Review by ashjenbff

Reviewed: 01/02/07

A disappointing game

Who doesn't love the fictional Narnia series, created by C.S. Lewis? Every kid just seems to love the many stories he has wrote about it, so naturally, there just HAD to be a game about the series. The game attempts to capture many of the elements you would get from the book, but fails.

The graphics are terrible. Your character can barely move in some areas. and other times you can't even tell who your character is! To even attempt exploration is impossible, since the levels are so small yet difficult to maneuver. Everything is marked up so you can tell which character you need to witch to to perform that task. The landscaping would have been beautiful, had it not been marked up by little symbols and faces tht ultimately take all the fun out of the game that I thought would have been enjoyable.

The gameplay is another awful thing. There are many levels, all accessible through a wooden wardrobe. The first level has you searching in the dark and hoping you find the things you need in the time alloted, and other levels have nearly impossible-to-beat bosses that require extreme focus and timing. There are almost always enemies that have no real point in the game, and I think they are there just so you can play little longer. The fighting is disappointing, too, since you spend a lot of your time searching for coins just to get a few special moves. They all affect to enemy pretty much the same way, so what is the point? There isn't one.

The sound is pretty good, basically what you would expect. Nothing really special, though.

The difficulty of this game is what really gets me. I realize that this game was intended for children, but some teens and maybe even adults want to play this game, too. Everything has a symbol on it, telling you exactly what to do and usually when to do it. Then there are other levels which would be very difficult for a young child to accomplish. Who was this game intended for?
Overall, the storyline is good, but I recommend you spend your money on something else that's actually worthwhile.

Rating: 3

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