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Game Script by Roratastic

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 04/10/08


                              Tales of Legendia

                                 Game Script

                                By Roratastic
                        Chaos Control3290 and Compass



There are massive spoilers throughout this guide, as it contains all dialogue.



Introduction .................................................... <int>
Game Beginning .................................................. <gbg>
Chapter 1: In Pursuit ........................................... <ch1>
   Werites Beacon ............................................... <1wb>
   Misty Mountains .............................................. <1mm>
   Bandits' Lair ................................................ <1bl>
   Crystal Forest ............................................... <1cf>
   Secret Passage ............................................... <1sp>
   Old Oresoren Village ......................................... <1ov>
   Secret Passage ............................................... <1sc>
Chapter 2: Just Out of Reach .................................... <ch2>
   Port-on-Rage ................................................. <2pr>
   The Crags .................................................... <2cr>
   Oresoren Village ............................................. <2ov>
   Waterways .................................................... <2ww>
Chapter 3: A Fateful Encounter .................................. <ch3>
   Great Hollow ................................................. <3gh>
   Poppo's Workshop ............................................. <3pw>
   Ruins of Frozen Light ........................................ <3fl>
   Forest of No Return .......................................... <3nr>
Chapter 4: The War-Torn Land .................................... <ch4>
   Man-Eating Ruins ............................................. <4me>
   Maurits' Hermitage ........................................... <4mh>
   Front Line ................................................... <4fl>
   Bridge Plain ................................................. <4bp>
   Bridge ....................................................... <4br>
   Werites Beacon ............................................... <4wb>
Chapter 5: Awakening ............................................ <ch5>
   Village of the Ferines ....................................... <5vf>
   Hidden Fortress .............................................. <5hf>
   Altar of the Sea ............................................. <5as>
   Werites Beacon ............................................... <5wb>
Chapter 6: The Fallen Lands ..................................... <ch6>
   Coast ........................................................ <6co>
   Ice Monument ................................................. <6im>
   Thunder Monument ............................................. <6tm>
   Earth Monument ............................................... <6em>
   Geoglyph Area ................................................ <6ga>
   Coast ........................................................ <6ca>
Chapter 7: Shining Blue ......................................... <ch7>
   Werites Beacon ............................................... <7wb>
   Wings of Light ............................................... <7wl>
Character Quest Introduction .................................... <cqi>
   Port-on-Rage ................................................. <cq1>
   Werites Beacon ............................................... <cq2>
   Fallingwater/Lumen Spring .................................... <cq3>
Character Quest: Will ........................................... <Wcq>
   Great Hollow ................................................. <W01>
   Werites Beacon ............................................... <W02>
   Thunder Monument ............................................. <W03>
   Werites Beacon ............................................... <W04>
   Waterways .................................................... <W05>
   Vista Point .................................................. <W06>
   Werites Beacon ............................................... <W07>
Character Quest: Norma .......................................... <Ncq>
   Man-Eating Ruins ............................................. <N01>
   Werites Beacon ............................................... <N02>
   Ice Monument ................................................. <N03>
   Werites Beacon ............................................... <N04>
   Crystal Forest ............................................... <N05>
   Werites Beacon ............................................... <N06>
Interlude ....................................................... <itl>
   Village of the Ferines ....................................... <ivf>
   Werites Beacon ............................................... <iwb>
Character Quest: Chloe .......................................... <Ccq>
   Werites Beacon ............................................... <C01>
   Earth Monument ............................................... <C02>
   Werites Beacon ............................................... <C03>
   Forest of No Return .......................................... <C04>
   Werites Beacon ............................................... <C05>
Character Quest: Moses .......................................... <Mcq>
   Misty Mountains .............................................. <M01>
   Werites Beacon ............................................... <M02>
   The Crags .................................................... <M03>
   Werites Beacon ............................................... <M04>
   Bandits' Lair ................................................ <M05>
   Quiet Lands .................................................. <M06>
   Lumen Spring ................................................. <M07>
Character Quest: Jay ............................................ <Jcq>
   Old Oresoren Village ......................................... <J01>
   Oresoren Village ............................................. <J02>
   Werites Beacon ............................................... <J03>
   Ruins of Frozen Light ........................................ <J04>
   Oresoren Village ............................................. <J05>
   Mirage Palace ................................................ <J06>
   Werites Beacon ............................................... <J07>
Character Quest: Grune .......................................... <Gcq>
   Werites Beacon ............................................... <G01>
   Altar of the Sea ............................................. <G02>
   Wings of Light ............................................... <G03>
   Werites Beacon ............................................... <G04>
   Altar of the Sea ............................................. <G05>
   Cradle of Time ............................................... <G06>
   Altar of the Sea ............................................. <G07>
Contact ......................................................... <con>

   <int>     Introduction

Hello, and welcome to the long-awaited Tales of Legendia Game Script! As the
title suggests, this is the script of every dialogue scene in the game and thus
contains MASSIVE SPOILERS. This is a joint effort between myself (Roratastic),
Chaos Control3290, and Compass. I thank them deeply for their submissions to
the script. I'd have a lot more work on my hands without them. Thanks guys!

Also, a side note. This script contains all REQUIRED dialoge. Therefore,
conversations with various NPCs will not be recorded unless you are required
to speak to that person to continue the storyline.


[] = My explanations for what is going on
{} = Emoticons
<> = Quick Jump references (see Table of Contents)

Throughout the game, characters use several emoticons. I only included those
relevent to the dialogue/action/etc that I thought were important. They are
found in my portions of the script in {} brackets.

Onward to the script!

   <gbg>     Game Beginning

[The scene is completely black. Out of the darkness, a young man's voice can
be heard.]

Senel: Take...this!

[The scene fades in to reveal our main hero bent over, panting, hands on his
knees. He is standing on a ship drifting across the ocean, looking out over the
sea. A blond girl runs up from below the deck, and faces the white-haired

???: Senel!

Senel: Shirley! Stay inside!

Shirley: But!

[Just then, a strange monster rises up from the water. It makes an odd
bleating noise, like a goat. Senel looks towards the front of the ship and
spots the harpoon mounted there. He runs over to it and turns back towards the
blond girl, Shirley.]

Senel: Hurry up and hide!

[Shirley runs back below the deck]

Senel: Hey! Over here!

[The monster responds to the taunt, goes underwater, then rises back up near
where Senel is standing. It bites at him, and he falls over. The monster goes
back underwater once again, and Senel gets to his feet.]

Senel: Come on. Come on.

[Senel adjusts the harpoon]

Senel: Let's see how you like this!

[The monser rises up from the ocean again, and Senel fires the harpoon. The
screen flashes white, and when we can see again, the monster has gone. Senel
bends over panting again, and Shirley runs up from under the deck.]

Senel: *Sigh*

Shirley: Senel?...

Senel: He got away... If the engine were working, we could catch up and finish
him off...

Shirley: Please, don't push yourself. You've hardly slept at all this past

Senel: I don't have a choice. You never know what'll happen. A ship could come
by any time.

Shirley: I can keep watch, too.

Senel: No. You know the sea breeze is like poison to you.

Shirley: Don't worry, I can take a little bit. Really.

[Shirley runs off to the middle of the ship, and Senel follows her]

Senel: Hey, hold on!

[Suddenly, a flying monster appears over the back of the ship in a flash of
dark purple light. It flies over to where Senel and Shirley are standing.]

Shirley: Huh?...

[Senel runs between Shirley and the monster, bracing himself for battle]

Senel: Shirley, get back!

[Senel battles and defeats the flying monster]

Senel: That monster felt...different than the others. It was almost...human.

Shirley: Was that...a teriques?

[Suddenly the sea becomes more violent, causing the ship to rumble. A bright
golden light can be seen in the upper left corner. Senel and Shirley look
around in confusion.]

Senel: What now?!

Shirley: *Gasp* Senel, look! Behind you!

Senel: Huh? What the?!...

[Anime cutscene begins. The boat that Senel and Shirley are on floats on the
waves before a mysterious golden light. Shirley backs away a little bit.]

Shirley: W...What the?!...

[Shirley stares at the light, bewildered. Senel tenses up as they both watch
the light. Suddenly, a huge object appears where the light was, heading
straight towards Senel's boat. The two scream as their ship is tossed aside
violently. Salt water splashes up into the boat, and Senel attempts to shield
Shirley from the seawater. Several beatuiful scenery shots are shown, including
a high waterfall, birds flying over a forested area, and clouds drifting around
huge rocky mountains. The small boat is then shown again, floating on now-calm
waters. Senel and Shirly are shown laying side-by-side on the ravaged boat.
Senel recovers, gets to his knees, and holds his head. He looks over to Shirley
and finds her lying next to him.]

Senel: Sh...Shirley...

[Shirley is laying on her side, drenched in seawater. Senel begins to shake

Senel: Shirley! Say something! Shirley!

[Shirley remains unresponsive. A golden light appears and gets brighter,
drawing Senel's attention to a column of golden light stretching into the sky.]

Senel: What the?...

[The view backs up, showing the column of light rising up from a large pool of
water surrounded by a strange-looking chunk of land. Anime cutscene ends.

The scene changes to a young blond man standing on a beach, looking out over
the water. A flash of golden light appears, before a monster identical to the
flying one Senel fought off earlier appears and approaches the man on the
beach. He turns to face it, raises his hand, and the monster disappears in a
flash of purple light.]

???: So, she's come...

[He turns and runs away from the water. The scene returns to Senel and
Shirley, now laying on a similar beach. Shirley is still laying down, and
Senel is standing over her. Their boat is laying off to the side.]

Senel: Shirley, hang on!

Shirley: Ahh...ahh...

Senel: This fever...She's burning up. She got seawater all over herself...

[A muscular man in orange runs up to the two.]

???: Hey, is everything all right?

[The man in orange spots Shirley, walks over, and examines her condition.
Shocked to find her in such a state, he turns to Senel.]

Senel: Is there someplace around here with fresh water? A river or a pond or

???: Well, there's a small spring at the top of the hill...

Senel: Thanks!

[The screen fades out to black, and footsteps can be heard]

???: Hey, wait!

[When the picture returns, the man in orange is standing alone. He shrugs to
himself, looking off in the direction that Senel took Shirley.]

???: What was that about?

[He then walks over to Senel's abandoned boat, crossing his arms as he looks
it over]

???: That boat...only Marines of the Holy Alliance use those boats. That means
that kid is...

[Screen fades to black, and turns to Senel and Shirley. Shirley is laying
underwater at the spring, while Senel looks over her. The man in orange calls
out to him.]

???: Hey, what do you think you're doing?!

[He runs into the waist-deep water]

???: Are you trying to kill her? She'll drown!

Senel: It's all right.

???: Like hell it is!

[Shirley's hair begins to glow light blue.]

???: Her hair, it's...glowing?

[Senel runs into the water and stands between the man and Shirley]

Senel: Hey, quit staring at her.

[The screen fades to black for a moment as Senel explains some things to the
man in orange. The two are standing on the land beside the spring.]

???: So seawater makes her ill, but fresh water helps her recover? I've never
heard of anyone with a body like that. And on top of that...

[He turns around and looks at Shirley in the spring, her hair still glowing]

???: The way her hair glowed, it's just like... ...Just like a Shining One.

Senel: I said, quit staring at her!

[The man turns back around, focus returning to him and Senel.]

???: First the pillar of light in Raging Bay, and now a Shining One. It's just
as the legend said... That girl, who is she?

[Senel stands there, not saying anything. The man appears frustrated, but
shrugs and shakes his head]

???: Hmm. The silent treatment. Let's try a different question. Why have you
come here, Alliance marine?

[Senel turns towards him, remaining quiet for a moment before explaining]

Senel: We didn't so much come here as we were drawn in. We were drifting on the
sea when this thing just came out of nowhere. What is this place, anyway?

???: The Legacy. We're standing on a giant ship, a remnant of an ancient

Senel: A ship... Wait, a ship?!

[A noise draws their attention to the spring. Shirley is standing now, facing
the blond man from the beach beforehand. She is taking a defensive stance.]

Senel: Shirley!

Shirley: Senel!

Senel: Get away from her!

[Senel runs up and stands in front of Shirley, between her and the blond man.]

???: You... You have no right to say such a thing.

Senel: What?!

[Senel prepares to fight this man]

Senel: Who the hell are you?!

???: Die.

[The blond man runs up to Senel, and the two proceed to battle. Senel is
unable to do any damage against this stranger. However, Shirley's scream
interrupts their fight. They turn to see her laying on the back of a large
orange wolf-like creature on the opposite bank of the spring. A young man with
red hair and an eye patch is standing over Shirley and the wolf.]

Man with an Eye Patch: So, this sweet little thing's the Merines, huh?

[Senel, the blond man, and the man in orange run to the edge of their bank]

Man with an Eye Patch: I didn't think she'd really be here, but lo and
behold...there she was! See ya!

[The redhead runs off with the wolf and Shirley]

Senel: Stop!

[Black wings appear on the blond man's back. He proceeds to fly after the
redhead and the wolf.]

Senel: It's that monster again! I can't worry about that now. I need to save
Shirley. Do you know anything about that man with the eye patch?

???: His name is Moses Sandor. He's a notorious bandit.

Senel: Do you know where he's headed?

???: To his hideout, no doubt. The bandits' lair is in a high area beyond some
mountains. Come, follow me.

[He turns around to face Senel, giving a proper introduction]

Will: I never got your name. I'm Will Raynard. And you?

Senel: Senel Coolidge.

[Will runs off, and Senel follows him]

             In Pursuit
   <ch1>     Chapter 1

[Senel and Will travel a short way down the path, before spotting a strange
pig-shaped object. The two walk over to it, and it turns into a girl wearing
a chef's hat. She is dancing happily.]

???: Nice to meet you!

Senel: Uh...Something weird just popped out. Who is that, Will?

Will: Don't ask me. I've never seen someone that strange.

???: I...I'm not weird! Or strange!

[Senel and Will turn to face her, and she gives her name]

Mimi: I am the 28th Wonder Baker, Mimi!

Senel, Will: (The 28th...what?)

Mimi: How do you like that? Impressive, huh?

[Senel and Will stand in silence]

Mimi: I see you're at a loss for words. As a reward for finding me, I'll teach
you a simple recipe for making bread.

Senel: Great. And just where are we supposed to make it?

Mimi: Just go to a bakery.

Will: Come to think of it, there is a bakery in town.

Mimi: If we meet again, I'll teach you more recipes.

[Mimi runs past Will and Senel, then turns back a moment]

Mimi: Bye bye!

[She turns to take her leave, trips, and falls over]

Mimi: Ow ow ow...

[She gets back to her feet and points at Senel and Will]

Mimi: But a little thing like this can't stop me! I shall rise again!

[She runs offscreen, and we can hear her trip again]

Senel: What was that all about?

Will: I have no idea...

[Senel and will continue on, until they come to a cliff overlooking the Legacy.
Senel goes over to the edge and takes in the view, before turning around to
face Will.]

Senel: What is this place?

Will: Quite a sight, isn't it? It's amazing that all of this is on a ship.

[Senel looks back out over the cliff, and Will crosses his arms]

Senel: There's even a city...

Will: Senel.

Senel: Hmm?

Will: Have you ever heard the word "Merines" before?

Senel: {!} [He turns his back on Will] {...} ...No.

Will: Hmm. Very well.

[Senel turns back around and faces Will]

Will: An ancient kingdom once flourished aboard the Legacy. It was known as the
Kingdom of Terises. The kingdom was actually led by a person designated as the

Senel: So you're saying this Merines thing is connected to the Legacy?

Will: That's right. [He walks closer to Senel] It seems that the Merines was
able to control this great ship using nothing but the power of his will. The
reason Shirley is being pursued is because some people believe her to be a
descendant of the Merines.

Senel: Why would they think that?

Will: Right around the time you arrived, a pillar of light appeared in the
center of the Legacy.

Senel: A pillar of light...

Will: "When the pillar of light appears, a new Merines shall arise." It's an
old legend taken from the records of Terises.

[Senel crosses his arms and turns away]

Senel: That's got nothing to do with us. It's just a coincidence.

Will: I thought so too, at first. But, once I laid eyes on her...on Shirley...I
started to wonder.

Senel: Why?

Will: Because Merines means "Shining One."

Senel: *Gasp*

Will: The Legacy was discovered fifteen years ago. The ship is shrouded in
countless mysteries, very few of which have been solved. We don't have the
slightest idea about even basic things, like how it moves or when it will stop.
Were a descendant of the Merines to appear, many would consider her an
invaluable asset.

Senel: Yeah, well... That's got nothing to do with Shirley.

   <1wb>     Werites Beacon

[The two continue down the winding path until they enter a city. People are
chatting, walking around, interacting. Senel stops in his tracks and looks
around. Will takes a few steps past him and turns around]

Will: Welcome to Werites Beacon. It gets its name from the lighthouse. Lively
little place, isn't it?

[They walk a little ways farther into the city, before Senel slows down. Will
stops along with him. They look off into the distance]

Senel: A lighthouse? Here?

[Will points off into the distance, and a picture of the lighthouse in question
appears on the screen as Will explains]

Will: It's some kind of beacon--a remnant of the Kingdom of Terises. No one
knows what it's really for. It lights up occasionally, so the people just think
of it as a lighthouse.

[The picture fades and returns to Senel and Will. A villager runs up to them,
and stops when he sees the two.]

Townsman: Will, great timing! Come, quick!

[Will nods to the townsman, then turns to Senel to excuse himself]

Will: There's a plaza with a fountain in the center of the city. Wait for me
there, Senel.

Senel: Hey! First tell me how to get to the bandits' lair!

[The two run off before Senel can finish. He tries to run after, but quickly
gives up.]

Senel: {scribble} A plaza with a fountain...

[Senel passes through the city and finds the fountain Will mentioned. People
are standing around chatting with each other. Senel walks to the center of the
plaza to wait for Will. A boy dressed in purple with a ponytail on the side of
his head approaches Senel.]

???: Hello, there. Is this your first time in Werites Beacon? You're dressed
like an Alliance marine. You look pretty strong.

[Senel stares at him for a moment, before turning his back on him. The boy runs
around Senel and addresses him again]

???: So? Are you strong or are you not?

Senel: Who cares?

???: I care. I really want to know. I need to know. I can't stand it when
there's something I don't know. You know?

[Senel refuses to respond, so the boy in purple jumps to the center of the
plaza close to where Senel is standing. He calls out to everyone present]

???: Hey, anybody wanna take me on? If you can beat me, I'll give you 50,000

[The chatter immediately stops, and everyone looks to where Senel and the
boy are standing. The boy turns around and points to Senel.]

???: ...That's what this person just said!

Senel: Hey, what are you trying to do?!

[The boy just smiles at him, then jumps out of the way as everyone crowds
around Senel]

Townsman: Sounds like a good time to me.

Townsman: Yeah, I'll take you up on that!

[A few people crowd closer to Senel]

Senel: {vein} Get out of my way!

[Senel raises his hand, which starts to emit a strange glow. The townspeople
are shocked by this, and one backs up nervously]

Townsman: H...his fingertips! They're glowing!

[The rest of them back up, frightened]

Townsman: W...wait, this guy's an eren?!

[The boy in purple crosses his arms, still standing off to the side]

???: He can use eres...Interesting. Iron eres, I presume. He certainly looks
like the type who acts before he thinks. {laugh} Come on now, folks! Don't hold
back! It's 50,000 Gald, remember? Fifty thousand!

[They all turn to face the boy, and Senel puts his arm down]

Townsman: {scribble} Yeah, but still...

Townsman: I dunno, I mean, it's not like we can use eres...

[The boy in purple looks towards the fountain, and a strange man's voice calls
out to everyone at the plaza.]

???: Hey! What's all the commotion about?

[The townspeople look up, surprised. Senel looks around in confusion, before
he looks up and sees the fountain. Two people are shown standing on the
fountain, a man with a frilly shirt and a woman in a hat. They jump down and
land in front of Senel. The boy in purple is gone, and the man with the frilly
shirt points at Senel and begins to sing.]

???: Hey yo, you there causin' trouble, don't you know the rules of this

Townswoman: Fighting is banned!

Townswoman: Violence, too!

???: Exactly right! Just what they said. You gotta obey the rules at all times,
you dig?

Townswoman: What if you break them?

???: Oh, no!

Townswoman: What if you disobey?

???: Brrrrrrrr!

Chorus: What'll happen? What'll happen?! What'll happen?!? What'll happen?!?!

???: Those who break the rules will get to feel, the iron hammer of justice and
hear its thunderous peal.

Townsman: Yeah! They're defenders of justice!

???: If there's a crime, we'll stop it! If there's a brawl, we'll squash it!
Oh, yeah! That's...our...gig!

Chorus: Go Bouncers!

[The song ends, and the strange man turns to Senel]

???: Yo! You got it? {laugh}

[The man walks over to Senel and reaches out to him. Senel punches him, and he
backs away]

Senel: {vein} Get your hand off me!

[The townspeople watch nervously]

Townsman: H...hey! How could you?...

Townsman: Do you realize what you've done?! Do you know who this is?!

Senel: Yeah, well he started it!

Townsman: There's nothing he hates more than someone interrupting his

Senel: ...Huh?

???: Heh heh. Hah hah hah hah hah.

Townsman: Ooh, he's angry! Curtis is angry!

Townsman: You're in trouble now!

Curtis: Isabella! I find myself filled with the most intense sadness!

Isabella: Yes, Curtis.

Curtis: Now I must harden my heart! I must swallow my tears! All for the sake
of reforming this wayward youth!

Isabella: Yes, Curtis.

Curtis: Still! It must be done! For the sake of love! Beauty is power! Great

Isabella: Beauty is sin! Wonder Bantam!

Curtis: Prepare yourself! We are the Bantam Bouncers!

[The two jump on Senel, and the screen goes black. Several noises can be heard
in the darkness]

Senel: Oh, hell...

Curtis: What?!

Isabella: Oh, defeat!

[When the scene returns, Curtis and Isabella are laying on the ground in front
of Senel. The boy in purple is back.]

???: Hmm. So he's stronger than the Bouncers.

[The boy in purple walks away, and Will runs up to Senel]

Will: Senel, what's going on? What happened?

[Will looks at the Bouncers laying on the ground. Senel shakes his head]

Senel: These guys just came at me.

Will: Why don't you tell me the full story?

Senel: I don't have time for that! I've got to get to the bandits' lair, now!

[Will shrugs and shakes his head. Senel gets frustrated and takes a fighting

Will: What, are you planning on just charging in there like a rabid dog?

Senel: Out of my way, or else...

[Will puts an arm behind him, and his hands begin to glow like Senel's did
earlier. Senel resumes a normal stance]

Senel: That eres stone...it's glowing! You're a crystal eren?!

Will: Time for your punishment, boy. Lightning!

[A bolt of lightning crashes down from the sky and strikes Senel, knocking him
onto his back.]

Senel: Ugh!

[The screen fades out to black. When it returns, Senel finds himself behind
bars. An older woman is standing there, watching him]

???: Have you awakened? Will really should try to hold back a little more. It's

good that he takes his job as a sheriff so seriously, but sometimes he takes
things a bit too far.

Will: Now, now, let's not be spreading falsehoods, Madame Musette.

[Will comes down the stairs and stands outside Senel's cell]

Will: My real occupation is that of a natural historian. I never claimed to be
a sheriff.

[Senel pounds on the bars of his cell]

Senel: Let me out of here!

Will: Seems like you still haven't learned your lesson.

Musette: Will told me about the situation. Would you mind if I asked you a
question? What exactly is your relationship to Shirley?

Senel: Shirley's... She's...my little sister.

Musette: I see. Then you must go save her, mustn't you? Will, why don't we let
Senel go?

Will: But...

Musette: He's just earnest, that's all. He can't help but be anxious. When your
sister is in danger, you must run to her immediately--no matter where she is or
what stands in your way. That is what brothers do, is it not?

Will: Don't blame me if he stirs up trouble again.

[Will unlocks the door to Senel's cell]

Musette: Well then, why don't you accompany him?

Will: Is that an order?

Musette: Just a suggestion. Though, now that I think about it... I believe a
certain spirited young lady also headed off to Moses' hideout.

Will: Chloe Valens went there?

Musette: Yes. And it seems she went alone. Do you think she'll be all right?

Will: [hangs his head] So now I'm a babysitter... I guess I don't have much
choice. Very well, I will help you get your sister back, since I now seem to
have other business there as well.

Senel: {...}

Musette: Isn't that nice, Senel?

Senel: [Walks slowly out of the cell] Um...thanks.

Musette: You're quite welcome.

[Will joins Senel and the party goes up the stairs and leaves the house. The
two stop outside.]

Senel: Let's hurry to the bandits' lair.

[Musette walks out from the house carrying a piece of paper]

Musette: Will, I believe you've forgotten your map.

Will: Ah, thank you.

Musette: Take care of yourself, Senel. When you return with Shirley, let's all
get together for tea.

[Senel and Will leave town]

Will: Hold on, Senel. Let's see about taking the duct.

Senel: What are those?

Will: They're special passages that allow for nearly instantaneous travel to
various points on the Legacy. From now on, we should try looking for ducts
wherever we go. It'll allow us to go back to that place in an instant.

   <1mm>     Misty Mountains

[The two arrive at Misty Mountains. They walk a little ways in, and come across
a purple wavy bubble]

Senel: There's something here.

Will: This is a Chaotic Zone. It's a place that teems with the spirits of
monsters. You're likely to encounter much stronger monsters within these zones.
The citizens try to avoid them if at all possible. However, though dangerous,
some treasure hunters and erens rush inside, seeing only the treasure chest
that lies beyond.

Senel: So, you need to ask yourself whether you're ready to pass through it or
if it's better to avoid it.

Will: That's right.

[Senel and Will travel further into the Misty Mountains. The pair stops in the
middle of a bridge on their way through.]

Will: The fog's gotten a lot thicker.

Bandit: Halt!

Senel: Look! Up there!

[Will looks up with him. A girl in blue is standing in the middle of the bridge
above them, surrounded on both sides by bandits.]

Will: Looks like I'll be taking care of my other business first.

Bandit: We've got you now. Give up!

???: You've "got me"? "Give up"? Just who do you think you're talking to? Save
your threats until after you've tasted my blade! Demon Fang!

[The girl swings her sword, cutting the bridge she's standing on. She falls to
the bridge below her, and lands in between Senel and Will.]

Will: Such a reckless little girl, to cut down the entire bridge like that.

Senel: She's an iron eren...

???: What, there are more down here? So be it!

[The girl in blue attacks Senel and Will, calling them kidnappers. The boys
fight back for a short while, before Will interrupts the battle.]

Will: You're mistaken. We're not with those bandits.

???: What?

Will: We're here to rescue a kidnapped girl.

???: O...oh, really? I just assumed...

Senel: [Shrugs, shaking his head] That's real good, slicing people up on

???: {blush}

Will: Senel!

Senel: So you're headed for the bandits' lair, too?

???: Yes.

Senel: To do what?

???: My objective is the same as yours.

Senel: And my objective has absolutely nothing to do with you.

???: No matter. I cannot stand by and allow injustice to prevail!

[The three bandits from the upper bridge run up behind Senel, Will, and the
girl in blue.]

Bandit: At last! We've got you now!

Will: Sounds like there's more of them on the way. We can't afford to get
surrounded. Run!

[Senel, Will, and the girl run off the bridge, followed by the bandits. The
screen goes black for a moment, then Senel and Will are standing off to the
side of the bridges.]

Senel: Are those all Moses' men?

Will: Yeah. Quite the little army, isn't it? [Looks around] Hmm? Where did
she go?

Senel: Who knows? Must have run off on her own.

Will: Damn, I needed to speak with her.

Senel: Is she the "young lady" Musette was talking about?

Will: Yes. Chloe Valens. As expected, her sense of justice has driven her to
come here and rescue Shirley.

Senel: Why? She doesn't even know Shirley.

Will: She was born a knight. Knights act according to their duty.

Senel: A knight? {...}

[The two boys make their way through the rest of the Misty Mountains.]

Will: The Bandits' Lair should be just a little further ahead.

Senel: Finally.

Will: There should be a duct somewhere around the hideout. Let's use it to
return to town when we need to.

[Senel and Will follow the grassy path and stop outside the hideout.]

Will: I think there was an entrance by the hideout. Let's use it when we want
to return to the city.

   <1bl>     Bandits' Lair

[Senel and Will arrive at the Bandits' Lair, and walk indoors.]

Moses: Well, y'all finally made it!

[Senel and Will prepare to fight the bandit as he approaches along with the
orange wolf.]

Senel: Moses!

Will: An ambush?

Moses: Now what's that face for? And after I came all the way out here just to
show you folks some hospitality! Y'all could be a bit more grateful, you know?
Ain't that right, Giet?

[The wolf responds with a bark as he sits down.]

Senel: Let Shirley go!

Moses: So that's the girl's name? Shirley? You know her?

Senel: I said, let her go!

[Senel charges forward towards Moses, only to have the floor open under his
feet. Senel falls through the floor into the room below.]

Senel: *Gasp*

Moses: Y'all watch your step, now!

[Will runs to the edge of the trap door and calls out.]

Will: Senel, are you all right? Talk to me! Senel! Moses, you--

Moses: Humph. Don't look at me. He's the one who fell for it.

[Moses and Giet turn around and run off.]

Will: Senel! Hey, Senel!

[Scene changes to Senel standing alone in the dark, looking up.]

Senel: Will! Can you hear me? Will! {scribble} I need to get back up there.

[Senel travels alone through the dark tunnels. He hears a noise, and slows
down. Another noise is heard, and he runs to stand up against the wall.]

Senel: (Someone's there. Did Moses send someone after me? They won't get me
that easily!)

???: Aah!

Senel: (Aah?)

[Senel finds himself standing near Chloe in the darkness.]

Senel, Chloe: Aaah!

Chloe: You're--!

Senel: --that harebrained chick!

Chloe: H...how dare you address me like that!

Senel: Well, if you're here, you obviously fell into one of those trap doors,

Chloe: Be quiet! You're a fine one to talk!

[Another strange noise is heard. Senel pushes Chloe up against the wall.]

Chloe: Aah! What do you think you're--

Senel: Shut up. Someone's coming.

Chloe: Urgh. Don't press so hard!...

Will: Senel, are you there?

[Will walks over to find Senel and Chloe up against the wall.]

Will: Oh! Well, well, well... {...} And to think, you two only just met.

Senel, Chloe: What are you talking about?!

Will: Come with us. Let's head back up.

Chloe: All right.

[The three of them find the stairs and stop once they reach the top.]

Will: Now, Miss Chloe Valens.

Chloe: How do you know my name?

Will: Your reputation as a defender of justice precedes you.

Chloe: It is my duty to help those in need.

Will: They say you jumped into a couple's squabble and beat the man half to

Chloe: ...When?

Will: Three days ago. Did you not realize what you had done?

Chloe: ...No.

Will: I've heard several stories like that about you.

Chloe: ...Lies. All lies.

Senel: Nice way to help people.

Chloe: Quiet, you!

Will: The spirit with which you attempt to follow your beliefs is certainly
admirable. But it would be wise to think a bit more about the potential
consequences of your actions.

Chloe: Yes...I guess you're right.

Will: You've seen how dangerous this place is. I think it would be best for
you to return quietly to the city.

Chloe: No. I've come this far. I don't think I should retreat now. Even as we
stand here, that poor captured girl is suffering.

Will: I had a feeling you'd say that. In that case, work together with us.

Chloe: With you?

Will: That kidnapped girl is actually Senel's sister, Shirley.

Chloe: {!} Oh, I see...

[Chloe turns to Senel, and Senel turns away.]

Senel: {...}

Chloe: {...} All right.

Senel: {!}

Chloe: Now that I know your situation, for me to refuse would be to go against
my very calling. I shall accompany you.

Will: Then it's settled. Right, Senel?

Senel: {...} Whatever. It's just until we rescue Shirley, anyway.

Will: *Sigh* {scribble}

Chloe: Well, then...might I ask you two your full names?

Will: I'm Will Raynard. And this is...

Senel: Senel Coolidge.

Chloe: Raynard and Coolidge. Understood. I shall address you as such from
now on.

[The scene changes to Shirley standing alone in a room. Moses and Giet walk
into the room and stand around her.]

Moses: {...} They say the Merines ain't like normal folks, but... Lookin' at
you here, I don't see no difference. Maybe you're just disguised as a regular

[Giet sniffs Shirley, then walks over and sits near Moses. Giet whines.]

Moses: No, ain't that...Well, I'm stumped.

Shirley: Please let me go.

Moses: Do what I want you to and I just might.

Shirley: What do you want?

Moses: I came to the Legacy to master sacred eres.

Shirley: Sacred eres?

Moses: Yeah. It's a kind of eres where your fingernails glow with all the
colors of the rainbow. Its power can move mountains. Supreme arcane
eres...that's what sacred eres is! Why don't you tell me where I can get it,

Shirley: Wh...why are you asking me? I've never heard of--

???: Moses!

[Another bandit runs into the room.]

Moses: What's up, Csaba?

[Csaba whispers something into Moses' ear.]

Moses: Well! Sounds like things are about to get interestin'!

Csaba: What should we do?

Moses: You have to ask? We're gonna go play around with 'em a bit! [turns to
Shirley] We'll finish our chat later. I'm gonna go check out some big rats.

[Moses, Csaba, and Giet leave the room. Shirley tries to follow, but they lock
the door on her.]

Shirley: Ah... [hangs head]

[Senel, Will, and Chloe make their way through the Bandits' Lair. At the top of
another flight of stairs, they stop and look around. Moses and Giet stand
before them, and the three take a fighting stance.]

Moses: I tell you, folks these days are somethin' else. Bargin' in here all
greedy, tryin' to kidnap a poor little girl.

Senel, Chloe: Look who's talking!

Moses: Heh...Your girl's on the top floor!

[Moses turns around and runs off along with Giet.]

Chloe: What was that about?

Will: Sounds like he's playing with us. Like cat and mouse.

Senel: I'm going to pound you into the ground!

[Following Moses, the party encounters another duct. This one is green,
instead of the usual red color.]

Senel: Is that a duct?

Will: It seems like it, but something's wrong. I don't think it's working

Chloe: But there's no other way out.

Senel: Then I guess we'll have to go.

[They enter the green duct, and wind up in a strange green room.]

Senel: Where are we? It feels different from the hideout.

Will: I see...so this is one of the infamous Puzzle Booths.

Senel: Puzzle Booth?

Will: Sometimes you end up in places like this when you use the ducts. It
happens when the path is twisted. This is the first time I've encountered it.

Senel: What should we do?

Will: If we can get to the duct over there, we should reach our original
destination. They call it a Puzzle Booth because of its structure.
We should be able to move that block over there. It would appear we need
to push blocks out of the way and push other blocks to fill gaps in order to
go forward.

Senel: I see.

Will: Press the START button if you get stuck, or if you accidentally push a
block. You can change your view, try again, or even escape in order to make it
easier to assess the terrain.

Senel: I understand. I'll press the START button if I get stuck.

[They complete the puzzle, and end up back in the Bandits' Lair.]

Will: This looks like the top floor.

[The three of them walk over to the door in front of them. Senel tries to open
the door, but it refuses to budge.]

Will: Is it locked?

Senel: [knocks] Shirley! Are you in there?

Shirley: Senel?...

Senel: Shirley! We finally found you! How are you feeling?

Shirley: I'm all right. How about you? Are you hurt?

Senel: I'm fine. Sorry it took so long to get here.

Shirley: No, no. Don't worry about that. Thank you for coming to rescue me...

Senel: Stand back. I'm going to break the door down.

Shirley: Can you do that?

Senel: I will do it.

[Senel punches the door several times. Screen fades, and returns with Senel
bent over, tired. Will puts himself between Senel and the door.]

Will: Stop! There's no point in continuing this!

Senel: Move!

Chloe: You're bleeding! You're going to destroy your hands! And you were
calling me harebrained?!

Senel: I said, move!

Shirley: Senel, please stop!

Senel: Shirley?...

Shirley: Please, don't do anything foolish. I don't want you to get hurt on
my account.

Senel: {...} ...All right. I'll find another way.

Will: Let's catch Moses and make him tell us where the key is.

Chloe: He might be carrying it himself.

Senel: Yeah... Shirley, hang on just a little longer. We're going to get the

Shirley: Please be careful.

Senel: I will.

[The party walks over to another room, just to the left of where Shirley is
locked up. Senel, Will, and Chloe run into the room to find Moses and Giet
laying on the floor.]

Moses: About time y'all showed up! Giet and me were gettin' tired of waitin'.

Senel: Hand over the key!

Moses: [stands and holds up the key] So that's it, huh? You want this key that
bad? [Giet gets up] Well, in that case... Come and get it!

[Giet tackles Senel to the floor. Will and Chloe check on him and help him up.
The three engage Moses and Giet in battle, and emerge victorious.]

Senel: Hand over the key.

Moses: Humph. This fight ain't over yet...

Csaba: Moses, we're under attack!

[Csaba runs into the room, and Moses and Giet get up.]

Moses: Under attack?!

Csaba: They're already at the entrance!

Moses: What?!

[Moses runs to the window, and everyone follows. Outside, there are bandits
fighting against men in red. A strange woman wearing a helmet with two large
horns is standing behind the red troops.]

???: The Merines girl is in there somewhere! Find her, at any cost!

[Scene returns to Moses and everyone overlooking the fighting below.]

Moses: Who in the hell are those red guys?!

Will: I've never heard of an army like that on the Legacy. When did they come

Senel: That's!...

Will: Do you know them, Senel?

Senel: ...No.

[Moses, Csaba, and Giet run halfway across the room towards the door, then
stop and turn around.]

Moses: Hey, you there. [throws the key at Senel's feet] You want the key,
right? Take it.

Senel: Moses?

Moses: Don't get me wrong, now. I'm just lendin' it to you for a bit. We still
gotta settle our score. But for now, we got bigger fish to fry. Giet! Csaba!
Come on!

[Moses runs out of the room with Csaba and Giet. Senel picks up the key.]

Chloe: If we don't move quickly, we'll get caught in the fighting.

Will: Let's hurry back to Shirley.

[The three run over to the room where Shirley is being held. As they approach,
the hear a scream from inside the room.]

Shirley: Aaah!

Senel: [knocks] Shirley! What is it?!

[Senel, Will, and Chloe enter the room. Inside, Shirley is encased in a large
purple sphere. Standing behind her is the blond man from before.]

Senel: You!

Will: You're the flying man that was at Lumen Spring!

[The sphere floats closer to the blond man, who's wings appear. He flies off
with Shirley, and the party tries to run after.]

Senel: Wait! Dammit! Where's he headed?!

[Csaba runs into the room.]

Csaba: This way. Hurry! That flying guy seemed to be going toward the Crystal
Forest. You can get there from the rear exit of the hideout. Follow me!

[The party goes back through the hideout and walks over to the rear exit where
Csaba is waiting for them. He opens the door for them.]

Csaba: If you go out here and just keep going straight, you'll reach the
Crystal Forest.

Will: Why are you helping us?

Csaba: I'm sure Moses would do the same thing if he were here.

Chloe: There's one thing I'd like to ask. Do you know of a swordsman with a
tattoo of a snake on his arm?

Csaba: A snake tattoo?... No, I'm afraid not.

Chloe: I see...

Csaba: Well, bye now. Good luck.

[Csaba runs off, and the party runs out the doors. The scene changes to the
entrance to the Bandits' Lair. The troops in red surround the door, along with
the woman with the horned helmet. Moses walks out with Giet.]

Moses: Sorry to keep you waitin', darlin'.

???: Hand over the Merines now.

Moses: Whoa, easy there, baby. You came all the way out here to see me, so why
don't we have us a little fun?

[Giet growls at the lady.]

???: Unfortunately, I haven't got time for weaklings like you.

Moses: Well, y'all came up here itchin' for a fight. We're just glad to oblige!
Ain't no backin' out now! Let's get it on!

[Screen fades out, then returns to the party outside the Bandits' Lair.]

Will: The Crystal Forest is toward 12 o'clock. Will you be staying with us,

Chloe: Of course.

[They travel along the Legacy, finally approaching the Crystal Forest.]

Senel: Let's open the duct.

[The duct back to Werites Beacon is opened, and the party enters the Crystal

   <1cf>     Crystal Forest

[Senel, Will, and Chloe walk into the Crystal Forest. They stop a moment while
Senel and Chloe look around the forest. Suddenly, a scream is heard.]

???: Aaah!

[The party prepares for a fight. A girl in yellow runs out in front of them,
and skids to a stop. The party puts away their weapons.]

???: Ah, hey! You there! [she looks off in the direction she came from] Oooh!

[The girl runs off into the forest. A giant spider-like creature comes out,
looks at the party for a moment, and then follows the girl into the forest.]

Chloe: Wh...what was that?

Will: A crystarantula. They look fearsome but they're actually quite gentle.
They don't normally attack people.

Chloe: It sure looked like it was attacking her.

Will: Well...they tend to show no mercy to those who enter their nests.
Crystarantulas have a habit of collecting shiny objects. Treasure hunters often
run into trouble with them.

Chloe: Is that what she was?

Will: Most likely.

Chloe: Well, we can't just abandon her. Let's go after her.

Senel: Then this is as far as we go together.

Chloe: Why?!

Senel: I'm going to find Shirley. I'm not interested in that girl.

Chloe: It's not a matter of interest! You know, you are incredibly

Senel: And you can't keep your nose out of other people's business.

Chloe: The nerve!

Will: That's enough, you two.

Senel, Chloe: [turn away from each other] ...Humph.

Will: {scribble} We're all headed in the same direction. Rescuing Shirley is
our first priority, but we'll keep that girl in mind as well.

[Scene changes to the Misty Mountains. Moses, Giet, and Csaba are running
away from their hideout. Moses falls to one knee, and they stop.]

Moses: Oww!

Csaba: M...Moses, are you all right?

Moses: Damn horn-wearin', street-walkin', wannabe domme... [gets up and nods]
We ain't done yet, baby. Not by a long shot.

[The party travels further into the Crystal Forest. A voice calls out to them
on their way through, and they stop.]

???: Hey!

[The girl in yellow runs past them, then turns around and points at them.]

???: I can't believe you guys! Why didn't you help me?! So heartless! Oh, why
are people so cruel? I can't take it!

Will: Perhaps first you could explain why you were being chased by that

???: {panic} Um...

Will: If I had to guess, I'd say you probably got caught ransacking its nest.

???: Ah, well...

Chloe: Bingo.

Senel: Well, she's an easy read.

Will: Maybe you should look at yourself first, before you go accusing others.

???: Oh, come on! That's different! When you see a cute girl in trouble, don't
you think you should do something?

Senel: Not really, no.

???: What?!...You know, I don't like you. You're cold. Or...maybe you don't
like cute girls...

Senel: {vein} No! I mean, yes! I...

???: Whatever. Whether it's all cute girls or just me, it doesn't really
matter now. Hello!

Chloe: Who are you waving at?

[Senel, Will, and Chloe turn around. The crystarantula is standing behind
them, angry.]

Senel, Will, Chloe: Ah.

???: Looks like he wants to play with you guys now. He's all yours. Have fun!

[The girl runs off, and the crystarantula walks up to the party.]

Senel, Will, Chloe: Why us?

[They battle the crystarantula and defeat it. Afterwards, the girl is back.]

???: Thank you so much. You all fought for little old me.

Senel, Will, Chloe: No, we didn't!

???: I didn't expect all three of you to be erens. You should've told me
that sooner, sillies. [walks up and stands right in front of Senel] People need
to help each other out, you know? It feels good to be useful, doesn't it?

Senel: [backs up] What are you babbling about?

???: {...} I've made up my mind! I'm going to let you join my party!

Senel, Will, Chloe: What?

???: {note} I've been looking for an eren I could get some mileage out of.
Finding three at once is more than I could have possibly hoped for!

Senel: Whatever.

Will: What's your name?

Norma: Me? Norma Beatty! And since you asked, I'm a world-class treasure
hunter, if I do say so myself!

Will: I didn't ask.

Norma: Aw, come on. Listen--

Will: Norma, did you see a man flying through the sky near here? He would've
had a girl with him.

Norma: A flying man? What are you, stupid? If you want to see acrobats, go to
the circus.

Will: Who are you calling stupid? [hits Norma on the head]

Norma: Ow!

Will: We don't have time for this.

[The party walks away from Norma, into the forest.]

Norma: Hey, wait! Hold up! Hang on a sec! Guys?

[Senel, Will, and Chloe travel deeper into Crystal Forest, Norma following
behind them. The party stops, and she taps Senel on the shoulder.]

Norma: Come on, let's work together! Let's be a team! {vein} Join my team and
let's be friends, dammit!

Senel: You're not the one who should be getting mad!

[Will notices something, and all four run over to a wall. A latter lay broken
and useless off to the side.]

Senel: It looks like the path continues beyond this wall.

Will: We should be able to use a ladder to get to the path, but it looks like
someone didn't want that to happen.

[Senel walks over and taps against the wall. Norma walks over to the wall and
stands beside him, crossing her arms.]

Norma: Hmm. So you want to get through here. Say, Senny.

Senel: {sweat} Senny?

Will, Chloe: (Nicknames?)

Norma: Why don't we make a deal? I'll make it so you can pass through here...
And in exchange, you'll join my team!

Senel: Like you could actually do that.

Norma: Oh? You don't believe me? You'd flip if you knew how good I was!

Senel: *Sigh*

Norma: {fume} Ooh. Here, watch! [turns to Will and Chloe] You two, also! Uh...

Senel: Will and Chloe.

Norma: Hmm...glasses...bossy..."Teach"! And you're "C"!

Will, Chloe: {!} Hey!

Norma: Now that that's settled, allow me to gently blow this wall to kingdom

[Norma backs up from the wall, facing it. Her hands begin to glow.]

Chloe: Her nails are glowing.

Senel: You're an eren, too?!

Norma: Crystal eres looking nice, as usual.

Will: {!} No, don't!

Norma: Grave!

[A large chunk of rock rises from the ground, shattering the crystal wall
that blocked their path.]

Norma: Heh heh. See? Piece of cake!

[Will walks over and hits Norma on the head again.]

Norma: Ow! What was that for?! That hurt!

Will: You idiot! You just ruined a valuable display of nature's beauty!

Norma: {scribble} But--

Will: {...} Come with us!

Chloe: We're taking her with us?

Will: There's no telling what she'll do if we let her roam free. I'm keeping
her with me and watching her like a hawk.

[Senel shakes his head, and Norma turns to Chloe.]

Norma: {...} Hi.

Senel: ...Whatever.

[The four continue through the Crystal Forest. At the edge of the forest, an
object on the ground shimmers and catches Senel's attention. He runs over to
examine it.]

Senel: This is Shirley's brooch!

[Norma runs over to Senel.]

Norma: Brooch? Ooh, what's it look like? Let me see! Let me see! Hey! Why are
you hiding it? Let me see it! Come on!

Senel: Shirley must be this way.

[Senel walks off, and Chloe and Will follow him.]

Norma: Oh, Senny. You're so greedy.

[The scene changes to the horned woman standing on the beach with several of
the army men in red. A man wearing a mask approaches, and she adresses him.]

???: You're late, Stingle.

[More troops approach from the right, led by a man with with a large red cape
and a thin man with a face mask. The man with the cape speaks to the horned

???: Melanie, have you located the Merines girl?

Melanie: Yes, sir. We are currently in pursuit.

???: Give me a detailed report.

Melanie: Right away, sir.

[The screen blacks out for a moment as Melanie gives the report. Afterwards,
the thin masked man is standing in line with Melane and Stingle.]

???: Cashel, order the troops to be ready to move out at any time.

Cashel: Yes, sir.

[The man with the large cape leaves. Cashel turns to the other two.]

Cashel: Cashel, Melanie and Stingle. It's been a while since the Terrors have
been assembled like this. I left the good fighting on the mainland to come to
this ship in the middle of nowhere. I'd better get to have some fun.

[The scene on the beach ends, and returns to the party standing outside the
Crystal Forest.]

Norma: Let me jot that down. Shirley's brooch...

Senel: What are you writing?

Norma: I'm creating a Collector's Book. It's a must-have for any serious
treasure hunter! I'm going to start cataloging every new item we find!

[They continue in the direction that Shirley most likely was taken. They
discover a strange area in the side of a large rock.]

Senel: Let's open the duct.

[The duct opens, and they enter the Secret Passage.]

   <1sp>     Secret Passage

Senel: There she is! Shirley!

[Shirley is still encased in the purple sphere and is with the blonde man. He
is standing near what appears to be a doorway embedded in a huge rock.]

Norma: That girl all slumped over there is Senny's sister? No way! She really
is floating in midair!

[The blond man stares at them for a moment, before turning around. His hand
glows, and he places it against the sealed enterance. The door responds and
slides open.]

Will: It's the entrance to a ruin?

[The blond man walks inside, Shirley floating alongside him. The party runs
towards the door, but it slides shut in front of them.]

Chloe: Damn, we didn't make it!

Norma: What are you worried about? We can just open it ourselves.

[Norma's hand glows, and she places it on the door. Nothing happens.]

Norma: Hello? Don't just stand there! Help me out!

Chloe: What are we supposed to do?

Norma: Put your hands on the door, like me. Come on!

[They all walk over and place their hands on the door. The door responds this
time, and slides open.]

Norma: {note} All right! Nothing can stop the four of us!

Chloe: What just happened?

Norma: Using the power of eres, you can open up doors in ruins that are
normally shut tight. Isn't that cool?

Will: All right. Let's go inside.

[Senel, Will, and Chloe walk inside the ruin, leaving Norma outside. She has
her back turned and doesn't notice they left.]

Norma: Now do you see why I made you my team? Treasure hunters and eres were
meant for each other! So, you see... [turns around] ...Hello? {sweat}

[Norma runs into the ruins after them. The four are standing at the top of a
large flight of stairs leading down through a tunnel.]

Norma: Hey! Don't leave me behind like that!

Will: To think, there were ruins here. I didn't realize it the last time I

Chloe: It looks like a passageway.

Norma: A passageway? Oh, yeah, a passageway... Oh, I know! This must be that

Chloe: That thing?

Senel: What thing?

Norma: The secret passage made during the era of the Kingdom of Terises. You
haven't heard of it?

Will: No. I'm surprised you have.

Norma: Well, I am a world-class treasure hunter, after all. {note}

Chloe: Impressive.

Norma: Of course, I do have a cheat sheet--the records my teacher left me.

Will: You have a teacher?

Norma: {note} Oh, yeah, he's a real scoundrel, let me tell you. He--

Senel: We don't have time for stupid gossip. We need to catch that guy.

Norma: Hey, don't call it stupid!

[The party travels down through the Secret Passage. As they run into the next
room, the whole place shakes and they stop.]

Senel: Does the Legacy have earthquakes?

Will: It does shake sometimes, but I've never felt an earthquake like this

Chloe: Are you sure it's safe to be down here right now?

Will: There he is!

[The flying man lands near Shirley, who is still trapped in the sphere.]

???: So, you managed to come this far.

Norma: Hey, you know, up close he doesn't look that bad...

Senel: You're not getting away this time!

[The blond man releases Shirley from the sphere, and she is left laying on the
ground behind him.]

???: You... I've had enough of you. I will bury you, right here and now!

[They fight, and again little damage can be done against him.]

Senel: *Huff* *huff*

Norma: This guy's tough...And we've even got him four-to-one...

[Another earthquake shakes the place, and a pillar near Shirley cracks.]

Senel: No! Shirley!

Norma: The pillar's collapsing!

[The blond man rushes over and leaps in front of the falling pillar. It
collapses completely, and Shirley lay on the other side, unharmed.]

Chloe: Aah!

Will: He...sacrificed himself to protect Shirley...

Senel: But...why?

[Screen fades out. Senel, Will, and Chloe are standing over Shirley away from
the fallen pillar.]

Will: She doesn't appear to be injured, but...

Senel: Shirley, wake up. Shirley!

Norma: Hey, everyone, listen up! We're in trouble! The path we came down caved
in with the earthquake! We're seriously trapped!

[The crumbled remains of the pillar suddenly shake and break away. The blond
man is standing in a sphere identical to the one he had Shirley in.]

Norma: Aah!

[The sphere vanishes.]

Norma: Uh, oh. You're still alive?!

???: You haven't heard the last of me!

[His wings return, and he flies off.]

Shirley: Ahh...uhh...

Senel: Shirley?!

Shirley: Senel...

Senel: You're awake...

Will: It's good to see you're all right.

Shirley: *Gasp*

Senel: Don't startle her!

Will: That wasn't my intent...

Norma: Hah hah hah! She's scared of you!

[Will thumps Norma on the head]

Norma: Ow!

[Screen fades out]

Shirley: Thank you so much for all you've done for me.

Chloe: It is only natural to aid those in distress. You need not feel obliged.
Why are you staring at me? Is there something on my face?

Shirley: N...no.

Will: We can talk more later. For now, let's just get out of here. Since the
way we came is blocked, we'll have to go forward. Any objections?

Senel: Just hang on a little longer, Shirley.

Shirley: I'm sorry that this all happened because of me...

Senel: It's not your fault.

[They continue forward and enter another Puzzle Booth.]

Senel: Here we go again. The exit duct isn't open.

Will: I believe we'll need to turn on the switch over there to open the duct.

That means...I found it.

Norma: What's that?

Will: It's the Sorcerer's Ring. It emits a ball of light. Turn on the switch by
hitting it with the ball of light. Sometimes there are places with multiple
switches. All of the switches must be turned on in order to open the duct.
That's a reflector. It can reflect the ball of light from the Sorcerer's Ring
and change its direction.

Chloe: So we need to turn on the switch by using the Sorcerer's Ring and the

[They solve the puzzle.]

Norma: The Sorcerer's Ring is disappearing.

Will: The Sorcerer's Ring can only manifest itself within the Puzzle Booth.

[They exit the booth and continue on. Shirley trails behind, and they stop.]

Senel: Shirley?

Shirley: I...I'm okay. Don't worry.

Senel: Let's rest for a bit.

[They all sit in a circle.]

Norma: I guess the rumor about Shirl being the Merines really was just a rumor.
I mean, anyone can see she's a normal person.

Chloe: I never believed the rumors were true. The very idea is preposterous.

Norma: Just what rumors did you hear, C?

Chloe: That her whole body lights up, that she can breathe underwater...

Norma: Yeah, those're the same ones I heard. It's one of the legends of the

Chloe: The Radiant...that's the name of the people from that ancient
civilization who created the Kingdom of Terises.

Norma: Right. I mean, sure, their culture might have been a little different
from that of today's people.

Shirley: {...}

Norma: But they weren't like fireflies or fish, you know?

Senel: All right, can we talk about something else now?

Shirley: Senel...

Will: Once we return to the city, Shirley will be under my protection.

Senel: Wait a minute. Says who? We were only supposed to be together until I
got Shirley back.

Will: I can't let her out of my sight until this Merines business cools down.

Senel: Like hell you can't.

Shirley: Senel.

Senel: {scribble}

[Senel and Will continue to discuss. A small brown creature dressed in blue
approaches Shirley and catches her attention.]

???: *Ors*

Senel: You won't have to worry about us. We'll be leaving this ship soon

???: *Ors*

Will: Well, that would be the wisest thing to do.

Senel: Did you hear that, Shirley? Once we get out we can...

???: *Ors*

Norma: ...Who are you?

Pippo: I'm Pippo, of the Oresoren. Pleased to meet you!

Norma: It's a talking otter...

Pippo: I'm a bard. [strums his harp]

Norma: A talking otter who plays harp...

Chloe: Norma, don't be rude.

Norma: Well come on, look at it!

Will: It's an otter.

Norma: See? I told you!

Pippo: Did you come to visit our village? Oh, I'm sorry. The village has
already moved.

Will: You have a village?

Pippo: Shall I show you the way to our old village? It's very close.

Norma: What do you think?

Will: I'm intrigued, but I think we should decline. We don't know what dangers
might lurk out there. There's also the possibility of some sort of trap...

Pippo: [tilts head] *Ors?*

Norma: Aww...those big, round eyes...and that desperate look on his face...

Shirley: {heart} He's so cute...

Chloe: Th...that's so not fair!

Norma: Teach! How can you possibly doubt cute, little, innocent Pippy?

Senel: (...Pippy?)

Will: Ah, well, it's not that I doubt him...

Norma: All right then, Pippy! We'll follow you anywhere! Do as you please!

Pippo: Oh, wonderful! Welcome! It's this way!

[They follow Pippo to the Old Oresoren Village]

   <1ov>     Old Oresoren Village

Pippo: This is where our Oresoren village used to be.

???: Pippo!

Pippo: Quppo!

[Another otter, this one dressed in red, runs over.]

Senel, Will, Chloe, Norma: Quppo?

Quppo: Greetings! I'm Quppo of the Oresoren.

Pippo: My brother Quppo is the top martial artist among the Oresoren.

Norma: Martial artist?...

[Quppo stares at Senel, then at Chloe.]

Quppo: Your eyes...You two have the eyes of a true warrior! Just like mine.

Senel: O...oh...

Chloe: Uh...thanks.

Norma: I had no idea that anything like the Oresoren even existed.

Will: Nor did I. I've been on the Legacy for ten years, and I've never heard as
much as a rumor.

Pippo: We've known about you all forever. I've been to your city many times.

Norma: S...seriously?

Will: The townspeople must have looked at you quite strangely.

Pippo: Not at all! They were all very nice! Even when I just stood there
without saying anything, people gave me food!

Senel, Will, Chloe, Norma: (They thought they were pets...)

Will: Ahem. At any rate... These kinds of surprises occur quite often when you
live on the Legacy.

Chloe: What surprised me was that eres could open the door to the ruins. I
never imagined that I could use my eres like that.

Will: It's only been fifty years since erens first began appearing among
humans... However, in the Kingdom of Terises, it may have been common for
everyone to use eres.

Chloe: Why did the Kingdom of Terises fall?

Will: That is one of history's greatest unknowns. No one has been able to
provide a real explanation for the fall of Terises.

Norma: For that matter, no one knows why they built their kingdom onboard a
ship, either.

Will: If the Cataclysm really occurred, that might tie in to the explanation.

Pippo: What's the Cataclysm?

Will: A great disaster said to have struck the world several thousand years
ago. Supposedly, half the world's land sunk into the sea.

Pippo: How scary!

Senel, Shirley: {...}

Senel: Shirley, come here a sec.

Shirley: Hm? Okay.

[Senel and Shirley walk away from the group.]

Shirley: Why did we come over here?

Senel: You don't want to listen to that, do you?

Shirley: Ah...it's...it's okay...

Senel: Oh, yeah...You dropped something.

Shirley: You found my brooch? Oh, that's wonderful! I thought I'd never see it

Senel: Yeah, well, I know how important it is to you.

Shirley: Thank you, Senel! I'll never lose it again!

Senel: Okay.

[The two return to where everyone else is.]

Quppo: Pippo told me everything. You can't get back out?

Will: We'd be grateful if you could tell us of another exit.

Quppo: Then allow us to lead you!

Norma: All right! We're off to the surface!

Pippo, Quppo: Onward!

[They continue on and exit the village area, and are back in the Secret

   <1sc>     Secret Passage

Pippo: There's a stairway leading up a little further ahead. We can get out
through there.

[The party keeps going. Suddenly, there is another earthquake.]

Quppo: Oh no! The path is blocked!

Chloe: I guess this caved in during the earthquake as well.

Quppo: It looks like we can get through if we dig a little. Senel, Will, would
you help us?

Senel: Sure.

Will: Understood.

Quppo: You three can take the next shift.

Norma: How about I just use my crystal eres and blow it away?

Senel, Will, Chloe: No!

Norma: What is it with you guys?! You really don't trust me, do you?!

Will: What would give you the slightest inkling that we trusted you?

Norma: *Sob* I knew it! Fine then, you just watch!

[Norma begins to cast a spell. Senel and Chloe step closer to her.]

Chloe: Norma, let's step over here.

[Chloe pushes her away from the group.]

Norma: Let me go!

[The girls are sitting around while the boys dig.]

Norma: Come on! Work! Work! Work!

Senel: Shut up!

Shirley: Um, Norma?

Norma: Hmm? What's up?

Shirley: Ah, it's just...

Norma: {...}{idea} Oh, heh heh, I get it. You don't like it when I play around
with Senny. You're getting jealous, huh?

Shirley: {////} No.

Norma: Really?

Chloe: Norma, that's enough.

Norma: Okay, okay. I'll stop. By the way, C, I've been meaning to ask you. Why
did you come to the Legacy? I mean, you didn't really just come for the sake
of justice, did you?

Chloe: {...} No special reason. I'm just looking for someone. What about you?
Do you have some purpose here?

Norma: I'm glad you asked! I've come to the Legacy in search of the Everlight!
What's the Everlight, you ask? It's a miraculous jewel that can grant any wish!

Chloe: I find that hard to believe. How can something like that really exist?

Norma: Ooh, is that all you can say? Don't you have any sense of wonder?
Of adventure?

Chloe: I'm sure anyone else would feel the same way. Right, Shirley?

Shirley: Hmm...

Norma: Just you wait! I will find the Everlight, no matter what!

Shirley: You're very enthusiastic. ...What is it?

Norma: Ah, I just happened to notice the brooch you're wearing.

Shirley: My brooch?

Norma: Is that the one Senny found?

Shirley: Oh. Yes.

Norma: Could I take a quick look at it?

Shirley: Sure.

Norma: That's an unusual stone.

Shirley: Yeah, kind of, I guess...

Norma: This color...it's similar to the one in his records. No, no, no...
That's too easy. It couldn't have been right next to me all along. But, then
again... Shirl?

Shirley: Yes?

Norma: Can I have this brooch?

Shirley: No! [grabs the brooch back from Norma] I can't ever let go of
this. It's extremely important.

Norma: Whoa...she got all serious, all of a sudden.

Shirley: The stone in this brooch once saved my life.

Chloe: Give up, Norma. Don't try to force her to do something she doesn't
want to.

Norma: All right, all right. I won't ask for it again.

Chloe: That's better.

Norma: So sell it to me.

Chloe: Hey!

Norma: Fifty Gald.

Chloe: You cheapskate!

[Senel and Will walk over.]

Will: We got it. Let's go.

Norma: (Ugh, he showed up at the worst possible time. But, I'm not giving up

[Norma looks back and forth at Senel and Shirley.]

Norma: Senny, Shirl...you two don't really look like each other. Do you have
any other brothers or sisters?

Shirley: Oh...I have an older sister.

Senel: What do you care?

Norma: Jeez, what's your problem?

[They continue down the Secret Passage.]

Pippo: Just a little further.

[The ground rumbles.]

Quppo: The Long Long Demon must be getting closer.

Norma: Long Long Demon? What kind of name is that?

Pippo: The Long Long Demon is a really big, really scary monster.

Quppo: It was the Long Long Demon that chased us away from our old home here.

Will: Is it the Long Long Demon that's causing these earthquakes?

[The ground rumbles again.]

Quppo: Aaaah!

[A strange monster rushes past the group.]

Pippo: It's the Long Long Demon! It saw us!

[The monster comes up behind the party.]

Norma: Aaah! What is that big, purple thing? A giant worm? Ew...

Chloe: Unbelievable!

Quppo: We've got to run!

[Everyone runs away and the monster chases them. The screen goes dark and
footsteps along with monster sounds are heard.]

Chloe: How long is this thing going to chase us?

Norma: Give us a break already!

[The party is shown running from the monster. They approach a sealed door.]

Quppo: We made it to the exit! We can get out from here!

Will: Open the door! Hurry!

Senel: This thing just doesn't give up!

Chloe: We'll hold off the monster. Raynard, Norma! Open the door!

Norma: Ohh, it won't open with just two of us! Senny, C! Help!

Chloe: We can't!

Norma: Come on!

Chloe: Ugh!

[Chloe is thrown back.]

Will: Chloe! [gets out his hammer]

Norma: Not you too, Will!

Will: Norma, find a way to open that door, now!

[Chloe and Will charge back into the fight.]

Norma: What am I supposed to do by myself?!

[Shirley walks over to the door.]

Norma: Shirley?...

[Shirley puts her hand out and the door glows and disappears.]

Norma: No way!...It opened!

Shirley: I...I didn't do anything.

Pippo: Come on, everyone! We can get out!

Will: Right! Senel, Chloe! Hurry!

[They all run out the door. The Long Long Demon follows and breaks through the
door. It begins to attack, but stops and starts flailing.]

Chloe: It looks like it's in pain.

Will: Perhaps it can't take sunlight.

Norma: Ah-hah! Because it's been living underground all this time!

Senel: If we don't take this thing out now, it'll never stop chasing us!

[The party battles and defeats the monster.]

Will: Did we kill it?

Shirley: Senel! Your arm is bleeding...

Senel: It's just a scratch.

Quppo: My eyes did not deceive me! You are a true warrior, just as I thought!
Let us dance the dance of victory!

[The two Oresoren begin to dance and sing.]

Quppo, Pippo: *Ors*, *Ors ors*, *Ors*, *Ors ors oooors* *Ors ors ors* *Ors ors
ors* *Ors ors ors oooors!*

Shirley: Oh, my...

Senel: They're pretty good.

Quppo, Pippo: *Ors ors!*

Norma: We worked hard, too. Why does Senny get all the credit? Don't you think
so, C?

Chloe: Hmm?...Ah, well, what difference does it make?

Norma: Oh, you're just in a good mood from watching that dance.

[The song ends and the Oresoren approach Senel and Shirley.]

Pippo: These shells are a present for Senel and Shirley.

Shirley: They're beautiful...

Pippo: These shells have a special significance when held by those close to
each other.

Quppo: They're used as a symbol of engagement among the Oresoren. As long as
two people carry those shells, they will always know what each other is

Shirley: E...engagement? {////}

Senel: Are you sure you want to give these to us?

Pippo: They're but a small token of our appreciation!

Norma: Ooh, I want one, I want one too!

Pippo: I'm sorry. We only had one set.

Norma: Aww...

Senel: Where does this path lead?

Pippo: If you follow it for a while, you'll eventually get back close to your

Will: Let's rest a bit and then we can set out.

Senel: You still plan to follow us? We were only supposed to be together

Will: Given the current circumstances, can you honestly consider Shirley
rescued? You don't even know where we are.

Senel: Grr...

Chloe: That flying man might come back, you know. We can't relax until we make
it back to the city.

Will: I'm also concerned about the soldiers in red who attacked the bandits'
lair. I hope that didn't have anything to do with Shirley.

Shirley: {!} Soldiers in red?...

Senel: Don't worry about them, Shirley. It's okay.

Quppo: Thank you, everyone, for all your help.

Will: No, no. We should be thanking you for getting us back to the surface.

Pippo: We hope to see you again soon. We'd love it if you'd come to the
Oresoren village sometime!

Quppo: Farewell, friends!

Norma: Bye-bye! Next time we meet, bring me a present, too! *Ors* Well, then.
What do we do now?

Chloe: The weather's getting bad.

Norma: Yeah, looks like it's gonna rain.

[Senel and Shirley walk off down the path, unnoticed.]

Chloe: I hate the rain...

Norma: {?}

Chloe: Ah, never mind.

Will: Well, for now, let's head back to the city. But first... Hmm. The
mainland is home to numerous annelid as well, but this is the first time I've
seen a species of this size. It would be wise to approach this from both an
environmental aspect as well as a genetic aspect. Oh, I only wish we could
have captured it alive.

Norma: What's up with Teach all of a sudden?

Chloe: He's fascinated by the Long Long Demon. I've heard Raynard's main
occupation is the study of natural history.

Will: Now, how shall I go about taking a sample...

Norma: I knew he was one of those super obsessed bookworm-types. He's like a
kid on his birthday! Raynard...Man, Ray-nerd is more like it. I had him pegged
with "Teach."

Chloe: {?} What happened to Coolidge and Shirley?

Norma: Yeah, where'd they go?

[The scene changes to Senel and Shirley.]

Shirley: Senel...is it really okay for us to go on alone?

Senel: A big group is easier to spot. We can move more freely if it's just the
two of us.

Shirley: But...if we're going to split up, shouldn't we at least thank them

Senel: If we don't do it like this, they'll keep following us. ...What if
something happens?

Shirley: ...Yeah, I guess so. I don't want to cause any trouble for them.

Senel: Let's find a spot close to the city and hide out there. We'll get some
information and then decide what to do.

Shirley: Okay.

[They continue down the mountain path. Senel sees something, and they stop.]

Senel: It's them!

[The Terrors are shown standing further ahead along with some soldiers. They
approach Senel and Shirley.]

Melanie: We were getting tired of waiting. That's the Merines with you, is
it not?

Shirley: Soldiers in red?! Senel, these people, they're--

Senel: The same ones who attacked the village three years ago.

[Soldiers run up behind them.]

Senel: They're behind us, too!

Melanie: You slipped away from us at the bandits' lair. But you won't get away
this time.

Shirley: Ahh...

Senel: Dammit!

Cashel: It seems you know what happened three years ago. Perhaps you're even
the one who led her away.

Senel: And if I was?

Melanie: So, it was you... I'm impressed you managed to evade us all this time.

Cashel: You have good instincts. I'll give you that much. The other day, too,
right when we finally had you, you suddenly disappeared.

Shirley: Senel!... Is that why you took me out to sea with you?

Senel: Yeah...I knew how rough the sea would be on you, but... I didn't have
any other choice.

Melanie: And now it seems your luck has run out. To think you'd wind up on the
Legacy, of all places!

Stingle: Save your gloating until the mission is complete.

Melanie: Humph. Your move. Will you hand her over quietly?

Senel: Go to hell!

Cashel: So you want to fight. Well then, all the more fun for us.

Senel: I'll never turn her over to you!

Shirley: Senel, no!

Senel: Uaaaagh!

[Senel charges into battle with Melanie. He is horribly defeated.]

Shirley: Senel! Senel, get up!

Melanie: That was fast.

???: What a waste of time. He's so pathetic it's comical.

Melanie: Hail Commander Vaclav!

[They all assume order and the commander stands before Senel and Shirley.]

Senel: Vaclav?...

Vaclav: So, you're a true Merines.

Shirley: *Gasp*

Senel: Shirley...run...

Vaclav: You've given us an awful lot of trouble. But it ends here.

[Shirley runs in front of Senel to protect him.]

Vaclav: What do you think you're doing?

Senel: Shirley?...

Shirley: I'm the one you want, right? If that's the case, I'll go with you.

Senel: Shirley, what are you saying?!

Vaclav: Well, well.

Shirley: Just please, leave my brother alone!

Senel: Shirley...stop...It's no use talking to them...

Vaclav: Heh heh heh...Hah hah hah hah!

Shirley: Wh...why are you laughing?

Vaclav: You didn't think twice about sacrificing yourself to save another. You
really are very much alike!

Shirley: Wh...who are you talking about?

Vaclav: Your sister, of course.

Shirley: {!} *Gasp*

[Vaclav smacks Shirley. She falls to the ground.]

Shirley: Aah!

Senel: Shirley! Stop it, Vaclav!

Cashel: Quit your whining.

[Cashel punches Senel to the ground.]

Senel: Ugh...

Shirley: S...Senel!

Vaclav: Here's your reward for trying to bargain with me, Merines.

Shirley: S...stop!

Senel: Sh..Shirley...

Shirley: Stop!

Vaclav: Ah hah hah hah hah hah!

[Cashel throws Senel off the cliff. A strange golden glow is seen.]

Shirley: No!

Vaclav: Hmm?... Ahh, it's just lightning.

Melanie: Well, well. Looks like that was a bit too much for her.

Cashel: Oh, the poor thing's out cold.

Vaclav: All that matters is that she's alive.

Cashel: Ahh, yes...

Vaclav: Heh heh heh...Finally, the Merines is mine! The first phase of the
operation is complete. We will commence phase two at once.

Melanie, Cashel, Stingle: Yes, sir!

[Flashback scene. Senel is sleeping, a strange girl sitting by him.]

???: Senel. Wake up.

Senel: Mmm...

???: Come on, get up.

Senel: *Sigh*

[Flashback ends. Senel is floating down in a golden sphere.]

???: Wake up!

[Senel sits up. He is on the ground in front of a little girl.]

???: Finally, you're up! You sleep like a rock!

Senel: How...am I alive?...

???: I couldn't believe it! All of a sudden you just fell from the sky. Your
whole body was wrapped in some golden light.

Senel: Golden light?... Did you see a blonde girl and a bunch of red soldiers?

???: Nope.

Senel: Damn...

???: You look so gloomy. Come on, snap out of it! Well, whatever. You're awake
now, so let's go. I want you to take me to the city.

Senel: Me? Take you?

Harriet: Yeah, is that a problem? By the way, I'm Harriet. Harriet Campbell.
And you?

Senel: Senel Coolidge.

Harriet: Okay, Senel, listen up. I want to go to the city right away. So I need
you to take me there.

Senel: (It probably would be a good idea to return to Werites Beacon for now.
I need to gather information...)

Harriet: Hurry up!

Senel: All right, all right...

Harriet: Senel, you dropped something.

Senel: It's the shell Pippo gave me.

[He holds the shell out and it glows.]

Senel: (Shirley!...)

[They leave the area. The scene changes to Shirley locked in a cell. The
shell is sitting near her, and begins to glow.]

Shirley: The shell...it's glowing! Senel?...Senel, is that you? Senel, you're
alive! Oh, thank goodness you're alive... I'm here, Senel. I'm okay. Don't

???: ...Hello? Can you hear me?

Shirley: (Is that from the next room?) Um...Is someone there?...

???: I knew it. You must be a new one... Where did you come from? You're one
of the Ferines, too, aren't you?

Shirley: *Gasp*

             Just Out of Reach
   <ch2>     Chapter 2

Harriet: Come on, let's go to town.

Senel: The town should be in the direction of 9 o'clock from here, after going
around the mountain.

[They arrive at Werites Beacon.]

Harriet: Is this Werites Beacon?

Senel: Yeah.

Harriet: Hmm... (So this is where he lives...)

Senel: Is this your first time here?

Harriet: Hmm? Ah, yeah. I just arrived on the Legacy recently.

Senel: Will you be okay on your own from here?

Harriet: Sure.

Senel: If you run into any trouble, go see Will.

Harriet: {!} You mean, Will Raynard?

Senel: Yeah.

Harriet: (All right! I can't believe I found him so quickly!) Senel, take me
to see that Will guy.

Senel: You're still ordering me around? I don't even know if he made it back
okay or not.

[They go to Will's house. Will is standing outside with Chloe.]

Senel: That's Will and Chloe. Looks like they're both all right.

Harriet: Senel, come here!

Senel: Why are we hiding?

Harriet: Shh. Quiet! So that's...Will Raynard...It's really him... Who's that
woman with him? Is that his lover?

Senel: Somehow I doubt that.

Harriet: You never know. My mom always used to say, "a man and a woman don't
need a reason."

Senel: Hmm...

Harriet: Oh, I just remembered, I have something to do. Bye bye!

Will: Senel, what are you doing here?

Senel: A man and a woman don't need a reason. Yeah, that may be true.

Chloe: What?

Senel: There was this girl who was thinking you might be Will's lover.

Chloe: Grr...

[Chloe smacks Senel. Scene changes to Senel and Chloe in Will's house.]

Senel: You didn't have to hit me that hard...

Chloe: Shut up.

Will: You're certain you encountered Vaclav?

Senel: Absolutely. His soldiers called him by name.

Will: So, Vaclav was behind the attack on the bandits' lair... I should have
realized it when I saw all those red soldiers.

Senel: Many of those soldiers are part of a special force that carries out
secret operations. I'm not surprised you didn't recognize them.

Will: Well, I'm surprised you did... Vaclav Bolud. Third prince of the Crusand
Empire, a militaristic country in the southern part of the mainland. Over the
past few years, Crusand has been steadily increasing its power by going to war
with other nations. It seems Vaclav has been leading an independent division of
troops from battlefield to battlefield across the land.

Chloe: Vaclav's confidants are his three executive officers, otherwise known
as the Terrors.

Will: Right. Melanie the Crimson specializes in fire eres, just as her name
implies. Cashel the Phantom is famous for his deceptive illusions in battle.
And Stingle the Vicious is a master of the sword. People say that he wears a
mask at all times. While Melanie and Cashel are veterans, I've heard that
Stingle is a relative newcomer. Perhaps he has some reason for choosing to
hide his identity.

Chloe: Damn you, Vaclav! What are you scheming? Why did you abandon the front
line and come to the Legacy?

Senel: What's the matter, Chloe?

Will: You can hardly blame her. The Holy Kingdom of Gadoria--her home
country--is at war with Crusand at this very moment.

Chloe: How did you know I'm from Gadoria? I never told you that.

Will: The Valens are a famous family of knights in Gadoria. I've at least
heard of them.

Chloe: I see...So the Valens name is known far and wide... Raynard! We can't
just sit here while Vaclav runs free on the Legacy!

Will: Yes. We cannot let this go--even if it means taking on an entire
country's army.

Chloe: First, we need information. We have to discover Vaclav's whereabouts
and motives.

Will: Precisely. That's why I've contacted Jay the Unseen.

Chloe: Jay? The Jay? He's famous for having more information than anyone on
the Legacy...

Will: We should be receiving an answer soon. I'm going to check into it now.
Would you accompany me?

Chloe: Of course.

Senel: I'll go, too.

Will: No you won't.

Senel: Why not?!

Will: You even have to ask?

Senel: How should I know?!

Will: Do you think we can trust you to travel with us after you just ran off
on your own like that?

Senel: I had my reasons. And besides, I told you we were only going to be
together until we got Shirley back!

Will: Yeah, and then, after charging off alone, you wound up losing her. Now,
after all that, you come crying back for our help. You expect us to just say

Senel: I didn't...come crying back for help...

Will: Then good luck working alone. Chloe and I will continue by ourselves.
Don't worry. If we rescue Shirley first, we'll be sure to contact you. Let's
go, Chloe. I appreciate your help.

Senel: Wait!

Chloe: Despicable.

[They leave Senel alone in the house. He goes outside and meets Norma.]

Norma: Yo, Senny!

Senel: Norma...

Norma: Looks like you made it back in one piece. I was really worried about

Senel: You were?

Norma: Or not.

Senel: Make up your mind...

Norma: You can gripe better than that. Come on, get mad. I guess Teach and C
must've come down on you pretty hard, huh? Well, fear not, Senny! Norma's on
your side! You're going to rescue Shirl, right? I'll be right there along
with you!

Senel: You're not going to criticize me like the others did?

Norma: Of course not! I trust you.

Senel: You're a terrible liar.

Norma: Well, I guess there's no point in keeping that up. I don't necessarily
agree with what you did, but I've got my own priorities.

Senel: What do you want?

Norma: Shirl's brooch.

Senel: That's not a jewel, you know. You wouldn't be able to get any money
for it.

Norma: No, dummy. It's not about the money. I want the stone in the brooch.
That stone looks like something I've been searching for forever--the Everlight.

Senel: That's not what it was called, though. It was the...something...Tear...

Norma: I'll tell you what. How about you get me that stone in exchange for me
helping you rescue Shirley?

Senel: That's a tough choice...

Norma: Oh come on, now! Don't you think her life is a lot, lot, lot more

Senel: Well, I can't guarantee anything, but I can at least talk to her.

Norma: All right, fair enough. That'll work for now.

Senel: All right.

Norma: So, what do we do now? Did you hear anything from Teach and C?

Senel: He said something about having contacted "Jay the Unseen."

Norma: Seriously?! Wow!

Senel: Is this Jay guy really that special?

Norma: Special isn't the word! They say he knows more than anyone about what's
going on around the Legacy. But he's really cautious. Apparently, like, nobody
has ever met him in person.

Senel: Then how do you get information from him?

Norma: You send him a letter in a certain way, and an answer comes back with
the information you requested.

Senel: What a pain...

Norma: All right, let's go follow Teach. Then we can find out what those guys

Senel: That's your plan?

Norma: Hey, no complaining! Now let's head for the fountain plaza.

Senel: Why the plaza?

Norma: The rumors say that's the place where Jay's answers come!

[They go to the fountain plaza. Curtis and Isabella are there.]

Senel, Curtis: Uh. {Senel} Huh? {Curtis}

Curtis: We meet again!

[Curtis begins to sing.]

Curtis: The boy is here. We found him at last! Let's hurry up and kick his a--

Isabella: We waited so long for this day to come! Let's take it slow and have
some fun!

Curtis, Isabella: Get ready, get ready, get ready, get ready!

Curtis: Oh yeeeeeah!

Norma: Uh, Senny, did something happen between you and these people?

Senel: It's a long story...Well, maybe not, but I still don't want to talk
about it.

Norma: Hmm... I don't know what happened, but you should forgive him!

Curtis: Such an offense cannot be so easily forgiven! Right, Isabella?

Isabella: Yes, Curtis.

Norma: Come on, have a heart. Think about Senny's situation. He needs to go
and save his beloved sister.

Senel: They don't care about something like that...

Curtis: What?! You're doing this for love?! Tell us your story, brother.

Senel: Wait, you do care?!

Norma: Heh heh heh.

[Screen fades while Senel explains.]

Curtis: I see. We understand completely. We'll do whatever we can to help!
Won't we, Isabella?

Isabella: Yes, Curtis.

Curtis: You just say the word, brother!

Senel: (Why is he calling me brother?)

Curtis: If you say, 'sing,' we shall sing as we have never sung before!

Senel: Uh, thanks, but I'll pass.

Norma: So now we're looking for Teach. You know, Will. Did he come this way?

Curtis: Did he come this way, Isabella?

Isabella: I saw him with Miss Valens. They were headed for Port-on-Rage.

Norma: Port-on-Rage, huh? All right. Senny, we've got our next destination!

Isabella: To get there, head toward four o'clock once you exit the city.

Curtis: Brother! When you bring back your sister, I will grant you a special
present! Let that rouse you to success!

Senel: Like, what kind of present?

Curtis: A place as an official member of the Bantam Bouncers!

Senel: Who the hell would want that?!

[Scene changes to Shirley locked up in her cell.]

Fenimore: My name is Fenimore. My true name is Xelhes.

Shirley: Xelhes...That means "blessing."

Fenimore: Yes, though in my current situation, I'm not really in much of a
blessing mood... What's your name?

Shirley: Shirley. My true name is Fennes.

Fenimore: Shirley Fennes. "One who prays..." That's an amazing true name. Was
it the village chief who gave it to you?

Shirley: Yes.

Fenimore: They must have had great hopes for your future.

Shirley: Maybe...

Fenimore: It's been a long time since I talked with someone like this. The
villagers they brought with me were all killed...

Shirley: That's horrible...why were they killed?

Fenimore: You even have to ask? Because we're Ferines, and they're Orerines.

Shirley: That's... {...}

Fenimore: Do you have any family, Shirley?

Shirley: I have an older sister...But...now, she's...

Fenimore: It's okay. You don't have to talk about it. I imagine it's the same
as what happened to our village... I have a twin sister myself. She was away
from the village when it was attacked, so I think she was probably spared.
Shirley, have you heard the rumor about the Merines being born in one of the

Shirley: {!}

Fenimore: It would be great if it's true. The Merines would surely save us
from this situation. And take care of those horrible Oreri--

[The sound of a cell being opened is heard.]

Shirley: Fenimore?... Fenimore, why did you stop?

Fenimore: N...no! Get away!

Shirley: Fenimore?!

Fenimore: Aaaah! Let go! You're hurting me!

Shirley: Fenimore!

[Scene ends. Senel leaves town with Norma.]

Norma: Here we go, to Port-on-Rage!

   <2pr>     Port-on-Rage

[Senel and Norma see Will and Chloe at the port. They watch from above.]

Chloe: Is this really the right place?

Will: The message we found at the fountain plaza definitely said Port-on-Rage.

Chloe: What do we do next?

Norma: Oh! Someone's coming.

???: Um...excuse me...

Will: Who are you?

???: I work on the docks. I have a letter for you...

Senel: I've seen that kid somewhere before...

Chloe: What does it say?

Will: Go to the lake that lies beyond Raging Bay.

???: I was performing some maintenance on a boat when I suddenly noticed a
letter and some money sitting beside me. There were also instructions written
on it to hand the letter to a couple walking nearby.

Will: And so you came to us.

???: Are you not the right couple?

Will: No, no, we are. This letter is for us.

???: Ah, great. Well then, good day.

Will: Hold on a second. You said you were performing maintenance on a small
boat... Is it yours?

???: Well, yes, but...

Will: Could you take us to the other side of Raging Bay in that boat?

Senel: I remember now!

[Senel tries to walk away, and Norma holds him back.]

Norma: Hey! Where are you going?

Senel: I'd like to have a word with him.

Norma: Cut it out! They'll see you!

Senel: Let me go!

Norma: I said, cut it out!

Senel: And I said, let me go!

Norma: Hey, don't touch me there, you perv!

Senel: That was an accident! I wouldn't want to touch you anyway.

Norma: Hey! That was uncalled for!

[She makes a small explosion on Senel. Will and Chloe walk away with the boy.]

Norma: Maybe you don't like cute girls, but I am a living, breathing human
being, you know! I have feelings too! But, no! You--

Senel: Hold on. They just got on that boat!

Norma: Don't try and change the subject!

Senel: I'm not! Look!

[They run down to where Will and Chloe were. The boat is gone.]

Senel: Oh hell...

Norma: What are we supposed to do now? This is all your fault!

Man on the Dock: You can use my boat! You're after the boat that just left,
right? If you leave now, you can still catch them. Hurry up and finish your
business. When you're ready to go, talk to me again.

[They talk to the man and he gets them set up.]

Man on the Dock: You understand the controls?

Senel: Yeah. I'm used to handling boats.

Norma: Hah! I knew having an Alliance marine around would come in handy. All
right! Time to set sail! Woo!

Man on the Dock: The engine's a little worn out! Don't ride it too hard!

[Another man approaches him]

Man on the Dock: What's the matter?

Man on the Dock: Eh, I lent my boat out to some weird kid. The pay was good,
so I just went along with it...

Man on the Dock: A kid?

[Scene changes to Shirley being escorted by some soldiers.]

Female Soldier: Look over there.

[Fenimore is laying on a table of some sort.]

Shirley: *Gasp* Fenimore?... She's terribly injured... Did you do this to her?
If you keep this up, she's going to die!

Male Soldier: Nah, we wouldn't kill her that easily. She's a valuable little
guinea pig.

Shirley: How can you use people like that?!

Male Soldier: Watch yourself, girl. You may think you're special just because
you're the Merines or whatever you people call it, but we're the ones in
charge here.

Female Soldier: If you want to save the girl so badly, then take her place.

Male Soldier: Use that power of yours to serve the Commander.

Female Soldier: Th...the Terrors! W...welcome!

Melanie: By order of the Commander, we are to assume direct custody of the

Female Soldier: Yes, ma'am!

[Scene changes back to Senel and Norma on the boat in Raging Bay.]

Norma: Go, Senny! Floor it! Ah-hah! Teach's boat, dead ahead!

[They catch up to the other boat.]

Norma: Oh, would you look at that! Fancy meeting you here!

Will: Oh, please.

Chloe: I thought we told you not to come with us.

???: Nice to see you again, Alliance marine.

Senel: What are you up to this time?

Will: You two know each other?

Senel: Thanks to him, I wound up having to fight the Bouncers. Will, be
careful. He's probably working on some scheme right now.

Will: Just who are you?

???: Say, Alliance marines are pretty good with boats, right?

Senel: And what if they are?

???: I'm not half bad, myself. I get anxious when another person and I are
good at the same things. I always feel I simply must find out which one is
truly better. Don't you? You and I are going to have a little race. Think you
can keep up?

Norma: What a stuck-up little punk!

Senel: Hey, get back here!

???: He's doing pretty well with that boat. That's an Alliance marine for you!

Will: Don't drag us into your stupid games! Stop this at once!

???: What happened to the woman who was with you?

Will: Chloe is in the cabin. She isn't feeling well.

???: But this feels so good! What a shame.

Will: I told you to stop this!

???: We're about to speed up. You'd better hold on tight.

Senel: You're not getting away!

???: Ah!

Norma: All right, we're neck-and-neck!

???: This isn't over yet!

[The engine on Senel's boat sparks and makes a strange noise.]

Norma: You hear something weird?

Senel: The engine's acting strange. Go check it out.

Norma: If you say so, but I don't know anything about engines...

[Black smoke is rising from the engine.]

Norma: Okay, I do know that this isn't good.

Senel: So what's the problem?

Norma: There's lots of smoke!

[The engine erupts into flames.]

Norma: Aaaah!

[Senel works on repairing the engine.]

Norma: Ahh...A young man and woman, adrift at sea... It's just like one of
those classic love stories... Will the two fall hopelessly in love? {...} Oh,
no! Stay back, you manly beast!

Senel: Keep your weird fantasies to yourself!

Norma: ...You didn't like it?

Senel: Hell no!

Harriet: Hey. You there. Stop being a nuisance and getting in Senel's way.

Senel: Harriet?!

Harriet: For that matter, why are you even here? It should have just been

Norma: Senny, who is this little brat? I don't like her. She's obnoxious.

Harriet: Hey, mind your manners. I rented this boat, you know.

Senel, Norma: Seriously?

Harriet: I'm also the one who told the boat's owner to let Senel take the helm.

Norma: Huh.

Senel: What are you trying to do, Harriet?

Harriet: Um, well...

Senel: You must have had a good reason if you're going through all this

Harriet: That's not important right now! Hurry up and fix that engine!

[Screen fades while Senel fixes the boat.]

Senel: All right, it's patched up for now. This should last us a little while.

Norma, Harriet: Woo! {...} Humph.

Norma: All right, Senny! Time to get back to the race!

[They arrive on the far shore. A boat is already there.]

Harriet: Looks like they made it already.

Norma: Hmm, remember back at the port when Teach and C were talking to each
other? They said they were going to go to a lake or something beyond Raging

Senel: A lake further on, huh?

Norma: Well, let's go check it out!

   <2cr>     The Crags

[They walk through the Crags a bit.]

???: *Ors ors!*

[An otter dressed in yellow hops out of the water.]

???: *Ors* *Ors* I'm Poppo of the Oresoren. Pleased to meet you!

Harriet: It's a talking otter...

Senel: Are you related to Quppo and Pippo?

Poppo: Why yes, they're my older brothers. Do you know them?

Harriet: He's so cute...

Senel: What were you doing here, anyway?

Poppo: I was taking the Poppo Mk. II for a test drive, but...well...it sank.

Norma: The "Poppo Mk. II"?

Poppo: It's a vehicle I made that can run underwater.

Norma: Really?

Poppo: It was going great, but then a goat attacked me and ruined everything.

Senel: A goat?

Norma: In the sea?

Harriet: Attacked you?

Poppo: So now it's back to the drawing board... Oh, well! Anyway, what are
your plans from here?

Norma: Whoa, mood change!

Poppo: Would you mind escorting me back to the Oresoren village?

Senel: ...Where's the Oresoren village?

Poppo: We just stay on this path for a good, long while and we'll eventually
get there. Thanks so much!

[They continue on until they hear a bleating noise.]

Harriet: Hey, Norma, did you just hear some kind of animal?

Norma: Yeah, sounds kinda like a goat...

Senel: A goat? Poppo, you said a goat attacked you, right?

Poppo: Indeed, I did.

Senel: Is that the goat you were talking about?

Poppo: That's probably it. It must be nearby.

Harriet: What?! A...are we going to be all right?

Norma: Why are you getting all freaked out over a goat? Kids, I swear.

Harriet: I...I'm not freaked out!

Norma: It's just a goat. There's nothing to worry about. Here, let's see...

[She walks to the water and a giant worm monster rises up.]

Norma: Aaaah!

Poppo: That's the one!

Norma: How can anyone call that a goat?!

Poppo: It sounds like a goat.

Norma: That's so not fair!

[They battle and defeat the monster.]

Poppo: You beat the goat! You're amazing!

Norma: That was too close...I'm exhausted...

Poppo: Our village is just a little further ahead!

[They go on and leave the Crags. Scene changes to Fenimore in darkness.]

Fenimore: Uhh...ohh...

Shirley: Fenimore, are you awake?

Fenimore: I'm...still alive? How?...

Shirley: Some man wearing a mask came and protected you.

Fenimore: Ow!...

Shirley: Stop! You mustn't force yourself to move.

Fenimore: Ugh...Water...

Shirley: Hold on. I'll get some.

[Fenimore opens her eyes. She is in a cell with Shirley.]

Shirley: The medicine from the masked man must have helped.

Fenimore: Are you Shirley?

Shirley: Yes, I am. Pleased to meet you.

Fenimore: Why are you dressed like that? Those look like Orerines clothes.

Shirley: Oh...yeah...

Fenimore: Did you get them to use as a disguise?

Shirley: No, it's not like that. My brother Senel bought these clothes for me.

Fenimore: Your brother? I thought you said you had a sister?

Shirley: Well, I...

Fenimore: Don't tell me you lived with Orerines? I can't believe you! The
people of the land are our enemy! Do you know how much the people of the water
have suffered because of them?

Shirley: My brother isn't like that! Don't talk about him that way!

Fenimore: You're in love with this Senel person, aren't you?

Shirley: I...I...

Fenimore: Disgusting. In love with an Orerines. Have you no shame? No, it's
beyond shame. It's criminal. You're a traitor!

Shirley: How can you say that? Orerines are people, just like the Ferines!
They're not all the same!

Fenimore: Could you still say that after they killed every last one of your
friends and beat you half to death?

[The Terrors walk over.]

Cashel: She sounds healthy enough. She'd better appreciate being spared.

Melanie: If Stingle hadn't decided to show off, she would have been dead long
ago. The Commander has called for you. We're going to take you somewhere very

[Scene changes to the party outside of the Crags.]

Norma: Is that the lake over there?

Harriet: I think so.

   <2ov>     Oresoren Village

[They walk up to the lake and find a boat waiting for them.]

Harriet: There's a boat? Here?

Poppo: This boat is for crossing over to the village.

Senel: What are you staring at, Norma?

Norma: That huge island over there.

Senel: Oh, that...yeah, it is pretty big.

Poppo: That's not the island where we're headed.

Norma: That's too bad. It's shaped kinda weird; I wanted to check it out.

Harriet: What are you two doing? Hurry up!

[They take the boat across the lake.]

Poppo: Our village is up ahead, inside a cave.

Harriet: More walking? This is taking forever.

[Scene turns to Will, Chloe, and the boy walking towards the cave enterance.]

Will: Is this the place he was talking about?

Chloe: There's no one here.

???: Heh heh heh...

Will: What's so funny?

???: Aren't you two a bit overly trusting? You shouldn't just hop onto a boat
with someone you don't even know.

Chloe: What?!

???: You never know what might happen to you... You might run into something
like this.

Will: It's them! ...Oresoren!

[A group of the otters surrounds them.]

???: You already knew about them? Oh, I was hoping to surprise you.

Norma: Whoa! There're furry round guys all over the place!

Will, Chloe: Harriet?! {Will} Coolidge?! {Chloe}

???: Hey, Alliance marine! What are you doing with Poppo?

Pippo: Hello everyone! Did you come to visit our village?

Quppo: Yo! It's good to see you again!

???: Quppo, Pippo, you know these people, too?

[Screen fades]

???: I see. Thank you very much for taking care of them.

Quppo: No words can express my gratitude! I...I... *Ors!*

???: Quppo has a habit of cracking open scallops when he gets emotional.

Senel, Chloe, Norma: (Well, he is an otter.)

Pippo: We'd like to take you to our village.

???: Yes, there's no reason to keep standing around talking out here. This
way, everyone.

Will: Hey...

Harriet: Come on, Poppo. Let's go.

Poppo: *Ors?*

Harriet: Hurry!

Will: Wait!

???: There's no need to worry. She's with Poppo.

Will: By the way...just who are you?

???: Actually, you already know my name.

Will: {!} You don't mean...

Jay: That's right. I'm Jay. Pleased to make your acquaintance.

[They enter the Oresoren village. Harriet hides herself ahead of the party.]

Norma: What's with the scary face, Teach?

Will: There's nothing scary about it.

Chloe: Raynard, who exactly is that young lady?

Will: {...} My daughter.

Senel: Daughter...

Chloe: Daughter?

Senel, Chloe: {...} {!} ...Daughter?!

Norma: That's a little over the top, guys.

[Harriet comes out.]

Harriet: As much as I might wish otherwise, it's true. I took my mom's last
name, not my father's.

Norma: So, then, how old are you?

Harriet: Nine.

Will: Harriet was born when I was nineteen.

Senel, Chloe, Norma: What?!

Norma: Teach, you're only twenty-eight? No way!

Senel: ...That's what you're surprised about?

Norma: Well, I mean, I thought he was more of an old man, you know? But, then,
now we're finding out he actually is someone's old man! I mean...seriously?
You're really her old man?

[Will hits Norma on the head.]

Norma: Ow!

Will: Sorry about the commotion. It's uh...good to see you again.

Harriet: Again? It's more like, "Pleased to meet you."

Will: Harriet...I...

Harriet: It was worth it, coming all the way here from the mainland. I finally
got to see the criminal's face.

Senel: Will's a criminal?

Harriet: You're not planning to make excuses now, are you?

Will: ...Of course not.

Harriet: But now I hear that you of all people are pretending to be a sheriff
on the Legacy. Unbelievable. A criminal acting like a sheriff. Why didn't you
ever come to see me?

Will: I was exiled. Surely you know that.

Harriet: I know that! I know...but... Don't get me wrong. I don't care about
you at all. But Mom...Mom... Mom died! And you didn't even come to her funeral!
I hate you!

[Harriet runs off into the village.]

Senel: Harriet! Will, hurry up and go after her!

Will: That's not my place, after all I've done.

Pippo: Come, come. Let's talk more at our home!

Quppo: It's in the back of the village. We'll wait for you there!

[They enter Pippo's house.]

Jay: According to the request I received, you want to know Vaclav's
whereabouts and objectives, correct?

Senel: Tell me if Shirley's all right.

Jay: That wasn't part of the request.

Chloe: Keep quiet, Coolidge.

Senel: Then stop trying to rush things along without me!

Jay: Normally, I only provide one piece of information at a time. However, I'll
make an exception this time, since you helped out Quppo and the others.

[He brings up a map.]

Jay: Vaclav's main force is currently camped in this area.

Senel: Is Shirley with them?

[One of the Oresoren comes in and whispers something in Jay's ear.]

Jay: Hmm, really...I see. Thank you. Shirley's being escorted by a detachment
of Vaclav's army, which is currently moving through this area. And we're
located here.

Norma: So Shirl's actually pretty close by.

Senel: Do you know where they're headed?

Jay: They're likely going to rendezvous with Vaclav's main force. Here.

Chloe: What is the main force doing?

Jay: It appears they've entered the Ruins of Frozen Light.

Norma: What?!

Will: You've heard of them, Norma?

Norma: They're famous among treasure hunters as some of the hardest ruins to

Jay: The Ruins of Frozen Light have seals placed not only on the entrance, but
inside as well. With all the strong security, it's been rumored that some
great secret of the Legacy rests inside.

Norma: From what I've heard, no one's ever made it to the deepest part of the

Jay: {...} With Shirley's power, Vaclav will uncover the secret of the ruins.
I'm almost certain that is what he's trying to do.

Will: So just what is the secret?

Jay: I would guess that this is connected to the war that the Crusand Empire
is waging. The Crusand Empire is Vaclav's homeland, after all. I wouldn't be
surprised if the ruins contained a weapon capable of turning the tide of a war.
I think Vaclav has obtained some kind of information about that place and what
it holds.

Chloe: Crusand is at war with my homeland. I have to do something.

Will: But how?

Senel: All we have to do is rescue Shirley.

Chloe: If it were that easy, we wouldn't be sitting here wringing our hands!
We're up against an entire army!

Quppo: Fear not, friends! We'll help, too!

Jay: {!} Quppo?!

Pippo: We're going to rescue Shirley!

Poppo: It's our turn to return the favor you've shown us!

Jay: No! There's no way you could do that!

Poppo: If you think up a plan, Jay, I'm sure it'll work. *Ors*

Quppo, Pippo, Poppo: Jay! Jay! Jay! Jay! Jay! Jay!

Jay: All right, all right...

Quppo, Pippo, Poppo: {heart} *Ors ors!*

[Screen fades]

Jay: We'll mount a surprise attack before the detachment rendezvouses with the
main force. I know the perfect place. This point here. It's surrounded by tall
cliffs and the army's movement will be restricted.

Will: Wasn't there a ruin there, too?

Jay: Yes. The Waterways. That's part of the reason I chose this spot. We don't
have much time. I'll head there first. Quppo, get your crew ready.

Quppo: Roger!

Jay: We'll meet at the entrance to the Waterways. Just take the rear exit of
the village and head toward four o'clock.

Pippo: All for one, and one for all!

[They exit the house.]

Will: Looks like we'll be traveling together again after all. As thanks for
looking after Harriet, I'll forget about that stunt you pulled on the
mountain path. But just this once.

Chloe: This doesn't mean I trust you. Don't you forget that.

Norma: Oh, come on! Can't you two get along? We're all friends here, right?

Will: Also...

Pippo: Leave Harriet to me. I'll escort her safely to the city.

Will: Thank you.

Pippo: Don't mention it. Melting a girl's frozen heart is what bards do best.

Will: All right, then. As soon as everyone is ready, we'll head for the
entrance to the Waterways.

Senel, Chloe, Norma: Yeah. {Senel} Understood. {Chloe} Okay. {Norma}

[They leave the village. Shirley and Fenimore are shown being taken down a
path in armored vehicles by Vaclav's forces. Scene returns to party.]

Senel: Let's open the duct.

Will: It'll be necessary to go around some mountains to get to the Waterways.

[They travel to the Waterways.]

Senel: Let's open the duct.

[They enter the Waterways.]

   <2ww>     Waterways

[Jay is standing on the cliff with Quppo and Poppo.]

Quppo: This way, everyone.

Jay: The unit that's escorting Shirley will arrive shortly. Let's go over the
plan one last time. First, Will and Norma.

Will, Norma: Yes. {Will} Uh-huh? {Norma}

Jay: When I give the signal, unleash every crystal eres you have at the head
of the formation. That'll slow them down and direct their attention toward
the front.

Will, Norma: Right. {Will} No problem! {Norma}

Jay: When Will and Norma begin their phase, Quppo, you immediately begin yours.

Quppo: We shout at the top of our lungs with the team hiding out over there.

Poppo: Leave it to us! *Ors!*

Jay: And lastly, the grand finale. That's where Senel and Chloe come in. You
two are going to hide in the shadows there. I'll get close to Shirley and throw
out the smoke bomb. That's your sign to jump out and secure Shirley. After
that, enter the Waterways and make your escape using the emergency passage.

Senel, Chloe: Got it. {Senel} Understood. {Chloe}

Chloe: {...} Humph.

Jay: {scribble} Are you two really going to be okay? You're making me nervous.
The key to this operation's success will be your ability to work together.

Quppo: Jay, they're almost here!

Jay: You heard him. Everyone, get into position!

[Everyone gets in place. Vaclav's army approaches with Shirley and Fenimore.]

Jay: There's Melanie and Stingle...But I don't see Cashel. Should I be worried
that it's two Terrors, or happy that it's not all three? It's time to start.
Ready? 5...4...3...2...1...

???: Yaaaah!

Norma: Hey! That's not right!

Will: Did Quppo's group go first?

Jay: No, the Oresoren don't have such hideous voices!

[Csaba runs up with a group of bandits. They begin shooting at Vaclav's army.]

Will: That's!...

Jay: Bandits!

Csaba: Open fire! Open fire! {...} All right! Who's the idiot who brought
otters to a fight?!

Melanie: An attack? Who could attack us?!

Bandits: Yaaaah!

Moses: Yahoo!

[Giet tackles some soldiers.]

Male Soldier: Uaaaah!

Moses: It's payback time, y'all! Now, where's my horny woman at?!

Jay: That stupid bandit! This is the last thing we need!

Norma: What do we do?! What do we do?!

Jay: I'll give the sign to Senel and Chloe. Will, Norma, you back them up!

[Jay sets off a smoke bomb.]

Chloe: What's going on?

Senel: I don't know!

Stingle: So, you survived.

Senel: Stingle!

Chloe: So this is Stingle the Vicious...

Moses: What's up, horny baby? You miss me?

Melanie: You'll regret this!

Moses: Well I didn't get my good-night kiss last time at the hideout. Now...
That whip. My spear. Looks like there's some fun to be had...

Melanie: Don't be absurd!

[Shirley gets free and jumps from the vehicle.]

Male Soldier: The girl escaped!

Male Soldier: Get back here!

[Lightning strikes the soldiers.]

Will: Shirley made a break for it. Back her up.

Norma: What about Senny and C?

Jay: They ran into Stingle! Norma, hurry up and give them a hand!

Fenimore: Shirley... What's going on?

Shirley: Worry about it later. Just run!

Fenimore: R...run?!

Shirley: Hurry!

[They jump out and run away.]

Senel: Shirley!

Chloe: Coolidge, look out!

[Norma casts Grave and Stingle backs up.]

Norma: Sorry! I missed!

Chloe: No, that was good. Thanks!

Senel: Shirley, I'm coming!

[Senel and Chloe run off. They meet up with Shirley and Fenimore.]

Shirley: Senel?!

Fenimore: Did you say, "Senel"?

Senel: Shirley, this way!

Chloe: Who's that with her?

[Smoke clears, and soldiers run between them.]

Senel: Out of my way!

[Two soldiers are hit by lightning.]

Chloe: That's Raynard's crystal eres!

Senel: Shirley, now! Into the ruins!

[Shirley and Fenimore run into the ruins. Senel and Chloe follow.]

Jay: Senel and Chloe entered the Waterways!

Will: Good. Norma, come!

[Will and Norma run off.]

Melanie: Damn that girl!

Moses: Hold up, you tease!

[Moses runs after Melanie. The chaos quiets. Quppo and Poppo approach Jay.]

Jay: Quppo, Poppo, good work.

Quppo: We didn't do anything.

Jay: That's fine. Everyone got inside the Waterways just as we planned. I'm not
too thrilled about those stupid bandits getting in our way, though.

[Scene changes to the Waterways.]

Will: Senel! Chloe! Are you all right?

Norma: Where's Shirl?

Will: She can't be that far. Let's go find her! Move!

[They travel a ways in and find soldiers standing below where Shirley and
Fenimore are.]

Chloe: Demon Fang!

Male Soldier: Ugh!

Senel: I'm glad we made it in time. Shirley, can you get down?

Shirley: Yeah. Fenimore, climb down.

Fenimore: But there are Orerines down there. Why are you going with the enemy?

Shirley: They're not our enemies. Come on, you saw them. They came to rescue

Will: They'll find us if we don't hurry up.

Shirley: Fenimore, please.

Fenimore: No. You can go by yourself.

Shirley: I can't do that.

Chloe: Why is that girl hesitating?

Shirley: Come on, Fenimore.

Fenimore: I said, no! How could anyone possibly trust Orerines?!

Shirley: Fenimore!

Melanie: That's as far as you go! You there! Alliance marine! I'm impressed
you managed to survive after we tossed you off that cliff. This time you
won't be so fortunate!

Senel: Shirley, jump down! I'll catch you!

Melanie: Oh no you don't!

Chloe: What's that rumbling?!

Melanie: You don't know what this place is? Then allow me to teach you. There's
a reason these are called the Waterways.

[A gate opens and water rushes through the tunnel. The party is swept away.]

Shirley: Senel!

[Shirley jumps into the water after them.]

Senel: (Shirley!...)

[A gate closes and traps Shirley.]

Shirley: (Senel!...)

Senel: *Cough!*

[Senel grabs onto a ledge.]

Senel: *Cough* Shirley!...Dammit!

[Chloe drifts by, flailing.]

Senel: Chloe?! Don't tell me she can't!...

[He swims after Chloe.]

Chloe: *Gasp!*

Senel: Chloe, are you all right?

Chloe: H...help...

Senel: Stay calm! I'm here! You're going to be okay!

[They drift down the tunnel. Scene changes to Shirley sitting by the gate.
The water flow has stopped.]

Fenimore: Shirley, hang on!

Shirley: Fenimore...

[The soldiers approach them.]

Fenimore: N...no...

[The soldeirs are attacked.]

Fenimore: Wh...what happened?

???: That was close.

[The flying man appears.]

Shirley: You!

Walter: My name is Walter.

Fenimore: {!} Walter, you're one of the Ferines too, aren't you?

Walter: My true name is Delques.

Shirley: Delques..."black wings"! I've heard that name before!

[Scene changes to Senel and Chloe washed up in another part of the ruins.]

Chloe: Mm...uhhh...

Senel: Are you awake?

Chloe: Coolidge...

Senel: Can you stand?

Chloe: Ah...yeah, thanks. Where are we?

Senel: We're at the bottom of this Waterways place. The water carried us
pretty far.

Chloe: Carried by the water... That's right! The water swallowed me up!
Coolidge, are you the one who rescued me?

Senel: I can't just abandon someone who can't swim.

Chloe: {!} Y...you figured that out, huh?

Senel: Well, the sinking kind of gave it away...

Chloe: Grr...And after I'd kept it hidden all this time...

Senel: It's nothing to get upset about. You just can't swim, that's all.

Chloe: It's a major problem to me!

Senel: What, that you can't swim?

Chloe: Stop saying "can't swim, can't swim"! You couldn't possibly understand
my feelings! Ohh...Of all the people, why did he have to be the one to find

Senel: It's not like I'm going to tell anyone.

Chloe: That's not the problem!

Senel: It isn't?

Chloe: Well it is...but it's not!

Senel: If you're feeling good enough to argue like this, I guess you're fine.
Come on, let's go. We're going back up. We have to find Will and Norma.

Chloe: Oh...right. O...of course.

Senel: Get a grip on yourself.

Chloe: That's enough. I'm fine.

[They head up the stairs.]

Norma: Hey! Senny! C!

Chloe: Norma...

Will: Are you two all right?

Senel: Yeah, we're fine.

Chloe: {!}

Will: Now, what to do next.

Senel: I'm worried about Shirley. Let's get going.

[Scene changes to Shirley, Fenimore and Walter.]

Walter: You two go on ahead. I'll stay here and slow them down.

Shirley: But... Walter...you can't do it by yourself...

Walter: There's a hidden room off to the side up ahead. Go hide there. I'll
catch up soon.

Fenimore: Shirley, come on, let's do what he said!

Shirley: R...right...

Walter: They're here. Go. Now.

[Shirley and Fenimore run off.]

Melanie: Looks like there's a new knight protecting the princess.

[Walter summons a flying monster.]

Melanie: That's an interesting technique. At least you should be more fun
than that Alliance marine.

[Party travels deeper into the Waterways.]

Moses: Well, lookee here? Quite a coincidence, meetin' like this.

Senel: You!

Moses: Heh.

Senel, Will, Chloe, Norma: Moses! {Senel, Will, Chloe} Stupid bandit! {Norma}

Moses: Heh heh heh! Hey, hold up! One of y'all called me a name!

Norma: I was just imitating JJ.

Will: Moses, what are you doing here?

Moses: I was walkin' down the middle of the waterway when this flood just came
out of nowhere. So I took a little ride and wound up all the way down here!
Heh heh! Us meetin' here must be fate tryin' to tell us somethin'. Wanna finish
what we started before?

[Will hits Moses over the head.]

Moses: Ow!

[Will hits Senel over the head.]

Will: This is neither the time nor the place for that, you idiots.

Senel: (What did I do?)

Will: We all have bigger enemies than each other, right now.

Moses: I ain't interested in gettin' friendly. I'm gonna do things my own way.

Will: As you wish. But don't get in our way.

Norma: Understood?

Moses: Humph.

[Scene changes to Shirley and Fenimore.]

Fenimore: This must be the hidden room.

[They walk inside, and Shirley collapses.]

Fenimore: Shirley! You've got a fever!

Shirley: That water earlier must've been mixed with some seawater... This
always happens. Don't worry.

[Party travels a little further. Scene changes back to Shirley and Fenimore.]

Fenimore: Were you born with a weakness to seawater?

Shirley: No, I didn't used to be like this at all. I guess it started three
years ago...

Fenimore: Did something happen?

Shirley: W...well...

Walter: It's me.

[Walter walks into the room, then falls to one knee.]

Shirley: Walter?! Are you all right?

Walter: It's nothing. Just a few scratches.

Fenimore: A few scratches?! I'm surprised you can even move!

Walter: I'm fine. We have to get out of here quick...

Shirley: Please, you must rest!

Fenimore: Why are you pushing yourself like this...

Walter: ...It is my mission.

[Walter bows before Shirley.]

Shirley: Walter...

Fenimore: Wait, what are you talking about? Shirley, tell me what's going on!

Walter: Watch how you speak to her, girl. Do you know who this is?

Fenimore: What?

Shirley: Please, don't!

Walter: This woman is the hope of the Ferines. The guiding light for whom we
have waited 4,000 years.

Shirley: Walter!

Walter: The Shining One...The Merines.

[Party travels deeper. Scene changes to Shirley, Fenimore and Walter.]

Fenimore: Shirley is...the Merines... Ever since I heard the rumors of the
birth of the Merines, I'd wondered what sort of person it would be. And after
I was captured, my faith in the existence of the Merines grew even stronger.
The whole time, I prayed for the Merines to help us...to lead the people of
the water to salvation. {...}

Shirley: Fenimore...

Fenimore: But...it's you! Where were you while my friends were being killed
one-by-one?! Living with Orerines? With Senel? I have no one left! All of my
friends were killed and you did nothing! If you are the Merines, then act like
one and fulfill your duty!

Walter: That's enough.

Fenimore: Walter! Don't you have anything to say to her?

Walter: I have faith in the Merines.

Shirley: *Gasp*

[Walter collapses.]

Shirley: Walter?!

Melanie: He disappeared somewhere around here. Search every inch!

Fenimore: They're here...aah!

Shirley: Fenimore, not you, too!

[Shirley looks around. Something she is holding begins to glow.]

Shirley: The shell Pippo gave me... When the shell shines...

[Scene returns to the party plus Moses and Giet.]

Norma: And why are you following us, anyway?

Moses: Feel free to get outta my way anytime.

Norma: Do you have any idea how obnoxious you are, you stupid bandit!

Moses: Don't go callin' folks stupid!

Norma: And your galf is stupid, too!

Will: Ignore him, Norma.

Chloe: Coolidge, what's that light?

Senel: {!} It's the shell Pippo gave me. Is Shirley trying to contact me?!
All right, Shirley! I'll be right there!

[Party travels further in the Waterways.]

Senel: Shirley, where are you?

[The shell leads Senel to a wall.]

Senel: Here?...

[Senel taps on the wall.]

Moses: What's he doin' talkin' to the wall?

[Senel taps a few more times. The wall reveals a door that slides open.]

Senel: Got it!

[They go inside the hidden room. Walter is laying on the floor. Fenimore is
in the room with him, but Shirley isn't there.]

Senel: Huh? Who are you? Where's Shirley?

Norma: She's...not here.

Will: Is that the flying man on the floor? What's he doing here?

Senel: What are you doing with that shell?

Fenimore: S...stay back!

Chloe: Coolidge, you're scaring her. Calm down.

Senel: Yeah...sorry... That shell belonged to Shirley. Where did she go?
Please, tell me.

Fenimore: She...she said she'd act as a decoy, and then she ran off by herself.

Chloe: When?

Fenimore: Just a few moments ago...

Chloe: If we hurry, we should make it in time. Coolidge, let's go!

Senel: Moses, I need a favor.

Moses: Huh?

Senel: That guy on the ground there, could you carry him on Giet's back?

Norma: Senny! What are you thinking? That's the guy who kidnapped Shirl last

Senel: I know, but... I know Shirley wants us to save him.

Will: That's why she gave this girl the shell and led us here?

Moses: Humph. What's in it for me? I just wanna stir somethin' up. This ain't
my problem.

Chloe: Despicable!

Norma: You jerk!

Chloe, Norma: Stupid bandit!

Moses: Did y'all rehearse that?

Senel: We'll just have to carry him ourselves.

Will: Senel, are you serious?

Senel: You, come with us, too.

Fenimore: What? Why?...

Moses: Now hold up. Why are y'all doin' this? Even if that gal wants what you
think she does, why are you goin' this far for her?

Norma: Well, when it's your beloved sister's wish...you know?

Moses: {!} Sister?!

Will: Shirley is Senel's sister. Don't tell me you didn't know that?

Norma: Looks like he didn't.

Moses: Your sister's wish, huh...I guess you can't say no to that. Come here,
Giet. Gimme your back.

Senel: So you'll do it?

Moses: Humph. Just this once, hear?

Will: There we go.

Chloe: Let's hurry and catch up to Shirley.

Senel: Right.

[They travel more and find Shirley being led away by Melanie.]

Norma: Hold it right there, you!

Melanie: You're still alive? You're annoyingly persistent.

Senel: I'll save you, Shirley!

Shirley: Senel!

[Melanie runs off with Shirley. The party goes to follow, but a monster blocks
their path.]

Norma: Aaaah! What the hell is that?! Now we're fighting giant turtles?!

Will: That thing's armor is nothing to scoff at. Melanie's left us quite a

Chloe: Can we take it on?

Moses: Yahoo!

[Moses throws a spear at the monster.]

Moses: What are y'all lookin' so scared for? Don't matter what the odds are,
ain't no backin' down!

Senel: Right. Leave the rest to us!

Moses: All right! Hurry up and take care of this thing! And I don't want to
see any of y'all not pullin' your own weight, you hear?

[They battle and defeat the monster, then run outside. Nobody is there.]

Chloe: I wonder where they took Shirley.

Fenimore: Are you Shirley's brother?

Senel: Yeah.

Fenimore: Hmm...You're just like she said.

Senel: Shirley told you about me?

Fenimore: Yes. Just before you arrived...

[Flashback to the secret room]

Shirley: I'm going to go out and get their attention. I'm the one they want, so
it should be okay.

Fenimore: There's no way you could do something like that! You're just trying
to make yourself sound good!

Shirley: Take this shell and squeeze it hard.

Fenimore: It's glowing...

Shirley: Concentrate on the shell and think, "Help!" Understand? Keep doing
that. Don't stop.

Fenimore: Wait! You're serious?...

Shirley: Yes.

Fenimore: It doesn't matter what you do! Walter and I are still stuck here!

Shirley: As long as you have that shell, you'll be okay. My brother will come
and rescue you.

Fenimore: How can you be so sure?!

Shirley: He's my brother.

[Flashback ends]

Senel: Shirley said that?...

Fenimore: Here...Take the shell. I'm grateful to  you for rescuing me...Thank

Senel: Yeah, I'm glad you're okay.

Fenimore: {////} Wh...why are you smiling at me? You're Orerines...

Norma: Whoa!

[Walter summons his wings and flies to Fenimore.]

Fenimore: Walter?

Walter: Fenimore, come!

[Walter lifts Fenimore in a purple sphere.]

Fenimore: Ah!

[Walter flies off with Fenimore.]

Norma: Hey! You would've died if it weren't for us! You could at least say

Quppo: Senel!

Norma: Qutie! Do you know where Shirl went?

Quppo: That way! Jay said they were headed for the Ruins of Frozen Light.

Will: That's where Vaclav's main force is. It's at four o'clock from here.

Moses: I'm comin' with you.

Will: And to what do we owe this honor?

Moses: Vaclav plays dirty, and I don't like that. So I'm just gonna stomp all
over him. Simple as that. I know we've had our differences, but I'm willin' to
declare a truce. We're goin' after the same thing, so we should help each
other out!

[Moses holds his hand out to Senel.]

Norma: Ooh! Could this be the start of a beautiful friendship?...

[Senel hits Moses' hand away. The screen goes black.]

Norma: Guess not.

Moses: Hey, what's that for?!

Senel: Who do you think you are? I'm not letting you off that easily!

[Punches can be heard between lines.]

Senel: You're the one who kidnapped Shirley in the first place!

Moses: Can't you let that much slide?! You're supposed to shut up and shake
my hand!

Senel: Like hell I'll let it slide!

Moses: Aaah!

[The picture returns. Moses is laying on the ground.]

Chloe: Coolidge. Thanks for helping me back there in the Waterways.

Norma: Oh? You two warming up to each other?

Chloe: It's not like that...

Moses: All right! Time to move out!

Norma: Red sounds like he's coming with us no matter what.

[Scene changes to the Terrors and Vaclav with Shirley.]

Vaclav: Did you enjoy your brief moment of freedom? We must obviously deal with
the Alliance marine, but it would seem those bandits deserve our attention as
well. Cashel, I'll leave that to you.

Cashel: Yes, sir.

Vaclav: That was quite the little sideshow they put on, but now it's time for
the main event to begin. Within these Ruins of Frozen Light, you're going to
experience something truly remarkable...

Shirley: What?...

Vaclav: Heh heh heh...

             A Fateful Encounter
   <ch3>     Chapter 3

[The party leaves the Waterways.]

Will: To get to the Ruins of Frozen Light from here, we need to go through a
canyon first. It's in the direction of 4 o'clock.

[They travel to the Ruins of Frozen Light.]

Senel: Let's open the duct.

[They enter the Ruins of Frozen Light. Vaclav's soldiers are stationed there.]

Norma: Whoa, look at all of them.

Will: She's under heavy security, just like we thought.

Chloe: So we can't just force our way in.

Norma: Oh, come on. You can't let a minor challenge like this hold you back!

Moses: Right!

Norma: No matter the difficulty, you must press on!

Moses: You tell 'em!

Norma: Go get 'em, Red!

Moses: What do you mean, "Red"?!

Jay: What is that stupid bandit doing with you?

Will: Jay, is there any way we can sneak in there?

Jay: Well, it's not impossible.

Norma: Seriously?!

Jay: When things went badly at the Waterways, I figured you'd ask about that
next. How much are you willing to pay for this information?

Senel: All we've got.

Jay: All you've got isn't very much, now is it?

Norma: Hey! That's not very nice!

Jay: In this case, I'll offer a set fee so there won't be any confusion. The
price is that you risk your lives. That's what this information is worth.

Will: Is that all?

Jay: These are your lives we're discussing. I don't think you could choose
something more valuable.

Chloe: We risk our lives on everything we do.

Jay: Well, then, are we agreed?

[They all nod.]

Jay: Good. Now, look at the map and I'll explain the situation. Right now,
we're here, at the Ruins of Frozen Light. There is a way to infiltrate the
ruins through another opening.

Norma: You're kidding!

Jay: However, that route is a ways off from here. Over here. Here, in the
deepest part of a ruin known as the Great Hollow, lies the other way in. To
tell you the truth, I was fairly certain you would request this information. I
have already sent Poppo on ahead to that spot.

Will: You have our gratitude. All right, everyone, let's head for the Great

Jay: To get to the Great Hollow, head toward nine o'clock from here.

[Will, Chloe, Norma, and Moses leave.]

Senel: Thanks for your help.

Jay: I pray that you succeed this time. Be careful not to let Moses trip you

Moses: I heard that!

[Senel leaves. Jay walks over to the wall.]

Jay: I actually had some cheaper information, too, but no matter. They seem to
be satisfied. I just wish I could see the looks on their faces when they learn
the truth about the way in.

[Scene changes to Vaclav taking Shirley into the Ruins. A large glowing sphere
sits on an alter before them.]

Shirley: What's that?...

Vaclav: You don't know? Then get a little closer...and see for yourself.

[Shirley walks closer to the sphere. She falls to her knees.]

Vaclav: Looks like you've figured it out.

Shirley: Ah...aaah!...

Vaclav: Heh heh heh...

Shirley: It can't...Why?...

Vaclav: Hah hah hah hah hah!

Shirley: Why?!

[Returns to the party. They leave the Ruins of Frozen Light.]

Will: According to this map, we need to use the canyon pass along the sea and
go toward 11 o'clock to get to the Great Hollow.

Norma: JJ always sounds harsh but he's actually a nice guy, don't you think?

Chloe: Yeah.

[They travel to the Great Hollow.]

Senel: Let's open the duct.

[They enter the Great Hollow.]

   <3gh>     Great Hollow

Chloe: So, this is the Great Hollow. It lives up to its name.

Norma: Oh! This was in my teacher's records, too. Somewhere around here... Here
it is! A dewstone tablet!

Moses: A dew-what?

Norma: It's a special type of stone tablet that has records from the Kingdom
of Terises carved into it. And this one here is different from your normal,
run-of-the-mill dewstone tablet.

Senel: How so?

Norma: It's easier if I just show you. Come on! Put your hands on it like when
we opened the door to the ruin.

[They place their hands on the tablet and it glows.]

Norma: See? This tablet acts like a switch for the machinery inside. If you
don't do this first, you won't be able to go down past a certain point.

Moses: Well, I'll be. Bubbles here is actually useful sometimes.

Norma: What do you mean, "sometimes"?!

[Giet runs up to the group.]

Moses: Hey, Giet! That was fast! Good boy! Giet here brought me a letter from
Csaba. Hmm. Says they got away safe, to the forest campsite. All right, Csaba!
Knew I could count on you.

Will: How did you let Giet know where we were?

Moses: I didn't do jack! Giet found me all by himself. Giet and me, we got a
real strong bond!

Norma: Or, maybe, it's your strong stench.

Moses: Hey, I do not stink! Stop spoutin' nonsense!

[They reach the bottom of the Great Hollow. A river flows nearby.]

Norma: I wonder if the river gets wider and we'll have to swim.

Chloe: Don't say things like that!

Norma: Huh? What's wrong?

Chloe: ...Nothing.

Senel: {...}

Chloe: What's with that look, Coolidge?

Senel: I was born with it.

Chloe: *Sigh*

Norma: See? You two are back on good terms.

Senel, Chloe: No, we're not!

[Scene changes]

Vaclav: Go inside.

[Vaclav hits Shirley towards a large stone tablet.]

Shirley: Aah!

[Shirley approaches, and writing on the tablet begins to glow.]

Shirley: This writing!...

Vaclav: It's Old Relares, a special type of Relares, the language of Terises. I
know you can read it. There's no use trying to hide it. It describes how to
activate the ultimate weapon that rests onboard the Legacy, does it not?

Shirley: There are stains on the tablet...Is that...blood?!

Vaclav: I brought many of your brethren here, but none of them would tell me
the truth.

Shirley: And so you...

Vaclav: Heh heh heh...

Shirley: That's horrible...

Vaclav: Now, hurry up and read it. That is, if you don't want to share the
same fate of all the others who've come before you.

[Party enters a cave at the bottom of the Great Hollow.]

   <3pw>     Poppo's Workshop

Will: Oh! Look at that!

[Several large bones are laying around.]

Will: Look at all the huge bones in this place! What kind of animal has?...
These are!...I can't believe it!

Norma: What's so exciting, Teach?

Will: These bones...these are all the bones of a grand gaet!

Chloe: Grand gaet. That's a gaet that--

Will: Dwells on land! Yes! A gaet...lord of all beasts! They're legendary
creatures that have rarely ever been seen!

Norma: Really.

Will: With all these bones, I'm sure I can put together a complete specimen.

Senel: So?

Will: So? A complete grand gaet skeleton would be a treasure not found in any
museum in the world! Where is your sense of awe?! You are witness to a
monumental historical discovery!

Norma: Oh...Those obsessed scholar-types...

Moses: Well, I, for one, understand Will's excitement!

Will: You do? Really?!

Moses: Well, sure! I've always hoped to meet a gaet, myself!

Will: Well said, Moses! You're showing great promise.

Moses: Course, I was hopin' it'd be one of the sea ones. But hey, beggars can't
be choosers.

Will: Precisely!

Moses: So where are the live grand gaets? I want to see one in the flesh, not
some skeleton.

Will: As do I...

Moses: My people got a story that says, if a gaet deems you worthy, you'll get
sacred eres. Like I told you, the whole reason I came to the Legacy was to
meet a gaet!

Will: I'd like to study their ecology and announce my findings to the academic

Norma: Look at them...They're talking about the same thing...but then they...

Chloe: Yeah...

Poppo: Ah, you made it! Welcome, welcome!

Norma: Hi, Poppy!

Senel: Jay said you've been waiting here for us. Sorry to trouble you.

Poppo: Not at all! I'm grateful for your assistance!

Senel: ...Huh?

Poppo: My workshop is over that way! I'll go on ahead and wait for you there!

[They enter the workshop. A strange object is floating on the water.]

Moses: What is this huge thing?

Poppo: This is what you'll be riding in. The Poppo Mk. III! It's the ultimate
underwater vehicle!

Norma: Under--

Chloe: Underwater?! Oh...um...excuse me. *Cough*

Poppo: I'm thrilled you volunteered to take it for a manned test ride!

Will: There seems to have been some miscommunication. We came here in order to
enter the Ruins of Frozen Light.

Poppo: Ah, so that's why you're boarding the Poppo Mk. III. The entrance to the
ruins is in the Underground Lake.

Norma: Under--

Chloe: Underground Lake?!

Norma: Hey, quit stealing my lines!

Senel: So in other words, we can't get to the Ruins of Frozen Light unless we
take the Poppo Mk. III?

Poppo: Correct.

Will: Jay...So this is what he meant by risking our lives.

Norma: If this fails, there won't be any second chances.

Moses: This ain't gonna break down while we're in it, right?

Poppo: It's just as durable as the Mk. II. It'll be like riding in a giant

Norma: The Mk. II sank!

Will: What are the odds of success?

Poppo: At least ten percent!

Chloe, Norma, Moses: Too low! {Chloe} That's low! {Norma} Oh, hell no! {Moses}

Poppo: Really?

Senel: Poppo, is there anything we can do to raise our chances of success?

Poppo: Well, the problem is low shock absorption when bumping into walls and
objects. Now, if we were to use the horn of a Mighty One to construct a
bumper, then perhaps... This is a graveyard for Mighty Ones.

Will: Interesting. The Oressoren refer to grand gaets as "Mighty Ones."

Poppo: This is where Mighty Ones come when they feel they are nearing death.

Will: I had no idea grand gaets possessed such a trait! Fascinating!

Poppo: Do you think you could you go and see if there's a decent-sized horn
among the bones of the Mighty Ones? The horns of a Mighty One should be easy
to recognize. They resemble a crown.

Will: Understood. We'll take you up on your offer.

Moses: Teach? You getting a little excited?

Poppo: If you encounter any living Mighty Ones, you mustn't agitate them.
Please pay proper respect to these great souls as they face their deaths.

Will: Did you hear that, Norma?

Norma: Don't look at me! And you two, cut it out with the nodding!

[They go to the bones strewn about the path.]

Norma: There are bones all over the place, but I don't see any that look like
crowns. Hey, Spot, do something. You're a dog. Can't you sniff one out?

Moses: Giet ain't no dog!

[Giet sniffs around and leads Norma to a creature laying on the ground. A red
crown-shaped object is on its head.]

Norma: Oh! I found one! Check it out! This is what Poppy meant when he said
they look like a crown, right?

Senel, Will, Chloe: Norma!

[The creature gets up.]

Norma: Hmm?

Senel: Behind you!

Norma: What's with all the serious looks? Come on, guys, I'm not going to fall
for that old one... {!} Is it me, or did something warm and stinky just waft
in? Um...Is that a grand gaet?

Will: Yes. Come here, quickly!

Norma: This...this isn't my fault, right? Hah...heh heh...um...hi there...

[She backs away.]

Norma: Slowly...slowly...

Moses: Yahoo!

Norma: What are you doing, you idiot?!

Moses: I am Moses Sandor, and I come seeking sacred eres! If you judge me
worthy, I can get sacred eres, right?

Norma: Red!

Moses: Then it's time to show you what I can do! Take this!

[He throws a spear at the gaet. It lunges forward.]

Norma: Aaaah!

Senel: Moses, what are you doing?!

Moses: It's a test of strength! Bring it on!

Norma: What are you talking about?!

[They battle and defeat the gaet.]

Moses: Woo! We won! So, was I worthy or what? C'mon, give me sacred eres!
What's the holdup? Come on!

Norma: Red.

Moses: Somethin' the matter? Y'all look upset.

Chloe: Look is not the word.

Will: Hold on, Chloe. Let's hear his explanation first.

Moses: O...okay...y'all know I was lookin' for sacred eres, right? According
to the stories my people tell--

Norma: We heard all that already. And?

Moses: Well...I figured if I whooped a grand gaet in a test of strength, it'd
find me worthy.

Senel: You "figured"?

Moses: Come on! I'm beggin' you, give me sacred eres! Without it, I'm...

[They all run up to Moses. Screen goes dark as they beat him up.]

Moses: How come y'all are still so strong after that fight?! Uaah, cut that
out! Don't hit me there! Aaaah!

Poppo: What's going on here?...Oh, my! It's a Mighty One!

[They stop beating up Moses. Poppo talks to the gaet.]

Poppo: Mighty One, we humbly apologize for disturbing your rest. Anyway,
enough about that. Can we have your horn?

Norma: Whoa! Mood swing again.

Senel: Can he really ask it like that?

Will: For that matter, can they even understand each other?

Norma: ...Looks like they're chatting just fine.

Poppo: I shall now convey the words of the Mighty One. He says, "No problem,
brah. It's like, mondo heavy, always getting in the way. So, yeah, just yank
it. It'll always grow back pronto, anyway." The Mighty One has spoken.

Senel: You have got to be making that up!

Poppo: I wouldn't dream of it!

[Screen fades]

Poppo: We've got a fine horn now, so let's return to the workshop.

[They return to the workshop. Jay is there.]

Jay: Greetings.

Chloe: Jay! You never said anything about going underwater! Why didn't you
tell us?!

Jay: I told you that you'd need to be willing to risk your lives.

Chloe: But--

Jay: I even emphasized that part. And what was your response, Ms. Valens?

Chloe: W...well...

Jay: Surely, Chloe, you of all people, a knight, would never shirk the
responsibility of your own words?

Senel: Chloe, you don't have to...

Chloe: Coolidge... No! How can I back down after hearing such words? I shall
enter the Ruins of Frozen Light no matter what it takes!

Moses: Is it me, or are you gettin' a little choked up there?

Chloe: Shut up!

Moses: Aah!

Poppo: Jay and I will work on the upgrade now.

Will: How long do you think it will take?

Jay: One night should suffice.

Will: I guess we'll just have to wait... All right. Well, you're all free to do
as you please in the meantime.

Moses: Senel, I hereby challenge you to a race in the Underground Lake! Let's
see just what an Alliance marine is made of!

Senel: All right. You asked for it.

[Senel and Moses race while Norma and Chloe watch. Later, the boys get out of
the water. Moses sits down.]

Senel: Eighteen wins, zero losses.

[Moses lays down.]

Moses: Okay, okay! I give up! You beat me good!

Norma: Wow, Senny! I guess you really are a marine, huh! My opinion of you just
went up a teeny bit.

Senel: Just a bit?

Chloe: *Sigh* I wish I could do that. Ah, I mean...Have you always been good at
swimming, Coolidge?

Senel: No...


Shirley: Senel! Over here!

Senel: Phew...I finally caught up. You're both amazing swimmers.

Shirley: Pretty good, huh?

Senel: Yeah. I don't think I could ever beat you in a race.

Stella: Well. You're going to have trouble with the Rite of Feriyen if you keep
talking like that.

Senel: The Rite of Feriyen?

Stella: Tell him, Shirley.

Shirley: It's what a man does when he wants a woman to...to, um... ...To marry
him. It's how he proposes.

Senel: Really? How does it work?

Shirley: The woman dives into the water first, and then the man chases after

Stella: The other way around is fine, too.

Shirley: And then...after that...after that, they... Ahh, I can't. Your turn,

Stella: They embrace under the water. If the surroundin water glows, it's proof
that their marriage will be blessed. It's said that they're sure to find
happiness together.

Senel: Seems like a fitting ritual for the people of the water.

Stella: It's not just for the Ferines, Senel. Are you sure you're going to
be okay? No woman in this village would marry a man who couldn't swim as well
as she could.

Senel: Huh?

Shirley: Senel...Are you proposing to someone?

Senel: N...no!

Stella: They've all got pretty high standards...No one's going to show you any

Shirley: Who is it, Senel? Who are you going to propose to?

Senel: I said, I'm not! Calm down! Y...you're going to drown me!

[Flashback ends.]

Chloe: Coolidge, what's wrong?

Senel: Sorry, I was thinking about something else.

Norma: Oh, cut the "serious man lost in thought" act! You're a seventeen-year-
old kid!

Senel: I don't need to hear that from a sixteen-year-old brat.

Norma: Humph!

[Scene changes to the vehicle docked at the port.]

Poppo: The Poppo Mk. III is complete! *Ors ors!*

Jay: Thanks to all of you, it's now equipped with a marvelous protective
barrier. The rest is up to the skill of the captain. Please let me know when
you're ready to go.

[They talk to Jay and get in the submarine.]

Norma: We're in your hands, Senny!

Senel: Got it.

Jay: Oh, one last thing. I'll give you some special bonus information. Once you
arrive at the Ruins of Frozen Light, look for a wall with a star on it.

Will: A wall with a star. Understood.

Norma: All right, Senny! Let's get moving!

Poppo: Good luck to you all!

[They dive. Scene changes to Shirley and Vaclav.]

Vaclav: Well? Have you deciphered it?

Shirley: "The blood-stained thunder must not be woken from its eternal sleep."
All that's written here is a warning. There's nothing else.

Vaclav: Don't lie to me, girl.

Shirley: It's not a lie!

Vaclav: You honestly think you can fool me with that?!

Shirley: I said, it's not--

Vaclav: Fine. It matters not. The real reason I brought you here lies

Shirley: What?...

Vaclav: You're going to break the seal on that "blood-stained thunder."

Shirley: What? I can't do anything like that!

Vaclav: Of course you can. You're the Merines. We'll begin as soon as
preparations are complete. Until then, you wait here.

[Vaclav leaves the room. Shirley falls to her knees.]

Shirley: I have no power... None...

[Scene changes to the party on the sub. Senel is at the controls.]

Norma: Whoa, we're going down. Awesome!

Moses: Here we go!

Will: We're counting on you, Senel. Senel! Watch out for that giant fish!

Moses: Hey, don't hit that wall right there!

Norma: Whoa! This ride is so exciting! Senny, keep it up!

Chloe: (It's all right. Stay calm. Deep breaths...)

Will: This isn't something you should be taking lightly. How many close calls
have we had now?

Norma: Don't worry! Senny knows what he's doing!

Chloe: (It's all right. Stay calm. Deep breaths...)

Senel: I've gotten used to the controls now. We'll be all right, I think.

Chloe: (It's all right. Stay calm. Deep breaths...)

Moses: Say...what's this weird chantin' I keep hearin'?

Senel: The entrance to the cave is up ahead.

Will: According to Poppo, from here on out it's just a straight line.

[A strange "ping" is heard.]

Will: Did you just hear something?

Senel: We'd better hurry.

[The submarine is filling with water.]

Norma: How much farther do we have to go?

Senel: It looks like we're almost there.

Chloe: Ah! Almost there! Hey, Coolidge...Was the floor covered in water when
we set out?

Moses: Am I hearin' things, or did something just make a creakin' sound?

Norma: Um...so...in other words...

Senel: There's a leak in the sub.

Norma: Oh. {...} A leak?! How can you say that so calmly?! Do something!

Senel: Ugh! Can't...breathe...Norma...

Moses: Can't you go any faster?

Senel: It's already at full speed!

Will: Settle down. There's nothing we can do now but hope for the best.

Norma: Oh, come on!

[Chloe falls to the floor.]

Norma: Hey! C just collapsed! C, wake up!

[They make it to the Ruins of Frozen Light. The sub sinks right after.]

Senel, Will, Chloe, Norma, Moses: Phew...

Will: Somehow, we made it.

Chloe: We're alive...

Senel: Are we really inside the Ruins of Frozen Light?

Norma: No question about it. The floor, the walls--it's all white. People say
that's how the Ruins of Frozen Light got their name. Everything is bright

Moses: Sure is made of some weird stuff. It's all smooth.

Will: Now our mission truly begins. We must rescue Shirley and think of a way
to escape this place.

Norma: Yeah, we obviously can't go back the way we came.

Will: Exactly. Stay on guard. Especially you, Norma.

Norma: Why is it always me?!

Will: I just felt like that needed to be said.

   <3fl>     Ruins of Frozen Light

[They go through the door. The next room has a star on one wall.]

Norma: Hey, JJ said to find a wall with a star on it, right?

Senel: Is this it?

Norma: Let me see! I can take care of this!

[She runs over and taps on the wall.]

Norma: Hmm...

Chloe: Have you found anything?

Norma: Uh...

Senel: Not really, huh.

Norma: Um...

Moses: Ahh, she's useless.

Norma: Would you shut up? I'm trying to work here!

[She kicks the wall. It slides up.]

Norma: See? Piece of cake!

Senel: All you did was kick the wall!

[They go through the door.]

Chloe: This is!...

Norma: Stupid JJ! I'm going to strangle him!

[They find themselves back outside.]

Moses: I got a weird feelin' I've seen this place before...

Norma: You have seen this place before!

Chloe: Why did we just go through all of that?

Norma: They took advantage of us for their little experiment. Ooh...You're
gonna pay for this, JJ!

Will: Norma, don't shout. Did you forget that there are soldiers nearby?

Norma: Oops.

Senel: At least now, we've secured an escape route.

Will: Yes, we can even return to the city if necessary. Let's just think of
this as one problem solved.

[They travel through the Ruins of Frozen Light and flip a switch.]

Senel: What's that sound?

Will: I think it came from ahead.

Chloe: Let's go.

[They travel further.]

Chloe: The security at the entrance was pretty heavy, but it doesn't seem as
bad inside.

Moses: Bet they thought there's no way anybody'd ever get in.

Senel: I wouldn't be so sure about that...

[A large monster approaches.]

Moses: So this is Vaclav's guard dog, huh? Bring it on!

[They battle and defeat the monster and continue on. In the next room, they
find a giant glowing sphere.]

Moses: What in the hell is that?

Norma: Looks like some red vines wrapped around a big white thing.

Will: What's that glowing inside it? It looks like there's water in there...

[Senel examines it more closely. He backs away.]

Senel: {!} It can't be... No! It...It's not... This isn't real! This can't be

Will: Senel, calm down!

Moses: What's goin' on?!

Senel: Get off me!

[He hits them away.]

Chloe, Norma: Coolidge?! {Chloe} Senny?! {Norma}

Senel: Hang on, I'll get you out of there! I'll get you out, okay?

[Will and Moses drag him away from the sphere.]

Senel: What are you doing?!

Moses: Senel, come on! Get a grip!

Senel: Let me go! That's...That's...

Norma: What the heck is in there?... W...what is that?!

Chloe: What's wrong?!

Norma: There's a...girl in the water!

Chloe: What?! Shirley?! No...who is...

Senel: Stella! No!

Will, Chloe, Norma, Moses: Stella?!

Senel: Stella...Who did this to you?

Vaclav: I did.

Senel: Vaclav!...You did this?!

Vaclav: If she were awake, I'm sure this would have made for a touching
reunion. How unfortunate.

Senel: What have you done to her?!

Vaclav: Nothing at all. She's been like this for three years. Alive,
unconscious. Locked inside that sphere.

Senel: You're lying. Three years ago, Stella--

Vaclav: Stella never died! It's true, this girl stood before our army, risking
her life to allow you and her sister to escape. However! She did not die. We
captured her very much alive.

Senel: No! Stella was alive! She...she wasn't dead after all... All this
time... All this time I...

Vaclav: Hah hah hah hah hah!

Norma: Senny...What in the world is going on here?

Vaclav: That girl before you...is the Merines' older sister.

Chloe: Shirley's sister?!

Vaclav: Enough talk. I applaud the reckless bravery that brought you this far.
I shall now take care of you with my own two hands.

Moses: Heh! Bring it! I never thought I'd get to settle this score so soon!

Senel: You... If it weren't for people like you, Stella would be...

Vaclav: Heh.

Senel: Vaclav!

[They battle Vaclav and are defeated. Shirley is now in the room with Cashel
and Stingle.]

Shirley: Senel...What have they done to you?!

Senel: Sh...Shirley...

Vaclav: Merines. If you wish to save this man you call your brother, then
release the seal at once. Otherwise, he dies!

[Vaclav stomps on Senel.]

Senel: Argh!

Shirley: Stop it! Don't hurt him!

Vaclav: What will it be, girl? It's all up to you.

Shirley: I!...

Senel: Urgh!

Shirley: Senel!

Vaclav: Are you going to just let him die?

Shirley: *Gasp*

Vaclav: Heh. You may call each other brother and sister, but in the end, your
relationship is not one of flesh and blood. You don't feel any obligation to
help this stranger?

Norma: What did he say?

Chloe: Not flesh and blood...

Moses: Hold up, just who is he sayin' ain't kin?

Will: Senel...You're not...

Vaclav: You didn't know? This Merines has no brother. The only family she has
is this sleeping girl you see before you.

Senel: Ugh!

Vaclav: You're pathetic!

Shirley: Please, stop! All right...I'll do it.

Vaclav: I can't hear you.

Shirley: I'll try to break the seal! So please, spare Senel's life!

Vaclav: Heh heh heh...

Norma: Shirl...

[Shirley stand in front of the sphere. Cashel and Stingle watch the party.]

Vaclav: Begin.

Chloe: Shirley...

[Shirley is put into the sphere with Stella.]

Vaclav: Pour in the water!

Chloe: Their hair!...

Norma: No way...Radiants' hair really does glow!

Will: Shining One...

Moses: She really was the Merines!

Vaclav: Good...good! Call forth the power within you! Release the seal! What is
the problem, Merines?! Break the seal! Now! {...} Pathetic weakling! Water!
More water! Open all the valves!

Norma: Hey! You're hurting her!

Will: No! There's seawater in there! Vaclav, stop! Seawater is poisonous to

Vaclav: Is that painful, Merines? Then, for the sake of your own life, break
the seal!

Will: The apparatus is lit up again...Is that Shirley's power?

Vaclav: Yes! This is it! This is the reaction I've been waiting for! Hah hah
hah hah! The time has finally come! The ultimate weapon of the Legacy shall be

[The sphere breaks. Shirley and Stella lay inside.]

Vaclav: Kill them all.

Cashel: With pleasure.

[A glow comes from the broken sphere.]

Chloe: Again?!

[A golden butterfly appears. It knocks away Vaclav, Stingle and Cashel.]

Vaclav: Ugh!

[The strange light encases Senel in a golden sphere.]

Chloe: Coolidge?! Shirley, what are you doing?!

[The sphere takes Senel through an escape hatch.]

Moses: Where'd he take off to?

Will: Perhaps we can escape through there.

Norma: Yeah! Shirley must be showing us the way out!

Will: All right. Let's follow him!

Chloe: What about Shirley?!

Will: There's nothing we can do right now! Hurry!

[They run off and escape through the hatch. It closes behind them.]

Vaclav: Heh heh heh...They sure do provide plenty of entertainment. The boy may
prove useful yet. He seems to have a knack for bringing out the Merines' power.
Cashel! Stingle! Pursue them at once! I don't care what happens to the others,
but bring Senel back alive!

Cashel: Yes, sir!

Vaclav: And contact Melanie as well.

Stingle: Yes, sir.

Cashel: What is it, Commander?

Vaclav: That boy...he may be... No, there's no point in guessing. We'll capture
him and ask him directly. Heh heh heh...


Senel: The village is on fire!

Stella: They found us...

Senel: How did they find this place?! Don't tell me they...

Stella: They're after Shirley. I'll stay here and hold them off. Take Shirley
and run.

Senel: Stella, I'm not leaving you behind!

Stella: I'll catch up with you later, all right?

Senel: But...Stella...

Stella: Protect Shirley until I get there. Use that power of yours.

Senel: Stella?...You knew I was an eren?!

Stella: Please! Hurry!

[Senel runs off. Later.]

Senel: Stella!

Stella: Senel?

Senel: I came to get you! Hang on!

Stella: Senel, please...take care of Shirley for me...

Senel: But...you know the truth...about me.

Stella: I trust you.

Senel: Stella...

Stella: But I think it would be best if you didn't tell Shirley...

Senel: All right.

Stella: Promise me...

Senel: I promise.

Stella: Now I can...stop worrying. But...

Senel: What?

Stella: It's too bad... I was looking forward to you asking me for the Rite of

Senel: Stella, I'll ask you a thousand times. Just hang on, okay?! Stella?

[Flashback ends. Party is in a forest. Norma and Will heal Senel.]

Senel: Stella!

Norma: Aah! Don't shout like that!

Senel: Argh!

Will: Don't push yourself. You were badly injured.

Senel: Where are we?

Will: According to Moses, a place called the Forest of No Return.

Moses: We got shot over here from the Ruins of Frozen Light.

Senel: What about Shirley?

[They shake their heads.]

Senel: Oh...

Norma: Senny, about Shirl...

Will: Norma, now is not the time.

Norma: ...Yeah, all right.

Will: We'll talk more later. Right now, we need to get away from here as
quickly as possible.

Norma: Oh, this isn't good. It's great that we escaped and all, but did we have
to end up in the Forest of No Return, of all places? It's really easy to lose
your sense of direction here. It's famous among treasure hunters. If you come
here unprepared, you're bound for disaster.

Moses: Leave it to me and Giet.

Chloe: So that's why it's called the Forest of No Return.

Moses: I said, leave it to me and Giet!

Will: Are there any landmarks?

Norma: Hmm...

Moses: Hey! Are you gonna listen to me or what?!

Will, Chloe, Norma: Shut up!

Moses: Aah! Fine, then. We'll just go by ourselves. Ain't that right, Giet?

Will: Moses, where are you going?

Moses: To our camp. My boys are waitin' for me there. We've been in this forest
ever since they ran us out of our hideout. I know it like the back of my hand.

Will: Why didn't you say so in the first place, you idiot?!

Moses: For cryin' out loud...

Will: All right, then, we're off to the bandit camp. Moses, lead the way.

Moses: You got it.

Chloe: Coolidge...

Norma: Come on, Senny! We're walking...We're walking...

Senel: Oh, uh...yeah.

[They leave the area. Stingle and Cashel arrive.]

Cashel: Ahh, let the hunt begin.

   <3nr>     Forest of No Return

[The party walks a ways into the Forest.]

Norma: Ugh, I'm beat...

Moses: We barely started walkin' yet. You're pathetic.

Norma: You're just too stupid to feel tired! I mean, we were already worn out
from taking care of Senny and all...

Cashel: Then allow me to offer you permanent rest...right here.

[Cashel comes over along with some soldiers.]

Will: Cashel!

Cashel: I was ordered to dispose of all of you except Senel. For the crime of
challenging the Commander, you shall now pay with your lives.

Will: Everyone, run!

Cashel: There is no escape. Go!

[The soldiers chase the party.]

Cashel: Heh heh heh...

[They go through the forest some more.]

Norma: Those soldiers just keep coming and coming! Give up already! Shoo!

Moses: Hey, I know this place! The camp's not far now!

Norma: Really?

Moses: If we can make it there, we can turn this around easy! We'll hook up
with my boys and beat them to a bloody pulp!

[Giet growls and runs off. The party follows. They find the camp destroyed.]

Moses: What the hell?! Csaba! Hey! Anyone! Where'd y'all go?

Norma: Do you think the soldiers got them?

[Stingle walks over.]

Cashel: Oh, is this where you were headed? We've already been through here.

[Cashel blocks the entrance.]

Cashel: I took care of all the thugs here personally. Commander's orders, you

Moses: You bastard! Giet's gonna feast on your heart tonight!

Will: Moses!

Moses: Move!

Norma: What do we do now? We're surrounded!

Chloe: Damn you! Stingle...

Stingle: The sole daughter of the House of Valens. How you've grown...

Chloe: What?...

Stingle: I told you then, if you ever wielded a sword, I would show you no

Chloe: I know those words... It was you...

Stingle: I'll take this as a confirmation of your decision.

Chloe: It was you! The swordsman with the snake tattoo!

Norma: C, what are you talking about?!

Chloe: I have waited years for a chance to face you. For the honor of the
House of Valens! En garde! Yaaah!

Norma: C! Cut it out! Stop!

Chloe: You... You... You!...

[Stingle dodges all her attacks, then counters.]

Norma: C!

Chloe: Aaaah!

Norma: Teach! Do something!

Moses: Senel, Will, outta my way! That's the one who took out my boys!

Will: I'm telling you, now is not the time! Don't throw away your life for

Moses: Aaargh!

Cashel: Senel. You alone will be spared. You get to see your Merines again one
more time.

Senel: What?!

Cashel: You and her sister will serve as catalysts to draw out the girl's

Senel: Go to hell!

Cashel: The rest of you can die here, just like those thugs.

Moses: I will kill you!

Will: Stop! Now!

[Will hits Moses.]

Moses: But, Will...

Will: The only thing we can do right now is retreat. Understand?! That way!
Run! Move!

[Senel and Moses run off with Giet. Will faces Cashel.]

Will: Norma, take Chloe and run!

Norma: Come on C, get up!

Cashel: You think you'll be able to shield them? What can you possibly hope to
do all alone?

Will: How about...this?!

[He casts Lightning.]

Cashel: What the?!...

[Will runs off.]

Cashel: Damn!

[The party makes it through the forest.]

Will: Moses, what's up ahead?

Moses: The end of the forest. It comes out near a lake.

Will: Okay.

[The ground rumbles a bit.]

Moses: What's that shakin'?

Norma: Something's coming. Something is definitely coming.

Senel: {!} Everyone, get to the side!

[A large monster charges past them.]

Norma, Moses: Aaah! {Norma} Waah! {Moses}

Chloe: Wh...what was that?

[The monster comes back.]

Norma: Man! And we were almost out of the forest, too!

[They battle and defeat the monster.]

Will: We did it...Good job, everyone. I know it's tough, but we're almost
through. We have to keep going before they catch us.

[They keep going.]

Norma: Phew...We're finally out of the...forest?!

[They find themselves surrounded by the giant monsters and some soldiers.
Melanie stands before them.]

Melanie: Took you long enough to get here.

Will: Melanie...

Norma: I can't take this anymore...

Melanie: Heh heh heh...

Norma: This is it! We're finished! There's no way we can get through this!

Melanie: Hah hah hah hah hah!

[Scene changes to Vaclav in the Ruins of Frozen Light. The stone tablet lights

Anime cutscene begins. Giant pillars rise up from the Legacy. An island
crumbles and breaks away as a huge building rises up from it. Water drains from
the Legacy. Anime cutscene ends.]

Melanie: So, they've restored the bridge of the Legacy. With this, the
Commander can control the entire ship as he sees fit. Did they go back into
the forest? They don't know when to give up.

[Scene changes to the party running. They stop.]

Norma: There's no use running...

Will: Don't give up!

[Soldiers approach.]

Moses: There's only three of 'em! That's nothin'!

[Two more soldiers come from behind.]

Senel: No, there are more behind them!

Chloe: Fools.

Moses: Dammit!

[The two soldiers attack the three in front of them.]

Senel, Will, Chloe, Norma, Moses: *Gasp*

Norma: They took out their own guys...

???: The soldiers who assisted you were actually my men in disguise.

Senel: That voice!

[A man walks up to the party.]

Senel: Maurits!

Chloe, Norma: Who?!

Maurits: It's good to see you again, Senel. It's been, what, three years since
the attack on the village?

Senel: Maurits, why are you here?

Maurits: I couldn't ignore the request of a fellow Ferines.

[Fenimore approaches.]

Senel: Fenimore!

Maurits: Now, then. If you prefer, perhaps we can help turn the tables on your
current situation. What do you think?

[Scene changes to the party looking over where the bridge rose up.]

Moses: The lake just...up and disappeared...

Maurits: That's because the entire ship has now risen. Other locations may have
been affected as well.

Chloe: Is it connected to the appearance of that giant building?

Norma: Oh! Senny! That building! Isn't that that big island we saw when we went
to the Oresoren village?

Maurits: That structure is a facility that serves as this ship's bridge. It was
camouflaged as an island during the Terises era.

Will: Why would they go through all the trouble to hide it?

Maurits: Because from there, anyone can control the ship--not just the Merines.
Easy access to great power often brings misfortune. Thus, it was sealed.

[A soldier runs up to Maurits and whispers in his ear.]

Maurits.: Mm. Understood.

Will: It's amazing how you've snuck your soldiers into Vaclav's army like that.

Maurits: That's how we're able to get information quickly. It appears that
Vaclav has taken Stella and Shirley and departed from the Ruins of Frozen

[Scene changes to show Stella and Shirley being led away by Vaclav's army.
Changes back to party.]

Senel: Is Shirley... ...going to be taken to that bridge place?

Maurits: Undoubtedly.

Moses: Just what's that Vaclav up to?

Maurits: It's unlikely that Vaclav's plans stop at merely controlling the ship.
His true objective is probably the Nerifes Cannon.

Norma: What's that?

Maurits: This ship's main cannon. It resurfaced along with the bridge.

Senel: The Legacy's got a cannon?

Norma: Say, how come you know all this stuff? Who are you people, anyway?

Chloe: Norma, don't be rude.

Norma: Well, I mean, I'm thankful they rescued us, but don't you think they're
a little suspicious?

Maurits: We are... In your language, our race is known as the Radiant. However,
we call ourselves Ferines, the people of the water.

Will: The Radiant...That's the name of the ancient race that created the
Kingdom of Terises.

Chloe: Then, you are their descendants?

Maurits: Surely you're not surprised? You've met several Ferines already.
You've met Fenimore here... ...and Shirley.

Moses: That gal's a Radiant?

Norma: When I saw her glowing in the water, I figured that was the case.

Senel: You saw that?

Chloe: When you were unconscious.

Senel: Um...

Maurits: At any rate, you need to hide yourselves for now. I'd like to escort
you to one of our bases.

Norma: What should we do?

Moses: You think there's a catch?

Chloe: Coolidge knows him. I don't think we need to worry.

Will: Hmm...

Fenimore: You people aren't very bright.

Norma: Don't say that out loud! You'll hurt Red's feelings!

Moses: What do you mean, "Red"?!

Fenimore: Why did you save me before?

Senel: That was because Shirley... Oh, so this is just like then, huh?

Fenimore: Really, it's none of my concern what happens to you Orerines. But if
you die, Shirley will...

Senel: {...} All right.

Will: Well, I guess we'll take you up on that offer.

Maurits: Excellent. Let's be on our way. From here, the base lies in the
direction of eight o'clock.

Senel: Fenimore, thanks.

Fenimore: Don't misunderstand me... I just didn't like owing you a favor,
that's all. {////}

             The War-Torn Land
   <ch4>     Chapter 4

[Party leaves the Forest of No Return.]

Maurits: Due to the recent rising of the Bridge, it appears that we can now
use previously inaccessible areas. Please use the shallow areas to reach your

Fenimore: Could you head to the shallow area next to the mountains first? Then
go along the lake toward 11 o'clock.

[They arrive at Maurits' Hermitage]

Senel: Let's open the duct.

[They enter Maurits' Hermitage. There's nothing but trees.]

Maurits: Here we are. This is one of our bases.

Norma: He calls this a base? There's nothing here but trees.

Chloe: Perhaps it's a camp?

Norma: What? We have to sleep outside?!

Will: Don't complain, Norma.

Norma: Oh, come on...

Moses: Suits me just fine.

Norma: That's 'cause you're a savage.

[Maurits raises his hand. The trees vanish to reveal a small village.]

Moses: Wh...what'd you just do?

Maurits: We've constructed a barrier to avoid detection by potential enemies.

Norma: Whoa, cool!

Maurits: Well then, please proceed.

[They enter the village and run into Walter.]

Senel: You!

Maurits: Oh, that's right. You came to Walter's aid before, did you not? Please
allow me to thank you for that as well.

Norma: Too bad Wally himself never thanked us.

Chloe: I didn't think you were the type to hold a grudge.

Moses: And quit callin' him "Wally" like he's your friend or somethin'.

Walter: We're heading off to retrieve the Whisper Crystal.

Maurits: Come inside.

[They enter the building.]

Maurits: I offer you this place to use as you need. It's an inconvenient
location with almost nothing around, but it should be ideal for hiding.

Norma: Great, thanks!

Senel, Will: So Stella and Shirley-- {Senel} I'd like it if you-- {Will}

Maurits: One at a time, if you would.

Senel: What's going to happen to Stella and Shirley?

Maurits: If things continue on this course, they'll surely be used to fire the
Nerifes Cannon.

Senel: Used?

Maurits: We, the Ferines, are the cannon's source of power. It springs from our
very lives.

Senel: What?!

Norma: You mean they're going to be used like bullets?

Maurits: Historical records tell us that many Ferines gave their lives each
time the cannon was fired.

Senel: Why would they build something like that?!

Maurits: That is precisely why it was sealed. It is a terrible, terrible
device. And, Vaclav, of all people, had to be the one to awaken it.

Senel: Stella...Shirley... {...}

Maurits: What was your other question?

Will: I think it's about time you told us your true objective. Surely you're
not showing us all this hospitality for free.

Maurits: Ah, how perceptive. It's true, Fenimore's request was not the only
reason we came to your aid. The people of the water seek an alliance with you,
the people of the land. Our objective, of course, is to recover Shirley and
Stella from Vaclav's clutches.

Will: You seek an alliance...with us?

Maurits: Specifically, with the Holy Rexalian Empire that's supporting you,

Norma: The Holy Rexalian Empire?!

Moses: Say, Bubbles.

Chloe: Why did you bring up Rexalia? And just how is it supporting Raynard?

Moses: {scribble} Say, Chloe.

Will: Exactly how much do you know?

Maurits: We know that Rexalia has secretly stationed a large number of troops
on this ship.

Norma: Are you saying the reason every country in the world has left this ship

Chloe: ...Is because it's under Rexalia's control?

Will: It's merely a precaution. "The Legacy belongs to no nation."

Moses: So what's this Holy Rexalian Empire?

Will: It's a monarchy in the center of the mainland. Its power exceeds that of
all surrounding nations; many consider it to be the strongest in the world.
Even if we were to form an alliance, would we have a realistic chance of

Maurits: Yes. At the moment, anyway.

Norma: Whoa.

Moses: Is that true?

Maurits: I wouldn't have suggested it if it weren't.

Chloe: Raynard, we should definitely pursue this alliance.

Senel: C'mon, Will!

Will: All right. I'll serve as mediator.

Senel, Chloe, Moses: Yes! {Senel & Chloe} Woo-hoo! {Moses}

Maurits: You have our gratitude. I'll prepare a written message at once.

Moses: Yahoo! This ain't over by a long shot!

Chloe: When I first saw how bad the odds were, I honestly thought the situation
was hopeless. But now it sounds like there's still a chance. We don't have to
give up just yet.

Will: You all, wait here until things settle down.

Norma: Things?

Will: Until the war is over.

Moses: I gotta avenge my boys!

Chloe: I have someone I must face as well!

Senel: Stella and Shirley are in danger. I won't just abandon them!

Will: War is not the place for children, and that's exactly how you're acting!
This is precisely what I'm worried about. Don't you understand? You three are
too emotional about Vaclav. You cannot run off on your own on the battlefield,
abandoning everyone else.

Chloe: We would never--

Will: You wouldn't? What happened in the Forest of No Return?

Maurits: Senel...All of you. You've done extremely well. Please relax now and
leave the rest to us. Fenimore, please show them to the sleeping quarters

Fenimore: Yes, sir. This way. Follow me.

[Scene changes to night. Senel leaves the building while everyone sleeps.
Flashback begins.]

Shirley: Senel, watch this. Ta-da!

[A blue butterfly-shaped object appears above her head.]

Senel: A butterfly?...

Shirley: It's a teriques.

Stella: It means "wings of the beginning." We say that once a Ferines can
display these wings, her life as an adult has begun.

Shirley: Everybody's teriques looks different. Different shapes, different

Senel: Can you do it, too, Stella? Let me see.

Stella: Uh-uh.

Senel: That just makes me want to see it more...

Stella: Heh heh. Maybe next time.

Shirley: Humph. When I complete the Rite of Accession, I'll be able to make a
much bigger teriques.

Senel: Oh yeah?

Shirley: I'll show you so much you won't even care about Stella's.

[Flashback ends. Chloe approaches Senel.]

Senel: Chloe?...

Chloe: Coolidge...could I talk to you for a moment? To be honest, what Raynard
said really got to me.

Senel: What, that we're children?

Chloe: I was so concerned about myself, I couldn't see the big picture. Being
that shortsighted is pathetic. Anyone would call me a child. I'm not actually
a knight.

Senel: Huh?

Chloe: The House of Valens were knights, but my family was stripped of that

Senel: Did Stingle have something to do with that?

Chloe: Yes. Five years ago, he killed both my parents right before my very

Senel: What?

Chloe: He hid his face behind that mask, but I'm sure it was him. I came to the
Legacy to avenge my parents.

Senel: ...Why are you telling me this?

Chloe: I just thought it was unfair for me to know about you, but not the other
way around...

[Senel gets up and starts to walk away.]

Chloe: Are you planning to go by yourself? What you're demonstrating isn't
bravery. It's recklessness.

Senel: Shut up...

Chloe: You know you don't stand a chance of winning if you just charge in there

Senel: Shut up! Shirley and Stella are both suffering this very moment, and if
somebody doesn't do something, they will die! And you want me to just sit here
doing absolutely nothing? Even if we're not related by blood, I still--

Chloe: You're right. That's why I'm going with you. Don't think you're the only
one who's suffering. I feel loyalty to my homeland and hatred for my enemy... I
am every bit as angry as you are. I cannot stand idly by and watch these events
unfold. I think we can resolve those issues Raynard was worried about. Now that
we know about each other, we should be able to work better together. Right,
Coolidge? Or is this just my own naive fantasy?

[Senel puts his hand out to Chloe.]

Senel: No. No fantasy.

Chloe: Coolidge!

[Chloe puts her hand out to Senel's.]

Chloe: Looks like our alliance came first.

Senel: Yeah.

Norma: Wait just a second!

[Norma runs up with Moses.]

Moses: We're comin', too. I don't know nothin' about no political problems, but
I do know you ain't leavin' me out of all the fun.

Chloe: What do you know...It looks like we all had the same idea after all.

Norma: We are so on the same wavelength! What idiot said we couldn't work

Fenimore: Why are you doing all this? They said you could rest now. Why do you
insist on going? I can't fight or do anything like that... I'm worried about
Shirley, but I could never go out on a battlefield!

Chloe: We're just trying to do what we can.

Norma: Don't you mean the only thing we can?

Senel: We're probably just a bunch of clumsy, stupid kids.

Norma: Are you going to let him talk to you like that, Red?

Moses: It ain't just about me, Bubbles!

Senel: But, you know... This is who we are.

Fenimore: You're...

Senel: Besides, there's still something you can do, Fenimore.

Fenimore: There is?

Senel: Keep Shirley in your thoughts.

Fenimore: That'll help? It's just like Shirley said... I still can't trust

Senel: Fenimore...

Fenimore: But I do trust Shirley, and she said not everyone behaves and thinks

Senel: ...Yeah.

Fenimore: I'll never forgive you if you betray her trust. I'll be watching you.

Senel: All right. Thanks, Fenimore.

Fenimore: But I...I haven't done anything...

Norma: So! Time to figure out what we're going to do!

[Scene changes to morning. They go upstairs.]

Senel: Let us join the alliance.

Chloe: We'll follow your instructions. We won't run wild or go off on our own.

Moses: Fightin' on the front lines, just carryin' supplies, whatever...You name
it, we'll do it.

Norma: Pretty please!

Will: *Sigh*

Senel: We spent the whole night talking about it. Please.

Chloe: We know the difference between what we want to do and what we need to
do. So please, Will.

Will: The alliance isn't even formed yet. You're getting ahead of yourselves.

Norma: Meaning?...

Will: I cannot agree to your request.

Norma: Why not?!

Will: Because this will be a war, and there's no place in war for personal

[One of the Ferines runs into the room.]

Radiant Youth: Chief, please come quickly. It's Walter!

Maurits: What about him?

[They leave the building. Walter is standing over someone on the ground.]

Maurits: What happened?

Radiant Youth: We were driven back by the monsters living there.

Maurits: So we've failed to obtain the Whisper Crystal. This will set our plans

Will: Is it that important?

Maurits: It holds the very key to our victory.

Norma: Oh! Oh, oh! Hey! In that case, we'll go get that whatchamacallit crystal

Maurits: You?

Norma: And then, once we bring it back, you can let us join the alliance!

Will: Norma, those are two different matters entirely.

Maurits: No, I'd appreciate the help. It's really something we should do
ourselves, but we simply don't have enough people.

Norma: Consider it done! Okay everyone, let's go!

Chloe: Go where?

Norma: Go where?

Moses: You're gettin' a little uppity there, Bubbles.

Maurits: The Whisper Crystal is hidden in a tomb left over from the Terises
era. The place where it's located used to be an island, but now it's connected
to the land. Head toward eleven o'clock from here to find it.

Norma: Located at eleven o'clock...Used to be an island...All right, let's see.
I think that would be... {!} No way!

Senel: What is it?

Norma: Y...you don't mean, the Man-Eating Ruins? That place is famous among
treasure hunters as the one place you never want to go!

Senel: Well, we can't back down now. Right, guys?

Chloe, Moses: Right. {Chloe} Yep. {Moses}

Senel: Let's go.

Norma: Please, no! Anything but the Man-Eating Ruins!

Will: Wait just a moment. I'm going with you.

Senel: Are you sure?

Will: I'd get an ulcer within a day if I knew you were out there loose on your
own. I'll have someone else deliver the letter.

Chloe: Thank you. It's reassuring to have you around.

Will: {////} Honestly, you people...

[Scene shows Vaclav and the Terrors with Stella and Shirley. Party leaves.]

Chloe: We're headed to a gravesite from the Kingdom of Terises. We need to go
through the forest in the direction of 3 o'clock, while going around the canyon

Norma: Not the Man-Eating Ruins!

[They travel to the Man-Eating Ruins]

Senel: Let's open the duct.

[They enter the Man-Eating Ruins]

   <4me>     Man-Eating Ruins

Norma: *Sigh* We're here...

Moses: Oh, stop making such a fuss. Just let me and Giet handle it!

Norma: If it looks like I'm about to get eaten, you take my place, okay,

Senel: No.

Norma: Meanie!

Will: Well, at the very least, we know Walter entered this place and returned.
I don't think we need to worry so much about rumors and stories.

Norma: Hey, that's right! Wally did make it back out! There is nothing to fear
in the Man-Eating Ruins! Onward!

Moses: She sure flipped quick...

Senel: It's not like this is the first time.

Chloe: Hey, Norma. You're not at all concerned about the serious injuries
Walter's companions suffered?

Norma: ...Oh yeah.

[They travel through the ruins and enter a room with a strange bed and several
statues of people.]

Moses: What is this place? There's a bunch of weird statues all lined up.

Norma: Oh! Look! It's a bed! It looks so comfortable! Woo-hoo!

[She flops onto the bed.]

Will: Norma! You must be more cautious!

Norma: Zzz...

Senel, Will, Chloe: (...Asleep already?)

Moses: Heh heh. She sure is...uh...carefree...

Chloe: That's one way of putting it.

Senel: No, something's not right here!

Norma: Hmm? Ah, morning, Senny!

Senel: Now's not the time to be sleeping! There's something up with that bed!

[Senel pulls Norma off the bed. The bed shakes and comes alive.]

Chloe: Something's coming!

[Another monster approaches. They battle and defeat the monsters.]

Norma: Wow, that was close. Any closer, and I would've wound up as one of those
statues. No wonder they call it the Man-Eating Ruins. It's full of sneaky

Senel: I think the problem is that you'd actually fall for a trap like that.

[They enter the next room.]

Norma: What are these weird pointy things all over the place?

Will: Perhaps artifacts buried with the dead, or sentinels to watch over them.

Chloe: But where is the object of our search? We must've already come quite a
ways in...

Senel: Is that the Whisper Crystal over there?

Norma: Maybe so. Sure looks like a crystal.

Moses: Yahoo! Come to papa!

[Moses runs toward the Crystal. He stops in front of the tomb.]

Norma: Wait! Red! Stop!

Moses: Hah hah, looks like I'm first...Whoa! {!}

Will: Moses, what is it?

Moses: What the?!...

Chloe: Why did Sandor's voice get so tense?!

Senel: Is something wrong?! We're coming!

Moses: Take a peek inside the casket. Slowly.

Senel, Will: What the?!...

Chloe, Norma: *Gasp*

[A woman in green is laying in the casket.]

Chloe, Norma: Who... Who is that?!

Norma: She's awake...

???: Good morning, everyone.

Senel, Will, Chloe, Norma, Moses: ...Good morning.

Will: What's your name?

Grune: Grune...I think. Does that sound right?

Will: Don't ask me...

Norma: What are you doing in a place like this?

Grune: Oh, you know, the weather was so beautiful, and before I knew it...

Norma: How can that possibly lead to winding up at the bottom of the Man-Eating

Moses: You were catchin' some shuteye with this place just crawlin' with

Grune: Oh, they were all very nice.

Moses: Liar!

Chloe: This whole thing is so obviously suspect, I don't even feel like wasting
our time with more questions.

Grune: Oh, come now. Let's not worry about little things, okay?

Chloe: I'm getting a headache...

Senel: All right, that's enough. Let's get back on track. The reason we came
here in the first place was...

Will: To get the Whisper Crystal.

Senel: Right.

Will: We've searched the whole room, and that's the only thing that looks like
it could be the crystal. It's a little big, but let's go ahead and carry it

[Senel takes the crystal. It glows when he touches it.]

Norma: What are you going to do, G-Girl?

Grune: Well, I'm going with you, of course.

Senel, Will, Chloe: (And she's okay with that nickname?...)

Grune: Picnics are way more fun with lots of people.

Moses: Picnics?

Will: I am a bit worried about bringing her along, but then again, we can't
just leave her here. Everyone's okay with that, right?

[They walk away, and one of the sentinels glows. They exit the ruins.]

Senel: Moses, take over for a little while, would you?

Moses: You got it.

[Soldiers run up to the party.]

Senel, Will, Chloe, Norma, Moses: Ambush!

Grune: Oh, you brought friends.

Moses: Do your friends ambush you?

Grune: Well...

Senel: Dammit, not now!

Will: Do you hear something strange?

Chloe: Yes. Is it coming from the ruins?

[A robot exits the ruins behind the party.]

Moses: What the hell?!

Norma: No way! It's one of those sentinels!

Senel: We're trapped!

[The robot goes in front of the party.]

Norma: Huh?

[It shoots the enemy soldiers.]

Norma: Whoa!

Senel: Did that thing just protect us?

Norma: What is this thing?

Will: Perhaps Maurits knows something about it. Let's take it back with us.
Grune, can you make it back to town on your own?

Grune: Why would I go back to town?

[Everyone forms a circle to talk about Grune.]

Norma: We can't get anything out of her besides her name.

Chloe: Could she have lost her memory?

Grune: Oh, I have my memory. Don't worry.

Moses: She can hear us, y'all.

Norma: What exactly do you remember?

Grune: When I woke up from my nap, I saw all of you.

Norma: That just happened!

Will: Perhaps she really has lost her memory. Let's take her with us for now.

Grune: Oh, you're treating me just like Ms. Sentinel, here! Thank you so much!

Senel, Will, Chloe, Norma, Moses: (She's happy about that?)

[Scene changes to Vaclav and the Terrors with Shirley.]

Vaclav: This command room controls everything about the Legacy. Wondering about
that device, are you? No need to be impatient. You and your sister will be
connected to it soon enough.

Shirley: C...connected?

Vaclav: Heh heh heh...But first, it's time to set sail. Full speed ahead! Set
course for the Holy Kingdom of Gadoria!

[Party leaves the Man-Eating Ruins.]

Senel: We should get back to Maurits.

Grune: Let's go back.

Norma: Wow, G-Girl, I feel like I've known you forever already!

   <4mh>     Maurits' Hermitage

Jay: Hello, everyone.

Senel, Norma, Moses: You!...

Chloe: Jay!

Jay: What's the matter, Chloe? You seem upset.

Chloe: Jay! What you did to us at the Ruins of Frozen Light!...

Jay: What are you talking about?

Chloe: Don't play innocent! Instead of telling us about the hidden door, you
decided to put us all in grave danger!

Jay: I'm impressed by your bravery, Chloe. You boldly undertook an underwater
adventure without even giving a second thought to your weakness.

Chloe: {!} Wait. What do you mean, "weakness"?

Jay: The fact that you can't--

Chloe: Aaah!

Norma, Moses: Can't what?

Chloe: Coolidge! You said you wouldn't tell anyone!

Senel: It wasn't me! I swear!

Jay: I learned that on my own. My business is information, after all.

Chloe: You're kidding...

Will: Why are you here, Jay?

Jay: To meet the Radiant, of course.

Will: You sure find out about things quickly.

Jay: That's my specialty. Hmm? The wind has suddenly picked up.

[Scene changes to the Fountain Plaza.]

Townsman: Hey! Look at the sail mountain! The clouds are trailing to the side.
Normally, they stretch right above it.

Townsman: The Legacy must be moving faster than usual.

Townswoman: Didn't this happen that time when everyone thought the Merines
had come?

Towswoman: I wonder if Vaclav's up to something.

[The party enters the building where Maurits is.]

Maurits: Oh, this is it! The Whisper Crystal! Good work, everyone.

Will: What do you intend to use that crystal for?

Maurits: We're going to use it to control the automata, the things you call
sentinels. They're remnants from the Terises era.

Will: I had a feeling that the crystal and the sentinels might have been

Maurits: I presume there is no need to explain the combat power of the

Senel: Why's this sentinel following me? I haven't done anything.

Maurits: Most likely, it activated when you touched the crystal.

Norma: Maybe it thinks Senny's its daddy.

Jay: It's not a little bird.

Norma: It's nice to be popular, huh, Senny?

Senel: Cut that out.

Maurits: You saw the large number of automata within the tomb, yes? One with
sufficient ability could use the Whisper Crystal to mobilize all of them at
once. Together with these automata, these artifacts from the Kingdom of
Terises, we of the water and you of the land stand ready. We are now prepared
to fight Vaclav.

Will: The alliance hasn't been finalized yet, has it?

Maurits: A response arrived while you were away. The alliance has been formed.

Will: I see.

Maurits: It's all because of your letter, Will. We thank you.

Jay: Well, then, it's time we started discussing details.

Maurits: You must be the alliance's strategy officer mentioned in the response.

Jay: That's just how matters played out.

Will: Did she order that?

Jay: Well, yes. First, allow me to explain our current situation. The Legacy is
currently located in this general area. Vaclav is without a doubt headed for
the Holy Kingdom of Gadoria.

Norma: That's C's country...

Jay: They're currently at war with Vaclav's Crusand Empire.

Chloe: Humph.

Jay: At our present speed, it won't be long before the Legacy reaches the coast
of Gadoria. And taking into account the range of the Nerifes Cannon, we've
actually got even less time.

Norma: Are you worried about C?

Senel: It's not like that...

Norma: I'm sure you could cheer her up...

Senel: Me?...

Will: Even with the alliance, our position is still precarious.

Jay: Well, it's not all bad news. As long as we're moving at high speed, no
other ships can dock with the Legacy. This means thta Vaclav cannot bring in

Will: Then, we can manage with our current combined forces?

Jay: Perhaps it would be better to say, "we might manage."

Maurits: We must now formulate the details of our plan.

Jay: We'll begin the council on strategy at once. Will, please join us.

Will: Take this opportunity to get some rest. Do not leave the base.

Norma: Okay.

Chloe: Coolidge.

Senel: Wh...what is it?

Chloe: Well, I... I want to talk to you alone. Just the two of us. Once it gets
dark, could you... Could you please meet me by the spring?

Senel: ...All right.

Chloe: Thanks. I'll be waiting.

[Senel goes downstairs and gets in bed. At night, he gets up to meet Chloe.]

Senel: Were you waiting long?

Chloe: No, it's okay.

Senel: So what is it you wanted to talk about?

Chloe: I'd like to train with you. You're the only one who knows why I'm here,
after all.

Senel: Oh. Okay.

Chloe: Well, then, let's get going!

[Scene changes to Vaclav and Shirley.]

Shirley: Please, stop the ship!

Vaclav: If you want to stop it that badly, why don't you simply unleash your
power? The Merines can control everything about the Legacy by will alone.

Shirley: I...

Vaclav: Or can you do nothing without your dear Senel by your side? I grow
weary of your frailty. I'm starting to wonder if you're actually a failed

Shirley: {!} {...}

[Flashback voices.]

Male Voice: She failed the Rite of Accession!

Female Voice: Shirley can no longer use her power...

Male Voice: Then what will become of us?

[End flashback voices.]

Melanie: Commander, preparations for her sister are complete.

Vaclav: Good.

Shirley: Stella! What are you going to do with her?!

Vaclav: We're going to charge the Nerifes Cannon...with her life.

Shirley: No! You'll kill her! Stop! Please, don't drain her life away!

[Vaclav hits Shirley.]

Shirley: Aah!

Vaclav: Don't worry. You'll be joining her soon enough. You may be a defective
Merines, but you should still suffice to power the Nerifes Cannon.

Shirley: *Gasp*

Vaclav: Heh heh heh!

[Senel and Chloe travel to their training spot.]

Senel: We don't have anyone who can cast healing eres. We'll need to be

Chloe: I'm sorry for making you do this.

Senel: Don't apologize. You didn't make me do anything. I'm doing this because
I want to, same as you.

Chloe: ...Okay.

[They fight several battles.]

Senel: Let's take a break.

Chloe: You're actually the first person I've ever fought side-by-side with.

Senel: I always fought alone too, before I came to the Legacy.

Chloe: I didn't realize how comforting it is to have someone beside you. Of
course, I'm not saying just anyone would do. Ah, um, I mean...I don't know
what I mean...

Senel: I'm the same way. It's reassuring to have you by my side.

Chloe: What?...

Senel: Want to go another round?

Chloe: Ah, yeah. Coolidge.

Senel: I said, you don't need to apologize.

Chloe: ...Thanks.

[They fight more battles.]

Senel: Phew...

Chloe: Are you tired?

Senel: A little. How about you?

Chloe: Yeah, a little. But it feels good.

Senel: The night breeze feels nice.

Chloe: Yeah... Can I...ask you something? What kind of a person is Stella?

[Flashback. Senel sleeping against Stella.]

Stella: Oh, all right. We can stay like this just a little longer.

[Stella with her face in her hands.]

Stella: I was worried about you. Really worried, okay?

[Senel stopping Stella.]

Stella: Senel, move. Don't try to stop me. I'm going.

Senel: She's kind...caring...but once she makes up her mind about something,
she can be pretty stubborn...

[Stella glowing gold while the village is on fire.]

Stella: They're after Shirley. I'll stay here and hold them off. Take Shirley
and run.

[Stella hugging Senel from behind.]

Stella: Can we stay like this...just a little longer?...

Senel: She's gallant and brave, too. Although sometimes she seems so frail...

[Flashback scenes end.]

Senel: I first met her five years ago. Stella, Shirley, and I were always
together... Vaclav's army attacked the village three years ago. Stella stayed
behind and held them off so me and Shirley could escape. I got Shirley to a
safe place and went back for Stella, but by that time... It's my fault she was
captured. So, this time, it's my turn to save her. I have to save her. And
Shirley, too.

Chloe: I'll help you.

Senel: Chloe...

Chloe: We'll do whatever it takes to get them back.

Senel: ...Yeah.

[They hear a rustling noise.]

Senel, Chloe: Who's there?!

Norma: Me...meow!

Moses: *Cough*

Senel, Chloe: Demon!...

Norma: Aaah! Wait! Wait!

[Norma and Moses come out of hiding.]

Norma: We went to all the trouble of spying on you, and all you did was

Moses: I am so disappointed!

Norma: You're all alone together in the middle of the night! Don't you think
you should heat things up a bit? Whoa, you're all sweaty!

Chloe: Wh...what do you expect? We've been training! Am I really that

[Chloe backs away from Senel.]

Senel: What is it, Chloe?

Chloe: Oh...nothing.

Moses: Well, if y'all are trainin', I'm gonna join in the fun! Senel, let's you
and me see who can take out the most monsters!

[Scene changes to everyone returning to the building.]

Norma: *Yawn* Oooh...So sleepy...

Moses: Feels like somebody glued my eyes shut...

[Will smacks Norma and Moses on the head.]

Norma, Moses: Ow! {Norma} Ugh! {Moses}

Will: Are you awake now?

Norma: ...Completely.

Jay: So, shall we begin the council on strategy? Let's start with our current
situation. Vaclav is using the Legacy's bridge as his base of operations.
That's here.

Maurits: Originally, this area was a lake, but with the restoration of the
bridge, it's all land now.

Jay: For convenience, we'll call this new area the "Bridge Plain."

Moses: Bridge Plain, huh? Well if there's land all around it, then attackin'
should be a piece of cake, right?

Jay: This is why I don't like dealing with simpletons.

Moses: Hey!

Jay: Almost all the areas that used to make up the lakeshore are now steep
cliffs. Attacking from the stern would seem to be impossible.

Norma: What happened to the Oresoren village?

Jay: You can enter from the Waterways side, but you can't get out onto the
Bridge Plain. Incidentally, there's no one there anymore.

Norma: Why?

Jay: We evacuated the Oresoren to a safe location. We can't have them residing
next to what's about to become a battlefield.

Moses: You sure are a lot nicer to them furballs than you are to humans.

Jay: Let's not worry about me at the moment. Now, as for a path onto the
Bridge Plain... Do you remember this formation between the Crags and the lake?

Senel: That's the place with the tall cliffs on both sides.

Jay: Right. At present, this is the only route onto the Bridge Plain.

Moses: Great, got it. Let's go.

Jay: You really are stupid. Wait until I'm finished.

Moses: You don't have to call me stupid.

Norma: But it's true.

Jay: Vaclav has established a front-line base near the entrance to the Bridge
Plain. The first action the allies will take is to capture this base in a
nighttime raid.

Maurits: Right now, the enemy's defenses should be relatively weak. We're going
to take advantage of that.

Jay: Our real objective is to draw out the main force from the bridge and force
them into a decisive battle.

Maurits: To that end, we must try to make quite a show of destroying the
front-line base. We need to make Vaclav absolutely furious.

Norma: All right! Let's do it!

Will: Our group will be participating in the battle as an independent
detachment. Our unit's name is the 30th platoon.

Senel: Got it.

Jay: All right, everyone, please proceed quickly to the front-line base.

Will: As soon as everyone's ready, we'll head out.

[They leave the building.]

Norma: Whoa! What the?!

[Several automata are lined up outside.]

Maurits: Good timing. Allow me to introduce the leader of our automata force.

Norma: Hey, he's kind of cute.

Moses: Got nothin' on me, though.

Chloe: I feel like I've seen him somewhere before...

Senel: Is that Walter?

Maurits: He no longer has any need to disguise himself as an Orerines. Walter,
where are you going?

Walter: We need to finish maintenance on the automata.

Maurits: I apologize for his attitude. Please understand, it stems purely from
his sense of duty. Under normal circumstances, Walter would have been the
leader of the Merines' personal guard. Because of that, he is more committed to
the success of this operation than anyone.

Senel: Walter?...The leader of the Merines' personal guard?...

[They leave the village. Scene changes to Vaclav. Shirley and Stella are hooked
up to the machine.]

Vaclav: How do you feel? Get started.

Shirley: Aaah!

Melanie: Well, well. She didn't lose consciousness.

Shirley: Uhh...

Vaclav: Take it to just below a level that would kill her, and proceed with the

Melanie: Yes, sir.

Vaclav: We can't let her die yet. She looks like she's going to prove useful in
more ways than one. Heh heh heh...Just a little further...

[Scene returns to party outside Maurits' Hermitage.]

Will: We'll need to go around some mountains to get to the Front Lines. It's
toward 1 o'clock.

[They travel towards the Front Lines.]

Senel: Let's open the duct.

[They enter the Front Line.]

   <4fl>     Front Line

Will: All right. We'll wait here until nightfall. We can't allow ourselves to
be seen by the enemy now. Hide in the foliage and stay quiet.

Norma, Moses: Right. {Norma} Got it. {Moses}

Norma: Night night. Wake me when it's dark.

Senel: This is hardly a time to be sleeping.

[Senel remembers Stella.]

Stella: You said you wanted to see my teriques, right, Senel? This is it. This
is...the light of my teriques.

Chloe: Coolidge, wake up.

Senel: Ah...

Norma: You yell at me for wanting a little nap, and here you are sleeping like
a rock!

Will: The forces should be assembling right about now.

Norma: Ooh! Is it finally time for the Holy Rexalian Empire to make its move?

Chloe: Are there really Rexalian soldiers onboard the Legacy? I'd never even
heard rumors about that until now.

Moses: Me neither.

Will: You'll see for yourself soon enough. This way.

Senel: (Feels like there are a lot of people nearby...) Look!

Moses: What the?...

Norma: Teach, what is this?

Will: The people you see before you are all soldiers of the Holy Rexalian
Empire. Normally, they're just civilians, but they're prepared to assemble
whenever necessary.

Chloe: Really?

Will: It's only natural to be surprised.

Senel: Norma, do you feel that?

[Familiar music starts up.]

Norma: I do. Oh, I do.

Chloe: Feel what?

Senel, Norma: This presence...it can only be!...

[Curtis and Isabella approach.]

Norma: The BBs?!

Curtis: Hey, no abbreviations! Are you well, brother?

Chloe, Moses: Brother?

Senel: Just ignore them. Don't tell me you all are soldiers, too?

Will: Actually, Curtis is the chief commanding officer of the Holy Rexalian
Empire's Elite Guard. He and Maurits will direct the entire allied force during
this operation.

Chloe, Norma: You're kidding!

Chloe: W...wait a minute. Isn't the job of the Elite Guard to protect the Holy
Sovereign? Why would someone like that be onboard the Legacy?

Norma: And I seriously can't believe it's the BBs.

Isabella: The Holy Sovereign has been onboard the Legacy for many years now.

Curtis: We stand ready to protect and serve each and every day! Don't we,

Isabella: Yes, Curtis.

Curtis: The Bantam Bouncers name is purely camouflage, so that we may hide in
plain sight.

Norma: You call that hiding?! *Sigh*

Chloe: I'm...It's just...Oh, whatever...

Curtis: Don't be so serious, friends! When one is troubled, one must sing!

Isabella: Commander, we must report to Maurits.

Curtis: Oh yes, of course. Farewell, brother! We're counting on you! Hah hah

[Scene changes to them standing over the army.]

Isabella: People of Rexalia! Long have  you trained in secret. Now, reveal what
mighty warriors you are! Your objective is the base on the front lines of
Vaclav's army!

Maurits: My brave Ferines, the time has come to return the Merines to her
rightful place!

Curtis: Onward! Onward, allied forces! For love!

[Several of Vaclav's soldiers are shown.]

Alliance Soldiers: Charge!

[They attack Vaclav's soldiers.]

Moses: It's finally started.

Will: Our objective is to break all the way through their rear guard. Let's go.

[Party goes on.]

Will: There's a guard. Fighting head-on will just diminish our strength. It's
too dangerous to get close. Let's be careful, so we don't get caught.

Chloe: All right. We'll avoid meaningless battles and break through at once.

[They advance through the lines. Automata are shown attacking Vaclav's army.]

Chloe: Is Walter controlling all of those automata?

Norma: Come on! We can't just stand around! Let's get going!

Senel: What's with you all of a sudden?

Norma: I can't stand the idea of losing to Wally!

Moses: Now you're talkin', Bubbles!

Norma: Let's go! To the rear guard!

Moses: Yahoo!

Will: Don't do anything rash, you two.

[Back at the base]

Maurits: The results of this battle will set the course for the entire war. We
must emerge victorious.

Isabella: It doesn't appear to be going well. Vaclav has many experienced
soldiers in his ranks.

Jay: The main force on the bridge should begin reacting to us soon. We'll be in
trouble if they get here before we take down the front base.

Curtis: Ooh, they've destroyed another facility. That sentinel force is
impressive! The person in charge is Walter, right? Perhaps I should recruit him
for a spot on the Bantam Bouncers! Hah hah hah hah!

[Party continues on. A large monster approaches.]

Norma: So this is their gatekeeper, huh? Bring it on!

[They battle and defeat the monster.]

Moses: Yahoo! We did it! Csaba! Boys! You watchin'? We beat 'em!

[Moses turns to the Alliance Soldiers.]

Moses: What do you say, boys? It's party time!

Alliance Soldeirs: Hurrah!

[Back at the base.]

Isabella: The 30th platoon broke through the rear guard! Vaclav's defensive
line has fallen!

Jay: That's Senel's group.

Curtis: Good work, brother! Hah hah hah hah!

Grune: I'm glad Senel and the others are safe.

Fenimore: Yeah...me too.

[Ferines and Alliance soldiers are gathered before Maurits and the Bouncers.]

Maurits: The allies have achieved a glorious victory! Let us continue onward
with this same energy and expel the enemy from our land! We will recover the
Merines! May the sea lead us to victory!

Alliance Soldiers: Wooo!

[Scene returns to Senel and everyone.]

Senel: This is the first time we've actually won against Vaclav's troops, isn't

Will: Yes. We've finally managed to strike back.

Jay: Congratulations on being the first to the rear guard.

Norma: So? What did you think of us, JJ?

Jay: I suppose you did an acceptable job.

Norma: Acceptable? Hey!

Jay: The units have begun assembling on the Bridge Plain. Please join them.

Will: Understood.

Grune: Senel. {heart}

[Grune hugs Senel.]

Senel: G...Grune, what are you...

Grune: Good work, Senel. Congratulations.

Moses: Ooh, nice...Say, miss, can I get one too?

[A golden glow appears.]

Chloe: What's that light?!

Will: A pillar of light has appeared from Raging Bay.

Norma: Just like when Senny and Shirl first came to the Legacy.

Moses: The Legacy itself is even celebratin' our victory.

Senel: It's the same...

Chloe: What?

Senel: It's the same color as Stella's teriques.

[Scene changes to Vaclav.]

Vaclav: Our base on the front line has fallen?

Melanie: Yes, sir. According to reports, the enemy force is a mixed group
consisting primarily of citizens from Werites Beacon. They are well-trained and
large in number, and even our troops' courageous defense was not enough.

Cashel: You must be joking! How could our army lose to a bunch of peasants?!

Vaclav: Those are no peasants. Our enemy is the Holy Rexalian Empire. Prepare
all troops to move out! If they want a fight, then they shall have one the
likes of which they have never imagined. I'll show Rexalia its proper place!
Begging for my mercy!

[Scene returns to the party past the Front Lines.]

Will: The Bridge Plain is just up ahead.

Senel: I can't believe a lake used to be here...

[They enter the Bridge Plain.]

   <4bp>     Bridge Plain

Jay: There's still some time left before the operation begins. Please make sure
all preparations are complete. I don't want to hear any excuses when you fail.

Moses: Do you always have to say stuff like that?

Jay: I'm holding back, actually. Especially when it comes to a certain stupid

Moses: That's it. Let's you and me settle this right now!

Jay: Hmm? Why, no one said anything about you, Moses!

[Will hits Moses and Jay over the head.]

Will: That's enough, you idiots.

Jay: Why me?...

Will: Make sure that you have everything you need. You hear me, Norma?

Norma: Why do you always pick on me?!

Jay: The operation will begin shortly. Work toward infiltrating the bridge. Try
to throw the enemy's flank and rear into confusion along the way.

Will: So we're to place priority on breaking through their lines over reducing
their number.

Jay: Right. No matter what, we must not allow Vaclav to fire the Nerifes
Cannon. The moment that cannon is fired, this battle will be lost.

Norma: Yeah, our whole reason for fighting will go poof...so to speak.

Jay: Rescuing Shirley and Stella should be your first priority.

Senel: You don't have to say that. We already know.

Jay: According to Maurits, the two of them are on the top floor of the bridge.

Chloe: I'm ready and determined to face it, but it's certainly going to be a
long fight.

Will: All right. Does everyone understand the mission?

Jay: Looks like the command is about to be given.

[Anime cutscene begins. The armies of both sides are shown on each end of the
Bridge Plain. Anime cutscene ends.]

Maurits: It appears the advance force has made contact with the enemy. We're
not far off from our predicted schedule.

Isabella: Then it's time for the 30th platoon to move out. Please commence your

[Jay leads them towards the battlefield.]

Jay: According to the recent update, the main battlefield is ahead.

Senel: If we keep going straight, we'll get to the bridge.

Jay: Yes, but it is not that easy. While it is the shortest route, you would
also be cutting through the main battlefield. It's a little out of the way, but
if you go around to the right, you should encounter less resistance. I'll let
you decide which route to take. Please choose a path. Everything will be lost
if you die. Come back to the base if you need any supplies.

Will: Understood.

Jay: Then I will return to the operation base. Good luck.

[They start on their way.]

Will: We're close to the main battlefield. We must be careful, especially if
we go toward the left.

[They advance in the battlefield.]

Norma: Phew...I wonder how far we are.

Will: Probably about halfway.

Chloe: We should be pretty far from the main battlefield by now, but there's
still a large number of enemy soldiers.

Senel: Dammit. We don't have much time.

[Scene changes to the base.]

Maurits: We're deadlocked.

Isabella: We outnumber them, but they have the advantage of experience.

Maurits: Soon, we'll be within sight of land. If they fire the Nerifes Cannon,
it's all over. This isn't looking good.

[Scene changes to Walter pacing in front of the automata being prepared.]

Walter: They don't have to be perfect. Just get them moving.

[Fenimore approaches.]

Walter: What is it, Fenimore?

Fenimore: Um...Is there anything I can do to help?

Walter: Do you know how the automata work?

Fenimore: No...

Walter: Then leave me alone.

Fenimore: Sorry...

Walter: {...} Fenimore. Everyone here has been working hard, trying to get the
automata ready. No one has had any time to rest. They'd really appreciate
something to eat.

Fenimore: Oh sure! Right away!

[Scene changes to Maurits, the Bouncers, and Jay. An alliance soldier runs up
to Jay and tells him something.]

Jay: What?! A force of unidentified origin has appeared on the enemy's flank?
Round bodies with soft fur?...That's the Oresoren!

[Oresoren are shown fighting enemy soldiers. They are then chased.]

Will: It looks like we can head out.

Quppo, Poppo: *Ors!*

[Quppo and Poppo run up with several other Oresoren.]

Quppo, Poppo: *Ors!*

Norma: What are you guys doing?

Quppo: Fighting!

Quppo, Poppo: {panic} *Ors!*

[Enemy soldiers chase them off.]

Chloe: Since when did the Oresoren join the alliance?

Moses: Ain't got time to ask that now.

Will: Right. Let's follow them.

[Back at the base.]

Curtis: Hah hah hah! What a delightful sight! They're making fools of the enemy
soldiers! Those little round fighters are fantastic! Aren't they, Isabella?

Isabella: Yes, Curtis.

Jay: No! The Oresoren must not fight! I can't allow them to be put in danger!

[Jay runs off.]

Maurits: Jay?!

Isabella: What should we do, Commander?

Curtis: It's all right! We must respect his fervent love!

Walter: Preparations are finally complete. I'm ready to deploy the automaton

Maurits: We're counting on you, Walter.

[Walter uses the Whisper Crystal to command the automata. Scene changes to
Vaclav and the Terrors.]

Vaclav: Send in the reserve force.

Melanie: But sir, that's our trump card for the landing assault...

Vaclav: Do it.

Melanie: Right away, sir!

[Party walks up to an alliance soldier.]

Will: We're the 30th platoon. Can you give us an update on the situation?

Mercenary: We don't know why, but the situation has changed. We were struggling
for a while, but now we seem to be gaining ground. The 30th platoon...You're
the independent platoon that was dispatched recently. Though the tide is
turning, a frontal attack would still be tough. I believe there are fewer
enemies to the right.

[They advance through the battlefield and find the Oresoren.]

Senel: Quppo, Poppo, are you okay?!

Quppo: Senel!

Poppo: Thank you!

Alliance Soldier: Uaaah!

[Two soldiers run past them.]

Alliance Soldier: H...help!

Quppo, Poppo: *Ors ors!*

[The Oresoren run off.]

Senel: What is that?!

Norma: A dr...a dr...a dr...!

Moses: D-d-d-d-d-d-

Senel, Will, Chloe, Norma, Moses: Dragon?!

[They battle and defeat the Dragon.]

Senel: Did we...win?

Chloe: Yes, we certainly did. We did it, Coolidge!

Quppo, Poppo: *Ors!*

[Quppo and Poppo are surrounded by enemy soldiers.]

Norma: They're surrounded!

Moses: Dammit, we won't make it in time!

Quppo, Poppo: *Ors ors!*

[Lightning strikes the four soldiers.]

Will: What just happened?...

Norma: Someone's coming! Wait, that's!...

Senel, Will, Chloe, Norma, Moses: Jay?! {Senel, Will, Chloe, Moses}
JJ?! {Norma}

Jay: Are you two all right? What are you all doing here?

Norma: Or you, too, for that matter.

Jay: I told you countless times to evacuate.

Quppo: We can't just hide out while you and Senel and everyone are fighting.

Poppo: Yeah! We're going, too!

Quppo: We'd gladly give our lives for the cause! We're going to fight along
with you, Jay!

Quppo, Poppo: Jay! Jay!

Jay: Stop that!

Quppo, Poppo: *Ors?!*

Jay: Don't ever talk about giving up your lives, not even as a joke! You know I
hate that kind of thing!

Quppo: We're sorry...

Jay: Let's leave this place, okay? All of us together.

[Jay turns and adresses the party.]

Jay: I was only able to save them because of you. Thank you.

Wil: Y...you're welcome.

Jay: We'll be leaving the battlefield now, but please take care--

Quppo: Jay! We still want to go with them!

Poppo: *Ors!*

Jay: Why are you being so stubborn?!

Quppo: We're not being stubborn.

Jay: Then why?...

Quppo: The Legacy is our home.

Poppo: We all live together on the Legacy, and so, we want to protect it

Jay: *Sigh*

Norma: I think you've lost this one, JJ.

Moses: Yeah. Those two know what's up.

Will: Jay, I understand your concern for the Oresoren. But the feelings the
Oresoren hold towards this ship are just as strong. This isn't something you
can just force them to stop doing. You should understand that better than

Quppo: Jay.

Poppo: Jay.

Quppo, Poppo: Jay!

Jay: I cannot agree to allow the Oresoren to participate in combat.

Senel, Chloe: Jay!

Jay: However, I will go with you in their place. The Oresoren will provide rear
support. We will have a better strategic effect that way. Is that all right
with you?

Quppo: Yeah!

Poppo: We'll go tell the others! Please watch over Jay for us.

Quppo: We'll do everything we can to support you so you can rescue Shirley.

Jay: I'm not thrilled about it, but it looks like I'll be joining your crew.

Will: Indeed.

Moses: Humph. I ain't too thrilled, myself.

[Will hits Moses on the head.]

Moses: Ow!

Senel: Welcome to the team, Jay.

Jay: ...Thanks.

[Scene changes to Vaclav and the Terros at the enterance to the bridge.]

Vaclav: We'll deal with the fighting outside later. Damn them... For now, they
can watch the destruction of Gadoria with their own eyes! Eradicate every last
enemy that enters the bridge. Don't let a single one through.

Melanie, Cashel, Stingle: Yes, sir!

[Scene changes to inside the control room of the bridge.]

Shirley: Aaaah! S...Senel...

[Scene returns to party past the Bridge Plain battlefield.]

Jay: I see some Triage Tents have been erected. Perhaps we should stop by
before heading on to the Bridge?

[They enter the Triage Tent.]

Norma: Hey, Fen-Fen! Working hard?

Fenimore: Are you well?

[They all sit around the table.]

Moses: It's good to have you here, Fenimore.

Fenimore: Don't misunderstand. I...I'm only--

Senel: You're only worried because Shirley would be sad if anything happened to
us, right?

Fenimore: Y...yes. That's right.

Norma: Oh, by the way, where's G-Girl?

Fenimore: We sent her out on an errand and haven't heard from her since... It
was the opposite direction from the battlefield, so I don't think she got
caught up in the fighting.

Senel: (I'll bet she got lost...) We're off, then.

Fenimore: Oh, please wait a moment.

[She bows her head and clasps her hands.]

Fenimore: May the sea guide you. My true name is Xelhes. It means "blessing."
I've gone ahead and said a prayer for your safety.

Norma: Senny, what's she mean by "true name"?

Senel: I think it was a second name that indicates the bearer's true nature,

Fenimore: Every Ferines has one.

Senel: Thanks, Fenimore.

Fenimore: You're welcome. Uh...Senel! Please, save Shirley! She believes you'll
come for her no matter what!

Senel: And I will.

[They leave the Triage Tent and head toward the Bridge.]

   <4br>     Bridge

Moses: Whoa...

Jay: Moses, don't just stand there like an idiot with your mouth hanging open.

Will: She's on the top floor, huh...

[Ferines and Alliance Soldiers run past them.]

Moses: We should get a move on ourselves.

Will: Wait. Before that, I have something I'd like to say. We're not all one
single entity. We each have our own reasons for fighting. Senel wants to rescue
his sister. Chloe wishes to save her country from peril. Moses seeks vengeance
for his comrades. Jay is carrying out the will of his friends. And my own
desire is to see peace returned to the Legacy. While the thoughts going through
all our minds may be different--

Norma:  Yo, Teach. What about me?

Will: ...What did you come here for?

Norma: I'm here to rescue Shirl! Hello?

Will: The same reason as Senel? That's surprising.

Norma: Why?!

Senel: Actually, it seems she's after Shirley's brooch.

Will: Ah, I see. Now that makes more sense.

Norma: Hey! What's that supposed to mean?!

Will: At any rate, our goals may be different, but we've still managed to come
this far together. Let's keep that up and put an end to this, once and for all.

Senel, Chloe, Moses, Jay: Roger! {Senel & Chloe} Uh-huh! {Moses}
Understood. {Jay}

[Everyone but Will and Norma run inside.]

Will: Norma.

Norma: What?

Will: I'm counting on you, too.

Norma: Oh.

Will: What is that supposed to mean?

Norma: I guess you do get it, after all! Okay! You can count on me!

[Stella and Shirley are shown being used to charge the Nerifes Cannon. The
party enters the Bridge. They find fallen allied soldiers.]

Melanie: So you've come, too.

Will: Melanie!

Melanie: We Terrors have personally secured each level of this bridge.

Moses: So if we wanna get to VAclav, we gotta go through you three, huh?

Melanie: Exactly. But you needn't worry about the other two. Because you're
going to die right here!

Jay: Everyone, come here.

[Jay whispers to the group.]

Will: Get ready, Melanie!

Melanie: Hah!

[They run towards her. Jay sets off a smoke bomb and they run past her.]

Melanie: What?!

[Jay closes the triple doors behind them. Melanie is stuck on the other side.]

Melanie: Damn you! Open this at once!

Jay: That takes care of that. We can't afford to waste any time dealing with

Will: Let's hurry.

[They advance in the Bridge and run into Melanie.]

Melanie: You finally made it.

Will: She must have gone around.

Melanie: We finally meet again after all this time, and you jut run off! I
really wanted to play with you a little longer. You won't get away with a stunt
like that again!

Chloe: Looks like we have no choice but to fight.

Senel: Yeah.

Moses: Terrors-schmerrors! Bring it on!

Melanie: You'll regret that, you little brat!

[They battle and defeat Melanie.]

Melanie: This is impossible! I...I'm one of the Terrors! This can't be

Moses: What do you think of our power now, huh?

Melanie: Commander...I...I'm sorry...

[Melanie collapses. An Alliance Soldier runs up.]

Jay: Ah, good timing. I need you to send a message to the commander. The 30th
platoon has eliminated Melanie, of the Terrors.

[The soldier nods and runs off.]

Jay: That should boost our allies' morale a bit.

Will: Yes, the fighting is still continuing outside.

Norma: Let's head for the top while they're still occupied! Onward!

[They take the elevator up.]

Jay: The entrance to the next floor is straight ahead. It appears to be sealed.

Norma: Okay, everyone gather around and put your hands on the door.

Cashel: That's not going to work.

[Cashel appears in a puff of smoke.]

Cashel: The only thing that can open that door is this card. Understand?

Moses: I understand that stompin' all over you will take care of everything.

Cashel: No. It's that you've got nowhere left to go. You're about to meet the
same fate as those thugs in the forest.

Moses: You piece of--

Senel: Moses, calm down. He's just trying to make you mad.

Cashel: It's a shame you couldn't be there to witness them begging pathetically
for their lives. Heh heh heh.

Moses: Grrr!

Will: Moses, stop!

Moses: Aaargh!

[Moses goes to throw a spear at Cashel, but stops.]

Moses: Just kiddin'. It's fine; I'm cool. I'm a different man than I was back
in the forest.

Senel, Will: Wow!

Moses: Now, don't get me wrong--I'm about to burst--but there ain't no use just
goin' wild. First we gotta figure out just how to take this guy out!

Will: Exactly, Moses!

Chloe: Do you see, now? We're not like we used to be.

Cashel: Humph. So be it. All the more fun for me.

[He vanishes and several Cashels surround the party.]

Cashel: They call me the Phantom. No one can see my true form.

Chloe: That's a dirty trick!

Cashel: Heh heh heh. Now, tremble in fear as you wander about aimlessly,
waiting for your death!

Moses: What do we do?!

Jay: Leave this to me.

Cashel: Leave it to you? What could a child like you possibly do?

Jay: There!

[Jay sends lightning that hits Cashel.]

Cashel: What the?!

Senel: His shadows vanished!

Norma: JJ, you rock!

Jay: I'm pretty confident in my abilities, as well. I get anxious when another
person and I are good at the same things.

Cashel: Oh?

Jay: I always feel I simply must find out which one is truly better. Don't you?

Cashel: ...Amusing. Well, then, let's see what you can do!

[Cashel runs off.]

Moses: Hey! Get back here!

Jay: After him! We have to get that card!

[They follow, then stop. Jay points Cashel's hiding spot out.]

Jay: There!

[Lightning strikes and Cashel appears.]

Cashel: Not bad.

[He runs off again and the party follows a ways.]

Jay: Everyone, stop! {...} There!

Cashel: What?! Impossible!

Jay: Is that the best you can do? Not very impressive for a so-called Phantom.

Cashel: Damn you!

[Cashel runs off again and they chase him down.]

Jay: Give up yet?

[Cashel duplicates himself again.]

Jay: *Sigh* More shadows? Is that all you've got?

Cashel: Ugh!

Jay: Now, we don't have all day, so let's put an end to the hide-and-seek,
all right?

[Cashel runs off.]

Jay: *Sigh*

[They chase Cashel down again.]

Jay: We're back where we started.

Moses: Nowhere to run.

Cashel: Haaa!

[They battle and defeat Cashel.]

Cashel: Ah...ah...

Moses: Maybe now they can rest in peace a bit. Jay.

Jay: Yes?

Moses: You may be annoyin' and obnoxious, but thanks to you I was able to
avenge my boys. You're the only reason we were able to see past those shadows.

[Moses puts his hand out to Jay.]

Jay: What's that hand for?

Moses: I'm welcomin' you as one of us. Come on, shake.

[Jay slowly reaches out to Moses.]

Norma: Ooh! Two battle-worn comrades finally begin to understand--

[Jay pulls his hand back and turns away.]

Jay: Why should I shake hands with the likes of you?

Norma: ...just how much they hate each other.

Moses: You little punk! And here I was offerin' my thanks!

Senel, Will, Chloe, Norma: *Sigh*

Norma: Teach, you know what to do.

Will: Right.

[Will hits Moses and Jay on the head. A strange loud noise is heard after.]

Senel: What's that sound?

Jay: Those are ship cannons. It's probably the Gadorian fleet.

Norma: We're that close to Gadoria?

Jay: It would seem so.

Will: That means we have very little time remaining.

Jay: Vaclav will undoubtedly fire the Nerifes Cannon as soon as it's ready.
Let's hurry.

[Scene changes to Vaclav.]

Vaclav: Heh heh heh...Fire all the cannons you like. That's not going to stop
the Legacy.

[The party continues on and runs into Stingle.]

Senel, Chloe: Stingle!

Stingle: ...I'll be waiting inside.

Chloe: Stop! {...}

Senel: Chloe.

[They walk off a little ways to talk in private.]

Chloe: What is it, Coolidge? If it's about me, I'm fine. I'm calm...for now,
at least.

Senel: We're always with you. Don't forget that.

Chloe: ...Right.

[They turn around. Everyone is watching them.]

Senel, Chloe: Oh.

Chloe: Ah, um, we were just...

Norma: Don't worry! We've won every battle so far! We won't have any trouble
with that masked weirdo!

Chloe: ...Yeah!

[They walk back. Norma stands by Senel.]

Senel: What?

Norma: Not bad, loverboy!

Senel: Huh?

Norma: All right, guys! Onward!

[They proceed and find Stingle.]

Senel: There he is!

Norma: If you let us through and don't cause any trouble, we might just let you
live. How about it?

Stingle: Are you resolved to meet your death?

Norma: Hey, that's our line...

Chloe: You shall know my resolve by my sword.

Stingle: ...Very well.

[They battle and defeat Stingle.]

Chloe: If you have any final words, now is the time.

[Chloe advances toward him, and he backs up.]

Chloe: Hey! Don't tell me you're going to run away! Unbelievable! You question
my resolve, and then you pull something like this?!

Stingle: This is my resolve.

Chloe: What?

Stingle. It is not yet time for me to die.

[He disappears down a hatch.]

Chloe: Damn you!

Senel, Norma, Moses: Chloe! {Senel & Moses} C! {Norma}

Chloe: Damn...

Senel: Chloe...

Chloe: Coolidge, I...I...

Moses: Do Chloe and that masked man know each other?

Jay: It would seem so. I don't know any details, though.

Norma: So that's who C was looking for...

Chloe: Why am I here? Coolidge, please, tell me!

Senel: To save your homeland.

Chloe: Right. Right... Let's keep going, everyone.

Senel: Are you all right?

Chloe: What we need to do right now is to reach Vaclav... In order to protect
my country and to rescue Shirley and Stella. I am a knight. I may have lost my
title, but not my heart. I am, and forever will be, a knight of the House of
Valens. Saving people, protecting one's country...These are the very duties of
a knight!

Senel: Everybody get that?

Norma: Roger!

Moses: Hold up! I ain't got it quite yet. What's goin' on?

Norma: C will tell us sometime. We'll just wait until she's ready.

Chloe: I will. I promise.

Will: All right. Now the only one left is Vaclav. Just a little further.

[They continue on.]

Jay: This light...The barrel of the Nerifes Cannon is glowing.

Will: There's a mountain off in the distance.

Chloe: That's Mount Zeriques, the highest mountain in my country. At the base
of the mountain lies the capital, Baltoga.

Norma: So I guess it's about time for the final act, huh?

Moses: And it's time for Vaclav's poundin'!

[Scene changes to the conrol room.]

Male Soldier: Energy charging, complete!

Vaclav: Excellent!

[The party continues on and enters the control room.]

Will: That light!

Senel: Stella! Shirley! Vaclav, you...

Vaclav: I'm impressed you made it this far. However, you're too late! Behold,
the firing of the Nerifes Cannon!

Senel: No!

[Anime cutscene begins. The Cannon charges, then fires a huge blast. It hits a
mountain and causes an explosion. The mountain crumbles, and people in the
village below scream and run as chunks of the mountain rain down. Anime scene

Walter: That was the Nerifes Cannon! Senel, what are you doing?

[Walter summons his wings and flies off. Scene returns to the control room.]

Vaclav: Hmm. I was aiming for the capital, but somehow it hit the mountain
behind it instead.

Chloe: Mount Zeriques is...gone...

Norma: Ah...ahh...

Will: Such terrible destructive power...

Moses: Unbelievable...

Jay: So that's the Nerifes Cannon...

Senel: I can't believe it... After we came this far...

Vaclav: Heh heh heh.

Senel: This can't be happening! Say something! Stella! Shirley!

Male Soldier: Life signs detected. They're still alive!

Vaclav: Well, well. I suppose we should have expected as much from the Merines
and her sister. Resilient, aren't they? Fire it again. This time, I will hit
the capital. Prepare for the second round of the Nerifes Cannon!

Senel: Over my dead body! Vaclav! I will save them!

[They defeat Vaclav in battle.]

Moses: Yahoo! We did it! Victory is ours!

[Vaclav's soldiers run off.]

Norma: Hey! If you're gonna run away, at least stop this thing first!

Chloe: Hurry!

[They pull Stella and Shirley out of the machine.]

Senel: Stella? Stella!

Shirley: Uhh...

Senel: Shirley! Come on!

Shirley: Senel...

Will: She's waking up.

Senel: Shirley!

Shirley: Senel...Did you...come to rescue me?

Senel: Yeah. Everything's all right now. The nightmare's over.

Shirley: Stella?...

Senel: She's beside you. And she's alive.

Shirley: Thank goodness.

[The machine starts up again.]

Moses: Why's that thing still runnin'? Do somethin', Jay!

Jay: I don't know any more about this than you do.

Chloe: Why is it still running? Stella and Shirley aren't attached anymore!

Vaclav: Heh heh heh...

Senel: Vaclav! You're still...

Vaclav: Now that we've fought again, I'm sure of it. I know who you are. That
eres you use...So that's what this is about.

Senel: Wh...what?

Vaclav: The mystery of what happened three years ago is finally clear.

Senel: *Gasp*

Vaclav: Sooner or later, you will learn just how foolish your decision was.
You've chosen a path from which you cannot turn back!

Will: Hey! What's that in his hand?!

Norma: A switch?...Don't tell me he can fire this thing!

Vaclav: Hah hah hah!...Everything shall be destroyed!

[He presses the switch, then collapses.]

Norma: The Nerifes Cannon! It's gonna fire!

Walter: Merines! Are you safe? The Merines appears to be well. That's all that
matters now.

Norma: Are you saying we should just watch that cannon fire?

Walter: It cannot be stopped now.

Chloe: *Gasp*

Shirley: We can't let that happen!

Senel: Shirley?!

Shirley: Walter, isn't there something we can do?

Walter: Merines...Well...

Shirley: Walter! If you know something, please tell me!

Walter: {...} If you can control the entire ship, then perhaps...

Shirley: Senel, I'm going to try.

Senel: T...try what?

Shirley: Connect me to the device again. I'm going to see if I can control it.

Senel: Shirley?

Shirley: I'm...the Merines. I'm the only one who can do it. Don't worry, Senel.

[They connect Shirley to the machine.]

Chloe: Shirley...

Moses: Sure you can handle this?

Shirley: Ugh!

Senel: Shirley?!

Shirley: Aaah!

[Shirley is thrown out of the machine.]

Senel: Are you all right?!

Shirley: Why... Why won't it work? Why can't I stop it?!

Senel: Shirley!

Shirley: I have no power! Why? Now when I'm needed the most?! Did I really lose
everything that day?! Why?!

Norma: It's too late!

[Anime cutscene begins. The cannon fires. Stella glows and releases a giant
golden teriques. The teriques catches the cannon fire, then pulls it safely
into the sky. Stella falls and hits the ground.]

Senel: Stella!

[Anime cutscene ends.]

Walter: Stella Telmes...such power. I suppose it must've come from being in
tune with this ship for so long.

Senel: Walter, what are you talking about?

Shirley: Stella was in tune with the ship?...

Walter: Yes. She wasn't merely unconscious. She connected her mind directly to
the ship and became the Legacy as it drifted along the sea.

Senel: What?!

Walter: Is it so hard to believe? You've seen Stella's light numerous times. In
fact, you've even been saved by it. Think back upon all that's happened until

Senel: That pillar of light that we saw at the frontline base...

Shirley: What?

Senel: It was the same color as Stella's teriques...

Chloe: We saw something like that at The Ruins of Frozen Light, too! So wait,
Stella was the one who saved Coolidge that time? All this time, I thought it
was Shirley...

Shirley: I don't know anything about that.

Norma: That reminds me of what Hattie said. She said that when Senny was pushed
off the cliff, he was enveloped in light and set down safely.

Shirley: Is that true, Senel?

Will: And the pillar of light which appeared when Senel and Shirley first came
onboard the Legacy?

Walter: That was also Stella's will.

Senel: Then, the fact that the Legacy appeared in front of us in the first
place was...

Walter: Not a coincidence.

Senel: Stella was...the Legacy itself? She's been protecting me all this time?

Shirley: Senel...

Senel: I can't believe it. Stella...You didn't have to... Please! Open your
eyes! You can't...You have to at least let me say...

[Will and Norma try to heal Stella.]

Will: It's no use. She's too weak.

Norma: No matter how much crystal eres I cast on her, it just flows through...

Shirley: No!

Walter: Merines! Use your brooch!

Shirley, Norma: What?

Walter: The stone in that brooch once saved your life. Maybe it will work

Senel: That's right!

Shirley: Okay!

Norma: I knew it wasn't just any old stone...

[They place the brooch on Stella.]

Senel: Is it working?

[Stella opens her eyes.]

Senel: Stella!

Shirley: Stella!

Senel: You did it...You did it!

Shirley: Stella, wake up!

Senel: Stella...can you hear us? Stella!

Stella: Shirley? Your power exists to make people happy... Please...use it

Shirley: Stella!

Stella: Senel...

Senel: What?...Wait, what do you mean, you're sorry?!

Shirley: *Gasp*

Senel: Don't go, Stella! Weren't you looking forward to performing the Rite of
Feriyen?! To us...

Shirley: Senel...

Senel: If you go on without me, how can I propose to you? Stella?...Hey!

Shirley: Stella!

[The brooch shatters.]

Shirley: The brooch!

Senel: Stella! Stella?! No!

Shirley: Stella! Stella!

[Stella dies. Several scenes are shown. The party leaving the bridge area.
Fenimore runs up and hugs Shirley.

Vaclav's soldiers are in custody of Alliance Soldiers.

Moses and Giet are reunited with Csaba and the boys.

Stingle is hiding behind a rock.

Grune walks up to Harriet and Pippo at Vista Point.]

Grune: Hello.

Harriet: Hello.

Pippo: Hello!

Grune: This is a nice place.

Harriet: ...Yeah. I just kind of stumbled upon it, but the flowers are pretty
and the view is wonderful.

Grune: Yet...it feels sad here, too.

Harriet: How come?

Grune: The sea...It feels like the sea is crying.

   <4wb>     Werites Beacon

2 Weeks Later

[Senel is at a grave. Harriet walks up.]

Harriet: Stella, thank you for saving everyone. Because of you, the war is
over, and no one has to die anymore. Thank you so, so much. It's sad when you
lose someone you care about. I was really sad, too, when my mom died. It felt
like there was a hole in my heart.

Senel: Harriet...

Harriet: Hey, pull yourself together! If you keep moping, Stella's going to
laugh at you.

Senel: I'm not moping.

Harriet: Well, all right then. Let's go.

Senel: Where?

Harriet: To that guy's house. He said he wants to see you. Who does he think he
is, anyway? Ordering me around like this!

Senel: You two really should make up. I heard you aren't even living together.

Harriet: I could never call someone like that my father!

Senel: {scribble} All right. Well, let's get going to Will's house.

   <ch5>     Chapter 5

[Senel and Harriet enter Will's house.]

Will: I'm sorry to bother you like this.

Senel: What is it?

Will: We've all received medals from the Holy Kingdom of Gadoria. Could you
deliver them to everyone?

Senel: All right. I'll be back.

Will: If you don't find someone in the town, just bring their medal back to me.

Harriet: Humph. Wait for me, Senel! I'm coming with you!

[They find Chloe leaving the Hospital.]

Senel: Chloe.

Chloe: A medal...I'm not worthy of such an honor.

Harriet: Chloe, are you feeling bad or something?

Chloe: Oh, because I came out of the hospital? No, I'm fine. I was inquiring
about renting a room. The hospital manager offered to let me use an empty room.
I came to discuss the details with him. Stingle is still onboard somewhere. He
has to be. And I will find him.

Senel: {...}

Chloe: Coolidge, are you...all right?

Senel: What do you mean?

Chloe: Wh...what else? You know...

Senel: I guess I still have a ways to go, if I'm making people worry about me.

Chloe: Of course I'm worried about you...

Senel: What?

Chloe: N...nothing.

[They find Norma at the inn.]

Norma: Well? How 'bout it?

Innkeep: Um...I'm afraid that's not going to work.

Norma: Come on, I'll give you a discount! This is one deal you don't want to

Innkeep: I've got my livelihood to worry about here. If my family were to find

Norma: Man, you just have to do it so no one finds out!

Harriet: Norma, what are you discussing?

Senel: Oh, brother...

Norma: Senny! Hattie! Hiya!

Senel: Norma, cut it out!

Norma: What?

Innkeep: Norma, please stop pestering me. I can't just rent you a room

Senel: What?

Innkeep: No, I mean, renting out the room is fine, but you have to pay for it.

Norma: I said I'd give you a discount!

Innkeep: Norma, that's supposed to be my line.

Senel: Oh, it's just a normal conversation.

Harriet: Normal?

Norma: I'm one of the heroes who saved the Legacy, right? You can at least give
me a break on a room!

Innkeep: But still, five Gald a month...That's a little...

Senel: Norma, all you're doing is harassing him.

Norma: A medal, huh? {...}

[Norma bites the medal.]

Norma: Hmm, there's something mixed in with this. I'd say it's only about 70%

Harriet: Norma, I heard you're searching for that Ever-something-or-other

Norma: Yeah, the Everlight. I swear I'm going to find it! So, come on, Senny,
give me a hand.

Senel: Why me?

Norma: Because Shirl's brooch turned out to be a bust! It wasn't the Everlight
after all! You owe me big time for all the work I did trying to get ahold of

Senel: Okay, that makes absolutely no sense.

[They find Moses in a park area camped out with the bandits.]

Moses: A medal? {...} Csaba! Go put this on your cat or somethin'.

Harriet: Is that all right?...

Moses: Hah hah!

Csaba: Senel, thanks for everything you've done for Moses. I can't even begin
to express my gratitude. You even provided us with a place to camp!

Senel: You really should be thanking Will and Isabella. They're the ones who
arranged for that.

Moses: Course, when you stop and think about everything I've done, it's hardly
surprising to be gettin' somethin' like this! Well, now that we took care of
Vaclav, it's time I got back to lookin' for my sacred eres!

Harriet: Moses, stop bragging.

Senel: I'm glad you and the others were okay, Csaba. Your wounds have healed

Csaba: Thanks to that medicine the masked swordsman gave us.

Senel: Masked swordsman...Stingle?

Csaba: We lost to Cashel in the Forest of No Return and were on the verge of
death, but that masked swordsman came and saved us.

Moses: I know he and Chloe got some bad blood, but he don't strike me as such
a bad guy. Is Chloe lookin' for him?

Senel: Probably.

Moses: Oh, well. Guess we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Harriet: You sure are laid-back.

Moses: The only way to be, hon.

[Senel and Harriet go to the Fountain Plaza and find Grune with Curtis.]

Curtis: Yo, brother! Can I get a word? Isabella's busy at the moment, so I'd
like to recruit some temps.

Senel: How about doing your job instead?

Curtis: Grune's got excellent potential but she just...doesn't quite fit. What
do you think, brother?

Senel: I'm at a loss for words.

Curtis: How about you? Would you like to join me in becoming a soldier of love?

Harriet: Aah!

Senel: Cut it out. If Will hears that, I'm the one who's going to get hit on
the head.

[Curtis leaves.]

Senel: Grune, do you still not remember anything about yourself?

Grune: Not a thing.

Harriet: You seem to be getting by all right, though.

Grune: That's because this is a nice place. Seeing everyone smiling like this
makes me feel really good, too.

Senel: Yeah, everyone's in a good mood now that the war is over.

Grune: But you...it seems like something's troubling you.

Senel: {!} ...No, I'm fine.

Grune: Really?...Hmm...

[Grune hugs Senel.]

Grune: Here.

Senel: G...Grune?

Grune: This should cheer you up.

Harriet: Senel, your face is all red.

Senel: Well, yeah...

[Senel and Harriet alone at the Fountain Plaza.]

Senel: The only one we haven't given a medal to yet is Jay.

Harriet: He hasn't been around. I wonder if he's out of town.

Senel: Will said to bring back any leftovers. Let's head back for now.

[Senel and Harriet go to Will's house. Jay is hiding behind the inside door.]

Senel: Oh, Jay, you're here. Good timing.

Jay: Shh. Quiet.

Harriet: Eavesdropping? You should be ashamed.

Jay: It's all right. Gathering information is my job.

Senel: Your job, huh...

Harriet: Jay, here's a medal for you.

Jay: I don't need it.

Senel: I figured you'd say that.

Harriet: Honestly!

Jay: I said, be quiet!

Harriet: Don't make this difficult! Just shut up and take it!

Jay: Y...yes, ma'am.

Harriet: Good boy.

Senel: (That was so sad...)

[Moses, Norma, and Chloe walk in.]

Moses: Oh, you were here, Jay? Just as tiny as ever.

Jay: And you're just as obnoxious as ever, Moses.

[Will opens the door.]

Will: Could you keep it down? We have a guest.

Chloe: That's...

Jay: A knight from the Holy Kingdom of Gadoria.

Captain of the Gadorian Knights: Would you by chance be the daughter of Sir

Chloe: Yes, sir. I am Chloe.

Captain of the Gadorian Knights: I thought it was you. Your accomplishments in
this matter were splendid.

Chloe: Thank you, sir.

Captain of the Gadorian Knights: When your father was killed by bandits five
years ago, I thought the Valens name had become worthless.

Senel: Hey! How can you talk like that?!

Chloe: It's all right, Coolidge.

Captain of the Gadorian Knights: You've done an impressive job of cleaning up
your tarnished reputation. Not bad, for a woman.

Norma: Now hold on a second!

Chloe: Norma, I'm fine.

Captain of the Gadorian Knights: Continue to serve your country with this same
degree of loyalty. In so doing, perhaps someday His Majesty will show you

Chloe: Yes, sir.

[The Captain leaves.]

Norma: What crawled up his butt and died?! What a jerk!

Senel: Chloe...

Chloe: It's all right. I'd intended to tell everyone, anyway.

Moses: What did that guy come here for, anyhow?

Jay: The Holy Kingdom of Gadoria is treating the events with Vaclav as part of
the war with Crusand. They're sending out proposals claiming they deserve
victor's rights.

Will: Jay, you were listening to our conversation, weren't you?

Jay: Gadoria's real objective is to monopolize the Legacy and Shirley. Correct?

Will: A variety of people from other countries are currently gathering here in
Werites Beacon. Knights, spies, ambassadors...each with their own agenda.

Jay: They all want the Legacy, and they're vying against each other just
outside the public view.

Norma: It's no wonder, after people saw that kind of power.

Will: Someone seeking to make use of Shirley could appear again at any time. It
may turn out to be a good thing that she isn't in town. What's wrong? Did I say

Norma: Teach, hello?! We've agreed not to talk about Shirley!

Harriet: How awful. You're so insensitive.

Senel: It's okay. Don't worry about it.

Will: Shirley only left after you agreed, right Senel?

Senel: Yeah...


Shirley: I may be able to provide them with emotional support. I may not have
any power, but I'm still the Merines. I'm going to go with them.

[Flashback ends.]

Senel: Considering her position, it's only natural for her to stay with the
Ferines. I don't have the right to say otherwise.

Will: Still, I can't say I'm fond of the idea of you not visiting her at all.

Moses: What? Senel, you ain't gone to see her?

Will: Well, I'll give you that opportunity now. I'm going to pay them a visit,
so why don't you come with me?

Norma: The two of them probably don't know what to say to each other, so
they've been staying apart.

Jay: What business do you have with the Radiant?

Will: I have a letter for Maurits from Her Excellency.

Chloe: The Radiant...

Chloe, Norma, Moses: Oh, yeah!

Norma: We'd completely forgotten the reason we came here! Hey, Fen-Fen!

Fenimore: Hello. Senel, please. Go see Shirley.

Senel: Has something happened to her?

Fenimore: Lately, she's seemed unhappy...

Senel: I don't think my going there will help that...

Fenimore: Don't worry. It'll definitely make her feel better.

Senel: You sound pretty sure.

Fenimore: Of course. You're her brother.

Senel: Her brother...

Fenimore: Perhaps because she was always together with you, she hasn't made any
close friends among the Ferines. She would never say it out loud, but I think
she's lonely.

Norma: You're not staying with her, Fen-Fen?

Fenimore: Actually...I'm returning to my homeland...

Senel: All right. I'll go visit Shirley.

Fenimore: I'll show you the way!

Senel: Don't you need to go home?

Fenimore: It can wait until afterwards.

Senel: All right, thanks. Can you leave right away, Will?

Will: Of course.

Moses: I'm comin' too.

Jay: Me, too.

Norma: Me, too, naturally.

Chloe: And me.

Senel: You all have nothing better to do, huh.

Norma: Not at all.

Chloe: I have plenty to do. It's just...everyone said they're going so...

Senel: Well, then, let's get going.

Fenimore: Right.

[They leave town.]

Fenimore: The Village of the Ferines is toward 8 o'clock, after crossing the
shallow area to the port side. It's near a lake.

[They travel to the Village of the Ferines.]

Senel: Let's open the duct.

[They enter the Village of the Ferines.]

   <5vf>     Village of the Ferines

Fenimore: We've arrived. This is where all the Ferines are.

[Walter lands near them.]

Senel: Walter...

Walter: Fenimore, why are you here?

Fenimore: I brought Senel and his friends to see Shirley.

Walter: You may not pass. Be gone.

Fenimore: Why not?!

Walter: I cannot allow Orerines filth to approach the Merines.

Norma: What?! What's that supposed to mean?!

Moses: After we fought side-by-side? How can you be so cold?

Will: I bring a letter from the Sovereign of the Holy Rexalian Empire. I seek
an audience with Maurits.

[Walter pauses, then makes the village appear.]

Walter: Follow me.

[They follow him into the Village.]

Norma: I never knew a place like this existed above the lake.

Chloe: It seems there are still many things we don't know about the Legacy.

Walter: Stop dawdling. Let's go.

Norma: Hey! What's the big hurry?!

[They follow him and sit around a table with Maurits.]

Maurits: I apologize for Walter's rude behavior today.

Norma: Not like he's ever polite.

Will: Norma.

Maurits: We've had many uninvited guests lately. His position being what it is,
he can get a bit on edge.

Jay: People have come here trying to get at Shirley, haven't they?

Maurits: We merely wish to live in peace. Why do they insist on troubling us?
Ah, I apologize. That wasn't directed at you. I'll prepare a response to your
letter at once. Please give my regards to Her Excellency. I've sent someone for
Shirley. I'm sure she'll be delighted that you've come, Senel.

[One of the Ferines enters and whispers to Maurits.]

Maurits: Hmm? Ah, I see... I've received a message from Shirley. She's a bit
busy now, so she cannot see you today.

Senel: Oh...

Fenimore: Oh, honestly, that girl!

[Fenimore runs off.]

Maurits: She'll be participating in an important ritual soon. She does have to
spend time preparing, you know.

Senel: Ritual?

Maurits: No need to worry. It's just a simple purification ceremony. It's
simply a formality so that we can officially grant her the title of Merines.

Jay: As I recall, Shirley said that she lacks the powers of the Merines.

Maurits: What she lacks in power, she makes up for in dignity. She has a fierce
determination to help fulfill the expectations of the Ferines. Stella's death
may have opened Shirley's eyes to who she really is. I believe Shirley saw the
true essence of the Merines in the noble spirit of sacrifice Stella displayed
when she gave her life to protect everyone. In fact, Stella may be the happiest
of all about Shirley's growth. I have prepared a room for all of you. Please
rest yourselves while I prepare my response.

[They are taken to a room with several beds.]

Radiant Woman: Please make yourselves comfortable.

[They rest. Scene changes to Shirley's room.]

Fenimore: Shirley!

Shirley: Fenimore, why are you here?! Didn't you get on the ship?

Fenimore: Now's not the time for that. I have something important to talk to
you about. Why won't you see your brother? After I went to all the trouble of
bringing him here. If you don't meet him now...If you don't talk to him, you
two are finished. Is that really what you want?

Shirley: I'm the Merines. I can't just think about myself.

Fenimore: Oh, don't give me that.

Shirley: Fenimore, you're the one who told me to "fulfill my responsibility."

Fenimore: What made you suddenly decide to become the Merines?

Stella: Your power exists to make people happy...

Shirley: Because...I want to make everyone happy...

Fenimore: How can you honestly think that you can make others happy when you
can't even make yourself happy? Stop making up excuses and go see Senel. You
love him, don't you?

Shirley: Senel chose Stella...

Fenimore: Ahh...So the truth finally comes out.

[Fenimore hits Shirley on the head.]

Fenimore: Hey.

[Fenimore hits Shirley again.]

Fenimor: Hey. Hey!

[Fenimore hits Shirley again.]

Shirley: Fenimore, that hurts. What are you doing that for?

Fenimore: Oh, so you're normal after all. Everyone's fawning over you because
you're the Merines and talking about how noble you are. But you're perfectly
normal. You're nothing more than a skinny little girl.

Shirley: So?...What are you trying to say?

Fenimore: I'm going to tell you what you should do. Throw yourself at Senel.
There's no reason to hold back because of Stella. Your sister is dead. You are
alive. You have a duty to find happiness...enough happiness for both you and

[Nighttime. Scene returns to Senel and everyone.]

Jay: A letter came for Senel.

Senel: It's from Fenimore.

Norma: What's it say?

Senel: Please come to the rear courtyard. But come alone.

Moses: What's that, a love letter? How many ladies you got, anyway?

Chloe: L...love letter?

Norma: Oh, please. I'm sure Fen-Fen's just bringing Shirl to see him.

Senel: I'll go see what's up.

Norma: Now, let's see...

[Chloe and Norma go to leave the building.]

Will: Don't go spying on them.

Chloe, Norma: Oh...Uh...

Jay: There's no telling what Walter would do to you if he found you engaging in
any suspicious behavior.

Norma: You have a point...

[Senel goes to the rear courtyard. Scene changes to Shirley's room.]

Shirley: ... ...

Fenimore: Shirley, hurry up. Senel's waiting for you.

Shirley: I know.

Fenimore: Don't worry. You'll do just fine.

Shirley: R...really?

Fenimore: What's my true name?

Shirley: Blessing...

Fenimore: Right. Trust me. You're cute. No one can beat you. You're going to be

Shirley: Thanks, Fenimore. I'll try my best.

[Scene changes to the courtyard.]

Shirley: Senel...

Senel: Long time no see.

Shirley: I'm sorry to make you come here like this when you're busy.

Senel: I heard you weren't feeling well. Are you okay?

Shirley: I'm fine. Don't worry. I just have a lot of things to do. I'm a little
tired. That's all.

Senel: Really?

Shirley: Fenimore must have been telling you stories. She always exaggerates

Senel: That's because she worries about you.

Shirley: I know...And I'm grateful to her for that. Sen...

Senel: Say, Shirley.

Shirley: Wh...what?

Senel: We probably can't go oon living the same way we used to... But still, if
anything ever happens, you can always talk to me. This lady, Musette, once told
me... "When your sister is in danger, you must run to her immediately--no
matter where she is or what stands in your way. That is what older brothers
do." Even if your lives change, my feelings won't.

Shirley: Senel, listen.

Senel: Y...yeah?

Shirley: There's something I want to tell you.

Senel: What is it?

Shirley: You'll probably be surprised to hear me say this all of a sudden. But
just hear me out. Senel...I...I love--

Senel: Shirley, I can't.

Shirley: Why not? Senel? Why not?! Senel!

Senel: I have to stay with Stella.

Shirley: Oh... Yeah...of course. Stella was alone all that time... Right! Now
it's my turn to work hard! I mean, the reason we're both alive now is because
of Stella. I'm going to become the Merines. A true Merines. For Stella. Look
after her, so she can rest in peace.

Senel: Shirley...

Shirley: I bet she's happy... Stella was in love with you the whole time. Did
you know that? She was always looking at you, from the moment we met.

Senel: That's...

Shirley: You're probably thinking, "that can't be true," right? But I could
tell. Of course, I know why. Who wouldn't have felt like that? I'd better start
heading back. Thank you for coming to see me. Take care of yourself.

[Shirley runs off.]

Senel: Shirley...

[Senel returns to the party.]

Norma: Welcome back.

Moses: What's wrong, Senel?

[Senel gets into bed.]

Norma: Why the long face, Senny?

Senel: It's nothing.

Chloe: Coolidge...

[Scene changes to Shirley's room.]

Fenimore: You two are exactly alike. You're both clumsy and awkward.

Shirley: Sorry.

Fenimore: *Sigh* Now you look like you're going to cry. Pathetic.

Shirley: Yeah, well, I am pathetic. Now are you done? Just leave me alone. So
nobody cares about me. Whatever. I know you don't, Fenimore. Why don't you go
on back to your home?

Fenimore: I can't do that. Do you think I could abandon a friend in your state?

Shirley: We're...friends?

Fenimore: What? Is that a problem?

Shirley: I've never had a friend before.

Fenimore: You're kidding...

Shirley: Thank you...I'm so happy...

Fenimore: Shirley... You've been lonely this whole time, haven't you?

Shirley: Well, when you're in my position, that's kind of how things work out.

Fenimore: So, I have to teach you what friends are like. You'll like it. We can
talk about silly things and have a good time together. We can talk to each
other about love. And...

Shirley: And?

Fenimore: When we're sad, we can cry together.

Shirley: Yeah?... *Sob*

[Shirley cries on Fenimore. Scene changes to next morning.]

Moses: Whoa!

Jay: Could you please be quiet, you inconsiderate...Hey!

Senel: Walter?!

Will: To what do we owe this honor?

Walter: The remnants of Vaclav's forces have been located.

Chloe: Is Stingle with them?

Walter: I've told you all I know.

Senel: Wait. Why did you tell us that?

Walter: We're going to launch a preemptive strike. We must eliminate all
threats to the Merines.

Senel: {...} We'll go with you. Can you lead us there?

Will: Senel, are you serious?

Senel: We can't leave it all to Walter.

Chloe: Yes...Coolidge is right.

Jay: Well, it's true we can't just ignore them.

Moses: All right. Let's do it.

Senel: Walter, please.

Walter. {...} I'll be waiting outside.

Senel: Get ready to move out.

Jay: You seem quite eager, Senel.

Senel: Really?

Jay: Yes. It's almost as if you want to get away from here as quickly as

[Will points at Norma on her bed.]

Will: Somebody do something about sleepy over there.

Chloe: Hey, Norma. Wake up.

Norma: Chloe can't sw-- Ow, my ear!...No pulling, no pulling... Zzz...

Senel, Will, Chloe, Moses, Jay: Wake up!

Norma: Aaaaah!

[They leave the building and run into Maurits and Walter.]

Norma: Good to have you on the team, Wally.

Walter: I have no intention of becoming friendly with you. Let's go.

Moses: Senel, ain't you gonna say bye to Shirley before we go?

Senel: {...} ...No.

Maurits: I'll explain the situation to Shirley.

Senel: ...Thank you.

[They leave the Village of the Ferines. Scene changes to Shirley's room.
Shirley is wearing a new dress.]

Maurits: Oh, my...you look splendid. Yes, the garments of the Ferines do suit
you best.

Shirley: Thank you.

Maurits: Then, let us be on our way to where the Rite of Accession will be

Shirley: All right.

[Scene returns to party outside the Village.]

Walter: Head for Vaclav's Hidden Fortress. It's toward 12 o'clock.

[They travel to the Hidden Fortress.]

Senel: Let's open the duct.

[They enter the Hidden Fortress.]

   <5hf>     Hidden Fortress

Jay: This is...

Will: Do you know this place, Jay?

Jay: Yes. This location is indeed connected with Vaclav's army. But...

Moses: Oh, come on! Speak up, boy!

Jay: Be quiet, Moses. Are the remnants of Vaclav's forces really here?

Walter: The entrance is over there.

[Scene changes to Shirley and Maurits.]

Maurits: This is the Altar of the Sea, where the Rite of Accession will take
place. It is said that during the Kingdom of Terises, each generation's Merines
traveled here to hear the voice of the sea.

Shirley: ...Okay.

Fenimore: Are you okay, Shirley?

Shirley: Y...yeah.

Fenimore: I'm right here, okay?

Shirley: ...Thanks.

[Party travels partway through the Fortress.]

Norma: Wait a sec, Wally. I don't see any of Vaclav's soldiers here.

Walter: {...}

Chloe: Let's have a look around.

Senel: Is this a dungeon?

Chloe: What's that smell?

Will: It may have been in use up until very recently.

Chloe: You mean Vaclav was taking prisoners?

Moses: Hey! Come here, y'all.

Norma: This stuff here is...

Jay: Instruments of torture.

Chloe: Vaclav!...What was he doing down here?

Moses: Man, that's cruel...doin' this to actual people.

[They travel further through the Fortress.]

Will: This area appears to be a library.

Norma: Hmm. Let's have a look. Wh...what is this?!

Chloe: What's wrong Norma?

Norma: Will, what about yours?

Will: I imagine the contents are similar to the one you looked at.

Senel: What's in them?

Will: It's...uh...

Jay: They're records of human test subjects. Vaclav was using the prisoners to
carry out a certain experiment.

Moses: What experiment?

Jay: He was trying to find a way to artificially create someone with the power
of a Merines.

Senel: What?

Chloe: Then, the people that were held here were...

Will: Radiant.

Norma: It wasn't just, like, 10 or 20 people... Vaclav must have used hundreds
of them over the years...

Jay: It appears that he captured them on the mainland and sent them here a few
at a time.

Senel: That's...

Chloe: Coolidge, are you all right?

Senel: So Stella and Fenimore were caged here, too...

Jay: Most likely...

Norma: When we first met Fen-Fen, she was scared of us. that probably means...

Senel: Grrr!

Chloe: What's wrong?

Senel: Aaaargh!

Chloe: Coolidge?!

Senel: Vaclav! What did you do to Stella?! Damn you! Damn you!

Chloe: Coolidge, take it easy.

Senel: Dammit!

Will: We should take these records. If we leave them here, it could lead to new

Moses: {!} I don't see Walter. Where'd he run off to?

Will: Let's go find him.

Chloe: Coolidge...

Senel: I'm all right now. I'm sorry about that.

Chloe: Don't worry about it. But...

Senel: We need to find Walter.

Chloe: ...Right.

[They find Walter.]

Walter: Did you see the records?

Jay: Yes.

Walter: Then now you know. You Orerines mercilessly took the lives of countless
Ferines here.

Norma: Hey, that was Vaclav! Don't put us together with him!

Walter: To me, you Orerines are all the same. The Ferines have suffered greatly
for many years. But that all ends today. For today, the Merines will complete
the Rite of Accession!

Senel: {!} So that important ritual is the Rite of Accession?

Walter: The ceremony should be starting right about now.

Senel: What?! Shirley almost died the last time she tried that!

Walter: I know. I don't need you to tell me.

Senel: And you're still forcing her to do it again?!

Walter: The Merines' heart is different now. She has chosen to face the ritual
of her own volition.

Senel: What?

Walter: The Rite of Accession is a ritual of rebirth. Her mind will become one
with Nerifes, and she will experience her true awakening.

Will: Nerifes?

Walter: Once that happens, she will no longer call you brother. She will become
an entirely new being!

Senel: No... You!...

Norma: Wally! You lied to us!

Will: You lured us out here with false information.

Jay: You were trying to keep us from finding out about the ritual.

Walter: Exactly. That said... Merely bringing you here wasn't my only

Moses: Heh. So that's it, huh?

Walter: Senel. Your existence leads the Merines astray. I shall eliminate the
source of the problem right here and now!

Senel: Like hell!

[One of Walter's monsters appears and tells him something.]

Walter: What?! We'll settle this later.

Senel: Where are you running off to?!

Walter: An Orerines military force has appeared at the site of the ritual.

[Walter flies off.]

Senel: Stop!

Norma: What military is he talking about?

Jay: From the way he was acting, it seems this time he's for real.

Chloe: Could they really be remnants of Vaclav's forces?

Norma: Ooh! I don't understand anything anymore! First he says Shirl's going to
stop being Shirl, and now we've got armies popping up out of nowhere!

Will: Whatever the case, let's get out of here.

Moses: Hold up a sec! Something's comin' from over there!

[They battle and defeat the monsters.]

Chloe: We've lost a lot of time...

Jay: That book down there. Is it part of the records? Let's see..."Operations
Report: Merines Capture"

Senel: {!} Jay, give me that book!

Jay: What? But...

Senel: I said, give it to me!

Jay: Fine, fine... Here, you can have it. But if we need it later, make sure
you let me see it, all right?

Senel: Yeah, sure.

Moses: What are y'all doing? This ain't no time for books.

Chloe: We have to go to Shirley.

[They leave the Fortress and run into a couple Oresoren.]

Jay: Ah, perfect timing! Okay. Got it. Thanks. We've located Shirley. She's at
the Altar of the Sea, on the bow of the ship.

Norma: You mean the very tip of the Legacy?

Will: I'm worried about her body's reaction, so close to the sea. Let's go.

[Scene changes to the Altar of the Sea.]

Maurits: We shall now begin the Rite of Accession, Shirley.

Shirley: I'm ready.

[Shirley stands on the alter and her glows.]

Shirley: Great will of the sea, true home of the Ferines, I call upon thee. If
thou deemest me, Shirley Fennes, worthy as thy agent, then bless me with thy

[Outside the Altar of the Sea.]

Captain of the Gadorian Knights: The next phase of the mission begins now. Your
objective is to capture the Merines. Eliminate anyone who interferes. We cannot
allow any other country to get its hands on the Merines. If necessary, we will
do away with her.

[Party exits the Hidden Fortress.]

Jay: The Altar of the Sea is at the bow of the Legacy. Let's hurry.

[They travel to the Altar of the Sea.]

Senel: Let's open the duct.

[They enter the Altar of the Sea.]

   <5as>     Altar of the Sea

[They find two Ferines laying on the ground near a sword.]

Will: It's no good, he's dead. What about that one, Moses?

Moses: He's already cold.

Jay: Walter said it was a "military force." I wonder how many there are.

Will: I can't imagine that there's much left of Vaclav's forces.

Jay: This doesn't appear to be related to Vaclav. Chloe.

Chloe: What is it?

Jay: That sword over there. I presume you've seen it before.

Chloe: This is...

Norma: You recognize it?

Chloe: Of course...There's no mistaking the crest on the hilt. This sword...is
the standard sword of the army of Gadoria.

Moses: Chloe, are you sayin' your people did this?

Senel: Chloe...

Chloe: I...I don't know anything about this! Please believe me, Coolidge!

Senel: We can't just stand here! Come on!

Will, Norma, Moses: Right. {Will} Yeah. {Norma & Moses}

Chloe: Ah!

[At the Altar]

Radiant Man: How is the Merines doing?

Radiant Woman: She's been praying for a while, but there hasn't been any
reaction from the water.

Radiant Man: The first signs appeared quickly, three years ago. If those
haven't even happened yet, then...

Radiant Woman: Even if she had an awakening, maybe she's just not cut out for

Radiant Man: She probably lost all her power in the accident last time...

Fenimore: Silence! All of you! Shirley's doing her best. Stop talking like that
right in front of her!

Shirley: It's okay, Fenimore.

Fenimore: But...

Shirley: It's only natural that everyone is worried. They've waited for so long
for me to become the Merines.

Fenimore: Well, I guess I'm not really one to talk, either.

Shirley: I performed the Rite of Accession once already and failed.

Fenimore: Shirley...

Shirley: Stella told me I got a high fever and spent days on the brink of
death. I wonder if it is hopeless...

[One of the Ferines walks in, injured. He collapses.]

Shirley, Fenimore: *Gasp*

Maurits: What's going on?!

Captain of the Gadorian Knights: You must be Shirley, the Merines.

Shirley: Wh...who are you?

Maurits: How dare you barge into the middle of a holy Ferines ritual! Is this
how Orerines behave?

Captain of the Gadorian Knights: I show the utmost consideration for my fellow
human beings, but you aren't human, are you? Merines. You're under arrest for
conspiring with the Crusand Empire against our country.

[Party travels partway through the Altar of the Sea and finds more bodies.]

Will: They're already dead.

Jay: Judging by this, the force has probably already reached Shirley...

Senel: Dammit!

[At the Altar.]

Fenimore: Under arrest?!

Captain of the Gadorian Knights: We have evidence that Shirley and her sister
were the ones responsible for operating the device known as the Nerifes Cannon.

Fenimore: Operating?! Shirley was a victim!

Captain of the Gadorian Knights: She can plead her case in a Gadorian court.

[Soldiers draw their swords. The Ferines move in front of Shirley.]

Shirley: What are you all?...

Radiant Man: Merines, please escape with the Chief.

Radiant Man: You are the hope of the Ferines. Please, hurry!

Captain of the Gadorian Knights: Kill all who resist.

Radiant Man: Uaaah!

Fenimore: *Gasp*

Radiant Woman: Aah!

Shirley: How could you!

Captain of the Gadorian Knights: Don't think I'll show you mercy just because
you're a woman.

Shirley: Stop it! Don't kill her!

[Shirley runs in front of the woman.]

Fenimore: Shirley, no!

Shirley: *Gasp*

Captain of the Gadorian Knights: Die!

[Fenimore runs in front of Shirley and is stabbed.]

Radiant Woman: Aaaah!

Shirley: Huh?... Fenimore...

Fenimore: S...Shirley...

Shirley: No... Fenimore?! Fenimore! Hang on!

[Party travels further. Back at the Altar.]

Shirley: Fenimore! Why did you do that?!

Fenimore: I just acted like you...Ahh...That's not like me at all...

Shirley: Don't try to speak! Someone, please! Come heal Fenimore! Anyone!
Please, somebody!

[Walter lands near Maurits.]

Walter: What's going on here?! {!} Orerines bastards!

Maurits: Wait, Walter.

Walter: Why are you stopping me?!

Maurits: Just watch. This may be a better opportunity than any we could have
hoped for.

Walter: What?!

Shirley: Why isn't anyone helping?! Please!

Fenimore: I'm sorry, Shirley...I know I said I'd be with you...

Shirley: Fenimore, it's okay. I'll heal you. You aren't hurt that badly. You'll
be fine. Okay?

Fenimore: Come closer...I'll give you...my final blessing...

Shirley: Stop! Don't say things like that! You're not going to die!

Fenimore: Hurry...

Shirley: Fenimore...

Fenimore: You must...find happines...No matter what...please...find your

[Fenimore slumps over and dies.]

Shirley: Fenimore?... Hey, Fenimore! Fenimore! No! Please, don't go! Not you,
too, Fenimore! We're friends, right?! Don't leave me alone!

Captain of the Gadorian Knights: This is what happens to those who resist us.

Shirley: Do you... Do you really hate us this much?

Captain of the Gadorian Knights: Yes. I do. Because of you, our country faced
utter and complete destruction. I will never forget the terror, the hatred I
felt that day!

Shirley: And you're convinced that was my doing?

Captain of the Gadorian Knights: We must eliminate all threats to our
existence. You Radiant are the enemy of mankind!

Shirley: The enemy...You and we are...enemies... I hear a...voice... A voice
is...calling out to me...

Walter: A voice calling the Merines?!

Maurits: Shirley, can you hear it?! The voice...

Shirley: I hear the sea...I hear the voice of Nerifes...

Captain of the Gadorian Knights: Wh...what's she talking about?

Shirley: Behold...the Accession.

[Shirley's whole body glows.]

Captain of the Gadorian Knights: Aaah...

Shirley: I see...so that was it...

Captain of the Gadorian Knights: What is she?...

Shirley: I remember now, Fenimore...why I failed the Rite before. I realized
what would happen if I completed the Rite of Accession.

Captain of the Gadorian Knights: What are you doing? Take her!

[Walter sends a monster that kills the soldiers.]

Captain of the Gadorian Knights: What's going on?!

Shirley: So I refused. I failed on purpose. If I completed the Rite...If I
awakened as the Merines, it would mean... ...That I would kill my brother.

[The party runs into soldiers fleeing the Altar.]

Gadorian Knight: H...Help!

Chloe: What are you doing here?!

Gadorian Knight: Aaaaaah!

[They run off.]

Chloe: Hey! Wait! Ah...

Norma: Those guys just ran off like they saw a ghost or something.

Will: What's going on up there?

Senel: Something's coming!

[One of Walter's monsters approaches the group.]

Will: That monster!

Norma: That's the same thing Wally uses!

[They battle and defeat the monster.]

Chloe: Who goes there?

[Two Ferines stand up the stairs from them.]

Will: Are you the ones who were controlling that creature? Why are you doing

Radiant Man: It was you Orerines who attacked first!

Senel: That wasn't us!

Radiant Man: Spare us your pitiful excuses! We can't trust the words of the

[They run up the stairs to the Altar.]

Senel: Hey!

Jay: Let's hurry. I've got a bad feeling about this.

[They go up the stairs to the Altar and find Shirley glowing.]

Senel: Shirley!

Will: Is that really Shirley?!

Jay: Just like the name..."Shining One"...

Senel: Shirley! What happened?! Fenimore?...

Norma: ...Fen-Fen! What's wrong with Fen-Fen?!

Walter: She's dead! Because of you Orerines!

Senel: Dead...Fenimore is dead? Walter!

Walter: I won't allow you to cause any more suffering. You will not get near
the Merines.

Chloe: What's going on here?! Why are you killing innocent people?!

Captain of the Gadorian Knights: They aren't people. They're monsters! Just
look at that woman glowing!

Senel: What did you say?

Captain of the Gadorian Knights: What, are you angry? What's wrong with calling
a monster a monster?

Senel: You bastard!

Chloe: Pathetic. Are those truly the words of a knight, a herald of justice?

Captain of the Gadorian Knights: Chloe Valens! This is an order! Kill the

Chloe: What?!

Captain of the Gadorian Knights: I have been given full authority by His
Majesty the King. My words are his words.

Chloe: Grr!

Walter: So, that's what you really think. Senel, in your heart, you've always
thought she was a monster, haven't you?

Senel: Never!

[Senel punches the Captain.]

Captain of the Gadorian Knights: Ugh!

Senel: That's what I think of your order. Shirley! Can you hear me? Shirley!

Maurits: Heh heh heh... Hah hah hah hah hah!

Norma: Hey! What's with the evil laugh?

Maurits: The Rite of Accession is complete. A new Merines has been born.
Awaken, O wondrous agent of Nerifes and leader of our people! Awaken, O

[Shirley glows and wings of light appear on her back.]

Senel: That's!... Shirley's teriques?!

Jay: Is that the true form of a Merines?

Senel: Shirley...Did you get your power back?

Chloe: What is this feeling...this overpowering presence? This isn't the
Shirley I know...

Maurits: At last, our time has come. We Ferines have waited four thousand years
for this day!

Senel: Shirley, listen to me!

[All the Ferines' hair starts to glow.]

Norma: Wally's hair lit up!

Moses: Maurits, too!

Walter: Nerifes is revived with the awakening of the Merines.

Maurits: It is the greatest blessing our people could ever receive.

Walter: You are no match for me now!

Senel: We'll see about that!

[The party is defeated horribly in battle.]

Walter: Now do you understand how powerful I am? Senel...Your time has come!

Senel: Grr!

Walter: Die!

Shirley: Wait.

Walter: Merines...

Senel: Shirley?

Shirley: Do not call me by that name.

Senel: What?

Shirley: I am the Merines. I hear the voice of Nerifes, and I am the agent of
its will.

Senel: Shirley, what's wrong? This isn't like you!

Shirley: I said, do not call me by that name. I am no longer the person who
pretended to be your sister.

Senel: What kind of nonsense is that? No matter what happens, you're still

Shirley: ...Silence!

[Senel is trapped in a sphere the color of Shirley's teriques and is hurt by

Senel: Uaaah!

Chloe, Norma, Moses: Coolidge! {Chloe} Senny! {Norma} Senel! {Moses}

[Senel is released and falls to the ground.]

Moses: Girl, what has gotten into you, raisin' your hand against your own kin?

Chloe: Shirley! Do you realize what you've done?! Answer me! Shirley!

Shirley: You have no need for the blessings of Nerifes. I shall take them back.

Moses: Wh...what was that just now?

Norma: It felt like all the strength just drained from my body...

Will: Shirley...What did you do to us?

Senel: Shirley...

Maurits: Orerines, you have shamelessly forgotten the sins of your past, acting
as if you own this world. Feel the wrath of Nerifes.

Shirley: Nerifes desires to return the world to its true form.

Norma: Shirl, quit playing around. This isn't funny.

Maurits: We of the water obey the will of Nerifes. We shall purge you of the
land from this world.

Shirley: You shall pay for your heinous crimes!

Senel: *Gasp*

Walter: Now, die!

Moses: Dammit!

[A sudden blizzard appears. When it clears, the party is gone.]

Walter: A snowstorm? All of a sudden? What's going on?! Where did they
disappear to?

Shirley: It appears they have been carried to the entrance.

Walter: What?!

Maurits: Walter, can you follow them?

Walter: I have troops hidden. I'll have them pursue.

Maurits: Merines. Allow me to congratulate you on your awakening.

Shirley: I have heard the sea.

Maurits: Yes, Merines.

Shirley: I have remembered my duty.

Maurits: Yes, Merines.

Shirley: I will now head to the castle.

Maurits: Understood.

Shirley: Furthermore, I would like you to give Fenimore a proper burial.

Walter: Leave it to me.

Maurits: Walter, there's no need for you to do it.

Walter: Please, Merines.

Shirley: As you wish.

Walter: Thank you.

[Scene changes to party at the entrance.]

Norma: What happened?

Senel: Ow!

Chloe: Coolidge!

Senel: Dammit, why did it have to be like this...

Grune: Oh, my! That looked like fun when you all came floating out of the sky.

[Grune walks up. A blue ball of light floats next to her.]

Senel, Will, Chloe, Norma, Moses, Jay: Grune?! {Senel, Will, Chloe, Jay, Moses}
G-Girl? {Norma}

Grune: Floating, floating... Fluffy snow... What kind of game was that? I want
to play, too!

Jay: I can't believe you can look at us like this and honestly think we were

Will: Grune, why are you here?

Grune: Hmm...Why was I here?

Norma: Oh, no...the air is getting infected with G-Girl germs right before
our eyes...

[Grune turns to the ball of light.]

Grune: By the way, who are you?

Norma: G-Girl, did you forget about us already?

Celsius: My name is Celsius. I appear before you by your own wish, master.

Grune: Oh, Celsius. What a pretty name. Pleased to meet you.

Norma: Who's she talking to?

Celsius: Master, have you forgotten me?

Grune: I don't know. Did I forget you?

Jay: Grune is talking to herself.

Norma: Now she's hallucinating...The poor thing.

Celsius: Your desire to rescue those people called me to this place. However,
it seems the power of my incarnation is weak here.

Grune: Oh, my.

Celsius: They cannot see me. Only you, master, can perceive my existence.

Grune: Oh, that is a problem.

Moses: She's got problems, all right.

Grune: In that case, Celsius, why don't you take a little nap?

Celsius: Thank you for your consideration, master.

Grune: Good night, Celsius. This must be Celsius' seed.

Norma: I...I have absolutely no clue what to say.

[Automata approach from the Altar.]

Chloe: Sentinels?!

Will: Is this Walter's work?

Moses: Humph. He just don't give up.

Senel: We aren't going down that easily!

[Senel makes to attack the machine, but nothing comes out.]

Senel: What the?!...

Chloe: Coolidge, look out!

[Chloe attacks as well, but nothing comes out.]

Chloe: Huh?

Senel: I...can't use eres.

Norma, Moses: What?!

[Norma tries to cast, but no attack happens.]

Norma: Wh...what the? Huh? Crystal eres is no good, either! What's going on?!

Will: Everyone, go! Run!

[They run from the machines and make it back to town. People everywhere are

   <5wb>     Werites Beacon

Senel: *Huff* *huff*

Will: Did we lose them?...

Norma: Thos sentinels kept coming from all over the place. I thought I was
gonna die.

Moses: There's no way we can win if we can't use eres.

Jay: As much as I hate to say it, I have to agree with Moses on this one.

Csaba: Moses!

Moses: Csaba! What's wrong?

Csaba: Nobody can use eres anymore!

Moses: What the hell?!

Csaba: It's not just us. It's the same with the eren in town! Oh, no...not you,

Moses: Quit your whinin'. Me and Giet'll figure somethin' out. Senel, I'm gonna
stop by the camp. I gotta calm my boys down.

Senel: All right.

[Isabella runs up.]

Isabella: Will, Jay, would you come with me?

Will: To report to Her Excellency?

Isabella: Yes.

Jay: I guess we have no choice.

Will: Go on ahead to my house. I'll return as soon as we're done.

Senel: Right.

Norma: Senny, you're the only man left, now. Take good care of us, okay?

[Senel's hand glows and he bends over, hands on his knees.]

Senel: Ugh...

Norma: Oh, come on! It was just a joke!

Senel: No, it's not that. I just got dizzy for a second. I'm all right now.
Let's head for Will's house.

[On the way to Will's house, Senel's hand glows and he bends over again.]

Norma: Are you feeling dizzy again?

Senel: Yeah. I wonder what's wrong.

[Senel collapses.]

Norma: Senny!

Chloe: Coolidge?! Coolidge!


Senel: Come on. We're getting out of here.

Shirley: Where's Stella? She's not with you?

Senel: Stella's...coming later.

Shirley: Really?

Senel: We promised to meet up later. Don't worry. It's Stella. She'll be fine.

Shirley: Y...yeah. Okay.

[Flashback ends. Words echo.]

Shirley: I am no longer the person who pretended to be your sister.

Senel: (That was the day we became brother and sister...)

Shirley: You shall pay for your heinous crimes!

Senel: (The day I swore I'd atone for my sins...)

[Senel is laying in a bed at the inn. Harriet and Grune walk into the room.]

Grune: Senel, are you okay?

Harriet: You startled me. I was on my way to that guy's house when I found you
on the ground by the door.

Grune: Norma and Chloe helped us carry you here.

Senel: Sorry about that.

Grune: It was really fun! I was all, "Heave ho! Heave ho!"

Harriet: I'll tell everyone what happened.

Senel: R...right. Thanks.

Grune: I'll go with you.

[They leave the room.]

Harriet: Chloe, why are you standing out here?

Chloe: Oh, I, uh...

Harriet: We're going out, so look after Senel.

Senel: ...Chloe.

Chloe: *Gasp*

Senel: I know you're standing out there. Come on in.

[Chloe walks into the room.]

Chloe: H...how do you feel?

[Screen fades.]

Senel: ...War with the Ferines?!

Chloe: The order has been given to prepare at once.

Senel: Whose order was it? "Her Excellency"? There's no going back if they pull
something stupid.

Chloe: But we just can't sit around and do nothing. There've been rumors that
sentinel units are already gathering outside the city.

Senel: Shirley...are you serious? You really want to fight us?

Chloe: Coolidge! I must apologize for everything that's happened! Shirley's
transformation, Fenimore's death...it's all because of my fellow countrymen.

Senel: Chloe...

Chloe: As a citizen of the Holy Kingdom of Gadoria, I...I...

Senel: Stop it. Come on. Look at me.

Chloe: But!

Senel: It's okay! You aren't like them. You don't need to feel responsible for
what they've done. And besides...the Ferines see us humans as their enemy. All
of us. Why?...

Chloe: What?

Senel: What the hell is going on? Why did things have to be like this?! I don't
know what to think anymore! Am I supposed to fight Shirley?! There's no way I
could do that!

Chloe: Senel...

Senel: What?! Am I wrong?

Chloe: Of course not! Who would want to wage war against Shirley?! I don't
understand any of this, either! I don't know what's going on! What Shirley is
thinking...why we can't use eres... I don't understand a single thing! I feel
like my head is going to explode! But the one thing I do know is that I don't
want to fight Shirley.

Senel: I'm sorry, I just yelled at the first person in front of me. At any
rate, we can't leave things like this. We have to do something.

Chloe: But what?

Grune: My. You two must be really close. It's so sweet.

Chloe: Grune? What are you talking about?

Grune: Well, you both keep saying the same thing. "I don't understand. I don't
understand." That must mean you think alike. Right?

Senel: Yeah...we don't understand. That's the problem, isn't it? There are too
many things we don't understand.

Chloe: Coolidge?

Senel: So... We need to figure them out. We can't do anything if we don't know
anything! We have to know! We have to know everything! We'll find the truth,

Chloe: What?

Senel: Let's do this. You and me.

Chloe: *Gasp*

Senel: I need your help. Please?

Chloe: Okay!

Senel: There's no way I'm letting a war start. That's not the answer!

Chloe: No, it's not. We'll find the answer...the way out of all of this.

[Senel and Chloe high-five.]

Grune: See? You two really are close.

Norma: Okay, then I'm coming along, too. I can't just ignore what's happening,

Chloe: Coolidge, you're going to ask the others, too, right?

Senel: Of course.

Harriet: But where do you go to find the truth?

Senel: Um...

Grune: Don't worry. If you all put your hearts together, I'm sure it'll work

Norma: It's going to take a little more than that...

[An image of the lighthouse flashes on the screen.]

Senel: (What was that?... The lighthouse suddenly flashed through my mind...)

Chloe: The lighthouse...

Norma: {!} What about the lighthouse?

Chloe: For some reason, I just feel like we need to go there.

Senel: Me too...

Norma: Seriously? Actually, me too...Does that mean our hearts are connected?
Well, whatever. It's close by. Let's go check it out!

Senel: Yeah... (I can't give in. We have to at least keep moving, for now.)

Chloe: Coolidge, what is it?

Senel: Nothing. I'm fine.

Norma: Okay, let's go!

[Everyone leaves except Chloe and Grune.]

Chloe: Whew...

Grune: I think that went well, Chloe.

Chloe: ...Indeed.

[They leave the inn. The Captain of the Gadorian knights enters town.]

Norma: You're still here, pops?

[He raises his sword against Chloe.]

Captain of the Gadorian Knights: Chloe Valens. I hereby place you under arrest
for the crime of treason.

Chloe: Treason? Me?

Captain of the Gadorian Knights: Don't try to tell me you've forgotten what you
did to me at the Altar of the Sea.

Senel: I'm the one who knocked you out, not Chloe!

Captain of the Gadorian Knights: And naturally, I am placing you under arrest
as well.

Chloe: You filthy...

[Familiar music starts up.]

Senel: *Gasp*

Norma: Oh no!

[Curtis is shown standing on a roof nearby. The Oresoren run up and he jumps
down and starts to sing.]

Curtis: Hey noble knight causin' trouble, don't you know the rules of this

Quppo: You're not supposed to fight!

Pippo: No acts of violence!

Curtis: Exactly, boys, just what they said. You gotta obey the rules at all
times, you dig?

Poppo: What if you break them?

Curtis: No-ho-hoh!

Grune: What if you disobey?

Curtis: Ohhh!

Quppo, Pippo, Poppo: What'll happen? What'll happen?! What'll happen?!?

Curtis: Those who break the rules will get to feel, the iron hammer of justice
and hear its thunderous peal.

Norma: Sounds good! You're in for it now!

Curtis: If there's a crime, we'll stop it; if there's a brawl, we'll squash it;
Oh, yeah! That's...our...life!

Quppo, Pippo, Poppo: *Ors!* *Ors ors!*

Captain of the Gadorian Knights: Aren't you...

Curtis: Feel the iron hammer!

[Curtis punches the Captain and knocks him back.]

Captain of the Gadorian Knights: Aaargh!

[Screen goes black. Several fighting noises are heard.]

Senel, Norma, Grune: Yeah!

[Picture comes back. The Captain and soldiers are gone.]

Curtis: That was a close one, wasn't it, brother!

Senel: For the first time ever, I'm actually glad to see you.

Curtis: Hah hah hah hah! By the way, brother, what do you think of my new

Quppo, Pippo, Poppo: Hoo-haa!

Senel: Hmm...I'd say you made a good choice.

Curtis: Indeed!

Senel: Though I can't really picture them as bouncers...

Curtis: Hmm...

[Party travels to the entrance of the lighthouse. Will and Jay are there.]

Norma: Hey, it's Teach and JJ. What are you guys up to?

Will: Well...uh...

Jay: We just felt like we needed to come here.

Chloe: You, too?

Will: What do you mean?

Senel: The same thing happened to us. That's why we're here.

Norma: What the? No way! The entrance to the lighthouse is open!

Will: Yes. Jay and I were just discussing that.

Jay: It was already open when I arrived.

Norma: I can't believe it...

Senel: Is it that surprising?

Norma: Oh, this is huge!

Jay: No one has ever opened the entrance to the lighthouse before.

Norma: Even my teacher's notes say that it can't be opened by eres... Well?
Have you been inside yet?

Will: We were about to go in.

Norma: All right, then! Let's get a move on!

Chloe: Norma sure is excited.

Senel: I bet she's forgotten why we're here.

Moses: Aaaah!

[Moses and Giet run up. Moses trips, then gets back up.]

Jay: *Sigh* And it was so pleasant without him around.

Moses: I was wonderin' where y'all ran off to.

Chloe: What's wrong?

Moses: Wrong?! I'll tell you what's wrong! As soon as I left the city, I ran
smack dab into a huge army of them sentinels!

Will: And?

Moses: Man, you should've been there to see me in action. They kept comin', and
I just took 'em out one after another.

Jay: In other words, you got your butt kicked and ran for your life.

Norma: We have a winner.

Jay: Stop wasting everyone's time with your obvious lies. Why did you really
come here?

Moses: That's somethin' I can't explain. I just had a feelin' this was where
I was supposed to be.

Chloe: Just like us...

Jay: Well, shall we venture inside the lighthouse?

[They enter the lighthouse.]

Jay: The inside is reminiscent of the Ruins of Frozen Light and the Legacy's

Will: It may have been constructed during the same era.

[They walk onto a platform.]

Moses: What's that noise?

Jay: Don't tell me it's a trap?

[The platform rumbles. Screen goes dark.]

Norma: Aaaah!

Moses: Waaah!

[The rumbling stops, and waves can be heard.]

Senel: (What's that sound? It's calm...comforting.)

[Everyone is laying on the platform. Norma is sleeping. They get up.]

Moses: Where are we?

Senel: Are those...waves?

[They walk off to inspect the noise. Norma gets up.]

Norma: I feel like...like I dreamed I fell from a really high place...

Grune: Yes, it sure is high.

Norma: Right?...Wait, huh?

[They look up.]

Norma: Whoa!

Grune: The part above that is amazing, too.

Norma: Hmm? {...} Huh? Wait a minute...What? What?!

Grune: Amazing, isn't it?

Norma: What?!

[Scene changes to Senel, Will, Chloe, Moses and Jay at a beach.]

Senel: It's a sea...

Chloe: But there are hardly any waves.

Senel: That's definitely seawater.

Will: How can there be a sea this quiet?

Moses: First time I've seen anything like this.

Chloe: The sound of the waves is so peaceful...

Moses: You get so calm just sittin' here listenin' to it...

Norma: Hey, guys! Guys! Check this out!

Jay: So much for peaceful.

[Norma runs up. Grune follows.]

Norma: Guys...this isn't the time to be gawking at the ocean.

Will: Don't you feel anything when you look at the sea here?

Jay: She probably can't appreciate such things.

Norma: Oh, whatever! Just listen to me! Look up! Look!

Will: Up?

Moses: What the?!...

Jay: The sky...it's...

Senel: The sky's closed?!

[Several seam-like lines are shown on the sky.]

Jay: Now I understand. We're--

Moses: I get it!

Jay: What are you interrupting me for?

Moses: This is a dream. We're all havin' the same dream!

Jay: {...} *Sigh* Of all the dumb things you could say...

Will: Jay, do you know where we are?

Jay: We're deep beneath the Legacy, most likely directly beneath the
lighthouse. We came down here on some sort of elevator.

Norma: Yeah. There's this huge tower next to where we were sleeping!

Will: That tower must be the elevator. I see...

Jay: Still, I must say, this is quite a surprise.

Will: Yes. I never would have expected such a large underground cavern to

[Senel's nails start to glow.]

Senel: Hmm?

Will: Senel, is something wrong?

Moses: Probably got the runs.

Senel: Demon Fist!

[Energy comes out and hits Moses. He falls down.]

Moses: Aaah!

Chloe: Coolidge! You can use eres?

Moses: What in the hell was that for?!

Senel: Sorry, I didn't think it would really come out.

Moses: Oh, come on!

Norma: Ooh ooh! Let me try, too! Take that!

[She casts Grave and hits Moses with it.]

Moses: Uaah!

Norma: Hey, it's working again.

Moses: Not you, too, Bubbles! Are y'all tryin' to kill me, or what?!

Will: Hmm...

[Will, Chloe, and Jay's hands begin to glow.]

Moses: Whoa! Don't even think about it! If y ou wanna test your eres, point it
somewhere else!

[They face the sea and let out their eres.]

Chloe: It's back, just like it was before. What's going on?

Moses: All right! Time to show those sentinels who's boss! Yeehaw!

[Moses runs off. Screen fades out for a moment.]

Norma: Where'd he run off to? It's been a while since he left.

[Moses runs back and collapses.]

Moses: It's no good. As soon as I got back up there, my eres stopped workin'.

Jay: Ahh, an idiot to the end...

[They form a circle.]

Jay: So it seems the only place we can use eres is down in this underground

Norma: Oh, well. It's still good that we got our powers back.

Chloe: I suppose it is better than not being able to use them at all.

Will: I know what you mean. As eren, our eres is a vital part of our being,
something that's always there.

Norma: Yeah. And it's not like everyone can use it, either. It's like a symbol
of who I am.

Senel: A vital part of our being... I've never really thought about eres that
way before... Well, what do we do now?

Jay: First, let's go over what's happened so far.

Will: By performing the Rite of Accession, Shirley has become the Merines.

Jay: The Merines is an agent of Nerifes.

Will: They say it is the will of Nerifes to purge the world of mankind.

Senel: Shirley said she was taking back the blessings of Nerifes.

Chloe: And we lost our eres right after that.

Jay: It would seem we need to ascertain what this Nerifes is.

Senel: Maybe then we'll find the truth...

Chloe: It's settled then.

Grune: Oh, my, you're all so full of spirit! I'll be your cheerleader!

Norma: So, what exactly are we gonna do?

Moses: {...} Everybody else gets a chance to stand up and say something, but
not Moses. No...

[An image flashes on screen.]

Senel: (What was that image that just flashed through my mind? Weird...I've
never seen that place before...)

Jay: Let's explore this underground area a bit. It's no accident that we can
use our eres here.

Will: Are you saying Shirley's power might not extend to this underground area?

Jay: Perhaps. Or, perhaps this place somehow allows us to receive the blessings
of Nerifes. Either way, we may be able to find a way out of this situation.

Norma: Well, let's get going then!

Chloe: It's a good thing we happened to wind up here.

Jay: {!}

Grune: Indeed. Picnics are so much fun, aren't they?

Norma: So, uh, G-Girl, why are you here?

Grune: Hmm?

Norma: What do you mean, "Hmm"? How come you're talking to us like nothing's

Grune: Hmm...Because I love all of you so much?

Jay: What do you want to do with her?

Norma: We may as well bring her. She's been with us this long...

Jay: I'm not sure it's a good idea to be dragging around an ordinary civilian
with us.

Grune: Oh? Then I'll fight along with you!

Moses: Fight? Can you use eres, lady?

Grune: Oh, I'm sure it'll work out.

Senel, Will, Chloe: (Oh no...)

Grune: I'm tickled to be part of the team!

Senel, Will, Chloe, Norma, Moses, Jay: Uh...Welcome aboard!

Moses: I guess we just can't say no...

[Grune walks off, and everyone but Jay follows.]

Jay: {...} It's a good thing we happened to wind up here. Indeed. What are the
odds of that? It seems more reasonable to assume that we were all led here by

[Scene changes to Shirley with Maurits and Walter.]

Maurits: This is the highest floor of the castle--the throne room.

[Shirley sits on the throne.]

Maurits: Ahh...A true heir to the Kingdom of Terises finally takes her place
upon this royal seat.

Walter: Merines, what is it?

Shirley: They are in the Fallen Lands.

Walter: You mean Senel?

Maurits: The Fallen Lands? Why would they be there?

             The Fallen Lands
   <ch6>     Chapter 6

[Back with Party. They look at the tower.]

Will: That's the place we came from.

Norma: Let the investigation begin!

Will: We don't know what might happen. Stay alert.

[They find the place that flashed through their minds.]

Senel: (This is... The place I saw in my mind...)

Norma: Um, you guys might think I'm weird for saying this, but... I've seen
this place before.

Senel: You too, Norma?

Norma: Senny, you've seen it?

Will: It seems we've all seen an image of this place before.

Chloe: Unbelievable...What's going on?

Jay: {...} At any rate, we should begin looking around.

[A gap separates them from the building.]

Jay: Hmm...

Will: Did you figure anything out?

Jay: There's writing on it, but I can't read it.

Moses: Ain't so smart, after all, are you?

Jay: Hearing that from you makes me want to die.

Norma: Let me see. Hmm, I've never seen writing like this before. It's not

Jay: Could it be instructions on how to open the door?

Moses: Looks like we're screwed if we can't read it.

Norma: Nah, all we have to do is this. Hi-yah!

[She kicks the machine and it activates, forming a bridge.]

Norma: See? Always trust in Norma!

[They enter the Fire Monument.]

Norma: Whoa, it's burning up in here!

Moses: Feels like we're in the middle of a desert. I'm sweatin' buckets...

Chloe: Sweating?

[She backs up from everyone else.]

Senel: What's wrong, Chloe?

Chloe: Oh, nothing.

Will: Try to find any clues you can. Anything at all.

[They keep going and find a strange blue light.]

Moses: What's that light?

Jay: Go ahead, touch it.

Moses: Is it safe?

Jay: That's what we're about to find out. Why else would I tell you to touch

Moses: Hey!

[Senel approaches the light.]

Chloe: Coolidge, be careful...

[Senel and Chloe touch the light. An image flashes across the screen.]

Chloe: A strange image just appeared in my head again.

Norma: What did you see this time?

Will: I saw a white, rectangular object floating in the ocean. What about the
rest of you?

[They nod.]

Grune: Oh, we all saw the same thing. How nice.

Chloe: It felt like I was looking back over memories from long ago... But I've
never seen that thing before.

Senel: What was it?

[They keep going and find another one.]

Norma: There's the light again.

Senel: ...I'll do it.

Chloe: Wait, Coolidge. I'll go, too.

[They touch the light.]

Jay: What did everyone see?

Norma: A white, rectangular thing with big patches of dirt here and there.

Moses: Same here.

Will: So we all saw the same thing again.

[They continue to the next light.]

Will: This is the third time we've seen this light.

[Senel and Chloe touch it.]

Norma: That was probably the same thing from before.

Chloe: So it's a continuation?

Jay: This time, it was completely covered with earth.

[They continue into the next room.]

Norma: Man, it's so hot I could die. Let's take a break.

Will: *Sigh* Yes, let's.

[They sit in a circle.]

Will: Every time we touch those lights, images appear in our minds.

Senel: What is it we're seeing?

Grune: Think...think...think...

Chloe: Why does the same scene enter everyone's heads?

Grune: Ponder...ponder...ponder...

Norma: Has anyone figured out anything?

Grune: Cogitate...cogitate...cogitate...Nope, nothing.

Moses: You sure seem like you're havin' a good time, Grune.

Grune: Oh, yes, this is quite fun!

Senel: (She really does think she's on a picnic...)

[They continue through the Fire Monument. They find another light.]

Will: Is this a dead end?

Norma: There's another one. I think that's the fourth, now? I'm sure we'll see
something when we touch this one, too.

Grune: Oh, this is so exciting!

Jay: As long as it's showing us images, it could at least add some

[Senel and Chloe touch the light. The party is taken to Lumen Spring.]

Jay: What the?! This is--

Senel, Will, Chloe, Norma, Moses, Jay: Lumen Spring?!

Grune: The water is so beautiful!

Jay: Did we just teleport here?

Senel: Look at that. The ruins are different.

Jay: Yes, all the broken parts have been restored.

Norma: Say, the forest around here is kinda weird, too.

Will: All the big trees are gone.

[Shirley appears in front of them.]

Senel: Shirley?!

[Senel runs up to her. She teleports to another spot.]

Senel: Huh?

Norma: How did she move just now?

[Shirley walks off.]

Senel: Shirley, wait!

Chloe: Coolidge!

[They follow her. She stands by several Ferines.]

Norma: When did those people get here?

Moses: I didn't notice them before.

Senel: Shirley! Shirley, what's wrong? Can't you hear me?

[Shirley disappears.]

Jay: She vanished!

Moses: Where'd she go?!

[The Ferines disappear. Party is taken to an odd vortex.]

Will: What's that?

Jay: Look, over there. Something big's coming!

[A giant monster appears from the vortex.]

Will: That's a...gaet?!

Moses: What? Are you kiddin' me?!

Will: Are we going to have to fight that?

Moses: Ah, I get it! This is the real test to get my sacred eres!

[They battle and defeat the Gaet.]

Moses: We won!

Will: Damn...I should have given it a more thorough examination before we
defeated it.

Norma: Uh oh, he's in nerd-mode!

Will: Well, of course. Gaets are the lords of all beasts; the most legendary of
legendary monsters. One doesn't get very many chances to study them.

[Screen goes white, voices echo.]

Male Voice: Merines! Why are you sacrificing yourself?

Female Voice: It's all the fault of the Orerines...If it weren't for them,
things wouldn't have come to this.

Male Voice: The Wings of Light are a truly terrible thing. However we have no
choice but to use them now.

Male Voice: Can't we do anything? Do we just stand by and watch the Merines?

Senel: (Whose voices are those?)

[Sequence of the rectangular ship gaining land plays.]

Female Voice: Beloved Ferines...My life ends here. The rest, I leave to the
next Merines. Please work together to bring a new light to our people. History
begins anew today, and you shall rule over its birth. You are the terises.

[Party finds themselves at the entrance to the Fire Monument.]

Chloe: Are we back at the entrance?

Will: So it would seem. What's going on?...I suddenly feel exhausted.

Moses: Me too.

Quppo: Is everyone all right?!

Jay: Quppo, Pippo, Poppo! What are you doing here?

Pippo: We heard you'd gone inside the lighthouse, so we came after you.

Poppo: It's about time we found you! We looked all over.

Quppo: You seem tired. Come rest at our camp.

Jay: You made a camp?

Norma: Oh, you are such a doll. Let's go.

[A strange object appears at Senel's feet.]

Senel: What's this?

Norma: Let's see...Is this a tablet or something?

Jay: It might turn out to be a clue. Let's go ahead and take it with us.

Senel: Yeah...

[They leave the Fire Monument.]

Quppo: The camp is located on the Coast near the tower.

Will: I see. The first place we went to.

   <6co>     Coast

Norma: Man, am I beat. I can't move another inch.

[Everyone lays down.]

Quppo, Pippo, Poppo: *Ors ors?!*

Moses: I'm gettin' sleepy.

Chloe: The waves feel like a lullaby...

[They fall asleep.]

Norma: *Yawn* That was a nice nap!...Huh? It's pitch black.

[They all sit around a cooking pot.]

Jay: I found out what's going on above. At this point, the war hasn't started
yet. The city is surrounded by sentinel forces, but they haven't taken any
other action.

Senel: Did you hear anything about Shirley?

Jay: I'm afraid not.

Senel: I see...

Chloe: So, what exactly were those images we saw?

Jay: I suspect they were images of the birth of the Kingdom of Terises.

Norma: So that white, rectangular thing was the basis for the Legacy?

Jay: The place we're standing right now exists inside that very object.

Will: That was most likely a ship as well. So the Radiant actually built land
on top of a pre-existing ship.

Norma: How'd they pull that off? Was it the power of the Merines.

Jay: Most likely. I heard a voice say something about the work of the Merines.

Will: I'm curious about the "Wings of Light" they mentioned.

Jay: Wings of Light...That's something new to keep in mind.

Norma: Is it just me, or do we have even more mysteries now?

Will: I also wonder why such a legendary beast as a gaet appeared there.

Moses: To give me sacred eres. Why else?

Jay: Moses. Please shut up.

Senel: That Shirley we saw...what was that?

Will: It looked like an illusion to me.

Moses: She didn't respond a bit when you were callin' out to her. The real
Shirley wouldn't have acted like that.

Jay: Still, I have to say... The Radiant have some strange habits. Even if they
were looking for a new place to live, they didn't need to create an entire
island on their own.

Senel: I'm sure the Ferines didn't do that just because they wanted to. They
must have had a homeland somewhere. And they must have had a very good reason
to throw it away.

Grune: Senel, you really care about Shirley a lot, don't you?

Jay: If what Senel says is in fact true, that still leaves the question of why.

Senel: Yeah, what could that good reason have been?

[Another location flashes through their minds.]

Chloe: What was that?

Will: Did you all see that? It felt like we were being told to go there. To
that place we just saw.

Norma: Looks like someone just answered your question, Senny.

Moses: But who's that someone?

Jay: We didn't just happen to wind up here. Someone led us here. I don't know
who it is, but they must be nearby and listening to our conversations.

Will: That would certainly explain a lot.

Jay: (Let's slow down and observe the situation until we find out who it is.)

Will: (Understood. Everyone, be on guard.) All right, let's call it a day.
It's already night. We'll set out again in the morning.

Senel, Norma, Moses: Yeah. {Senel} Okay. {Norma & Moses}

[Flashback to Senel and Shirley.]

Senel: Let's stay here in this house until we meet up with Stella.

Shirley: O...okay.

Senel: Don't worry, she'll be here soon. She promised.

Shirley: Senel.

Senel: What's with that face? You look so serious.

Shirley: Why are you doing all this for me?

Senel: Well, you know...

[He remembers]

???: Thanks to you, we've located the village. Good work.

Senel: (Am I trying to atone? Or maybe...) I'd do anything to protect you. To
keep you safe.

[Flashback ends. The next morning. Jay talks to the Oresoren, Norma sleeps.]

Will: All right. Let's head out.

Jay: ...I see. You may be right. Great job picking up on that.

Pippo: Aww, it was nothing.

Norma: What are you guys talking about?

Jay: This place we're in might be the Quiet Lands spoken of in Oresoren lore.

Pippo: It's a place said to have been visited by the legendary Oresoren hero,

Senel: Capoeiracco?

Will, Norma: (Interesting name...)

Quppo: Supposedly it's a quiet land with a quiet sea.

Pippo: This place is just like the one in the legends.

Norma: Then from now on, let's call this the Quiet Lands!

Chloe: I like the sound of that. "Underground cavern" is kind of uninspiring.

Norma: Yay!

Jay: If these are indeed the Quiet Lands, then the "Trail across the Heavens"
may be here somewhere.

Pippo: The Trail across the Heavens is a path that isn't a path, floating in
the sky.

Jay: The legends say that Capoeiracco encountered something of that nature.

Poppo: We'll look around while you all are out.

Jay: Thanks.

[They leave the Coast.]

Jay: If we find ourselves in need of rest, it would be good to come back here.

Will: A base camp of sorts.

   <6im>     Ice Monument

Chloe: Could this be the place from that vision earlier?

Will: This is definitely it. It matches my memory of it perfectly.

Jay: And mine as well...Even though it's the first time I've been here.

Norma: Hey...what's that sound? Uh oh!

[Walter lands nearby. Norma falls over.]

Norma: Ugh!

Walter: So this is where you were, Senel!

Senel, Will, Chloe, Norma, Moses, Jay: Walter?! {Senel, Will, Chloe, Jay,
Moses} Wally?! {Norma}

Walter: To think you'd run and hide in the Fallen Lands. You're just wasting
your time. You cannot escape me! This time, you will die.

Senel: Oh yeah?!

Walter: It ends here. FelQuesDes!

[Senel easily blocks the small attack.]

Norma: Huh? Was that all it did last time? Doesn't seem all that impressive

Moses: Yeah, that was nowhere near as strong as last time.

Walter: Wh...what's going on?

Chloe: Your eres not working as you'd hoped?

Walter: Impossible. This can't be happening!

Norma: Now's our chance!

Walter: I possess the blessings of Nerifes. You have no chance against me.

Norma: Think again, Wally! We can use eres!

[They attack, but a light appears between them and stops the attack.]

Senel: That's Shirley's teriques!

Chloe: Is she around here?

Senel: Ugh!

[Shirley's teriques forms a sphere around Walter.]

Walter: Merines! What are you doing?! Release me! Merines!

[The sphere carries Walter away.]

Norma: ...He's gone.

Moses: Damn, he got away.

Will: It looked more like he was carried away against his will.

Senel: Shirley! Where are you? If you're here, answer me!

Will: It doesn't seem like she is.

Jay: Which means she sent that teriques from above.

Senel: Shirley...

Will: Walter used the phrase "Fallen Lands."

Jay: It would seem that's what the Radiant call the Quiet Lands.

Will: That name certainly sounds significant.

Jay: Yes. Investigating this place may be even more important than we thought.

Norma: Well, Wally's gone and all, so let's go in.

[She kicks the machine and it forms a bridge.]

Moses: Since when did kickin' become the new way to open doors?

Jay: Watching Norma, it's hard to believe she's really a crystal eren.

Senel: (Shirley... Were you protecting Walter?)

[They enter the Ice Monument.]

Norma: Brrr, it's freezing in here!

Chloe: The temperature dropped so suddenly. It feels like we're in an icehouse.

[They continue on and encounter another light.]

Norma: Oh! It's the mysterious light! What could it have in store for us this

[Senel and Chloe touch the light.]

Norma: Maybe it's just my imagination, but...every time we see these images, I
feel really tired.

Will: It's not your imagination. I feel the same way.

Jay: What did everyone see this time?

Norma: The white, rectangular ship was next to land.

Senel: Same here.

Chloe: Me, too.

Moses: Ditto.

Jay: It seems we all saw the same thing, then.

[They go on to the next light.]

Moses: There's a second light.

[Senel and Chloe touch the light.]

Moses: This time it looked like the ship was headin' out to sea.

Will: Yes, I saw the same thing.

Jay: As did I.

[They continue to the next one.]

Jay: There's a third one.

Norma: Okay, let's do it, then.

[Senel and Chloe touch the light.]

Jay: What was that?

Will: An image of the mainland? It looked oddly damaged.

Norma: Like it was just a bunch of ruins or something.

[They go on to the next room.]

Norma: Aah, it's c-c-cold! I'm gonna freeze!

Senel: What are you doing pressing up against me?

Norma: Darling, don't leave me!

Senel: {scribble} I am not your personal heater!

Norma: Heh heh. Was it that obvious?

Chloe: Hey! Cut that out!

Senel: What are you getting upset about, Chloe?

Chloe: {////} ...I'm not upset!

Norma: Of course not...

[Norma hugs Will's back for a moment, then pats Chloe.]

Norma: Well, good luck with that.

Chloe: Wh...what?

[Norma whispers to Chloe.]

Norma: If you really want him, you'd better reel him in before Shirl gets

Chloe: What...wh...wh...

Senel: What's wrong, Chloe?

Chloe: Huh? Oh...n...nothing! What are you looking at?

Senel: What's with you?

Chloe: Coward.

Senel: Me?!

[They keep going and reach the final light.]

Senel: Let's do it, Chloe.

Chloe: Oh...right.

[They touch the light. It takes them to a battlefield with dead Ferines.]

Will: We're on a battlefield?!

Chloe: Has the fighting already begun?!

Senel: No, I don't think this is the Legacy.

Jay: Judging from our surroundings, I'd say we're somewhere on the mainland.

Will: Are we looking at images from the past?

Jay: I'd say so.

Senel: But when is this from?

Jay: That I don't know...

Will: At any rate, this suggests there was a great war between humans and the
Radiant in the past.

Chloe: There are lots of women and children among the Radiant bodies... They're
obviously civilians. Why would...

Senel: Shirley, are you here somewhere?

[They see her and Senel runs up to her.]

Senel: Shirley, what's going on? *Gasp*

Chloe: Coolidge, what is it?

[Shirley vanishes.]

Moses: Whoa! She disappeared!

Will: She's over there!

Moses: After her!

[They run off. Senel stays behind.]

Chloe: Coolidge?...

Senel: Huh? Oh, sorry. Let's go.

Moses: Look over there. There's someone dressed like Shirley.

Norma: So is she the Merines too?

[Shirley disappears. The Ferines disappear. At another vortex.]

Will: This feeling...It's just like when the gaet appeared last time. Don't
tell me...

Norma: Whoa, there it is!

Jay: Is that a gaet too?

Will: Yes. It looks different from the earlier one, but there's no mistaking

[They defeat the Gaet.]

Moses: Yahoo! We win again!

Will: And once more I miss my chance to get a sample...

Grune: Oh, that's too bad, dear.

[Voices echo again.]

Male Voice: Kill them! Kill the Radiant!

Male Voice: Force the monsters back into the sea!

Male Voice: You Orerines bastards! If only you'd never come here!

Male Voice: Protect the Merines at all costs!

[Sequence of the ship going to see and the land crumbling plays.]

Voice of the Merines: Ferines, the time has come for us to board the ark. We
shall leave this land that has consumed the blood of so many of our brethren.
We will escape the yoke of the Orerines and begin anew.

[Party appears at the entrance to the Ice Monument.]

Moses: What the hell did we just watch?

Norma: Come on, guys, we can talk about that later! Let's get back to camp!

Chloe: What's wrong, Senel? You look worried.

Senel: That Shirley we just saw...

Chloe: Yeah?

Senel: I've never seen a look like that on Shirley's face the entire time I've
known her...

[Another tablet appears at Senel's feet.]

Senel: Is this a tablet?

Norma: Ooh, another one? Let's see...

Moses: Looks like a picture of what we just saw.

[They leave the Ice Monument.]

Norma: I'm tired...Let's return to camp and rest for a bit.

[They enter the Coast.]

Pippo: Welcome back!

Norma: Hi, everybody!

[They all lay down and fall asleep. Scene changes to night.]

Jay: I've pretty much confirmed Shirley's location.

Senel: Where?!

Jay: The bow of the Legacy, in a castle remaining from the Terises era.

Norma: You mean Mirage Palace?! Whoa...

Will: Is that a problem?

Norma: It's famous among treasure hunters for being completely secure. You
can't get in.

Jay: It's a ruin surrounded by tall mountains and deep forests that's said to
be unapproachable by land.

Norma: It can be seen but never reached. That's why it's called Mirage Palace.

Jay: I'll ask the Oresoren to see if they can find a way in. Although...the way
things are now, even if we made it there, we wouldn't stand a chance against
them. Now, let's go over the images we saw earlier. It looks like the reason
the Radiant abandoned their homeland was a war.

Will: Most likely, the humans won and chased the Radiant from the mainland. The
Radiant may consider both that past war and Vaclav's actions to be the fault of
the entire human race.

Moses: How are we supposed to deal with them if they already got that in their

Jay: That's what makes race wars so difficult.

Will: Is that what whoever showed us that war wanted to tell us?

Norma: That it's impossible for us to make peace?

Senel: That's not true! Look at me. Shirley and I got along fine for three
years. Sure, we have our differences. But in the end, it's all up to how each
person thinks, right? We could do something if only both sides would meet each
other halfway.

Moses: Don't worry, Senel! Sure, y'all are fightin' now, but you and Shirley'll
make up! You're family!

Senel: Family... Yeah...That's right...

Will: Now that we know as much as we do, I really want to know what's at the
root of all this.

Jay: Yes...

Senel: Why do humans and Ferines hate each other?

[Another location flashes onscreen.]

Norma: Ah-hah! I saw it! I saw it!

Will: Looks like our next destination has been set.

Jay: Whoever it is, i tseems they're still listening to our conversation.

Norma: Spot! Have you noticed anything?

[Giet whines.]

Norma: Nothing, huh...

Jay: There's probably nobody around here but us.

Chloe: What does that mean?

Jay: I have a feeling I know who this "someone" is.

Chloe, Norma, Moses: Who?!

Jay: Well... {...} ...I think it's best I don't say for now.

Norma: What?!

Jay: It's difficult for even me to believe, so let me try to get some
conclusive evidence first.

Will: All right. I think we're done for today.

Jay: Senel, are you prepared to learn the reason why humans and the Radiant
hate each other?

Senel: {...} Of course.

Jay: Good.

[Flashback to Shirley and Senel.]

Shirley: ...Senel. Do you really have to work as an Alliance marine? I'll work,
too, if we need money. You don't have to push yourself so hard.

Senel: Sorry. I just think it's best if you stay inside. For now, at least.
Besides, I like it when I come home, and I see the lights on... It's
comforting. I feel like I can go on one more day.

Shirley: Okay. If that's what you want.

Senel: Sorry...

Shirley: No, it's okay. In that case, leave the housework and everything to me.

Senel: It feels like we've really become family.

Shirley: ...Yeah. It really does.

[Scene changes to Stella locked up.]

Stella: Senel...

Senel: (Stella!...)

Stella: Senel...you haven't forgotten our promise, have you? You haven't
forgotten me, have you?

Senel: (I could never forget you! Yes...Shirley's just...)

[Flashback ends. Scene changes to Shirley and Maurits.]

Shirley: I will now begin preparations to activate the Wings of Light.

[Her hair lights up and the throne glows.]

Maurits: Walter, where did you go?

Walter: Merines, why did you stop the fight? It was a perfect opportunity to
finish Senel!

Shirley: Do you really believe that?

Maurits: What are you talking about?

Shirley: Walter pursued them into the Fallen Lands.

Maurits: Them? You mean Senel's group? Were you all right?

Walter: My power felt weaker than normal.

Maurits: Just as I thought...

Walter: Do you know why?

Maurits: That is the only place to which the blessings of Nerifes do not reach.
That's why our ancestors called it the Fallen Lands. Do not approach them as
long as they remain in that place.

Walter: Grrr...

Shirley: Commencing preparation.

[Party leaves the Coast.]

Norma: Time to head to our next destination!

   <6tm>   Thunder Monument

Senel: Is this it?

[Lightning strikes nearby.]

Chloe, Moses: Aaaaah! {Chloe} Waaaah! {Moses}

[Chloe clings to Norma.]

Jay: Moses, please stop acting like a child.

Norma: Yo, C! Hello? How long were you planning to stay like that?

Chloe: S...sorry. It was just so sudden.

Norma: That was such a cute scream.

Chloe: What are you talking about?

Norma: Don't act like you don't know. I heard you loud and clear.

Moses: Hey, Bubbles, how 'bout the door? You gonna kick it or what?

Norma: Kicking door.

[She kicks the machine and it forms a bridge.]

Norma: Okay, let's go!

[They enter the Thunder Monument.]

Norma: Whoa, this time it's all humid!

[Lightning strikes nearby.]

Senel: Can there be lightning inside a building?

Will: With this humidity, they might have deliberately created the conditions
for thunderstorms.

[Norma whispers to Chloe.]

Norma: C, are you scared of lightning?

Chloe: I'm not scared of lightning. I just don't like begin startled all of a

Norma: That's practically the same thing. Oh, I just had a good idea! The next
time lightning strikes, go hang onto Senny.

Chloe: What?

Norma: And scream and say you're scared.

Chloe: I can't do that!

Norma: This is your chance, silly. Are you gonna waste it? Boys are like putty
when they see a girl's vulnerable side.

Chloe: R...really?

[Everyone is watching them.]

Chloe, Norma: {!} Um...

Senel: You two look like you're having fun.

Norma: Just a little...

Chloe: Ohh...

[They come to the first light.]

Jay: I'm certain the image we see once we touch that isn't going to be
pleasant. Are you sure you're going to be all right, Senel?

Senel: Why do you keep asking me that?

Jay: Because you have a strong attachment to the Radiant.

Chloe: Wait, Coolidge. I'll join you.

[Chloe and Senel touch the light.]

Moses: Jay. What'd we just see?

Jay: A shooting star. You've never seen one before?

Moses: Of course I've seen one! I just wanna know why we saw it, is all.

Jay: How should I know?

[They find the next light.]

Norma: There's the second one!

[Senel and Chloe touch the light.]

Norma: The sea?

Grune: Yes, that was the sea.

Moses: First a shootin' star, and now the sea. I just don't get it.

Senel: Whew.

Grune: Senel, relax. It's okay. We're all with you.

Senel: Thanks. I'm fine.

[They find the next light.]

Senel: There's the third one.

[Senel and Chloe touch the light.]

Chloe: A large pillar of water? What does that mean?

Norma: Hey! Whoever is showing us this stuff! Make things a little clearer,
okay? Hmm. No response.

Will: Let's keep going. We need more information if we're going to draw any

[They enter the next room. Lightning strikes.]

Norma: Commence the operation, C!

Chloe: Sh...should I really do this?

Norma: This sort of thing is all about courage and timing! Now, go! Go!

[Lightning strikes again.]

Chloe: Ah...

[Moses clings to Senel.]

Chloe: ...Ah.

Senel: Moses, what the hell are you doing?

Moses: I'm uh, not too good with loud noises. Heh heh.

Chloe: *Sigh*

Senel: Chloe looks depressed.

Moses: Wonder what's eatin' her.

Norma: For crying out loud, you stupid bandit! How can you be afraid of
lightning?! You're a savage!

Moses: What's your problem all of a sudden?!

Chloe: Oh, never mind...

Moses: Someone tell me what's goin' on!

[They continue on to the next light.]

Norma: There's the fourth one! Senny, C, go for it!

Will: Get ready. There's no telling where this will lead us.

[Senel and Chloe touch the light. Everyone appears above the sea.]

Chloe: We're...on the ocean? Aah!

[Chloe clings to Senel.]

Senel: Relax, Chloe. We're not sinking. It's okay.

Chloe: Hey, you're right. Why not?

Jay: We're probably not in the real world.

Chloe: Ahh, it's not real...Thank goodness... {////} Aah!

[She falls back away from Senel, then gets up.]

Chloe: Ahem. I apologize for my outburst.

Norma: ...Oh well, I guess it all worked out in the end.

[Senel runs over to Shirley, and everyone follows.]

Senel: Shirley! She disappeared!...

Moses: She was starin' straight up. Is somethin' up there?

[They look up. Party is taken to another vortex.]

Jay: There's the gaet!

Moses: All right! I've been waitin' for this!

Will: Oh! Yet another type! What luck!

[They defeat the gaet. Voices echo again.]

Male Voice: What is that?

Male Voice: A shooting star.

Female Voice: No, that's a ship. A huge, white ship.

[Sequence of the white ship falling into the ocean from the sky plays. Party
is taken to the entrance of the Thunder Monument.]

Chloe: Now we finally understand the relationship between the sea, the shooting
star, and the pillar of water.

Jay: All the information came together in the end.

Will: But...it's difficult to believe.

Norma: Seriously! That shooting star was actually the white, rectangular ship?!

[A tablet appears at Senel's feet.]

Senel: Another tablet.

Jay: What's drawn on this one? I see...Looks like the moment the shooting
star--the white ship--fell.

Will: We can talk once we get back to camp.

[They leave the Thunder Monument.]

Grune: Let's all take a nap once we get back to Quppo's place.

Norma: I hear that!

[They return to the Coast.]

Quppo: Welcome back, everyone!

Norma: Good night...

[They all fall asleep. Scene changes to night.]

Jay: Well, then, let's go over what we've seen again.

Will: Could it be that the Radiant are a different species that came from
another world?

Jay: I can't see any other explanation. The white ship did come down from the

Chloe: That's pretty difficult to believe, though. It sounds so crazy.

Norma: But, you know. When you think about it, the Radiant are pretty different
from us. Their hair glows, they breathe underwater, they make teriques and fly
through the air...

Jay: Yes. The Radiant are a completely different species from us. We should
probably consider what that means carefully.

Senel: You two sure are emphasizing the word "different."

Jay: I think that's because that "someone" is thinking the same thing. Think
back for a moment. What we wanted to know was the reason why humans and Radiant
hate each other.

Norma: Then, we saw what we saw.

Jay: What if that "someone" is saying that humans and Radiant are simply too

Will: And that the source of the hatred lies there?

Norma: So it's telling us that peace is hopeless?

Senel, Chloe, Moses: No! {Senel} Don't say that! {Chloe} Hell no! {Moses}

Jay: The Radiant themselves have declared us their enemies. We can't ignore the

Chloe: But, still...

Jay: Honestly, when I learned that the Radiant came from another world, it
scared me like nothing else ever has. Don't tell me the rest of you didn't feel
something like that.

Chloe: Well...

Senel: It doesn't matter where the Ferines come from!

Jay: What about you two? Chloe? Moses? Do you really think it doesn't matter?
In your hearts, aren't you thinking the same thing I am?

Moses: Jay! That's enough!

Senel: Whoever it is that's showing us these images, where are you?! Show
yourself! If you've got something to say, come out and say it! Stop playing
around! Well?! Hey! Dammit! Jay! You know who this "someone" is, don't you?!

Jay: Yes, well...Perhaps it's time we talked about that. When we first came to
the Quiet Lands, do you remember what I said we should do?

Will: You said we needed to ascertain what Nerifes is.

Jay: Yes. Well, what do we currently know about this so-called Nerifes?

Senel: We know that the Merines is its agent.

Jay: Exactly. Also, Shirley said she hears the voice of Nerifes.

Norma: There was something else about Nerifes...What was it?...

Chloe: The Radiant intend to purge mankind in accordance with the will of

Jay: That's right.

Norma: Doesn't that sound kind of similar to the images this "someone" has been
showing us?

Jay: Exactly. Very perceptive. As the Radiant are to Nerifes, so we are to that

Moses: Meanin' what, exactly? That "someone" is...

Senel: Also Nerifes?!

Chloe: But that doesn't make any sense.

Will: If that "someone" were Nerifes, it would be strange for it to be
supporting us.

Jay: Right, so what could that mean?

Senel: Another Nerifes in the Quiet Lands, separate from the one up above?

Jay: That is what I believe.

Chloe: So this other Nerifes is the one that's been leading us?

Jay: Yes.

Moses: You sure about all this?

Norma: So wait, just what is this Nerifes anyway?

[Jay points off towards Grune.]

Senel: Grune?...

Chloe: No way...

Jay: No, look beyond her.

Norma: But there's nothing. Just...

Jay: Yes. Nerifes is the will of the sea...The sea itself.

Senel: *Gasp*

Jay: The entity we've been referring to as "someone" has been beside us the
whole time. A universal presence...an overwhelming influence. And think of what
would give solace to the Radiant. The Ferines. The people of the water.

Will: The sea...

Jay: The Merines' true power is probably the ability to communicate with

Will: Right. She's its agent.

Norma: Yeah, Shirl said she can "hear the sea."

Jay: Shirley is planning to use the power of Nerifes to do something. This much
we can be sure of.

Chloe: Purge mankind...

Jay: This Nerifes in the Quiet Lands must have sensed that danger and led us

Moses: That's a nice theory, but you got any proof?

Jay: None at all.

Moses: Thought so.

Jay: So we'll just have to ask. You who hears our voices. If I am right, please
give us a sign! Tell us what the Radiant are trying to do!

[Another location flashes onscreen.]

Chloe: That's our next destination.

Jay: Looks like we're about to the finale. I wonder what we're going to see.
Don't run away now, Senel. You want to see the truth, don't you?

Senel: No one's doing any running!

Jay: I'll remember you said that.

Moses: Don't let him get to you, Senel. You can have confidence in those three
years you shared with Shirley.

Senel: Confidence...

Moses: Everything's hingin' on your feelings!

Senel: Yeah. I know.

[Flashback to Senel and Shirley.]

Shirley: It's already been three years since we started living here.

Senel: Time sure flies...

Shirley: Thanks for everything you've done for me, Senel.

Senel: What's up? It's not like we're saying goodbye or anything.

Shirley: I've been meaning to say that for ages. I wouldn't be here if it
weren't for you.

[Scene changes to Stella locked up.]

Stella: I sacrificed myself in order to save you. You haven't forgotten
that...Have you?

[Flashback ends. Jay is standing by the water with the Oresoren.]

Quppo: Jay...

Jay: You're still awake.

Pippo: Jay, you look scary.

Jay: Really?

Poppo: Your eyes look like the Jay from long ago...

Jay: {...}

Quppo: Jay, are you planning to do something about Shirley by yourself?

Jay: I'm worried about leaving it to them. I have more experience
with...certain matters. Yes...lots of experience...

[Scene changes to Shirley, Maurits and Walter.]

Walter: How is the Merines?

Maurits: The Wings of Light show no signs of activation. I didn't expect it to
take this long. It's possible that the Merines' awakening is not yet fully

Walter: What?

Maurits: If so, then Senel is likely the cause...

Walter: Senel? That little...

Maurits: We must be prepared, just in case. Let us formulate a plan at once.

[Party leaves the Coast.]

Norma: Come on, everyone!

Senel: ...

Jay: ...

Norma: You guys need more spirit...

   <6em>     Earth Monument

Norma: This place is a lot nicer than the last few. I don't mean to sound like
Grune, but this really does feel like we're on a picnic. Doesn't it, Senny?

Senel: No.

Norma: I know! Since it's so nice and all, why don't we stop here and have

Jay: This isn't the time for that.

Moses: Bubbles! Open the door already!

Norma: Oh, right! I'm on it!

[She kicks the machine and it forms a bridge.]

Chloe: Okay. Let's go in.

[They enter the Earth Monument.]

Will: Is this facility actually creating a temperate zone?

Norma: Not too hot, not too cold...This feels great!

Senel, Jay: {...}

Norma: You people are no fun at all. Grune, help me out! We're the only ones
who can clear away these clouds of gloom!

[They reach the first light.]

Moses: And here's the first light.

[Senel and Chloe touch it.]

Jay: That must have been what the Radiant are planning to do.

Norma: I've never seen a tower like that before.

Jay: It may be a secret weapon that we don't know about.

Will: I wonder what it's capable of doing.

Jay: That'll surely become clear as we proceed.

[The next light.]

Norma: Suspicious light, dead ahead!

[Senel and Chloe touch it.]

Chloe: It looked like the ocean around the Legacy was shining...

Will: Was that the moment the weapon activated?

Jay: That seems likely.

Senel: Let's keep moving.

[They find the next light.]

Chloe: There's the third light.

[Senel and Chloe touch the light.]

Will: Was that a tidal wave?

Moses: So they used the power of the Legacy to make that huge wave?

Jay: If so, that would mean an enormous amount of energy was released. That
secret weapon may be far more powerful than the Nerifes Cannon.

Senel: I've come this far. I'm going to see it through to the end.

[They go to the next room.]

Norma: Hi, guys!

[Norma and Grune stand in front of everyone.]

Norma: We are...the Laugh Brigade!

Jay: ...Huh?

Senel: This isn't the time to be joking around.

Norma: Just shut up and watch! So, G-Girl!

Grune: Yes?

Norma: That was quite a surprise that the "someone" turned out to be Nerifes!

Grune: Oh, yes.

Norma: And then, it turns out to be the will of the sea! Can you believe it?

Grune: Oh...Uh...Should I believe it?

Norma: You better believe it! And, now, I have a question for our friend Nessy
to answer!

Senel: (...Nessy?)

Norma: Tell us, Nessy! What color underwear is G-Girl wearing today?

Chloe: Wh...what are you thinking?! You're making fun of Nerifes?!

Norma: Oh, nice timing, C! Way to play along!

Grune: Let's see, today they're... Oh...I seem to have forgotten them.

Norma: What?! O...okay! Thanks, you've been a great crowd! This is the Laugh
Brigade, signing out!

[Norma pushes Grune into the next room. They come back out shortly.]

Norma: Um. Hi.

Senel, Jay: {...}

Norma: Still not enough, huh...Fine. Let's see, what next...

Will: Thanks for trying to cheer us up.

Norma: Aw, it was nothing.

[They find the final light.]

Jay: Senel. What we want to know is what the Radiant intend to do.

Senel: I know that.

Jay: Or one could say, what the Merines Shirley intends to do.

Moses: Jay! Quit implyin' stuff!

Jay: It's part of my nature.

[Senel and Chloe touch the light.]

Chloe: Where are we?!

Senel: Shirley! Are you here?

[They see Shirley looking up at someone in a device.]

Moses: What's that glowin' around her?

Jay: ...There's someone else there.

Senel: She's wearing the same clothes as Shirley!

Will: Is she a Merines, too?

Senel: Shirley!

Norma: Shirl!...What's with the cold stare?!

[Shirley disappears.]

Senel: Shirley! Wait!

[They are taken to another vortex.]

Will: It's a gaet!

[They defeat it in battle. Voices echo.]

Voice of the Merines: I shall now activate the Wings of Light and become one
with Nerifes.

Senel: (Wings of Light...)

Voice of the Merines: I shall eradicate that abominable land from our world!

Senel: (One with Nerifes?...)

[Sequence of previous pictures plays.]

Voice of the Merines: No!...Half of it still remains... My consciousness...
melts away... This is not over...One day, another Merines shall arise and...

[Party is taken to entrance.]

Norma: The sea...it... It tore through the land! It moved like it was alive!

Chloe: Is that the power of their secret weapon?

Jay: I see... What we just saw was the very moment of the Cataclysm.

Moses: Senel, what's the Cataclysm?

Chloe: A legendary disaster in which half the world sank beneath the sea.

Will: Until now, there was never any concrete evidence that it actually

Jay: But now we know. The Cataclysm really occurred, and it was the Merines who
caused it. And now, they're trying to cause it again! Well, what do you think,

Senel: Grr...

Will: Jay, stop. Let's talk about this once we get back to camp.

Jay: All right. I look forward to everyone's decision.

Chloe: Coolidge, are you all right?

Senel: Chloe...Did you see Shirley's expression, too?

Chloe: ...Yes.

Senel: Okay...

Chloe: Is that why you were surprised that last time?

Senel: Yeah. It's the same expression. That was the second time I've seen it.

[Another tablet appears.]

Chloe: Coolidge, there's a tablet by your feet. That's the Legacy in the middle
there, and that pattern around it is...light?

[They leave the Earth Monument.]

Will: Ok, let's head back to base camp, then.

[They return to the Coast.]

Norma: If there were another Cataclysm, whould the entire continent disappear
into the sea?

Jay: If it's the same as last time, then yes, it would.

Will: The Nerifes Cannon pales in comparison to this.

Jay: The Nerifes Cannon could take out a mountain, but with this, it's the
entire continent.

Chloe: So this is what Maurits meant by "purging the Orerines."

Norma: We can't live without land. If it sinks, we're finished.

Moses: Was that tower-lookin' thing the Wings of Light?

Jay: Most likely. The Wings of Light would seem to be the enemy's secret

Senel: (Enemy?...)

Will: A device to cause the Cataclysm.

Norma: Would Shirl really do that?

Jay: In any case. Determining the enemy's objective was a good step forward.
We didn't even know that until now.

Senel: Hang on a second. Why are you calling the Ferines the enemy? You weren't
using that word before.

Jay: I thought it would be best in order to accurately represent the situation.

Senel: Hey! {...} Do you all seriously think Shirley is going to cause another

Chloe: Well...

Senel: There's no way she'd do that! This is Shirley we're talking about!

Jay: We don't really know her that well.

Senel: Then I'll tell you about her. Shirley couldn't hurt a fly. There's no
way she could sink a continent and wipe out humanity! Hey...What's that about?
You don't believe me? It's going to be okay. It'll all work out!

Jay: Stop and look at the reality of the situation! How can you be so sure it's
going to work out? Just what is Shirley to you?!

Senel: What?

Jay: And don't try to claim she's your sister. Shirley herself declared that
she's through with you!

Chloe, Moses: Jay!

Jay: The time for playing brother and sister is long over!

Senel: You little...

Moses: Now, hang on! You don't have to say it like that!

Jay: This is no time to be mincing words. Or don't you mind if the Cataclysm
occurs again?

Senel: Yeah...That's it! There's no need for us to worry like this!

Chloe: What do you mean?

Senel: Everything'll be fine as long as the Cataclysm doesn't happen, right?
I'm going to convince Shirley.

Will: Senel...

Senel: If I talk to her, I'm sure she'll understand.

Jay: I'd like to know what makes you so confident.

Norma: Hey, there's a light over there!

Will: What is that?

Grune: It seems Nerifes is calling us.

Senel: It must be trying to help us! Let's go check it out!

Norma: What should we do?

Will: I think we should go. We can't just ignore it.

Jay: Then let's get moving.

Senel: (I have to do something... Yeah...me...)

[Scene changes to Shirley.]

Walter: How is the Merines?

Maurits: No change. In the previous battle, you captured several of Vaclav's
soldiers, correct?

Walter: They're confined in a room in the castle.

Maurits: I want you to question them and find one who meets a certain set of
requirements. What I'm looking for is...

[Party leaves the Coast.]

Will: The opposite shore seems to be shining. Maybe going there will yield
some clues.

   <6ga>     Geoglyph Area

[The glow fades away as they approach.]

Grune: Oh! It disappeared.

Norma: There's a picture here.

Jay: I wonder if those missing parts are intentional. One, two, three...four
places. Wait, four?... Senel, could you line up the tablets we've collected on
the ground?

[They line the tablets up.]

Norma: It looks like the tablets we've collected are parts of this thing.

Will: Hmm. It would seem Nerifes is testing us.

Senel: What do you mean?

Jay: We're probably supposed to place these tablets in their correct positions.
This is the first tablet we picked up. It depicts land appearing on top of a
white, rectangular ship. This is the second tablet we got. It depicts people
watching the white, rectangular ship setting out to sea. This is the third
tablet we came across. It depicts the white, rectangular ship descending from
the sky. This is the last tablet we got. It depicts light enveloping the Legacy
at the moment the Cataclysm took place.

Moses: What order do they go in?

Norma: Hmm...

[Senel places the tablets in the correct order.]

Senel: ...How about this?

Will: Yes...

Jay: They're lined up in the order in which the events took place.

Will: That makes the most sense.

Chloe: The tablets lit up!

Norma: Probably means we got it right.

Moses: Nice job, Senel!

Will: Nerifes must be trying to teach us the truth about our history.

Jay: Everything began when the white, rectangular ship came down from the sky.

Will: That was the meeting between humanity and the Radiant.

Jay: Unfortunately, the two races went down the path of war.

Moses: And humans, our ancestors, won.

Jay: Having lost the war, the Radiant sought a new life onboard the Legacy.

Chloe: Thus the Kingdom of Terises was born.

Jay: But the Radiant continued to hold onto their hatred of humanity.

Norma: And they eventually caused the Cataclysm. The sea is glowing! Could
Nessy be trying to talk to us?

Jay: Nerifes surely knows we can't hear its voice. It's not trying to talk to
us. If anything, it's probably the opposite. This time, I think it wants
answers from us.

Will: Are you saying it wants to know what we're going to do?

Jay: It wants us to make clear our decision.

[Will's nails glow.]

Norma: Teach, why are your nails glowing?

Grune: Maybe Nerifes wants to chat with Will.

Will: With me?

[He walks closer to the water.]

Will: I was exiled from the mainland. I no longer have any great attachment to
it. And Harriet is onboard the Legacy, as well. However, I cannot simply stand
by and watch the Cataclysm occur. No reason can justify the arbitrary
destruction of innocent life. None! I vow to stop the Cataclysm. It is my
duty...the duty of one who knows the truth.

Chloe: Raynard's nails are glowing even brighter!

Moses: Is that sacred eres?!

Will: What is this?! I feel incredible power flowing through my body! This
strength. It's immense. I can feel it.

Moses: It is sacred eres! I told you it was for real!

[Moses' nails begin to glow.]

Moses: Woo! Looks like I'm up next! I know I can do away with Maurits and
Walter and get the old Shirley back! And you better believe I ain't gonna let
the Cataclysm happen!

[He glows brighter.]

Moses: This is it! This is sacred eres! I finally got it! Yahoo! Every last bit
of my body's bustin' with power! If my nails were glowin' all rainbow colors,
it'd be just like the legends! Aw, but who's gonna fuss over details?! Hah!

[Norma's nails glow.]

Norma: M...me?

[She approaches the sea.]

Norma: Ah, heh heh, um... Well, I mean, I just want to find the Everlight. I'm
not looking to do anything big. That's not really my style, you know. But, I
guess it would be bad if there was a Cataclysm and all. Sure I ran away from
home, but still. My parents are there, and I'd feel bad if I never...

Chloe: This is the first I've heard about her running away from home.

Norma: Anyway, I want to keep on having fun searching for the Everlight, you
know? If that means stopping the Cataclysm, then, well, bring it on!

[She glows brighter.]

Norma: Oh! It feels like I've grown closer to Nessy! Does this mean I'm one of
the chosen warriors now? Please, that doesn't fit me at all!

[Jay's nails glow.]

Jay: Looks like I'm next.

[He approaches the water.]

Jay: It's been a while since I first came to the Legacy. This is my home. So it
really isn't my problem what happens to the mainland. But I doubt the Radiant
will just leave the Legacy alone once they cause the Cataclysm. So I'm going to
stop it...For the Legacy, and everything on it that matters to me.

[Jay glows brighter.]

Jay: With this much power, we can probably use eres even on the surface. And it
should be enough to accomplish my objective. I see what you mean about growing
closer to Nerifes.

Norma: Told you!

Jay: Perhaps eres is essentially a method for communicating with Nerifes.

Will: And the Merines would be its ultimate form.

Jay: Yes.

Norma: Okay! Who's next?

[Grune's nails glow.]

Grune: Hmm? Why are my nails shining?

Norma: Were you not paying any attention at all?

Moses: Say somethin' to the sea already, woman!

[She approaches the sea.]

Grune: Hi there, Nerifes!

Norma: Is that all you're going to say?

[Grune glows brighter.]

Grune: Oh, my. My nails are all sparkly. They're so pretty! Was that okay,
Norma? Moses?

Moses: How'd she get sacred eres just by sayin' hi?

[Chloe's nails glow.]

Chloe: My turn... I... I do not intend to give up on peace between mankind and
the Radiant. I don't want powers whose only purpose is to kill Shirley. People
may laugh and call me an idealist, but how can one live without ideals? What I
want is the power to stop the Cataclysm and to open a path to peace. If you
should still find me worthy, then grant me your power!

[She glows brighter.]

Chloe: Nerifes!...You accept me?! The power of Nerifes...This sense of
fulfillment. I've never felt like this. However...I also feel the weight of

Norma: Senny! You're the last one, so make it good!

[Nothing happens.]

Norma: Uh...

Will: Senel...

Moses: Why...

Chloe: Why aren't your nails glowing?!

Senel: I don't know...Dammit! What's going on?! Nerifes! Stop playing around!
Hey! Wait! Are you saying you don't accept me?! Just me?! You can't be serious!
I'm the only one who can convince Shirley!

Chloe: Coolidge...

Senel: I have to go! Me! Without me, Shirley won't... Wait! Nerifes! Please!

[The sea stops glowing.]

Senel: Why...

Norma: Uh...hold on...

Moses: How'd things end up like this?

Will: I certainly didn't expect this.

Chloe: How can this be happening?

Senel: Grr... Dammit! Why?! Why is this only happening to me?! What is it?!
What's wrong with me? What do I need?!

Norma: Senny...

Senel: Well?!

Norma: How should I know?...

Senel: I don't have time for this! We have to stop Shirley! Why?! Why is this

Will: Senel!

Senel: Will...

Will: Settle down. Understand?

Senel: *Sigh*

Will: We're going to return to camp and discuss our next course of action.

Chloe, Norma, Moses: R...right. {Chloe} Okay... {Norma} Y...yeah... {Moses}

[They leave the Geoglyph Area.]

Norma: Hey, Teach, over here.

Will: What is it?

Norma: I have something to tell you...

[They return to the Coast.]

   <6ca>     Coast

Norma: Well, then, I think I'll go for a little walk. Take it easy, Senny!

Chloe: I think I'll go practice for a bit. It's been a while. Coolidge, get
some rest.

Moses: Giet! Race you to the sunset! Senel, try to wind down, you hear?

Jay: I'm going to talk to the Oresoren for a bit. Please rest for now, Senel.

Will: Well, I suppose I'll do a little research. You try to get some rest.

[Grune leaves along with Will. Senel is left alone.]

Senel: You people...

[Senel goes to bed. Scene changes to everyone but Senel at the elevator.]

Chloe: How was it for everyone?

Norma: Perfect. I could even use eres on the surface.

Moses: Nothin' can scare us now!

Jay: Then let's begin the meeting.

Norma: I wonder why Nessy was mean to Senny.

Moses: Yeah, after all he said about wantin' to convince Shirley so bad.

Will: There's no point in trying to guess why Senel was rejected by Nerifes.
What we have to think about now is how to stop the Cataclysm.

Norma: Yeah, the Wings of Light could be powering up right now.

Chloe: But...can we convince Shirley without Coolidge?

Will: We'll do everything we can. However...

Jay: We must resolve ourselves to do what is necessary should that prove

Chloe: You mean, kill Shirley?!

Jay: Don't worry. If it comes to that, I'll do it myself. I can't leave a task
that important to those who are easily swayed by emotion.

Moses: You said that without battin' an eyelash. Come on, it's gotta bug you a

Jay: Not particularly. If I decide to do it, then I will.

Moses: You gotta have ice water runnin' through your veins.

Jay: My, such an elegant insult coming from you, Moses. Can we end the meeting
now? I have something I need to do.

[Jay leaves.]

Moses: I didn't know Jay was so cold. I'm kinda disappointed.

Grune: Oh, no. Jay is a very nice boy.

Moses: How can you say that?

Grune: No one wants to do things they don't want to do. So that's why Jay said
he'd do it himself.

Moses: Jay, don't tell me you!...

[Scene changes to Jay sitting near the Oresoren.]

Jay: Don't worry. I'm fine.

[Will walks up.]

Will: Don't try to bear this burden alone. What are we here for?

Jay: Will...

Will: We're not going to let you shoulder this responsibility alone. This is a
problem we all must face.

Moses: That's right.

[Moses comes over.]

Moses: Jay, let me ask you just one thing.

Jay: Wh...what is it?

Moses: Do you like Senel?

Jay: ...Do you think I'd travel together with someone I didn't like?

Moses: All right! That's what I wanted to hear! Count me in, Will! I can't just
sit back and watch you two suffer!

Jay: Moses...

[Scene changes to Senel sitting alone at the beach.]

Stella: You've done your best, Senel. You don't need to push yourself any
further. You have me. I'll stay with you.

Chloe: Coolidge! Are you having doubts about something?

Senel: What makes you say that?

Chloe: Everyone says Nerifes rejected you, but I wondered if perhaps it was the
other way around.

Senel: You think I rejected Nerifes?

Chloe: Listen, Coolidge...If something's bothering you, why don't you tell me
about it? I know I'm being nosy, but it's hard for me, too, just standing by
watching you suffer.

Senel: If the true nature of eres really is communicating with Nerifes, like
Jay said... Then I have an idea about what happened.

Chloe: Oh?

Senel: I've never looked at my being an eren as a good thing.

[Senel gives her a book.]

Chloe: Operations Report: Merines Capture

Senel: My name's in there. In the list of those participating in the operation.

Chloe: What?!

Senel: I was...one of Vaclav's soldiers.

Chloe: *Gasp*

Senel: I was a war orphan. People found out I was an eren, and I got sent to a
military facility. That's where my eres abilities grew and developed.

Chloe: I see...

Senel: I was sent into battle at age twelve. My first mission was to capture
Shirley. It was a solo mission. I slipped through the barrier and entered the
Ferines village. I hid the fact that I was an eren, and because I was a child,
they weren't even suspicious of me.

Chloe: And that's how you met Shirley?

Senel: Getting close to her was easy. All that was left was to take her and
run. But...

Chloe: But you couldn't.

Senel: Life in the village was the first peaceful experience I'd ever had in my
life. The days passed with Stella and Shirley, and before I knew it, I had
forgotten my mission... Stella and I were the cause of the attack on the

Chloe: What do you mean?!

Senel: Shirley fell into a coma after failing the Rite of Accession. We went
out to find help. We went outside the village to find an ore that was said to
cure any disease.

Chloe: And?

Senel: We got the ore and saved Shirley. But we were followed, and they saw us
enter the village.

Chloe: There were other soldiers pursuing Shirley?

Senel: Yes...And then the attack happened. Stella's death, Shirley's change...
Trace it all back, and it's all my fault.

Chloe: Coolidge, you can't think like that.

Senel: But it's true! If only I hadn't gone to their village! I wish I'd never
been able to use eres! Then maybe things wouldn't have wound up like this!

Chloe: ... Does Shirley know about your past?

Senel: I never told her.

Chloe: Were you planning on staying quiet forever?

Senel: Well, I promised Stella.

Chloe: Stella?

Senel: Stella knew who I was, but she still entrusted Shirley to me. I have to
keep my promise...because I chose Stella.

Chloe: Chose? What do you mean?

Senel: It's...

Chloe: Coolidge, please tell me.

Senel: When we visited the Ferines, Shirley told me she was in love with me.

Chloe: And? What did you do?!

Senel: I told her I had to stay with Stella.

Chloe: What?! Are you serious?!

Senel: Do you think I'd joke about that?! Stella died because of me! After she
spent three years waiting for me to rescue her! So...at least, from now on...

Chloe: Coolidge...You...

[Chloe slaps Senel.]

Senel: Ow! What was that for?!

Chloe: You idiot!

Senel: What?!

Chloe: I know why Nerifes rejected you. You don't understand yourself at all!

Senel: What are you talking about?!

Chloe: You're hiding your feelings! Choosing Stella is just an excuse!

Senel: Shut up! What makes you think you know me so well?!

[Chloe slaps Senel again.]

Senel: Ugh!

Chloe: Don't be blind! Of course I know you!

Senel: Chloe?

Chloe: Maybe I didn't before, but I definitely do now! I know you so well it

Senel: What?

Chloe: Coolidge, there's only one thing you should do. Go see Shirley right
now. Tell her everything.

Senel: Everything?

Chloe: Yes, everything! Your past, and your feelings, too! Don't hold anything
back from her!

Senel: I can't...

Chloe: You can't? You coward.

Senel: What did you say?! Ugh!

Chloe: "I wish I'd never been able to use eres!" "I chose Stella!" Give me a
break! You're just running away from facing Shirley!

Senel: Humph. What do you know?

Chloe: I know Shirley is worth more than that to you! Am I wrong? Am I, Senel?!

Senel: Yeah, you're right. I should have seen it all along! It was right in
front of me! What I needed to learn wasn't the truth about the past...
But...the truth about myself.

Stella: Senel, we'll always be together, right?

Senel: (No...)

Stella: Let's stay together forever.

Senel: (You're not Stella.)

Stella: Senel...

Senel: (You're...) You're...me! My doubts, my fears. No matter how much you
struggle, you can't live in the past. In my heart, I knew that.

Chloe: Senel...

Senel: You bear the burden of the good times and the bad, and just keep going.

Senel: I guess...that's what it means to live... Yeah...And I'm alive. So as
long as I'm alive, the only thing I can do is press on. Stella...I'm going. I'm
going to Shirley.

[The sea glows.]

Chloe: The sea!

[Senel's nails glow. He walks into the water and glows brighter.]

Senel: This is...the power of Nerifes?!

Chloe: You did it.

Senel: I owe it all to you.

Chloe: Don't mention it...

Moses: Senel?!

Will: What's going on?

Norma: Senny! Don't tell me. You got the power, right?

Senel: Yeah! Please give me one more chance. I'm going to convince Shirley. I'm
going to tell Shirley everything I wasn't able to before.

Jay: If it were Shirley, she might listen to what you have to say, Senel,

Norma: But not if she's the Merines?

Senel: If Shirley really is the Merines and can't be convinced... Then I'll
finish this by my own hand.

Chloe: Are you sure?

Senel: I know what it means to have been entrusted with power by Nerifes. And
I understand the thoughts and feelings of everyone here.

Moses: Senel!

[Moses hugs Senel.]

Moses: I'm sure you'll convince her! And I'll be there with you!

Senel: Well, Jay?

Jay: I'm going to hold you to your word. *Sigh* And I went through all the
trouble of planning the operation without Senel. Now I have to start all over

Grune: Isn't that great, Jay?

Jay: It's not like I care...

Senel: Jay. I'm sorry I worried you. From now on, we're a team.

Jay: I'm not going to go easy on you.

Norma: Ooh! Two former rivals put their differences aside in an idyllic scene
of peace and--

Moses: Ohh! This is so touchin'!

Norma: ...Moses.

Jay: What are you doing? Nobody called for you.

Senel: Seriously.

Moses: Heh heh! Aww, don't get embarrassed!

Senel, Jay: Embarrassed?!

[Scene changes to morning.]

Jay: Now then. Let's get back to planning our strategy.

Senel, Chloe, Norma, Moses: Right! {Senel & Chloe} Okay! {Norma} Yeah! {Moses}

Will: How can we get to Mirage Palace?

Jay: Does everyone remember the secret underground passage?

Norma: The place where we were attacked by the Long Long Demon? Man, that feels
like ages ago.

Jay: I looked into it a bit, and it turns out there's another underground
passage similar to that one. Apparently, it exits close to the bow.

Norma: Whoa, good job! So we can get to Mirage Palace if we go straight
through the secret passage.

Chloe: What if the passage is blocked midway?

Jay: Heh heh heh.

Moses: What're you gigglin' for?

Jay: I have an announcement to make. Would you all come with me to the

Senel: Is there something there?

Jay: As a matter of fact, there is. If you come, you can see it.

[They leave the Coast.]

Jay: The elevator is very close. We shouldn't have to worry about getting lost.

[They enter the Elevator area.]

Moses: Jay, what're we doin' here? This had better be good.

Jay: Anyone with any intelligence could appreciate it. I guess that rules you
out, Moses. Everyone, please stand here. Ready? Here we go.

[He activates a terminal and a portion of the ground moves to form rails.]

Will: Jay, you brought us here to show us these rails?

Norma: It was kind of surprising, but other than that...

Jay: There's more.

Senel: What're you doing?

Jay: Now, watch this!

[He activates the terminal again. The ground rumbles and a door slides open.]

Quppo: *Ooooors*

Pippo: *Ooooors*

Poppo: *Ooooors*

Quppo, Pippo, Poppo: *Ors ooors!*

[A large tram rides up on the rails and stops in front of them.]

Moses: Whoa! What the hell?!

Senel, Will, Norma: A tram?!

Jay: They found it. Amazing, isn't it?

Will: To think, there was a tram hidden down here.

Jay: Go on in, everyone!

[They enter the tram.]

Jay: Somewhere in the Quiet Lands, there should be tracks leading back up.

Senel: How do you know?

Jay: Because there are tracks in that new secret passage we found. The design
of those tracks is the same as these here in the Quiet Lands. Even if the
passage is blocked along the way, with this tram, we won't have any problems.

Poppo: Yeah, it's even got a drill for busting through walls! It's so cool!

Chloe: I see. So that's what you meant.

Jay: First, let's look for the exit to the surface. Is everyone ready?

Norma, Moses, Grune: Okay! {Norma & Grune} Yeah! {Moses}

Jay: Then, we're off!

[The tram starts up. Scene changes to Shirley and Maurits. A ferines walks up
and whispers something to Maurits.]

Maurits: He found one? Right, I'll go at once.

[They leave together.]

Shirley: *Huff* *Huff* Returning the world to its true form...That is the wish
of Nerifes... I am the Merines. I hear the voice of Nerifes...

[Screen goes black.]

Walter: There was one soldier in Vaclav's forces who met the conditions you

Maurits: Good.

Prisoner: Aaah!

Maurits: No need to be frightened, my friend. I've just come here to have a
chat with you. Yes...A nice, long chat...

[The tram comes to a door blocking their way. They exit the tram.]

Jay: That's probably the exit to the surface.

Mose: All right! We found it!

Jay: This seal is from the Kingdom of Terises.

Norma: Which means, it opens with eres?

Moses: That ain't a problem for us now!

Chloe: Yeah.

Norma: Then let's do it!

[They place their hands on the door. It slides open.]

Jay: We've made it this far. The rest is just a straight line.

Senel: All right.

Will: Normally, this would be the time for saying something about saving the

Norma: Hah hah! LIke any of us would say that.

Will: At this point, I don't care what our motivation is. What's important is
that we share the same goal.

Chloe: To stop the Cataclysm!

Jay: To put an end to all of this.

Senel: It's time to assault Mirage Palace!

Will, Chloe, Norma, Moses, Jay, Grune: Yeah!

[They get in the tram. It starts up again.]

Senel: There's a Nerifes of the surface and a Nerifes of the Quiet Lands.

Will: It's going to get confusing talking about them.

Chloe: How about we change how we refer to them?

Norma: That's already settled. The one on our side is Nessy.

Moses: And the other one?

Norma: Hmm...Nelly?

Will: All right. Let's go with "Raging Nerifes" and "Quiet Nerifes."

Norma: What do you mean, "all right"? Did you even hear what I said?!

[They arrive at Mirage Palace and exit the tram.]

Senel: Looks like this is as far as the tracks go.

Jay: Let's follow that path up and take a look around.

             Shining Blue
   <ch7>     Chapter 7

[They travel along the path and find Mirage Palace.]

Norma: Wow!

Senel: Is that Mirage Palace?

Moses: Hmm. Not a bad stage for the final battle.

Will: It'll be difficult, but I know we can handle it. We will pull through.
I'm proud of how far we've come together. And we will go on together, to the
very end!

[They make their way into Mirage Palace. Scene changes to near the throne.]

Walter: Senel is here?!

Radiant Man: It seems he and the others came from underground.

Radiant Man: Walter, no. Please wait!

Walter: Why are you stopping me?

Radiant Man: Please do not leave the Merines' side. You can leave the Orerines
to us.

Radiant Man: As the head of her personal guard, it is your duty to remain here.
The Chief has ordered it as well.

Walter: Grr... ...Fine. Leave it to me. I'll operate the automata from here.
Get the Orerines. Go!

Radiant Man: Yes, sir!

[Scene returns to party.]

Senel: Look out! Something's coming!

Chloe: What?!

[They defeat the monster in battle.]

Radiant Man: Aaah!

[The Radiant run off.]

Chloe: Were they the ones controlling that monster?

Will: It would seem so.

[Scene changes to the throne.]

Radiant Man: They've broken through the viewing chamber!

Walter: It seems I'm going to have to stop them myself. Of course, that suits
me just fine.

Shirley: They're nearby.

Walter: ...Merines. I won't allow Senel to reach you. Please, remain calm and
revive the Wings of Light. I, too, shall fulfill my duty.

Shirley: They are in your hands.

[They make their way through Mirage Palace.]

Walter: I'm surprised you made it this far, Senel! I applaud you courage in
leaving the safe confines of the Fallen Lands.

Senel: Is Shirley behind that door?

Walter: And if she is?

Senel: I'm going to talk to her. That's why we're here.

Walter: You're wasting your time. The Merines will no longer have anything to
do with you.

Senel: That's not for you to decide. Now get out of my way. One last chance,
Walter. Move.

Walter: Enough talk!

[They defeat Walter.]

Walter: How?!...How can you Orerines have such power?! M...Merines. Ah...uhh...

Senel: It's over, Walter. You can't fight anymore.

Walter: You...shall not...pass...

Chloe: What can you possibly hope to do in that state? Stop this madness,

Walter: Only I...protect the Merines...

[Walter summons his wings and flies off.]

Senel: Wait!

Moses: Man, he just don't give up!

Will: Perhaps he intends to take Shirley and run.

Norma: Then we'd better catch up to him, like, now!

[They follow Walter. He collapses near Shirley's throne.]

Walter: Merines...you must...

Shirley: Walter...

Senel: Shirley!

Shirley: *Gasp* I didn't expect to see you again.

Senel: Shirley, we didn't come here to fight.

Moses: We came here to talk!

Senel: Please, stop the Cataclysm! Don't revive the Wings of Light!

Walter: Senel!...How did you...

Shirley: So, you know.

Senel: The Quiet Nerifes told us everything.

Jay: The Nerifes that exists in the place you call the Fallen Lands.

Norma: Nessy told us all kinds of stuff about the Kingdom of Terises and the

Chloe: Our ancestors engaged in cruel racial warfare. We don't deny that.

Senel: But we're living now. We don't need to be shackled to the past, right?

Moses: Exactly. You gotta stop this, darlin'.

Will: You can keep the Legacy as Radiant land. Let's find a way to live

Shirley: You came all the way here to say that? Absurd. Did you honestly think
I would listen to you? Stop right there! If you come any closer, I will
activate the Wings of Light immediately.

Will: Could that throne be the activation control for the Wings of Light?

Senel: Shirley, is it all right if I come a little closer? Just me. Just close
enough to see you clearly. Okay?

[He approaches the throne.]

Shirley: Stop. Don't come any closer. Don't think you can talk me out of this.
I already told you... I am no longer the person who pretended to be your

Senel: That's why I've come all the way here, Shirley.

Shirley: What?...

Senel: I can finally tell you how I really feel. I want us to be together
again, but not as brother and sister. I want to start over...

Shirley: What about Stella?

Senel: She'll always be in my memories, but that's all she can be. A memory.
You're the one who's important to me now.

Shirley: I've been waiting to hear that for three years...no, longer than that.
Even when you turned me down, the dream still lived on in my heart... I never
thought it would happen like this. Thank you...

Will: Oh!...

Moses: Did he do it?!

Shirley: With those words ingrained in my heart, I shall now fulfill my duty.

Chloe: Shirley?!

Senel: Shirley, why?!

Shirley: Because I chose to be the Merines. I cannot turn back now. If you
heard the voice of Nerifes, then you know how much rests on my shoulders.

Senel: But, still! What about you, Shirley? Do you want to see the Cataclysm
take place?!

Shirley: I am the Merines. Fulfilling the duty of the Merines is the reason for
my existence. I no longer feel any doubt. If you wish to stop the Cataclysm,
the only thing you can do is kill me.

Senel: *Gasp* Shirley...

Shirley: However, I will not simply lie down and die. Let us settle this.

[Shirley's teriques appears on her back, and Senel's nails glow.]

Walter: Well said, Merines! I'll handle the others. You dispose of Senel!

Norma: You see Shirl's expression?

Will: Yes. I do.

Moses: Just look at her face!

Jay: It's clear what's going on in her heart.

Chloe: That's not the face of someone who's not feeling any doubt.

Walter: What?!

Shirley: *Huff* *Huff* Why won't you attack? If you don't, I will! I'm not
kidding! Do you hear me? I'm serious! Sen...

[Senel puts his hands down.]

Will, Chloe, Norma, Moses: Senel?! {Will, Chloe, Moses} Senny?! {Norma}

Senel: I can't do it. I promised everyone that if you were the Merines, I'd
finish this. But now I know. To me, it doesn't matter if you're the Merines
or whatever... You'll always be Shirley.

Shirley: Ah... Aaargh!

Chloe, Norma, Moses: Shirley! {Chloe & Moses} Shirl! {Norma}

[The throne and Shirley's hair stop glowing.]

Shirley: Wh...what? Why?...

Senel: Shirley...

Shirley: Why won't it come out?

Senel: Shirley, you can stop now.

Shirley: Quiet! Stay back! If you come any closer, I'll kill you! I said, I'll
kill you!

[She waves her hand in the air.]

Shirley: Again?! Why won't it come out... I'm the Merines! I can't let this
happen... I'm carrying four thousand years of Ferines hopes and dreams on my
shoulders! Why... Why?! Why can't I attack?!

Senel: Shirley. Let's go home. Guys...

[Maurits comes in with one of Vaclav's soldiers.]

Maurits: Merines. Do not allow Senel to trick you.

Will, Moses, Jay: Maurits?!

Maurits: He's been deceiving you all this time. Now, it is time for you to know
the truth. Listen closely, Merines. Senel Coolidge...was an agent of Vaclav! He
was the one who caused the incident three years ago!

Shirley: What?...

Chloe: Stop it! No!

Maurits: Senel played Stella for a fool and handed us over to Vaclav! We even
have a witness!

Senel: Stella wasn't involved! Don't talk about her like that!

Shirley: What about the rest of it?

Senel: Shirley...It's...

Shirley: Is what he said true? Answer me. Is it true? Answer me, Senel.

Senel: It's true.

Shirley: I...see...

Senel: Shirley, I...

Shirley: Did Stella know?

Senel: ...Yeah.

Shirley: I see...So I'm the only one who didn't know.

Senel: Shirley, there's a reason!

Shirley: It must have been hard on you, Senel, keeping quiet all this time.

Senel: No, that's not...

Shirley: I thought that you and I really knew each other. But that was just an
illusion, wasn't it?

Senel: Shirley...

Shirley: It's obvious. I'm Ferines, and you're Orerines. How could we
understand each other? Why do things always fall apart like this? Why must the
Ferines and Orerines be this way? Why did we ever have to meet each other?

Senel: Shirley!

[Shirley's hair glows and her wings reappear. Senel flies back.]

Senel: Ugh!

Will: Senel!

Shirley: Goodbye...brother.

[The entire throne glows.]

Chloe: What's going on?!

Maurits: Ahh, at last! The time for the Wings of Light has come!

Senel: No!

[Shirley disappears and the throne stops glowing. The room shakes.]

Will: What's this shaking?!

Grune: Oh, my, it's bright outside.

Norma: What's going on?

Jay: Let's find out!

[They go out to the balcony.]

Senel: That's!...

[The Wings of Light are shown rising up from the Legacy.]

Chloe: The Wings of Light!

Will: So it's come to this.

Jay: It looks like they've moved to the Wings of Light.

Moses: Damn it all!

Senel: I...I broke the promise I made to you all...

[Will steps toward Senel.]

Senel: Will?

[Will hits Senel over the head.]

Senel: Ow!

Will: You failed to fulfill the responsibility entrusted to you. That was your
punishment. But none of us here thinks you broke your promise.

Senel: What?...

Jay: What you said was, "If she really is the Merines, then I'll finish this."

Norma: You didn't say a single word about killing Shirl.

Chloe: That person in there was Shirley. That was clear to all of us.

Moses: One look at her face and you knew it. She wasn't gonna start no

Grune: She'd been struggling all by herself this whole time.

Will: Even synchronized with the Raging Nerifes, she probably fought
desperately to prevent the revival of the Wings of Light.

Senel: Guys...

Jay: This isn't the time to be depressed, Senel! If you've got time for that,
use it to think of a way to infiltrate the Wings of Light!

Chloe: Exactly! That's our friend in there!

Moses: We're not quittin' till we rescue Shirley!

Norma: Yeah! And that means we're going to stop the Cataclysm!

Senel: I won't give up! I'll follow Shirley to the ends of the earth! I don't
care if it's the Wings of Light or wherever! I won't let things end like this!

Will, Chloe, Norma, Moses: Right! {Will & Chloe} Yeah! {Norma & Moses}

Jay: It looks like there are beams stretching out from the center of the Wings
of Light.

Will: It's pointing in the direction of Werites Beacon.

Jay: Or perhaps it's heading from the lighthouse toward the Wings of Light...
Wait a minute...

Poppo: Jay! That light! It's the Trail across the Heavens!

Jay: That's just what I was thinking. The top of the lighthouse has tracks
extending to it!

Poppo: We may be able to take you all to the top of that tower!

Senel: Really?!

Jay: If our theory is correct, anyway. At any rate, let's take the tram to
Werites Beacon at once!

Poppo: We've already confirmed that you can enter the lighthouse by tram.

[They return to the tram.]

Poppo: Leave the steering to us. We'll take you to the city in a snap.

[The tram returns and stops, and they get out.]

Norma: How do we get to the Wings of Light from here?

Jay: Hmm... I wonder if pushing this will do it.

[He pushes a button on a terminal. The room shakes and a rail of light

Jay: This is it. The floating path in the sky spoken of in Oresoren legend.

Poppo: It's the Trail across the Heavens!

Jay: The light connects to the tracks that took us here.

Will: Jay, you can't mean...

Jay: The tram can run on the light.

Norma, Moses: You're kidding! {Norma} Are you for real? {Moses}

Jay: They had an entire ship that flew through the sky. Why not a flying tram?

Norma: That would be so cool if it worked.

Jay: Well, why don't you let us test it out? Could we have some time?

Poppo: One night should be enough!

Chloe: One night...Hmm...

Will: Understood. We'll leave you to it, then.

Norma: What should we do while we're waiting?

Jay: Don't worry about us. Just get some rest. You've got stuff to take care
of, right? Writing your wills, giving away your belongings...

Norma: Hey, don't talk like that!

Will: All right, let's split up for now. We'll meet back here in the morning.

[They leave the lighthouse.]

   <7wb>     Werites Beacon

Norma: Tomorrow's the final battle! We're all excited, right?

Senel: Excited?

Chloe: I'm not sure that's the word I'd use...

Norma: What I want to say won't work if you're not, so get excited!

Senel, Chloe: O...okay...

Norma: So, like I was saying, in times like this, we have to have a party! Now,
listen up. I want everyone to get ready and meet up at the fountain plaza!

Senel: Are you serious?

Norma: Dead serious!

Moses: I'm with you, Bubbles! I'll bring my boys!

Grune: Oh my, that sounds like fun!

Norma: I'll make participation voluntary, but I fully expect you all to come.
Got that? You got that, right?

Senel, Will, Chloe: Uh...Yeah.

Norma: Okay! See you then.

[Norma walks away.]

Senel: She sure is being pushy.

Moses: Nah, she's probably just lookin' to make some noise.

Will: I suppose that's her way of trying to relax and cheer everyone up.

[Party disbands. Senel goes to the Fountain Plaza.]

Senel: Looks like nobody is here yet.

[He waits for the others. Scene changes to Moses at the camp.]

Csaba: Moses, I'll be praying for your success tomorrow!

Moses: Just leave it to me and Giet! We're gonna rip it up.

Csaba: Ah, just hearing those words makes me so relieved.

Moses: Don't it?

Csaba: Senel and the others probably said the same thing to you.

Moses: {sweatdrop} Uh...yeah. Uh...How'd you know?

Csaba: Anybody would feel that way about you, Moses!

Moses: Csaba...you got a real pure heart. You know, Csaba, I've always thought
of Giet and y'all as my family. But...

Csaba: Oh, I know. You feel the same about Senel and the others, right?

Moses: Yeah. But I ain't told them that yet.

Csaba: I'm sure they'll be happy to hear it.

Moses: We'll see. I know at least one of them's just gonna give me hell.

[Moses looks up. Scene changes to Jay.]

Jay: Ah, my ears!

Poppo: Jay, are you all right?

Jay: My ears just started burning all of a sudden. I bet that stupid bandit is
talking about me.

Pippo: You seem to be in a good mood, Jay.

Jay: Really?

Quppo: Senel and the others are good people. I'm really glad we met them.

Jay: Yeah, I suppose it's not all that unpleasant being around them. Senel,
Will, even that stupid bandit...

Quppo, Pippo, Poppo: Heh heh heh.

Jay: What are you laughing about?! {////}

[Scene returns to Senel at the Fountain Plaza.]

Senel: (Where is everyone?...)

[Chloe walks up.]

Chloe: Huh? Senel, is it just you?

Senel: I was about to give up on anyone coming.

Chloe: Oh...

[Scene changes to Will talking with someone.]

???: I'll be waiting for good news.

Will: I will do everything in my power.

???: It seems you're getting along quite well with Senel and the others.

Will: It seems my role is to scold everyone. I doubt I'm very popular.

???: But they all have great respect for you, according to the reports I've

Will: I wonder who told you that...Anyway, I'll be taking my leave now.

???: Wait. Are you not going to see Harriet?

Will: I doubt she wants to see me.

[Harriet runs in.]

???: It looks like you may be wrong about that.

[Scene changes to Norma at the inn.]

Norma: Dearest father and mother in heaven, ...Oh, whoops, they're not dead
yet. Dear sirs, the weather is clear but the waves are high... ...What the heck
am I trying to write? Yo yo yo! Moms, pops, what's shaking? ...No, they'd cry
if they read that. Oh, never mind! Enough of this! I can't just suddenly write
my parents a letter after all this time. I wonder what my teacher would think
if he saw me now? Heh, I guess that's a dumb question. He'd be laughing his
head off. Sorry, I know you're my teacher and all, but the Everlight is going
to have to wait. It seems I've got something more important to take care of.
...Of course, I could never admit it to those guys. Well, I'm off. You'd better
be praying for my safety, you hear me? All right! It's party time!

[Scene changes to the Fountain Plaza.]

Chloe: Sen...

Senel: Hmm?

Chloe: You and Shirley... {...}

Senel: What about Shirley?

Chloe: Um, I mean... I was remembering what happened at Mirage Palace. It's so
hard for people to understand each other.

Senel: Yeah, it is. But... I think maybe it's because it is hard...that people
reach out to each other.

Chloe: Senel...

[Scene changes to Will and Harriet.]

Harriet: Grandpa said you're the worst person ever. But Mom said you're the
best. She always told me there's no one greater than you.

Will: That's more than I deserve.

Harriet: I wonder which one of them was right.

Will: That's a difficult question for me to answer.

Harriet: I came to the Legacy to find the answer, but I still don't know. I

Will: Harriet...

Harriet: You never pay any attention to me! You never say anything to me!
You're hardly ever even in the city! How am I supposed to learn anything about
you like that?!

Will: I'm sorry, Harriet.

Harriet: It's too late for apologies.

Will: You're right. There's no excuse. But let me say just one thing. I swear,
no matter what happens, I will protect you. That much, I promise.

Harriet: So now you're pretending to act like a father, all of a sudden?

Will: I guess so...Perhaps I don't even have the right to say that much.

Harriet: Wait! I heard about what's happening from Musette. They're trying to
sink the mainland into the sea, right?

Will: That's right.

Harriet: If that happens, then Mom's grave'll be gone, too! You protect Mom's
grave! If you mess up, I...I'll never forgive you! Ever!

Will: Harriet, that's the best encouragement anyone could have ever given me.

[Scene changes to Fountain Plaza.]

Senel: When Shirley gets back, could I ask you to be friends with her? There'll
probably be times when she'd rather talk to another girl, you know?

Chloe: I'll accept your request. But in exchange, I'm going to be true to my
feelings. When Shirley gets back...I'm not going to show any mercy, understand?

Senel: Chloe... Do you really hate Shirley that much?

Chloe: That's not what I meant! Never mind! And after all the courage that took
to say...

Senel: What are you mad about?

Chloe: Despicable! Worthless! Coward! I guess that last one applies to me, too.

Senel: What are you talking about?!

Chloe: Oh, nothing!

Senel: I don't get you sometimes...

Chloe: Heh heh... I'm glad we're in this together, Coolidge.

[They shake hands. Norma runs up, and Will comes after.]

Senel: Shirley...There's something I really want you to know.

[Moses runs up with Giet. Grune follows.]

Senel: Everyone here has said you're their friend.

[Grune leaves. The Bouncers come. Grune returns with Jay.]

Senel: You have a place here with us. You're not alone.

[The next morning. They all return to the lighthouse.]

Jay: We've completed all testing and calibration for the Trail across the

Poppo: It's all set!

Jay: We can fly to the Wings of Light at any time.

Norma: All right! Go JJ!

Jay: Are you all set?

Quppo: You should check your equipment and possessions.

Pippo: If you need to buy anything, now would be a good time.

Quppo: Come talk to us again once you're ready!

[Party assembles and confirms that they're ready.]

Jay: Hop onboard, everyone! We're setting out!

[They board the tram. A beam of light stretches to the Wings of Light, and the
tram rides the rail of light.]

Senel: Shirley!...We're coming for you!

[Scene changes to Shirley in a device. Blue wings of light surround her. Scene
changes to Walter activating a large automaton. Scene returns to party.]

Norma: Whoa! We're flying! We're really flying!

Will: The Trail across the Heavens...

Senel: We're about to enter the Wings of Light!

Moses: All right! Let's go!

[The tram comes to a stop and they exit.]

Quppo: Yo!

Pippo: We'll wait here for you to get back!

Poppo: We'll make sure the tram is ready to go at any time!

Quppo: Good luck, everyone!

Will: This time it really is the final battle. Are you all ready? We're going
to complete this mission and return home. All of us. Senel.

Senel: Yeah.

Will: Chloe.

Chloe: Right.

Will: Norma.

Norma: Yep.

Will: Moses.

Moses: Yo.

Will: Jay.

Jay: Yes.

Will: Grune.

Grune: Hello.

Will: And...

Senel: Will.

Will: ...Yeah.

Senel: And finally... Shirley. That's eight of us in all. Is everyone ready?!
Let's go!

Will, Chloe, Norma, Moses, Jay, Grune: Right! {Will, Jay, Chloe} Yeah! {Norma &
Moses} Okay! {Grune}

   <7wl>   Wings of Light

[They make it partway through the dungeon and find a terminal displaying
an animation.]

Chloe: This image looks like it's trying to explain something.

Jay: Perhaps it's explaining how the Wings of Light works?

Norma: Really? Wouldn't that be a little weird?

Moses: What's weird about it?

Norma: The Wings of Light is a device for causing the Cataclysm, right? But the
picture floating here looks more like...

Grune: It looks like it's creating land.

Norma: Well, whatever. We can think about it later. Let's get moving!

Jay: Can the Wings of Light be used to create land as well as destroy it? But
if so...why would the Radiant care so much about the land in the first place?

[They continue up an elevator.]

Norma: Hey, there's some sort of light over there!

Will: That color...

Senel: It's the same as Shirley's teriques. She's there. She's got to be.

Moses: Yeah! Found you!

Norma: But it looks like we're gonna have to go all the way around to get to

Jay: We still have a long way to go. Don't let your guard down.

[They continue through the Wings of Light.]

Walter: This is as far as you go!

[Walter lands in front of them with a giant automaton.]

Walter: *Huff* *Huff*...

Senel: Walter! You're still...

Norma: He's pushing himself way too hard. It must be all he can do just to
control that thing.

Walter: Silence! Even if it costs me my life, I will not allow you to approach
the Merines!

[They defeat the automaton in battle. Walter summons a monster.]

Senel: Walter, that's enough!

Walter: Ugh...

[Walter collapses, and the monster disappears. Senel kneels by him.]

Walter: Why...why you? Why...did the Merines...choose you? I was the one...who
was supposed to protect her. Ever since...I was a child, that was my purpose...
my mission in life.

Senel: Walter...

Walter: And you took that from me!...Why?! S...Senel.

[Walter tries to hit Senel, and dies.]

Senel: You fool...

Chloe: Coolidge...

Senel: {...} Let's go. It's time to finish this.

[They make it to the room where Shirley is.]

Senel: *Gasp!* Shirley, can you hear me?!

[They run towards Shirley, but Maurits stops them.]

Maurits: How dare you shamelessly show your face again, Senel Coolidge.

Senel: Maurits!

Maurits: You brought about Stella's death, and now you've killed Walter. Have
you come here to seize the Merines with those same blood-stained hands?!

Senel: I know better than anyone the things that I've done. But I'm here,
standing before you. Determined, ready. I have no doubts! Now move!

Maurits: The Cataclysm will soon begin. I will not allow you to approach the

Moses: Like you're gonna put up a fight, gramps.

Maurits: You misjudge me, fools. And now I will show you just how painfully
wrong you are!

[Maurits begins to glow.]

Chloe: What terrible power!

Senel: So this is the real Maurits?!

Maurits: The Nerifes of the Fallen Lands is nothing more than a pale imitation!
You cannot hope to challenge us who have received the true blessings!

[They defeat Maurits.]

Moses: Yeah! We won! Yeehaw!

Will: It's over, Maurits. There's no point in continuing.

Maurits: No, it is not. These wounds are nothing!

[He glows brightly again.]

Maurits: I will ensure that the Cataclysm occurs. It is the will of Nerifes!

Senel: That's not what Shirley's power is for!

Maurits: Do you really think your mindless prattle can shake my faith?!

Will: Be careful! He feels even stronger than before!

[They defeat Maurits again.]

Chloe: Is it really over this time?

Jay: I wonder...

[Maurits glows again and gets up.]

Senel: He's getting up again!

[Maurits stops glowing. He faces Shirley and falls.]

Maurits: Argh!

Jay: Holding that much power, he must have pushed his body past its limits.

Moses: He just had to keep goin'...

Senel: Shirley?!

Jay: There's no time. Hurry!

Senel: Right!

[They run toward Shirley and are stopped by her teriques.]

Senel: Shirley, what are you doing?!

[Her teriques knocks them back. She traps everyone in spheres.]

Will: She's conscious?!

Chloe: Shirley, stop!

Norma: Shirl!

Moses: Her light's gettin' stronger!

Jay: This shaking...it can't be!

Maurits: So it begins...the Cataclysm begins! Now watch, as the world returns
to its true form!

Norma: Stop spouting this "true form" nonsense! You're just redoing it for your
own selves!

Maurits: Heh heh...Hah hah hah! You fools think we Ferines came from another
world, don't you? The truth is quite the opposite! We were the first ones on
this world! It was your ancestors who came afterward!

Senel: What are you talking about?

Maurits: On your way here, surely  you learned the purpose of the Wings of
Light. Why should we create land? We live in the water! We have no need for
such a thing!

Chloe: Th...that's...

Moses: Now you're just makin' stuff up!

Jay: No, what Maurits is saying is probably true.

Senel: Jay?

Jay: I'd been wondering why these "people of the water" would be so concerned
about the land. If it is as Maurits says, that would explain some of the other
odd points as well.

Moses: What odd points?!

Jay: The Wings of Light and the Nerifes Cannon are not from the Kingdom of

Will: So, they're part of the white, rectangular ship that became the core of
the Legacy?

Jay: The Nerifes Cannon uses the lives of the Radiant as its source of energy.
Plus, it's almost certain that the Wings of Light cost the Merines her life.

Norma: Ah! That is weird!

Maurits: Have you finally realized?

Jay: Would they intentionally make devices to sacrifice the lives of their own

Chloe: So that means!...

Maurits: In the beginning, there was nothing but ocean in this world. Then you
Orerines came. You used the power of Nerifes and we Ferines to make land appear
in this world!

Will: What?!

Maurits: That's why Nerifes is angry. The ceaseless churning of these seas is
its very wrath!

Jay: Will the Cataclysm and the destruction of the land appease the Raging

Maurits: Yes. That is our true objective! Once the world is as it should be, we
Ferines shall return to our true home, the sea!

Norma: I...I can't believe it...

Moses: We're the invaders?!

Senel: Shirley, can you hear me?! Stop your teriques! Shirley!

Maurits: Hah hah hah hah! You're wasting your time! The Merines can no longer
hear your words! She is now a pure incarnation of Nerifes! You see before you
the full glory of a perfect Merines!

Senel: Shirley!

Maurits: Once the Wings of Light are fully activated, the Merines will become
one with Nerifes! She will escape this yoke of flesh and become the world

Senel: That would be the end of her! Of Shirley!

Maurits: Give up.

Senel: Never! We can't give up after we've made it this far! Right?!

[Nobody moves.]

Senel: Come on!

Norma: We were the outsiders?

Will: There was nothing but sea in this world?

Jay: Then what we did was...

Moses: Maybe none of this would have happened if our ancestors hadn't come.

Chloe: Coolidge...We...

Senel: Grrr...

Maurits: Please, Merines...the Cataclysm...Please!

[Maurits collapses.]

Senel: Maurits! Shirley!... (An incarnation of Nerifes?... A perfect
Merines?...) No! Shirley is Shirley! That doesn't change, no matter what anyone
says! That's Shirley! She's one of us!

Chloe: Coolidge...

[Senel tries to walk towards Shirley. His nails glow.]

Senel: Shirley, I'm coming for you.. I'm going to show you that we're with you!
I'm going to show you you're not alone.

[Chloe's nails glow.]

Chloe: I'm sorry. this is going to hurt.

[She throws a blast at the teriques surrounding Senel.]

Senel: Ugh!

Chloe: Even if it's just you, I will see to it that someone gets to Shirley!

Will: We'll all attack the teriques holding you. Brace yourself for the pain.

[They attack.]

Senel: More! Come on! Give it everything you've got!

Chloe, Moses, Jay: Right! {Chloe & Jay} Okay! {Moses}

[They all attack again. The teriques breaks and Senel is free.]

Senel: All right...This'll work! Guys...

Chloe: Thank us later. Go!

[Senel makes his way toward Shirley.]

Senel: I came here to tell you how I feel... To tell you, Shirley... Just one
thing...one very important thing...

[He reaches Shirley and hugs her.]

Senel: ...I trust you, Shirley.

[The Wings of Light shut off. Shirley stops glowing. Her teriques disappears.]

Senel: The Wings of Light...they stopped...

Shirley: Ow...ow...

Senel: Oh...s...sorry.

Shirley: It's okay.

Senel: Shirley?

Shirley: Yeah. ...Thank you. I could hear your voice so clearly. Thank you.

Senel: Sure.

Norma: So...uh, how much longer do we need to stay quiet?

Senel, Shirley: Oops...Forgot about them...

Norma: How rude!

Senel: Heh...

Shirley: Heh heh...

Senel, Shirley: Hah hah hah hah! {Senel} Hah hah hah! {Shirley}

[Shirley releases them from the teriques.]

Jay: Well, looks like this matter is settled.

Moses: Time to get back to the city and have us a victory party!

Senel: Let's go join the others.

Shirley: Yeah. That sounds good.

[They walk towards the party. Suddenly, the Wings of Light start up again.]

Senel: Shirley, what's going on?

Shirley: I...I don't know. It's not me...

[A bolt of lightning strikes Shirley.]

Shirley: Aah!

Senel: Shirley!

[Maurits is floating by the Wings of Light.]

Maurits: Shirley...you traitor!

[Maurits lands.]

Will: Maurits! He can still move!

Jay: When did he get over there?!

Maurits: Shirley, you no longer have the right to call yourself the Merines. If
this is what it takes, then so be it!

[Maurits raises his arms. The sea responds.]

Norma: What is that?!

Shirley: That's...Nerifes!

Senel, Will, Chloe, Norma, Moses, Jay: Nerifes?!

Shirley: Its power is rushing to Maurits! Gathering around him!

Maurits: Take this!

[Lightning strikes all around and hits them.]

All: Arrgh! {Senel, Will, Jay, Moses, Norma} Aaaaah! {Chloe, Grune, Shirley}

Maurits: Nerifes...I shall take the place of that apostate Merines. I vow to
complete the Cataclysm! Grant me your power! The power to transcend!

Shirley: MAurits, you mustn't! You won't be able to contain Nerifes! You'll
destroy your mind!

Maurits: Oh!...I can hear the voice of Nerifes! It has accepted me!

Shirley: Maurits! No!

Maurits: My first act as Merines will be to paint this place red with your
blood! After that, I will complete the Cataclysm!

Shirley: I won't allow it! Call me whatever you like. But I won't let you kill
the people I care about!

Senel: Shirley...

Shirley: I understand now. Some people hate. Some forgive. So what should I do?
What do I want to do?

Maurits: What are you saying?

Shirley: I trust these people! I believe in the tomorrow that we build
together! They have offered their hand, and I intend to accept it.

Maurits: Impudent little...

[Lightning hits Shirley.]

Shirley: Aah!

Senel: Shirley!

Maurits: You've already lost the blessings of Nerifes. What can you possibly do
now?! If that is your desire, Shirley, then so be it! I will kill you first!
Ah?!... Uaaah!

[Maurits begins shaking.]

Chloe: Something's wrong!

Senel: What's going on?!

Shirley: It's too late...He's been pulled in...

[Maurits absorbs Nerifes.]

Moses: What the hell is that?!

Norma: What's going on?!

Jay: Maurits!...He's fused with the Raging Nerifes!

[Shirley is taken by a portion of Nerifes.]

Shirley: Aaaah!

[Shirley appears in front of Maurits.]

Senel: Shirley!

Chloe: So...weak...

Will: Did that attack do something to us?

Moses: Dammit!

Senel: Shirley! Are you okay?!

Shirley: Ugh...Aah...

Senel: Shirley! (Please!... Just a little more! Come on, body, move! I have to
save Shirley! Huh? The Quiet Nerifes! Power...it's flowing into me! It's...
helping me...)

[Senel gets up.]

Chloe: Coolidge! You can stand?

Norma: Senny!

Senel: Uaaah!

[His nails glow. He falls to one knee.]

Senel: Ugh...

Moses: You okay, Senel?!

Senel: (So...much...pain! But...)

[Senel runs up to Maurits.]

Senel: Let...her...go!

[He frees Shirley.]

Shirley: Senel?...

Senel: Shirley, are you okay?

Shirley: Senel, what's that power? It's almost like...

Senel: The Quiet Nerifes lent me its power.

Shirley: What?

Senel: You should feel it, too.

[Their nails glow.]

Shirley: I just heard the voice of the Quiet Nerifes!

Senel: Me, too...

Shirley: Really?

Senel: I bet it's because we're holding hands like this.

Shirley: Oh...

Senel: I heard it clearly. It said, "Restore the angry sea to the way it was."

Shirley: Yes...yes!

Senel: We all want the same thing in the end. So there's only one thing to do,

Shirley: Yeah. There are no Ferines. No Orerines. It's just us. We have to do
this ourselves!

[Their nails glow brighter.]

Senel: This light! It's like a rainbow!

Shirley: The Quiet Nerifes must be helping us!

Senel: We will not lose.

Shirley: We have no more doubts.

Senel: We're going to build our own future!

Shirley: And we take strength in everything we believe!

Senel: Argh...

Shirley: Senel, are you okay?

Senel: I'm...fine...

Shirley: It's a reaction to receiving the power of Nerifes. You can't--

Senel: Shirley...I'm fine. Just a little more...

Chloe: Don't forget, we're with you, too!

Senel: All right! Let's hit it with everything we've got!

Will, Chloe, Norma, Moses, Jay, Grune, Shirley: Yeah!

[They defeat Nerifes.]

Chloe: Is it over?

Will: Everyone, look at the sea.

Norma: Whoa! It's beautiful! It's like a big, blue, sparkling crystal!

Jay: I never thought the sea could be this blue.

Moses: It's so calm...like the Quiet Lands.

Grune: Shining Blue...

Norma: What's that?

Grune: When people finally reached this world and gazed upon the sea, that is
what they called it.

Norma: Wow...Wait a minute, how do you know that?!

Grune: Hmm, I wonder...

Norma: Ooh, I don't get you at all!

Shirley: Senel, are you all right?

Senel: I'm fine.

Shirley: Thank goodness... It really is beautiful...

Senel: Yeah.

Shirley: Now this is one sea I could come to like.

Senel: Yeah, me too.

Shirley: Yeah...

[Anime cutscene begins. Senel falls off the Wings of Light toward the sea.]

Shirley: No!

[Shirley tries to stop his fall with her teriques, but fails. Senel falls into
the sea.]

Senel: I'm sorry, Shirley. I said I was fine, but...

Shirley: Senel!

[Shirley jumps into the sea after him. She reaches him, and they hug.]

Shirley: Hey Senel. Do you remember the Rite of Feriyen?

[The water begins to glow around them.]

Shirley: Look. The sea... It's giving us its blessing.

[Senel swims toward the surface, Shirley following him. They're holding hands.]

Shirley: We can be together again. Everything will be fine. I trust you.

[Anime cutscene ends. Credits roll.]


[Credits end. Scene changes to Lumen Spring. An earthquake happens and a
shadowy figure appears along with black mist.]

???: ...

[The figure disappears.]

   <cqi>     Character Quest

[Senel and Shirley face off against a bear monster.]

Senel: Shirely, watch out. Get back.

Shirley: No, I'm fighting with you. I'll be careful.

Senel: ...All right.

Shirley: Here it comes!

[They defeat the monster.]

Shirley: See? I can fight, too.

[The monster gets back up.]

Shirley: Senel, behind you!

Senel: What the?!...

Shirley: Senel!

[They defeat it again.]

Senel: This time it's got to be finished...

[The monster gets up.]

Senel: It's getting up again?!

Shirley: Its wounds are...healing!

Senel: Back me up and we'll take it down.

Shirley: Okay! Let's go!

[They attack the monster and it falls down.]

Senel: There's no way it can get up after all that.

Shirley: *Huff* *Huff*

Senel: That thing just wouldn't give up.

Shirley: Whew...

Senel: You know, you don't have to come along with me exterminating monsters
just because Will said so.

Shirley: Am I in the way?

Senel: No, not at all. You've been a big help.

Shirley: Ahh...Good.

Senel: But really, don't push yourself. I mean, you've already got your hands
full, being the mediator between the Orerines and the Ferines.

Shirley: I'm grateful to Will. He gave me this chance to spend some time with

Senel: If that's what he was trying to do, he could at least have given us a
different assignment.

Shirley: I'm okay with exterminating monsters. We're helping to prevent people
from getting hurt.

Senel: Shirley...

Shirley: I want to do everything I can. I don't want to just wait for things to
get better, and then regret that I didn't do anything.

Senel: ...Yeah.

[Black mist comes from the monster's body and then vanishes.]

Shirley: Did you just see some kind of black mist?

Senel: I guess I wasn't seeing things, huh.

Shirley: We'd better report this to Will.

Senel: Let's head back to town.

[They leave the area.]

Senel: We should go back to the Lighthouse.

Shirley: Yeah, Will is waiting for us.

[They enter Werites Beacon and run into Harriet.]

Harriet: I don't believe the nerve of that guy! Who does he think he is?!

Shirley: I wonder what's bothering Hattie.

Senel: I'm sure it's got something to do with Will.

[They approach Harriet.]

Senel: Do you have any idea where will is?

Harriet: Humph! Do I look like someone who'd know or care?

Shirley: Did something happen between you and Will?

Harriet: He just shows up at Musette's house all of a sudden and says, "I've
got work to do here. Go outside." Who does he think he is?!

Senel: Well, at least we know where he is, now.

Shirley: Hattie, would you come with us?

Harriet: No way! All he does is bark orders like he's the boss or something.
Who would ever listen to a jerk like that, anyway?!

Shirley: Hattie, that's not very nice.

Harriet: He's arrogant! He's rude! And he wears glasses!

Senel: What do glasses have to do with anything?...

Shirley: Will's busy, too, you know? He probably just doesn't have a lot of
time to spend with you right now.

Senel: You've been living here for a little while now. You must've seen how
people depend on him.

Harriet: But he's always cold to me... Hey, guys, let's go play somewhere.

Senel: We have to go see Will first. Maybe after that, if there's time.

Harriet: You know, Senel, ever since you became a sheriff, you're no fun

Senel: I might be helping Will, but that doesn't make me a sheriff.

Harriet: Whatever. I've given up on you already.

[Harriet goes to Shirley.]

Harriet: How about just the two of us play together?

Shirley: Huh?...

Harriet: Senel can go visit that jerk by himself. Yeah. That'll work. All
right, it's settled!

Senel: That's not your decision to make. Come on, Shirley, let's go.

Shirley: Ah...

Harriet: Hey! Senel, you big jerk!

[Harriet pushes Senel to the ground and runs off.]

Shirley: I feel kind of bad for Hattie.

Senel: Your voice sounds kind of happy, though.

Shirley: If that's what it sounds like, then maybe I am. Let's get going to
Musette's house!

[They go to Musette's house. Will walks out.]

Will: Ah, you're back. I appreciate your hard work. Shirley, can you spare a
moment? It seems Her Excellency wishes to speak with you.

Shirley: Of course. I'll go see her at once.

[Shirley goes into Musette's house.]

Will: Are you sure you're all right with this? Having Shirley act as a
diplomat, I mean. You're together in the same city, and yet you don't even have
any time to see each other.

Senel: I'm an Orerines, and Shirley's a Ferines. There's nothing we can do to
change that. But we can live alongside each other. That's the kind of world
Shirley wants to see. Right now, she wants to do everything she can to make
that happen. I couldn't possibly get in her way. And besides, it's what I want,

Will: Then why are you distancing yourselves from each other? Surely, it would
be beneficial for you two to act together as a bridge.

Senel: It's Shirley's idea. She says she wants to take care of herself until
she's fulfilled her responsibilities.

Will: Her responsibilities as a Merines, I presume.

Senel: It's her decision. I want to support her in that.

Will: Heh, I see you've grown up a little, haven't you?

Senel: Don't laugh.

[Shirley comes back out of the house.]

Shirley: Sounds like you two are having fun. What are you talking about?

Senel: Just chatting. What did Musette have to say?

Shirley: It was about the migration we've been discussing for so long.

Will: I assume it was accepted, judging from the look on your face.

Shirley: Yes. Now we can call together all the Ferines that have been living
apart on the mainland.

Senel: That's great.

Shirley: Yeah!

Will: It's all thanks to your hard work, Shirley. Considering all the enmity
that's been festering, one would have thought this to be impossible.

Shirley: It's more than just me. I couldn't do anything if I were working
alone. The reason I'm able to stay in Werites Beacon is because Maurits is
overseeing the Ferines village. And I'm constantly relying on the help of the
people here in Werites Beacon.

Will: You should take pride in your accomplishments, Shirley. It'll give you
confidence for the future.

Shirley: You're right. I'll keep that in mind.

Will: All right, why don't we get down to business? Tell me how the monster
extermination is going.

Senel: Well, we eliminated the monsters, just like you asked, but...

Will: But what?

Senel: The rumors about the monsters growing stronger may be true.

Will: You sure you're not just getting soft enjoying the peace?

Senel: I don't have time to get soft. I'm always out exterminating monsters.

Will: Give me some more details.

Senel: Well, we killed one. It was dead; I'm sure of it. But then it got back
up and attacked us again.

Will: That's a little hard to believe.

Senel: I'd feel the same way if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes.

Shirley: I saw it, too. There's no question about it. And also, after it got
back up, it seemed like it was stronger.

Will: Are you sure about this?

Senel: Positive. We also saw something like a black mist coming out of the

Will: I'll see what information I can gather as well. I'm sorry, but could I
make another request of you?

Senel: Looks like there won't be any time to play with Harriet.

Will: What's up with Harriet?

Senel: You really should act like a father every now and then.

Shirley: That's what's up.

Senel: So, what is it you need?

Will: The ship from the mainland should be reaching the port soon. Could you go
and meet Chloe when she arrives?

Senel: Oh, right...It's already been two months, huh? I guess it is time for
her to come back.

Shirley: And we all promised to get together once Chloe got back to the Legacy.

Senel: Understood. Let's go, Shirley.

[They leave town.]

Shirley: Let's go meet Chloe at Port-on-Rage.

   <cq1>     Port-on-Rage

Shirley: Look. The ship's already here.

Senel: Wow.

Shirley: A lot of people are coming to the Legacy again. I wonder if we'll be
able to find Chloe.

Senel: We'd probably be better off waiting here than looking around for her.

[They wait. A strange man stops and looks at them, then keeps going.]

Chloe: Coolidge! Shirley! I didn't expect you two to come and meet me here.
You're looking well.

Senel: You, too.

Shirley: I'm sure you're tired from your trip.

Chloe: Actually, it was quite nice. The sea was calm.

Senel: Well, I hate to rush you, but we should get back to town. Will's

Chloe: *Sigh*

Senel: What is it?

Chloe: Ah, nothing. Let's go.

[They leave Port-on-Rage. They stop partway down the path.]

Senel: How was your trip home?

Chloe: I just went back to be there for the anniversary of my parents' death.
I didn't have time to relax, really.

Senel: Ah, not much of a vacation, huh...

Chloe: Still, it was a good opportunity to think about everything that happened
on the Legacy.

Senel: Yeah, a lot of stuff happened.

Chloe: What about the rest of the group? Is everyone in Werites Beacon?

Shirley: Right now, it's just the two of us and Will.

Senel: We haven't really seen any of the others since the last battle.

Shirley: Norma is busy running around all over the place...

Senel: And Moses is traveling around with Giet, too.

Chloe: Why are you still here, Coolidge?

Senel: I stuck around to give Will a hand. Thanks to that, now they're treating
me like a sheriff.

Chloe: {note} You? A sheriff?

Senel: Don't laugh.

Chloe: Oh, um, no...Heh heh...I think it suits you.

Senel: {////} Then don't laugh when you say it!

Shirley: {...}

Senel: What's up, Shirley?

Shirley: I was just thinking, you laugh more when Will and Chloe are around.

Chloe: ...They're still not completely over everything...

Senel: What was that?

Chloe: N...nothing.

???: Aaaaah!

Chloe: This way!

[They find a man defending a girl against some monsters.]

???: Elsa, run!

Elsa: But, Father!

???: There are too many of them... Elsa! Run! Now!

Elsa: *Cough* *Cough* *Huff* *Huff* ...Ugh...

???: Oh, no, not that...Not now!

[Monsters approach Elsa from behind.]

Elsa: N...no... *Cough* *Cough*

???: No! Elsa! Run!

Elsa: Aaaaah!

Senel, Chloe: Demon Fist! {Senel} Demon Fang! {Chloe}

Senel: Shirley, back us up!

Shirley: Right!

[They defeat the monsters.]

Senel: Looks like you've still got it.

Chloe: Of course. Can you stand?

Elsa: Oh, y...yes! I...um...uh...um...

Chloe: It's okay. Just calm down.

Elsa: Th...thank you.

???: We are in your debt.

Chloe: It's only natural for a knight to aid those in distress.

Shirley: Where are you two headed now?

???: We were on our way to Werites Beacon, but if we're going to run into more

Senel: We're headed to Werites Beacon ourselves.

Shirley: Why don't you come with us?

???: If it's not too much trouble, we'd be greatly obliged.

Alcott: My name is Arnold Alcott. This is my daughter, Elsa.

Elsa: Pleased to meet you.

[They continue down the path.]

Chloe: I see. So, the two of you have been on the Legacy for some time.

Alcott: We've been wandering throughout the Legacy without a set place to stay,

Elsa: *Cough* *Cough*

Alcott: As you can see, my daughter's not doing so well right now. So I decided
to check her into the hospital.

Shirley: Oh, I see...

Alcott: It's a difficult illness.

Elsa: Oh, but, please don't worry about me. It can be a little painful when it
acts up, but normally I feel fine.

Chloe: Wouldn't it be better for you to return to the mainland?

Alcott: Well, to cure it, we need a special medicinal herb that can only be
found on the Legacy.

Chloe: I see. I hope you recover soon.

Elsa: Thank you. I'm sure Father will be able to make the medicine I need soon,
and then everything'll be fine.

Shirley: Are you a doctor?

Alcott: Ah, nothing like that. Just an apothecary. I prepare medicines for a

Chloe: That's as admirable a job as a doctor's.

Alcott: Thank you.

Senel: You're good with a sword, too.

Alcott: Ah, well, my work often requires me to visit places where monsters
lurk. I learned it out of necessity.

Chloe: I see. You have a good father, Elsa.

Elsa: Yes. I'm very proud.

Alcott: Now, now, Elsa...

Elsa: Are you blushing, Father?

Alcott: Heh...I don't know what to say.

Chloe: It's been a while since we've been here.

[They return to Werites Beacon.]

   <cq2>     Werites Beacon

Alcott: Thanks to you, we were able to make it here safely. You have our

[Elsa runs up to Chloe.]

Elsa: If you get some free time, please come play with me at the hospital,

Alcott: A hospital's not a place for playing.

Elsa: It's boring just sitting in bed all the time!

Senel: Chloe, weren't you planning to take a room at the hospital?

Chloe: I'd intended to, but... Now that Elsa's here, there may not be any

Elsa: What do you mean?

Chloe: I've been renting a room at the hospital while I've been on the Legacy.

Elsa: What? Really?!

Alcott: Don't get excited, Elsa. It's not good for your body.

Elsa: I'm fi-- *Cough* *Cough*

Chloe: Maybe I should find another place to stay so as not to excite Elsa.

Elsa: I...I'll be calm and quiet! I promise!

Chloe: But...

Alcott: Well, I guess she's made up her mind. Chloe, would you mind dropping in
and playing with her from time to time?

Chloe: Sure, that's fine.

Elsa: {heart} I'm looking forward to seeing you later, Chloe!

[Elsa and Alcott leave.]

Chloe: I wonder if it really would be better to find another place to stay.

Senel: It's too late now. She's really looking forward to you being there.

Chloe: {scribble} I guess I'll have to make sure she doesn't get carried
away... Let's go to Raynard's place first. The others may be waiting for us.

Senel: Yeah.

[They arrive at Will's house.]

Chloe: Raynard, it's been a while.

Will: You're looking well.

Senel: Moses and Jay still aren't here?

Will: I wouldn't expect Moses to be on time for anything. Why don't you go have
a look around the city in the meantime? I imagine some things changed while you
were gone.

Chloe: That sounds like a good idea. Let's go, Coolidge.

[They leave Will's house.]

Senel: Hmm...I wonder what's changed since you were last here...

Chloe: Hmm. It's gotten brighter.

Senel: Yeah, the city's definitely become livelier.

Chloe: No. I mean the look on your face.

Senel: Me? It's hard for me to really tell whether I've changed or not. But I
can say, I like myself the way I am now. So I think things have worked out

Chloe: ...I see.

[An old man walks up, and almost runs Chloe down. He stops.]

Shirley: Can I help you?

???: Could you tell me where I might find the graveyard? The city's changed
since my last visit, and I can't seem to find it.

Senel: It's over that way.

???: I'm sorry, but I can't see very well. I'm not sure what you mean by "that

Chloe: Our apologies.

Shirley: It's close by. We'll take you there.

???: Ah, thank you very much.

[They arrive ath the graveyard. Norma is standing by a grave.]

Shirley: Hey, is that...

Senel: Norma?

???: {!}

Chloe: It seems like she knows someone who's buried there.

Norma: Oh, hey! Long time no see! What are you guys doing here?

Chloe: Shouldn't we be asking you that question?

Norma: Let's see...Senny, Shirl, C... {...}

Senel: We were just showing this gentleman the way here.

Chloe: It's not polite to stare.

Norma: Hmm...I have a feeling I've seen that face somewhere before... Aaaaah!

Shirley, Chloe: Aaaah!

Chloe: D...don't shout like that, all of a sudden!

???: As noisy as ever, I see.

Norma: Why...in the world...is that old fool Zamaran standing here in front of
me?! Senny!

Senel: H...hey!

Norma: You better explain to me, right here, right now, exactly what's going
on! Your answer will determine whether or not I show any mercy!

Zamaran: Such lack of refinement.

Norma: What did you just say?!

Zamaran: A monkey. You're just like a monkey.

Norma: Hey! Who are you calling a monkey?!

Senel: (Yep, she's a monkey...)

Chloe: (No question. She's a monkey...)

Zamaran: (Every bit the monkey...)

Shirley: She does look like a monkey.

Senel: Shirley, you're not supposed to say it out loud.

Shirley: Oh, right. Sorry. Please forget I said that.

Norma: Wait a minute!

Zamaran: Your behavior is inappropriate for this solemn place.

Norma: What? Who died and made you boss? Come on, guys, let's go!

[Norma begins to walk away. Nobody moves.]

Norma: Hey! What, you're ignoring me?!

Senel: Um, well...

Norma: Come on, Shirl, we're leaving!

Shirley: W...wait...Norma!

[Norma leaves with Shirley.]

Chloe: Norma hasn't changed a bit.

Zamaran: Thank you for leading me here. I'll be fine by myself now. You'd best
hurry and catch up with them.

Senel: So...how do you know Norma?

Zamaran: I'm sorry. I'd like to be alone right now. Perhaps you should try
asking the monkey herself?

[They leave the Graveyard.]

Norma: Why is that old fool here?! I demand an explanation! Why did you have to
lead him there?! Can't you see how much I hate him?! You have no respect for
people's feelings!

Senel: Hello? You weren't there when he asked.

Chloe: Who was that elderly man?

Shirley: You know him, right, Norma?

Norma: Ah, well, you know...

Chloe: Yes?

Norma: He, uh, well...

Shirley: Uh-huh?

Senel: Spill it already.

Chloe: That's enough, everyone. Everyone has things from their past they'd
rather not speak about.

Senel: I guess you're right. Sorry for pushing you, Norma.

Norma: Ah, come on, don't worry about it. Enough with the seriousness already!

Chloe: That personality hasn't changed a bit.

Senel: No kidding.

Norma: Hmm...

Shirley: What is it?

Norma: This isn't quite what I was expecting.

[Norma whispers to Chloe.]

Norma: It's best not to force things.

Chloe: What are you talking about?

Norma: Oh, well. If you're sure you know what you're doing...

Senel: What are you talking about?

Norma: Something that's your fault.

Senel: I haven't done anything.

Norma: That's the problem, doofus. You haven't done a thing! Jeez, you're so

[Familiar music starts up.]

Senel: Norma, do you feel that?

Norma: I do. Oh, I sure do.

Senel, Chloe, Norma: This presence...it can only be!...

Curtis: Hey, yo! You there, little baby. You should know my name well by now.

Norma: Let me tell 'em! Let me tell 'em!! Let me tell 'em!!! Let me tell
'em!!!! Uh, you're that BB guy, right?

Curtis: I said, no abbreviations!

Norma: What? Would you prefer BS?

Curtis: No one would understand that!

Norma: For a guy your size, you sure like to worry about little things.

Curtis: It's not about size, it's about heart!

Senel: Why don't you do your job for a change, instead of running around
singing everywhere you go?

Curtis: It's because of my job that I came searching for you, brother!

Shirley: Brother?

Senel: Ignore him.

Curtis: And it's a matter of great urgency!

Norma: How urgent can it be if you've got time to sing about it?

Curtis: I had faith that my song would lead us to one another!

Chloe: I'm getting a headache...

Senel: So what is it you want?

Curtis: It's an emergency! You must hurry, brother! For love!

Senel: You could at least explain a little.

Curtis: There's no time. To the inn, brother! Hurry to the lower level of the
basement of the inn! You'll understand everything once you get there! Go! Now!
For love!

Senel: ...All right, all right.

[They go to the basement of the inn. Giet is sitting there.]

Norma: Huh? What's up with Spot?

Senel: And why isn't Moses with him?

Norma: Uh-huh. Uh-huh. I see...

Shirley: You can understand him?

Norma: Not at all.

Receptionist: Oh, my! Wonderful! We couldn't possibly have hoped for better
talent to kick off the opening ceremonies!

Senel, Chloe, Norma: Opening ceremonies?

Receptionist: Welcome all to the place where strength and eres are put to the
ultimate test! Welcome to the Arena!

Senel, Chloe, Norma: Arena?!

Receptionist: Now, then, allow me to explain the rules. First, please direct
your attention to the ring over there.

Senel, Chloe, Norma: Ring?

Receptionist: You'll enter the ring from the entrance in front of you. Please,
go on in! Don't be shy!

Senel: Hey! Don't push me!

Curtis: Don't worry, brother! It's all for love!

Senel: What the hell are you talking about?!

[Curtis pushes Senel into the ring and the door closes on him.]

Receptionist: Here in the Arena, you'll take on one monster after another,
tossing their limp bodies aside as you battle your way to the top!

Norma: What's with her? The more she talks, the more excited she gets.

Chloe: Did she say, "monsters?"

Shirley: What do you think you're doing?

Isabella: Oh, brave warriors, the time has come! Raise up your arms and
demonstrate your power before everyone! Take freedom and with it pride! Carry
them in your breast! Run to the top, and beat the crap out of the rest!

Norma: ...Huh?

Receptionist: Now, allow me to introduce your opponent!

Senel: Hold on a minute! I never said I was going to do this!

Curtis: There are times when a man must fight, even if he knows it may cost him
his life. That's what love is all about!

Senel: This is definitely not one of those times!

Chloe: Coolidge, look!

Receptionist: The monster you'll be going up agianst...is here!

[Moses jumps into the ring.]

Norma: I've seen this monster somewhere before.

Chloe: Y...yeah.

Moses: Hey, I ain't no monster, you stupid chick! Aw, whatever. As long as I
get to fight Senel, I'm all good!

Senel: I don't like being dragged into stuff like this, but I'm still not
going to lose!

Shirley: You can do it, Senel!

Chloe: Coolidge, don't let your guard down!

Curtis: Go get 'em, brother!

Moses: Hey, where's my cheering section?!

???: Come on, Moses! Go out there and die!

Moses: Okay! You can count on--Hey! Who said that?!

Receptionist: Now...fight!

[Senel defeats Moses.]

Norma: Were you tricked by the BBs, too?

Moses: Yeah. Senel too?

Norma: Speaking of which, I don't see the BBs anywhere.

???: They left when Senel and Moses were fighting.

[Jay comes down the stairs.]

Senel, Chloe, Norma: Jay! {Senel & Chloe} JJ! {Norma}

Moses: Jay, I could've sworn I heard you yellin' at me to die.

Jay: It's good to see you all again.

Moses: Hey! I'm talkin' to you!

Jay: Still, I must say, you're far too nice, Senel. You had the chance. You
should have put him out of his misery--

Moses: Hang on now, that ain't right!

Chloe: Jay, why are you here, anyway?

Jay: I saw you all in the city, so I decided to follow you.

Norma: You could've said "hi" or something.

Jay: And, look what I got to see. It's such a pleasant feeling, watching Moses
get the snot kicked out of him like that.

Moses: Oh, you wanna step in that ring, boy? Come on.

Jay: I'll pass, thanks.

Norma: These two haven't changed a bit, either.

Chloe: We've got Sandor and Jay, now. Let's head back to Raynard's house.

[They leave. Curtis and Isabella walk out into the ring.]

Curtis: Hey, yo! You there, little baby. You should know my name well by now.

Isabella: There's no one here.

Curtis: Hmm. Indeed. Isabella!

Isabella: Yes, Curtis.

Curtis: In times like this, there's only one thing to do!

Isabella: Yes, Curtis.

Curtis: Let us sing!

Isabella: Yes, Curtis.

[Scene changes to Will's house. Grune is outside in the garden.]

Grune: Let us take a little seed... Plant it gently; water it well... Little
seedling, nestled in the ground, grow up safe and sound.

Norma: Hey, there's G-Girl. She seems like she's in a really good mood. I hate
to interrupt her...

Shirley: I wonder what she's doing.

Grune: Oh, my, hello everyone. Did you go out somewhere?

Norma: It's been ages since we last saw each other, yet G-Girl treats it like
we just left this morning.

Moses: Heh heh. That's Grune for you!

Grune: Oh. It's been a while, hasn't it?

Norma: You were supposed to say that first!

Grune: Really? Has it really been a while?

[They gather in a tight circle.]

Senel: Her memory's going again.

Chloe: I think she's got bigger problems than just that.

Shirley: I think so, too.

Jay: If her memory keeps regressing like this, she may eventually forget about

Norma: That'd be pretty lame...

Moses: Well, whatever happens, happens.

Grune: My memory is not going! That's not a very nice thing to say.

Senel: (She could hear us?!)

Shirley: What have you been doing lately, Grune?

Senel: Yeah, now that I think about it, I haven't seen you around town.

Grune: I decided to do some sightseeing here and there. I thought it might help
me to remember something.

Norma: Sounds like you've been enjoying the good life.

Senel: So, was it helpful?

Grune: Hmm, I think I remembered some things. Or maybe I didn't.

Moses: Which is it?!

Jay: Well, at least you're doing well. That's what matters, right?

Norma: Quit trying to wrap up the conversation, JJ.

Chloe: It looked like you were just doing something a moment ago. Was that
related to your memory.

Grune: I was planting Celsius' seed. I know she wouldn't be happy if she had to
stay in this urn forever.

Norma: I get it. So, G-Girl's actually a member of the Let's Take Good Care of
Plants Society.

Chloe: What's that?

Norma: I just said, the Let's Take Good Care of Plants Society!

Chloe: And I said, what is that?

Norma: I said!...

Senel: I don't even want to know, so don't bother explaining. Will's waiting
for us inside.

Norma: That's true. And we're all together now, too!

Grune: Oh, isn't that lovely?

[They enter Will's house.]

Will: You're late...Hmm? What's this? You're all together.

Jay: It's good to see you again, Will.

Will: Same here. You haven't changed a bit.

Norma: Yeah, he's as antisocial as ever.

Jay: And you're still missing a few screws.

Norma: What's that supposed to mean?!

Will: Behave yourselves.

[Will hits Jay over the head, then hits Norma.]

Norma: Ow! Man, nothing like a smack to the head from Will to make you feel
like you're home again!

Jay: I'm sorry I don't share your sentiments...

[They gather around the table.]

Senel: So, you were with the Oresoren this whole time?

Jay: Yes. The fighting had just ended, after all. I wanted to get some rest.

Norma: Sheesh, you sound like an old man! You're not gonna be young forever,
you know! Wasting time like that is an insult to Will!

Will: What is that supposed to mean?

Norma: If you just sit around playing house, before you know it, you'll turn
into an old man, just like Will here!

Will: Well, excuse me for being "old".

Norma: Anyway, enough about that. Check this out, guys!

Senel: What've you been up to, Moses? You haven't been in town much.

Moses: I've been hanging out in the forest for a while, so Giet could stretch
his legs a bit.

Jay: You just missed all the bugs and dirt and whatnot, right?

Moses: Heh heh. That too.

Jay: This is why I don't like dealing with savages. They don't even understand
when you're being sarcastic.

Norma: I stood up all ready to say something good, and you guys just ignored
me! I can't believe you... Don't you feel sorry for me? I know I do.

Grune: There, there, Norma.

Norma: Ohh, G-Girl!

[Norma hugs Grune.]

Grune: It's going to be okay.

Norma: Heh heh. Bet you guys wish you were me right now, huh? Oooh, this feels
so nice...

Will: So? What was it you wanted to say, Norma?

Norma: I went searching for the Everlight!

Chloe: Did you find it?

Norma: Nope.

Jay: So you don't have anything to report, after all.

Moses: Anything happening in the city lately?

Will: That's what I'd like to talk about now.

Moses: What's with the serious face?

Jay: Sounds like you've got something important to tell us. Of course, I think
I know what it is.

Grune: Oh, what could it be?

Will: Some of the monsters onboard the Legacy have begun to get stronger and
more aggressive.

Grune: Oh, my, that's terrible.

Norma: Grune, when you say it, it doesn't sound terrible at all.

Chloe: Are they really getting stronger?

Senel: Yeah. I've seen it with my own eyes.

Jay: I've received a number of reports as well. Given the number of sources
that have confirmed this information, we can't simply ignore it.

Will: I hope it's nothing more than a natural mutation. Until we know more, I
want you to be careful when leaving the city.

Moses: Aw, come on! With me and Giet here, there's nothing to worry about!

Jay: It's always the ones who say things like that who end up causing trouble.

[An earthquake occurs.]

Jay: That was an unusually large quake.

Will: Indeed...

Curtis: Hey, yo! You there, little baby. You should know my name well by now.

Norma: Dude, we know already! You're the BB guy!

Moses: You hurt his feelings.

Isabella: I'll convey our business here today.

Curtis: Yes! Please begin, Isabella!

Norma: Whoa, he sure recovers fast!

Isabella: We have a request in regard to the recent earthquake. We'd like you
to go investigate the quake's epicenter.

Curtis: Her Excellency personally requested your assistance!

Will: Thise earthquakes have been happening a lot lately. It's no wonder she's
concerned. Understood. We'll get right on it. Could I ask you all for your

[They all nod.]

Curtis: I knew we could count on you, brother!

Isabella: The tremors seem to have originated from the direction of Lumen

Curtis: Before you go, I've got something for you, brother.

Senel: What is it?

Curtis: Isabella! The item, please!

Isabella: It's called the Sorcerer's Scanner. It has the ability to locate
hidden objects. Her Excellency instructed us to give it to you in the hope that
it might prove useful.

Senel: Thank you.

Curtis: Go forth, brother. For the sake of love!

Norma: Love's got nothing to do with it.

[They exit the city.]

Norma: This is the first time we've all traveled together as a group. All eight
of us. Oh, and Spot makes nine!

Moses: Now that you mention it, yeah.

Shirley: It's good to be part of the team.

Norma: It's good to have you, Shirl.

Grune: Welcome aboard!

Moses: Put 'er there!

[Shirley backs up.]

Moses: Something wrong?

Jay: You could start by wearing some clothes.

Moses: What's that got to do with anything?!

Chloe: You know, I got used to it eventually, but I'm still not too fond of it.

Moses: Come on! You're saying that's the problem?!

Shirley: Ah, it's not that. It's just...I remember what happened right after I
arrived on the Legacy.

Will: Oh, right. Moses kidnapped you.

Norma: Can't really argue with her there, Red.

[Giet whines.]

Shirley: Hi, Giet!

Moses: Oh, so Giet's okay, but I'm not?!

Shirley: Well...I guess it's all right, Moses...

Moses: You don't sound too sure of that.

Will: Quit fooling around. We need to get moving.

Moses: I ain't fooling around!

   <cq3>     Fallingwater/Lumen Spring

[They travel partway to Lumen Spring. Norma stops.]

Moses: What're you stopping for, all of a sudden?

Will: Don't start any trouble.

Norma: Come on, Teach, that's not nice! You make it sound like I'm always
causing trouble or something!

Jay: I would say that's a fairly accurate interpretation.

Norma: Hey!

Chloe: Anyway, what is it?

Norma: Ah, right. Take a look here.

Shirley: I don't see anything unusual.

Norma: I know! Senny, let me see that thing the BBs gave you!

Senel: The Sorcerer's Scanner?

Norma: Okay! Here we go!

[She activates the scanner and it finds something.]

Norma: Whoa! Check it out!

Will: So that's what they meant by locating hidden objects.

Jay: We may be able to find things in other places as well.

Will: Let's be sure to make good use of it.

[They continue a ways and Norma stops again.]

Norma: Oh! This is a good spot! I feel it. There must be treasure here, too!

Jay: I don't know, this sounds a bit too good to be true.

Will: Norma, think before you do anything.

Norma: Why am I the one you're always warning? Red operates on instinct way
more than I do!

Moses: Heh heh. Whatever, let's just get that treasure!

Norma: All right, here we go!

[She activates the scanner. A gold monster appears.]

Norma: Um...What's that?

Grune: Oh, my, what a nice monster. I'm so happy to meet you!

Shirley: I'm not so happy...

Jay: Me neither.

[They defeat the monster.]

Senel: Man, you sure know how to attract trouble.

Norma: Ah, don't worry. We can handle anything.

Senel, Chloe: That's not for you to decide!

Norma: Watch out, cranky couple attack!

Will: We've wasted enough time already. Let's get going.

Moses: You don't look too upset, though.

Will: Yes, I was able to collect a good sample.

Jay: And we also gained a good understanding of how the Sorcerer's Scanner

Chloe: It can find monsters as well as items.

Will: Be careful when using it. Especially you, Norma.

Norma: See? See? There you go again! Why is it always me?!

[They arrive at Lumen Spring.]

Jay: There doesn't seem to be anything unusual here.

Will: It doesn't look like it's been affected by the earthquake, either.

Moses: Aw, and here I was thinkin' me and Giet would get to whoop up on a
monster or somethin'.

Norma: Red, don't jinx it. If you start saying things like that, there really

[Another earthquake occurs.]

Norma: Aah! Another earthquake!

[A monster approches. Moses' back is turned to it.]

Moses: What's wrong? The quake wasn't that bad.

Grune: Moses, look behind you. It's really interesting!

Moses: What the?!...

Will: There's something strange about that monster.

[Black mist appears from the monster.]

Senel: That's the same thing we saw before.

Chloe: I get a bad feeling looking at that mist.

Norma: It's kinda...icky.

[The mist changes into a small round monster.]

Will: It turned into a monster!

Senel: It didn't do that last time!

Norma: Aah! It's coming this way!

Senel: Did they just...merge?

[They defeat the monster.]

Norma: Finally! Man, I'm beat.

Chloe: It returned to its original form...

Will: What in the world is going on?

Senel: It's not over yet! Don't let your guard down!

[The monster gets up.]

Chloe: Impossible! Its wounds are healing!

Moses: Well, don't just sit around waiting for it to get better! Giet!

[Moses and Giet attack the monster. Black mist rises from it.]

Senel: Again?!

[The black mist disappears.]

Jay: There have never been this many earthquakes in a row before.

Will: What is that mist? And these monsters?

Grune: That mist...

Jay: You know something about it?

Grune: I wonder what it is...

Norma: Ooh, is that all you had to say?!

Shirley: Did the monster from the mist make the other monster stronger?

[Will approaches the monster.]

Chloe: Raynard, be careful.

Moses: What's it matter how strong they are? There ain't nothing we can't

Chloe: No, I think we should be cautious. It was clearly different from what
we've encountered before.

Jay: It certainly did feel powerful.

Senel: Will, can you tell anything about it?

Will: Yes, but it's not exactly good news.

Jay: What is it?

Will: This monster is not a mutant. It's one of the Legacy's usual species.

Grune: Oh, so that means...What does that mean?

Jay: That all monsters onboard the Legacy have the potential to acquire that
awesome power?

Will: Well, we can't say for sure yet.

Senel: What about the monster that formed out of the mist?

Will: I've never heard of a creature with that characteristic before.

Senel: Should we investigate a little further?

Will: No, let's stop for now. We've learned quite a bit already.

Jay: Earthquakes, black mist, monsters born of that mist... Somehow I doubt
it's all just a coincidence.

Will: Yes, it would be prudent to assume that these are somehow related. We
need to report our findings. Let's get back to town.

Jay; There may be some new information waiting for us as well.

[They all leave except Grune. She approaches the monster and black mist
transforms into the shadowy figure.]

???: ...

Grune: Oh, my, who are you? My name's Grune!

???: ...

[The figure vanishes.]

Grune: ... Is it beginning again? You or me...Which will it be?...

[Shirley comes back.]

Shirley: Grune. Is something wrong? Grune?

Grune: Oh...What was I doing?

Shirley: What?

Grune: Did I say something about "beginning?" I feel like I almost remembered
something very important... But now I've lost it.

Shirley: Are you all right?

Grune: Hmm. Maybe not. Oh, but, you know... If you forget something right away,
it probably wasn't important in the first place.

Shirley: Hmm...You think so?...

Grune: Well, let's go home!

[Scene changes to Werites Beacon.]

Norma: Well, then. I guess we're done for today.

Will: I'm going to report to Her Excellency.

Senel: Okay.

Will: Senel, why don't you head on back to my house? If we learn anything new,
I want you to be our messenger.

Norma: Senel, are you living with Will?

Senel: Yeah.

Shirley: Wh...what is it?

Norma: Already separated, huh...

Senel, Shirley: What are you talking about?!

[Norma whispers to Chloe.]

Norma: You hear that? They've separated.

Chloe: ...Why are you telling me?

Norma: So then, where are you living, Shirl?

Shirley: Musette is letting me stay with her.

Norma: I see, I see. I'm surprised you can put up with it, Senny.

Senel: Can't you just shut up for once?

Will: That'll be all for today. Good work, everyone.

Senel: I'll let you know if something comes up.

[They all wander off except Shirley and Senel.]

Shirley: I'm going home now, too.

Senel: Okay. See you later.

[Scene changes to Vista Point.]

Harriet: I wonder if the flower I'm looking for is really on the Legacy. Nah,
Mom wouldn't lie. I will find it! I swear! This one flower still hasn't
bloomed. I wonder what it's waiting for...

[Scene changes to Will's house. Shirley walks in and finds Senel asleep on the

Shirley: Senel, wake up. It's already noon.

Senel: Mm...mmm...

Shirley: Good morning!

Senel: *Yawn*...Morning.

Harriet: Stop trying to act like a father only when it's convenient for you!

Shirley: That was...

Senel: Harriet.

Harriet: I don't have a father! All I have is Mom!

Shirley: Hattie? What's wrong?

Harriet: Nothing!

Senel: The usual father-daughter squabbles, I bet.

Harriet: He's not my father! So it's just a regular squabble! I don't want to
live here anymore!

Shirley: I'll tell you what. Why don't we go back to Musette's house, okay?
I'll go with you.

Harriet: Okay... You come too, Senel.

Senel: Me, too?

Shirley: Sure, you're not really busy right now.

Senel: Shirley?

Shirley: Right? You have time, don't you Senel?

Senel: ...All right.

             A Flower and a Promise
   <Wcq>     Character Quest: Will

[They arrive at Musette's house.]

Harriet: I can't believe he's pretending to be a father now, after abandoning
me for nine years! All he does is order me around! Who does he think he is?! A
guy like that shouldn't even be allowed to speak to me! He won't even
apologize! He thinks he's right about everything! I can't stand him!

Senel: Hey, people are going to hear you if you keep shouting like that.

Harriet: Who cares?!

Shirley: It's okay, Hattie. If you have something to say, just let it out. I'll

Harriet: I knew you'd understand, Shirley. Unlike some men...

Senel: Hey.

Harriet: Just thinking about his face makes me mad! Or the sound of his voice.

Senel: Oh, brother...

[Scene changes to night]

Harriet: He doesn't fulfill his duty as a parent! He just says whatever he
feels like! He's just so wrong in so many ways!

Senel: I'm sure he has his reasons.

Harriet: I'm sure he doesn't!

Senel: So, how about telling us what actually happened with Will?

Harriet: He told me not to go.

Shirley: Go where?

Harriet: To the place where all the flowers are blooming. It's really pretty!

Shirley: Where's that? Outside the city?

Harriet: Y...yeah...

Senel: Then it's no wonder he stopped you.

Harriet: But it's not that far!

Senel: It's dangerous outside the city. Especially recently, with the monsters
getting really violent and all.

Shirley: Will's worried about you, Hattie.

Harriet: No he's not! He hates me! That's why he won't let me do anything!
Besides...there's a reason I want to go there.

Senel: A reason?

Harriet: I'm looking for the flower that my hairpin came from.

Senel: The one you're wearing now?

Harriet: Mom told me about it. She said there's a place where this flower

Senel: That hairpin's nice.

Harriet: The flower's not real, though. I want to see the real thing. This
hairpin was Mom's favorite.

Shirley: What's that in your hand? A flower bud?

Harriet: These were the only flowers that weren't blooming, so I brought one
back with me. I've never seen this kind before. Do you know what it is, Senel?

Senel: Sorry, I don't know much about flowers. What about you, Shirley?

Shirley: Me neither. I'm sorry I can't help.

Harriet: I see...

Shirley: It's pretty big. I've never seen a flower bud this big before.

Harriet: I sure hope it's the one I'm looking for.

Musette: Oh, hello. What are you all talking about?

Senel: Hmm, maybe you might know a bit about this, Musette.

Musette: What is it?

Harriet: This flower...

Musette: Well, well...Look at this...

Shirley: Do you know what it is?

Musette: Yes, it's a very rare flower that only blooms on the Legacy.

Harriet: That explains why I've never seen it before.

Musette: It's a relatively new discovery in the world of botany. There wasn't
even a name for it before it was discovered.

Harriet: Really?

Musette: A certain person gave it a lovely name, and now, everyone calls it

Harriet: What's it called? What does it look like?

Musette: Why don't you try asking Will? He's quite knowledgeable about flora,
as well.

Harriet: I don't want his help!

Senel: Oh, brother. Not again.

Harriet: He gets his kicks out of being mean to me! He's always bossing me
around! "Do this! Do that! Don't do this! Don't do that!" Who does he think he

Musette: Do you dislike your father that much?

Harriet: Yes! I hate him!

Senel: You've seen what kind of person he is since you've come to the Legacy.
Everyone here relies on him, and he never lets them down.

Shirley: Deep down, you actually do like him, don't you?

Harriet: W...well...

Shirley: If it were me, I think I'd be proud.

Harriet: But he treats me like I'm just another little kid that he can boss
around. He's so cold! That's why I...I can't really tell what I should think...

Senel: Then you'll have to make up your own mind.

Harriet: My own mind?

Senel: No matter what Shirley and I say, no matter what the people of Werites
Beacon think -- none of it means anything if you don't agree with it.

Harriet: ...Yeah.

Senel: Take a good look at Will for yourself, think for yourself, and figure it
out for yourself.

Harriet: Fine. I'll do that.

Shirley: Hattie?

Harriet: I'm going to bed.

Shirley: Okay. Good night.

Harriet: Good night.

Shirley: Do you think they'll be okay?

Senel: The reason they fight is because they care about what each other thinks.

Shirley: Yeah...I guess you're right.

Senel: I'm going to head back, now. Thank you for your hospitality, Musette.

Shirley: Good night.

Senel: Night.

[Scene shifts to Will standing alone in a dark room.]

Harriet: Stop trying to act like a father only when it's convenient for you! I
don't have a father! All I have is Mom!

Will: She always knows exactly what to say. Just like you. She's really good at
putting me on the spot. All those things...she's just so much like you,

[Flashback to Vista Point]

Amelia: So, "Professor"... I really love this place.

Will: Me too.

Amelia: Once the baby's born, lets all come here together. You, me and our
little girl.

Will: Yeah, that sounds nice. Just the three of us. So the baby's a little girl

Amelia: Girl, boy, whichever. I mean this baby is our child. With us as
parents, she -- or he -- will definately like this place.

Will: If we're good parents and she grows up well.

Amelia: Hey, what's that supposed to mean?

Will: Nothing in particular.

Amelia: I bet you were thinking, "as long as she doesn't grow up spoiled and
selfish, like her." Humph. Whatever!

Will: What, are you mad?

Amelia: Oh, no, of course not. Not at all!

Will: Oh, brother.

Amelia: Oh, I just remembered!

Will: What is it now?

Amelia: Did you think of a name?

Will: We don't even know if it's a boy or a girl yet. It's too early for a

Amelia: So, we just need to think of both. That's more fun, anyway!

Will: Uh...

Amelia: I want you to be the one to decide the name. Please. It's the most
important request of my life.

Will: How many "most important requests of your life" does this make, now?

Amelia: So...you won't do it? Even for little old me? Oh, how heartless...

Will: *Sigh* I just can't say no to you. I'll give it some serious thought and
tell you next time we come here.

Amelia: Really? Great! That's a promise, right? Give me your pinky!

Will: Hey...

Amelia: There, it's a promise! If you break it, you have to stick a needle in
your eye!

Will: You'd really make me do it, too.

Amelia: You know it. So you'd better keep your promise.

Will: I'll do my best.

Amelia: Heh heh. My darling "Professor"...I love you, Will. [She hugs him]

Will: Hey, cut that out. You're squeezing too hard.

Amelia: Let's come back here again tomorrow.

Will: Tomorrow? That's not fair!

Amelia: A promise is a promise!

[Flashback ends, scene goes to Senel awakened by a cry at Will's house]

Senel: Did I just hear a baby? [Finds Shirley rocking a baby]

Baby: Waaah!

Senel: Shirley, what the?...

Shirley: It's not mine.

Senel: O...of course it's not! What's going on?

Shirley: Well...

Harriet: This morning, when I was out watching you-know-who, some strangers
came up to me.

Senel: Just to make sure, "you-know-who" means Will, right?

Harriet: Yeah...

Senel: You started stalking him early today, huh?

Shirley: We're not talking about Will right now, Senel.

Harriet: All of a sudden they said, "Please take care of this child," and then
just took off. What do you think we should do?

Senel: [Walks to the baby]

Shirley: What's the matter?

Baby: Goo gah gah gahhh...

Senel: There's something in its clothes...It's a letter. Harriet! What did
those strangers look like?

Harriet: Oh, um...it was a young man and a young woman.

Senel: Tell me which way they went!

Shirley: Senel, what is it?

Senel: The parents of this child are planning to kill themselves. That's what
it says in the letter. It says they lost their jobs and can't raise this baby,
so they're leaving her to Will.

Harriet: What?

Shirley: They must have figured that Will would take good care of her.

Senel: We need to find Will and tell him. Now.

[The three run outside, Chloe and Elsa approach]

Elsa: It's Senel!

Chloe: Coolidge, is something wrong?

Senel: Have you seen Will?

Chloe: I saw him heading outside the city a little while ago.

Baby: Goo goo gah...

Elsa: Oh, she's so cute! Is she yours?

Senel, Shirley: N...no!

Senel: What are you two doing?

Chloe: We're just out for a walk.

Elsa: No, Chloe and I are on a date!

Senel: She sure has grown fond of you.

Elsa: 'Cause we're living under the same roof!

Chloe: I did say I was going to leave, though. But Alcott asked me to stay, so
I decided to continue renting the room at the hospital.

Elsa: Whenever it was me who asked you, you wouldn't agree to stay no matter

Chloe: You're ill, Elsa. You get too excited for your own good when I'm around.

Elsa: You're way too serious, Chloe. But that's what makes you so cool...

Shirley: Senel, we have to find Will.

Chloe: Are you looking for Will? I'll help you.

Senel: We'd appreciate it, but...are you sure?

Chloe: I'll join up with you after I escort Elsa back home.

Elsa: Come on...

Chloe: It was about time for us to head back anyway. That's what we agreed to
before we left for our walk, remember?

Elsa: But...I'm feeling good today.

Chloe: I can't. I'm the one who'd be in trouble with Alcott.

Shirley: Oh! It's Will!

Will: A baby? Don't tell me it's yours...

Senel: We've already heard that joke.

Shirley: We need to talk to you, Will.

Will: To me?

[Fade out for explination, fade in after]

Will: I see.

Shirley: We have to find the parents quickly.

Will: Yes. We can't just sit around. Harriet, I want you to go back home. We'll
be leaving the city, so I can't take you along.

Harriet: Why not?!

Will: It's dangerous outside. How many times must I tell you that?

Harriet: I'm involved, too. I have a right to see this through!

Senel: Will, right now we need to find the parents.

Harriet: I'm going with you, no matter what!

Will: ...Very well. But on two conditions.

Harriet: O...okay, what?

Will: First, you'll have to look out for yourself.

Harriet: O...of course.

Will: Second, you have to take care of the baby.

Harriet: All right. Shirley, give her to me.

Shirley: Are you sure? She's pretty heavy.

Harriet: I'll be fine.

Senel: Now, about the parent's location...

Will: I know where they are. They're at the Great Hollow.

Senel: How do you know?

Will: A little while ago they asked me how to get there, and I took them

Senel: Why didn't you say so earlier?!

Will: Let's get the others and find this child's parents.

[Party assembles, then leaves town]

Harriet: To the Great Hollow we go!

Shirley: Don't tire yourself out, Harriet!

Harriet: I'll be fine.

   <W01>     Great Hollow

[After entering Great Hollow]

Will: Be careful with that baby.

Harriet: I know. You don't have to warn me about every little thing.

Shirley: Will, try to be a little more--

Senel: Shirley, don't.

Norma: That's his way of showing that he cares for her.

Jay: Don't you think we should be looking for the parents instead of standing
here chatting? If we get there too late, all of this will have been for naught.

Moses: You know, you ain't really that cute of a kid.

Jay: No, not half as much as you.

Moses: Ain't nothin' about me cute!

Jay: I meant half as much of a kid.

Will: Moses, Jay, if you're just going to play around, we're going to leave you

Grune: Shall I take over for a little while, Harriet?

Harriet: No, I'm okay. Thanks, Grune.

Will: {...}

Harriet: Wh...what? You got something to say?

Will: Let's hurry.

Harriet: Humph! What's with him?

[Group travels into Great Hollow]

Senel: They're not here, either. They must have gone in pretty deep.

Will: Let's rest for a bit.

Jay: But we need to hurry...

Senel: I'm with Will.

Will: I'll scout ahead. Wait here, everyone.

Moses: I'm coming with you. Giet!

Grune: Will really should get some rest, too.

Norma: If he's worried about Hattie, he shouldn't be making her take care of
the baby.

Chloe: I'm sure Raynard has a reason for what he's doing.

Harriet: H...hey, settle down.

Shirley: Hattie?

Harriet: I said, settle down! Ow ow ow! Don't pull my hair! Guys, help! Don't
just stand there laughing! Help me! Hey! No! Don't touch my hairpin! I said,

Baby: Waaah!

Harriet: Oh, no. Don't cry.

Baby: Waaaaah! Waaaaah!

Harriet: Grr...

Will: What's going on?

Baby: Waaaaah! Waaaaah!

Will: *Sigh* Oh, boy.

Harriet: Wh...what? Now, now, there we go.

Baby: Waaaaah! Waaaaah!

Will: Let me see her.

Harriet: Hey, what are you doing?!

Baby: Waaah.

Will: It's okay. You don't have to be scared anymore. Shh...

Baby: Goo gah gah.

Will: The scary lady's gone now.

Harriet: Hey, who are you calling scary?! You, stop laughing!

Baby: Waaaaah!

Will: Don't raise your voice. It's okay, baby. Shh. It's okay.

Baby: Goo gah gah.

Chloe: Impressive.

Norma: You could be a daddy, Teach!

Jay: Uh, Norma, I think he already is.

Harriet: Wh...why did she stop crying?...You act like you're used to dealing
with babies or something.

Will: You were this small, too, nine years ago.

Harriet: You can't expect me to remember that.

Will: Of course, you weren't as well-behaved as this one. You'd kick me, stomp
on me, scream at the top of your lungs...You were quite a handful.

Harriet: I'm not going to start thanking you or anything, so don't try to act
like I owe you.

Will: I wouldn't dream of it.

Harriet: What?

Will: That's a parent's job.

Harriet: Wh...what's that supposed to mean?

Will: Babies are sensitive to emotion. If you're irritated, this child will be
in a bad mood as well. Understand?

Harriet: Yeah...of course...I knew that...

Will: Relax a little. You'll make the baby tense, too.

Harriet: ...Fine. Happy now?

Will: Well, I guess you pass.

Harriet: ...Like you're the final judge of everything.

Baby: Goo goo gah.

Shirley: Will and Hattie seem to be softening up to each other.

Senel: I hope this leads to them getting along a little better.

Norma: I wonder if it's really gonna be that easy.

Chloe: You don't sound very optimistic.

Norma: Ah, well, it's just...if everything were to end now on a happy note,
that'd be kind of boring!

Jay: I don't think whether it's boring or not is really important, do you?

Moses: I sure like it better when things are lively!

Grune: Oh, yes, nothing beats having fun.

Will: Let's get moving again.

[Group travels further to find a couple being attacked by a monster]

Baby's Father: H...help!

Harriet: Hey, it's them! They're the ones who gave me this baby!

Senel: Hurry!

[Party battles and defeats monster]

Senel: Looks like we made it in time.

Baby's Father: Th...thank you.

Baby's Mother: Thank you for saving us.

Norma: Huh? Did you want someone to rescue you?

Jay: Weren't you planning on killing yourselves?

Baby's Mother: W...we...

Will: Of all the irresponsible, idiotic...I assume you understand now what it
means to be alive?

Baby's Father: Will...

Will: I don't know what happened in your lives, and if you don't want to talk
about it, that's fine.

Baby's Mother: It's...We...

Will: But think for a moment about this child's future. If you were to die
here, what would happen to this child?

Baby's Father: We thought you would do a better job than us of making our child

Will: Are you insane?!

Baby's Father: Aah!

Norma: Yo, Will, lay off a little!

Will: Are you saying being with one's own family doesn't bring happiness? Did
you think leaving this girl behind all alone would make her happy?

Baby's Father: B...but...

Will: Parents have a responsibility to their children. You cannot simply run
away from that. When you were blessed with this girl, you should have felt

Baby's Father: Yes. I did. I swore I'd protect this child, no matter what.

Will: If you can remember that, then you already know what you should do.

Baby's Father: But...now, after all we've done...she couldn't possibly forgive

Baby: Waaaaaah! Waaaaaah! Waaaaaah!

Will: I don't know if she's crying because she's hungry, or she needs her
diaper changed, or she's scared, or what.

Baby: Waaaaaah! Waaaaaah!

Baby's Father: I...I...

Will: But if I were to guess, I'd say she's crying out for the two of you.

Baby: Waaaaaah! Waaaaaah!

Baby's Mother: What have we done?

Will: Happiness is living together with one's own family. Asking for anything
more than that is just being greedy.

Baby: Waaaaaah! Waaaaaah!

Baby's Mother: I'm sorry...I'm so sorry...

Will: If you really feel that way, then hurry up and hold her in your own arms.

[The baby's mother takes her from Will]

Baby: Goo gah gah.

Harriet: Whenever I held her, she wouldn't stop crying no matter what...

Will: She can tell, even with that little body...She can tell who really loves

[Harriet looks at Will]

Will: Why are you glaring at me? Do you have something to say?

Harriet: I'm...I'm not glaring. I just...

Will: Just what?

Harriet: ...I just...kind of changed my opinion of you a little...maybe...

Will. I can't hear you.

Harriet: Never mind!

Moses: Well, I guess that wraps that up.

Norma: Weird. Nothing really exciting happened.

Grune: What's wrong with that? Nothing beats everyone being happy.

[Will notices the monster's corpse]

Shirley: Grune, isn't that different from what you just said a little while

Grune: Oh. Really?

Will: Oh, this coat! This luster! It's marvelous! I wish I could've captured it
alive, but still! The body's barely damaged. This'll do just fine. What's this?
Its tongue rolls up?!

Chloe: Raynard looks absolutely thrilled.

Senel: He's probably been pretty stressed lately. He hasn't been able to get
out of the city much.

Norma: Yeah, it's been a while since he's had a chance to get that nerd blood

Will: To think, I'd encounter a monster like this under such circumstances! I
seem to recall a subspecies that lives in the Thunder Monument. Let's head over
there now!

Norma: Hey, settle down, Teach!

Senel: I'm out, Will. I'm going to escort these people back to town.

Will: What people?

Senel, Norma: Um...

Moses: Hah hah! Will's havin' the time of his life!

Jay: Well, I'm most certainly not...

Harriet: ...Heh heh...Hah hah hah hah... Heh, everything just seems so funny.

Senel: Let's get back to the city.

Shirley: Yeah.

[The group exits the Great Hollow]

Norma: Gee, Teach, guess you're a parent after all!

Will: What is it, all of a sudden?

Norma: Your words were so touching!

Will: Enough all ready.

[Group returns to Werites Beacon]

   <W02>     Werites Beacon

Baby's Father: We can't thank you enough.

Baby's Mother: We'll never betray this child again.

Will: If you ever find yourselves troubled again, come talk to me. At the very
least, I can lend an ear.

Baby's Father: Thank you so much. I think we'll be busy talking for a while,
figuring out what to do from here.

Will: Yes. That would be best.

Baby's Mother: We're terribly sorry for all the trouble we've caused you.

Norma: No worries.

Baby's Father: Farewell, then.

Baby's Mother: Say bye-bye to your friends!

Harriet: Bye-bye!

Baby: Goo gah gah.

Will: Whew, I'm worn out.

Norma: That's 'cause you're old.

[Will hits Norma]

Norma: Ow! Owww! Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow!

Chloe: You brought that on yourself.

Jay: She never learns.

Norma: Hey! Stop laughing!

[Scene changes to Harriet alone in her room at Musette's]

Will: Are you saying being with one's own family doesn't bring happiness?
Parents have a responsibility to their children. You can't just run away from
that. Happiness is living together with one's own family. Asking for anything
more than that is just being greedy.

Harriet: I don't understand anymore. If he really felt that way, he should have
come to see us. He left Mom all alone. He left me all alone. Did Mom know? Is
that why she didn't get mad? If that really is how he feels, then I guess maybe
I can try to make up with him. But what should I do to make up with him? I
can't just suddenly say, "I forgive you!" Oh, I know! I know what I can use!

[Scene changes to next morning]

Shirley: Senel, wake up.

Senel: Mmm...I'm still sleepy...

Shirley: Come on, wake up.

Senel: What's going on? This early in the morning...

Shirley: *Sigh* It's still morning, but it's not early. Hattie says she has a
favor to ask of us. She's waiting at the fountain plaza. Let's go.

[The two arrive at the fountain plaza]

Harriet: It sure took you long enough! I was getting tired of waiting.

Senel: That's not a good attitude to have when you're asking for favors.

Harriet: I saved your life!

Senel: Are you still talking about that?

Shirley: What are you talking about?

Senel: It's nothing.

Moses: So why'd you call us here?

Harriet: I want to go to the Thunder Monument.

Senel: Are you planning to capture that monster Will was talking about?

Harriet: Well, you know...He's so busy, he doesn't get to go out and do
research and all that other stuff he wants to do. I was thinking, maybe I'd
lend him a hand. It's called a "Lesser Pup."

Norma: You've done your homework.

Harriet: It's a small monster. Even I could pick it up and carry it.

Chloe: Small or not, a monster is a monster. It's still dangerous.

Jay: And there are other monsters in the monument as well.

Grune: Oh. Does that really matter?

Norma: G-Girl, you are way too chilled out sometimes!

Harriet: Shirley, please?

Shirley: I understand how you feel, Hattie, but...[to Senel] What do you think?

Harriet: Please! It's the most important request of my life!

Moses: Let's go. As long as we're with her, she'll be fine.

Harriet: Thanks, Moses! You're not so bad, after all!

Chloe: I guess we can't really deny a request as earnest as this one...

Harriet: Yeah! Chloe's got the right idea.

Senel: All right. We'll go with you.

Harriet: Yay! All right then, let's get going!

[Group travels down elevator to the Quiet Lands]

Senel: The Thunder Monument, right?

Harriet: Yeah. Come on, let's go!

Moses: The little miss sure is excited.

Jay: I just hope she doesn't get into any trouble.

[Group travels to the Thunder Monument]

   <W03>     Thunder Monument

Harriet: Now, let's find that Lesser Pup!

Norma: By the way, Hattie...

Harriet: What? Is there a problem?

Norma: Woah! Easy, girl!

Moses: Does Will know we're here?

Harriet: Um...

Norma: Ah, I get it.

Harriet: O...of course he knows. I...I made sure to tell him everything.

Chloe: Uh huh...

Norma: In other words, this is "Operation: Surprise Will"!

Harriet: Th...that's not important! Let's go!

Norma: Oh, Harriet, you went and got this Lesser Pup for me? Such a perfect
specimen! Marvelous! Wonderful!

Grune: Oh, my.

Norma: Like that?

Jay: Was that supposed to be an impression of Will? You weren't even close. For
starters, think about his personality. He'd never do something like that.

Grune: Really? I think he might.

Harriet: E...enough about that already! Let's get going!

Moses: All right! Let's do this for the little miss!

Senel: Let's get this over with and head back to town.

[Group enters Thunder Monument to search]

Shirley: I don't see any Lesser Pups around here.

Harriet: From what I read, they're very wary of other creatures.

Jay: If that's the case, they probably don't come out where people can see them
very often.

Senel: We might have to go further inside in order to find one.

Moses: What do you think, Giet? [Giet whines] It don't look like there are any

Harriet: *Sigh*

Shirley: Why don't we take a break?

Norma: Hattie, let me ask you something.

Harriet: What?

Norma: Do you hate me?

Harriet: Yeah, I don't like you.

Norma: Hey!

Harriet: What? Why are you getting mad? I was just being honest!

Senel: If you get all worked up, you'll wear yourself out. We're supposed to be
taking a break, remember?

Grune: Oh, my, Senel. You sound like Will.

Jay: That does sound like something Will would say.

Norma: I guess Senny's an old man now, too. Poor thing.

Senel: How do you figure that?!

Shirley: What's wrong?

Senel: I think I'm beginning to understand how Will feels...

Moses: Heh heh! Well, good.

Norma: Anyway, getting back on-topic...

Harriet: I don't like you.

Norma: Hey!

Shirley: Norma, please don't get angry. Hattie, maybe it'd be better if you
didn't tell her what you really think.

Grune: Oh, that's a good idea, Shirley.

Norma: Now wait a minute!

Chloe: They probably repel each other because they're so similar.

Norma, Harriet: How can you call us similar?!

Senel: I'd say it's pretty obvious.

Grune: You're both on the same wavelength. You must be great friends!

Norma: Anyway, what made you change your mind and start wanting to make up with

Harriet: It's...I mean...It's not like I want to make up with him or

Moses: Say no more, little miss! I understand how you feel!

Harriet: Huh?...

Moses: It's best for family to be together.

Shirley: That hairpin is really pretty. It looks like a real flower.

Harriet: Mom gave this to me. It was her favorite.

Shirley: What was your mother like?

Harriet: Mom...Well, she would never ever say anything bad about...that guy.
Whenever I complained about him, she'd always just smile. She'd smile and hug
me. But...but... But now Mom's dead! She was waiting to see him again the whole
time! She knew in her heart that he wasn't coming back, but she kept believing
that he would!

Shirley: Hattie...

Harriet: ...She believed in him...

Senel: It's just a guess, but...I'd bet Will was really suffering, too. It
really hurts to lose someone you care for...especially when you can't do
anything for them.

Shirley, Chloe: Senel... {Shirley} Coolidge... {Chloe}

Norma: So in other words, you want to get friendly with Will so he'll start
spoiling you!

Harriet: Th...that's not it at all! How did you get that from this?!

Jay: Looks like you hit the nail on the head.

Harriet: Jay! Be quiet!

Moses: Aww, don't be shy. Kids are supposed to act like that!

Harriet: H...honestly! You've got it all wrong!

Norma: You should try calling him "Dad." I guarentee he'll like it!

Harriet: No way! Absolutely not! Enough with this stupid conversation already.
Let's go!

Norma: Fine, fine.

[Group continues into Thunder Monument]

Harriet: Hey! There it is!

Moses: Get back here!

Norma: The little bugger sure moves fast enough!

Shirley: Senel, it went that way!

Senel: All right!

Moses: Leave it to me!

Shirley, Chloe: Look out!

Chloe: Are you two all right?

Moses: Senel, you sure got a hard head...

Senel: Look who's talking. Ow...

Jay: That just now was Moses' fault. The perfect chance, blown...

Moses: I've got my pride as a beast-tamer. I can't let Senel get credit for
this one. See, look. It's coming back to play with me.

Harriet: It's acting a little strange.

Grune: It looks scared.

Jay: Unless my eyes are deceiving me, there's another monster behind it. A very
powerful-looking one.

Shirley: I see it, too.

Chloe: Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to be an illusion.

Moses: All right, bring it on!

[Party battles and defeats monster]

Moses: Yeah! We beat it! Ha!

Jay: Moses, are you even capable of being calm?

Moses: What's that supposed to mean?!

Senel: Quiet, you two. You'll scare it away.

Harriet: Don't run away from me, now. Easy...easy... Yes! I got it!

Shirley: Hattie sure looks happy.

Norma: She just completed phase one of Operation: Stun Will.

Jay: I thought it was "Operation: Surprise Will"?

Chloe: Does it really matter? It is Norma talking, after all.

Norma: C, isn't that just a little bit rude?

Harriet: Ah, hey, stop! Settle down! Now look what happened...my hairpin came
out. That's a memento from Mom! What are you going to do if it breaks, huh?

[The monster gets back up]

Shirley: Hattie!

[Shirley runs in front of Harriet and is attacked]

Senel: Shirley!

[The group kills the monster for good while Norma heals Shirley]

Chloe: That was unusually tough. Don't tell me it's...

[Black mist disperses from the corpse]

Jay: It's the black mist again.

Senel: Shirley, are you all right?

Shirley: I'm fine, but...

Harriet: Ah...ahh...

Shirley: Hattie...

Harriet: My hairpin...The flower's broken...

Jay: It may be dangerous to stay here.

Senel: Let's go ahead and get back to town.

Shirley: Hattie, can you stand?

[Group leaves Thunder Monument]

Senel: I think Teach might be worried. Let's go back to town.

Shirley: Yeah...let's do that. Are you okay, Harriet?

Harriet: ...

   <W04>     Werites Beacon

[Group returns to Werites Beacon and runs into Will]

Will: So, you did leave the city.

Senel: I'm sorry we took Harriet out without telling you, Will.

Chloe: We should have consulted with you beforehand, even if we were just going
out to play.

Moses: It's our fault. Your little girl didn't do nothin' wrong.

Will: You're well aware of how dangerous it is outside of Werites Beacon. You
wouldn't take a child out with you for no good reason.

Norma: Nah, it really wasn't anything special.

Will: Harriet must have made a request that you couldn't bring yourselves to

Harriet: Wh...what? Is that bad?

[Will begins to drag Harriet away]

Harriet: Ow! Hey, stop!

Shirley: Please, wait! Hattie did this for you!

[Will drags Harriet off screen]

Harriet: Stop it! You're hurting me!

Norma: I guess Will can see right through us.

Moses: Seems like we really ticked him off.

Chloe: I understand he was worried, but he could have at least listened to what
we had to say.

Jay: We should probably wait until things cool down a bit.

[Everyone but Senel and Shirley leave]

Senel: We're responsible, too. Let's go to Will's house and see if we can talk
to him.

Shirley: Yeah.

[Senel and Shirley arrive at Will's house]

Will: How many times do I have to tell you not to leave the city? Have you got
anything to say for yourself? Why did you disobey me?

Senel: Will, really, that's enough.

Shirley: There was a reason.

Will: You two, stay out of this. I'm talking to Harriet. Shirley, what happened
to you?

Shirley: Oh, this?...I was just clumsy...

Will: I presume this was Harriet's fault?

Shirley: *Gasp*

Will: I thought so. One of my friends has now been injured because of you. How
do you intend to take responsibility for that?

Senel: Will, you're taking this too far.

Will: I told you to stay out of this. Didn't you hear me? This is all a result
of your selfish behavior. You're causing trouble for everyone.

Harriet: I was just...

Will: You put everyone in danger and even let them get hurt for no good reason.

Harriet: But...I didn't want to lose my hairpin...

Will: Your hairpin? You put the people I care about in danger for that thing?!

Harriet: Hey, don't talk about my hairpin like that!

Will: Hmm?...

Harriet: "People you care about"?! Please! I have things that I care about,
too! Not like you'd care about what matters to me! Why don't you just spend all
your time with your precious friends, then?! I hate you! I want you to die! You
should have been the one who died, not Mom!

[Harriet runs out of the house, dropping something]

Will: I'm sorry you had to see that.

Senel: This isn't the time to act all tough, Will.

Shirley: I'll go after her.

Will: Is this the hairpin she was talking about?

Senel: She said her mother gave it to her. It's very important to her.

[Scene changes to Harriet in her room at Musette's with Shirley at the door]

Harriet: I don't need him! I don't need him anymore!

Shirley: Hattie, listen to me.

Harriet: I don't need anyone but Mom! I don't need him! I don't want to see his
face ever again!

Shirley: Hattie...

Harriet: How come he gets to live, and Mom had to die?!

[Shirley goes down stairs to find Senel and Will]

Senel: How is she?

[Shirley shakes her head]

Senel: Don't you think you could have at least listened to what she had to say?

Shirley: You know, it was all for you, Will.

Senel: Harriet asked us to go to the Thunder Monument. I'm sure you can figure
out why.

Shirley: I think she was looking for something that would help break the ice
between you two. She doesn't know what to say to you. She doesn't know where to

Senel: Isn't it your job to notice that?

Shirley: Please talk with her, Will. Really talk.

Will: I just remembered something I need to do. I'll be at home.

Shirley: Will, please wait!

Senel: Let's follow him.

[Senel and Shirley arrive at Will's house]

Senel: Will? Are you here?

Shirley: Maybe he's on the second floor.

[The two go upstairs]

Shirley: That room...the door's open.

Senel: It's always been locked until now.

[They enter the room]

Senel: What is this?

Will: It's pathetic. Even after I've gone so far as to make this.

Senel: Will...this is...

Will: I want to break the ice just as badly.

Shirley: What do you mean?

Will: I just can't talk to her normally. All I can do is scold her, warn her...
things like that.

Senel: If you understand that much, then what's left is simple. You need to
tell Harriet what you just told us.

Shirley: Yes. Hattie is always thinking about you.

Will: I'm her father, but I've never done anything fatherly for her.

Senel: You can start now. The two of you are both here.

Shirley: You care about her deeply, don't you?

Senel: This room shows your true feelings, doesn't it?

Will: ...There are times when I question the choices I've made. Perhaps I
shouldn't have come back to the Legacy.

Senel: ...What do you mean? Haven't you been on the Legacy the whole ten years?
You said you'd have been arrested immediately if you went back to the mainland.

Will: From Amelia's parents' point of view, I was guilty of kidnapping an
aristocrat's daughter. If I'd been caught, I might have gotten a death

Senel: But you still went to the mainland? Why?

Will: ...Could you stand it? Could you live out here on the Legacy, ripped away
from the ones you love? I immediately followed them to the mainland. I wanted
to be with my wife and daughter. Or at least as close to them as I could.

Shirley: Why are you on the Legacy now?

Will: At the time, there were only two things that mattered to me. If I had
lost those, my determination would've crumbled as well.

Senel: Is it because of Amelia's death?

Will: Her body was weak to begin with. I may have shortened her life by
bringing her to the Legacy.

Shirley: But, the other thing that was important to you--Hattie--was still on
the mainland. Surely she needed you even more after losing her mother.

Will: I went to the funeral knowing full well that I would probably be
captured. Harriet cried the whole time in front of Amelia's grave...while
screaming her hatred for me. I never thought that the day would come when I'd
hear her say those words again. That I should have died instead of Amelia...
Even for me, that's hard to take...

Shirley: Will...

Senel: Is that why you came back to the Legacy?...

Will: I was arrested at the funeral, and they exiled me here.

Senel: So they decided not to execute you, after all.

Will: Apparantly it was Amelia's last wish that they spare me. *Sigh* I'm not
sure why I'm telling you all this. I'm going to go for a walk and calm down.
Please keep an eye on Harriet for a little while.

Shirley: Those two are going to be okay, right?

Senel: Of course. They feel the same way about each other. I think the two of
us should know that better than anyone.

Shirley: ...Yeah. I think so, too.

Senel: Let's go check on Harriet.

[Scene changes to Senel and Shirley at Harriet's door]

Shirley: Hattie, come on out.

Harriet: I don't want to talk to anyone. I don't want to see anyone.

Senel: Staying here isn't going to resolve anything.

Harriet: I don't care! If I knew things were going to be like this, I would
have stayed with Mom! I should never have come to this place! I'm going back to
the mainland! I'm going to forget everything!

Senel: I'm coming in.

Harriet: I'm going back to where Mom is! You can't stop me!

[Senel and Shirley enter Harriet's room]

Harriet: Wh...what do you want? Go away.

Senel: We're going out.

Harriet: No! I'm not going anywhere!

Senel: I have something I'd like to show you. Come on...

Harriet: What is it?

Shirley: We're going to take her to that room, right?

Senel: Yeah.

[The three arive at Will's house]

Harriet: Senel...don't tell me you're going to show me...

Senel: Relax. Will isn't here now.

Harriet: I'm not going in that jerk's house! I refuse!

Senel: If you run away now, you'll lose everything.

Shirley: We'll be with you. Okay?

Harriet: ...F...fine...

[They enter Will's house and go upstairs]

Harriet: What's in here?

Senel: You'll understand everything once you go inside.

Harriet: It's pitch black. I can't see anything. What's in here, Senel? I don't

Senel: I'll show you.

Harriet: ...What...What is this?...Why?

Senel: You can tell whose room this is, can't you?

Harriet: *Gasp* It can't be...This can't be real!

Senel: Don't turn away. Don't turn your back on Will's feelings.

Harriet: His...feelings...

Shirley: You can tell whose room this is, right, Hattie? You can tell who he
made it for.

Harriet: Wh...why would something like this be here?

Senel: Will had always dreamed of living together with his family.

Harriet: ...This isn't fair. This is so not fair!

Shirley: Will watched over and protected his family's home all by himself.

Harriet: ...I don't understand! He never even said anything!

Shirley: Even though there was no one there to welcome him home, he still took
care of it.

Harriet: But he was always so cold to me!

Shirley: Don't close your eyes, Hattie. Will's feelings are here, all of them,
right in front of you.

Harriet: ...But...but...

Shirley: You can tell, can't you? You can tell how Will feels, right?

Harriet: That's not fair...

Shirley: He feels the same way you do.

Harriet: It's not fair! This isn't fair at all! Why did he have to make a room
like this?! Now, I...I...

Senel: I think you can handle the rest by yourself, now.

Harriet: ...Yeah...

Shirley: If you're not honest with your feelings, you'll never find happiness.
All you need is a little courage. I know you can do it, Hattie.

Harriet: ...Do you think there's still hope for us?

Shirley: Of course. You'll be fine. Just look, Hattie. See this room? You have
a place where you belong. A home.

Harriet: ...Yeah...I do...I have a home... I have a place where I belong...

Shirley: See? You have to open yourself up to him. You have a father that cares
for you this much.

Harriet: Yeah. Yeah, you're right. I'll try. I really will...

[Scene changes to Will at Vista Point, examining flowers]

Will: Something's not right. The buds should be opening by now. Some of these
flowers are dead. Is it the soil? Or the water? That mist! It's the same as
what we saw at the Lumen Spring.

[Figure appears from mist]

???: ...

Will: ...What's that?

[Figure vanishes with mist]

Will: Was that an illusion? The ground feels cold. Did the mist cause this? If
someone doesn't do something, all the flowers will die. I will protect the
flowers. I won't forget the promise I made to you.

[Flashback to Vista Point]

Amelia: I bet you're probably regretting running away with me to the Legacy.

Will: What makes you say that all of a sudden?

Amelia: Well, if you'd stayed on the mainland, you would've had a bright future
as a scholar. But now, because of my father, you're an inhuman villain who
kidnapped precious, little me.

Will: Well, that's a fine thing to call me.

Amelia: I know I'm the one who asked you to take me away... ...I'm sorry.

Will: Aw, I think a life of following your every whim sounds kind of fun in its
own special way.

Amelia: Hey, what's that supposed to mean?

Will: Oh, I don't know.

Amelia: Humph. You think I wouldn't be smart enough to understand even if you
told me, right?

Will: I never said anything like that.

Amelia: You don't have to. I know you're thinking it!

Will: Amelia, you mustn't speak so quickly...

Amelia: Suddenly being nice isn't going to...*Cough* *Cough* *Cough*

Will: I told you.

Amelia: *Huff* *Huff*

Will: Are you all right?

Amelia: Whew...I thought I was going to die there.

Will: Hey, you promised not to say things like that. Even as a joke. What is
it? Does it hurt?

Amelia: If I said I didn't want to die, what would you do?

Will: Amelia...

Amelia: If I said I wanted to be with you forever, what would you do? Heh heh,
I'm just kidding. You look so funny with that serious look on your face.

Will: Hey...

Amelia: So, Professor...make me one final promise.

Will: How many "one final promises" will this make?

Amelia: Let's see...counting today's, it'd be 53, along with 102 "most
important requests of my life."

Will: Well, what is it?

Amelia: Please protect these flowers. These are our special flowers. No matter
what happens, please protect them. Even if I die, please watch over them.

Will: ...All right.

Amelia: Thanks.

Will: You don't want my pinky?

Amelia: I know you'll keep your promise. I trust you, Will.

[End flashback. Will enters his house to find Senel and Shirley asleep]

Will: Senel, wake up.

Senel: I was dreaming that something was kicking me...

Will: How terrible.

Senel: I know it was just a dream, but man, it still hurts.

Shirley: Oh...I must have fallen asleep.

Will: There's something I'd like you to help me with.

Senel: Aren't you going to see Harriet? She's been waiting this whole time for
you to come home.

Will: Did you tell her about that room?

Senel: Yeah.

Will: I see. First I need you to help me. We have to hurry.

Senel: What do we need to do?

Will: I want to go investigate the Waterways. There's something wrong with the
water and the soil.

Senel: All right. We'll tell the others, too.

Shirley: I'll go get them.

[Party assembles and leaves town]

Will: Let's get to the Waterways.

Norma: What's wrong, Teach?

Moses: Looking serious, as always.

[Party enters Waterways]

   <W05>     Waterways

Norma: Will sure is gung-ho about this.

Chloe: I haven't even heard his objective. Why are we here?

Jay: Perhaps there's a rare species of monster here?

Senel: He said there was something wrong with the water and the soil.

Moses: I can't see him anymore.

Grune: Oh, my, that's not good.

[Party travels into Waterways, comes across rare monster]

Norma: Will, look! There it is!

Will: What are you babbling about?

Moses: We'll catch it!

Norma: Come on, help us out!

Will: This isn't the time to be playing around.

Norma: Huh?

Jay: That was strange.

Moses: What was that about?

Chloe: I don't understand.

Grune: I guess he isn't interested in this little fellow.

Norma: No way!

Senel: He probably just doesn't have time for it right now. He hasn't really
shown it, but he's been worrying this entire time.

Norma: About Hattie?

Senel: It's hard to keep calm, once you think you might've chosen the wrong
path. Your heart fills with regret, and that's incredibly painful.

Shirley: Senel...

Senel: I got over that because I had you all. Now, I want to return the favor.

Shirley: Yeah.

Grune: Oh, my, what could that be? Do you smell that?

Jay: Moses, come on. Can't you try to control yourself a little? And right
after Senel's heartfelt speech, too.

Moses: It wasn't me!

Norma: So sad, making excuses like that.

Chloe: Despicable.

Moses: Hey! The smell's coming from back there. Right, Giet?

Chloe: Perhaps it has something to do with Raynard's objective.

[Party travels deeper into Waterways and comes across the black mist]

Norma: Woah, it reeks in here! What is this place?

Jay: It looks like the soil and water in this entire area are rotten.

Grune: My, what a pungent stench!

Norma: Hey...the mist's moving!

Moses: The mist turned into Will!

Norma: What the heck's going on?!

Jay: That doesn't look like something we can talk to.

Moses: Who said anythin' about talkin'? What we gotta do is take this thing

[Party battles and defeats Dark Will]

Will: The mist isn't going away.

Norma: I thought all we had to do was beat it!

Jay: Look at that. The mist rots whatever it touches. If this mist were to
spread out to cover the whole ship...

Will: It might destroy all plants onboard.

Norma: Then we've got to stop it!

Moses: I ain't no expert, but should we really be standin' in the middle of
this mist?

Shirley: Is it just me, or is it getting hard to breathe?

Jay: It would be reasonable to assume it's harful to people as well.

Norma: Why didn't you say so earlier?!

Chloe: We should retreat for the time being, since we don't have a way to stop

Senel: Will! We need to leave!

Will: Senel, why do you think promises exist?

Senel: What are you talking about? We need to go!

Will: Wouldn't you agree that a promise only means something if it's kept?
Don't you think it means something to do everything you can to keep a promise?
That's the only gift I have to give to the one who trusted me.

[Will's nails begin to glow]

Senel: Will!

Will: Stay back. You'll get caught in it.

Senel: Dammit!

Senel, Shirley: Will!

[Will alone surrounded by mist, shadowy figure appears]

???: You know it to be futile. Why do you persist in chipping away at your
life? Know that it is the way of the universe for all things to perish. It is
not meant for a child of man to change this.

Will: Who are you?

???: Do not struggle. Surrender yourself to me.

Will: I cannot go without fulfilling my promise...without protecting the

???: Then I shall grant you your wish, child. Your sorrow shall fade in my
bosom, and I shall release you from all to nothing.

Will: Are you saying you'll save the flowers?

???: Give yourself completely to me, child. In so doing, your wish shall be

Will: If that will allow me to fulfill my promise, then perhaps it's all right.
You're probably waiting for me, too...

Senel: Will! Can you hear me?! Are you planning on leaving Harriet all alone

???: Do not lend your ears to the voice that seduces you from the truth. You
belong with me, child.

Senel: If you don't come back to us, I'll never forgive you! Harriet is waiting
for you, remember?!

Will: ...Yes. I nearly lost sight of an important promise...

Amelia: Please protect these flowers. These are our precious flowers.

???: Do you not desire the release I offer? Return to the eternal void, and
your suffering shall become nothing. Should a child of man give up everything,
so shall his suffering fade away.

Will: I promised I'd protect those flowers no matter what. I promised the one I

???: You are a foolish child.

Will: Promises are meant to be kept! We trust each other to do all we can to
fulfill them!

???: Why do you surrender yourself to pain, walking the path of no redemption?

Will: The answer to that is simple. There is someone...

Amelia: I know you'll keep your promise...

Will: Someone who trusts me!

???: You...with your cursed, shining soul...You shall now be devoured by your
own darkness.

Will: Amelia, I will fulfill my promise. And Harriet, I will show you, too. I
will show you what Amelia and I loved so much.

[Will glows brightly and the mist disappears]

Will: Sorry to worry you.

Senel: It's fine. Just don't get all mushy. That wouldn't be like you.

Norma: So, what the heck was that mist, then?

Jay: Considering what we've seen so far, it's almost certainly related to the
monsters growing violent. However, we can't really conclude anything yet
regarding the frequent earthquakes.

Moses: What was up with the mist turnin' into Will?

Jay: We can't say at this point. We need more information.

[Grune crouches down holding her head]

Shirley: Grune!

Grune: I'm sorry. I suddenly got a terrible headache... Hmm, I think I may have
remembered something.

Norma: Oh, cool!

Grune: Hmm. Or maybe not.

Norma: Make up your mind!

Grune: Hmm. I wonder what it was.

[A glowing ball appears by Grune]

Efreet: I am Efreet. I appear by your order, master.

Grune: Oh? And who might you be?

Efreet: Have you forgotten me, master? Your memory still hasn't returned...

Moses: Who's Grune talking to?

Jay: She appears to be talking to the air.

Chloe: We've been trying not to say that...

Efreet: I shall sleep for now, until your power returns.

Grune: Good night, Efreet.

Norma: Do you think we should have a doctor look at her?

Shirley: Hmm...

Grune: Oh, I know. Let's plant Efreet's seed here! Let us take a little seed...
Plant it gently; water it well... Little seedling, nestled in the ground, grow
up safe and sound.

Chloe: What should we do?...

Will: Oh! I can't waste time here! I must get back to town at once. I'll
explain later.

[Party arives at Werites Beacon to find Musette outside Will's house]

Shirley: Musette...

Will: What are you doing here? Is something wrong?

Musette: Harriet is missing.

Will: I have an idea where she might be.

Senel: We're going to follow him.

[Scene changes to Will and Harriet at Vista Point]

   <W06>     Vista Point

Will: Amelia liked this place, too.

Harriet: Yeah, I thought she would. It's really pretty.

Will: She really loved this place. When she was happy, when she was sad...
whenever something happened, she came here. Even after we'd had a fight, she'd
always come here.

Harriet: Why did you fight?

Will: Ah, lots of reasons. So many that it's hard to explain. Amelia had kind
of a short temper.

Harriet: She was nice to me.

Will: I think she got the angriest that one time I said her cooking tasted bad.

Harriet: Mom never was very good at cooking.

Will: Yeah, she and kitchens didn't go well together.

Harriet: But I liked her when she was cooking.

Will: She always seemed to be having fun, no matter what she was doing.

Harriet: I loved it when she was smiling and laughing. I loved it...

Will: Harriet. Come and live with me.

Harriet: Yeah, it'd be a waste to not use that room.

Will: Whew...

Harriet: Wh...what's that supposed to mean?

Will: I'm relieved. I'd have been hurt if you said no.

Harriet: Hearing those words coming from that face is just plain weird.

Will: It's almost time.

Harriet: Huh? Why is it getting dark?

Will: There's a lunar eclipse tonight. I've got a surprise for you.

Harriet: A surprise?

Will: The thing that Amelia and I loved the most.

Harriet: Is something going to happen?

Will: Just be quiet and watch.

Harriet: Humph. You don't have to get bossy.

Will: There's a flower that only blooms during a lunar eclipse.

Harriet: Wow...

Will: Amelia and I discovered it. It only blooms here.

Harriet: Do you mean the flower from the bud I found? What's it called? Musette
said it has a lovely name.

Will: Its name... Amelia and I were the ones who named it.

Harriet: Really?!

Will: Yes...

Harriet: Tell me what it is!

Will: I don't want you to start crying when you hear it.

Harriet: Huh? Why would I do that?

Will: It should happen any moment now. This flower knows when it will shine the
brightest. Only then, only at that very moment, does it bloom and proclaim its
beauty like nothing else.

[Anime cutscene begins.]

Amelia: So, Professor. Did you think of a name for the flower?

Harriet: Oh...

Amelia: On three, okay? Ready? One, two, three.

Amelia, Will: Harriet.

[Harriet sobs as the flowers bloom. Anime cutscene ends.]

Harriet: Mom...I...I don't know what to say... I don't know what to say, but...
but...thank you...thank you... I'm so happy right now. So, so, so happy...
Thank you. Thank you...

Will: I figured you'd wind up crying.

Harriet: I can't help it...I'm happy, but the tears come out anyway.

Will: Don't close your eyes yet. It's not over.

Harriet: What?

Will: Keep watching until the end.

[The field lights up, Will picks a flower and places it on Harriet's head]

Will: The flower crystallizes in light. Even in the weak light of the moon.

Harriet: Wow...It's like it turned into glass.

Will: You know what this is, don't you?

Harriet: My hairpin...It was this flower...

Will: You didn't think it was real, did you? You thought someone just made it.

Harriet: Of course! No one would expect there to be a flower like this!

Will: I should be grateful.

Harriet: What?

Will: If it weren't for Amelia, I would've never known either Harriet.

Harriet: Yeah...

Will: I'm truly blessed to have met her.

   <W07>     Werites Beacon

[Scene changes to Will and Harriet back at Will's house]

Harriet: You brought a flower back.

Will: I'm sure Amelia wouldn't mind me taking just one.

Harriet: Oh, wait a minute! Let me go in first. Don't come in until I say it's

[Harriet enters the house]

Harriet: Okay!

[Will enters, Harriet greets him]

Harriet: Welcome home, Dad!

Will: It's good to be home, Harriet.

[Next Morning. Boys at previously empty house]

Jay: Looks like we got everything.

Moses: Senel, you got your own castle here.

Will: You really didn't have to move out.

Senel: I don't want to get in the way of your life with Harriet.

Will: Oh, don't worry about that.

Moses: It's almost lunchtime. Guess we should wait for the girls to get here.

[Changes to girls cooking at Will's, Norma sleeping]

Harriet: I wonder if they're done yet.

Shirley: I think they should be finishing up about now.

Harriet: I bet they're hungry. We'd better hurry up and take them lunch.

Chloe: Yeah...I guess we should.

Harriet: We can't seem to keep a conversation going. You two must really be
concentrating on your cooking.

Shirley: Y...yeah!

Chloe: Of course! Hah hah...

Grune: Oh, something smells good!

Harriet: Hi, Grune!

Chloe: I was wondering why it got so quiet. She fell asleep on the sofa.

Shirley: Norma, come on. Time to wake up.

Norma: Zzz...Brother...brother...He'll always be your brother... Ow, quit it...
No noogies, no noogies... Zzz...

Shirley: Wake up!

Norma: Grr...A lot of stuff's been happening lately; I haven't been getting
enough sleep! *Yawn* Morning. Is lunch ready?

Chloe: Norma, you could help out a little too, you know.

Norma: Unlike you guys, I don't have anyone special to cook for.

Grune: Oh, that's so sad.

Chloe: You should've helped with the move, then.

Norma: You'd rather I weren't here with you? Anyway, let's go take that food!

[Scene change to everyone eating at Senel's new house]

Shirley: Here you go, Senel.

Senel: This is great.

Shirley: Thanks!

Grune: Oh, my, this sandwich is delicious!

Chloe: Yeah...

Norma: C, did you even try it?

Moses: Don't forget to chew your food now, Jay.

Jay: Hearing that from you makes me ever so slightly furious.

Harriet: Here you go, Dad. Well? How is it?

Will: From the flavor to the texture, in every possible way, this is the worst-
tasting thing I have ever eaten.

Harriet: After all the work I put into it?! Fine, then! Give it back!

Will: I have a responsibility to eat it all. I can't give up halfway.

Harriet: Wh...what's that supposed to mean?... Don't worry, there's plenty for
everyone. Why are you all looking away?! Here, Giet. I made some for you, too.
Eat up!

Jay: Animals are honest with their feelings.

Harriet: You're his owner! Take responsibility and eat it!

Moses: Why does this always happen to me? Sometimes I feel like I was just born
to suffer... *Chomp*

Harriet: Isn't it yummy?

Moses: Yaaaahooo!

Grune: Oh, Moses looks like he's having fun. It must be so good it makes you
want to jump up and run around! [She eats Harriet's food]

Shirley: Grune, do you feel okay?

Grune: It's absolutely delicious!

Harriet: See? Some people can appreciate it.

Moses: I thought I was a goner...

[Will hits Moses in the head]

Moses: Ow!

[Everyone finished eating and just sitting around talking. Knock at door]

???: Excuse me! Anybody home? [Elsa walks in]

Elsa: Hello everyone.

Chloe: Is it all right for you to be up and about?

Elsa: I'm feeling really good today. Oh, by the way. There seems to be some
kind of commotion near the entrance to the city. Do any of you know what's
going on? There was a crowd, and someone was yelling...

Jay: Shall we go have a look?

Will: We'd best find out what's going on.

[Scene changes to entrance]

???: Someone, please answer my question.

[Party travels to entrance]

Will: Did something happen?

???: It seems there is no one here capable of understanding me.

Senel, Shirley: Fenimore!

???: Oh, good. You still remember my sister's name.

Shirley: Sister...You're Fenimore's sister?

Norma: Oh, that's right. Fen-Fen had a twin.

Thyra: I'm Fenimore's younger sister, Thyra. I am honored to finally meet you,
Merines. When I heard you were living here with these people, I assumed you
must've forgotten all about Fenimore.

Shirley: I could never forget her...

Thyra: Then why have you forgotten your duty and chosen to stay in a place like
this?! What do you think you're doing here with these Orerines?! You have many
other things you should attend to.

Moses: Now hang on a minute.

Will: Shirley is here as an ambassador, as the representative of the Ferines.
If you're a Ferines, then surely you should know that.

Thyra: I couldn't believe she was living together with Orerines until I saw it
with my own eyes.

Shirley: I...

Thyra: First, you kill Fenimore, and now, you're just living here like nothing
ever happened. You feel right at home living with these Orerines, don't you?!
What is wrong with you?!

Senel: Hey, hold on a minute! You've got it all wrong!

Thyra: Fenimore died protecting the Merines, didn't she? That's just the same
as if the Merines killed her herself!

Senel: You little...

Shirley: Senel, it's all right.

Thyra: You were our hope, yet you betrayed us! And you continue to betray us to
this day! Instead of coming back home, you come to this city of all places and
live with these filthy Orerines! You just ran away, all by yourself!

Senel: Hey!

Shirley: It's all right...

Thyra: What you should be doing is seeking retribution against these people! It
is your duty to eradicate them! The Orerines have killed so many of our people.
They killed my sister! Fenimore was killed right before your eyes! Yet you
still won't use your powers?!

Shirley: That's because...

Thyra: Because my sister's life meant nothing to you?! Well?!

Shirley: That's not true at all!

Thyra: But you care more about the Orerines, right? These Orerines here, who
you should hate more than anything!

Shirley: That's...not a fair comparison.

Thyra: So that's how you run away from the subject, huh? When I found out
Fenimore was alive, I was so happy. Ever since we were attacked by Orerines and
separated, there was not one happy moment in my life. I was elated, thinking we
could live together again. But...because of you... Because of you, I'll never
see her again! You took Fenimore from me! You killed her!

Shirley: You're...right.

Senel: Shirley?!

Shirley: If I'd been doing what I should have, Fenimore wouldn't have stayed on
the Legacy. She wouldn't have lost her life protecting me.

Thyra: "Doing what you should have?" Are you trying to insult my intelligence?
If you understand that much, then you should know what you need to do! Don't
sit here making excuses to me or holding hands with these wretched Orerines!
What you need to do is destroy them!

Shirley: ...No, you're wrong.

Thyra: I am not!

Shirley: No. That's one thing I know for certain.

Thyra: ...I guess I'm wasting my time. If that's how you're going to be, then I
have nothing else to say to you. Just looking at your face makes me ill. I'm
leaving. If I stay here in this Orerines city any longer, I'll probably catch
whatever you've got.

Norma: Jeez, talk about a bad attitude!

Moses: You could stand to sweeten up a bit, hon.

Thyra: If I ever heard you call me sweet, I'd vomit.

Jay: Moses, think before you say such stupid things.

[Thyra leaves the city]

Norma: Did Tulip come all the way here just to complain?

Chloe: She looked pretty obsessed.

Norma: Obsession, huh...I might need to lean a little more toward that myself
if I want to get anywhere... Ah, sorry. Just talking to myself.

Grune: Cheer up, Shirley.

Shirley: I'm fine. I knew a day like this would come sooner or later.

Senel: Shirley...

Shirley: Really, I think I should have gone to see her myself. I left the
Ferines village in Maurits' hands without really thinking about the feelings of
those who live there. I should have known that there would be some who disagree
with what I'm doing... Thyra's a strong person. She came all the way out here
by herself.

Senel: You don't have to bear this alone. It's a problem all of us have to deal
with. We'll keep working to close the gap between the Orerines and Ferines
little by little, one step at a time.

Will: There's no easy way to resolve these emotional issues. This is a
deep-rooted problem that's existed for a very long time.

Moses: Yeah, but we all should try to be one big, happy family!

Shirley: Family...

Will: Moses always has good things to say when it comes to family.

Norma: Too bad that's the only good thing about him.

Moses: Hey!

Shirley: ...Thanks, everyone. I really appreciate it.

[Scene changes to Shirley at Stella's grave. Senel approaches]

Senel: I thought you might be here.

Shirley: Senel...How did you know?

Senel: I just had a feeling.

Shirley: I have to be stronger, or Stella'll be angry with me. I'm okay now.
Let's go home.

Senel: ...Yeah.

[They begin to leave and see Norma approaching a grave]

Shirley: Was that Norma?

Norma: You just watch, master. I swear I'll find it. Give me a little boost to
keep going, okay? All right! With everything you taught me, it's as good as

Senel: What is?

Norma: Oh...h...hi, guys. Uh, hey...Kind of a weird place for a date, isn't it?

Senel: It's not a date.

Norma: I wouldn't want to get in the way, so I'll split. See you!

Senel: What's she so nervous about?

Shirley: She might not have wanted us to see her here.

Senel: Is this the grave of someone she knew? Says his name was...Sven?

[Scene changes to morning, Senel sleeping in his bed]

Moses: Yo, Senel! Rise and shine! Come on, up and at 'em! Get your lazy butt
outta that bed this instant! Giet, bite his head.

Senel: Man, I was having this dream where Giet was going to bite me.

Moses: I always pegged you as more of a morning person. You gotta shape up!

Senel: ...You cannot have that much energy this early.

Moses: Sure I can! I take Giet out for a walk every morning.

Senel: (And he says Giet's not a dog...) So, did you want something?

Moses: Bubbles says she's got a favor to ask us.

Senel: Norma?

Moses: We're gonna meet up at the fountain plaza. Let's get a move on.

[Senel and Moses arrive at the fountain plaza]

Norma: You! You're still here!

Zamaran: The cacophonous tones of that vulgar monkey's voice can only mean one
thing...Norma. I guess it's going to be one of those days...

Senel: What's going on?

Shirley: Norma got upset the moment she saw Zamaran.

Norma: Hurry up and go back to the mainland already!

Zamaran: I assure you, I have no intention of staying here long. I've already
had my fill of your whiny voice.

Norma: Who's got a whiny voice? I don't have a whiny voice!

Chloe: Norma, you don't have to be so antagonistic...

Norma: You guys don't know anything about this, so just shut up!

Moses: If you can't say anything nice, well...

Jay: Yes, there's no point in stirring up unnecessary trouble.

Grune: Oh, my! I'm so happy to see you two agreeing on something!

Norma: Wh...what?

Zamaran: Don't you think it's about time you gave up on that foolish dream?

Norma: Foolish dream? What are you calling foolish?!

Zamaran: If you have yet to know despair, then I suppose it cannot be helped.
But you, too, will learn soon enough. Just like that fool, Sven.

Norma: You take that back! No one talks about him like that! If there's one
thing I won't allow, it's anyone saying anything bad about my teacher!

Zamaran: The real world is not the fairy tale you seem to think it is. Open
your eyes before it's too late. Don't throw your life away like Sven did.

[Zamaran leaves]

Shirley: Senel, "Sven" is...

Senel: Yeah, the name on that tombstone.

Grune: Norma was acting so scary. I'm worried about her.

Senel: Norma?...

Moses: Hey, Bubbles! Speak up when someone's talkin' to you!

Norma: O...okay, now, let's see... Now that everyone's here, let me tell you
what I called you here for!

Jay: Sounds like she's desperately trying to change the subject.

Norma: Ah...Heh heh heh...heh...

Chloe: Now she's just laughing and hoping we'll forget about it.

Norma: I've called you all here today for a very important reason.

Shirley: Now she's just ignoring us and continuing anyway.

Senel: You better not be trying to drag us into anything dangerous.

Norma: So, anyway, I have a favor to ask.

Moses: Now hold up! What was that pause just now?

Norma: Right, so, what I want is--

Moses: No way!

Norma: Why not?!

Moses: Cause knowing you, you're gonna get us all into a whole bunch of

Norma: Ain't nobody gettin' into no trouble!

Senel: Fine, just finish what you were saying. We'll make up our minds after we
hear it.

Norma: I knew I could count on you, Senny! I want you guys to help me with my
search for the Everlight!

Grune: Oh, my, that sounds lovely!

Norma: Come with me to the Man-Eating Ruins!

Jay: The Man-Eating Ruins? Of all places...

Will: I can't say I'm too thrilled about the idea.

Moses: Hey, we might find another hottie there.

Norma: Um...so...you don't want to go?

Chloe: That place is dangerous. You know that.

Norma: Please?!

Senel: Well, we have been there once already. I'm pretty sure we can manage.

Norma: You're such a sweetheart, Senny!

Senel: And she looks like she's going to keep pestering us until we say yes,

Chloe: Indeed...

Norma: All right, then! Onward! To the Man-Eating Ruins!

             Chasing a Dream
   <Ncq>     Character Quest: Norma                          By: Compass



|Whole party walks out of Werites Beacon. Norma stops on the bridge,
 and turns to look behind.|

I swear I'm going to find the Everlight. No matter what.


|A young girl is sitting on the ground in front of a man with glasses
 -- also sitting -- in a courtyard in front of a fountain.|


Yeah! It's incredible! It's like, crash, boom, bang! It's so amazing!

That doesn't really tell me anything.

Come on! You can't tell just from this enthusiasm?

NORMA |nods|
All I can tell is that you're a goofball.

SVEN |(blushes)|
Aww, cut it out. You're going to make me blush.

NORMA |(sweat), arms out in an “Oh Well” gesture|
You're hopeless.


The Everlight is a magical treasure that has the ability to grant

NORMA (Young version. Looks about 14, wearing a dark sweater over a
 white collared shirt.)
Oh, come on! Master, you really need to grow up.

You know, sometimes, you are absolutely no fun at all.

NORMA |getting mad|
There is no one in the world as...fun...as you.

So young, so boring! Don't you have any sense of wonder? Of adventure?
 Where are your dreams?

You spend way too much time dreaming. It's embarrassing.


NORMA |hand under her chin|
Then again, if it really does exist, I'd love to use it to super-size
 this tiny chest of mine.

SVEN |arms out, head down|
Impossible. Not even the Everlight can help you there.

NORMA |arms out in front of her|
Why not?!

It's impossible.

NORMA |sweeping one arm around|
Hey, you don't have to rub it in!

SVEN |Sven laughs, Norma gets angry.|
Well, when I find the Everlight, I'll go ahead and ask for you anyway.

If it exists.

SVEN |Nodding|
Oh, it exists. I believe it does, so it does!

SVEN |laughing|
And if it doesn't, then I'm going to be so totally screwed! Bwah hah
 hah hah hah hah!!

NORMA |puts head down|
*Sigh* Off in his own little world again, where only Sven-logic

SVEN |shaking arms|
Doesn't your young, innocent heart tell you to respect and support your

NORMA |looks up|
Not really, no.


*Sigh* I remember how cute you used to be... The way you used to say
 you'd marry me when you grew up...

NORMA |angry|
When the heck did I ever say that?!

Oh, I recall pretty clearly the time I thought it would've been nice if
 you said that.

Stop making up memories of things that never happened!


NORMA |blushes|
Seriously, though. The reason you get into fights with Zamaran all the
 time is because everything that comes out of your mouth is just plain

SVEN |thinks|
Ahh, master...Ah, but, master's not my master anymore. Err, I mean...

NORMA |(?)|

What am I supposed to call him now that he's not my master any more?

NORMA |(sweat)|
Don't tell me he expelled you!

SVEN |nods|
Sure did!

NORMA |sweeping her hand|
Don't say it like you're happy about it!

SVEN |also sweeping his hand|
The old fool had the gall to tell me the Everlight doesn't exist!
 That's enough to make even me upset. You should've seen how mad I was!

NORMA |hands out in a "C'mon" gesture|
S...so, what happened?

SVEN |sweeping his hand|
With the veins on his head ready to burst, Sven yelled out, "You're
 expelled! Get out of my sight!" and then spat upon his adversary!

NORMA |hands out in a "C'mon" gesture|
You're not the one who did the expelling, stupid!

Well, you know how it is. I just don't know what to do with that old
 man, I tell you.

Man, are you stupid. Too stupid! I mean, really, how stupid can one
 person get?!

|SVEN stands up, looks to the sky. Norma, still sitting, (...) then


To be honest, I was really disappointed in him. I thought he was a man
 full of dreams and ambitions. I thought he, of all people, would
 understand. But he just says the same things all the other scholars say.

Isn't that what you'd expect?

Do you think that everything everyone says is always correct? Do you
 think that one man's words can define the entirety of existence?

NORMA |head down|
How should I know...

Nobody knows. That's precisely why it's worth pursuing.

|Norma lifts her head.|

I was not--I repeat, not--put here just to check somebody else's

|Sven looks up again|

I want to walk with my own legs and see with my own eyes. I want to
 feel things for myself.

NORMA |hands out|
But that doesn't mean you have to get yourself expelled!

No matter what anyone says, I will continue my search for the

NORMA |angry|
Listen to me!

for that...is my dream!

Oooh!...I said, listen!

SVEN |still looking to the sky, now leans back and puts his arms
 straight up|
And no one can stop me!


|Fade back to Norma standing on the bridge to the entrance of Werites
 Beacon. She lowers her head in defeat.|

No matter how often I remember him, he still sounds like a goofball...

NORMA |Looks up|
Just thinking about him helps me forget all my troubles.
|(...) She turns around to face away from the city, crouches down with
 clenched fist.|

Okay, you Man-Eating Ruins! time to meet your match!

|Straightens up and runs out of the city|




No use turning back! Off to the Man-Eating Ruins!

The name almost makes me want to turn back.



   <N01>   Man-Eating Ruins

BEGIN SCENE |Just outside the Man-Eating Ruins. Whole party walks
 forward, Norma in front. She stops at the entrance, crouches down, then
 lifts up with her fist in the air.|

All right, let's go! Charge!

|Everyone but Grune gets (...), and a wind blows by.|

NORMA |turns around to face the party|
Uh, guys...I'm not really feeling the love right now. In fact...I'm
 feeling kind of stupid doing this all by myself.

JAY |arms out to the side|
Then don't do that.

NORMA |pointing at Jay|
But that wouldn't be any fun!

GRUNE |nods|
Yes, Norma's right. Things are always better when they're fun!

NORMA |puts hands on hips and nods vigorously|
I knew you'd understand, G-Girl!

GRUNE |”Charge!” gesture|

|Everybody but Norma and Grune: (sweat)|

NORMA |arm out in an explanation|
According to my research, the Everlight should be somewhere deep within
 this place.

What is the Everlight, exactly? We can't very well search for it if we
 don't know what it looks like.

NORMA |tilts her head to the side, and starts scratching|
I don't know what it looks like, either.

|Everybody but Grune and Norma: (sweat).|

It's highly unlikely there's anyone who does.

SENEL |turns to face Will|
What do you mean?

|Everyone turns to face Will.|


The legend of the Everlight started with some deciphered Relares
 writings. A scholar translated the text from a stone tablet found on the

"The crystal of prayer, by its miraculous power, grants the path of
 salvation to those who speak unto it their desires."

Yes. That's right.

Later on, someone gave that crystal the name "Everlight."

I see. So it was born out of research on the Legacy.

Is the translation correct?

WILL |shakes his head|
We don't know that, either.

Even today, there hasn't been much progress in deciphering Relares.

WILL |folds arms|
Back when the stone tablet was first discovered, it was the object of
 some very intense study. But now, most research organizations presume
 that the Everlight does not exist, so no one really looks for it anymore.

NORMA |arms out to the side, and shakes her head|
Anyway, that's why nobody knows what it looks like.

MOSES |turns to face Norma with his arms out|
How the hell are we supposed to find somethin' like that?! Especially
 with all them eggheads saying it don't even exist?

|Everybody but Norma and Grune: (...).|

NORMA |one hand on hip, the other pointing at the group|
Hey, people. I know that look. That's your "Norma's crazy" look.

Oh, Norma, you're still not feeling any love, are you?

NORMA |(sweat), then “Charge!” gesture.|
All right! Let's go, people! Charge!

|Norma: (''') (<--Three marks, different from the three drops of sweat;
 I think this is the emoticon denoting surprise or distress.) Still
 standing, with one leg, and one arm up|

We've come this far. We'd better stick with her.




BEGIN SCENE |A little ways into the ruins. Norma with (!) runs out in
 front, then turns to face the group, and puts her hand out to say Stop.|


CHLOE |(!)|
Wh...what is it?

NORMA |puts her hand down, then extends the other in explanation|
There's a trap. Don't move another inch.

|Norma turns away from the party, looks both ways, then (Lightbulb),
 walks to a nearby wall, and points at it.|

Ah, here it is. Found it!

|The rest of the party follows up to where she's standing. Jay turns to
 face Moses.|

What do you think, Jay?

Hmm, yes, Norma's right.

NORMA |turns to face them both|
Hey, why are you checking with Jay when I just told you what it was?

It's a matter of credibility, that's all.

NORMA |hands on hips, nods vigorously, then starts stamping and
 flailing her arms|
Oh, okay. I see...Hey, wait a minute!

JAY |turns to face Norma|
Easy. If you shout too loud, you might set off the trap.

NORMA |stops flailing, puts her hands behind her, and arches her back|
Don't be ridiculous. That won't happen.

|Norma (laughs). A click sound is heard.|

Did you hear something just now?

|Norma turns back to the wall.|

I did...

I got a bad feelin' about this.

|A panel opens up underneath Moses. He runs for awhile on thin air with
 (sweatdrops), then falls in.|


|The panel reappears, and Norma turns back around from the wall.|

Hmm? Did we lose someone?

Nope, we're all here. Everything's fine. Never been better, actually.

|Everybody but Norma and Grune: (sweat).|

Time for me to disarm this trap! Bring it on!

|Norma pushes something on the wall. Grune clasps her hands together
 off to the side.|

Oh, my, this is getting fun! It's so exciting!

|Norma looks side to side.|

Does it look like you can disarm it?

|Norma pushes something on the wall again, then folds her arms.|

We can't proceed without removing it, can we?

NORMA |tilts her head and scratches it|
Hmm, this one's a toughie...

|Norma folds her arms again. Shirley lowers her head, then lifts it and
 faces Jay.|

Um...Aren't we going to go help Moses?

|Everybody but Norma and Grune: (...).|

NORMA |turns away from the wall to face the group|
Huh? Did Red run off somewhere?

|Screen fades to black.|


|A crumpling sound is heard.|

|Scene fades back in with Moses lying alone, face first, on the ground
 somewhere in the Ruins.|

*Huff* *Huff* Bubbles...you're gonna pay for this!

|Moses gets up and runs up a ramp, then stops and throws his arms

Y'all just wait!

|He continues running up the ramp, around the corner, and... straight
 to the main group (turns out he didn’t fall very far), where he stands
 on top of the panel from before. Norma and Jay: ('''), Moses: (smoke).|


NORMA |raises her hand up in greeting|
Oh! Welcome back!

You're all right? How boring.

MOSES |still (smoke)|
You say something, Jay?

Ah, nothing. Nothing at all.

Are the traps still armed?

|Norma, Shirley, and Jay turn back to the wall. Norma pushes

Well, yeah, about that...Oops!

|A click sound is heard.|

What was that click?

We heard that same sound a moment ago.

|Norma, Shirley, and Jay turn back around to face Moses.|

Why's everybody lookin' at me?

|The panel opens up under Moses again, but he jumps off before falling


MOSES |confrontational|
Jay! What's that about?!

Oh, just joking, Moses!

WILL |hands out|
Moses, Jay, that's enough.

WILL |turns to face Norma, who also faces him|
Norma, you can disarm them, right?

NORMA |vigorously nods her head|
Relax! We're safe now!

How can you be so sure?

|Shirley and Jay face Norma.|

NORMA |hand out in explanation|
Because I set them all off.

|Senel: (scribbly)|

NORMA |tilts and scratches her head|
So now there aren't any left!

|Senel: (...). Lowers head in defeat.|


I'm worn out...

|Senel lifts head.|

Anyway, let's get moving.

|Everybody walks away, leaving Norma alone at the wall. She looks both
 ways, then lowers her head in sadness.|


NORMA |frail and unsure|
I just don't have it like you did, master. I wonder if I'm really cut
 out for this...

CHLOE |off-screen|
Norma, hurry up.

NORMA |lifts head, looks normal, raises her hand|
I'll be right there!

NORMA |looks unsure again|
I'll be okay, right? I can do this, right?

SENEL |off-screen|

NORMA |looks normal again, begins running in place and flailing|
I said I'll be right there!

|Norma runs off towards the party.|




BEGIN SCENE |Now, in the center of the Man-Eating Ruins. Norma stands
 at the head of the party, facing a circular room that looks like a

We're here, folks! Now, then, let's start looking for the Everlight!

|Norma walks to the right side of the room while the rest of the party
 looks on.|

I wonder if it's really here.

|Norma: (!). She leans forward and presses something on the wall. A
 click is heard, followed by a whirring sound. The whole party turns to
 face her.|

Norma, did you find something?

Is something fun going to happen again? This is so exciting!

Don't touch anything even remotely suspicious.

|Norma, just standing still facing the wall: (...).|


|Norma: (sweat).|

Norma, don't tell me...

Oh, my, you already touched it, didn't you?

|A rumbling sound can be heard as the whole screen starts shaking.|

Wh...what's going to happen this time?

|The rumbling stops. Norma turns to face the party and holds her hands

This one isn't my fault.

I don't see how it could be anything but your fault.

|A monster drops from the ceiling to land in the center of the circular
 room. Norma: (!). The whole party runs towards the monster and assumes
 a fighting stance.|

She's even attracting monsters, now!

END SCENE (Begin Boss Fight)


BEGIN SCENE |The party stands together in a pyramid formation, with
 Norma at the front, like how they entered the room, except Shirley, Grune,
 and Jay are resting on the ground.|
That was rough...

|Norma with purpose, walks to the left, presses a switch (a click is
 heard), then to the right, and presses another switch (another click is

SHIRLEY |with arms out|
Norma, maybe you should be a little more cautious about touching

|Norma walks back to the top of the party formation, faces left.|

So is the Ever-whatever here or what?

NORMA |strikes a thinking pose|

|Norma: (scribbly), (lightbulb), then turns to face the party, tilts
 and starts scratching her head. [Editor's note: God, Norma is the cutest
 thing ever.]|

Sorry, guys! This isn't the place!

|Senel, Moses, and Chloe all start freaking out, flailing their arms,
 especially Chloe, who doesn't stop.|

You've got to be kidding!

NORMA |hands out in a gesture of good will|
No, I'm serious! Really!

|Will walks forward and bonks Norma on the head.|


|Norma walks a couple steps away from Will, then crouches down, holding
 her head.|

Cut that out! You're gonna make me stupid!

JAY |still sitting on the ground|
Don't worry. You'll never be as dumb as Moses.

MOSES |turns to face Jay|
Jay, how about you and me go over there and have ourselves a little

Norma, are you okay?

|Moses turns back around to face Norma. Norma turns around to face the
 party, crouches down twice, then springs up to raise her hand to the

All right! We'll try harder next time!

|Shirley: (sweat).|

...There's a next time?

NORMA |puts hands on hips and nods vigorously|
Well, of course!

GRUNE |gesticulating wildly while sitting down|
How far do you plan to go?

NORMA |arm out|
Until we find the Everlight!

|Everyone but Norma and Grune: (sweat).|

NORMA |raising her hand in the air|
Now come on, let's get a move on!

Where are we going?

NORMA |hand out in front in explanation|
Where else? Back to town. I'm starving.

Oh, yes, a delicious meal sounds wonderful.

NORMA |nodding gravely|
Besides, we need to come up with a new plan!

WILL |”Eh, What Are You Gonna Do” gesture|
Heh. I admire her ability to cheer up so quickly, but...

CHLOE |lowers head a bit|
I wish she'd think a little more about the people she's got following
 her around.




Looks like we came here for nothin'.

Well at least now we know it's not here.

Anyway, let’s go back to town.

NORMA |pensive, eyes downcast|
...Hmm, I thought I'd find it here... Back to the drawing board!



   <N02>     Werites Beacon

BEGIN SCENE |Back in Werites Beacon at night. Whole party stands out
 front of the Inn. Norman walks forward, then turns to face the party and
 begins nodding vigorously over and over with her hands held behind her

First things first. Let's get some grub! You can't do anything on an
 empty stomach!

|Zamaran walks towards the group from off-screen. Norma jumps back in
 surprise. Zamaran stops in front of the party, but facing Norma, and
 outstretches his arms.|


|Norma looking startled, Zamaran looking matter-of-fact, eyes closed.|

My, my. For all your enthusiasm as you set out it seems you have come
 up with nothing.

NORMA |first looking cowed, then feisty, while her character model
 begins raising and lowering her arms over and over|
Hey, be quiet! Today was just preliminary research!

Just be careful you don't wind up spending your whole life doing
 "preliminary research."

NORMA |closes her eyes, still feisty-looking|
Man...could you just shut up? We're only just getting started!

NORMA |opens her eyes, character model stops waiving her arms and
 stands firm, but quivering|
Go away, old man! Shoo! Shoo!

My pleasure. I wouldn't want anyone to think I like talking to monkeys,
 anyway. [Editor's Note: Why don't her friends stick up for her at
 times like this? ;_;]


|Zamaran walks away. Norma watches him go, then lowers her head.|

MOSES |arms crossed|
Man, those two sure don't get along. They should learn to be more like
 me and Giet.

|Moses turns to face Jay.|

Yes, you and Giet certainly are...close.

|Norma is still facing away from the group, her head down. Shirley
 walks out towards her, outstretches her hands.|

Norma, is something wrong?

|The whole party turns to face Norma.|


|Norma, still facing away from the group, looks sad for a brief sec,
 then regains her composure.|

...You know, I think I'm going to pass on the food. Today was a long
 day. I'm going to bed.

|Norma tilts and scratches her head to the right, then leans and tilts
 her head to the left, while her character portrait assumes a crafty

I guess all that excitement just wore me out. Sometimes I just don't
 know when to quit! Heh heh...

|She stands up straight, raises her arm up high in farewell while her
 character portrait resumes normality.|

Well, see you later!

|She turns away from the group, stands still for a moment while her
 character portrait looks awfully sad again, then bounds into the Inn.
 Shirley: (?). Everyone else sans Grune: (...). The group turns in to face
 one another in a circle.|


She looked a little down. I hope she's okay.



 lamp glowing on the bedside table and a book beside her, Norma sits on
 the bed, clasping her knees with her hands up to her chest. Her
 character portrait looks unsure with eyes downcast.|

Where are you, Everlight? I thought for sure you'd be in the Man-Eating

|She bows her head onto her knees, making a rustling sound. Her
 character portrait looks sad and scared.|

How many times did I screw up today?...

|She closes her eyes.|


|Norma: (...).|

I'm not cut out for this. I wonder if I'll ever find the Everlight.

|Something glimmers with a rustle on the book beside her. She lifts her

I wonder if I'm even capable of finding the Everlight...

|Scene fades to black.|


|Same flashback location as before; outside in a courtyard. School
 uniform-clad young Norma sits, head down, with her knees pulled up to her
 chest, in front of the fountain, while Sven stands looking at her.|

I wonder if I'm just not cut out for this...

SVEN |tilting his head to the side then back|
Huh? "Not cut out?" What kind of talk is that?

You don't know what "not cut out" means? I feel sorry for you...

|Norma: (...).|

What, you're actually depressed about something? Ugh, boring!

|Sven steps forward and leans down a bit.|

Hey, Norma... come here and let master make you feel all better.

NORMA |finally lifts her head|
Ewww, no way!

SVEN |steps back|
Let me guess. You've hit a wall with your Relares studies?

|Norma: (!). She turns her head to the side.|

How did you know I was studying Relares?

Oh, please! Hello! Duh!

|Sven: (laughing). Norma: (...), turns her head back forward, then
 lowers it to her knees again.|

Whatever. Leave me alone...

Sheesh, a little sensitive, are we? |extends arms out| I heard from a
 friend of yours, that rich girl.

She promised she wouldn't tell you...

SVEN |folds arms|
Yeah, well, it was pretty tough getting her to talk. I used all kinds
 of methods I can't talk about in polite company.

|Norma lifts her head, and looks to the side.|

Hey, what did you do to my friend?!

SVEN |unfolds arms|
Is somebody feeling a little better?

NORMA |(...)|
...Maybe. Just a little.

When I'd heard you started studying Relares, I was so happy, I cried.
 |starts mimicking crying with his head in his hands|
 Seriously...*Sniff*...I was bawling. *Sniff* My nose was running all over the
 place! *Sniff*

NORMA |turns her head forward|
You're so full of it.

SVEN |straightens up|
Don't start whining just because you hit a wall a few hundred times or
 so. If you understood everything right from the start, nothing would be
 any fun, now would it?

|Norma finally lifts her hands up off her knees, turns them over, and
 raises them up a little to either side, tilts her head. [Editor's Note:
 My god, the adorability.]|

If only I were as dumb as you are, maybe this sort of thing wouldn't
 bother me so much...

|Norma puts her hands back on her knees. Sven points at her.|

Hey, don't make me smack you.

NORMA |extending her arms out in explanation|
Like with the Everlight. It's just been one long string of failures.
 Why haven't you stopped looking for it? |she puts her arms back around
 her knees|


SVEN |eyes closed|
The answer is simple.

Everyone at school says you're crazy.

The answer is very simple. |eyes open| It's because I believe the
 Everlight exists.

NORMA |eyes shrinking just a tad|
What's that supposed to mean?

You don't have to understand just yet.

NORMA |eyes closed|
Man, whatever...


What made you decide to study Relares?

|Sven walks over to be right in front of Norma and looks straight down
 at her.|

NORMA |arms extended in explanation|
W...well, I mean, I am your apprentice and all.

Uh huh. And?

I was thinking, I guess I should try to become a little more useful and

Right, right.

|Norma: (?). She clasps her knees again.|

Are you even listening? You don't sound like you're paying attention.

What a view...

|Norma: (?). Then (blush). She stands up and starts wildly shaking her

Ugh! You stupid, good-for-nothing perv!

SVEN |holds his arms up in surrender|
Here I am, so pure of heart, and yet my apprentice is so

|Norma stops shaking her arms, and turns to face away from Sven.|

I'll never trust you again! Not that I ever trusted you to begin with!

SVEN |lowers his arms|
Hey, hey. That's not very nice.

NORMA |turns back around and begins shaking her arms again|
Nice? Don't give me nice! It's your fault I feel this way! I haven't
 trusted you since that stupid incident! |stops shaking her arms|


Incident? Ohh! That! |looks amused| Bwah hah hah hah hah hah hah!

NORMA |angry|
Don't laugh!

SVEN |looks normal again|
You're still holding a grudge about that? You sure are persistent.

Of course I am! Do you know how embarrassed I was at school?!

SVEN |amused again|
I have to admit, that was quite the masterpiece. Bwah hah hah hah hah
 hah hah!

NORMA |points at Sven|
Stop laughing! It was your fault!

I never thought you'd actually believe it. I mean, hatching a boiled
 egg by keeping it warm?


SVEN |(laughing), points at Norma| 
You're an idiot! Hey, everybody, look over here! It's the village
 idiot! Bwah hah hah hah hah hah hah!

NORMA |(smoke) flailing arms and legs|
I said, stop laughing! You are such a jerk!

SVEN |still laughing|
I can't believe you kept it in your clothes everyday to warm it up!
 |falls down and starts writhing on the ground| Oh man! Ow! My sides hurt!
 I'm laughing so hard I'm crying!

That's it! I've had enough of this! Today you're gonna get what's
 coming to you!

|Norma assumes fighting stance as her hand starts to glow.|

SVEN |stops laughing, leans up|
Whoa... hey, wait, no crystal eres! That's not fair!

SVEN |stands up, assumes fighting stance|
Eat this!

|Norma winds up and pitches, the screen goes black as a twinkly sound
 effect plays.|

Oh no! Oh dear! She got me! I'm done for! Whatever shall I do?!

Hey! Stop dodging!

If you want to get me, first you'll have to catch me! Bwah hah hah hah
 hah hah hah!

|screen fades white|


Notification: Norma received the title of Pure White Chick!

|Back on hotel bed.|


NORMA |looks happy|
I'm stupid too, but nowhere near his level.

NORMA |abruptly stands up on the bed| 
I've got to stop moping around.


NORMA |raises her right arm in the air|
Tomorrow, we're gonna head back out there and get to work!



BEGIN SCENE |In Senel's house. Coolidge is asleep in bed. Chloe

Coolidge, wake up.

CHLOE |walks closer|
Coolidge. *Sigh*


|Chloe's eyes are closed, then they open, she smiles. Her character
 model looks all around, then leans forward toward Senel.|

Sleeping like a baby.

|Senel awakens suddenly, startling Chloe and causing her to jump back.|

SENEL |looking sleepy, while Chloe looks scared/embarrassed|
Huh? Chloe?

CHLOE |straightens up, looks merely worried now|
D...don't wake up so suddenly! You startled me!

SENEL |eyes now open a bit, extending arms|
How else am I supposed to wake up?...

Norma's calling for us. I came to get you.

SENEL |eyes closed again|
More Everlight searching?

CHLOE |turns away from Senel, composure now regained|
We're meeting at Raynard's house. I'm going on ahead.


|Chloe walks out. Senel, still in bed: (...).|



BEGIN SCENE |The whole party stands in a semi-circle outside the
 Werites Beacon Inn. Norma is slightly outside the circle. They're all facing

NORMA |raising and lowering her hand|
Great, looks like everyone's here!

NORMA |clasps her hands to her side, then crouches down, and springs up
 with her arm in the air|
All right, we're off to the Ice Monument! The Everlight's waiting for

SENEL |turns to look at Chloe, then turns back to Norma, still standing
 with her arm stretched up high|
You sure that's the place?

NORMA |lowers her arm, then starts doing squat-thrusts like Moses
 always does|
Of course! Have I ever been wrong before?

Yes, you have.

Oh, yes, many times.

|The whole party turns to face Grune while Norma continues
 squat-thrusting. Everyone: (sweat).|

CHLOE |turns back to Norma|
Yesterday, for example.

|Everybody else turns back to Norma, still squat-thrusting.|

Did you forget already?

|Norma stops and faces Jay.|

JAY |hand outstretched toward Norma|
We could be putting ourselves in danger. Do you have a good reason for
 taking us there?

Because the Everlight's there, stupid.

JAY |turns to face Moses, shakes his arms once|
What I want to know is why she thinks the Everlight is in the Ice

You have clear evidence based on your research, I presume?

NORMA |tilts one foot back on its heel, puts her hands on her hips|
Y...yeah, lots!

You look nervous. Why won't you give us the details?

|Norma returns to standing normally, and faces Jay.|

JAY |arms out to either side|
You're not Moses. You can't expect us to trust your animal instinct.

MOSES |twitches|
You better be tryin' to play funny, Jay.

|Jay turns to face Moses. Both of them: (...).|

|Senel and Norma face each other.|

Say, Norma.

|Norma: (?).|

SENEL |extending a hand|
Why don't you tell us why you're so interested in the Everlight,

|Norma: (...).|

There must be some reason it matters so much to you.

I assume Zamaran is involved somehow.

|Norma: (...), lowers head.|

And that guy you call "master," he was that "Sven" person, right?


|Norma looks up, (...), then tilts and starts scratching her head.|

Well, I guess if you want to know that badly...Let me tell you a little

|Norma straightens, then looks up to the sky.|

Master was, to put it simply, the world's biggest idiot.

|Everyone but Grune and Norma: (sweat).|


NORMA |smiling, eyes closed, remembering|
He was an idiot, but he was fun to be around. I'm really grateful to
 him, too, More so than I can ever say. |eyes open, and she lowers her
 head to look straight ahead| I was a bit of a troublemaker when I was a
 kid. I probably wanted my parents to stop fighting and pay attention to
 me. |arms out to the side, shakes her head| So I rebelled as much as a
 child could, you know? I ran away from home a lot.


Aren't you still like that now?

|Norma turns and walks a few steps to face the flowerbed. The party
 turns to face her.


NORMA |smiling, looking away|
Back then, I thought the whole world was my enemy. |closes her eyes| I
 came to distrust adults and society and all sorts of things. |opens her
 eyes| It was around that time that I met master. |turns around, faces
 the party, crosses one foot in front of the other| I did a lot of crazy
 things, but master was even worse. When he learned I could use crystal
 eres, he immediately enrolled me in a high-level academy! |makes the
 happy closed eyes expression| It was no place a commoner like me
 would've normally been able to attend. |opens her eyes, uncrosses her feet|
 Even though he didn't make much money, he paid for all my school


|Camera pans back over to the main party, where everybody turns to face

The high-level academies on the mainland aren't exactly cheap...

|Norma runs in to complete the circle.|

Yeah, well, he was stupid.

|The party turns, once again, to face Norma, who looks up (once again)
 to the sky.|

So anyway, this stupid master of mine was searching for the Everlight.

|Senel: (...).|

And so you're carrying out his last wish.

NORMA |lowers her head from the sky|
Something like that.

|Norma walks into the middle of the circle, and turns to face Chloe.
 The music stops.|

I made about half of that up just now, but that was good enough, right?

CHLOE, MOSES |stamp their feet, music starts again|
You what?!

|Everyone turns to face Moses.|

MOSES |lowers head to look at the ground|
I can't believe I got suckered in by your stupid sob story! I was even
 gettin' all teary-eyed.

NORMA |points at Moses, then leans to the side with her hands behind
 her back|
Ah hah hah! Red, you're so naive!

|Senel: (...). Norma turns and walks out of the circle into the street
 in front of Will's house. Chloe, Senel and Shirley walk to the house's
 gated entrance to face Norma, who turns to face them, and raises her
 hand up to the sky.|

All right, then, let's head on over to the Ice Monument!


|Norma lowers her hand. Chloe and Shirley face Senel.|

Coolidge... {Chloe}
Senel... {Shirley}

SENEL |pivots to face the rest of the group|
We've come this far already, after all.

JAY |holding his arms out to the side, and shaking his head|
True, but we've still got a ways to go.

|Everyone turns to face Norma once again, who nods, then starts doing

To get to the monument, first we have to go to the lighthouse! Let's
 get moving!

|Norma walks up the street. Everybody watches her go. When she's out of
 sight, Chloe turns to face Senel.|

Do you think she really made that up?

|Everybody turns to face Senel and Chloe.|

Well, we learned that this Sven person was important to her. I think
 that's enough.

...Yeah. Perhaps so.

|Senel turns to face Shirley.|

Norma seemed really nice when she was talking about him.

|Everybody turns to face the direction Norma walked away in.|



BEGIN SCENE |The party stands at the bottom of the main elevator to the
 Quiet Lands.|

NORMA |raises her hand in the air|
Off we go, to the Ice Monument!

MOSES |scratching his head, tilted to the side|
Yippee. I'm all a-twitter.

NORMA |turns to face Moses, points at him|
You! Chin up! Face forward!



   <N03>     Ice Monument

BEGIN SCENE |Party walks into the Ice Monument together.|

I can smell the scent of the Everlight in the air! |turns to face the
 party, begins nodding over and over| I've absolutely no doubt this is
 the place!

MOSES |turning to look at Giet|
Giet, you smell anythin'?

|Everybody turns to Giet. Giet: (...), then (scribbly). Moses turns
 back around to face the party.|

Giet says he don't smell nothin'.

I hope there aren't any traps here.

JAY |extending a hand|
Even if there are, that's what we've got Moses for, right?

MOSES |turns to face Jay, folds his arms|

Don't forget what happened at the Man-Eating Ruins, everyone. We need
 to be careful. |turns to face Norma| Don’t go out ahead carelessly,

NORMA |starts shaking her arms up and down|
What's that about?! You act like I did something wrong last time!

SENEL |extends a hand|
You did.

NORMA |faces Senel|
I did?

|Norma faces Chloe|

CHLOE |extends a hand|

|Norma: (...).|

NORMA |tilts her head, and starts scratching it|
Oh. Well, that's not important.

SENEL, CHLOE, MOSES |exasperated|
Yes it is!

NORMA |crouched down in the pre-Charge! gesture|
Okay, it's time to find the Everlight! Charge!

|Norma turns and walks into the Ice Monument while the party watches
 her go.|

She's not listening at all.

GRUNE |does the Charge! gesture|

|The party turns to face Grune: (sweat).|

MOSES |folds arms|
I got a real bad feelin' about this.



BEGIN SCENE |In a room within the Ice Monument. Party enters and faces

NORMA |(...), puts hand under chin|
This room look suspicious.

|Everybody looks all around. Norma: (lightbulb).|

I don't see anything unusual.

NORMA |hand out, explaining|
*Sigh* Amateurs.

|The party's gaze then follows Norma as she strikes out with purpose to
 one side of the room. She then starts banging on the wall, pausing
 (...), then moving to another area, doing the same thing, then finally a
 new part of the wall near the corner. After banging here (and producing
 a slightly deeper resonance), she puts her hand under her chin and
 stares at the wall.|

Hmm. I see.

|Norma lowers her arms to her sides.|

See what?


|Norma kicks the wall.|

What are you doin?

|A click is heard.|

Did you hear something just now?

|The party all turns to look at Moses who starts looking all around.|

Why is everybody lookin' at me?

|A shaft of ice springs up under Moses, stabbing him in the rear. Whole
 party minus Grune: (!). Moses jumps in surprise, then stiffens,


|Moses fall face forward onto the ground.|

Damn...right in the butt...

NORMA |tilts her head, and starts scratching it|
Hmm, that's weird. It was supposed to open a passage to a hidden room.

|Party turns to face Norma.|

MOSES |still on the ground|
Dammit, Bubbles!

MOSES |gets up, shakes his arms|
I don't need any more holes down there, thank you very much!

|Norma walks a few steps toward the party. Another click is heard.|

JAY |arm out|
Try to dodge the next one, okay?

MOSES |(scribbly)|
What, why are you sayin' that?

|Another shaft of ice springs up and stabs Moses in the butt. He falls
 face forward onto the ground once more.|


That's odd. She didn't kick the wall or anything, but a trap went off

JAY |(...), arms folded|
Hmm, I see.

|Party turns to face Jay.|

JAY |unfolds arms|
The entire floor of this room is now acting as an activation switch.

CHLOE |arms out|
Is that because Norma kicked the wall?

|Norma twitches and faces Jay.|

JAY |hand under chin|
Most likely. |extends an arm| Everyone, pleas stand still. I'm going to
 try something.

|Everybody turns to face Moses still lying on the ground.|

JAY |crouching|
Moses, get up. We can't do this without a guinea pig.

MOSES |gets up, looks aggressively at Jay|
You little!

JAY |arm out|

MOSES |(pucker)|
What do you mean, "Watch"?!

|Jay walks a step towards Moses. Moses: (!). A shaft of ice springs up
 and stabs Moses again. He falls face first to the ground yet again.|

Oh, my. Moses sure is popular.

It's kind of impressive, in its own special way...

|Moses gets up, spins around to face the doorway they came in by, and
 lowers his head in defeat. Giet: (sweat).|

That's enough...No more...I wanna go home... I wanna go home before I
 wind up with any more holes...

CHLOE |arms out, as the party minus Moses turns to face her|
What are we going to do? Just standing around like this isn't going to
 solve anything.

SENEL |hand out as the whole party including Moses turns to face him|
We'll just have to run through as fast as we can.

JAY |hand under chin|
In that case, let's use our trump card.

|Everybody turns to face Jay. Everybody but Grune and Moses: (?).|

Moses, it's time to show us what a real man can do.

MOSES |arms out towards Jay|
Ohh! Time for me and Giet to strut out stuff, huh? What do you need us
 to do?

JAY |hand out to Moses|
We need you to stay here and be our decoy.

MOSES |waves his arms violently|
Like hell! I'm going first!

|Moses runs to the door leading deeper into the dungeon and stops.
 Moses: (?). The party turns to face him.|


The floor's not reacting. It seems like it's all out.

MOSES |starts laughing, turns to face the party and begins his
 signature squat-thrusts|
Hah hah! My butt wins!

SENEL |arms out|
...Nice, Moses.



BEGIN SCENE |Party approaches a grey, Egg Bear monster with black mist
 around it. Everyone minus Grune assumes a fighting stance.|

There's a monster with black mist here, too?!

What do you think you're doing here?! Get out of my way!

We can't just ignore it. We need to finish it off.

I fee like...I know that mist.

Did you remember something?

Hmm. I wonder what it is. I have a feeling I've seen it before.

We've seen it several times, actually...

|Everybody but Grune: (sweat).|

Be careful, everyone. Something's happening to the mist.

|A small, black Eggtopus creature appears in front of the Egg Bear.|


Hmm, where did I see it? It's on the tip of my tongue, but I just can't

Thanks to Grune, any tension we might have felt is disappearing

Feel the power of the G-Girl germs.

|Fade into battle.|



BEGIN SCENE |Party stands facing each other in a circle, with Will in
 the middle.|

Looks like we got it.

It's just like at Lumen Spring.

CHLOE |looks down and to the side|
It transforms other monsters...

It's so mysterious.

NORMA |pivots to look back in the direction they were initially
Now, let's see, where’s that Everlight hiding?...

|Norma then starts walking around, crouching down, getting up and
 moving to a new area, crouching down, repeat, while the party minus Grune:
 (sweatdrops). Norma finally remains crouched: (lightbulb).|

Ah-hah! There's something here...

|The party turns to face her.|

WILL |arms out in warning|
Whatever it is, don't touch it!

NORMA |still down on one knee, facing away from the party|
Settle down. I'm a professional here. You're such a worrywart, Teach.

JAY |arms out, shaking his head|
I imagine anyone would be at this point.

MOSES |folds his arms|
If you screw up again, I ain't letting you off with just a warning! I'm
 at my butt's end here!

|Norma: (...).|

Ahh, I get it. It's in here...

|Norma stands up and walks ahead into the circular room at the end of
 the dungeon. The party follows behind, watching her. She continues
 crouching, getting up, moving to a new location, repeat, while the party
 carefully backs away a few steps.|

NORMA |on one knee facing away from the party|
If this is like this...and that's like that...that would mean...this is
 it! (lightbulb) No, wait a minute. This is exactly the kind of trick
 an amateur would fall for.

|Norma stands up, puts a hand under her chin.|

Are we going to be okay?...

|The camera follows Norma as she walks to the exact center of the
 circular room and crouches down.|

Which means, over here there should be... (!) Found it! If I push

SENEL |off-screen|
Careful, Norma.

|The camera moves back to include everybody.|

NORMA |hands out, palms up|
Don't worry. I know what I'm doing.

WILL |folds arms|
I find that difficult to believe.

NORMA |hands together on the side, knees bent a little|
Ready, guys? Here goes!

The camera returns to focus just on Norma as she turns back around, and
 crouches once again|


|A whirring sound begins. Norma: (!).|

SENEL |off-screen|
Look out! Get back!

|A sparkly sound plays while several ice crystals -- like the ones that
 stabbed Moses -- materialize directly underneath Norma. The screen
 goes white.|


|The scene returns to show Norma lying on the ground. Whole party minus
 Grune: (!). They all run up to surround Norma.|

Bubbles! She looks pretty hurt...

SENEL |crouching|
Heal her, quickly!

|Shirley and Will move in and crouch next to Norma. Pink eres begin
 shining from their hands. Grune settles to sitting on her calves. The rest
 crouch in close towards Norma.|

I've healed her wounds, but...

*Huff* *Huff* Ahh...

|Shirley and Will: (!). The pink eres shine again.|

What's going on? She still looks like she's in pain.

*Huff* *Huff* Ohh...

These symptoms look like poison.

*Huff* *Huff* *Huff* *Huff*

We have to cure her!

|The pink eres shine again from Will's and Shirley's hands.|

*Huff* *Huff* Argh...

SHIRLEY |stands up|
Nothing's working...What do we do?

JAY |stands up, Shirley faces him|
It must be a very powerful poison.

Look at her left arm. There's a small icicle stuck in it.

|Shirley turns back to face Norma on the ground.|

SENEL |stands up while Shirley crouches down|
Damn! That must be it.

|Senel walks in, leans down and removes something shiny from Norma's
 body with a "squish" sound. Senel: (...). Chloe and Will both stand up.|

We should be able to use it to identify the poison. Wrap that icicle in
 cloth and hang onto it.  

|Senel rises and faces Will.|

We can't do anything else for her here. Let's hurry back to town.

|Screen fades black.|

Notification: Norma left the party.




I'm concerned about Norma. We should get back to town.



   <N04>     Werites Beacon

BEGIN SCENE |In Werites Beacon at night, just outside the Lighthouse,
 in front of Moses' camp. Everybody is looking all around, seemingly in a
 panic. (''') are flying. Norma is resting with her head down on top of
 Giet, who is carrying her like a horse. A gruff-looking man wearing
 orange walks toward the party from the south.|


Good evening. Oh, you all seem worried. Is something wrong?

CHLOE |runs close to him, hands out in a plea|
Alcott! Please have a look at Norma.

ALCOTT |walks over to look at Norma, puts a hand under his chin|
She's suffering from a very strong poison.

SENEL |arms out in question|
Can you make an antidote?

|Alcott turns to face Senel.|

SENEL |extending his hand where something shines from it|
This cloth has some of the poison on it.

Let me take it back to the hospital and have a look.

SHIRLEY |nodding deeply|
Thank you.

ALCOTT |arm extended|
You should get her somewhere where she can rest.

MOSES |faces Alcott, who faces Moses|
How about we take her to her room at the inn?

ALCOTT |hand out towards Moses|
That's a good idea. She's going to need to stay in bed for a while.

|The party turns to face Senel.|

SENEL |hands out|
All right. Guys, take care of Norma. Chloe and I will head to the

All right.

|Everybody except Chloe, Senel, and Alcott run off to the east. Chloe
 and Senel face each other.|

Let's hurry to the hospital.

|Chloe turns to face Alcott as the screen fades to black.|

Notifications: Will, Moses, Jay, Grune, and Shirley left the party.



BEGIN SCENE |Ground floor of the hospital. Senel is facing Alcott on
 the big circular rug. Both: ('''). Chloe is standing next to Senel. Elsa
 runs in, and all three turn to face her.|

Did something happen?

|Scene fades black.|

|Scene returns to see Elsa with her hands to her face crying.|

ELSA |drops hands to her side|
Oh, my...

ALCOTT |nods|
I'll get started at once.

|Alcott turns and walks away off-screen. A door can be heard opening
 and closing.|

SENEL |folds his arms|
I hope he can make an antidote...

ELSA |shakes her head|
There's not medicine Father can't make. I'm sure she'll be fine. |turns
 to face Chloe|

CHLOE |arm out toward Elsa|
You trust him with all your heart, don't you?

ELSA |puts hands on hips and nods deeply|
Of course. He's my father.

|Scene fades black. A door opening and closing is heard.|

|Scene fades back in. Alcott walks back in.|

SENEL |turns to face Alcott, puts hands out|
How did it go?

ALCOTT |nodding, hand out|
You can relax. I've identified the poison. |retracts hand, stops
 nodding, turns to Elsa| I've got the necessary medicinal herbs on hand. Elsa,
 the flowerpot outside--

ELSA |hand outstretched toward her father|
I need to bring a yellow leaf, right?

|Chloe and Elsa face each other.|

I'll help, too. I feel anxious just standing around.

|Chloe and Elsa exit to the left.|

SENEL |both arms out toward Alcott|
She's going to be okay, right?

ALCOTT |hand under chin|
I see Chloe's not the only one feeling anxious.

|Senel: (...).|

ALCOTT |nods|
Just leave it to me.

|Scene fades out.|

|Scene fades back in with a door squeak. Chloe and Senel are standing
 in the middle of the room. Elsa and Alcott enter together. Alcott walks
 to Senel and extends a hand holding something glowing and pink.|

I've prepared the antidote. Take it back with you and have her drink

SENEL |reaches out and retrieves the sparkliness|
That was fast.

ALCOTT |turns to face Elsa|
Yes, Elsa helped me.

|Chloe and Senel both turn to face Elsa.|

CHLOE |nods|
Thanks, Elsa.

ELSA |nods back|
I'm glad I could help.

|Everyone turns to face Alcott.|

ALCOTT |facing Senel, arm out|
She should get better immediately after she takes the antidote. But she
 won't be out of the woods yet.

|Chloe and Senel: (?).|

ALCOTT |hand under chin|
This poison has a nasty property. It tends to stay in the body for an
 extended period, and its symptoms return multiple times. |Senel folds
 his arms| Even if her fever and pain are light, she still needs to stay
 in bed.

SENEL |unfolds, nods|
Got it. I'll pass that along.

|Chloe and Senel face each other.|

Let's hurry to the inn.



BEGIN SCENE |Will and Moses are standing together to the left of the
 Inn's front desk. Senel and Chloe enter. Will and Moses separate and walk
 to meet them. The four stand facing each other.|

Senel! How did it go?

SENEL |nods|
I've got the antidote. How's Norma?

|Senel faces Will.|

WILL |arms out|
Shirley's with her now. Hurry.

|Senel nods and runs up the stairs.|

|Scene fades out.|

|Scene fades back in to the Inn ground floor once again. Moses, Jay,
 Will, and Chloe are standing around. Grune is occupied arranging a plant.
 Shirley and Senel descend the staircase, and everyone turns to face

SHIRLEY |hands out|
She seems to be fairly stable now. Her fever's dropped, as well.

|Party turns to face Moses.|

MOSES |folds arms|
Guess we can kick back and relax now that the antidote's kicked in.

CHLOE |lowers and shakes her head, then raises it|
No, not yet.

|Everyone but Grune, Senel, and Chloe: (?). Everyone faces except Chloe
 turns to face Senel as he begins to speak.|

SENEL |arms out|
According to Alcott, the symptoms come back again and again. |arms
 down| She'll need to take the antidote every time that happens before she's
 fully cured.

JAY |hand under chin|
In other words, she needs to stay in bed for a while.

|Moses turns to look up in the direction of Norma's room. Jay and Grune
 face Moses.|

Well, hopefully she'll be a little more careful from now on.

|Party turns to face Grune.|

GRUNE |arms out|
I wonder if Norma will be okay. She was so excited when she set out.

|Senel: (...).|

GRUNE |head lowered|
Even if her body gets better, I wonder about her heart...

MOSES |turns to face the party|
Things worked out okay this time, but what about the next? |arm
 outstretched| I don't figure she can keep on searchin'.

JAY |foot out to the side, hands on hips, turns to face Moses|
As much as I hate to say it, I agree with Moses.

|Moses stamps his foot and starts quivering, staring at Jay. Moses:

JAY |ignoring Moses, turning toward the party|
Of course, we don't even know if the Everlight really exists.

|Party minus Shirley turns to face Senel.|

SENEL |arm outstretched|
You said the research organizations on the mainland have already given
 up on it, right?

|Shirley and Senel face Chloe.|

CHLOE |arm outstretched|
If it doesn't exist, then it doesn't matter how long she searches for

|Will: (...). Party turns to face him.|

WILL |folds arms|
She may be obsessed with finding it precisely because people keep
 saying it doesn't exist.

MOSES |arm outstretched|
What do you mean?

WILL |faces Moses, extends arm|
Questing for answers means facing the unknown. If you're not following
 someone else's path, then you have to make your own. |lowers hand|

JAY |faces Will, folds arms|
Well, yes, but...

WILL |arms out to the side|
Let's put aside the debate about the Everlight's existence for now.
 |Jay lowers arms| What we need to think about is what we should do next.
 |Will lowers arms|

JAY |arm out|
I think we should call off the search.

I agree with Jay.

|Everyone still facing Will, Chloe and Senel face each other.|

I'm sure Norma will have some thoughts of her own after what happened.
 |rest of the party turns to face Senel| Don't you think we should
 respect them?

|Senel: (...), then nods.|

If she was going to stop because people were telling her to, she would
 have stopped long ago. |stretches arm toward Chloe| No matter how much
 we talk, or what conclusion we reach, we can't make Norma's own
 decision. |retracts arm| I'm going to check on her.

|Senel ascends the first section of staircase while the party watches.
 Shirley then runs up after him, and they face each other on the

Wait. I'll go with you.

|Senel nods.|

Notification: Chloe left the party.



BEGIN SCENE |Norma's room at the Inn. It's nighttime and the room is
 empty. The window is ajar and there's a broken vase of flowers lying on
 the ground beneath it. Senel and Shirley run in: (!). Senel runs to the
 open window.|

SHIRLEY |facing Senel's back|

That idiot. She must have gone out the window.

SHIRLEY |arms out, as Senel turns to face her|
I wonder if she heard us talking.

|Something glows on a notebook lying on the bed. Senel: (?), walks over
 to the bed. Shirley's gaze follows him.|

This notebook looks like it's seen a lot of use.

|Senel picks up the book, begins leafing through it, (scribbly). He
 then turns to Shirley, and holds the book out to her.|

Shirley, look at this.

SHIRLEY |takes the book, looks at it|
Oh, okay...

|Begins leafing through it, (!), (scribbly).|

SHIRLEY |lowering the book to her side|
This is...Relares! It's full of Relares! Senel, this is incredible!
 There are translations written in there, too. Are they correct? |begins
 leafing through the book again, (?), lowers it and nods| Yeah, almost all
 of them are.

SENEL |(!), arms out|
Wait a minute. I thought only Ferines could read Relares. |retracts

I thought so, too...

|Senel: (...).|

SENEL |shakes head|
Well, right now we need to find Norma.

We'd better tell the others.

Notification: Acquired Norma's Notebook!

|Scene fades out|



BEGIN SCENE |Scene fades in back on the lower level of the Inn. Senel
 and Shirley descend the staircase, Shirley carrying the book. The party
 turns to face the two. Everyone but Grune, Senel, and Shirley: (!).|

Norma's missing.

|Shirley walks forward to Will.|

SENEL |extending an arm towards Will|
Will, take a look at this.

|Shirley gives Will the book. He leafs through it, (...), (!), then
 lowers it.|

Don't tell me Norma did all this?! She understands Relares?

|Shirley nods.|

WILL |extends both arms out|
The research institutes on the mainland haven't even deciphered half of
 this. |studies the book again| And yet she got this far just studying
 on her own?

JAY |extends arm towards Will|
So, her reasons for going to the Man-Eating Ruins and the Ice Monument
 were based on this analysis, then. |retracts arm|

CHLOE |folds arms|
That's how serious she is about her quest for the Everlight.

JAY |foot out to one side, hands on hips|
If she had this much evidence, she should have told us about it when we
 asked her why she felt the way she did.

She can hardly keep her mouth shut, and yet she never once said
 anything about the most important part.

SHIRLEY |arms out|
Even though she kept it a secret, she's been working really hard this
 whole time...

|Jay resumes normal pose. Will lowers his book. Several of them:

SENEL |arms out|
We're the only ones who can help her.

|Will turns to face Moses.|

MOSES |vigorously nodding|
Yeah! Senel's right!

|Everybody nods. Will turns to face Shirley, and holds out the book.|

First, we need to find Norma. We'll split up and look for her.

|Scene fades out.|



BEGIN SCENE |Graveyard at night. Norma comes limping in from the left
 to stand in front of Sven's grave with her head lowered.|

Well, I've done it again... I'm so hopeless. Nothing ever works out the
 way I want it to. I couldn't disarm a single trap, and I wound up
 getting seriously hurt. |lifts her head| What am I doing, anyway? Master,
 what am I doing? |shakes her head| Seriously... |lowers her head again|
 Master, I...

|Scene fades to white.|

BEGIN FLASHBACK |A sandy path. Young Norma in school uniform walks in
 from the left, (smoke), with Sven behind her, and stops.

Grrr, why am I having so much trouble?!

SVEN |facing her back, extends an arm|
Norma, settle down! You've got to stay calm when disarming traps!

NORMA |turns to face Sven, points finger, still (smoke)|
If you can disarm them, then anyone should be able to!

SVEN |takes a half step back, leans way back with arms up|
What's that supposed to mean?!

|Norma: (smoke) disappears, turns around to face the way she was going.
 Sven composes himself.|

I think I'll try that way this time!

|Norma runs off-screen to the right.|

SVEN |an arm out toward the way she went|
No! Not that way!

|Sven runs off after her off-screen. An explosion is heard.|

SVEN |off-screen|
No! Not explosives! Please!

|Norma runs back into frame and stops in the middle of the path.|

Hmm. I bet it's this way.

|Norma runs off-screen in the other direction. Sven then comes limping
 into frame with (scribbly), and stops in the middle, leaning down, his
 hands on his knees.|

Norma, I beg you...I'll apologize for making fun of you all the time.
 |straightens up, looks around| Norma? |looks straight towards where she
 ran, (!), runs that way, and off-screen. A falling sound is heard.|

SVEN |off-screen|
I'm falling! Aah! Mommy!

|Scene fades out.|

|Scene fades in on a similar-looking path. Sven is lying face-first on
 the ground. Norma is facing the camera with hand under chin. She then
 turns to the right.|

Hmm. I guess it must be that way!

|Sven lifts his head as Norma runs off. He puts an arm out.|

Wait! Stop! Not that way!

|An explosion is heard as Sven gets up and runs off after Norma.|

SVEN |off-screen|
Norma! Are you all right?! Norma?!


|Scene fades back in on the graveyard, Norma still facing Sven's grave
 with her head lowered.|

I'm just like I was back then. I haven't improved at all. |raises head|
 That's pretty pathetic. My life's an embarrassment, master. |slumps|
 The Everlight wasn't in the Ice Monument, either. I wonder where it
 could be... |(...)| Master, I'm starting to worry that...maybe it doesn't
 exist after all. |straightens| I had absolute confidence before, but I
 just don't know anymore. I just don't know...What should I do? |falls to
 her knees with her legs out to the side|


NORMA |looking unsure, frightened, and sad|
I tried following the same dream you did, master, but I'm not sure I
 can do it anymore... |straightens, but still looks terribly forlorn| It's
 hard to keep believing...Too hard... I worked hard, didn't I? I tried
 my best. ... Can I stop now? I worked really hard. It's okay to stop


NORMA |(...)|
Please, master! Just...tell me it's okay! It's too hard for me to keep
 believing all by myself!

|Black mist forms behind and to the right of Norma. A ghostly female
 figure with a ponytail appears.|

If you're tired, give up. There are none who will find fault with you.

|Norma stands up, but still faces the grave.|

Would Sven forgive me, too?

??? |nods|
Yes, he surely would.

Really? Good...good...

NORMA |looks up to the sky|
I'm completely worn out...Good night...

|Norma turns to the left, then falls to the ground.|

I shall grant you eternal rest, child.

|Scene fades to black|



BEGIN SCENE |Daytime. Senel and Shirley run in to the street in front
 of the bread shop. The rest of the party soon follows to form a circle
 all facing each other.|

Did you find her?

MOSES |arms out to the side, shakes his head|
She ain't anywhere.

|Party faces Chloe.|

CHLOE |arms out|
I hope she didn't leave the city.

|Party faces Will.|

Norma's not aware of the special characteristics of that poison. She's
 in danger.

|Will and Jay face each other.|

JAY |hand out|
And it's already been some time since she left the inn.

|Party faces Shirley.|

SHIRLEY |arms out|
We have to find her quickly.

|Footsteps are heard. Senel and Shirley both turn around: (!). The
 whole party runs toward Zamaran up the street a ways.|

Is something wrong? You seem unsettled.

SENEL |arms out|

|Scene fades out|

|Scene fades back in. Senel: (''').|

ZAMARAN |arms together, head lowered|
I see. So, that's what this is about. |hands at his side, head raised|
 She's always been terrible at disarming traps. |turns to face Chloe|

CHLOE |arms out|
Do you have any idea where she might have gone? |moving arms around|
 We've searched the city, but she's nowhere to be found.

She probably went to Sven's grave.

|Senel and Chloe face one another.|

The graveyard...that's one place we haven't looked.

|Party faces Will.|

WILL |arms out|
All right. To the graveyard. Hurry!

|Everybody except Will and Zamaran nod.|

Notification: Will, Chloe, Moses, Jay, Grune, and Shirley joined the



BEGIN SCENE |Norma lies In front of Sven's grave. Black mist envelops

SENEL |off-screen|
There she is!

|Party runs into frame to stand in front of Norma. The black mist
 dissipates. Everyone but Grune: (!), then (...).|

WILL |hand under chin|
So the black mist has even spread here.

|Party turns to face Will.|

Yeah, looks that way.

MOSES |arm out|
I saw it, too.

|Shirley and Chloe run over to Norma and lean down. The party turns to
 face the three of them.|

*Huff* *Huff* Ahh...

Those symptoms...It's the poison!

Norma, please hold on!

WILL |hands out|
Where's the antidote?

I've got it.

|A swallowing sound can be heard. Chloe: (...).|

...Good, she's breathing easier now.

SENEL |turns to Chloe, extends arms|
Let's get her back to the Inn.

|Norma then shakily gets up and the party walks off, Norma limping
 between Shirley and Chloe.|



BEGIN SCENE |Just outside the graveyard. The party is walking. Norma is
 limping and almost falls. Chloe reaches over to steady her.|

CHLOE |holding Norma up|
Norma, don't push yourself. Here, lean on me. I'll help you.

NORMA |doubled over|
Whatever. I'm done.

|Norma then straightens and walks very unsteadily away from the group
 while they watch. She stops after a few steps, and doubles over again.
 Senel approaches a few steps.|

What do you mean, you're done? Come on, it's just a little more.


CHLOE |one step toward her|
No you're not!

NORMA |straightens|
I'm done looking for the Everlight.

|Everybody but Norma and Grune: (!). Chloe takes one very shallow,
 hesitant step toward Norma.|


NORMA |lowers head|
I give up. The Everlight doesn't matter to me anymore.

|Chloe faces Senel.|

SENEL |hand under chin|
Are you sure about this, Norma?

|Chloe turns back to face Norma's back.|

SHIRLEY |hands out|
You've worked so hard for it all this time.

NORMA |shakes her head, then raises it|
Nah, not really.

SHIRLEY |shakes her head|
You're lying.

|Norma: (!).|

SENEL |arm out to Norma|
We saw the notebook in your room.

|Norma: (...). She then turns to face Senel, and lowers her head.|

Oh...Hah hah...So now you know, huh...

|Shirley, Jay, and Moses face Will.|

WILL |hand under chin|
You've been studying Relares.

|Shirley and Jay re-face Norma.|

JAY |hand under chin|
We were quite surprised.

|Moses turns to face Norma.|

You managed to understand Relares writings by studying entirely on your

CHLOE |arm outstretched|
You've put tremendous effort into your search for the Everlight,
 haven't you? |lowers arm| More effort than words can express...

|Norma turns to the side, and walks a couple steps. Soft piano music
 comes on.|

I studied so much, even I thought I was crazy. I stayed up night after
 night, thinking about nothing but Relares. |looks up to the sky| Every
 time I understood a new word, it made me so happy I could cry. |Moses
 folds his arms| I could feel myself catching up to master. |lowers her
 head down to look at the ground| But it was all a waste...

CHLOE |arms out|
That's not true.

NORMA |turning to face the group|
No matter how much I study, no matter how accurate my translations are,
 none of that means anything! |she runs forward to stand face-to-face
 with Chloe and points at her| And don't you tell me you know how I feel!
 You have no idea! |lowers arm|


NORMA |hands out|
If the Everlight doesn't exist, then none of it means anything!

SENEL |hands out|
Norma, if you get excited, the poison will just spread through your
 system faster.

NORMA |turns to face Senel, extends hands|
I didn't need to study! I could have just had Shirl translate
 everything for me! |turns to face Will|

WILL |folds arms|
Didn't you find some meaning in doing it yourself?

|Norma turns and walks away a few steps.|

I could have just had Shirl translate the writings I found in all those
 ruins, but I didn't! I didn't! |turns to face the party| Why do you
 think I didn't? Because I wanted to do it myself?...No way! |Senel and
 Shirley: (...), Norma lowers her head| ...It's because I was scared. I
 was scared to learn the answer. |looks up| I didn't want someone to tell
 me I was wrong!


NORMA |turns away again, looks forlorn|
I was scared! Scared of the truth! I was scared that what I believed in
 would fall apart... I was scared that I'd find out the Everlight
 didn't exist... |She falls to her knees with her legs out to the side, her
 expression turns scared and unsure as well as sad| I'm tired. Tired of
 believing...Tired of struggling... |closes her eyes|


SENEL |folds arms|
Are you sure, Norma? You won't regret giving up?

NORMA |gets up|
Positive. I quit.

MOSES |arms out|
I know you got more in you than that!

JAY |hand out|
If you could give up this easily, you'd never have been able to force
 yourself to decipher Relares.

|Norma: (...).|

SHIRLEY |hands out|
Are you really sure, Norma?

NORMA |swings her arms violently down|
I said I was, didn't I?! |doubles over again|

|Shirley: (!).|

SENEL |(...), then shakes his head|
Then, I won't say anything else. But! |hand out| Could you honestly
 continue to live your life without regretting that decision? |Norma
 straightens| Could you keep going without regretting today and all the days
 that led up to it? |Norma: (...), Senel puts both arms out| Could you
 still look back fondly on all the memories you have? There's nothing
 worse than regret that makes you want to throw away your past.

NORMA |turns to face Senel|
Leave me alone already! |arms out| I get insecure sometimes, too, you
 know! Some things can't be forgotten just by goofing around like an

|Jay and Moses slowly turn to face the area behind a nearby tree.
 (scribbly) comes from that direction, then Zamaran comes strutting out. The
 party faces him.|

Ah, I was wondering what all the commotion was. It seems the monkey is

|Zamaran walks through the group towards Norma, who closes the distance
 to meet him. He stops in front of her as she points a finger at him.|

I don't want to hear anything from an old man who chickened out before
 he even got started!

ZAMARAN |folds arms|
I awoke from my dream before it killed me. It seems I was a lot smarter
 than that fool, Sven.

NORMA |lowers finger|
Don't you dare talk about him like that!

ZAMARA |turns away from her, walks a step|
Humph. You've given up on your dream. What could you possibly have to
 say about Sven? |Everybody twitches, Zamaran looks up to the sky| What
 could you possibly have to say about a man who had absolute faith in his

|Norma: (...). Zamaran turns to face her.|

You no longer have the right to talk about him.

NORMA |takes a fraction of a step back, then looks down|

ZAMARAN |walks right up to her|
The Everlight is not something that can be found. It's a fairy tale.
 Nothing more. |hand out| It's just a dream. Another yarn spun by an
 eternal child.

NORMA |looks up|
I still...I still have his dream! |points her finger at him| It is not
 just some "yarn"! I won't let you call it that! I'll prove it to you,
 you hear me?!

|Norma turns and runs off. Senel takes a couple running steps in the
 same direction and stops.|

Norma, wait!

|Zamaran walks a couple steps to look after her, then lowers his head.
 Moses puts his arms out and faces Jay.|

She sure is a handful. Let's go get her, Jay!

CHLOE |turns to face Moses|
I'm going, too.

|Jay, Moses, and Chloe run off after Norma. Will walks forward a step.
 Zamaran turns to face him.|

You're used to dealing with her.

ZAMARAN |shakes his head|
No, I'm no good at all. I came here to stop her, and instead I spurred
 her on.

WILL |arm out|
You did that on purpose. |Zamaran: (...)| If you'd acknowledged her
 accomplishments, she would have given up right here. |lowers arm| If you'd
 told her, "good job," she would have surely chosen to stop and rest
 her wings. |Zamaran: (...), Will folds his arms| Mind you, I don't think
 that would have been the best thing for her.

ZAMARAN |(scribbly), lowers and shakes his head|
I don't want that child to suffer like Sven and I did.

SENEL |arm out as Zamaran faces him|
...Are you talking about your eyes?

I met with an accident while exploring some ruins, and my world became
 one of darkness.

And Sven?

He never returned from his quest for the Everlight. |turns to face
 Will| The reason I came to the Legacy was to take Norma back. |Shirley,
 Senel, and Will: (...)| But I couldn't seem to find the words to tell her
 I was worried about her. |looks up at the sky| Before I knew it, we
 were fighting.

SENEL |foot out to the side|
That's as much Norma's fault as it is yours.

ZAMARAN |turns to face Senel|
I may have been taken aback by the impression she made on me. I was
 truly surprised when I met her here. She was exactly like Sven used to be.
 Charging forward, tirelessly chasing her dream...

The Norma I know has always been like that.

ZAMARAN |nods|
You cannot find the truth if you cannot face danger. I was the one who
 taught Sven that.

Those are good words.

ZAMARAN |looks back up to the sky|
And yet, I've since grown cautious and lost sight of my path. Losing my
 vision and growing old have turned me into a coward.

|Moses, Chloe and Jay run back into the scene.|

MOSES |facing Senel|
Senel, Bubbles ain't in town.

|Party faces Chloe.|

She must have gone outside. Do you have any ideas?

ZAMARAN |turns to Senel|
She probably went to the Crystal Forest.

How do you know?

ZAMARAN |hand outstretched|
Sven had come to some kind of conclusion about the Everlight. The last
 place he headed before he disappeared was the Crystal Forest.

|Zamaran and Moses turn to Chloe|

CHLOE |hand under chin|
That's where we first me Norma, too.

|Party faces Will.|

WILL |hand under chin|
She must have been exploring that time as well.

She's probably gone there countless times. No matter where else she
 goes, you can count on her always winding up back there.

WILL |lowers arms|
All right. We'll head there at once.

ZAMARAN |faces Senel, bows|
Please take care of her for me.

Leave it to us. Norma's our friend.

|Everybody nods.|




We need to get back to Norma before the poison runs its course!

Right. We should hurry to the Crystal Forest.



   <N05>     Crystal Forest

BEGIN SCENE |Inside the Crystal Forest. Moses and Giet are walking
 together down a hall of ice.|

MOSES |stops and faces Giet|
Well? You got Bubbles' scent?

|Giet pads forward a couple steps, panting. Then (!), turns to face
 Moses and ('''). Moses nods.|

Looks like we hit the jackpot.

|The rest of the party enters from the south. Moses turns to greet

I'm worried about the poison. We need to find her fast.

|Everybody except Senel nods.|



BEGIN SCENE |A ways into the Crystal Forest. Moses and Giet walk out
 ahead of the main party. Giet: (...), and stops.|

Did she come this way, boy?

|Giet: (!), then turns to Moses and whines. Moses nods and turns to
 face the party.|

Looks like she's still a ways ahead.

She's pushing herself too far in her condition.

The antidote has probably worn off by now.

JAY |hand under chin|
We should have explained the poison to her.

GRUNE |arm out|
Even if we had, I think she might have done the same thing.

|Shirley and Senel: (...).|

|Scene fades out.|

|Scene fades in to Norma limping along by herself somewhere else in the

|Scene fades out.|

|Scene fades back in to Norma still limping along in another part of
 the dungeon. She finally stops at a circular platform, and collapses to
 her knees with her legs out to either side.|

My limbs are getting kind of tingly. I wonder if I still have some of
 that poison in me. Man, I am not feeling good here. I ache all over...I
 feel like crying. |gets up, walks a few more shaky steps forward and
 stops| I tell you, I've been working way too hard! |leans over, hands on
 knees, breathes heavily| Ahh, I finally made it. Man, I feel awful.
 It'd be so embarrassing if I just up and died right here.

|She straightens, limps to the left edge of the platform, looks around,
 limps a few steps to the right edge of the platform, looks around,
 limps a step or two to the top of the platform, looks around, and (!).|

|Scene fades out|



BEGIN SCENE |Deeper in the dungeon. Grune, Jay, and Giet stand looking
 off to one side. Senel, Shirley, and Chloe look ahead.|

Strange. We should have found her by now.

|The camera pans left to show Moses and Will also looking around in
 that area. Giet then sniffs, and walks north several steps to reach a
 broken, triangular ice formation at the edge of a circular platform. He
 stops and whines. The camera follows and focuses on Giet.|

WILL |off-screen|
There's a crack in the crystal.

|Giet sits down, (...), then whines. Moses walks up to crouch down next
 to Giet.|

Hmm? Do you smell Bubbles?

|Giet: ('''), barks.|

|Scene fades out.|

|Scene fades in with the whole party standing in front of the broken

JAY |arms folded|
It looks like the trail continues inside.

Let's take a look.

|Giet starts forward into the broken ice.|

|Scene fades out.|



BEGIN SCENE |Norma is lying face down on the ground in a circular room
 with a low dais in the middle. Giet runs up and starts licking her.|

Norma! {Senel, Chloe, Shirley}
Bubbles! {Moses}

|The rest of the party runs up to stare at Norma.|


|A portrait of sleeping Norma drifts by, and you can hear her snoring


|Everybody except Grune: (...). Norma: (zzz).|

GRUNE |hands clasped together on the side|
Oh, my, her face is so cute when she's sleeping! Maybe I'll take a nap
 here, too.

|Everyone but Grune: (sweat). Will walks forward and crouches down to
 Norma, places a hand on her head.|

NORMA |(sweatdrops)|
Zzz...Ow, my head...No hitting. No hitting... |(zzz)| Zzz...

|Norma's soft snoring is heard.|

SENEL, CHLOE, WILL |violently throwing both arms down|
Wake up!

NORMA |(zzz) disappears|

NORMA |leans up on her tush, but with both hands still flat on the
 ground, looks at everyone, but with Moses in her direct line of sight|
Oh. Morning, everyone...Hey, I feel awful! You all! Don't just stand
 there and watch me suffer! Do something!

JAY |hand under chin|
She appears to be suffering from delirium.

SHIRLEY |turns to look in Jay's direction|
She sounds the same as she always does to me...

Hey! I can hear you, you know! *Huff* *Huff* Ahh, man, I think this is
 it...I am so dead.

|Shirley turns to Norma|

I can barely see straight. G-Girl's hair looks like it's turning red.

That's because you're looking at Moses.

CHLOE |(...), then walks up to and leans down to Norma|
Take the antidote. You'll feel better.

|Scene fades black. A swallowing sound is heard.|

Eww, gross! It's so bitter!

|Scene fades back in. Norma is sitting up straighter. Everyone's
 looking at her except for Grune and Giet who are off to the side, looking at
 each other, Grune sitting down.|

You didn't say anything last time you took it.

NORMA |head swivels to look at Chloe|
Really? I can't even remember.

CHLOE |(sweat)|
You were in pretty bad shape last time.

What happened with the Everlight?

NORMA |still sitting with her legs straight out in front of her,
 swivels her head to look at Moses|
I was looking for it, and then my head started feeling fuzzy, my vision
 got blurry, and my hands started shaking... I started feeling really
 good. I dreamt I was walking beside a beautiful river. There was
 treasure on the other side, but just as I started heading over to get it, I
 woke up.

CHLOE |(sweat)|
Sounds like she was about to die...

I'm glad we made it in time.

NORMA |swivels her head back forward, stands up|
Well, now it's time to explore this place!

|Norma crouches down twice, then raises her arm in the now familiar
 “Charge!” gesture.|

GRUNE |copying Norma|

|Everyone but Grune and Norma: (sweat).|

|Norma turns and walks to the small pedestal behind her. A water-like
 mystical sound is heard and an eye-like symbol appears in glowing white
 on top of the pedestal.|

What in the world?

NORMA |staring down at the pedestal|
Maybe we need to do what it says.

|Norma clasps her hands and lowers her head as if praying. The symbol
 fades out. With the same sound as before three other symbols materialize
 around the party, glowing blue. They turn to look at them, while Norma
 remains facing the pedestal.|

Norma, can you tell what these symbols mean?

NORMA |turning to the one on the right|
Disaster... |turning to the one in the middle| Fire... |to the left|
 Future... |lowers her head, (...)|


|Norma cowering, looking unsure and scared.|


|Will and Chloe turn to face Norma.|

If my research is correct, then this has to be it.

WILL |serious as always|
You don't look very happy about it, though.

If the Everlight isn't here, then I have no idea what else I can do.

SENEL |serious|
...Are you scared?

NORMA |turns to Senel, nods|
If I learn the truth, I don't think I'll be able to believe in my dream
 anymore. If I turn back now, and don't confirm what lies beyond this
 point, I can hold on to my hope. |standing straight, but forlorn| If the
 truth is going to be cruel, I'd be better off not knowing it at all.


|A black mist forms around Norma. Everyone but Norma and Grune: (!).|

NORMA |(sweatdrops), begins rotating left and right with her hands up
 in front of her in fear|
Huh? Wh...what's going on?

|She runs around to the back side of the pedestal, the black mist
 trailing her. She stops, (sweatdrops), and begins running in place, flailing
 her arms.|

It won't come off! What is this stuff? It's following me!

|Norma then runs down some nearby stairs and south, off-screen. Senel
 runs to the bottom of the stairs, and looks in the direction she fled.|

SENEL |hand pointing|
Norma, stop!

|Scene fades out|

|Scene fades in to just outside the broken triangular ice formation.
 Norma is standing staring at a ghostly apparition of herself, swirling
 with black smoke, while the party stands behind her.|

NORMA |apprehensive|
What the? There's two of me!  

|The party assumes fighting stance.|


I swear this isn't my fault, all right!

This is no time to be worrying about excuses!

Notification: Norma joined the party!

END SCENE (Begin Boss Fight against Dark Norma.)


BEGIN SCENE |Party is in the same position, but Dark Norma is gone.|

First Will, and now Norma. This marks the second time we've seen this.

The mist has always appeared from a monster, but this time...

MOSES |hand under chin, (lightbulb)|
Oh, so Bubbles is a monster?

NORMA |turning to face Moses, starts flailing arms|
Of course not!

|Grune doubles over.|

SHIRLEY |turns to face her|

|The rest of the party turns to face Grune.|

GRUNE |straightens|
I felt like I almost remembered something from long ago... Have I
 forgotten something really important?

|A spiral-like dark shape with a pink glowing center appears behind

I am Shadow. I answer your call and appear before you, master.

GRUNE |turns to Shadow and bows|
Nice to meet you, Shadow.

|Everyone except Grune and Norma (who is off-screen): (?).|

...Have you forgotten me, master?

Oh, I'm so sorry. |hand out| Do you know anything about me, Shadow?
 |retracts hand|

What you lack, master, I lack as well.

GRUNE |scratching her head, tilted to the side|
Oh, that's true. Oh, my, I don't know what to do.

|Everyone minus Norma (off-screen) and Grune: (...).|

Neither do we...

I cannot remain for long in this chaotic world... I shall return to the
 darkness and await the awakening of time.

|Shadow then lowers to the ground, and becomes a sparkly glowy thing
 with a suitable sound effect. Grune walks forward and picks it up.|

Oh, now I have Shadow's seed. I should plant it somewhere nice. |rises|

SENEL |turns to face Norma, camera follows|
Norma, what about the Everlight?

|The rest of the party turns to face Norma. Norma: (...).|

NORMA |lowers head|
I guess...I have to do it...

NORMA |raises head, walks forward a couple steps, raises arm in the
All right! Let's go!

|Scene fades out|

|Scene fades in at the room we just came from with the three blue
 symbols glowing on the wall, and the pedestal in the middle. Norma walks in
 first with the rest of the party behind. Norma stops at the left side
 of the screen and looks at each of the symbols on the wall.|

“Disaster," "fire," and "future," huh...Well, I already know the
 answer... |she walks up a few steps, then turns to face the party| Red, can I
 get you to do something for me?

MOSES |twitches|
Hmm? What do you need? |walks up to face Norma|

She probably wants you to dive into the flames.

MOSES |turns to face Jay, throws his arms down|
Like hell! |straightens|


MOSES |turns back around to face Norma|
What do you mean, "tch"?! Is that really what you wanted?!

NORMA |hands out|
The flames are just an illusion. There's nothing to worry about.

JAY |walks toward one of the symbols|
I can feel the heat from them quite clearly.


Hurry up and tell me what you want, would you?

NORMA |turns and points to the leftmost symbol|
Try throwing a spear at the flames.

|Moses follows order. A burning sound is heard and the screen goes
 white for an instant. Everyone but Grune and Norma: (!).|

It burned just fine. How can you call that an illusion?

NORMA |folds her arms|
I guess you can't fool it by throwing junk into it.

MOSES |hand out in protest|
Hey! That ain't junk!

|Norma: (...), lowers head.|


NORMA |scared and unsure|
Will I be all right even after I learn the truth? Can I stay the same
 as I've always been? Is the Everlight really just ahead of here?


|Black mist forms around Norma with a sound effect. She starts, and
 looks left and right. Several of the party: (!).|

Wh...what the? Why is this stuff back?! We got rid of it! |turns to
 face Jay and Will, mist still enveloping her| Teach, JJ, tell me what's
 going on!

WILL |folds arms|
I have no idea!

JAY |arms out to the side, tilts head|
Nor do I.

|The mist moves beside Norma and materializes as a ghostly version of
 her again.|

NORMA |taken aback|
Ack, it's being me again!

|Dark Norma: (...), stares at Norma. The party minus Grune and Norma
 enter fighting stance. Norma starts shaking her arms.|

Wh...what do you think you're looking at?! |stops shaking arms|

It doesn't seem to be aggressive.


NORMA |eyes wide, looking alert|
Ugh...what is this... |falls to her knees, legs out to either side| I
 feel absolutely horrible...What is this feeling?... ...Doubt?

SHIRLEY |looking fierce|
Norma! Black mist is coming out of you again!


NORMA |stands up, black mist enveloping her again, and begins running
 in place and flailing her arms, also: (sweatdrops)|
Whoa! Eww, get it off me! Get it off me!

|Norma then runs away a few steps, black mist in tow. The party runs
 away from her and stops.|

NORMA |flailing her arms|
Why are you running away?!

JAY |arms out to the side, tilts his head|
I don't want to catch it from you.

|Norma then turns to look at Giet. Norma: (...). Giet: (sweat).|

MOSES |throws his arms down|
Bubbles! What are you thinking?!

NORMA |turns to Moses|
Maybe it'd be okay if it was Giet...

MOSES |runs forward to stand between Giet and Norma|
Now wait just a minute!

|Norma then faces them both. Moses and Giet run back to stand with the
 main party, leaving Norma by herself.

NORMA |head slumping|
Ugh...I feel...depressed...

GRUNE |arms out|
Norma, don't lose sight of yourself. Remember why you came here.

NORMA |(...), raises head|
Is the mist coming out because I'm scared?

|Norma turns around, lowers her head. A sound effect is heard as the
 mist thickens.|

It's getting thicker.

GRUNE |arms out|
Norma, embrace your feelings. You have to accept your own feelings.
 Don't turn away from them.

NORMA |head still down, facing away from the party|
My feelings...I have to accept them...

SENEL |takes a couple steps forward|
That's right.

You're going to find the Everlight, right? you're going to find your
 dream, right?

WILL |hands out|
All the work you've done up to now was not for nothing.

SENEL |arms out|
Zamaran told us something. "You cannot find the truth if you cannot
 face danger."

Master used to tell me that all the time, too. I never knew he got it
 from that old man...

Just trust what you believe in.

If anything happens, we'll be here to back you up.

MOSES |couple steps forward|
Yeah. There's nothin' to be scared of. If it ain't there, you can just
 keep lookin'.

SHIRLEY |steps forward|
I'll help, too.

|Norma's head comes up, and she turns around to face the party.
 Everyone who had stepped forward now steps back to their original position.|

I can't help noticing that despite what you're saying, you're all
 backing away from me...

|The ones who stepped back: (sweat).|

But...thanks, guys... this part is my job, anyway! |looks up at the
 ceiling| If it doesn't work out, I can just try again, right?...Yeah.
 Yeah! |looks straight again| I'd forgotten something really important.

|Scene fades out.|

|Fades in to Norma standing alone in a black void, facing Dark Norma.|


NORMA |looking normal|
I've been searching for the Everlight because I wanted to, not for
 anyone else's sake. Somewhere along the way, I forgot about the fun of
 chasing my dream. Give me a hand, okay, master? |closes her eyes, as a gold
 light envelops her|

"The answer is simple." "The answer is very simple." "It's because I
 believe the Everlight exists." "No matter what anyone says, I will
 continue my search for the Everlight." "For that...is my dream!"

NORMA |opens her eyes|
I've found my dream, too!


|Norma's hands start shining.|

I have no more doubts! I have no doubt anymore, master! I won't run
 from the truth! I'm going to believe in myself!

|She then raises her hand in the air, and starts shining like crazy.
 Eventually the whole screen is shining and the scene fades out.|

|Scene fades back into the room with the pedestal. With purpose, Norma
 walks right over to the leftmost symbol on the wall. It stops glowing
 when she reaches it, as do the other two symbols. A pink light starts
 shining underneath Norma.|

It really was an illusion.

JAY |hand under chin|
But Moses' spear burned.

WILL |arms folded|
Perhaps the room itself contains some sort of mechanism.

|Norma turns to face the party, raises her hand.|

Come on, guys! Hurry up!



(That pink light that formed under Norma was a teleporter. The party
 can now use this to travel to a new area of the Crystal Forest.)

BEGIN SCENE |In a new area of the Crystal Forest. Norma walks into a
 semi-circular room and stands before a symbol on the ground. The party
 comes to stand behind her in two rows. She seems to pray to the symbol,
 and five more appear on the wall in front of her. She walks around
 looking at the symbols, and finally stops in front of the one second from
 the right.|

CHLOE |arms out|
Can you read it?

NORMA |facing the wall|
"Annihilation," "trap," "underworld"... also "birth" and "slaughter."

NORMA |turns to face Chloe, nods vigorously with hands on hips|
Can I read it, she asks. Please. This is nothing. |clasps hands
 together to the side| Here goes!

|She straightens, turns around and runs straight into the symbol,
 disappearing, but leaving another pink teleporting circle behind. Everyone
 but Grune and Will: (!).|

WILL |walks toward the teleporter, turns to face the party|
Let's follow.



BEGIN SCENE |A large circular room at the end of a narrow path.
 Suspended above is a large blue sphere encased in ice, tapering out at the
 bottom, in the shape of an upside down teardrop. Norma walks to its base,
 and looks straight up at it. The rest of the party follows behind then
 stops behind her. The camera zooms way out to show the entire room,
 emphasizing its scale.|

It's the Everlight...It exists...It really exists...

...I feel a very strong power. I've felt this before somewhere...

It's the same as the Nerifes.

Is the Everlight actually party of the Nerifes?

Perhaps part of it crystallized over a long period of time.

Oh, it's very pretty.

|The camera zooms back in tight on the group. Jay, Will, Chloe, Moses,
 and Senel: (!).|

SENEL |pointing at some writing on the wall|
Norma, look at the wall!

NORMA |finally looks down from the Everlight, turns to face Senel|
What are you getting so excited ab--

|She then walks to the wall, (!).|

No way...That's... It can't be...but...there's no mistaking that
 writing... I'd know master's writing anywhere...

WILL |walks to the right a couple steps and crouches down|
There's something written over here, too. I'm afraid I can't read it,

NORMA |runs over to Will, the party following her every move|
Ooh, let me see.

|Norma looks down. (!), (...). Senel walks over.|

It looks like Relares.

|Norma then looks up, then starts crying, her head down, her hands up
 at her face.|

*Sob* *Sob*

Norma? What's wrong?

Master...master, I can read it. I studied really hard, and I can read
 your feelings...


NORMA |stops crying, looks up, but still facing away from the party|
I studied so hard so I could catch up to you... I can read it all...all
 by myself... *Sob* |falls to her knees with legs out to the sides|
 Uwaaaah!...*Sob*...Master, I...I...

|Shirley strides forward to stand just behind Norma.|


I made it, master! I came all the way here, just like you!

What does it say?

Do you mind?

Yeah...it's okay...

SHIRLEY |crouching down to read the text on the ground|
It says, "To my dearest student,"

"I promise that one day, we will meet again in this place."

|Scene fades out|

|Scene fades back in to Sven of the past writing on the wall of the

I shall wait here forever until I fulfill that promise.

|He stops writing, then turns away from the wall and shakes his head.|

SVEN |doubling over|
Eww, no no no! I'm going to seriously vomit if I keep writing this
 stuff! |stands back up, turns around to re-face the wall| I have to be
 myself! |continues writing, (music note), stops| Norma. I was only able to
 find the Everlight because you believed in me. |turns away from the
 wall| I never told you, but you were always a constant source of
 encouragement for me. |folds arms| When everyone else was laughing at me and
 telling me I was crazy, you alone listened to me. |unfolds, (laughs)|
 Whenever the two of us were together, we'd laugh and goof around so much
 I'd completely forget about my troubles. |makes a fist, holds it up| The
 time I spent with you is truly priceless to me. |walks forward a few
 steps, (!), (...), makes fist again| Of course, my face would turn so
 many shades of red if I actually said this to your face. |lowers fist,
 shakes his head, walks over to where the writing was found on the ground,
 (blushes), starts scratching his head| I hope you'll forgive me for
 doing it like this. |crouches and begins writing| I pray that you will
 find this place in the not-so-distant future. I have faith that you will.
 So I leave you these words: Thank you, Norma. Thank you for everything.
 |stands up| And also... |walks to the center of the room, looks up at
 the Everlight| You did work hard, and you did a great job. |looks
 ahead, then strikes the pose the dancers make| Norma, you rule! You are the
 best student anyone could ever dream of having! |regains composure, and
 turns to face the camera|


SVEN |pointing towards the camera|
Raise your head, Norma! |shakes hands| Walk proudly, Norma! |raises
 hands to the sky, leans back| Look forward to tomorrow, Norma! |stands
 straight, makes fist| A limitless future awaits you there!


|Sven then starts limping out of the chamber as the scene fades out.|

|Scene fades in with everyone in the same position as when we left.|

To Norma Beatty, from Sven, with dreams and wonder. |Shirley rises|

Master...I found it...I found the Everlight.

|Shirley: (...).|

So, he left this world after accomplishing his life's goal. He must
 have died with no regrets.

NORMA |rises|
Even if he'd never found the Everlight, Sven didn't live a cowardly
 life that would leave him with regret. He lived every moment to its

MOSES |nods with hands on hips|
He was a man among men.

|Norma walks back to look straight up at the Everlight. The party's
 gaze follows.|


|Senel: (!).|

NORMA |lowers gaze|
Whew, I feel better now.

Uh...are you okay already?

NORMA |turns around to face everyone|
...Well, I still have work to do, after all. I can't just stand here

|Everyone turns to face the writing on the wall.|


NORMA |hands out, the party turns back to face her|
I'm going to finish what master set out to do. That's my dream. |hands
 at her side| ...guys, will you stick with me just a little longer?

MOSES |two squat-thrusts|
You bet. For as long as you need.

You're going to get Zamaran, right?

NORMA |twitches, then nods|

|Scene fades out.|

|Scene fades back in to Norma dragging Zamaran through the Crystal
 Forest, party following behind. Scene fades out.|

|Scene fades back in to the same as above, but a new area of the
 Crystal Forest. Norma stops dragging Zamaran, as the party comes to a stop.|

Just how far are you planning on taking me?

NORMA |facing him|
Be quiet and walk, would you? 

|She continues dragging him along as the party follows, and the scene
 fades out.|

|Scene fades in to the Everlight chamber. Norma stands with her back to
 the Everlight, facing the party, while Zamaran stands facing her, off
 to the side a bit.|


NORMA |arms folded, character portrait facing Zamaran|
If it were up to me, you wouldn't be here, but this is what master

Don't you think it's about time you told me what's going on?

You'll understand soon enough.


|Norma lowers her arms, turns to face the Everlight, and points at it.|

Please, grant my wish...

|The Everlight starts shining and making sparkly sounds until it's
 glowing pretty bright.|

ZAMARAN |raising his head up to it|
Huh? I feel a warm light.

Please, Everlight! Grant this wish for me and my master!

|Scene fades out.|


|Inside the Everlight chamber. Zamaran slowly opens his eyes, and looks
 at the writing on the wall.|

NORMA, SVEN |voices coming from the text on the wall|
The Everlight! It's here! Check it out!

|Norma then steps into frame, blurry at first, then comes into focus,
 gives Zamaran an "I told you so" look, then holds up the peace sign.|

Not bad, huh? I told you so!


|Scene fades back into the Everlight chamber with Zamaran looking at
 the writing on the wall, with Norma standing next to him, looking at

Well? What do you think?

ZAMARAN |turns to face Norma|

NORMA |arms out, shakes her head|
Mind you, I think he was trying a little too hard to show off.

ZAMARAN |bows his head|
That stupid fool...

NORMA |lowers arms|
He's so stupid you want to cry, right? But this was his dream. He
 wanted to cure your blindness.

He stayed stupid right to the very end...

NORMA |arms out|
Well, yeah, this is master we're talking about. If you take the stupid
 away, he wouldn't have anything left. |lowers arms|

ZAMARAN |raises head|
You have a point there.

NORMA |foot out to the side, hand on hip|
Now that you can see me, what do you think? Pretty nice, huh? [Editor's
 note: Ha! <3 Norma.]

ZAMARAN |arms out, head tilted|
Humph. You look like an uppity brat, just as I expected. |lowers arms|

NORMA |resumes normal stance|
Boy oh boy. Can't you say something nice for a change?

|Scene fades out|

|Fades back in to the Everlight chamber, but the camera zoomed way out.
 There's a rumbling sound, and the Everlight shakes then falls to the
 side a little. Zamaran and Norma: (!). The camera zooms back in, and a
 pink light drops out of the Everlight onto the ground.|

It must have lost its power and crumbled.

|Zamaran walks around to the front of the Everlight to stare up at it.
 Norma: (...).|

Oh, well, no biggie. The goal was to find it.

|Norma walks around to stand next to Zamaran and gaze up at the


Maybe it's the Everlight's way of telling me to find a new dream.

ZAMARAN |eyes now open|
Humph. Are you trying to sound mature now?

NORMA |turns to face Zamaran, eyes closed in happiness|
I'm in a good mood today, so I'll let you say whatever you want.

ZAMARAN |folds arms, still looking at the Everlight|
I don't need permission from a monkey.

NORMA |gets mad, starts waving her arms up and down|
Hey, watch it, old man!

|Scene fades out.|


Notification: Norma received the title of Teacher's Pet Chick!



   <N06>     Werites Beacon

BEGIN SCENE |Scene fades in at the entrance to Werites Beacon. The
 party stops before the bridge. Zamaran continues across. Norma stops in
 front of Zamaran on the bridge, and turns to face him.|


NORMA |happy, foot out to the side, hand on hip|
So, what are you gonna do now, old man?

|Norma stands normally, Zamaran puts his arms behind him.|

Well, now that I've come all the way out to the Legacy, I think I'll
 stay and enjoy it a little longer.

NORMA |eyes heavy|
I'd be happier if you hurried up and left.


|Shirley and Senel face each other.|

She's embarrassed to admit that she likes him.

|Zamaran turns around to face them.|


|Senel and Shirley: ('''). Norma: (blushes), then runs over to them and
 starts waving her arms. They turn to face her.|

Hey! No comments from the peanut gallery!

|Norma runs back to her place on the bridge, rotates around to point at

Don't you have classes to teach at the academy? |lowers her arm|

What about you? Were you planning on staying here indefinitely?

NORMA |looks up at the sky|
I'm not going back yet. But I am going to graduate eventually. |looks
 back at Zamaran| So pull some strings and make sure I don't get
 expelled, old man.

ZAMARAN |arms out to the side, shakes his head|
Humph. Perhaps I'll think about it.

|Norma: (laughs). Foot out, hand on hip. Something pink glitters in her


Oh, this? I brought back a fragment of the Everlight. |she holds it out
 towards Zamaran where it makes a shining sound effect| I was thinking
 I'd show it to master.

How astute of you.

NORMA |retracts her hand, eyes widen, then she looks sly|
That's a compliment, right?

ZAMARAN |hands behind his back, eyes closed|

|Zamaran walks past her into Werites Beacon. She watches him, then
 turns around, scratches her head, then winds up and makes a fist.|

NORMA |happy closed eyes|
Well, I'm off to report to Sven!


|Norma lowers her hand.|

Notification: Acquired Everlight Fragment!

|Norma turns and runs off into the city. The camera moves to focus on
 the party where everyone turns to Will.|

WILL |arms out|
Looks like when all is said and done, Norma's still Norma.

SENEL |hand out|
I think she's fine like that. That's just her style.

|Shirley and Chloe turn to Senel, and (...). Will turns to Moses who
 starts nodding profusely with hands on hips.|

Hah hah. That's our girl!

|Everyone turns to face Jay.|

So the Everlight really existed.

|Party faces Will.|

WILL |folds arms|
If she had only contacted the research institutes on the mainland, she
 would have had no end of offers coming her way.

SENEL |arms out to the side, shaking his head|
Somehow I can't see Norma showing any interest in working with those
 guys, though.

MOSES |nodding uncontrollably again|
You got that right!

|Everybody but Grune: (laughs).|

|Scene fades out.|



[Scene changes to Senel in bed. An earthquake shakes the house, and he falls
out of bed, still asleep. Grune approaches.]

Grune: Senel, it's morning! Time to wake up. Senel...It's morning, dear...
Well, if you won't get up, I'm just going to have to sleep, too. Take that!

[Grune gets into Senel's bed and he gets up.]

Senel: What kind of a threat is that?

Grune: Oh, good morning, Senel!

Shirley: Senel, are you awake?

[Shirley approaches. She sees Grune and Senel, and the colors invert for a
second. Shirley collapses.]

Shirley: ...

Grune: Oh, hello, Shirley! Good morning.

Shirley: ...Good morning.

Senel: Morning. Good timing, Shirley. There's something I wanted to ask you.
It's about the Everlight. Did you see the way it glowed?...

Shirley: I'm pretty sure it was the same as my brooch.

Senel: That's what I figured. We should have realized it sooner.

Shirley: "An ore that can cure any disease" and a "miraculous jewel that can
grant any wish." They're really saying the same thing.

Senel: I remember now. Stella called it a "Tear of the Sea," didn't she?

Shirley: It's not just the sea, though. It's Nerifes.

Senel: Nerifes...Well, in the end, it's just like any power--it all depends on
how it's used. It can help people, and it can hurt them.

Shirley: I want to use my power to help people.

Senel: Yeah.

Grune: What a lovely thing to say. I'll cheer you on!

Shirley: Oh, right. Senel, could you come to Will's house?

Grune: Oh, that's right. I came here to tell Senel the same thing.

Shirley: You did?

Senel: Grune got here just a few moments before you did, Shirley.

Shirley: Why didn't you...

Senel: Huh? What?

Shirley: Why didn't you say so earlier? {vein}

Senel: Ow! Ow! What are you pinching me for?! Hey!

   <itl>     Character Quest

[They leave Senel's house. A man in turquoise approaches.]

???: Excuse me, might I trouble you for a moment? I'm looking for directions.

Senel: Hmm? Sure.

???: Could you tell me how to get to the graveyard?

Shirley: Oh, well it's--

???: Oh, my.

Shirley: What is it?

???: Oh, ah, it's nothing. I'm sorry. It's just, your hair is so beautiful, I
nearly lost myself in its luster. It truly is wondrous. It reminds me of the
rumors I've heard about the Radiant. They say the Radiant have beautiful,
golden hair.

Senel: Hey, watch it.

???: Oh, I'm sorry. I'm being terribly rude. After all, we only just met.

Senel: You want to go to the graveyard, right? It's over toward Fallingwater.

???: Oh, on the opposite side of the city? No wonder I couldn't find it. Thank
you very much. Good day.

[He leaves.]

Senel: There's something about that guy I don't like.

Shirley: It's okay. He didn't bother me. Anyway, Senel...

Grune: We need to go to Will's house.

Senel: ...Right.

[They head towards Will's house. Csaba and Moses are outside talking.]

Csaba: Another one of our group was attacked. This is the sixth time, now...

Moses: Stay calm. I'll take care of it.

Csaba: What if it's...Giet?...

Moses: Giet would never do something like that!

Csaba: Hey look, I trust Giet too, but not everyone knows him like we do.
Several of our own people suspect Giet.

Moses: Don't do anything until I give the word. I'll trust you to keep the boys
in line.

Csaba: All right. But they hate waiting for stuff to happen, you know. I don't
think they'll be able to sit still for very long. Anyway, I'm off. I'm going
to look into this some more.

Moses: Right. Good luck.

[Csaba runs off. Senel, Shirley and Grune approach Moses.]

Senel: Did something happen with Csaba? He looked a little troubled.

Moses: Nah, it's nothin'. Csaba just likes worryin' about stuff.

Senel: Hmm, no Giet today, huh?

Moses: What? We ain't always together.

Grune: Will's waiting, you two.

[Moses goes in the house. Senel, Shirley, and Grune follow. Everyone gathers
around the table except Norma.]

Will: Looks like we're all...not here.

Moses: Yeah, Bubbles ain't here.

Chloe: When I spoke with her at the inn, she said she'd be here soon.

Jay: When Norma says "soon," there's no telling how long it'll actually be.

Harriet: It might be faster to just go and get her.

Will: Senel, could you go check the inn?

Senel: Yeah, all right.

Harriet: I'll go with you.

[They travel to the inn. Norma is at the counter with Zamaran.]

Zamaran: Well, then, how about this?

Inkeep: Um...I'm afraid that's not going to work.

Zamaran: Come on! This is one deal you don't want to miss.

Inkeep: Look, I've got my livelihood to worry about here.

[Party enters the inn.]

Norma: Oh, hey guys. What's up?

Chloe: We waited for you, but you never came. We're here to pick you up.

Norma: Ah, yeah, well, see...the old man here...

Inkeep: Zamaran, please stop pestering me. I can't just rent you a room
indefinitely. No, I mean, renting out the room is fine, but you have to pay
for it.

Zamaran: I said I'd give you a discount!

Inkeep: Zamaran, that's supposed to be my line.

Senel: Hmm, now where have I seen this before?...

Harriet: Yeah...

Zamaran: I'm here in the name of research! To further the development of the

Inkeep: But still, five Gald a month...That's a little...

Chloe: Five Gald?! That's cheap!

Norma: Really?

Zamaran: Were you even listening to me?! Who said anything about five Gald a

Inkeep: Oh, was it five Gald a night? Still, that's not quite--

Zamaran: Oh, please! Don't be absurd! Obviously, it's five Gald a year!

Norma: Cut it out, old man! You're embarrassing me!

Senel, Harriet: Look who's talking...

Inkeep: In all the years I've run this inn, I've never once encountered anyone
as ridiculous as... {...}

Norma: ...as?

Inkeep: {scribble} ...No, I guess there was one person before. Someone came in
here and said he would buy the entire inn for five Gald... You...You wouldn't
happen to know that person, would you?

Norma: Hah hah...hah hah hah! I...I don't know anyone that stupid!

Zamaran: Indeed! I couldn't possibly allow myself to be associated with such a
world-class idiot!

[Norma whispers to Zamaran.]

Norma: That's got to be Sven, right?

Zamaran: Unfortunately, it would seem so. Oh, well, I suppose it can't be
helped. You can just add my room fee to Norma's bill.

Norma: What, I have to pay for you, too?!

Inkeep: All right, I'll make a note of that. Charge...room...to Norma...

Norma: Hey! Don't I get a say in any of this?!

Zamaran: Don't be so selfish.

Norma: Me? What about you?!

Zamaran: I'm going out for a bit. I'll leave the rest to you.

[Zamaran leaves.]

Norma: Hey, we're not done yet! Hold up, you seriously expect me to pay for

Inkeep: I'd prefer it if you'd pay in advance.

Shirley: Zamaran is, how shall I put it?...

Chloe: Not quite what I expected.

Senel: Forget about Zamaran for now. Let's get back to Will's house. I'm sure
he's getting tired of waiting.

[They return to Will's house.]

Will: I have a request. I'd like you all to come with me to the Village of the

Jay: But didn't they...

Will: After that battle ended, they surrounded it with a barrier and shut
themselves in.

Norma: Now Shirl's the only one who can contact them.

Will: However, yesterday, we received a notice that they would remove the
barrier. It seems they're now willing to accept human visitors as well.

Moses: What made them change their minds?

Will: I'm sure Maurits could answer that if you ask him. He's actually
requested a meeting with us himself.

Senel: Maurits?

Shirley: I received a message, as well. As their ambassador, I'd like to second
this request.

Senel: It's no problem for us, but what about you, Shirley?

Shirley: I'll go too, of course.

Senel: Are you sure? You might run into Thyra.

Norma: Oh, right. That's where Tulip lives.

Harriet: ...Tulip?

Chloe: She might start saying the same kinds of things she did last time.

Shirley: I'll be fine. But I may wind up causing trouble for you all...

Moses: Nonsense. Ain't none of it your fault.

Grune: Shirley, you're such a good girl.

Moses: Well, now that that's settled, let's get moving!

Norma: Charge! ...Oh, come on, people!

Grune, Harriet: Charge!

Senel: Well, now that we're all psyched up, I guess we should get going.

Norma, Grune, Harriet: Charge!

Will: Harriet, I want you to stay and watch the house.

Harriet: *Sigh*

[They leave Werites Beacon.]

Norma: To the Village of the Ferines!

   <ivf>     Village of the Ferines

Moses: I thought it'd just be the lake, but you can see the village, too.

Norma: He said they'd removed the barrier.

Jay: It's probably best not to expect any serious output from Moses' brain.

[They enter the village. Some Ferines see them and run off.]

Norma: Oh, what a wonderfully warm welcome! I can feel the love just pouring
out! I'm so happy I could cry!

Will: Norma, cut the sarcasm.

Norma: But, come on!

[Thyra approaches.]

Senel: Thyra...

Thyra: What do you think you're doing here?

Norma: She's already angry.

Moses: That's one scary lady.

Jay: She's not going to let us get a word in edgewose, is she?

Shirley: We...

Thyra: I don't want to hear a word from you. Go home. You're not wanted here.

Shirley: Wait. I want to talk to you.

Thyra: Well I don't. If you want to talk, why don't you talk to yourself.

Maurits: Thyra, that's enough.

[Maurits walks over.]

Thyra: Chief!...

Maurits: I asked these people to come here.

Thyra: *Gasp*

[Thyra runs off.]

Shirley: Thyra!

Maurits: I apologize for her behavior. Especially after you've come all the way

Will: It's all right.

Maurits: Please, come to my room. We can talk more there.

[They follow Maurits into his room and sit around the table.]

Maurits: Really, I'd intended to remove the barrier sooner. It took longer than
I anticipated to convince everyone.

Norma: From what we just saw, it didn't look like many of them were convinced.

Maurits: Do not worry. We Ferines no longer have any reason to treat you
Orerines as our enemy.

Shirley: Ferines respect the will of Nerifes above all else.

Maurits: Nerifes desires peace between the Ferines and Orerines. Therefore, we
shall strive to accomplish that.

Will: We are grateful for your decision.

Maurits: However, we, too, are living beings. Naturally, there are still some
lingering emotional issues to be resolved. Even so, we must eliminate the
enmity between us. We must move forward toward a new future, together.

Shirley: Maurits...

Maurits: It was thanks to Shirley, Senel and the rest of you that I was able to
realize this.

Senel: Let's work together to find a path we can all share.

Maurits: Now, as for the matter at hand... I have a request to make of you.

Will: Yes?

Maurits: Recently, we've had frequent sightings of black mist in the area
around our home. Shirley has informed me that you've encountered it several
times as well.

Jay: Do you know what the black mist is?

Maurits: Unfortunately, right now we know nothing. But the reports I've been
hearing leave me very uneasy. The black mist is not something we can ignore.

Will: I agree. Let us cooperate on this matter in order to ascertain the truth.

Radiant Female: Thyra! The Chief has guests right now!

[Thyra walks in.]

Maurits: What is it, Thyra?

Thyra: I told you to go home. Didn't you hear me? Chief! Please send these
people away at once!

Norma: Would you stop thinking about just yourself?

Thyra: Oh, I think it's you Orerines who are the ones thinking only about

Chloe: What?...

Thyra: After you used and killed as many Ferines as you did, I'm surprised you
have the gall to say such a thing. Is anything I've said untrue? Why did
Nerifes have to choose someone like you? Why couldn't I have been a Merines?!
I'd have taken the Orerines and the land and wiped them out completely!

Norma: Man, I'm sure glad Tulip didn't get the job...

Moses: No kiddin'.

Thyra: How dare you make fun of me!

Norma: Eek!

Moses: ...I think I just wet myself.

[Shirley gets up and walks over to Thyra.]

Thyra: Wh...what is it?

Shirley: The power to annihilate people is not something I'd wish on anyone.

Thyra: What is that supposed to mean?

Shirley: Exactly what it sounds like.

Thyra: I don't understand a thing you say! Get away from me! Don't ever come
near me again!

Senel: Hey!

Shirley: Senel, I'm fine.

Thyra: If you've forgotten that you're a Ferines, or you've thrown away your
role as a Merines, then don't show your face around here! This place is for us
Ferines to live!

[Senel approaches Thyra.]

Shirley: Senel?...

Thyra: Wh...what? Don't get near me!

Senel: Shirley hasn't forgotten anything. Not that she's a Ferines, nor that
she's a Merines.

Thyra: What could you know about it?

Senel: Not a thing. I'm not Shirley, so I can't know her suffering. But I can
say this. Shirley is more aware than anyone of the fact that she's a Ferines.
She lives with a deep understanding of what it means to be a Merines.

Thyra: If that's the case, then--

Senel: She chose to be with us in order to help make a better future for the

Will: She's working to fulfill her responsibility as a Merines in a different

Norma: In other words, she's a lot more courageous than a whiny little brat
like you.

Thyra: Wh...what did you call me?! Just who do you people think you are?!

Senel: You can't complain about things not changing if you're not willing to
make any effort to change them yourself. Don't be a coward.

Thyra: H...how dare you...

Senel: Fenimore accepted us, you know.

Thyra: Fenimore did? Impossible!

Senel: If you spend all your time worrying about who's a Ferines and who's an
Orerines, nothing will ever change. Don't you think it's about time you
realized that?

Thyra: I won't let you trick me! I'll never trust you!

[Thyra runs out.]

Shirley: Thyra!

[Shirley runs after her. Everyone stands up.]

Senel: Maurits, excuse us.

Maurits: Going after Shirley, I presume? I don't mind. I was finished, anyway.

[Scene changes to Shirley alone. She finds a grave with a broken automaton next
to it.]

Shirley: This is...I see...It's Fenimore's... I'm sorry I'm so late in coming
to see you, Fenimore. I should have come here sooner. I guess you probably want
to scold me for taking so long.

[She approaches the grave.]

Shirley: I kept thinking about you when I was talking to Thyra. Your sister
says the same things you did...and she looks just like you... You were angry
when you learned I was the Merines. And you were really angry when you learned
about Senel. But, despite all of that, we still became friends, right? I can't
tell you how comforting it was to have you with me. It's thanks to you that I'm
here today. I wanted to talk more with you. I wanted to spend more time with
you. I'm sorry. I know I need to be more positive. But, don't worry. I'm okay
now. I'm not alone anymore. Senel's with me. And the others, too. I'll do what
needs to be done. So, please rest peacefully now. I'll take care of Thyra, too.

[The party travels to where Shirley is.]

Senel: Shirley...are you alone?

Chloe: Did you find Thyra?

Shirley: Oh, no. I came across Fenimore's grave here first, so...

Senel: ...I see.

Norma: Shirl, you down in the dumps or what?

Chloe: Norma, be a little more considerate.

Shirley: It's all right. I'm not alone anymore.

[Another earthquake occurs.]

Moses: Whoa, an earthquake?

Thyra: Aaaaah!

Chloe: What was that scream?!

Grune: Oh, it sounded like Thyra.

Moses: It came from near the entrance!

[Party goes to the entrance. A galf is by Thyra.]

Thyra: No...I'm...

[Black mist comes from Thyra. The shadowy figure appears behind her.]

???: Offer unto me your hatred and your desires, child.

Shirley: Look out!

[Shirley's teriques shoots out and hits the galf. The figure disappears and the
party runs up.]

Senel: Let's get it.

Thyra: Stay...away from me!

[More mist appears in front of Thyra.]

Senel, Chloe, Moses: The black mist!

Norma: It turned into that round thing again!

Will: Is it going to possess a monster?!

Senel: Not if we can help it! Let's go!

Shirley, Chloe, Moses: Yeah! {Shirley} Roger! {Chloe} You bet! {Moses}

Shirley: I won't let you hurt the people I care about.

[They defeat the monster.]

Thyra: It's all your fault...It's all because you came here!

[The mist gets thicker around Thyra. Shirley runs over to her.]

Senel: Shirley, watch out!

[Shirley hugs Thyra.]

Thyra: Wh...what are you...

Shirley: It's okay. Don't be scared.

[Shirley's hands glow.]

Shirley: Everything's okay.

[She glows brighter. The mist disappears.]

Will: The mist...cleared up.

Shirley: Are you all right? Are you hurt?

[Thyra backs away from Shirley.]

Thyra: ...Th...

Shirley: Hmm?

Thyra: ...Th...thanks. For saving me...

Shirley: I'm glad you're all right.

[Grune doubles over, clutching her head.]

Grune: ...Ahh...

Norma: G...G-Girl!

Grune: ...I should know what that black mist is...

Jay: Really?!

Will: Perhaps we may learn the truth from an unexpected source.

Norma: You can do it, G-Girl!

[Grune stands up.]

Grune: Yes...I remember now...

Shirley: You do?

Grune: I've remembered...that there's something I'm supposed to remember.

Chloe: Haven't we already established that?

Jay: In other words, she hasn't actually remembered anything.

Grune: Hmm, no, that's not quite right. What I mean is...

Norma: Yes?

Grune: Hmm. What was it?

Norma: You've already forgotten what you were gonna say?!

Grune: Oh, my, that's too bad, isn't it?

Norma: Come on, at least act like you're concerned!

Grune: Oh, my, Norma, you sound like you're having fun!

Norma: How could you possibly think that?!

Grune: Oh, now that we're here, why don't we plant the seed?

Jay: I give up...

Grune: Let us take a little seed... Plant it gently; water it well... Little
seedling, nestled in the ground, grow up safe and sound. {note}

Moses: Can we just plant it here without asking anyone?

Shirley: I don't think it'll hurt anything, but...

Norma: Oh, well, it's already planted now, anyway.

Grune: There we go.

Norma: All done, G-Girl? You certainly look quite happy now.

Jay: So now the black mist is even more mysterious than it was before.

Senel: An earthquake occurred, the mist appeared, and then it formed into a

Will: {...}

Norma: Will, you look like something's bugging you.

Will: Would you think I was crazy if I suggested that the mist might somehow
react to human emotion?

Jay: I've been pondering that possibility as well. I mean, it's nothing more
than a possibility, but... On top of that, the mist appears to have something
like a will of its own.

Moses: Who's controlling it? And how?

Will: It seems unlikely that it's a form of eres...

Moses: Well, at least we got rid of the monster. I guess that'll do for now.

Norma: Yeah! And Tulip didn't seem to get hurt.

Will: We're finished with Maurits as well, so we should be getting back to

[They begin to leave, and Shirley stops. She walks over to Thyra.]

Shirley: Could I talk to you for just a minute?

Thyra: {...}

Shirley: You don't have to agree with me, but please, just listen.

Thyra: ...All right.

Shirley: Thanks. I think it's very easy to combat hatred with hatred.

Thyra: Wh...what...

Shirley: But that won't allow us to move forward. Even if I used my power as a
Merines to destroy the land, it wouldn't lead to happiness. I don't think
unleashing hatred can lead to happiness.

Thyra: How can you be so sure?...

Shirley: Instead of using my power for war, I want to use it all to believe in

Thyra: To believe in people?

Shirley: The Orerines and the Ferines aren't really all that different. It's
obvious once you live with them for a little while.

Thyra: But the Orerines committed countless acts of cruelty against us.

Shirley: Yes. That's true. But it doesn't mean that all Orerines are cruel. I
want to find a path that the Ferines and Orerines can walk along together,
hand-in-hand. That's why I'm staying with Senel and the others. Anyway, that's
how I feel right now. If you don't agree with me, that's fine. If you want to
hate me, that's fine. But I'll continue to believe that a day will come when
everyone will understand. Sorry to keep you guys. Let's go.

Thyra: Wait! Are you happy right now?

Shirley: Yes. Very.

Thyra: ...How can I say anything after seeing a smile like that... I don't
think I can forgive you anytime soon. I don't think I can agree with you
anytime soon. But, little by little, I'd like to restore happiness to this
place, too. I want to see people smile again.

Shirley: Yeah. Let's do our best to see that happen.

Thyra: So, until then... Until then, please, let me hate you.

Shirley: That's fine. If it'll make it easier for everyone.

[Thyra runs off.]

Shirley: It's okay. I'm sure she'll understand someday.

Senel: ...Yeah.

Grune: You did a marvelous job of telling her how you feel, Shirley.

Shirley: Thank you.

[They leave the village. Camera shifts to Maurits and Thyra.]

Maurits: Someday, we may be glad about it.

Thyra: What?

Maurits: That the Merines turned out to be the kind of person she did.

Thyra: Chief...

Maurits: We've barely begun to walk, and no one can yet tell what the future
will bring. However...the sea is calm.

Thyra: Yes... There may be hope. That smile was real...

[Party leaves the Village of the Ferines.]

Moses: Wanna head to our place?

   <iwb>     Werites Beacon

Norma: I can't tell if we made any progress or not, you know?

Grune: Yes, that's too bad.

Shirley: I'm glad we went to the village. I got to talk about a lot of things.

Senel: Yeah.

Norma: I wonder if Tulip will calm down a bit now.

Will: She doesn't need to calm down. If she has something to say, she can look
us right in the eye and say it.

Moses: Yeah. That's how it should be.

Senel: What's up, Chloe? Chloe?

Chloe: Hmm?...Oh...nothing.

Norma: I'm so beat! I want to go to bed!

Grune: Oh, yes. Me too. A nice, fluffy bed!

Will: Let's go ahead and call it a day.

Norma: All right! To bed! Charge!

[Everyone leaves except Chloe.]

Chloe: "It's easy to combat hatred with hatred..." She's right. That was the
easiest choice to make... If someone asked me if I was happy right now, I doubt
I could answer with a smile...

[Flashback begins. A carriage is overturned in the rain.]

Young Chloe: Mother! Please, open your eyes! Please!...Open your eyes...
Mother! Mother!

???: If you had simply handed over your valuables, your lives would have been

Young Chloe: Father!

[A man brings down a sword on Chloe's father.]

Young Chloe: No! No...Father...Father...It can't be...no...

[The man approaches her.]

Young Chloe: Ah...ahh...ahh...Get away...

???: ...

Young Chloe: No...No!

???: If you ever wield a sword, I will show you no mercy. But if that is your
resolve, then so be it.

Young Chloe: Ah...ahh...ah...ahh...

???: You can't even find the resolve to fight? So the "noble" House of Valens
is reduced to...this. Pitiful.

Young Chloe: G...get away...get away from me... No...no, get away...Ah...

[The man picks up a sword.]

Young Chloe: N...no...no, no!...

[He lifts it above his head.]

Young Chloe: Aaaaah!

[Flashback ends. Chloe wakes up at the hospital.]

Chloe: *Huff* *Huff* That dream again...I thought I'd finally stopped having
it... ...Oh, it's raining... When will I finally be free from this curse?

[Scene changes to the next morning. Chloe is sitting in a corner.]

Chloe: The rain's stopped. I hadn't had that dream since I returned to the
Legacy. I thought I'd finally... I guess I'm not allowed to forget.

[There's a knock on the door.]

Chloe: Is that you, Elsa? It's unlocked.

Elsa: I, uh...I need to talk to you about something! Father went out to search
for medicinal ingredients, but he still hasn't come back... So I...*Cough*

Chloe: Calm down, Elsa. Speak slowly.

Elsa: O...okay.

Chloe: Did something happen to Alcott?

Elsa: When he left, he said he'd be back by last night. But he still hasn't
returned, and I'm starting to worry...

Chloe: Understood. I'll go look for him. Where was he going?

Elsa: He said he was going to some fortress. The fortress of the Va...something

Chloe: The hidden fortress Vaclav's army used?

Elsa: Vaclav! Yes, that's it. But Chloe, could you...could you please take me
with you?

Chloe: No. It's too dangerous outside the city. On top of that, you're ill. I
can't allow you to do something like that.

Elsa: I know, but please! I'm so worried about him!

Chloe: Alcott would be so sad if your condition worsened.

Elsa: This isn't the first time Father hasn't returned for days. Every time, he
either comes back exhausted or seriously injured.

Chloe: I understand how you feel, but you need to wait here. He could come back
at any time. If he found you gone, it would only give him cause to worry.

Elsa: Father is searching for those ingredients for me. I can't bear the
thought of him being injured or getting into danger just because of me!

Chloe: Elsa...

Elsa: So, please, take me with you.

Chloe: ...No. I'll ask Coolidge and the others for help. You wait here.

Elsa: You won't change your mind no matter what?

Chloe: No matter what.

Elsa: ...All right. I'm sorry for being so stubborn.

[Scene changes to Senel's house. Harriet runs in.]

Harriet: Senel, wake up! How long do you plan on staying in bed?!

Senel: Mmm...Shirley?...

Harriet: I'm not Shirley! I'm Hattie!

Senel: Morning, Shirley.

Harriet: Hey! Snap out of it! Wake up!

[Harriet hits Senel over the head.]

Senel: Like father, like daughter, huh...

Harriet: Stop babbling already and come to my house! Chloe's looking for you.

[Senel arrives at Will's house.]

Senel: Is something up?

Chloe: It's Elsa.

[Screen fades for her explanation.]

Will: So, she pretended to listen to you and then snuck out of the hospital.

Norma: Elly pulled a fast one, huh?

Senel: (...Elly?)

Chloe: When I went to go speak with her, her room was already empty.

Senel: Do you have any idea where she might have gone?

Chloe: I think she's headed to the hidden fortress that Vaclav's army used.

Jay: Why whould she go there?

Chloe: Apparently, Alcott told Elsa he was going there.

Will: That's a strange place to go to collect ingredients. I don't recall any
medicinal plants growing there.

Jay: Even if there aren't any plants, perhaps there are still some valuable
medicines remaining there.

Norma: Ah, yeah, that could be true.

Moses: So let's go take a look for ourselves.

Norma: All right! This is my chance to return the favor for making that

Moses: I never thought you'd remember any favor anyone ever did for you.

Norma: I have a strong sense of obligation.

Jay: Are you sure you don't mean obsession?

Will: I think Jay's got the right idea.

Norma: *Sob* Oh, G-Girl! They're all making fun of me!

[Norma hugs Grune.]

Grune: There, there, it's okay now.

Norma: Ahh...So fluffy...so dreamy...the very definition of happiness...

Moses: Man, I'd kill to be Norma right now...

Jay: Try to keep your instincts in your pants, Moses.

Senel: I'm worried about Elsa and Arnold. Let's head to the fortress.

             A Place to Call Home
   <Ccq>     Character Quest: Chloe                   By: Chaos Control3290

Upon leaving city:
Moses: Gotta get there while Elsa is still healthy.

Senel: Come on, let's get to the Hidden Fortress.

At Hidden Fortress:

Elsa: *Huff* *Huff* ...I finally made it. 

Elsa: I wonder if Father's here.

Elsa: O...oh...That's weird...

Elsa: *Huff* *Huff* Ah... it's starting to hurt a little...

Chloe: Elsa!

Elsa: Oh!...You're all here...

Chloe: Do you realize what you've done?!

Elsa: Chloe... you're scaring me...

Chloe: You should be scared! I am furious!

Norma: Come on, C. She's all right, so everything's okay, isn't it?

Chloe: No, it's not!

Norma: Why am I getting scolded too?

Moses: 'Cause you're just runnin' your mouth off.

Will: Try to think about the situation before you speak.

Norma: Why am I still getting scolded?

Chloe: If you really understand the situation, then you will return to the 
       hospital at once. We'll search for Alcott.

Elsa: But...

Chloe: No buts!

Elsa: Still...

Chloe: Elsa!

Elsa: Chloe, you're really scaring me.

Senel: I'm worried about sending her back alone. We should go with her.

Norma: Yeah, Senel's right. If we take our eyes off her, she might not 
       even go back to town.

Elsa: Please! I won't cause any trouble!

Elsa: I'll do what I'm told!

Norma: Just by coming here, you've already caused plenty of trouble, and you 
       didn't do what you were told.

Shirley: You don't have to be so blunt, Norma.

Elsa: A...anyway, please!

Chloe: ...Fine. We'll go together.

Elsa: Th...thank you! Thank you so much!

Senel: All right, let's start looking for Arnold.

(Upon exiting Puzzle Booth)

Chloe: Elsa, how are you feeling?

Elsa: I...I'm okay. I can keep going. We have to find Father.

Norma: You shouldn't push yourself. Look, your legs are shaking.

Elsa: Oh, th...that's...

Chloe: Alcott will be worried if he sees you looking ill. 

Will: We'll stop and rest here.

Elsa: N...no, I'm fine!

Chloe: Elsa, we'll send you back to the city if you don't listen to us.

Norma: C's really laying down the law today.

Elsa: O...okay. Yes, maybe I am pretty tired, after all! *Yawn*

Elsa: I'd really like to stop and rest! Please let me rest!

Moses: I like her attitude.

Jay: You could learn a thing or two from her, Moses.

Moses: You could learn to keep your trap shut!

Jay: Now, let's see... I think I'll go scout ahead a little.

Moses: I ain't done talkin' to you! Get back here!

Grune: I'll go as well. I'm worried about those two.

Norma: I have a feeling G-Girl's the one we should be worried about...

(party rests)
Will: Looks like she was really pushing herself. She fell asleep right away.

Shirley: She must be really worried about Arnold.

Will: That's quite different from my daughter.

Shirley: Hattie would be mad if she heard that.

Elsa: Mmm...Chloe...

Chloe: Oh, she's talking in her sleep.

Elsa: Chloe, please...you mustn't...

Senel: What's she dreaming about?

Elsa: It's not cooked yet. You mustn't eat it...

Chloe: I wonder what she's having me eat.

Elsa: Mmm...Chloe... please don't go.

Norma: Sounds like she's talking about something else, now.

Elsa: ...Please...don't make me be alone...

Shirley: ...I wonder what she's dreaming about.

Elsa: Mm...mmm...O...oh? D...did I fall asleep?

Chloe: Just for a bit. It's okay.

Norma: You're not used to doing this sort of thing. You must have been tired.

Elsa: B...but I... I was leaning on Chloe...

Chloe: You're light. I don't mind.

Elsa: I...I wasn't drooling, was I?

Elsa: Was I snoring? Grinding my teeth? I wasn't talking in my sleep, was I?!

Norma: Well, you might have been a little chatty.

Elsa: O...oh, no. Did I say anything strange?

Norma: You kept calling out C's name.

Elsa: In front of Chloe?...How embarrassing...

Norma: I think we're probably better off not asking her what she was dreaming

Senel: Do you feel a little more rested now?

Elsa: Yes, thank you.

Elsa: *Sigh* But still, it's hopeless.

Norma: What's wrong, all of a sudden?

Elsa: I don't think someone like me could ever become like Chloe.

Senel: Like Chloe?

Elsa: She's everything I'm not. I've always been weak and all...

Elsa: I wish I could become strong like her some day.

Norma: Check it out, C, you've got a fan!

Chloe: I'm not good enough to be a role model for anyone.


Chloe: Ah, I mean... if you're looking for a role model, there are better 
       choices than me.

Elsa: No way! You're the best!

Norma: Hah! She's made up her mind!

Chloe: I think Alcott is a wonderful person.

Elsa: I want to be like you!

Norma: It's love! True love!

Chloe: Stop that, Norma! You're embarrassing Elsa.

Norma: I don't know, Chloe. Your face is pretty red, too!

Chloe: It is not!

Chloe: Is making fun of other people really that much for for you?!

Norma: You have no idea how fun it is!

Grune: Oh, did someone say fun? I want to play, too.

Will: Did you find Arnold?

Jay: He wasn't anywhere nearby.

Moses: There were tracks, though. There's no question he's here.

Shirley: Let's search deeper inside.

Chloe received the title of Sister Knight!

(In the hidden fortress, meeting Alcott)

Elsa: Father!

Elsa: He's terribly hurt...

Will: Senel, roll back his sleeve so we can see the wound.

Senel: How's this?

Will: Good. Ah, that's a deep wound.

Senel: (Is that... a tattoo?)

Alcott: Mmm...O...oh... What happened?...

Elsa: Father!

Moses: Chloe, what you got your sword out for?

(Monster appears)
Jay: I think we've found the cause of Arnold's injuries.

Norma: Wow, C, good job spotting it so fast!

Will: Elsa, Arnold, get back to a safer place.

(Monster is defeated)

Jay: Is this a parting gift from Vaclav's army?

Will: Don't tell me they even militarized grant gaets.

Norma: Teach, don't even think about studying it right now, understand?!

Elsa: Chloe, are you all right?

Alcott: Elsa, look out!

(Alcott kills monster)

Senel: That technique!...

Alcott: I'm fine. Don't worry.

Will: Grand gaets will never cease to amaze me. Such life, such power...

Jay: Yes, it reminded me of Moses, the way it stubbornly refused to die.

Moses: Jay, you just can't keep your mouth shut, can you?

Grune: I'm glad everyone's all right.

Senel: Yeah.

Norma: Well, let's get on home!

Will: Did you already accomplish what you came for?

Norma: Oh, that's right. You came to get ingredients or something?

Alcott: What I seek is in that locker over there.

Norma: It won't open. It's locked tight.

Norma: Huh? It opened?

Moses: You're useless, Bubbles. 

Norma: What?! Come on! I could've opened this with one kick!

Senel: You don't have to kick everything, you know.

Alcott: I'm sorry for all the trouble I've caused you.

Elsa: You'd better be, after what we went through!

Norma: Hey, you're not one to talk.

Elsa: Ah...S...sorry...

Elsa: You don't have to laught at me. You guys are mean!

Alcott: Allow me to thank you. For both our sakes.

Senel: Don't worry about it. You helped us out when Norma was in trouble.

Norma: Yeah, exactly!

Will: There's no telling what more monsters may show up. Let's get back to

(Everyone leaves)
Chloe: That tattoo on his right arm... there's no mistaking it.

Chloe: I've found him...

Chloe: I've...found him...

(Outside Hidden Fortress)

Elsa: Sorry to put so much stress on you, Chloe.

Chloe: ...

Norma: You ok, C?

Chloe: Huh? Uh, yeah. Let's get back to town. 

Norma: Are you even listening?

   <C01>     Werites Beacon

(In Werites Beacon)

Alcott: Thank you very much for your help today.

Chloe: Alcott. There's...something I want to ask you...

Elsa: *Huff* *Huff*

Alcott: Elsa? Are you all right?

Elsa: Y...yes, I guess I'm a bit worn out.

Alcott: I'm sorry. Could it wait until later?

Chloe: Ah, s...sure. That's fine.

Alcott: Good night, everyone.

(enter facechat mode)

Norma: What's the matter, C?

Chloe: It's nothing...

Norma: You're acting a little weird.

(end facechat mode)

Jay: There are a few things bothering me that I'd like to discuss.

Jay: I don't think I'm the only one who's feeling this way.

Will: Let's go to my house.

(At wills house)

Will: So is this about Arnold?

Jay: Yes. A number of things have caught my attention.

Senel: Why did he go to that hidden fortress?

Moses: Senel, ain't you been paying attention? Lemme explain.

Moses: Arnold went to the fortress to get ingredients for making some medicine.

Jay: Again. This is why I don't like dealing with simpletons.

Moses: Huh?

Jay: Anyway, Arnold did indeed go to the fortress to gather medicinal 

Jay: That means he knew that the ingredients were there in the first place.

Jay: Not only did he know about the fortress itself, but he knew about the 
     contents of that locker, too.

Moses: So what?

Jay: Don't you think that's a bit odd?

Norma: Hmm...

Jay: Norma, the locker was locked, correct?

Norma: Yeah, it was locked tight.

Moses: So what are you tryin' to say?

Jay: We don't yet know why, but we can at least conclude that Arnold was
     already familiar with that fortress.

Norma: It's certainly not a place normal people just drop by for a casual

Grune: Oh, I'd go anywhere!

Moses: Lady, the key word there was "normal."

Senel: The thing I noticed was how he wielded a sword. His technique.

Moses: Yeah. That was pretty impressive.

Senel: I've seen those moves before. It looked just like...

Senel: Well, what do you think, Chloe?

Norma: Hello?...C, we're talking...

Norma: Yep, she's not listening. *Sigh*

Norma: ...

Will: Cover your ears, everyone!

Norma: Aaaaah!

Chloe: Aaaaah!

Chloe: Oh, uh...*Cough* *Cough* I seem to be having trouble with my voice...

Norma: Is that your way of trying to change the subject?

Moses: Somethin' on your mind, Chloe?

Chloe: Oh, uh, no. I was just thinking a little.

Jay: Do you mind if we continue, then?

Chloe: Please, go ahead.

Jay: Considering his skill with the sword and the fact that he knew about
     the hidden fortress...

Jay: Perhaps Arnold was somehow involved with Vaclav in the past.

Norma: He saved my life. I don't really want to start making accusations.

Moses: I can't think of him as a bad guy.

Shirley: And he really cares for Elsa.

Jay: I think we should at least be careful about him. If it turns out to be 
     nothing, that's fine.

Will: Well, I guess that wraps things up for today.

Norma: *Yawn* Man, I'm tired. I can't keep my eyes open another minute.

Will: Norma, if you're going to sleep, do it in your own room.

Norma: I've decided to grant you the honor of letting me crash at your place

Shirley: She's already asleep.

Moses: Jay, wake her up. 

Jay: Why me?

Jay: Norma, please get up.

Norma: Bigger... I wish I were bigger...

Norma: Ow, my face!... No smushing, no smushing...

Norma: Zzz...

Jay: Wake up!

Norma: *Sigh* I'm getting behind with my rent, and that guy's really persistent
       about collecting, you know?

Norma: And somehow I got stuck paying for the old man's share, too!

Will: Don't try to get out of paying money that you rightfully owe.

Norma: I think it's about time I started making preparations to skip town.

Will: There's a room in the basement that'd be perfect for you. Would you
      like to use it?

Norma: Ah hah...hah hah hah hah. I really don't think iron bars are my style.

Norma: Well then, Senny, looks like I'll be crashing with you tonight.

Shirley: !

Shirley: Norma.  (Her fingers shine with crystal eres)

Norma: I...I'm just kidding!

Shirley: Oh, of course you are!

Norma: Jeez, for a second there, I thought she'd turned back into the Merines.

Norma: Well, I guess we should get going.

Norma: What's up, C? Come on. Time to go.

Chloe: Oh, right. Yeah.

Norma: Night, guys.

Shirley: I wonder what's bothering Chloe.

Senel: It might be the tattoo on Arnold's arm.

Will: So, you saw it, too.

Senel: If it's the same as the one on the man who killed her parents...

Will: Then that would mean Arnold and Stingle are the same person.

Shirley: The Terror. The one with the mask.

Senel: If that's true, then it's no wonder Chloe's troubled.

Will: We'll need to support her.

Senel: Yeah. That's what friends are for.

Will: Friends, huh...

Will: I never thought I'd hear Senel say something like that so casually. 
      My, my...

Harriet: Oh, stop it.

Harriet: You're not even 30, and you're already wallowing in the past like 
         an old man.

Will: You know, you could stand to act more like a child, yourself.

(Chloe goes to graveyard)

Chloe: I thought I'd already forgotten my hatred.

Chloe: I thought I'd already forgotten about revenge.

Chloe: But my body hasn't forgotten anything.

Chloe: Not the memory of that day, not all the suffering since then...not one
       bit of it.

Chloe: Can I not erase memories that have been carved so deeply into my heart?

(Flashback mode)

Noblewoman's Voice: Did you hear about the House of Valens?

Nobleman's Voice: Yes, I heart both the lord and his wife were killed by
                  a bandit.

Noblewoman's Voice: It seems the only one left alive was their 12-year-old

Noblewoman's Voice: I wonder what will happen to the House of Valens now.

Nobleman's Voice: I presume their daughter will carry on the name.

Nobleman's Voice: The Valens are a distinguished family. They won't just blot
                  out the name that simply.

Noblewoman's Voice: But can a small child like that really oversee everything
                    about the House of Valens?

Nobleman's Voice: Well she is one of the illustrious, grand,
                  magnanimous Valens,
                  is she not? Let's see what the girl can do.

Noblewoman's Voice: Oh? We're not going to grace the poor little orphaned waif
                    with out help?

Nobleman's Voice: Hah! And ruin such an interesting show?

Young Chloe: I wil carry on my family's name.

Young Chloe: For myself, and so my parents can rest in peace...I will defend
             the House of Valens.
(end flashback)
(At Senel's house)

Shirley: Senel!

Senel: Shirley? What's wrong?

Shirley: Chloe hasn't come back.

Shirley: Elsa was worried and came to tell me.

Senel: Chloe...Where did you go?...

Shirley: Elsa said someone saw her heading for the graveyard.

Senel: Let's go look for her.

Shirley: Right.

(At the graveyard)

Chloe: I didn't want to ever meet him again.

Chloe: I'd almost gotten over my desire for revenge.

Chloe: Why did you have to show yourself?

Chloe: If I hadn't known...if only I hadn't known...I could have kept
       on living in peace.

Chloe: But now that I know, I can't just go on as if nothing happened!

Chloe: This body is stained with a hatred that will never wash away.

Thief: Hey, it's not safe for a broad to be out by herself this time of night.

Thief: You look like you've probably got some valuables. If you hand them over,
       I'll spare your life.

???: If you had simply handed over your valuables, your lives would have been
(end flashback)
Chloe: Leave. Now. I don't like your kind.

Thief: Is that supposed to be a threat?

Chloe: Do not test me now. I cannot guarantee you will escape with your life.

(Thief attacks, Chloe knocks him back)

Thief: I...I'm sorry. I made a mistake...

Chloe: I warned you..

Thief: W...wait. Please. Anything but my life...

Thief: P...please! Have mercy! Spare my life!

(Black mist surrounds Chloe)

Thief: Wh...what the hell is that? N...no! Get away!

Chloe: I don't like you.

Thief: Wait, please. I'm sorry. Please!

Chloe: The mere sight of you makes me sick.

Senel: Stop!

Thief: Aaaaah!

Chloe: Why did you stop me?

Senel: There's no need to kill the guy.

Chloe: Scum like him who assault people for their money don't deserve 
       any sympathy.

Senel: Are you saying it's only natural that he be killed?

Chloe: You disagree?

Shirley: Chloe...

Senel: You're acting weird.

Senel: Your mind wandering off while people are talking...Going ballistic over
       a common thief.

Senel: It's about Arnold, isn't it?

Chloe: *Gasp*

Senel: Did you think we wouldn't notice?

Senel: You drew your sword before anyone else. That wasn't just because there 
       was a monster there.

Senel: That was because you were ready to kill Arnold!

Shirley: Is that true, Chloe?

Senel: I saw the tattoo, too.

Senel: Was that tattoo the sign of your parents' killer?

Chloe: If I'd known this day would come, I would never have told you about

Senel: Chloe...
(Chloe leaves)
Senel: She's trying to take this on all by herself.

Shirley: Senel...About what you said...

Senel: Chloe came to the Legacy in order to avenge her parents.

Shirley: Oh...I see...

Senel: "Now that we know about each other, we should be able to work better

Shirley: Hmm?

Senel: That was something Chloe once said to me.

Senel: I can't just stand by and let her regret that she told me.

Shirley: Yeah...

Senel: It was Chloe and the others who taught me the meaning of working
       ...as friends.

(Shirley leaves party)
(Morning time)

???: Wake up, Senel.

Senel: Just a little longer, Shirley. 

???: Coolidge, get up!

Senel: ...Mmmm...ahhh...

???: Senel, rise and shine!

Senel: ...Shut up, Moses.

???: Senel, it's morning already!

Senel: ...Harriet, go home...

???: It's morning, Senel. It's about time you got up.

Senel: ...Not yet, Will.

???: Now what was I here for?...Oh, right! Senel! It's morning! Time for us to
     have some fun!

Senel: ...

???: Jeez, would you get up already?!

Senel: Aaaah!

Norma received the title of Mimic Chick!

Norma: Are you awake now?

Senel: Great...It's Norma.

Norma: Don't sound so disappointed! Hurry and get up!

Norma: There's no time to waste! We have to get to the hospital!

Senel: Did something happen to Elsa?

Norma: She pushed herself too hard the other day, and now she's in real bad

Senel: All right. Let's go.

(At Hospital)

Norma: I brought Senny.

Senel: How's Elsa doing?

Will: Very badly, it seems.

Alcott: The medicine she usually takes won't help at this point.

Alcott: She doesn't have the strength now to fight off the illness.

Norma: What do we do?!

Alcott: We have to get at the source of the illness and stop it.

Shirley: Can you make a medicine to do that?

Alcott: I have the ability to prepare it, but I still lack some ingredients.

Alcott: With the monsters growing violent lately, it's been difficult for me
        to go get them.

Chloe: Tell me what you need. I'll get it.

Senel: We'll go with you.

Alcott: But... that would be putting you all in danger.

Will: Don't worry about us. Right now you should concentrate on Elsa.

Alcott: Thank you.

The ingredients I need are a "Spider Cocoon" and a "Flower of No Return."

Senel: Where can we get them?

Alcott: The spiders in the Earth Monument are known for making cocoons.

Senel: Do you know of them, Will?

Will: I know of them, but they're not very common.

Alcott: And just as its name implies, the Flower of No Return can be found in
        the Forest of No Return.

Senel: Let's split up. We'll go look for the Spider Cocoon in the Earth

Alcott: Then I'll retrieve the Flower of No Return.

Shirley: You don't have to stay by Elsa's side?

Alcott: The situation is grave. I have no choice.

Senel: We should hurry, too.

Norma: Let's go get the others!

(Flashback as you enter Lighthouse)

Noblewoman's Voice: Look! That's her. The current master of the House of

Nobleman's Voice: She really is just a child. I wonder what will become of
                  the House of Valens.

Nobleman's Voice: I know I wouldn't want to serve those people.

Noblewoman's Voice: Oh, don't talk like that. She's trying her best.

Noblewoman's Voice: Isn't it cute how hard she's trying to act older?

Nobleman's Voice: It looks like she's playing "grown-up."

Noblewoman's Voice: I heard they've decided to expunge the Valens name.

Nobleman's Voice: I expected as much. I mean, the master of the House is 
                  nothing more than a child.

Noblewoman's Voice: The long, storied history of the House of Valens certainly 
                    has come to an abrupt end.

Young Chloe: It's not my fault...

Young Chloe: I worked really hard...

Young Chloe: All of you, stop talking! Shut up!

Young Chloe: It wasn't my fault Father died. It wasn't my fault Mother died.

Young Chloe: It's all his fault. That man took everything from me.

Young Chloe: I'll never forgive him.

Young Chloe: I will...never forgive...

Young Chloe: I refuse to forgive the man who did this to me.

(end flashback)

Chloe: (I made up my mind that day.)

Chloe: (I carved my hatred right into my heart.)

Chloe: (...So that I wouldn't falter.)

Chloe: (...So that I wouldn't forget.)

(Outside the elevator)

Chloe: (But...I don't want to kill him.)

Chloe: (I don't want to make anyone else grieve...)

Senel: Chloe?

Chloe: I'm listening. I'm fine.

Senel: Yeah, right.

Senel: Just for now, focus on curing Elsa. Okay?

Chloe: ...Coolidge.

Senel: You want to save Elsa, right?

Chloe: Of course. No matter what.

Senel: Good. Let's catch up to the others.

   <C02>     Earth Monument

(Inside Earth monument)

Norma: Teach, what's this monster we're looking for look like?

Will: It's a variant species of the dandarantula, a rare monster. Very few 

Jay: Is it aggressive?

Will: No, it's relatively passive. As long as we don't attack it, it 
      shouldn't attack us.

Grune: Sounds like a good-natured monster.

Jay: Moses and Norma, please don't agitate it.

Moses, Norma:
Don't lump me in with Bubbles! {Moses}
Don't lump me in with Red! {Norma}

Chloe: Is they won't come out into the open, we'll have to go inside.

Senel: Let's find it quickly and get back to Elsa.

Chloe, Moses: 
Right. {Chloe}
Yeah. {Moses}

(Midway through Earth Monument)

Norma: They're nowhere to be found! Teach, what's up with this?!

Will: I told you very few exist.

Jay: We may have to go in deeper.

Moses: Can't we just use the spider cocoons around here instead?

(Facechat mode)

Jay: Moses, your stupidity knows no bounds.

Moses: Jay, stand still a moment while I smack you.

(end facechat)

Will: Don't you two ever get tired of that? Pipe down!

Jay: Hey, me too?

Norma: There's only one thing left to try!

Shirley: What's that?

Norma: Spot! Use that wild animal nose of yours to find the monster!

Jay: Norma...Giet's not here.

Norma: What?! Red! What's up with that?!

Norma: If he's not here, you should have told me that to begin with!

Moses: It ain't my fault you can't see!

Shirley: Giet's not with you?

Moses: I was feeling bad about how Bubbles always treats him, so I left
       him behind.

Grune: I wonder if Arnie is in the Forest of No Return now.

Senel, Will, Norma, Jay: (Arnie...)

Grune: Chloe? You look a little scary. Is something wrong?

Norma: She's probably mad because Red was goofing around.

Chloe: Oh, right...I'm listening.

Norma: Liar. 

Will: Her mind is probably occupied worrying about Elsa.

Norma: Then we'd better hurry up and find that cocoon!

(Everyone goes on but Chloe)

Chloe: Right now, I'm just going to think about Elsa.

Chloe: That's what I decided, right?

Chloe: ...That's what I decided, but I can't stop myself from thinking
       about something else.

Chloe: I'm...I'm always like this...


Chamberlain: Mistress Chloe, are you sure?

(Enter facechat mode)

Young Chloe: Yes.

Chamberlain: To cut such beautiful hair...

Young Chloe: I said I'm sure.

Chamberlain: M...my apologies, I see you've made up your mind.

Young Chloe: I'm going to become a knight. A knight worthy of the House of 

Chamberlain: Yes, Mistress.

Young Chloe: I'm going to restore our name and allow Father and Mother to
             rest in peace.

Chamberlain: I'm certain you'll succeed, Mistress.

Chamberlain: I'll begin cutting now.

(end flashback)

Chloe: I remember my feelings so clearly.

Chloe: My hatred is right here...

Norma: C, if you don't hurry up we're gonna leave you behind!

(Meeting the spider)

Norma: Ah-hah! Monster, dead ahead! Teach, is this what we're looking for?

Will: Yes. That's it. That's it, but...

Grune: Oh, my, it doesn't seem to be in a very nice mood.

Jay: I thought they were supposed to be good-natured?

Moses: If it wants a fight, we'll give it one! Yahoo!

*Moses chucks a spear at spider*

Norma: Come on, you stupid bandit! You don't need to make it even angrier!

Shirley: We can't calm it down now...

Jay: Thanks to Moses, now there's black mist coming out of it!

Moses: You know the mist ain't my fault!

Norma: Uh oh, it turned into that round thing.

Jay: Thanks to Moses...

Moses: It ain't me!

Senel: Damn!

(Boss fight)

(After battle)

Jay: The black mist, again...

Will: I've got the Spider Cocoon.

Acquired Spider's Cocoon!

Will: I'm concerned about the mist, but right now we should worry about
      Elsa. Let's hurry back to Werites Beacon.

(Facechat outside Earth Monument)

Will: Elsa is waiting. We should go back to town.
(end facechat)

   <C03>     Werites Beacon

(At Werites Beacon)

Will: I hope Arnold is back, too.

Jay: Let's hurry to the hospital.

(At hospital)

Harriet: What took you all so long?!

Will: Is Arnold back?

Harriet: No, not yet.

Harriet: Oh, hey, he left a letter for you.

Will: He did?

Harriet: Yeah. He said to give it to you, Dad.

Harriet: And this letter is for Chloe.

Chloe: For me?

Will: These are instructions for how to make the medicine for Elsa.

Shirley: Why would he send you that?

Norma: Hey! C, why are you crumpling up your letter?

Shirley: Let's just think about Elsa right now.

Norma: Even with the instructions, we still need the ingredients.

Moses: Can't we at least recover her strength with crystal eres?

Jay: Yes, we could do that.

Grune: Oh, good idea, Moses! You're so clever!

*Grune hugs Moses*
*Moses runs outside*

Moses: Yeehaw!

Norma: Looks like you just made his day.

Moses: Yahoo!

Jay: Looks like you just made his year.

Will: Let's try the eres. Shirley, if you would.

Shirley: Right.

(In hospital room)

Elsa: *Huff* *Huff*

Will: I hope this has some effect.

*They heal Elsa*

Elsa: Uh...uhh...

Senel: Her breathing's settled down.

Elsa: Aah...

Elsa: Oh...ow, ow...

Will: It doesn't look like this is going to help at all.

Will: Harriet, go get Norma. We'll get her to help as well.

Harriet: Okay.

Elsa: *Huff* *Huff*

Senel: I want to get her that medicine as soon as we can.

Will: We'll wait until morning, and if Arnold hasn't returned, we'll go to the
      Forest of No Return ourselves.

Chloe: Elsa...

Senel: Where are you going?

Will: She probably feels responsible for not stopping Elsa.

Senel: I wonder what that letter to Chloe said.

Senel: Her hand was shaking hard when she crumpled it up.

Senel: I have this bad feeling that she's going to get herself into trouble.
       I hope I'm wrong.

Shirley: Senel, we'll take care of things here. Please, go look for Chloe.

Senel: Shirley?

Shirley: I...I wouldn't know what to say to her...

Shirley: But you know, right?

Senel: Yeah. Leave it to me.

Shirley: Let's continue her treatment.

Will: Yeah. Thanks, Senel.

(Chloe is outside alone)

Chloe: "Aaaaah!"

Chloe: If I don't break this curse, I'll never be able to get on with my life.

Chloe: But...why did it have to be you?

Chloe: What am I...What am I supposed to do?

Chloe: What's going on?!

*Mist figure of young Chloe appears*

Chloe: You're...me?

Young Chloe: What are you so worried about? Try remembering for a moment.

Chloe: What?

Young Chloe: Who was it that took everything from me? Who was it that killed
             Father and Mother?

Chloe: ...Alcott.

Young Chloe: Why did I train so hard to use the sword? Why did I train so hard
             that my hands bled?

Chloe: ...To avenge my parents and allow them to rest in peace.

Young Chloe: I was left all alone. Think back over those sad and lonely days.

Young Chloe: Remember being all alone in that big room.

Young Chloe: I worked hard to protect the House of Valens, and yet nobody 
             ever helped me at all, remember?

Young Chloe: I fought back the pain and loneliness. I couldn't allow 
             myself to cry.

Chloe: ...Yes.

Young Chloe: Who is responsible for everything I went through?

Chloe: Alcott.

Young Chloe: See, there's your answer!

Chloe: ...Yeah.

(Back at the hotel)

Senel: Does anyone know where Chloe went?

Moses: Yahoo!

Norma: Oh, he's finally back.

Jay: Where did you run off to? This isn't the time to be playing around.

Moses: Poor Jay. You just can't understand how happy I am right now.

Jay: What's that supposed to mean?

Senel: Moses, have you seen Chloe?

Moses: I saw her headin' for the graveyard.

Senel: The graveyard...Thanks!

Grune: Oh, good job, Moses!

*Grune hugs Moses*

Moses: Yeehaw!

Norma: Not again!

(At the graveyard)

Chloe: ...When did it start raining?

Senel: Where do you think you're going?

Senel: Don't try to think up an excuse.

Chloe: I don't understand what you mean.

Senel: What was written in Arnold's letter?

Chloe: ...It's none of your business.

Senel: Don't talk like that.

Senel: Chloe!

Chloe: I'm a fool.

Chloe: In growing close to you all, I lost sight of my purpose.

Senel: ...Chloe?

Chloe: Despite the intense hatred I had, despite being the whole reason
       I took up the sword...

Chloe: I found myself giving up on revenge.

Chloe: After Stingle escaped from us, I didn't have the will or the energy
       to start searching for him again.

Chloe: Even when I stood in front of my parents' graves, I didn't feel
       the hatred I once felt.

Chloe: I was going to go on and forget about him...but then...but then...

Senel: Your parents' killer appeared right before your eyes.

Senel: Not as Stingle, but as Arnold.

Chloe: Yes! I saw the tattoo on his arm! I can't pretend I didn't!

Chloe: Now that I know, I can't just go on living as if I didn't!

Chloe: It only takes a little thing like that to bring everything rushing back.

Chloe: The memories I buried are coming back, as clear as they ever were.

Chloe: The memories of that terrible, miserable time...

Chloe: I can't do anything but watch as the hatred takes over my body.

Chloe: I can't control these emotions any longer!

Senel: When I was troubled, you were there for me.

Senel: You listened to all the things I had to say, all my worries and fears.

Senel: If I'd been alone then, I don't think I'd be here today.

Senel: So stop taking on all of this alone. Stop suffering alone.

Chloe: Coolidge...

(Enter facechat)

Chloe: After my parents were killed, my life changed to one of complete misery.

Senel: ...

Chloe: At first, I just cried. So much pain, so much sorrow...It was so unfair.

Chloe: But circumstances would not allow me to feel sorry for myself.

Chloe: All eyes were on me as the sole survivor of the House of Valens.
       I had to display behavior befitting that name.

Chloe: I worked hard to protect the family name. I did everything I could.

Chloe: But in the end, it was still just the futile struggles of a child.
       I made so many mistakes.

Chloe: It didn't take long before the decision to expunge the Valens name
       was made.

Chloe: I felt no sadness, though, when the house I'd worked so hard to 
       protect was erased.

Chloe: To be honest, I was relieved. Now, I wouldn't have to worry about what
       people around me thought anymore...

Chloe: The people who took me in were all good people.

Chloe: They were kind to me. They understood my situation, and they treated
       me gently.

Chloe: But I also know what they called me behind my back.

Chloe: "The head of the dollhouse of Valens."

Chloe: From the very beginning, no one thought I could carry on the duties
       of my House.

Chloe: And it was then that I realized. My whole life, I would be Chloe Valens.

Chloe: No matter where I went, or what I did, I couldn't escape the curse
       of my blood and my name.

(end facechat)

Chloe: The letter said, "If you have the resolve, appear before me with sword
       in hand."

Senel: He knew you'd realized it was him.

Chloe: Get out of my way, Coolidge.

Senel: Are you going to Arnold?

Senel: What do you intend to do about Elsa?

Senel: What do you intend to do about us?!

Senel: You'd better not be planning to just quietly disappear.

Senel: Then you really would be acting like a child!

Chloe: ...Perhaps I would.

Senel: This isn't a joke!

Chloe: Time stopped for me that day.

Chloe: Time stopped for me the moment I made my decision to take up the sword.

Chloe: Get out of my way.

Senel: We're not done talking yet.

Chloe: So are you saying you can control yourself completely?

Chloe: When Vaclav...when the one who took Stella from you was right in front
       of your eyes, did you stay calm?!

Senel: ...That's...

Chloe: The torrent of rage that wells up inside me is more than this tiny
       body can contain!

Senel: I...

Chloe: Are you saying you're different, Coolidge?!
       Are you saying I'm wrong?!

Senel: Chloe, don't...

Chloe: If you won't listen to me, then I have no choice.

Senel: If you draw that sword, there'll be no turning back.

Chloe: I have no intention of turning back!

Senel: You idiot!

Chloe: This is your last warning. Step aside, Coolidge.

Senel: No.

Chloe: Please, stop trying to help me.

Chloe: Your kindness is...tearing me apart...

Chloe: Move.

Senel: Stop this.

Chloe: Can't you hear me? I said, move!

Senel: And I said, stop this!

*They exchange a hit*

Senel: Chloe...are you serious?!

Chloe: If you're not prepared to fight, then move! Or die!

Senel: Chloe, stop!

(Boss fight!)

(After the fight that Senel wins)

Senel: Chloe, please, stop th--

*Chloe stabs Senel*

Senel: ...this...Argh...

Chloe: I warned you. I told you if you were not prepared, you would die.

Senel: Chloe...

Senel: *Cough* ...Argh...

Chloe: Now that I've done this to you, I no longer have a place I can return

Senel: *Huff* *Huff*

Chloe: That fact only strengthens my resolve. Thank you, Coolidge.

Senel: ...You think I want...to be thanked for that?!

Senel: I won't accept it.

Chloe: ...Why did you come to stop me?

Senel: You're my friend...I...care about...you...

Senel: Don't...go...

Chloe: I wish I could just accept those words...

Senel: Chloe...

Chloe: Don't say anymore.

Chloe: Please, don't say anymore...

Senel: Don't go, Chloe...

Chloe: Your comfort brings me nothing but pain...

*Chloe leaves*
Senel: Chloe...Don't go...Don't go...

*Later, Shirley comes along*

Shirley: Senel?! Senel, hand on!

*Senel wakes up in his bed in the morning*

Senel: ...Ugh...

Senel: I was...with Chloe, and...

Shirley: Senel! You're awake.

(enter facechat mode)

Senel: Are you the one who healed me?

Shirley: Yeah.

Senel: Wait, what about Chloe?!

Shirley: ...She hasn't come back.

Senel: I can't just lie here in bed. I have to catch Chloe!

Senel: Ugh!

Shirley: You mustn't move so suddenly.

Senel: I have to go.

Shirley: No matter what?

Senel: No matter what. I can't abandon a friend.

(end facechat)

Shirley: ...Everyone's waiting at the hospital.

Senel: Shirley?...

Shirley: I'll go, too. Chloe's my friend, too.

Senel: ...Yeah.

(At hospital)

Moses: Senel, you feelin' okay already?

Senel: Yeah. Sorry to worry you, guys.


Will: So, he really is Stingle...

Will: Arnold must have known this would happen.

Norma: Yeah, otherwise he wouldn't have left that letter explaining how to make
       the medicine.

Jay: So, what do we do?

Jay: If he is Stingle, and he did indeed murder Chloe's parents, then Chloe's
     actions are not unjust.

Moses: She's avengin' her family, after all.

Senel: Chloe still isn't sure about what she's doing.

Moses: She's sure enough to stab you, Senel...

Grune: If it'll allow Chloe to find happiness, then maybe it's for the best.

Senel: I don't think Chloe will feel happy after taking revenge.

Senel: She's been looking really troubled lately.

Shirley: Senel...

Senel: If she kills Arnold, the hatred from her past may fade away.

Senel: But all that'll lie ahead of her is new suffering.

Norma: Yeah, that's true. It'd leave a pretty bad taste in our mouths, too.

Senel: So I want to stop her. I have to stop her.

Senel: If we leave her like this, I don't think she'll ever come back!

Senel: Are you all really okay with that? With just letting her go like that?

Senel: I can't accept that. So...

Moses: Senel's right. This ain't how family go their separate ways.

Jay: Can you all forgive Stingle?

Senel: I think I can trust Arnold as he is now.

Shirley: He's a kind person who obviously cares very much for Elsa.

Jay: You all feel this way? Oh, brother. Talk about soft.

Moses: If you've got a complaint, we'll listen to it after we've stopped

Jay: I don't have any complaints, but I do think you're being a bit too 

Norma: You say stuff like that, but you know you've gone all softy, too.

Senel: Okay, let's go find Chloe.

Senel: Elsa, were you listening?

Elsa: I kind of figured it out...about Father.

Elsa: He'd often say he was going out to gather plants, but then he'd return
      with wounds from fighting.

Elsa: Each time, he would try to hide it or make some excuse...but it was
      obvious from looking at his wounds.

Elsa: It's all my fault!

Elsa: Father doesn't think about anything but curing my illness.

Senel: Don't blame yourself. You're not going to solve anything by taking
       on that burden.

Elsa: Please take me along, too. Please.

Senel: It might be painful for you. Are you sure?

Elsa: Yes...That's exactly why I want to be there myself.

Senel: All right. We'll go together.

Jay: Senel, are you serious?!

Senel: Elsa's resolved to face this. I have to respect that.

Norma: And it'd be better to have her with us than running off on her own,

Will: All right, then. Let's hurry to the Forest of No Return.

(Upon leaving Werites Beacon)

Shirley: Senel.

Senel: Yeah? Something wrong?

Shirley: We should stop Chloe.

Senel: Yeah, we will.

Norma: Senny, Shirl, come on, off to the Forest of No Return!

   <C04>     Forest of No Return

(At the Forest of No Return)

Senel: Elsa, are you feeling all right?

Elsa: Yes, for now.

Will: Where's Chloe? We have to find her quickly.

Grune: Yes, it would be a shame if we got there too late, wouldn't it?

Norma: Let's pretend we didn't hear that.

Senel: ...This time, I swear I'll stop her.

Shirley: Senel...

Jay: You might have to fight her again.

Senel: If that's what it takes, then so be it.

Senel: I took it too lightly. I wasn't prepared to deal with the weight of
       Chloe's burden.

Moses: Aww, don't worry, Senel. We're in this with you.

Norma: Don't stress so much, Senny! We're here too, remember?

Senel: Yeah. You're right.

Elsa: ...I'm envious.

Norma: Hmm? About what?

Elsa: Chloe has such wonderful friends.

Norma: You're an important friend to her, too. That's why we have to stop her.

Senel: Right. Let's go.

(Alcott and Chloe meet)

Alcott: To think, we'd meet again in this place.

Alcott: The same place as that fateful day.

Alcott: You've grown up.

(Enter facechat mode)

Chloe: I didn't come here to reminisce about the past.

Chloe: ...Draw your weapon!

Alcott: Still insisting on acting like a knight? If you truly hate me, then
        go ahead and strike.

(End facechat mode)

Chloe: That...sword...

Alcott: I didn't think you'd have forgotten it.

Chloe: Father's sword!

(Enter facechat mode)

Chloe: Now I have no doubt. It really was you...

Alcott: I thought that much was obvious by now.

Chloe: Arrrgh!

(end facechat mode)

Alcott: I cannot die yet. I cannot abandon Elsa!

Chloe: Arrrrgh!

Alcott: What's that mist?

Chloe: Alcott!...Feel my hatred!

(Chloe and Alcott fight)

Alcott: Ugh!

Alcott: That strength is inhuman...My arm feels numb...

Chloe: Do you have any last words?

Alcott: Still trying to be the knight?

Chloe: Do you have any last words?

Alcott: Take this Flower of No Return to Werites Beacon. I want you to cure

Chloe: ...I bear witness to your words.

Senel: Stop!

Chloe: ...Coolidge...You, again...

Grune: Chloe, you mustn't.

Grune: You musn't let yourself be overcome by the mist. Your heart will be
       trapped in a deep darkness.

Norma: G-Girl, do you know something about it?

Grune: This mist is the darkness in Chloe's heart.

Chloe: Why have you come here?

Senel: To stop you, of course.

Chloe: Even after I wounded you that badly, you still don't understand my 

Senel: I understand. I understand that you're suffering.

Chloe: ...How could you understand? How could you possibly understand my

Senel: Stop! You've already won!

Chloe: Winning is not my objective! My objective is to kill this man!

Norma: Wait, C!

Moses: Chloe, stop!

Chloe: I've lived my entire life for this one day!

Chloe: What reason do I have to hesitate?

Elsa: Chloe, please stop.

Alcott: Elsa...you're here, too?

(Enter facechat mode)

Elsa: Please stop, Chloe!

Alcott: Elsa, stop! Don't worry about me!

Elsa: Of course I'll worry about you!

Alcott: Elsa...

Elsa: That's why I'm here!

Elsa: How could I not be worried?! You could be killed!

Alcott: Elsa...I don't deserve your concern.

Elsa: Don't deserve?...

Alcott: I've committed too many crimes. It is not something that can be

Elsa: It was all for me, though, wasn't it? You needed money to cure my

Alcott: I used any means at my disposal to accomplish my objective. No one
        can deny my crimes.

Alcott: I needed money, so I struck down your parents.

Alcott: I assisted Vaclav so I could search for new treatments.

Alcott: I've always been prepared to pay for my crimes just as soon as Elsa
        was cured.

Elsa: That doesn't mean you should die!

Alcott: Justice must be served.

(End facechat mode)

Chloe: If you are indeed prepared for your judgment, then I see no reason to

Alcott: Elsa, move!

Elsa: No.

Chloe: Move!

Elsa: *Gasp*

Alcott: It's all right, Elsa.

Senel: Chloe!

Senel: Do you realize what you're about to do?

Senel: You're about to make another innocent person suffer just like you did!
       And you'll do it by your own hand!

Chloe: Grrr...shut up! I...I...

Senel: Chloe! Stop and think! Don't give in to the emotions of your past!

???: Let yourself go. Do what you feel.

???: Do not oppose the way of the universe. Your natural emotions show the 
     true path.

Chloe: Let...myself go?

???: Do not struggle, child, and I shall lead you to peace and rest.

Grune: Chloe, you mustn't listen to that voice!

???: Play a beautiful melody of hatred.

Norma: Man, what's it doing now?!

Shirley: That face...it looks like...

Senel: Is that Chloe?

(Enter facechat mode)

Young Chloe: There's no reason to hesitate. Kill the one you hate!

Elsa: Please, spare Father!

Senel: Chloe! Stop!

Elsa: I know he's committed crimes! But still! Still!

Elsa: To me, he's my one and only father!

Elsa: Chloe, please.

Young Chloe: You don't need to listen to that babble.

Chloe: If you take that sword, I will show you no mercy, Elsa.

Elsa: Chloe...

Chloe: Elsa...Why?!

Elsa: You're my friend, Chloe, but if you intend to harm Father, I'll do 
      whatever it takes to stop you!

Chloe: ...Argh...ugh...

Young Chloe: Don't back down!

Chloe: I...I...

Senel: Chloe, let's end this. Nobody wants you to carry out this revenge. Not
       even you.

Chloe: No...I...

Shirley: Senel's right. You know you don't really want to do this!

Chloe: That's not true! I took up the sword for this very day!

Senel: Then look happy when you say that! Don't talk like you're about to cry!

Senel: If you're so elated about reaching your goal, then show me a smile
       from the bottom of your heart!

Young Chloe: Don't let them trick you. Their voices will only hurt you!

Chloe: I...I...

Senel: If you can't be happy now, then even after you have your revenge, you
       will never feel anything but regret.

Shirley: Chloe, please put away your sword.

Shirley: Please face your own feelings.

Shirley: You mustn't avert your eyes from the parts of you that you dislike.

(Enter facechat mode)

Shirley: If you give up on facing them and flee down the easy path, you'll only
         feel better for this one instant.

Chloe: That's not...

Shirley: I averted my eyes from the parts of me I hated, and it brought me so
         much regret.

Shirley: I was an enormous burden for Senel and you and everyone else.

Shirley: You saw what happened to me, Chloe.

(end facechat)

Young Chloe: Don't let them trick you. Push aside those words that bring you

Chloe: I dont...I don't want revenge, either...

Senel: Will what you really want lie ahead of you once you've killed Arnold?

Senel: Will the happiness you've lost come back?

Senel: Was your time with us that worthless?

Senel: Are you saying none of us matter to you?

Senel: Are we so unimportant that you can just throw us away?!

Senel: You have a place here with us now!

Chloe: I...

Senel: Pretending we don't exist, running off by yourself...Just where do you
       intend to go?!

Young Chloe: No! Those are the wrong feelings!

Young Chloe: If you want to be happy, use your sword!

Chloe: I...I...

Young Chloe: Remember when Father was killed! Remember when Mother was killed!

Chloe: From the very beginning...I never wanted revenge!

Young Chloe: Are you rejecting me? I'm you!

Young Chloe: I won't allow it! I won't!

Young Chloe: How dare you reject me?! I will destroy you!

(Enter facechat mode)

Chloe: Father, Mother...please lend me the strength to defeath the 
       darkness in my heart.

Chloe: Grant me the courage to move forward!

(End facechat)

(Boss Fight)
(After the battle)

Young Chloe: I'll never die. I am the darkness in your heart!

Young Chloe: As long as the seed of hatred still lives, I will arise time
             and again!

Chloe: You've been all alone for so long, haven't you?

Young Chloe: What's that look? Don't look at me like that! I don't need your

Chloe: To suppress my loneliness, I turned to hatred...

Young Chloe: Get away!

Young Chloe: Get away! Get away from me!

Chloe: There's nothing left to bind me any longer. I'll set you free as well.

Elsa: Chloe...

Chloe: What I wanted was already here.

Chloe: I can't believe how foolish I was not to realize it.

Chloe: One does not wield a sword lightly.

Elsa: Yeah...

Acquired Valens' Sword!

Senel: Chloe...

Elsa: *Cough* *Cough* *Huff* *Huff*

Alcott: Elsa!

Will: We should take her back to Werites Beacon at once.

Shirley: Senel, about Chloe...

Senel: I'll bring her back to town. Leave it to me.

Shirley: ...Okay. We'll be waiting.

(Senel is alone)

Senel: Looks like it's going to rain.

(Senel finds Chloe)

Chloe: When my parents were killed, I couldn't accept my own weakness.

(Enter facechat mode)

Chloe: I just created an escape for myself by blaming everything on others.

Senel: Chloe...

Chloe: When I saw Elsa's determination, I learned something very important.

Senel: Making mistakes and running away are things that everyone does.

Senel: It's tough to face your suffering alone.

(End facechat)

Senel: But I think it's because of our suffering and our pain that we're able
       to connect with one another.

Senel: Because no one is strong enough to take care of everything alone.

Chloe: The sky always laughs at me.

Senel: I think the rain feels good...

Chloe: ...I have never thought that.

Chloe: What do you think I should have done?

Senel: You've done well, Chloe. Rest, now.

(Enter facechat mode)

Chloe: I...I...

Senel: You worked really hard. You should be proud of that.

Senel: There's no need to deny your past.

Chloe: ...I...I...

Senel: There's not a single person here who would criticize you.

Chloe: ...Is it really all right?

Senel: Look, if anyone gives you a hard time, I'll knock them out. Simple as 

Senel: I'm sure the others feel the same way.

Chloe: Can I really give up on revenge?

Senel: There's no need for you to do anything you don't want to do.

Senel: I don't care what anyone else says, I say it's okay. So stop it already.

Chloe: *Sniff*...Okay...okay...

Senel: You don't have to live in anyone's shadow anymore. You don't have to 
       worry about what the people around you are saying. 

Senel: You can live your own life. You're here now, Chloe.

Chloe: You know, Coolidge, if anyone other than you had said that to me, I
       could have run into their arms and cried...

Senel: Chloe?...

(end facechat)

Chloe: ...Thank you, Senel.

Chloe: But please stop being so kind to me...

(Anime scene)

[Chloe approaches Senel and rests her head on his back.]

Senel: Are you okay?

Chloe: Just... Let me just stay here like this... for a little while...

Senel: You know. The rain feels really good.

[Chloe lifts her head up.]

Chloe: ...I'm glad it's raining.

[End anime cutscene.]

   <C05>     Werites Beacon

(At Werites Beacon)

Moses: I wonder if Chloe's coming back.

Grune: Senel's with her. I'm sure it'll be fine.

Norma: ...Even if she does come back, we may not be able to go back to the way
       things were.

Jay: What do you mean?

Norma: Well, C might wind up leaving the Legacy.

Jay: Well, considering her personality, it's true she may decide to distance
     herself from us.

Will: She has always been tough on herself, and she has a strong sense of

Moses: Not to mention, she hurt Senel pretty bad.

Jay: Even though she lowered her sword, she'd probably still be uncomfortable
     around Arnold and Elsa.

Norma: ...But the biggest thing is probably Senny.

Jay: What do you mean?

Norma: If I were in C's position, I might think I didn't have a place here

Norma: If she told him how she really feels, I don't think she could still take
       being around him.

Moses: Man...Are we really gonna have to say goodbye to Chloe?

Moses: Hey, they're back!

Chloe: Good, you're all here. There's something I want to tell you.

Chloe: I've decided to return to the mainland.

Will: Could we ask why?

Chloe: I've settled the matter of avenging my parents. I don't have a reason
       to be here anymore.

Chloe: I've caused great trouble for everyone, and I think it would be better
       if I didn't stay with you any longer.

Chloe: And also...

Norma: I gueess you settled that matter, too, huh...

Chloe: Yes.

Will: It seems your mind is made up. I guess we can't stop you.

Chloe: Thank you all for everything you've done for me.

Chloe: Shirley?...

*Shirley slaps Chloe*

(Enter facechat mode)

Shirley: You have something else to say.

Shirley: Take a good look at everyone's faces.

Shirley: They were worried sick about you and waited here the whole time.

Shirley: Are you going to just abandon all of those feelings and run away?

Chloe: I...

Shirley: Is that something you can just leave behind?

Shirley: Is that something you can just give up?

Chloe: ...Of course not.

Shirley: Isn't that important to you?

Chloe: ...Of course it is.

Shirley: Isn't this where you belong?

Norma: She's right.

Chloe: Norma...

Norma: I'm with Shirley on this. You don't need to abandon everything.

Moses: Come on. Don't let the friendships you've made go to waste.

Will: What do you really want, Chloe?

Grune: I don't want to say goodbye, Chloe.

Jay: Staying here would be one way of taking responsibility.

Norma: Well, you heard them. So what are you gonna do, C?

Chloe: Is it...really all right for me to be here?

Norma: Hello? That's not an answer!

Chloe: Right...Well...I want to stay here.

Norma: Now that's what we wanted to hear!

Chloe: I want to be with my friends...

Norma: Whoa, C's crying!

Chloe: Wh...what are you so surprised about? I cry sometimes too, you know.

Norma: Oh, you do?

Chloe: Stop staring. It's rude.

Norma: Oh, who cares? The more you cry, the better you'll feel!

(end facechat)

Senel: Thanks, Shirley. I wouldn't have been able to stop her from leaving.

Shirley: I like us the way we are--together. As soon as I thought about that,
         the rest just came naturally.

Senel: ...Yeah, she's our friend, after all.

Shirley: Yeah.

Moses: All right! Now that that's settled, let's grab some breakfast!

Norma: You don't get to wrap things up, Red.

Moses: Why not?

Jay: It just doesn't suit you.

Chloe: This is where I belong.

Chloe: I think I can answer with a smile now.

Chloe: I'm happy.

Shirley received the title of Slapping Girl!

Chloe received the title of Out All Knight!

*Prompt to save*



[Scene changes to Senel's house. Shirley walks in.]

Shirley: Wake up, Senel. It's morning. We promised to check on Elsa today,

Senel: {zzz}

Shirley: *Sigh* Fine. I'm going on ahead. I'll be waiting at the fountain.
Hurry up, okay?

[Scene changes to Fountain Plaza. Chloe walks up.]

Shirley, Chloe: Oh...

Shirley: H...hello.

Chloe: H...hi.

Shirley: Um...Would you like to have a seat?

Chloe: Yeah...sure...

[They sit together on the bench.]

Chloe: Are you waiting for someone?

Shirley: Yes, Senel. We're going to go see how Elsa's doing.

Chloe: She's doing much better. Once she gets her strength back, she'll be as
healthy as can be.

Shirley: Um...I heard that Elsa and Arnold decided to stay in town.

Chloe: Yeah, I asked them to myself. Alcott's knowledge of medicine will be a
great help to the people here. Coolidge is certainly taking his time.

Shirley: Um...Yeah...

Chloe: But this may be a good opportunity. I wanted to talk to you, Shirley.

Shirley: ...Me, too.

Chloe: It was thanks to you I was able to stay here.

Shirley: You're the one who made the decision.

Chloe: You helped me realize that this is where I belong. I'm very grateful.

Shirley: Chloe...

Chloe: I don't think I'd feel as good as I do now if I'd returned to the
mainland. Once I let all my thoughts and emotions out, I felt...free. ...Heh,
I can't win.

Shirley: What?

Chloe: Against the strength of your heart, Shirley. To tell the truth, I
thought you were weaker than that. I seriously can't win.

Shirley: ...I envied you, actually. Senel seems so natural when he's talking
with you. A trusted companion, an equal, someone close you can trust at your
side...That's you, Chloe.

Chloe: I'm his...equal?

Shirley: I felt that way ever since we first met.

Chloe: ...I'm just another one of the gang to him.

Shirley: What?

Chloe: I finally realized it after all this time. For me, I was happy just
standing at his side, but...I think that's as close as I'll ever get. Just to
be clear, I'm not saying I don't like standing alongside him. I'm proud that he
trusts me as a partner. Still... The type of woman Senel likes is not one who
fights at his side. When he and I stood together, it was obvious I was the only
one who felt anything.

Shirley: Um...I need to apologize to you. I'm sorry for hitting you. It hurt,
didn't it?

Chloe: Should you really be apologizing for that?

Shirley: ...No, I guess not. Please forget I said that.

Chloe: It felt good, being treated like I really mattered. You wouldn't have
gotten angry like that if you didn't really care about me, right?

Shirley: Right.

Chloe: I can't be angry at someone for doing the right thing. Besides, it
didn't hurt at all.

Shirley: Really?

Chloe: Yeah.

Shirley: In that case, I should confess. I hit you as hard as I could.

Chloe: What?!

Shirley: Well, it didn't hurt, so it's okay, right?

Chloe: Well, I suppose, but...

Shirley, Chloe: Heh heh...hah hah hah...

Chloe: I never knew the two of us could talk like this.

Shirley: We should have done this sooner.

Chloe: I could never have given up these moments with you and the others.

Shirley: Um...Chloe...

Chloe: Why do you always start talking with "um"? You don't have to be so
timid. Just come out and say what you have to say. You don't have to be so shy
and formal all the time. Open up a little.

Shirley: Well...

Chloe: Maybe it's just a small thing, but I think it's from small things like
this that we form bonds with each other.

Shirley: More open...

Chloe: Yeah, that's right.

Shirley: Oh, I know! From now on I'll call you "C"! Heh heh...Hi, C!

Chloe: That is way too open!

Shirley: C! C! C!

Shirley, Chloe: Heh heh heh...hah hah hah hah...

Chloe: I will never give up standing at Coolidge's side. I'll tell you that
right now.

Shirley: Understood. Shall we go to the hospital? The others are probably there

Chloe: Don't you want to wait for Coolidge?

Shirley: Nah. That sleepyhead'll just have to take care of himself. Let's go,

Chloe: ...Right.

[Scene fades as they leave. Later, Senel shows up and looks around.]

Senel: Shirley? They left without me...

[He approaches the Hospital and runs into the man in turquoise again.]

???: Oh, hello. You're the one who gave me directions before, correct?

Senel: Yeah, maybe.

???: And the lass with the lovely hair? Is she not with you today?

Senel: Do you see her?

???: Ah, yes, I suppose not. {...} This city certainly is quiet. It's quite
boring, really, how peaceful it is.

Senel: It's good that it's peaceful.

???: I bet no one here would ever expect anyone to suddenly draw a weapon and

Senel: What are you trying to say?

???: Oh, it's quite simple, really. The lives of those who've lapsed into the
decadence of peace are utterly worthless. Come now, what's that look? It was
just a joke of sorts.

Senel: {...} It wasn't funny.

???: Oh, I'm terribly sorry. I'm afraid I've got a bit of a sarcastic
disposition. Although, I did intend to upset you. {laugh}

Senel: What's so funny? Who are you? And what did you come to the Legacy for?

???: Oh, I have my reasons...but I have no obligation to explain them to you.
You'll find out soon enough, though. Let's just hope it's not already too late
by then.

Senel: Then how about we just take care of it right now?

???: I think I'll pass. I'd prefer to leave some of the fun for later. Now, if
you'll excuse me...

[He disappears in a puff of smoke. Senel enters the hospital.]

Moses: Hey, Senel! About time you showed up!

Norma: Senny, you're horrible!

Chloe: I can't believe you stood Shirley up. Despicable.

Senel: {...}

Chloe: What, is there something on my face?

Senel: No, it's nothing. Shirley, I'm sorry.

Shirley: Actually, something good happened because you were late, so it's okay.

Elsa: Thank you all so much for taking the time to come and see me!

Senel: Are you feeling okay, Elsa?

Elsa: Yes, thanks to you all, my illness is gone and I'm feeling fine.

Grune: That's just wonderful!

Alcott: How can I ever thank you?

Will: Use your abilities to help as many people as you can.

Alcott: I will dedicate myself to that task.

Elsa: I'll help, too.

Jay: By the way, Arnold. Do you know anything about that black mist we saw in
the Forest of No Return?

Alcott: That was the first time I've ever seen anything like that. I have no
idea what it was. I'm sorry I can't be of much help.

Grune: Hmm...mist...mist...

[Flashback picture to Grune fighting someone. Grune doubles over.]

Grune: Ow!

Norma: G-Girl?

Grune: Was that me just now?... It felt like...something from long ago appeared
in my mind...

Norma: Maybe you're finally getting your memory back? Keep trying, G-Girl!

Moses: I'll be cheerin' for you, too!

Jay: Not like Moses' cheering is going to make a difference.

Grune: Um...So, what was it?

Norma: How are we supposed to know?!

[A glowing ball of purple light appears next to Grune.]

Volt: Who calls forth Volt? Was it you, Master?

Grune: Oh, is your name Volt? I'm very pleased to meet you!

Will: She's talking to herself again...

Moses: There just ain't no helpin' that woman.

Volt: The red one is speaking rudely of you. Do you not mind?

Grune: Oh, hmm...Should I mind?

Elsa: What happened to Grune?

Chloe: She gets like this from time to time. We have no idea what causes it.

Volt: Master...you seem different from before...

Grune: Is somthing wrong?

Volt: I apologize. I should have realized the circumstances when I first
appeared. The immature state of this world is a clear enough sign. Even I can
only exist in this form.

Grune: Oh, is that so? That's amazing!

Volt: I shall sleep until the time comes.

[Volt goes into Grune's urn.]

Shirley: What's so amazing, Grune?

Grune: Oh...What was it?

Norma: How could it have been even the slightest bit amazing if you don't even
remember it five seconds after you called it amazing?!

Grune: Norma, thanks to your shouting, I've completely forgotten. What do you
have to say for yourself?

Norma: Don't blame it on me!

Grune: Oh, my, Volt's seed is in the urn. Where shall I plant it?

Norma: *Sigh*

Csaba: Moses!

Moses: Csaba! What are you all worked up about?

Will: Don't shout. This is a hospital.

Csaba: I'm sorry. But this isn't the time to worry about that! Another one of
our guys was attacked!

Moses: What?! Where?!

Csaba: In the Misty Mountains!

Senel: What are you talking about?

Csaba: Lately, a lot of our guys have been getting attacked by monsters.

Senel: Moses, is that true?

Will: Why didn't you tell us?

Csaba: W...well...

Senel: Is there a reason you couldn't tell us?

Csaba: The monster that's been attacking our guys looks like a galf.

Grune: Oh, just like Giet!

Moses: {...}

Chloe: You're not saying Giet?...

Grune: Oh, come on, there's no way! Spot's such a softie!

Csaba: This is the seventh time one of us has been attacked.

Shirley: That many?...

Will: Why did you keep this a secret?

Moses: I didn't keep it a secret. There just wasn't any reason to talk about

Senel: People seem to think Giet might be responsible, right? That's a pretty
good reason to bring it up.

Moses: It's just talk. Giet wouldn't do nothin' like that.

Will: Where's Giet now?

Moses: Ah, well...

Jay: Looks like Moses doesn't know where he is, either.

Moses: What, are you going to start accusing Giet, too?

Csaba: Nobody's willing to say it out loud, but our guys definitely suspect
Giet. They're looking for him right now, trying to figure out the truth. They
can't just sit around and do nothing; everybody's worried about him turning

Will: Turning wild? What are you talking about?

Moses: Giet would never hurt his family. Y'all know that!

Csaba: I know better than anyone how close you and Giet are. But you can't just
erase the fear of him turning wild.

Moses: If you're that worried about it, I'll look into it myself.

Senel: We'll go, too.

Moses: Senel.

Senel: If Giet's being accused, then all we need to do is prove his innocence.

Moses: Guys...

Csaba: Please take me with you. I want to see with my own eyes, so I can tell
the rest of the guys the truth.

Moses: Yeah. Take a good look for yourself.

Jay: Let's head for the Misty Mountains.

             Of Man and Beast
   <Mcq>     Character Quest: Moses

[The party encounters Giet as they're leaving Werites Beacon]

Senel: Giet!

Csaba: There's something on his fangs and claws...

Norma: Ah...Heh heh heh...That couldn't be blood, could it?

Moses: He must have been fightin' a monster or somethin'. What? Now y'all are
being cold, too. Don't you trust Giet?

Chloe: Of course we trust him. It's just...

Will: We just want to make a rational judgment. It's precisely in times like
this that we need to assess the situation accurately.

Jay: If you ask me...

Moses: C'mon, spit it out.

Jay: Well, Giet is a galf, after all. No matter how strong your bond may be, no
matter how connected you are, nothing can change that fact. It isn't natural
for a galf to be living together with humans in the first place.

Moses: You ain't ever got a kind word for anyone, do you, Jay? What've you seen
after all this time? After everything we've been through? You've seen me and
Giet together. This ain't got nothin' to do with your stupid "logic."

Norma: All right, that's enough, guys. Let's just go investigate, okay?

Moses: Me and Giet'll make quick work outta whatever monster is doin' all this.
After we do that, everyone can shut it! Let's go, Giet!

Jay: He's so easy to read. He can't conceal his irritation at all.

Senel: And that's why you can't help worrying about him, right?

Jay: I'm not...worried...

Norma: You don't have to hide it!

Will: Let's get moving.

[Outside the city]

Grune: Huh? What's that?

Norma: What's up, G-Girl?

Grune: Where are we going?

Norma: I said, the Misty Mountains! Get with the program!

Grune: What? I'm with the program.

Norma: Uhh...yeah...of course.

[Group enters Misty Mountains]

   <M01>     Misty Mountains

Moses: Find anythin', Giet? I guess we'll have to go further in.

[A strange galf approaches]

Grune: Oh, look! It's a little galfy!

Norma: Is that thing, like, a wannabe Spot?

Moses: Giet!

[They attack and kill the galf]

Moses: There ain't nothing me and Giet can't handle!

Jay: That was a weak galf. I doubt it was the source of the attacks.

Csaba: Yeah, none of our guys would let something that puny beat them, either.

Will: There may be others. Let's keep looking around.

Moses: Don't you worry! Me and Giet'll take care of all of them!

Will: We should probably cover the entire mountain range.

Norma: Ugh, are we really gonna do that much walking?

Chloe: We're doing this so we can prove Giet's innocence.

Will: If you don't want to come, you don't have to. You could wait here alone.

Grune: Oh, that sounds exciting! I bet all kinds of things would come out to
meet you!

Norma: Yeah, well, I'd prefer not to meet all kinds of things by myself, so I
think I'll be sticking with you guys.

[They travel further into the Misty Mountains]

Chloe: Coolidge? What is it?

Senel: Just thinking some.

Moses: Heh heh! That ain't like you at all!

Senel: Who do you think I'm doing this for?

Will: Let's rest here for a bit.

Moses: I'll scout ahead. Let's go, Giet.

Norma: Red's acting pretty nervous.

Will: Well, Giet is like family to Moses. Even though he trusts him, he's
probably having a hard time staying calm.

Chloe: When it comes to family, Sandor takes things very seriously.

Senel: Csaba, let me ask you something.

Csaba: Sure, what is it?

Senel: Why do you and the others suspect Giet? I doubt anyone who's seen how
Moses and Giet act together would suspect him so easily.

Chloe: Even we can tell the strength of the bond between Sandor and Giet.

Jay: That point's been troubling me as well. You must have a reason.

Will: If you don't want to talk about it, we won't force you.

Csaba: It's all right. I think it would be best for you to know. In the worst-
case scenario, we'll need your cooperation as well.

Shirley: Worst-case scenario?...

Norma: That has a really bad ring to it.

Grune: Oh, just hearing that makes me all tingly!

Will: Is it related to this "turning wild" you spoke of?

Csaba: Our guys are all scared that Giet may turn wild.

Jay: Exactly what sort of phenomenon is "turning wild"?

Csaba: It's when a beast casts aside its life with people and returns to living
the way it would naturally.

Jay: In other words, it turns back into a monster?

Norma: Is that really something to worry about? I can't imagine Spot attacking

Senel: Surely you and the others know that better than anyone, Csaba.

Csaba: I've known Moses and Giet since we were children. I know how strong the
bond of trust is between them.

Chloe: Then why do you fear he may turn wild?

Csaba: All beast tamers are destined to face the day their beast turns wild.

Senel: What?

Csaba: Every beast that chooses to live with people will, one day, turn wild.
Without exception.

Will: Is it because you and the others know about this that you're being
cautious of Giet?

Csaba: If Giet was a normal galf, I don't think they'd be this nervous.

Senel: What do you mean?

Csaba: Giet is a special type of galf called a grand galf. They're the kings of
the galf family. A proud species, with uncanny leadership.

Will: I've heard that grand galves are untamable. When I first saw Moses with
Giet, I was quite surprised.

Csaba: Do you know why grand galves are called the kings of galves?

Senel: Isn't it because of what you just said?

Csaba: Well, naturally, that's part of it. But that's not all. Grand galves
possess overwhelming power, greater than anything humans can handle.

Norma: Is Spot really that strong?

Csaba: A long time ago, in the village where I used to live, half the
population was ruthlessly killed by a single grand galf.

Norma: Whoa, are you serious?

Csaba: Grand galves are a symbol of fear and awe among beast tamers. And yet
Moses can walk with Giet as if it were nothing.

Will: That's precisely what attracts you all to Moses, isn't it?

Norma: So, like, is Red way cooler than we thought he was?

Csaba: He represents everything we could ever hope to be.

Jay: Why do beasts turn wild? Is there something that triggers it?

Csaba: The most common reason is when the balance of power between the beast
and its master collapses. The beast's power grows too great, and it ceases to
awknowledge its master as its superior. Another is for it to learn the taste of
blood and be overcome by its instincts as a monster.

Jay: I can see why they call it "turning wild."

Shirley: What happens to beasts after they turn wild?

Csaba: There are two paths. One is for it to be killed by the person who was
its partner.

Norma: Jeez, are you serious?

Csaba: No matter what, beasts that turn wild always attack their partner.

Will: For the beast, it may be a kind of ritual to return to its wild state. A
ritual to cut its ties to humans.

Csaba: However, not all beast tamers win. Some simply lose the fight, and some
fall to their emotions and choose death. That's the other path.

Norma: ...That's serious.

Grune: I don't like that at all.

Csaba: That is the destiny of a beast tamer.

Moses: Hah hah! Me and Giet are going to change that destiny.

Senel: Moses.

Csaba: Everyone says that, but they all go on to meet their fates. They all
thought they would be the one exception. You know that as well as anyone,

Moses: Come on, now. Me and Giet are different! Hah hah hah!

[The party reaches the end of the Misty Mountains area]

Will: We've been over the entire area, but...

Shirley: There weren't any monsters that looked like what we're after.

Norma: I'm exhausted! It's tough being so frail and helpless... Um, that was a
joke. Feel free to say something... ...Anything at all...Chime in, folks...I
could use a punch line...Or just ignore me...

Grune: Oh, you're so frail and cute, Norma.

Norma: See, that's my G-Girl! You're the perfect partner.

Jay: What is it? That kind of serious face doesn't suit you, Moses.

Senel: Hey, maybe this is the monster we're looking for.

Norma: It's not a galf. That's good news, huh, Red?

Moses: I wasn't worried one bit. I always trusted Giet.

Jay: It appears it's decided we're its enemies.

Moses: We were gonna wind up fightin' it anyway! Let's go, Giet!

[Party battles the monster]

Moses: Yahoo! We did it!

[Monster gets back up, Giet savagely attacks it]

Moses: That's enough, Giet. That thing's a goner by now. Giet, enough! It's
already dead!

Norma: H...hey, Spot, take it easy! Whoa...Spot was, like, brutal.

Jay: I never thought I'd see Giet ignore Moses.

Moses: That was nothin'...Just a one-time thing.

Jay: Are you sure?...

Moses: If I say it's nothin', then it's nothin'! You got that?!

Will: At any rate, we're done here. Let's return to town and see how things go.

[Back at enterance to Misty Mountains]

Norma: Hey! Red! Wait up! Jeez...

Jay: It's probably hard for him to stay calm. It must be hard for him not to
think about how Giet was just acting.

Will: Especially for a beast tamer like Moses. I'm sure he feels pretty
strongly about the destiny Csaba was talking about.

Chloe: I hope everything's over now...

Grune: Moses is going on ahead.

Senel: We should get moving, too.

[Party leaves Misty Mountains]

Norma: Dammit, Senny, lighten up this mood!

Senel: I thought that was your job.

Norma: Looks like it's up to me!

Will: Stop messing around, we need to go back to town.

   <M02>     Werites Beacon

[Everyone returns to Werites Beacon. Giet howls and runs off]

Moses: Yo, Giet! ...Oh, hell. Fine, then! Be that way!

Norma: Red, hold on! You're acting as bad as he is, now!

Will: It might be best to just leave him alone for now.

Csaba: I have a number of things I'd like to look into, so I'll say goodbye

Jay: I wonder if Giet's really all right.

Senel: There's nothing we can do now but wait and see.

Chloe: Meaningless conjecture will only complicate matters.

Will: Still, I don't want to wait around for something to happen. By then, it
might be too late.

Jay: I'll gather as much information as I can.

Senel: Thanks, Jay.

Jay: Though to be honest, I can't say I'm all that thrilled about doing
something like this for Moses.

[Scene changes to Moses sitting alone at campsite]

Moses: Giet... We're gonna stay together forever. We're gonna stick together,
no matter what.


Moses: Where'd you go?! There you are! Hey, get back here! I said, get back
here! You stupid galf! What the?...My feet ain't touching the ground...
Aaaaaah! It's a cliff! I'm gonna fall! No! Aaaaaaah!

[Scene changes to Senel asleep. Shirley runs in after a howl is heard]

Shirley: Senel, wake up!

Senel: Is something wrong?

Shirley: It's Giet! There's a problem! We have to get to Will's house, now!

[A crowd is gathered outside Will's house around Will and Moses]

Will: Please settle down. We understand what you're saying. Please, let me
handle the situation.

Townsman: What we want you to do is show us the big galf that was with that

Townswoman: Everyone in town has seen them together. You can't talk your way
out of this!

Senel: What's going on?

Shirley: People from the city were attacked by a pack of monsters. According to
the people who were attacked, a galf that looked like Giet was leading the

Senel: And that's what caused this commotion?

Townsman: If you don't have anything to hide, then why don't you just show us
the galf!

Townswoman: Yeah! Exactly!

Senel: Where's Giet now?

Shirley: Nobody's seen him since last night.

Senel: That's not good.

Will: I'll take personal responsibility in investigating this matter. Please
accept that for now.

Townsman: But we...

Will: Do you not trust me?

Townsman: It's not that...

Will: Then please break this up for now. Go on about your business.

[The crowd leaves]

Will: It's just as I'd feared. Even ordinary citizens are being threatened.

Moses: It wasn't Giet!

Senel: I guess that monster we defeated in the Misty Mountains had nothing to
do with this...

Moses: Do y'all really think Giet did it?! Senel, are you saying you don't
trust me and Giet?!

Senel: No one's saying that.

Will: Moses, calm down. We understand that you want to trust Giet, but right
now, we don't have any proof of his innocence.

Senel: We'll have to take out the monster that attacked the townspeople.

Moses: Csaba's gettin' me information about that right now.

Will: We have Jay working as well. I'm sure we'll locate it soon.

Senel: Moses, listen to me. We want to trust Giet, too. We've been together all
this time, after all.

Moses: ...Sorry, I let myself get all worked up.

[Jay and Csaba run up]

Csaba: Moses, we've found it!

Moses: Where?!

Jay: On the opposite bank of Raging Bay, in the Crags. There's a pack of
monsters hiding there.

Shirley: Let's go tell the others.

[Party assembles and exits Werites Beacon]

Norma: To The Crags!

Grune: Norma is always so full of energy.

Norma: Well it's my job to keep morale high. Gotta do my best!

Grune: Ohh!

[Party arrives at The Crags]

   <M03>     The Crags

Norma: Red, what is it? Did you find something?

Moses: It's nothing.

Csaba: Moses...

Norma: Red, you're looking kinda scary.

Jay: He's looked like that ever since we met him.

Norma: Ah, good point.

Jay: That's strange. Normally, he'd be like--

Norma: "Jay, let's you and me take this outside!"...or something.

Moses: Let's get movin'.

Norma: Hey! Guys, wait up!

Jay: *Sigh* What's going on here? I don't know how I should act now.

[Group travels into The Crags]

Shirley: What is it?

Norma: I can't take all this doom and gloom anymore!

Chloe: It's hardly surprising, given the situation.

Jay: Chloe, Norma can't survive if she stays quiet for too long.

Norma: Exactly, I...Hey!

Will: You've always got to be making noise, don't you?

Norma: Spot's gonna be fine! He and Red are super close!

Moses: I ain't worried a bit.

Jay: Then why aren't you being silly and stupid like you usually are? You've
been acting strangely ever since we got here.

Moses: What, you been studying me or somethin', Jay?

Jay: It doesn't take that much effort. You're no good at hiding your feelings.

Moses: Humph. Whatever.

Jay: You're upset because you suspect Giet, too.

Moses: Now, listen!

Will: That's enough, you two! If we continue our investigation, we'll
eventually find the truth. Throwing around guesses won't bring us any closer to
a conclusion.

Norma: *Sigh* Now it's all gloomy again.

Chloe: You'll just have to deal with it for now.

Grune: Let's do our best, Norma! Charge!

Norma: G-Girl, I don't know what I'd do without you.

[Party travels through The Crags]

Norma: There's nothing here!

Senel: Are we sure this is the right place?

Jay: My information network never fails.

Chloe: So if anyone made a mistake, it's us.

Moses: Chloe's right.

Shirley: Did you hear something? It almost sounded like some kind of animal...

Will: Seems like your ears aren't playing tricks on you.

Norma: There it is again. Where's it coming from?

Moses: Over there! Here it comes!

Norma: Spot?! ...Wait, no it's not...

Moses: How could you think that's Giet?

Grune: Oh, my, it looks like it's in a really bad mood. This is getting

[Party defeats the monster]

Norma: That one must've been the real perpetrator.

Senel: This will clear Giet's name. You can relax, Moses.

Will: You don't look happy. What is it?

Moses: It ain't over.

Chloe: What do you mean?

Moses: Just what I said. That wasn't nothin' more than a game. I thought you
stopped playin' hide-and-seek when we were little! Come on out, Giet!

Norma: R...Red! What's going on?!

Will: It would seem that what we see before us is the truth.

Norma: But! But that's!...That's!

Jay: This time, there's no question that's Giet.

Norma: How can you say that so calmly?!

Chloe: Stop carrying on. Don't agitate him. He's acting strangely.

Norma: Uh-oh, he's not alone.

Moses: Leave it to me. You can trust me and Giet.

Will: Moses, it's too dangerous.

Moses: We've made it through tough spots plenty of times already. We'll be
fine. Giet, if this is some kind of prank, then it's gone a bit too far. Enough
playin' around, hear? Come on home.

Csaba: Moses! Look out!

[Giet lunges and attacks Moses]

Moses: Argh!

Senel: Moses!

[Senel runs to Moses and is attacked by Giet]

Shirley: Senel!

Senel: Ugh...he's so strong...

[Giet howls and runs off with the pack]

Jay: He knew exactly when to retreat. He has perfect control over the others,

Shirley: Senel, are you okay?

Senel: I'm fine. What about Moses?!

Will: He's badly hurt.

[Shirley picks up an object on the ground]

Csaba: That's Moses' eye patch.

Will: Moses, move your hand. I can't heal the wounds around your eye.

Senel: What happened to your eye?!

Moses: Wh...what're you...acting all surprised about?...

Norma: Red!

Shirley: He's unconscious.

Will: We should return to Werites Beacon and reorganize. Especially considering
Moses' condition.

Senel: Yeah...

[Party leaves The Crags]

Norma: I wonder if Red is okay.

Shirley: His wounds have healed, but...

Chloe: We can't rest here; we need to go back to town.

   <M04>     Werites Beacon

[Party arrives at Werites Beacon to find a crowd outside the inn]

Townsman: Mr. Raynard! Where have you been?!

Will: I went to investigate the matter of the monster.

Townswoman: That monster's attacked someone again!

Townsman: We can't just stand by any longer.

Townswoman: Bring that galf you call Giet here immediately!

Will: (Senel, I'll take care of this. Get Moses to bed.)

Senel: (Gotcha.)

Will: (You can use my house. Get Moses out of here before trouble starts.)

[Scene changes to everyone in Will's house]

Will: How's Moses?

Senel: Not great, but at least he's not getting any worse.

Jay: What do we do now?

Will: It would be prudent to assume that Giet has turned wild.

Senel: Giet's really strong, just like Csaba said. If Moses had taken the full
brunt of that attack, he might not have survived.

Jay: If he'd reacted just a little more slowly, he would've been in big

Norma: What's gonna happen to Spot?

Chloe: If he really has turned wild, then...

Norma: Red and Spot are gonna fight to the death?! You can't be serious!
H...hey, don't go all silent now! You're supposed to say "No way!" or "Never!"
or something!

Chloe: Throwing a fit about the situation isn't going to change it. Right now,
we need to think about what we can do.

Senel: Moses had a large scar where his eye was. Csaba, do you know anything
about that scar?

Csaba: That's... That scar is the sign of the bond between Moses and Giet.


Moses: You ain't gettin' away this time, you little mutt! Hey! Get back here!
*Cough* *Huff* He sure runs away fast enough... Even for me, this is enough to
make my lungs burst. Ugh...I feel sick...I think I'm gonna puke...

[Flashback scene changes to Giet cornered by bear monsters]

Moses: Hey, y'all! I was playing with him first!

[Moses protects Giet and is attacked]

Moses: Aaaaargh! What did it do to me?!

[He kills the monster, two more approach]

Moses: I'll take care of these guys! Run while you still can! Yeah, go! Run as
fast as you can! Ugh, it won't stop bleeding. I can't even tell if I'm feeling
pain or heat or what. Damn! I can't tell the distance if I can't see out my
left eye! What a pathetic way to die... Damn you!

[Giet returns and kills a monster]

Moses: You idiot! Run! If you're scared, don't force yourself! I'm fine!
Just...fine... (Argh, everything's going blurry... Can't...think...straight...)

[Giet kills the last monster and carries Moses back home]

Beast Tamer Man: This is the third day. He may not make it.

Beast Tamer Woman: Is it all right to leave that grand galf sitting out there
like that?

Beast Tamer Man: It's not all right, but it's not like we can just go and do
something about it.

Beast Tamer Woman: Yes, it may be a child, but it's still a grand galf.

Beast Tamer Man: But you know...that galf has been in front of the house the
entire three days.

Beast Tamer Woman: Is it really waiting for Moses to wake up?

Beast Tamer Man: It's hard to believe, but I can't think of any other
explanation. I guess that grand galf has accepted Moses.

[Flashback ends]

Csaba: Giet waited in front of the house the entire time until Moses woke up.
Even when it rained, even when cold winds blew, he sat there, not moving an

Will: So, Moses' actions moved the heart of a grand galf.

Csaba: After sleeping for three days and three nights, Moses woke up. The howl
of joy that rang out that morning still echoes in my ears today. After that,
Moses and Giet were never apart. They played together, they ate together...they
even slept at each other's side. For a beast tamer, the relationship between
those two represents the ultimate ideal.

Senel: That must be the reason why you respect Moses.

Csaba: Yes. Moses is an incredible human being. That's why... That's why the
day Moses was exiled, I decided to go with him.

Chloe: Exiled?

Will: With the dangers of a grand galf and the fact that it would turn wild,
it's only natural that they'd do such a thing.

Jay: They had to protect themselves from that which might turn against them.
Especially in light of the fact that a grand galf had brought disaster to the
village in the past.

Csaba: Moses' family in the village gave him a choice. Either abandon Giet, or
leave the village.

Senel: Knowing Moses, he didn't hesitate to give them his answer.

Csaba: That's right. Moses didn't hesitate for a moment. He knew.

Jay: That's Moses for you. He really could stand to use his head a little more.

Csaba: Moses left the village behind and chose the path of living with Giet.

Will: And then he came to the Legacy.

Norma: Red's sure led an eventful life.

Jay: And yet he's still as carefree as ever. I guess that's impressive in its
own way.

Csaba: I'd better get back to the camp soon. The guys are probably starting to
worry about me. Please take care of Moses.

Shirley: I'll go check on Moses.

Senel: I'll go with you.

[The party enters Will's room to find Moses standing at the window]

Senel: You're awake...

Moses: How could I sleep at a time like this?

Will: You should get some rest. You're under great emotional stress. No amount
of crystal eres can help that.

Moses: Yeah... You know...that Giet, he... He may be a grand galf, but he's
spoiled, he's weak, and he's a yellow-bellied coward to boot.

Senel: Moses?

Moses: When I first met him, he didn't know how to hunt or fight or nothin'. He
was an embarrassment to every other grand galf out there. The "king of galves"
...Heh, right... But even so, he bared his fangs and ripped monsters apart with
his claws...in order to protect me. I watched him as everythin' faded away
around me, and I thought to myself... "That's the greatest damn galf in the
whole world." I made a vow that day. I swore upon Giet, who waited the whole
time for me to wake up. And I swore upon my own life. I swore that no matter
what happened, I would never betray him! That Giet and me would be together
forever! But now...I ain't so sure. And I hate that. I've seen so many beast
tamers, I can't stand to look them in the eyes. I've heard so much of their
suffering and regrets, I can't stand to listen to them. Beast tamers and their
beasts. The best of friends until one day, bam! They're mortal enemies! I've
seen it too many times!

Senel: Is that why you've lost your confidence?

Moses: Turning wild is a fate stained with blood. As a beast tamer, I know this
better than anyone. I've been lying to myself this whole time, telling myself
we'd be okay. I just kept telling myself everythin' would be all right...just
to keep my hands from shaking. But deep down, I knew this day would come. I
knew I couldn't keep the balance of power. I can't be his playmate no more.

Jay: You certainly know how to whine loudly, you pathetic dolt. I'm embarrassed
just listening to you.

Moses: What did you say?!

Jay: I knew you were stupid, but I didn't think you were this stupid.

Moses: I ain't in a good mood right now. If you start talkin' crap, I will hurt
you. Bad.

Jay: Oh, please. I'd get bored fighting such a crybaby like you.

Moses: All right, let's go!

Will: Cut it out, you two.

Senel: Are you planning on just giving up? Since when did you become such a
pushover? The Moses I know would hang on to his determination until the very

Moses: Senel...

Chloe: Do you understand what you said a moment ago, Sandor? You just said that
you don't trust Giet.

Will: In the Misty Mountains, you said you'd change your destiny. Were you just
pretending then?

Moses: It ain't that...

Shirley: You said those words because you believed in Giet, right?

Norma: You idiot, Red. You won't accomplish anything just thinking about this
on your own. This is a problem for the both of you!

Chloe: Are you planning on coming up with an answer without facing Giet first?

Shirley: If you give up now, it's all over. I don't want the two of you to
regret what happens.

Moses: Yeah...maybe you're right.

Senel: All right, Moses.

Shirley: Let's work together and find Giet.

[A howl is heard from outside]

Norma: That howl...was that?...

Moses: No question. That's Giet!

Shirley: It sounds like it's coming from close by.

Moses: It's coming from the camp! My boys!

Senel: Let's hurry.

[They arrive at the campsite and find everyone injured]

Chloe: Oh, no!

Shirley: How terrible...

Will: Let's tend to the injured.

Moses: Csaba! What happened?

Csaba: M...Moses...it was...it was...

Moses: It was Giet, wasn't it?

Csaba: ...Yeah...I'm sorry, Moses...we...

Moses: Shirley! Heal Csaba!

Csaba: We couldn't do anything...

Moses: You don't gotta say nothin', Csaba.

Csaba: We tried to take care of it by ourselves, so you wouldn't have to

Moses: You've done more than enough. Thanks, Csaba.

Csaba: ...We couldn't do it. I mean, it was Giet. We couldn't bring ourselves
to fight him.

Moses: ...Csaba.

Csaba: Even the ones who suspected Giet in the first place, none of them could
fight him.

Moses: It's okay. You did good.

Csaba: We all love Giet. We want him to be together with you.

Shirley: You mustn't talk. It'll aggravate your wounds.

Moses: I'm sorry for puttin' you through this, Csaba. These tracks...

Norma: Red, Spot wouldn't do something like this, right? This is some kind of
mistake, right?

Moses: Do you think Csaba would lie?

Norma: But...but!

Moses: Besides, these tracks don't lie... I'd know Giet's tracks anywhere! Is
it too late for us, Giet?

[Flashback scenes: Moses and Giet ready to fight]

Moses: You've got some guts, pickin' a fight with me! Bring it on!

[Next picture: Moses and Giet sleeping together]

Moses: Zzz...Sorry Giet...It was all my fault...Zzz... Zzz...I took your
food...You'll get mine tomorrow...Zzz...

[Next picture: Moses greeting Giet after waking up from eye injury]

Moses: You big dummy. Did you wait here the whole time?

[End flashback scenes]

Moses: (I ain't all that smart. You know that, don't you, Giet? I can't think
of any other way. So forgive me, okay?)

Senel: What is it, Moses?

Moses: I'm gonna kill Giet.

Norma: What the? What are you saying?! W...wait, you're serious?

Senel: Can you really do it?

Moses: It's not a matter of can or can't. I will!

Chloe: Is that really acceptable to you, Sandor?

Moses: If someone's gonna take him down, then it's gonna be me.

Norma: B...but, still, killing Giet...

Senel: Are you sure that's how you want this to end?

Moses: You're worried about me, Senel? Hell must've frozen over.

Senel: That's enough! Stop trying to hide your feelings with jokes.

Jay: There's a time and a place for saying stupid things, and this isn't it.

Moses: Then what? You want me to say I can't kill Giet?! You want me to get
down on my knees and beg everybody not to kill him? I can't take it anymore!
I've thought about this as hard as I can! I can't forgive him! There's no way I
can forgive Giet! I can never forgive him for what he went and did. He hurt
Senel. And look at what he did to Csaba and my boys! I can't keep makin'
excuses. If Giet's gonna turn against his own family, then I ain't gonna show
him any mercy, either.

Senel: Giet's been your family since way back, hasn't he? You've always been
together, right?

Moses: Senel, that ain't how it works. There ain't no past or present with
family. New or old, family is family. I got something to ask of you. I'm
embarrassed to say this, but I can't take Giet on alone. Please...help me take
him down.

Senel: Moses...

Moses: I'm swallowin' my pride and askin' you for this one thing. Please!
There's no one else I can ask!

Senel: Moses, look at me.

Moses: Please!

Senel: You don't have to beg like that when asking for help from family. I'll
help. But, I'm only doing this to save Giet.

Moses: ...I understand. That's plenty.

Jay: Well, it seems we've reached a conclusion, so I'm going to go investigate
Giet's whereabouts.

Moses: Thanks, Jay. I'm countin' on you.

Jay: Stop that. You're making me ill.

Moses: What is it with you?

Will: This isn't the time, you two.

Norma: I don't know, I think it's nice to see them back to normal!

Grune: Oh, yes, I like it better this way, too.

Jay: When I've learned something, I'll let you know. Until then, please get
some rest. We've still got plenty of work ahead of us.

[Scene changes to Senel in bed the next morning]

Shirley: Senel! We found out where Giet is. Everyone's meeting at Will's house.

Senel: Gotcha.

[Senel and Shirley arrive at Will's house]

Senel: Sorry to keep you waiting.

Will: Go ahead, Jay.

Jay: Giet is staying in Moses' and the other bandits' former hideout.

Moses: Just like old times. Giet knows what's up.

Jay: Considering the danger involved, I haven't investigated inside the

Moses: Just knowing the place is enough. Thanks, Jay.

Jay: What did I tell you about that? You're really making me ill.

Moses: Hey!

Norma: Okay, okay, that's enough playing around.

Senel: All right, then. Let's get going.

Harriet: You'd better come back with Giet! If you don't, I'm going to get mad!

Moses: Heh heh, guess Giet ain't the only one we need to watch out for.

[Party assembles and leaves Werites Beacon]

Will: Ok, let's go to the Bandits' Lair.

[Group arrives at the Bandits' Lair]

   <M05>     Bandits' Lair

Moses: No doubt about it. Giet's here.

Jay: Of course he is. The information came from me, remember? Unlike you, I
don't make mistakes.

Moses: Oh, of course! We all know you're always right, Jay! You can't be
nothin' but perfect! I mean...you're Jay!

Jay: You're making fun of me now, aren't you?

Moses: What, you can't tell? Maybe you're not so smart, after all.

Chloe: I can't tell if they're getting along or not...

Norma: Oh, well, does it matter? It sounds like they're having fun to me!

Grune: It's so nice to see good friends having fun together. Can I join in?

Will: Enough playing around. Let's get moving.

Jay: I'm not playing around...

Moses: Yeah, he's bein' played! Hah hah!

Jay: (And here I was worrying about you...)

Moses: You just say something?

Jay: No!

[Everyone enters the Lair except Moses]

Moses: Almost time, Giet. Almost time... You better be ready for this. You and
me, both...


Moses: You idiot. Were you waitin' here the whole time? You must be freezin'
your tail off...But you're still here waitin' by me. I bet you're hungry, ain't
you? How about you and me get somethin' to eat? No, wait, let's get cleaned up
first! Bath time! Hey, that tickles. Cut that out! Stop! Hah hah! Hmm...I gonna
need to fix you up with a name or somethin'. Oh, I know! From now on, you're
Giet! You like that, huh? Giet. Giet!

[Scene changes to Giet standing with young Moses, shadow figure behind them]

???: Precious memories that bring you hope... In the world to come, these
things are unnecessary. In the return to the void, memories hold no meaning.

[Scene with shadow figure ends; group travels into Bandits' Lair]

Senel: What is it?

Moses: I'm gonna do everythin' in my power to reach out to Giet. But if it
don't work...

Senel: If you go in thinking it won't work, then you won't be able to go
through with it in the end. Trust me. I was like that not too long ago.

Shirley: Senel...

Moses: I understand what you're sayin', Senel. I saw you that time, too. But
this is my responsibility. You prepared yourself for the worst, too, didn't
you? If we can't keep Giet from turning wild, then I won't hesitate to kill

Senel: Are you really okay with that?

Moses: It's my weakness that made me bring you along. And this is how I'm gonna
deal with that weakness!

Jay: If you're sure of yourself, Moses, then I don't have any reason to stop
you, but...

Shirley: I don't want to give up until the very end. Isn't there some other
way? Something besides killing each other?

Moses: I've been thinkin' about it forever. Ever since I left the village...
I've spent this whole time tryin' to think of a way to overcome Giet turning

Chloe: But this day arrived before any answer did...

Moses: I'm a beast tamer. I know better than anyone. I know that dealin' with
your own beast turning wild is like runnin' headfirst into a brick wall. "All
beasts turn wild eventually. No exception." I've heard that phrase ever since I
was a kid. I heard it so many times I got sick of it. I've seen it over and
over again, though. People just run straight into that wall. I've seen too many
people suffer with the decision to kill or be killed. I've seen it all. The
pain and the sorrow. That's why I just keep prayin' so hard. I pray that
there's a different way, together with Giet!

Senel: Then don't give up until the end.

Moses: Senel...

Senel: Think before you go feeling sorry for yourself! Look up! Look at us!

Will: Don't try to take on everything by yourself.

Senel: Who do you see in front of you right now? It's us.

Chloe: If you feel responsible for getting us involved, then live up to that
responsibility by saving Giet.

Norma: I won't accept anything else, you hear me?

Grune: I'd be so sad and lonely without little Giet!

Norma: And besides, Red, you're forgetting something really important.

Moses: What am I forgettin'?

Will: You're not the only one who considers Giet family.

Jay: I know you're stupid, but I hope you can at least understand that much.

Moses: You just can't keep quiet, can you? I swear...

Norma: So no more moping around being depressed! Giet'll snap out of it if we
just smack him good, right?

Jay: I think that's being a little optimistic...

Moses: Heh heh! Yeah! This is how I like it! All right, let's get goin'!

[Party encounters Giet laying on the ground in the Bandits' Lair]

Moses: Giet!

[Giet gets up and rams his head into the wall]

Norma: Spot! You're hurt all over! What happened?!

Moses: Giet!...Did you do this to yourself?

Will: Has he chosen to die rather than fight Moses?

Moses: Giet, stop!

Chloe: When someone goes near him, his wild blood takes over...There's nothing
we can do...

Shirley: This is horrible...

Moses: Giet, I know what you're feelin'.

Norma: Red, stay back!

Moses: We feel the same way. You don't gotta suffer no more. It's okay, now,
Giet...You done good.

Senel: He calmed down!

Norma: Way to go, Red!

???: There's no need to struggle against the thirst that seethes within your

Moses: Giet, what's wrong?

[Giet howls and becomes shrouded in black mist]

Senel: The black mist!...Is that what caused Giet to turn wild?!

Will: It seems that there is some link between the monsters growing more
powerful and this matter with Giet.

Chloe: Then it's too early to give up.

Norma: Right. If we can just do something about the mist, maybe Spot'll go back
to normal!

[Giet howls and the shadowy figure appears]

???: Feel the urges that fill your body. You must satisfy them. Struggle not
against your thirst. Roar!

Grune: That voice...

[The shadowy figure turns into Moses]

Moses: Is this part of Giet's dream? Looks like he still loves me.

Norma: This isn't the time to get all mushy, Red! Spot's about to let loose!

Moses: Well then, I guess we'll just have to take that evil spirit out!

[Battle with Rabid Giet and Dark Moses]

Moses: Giet, that's enough. You done good. You don't need that imposter. Look
at me! I'm here! Trust me! I'll trust you, too! I'm right here! Right here!

[Moses glows, banishing the black mist]

Will: This should stop Giet from turning wild.

Norma: Great news, huh, Red?

Jay: But the black mist appeared again...This is no coincidence.

Will: Yes, it would be prudent to assume that someone or something is behind

Senel: But is this even something someone can do?

Jay: There are beings in this world beyond our imagination.

Chloe: Don't tell me you think there's something like Nerifes controlling the

Jay: I know it's a bit far-fetched.

Grune: My head...not again... ...One shrouded in black mist...That which is

Senel: Grune?

Grune: I wonder what that means...

Will: Do you know something about the mist?

Grune: Oh, I can't remember.

Norma: ...G-Girl, are you going to start talking to the air again?

[A green ball of light appears near Grune]

Gnome: Ta-da! Gnome is here, at your service!

Grune: Oh, my, you're a lively one. So, your name is Gnome?

Chloe: You just had to bring that up, didn't you Norma? Now she's really doing

Norma: It's not my fault!

Gnome: Indeed! Gnome is eternally lively!

Grune: Oh, just like Norma!

Chloe: She's talking about you.

Norma: Oh, you don't say...

Grune: Norma...Gnome...Your names do sound kind of similar, too.

Gnome: Hey, hold on...You seem way different from before.

Grune: Oh. Really?

Gnome: Ah-hah! Gnome knows. Gnome gets what's up. Yeah, this place hasn't
matured yet!

Grune: Oh, yes, of course.

Gnome: Gnome wants to take a little snooze until his turn comes!

Grune: In that case, why don't you rest inside my urn?

Gnome: Ohh! That sounds awesome! Master, you're such a doll. Gnome is so
looking forward to Master's power being released!

[Gnome goes into Grune's urn]

Grune: I wonder what that was all about.

Norma: Don't ask us!

Grune: Hmm? There's a seed inside my urn again. This one must be Gnome's seed.

Senel: Moses, what is it?

Jay: You've been oddly quiet.

Norma: We're done here. Let's go on home.

Senel: Moses?

Moses: I can't take Giet back with me.

Norma: What?! Red, have you lost it?

Moses: No matter the cause, all this trouble taught me somethin' important.
Sooner or later, Giet's gonna turn wild. No, puttin' it like that's just hidin'
from the truth. Giet's already started to turn wild.

Chloe: Sandor, you can't mean...

Moses: Even if I say things'll be okay, there's nothin' to back that up. Even
if I set Giet free on the mainland, once he turns wild, it's only a matter of
time before he attacks someone. There's no place Giet can live where no one'll
ever see him, where he won't cause no trouble.

Senel: So...what do you plan to do?

Moses: Giet and me know what we have to do. I can see it in his eyes.

Senel: Wait a minute!

Chloe: Are you two really okay with that?!

Moses: Me and Giet decided this for ourselves! We don't need you interferin' in
our own business!

Chloe: You can't be serious!

Moses: Giet, don't hold back! Survival of the fittest, right?

Senel: Isn't there any other way?! Is this really how it has to end?!

Moses: I appreciate how you feel, Senel. We both know we're loved.

Senel: Moses!

Moses: Ready to go, Giet? It's been a while since we fought for real!

Chloe: Stop this, please!

Norma: Um, I'm awfully sorry to interrupt when you're all excited and stuff

Moses: What do you want, Bubbles?!

Jay: I apologize for disturbing the proceedings. We have a suggestion. Could we
ask you to listen to it?

Moses: A suggestion?...

Jay: How about letting Giet live in the Quiet Lands?

Norma: There's nobody there, right? And it's big enough, too. Um, of course you
guys thought of that, too, right?

Jay: It's far too prominent a place for you to have forgotten.

Norma: Just now, the fighting thing -- that was all a really...really...really
...big joke. Wasn't it, Red? Though, I do seem to recall Senny and everybody
screaming like little girls... Your performance was so realistic, it had me
completely fooled. You all looked like you were about to cry.

Chloe: Okay, Norma, that's enough.

Norma: Well, I guess it doesn't matter since it was all such a superbly

Moses: Heh heh! Yeah, of course!

Jay: You're sweating an awful lot for a joke.

Norma: Man, oh man. You people!

[Scene changes to everyone standing in the Quiet Lands with Giet]

   <M06>     Quiet Lands

Moses: Jay, I got a favor to ask you.

Jay: How can I help you, Mr. Stupid?

Moses: Now, listen up, you...Oh, fine, whatever.

Jay: Hey, don't get all calm and relaxed. How am I supposed to react to that?

Moses: Could you cut off some of my hair?

Senel: What are you going to do with it?

Moses: I'm gonna make a good-luck charm for Giet.

Jay: All right, I cut some. Is this all right?

Moses: Yeah, good job.

[Moses walks over to Giet and gives him the charm]

Moses: Okay, there you go.

Norma: An anklet, huh? Not a collar?

Moses: An accessory made from the hair of someone you trust will protect its
wearer. Giet...I'm going to take just a little bit of your fine mane, here.
Okay, now mine's done, too.

Norma: Hey, you made it into a ring. You're pretty good with your hands, Moses.

Grune: Let us take a little seed... Plant it gently; water it well... Little
seedling, nestled in the ground, grow up safe and sound.

Norma: Hmm, somebody's completely oblivious to what's going on here...

Moses: Hah hah! That's our Grune!

[Everyone turns to face Giet]

Moses: Goodbye, Giet.

Senel: It'll be lonely without him.

Will: Harriet was quite fond of him, too. This is truly unfortunate.

Shirley: Everyone loves Giet.

Moses: Live strong, Giet! Grow stronger than anyone!

Giet: Awoo!

Moses: If your wild blood acts up, remember me!

Giet: Awoo!

Moses: Remember how we met!

Giet: Awoo!

Moses: Remember when you protected me!

Giet: Awoo!

Moses: Remember when you waited for me!

Giet: Awoo!

Moses: Remember when we played together!

Giet: Awoo!

Moses: Remember when we ate together!

Giet: Awoo!

Moses: Remember when we bathed together!

Giet: Awoo!

Moses: Remember when we fought!

Giet: Awoo!

Moses: Remember when we made up!

Giet: Awoo!

Moses: Remember when...when... Remember my voice! Remember my words! Remember
my face!

Giet: Awoo!

Moses: And if that still don't work, then remember what I tell you right now! I
swear upon this moment, someday I'll be back to see you again! So...I will
never forgive you if you forget about me! You and me will always be together!
Even if we're apart, I'll always be thinking of you!

[Giet turns away from Moses]

Giet: Awoooooooo!

[Moses turns away from Giet]

Moses: Never forget, Giet! No matter what happens, never forget that!

[Anime cutscene begins]

Moses: Giet, you always been my family! And you always will be 'til the day I

[Giet howls, Moses cries a little and the two walk away from each other. Moses
looks up at the party with a smile. Anime cutscene ends]

[Everyone exits the Quiet Lands, Csaba runs up]

Csaba: Moses!

Moses: Are your wounds healin' up?

Csaba: Yes...But what about Giet?

Moses: It's all right. He's here with me. In the deepest part of my body, in
the deepest part of my soul, me and Giet are connected.

Csaba: Is Giet alive?

Moses: Of course! Do you seriously think I'd ever hurt Giet?!

Norma: Who was it again that was going on about killing Giet?

Jay: Why, if my memory serves me correctly, I do believe it was Moses.

Moses: Hah hah! That was so long ago! I already forgot all about that! Me and
Giet'll be together forever!

Jay: He certainly has a convenient memory.

Norma: Oh, well. This feels more like the Moses we know and love!

Moses: We're just getting started! Yahoo!

[Scene changes to Lumen Spring]

   <M07>     Lumen Spring

Shirley, Grune (singing): Let us take a little seed... Plant it gently; water
it well... Little seedling, nestled in the ground, grow up safe and sound.

Shirley: I can't wait until it sprouts.

Harriet: Time to eat, everyone! Come and get it!

[Everyone is gathered on a picnic blanket, Chloe and Shirley talking/laughing
together off to the side]

Norma: What's up with those two?

Senel: I'd like to know, myself.

Norma: Hmm. The girls are hanging out together, huh?

[Norma runs over to Chloe and Shirley]

Norma: So what're you talking about? Don't leave me out of all the fun!

Shirley: It's our little secret. Right, C?

Chloe: Yep. Sure is. What's with that serious look?

Norma: Shirl, you just called her "C," didn't you? Didn't you? I know you did!
And you, C! You didn't even blink! Ooh, and now it's like you're reading each
other's minds?! Somebody tell me what's going on here!

Shirley, Chloe: It's a secret.

Norma: You're freaking me out! Ooh, I am furious! How can you leave me out in
the cold like this?! It's not fair, C! I want to be close to Shirl, too! Shirl
you better start treating me the same way this instant...Err, I mean, pretty
please? Come on, Shirl, can't you do the same for me?

Shirley: But...um...aren't we already friends?

Norma: I'm not talking about that! I want a nickname!

Chloe: Hmm...

Norma: I don't need one from you! I want one from Shirl!

Shirley: Well, you certainly do make things lively when you're around, Gnorma.

Norma: Yes! Now I'm part of the club!

[The three girls sit down together]

Senel: I just don't get them.

Moses: Hmm? Somethin' buggin' you, Senel?

Senel: Nah, more like, something that was bugging me finally worked itself out.

Moses: ...You mean them girls?

Senel: At first, I thought I had to say something. But now I realize that was
just for myself, wanting to feel like I was doing something.

Will: Some responsibilities are fulfilled by taking action, and others by
standing back and staying quiet.

Senel: I shouldn't interfere anymore.

Harriet: All right, enough serious talk. Here, Dad, eat this.

Jay: I'm impressed you can eat that. It's worse than poison.

Harriet: Jay!

Jay: J...just kidding.

Harriet: How is it? Is it good?

Will: It certainly tastes better than last night's dinner.

[Senel and Moses start eating]

Harriet: See, I can do it if I try.

Moses: Senel...I ain't feelin' so good...

Senel: Shut up and eat. Be a man.

Moses: Will's amazin', the way he eats it without even battin' an eyelash.

Grune: Oh, my, it's delicious!

Senel: Will's not the only one who's amazing.

Harriet: Here's my next creation. Open up and say, "ahhh."

Moses: Jay, you better eat up quick before it's all gone. You really don't want
to miss out! Come on Jay, open up and say, "ahhh."

Jay: Wh...what the hell are you doing?!

Moses: Takin' care of my family!

Jay: Don't be creepy like that.

Moses: What was that, Jay? I didn't hear you...

Quppo: You're looking lively, Jay!

Pippo: Isn't it fun to be together with everyone?

Poppo: It makes us so happy to see you being so cheerful.

Grune: I bet we can thank Senel and the others for that.

Moses: Now that you mention it, he has gotten a lot more human than he was in
the old days...

Jay: The old days...

Moses: What? You want a piece of me?!

[Flashback; Jay laying on the ground in front of an unknown man]

???: Who gave you permission to rest?

[Jay tries to get up, and falls down again]

Jay: Ugh...argh...

[Jay gets up and the man smacks him, causing Jay to fall down again]

???: Get up!

Jay: Argh...

???: For whom do I do all this?

Jay: F...for me.

???: That's right. For you. You were abandoned, and I took you in. I'm even
training you so you can work.

Jay: Yes, sir. It's all for my sake...

???: Then train as if your life depended on it! I have no need for someone who
would betray my expectations!

Jay: Y...yes, sir.

???: If you truly understand, then ready yourself to fight! Your training will
not stop until you have mastered every last bit of it!

[Flashback scene ends, back to Lumen Spring]

Moses: Yo, Jay! Yoo-hoo! Jay! Little miss, would you be kind enough to bring me
some of that fine home cookin'? Here you go, Jay! Open wide!

Jay: ...Ugh! What, are you trying to kill me?!

Harriet: Jay. Would you care to look me in the eye and repeat what you just

Norma: Hey, everyone! Listen up!

[Everyone gathers around Norma at the edge of the spring]

Moses: What's all the fuss about?

Norma: Take a look at this!

[Norma holds a leaf up into the air]

Will: Oh, yeah. Today's the Star Festival.

Quppo, Pippo, Poppo: Star Festival?

Norma: Hmm? You scallops don't know about it?

Quppo, Pippo, Poppo: We're not scallops!

Norma: Tell 'em, Teach!

Will: The Star Festival is a festival in which people write their wishes on
leaves, then let them flow down rivers and springs.

Shirley: Does something happen when you do that?

Will: Well, it's said that the wishes will come true.

Moses: Cool!

Will: Of course, there's no guarantee that they actually will.

Moses: Not cool...

Will: When the festival first started, they probably believed pretty strongly
in it. It's a very old festival, and not much is known about how it began.

Senel: A wish on the water, huh...

Shirley: Senel?

Senel: They may have been entrusting their wishes to Nerifes.

Will: That's what I think as well.

Moses: So, anyway, we just write a wish on a leaf and put it in the water,

Norma: Yeah! It'll be fun! Let's all do it together!

Jay: I don't have any wishes, so you'll excuse me if I pass.

[Jay walks away from everyone]

Quppo: Jay, wait!

[The three Oresoren run after Jay]

Moses: What's his deal? What a stick-in-the-mud.

Norma: We'll just do it with whoever's interested! It wouldn't be fun if we
forced anyone, anyway!

[Scene changes to everyone writing on a leaf, Jay not present]

Grune: "May the world be at peace." That's always been my favorite wish.

Norma: That's our G-Girl, always thinking big!

Harriet: What did you write, Dad?

Will: "May the dinner table be at peace."

Harriet: Wait a minute. What's that supposed to mean?!

Will: What did you write, Harriet?

Harriet: Here.

Will: "I'm going to make Dad enjoy my cooking!"

Norma: What'd you write, C?

Chloe: "May Elsa live a happy life."

Norma: Aww, you just have to be Miss Goody-Goody, don't you? Boring!

Moses: My turn! "May Giet be healthy and happy!"

Norma: Heh heh. All your wishes are nothing compared to mine.

Chloe: So what did Miss Not-Goody-Goody decide to wish for?

Norma: "Hook me up with a drop-dead gorgeous bod!"

Moses: What kind of a wish is that?

Norma: Don't sound so disgusted! It's a really serious problem for me! I
haven't been growing at all lately!" I'm not asking for a G-Girl level, but a C
at least!...So to speak...

Chloe: Leave me out of this. ...Besides, if you're going to shoot for someone,
surely it should be Grune, not me.

Norma: *Sigh*

Chloe: Wh...what?

Norma: This is why I hate dealing with amateurs! You don't get it! You don't
get it at all! Do you have any idea what it's like to be flat as a board?!
Huh?! It ain't easy, you know!

Chloe: Ah--

Norma: G-Girl's beyond human! She's the ultimate work of art! A miracle to
behold! In the realm of the gods! Do you think I could win against a god?!
She's like every man's dream! You know what I am? I'm every carpenter's dream!
So me and my pancakes have to shoot for something more realistic. That's you
and yours, C, so shut up! Even I know there's no way for a girl with mosquito
bites like me to match G-Girl at this point short of the Everlight and that's
way gone! You should really take pity on the less endowed, you insensitive
clod! How can you not understand the complexities of the female heart, C?!

Chloe: A...all right, all right. Calm down.

Norma: How can I possibly calm down with you standing right there in front of
me?! You...you!...

Shirley: I wish I were like Chloe, too...

Chloe: Shirley, not you, too!

Shirley: But...

Chloe: No buts!

Norma: So! As I was saying before you people went and made such a fuss...This
is my only wish! I'm sure yours is pretty similar, huh, Shirley?

Shirley: Mine? Um, well...

Senel: What did you write, Shirley?

Shirley: D...don't look!

Senel: S...sorry.

Shirley, Chloe, Norma: Despicable.

Senel: I'm sorry. I won't ever do it again. Forgive me. Please!

Grune: What did you write, Senel?

Senel: Here's mine.

Shirley: "May I always be together with my friends."

Norma: Sheesh, you're just like Miss Goody-Goody! Boring!

[Focus moves to Jay with the Oresoren away from the others]

Jay: My wish...

Quppo: It's better to be together with everyone.

Poppo: It's more fun that way.

Pippo: They're all nice people.

Jay: Nice people... That's why it's hard for me to be around them. Because I'm
the only one that's different...

[Scene changes to Senel's house at night. An earthquake occurs, and a thud is
heard. In the morning, Jay enters Senel's house to find him asleep on the

Jay: Senel, it's morning. Wake up, please. Senel, it's morning! Time to wake
up! I wonder why he's sleeping on the floor. Perhaps that's his way of staying

[Senel suddenly wakes up]

Jay: Good morning.

Senel: Why was I sleeping on the floor?

Jay: There was a pretty big earthquake last night, so perhaps you fell.

Senel: ...That's not something people normally sleep through.

Jay: Not normally, no.

Senel: So, what's up? It's pretty unusual for you to come and wake me up.

Jay: I don't quite understand myself, but apparently it's my turn. That's what
Norma said.

Senel: (...When did they start taking turns?)

Jay: Now that you're awake, we should be on our way to Musette's house. It
seems she wants to talk to us about something.

[Senel and Jay arrive at Musette's house]

Musette: I'm sorry to have troubled you all like this.

Will: Not at all. Has something happened?

Musette: Not yet, but it might soon.

Curtis: Tell them, Isabella!

Isabella: A certain group of assassins has infiltrated the Legacy.

Senel: What?! Assassins?!

Isabella: We've received several reports in the last few days.

Moses: I don't like the sound of that. Let's get rid of those guys pronto.

Musette: That's easier said than done.

Isabella: These particular assassins who've appeared on the Legacy are the
worst kind.

Senel: What, some sort of special forces, like the ones in Vaclav's army?

Isabella: No, worse than that...They're ninjas.

Will: Ninjas...

Chloe: Ninjas?...

Moses: Ninjas...What's a ninja?

Norma: Are you serious, Red?

Moses: How am I supposed to know what a ninja is?!

Jay: Ninjas are assassins who hide in the shadows and act only for the sake of
their mission. They cast aside all personal emotions and focus on nothing but
the successful execution of their orders.

Norma: That's our JJ! He knows everything!

Jay: What makes ninjas so fearsome is that they don't even value their own
lives. They'll sacrifice themselves without a second thought if they deem it
necessary to complete their assignment.

Norma: Whoa. Seriously?

Isabella: Yes, what Jay says is true.

Jay: Ninjas are like machines. They're no longer human.

Norma: Jeez...

Chloe: So, some country hired them and sent them here?

Isabella: They're quite adept at keeping secrets. We still don't know who it is
that hired them.

Moses: What do they want? Is there someone they want to kill or something?

Jay: Moses, your idiocy knows no bounds. Have you already forgotten what Vaclav
did? He demonstrated the threat the Legacy presents to the entire world. Now
that everyone knows the Legacy is a powerful weapon, every country out there
wants to get their hands on it.

Chloe: Or at least to prevent anyone else from doing so.

Will: We haven't seen any signs of that kind of activity yet, but, if anything,
that fact makes it all the more suspicious.

Jay: In all likelihood, every country in the world has been preparing in secret
and keeping a close eye on the situation.

Will: Vaclav's actions thrust the Legacy into the spotlight, and it became
difficult for anyone to make any moves.

Isabella: We believe they sent ninjas in order to avoid taking action out in
the open.

Senel: I won't let them use the Legacy for war.

Shirley: Senel...

Curtis: That's the spirit, brother! Let us fight! For love!

Moses: I ain't gonna stand by and let them do as they please with my home!

Jay: ...If they wish to make use of the Legacy, they'll need the power of the

Norma: Oh, yeah. People will be after Shirl again.

Moses: Heh, bring 'em on! We'll protect her!

Norma: Don't worry, Shirl! As long as we're with you, everything'll be fine!

Will: Settle down, you two.

Jay: You shouldn't underestimate ninjas. That goes double for people who don't
think before they act, Moses.

Moses: Always got to get that last word in, don't you...

Musette: What a lively group.

Will: Is this why you called us here today? To tell us about this situation?

Musette: That's not all. There's also something I'd like you to do.

Isabella: It seems some suspicious figures have been spotted coming and going
around the area where the Oresoren village used to be.

Musette: As you well know, where there's smoke, there's usually fire. Could I
ask you to look into it?

Isabella: It's highly probable that's where the ninjas are hiding.

Jay: Which means this may be a little more than just scouting around.

Isabella: If the people spotted there are in fact ninjas, we'd like you to
determine who hired them.

Chloe: Now I think I understand why you called us.

Musette: Would you do this for us? There's no one else we can turn to.

Will: Understood. Is everyone all right with this?

Senel: They might be after Shirley, right? We can't just ignore that.

Moses: Family's gotta look out for each other!

Norma: Family, huh? I guess that makes Will the old man and G-Girl the mom,
huh? Hmm, but G-Girl feels more like an older sister.

Grune: Oh? I'm fine with being the mom.

Norma: No, you're definitely the older sister!

Will: But I'm still the "old man"?

Norma: Well, sure! You've got a daughter, right? You already are somebody's old
man! So I guess this is the story of the Old Man and the Seven Kids!

Will: Norma.

Musette: My, you seem like you're having a good time.

Will: Madame...Please don't encourage her.

Norma: All right, then, time to hunt us some ninjas!

Jay: You know, once in a while you could at least pretend to act seriously.

             The Guardian and the Guarded
   <Jcq>     Character Quest: Jay

[Party assembles and leaves Werites Beacon]

Will: To get to the old Oresoren village, we'll need to pass through the
Secret Passage.

[Party arrives at the Secret Passage]

Norma: Hey, old man. Yo, old man! Hello?

Will: You couldn't possibly be talking to me.

Norma: Do you see any other old men here?

Jay: Norma, try to be a little more serious about this. I told you how
dangerous ninjas are, didn't I?

Norma: It sure makes life easy for the older kids when the littlest one takes
care of everything!

Moses: Heh heh. You got that right!

Jay: Actually, Shirley would be the youngest child.

Norma: Really?

Senel: Yeah, I guess he's right.

Jay: And besides, I'm taller.

Norma: Really? Stand next to each other.

Moses: It's too close to call. I think you're the same.

Grune: It looks like Jay is just a hair bigger.

Jay: See? Some people have sense enough to tell.

Norma: JJ, why do you sound so proud of yourself?

[Shirley walks over to Chloe]

Chloe: What is it?

Shirley: I wish I were as tall as you, Chloe.

Chloe: Personally, I'd be fine with being a little shorter.

Norma: In other words, I'm just right!

Chloe, Shirley: Hmm...

Norma: You're supposed to agree!

Will: What was it you wanted again, Norma?

Norma: Huh? Were we talking about something?

Will: You kept calling me, remember? "Old man, old man!"

Norma: Oh, that? I just felt like saying it!

[Will smacks Norma on the head]

Norma: Ow.

Jay: You should have seen that coming.

Will: As Jay said, if we're going up against ninjas, this isn't going to be a
walk in the park. Stay on your guard, everyone.

Jay: And please, Moses, try not to get in the way.

Moses: Why you picking on me?

Jay: Try to understand that much on your own. I don't have time to explain
everything to you.

Grune: My, those two are such good friends!

Shirley: This may not be the best time to say this, but... This is kind of
nice, you know? Being together with everyone, I feel warm inside. I can't help
but smile.

Chloe: We fight to protect that.

Senel: We won't let anyone use you as part of their ambition to hurt people.

Shirley: I feel safe with everyone around me like this.

Chloe: As long as we're with you, we'll make sure you stay that way.

Moses: Senel, hurry up or we'll leave you behind!

Senel: I'm coming! Let's go.

Shirley, Chloe: Right.

[They travel into the Secret Passage]

Grune: Aww, the little ninjas aren't coming out to play with us. I was so
looking forward to seeing them!

Norma: Everything sounds like cake when G-Girl's involved.

Moses: What's wrong, Jay? Your tummy hurt or somethin'?

Jay: Be careful.

Moses: Huh? Who's there?!

Jay: Stay on your guard. Here they come! No question about it. That's a ninja!

Senel: So that's what they're like!

[Party battles the ninja]

Moses: Whew. That was a surprise.

Jay: Please pay closer attention so that this doesn't happen again.

Will: Understand, Norma?

Norma: You're supposed to say that to Red!

Jay: (Those moves...That style is... But it can't be...)

Senel: Something wrong, Jay?

Jay: N...no, it's nothing.

Moses: He's probably peeved they were using the same kind of moves he does.

Jay: I'm not peeved! How dare you compare my technique to that of people like

Norma: Yep, he's peeved.

Jay: I am not!

Norma: Then don't make such a fuss when you deny it. You're just begging for us
to make fun of you! ...Aren't you gonna say something?

Moses: Why're you so upset?

Jay: I'm not upset. What are you talking about?

Moses: If you let little things get to you, you'll stay a little person.

Norma: Ah, so that's why he never gets any taller! You should have made a wish
at the Star Festival!

Jay: That's enough! Let's scout out this place and go home.

Moses: If it bugs him, he should just say so.

Chloe: Looks like he's having trouble being honest with his feelings. People
like that are hard to deal with.

Norma: Look who's talking.

Chloe: I mean...well...Anyway, I'm sure Jay has his reasons.

Moses: Jay never says squat about himself.

[Party arrives at the Old Oresoren Village]

   <J01>     Old Oresoren Village

Norma: There's no one here at all. Did they run away or what?

Jay: No, they're here.

???: Well, well. I'm impressed you could detect my presence.

[A ninja appears]

Jay: It's foolish of you to show yourself.

???: Oh, I don't think I'm the foolish one here.

Will: What is that supposed to mean?

???: Your coming here was all part of my plan. By the looks on your faces, I
presume not a single one of you fools realized it. Leaking information to
Werites Beacon was a surefire way to draw you here. I knew you'd come and
investigate once my information reached you.

Will: So you're saying you leaked information on purpose?

???: Of course. If I hadn't, there's no way you would've ever found my trail.

Norma: Oh yeah? What makes you so sure about that?

???: Simple. You're incompetent.

Norma: Hey! Who are you calling incompetent?!

Jay: For a ninja, you certainly talk a lot.

???: It doesn't matter how much I tell you. You will all die soon enough.

Moses: Oh, yeah?! Bring it on!

???: If you'll excuse me, I'll be taking the Radiant girl now! I told you,
didn't I? Everything is going according to my plan! What, did you think I
didn't know?

[A monster appears next to the ninja]

???: Thrash them within an inch of their lives!

[Monster attacks the party and is defeated in battle]

???: Humph.

Norma: Hey, he's running away!

Jay: Leave it to me.

[Jay runs off after the ninja]

Senel: Jay, wait! It's dangerous to go alone!

Will: Let's follow him.

[They leave the Old Oresoren Village and continue along the Secret Passage]

Moses: He ain't here either? Where the heck did he run off to?

Will: Jay's usually calm and rational. This isn't like him.

Senel: We'd better find him quickly.

[Scene changes to Jay facing a ninja. He attacks, and the ninja disappears]

Jay: Impossible!

[A man appears behind Jay]

Jay: N...no...You!...

???: It's wonderful to see you again, Jay. My dear apprentice...

Jay: Solon!...Why?...Why are you here?

Solon: I see you're thrilled to see me as well. Oh, this is so touching. I
think I'm going to cry. Heh heh.

[Flashback picture of Solon standing over Jay laying on the ground]

Jay: ...This can't be...Wh...why are you...

[Picture vanishes and returns to Jay and Solon]

Solon: Now, now. Relax, old friend. Call me "Master" in that cute voice of
yours, just like you did back then.

[Jay backs up a few steps]

Solon: Oh, are you going somewhere? You're not going to stop and chat with your
dear master?

Jay: I...I'm not...like that anymore...

[Solon disappears and reappears behind Jay]

Solon: Who gave you permission to run?!

[Jay begins to run away, but falls]

Solon: Please spare me such a pathetic sight. You know how much I hate ugly
things. When I see something ugly, I simply must destroy it.

Jay: Ah...ahh...

Solon: You can stay right there. I have something to talk to you about.

Jay: N...no...I'm no longer...

Solon: Shut up and listen! I want you to help me with my job. That's all. Now,
that's a simple request, isn't it? You don't have any reason to refuse, do you?

Jay: N...no! I...

Solon: You love me, don't you?

Jay: No!

Solon: Who gave you permission to talk back?!

[Solon hits Jay]

Jay: *Cough* *Cough*

Solon: You don't want to feel any more pain, do you? It's incredibly hard on
me, too, you know.

Jay: No matter what you do to me...I won't help you!

Solon: That's not what I want to hear!

[Solon hits Jay again]

Jay: *Cough* *Cough*

Solon: My fist hurts now. You made my fist hurt!

Jay: No matter what you do, no matter what you say, I'll never help you!

[Solon hits Jay to the ground and steps on his back]

Solon: How nostalgic. I remember all the fun times we had training together.

Jay: I...will not...help...you.

Solon: Oh, dear, now this is a bother. In fact, I'm so upset, I think I'm going
to start talking to myself. It's simply me talking to myself, so you need not
worry about it. The "Oresoren," was it? They're such a charming and friendly

Jay: H...how do you know about--?!

Solon: I wonder what color their blood is. I wonder what it sounds like when
they cry out in pain.

Jay: S...stop! Leave the Oresoren alone!

Solon: I'm getting excited just thinking about it. Little otters running in
panic, screaming and crying, begging for their lives as they die. I'm sure
it'll be a marvelous sight! Ah hah hah hah hah hah!

Jay: Damn you! Damn you!

[The party continues through the Secret Passage until they come across Solon
saying something to Jay]

Senel: It's you!

Solon: Thank you for showing me the way the other day. It's good to see you
again as well, my dear Radiant.

Will: You know each other?

Senel: Not by choice.

Solon: Oh, my, that's not very nice. I was happy to meet you, you know. And I'm
ecstatic to see you again now!

Moses: Enough talk, gramps. Bring it on!

Solon: I'm afraid I prefer to avoid pointless combat, although I suppose a
barbarian like you might find that hard to understand.

Moses: What did you say?!

Will: So, you're after Shirley. What country hired you?

Solon: Do you actually think I would answer such a foolish question?

Will: Not really, but you seem to enjoy talking.

Solon: It doesn't really matter what country, does it? The country that obtains
her will rule supreme! The power of the Legacy will ensure that in both war and
diplomacy, even the strongest demands of those who control it will be followed
quite strictly.

Senel: I won't allow the Legacy to be used in your stupid fights.

Solon: Stupid? They're not stupid in the least! The might of this ship is
enough to change the balance of power between nations! Only a fool would choose
not to make use of something this wonderful.

Chloe: You're the only fool here.

Solon: Your country wants it, too, you know...Miss Chloe Valens. I have looked
into all of you quite thoroughly. You shouldn't act so surprised at every
little thing. The expressions on your faces are so ridiculous, it makes my
stomach turn.

Will: You just said, Chloe's country, "too." Do you have more than one

Solon: Anyone to whom I offer it will surely jump at the chance. It doesn't
make any difference to me where this ship winds up, as long as I get to enjoy

Moses: I'm always up for havin' fun, too, but you and me got real different
ideas of "fun."

Solon: The Legacy is an enjoyable place. It quenches my thirst. Lately, all the
countries on the mainland have become too peaceful. The only thing that makes
me feel alive is a battlefield flowing with blood.

Norma: This guy's missing a few screws.

Solon: I'm going to bring some excitement to this place. I shall thrust this
boring world onto a glorious stage, resplendent in war, for all to see!

Senel: Like hell you will!

[Senel and Chloe attack Solon, but he disappears]

Chloe: Where did he go?!

Solon: Struggle as much as you like! Put on a good show for me! Ah hah hah hah
hah hah!

Moses: Where are you?! Get out here!

[Jay collapses to his knees]

Will: Jay...

Jay: I'm fine. I suddenly felt weak... I can't sense him anymore. You can relax

Norma: JJ, are you really okay? It's not normal to just collapse like that.

Will: You look pale as well. Let's head back.

Senel: We should take Jay to his home.

Will: Let's go to the Oresoren village.

[The party leaves the Secret Passage]

Grune: I hope Jay is all right.

Norma: Yeah, he didn't look too good.

Shirley: We should let him get some rest when we get to the Oresoren Village.

   <J02>     Oresoren Village

[They enter the Oresoren Village; Jay keeps walking while the others stop]

Moses: Yo, Jay! What's his deal?

Senel: I bet something happened with that guy before we got there.

Will: At any rate, let's go to his house and check in on him.

[The group enters Jay's house to find the three Oresoren brothers]

Pippo: What's wrong with Jay?

Quppo: He shut himself in his room as soon as he got back.

Poppo: He won't respond when we talk to him.

Senel: Well...

[Screen fades for Senel's explination]

Quppo: Without a doubt, that man was Solon.

Senel: Does Jay know him?

Quppo: Solon is the man who raised Jay.

[View changes to Jay sitting alone in his room upstairs]

Quppo: Jay told us about it before.

Pippo: His real parents abandoned him.

Poppo: Solon took Jay in as a baby and raised him as an assassin.

Quppo: Jay came to the Legacy on a mission to assassinate someone.

Pippo: But the mission ended in failure.

[Flashback scene shows a path on the Legacy]

Poppo: Solon brought a number of his men with him to the Legacy.

Pippo: But a large force was waiting to catch them and wipe them out. Solon's
group lost badly.

Quppo: It was a terrible battle, and many people lost their lives.

Pippo: Solon used Jay as a decoy and escaped.

[Jay comes into view walking along the path, then collapses]

Poppo: Jay collapsed outside our village, injured and exhausted. Alone.

[The three brothers find Jay laying on the path, flashback ends]

Norma: So you rescued him and wound up living together?

Quppo: At first, he didn't speak at all.

Pippo: He showed little emotion and his expression never changed.

Poppo: He never smiled.

Norma: Yeah, well, he was still pretty unsociable when we first met him.

Quppo: As time went on, he gradually grew more cheerful.

Pippo: His face is so much brighter now.

Poppo: Especially when he's with you all, he smiles like he's really having

Quppo: But...When we saw his face just now, it was as cold as ice.

Pippo: We don't want him to go back to how he was when we met him.

Poppo: We want him to smile!

Will: Meeting Solon again must have drudged up memories of his past.

Quppo: Jay was always frightened.

Pippo: He was scared that Solon might come into his life again.

Poppo: We'll protect Jay. We'll protect him from Solon!

Senel: We'll help, too.

Chloe: We'll free Jay from Solon's curse for good.

Moses: First things first, we got to find this Solon guy.

Will: I'll see what information I can find out.

Quppo: We'll check around, too.

Norma: We're counting on you, Scallop Brothers!

Quppo, Pippo, Poppo: Leave it to us!

Will: All right, we've got a basic idea of what's going on. Let's return to
Werites Beacon for now.

Moses: Take care of Jay for us.

[The group leaves Jay's house]

Chloe: Do you think Jay is going to be all right?

Norma: The scallops are with him. He'll be fine.

Shirley: But his expression was really dark.

Senel: That wasn't like him at all.

Moses: Yeah...

Will: Let's help wipe away Jay's fears.

[Scene changes to Jay alone in his room]

Quppo: Are you hungry?

Pippo: How about some fresh scallops?

Poppo: We'd like to have dinner with you, Jay.

Quppo: We're waiting for you, Jay.

Pippo: Come on out if you get hungry, okay?

Poppo: Dinner tastes better when you eat it with others.

[Flashback to Jay and Solon]

Jay: *Cough* *Cough*

Solon: How many times do I have to say it before you understand?! You're
pathetic! Do not make me injure my hand!

Jay: I...I'm sorry.

Solon: Life isn't so forgiving that you can just apologize your way out of

Jay: *Cough* *Cough*

Solon: Never show me such a pathetic sight!

[Jay drops an object on the ground]

Jay: *Cough* *Cough*

[Solon picks up the object that Jay dropped]

Solon: You're still carrying this little bell?

Jay: That's...I...

Solon: I thought I told you to throw it away.

Jay: B...but...this is a clue to finding my family.

Solon: Yes, I'm well aware of that. I'm the one who found you, after all.

Jay: So, that's why I...

Solon: As long as you cling to garbage like this, you'll never grow strong.

Jay: ...Please give it back. It's the only thing I have...

Solon: Who gave you permission to express your opinion?!

Jay: I'm sorry. I'll get it right next time. Please forgive me. So, please. Let
me have that bell...just that bell...

Solon: I'll hold on to it until your skills have matured.

Jay: ...But...

Solon: You object?

Jay: N...no, sir...

Solon: I'm glad you finally understand. All you have to do is obey me. There's
no need for you to ever shake your head. For what I say is always correct!

Jay: Yes, sir...

Solon: Now, let us be certain about things. When you were on the verge of dying
in the dirt, who went to the trouble of taking you in and raising you?

Jay: You did, Master.

Solon: Correct. Then train as if your life depended on it! Make yourself useful
to me! After all, even if you did die, no one would shed a single tear!

Jay: Yes, sir...

Solon: An instrument of killing has no need for emotion. You and this dagger
are one and the same. Shed your humanity and become as this instrument.

Jay: Yes, sir.

Solon: Good. Good! Ah hah hah hah hah hah!

[Flashback scene ends]

Jay: Even if I died...no one would shed a tear. Am I nothing more than an
instrument of death?... I wonder if the others would be sad if I died...

[Black mist appears and forms the shadowy figure]

???: No one would miss you if you died. You're an instrument. A device. Just a
means to an end. You are not a person.

Jay: But...maybe the Oresoren...

???: You aren't needed. No one needs you.

Jay: Stop it! I don't want to listen to you!

???: No one thinks of you as a person. You're just an instrument of death.

Jay: No!...I'm...I'm...

???: No one would grieve if your life were to end, child. Should you cease to
exist, it would not matter. You have no value.

Jay: Even still, I...

Solon: "The 'Oresoren,' was it? They're such a charming and friendly bunch."

Jay: Damn you...

Solon: "I wonder what color their blood is. I wonder what it sounds like when
they cry out in pain."

Jay: Damn you!

Solon: "I'm getting excited just thinking about it. Little otters running in
panic, screaming and crying, begging for their lives as they die. I'm sure
it'll be a marvelous sight! Ah hah hah hah hah hah!"

[The black mist disappears]

Jay: Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! What can I do?! What am I supposed to do?!

   <J03>   Werites Beacon

[Scene changes to Chloe trying to wake Senel up at his house]

Chloe: Coolidge, wake up.

Senel: Let me sleep...just a little longer...

Chloe: Wake up.

Senel: Just a...little longer...

Chloe: Fine, fine. Just a little, understand?

Senel: ...Thanks, Shirley.

Chloe: That's it. Get up, now!

Senel: Oh, it's you, Chloe.

Chloe: Well, excuse me for not being Shirley.

Senel: I didn't mean it like--

Chloe: Spineless.

Senel: Ouch, that's a new one.

Chloe: Now that you're awake, get ready to go. Jay wants to talk to us about
something. Apparently, he went to Raynard's house early this morning. He
actually wakes up early, unlike a certain spineless someone I know.

Senel: You sure are making a big deal about that...

Chloe: No I'm not. Now, let's get going to Raynard's house.

[Senel and Chloe arrive at Will's house]

Senel: Jay, are you feeling better?

Jay: What are you talking about?

Moses: Hate to say it, but we heard about Solon.

Norma: The Scallop Brothers told us.

Jay: Honestly, they just can't keep their mouths shut. There's no need to
worry. I'm not Moses. I won't lose sight of myself.

Moses: That's real convincin', comin' from someone who was holed up in his room
all scared.

Jay: I wasn't scared. I was just a little surprised.

Moses: Yeah, okay. Sure. Whatever you say.

Jay: I'm going to ignore Moses' babbling and start the meeting. I want us to go
eliminate Solon.

Norma: I'm sure you do, but--

Jay: When fighting with a ninja, the one who strikes first wins. If we give him
time to prepare, it'll just put us at that much more of a disadvantage.

Norma: Yeah, I'm sure that's true, but--

Jay: It's dangerous to act defensively when facing a ninja.

Norma: Listen, what I'm trying to say is--

Grune: Where is it we need to go?

Norma: Thank you! That's our G-Girl. That's what I've been trying to ask.

Jay: Don't worry. I've already located him.

Moses: Well, look at that! Ain't you just all prepared! Guess you kept yourself
busy while you were all scared up in your room.

Jay: I told you, I wasn't scared.

Chloe: What do we do about Shirley?

Norma: Oh, yeah. She's the one he's after.

Shirley: I'll go with you.

Grune: Yes, it would be safer to be together with us.

Jay: I agree. It'll also be easier to get a grasp on the situation if she's

Shirley: And besides, everyone is doing all they can for Jay. I want to help,

Moses: Are you okay with that, Senel?

Senel: Of course. It's her decision.

Jay: Then, it's settled. The ninjas are hiding in the Ruins of Frozen Light.

Senel: Got it. Let's go.

[Everyone leaves the house, but Jay stays behind. Harriet walks into the room]

Harriet: Hmm? Are you the only one here, Jay?

Jay: Oh...No, I mean...I was just about to go, too.

[Party assembles and leaves Werites Beacon]

Moses: Wow, how'd you know where the ninjas were bein' all cooped in your room
like that?

Jay: I possess certain brainpower that you most certainly lack.

Moses: Hey, what's that supposed to mean?

Jay: The Ruins of Frozen Light is our next destination.

Moses: Ignored again!

[Party arrives at the Ruins of Frozen Light]

   <J04>     Ruins of Frozen Light

Norma: All right, then, let's go get that So-So!

Grune: Charge!

Chloe: Just to make sure, by "So-So," you're referring to Solon?

Norma: Of course!

Shirley: You sound awfully proud of it.

Norma: What, does anyone have a better suggestion?

Senel: As long as we can understand you, you can call him whatever you want.

Norma: Great. Now that that's settled, let's get going!

Moses, Grune: Yeah! {Moses} Chaaaaarge! {Grune}

[Moses, Grune and Norma walk onward]

Shirley: Grune looks like she's having fun.

Will: If she's okay with it, then I suppose it's fine.

Senel: We should get moving, too.

[They all go forward except Jay]

Will: What's up, Jay?

Jay: Ah, I'm coming. I can't turn back now.

Moses: Hurry up, slowpoke, or we'll leave you here!

Jay: Who are you calling slow?

[The party travels into the Ruins of Frozen Light]

Senel: Does this feel strange to anyone else?

Moses: They sure don't seem to be guarding the place much.

Chloe: Perhaps they didn't expect us to come here.

Norma: But, like, once we arrived, shouldn't they have alerted each other?

Will: They may have something prepared. We should proceed with caution.

Norma: Uh, JJ...This is where you're supposed to say, "Especially you, Moses."

Moses: Yo, Jay, that mouse up there in your noggin not runnin' at full speed,
or what?

Jay: I think you should worry about yourself before worrying about anyone else,

Moses: And I think if you keep spacin' out, you're gonna trip yourself up.

Jay: Don't be ridiculous. I don't make mistakes like that. I'm not you.

Moses: Say that again!

Will: We're in the middle of enemy territory. Settle down.

Norma: Is it just me, or does JJ and Red's exchange sound kind of forced?

Grune: Hmm. Something does sound off.

Senel: Jay, let us know if there's something troubling you.

Jay: There really isn't anything. I'm getting a little tired of you all ganging
up on me.

Moses: Then how about you stop making that face like you gotta take a big crap?

Chloe: Sandor, watch your mouth!

Moses: Huh? Did I say something weird?

Chloe: I...I shouldn't have to tell you!

Norma: Oh, well, it's Red. He can't help it. He's a wild man.

Moses: I don't know what the heck you're goin' on about, but whatever. Jay may
be useless, but I ain't. I'll take care of things.

Senel: Don't get cocky.

[They travel further and wind up in a secluded room]

Moses: There ain't nothing here.

Norma: Is there any point in looking around this place?

[Jay walks over to a control panel]

Will: Did you find something?

Jay: Shirley, could you take a look at this? There's something written in

[Shirley walks over to Jay and a cage falls over everyone else]

Shirley: Senel!

[Jay hits Shirley and knocks her unconcious]

Shirley: Ugh...

Senel, Chloe: Jay!

Moses: What the hell are you doing?!

[Solon appears in the room]

Senel: Solon!

Solon: Splendid work, Jay. I should have expected no less from my dear

Moses: Jay! What do you think you're doing?! Quit playin' around!

Solon: Does this look like he's playing to you? Look at the situation you're
in. What else could it be besides pure betrayal? Are you stupid? Well, are

Moses: That's enough! You and me, right now!

Solon: It's the perfect cage for a wild beast, don't you think? Maybe I'll put
up a booth and charge admission! I love it! I absolutely love it! Ah hah hah
hah hah hah!

Norma: JJ, this can't be true, right?! Answer me, you little brat!

Solon: Beautiful! The look of disbelief on your faces is absolutely perfect!
It's a work of art. I can barely contain myself! This is life's true joy!

Senel: Jay! Stop! Tell us what's going on!

Solon: I think it's time we put an end to your chirping. Your naive cries are
beginning to get on my nerves.

[A monster appears in the cage with them]

Moses: The same trick again? How borin'.

Solon: I'm getting bored with your faces, as well. You can play together in the
pit of that thing's stomach. Farewell!

[Solon and Jay disappear with Shirley]

Senel: Wait!

[Black mist appears around the monster]

Chloe: The black mist? Not now...

Norma: Please don't let it turn into one of those round things.

[The mist forms into the small, round monster]

Norma: I thought I just told you not to do that!

[The party defeats the monster and they are now free from the cage]

Senel: Damn it! How could I... How could I let this happen again?!

Chloe: Don't destroy those fists. You'll need them to save Shirley.

Senel: ...Yeah.

Grune: I wonder what's going on with Jay.

Norma: I'll tell you what's going on! He's a traitor!

Will: I imagine he has a reason for doing this.

Grune: Jay's face looked pretty sad.

Moses: That idiot! I told him to tell us if something was eating him! He took
it all on himself, and look what happened!

Senel: Do we mean that little to Jay? Does all the time we spent together mean
nothing to him? After all we've been through, does he still not trust us?!

Chloe: Coolidge...

Moses: Hell no! Jay's smiles were real! When he was with us, he'd laugh from
the bottom of his heart!

Will: Yes, Jay has been growing more sociable every day.

Grune: That's because he's been together with everyone, right?

Norma: Yeah...that's right! JJ must have some reason for what he's doing!

Senel: Then it's settled. We're going to rescue Shirley and Jay, no matter

Moses, Norma, Grune: Yeah!

Will: If we want to find where they're hiding, we're going to need information.

Norma: Let's get the scallops to help! They're great at finding stuff out!

Senel: Yeah, let's go to the Oresoren village.

Norma, Grune: Charge!

[Everyone leaves except Senel and Chloe]

Chloe: Coolidge?

Senel: I won't let anyone use Shirley's power for evil. That will never happen

Chloe: We're going to rescue Shirley. You can count on it. Don't forget, we're
all with you.

Senel: Chloe...

Chloe: This sword exists for that purpose.

Senel: Yeah. Thanks, Chloe!

[They leave the Ruins of Frozen Light]

Will: We still need more information. Let's return to the Oresoren Village.

   <J05>     Oresoren Village

[The group enters the Oresoren Village to find it empty]

Moses: It's awful quiet.

Norma: Maybe they're all asleep.

Grune: Oh, I love naps!

Senel: No, it's too quiet.

Will: At any rate, let's look for Quppo and his brothers.

[Screen fades out while they search. Senel, Will, Moses and Grune gather]

Senel: Did you find anyone?

Moses: Nope.

Will: Neither did I.

Grune: My, that is strange. Where did the little scallops go?

[Norma runs up to the four]

Norma: Hey! This is not good!

Will: What is it now?

Norma: There was a letter left in the scallops' house! Come to their house!

[The five of them enter Jay's house]

Chloe: Here's the letter. Take a look.

Pippo: "Please forgive Jay for what he's done."

Poppo: "He only did it because he was being threatened."

Quppo: "If he didn't help Solon, Solon said he would kill all the Oresoren."

Poppo: "Jay had no choice but to do it to protect us."

Quppo: "We're going to stop Solon, even if it means losing our lives."

Pippo: "So, please forgive Jay."

Poppo: "Jay needs you all."

Quppo, Pippo, Poppo: "Please look after Jay for us!"

Senel: They knew?

Will: I doubt Jay told them. They probably found out about it on their own.

[Moses kicks the stairway]

Moses: Why does everyone keep tryin' to do everythin' on their own?! What about
us?! Are we that unreliable?!

Will: You can ask them to their faces, because we're going to find them, no
matter what.

[Moses kicks the stairway again]

Will: I'll return to town and gather information.

Moses: I'll go too. I'll get my boys to help.

Will: Thanks.

[Scene changes to Jay, Solon, and Shirley at the throne room of Mirage Palace]

Jay: That's not what you said before! I did what you asked! Now leave the
Oresoren alone!

Solon: Hmm? I don't recall anyone making such a promise. Are you sure you
weren't dreaming, perhaps?

Jay: Shut up!

[Solon hits Jay, causing him to fall to one knee]

Jay: *Cough* *Cough*

Solon: You'd best watch your mouth. I have a short temper. Surely you know that
by now, hmm?

[Jay rises to his feet]

Jay: You're nothing but scum!

[Solon slaps Jay twice and punches him to the ground, then kicks him]

Solon: I just told you to watch your mouth!

[He kicks Jay again]

Solon: You're not very bright, are you, you ungrateful brat?

Shirley: Stop it! No!

[Jay gets up as black mist surrounds Solon, then disappears. Solon hits Jay to
the ground and Jay drops something]

Solon: Hmm? What's this?...A leaf?

[Jay gets up and dives on the leaf, Solon kicks him out of the way and grabs
the leaf]

Solon: Oh, I know. This is for the Star Festival. That's rather human behavior,
for an instrument of killing.

Jay: Give it back...

Solon: Let's see...What could be written on it?... Heh heh heh...Ah hah hah!
Ah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah!

Jay: Grr...

Solon: You're a comic genius! Are you trying to make me die laughing?!

Jay: Shut up!

Solon: This is too good! It's a masterpiece! You, Radiant! What do you think he
wrote? Do you want to know? I know you do. Well then I'll go ahead and tell
you. Are you ready for a good laugh? He says, "I want a family!" Who wants a
family? You? Ah hah hah hah hah hah hah!

[Jay stands up]

Jay: What's so funny?!

Solon: Why, this, of course! It's very funny! It's absolutely hilarious! How
could anyone not laugh at this? How could something like you ever have a
family? You're a murderer!

Jay: Go to hell!

Solon: If you want it back, then go ahead. Take it from me! "I want a family."
You want a family, do you? A "family"?! Ah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah!

Jay: What's wrong with that? What's so bad about that?!

Solon: You should know better than anyone! You're an instrument. A device. A
machine. And machines do not have families!

Jay: Is it really so wrong for me to want a family?!

Solon: Yes, it is! Ah hah hah hah hah hah hah!

[Solon goes to hit Jay again, but is hit by something. Quppo, Pippo and Poppo

Quppo: It's about time you stopped laughing!

Pippo: Jay's family is right here!

Poppo: That's right! We're his family!

Quppo, Pippo, Poppo: And we won't forgive you for hurting one of our own!

Jay: What are you three...doing here?...

Quppo: It's not just us.

Pippo: Every last Oresoren has come to rescue you, Jay!

Poppo: That's what family is all about!

Solon: Oh, what a touching little group of otters!

[Solon motions to summon minions, but nothing happens]

Quppo: We've already taken care of the other ninjas!

[Battles between ninjas and the Oresoren are shown at various points around
Mirage Palace]

Solon: You're awfully impudent for a bunch of otters.

Quppo: Attack!

[Quppo attacks Solon while Poppo unties Shirley]

Poppo: Jay, Shirley, run!

Pippo: Leave this to us!

Quppo: Take care of Jay!

[Shirley grabs Jay's leaf and they run off. Black mist appears around Solon]

Solon: I won't be made a fool by otters!

[Scene changes to Jay and Shirley attempting escape. Jay suddenly stops]

Jay: I can't just leave them!

Shirley: What can you do if you go back now? Can you fight? I can't send in
someone who'll only be a burden.

Jay: But I have to protect them! I have to!

Shirley: Get a hold of yourself! Surely you realize by now how strong the
Oresoren are. They may not be powerful warriors, but their hearts are very
strong. Much stronger than yours.

Jay: I thought of myself as the guardian of the Oresoren. But...But maybe it
was I who was being guarded. Protected.

Shirley: They have the strength in their hearts to stand up to danger and
protect what's important to them. The true strength to stand up to something,
even if it means sacrifice. Your heart is very weak. But while your heart may
be weak, you certainly have the strength to defeat your enemies.

Jay: The strength to defeat enemies...

Shirley: That's something the Oresoren don't have. Nobody has everything.
That's why we reach out to each other. That's why we work together and help
each other!

Jay: But I...don't have anyone to reach out to.

Shirley: Do you really believe that? Have you ever thought about what everyone
would think if they heard you say that? They've all been concerned about you.
They've all reached out to you. Senel and Moses, too, they've all been worried
about you. How can you just brush them aside and say something like that?

Jay: But...But I...

Shirley: Trusting in people is very difficult. But you have to have courage and
take the first step! You have to be honest about your feelings! You say you
want people to reach out to, but you don't want to get hurt. That's just

Jay: Selfish?

Shirley: You might get hurt, but you have to have the courage to move forward.
Because just waiting won't change anything. Before I understood that, I was a
great burden to everyone. I stopped trusting the Orerines. I stopped trusting
Senel. I closed myself up in a shell. That's exactly why I understand
everyone's feelings. You have to look forward. You have to look everyone in
the eyes. You have to face them. I'm going back to the others. Because I need
their help. Because we need everyone's help to save the Oresoren!

Jay: I...I...

Shirley: Decide for yourself.

Jay: I want to protect the Oresoren!

[Several flashback scenes involving Jay and the Oresoren are seen]

Jay: Now...I need everyone's help.

Shirley: Let's go back to the others.

Jay: Okay!

[Scene changes to Senel and Norma in Jay's house. Moses runs in]

Moses: Jay and Shirley are back! They're at the entrance to the village!

Senel: All right. We'll be right there.

[Norma snores]

Moses: Wake up, Bubbles!

Norma: Pants...riding low...Something's about to pop out...

[Moses kneels beside Norma]

Norma: Ow, my nose!...No fingers up the nose...no fingers... Zzzz...

Moses: Wake up!

Norma: ...I had a dream about something popping out...

Senel: This isn't the time, Norma. Get up.

[The three run to the enterance of the Oresoren Village]

Senel: Shirley! Are you all right?

Shirley: Yeah, I'm fine.

Chloe: It seems they escaped from the Mirage Palace.

Senel: So that's where you were...

[Jay hangs his head, Shirley walks up to him]

Shirley: Don't forget why we came back.

Senel: Jay...

Jay: I finally...I finally understand. The Oresoren were always helping me.
They stayed by my side, always, so I'd never be alone. When I came home late,
they worried about me. They waited to eat until I got back. When I was injured,
they treated me. When I got sick, they made me better. On cold nights, they
would sleep together with me. They said it was fun being together with me. They
called me...They called me family! The Oresoren are my family! They're the most
important thing in the world to me! I don't want them to get hurt! I can't take
losing anyone like that! I want to save them! But my strength alone isn't
anywhere near enough! So...so...please, help me! Please, give me the power to
protect my family! Please! Please help me!

[Senel and Moses walk over to Jay. Senel hits Jay on the head]

Jay: Guys?

Senel: Stop crying. You just said you want to protect someone, didn't you?

Jay: Senel...

Moses: They're going to pay for making my little brother cry!

Jay: Moses...

Moses: I can't forgive anyone who makes my family cry!

Chloe: Congratulations. Now you've got a brother.

Jay: ...He's not exactly my first choice...

Norma: Oh, well, just put up with him for now.

Grune: He's really a wonderful brother who cares for his siblings.

Will: I'll give you that much; he does care for his own.

Moses: Let's go bring some serious pain down on the bastard who made my little
brother cry!

Chloe: Sounds like a plan. Let's head for the Mirage Palace.

Senel: Yeah. We're going to take Solon down.

Moses, Norma, Grune: Charge!

Norma: Come on, people! At times like this, you're all supposed to join in!

Shirley: Yeah, I guess you're right.

Chloe: I guess it wouldn't hurt, every now and then.

Norma: All right, Senny! Once more, please!

Senel: Let's go, everyone!

Senel, Shirley, Will, Chloe, Moses, Norma, Jay, Grune: Charge!

   <J06>     Mirage Palace

[They travel to Mirage Palace and find a group of Oresoren on the ground]

Jay: Oh, no! They're badly hurt.

Senel: Shirley.

Shirley: Right.

[Shirley heals the Oresoren]

Jay: They didn't have to fight like this.

Senel: There are times when you have to get hurt to protect those you care

Chloe: That's how important you are to the Oresoren, Jay.

Moses: Don't you forget that.

Senel: Now it's your turn, Jay.

Jay: ...Yeah.

Norma: Those scallops aren't getting up. Are they okay?

Shirley: I don't get it. I healed their wounds...

Moses: Were we too late?

Jay: N...no!

Grune: Oh, they look so cute when they're asleep. I feel like petting them.

Norma: They're just sleeping?!

Chloe: They look like they're having pleasant dreams.

Norma: They look like they don't have a care in the world.

Shirley: They're so cute.

Chloe: Y...yeah, they are.

Moses: They sure are a carefree bunch.

Jay: You're a fine one to talk, Moses.

Norma: All right! JJ's back to normal!

Moses: Hah hah! Yeah, this is much better!

Senel: Let's keep going.

[They travel further into Mirage Palace and find Quppo laying on the ground]

Jay: Quppo! Hang on!

Quppo: Mmmm...how strange...I can hear Jay's voice. Is it time for me to depart
for the land of scallops?...

Jay: No! We've come to save everyone!

[Shirley heals Quppo and he gets up]

Quppo: *Ors ors!*

Shirley, Chloe: Aaaah!

Chloe: S...stop staring.

Norma: That was such a cute shriek you let out there. Your faces are both
bright red.

Shirley, Chloe: T...they are not! {Shirley} Sh...shut up!{Chloe}

Jay: Quppo, are you all right?

Quppo: Jay! It really is you.

Jay: Do I look like an illusion?

Quppo: You look good, Jay. Your eyes are strong. Those are the eyes of a true

Jay: I owe it to you and your brothers. I've finally opened my eyes. Where are
Pippo and Poppo?

Quppo: They're acting as decoys for me.

Senel: Just the two of them? Let's hurry!

Quppo: Solon is very dangerous right now. I feel a strange power from him.

Jay: ...I noticed that, too. His strength is inhuman.

Quppo: No matter how much we threw at him, he never got tired. And when he got
injured, it healed up right away!

Will: The monsters with the black mist displayed the same trait.

Senel: That might contain the secret to his power.

Norma: Black mist also came out of the monster So-So called up at the Ruins of
Frozen Light.

Chloe: Solon couldn't be the source of the mist, could he? And the monsters
that come from the mist?...

Moses: Now's not the time to be chattin'.

Jay: We have to hurry to Pippo and Poppo!

Quppo: Be really careful, okay?

Jay: Don't worry. Everyone's with me.

Quppo: You're the only ones we can count on now. Please defeat Solon.

Jay: That's why I came back. We're going to take him down, no matter what!

[Party travels further into the Palace and finds Solon standing over Pippo and
Poppo with black mist surrounding him]

Solon: No matter how much you struggle, in the end, you're still just a bunch
of otters! Ah hah hah hah hah hah!

Senel: That mist!

Jay: Pippo! Poppo!

[Norma and Shirley heal Pippo and Poppo]

Solon: Well, well. Welcome, everyone. I apologize for the scallopy smell.
Please, make yourselves at home. I'm so grateful you all have saved me the
trouble of finding you myself. Oh, dear, you don't have to be so hostile. I'm
in quite a good mood right now! How about we have a nice little chat?

Jay: You're going to pay for hurting them!

Solon: Oh, dear, such a temper. So you're not scared of me as long as you have
your little friends here? Oh, such bravery.

Moses: You're gonna pay for everythin' you ever did to Jay!

Solon: My, my, what friendship! You have no idea of the kinds of things he's

Senel: Yes, we do. It's because we know that we're here with him.

Solon: You're quite skilled at getting on one's nerves. No matter how much one
struggles, the mistakes of one's past never disappear!

Senel: That's not true!

Solon: He killed people, stained his hands with blood, and lived as a mere
instrument of death. He felt no guilt whatsoever. Are you saying you can treat
something like that as a person? Ah hah hah hah hah hah hah! That's fantastic!
I love it! I absolutely love it!

Jay: Just as you say, I've killed innocent people. I can't argue with you
calling me an instrument of death.

[Black mist appears around Jay]

Solon: Exactly. You're not human. You're a fist, a sword, a spear, eres...an
instrument designed to kill!

Jay: Everything you say is truly correct. You're exactly right.

Solon: Yes. Precisely. You belong with me. You are now so stained with blood
that you can never go back!

Senel: Jay!

Solon: Show these fools the truth!

Moses: And it'd be just like him to do it, too.

Jay: The only fool here is you!

[Jay hits Solon away from him]

Solon: You little brat!

Jay: I, too, thought I couldn't turn back. But there were people who supported
me even after I'd given up on myself! People who accepted me!

Solon: So what?! You cannot erase your past! Give yourself up to darkness!
Immerse your life in blood! That is the world in which you were destined to

Jay: You truly are a fool. People can change.

Quppo: That's right! Mistakes can be corrected!

Pippo: If the pain is too great to take on alone, we'll take it on together!

Poppo: Yeah! We help Jay and bear his pain and suffering together with him!

Solon: I'm being lectured by otters now? Don't make me laugh.

Jay: Regardless of my past, I have people now who call me family. Losing is no
longer an option! I can't allow myself to be shackled to my past! I won't lose
sight of myself!

[The mist disappears from Jay and takes his shape by Solon]

Jay: I know who I am and what I must do. And I am not alone anymore!

Moses: Amen, brother! Spoken like a real man!

Senel: Here we go, Jay. Time to settle this by your own hand.

Jay: Right!

Solon: You shall die regretting your foolishness!

[Solon and Dark Jay are defeated in battle]

Solon: Impossible...

[The black mist around Solon disappears]

Solon: My power...it's fading... How can I lose?! I refuse to accept this!

[Solon goes to attack the Oresoren, but Jay defends them]

Jay: I know your every move.

Solon: You impudent little brat!

Jay: I'll never forgive you for hurting my family!

Solon: Shut up!

Jay: It's time for you to pay!

[Jay begins to glow brightly]

Solon: Wh...what's this light?! What have you done?!

Jay: This is our power! A power you could never hope to obtain!

Solon: Uaaaaah!

[Anime cutscene begins; Senel waves to Jay along with Moses]

Senel: Jay!

Moses: Hey, Jay.

[Jay glances back at the Oresoren, who motion for him to go to the other boys.
Jay nods, then runs up to Senel and Moses, high-fiving them. Anime scene ends]

Will: I never thought the day would come when I'd see them do that.

Norma: Will, you sound like an old man.

Moses: Come on, now! Laugh when there's somethin' funny!

Norma: That's our old man for you!

Will: If I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times. I am only

Norma: See? You're an old man!

[Will hits Norma on the head]

Norma: Ow!

Will: Anyone else want to get hit?

Norma: Why's it just me?!

Senel: What's that sparkling over there?

Jay: This bell...

Norma: Ooh! What is it? What is it? Some kind of treasure?

Jay: I was told that I was holding this bell in my hand when I was found as a

Norma: Really? I wonder how much we can get for it!

Jay: Why do you look like you want something?

Norma: So I can't have it?

Jay: Of course not! What in the world are you thinking?!

Norma: About money?

Jay: Well, keep your thoughts to yourself!

Moses: Hah hah! Now, this is the way things are supposed to be!

Shirley: You probably don't need this anymore, but here's your Star Festival

Norma: Ooh, what's it say? Did you go off and write a wish on your own?

Moses: Come on, Jay! Show it to me! Show your big brother!

Jay: N...no!

Norma: Show us!

Jay: I said, no!

Moses: Come on!

Jay: No way!

Chloe: You could just ask Shirley.

Norma: Good point! Okay, Shirl. Out with it.

Jay: N...no! Please don't tell them!

Shirley: Oh dear, oh dear. What shall I do? It would be fun, though, Jay.
Wouldn't it? Hmm?

Chloe: Shirley's learned how to tease, too.

Norma: You're gonna have to do whatever she wants now.

Jay: Oh no...

Moses: Just tell us, and we'll leave you alone!

Jay: I'll never tell!

[Grune walks away from the group]

Senel: Grune, are you okay?

Grune: ...What's this feeling? It feels really...bad...

[Black mist rises from Solon]

Senel: What's going on?! I can't move!

Norma: Wh...what's happening?

[The mist forms into a person and covers the entire area]

Grune: Who are you?...

???: It's been a long time, Grune.

Grune: Do I know you?

???: You still haven't regained your memory?

Grune: Do you know me?

???: As you know me, so I know you.

Grune: So, I know you, too?

???: It matters not if you have no memory. Continue to walk the path to

[The unknown woman attacks Grune]

Shirley: Grune!

Senel: Dammit! Why can't I move?!

???: Do not struggle, child of man.

Senel: Who the hell are you?!

???: There's no need for you to know.

[The woman disappears along with the mist]

Chloe: I can move...

Senel: What happened just now? Were we dreaming?

Shirley: Grune, are you all right?

Norma: G-Girl, hang on!

Shirley: I've healed her wounds, but...

Moses: Why won't she open her eyes?!

Will: Let's take her back to town.

Senel: Yeah. That'd be best for now.

   <J07>     Werites Beacon

[Scene changes to everyone at the inn in Werites Beacon]

Senel: How's she doing?

Shirley: She still hasn't opened her eyes.

Norma: That wasn't...a dream, was it?

Moses: How could a dream knock her out?!

Jay: I wonder who that person in black was. She disappeared just as suddenly as
she appeared...

Chloe: She seemed to know Grune.

Moses: But there's no way to know for sure, because Grune can't remember a
single thing.

Chloe: Was that even a person?

Norma: What else could it have been?

Chloe: I don't know, but it's just...something about her felt strange...

Moses: Yeah, I was feelin' the same thing.

Senel: Will, you've been awfully quiet. Something on your mind?

Will: I've heard that voice before. I was trying to remember where.

Moses: Did you figure it out?

Will: It's the voice I heard when I faced off against my shadow. The one that
appeared from the mist. I wasn't thinking clearly at the time, so I thought it
was just my imagination...

Senel: Did you all hear it, too?

Moses: Now that you mention it, it did sound similar.

Jay: The voice I heard sounded similar as well.

Norma: I figured I was just hearing things since I was so exhausted.

Chloe: That voice makes me...sad. Miserable. Dark.

Norma: Yeah, it felt terrible. All of a sudden, I just felt like giving up.

Chloe: My heart sank, and it felt like I was being backed into a corner.

Senel: It seems pretty certain that she's linked to the black mist.

Shirley: I wonder why she knows Grune.

Jay: Could Grune be connected with the mist as well?

Norma: Of course not! Grune's a good person!

Jay: Don't get angry at me. You know it was on everyone's mind.

Moses: Grune did seem to know something about the mist.

Will: She was trying very hard to remember something she felt she should know.
It seemed that way, at least.

Norma: Hmm, maybe so but...

Will: Let's not rely on guesswork to reach a conclusion.

Moses: I hope her memory comes back, now that she met someone she knows.

Jay: Even if it does come back, there's no guarantee she'll tell us about it.

Moses: What?

Jay: It's clear that the black mist is having a negative effect on monsters and
people. And it's very likely that woman in black is behind it all.

Moses: What's your point?

Jay: If Grune is connected with the woman in black...

Moses: Just stop right there, Jay.

Senel: I'm going to check on Grune. She may have woken up.

Shirley: I'll go with you.

Norma: Let's just go together! We're all worried about her, right?

[They walk into Grune's room; Grune is talking with another ball of light]

Norma: She's awake.

???: I see your power still has not returned.

Grune: Hmm. I wonder what happened.

Rem: I am Rem. Do you not remember?

Grune: Hmm...I'm sorry.

Norma: *Sigh* Once again, she's talking to air...

Rem: Your memory and your power have been sealed. It must have been an
unavoidable decision, considering how far this land is from maturity.

Moses: So, who's she talkin' to?

Jay: Don't ask me...

Rem: I, too, lack the power to stay in this form for long.

Grune: Oh, that's too bad.

Rem: I shall sleep until the awakening of time. Until then, may the blessing
of light be with you, Master.

Grune: Oh, my, it's Rem's seed. How beautiful. Oh, hello everyone. Are you
going out?

Norma: Is that all you have to say?!

Grune: Oh, right. Silly me. When you wake up, you're supposed to say "good
morning." Good morning, everyone!

Norma: Good morni--Wait a minute!

Senel: Who were you talking with just now?

Grune: Hmm. I wonder who it was.

Shirley: Is your body all right?

Grune: What are you talking about?

Chloe: Don't tell me she's already forgotten what happened...

Grune: What happened?

Jay: Someone in black just appeared out of the mist and attacked you!

Will: It looks like she doesn't remember...

Grune: Oh, of course I remember. You're talking about when we met Schwartz,

Senel, Shirley, Will, Chloe, Moses, Norma, Jay: Schwartz?

Norma: Who's that?

Grune: Oh, who could it be?

Norma: Stop leading us on and then forgetting everything!

Will: Norma, don't shout.

Senel: Is Schwartz the name of that person in black?

Grune: Oh, yes, that's right. The girl in black is Schwartz.

Shirley: Grune, has your memory returned?

Grune: Um, well, I remember her name, but...

Jay: But apparently nothing else.

Grune: I feel like I'm really close to remembering everything. I just can't
seem to get it. Oh, dear, what a pickle.

Shirley: You'd never know she was upset by the tone of her voice.

Grune: And so, I have a favor to ask.

Norma: What do you mean, "and so"?! Where did that come from?!

Grune: I'd really like to see Schwartz again.

Moses: But she attacked you.

Grune: I have a feeling my memory will come back if I can just meet her.

Jay: She severely injured you.

Grune: Maybe we can become friends this time.

Moses: You're insane!

Grune: Moses? Pretty please?

Moses: Yeehaw!

Norma: Looks like you just made his day.

Moses: Yahoo!

Shirley: Looks like you just made his year.

Moses: At last! My time has come!

Jay: All right, enough playing around, Moses. Let's get on with the discussion.
Even if we did want to find Schwartz, where would we go? Not even I feel
confident about gathering information on this one.

Grune: Oh, don't worry about that.

Chloe: What do you mean?

Grune: It's easy for me to tell where she is.

Norma: R...really?

Grune: I don't know why, but I can feel her presence for some reason. It's
very mysterious.

Norma: You're telling me.

Senel: So, where's Schwartz now?

Grune: On the bridge of the Legacy, it seems.

Norma: What do we do?

Moses: All we can do is trust her and go check it out, right?

Jay: What if it turns out that nothing is there?

Chloe: And even if what Grune says is true... Wouldn't it be dangerous to
approach her unprepared?

Jay: I felt a power greater than any we've ever encountered.

Will: We also don't know what it was that kept us from moving. It might be
dangerous to just charge in there.

Senel: But we can't just ignore the situation.

Shirley: It may have something to do with the black mist.

Senel: It's the only clue we have. I think we should go.

Shirley: If there's trouble brewing, let's put an end to it ourselves.

Moses: Yeah, Shirley's right. We can't let evil roam free!

Will: All right, let's head for the bridge. But don't let your guard down for
a second.

Grune: Oh, thank you. I love you all so much. I could just hug you all!

Shirley: Senel?

Senel: Er...

Norma: Hah hah! Life's tough, huh, Senny?

Senel: ...Why do things always wind up like this?

Norma: It's love, Senny! Love!

   <Gcq>     Character Quest: Grune                    By: Chaos Control3290

Birth, Character Quest: Grune

Grune joined the party!

(Leaving Werites Beacon)

Norma: Up, up and away to the Bridge!

Grune: You're always so energetic! It makes me so happy.

(At the Bridge)

Grune: It seems like Schwartz is still here.

Will: If Schwartz is really here, then there's no telling what will happen.

Senel: We should be really careful inside.

Jay: If push comes to shove, Moses can show us what a man he is.

Moses: Yeah, leave it to me!

Jay: He seems pretty enthusiastic about it. If we run into any danger, we'll 
     just use Moses as a decoy.

Moses: Hey, now hold up!

Jay: Is there a problem?

Moses: You better believe it!

Grune: Ugh...

Shirley: Grune!

Grune: I've been getting these headaches a lot lately.

Jay: It's probably from Moses shouting all the time.

Moses: Stop blamin' me for everythin'!

Norma: G-Girl, are you okay?

Grune: Yes, I'm fine. Sorry to worry you.

Senel: Don't push yourself. We'll stop if you need to rest. Just let us know.

Grune: Thanks, Senel. I'm fine now. Let's keep going.

Norma: Hey, wait up!

Chloe: It's unusual for Grune to take the lead.

Will: She may be feeling anxious because of her memory.

Shirley: It'd be pretty scary to lose your memory.

Chloe: Not knowing who you are...Just thinking about it is frightening.

Moses: Senel! Hurry up!

Norma: You, too, old man! if you keep dragging your feet, we're gonna leave you

Will: Who are you calling "old man"?!

Will: Stop laughing!
(Will hits chloe)
Chloe: Ow. 
(Will hits shirley)
Shirley: Aah!
(Will hits Senel, it sounds like a clang)
Senel: Argh.

Senel: Hey, it sounded different when you hit me!

Chloe: Shirley, you look happy. 

Shirley: This is the first time Will's ever scolded me!

Senel: That's not something to be happy about.

Shirley: It is to me!

Will: Stop goofing around. Let's get moving.

Senel, Chloe, Shirley:
All right. {Senel}
Right. {Chloe}
Okay. {Shirley}

(After puzzle booth at Bridge, emerging)

Grune: Ugh...

Norma: G-Girl!

Senel: Let's rest for a bit.


Shirley: Is the pain gone?

Grune: Yes, thank you.

Will: This may be a sign that your memory is returning.

Moses: That'd be good.

Norma: Hey! When you get your memory back, let's have a huge party to

Chloe: That's a good idea.

Will: I'm sure Harriet would enjoy that.

Norma: Yeah, because G-Girl's the only one who enjoys Hattie's cooking!

Jay: When her memory comes back, her sense of taste may return to normal as
     well, you know.

Will: That wouldn't be good. Grune's our last line of defense.

Norma: You say that, but you know you can't say no to Hattie. You'd eat it all

Shirley: A celebration sounds like it'd be fun.

Norma: We'll call the scallop brothers and the BBs and everyone else and have
       a blast!

Chloe: Don't forget Zamaran.

Shirley: And Elsa and Arnold, too.

Grune: Oh, my, that sounds wonderful. I can't wait!

Shirley: We could have a picnic at the spring.

Grune: Heh, heh...

(Enter facechat mode)

Grune: Everyone's so wonderfully close to each other. It makes me so happy!

Grune: I hope I can stay with you all forever. 

Senel: I'll fight as much as it takes to protect what we have right now.

Will: We won't let anyone take this time away from us.

Moses: If we ever do split up, it should be on journeys we chose ourselves.

Chloe: We should live each moment as if it's our last, so we don't have any
       regrets when that time comes.

Norma: Well, then, let's go out there and get back G-Girl's memory!
(end facechat mode)

Senel, Shirley, Will, Chloe, Moses, Norma, Jay, Grune: Charge!

(At top of Bridge)

Norma: Umm, maybe my eyes have gone bad or something.

Norma: Looks like there's no one here.

Chloe: I'd really rather not think about the possibility, but...

Moses: Was this a bust, after all?

Norma: I don't know. G-Girl, of all people...

(enter facechat mode)

Norma: ...would probably make that kind of mistake, yes.

Grune: Oh? Hmm. This place is...

(end facechat mode)

Chloe: Should I be worried about how this sentence is going to end?

Jay: D...don't worry.

Jay: She was completely positive this was the place. I'm sure--

Grune: Hmm. I wonder if I got it wrong.

(mist appears)

Norma: Hey! Hey!

Grune: Oh, my, what's wrong, everyone?

Norma: B...b-b...b-b-b...be-be-be!...

Grune: Oh, is this some kind of new game?

Grune: It looks like lots of fun!

Norma: Behind you! 

Grune: Oh, my, I guess this was the right place.

Grune: So? Aren't you proud of me?

Norma: We're thrilled! Now turn around! There's no telling what she'll do to

(enter facechat mode)

Schwartz: So, you've recovered enough power to sense me.

Senel: You're "Schwartz," aren't you? We've got something we want to ask you.

Schwartz: Watch your words, child of man.

Chloe: Is the black mist your doing?

Moses: Fess up, now. We just might have to cause you some pain.

Schwartz: Know your place, child of man.

(Mist surrounds party)

Chloe: ...What?! Not again!

Moses: Dammit! I can't move!

Senel: Answer us, Schwartz!

Grune: I want to ask you something.

Schwartz: When the time comes, you will regain everything, Grune.

Schwartz: Wait until that time.

Senel: Grune! Don't get close to her!

Moses: Why won't my body do what I tell it? You're my body, ain't you? Move!

Schwartz: You don't even know who I am, Grune. Pitiful.

Grune: You're Schwartz, aren't you?

Schwartz: Names mean nothing.

Grune: Please tell me. Who are you? And who am I?

Schwartz: Time will tell you everything.

Schwartz: Although, you may not know everything until the world has already
          returned to nothingness.

Jay: Answer us. Is the black mist your doing?

Schwartz: The mist is me. I am the mist.

Moses: So you're sayin' you're behind it all? Then it's time to bring a villain
       to justice!

Schwartz: I told you to know your place, child of man.

(end facechat mode)

Schwartz: You shall return to nothingness.

Senel: Schwartz! What are you doing?! Answer me!

Senel: Schwartz!

Schwartz: Do not struggle, child of man.

Shirley, Chloe:
Senel! {Shirley}
Coolidge! {Chloe}

Senel: Is that your answer? Fine, if that's what you want!

Senel: If you're going to bring trouble, then I'm going to stop you!

Schwartz: Hmm...That light...

Moses: That's right! We got invincible sacred eres on our side!

Schwartz: A strong light. Such an abhorrent power.

Schwartz: So, these are your seeds of hope, Grune? If so, I shall return them
          to nothingness right here.

(Dark Vaclav appears)

Senel: Va...

Norma: Va...Va...Va...

Senel, Norma, Moses: Vaclav!

Norma: What's going on here?!

Will: Think about it later!

Chloe: Right now, just defeat the enemy in front of us!

(Boss fight)
(After Boss fight)

(Shirley and Senel destroy Dark Vaclav)

Grune: Argh!

Norma: G-Girl! Is your head hurting again?!

Grune: Uh...uhh...

Grune: ...I...I'm fine.

Shirley: Did you remember something?

Grune: Not a thing. I'm sorry.

Norma: Oh. That's too bad.

Jay: When did Schwartz disappear?

Moses: Damn it all! Next time we meet, she ain't getting off so easy!

Chloe: Is she no longer here?

Grune: Hmm...She doesn't seem to be nearby.

Will: Just who is this Schwartz?

Grune: I'm feeling kind of tired. I'd like to go to bed.

Moses: I guess there ain't much point in hangin' around here.

Moses: Let's get back to town.

(Leaving the Bridge)

Norma: I wonder if you'll ever get your memory back, G-Girl.

Grune: Sorry to make you come all this way.

Norma: Don't worry about it! It's fine!

Chloe: Why are you speaking for all of us?

Norma: Huh?

Chloe: Come on, back to town.

Norma: Is there a problem with me speaking for everyone?

Norma: Is there? Hey! Come on! Wait up!

   <G01>     Werites Beacon

(At Werites Beacon)

Norma: So after all that, we really didn't learn anything useful at all.

Jay: We learned that Schwartz is dangerous, didn't we?

Will: Given that she's involved with the black mist, we certainly can't ignore

Shirley: I wonder what she's trying to do.

Senel: I don't care what it is. If she wants to hurt something we care about,
       then we won't show her any mercy.

Moses: Damn right, Senel.

(Enter facechat mode)

Shirley: Grune, is something on your mind?

Grune: Oh, no, it's nothing.

(end facechat mode)

Norma: Well I'm beat. I'm going to bed!

Moses: Yeah. We can think more about it tomorrow.

(everyone leaves but Grune)

Grune: I...

(Enter facechat mode)

Grune: I've finally remembered what I need to do.

Grune: But who in the world am I?

Grune: I just can't remember that part.

Grune: Hmm. I wonder why I'm supposed to do this.

Grune: Why do I have to defeat Schwartz?

Grune: *Sigh* Now I have yet another thing I don't understand.

Grune: I wonder if I'd be happier not remembering anything...

(end facechat mode)
(Morning, at Senel's house)

Shirley: Senel, wake up! Hurry!

Senel: Is something up?

Shirley: Grune's gone!

Shirley: I thought I'd check on her since she's been acting strange lately.
         When I got there, I found a letter...

Senel: Did you tell the others?

Shirley: Norma's getting everyone together. Let's hurry to Will's house.

Senel: All right.

(At Will's house)

Will: Looks like everyone's here.

Shirley: This is the letter that was in her room. I'll read it.

Shirley: "Forgive me for starting with an apology."

Shirley, Grune: I'm sorry, everyone.

Grune: I'm sure you'll be worried about me if I leave without saying anything,
       but you don't have to be concerned.

Grune: I can search for the rest of my memory alone.

Grune: I want you all to live together happily, just as you've been.

Grune: I'm very grateful to you all.

Grune: I had lots of fun during the time I spent with you.

Grune: I'm sure it was the most fun I've had in my life.

Grune: Although, I guess that doesn't sound too convincing, since I don't have
       my memory.

(Enter facechat mode)

Grune: Norma...

Grune: Stay cheerful and smiling. Always brighten up everyone's days.

Grune: Moses and Jay...

Grune: Make sure you stay friends. Help each other out just like real brother.

Grune: Will...

Grune: Live in happiness with Harriet. Continue to support everyone.

Grune: Chloe and Shirley...

Grune: Never again forget how to smile. If you're together with everyone, I'm
       sure it'll just come naturally.

Grune: Senel...

Grune: Protect everyone. Protect your time together.

Grune: Let these be your final promises to me.

(end facechat mode)

Shirley, Grune: I'm really glad I was able to meet all of you.

Shirley, Grune: I'll always treasure the time we spent together.

Shirley: "Thank you for the wonderful memories...Goodbye."

Senel: No!...She can't just...just...

Moses: Dammit, woman! What'd you have to run off for?

Chloe: Norma, you were in the room next door. You didn't notice anything?

Norma: If I did, I would've done something!

Norma: Don't look at me like that. I don't like this either!

Chloe: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to berate you.

Will: I understand how you feel, but right now, we need to stay calm.

Jay: Let's try to think clearly about Grune.

Senel: She must have gone to find Schwartz.

Shirley: She didn't want to put us in danger.

Will: Schwartz is dangerous. It's not good for Grune to be on her own.

Senel: Let's hurry up and find her.

Jay: But we have no idea where she went.

Jay:I'll do everything I can, but I don't know if I'll be able to locate her...

Will: Yes, I doubt there's anyone besides us who even knows of Schwartz's

Norma: What do we do?

Shirley: There is...one way.

Shirley: If I ask Nerifes, I may be able to find out where she is.

(enter facechat mode)

Senel: Shirley!

Jay: You mean the Raging Nerifes, I presume?

Jay: Isn't that dangerous?

Chloe: We can't let you take that kind of risk alone.

Shirley: I'll be fine. I like myself the way I am now.

Shirley: You're all with me, so I won't be swallowed by Nerifes.

Senel: Still...

Shirley: I think Nerifes will understand.

Shirley: I think it'll help us as we try to move forward.

Shirley: So, please, let me try!

Shirley: Let me do it.

(end facechat mode)

Norma: Shirl's more stubborn than she looks. I don't think you can talk her out
       of it.

Chloe: Her resolution is written all over her face.

Shirley: R...really?

Senel: ...All right.

Senel: We'll do everything we can to help you. Thanks, Shirley.

Shirley: You bet!

Will: Looks like it's settled. Let's head for the Altar of the Sea.

(Leaving Werites Beacon)

Shirley: ...

Chloe: Shirley.

Shirley: What is it, Chloe?

Chloe: If there's anything I can do to help you, don't hesitate to ask.

Shirley: Okay, thank you.

Norma: Off to the Altar of the Sea we go!

   <G02>     Altar of the Sea

(At Altar of the Sea)

Norma: I wonder if G-Girl's okay by herself.

Chloe: We can't take this situation lightly. She'll be in danger if we don't
       find her quickly.

Moses: Yeah, we don't know what kind of power this Schwartz girl has.

Jay: Although, thinking back, when Schwartz kept us all from moving, Grune
     was still free.

Chloe: Now that you mention it, she was.

Shirley: As if it were perfectly natural...

Jay: Looks like we've got yet another mystery about Grune.

Norma: A...anyway, right now, we need to find her!

Will: If we can locate Schwartz, Grune will most likely be there, as well.

Norma: We're gonna catch up to her no matter what!

Chloe: Indeed. No matter what.

(Deeper inside Altar of the Sea)

Norma: Oh, yeah, this is that place.

Norma: Where Shirl got all scary and all hell broke loose.

Chloe: Norma, think before you speak.

Shirley: It's okay, Chloe.

Norma: Yeah, if we keep walking on eggshells about it, nothing'll ever change.

Norma: We have to face forward. The future lies ahead of us!

Moses: You know, Bubbles, every now and then, you actually manage to say 
       something worthwhile.

Jay: I wonder if that'll ever happen to you, Moses.

Moses: Me? I'm always saying good stuff.

Jay: Since when did dumb jokes qualify as "good stuff"?

Will: Enough with the brotherly squabbles, you two.

Jay: Not you, too, Will. Don't say things like that!

Jay: Honestly, if I'd have known this was going to happen, I would never have
     said anything.

Norma: You know, it's weird. Before we even had a chance to think about it, 
       suddenly we were this tight-knit group.

Norma: It's like we've known each other forever.

Jay: Now that you mention it, that's true. It's not like we have any particular
     reason to be together.

Moses: Hah hah hah! We don't need a reason. Families are supposed to stick

Jay: Moses'll use that excuse for anything if you let him.

Norma: Well, that kind of carefree attitude is perfect for right now.

Shirley: Yes. It wouldn't be comfortable if we were uptight all the time.

Shirley: But you know, I was kidnapped by a certain someone, wasn't I...

Moses: Well, you know what they say -- all's well that ends well!

Norma: There he goes, trying to joke his way out of it.

Chloe: You're not one to talk, Norma. Weren't you originally just trying to
       use us?

Norma: Oh, that was so long ago, I forgot all about it! Water under the bridge,
       and all that stuff. I live for the future!

Chloe: Now you're the one who's trying to joke their way out of it.

Senel: What about you, Chloe? You thought I was a bandit.

Chloe: Uh...

Senel: And Jay played his own little trick on me, too.

Jay: Ah, yes, I suppose I did.

Senel: I had a rough time after that. The BBs got on my case and Will threw me
       in jail.

Will: You were like a wounded monster at the time. I couldn't let you roam

Senel: Looking back on everything now, we all met under less than ideal

Chloe: Indeed.

Norma: But now, they're all good memories, right?!

Senel: That's exactly why I don't want to lose them. I want to preserve our

Shirley: We all have to do our part to protect what we care about.

Chloe: That's why we're here.

Norma: We're gonna bring back G-Girl, no matter what!

Moses: Yeah! You can count on it!

(Before Boss Battle, on top of Altar of the Sea)

Will: Another monster with the black mist. I never thought we'd run into one

Senel: Was Schwartz expecting us to come here?

Chloe: I highly doubt it's a coincidence.

Moses: Who cares?! Either way, there's only one thing to do!

Norma: Yeah, we got to take care of that thing!

Senel: Here it comes!

(Boss Battle)

(After Boss Battle)

Will: That takes care of that.

Shirley: Now I will tell Nerifes everything.

Senel: Shirley?...

Norma: Shirl, hang on! You're gonna be okay!

Chloe: We're with you.

Moses: No matter what happens, we'll take care of it!

Jay: Not that any of us are counting on Moses' help.

Moses: You shut up before I put a spear up your unseen parts!

Shirley: Heh heh...

Shirley: I'm sorry, it was just funny.

Norma: Their goofing around comes in handy sometimes!

Shirley: Okay. Here goes.

(Monster gets back up)

Senel: It's still alive!

Chloe: Look out!

(Shirley's light dispels monster)

Senel: Shirley?...

Shirley: They're both in the Wings of Light.

Senel: Nerifes heard you.

Shirley: It was very calm.

Norma: Then we need to come up with a new name for it!

Norma: It's not raging anymore!

Will: Yes, that's true.

Norma: Okay, "Nessy" it is!

Will: All right, let's go with the "Great Nerifes."

Norma: This is just like last time! What do you mean, "all right"?! Did you 
       even hear what I said?!

Shirley: The Great Nerifes...I like that.

Chloe: Yes, I think it fits Nerifes perfectly now.


Senel: What was that earthquake?!

Chloe: Could it be Schwartz?

Moses: I'm worried about Grune!

Jay: Let's head for the Wings of Light.

Senel: Yeah. We're going to find Grune!

(Outside Altar of the Sea)

Jay: To go to the Wings of Light, we're going to need to use the Trail across
     the Heavens.

Will: We'll have to go back to town first, then.

   <G03>     Wings of Light

(At the Wings of Light)

Senel: All right, let's go get Grune.

(scene switches to Grune and Schwartz)
(enter facechat mode)
Schwartz: Why would one with no memory come to this place?

Grune: I must fight you.

Grune: That much I remember.

Schwartz: You will regret appearing before me in your half-awakened state.

Grune: Oh, I won't regret it. I'm doing what I think is right.

Schwartz: Such a pity, Grune. Even without your memory, you cannot change your

Grune: Aren't you the same way?

Schwartz: Words mean nothing. Let us begin.

(end facechat mode)

(After exiting Puzzle Booth)

Senel: What's this shaking?!

Chloe: I heard a loud noise, too.

Will: That was no ordinary earthquake. Something must have happened nearby.

Norma: I wonder if it's got something to do with G-Girl.

Senel: Let's hurry.

(At top of Wings of Light)

Senel: Grune!

Grune: Why are you all here?

Norma: Because you ran off on your own! We had a tough time find you, you know!

Moses: Grune! If you're going to beat that evil witch, then you need to let
       us in on the action!

Chloe: My sword exists to protect my companions.

Jay: We'd appreciate it if you'd trust us a little.

Will: We can't just blithely ignore the source of the mist.

Shirley: We still want to be with you, Grune.

Senel: Even if we have to part ways one day, I won't let it happen like this.

Senel: I have the right to say that much, don't I?

Grune: Senel...Everyone...

Senel: Let's go, guys!

Schwartz: Children of man, I told you to know your place.

Schwartz: Mighty power of light, there is no hope for you.

Moses: Whoa! That's some power!

(Enter facechat mode)

Schwartz: Observe, Grune.

Schwartz: This is the reality of this world. It's not worth laying down your
          life to defend it.

Grune: I will stop you if you intend to take it away.

Schwartz: Not even summon spirits can exist in this immature world. What
          possible value could it have?

Grune: I've shared so much joy with these people. I can't just stand by and
       watch their lives come to an end.

Schwartz: Joy is unnecessary. Joy only leads to sadness.

Grune: You're wrong. You truly are a sad person.

Schwartz: People always live in sadness. They are small, weak creatures.

Schwartz: Driven by regret, they turn their backs on what they truly want.

Schwartz: They doubt even their own convictions. They give in to their
          anxieties and run away.

Schwartz: They allow their hearts to be shackled by hatred, losing sight of
          themselves and eventually turning to bloodshed.

Schwartz: Only when they face the insurmountable wall of destiny do they 
          realize how small they truly are.

Schwartz: Thought they may have already found what they seek, still they
          stray down the path of foolishness, fearful of pain and suffering.

Schwartz: Then, in the end, they beg the gods for help.

Grune: They have strengths and they have weaknesses. That's what it means to be

Schwartz: I will grant them their hearts' desires.

Schwartz: If all should cease to be, then pain and suffering should end as

Schwartz: Everything must return to nothingness.

Grune: You don't understand, do you?

Schwartz: Grune. Do not stand in my way.

(end facechat mode)

Schwartz: The difference in our power can no longer be denied.

Grune: Ugh...If this keeps up...

Senel: We've heard enough out of you!

Senel: Who do you think you are?!

Schwartz: What are these waves...these waves of detestable power?...

Senel: We're not about to go down without even knowing what the hell's going

Shirley: That's right. We came here to protect her!

Chloe: We're not going to just sit around doing nothing!

Will: We're not going to let you take away what matters to us!

Moses: I'm still raring to go! I ain't ready to die yet! Yahoo!

Norma: We're gonna get G-Girl back, no matter what! No matter what!

Jay: I'm not going to give up without at least trying to face my enemy.
     I don't want to ever do that again!

Schwartz: Children of man, I told you not to struggle.

Grune: This is what humans do. They struggle and they suffer, and yet they
       still rise.

Schwartz: That means nothing to me.

Grune: Behold, the power of humans! The strength of the heart!

Grune: Now, Schwartz. It is time for you to die.
(end movie)

Schwartz: So, your memory and your power have returned. But it's too late.

Schwartz: The time for your awakening has long since past. The difference in
          our power is obvious.

Schwartz: And yet, still you struggle? You are a fool, Grune.

Schwartz: Everything is coming to an end.

Grune: It is only you who shall come to an end!

Grune joined the party!

(Boss fight begins)

(After boss fight)

Moses: We did it! Yahoo!

Moses: Did you see our power?

Schwartz: Let's put an end to this game.

Norma: H...hey! She looks like she's totally fine!

Schwartz: If you choose to draw this world into our conflict, then I shall do
          the same.

Schwartz: Grief, sorrow and suffering...fill me and become my power!

Schwartz: This, too, is the power of humans.

Will: Is she causing this earthquake?

Norma: Wh...what is this? I'm...so scared right now!

Moses: Dammit! Why are my legs shaking?!

Jay: I want to move, but I can't...

Chloe: Is this fear I'm feeling?...

Shirley: How does she have this kind of power?

Senel: Dammit! Why can't I move?! Why can't I step forward?!

Schwartz: That is how it should be, children of man.

Schwartz: Grune, surely you can see the hopeless difference in power between

Grune: Schwartz!

Schwartz: Stop struggling. Accept it.

Schwartz: The world has already reached the point of no return.

Senel: Shut up! We won't let you get away with this!

Schwartz: Silence, child of man.

Grune: This power! It drains our very being! Run! Run!

Schwartz: Come, children. Find your eternal slumber in my embrace.

Senel: Never!

Senel: Shirley!

Shirley: Right!

Senel, Shirley: 
Uaaah! {Senel}
Aaaah! {Shirley}

Schwartz: The world is heading toward its end. No power can stop it now.

Grune: Schwartz.

Schwartz: The world desires oblivion. The children wish for oblivion.

Grune: The people of this world wish to live.

Grune: Grief and despair are not the only things which drive them.

Schwartz: The dream is over. Accept the end in peace.

Grune: Schwartz...You...

(Schwartz vanishes)

Moses: Are we alive?

Will: So it would seem.

Senel: Where's Schwartz?

Grune: She completed her task and left.

Norma: Uh, um...G-Girl?

Grune: What is it? Do I appear strange to you?

Norma: N...no, it's just, you seem really...dignified!

Norma: I...I'm sorry!

Grune: Why do you apologize?

Shirley: Grune, your memory came back, didn't it?

Grune: I owe everything to you. Allow me to express my sincerest gratitude.

(Group leaves and discusses Grune in a circle)

Moses: Is that really Grune?

Jay: She seems completely different from her old, flighty self.

Will: It's difficult to believe, but that's probably her true form.

Norma: Difficult is right. I don't think I can just run up to her and hug her

Senel: ...She's looking this way.

Grune: What is it?

Shirley: A...anyway, it's wonderful that you got your memory back!

Norma: Y...yeah! And everyone's okay, too!

Grune: Why are you nervous?

Norma: We're not nervous! R...right, guys?

(Feather drops)

Shirley: A feather?

Grune: This is a sign of my awakening.

Acquired Grune's Feather!

Norma: Hmm. I wonder how much we could get for that.

Norma: ...I'm sorry.

Will: There's no point in staying here. Let's go back to town for now.

Jay: We have a lot to talk about.

Grune received the title of Awakened Babe!

   <G04>     Werites Beacon

(At Werites Beacon)

Isabella: We've been waiting for you.

Will: Did something happen in town?

Isabella: We've been receiving reports from citizens of a shadow-like figure
          around town.

Isabella: I take it you know who it is.

Chloe: It must be Schwartz.

Grune: There's no doubt about it. I feel traces of her.

Senel: What's she doing here in the city?

Isabella: Grune seems different than before.

Norma: Yeah, we don't really understand either, so don't ask.

Isabella: Understood. I'll continue our report.

Isabella: Her Excellency seeks an explanation. Will, Jay, would you accompany

Will: We still can't say anything for certain. We don't have a full grasp of
      the situation yet, either.

Will: Could you please inform Her Excellency that we'll report to her as soon
      as we know something?

Isabella: But...

Curtis: Certainly, brother! Ponder, for the sake of love!

Isabella: We'll do everything we can, as well. Please let us know if there is
          anything we can do.

Curtis: If you say, 'sing,' we will sing as we have never sung before!

Norma: That's okay. Really.

Curtis: Let's go, Isabella!

Isabella: Yes, Curtis.

Will: Let's go to my house. I want to sit down and discuss things in a calm
      and rational manner.

(At Will's house)

(enter facechat mode)

Grune: Where shall I begin?

Senel: Just who is Schwartz? Tell us that first.

Grune: I was afraid you might ask that.

Will: She seems closely related to the black mist. We can't simply ignore the

Grune: That mist is the manifestation of human weakness.

Grune: Anger, hatred, fear, sadness, grief...

Grune: The emotions that cause people to refuse to face themselves and instead
       run away.

Grune: The black mist is what appears when those emotions overflow and take on
       a visible form.

Senel: Schwartz isn't the source of the mist?

Grune: Schwartz increases her power by absorbing these hated emotions.

Norma: In other words...the black mist is like her food?

Grune: Ths mist could be said to be Schwartz herself.

Chloe: So, she interfered in order to shake us up and increase her own power.

Jay: And the recurrent earthquakes?

Grune: Schwartz caused them.

Grune: She brings calamity in order to create fear, which she then transforms
       into her own power.

Norma: She can just cause an earthquake whenever she wants to? That's a little

Will: What were those monsters that appeared from the mist?

Grune: They're the crystallization of the mist when it gathers thickly in one

Shirley: In other words...

Jay: Are you saying those monsters are born from people's emotions?!

Grune: If you wish to shut your ears and hear no more, then I shall stop.

Senel: ...No. Please go on.

Grune: Are you certain?

Senel: We still haven't heard who she really is.

(end facechat mode)

Grune: She is part of the world.

Grune: She is the beginning and the end of all things.

Moses: What does that mean?

Grune: She is the Guide of Nothingness, a being who is not human.

Grune: Schwartz is the power to make all become nothing.

Norma: So what you're saying is...she's like a goddess?

Grune: That is what you would call her in your language.

Chloe: Well, it sounds like we have our reason for why she's so powerful now.

Grune: You did not survive your encounter with her on your own. She merely 
       allowed you to live.

Norma: What about you, G-Girl, seeing as how you know all this stuff? Who are
       you, really?

Norma: If you've got your memory back, then you should know, right?

(Enter facechat mode)

Grune: I'm the one who must defeat Schwartz.

Shirley: Do you have a reason why you have to defeat her?

Grune: The very reason for my existence is to defeat Schwartz.

Grune: To me, my existence and my objective are one and the same.

Will: Your existence and your objective are the same...

Senel: What is Schwartz's objective? What does she intend to do?

Grune: Schwartz has descended to this world to grant a wish.

Grune: The wish of Nerifes. To save people from their suffering.

Jay: Wait a minute. Isn't what she's doing contradicting that?

Grune: There is more than one way to free people from their suffering.

Grune: It is because joy and pain exist that people are swayed and moved by
       emotion. It is why they eventually fall into sadness.

Will: It is because they have emotions that people suffer...Hmm...

Grune: By destroying everything and returning it to nothingness, Schwartz will
       set mankind free.

Moses: What does that mean exactly?

(end facechat mode)

Grune: Eventually, Schwartz shall remake the world to be as if it never

Grune: She believes this is the best solution to free people from their

Senel: That's ridiculous. Nobody wants the world to be destroyed!

Will: But her power matches her words. We didn't stand a chance against her.

Chloe: It may be true that she just let us live.

Chloe: We're nothing more than insects flying around her.

Grune: You must withdraw from this. This fight is my responsibility.

Grune: I cannot allow you to be caught up in it.

Senel: But...

Grune: Let me make myself clear. Right now, you would be nothing more than a
       burden to me.

Grune: You have felt her power yourselves. You should understand what I am
       telling you.

Norma: There's nothing we can do, is there? Not this time. We're talking about
       fighting a goddess.

Chloe: Even the power that stopped the anger of Nerifes was like that of a
       child before Schwartz.

Moses: So y'all are just givin' up? That ain't how I work!

Jay: Look at reality, Moses.

Jay: We were defeated by Schwartz before we could even lift a finger.

Moses: So what?!

Jay: This isn't something we can just solve with our emotions!

Shirley: Is there really nothing we can do?...

Grune: There's no need to despair. This is my responsibility to fulfill.

Moses: So we're just supposed to stand by and watch?!

Grune: Would you prefer to face her and die? You would choose to die like an

Moses: Damn it all!

Moses: ...I'm gonna go cool off.

Grune: You all, as well. Go on. Rest.

Grune: And forget all that you've heard here.

Senel: How can we possibly do that?...

Grune: The information I have brought you is not something humans need.

Shirley: Senel, where are you going?

Senel: I'm going to go cool off, too.

Will: Let's call it a day.

(Moses and Csaba near a beach)

Csaba: Moses, what's going on?

Moses: I figured I could work out my feelings better here.

Moses: At the place where I swore my vow to Giet.

Moses: ...I figured I'd be able to see what it was I really wanted to do.

Csaba: Would Giet have given you that answer?

Moses: Who knows? He could be pretty cold-hearted, sometimes.

Csaba: Is that...Giet?...

Csaba: Guess not. Oh, well. And here I was getting excited.

Moses: We chose to live apart so each of us could grow.

Moses: And so...and so...

Moses: I can't let myself just rely on Giet.

Csaba: Moses...

Moses: I swore I'd become a man worthy of Giet.

Moses: I ain't givin' up yet. I ain't gonna let myself lose!

Moses: Ain't no way I'm losin' to some freak before the fight's even started!

Moses: Right now, this ain't where I need to be.

Moses: Right, Giet?

Moses: All right! Let's do this!

Moses: I'm just gettin' warmed up! Y'all ain't seen nothing' yet!

Moses: Yahoo!

Csaba: W...wait for me!

(Norma at Everlight)
(enter facechat mode)

Norma: I don't know how I'm supposed to feel anymore.

Norma: The fun days I'm living now...The future I have to face tomorrow...I
       can't see any of it clearly.

(end facechat mode)

Norma: Are you listening, master?

Norma: It's like I want to keep walking...I want to move forward...but it's
       pitch black, and I can't see anything.

Norma: I can't see what I can do. I just don't know...

Norma: What would you have done at a time like this, master?

Zamaran: Do you even have to ask?

Zamaran: He'd run right out there without a second thought. That's the kind of
         man Sven was.

Norma: It's you...

Zamaran: Don't you think it's about time you stepped out of Sven's shadow?

Norma: Wh...what's that supposed to mean?

Zamaran: I can't relax with a crybaby apprentice hanging around.

Norma: Hey!

Zamaran: Sven was a complete fool, but he did have one good trait.

Zamaran: He had pride in the way he lived and he lived with confidence.

Zamaran: I never heard him whine, not even once.

Zamaran: Any time he might have had to whine he spent rushing headlong toward
         his dream.

Norma: Raise your head, Norma!

Norma: Walk proudly, Norma!

Norma: Look forward to tomorrow, Norma!

Norma: A limitless future awaits you there!

Norma: Master, you got one thing wrong.

Norma: The future doesn't wait for us.

Norma: We have to go find it ourselves! I'm going to make my own future!

Zamaran: Humph. Big words for a little girl.

Norma: I hate to admit it, but you're right, old man. It's about time I stepped
       out of master's shadow.

Zamaran: It sounds like you've realized what you need to do.

Norma: Of course! Who do you think you're talking to, anyway?

Norma: You're talking to the apprentice of the guy who spent all his time

Norma: I'm going back! Take care, old man!

Zamaran: It pays to live a long life, doesn't it, Sven?

(Will at flower field)
(enter facechat mode)

Harriet: You look pathetic.

Will: Oh, Harriet. It's you.

Harriet: Well, excuse me! Who did you think it was?

(end facechat mode)

Harriet: Were you hoping for Mom?

Will: Don't say stupid things like that.

Harriet: ...It's not stupid.

Will: It's dangerous to be outside the city. I told you not to go out alone.

Harriet: And whose fault do you think it is that I came out?

Harriet: I tried to talk to you, but you just left the house by yourself.

Will: What, were you worried about me or something?

Harriet: Oh please. Who wuld ever worry about...Of course I am.

Will: Sorry.

Harriet: Did something happen? The others are acting strangely, too.

Will: It's not something you need to worry about.

Harriet: What's that supposed to mean?

Will: Harriet, is there anything you dream of doing?

Harriet: What? What are you talking about?

Will: Tell me. Do you have a dream?

Harriet: Yeah, I do.

Will: I see. So do I.

Harriet: I bet you just want to capture every rare monster or something.

Will: No.

Will: My dream is to punch the daylights out of the man who comes to ask for 
      your hand.

Harriet: I'll fall in love with someone you can't hit, so you don't have to
         worry about that.

Will: It doesn't matter who he is, I'll still hit him. After all, he'll be
      trying to carry off my precious daughter.

Will: I can't allow the world to end before that day comes.

Harriet: Then go out there and get to work.

Harriet: ...I'll be rooting for you.

(Chloe at fountain)

Elsa: Oh, there you are.

Chloe: I guess studying medicine is tough, huh?

Elsa: Father piles on one thing after another. I can't remember it all!

Chloe: Alcott must be happy.

Elsa: I'm happy, too. It's nice that I can be useful to him.

Elsa: Up until now, I just relied on him all the time. I couldn't do anything

Elsa: Oh, that reminds me! Listen to this!

(Enter facechat mode)

Elsa: A patient who got better with medicine that I made came to thank me!

Elsa: I was so happy!

Elsa: I want to learn more and more, so I can really help the people of
      Werites Beacon.

Chloe: I'm sure you can do it, Elsa.

Elsa: Thank you! I'll do my best!

(end facechat mode)

Elsa: Chloe?

Chloe: You know, Elsa, thank to you, I was able to remember something very

Elsa: Oh? Did I do something?

Chloe: The sword at my hip isn't just for show.

Chloe: This sword is here to protect people's happiness.

Chloe: You've opened my eyes, Elsa. Thank you.

Elsa: You're welcome.

(Jay at his house)

Quppo: Welcome home!

Pippo: Want to have dinner?

Poppo: Would you rather take a bath first?

Quppo: Is something wrong?

(Enter facechat mode)

Jay: I can't believe I didn't realize it until I came back here...What am I 

Jay: How can I make fun of Moses if I act like this myself?

Jay: Why am I worrying about a question I already know the answer to?

(end facechat mode)

Jay: You fight because you have something you want to protect. It doesn't
     matter whether or not you can win.

Jay: Right?

Jay: I don't need dinner or a bath right now. I have somewhere I need to go.

Jay: I still have something I have to do.

Quppo: Jay, your eyes show great determination.

Pippo: That's the Jay we know.

Poppo: We're always on your side, Jay.

Jay: I'm going now. I'll see you when I get back.

Quppo: You don't have to say anymore.

Pippo: Do what you need to do.

Poppo: We believe in you, and we'll be waiting for you to come home.

Quppo, Pippo, Poppo: *Ors ors ors!*

(Shirley in Village of the Ferines)

Thyra: It really is you.

Shirley: Thyra...

Thyra: Why did you come here?

Thyra: There's no one here who will say anything to comfort you.

Shirley: That might be why I came.

Shirley: So that I can stay strong. So that I don't lose sight of myself.  

Shirley: Well, I'm off now, Fenimore. I still have something I need to do.

Thyra: Wait a moment.

Thyra: Please come to see Fenimore again...I'm sure it would make her happy.

Shirley: Thyra...Thank you.

Thyra: Don't misunderstand me. I haven't forgiven you.

Shirley: I'm happy just being able to talk with you like this.

Shirley: I want to be your friend.

Shirley: Fenimore taught me what it means to be friends.

Shirley: Fenimore was my first friend...

Thyra: She was?...

Shirley: I'm very grateful to her.

Shirley: She cheered me up and gave me courage. She gave me her blessing.

Shirley: So I have to do my best. I can't get depressed and run away.

Thyra: ...Fenimore was your...friend...

Thyra: Do you know my true name?

Shirley: No, Fenimore never told me anything about you. Would you tell me?

Thyra: You're not really worthy of knowing it, but...

Shirley: Thyra?

Thyra: My true name is Welzes.

Thyra: I imagine that means something to you right now, what with that serious
       looks on your face.

(Shirley hugs Thyra)

Thyra: H...hey, what are you doing?

(Enter facechat mode)

Shirley: Thank you, Thyra.

Shirley: Welzes..."Hope."

Shirley: Yeah. Yeah, that's right.

Shirley: It's not over. There's still hope.

Thyra: You have Fenimore's blessing, and you have my hope. You shouldn't have
       anything to be afraid of now.

Shirley: Yeah. I'm not afraid anymore.

(end facechat mode)

Shirley: Thanks. I'll come again.

Shirley: To see Fenimore, and to see you, too, Thyra.

(enter facechat mode)

Thyra: Me, too, huh? She really is a strange one, isn't she, Fenimore?

(end facechat mode)

Shirley received the title of Hope Girl!

(Senel at Stella's grave)

Senel: I've gained a lot of precious things since coming to the Legacy.

Senel: I've lost some very precious things as well...but I'm still glad I came.

Senel: I learned how to depend on others here. I learned how to help people,

Senel: I learned how to trust, and I learned how to smile.

Senel: So I want to protect what I have now, and I want to protect the
       future that lies ahead.

Senel: Together with everyone...

Senel: I can't do it alone, but together, I think we have a chance.

Senel: I'll see you when I get back.

(In the morning, Grune walks near the exit of the city)

Norma: You're late! It's already morning.

(Enter facechat mode)

Grune: What are you doing?

Senel: What we feel is right.

Grune: It will not do.

Senel: Our resolve is real.

Moses: This is our world. We ain't about to ignore what's happenin' to it!

Will: We can't allow the future to be closed off.

Chloe: That's what my sword is for. If there was ever a time to wield it, that
       time is now.

Shirley: We all feel the same. This is our answer.

Senel: We're here of our own will.

Senel: It doesn't matter what anyone says, our will is set.

Will: If we lose, the world ends. We cannot lose this battle.

Norma: We're a little worried about your power right now, Grune.

Grune: Nevertheless...The power you all possess is hardly...

Senel: We've seen with our own eyes the difference between your power and ours.
       We won't pretend we haven't.

Jay: We know we won't be of much use, the way things are now.

Chloe: That's why we want to think of a way to win.

Grune: This is beyond the world of men. There is nothing you can do.

Shirley: Even if that applies to the battle, this is still our world.

Shirley: So we'll be the ones to protect it.

Jay: It doesn't suit me to leave it all up to someone else.

Senel: I will protect what I care about. If that means fighting, then I'll
       fight. I can't run away.

Senel: I can't sit by and just watch people die.

Senel: To protect my friends, I would stand against any opponent.

Moses: Me, too.

Moses: I'll fight any enemy to protect my family!

Grune: You will all die miserable deaths.

Norma: If we think we'll lose before we even try, then we really will lose.

Senel: When there's something that's too big for us to take on alone, we'll
       take it on together.

Senel: That's how we've fought up until now, and it's not ever going to change.

Grune: I'm happy to hear how you feel. But I still cannot allow you to
       accompany me.

Norma: Give up, G-Girl. Just give up.

Norma: Once we make up our minds about something, we're not going to change

(end facechat mode)

Will: First, we need to get strong enough for this fight.

Jay: We need a revolutionary kind of power, like when we obtained sacred eres.

Jay: There's a limit to how strong we can grow just by working hard.

Moses: But is there anythin' stronger than sacred eres?

Norma: Super sacred eres!

Jay: Be quiet, Norma.

Norma: Hey!

Chloe: But it's true, the only thing we can use is eres.

Will: Then we'll just have to enlist the aid of Nerifes.

Norma: Nerifes, huh? Hmm...

Shirley: Um...

Senel: What is it, Shirley?

Shirley: Why don't we get the Great Nerifes to lend us its power?

Jay: The Great Nerifes...of course.

Jay: The eres we have now is from the Quiet Nerifes!

Shirley: Because I made you all lose your power.

Chloe: And thanks to that, we met the Quiet Nerifes.

Moses: So...what's that mean?

Senel, Shirley, Chloe, Norma, Jay: There's another Nerifes!

Moses: Ah hah! So we lost our power once, but it might lend us its power again!

Will: The power of both the Quiet Nerifes and the Great Nerifes...That might
      be enough.

Senel: Let's show Nerifes how we feel and receive its power.

Senel: We will protect what we want to protect!

Norma: All right! Now that that's settled, we're off to the Altar of the Sea!

(Enter facechat mode)

Senel: There's still a chance.

Shirley: We still have hope.

Chloe: As long as there's something we can do, we will not just stand still.

Choe: That's not how one lives life to the fullest.

Moses: If you ain't got the power to do it alone, we'll be there to back you

Norma: So no more of this talk about you going to do stuff on your own!

Senel: We are determined. We are ready.

Senel: We will accept whatever this path brings, no matter what.

Senel: Even if we hit a dead end, even if we're heading straight for a cliff,
       we'll still continue down the path we believe in.

Senel: We'll do it on our own two feet, together with our friends. So wherever
       this path may take us, let us go together.

Grune: Thank you all. From the bottom of my heart.

(End facechat mode)

Senel: We're off to the Altar of the Sea to show the Great Nerifes what we will
       do for our world!

(Leaving Werites Beacon, in facechat mode)

Grune: I guess I should gear up too.

Norma: You say something G-Girl?

Grune: Oh, it's nothing. Let's get going to the Altar of the Sea.

Norma: Go go go!

   <G05>     Altar of the Sea

(At Altar of the Sea)

(Enter facechat mode)

Will: Nerifes, hear our request!

Moses: No sense beatin' around the bush. Give us your power!

Chloe: We want you to lend us your power so we can protect the world in which
       we live.

Shirley: I know people have been immature in the past. But, little by little,
         we can grow.

Senel: But we need time.

Senel: Time for us immature humans to grow and walk forward!

Senel: We still need time!

Jay: We can't let that time, that potential, be taken away for no reason

Shirley: The Orerines and the Ferines are capable of understanding each other.

Shirley: We can cooperate and live together.

Chloe: We can't allow everything we've built up over all this time to be

Moses: Are you just going to stay quiet and let yourself get wiped out? Are you
       really okay with that?!

Norma: Well, I'm not gonna stand for it! I refuse to accept it!

Will: Nerifes, do you truly desire annihilation?

Will: Do you? Answer us!

Senel: We just want to protect what we have!

Senel: We just want to protect the regular, ordinary days we spend together.

Shirley: There are plenty of things that cause us to suffer. But still, each
         of us wants to live and stand on our own two feet.

Chloe: The joy and happiness that has yet to be born is important to us.

Chloe: We want the power to protect that!

Senel: Fight together with us!

Will: To protect what should be protected! To open the future! To preserve our
      joy and happiness!

Moses: Join our fight! C'mon, show us what you're made of!

Norma: Surely you can sense our determination! If you can hear us, say

Norma: We're not gonna give up, no matter what anyone says! You got that?!

Shirley: Please tell us your will.

Shirley: Do you wish to be annihilated? Is that what you want?

Senel: I believe we can make a world in which we can walk together,

Senel: The fact that we're here, together, is proof of this.

Shirley: The seeds have only barely sprouted, but I know they'll grow strong.

Senel: So we can't let things end now!

Senel: Please give us the power to avoid the crisis before us!

Shirley: Please join us in protecting this world.

Senel: Please fight with us! Live together with us!

(End facechat mode)
(Monster appears)

Senel: What's going on?!

Will: What a fine gaet...

Chloe: Does it want to test our resolve?

Moses: Ain't no sacred eres without a gaet!

Jay: Moses may be right about that after all.

Norma: Guys, it doesn't look like this is a good time to be standing around

Grune: I sense a great power. Please be careful.

Will: Look sharp, everyone.

(Boss battle)

(After boss battle)

Senel: It's over...

Chloe: Did we reach Nerifes?

Jay: It doesn't appear that anything's changed...

Shirley: I don't feel anything, either.

Norma: Uh-oh, don't tell me we messed things up...

Moses: No way!

Will: But last time, our nails glowed.

Grune: Such power, sublime and warm...So, this is the Great Nerifes...

Shirley: Grune?

(Senels hand glows blue)

Senel: Look...

Chloe: My whole body feels warm...

Will: But it's...soothing.

Moses: Is this Nerifes' power?...I've felt this before...

Norma: You're right...It feels all warm and comfy.

Jay: It's gentle, but I also feel a great strength.

Shirley: It's almost as if...I'm being embraced by the sea...

(Warp appears in the sky)

Senel: What the?!...

Moses: What the hell is that?!

Grune: That...is the Cradle of Time.

Will: The Cradle of Time?

Grune: The place where time begins and ends.

Grune: And it is where Schwartz is now.

Grune: The Cradle of Time exists in a different space-time continuum from this

Grune: Ordinarily, it is not a place that human beings would ever see, but...

Will: But Nerifes has shown us the way.

Moses: Then there's only one thing to do!

Norma: It's our turn to answer back!

Chloe: We'll fulfill the responsibility that comes with this power.

Shirley: Yeah.

(Enter facechat mode)

Senel: We're coming for you, Schwartz!

(End facechat mode)

   <G06>   Cradle of Time

(At Cradle of time)

Senel: Is this the Cradle of Time?

Norma: It's kind of gloomy.

Jay: I feel the same unease I did when I was enveloped by the black mist.

Moses: We're in the belly of the beast. You got to expect that much.

Chloe: There's no telling what may happen here.

Will: We must proceed with caution.

(enter facechat mode)

Grune: This is your last chance to turn back, if you so desire.

Shirley: We can't turn back now. We all feel the same way.

Chloe: We came here to win a future for ourselves.

Senel: We'll defeat Schwartz and go home together.

Grune: Are you certain about this?

Moses: No question about it.

Norma: Yeah. We're your friends, G-Girl.

Jay: Please don't even talk about going to fight alone.

Shirley: We're in this together, to the very end.

Grune: Thank you, everyone.

Senel: All right. Let's go!

(end facechat mode)
(end scene)

Black Mist: There is a monster waiting at each of the six levels.

Black Mist: If you want to keep doing, you must defeat all of them without
            running away.

(end scene)

(After going through 6 battles)

(Enter facechat mode)

Senel: Phew...we've finally defeated all the monsters up to here. I doubt
       we'll have to fight them again.

(end facechat mode)

Shirley: Grune?

Grune: I feel a strong concentration of grief and sadness.

(Two black mists form)

Moses: Again? Ain't she got any other tricks?

(Mists form to Senel and Shirley)

Senel: It does feel weird to look at yourself.

Shirley: Is this...the old me?...

Shirley: It's the me that was taken in by Nerifes. The me that ran off into

Chloe: Are you all right, Shirley?

Shirley: Yeah. I'm not like that anymore.

Will: Looks like we'll have to defeat them before we can keep going.

Moses: Looks like they're ready for a fight, too. This is gonna be fun!

Jay: Here they come!

(Boss fight)

Shirley: There's no need for you to suffer anymore.

Shirley: I have people who support me. I have people who are always by my side.

Shirley: I can now accept the parts of me I used to hate.

Senel: Recognizing our weaknesses, we grow even stronger.

(Senel and Shirley banish the shadows)

Senel: Let's go.

Senel: We're going to defeat Schwartz and return to our world, together.

Norma: Yeah, all of us, together!

Moses: Yeah! That's a promise!

(end scene)

Black Mist: Fools who have come here...

Black Mist: If you wish to continue on, burden yourselves with six more
            restrictions and defeat all the monsters here.

(After 6 more battles)

(Enter facechat mode)

Senel: Phew...we've finally defeated all the monsters up to here. I doubt
       we'll have to fight them again.

(end facechat mode)

(Final room)

Senel: Schwartz!

Schwartz: Children of man. Still you insist on struggling?

Schwartz: Why do you cast yourselves into a battle with an end that has
          already been determined? What do you seek?

Senel: We live in this world.

Shirley: It's only natural that we fight for it.

Moses: I ain't gonna let the world get destroyed because of your crazy ideas!

Schwartz: Such foolishness.

Chloe: It's not foolish!

Chloe: Not one of us will regret our decision!

Schwartz: So, rather than await the destruction of the world, you seek to 
          return to nothingness on your own.

Norma: Sorry, babe, but we're not even thinking about losing!

Jay: We're not here to lose. We're not here to be destroyed. We're here to win!

Schwartz: What are you thinking, Grune?

Grune: It is not my place to interfere with the path humans choose.

Will: We've chosen of our own volition to fight alongside her. That's all there
      is to it.

Senel: We won't let you do as you please with our world.

Schwartz: Know your place, children of man.

Senel: Careful, everyone! Here she comes!

(Boss fight)

(Battle automatically ends)

Norma: H...hey...she doesn't look like she's hurt at all.

Moses: Why is she still okay?!

Schwartz: Children of man. Know the disparity in our might.

Will: Even with the combined strength of the Quiet Nerifes and the Great
      Nerifes, are we still powerless to oppose her?

Chloe: Is the difference in our power simply too great?...

(Enter facechat mode)

Schwartz: The world overflows with grief, sadness, and suffering. All children
          flee and tremble before these.

Schwartz: I shall become the savior. I shall release the children from their

Grune: Know that your way will bring happiness to no one.

Schwartz: It is existence itself that becomes grief.

Schwartz: I shall return all to nothing, for in a world of nothing, there can
          be no grief or sadness.

Schwartz: Grune, why do you not understand?

Grune: How many times will you repeat the same mistake?

Grune: How many times will you create the world, then return it to nothing?!

Schwartz: I make no mistakes. It is the children of man who make mistakes, and
          these countless mistakes are the result of their sins.

Schwartz: I follow the true path in all things, at all times. Hear me, and know
          that I am the Guide of Nothingness.

Grune: Schwartz, open your eyes.

Schwartz: It is you, Grune, who have touched the children of man and speak now
          as they do.

Schwartz: You are foolish and impudent.

Grune: I see that words are meaningless to you. Know then that there is but one
       path to follow.

Schwartz: As it should be. We have chosen this path countless times before.

Schwartz: This time shall be no exception.

Grune: I will use all my power to destroy you!

Schwartz: I, too, shall show no restraint.

Schwartz: Children of man, the power of your own kind shall destroy you!

Senel: Like hell! We won't lose to our own power!

Schwartz: Know that my power, too, is the power of man.

(End facechat mode)

Schwartz: Feel my power. The power that fills me. The power of man!

Schwartz: Grief, sadness, hatred...become me! Fill me!

Senel: Damn it! What's going on?!

(At Werites Beacon)

Harriet: What's going on?

Harriet: Why is it night all of a sudden?

(At another house)

Musette: What in the world could turn day into night?

Isabella: What's happening?...

(On the road)

Alcott: Elsa, are you all right?

Elsa: Y...yeah, I'm okay.

Alcott: What's happening to the Legacy?

Elsa: The sky is pitch black...

Alcott: This darkness is difference from the night. This darkness is...

(At Oresoren village)

Quppo: That was a huge tremor.

Pippo: Is everyone okay?

Poppo: We're okay.

Quppo: This mist is bad!

Pippo: It's the same mist Solon made!

Poppo: What do we do?!

Poppo: I'm scared...

(At Village of Ferines)

Maurits: What's going on?

Thyra: All of a sudden it became night, then there was an earthquake, and...
       what are these shadows?

Thyra: N...no! Get back!

(Back at Cradle of Time)

Schwartz: The power of man now courses through me in unending torrents.

Senel: Schwartz! What have you done?!

Grune: She's causing fear among the people and absorbing the power.

Moses: That's a dirty trick!

Schwartz: Be gone, children of man!

Schwartz: Grune, you know you cannot defeat me. Cease your struggling.

Grune: Never, Schwartz!

Shirley: Grune!

Schwartz: The desire of Nerifes shall be fulfilled as well.

Schwartz: The children of man will be freed from suffering.

(All party's hands shine as they speak)

Senel: Shut up! That's not what Nerifes wants!

Shirley: That's right! It's trying to make a path for us to live together!

Will: We cannot allow those seeds of potential to die here!

Chloe: Nerifes lent us this power, and we will fulfill our responsibility!
       We cannot surrender!

Moses: We aren't going to let you destroy our lives with your crazy ideas!

Norma: We're not gonna give up! We're not gonna let you end the world!

Jay: That's why we're here!

Schwartz: Children who choose death, if that is your wish, then you shall
          walk that path.

Schwartz: I shall no longer permit you to turn back.

Grune: Schwartz!...

Senel: The air is shaking.

Will: This fear...there's no mistaking it.

Chloe: Is she going to use the power she used in the Wings of Light?

Norma: It's even stronger than the last time!

Jay: Schwartz is even stronger than she was before!

Moses: Stop analyzin' and start fightin'!

Shirley: Join together the power Nerifes gave us!

Senel: Focus all of your power as one!

Schwartz: Children of man...begone! To the depths of the void!

Senel: Argh...that was just one attack...

Jay: We won't be able to stop another.

Schwartz: Children of man, I told you not to struggle.

Chloe: Can she keep absorbing power indefinitely?

Shirley: What can we do? At this rate...

Schwartz: Give up, children of man. Humans are as nothing before me.

Grune: Schwartz...You...

Schwartz: The people, the children, they wander in fear. You can hear their 
          cries for release, can you not?

Schwartz: The voices, begging for release from despair!

Grune: All because of you!

Schwartz: Even were I not here, the children of man would still desire release.

Schwartz: No matter how many times it repeats, the way of the world will not

Grune: Schwartz!

Schwartz: Children of man, sleep now, and dream an eternal dream.

Schwartz: Do not struggle, Grune. Nothing you can do will change anything now.

Schwartz: Existence, action, memory...In the world where all becomes nothing,
          everything will be meaningless.

Senel: I've heard enough out of you!

Senel: Everything has meaning!

Senel: I'm not going to let anyone call the time we've spent together

Senel: Maybe we're nothing to you!

Senel: There are times when we do seek release from grief, sadness, and 

(enter facechat mode)

Senel: There are times when we want to run away from suffering. There are times
       when we want to be freed from sadness.

Senel: There are even times when we succumb to our own weaknesses and run away!

Senel: But! It's precisely when we overcome those times that we grow and
       walk forward into the future!

Shirley: Yes! It's because of pain and sadness that we're able to feel

Moses: Stickin' together through thick and thin is how we come to understand
       each other!

Jay: We won't let you call the feelings we've built up meaningless!

Will: When we fail, our hearts are wounded, and we run from reality. That is a
      weakness of human beings.

Norma: But every time we fall, we get back up! And little by little, we learn
       how to succeed!

Chloe: We learn hand-in-hand with our companions!

Senel: So we can't let things end here! We won't let things end here!

Senel: We're going to defeat you, and live!

(End facechat mode)

(Everyone lights up again)

Grune: Learn this well, Schwartz. This is the power of human beings.

(At Werites Beacon)

Harriet: Wh...what's happening?

Musette: ...My nails are glowing.

Isabella: It's the power of eres...

Curtis: Cast aside your fear and defeat them!

Harriet: You don't scare me at all!

(On the road)

Elsa: Father, my nails...

Alcott: What's going on?

Elsa: No, stay back!

Elsa: Maybe it means we have to learn to face our fears.

Alcott: Elsa, can you stand?

Elsa: Yeah, I'm okay now.

(At graveyard)

Zamaran: My nails...

Zamaran: What's that? Something's talking to me...

Zamaran: What in the world...

Zamaran: Is it telling me to use this power?

(At Werites Beacon)

Csaba: Damn! What are these things?!

Csaba: My nails...they're glowing!

Csaba: ...This light is comforting.

(At Oresoren Village)

Quppo: I can feel a strong will in this light.

Pippo: Strength is welling up withing me.

Poppo: We can feel it, too!

Quppo, Pippo, Poppo: *Ors ors ors!*

(At Ferines Village)

Thyra: What's happening?...

Thyra: A consciousness is flowing into me...

Maurits: There's no mistaking it. It's Nerifes.

Thyra: This is the will of Nerifes?...

Maurits: Heh, and what it's saying is a bit of a tall order for an old man like

Thyra: It's telling us to face them...

Thyra: To stand on our own two feet.

Thyra: Hope is...not something you seek from others, is it? It's something
       you make yourself.

Thyra: Just complaining about things not changing won't help anything.

Thyra: We have to work to make things change.

Thyra: Only we have the power to find our own happiness!

Thyra: Nothing will ever change if we don't step forward ourselves!

Thrya: Right, Fenimore?...Right, Shirley?

(At Cradle of Time)

Schwartz: So, the waves of power have stopped.

Schwartz: But know that you can no longer stop the return to nothingness.

Schwartz: I shall play the melody of the end.

Senel: Not if we have anything to say about it! We're going to win!

Senel: We're going to win and go back to the world where we live!

Schwartz: Children of man, the dream is already over.

Grune: It is time for you to perish, Schwartz.

Schwartz: Grune. You know the words that follow, yet you still challenge me?!

Grune: I am guilty of bringing humans into this fight. This is the least I can 

(Boss Battle)

Schwartz: Children of man, I shall reward you for your struggles.

Schwartz: With all of my power, I shall return both you and the world to

Senel: We'll never let that happen!

Grune: Believe in what we've built together!

Senel: Right! To protect our future!

Will: Focus on everything you wish for!

Norma: That we might keep on living!

Moses: That we might keep on smiling!

Jay: That we might always be together!

Chloe: Now! We take the power to overcome...

Shirley: And focus it all into one hope!

Senel: Now!

(Enter facechat mode)

Schwartz: So, this is the power of man.

(Her mask falls off)

Senel: No way...

Shirley: She looks...just like Grune...

Schwartz: Did you come here without knowing everything? How pitiable, children
          of man.

Norma: Wh...what's that supposed to mean?

Schwartz: Grune and I are one and the same, polar opposites of each other.

Schwartz: Just as am I the Guide of Nothingness, so is Grune the Weaver of

Schwartz: Just as I cut the threads of time, so Grune weaves them together.

Shirley: Grune is...?!

Schwartz: The same as I...One who is not human.

Norma: ...A...goddess?

Schwartz: Children of man, hesistation becomes weakness.

Schwartz: That will only serve to nourish me.

Schwartz: It seems my time is at an end.

Schwartz: Children of man, heed these words. Should you desire it, I shall
          appear once more.

Schwartz: Know that I am born from the deeds of man.

Senel: We're going forward, into the future. We won't be seeing you again.

Schwartz: You dream the impossible. But I suppose that is what makes you

(end facechat mode)

Grune: With Schwartz gone, the Cradle of Time, too, will return to nothingness.

Moses: Then we gotta get out of here!

Senel: Yeah, hurry!


Senel: The Cradle of Time...disappeared.

Shirley: The sky's getting lighter, too.

Grune: It would appear that Schwartz's curse has been lifted.

(At Werites Beacon)

Harriet: The sky is light again.

Isabella: The mist is gone, as well.

Curtis: You did it, sister!

Harriet: Dad...

(On the road)

Alcott: ...It's getting brighter. The darkness is fading away.

Elsa: Chloe and the others must have done it!

Alcott: Indeed.

(At graveyard)

Zamaran: Norma, if you really want to be better than Sven, then you'd better
         make it back.

(At Oresoren Village)

Quppo, Pippo, Poppo: Jay! Jay! Jay! Jay!

(At Ferines Village)

Maurits: This must be the world that Nerifes desires.

Thyra: It's such a beautiful sky.

   <G07>     Altar of the Sea

(At Altar of the Sea)

Will: I guess the darkness over the world lifted once we defeated Schwartz.

Moses: Looks like we're all done here!

Chloe: I'm really glad everyone is okay.

Shirley: Now we can keep our promise to return to Werites Beacon together.

Senel: All right! Let's start heading back.

Shirley: Grune...Your body!

Norma: G-Girl! What's going on?!

Will: Why is the same thing that happened to Schwartz happening to you, too?!

Grune: There's no cause for alarm.

Moses: I'd say there's a damned good cause for alarm!

Shirley: Grune!

Grune: This is the final seed.

Jay: What are you doing at a time like this?!

Grune: Schwartz and I are one and the same, polar opposites of each other.

Senel: We already heard that from Schwartz!

Grune: If I exist, then Schwartz does, too.

Grune: And if Schwartz disappears...then so shall I.

Chloe: You can't be serious!

Norma: No...You're kidding, right? G-Girl, you're just kidding, right?!

Norma: Tell us you're kidding!

Shirley: DId you know this would happen from the beginning?

Will: Why didn't you tell us?

Senel: Can't you trust us?!

Moses: We're family! You're supposed to tell us everythin'!

Grune: If you had known, it would have led to hesitation. Hesitation weakens

Norma: But...you can't...This isn't right!

Grune: It is right. It is my responsibility.

Grune: The world is so full of light.

(Enter facechat mode)

Grune: It appears I cannot stay in this world much longer.

Senel: How can it just end like this?!

Grune: This is how things should be. There's no need for regret.

Shirley: Please don't talk like that.

Norma: Yeah! We've been together this whole time!

Shirley: Senel's Star Festival wish won't come true!

Norma: You promised!

Norma: You promised we'd hold a celebration party when you got your memory

Chloe: That's right. You haven't kept your promise!

Norma: We...we haven't had our party yet!

Norma: Everyone's looking forward to it! You can't do this!

Shirley: You promised we'd go on a picnic to the spring!

Will: Harriet's looking forward to it as well.

Jay: We won't let you say goodbye like this!

Moses: Ain't there anythin' we can do?! Some way you don't have to disappear?!

Grune: The world is not all-powerful.

Grune: There is nothing that can stop me from disappearing.

(end facechat mode)

Senel: Stop talking like that! Stop talking about it like it doesn't matter!

Senel: I...we...we're talking to our friend! It doesn't matter if you're a 
       goddess or not!

Moses: Senel's right! We want to talk to the Grune who's part of our family!

Norma: Yeah! Tell us what you really feel, G-Girl!

Grune: Thank you, everyone.

Senel: Grune.

(Enter facechat mode)

Grune: Thank you, Senel.

Grune: Thank you, Shirley.

Grune: Thank you, Will.

Grune: Thank you, Chloe.

Grune: Thank you, Moses.

Grune: Thank you, Norma.

Grune: Thank you, Jay.

Grune: I'm really, really happy right now.

Norma: Then stay with us. We still want to be with you!

Norma: We want you to always be with us!

Grune: Thank you.

Grune: I'm really glad we were able to have such a fun time together.

Will: There's plenty of fun stuff left to do!

Moses: You can't just up and vanish without doin' any of it!

Shirley: We promised we'd all go back together!

Jay: That's right! We're going to be together! Together forever...

Grune: Your feelings make me so happy.

Grune: But the time always comes when a child must leave its parents. Humans
       are the same way.

Grune: I'm not leaving you. You're all going on a journey.

Senel: Grune...

Grune: I'm so very, very happy right now.

Norma: But...but...

Grune: I have one last favor to ask. Will you do something for me?

Shirley: We'll do anything...

Chloe: So, please...

Jay: Don't say you're going to disappear!

Grune: Let's say goodbye with a smile. I'd really like to see everyone's
       biggest smile.

Senel: ...Grune.

Grune: I'll give you a present. So you can all live happily.

Norma: We don't need a present! We want to be with you, Grune!

Senel: ...All right. Let's say goodbye with a smile.

Shirley, Chloe:
Senel! {Shirley}
Coolidge! {Chloe}

Senel: I don't want to part with a friend. I feel the same as you all do.

Senel: But before we came here, we resolved to accept whatever happens.

Moses: Well, yeah...but...

Senel: We can't take back now what we swore to each other.

Will: ...Yes, when we came here, we made up our minds to take responsibility
      for our actions.

Senel: And besides...Look at her face. She's trying to figure out what to say
       to us.

(Enter facechat mode)

Senel: I don't want to trouble a friend like that.

Moses: Senel...

Senel: I don't want to see my friends' troubled faces. I want to see them

Moses: Yeah, Senel's right.

Will: ...This isn't goodbye. It's the beginning of a new journey.

[Jay runs up to Moses and they hug.]

Norma: *Sniff* If it's G-Girl asking, I guess we can't say no...

Grune: Thank you. 

Grune: Thank you, everyone.

Grune: With the last of my power, I shall release the summon spirits into the

Grune: These children will carry on my power. So be good friends to them, okay?

Grune: Rem.

Grune: Efreet.

Grune: Celsius.

Grune: Volt.

Grune: Gnome.

Grune: Shadow.


Grune: Awaken.

[A light appears behind the party. A spirit emerges from a flower.]

Grune: I am very glad to have come to this world.

[Alcott and Elsa watch as another spirit appears.]

Grune: I'm glad you were the people I met.

[In Werites Beacon, another spirit emerges.]

Grune: I must leave you now, but the time we had together...

[Giet watches a spirit appear in the Quiet Lands.]

Grune: ...will never fade away.

[In Oresoren Village, another appears.]

Grune: I will always live on in your hearts.

[Another in the Village of the Ferines.]

Grune: Thank you all so much for everything.

[Scene returns to grune at the Altar of the Sea.]

Grune: The laughter and the memories. Now go. Live. The future is yours.

[Grune lights up, then disappears into feathers, which float into the sky.]

(End movie)

Shirley: She's gone.

Senel: Yeah.

Senel: The sky and the sea are both...so blue.

Shirley: Yeah...

Senel: You've all got good looks on your faces.

Shirley: Yeah.

Norma: All right! Since we're all together here, it's time for a you-know-what!

Moses: Hah hah! What do you know! I was just thinkin' the same thing!

Jay: *Sigh* As was I. Being around you two must have contaminated me.

Chloe: We're probably all thinking the same thing.

Will: This must be what it means for all our hearts to be as one.

Shirley: The reason we all feel it is because it's something that's warm and
         close to our hearts.

Norma: Yeah, G-Girl's already gone, but...

Shirley: But we're all here.

Senel: Let's do it, then.

Norma: Shout it as loud as you can!

Moses: Hah hah! Leave it to me!

Jay: I hope it reaches Grune.

Chloe: Let's make sure it does.

Will: Okay everyone, put your hearts into it.

Shirley: Yeah!

Norma: Take it away, Senny!

Senel: Let's go! The future awaits!

Senel, Shirley, Will, Chloe, Moses, Norma, Jay: Charge!

(Game over)

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If at any time for any reason you need to contact me, I can be reached by
e-mail at roralykwoh@yahoo.com. If it concerns the script, please mention that
in the subject. If you need a quicker reply, you can contact me through AIM at
DarthRora. I hope you enjoyed the script!

And again, big, big, HUGE thanks go out to my helpers in this project,
Chaos Control3290 (Chloe and Grune's CQ) and Compass (Norma's CQ)! Great job
you two, and thank you for helping me through this.

I'd also like to thank everyone on the Tales of Legendia boards who have given
me encouragement and support. Without your motivation, I don't know that this
project would have ever been completed.

Thanks everyone!


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