Which game is better? SOCOM 3 or SOCOM Combined Assault?

  1. Im not sure which game is better, and i need to know! :D ta.

    User Info: SmilesGames

    SmilesGames - 7 years ago

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  1. OK to give you a proper answer:

    SOCOM 3 has some nice Campaign Missions and has more Missions that has Vehicles to drive BUT, SOCOM: Combined Assault has FAR MORE Weapons and EVEN MORE Weapon Attachment Options compared to SOCOM 3 like the M870 Masterkey for the M4A1, F303 Launcher, M203 Grenade Launcher, GL36 Frag, M79, MM-1 and most Shotguns can use Non-Lethal Ammo and/or Lethal Slug Ammo and Grenade Launchers can be fitted with the various grenade types! More Item Options like a Body Armor, Medi Kit and Ammo Re-supply Kit!
    Besides of all these nice unlockable goodies in SOCOM: CA the Missions are far more open which allow for more freedom in order to complete the Objectives, in SOCOM 3 most of the Missions are to Linear, you keep going forward and keep most of the time going forward!
    And last but not least in SOCOM: CA there's a sweet Instant Action Option which takes you place in story mission parts and a selection of objectives which really adds more replay value compared to SOCOM 3 i.e. if you've played Syphon Filter 3 Mini Games you'll know what I mean ;)

    Hope this helps!!!

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  1. Totaly socom 3 more of a storyline.

    User Info: tattertotzz

    tattertotzz - 7 years ago 1 0
  2. your opinion,, but mine is,, they are ALL great

    have a good one,


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