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Boss FAQ by transience

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 03/18/06

Shadow Hearts: From the New World Boss FAQ

Version 2.0 - 19 March 2006

Written by: transience (see end for email)


Table of Contents

1.) Introduction
2.) Copyright Information
3.) Version History
4.) Notes / Strategies
5.) Boss List
6.) Boss FAQ
7.) Credits and Thanks
8.) Contacting


1.) Introduction: I wrote a Boss FAQ for SH1 and had planned to for 2..
except that 2 was ridiculously easy. After getting killed by the last boss
in 3 without getting a turn, I decided a Boss FAQ was in order.

Here's the format I'll be using (yoinked from my SH1 Boss FAQ)

I.) Deep One (monster name, of course)

Location: Chelsea (where you encounter this boss)

HP: 242 (How many HP boss has.)

MP: 42 (ditto.)

Class: dark (What elemental class the boss is. For a more detailed 
explanation of classes, see section IV.) 

Party/Levels: Shania (4) (What levels I'm at. Until the optional sidequests
at the end, I'm going through this game at a pretty low level, so chances are
you'll be on a higher level than me. I try to keep myself low so I can figure
out good strategies on low levels, for you daring people among us.

Difficulty: 1/5 (Obviously, how difficult the boss is. Here's how I judge

1/5 - It takes a lot of badness for a boss to get a 1. A 1 means you can't 
possibly lose, or is a scene fight.

2/5 - Easy boss. Nothing unusual - use the usual strategies you would 
vs. any normal boss.

3/5 - Be cautious. Shouldn't be difficult as long as you don't mess up.

4/5 - Death is possible here. Learn the boss's attacks (or read this FAQ)
and heal lots.

5/5 - Difficult. You'll need to prepare for this boss before the fight

Strategy: Like, attack. And stuff. (Strategy for killing the boss. Obvious.)


2.) Copyright Information: This FAQ is copyrighted (2005-6) to me, myself and 
I, luke yagnow. If you want to use this FAQ on your site or elsewhere, 
drop me an email and I'm sure I won't care. I'd just like to know. If you 
do host this FAQ, you may not change as much as a comma in it. If touched, 
altered, or posted without permission, your mickey mouse kung fu will be no 
match for my superior fighting style, if you know what I mean. 


3.) Version History

v1.0 (2 August 2005) - Began this FAQ.

v2.0 (19 March 2006) - most of the update is thanks to the English
version. Names changed, a couple new strategies, etc.


4.) Notes / Strategies

Just a couple quick notes pertaining to general strategy, classes, etc:

- What class you are / the enemy is depends on how much damage will be
taken/dealt. Here's how classes work:

Earth <-> Wind
Water <-> Fire
Light <-> Dark

Here's a list of your characters' classes:

Johnny: Neutral
Shania: Dark 
Natan: Wind
Frank: Light
Mao: Water
Hilda: Earth
Ricardo: Fire

Conclusion: if you're fighting a boss that is of the Water class, Mao would
inflict and take less damage than usual while Ricardo would inflict and 
take more.

- All characters are interchangable, though I use Shania and Johnny the most. 
After that, who you use is pretty much up to you - I used Mao and Natan this 
game, but they're hardly needed. The consensus party seems to be Johnny, 
Shania, Ricardo and Hilda - but it's up to you. No party will really hinder

5.) Boss List - if you're worried about Spoilers, skip over this part.

(you can search these)

I.) Deep One
II.) Igornak
III.) Tatanka
IV.) Ronwei
V.) Procyon
VI.) La Sirene
VII.) Malice Edna
VIII.) Jeb Niglas
IX.) Kerufe
X.) Killer / Daoros
XI.) Delget
XII.) Killer
XIII.) Tamaris
XIV.) Malice Killer
XV.) Malice Gilbert
XVI.) Malice Unbral / Lady


Optional Bosses:

XVII.) Dana
XVIII.) Tirawa
XIX.) Mudopkan
XX.) Jonin
XXI.) Sushi Men's Place
XXII.) Golden Tinny
XXIII.) Envious Jealousy


6.) Boss FAQ

I.) Deep One

Location: Chelsea

HP: 160
MP: 82
Class: Water
Party/Levels: Shania (4)
Difficulty: 1/5

Strategy: This guy is a pushover. Just attack physically and you'll win. 
If you miss a ring or something and your stock gauge gets up high 
enough, use a double attack. Not much to say about this guy. You should
kill him in four turns.

II.) Igornak

HP: 500
MP: 125
Class: Dark
Party/Levels: Johnny (6), Shania (6), Natan (6), Frank (6)
Difficulty: 2/5

Strategy: This guy is pretty easy. He inflicts poison on you, but that
shouldn't be a problem. Use combo and double as much as you can to make
this fight go quicker. If you double with Frank, make sure to hit him
up before you use his huge star attack. I've finished this guy off with
him only getting one turn. 

III.) Tatanka

Location: Grand Canyon

HP: 200
MP: 102
Class: Light
Party/Levels: Shania (8)
Difficulty: 2/5

Strategy: Tatanka is a Shania-only fight. Fuse into Thunder Bird
and watch its stock gauge closely. If its stock gauge is more than
half full, I'd suggest hitting it with a hard hit to stop you from
getting doubled. You can double it if you want, but that will leave 
you open to being hit and/or doubled yourself. Double works best if
you're able to kill it with the second hit. Not too hard of a fight,
but if you let yourself get doubled it will smash you with spells.
Watch your SP as well.

IV.) Ronwei

Location: Alcatraz

HP: 700
MP: 256
Class: Fire
Party/Levels: Johnny (9), Shania (10), Mao (10), Natan (9)
Difficulty: 3/5

Strategy: Ronwei starts out with one full stock gauge, so hard hit him
to fix that. Fuse into Thunder Bird or Ta Tanka with Shania and start 
using your stock gauge to combo him. Ronwei's attacks and spells also
use hard hit, so you're not going to get much of a chance to combo 
after the first round. 

If Ronwei gets a chance to double, you're going to be in critical hit 
points at least. Johnny's second skill (if you have it) will help to 
keep Ronwei's stock gauge low, but you shouldn't need it. His other 
ability casts seal on everyone, so thera items may be in order. 

V.) Procyon

Location: Roswell

HP: 1110
MP: 300
Class: Earth
Party/Levels: Johnny (11), Shania (11), Mao (11), Hilda (11)
Difficulty: 3/5

Strategy: Just like Mecha Lord in SH2, physical attacks will do 0, 
so it's all magic on this fight. Just like Mecha Lord in SH2, this
dude's got a multihit gun attack, only this one does a bunch of ring
effects. He also paralyzes, so be ready for that. Pocket Watches are 
nice, but far from necessary. Other than that, Procyon isn't gonna 
do much, but he's pretty quick so be careful.

If you've levelled Ta Tanka enough to know Arc Sage, use it. Hilda's 
one skill (thorn whip) is great here, as are all magical skills that 
do hard hit. You're likely going to run out of MP and SP (especially 
on Johnny), so use your lesser magic characters to drop items all over 
the place. This fight isn't hard but it's easy to run out of MP or SP 
and then get mauled. As long as you avoid double, you'll be good here. 

VI.) La Sirene

Location: Carribean Ship

HP: 300
MP: 168
Class: Light
Party/Levels: Shania (13)
Difficulty: 2/5

Strategy: La Sirene is another Shania-only fight. She's not hard, but
she does do fake ring so bring a pocket watch. Her other attacks are 
pretty basic - barrier to up SDef, physical attack, yada yada. She
starts out with 1 stock, so hard hit her and do the same throughout
the fight to make you sure you don't get doubled. I'd suggest doubling
her when she's about to die and only then. I use Thunder Bird, but 
Tatanka should do fine as well. If you're lucky, you won't even need to
heal; fake ring is the only thing that could mess you up in this fight.

VII.) Malice Edna

Location: Las Vegas
HP: 1670
MP: 404
Class: Water
Party/Levels: Ricardo (16), Shania (16), Johnny (15), Mao (16)
Difficulty: 2/5

Strategy: You have Arc Cure. Use it. Edna's attacks include Black Hole 
(50-70 damage to an area), Hail Dust (similar), mental break to all, 
and sage to up her Black Hole damage. If you have Red Nova, use it - 
not only is it fire-classed but it also hard hits, so you don't have to 
worry about her double attack. Either Arc Rage or Arc Gale will be good 
here, depending on your preference. She isn't especially hard as long as
you keep your HP high enough.

VIII.) Jeb Niglas

HP: 2020
MP: 382
Class: Light
Party/Levels: Johnny (16), Shania (18), Mao (18), Natan (17)
Difficulty: 4/5

Strategy: This thing's sexy. Jeb attacks with Bright Oracle (about 100
to an area), Seal to all (this sucks), a hard hitting physical attack 
for 100+, Barrier, and Wipeout, which is similar to Bright Oracle. If 
you've got any Bell Bracelets, equip them on whoever has Arc Cure. it's 
not especially necessary, though. Arc Heal also works. 

Start the fight off by doing as much magic as you can, since that's likely
the only time you're going to be able to. This includes stat-ups like Arc
Gale or Arc Rage; Arc Gale to be safe or Arc Rage to end it fast. As long
as you're not in a position where you're having trouble healing, the first
half of the fight is pretty easy. This is usually only a problem if your
Arc Curer is sealed. 

For the second half, Jeb will put barrier up. Barrier just makes things
longer and now you'll have to deal with your characters having low SP. 
Trying to finish the boss off with a big combo doesn't seem to work so well 
and ends up with him doubling the hell out of you. Hard hit him whenever you
need to, cause double usually means that whoever's being hit is dead. You
can't really kill Jeb fast, so don't try. As long as you stay on top of 
your healing / your SP / his stock gauge, you're going to be just fine. It's
very easy to fall behind though, and if you do, good luck. 

IX.) Kerufe

Location: Machupichu
HP: 2380
MP: 474
Class: Earth
Party/Levels: Johnny (21), Mao (21), Natan (20), Ricardo (20)
Difficulty: 4/5

Strategy: No Shania for this fight. Is this a problem? Kind of. Kerufe likes
poison, he'll cast it on everyone. This isn't a problem, but if he does it
again, it's D. Poison to everyone, and that's a serious problem. Bring Arc
Heal to this fight if you can. Mao's second skill is also a lifesaver. 
Kerufe has a weakness to both phys. def. down and s. def down, so equip some 
ring items and see if you can lower them. If you're successful, combos 
will be very nice. Spells like Red Nova that do hard hit are nice to 
have here too. 

Kerufe also casts Gale, which means he might get a billion turns in a row if
you're not careful. You can counter this with your own Arc Gale if you so 
choose, as the crest can be found in this dungeon. Kerufe's physical attack
is nasty - 160 or so damage that can inflict slow. His last spell is 
"pre-ignition", a five hit, 100 damage area spell. 

Once you know Kerufe's attacks, how to fight him is pretty obvious. Once
you've got your poison sorted out and your Arc Gale on, whittle down his
HP. If you combine Arc Rage with P. Def down, this will go rather quick. 
The hardest part about Kelfi is when you're slowed, he's Galed and you're
running low on SP. You end up treading water and it sucks. It's not the 
hardest fight in the world, just don't let him get several turns in a row
on you or else you're screwed. 

X.) Killer / Daoros

Location: Vilcabamba


HP: 1450
MP: 222
Class: Fire


HP: 1250
MP: 264
Class: Water

Party/Levels: Johnny (24), Shania (23), Mao (24), Natan (23)
Difficulty: 5/5

Strategy: This fight is the first fight that I consider to be nasty.
Since there's two targets in this fight, it's very likely that you 
will get comboed/doubled unless you keep your eye on them. 

As soon as you possibly can, cast Arc Gale. This will help you keep
up with them. Use your hard hitting attacks and spells to remove any
of the stock gauge they have. They're going to do the same and they'll
beat the living hell out of you if you don't do this first. Killer uses 
a lot of fire magic and a nasty 20-hit physical attack; the snail uses
a lot of physical attacks, casts Arc Shield and casts Apathy to all. 
Killer also lowers your physical attack.

The best way to fight this fight is to be ultra-careful. You have to 
heal like mad, lower stock, cast stat-ups and still do damage. It would
be nice to focus on one guy, but I usually attack the one with the higher
stock gauge so they can't double me. I try and kill the snail first, but
ignoring Killer is just dumb. I flip between Fusions for Shania - 
Thunder Bird for Arc Gale / her hard hitting spells and La Sirene for 
resurrection and higher defence. Ideally, you'll be able to get them 
both with a single magic attack and combo them to hell, but this isn't
easy to do. If you've got Johnny's second ability, you can steal stock
from them since you're likely to have apathy for the duration of the
snail's life. Just make sure you've got Arc Gale going on for the entire
fight and watch their stock gauges and you should survive. 

(alternative strategy: if you're having real trouble, equip poison ring
items and physically attack Daoros. If it connects, you can just focus on
healing until it dies.)

XI.) Delget

Location: Aito Cave

HP: 3000
MP: 510
Class: Wind
Levels: Johnny (27), Shania (26), Mao (27), Natan (27)
Difficulty: 4/5

Strategy: Delget's annoying thing is a petrify to all attack. The good 
news about petrification: his rock attack won't hurt you. The bad news? 
His physical attack will instakill you. The worse news: when 75% of your
party is petrified, his stock gauge is going up like you won't believe. 
There's a good chance he'll petrify you and then double you, possibly
killing you right there.

Any petrification protection you can find is good, especially on
whoever has Arc Heal (or, if you've got it, Mao's second skill). Pocket 
watches are also very, very nice. He also has a nice physical attack 
that includes fast ring and a nasty earth-based area attack. 

This is a broken record, but cast Arc Gale. Once you've done this, hard
hit the boss. Because his physical attack hits so hard, I also cast Arc
Shield. From there, the only thing you have to worry about is his 
petrify attack (which is a huge worry). Mao is hella useful here thanks 
to his status-clearing ability, which will heal both fast ring and
petrification. Once you've gotten this far, it's just a matter of 
slowly taking his HP down. Arc Rage is nice for doing this, but with
Arc Gale and Shield it's almost too much, especially since his 
Petrify attack will negate status ailments.

When you've gotten his HP below half, he'll use energy charge. This 
will likely kill one of your party members, so just be ready to heal. 
When you get him down to about 800, a nice big combo will finish him.

XII.) Killer

Location: Uyuni Salt Mine

HP: 3600
MP: 562
Class: Fire
Party/Levels: Johnny, Shania, Mao, Natan (30)
Difficulty: 3/5

Strategy: Killer starts with two stocks, so do something about that. 
Killer's physical attack causes instant death, so all the leonardo's
bears you have will be a good idea. La Sirene's resurrection, like
always, is extremely helpful. He still has his 20 hit knife attack,
and that does over 200 damage. His other attack is red gravity, a 
nasty fire area spell that does hard hit. 

Start the fight off casting Arc Gale. You're likely going to need to 
re-cast it thanks to all the death Killer will be doing, but it's
worth the extra turns. The death attack actually isn't the nastiest
part, it's the Red Gravity that will do 200-250 to an area. If this
hits two or three party members, it's not fun to recover from. 

This fight is easier than the previous couple you've done. Killer 
hits hard, but he's not as fast as others and doesn't cast any 
stat-up spells... at least not for a while. Eventually he'll cast
Gale, and that sucks. When this happens, you -have- to keep yourself
in constant Arc Gale mode or else you're going to have trouble finding
the turns to deal damage.

Arc Rage is really nice in this fight, it seems like it doubles your
attack and makes the fight go a lot quicker. When you've got him 
under 1000 HP, put together a four person combo and he'll be done 
before you know it. He's weak against P. Atk Down, so try that out.

XIII.) Tamaris

Location: Garland Residence

HP: 3900
MP: 666
Class: Light
Levels: Johnny (33), Natan (33), Shania (32), Mao (33)
Difficulty: 2/5

Strategy: Tamaris is one sexy mother. His status ailment of choice
is panic - he has an attack that casts panic on all. Tatanka's 
Howling spell will come in handy in this fight, or you may want to 
use Arc Heal / Mao's second ability. His physical attack hurts and 
his area spell (Bright Decide) just sucks. He doesn't really have
anything else that's of interest.

As usual, use Arc Gale. he seems to counter Arc Gale with Barrier,
which doesn't make much sense but whatever. He also seems to 
counter Arc Rage with Shield. The tradeoff for Arc Gale is definitely 
worth it, so don't be worried about him upping SDef - you can just 
physically maul him, anyway. 

When he's almost dead, he'll "sneeze" a character out of battle, just
like the boss of Queen's Garden in SH2. This is the only time where 
the fight gets hard. Therefore, you want to finish Tamaris off with a
big combo so he doesn't get a chance to do this. Fuse into Awaker, 
D. Combo, do whatever you need to do to get it over with. It's the
only tricky part of the fight, really. 

Laslty, Tamaris has a weird weakness - Blood Loss. Equip it and you 
have a small chance of doing insane (3/4 current HP) damage. 

XIV.) Malice Killer

Location: The Gate

HP: 4200
MP: 703
Class: Fire
Party/Levels: Shania (46), Natan (43), Mao (44), Johnny (46)
Difficulty: 3/5 if equipped properly

(note: at this point, you can go do an absolute crapload of sidequests
if you so choose. I didn't my first time through, but the second time 
through I did, so I'm of a much higher level. They aren't necessary 
for beating these bosses (though the last boss may have something to 
say about that), but that's the reason my level will jump at this point.)

Strategy: Malice Killer's physical attack does death and he has an 
ability that does Seal to all. If you try fighting him without
death protection, you're going to have some trouble. I suggest buying
four leonardo's bears and one or two bell bracelets for your healers. 

Once you've done this, Malice Killer ain't bad. He's got a good amount 
of stock, so remove that first. Once you've got that set, Arc Gale like
usual. Killer's physical attack is not bad at all if you know how to abuse 
it. He's weak to Phys. Def Down, so equip a ring accessory that does that
and hit him with it. If the damage is down and the death is nullified, 
Killer is pretty simple. His dangerous attack is Red Crest, which hits
a large area and lowers your phys. attack. 

Once Killer's physical attack is tamed, cast Arc Rage. If you get hit
with phys. def down, you can cast Arc Heal if needed. This only makes
the fight longer, anyway. When he gets low, he'll use Energy Charge,
so make sure his physical attack is lowered at this point and your HP
is high. As long as you come equipped and can survive Red Crest, this 
fight isn't bad at all. It's tough to pull a combo off because he's
always lowering your stock, so you'll have to kill him 200 damage at a

XV.) Malice Gilbert

Location: The Gate

HP: 4700
MP: 812
Class: Dark
Party/Levels: Shania (47), Natan (44), Mao (45), Johnny (47)
Difficulty: 4/5

(note: I'm not going to bother writing up a strategy for those Malice
Soakers you fight; if you can take out Malice Killer, you can take 
those things out with ease. Just don't use special attacks. P-Def down
works too. Okay, I guess I did write a strategy. Oh well.)

Strategy: Malice Gilbert is actually a little hard. He has a 15-hit, 
chain attack called Deep Grudge that he often tries to combo with Evil
Crest. This will likely kill a party member, so be careful. Arc Gale
will likely stop this from happening, but still, be careful. Gilbert's
physical attack does SP lowering, and he casts Panic on all, so have 
Tatanka's Howling spell ready. Panic to all makes this fight quite
annoying. It's up to you whether you want to heal Panic or not - he's 
going to do it again, but healing it might be a good idea anyway. 

You can lower his S. Atk using Ring Accessories, which will lower his
Evil Crest damage by a lot. (note: Evil Crest hits the ground, meaning
it will miss Thunder Bird.) Arc Rage is good for doing lots of damage,
and Arc Shield for lowering his huge physical attack. After that, it's
pretty simple - heal, heal SP, stat-up, and attack. Be sure not to 
ignore your SP - the first time I fought this fight, I won it with 
three guys at 1 SP. It's very easy to fall behind. 

XVI.) Lady / Malice unbral

Location: The Gate


HP: 2800
MP: 999
Class: Neutral

Malice Unbral:

HP: 7200
MP: 999
Class: Neutral

Party/Levels: Shania (48), Natan (46), Mao (47), Johnny (48)
Difficulty: Variable; if you don't do any sidequests, this is hard as 
hell; if you have, this can be quite easy. 

Strategy: Okay, first of all: please don't email me asking how to beat
this guy. When I first fought this guy, I was level 41 and died before
ever getting a turn. On low levels, s/he is very, very difficult. I 
nicknamed her/it "the Brick Wall", and the name seems to have stuck.

With that said, here's how the fight works: you can not hurt Lady until
the big blob thing is dead. She is invincible. Therefore, you're going 
to get pummeled with attacks from two guys at once. 

Lady auto-removes stat-ups, so don't even try that. On normal levels,
this is a very long, drawn-out fight. Here's a summary of their 

- zeal steal - the same as Johnny's second ability, steals 100% stock
from one character and gives 50% to her and 50% to the blob thing;
- ring abnormality - fast/reverse ring to all;
- calamity gaze - 10 hit attack that chains, approx. 250-300 damage
to all;
- hex erupt / cataract- 10 hit attack to a large area;
- crimson raid - one character, approx. 300 damage;
- entrance - magic damage + 125% for one turn;
- cure (+ 720 hp);
- malice dirge - 10 hits, 150-300 damage (usually used with double/combo)

First of all, make sure you have a combination of pocket watches and
crucifixes equipped. Lady's ring status spell is an absolute killer
otherwise. Surprisingly, she doesn't do any other status ailments..
though I guess her auto-remove status is bad enough as it is. The 
first half of this fight is pretty self-explanatory: be uber-careful 
and heal like hell. Use all the healing items you have and keep 
everyone's HP over 400. Keep hard hitting Malice unbral so he can't
double you, because if he does you're likely dead. Continue doing
this until Malice unbral is at about 4,000 HP.

This is the trickiest part of the fight right here - when Malice 
unbral's HP goes under 3600, Lady will cast Entrance, which will
up the next attack's magic power by 125%. Before you get this far, 
heal your HP and SP as high as you can - use Ta Tanka's Howling 
spell. Once you've got enough HP and SP, hit him below 3600 and
guard, using the second option to resist magic. Calamity Gaze
will do upwards of 600 damage, 300 (and 10 SP) if you're guarding.
If you survive this, start resurrecting the ones who didn't survive
and be careful of a double attack from unbral.

Once the whole entrance thing is over, go back to your old 
strategy, likely healing whatever SP you lost. Lady won't use 
entrance again, though she will use Cure when Unbral is nearing 
death (approx. 1500 HP). I've only seen her do it once, though, 
just like Entrance. When unbral is getting near death, feel free 
to pummel it with keys.

Once you've killed Unbral, this fight is essentially over. Lady
will use Malice Dirge (not sure what this translates to), which 
does 350 or so to all. Choose attack and the fight will be over. 



XVII.) Dana

Location: Dollhouse

HP: 5000
MP: 868
Class: Water
Party/Levels: Ricardo (38), Johnny (43), Shania (43), Mao (43)
Difficulty: 3/5

Strategy: Just like Delget, Dana does Petrify to all. Either buy four
Mirror Bracelets or find some Crucifixes - you can try equipping only your 
Arc Heal character with a Mirror Bracelet, but she moves so fast that you're
liable to get squashed. 

Dana's physical attack is pretty strong, about 300 to a character. Dana's 
other attacks: Hail Crest, which hits an area and lowers your evade, 
Black Hole and "dying", a physical attack that will hit you to 1 if it 
doesn't kill you. 

Dana's weakness is magic, and you can exploit this really badly. Equip 
someone with a S. Def Down ring item and hit Dana. Then cast Arc Surge. 
From there, cast Fire Magic as much as you can - mine do 300+ a shot. 
Continue doing this until she's low on HP - when she is, he'll cast Surge, 
which is obviously bad news. Hurry and set up a big combo and she should be 
dead. I can do 2000 damage with a big combo and Arc Surge, so you can 
probably pre-empt the surge. If Arc Surge or Gale runs out, be sure to 
re-cast it and you'll kill her in no time.

XVIII.) Tirawa

Location: Garvoy Valley

HP: 2100
MP: 999
Class: Neutral
Party/Levels: Johnny, Shania (45)
Difficulty: 4/5

First, erase the word "Tirawa" and replace it with "Seraphic Radiance" or 
"Dark Seraphim". That's what you're fighting here. Tirawa starts off the
fight using a hard hitting physical attack and "Shining Zephyr", which is
the exact same as For Tomorrow. When you've knocked him to half HP (1050),
he'll use "Sanlittobell", which is the same as For Everyone. 

The first thing to do is to cast Arc Shield with Johnny and Arc Gale with 
Shania. If Tirawa has enough stock to do a double, hard hit him. Once you've
healed and cast your status ups, attack with Shania and heal with Johnny,
watching Tirawa's stock gauge the whole time. If you get a chance, cast
Arc Rage. These stat-ups will run out, so when you're approaching your fifth
turn get ready to do it all over again.

You should be able to slowly lower Tirawa's HP. When he hits 1050 HP, he's
going to cast Sanlittobell, and that will make this fight infinitely harder
due to more speed, higher attack, higher defence, etc. When he's at about 
1100, make sure Arc Rage is on and use a key. If you hit it, you should
be able to kill Tirawa before he gets to the next stage. If you miss, 
Sanlittobelli won't instantly kill you, but you have to hurry or else he 
will. If you've used your keys or don't want to use them, just get a few 
more levels doing other sidequests and you'll be all set.

XIX.) Mudopkan

Location: Ghiana

HP: 5000
MP: 611
Class: Light
Party/Levels: Natan (38), Mao (42), Shania (41), Johnny (42)
Difficulty: 2/5

Strategy: Natan's final UMA casts Fake Ring, Up Ring and Random ring to all. 
Pocket Watches and/or Arc Heal will fix this. His other attacks are a nasty
physical attack and two area attacks: Clear Crest (which causes SDef 
Down) and Pre-Ignition. He also casts Gale and cures for 700 when low on 

Mudopkan is weak vs. PDef Down, so hit him with that, Arc Rage, and start
wailing away. He's not incredibly fast, but after Gale he might be too 
fast for you, so cast Arc Gale if you need to. The main thing to be worried 
about is his Clear Crest and being doubled - his stock gauge seems to fill 
up fast. Stay up with your healing and stat-buffing and this is not a hard

XX.) The Jonin

Location: Ninja Village

HP: 900
MP: 108
Class: Earth
Party/Levels: Frank (42)
Difficulty: 3/5

Strategy: This guy hits hard on lower levels. If you haven't been using 
Frank, he could kill you pretty quick. The first thing you'll want is a 
Shield stella - that will lower the damage he does to you. You can use 
stuff like Rage and Gale if you like as well, but that's kind of overkill
since you only have it for five turns. Watch his stock gauge and keep 
Shield up as long as possible. Ideally you'll have a Cure All stella 
equipped, but Thera Roots / Rhizomes will do. You should be able to 
beat him before you run out of SP. 

XXI.) Sushi Men's Place

Location: Rio De Janiero

Party/Levels: All, ranging from 43 to 51

Similar to the Man Festival in SH2, Sushi Men's Place is a whole bunch of
one-on-one mini-bosses that you have to fight consecutively. 

If you don't know what's coming, you're likely to get mauled in these
fights. After doing the initial five fights (these aren't hard), you'll 
get the chance to save and then have individual fights with your seven
characters in this order:

Natan - death
Shania - SP lowering
Ricardo - Slow
Frank - Fickle / Petite Ring
Mao - Seal
Johnny - Multiple - Paralysis / Venom
Hilda - death

The following equipment I consider to be absolutely essential if you 
want to win these fights:

Natan - Leonardo's Bear
Johnny - Crucifix / Rosary
Hilda - Leonardo's Bear

The following is not needed, but highly recommended:

Ricardo - Gale spell
Frank - pocket watch
Hilda - Rage spell

you can protect against the rest if you want, but they're really not
needed. Assuming you're equipped right, the hardest fight is probably
Ricardo's, because the enemy casts Gale and then slows you. Cast Gale
on your first turn and be really careful or you'll get rocked. All the
others are relatively easy depending on what level you are.

Hilda's, on the other hand...

Q The Great

HP: 900
MP: 458
Class: Wind
Party/Level: Hilda (43)

First of all, you'll get a choice of what form you want to fight in. I
highly suggest the first option, the Fat Mask, so you can utilize 
Grand Slam. 

The difficulty of this fight depends on if you use Hilda regularly or
not. Q will Energy Charge and then use a seventh key on his seventh 
turn,  so you have to kill him before then. His attacks include Grand 
Slam, a physical attack, and a Wind attack that inflicts P. Def Down. 

The best way to kill him before the seventh turn is to cast Rage and use
keys. On 43, I've managed to do kill him using just one third key - if
you've got an extra couple of levels, you won't even need to. Just heal 
when he attacks and use Grand Slam to lower his stock gauge since you 
won't have enough to hard hit. 

XXII.) Golden Tinny

Location: Arkham Pit Fights

HP: 10000
MP: 0
Class: Light
Party/Levels: it won't matter :)
Difficulty: either impossible or impossibly simple

Strategy: This dude is nuts. He's just like the Tin Lion from the SH2 
trials/pit fights, only this one's got 10,000 HP. After you take one 
turn, he kind of jumps ahead of you in line, hits you for 10,000+ damage 
and then double attacks four consecutive times until you're dead. Oh, 
and you do 0 damage to him. Fun! 

Of course, there's always a catch. Equip two characters with "Apathy"
ring items and two with poison. Apathy  will stop him from doubling
the hell out of you and poison (and subsequently d. poison) will kill 
him very fast. Even with these equipped, it's still a matter of luck, 
since if Apathy doesn't connect you're absolutely dead.

XXIII.) Envious Jealousy

Location: Purgatory

HP: 12000
MP: 999
Class: variable; takes the form of the last character you saved
Party/Levels: Johnny (58), Shania (56), Hilda (50), Mao (56)
Difficulty: 5/5

Strategy: First of all, some notes about Purgatory: Purgatory is a 
dungeon you can do once you've collected all 115 snaps; ie, after
you've done every sidequest. There are six minibosses, one on each 
floor of Purgatory, and none are very hard until the last couple. 
The basic strategy is to get Shania back as soon as possible, then 
cast her second ability (Sanlittobell). From there, just wail on the
bosses and you'll be fine. 

As for Envious Jealousy, he does the same thing Lady does - removes 
stat-ups. This makes the fight a lot harder. Envious Jealousy is 
pretty boring in his attacks - he attacks with crests of every 
element, which all do 500 damage to an area plus a random status 
ailment. He also has a hard hitting physical attack that does, you 
guessed it, 500. If you don't get your HP near full, you're going to 

Hilda is really helpful here. Get Hilda's calories to 100 for mask 
form. This will make her do huge amounts of damage. This isn't nearly 
as important as her third skill though, because that heals everyone 
to full. When he's doing 500 to all, you'll be so glad you have Hilda. 
The only problem is her speed. If she's not levelled enough or you don't
want to use her, Tirawa's first spell will also do. Thera Extracts and
Cure All are very nice, too. (XSeed made a mistake in the localization, 
by the way - Cure all does not heal all. Don't find out the hard way.)

Equipment's pretty big here - you need four crucifixes here. There
are four in the game - in the last dungeon, in the Dollhouse, in 
Galvoy, and in Frank's village's Momonga jumping. Get them. Besides
that, anything that ups your SDef is a good idea. 

Anyway, on to the fight. EJ starts out with two stock, so hard
hit him as fast as possible. If he doubles, he's going to do four
figures of damage, and that's certain death. If you can survive 
EJ's crest attacks, you can slowly knock his HP down. Fuse into 
Tirawa and Awaker. If he moves too fast for Hilda to get an all heal 
in, combo him and heal. Be sure to watch your SP, especially Awaker's. 
You've probably got a lot of Refines/Extracts, so don't be afraid to
use them. You can buy them from Gerard if you need some.

When he hits red HP (4000), he'll do my (and everyone's) least 
favourite attack, Spirit Ward. Spirit Ward is just cheap, it removes 
a character from battle. At this point, bust out all those keys 
you've been saving. I took him from 4023 HP to 0 before he ever
got a turn. The main thing to watch out for here is his stock, 
since you might mess up a couple of keys. Don't try to kill 
him all at once, but definitely do as much damage as you can. He's
not terribly hard as long as he doesn't one-hit you. 


VII.) Credits and Thanks

- First of all, maskrider is to the Shadow Hearts community as 
Jesus Christ is to Christianity. His website (http://z-o-g.org)
is an indispensible resource that I use practically daily. 

- LastFencer and tsurara_mai, both of which have helped me with
translations and where to go. 

- #shadowhearts on espernet.
- Nautilus/Aruze, for ruling in general.

VIII.) Contacting

dyschordia242 at yahoo dot com. Strategies are muchly appreciated.
Proper English, too.

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