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Battle Quote FAQ by Presidenton2

Version: 0.80 | Updated: 01/10/07

                      Shadow Hearts : From the New World
                              Battle Quote FAQ

                                 Version 0.80

                    Created by Marc "Presidenton2" Denton
                       e-mail : bikasaid@hotmail.com

                               Copyright 2006

FAQ Contents

1.) Introduction
2.) Version History
3.) Legal Stuff
4.) Quotes
   4.1)Start Battle Quotes
     4.1a) Johnny
     4.1b) Shania 
     4.1c) Natan 
     4.1d) Frank 
     4.1e) Mao 
     4.1f) Slim Hilda 
     4.1g) Curvy Hilda 
     4.1h) Pink Bat 
     4.1i) Ricardo 
   4.2)End of Battle Quotes
     4.2a) Johnny
     4.2b) Shania 
     4.2c) Natan 
     4.2d) Frank 
     4.2e) Mao 
     4.2f) Slim Hilda 
     4.2g) Curvy Hilda 
     4.2h) Pink Bat 
     4.2i) Ricardo 
   4.4)Physical Attack Quotes
     4.4a) Hard Hit
     4.4b) High Angle
     4.4c) Knock Down
   4.4)Magic Quotes
     4.4a) Attack Magic
     4.4b) Support Magic
     4.4c) Healing Magic
   4.5)Special Ability Quotes
     4.5a) Johnny
     4.5b) Natan 
     4.5c) Frank 
     4.5d) Mao 
     4.5e) Hilda   
   4.6)Other Quotes
     4.6a) Death 
     4.6b) Item Use 
5.) Acknowledgements
6.) Closing Comments

1.) Introduction

Hi everyone! Welcome to my first ever FAQ! I thought I would do a battle quote 
guide as an easy start before I work my way up to a proper FAQ/Walkthrough.
Anyways, the basic purpose of this guide is so that everyone can understand 
what on earth the characters are saying when they perform actions in battle. 
Sometimes it's quite difficult to understand what they are saying with the 
battle music on, or maybe you just don't really pay attention that much. The 
main reason I check out Quote FAQ's is because it's good to remember the funny
things a character says just for a quick chuckle now and then. 

Expect updates every now and then when I discover new quotes or if I found an
error in one I have already posted.

I hope you enjoy the FAQ and please give me any feedback or comments via my
e-mail as I would really appreciate it. Also if you can send me any other 
quotes you know of that would really help me.

2.) Version History

Version 0.75

     20/4/2006 - First version of FAQ complete.
               - Not entirely complete, quotes for Frank needed.
               - Remaining Party/Enemy Surrounded quotes needed.
               - Other quotes I cannot understand need to found.

Version 0.80

     10/1/2007 - Corrected Franks Healing Magic and Fast Snowball ability
                 quotes.(Credits go to Ryan Lee)
               - Corrected some minor grammar errors.
               - Corrected some circumstantial quote errors.
               - Added Curvy Hilda's Happiness Gift quote.
               - Added a Start of Battle Quotes for Mao.
               - Added some End of Battle Quotes for Johnny, Shania, 
                 Curvy Hilda.

3.) Legal Stuff

First and foremost this FAQ is Copyrighted to me (Marc Denton) and only me.
This FAQ is for personal use only.
GameFAQs.com is the only site who has permission to host this FAQ, any other 
source must receive permission from me before posting this FAQ elsewhere. 

.......I think that covers it.

4.) Quotes

The quote section is split into several parts : Start/End Quotes, Physical 
Attack Quotes, Magic Usage Quotes, Special Ability Quotes and any other quote
heard in-battle.

4.1) Start Battle Quotes

These are quotes that are said at the beginning of a battle before any turns 
are taken.

4.1a) Johnny

"Mmmmmm, bring it on!"
"Come on!....Rrrrr yah!"
"I..I...I'm not afraid of you!...Ha!"
"Alright, Lets do this!......Mmmmmm ha!"
"I can do it, I can do it....I'll take you out!"
"Oh.....this is bad" (Party Surrounded)
"What? I didn't hear about this!" (Party Surrounded)
"Hehe, what an idiot!" (Enemy Surrounded)
"Haha, rats in a trap." (Enemy Surrounded)
"Hmmmm......I found you!" (Enemy Surrounded)
"Oh, can this be my lucky day?!" (Enemy Surrounded)
"Now's my chance.....Mmmmmmm ha!" (Enemy Surrounded)

4.1b) Shania

"I can't lose."
"Step aside, you're in the way!"
"I'm not against using violence."
"Let's hurry and finish them off!"
"I won't show you any mercy if you get in my way!"
"I was careless!" (Party Surrounded)
"I have no choice!" (Party Surrounded)
"Arrrr! You've really done it haven't you? (Party Surrounded)
"You're just throwing your life away!" (Enemy Surrounded)

4.1c) Natan

"Let's go."
"The anger of the Earth!"
"The anger of the heavens!"
"Fight me with all you've got!"
"Prepare yourselves and then receive."
"I'll show you what fighting is all about!"
"I misread the wind." (Party Surrounded)
"So, they slipped around behind us!" (Party Surrounded)
"Stand and take it." (Enemy Surrounded)

4.1d) Frank

"I know all about your evil deeds."
"Except the punishment of the states!"
"I'll turn you into a stain on my sword!"
"Oh, is this a circle dance?" (Party Surrounded)
"Surprise attack by power beasts!" (Party Surrounded)

4.1e) Mao

"Quit acting tough, you punks!"
"What! Are you threatening me?"
"Can I get a little service here?!"
"Even though I drink, I'm not a drunkard."
"Well then, lets start things off with a drink."
"I hate trouble!" (Party Surrounded)
"This is a bit of a nuisance!" (Party Surrounded)
"Ahhh! Just let me drink in peace!" (Party Surrounded)
"You guys make me upset!" (Enemy Surrounded)
"Why can't I drink in peace?" (Enemy Surrounded)
"Alright! Are you guys my.......snacks!" (Enemy Surrounded)
"Well this looks like another 4-course meal, hmmm?" (Enemy Surrounded)
"Is this some sort of sideshow?! Well, I was getting bored" (Enemy Surrounded)
"Hahaha! I'm not going to lose to a machine!" (The Meowenator Battle)
"You Pig! If you mess with a Cat expect to get scratched!" (Sammo Meow Battle)
"Karate and Drunken Fist, shall we see which is better?" (Cat Morita Battle)
"For the ones you love huh? I still won't go easy on you!" (Meowara Battle)
"Now, I will surpass even the God of Martial Arts!" (Bruce Meow Battle)

4.1f) Slim Hilda

"Get ready!"
"Kneel before me!"
"I'll steal your soul." 
"Time for a punishment!"
"I'll give you a spanking"
"You're not going home alive!"
"Punished by the magic of love!"
"I'm going to teach you a lesson!"
"The beautiful young heroine takes the stage!"
"Big Brothers time is over!" (Q the Great Battle)

4.1g) Curvy Hilda

"Ah, um, uh...phew! What a relief!"
"Uh, Nice to meet you! Uh...phew!"
"What? No way! It's already starting."
"Huh? Whats this nice club doing here?"
"What? Oh no! I spaced out for a second there"
"I..I..I'm just a little nervous. B..b..but I'll do my best!"
"This is bad...I've got to fight! Hmph!" (Party Surrounded)
"Brother Joachim! Take your medicine" (Q the Great Battle)

4.1h) Pink Bat

"I crave blood today!"
"Here comes the Pink Bat!"
"I'm gonna suck your blood!"
"Blood! Hand over your blood!"
"None of you look like you taste good!"
"I wonder what Brothers gonna taste like?" (Q the Great Battle)

4.1i) Ricardo

"I'm in a violent mood today!"
"What's your favourite rhythm?"
"I'm going to play you a requiem."
"Have a listen to this hot ballad!"
"I'll throw you a kiss of hot red."
"What a bad audience." (Party Surrounded)
"Looks like my luck has come around!" (Enemy Surrounded)
"I'll play you a song to send you off into Hell!" (Enemy Surrounded)
"This looks like it could be my best liveshow ever!" (Enemy Surrounded)
"Edna! Dammit!" (Malice Edna Battle)

4.2) End Battle Quotes

These quotes are heard when all enemies have been defeated and the party has
been victorious.

4.2a) Johnny

"I'm soooo strong."
"Im pretty strong huh?"
"What? Already finished."
"Looks like I'm the winner."
"Don't mess with New Yorkers!"
"Chalk up another win for me!"
"Don't ever mess with me again!"
"Already over? That was too easy."
"Hehe, I was holding back a little."
"What the? You were way weaker than I thought."
"It was nothing.....really!" (Close to Death Victory)

4.2b) Shania

"Let's keep moving."
"This was a mismatch!"
"Not even worth mentioning, hmph!"
"Don't ever let me see you again!"
"You weren't ready to face me yet."
"That was a complete waste of time."
"Sorry but I don't have time to play with you!"
"Did you let your guard down because I'm a girl?"
"You can hate me if you want, and your own luck too!"
"I can't be defeated yet!" (Close to Death Victory)
"This should make me a bit stronger!" (Close to Death Victory)

4.2c) Natan

"A complete mismatch of strength."
"At this rate, I'll go out of practice."
"I've had more trouble hunting rabbits."
"The destiny of a warrior is to continue fighting!"
"A life ends, a star falls....better luck in the next life!"
"There are no prayers for the Jackal who imitates the Wolf."
"In battle the ones that are defeated are those without honor."
"Protecting what is important to you, that is everything."
"I received the glory of the victor, while undertaking the work of the 
"Just as rocks become sand, and ice becomes water, so do warriors become 
"I must have been a little overconfident!" (Close to Death Victory)

4.2d) Frank

"Hm, How was that?"
"Ahahaha! Very easy!"
"Hyaah! Score 1 for Frank!"
"Til' I go home at night, I fight."
"Hm, your evil was one night only."
"Yes, you're the joke of the century!"
"Hey you! Be sure to brush your teeth."
"Zere, no problem, I hit you with the blunt side."
"As long as this lamp burns, evil shall never thrive."
"Sometimes even monkeys fall from trees!" (Close to Death Victory)

4.2e) Mao

"Hmmmmm....gulp....it's still early!"
"Alright....gulp....should we make a toast!"
"A toast to victory....gulp....really is the best."
"Well....gulp....this wasn't worth coming out for!"
"Already passed out?....gulp....Ah! You're so weak."
"Don't mess with me....gulp....just because I'm a cat!"
"Good women can fight....gulp....and hold their liquor."
"Phew! Looks like I can....slurp....drink some good booze tonight!"
"I get stronger the drunker I get....slurp....that's Drunken Fist!"
"Even if you drink, don't get drunk....gulp....so it's your fault 
 you can't hold your liquor."
"You ruined my buzz!....slurp....what a pain!" (Close to Death Victory)
"I've sobered up....slurp....guess I'll have to drink more!" 
 (Close to Death Vctory)

4.2f) Slim Hilda

"I'm satisfied!"
"Are you hooked yet?"
"Punishment Complete!"
"Were all my friends at home watching?"
"Pretty flowers have thorns, remember that!"
"If your heart races then you're in love, but there's no escape from 
 Hilda's magic!"
"Stay tuned for the next episode of Magical Hilda! Straight to your
"Stay tuned for the next episode of Magical Hilda! That interesting
 guy is a transfer student!"
"Make sure to watch the next episode of Magical Hilda! Home-made 
 pudding, the exciting plan!"

4.2g) Curvy Hilda

"All present, bow!"
"Uh!....Excuse me."
"Oops! Oh no! I'm sorry."
"Eek! What a heavy club!" 
"Eek! Please rest in peace!"
"Uh, I'm such a...I'm so sorry!" 
"Uh, I'm so sorry! Did that hurt?"
"Uh! I've got to start preparing dinner."
"Oh no! I'm such a different person when I use this club."
"Ooops! Oh no.......I'm so ashamed." (Close to Death Victory)

4.2h) Pink Bat

"Na Na Nananana!"
"Phew! Pink side!"
"All for! All for!"
"Bring me a refill, quick!"
"Urp! Time to take a break."
"My victory pose....cute, right?"
"Hee hee! If your mad about it, try and catch meee!"
"Looking down on all these fools from above feels great!"

4.2i) Ricardo

"Sweet Dreams!"
"Adios Amigo's!"
"You weren't so bad!"
"Think of your next request."
"But that was just the intro!"
"Huh? Didn't even last for one song!"
"This wouldn't even count as a rehersal."
"Heh! This type of audience is always welcome."

4.4 Physical Attack Quotes

These are quotes that are heard on the last attack of physical combo.
As you may or may not know different quotes are heard when either a good or
a perfect is obtained on the judgement ring.

4.4a) Hard Hit

Johnny : "Let's Rock" (Good)
         "Good Night!" (Perfect)
Shania : "Huur" (Good)
         "You're timing is off!" (Perfect)
Natan : "HA!" (Good)
        "Be gone." (Perfect)
Frank : "Go Away." (Good)
Mao : "Hyeh!" (Good)
      "Cat Fist!" (Perfect)
Slim Hilda : "Go Away!" (Good)
             "Sweet Blow!" (Perfect)
Curvy Hilda : "Stay Away!" (Good)
              "Ai-ee!" (Perfect)
Pink Bat : "Hyah!" (Good)
           "P@$% off! (Perfect)
Ricardo : "Eat This!" (Good)
          "Makes you tremble right?!" (Perfect)

4.4b) High Angle

Johnny : "Ha!" (Good)
         "Up Ya Go!" (Perfect)
Shania : "Ya! Ha!" (Good) 
         "Dance, in the sky!" (Perfect)
Natan : "Sei-ya! (Good)
        "Stay Down!" (Perfect)
Frank : "Ta-Da!" (Good)
        "Bonzai!" (Perfect)
Mao : "You're through!" (Good)
      "Cat Kick" (Perfect)
Slim Hilda : "Don't stand so close!" (Good)
             "Cute Attack!" (Perfect)
Curvy Hilda : "Heavy!" (Good)
              "Ai-ya!" (Perfect)
Pink Bat : "Bat Counter" (Good)
           "Into Orbit!" (Perfect)
Ricardo : "Sing for me!" (Good)
          "Yahoo!" (Perfect)

4.4c) Knock Down

Johnny : "How About This!" (Good)
         "Slammin!" (Perfect)
Shania : "Fall, to the ground!" (Good)
         "Take a nap!" (Perfect)
Natan : "YA!" (Good)
        "Get Lost!" (Perfect)
Frank : "Kyah!" (Good)
Mao : "Meow!" (Good)
      "Meow Attack!" (Perfect)
Slim Hilda : "Hmm mmm!" (Good)
Curvy Hilda : "Go over there!" (Good)
              "Take That!" (Perfect)
Pink Bat : "Get Lost!" (Good)
           "Nose Dive!" (Perfect)
Ricardo : "Take That!" (Good)
          "Kiss the dirt!" (Perfect)

4.4) Magic Quotes

These quotes are heard when magic is cast by a character. There are quotes 
for attack magic, support magic and healing magic. Seeing as how Shania and
Pink Bat are unable to use Stellar Magic, they aren't included in this 

4.4a) Attack Magic Quotes

Johnny : "Hmmm, Eat This!"
Natan : "Power of the Fierce Star!"
Frank : "Punishment, from Heaven!"
Mao : "Take That!"
Slim Hilda : "Hip Hop! Take This!"
Curvy Hilda : "NOOO!"
Ricardo : "Adios!"

4.4b) Support Magic Quotes

Johnny : "Power Up!"
Natan : "Give me Strength!"
Frank : "1, 2, 3....4"
Mao : "Keep it Steady!"
Slim Hilda : "Hmmmmmmm ya!
Curvy Hilda : "This'll make you stronger."
Ricardo : "Here it goes!"

4.4c) Healing Magic Quotes

Johnny : "Pull yourself together."
Natan : "You can still fight."
Frank : "Pain! Pain! Go Away!"
Mao : "Meow!"
Slim Hilda : "Sprinkle Twinkle Poppity Pop!"
Curvy Hilda : "It's the miracle of love!"
Ricardo : "Hang in there."

4.5 Special Ability Quotes

These quotes are heard whenever a character uses a special ability i.e. 
Johnny's Handy Tools or Hilda's Magic Arts. Some abilities don't have quotes,
but an assortment of ooh's and ha's, so naturally they have been left out.

4.5a) Johnny

Snap - "OK..Look over here....Smile and say cheese!"
Vacuum - "Switch on!"
Phone Call - Johnny : "Lenny!"
             Lenny : "Master!"

4.5b) Natan

Slug Shot - "Hmmm...Ha!"
Soul Valet - "Power of the Shooting Stars!"

4.5c) Frank

Demon Bomb - "HAAAAAA! Pop!"
Fast Snowball - "Grant Frank power!......Nice Spare!"

4.5d) Mao

Sake - "Get Up!"
Sake Cup Purge - "Get Up!"

4.5e) Hilda

Calorie Drain - "Donate some blood!" (Slim Form)
                "Let me get a piece of you!" (Curvy Form)
                "Na-Nyah!" (Pink Bat Form)
Thorn Whip - "Pretty girls have thorns! I'll tie you up nice and tight!"
Pumpkin Bomb - "Come on everyone! P-p-p-p-pumpkins! Lets go trick or treat!"
Floral Ray - "Everybody it's time to photosynthesize...uhhh yeah!"
Grand Slam - "Bad, Bad, Bad! No Good! (Instant Death)
             "Un, deux, trois! Here I go!" (Instant Death)
             "Focus, Focus, Focus! Bye-Bye! Huh?" (Instant Death)
             "Focus, Focus, Focus! Bye-Bye! Oh no!" (No Instant Death)
Happiness Gift - "Oh this is bad! Warmth come back!"
Full Bloom - "Little flowers, little flowers! Have a drink of this!"

4.6) Other Quotes

These are the rest of the quotes that you can only hear during battle.

4.6a) Death Quotes

Johnny - "Damn! I can't take anymore!"
Shania - "Can't end here!"
Natan - "Defeat"
Frank - "Ah K.O!"
Mao - "Meoowww!"
Slim Hilda - "Uh! Can't take anymore!"
Curvy Hilda - "Eyuhh!"
Ricardo - "Uh! Uhhhhh"

4.6b) Item Use Quotes

Johnny - "Here we go!"
Shania - "Hmm!"
Natan - "Ha!"
Frank - "Hey!"
Mao - "There"
Slim Hilda - "Here!"
Curvy Hilda - "Here!"
Pink Bat - "Nah!"
Ricardo - "Here you go!"

5.) Acknowledgements

Firstly I'd like to thank CJayC for GameFAQ's.

Also I would like to thank Aruze for this great installment of the Shadow
Hearts series and of course XSEED as well for localizing the game.

(Expect this section to grow ;))

6.) Closing Comments

I'd like to thank you for taking the time to check out my first FAQ, 
hopefully it's the first of many and hopefully you have enjoyed this one!

Once again if you wish to send me any quotes I have missed or if you have 
noticed any errors in the ones I have already posted, please e-mail me at
bikasaid@hotmail.com. Any tips or general feedback will be greatly appreciated
also! (10 cookies for whoever can guess the origin of that address). 
In the meantime, expect updates now and then.

Thanks again guys!

Copyright 2006 Marc "Presidenton2" Denton

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