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FAQ/Walkthrough by tsurara_mai

Version: 0.99 | Updated: 06/24/07

   S H A D O W   H E A R T S : F R O M   T H E   N E W   W O R L D
                + Import Play Guide ver. 0.99 +

     "Perhaps, after all, America never has been discovered.  
      I myself would say that it had merely been detected."  
                                       -Oscar Wilde

   "America is so vast that almost everything said about it is 
  likely to be true, and the opposite is probably equally true."
                                       -James T. Farrell

F A Q    I N F O R M A T I O N

Begun: 7/4/05
Last Update: 6/24/07
Currently: 99% complete ... just a little bit further...

To Do List:
-Ricardo's Final Roots Item ~ Song Names
-Complete "The Gate" and Final Boss sections of the walkthrough
-complete sidequests: snap trading, pit fights
-check/complete item/magic lists
-update FAQ
-complete bestiary, update boss information

This FAQ is based on the Japanese version of Shadow Hearts: From the
New World.  Character, location, spell and skill names are subject 
to change with localization.  This FAQ contains Japanese characters,
you will need Japanese character support enabled on your browser to 
view the Japanese text portions properly.

This file has been written by a fan of the series for fun and to aid
non-Japanese speaking players in getting the most out of their 
Imported version.  It's designed, when possible, to be user-friendly
to those who don't read/understand Japanese, but some knowledge of 
katakana and kanji recognition is advisable before playing any 
import game.  This guide is not intended to compete with or replace 
any other published game guides.  All translations are my own 
property and are not to be reproduced without permission.

While the file is in its current, unfinished state, I ask that no
one but Gamefaqs(www.gamefaqs.com) host it.  Simply because it's
easier to update and correct one file in one location than it is to
keep track of 30.  Until it's at least 1.0, this FAQ may not be
posted on any 3rd party sites.

I can be contacted about this FAQ at tsurara(a-t)gmail(d-o-t)
com free to email with suggestions/corrections.

Please note that I will not give help to people reguarding further 
translations, bootlegged copies, or technical support.

Due to the inclusion of some translations and summaries, this FAQ 
may contain minor/moderate spoilers... consider yourself warned.  

If you find any mistakes (I'm sure there are a lot) please let me
know.  I'm happy to credit you for any corrections made.

V I E W I N G   J A P A N E S E   T E X T

Since the #1 Frequently Asked Question about this FAQ has been "How
can I see the Japanese?!"  I figured this addition was in order.

First right-click anywhere on the browser window with your mouse,
choose "Encoding", Choose "Japanese (Shift JIS)" or "Japanese (Auto

If that doesn't work, you probably don't have Japanese character 
support installed on your browser.  

Try the following websites for more information about installing 
Japanese support for Explorer other browsers.


G A M E   I N F O R M A T I O N

Shadow Hearts: From the New World is an indirect sequel to ARUZE's 
"Shadow Hearts" and "Shadow Hearts 2" (in turn, spin-offs of the 
Playstation survival horror game "Koudelka").  It requires no 
previous knowledge of the series to play, but does carry over system
elements, characters and story elements from the previous games in 
the series.

Released on 7/28/05 (7/27/05 in Hong Kong), the game is available 
for both individual sale and as part of a special "Premium Box" set.
The box set includes a T-shirt (labelled "free-size"... but very 
large!), a keychain modelled after Shania's earring, a cellphone strap
featuring the three Valentine siblings as bats, a "Special Sound cd",
a making-of DVD and a B5 notebook modelled after the in-game porno 
mag "N.Y. Heaven".

Retail price for the game itself is 7,329 yen.  The box set is 
suggested to retail at 12,390 yen.

Dissappointing Japanese sales, especially of the over-produced box 
set resulted in a dearth of cheap boxes available both new and used 
for very little more than the cost of the game itself.

A 2nd Edition of the game was also published and sold pre-packaged 
with a strategy guide. 

Preorders of the game's 1st edition included an ARUZE-issued 44-page 
sketch booklet with line-art from the Shadow Hearts game series.  

The age rating for this game in Japan is CERO 12 (for users 12 and 

The series' webpage is located (in Japanese) at 

The game is liscenced in North America by XSeed.
The game is liscenced in Europe by Ghostlight.

T A B L E    O F    C O N T E N T S

I. Story Information
   a. Prologue
   b. Opening Movie Translation
II. Characters
   a. Playable Characters
        1. Johnny
        2. Shania
        3. Natan
        4. Frank
        5. Mao
        6. Hilda
        7. Ricardo
        8. Recommended Parties
   b. Supporting Cast	
III. System/Controls
   a. The System
   b. Controls
   c. Menu Translations
        1. Start Menu
        2. Command Menu
        3. Ring Custom Menu
        4. Property Menu
        5. Character-Specific Menus
IV. General Tips
V. Walkthrough
VI. Sidequests
   a. General sidequests
   b. Johnny
   c. Shania
   d. Natan
   e. Frank  
   f. Mao
   g. Hilda
   h. Ricardo
VII. Items/Accessories
   a. Items
   b. Accessories
   c. Key Items
   d. Ring Customization Items
VIII. Stellar Magic
   a. Stellar Charts
   b. Setting Stellar Magic
   c. Using Stellar Magic
   d. Baigen's Pricelist
   e. Spell List
   f. Combo Magic
IX. Bestiary
X. Additional Translations
   a. End Song: "Spread My Wings"
   b. Weekly Famitsu 8/5/05 Review
XI. Related Merchandise
   a. Premium Box Contents
   b. Preorder Bonuses
   c. Other Merchandise
XII. Frequently Asked Questions
XIII. Credits

I. S T O R Y    I N F O R M A T I O N


"The year 1929.

The American continent is seized by violence and the power of 

Several years before, Johnny was involved in a big accident, one 
that robbed him of his family and his precious memories.

His father left an enourmous inheritance but, Johnny hates what he's
inherited and now operates a Detective Agency together with his 
butler.  From the moment he awoke after the accident to the present,
there have been whispers of strange phenomenon occurring across the 
United States.

Pale green distortions in the sky are appearing from which terrible
monsters seem to be spawned, the people call them "windows."

A woman of Native American blood, Shania, makes it her job to 
dispatch the monsters that the windows spawn and has travelled the 
continent doing just that.

One fateful day, Johnny recieves a request.  It seems a suspect in a
violent incident has escaped while on bail and Johnny is to look for

Almost as if the whole situation were a setup, Johnny finds his 
quarry all too easily.

However, something goes very very wrong.

From the window at the man's back, an ominous distortion appears 
from which emerges an odd-looking creature.

Swallowing the man in one gulp, the monsters turns its fangs toward
Johnny, but in an instant a figure crashes down from the heavens and
descends between Johnny and the monster.

A fantastic figure like that of a bird and human combined... shining
pale light from her body--"

(translated from shadowhearts.net)


(Johnny's Monologue)

"along with my memory...
my family is gone
when I woke up in the hospital
the doctor told me that there had been a terrible accident
my father and older sister died
in a blaze of crimson fire
and what's more
I can't even remember how horrible it must have been..."

II.  C H A R A C T E R S

(basic profiles are my own cruddy translations from 


~characters that can be switched in and out of your main party~

1. + JOHNNY +

Real Name: Johnny Garland
Japanese: ジョニー・ガーランド
Age: 16 
Sex: Male
Affinity: None
Weapon: Malice Blade (knives)
Specialty: Handy Tools (Malice)
Joins in: New York

Child Private Detective.

He's lost his father and older sister in an accident that left him 
with significant gaps in his own memory.

After recovering and leaving the hospital, he didn't much care for 
the idea of taking over his father's business and instead opened a 
Detective Agency.  Business was good, but the requests that came in 
were mostly nonsense (things like missing cats and cheating wives).

That is, until a suspicious man files a request with the agency, 
one that will make him face his own forgotten past.

He likes to win and is almost always straining to be taken more 
seriously because of his age.  He's reckless and sticks his nose 
into all sorts of things but often finds himself too weak to handle 
the consequences.

Staff Comment: "He's a selfish boy who thinks he can do anything.  
But I think he's got himself in over his head this time.  Please 
watch over him carefully."

Voice actor: Kuwamoto Kunihiro
Other roles: Hien (Shadow Hearts II), Komaza/Sumisu Tsurugi (Naruto)

Probable Name Origin: History points to two probable "John Garland" 
namesakes ~ a soldier in the Mexican and Civil Wars who lived from 
1792-1861 and died in New York City; a 13th century English poet and 
student of John of London (who was one of Roger Bacon's masters). 

Strengths/Evaluation:  Johnny starts out the game as a good 
mid-level fighter and mid-level magic user.  Later he's limited
by his max-3 hit areas and low SP, but through his sidequests and a 
later plot development he becomes the probably the most balanced and
competant offense/support team member you'll have.  His stock 
manipulation skills are unmatched and more or less required to 
survive some of the boss fights (including the last). You'll want 
him in your party at all times (and need him there if you intend to 
collect snaps or want information on bosses).  Ideally, Johnny 
should be equipped with a larger stellar chart than his default (I 
tend to use Gemini) and should be fitted with a variety of offensive 
and support spells.  Get his Suitoru ability and the "Panoramic Lens" 
accessory as soon as possible to make Johnny a bit more of a force 
to contend with.

= Random Battle Quotes =

Alright, look over here!  Say cheese!
Don't make light of New Yorkers!

= Handy Tools =

-Snap  (スナップ) 
     cost: 1 MP
     Johnny uses his trusty camera to take a snapshot of his foes.  
     The snapshots fill out monster stats in your Bestiary and are 
     also converted to cards that can be traded for items.  
-Suitoru (スイトール)
     cost: 44 MP
     Johnny uses the office vacuum clearner to suck the enemy's
     stock.  Enemy 100% stock down, Johnny 100% stock up.
-Call Phone (コールフォン)
     cost: 84 MP
     Johnny uses a cellphone to call Rene, who delivers a royal beating
     to whoever happens to be picking on his precious "botchama".  It's
     good to have a butler with Godhand :)

= Emancipate =

-Awaker (アウェーカー)
     cost: 4 MP
     Transforms Johnny into a much more powerful Malice-fueled version
     of himself.  ie. Gay Incan Stripper Johnny ^_^/

     -Dual React (ヂュアルリアクト)
        cost: 88MP
        non-elemental damage, 24 hits 
     -Iisaa Purge (イーサーパージ)
        cost: 300MP
        non-elemental damage to all, 33 hits

= Weapons =

Clip-Point (クリップポイント)
     cost: 580
     P-Atk +11, S-Atk +11
Wish Knife (ウィシュナイフ)
     cost: 870
     P-Atk +14, S-Atk +14
Guru Kakukuri (グルカククリ)
     cost: 1300
     P-Atk +20, S-Atk +20 
Assault Knife (アサルトナイフ)
     cost: 1960
     P-Atk +29, S-Atk +29
Claria Dagger (クレリアダガー)
     cost: 2940
     P-Atk +41, S-Atk +41
Oirun Knife (オイルーンナイフ)
     cost: 4400
     P-Atk +56, S-Atk +56
Dragon Tail (ドラオンテイル)
     cost: N/A
     P-Atk +64, S-Atk +64
     note: found in Garland mansion
Cherry Boy (チェリーボウイ)
     cost: N/A
     P-Atk +72, S-Atk +72
     note: Ultimate Weapon, obtained in Roswell
     ... "cherry boy" is popular Japanese slang for a virgin

2. + SHANIA +

Real Name: Shania
Japanese: シャナイア
Age: 21
Sex: Female
Affinity: Dark
Weapon: Tomahawks
Specialty: Entreating Spirits (Fusion)
Joins in: New York

Woman of the Galvoy tribe, possessing the beauty of the spirits.

Shania possesses a unique power allowing her to contract spirits 
in exchange for the use of special abilities.  Now, having left her 
village, she travels from place to place subduing monsters to earn 
a living. 

At first glance she seems an imposing figure, but every so often a 
very gentle smile tugs at her lips.  However, deep in her eyes, a 
core of strength and hatred burns bright.

During the incident in New York, she meets Johnny by chance and, 
feeling a strange power in their encounter, they continue to travel 
on together, but...

Staff Comment: "An independant and mature young woman.  And with 
those tomahawks of hers, she gives off a really strong impression.
If Shania is really our heroine, who's the hero?"

Voice actress: Nagata Ryoko
Other roles: Eclair (Kiddy Grade), Cynthia (Heat Guy J)

Probable Name Origin: Ojibway (Northeastern North American Indian) 
for "I'm on my way"

Strengths/Evaluation:  Shania is the Uru of the game.  She's your 
best physical attacker, has a 5-hit area max ring and can use her 
fusions to become even more powerful.  This time the fusions lack a 
bit in raw offensive ability... most of the offensive spells are 
either just normal mid-level stella spells or are dark elemental 
(which, incidentally, means they don't work against quite a few 
enemies you'd like them to).  She makes up for her lackluster
offensive abilities with a host of Arc-support spells (which can
be unlocked much earlier than they can be found as stellas) and some
very nice original support spells like "Howling".  Less versatile
and customizable than your other characters, but one of the most
straightforward to use.

= Fusions =

note: Shania's fushions all come with summon sequences.  While 
pretty, they suck up a lot of time and get old pretty quick.  If 
you'd like to turn them off, you can do so through the "Options"

-Thunderbird (サンダーバード) 
     Fetish: Eagle Fetish, Swan Fetish, Owl Fetish, Hawk Fetish
     Affinity: Dark (Wind)
     Skills: Mind Assault (マインドアサルト) - 1 MP, drains MP from target
             Gathering (ギャザリング) - 32 MP, warps all enemies into a  
                                 close grouping that can be easily
                                 hit in multiple-target spells
             Arc Gale (アークゲイル) - 18 MP, party speed up 25%
             Arc Mirage (アークミラージュ) - 18 MP, party evasion up 30%
                                    for 5 turns
             Baaru Load (バールロッド) - 20 MP, wind damage, 7 hits
             Baaru Blast (バールブラスト) - 18 MP, wind damage, 8 hits
             Evil Eye (イビルアイ) - 20 MP, dark damage, 1 hit
             Dusk Proud (ダスクプラウド) - 20 MP, dark damage, 4 hits 
             Evil Shade (エビルシェイド) - 24 MP, dark damage to wide area
                                    1 hit
             Ebony Cluster (エボニークラスタ) - 18 MP, dark damage, 6 hits
             Slash Rain (スラッシュレイン) - 34 MP, dark damage, 8 hits

-Ta Tanka (タタンカ)
     Fetish: Wolf Fetish, Bison Fetish, Horse Fetish, Bear Fetish
     Affinity: Dark (Earth)
     Skills: Howling (ハウリング) - 44 MP, nonelemental, return SP to all
             Inspire (インスパイア) - 52 MP, party's Stock accumulation up
                                for 5 turns
             Arc Rage (アークレイジ) - 36 MP, party's phys attack up 30% 
                                 for 5 turns
             Arc Surge (アークサージ) - 36 MP, party's S-attack up 30% for
                                  5 turns
             Rock Bump (ロックバンプ) - 20 MP, earth damage, 5 hits
             Rock Bust (ロックバースト) - 36 MP, earth damage, 2 hits
             Red Nova (レッドノヴァ) - 28 MP, fire damage 1 hit STKdown
             Red Bounce (レッドバウンス) - 36 MP, fire damage, 2 hits
             Dusk Proud (ダスクプラウド) - 20 MP, dark damage, 4 hits 
             Ebony Cluster (エボニークラスタ) - 18 MP, dark damage 6 hits
             Rumble Roar (ランブルロア) - 68 MP, dark damage, 6 hits

-La Siren (ラシレーン)
     Fetish: Orca Fetish, Shark Fetish, Dolphin Fetish, Whale Fetish
     Affinity: Dark (Water)
     Skills: Cure Plus (キュアプラス) - 12 MP, restores large amount of HP
                                  to a single target
             Ressurection (レザレクション) - 20 MP, revives one character 
                                      with full HP
             Arc Shield (アールシールド) - 18 MP, party's physical defense 
                                    up 30% for 5 turns
             Arc Barrier (アークバリヤ) - 18 MP, party's special defense up
                                    30% for 5 turns
             Hail Dust (ヘイルダスト) - 10 MP, Water damage, 3 hits
             Hail Solid (ヘイルソリッド) - 18 MP, Water damage, 3 hits
             Clear Race (クリアレイス) - 10 MP, Light damage, 2 hits
             Clear Oracle (クリアオラクル) - 18 MP, Light damage, 2 hits
             Dusk Proud (ダスクプラウド) - 20 MP, dark damage, 4 hits 
             Ebony Cluster (エボニークラスタ) - 18 MP, dark damage 6 hits
             Current Press (カレントプレス) - 34 MP, dark damage, 4 hits

-Tirawa (ティラワ)
     Fetish: Faruru Fetish, Hotoru Fetish, Shakuru Fetish, Chafuru
     Affinity: Dark (Non-Elemental)
     Skills: Shine Zephyr (シャインゼファー) - 84 MP, mid-level, 1 hit, drains
                                      enemy HP, same HP amount drained
                                      is restored to each party 
             Sunlit Bell (サンリットベール) - 72 MP, a mega-buff... speed, atk,
                                     and def up 30% for 5 turns.
             Luminali Flare (ルミナリフレア) - 120 MP, all levels, large area,
                                       NE damage, 30 hits

= Weapons =

Littlecrow (リトルクロウ)
     cost: 620
     P-Atk +12, S-Atk +10
Crazy Horse (クレージーホース)
     cost: 930
     P-Atk +15, S-Atk +13
Sitting Bull (シッティングブル)
     cost: 1400
     P-Atk +21, S-Atk +19
Whirlwind (ワ−ルウインド)
     cost: 2090
     P-Atk +30, S-Atk +28
Red Cloud (レッドクラウド)
     cost: 3140
     P-Atk +42, S-Atk +40
Black Hawk (ブラックホーク)
     cost: 4710
     P-Atk +57, S-Atk +55
Big Elk (ビッグエルク)
     cost: N/A
     P-Atk +65, S-Atk +63
     note: Pit Fight reward
Wild Mist (ワイルドミスト)
     cost: N/A
     P-Atk +73, S-Atk +71
     note: Ultimate Weapon, obtain in Galvoy Valley

3. + NATAN +

Real Name: Natan
Japanese: ナタン
Age: 35
Sex: Male
Affinity: Wind
Weapon: 2 guns
Specialty: Gun-Style (Gun-Fu)
Joins in: New York

He calls Shania "Ohime-sama" ('Princess') and follows her through 
sun and shadow.  A taciturn soldier of the Galvoy people.  He 
wields two guns as weapons and has adapted his own original style 
of physical fighting called Gun-fu to match.

He's a man of few words so it's easy to mistake him for a cold 
person but, the truth is that he's simply a calm person and prefers 
not to waste words over useless things.

Staff Comments: "His character design started out a lot more 
'biseinen' (pretty boy) but we kept playing with the design and this
is his form as he is now.  Now he's a much more imposing figure."

Voice actor: Kanemitsu Nobuaki
Other roles: Kato (Shadow Hearts II)

Probable Name Origin: Lakota (Plains North American Indian) for 

Strengths/Evaluation:  Natan is a mid-level offensive character.
He hits fairly hard on regular attacks and has a few hard-hitting 
abilities (when pumped with the UMA hunt sidequest).  He's not much
of an offensive magic user but he can be set up to buff and heal just
as well as the others.  His special skills are quite limited, all
carry the "Wind" element and are, frankly, pretty uninteresting ^^;
But darn it, he LOOKS cool.  Probably the least interesting character
to play with, but still, by no means a bad one.  You'll need to use
him for at least some of the UMA hunts if you intend to get all of 
Shania's fetishes and the good ending, so it's probably not a good 
idea to leave Natan on the bench for the whole game.  Natan should
get a new stellar chart asap if you intend to use him long term.

= Gun Fu =

-Slug Shell (スラッグシェル)
     cost: 16-64 MP
     wind elemental shooting skill, 8 hits
-Rapid Shot (ラピッドショット)
     cost: 20-68 MP
     wind elemental shooting skill, 9 hits
-Soul Baretto (ソウルバレット)
     cost: 84 MP
     wind elemental shooting skill, 26 hits     

= Weapons =

-Peacemaker Revised (ピースメーカー改)
     cost: 640
     P-Atk +11, S-Atk +11
-Scofield II (スコフィールドII)
     cost: 960
     P-Atk +14, S-Atk +14
-Alligator 45 (アリゲーター45)
     cost: 1440
     P-Atk +20, S-Atk +20
-Tyrant M26 (タイラントM29)
     cost: 2160
     P-Atk +29, S-Atk +29
-Mauser Custom (マウザーカスタム)
     cost: 3240
     P-Atk +41, S-Atk +41
-Diablos (ディアボロス)
     cost: 4860
     P-Atk +56, S-Atk +56
-Moutarubenon (モータルべノン)
     cost: N/A
     P-Atk +64, S-Atk +64
     note: Found in the last dungeon
-Missing 51 (ミッシング51)
     cost: N/A
     P-Atk +72, S-Atk +72
     note: Ultimate Weapon, obtained in The Grand Canyon

4. + FRANK +

Real Name: Frank Goldfinger
Japanese: フランク・ゴールドフィンガー
Age: 46
Sex: Male
Affinity: Light
Weapon: Handmade... swords?
Specialty: Brazilian-style Ninjutsu
Joins In: Arkham University (Underground)

An abnormal highstrung ninja who uses a suspicious style of fighting
and speaks broken-English (Japanese in the case of the Japanese 

His sense of justice is strong and he's quick to react to any he 
sees but he's too honest and trusting... to the point of being a 
bit of an idiot.

When he was young, he flew a one-man plane but crashed into the 
jungle of South America and apprenticed under the ninjas he met 
there.  He has a bad habit of finding odd things by the roadside 
and using them to construct his own ninja swords.

Staff Comments: "the guy says he's serious but, I think he's 
turned out... not to be.  The demon (hannya) he wears has a secret.
If you use him you'll find out (laugh)."

Voice actor: Ginga Banjo
Other roles: Giren Zabi (Mobile Suit Gundam), Zahha Torte/Narrator
(Bakaretsu Hunters), Clayton (Kingdom Hearts), Captain Blue 
(Viewtiful Joe)***

*** Frank's voice actor is 72 years old and by far the most senior 
voice-actor in the cast with over 70 roles in anime/games dating 
back to 1975.

Probable Name Origin: ???

Strengths/Evaluation:  Frank is a lot of fun to watch, and quite a
lot of fun to play.  His first skill is kind of annoying in that
it's a mid-air only attack (not terribly useful or user-friendly
so early on in the game)... but you'll need it for some of the pit
fights and quite a few more varied skills can be gotten through
a series of genuinely funny sidequests.  Frank should get a new 
Stellar Chart asap if you intend to use him long-term.

= Ninjutsu =

- Ninpou.Flying-Back-Sword-Pitcher(忍法.飛投手・剣)
     cost: 20MP
     summons a giant shurikan to deal light-elemental damage, 3 hits
     mid-air damage only
- Ninpou.Rolling-High-Wave(忍法.怒濤畳反転)
     cost: 36 MP
     light-elemental damage to enemies in a single line, 7 hits
- Ninpou.Big-Hannya-Explosion (般若大爆発)
     cost: 68 MP
     Frank uses the Hannya he wears to deal light-elemental damage,
     4 hits
- Ninpou.Snow-Cave-Fastball (忍法.雪洞剛速球)
     cost: 84 MP
     Frank goes bowling for monsters, light-elemental damage, 11 hits     

= Weapons =

-Strike Katana (伐刀)
     cost: 680
     P-Atk +12, S-Atk +12
-Needle Katana (針刀)
     cost: 1020 .... or picked up in Grand Canyon village
     P-Atk +15, S-Atk +15
-Petal Katana (弁刀)
     cost: 1530 .... or picked up in Roswell (Town)
     P-Atk +21, S-Atk +19
-Cold Sword (冷刀)
     cost: 2300 .... or picked up in The Carribean
     P-Atk +30, S-Atk +28
-Point Sword (点刀) 
     cost: 3440 .... or picked up in Rio
     P-Atk +42, S-Atk +40
-Wood Sword (木刀)
     cost: 5160 .... or picked up in Moana Village
     P-Atk +57, S-Atk +55
-Saintly Sword (聖刀)
     cost: N/A ... picked up in Unyu Salt Lake
     P-Atk +65, S-Atk +63
-Hot Sword (熱刀)
     cost: N/A
     P-Atk +73, S-Atk +71
     note: Ultimate Weapon, obtained from Britney in Rio 

5. + MAO +

Real Name: Mao
Japanese: マオ
Age: 100 or more
Sex: Female
Affinity: Water
Weapon: Sake Bottle
Specialty: Drunken Mastery (NyanCoins)
Joins In: Alcatraz

A gigantic housecat that can speak in human words.

Having come all the way from Asia to America, though many twists and
turns, she has somehow become a chronic dinner (and drinking) guest
of the Mafia in Chicago.

Her enormous love of alcohol leads her to be more often drunk than 
not, but Mao's senses are actually sharper when she's had a bit too 
much to drink and has mastered use of "Drunken Arts".

Though she's a bit of a villain at heart and a natural crime boss, 
she's the victim of a one-sided student-master relationship with 

Staff Comments: "Loves alcohol.  The large appearance and striking 
voice make for an interesting feeling.  There will also be 
cat-specific events available for Mao.  Normal people can't enter 

Voice actor: Gujira
Other roles: ??

Probable Name Origin: Chinese for "cat"

Strengths/Evaluation:  Mao can be an amazing hybrid offensive/support
character, but requires quite a bit of work to reach her full
potential.  If you don't want to devote hours to killing enemies
with Neko touch and defeating the cat masters to level up and obtain
skills for Mao, you might want to pass on using her.  If you don't
mind the extra hassle, Mao has a fun cure-all-status spell, a 
raise-all spell and can power up Neko touch to be damn devistating.
Mao is also a decent magic-user, but given her special abilities,
you really don't need to equip her with very much to make her a
powerhouse.  The stellar chart she comes with is fine for the first
half of the game, if you've got better ones lying around, switch her
chart to one of those... but chances are, you'll use Mao mostly for
her special abilities: not her magic.

= Drunken Cat-Mastery =

-Neko touch (ネコタッチ)
     cost: 16 MP
     physical, water-elemental, 3 hits
-Neko touch Lv 2 (ネコタッチLv2)
     cost: 32 MP
     physical, water-elemental, 5 hits
-Neko touch Lv 3 (ネコタッチLv3)
     cost: 64 MP
     physical, water-elemental, 7 hits
-Feast of Purity (浄化の宴)
     cost: 18 MP
     clears all ring and status affects from all party members
-The Best Medicine (百薬の長)
     cost: 64 MP
     raises all dead party members
-Holy Grail (廟清の杯)
     cost: 88 MP
     water damage to a large area, 5 hits

= Weapons =

-Prosperity Rain (及時雨)
     cost: 990
     P-Atk +13, S-Atk +15
-Bubble Man (泡沫人)
     cost: 1490
     P-Atk +19, S-Atk +21
-Cactus Drop (カクタスドロップ)
     cost: 2230
     P-Atk +28, S-Atk +30
-Corrida Joraru (コリーダジョラル)
     cost: 3340
     P-Atk +40, S-Atk +42
-Heaven's Drops (天幕ノ雫)
     cost: 5010
     P-Atk +55, S-Atk +57
-Snowman Container (雪樹門)
     cost: N/A
     P-Atk +63, S-Atk +65
     notes: found on the 6th floor of Uyuni Salt Lake
-Dragon Flask.Heaven's Virtue (龍角泉・天徳)
     cost: N/A
     P-Atk +71, S-Atk +73
     notes: recieved in the back room of the speak-easy after the Gate
            has been opened

= Nyancoins =

  鯖	- "mackerel" - blue
  蛸	- "octopus"  - red
  帆立 	- "scallop"  - bronze
  海老	- "shrimp"   - silver
  鯛	- "bream"    - gold

6. + HILDA +

Real Name: Hildegard Valentine
Japanese: ヒルデガルド・ヴァレンティーナ
Age: Unknown (a bit under 400)
Sex: Female
Affinity: Earth
Weapon: Magic Stick
Specialty: Calorie Count (Magical Arts)
Joins In: Roswell

A vampire from the Blue Castle in Europe.  

She likes to pretend that she's the real heroine this time.  She 
came to America by rush travel in a friend's place but lost momentum
and crashed prematurely.  As a result, she's been mistaken for an 

By consuming calories she can transform into various forms.  While 
her her true self is the brash and selfish little girl at the center
of it all, when transformed she becomes much more kind and ladylike,
but there's a catch... 

Staff Comments: "To make it perfectly clear, she transforms into 
that (laugh).  She's kind of a brat but, when she changes to her 
other form, her personality undergoes a big change too."

Voice actor: Kanda Rie
Other roles: Izumi Sakibara (Asagiri no Miko), Anna (Gakuen Alice)

Probable Name Origin: Scandinavian "Protector", possibly after Saint
Hildegard (12th century)

Strengths/Evaluation:  Hilda is THE magic-junkie's character.  Hilda
is a phenomenal magic user, limited only by the pain inherent in 
maintaining and changing her forms.  Like Mao, lazy people will
probably want to park Hilda on the bench and keep her there,
especially since aquiring many of her abilities requires her to 
talk to specific NPCs in specific forms (meaning you can't just
choose a form and leave her there).  If you DO use Hilda, you're
really choosing to use three different characters: Glamour Hilda
(a support magic guru and hard-hitter), Slim Hilda (the offensive
magic freak) and the Pink Bat who is an overpowered physical 
attacker but has no access to magic.  As a bonus, Hilda comes with
probably the best default-stellar chart... too bad it's got so much
crap auto-equipped on it >_<;  Wipe the whole thing off and do your
worst.  With a chart full of good offensive spells and some good
support spells, Hilda can bring a whole lotta pain.

= Magical Arts =

-Calorie Drain (カロリードレイン)
     form: all forms
     cost: 20 MP
     drains calories from enemies to alter Hilda's calorie count
-Energy Charge (エナジーチャージ)
     form: bat
     cost: 59 MP
     damage up 125% for the next turn

= Weapons =

-Kind Star (カインドスター)
     cost: 1350
     P-Atk +19, S-Atk +21
-Brave Moon (ブレイブムーン)
     cost: 2030
     P-Atk +28, S-Atk +30
-Sunshine Love (サンシャインラヴ)
     cost: 3040
     P-Atk +40, S-Atk +42
-Trust Heart (トラストハート)
     cost: 4560
     P-Atk +55, S-Atk +57
-Crystal Orb (クリスタルオーブ)
     cost: N/A
     P-Atk +63, S-Atk +65
     note: Found in final dungeon
-Demon Key Hilding (魔鍵ヒルディング)
     cost: N/A
     P-Atk +71, S-Atk +73
     note: Obtained in Chelsea

7. + RICARDO +

Real Name: Ricardo Gomes
Japanese: リカルド・ゴメス
Age: 27
Sex: Male
Affinity: Fire
Weapon: Altered Guitar
Specialty: Guitar Performance
Joins in: Las Vegas

A free-living mariachi with a guitar always in hand.

Travelling alone in a dangerous world, he's equipped his beloved 
guitar with various "extras" as a means of self-defense.  He has a 
weak spot for women but he has yet to cross the line and holds back
for the sake of maturity.

For the last several years, he's been drifting from town to town 
using various names but he's settled in Chicago of late and plays 
every night standing on the same stage in the same bar.  The reason
for this is rumored to be a certain shady man's little sister, with
whom he seems to have fallen in love...

Staff Comments: "I guess he's Shania's male counterpart, huh?  He's
pretty cool, so we hope you'll enjoy him.  He's got some interesting
stuff crammed into his guitars, we wanted him to be kind of flashy."

Voice actor: Ebara Masashi
Other roles: Ziggy (Xenosaga), Hoenheim Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Probable Name Origin: Spanish "Brave One", possibly named after the
American artist Ricardo Gomez (born in New York in the 1940s)

Strengths/Evaluation:  Ricardo is the man.  No really.  Officially.  
His support spells require a bit of strategizing, but used in 
combination and at their higher levels, the seranatas are a godsend.  
He's also got some fire based elemental spells that hurt quite a bit 
and he comes pre-equipped with an awesome stellar chart WITH arc 
support spells on it!!!  As the game goes on and your other 
characters become a bit stronger and arc support spells easier to 
come by, you might find yourself not needing to rely on our mariachi 
friend  quite so much.  He does tend to become less orgasmic a 
character later on in the game when your other characters refine 
their own support abilities and become hard hitting all-arounders.  
You'll definately want to use him for awhile after you get him... 
but how long you use him is ultimately up to you (and how you choose 
to build your other characters).

= Seranatas =

Roots Item: Unfading Flower (色・せぬ乾花)
     -Melody of Joy (歓喜のメロディ)
          "Rainbow-Colored Oath" (虹色の誓い)
          cost: 20 MP
          returns a small amount of HP to each party member per turn
     -Melody of Rage (激怒のメロディ)
          "Blood Tide" (迸る熱き血潮)
          cost: 36 MP
          fire-based damage to a large area, 8 hits
     -Melody of Sorrow (哀愁のメロディ−)
          "Legend of the Red Bond" (赤い絆の伝説)
          cost: 20 MP
          returns a small amount of MP to each party member per turn
     -Melody of Love (愛情のメロディー)
          "Road to Glory" (栄光への道)
          cost: 20 MP
          returns a small amount of SP to each party member per turn
Roots Item: Old Person's Diary (老人の日記)
     -Melody of Joy (歓喜のメロディ)
          "Storm of Star Tears" (涙雨流星群)
          cost: 35 MP
          party immunity to bad and ring status for 3 turns
     -Melody of Rage (激怒のメロディ)
          "Boiling Firey Spirit" (燃え滾る闘志)
          cost: 35 MP
          party crit rate up 50% for 1 turn
     -Melody of Sorrow (哀愁のメロディ−)
          "Poem that Echoes in the Night" (月夜に響く詩)
          cost: 35 MP
          party evasion up 100% for 3 turns
     -Melody of Love (愛情のメロディー)
          "To the Unknown Tomorrow" (まだ見ぬ明日へ)
          cost: 35 MP
          party's stock accumulation up 50% for 1 turn
Roots Item: Girl's Letter (少女からの手紙)
     -Melody of Joy (歓喜のメロディ)
          "Treasure of a Lifetime" (一生の宝物)
          cost: 50 MP
          party's p-def up 25% for 3 turns
     -Melody of Rage (激怒のメロディ)
          "Some Far Off Day" (遠き日の決着)
          cost: 68 MP
          fire-elemental damage, 13 hits
     -Melody of Sorrow (哀愁のメロディ−)
          "Evening-glow Memory" (夕焼けメモリー)
          cost: 65 MP
          party's strike zone 20% increase for 3 turns
     -Melody of Love (愛情のメロディー)
          "If you cry" (もし君が泣くなら)
          cost: 50 MP
          party's P-atk & S-atck 25% up for 3 turns
Roots Item: Handwritten Musical Score (書きかけの楽譜)
     -Melody of Joy (歓喜のメロディ)
          cost: 65 MP
          20% HP restored to all party members each turn for 3 turns
     -Melody of Rage (激怒のメロディ)
          cost: 750 MP
          Third Key effect on all party members for one turn
     -Melody of Sorrow (哀愁のメロディ−)
          cost: 65 MP
          20% MP restored to all party members each turn for 3 turns
     -Melody of Love (愛情のメロディー)
          cost: 65 MP
          60% SP restored to all party members each turn for 3 turns

= Weapons =

Refinado (レフィナード)
     cost: 1990
     P-Atk +29, S-Atk +29
Salsarosa (サルサロッサ)
     cost: 3540
     P-Atk +41, S-Atk +41
Domidonaru (ドミドナル)
     cost: 5320
     P-Atk +56, S-Atk +56
Espurosion (エスプロシオン)
     cost: N/A
     P-Atk +64, S-Atk +64
     note: won in Harlem lottery
Diossa (ディオッサ)
     cost: N/A
     P-Atk +72, S-Atk +72
     note: Obtained in Harlem


Johnny + Shania + Mao + Hilda (slim)
Johnny + Shania + Frank/Natan + Hilda (fat)
(two of your four characters should have a range of support spells

Physical Offense-Heavy:
Johnny + Shania + Frank/Natan + Mao 
(with arc support spells equipped on either/both Johnny or Mao and
Mao's abilities up-to-date)

Johnny + Shania + Hilda (slim/fat) + Ricardo
(Johnny needs a new stellar chart)

In reality, any party can be built out of any combination of 
characters without much consequence to the final outcome of the
game.  So feel free to choose whoever the heck you like most.  Just
make sure you've got at least two characters who can heal, two who
can res and one immune to status with a clear-status-all spell. 
Work on the sidequests for the characters you use as they open and
you'll do fine with whoever you choose.


~reoccurring characters who feature heavily in the storyline~

+ RENE +

Real Name: Rene Curtis
Japanese: レニ・カーティス
Age: 40
Sex: Male
Affinity: Earth
Specialty: Everything from Accounting to House-work

Johnny's constant and able butler.

By day he's got his hands Real accounting for the Detective Agency.
By night he doubles as a homemaker and works hard at housework for 
Johnny's sake.

At first everyone in the neighborhood tended to distance themselves
from him because of his scary appearance but his gentlemanly 
behavior has earned him quite a bit of popularity around town.

Voice actor: Nakamura Daiki
Other roles: Haohmaru (Samurai Spirits), Date Seiji (Yoroiden 
Samurai Troopers/Ronin Warriors)


Real Name: Unknown
Japanese: キラー
Age: 24
Sex: Male
Affinity: Fire
Specialty: Unknown

For his own pleasure, he's stained himself with every sort of evil;
a man who hides himself in the American underworld. 

Wounded and surrounded by police in Brooklyn he was aided by a 
mysterious woman.  From then on, he became totally devoted to the 
woman he calls "Lady"

Voice Actor: Ishii Kouji
Other roles: Mitsukake (Fushigi Yuugi), Kimura (Azumanga Daioh), 
Ryuji Yamazaki (The King of Fighters)

+ LADY +

Real Name: Unknown
Japanese: レディ
Age: Unknown
Sex: Female
Affinity: None
Specialty: Red Light

A mysterious woman who appeared at night in Brooklyn.

In front of a group of relentless policemen she appeared suddenly 
and in the blink of an eye, robbed each and every one of life.  Her 
countanance registers no emotion and never does a single word pass 
from her lips.  What she's thinking, her goal, what drives her 
behavior... no one knows.

Voice actor: none worth noting


Real Name: Unknown
Japanese: ギルバート
Age: Unknown, but he looks like he's in his 40s
Sex: Male
Affinity: Dark
Specialty: Suspicious Research

A University Proffessor with a quite suspicious appearance.

He seeks out Johnny with a strange story and an even stranger 
request.  From his ominously smiling mouth comes a strange sort of 
laughter, and he speaks with an obnoxiously cocky manner.

He seems to know something about Johnny's lost memories...

Voice actor: Niko Yasushi
Other Roles: Keiji (Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex)


Real Name: Baigen
Japanese: バイゲン
Age: 38
Sex: Male
Affinity: Light
Specialty: small-scale metal-work

Astride his beloved bike, this metal-worker travels around America.
And riding in the side-car is his precious partner.  He works with 
your party in mysterious magic called "Stellar Charts" and can 
manipulate the lithographs that store spells.

From beneath his open-chested shirt, his chest gives off a dangerous
male pheremone...

Voice Actor: none


Real Name: Gerard Mazymell
Japanese: ジェラール・マジメル
Age: 64
Sex: Male
Affinity: Water
Specialty: Serving the Customer

A vendor who travels America with his new lover.

It seems that nowhere in the world is off-limits for this 
globe-trotting merchant.  This time around he's intent on following
Johnny and Company to cater to their every item need however remote
the locale.

Though his body's gotten old, he still has the heart and naievite' 
of a maiden.

Voice Actor: none

+ ANNE +

Real Name: Anne Lafite
Japanese: アン・ラフィート
Age: 8
Sex: Female
Affinity: Water
Specialty: Piracy

The captain of the Lafite Pirates who make their den by the 
Carribean Sea.

Her ill-fitting hat is a memento from her grandfather, the former 
Captain (the historical Jean Lafitte).  She's still quite 
inexperienced but, bolstered by the support of everyone on her crew
she's rapidly becoming a fine pirate.  Though she's still just an 8
year-old girl, she tries to speak with civility and refinement but 
sometimes shows a spark of cruelty and ruthlessness characteristic 
of a pirate without thinking.

Voice Actor: Wada Michiru
Other Roles: Sukeeru-chan (Soreike! Anpanman)

+ EDNA +

Real Name: Edna Capone
Japanese: エドナ・カポネ
Age: 21
Sex: Female
Affinity: Water
Specialty: Domestic Things

Al Capone's beautiful younger sister.

Quite contrary to her brother, Edna has no interest in his 
underhanded business dealings, she only wants to live a quiet life.
She had a love affair with a wandering Mariachi but decided to keep
it a secret from her brash older brother, who would no-doubt 

However small the happiness, those were good days but after one of 
the boys from an Irish Gang falls in love with her, everything 
begins to change...

Voice Actor: Sonozaki Mie
Other Roles: Aya Hasabe (Comic Party), Kei Kurono ~child~ (GANTZ), 
Uruka (Steel Angel Kurumi)

III.  S Y S T E M   /   C O N T R O L S


+ The Judgement Ring +

It wouldn't be Shadow Hearts without our old friend the Judgement 
Ring.  Once again the ring factors into everything from basic 
attacks to magic, combos and shopping.  Those new to the ring will 
likely find it frustrating/perplexing at first but the ring system 
here is smoother than ever and should offer no troubles to returning
franchise fans and patient gamers.

For those new to the ring: the yellow areas (hit areas) result in 
regular hits while red areas (strike areas) result stronger hits.  
Green and blue areas are prerequisites for magic or non-physical 
skills (again, hitting the red strike area will maximize your 
spell's affect, while hitting the darker blue areas nearer to the 
strike zone will increase the regular power of your spell... 
the green areas have no affect on strength).  If you miss a 
character's hit-area in battle, you'll lose the rest of that 
character's turn.  Item-use in battle works the same way, with red 
areas often enhancing the affect of any given item and misses 
resulting in failure.  Some monsters can inflict bad status on your
ring: contracting the hit areas, speeding up the ring or removing 
the visable hit-areas altogether.  These bad statuses can be a pain
in the butt, but items can be equipped to hold them off (like the 

Your ring performance also affects your game "score" and perfect 
performance during some battles can result in special items being 
dropped.  Even simple tasks like shopping and minigames like the 
lottery involve the Judgement Ring and being handy with it can be a
real advantage.

The ring allows several customization options: adding more hit 
areas, expanding normal hit areas, adding status effects to your 
attacks, expanding critical strike areas, and changing the 
type/appearance of your ring altogether.  Those who tire of the ring
or would rather play with a more orthodox RPG system can set their 
rings to "auto", at which point you'll be freed from the Judgement 
Ring in battle, but likely end up with a lower strike rate than you
would if you played the ring manually.

+ Ring Status +

The following ring status can be inflicted:

Blind Ring - the hit areas on your ring become invisable
Fake Ring - the hit areas on your ring will be randomly replaced 
            with fakes
Fast Ring - your ring will speed up about 50%
Fickle Ring - the speed of your ring will change at random
Slow Ring - the speed of your ring will slow down
Small Ring - shrinks your ring to half it's regular size
Tight Ring - the hit areas on your ring will contract drasticly
Up Ring - your ring will gradually build up speed throughout your 

only one item protects against ring status: the pocketwatch, 
fortunately that one item protects against them all.

There will, however, be situations in which a pocketwatch won't help 
you.  Some pit fights have mandatory status infliction and certain
items also carry default ring-status (Mind's Eye, Coral Lariet, etc)

+ The Stock Guage +

The big new introduction to the battle system this time around is 
the Stock Guage.  Located in a long yellow/green bar underneath your
character's other stats, the Stock Guage fills when you deal or 
receive damage.  Monsters can also take stock using special attacks 
or hard hits and the "Hard Hit" attack now consumes one stock every
time you use it.  When the Stock Guage fills, the tally on the right
(your "stock") increases by one.  Stock can be used to pull of 
combos, doubles and double-combos.

Depending on the amount of stock you have accumulated, new options 
will be unlocked on top of your battle menu: combo, double, and d. 
combo.  If you haven't got enough stock for the option it will 
appear in shadow.

Enemies can also accumulate stock and utilize it to unleash combos,
doubles and double combos against your characters.  The "hard hit"
option, as well as a number of spells and special abilities can drain
the enemies stock guage, preventing more damaging attacks.

Unfortunately, enemies can also hard hit you or inflict status that
will hinder your stock accumulation (Spiritless).

- Doubles -

The new double option allows a character to have, in essence, a 
double turn.  Choosing a double will delay your turn a bit, but 
when it does come around, you get to choose two actions in 
succession.  You can choose to double however you like: combining 
skills, spells, regular attacks, defending, covering, and healing 
options but you can't perform the same action twice during a 
double (ie. you can't double 2 normal attacks, two stellar magic 
spells, or two special abilities).  Using doubles consumes 1 stock.

When using a double, the judgement ring will change to reflect the 
two actions you've chosen in a single ring-face.  These rings will 
usually include both phsyical and magic/special hit-areas.

- Combos -

Combos involve attacking with multiple characters in a chain.  When
comboing, each attack in the chain will gain a damage bonus in being
linked with the previous... as you continue to link characters, the
damage bonus grows.  Chaining all 4 characters can result in some 
devistating damage, especially when using Double-Combos (next).

The combo system has been refined a bit from the last game, no 
longer requiring you to lump characters together into an 
easy-to-squash pile.  Now, your ability to combo is based on your 
stock guage.  For one stock you can initiate the combo system, which
is pretty much identical to the previous one.

After your first character attacks, the enemy is temporarily frozen
and the judgement ring begins to spin with a random key symbol.  Hit
the key shown on the ring and you'll be given the choice of a second
character to join the combo.  Multiple characters can be used in a 
combo (all of them if you like) but if you miss a hit-area with any
character or mess up on hitting the correct button to initiate a 
combo: your combo will be broken.  If you successfully chain combos 
between all your characters you'll end up hitting for quite a lot 
more than attacking solo.

Please note that though it only takes 1 stock to initiate a combo, 
each character who joins will also lose 1 stock in the process (and 
will require at least 1 stock available to appear on the combo menu 
at all).  Combos now carry over from one enemy to the others in any 
attacking group.  So a combo doesn't necesarily end when the 
initally targetted monster dies.

- Double Combos - 

If you've got the stock: this is where the real power is.  Each 
character you want to join the double combo will need 2 stock 

Otherwise this is exactly what it sounds like.  You'll be given the 
menus for a double but with the option to chain your doubles between
characters through the combo system.  

+ Regular Attacks +

   Normal Attack - default mid-level attack
   Hard Hit - an attack that drains the enemy's stock guage, costs
              1 stock
   High Hit - knocks an enemy into the air for another enemy to
              attack with a "mid-air" spell/ability or "knockdown"
   Knockdown - knocks an enemy out of the air for more damage

+ Area of Attacks +

Each offensive special attack or spell hits from one of three areas:


Each attack also sends the enemy to a new position depending on the
direction of the attack:


Information about the hit-area and trajectory of spells and skills 
appears on the bottom line of the screen whenever a spell or skill is 
highlighted in the battle or property menu.  The attack's target area
is shown by blue highlighted portions of three vertical bars, it's 
trajectory by an arrow pointing up, one or two pointing to the right 
or one pointing down.

Attempting to attack a flying enemies with an ground-based (low) spells 
or enemies that have been knocked to the ground with mid-air (high) 
attacks will result in miserable failure, broken combos and lost turns.  
Don't do it!

NOTE: the trajectory of the last attack will only affect the next 
character in line if you're combo-ing.  Otherwise, enemies return to
their original positions automatically.

+ Bad Status +

Death - instant death
Mind Break - automatic loss of MP each turn
Paralysis - inability to act, automatic skipped turn
Poison - automatic loss of hp each turn
Seal - inability to use anything requiring MP
Slow - reduces speed, turn frequency down
Spiritless/spiritless - no stock accumulation
Stone - inability to act, automatic skipped turn, suceptable to
        instant death

if all of your characters are afflicted with a status affect that
makes them unable to take their turns, you'll automatically get a

+ Bonuses +

Extra items and stock-guage bonuses can be earned through exceptional
performance in battle.  Any bonuses earned will show on in the top 
portion of your Success window.  Bonuses can be earned for (among

   - High hit count in combos
   - defeating monsters in very few turns
   - defeating monsters without allowing them to attack
   - ring perfect
   - combo magic finishes

There is also one in-game item related to your overall game score,
it can only be obtained with a high overall perfect rating.

Your game score will depend most heavily on your success rate with 
the judgement ring.  If you're playing for score: always try for
ring perfect.

+ Customizing Your Ring +

Each character has a unique default judgement ring that can be 
customized using certain items.

The Ring Custom Menu can be accessed through the main menu by
choosing "リングカスタム" followed by whoever's ring you'd like to tamper

The menu that appears is translated below

| Customize Selection                            |
| Hit Area Width                                 |
| Added Effect                 (Effect Name)(LV) |
|Number of Chances to Attack|  (number) times    |
| Ring Type                 |  (type of ring)    |
| Auto Ring                 |     (ON/OFF)       |

= Hit Area Width =

Increasing the width of the hit or strike areas on your ring can
be accomplished by collecting and using "Hit Area Expand" 
(ヒットエリア拡張) and "Strike Area Expand" (ストライク拡張) items.

These items are reuseable.  Decreasing the width of your Hit 
areas will return any used Expand items to your stock.

= Added Effect =

Added effects is used primarily to inflict status on enemies.
Ring effects can be added or removed at any time once their 
corresponding items have been found.

毒 - poison
麻痺 - paralysis
封印 - seal
石化 - petrification
即死 - instant death
無気 - spiritlessness
物理攻撃減 - physical attack decrease
特殊攻撃減 - special attack decrease
物理防御減 - physical defense decrease
特殊防御減 - special defense decrease
スロウ - slow
回避串減 - evasion decrease

= Number of Chances to Attack =

Each character has a maximum number of hit areas (between 3 and 5)
that can not be exceeded. Up until that set limit, characters can
be given additional chances to attach by using special items
obtained from the Ring Soul: Attack Number Increases (攻撃回数増).
Like the other Ring Custom items, these items are resuable.

= Ring Type =

For those looking for a challenge, or just to tweak the style of
gameplay to fit their own preferences, there are a number of 
different default ring configurations to choose from:

ノーマル (Normal) - the default ring
プラクティス (Practice) - no strike areas, only hit areas
テクニカル (Techinal) - narrower hit areas, very narrow strike areas
ギャンブル (Gamble) - only one narrow hit area controls all attacks

= Auto Ring =

Either you choose an auto ring or not.  There's not much more to
it than that.  If you've chosen auto ring, you won't need to deal
with the judgement ring but you will be penalized with a higher
than average miss-rate.


Circle Button - issue a command, inspect, talk

X Button - cancel a command, used in combination with the left 
           analog stick to "walk"

Triangle Button - pulls up main menu, cals up list-style stellar 
                  charts from stellar chart menu, calls up visuals 
                  and detailed descriptions of items from the item 

Square Button - pulls up the "sort" menu when used from the item 
                menu, toggles character action animation from the 
                "Personal" and "Libarary" menus, switches between 
                battle teams

R1 Button - toggles between stock guage options in battle, calls up
            a navigation map in dungeons

R2 Button - used to scroll within the item list, to switch between 
            location lists on the world map and to scroll through 
            the combat list in battle

L1 Button - switches between battle teams in the field, toggles 
            between stock guage options in battle, switches the 
            floor shown on the navigation map

L2 Button - switches between battle teams in the field, used to 
            scroll within the item list, used to switch between 
            location lists on the world map, used to scroll through
            the combat list in battle and and switches the floor 
            shown on the navigation map

Right Analog Stick - used to rotate characters/monsters in the 
                     "Personal" and "Library" sections

Left Analog Stick/arrow keys - character and cursor movement

Start Button - skips movies

Select Button - hides/triggers subtitles 


Note:  at the risk someone is playing an import version and doesn't 
already know this:
     This (はい) means "yes"
     This (いえ) means "no"
even if this is the only Japanese you manage to master through 
import gaming... please, for the love of God, learn it :)  It will 
save you a lot of headaches.

Also useful: the suffix "ーない" is negative, usually when you see this
as one of the optional answers to a question, it's your "don't do 
it" option.

1. = Start Menu =

     begins a new game
     continues from save
          -スロット1 (Slot 1)
          -スロット2 (Slot 2)
     バイブレーション (Vibration)   Off   Low   Hi
     BGM音量 (BGM Volume)
     SE音量 (SFX Volume)
     画面の明るさ(Screen Brightness)
     字幕(Subtitles)   On   Off
     フィルター(Filter)   On   Off

2. = Command Menu =

-アイテム (Items)
     brings up a list of normal items, useable items in white, 
     un-useable in gray
-ヒーリング (Healing)
     all characters with heal spells become optional, clicking the 
     character brings up a list of their healing spells.
-ステラチャート (Steller Charts)
     -ステラカスタム (Stellar Custom)
          from this menu you can set stella (spells) onto the nodes
          in the chart grids
     -チャート装備 (Stellar Grids)
          allows you to assign charts or swap charts between 
-装置 (Equipment)
     basically an "Equip" option, sets characters' weapons, armor 
     and accessories
     NOTE: the Square Button here can be used to "auto-equip" the 
     best armor and weapons.
-パーソナル (Personal)
     brings up character-specific menus to access abilities, stats
     and all character-related menus ...see #5 "Character Specific
-リングカスタム (Ring Custom)
     Judgement Ring Customization panel, see #3 "Ring Custom Menu"
-パトルメンバー (Patrol Members)
     sets up to three parties that can be switched between
-プロパティ (Property)
     Game information, collected items, bestiary, NPC library, spell
     list, etc.  see #4 "Property Menu"
-ヘルプ (Help)
     home of the "help" files, assuming you're reading menu 
     translations at all, these will be of little help to you, 
     since all explanations are in Japanese.  You probably don't 
     need it anyway :)
-オプション (Options)
     an expanded option menu
          バイブレーション (Vibration)   
                Off   Low   Hi
          サウンド出力 (Sound Output)   
                モノラル (mono)   ステレオ (stereo)
          BGM音量 (BGM Volume)
          SE音量 (SFX Volume)
          画面の明るさ(Screen Brightness)
                ~slide bar~
                Off   On
          メッセージ速度 (text speed)
                普通 (normal) 速い (fast) 一括 (bunch)
          カーソル位置 (cursor location) 
                記憶しない (don't remember) 記憶する (remember)
                Off   On
          フュージョン演出 (Fushion Intros)   
                短縮 (short)   通常 (normal)
          一括入力 (combo entry batch)   Off   On
-データ (Data)
     save/load menu
          セーブ (save)
               save your game, only appears when standing over a 
               save point
          ロード (load)
               load a saved game

3. = Ring Custom Menu =

-ヒットエリア幅 (Hit Area Width)
     allows you to expand or contract the hit and strike areas on 
     your Judgement Ring
-追加効果 (Effect-Added)
     allows you to add status affects to your attacks
-攻撃回数 (Number of Attacks)
     increases or decreases number of attacks on your Judgement Ring
-リングタイプ (Ring Type)
     -ノーマル (Normal)
          standard, default Judgement Ring
     -プラクティス (Practice)
          no strike areas
     -テクニカル (Technical)
          smaller strike areas that do increased damage when hit
     -ギャンブル (Gamble)
          Only one, smaller hit area controls all actions
     -リング自動化 (Automatic Ring)
          sets ring to auto, game will play like a regular 
          turn-based RPG

4. = Property Menu =

所持品一覧 (Personal Items Summary)
     キーアイテム (Key Items)
          shows key items
     アイテム (Items)
          shows regular (useable) items
     ステラ (Stella)
          shows collected Stella
     ステラチャート (Stellar Charts)
          shows collected Stellar Charts
     武器 (Weapons)
          shows collected Weapons
     防具 (Armor)
          shows collected Armor
     アクセサリ (Accessories)
          shows collected Accessories
     リングアイテム (Ring Items)
          shows items that can be used to alter your Judgement Ring
     スナップ (Snap)
          shows Johnny's collected snapshots
     フェティッシュ (Fetishes)
          shows Shania's collected fetishes
     にゃんコイン (Nyancoins)
          shows Mao's collected nyancoins
     ルーツアイテム (Roots Items)
          shows Ricardo's collected roots items
スキル一覧 (Skill Summary)
     ステラマジック (Stellar Magic)
          summary of Stellar Magic Spells
     運勢魔法 (Combo Magic)
          summary of special Magic Spells
     ハンディツール (Handy Tools)
          summary of Johnny's special skills
     特抜 (Fusion Magic)
          summary of Shania's fushions' special skills
     銃風 (Gun Fu)
          summary of Natan's special skills
     忍法 (Ninpou)
          summary of Frank's special skills
     猫酔の奥義 (Drunken Cat Mastery)
          summary of Mao's special skills
          summary of Hilda's special skills
          summary of Ricardo's special skills
ライブラリ (Library)
     モンスター (Monsters)
           bestiary including all monsters encountered in the game.
           If Johnny has taken a snapshot of the monster, a red 
           check-mark will appear beside its name and additional 
           stats will be available using the Triangle Button.
     キャラクター (Characters)
          NPC database
スコア (Score)
     your game standing and rank according to several different 

5. = Character Specific Menus =


能力値 (Abilities)
     displays Johnny's stats, circle button on this menu brings up a 
     list of equipped stellar chart + spells
スナップ (Snap)
     shows a list of Johnny's collected snapshots + tally of cards
     currently in possession, circle button on this menu lets you
     view the snap individually.
ハンディツール (Handy Tools)
     shows a list of Johnny's Handy Tools skills, circle button on
     this menu previews the ring configuration for each ability.
解放 (Emancipate)
     shows Johnny's transformations, circle button on this menu 
     brings up stats for the forms.
アフィにティ (Affinity)
     shows Johnny's compatability in combinations with other 
プロフィール (Profile)
     about Johnny's character...


能力値 (Abilities)
     displays Shania's stats
フュージョン (Fusion)
     shows available fusions, circle button on this form brings you
     to specific fusion sub-menus.
          特技 (special)
               displays spells and abilities for the chosen fusion
          プロフィール (Profile)
               about the chosen fusion form
          ソウルチャージ (Soul Charge)
               brings up a list of fetishes for the chosen fusion
               clicking each fetish individually will bring you
               to a bar that can be powered up with soul you've
アフィにティ (Affinity)
     shows Shania's compatability in combinations with other 
プロフィール (Profile)
     about Shania's character...


能力値 (Abilities)
     displays Natan's stats, circle button on this menu brings up a 
     list of equipped stellar chart + spells
UMAの情報 (About UMA)
     displays hints about various UMA given to you by the shaman
     or collected while tracking, circle button lets you view UMA
     information individually.
銃風 (Gun Fu)
     shows available Gun Fu skills and their cost, circle button
     previews ring configuration for each ability.
アフィにティ (Affinity)
     shows Natan's compatability in combinations with other 
プロフィール (Profile)
     about Natan's character...


能力値 (Abilities)
     displays Frank's stats, circle button on this menu brings up a 
     list of equipped stellar chart + spells
忍術 (Ninjutsu)
     shows available Ninja skills and their cost, circle button
     previews ring configuration for each ability.
アフィにティ (Affinity)
     shows Frank's compatability in combinations with other 
プロフィール (Profile)
     about Frank's character...


能力値 (Abilities)
     displays Mao's stats, circle button on this menu brings up a 
     list of equipped stellar chart + spells 
五重の塔 (Five-Level Tower)
     show's Mao's progress in fighting the Cat Masters.  Circle
     button will bring up a list of defeated masters and their
猫酔の牽奥義 (Drunken Cat Mastery)
     shows available skills for Mao and their cost, circle button
     previes ring configuration for each ability.
アフィにティ (Affinity)
     shows Mao's compatability in combinations with other 
プロフィール (Profile)
     about Mao's character...


能力値 (Abilities)
     displays Hilda's stats, circle button on this menu brings up a 
     list of equipped stellar chart + spells
カロリーメータ (Calorie Meter)
     displays Hilda's current calorie meter
マジカルアーツ (Magical Arts)
     shows available skills for Hilda and their cost, circle button
     previes ring configuration for each ability.
アフィにティ (Affinity)
     shows Hilda's compatability in combinations with other 
プロフィール (Profile)
     about Hilda's character...


能力値 (Abilities)
     displays Ricardo's stats, circle button on this menu brings up
     a list of equipped stellar chart + spells
セレナータ (seranatas)
     shows Ricardo's available roots items, circle button lets you
     choose individual roots sets and view abilities contained
     within.  You can also preview ring configuration by clicking
     the circle button on any given seranata within the roots sets
アフィにティ (Affinity)
     shows Ricardo's compatability in combinations with other 
プロフィール (Profile)
     about Ricardo's character...

IV.  G E N E R A L   T I P S

-> Snapping monsters has become even more important this time around.
   Snap EVERYTHING.  If you're collecting snaps with intent to trade
   or open purgatory, either consult a walkthrough before entering 
   a new area and make a checklist of how many of each snap you need
   or take 3-5 snaps of everything you encounter.  Nothing is more
   frustrating than coming up short when it's time to open purgatory
   and realize the snaps you need are gone forever.

   There's more than one way to snap a monster.  So don't PANIC if
   you find you've missed something.  Most monsters in the game
   appear again in Lovecraft's Pitfights and are snappable there.
   Just be careful not to clear the only fight that includes a
   monster you need to snap before you have enough snaps!!  

   Some snaps (like the cat masters) are not snappable in the context
   of the regular game.  They can only be gotten through the pit

-> Use everyone.  

   Now stop groaning... it's easier than it sounds.  Since sidequests
   open throughout the game and often require already visited
   locations to be tackled again, you can take a lot of the monotony
   out of the process by creating 2 core parties.  One for your
   main game and one for getting UMAs/Nyancoins/Hilda-form-changes
   outside of the main quest.  

   If you intend to tackle all of the sidequests, you'll be forced
   to use everyone anyway, so you may as well just go with the flow
   and do it all along.

-> Don't leave Johnny in his Awaker form too long!!

   Johnny has very low base SP to start, leaving him in Awaker sucks
   SP like crazy.  Unless you're using him in conjuction with
   Shania's Ta Tanka form and "Howling" every few turns, he's going
   to go insane on you.  Not to mention Johnny has a host of useful
   abilities that are unavailable when he's in the Awaker form.

   Unlike Shania, chances are you won't want to fuse Johnny and leave
   him that way for the duration of the battle.  Fuse into Awaker
   when you need Awaker's abilities... and fuse OUT when you're only
   using base phys attacks.  The stat bonuses aren't worth losing
   control of Johnny (especially if you've built him to support).

-> Use base stat boosting items IN-BATTLE.

   The seals that permanantly boost stats add more base stats when
   used in battle.  Using a seal out of battle will only add 1-2
   points, using it in battle will double that (best results being
   in conjunction with hitting the strike zone on your item-use 

-> Don't upgrade your stellar charts early in the game.

   You won't have any access to lv. 3 and 4 spells until the halfway
   point anyway... and by then you'll have MUCH better stellar charts
   at your disposal.  There's no point at all to upgrading your early
   charts beyond a few necessary tweaks to equip single, already-
   obtained spells (like "Raise Up").

   Don't go overboard.  Save your money.

-> Save often.

   Sorry to insult your intelligence by including this... but you'd
   be surprised how many people still need to be reminded ^^

V.  W A L K T H R O U G H

= NEW YORK: UPPER WEST SIDE (アッパーウェストサイド) =

First things first, head back into the Agency Office and collect a
"medileaf" out of the chest behind the sofa and another from the 
chest in the main office area.  Upstairs you'll find a Pure Leaf in
Johnny's guitar and a rest area that can be used for free HP/MP 
restore throughout the game.

There's also a "Talisman of Luck" hidden in the vase by the save 
point just outside the door. Go down the stairs to hear Johnny's 
introduction and learn a little more about his family and his lost 

When you regain control, you'll be on the stoop.  Talk to Joshua, 
the little to the left of the screen and he'll give you a tip about 
Times Square.

Leave the area and "Times Square" will appear on the map.

= NEW YORK: TIMES SQUARE (タイムズスクエア) =

Heading forward down the main drag, check behind the "Business Doors
Times" signboard for another "medileaf".  

As you make your way onto the 2nd screen in Times Square, you'll 
meet your amazingly gay Item Dealer Mazymell and his life-partner 
Baigen, who will help you out with Stellar Magic.  After 
"Johnny-chan" endures a bit of sexual harrassment Mazymell will give
you a point card and Baigen will give you your first Stellar Chart 
(Cancer) which will automatically be attatched to Johnny along with 
the "Hail Dust" and "Ice Edge" stellas.

You only have 300 by way of cash at the moment, so you won't be able
to buy very much.  Still, it's a good idea at this point in the game
to grab a few medileaves.  Don't bother buying tents, you'll find a
bunch right away.  You can't do anything with Baigen just now, so 
leave the couple to their own devices...

At the corner of Gepetto and Cornelia's you'll find a chest
with a "tent" inside.

Now look around in front of Gepetto and Cornelia's for an NPC 
walking around in a plaid shirt, talk to him and he'll tip you off 
about the next location.  

*if you can't find him, leave to the first screen and come back.  His
animation rotates so he'll be on the right side coming toward you 
when you re-enter.

Leave the area and "Chelsea" will appear on your Worldmap.

= NEW YORK: CHELSEA (チェルシー) =

To the right of the black car parked on the street is a hidden chest
containing a Coral Lariet.

Talk to the man on the street corner staring at the ERICK theatre
and he'll give you a hint that the man you're looking for probably 
went inside.  The door to the theatre is now unlocked, so save your 
game and then go inside...

Hidden in the bottom left of the 2nd screen you'll find a Mana Leaf.
In the first big room you enter you'll get into your first fight.  
Here you can choose either to watch a tutorial and have the battle
fought for you, or you fight it yourself.  Since the battle system
is nearly identical to that of SHII, returning players will 
definately want to skip this tutorial (the 2nd option).  New players 
may find the explanation useful.

If you choose to fight the battle on your own, make sure to get in
the habit of taking snapshots with Johnny's "snap" ability right 
away!  Snapshots can be used to fill in your Bestiary and to trade 
for valueable items later on in the game, always take a few snaps 
the first time you see any new monster.  After you've taken a
few portraits, just use your normal attacks to wipe these guys out.
There are no random encounters in this dungeon, but there will be a 
few more fights like this one, so if your health is low, don't skimp
on the healing items, also watch your SP in battle since it only 
takes a few turns for Johnny to go insane.  Though it may be worth 
dying at least once in this dungeon just to see Rene's dramatic 
rescue ^_^/

Go up the stairs and you'll automatically trigger a conversation 
with a little girl who's lost her brother while playing in the 
theater.  Being the upstanding Detective you are, you offer to help 
find him and tell her to wait for you right where she is.  As you 
try to pass another thug will run out at you from the stairs.

This fight has an optional Stock Guage tutorial.  The option is new
but fairly self-explanatory, so it's up to you if you want to let 
the tutorial handle this one or do it yourself (once again, to skip
the tutorial, use the 2nd option).  When they're gone, Johnny will 
recieve the "cure" stella and get the option for another tutorial,
this one on attatching stella to the Stellar Charts.  You can skip
the tutorial by choosing the 2nd option.  If you watch the tutorial,
 the stella will be equipped for you, if not, go ahead and do it 

Ignore the stairs for now and head all the way to the far right 
side of this floor and down the stairs, which are blocked by 
another thug-fight.  The stairs are blocked off but examining the 
rubble you'll fing a "Seal of Luck". 

Back-track, there's nothing in the first corridor to Johnny's right
but if you're looking to complete your map of this area, go ahead 
and take it to the empty room at the end and back.  Then take the 
next set of double doors on the way back toward the entrace.  To the
right of this room is a thug guarding a chest.  Make sure you're
alright on health then go for it.  Inside the chest you'll find the
"Aqua Edge" stella, go ahead and put it on. 

Leave this room and go on to the next corridor which has a visible
chest at the end holding a "medileaf".  Inside the door here is 
another thug in front of a chest, get rid of him and you'll get a
"leather belt".  Might as well put it on right here too since it'll
give you a bit more of an edge with the remaining thugs.

Go back to the staircase where you met the little girl and go up.  
The creepy opera music is getting louder... must be getting close.  
Once again, start waaaay down on the far right where you'll find
a chest holding another "medileaf", down the nearest corridor is 
another thug blocking your path and a door.  In here is the little
boy you've been looking for, so be sure to talk to him, you'll be
attacked again while you do.  In the upper righthand corner of this 
room (toward the screen) is also a hidden "pure leaf".

Back-track and go for the central door.  Inside the room you'll
find a chest with a "tent".

Skip the last corridor for now and bring the little boy back to his
sister downstairs.  In return for your kindness, you'll get a tip
about the man you're searching for (and the room will unlock).
After the kids run off, head back upstairs and down the corridor you
passed by before.  You'll get into another fight on the way. In the 
door at the very end of this corridor is a man complaining about how
loud the creepy opera music is, you don't need to visit him, but you
can if you like (and complete your map of the area while you're at 

Save your game and head out the wooden doors the little boy just 
told you about.  Cross the stone balcony and climb the fire escape
to reach the 4rth floor.  Go through the doors and trigger an FMV.

You'll enter into a boss fight with Deep One using Shania's 
Thunderbird form.

Deep One
  Element: Water
  HP: 160
  MP: ??
  Exp: ??
  Cash: ??
  Special Attacks: Hail Dust

Just beat on him with physical attacks and Dusk Proud, using healing
items when you're low on HP.  There's not too much to this guy, but 
be sure to watch your sanity points.  When you beat him, you'll see
another pair of movie sequences.

= NEW YORK: UPPER WEST SIDE (アッパーウェストサイド) =

You wake up back at the Agency and meet your new companions: Natan,
Shania and Shania's boobs.  And because you'd love to give Rene a 
heart-attack, you're going to head off with them to find your 
customer and explain to him that the person he's looking for has
been eaten by a monster.  As you leave the agency you'll be 
propositioned by a strange man who promises to give some illicit 
item that will blow your mind, result in instant happiness and 
orgasmic pleasure.  Johnny freaks out appropriately but is 
probably a little dissapointed to get nothing but a "Lottery Ticket".
The strange guy who wants to rock your socks off is, in fact, a 
Lottery Member.  Give it a go and try to win the "Baaruroddo" stella
from him.  And while you're here, grab the "mana leaf" from the 
swanky black car parked out front.

Head out of the Upper West Side and go to Arkham University.

->"Chelsea Revisited" Sidequest is now unlocked

|= Chelsea Revisited =						     |
|                                                                    |
|Available: after Deep One is defeated                               |
|Reward: "Heat Edge" stella                                          |
|                                                                    |
|Not so much a sidequest as an after-the-matter single item fetching |
|mission.                                                            |
|                                                                    |
|Going back to Chelsea any time after the boss fight and go back into|
|the Erick Theatre. You'll find that the room that once held the boss|
|now holds a chest with the "Heat Edge" stella.                      |
|                                                                    |
|While you're here, go ahead have Johnny check out the psychotic     |
|decor :)                                                            |
|                                                                    |


Welcome to Arkham University.  It's inclusion is a bit odd in that it
doesn't actually exist!  It's a fictional University created by H.P.
Lovecraft.  Megami Tensei fans might recognize it as the birthplace of
"Craft", the A.I. originally responsible for all the digital-devil 
chaos.  With origins so steeped in occult, you'd think there were all 
sorts of dark and devious things afoot here...

Unfortunately the most shocking thing to be found at Arkham is your
new comerade's accent.

NOTE: Arkham is the most "trigger-happy" portion of the game.  While
it would make much more sense to just grab the item you need and walk
through the underpass doors ~ every link in the chain is required to
get the right doors unlocked, the right NPCs to appear, etc.  I know,
it's lame... but that's just the way it is.

As you enter the University you'll meet a fairly normal-looking
man in a suit who speaks katakana (ie. very oddly).  He wanders off
without being of much help... but you're going to meet him again.  
Check out the monument in the square for a "Talisman of Luck", then 
get the "pure leaf" out of the chest in the entryway of the main 
building before going inside.  Through the doors, to the left is a 
library where you can get another "Cure" stella wedged between the 
books at the back of the indented section of shelves. 

Go upstairs, through the left door and talk to the boy in the
orange vest sitting near the front of the classroom and he'll tip 
you off about Gilbert's office.  While you're here, get the 
"Seal of Life" from the chest in the lower left corner and the "tent"
from the chest on the lower right.

Now head to the West side of the campus to find that Gilbert's 
office is locked.  Oh well, while you're here, grab the "Mirage" 
stella from the chest hidden behind the leftmost lamppost.

Go back inside the main building, up the stairs and into the
classroom on the right where there's now an NPC looking out the
window.  Talk to him to ask about the office and he'll tell you
that the office might be connected to the Underpass somehow.

Now head over to the far East Side of the University where you'll 
meet more insane people.  This particular batch is obsessed with 
walking around in circles for no apparent reason.  The brains behind
this operation is a man who looks uncannily like Maya Angelou in a 
dashing blue scarf.  He'll try to recruit you into his little cult
and make you shout "Yessah!" a few times before giving you a
"pedometer".  Put it on and keep it on, much later on it can be
traded for one of your characters' Utimate Armors.  To the right of 
the insane people is your goal: the giant red doors emblazoned with 
the words "Caution".  Try to go inside and come right back out 
because it's too dark to navigate inside.

Now run back to the main building one last time.  To the right is a
Chemistry lab with a "medileaf" hidden in the cupboard closest to 
the front of the classroom and a lantern sitting on the professor's
desk, examine it to receive the key item "Cantera".

As you head back toward the underpass, the vendors pull up on their 
bike and are more than happy to supply items and tinker with your 
charts before your dungeon crawl.  Restock if you need to, Shell 
Bracelets would be nice, but you can't afford them just yet.
You can now have Baigen customize your Stellar Charts whenever you 
want.  There's a another tutorial available here if you'd like to 
see how it's done, if not, choose to skip the demonstration (2nd

After you're done with the duo, head back to the Underpass entrance 
and go inside.  Save your game before going too far, then follow the
only path available at this point.  The first battle in this dungeon 
has an optional combo demonstrations attatched.  Watch it if you 
feel so inclined.  Choose the 2nd option to skip.

At the end of the path you'll reach a locked door, head past it
through the smaller door to your left.  What follows is a pretty
linear path full of doors that are opened by levers.  Though it
seems like it might be a difficult puzzle: it's not.  Just yank away
at the levers and plow on through.  Occaisionally you'll come to a 
gate with monsters behind it and be given the choice to open it or
pass.  Go ahead and open them all (with the 2nd option), the exp
doesn't hurt and some of the monster gates also conceal treasure

The path appears to branch about halfway through the dungeon... but
in reality it just loops around to connect at the same point.
If you'd rather avoid one battle, you can pass over the door with
the lever right after the first monster gate and instead take the
path straight past it, it will loop around to the same location
anyway (though you'll miss a "manaleaf" inside if you do).  

The rest is pretty small and straightforward.  Use your navigation 
map (B1) to check any areas you've missed for chests and keep 
yourself oriented if you get turned around.  Be careful not to miss
the "shell bracelet" behind the gate to the lower right of the map)  

Before long you'll be at a save point.  Save your game and go 
through the doors to meet your friend in the suit again... and save 
him from the monsters he was silly enough to unleash on himself.

After a normal fight with 3 gaku, you'll hear Frank's very engrishy
backstory and get Frank as a companion.

Head back into the room where you met Frank after the scene and grab
a "Spirit's Blessing" from the chest to the right.  Now head back to
that big locked door at the beginning of the dungeon and Frank will
open it for you.

Go through and head up the path until you see some oil barrels at 
the top of the stairs, examine them to get a "Dark Edge" stella.  
Another boss fight is coming up, so save at the top of the stairs
and take the opportunity to set and new stella you've aquired.  
When you're ready, go up the stairs and into the room at the top.  
Get the "Leather Cap" from the chest under the table.  If you have
any Shell Bracelets, equip them now, the next boss has poison.

In the next room you'll learn that Gilbert set you up and knows a
lot more than he originally let on... in particular, something about
the red light that suddenly appears from Johnny's knife.  Before you
can learn too much, you're attacked by the next boss...

Igorunak (イゴルナーク)
  Element: Dark
  HP: 500
  MP: 125
  Exp: 80
  Cash: 150
  Soul: 30
  Special Attacks: Poison, SD Down, Evil Eye

Igorunak is the first remotely challenging fight in the game and
he's not really very tough.  The trouble is your low HP, SP and his
poison.  To make it easier on everyone, fuse Shania to Thunderbird 
and hit him for as much as you can straight off with the new double 
combos option.  Igorunak hits hard, and he's fast, so be careful to 
keep people healed and out of the danger zone.  And don't forget to 
watch Johnny's SP... the last thing you need is Johnny cheerfully 
snapping pictures of the boss while he eats all of your other party 
members alive.  As usual, a hard hit now and then will keep Igorunak
from filling his own stock guage and launching his own doubles.
There are also some extra items dropped by this boss for good combo 
performance, so do your best and you might walk away with some
extra stuff...

After the boss fight, Gilbert will have escaped and you'll be taken
back to Manhattan on the World Map.

= NEW YORK: UPPER WEST SIDE (アッパーウェストサイド) =

After leaving the Agency, Joshua will inform Johnny that a monster 
is living around the corner.  After getting a piece of the poor 
thing from the little boy, head around the corner and return it 
to our old friend, The Ring Soul.  He'll give you a "Hit Number 
Increase" and offer a tutorial about the Ring Customization menu.
If you'd like to watch it, choose the first option; to skip, 
the second.

When you're done with the Ring Soul, leave the Agency and you'll 
automatically end up on the World Map with a new location unlocked:
The Grand Canyon

= THE GRAND CANYON (グランドキャニオン) =

When you first enter the canyon, Shania will explain the point
of the 3 time-zone detour to Johnny: she's after a new spirit...

On the very first screen of the Canyon there's an "SD Decrease Lv1"
hidden in the brush by the cliff's edge.  Once you've gotten
it, head down the path and into the Indian Village.  Lots to do here,
so without futher ado and in no particular order:

- New Weapon for Frank -

On the far opposite side of the village, behind the last lodge is a
cactus... go check it out up close and get a new weapon for Frank 
(just don't forget that it needs to be equipped before you can use

- Natan's UMA Hunt -

In the teepee to the right side of the village is the village Shaman.
Talking to him will introduce the system to obtain Natan's special 
skills: UMA Hunt.  You will also recieve the items: "Gada Pottery",
"Honey", "Grapefruit", "Field Rabbit", "Morpho Butterfly Dust", 
"Maiden's Black Hair", "Goldstone", and the "Flypaper" 
along with your first target assignment... the Sasquatch.

- The Rest -

Open the chest behind the first teepee to get a "Spirit Animal's 
Tail".  Check the pottery in the first teepee for a "Silver Ash
Bracelet".  Get the "Poison lv. 1" out of the chest in the Chief's
lodge, then talk to him to trigger a dialogue, during which you'll
recieve the "Raise Up" stella, the "Barrier" stella, and the "Eagle 
Fetish".  At this point you'll be given an option for another 
tutorial, this time on Fetishes and levelling up fusions using Soul
Energy.  The first option is to watch the demonstration, the second
is to skip it.  If you choose not to watch the demonstration you'll 
want to check out Shania's fusion menu on your own and level up 
Thunderbird using the Soul Charge option.

Mazymell and Baigen have set up shop near the canyon mouth and stock
new weapons for everyone, so take a few minutes to shop and re-equip
before moving on to the random encounter portion of the canyon.  If
you're low on money, just run around the first random encounter area
until you've gotten enough for the new weapon upgrades you want, 
then come back to buy them before moving on.  Behind the teepee
closest to Mazymell and Baigen is a chest with a "Hit Area Expand"

- The Canyon Puzzle -

The Grand Canyon is home to one of the more frustrating puzzles for
non-Japanese-Speakers in the game.  It consists of three seperate
areas, all guarded by two totem poles on one side and with a series
of cliff drawings on the other...  After examining the drawings, 
return to the totem poles to be asked a question about the drawings
you've seen.

The trouble here is that the questions aren't only in Japanese, but
are randomly asked.  You're never quite sure what you're going to be
asked about the pictures (or how) until you're expected to choose
an answer.  If you choose correctly: you can move on to the next 
area.  If you're wrong: you get warped back to the beginning of the 
area.  The only saving grace is that any puzzles you clear open the 
path permanantly.

When you're ready to start, leave the village and follow the path to
the first intersection guarded by totem poles.  On your way, inspect
the bush to the right of the path for a Ring Fragment.  
After you've had the puzzle explained to you, go to the left area 
and examine the cave paintings on the wall.

you'll find:
兎(rabbit)  鹿(deer)  鹿(deer)  狩人(hunter)  蛙(frog)  兎(rabbit)

Get the "Talisman of Luck" from the chest and then head back and
speak to the totem poles.  They'll ask if you've seen the picture
answer that you have (the 2nd option) and you'll be asked a question
about the picture.

Look for the kanji for the items you've seen in the picture to get
a hint as you what the question is asking...  most questions have
numbers involved... so it's helpful to be able to count to 10 in

一 二 三 四 五 六 七 八 九 十

Be careful with the character "匹" ("hiki" the counter for animals)
since it's quite similar to "四" ("yon" the number 4) and appears in
almost every question. 

Ex. Questions: 
-"In the picture, how many animals are running from the hunter?"
    answer: 3 (三匹)
-"In the picture, how many animals are being aimed at?"
    answer: 3 (三匹)
-"The sun shines over all, but it shines directly over which figure?"
    answer: the hunter (狩人)

Passing the first set of poles, you'll find a chest on the path
about halfway to the second.  Open it for a "pure leaf" and go
on to talk to the new set of totem poles.  After that, head to the
right path and inspect all the pictures on the way.

This time all the pictures are sheep (羊) or people (人), so a tally
should be enough to answer your question.  Be sure to examine all of
the pictures here on both branches of the path or the totem poles 
will send you back and say you haven't seen them all.

There is also a chest holding a "Shield" stella hidden in the brush
along the path leading to the picture area on the far right, and a
"pocketwatch" in a chest to the side of the picture area to the
left, so be careful not to miss them.

In total you should end up with:
sheep: 4
people: 7

When you've seen them all, go talk to the poles again, they'll ask
if you've looked at all the pictures.  The answer to move forward is
the 2nd option ("of course").

Ex. Question: 
-"In total how many people appeared in the pictures?"
    answer: 7 (七人)
-"In total how many sheep appeared in the pictures?"
    answer: 4 (四匹)

This one is a bit easier to trick... since most questions are about
the total number of one or the other you're pretty safe guessing 7 
(七) or 4 (四)

In the next area of the path you'll find a save point before the
last set of totem poles.  Save your game, then head left, hugging
the lower canyon wall until the path branches downward.  Follow 
the lower branch to get the first of your pictures and a treasure 
chest containing a "Spirit's Blessing."

Head straight across to the overlook from here and keep to the left 
side of the path.  An icon that looks like a piece of meat will 
appear.  This is the icon to indicate one of Natan's UMA Hunts.
Make sure your party is at full health and then trigger the UMA Hunt.
You'll be asked if you want to start a hunt, the 2nd answer is 
affirmative, you'll then be brought to a menu asking which item
you'd like to use as bait.  Choose honey (ハチミツ) and you'll be pulled
into a boss fight with the invisible enemy Sasquatch.

Sasquatch (サスクワッチ)
  Element: Fire
  HP: 330
  MP: 145
  Exp: 100
  Cash: 265
  Soul: 10
  Special Attacks: Red Nova

Sasquatch hits hard but tends to stick to straightforward physical 
attacks and doesn't have a heck of a lot of HP.  So just keep 
everyone healed and attack him until he's down.  Aqua Edge on your
best physical attackers can make things go even faster.  You may also
want to hard hit him a few turns in to make sure he doesn't double.
Don't forget to snap him before he goes down.  As a reward for 
defeating him, the UMA will be transferred to the pottery that 
Natan's carrying.  You will also recieve the Swan Fetish, necessary
to get the good ending.

At the end of this path is your second picture.  Look at it and 
then go to the edge of the cliff near the canyon wall to find a
"Third Key" (woo!).  Now, on your way back, check the small area
you initially looped around for a chest containing the "Red Nova" 

To recap:
魚 (fish) 魚 (fish) 兎 (rabbit) 牛 (cow)
魚 (fish) 鳥 (bird) 魚 (fish) 牛 (cow) 鳥 (bird)

Time to go harrass the totem poles again.  But before you do, save
and heal Shania, you'll be using her in a one-on-one fight shortly.
Once again the poles will ask if you're ready, choose the 2nd option.
This around time, the totem poles' question will most likely be 
about how many of the animals you've seen swim in the sea (海) fly in
the sky (空) or live on the land (陸)

Ex. Question: 
-"In the pictures you've seen animals that swim in the water, soar in 
the sky and graze the land.  But one of the pictures didn't have one
type of animal, which was missing?"
    answer: ones that soar in the sky (空を舞うもの)

All clear!  Now continue on the path and Shania will step forward and
tell you that she needs to do this part alone.  Shania will then step
forward through the pillars and into a boss fight with Ta Tanka.

Ta Tanka (サスクワッチ)
  Element: Earth
  HP: 200
  MP: ???
  Exp: 300
  Cash: 2100
  Soul: 30

Fuse into Thunderbird first thing and use as many doubles as the 
stock guage allows.  Make sure you stay healed, since Ta Tanka can
also double and knock two-thirds of your HP in the process (hard 
hitting him should prevent doubling if you'd rather use some of your
stock for a hard hit than a double).  Whatever you do, don't use 
Baaruroddo!! Earth damage has no affect on Ta Tanka.  SP might also 
be a concern if the battle takes awhile...  Like most fights, rewards
for this battle vary depending on your performance but either way you
will recieve Ta Tanka's first fetish: the wolf fetish.

After the battle, Shania will recieve the Ta Tanka fusion and you'll
see a pretty FMV and a pair of cut scenes before transporting you 
back to the agency.

= NEW YORK: UPPER WEST SIDE (アッパーウェストサイド) =

While you're here, return the ring fragment to the Ring Soul for
another customization item (a hit number increase) then exit the 
Upper West Side and a new location will appear on the World Map...

*Now is a good time to head back to the Grand Canyon and visit the
village Shaman to claim your reward for your successful UMA hunt 
(Natan's "rapid shot" Gun Fu skill).

= CHICAGO (シカゴ) =

When you first enter Chicago you'll see a pair of scenes inside the 
Four Dueces involving a mysterious stand-in Mafia boss with a hoarse
voice and a liking for alcohol... 

When you regain control, use the save point to save your game.  Just
to the South of the save point is Lottery Member No. 11.  He has the
Pisces Stellar Chart.  When you're through gambling, head down and 
left to Prospect of Whitby, talk to the man standing there to hear 
something odd about a cat before restocking with Mazymell and Baigen 
who have set up shop nearby, they now have new armor for everyone so 
be sure to upgrade your equipment.  Grab the "Hit Area Expand" from 
the chest opposite the vendors, then head into Prospect of Whitby.  
Inside you'll hear a bit more about Ed Capone's leave of absence from
the men sitting together at the table in the back room and will find 
a "Physical Defense Down LV1" hidden in the lower left corner of the 
room closest to the entrance.

Now head around the block and toward the back-side of the same
building.  As you approach the back door to Prospect of Whitby
some Mafia guys will ambush you.  They have high hp, combo often
and use both fast and tight ring effects.  They can be tough if 
you're lower level, especially in groups this large, so be sure 
to get rid of a few quickly to prevent some nasty combos being 
used against you.  Pocketwatches help if you've got them...  
When they're gone, grab the "lottery ticket" from the chest in 
this area and head back into Prospect of Whitby through the back 
door.  Inside, inspect the barrels for another "lottery ticket".
Leaving the way you came in (out the back) check the top left of 
this screen for another hard-to-see chest holding a "Spirit 
Animal's Tail."

Now head back to toward the Four Dueces and you'll be called over
by Masatoshi, a photo-collector.  He's interested in trading
snapshots with Johnny (see the "Snapshot Trading" section under
sidequests for more info).  Just around the corner from Masatoshi is 
a chest containing a piece of the Ring Soul.  

Go into the Four Dueces and try to go up the staircase on the right
side and you'll get an audience with Frank's "master" and Al Capone's
stand-in: a giant cat.  She seems to know something about Gilbert
after all but she's not giving it up until you help her out in
return.  She wants you to go into Alcatraz and free Al Capone from
solitary.  After agreeing to her proposition, Edna will interrupt
and invite you to Ricardo's performance... enjoy.  After the
performance you'll get another pair of cutscenes involving Edna and

If you haven't been lulled into a stupor by the huge chunk of movies,
grab the "Rage" stella from the chest in this room head back out of 
Mao's office and down the stairs into the main room.  Near the front
is a woman sitting alone at a table in front of the stage, hidden by
her table is a chest holding a "Rivet Belt". 

Now you need to collect the members of your party from around 
Chicago before you can go on.  It's not too hard, Chicago's a small 
place ^^  Natan is standing in the intersection and Frank is in the 
back room of Prospect of Whitby.  Now head back and talk to Mao, 
choose the 2nd option to call it a night.

Another set of cut-scenes will show you how Al's doing in prison 
and a major plot twist involving Edna.  Enjoy the coolest thing to
happen in the game thus far ^_^/

->the first part of "Rene's Math Adventure" Sidequest is now 
->You can return your ring peice to the Ring Soul in the Upper West 
Side for an "Attack Number Increase"

|= Rene's Math Adventure Part 1 =                                    |
|                                                                    |
|Available: After leaving for Chicago                                |
|Reward: Johnny's Suitooru Handy Tool                                |
|                                                                    |
|                                                                    |
|After leaving the agency for the last time, go back and talk to Rene|
|to get a clue about the combination for the new chest in the office.|
|The solution is attained through a complicated mathmatical problem..|
| Hope you're good at Sudoku...                                      |
|                                                                    |
|A = the first number in the combination                             |
|B = the second                                                      | 
|                                                                    |
|The trick here is to use every number from 1-9 only once in the     | 
|slots so that each line adds up to the numbers along the side and   |
|bottom...                                                           |
|                                                                    |
|(answer. 59)                                                        |

= ALCATRAZ PRISON (アルカトラズ刑務所) =

We know it was impossible to escape, but who knew how easy it was to
get in!?!?  After your party enters through a convenient drainage 
pipe you'll probably want to save your game at the entrance (that's
a heck of a lot of movies to watch again if you happen to die).

Inspect the first door to have Mao open it for you then head up the
staircase and through the door at the top.  At the lower right corner
of this new hallway area you'll find a "Seal Level 1" on the ground.
On entering the next room you'll find a small cellblock and will be
immediately attacked by Alcatraz guards.  If you're collecting 
snapshots, be sure to take 3 snaps of these guys now since they'll 
be unavailable later on in the game.  Once the guards are cleared out
check the first cell for a "Talisman of Luck".  As you approach the 
far side of the same room, another group of guards will attack.
Dispose of them and then check the left side of the screen near the 
door to the next area for a "Seal of Heart".

When you go on to the next area you'll see another cut-scene in which
your party thwarts the McManus Family's assassination attempt (yay!).
After the scene, Mao will finally join your party and the "Patrol 
Member" option will appear on your main menu.  Once again, there's a
tutorial option to show you how to set and switch beteween parties
(the 2nd option is to skip).  Reguardless of what you choose, you'll
be asked to make a new party.  Mao is mandatory, you can fill in the
rest of the slots with whoever you like.  The room that Al was locked
in has a chest holding a "holy edge" stella by the head of the bed
and a save point.  Save your game then head back out and through the
door to your left.  You'll be attacked by monsters confirming Shania's
suspicion that something fishy's going on.  

After a short cut-scene you'll enter a large room with two big 
two-story cellblocks.  First of all, go examine the gate between the
two cellblocks to find it locked.  Once you've been buzzed at, go back
to the very first line of cells and speak to the prisoner inside,
Smith the Swindler.  Smith will ask for a spoon from the kitchen and
promise you something to help you pass through the gate in return.

Before going to search for utensils, head up to the second level of
the cellblock Smith is in and check the left corner for a "Spirit's
Blessing".  At the base of the staircase on the other cellblock is a 
"Lottery Ticket" and the last cell on the right side of the same 
cellblock has another.  Now go through the door opposite the locked 
gate to find the kitchen.

Inside the kitchen you'll find "Spikes" in a chest hidden in the 
center of the little room-within-a-room at the center of the map. In
the gated-off area just to the right is the actual kitchen.  You'll
see a pink sparkling object on the counter, inspect it to recieve
the "prison break spoon" key item.  Hidden between the same counter 
and the stove is a treasure chest containing a "SD Down Lv. 1".  Bring
the spoon back to Smith and you'll recieve the "insulation sheet" key 
item.  Now you can open the previously off-limits gate.

Now you have access to the other half of the cellblocks.  Taking a
right around the cellblock, inspect the base of the staircase for a
"medileaf" and the upper right corner of the room for a chest holding
a "hail dust" stella, then keep going around the corner to find some 
familiar faces.  Restock with Mazymell and upgrade any weapons and 
armor that you haven't already.  I'd also recommend upgrading one of 
Mao's healing nodes to level 2 so you can equip the "Raise Up" stella.  
Hold off on upgrading your other charts since money is scarce and 
you'll find much better charts in due time.  You may also want to 
invest in a "Small Bell Bracelet" since the next boss has seal.  When 
you've finished with the vendors, head to the other side of the 
cellblock and check the lower left corner for a "Hit Area Increase".

Move on to the next area and through the half-gated doorway to see
a short scene.  The door to the outside area is locked electrically,
if only there were some way to turn off the power to this area...

Grab the "Mana Leaf" in the chest and save your game, then head back
to the previous room and follow the hallway to your right and around 
the corner to find two chests holding a "Dark Edge" stella and a 
"Tent".  The other door in this area leads to the control room.  In 
the small room adjoining the control room there
is a "Pure Leaf" in one of the cabinets.

Now it's time for another puzzle.  Examine the breaker on the wall
to pull it up.  This puzzle can be solved manually by speaking to the
prisoners in the cellblocks for clues (or you can bypass the clue
collectiong process altogether and solve the puzzle with the
solution beneath the clue chart):

     Smith (スミス)         1st area, 1st cellblock, ground floor, right
     Maddock (マードック)     2nd area, 1st cellblock, 2nd floor, right
     Beck (ベック)          1st area, 2nd cellblock, 2nd floor, left
     Barakas (バラカス)      holding cells, right side
     Talking to the prisoners in this order will lead to an
     explanation of how the puzzle works.  In short: the number on
     the end of each row should equal the number corresponding to
     the switches flipped.

     ex. 1 2 3 4 5 6      15A
         X X X X X

         1+2+3+4+5     =  15

Solution:  1st row, first five switches flipped
           2nd row, second and fifth switches flipped
           3rd row, second, third and fifth switches flipped

Note: there are other solutions, as long as the switches flipped add
      up to the number at the end of the row, the response will be

Now heal, save, make sure you have someone equipped with "Aqua Edge"
and "Hail Dust", then head outside for another cut-scene and a boss 

Wrong Way (ロンウェ)
  Element: Fire
  HP: 700
  MP: 256
  Exp: 600
  Cash: 2800
  Soul: 45

If you're going to combo, you may want to do it straight-away.  Wrong
Way has a ton of stock-draining attacks that will make combo-ing later
on in the fight difficult.  Hail Dust and Aqua Edge work especially 
well on this guy, just trash him with water-spells and water-element 
attacks, ocaisionally knocking out his stock gauge with a hard hit or 
Johnny's suitoru skill.  He'll be gone in no time.  This boss has a 
seldom-used seal-all attack that can throw a bit of a wrench in things,
but chances are he'll be nearly dead by the time he throws it at you.  
If not, you can cure it easily enough with "Spirit's Blessing"s. 

When he's dead you'll see another short scene and then be sent back to
the World Map with "Chicago" as your only location option.

= CHICAGO (シカゴ) =

After escorting Al home and seeing him back to his very important
crime syndicate work, Mao will be freed up to travel with the party.
It seems Gilbert's had some past dealings at a research lab in
Roswell, so that's the next target.

While in Capone's office, check the bookshelf for a "Gale" stella.

On leaving Chicago, Mao will suggest a small detour and "Nyaaramount
Studios" will appear on the World Map.

= NYAARAMOUNT STUDIOS (ニャラマウント撮影所) =

It seems Mao isn't just a Drunken Master and Part-Time Crime Boss. 
She's also a movie producer and actress in Hollywood Martial Arts
films for the all-cat studio: Nyaaramount.  When you enter
Nyaaramount you'll meet the crew and hear all about Mao's movie 
career and her movie-themed sidequests.

You'll also receive Mao's first skill "Neko touch"


     In order for Mao to star in a film, she needs to collect the
     production costs in Nyancoins.  Nyancoins are special enemy
     drops that only fall when Mao finishes off an enemy with 
     "Neko touch".  Nyancoins are seafood-themed, but also have
     a trademark color.  

     Talking to Hamanyan (the cat in the hat at Nyaaramount) any
     time after your first visit will pull up a production cost
     sheet for Mao's next film.  Required coins will appear on the
     menu to the left, while Mao's current coin-count will appear
     on the right.  Once you've collected enough coins to meet the
     production costs on the left sheet, choose the 2nd option to
     begin filming.


     Mao's co-stars are 5 famous feline martial artists modelled 
     after Hollywood, Japanese and Hong Kong celebrities.  In order
     to successfully shoot a movie, Mao needs to beat one of them
     in paw-to-paw combat :)

     If you win, Mao will gain a power up for "Neko touch" or a
     new skill.  If you lose, you can have a second chance, but  
     the production costs need to be met all over again.

Since Mao has only just received her "Neko touch" ability, there's
nothing more to do here just yet.  For more information about Mao's
movies, see the "Nyaaramount Pictures Purrsents" section filed under

= ROSWELL (ロズウェル) =

After the cut-scene and a short in-game scene you'll get free run of
the vast environs of Roswell... yes, that's sarcasm.  Oh well, at 
least with only one screen it's impossible to get lost in this town!

Examine the short Bus Stop sign by the road to get a new weapon for 
Frank then check the other roadside sign for a "Lottery Ticket".  To
the left of the hotel, near the back of the building is a chest with
an "Evil Eye" stella inside.  

The woman standing in front of the blue pickup truck is Lottery
Member No. 10 whose best item is "Bloodloss Lvl. 1"  

Inside the hotel check the table to your right for a "Tent" and
inspect the wreckage of Roger and Hilda's ship to find the item
dispenser is intact!!  You can buy new weapons for everyone here.

After you've re-equipped, head out of the hotel and right one screen
to find the entrance to the Roswell Research Facility.  Approach the
entrance and you'll be turned away by the guards.  Head back to the
town screen and talk to the man in blue standing in front of the 
gas pumps.  He'll tell you that covered trucks come and go from the

Head back to the entrance and your party will have a chance to 
stow-away in a truck on its way into the lab (choose the 2nd option).

In the garage climb the ramp behind the truck and open the chest
holding a "Raise Up" stella before saving your game in the next room
and moving on into the first small research lab.  After a short
conversation with a scientist in this room you'll recieve "Card Key
No. 1".  Examine the machines in the upper right corner of this room
to find a "mediseed", then take the door to the far left of the room
to trigger another cut-scene.

After the scene Hilda will join your party in her default "Glamour"
mode.  You won't be able to change her out of it just yet, so hold
your horses.  You'll also get a chance to name Roger... the default
is "hen na ikimono" (the weird creature), and it's just a joke. Your
naming won't really affect anything.  Once again you'll have to 
reshuffle your party.  Hilda is mandatory in this dungeon.

If you've decided to use Mao as a primary party member and/or complete
Mao's sidequests, it's a good idea to use Mao's "Neko touch" to 
finish off five enemies.

Grab the "Red Nova" stella out of the chest in this room then leave
through the entrance at the back of the room.  Take a right in this 
hallway.  Grab the "Daphne's Fruit" from the chest at the end of the
hall then use your card key on the nearest set of doors to enter the
next lab area.  Speak the the scientists nearest the door to recieve
"Card Key No. 2" then check the bottom right corner of the lab for a
"Hit Area Expand".  There is also a Scientist in this room with a
clue about the password to the main lab (ま)

Now head back to the hallway you came from (through the doors on the
left side) and use Card Key 1 on the door all the way on the 
opposite end, then use Card Key 2 to open the next door. 
You should be in a blue room with a bunch of aliens in lavalamps :)
Here you'll have your first run-in with Britney the Valley-Ninja.  
Britney will give Frank the "Secret Letter" key item which will 
trigger another event for him soon.  Examine the alien tubes for a
"Seal of Wisdom" then enter the room at the end of this hallway.
There's a chest near the entrance with a "Surge" stella inside.
Speaking to the scientists in this room will reveal a clue about the
password in the main lab (ち) and unlock the location of the next
card key.  Now return to the blue room and check the upper righthand 
side of the screen to see something shining from the corner.  
Examine the area for "Card Key No. 3." 

-> Frank's first ability is now available 

|Available: after recieving Card Key #3                          |
|Reward: Frank's 2nd ability, Ninpou.Rolling-High-Wave           |
|                                                                |
|The process of getting this first ability starts by default and |
|there's something else you need in this room anyway, so there's |
|really no reason to skip getting this skill for Frank.  Just    |
|follow the regular walkthrough, I've included it.               |

Now that you've got Card Key No. 3, backtrack to the first hallway  
(outside where you first met Hilda and Roger). This time follow 
the hallway to the doors on the far left which can now be   
unlocked with Card Key No. 3.                                   

At the bottom left of the warehouse is a chest containing a "Tent"
and a scientist who will give you another clue about the password
in the lab (は).  Now examine the blue oil drum at the top of the 
room to trigger an event for Frank.  For a short time you'll be
in posession of a bonafide Atomic Bomb!!  Unfortunately, Britney
will show up and deprive you of your brand new nuclear arsenal ~_~;
At least Frank receives the "Ninpou.Rolling-High-Wave" skill in 

Now return to the hallway on the opposite side of the room where
you "rescued" Hilda and take the right route through the lab where
you found the 2nd Card Key.  Take the northern exit into another
hallway area.  Check the first corner for a "Mana Seed" then use
Card Key 3 to open the leftmost door at the upper branch.  In this 
room you'll find Baigen and Mazymell as well as a chest in the lower
left corner holding a "Lottery Ticket".  The vendors haven't really
got anything new, but if you're short on items you can take this
opportunity to stock up.  You may also want to invest in an 
"Ash Bracelet" or two, since the next boss has paralysis.  Another
good idea is to have a stash of mana-restoring items, since
you're going to go through a lot of MP in the next big fight.
Also by way of boss preparation: you may want to upgrade one of
Hilda's support nodes for your other "Raise Up" stella.

When you're done shopping, climb the stairs into the main lab. As
you enter, you'll see a short scene of Hilda charming the pants
off another hapless scientist.  When it's finished, check the
far left side of the lab for a chest holding a "Heal" stella.  
There's also a "Talisman of Luck" hidden in the 2nd empty chair 
to your right.  When you're ready, examine the empty workstation
in front of the big display screen to pull up the password input.

You will be given three lines of hiragana to choose from:

     は  る  ち  か  く   (nearby spring)
     は  な  ま  つ  り   (flower festival)
     い  な  か  ま  ち   (country town)

The solution is made up of the three clues given to you from the
scientists throughout the lab: は  ま  ち

After inputting the correct password, head back down to the room
with the vendors and go into the small balcony area in the upper
right corner of the room.  Head right around the narrow circular
balcony to get a Ring Fragment out of the chest.  Then
go back to the hallway and take the other door (to the right).  
You'll take an elevator to another area... one that, thankfully, 
has a save point!! 

Be sure to check over your stellar charts now and equip any new
spells you've gotten.  The next boss is immune to physical, so
you'll need to make sure everyone has something offensive attatched
to their chart.  Also level up Shania's "Ta Tanka" fusion until she
has access to "Red Nova" and "Rock Bump" (lv. 2).  If, for whatever
reason, you haven't got enough soul to level her to this point, 
leave Shania OUT of the next battle and sub someone with access to 
stellar magic.  

When you're ready, head into the adjoining room for 
a scene and a boss fight.

Prokion (プロキオン)
  Element: Wind
  HP: 1110
  MP: 300
  Exp: 1500
  Cash: 3500
  Soul: 60
  Calories: +10
  Special Skills: Immunity to Physical Attacks, Paralysis, "Big Bang"

"Red Nova" is a great spell to have in this fight, since it does
a reasonable amount of damage and empties the enemy's stock gauge
at the same time.  "Rock Bump" is the best spell damage-wise against
this enemy... so use Hilda and Shania to spam it and leave your
other characters to drain stock with "Red Nova" and heal/handle
status.  If you've got immunity to paralysis, this fight is a snap
and even if you don't it's not too bad ^_~  As usual, keep an eye on
your sanity.  

Unfortunately, as you'll learn in the next scene, Gilbert's not
here anymore... he's gone off to Chitchen Itza and, naturally, you're
going to follow him there.  But first you need a boat.  Johnny
seems to think Rene will know how to get one (because Rene knows 
everything!!)  But before you head of to NY to ask him, Roger 
convinces Hilda to follow along (gee thanks, Roger -_-; )

= NEW YORK: UPPER WEST SIDE (アッパーウェストサイド) =

You'll automatically end up back at the agency where you'll get a
bit of a rest while Rene checks out your options (and Mao drinks
all of your booze).  While Johnny's asleep, Rene will have a run-in
with the cuteness that is Glamour Hilda.

Here you'll get a tutorial screen about Hilda's various forms and
her "Calorie Drain" skill.  Rene will also give Hilda her first
issue of Magical Arts, unlocking Glamour Hilda's "Grand Slam" skill.
Another tutorial screen will appear explaining how Hilda aquires 
her skills.  Then it's lights out.

Save your game, reform your party (whoever you like, no one's
mandatory for the next section), and get the heck out of there.
As you step out of the agency, your friend, Joshua, will tell you 
a ghost has appeared at Arkham University. 

You can also return the Ring Fragment that you picked up
in Roswell while you're here.

On leaving the Upper West Side, Chitchen Itza will appear on the 
World Map.

-> Pit Fights Sidequest is now open.  The "Horse Fetish" (required
  for the good ending) is available now as a prize for one of the
  fights (see "Sidequests" section for more information).

-> Mao's first movie can be shot for 5 blue, "mackerel" nyancoins 
   (see "Sidequests" section for more information).

= CHITCHEN ITZA (チェチェンイツァ) =

...well then, nevermind that :)

You've been captured by pirates, so much for Chitchen Itza

= CARRIBEAN SEA (カリブの海賊砦) =

After a cut-scene introducing your captor, Anne Lafite, you'll be
given brief control of Anne to choose a party member to torture.
Use the left analog stick to face the different party members and
select the 2nd option to choose which you want to torture.

     * this part works exactly the same as Veronica's torture
       scene in SHII.

     -answer 1st to all the questions and you'll be spared, you'll
      also recieve a "Third Key" in the treasure chest in your cell.
     -answer all questions with the 2nd answer and you'll receive a
      weapon for the character who was tortured. 
     -any other choice combinations will get you a "Strike Expand"
     -if you answer with a lie on the last question, each character
      will have a different animation/reaction to Anne's giant


     1st question ~ what's your name?

          1st answer - Johnny Garland
          2nd answer - Rene, I'm not lying!
          3rd answer - Help!  I'll listen to whatever you say!

     2nd question ~ how did you know about this island, did someone
                    tell you about it?

          1st answer - It was just a coincidence
          2nd answer - Someone named Rene told me about it
          3rd answer - How about a ransom?  I can pay a ransom!

     3rd question ~ What's your real reason for coming to this

          1st answer - We're following someone, that's all
          2nd answer - That Rene guy made us
          3rd answer - I'm so sorry, we really are after your 


     1st question ~ what's your name?

          1st answer - Shania
          2nd answer - Get me out of here this instant!
          3rd answer - What will you do to me if I don't answer?

     2nd question ~ how did you know about this island, did someone
                    tell you about it?

          1st answer - I didn't know about it, you captured us and 
                       brought us here
          2nd answer - Get me out of here now, do you want me to get
          3rd answer - I wonder?  How do you think I did?

     3rd question ~ What's your real reason for coming to this

          1st answer - I'm travelling for my own purposes
          2nd answer - What if I say I'm here for your treasure?
          3rd answer - All the treasure in the world is mine!

     1st question ~ what's your name?

          1st answer - ...Natan
          2nd answer - It's rude not to introduce yourself first,
                       isn't it?
          3rd answer - .....

     2nd question ~ how did you know about this island, did someone
                    tell you about it?

          1st answer - Coincidence
          2nd answer - Everything is the will of the spirits
          3rd answer - .........

     3rd question ~ What's your real reason for coming to this

          1st answer - I have no interest in pirate treasure.
          2nd answer - There's no human without at least a little
                       interest in wealth
          3rd answer - ...because I could.


     1st question ~ what's your name?

          1st answer - MAI NEMU IZU FURANKU!
          2nd answer - Please call me Mr. Lawyer!
          3rd answer - I have no name to likes of you pirates!

     2nd question ~ how did you know about this island, did someone
                    tell you about it?

          1st answer - It's a misunderstanding, I knew nothing of
                       this place!
          2nd answer - I was just going for a little excersize!
          3rd answer - I don't know a thing!

     3rd question ~ What's your real reason for coming to this

          1st answer - Not treasure!
          2nd answer - I will find your treasure for the sake of 
          3rd answer - The truth is... my mother is quite ill and...


     1st question ~ what's your name?

          1st answer - Mao
          2nd answer - Pick on a cat and you earn an eternity of 
          3rd answer - I'm a cat.  I have no name...

     2nd question ~ how did you know about this island, did someone
                    tell you about it?

          1st answer - I had no idea about it.  Trust me.
          2nd answer - What's that? I'm going hard of hearing at my
          3rd answer - meow~~ purrrrpurrr...

     3rd question ~ What's your real reason for coming to this

          1st answer - I have no business on this backwater island
          2nd answer - Well who wouldn't have interest in treasure?
          3rd answer - Enough bullshit, gimme the treasure!


     1st question ~ what's your name?

          1st answer - Hilda-sama to you!
          2nd answer - Get on your knees and I'll tell you
          3rd answer - I'm too shy, so it's a se-cr-e-t

     2nd question ~ how did you know about this island, did someone
                    tell you about it?

          1st answer - It's your own fault I know anything about
                       this place!
          2nd answer - kiss my feet and I'll tell you
          3rd answer - What?  Are you so stupid I have to explain
                       everything to you...

     3rd question ~ What's your real reason for coming to this

          1st answer - Just a coincidence!
          2nd answer - You just shut up and bring me my treasure!
          3rd answer - I just love money!

Once you've tortured the character of your choice Natan will bust
you out and Shania will tell you that there's another spirit nearby.
You'll automatically gather your party's confiscated items from the
chest just outside your cell.  Head back into the cell and open the
chest to collect whatever you've earned from your torture session.
Examining the bowl on the ground will turn up a "Shield" stella.

Take the stairs to your left and up into the dining hall (through
the blue door) where you'll be caught in the act.  Luckily the cook
is a total wuss and unlikely to sell you out.  When the event is over,
check the locker at the back of the room for a "Lottery Ticket".  
Now leave this building and grab the "Pure Seed" hidden in the wheel 
to the right, then keep walking along the dock into the cave.  
Near the end of this dock you'll see another event and learn that 
the two pirates on watch on this end are starving... and beyond
them is a half-sunken ship that looks to be crawling with dungeon 
potential ^_~

Now head back to the save point and this time take a right, through 
the "Pirates of Carribean" sign and into the next area where you'll
find a "Paralysis Lv.1" in a chest partially hidden by the barrel. 
Inspect the barrel and you'll wake up the pirate who's sleeping

Walking back toward where you saw the two pirates and the sunken
ship, you'll see the two pirates leave there posts to get some
food.  Now the coast is clear for you to head over to the Sunken
Ship... Examine the rowboat at the end of the dock and you'll
find yourself rowing toward the next dungeon.

Arriving on the Sunken Ship you'll find yourself in a dark cabin
with nothing but a save point.  Use it and take the stairs to move
on.  On the main deck, move toward the split to see a short scene.
Examine the big wheel at the center for a little more information.  
Then climb the stairs to the higher deck and collect the "mediseed" 
out of the chest there.  Check the opposite side for a new weapon 
for Frank.

Now head back and examine the square hatch in the center of the
to go below deck.  Behind the floating crate in this room is
a treasure chest containing a "Rage" stella.  In the room to your
left, there is another chest at the top of the room containing a
"Water Mirror Bracelet".  Some of the monsters in this area have
Petrify, so you may as well equip it on one of your party members

Now pass through the room to the right of the ladder you first came 
down and into the next where you'll find Baigen and Mazymell. 
Mazymell has new armor for everyone this time, so upgrade your
equipment and restock your items before moving on.

On entering the next room Shania will spot the place she wants to
go, but there's no path to the area.  You'll just have to make one.
In this room is a hard-to-see chest just to the lower right of the
opening in the side of the ship holding a "Hail Solid" stella, and
a visable chest in the upper left holding a "Spiritless Lv.1"  
Through the upper doorway here is a small room with a shaft of light
and a fallen plank.  Take the plank up to the higher cabin area.

Examine the shelf to the left of the room to get a "mana seed", then
examine the deck brush lying propped against the wall to get the key
item "Deck Brush".  Now head all the way back to the main deck area
and examine the big wheel one more time.  Johnny will attatch the 
broom handle and use the wheel to lower the lifeboat across the gap.

Cross over the lifeboat and into the cabin on the opposite side.
Open the chest in the lower right corner for a "Daphne's Fruit",
then leave from the hole at the bottom of the screen.  Examine the
ladder to climb up the deck level and then use the steering wheel
to move the rudder, making a path to the next area.

Backtrack through the ship again, making your way to the new path.
On your way you'll see a pair of scenes with Anne and be pulled into
a fight with some Haintz.  When it's over, make your way back to the
rudder and cross over it into a new area.  Save your game and heal 
up before moving on.  Also make sure Shania is wearing a "pocket 
watch" for the next fight.

Approaching the door to the Sea Altar will trigger a scene.  Examine
the door to go after your next fusion.

LA SIREN (ラシレーン)
  Element: NE
  HP: 300
  MP: ???
  Exp: 2000
  Cash: 4200
  Soul: 75

La Siren isn't a terribly hard fight as long as you have a pocket
watch equipped.  Without it, you'll be contending with ring status.
Your first hit should be hard, since La Siren begins the battle 1 
stock and tends to accumulate it easily.  Use double to hit and heal
when necesary and hard hit for everything else.  La Siren'll be gone
in 4 turns.  Don't bother with magic, as Siren is immune to quite a 
lot of it.  High Ring Perfect will win you a "Lottery Ticket".

Successfully defeating Siren will get you the Orca fetish and access
to Shania's last mandatory fusion.

You'll be treated to an FMV and a pair of cut-scenes.

At this point Mao will get a message from Capone and the party will 
once more be sidetracked.  This time, to Las Vegas.

->Natan's 2nd UMA hunt is now available after talking to the shaman
  at the Grand Canyon.  (See "sidequests" for more)

| The Previously inaccessable areas of the Pirate Ship are now      |
| available to explore, including some extra items (a "Clear Oracle"|
| stella on the lower right of the ship deck, a "Barrier" stella    |  
| on the raised dock to the left of the ship, a "Hit Area Expand" in|
| Anne's dresser, a "Lottery Ticket" on Anne's nightstand, and a    |
| Ring Fragment in the chest next to her bed).  There is also a new |
| Snap Trader (across from the messe hall)  he has the Bear Fetish  |
| (required for the good ending) and will trade it to you for 5     |
| "Haintz" snaps. Lottery Member No. 09 is also standing outside    |
| the door to Anne's cabin).  This Lottery Member has the "Whale    |
| Fetish"(Something you MUST win to get the good ending).           |

->You can return your ring fragment to the Ring Soul in the Upper West 
  Side for an "Attack Number Increase"

= LAS VEGAS (ラスヴェガス)= 

After 3 cut-scenes, you'll enter the city with Al Capone and company
in tow.  As soon as you gain control of Johnny, head around the right
side of the hotel to get the "Hawk Fusion" out of the chest here.
On the opposite side you'll find a familiar bike.  In the bush right
to the left of the entrance is another "Cure" stella.

-> Now you can make your life MUCH easier by leaving Vegas and taking
   a side trip to New York to complete Johnny's 2nd Detective mission 
   and get the "Panoramic Lens"

   If you're going to get this at all: you'll want to get it now...  

| Available: after opening Las Vegas                                |
| Reward: Panoramic Lens                                            |
|                                                                   |
| Talk to Rene in the Agency and he'll tell you to go meet someone  |
| in Times Square, in the 2nd area of Times Square is a new NPC in  |
| a cowboy hat,  he'll give you a math quiz.  Answer 10 of his      |
| questions in 10 seconds each...  Passing his quiz will open up a  |
| new location on the New York map: Harlem.                         |
|                                                                   |
|    Quiz answers (order is random) ~                               |
|                                                                   |
|         18 + 7 = 25                                               |
|         12 + 34 = 46                                              |
|         98 - 34 = 64                                              |
|         85 - 17 = 68                                              |
|         38 + 38 = 76                                              |
|         65 + 25 = 90                                              |
|         22 + 77 = 99                                              |
|         305 + 58 = 363                                            |
|         143 + 256 = 399                                           |
|         644 - 55 = 589                                            |
|         3 + 998 = 1001                                            |
|         1244 + 1244 = 2488                                        |
|         1144 + 4411 = 5555                                        |
|         13 + 4 + 5 = 22                                           |
|         32 - 5 + 3 = 30                                           |
|         16 + 2 + 15 = 33                                          |
|         7 + 7 + 26 = 40                                           |
|         47 + 9 - 9 = 47                                           |
|         9 + 9 + 3 + 9 = 30                                        |
|         1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 = 15                                    |
|                                                                   |
|In Harlem you'll meet a blonde man in a red suit who will give you |
|another, even more annoying math test.  Pass it to recieve the     | 
|"Panoramic Lens" for Johnny.                                       |
|                                                                   |
|     Quiz answers (order is random) ~                              |
|                                                                   |
|         88 / 22 = 4                                               |
|         56 / 7 = 8                                                |
|         84 / 4 = 21                                               |
|         99 / 3 = 33                                               |
|         12 x 4 = 48                                               |
|         34 x 2 = 68                                               |
|         5 x 15 = 75                                               |
|         25 x 3 = 75                                               |
|         15 x 6 = 90                                               |
|         31 x 5 = 155                                              |
|         8 x 20 = 160                                              |
|         133 x 2 = 266                                             |
|         221 x 3 = 663                                             |
|         8 / 2 x 6 = 24                                            |
|         22 x 3 / 2 = 33                                           |
|         2 x 6 x 5 = 60                                            |
|         5 x 4 x 4 = 80                                            |
|         3 x 9 x 3 = 81                                            |
|         10 x 9 / 3 = 30                                           |
|         4 x 3 x 2 x 1 = 24                                        |
|                                                                   |
| While you're here, stop to get the "Gemini Stellar Chart" on the  |
|ground near the entrance to the area and a "lottery ticket" behind | 
|the pole at the back of the alley. Around the corner you'll find a |
|"Raise Up" stella behind the stop sign and a "mana seed" in the a  |
|chest by the exit.                                                 |
|                                                                   |
| NOTE: The Panoramic Lens must be equipped on Johnny to take       |
| effect.                                                           |

-> When you have the Panoramic Lens, you may want to go check with
   the snap collectors in Chicago and the Carribean and fill all the
   requests you can (heading back to previous areas to grab what
   you've missed).

   NOTE: Alcatraz is now "clean", so backtracking to get anything
   there won't do you any good.  If you've missed something, don't 
   panic... you'll have access to these monsters again in the Pit

Entering the hotel Mao will point out the elevator, but when you try
to take it, the attendant will turn you away.  Examine the piano in
this room for a "Lottery Ticket" and save your game before entering
the casino area to the right.  In the lower lefthand corner is a 
chest holding a "Seal of Power", the lower righthand corner has one
holding a Ring Fragment.  Also in this room are Baigen and Mazymell
(sans bike).  Mazymell has new weapons for everyone, so upgrade 
before moving on.  Invest in some pocket watches if you haven't 
already, nearly all of the encounters on this area involve ring
status.  Through the door to your right is a hallway, head to the end
and you'll see a scene.  Entering the only real door in this area 
will initiate a fight with 5 mafia guys.  Be sure to take a snapshot
or two, since they'll dissappear after this segment of the game.
After the fight, Johnny will automatically recieve the key to room 
818.  You'll then see a short scene of McManus in his suite and another
with Ricardo.

Now that you have a room key, the man on the elevator will take 
you to the 8th floor.  

Heading down the right hall on the 8th floor you'll meet up with 
six more gangsters.  Get rid of them and then head down to room 812.
Inside 812 is Lottery Member No. 08.  Give it a go if you'd like, 
then keep heading down the hall to room 822, inside you'll have
another fight on your hands.  After the fight, you'll find the key 
to room 807 on the floor.  At the very end of the right hall, enter
the leftmost of the two doors at the very end.

In this room you'll see a cut-scene, at the end, Ricardo will join
your party and you'll have a chance to reform.  Ricardo is mandatory
for this area.  After you choose your party members, you'll have
yet another fight on your hands.  When the mafia is gone, Ricardo
will get his first Roots Item, the "Unfading Flower" and a short
tutorial screen for Ricardo's special abilities will appear.  After
this, grab Room Key 422 from the floor where it's fallen and head
back out into the hall, where you'll be attacked by 2 Butchers and a
Ghoul.  After this battle, it becomes quite evident that Malice is
involved.  From this point on, you'll have random encounters to
contend with.

Head back down the hallway and take the doorway at the bottom of 
the screen just past the elevator. In this room is a chest with
"Petrify LV1" inside.   Leave the room and head toward the two mafia
guys at the end of the far opposite hall.  Get rid of them before 
going into the room on the right.  By the bed in this room you'll
find a "Talisman of Mercy".

Now it's time to go to the 4rth floor.  So head back to the elevator
and choose the 4th Floor from the list.  Or, if you're low on items 
or want to save/use a tent: you can also detour back to the first
floor before moving on.

Heading to the right from the elevator will initiate another mafia
fight.  Along the hall, there's a chest at the foot of the "416~419"
sign holding a "Pure Seed".  Room 416 is open and there is an "Air
Edge" stella hidden in the bedstand.  Three doors are open down the 
"420~424" hallway.  The closest to the sign has another mafia fight,
the door to the right of that has a chest containing the key to
room 903.  The door on the left side has a mafia fight and an "Angel
Souffle" hidden in the plant.

The hall to the opposite side of the elevator (400~405), has only
one door lit, but not currently accessable.  So ignore it for now and
take the elevator to the 9th floor.

On the 9th floor, enter the room across from the elevator (slightly
to the left) for another mafia fight and a card key for "4??"
(actually the key to 415).  Now that you've got it, head back down 
to the 4rth floor and use it.  Inside 415 you'll find a chest with a
"Rock Bust" stella.

Back up to 9 and down the hall...  Nothing in 904 but a mafia fight,
across the hall is a mafia fight that will trigger an event and a
chest holding the key you're after (1004).  Now it might be wise to
go down to the first floor to restock if you're low on anything.  The 
next boss can be a challenge.  

If you're having characters die regularly in regular battles, it would
be an extremely good idea to level those characters up a bit now. 
Remember, there are random encounters all over the 8th floor.

When you're ready, head up to the 10th floor.  At the end of the hall
to the left is a chest holding a "Medi Rhizome".  In room 1004, you'll
find an "Arc Barrier" stella hidden in the plant.  Now save your game
at the nearby save point and tinker with your charts and accessories.
The next boss is weak to fire, so make sure you've got strong fire
spells equipped.  Once again, "Red Nova" is great to have (as is "Red
Bounce").  You'll also want your new "Arc Barrier" stella equipped on 
someone.  Level up Shania's Thunderbird fusion until she has "Arc 
Gale" unlocked (the Eagle Fetish is the one affecting magic).  

When you're ready to rush McManus's suite, just walk straight into 
the crowd of mafia guys guarding the door.  Don't double or combo with
these guys.  Use them to build up your stock for the next fight. When 
they're gone, heal (or use a tent at the save point on this floor) and 
go inside for a pair of scenes and a boss fight.

MALICE EDNA (マリスエドナ)
  Element: Water
  HP: 1670
  MP: 404
  Exp: 4000
  Cash: 4900
  Soul: 90
  Cal: -10
  Special attacks: Black Hole, Mental Break, Limit Shock

Start things off with a snap and something to remove the stock Edna
begins this battle with.  Fusing Shania into Thunderbird and casting 
"Arc Gale" will give you even more of an edge. Edna is weak to fire, 
so Ricardo's "Melody of Rage", "Red Nova" and "Red Bounce" all work
 wonderfully here.  Once again, Red Nova eliminates the need to hard 
hit, but be sure to use it every time Edna's stock gauge gets high.  
If your characters are afflicted with Mind Break, don't bother curing 
it unless you have Mao's cure-all and a double turn to waste, she'll 
only put it right back on you next turn.  Ricardo's "Melody of Sorrow" 
can help your MP from bottoming out if you are hit with Mind Break.  
But if you do run out of MP, turn to items and good old hard hit to 
finish her off.  Watch your sanity, this can be a long battle.
When she's dead you'll get Shania's Bison fetish, a sniffly scene and 
Ricardo as a member of your party for good.  After a scene with Killer,
Gilbert and Lady and another with Al Capone you'll be back at the 
world map.  Chitchen Itza is FINALLY open!!

->Return your fragment to the Ring Soul for an "attack number 

->Frank's next ability can be obtained to the right of the entrance
  to the Vegas Hotel (see "Sidequest" section for details)

->Information for Natan's next UMA hunt can be obtained in The
  Grand Canyon

= CHITCHEN ITZA (チェチェン.イツァ)= 

Chitchen Itza is the first of many dungeon crawls to come, so you
may as well get used to ancient South American ruins now :)

When you first approach the temple, you'll see a short scene of
Natan tracking Killer and Lady.  After the scene, head up the steps
to the temple entrance.  

~ Chitchen Itza is full of fake UMA triggers.  So be careful where
you lay your bait~

- B1F -

Once inside, save your game and check behind the first pillar to the 
right for a "Vine Grass Bracelet".  Examine the cicular inlay on the 
wall for another short scene, then head up the stairs to the left.  
On reaching the next room you'll see another scene that explains the 
puzzles in this set of ruins.

As long as you run to the goal before the light strand goes out
completely: the goal will remain accessable.  So the key is to know
where you're going before you step on the key panel, then running
like hell to get there in time.  It's easier than it sounds.

The chest at the end of this hallway has the key item to open the
door in the entrance hall (a skull, yummy).  Another chest in a 
cubby off to the right has an "Arc Heal" crest inside.

To the right of the entrance hall are our old friends Baigen and
Mazymell.  Mazymell has new armor available, so upgrade everyone and 
restock items before moving on.  "Small Bell Bracelet"s are also 
very good investments at this point (you'll want them for the boss).
When you're finished shopping, examine the wall relief again to 
place the skull in the center and open the door to B2.  

The monsters here are a bit of a leap in difficulty, so if you
haven't levelled until now, it may be worth your time to spend a half
hour or so in the entryway killing things just for the experience.
It's also a great place to gather nyancoins to pay for Mao's first
two Cat-Master fights.  

- B2F -

When you're confident with the monsters you're up against, take the 
stairs down then keep right on the path and down another staircase.  
At the end is a room with another door-trigger.  Step on it and run 
for the chest, which contains a "Seal of Speed".  Also in this room 
behind the piller closest to the bottom right corner is an "Evil 
Seed" stella.

Now head back to the first branch on B2 and take it North this 
time.  Take the path just to the left on entering the north branch
and you'll find another staircase.  Take it down and trigger the
switch before running back up to get the "Hit Area Expand" out of
the chest.  Head back down the staircase and through the door to the

- B3F -

Take the right path from here (the left is only a dead end), at the
bottom of the next staircase you'll find yourself in a big area with
three door-triggers and a save point.  Save your game and then check
behind the middle pillar on the rightmost side for an "Instant Death
Lv. 1".  The southernmost trigger is a decoy, it opens nothing.  So
ignore it and concentrate on the two triggers close together on the
left side of the room.  Trigger the one to the right and run for the
chest on the right side of the room holding another key skull.  Now
use the other to access the chest at the top of the room holding an
"Arc Cure" stella.  Now take the exit to the left and head South for 
a "Mana Refine" at the end of the path, then turn around and head
North and examine the door to insert the skull and open the path to
the next area.

- B4F -

Not much to B4, just follow the path down and examine the floor at 
the bottom left of the room at the end for a "Lottery Ticket"
before moving on to B5

- B5F -

On B5, take the staircase to the right side of the room and follow
the only open path into an area with 8 pillars and two triggers.
If you spoke to the Shaman in the Grand Canyon before entering 
Chichen Itza, Natan's next UMA will be available now:
     o   x   o   o
     o   o   o   o

X marks the spot.  Be careful, there is a fake UMA trigger in this
area also.  

   -> For more information about this UMA, see the UMA section under

Step on the trigger to the right side of this area and run for the
chest to get a "Daphne's Fruit".  The other trigger in this area 
leads to a chest holding a "Ramp Fiber".  

In the next room along this path is a save point and two triggers.
Save your game then check the upper right corner for a chest holding
an "Arc Shield" stella.  Now use the left trigger to open up the 
path to the area below then use the right trigger before running
for the door you triggered first.  It can be a pain, especially if 
you're attacked on the way and fall victim to the bug, but it should
only take a few shots to get it right.

(bug note: occaisionally if you're attacked during the puzzle, the 
bottom door will get "stuck" and the chest will become inaccessable
even though the door appears to be open.  Head back up to the
trigger and walk over it again to reset the puzzle.)

The reward for your tenacity is the last skull key item.  Return to
the room where you triggered the two doors at once.  Here, save your
game one more time, heal up, level Shania's fusions, and equip any
new stellas you've found.  Put any small bell bracelets you've got on
your characters, equip all the "poison" effects you have to your 
rings and the next boss will be a snap.

When you're ready, examine the door to insert the skull, Johnny and
Shania will automatically run on from here.  After a cut-scene you'll
have your first encounter with Killer.

Jup Nigras (ジュップ。二グラス)
  Element: Light
  HP: 2020
  MP: 382
  Exp: 6500
  Cash: 5600
  Soul: 105
  Cal: +10

Killer is weak to poison in his Malice form.  So just whack away at 
him with posion-attacks until it takes then watch him lose massive 
amounts of HP on his own turns (666hp average per turn with 
d.poison).  With small bell bracelets on, you'll have no problems 
from his "Clear Oracle" attack.  Just stay healed and make sure he 
doesn't get enough stock accumulated to double you to death.  The 
fight shouldn't last long enough to have to worry about SP.

In spite of wiping the floor with Killer's face in 3 or 4 turns, 
he'll still pull a cheap duex ex machina and nearly kill you all, 
triggering some more hot lesbian action and one of the most jarring 
story transitions you've ever seen.

It's now a couple of weeks later and you're enjoying some sun and 
fun in...

= RIO DE JANEIRO (リオデジャネイロ) = 

It's been awhile since you've had free-run of a town and there's 
quite a lot to do in Rio, in spite of the limited size.

First save your game, then check behind the planter just behind the
save point for a chest with a "Clear Oracle" stella inside.  In the
planter to the left side of the screen (by the fat guy in the white
suit) you'll find a "Hit Area Expand".  

Speaking to the woman in blue in front of the fountain will trigger
a quiz minigame.  Choose the 2nd answer to accept her challenge.
Winning this quiz will get you the "Warning Device", which you'll
~definately~ want for some of the later sidequests in the game.  So
go ahead and give the quiz a shot.

   - World Quiz -

     Question order and selection is random, but each question has
     a 10 second time allowance to answer.  

     Sample Questions (rough translation)

        -What controls the power in Alcatraz Prison?
           Answer: Breaker
        -How many security keys were required in Roswell Laboratory
           Answer: 3
        -Where is Nyaaramount Studios located?
           Answer: Hollywood
        -What do you need in order to ride the elevator in Las Vegas?
           Answer: a room key
        -Who stands in New York harbor?
           Answer: the goddess of liberty (statue of liberty)
        -What's always parked in front of the gas pumps in Roswell?
           Answer: a blue truck
        -What does the red sign in Times Square read?
           Answer: LEJON
        -What's the name of the theatre in Chelsea?
           Answer: The Erick Theatre
        -What's across from the Chemisty lab at Arkham University?
           Answer: The Library
        -Which sport is played at Arkham University?
           Answer: American Football
        -What country is Chitchen Itza in?
           Answer: Mexico
        -What is the name of the location in the Upper West side?
           Answer: The Garland Detective Agency
        -How many sets of totem poles are in the Grand Canyon?
           Answer: 3
        -How many floors is the Las Vegas Hotel?
           Answer: 10

      You have as many tries as it takes, after answering all 10
      questions correctly, you'll recieve the "Warning Device".

Now examine the pole just to the left of Hilda for a "Lottery 
Ticket" and check the front of the red truck for a piece of the
Ring Soul.  While you're here, have a chat with the man in the truck
to discover another Snap-Collector (Pisaro).  Fill any requests you 
can and make notes about anything you need to go back and get.  Also
nearby is Lottery Member 007 (a woman in a brown sweater), she has a 
"Mind's Eye", go ahead and try to win it off of her.  Then head to
the opposite corner of this screen to find a chest holding a "Seal 
of Luck".

Now head North through the central arch.  In the alleyway examine
the first oil drum on your left for an "Angel Souffle".  

In the next area, the first thing you're likely to notice is Frank
picking through the trash.  Talk to him for a short event then
examine the rusty oil drum just to the left for a "Medi Rhizome".
In the soccer field area, check the lower left corner for a chest
holding an "Arc Surge" stella and take note of the object sticking 
out at the center (when you've got Frank in your party again, you'll
want to come back for it).

Just outside are Baigen and Mazymell.  Mazymell has new weapons for
everyone, upgrade everyone but Frank.  When you're done shopping,
head back to the fountain area... Frank will run up and tell you
that he's actually found some information in the dumpster!  Next
stop is the news agency (the entrance is just behind Lottery Member

On approaching the agency you'll trigger a pair of cut-scenes.  When
you're back in control, take Frank back to the soccer field to claim
his new weapon.

->Returning to the paper office now and speaking to the old man at
  the table will trigger Ricardo's first sidequest.  See the 
  sidequest section for more information.  While in the office, grab 
  the "Evasion Down Lv. 2" from the upper right corner of the office
  near the cleaning supplies and the wastebasket for a "Lottery  

->If you change Hilda into her pink bat form and return to Rio to
  speak to the man in the blue shirt just to the right of the 
  archway you'll trigger an event and recieve Hilda's next "Weekly
  Arts" issue.
->Returning the Ring Fragment found in Rio to the Ring Soul will
  get you another "Attack Frequency Increase"

->The next level of pit fights will be open at Arkham University.
  The "Owl Fetish" (required for the good ending) is available now 
  as a prize for one of the fights.  See the "Sidequests" section for 
  more information.

->Visit the Grand Canyon to get Natan's reward for the Chitchen Itza
  UMA hunt. 

= MACHU PICHU (マチュピチュ) = 

Beware: the enemies in Machu Pichu are evil incarnate.  Equip your 
warning device.  If they get the jump on you, you're probably dead.

Entering Machu Pichu will trigger a cut-scene occuring somewhere
else entirely.  Enjoy your first glimpse of the saggy breasts of the
Moana Village elder... now THAT'S fanservice!  Yum!

After the Moana scene you'll get a short scene along with an amazing
shot of Machu Pichu from the air and the chance to run around the
place a bit, enjoying the view.  Pity the next dungeon is BELOW the
ruins and not in them :(

When you get control again, turn back into the first area for an
even better look at the view and a "Leonardo's Bear" in the bottom
lefthand corner of the area.  Follow the cliffside to the left
then head between the large flat rock and the ruin wall to find a 
chest holding an "Arc Gale" stella.  Now head back down the stairs
and into the next area.

You'll see a scene with Lady, Killer and Gilbert who seem to also be
in the ruins, just one step ahead.

You'll now find yourself at the beginning of another set of ruin 
puzzles.  Save your game and approach the door to have the puzzle
explained.  Press the red button (2nd option) and the door to the 
next area will open.

In the next room, approach the left wall to see a scene and recieve
a key item that will act as an indicator in the upcoming puzzle

Push the yellow button to open the right door and see another scene.
It will be explained to you that only two buttons can remain pressed
at any one time.  The first button you pressed will cycle out:

   ex.  at first your mask reads:

             RED     BLUE

        after pressing the yellow button...

             YELLOW  RED

        if you now were to press the blue button again:

             BLUE    YELLOW

        All of the door corresponding to the colors active in the 
        mask will remain open, any doors you might have opened
        with the other color combinations will automatically close
        when the color changes.

Go ahead and grab the "Angel Souffle" from the chest in the opened
area on the right, then go back and press the blue button to open 
the left door and continue on the path.  Don't worry about the center
door, there's nothing behind it.

After passing through a short hallway you'll find yourself once more
above-ground.  To the right is a save point.  In front of the nearby 
patch of plants is a "Raise Up" stella.  There's also a hidden chest
containing a "Seal of Life" on the righthand side of the screen.  
Follow the path on this level until you come to another boxy ruin.  In
the upper right corner is a Ring Fragment.  Further on is a chest holding a 
"Medi Rhizome".  There is a ruin entrance here, but you don't need it
just yet.

Now go back to the stairs and take them down to the lower level of 
this area.  To the far right is a chest with a "Talisman of Mercy"
inside and in a patch of grass by the big rock on the left is another
"Lottery Ticket".  Your trusty merchants have, of course, made the 
trek into the Andes to supply you with anything you might need.    
Unfortunately they haven't got much of anything new to choose from.
Consider buying some shell bracelets (don't worry about having four 
if you don't have enough money, but make sure you have at least one).
Restock if you need to, then climb the next staircase down and into
the next underground ruin complex.

Here you'll need to refer to your map to find the appropriate 
switches and doors (R1 is the map trigger, if this is the first time
you've ever used it).  

Here's the order:

   1) green
   2) red

      - through green-red door

   3) purple

      - though the purple-red door (top)
      - three chests (left to right) "Entrance" stella, "S-Def Down 
        Lv 2" and "Pure Rhizome"      

   4) yellow

      - through the yellow-purple door
      - chest w/ "Mana Rhizome" (just outside)

   5) red
   6) green

      - through the green-red door

   7) yellow
   8) purple
      - through the yellow-purple door
      - exit the way you came in, go to the highest level of the
        outside screen and follow the path to the end.  Enter the
        alternate ruin entrance

   9) blue

      - through the blue and purple door

   10) yellow

      - through the blue and yellow door

Congrats, you've survived the first puzzle in Machu Pichu.  Now
take a left into the new hallway and follow the path around the corner
to find a chest containing a "small bell bracelet".  Now head back the
other way and down the stairs.  You'll come across a new area with a 
save point.  Save your game, then get ready for another puzzle.

The next puzzle is a bit more straightforward than the last.  The 
area is circular and blocked off by flames of three different colors.
In the center are 3 master torches, one for each color, they're
only indicators for which color has been switched off.  The switches
themselves lie at 3 different end points of the wheel.  Before doing 
anything, first run toward the exit at the top of the screen and 
find it blocked.

The hall is set-up with rewards at the end of each spoke of the wheel
like so:


     RED       T1

   T2            BLUE

     GREEN     T3

T = treasures
COLORS = switches

See "Machu Pichu Puzzle Map" (seperate file) for a much better(?)

The switches are also marked on your navigation map as red dots,
color isn't indicated.

The solution is as follows:

1) red (path from center up-left-up)

   - get T1 "Pearl Blast" stella (path from here right-right-up)

2) blue (path from center right-right)

   - get T2 "Medi Rhizome" (take the path around the circle to the
     very top, then cut through the center and take the path directly
     to the left until you reach the chest)

3) green (path from center follow the arrow by the green torch 

   - get T3 "Rock Bust" stella (path from here up-left-up-right-
   - back the way you came to the center and then up through the

Congrats... you survived Machu Pichu's puzzles.  

NOTE: if you have a shell bracelet on Shania, take it off before
going any further... you're about to lose her and you'll want that
bracelet for someone else.

Heading further on you'll see a cut-scene then be pulled into a fight
with some regular monsters.  At the end you'll see another scene and
lose Shania.  Sub in another character and you'll be given a chance
to heal and arrange equipment before another normal fight.

Continue on down the stairs and through the long, empty corridor.
When you reach a branch, take the right side to the end for a chest
containing "Daphne's Fruit".  Now head back down the other branch.
At the end you'll see another scene.  Now save your game, heal, swap
equipment, etc.  If, for whatever reason, you haven't got enough
Shell Bracelets, put one on Ricardo and make sure he's in the party.
Next up is a boss fight.

Kelfi (ケルフィ)
  Element: Wind
  HP: 2380	
  MP: 474
  Exp: 10000
  Cash: 6300
  Soul: 130
  Cal: +10

Cast "Arc Gale" on yourself if you've got it, "Arc Shield" is also a 
good idea, since this boss hits pretty hard.  If you're short on 
Shell bracelets use Ricardo's "Storm of Star Tears" ("Melody of Joy"
under the "Old Lady's Diary" roots set) every 3 turns to null status.
Hard hit Kelfe every few turns or use "Red Nova" when she starts to 
build up stock.  Use Arc Cure when you're low and don't forget to 
snap.  Earth spells work well in this fight, as does fat Hilda's 
"Grand Slam" ability (which also drains stock).  If you raise 
characters without bracelets, don't forget to cast "Storm of Star 
Tears" again asap.  If you're hit with poison, or worse, d. poison 
things get a lot thornier.

Winning this battle will get you Shania's "Shark Fetish".  But alas,
they got away again ;-;  Looks like you'll just have to chase them
through another puzzle-laden South American ruin complex.  Grr...

After a scene you'll have a new location available on the world map.
But before moving on, there are a few little things to be done.

->Return the Ring Fragment to the Ring Soul in the Upper West Side
  for another "Attack Number Increase"

->Now is a good time to go get levels 1-3 of Mao's Cat Tower if you
  haven't already ^_^/  See the sidequest section for more

= MOANA VILLAGE (モアナ村) = 

On entering Moana Village you'll see cut-scene about Killer and Co.
entering Vilicabamba.  On regaining control, you'll find yourself 
in Moana Village.  Near the entrance, the vendors have set up shop.  
Mazymell has new armor for everyone, so upgrade before moving on.  
After shopping, enter the house nearest to the village entrance and 
talk to the little girl closest to the door to discover another Snap 
Trader: Adorable Mary.  On the shelf opposite Mary is a "Hit Area 
Expand" and just behind Mary against the wall is a chest with an 
"Aqua Resist" stella inside.  Just outside this house is a chest 
with a "Mana Rhizome" inside.

Head down the stairs to your left and examine the chest in front of
the wooden idol for a "Seal of Soul".  Continuing on toward the
last area of Moana you'll approach a large house.  To the left is a 
chest holding a "Hail Solid" stella and Lottery Member No. 06.  She
has a straw for Hilda on her red area that you might want to try

On entering the Elder's home, you'll see another cut-scene (coming 
pretty thick now, aren't they? ^^;)  After the Elder coughs up the
location of Vilicabamba you're free to go.  Loloma will have moved
from her spot in front of the door, so you can now check the post
on the right side of the hut for a ""Medi Rhizome".  Now re-enter
the Elder's house and check the dresser near the door for a "Lottery

->Talk to the man between the dock and the elder's house with Glamour
  Hilda in your party for another Magical Arts issue.
->Talk to the little girl on the right side of the classroom in
  Moana with slim Hilda in your party for another Magical Arts issue.

= VILICABAMBA (ビリカバンバー) = 

Before riding the lift down into the heart of Vilicabamba check
behind the stone pillar to the lower right for a blue chest holding
a "Seal of Heart".  Walk to the center of the lift to ride it down
into the ruins.  You'll see a short scene before regaining control.

Run through the next area.  As you pass into the temple, you'll get
a look at Lady and Killer's progress before cutting back to your
game.  Approach the save point and the next puzzle will be explained
to you.  

In this one the goal is to activate a series of lifts shaped like
trivial pursuit game pieces by pushing down the four wedge triggers
to light them up.  Ricardo will push the first in this area for you.

First, take the path to your left, at the far end you'll see another
wedge.  Run for it and push it down.  At the end of the nearest path
ending in a pillar (toward the screen) is a chest with a "Heat 
Resist" stella.  Heading back across your trivial pursuit piece you
should see your next wedge clearly on the northern path... go get 
it!  To the far right is a visable chest with a "Talisman of Mercy"
inside.  Your last wedge in this area is at the end of the path to
the south.  Now that you're all lit up, save your game, then stand 
on the platform to ride up to the next level.  

On arriving on the next level, you'll see a chest right next to you,
inside is another "Lottery Ticket".  Now follow the path to your
right until it branches.  First take the path to the North to find a
"Ring Fragment" behind the pillar.  Then take the other branch and
follow it all the way around the screen, it will make a wide loop
before continuing through a cave wall and taking you into another

Now things get a bit complicated...  But first things first, on the
path to your right is a chest holding a "Pure Rhizome".  After
you've grabbed that, hop onto the red platform and you'll be
teleported to another level.  Here you'll find a save point and your
old friend the trivial pursuit game peice.  Approach it to see a 
short scene and find out that your wedges are, this time, on two 
different levels of the map.  Don't panic... it's a lot easier and 
more linear than it first appears ^_~/  Save your game before moving

Once again, your nagivation map is helpful.  Target wedges are 
marked in red dots and portals are each marked by color.  Before
doing anything with the portals, it's easiest just to trigger the
wedges on this level now.  Start with the one to the immediate
north, then take a right from your starting point, at the end of
this path is a two-way branch.  Take the branch to the south all the
way to the end to find a "Poison Lv 2" in a chest, then return and 
take the other to your wedge target and activate it. 

   HINT: Equip Posion Lv. 2 on one of your physical attackers now.
         It'll come in handy both in your regular encounters, and
         in fighting the boss for this area.

Now take the last path you haven't taken yet (to the north).  Follow
it to the end for a chest with a "Red Bounce" stella.  Now backtrack
to the green portal you passed and use it to get to 2F (use your map 
for reference if you need to).  The option to ride is the 2nd ("乗る").

Now on 2F, ignore the path to your right... there's nothing there.
Instead, head to the far end of the path to your left (stay along
the visable path for now, ignoring the branch south).  At the end
of this path is a chest containing a "Willpower" accessory.  Now go
back and take the south branch, which will soon branch again.  On
the left is an area with a chest holding a "Ramp Fiber".  To the
right of the branch is the purple portal.  Use it to ride to 1F.

From the purple platform, take the path to the left.  In front of
the pillar in the leftmost area is a chest holding a "Holy Resist" 
stella.  Looping around from here, there is a blue-incribed stone
set into the floor.  As you approach, Johnny will automatically step
onto it to open the path to the north via blue-glowing pathway.
Cross over and then take the path to your immediate right to find
another blue stone.  Stand on it to activate a path to nowhere in
particular before taking the path to the north of here to find a 
chest holding a "Angel Souffle".  Backtrack past the yellow portal
and take the path that loops around to the North.  At the highest 
point on the path you'll find a chest containing "Seal Lv.2" and 
at the very end of the path, another blue stone.  Step onto it to 
activate a pathway connecting to the one you activated before.  
Take the new pathway south to find a wedge.  Activate it, then 
return to the yellow portal via the pathway connecting.  Use the 
yellow portal to descend.

Back on 2F, use your map to locate the last wedge (red dot) and go
for it.. there are no more treasures available on this floor and
while there is another blue path available for activation on the
northern path, it only leads to an area you've already completely
explored.  Once you've activated the last switch, take the pink
portal nearby.

On 3F, take the branch to the south for a chest containing an "Evil
Shade" stella, then take the northern path to another blue stone.
Stepping on this stone will create a path back to to puzzle's 
beginning, the save point and your now ready-to-use lift.

Save your game and prep for the coming battle.  Make sure "Posion Lv
2" and "Slow Lv 2" effects are on two of your physical attacker's
rings.  You may want a "P-Atk Down Lv 1" effect on someone as well.    
Johnny has a slot for "Red Bounce" available on Gemini, if you've
got it.  Put all your "Red Nova"s on anyone else where they'll fit.
Hilda should also have slots available for "Evil Shade" and
"Clear Oracle" if you haven't equipped them already.  "Arc Gale" on
someone (or using Shania's "Thunderbird" form) is also a good idea.

When you're ready, ride the lift up.

Killer (キラー)
  Element: Fire
  HP: 1450	
  MP: 222
  Exp: 9000
  Cash: 4000
  Soul: 150
  Cal: -10
  Special Attacks: S-Atk Down, P-Atk Down, Vice Needle (Chain), Red
                   Bounce, Flame Mine (after Dauros is dead)

Daoros (ダオロス)
  Element: Water
  HP: 1250
  MP: 264
  Exp: 7000
  Cash: 3000
  Soul: 150
  Cal: -10
  Special Attacks: spiritlessness, Arc Shield, Arc Barrier, Hail

Strategy 1 (best for vine grass bracelets not on all):
First things first: double with Johnny's first few turns to snap
pictures and get some attacks off on Daoros with your "poison" and 
"slow" equipped characters.  Use Shania or one of your magic users
to cast "Arc Gale".  Buff with "arc shield" and "arc barrier".  
Empty Dauros's stock with a "Red Nova" or "Red Bounce" spell (he's
weak to fire), and hard hit Killer.  If you can get "d. poison" and/ 
or "Slow" on Dauros, feel free to concentrate on Killer instead, as 
Dauros will quickly do away with himself.  Keep attacking Killer, 
hard hitting him whenever his stock guage makes you nervous.  If 
you've brought someone with "P-Atk Down" into this battle, have 
them try to inflict the status on Killer.  If more than one of your
characters are hit with Dauros's "spiritlessness" effect, wait until 
Dauros is dead then go ahead and use Mao's "Feast of Purity" or 
"Arc Heal" to wipe it.  As Dauros's hp drop, he'll do almost 
nothing but spam spiritlessness, there's really no point removing it.

Other than that, approach this battle like any other fight.  Keep 
everyone alive, sane and healed.  

Strategy 2 (best for vine grass bracelets on all):  Snap a few times
with Johnny, buff everyone with arc barrier, gale, sheild (whatever
you've got).  Since Dauros has no particular weakness to Poison, it 
can be more difficult to inflict than it's worth.  As long as you 
have Vine Grass Bracelets on everyone, he's actually less painful 
than the special attack Killer starts to use after he's gone.  If 
you have bracelets on everyone, I strongly encourage you to ignore 
Darous altogether until Killer is dead and then finish him off.  

Whatever you do: don't let Killer double.  It hurts.  As usual,
there are some small additional bonuses for ring perfect or high
combo bonuses.

When you defeat Killer and Dauros, you'll be beaten down with cut
scenes again.  Three this time (including an FMV).  The Gate has
now appeared on the horizon... but it's not open, so hold your 

The only area available now is...

= MOANA VILLAGE (モアナ村) = 

Save, restock, level fusions, upgrade charts, etc.

When you're done with all that fun stuff, head to the Village
Elder's house... if you've done all of Frank's sidequests to this 
point, along the way you'll see a familiar face!  It's Britney the 
pink ninja!!  Talk to her for a scene and an invitation to play
hide-and-seek in the Aito Caves.

In the Elder's house you'll see a lengthy cut-scene and learn of
your next destination, the Aito Caves.  

Returning to the Elder's House after the conversation, talk to
Loloma to recieve the "Scorpio" stellar chart.  

->Ricardo's 2nd roots item sidequest is now available.  Talk to the
  little girl on the dock just to the right side of the large idol 
  in the village to initiate the quest (see the "Sidequest" section 
  for more details).
->After finishing Ricardo's sidequest you should have two ring
  fragments, so return them both to the ring soul on the Upper West
  Side for "attack number increase"s
->While you're here, Johnny's next Detective Event (to get the 
  ability "Call Phone" is available.  Talk to Rene to iniate it (see
  the "Sidequest" section for more details).
->Also in New York, Lottery Member No.05 has appeared in Times
  Square.  She hasn't really got anything worth jumping for joy over
  but with the bazillion lottery tickets in this game, might as well
  use some!  :P  The best thing she has is the "Cure Plus" stella (on
->UBER ACCESSORY TIME: If you have an overall ring success rate of
  95% or more and a perfect rate of 75% or more, visit Al Capone's
  Chicago office to recieve the uber accessory "Mastering".

HINT: Mazymell and Baigen do not appear in the next dungeon and the
      next boss has a nasty Petrify attack.  Buy "water mirror 
      bracelets" before moving on!!

= AITO CAVES (アイトの洞窟) = 

Assuming you're up-to-date with Frank's abilities and spoke to her
in Moana, Britney will be waiting outside the cave.  Talk to her to 
initiate the Frank's "hide and seek" sidequest.  If you don't have
Frank's sidequests up-to-date, don't sweat it, this quest can be
done later and has a full seperate walkthrough in the "Sidequests"

The first thing you'll encounter on entering the caves is a save
point.  Make friends with it before going on.  Entering the next
area will trigger another short scene and an auto-battle with two
Kaburakan.  When they're gone, examine the image on the wall for
a clue about the setup of the cave puzzle.  From here, you should
be able to see the chest hidden behind the right pillar.  Open it to
recieve a "Cure Plus" stella.
Head through the doorway to the North and continue on this path
past the first branch and through the doorway guarded by a blue
portal.  Keep along this path straight, ignoring the branch for
now.  The next area is a large cave with 4 branches (you'll arrive
through the 2nd from the left).  Collect the "Ring Fragment" from
the chest in this area before taking the 1st branch from the left.
DO NOT PASS THROUGH THE BLUE PORTAL!!  Instead examine the ground
in front of the pillar to the right side of the portal for a "Hail
Exceed" stella, then return to the large cave the way you came in.

From here, take the branch 3rd from the left and follow it into a 
lagoon area.  Examine the torch to the left of the path for a "Seal
of Body" and open the chest to the left of the blue portal beyond 
for a "Medi Rhizome".  DO NOT GO PAST THE BLUE PORTAL!  Return, 
again, to the large cave.

Now take the rightmost branch all the way to the end.  Here you'll
find Frank's first hidden ninja.  Examine the right of the two red
pillars to reveal his hiding spot.

Now turn back and take the first branch North... in this area you'll
trigger a rather random cut-scene in which Shania reveals a bit of
her past.  When the scene is finished, take the first branch to your
right, at the end of this branch is a dead end, examine the stones
here for a "Hit Area Expand" then backtrack and take the left branch
that split from the path just before this one.  Follow it up an 
incline, through a cave opening, across a natural bridge and into
another large area.  In the lower lefthand corner of this large cave
is a chest holding a "Pure Rhizome".  Save your game, then head
through the cave opening to the North.  Keep left on this path all
the way to the end where you'll find an area with three sets of 
guardian pillars.  Pass through them one by one to fight a series of
battles and, once they've been cleared, collect your reward: a chest
containing a "Barubotics" stella. 

Now head back to the main path and continue along to the right until
you come to a fork.  

(If you're not doing Frank's sidequest now, skip the next paragraph.)

Take the path down and keep left, at the intersection, examine the 
left side of the area for another blue portal.  Don't step through 
it, but if you're doing Frank's ninja hunt now, the 2nd ninja is 
hiding here.  Talk to him to uncover his hiding place.  Return to the
fork at the Northeast corner of the map.

Now take the path to the right.  Examine the rocks at the corner for
a "Chinese Zodiac Bracelet" then continue on to a room with a red
portal.  Step on the portal and continue on the path to the north.
Soon you'll come to an intersection with a save point at the center
and an ornate doorway to the right.  Ignore the doorway for now and
take the path left to the dead end to find a chest holding an "Earth
Resist" stella.  Examine the wall closely in this area to find the
third hidden ninja (just his head is poking out of the cave wall).
Talk to him to uncover his hiding place.

If you're doing Frank's sidequest now and have found the last of the
three ninjas, you'll be returned to the exit to collect your reward. 
Don't worry, you'll be sent back to the place you left off when it's

Return to the save point and prepare for the next boss: you'll want
"Water Mirror Bracelet"s on everyone to counter the upcoming boss's
petrify attack.  You may also want to sub in Ricardo for this fight
if you haven't been using him straight along (as long as he's level
30 or above), his support can be helpful here.  If you're bringing 
Hilda, you may want her in her Glamour form, Slim Hilda is a bit... 
fragile for Derugett's hard hits and tends to die or need frequent
healing.  Equip "Slow" and "P-Atk Down" ring effects on your 
physical fighters and make sure you've got someone with all the usual
support spells (Arc Gale, Arc Shield, Arc Barrier, Arc Cure).  If 
you have pocketwatches, stick some on your characters too.  Derugett
has ring status, he just doesn't use it all that frequently.  "Clear
Oracle" is a personal recommendation since it does decent damage 
coupled with stock draining.

When you're ready, head for the gate.  At first Derugett looks like
a statue, but after an amusing staring match with Johnny, he's
ready to kick your ass.

Derugett (デルゲット)
  Element: Earth
  HP: 3000
  MP: 510
  Exp: 20000
  Cash: 7700
  Soul: 200
  Cal: +10
  Special Attacks: Petrify, Energy Charge, 

NOTE: The snap collectors want a ridiculous number of "Derugett" 
snaps, so even though he'll appear in the pitfights later, as 
long as you aren't overwhelmed by this boss, it will save you some
time if you snap him five times now right now.

Start things off by buffing like crazy.  Arc Gale, Arc Shield, and 
Arc Barrier should all go up.  If you've brought Ricardo, his 
"Treasure Of a Lifetime" (3rd roots, 1st spell) and "If You Cry" 
(3rd roots, last spell) serenades are good for buffing while his
original set of roots continue to have their uses in lessening the
blow with regenerative SP, MP, HP boosts.  Watch Derugett's stock
like a hawk.  Heal when you need to, hard hit when you need to,
res when you need to.  Inflict "Slow" if you can, it will make 
things that much easier.  "Clear Oracle" on a high INT spellcaster
does some nice damage and drains stock, used in combination with 
Neko touch it can do about 350-450 per turn (not bad).  When 
Derugett charges: one of your characters is going to die.  Don't 
bother healing anyone who's low at that point.  Just let him 
choose his victim then do your best to clean up the mess he makes 
after the fact.  Stick with it and you should be fine.

When you've beaten him, you'll recieve the first ring in a cut-scene
and will then pop back up on the world map with your next destination
"suggested" rather strongly ^_~

= THE GRAND CANYON (グランドキャニオン) =

Head for the village, as you approach Zonta's lodge a cut-scene will
automatically begin.  Witness perhaps the largest obstacle to Johhny 
ever losing his virginity thus far...  How do you follow a scene like

Zonta: 1  Johnny: 0

In any case, you'll get the ring.  Time for massive amounts of

-> While you're here in the Grand Canyon, talk to the shaman to
   recieve Natan's next UMA hunt.  It's back in the Aito caves, if
   you haven't already done Frank's third ninpou sidequest it can 
   easily be done at the same time.  See the "Sidequest" section for
   more details.
-> In Moana, examine the pole to the left of the big idol to recieve
   a new weapon for Frank.
-> Return the "Ring Fragment" to the Ring Soul in the Upper West Side
   for another "Attack Number Increase"
-> There is a new set of Pit Fights open in Arkham University
-> There is a new lottery member in Arkham University's Chemistry Lab
   (No. 04)
-> Also at Arkham, the "Quiz Bowl" sidequest is now unlocked (see
   "Sidequests" section for more details)
-> If you're tackling Mao's 5 level pagoda, you can now fight 
   Nyawara-chan using silver nyancoins dropped in the Aito Caves

= UYUNI SALT LAKE (ウユニ塩湖) =

On first entering Uyuni you'll cut back to Killer, Lady and Gilbert.
Just when you thought you wouldn't have to deal with Killer yet again,
he skips out on Lady to come and kick your butt.  When you're back
to the game screen, approach the tower to trigger a short scene.  The
ring Johnny's got will open the door and let you in.

In the main room is a save point, use it.  On a raised platform at
the center of the pool is an "Air Resist" stella.  And lookies!  Our
flaming friends are here too.  Been awhile, boys.  To make up for
the absence, Mazymell has new weapons and armor for everyone!!  Yay!
Also available for sale now are the two zodiac bracelets.  Combined,
they're nearly as good as a crucifix.  If you have Mao's cure-all
status or have a member you like to use as your designated "Arc Heal"
it's wise to invest in one of each zodiac and glue them both to her 
(or him) until you get yourself some crucifixes.  The boss in this
dungeon also has instant death, so have a few "Leonardo's Bear"s to
equip on your characters when the time comes.  To the right side
of this room, hidden behind a pillar is a "Pure Refine".  When you've
finished your shopping and preliminary treasure sweep, the entrance
to the rest of the tower is on the far left.

NOTE: colors refer to the color of the crystal on TOP of the switch,
not necesarily the color of platform they activate.  So don't panic
if my "yellow" switch activates the "red" path.  It's only for
reference :)

Follow the only available path into the next room.  In this room is
a puzzle unvolving lighted crystals and moving platforms.  The first
step in this puzzle is obvious: the green crystal is the only one
you can reach.  Walk toward it to see a scene and Johnny will 
activate it automatically.  Follow the only path to the next crystal
(red), activate it (the 2nd option).  After a short scene, follow 
the only available path.  At the end of the new path is a chest 
holding an "Angel Souffle".  Activate the yellow crystal and cross 
to the center platform. Activate the red crystal here and the path 
to the exit will be accessable.  Examine the door to find that it 
needs to be opened.  Examine the white crystal to the side and 
choose the 2nd option to touch it, then move on.

Follow the pathway up and into the next room.  Here you're treated
to a much larger, more complex version of the last puzzle.  First,
activate the red switch to your left, then activate the green switch
to the right of the same path.  Now cross to the northeast side of
the screen to collect a "Zodiac Bracelet" from the chest.  Head back
to the center then cross the green platforms to the left to reach the 
next switch (red).  Activate the switch and you'll be lowered into the
pit.  Cross to the area just beneath the first switch you pushed
examine the ground for a "Red Gravity" stella.  Cross the other
lowered green platform to the North and activate the white switch
to open the door above.  Then return to the area where you descended
and examine the yellow crystal to the right to raise the yellow
platforms to create a path to the door.  Now cross the lowered red
and green platform bridge in the center, stand on the red platform
just to the side and activate the red switch here.  You'll be raised
back up to the level of the main path.  Head for the door and you're

Once again, you've only got one path, so follow it.  Before opening
the door to the next area, examine the ground just in front of it
for a "Hit Area Expand".  

In the next room is a real stinker of a puzzle that took me a few
hours of trial and error to get through the first time.  Make sure 
you follow the instructions carefully and in order unless you want
to spend hours trying to reset the silly thing and start over.
There's a save point here, I recommend you save now and don't save
over that slot until the puzzle's finished.  That way if you make a 
mistake, you have a load at the beginning.  

There are two paths here, one to collect items, and one to get the
heck out.  Items first.  Take the path to your left and activate the
switch here (red).  Then take the left of the same path and activate
the switch on the other side (yellow) to be lowered into the pit.
The next switch you need to press is already in your line of sight 
(green), press it.  Now activate the switch to your immediate left
(red).  Cross the now-lowered yellow and green path to the north,
stand on the green block set just apart and activate the green switch
to rise back to the level of the main path.  Now cross to the switch
on the northeast side of your screen (it will be red).  Stand on the
green platform and activate the red switch to lower yourself into the
pit again.  When you descend, you'll be right next to a chest, open
it to get a "Rock Javelin" stella.  To the north of this area is a
odd-looking object, examine it to get a new weapon for Frank (and
probably the best weapon-aquisition sequence in the whole game!).  
Just to the north is the next switch (yellow), activate it to lower 
the red platforms.  Before moving on, examine the cliffside to the
left of the exit for a "Medi Rhizome".  Then return to the green 
platform to the South of this area and press the green switch to 
rise back up to the level of the main path. 

Assuming you've gotten all that right, it's safe to save your game 
again before moving on to the next step.

Now, once more press the red switch to the left of this path, then
stand on the red path to the right side and press the yellow switch.
Yay, back in the pit!  Again, hit the green switch just to the left
of the lowered red path and the red switch just to the left of that.
Now cross the lowered yellow and green path and the lowered green
path to the north, keeping left on the other side.  Stand on the
lowered yellow platform here and press the yellow switch to rise
back up to the level of the main path.  Return to the first switch
you pushed (red, nearby) and activate it again to raise the red
platforms.  Now you can cross to the white door switch.  Activate it
to open the exit.  Now cross to the Northeast corner of the screen
and follow the raised yellow path to the right of the red switch.
It doesn't seem to go anywhere in particular, but examine the wall
to find a "Ring Fragment".  Now cross to the exit and you're out of

Again, follow the only path you can.  The 5th floor is fairly
straightforward, just follow the zig-zag path to the chest holding
a "Seal of Wisdom" and check the next corner in the path (near
the wall) for a "Dark Resist" stella.  Then move on, following the
only path available to 6F.

In the next room is a fun little puzzle (a nice change from all the
scarily complex ones before).  Turn off all of the lights in the star
on the floor to gather the treasure in the room to the left.  Turn
them all on to progress up the tower.  You'll want to turn them all
off first.  Approaching the puzzle will give you a short scene
and an explanation... it will also result in Johnny completing the
first step for you (and making it ridiculously easy to turn all of
the lights off).  Frank will demonstrate the reset button.  Remember 
what he did, you'll want to do it again ^_^

When you're back in control, repeat Johnny's step (the stone closest
to the left door) and then follow by stepping on the stone closest
to the right door.  All off.  Hooray!  Take the now open path to the
end for a chest containing Mao's first ultimate the "Snowman 
Container" (woo!)

Back out to the star and reset.  Since this puzzle auto-solves if you
have enough trouble with it, I'm going to be mean and tell you to
figure it out yourself (don't worry... if you struggle enough, it
will be solved for you).  

Again, follow the only path to the end... here you'll find a save
point.  This is the last spot before Killer tries to eat you alive,
so use it to save, equip and restore.  Again, slim hilda is a little
on the delicate side for this fight, so either fatten her up or swap
her out for someone who can take a hit from Killer without dying.
If you're short on Leonardo's Bears, Ricardo is a MUST.  Put a bear
on him and spam his anti-status spell every 3 turns to put a stop to
Killer's instant-deathing.  The "P-Atk Down" ring effect still works
on Killer.  So have it on your party members.  

When you're ready, move into the next room and approach the platform
for a cut-scene.

Killer (デルゲット)
  Element: Fire
  HP: 3600
  MP: 562
  Exp: 25000
  Cash: 8400
  Soul: 250
  Cal: -10
  Special Attacks: Vice Needle, Red Gravity, Instant Death, Chain

Killer begins this battle with 2 stock so suitoru or hard hit him
twice to keep him from killing you straight away.  Have Ricardo use
his no-status spell every 3 turns if you've got characters without
instant-death protection and have someone cast Arc Gale and Arc
Shield for an extra edge.  "Hail Exceed" works well to exploit
Killer's elemental weakness.  "Arc Barrier" can take the sting off
Killer's special attacks and Mao's "Neko touch", and Glamour Hilda's
"Grand Slam" both do quite a bit of damage.  Fully buffed and immune
to status, this fight isn't terribly difficult.

If P-Atk Down takes, don't worry about your Shield, Killer will start
hitting for next to nothing anyway.  Keep your barrier up and you're
golden.  The only possible hitch is that Killer's attacks drain stock, 
leaving you with very little left to hard hit with.  If you find 
yourself stockless and needing to drain Killer's stock: "Suitoru" is
probably going to be your biggest lifesaver.  Beyond that, approach 
this like any other battle and you'll be fine.

Either way, Killer is going to turn around and cheat again!  Damn you
Killer and your plot manipulation!  Sit back and watch lots of cut
scenes and plot twists... When you regain control you'll be in...


Johnny will "awaken" back in his house.  It seems, from the decor, 
that poor Johnny was forced to give up grand NBA aspirations on
account of being short and white.  Examine the bed, dresser, desk,
and photographs for clues as to where (and when) you are.  Then leave
the room.

In the hallway you'll find a save point.  Examine the lamp by the
door across from Johnny's room for a "Lottery Ticket".  Grace's
room is locked, so your only choice is the green door to Johnny's
father's study.  Examine the desk and bookshelves for more clues
about Johnny's past.  Then examine the coffee table for an "Angel 
Souffle" and the window for a "Ramp Fiber".  Now leave the study 
and you'll automatically be taken to the basement of the Garland 
mansion where you'll see another cut-scene.  The plot thickens...

On awakening you'll be back in...

= NEW YORK: UPPER WEST SIDE (アッパーウェストサイド) =

Johnny will wake up in his own bed, with puberty crushing down on him
harder than it's hit anyone short of angsty post-apocalyptic mecha
anime heroes.  Not only is he a terminally uncool virgin, but he now 
has so much more than hormones raging inside of him. 

No one's got a clue as to what the heck is going on so it's time to go 
visit Johnny's childhood home and refresh his memory.

But first:

-> Since you're already here, return to Ring Fragment to the Ring Soul
   for an "Attack Number Increase"
-> Go to the Grand Canyon to get information on Natan's next UMA,
   "Skyfish" in Uyuni Salt lake.  See the "Sidequest" section for more
   information.  While you're tackling the Uyuni Salt Lake a 2nd time,
   if you haven't already completed Mao's next Cat Master battle,
   it's a good time to put Mao in your party and collect nyancoins.
-> A new lottery member (No. 03) has appeared in Harlem.  She has
   Ricardo's 1st Ultimate weapon "Espurosion" on her red.  Don't 
   worry too much if you can't get it.  There is another, more
   powerful weapon for Ricardo that will be available soon.
-> Also in Harlem is a new NPC, a fat man in a yellow hat and grey 
   coat.  Talking to him with Hilda in her slim mode will get you
   "Weekly Arts Vol. 5" and with it, the "Floral Ray" skill.
-> There's another issue of Weekly Arts in Chicago.  Talk to the man
   in the yellow cowboy hat on the corner across from the "Four 
   Deuces" with Hilda in her Glamour form to recieve it.  Hilda
   will recieve her massive heal-all spell "Full Bloom"

= THE GARLAND MANSION (ガーランド邸) =  

There's a save point at the very beginning of the area.  Use it, heal
up from any sidequesting and then head for the door.  Before going
inside, you'll see a scene with Rene, who's come along to guide you
on your soul searching.  He'll also unlock the front door for you :)
Go on in.  You'll be attacked by some monsters and then see a short
scene.  Afterward, climb the stairs to the right for a chest holding
a "Clear Decide" stella.  Examine the fallen chandelier for a "Mana
Rhizome".  Then approach the seal in the center to trigger another 

After Hilda has explained the seals to you, examine the first (I) to
step through (the 2nd choice, 中に入る).  After another scene, you'll 
have control.  Go ahead and enter the main hall.

The seals in this area are passable or impassable based on a series
of prerequisites.  If the conditions are met for each seal, you can
pass through.  Conditions are as follows:

   I - previous is any other seal (door out)
   II - previous is an even number
   III - previous is a multiple of three
   IV - previous is an odd number
   V - previous is lower than 5
   VI - previous is lower than 6
   VII - no prerequisite (door out)
   VIII - previous is a divisor of 8
   IX - all other seals have been passed (exits not required)

   Correct sequence: I -> V -> IV -> II -> VIII -> VI -> III

Once all of the seals have been passed, they will break: allowing
you to move freely through the mansion.

Now to break the seals, take the first door to your right, cross the
hallway to the door immediately opposite.  Pass through V now by
choosing the 2nd option (扉を通る), and run back around the seal to the 
right side to reach the chest on the lower right containing a "Flare 
Brooch".  Now pass through seal IV, examine the 2nd pillar down from 
the door to find a "Seal of Speed" then head back out into the hallway 
using the nearby door.

Follow the hallway North and around the corner, ignore the doors for
now and pass through seal II.  Enter the nearest door and examine the
Northeast corner of the room to find a key item (one of Mr. Garland's
books).  Now pass through seal VIII and retrieve the "spiritlessness LV
2" from the chest just to the right of the seal.  Exit through the
door to the right and cross the hallway back into the main hall (and
through seal VI in the process).  

From here, take the doorway to the North and cross the hallway to the
room opposite.  Pass through seal III and you'll be in familiar 
territory.  Remember the dream?  Well Johnny's room is to the left.
Inside is a chest holding a "Ressurection" stella.  Examine the bed
for a "Hit Area Expand".  Grace's room is still blocked, so continue
on through seal IX.  After passing this seal, all of the seals in 
the mansion will break.

Continue through the door into the study.  To the right is a save
point and nearby that, a chest holding a "Ring Fragment".  On the far
wall is what looks like a library return slot.  Examine it and Johnny
will return his father's book... opening something...

Check out the painting on the mantle before moving on.  It's a creepy
new addition to the mansion... take note of it and move on.

Go back to the statue room and you'll find a new staircase has opened
into the basement.  After a short scene, Rene will join you and you
can head down into the basement.  Flip the switch on the wall (2nd 
choice, 押してみる) to turn on the lights, then save your game.  The next 
room has a boss... so get ready.  He's weak against "Blood Loss", so 
equip it on one of your rings before going in.

When you're ready, enter the next room.  There will be a short cut
scene, then a boss fight.

Temaris (テマリス)
  Element: Light
  HP: 3900
  MP: 666
  Exp: 30000
  Cash: 9000
  Soul: 300
  Cal: +10
  Special Attacks: Panic

Start by casting "Arc Gale" and "Arc Barrier".  Snap 3 times, you'll
need the snapcards later on.  "Evil Shade" and Shania's special fusion 
spells all hit hard and exploit Temaris' elemental weakness.  As 
usual, "Neko touch" racks up the damage while "Grand Slam" is a good 
damage + stock drain choice... Ricardo's "Melody of Rage" offensive 
spells also pack a punch. Temaris ocaisionally casts "Panic" on 
everyone and, toward the very end of the battle will warp one 
character out of the fight.  I wouldn't even bother to cure the 
status unless you've got a turn to waste and a character with a 
cure-all handy.  If you manage to hit with "Blood Loss" you're in for
a happy surprise to the tune of 2000+ damage per single character's 
turn.  After that, it should be no problem to put this baby to sleep.
After the baby's gone, you'll see a cut-scene and automatically be 
returned to the Upper West Side.  Johnny is understandably 
traumatized.  Meanwhile Killer and Co. are reunited.  After a
cut-scene with them, you'll be back in control in...

= NEW YORK: UPPER WEST SIDE (アッパーウェストサイド) =

Well, while you're here, return the "Ring Fragment" to the Ring
Soul for another "Attack Number Increase"...

For the rest of Johnny's origin story, it's time to go find 
Roger in~ 

= ROSWELL (ロズウェル) =

Back in Roswell, not much has changed.  Roger's right where you left
him, in the hotel next to his junked Bacon-Jet.  Talking to him will 
reveal a number of baffling things with grand implications for poor 
already-confused Johnny.  But it's alright... I hear that kids are 

After a bit of storytelling, Roger wants to go back to the scene of
the crime...


Go to the basement where Roger will be waiting for you.  Talking to
him will trigger a scene, followed by a long flashback of the 
Resurrection ritual, the aftermath, Lady and Killer's progress, and
another scene with the party and Roger.  If those weren't enough
movies for you, then wait... there's more :)

Your only choice now is...

= NEW YORK: UPPER WEST SIDE (アッパーウェストサイド) =

Go talk to everyone at the agency, when you've finished, talk to 
Natan one more time, then leave the agency and head to an extra
special romantic location...

= NEW YORK: Brooklyn (ブルックリン) =

By Brooklyn, they mean just one area with the Bridge of course :)
Not that it matters, you're going to be here for all of the next 5

Watch your movie and enjoy the 3 minutes Johnny comes the closest
he'll probably ever get to bagging the girl of his dreams.

Before leaving this area, search the upper righthand edge of the
path by the water for a "Flare Brooch".  Then head back to...

= NEW YORK: UPPER WEST SIDE (アッパーウェストサイド) =

Go back to the agency and you'll trigger a scene with Rene.  After 
talking to Rene you'll be returned to the world map with all options
available.  Your next destination will be auto-highlighted.

= ROSWELL (ロズウェル) =

The first thing you'll notice in Roswell is that it's been turned
into a giant sparklie launchpad for the refurbished Bacon Jet.  Head
inside and check out the shiny new item dispenser for Continental
ZERO F which now stocks "Hit Area Expand"s and "Strike Area Expand"s!

Head outside toward the launchpad and talk to Roger to head for The 
Gate.  Don't worry, you can (and will) come back in about 5 seconds!
Pick the 2nd choice (うん、もう大丈夫) to blast off.

Seems like overkill for a gate that's already descended to earth...
but alright ^^;;

= THE GATE (門) =

At this point in the game, you're here for one of two reasons.  1) to
unlock the sidequests and then head back down to the ground with your
tail tucked between your legs like the coward to are.  2) to get
ass handed to you on a plate by Killer, Gilbert, the Malice Soakers 
and/or Lady.

Chances are you are NOT ready for the final battle now.  But if you're
level 40+, it's theoretically possible to finish the game right now.  
Possible... but not easy... or recommended.  The final boss is quite
a lot to swallow without any sidequesting.

IMPORTANT: If you finish the game now, you will get the BAD ending.

If you still want to finish the game now ~ skip the next section and 
head straight for the one reading "The Gate".

If you're going to sidequest, talk to Roger and choose the 2nd option
(戻る) to return to the world map.


Assuming you have returned from The Gate and completed all sidequests
available to this point, all additional sidequests are now unlocked.
While only one is required for the good ending, I recommend completing
the final sidequests for all characters you intend to take into the
last battle.  Of course, this time around, the sidequests are all
extremely entertaining... if you want the most out of this game: 
you'll want to give them all a shot.

If you're only interested in getting the good ending, skip this
section and continue reading with the one titled "Galvoy Valley".

-> If you've visited all the lottery members so far, Loloma in Moana
   Village will reveal herself as a Lottery Member (No. 002), she 
   has a "Cure All" stella on her red.
-> You should now be able to collect nyancoins for Mao's last two
   movies (with Nyawara-chan and Bruce Nya).  The Garland Mansion
   is excellent for nyancoins (all three monsters drop a different
   high level nyancoin ~ bronze, silver and gold)
-> Returning to the Upper West Side, talk to Rene to recieve Johnny's
   ultimate armor, the "Liberty Ghost"
-> Return to the basement where you fought Temaris for Johnny's 1st 
   Ultimate weapon, the "Dragon Tail"
-> Talking to the fat man near the entrance to Chelsea with Hilda in
   your party (any form) will trigger a conversation about a black
   bat... this will trigger Hilda's Ultimate Weapon sidequest.  (see 
   "Sidequests" section for more information).
-> "NY Heaven" sidequest now open.  (See "Sidequests")
-> In Chicago, on the West side there will be a new NPC, speak
   to him to trigger Mao's Ultimate Weapon sidequest (See 
-> Frank's Ultimate Armor is now available in Roswell (see 
-> Mao's Ultimate Armor is now available in Las Vegas (see 
-> In the Grand Canyon, Natan's last UMA hunt is available... and 
   boy is it a doozy... Optional area "Giana Plateau" can now be
   opened.  (See "Sidequests" section for more details).
-> After the Giana Plateau is open, speak to Zonta in the Grand 
   Canyon to recieve Natan's Ultimate Weapon "Missing 51"
-> Speak to Al Capone in Chicago to open "The Dollhouse" optional
   dungeon.  (see "Sidequests" for a walkthrough)
-> Speak to Britney in Rio to open "The Ninja Village" optional
   town and dungeon.  (see "Sidequests" for a walkthrough)
-> After the Ninja Village sidequest, return the final "Ring
   Fragment" to the Ring Soul on the Upper West Side for the last
   "Attack Number Increase".
-> The Sushi House sidequest is now open in Rio (see "Sidequests"
   for a walkthrough)
-> If you have all of Shania's fetishes (at lvl 5), Galvoy Valley 
   sidequest is now open (see "Sidequests" for a walkthrough)
-> Two more pitfights are now unlocked.  On finishing all open
   pitfights, 2 additional fights can be opened.
-> If you haven't already and you have over 9,000 steps, you can 
   redeem your pedometer at Arkham University to recieve Ricardo's 
   Ultimate Armor (and some other goodies if you have lots of extra 
   steps... see "Sidequests" section for more information.)

There's one more side-dungeon and some Snap-related things left to
do, but in order to complete your snapshot collection, you'll need
to Enter the final dungeon and complete the first two boss battles,
as well as at least one fight with a "Malice Soaker" mini-boss... so,
if you've done everything else, you're ready to move on to...

= THE GATE (門) =

Before entering The Gate, you should stock up on tents, hp and mp
recovery items.  There are no shops available inside, and even if you
intend to return and finish your snaps, it can be a long walk to the
save point.  Better safe than sorry.

On entering the gate you'll find a save point.  Better use it.  
Killer's waiting for you at the entrance.  The next boss is weak
to "Physical Attack Down", so equip it on your party members.  Killer
also has the ability to inflict instant death and seal... so 
"leonardo's bear"s and "small bell bracelets" or "rosario"s are good 
accessory choices.

First, get the "Mootarubenon" (a weapon for Natan) from the chest just
beneath the Bacon-Jet's landing pad.  Then head toward the entrance for 
a scene and a boss fight.

Malice Killer (マリスキラー)
  Element: Fire
  HP: 4200
  MP: 703
  Exp: 35000
  Cash: 9000
  Soul: 350
  Cal: -10
  Special Attacks: Seal, Red Crest, Vice Blade, Energy Charge

Killer will start this fight with 1 stock already accumulated. Hard
hit him or use a spell that sucks stock right away.  Beyond that,
there's really nothing all that special about this fight.  Snap,
be sure to cast "Arc Gale" (since Killer will cast "Gale" on himself
and has an attack that inflicts "Chain" status, further messing with
your turn order).  If you have Tirawa, "Sunlit Bell" will give you 
a tremendous advantage over Killer.  If you've been sidequesting,
this guy's not much trouble at all.

Don't forget to snap!

After defeating Killer you'll see a pair of cut-scenes and another
short scene inside the gate.  There's a save point on the path to
your right, so use it to restore and save before moving on.
Returning to the place where you fought Killer (one screen back) you
can find something shining on the ground.  Examine it to get the
"Red Crest".

From the save point, head straight down the path to the first
intersection then take a left.  To the far end of this branch is a
chest containing an "Angel Souffle".  The other branch, slightly 
North, has another chest holding a "Mana Refine".

Returning to the main path, take it a bit farther North before coming
to a right branch.  As you approach, you'll see a short scene: it
seems something it blocking your path.  Take the nearby right branch,
sticking to the clearly visable path for now... to the left of the 
path you'll find a chest with a "Hit Area Expand" and at the end, a
chest holding a "Medi Refine".  Now head back to the Northeast point
on the path and take the other branch (use your nagivation map to
find it if you can't otherwise).  At the end of this branch is the
nasty looking beastie that's blocking your path.  So save up before
running into him.  Once you've gotten close, you'll trigger a scene
and a mini boss battle.

  Element: Earth
  HP: 1920
  MP: 210
  Exp: 9999
  Cash: 2200
  Soul: 150
  Cal: -7
  Nyancoins: ???

Malice Soakers aren't too terribly difficult.  And it's a good thing
too, since you're going to have to fight quite a few of them before
this dungeon's over.  Keep its stock gauge drained, designate one
character to buff/heal and use the others to pound on it until its
dead.  Soakers inflict "Mental Break" status, but with only 1/4
the HP of your average boss monster, they shouldn't be alive long
enough to run out of MP, even with the status inflicted.  

Killing the Soaker will trigger a scene and open the path to the next
area.  Head back toward the door that was previously blocked, after a
scene, check the right side of the path for an "Acolyte's Earring"
then head through the tree and into the next area. 


If you look closely at the upper right side of your screen, you can
already see this area's boss, but before rushing to meet our little
Penguin-lookalike friend, take the leftmost path to the end for a 
chest holding an "Evasion Down LV3".

Gilbert is weak to "S-Atk Down", if you've got it, put it on, then
head over to meet him.  You'll see a cut-scene and then be pulled
into a boss fight.

  Element: Earth
  HP: 1920
  MP: 210
  Exp: 9999
  Cash: 2200
  Soul: 150
  Cal: -7
  Nyancoins: ???

Gilbert starts this fight with one stock, so start off with a hard
hit or something else to get rid of it.  Snap + Arc Gale with Johnny,
fuse Shania to Tirawa if you've got it, Ricardo or Glamour Hilda
on support, filling in with whatever attackers you like.  Malice
Gilbert, like Killer, has some attacks that inflict "Chain" status,
one that inflicts "Panic" and can drain SP.  If you've done all the 
sidequests, you'll finish this fight in a few rounds.  Even if you 
haven't, just make sure his stock gauge doesn't have a chance to fill
and your characters are kept out of the danger zone and status free 
by your healer(s).  If you get more than 2 bonuses on this fight, you 
will recieve a "Fifth Key", so go ahead and try to wipe him out in a
few turns with some high-hit combos (just don't forget to snap first).

When Gilbert is defeated, you'll see another cut-scene and your last
crest spell will be lying on the ground in Gilbert's place.  Examine
the sparklie to get the "Evil Crest" stella.  Examine the upper left
side of this circular area for a "Replacement Man".

Continuing forward on this path, you'll come across a chest to the
right, just before a decline in the path.  Inside is a "Mana Refine".
Follow the path down for a chest holding a "Meteor Mask" then
continue forward to loop back up to the higher path.  This time take
the path to the left.  Along the path (to the left side) is a chest
holding the "Crystal Hope" (a weapon for Hilda).  Continue along the
path and toward the tree to enter the next area.

Approaching the intersection you'll find a save point.  From here, 
take the right path to the branch and keep right, at the end of this
path is a chest with a "Ramp Fiber" inside.  To the opposite side is 
another Malice Soaker for you to get rid of.

to be continued...

VI.  S I D E Q U E S T S

Please note that the "available" listings only indicate when these
sidequests ~first~ become available.  Many sidequests have phases and
some parts of sidequests that are available early on only open up
at a later point in the game.  You won't be able to access most
sidequests in their entireity until near the very end of the game,
when The Gate has been opened.  Still, it can be to your advantage
to play parts of the sidequests early, especially to power up and 
gain new skills for the characters you regularly use in battle.


= Lottery Members =

Available: throughout the game, the final two lottery members can only be
found after the Gate opens
Reward: Various

001  銀色のコウモリ	Rio De Janeiro
002  ロロマ		Moana Village
003  姉御肌のイモア	Harlem
004  研究熱心なティム 	Arkham University (chem lab)
005  おかしなルシエラ  	Times Square
006  前向きなティアレ  	Moana Village
007  やたら元気なリタ  	Rio De Janerio
008  打たれ弱いロギンス 	Las Vegas (Room 812)
009  副船長のラカム   	Carribean
010  浮かれてるジェシー 	Roswell
011  物知りなマック   	Chicago
012  よれよれなジラフ  	Upper West Side 

Found in reverse order (all previous members must be found and
played to unlock lottery member 002)

= Pedometer =

Available: any time after recieving the "pedometer" item
Reward: Various

Chances are, you'll want to hang onto your pedometer until you've
maxxed it out, but you're welcome to redeem your steps for items
whenever you've got enough.  Just head back to the man who looks
like Maya Angelou at Arkham University and talk to him to see how
many steps you've made and what you can get in return.

If you've maxxed your pedometer, you'll automatically receieve 
Ricardo's Ultimate armor the "Chaaro Passion"

-Other Goodies-

500 steps     Medirefine
1000 steps    Mana Refine
2000 steps    Pure Refine
4000 steps    Hit Area Expand
8000 steps    Strike Area Expand
9000 steps    Strongest Band

You can redeem your steps for as many of anything you like until
you run out...

= Pit Fights =

Available: after Roswell
Reward: various, see below

Return to Gilbert's office on the Arkham College Campus and speak to
the professor who's currently using it.

Leave his office and enter again to open up the pit fight option.  
Now any time you enter the office you can speak to Lovecraft to 
access a list of available pit fights.  Not all fights will be 
available right away, but more will open as the game progresses.

(There is also a lottery ticket on Lovecraft's desk)

The fights are a series of "rigged" battles with set conditions
designed to make them more challenging.  For winning each battle
you'll be rewarded with an item... some rarer than others.

*Tip: The Pit Fights are also a great place to pic up any snapshots
you might have missed or fallen short on for enemies that no longer
spawn randomly or past boss monsters.

*Tip: If, for whatever reason, you wish to fail/exit a trail, the 
"run away" option always works.

Lovecraft's Pitfights
(these titles are not translations)

Beginner's Level I
     conditions: 4 party members, no special attacks, 5 rounds
     enemies: Betelgeuse x 2, Acteon x 1
              Wanp x 1, ChonChon x 2, Pyaakii x 1
              Maii x 1, Arugentabis x 1
              Thug x 1, Fat Thug x 1
              Gaku x 2, Sergei x 2
              (order is random)
     difficulty: 1/5
     recommended party: any
     prize: Star Brooch

Beginner's Level II
     conditions: 4 party members, no damage taken, 3 rounds
     enemies: Thug x1, Fat Thug x2
              Prison Guard x6
              Mini Mafia x2, Fat Mafia x2
     difficulty: 2/5
     recommended party: any
     strategy: take out some of the guards and mafia with area 
               spells, if you can't take out everyone before your 
               turns run out, combo to get more turns.  If the enemy
               gets a turn you're gauranteed to fail.
     prize: Earth Edge stella, Air Edge stella

Beginner's Level III
     conditions: 2 party members, spiritless status, 3 rounds
     enemies: Maii x1, Tanuk x1, Arugentabis x1
              Betelguese x2, Acteon x1
              Igorunaak x1
     difficulty: 1/5
     recommended party: any
     prize: Holy Edge stella, Dark Edge stella

Beginner's Level IV
     conditions: 4 party members, 30+ hit combo/chain, no special
                 skills, combo must involve all party members,
                 1 round
     enemies: Wrong Way x1
     difficulty: 3/5
     recommended party: Whoever has spells/attacks with the most
     strategy: double-combo on everyone with a phys attack + highest
               hit # spell... Here the high, middle and low range of
               spells are important to pay attention to.  If you use
               a spell for the wrong attack area, you'll miss and 
               break your combo.  That little bonus makes this an 
               annoying battle that's a lot harder than it probably 
               should be.  (Leave Shania out of your party, as her 
               spells are all considered "special")
     prize: Horse Fetish

Mid-Level I
     conditions: 3 party members, poison + Mind Break, 4 rounds
     enemies: Aquellon x2
              Jiguruta x1, Eliops x1, Guana x1
              Guana x2
     difficulty: 1/5
     recommended party: any
     strategy: kill everything as quickly as possible, doubling and
               using MP skills/spells early on (before it drains 
               away) then relying on physical attacks when/if you 
               run out.  You can't cure the poison, but you can 
               use cure spells and items when your HP runs low.
     prize: Arc Shield stella, Arc Barrier stella

Mid-Level II
     conditions: 1 party member, no normal attacks, damage is only 
                 dealt in the air, 2 rounds, finish (each) in 5
     enemies: Butcher x2, Ghoul x1
              Mini Gangster x3, Fat Gangster x3
     difficulty: if done immediately after Rio 4/5, later on 2/5
     recommended party: Frank or Hilda (with pocketwatch)
     Frank strategy: double each turn, low level spell + Frank's first 
               ninpou.  The Butchers can be a problem, seeing as 
               they combo like crazy and attack with both SP 
               draining attacks and a 100% stock down attack after
               knocking you into the air... get rid of them quickly 
               or you'll probably lose.  Chances are that, unless
               you've been using Frank in your party all along,
               he won't be high level enough to last pass this
               fight when it first opens.  This is one trial that's 
               much easier if you tackle it later on at a higher 
     Hilda strategy: actually slightly easier than Frank if she's 
               high enough level and has enough MP.  Double every 
               turn with a low-level stellar magic spell + Soul Whip.
               Handle the gangsters in groups of two.
     prize: Owl Fetish

Mid-Level III
     conditions: 4 party members, tight ring + small ring, 3 rounds
     enemies: Butcher x1, Otoum x2
              Eliops x4, Jiguruta x1
              Malice Edna x1
     difficulty: if done immediately 2/5, later on 1/5
     recommended party: your usual in-game party, you should know 
                        their rings best by now
     strategy: This one really just comes down to if you can deal
               with ring status.  The regular monsters are a snap
               but the inclusion of Malice Edna (still a rather
               difficult boss at this point in the game) can make
               things troublesome since you'll more than likely
               need to double, combo, heal and cast spells in spite
               of the ring status.  This is another battle that's
               much, much easier if you tackle it a bit later on.
     prize: Ying Yang Master's Earring

Mid-Level IV
     conditions: Johnny only, no items, 1 round
     enemies: Grotski x1
     difficulty: if done immediately 4/5, later on 1/5
     recommended party: N/A (must use Johnny)
     strategy: Grotski LOOKS like the first guy you ever fought in
               the game, but he's now much, much more powerful.
               He can easily kick your butt in one turn if you're
               under level 28 or so when you attempt this trial.
               Once you're durable enough to survive, without
               devoting every turn to a heal spell, the trial's a
               snap.  No items... so use support spells instead.
               A "sheild" spell can save your butt when attempting
               this trial early in the game, so be sure to bring
               one along.  
     prize: Taurus stellar chart


Upper-Mid-Level I
     conditions: 4 party members including Natan, no physical 
                 attacks, tight ring, "Air Shot" at least once, 1 
     enemies: Waam Wam Worm x2,  Gatanosoa x 1, WoWorit x 1
     difficulty: 2/5
     recommended party: Natan (mandatory), anyone else you like
     strategy: This fight is only challenging if you've never before
               attempted combo magic.  If this is the case, you may
               not know WHICH spell is "Air Shot" or have much 
               familiarity with the system.  If this is the case,
               you're in for some trial and error.  Combo all of your
               characters, have a coral pendant on your last (to
               cope with tight ring and the scary 4 pre-req combo
               magic ring) and have your last choose one of those
               wacky "??????" spells.  Get the wrong one?  Run away,
               repeat with the same party until you get the right
               one.  Any spells you've discovered previously get
               their "??????"s replaced with the spell names.  So as
               long as you don't change any party members, your odds
               will get better every time :P
     prize: "Dark Resist" stella, "Evil Servant" stella

Upper-Mid-Level II
     conditions: 4 party members, reverse ring + small ring, combo
                 of 70 or more hits, 1 round
     enemies: Kelfi x 1
     difficulty: 2/5
     recommended party: Johnny, Natan, Ricardo, and anyone else you 
                        can get a lot of air-level hits out of.
     strategy: coral lariets/pendants on anyone you're having trouble
               with.  Pre-plan your combo, count your hits beforehand.
               The enemy is mid-air, so don't use any low or mid-hit 
               only skills or spells.  Note, you can't "Duel React" 
               with combo chosen in this fight... so END your combo 
               with Duel React.
     prize: "Earth Resist" stella, "Rock Javelin" stella

Upper-Mid-Level III
     conditions: 4 party members, defeat in 3 turns or less, damage 
                 is only dealt in the air, 1 round
     enemies: Derugett x 1
     difficulty: 2/5
     recommended party: any with large area or mid-air spells
     strategy: high-angle hit then use the strongest mid-air attack 
               you can muster for your first round.  Second round 
               you'll want to start d. combo-ing to set up the next 
               round of attacks for everyone else.  Might take a few 
               tries to get into the groove, but once you've got the 
               hang of it, it's not too hard.
     prize: 3rd Key

Upper-Mid-Level IV
     conditions: 4 party members, no stellar magic, no items,
                 3 rounds
     enemies: Wariche x 1, Shidazuun x 2, Shantak x 1
              Worm Wam Worm x 6
              Gatanosoa x 2, Tindaros x 1
     difficulty: 1/5
     recommended party: Glamour Hilda if you need support, anyone
                        you like otherwise
     strategy: none of these monsters are too terribly tough.  You
               probably won't need to heal... but if you do, Hilda 
               has support abilities that aren't locked by the no 
               stellar magic/no items condition.
     prize: Holy Resist stella, Clear Decide stella

Advanced Level I
     conditions: 4 party members, finish each battle in under 3 
                 minutes, must use Holy Pulse at least once,
                 damage in midair only.  3 rounds.
     enemies: Wrong Way x1
              Kaburakan x2
              Bluepu x 2, Redpu x 2, Arioshu x 1
     difficulty: 5/5, time limits and picky conditions are the devil
     recommended party: Frank + any
     strategy: keep monsters in the air through doubles or combos, 
               watch your spell target areas, combo until you get 
               "holy pulse"...  This is a lot like the "Air Shot"
               battle, only with a time limit (grr)... the big
               trouble here is pulling off a combo that won't kill
               the weenie boss until it's time to Holy Pulse.  If 
               you can't do it, lower some of your rings' attack
               numbers or use your first character in the combo to do
               a normal "0" damage attack, high hit with the next, then
               use a small spell or regular attack followed by "Holy
               Pulse").  BTW just USING "Holy Pulse" isn't good enough, 
               it needs to connect and it needs to kill the final monster
               onscreen ~_~;  Annoying, isn't it?
     prize: "Gathering" stella

Advanced Level II
     conditions: Johnny & Shania, panic status, no one can cure
                 status, 4 rounds
     enemies: Ixion x 1, Harukigenia x 1, Rudirus x 1
              Sragi x 2, Rudirus x 1
              Arioshu x 3
              Bluepu x 2, Redpu x 2, Arioshu x 1
     difficulty: 1/5
     recommended party: N/A, must use Johnny and Shania
     strategy: N/A, uh... kill everything?
     reward: Big Elk (Shania's 1st Ultimate Weapon)

Graduate Level I
     conditions: 4 party members, 5 rounds
     enemies: Cat Morita x 1
              Octopus Sushi x 1
              Samonyan x 1
              Sea Eel x 1
              Bruce Nyaa x 1
     difficulty: 1/5
     recommended party: any
     strategy: Wear any Crucifixes you have, Snap-only with Johnny 
               until you've got 3 of each, after that, just kill em 
               :)  Have members who can handle status and raise, just
               in case.  Hint: Mao's final special skill does LOADS
               of damage to Bruce Nyaa.
     reward: Seventh Mask

Graduate Level II
     conditions: No normal attacks, no stellar magic, must use Ricardo
     enemies: Genin x 6
              Egg Sushi x 1
              Temaris x 1
              Nattou Maki x 3
              Greshiru x 1, Bagusu x 2, Gareau x 1
              Donna x 1
     difficulty: 3/5
     recommended party: Johnny, Ricardo, any other 2
     strategy: This fight's nowhere near a challenge until the end, when
               you'll need to restore everyone's MP or will most certainly
               run out.  Donna's still a pretty tough customer too.  Use
               item healing, Tirawa or Glamour Hilda.  Since Donna has 
               petrify, you'll want "Water Mirror Bracelet"s or "Rosario"s
               on everyone.
     reward: ?????

Post-Graduate I

Post-Graduate II

= Quiz Bowl =

Available: after "the gate" opens
Reward: Leo stellar chart

Returning to Arkham University during the final portion of the game,
you'll find a new NPC sitting in a chair by the window in the right
classroom on the 2nd floor.  Talk to him to trigger a quiz game with
questions about "The New World"

Since all questions are asked in Japanese with a 10 second time 
limit, this mini-game will be amazingly frustrating for those who 
don't understand Japanese... since the game will not allow you to 
pause in this area, it's both impossible to cheat and for me to 
pause the game long enough to translate/transcribe all the questions
and answers ^_^;  Trial and error is the key here... try to remember
the correct answers when you hit on them and just keep trying until 
you get 10 in a row. Winning the game will get you the "Leo" stellar

NOTE: The answers change their key-triggers, so if you're writing 
down your answers, keep that in mind.  An answer originally 
triggered by the circle-button may be attatched to the square-button
on your next run...

Example Quiz (rough translations):

Q: In a Casino, the person who runs the game for the customers is
     A: a dealer

Q: An Item worn to protect your head...
     A: Rivet Cap

Q: A game of chance popular all over the world...
     A: lottery

Q: An item you need to see in the darkness...
     A: lantern (cantera)

Q: What does "Rio De Janerio" mean?
     A: The River of January

Q: Of the following, which city is the farthest South?
     A: Rio De Janerio

Q: What landed in Roswell?
     A: a UFO

Q: Useful when sleeping outside...
     A: tent

Q: Something living in the Grand Canyon...
     A: cactus

Q: Already invented in 1920...
     A: radio

Q: What Johnny carries with him at all times...
     A: camera

= Pirate Quiz =

Available: after "the gate" opens
Reward: Shania's Ultimate Armor

Return to the Carribean Sea and visit Anne Lafite in her cabin to
trigger another Quiz.  

Example Quiz (rough translations):

Q: What's the name of the Moana Village Elder?
     A: Okanagan

Q: Who is the "Strange Thing"?
     A: Roger Bacon

Q: What's Johnny's Father's Name?
     A: Grahm

Q: What's the name of the ninja you met in Roswell Research Center?
     A: Britney

Q: What's the name of the gang that opposes the Capone Family?
     A: MacManus

Q: What does the prisoner in Alcatraz Prison ask for?
     A: A spoon

Q: What's the name of Shania's Fiancee?
     A: Zonta

Q: Who does Natan talk to to recieve UMA assignments?
     A: Navoch

Q: Who is the 2nd Cat Master at Nyaaramount Studios?
     A: Samonyan

Q: What does Rene always call Johnny?
     A: Young Master (botchama)

For winning, you'll receive Shania's Ultimate Armor, the "Niguvast"


= Snapshot Trading =

Available: Once the Chicago location opens
Reward: various, see list

Johnny's snapshots can be traded to other photographers and 
collectors for items, but since some monsters require more than one
shot, you'll most likely need to backtrack to past dungeons to get
all the snaps you need.

Note that some collectors want as many as 5 of one photo... and not 
all monsters are available all throughout the game.  You'll probably
either need a 2nd playthrough to get all the sets clear or you'll
have to plan ahead and snap everything you need when the opportunity
first presents itself.

Masatoshi's Want List (Chicago)
First Exchange 1 
   No. 007 (Tonak) x 3
   reward: Rock Bump stella, Baruroddo stella
First Exchange 2
   No. 008 (Maii) x 1, No. 009 (Arugentabis) x 1
   reward: Cure stella
Old Man's Request 1
   No. 013 (Prison Guard) X 1
   reward: No 021
Old Man's Request 2
   No. 028 (Mini Gangster) x1, No. 027 (Fat Gangster)
   reward: Terrible God's Earring
High-Level Exchange 1
   No. 054 (Ixion) x 3, No. 058 (Temaris) x 3, No. 064 ( ) x 3
   reward: ?????
High-Level Exhange 2
Old Man's Final Wish


Samuel's Want List (Carribean)
Simple Request 1
   No. 004 (Sergei) x 3, No. 005 (Gaku) x 3
   reward: No. 035
Simple Request 2
   No. 015 (Wanp) x 5
   reward: Aquarius Stellar Chart
Things I Want Found for Me 1
   No. 018 (Sirius) x 1, No. 019 (Betelguese) X 1, No. 020
   (Acteon) x 1
   reward: Pirate's Earring
Things I Want Found for Me 2
   No. 023 (Haintz) x 5
   reward: Bear Fetish
A Tought Request 1
   No. 036 (Dictio) x 2, No. 047 (Chakmooru) x 2, No. 048 (Saskachiri) x 2,
   No. 062 (Phobos) x 2, No. 97 (Gureshiru) x 2
   reward: No 136
A Tough Request 2
   No. 058 (Temaris) x 3
   reward: No. 094
A Really Tough Request
   No. 091 (Shiimuria) x 5
   reward: No. 003

Pisaro's Want List (Rio De Janerio)

An Exchange For a Greeting 1
   No. 022 (Papropia) x 3
   reward: Photo No. 040
An Exchange For a Greeting 2
   No. 032 (Eriops) x 3
   reward: Mind's Eye
Find These For Me 1
   No. 037 (Shidazun) x 2, No. 038 (Shantak) x 2, 039 (Wariche) x 2
   reward: Small Devil's Straw
Find These For Me 2
   No. 044 (Woworit) x 3, No. 050 (Derugett) x 3
   reward: Arc Gale stella, Arc Mirage stella
Give Me Wierd Snaps
   No. 128 (Nyaaminator) x 3, No. 129 (Samonyan) x 3, No. 130 (Cat
   Morita) x 3
   reward: ?????
Asking 'Cause We're Brothers
   No. 033 (Jiguruta) x 2, No. 034 (Guanna) x 2
   reward: No. 070 "Sasquatch", No. 071 "Tiholdy", No. 072 "Chubacabra", 
           No. 073 "Rogeto Muhere", and No. 074 "Skyfish"
Things I Want Now More Than Anything
   No. 011 (Mini Mafia) x 2, No. 013 (Prison Guard) x 2, No. 081
   (Sea Eel Sushi) x 2, No. 132 (Bruce Nyaa) x 2
   reward: No. 137

Adorable Mary's Want List (Moana Village)

Big Brother's Request 1
  No. 024 (Aquellon) x 2, No. 040 (Kerufi) x 2
  reward: No. 045
Big Brother's Request 2
  No. 041 (Worm Wam Worm) x 1, No. 042 (Gatanosoa) x 1, No. 043
  (Tindaros) x 1
  reward: Air Resist stella, Pearlborutics stella
What I Want Right Now 1
  No. 049 (Kaburakan) x 1
  reward: Aqua Resist stella, Hail Exceed stella
What I Want Right Now 2
  No. 051 (Harukigenia) x 5, No. 052 (Sragi) x 5, No. 053 (Rudirus)
  x 5
  reward: Heat Resist stella, Red Gravity stella
Mary's Dream 1
  No. 026 (Mini Gangster) x 1, No. 049 (Kaburaban) x 1, No 095
  (Bagusu) x 1
  reward: No 076
Mary's Deam 2
  No. 096 (Gareau) x 5, No. 097 (Gureshiru) x 5
  reward: No 142
Secret Request


Louie's Want List (Harlem)

Cool Snap Exchange
  No. 055 (Bluepu) x 1, No. 056 (Redpu) x 1, No. 057 (Arioushu) x 1
  reward: No. 046
Superstar Snap
  No. 131 (Nyawarachan) x 7
  reward: ???
I Don't Really Want These Much But
  No. 095 (Bagusu) x 10
  reward: Diossa (Ricardo's Ultimate Weapon)
Exotic Snaps 1
  No. 083 (Octopus Sushi) x 1, No. 086 (Fatty Tuna Sushi) x 1, No. 
  087 (Egg Sushi) x 1
  reward: No. 139, No. 140, No. 141 
Exotic Snaps 2
  No. 077 (Kappa Maki) x 1
  reward: No. 077, No. 078, No. 079, No. 080, No. 081, No. 082,
          No. 083, No. 084, No. 085, No. 086, No. 087 
A Burning Request From Me
  No. 092 (Soldes) x 1, No. 093 (Ananga) x 1
  reward: No. 089, No. 090
Mommy's Request
  No. 099 (Shi Zui) x 5, No. 100 (Ignis) x 5, No. 101 (Shukyurusu) x 5
  reward: No. 135


= Rene's Math Adventure (+ 1 Kitty) =

Available: After leaving for Chicago
Reward: various, see list

-> Suitooru (スイトール)

After leaving the agency for the last time, go back and talk to Rene
to get a clue about the combination for the new chest in the office.
The solution is attained through a complicated mathmatical problem...

A = the first number in the combination
B = the second

The trick here is to use every number from 1-9 only once in the slots
so that each line adds up to the numbers along the side and bottom...

(answer. 59)

-> Panoramic Lens

Talk to Rene in the Agency after opening Las Vegas and he'll tell you to 
go meet someone in Times Square, in the 2nd area of Times Square is a new 
NPC in a cowboy hat,  he'll give you a math quiz.  Answer 10 of his 
questions in 10 seconds each...  Passing his quiz will open up a new 
location on the New York map: Harlem.

     Quiz answers (order is random) ~
          18 + 7 = 25
          12 + 34 = 46
          98 - 34 = 64
          85 - 17 = 68
          38 + 38 = 76
          65 + 25 = 90
          22 + 77 = 99
          305 + 58 = 363
          143 + 256 = 399
          644 - 55 = 589
          3 + 998 = 1001
          1244 + 1244 = 2488
          1144 + 4411 = 5555
          13 + 4 + 5 = 22   
          32 - 5 + 3 = 30
          16 + 2 + 15 = 33
          7 + 7 + 26 = 40  
          47 + 9 - 9 = 47 
          9 + 9 + 3 + 9 = 30    
          1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 = 15

In Harlem you'll meet a blonde man in a red suit who will give you 
another, even more annoying math test.  Pass it to recieve the 
"Panoramic Lens" for Johnny.

     Quiz answers (order is random) ~

          88 / 22 = 4
          56 / 7 = 8
          84 / 4 = 21
          99 / 3 = 33
          12 x 4 = 48
          34 x 2 = 68
          5 x 15 = 75
          25 x 3 = 75
          15 x 6 = 90
          31 x 5 = 155
          8 x 20 = 160
          133 x 2 = 266
          221 x 3 = 663
          8 / 2 x 6 = 24
          22 x 3 / 2 = 33
          2 x 6 x 5 = 60
          5 x 4 x 4 = 80
          3 x 9 x 3 = 81
          10 x 9 / 3 = 30
          4 x 3 x 2 x 1 = 24

While you're here, stop to get the "Gemini Stellar Chart" on the 
ground near the entrance to the area and a "lottery ticket" behind 
the pole at the back of the alley. Around the corner you'll find a 
"Raise Up" stella behind the stop sign and a "mana seed" in the a
chest by the exit.

-> Call Phone (コールフォン)

Returning to the office after The Gate has appeared, Rene will tell 
you about a new customer and she'll give you a job to bring you back
to your roots.  You have to find a lost cat... though as the search 
begins, you'll figure out the cat isn't lost at all but has been 

To start the little girl will tell you to talk to her father in Times
Square.  The new NPC is fairly easy to locate, talk to him and he'll
tell you about his 3 part-time employees who may have taken the cat:
one living in Times Square, one living in Chelsea, and one living in
Harlem.  Travel to those locations and interview the employees in 
question about the cat's whereabouts.  If the suspects aren't showing
up, you may first need to ask people around you about them before
they turn up.  When you've finished, go talk to Rene who will have 
you review all three suspects' stories (ie. choose every answer
possible in the drop down menu once, going from the bottom, up), then
Rene will tell you to go talk to the shopkeeper in Times Square one 
more time.  Interview him one last time then come back and talk to Rene.

At this point, Rene will ask you a series of questions about your 
investigation.  (choose the 2nd option to trigger the questions)

The answers:
-1 person (一人)
-Wells (ウェルズ)
-Tafi (タフィ)

Now go and talk to all the suspects one more time (they're back where
you left them... check Harlem first, then Chelsea, then Times Square),
then the shopkeeper.  When you're done head back to the office where
Rene and the little girl are waiting to reward a job well done.
Rene's overprotectiveness will culminate in Johnny's final Handy Tool:
the callphone.

= Ultimate Armor: Liberty Ghost =

Returning to the agency after the final dungeon has been entered, 
Rene will have a parting gift for Johnny - his Ultimate Armor,
"Liberty Ghost" (which Rene stayed up all night for a few months
making from scratch)... you'll also be treated to a scene where 
Rene professes his eternal devotion and pretty much makes Johnny
promise not to die and leave him without a career... so don't die!!
It would make Rene sad (not to mention once more unemployed).

= Ultimate Weapon 1: Dragon Tail =

Returning to the room where Johnny was revived in the Garland Mansion
after defeating the boss, search the left side of the room for a
hidden chest to get Johnny's 1st Ultimate weapon: the Dragon Tail.

= NY Heaven =

Available: after "the gate" opens
Reward: Johnny's Ultimate Weapon "Cherry Boy"

Speak to Roger in the hotel in Roswell and he'll ask you to get him
a copy of "NY Heaven", it seems Roger still hasn't kicked his dirty
habit.  It seems one of his motivations in coming to the States at
all was to get his hands on some good old uncensored porn!  So do the
guy a favor...  Now where to find a nationally distributed 
underground porno mag?  Better ask a REAL detective.

Go to Alcatraz prison and meet Ness in the prison kitchen.  After
he spams emoticons to you and cries a bit, he'll hand over the mag.
Deliver it to Roger and you'll recieve Johnny's embarassingly
named Ultimate Weapon, "The Cherry Boy" (named on the fly by Natan,
it seems he's got a sense of humor after all ^_^).


= Galvoy Valley (ガルヴォイの谷) =

Available: after "the gate" opens
Reward: Shania's Final Fusion, 4 fetishes, Shania's Ultimate Weapon
Other Prerequisites: All of Shania's fusions, fetishes, all fetishes
                     at Lv 5

Speak to the Moana Elder after Shania's fusions are all maxxed for a
scene and to unlock "Galvoy Valley" on the world map.  As usual, you
will be forced to remake your party including Shania, since she's the
star of this particular segment.  After a short scene, save your
game.  In the very first area, examine the area under the bridge to
the upper right side of the map for the "Fararu Fetish".  Then head
to the left side.  As you approach the raised path, you'll see
another scene.

At the top of the path is a pit, examine it for a scene, then take
the path right.  Examine the ruins for another scene then check the
right side of the ruin for a "Daphne's Fruit".  Cross the hanging 
bridge and collect the "Angel Souffle" from the chest at the top of
the new path.  To the right, take the higher path.

In the next area, follow the path across the hanging bridge and
examine the ruins at the end for a "Lottery Ticket".  Now take the
path next to the bridge that goes down.  Along the way, examine the
rocks on the left side for the "Hotoru Fetish".  At the end of the
path on the right side is a "Hit Area Expansion".  At the end on the
left is the "Red Ladder" key item.  Examine it to take it.

Now return to the first area and examine the pit from before.  Choose 
the 2nd answer to use the red ladder to cross it.  Examine the shining 
purple thingy in the ruins to see a scene and recieve Shania's Ultimate 
Weapon "Wild Mist".  At the far end of the path is a "Strike Expand".

Now turn back, remember to examine the ladder again and choose the 
2nd answer to bring it with you.  Return to the end of the 2nd 
suspension bridge.  This time go forward to the pit and examine it, 
choose the 2nd option and use the ladder to cross. Don't worry about 
picking it back up, you don't need it anymore (and can't get it anyway).
Move on to the next area.

Pass through the next area and into one with 13 different suspension
bridges.  You'll see a scene identifying your goal.  Now there's a
puzzle here, even though it may not, at first, look like it.  Half of
these bridges are booby trapped...

Cross the bridge to your right and examine the pottery here for a
"tent".  Return to the starting point.  Now cross the bridge to your
left.  You'll get another scene...  From here there are 4 bridges to
choose... cross the one to the upper right (it crosses diagonally to
the center on your navigation map).  All of the bridges from this
point are safe...  Take the center one down for a chest holding a 
"Medi Refine", and the leftmost to the next platform.  Examine the
ground near the ruins here for another scene and the "Dream Porter"
accessory for Shania.  From here take the path to the upper right
(2nd from the right).  Examine the ruins in this area for the
"Shakuru Fetish".  Now take the left bridge from here.  Examine the 
ground in the far left of this platform for a "Pure Refine".  Then
go back one platform and take the bridge to the right.  You're done,

Examine the doors to open them and trigger another scene... you've 
come to the shrine where Shania first contracted Thunderbird.  But it
seems there's something more than nostalgia here.  Shania senses 
a strange source of power...

At the lower lefthand corner of the circular shrine area you'll find
the "Chafuru Fetish".  Once you've gotten it, approach the next set 
of doors for another scene.  To the right of this room is a save
point, so save your game and heal up Shania before moving on. 

When you're ready, examine the glowing circle on the floor and choose
the 2nd option to be warped to a new area.   

It's cut-scene time!  'Been awhile, eh? ^_~

For once Johnny's hormones and impulsiveness get work to your
advantage.  This battle is 2 on 1!

Tirawa (ティラワ)
  Element: N/A
  HP: ???
  MP: ???
  Exp: ???
  Cash: 9.999
  Soul: 0
  Cal: N/A

Of course, you'll want to snap her!  She also starts the round with
1 stock already accumulated, so get rid of it with a hard hit straight
away.  "Arc Gale" with Thunderbird, Have Johnny put up "Arc Shield" 
before fusing into Awaker.  Then spam "Dual React" and "Slash Rain".
Heal/Res with Rashiren and use TaTanka's "Howling" when low on SP.
When Tirawa is low on HP, she'll cast a spell that gives her massive
buffs in all departments ;-;  So as you approach the danger zone,
keep that shield up!!!  And make sure no one's HP or SP is on the low 
side... a dead or insane character at that point is quite likely to 
get you a dead party...

For winning, you'll recieve Shania's final fusion, an FMV and a cut-
scene.  Johnny will also be given the official dead-parent-blessing.

Zonta: 1, Johnny: 1

Return to the altar after Tirawa has been defeated for a "Seventh 


= UMA Hunts =

Available: UMA Hunts are available from the Shaman in the Grand Canyon
after the dungeons where the monsters are located have been opened.
Reward: Natan's Gun Fu skils.

->1st  Sasquatch

Location: Grand Canyon (in the area between the 2nd and 3rd set of 
totem poles).
Lure: honey (ハチミツ)

Sasquatch (サスクワッチ)
  Element: Fire
  HP: 330
  MP: 145
  Exp: 100
  Cash: 265
  Soul: 10
  Cal: +4
  Special Attacks: Red Nova

Reward: Rapid Shot

->2nd  Tiholthody

Location: Carribean Sea ghost ship (in the cabin across from the 
overturned boat)
Lure: Grapefruit (グレプフルツ)

Tiholthody (ティホルツォディ)
  Element: Water
  HP: 900
  MP: 168
  Exp: 580
  Cash: 660
  Soul: 10
  Cal: +5
  Special Attacks: Hail Dust, Petit Ring

Reward: Slug Shot power up

->3rd  Chupacabra

Location: Chichen Itza (B5 Floor, behind a pillar toward the center, 
be careful, there are two UMA triggers here, the leftmost one is a 
Lure: Field Rabbit (野ウサギ)

Chupacabra (チュパカブラ)
  Element: Dark
  HP: 1050
  MP: 186
  Exp: 1560
  Cash: 790
  Soul: 10
  Cal: -5
  Special Attacks: fickle ring

Reward: Rapid Shot Power Up 

->4th Rogotu Muhere

Location: Aito Caves
Lure: Dust of the Morpho Butterfly, Grapefruit, Maiden's Black Hair,
      and Goldstone

Welcome to your first multi-lure hunt.  Here's where things get

From the first passable blue seal in the Aito caves follow the path, 
ignore the cave opening on the way... when you come to an 
intersection, take the cave to your immediate right, you'll cross 
a bridge over the water and come to the mouth of another cave and 
seal guarded by pillars.  In front of the pillar to your right an UMA
icon should appear, set up the morpho butterfly dust here.

Now backtrack to the intersection and take the next opening to
your right, at the next branch take a left and then another left
soon after that.  Follow the path up an incline and you should
emerge on a bridge over the area where you put the first lure.  Head
straight across and follow the only available path until you get to
another branch, Keep left for now.  Take a left at the next branch 
to an area with three sets of pillars.  Examine the last statue on 
the left side for another UMA icon and place the maiden's black hair
lure here.

Head back to the last branch and keep right this time.  Follow the 
path to the next branch and head down, keep left on this path and
then take the cave that appears on the left right before the blue
seal that guards the way back.  Examine the red pillar to the
right for another UMA icon.  Place the grapefruit lure here.

Now return to the hallway and head back the way you came, this time
keeping right at the intersection.  Use the red platform in the cave
at the end of the hall to teleport into the final part of the
dungeon.  Head north from the platform into an area with a save point.
Save your game then head north to the area where you fought Derugett 
and examine the spires for an UMA icon.  Place the last lure 
(Goldstone) here to initate a boss fight.

Rogotu Muhere (ロゴトゥムヘレ)
  Element: Earth
  HP: 1500
  MP: 191
  Exp: 6500
  Cash: 1070
  Soul: 10
  Cal: +5

Reward: Slug Shell Power Up 

NOTE: Also in this area, to the right of the platform is a fallen
"Lumberjack's Earring"

To get back out of Aito, head all the way down until you can't go 
any further then veer right and follow the path as far as you can.
When you reach a dead end, go down and you're out.

->5th Skyfish

Location: Uyuni Salt Lake
Lure: Dust of the Morpho Butterfly, Flypaper

This is a multi-lure hunt, but quite a bit simpler than the last.
First head to the 6th floor of the Uyuni Salt Lake dungeon (the
room with the lighted blue star at the center).  The worst part of
this UMA hunt will be reactivating the puzzles if you're coming
back to this area after the fact.  As a very small kindness: at least
the doors have been left open for you ^_^;

When you get to the star, an UMA icon should appear near the 
base of the star's northmost spire.  Place your morpho butterfly
dust lure here.  Now head up to the next floor and save your game
before going into the room where you fought the boss.  If you don't
have 2 stock on everyone, go back and get it.  It's impossible to 
catch Skyfish without a combo of some kind (usually a double).  As
you approach the altar, you should stumble on another UMA icon.  But
first, check to the left of the altar for a "Fifth Key".  Now place
your Flypaper lure at the UMA icon and you'll be pulled into another 
boss fight.

Skyfish (スカイフィッシュ)
  Element: Wind
  HP: 1600
  MP: 200
  Exp: 8000
  Cash: 1320
  Soul: 10
  Cal: -5

Snap once.  You won't have time for more.  In fact, if you're having
trouble with Skyfish, it may be worth snapping him a few times, letting
him run and then resetting your lures so that you don't have to waste
a turn on snapping.

Don't waste time healing or supporting.  Hit him with your best normal
attacks or spells for one round, let him attack, attack normally again
with all but your last character and then double combo with everyone.

Chances are, if you don't knock off his last 500-1,000 HP in one shot
with a combo he's going to run away (on his 3rd chance to attack or 
last 500HP he will always run)... So you'll need to knock him off with 
a pretty killer combo.

When you finally manage to kill the slippery little pain in the neck
you'll get another power-up the next time you visit the shaman and 
access to Natan's special sidequest area once the gate opens.

reward: Rapid Shot Power Up

Sadly, you're going to have to ll the way back out of Uyuni... so 
now's a good  time to switch to your back up party and level them a 
bit (if you haven't already).

!!Be sure to talk to the shaman again after The Gate opens.

At this point he'll declare you a master and tell you to go after "the
UMA King, an UMA even among UMA!"  So Unidentified is this UMA that 
the shaman doesn't bother to tell you where to find him :P  So head
over to Arkham University and talk to the female student standing by
Gilbert's old office.  She'll tip you off to the next location you
need to scour: the library.

In the library you'll find a new key item: a file with information
about a past hunt for the very UMA you're tracking.  Reading the file
will open up a new set of UMA information on the final UMA in Natan's
UMA option set, along with opening Natan's secret UMA Hunt area, the
Giana Plateau (ギアナ高地).

NOTE: There are some very annoying ring-status inflicting monsters in 
this area.  If ring status bothers you, grab some pocketwatches before
getting too deep into Giana.

->6th  Mudobukan

Location: Giana Plateau
Reward: Soul Bullet

Viewing the remains at the entrance to the area will give Natan even
more UMA information.  To start, take the path to your right, ignore
the UMA icon that appears for now and take a left at the first
branch.  Examine the skeleton lying at the end of the path for more
information on your hunt. 

Now return to the first area you entered and this time take the path 
to your left, follow the short branch that appears on your right and 
examine the flower for "Daphne's Fruit".  Keep heading down the main 
path to the North, further on you'll find a Medi-Refine at the base 
of a big rock on the right side of the path.  Shortly after the rock
is an area where the path branches 4 ways, check the left branch for 
another corpse and to see a scene of something watching you from the 


Now when you return to the intersection an UMA icon will appear: 
place the Goldstone lure here then take the path to the north.  When 
it branches, take the path to the left and examine the water's edge 
in front of the waterfall for an UMA icon.  Use the Maiden's Black 
Hair lure here then turn around and this time take the right branch.  
Examine the plant to the right side of the path for a "Hit Area 
Expand".  Not much farther up the path, to the left, is another UMA 
icon.  Set your morpho butterfly dust lure here.  

Keep following the main path, ignoring the branches for now.  To the 
right side of the path (near the far right of your navigation map) 
you'll find a "Ramp Fiber".   Continue along the main path, ignoring 
the branches until you read the wide clearing on the lower right-hand
side of your navigation map.  You should pretty much walk over your 
next UMA icon (in front of the short palm tree in the upper right 
corner).  Put your Fly Paper lure here.  Then continue on to the 
right waterfall area where you should find another UMA icon.  
Maiden's Black hair goes here.

Now head back to where you started and save your game before making
the final loop.

Now go back down the right path, ignore the UMA icon that appears
and continue north through the first clearing.  At the next
intersection, examine the tree at the center of the fork for an
UMA icon.  Put the "grapefruit" lure here and you'll be pulled into
a battle.  After the battle, you'll be treated to a scene in which 
the Native American party members stalk their prey... while Johnny 
stalks prey of an entirely different sort ^_^;;;

Now head down the right path to the next intersection and then take
the hard-to-see short left branch.  Examine the rock for an UMA
icon and place the honey lure.  You'll be pulled into another fight.
More stalking... and Hilda doing something amusing in whatever form
she happens to be in...

The next spot is at the very top right corner of your navigation
map.  Take the right path from this clearing to the waterfall
and examine the water's edge for another UMA icon.  Use the Field
Rabbit lure here and you'll have another fight on your hands.  More 
stalking... some ninja posing...

Now head back down to the clearing where you left the Grapefruit 
lure and this time keep left (to the path that runs parallel to the
top path on your navigation map), head down the path, on the way
you should find a "Meteor Mask" next to a rock on the left side of
the path.  Continue down the path and check the right side as the
save point comes into view ahead for an "Angel Souffle".  Now go
ahead and save your game before heading North into the area that
seems to glow gold.  If you've got pocketwatches, put 'em on, this 
boss likes tight ring and fake ring.

Mudobukan (ムドブカン)
  Element: Light
  HP: 5000
  MP: 611
  Exp: 42000
  Cash: 9000
  Soul: 350
  Cal: +10
  Special Attacks: Tight Ring, Fake Ring, Clear Crest, 
                   Pure Ignition, Gale, Cure (+700)

Mudobukan hits very hard and begins with enough stock to double, which
can hurt quite a bit.  He can also inflict some nasty ring status if
you aren't wearing pocketwatches.  But beyond that, this is a really
straightforward battle.  Snap, cast "Arc Shield", "Arc Barrier", "Arc 
Gale" and keep them up or chances are, you're going to regret it.  
Aside from that just hammer him with your strongest attacks.  Combo 
often, especially toward the end when Mudobukan will start to heal 

When he's dead, head back to the Grand Canyon and collect your
reward from the Shaman, Natan's last Gun Fu skill: Soul Bullet.

Congratulations, Natan's skills are maxxed out.

Return to the area you fought Mudobukan after and examine the
shining item on the ground to recieve the "Clear Crest" stella.

= Natan's Ultimate Weapon =

Available: after "the gate" opens
Reward: Natan's Ultimate Weapon
Other Prerequisites: Giana Plateau is open

Speak to Zonta in the Grand Canyon for a scene and you will receive
the "Missing 51", Natan's ultimate weapon.


= Frank's Abilities =

Available: after Las Vegas
Reward: various, see below

NOTE: Frank's first additional ability is included in the walkthrough
itself (in the Roswell section).

-Pick a Ninja, Any Ninja-

Returning to Las Vegas after the fight with Malice Edna Britney and
a genin will appear to the right side of the Vegas Hotel entrance.
The genin will create 3 "shadows" of himself.  Your job is to choose
the real one.  Don't bother watching the animation since it's always
the same and the final switch is too fast to discern (on purpose). 
The answer is random... use the analog stick to face your choice and
choose the 2nd option to guess.  Just keep at it until you've gotten
the right one.  At which point Frank will learn the "Big.Hannya.
Explosion" ninpou.

-Ninja Hide-and-Seek-

Speak to Britney in Moana village to trigger the sidequest.  Then
go to the Aito Caves and speak to Britney again outside.  She'll tell
you about three ninjas hidden inside.  Their locations follow:

   ninja 1: lower right room on your map, hiding in the red pillar
            to the right.
   ninja 2: to the right side of the blue portal at the bottom of
            the loop at the top of your map.
   ninja 3: hidden in the wall in the dead-end branch just before
            the room that held the final boss.

Finding all three ninjas will return you to the exit of the Aito 
Caves and give Frank the ninpou "Snow-Cave-Fastball".

= Frank's Ultimate Armor =

Available: after "the gate" opens
Reward: Frank's Ultimate Armor

Revisit the main lab in Roswell and talk to the scientist there who 
tried to kill you only a few weeks before (in green pants, looking out
the observation bay window)... he'll give Frank his Ultimate Armor, 
the "Immortal Bird Costume".

= Brazillian Ninja Village (忍者の里) =

Available: after "the gate" opens
Reward: Frank's Ultimate Weapon, Ring Fragment, "Pearl Crest" stella
Other Prerequisites: All Frank's Skills

|NOTE: If you don't have a rosario I suggest putting the final fight |
|in this area until you get one.  Slow is virtually a death-sentence |
|here.  The easiest way to get a Rosario at this point is probably to|
|go and tackle Ricardo's "Doll House" first.                         |

Return to the dumpster in Rio De Janerio where Frank found the issue
of "Rio Esporte" and talk to Britney to open the new location.  On
Leaving the village you'll have access to "Ninja Village".

Ninja Village is a fun place.  It's set up like any other town, so
feel free to explore and talk to people if you'd like.  Just don't
miss the treasure!  To the left side of the path, just inside the 
brown fencing area is a chest holding "Bloodloss LV3".  Father on
to the right and up a bit from the save point is another chest with
"Daphne's Fruit" inside.  Baigen and Mazymell have set up shop
on the right side of the village where they sell pretty much 
everything they've ever carried through the course of the game.

Examining the wooden poster with the face cut out seven times will
give you a chance to stick all of your characters' heads in the shot.
It's an odd passtime but go on, you know you want to.  Now, take all
of the girls out of your party... that's right, just boys.  Take
them to the sand-circle just in front of the waterfall to find the
"Wild Man's Lantern".  

Now, head to the left side of the village and have a look at the big
manor to trigger a scene.  When it's over, go inside.  There's a
chest just to the left of the doorway, it looks like it's blocked, 
but it's not... so open it to get a "Mana Refine".  Approach the
screen to the inner room for another scene and to meet someone easily
just as strange-looking as Frank and initiate a test of Frank's l33t
ninja abilities.

Before moving on, you may want to equip some pocketwatches.  The
ninjas in the following area have ring status.

Speak to the ninja on the path at the far end of the village to
recieve a key item and open the next area.  Continue on through
the archway and it's time to Momonga!!

Save your game in this area and talk to the old woman standing by the 
tower.  She'll explain how it works.  


   To master Momonga, you don't need a heck of a lot more ability
   than oh... playing the first few rounds of Parappa the Rapper.
   You'll be told by the woman at the top of the tower what your
   target is (a number) then a guage will appear.  A the guage fills
   press the "O" button as close to the target number as you can,
   then press "O" again as close to 0 as you can.

   If you overshoot by as much as 50, that's alright, just try and
   undershoot by as much as you went over.

   As long as you're within about 5-10 points of your desired target
   you should be fine.

   If you mess up, it's back to the start!  So be careful!

   If you succeed you will see a "Nice Momonga" message and move to 
   the next point on the map.

To initiate your first Momonga attempt choose the answer that begins with

To initiate any further Momongas, choose the 2nd option.

+ Possible Successful Momongas +

The Momonga Course is set up (and referred to like it's a golf course...
each part of the course is refferred to as a "hole" and has a caddie).

The following are all of the successful momongas.  

!!Please note that the holes are numbered according to their CADDIE'S number, 
not the number that appears on the map and targets (those are actually the 
numbers of the holes you have just come from!!)

example. hole number 1 is not labelled on the map, but it is the first
area you will enter.  The circled "1" on the map is actually your landing
pad on hole #2.  Holes that have not been suggested by caddies (hidden
holes) will not have numbered launchpads at all. 

Hole #1 (Starting Point)
Goodies: Save Point, after 20 failed momongas a ninja will appear
         offering to give you the key item and bring you to the 
         final goal for a rather hefty price...
Caddie: クラウジア原田
150 shaku to hole #2
(hidden) 200 shaku to hole #3

Hole #2
Goodies: N/A
Caddie: 2番のイネース名倉
130 shaku to hole #3 

Hole #3
Goodies: Strongest Band, Medi Refine 
Caddie: 3番のエリゼッチ松本
160 shaku to hole #4
(hidden) 220 shaku to hole #6

Hole #4
Goodies: Seal Lv. 3
Caddie: 4番のグレイシィ脇田
120 shaku to hole #5
(hidden) 150 shaku to hole #12

Hole #5
Goodies: N/A
Caddie: 5番のピアーダ渡部
180 shaku to hole #6
(hidden) 290 shaku to hole #11

Hole #6
Goodies: N/A
Caddie: 6番のジール小島
220 shaku to hole #7
(hidden) 240 shaku to the hidden hole #9

Hole #7
Goodies: Ramp Fiber, Pure Refine
Caddie: 7番のセリア岡村 
240 shaku to hole #8
(hidden)265 shaku to hole #10 ~ (this momonga seems to require more
                               precision than the others.  if you're
                               not within a few digits of the correct
                               value, you're going to end up right back
                               where you started) 

Hole #8
Goodies: N/A
Caddie: 8番のケリーダ矢部 
130 shaku to hole #9

Hole #9
Goodies: Lottery Ticket
Caddie: 9番のリバネス柳沢 
150 shaku to the goal 

Hidden Hole #9
Goodies: Angel Souffle
Caddie: 隠れ9番のマルタイ伊集院
180 shaku to the goal

Hole #10
Goodies: Ring Fragment
Caddie: 10番のフェイラ柴田 
250 shaku to hole #4 

Hole #11
Goodies: Hit Area Expansion
Caddie: 11番のメニーナ山崎
250 shaku to hole #4 

Hole #12
Goodies: Secret Book (key item, required)
Caddie: 12番のフッチ雄三 
185 shaku to hole #8

If you want to collect everything, it's pretty difficult to complete 
this area in one shot.

Where you go, in what order, is entirely up to you, so I'll spare you
the hand-holding.  Areas, once you get to them, are fairly self-
explanatory.  So make a plan for several runs beforehand, jot down
the proper Momonga values and you should be fine.

Here are all the areas you may want to go (and why):

3rd Area
   - strongest band accessory (in chest to the far southwest)
   - Medi Refine (in chest to the far southeast)
   - Ninja battle 

4th Area
   - Ninja battle 
   - Seal Lv 3 (in chest)

5th Area
   - Ninja battle 

6th Area
   - Ninja battle 

7th Area
   - Ninja battle 
   - Ramp Fiber (by the water)
   - "Pure Refine" (in chest)

8th Area
   - Ninja battle 

9th Area (regular)
   - Ninja battle 
   - "Lottery Ticket" (in chest)

9th Area (hidden)
   - Ninja battle x 2
   - Angel Souffle

10th Area
   - Ring Fragment (behind the falls)

11th Area
   - Hit Area Expansion (in chest)

12th Area
   - Ninja battle 
   - Secret Book key item (required, in red chest)

Once you've aquired the Secret Book key item, you will be able to
pass the ninja on the dock at the goal and fight Frank's master...
Stick your Rosario on Frank if you've got one and make sure he has 
a heal spell set.  Set Frank's ring-effect to the highest level
of "Spiritlessness" you've got (it's the only ring effect that
will do any good against your opponent).  This is a solo battle.  
When you're ready, just walk up to face him on the platform.

Head Ninja (頭領)
Element: Wind
HP: 900
MP: 108
Weight: Normal
Exp: 42,000
Cash: 9,000
Soul: 0
Cal: +10
Nyancoins: N/A
Vulnerable to: Spiritlessness 
Special Attacks: Rock Bump, Red Bounce, Clear Decide, Slow
Drops: Spiritless Lv 3

Depending on your luck, this battle may be tougher for you than others.
Ocaisionally the Head Ninja gets the first strike... and if he does:
it will probably be a double (knocking out more than half of your HP
and inflicting slow status).  This sucks... a lot. 

Slow status will ensure the Head Ninja gets three to four turns to every 
one of yours.

If you get the first move, be sure to hard hit first thing.  "Surge" 
and "Shield" are both helpful if you have them.  

Otherwise just attack and heal until one of you is dead, there's not 
that much strategy to it.  Don't let his stock gauge fill or you're 
in trouble, if Spiritlessness takes, you shouldn't have much to worry 
about in this department...  Use a key on him if it starts to go 

For your efforts you'll recieve Frank's Ultimate Weapon: "Hot Sword"
(aka. The Oden Sword ^^;;)

Go back to the main room of the manor and speak to the village head
one more time to recieve the "Pearl Crest".

NOTE: completing the Momongas again will give you various prizes 
depending on the number of momongas it takes you to reach the end.  
To get all of the prizes available, you will need to make the goal in
4 momongas.

     1st - 200 shaku
     3rd - 220 shaku
     6th - 240 shaku
     9th - 180 shaku

Completing this successfully, with no misses will get you 
"Medirefine", "Hit Area Expansion", "Strike Expansion", "12 
Constellation Bracelet", "Third Key" and a "Rosario"


= Nyaaramount Pictures Purrsents =

Available: once Nyaaramount Studios appears on the map
Reward: Mao's special skills

Speak to the director's assistant at Nyaaramount Studios and you'll
be presented with the bill for your next movie appearance (and you
thought movie stars ~got~ paid, hah!).  Once you've collected enough
of the right Nyancoins to pay for it, you'll be entered into a 
battle with one of 5 cat-masters styled after different movie 

Defeating each master will either unlock another skill for Mao or 
power up "Neko touch".  The masters LOVE ring-status, so bring
your handy pocketwatch along at all times.... status protection is
also very handy as the fights go on.

If you're going to take on the masters, especially early on in the 
game, you'll need to have Mao's ring maxed at three hit areas.  
Equipping poison as Mao's ring effect is also helpful, since quite
a few of the cat masters are suceptible to poison.

If fights are too difficult for you as soon as you can pay for them,
you may want to hold off until Mao is at a higher level and/or has
better armor/weapons.  A few dungeons between your first attempt and
your next can make even the most difficult of these masters a walk 
in the park.

If you lose a fight don't worry, you'll can have another go at it,
but only if you pay the bill again!  It saves quite a bit of nyancoin
hunting to save BEFORE attempting each Cat-Master and resetting if
you fail.

1F - The Nyaaminator (5 blue nyancoins)

Strategy: Equip the pocketwatch beforehand and bring a few 
restorative items just in case.  This fight is pretty 
straightforward.  Be careful with your doubles... save them for
the finishing blow (doubling him will just give him enough 
stock to double you back). Hard Hits are actually a better use of 
your stock.  

Reward: "Neko touch" power-up (LV 2)

2F - Samonyan (5 blue, 10 red nyancoins)

Strategy: Again, you'll need the pocketwatch equipped for this fight
and hold off on doubling him until the end if you don't want to get
doubled in return.  He begins this fight with nearly 1 stock, so get 
rid of it with a hard hit right away.  He'll alternate between magic
(Rock Bump) and physical attacks, but nothing he has is very 
intimidating.  Alternate between "Hard Hit" and "Neko touch" and he
should be gone in two or three turns.

Reward: "Feast of Purity"

3F - Cat Morita (5 blue, 5 red, 15 bronze nyancoins)

SAVE BEFORE THIS FIGHT!!!  It's the first really tough one.

Strategy: Pocketwatch actually doesn't help you much here, since
Cat Morita's most annoying affect is actually a status effect that
can't be blocked.  Having a "Gale" stella equipped is good damage
control... as you'll want to do as much damage as you possibly can,
as quickly as you possibly can.  Cat's added ability is to slow you 
down by 60+% with each of his physical attacks...  Cat will get 
faster every time he hits you, and you will get slower... This 
sucks, a lot.  But it should keep your stock guage up enough to 
hit him AND heal every time it's your turn.  

The key with this fight is to do as much damage as quickly as
possible.  Chances are, if you don't knock out at least half of Cat's 
hit points in the first two turns: he's going to wipe the floor with 

If Cat kills you more than twice in a row: it's not meant to be.  
Come back in a dungeon or two...

As a nice bonus, when he's been defeated, you'll get that pesky 
"Slow Lv 1" he was using on you for yourself!

Reward: "Neko Touch" power up (LV 3)

4F - Nyawara-chan* (5 red, 10 bronze, and 20 silver nyancoins)

Strategy: If you have the "Seal" ring effect, equip it on Mao before this
fight.  In spite of being a judo champ, Nyawara is very dependant on magic.
Nyawara uses "Clear Decide" quite a bit but the big trouble is her heal-all 
spell.  If you can seal her, she's a piece of cake.  If not, don't bother 
buffing or healing, just attack with all you've got hoping she dies before 
she can heal herself...  that's really all there is to it.

Reward: "The Best Medicine"

*Yawara-chan is the nickname of a famous Japanese female Judo Olympian
and gold medalist who looks... pretty much just like this cat ^_^;;

5F - Bruce Nyaa (5 blue, 5 red, 5 bronze, 5 silver, 25 gold nyancoins)

Strategy: This fight is painful.  Bruce Nya is fast, hits hard and begins
with almost one stock (and one is plenty to kick your ass with a double).
Whatever else you do, keep him from doubling!!  Sheild is also a very good
idea if you've got a double to spare straight away in casting it.  Bruce's
hits drain stock, so chances are you're going to be going one-on-one with
a lot of standard hits and spells.  Use spells that drain stock to keep his
guage out of the danger zone and be sure to heal yourself when your health
slips too low.  Bruce can also inflict Physcial Defense Down status and cast
"Red Gravity" on Mao, which makes things extra fun and exciting (grrr).  For 
the most part, this battle is one of attrition.  Whittle him down bit-by-bit 
while keeping yourself alive you should at least last long enough for the 
final hurdle: when Bruce has been reduced to less than half his starting HP
he will cast "Energy Charge", a spell that raises his P-Atk by 125% for one
turn.  If you have a shield up and your hp are in decent shape, this is your
cue to defend and buckle down for some real pain.  If you're defending, his
attacks will still only do their normal amount of damage.  Repeat this pattern
until Bruce finally gives up the ghost.

Reward: Extreme satisfaction, a fifth key, "Holy Grail", and a reunion with 

If you complete all five towers you'll get a special surprise... one
that will BAFFLE anyone who doesn't a) live in Japan b) live in Korea
or c) watch lots of Korean dramas.

Mao will have a touching reunion with Nyan-sama!!!  **A parody of
"Yong-sama" (Bae Yong Jun, in Shadow Hearts "Bae Nyan Nyan"), an actor
in the Korean drama "Winter Sonata" who is almost neurotically 
worshipped by hordes of middle aged Japanese women who thought the 
actor must certainly be just as sweet, bespectacled and sickly as his
character in the drama that made him famous.

I have NO IDEA how they'd ever even hope to localize this humor ^_^;;
So I suppose you'll just have to take my word that old lady Mao
hooking up with Nyan-sama is milk-snortingly funny :)

= Mao's Ultimate Weapon =

Available: after "the gate" opens
Reward: Mao's Ultimate Weapon

Speak to the new NPC on Chicago's West Side for a scene and to
recieve a tip about Mao's Ultimate Weapon.  Then go into the
warehouse behind the speakeasy to recieve the "Dragon Flask.Heaven's
Virtue" from the man hiding behind the crates.

= Mao's Ultimate Armor =

Available: after "the gate" opens
Reward: Mao's Ultimate Armor
Other Prerequisites: Cat Tower lv 4, 20 nyancoins of each type

Nyaawara-chan is staying in Room 904 of the Las Vegas Hotel.  If you
giver her 20 of each kind of nyancoin, she will give you Mao's 
Ultimate Armor, the "5 Cat Strike Gold Medal".

Just speak to her twice with 20 of each coin or more in your 
inventory and choose the 2nd option (払う)


= Hilda's Magical Arts =

Available: after Rio De Janeiro
Reward: various

Hilda's skills are aquired through issues of the magazine "Weekly
Arts".  The first is automatically recieved from Rene in the Upper
West Side after Hilda first joins your party, the rest are aquired
by talking to NPCs in the correct forms.

-Magical Arts Issue 2
     Rio, talk to the man in blue while Hilda is in her pink bat
     form to recieve it.
     Skill: "Energy Charge"
-Magical Arts Issue 3
     Moana, talk to Hohoni (the little girl on the right side of the
     classroom in Moana) while Hilda is in her slim form to recieve
     Skill: "Pumpkin Bomb"
-Magical Arts Issue 4
     Moana, talk to the old man between the dock and the elder's 
     house in the Glamour form to recieve it.
     Skill: "Happiness Gift"
-Magical Arts Issue 5
     Harlem, talk to the fat man in a yellow hat and grey coat with  
     Hilda in her slim form to recieve it.
     Skill: "Floral Ray"
-Magical Arts Issue 6
     Chicago, talk to the man in the yellow cowboy hat on the corner 
     across from the "Four Deuces" with Hilda in her Glamour form to 
     recieve it.
     Skill: "Full Plume"

= Hilda's Ultimate Weapon =

Available: after "the gate" opens
Reward: Hilda's Ultimate Weapon
Other Prerequisites: All Weeky Arts Issues

Speaking to the fat man at the entrance to Chelsea will trigger a 
scene.  He'll tell you about a black bat in the Erick theatre.  Save
your game outside the theatre and then enter the large room on 1F
that seems to be under construction.  Here you'll have a run-in with
a new member of the Valentine clan: Grandpa.  He can't talk in his
bat form, only screech... so Mao will act as interpretor for an
amusing conversation.  At the end he'll demand a duel, and as if
you're ready (2nd choice is yes).

Hilda will enter into a solo battle with the black bat... who, it
turns out, is hilariously weak.

Win to recieve Hilda's Ultimate Weapon the "Demon Key Hilding"
(the black bat will also drop "Slow LV 3")

= Sushi-House =

Available: after "the gate" opens
Reward: New mask for Hilda, Access to final Lottery Member
Other Prerequisites: All of Hilda's Skills

Enter Rio and head to the right of the first screen, you should
notice a new shop with a little silver blob lying comatose in front
of it.  Approach the silver blob to meet an old friend... 
unfortunately he's been temporarily done in by some bad wasabi!  Oh
it's on!!!

Before you go in, make sure Hilda has protection from instant death
and paralysis.

Leave the poor thing lying on the sidewalk and enter the building.
Inside is err... A floating Greek-themed Disney World ride?  Whatever
it is, it doesn't belong in a Sushi shop!!!  Whoever did this must be
stopped before he installs singing animatronic figures!!

To make things even wierder, you're greeted by green-painted curry
men with Kappa-Maki for hats ?_?  You'll be given the option to make
a team of three.  Johnny needs to be in the team if you want snaps.

-Kappa Shrine

Kappa Maki (河童巻き) x 3
  Element: Wind
  HP: 428
  MP: 62
  Exp: 1
  Cash: 1
  Soul: 1
  Cal: N/A

Straightforward fight.  Don't forget to snap the sushi!!!

-Tekka Shrine

Tekka Maki (鉄火巻き) x 3
  Element: Fire
  HP: 444
  MP: 76
  Exp: 1
  Cash: 1
  Soul: 1
  Cal: N/A

Straightforward fight.  Don't forget to snap the sushi!!!

-Nattou Shrine

Nattou Maki (納豆巻き) x 3
  Element: Water
  HP: 460
  MP: 89
  Exp: 1
  Cash: 1
  Soul: 1
  Cal: N/A

Straightforward fight.  Don't forget to snap the sushi!!!  And I must
say... Nattou Maki?!?!  UGH!!

After this you're one-on-one with Hilda, locked into one of her two
forms... first fight is with slim Hilda, then one with Glamour Hilda.

- Shrimp Shrine

Shrimp Sushi (高級なる海老握り)
  Element: Earth
  HP: 570
  MP: 91
  Exp: 10
  Cash: 10
  Soul: 1
  Cal: N/A

The key to this one is protection from paralysis, if you've got it,
you're golden.  If you don't, you're probably screwed.

- Anago Shrine

Anago Sushi (こってり穴子握り)
  Element: Earth
  HP: 570
  MP: 91
  Exp: 10
  Cash: 10
  Soul: 1
  Cal: N/A

This guy's simple.  He's pitifully weak to Instant Death, just "Grand
Slam" this guy to get it over with quickly.

Now you'll have a chance to escape for a bit, regroup and prepare. 
Take it!!  You need to equip accessories on everyone so they aren't
sitting ducks.  Don't worry, when you come back you'll be sent right
back to the same place, so step on the shining platform and choose
the 2nd option to end up back out in Rio.

Now use a tent, save your game and equip everyone with the following:

   Natan - Leonardo's Bear  (ring: Petrify)
   Shania - Will Power  (ring: Instant Death)
   Ricardo - Nothing  (ring: Slow)
   Frank - Pocket Watch  (ring: Poison)
   Mao - Small Bell Bracelet, Def Up access, Fire stella  (ring:
         P-Atk down)
   Johnny - Rosario  (ring: Paralysis)
   Hilda - Leonardo's Bear, Def Up access, Wind stella  (ring:

When you're ready, use the circle in front of the sushi shop to warp
to the point you left off.

- Salmon Shrine (Natan)

Salmon Sushi (大自然のサケ握り)
  Element: Wind
  HP: 570
  MP: 91
  Exp: 10
  Cash: 10
  Soul: 1
  Cal: N/A
If you've got Petrify on your ring, this will probably be over in one

- Octopus Shrine (Shania)

Octopus Sushi (吸いつくタコ握り)
  Element: Dark
  HP: 570
  MP: 91
  Exp: 10
  Cash: 10
  Soul: 1
  Cal: N/A
If you've got Instant Death on your ring, this will probably be over 
in one turn.

- Plain Shrine (Ricardo)

Plain Sushi (紛い物の俵お握り)
  Element: Fire
  HP: 570
  MP: 91
  Exp: 10
  Cash: 10
  Soul: 1
  Cal: N/A

He will cast Gale on himself, if you've got "Slow" equipped, this
shouldn't be much of a problem, you'll still get two turns to every
one of his.  If he manages to inflict slow on you... well, then 
you're both just back where you started.  Just beat on him until he 

- Gari Shrine (Frank)

Gari Sushi (ももいろガリ握り)
  Element: Light
  HP: 570
  MP: 91
  Exp: 10
  Cash: 10
  Soul: 1
  Cal: N/A

Double Ninpou + normal attack... two or three turns and he's gone.

- Fatty Tuna Shrine (Mao)

Fatty Tuna Sushi (風格漂うトロ握り)
  Element: Water
  HP: 570
  MP: 91
  Exp: 10
  Cash: 10
  Soul: 1
  Cal: N/A

1st turn double Neko touch with a Hard Hit, then just beat on him
with fire spells.  Should only take one or two turns.

- Egg Shrine (Johnny)

Egg Sushi (お子様は玉子握り)
  Element: N/A
  HP: 570
  MP: 91
  Exp: 10
  Cash: 10
  Soul: 1
  Cal: N/A

Don't forget to snap him.  He should be paralyzed pretty quickly, so
change to Awaker and knock him out in two turns with "Dual React".

Now... the moment of truth...

It's time to say hi to another old friend ^_~  As a special treat,
though it's not a cut-scene, all of these lines are voice-acted.

At the end of the conversation, Hilda will have a choice to make.
Choosing the first option will give you "Glamour Hilda", the second
the "Pink Bat" and the 3rd "Slim Hilda".  Either Glamour or Slim will
get you the masked forms.  I recommend Glamour... but it's entirely
up to you... just pass on the bat.

Finally you will zoom in on Joachim's crotch to begin the epic battle

The Great Q (グレートQ)
  Element: Earth
  HP: 900
  MP: 458
  Exp: 42000
  Cash: 10
  Soul: 0
  Cal: N/A

(strategy is for Glamour)
Use your own brother's move on him, just because it's ironic.  If you
can double, BLOCK on your 2nd turn to save yourself a whole lot of
hurting and healing later on.  When Joachim uses "Energy Charge" BLOCK!
Otherwise he's going to kick your ass.  Just keep hitting him with stock 
draining attacks until you're under 300hp... then use "Full Bloom".
It should take 3 or 4 turns.

As a reward, Hilda will recieve a stinky, sweat-soaked freak mask.
Joy!  She doesn't really want it... But she does get a cup of free
tea out of the giant tea dispenser in the inner sanctum ^_^;  Gotta
cut your losses I guess.  

Outside you can now revive Keith, who will become the final Lottery
Member.  He has Hilda's Ultimate armor on his red.

Afterwards there is a "new" NPC available on the North map of Rio.
Talk to him to recieve the "Rock Crest" stella :)


= Ricardo's Roots Items =

Available: after Rio De Janeiro
Reward: various

-Old Person's Diary-

Talk to the older man in the Journalism office in Rio to trigger
a fetch quest for Ricardo.  After initiating the quest, head to 
Chicago and talk to Camella, the old woman standing by the counter
in the Four Dueces.  She'll give you her diary.  Bring it back to
Oribero in Rio and Ricardo will recieve the new Roots Item "Old
Person's Diary."

-Girl's Letter-

Talk to the little girl standing to the left side of the path in
Moana Village, she'll ask Ricardo to help her mother.  Leave the 
town and return to find her mother standing beside her.  Talk to 
the mother to trigger another fetch-quest, this time to find 
someone at Arkham University named Warren.  A new NPC is standing
just outside the door to Gilbert's old office (presently occupied
by Professor Lovecraft).  Speak to him and you'll hear that 
Warren's been incarcerated.

Head to Alcatraz now.  You'll find Warren in the 2nd large cellblock
on the left side of a 2nd level cell.  Try to speak to him and he'll 
turn you away.  Report back to Moana Village and you'll recieve a 
letter to deliver to Warren instead.  After delivering the letter to 
Warren in Alcatraz, you'll recieve the letter as your next Roots 

While you're here, in the area where you fought the Alcatraz boss
is a chest with a Ring Fragment.

= The Doll House (人形の館) =

Available: after "the gate" opens
Reward: "Hail Crest" stella, Rosario, Ricardo's final Roots item
Other Prerequisites: All Roots Items

After collecting all of Ricardo's Roots Items, go speak to Al
Capone in the "Four Dueces" (he's in the room that was previously
blocked by a Fat Gangster).  After a short conversation, leave 
Chicago and a new location will appear on the map.

NOTE: For the dollhouse, you may want to equip the "Warning Device"
and anti. poison accessories.  Monsters in here LOVE their poison
and will spam it at you constantly.  If your party is 45 or under, 
you'll also probably get ambushed a lot...  Warning Device will take
care of that problem.

You'll be given a choice to change your party (Ricardo must be
included).  As you enter, your party will hear someone calling
faintly for help.  The screen will go black and you'll be privy
to a mysterious conversation between two invisable speakers (a man
and a woman).

When you're back in control, collect the "mana refine" from the 
chest to the left side of the staircase, on the first landing of the
staircase to your right is another "Lottery Ticket".  The door at the
top of the stairs won't open yet, so don't bother trying.  Instead
enter the center door on the 1st floor.  You'll automatically see
a scene in which the doll on the table in this room tells Ricardo she
can't hear him because she hasn't got any ears...  Before leaving this
room, examine the table on the left for an "Angel Souffle".  Exit
through the same door you entered and, this time, take the door to
the left.

In the upper, lefthand corner of this room is a chest containing a
"Pure Refine", at the back of the room is a table that has human ears 
for your dolly friend (gross).  Ricardo will automatically take them.  
There are also carved ears on the table at the center of the room (next 
to the unmade doll) but they won't work, don't pay any attention to them.

Now return to the center room where you can attatch the ears to the doll
(Latisha) and see another scene and recieve instructions on the order in 
which to complete the next part of the puzzle.

Time for another kanji lesson:
     死 - death
     憤悪 - hatred
     憤怒 - anger
     嘲笑 - ridicule
     絶望 - dispair

The poem she recites translates to the following:

"First come the eyes of death.
Hatred comes after ridicule.
Dispair after death..."

Now return to the entrance hall and take the door to the right.  In
the bookshelf across from the doorway is a "Special Def Down Lv. 3".
On the endtable across from the window on the right is a book that
can be perused, but not moved.  In the upper right corner of the room
is a chest holding a "Ramp Fiber".  Enter the next room to advance
the puzzle.

In this room are four dolls.  Set up like so:

   Di      R


Di - Dispair
De - Death
R - Ridicule
A - Anger

To advance the puzzle, you must remove their eyes in the correct
order (based on the clue from Latisha: Death, Despair, Ridicule, 

"外す" is the command "remove."

If you attempt to take the eyes in the incorrect order, the dolls 
will cry out in pain and you'll be pulled into normal fights for 
each.  When you've collected all of the eyes, grab the "Sarapea 
Doruno" from the chest to the right of the room then retreat back 
to the entryway.

Go show all of the dolly eyes to Latisha, the doll in the center
room.  You will be asked which eye to put in the left socket first.
The answer is "Anger" (憤怒).  Next comes the right socket.  The answer
is "Dispair" (絶望).  Latisha will glow and then thank you before going
silent.  The door to the top floor is now open.

In the first room on the 2nd floor, examine the stand with the lamp
to the left of the door for a "Hit Area Expand", then save your
game and prepare for the boss fight ahead.  The boss is weak to 
"SDef Down" and "Evasion Down", so set these effects to your rings.
You'll want to equip "Water Mirror Bracelet"s or "12 Constellation
Bracelet"S to counter the boss' petrify attack. 

When you're ready, enter the last room for a scene and a boss fight:

Donna (ダーナ)
  Element: Water
  HP: 5000
  MP: 868
  Exp: 42000
  Cash: 9000
  Soul: 350
  Cal: -10

This gal's really nasty looking, and she packs quite a punch too.
"Hail Crest" can, and probably will knock one of your characters out.  
She also has a nasty physical attack that drops the character of her 
choice to 1HP.  Even with immunity to her status attacks, you're going 
to have to watch her stock gauge closely and raise/heal like crazy.  
Use Ricardo (and Johnny, Mao or Glamour Hilda) to Raise, Heal, Buff 
while your physical attackers keep plugging.  Don't forget to snap!  
"Red" prefix spells exploit elemental weakness and drain stock, so spam 
those if you've got em.  This tends to be a long battle, so be sure
to watch your characters' SP, especially Johnny's if you're using
his Awaker form.  

When the baddie is gone you'll see another scene with your dolly
friend, Latisha who will grant Ricardo an odd, but welcome chance to
commune with the dead.  At the end, Edna will tell Ricardo she's 
written something for him and hidden it in Capone's office.

Before going to retrieve Edna's gift, re-enter the dollhouse and
return to the room where you fought the boss.  On the floor in front
of the doll is that pesky "Hail Crest" and in the back of the room
is a "Rosario".

Now head to Chicago and enter Capone's office.  Ricardo will
automatically find the "Handwritten Musical Score" roots item.

VII.  I T E M S  /  A C C E S S O R I E S

a. Item List

note: items prices listed N/A are not buyable from shops.

+ restoration items +

medi leaf  (メディリーフ) 
     cost: 50
     restores 75 HP
medi seed (メディシード)
     cost: 120
     restores 150 HP
medi rhizome (メディリゾーム)
     cost: 300
     restores 300 HP
medi refine (メディリファイン)
     cost: 5000
     restores all HP
mana leaf (マナリーフ)
     cost: 100
     restores 50 MP
mana seed (マナシード)
     cost: 300
     restores 100 MP
mana rhizome (マナリゾーム)
     cost: 500
     restores 200 MP
mana refine (マナリファイン)
     cost: 10000
     restores all MP
pure leaf (ピュアリーフ)
     cost: 230
     restores 3 SP
pure seed (ピュアシード)
     cost: 510
     restores 6 SP
pure rhizome (ピュアリゾーム)
     cost: 1000
     restores 10 SP
pure refine (ピュアリファイン)
     cost: 20000
     restores all SP
spirit's blessing (精霊の祝福)
     cost: 150
     cures all abnormal status
spirit-animal's tail (霊獣の尾)
     cost: 90
     cures all ring status
Daphne's Fruit (ダフネの果実)
     cost: 1050
     cures all abnormal and ring status
Talisman of Luck (幸運の護符)
     cost: 480
     raises target character from the dead, restores 30% HP
Talisman of Mercy (慈愛の護符)
     cost: 820
     raises target character from the dead, restores 50% HP
Tent (テント)
     cost: 200
     restores all HP/MP, can only be used at a save point

+ stat boosters +
cost for all is N/A

Seal of Life (命の刻印)
     raises max HP by 3-5 points
Seal of Spirit (霊の刻印)
     raises max MP by 3-5 points
Seal of Soul (魂の刻印)
     raises max SP by 3-5 points
Seal of Vessel (器の刻印)
     raises DCP by 1-3 points
Seal of Strength (力の刻印)
     raises STR by 1-3 points
Seal of Vitality (体の刻印)
     raises VIT by 1-3 points
Seal of Speed (動の刻印)
     raises AGI by 1-3 points
Seal of Wisdom (知の刻印)
     raises INT by 1-3 points
Seal of Heart (心の刻印)
     raises POW by 1-3 points
Seal of Luck (運の刻印)
     raises LUK by 1-3 points
Ramp Fiber (ランプファイバー)
     minus 25 Calories (Hilda)
Angel Souffle (エンジェルスフレー)
     plus 25 Calories (Hilda)

+ armor +

Cotton Shirt (木綿シャツ)
     cost: 560
Cotton Blouse (木綿ブラウス)
     cost: 600
Leather Mantle (レザーマント)
     cost: 840
Wool Coat (ウールコート)
     cost: 900
Chain Vest (チェインベスト)
     cost: 1350
Silk Shawl (シルクショール)
     cost: 1260
Desert Mantle (デザートマント)
     cost: 1890
Long Robe (ロングローブ)
     cost: 2030
Andes Poncho (アンデスポンチョ)
     cost: 3040
     note: male-only
Dancing Samba (ダンシングサンバ)
     cost: 2840
     note: female-only
Mantle of the Gods (神樹の胸当て)
     cost: 4250
Coat of Antiquity (古代の外套)
     cost: 4560
Liberty Ghost (リバティゴースト)
     cost: N/A
     note: Johnny's Ultimate Armor
Niguvast (ニグヴァスト)
     cost: N/A
     note: Shania's Ultimate Armor
Immortal Bird Costume (不死鳥の装束)
     cost: N/A
     note: Frank's Ultimate Armor
5 Cat Strike Gold Medal (猫五輪金メダル)
     cost: N/A
     note: Mao's Ultimate Armor
Chaaro Passion (チャ−ロパシオン)
     cost: N/A
     note: Ricardo's Ultimate Armor

+ battle aids +

Eternal Key (永遠の鍵)
     cost: N/A
     allows the user to attack with as many consecutive turns of the
     Judgement Ring as can be managed without missing.
Fifth Key (第五の鍵)
     cost: N/A
     allows user to attack with 5 consecutive turns of the Judgement
Third Key (第三の鍵)
     cost: 30000
     allows user to attack with 3 consecutive turns of the Judgement
Seventh Key (第七の鍵)
     cost: N/A
     allows user to attack with 7 consecutive turns of the Judgement

+ other +

Hit Area Expansion (ヒットエリア拡張)
     cost: 5000
     used to increase the hit areas on the Judgement Ring
Lottery Ticket (福引券)
     redeemed for a chance at fame, fortune and fantastic prizes...
Strike Expansion (ストライク拡張)
     cost: 20000
Tissues (ティッシュ)
     to dry your tears after you lose miserably to the lottery 

b. Accessory List

+ regular accessories +

Leather Cap (レザーキャップ)
     cost: 320
     raises defense +2
Rivet Cap (リベットキャップ)
     cost: 600
     raises defense +4
Face Guard (フェイスガード)
     cost: 980
     raises defense +6
Head Gear (ヘッドギア)
     cost: 1380
     raises defense +6, Special defense +2, men only
Force Brow (フォースブラウ)
     cost: 1470
     raises defense +2, Special defense +6, women only
Full Face (フルフェイス)
     cost: 2080
     raises defense +8, Special defense +3
Leather Belt (レザーベルト)
     cost: 320
     raises offense +2
Rivet Belt (リベットベルト)
     cost: 600
     raises offense +4
Western Belt (ウエスタンベルト)
     cost: 980
     raises offense +6
Stone Belt (ストーンベルト)
     cost: 1380
     raises offense +8
Chinese Cloth (漢布)
     cost: 1990
     raises offense +8, Special offense +3, men only
Maiden's Waistband (乙女の・巻)
     cost: 2080
     raises offense +3, Special offense +8, women only
Shell Bracelet (貝殻の腕輪)
     cost: 2770
     immunity to poison
Ash Bracelet (香木の腕輪)
     cost: 3000
     immunity to paralysis
White Feather Bracelet (白羽の腕輪)
     cost: 3050
     immunity to panic
Small Bell Bracelet (小鈴の腕輪)
     cost: 3120
     immunity to "seal"
Silver Ash Bracelet (銀灰の腕輪)
     cost: 3180
     immunity to mind break
Water Mirror Bracelet (水鏡の腕輪)
     cost: 3240
     immunity to stone
Vine Grass Bracelet (・草の腕輪)
     cost: 2810
     immunity to spiritless
12 Constellation Bracelet (十二星座の腕輪)
     cost: 10300
     immunity to paralysis and stone
Chinese Zodiac Bracelet (干支の腕輪)
     cost: 11500
     immunity to poison, mind break, seal and spiritless
Pocketwatch (懐中時計)
     cost: 5200
     immunity to all ring status
Willpower (ウィルパワー)
     cost: 6000
     halts SP decline
Leonardo's Bear (レオナルドベア)
     cost: 3330
     immunity to instant death
Replacement Man (身代わりクン)
     cost: 5200
     when a character is killed in battle, they rise the next turn
Spike (スパイク)
     cost: 2910
     constant defense state even when attacking
Coral Lariet (珊瑚のラリエット)
     cost: 500
     ring speed down to 75%
Coral Pendant (珊瑚のペンダント)
     cost: 5500
     ring speed down to 50%

+ rare accessories +
all costs N/A

Meteor Mask (流星の仮面)
     Physical Defense +10, Special Defense +6
Panorama Lens (パノラマレンス)
     allows Johnny to take a picture of all enemies onscreen at once
Seventh Mask (七つ目の仮面)
     Physical Defense +6, Special Defense +10
Small Devi's Straw (小悪魔のストロー)
     accessory to make convert Hilda's calories
Strongest Band (最強の帯)
     Physical Offense +10, Special Offense +6
Thor's Band (トールの帯)
     Physical Offense +9, Special Offense +10
Rosario (ロザリオ)
     Immunity to all status, Special Defense +5
Star Brooch (スターブローチ)
     Escape easier, Special Defense +1
Blood Jewel (ブラッドジュエル)
     SP recovery item, Special Defense +1
Large Liquor Bottle (大徳利)
     Accessory for Mao, consumption of SP is half, but all stats 
     down by 10
Small Liquor Bottle (小徳利)
     Accessory for Mao, consumption of SP is double, but all stats
     up by 10
Mind's Eye (心眼)
     Physical Attack power up, but ring becomes invisible, Physical
     Offense and Defense +5
Demon Mind's Eye (魔心眼)
     Special Attack power up, but ring becomes invisible, Special
     Offense and Defense +5
Mastering (極め)
     3 times physical attack possible, but ring becomes invisible,
     Physical Offense and Defense +8
Brigand's Earring (山賊のピアス)
     money aquisition up 20%, item aquisition down 20%
Pirate's Earring (海賊のピアス)
     item aquisition up 20%, money aquisition down 20%
Thief King's Earring (盗賊王のピアス)
     item and money aquisition up 20%
Acolyte's Earring (修行僧の耳輪)
     Experience up 20%, maximum SP down 20%
Hermit's Earring (山伏の耳輪)
     Soul Energy aquisition up 20%
Demon's Earring (鬼神の耳輪)
     Physical offense up 20%, Physical damage recieved up 20%
Magic Teacher's Earring (魔術師のピアス)
     Special offense up 20%, Special damage recieve up 20%
Lumberjack's Earring (修羅の耳輪)
     Maximum HP 20% up, Phsyical Defense +2
Ying Yang Teacher's Earring (陰陽師の耳輪)
     Maximum MP 20% up, Special Defense +2
Angel's Earring (堕天使のピアス)
     Maximum SP 20% up, Physical Offense +2
Priest's Earring (司祭のピアス)
     MP consumption down 20%, Special Offense +2
Necklace of Fleeing (退魔の首飾り)
     lowers encounter rate by half, Special Defense +1
Golden Necklace (黄金の首飾り)
     doubles the encounter rate, Physical Defense +1
Warning Device (警報機)
     prevents surround-attacks

c. Key Items

Anger-filled eye (憤怒に猛る瞳)
     Ruby found in the dollhouse
Black Card (ブラックカード)
     Special VIP discount card
Card Key No. 1 (カードキーNo1)
     Roswell Key Card #1
Card Key No. 2 (カードキーNo2)
     Roswell Key Card #2
Card Key No. 3 (カードキーNo3)
     Roswell Key Card #3
Death-colored Eye (死色に浸る瞳)
     Black Pearl found in the dollhouse
Deck Brush (デッキブラシ)
     Good for cleaning, perhaps useful as a handle...
Demon's Black Magic Book (異端の魔道書)
     Book in the possession of Marlow Brown
Dispairing Eye (絶望に沈む瞳)
     Lapis Lazuli found in the dollhouse
Field Rabbit (野ウサギ)
     UMA lure
Fly Paper (ハエ取り紙)
     UMA lure
Gada Pottery (ガダ・ポッタリー)
     pottery used to store Natan's UMAs
Golden Mask (黄金の仮面)
     Indicator for the Machu Pichu ruins puzzle
Goldstone (金鉱石)
     UMA lure
Grapefruit (グレープフルーツ)
     UMA lure
Honey (ハチミツ)
     UMA lure
Information File (調査資料ファイル)
     file containing information on the Ultimate UMA
Insulated Sheet (絶縁シート)
     a sheet that insulates against electric current
Key to Room 422 (422号室の鍵)
     Las Vegas Hotel Key, room 422
Key to Room 4?? (4??号室の鍵)
     Las Vegas Hotel Key, some room on the 4rth floor...
Key to Room 807 (807号室の鍵)
     Las Vegas Hotel Key, room 807
Key to Room 818 (818号室の鍵)
     Las Vegas Hotel Key, room 818
Key to Room 903 (903号室の鍵)
     Las Vegas Hotel Key, room 903
Key to Room 1004 (1004号室の鍵)
     Las Vegas Hotel Key, room 1004
Lantern (カンテラ)
     a lantern to see in the darkness
Maiden's Black Hair (乙女の黒髪)
     UMA lure
Morpho Butterfy Dust (モルフォ蝶の鱗粉)
     UMA lure
Ninja Wrapping-Cloth (忍者ふろしき)
     Ninja's stealth tool
N.Y. Heaven (N.Y.ヘブン)
     Porno mag
Photograph of Marlow (マーロウの写真)
     a photograph of suspect, Marlow Brown
Point Card (ポイントカード)
     redeemable for special discounts at "No One But Guys"
Prison Breech Spoon (脱獄スプーン)
     a spoon, great for digging
Question Mark Mask (はてな?の仮面)
     Mask of Glory
Red Oak Ladder (赤樫の梯子)
     sturdy ladder for climbing
Ridicule-Filled Eye (嘲笑を宿す瞳)
     Topaz found in the dollhouse
Sea-Colored Ring (海色の指輪)
     one of a pair of rings, reminiscent of the Ocean
Secret Book (秘伝乃書)
     a book passed from ninjas generation to generation
Secret Message (密書)
     Information about dangerous material
Skull of a Criminal (罪人のドクロ)
     skull, used as a key in Chitchen Itza
Skull of a King (王族のドクロ)
     skull, used as a key in Chitchen Itza
Skull of a Soldier (戦士のドクロ)
     skull, used as a key in Chitchen Itza
Sky-Colored Ring (空色の指輪)
     one of a pair of rings, reminiscent of the Sky
Water of Virtue (美徳の聖水)
     item used to survive Purgatory
Weekly Arts Issue 1 (週刊アーツ創刊号)
     Magical Arts magazine
Weekly Arts Issue 2 (週刊アーツ第2号)
     Magical Arts magazine
Weekly Arts Issue 3 (週刊アーツ第3号)
     Magical Arts magazine
Weekly Arts Issue 4 (週刊アーツ第4号)
     Magical Arts magazine
Weekly Arts Issue 5 (週刊アーツ第5号)
     Magical Arts magazine
Weekly Arts Issue 6 (週刊アーツ第6号)
     Magical Arts magazine

d. Ring Customization Items

Blood Loss Lv. 1 (失血Lv1)
Blood Loss Lv. 2 (失血Lv2)
Blood Loss Lv. 3 (失血Lv3)
Evasion Down Lv. 1 (回避率減Lv1)
Evasion Down Lv. 2 (回避率減Lv2)
Evasion Down Lv. 3 (回避率減Lv3)
Instant Death Lv. 1 (即死Lv1)
Instant Death Lv. 2 (即死Lv2)
Instant Death Lv. 3 (即死Lv3)
spiritlessness Lv. 1 (無気力Lv1)
spiritlessness Lv. 2 (無気力Lv2)
spiritlessness Lv. 3 (無気力Lv3)
Paralysis Lv. 1 (麻痺Lv1)
Paralysis Lv. 2 (麻痺Lv2)
Paralysis Lv. 3 (麻痺Lv3)
Petrify Lv. 1 (石化Lv1)
Petrify Lv. 2 (石化Lv2)
Petrify Lv. 3 (石化Lv3)
Physical Attack Down Lv. 1 (物理攻撃減Lv1)
Physical Attack Down Lv. 2 (物理攻撃減Lv2)
Physical Attack Down Lv. 3 (物理攻撃減Lv3)
Physical Defense Down Lv. 1 (物理防御減Lv1)
Physical Defense Down Lv. 2 (物理防御減Lv2)
Physical Defense Down Lv. 3 (物理防御減Lv3)
Poison Lv.1 (毒Lv1)
Poison Lv. 2 (毒Lv2)
Poison Lv. 3 (毒Lv3)
Seal Lv. 1 (封印Lv1)
Seal Lv. 2 (封印Lv2)
Seal Lv. 3 (封印Lv3)
Slow Lv. 1 (スロウLv1)
Slow Lv. 2 (スロウLv2)
Slow Lv. 3 (スロウLv3)
Special Attack Down Lv. 1 (特殊攻撃減Lv1)
Special Attack Down Lv. 2 (特殊攻撃減Lv2)
Special Attack Down Lv. 3 (特殊攻撃減Lv3)
Special Defense Down Lv. 1 (特殊防御減Lv1)
Special Defense Down Lv. 2 (特殊防御減Lv2)
Special Defense Down Lv. 3 (特殊防御減Lv3)

to be continued...

VIII.  S T E L L A R   M A G I C

Stellar Magic replaces the crest system in Shadow Hearts II.  It's
a bit more complex, and a heck of a lot more expensive but allows
for the equip and use of a larger number and variety of spells on
each character.

a. -Stellar Charts-

Stellar Magic is dependant on a series of zodiac-themed charts which
can be equipped on your characters.  Each chart has a different
number and arrangement of nodes to hold stella.  Charts can be
upgraded by Baigen (for a price).  I would suggest you hold off on
upgrading anything until you find some of the better charts for
your characters stuck on extremely limited ones like Cancer or Aries.
Money's hard to come by in SHIII and higher-level spells aren't 
terribly common until you have access to better charts anyway.


   shape - all nodes have shape which determines the type of spell
           that can be held.
           circle nodes - support & healing magic
           triangle nodes - combat support & defensive magic
           square nodes - element-specific offensive magic

   color - square nodes have color which determines the element of
           spell that can be held.

           green - earth
           blue - water
           red - fire
           orange - wind
           yellow - light
           gray - dark
           no-color - any/null

   level - nodes also have levels between 1 and 4 which determine
           the maximum level of spell that can be held.

   nodes can also be manipulated by Baigen to give MP discounts or
   power-ups to the spells they hold.

b. - Setting Stellar Magic -

From the main menu, select the "Stellar Chart" option and you'll be
given two options: "Stellar Custom" (1st) and "Equip Charts" (2nd)

   Equipping Charts - to equip a new chart to a character, use the
                      "Equip Chart" option.  The character's icon
                      and name will appear on the top of the screen
                      along with the name (and an image) of the
                      chart currently equipped.  Charts that aren't
                      equipped to other party members will appear in
                      white (charts in-use are yellow).  Click your
                      current chart to be moved to the scrolling
                      menu where you can preview all the charts
                      currently available.  When you find one you
                      like, just cick it to equip.

   Setting Stella - from the "Stellar Custom" menu you'll be able to
                    set stella on all of your charts (not just those
                    in-use).  Clicking a chart will bring you to 
                    the preview image map where you can now choose
                    individual nodes.  Clicking a node will bring up
                    a list of all stella you currently own that will
                    fit that node in its current state.  Choose a
                    stella from the list to equip it in the node.
                    Removing stella is similar, just click an
                    occupied node and choose a new spell to replace
                    the old one or the first option to empty the 
                    node altogether.

c. - Using Stellar Magic -

In Battle, stellar magic is triggered through the "Stellar Magic"
option on your combat menu.  Choosing "Stellar Magic" will bring up
a list of spells available along with their MP cost (spell affects,
elemental affinity and number of hits appear on the bar at the 
bottom of the screen).

In the field, stellar magic is, for the most part, unavailable.
However, healing magic can be used from the special "Healing" menu
and is available at all times. 

d. - Baigen's Pricelist -

Elemental Attribute Modification (one of 6 elements)
     cost: 500
Switch to Combat Assistance or Recovery
     cost: 500
Switch to Non-Elemental
     cost: 2000
Level 1-> 2
     cost: 500
Level 2-> 3
     cost: 1000
Level 3-> 4
     cost: 2000
Effect Up 10%
     cost: 1000
Effect Up 20%
     cost: 4000
MP Consumption down 25%
     cost: 500
MP Consumption down 50%
     cost: 2000

e. - Spell List -



-Arc Cure
Lv. 2
Restores a small amount of HP to entire party

-Arc Heal
Lv. 2
Clears all bad status and ring status from entire party

Lv. 1
Restores a small amount of HP to a single target

-Cure Plus
Lv. 3
Restores a large amount of HP to single target

Lv. 1
Clears all bad status and ring status from a single target

-Raise Up
Lv. 2
Revives one party member

Lv. 4
Revives one party member with full HP


-Air Edge
Lv. 1
Adds "Wind" element to attacks

-Air Resist
Lv. 3
Damage recieved from Wind halved, single target

-Aqua Edge
Lv. 1
Adds "Water" element to attacks

-Aqua Resist
Lv. 3
Damage recieved from Water halved, single target

-Arc Barrier
Lv. 2
Whole party's Special/Magical Defense up

-Arc Gale
Lv. 2
Whole party's speed up

-Arc Mirage
Lv. 2
Whole party's evade up

-Arc Rage
Lv. 2
Whole party's Phys. attack up

-Arc Shield
Lv. 2
Whole party's Phys. Defense up 

-Arc Surge
Lv. 2
Whole party's Special/Magical attack up

Lv. 1
Special/Magical def up, single target

-Dark Edge
Lv. 1
Adds "Dark" element to attacks

-Earth Edge
Lv. 1
Adds "Earth" element to attacks

-Earth Resist
Lv. 3
Damage recieved from Earth halved, single target

Lv. 2
In return for 1/2 total mp, ally's Magic attack up 125% for the next

Lv. 1
Speed up, single target

Lv. 4
Picks up all enemies onscreen and groups them together in a small

-Heat Edge
Lv. 1
Adds "Fire" element to attacks

-Heat Resist
Lv. 3
Damage recieved from Fire halved, single target

-Holy Edge
Lv. 1
Adds "Light" element to attacks

-Holy Resist
Lv. 3
Damage recieved from Light halved, single target

Lv. 1
Evade up, single target

Lv. 2
Phys. attack up, single target

Lv. 1
Phys. def up, single target

Lv. 1
Special/Magical attack up, single target


-Rock Bump
Lv. 1
Earth Damage, small area, mid-level, 5 hits

-Rock Bust
Lv. 2
Earth Damage, single target, ground-level, 9 hits

-Rock Javelin
Lv. 3
Earth Damage, small area, mid-level, 9 hits

-Rock Crest
Lv. 4
Earth Damage, medium area, ground-level, 13 hits


-Hail Dust
Lv. 1
Water Damage, small area, mid-level, 3 hits

-Hail Solid
Lv. 2
Water Damage, medium area, high-level, 3 hits

-Hail Exceed
Lv. 3
Water Damage, large area, ground-level, 6 hits

-Hail Crest
Lv. 4
Water Damage, large area, mid-level, 8 hits


-Red Nova
Lv. 1
Fire Damage, small area, mid-level, 1 hit

-Red Bounce
Lv. 2
Fire Damage, medium area, mid-level, 2 hits

-Red Gravity
Lv. 3
Fire Damage, medium area, mid-level, 2 hits

-Red Crest
Lv. 4
Fire Damage, large area, mid-level, 2 hits


-Pearl Load
Lv. 1
Wind Damage, single-target, mid-air, 7 hits

-Pearl Blast
Lv. 2
Wind Damage, medium area, mid-level, 8 hits

-Pearl Borutics
Lv. 3
Wind Damage, small area, mid-air, 11 hits

-Pearl Crest
Lv. 4
Wind Damage, small area, mid-air, 15 hits


-Clear Race
Lv. 1
Light Damage, medium area, mid-level, 2 hits

-Clear Oracle
Lv. 2
Light Damage, medium area, mid-level, 3 hits

-Clear Decide
Lv. 3
Light Damage, medium area, mid-level, 3 hits

-Clear Crest
Lv. 4
Light Damage, large area, mid-air, 5 hits


-Evil Eye
Lv. 1
Dark Damage, small area, mid-level, 1 hit

-Evil Shade
Lv. 2
Dark Damage, medium area, mid-level, 1 hit

-Evil Serpent
Dark Damage, medium area, mid-level, 3 hits

-Evil Crest
Lv. 4
Dark Damage, large area, ground-level, 5 hits


To use combo magic, you must initiate a 4-person combo, using only 
magic. The last character in the combo must have two stock.  After
completing 3 spells successfully with your other characters, the
last character in your combo will have a new choice on their battle
menu.  Choose the new tag for combo magic.

The spells available for comboing depend on the characters in your
party.  As long as the character associated with a certain spell is
in the party, the choice will be available on the menu, reguardless
of the party member initiating the spell.

Just be careful, the rings on combo magic have painful amounts of
prereqs to hit and since you only rarely have a chance to use them,
chances are you'll never be familiar with the rings.  It's a good
idea to have the final spellcaster equipped with a "Coral Pendant" or
"Coral Lariet".

ストロングアート - Strong Art (Earth, Ground-level, Large area, 2 hits, 64MP)

リミットショック - Limit Shock (Water, Mid-level, Large area, 2 hits, 64MP)

フレイムマイン - Flame Mine (Fire, Mid-level, Large area, 2 hits, 64MP)

エアーショット - Air Shot (Wind, Mid-Air, Large area, 1 hit, 64MP)

ホーリーパルス - Holy Pulse (Light, High-level, Large area, 1 hit, 64MP)

ミティアバースト - Meteor Burst (Dark, Low-level, Large area, 1 hit, 64MP)

テンペスト - Tempest (NE, Mid-level, Large area, 1 hit, 64MP)

IX.  B E S T I A R Y

+ Monsters (in order of appearance) +

= New York / Chelsey =

  ROGUE (グロツキ)                                       
  Element: Wind
  HP: 18        	
  MP: 0
  Weight: Normal
  Exp: 6
  Cash: 33
  Soul: 0
  Cal: -1
  Nyancoins: Mackerel (blue) x 1
  Vulnerable to: Poison, Paralyze, Seal, Petrify, Instant Death, Slow,
                 Spiritless, Evade Down, Physical Attack Down, Physical
                 Defense Down, Special Attack Down, Special Defense Down
  Special Skills: None
  Drops: Medileaf, Pure Leaf
  Snap #: 001

THUG (チンピラ)
  Element: Fire
  HP: 22
  MP: 0
  Weight: Normal
  Exp: 6
  Cash: 40
  Soul: 0
  Cal: +1
  Nyancoins: Mackerel (blue) x 1
  Vulnerable to: Poison, Paralyze, Seal, Petrify, Instant Death, Slow,
                 Bloodloss, Evade Down, Physical Attack Down, Physical
                 Defense Down, Special Attack Down, Special Defense Down
  Special Skills: None
  Drops: Medileaf, Mana Leaf
  Snap #: 002

BOSS ~ DEEP ONE (ディープワン)
  Element: Water
  HP: 160
  MP: 82
  Weight: Normal
  Exp: 50
  Cash: 1,000
  Soul: 0
  Cal: +3
  Nyancoins: ?
  Vulnerable to: Poison, Spiritless, Evade Down, Special Defense Down
  Special Skills: Hail Dust
  Drops: N/A
  Snap #: 003
  NOTES: "Deep One" is named after a race of monsters in H.P. Lovecraft's 
         Cthulhu Mythos 

= Arkham University Underground =

SERGEI (セルゲイ)
  Element: Light
  HP: 29
  MP: 20
  Weight: Normal
  Exp: 6
  Cash: 46
  Soul: 0
  Cal: -1
  Nyancoins: Mackerel (blue) x 1
  Vulnerable to: Poison, Petrify, Slow, Bloodloss, Spiritless, Evade Down,
                 Physical Attack Down, Physical Defense Down, Special 
                 Attack Down,  Special Defense Down
  Special Skills: Clear Rays
  Drops: Medileaf, Good Luck Charm
  Snap #: 004

Gaku (ガク)
  Element: Earth
  HP: 50
  MP: 26
  Weight: Normal
  Exp: 7
  Cash: 53
  Soul: 0
  Cal: +1
  Nyancoins: Mackerel (blue) x 1
  Vulnerable to: Poison, Paralyze, Seal, Instant Death, Slow, Bloodloss,
                 Evade Down, Physical Attack Down, Physical Defense Down,
                 Special Attack Down, Special Defense Down
  Special Skills: Evade Down, Rock Bump
  Drops: Mana Leaf, Pure Leaf
  Snap #: 005

Boss ~ Igorunaak (イゴルナーク)
  Element: Dark
  HP: 500
  MP: 125
  Weight: Normal
  Exp: 80
  Cash: 1,500
  Soul: 30
  Cal: -3
  Nyancoins: ??
  Vulnerable to: Poison, Spiritless, Evade Down, Physical Defense Down,
                 Special Defense Down
  Special Skills: Poison, Special Defense Down, Evil Eye
  Drops: Seal of Spirit
  Snap #: 005

= Grand Canyon =

TONAK (トナック)
  Element: Water
  HP: 34
  MP: 33
  Weight: Light
  Exp: 10
  Cash: 52
  Soul: 1
  Cal: +1
  Nyancoins: Mackerel (blue) x 1
  Vulnerable to: Poison, Petrify, Bloodloss, Spiritless, Evade Down, 
                 Physical Attack Down, Special Attack Down, Special 
                 Defense Down
  Special Skills: Petit Ring, Hail Dust
  Drops: Medileaf, Spirit Animal's Tail
  Snap #: 007

MAII (マイイ)
  Element: Earth
  HP: 66
  MP: 66
  Weight: Normal
  Exp: 14
  Cash: 67
  Soul: 1
  Cal: -1
  Nyancoins: Mackerel (blue) x 1
  Vulnerable to: Poison, Paralyze, Seal, Instant Death, Slow, Bloodloss,
                 Evade Down, Physical Attack Down, Physical
                 Defense Down, Special Attack Down, Special Defense Down
  Special Skills: None
  Drops: Medileaf, Mana Leaf
  Snap #: 008

ARGENTABIS (アルゲンタビス)
  Element: Wind
  HP: 112
  MP: 41
  Weight: Heavy
  Exp: 20
  Cash: 105
  Soul: 1
  Cal: +1
  Nyancoins: Mackerel (blue) x 1
  Vulnerable to: Poison, Spiritless, Physical Defense Down, Special 
                 Defense Down
  Special Skills: Spirit Collapse
  Drops: Spirit's Blessing, Ash Bracelet
  Snap #: 009

  Element: Null
  HP: 210
  MP: 102
  Weight: Normal
  Exp: 400
  Cash: 2,100
  Soul: 30
  Cal: +3
  Nyancoins: ?
  Vulnerable to: Seal, Spiritless, Evade Down, Special Attack Down, Special 
	         Defense Down
  Special Skills: Rock Bump, Evil Eye, Red Nova
  Drops: Strike Area Expand, Wolf Fetish
  Snap #: 010
  NOTES: "Tatanka" is Lakota for "Bison"

= Chicago =

MINI-MAFIA (ペティマフィア)
  Element: Wind
  HP: 115
  MP: 0
  Weight: Normal
  Exp: 75
  Cash: 97
  Soul: 2
  Cal: +1
  Nyancoins: Mackerel (blue) x 1
  Vulnerable to: Poison, Seal, Slow, Evade Down, Physical Defense Down, 
                 Special Defense Down
  Special Skills: Tight Ring
  Drops: Medi Seed, Mana Seed
  Snap #: 011

FAT MAFIA (フートマフィア)
  Element: Water
  HP: 125
  MP: 0
  Weight: Heavy
  Exp: 75
  Cash: 97
  Soul: 2
  Cal: +1
  Nyancoins: Mackerel (blue) X 1
  Vulnerable to: Poison, Spiritless, Physical Defense Down, Special 
                 Defense Down
  Special Skills: Fast Ring
  Drops: Medi Seed
  Snap #: 012

= Alcatraz =

PRISON GUARD (プリズンガード)
  Element: Earth
  HP: 37
  MP: 0
  Weight: Heavy
  Exp: 13
  Cash: 56
  Soul: 1
  Cal: -1
  Nyancoins: Mackerel (blue) x 1
  Vulnerable to: Poison, Seal, Petrify, Instant Death, Slow, Spiritless,
                 Physical Defense Down, Special Defense Down
  Special Skills: Special Attack Down
  Drops: Good Luck Charm
  Snap #: 013

CHONCHON (チョンチョン)
  Element: Light
  HP: 37
  MP: 28
  Weight: Light
  Exp: 13
  Cash: 57
  Soul: 1
  Cal: +1
  Nyancoins: Mackerel (blue) x 1
  Vulnerable to: Poison, Paralyze, Seal, Instant Death, Slow, Bloodloss,
                 Evade Down, Physical Attack Down, Physical
                 Defense Down, Special Attack Down
  Special Skills: Clear Rays, Shield
  Drops: Mana Leaf, Pure Leaf
  Snap #: 014
  NOTE: According to Mapuche mythology, "Chonchon" is a mythical flying beast
        shaped like the head of a man with feathers, talons and over-sized ears
        for wings

WANP (ワンプ)
  Element: Fire
  HP: 80
  MP: 32
  Weight: Normal
  Exp: 29
  Cash: 92
  Soul: 1
  Cal: -1
  Nyancoins: Mackerel (blue) x 1
  Vulnerable to: Poison, Spiritless, Physical Defense Down, Special 
                 Defense Down
  Special Skills: Random Ring, Red Nova
  Drops: Medileaf, Spirit Animal's Tail
  Snap #: 015

PYAAKI (ピャーキー)
  Element: Dark
  HP: 80
  MP: 71
  Weight: Normal
  Exp: 30
  Cash: 88
  Soul: 1
  Cal: +1
  Nyancoins: Mackerel (blue) x 1
  Vulnerable to: Seal, Instant Death, Slow, Bloodloss, Evade Down, 
                 Physical Attack Down, Special Defense Down
  Special Skills: Paralyze, Evil Eye
  Drops: Spirit's Blessing
  Snap #: 016

  Element: Fire
  HP: 700
  MP: 256
  Weight: Normal
  Exp: 600
  Cash: 2,800
  Soul: 45
  Cal: -10
  Nyancoins: ?
  Vulnerable to: Evade Down, Special Attack Down
  Special Skills: Flame Main, Red Nova
  Drops: Phys. Attack Down Lv1, Strike Area Expand

= Roswell =

SIRIUS (シリウス)
  Element: Fire
  HP: 45
  MP: 0
  Weight: Heavy
  Exp: 35
  Cash: 60
  Soul: 1
  Cal: -1
  Nyancoins: Mackerel (blue) x 1
  Vulnerable to: Petrify, Slow, Bloodloss, Physical Defense Down, Special
                 Attack Down, Special Defense Down
  Special Skills: Blind Ring, Physical Attack Down
  Drops: Spirit Animal's Tail, Medileaf
  Snap #: 018
  NOTES: the brightest star in the night sky and part of Canis Major, also
         named "The Dog Star"

  Element: Earth
  HP: 105
  MP: 0
  Weight: Normal
  Exp: 70
  Cash: 92
  Soul: 1
  Cal: +1
  Nyancoins: Mackerel (blue) x 1
  Vulnerable to: Petrify, Slow, Bloodloss, Spiritless, Evade Down, Physical
                 Attack Down, Special Attack Down, Special Defense Down
  Special Skills: Up-Ring, Physical Defense Down
  Drops: Mana Leaf
  Snap #: 019
  NOTES: The brightest star in the constellation Orion

ACTEON (アクタイオン)
  Element: Water
  HP: 95
  MP: 55
  Weight: Normal
  Exp: 72
  Cash: 88
  Soul: 1
  Cal: +1
  Nyancoins: Mackerel (blue) x 1
  Vulnerable to: Poison, Paralyze, Seal, Instant Death, Slow, Evade Down,
                 Physical Attack Down, Physical Defense Down, Special Attack
                 Down, Special Defense Down
  Special Skills: Rage, Hail Dust
  Drops: Tent, Pure Leaf
  Snap #: 020
  NOTES: Hunter from greek mythology who was transformed into a white stag by
         the Goddess Artemis and then killed and consumed by his fifty hunting

PROKION (プロキオン)
  Element: Wind
  HP: 1,110
  MP: 300
  Weight: Heavy
  Exp: 1,500
  Cash: 3,500
  Soul: 60
  Cal: +10
  Nyancoins: N/A
  Vulnerable to: Slow, Special Defense Down
  Special Skills: Tight Ring, Reverse Ring, Big Bang (Paralyze)
  Drops: Seal of Soul, Blood Jewel
  Snap #: 021

= Carribean Sea =

PAPROPIA (パプロピア)
  Element: Water
  HP: 55
  MP: 39
  Weight: Normal
  Exp: 56
  Cash: 79
  Soul: 1
  Cal: +2
  Nyancoins: Octopus (red) x 1
  Vulnerable to: Poison, Paralyze, Seal, Slow, Bloodloss, Evade Down,
                 Physical Attack Down, Physical Defense Down, Special 
                 Attack Down
  Special Skills: Surge, Hail Dust
  Drops: Medi seed
  Snap #: 022

HAINTZ (ハインツ)
  Element: Wind
  HP: 109
  MP: 58
  Weight: Light
  Exp: 115
  Cash: 153
  Soul: 1
  Cal: -2
  Nyancoins: Mackerel (blue) x 1
  Vulnerable to: Seal, Petrify, Slow, Bloodloss, Evade Down, Physical
             Attack Down, Special Attack Down, Special Defense Down
  Special Skills: Petrify, Pearl Load
  Drops: Medi seed
  Snap #: 023

  Element: Light
  HP: 245
  MP: 90
  Weight: Heavy
  Exp: 173
  Cash: 266
  Soul: 2
  Cal: +3
  Nyancoins: Ocotopus (red) x 1
  Vulnerable to: Paralyze, Instant Death, Spiritless, Physical Defense
                 Down, Special Defense Down
  Special Skills: Surge, Hail Dust
  Drops: Medi seed
  Snap #: 024

  Element: N/A
  HP: 300
  MP: 168
  Weight: Normal
  Exp: 2,000
  Cash: 4,200
  Soul: 75
  Cal: +10
  Nyancoins: ??
  Vulnerable to: Poison, Spiritless, Evade Down, Special Attack Down,
                 Special Defense Down
  Special Skills: Fake Ring, Clear Oracle, Barrier
  Drops: Strike Area Expand, Orca Fetish

= Las Vegas =

  Element: Dark
  HP: 70
  MP: 0
  Weight: Normal
  Exp: 75
  Cash: 86
  Soul: 1
  Cal: -2
  Nyancoins: Mackerel (blue) x 1
  Vulnerable to: Poison, Petrify, Slow, Bloodloss, Spiritless, Evade Down,
                 Physical Attack Down, Physical Defense Down, Special Attack
                 Down, Special Defense Down
  Special Skills: Petit Ring
  Drops: Spirit Animal's Tail
  Snap #: 026

FAT GANGSTER (フートギャング)
  Element: Fire
  HP: 81
  MP: 0
  Weight: Heavy
  Exp: 77
  Cash: 86
  Soul: 1
  Cal: +2
  Nyancoins: Mackerel (blue) x 1
  Vulnerable to: Poison, Paralyze, Seal, Instant Death, Slow, Bloodloss,
                 Evade Down, Physical Attack Down, Physical Defense Down,
                 Special Attack Down, Special Defense Down
  Special Skills: Fake Ring
  Drops: Spirit Animal's Tail
  Snap #: 027

BUTCHER (ブッチャー)
  Element: Dark
  HP: 155
  MP: 33
  Weight: Heavy
  Exp: 147
  Cash: 145
  Soul: 1
  Cal: +3
  Nyancoins: Octopus (red) x 1
  Vulnerable to: Poison, Seal, Petrify, Slow, Bloodloss, Evade Down,
                 Physical Attack Down, Physical Defense Down, Special 
                 Defense Down
  Special Skills: Rage
  Drops: Medi seed
  Snap #: 028

GHOUL (グール)
  Element: Earth
  HP: 139
  MP: 56
  Weight: Normal
  Exp: 144
  Cash: 157
  Soul: 1
  Cal: -2
  Nyancoins: Ocotopus (red) x 1
  Vulnerable to: Petrify, Instant Death, Spiritless, Physical Defense Down,
                 Special Defense Down
  Special Skills: Gale, Rock Bust
  Drops: Mana seed
  Snap #: 029

OTOUM (オトゥム)
  Element: Wind
  HP: 155
  MP: 81
  Weight: Normal
  Exp: 141
  Cash: 165
  Soul: 1
  Cal: -2
  Nyancoins: Mackerel (blue) x 1
  Vulnerable to: Poison, Petrify, Slow, Bloodloss, Spiritless, Evade Down,
                 Physical Attack Down, Physical Defense Down, Special Attack
                 Down, Special Defense Down
  Special Skills: Panic, Pearl Blast
  Drops: Pure seed
  Snap #: 030

BOSS: Malice Edna (マリスエドナ)
  Element: Water
  HP: 1,670
  MP: 404
  Weight: Normal
  Exp: 4,000
  Cash: 4,900
  Soul: 90
  Cal: -10
  Nyancoins: ??
  Vulnerable to: Slow, Special Attack Down
  Special Skills: Spirit Break, Surge, Black Hole, Limit Shock
  Drops: Magician's Earring, Bison Fetish
  Snap #: 030

= Chitchen Itza =

ELIOPS (エリオプス)
  Element: Water
  HP: 86
  MP: 39
  Weight: Light
  Exp: 110
  Cash: 96
  Soul: 1
  Cal: -2
  Nyancoins: Octopus (red) x 1
  Vulnerable to: Seal, Petrify, Instant Death, Slow, Bloodloss, Spiritless,
                 Physical Defense Down, Special Attack Down, Special Defense
  Special Skills: Fast Ring, Reverse Ring
  Drops: Spirit Animal's Tail
  Snap #: 032

  Element: Light
  HP: 164
  MP: 77
  Weight: Normal
  Exp: 212
  Cash: 204
  Soul: 1
  Cal: +2
  Nyancoins: Octopus (red) x 2
  Vulnerable to: Instant Death, Slow, Bloodloss, Evade Down, Physical Attack 
                 Down, Special Attack Down
  Special Skills: Arc Shield, Clear Oracle
  Drops: Tent
  Snap #: 033

GUANA (グアンナ)
  Element: Fire
  HP: 345
  MP: 96
  Weight: Heavy
  Exp: 333
  Cash: 303
  Soul: 2
  Cal: +4
  Nyancoins: Mackerel (blue) x 3
  Vulnerable to: Poison, Spiritless, Physical Defense Down, Special Defense
  Special Skills: Spiritless, Red Bounce
  Drops: Spirit's Blessing, Vine Grass Bracelet
  Snap #: 034

BOSS: JUP NIGRAS (ジュプ・ニグラス)
  Element: Light
  HP: 2,020
  MP: 382
  Weight: Heavy
  Exp: 6,500
  Cash: 5,600
  Soul: 105
  Cal: +10
  Nyancoins: ??
  Vulnerable to: Poison
  Special Attacks: Seal, Barrier, Clear Oracle, Wipeout
  Drops: N/A

= Machu Pichu =

DICTIO (ディクティオ)
  Element: Fire
  HP: 96
  MP: 48
  Exp: 185
  Cash: 106
  Soul: 1
  Cal: -2
  Nyancoins: blue x 1
  Snap #: 036

SHIDAZUN (シダズ−ン)
  Element: Wind
  HP: 93
  MP: 65
  Exp: 190
  Cash: 101
  Soul: 1
  Cal: +2
  Nyancoins: red x 1
  Snap #: 037

SHANTAK (シャンタク)
  Element: Dark
  HP: 180
  MP: 74
  Exp: 386
  Cash: 220
  Soul: 1
  Cal: +3
  Nyancoins: red x 2
  Snap #: 038

WARICHE (ワリチェ)
  Element: Earth
  HP: 378
  MP: 125
  Exp: 574
  Soul: 2
  Cal: -4
  Nyancoins: bronze x 2
  Snap #: 039

= Bilukabamba =

WORM WAM WORM (ワームワムワーム)
  Element: Dark
  HP: 95
  MP: 52
  Exp: 292
  Cash: 112
  Soul: 1
  Cal: -2
  Nyancoins: bronze x 1
  Snap #: 041

  Element: Wind
  HP: 191
  MP: 133
  Exp: 580
  Cash: 225
  Soul: 1
  Cal: -3
  Nyancoins: red x 2
  Snap #: 042

TENDALOS (テンダロス)
  Element: Water 
  HP: 186
  MP: 62
  Exp: 573
  Cash: 235
  Soul: 2
  Cal: +3
  Nyancoins: blue x 2
  Snap #: 043

WOWORIT (ウォウォリト)
  Element: Light
  HP: 202
  MP: 101
  Exp: 587
  Cash: 218
  Soul: 2
  Cal: +3
  Nyancoins: bronze x 1
  Snap #: 044

= Aito Caves =

  Element: Earth
  HP: 111
  MP: 88
  Exp: 368
  Cash: 129
  Soul: 1
  Cal: -2
  Nyancoins: silver x 1
  Snap #: 047

  Element: Light
  HP: 220
  MP: 154
  Exp: 735
  Cash: 256
  Soul: 2
  Cal: -3
  Nyancoins: bronze x 2
  Snap #: 048

  Element: Fire
  HP: 434
  MP: 55
  Exp: 1111
  Cash: 362
  Soul: 3
  Cal: +4
  Nyancoins: silver x 3
  Snap #: 049

= Uyuni Salt Lake =

  Element: Wind
  HP: 130
  MP: 94
  Exp: 575
  Cash: 130
  Soul: 1
  Cal: +2
  Nyancoins: silver x 2
  Snap #: 051

SRAGI (スラギ)
  Element: Light
  HP: 260
  MP: 0
  Exp: 1172
  Cash: 232
  Soul: 2
  Cal: +2
  Nyancoins: bronze x 1
  Snap #: 052

Rudirus (ルディルス)
  Element: Earth
  HP: 262
  MP: 165
  Exp: 1155
  Cash: 249
  Soul: 2
  Cal: -3
  Nyancoins: silver x 2
  Snap #: 053

IXION (イクチオン)
  Element: Water
  HP: 518
  MP: 128
  Exp: 1748
  Cash: 373
  Soul: 3
  Cal: +3
  Nyancoins: bronze x 1
  Snap #: 054

= The Garland Mansion =

BLUEPU (ブルーブ)
  Element: Water
  HP: 132
  MP: 62
  Exp: 665
  Cash: 141
  Soul: 1
  Cal: -2
  Nyancoins: bronze x 1
  Snap #: 055

REDPU (レドーブ)
  Element: Fire
  HP: 132
  MP: 62
  Exp: 675
  Cash: 125
  Soul: 1
  Cal: +2
  Nyancoins: silver x 2
  Snap #: 056

ARIOUSHU (アリオーシュ)
  Element: Dark
  HP: 280
  MP: 140
  Exp: 1352
  Cash: 256
  Soul: 2
  Cal: +3
  Nyancoins: gold x 2
  Snap #: 057

= Giana =

  Element: Dark
  HP: 155
  MP: 89
  Exp: 1090
  Cash: 145
  Soul: 1
  Cal: -2
  Nyancoins: ???
  Snap #: 091

SOLUDIS (ソルデス)
  Element: Fire
  HP: 312
  MP: 102
  Exp: 2220
  Cash: 300
  Soul: 2
  Cal: -3
  Nyancoins: ???
  Snap #: 092

ANANGA (アンアンガ)
  Element: Earth
  HP: 635
  MP: 132
  Exp: 3200
  Cash: 442
  Soul: 3
  Cal: +4
  Nyancoins: ??? 
  Snap #: 093

= The Dollhouse =

BAGUSU (バグス)
  Element: Dark
  HP: 155
  MP: 101
  Exp: 1090
  Cash: 145
  Soul: 1
  Cal: -2
  Nyancoins: ??? 
  Snap #: 095

GAREAU (ガレアウ)
  Element: Wind
  HP: 312
  MP: 169
  Exp: 2220
  Cash: 300
  Soul: 2
  Cal: +3
  Nyancoins: ??? 
  Snap #: 096

  Element: Water
  HP: 309
  MP: 182
  Exp: 2270
  Cash: 442
  Soul: 2
  Cal: +4
  Nyancoins: ??? 
  Snap #: 097

= Galvoy Valley =

TSI ZAAI (ツィ。ザーイ)
  Element: Earth
  HP: 175
  MP: 120
  Exp: 1242
  Cash: 173
  Soul: 1
  Cal: +2
  Nyancoins: ??? 
  Snap #: 099

IGNIS (イグニス)
  Element: Fire
  HP: 348
  MP: 144
  Exp: 2478
  Cash: 332
  Soul: 2
  Cal: +3
  Nyancoins: ??? 
  Snap #: 100

SHUKYURUS (シュキュルス)
  Element: Light
  HP: 700
  MP: 198
  Exp: 3612
  Cash: 472
  Soul: 3
  Cal: -4
  Nyancoins: ??? 
  Snap #: 101

= The Gate =

ISBUS (イスブス)
  Element: Earth
  HP: 150
  MP: 92
  Exp: 986
  Cash: 132
  Soul: 1
  Cal: -4
  Nyancoins: ???

  Element: Water
  HP: 168
  MP: 116
  Exp: 1105
  Cash: 145
  Soul: 1
  Cal: +3
  Nyancoins: ???

FOBOS (フォボス)
  Element: Wind
  HP: 301
  MP: 133
  Exp: 1975
  Cash: 281
  Soul: 2
  Cal: -3
  Nyancoins: ???

BOKURUG (ボクルグ)
  Element: Fire
  HP: 335
  MP: 101
  Exp: 2200
  Cash: 300
  Soul: 2
  Cal: +4
  Nyancoins: ???

REN (レン)
  Element: Dark
  HP: 652
  MP: 143
  Exp: 3303
  Cash: 442
  Soul: 3
  Cal: +5
  Nyancoins: ???

  Element: Earth
  HP: 1920
  MP: 210
  Exp: 9999
  Cash: 2200
  Soul: 150
  Cal: -7
  Nyancoins: ???

  Element: Light
  HP: 1366
  MP: 199
  Exp: 6650
  Cash: 1100
  Soul: 10
  Cal: -5
  Nyancoins: ???

...to be continued

X.  A D D I T I O N A L   T R A N S L A T I O N S


Composer: Yoshitaka Hirota
Lyrics/Vocal: Takehara Tomoaki 
Violin: Akihisa Tsuboy
Guitar: Yoshiaki Watanuki
Bass: Yoshitaka Hirota
Drums: Katsuya Takahashi
Percussion: Genta Kudoh

(Takehara is the vocalist of the indie band "Taste of Chocolate"
 their website - http://tasteofchocolate.jp/)

Kazasu te ni yadosu aka no toushi
(The fighting red spirit hidden warmly in my hands)
Minagiru power ga ore no kakuchoushi
(A vibrant power that grows stronger)
Darekare kamawazu I was
(I was fighting anyone and everyone)
Tatakitsubushi jihi mo nasake mo hanawazu
(Fighting senselessly without compassion or pity)
Karuku coin nage
(Throwing coins away)
Kimerun da game
(Decided it's all a game)
Shousha mogi toru
(As long as I'm the winner)
Kyou no pain to gain
(Today's pain and gain)
High no risk de bai no bai
(High risk, time and time)
Cash tsumareta nara bye and bye
(the cash will pile up by and by)
'Dochi no mizu ga amai no ka'
('Which water is sweeter to drink?')
Sonna yatsura ga ouou ni kono tokoro de toutou
(guys like those sometimes find themselves wondering)
Ageta rouen wo shirame ni mushi
(don't bother looking for a bolt from the blue)
Tte nani yue nara ore wa tokoro iraja nushi
(Why do I need a greater power to lead me by the hand?)
Shizuka na hibi ga kaimu na no wa
(The reason for nothing but quiet days)
Daremo ga hibi samayou kara sa
(Is that everyone's just wandering through them)
Yutakana hibi ga kaimu na no wa
(The reason you can't find any more exciting days)
Daremo ga hibi uragiriru kara sa
(is that everyone is betraying them)

Itsumademo waraenakereba zutto sou sa
(If I can't always smile it will always be that way)
Tomaru shikanai kara spread my wings
(I can't stop now so I'll spread my wings)
Katakuna ni kogoeta kokoro wa kitto
(My stubbornly fixed* heart will surely)
Nozomanaize from head to toes
(Want it from head to toe)

Deau shunkan me au unmei ni tsumugidasareta kankaku no
(From the instance when our eyes met, I felt my destiny was changed)
Now taguri yosero rope korekoso hope tsuyoku hikitsuke au yo
(Now you've thrown a rope and also hope, drawing me in to meet you)
Kokoro tsunagu kizuna no akashi ka
(Is this a sign of our bound hearts?)
Ashita he tsuzuku shirube no ashi ka
(A road-marker for the path I'll take tomorrow?)
Nanimokamo ga yureruginaku togisumasarete hikari dasu
(Without wavering I'll do everything to sharpen and release the light)
Arata na battle fields kizandeku
(Carving out new battle fields)

Itsumademo negau dake nara zutto sou sa
(If only I wish for it, it will always be that way)
Nomikomu shikanai kara spread my wings
(Gulping it down, I'll spread my wings)
Ikio dake demo korogari tsuzukete get your free
(Plunging on with only my enthusiasm, get your free)
Omoi wo hakidashite sakabe through the fire
(Shouting out all of my thoughts through the fire)

Dive into the sky and shake your heart & soul
Climb the mountain higher and you'll take it tip top big win
So dive into the sky and shake your heart & soul
Climb the mountain higher.  Don't quit.  Go for it.

Itsumademo waraenakereba zutto sou sa
(If I can't always smile it will always be that way)
Tomaru shikanai kara spread my wings
(I can't stop now so I'll spread my wings)
Katakuna ni kogoeta kokoro wa kitto
(My stubbornly fixed* heart will surely)
Nozomanaize from head to toes
(Want it from head to toe)
Itsumademo negau dake nara zutto sou sa
(If only I wish for it, it will always be that way)
Nomikomu shikanai kara spread my wings
(Gulping it down, I'll spread my wings)
Ikio dake demo korogari tsuzukete get your free
(Plunging on with only my enthusiasm, get your free)
Omoi wo hakidashite sakabe through the fire
(Shouting out all of my thoughts through the fire)

Dareka no kotoba ni osoretenaide
(Without paying attention to what anyone else says)
Kono sekai no jiku wo yurashi ni ikou ya
(Let's go shake this world on its axis!)

Kurikaeshiteku toki no nagare no naka no
(Rushing into the time flowing around us)
Kakumo kewashiki winding road no ue de
(on this steep and winding road)
Ate no nai compass ni can you bet your life?
(Can you bet your life on a compass with no aim?)
"ikiru" tte imi wo sagashitsuke you
(searching for the meaning of the word "life")
Kyou tachihadakaru buatsui kabe no sono saki ni
(Beyond the massive wall that stands before us today)
Kagayaku mirai ga matteiru what a wonderful world!
(a glittering future is waiting, what a wonderful world!)
Itsumademo waraenakereba zutto sou sa
(If I can't always smile it will always be that way)
Tomaru shikanai kara spread my wings
(I can't stop now so I'll spread my wings)
Katakuna ni kogoeta kokoro wa kitto
(My stubbornly fixed* heart will surely)
Nozomanaize from head to toes
(Want it from head to toe)
Itsumademo negau dake nara zutto sou sa
(If only I wish for it, it will always be that way)
Nomikomu shikanai kara spread my wings
(Gulping it down, I'll spread my wings)
Ikio dake demo korogari tsuzukete get your free
(Plunging on with only my enthusiasm, get your free)
Omoi wo hakidashite sakabe through the fire
(Shouting out all of my thoughts through the fire)

*lit "frozen"


This set of four capsule reviews out of Weekly Famitsu's 8/5 issue 
(on sale 7/22) were the first published for Shadow Hearts From the 
New World.  Originally translated for the benefit of the Gamefaqs 
Shadow Hearts boards, they're included here for the heck of it...  
Please note that that I have NO IDEA how to properly 
pronounce/romanize the reviewer's names, so don't assume they're 
necesarily correct (I'm just guessing!)

Shadow Hearts From the New World

Playstation 2
ARUZE 7329yen
Fantasy/RPG for ages 12 and up

A new RPG in which, once again, the Judgement Ring takes center 
stage and will decide your success in battle. The main character, 
Johnny along with his 7 companions traverse America in 1929.

Oda Chobin's review

Comments: The beautiful scenery and your lovely companion Shania 
seem pulled straight out of a Hollywood movie. The character's 
dialogue, performance and the camera work are all in top-form. The 
judgement ring is smoother than ever and the combo system has become
more powerful. This time around your enemies are more fearsome but 
don't worry, the many battles are still quite enjoyable. I also 
really like the strong and quirky characters.

Kaeru Daimiya

Comments: What a surprise! This game's just too much fun! There's 
been a lot of playing around to create a blend of reality and 
fantasy that trickles down into the world to make up the end result.
Better jokes, a tweaked gameplay system and characters you really 
get a feel for and are enjoyable to play. There are also many more 
options for customization reflecting the growth of the series but 
for those worried about the judgement ring, don't sweat it. A 

Sentouin Maruko

Comments: Each character's personality is developed in this episode 
through events that come in thick batches.  With the war over the 
tempo has changed pace from the last two games and it's refreshing.
Serious in places and silly in others, I think people will prefer 
this installment over the others if only for the unique world and story
development.  The events are a bit over-long but thankfully they're 
all quite easy to understand.

Daicho Keigawa

Comments: pretty much exactly the same as the previous entry in the 
series, with weaving of subtle gags into a serious game-world. But  
at it's core it's a basic orthodox RPG.  The battle system continues 
to bring into play things like attributes and fluctuating forms 
while intoducing a high battle stock guage that's raised the bar.  
But I think the frequent movies stuck in all over the place are a 
bit too much for some less patient players to swallow."

XI.  R E L A T E D   M E R C H A N D I S E


   Johnny Garland T-Shirt (free-size)
     A red t-shirt with the "Liberty Ghost" design on the back and a
     small "G" logo on the front.  Equivalent to a US mens' large.

   Shania keychain
     Key ring modelled after Shania's earring.  Plastic, cheap, too
     big to actually use :(

   Valentine Siblings cellphone strap
     cellphone strap with interlocking metal charms of Keith, Hilda,
     and Joachim in their bat forms.  They can be unclipped from
     each other, reordered or removed.  The way the chain is made,
     there's potential for more bat-charms in the future(?)

   N.Y. Heaven Notebook
     B5 size notebook with a N.Y. Heaven mock design.  Has blank, 
     unruled pages.  Paper stock is rather cheap but does have a 
     "Shadow Hearts" logo imprinted on each page.

   Special DVD

     + DVD Contents +

        -Promotion Video
        -Cast Interviews
        -End Song music video "Spread My Wings"
        -Interview with the artist
        -CMs/Trailers for the game

   Special Sound CD

     + CD Tracklist +

      - Music Tracks -
        M01 [ICARO -acoustic arrangement-]
        M02 [Lady theme -piano arrangement-]
        M03 [Ladder to Heaven]
        M04 [Fatal Convulsion]
        M05 [Trap of a Flying Cushion]
        M06 [Whisper of a Tree]
        M07 [Hermitage Place]
        M08 [The Last Alternatives]
        M09 [nde/near death experience -prototype-]
      - Sound Clips -
        M10 [Uru]
        M11 [Karen]
        M12 [Blanca]
        M13 [Gepetto]
        M14 [Joachim]
        M15 [Golden Bat]
        M16 [Invisible Joachim]
        M17 [Grand Papillon]
        M18 [Lucia]
        M19 [Anastasia]
        M20 [Kurando]
        M21 [Nicol]
        M22 [Hien]
        M23 [Raiden]
        M24 [Ouka]
        M25 [Johnny]
        M26 [Shania]
        M27 [Natan]
        M28 [Ricardo]
        M29 [Frank]
        M30 [Mao]
        M31 [Pink Bat]
        M32 [Slim Hilda]
        M33 [Glamour Hilda]


  + ARUZE +

    All pre-orders came with a 44-page sketch booklet including line
    and character art from all 3 Shadow Hearts games.  Included are
    some unused dress designs for Cornelia in SHII, height
    comparisons, head shots, character sketches, etc.

  + Retail Giveaways +

    Some Japanese game stores gave away their own prorder bonuses.

       Sofmap - Johnny and Shania art phonecard
       Wonder Goo - Uru and Alice tote bag 
       VIC21 - SH:FtNW alarm clock featuring Hilda, Shania and 
       TSUTAYA - Special Disc including a monster design calendar
                 and SFX collection
       wanpaku - a shitajiki (pencilboard) with scenes from the 
                 opening sequence
       TV Panic - Premium Disc including the opening movie and sound


   + Soundtrack +

     Shadow Hearts From the New World Original Soundtrack
     Release Date: 8/24/2005
     Price: 3360 yen (tax in)
     2 discs
     Distributed by TEAM Entertainment
   + Master Guide +
     Shadow Hearts: From the New World The Master Guide
     Release Date: 9/13/2005
     Price: 1600 yen (tax in)
     288 pages
     Published by Media Works
     Notes: includes walkthrough of the game, all basic obtainable
            skills, items, accessories, and maps of all major areas.
            DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY SECRETS!!!  All optional dungeons,
            Shania's last fusion, and the good ending are all 
            curiously absent from the guide.  (Since it is published
            with cooperation of Aruze, this also implies that the
            bad ending is canon).
            /correction/ maskrider pointed out that the good ending
            is mentioned in the guide, but only as a small sidebar
            on a single page.
   + Famitsu Guide +
     Shadow Hearts: From the New World Guidebook
     Release Date: 10/29/2005
     Price: 1680 yen (tax in)
     ??? pages
     Published by Famitsu
   + Pins & Sketch Cards +

     "Ghost" and "Johnny Garland" version wearable pins were
     available exclusively through the fanclub and later at 
     Aruze's booth at Tokyo Game Show 2005
     Also available at Aruze's Game Show booth are Johnny and
     Shania version sketch cards
   + Phone Card +
     Aruze offered 1,000 exclusive phone cards (with the same
     artwork as the Japanese edition game cover) to 100 random
     entrants who returned Anquettes (surveys) about the game.
   + Johnny Garland Official Jacket +
     Official replica of Johnny's "Liberty Ghost" jacket.
     An exclusive item produced for Shadow Hearts related
     contests.  I have no idea how many were produced, but
     they're pretty rare and tend to find their way into 
     the hands of extremely talented artists who excel in 
     Aruze art contests or the extremely lucky who have picked
     them up in magazine drawings or other raffles.

XII. F R E Q U E N T L Y   A S K E D   Q U E S T I O N S

Being a collection of questions that frequently crop up on-board or 
in my mailbox...


No.  While playing the first two games in the series will certainly 
up your enjoyment level and understanding of some of the series 
cameos and in-jokes, you can play Shadow Hearts III without any 
knowledge at all of either of the first two games (Koudelka is also 
entirely optional).


Yes.  A new North American game company called "XSEED" released SH:ftNW as
one of their premiere titles.  The game has also been liscenced and
released by "Ghostlight" in Europe (though the EU version of the game is 
apparently full of bugs).


Before the official release of the game, the CERO12 rating and some
of the screencaptures (particularly of the pirates) led to an influx
of pre-game naysayers who labelled the game "Kiddy" or "Another
Kingdom Hearts".  The truth is: yes, the game has been toned down, but
not in the content included as much as how that content is presented.
There are still a handful of violent deaths, quite a bit of partial
nudity, some same-sex kisses, and perhaps even more gay jokes than
either of the first two games.  Never does the game play down to
children... so chill.


No.  And... no. ^_^


No official word in SHIII on which ending of SHII is the "true
ending", though the very few hints included in SHIII point at it being
the good one.


All of your stellar charts, all stella, all fetishes, all snaps left
over from the last game, all of the monster and NPC information in 
your library.


1st week number according the Magic-Box ~ 51,829; according to 
Weekly Famitsu  ~ 46,894.  Shadow Hearts: FTNW made #3 on both of 
those charts.  Long-term sales numbers are not available.


The good ending happens only if you attain Shania's last fusion,
Tiawara AND level all fetishes for that fusion to level 5 before
finishing the game.  If you don't have Tiawara or haven't found and
maxxed all of her fetishes, you'll get the bad ending.


The game must be played twice to unlock all the movies, once without
getting Shania's last fusion and once with.  B versions are the
versions without Tiawara (Shania will be covered in tattoos), A 
versions are with (Shania will have no tattoos). 


No.  There are no alternate costumes or panties in the game.


Shania is approximately at least 65% naked at all times... during her
transformation sequences she loses the shoes, the top and the shorts
while the bikini recedes to leave her about... oh... 85% naked.
Assuming you leave Shania's full transformation sequences on and fuse
her once per boss battle, complete all sidequests and view each of
her CG transformations once (including the opening), Shania's mean
nudity rounds out at about 69.6% ... 

And no.  I can't.  Ask maskrider ;)

12. WHY DO YOU CALL Lenny "Rene"?

Because that's how Aruze romanized his name on the website and in 
all the promo material.  The pronunciation is identical with either


The protaganist of Shadow Hearts 1 and 2 was originally named Urmnaf.  
"Uru" for short.  This name was changed by Midway for the overseas
releases of SH1 and 2.


The "Covenant" subtitle was also an addition/change by Midway.  In 
Japan, the game is called just "Shadow Hearts 2"

15. Was the XSEED/Ghostlight version butchered?

I have no idea.  I haven't played those versions and probably never will. 
I get the impression from XSEED's official website and others who have played 
the translated release that it seems to be fairly loyal to the original.
I certainly haven't heard anything to make me believe it should be 
boycotted, maligned or avoided altogether.

The only complaint I really have about the localization is that a bit of 
the humor has been lost in translation and that the English voice-acting,
while not earsplitting, doesn't quite capture the spark of the original.  

The Ghostlight (EU) version, however, is apparently buggy as hell.  I
would definately do some research before buying it.

16. Then why did you write a FAQ for the Japanese version?

Because I only own the Japanese version and at the time this FAQ was 
originally written, there was no announcement reguarding an official
English-language release.  Not to mention there are bilingual and 
international gamers live in Japan and only have access to the Japanese

Playing games in Japanese also happens to be an excellent way to study 
Japanese.  The same goes for FAQ-ing them! 

17.  Will there be any other Shadow Hearts games in the future?

It doesn't seem incredibly likely.  But I wouldn't cry in your cheerios
just yet.

It could happen.  Aruze still holds rights to the franchise and maintains 
an infrequently updated website for the series.  Though, judging from the 
lackluster financial returns of From the New World, I wouldn't expect 
one soon or with a huge budget.

With the popularity of Nintendo's underpowered but incredibly popular
systems and the low development costs required: there's a bit more hope 
on the horizon for underperforming franchises to get a second chance at 

In any case, a new Shadow Hearts game on DS or Wii seems far more likely 
than a new Shadow Hearts on PS3.

18.  What are all of the other games in the Shadow Hearts series and what
order should I play them in to get "the whole story"?

Koudelka (PS1)
Shadow Hearts (PS2)
Shadow Hearts 2 (PS2)
Shadow Hearts: From the New World (PS2)

There is also a tangentally related strategy rpg called "Chaos Wars" for
PS2 that features characters from Shadow Hearts 1 and 2.  Unfortunately 
it's a mind-numbingly awful game and is best avoided entirely.

19.  I don't get some of the jokes...  What's a "cherry boy"?  Why are
there ninjas in Brazil?  

A "cherry boy" is Japanese slang for a male virgin... it's usually used
as an insult.  Shania and Natan suggest the name for Johnny's final knife
as an obvious jab... but Roger changes the name before Johnny can say too
awfully much about it.  

There is a large Brazillian ex-pat community living in Japan and a large 
Japanese community in Brazil.  The cultures are an unlikely mismatch, but
for whatever reason, the cultures blend to interesting ends constantly.
Japanese and Brazilian nationals have one of the highest cross-cultural
marriage rates in the world.  The whole "ninjas in Brazil" is a poke at
the strange influence Japan has had on Brazil (and on the outside world
as a whole).  Frank is a textbook stereotype of a Western Japanophile. 



A great deal of information in this FAQ was obtained from the 
following Japanese websites and guides...


Additional thanks to ~
maskrider, http://z-o-g.org/ (for the lost cat solution and map aid
for the last UMA hunt which was too fabulously complex to figure
out on my own ^_^;)
idoethane for corrections in the Roswell and Snaps section
Hideo for costly, but delicious Yakiniku breaks
Whoever decided to put Ramune in a pet bottle: it's not quite Ramune 
without the marble... but it still has enough sugar in it to keep me
up at 1am FAQ-ing >_<;;

and to the following communities:

#shadowhearts on IRC espernet

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