1. Sophie Blakemore Additional Design
  2. Graeme Davis Additional Dialogue
  3. Laurence Bouvard Additional Voices
  4. Dave Brooks Additional Voices
  5. Rupert Degas Additional Voices
  6. John Gurassio Additional Voices
  7. Nick Haverson Additional Voices
  8. Sarah Mennell Additional Voices
  9. Mandy Weston Additional Voices
  10. Machiko Kawana Additional Voices (Japanese)
  11. Miyuki Kawasyo Additional Voices (Japanese)
  12. Daisuke Matsubara Additional Voices (Japanese)
  13. Kohei Matsumoto Additional Voices (Japanese)
  14. Hiroaki Matsushima Additional Voices (Japanese)
  15. Takeshi Mori Additional Voices (Japanese)
  16. Haruka Nakanishi Additional Voices (Japanese)
  17. Cota Nemoto Additional Voices (Japanese)
  18. Hiroshi Okamoto Additional Voices (Japanese)
  19. Umeka Shouji Additional Voices (Japanese)
  20. Masaru Suzuki Additional Voices (Japanese)
  21. Tsuyoshi Takahashi Additional Voices (Japanese)
  22. Andrew Bedford Animation
  23. Benjamin Potts Animation
  24. Alistair Hope Art Director
  25. Paul Abbott Artist
  26. Joss Adley Artist
  27. Ranulf Busby Artist
  28. John Carline Artist
  29. Tunde Glover Artist
  30. Andrew Oakley Artist
  31. Howard Rayner Artist
  32. Nick Smith Artist
  33. James Vincent Dialog Production & Additional Music
  34. Greg Alston Lead Animator
  35. Jude Bond Lead Artist
  36. Tim Klotz Motion Capture Actor
  37. Nedal Yousef Motion Capture Actor
  38. Annie Lees-Jones Motion Capture Actress
  39. Jeff van Dyck Music & Audio Direction
  40. Michael De Plater Original Concept
  41. Luci Black Producer
  42. Jonathan Court Producer
  43. Moran Paldi Producer
  44. Andy Bray Programming
  45. Richard Broadhurst Programming
  46. Richard Collins Programming
  47. Simon Franco Programming
  48. Chris Gascoyne Programming
  49. Gil Jaysmith Programming
  50. Dan Kennedy Programming
  51. Ting Li Programming
  52. Morvyn Myles Programming
  53. Shane O'Brien Programming
  54. Dan Parkes Programming
  55. Clive Gratton Project Lead
  56. Ciaran Daly Scripting
  57. Sean Fitzpatrick Scripting
  58. Nick Tresadern Scripting
  59. Stephen Virgo Scripting
  60. Richard Vaughan Sound Effects & Post Production
  61. Jason Dalton Supporting Artist
  62. Zaq Foster Supporting Artist
  63. Brendan Rogers Supporting Artist
  64. Chris Waller Supporting Artist
  65. Koji Yada Voice Actor: Archimedes (Japanese)
  66. Daisuke Gouri Voice Actor: Ares (Japanese)
  67. Kohei Fukuhara Voice Actor: Beowulf (Japanese)
  68. Tetsu Inada Voice Actor: Castor (Japanese)
  69. Masaya Takatsuka Voice Actor: Crassus (Japanese)
  70. Bill Roberts Voice Actor: Leonidas
  71. Naoki Imamura Voice Actor: Leonidas (Japanese)
  72. Noah Lee Margetts Voice Actor: Pollux
  73. Yasuhiko Kawazu Voice Actor: Pollux (Japanese)
  74. Takeshi Kusao Voice Actor: Sejanus (Japanese)
  75. Quarie Marshall Voice Actor: The Spartan
  76. Nobutoshi Kanna Voice Actor: The Spartan (Japanese)
  77. Kevin Howarth Voice Actor: Tiberius
  78. Isao Teramoto Voice Actor: Tiberius (Japanese)
  79. Jay Benedict Voice Actor:Archimedes
  80. Stanley Townsend Voice Actor:Ares
  81. Seamus O'Neil Voice Actor:Beowulf
  82. Tom Clarke-Hill Voice Actor:Castor
  83. Jay Simon Voice Actor:Crassus
  84. Jason Isaacs Voice Actor:Sejanus
  85. Julia Innocenti Voice Actress: Electra
  86. Naomi Shindo Voice Actress: Electra (Japanese)


Data and credits for this game contributed by 3LWYN_F00, Alec86, BartSmith, Chaos Control, Hardkoroff, LordAndrew, Mookiethebold, and oliist.

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