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Pit Fight FAQ by lugia46

Version: Final | Updated: 09/16/06

--            PIT FIGHT FAQ            --

-- By: Lugia46
-- V 2.0 (03/18/06)
-- EMAIL: RahXephonQwon <-AT-> gmail <-DOT-> com

<Version Information>

03.13.06 - Covers first part of pit fights. 2nd part incomplete, will be up in
           next update.

03.15.06 - Finished the 3 main sections, only 5 bouts to go!

03.18.06 - COMPLETE!!

<What's this about?>

After clearing the roswell dungeon, you will get a message automatically after 
a few scenes when you try to leave Johnny's office in New York. A kid will 
tell you to go over to Arkham University and meet the new professor. This 
guy's name is Professor Lovecraft and he occupies Dr. Gilbert's office.
He offers the Pit Fights, which are battles allowing you to fight old monsters 
again. Of course, you get rewards for doing this. And also this is a great way 
to get snaps of monsters you might have missed. But be warned, some of these 
fights can be really hard because of the conditions.

One more thing to mention: The reward is always set; it is the same no matter
what. This means, ring perfects or ring misses or high combo counts are all
irrelevant. Just meet the bout's conditions to win. Also, you only get the
prizes once. Repeating bouts nets you nothing.

Below is a list of information regarding the fights and what they contain in
order of appearance. The order is important because my strategies are geared
at beating them as soon as they appear.

- Basic Beastology ------------------------------------------------------------
Team:  4 or less
Prize: Star Brooch (escape when party beserked)
Bouts: 5

1) Gagu x2 & Sergei x2
2) Byarki, Chon chon x2, womp
3) Maii & Argen Tabisu
4) Betelgeuse x2, Acteon
5) Thug & Fat Thug

My advice: You should have no problem. Do whatever. 
           ...Sometimes the order of the fights is random?

- Basic Beastology II ---------------------------------------------------------
Team:  4 or less
Prize: Earth Edge & Air Edge Stellars
Bouts: 3
Terms: Win with enemy @ ZERO turns

1) Thug, Fat Thug x2
2) Prison Guard x6
3) Petty Mafioso x2, Mafia Hoodlum x2

My advice: You have to use magic to win this, use wide area attacks like evil 
           eye or bright rage. BUT the last fight can be tricky if you aren't
           overleveled, you have to chain double combos to kill them all in one
           turn. Otherwise you will not be able to deplete their HPs in time.

- Basic Beastology III --------------------------------------------------------
Team:  2 or Less
Prize: Holy Edge & Dark Edge Stellars
Bouts: 3
Terms: Constant Apathy (Stock gauge won't fill)

1) Maii, Tonakh, Argen Tabisu
2) Betelgeuse x2, Acteon
3) Ignorak

My advice: Better be prepared for the last guy. At high levels he's a pushover,
           but if you are like me and challenge this right away, you need poison
           protection. It wouldn't hurt to use items either. Make sure you got
           all the buffing skills you need, and I really think Shania is a must,
           since her fusion forms are much more powerful. If you use Johnny you
           get an advantage too since you can use his vacuum skill to not only
           deplete the boss' stock but refill yours too.

- Basic Beastology IV ---------------------------------------------------------
Team:  4 or Less
Prize: Horse Statue *** (lowers MP cost for Shania's Tatan'ka)
Bouts: 1
Terms: Special Arts prohibited & Finishing Blow exceeds 30 HITS
       (In case you didn't know Stellar Magic CAN be used)

Enemy: Ronwei (HP 35) !!

My advice: Whee, we get to fight this guy again. But now this is more of a test
           of your magic setup and your ring skills since you have to chain em
           all together. Make sure you use your max hitting skills and you
           should have little problem. Oh and DONT BRING SHANIA, her skills are
           unusable, they don't count as stellar magic. I personally double
           combo'd the guy with rock bump and gale rod repeatedly over only 3

           On a side note, you can also beat this guy down with physicals only.
           But, where's the fun in that? :P


Now, after you reach Rio de Janeiro, you have the next batch:


- App Beast Med I  ------------------------------------------------------------
Team:  3 or less
Prize: Arc Shield & Arc Barrier Stellars
Bouts: 3
Terms: Stay in state of Poison & Mental Break

1) Okeron x2
2) Guanna, Eliops, Jig Ruta
3) Guanna x2

My advice: Those status effects are no fun but you should be more than strong
           enough to finish everything off before you run out of HP or MP for
           that matter. Just use your strongest players. If you use characters
           for magic then use up that MP before you run out. I had no problem
           using Pink Bat w/ Demon Earrings -- the physical damage made 
           mincemeat of the enemies.

- App Beast Med II ------------------------------------------------------------
Team:  1 person
Prize: Owl Statue *** (powers up thunderbird skills)
Bouts: 2
Terms: NO PHYSICALS, Win each battle in 5 MINUTES, Enemy MUST be airborne to
       take damage

1) Butcher x2, Ghoul
2) Petty Gangster x3, Petty Hoodlum x2 (**can inflict small and tight ring)

My advice: Crazy terms, huh? Watch out--that timer doesn't stop for anything!
           (TIP: if you use shania, set her fusion animation to short!!)

           Good news is that you fall under the conditions too--that is, if
           the enemy doesn't get you off the ground, you can't be hurt!

           You are going to need MP. Complete the 3rd bout of this set first
           to get the oracle earrings. I used Tatan'ka + Warlock + Oracle
           Earrings. Then double attack every turn to get the enemy up, then
           inflict damage with another attack.      
               WASTE TIME -- I had to re-do this bout almost 3 times because
               of this silly mistake...

- App Beast Med III -----------------------------------------------------------
Team:  4 or less
Prize: Oracle Earrings (Max MP up 20%, small SDEf boost)
Bouts: 3
Terms: Constant Tight Ring & Small Ring state
       (Basically the ring is small AND the hit areas are narrow...bad combo)

1) Automaton x2, Butcher
2) Eliops x4, Jig Ruta
3) Malice Edna (HP 1670)

My advice: Use Coral Pendants, you should be able to afford them for everyone
           by now. Also, make your life easier by changing the rings to
           practice rings -- yes, the damage goes down but you don't mess up
           that 99% perfect rate you've been working so hard to keep, right? :P
           My best weapon here: Pink Bat, since you should have gotten the
           energy charge skill. Double attack: Charge and attack, make sure 
           you wear demon earrings. Close to 550 damage in one shot!

- App Beast Med IV ------------------------------------------------------------
Team:  Johnny
Prize: Taurus *** (Stellar Chart)
Bouts: 1
Terms: NO items allowed

Enemy: Thug (HP 234) !!

My advice: You're probably wondering, a THUG? Rest at ease, this is no ordinary
           enemy...He's an overpowered version. Quite strong if you are taking
           this fight right away.
           Since you can use magic, you are probably thinking, "this is easy--
           I can just cure." Well NO...remember how Johnny has the lowest SP of
           all? You don't have enough turns before he beserks. So what do you
           do? Here's exactly what I did:

           turn 1 - shield
           turn 2 - from the damage you should be able to double attack, use
                    rock bump & gale rod
           turn 3 - cure
           turn 4 - rock bump & gale rod, easy as pie.


The next four come after clearing the Aito Caves...


- Prac Beast Sci I ------------------------------------------------------------
Team:  4
Prize: Dark Resist, Evil servant Stellars
Bouts: 1
Terms: NO PHYSICAL ATTACKS, Tight ring state, Defeat AT LEAST 1 enemy with
       "Air Shot"

Enemies: Wormy worm x2, Ghatanothoa, Woworito

My advice: As you might know, Air shot is a combo magic finisher. This means,
           you have to successfully chain all 4 characters (with magic attacks) 
           and use air shot. But to do that, you have to have the air element 
           character, Natan, in your party for that attack to appear.
           In order to assure an easy combo, and that you don't kill all the
           enemies before you get to the end of the combo (I was too strong
           at this point), set your rings to "practice" to remove the strike
           zone. It will reduce the damage of your attacks, and if you miss
           the tight zones you won't lose your combo!!
           Make sure you have a high angle stellar attack on all your characters
           because air shot is a high hitting attack...unless the enemy is
           flying, the attack will miss.

- Prac Beast Sci II -----------------------------------------------------------
Team:  4 or less
Prize: Earth Resist & Rock Javelin Stellars
Bouts: 1
Terms: Reverse Ring & Small ring status, finishing blow exceeds 70 HITS

Enemy: Kerufe (2380 HP)

My advice: The boss isn't difficult, it's the annoying ring status plus your
           setup that determines the battle. First off you want to make sure
           you don't kill the boss too quickly if you are overleveled, so set
           your ring to practice. Be warned, you will probably have to do a 
           trial run or two to get a feel for how much damage you can do.
           That being said, you have to chain your highest hitting stellars
           and specials together. This can be tricky, especially if they have
           ground or air areas of effect. I'm sure there are probably many
           solutions to this puzzle, but here's what you could use:

           Wind  - any and all, the boss flies so it is already in the hit 
                   range, plus the hit number is high: 7/8/11 for the level 
                   1/2/3 attack, respectively. 
           Earth - lvl2 attack is a 9 hit ground
           Water - lvl3 attack is a 6 hit ground
           Natan - if you have done all the UMAs you can up to the point this
                   battle appears, you should have 12 hit slug shell/rapid shot
           Hilda - Pumpkin bomb does 8 hits (Slim form attack)
           Frank - Fast snowball special does 11 hits

           MY FINAL SETUP:

           Hilda - Gale vortex (11) + rock burst (9)   = 20
           Frank - rock burst (9) + fast snowball (11) = 20
           Natan - Slug Shell (12) + Rapid Shot (12)   = 24
           Johnny - Gale Vortex (11) + Rock Burst (9)  = 20
                                                 TOTAL = 84 !!
           By the way, that goes in order of turns and attacks. Very imporant
           to ensure that you use the air and ground moves together, be careful
           of the direction your attacks hit the enemy.
           One last thing: DONT USE COMBO MAGIC. Unless you've reached the 70
           hits and haven't killed the boss, stay away from its low hit count.
           Probably you can get a much higher combo if you just waited until
           later once you have more stellars. BUT you risk being too strong
           and killing the boss too fast.

           ...Great chance to snap this boss for the cards if you missed it,
           you need two shots of her for a girl in Moana.

           EDIT: A LOT of people email me about this, although I thought it was
           clear, let me just say it again: Don't kill the boss before you do a
           70 hit combo. Once you've done 70, apparently, you can do whatever
           you want and even if your last turn is just a single hit it still
           passes the trial.

- Prac Beast Sci III ----------------------------------------------------------
Team:  4 or less
Prize: Fifth Key ***
Bouts: 1
Terms: Win with less than 3 enemy turns, enemy must be AIRBORNE to take damage

Enemy: Delget (3000 HP)

My advice: Combo, double combo, combo magic. Even when I fought this boss in 
           the dungeon, I finished it off in less than 3 turns. 

           Make sure you use wind magics, try using air shot. Arc Gale is 
           a good idea too, for more turns. For more damage, use demon 
           earrings, warlock earrings, & small jug accessories.
           Lastly, don't worry about the boss hurting you--remember, if he
           doesn't get you off the ground you take no damage. So, focus on
           offence. Don't waste equipment on defense.

           FYI this was another boss needed for snap cards...take 3 shots.      

- Prac Beast Sci IV -----------------------------------------------------------
Team:  4 or less
Prize: Holy Resist & Bright Decide Stellars
Bouts: 3
Terms: NO Magic OR Items Allowed

1) Xi Dazun x2, Wariche, Diecto
2) Wormy Worm x6
3) Ghatanothoa x2, Tindaros

My advice: Coral Pendants + tactical rings, but you really shouldnt have
           any problems. Combo when you can, make sure you clean out the
           enemies before you take damage. Bring your strongest physical
           ...And by the way, no magic doesn't mean no character specials,
           which means Shania can use "magic"...


The next two appear after entering the final dungeon...


- Gen Anatomy I ---------------------------------------------------------------
Team:  4
Prize: Gathering Stellar
Bouts: 3
Terms: Win each battle within 3 minutes, defeat at least one enemy with holy
       pulse, enemies must be airborne to recieve damage

1) Ronwei (HP 700)
2) Cabracan x2 (HP 434)
3) Blupe x3, Ledpe, Alyosh

My advice: Not this again! Holy pulse is a combo magic finisher. This means,
           you have to successfully chain all 4 characters (with magic attacks) 
           and use the holy element character, or frank, to have it available.
           As if that wasn't good enough, they threw in a time limit and that
           annoying "must be airborne" condition. And to make matters worse,
           the "defeat at least one enemy with holy pulse" pertains to EVERY

           Still it is not too bad...but be careful, especially with round 1,
           I was so strong i nearly killed ronwei without being able to finish
           my combo! Use practice rings if you have a similar problem. Another
           tip is to start the combo with ground attacks so that the enemy
           doesn't take damage, then after the 2nd/3rd person use an attack to
           launch the enemy into the air. You have to do this for the final
           round, since the only enemy on the ground has 230 HP...

           Move fast, that time limit is short!!        
- Gen Anatomy II --------------------------------------------------------------
Team:  Johnny & Shania
Prize: Big Elk *** (Shania's weapon)
Bouts: 4
Terms: Constant panic status & no one can be KO'ed

1) Ikcheon, Ludirus, Sulagi
2) Sulagi x2, Ludirus
3) Alyosh x3
4) Ledope x2, Blupe x2, Alyosh

My advice: For a pit fight that appears pretty much at the end of the game,
           this was way too easy. Just go all out, using your strongest
           fusions and magics and you should have little problem.         


To get the final bouts, you need to do a lot of work. You have to complete
the Chinese sushi (Hilda), Guiana (Natan), Pagoda (Mao), Doll House (Ricardo),
and finally Shinobi village (Frank)...


- Beast Grad Thesis I ---------------------------------------------------------
Team:  4 or less
Prize: Seven Eyed Mask (Defence Accessory)
Bouts: 5
Terms: NONE!!

1) Cat Morita (1500 HP) -> inflicts "SLOW" effect
2) Octopus Sushi (1710 HP) -> VERY high ATK
3) Sammo Meow (960 HP) ...this is a joke, right???
4) Eel Sushi (1710 HP) -> VERY high ATK
5) Bruce Meow

My advice: First off, this has nothing to do with clearing the challenge but
           snap these enemies--you can't get their cards any other way. You'll
           have to snap quite a lot to meet the card trade requirements, but
           I'll leave that for another FAQ.

           Okay, that being said, this is still a really easy match. Since you
           can use any skills, plus you had to go thru so much stuff just to
           unlock these fights, you should be more than able to beat the 
           stuffing out of all the enemies. I pretty much took pictures the
           whole time and combo'd them out in one go.
- Beast Grad Thesis II --------------------------------------------------------
Team:  4 or less
Prize: Arkin Apron *** (Natan ultimate armor)
Bouts: 6
Terms: NO magic or physicals

1) Ninja x6
2) Egg Roll (399 HP)
3) Tamaris (2730 HP) <- AKA, baby head :)
4) Natto Roll x3 (322 HP)
5) Kareau, Gresiru, Gregor x2
6) Dana (3500 HP)

My advice: Interesting that you have to use ricardo -- that's a good thing,
           because using only character special attacks will drain your
           MP fast. Make sure to use priest earrings (lower mp cost 20%)
           and Ricardo's final serenata's melody: grief, which regens your
           MP every turn. Shania is a must because her fusions give you
           access to all elements, cure, and buffing moves. The rest is up to

           Watch out for Dana, you probably just fought her in the sidequest,
           and she's still just as deadly. Buff with shana, preferably
           Tiwara's sanlittobell which buffs everything at once. That and combo
           like crazy.

           THIS IS IMPORTANT: Use ricardo's 2nd serenata's melody:delight to
           prevent petrification if you didn't equip accessories for it
           before. Otherwise, instant loss on your part. You will have to
           cure ricardo if you didn't give him an accessory.

           And this set of matches too, is your only shot at snapping some
           of these enemies. If you're aiming for that sidequest, snap away.


The Final bout appears after you clear EVERY other one...


- Rare/Curious Tales ----------------------------------------------------------
Team:  4 or less
Prize: Shield Crest (unique Stellar)
Bouts: 5
Terms: NONE

1) The Meowmenator (250 HP)
2) Fatty Tuna Sushi (570 HP)
3) Meowara (555 HP)
4) Cucumber Roll (428 HP)
5) Golden Tinny (10000 HP) !!!

My advice: This bout has yet again many enemies to snap photos of. If you are
           going for that sidequest, do it. You'll need something like 4 shots
           of number one, two of the tuna, EIGHT of number three (yup), a shot
           of the cucumbers, and two of the last guy.

           In general, all the fights are a pushover...but wait, what's that
           last enemy?? You betcha, a unique, killer boss (and he's really
           cute too). Whatever you do, DONT LET HIM COMBO YOU. He will kill
           every character in one turn. Think I'm kidding? Try it out...

           You will immediately discover your attacks do absolutely nothing
           against him. Plus, he loves to use "Kill" which...well, kills you.
           He will counterattack every move, so COMBO.
           Fear not, his weakness is poison. Deadly poison to be exact: you
           just need to inflict it on him and defend for your life. Just to
           remind you, deadly poison is the status from TWICE inflicting
           poison, so put those effects on your characters' rings. On the
           other two, put apathy, which prevents stock buildup. 

           Your goal is pretty much to get him "sick" with status effects. 
           Be warned, he counterattacks, so you will have to revive 
           character(s). Combo RIGHT AWAY with all the characters, with luck,
           you will inflict statuses on first turn. Without apathy, he will
           kill the whole party. If you see his stock filling up, hard hit
           him ASAP.
           Once he's (deadly) poisoned, it'll only take 4 turns to his
           funeral. Enjoy!

           ...BTW, that stellar is unusable. You have to collect EVERY stellar
           and fill all the stellar charts, then talk to the pitfight leader
           again. Oh and make sure the shield crest is in a lvl 4, nonelemental
           slot. Good luck...


- CJayC (for gameFAQs)
- Nautilus & Azure, maker & publisher of the title
- Me
- You (for reading)


<Legal stuff>

This guide is copyright (c) 2006 Lugia46. All Rights Reserved.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned 
by their respective trademark and copyright holders.

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, 
and a violation of copyright.

That being said, this walkthrough was written solely to be hosted at 

Lastly, I encourage feedback, since this is not only my first attempt at an
FAQs but I wrote this over many late nights. Thanks for the help, I hope
this helped you.

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