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FAQ/Walkthrough by leonia19

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/18/06

Shadow Hearts: From the New World Demo Walkthrough
Written by Joanna "AcmeIvy" Gray
Started: February 14, 2006
Last updated: February 18, 2006
Version 1.01

1. General Information
2. Author's Words
3. Controls
4. Playable Characters
5. Demo Walkthrough: Level 1 (New York)
6. Demo Walkthrough: Level 2 (Arkham University)
7. Updates
8. Contact Info
9. Credits

|1. General Information|

Boring Legal Mumbo Jumbo -- Shadow Hearts: From the New World is copyrighted to 
Aruze, Nautilus, and XSEED Games.

This guide may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site other than 
GameFAQs.com or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written 
permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public 
display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

|2. Author's Words|

This walkthrough is for the Shadow Hearts: From the New World demo that came 
with the March 2006 issue of the Official US Playstation Magazine (hereby 
abbreviated to OPM). This is NOT a guide for the retail release, which doesn't 
come out until March 7, 2006.

A few things to say about the walkthrough:

1) Because the demo will end after 15 minutes of gameplay, this walkthrough 
   more-or-less will not mention what's in all those treasure chests, or 
   whatever items the onscreen character will notice (denoted by the "?" 
   thought bubble), unless I find it noteworthy. These will be marked as 
   "OPTIONAL", as you can freely ignore it.

2) No story-related cutscenes will be mentioned, partly because of the time 
   limit, and partly because I want to leave the walkthrough as spoiler-free as 
   However, I suppose if I get enough people whining at me, I may write it out.

3) Speaking of cutscenes, do yourself a favor on subsequent demo playthroughs: 
   Unless you've already seen them, SKIP THEM! This walkthrough was written on 
   the assumption you have attempted numerous times to complete each level 
   without much success.

|3. Controls|

Left analog stick:
1. Move character around
2. Move cursor

Right analog stick:
Not used.

Directional pad:
1. Move character around
2. Move cursor

Display menu screen

1. Cancel commands
2. Walk (in conjunction with directional pad/left analog stick)

Not used.

1. Execute commands
2. Investigate
3. Talk

Change stock command

Scroll command list

1. Change stock command
2. Bring up navigation map (dungeons only)

Scroll command list

Not used.

Not used.

Pause menu

Not used.

|4. Playable Characters|

         Name: Johnny Garland
          Age: 16
Special Skill: Handy Tools
        Class: None
      Profile: 16 year-old detective. Does just about everything from finding 
               lost cats to cleaning out gutters. His reckless personality 
               often leads to trouble.
  Playable in: Both levels

         Name: Shania
          Age: 21
Special Skill: Fusion
        Class: Dark
      Profile: Bounty hunter who hunts far and wide for strange monsters. She 
               can take a spirit's form and use supernatural powers. Behind her 
               smile burns a will close to hatred.
  Playable in: Both levels (Thunderbird in Level 1 and normal in Level 2)

         Name: Natan
          Age: 35
Special Skill: GUN-FU
        Class: Wind
      Profile: Shania's silent warrior companion. Because he rarely speaks, his 
               warm-hearted nature is often misunderstood. Fights with two 
               pistol, like a unstoppable hurricane.
  Playable in: Level 2

         Name: Frank Goldfinger
          Age: 46
Special Skill: Ninja Arts
        Class: Light
      Profile: A hyperactive ninja who has a style all his own. Claims to have 
               learned ninja arts in the Amazon but who knows? Makes up his own 
               moves with whatever catches his eyes.
  Playable in: Level 2

|5. Demo Walkthrough: Level 1 (New York)|

You'll start off the scenario with a few cutscenes. Skip them.

After the cutscenes are over, you'll have control over Johnny. Before you do 
anything, open the Menu (Triangle) and go to Options. Change the text speed to 
"Instant" to make things easier.

Head right and down the stairs.

Outside, another cutscene will play. Skip it, and head down the steps and run 
left. Talk to the kid near the building, his name is Cheeky Joshua. He'll give 
some information to Johnny about Times Square.

Once Johnny and Joshua are done talking, run left, around the corner. You'll be 
taken to the World Map, and Times Square will be highlighted. Go there.

Once in Times Square, run down the street until a cutscene occurs. You can't 
skip it, so get through it as quickly as possible. You'll get a Point Card and 
a Cancer Stellar Chart for your troubles.

Keep moving until you see a man wearing a plaid jacket and brown pants, 
Strolling Hassel, walking the corner around the Gepetto and Cornelia building. 
Talk to him, he'll point Johnny towards an old theater in Chelsea. Continue 
onwards and you'll be taken back to the World Map. Chelsea will be highlighted, 
so go there.

In Chelsea, run forward and talk to the man in the blue shirt shirt and hat, 
McCoy the Reporter, staring at the theater. He'll mention about a ghost and 
getting mugged in the theater, and once the conversation is over, Johnny will 
automatically be in front of the theater. Move forward to see a "?" thought 
bubble appear over Johnny's head and examine the front door to enter.

OPTIONAL: While you're still in Chelsea, examine the right side of the car 
          behind McCoy to find an extremely hidden chest. It contains a Coral 
          Lariat, which reduces the speed of the Judgment Ring by 75%. Equip it 
          on Johnny if you're having trouble with the Judgment Ring.

Once inside the theater, if you ever feel lost, press R1 to bring up the 
Navigation Map.

Go forward a little, and head right. Go into the doorway on Johnny's left to be 
confronted by two thugs.

You'll go into battle with the two thugs; you can either view the tutorial 
video on battling basics or skip it. (Unless you're new to Shadow Hearts, skip 
it.) Defeat the thugs either with magic or physical attacks.

As soon as the battle is over, head up the stairs. Johnny will notice a little 
girl, Nancy, all by herself, and she requests Johnny to find her older brother, 
Tom. Once the conversation is over, head right and try to go up the stairs. 
Johnny will be confronted by another thug.

Once into battle again, there'll be a tutorial on the Stock Gauge and Double. 
For the sake of the time limit, skip it. Afterwards, defeat the thugs however 
you want to, one at a time or double-attacking. I really recommend 
double-attacking if you have enough Stock to do so for this and subsequent 

When the battle's over, Johnny will notice something on the floor and pick up a 
Cure Stellar. You'll get an option on whether to view the Stellar Magic and 
Stellar Chart tutorial. Like all the other tutorials, skip it. Your choice if 
you want to place the Cure Stellar on Johnny's Stellar Chart.

Go up the stairs. Head right, ignoring the first left, and turn on the second 
left. There's a thug waiting for you, defeat it. Enter the door on the left 

Inside, head down the stairs and run left to find a little boy wearing a straw 
hat, Tom. Johnny and Tom will talk for a bit before they get ambushed by more 
thugs. Defeat them, and return to Nancy. Tom will mention about a scary man 
near the fire escape and how the door's mechanism works. (Don't worry, it's 
nothing complicated.) The two kids will run off, leaving Johnny alone.

Head back up the stairs, and this time, take the first left. Another thug will 
ambush Johnny, defeat the enemies and move on. Check out the door and Johnny 
will open it.

Outside, head left and up the fire escape. Head right and open the door. A 
cutscene will play, and then you'll be taken into a boss battle.

BOSS: Deep One
Class: ???
HP: 170
MP: ???
EXP: ???
Cash: ???
Drop: ???
Strategy: Instead of Johnny, this time you'll be controlling Shania, in her 
          Thunderbird fusion. The boss is relatively easy, a combination of 
          three normal/Hard Hit attacks and a double-attack with a physical 
          attack and Dusk Proud should suffice unless you somehow screwed up on 
          the Judgment Ring.

And that's the end of Level 1!


|6. Demo Walkthrough: Level 2 (Arkham University)|

Once Johnny has lit the lantern, open the menu and go to Options. Change the 
text speed to "Instant" and the Fusion Effect option to "Short."

This scenario is more difficult to finish within the 15-minute time limit due 
to the number of non-voiced cutscenes and random battles, so be patient if you 
get kicked back to the main menu more than once. If you can, run away from the 
random battles.

If you ever get lost, press R1 while out of battle to bring up the Navigation 

Like the previous scenario, you'll be controlling Johnny as the onscreen 
character. Run forward and left. Continue running left; you'll most likely be 
attacked by random enemies. At the beginning of battle, a tutorial on combos 
will appear. Skip it, defeat the monters, and when the battle's over, Johnny 
and Shania will chat for a bit. Keep running left, and head downstairs. 
Continue down the path, and head left until you see a door. Enter it.

The fancy-looking door in the middle won't open. Head left to find a normal 
door, and leave.

With the lantern in hand, run left, and head up. The path will be blocked by a 
barricade, so examine the lever. Johnny will make some comments and flip it, 
lowering the barricade. Continue forward and turn left to find several caged 
monsters behind bars. They won't stay caged for long, thanks to Johnny's 
recklessness. Defeat them as quick as you can.

Once the battle's over, head down. Just head down, ignore the lever, head left, 
and go north when given the chance. At the intersection, head right to  find a 
second lever. Pull it to create a shortcut. Turn around and run all the way 
left, until the path goes north again. Ignore the lever near the caged monsters 
as you run forward, and examine the door ahead.

You'll get a cutscene, skip it as usual. Following the cutscene is a battle, 
defeat all the enemies. Another cutscene will play, followed by another 
cutscene. Skip both of them.

Johnny will automatically be back in the dungeon with a new playable character, 
Frank, in tow. Head down, right, continue right through the shortcut until you 
can't go right anymore, and head down. Run down, and go right to open the door. 
You'll be back to where the fancy door is.

OPTIONAL: If you have the time, here's something that might help for the 
          upcoming boss battle. At the intersection, instead of heading right 
          towards the shortcut route, go down, head left at the intersection, 
          and flip the switch to release some monsters. Defeat them, and 
          examine the chest. You'll pick up a Shell Bracelet. Equip it on 
          anyone you like.

Open the fancy door, and head up the stairs. Turn left, go up the stairs. Turn 
right, and head up those stairs too. Go left and up the stairs once more. 
You'll be in a room cluttered with junk.

If you have the time, heal everyone's HP and MP. Go forward and left to see a 
door. Open it. A cutscene will play, and you'll be thrown into a boss battle.

BOSS: Ignorak
Class: Dark
HP: 500
MP: 125
EXP: 80
Cash: 1500
Drop: Seal of Aura, Tent (Defeat enemy in 4 turns)
Strategy: This boss battle is much different, and much harder than the one in 
          the New York scenario because everyone's levels are so low. Aside 
          from powerful physical attacks (including double attacks), the boss 
          has an attack that can leave somebody Poisoned.

          Have Shania fuse into Thunderbird to take advantage of 
          double-attacks, provided she has enough Stock to do so. Frank can 
          just simply attack the boss if he has no Stock to double attack. Have 
          Natan double-attack as well if he has enough Stock, Slug 
          Shell/physical attacks work great. Johnny can either 
          attack/double-attack, or heal any lost HP/MP/SP. To prevent the boss 
          from double-attacking anyone, have someone Hard Hit the boss every 
          now and then, either singularly or through double attacks (again, if 
          they have enough Stock). I found this strategy to be MUCH faster than 
          the previous one I posted.

And that's the end of Level 2!

|7. Updates|

Version 1.01
February 18, 1006: Tweaked Level 1 walkthrough.
                   Tweaked Level 2 walkthrough.
                   Overhauled the boss fight strategy for Level 2.
                   Tweaked "Author's Words".
                   Added "Playable Characters" to the list.

Version 1.0
February 15, 2006: Completed walkthrough for Shadow Hearts: From the New World 

|8. Contact Info|

If you want to ask or comment about anything, I can be contacted at

cs_avalon19 at yahoo dot com

Junk and spam will be deleted. Seriously, I don't need enhancements for body 
parts I don't even have.

|9. Credits|

XSEED Games, for bringing Shadow Hearts: From the New World to North America.

OPM, for putting the Shadow Hearts: From the New World demo for everyone to 


Copyright 2006 Joanna Gray

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