Review by zombiesmusher01

Reviewed: 11/29/05

I was pretty impressed.

Story: The story is simple stuff really. Its based off the Spartan war with Rome, but dashed with a major amount of fiction and poor voice-acting. You play as Spartan who goes along with the Spartan army to defeat the Romans. I can't really explain the other elements of the plot without spoiling anything, but I can say that its a breath of fresh are against the constant horror, and thriller games coming out. The character development is pretty weak, and you don't really care for the characters on screen. Voice-acting is pretty bad, but a good effort for such a game as this. 6/10

Graphics: As you can see in my other reviews, a few years ago I knew nothing about graphics. I always thought Ps2 was the best, and stuff like that. However now I know what I'm saying. This game has stiff character models, weak animation, average lighting and basic reflections melded into large environments and halls. Pretty weak stuff, but compared to other games similar (Dynasty warriors, The Warriors, etc.) its pretty good. And for Ps2 its above average. Bloodshed is realistic, combat is very tensing and brutal. Every single unit on screen fights about as violently as you do, and archers are just like they should be, annoying as all heck. Like I said, the lighting is pretty average. There is a small flash from explosions, and fires have a haze of light around them. Speaking of haze, all the textures in the game are very grainy and fuzzy. Sometimes I like that in games, but in this it gets annoying. Watching a fire go while its surroundings are fuzzy and blurry doesn't really make the average person stare in awe of the visuals. However, still a good attempt remembering that there are at least 150+ units on screen in certain battles. 6/10

Sound: Very good effort here. The sounds are very well done. There is brutal, violent clashing of swords, roars of monsters, screams of soldiers and splashing of blood with arrows hissing down from the sky. Some battles on my stereo system even shake the floor if the speakers are high enough. Explosions sound pretty good and realistic, and arrows hissing through the air hasn't been better in a long time. However, the cons are that the voice-actors are horrible at times, the dialogue its B-grade at its worst, and its all chock full of one-liners. Besides for the voices, I really liked the sound in this game. 8/10

Game play: This game plays similar to the Dynasty warrior's series. You play as a hero, join in huge epic battles and hope you will win. However total warrior does it 5x better. No longer are you just some hero stuffed into a battle and all you do is slash enemies. You have objectives, bonuses to find, people to save, tactics to use, allies to save, etc. You actually feel more motivation to win then in other games of the type. Anyway, the fighting is very, very brutal and bloody. While fighting with a group of thirty men against a Legion of Romans I promise you, you will see blood fly in the air, you will see bodies fall, heads fly, limps fall, and more. Arrows will impale, and kill those around you. Shields will crack, and crumble. Its just super intense. At first you fight normal Romans, and then you start fighting different enemies like Barbarians, zombies, and monsters like trolls and stuff. Keep in mind this game is epic, so it uses the monsters are very realistic in combat. Its not just, "Oh my gosh a troll! This time, I gotta use my spear!" its more like, "Run like heck! Its charging at us while ripping apart men!"

You see what I mean? In this game you aren't some godly man screaming one-liners while killing all. If you encounter a troll and try to charge it, most of the time with no experience against them you will get your butt handed to you on a gold platter. And don't think, 'Oh I'll just let my troops kill the stupid thing.' because it will own their butts and rip them apart, then charge at you. You have to think up plans and what to do to stop these monsters.

Moving on now, I'll tell you that this is one hard game. In the beginning you will get killed by four or five arrows, and thats just on medium mode. Its un-relenting in your face combat like no other. You don't just run past guys while swinging your sword anymore while they fly in the air. You basically gotta fight one soldier at a time, moving slowly through their ranks in blood soaked combat. And its hard. HARD. Three or four spear shots will down you if you're unlucky. Its fun, but hard. Its brutal medieval combat at its best for now, and you will love it like I do. 8/10

Replay: There is an arena mode where you use extras you find in crates on the battlefields for troops, and supplies and try and fight wave after wave of rapidly increasing enemies. Thats pretty fun. But there is no co-op, or on line, or anything else which hurts this section big time. With co-op, this would be my game of the year. Well, I'm exaggerating. It would just be even more awesome. There is some art to unlock, but who wants art? 4/10

Final: I'd buy this if I were you. Its got around 16 missions which are super long, Arena mode, and its loads of fun. But if you want you could give it a rent, and see how you like it. Well, I hope you learned something from my review. Good night everyone.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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