. He's a man facing
         charges on at least eight counts of attempted murder, disorderly
         conduct, etcetera etcetera. He was released on parole three days ago,
         and right off the bat, escaped...without paying any bail money.

Johnny: My god. He sounds like trouble.

Lenny : I don't get it. What do you want a guy like that anyway, huh?

Gilbert: Let's just say...we have a business relationship. He got out on bail
         as you know, but I am his bond guaranteur. Y'see, if I don't find
         him and fast, I'm going to be stuck with coming up with every cent of
         his bail money!

Johnny: I got it. I'll help you. You'll see -- he's as good as in your hands.

[The customer leaves.]

Lenny : Are you sure? Accepting such a dangerous case like that?

Johnny: What are you talking about? We just got our first real case, y'know!
        Until now, all of our jobs have been things like sweeping factory
        chimneys and searching for runaway cats... Nothing interesting at all.

Lenny : Master, think about it. Don't you think...it's time to quit this? It's
        already been a year...since you left the house and opened an agency.
        How is your father's business going to succeed without you to run it?

Johnny: Not that again! I told you I don't want to work there anymore! If you
        miss it so much, why don't you go back by yourself?

Lenny : What are you saying!? On that day, I swore I would serve you for the
        rest of my life. You and I are one heart, one body. I can't imagine
        working anywhere without you, my master.

Johnny: Okay, whatever. Anyway, for starters, I'm gonna ask some questions.
        Take care of things while I'm gone.

Lenny : Hey, wait a minute! At least let me...come with you.

[Johnny's already gone.]

Lenny : I sure hope young master's going to be all right out there on his own.

01) NEW YORK - UPPER WEST SIDE & TIMES SQUARE                            [GS01]

[There's a little montage to Johnny at this point.]

Johnny: I'm Johnny Garland, and I'm 16. I'm a private detective living in New
        York City. And like Lenny was saying, the truth is my father died
        three years ago, and I was supposed to take over running his company.
        But living on an inheritance doesn't really do it for me, so I opened
        my own office. There are other reasons why I'm a detective. That
        accident didn't just take my family... It also took part of my
        memories. There is something important that I have to remember, 
        something significant, something that really means something to me.
        I thought that if I started working as a detective, it might help me
        someday to remember. I haven't told this to anyone, not a soul...not
        even Lenny.

[He's on the street now.]

Johnny: Well, first I'll start collecting info nearby.

[After a bunch of searching in Time Square...]

Johnny: Whoa! What was that sound? Huh?

??????: Hey city boy! Wait one second...!

Johnny: Huh? What? Who, me?!

[A motorcycle with sidecar pulls up.]

Effiminate Man: Ooo! Just like I thought! City boys are cute! You might be my

Manly Man: Hey, Gerry! You're gonna cheat on me right in front of my eyes? So,
           kid, what's your name?

Johnny: Uh...um... It's Johnny Garland, but...

Manly Man: Johnny, huh? That's a nice name. It's got a nice ring to it...

Effeminate Man: Hey, Johnny baby--can I call you that?

Johnny: No! No way!!

Gerard: Oh, so cold-hearted... Well, no biggie. I'm Gerard Magimel, a
        merchant. This is my honey, Buigen. We just arrived in this land. Nice
        to meet you.

Johnny: Ahh...nice to meet you too. Uh...I'm in a bit of a rush, so I'm just
        gonna get going now.

Buigen: Well, aren't you an impatient boy? And we just got to meet you...

Gerard: That's right! Stay and talk a little longer. I'll even give you
        something special of mine!

[Point Card received]

Johnny: A point card?

Gerard: That's right, a point card. If you shop at my store, you'll collect
        points on your card. When you collect enough points, you can buy
        things for cheap, or we'll pay more for things you want to get rid of.
        (If you're successful with the Ring...)

Johnny: Did you just mutter something?

Gerard: U-uh, no, nothing. Anyway, this card's a great deal! Aren't you

Buigen: Hey hey -- no fair cutting in, Gerry! Well, in that case, I have a
        present for the boy, too.

[Cancer Stellar Chart acquired.]

Johnny: Whoa...you can do magic with this.

Buigen: Keep it on your body at all times. Just pretend that it's me.

Gerard: No...! Honey, how audacious!

Johnny: Uh...well, thank you. Can I get going now? I'm really in a hurry...

Gerard: Oh really? That's too bad... All right, we'll be doing business around
        here for a while longer. We'll be waiting for you, Johnny baby!

02) NEW YORK - CHELSEA                                                   [GS02]

[With a new lead, Johnny heads to Chelsea. A reporter is there.]

McCoy the Reporter: Ow ow ow... I've really had a rough time here...

Johnny: What happened, mister? Are you OK? It looks like you're hurt.

McCoy the Reporter: Oh...No, it's not anything. I work as a newspaper
                    journalist, but I happened to hear a strange rumor. So, I
                    was researching this theater.

Johnny: A strange rumor?

McCoy the Reporter: A rumor about ghosts appearing. This is a scoop! Or so I
                    thought going in... But inside was a hooligan hang-out...
                    On top of all my money being taken, I was hung out to dry.

Johnny: This is the run-down theater the person in Times Square was talking
        about, huh?

McCoy the Reporter: I came all the way to New York, but didn't even get a
                    single photo of the ghost. My editor's gonna give it to
                    me again.

Johnny: Sounds shady... Like the perfect hide-out. Yeah, it must be here!
        Thanks, mister!

McCoy the Reporter: Huh? Thanks?? Wait, young man!

[Johnny enters the theater. A shabby person comes down the stairs.]

McKenzie the Bum: Oh, looks like some more prey's come in.

Johnny: Wh-what do you want?

McKenzie the Bum: Another sensational journalist? You're pretty young for
                  that, kid.

Johnny: I'm not a journalist. I'm a detective, and I've come in search of
        someone. I'd like you to let me through.

[Another person arrives.]

Ben the Hooligan: The brat calls himself a detective... Well, journalist or
                  detective, it's all the same to us. You're all just suckers!

[A fight starts but Garland cleans their clocks.]

Johnny: Uh... This place doesn't seem safe...

[Upstairs, he sees a little girl.]

Johnny: What's wrong? It's dangerous for you to be here alone.

Cowardly Nancy: Uh...um... My big brother and I were playing dare. But he
                went off somewhere and now I can't find him.

Johnny: OK, I'll go and look for your brother. Stay here and wait until I come

Cowardly Nancy: Will you really find him?

Johnny: I will, I will. I may not look it, but I'm a detective. Finding people
        is my specialty!

Cowardly Nancy: OK... It's scary but I'll be patient and wait here until you
                get back.

[Johnny deep-sixes another thug.]

Johnny: This really is a hooligan hang-out. This kind of place isn't safe for
        a kid. If I don't find him quickly... Huh? Is there something on the

[Cure Stellar acquired. Johnny searches until he finds a little boy.]

Johnny: Any chance that you're Nancy's brother?

Actually-Scared Tom: Y-yes. I am, but...

Johnny: I finally found you! It's not safe here, so let's get back. Nancy's
        looking for you."

Actually-Scared Tom: I-I want to go back too! But if that scary guy finds
                     me... Before, when I opened the fire escape, somebody
                     yelled at me from behind!

Johnny: The fire escape?

Actually-Scared Tom: Yeah! Then the guy chased after me, and I was so scared
                     ...and I hid. Oh!

[Johnny defeats the guys who jump him.]

Johnny: Gee... Anyway, let's get back to where Nancy is.

[The two kids are reunited.]

Cowardly Nancy: Tom!

Actually-Scared Tom: Nancy!

Cowardly Nancy: Thank you, Mr. Detective!

Johnny: You aren't to come here again, OK?

Actually-Scared Tom: Uh-huh!

Johnny: Oh, right. You said something about a fire escape?

Actually-Sacred Tom: What? You mean the door upstairs? There's a trick to
                     opening that door. You've got to jiggle it a little bit,
                     and then push, or it won't open.

Johnny: Jiggle it up a bit...I see.

Cowardly Nancy: See you, Mr. Detective!

[The kids leave, and Johnny returns upstairs to the door.]

Johnny: He said to jiggle it up a bit...

[He gets onto the balcony/fire escape.]

Johnny: Whoa, it's pitch black already. I've wasted more time than I thought.
        I've got to hurry!

[At the top, the man Gilbert was looking for yells out.]

Marlow: Who's there?

Johnny: Uh...excuse me. I mean, how are you? I run a detective agency around
        here. Johnny Garland is what they call me.

Marlow: Johnny Garland? Ha ha ha ha! Gimme a break. Wha? My God! You're
        Johnny...? Wait, stop right there! Don't come any closer!

Johnny: What are you acting all scared about? It's not like I'm going to
        report you or anything. Whoa... What's going on?

[Just then, a portal opens up and a monster mauls Marlow maliciously. Then, an
angelic girl drops through the glass roof and defeats it, transforming back to
her Native American costume. Johnny faints and glows red...]

Girl: !?

[Meanwhile, across town under a suspension bridge, police blanket the area. A
redheaded man with a wound is slumped behind a box. He tries to escape, but
stumbles at the foot of a strange woman...]

Man: Wait! Damn...

[She walks away, slaying the policemen. The redhead tries to leave, but the
girl is over in a flash; she kisses him, which somehow heals his wounds...
Back at the detective agency, Johnny wakes up. The Native American girl and
her friend are talking with Lenny downstairs.]

Johnny: Huh?

Girl: Morning. How'd you sleep?

Johnny: Hey, wait. How did I get back here? Lemme see... I remember suddenly
        being attacked... Attacked by some weird...some sort of monster... But
        after that I...

Lenny : Master... I know exactly what happened. The truth is these two kind
        souls saved your life! They were kind enough to bring you back here
        while you were still unconscious.

Johnny: Uh, I was just being a little careless, I think. Hey, wait a minute!!
        What were you doing there yesterday? You're connected to that beast in
        some way, right? Let's see, uh... That's it! You changed your shape,
        didn't you?!

Girl: Calm down... You're asking way too many questions. Besides... Don't
      forget that you were there too for some reason.

Johnny: I happen to be a detective, you know!

Girl: Hmm... Listen... Have you heard of Malice before?

Johnny: Malice?

Girl: Yeah. Malice. A red light made of humanity's hate and anger. It was more
      than ten years ago... Somebody broke the seal and unleashed one thousand
      years of pent-up Malice on our world. The malice...it spread like
      wildfire across the planet. Plunging humans everywhere into complete
      madness. Sometimes, the Malice opens a "Window" allowing beasts to come

Johnny: Window?

Girl: Didn't you see the Window? It looked like a giant sea green whirlwind.
      That's why we call that a Window. Our work is to hunt down those evil
      beasts. The ones who come through. The power you saw yesterday... That's
      what I use for the hunt.

Johnny: So you're exterminating monsters huh? Hmm. Aghh!

Lenny: Master, please! Don't scream like that again!

Johnny: But what're we gonna do, Lenny? The guy Professor Gilbert asked us to
        find for him was eaten by a monster!

Lenny: Uh...uh...I see what you mean. Well then... I guess we have no choice
       but to say we're sorry.

Johnny: Maybe...but eaten by a monster? He won't believe me.

Girl: You know if you like, we could go along with you.

Johnny: Yeah?

Girl: We can explain things a lot better than you. Besides, you don't want any
      problems... What if Little Master faints again, huh?

[She flicks his forehead.]

Johnny: Hey, I'm not a little kid!!

Shania: My name is Shania. And this is...

Natan: I am Natan. It is my honor.

[He stares at her chest; she giggles.]

Johnny: Uh...hi. Uh...the name's Johnny. How are ya?

Lenny: The client, Mr. Gilbert, is a Professor at a university in Boston. He
       asked that we report to him at his laboratory...

[On the street...]

Worn-Out Giraffe: Hey, boy. You have IT, right?

Johnny: It...? What's "it"?

Worn-Out Giraffe: Don't play dumb. If I say "IT," is there anything else "IT"
                  could be? With just one use you can get incredibly happy,
                  or horribly sad... That "IT."

Johnny: Huh...?! W-why would I have something like that?!

Worn-Out Giraffe: You really don't have IT...? Well, guess I'll have to give
                  you one of mine. Here.

[Lottery Ticket acquired.]

Johnny: Huh? What's this? A lottery ticket...?

Lottery Member No. 12: That's right. Take this, and if you talk to a Lottery
                       Member like me, you can play the Lottery -- once per
                       ticket. If you win, you'll be incredibly happy. If you
                       lose, you'll be horribly sad. How 'bout it? Sounds fun,

Johnny: So that's what you were talking about.

Lottery Member No. 12: Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Why don't you
                       try already? If the spinning bar stops above the prize
                       you want, then you win. I can only give you one top
                       prize. All right, I'm gonna start. Heh heh, bet you're
                       getting the willies! Oh, you win! How 'bout it, kid?
                       Aren't you really happy?

[Gale Rod Stellar acquired.]

Lottery Member No. 12: How 'bout it? Bet you're hooked, right? If you bring
                       "IT" to me, I'll let you play the Lottery any time.

03) BOSTON - ARKHAM UNIVERSITY                                           [GS03]

[The team walks onto the splendid, quiet campus.]

Gentleman in a Suit: Hey! Boy! Excuse me!

Johnny: Huh? Me?

Gentleman in a Suit: I'm looking for Professor Gilbert's lab. Do you know
                     where it is?

Johnny: Nope. This is our first time here.

Gentleman in a Suit: Oh, sorry. You looked just like a student is all. Ha ha
                     ha ha!!

[He walks away.]

Johnny: What's with that guy?

Shania: He seems to be here to see Professor Gilbert, too. We could have
        searched together...

Johnny: No way! Walk around with a crazy guy like that? Are you kidding?

[They turn a corner.]

Foley the P.E. Teacher: Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!!! Keep running, you grunts!!! Our
                        goal for today is 2000 steps!!

Student: Yessir!!

Foley the P.E. Teacher: Hm? Hey boy! You over there!!

Johnny: Huh? You mean me?

Foley the P.E. Teacher: That's right!! Are you here to enlist too!?

Johnny: N-not as far as I know...

Foley the P.E. Teacher: I'm asking...if you're here to enlist in the Arkham
                        Pedometer Regiment of hte U.S. Walking Warriors

Johnny: U.S....Walking...Warriors...Brigade...? What's a "pedometer regiment"?

Foley the P.E. Teacher: What your mouth boy!! Whenever you address me, you
                        always say "sir," understand maggot?

Johnny: ...Yes sir...

Foley the P.E. Teacher: Speak up! Say it with feeling, like this: Yes

Johnny: Yes sir!!

Foley the P.E. Teacher: Good... You look like you still wear diapers, but I'll
                        make an exception and allow you to join the Regiment.

Johnny: I don't have any idea what you're talking about, mister... So, I think
        I'll be on my way now...

Foley the P.E. Teacher: What was that!!!???

Johnny: ...Sir...

Foley the P.E. Teacher: Good. First off, I'm going to give you a pedometer as
                        proof of your enlistment.

[Pedometer acquired.]

Johnny: Thanks, mister.

Foley the P.E. Teacher: You will address me as sir!!

Johnny: OK, OK. Yes sir.

Foley the P.E. Teacher: The kids these days... ...At any rate!! From now on
                        you will wear this pedometer onto the battlefield as a
                        member of the Pedometer Regiment!

Johnny: Yes sir. What happens if I wear the pedometer onto the battlefield?

Foley the P.E. Teacher: Every step you take will be counted. This count shall
                        be proof of your bravery.

Johnny: Wow...

Foley the P.E. Teacher: If you get a high step count on the battlefield, and
                        come back to me safely, then I'll reward you for your

Johnny: So you're going to reward me. Could it be that you're a nice guy?

Foley the P.E. Teacher: Don't forget the sir!!

Johnny: Yes sir! Well, I'll be on my way then.

Foley the P.E. Teacher: I swear, these kids today just don't respect their
                        elders at all...

Foley & Students x2: ...

Foley the P.E. Teacher: Hurry up and get back to running!!

Students x2: Y-yessir!

[The team finds a locked door.]

Johnny: Argh...it doesn't open...

Shania: I wonder if anyone besides the professor knows how to open the door.

Johnny: Oh! Right. OK, then proper detective-like, I'll go ask around the

[After a little more searching...]

Knowledgeable Jefferson: What? You came to see Professor Gilbert? Then you
                         have to go in from the underpath in the corner of the
                         field. There's a staircase, so you can probably enter
                         the room from there. I was just asked the same thing
                         by someone earlier. It's rare for him to have so many
                         people visit.

Johnny: The under-path huh...

Knowledgeable Jefferson: Oh right, I almost forgot. The under-path has no
                         light. If you're set on going, then you should take
                         the lantern from the chemistry lab.


???: Hey, boy! We meet again!

Johnny: That voice...could it be...? It is!

Buigen: What happened? Why the long face? Did something bad happen? Cheer up,
        I have some good news for you boy.

Gerard: Well, not really good news, but something he forgot to tell you last
        time we met.

Buigen: Hey, Gerry. I thought you said that was our little secret?

Johnny: Uh...if you've got something to say...

Buigen: Ah, sorry. Actually, I work doing Stellar Chart realigning.

Johnny: Realigning?

Buigen: That's right. I alter its attributes and open holes and stuff. Of
        course, I charge for it, but I'll do it cheaply for you, boy.

Johnny: Hmm...I see. Well, then, if I need realignment I'll be sure to ask you.

[They go into the dark under-path tunnel.]

Johnny: If I light this lantern... How's that! OK, I can see well enough now.

[They defeat some monsters.]

Johnny: Hey...the beasts from the Window? What are they doing here?

Shania: Maybe Professor Gilbert will know?

[A door is nearby.]

Johnny: Huh? It's locked. Professor Gilbert!? Anybody here? It's Johnny
        Garland, from the other day!

Shania: He's out? Or maybe... Maybe the beasts got to him first?

Johnny: Oh man! If so, he might be in trouble!! But, the door's still locked...
        Hey, let's search for the key! Maybe it's laying around here somewhere?

[Further on...]

Johnny: What is this? A lever? Oh! Something moved! Oh, I get it! If I open the
        door with the lever like this, I can continue ahead.

[They find some monsters behind a cage.]

Johnny: Whoa! These beasts are caged up... I wonder if Professor Gilbert caught

Shania: I wonder... But it's hard for normal people to catch beasts.

Johnny: Yeah... Ah! I found another lever! Well, we're not going to get
        anywhere just standing around thinking. Let's go!

[The lever opens the enemies' cage...]

Johnny: Huh? Huh? Ahhhh!

Shania: They're coming!

[The monsters are defeated.]

Johnny: Th-th-that scared me!! Don't come flying at me like that! Geez!

Shania: It looks like the levers open not just the doors, but the cages as
        well... Let's be more careful from now on.

[They enter Gilbert's lab and find the gentleman from earlier. He's looking
at a bunch of bubbling green tubes and monsters in cages.]

Gentleman in a Suit: So many hideous creatures... That Professor Gilbert... He
                     presents such a danger to the States! Oh well... I guess
                     it's time for ol' Frank to clean all this up. Whoa--
                     somebody's coming! Oh no! I've got to hide. Oh...

[He puts his back up against a machine and uses a brightly-colored flag to try
and camouflage himself. The monsters promptly start beating him up.]

Johnny: Hey, look... Think we should help?

Shania: I haven't the foggiest idea...

Johnny: That's a big help...

[They kill the monsters anyway.]

Gentleman in a Suit: Wow!! You killed them!! And so fast... Fantastic!

Johnny: What are you talking about? Are you all right?

Gentleman in a Suit: No problem...! Frank simply hid using the "Art of Hiding".
                     That way, the creatures didn't even notice Frank.

Johnny: Oh yeah, right... They were beating you to a pulp, you know! You're
        outta your mind. And what's the "Art of Hiding"?

Frank: Hmmm... Well... If you really want to know, then I guess Frank will have
       to tell you a little story... A story of long ago... And it goes like
       this. Once upon a time... Ol' Frank was flying in a light plane bought
       for him by his Daddy. But tragically, there was a horrible accident! And
       poor ol' Frank crashed into the South American jungle. After wandering
       lost for a whole week...just about the time Frank thought it was...THE
       END, Frank discovered a secluded village in the middle of the jungle!
       The village was called...Brazeel! The Ninja Hideaway! It was an ancient
       ninja village built three hundred years before by ninja descendants...
       from Japan.

Johnny: Now, hold on! No way any of this could be true!

Frank: Meanwhile...Frank went about studying the ninja's spirit...and learned
       of their great art. Frank swore he would use these arts to protect the
       freedom of the STATES! Ta-da!

[He uses his flag again and appears in full ninja costume (!?).]

Frank: Frank learned Professor Gilbert was working on some questionable
       research. So, ol' Frank decided to come here alone to investigate. But
       lookie here! Can it be possible?! Did ol' Frank just meet some other
       people with the same idea? Boy!! I'd like you to call me Ffff-rank!...
       if you don't mind. Say... Let's all look for Gilbert together!

Johnny: Huh? What?! C-chill out okay?! Quit assuming things! First, there's a
        key. We have to find it, otherwise we can't get into Gilbert's room.
        Hey, we'll see ya. 'Kay?

Frank: A key you say? Ha ha ha ha! Now, you just leave it to ol' Frank! A
       simple thing like a locked door is no match for Frank's ninja arts!

Johnny: Uhh...man...see... That's not what I meant.

Shania: Aren't you lucky. Making a new friend...

Natan: We're wasting time. Let us go.

Frank: Okay boy! Let's get this show on the road.

Johnny: Perfect... With friends like that...

[They return to the locked door with Frank.]

Frank: There it is! The door boy previously mentioned, huh? Okay folks... I
       strongly suggest that you all stand back. Hwooooooah! Aghhhh!

[A key falls out of Frank's person, and he unlocks the door.]

Frank: There! Behold Ninjutsu's "Art of Unlock". So, that is over. Shall we

Johnny: You know, for a second I thought it was gonna be cool. Shows ya how
        lame I am...

[They enter the professor's chamber.]

Johnny: Professor Gilbert! Is everything okay?

Gilbert: Aah. It's you... I appreciate you going through all this trouble.

Johnny: No problem. But, all of those monsters down below... What's with that?

Gilbert: Oh, those things. Well, you see... I guess I got a bit carried away
         and created too many of them... But it's okay. I've started keeping
         them in cages.

Johnny: I can't believe it. You created them?!

Frank: So then...the rumor is true, just like ol' Frank suspected... You made
       those awful creatures! YOU did it!! Gilbert, exactly what do you think
       you're up to?

Gilbert: By the way, Johnny...about that investigation I hired you for...

Johnny: Marlow... Marlow was eaten by a monster. Did you have a hand in that

Gilbert: No, that had nothing to do with me. But I suspected it would turn out
         the way it did... And thanks to you...my suspicion has turned out to
         be well-founded.  But there's still one little thing... A final
         missing piece to the whole puzzle... And sadly...as long as I don't
         have it, as long as it eludes my grasp...then my creative abilities
         are severely limited!

[He creates a portal with his hand. A red light from Johnny's knife kills it!]

Gilbert: It's completely astounding! Awesome... But it's still weak when
         compared to her power.

Shania: Her power? If you know something, then tell me now!!

Gilbert: I'm afraid I know nothing positive, yet... Say, would you mind
         cleaning up around here? I'm afraid I've got some pressing business to
         attend to!

Shania: Come back!!

Natan: Princess!

Frank: Boy!

[A huge portal opens and a boss comes out. They defeat it with some effort.]

04) NEW YORK - UPPER WEST SIDE                                           [GS04]

[After the events, everyone crashes in the NYC agency.]

Johnny: Hey, Lenny! Find anything out?

Lenny: No, I'm sorry. Not only has he vanished, but apparently Gilbert wasn't
       even his real name. No personal information, no leads.

Johnny: I see...that's just great. Now what are we going to do?

Frank: Frank's Master might know a thing or two.

Johnny: Frank's Master? Is your Master all there?

Frank: Of course! No doubt about it. But, Master is traveling around America,
       so Frank has no idea where Master is...

Johnny: What, so we have to go out looking!?

Frank: No problem. That's what I have subordinates for. They're out looking
       for her already. Master is a very unique individual, so they'll surely
       find her soon!

Johnny: You've got subordinates?!

Frank: OH! Did Frank let that slip? Anything further is Top Secret.

Shania: If we've got time, there's somewhere I'd like to go if it's all right.

Natan: Princess! You can't mean...

Johnny: That's fine with me, but where is it you wanna go?

Shania: The Grand Canyon. Let's see... From here, it'll take us about 3 weeks
        to arrive, I think.


Cheeky Joshua: J-J-J-Johnny!! I saw it, I saw it!! A ghost, a ghost! I'm

Johnny: A ghost? What, again...

Cheeky Joshua: I'm not lying this time! I just picked up this weird thing on
               the sidewalk, and then this strange light appeared. I was
               really startled, so I screamed like AAGH!! But then the light
               just disappeared...

Johnny: Consider yourself lucky. Not many people get to see a ghost. Well, I'm
        in a bit of a rush, so...

Cheeky Joshua: Quit being a jerk! I'm so scared, I'll never be able to sleep
               again! Here! This is the thing I found! I'm gonna hand it over
               to you, so make sure you investigate it, OK!

[Ring Fragment acquired.]

Johnny: Uh, yeah. Sure. Looks like I don't have a choice...

[Around the corner, a light floats in midair.]

Johnny: Ah! There really is something here! It doesn't really look that scary,
        though... All right, I'll just sneak up on it here so it doesn't get

A Ghost: Eek!

Johnny: Whoa!?

A Ghost: Wh-who are you!? Don't you know it's rude to creep up on people like

Johnny: You're the one who's creepy! You look like a ghost!

The Ring Spirit: A...a ghost!? It may look tha tway, but I'm really a Ring
                 Spirit! I'm the will of the Judgment Ring that governs all
                 fate! ...I'm still an apprentice though.

Johnny: I don't really understand, but that sounds pretty impressive... But
        what is a person who governs all fate doing in a place like this?

The Ring Spirit: I was looking for something... This little boy had it a
                 minute ago, but... ...Aah! That thing you're holding there!
                 Let me see it!!

Johnny: What? You mean this?

The Ring Spirit: I knew it... It's a Ring Fragment! Please, please! Give it
                 to me!!

Johnny: ...Well, I don't really have any use for it, so I guess it's OK.

The Ring Spirit: Wow, thank you! Here, I'll give you this in return. That's
                 how it works!

[Attack Boost acquired.]

Johnny: ...What is this?

The Ring Spirit: Heheh, since you had the luck to meet me, you should now be
                 able to customize your Judgment Ring. It's a long explanation,
                 but do you want to hear it?

                 -> Tell me!
                    [The tutorial starts.]

                    The Ring Spirit: ...That's the gist of it. Understand?

                    Johnny: Yeah, I got it. I think...

                 -> Not if it'll take a long time.

                    The Ring Spirit: Really? All right, then I won't explain.
                                     If you ever want to know though, take a
                                     look at Help.

The Ring Spirit: Hey, by the way, if you happen to find any other fragments,
                 could you bring them back to me? I have to collect all the

Johnny: Yeah, if I come across any more, I don't mind.

The Ring Spirit: Really? Really!? Wow! Thank you! I'm counting on you! Well,
                 I'll be waiting for you here!

[It disappears.]

Johnny: A Ring Spirit, huh... Wow, that really took a lot of time. Umm...
        that's right. I was on my way to the Grand Canyon.

05) THE GRAND CANYON                                                     [GS05]

[They all arrive in the arid canyon area of the SW United States.]

Johnny: Hey! Wait up, why don't ya?!

Shania: Don't make such a fuss. It was just a short walk.

Johnny: You call that " a short walk"...? Anyway...what are we doing out here?
        Why did you drag us out in the middle of nowhere?

Shania: So I could make a new contract with a Spirit. Do you remember how I
        looked when we first met?

Johnny: Uh huh. You looked like a bird, I think...

Shania: No, not a bird...but the Spirit who rules the sky... A Thunderbird!
        For a short time, I have this ability. I can borrow power from the

Johnny: Wow! So, by making a pact you can really change into other forms?

Shania: Yes. But, in order to make a new pact I must go to the Spirits' altar,
        which is where I'm going right now.

[They enter a teepee.]

Natan: It has been a long time, Lord Nvwoti.

Nvwoti: Oh? Oh!! Natan! Good timing! I was just looking for you!

Johnny: Who's this guy?

Shania: Nvwoti. The Healer of this village.

Natan: WHat did you need from me? If you could be brief.

Nvwoti: Hee hee... It's this! At last, it's completed!

[The Gada Pot acquired.]

Natan: This? This is what you have been working on all this time?

Nvwoti: That's right, young man. Its name is the Gada Pot! From the paranormal
        to UFOs, this magic jar can catch any obscure object!

Natan: Hm... This is a good jar. How does it work?

Nvwoti: That, my friend, is a trade secret. Anyway, there's a favor I have to
        ask of you. There has been an ocult boom in strange life forms across
        the United States. I want you to catch them, the UMA, in this jar!

Natan: UMA? Yuma?? If you wish to travel to Yuma, it takes perhaps two days on

Nvwoti: Not Yuma! UMA! U-M-A!! UMA! If you catch the UMA, you will get
        mysterious power inexplicable to science. And depending on what you
        catch, you, sir may also be rewarded... Now isn't that wonderful? Oh,
        right. Of course, I wouldn't have you work for free. If you take this
        on, I will use the UMA's power to power up your...your...Gun Fu, was
        it now?

Natan: I'm afraid we are in the middle of an urgent journey. Please ask
       someone else.

Nvwoti: Right, then good luck...Wait, what?? You won't do it? That just won't
        do! I don't have anyone else to ask!

Natan: I am sorry, but what else can I say?

Shania: ...Natan, it's OK if you take it on.

Nvwoti: Ohh?! That's my Shania! Always a good sport!

Natan: Princess. But...

Shania: You have got to increase your strength from here on out anyway. We
        just can't get too sidetracked.

Natan: ...I understand. Lord Nvwoti, so how does this work?

Nvwoti: Now you're talking! First, this. I've put together the UMAs' favorite
        foods, so take them with you.

[Honey acquired.]
[Grapefruit acquired.]
[Hare acquired.]
[Morpho Scales acquired.]
[Maiden's Hair acquired.]
[Gold Ore acquired.]
[Fly Paper acquired.]

Nvwoti: Lure UMA in by planting these in an area they are likely to appear.
        Remember that each has its own likes and dislikes. If the bait you
        have chosen and the place you plant it are correct, you will lure in
        the UMA. In terms of where UMAs are likely to appear... Well, I'm
        sure you'll figure it out just fine.

Natan: I see. However, if I am unfamiliar with the UMA's disposition and
       habitat, I have no way to trap them.

Nvwoti: Hm, well, I'll go about getting that information to you. In any case,
        I've already investigated the first UMA, which is living in this
        valley here.

Natan: True to your title, Lord Nvwoti. But what about the valley's guards who
       let the UMA invade so easily?

Nvwoti: That's not for you to worry about. People call it Bigfoot, but it's
        actually fairly gentle. It has great strength and towers over humans.
        It's normally harmless but it can go wild over sweets at times.

Natan: I understand. I believe I have enough information now.

[New UMA information has been added to Natan's Personal Menu.]

Nvwoti: If you catch an UMA in the jar, don't forget to bring it to me! Don't
        keep it all to yourself! OK?

[They go to the chief's dwelling.]

Shania: It's been a long time, Zonda.

Zonda: Shania?? And Natan?! You've finally come back?!

Shania: We've only come back because we have something to ask you. So, Zonda.
        I want you to tell me the location of the altar where the spirits of
        the earth and ocean slumber.

Zonda: What now? You are still talking abou that?

Johnny: Hey, who's that?

Natan: He is the head of this village. He is also Shania's betrothed.

Johnny: Whaaaaat? B-b-betrothed?!

Natan: I heard their parents, each heads of their respective tribes, decided
       it. But that's a thing of the past now...

Johnny: ...?

Frank: Looks like an INVOLVED talk.

Zonda: Why do you need more power than this? Have you not already received the
       power of the Thunderbird?

Shania: I absolutely cannot lose, that's why.

Zonda: Shania. Forget about it already. Forget about it all and live here in
       peace. Is there anything wrong with that?

Shania: I can't. I haven't finished getting revenge.

Zonda: It doesn't matter what I say, does it? Fine. Do what you like for a
       little while longer. I do not know much about the Ocean Spirit.
       Caribbean tribes once worshipped it, but when pirates appeared, the
       people protecting the shrine fled.

Shania: What about the Earth Spirit...Tatan'ka?

Zonda: There is a road that connects from here to the altar. I'll notify the
       lookout. The sacred ground is full of the spirits of guardian beasts.
       Here, take this. It will help you on your journey.

[Raise Up Stellar acquired.]
[Barrier Stellar acquired.]
[Eagle Statue acquired.]

Shania: Thank you, Zonda.

Zonda: Natan. I entrust Shania's safety to you.

Natan: Understood. You need not worry.

[The part starts heading for the shrine.]

Mysterious Voice: Stop there.

Johnny: Huh? Whose voice is that...? Could it be? This wooden pillar just

Dohkwibuhch: I am called Dohkwibuch. I was created by man to protect the Earth
             Spirit enshrined in the altar. Why hast thou entered this valley?

Shania: To forget a pact with the Earth Spirit.

Dohkwibuhch: I understand thy please. But I cannot allow the unqualified to
             proceed beyond here.

Shania: And what are the qualifications?

Dohkwibuhch: If you desire qualification, I shall give thee a question. In
             this valley, there is a mural left by the ancestors. Once thou
             hast seen this mural, call upon me again.

Shania: ...

Johnny: What should we do, Shania?

Shania: There's no question about it. No matter what the trial, we've come
        prepared to handle it.

[They find the mural and return.]

Dohkwibuhch: Hast thou seen the mural left previously by the ancestors?
             -> We haven't seen it yet.

                Dohkwibuhch: I do not have anything to pose to thee. Address
                             me once more ater thou hast seen the mural.

             -> We saw it already.

[They say they've seen it.]

Dohkwibuhch: Well then...I shall ask thee a question. How many animals does
             the hunter in the mural seek?

Johnny: Three.

Dohkwibuhch: Thou has responded correctly. I shall open the road before you
             thusly. The road continues to the altar.

[They continue on.]

Johnny: Hey. This pact with the Spirit is going to make Shania more powerful,
        right? Then why are you and that guy so unhappy about it?

Natan: In order to make a pact, Shania must do battle with the Spirit, alone,
       and win. However, even if she makes the pact successfully, she still
       has to allow another life into her body. Something normal humans can't

Johnny: Can't withstand? Will Shania be all right?

Natan: She'll be fine. If worse comes to worse, I will defend her with my life.

Johnny: Hmmm...

[They find another bunch of statues.]

Hisakitaimisi: My name is Hisakitaimisi. I was given this body and life to
               live forever with the Earth Spirit. If you would like to pass
               through here, you must answer my question. The ancestors have
               spent much time bestowing upon us several murals in the valley.
               After you have seen them all, come back and see me.

[They return...]

Hisakitaimisi: Have you see all the murals?
               -> Actually, not yet...

                  Hisakitaimisi: Until you see all the murals, I cannot ask
                                 you any questions.

               -> Of course.

[They affirm they have.]

Hisakitaimisi: I see... In that case, I'll ask you a question. In this valley,
               how many murals are there in all?

Johnny: Seven.

Hisakitaimisi: Well done! You've answered my questions correctly. Now, let me
               open the road ahead of you.

[They find another set of statues... -__-]

Nayenezgani: Oh, it's been a long time...since a traveler has come here. I'm
             Nayenezgani. Well, I'm like a guard of this valley. You're
             searching for the altar beyond here, aren't you? Then, listen to
             me for a bit. There are two murals in this valley. After you see
             them, I'll ask you questions about them.

[They return after seeing the murals.]

Nayenezgani: Oh, you again... So have you seen the murals?
             -> Not yet.

                Nayenezgani: Then I can't ask you any questions. Be off to see
                             the murals immediately.

             -> All over it.

[They have.]

Nayenezgani: Well then...I'll ask you without further ado. In the two murals,
             there are things flying in the air, swimming in the sea, and 
             running on the ground. Out of those, which were only drawn on
             one of the murals.

Johnny: Things flying in the air.

Nayenezgani: Correct! Well then...the Earth Spirit is just beyond here. You
             may pass on the road to the altar. A word of advice: in the
             trials of the Earth Spirit, don't expect leniency. You'd best be
             amply prepared.

[They arrive at the earth spirit's altar.]

Shania: From here on, I'm on my own. No matter what happens, no help!

[Shania fights and beats the Earth Spirit by herself. She stumbles on her way
back; Natan rushes to help.]

Shania: I'm fine... Just a little tired, that's all.

[One of Frank's subordinates appears, whispers, and leaves again.]

Frank: Attention! I am happy to report they have found Frank's MASTER...!

Johnny: Weird... I just saw a strange shadow...

Frank: Don't go bothering yourself with sniggling worries like THAT! It
       appears that Frank's Master is hanging out in Chicago... SO! A'
       Chicago-ing we must GO!

Natan: Princess!

Johnny: Shania!

[She's collapsed. Back in New York City, the strange redheaded man and the
girl who saved him are sitting in the empty industrial waterfront area.]

Man: What did you do? I'm talkin' about me...

[He offers her a hotdog?]

Man: I'll be you're starving... Here. People...call me "Killer". And you?

[She doesn't answer.]

Man: Huh... Lady! That's what I'll call you!

06) NEW YORK CITY - UPPER WEST SIDE                                      [GS06]

[Back in the apartment, everyone waits around for Shania. She enters.]

Natan: Princess!

Johnny: Shania! Are you feeling better now?

Shania: Yes, sorry for worrying you. I'm ready to go anytime.

07) CHICAGO                                                              [GS07]

[In a nightclub somewhere...]

Man: So, someone's been asking about me, huh...? It wouldn't be the McManus
     Family, would it?

Underling: I dunno. There're four of them with a woman and a kid. I dunno who
           they are or what they want.

Man: They're a nuisance, either way... Get rid of them -- I don't care how.

Underling: Right!

[The underling leaves.]

Man: These things only happen when Capone isn't here...

[On the dark street under some el tracks, the party gathers.]

Johnny: Your Master is here?

Frank: Yes. She's been in this town for a few months now it seems. But...

Johnny: But?

Frank: It appears my men were chased off by the mafia for some reason before
       they could see the Master...

Johnny: That's no good. Well maybe...

Frank: No problem! She's definitely in this city, so let's go and find her at

[Up the street, they meet a weird-looking man.]

Masatoshi: Hey!! You over there!! Do you have a minute!? That's a nice camera
           you've got there. That's a Russian custom model, isn't it?

Johnny: So you know about them too, huh? I got this camera from my butler.
        It's really incredible. If it takes a picture of a living being, it
        prints out the picture as a card, and for some reason it doesn't need

Masatoshi: This camera is called an Edgar MIV. Any true camera manic would
           give away all their life savings just to hold one. Your'e really
           lucky to have this in your possession.

Johnny: Wow. You really know a lot about cameras. Are you a famous
        photographer or something?

Masatoshi: Oops, how rude of me. Here's my business card, it should tell you a
           bit about me.

Johnny: Umm...Masatoshi Moreno Yamaguchi...3 year consecutive Snap Master in
        1913, 14, and 15...

Masatoshi: That's right!! I am actually the legendary Snap Master Masatoshi!!
           I'm retired now, though.

Johnny: What's a Snap Master?

Masatoshi: Wh-what!? Well, maybe you've heard my legendary catch phrase!?
           "Snap shot"!!

Johnny: Sorry... Never heard of it.

Masatoshi: Oh, well that's too bad. In Japan, I'm so famous that there isn't
           a single person who doesn't know my name... Anyway, have you ever
           heard of the "Snap Collectors" who collect those snap cards?

Johnny: No, I don't think so... Are you a collector?

Masatoshi: I am. But snap cards are extremely valuable, and very hard to come
           by. So, collectors tend to treasure their cards as much as their
           own lives.

Johnny: Wow. So maybe some of those collectors would be willing to take my
        snap cards off my hands for a good price!?

Masatoshi: I think so. If you bring those snaps of yours to me or other
           collectors, I think you could make some good deals. But every
           collector wants certain cards, so you should talk to them first
           and find out what they want. If you make trades, you can get snaps
           of enemies you haven't encountered yet, or items to help you on
           your adventure.

Johnny: Sounds pretty interesting. Maybe I should try and collect some snap
        cards myself.

Masatoshi: Yes, that's the spirit!! Starting today, you're a snapshooter too!!

Johnny: OK, let's get shooting!!

[The party gets cornered in an alley.]

Louise the Follower: Borriello!! These are the guys!

Big Brother Borriello: OK, you just stand back. Hey you! You guys have been
                       sniffing around abou Big Sister, haven't you?

Frank: Big Sister...? Her name wouldn't happen to be Mao, would it?

Big Brother Borriello: No doubt about it, these're the guys. Take 'em out!

[The thugs're walloped.]

Big Brother Borriello: Ugh, urgh...

Louise the Follower: Borriello! Get a hold of yourself!

Frank: You weren't even worth talking about. So YOU were the ones who drove
       off my men? Why were you interfering?

Big Brother Borriello: Ah... We just did as Mao ordered.

Frank: What?! The Master's orders?

Louise the Follower: "Master"? Wh-what are you talking about?

Shania: We don't know either, but, he seems to be a student of Mao.

Big Brother Borriello: H-hey... What should we do?

Louise the Follower: What should we do? Don't ask me!

Big Brother Borriello: Umm... ju-just a minute. OK. If that's true then we've
                       really made a big mistake. We'll go see Mao and tell
                       her about you.

Frank: Oh! That would be a big help!

Big Brother Borriello: But, if you're lying... Then you can consider yourself

Louise the Follower: You're the collest, Borriello! I get chills just
                     listening to you!

[They can enter the VIP room at the Four Deuces casino now...]

Big Brother Borriello: This is the place... Don't even think of doing anything
                       funny, understand?

Frank: Master! I apologize for being gone SO long...!

[Mao....is a big fat cat in a chair.]

Mao: When they said it was a student, I was curious... But...it's just you.

Johnny: You're...a cat!

Mao: What are you gawking at? What's so unusual about a talking cat these
     days, anyway?!

Johnny: Oh come on now, it's unusual all right! It's just crazy! You think
        it's weird, don't you?

Natan: I'm afraid I have to disagree. In my tribe, cats are looked at as
       intelligent. To see that one is able to talk, I'm not surprised.

Johnny: No...that's not what I meant... Wait...is it me? Am I a weirdo?

Mao: Pipe down! I don't like loudmouthed brats. Now, Frankie... Since you did
     come all this way to see me, I assume it must be something urgent, right?

Frank: Yes... We've been searching for a man named Gilbert, you see... I
       haven't been able to find him within my network, so of course, I
       thought Master might know!

Mao: Gilbert... You mean Professor Gilbert? I've been hearing a few rumors,
     yes... That he's been involved in some pretty odd research here and

Frank: Oh, Master, I knew you would know all about him! So, do you also know
       where he is now?

Mao: Hold on. I have a few questions of my own first. Who the hell are these
     kids? And why are they looking for Gilbert?

Johnny: Don't call me a kid! We just want to ask you something.

[He takes out his knife and shows the 'red energy blade trick' to Mao.]

Mao: Kid... What's that?

Johnny: I have no idea... Gilbert, for some reason, he seemed to know. So we
        need to find him and hear everything he knows.

Mao: Mhmm, ah, I see. That's very interesting...but I'm sorry to say I haven't
     the foggiest idea where he is. I do know where his research lab is,
     though. It was where he was working out of until just recently...

Johnny: Anything is fine! We just really need any help you can give.

Mao: Hmm, yes, I can see that you do. I might be able to help you. Perhaps we
     can make a little deal. Ever heard of Al Capone? He's the man who runs
     this city.

Johnny: I guess so. I've heard the name.

Mao: Capone pulled a few jobs, you see, and got himself thrown into Alcatraz
     prison. So if you want me to help you...you'll break him out. Understand?

Frank: NO! Nooo! Master! Helping a criminal escape -- it's out of the question!

Mao: Well, if that's the way you feel...then that's just a shame. I don't
     think I'll be able to help you kids after all. Oh, and Frank... Since
     when did you become so high and mighty that you can judge me?

Shania: We have no choice.

Johnny: It's a deal. We'll do it.

Mao: You're a quick learner, aren't you, kid? I've got to tell you, I'm quite
     impressed. We have a deal.

[The door opens and a woman in a purple dress enters.]

????: Excuse me, Mao, but--oh! I'm so sorry! I didn't know you had guests!

Mao: Don't worry, we were just finishing up.

Edna: It's very nice to meet you. And I'm, my name is Edna Capone.

Johnny: Huh? Did she say Capone?

Mao: Yes. She happens to be Al Capone's kid sister, you see. So, did you come
     to see Ricardo again?

Edna: Mhmm.

Johnny: Who's Ricardo?

Mao: He's a wandering guitarist. Well, we say he's wandering...but he's been
     living in town for a year.

Edna: Oh! If you would like it, he's going to be performing, and we could all
      go see it together. It starts soon, on the stage downstairs.

Johnny: Hey, I'll go. But...

Mao: Fine. We don't leave until tomorrow. Go ahead, have a good time til then.

[Ricardo takes the stage and everyone watches rapt 'til he's finished.]

Edna: That was wonderful, Ricardo! Your playing was beautiful.

Ricardo: Yes...thank you for coming. I was thinking of only you while I
         played...only of you.

Edna: You're just saying that, but thanks.

Ricardo: By the way, who are they?

Edna: Oh, Mao introduced me to them. I invited them to come along with me to
      listen to your performance.

Ricardo: Oh... Well, in that case... How about another song...for your trouble?
         What would you like me to play?

Shania: Sorry, but I think we should probably be going... 

Johnny: Just one more song!

Shania: Johnny! We've got an early day tomorrow. Goodnight.

Johnny: 'Bye

Edna: Goodnight.

[They all leave.]

Ricardo: Edna...perhaps you should retire as well.

Edna: I guess so...

Ricardo: You're worried about your brother, no? It is in your eyes.

Edna: I'm sorry.

Ricardo: No need to apologize... But when he comes back, perhaps there will be
         more time for us, hm?

Edna: You know...I hope he's all right. You see...my brother really wants me
      to start dating an honest and trustworthy man... When he finds out that
      you and I are seeing each other...

Ricardo: I am happy to take that risk...my darling.

Edna: All right...I'm going to bed. Goodnight, my Ricardo.

Ricardo: Goodnight, Edna. Farewell.

[Edna is walking down the street and sees some thugs.]

Thug: You're kind of a careless girl, aren't you? Walking alone like this.

Edna: I know you... The McManus family right? I hope you know this is Capone

Thug: You're definitely Capone's sister all right...if you got guts like that.
      But now... Your brother's been locked up in jail, remember? He's GOT no

[They grab hold of her.]

Thug2: Shut up! And come with us...

Edna: Stop! Let me go! Ricardo!

[Back in the VIP suite...]

Mao: My, that was quicker than expected.

Shania: Yes, well, we've got to prepare to leave.

Mao: I'm impressed, you've got guts. Some guys still haven't returned yet, so
     if you see them while you're out, tell them to come back and see me. And
     kid. This isn't the type of town where you let ladies walk around alone
     at night. Keep an eye on her, OK?

Johnny: Sure, leave it up to me!

[Everyone hits the hay. Meanwhile, Capone smokes a cigar in an Alcatraz cell.]

????: Made yourself at home yet, Capone?

Capone: Elliot! You rat. You put me in this place for something stupid like
        tax evasion?! What are you up to, cop?!

Elliot: Hey, I'm insulted. You really think I'd arrest you...for something
        boring like that?

Capone: Sorry. I just got a bit worked up. What're you here for? If a
        detective's here to see the Mafia boss...it must be big.

Elliot: Ever heard...of a guy called 'Killer'?

Capone: Killer? Come on...! I have no idea what you're getting at...but don't
        go linking the Mafia with that low life!

Elliot: Well, I guess I just wasted your time and mine... One more thing... I
        might as well tell you while I'm here...someone who looks a lot like
        Killer has been spotted right here in Chicago.

Capone: What?! Hey...I gotta get outta here! Right now!

Elliot: Hey, relax! It may just be tax evasion, but a crime's sitll a crime.
        You can think about that while you're eating the slop they serve here.
        Back in New York City, Killer murdered more than thirty of my
        colleagues. But the time has come... He's gonna pay.

Capone: Elliot! That thing in New York... Something ain't right. Elliot...be

[In the Chicago restaurant, Edna is corraled in with the rival turf boss.]

McManus: It's been a long time, Edna.

Edna: What do you think you're doing... Kidnapping me like this?

McManus: I want you to be my girl. 

Edna: Ah!

McManus: I've had my eye on you for quite a while... Besides...with you and I
         together, Chicago will finally be MINE. It's just not my style to
         keep on fighting over this town forever...

Edna: You can't be serious?! Who do you think you are? Do you think my
      brother's going to let you get away with this?!

McManus: What's he gonna do from a prison cell?

Edna: You know he'll get out soon!

McManus: Yeah, perhaps... But if he does get out, it'll only be one way...and
         that'll be as a corpse.

Edna: Ah! What do you mean?

McManus: I've already got a hitman planted inside his jail. You got it? Looks
         like Brother Dear's no longer gonna be around to protect you! Face it
         baby...you are MINE now...

Edna: My brother... Don't do it!

McManus: Why are you running away? Is it because of that...'Ricardo'?! I just
         don't get you... I mean, who's the better man anyway? That no-good
         bum of a guitar player...or the ruler of Chicago? Even a KID could
         figure that out!

Edna: You don't understand... I'm in love... In love with Ricardo, and Ricardo

McManus: You think that I'm less of a man than he is! Now you listen to me.
         I'm only saying this once! You're my girl... And I don't ever want
         you to ever say his name again!

[She shakes her head and he pulls the trigger.]

McManus: I don't care how...just get rid of her fast! Damn it!!

[A crony starts dragging her out back of the restaurant.]

Thug: I know he said to get rid of her, but... If the Capones find out, our
      lives won't be worth living!

[Killer and Lady appear.]

Killer: Hey, Lady!

Thug: Huh? Who are you guys? Hey, you! Don't come any closer!

[Lady kisses Edna, who then gets up and kills the policeman (!)]

Edna: Al! I've got to go help him...

Killer: Hey! Ugh... 

08) ALCATRAZ PRISON                                                      [GS08]

[They enter the sewer system a la The Rock.]

Johnny: Oh, it stinks! Was this the only entrance?

Mao: Don't be such a baby. We are sneaking into the world's most secure prison.
     I think just the fact that there's no risk to our lives is pretty good.

Johnny: Ugh...I get it, so let's move! Otherwise, I'm gonna barf...

[A locked door gets encountered.]

Mao: Is it locked? Well, I guess that's to be expected.

Johnny: So what are we gonna do? Can you open it?

Mao: This kind of old lock isn't anything to get worked up about. Move aside.
     Right, I can open this lock.

[The door swings open.]

Frank: Oh! Just like Master! You've already MASTERED the art of unlocking

Johnny: M-my eyes are playing tricks on me! Did you just have a pouch on your
        belly? You just pulled the key from there?!

Mao: Don't say such silly things. I'm not a kangaroo... If you're gonna be
     dumb, I'll just leave you here.

[A little ways in...]

On-Patrol Jailer: Hey, you there! What're you doing over there?!

Johnny: Uh oh, they found us!

On-Patrol Jailer: Hey, wait! Freeze!

[They defeat the guards, but...]

On-Patrol Jailer: Thought I heard something over here... Huh? What? Never seen
                  them before... An intruder!

Johnny: Whoa, there's more!

[Those too are defeated.]

Johnny: Phew... Maybe we should be more careful.

Mao: We should be all right now. From what I've heard, Capone's jail cell is
     just beyond here.

[Meanwhile in Capone's cell, a jailer brings some grub.]

Jailer: Chow time, Mr. Capone.

Capone: Just put it down over there, okay? And leave when you're done. I can't
        eat in peace with other people watching me. Hey man, what are you
        doing? Huh?

[He picks up a knife on the floor.]

Jailer: Big Underworld Boss, Al Capone. Here's how they'll tell it: you tried
        to kill the guard and escape...but failed, and got shot dead... Get

Capone: So that's...what they planned.

Mao: Capone!

[The cat does a jumping roundhouse on the jailer, knocking him out cold.]

Mao: Hmmm...Yes, looks like we're right on time!

Capone: Mao! Thanks a lot buddy, I owe you one!

Johnny: Wowee. What was that kick technique?

Frank: The master is an EXPERT! It's called drunken kung fu, or Drunken Fist.

Johnny: Drunken Fist? By a cat?! Pretty impressive, Master Meow!!

Frank: Master Meow, you say! That's a good one, Master Boy!

Elliot: Capone!!

[Elliot Ness enters.]

Elliot: What was all that ruckus? Whoa re tehse people?!

Capone: They're all my guests. By the way...could you please arrest this guy?
        The bum tried to shoot me dead, okay?

Elliot: My god...

[A siren goes off.]

Johnny: I think they're on to us...

Shania: Something's really weird! Let's go!

Elliot: Wait come back here! Capone! All of you!

Capone: Sorry, I've gotta leave. You know, I could really use a drink. Later.

Elliot: Damn it!!


Mao: OK, we've got to protect Capone now. I can't trust just the two of you
     boys. I guess I'll lend a hand.

Frank: Oh! NOTHING's as reassuring as hearing that Master Meow's going to
       fight with us!

Mao: I don't remember saying that you could call me Master Meow! I won't let
     you call me that again!

[They defeat some flying fish monsters.]

Johnny: What were those beasts doing in a place like this?

Shania: Someone summoned it here. It's gotta be the reason for all this
        commotion too.

[Somewhere, Edna walks in the prison amidst the summoned monsters and such.]

Edna: My brother...where is he? Al?

[She sics a monster on a jailed guy for the fun of it... Later on...]

Smith the Swindler: Hey, havin' a tough time, are ya?

Johnny: Mind your own business. We're in a hurry!

Smith the Swindler: Don't brush me off like that, man... 'Specially since I've
                    got some interesting information for you.

Johnny: Information?

Smith the Swindler: Oh, that door over there. It's got a metal detector. It
                    won't let people carrying dangerous items pass. You're the
                    intruders, right? Carrying lots of vicious items, no?

Johnny: ...

Smith the Swindler: Don't scowl like that. It's just a machine, after all.
                    It's easy to fool. If you wrap knives and other nasty toys
                    in an insulating sheet, you should be able to get through.

Johnny: An insulating sheet...? Where am I supposed to get something like that?

Smith the Swindler: Just a second...I have something here. I may not look it,
                    but I'm a 15-year veteran of this jail!

Mao: So what are your terms? You want help breaking free?

Smith the Swindler: Now you're talking. Something like that. But right now's
                    no good... I gotta get the timing right. Here's the deal.
                    I can bust outta here on my own, so can ya'lls just bring
                    me a spoon from the cafeteria?

Johnny: A spoon? Just a spoon?

Smith the Swindler: You shouldn't disrespect the spoon. When you're talking
                    jail breaks, the spoon is notorious. If you bring me one,
                    I'll trade you for an insulating sheet.

[Johnny returns with the utensil.]

Smith the Swindler: Oh, that's it! OK, here's what I promised you.

[Insulation Sheet acquired.]

Smith the Swindler: I'm going to stay quiet here for a little while longer.
                    If ya need any more help, swing by again. I know what's
                    what -- beinga 15-year veteran of this jail and all!

[They reach the front door, but can't get out.]

Johnny: I can hear something from over there.

Capone: Over ther means...outside! Hey, quick, open it!

Johnny: Hold on... It won't open.

Natan: It appears to be an electric door. Could it be that the power is cut?

Johnny: Wow, you've got a good eye.

Mao: The breakers probably tripped with all the commotion. I wonder if there's
     a control room somewhere?

[They locate said room.]

Mao: Looks like we found it. All of the prison's power is controlled from here.

Johnny: Which one? Whoa, all the breakers were blown! There's so many switches,
        I don't know which one to reset.

Mao: You can try whatever, but maybe it'd be faster if we found someone who
     knows about this stuff?

[They search around and manage to solve the puzzle.]

Mao: It looks like the electricity's flowing. Let's get going. We've wasted
     enough time already.

[The party finds Edna opening a huge window outside.]

Johnny: Hey look...! Edna?

Shania: How could she open a Window? Maybe that woman did something...

Edna: It's you! Thank God...

Capone: Edna!

[A big monster appears.]

Shania: Stay back!

[They defeat Ronwei but Edna's gone.]

Capone: Edna... Edna! Damn it! What the hell's going on?!

Mao: Beats me... I have no idea either.

09) CHICAGO                                                              [WK09]

[Everyone gathers in Capone's office.]

Mao: So, what's your plan from here, Capone?

Capone: It has to have been those McManus Family rats that tried to have me
        killed. Maybe they're also after Edna...

Mao: Perhaps. Well, we will try and track down that Gilbert guy. From what the
     kid says, it sounds like there might be some connection. Sorry to keep
     you waiting. Well, shall we get going?

Johnny: We're ready to go, but we haven't heard where we're going.

Mao: I haven't told you yet? This little country town called Roswell. Seems he
     worked at the base there.

[They all start leaving.]

Mao: Oh, that's right. Before we go to Roswell, there's somewhere I'd like to
     stop first.

Johnny: Where's that? We're kinda in a rush...

Mao: Don't be such a spoil sport. I just want to go see an old friend.

10) PURRAMOUNT PICTURES                                                  [GS10]

[Our friend walks onto a cat-filled movie lot.]

Mao: It's been a long time.

Meowcus the Director: Oh! If it isn't Mao! Hey, you guys! This is your new
                      lead actress and sponsor! Pay your respects!

Frank: Oh...Master has so many friends.

Johnny: Master Meow's not the only big cat...?

Mao: So how is it? The, "you know what"... Making progress?

Meowcus the Director: Well, I am, but...

Mao: What? Spit it out.

Meowcus the Director: The set and the equipment are ready, but there's no
                      money to hire the main actor.

Mao: The money I pilfered from Capone wasn't enough?

Meowcus the Director: No, no, it's not that. It's just that, well, it's a cat
                      actor. Human money just doesn't...

Mao: Oh, so that's the problem. How silly of me. Well, if that's the case,
     I've got to raise some Cat Coins.

Johnny: Uh...Master Meow...? What have you guys been talking about?

Mao: Can't you tell by looking? A movie.

Johnny: A movie?

Mao: This is America -- hollywood, no less. Without at least one silver screen
     debut, I can't call myself a woman.

Johnny: Oh... A cat in a movie, huh?

Mao: For now, leave the money concerns to me. You continue listing and booking
     the actors.

Meowcus the Director: Do you have some kind of a lead? Oh...could it be?!

Mao: Yup, I'm going to use that trick.

[Cat Touch acquired!]

Johnny: T-the Cat Touch?!

Mao: That's right. Boy, I'll accompany you on your travels, but let me do what
     I want to do.

Johnny: Right.... You're free to do whatever...

Mao: I trust you to take care of things here. I'll come by every now and then
     to see how it's coming. No goofing around!

11) ROSWELL                                                              [GS11]

[In a lab somewhere, a pink bat with a bow is talking (?!) in a container.]

Bat: What are we going to do now?! Thanks to your god-awful piloting, I'm
     stuck in this disgusting place!

[A man is also inside.]

Man: Hold on! I do believe the reason this all happened is because of you!
     It's true! You said "Fly to America!" even though our ship was on a trial

Bat: Even so, when there's a crash people will normally try to help! But you
     just had to look like an alien...

Man: But Miss Hilda, you're a talking bat! They said you were the unusual one,
     didn't they? So getting caught...it was completely your fault!

Hilda: Oh, I'm so hungry...

Man: Well, I know why. We haven't eaten since we were thrown in here! I know
     it. We're going to starve, aren't we...?

Hilda: Uhh... I can't take it... At this point, I'd even eat you!!

Man: What? Hilda, you can't! Argh! Hilda! Argh! Ugh! Ahh!

[Hilda bites him on the neck. Meanwhile, the crew walks into town and sees a
huge ship sticking out of the roof of a building...]

Johnny: Whoa! What is that!?

Shania: It couldn't be...a spaceship?

Maurine the Witness: Who are you all? Did you come to gawk at this too?

Johnny: No, not really, but...what the heck is it?

Maurine the Witness: Well, it all happened about a week ago. I saw a light
                     moving in the eastern sky. I just watched it for awhile,
                     and it kept getting bigger and bigger, until "BOOM!"
                     right here, see.

Johnny: So...it's a real UFO?

Maurine the Witness: Yep, I suppose so. I was watching when some alien guy and
                     a pink bat came out of it... But people from the base
                     took them away. They're probably being dissected now.

[Everyone is standing by a bus stop sign.]

Curt Monshia: Hey, you there. No matter how long you wait, the bus won't come.

Frank: Why? There's NO SUCH THING as a bus stop where no bus comes.

Curt Monshia: That's 'cause this is the countryside. They stopped that line a
              while ago. They've gotta get rid of this bus stop, but that
              costs money too.

Frank: When you hear that, do you FEEL something, boy?

Johnny: Huh? No, I didn't say anything...I've got a bad feeling about this

Frank: This bus stop has waited through rainy days and windy days, right up to
       now...for a bus that will never come. NO!! What a tragedy!! All of
       America is weeping in grief!

Johnny: In all of America, I think you're the only one crying...

Frank: Mr. Bus Stop, you can STOP crying now. Ol' Frank will mend your broken

[He pulls it out and puts the hilt on...his new weapon!]

Johnny: Aaagh! You did it again!

Frank: You're not a bus stop anyMORE! From this stop on, your name will be Bus
       Stop Saber!

Johnny: Well, I guess it's better than pulling something alive out of the
        ground. Plus, he said it's not being used now.

[Everyone approaches the base nearby.]

Stubborn Coleman: What's with you guys?

Johnny: Ah, excuse me. We're looking for a man named Gilbert who we think
        might be around here.

Stubborn Coleman: I can't give information to civilians. On top of that, this
                  are is off limits. Vacate the premises immediately!

[They walk out of earshot.]

Johnny: What's with that guy?! Who does he think he is!

Frank: THere is no use talking to him, yes...

Mao: Well, if we can't go in the front door, we'll just have to go in the
     back, huh?

Johnny? What? But that's...

Mao: That's what? We snuck into Alcatraz, didn't we? So don't go getting all
     scared now.

Johnny: Somehow, I feel like I'm becoming more and more of a criminal...

[Everyone returns to town.]

Dubious Neuro: That research base? They're investigating some sort of UFO. It
               all seems pretty fishy to me. There's all those soldiers on
               watch... The only time anyone goes near is when that truck goes
               out there once a week.

Johnny: That truck? There's a truck that goes in and outta the base?

Dubious Neuro: Yep, but I don't know what it's carrying out there... It should
               be coming today.

Johnny: ...You hear that?

Mao: Hmph, that sounds perfect doesn't it? That's our best ticket in.

[They see the truck pull up to the gate.]

Johnny: Ah! Is that the truck the old man was talking about? If we sneak in,
        getting out might not be so easy...

[They decide to go in.]

High-ranking Yarbo: All right, that's good enough. Hurry off to training camp!

Obedient Loran: Sir! Yes sir!

Johnny: ...Looks like they're gone. We got in all right, but what do we do now?

Frank: Hmm, the facility is much bigger than ol' Frank suspected. Searching for
       Professor Gilbert's whereabouts will take some time.

Mao: What're you talking about? At times like this, all you gotta do is grab
     the guy in charge and make him talk.

Shania: ...A little violent, but that sounds like the fastest way. Anyway,
        let's get moving and find the head of the base.

[They stumble into the research lab.]

Arrogant Researcher Morrison: Hm? Who're you guys? Ooh, you must be the new

Johnny: Huh? Umm...yeah, right. We're the new kids.

Arrogant Researcher Morrison: I just knew it. I could tell by those slack,
                              ignorant expressions on your faces.

Munch, the Ordinary Researcher: ...Here we go again. Morrison's security

Arrogant Researcher Morrison: OK. Well now, ignorant rookies, I myself am
                              going to explain our security system here to
                              you. This base has been broken up into three
                              large, tightly managed security zones.
                              Furthermore, if you don't have one of those
                              exclusive keycards, you can't get into their
                              respective zone. And it gets better! All
                              security is coordinated by the mother computer!
                              Not even an ant could get in!

Johnny: Wow... Sounds pretty secure.

Arrogant Researcher Morrison: Right, doesn't it? That's because the entire
                              system was planned by me, Morrison!

Johnny: Hmm... Well, now I know how great Mr. Morrison is...

Arrogant Researcher Morrison: Yes, and that's all you need to know. You seem
                              like you've got some potential. Oh yeah, one
                              more thing. Take this. Without it, you could
                              have some problems.

[Keycard No. 1 acquired.]

Arrogant Researcher Morrison: If there's ever anything you don't understand,
                              just come ask me, Morrison!

[In a hallway, Johnny puts his ear to a door.]

Voice: Sorry...I'm so sorry...!

Voice2: It's all right, Miss Hilda... Just gimme a day's rest and I'll be

Voice: Sounds like somebody's in there...

[They enter and see a chubby girl in the man and pink bat were.]

Girl: Who's there? Who are you?!

Johnny: Uh, well, you see, we had some business at the base and snuck in. How
        about you? How'd you get locked up in here?

Girl: You snuck in...? So you're not one of the base people?! Oh, please!!
      You've got to help us! We've been locked in here for a week without any
      food...and I'm so worried about poor Roger... He's so weak, and there's
      nothing I can do about it!!

Johnny: Uh... I'd be happy to help if I could... But I don't think I can break
        you out of something like this. 

Girl: Oh, well, if that's the case then hold on. Here goes... 

[She breaks the glass somehow, then plops back down.]

Girl: So now won't you please help me?

Johnny: You just got out on your own. Hey, what's that weird-looking thing
        over there?

[The person lying face-down looks at Johnny with his creepy face.]

Johnny: Ahhh! Don't scare me like that, okay?

Roger: Oh... Please forgive me...

Girl: So Roger... I think these nice people are going to help us!

Johnny: That's okay and all... But like I said...there's something we've gotta
        check out, see...

Girl: Okay! If that's the case, then let me help you! After all, it's the
      least I can do! Right, Roger? Ah! How rude of me. I didn't even
      introduce myself... I, am Hildegard. Please call me Hilda.

Johnny: OK. I'm Johnny. Nice to meet you. And how about...uh...this weird
        creature here.

Roger: Such disrespect! Why is it that everyone keeps saying that?! Weird
       creature, weird creature! Well, listen carefully! My name is...Roger
       Bacon, and nothing else! I live in peace and love, an eternal Star

Johnny: ...Hmmm.

Roger: Eh? W-why are you so indifferent? You...you barely even reacted?

Johnny: ...'Cause I really don't care that much. Well, let's get a move on. 
        If we get found in here, things could get difficult.


Research Staff: Chief Strange. It seems that the aliens have escaped.

Chief Strange: Hoh... I thought that if they became desperate they would use
               some unknown technology to escape. Just as I would expect from
               aliens! Well, how did they do it?!

Research Staff: That's..well, it seems they were helped by some other

Chief Strange: What...!? Well then, activate the defense system! You can go
               ahead and kill the intruders. We'll make those aliens get

[The party finds some more staffers.]

Nebra, the Surprised Researcher: Wh-what the!? Who are you guys!?

Norris the Calm Researcher: Could you be the group of intruders and aliens I
                            just got word about?

Johnny: Huh? Umm...No, no, you got it all wrong. We're just the new assistants.

Nebra, the Surprised Researcher: ...Sounds fishy to me.

Hilda: We're not aliens! Please believe us!

Nebra, the Surprised Researcher: You being so defensive about it makes me
                                 believe you even less...

Norris the Calm Researcher: No, wait. Look at that kid's eyes.

Nebra, the Surprised Researcher: What's that? This kid's eyes? Like that would
                                 make any diff... ...Ah! So pure, so round!
                                 Wh-what beautiful eyes! Eyes like this could
                                 never lie!

Hilda: So you believe me, right? Thank you very much!

Norris the Calm Researcher: We're sorry for doubting you, miss. We had heard
                            that some intruders had taken the aliens away,
                            so... The intruders could be dangerous, so please
                            take this and evacuate to a safer zone.

[Keycard No. 2 acquired.]

Hilda: Thank you!

Johnny: ...I feel kinda bad.

[Later, a woman in pink is looking at some alien test tubes.]

The Mysterious Female Ninja?: I can't find it...where is it...? Ah, darn it!
                              That old man sent me on a ridiculous errand!

Johnny: ...Who are you?

The Mysterious Female Ninja?: Oh no, I've been found!

Frank: Freeze! Stop right THERE!

The Mysterious Female Ninja?: Huh? Is that you...Frank-san?

Frank: I thought so! Britney...well fancy THAT!

Mao: What are you doing here?

Britney the Female Ninja: And Master Mao, too... The Jonin ordered me out
                          here...oops! (I'm not going to find it anyway. What
                          if I had Frank do it instead...?)

Johnny: ...Jonin? Orders?

Frank: He he he... As a matter of fact, Britney's a ninja, just like ol'
       Frank. The Jonin is the head of our clan.

Britney the Female Ninja: That's right! Actually, I've been entrusted with
                          giving Frank-san orders from the Jonin himself!

[Secret Message acquired.]

Frank: WHAT?! What is this?

Britney the Female Ninja: It's some kind of code. I guess some scientist who
                          escaped from Europe hid hazardous material in this

Frank: Hmmm...and the secret location is written on this memo?

Britney the Female Ninja: Yes, that's right! Well, allow me to take my leave,
                          Frank-san. Good luck with everything!

Johnny: Hey Frank...aren't you kinda being used?

Frank: No PROBLEM! An errand like this is a piece of cake for ol' Frank.

[Later, in a control room somewhere...]

Arrogant Morrison's Brother: Who're you guys? The new kids? Yeah, you have to
                             be. No doubt about it. Your faces are just full
                             of curiosity. Could it be that you want to know
                             about the security system my brother made?

Johnny: Ah, yes. Please tell us!

Arrogant Morrison's Brother: Oh really? And why would mere assistants want to
                             know something like that? Could it be that you
                             are all not the "new kids", but in fact

Hilda: You're wrong! We're not aliens and we're not intruders!

Arrogant Morrison's Brother: OK, then why are... O-oh?! What chastity... What
                             pure eyes... With eyes like that, the truth must
                             be that you are not aliens! Forgive me for
                             doubting you.

Hilda: Looks like you believe me. Thanks so much!

Johnny: Wow, those eyes really work for you...

Arrogant Morrison's Brother: Allow me to make up for my impoliteness. This
                             system activates the elevator to the weapon
                             development dock. Use this device to enter the
                             password into Mother. One part of the password
                             is told to 3 different people each day. The
                             hint for today's password is "Alien". I thought
                             it up myself, so no one can guess it.

[They go to the panel.]


[Johnny puts in 'Little Gray Men']


[They locate the elevator.]


[They walk into the weapons research area. A voice & siren blares throughout.]

Strange: The defenses I designed myself were completely ineffective! It
         appears that I've totally misjudged the aliens' power!

Hilda: Excuse me, but we're not aliens, really!

Strange: Then I'm afraid I've got no choice...but to utilize it! The product
         of my many years of research! My Anti-Alien Humanoid Battle Weapon!
         Impressive, isn't it?!

Shania: You know, I don't think he's listening to us.

Johnny: Check it out!

Hilda: Ah!

Johnny: I don't wanna hafta fight that thing...

Hilda: Woah!

Johnny: What's wrong?

Hilda: I'm sorry...I'm just a little hungry...

Johnny: I dont think this is the best time for that!

Hilda: I can't wait... Johnny, I'm sorry!

Johnny: Huh?

[She hug-tackles him.]

Hilda: Ah...ahh...

[Hilda transforms into a much slimmer, hotter version (lol?).]

Johnny: She...she bit me! She sucked my blood!!

Hilda: And it tasted pretty good if I say so myself! Now then... You've all
       been so kind...It's time to return the favor!!

[They defeat the robot.]

Strange: So Earth's scientific power is still that far behind the aliens'?
Hilda: I'm not an alien -- I'm a vampire! But you still locked me up! Now
       you're gonna get it!

Strange: Ugh--ughh...

Johnny: Uh...Hilda? If you keep that up...you're gonna kill him.

Hilda: That wouldn't be good... My image as a heroine would be ruined!

Johnny: Heroine? Uh..um..anyway... Hey, you 

Strange: Ugh, ugh...uh! W-what can I do for you?

Johnny: Well, you see... We're all looking for a man named Gilbert. He works
        here, doesn't he?

Strange: Uhh.. h-he did. He was an employee here before... But all of a sudden,
         just the other day, he quit. 

Everyone: He Quit?!

Strange: Ugh, uh, uh!

Johnny: Do you have to be so scared?! Tell us, do you know where he was going

Strange: He said...he was going to investigate...Chichen Itza.

Johnny: Chet-chin Iz-za?

Natan: Chitchen Itza. Ancient ruins in southern Mexico. Traveling over land
       would take quite a while... But taking a boat across the across the
       Caribbean Sea...

A boat... If we ask Lenny, he could get one ready!

O-KAY! Then let us return back to...New York City...!

Hilda: What do you think we should do, huh?

Roger: I know! What if you went along with them?> In the meantime, I can work
       on repairing the ship!

Hilda: Aah...but what a complete pain..

Roger: Come on! You can do some sightseeing along the way! I'm sure it'll be
       lots of fun!

Hilda: Okay, you're right! But if the ship isn't ready by the time I get back,
       I'll never forgive you! 

Roger: Right! Now you just leave it to me!

Hilda: Heeey! Wait for me! I'm going to go with you!

Roger: That young man...

12) NEW YORK - UPPER WEST SIDE                                           [GS12]

[They walk into the detective agency.]

Johnny: I'm home!

Lenny: Hey! Welcome home, Master! It's good to see you're safe... But who are
       the guests behind you? Are they your new friends? Quite rich in

Johnny: Well, a lot of things happened... But I actually have a favor to ask.
        It's urgent!

[He explains the situation.]

Johnny: That's why I came...I want you to prepare a boat. The fastest one you
        can get.

Lenny: I see, very well. I'll have it ready by noon tomorrow.

Johnny: Tomorrow? That leaves some time open... What should we do?

Lenny: You haven't been home for some time, so why don't you relax just one
       night? Everyone, you're welcome as well. As your humble servant, I will
       do everything in my power to serve you.

Hilda: I'm worn out from being locked up so long -- I wanna take a rest!

Shania: Everyone needs to rest once in a while.

Mao: You've got alcohol, right?

Natan: It's the duty of the master of the house to listen to the attendant's
       advice too.

Johnny: Well, I guess it's OK.

[Everyone sleeps/rests.]

Lenny: Well then, as it seems that everyone is already sleeping, I'll tidy up.

[He sees Hilda's fat child form.]

Lenny: Whoa?! W-who are you?! What're you doing over there?!

Hilda: Huh? What? I-it's me, Hilda!

Lenny: Miss Hilda? Well, yes, you ARE wearing the same clothes, but...you look
       very much different.

Hilda: My figure tends to change easily. Earlier, I ate too much of your
       cooking, and...

Lenny: It's your...your metabolism...? Ah...I apologize. I did not realize you
       were Miss Hilda, I did not mean to offend you.

Hilda: It's all right. I was the one who surprised you... By the way, I have a
       question, but what is this magazine?

Lenny: Hm? Oh yes, an old acquaintance of mine started this magazine. I bought
       it to take a look at it... But honestly, it is fairly boring, no? After
       that I didn't see it on sale, so perhaps it isn't published any more.

Hilda: Really... Well, it's certainly not very interesting... But the feature
       article on magic arts was very informative! I think I got a new idea
       for a fighting technique!

Lenny: Is that so? Hm... Well then, Miss Hilda, I'll give you the magazine.

Hilda: Is it really all right?

Lenny: Of course. In any case, I was planning on throwing it away.

Hilda: Thank you so much! I'll cherish it!

[Weekly Arts 1 acquired.]
[Grand Slam acquired!]

Lenny: Well, please go rest now. When it's time, I'll come to wake you.

[On the sidewalk...]

Cheeky Joshua: J-J-Johnny!!

Johnny: What? Did you see another ghost or something?

Cheeky Joshua: Y-y-yeah! I did! For real this time! Just now we were telling
               each other ghost stories... And then this man cut in and asked
               me, "Did the ghost you see look like this?" And in the next
               second...it was right in front of my eyes! The same ghost from

Johnny: Hmm... Sounds like you're telling the truth.

Cheeky Joshua: I said I don't lie! Then the guy said he had work at the
               university, and left, laughing. I was scared outta my wits...

13) PIRATE ISLAND                                                        [GS13]

Johnny: Wow! Who'd've thought in this day and age there'd still be pirates

Shania: Yeah, right...

[They're shown behind some jail bars.]

Johnny: Or...how easy it'd be for them to catch us...

Frank: Yeah, first they caught the BOY and being the creative bunch they ARE,
       they then used him as a hostage, so we were POWERLESS!

Johnny: Come on! It's a learning experience, right? I mean, nobody gets caught
        by pirates!

Hilda: This is just perfect. I just got out and now THIS...

[A little girl in a captain's hat walks over.]

Girl: Are you guys the ones? The thieves...who were after the treasure?

Johnny: ...A little kid?!

Frank: Oh look! Isn't she just the cutest little girl you've ever SEEN?!

Girl: You guys are so rude! I'm the captain, see? Of the notorious Lafitte
      Pirates!! And I will not tolerate any insults, you hear me?!

Johnny: Some captain...

Shania: You're making a big mistake about us. We were just trying to get to
        some ruins that lie across the Caribbean.

Girl: Come on! Excuses! That's what the bad people are always trying to do!

Johnny: You've got it all wrong...

Shania: I don't think she believes us...

Girl: Now...time to come clean and confess! Or else...it's gonna get painful...

Johnny: Painful? You heard her...

[The captain walks into the cell.]

Anne: And so now I'll conduct an interrogation of the robbers.


 - Reply options listed in order (left to right) in jail cell selection
 - Order: Johnny, Shania, Natan, Frank, Mao, Hilda
 - So, first option of the 6 listed is Johnny on all, etc.
 - Only two possible outcomes: answer truthfully or not
 - 2nd and 3rd options always give bad outcome (incorrect/jokey)
 - Natan always gets stabbed at the end of the interrogation (bad outcome)?
  Anne: All right, I've decided on you. Take 'em to the usual place!

  [The character is stuffed in a barrel with thin slits in it.]

  Shania: What's all this about?
  Johnny: W-wait a minute! An interrogation?! Why am I in here?
  Natan : It's a bit cramped, but fairly comfortable. I like it.
  Frank : I have a BAD feeling about this... HELP!!
  Mao   : A steel drum...? Wish I were put in a wine barrel...
  Hilda : I've never been so insulted. You little brat! Let me out of here now!

  Anne: This is a very traditional way of pirate interrogation. If you lie or
        say something stupid, these knives will pierce you, one at a time!

  Johnny: No way! Let's do something more interesting.
  Shania: Stop it. Children shouldn't carry sharp things.
  Natan : When the tribe is different, the customs also change. Interesting...
  Frank : NO...! Torture of prisoners of war is ILLEGAL!
  Mao: She doesn't hesitate to be cruel. The lass will become a real tycoon...
  Hilda : Quit it! I like other people's blood, but I don't wanna see my own!

  Anne: First, I'll ask your name. You'll answer truthfully?

        -> I'm...Johnny Garland
        -> I'm Shania.
        -> ...Natan.
        -> My name is Frank!
        -> Mao.
        -> Call me Princess Hilda!

           Anne: Ooh, more honest than I thought. This interrogation will be
                 too easy.

           Johnny: You don't have to look for challenges in something like
           Shania: Looks like I made it.
           Natan : Honesty is number one in life.
           Frank : Heh heh heh, successful negotiation.
           Mao   : If I answer honestly, I won't get stabbed...
           Hilda : All right. In an case, I'll do my best to continue fooling

        -> Lenny. It's the truth.
        -> Let me out of here--then we'll talk.
        -> You should introduce yourself first.
        -> Please call my lawyer!
        -> You'll be cursed if you bully a cat.
        -> Kneel before me and I'll tell you.

        -> Help me! I'll do whatever you say!
        -> What'll you do if I don't answer?
        -> ...(Silence)
        -> I won't give my name to a pirate!
        -> I'm a cat. I don't have a name.
        -> It's embarrassing so I won't tell.

           Anne: Hi-ya!

           Johnny: Ouch! You just stabbed me! You stabbed me!!
           Shania: This is more than a practical joke...
           Natan : The blade is short. It is not life-threatening.
           Frank : Ninjas don't feel pain!! Oh -- but this REALLY hurts!
           Mao   : My fur!! What are you going to achieve by making me bald?
           Hilda : Ouch! What are you doing to this maiden's fair skin?

           Anne: You'd better watch what you say. If you're not honest, I'll
                 make sure you get hurt even more.

  Anne: OK, next question. How did you find out about this island? Who did you
        hear about it from?
        -> We just happened to pass it!
        -> Didn't know 'til you caught us.
        -> It was by chance.
        -> Just unlucky. I don't know anything!
        -> It was really by chance. Believe me.
        -> You forced us to come here!

           Anne: Hmm... You don't appear to be lying. Perhaps...you're an
                 expert at lying? I can't let down my guard.

           Johnny: Aren't you suspicious... It's not good for your heart, you
           Shania: Looking at her like this, she doesn't seem like a bad kid,
           Natan : It is really boring to not get stabbed.
           Frank : How RUDE! The only time I lie is on April FOOL's Day!
           Mao   : Well, I've certainly fooled lots of people.
           Hilda : What are you saying?! Why would such a beautiful girl lie?

        -> Lenny told us about it...
        -> Let me out of here now!
        -> Everything is the spirits' guidance.
        -> I exercise my right to silence!
        -> What? I'm old and can't hear well...
        -> I'll tell you if you lick my shoes.

        -> Ransom? What if I pay a ransom?!
        -> Well...what do YOU think?
        -> ...(Silence)
        -> There's NOTHING I don't know.
        -> Meow... Purr, purr...
        -> It's a pain to explain everything.

           Anne: There!

           Johnny: Argh! Ouch! Quit it, that kinda hurts!
           Shania: Hey, stop it! My clothes...!
           Natan : Ow... More itchy than anything...
           Frank : My heart is already iron. Only this small level of pain...
                   I can't TAKE it after all!!
           Mao   : Ow, reminds me of acupuncture back home. But I bet this
                   isn't good for the body.
           Hilda : Owwwwww! I won't forget this! I'll pay you back a 1000
                   times worse!

           Anne: Now, this is more like an interrogation. I'll still go easy
                 on you though.

   Anne: We're not getting anywhere like this. Well, let's finish this off...

   [She picks up a massive broadsword.]

   Johnny: ...You're kidding, right?
   Shania: That's beyond a joke.
   Natan : Was that intended as a joke?
   Frank : I don't think that is funny!
   Mao   : What a bad joke...
   Hilda : Whoa, that's a cruel joke...

   Anne: Whether it's a joke or not depends on your next answer. Hee hee hee

   Johnny: Don't laugh like that -- it's creepy.
   Shania: Funny that I don't feel like laughing.
   Natan : With that length knife, it will penetrate quite adequately.
   Frank : No! Help me...! Somebody PLEASE help me!
   Mao   : Well, well, she holds a sharp object and her personality changes.
   Hilda : Oo... I'll definitely get revenge!

   Anne: OK, this is the last question. The real reason why you came here!
         You'd better tell all!

         -> We're just after some guy!
         -> I am traveling for my own reasons.
         -> I do not care about pirate treasure.
         -> I am INNOCENT!
         -> I have no interest in this island.
         -> I'm just here for sightseeing!

            Anne: Arrgh... You're really stubborn! That's enough! If you get
                  hungry, you'll get honest. Until then I'm gonna lock you up

            Johnny: I survived...I guess.
            Shania: It looks like I made it somehow.
            Frank : I got out uninjured... That's the ELOQUENCE of a ninja for
            Mao   : That was less thrilling than I thought.
            Hilda : Is that it? Then let me out of here already!

         -> Lenny led us here...
         -> And if we came for the treasure?
         -> There is nobody who hates treasure.
         -> I claim the treasure for JUSTICE!
         -> I do have an interest in treasure.
         -> Hush, and give me the treasure!

         -> We're actually after the treasure.
         -> All treasure in the world is mine.
         -> ...I came here on impulse.
         -> Actually, my mother was sick...
         -> Why don't you hand over the treasure?
         -> I just like valuable things!

            Anne: Hee hee hee hee... At last, you've shown your true colors.
                  Let's finish this robber off.

            Johnny: Oh, geez, wait a minute!
            Shania: I wonder if I joked around too much... There's nothing I
                    can do. I couldn't get any information from her. I don't
                    want to hang around anymore.
            Natan : There is no longer room to negotiate. It is too bad I
                    could not get any useful information, but I will leave
            Frank : NO! My strategy failed!
            Mao   : This is no good. They say the mouth is the source of
            Hilda : Why?! I told you the truth!

            Anne: There!

            Johnny: Ahhhhhhhhhh! Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuch!
            Shania: Agh! It's embarrassing but I've gotta escape!
            Natan : This pain is hard to stand... Urrrr...
            Frank : Ahhhhhhhhhh! Call a medic!! MEDICccccccc!
            Mao   : Gaw! Let up! It's not my style to go out this way!
            Hilda : Aaaaaaaaa! You've made me damaged goods! Now I can never
                    become a bride!

            [Johnny skyrockets out of the barrel and plummets into the water.]
            [Shania flees the barrel even though her clothes are ripped... :p]
            [Natan gets stabbed, jumps up, and leaps out of the barrel       ]
            [Frank skyrockets out of the barrel and plummets into the water. ]
            [Mao skyrockets out of the barrel and plummets into the water... ]
            [Hilda skyrockets out of the barrel and plummets into the water. ]

            Anne: You haven't been killed yet? Well, it's OK. After you
                  recover, I'll put you in jail.


[The character is put back in the cell.]

Shania: We can't just stay in here forever, you know.

Johnny: I know we can't... But what can we do?

[Natan walks over and picks the entire gate up off its hinges.]

Johnny: W-what are you? How did you do that?

Natan: Long time no use...so gate was warped.

Shania: We could have escaped at any time, but we wanted to assess the

Johnny: That's amazing... So...what do we do now? Steal the ship and escape?

Shania: Well, we're all the way out here... Let's do some exploring.

Johnny: This isn't the time for sightseeing!

Shania: At the Grand Canyon Zonda told me something... That the Ocean Spirit
        is worshipped by the tribes of the Caribbean.

Johnny: Grand Canyon... Oh yeah! I do remember, now that you mention it.

Shania: So as long as we're here, why don't we look around?

Johnny: Good idea... Wait! But...

Shania: Huh? Don't worry. I won't faint this time.

[They walk out of the cell.]

Johnny: Ah, this treasure. Could it be...? These are ours after all! What a
        relief. I didn't like being empty-handed.

[They enter a small hut off the boat's dock.]

Johnny: Whoa!!

Soriano the Chef: Ah! Who are you guys!! I'm just a cook! Don't hurt me!!

Shania: He doesn't seem to be a threat. Sorry for startling you.

Soriano the Chef: Man, I was so scared... Are you all the Captain's guests?

Johnny: Huh? Uh, yeah. We've had some rough hospitality, but yeah, you could
        say that we're the Captain's guests.

Soriano the Chef: I see. Well, welcome to Pirate Island. Be sure to enjoy the
                  the endless Caribbean Sea and beautiful sunlight.

Shania: We will. You don't happen to know of any ruins or other unique places
        that would be good for sightseeing, do you?

Soriano the Chef: Well, I have heard of a sacred area where a seafaring god
                  was worshipped. I haven't been there myself, but I've heard
                  it's mysterious, yet beautiful.

[The team eavesdrops on some pirates.]

First Mate Rackham: The Captain's in a good mood today.

Abel the Pure: Really? I didn't notice anything different about her today.

First Mate Rackham: No, she's really happy. It's probably because we finally
                    have some visitors here again.

Abel the Pure: How many months has it been? But these guys look pretty
               suspicious to me, though.

First Mate Rackham: It doesn't matter. I'm just glad the Captain's got someone
                    new to play with now.

Abel the Pure: Arharhar, you might be right there.

Johnny: I'm not happy about it!!

[The team enters the inner cove and finds another couple of pirates.]

Vicke the Worker: Hey, our relief is supposed to be here by now... Is he
                  slacking off again?

Marsh the Glutton: I'm starving! I hope he gets here soon...

Vicke the Worker: You're always starving!! Damn it, how long's he going to
                  make us wait?

Johnny: There's two guards even here. Give me a break...

Shania: I wonder what that ship is over there?

Johnny: It's pretty damaged, but it's a lot more impressive than those other
        puny boats. Maybe the treasure's hidden onboard...

Shania: Could be. Whether there is treasure on it or not though, there is
        definitely something odd about that ship.

Johnny: I want to get on the boat, but those guys are in the way. It's no use
        just waiting here. Let's go see if there's another way.

[They find the barrel with a bunch of holes in it. Someone's sleeping inside.]

Johnny: Hm? What's that sound?

Napping Galbez: What do you want, kid? I'm trying to get some sleep here. Just
                leave me alone.

Shania: Sorry for waking you, but we're looking for the place where the 
        seafaring god was worshipped. Do you know if it?

Napping Galbez: Why would I know something like that? Oh yeah, well there is
                this weird place on the other side of the sunken ship. But I
                wouldn't go there. That ship's got no treasure, but plenty of
                monsters and ghosts. It's too dangerous.

Shania: Thanks for the advice. But dangerous or not, we need to get through
        that ship.

Napping Galbez: Instead of that, how about taking my guard shift? I'm supposed
                to be guarding the cave, but I just want to sleep.

Johnny: Huh? Uh...yeah, sure. We'll take care of it so sleep all you want.

Napping Galbez: That'll be a huge help!! Thanks.

Shania: You're pretty clever after all. Well, shall we go relieve the guards?

[Johnny hides from the crew coming down the walk.]

Vicke the Worker: That idiot, I knew he was gonna skip his shift again. I'm
                  gonna tell the Captain!

Marsh the Glutton: Yeah! Let's tell the Captain... But before we do, let's

Vicke the Worker: Yeah. Let's eat!!

Johnny: If those two are leaving, then there's no one guarding... Now's our

[The team jacks a boat and sets off. Meanwhile, Anne is sitting in her room.]

Pirate: Captain! The prisoners have escaped!

Anne: Aaaaaaaaaa! And what did the guard on duty do?!

Pirate: Guard on duty...?

Pirate 2: Hey, come on! It wasn't me!

Pirate: I don't think anybody was ever on duty...

Anne: Enough, enough!! Now...which way did they go?

Pirate: Well, they didn't take the ship...so they must have headed deeper into
        the island.

Anne: Right... We've gotta go get them!

Pirates: Oh, Captain! Wait up!

[Up on the wreck's topdeck, a huge crack prevents passage across...]

Johnny: Ugh, the floor's rotted away... We won't be able to cross this way.

Shania: Hey, look at that. If we lower that boat, maybe we can cross over.

Johnny: But, how do we lower it?

Natan: From what I can see, that skiff is connected to this capstan here.

Johnny: Hmmm. So this is called a "capstan"? Well, let's try turning it. What
        the...? All the handles are too short or rotted off. I can't get a
        good enough grip to turn it.

Natan: Hm... Look at this. One of the handles has fallen off and there's a
       hole here. If we found a sturdy pole to replace the handle, we should
       be able to turn it.

Johnny: A sturdy pole to replace the handle... I wonder if there's one around

[They search.]

Johnny: Whoa, there's a fish stuck in there...

Natan: Yes. It's a marlin.

Frank: Ma-ma-ma...

Johnny: Ma?

Frank: Ma---ik! What happened to you?

Johnny: Mike? Michael? But who's Michael?

Frank: Oh...how COULD I forget? It was 3 years ago, when I was in a fishing

Johnny: Gonna start another one of your stories?

Frank: My rival was beating me badly, so to reverse the score, ol' Frank had
       no choice but to go for the BIG CATCH. What bit then was Mike, and our
       historic battle stretched across several hours.

Natan: Yes, it takes a fair amount of strength and time to catch a marlin.

Johnny: Who cares? Plus, your stories are so long. Natan, don't encourage him.

Frank: In the end, Frank suffered defeat. But after the battle, Mike came to
       the surface and said: "Let's meet again, my fair adversary." But before
       that could happen... Why did he have to DIIIIIE?!

Johnny: Yeah...I mean, it's just a fish... But I guess that's sorta sad...
        Right, so can we get going already?

Frank: ...Thank you, Boy. What ol' Frank can do is not to cry, but to honor
       Mike's dying wish!

[He, of course, puts a hilt on the marlin.]

Frank: If we combine our powers, we will be inVINcible! Mike--no. From now on
       you shall be...Marlin Saber!

[Marlin Saber acquired.]

Johnny: It smells fishy... Michael smells fishy!

[A trapdoor opens on the upper deck.]

Johnny: It's pitch black...I can definitely see why they think there's ghosts
        down here.

Shania: Are you scared?

Johnny: W-who's scared?! Watch, I'm going in.

[They reach the other edge of the ship.]

Johnny: There's a big hole here as well... I wonder what's outside? Do you
        think that's the sacred area the pirates were talking about?

Shania: It looks that way. The Ocean Spirit lies beyond that door.

Johnny: We have to find a way over there first.

Shania: If we turn thi srudder in the opposite direction, maybe we could cross

Johnny: Turn the rudder... So I guess we need to find that spinny thing, huh?

Shania: ...It's called the helm. Try and remember.

[They return to the capstan with a replacement.]

Johnny: So we just stick the brush in here... A perfect fit!! Now we can turn
        the capstan. Huff, huff... This capstan's too hard to turn...

[At the spinny thing...]

Johnny: There it is! The uh...helm! The helm, that's it. Now if we turn it
        like this...

Shania: The turdder should have turned. Let's go take a look.

[On the sunken ship's deck, Anne and her cohorts are surrounded by Heinz foes]

Pirate: C-Captain! What should we do? We're surrounded!

Anne: Why do you think I would know what to do? Ahhhh!

Johnny: Watch out!

[He stabs the one that almost gutted Anne; everyone slays the rest.]

Johnny: Are you okay?

Anne: Y-yeah...

Shania: We meant you no harm. We only want to borrow the power that's protected
        here. I swear to you we won't use it for evil. If you would just
        understand... Please.

Pirate: Wow! Thsoe guys are really cool!

Pirate 2: Mhm.

[They leave and approach the shrine.]

Johnny: So this is the place where the seafaring god was worshipped...

Shania: That's just what the pirates say. This ground is dedicated to the
        Ocean Spirit. Let's go.

Johnny: Y-yeah.

[They enter inside the shrine.]

Shania: This is it.

Johnny: Uh...Shania...?

Shania: You need'nt look so worried. There's still something else... Something
        important that I have left to do...

[She fights and defeats the Ocean Spirit, La Sirene. She sorta collapses.]

Johnny: Huh?!

Shania: It's all right. I can stand by myself.

[Back on Anne's ship...]

Anne: Uh... I'm so sorry! When my grandfather was young, he made a foolish
      mistake, and drifted to this island on accident. And all the people who
      had helped him out they were protcting just one thing: that altar. One
      day...for some strange reason...all of those poeple had to leave on a
      journey. But before they did...they asked my Grandpa to stand over the
      altar all the way until their descendants came back! And ever since
      Grandpa died... I've been guarding the ruins, you see? So tell me! Are
      you one of the descendants of those people?

Shania: You're right. That's how it is. And thank you...for guarding the altar
        up until now.

Anne: Sure!

[Mao's ears prick up.]

Frank: Master! Is something bothering you?

Mao: Someone is calling me...

Hilda: Huh? I can't hear anything...

Voice: .....Mao!......

Johnny: Whoa! I heard it...

Mao: That's Borriello. How did he get here?

[Borriello comes in.]

Big Brother Borriello: Mao! I finally found you! There's trouble, big trouble!!

Mao: You followed me all the way out here? It must be something pretty big,
     huh? Speak up.

Big Brother Borriello: It's Boss Capone, he suddenly left Chicago! He said he
                       was going to Las Vegas!

Mao: To Las Vegas? He didn't say anything else?

Big Brother Borriello: Ummm, yeah, I think maybe he said something about
                       McManus and Edna.

Mao: I see... He's such a high maintenance man. Hey kid, sorry, but I...

Johnny: If you go to Las Vegas, we'll go too. We've been worried about Edna

Anne: Is everyone leaving?

Johnny: Yeah. Sorry, but we're kind of in a hurry.

Anne: I see. I'm sorry for all the trouble I caused. Please come visit if you
      ever pass by again.

First Mate Rickham: We'll be waiting for your next visit!

Red-nosed Robert: Have a good trip!

Hilda: Well, it seems they weren't such bad people after all.

Frank: They truly know the rules of etiquette.

Johnny: Yeah, but I wonder how they do as pirates?

14) LAS VEGAS                                                            [GS14]

[Ricardo is seen on the steps of a casino. Inside, McManus talks at a table.]

McManus: The golden age of Chicago is over! From now on...it's Vegas. That
         maggot Capone...he's rotting in his cell even as we speak. Boys,
         this is our time... The good old days start right now!

[A man enters.]

McManus: What's wrong?! Hey, who did that to you? Is it payback time from the

Mobster: That...mariachi...bastard...

Mobster2: Mariachi?

Mobster3: It's Edna's boyfriend, Ricardo!

McManus: Idiots! What are you afraid of? Hmph. He's nothing but a skinny runt.
         So hurry up and get rid of him!

Mobsters: Okay!

[Previously, in Chicago, Ricardo sees a waitress being hassled.]

Mobster: Come on! It'll be fun!! You're offa work now, so play with us!

Mobster2: We're sayin' we're gonna make you happy! We promise...

Waitress: No, let go of me!

Ricardo: Hey!

Mobster: Huh? What the hell you want, mariachi?

Ricardo: You're upsetting the girl. Why don't you go home, and go to bed like
         good little boys.

Mobster: Shut the hell up!

Mobster2: BASTARD!

[Ricardo beats 'em both up, but one rises up with a gun.]

Mobster: I'm gonna kill you... I'm gonna do you just like that Edna dame!

[In a flash, Ricardo is behind him, pinning him to the floor.]

Mobster: Hey stop, Mariachi! Don't shoot!

Ricardo: What did you do to her?

Mobster: Nothing!!

Ricardo: Tell me!

Mobster: Okay... I'll talk.

[Back in Vegas, Killer, Lady, and Edna walk in front of the casino.]

Killer: So you say your man is in this town?

Edna: Yes...I can tell. He's after McManus...

Killer: Man, oh man... The revenge of jilted lovers is always the worst. I
        know she wants to stop him before he gets killed and dies like a
        dog...but man...do we really need to go to the trouble of helping her
        out? Well... Ig ot nothign better to do...

Edna: You brought me back to life, didn't you? Yet somehow, it feels like I
      got something horrible from you too...

[Later, the entire party appears.]

Capone: Sorry that you had to come all this way. Argh, that idiot! He went
        after you on his own.

Mao: Don't say that. I'd say you have some loyal men. Anyway, what is this

Capone: Those dirty rats. What's with this shoddy hotel?

Johnny: How about calming down a bit?

Capone: Oh, I'm plenty calm, see. Trespassing on my turf, dragging Edna into
        this... Those bums don't deserve to be Mafia. You watch. I'm gonna go
        in there and pound 'em all into hamburger meat!

Frank: OH, such great FEROCITY!

Johnny: Ho-hold on, before you start fighting, shouldn't you search for your

Capone: What's the point of searching? I already know they got Edna in there!
        That McManus bastard was always making eyes at her.

Shania: Aah, I don't think he's listening...

Johnny: Yeah, he's gotten all worked up... Well, we'll go take a look and see
        if they've got your sister.

Capone: You guys?

Johnny: If you go, it'd turn into a war, right? Besides, finding people is my

Shania: ...

Johnny: McManus doesn't know any of us, and even if we fail, it still wouldn't
        be too late for a fight.

Capone: Hmm...

[They go inside.]

Johnny: Wow! This hotel's pretty big. We might have to go room to room.

Mao: This way.

Johnny: Huh? You already know the way, Master Meow?

Mao: No, I'm just heading for the elevator. Mafia Bosses tend to enjoy a drink
     from a top floor bar with a view.

Johnny: Oh, I get it...

Rick the Guide: Welcome! Please show me your room key and I will show you to
                your floor.

Johnny: Huh? We don't have a key...

Rick the Guide: I'm very sorry, but I cannot show you around if you do not
                have a room key.

Johnny: What'll we do?

Mao: I don't mind forcing my way, you know, but I don't feel like making a
     scene. Let's go look for someone with a key.

[They approach an hotel suite from the hallway.]

Mao: Shh! Quiet!

Johnny: What's wrong, Master Meow?

Mao: McManus' cronies are inside... Hmmm... Sounds like they're having a
     stupid argument about who gets to have a room on the 8th floor.

Johnny: Of course, cat's ears!

Mao: We don't have to hold back with these gangsters. Let's go, kid.

Authoritative Amadeo: Hey!? You're Capone's costume cat!?

Mao: You've got a lot of nerve calling me a costume cat...

Authoritative Amadeo: Don't go getting cocky with me! If we take care of you
                      guys, they'll make us all captains for sure!

[Of course, all the cronies are hastily defeated.]
[Key to Room 818 acquired.]

Johnny: The key. We need this to ride the elevator.


McManus: The gunshots have stopped...

Timid Dhoraso: Boss! We caught that mariachi punk.

McManus: Good. For one guy, he sure put up a fight. Hurry up and get rid of

Timid Dhoraso: Y-yes sir! On a different subject, we just got some news.

McManus: What?

Timid Dhoraso: It seems the hitman we hired the other day failed, and Capone
               was able to escape from Alcatraz.

McManus: What?!

Timid Dhoraso: Wah!!

McManus: ...I see. It can't be helped then. Hey, take me to the mariachi.
         I'll make him talk before we kill him.

Timid Dhoraso: ...Huh?

McManus: Didn't you hear me? I told you to take me to the mariachi! Now!!

Timid Dhoraso: Y-yes sir!

[They go to where the mariachi's being kept, tied to a chair.]

McManus: You've caused me an awful lot of trouble...

Ricardo: Bastard! You killed Edna!

McManus: Whoa! So you still got a little fight left in you, do you? That's
         really too bad about Edna... If only she had a little better taste in
         men...she might've lived a little longer. But now, my lovesick
         mariachi... Tell me about Capone. Like where he is.

Ricardo: What do you mean?

McManus: Don't play dumb with me. I'm well aware that that bastard Capone just
         broke out of prison. He's in town...waiting for the right moment...
         the perfect moment to get his revenge. Isn't that right...?!

Ricardo: I've got nothing to do with Al Capone...!

McManus: Really? So you're saying you came to get revenge for Edna alone?

Ricardo: That's right.

McManus: Don't you feed me that pile of malarkey! I know that Capone gave you
         his blessing...! So if you think you're gonna pull one over on me...
         you got it all wrong!! Enough. Kill him and dump him out in the
         street. Make him an example for Capone.

Mobsters: Okay Boss. Looks like you got unlucky too, Mister Mariachi... Don't
          blame me... I'm just following orders.

[Mao enters, does a flying kick on both foes' noggins, and knocks them out.]

Ricardo: It's Mao! What? You guys?!

Johnny: Ricardo. Are you alone? I was sure Edna would be in here with you...

Ricardo: You came looking for her?

Johnny: Yeah, Capone asked us to. What about you?

Ricardo: I came to avenge her.

Frank: Why would you avenge her when Edna is alive and well?

Ricardo: Hm? What did you say?!

[He starts wringing Frank's neck.]

Frank: You have a weird way of saying THANKS...

Mobster: The prisoner has gotten loose!!

Ricardo: Is it true?

Shania: Yes. We met her at Alcatraz.

Mao: Hmm...! We've got to get to McManus. Are you ready for a little fighting,

Frank: Frankie's always ready to rumble! So let's commence with the rumbling!

[They defeat the enemies nearby.]

Ricardo: Hey, hold on for a second.

Johnny: What's wrong? If we don't go soon...

Ricardo: It should be around here somewhere. Damn, they really made a mess of
         this place... Found it!

[Fade-fast Flower acquired.]

Johnny: What is that?

Ricardo: Edna gave this to me right after we met. At the time, I'd lost sight
         of my music. I was thinking of putting down my guitar for good. When
         she saw that, Edna just held this out to me without saying a word.

Johnny: Hmm... But why would she give you a dried flower?

Ricardo: I think she wanted to teach me that there is such a thing as beauty
         that doesn't fade over time... Even now, this is like my lucky charm.
         I can't play my guitar if I don't have it.

[The unfading essence of life within the dried flower fills Ricardo's senses...
Fade-fast Flower became a Muse Item.]

Ricardo: Sorry to keep you waiting. Let's go.

Mao: Well I'll be...? The air in here has changed. It's the same kind of
     feeling as when we helped Capone at Alcatraz.

Johnny: ...You think the monsters are back?

Mao: Ahh... Looks like they've come early.

[They defeat some monsters.]

Johnny: Oh man... And we had enough on our hands with all these gangsters. It
        just keeps getting worse...

Mao: Hmph, if you've got time to complain, then you've got time to get moving.
     Stop wasting time.

[They ride to the 9th floor suite with a view. Below...]

Capone: Those guys... What's taking them so long?

Rossi, who Came to Report: Boss! Looks like they've started tearing the place

Capone: About time! Let's get in on it too!

[Him and his army of men storm in. Meanwhile, on the 10th floor...]

McManus: Well, you've done it now. You certainly made a mess of things around

Johnny: We got kind of busy with those bullets flying around...but, we finally
        made it!

Ricardo: Listen McManus! I want the truth! What did you do with Edna?!

McManus: Edna? You're starting with that nonsense again?! If I were you, I'd
         take a quick look around!

[Men with submachine guns (!?) enter.]

McManus: You take just one more step...and my men'll turn you into Swiss

[Capone and his men run in.]

Johnny: Mr. Capone!

McManus: Well if it isn't Capone! You're a little late...

Capone: You rat. I'm gonna settle this right here and now. Say your prayers!

McManus: Ha ha ha ha ha. You've got to be kidding. You should be saying your
         prayers along with these punks here! Get 'em, boys!

[An explosion rocks the place. Edna is near the blown-open window.]

Ricardo: Edna...?!

Edna: Ricardo...! 

Ricardo: Edna! 

McManus: It can't be true... You're dead... Kill her!

[She stops McManus' cronies' bullets and kills them with a swing o' her hand.]

Edna: I'll kill you.

Ricardo: Edna, what's wrong?! Edna!!

Edna: Ricardo...?

Ricardo: Yes!

Edna: Ricardo! Kill me!

Ricardo: What?!

Edna: I don't want to become a monster!

Ricardo: Edna!!

Edna: Do it...please... Agggghhhh!

[She gets sucked into--]

Johnny: A Window!

Natan: Princess!

Shania: No doubt about it... She's contaminated by Malice.

[She sees Lady and Killer on a rooftop across the street.]

Johnny: Ricardo, get back!

[They defeat Malice Edna.]

Ricardo: Edna...Edna! Speak to me!

Edna: Thank you.. Ricardo... To see you...one more time... Goodbye...

Ricardo: Edna...

[Edna dies. Not coincidentally, Capone shoots McManus and he dies too!]

Johnny: How did Edna do that?

Shania: That woman was here. And she gave Edna...a small gift of temporary

[Later, at Chichen Itza...]

Killer: Was it really okay to let her go alone?

Gilbert: So, you've finally arrived... Excatly as I expected you would...

Killer: Huh? Who the hell are yoU?

Gilbert: The name happens to be Gilbert. ...And I'm a-a... I do a lot of
         different things. Right now I'm unemployed. Aah...for now, let us just
         say that I'm...someone who is trying to solve the mysteries of his
         existence, eh? Oh, dear me... It appears that I have angered you...
         Is that beautiful young lady...your lover...perhaps?

Killer: What the! Don't be stupid!!

Gilbert: You must have noticed by now, haven't you?! Isn't it obvious to you
         the girl is not human?!

Killer: Huh?!

Gilbert: It so happens I know...exactly what needs to be done to give her back
         her humanity! Perhaps that's why you've come here to see me in the
         first place, what do you think?

Killer: Why, you...

[He puts Gilbert down. Back in the blown-up suite in Vegas, it's almost dawn.]

Johnny: It's getting late. We need to get going. I'm so sorry we couldn't help
        you out more..really.

Capone: No way. Both Chicago and Vegas...should have some peace for a little
        while...thanks to you guys. Hey, Ricardo... You going too?

Yes... I've got to avenge her death...or I'll never rest.

I see... Do what you got to do.

[Capone sheds a tear silently while everyone leaves.]

15) CHICHEN ITZA                                                         [GS15]

Johnny: We got pretty sidetracked. I wonder if they're still here...

Natan: Princess, please look at this.

Shania: It looks as if some people have gone in.

[Inside, a weird floor tile is found.]

Johnny: What's this marking? Can I step on it?

Natan: I do no believe it to be dangerous. Do as you wish.

Johnny: Whoa! The floor lit up!

Natan: The door has opened...I see, it opens when the floor lights up.

Johnny: What? It closed?

Natan: It looks like a timed mechanism. You must move quickly once you step on
       the floor.

[They find another door.]

Johnny: It doesn't open...huh? What's this dent? I wonder if something fits in

Shania: Didn't you find a creepy skull before? What about that?

Johnny: OK, I'll try it. All right! It opened!

[Towards the temple's core...]

Johnny: Is this...Malice!?

Shania: Let's hurry!

[Elsewhere, Killer and his companions are walking.]

Killer: Hey... So now why don't you tell me what you know...

Gilbert: You want to know how to restore her humanity...? Please wait just a
         little bit longer. You never know what can happen! Maybe she knows
         how to do it herself!

Killer: What are you talking about?

Gilbert: Look.

Killer: What is all this?

Gilbert: Watch closely and you'll find out.

[Lady's presence actives a blood-colored energy from an old device.]

Killer: What is that?

Gilbert: It's called Malice. I don't have enough time to explain it to you...
         But for now, let's just say that its power is the key to restoring
         her humanity!

Killer: You're saying if we release it, then Lady will become human again?

Gilbert: Yes! As far as I know, there are only two more sites of sealed Malice
         left in America! Now if you could release that power...

Killer: I understand... And now that you told me, we don't need you anymore...

Gilbert: Now, now, let's not be hasty... I'm sure she could find the
         ruins...without any assitance for you or me, or anybody else... 
         However... What if there were others out there...others who were
         trying hard to interfere?!

Killer: What?!

[Johnny's crew rolls in.]

Johnny: Gilbert!

Shania: That's the woman! We find her!!

[Shania bumrushes Lady, but Killer's forcefield rebuffs her.]

Johnny: Shania! What's gotten into you?

Natan: She is the sworn enemy...of the Princess...andof  our entire tribe!

Ricardo: So what you're saying is that she is Edna's real enemy?

Killer: The people trying to get in Lady's way? Are these the ones?

Gilbert: That's not all they're doing... It's a lot worse than that... They're
         trying to murder your poor Lady as well!

Killer: Murder her...? Lady?!

Gilbert: By the way Mr. Killer... Remember when you were in Las Vegas the other
         day...? Didn't you see something a bit strange? Like a warp in reality
         ...and right out of the middle of it, into this world...came a giant
         beast! Ha!

Killer: Bastard... How long have you been following us?

Gilbert: A miracle...just one of them! And only those who have been touched by
         Lady's power can perform them! The power to summon gods. A power...of
         unparalleled scope from another world! With an insatiable desire to
         destroy the weak and foolish...

Killer: Gods...? You call that a god? That's not a bad idea... Stand back...
        Let's see if I can perform...one of your so-called miracles!

Shania: Move it! YOu're int he awy!

Killer: The only ones in the way are you!

Johnny: That's the same guy that was with Edna!

[They defeat the Jeb Niglas summoned by Killer.]

Killer: So the gods were beaten by a miserable bunch like you... Well then,
        the gods aren't really much after all, are they. Now then... What's
        that, sister? You want to kill me first?

[He sees Shania ready to strike behind him.]

Killer: Lady?

[Lady goes to give Shania her 'power' before Johnny passes out.]

16) RIO DE JANEIRO                                                       [GS16]

Hilda: Okay! I'm going to go sight seeing!

Frank: All right... We'll be going to check out that direction!

Mao: Don't go geting lost on us now kid!

Frank: Okay! All rihgt, I'm going already!

Johnny: We now find ourselves in Rio de Janeiro... It's a city in South
        America. After losing to Lady, we stayed in Mr. Capone's summer house.
        Lenny cried like a baby... ...it was really embarrassing. It seemed
        like Shania and Natan had been traveling and hunting Lady for a while.
        But they've...never told me why. During the time we had to rest and
        recover from our injuries, a detective called Ness came around.
        Apparently Killer, who's the serial killer who was hanging around with
        Lady and Gilbert, has ended up crossing the border into South America.
        So Detecive Ness started griping to Mr. Capone that because he made it
        across the border, the police can't do a thing now. Afer hearing this,
        we borrowed a plane from Mr. Capone and flew down to South America. 
        For the time being we're going around looking for leads in the big 
        cities. So now we've come here to Rio de Janeiro...but ever since that
        day, Shania's been depressed. Was not being able to catch Lady that
        much of a shock to her? Oh yeah -- there's something else I don't
        understand. Why didn't she just kill us...when she had the chance? It
        sure is strange. I still can't figure it out...

[Frank finds some inforamtion.]

Frank: BOY!! Look! LOOK at this!

Johnny: Quiet! That loud voice is embarrassing. What are you ranting about?
        'Serial Killer Spotted at South American Ruins. Mysterious Lady
        Nearby'. Wow, that sound spretty horrible... Hey, wait a second!?

Frank: Frank did it! Frank got the SCOOP!

Johnny: Man, never thought we'd find a clue in the paper. Anyway, we hafta go

Hilda: Uh-huh. It's no good, it's no good. I saw that article earlier too.
       According to the locals, this paper is ALWAYS full of lies...

Johnny: But this photo doesn't look fake...

Mao: Why don't we just go directly to the person who wrote this and ask them?

Johnny: Yeah! Good idea! Rio de Janeiro Sports Publishing. And...they're
        located in this town!

Hilda: Then we strike while the iron's hot. Let's head over there right away!

[They go into the newspaper's building.]

Johnny: This must be the place... Excuse me? Hello?

[The editor answers a phone before slamming it down.]

Editor: Hello, Rio Sports Editing Department... Huh? Not you again! You moron!
        Hand it in tomorrow?! Today or else!!!

Johnny: Hello? Excuse me, I was wondering...

Editor: Take a look around! Everybody's out, I'm busy, OK? Later, much later!

Shania: We don't have much time ourselves. Now does this paper print fact? Or
        is this...fiction?

Editor: We would neve rprint a lie in this newspaper! Come to think of it...
        There might have been one or two fishy stories lately.

Johnny: Fishy stories? Like what kind? Where? Here they are... "Lauded UFO
        Legend Lands in Roswell!" "Giant Cat Commands Crime Crown in Chicago
        Mafia!" Yeah, nobody with half a brain would believe this...

Shania: Where was this photo taken? 

Editor: In the western part of the continent, near the Machu Picchu ruins. I
        took this photo myself! Not bad eh?

Shania: Yeah. Thanks.

Editor: What a weird lady...

[Back on the sidewalk...]

Johnny: Hey wait a second!

Shania: The Machu Picchu ruins are far from here! If we don't hurry...

Johnny: I said wait!! Shania, what's going on?

Shania: Nothing... Nothing at all.

Johnny: Like I really believe you... It's like youre really impatient about

17) MACHU PICCHU                                                         [GS17]

[In a village somewhere, an old woman prays at a large totem/statue.]

Woman: Mothers of Life, Spirits of the 4 Seas. Here, I beseech all creation...
       Spirits...answer my call at this hour... Machu Picchu's seal is
       surrounded... Surrounded by the darkness. 

Man: Wise Grandmother! We cannot wait a moment longer... We must head to the
     ruins before the enmey arrives.

Woman: What if it means losing your life?

Man: I do not care if I die! My life has no meaning if I do not fulfill my

Girl: Grandma...

Woman: Loloma, did you see?

Loloma: Yes... Everybody... Everybody died?

Woman: I'm not sure... Sadly, I am not able to foretell births or deaths! Ah,
       that's right... Would you mind running an errand for me my dearest?

Loloma: An errand?

Woman: I would like for you to bring some special guests to me...

[In the mountains, Johnny's group reaches an overlook.]

Johnny: This is it, right? The Ruins of Machu Picchu?

Ricardo: Yes, but do you think they're really here?

Shania: Yes. I'm positive.

[Inside the ruins...]

Lady: ...

Gilbert: It seems that they've managed to find us.

Killer: What! Slow learners, aren't they...

Gilbert: Now, now. There's no need for you to go kill enemies Lady overlooked,
         is there? Why don't you leave them to me?

Killer: You saying you can do something?

Gilbert: Well, I can at least buy you some time.

[At the front door:]

Shania: It's closed. What should we do...

Johnny: There's something here. On the other side, too.

Shania: Half the light went out.

Johnny: It seems like the light with the same color as the switch turned off.
        Let me try flipping another. Thought so! It responds to the color of
        the switch, and the same colored door opens.

[After a bunch of dungeon-crawling, they find colored fire streams.]

Shania: I can see the exit.

Johnny: Oh yeah. But... Ow, it's hot! It's no good, I can't get any closer.

Shania: Wonder if there's a way to put out the fire? Let's look for another
        way out.

Johnny: Oh, the flames went out.

Ricardo: But only the red flames went out? Can't determine anything yet...

Johnny: This time the blue flames went out, but the red flames came up again,

Natan: It appears the flames the color of the switch extinguishes. But you can
       only extinguish one color at a time.

Johnny: OK, then if we flip the green switch, we can probably get to that

[After a little while more...]

Johnny: Gilbert!

Gilbert: Ah, you're here. But a bit earlier than I thought.

Johnny: You got away before...but now we want answers! Tell me about my power!

Shania: And tell us about the woman... Is she inside there?

Gilbert: Don't bother me with all of your stupid questions! I have more
         important matters to deal with... The first of which...is making sure
         I stop you right here and now before you cause me any more trouble!

Johnny: Damn... We don't have any time to waste on them!

[They defeat the cronies Gilbert slings their way.]

Johnny: They're still coming.

Frank: No! Gilbert's getting away!

[Shania runs after him and leaves her comrades behind.]

Johnny: No, wait! I've gotta catch up with Shania... Argh! These beasts are in
        the way!

[Shania catches up with the baddie trio.]

Shania: Lady... This is it... I'm going to kill you!

[Johnny's crew catches up.]

Johnny: Shania!

[They defeat Kerufe.]

Ricardo: Damn it! They've already gotten away!

Johnny: Shania? Shania!!

Natan: Don't jolt her. We can't treat her properly here. Let's go back up.

[Back outside of the dungeon...]

Johnny: Can you hear me?! How are you? Are you all right?

Shania: Where am I...?

Johnny: We were worried! When we got to you, you were lying there and not
        moving at all. And there was this huge monster!!

Natan: I am sorry, Princess. I could not protect you.

Mao: Tell me... Why did you run so far ahead of us?

Shania: I got a little impatient. I can't wait... I've got to get to that

Johnny: Hey, cool it! You've got to rest. Besides, how can we go after her? We
        don't even know where she's gone...!

Shania: I don't care! We still have to look!

Johnny: It's impossible!

?????: No please!! Wait!! Thank God! Good! You're all okay!

Shania: Who are you?

Loloma: My name is Loloma. My Grandmother asked me to come and get all of you!

Shania: I'm sorry, but we're in a hurry. We don't have the time.

Loloma: Uh, uh... Please, wait! I don't know if it's about the ruins...or
        maybe it's about the red light instead... But I do know that it's

Shania: All right where do we go?

Loloma: Moana Village on the Marquesas Islands! I'll take you there.

18) MOANA VILLAGE                                                        [GS18]

[Gilbert and his two companions are walking in the jungle.]

Killer: You give me the creeps... All that laughing...

Gilbert: Oh, yes, I'm sorry. I'm just a little bit excited! You see scholars
         from all over the world have been searching for this 'something' for
         over a hundred years! Without success of course, that is up until now!
         That's where Lady's headed...straight to the lost ruins of Vilcabamba!

[Inside the ruins, they find a huge abyss.]

Killer: Looks like a dead end...

Gilbert: No, it can't be... But of course, that's got to be it

Killer: What? What are you babbling about?

Gilbert: It's got to be way down inside there. Vilcabamba! 

Killer: So how do we get down there?

Gilbert: Yes, well, let's see... Perhaps we should ask those people... I'll
         wager you they'll have some idea!

[Some natives in masks are approaching them... Meanwhile, in Moana Village...]

Lolona: My grandmother is waiting in the house at the very back. I'll go ahead
        and tell her that you're all here!

[They go inside.]

Okanagan: I thank you very much for making such a long journey... I am the
          elder of this village... Okanagan is my name.

Shania: Well... I never would've imagined that I would find any of my family

Okanagan: The way that I've come to understand it is...we ended up splitting 
          from the northern tribe hundreds of years ago. I regret changing
          such a pleasant subject...but I have some rather complicated news to
          tell you about. You see there are three ruins upon this continent...
          And this is where Malice, the red light, has been sealed away. 
          However someone has committed the unthinkable...and they have already
          broken the seals of two of the three ruins. I believe you are chasing
          the ones responsibile for these actions. Is this true?

Johnny: Yes it's all true...but how do you know all this?

Okanagan: The Spirits are my teachers in almost everything I have ever learned.
          But this situation...I have only heard about in ancient legend! The 
          legend says that the red light will be released from the 3 monuments 
          and then will the "Gate" be summoned to this world...

Johnny: Gate?

Okanagan: Yes. The Gate is a huge portal that connects the world we now live
          in to the other world...the world of Spirit. The world in which the
          Gate is opened...will plunge into chaos and anrachy... Eventually, in
          the end, to collapse.

Johnny: You mean the world will be destroyed... You're exaggerating, right?

Okanagan: I understand that this is not easy to believe... For myself... I
          haven't yet seen this Gate. However, you've seen it, have you not?
          Many red lights released from the ruins... We also learned of this
          horrific event...from the prophetic words of our ancestors written
          long ago. We have no reason to doubt them!

Shania: And so...you're asking us to stop this, right?

Okanagan: Men from our village are headed to Vilcabamba, the last ruin that
          still remains intact... They go as even as we speak, though no one
          knows whether they will succeed. This is why I have asked you all to
          come here... Dear ones, I want you to be there in case they should

Shania: We can't do it. I'm very sorry. More importantly, tell us where
        Vilcabamba is... If you don't mind.

Okanagan: If I tell you what will you do?

Shania: I'll kill that woman!

Okanagan: No! Why do you think I asked all of you to come here in the first
          place?! I can see I'm wasting my bbreath... This is the way to
          Vilcabamba. It's all written down here. Do as you please.

Shania: Thank you. 

Okanagan: And please don't go throwing your life away... A needless waste!

Johnny: Goodbye.

19) VILCABAMBA                                                           [GS19]

[The party finds all Moana's men slaughtered at the temple entrance.]

Hilda: This is horrible...

Mao: Too bad. No one survived.

Shania: It's that woman...again!! Come on! This looks like the entrance.

Johnny: Well...let's try riding it.

[They take the lift down.]

Johnny: We've come down really deep.

Ricardo: Hey, look.

Johnny: Whoa...hard to believe ruins like this were under our feet...

Ricardo: Ah, and that...red light...

Shania: Let's go. Let's get that woman before the red light is released.

[Inside, the trio sees a hologram of the party entering.]

Killer: Them again...! Lady, I'm gonna stay here. They won't get in the way
        again! There's no way those runts can beat me...

Gilbert: Hmm...I allowed them to run free in the first place so I'd be able to
         check up on Lady's power... Wonder if that was such a good idea. At
         the worst...they  may not break the seal. I understand Mr. Killer!
         I'll look after Lady, don't you worry!

Killer: Wait! You're not going anywhere, little man! Get this straight... I
        don't trust you one teeny tiny bit...so no way I'm gonna leave you
        alone with her.


Johnny: I wonder if this block will move like one when we first got here. Hmm
        ...it doesn't move.

Ricardo: What's this switch?

Johnny: Oh, it lit up... It lit up, but it isn't moving, is it?

Ricardo: Maybe only one switch isn't enough. Let's look around for other
         switches like this.

[Later on:]

Johnny: This is like the block before.

Ricardo: Which means we have to find another four switches.

Frank: LOOK! There's a switch way over there!

Johnny: That's far... That one looks harder to get to.

[Even more later... -___-]

Johnny: Uh oh, it looks like a dead end.

Shania: Wait. There's a design on the floor...

Johnny: Huh? This? A bridge... So that's what this was.

Shania: She's above here, that woman.

Natan: Yes.

Johnny: How do you know?

Natan: I can always sense someone I've fought. All the more so given her
       immense power.

Johnny: I see... We'll get her this time!

[They ride upwards and find their quarry.]

Killer: You!

Johnny: Killer!

Shania: So where is she?

Killer: She's gone ahead.

Shania: Then move aside!

Killer: C'mon now. I've been waiting here all this time just to kill you guys.
        I finally got the chance to kill, and I'm itching to do it again!

Johnny: You're the one...who killed all those people?!

Killer: Yeah! I didn't even work up a sweat! It was really pathetic. They
        hardly put a fight. Looks like you're ready to go... Gilbert! Over
        here and help!

Gilbert: I'm not too good at physical labor...so I'm afraid this is all I can

[They fight and defeat Killer & Daoros.]

Shania: You're finished...

Killer: All right, no more Mr. Nice guy... It's time to get serious...

Johnny: Holy cow!

[The dungeon starts to shake.]

Killer: What's going on?! Lady?!

Gilbert: It appears that Lady has broken the final seal! We have to go!

Shania: Come back!! 

Frank: No!! We're all going to be buried alive!!

Mao: We've got to get out! Hurry!

Johnny: Shania! Hurry!

[Outside, a huge window summons a gigantic structure to the earth.]

Shania: That's it!

Johnny: The Gate...

[Meanwhile, inside of the structure...]

Killer: Where are we?!

Gilbert: This is the Gate!!

Killer: Why isn't it opening?

Gilbert: I guess it doesn't open right up as soon as it appears... A massive
         gate would take a little time to open... I think we should try and be
         more patient...

Killer: But when it does open...Lady will become human again right?

Gilbert: Uh. Uh, no. Simply opening the gate isn't enough to do it. There are
         also a few other "procedures".

Killer: So just what are all of these "procedures"?

Gilbert: Now if I were to go and tell you that... You'd turn right around and
         kill me wouldn't you? Hmm?

Killer: Looks like you found me out. 

[Something shimmers on the wall above Lady.]

Gilbert: What was that? Could it be...? I hope it was my imagination...

20) MOANA VILLAGE                                                        [GS20]

Okanagan: So you weren't able to stop them, were you? Don't let it bother you.
          I'm just glad you've made it back here!

Natan: ...At Vilcabamba...many of our brethren were killed. Slaughtered...

Okanagan: The men from this island. Now they've all met their destiny!

Shania: Don't you want to avenge their deaths?

Okanagan: They weren't killed while they were sleeping or lying around doing
          nothing... They died fulfilling their duty...fighting to prevent the
          Gate from appearing on our Earth! What more can I ask of them?

Johnny: Hold on... 

Okanagan: Vengeance is not the correct path for our kind... We are survivors
          in our land! Better we complete our mission so those who died will
          not have died in vain. Where are you going? I'm not done talking to

Shania: I'm going to the Gate. I have to go back to avenge my tribe!

Okanagan: And them come running back here once again? Do not be so hasty. A
          fool makes the same mistake twice! We still have a bit of time...
          until the Gate finally opens. Perhaps if we can seal the Gate's
          power before that happens...

Shania: Seal the Gate's power...! Is that possible?

Okanagan: On the southern continent...there is a lake called Uyuni. In the
          event a Gate should ever appear, our ancient ancestors constructed a
          giant tower on this lake...make entirely of one ingredient... From
          top to bottom, nothing but sacred salt. And it is said, at the very
          top of this tower... There is an altar, inside of which has been
          sealed a brilliant blue light, capable of opposing the red light of

Shania: Really? Blue?

Okanagan: I believe in the words of the white men's language... They use the
          word "Will"... The Gate hasn't opened just yet...because the power
          of the Will flowing from the tower is just barely able to keep it
          closed tight. If that power were somehow to be fully released... The
          gate would again be sealed away, unable to cause harm.

Natan: So why have you not used that power until now?

Okanagan: Just like the red light...the blue light is also very powerful. So
          it must not be carelessly spread throughout the world of humans.
          People who are filled with ill can do much evil in this world
          ...but those who choose to oppress this evil beyond what is
          absolutely necessary...will someday follow the same path. So our
          ancestors sealed the blue light... And to make certain that this
          power was as well protected as humanly possible, they placed it into
          two separate rings, and gave them to different people.

Johnny: This is complicated stuff...

Frank: So the bottom line is our main goal is to search out and locate those
       two rings? Is that right?

Okanagan: One of the rings that you seek is held by a branch of our tribe
          which has since immigrated down to the south. These days it is kept
          in Aito Cave so that we can prevent any evildoers from possibly
          stealing it. And as for the other ring, even I don't know exactly
          where it is. I've heard that it was left under the watchful eye of
          the tribe that decided to stay up in the north...

Natan: The northern tribe... 

Shania: ...I'll have to ask Zonda. I'm sure he'll scold me again, though. No
        matter. First I think we should head to Aito Cave. After all there's
        no guarantee we'll find the other ring quickly.

Johnny: So I guess we'll be going.

Okanagan: Shania, wait a minute please! I sense inside of you some sort of
          ominous shadow that doesn't give you any rest... No, it's just
          needless worrying... The spirits dwelling within you will help
          you... They will show you the right path to travel, as long as you
          will but listen...

21) AITO CAVE                                                            [GS21]

Johnny: Huh? What's that sound?!

Natan: Something is coming!!

[They defeat two cabracans.]

Johnny: What's going on? Why are they attacking us?!

Ricardo: Didn't that old woman say something like "so that evil doers wouldn't
         be able to steal it"?

Frank: Oh NOOO!! Does this mean that we're EVIL DOERS?!

Shania: Either way, this means that we can't be careless from here on out...


Ricardo: This is a petroglyph.

Johnny: What's a petroglyph?

Ricardo: It's an ancient form of communication from long before there was an
         alphabet. This picture's saying something.

Natan: That is correct. This picture is communicating with us -- Beware of the
       Tiki guarding the cave.

Johnny: What's a Tiki?

Ricardo: That thing that looks like a big face.

Natan: The black Tiki is a warrior. It tries to ward off intruders. The blue
       Tiki is a watchman. IT will not let any intruders pass. The red Tiki is
       a magician. He sends away intruders using his magic.

Johnny: Uh...so you're saying that depending on the color, they've got
        different jobs?

Mao: So that's how it is. Humph, seems like people back then liked making
     elaborate contraptions.

Ricardo: Hah hah hah!! You may be right.

Johnny: In any case, we'd probably be best off remembering each of the
        different roles.

[Everyone starts walking.]

Johnny: Shania, I keep forgetting and I've been meaning to ask you about it
        for awhile...

Shania: Yeah?

Johnny: Why do you keep chasing after...Lady?

Natan: Our tribe was destroyed by that woman.

Shania: Natan?!

Natan: It happened three years ago. She came to our village and began to kill
       our brothers without mercy. I do not know her reasons. Perhaps it was
       simply because our village lay in her path. In the spce of one hour the
       village was filled with red light, beasts...and the bodies of our
       brothers. Obeying the chief's wishes I took the princess and fled. And
       so I was unable to help my friends... And so... We were the only two

Shania: Well aren't we in a talkative mood today...

Natan: Please forgive me.

Shania: There's nothing really to forgive... I'm just surprised... We'd better
        get going... We'll be left behind.

Johnny: Yeah, sure.

[They find a huge centaurific monster with a huge warhammer.]

Johnny: I guess that's typical...

[They defeat Delget and acquire the Sea-Blue Ring.]

22) GRAND CANYON                                                         [GS22]

Johnny: Hey!

Shania: You should wait here. We'll be quick.

Johnny: Hey wait!

[Shania and Zonda talk alone.]

Zonda: You have come.

Shania: It sounds to me like you know what's going on.

Zonda: When you are the leader of a tribe you know all of the tales and
       legends by heart. But...to think that the Gate truly exists...

Shania: It was that woman who summoned it!

Zonda: It was not just your tribe... She wants to destroy the world.

Shania: You seem fairly relaxed about it...

Zonda: Although it seems cold, I do not care. The world may end up destroyed
       but the feelings of crisis do not touch me. I am not a man of greatness
       like my father once was... The Gate's appearance means one thing...that
       the many legends about this ring...are all true.

Shania: ...So you've had it all along.

Zonda: It was given to me by my mother and father, along with the order that I
       give it to my bride. In doing so it kept alive their most fervent
       wish...that it be passed on through the generations. Shania... You
       know you are my beloved...and you are qualified to take this ring.

Shania: I know that I need this ring...so I can hunt that woman down. But...

Zonda: When you are done with it and have settled things...you may bring the
       ring back to me. ...However...I wish that you would keep it forever.

[Sky-Blue Ring acquired.]

23) UYUNI SALT LAKE                                                      [GS23]

[Somewhere in the Gate...]

Killer: Man! How long do we have to wait! Stupid thing... Maybe if I just
        smashed it open...

Gilbert: The fact that things are taking so long means one thing...none of this
         was a product of my imagination! This is bad!! If they somehow manage
         to find the other power...and then they figure out how to use it,

Killer: Hey! What're you mumbling about? Are you talking about those kids

Gilbert: Uh... Don't worry! It's nothing to get all upset over really! Just
         something I'm thinking I have to do with the Gate not opening and

Killer: What?! If you know what's going on then tell me now! This standing
        around here is getting on my nerves!

Gilbert: Once in an ancient text, I came across a worrisome passage... It told
         about some ruins located at a lake called Uyuni! ...And those ruins
         actually contained a blue light which as meant to oppose the Gate of
         the red light, you see?

Killer: A blue light...? Is that what's keeping the Gate closed?

Gilbert: That could be it, yes! It is possible that if the blue light were
         somehow to be freed from the ruins... There's a chance...that the
         Gate...might even be destroyed completely...

Killer: If the Gate is destroyed, what about Lady's wish?

Gilbert: Her wish? Why, it would remain ungranteD!

Killer: This is serious!

Gilbert: Where are you going, Mr. Killer?

Killer: I'm gonna go destroy those ruins at Uyuni! ...or wherever... Those
        runts aren't going to interfere anymore!

Gilbert: My, my! He certainly seems upset doesn't he?! Why he even left Lady
         and me all alone! But at this point...I wouldn't even think of laying
         so much as a finger on my dear Lady..! If she can just open that
         gate... Finally...all my dreams will come true!!

[Back at the salt lake...]

Johnny: The ring lit up?

Shania: Let's go. We don't have much time left.

[Further up the path...]

Natan: There is no road from here.

Johnny: What about this crystal? It must be this.

Ricardo: Hey, don't be so rash...

Johnny: See, a path appeared! Just as I thought!

Ricardo: But in turn, I think some pillars went down too. Well, I guess it's

Johnny: Like I thought! The pillars moved!

Mao: The red-topped pillars rose, and the green-topped pillars went down.
     Perhaps the crystal's color and the color of the pillar tops are

Johnny: Huh? Is that how it was?

Frank: HAH HA! Boy is Mr. Absent Minded!

Mao: If you touch every crystal in sight, you don't know what'll happen. Be a
     little more careful, kid.

Johnny: OK, I get it, I get it.

[Johnny flips a third crystal.]

Natan: This time, a yellow-topped pillar went up, and a red-topped pillar went
       down. It appears there is some relationship to the color of the crystal
       after all.

Shania: It's pretty involved... I don't think it will let us get to the top so

Johnny: Don't worry about it. I may not look it, but puzzles are my thing.
        Just leave it to me! This crystal looks different from all the others.
        I'm curious...

[The door nearby opens.]

Johnny: Oh, the door...

Natan: I see... This color crystal is used to open doors.


Johnny: W-whoa!? Ahh, that scared me... You can go down riding on top of the
        pillar, huh?

[The crew climbs higher in the castle, arriving at two locked doors.]

Johnny: Hm, it's closed. What about the other one?

Ricardo: This one's no good either. Doesn't look like it'll open.

Shania: Hey, isn't the patter on the door the same as the one on the floor

Johnny: What? Where? Oh! You're right! Whoa, something happeneD!

Hilda: You're so jumpy. How many times did we say not to act so hastily?

Mao: The light moved. Something happened on both sides of the floor. I see...
     All of this door's pattern is lit up, and all of that one's off. In

Natan: If one lights up or turns off the floor, the doors each open

Frank: Oh, Master, you are so wise. By the way, what could THIS switch be?

Mao: Hey! Now you're doing just as you please, too?

Johnny: Were the lights switched back?

Frank: It SEEMS like some sort of reset switch. Heh heh, ol' Frank's great

Mao: Just ignore the fool. So, do you want to try it?

Shania: Now both doors opened.

[After some laboring, the top floor is reached.]

Shania: This is it! 

Johnny: It looks like the gate hasn't opened yet. It's kinda weird. It feels
        just like a wedding...right?

Shania: Don't be silly. Just come on!

Natan: Johnny!

[A thrown knife knocks the ring out of his hand 'fore he can place it.]

Killer: Pretty good... If you'd been just a hair closer...

Johnny: Killer!!

Shania: Come to bother us again?

Killer: Bother? I think you're stealing my line! All I really wanna do is
        grant Lady her wish... But you guys...you keep following us around...
        and messing with our business!

Shania: Tell me this, Killer! What if her wish is to destroy the world?

Killer: She wants to destroy the world...? Well... Big deal. As long as it's
        what Lady wants it's fine with me... So those rings are what make
        these ruins work? Hand 'em over right now! And while you're at it...
        hand over your life...

Johnny: No...to both!

[They defeat Killer.]

Killer: Damn it... How did you...

Johnny: Is he dead? Oh man...

Shania: Johnny. Now's our chance.

Johnny: Y...yeah...

[When everyone has their backs turned, Killer rises, dashes, and stabs Johnny]

Killer: Jerk! That's what you get for not killing me before, when you still
        had the chance!

Shania: Johnny...!?

[Johnny glows red and rises back up.]

Shania: Malice! From Johnny...?

Killer: Lady...? No... What the hell is this... Damm you...!

[Johnny kicks him across the room; he subsequently flees.]

Shania: Johnny...? Is that you?

Ricardo: Get a hold of yourself... You damned fool!

Frank: BOY! What has gotten in to you?

Mao: Looks like words aren't going to work...

Hilda: Then it must be time for a spanking!

Shania: Johnny! Don't do it! Could you be...the same as that woman now...?

[He slaps her. Shania recalls Okanagan's words.]

Okanagan: As it is said, at the very top of this tower... There is an altar,
          inside of which has been saealed a brillaint blue light...capable of
           opposing the red light of Malice... In the words of the white men's
          language... They use the word "Will".

Shania: Johnny...

[She puts the ring on the altar and unleashes the blue light. At the Gate...]

Gilbert: It-it stopped...?! I expected him to do a little bit better than 

[Johnny transforms back into his normal self after the blue light appears.]

Johnny: I...I transformed, didn't I? And I...hit Shania... And everyone else...
        I've got to apologize later! I didn't do it on purpose, but will they
        all believe me if I tell them I lost control of my own body? Hey...
        isn't this... My old house... But why? Hmm...

[He goes down the hall of his old house, alone.]

Johnny: This room is...my dad's study. Back then, he rarely ever let me come
        in. Huh? What's this? An underground room? We had a basement in our
        house? Huh? I hear voices...

[He enters through the door. Familiar faces are there...]

Roger: You must stop this now! Don't you understand the horror...the severity
       of the ceremony?!

Johnny: Dad!? And Marlow? Roger too? What is this?!

Marlow: We've come too far to let you interfere!

Father: Oremuse... (repeated) By the power of the mighty Archangel Cherubim,
        bring the lost souls of these two back from the void!!

[Inside a test tube, Johnny is seen...and Lady is in the other.

Johnny: What's...happening?! Huh...?

[He wakes up in NYC.]

Lenny: Master! You're awake! Oh, thank goodness. You were all in such a
       terrible state that I decided to bring you here.

Johnny: Yeah...but hey! What happened just now?! What was that, Lenny?!

Lenny: Just now? What do you mean?

Johnny: Hey...do you know anything about when I was in that accident?

Lenny: Huh? Ah, not really. I was in Italy working on some things for your
       father at the time. I returned as soon as I heard that you had been in
       an accident, but by the time I got back...

Johnny: I see...

Frank: Boy!

Mao: Finally come around, have you?

Ricardo: Hey. Why did you change shape at Uyuni Tower? You looked almost

Johnny: My father...I think Lady may have...

Lenny: Master. What are you talking about?

Johnny: Lady! She was in the basement! And so was dad...but by the time I
        realized, he had already been killed. And Roger was there...and Marlow.
        I was too...but I was in this water tank and couldn't move, and...

Frank: You saw this in a DREAM?

Johnny: It wasn't a dream! Maybe, maybe I did see it in a dream, but it was
        just so weirdly familiar... Aah! No more! Lenny! I have to go back

Lenny: Huh? Master, your home was destroyed in a fire 3 years ago... And was
       there a basement in the mansion?

Johnny: I saw it in the dream! And not everything was completely burned in the
        fire, you know!

Lenny: Ah, I understand. I have the key to Master's house, so I'll accompany

24) GARLAND RESIDENCE                                                    [GS24]

Lenny: The last time I visited here was many, many years ago. Master was still
       very small...and your father, and sister... Here... It's open. Nobody
       has been in this mansion for many years now, so I am not sure of the

[Inside, they slay some enemies.]

Shania: A beast of Malice!

Lenny: Wh-why would a monster be here?!

Johnny: What's this? It's in the way...

Hilda: W-w-wait a minute!

Johnny: What? You're going to get in my way too, Hilda!?

Hilda: This is the "9-Ward Curse". I read about it in a book, but this is the
       first time I've seen it.

Shania: Is it very involved?

Hilda: It's a ward to stop powerful phantoms. If you don't enter properly,
       once you get in, you won't be able to get out. There are warded doors
       numbered 1 to 9. If you don't fulfill the correct conditions, you can't
       get through.

Johnny: The correct conditions?

Hilda: For example, for a ward that responds to odd numbers, if you don't go
       through a 3 or a 5 first, it won't let you pass. But the book said a
       lot of magic power and knowledge are needed to make these wards, so why
       would they be here?

Lenny: That beast earlier, and now this ward... What ever happened to this

Shania: What are you going to do? You want to go find out about this?

Johnny: Yeah. Of course I do.

Shania: Right...

Johnny: So how do I get through this door?

Hilda: Wait a second... Whoever made this ward was meticulous. There are notes
       left behind. This is ward 1. The start of all doors. It'll let anyone
       in, but won't let you out if you don't pass the other doors. 

Johnny: So if I just wanna get in, I can, right? I'm going in.

Hilda: Well, we got in...but will we be able to get out?

Johnny: I'm telling you, it'll be fine.

Lenny: Master, a moment please?

Johnny: What?

Lenny: Please allow me to go a separate way. It appears to be a complex
       contrivance, and it would be better if we split up.

Johnny: Hm...I guess you may be right. Be careful, Lenny.

Lenny: Please don't concern yourself with me. Everyone, please take good care
       of Master.


Johnny: Huh...? Did we have this big statue before?

[The 9-Ward Curse is broken after awhile.]

Hilda: It really did disappear, huh?

Johnny: Right. Now we should be able to look around here freely. What's this
        gap? It's just about the width of a book... Right, the book I found
        earlier. Maybe it can fit in here...

Hilda: What's that noise?

Shania: Sounds like something heavy moved.

Johnny: The noise came from the courtyard. Let's check it out.

[They go there...]

Johnny: Huh? What!?

Shania: A staircase to the basement...

Lenny: Master! That noise?! W-what is this? There truly is an underground room?

Johnny: Yeah. I wonder what's under here...

Lenny: Master Graham... Exactly what was it that you were doing which you kept
       secret even from me?

[They descend the staircase.]

Johnny: Whoah! What is this?

Shania: And that...that smell?

[They defeat the boss Tamaris. Johnny picks up a framed photo on the ground.]

Lenny:: Ohh...That's a nice photo. Master and his Father...and Miss Grace as

Johnny: My sister is...Lady?!

[Back in NYC:]

Lenny: So everybody believes the opponent they fought was Miss Grace?

Shania: Yes. She's grown since that photo was taken, but there's no mistaking

Mao: So that's why the kid looked like he did when he transformed at the tower.

Lenny: Well, now that you mention it, we were unable to find Miss Grace's body
       after the accident. But that doesn't mean...

Shania: Johnny...

Johnny: We still don't know for sure that it was my sister, right?! That's
        right! Let's go and see Roger! That day, he and my father were in the
        basement together. Roger will tell us the truth!

Frank: Let's do as the Boy wishes...

[Meanwhile, at the Gate...]

Gilbert: That damned Uyuni's power has been released! Now the Gate...will
         eventually disappear...! What's that? So glad to see you survived.

[She teleports Killer there and heals him.]

Gilbert: Welcome back! My, you are a terrible mess...

Killer: Gilbert... You...! Tell me everything you know! And don't leave
        anything out!!

Gilbert: It seems I can't keep secrets from you. I'll tell you everything,
         but first...would you mind letting go of me please?

25) ROSWELL                                                              [GS25]

[They find Roger.]

Roger: Umm...Hilda? And everyone else, too. The repairs are going to take a
       while longer, so please...

Lenny: It's been a while, Roger.

Roger: Huh! Ohh! Lenny! Is that you? This is unbelievable!

Hilda: You know each other?

Roger: Yes...except, we were enemies back then. Yes, back then he suddenly
       kidnapped me, and tortured me with various...

Lenny: Please do not talk of such things in front of my Master.

Johnny: Lenny!

Lenny: Oh! I-I'm sorry Master... I didn't come here today just to reminisce
       with Roger...

Roger: You have something important to discuss? Could it possibly have to do
       with the strange occurences in South America?

Johnny: You were in our basement 3 years ago, with my dad and Marlow...weren't

Roger: Johnny, you...you remember?

Johnny: In my dream, you were all doing some kind of ceremony. And then Lady
        appeared...and dad was...

Roger: Are your missing memories returning, or could it be... What I am about
       to tell you is something that you may not want to know or hear. Do you
       still want me to continue? OK, then I will tell you everything. It's a
       bit of a long story, but... Johnny. How old will you be this year?

Johnny: How old...? I'm 16, but...

Roger: No, you were born in 1908. So, you will actually be 21 years old. Isn't
       that right, Lenny?

Lenny: That's correct. From when he was 13, Master spent 5 years almost
       entirely in the hospital. Your father was worried that knowing this
       would create hardship for you and ordered me not to speak of it.

Johnny: Does that have some sort of connection?

Roger: 3 years ago, your father, Graham, and Marlow performed a ritual called
       the Ceremony of Émigré. Until then, nobody had ever succeeded in the
       forbidden act of resurrecting the dead.

Lenny: Roger! You can't be saying?

Roger: Yes. It is the truth. Johnny, you and your sister Grace died 8 years

Lenny: It can't be...

Roger: Graham was devastated. He had lost 2 children, and sought desperately
       for a way, a way that could finally bring them back to life. It was
       Marlow who actually told Graham everything aboutthe ritual. Marlow was
       working hard, trying to make a name for himself as a black magician. It
       was he who told Graham about Émigré, that the forbidden ritual contained
       within it the power to bring his children back to him. Together...the 2
       of them spend a long 5 years researching..and experimenting! Upon the
       children's death, it was kept a secret...a complete secret, from
       everyone! Those two managed to steal the Émigré Manuscript that I had
       carefully hidden away...and with that reference at their disposal, they
       performed the ritual! Finally, I realized what happened but by the time
       I actually went to your basement, they had just finished performing the

Johnny: So that's what I saw in my dream.

Roger: Surprisingly, they were near success. Never before had anyone
       successfully performed the Ceremony of Émigré... As a magician, and as
       a scientist, I couldn't resist my desire to see the moment of its
       completion. If only I had stopped them, the tragedy that occured could
       have been avoided.

Johnny: That's what I've come to ask you about! Tell me what you know!

Roger: Before that, let me tell you why Graham succeeded where all others
       before him had failed. Graham succeeded...he succeeded due to the sheer
       amount of Malice contained within the mansion.

Johnny: Malice... Why was there Malice involved?!

Roger: Malice is the crystallization of humanity's evil intent, and thus is
       detestable by its very nature. However, Malice is needed to form the
       deceased's body during the Ceremony of Émigré. Past magicians had relied
       solely upon the deceased's desire to come back... In short, the power of
       the blue light. The result: the deceased would come back with no body,
       or even transform into a monster and devour the magicians... Graham and
       Marlow had accumulated a lot of animal, and even human, remains in the
       mansion due to their experiments. The Malice coming from these remains,
       combined with the high level of Malice left in the world by the recent
       war... It was the power of that Malice, Johnny, that brought you back
       to life.

Johnny: H-hold on! The ceremony was a success, right? So how come my father
        died? And, what happened to my sister?!

Roger: Rather than me explaining, I think you should see with your own eyes. I
       need to prepare, so let's meet later in the basement of the Garland
       Residence. We'll continue this there.

[They all go there.]

Johnny: Why'd we have to come all the way here? I just want to hear what

Roger: Now, using my magic, I am going to show everyone the memories left in
       this room on the events of that day.

Johnny: You can do that?!

Roger: Yes. I can't do it for a long duration, but seeing just before and
       after the ritual should be enough. Let us begin!

[Back on that fateful day, Grace opens her eyes in a tube.]

Marlow: Ahh...

Roger: No! YOu must continue the spell! The souls are not yet fully in place!

Graham: Grace...

Grace: Johnny...? Did you die...? No, you can't...

Graham: Oh, Grace... Sweetheart... Ohh. What's wrong...? It's me? Don't you
        recognize me?! Wait! Please wait! It's me...

[She kills him.]


[Grace leaves and so does Marlow. Back in the present...]

Johnny: That means...Lady was...

Roger: That's right. Back in the past, Lady was your sister. But... Don't
       believe for a second that Lady and Grace are the exact same being. It's
       Malice that is responsible for giving form to the dead, but its Will,
       the blue light, which constructs both the dead's mind and mrmory. The
       truth is Grace gave away to her brother all fo the Will that was poured
       into her!

Ricardo: So, basically you're saying that she has no memories? She's a 
         completely different person?

Roger: Yes. It's true. A totally different being. Better to think of her as a
       separate life form...

Johnny: But then that means...that it's my fault my sister became Lady in the
        first place!

[He weeps.]

Shania: So should I not kill her? Is that what you're trying to say?!

Johnny: No I'm not! But still... Even if we just left her alone...the Gate
        won't open anyway then.. Isn't that right?!

Roger: Perhaps...and perhaps not.

[Back at the Gate...]

Killer: So that brat is Lady's little brother...?

Gilbert: More precisely, he is the brother of the original owner of her body. 
         Lady has none of the original personality of that person or any of her
         memories either.

Killer: So all of tha ttalk...of a human Lady if the Opens gate...was a lie?!

Gilbert: Uh...the thing is...I'm very sorry. I admit it's something that I made
         up on the spot... Please accept my humble apologies. Now don't get the
         wrong idea! I know that I deceived you and I admit that! But please
         make no mistake! It is Lady's will to want the make the Gate open!

Killer: Lady's will? 

Gilbert: Uh, or more correctly, her 'instinct' to make the gate open. She is,
         after all, a creature of Malice. Mabye all she wants is to return to
         her own world...

Killer: That's ridiculous! The Gate still won't open either way, right? It's
        too late!

Gilbert: Wait! Don't give up yet! There might still be a chance, you know! Now
         I don't want to sound to presumptuous...but it has been quite a long
         while since the blue light was released...and the Gate has yet to
         disappear! In fact, through Lady, Malice is beginning to gather
         directly above the Gate! I've read, the reason is it's because of the
         large amount of Malice in the world and it's in epic proportions!

Killer: Get to the point! What are you getting at?

Gilbert: As long as Lady stays here, the Gate...has to eventually open, don't
         you see?

[Back in the Garland residence's basement...]

Shania: You're saying that if we don't kill her...the Gate won't disappear?

Roger: A large volume of Malice is necessary for the Gate to continue to exist
       in this world. And that will happen as long as Lady, with Malice flowing
       through her body, continues to feed the Gate with that very power.

Oh man...

Roger: I have now finished telling you everything, everything you wanted to
       know. But what you choose to do is your decision. Only you can make it.
       If you can give me another week I'll have my ship repairs finished! So
       if you all insist on going to the Gate I can help you out. I'll give you
       all a ride.

[They all go back to the NYC clubhouse. Shania's not there.]

Natan: The Princess is in Brooklyn... You need one word from her more than all
       the things we have told you, right?

Johnny: One word...from Shania.

[He goes to Brooklyn. Shania's by a bridge.]

Did you decide?

Johnny: Honestly, I'm confused... Even if I tell myself that they're not the
        same person I don't know if I can do it... I don't know if I can fight
        her when the time comes.

Shania: Your sister...what was she like?

Johnny: It seems like such a long time ago now... Let's see, I guess she was
        gentle... She was always splitting her candy with me... And she'd take
        on anybody who picked on me. We played lots of practical jokes, and
        when my father found out, she's the one who took all the blame. It
        seems like my sister was always doing everything for me.

Shania: I can't believe it. How could she kill so many people? And try to
        destroy the world...?

Johnny: Hey Shania? I know you're chasing after Lady to avenge the members of
        your tribe...

Shania: Yes... I've thought of nothing else but defeating her...It's filled
        every waking thought ofr three years...

Johnny: You know...I could be totally wrong about this...but ever since we
        travelled...when we went down to South America...you've really been
        different, and weird...

Shania: I got a little surprise from Lady...at the Chichen Itza ruins. I
        received the Kiss of Malice.

Johnny: What?!

Shania: I could lose my mind at any time...like Edna... Which is why...before
        something happens...

Johnny: So...even if we defeat Lady...you could still...

Shania: To be honest with you, I don't really know.

Johnny: But say you do go crazy... I promise if you don't know what you're
        doing, I'll stop you. I will!! No matter what, I'll stop you! Just
        like Ricardo did...

Shania: I'm glad you feel tha tway... And I'd do the same for you.

Johnny: Yeah?

Shania: I think we should head back. This time... I'll end it!

Johnny: Shania! Do you think...when this whole thins is all over...that you'd
        help me? And work with me in my detective business...?!

[She walks away with a fey smile... Back at the clubhouse:]

Lenny: Master, we've had word from Roger that he has finished repairing the
       ship. ...You seem a little older... Well, I have nothing left to say
       other than have a safe journey.

[They all return to Roswell.]

Roger: I'm sorry to have kept you all waiting. It took a while, but I'm happy
       to report that it has been completely repaired. ...Johnny. You're going
       too, right? Are you ready? ...Understood. Then, prepare for lift-off!
       Everyone on board!!

[The ship launches toward the Gate.]

26) THE GATE                                                             [GS26]

Johnny: We finally made it...

Shania: Uh huh...

Roger: Everyone, I know there's not a lot of time left... But if you ever feel
       endangered, please come back. I'll take it upon myself to get you above
       ground to safety.

[They encounter Killer and Lady.]

Killer: They're here now. You saved me, you know. It's the first time anyone
        ever did that for me. That's why I'm not trying to thank you, but I'll
        protect you...as long as I can...til I die. So you wanna kill Lady,
        huh... Not a very good brother, are you? Don't you even care about
        your own sister's happiness?

Johnny: You're wrong. She doesn't want to destroy the world!

Killer: I'm gonna help Lady get whatever she wants. I couldn't care less if
        this world is destroyed! As long as I can be with Lady, I'm happy.

Shania: I have a wish too. It's to kill that woman!

Killer: This kind of talk really isn't my style. If you go against Lady, I'll
        cut your hearts out. Now that's my wish. This won't be like last time.
        Lady! I'll protect you!

[They defeat Malice Killer after awhile.]

Killer: Lady...!

[He falls over dead. She remembers when they first met.]

Killer: People call me Killer. ...Call me Killer.

Lady: Kill...er...

Johnny: Can it be?!

Shania: The Gate... It's opening!

Gilbert: Magnificent! Now, this world will crumble and a new world of chaos
         will arise from it! I never would have thought that this is how the
         Gate would open, but that's how it did! So he was useful after all!
         At first, I considered taking some of your power from you...but look
         what happened! I've gotten something far, far greater! I'm humbled and
         truly grateful... I mustn't stay here. It's time! It's time for me to
         bathe in the Gate's power!

Shania: Stop!

[As Gilbert and Lady (with Killer's corpse) enter the gate, monsters exit.]

Shania: There are so many of them!

Johnny: We've gotta close it! What do we do now?

Shania: I only care that Lady is defeated. So you know my answer!

Ricardo: You're not the only ones who want revenge.

Mao: If you kill that woman...the Gate disappears... So, it's a no-brainer.

Frank: Either way...Frank can't leave a mess like this!

Hilda: I've come this far, so I'm not going anywhere.

Johnny: All right... Let's get going!

[They all enter inside.]

Ricardo: Man, what a desolate place.

Mao: Yes...but that red light... If we stay too long, we may all go crazy too.

Johnny: Shania, are you OK?

Shania: Yes. I can bear this much.


Johnny: What a creepy tree...

Shania: The red light's blocking the way... I wonder if this tree's rejecting

[They find the tree roots and--]

Johnny: Is that the root of the tree? It's grown all the way over here...

Shania: Here it comes!

[They defeat Malice Soaker.]

Johnny: In this world, I guess anything could attack.

Shania: Yes...I felt something evil in that tree. 

Johnny: Oh, the red light went away. I wonder if the tree lost its power
        because we cut its root...

Shania: It doesn't matter why. Let's just worry about catching up with that
        woman now.

[They find Gilbert waiting for them.]

Johnny: Gilbert...

Gilbert: Well, I'll be! You got here rather quickly! So what do you think? It
         is rather conforting...isn't it though? This world, and all of its
         cozy evil...

Johnny: I don't think so. I'm outta here as soon as I can!

Gilbert: Shame... You just don't get it! The majesty... The awesome power that
         flows throughout theis world. This is my kind of place.

Johnny: Get out of my way! We're not after you anymore!

Gilbert: Think of it... What will happen when all of this power flows out into
         the world?  You won't have to wait long to find out, will you? This
         power is for everyone... The weak...as well as those who are strong.
         All are able to bask freely in this power! Just like this... Soon
         everyone in the world will become like this! Just imagine how it will
         be then... The sheer beauty of it all...!

Frank: Oh my GOD...

Hilda: Eww...this guy is so gross!

Gilbert: Please, people... Allow me to bring all of you inside... Join me in
         this glorious quest...and together we can experience the wonder of
         this miraculous new world!

[They defeat Malice Gilbert.]

Shania: So this is...the Gate's power...

Ricardo: Those who are weak... Those who are filled with greed will ultimately
         take this form! I don't want to think about it.

Frank: So that was Professor Gilbert's plan. We must put a stop to this ONCE
       and for all!

Johnny: Hurry...before the Gate opens completely!

[They continue along through the barren forest to a castle. Lady tries to
revive Killer with her kiss o' Malice, but fails.]

Shania: Lady! It's over.

Johnny: Huh? Are you...crying?

[Crying, Lady summons a huge thing from the ceiling.]

Shania: I'll end it. Here and now.

Johnny: I'll stop her...I have to... She won't destroy the world!!!

[They defeat Lady and Malice Umbral. Afterwards, Lady, wounded, hugs Killer
on the altar and rises up toward the Portal with

Lady: Killer...

[They explode (!?) into tiny dust particles.]

Shania: Is it over...?

[Johnny catches a particle.]

Johnny: Goodbye...Grace...

Ricardo: That sound... It's from outside the Gate...

Mao: If we don't hurry back, it could be bad.

Frank: Yes SIR!

Johnny: So what's wrong?

Shania: I'm sorry. I was thinking about what I should do now. Revenge...has
        been my only reason for living. So, I was...thinking maybe I should
        just stay here...

Johnny: Don't say that! We'll have to time to think about that outside. Let's

[They all escape as the Gate is sucked back into the gigantic sky Window. Roll
 dem credits, bub!]

27) ENDINGS                                                              [GS27]

[Johnny narrates a quick follow-up.]

Johnny: So, Natan went back to his Grand Canyon village. These days, he lives
        as a warrior, protecting all of his brothers in the tribe. He said he
        did his duty and asked me to take care of the rest. Frank? He's with
        his Ninja comrades, still fighting to protect peace and freedom. He's
        actually becoming kind of famous, and appears on TV from time to time.
        Maybe I'm being off base here, but aren't ninjas supposed to be kind of
        invisible?! Master Meow -- She's become a huge Hollywood star, a
        "dramatic actor" who can do action/adventure too! At least that's what
        the buzz is... Nobody seems to notice she's a cat. Hilda...she returned
        home, loaded down with an arm-full of souvenirs. "I don't know when
        I'll wake up again; it may be a hundred years or so... But if you're
        still alive, I'll visit!" Heh...says her. Ricardo disappeared after
        placing flowers on Edna's grave. He didn't say a word to anybody. Maybe
        later, when I'm a little older, I'll wander into a bar and find him
        singing. That'll make me real happy. And as for me...

     BAD ENDING (Beat game without having powered up all Shania's summons)

[In the NYC agency, Lenny answers a ringing telephone.]

Lenny: Yes? This is Garland Detective Agency. Yes. Yes. Yes, right, I
       understand. We'll be right there. Master, we got a call from a guy
       named Baker in the third borough. It seems they're missing their sweet
       little kitty cat, and they want us to run over there and find it!

Johnny: Man, again? I told you not to take those kind of jobs.

Lenny: I know, you don't have to remind me. I'll go with you if you want me to.

Johnny: I'll be fine. And don't treat me like a child. Later!

Lenny: Master! Please, be careful!

[Johnny leaves and Lenny slumps into a chair. Elsewhere that night, Shania is
on top of a skyscraper like at the start of the game. Only this time, as her
eyes open, they're Malice-filled...!]

     GOOD ENDING (Beat game with all of Shania's summons fully-powered-up)

[In the NYC agency, Lenny answers a ringing telephone.]

Lenny: Yes? This is Garland Detective Agency. Yes. Yes. Yes, right, I
       understand. We'll be right there. Master, we got a call from a guy
       named Baker in the third borough. It seems they're missing their sweet
       little kitty cat, and they want us to run over there and find it!

Johnny: Man, again? I told you not to take those kind of jobs.

Lenny: I know, you don't have to remind me. I'll go with you if you want me to.

Shania: Will you stop being so selfish?

Lenny: Huh?

[Shania walks downstairs.]

Shania: I'll be going with you.

Johnny: That settles that. Take care of things while I'm out.

Lenny: Easy for you to say.

[Johnny and Shania smile at each other and leave.]


28) UPDATES                                                              [GS28]

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29) CONTRIBUTORS/THANKS                                                  [GS29]

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