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The weakest game of the series, but still worth playing. Read on to find out why. 08/23/11 Calamity
An overlooked, easily forgotten Tale, with just one real city in the entire game 06/20/08 Chaos Control
Sure, the characters are great, but everything else seems average at best 10/30/06 Computerbug8
Another legendary addition to a legendary series 02/27/06 CrOnOKiD
This is what legends are made of 02/13/06 dementedlullaby
A Legacy Continued 03/14/06 Dynias
A Sad Game That's Only Blessing is it's Confusing Plot... 03/19/07 EJRICH
If it wasn't for all the nitpicky details, this game would be 10/10 06/19/06 Emi_Mareth
A worthwhile RPG that puts characters before gameplay 08/23/06 Final Eclipse
A masterpiece in the eyes of those it's designed for 08/21/06 Gbness
Namco spins another Legendary Tale.... 12/27/05 HolyLancer9
It didn't meet my expectations, but it's still a Tale worth checking out. 04/07/06 Kashell Triumph
Tales of Destiny 2, Tales of Rebirth, Tales of the Abyss...WHY did Namco localize the worst PS2 Tales? 04/03/06 LegendaryBarrel
Characters Development > Battles > Extras (Twice the Version, Twice the Review) 02/15/06 Master LL
A fun adventure with very strong characters 12/26/08 nintendosega
Is it Worth The Time To Go Onboard The Legacy? 05/26/09 onionring1988
An RPG like no other, but not all in a good way. 02/08/13 RageBot
You'll find yourself lost in this game. And not the good way. 10/23/06 SSMaster
Not Really Legendary. 07/08/13 Unbridled9

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