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Lottery FAQ by lugia46

Version: Final | Updated: 03/17/06

--          LOTTERY MEMBER FAQ         --

-- By: Lugia46
-- V 2.0 (03/17/06)
-- EMAIL: RahXephonQwon <-AT-> gmail <-DOT-> com

<Version Info>

03.13.06 V1.0, Releasing combination of data I had taken from Japanese playthru,
               But right now only up to rio in US version. Possible errors, will
               update as I clear more of the game.

03.15.06 v1.5, All data confirmed/revised up to Lottery member #3. Added lottery
               ticket locations as well. Only two to go!

03.17.06 v2.0  COMPLETE! All errors corrected, finished all ticket locations.

<What's this about?>

This is a FAQ for finding the 12 lottery members throughout Shadow Hearts 3, 
From the new world. The Lottery is basically a minigame where you have to hit a 
very small area on a ring for special prizes. However, not only are the members 
hidden (they don't identify themselves unless you possess the "Lottery Ticket" 
item, which is also hidden and hard to acquire), but also the Lottery rings 
have special effects on them sometimes.

Here I will list the member, location, and prizes. The abbreviations I use are:
R = Red
Y = Yellow
B = Blue
G = Green

The color indicates the difficulty and value of the prize. Always get the Red 
prize, it is often a stellar or a chart and cannot be obtained any other way. 
Sometimes you might want to go for the yellow prizes too if you have extra 
tickets. Lastly, if you miss any of those, you get "tissues" as a prize.

You can only obtain ONE of the red prizes (once you get it there are no more), 
but you can always try to obtain any number of the remaining prizes.

Without further ado, let's begin:

#12 - Upper west side, NY
Rightmost side of screen, the same man who approaches you in the "tutorial" 
about the lottery. (Hopefully you got the red item already so don't waste 
more tickets on him)

R: Gale Rod (Stellar lv 1)
Y: Leather Cap
B: Daphne Fruit
G: Pure Leaf

#11 - Chicago
Man Just south of the save point in the area.

R: Picses (Stellar chart)
Y: Hit Area Expand
B: Daphne Fruit
G: Thera Seed

#10 - Roswell
Woman at the gas station, in front of a car
R: Blood loss 1
Y: Hit Area Expand
B: Daphne Fruit
G: Mana Seed

#09 - Caribbean Pirate Stronghold
After clearing the dungeon, in front of Anne's room

Special effect: *** HIT AREA DISAPPEARS ***
(not a big deal, the ring is slow anyway)

R: Whale statue (Fetish for Shania)
Y: Face Guard
B: Hit area expand
G: Pure seed

#08 - Hotel in Las Vegas
8th floor, room 812 (go right from elevator it's on the north wall)

Special Effect: *** RING SPINS BACKWARDS ***

R: Step Doubler (A must for the pedometer prizes)
Y: Feather bracelet
B: Talisman of Mercy
G: Pure seed

#07 - Rio De Janeiro
Person on the left of the fountain, in front of the red car

Special Effect: *** FICKLE RING (variable speed) ***
(save and reload!! this can be a pain)

R: Magic Mind's eye (Special Attk up but hit area disappears)
Y: Leonardo's Bear
B: hit area expand
G: Thera Root

#06 - Moana Village
Grandma's home, on the left side near torch

Special Effect: *** HIT AREA DISAPPEARS ***

R: Seraphim straw (Hilda all stats up, increases Plus Calories absorbed)
Y: Will Power
B: Daphne Fruit
G: Mana root

#05 - Times Square 
** Appears after Vilcabamba cleared **
From the start, go up the screen and talk to the standing woman above the
black car

Special Effect: *** FAST & FICKLE RING ***
(Again, save and reload if you miss, this one is even more annoying)

R: Cure Plus (Stellar lv3)
Y: Force Blow
B: Strike Expand
G: Pure Root

#04 - Arkam University
** Appears after Aito Cave cleared **

Speak to the man in a lab coat in the science lab. The lab is on the first
floor, immediate right when you enter the university.

Special Effect: *** FAST RING ***

R: Step Tripler
Y: Loin cloth
B: Angel Souffle
G: Pure Root

#03 - Harlem
After Uyuni salt lake is cleared, talk to the Pink lady in front of the 

Special Effect: *** REVERSE RING ***
(The effect is easy but the red hit area is practically a line!!)

R: Explosion (Weapon for ricardo)
Y: Belly Warmer
B: Fruity Fiber
G: Thera Extract

#02 - Moana
After entering the last dungeon, and having played lotteries 3-12.
Talk to loloma, she's in the village leader's hut.


R: Cure all
Y: Cosmic Bracelet
B: Strike Expand
G: Mana Extract

#01 - Rio De Jinero
After entering the last dungeon, clearing chinese sushi quest,
playing lotteries 2-12, talk to the sliver bat.

Special Effect: *** VARIABLE RING (speeds up and slows at random) ***

R: Funny Peach
Y: Seven eyed mask
B: Strike expand
G: Pure Extract

TIP: Waste all your lottery tickets here, or on moana...get those strike
     expands if you have nothing else you want! You'll need em, the ultimate
     weapons actually SHRINK the strike zones...


Here is a list of some places to find tickets. You get one automatically close 
to the beginning of the game. Many of the other locations require you to find 
them on the screen. Johnny will have a question mark over his head, simply
 press X to search. And finally some enemies drop them.

Let's begin~~~

Grand Canyon - Get a ring perfect against Tatan'ka

Arkham University - Get a ring perfect against Ignorak
                  - After completion of this area, come back and search the 
                    professor's room. You get there by using the door on the 
                    left screen (it was locked but is now open). 
                    The ticket is on a desk to the right.

Chicago (x3) - From the start, go west, and check the chest next to the car in 
               the alley.
             - Then from there, go up the stairs and check the barrels in the 
               next room.
             - In the battle against the mobsters (event scene) who attack 
               you for searching for "the master" score a ring perfect in 
               the battle. Talk to everyone in the area and then go to the
               screen west, walk south to trigger the fight.

Alcatraz - When you get into the big room, go all the way left and then north. 
           Check the right corner.
         - From that spot, there's a stairway south to the 2nd floor, check 
           around its back for another.

Roswell - Behind the speed limit sign
        - Chest in the lower left of the room with the shop

Caribbean - North of save point, in the cabin, check the locker.
          - When Shania fights the 3rd fusion, defeat it in under 3 turns
          - Check the dresser in the captain's room on the ship
            (can only get in there after the dungeon)

Las Vegas - Piano in lower left of the lobby

Harlem - Check behind the pole in the alley

Chichen Itza - After you open the 2nd door, check the left corner of the
               upside-down L shaped hallway that comes immediately after

Rio de Janeiro - Check the streetlamp on the left side, upper screen from the 
               - Newspaper office, go check the trashbin by the editor.
               - Much later in the game, the sushi house sidequest; ring
                 perfect the rice ball

Macchu Picchu - Left of the shop in this area, in the corner.

Moana Village - Chief's hut, immediate north table upon entry.

Vilcabamba - Immediate left chest when you use the first lift going up.

Uyuni Salt Lake - After unlocking the door after the first "crystal room", 
                  check the next hallway's immediate lower left corner.
                - After the boss, in Johnny's flashback, check below the save

Ninja Village - After making it to the 8th landing point, chest on left.

Doll house - First room, on the right staircase.

- Gregor (Doll House)
- Ninjas (Shinobi Village)
- Enemies in Mao's Padoga sidequest, it is a battle reward

- After spending a lot of money, you receive several as rewards. (I've
  only recieved two, but then again I rarely use the shop).

...There are probably a few more locations and possibly battles. Always try
   to ring perfect battles if you have a chance, it seems like bosses and
   special fights sometimes yield tickets. However, with the list above,
   you should have little problem getting at least the minimum number of
   tickets to complete every lottery.



- CJayC (for gameFAQs)
- Nautilus & Azure, maker & publisher of the title
- Me
- You (for reading)
- Various people who emailed contributions but chose to remain anonymous :D


<Legal stuff>

This guide is copyright (c) 2006 Lugia46. All Rights Reserved.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned 
by their respective trademark and copyright holders.

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, 
and a violation of copyright.

That being said, this walkthrough was written solely to be hosted at 

Lastly, I encourage feedback, since this is not only my first attempt at an
FAQs but I wrote this over many late nights. Thanks for the help, I hope
this helped you.

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