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Guide and Walkthrough by Gbness

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/18/2006

                            TALES OF LEGENDIA
                            An FAQ/Walkthrough
                        For the Sony PlayStation 2
                       Copyright 2006 Richard Beast

Table of Contents:

This guide, as you will soon see, is pretty big. Seeing as how this takes
effect, you will most likely be lost in trying to find out what you want to
read. There is one way to get to it, instantly. Press Ctrl + F, and then look
for whatever you want. Let's say you want to go to the Basics section. Type in
"IV. Basics", and then you'll go to the basics section, instantly! Pretty neat,

~ -------------------------- * TABLE OF CONTENTS * -------------------------- ~
I. Introduction
II. Legal Disclaimer
III. Contact Rules
IV. Basics
V. Characters
VI. Walkthrough (Chapter One)
    VIa. Prologue
    VIb. Fallingwater
    VIc. Werites Beacon
    VId. Misty Mountains
    VIe. Bandits Lair
    VIf. Crystal Forest
    VIg. Secret Passage
    VIh. Old Oresoren Village
    VIi. Mountain Path
VII. Walkthrough (Chapter Two)
   VIIa. Werites Beacon
   VIIb. Port-on-Rage
   VIIc. The Crags
   VIId. Oresoren Village
   VIIe. Waterways
VIII. Walkthrough (Chapter Three)
  VIIIa. Ruins of Frozen Light
  VIIIb. Great Hollow
  VIIIc. Poppo's Workshop
  VIIId. Ruins of Frozen Light
  VIIIe. Forest Of No Return
IX. Walkthrough (Chapter Four)
    IXa. Maurits' Hermitage
    IXb. Man-Eating Ruins
    IXc. Maurits' Hermitage
    IXd. Front Line
    IXe. Bridge Plain
    IXf. Bridge
X. Walkthrough (Chapter Five)
     Xa. Werites Beacon
     Xb. Village of the Ferines
     Xc. Hidden Fortress
     Xd. Altar of the Sea
     Xe. Werites Beacon
XI. Walkthrough (Chapter Six)
    XIa. The Quiet Lands
    XIb. Fire Monument
    XIc. Coast
    XId. Ice Monument
    XIe. Coast
    XIf. Thunder Monument
    XIg. Coast
    XIh. Earth Monument
    XIi. Coast
    XIj. Elevator
XII. Walkthrough (Chapter Seven)
   XIIa. Mirage Palace
   XIIb. Werites Beacon
   XIIc. Wings of Light
XIII. Walkthrough (CQ Introduction)
  XIIIa. Down the Cliff
  XIIIb. Werites Beacon
  XIIIc. Port-On-Rage
  XIIId. Werites Beacon
  XIIIe. Fallingwater
XIV. Walkthrough (Will's Quest)
   XIVa. Werites Beacon
   XIVb. Great Hollow
   XIVc. Werites Beacon
   XIVd. Thunder Monument
   XIVe. Werites Beacon
   XIVf. Waterways
XV. Walkthrough (Norma's Quest)
    XVa. Werites Beacon
    XVb. Man-Eating Ruins
    XVc. Fire Monument
    XVd. Ice Monument
    XVe. Werites Beacon
    XVf. Crystal Forest
XVI. Walkthrough (CQ Interlude)
   XVIa. Werites Beacon
   XVIb. Village of the Ferines
XVII. Walkthrough (Chloe's Quest)
  XVIIa. Werites Beacon
  XVIIb. Hidden Fortress
  XVIIc. Earth Monument
  XVIId. Werites Beacon
  XVIIe. Forest of No Return
XVIII. Walkthrough (Moses's Quest)
 XVIIIa. Werites Beacon
 XVIIIb. Misty Mountains
 XVIIIc. The Crags
 XVIIId. Werites Beacon
 XVIIIe. Bandits Lair
XVIX. Walkthrough (Jay's Quest)
  XVIXa. Werites Beacon
  XVIXb. Secret Passage
  XVIXc. Oresoren Village
  XVIXd. Ruins of Frozen Light
  XVIXe. Oresoren Village
  XVIXf. Mirage Palace
XX. Walkthrough (Grune's Quest)
    XXa. Werites Beacon
    XXb. Bridge
    XXc. Altar of the Sea
    XXd. Wings of Light
    XXe. Werites Beacon
    XXf. Altar of the Sea
    XXg. Cradle of Time
XXI. Eres
    XXIa. Senel
    XXIb. Will
    XXIc. Chloe
    XXId. Norma
    XXIe. Moses
    XXIf. Jay
    XXIg. Grune
    XXIh. Shirley
XXII. Equipment
   XXIIa. Weapons
   XXIIb. Armor
   XXIIc. Headgear
   XXIId. Accessories
XXIV. Credits

                   ~-~ ~-~ ~-~  I. Introduction ~-~ ~-~ ~-~

And hence I welcome you to my 39th FAQ. Wow... isn't that so far from being
amazing. Contrary to popular belief, however, I do have my experience with
time spent in the great outdoors, so don't start accusing me there. =) But
that is really beside the point. I welcome you to Tales of Legendia, one of the
better RPGs for the PS2 and among the most underrated gems that I've ever had
the pleasure of looking on. Hell, I'd go so far as to call this game better
than Tales of Symphonia... maybe.

Okay, enough talk about the game, and myself, and more about the guide. First
you get these lame and very retro amateurish trash introduction, legal
disclaimer, and contact rules, then game basics in which I prove my mad skillz
in giving you the run down of the game, a section on characters, recommendations
and whatnot, then the walkthrough, which is split into fifteen chapters. That
many chapters? REALLY? Hell yeah, this game is comprised of the main quest and
character quest, which have seven and eight chapters respectively, so weigh
that in. Then you witness my new format for eres (techniques) and equipment,
shops, items, frequently asked questions, and we're done. Simple enough. Enjoy
a guide in which I feel is one of my best ever compared to some.

Don't harm the rain forest,

 - Richard "Gbness" Beast

                ~-~ ~-~ ~-~  II. Legal Disclaimer ~-~ ~-~ ~-~

You are NOT permitted to put this FAQ on your site without my permission first.
All you have to do is email me or IM me saying you want this FAQ on your site,
then you can tell me your site and the chance is high that I'll let you. But if
you put this FAQ on your site without my permission I swear you will regret it.
If I let you, not ONE word should be changed from this FAQ! NOT ONE! Got it?
Good. Also, make sure that no money is involved. If you want this FAQ to be sold
on eBay, then just forget about it, man. And don't sell this guide either, or
pay people to use it, or you'll be in such big trouble you don't want to think.

Another little note is that I will not have this guide hosted on many other web
sites besides GameNotOver, GameFAQs, IGN, and Neoseeker. You need full-on
permission if it's not one of the four above sites. I am sick of people ripping
me off (I have been ripped off three times in the past), so if I don't like your
site, I won't let my guide be posted on it. I am sorry, but this is how it has
to be. If you ask politely and I like your site, you will definitely have the
luck of getting it up there. Thank you very much.

                 ~-~ ~-~ ~-~  III. Contact Rules ~-~ ~-~ ~-~

First of all, feel free to check out the stuff I've written on GameFAQs. Those
include a guide for Mega Man 5, a few other Mega Man games, and tons of random
PSX games. Honor to the PSX, yanno? Hopefully, that'll be added with awesome
Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask and Wild Arms guides. As you might be able to
guess, I'm a large RPG fan and writer.

Alright, enough shameless advertisement about me. You can e-mail me if there is
a question you wish to ask that hasn't been answered in the guide, but I REALLY
don't want to bother answering questions that have already been done, answered,
and done again in the guide, if it isn't too much trouble. Feel free to tell me
if there's something I've forgotten, however.

My e-mail address is richard_power1000 [at] yahoo [dot] com. Except, replace the
[at] and spaces with a "@" symbol and the [dot] and spaces with a period; I have
to write like that so I don't get a dozen spam bots e-mailing me and getting me
viruses. Just be polite in the e-mail, don't talk like "omg wtf rich ur gides r
t3h su><0rz & how du i beat zpher", and don't ask something that's already been
answered in the guide, and I'll respond.

And don't bother sending things like:

"You friggin' idiot. Your guides suck, you suck, and everything about you
sucks. DIE DIE DIE!"


"What the hell did you think you were doing writing all that garbage, you piece
of crap?

"I hope you fall down the stairs and break every bone in your body!"

"u su><0rz, eVrYtInG BoUt u sUx, dIe ass!!!!!!1"

I will laugh at such e-mails and delete them. So... if you're not just playing
a friendly joke on me or something, don't bother with that crap cos I've been
through with it too much.

Okay, that's enough for that. My AIM name is rbeast288; sorry, I don't have MSN
or YIM. The list is closed, but I'll add you if you ask politely via e-mail. I
like chatting with people, but try not to overdo it on AIM if I add you to my
list. Since I am busy a majority of the time and all.

                     ~-~ ~-~ ~-~  IV. Basics ~-~ ~-~ ~-~

Honestly, I thought for awhile on what I would possibly include in this
section, hence it being incredibly brief. I'll say this, though: if you've
played Tales of Symphonia or even one of the earlier Tales, you'll have little
to no problem with this game, except for the fact it's on a 2D battlefield.
It's all one straight line with enemies on them, and of course, it's an RPG so
naturally they attack. Makes sense, right?

The name of techs has been changed to eres here, and those can be used with the
Circle button, while attacks are done with X. They cost TP, however, so just
take that into account. Eres come in two forms: iron, and crystal. Iron eres
are physical, and require 50 uses for mastery. Once you've mastered a couple
iron eres, you'll get new arcane iron eres, which are a combination of two
mastered eres. Also, you can combine these eres for strong compound iron eres.
Crystal eres are magic, and cannot be combined or mastered. In fact, they're a
huge pain, since to learn crystal eres, you need Eres Stones, which are dropped
by various species' of monsters, randomly.

The probability, I think, seems to increase when you defeat an enemy quickly
with a lot of combos. I've tested it out and find it no coincidence that the
probability got a lot higher. Once you've learned a crystal eres, though, you've
learned it. No need to conserve it. =) You've got a group of four iron erens
and four crystal erens, but since all but one crystal eren has some means of
healing, usually the best party consists of four iron erens and one crystal

Another means of combat is Climax Mode. You can activate this with the L1
button, and all enemies will be stunned and in a position that allows you to
hit them. And from there you can hit them and perform combos, which is an
excellent opportunity because all hits in a Climax Mode count towards one
combo. And of course, with combos comes EXP. And also, if you have four
characters alive and ready, you can perform a Climax Combo, which delivers
heavy damage, but on an important factor. If you perform a Climax Combo as soon
as you start Climax Mode, you'll remove 1/5 of the enemy's max HP. If you
perform it any later, it's 1/20 instead. So make decisions wisely.

An important means of healing damage in this game, is bread recipes. You can
find Mimi in various different forms, all over the world, and if you talk to
her she'll give you a recipe. You can only have ten at a time, but at a
bakery, supposing you have the necessary food, you can bake these and on the
world map, press Square to bring up the available breads you have. Very useful,
and a good means of saving Apple (30% HP), Orange (30% TP), Melange (30% both),
Scallop (20% HP, 40% TP), Lemon (60% HP), Pineapple (60% TP), and Miracle (60%
both) Gels, of which you can only have 15 of each.

And also, since it confuses a lot of people, I'll explain the element system
now: there's Fire and Ice, which are opposed to each other. There's Earth and
Lightning which are very sadly almost entirely passed up in this game, and
Sea and Curse. Because of the overall nature of the game, the sea and ocean
are somewhat considered holy and of the light, thus the difference between
light and darkness, which is called Curse in this game. Here are some examples
of spells:

 Fire                                           Ice
 ----                                           ---
 Fire Ball                                      Ice Arrows
 Fire Wall                                      Ice Wall
 Fire Storm                                     Freeze Lancer
 Flame Blade                                    Absolute
 Eruption                                       Icicle Volt
 Ancient Nova                                   Blizzard
 Meteor Storm                                   Final Embrace
 Big Bang                                       Shooting Stars

 Lightning                                      Earth
 ---------                                      -----
 Lightning                                      Stone Blast
 Thunder Arrow                                  Grave
 Thunder Blade                                  Rolling Stone
 Indignation                                    Ground Dasher

 Sea                                            Curse
 ---                                            -----
 Aqua Laser                                     Bloody Howling
 Spread                                         Dark Force
 Ray                                            Demon Lance
 Brilliant Lance                                Negative Blade
 Maelstrom                                      Black Hole
 Tidal Wave (Ultimate)

One more important aspect is dungeon design. Remember those puzzles in Tales of
Symphonia, or dread them happening here? They don't. Honestly, dungeon design
is usually one straight path to the exit, with other paths branching off with
treasure on them. And usually, they're guarded by Chaotic Zones. These black
fields defend that treasure, and when you go through them you'll usually be
greeted by a harder than usual enemy. Other than that, there's Puzzle Booths,
which serve as the game's main puzzles. These places will now and then serve to
give you puzzles, but it's always pushing blocks and using the Sorcerer's Ring
at good opportunities to shoot and hit crystals to open up the exit. Nothing
like the evil Latheon Gorge of ToS.

                    ~-~ ~-~ ~-~  V. Characters ~-~ ~-~ ~-~

   ~-~  SENEL COOLIDGE  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

Age: 17              ||  HP: High
Weapon: Fists        ||  Strength: High
Eres: Iron           ||  Agility: High
Height: 5'7"         ||  Defense: Average
Weight: 130 lbs      ||  Intelligence: Low

Senel is an Alliance marine who came to the Legacy with Shirley to avoid her
getting captured, but ends up collapsing at Lumen Spring, meeting Will, and
having Moses kidnap Shirley. But anyway, Senel has quite a bit of an attitude,
and pretty much the only person he's nice to is Shirley. In fact, despite
them being technically brother and sister, he seems to be in love with her.
However, Senel has quite a bit of a past.

Weighing everyone together, I would have to consider Senel to be the best
character in the game. He's got the most HP in the game, really, although
Moses comes very close. His physical strength is fantastic, and if you equip
him with the Extreme Symbol, he's absolutely unstoppable. He's fast and
furious, choosing to attack with his fists rather than a sword. And he has a
fair share of defense on him, making a perfect candidate for the battle arena
in the character quests. And plus, once you get Beast, Wyrm Crush, and
Phoenix Strike, how can you say no to this man?

   ~-~  SHIRLEY FENNES  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

Age: 15              ||  HP: Low
Weapon: Quill        ||  Strength: Average
Eres: Crystal        ||  Agility: High
Height: 5'1"         ||  Defense: Low
Weight: 90 lbs       ||  Intelligence: Semi-High

Shirley is a young girl commonly known as the Merines, and also Senel's sister
despite the two having a completely different last name. The Merines is an
agent of Nerifes, so she kinda has problems with life, and such. What's more,
she has a very allergic reaction to seawater, a gentle and very sweet
attitude with some exceptions, and terrible voice acting. And she doesn't
actually join your party until the game's second half.

The biggest disadvantage that Shirley has, is that her crystal eren spells can
be mostly learned by everyone else. And trust me, that's not a great thing,
despite in the end it really doesn't matter. Shirley doesn't have the highest
intelligence in the game, but she has by far the best physical attack out of
the crystal erens, and also the single best spell in the entire game, that
being Tidal Wave. Still, she doesn't join your party until later, and she
has the typical crystal eren stats despite an awesome physical attack.

   ~-~  WILL RAYNARD  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

Age: 28              ||  HP: Average
Weapon: Hammer       ||  Strength: Low
Eres: Crystal        ||  Agility: Low
Height: 6'2"         ||  Defense: Average
Weight: 167 lbs      ||  Intelligence: Very High

Will Raynard is the self-proclaimed sheriff of Werites Beacon, and also the
first person who Senel meets when he comes to the Legacy. He's 28 years old,
and despite being a sheriff in the Legacy, is thought to be a criminal in the
mainland, but he has his reasons for that, since people make sacrifices for
love. He also has a strange connection with a girl named Harriet, who detests
his guts, but you'll learn more about that in his character quest.

In my opinion, Will is probably the weakest character in the entire game,
except for maybe Moses or possibly Shirley if you have issues with her. The
reason for this, is that his offensive magic is really not that much better
than Norma's, except around the middle of the game when he gets the best spell
yet, Indignation, and Norma has Revive and Resurrection making her a far
superior healer. And Will can't really stand up to Grune much in offensive
magic either, so don't take that the wrong way. He's not terrible, but he's
not the best at all times.

   ~-~  CHLOE VALENS  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

Age: 17              ||  HP: Average
Weapon: Sword        ||  Strength: High
Eres: Iron           ||  Agility: High
Height: 5'6"         ||  Defense: Low
Weight: 108 lbs      ||  Intelligence: Average

Chloe Valens is a knight who came to the Legacy to avenge her parents, who
were both killed by one of the three Terrors under the Crusand forces of
Vaclav, named Stingle. She has a strong sense of justice and fights for that
very reason, aside from vengeance for her parents, but at the same time there's
a deep feminine side of her that Norma consistently attempts to bring out. And
what's more, she's scared of lightning, and can't swim. Weaknesses.

One of the better characters in the game, I almost always try to have Chloe in
my party, because she's fantastic for racking up combos. Her attacks are
quick, and as far as Alpha Tempest, Sword Rain: Omega, and such, which hit an
incredible amount of times, you really can't go wrong. You may even wish to
control Chloe instead of Senel if you were a ToS player and got too used to
Lloyd. I can't entirely praise Chloe though, because she has surprisingly low
defense, and not the greatest HP prowess either.

   ~-~  NORMA BEATTY  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

Age: 16              ||  HP: Very Low
Weapon: Straw        ||  Strength: Low
Eres: Crystal        ||  Agility: Average
Height: 5'2"         ||  Defense: Low
Weight: 95 lbs       ||  Intelligence: High

Norma Beatty serves as the game's primary comic relief. Even in the toughest
situations (well, except one), she always attempts to be cheerful and get
everyone's mind off of it, and you'll see that near the end of Chapter 6. ;)
She is, however, a treasure hunter searching for the Everlight, a gem said to
make any wish come true, and she apparently ran away from home and has some
connection to a man named Zamaran.

At the beginning, Norma isn't particularly great, only sporting one very
mediocre spell in Grave. However, she quickly becomes one of the better
characters in the entire game when she gets Revive and Resurrection, as well as
the game's first really good spell, which is Thunder Arrow. While she never gets
Cure, she has Rally and Taunt which will serve to increase/decrease stats, and
she has the relative same attack power as Will. So all in all, I generally
prefer Norma to Will, but it depends on the circumstance. Still, Norma has
the lowest HP in the game, and Will has the most of the crystal erens. So...

   ~-~  MOSES SANDOR  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

Age: 17              ||  HP: High
Weapon: Spears       ||  Strength: Average
Eres: Iron           ||  Agility: Low
Height: 6'0"         ||  Defense: High
Weight: 145 lbs      ||  Intelligence: Low

Moses Sandor is a bandit living in a lair close to Werites Beacon. He comes
across as a huge savage, being that he wears little clothing, although he's
really a very warm hearted person. He's also very emotional, in a family with
his dog/beast friend galf Giet, whom he's had an extremely strong bond with
since childhood, and his friend Csaba. Still, he isn't exactly the smartest
person in the world.

Really, Moses isn't my favorite character in the world to use, unless it's
really, really late in the game when he gets a series of eres that either hit
numerous times, or have unique abilities. The reason for this, is despite the
fact he's an iron eren, his attacks are long range via throwing spears, and his
AI tends to miss. Plus if you're controlling him, he's unnecessary difficult to
get used to. Still, a lot later he's fairly good, plus he has the highest HP
in the game besides Senel.

   ~-~  JAY ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

Age: 16              ||  HP: Average
Weapon: Dagger       ||  Strength: Average
Eres: Iron           ||  Agility: High
Height: 5'1"         ||  Defense: Low
Weight: 103 lbs      ||  Intelligence: Average

Very little is known about Jay. Senel first meets him in Werites Beacon, where
a nasty prank is pulled on him. However, very few know Jay's true identity.
He goes by the name of Jay the Unseen, and knows more about what's going on in
the Legacy, than anyone. For some reason, he has a strong bond with the
Oresoren, and can't hope to live without them. However, he constantly reflects
on his past, and is clearly mysterious, and thus anti-social and disliked.

For me, I like Jay quite a lot. Why? Because his style of attacking is almost
ninja like; he's fast, furious, my type. He isn't always the heaviest hitting,
but behind Chloe, he's probably the best for gathering up combos. What's more,
he has the ability to use an attack of any element except Sea, which is a
worthwhile advantage. His attacks, however, are incredibly short ranged and you
may find Jay dying quicker than anyone, even Chloe. It doesn't help that his HP
and defense are both rather mediocre. All the same, it's not difficult to look
past those flaws, since they both exist in Chloe also.

   ~-~  GRUNE  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

Age: ??              ||  HP: Average
Weapon: Urn          ||  Strength: Very Low
Eres: Crystal        ||  Agility: Low
Height: 5'9"         ||  Defense: Low
Weight: 117 lbs      ||  Intelligence: High

If you thought that you didn't know anything about Jay, you ain't seen
nothing yet. The group meets Grune in the bottom of a casket in the Man-Eating
Ruins, and she remembers absolutely nothing. She has a very flighty attitude
and loves to flirt with various guys, loving just about everything. But can you
shake the fact that she seems strange, and despite having lost her memory...
she has a great purpose beyond that?

Grune is the yang to Norma's yin. For one thing, Grune has absolutely no
healing eres whatsoever. At least Shirley has Cure. However, Grune is an
extremely powerful crystal eren, and if you're looking for a wide array of
Curse/Sea spells later in the game, look no further. She has such Curse spells
as Negative Blade and Black Hole; and she also has Ray, Maelstrom, and Judgment
for Sea, which becomes extremely useful in the character quests, when half the
bosses you fight are weak against Sea. She has nothing to speak of in the
Earth/Lightning department, however. And when you get her, she knows only one
spell. So overall Grune starts very meh but becomes fantastic later on.

            ~-~ ~-~ ~-~  VI. Walkthrough (Chapter One) ~-~ ~-~ ~-~

And with that, prepare to start a... very remarkable RPG which does a great job
standing up to Tales of Symphonia and which is extremely entertaining and full
of laughs. Okay, I'm running out of these OH EM GEE original descriptions and
crap. Alright, walkthrough begins now. Kthx. Just some notes first:

-> Make sure you constantly stock up on items. Apple Gels, Orange Gels, and
   greater forms of them need to be in good quantities (the max is 15). Also,
   Life Bottles are necessities.

-> Do NOT run away from battles. I'm not perfect, I run away from a lot of them
   too. But if you don't run away, you'll get more EXP, making character quests
   far more manageable, Eres Stones so that you can, you know, actually learn
   crystal eres for half the party, and of course, get Gald to buy items with.
   Plus mastering iron eres isn't a bad idea either.

-> Please try and bear with me, what with my lame jokes and storyline ranting
   and whatnot.

 VIa. Prologue
 - Items: N/A

After selecting a new game, the game starts on board a ship as two characters
are talkiing to each other, and one fights off a large enemy from the sea. He
is Senel, and he's the main character... better get used to him. The girl, his
sister, is named Shirley, and she has a thing against the sea breeze. And as
we all know, that is a very bad thing.

Watch some scenes, and then you'll end up fighting an enemy called a Zephyr.
It's not hard, as it barely attacks, and what's more, it only has 600 HP. Senel
can do about 35 per attack, and he gets practically three per second. So just
finish it off quickly, getting a feel for the battle system as it is. This is
pretty much kick 'n punch right now, though. Watch the scene and the FMV, and
Senel will wash up on a beach.

Shirley will be with Senel, practically sick, and a man rushes in and tells
Senel there's fresh water up ahead. After Senel and this man argue with each
other a bit, a man with wings comes in to grab Shirley. You'll now fight an
enemy titled the Mysterious Youth, but you can't win, even though his 1100 HP
is reasonable. After a little bit, Shirley will scream and be taken off by a
bandit named Moses Sandor. So now Senel has to chase him for his sister. Chapter
One truly begins here.

 VIb. Fallingwater
 - Items: Apple Gel, Basket, Toast Recipe, Orange Gel, Apple Gel, 500 Gald,
          Orange Gel, Life Bottle

Not your average music from your (real) first place in an RPG, but I suppose
it'll do for what it is, although it's a remix of the game's main theme. With
that, grab the chest right over to the right for an APPLE GEL, and feel free to
save. Haven't exactly gone through much yet, though. Keep following the path a
little bit over to the right, to find a girl named Mimi coming out a pig (wtf)
who will give you a BASKET and teach you the recipe for TOAST. Hey, I'll take
it. After that scene, keep going to the right.

There's a quick fork there, with the bottom being an immediate dead end and the
right taking you across the stream, so take the right, for a scene as Will
explains everything about this place. There's a legend around here that when a
pillar of light arises, a new Merines will arrive, and that's important to this
place (the Legacy), so that's why people are after Shirley, whose body glowed
in the water, and Merines also happens to mean "Shining One". So that explains

Keep going to the right and following the path until you reach some stairs over
to the left. Take them up for an ORANGE GEL, and then head back down and over to
the left. Keep going and following the path downstairs to find a circle that
will restore all HP and TP (very useful), and an APPLE GEL. Head just a little
bit further for a chest containing 500 GALD, then further still to the right,
where you'll come to a left-right fork. The right has an immediate chest for an
ORANGE GEL, so get that and then keep going down the hill to the left, grabbing
a LIFE BOTTLE along the way. Now just keep going to reach the village.

 VIc. Werites Beacon
 - Items: Holy Bottle, Life Bottle

Enter this rather lively village, as Will gives a history lesson about the
place. If you've played Symphonia, just think of Will as being very similar to
Raine. But anyway, Will will run off to the plaza, leaving Senel no clue as to
where the bandits lair is. Oh well. Head across the bridge there, and then start
proceeding down. There's a save point on the way, if you want to use that, but
otherwise keep going down.

On this next screen, continue going down until you find a house on the right.
Behind that is a HOLY BOTTLE, and robbing people's backyards is GREAT, man! I
digress. Now keep going down and to the right, and on the next screen you'll
find the bakery immediately there. While completely optional, you have the Toast
recipe now from that Mimi who very unfortunately replaced my favorite Wonder
Chef, but anyways, feel free to buy a few Breads and Butters, and turn those
into Toast. It could help out in the long run. 

Anyway, there's not much down below, so head to the right and then up at the
fork there, and into the first building you see there. It's the weapons/armor
shop, so if you have the money, feel free to buy Senel's Power Bracers, but
doing so is totally optional. Now keep going to reach a three way fork. The
right goes nowhere, so head over to the left and follow the path straight up
and behind the building for a LIFE BOTTLE. Not bad... now return to the fork,
and head up this time.

This is the fountain plaza, where a man in a dark robe will ask Senel if he's
strong. Then he'll pretend to be Senel saying that if you can defeat him, he'll
give people 50,000 Gald. A bit of a bad man, then... now scroll through this...
errr... song, and then Senel ends up beating the Bantam Bouncers, Curtis and
Isabella, up, only to get blasted with lightning by Will, and then thrown into a
cell. An old woman named Madam Musette will tell Will to let him out and
accompany him to the bandits lair, because someone else, Chloe Valens, also
recently went there alone. So... your party is now Senel and Will. Dig it.

Will's house is relatively large, but there's nothing in it. Just exit, and
then Musette will give Will a world map. To get out of this place, simply head
down and to the right, and keep following the path out of Werites Beacon and to
the overworld. Out here, Will will tell Senel about how ducts work, and from
here, you'll find two paths. Take the one towards 3 o' clock, and keep going to
reach the Misty Mountains. 

 VId. Misty Mountains
 - Items: 500 Gald, Hard Leather, Syrup Bottle, Melange Gel, Life Bottle,
          Melange Gel, Ham Sandwich Recipe, Life Bottle

This place is something you have to go through to get to the Bandits Lair, so
quit yer' whinin' and prepare to go through it. ;] Start by taking the bridge
and following the path to reach a left-right fork. The right has a Chaotic
Zone in front of it, in which stronger enemies supposedly appear. In this one,
the most common enemy is an Egg Bear Spirit, which is slightly tougher than
what you've fought up this point, but is only 1362 HP... not a terribly hard
enemy. After it's gone, get the 500 GALD chest behind it.

Now head back to the path on the left, and I know it's a tad long, but just it
all the way up, to the left, and to the right for a HARD LEATHER there, as well
as a Chaotic Zone right below. Equip the Hard Leather on Senel, and then go
through the Chaotic Zone for another blah Egg Bear Spirit, and a SYRUP BOTTLE
right behind it. Now head down to the right and follow over for a MELANGE GEL
and a Chaotic Zone, but don't bother going through it. Head back up to where you
found the Hard Leather, and over to the right.

A little bit into this bridge, you'll find a girl above, fighting the bandits,
then she uses an attack that cuts the whole bridge down. Hah, classic... and
now she'll fight the group based on assumptions. She's relatively strong,
each attack doing 15-20 damage or so, but Will will stop the battle a little
bit into it, since she does have good intent. Of course Senel takes the
opportunity to act like a jackass, but some bandits will chase y'all away.

When Senel and Will come to, Chloe is gone. She's a knight, sense of justice,
sexy, etc... and the latter could have an impact on Senel later. But I digress.
Head down first of all, to immediately reach a left-right fork. Take a right and
follow it to collect a LIFE BOTTLE, then back over to the last screen and up
this time, and then head to the left and down when you get the opportunity.
Here you'll find a Chaotic Zone, then after getting through that, continue down
to find a MELANGE GEL at the end of the path.

Return to the last screen, and then take the bridge on the right to find that
baker, Mimi, again... she'll teach you the recipe for HAM SANDWICH and then
disappears, obviously needing help. Now take the bridge on the left for a LIFE
BOTTLE, and now keep following the path up, to the right, and then around over
to the left, and then past two screens to reach the overworld... yay. Now just
follow the path around to the Bandits Lair. Open the duct on the way, too.

 VIe. Bandits Lair
 - Items: Apple Gel, Melange Gel, 800 Gald, Life Bottle, Leather Boots, Climax
          Bottle, Orange Gel

Enter the building right in front of you... and it kicks off to a fairly good
step. Moses is found there with his dog Giet, and after some taunting, Senel
runs forward only to fall into a trap door. Hah... the way it's played out, the
music, and Moses saying "Y'all watch your step now" make this absolutely
priceless. Hah... anyway, Senel will now be on his own for a little bit of the
lair. But ah well, pick up the APPLE GEL where you land and let's keep going.

Just head up in front of yourself and through the Chaotic Zone there. Note that
battles may be a slight bit tougher than usual because only Senel is fighting,
but you'll manage. Beyond there is a MELANGE GEL; get that and keep going to the
right, through another Chaotic Zone, for 800 GALD. As the Lizardman Spirits can
rack up damage fairly quickly, make sure that you heal up after battles and
such. Apple Gels, yanno. Then keep following the path down and to the right for
a new, dark screen.

Automatically here, Senel will run into Chloe from the mountains, and after they
squabble at each other a bit, Will comes in and finds them. So now you've got
Will back in the party, and battles should be a pushover. Open the chest there
for a LIFE BOTTLE, and then head up and to the left to get out of the... well,
dark part of this area. Then when you come out, Will talks to Chloe about stuff
she's done, and then Chloe joins your party, really just to rescue Shirley.
As for Shirley meanwhile, Moses is talking to her but she knows nothing.

Now, back with Senel and the others, head down into the Chaotic Zone there and
beat up some enemy, enjoying Chloe as your new party member, and behind that is
a pair of LEATHER BOOTS. Now head left just above that for a down-up fork. All
that going down will do is get you out of the bandits lair, and hey, who wants
to do that? Head up to immediately be faced with another fork. Head right here,
and into the Chaotic Zone for a CLIMAX BOTTLE behind it. Now just return to the
fork and keep going up for yet another fork... great. Up leads nowhere, so just
take a left this time.

Follow the path along the hallways, then go over to the right to find Moses and
Giet again, the former of who seems to have taken a lesson in irony lately...
gotta love Moses. Anyway, Shirley's on the top floor. Just keep going to find a
green duct. Nowhere else to go, so head into it to reach a Puzzle Booth. These
are puzzles you'll have to get through in a lot of longer dungeons like this
place, but this particular one isn't too bad. If you get stuck, though, just
press the Start button.

Head down the steps just on your right, and pull/push the green block so that it
fills in the empty space over to the left. Now head up the steps again and cross
that path, ignoring the block in the middle below you that you'll pass... you
can't even move it; it's just there to trick you. Keep on going until you find a
green block right by the exit duct above, and pull/push that out to get into the
gap at the very far left. Now just head up the steps again, and follow the path
to the left, up, and then over to the right to get outta here. See, not too hard,

When you re-emerge, you'll find the door that Shirley's behind, and Senel tries
to break it down, only to get tired and start bleeding. So... that's not an
option; you need to find the key. Feel free to save here, but then head over to
the left and into the immediate door, to find Moses and Giet. As for the key,
come and get it, yanno? Boss time.

 Moses                                            Elements:
   HP: 2194                                        N/A
   Race: Human
   Weight: Middle

 Giet                                             Elements:
   HP: 2852                                        N/A
   Race: Galf
   Weight: Heavy

 For the first boss battle in the game, this battle is surprisingly hard. You
 have two opponents who are fairly opposite of each other. Moses is a long
 ranged attacker, dealing with throwing spears for 25-30 damage and using his
 Lone Wolf tech for surprising accuracy. However, Giet is the bigger threat.
 For one thing he has more HP (hey he's a dog/galf and has more HP than a
 bandit, right?), and he's a close ranged attacker. He tends to charge through
 your group and head right for Will, so look out for that.

 The major question is who to go for first, and for that I'd personally choose
 Moses, even though Giet is the stronger of the two. He has less HP and goes
 down much faster, plus attacking Giet becomes much more difficult if Moses is
 around throwing spears at your characters. Even if you have never used it up
 to this point, this is a great opportunity to use Climax Mode, because
 especially if Senel and Chloe get spread out, you'll have the opportunity to do
 about 1000 damage to both Moses and Giet, so make that last. Other than that,
 there's not really too much more you can hope to do... get Moses out of the way
 quickly, and for god's sake don't neglect healing. 100 HP or less is nasty, and
 don't try this one with anything less than level five, level six preferable.

And after that's done, Moses's pal Csaba comes in to say that the lair is under
attack. Some soldiers in red, who are much bigger fish to fry than Senel, come
in and start attacking to get Shirley. And even Will has never seen them, but
anyhow, Moses gives you the key and runs off to get them guys, led by a woman.
Always a good thing, that last bit, right? But anyway, return to the previous
hall and into the room Shirley was being held.

Shirley will immediately be kidnapped by the flying man from the spring before
Fallingwater. Then Csaba will come in and tell you that he's off towards
Crystal Forest, so just leave this room and enter the duct that used to be a
Puzzle Booth. Just head to the left and down the stairs, and follow the path to
the right, reaching that gate that led nowhere earlier. Csaba will let you go
out here, and after a rather puzzling question from Chloe, Moses will be seen
fighting the soldiers, and we all know how that works out with the woman there.

Now back on the world map, the Crystal Forest is towards 12 o' clock. Just
follow the path until you reach a hill, and head up that for an ORANGE GEL. Now
just keep heading forward to get on the path again, and keep following until you
reach the literally Crystal Forest. Make sure you open the duct along the way,
for... you know, future need.

 VIf. Crystal Forest
 - Items: Melange Gel, Restraint Charm, Panacea Bottle, Misty Robe, Orange Gel,
          Chain Mail, Collectors' Book, Shirley's Brooch

As soon as you enter, you'll find a girl being chased by a large beast called a
crystarantula. What the girl was, was probably a treasure hunter who robbed a
nest. Chloe wants to rescue her, but Senel, in the meantime, doesn't care and
just wants to rescue Shirley. After Senel and Chloe squabble some more, Moses
is shown pretty much wounded, and running away. Apparently he lost to that evil
woman, so... bah.

With that done, head to the left where the girl came from, and walk through the
Chaotic Zone for a MELANGE GEL, then up the hill there for yet another Chaotic
Zone, with a RESTRAINT CHARM behind that. Now return to the fork at the
entrance, and head up to immediately reach a new screen. Take a left here and
open the chest there for a PANACEA BOTTLE, then just up the hill for a MISTY
ROBE. Equip that on Will right now. Then keep going up and head to the right for
a Chaotic Zone. Notice this place has a lot of treasures and schtuff?

Past that Chaotic Zone, head over to the right and keep going until you can fork
right over to the left, and save... heh heh heh. Good indication there. Now head
up a bit and take the path way over to the left, where you'll find that girl
from earlier. She accuses the group of being cruel... hah, that's ironic. But of
course she has a point when she attacks Senel on that. But anyway, the
Crystarantula shows up to play. Have fun.

 Crystarantula                                  Elements:
   HP: 5055                                      N/A
   Race: Dandarantula
   Weight: Massive

 This is a very easy battle, especially compared to the one against Moses and
 Giet. Supposing you fought a few battles between there, Climax Mode should
 probably be ready to use again, and since there's only one target that
 doesn't have a really large amount of HP, it's very effective. If you can't
 use it... screw you. ;] Nah really, just attack and use Climax Bottles to
 build it up, and then attack to all of your strength. With Senel and Chloe
 both attacking, you may even manage a 50 hit combo, which will really be
 worth it, trust me.

 As for its attacks, it has one rather powerful attack, which is Devour Prey.
 This might do up to 150 damage to anything that's too close to it, so try and
 avoid that at all costs. Other than that, it's cold breath isn't much to worry
 about, so just keep attacking when that's over, and also note that it drops
 Poison Bracers, which are very effective weapons for Senel. And if you pulled
 that 50 hit combo off, enjoy a crapload of Grade, EXP, and also the Comboist
 title, which rocks.

As for the girl, she's very glad that Senel and company fought for "little old
her". Haha... of course, she (her name is Norma for future reference) doesn't
really believe that a flying man went through here, and after she gets, errr...
"punished" by Will, the group goes off on their own. Not a problem as far as
battles go. At the fork you immediately come to, the right is just a dead end,
so take the left. Also equip the Poison Bracers on Senel and the Comboist title
on everyone, if you've got those.

Take another left as you take this path, to find an ORANGE GEL there. Now head
back up, following the path to find a Chaotic Zone branch along the way. Get the
CHAIN MAIL behind that, equip it on Senel, and keep going up for a new and
absolutely wonderful screen. Just take either path and head right up, and Norma
will follow you and demand to join... but as it appears, the path ahead is
blocked. So she destroys it, only to get chastised by Will. But anyway, she
joins you after that, with the COLLECTORS' BOOK then being in your possession,
and Will getting a new title.

Enjoy the Monster Food skit that ensues, and then keep going through that path
that just opened. When you reach a fork here, feel free to take a left and save,
although that save point IS a little hidden because of the flashy colors and
whatnot. Then take a right to end up at the exit of the forest, where Senel
will pick up SHIRLEY'S BROOCH, refusing to show it to Norma. Now, onto the world

While this is all happening, the woman leading the red soldiers, Melanie, joins
up with two others to reform the Terrors under Vaclav. Evil, as you can guess.
But anyways, with Senel and the others, keep following the path towards 6 o'
clock or thereabouts, ignoring the Bow Cottage on the way. When you finally do
reach the Secret Passage there, feel free to use the duct to head back to Werites
Beacon if supplies are low. But otherwise, enter away.

 VIg. Secret Passage
 - Items: Apple Gel, Gladius, Orange Gel, Life Bottle, Orange Gel, Shell Bottle,
          Panacea Bottle, FOE1 Charm, Melange Gel, Panacea Bottle

As soon as you enter, you'll find the flying man with Shirley, heading inside a
ruin. And Senel doesn't exactly catch him, but Norma and the others manage to
open the door with their eres. Inside, after Norma gives a little background,
or lack thereof, on this place, you're free to continue into this ruin. Head
down the stairs there, and pick up an APPLE GEL in the chest along the way. Keep
going down to reach a new screen, and trust me that it's just as linear from
here on.

Head down the stairs and into the Chaotic Zone on the left for a GLADIUS behind
it, which is obviously a weapon for Chloe, which rocks. Now keep going down the
stairs to find a chest with an ORANGE GEL, and a save point. With those two in
hand, enter the room on the right, where you'll find the flying man and Shirley.
And the guy fights you, which ends up exactly like the last one. The group gets
worn out and you cannot hope to win the fight. But that's when a pillar starts
collapsing, and he sacrifices himself to save Shirley. The hell?

Of course, he doesn't actually die. How anyone can survive through having a
pillar collapse on them is beyond me, but Shirley wakes up and goes with you,
plus the flying man goes away. But no, Shirley does NOT join your group. Moving
on, the entrance is caved in, but open the treasure chest there for a LIFE
BOTTLE, and then just a little bit above, open the chests for an ORANGE GEL, a
SHELL BOTTLE, and a PANACEA BOTTLE. Then enter the Chaotic Zone on the right for
a FOE1 CHARM behind it.

Now keep going into the room in front of you, and head down the stairs here and
into the Chaotic Zone on the left for a MELANGE GEL. Then keep going down to
reach a Puzzle Booth. Yep... this one is even easier than the last one, though.
However, you'll get introduced to the Sorcerer's Ring, which, sorry ToS fans,
is only available in Puzzle Booths. To open the exit duct, you need to turn on
the switches here, which are in the form of crystals. There's only one here, so
that's hardly a difficult issue.

Just climb up the steps far above and follow the path over to the right and use
the R2 button to fire the Sorcerer's Ring at the switch. So now the exit duct is
open, but as for getting there, blocks need to be pulled to form a path. There
are three going out to the right from the exit duct as it is, and there are four
more on the upper-left, which can be pulled out to form a path from the ledge
above the stairs. Staying inside the barrier you create with them, pull the last
block out towards the ledge on the right, then climb up and take that path.

Outside that Puzzle Booth, the group rests there, with Chloe and Norma
discussing the rumors about the Merines, and Will wanting to protect Shirley
after they get out. Senel, of course, opposes this, but as Senel and Will fight
over it, a talking otter who plays harp, named Pippo of the Oresoren, will want
to take you to his village. So... that's that. Get the PANACEA BOTTLE on the
right, save, and then head up and outta this here ruin.

 VIh. Old Oresoren Village
 - Items: Bun, Scallop, Hamburger Recipe, Orange Gel, Lettuce, War Hammer, Fire
          Bolt, Iron Helm, Mythril Circlet, Panacea Bottle, Cape, Life Bottle,
          Apple Gel, Orange Gel, Panacea Bottle, Apple Gel, Holy Bottle, Orange
          Gel, Life Bottle, Gemini Shells

Outside, Pippo and his friends Quppo will tell you about some general stuff, and
also about how they've been to the village and were treated like pets. Of
course. Then Will gives his usual historical sermons, including talking about a
disaster that occurred thousands of years ago called the Cataclysm. Just
remember the Cataclysm for later. Then Senel gives Shirley her brooch back, and
we carry on. But anyway, contrary to the name here, this place isn't much of a

Take the bridge on the right at the very entrance for a BUN and a SCALLOP, then
head back to the left and follow the path up to meet Mimi at the top, who will
reveal her "secrets" (I echo Senel's thoughts on this), and give you the recipe
for HAMBURGER. Not bad. Now head down and across the bridge on the left, to
find an ORANGE GEL and LETTUCE in the two chests. Head to the right to save and
use the healing orb, then just head north of here.

Back to the Secret Passage... well, a different one, regardless. Enter the
Chaotic Zone right above, and on the other side collect the WAR HAMMER and FIRE
BOLT, which are weapons for Will and Senel respectively. Now head back and over
to the left to reach an up-down fork, with down leading to a Chaotic Zone. Go
through that for an IRON HELM and a MYTHRIL CIRCLET behind, which are for Senel
and Norma. Whoo-hoo, equipment rocks.

Head up here and take either path to go forward, ignoring the useless stairs.
Take the path on the right and follow it all the way to the end to find a
PANACEA BOTTLE and a CAPE. Then head over to the right and open the two chests
there for a LIFE BOTTLE and an APPLE GEL. And with that, head down a large set
of stairs to the left to find an ORANGE GEL and a PANACEA BOTTLE there. Now
head up on the lower layer of the land, until you reach two long, narrow steps
leading down.

From here, head down past the train tracks here to find an APPLE GEL and a HOLY
BOTTLE, then head back up to get outta that place, only to find that the path
ahead caved in during the earthquake, but it can be gotten past if you dig...
but Norma ain't gonna be using any eres to blast it down. Then Norma, Chloe, and
Shirley start talking, with Norma eventually trying to get Shirley to give her
her brooch. Of course that doesn't work, and eventually Senel and Will come back
from digging. So... carry on.

In this next area, head up the ramp on the right, forward a little bit, then
use the ramp on the left to get back down. Keep going ahead for another ramp,
then head up the stairs on the right, and collect the ORANGE GEL on the way.
Now take the path on the left and collect the LIFE BOTTLE there, and then just
follow the path down and save. Then head up the stairs, only to get attacked by
a monster whom the Oresoren call the "Long Long Demon". Will and Norma try to
open the door while Senel and Chloe hold the demon off, but eh, Shirley opens
the door, everyone runs out, and the Long Long Demon attacks there too. Yep...

 Dinowyrm                                  Elements:
   HP: 6549                                 N/A
   Race: Dinowyrm
   Weight: Special

 This isn't a tough boss, aside from one rather nasty tactic it has. First of
 all the defense is very low, so don't worry about the 6549 HP; it succumbs to
 physical attacks very quickly. However, the Dinowyrm has the ability to emit
 a red field around it, and when that happens, no matter what Chloe does, RUN
 THE HELL AWAY. You'll just be poisoned in that red field, and trust me that
 it sucks. But other than that, this fight is a total pushover... Will and
 Norma can just help out while Senel and Chloe just punch and slash away.
 Climax Mode makes it even easier.

With that fight out of the way, the Oresoren give Senel all the credit, and do a
certain dance for him and Shirley, which pretty much mesmerizes both Shirley and
Chloe; meanwhile Norma's too busy being jealous and Will's too busy examining
the Dinowyrm. Then Will decides to rest, but as everyone is looking the other
way, Senel and Shirley just walk away, heading up the mountain path. Also enjoy
the GEMINI SHELLS that the Oresoren give you... but anyway, this is really bad.

 VIi. Mountain Path
 - Items: Panacea Bottle, Ring Mail, Apple Gel, Apple Gel, Melange Gel

Once again, you're only controlling Senel, since it's not like Shirley would
actually help to fight. The sweet Fallingwater music is here, though. Again,
be careful with battles, cuz if Senel dies, the game's over. Anyhow, just follow
the path in front of you until you reach an upper path and a lower path. Both
of them just lead to the same place and don't have any items, so take either
one. At the end of those two paths, however, collect the PANACEA BOTTLE and
keep on going.

Take the upper path there and go through the Chaotic Zone there for a RING MAIL
which is for Senel. Head through the next Chaotic Zone until the path breaks
up, and then take the lower path down for an APPLE GEL. That's it for treasure
here... now head back up and save, use the healing circle, and continue to the
left. Senel and Shirley get ambushed by Melanie, Cashel, and Stingle... really
awesome. You'll enter an automatic fight against Melanie which you obviously
can't win... just hold on until she uses Eruption on ya.

After that's done, Commander Vaclav comes in and takes Shirley, who offers to
go as long as Senel is left, but in reward for that, Cashel grabs Senel and
throws him off a cliff. And of course, that's too much for Shirley, so just
watch that, then a quick flashback, and Senel will have survived that fall from
the cliff. He meets a girl named Harriet who wants him to take her to Werites
Beacon, so... carry on. Collect the APPLE GEL and the MELANGE GEL to the
immediate left, and make sure you save. Then head out to the overworld below.
Chapter two begins!

           ~-~ ~-~ ~-~  VII. Walkthrough (Chapter Two) ~-~ ~-~ ~-~

This chapter is mainly about attempting somewhat of a reunion between the group
but that isn't exactly easy considering what Senel just did. It takes place
right after you get out from the previous area, after Cashel threw Senel off the
mountain path. With that, let's get it onnn.

 VIIa. Werites Beacon
 - Items: N/A

Your first destination is Werites Beacon, and to get there, simply head around
the mountains towards 9 o' clock, and then just keep going in that general
direction until you reach the city. Inside, Senel will mention seeing Will, who
seems to be the person whom Harriet is after. Then she requests that Senel go
take her to see Will... so you can't exactly say no. To find Will, just head
north of where you are right now until you see a wooden bridge going to the left.
Just take that to find Will and Chloe talking.

After Senel and Harriet argue a bit, Will comes along to meet Senel, the latter
of who then gets hit very hard by Chloe and then taken to Will's house. Inside,
Will talks about Vaclav, who Senel met on the mountain path, as well as the
three "Terrors" -- veterans Melanie the Crimson and Cashel the Phantom, as well
as the newcomer Stingle the Vicious. As for Will and Chloe, they're going to try
and get information from a man named Jay the Unseen. However, Will doesn't allow
Senel to come, and Chloe calls Senel "despicable". So much for that.

Head outside, and Norma will come out and request to come with Senel, since she
has a bit more of a heart for forgiveness than Will and Chloe, plus Norma is
really just after Shirley's brooch anyway. That's good, though, since having
Norma is a huge help in addition to just Senel. But anyway, Jay's answers to
letters tend to come back at the fountain plaza, so to get there, head to the
southeast of here, and then to the very far north from that next screen. And
there you meet none other than...

You guessed it, those two people from the beginning of the game, Curtis and
Isabella, the Bantam Bouncers. They come to an understanding with Senel, though,
and give you directions as to where Will and Chloe went -- to Port-on-Rage.
Stupid name, but it's your next destination. Exit Werites Beacon, and take the
path on the right over to 6 o' clock to immediately find Port-on-Rage there...
see, not hard.

 VIIb. Port-on-Rage
 - Items: Scallop, Shrimp, Squid, Cod

As soon as you get here, Senel and Norma will spy on Will and Chloe who are
down below, talking to a very familiar looking kid who is apparently a
maintenance worker with the boats, who gives a letter to them. Senel then
remembers him as being that jackass from Werites Beacon who offered 50,000
Gald if Senel could be beaten, and then he tries to get up and talk to him.
And now the second or third funniest scene in the whole game ensues as Norma
tries to grab Senel to get him away, and then Senel ends up touching her on the

Norma then starts screaming at Senel for being a pervert and then him not
wanting to touch her, until Will and Chloe end up gone, and then a man comes
around and lets them on his boat. Okay, that works. However, before leaving this
place, open the chest to the left of where Senel and Norma were for a SCALLOP,
then follow the path all the way up for SHRIMP. Now head all the way around to
the entrance and then take the lower path forward to find the boat guy, along
with a SQUID and a COD in two chests.

Talk to that guy to get going, only to hear after Senel and Norma are already
gone, that the engine is a little worn out. Dat's bad, yo. Meanwhile Shirley's
getting tortured in Vaclav's fortress, but let's not go there, plus Fenimore,
Shirley's new "friend", is injured. But anyway, as for Senel, he meets Will,
Chloe, and the kid on the other boat, and then the kid challenges him to a boat
race. Of course Will objects to this but has relatively little say. And as for
Chloe, she apparently isn't feeling well. Hmmm.

But as the boat owner said, the engine is crappy and shouldn't be driven too
hard, and it starts smoking. Senel and Norma eventually try and patch it up,
only to find that Harriet rented this boat. Wow... oh well, she has her reasons.
And with that, you'll end up on The Crags, still searching after Will and Chloe,
at Raging Bay.

 VIIc. The Crags
 - Items: Freeze Charm, Panacea Bottle, Shell Bottle, Sage, Lemon Gel, Pineapple
          Gel, Syrup Bottle, Apple Gel, Orange Gel, Scallop Gel, Acuity Bottle,
          Life Bottle, Lemon Gel, Climax Bottle

One of the more hideously boring dungeons in the game, this is one of my least
favorite places that you will ever venture to in the entire course of this
game. Plus you've only got Senel and Norma so battles aren't exactly the easiest
thing in the whole world. Just be at level eight or so and you'll survive,
though. But anyway, head to the left for a healing circle and a save point, then
take the path to the left.

You'll immediately find a Chaotic Zone on the left, so enter it for a FREEZE
CHARM, then after going through another Chaotic Zone, head for this three-way
fork and go down here for a PANACEA BOTTLE. Now take either path over to the
next screen, on the left, and you'll eventually come to another three way fork,
with a Chaotic Zone in the middle path. Does this look at all... familiar? ;)
The middle and lower paths immediately join into two (they're also both
littered with Chaotic Zones), and later the middle and upper join, so... take
the middle path.

On this path, collect a SHELL BOTTLE, a SAGE, and a LEMON GEL. The Sage is the
important one, since it increases maximum HP by 5%, but still... might want to
be careful when you use it. Now take the lower path over to the left through a
Chaotic Zone, and then just keep on going to the left to get outta this screen.
In the next area, Senel, Norma, and Harriet will step out to hear an Oresoren
saying his usual thing. Gotta love talking otters. It wants you to escort it
back, because apparently it got attacked by a goat in the sea... bad.

Anyway, head to the left to find a Chaotic Zone above. Nope, you're not done
with this place yet... not by a long shot. Head through that Chaotic Zone for
a PINEAPPLE GEL right behind, then return to the lower path on the left, only
to have the path split in two again, with a Chaotic Zone and a treasure above,
and the path down below. Head through the zone for a SYRUP BOTTLE, then head
down and grab the APPLE GEL along the way, while keeping on going down the
path below. Collect an ORANGE GEL there, then keep on to the left.

Proceed to the left to find a healing circle and a save point (premonition,
yo!) and then up to find two Chaotic Zones on two off branches. The one on the
left has a SCALLOP GEL, and the one on the right has an ACUITY BOTTLE, so make
sure you grab both. Keep going up to find yet another fork. ARGH, THE WORLD AND
ALL ITS GODDAMN FORKS! Take the Chaotic Zone right above. There's yet ANOTHER
split in the path here, and the right only leads to the same path below which
has nothing on it, so keep going to the left.

In this next screen, which starts fairly uneventfully, you'll come to a three
way fork. Up leads to nothing, so start by taking the lowermost path for a LIFE
BOTTLE there, then return to the middle path to find yet ANOTHER up-down fork.
Geez, this dungeon design is drab and bland. Head down here to find a LEMON
GEL there, and return to the upper path. Keep on going, and on the next screen
you'll hear... some kind of animal. Then Norma gets all cocky, walks forward,
and gets attacked by a worm that makes noises like a goat. Uh huh. Some goat.

 Dinogorgon                                Elements:
   HP: 7181                                 Weak - Curse ;; Strong - Sea
   Race: Dinowyrm
   Weight: Special

 Notice a similarity? Yeah it looks and is of the same species as the Dinowyrm
 aka Long Long Demon you fought back in the secret passage. Regardless, it
 isn't a very hard battle, and if Senel and Norma gang up on it with a Climax
 mode, you should be able to do along the lines of 1500 damage to it. Plus,
 its attacks really aren't that strong. When you see it get down to the right,
 you'll know it's about ready to pull out its Ocean Spray attack, which is
 around 80 damage, but anyway, when it's not doing that, it'll bite a bit, but
 you can still just go in and attack. Not much of a challenge.

That supposedly wore Norma out. Oh come on. Unfortunately for her and us,
though, it's still a little bit further. Just head up when you emerge from that
fight, and to the first right you find. Go through the Chaotic Zone there for
a CLIMAX BOTTLE right behind, then through the zone on the left to return to
the path. Now all you need to do is take the upper left path to get out, and
meanwhile with Shirley, she and Fenimore are arguing, about how Shirley is
Orerines and Fenimore is Ferines, and they're enemies. So that's bad... just
as Cashel and the others show up. Meanwhile, with Senel... just head forward.

 VIId. Oresoren Village
 - Items: Hot Dog Bun, Bagel with Lox Recipe, Scallop, Butter Roll Recipe,
          Miracle Gel

No, this is not the REAL Oresoren Village, this miniscule little bridge here.
=) There's a boat here, plus Norma will notice that there's a huge island in
the distance, but anyway, just talk with Poppo to get on the boat. Meanwhile,
Will and Chloe are suspicious of where they are, and the mystery man starts
talking about how not to trust someone like that... and tries to surprise them
with all the Oresoren being here, but quite unfortunately for him, Will and
Chloe have already met them. Hah hah hah.

The man immediately accuses Senel of doing something to Poppo, but after some
good *Ors*, Harriet will run off, the man will thank Senel for taking care of
the Oresoren, and then Will asks the man just who the hell he is... but I bet
you already knew that. He's Jay himself... so yeah, no more "mystery man" or
"jackass", he's Jay the Unseen himself. ;) With that, just head forward into the
next area,

Take the bridge on the left forward and then head down the stairs there,
following the path to find a HOT DOG BUN. Now go back up and to the screen on
the left, where Will explains who Harriet is... his daughter. Then a daughter
and father squabble ensues, revealing that Will is a criminal who was exiled on
the mainland, that Harriet's mom died and Will didn't even go to her funeral,
and she runs off proclaiming that she hates him. And Will receives the title of
Old Fighter, but he and Chloe don't join you quite yet.

Anyway, with control once more, talk to the Oresoren on the right to rest at
this inn for free, then forward to find an Oresoren just on the right there,
who sells ingredients. Blah... just head onward and talk to the Oresoren behind
the counter there. Now I don't know about you, but I was running a little lower
on items than I wanted to be, so you might as well stock up on Apple Gels,
Orange Gels, Life Bottles, a Holy Bottle or two, fifteen Magic Lens' because
they're so cheap, and about 5-6 Scallop Gels.

With that done, take the bridge on the left and examine the... item there, to
meet Mimi again. Norma tries to give her nicknames, both of which she hates,
and then you'll end up with a BAGEL WITH LOX RECIPE. Hah... not bad. Now keep
going to the right, past that Oresoren at the counter, to find the weapons
shop. I'd definitely suggest buying at least Scallop Gear for Senel, but an
Oresoren Hammer for Will or Broad Sword for Chloe definitely wouldn't hurt.
Don't get yourself bankrupt yet, though...

Head to the left and talk to that Oresoren, who sells armor. I'd definitely
recommend at least Lamellar Leather for Senel, a Peepit Cloak for Norma, a
Battle Robe for Will, a Cross Helm for Senel, and a Blue Ribbon for Norma. And
if you don't have all that money, feel free to sell stuff like Shell Bottles
and Acuity Bottles, since they really aren't that useful, in my opinion. And
as of all that, I had 7 Gil left... but oh well, it's worth it. With all the
shopping doen, head to the left and in this storage room, examine the junk to
the left of the Oresoren for a SCALLOP.

Now head back and to the upper right for a new screen. Head all the way
forward, ignoring all the locked houses on the way, and feel free to save
before going into Jay's house... cuz, you never know. Pick up the RUNE BOTTLE
on the right, then enter the house there. Inside, Senel will immediately demand
where Shirley is, angering both Chloe and Jay, although the latter makes an
exception since Senel helped the Oresoren. Vaclav is southeast of where you are
now, with Shirley, and is heading to the Ruins of Frozen Light to find a weapon
to use in the Crusand Empire's war with Chloe's homeland.

And with that, the Oresoren make Jay come up with a plan to rescue Shirley,
so... the group and Oresoren will launch a surprise attack on Vaclav's forces,
attempting to rescue Shirley, at the Waterways. With that scene done, head up
the stairs and into the second floor, Jay's room, and open the chest for a
recipe for BUTTER ROLL. Okay, fair enough. Will and Chloe will join the group
once more, somewhat forgiving Senel for what he did on the mountain path. But
anyway, head to the main screen with all the shops, then up the path to the left
and down the lower left path to reach the overworld.

Meanwhile, Shirley and Fenimore are being taken away in dangerous vehicles...
oh noes. With that, cross the bridge and keep going in the general 3 o' clock
direction. The most frequent enemy to encounter is the Tea Egg, which come in
large groups, but the best attack is to link Senel's Demon Blast with Ground
Slam. Once you go across a second bridge, head around the mountain and take the
immediate 4 o' clock bridge just ahead for a MIRACLE GEL there. Sweet. From
there, back up and take the 8 o' clock bridge, and just keep going forward, to
find a duct and a dungeon. Prepare for the almighty... waterways! Bahaha.

 VIIe. Waterways
 - Items: Apple Gel, Orange Gel, Climax Bottle, Syrup Bottle, Lemon Gel,
          Pineapple Gel, 3000 Gald, Panacea Bottle, Rabbit's Foot, Melange
          Gel, Orange Gel, Flare Bottle, Life Bottle, Night Cap, Orange Gel,
          Scallop Gel, Pineapple Gel

I guarantee you that despite my making fun of it at the end of the last section,
this place is nothing to scoff at. It's the longest dungeon yet, surpassing the
Old Oresoren Village secret passage. And as for levels, I was at level ten here,
although nine or eleven are certainly passable. But anyway, just enter and Jay
will go over the plan again.

Will and Norma are going to unleash every crystal eres they have at Vaclav's
force, Poppo will shout at the top of his lungs after that, and then Senel and
Chloe come in, secure Shirley, and then escape through the Waterways. Sounds
like a doable plan... but are you sure no one will, yanno, interfere? After Will
and Norma are about to start, Jay hears "hideous voices"... yep, none other than
Csaba appears to attack the enemy forces, followed by Moses delivering possibly
the best line in the whole game, "Now where's my horny woman at?".

I LOL whenever I hear that... hilarious. Meanwhile, Jay is furious, Senel and
Chloe run into Stingle, and Melanie runs into Moses, followed by the awesome,
"What's up, horny baby? You miss me?". Hilarious to the max. Anyway, with
everyone's cooperation, everyone gets into the Waterways, Jay is still angry,
Chloe receives the title of Cranky Knight, and Shirley and Fenimore are deeper
into the ruins. So now the dungeon itself finally begins... prepare for the
length of this.

Head down the stairs below and collect the APPLE GEL there, and follow the long
path over to the left. Head up the stairs there, and at the end of the path,
take the one on the right. At the end there, go up the stairs to find Shirley
and Fenimore at the end of a long path. Some Crusand soldiers come up, but
Chloe just slays them with Demon Fang, but it doesn't work out. Shirley is about
to get down, but Fenimore refuses because she's an idiot and can't trust the
Orerines, and then Melanie shows up. Stupid Fenimore.

And then she brings out the reason that this place is called the Waterways... a
flood. Shirley is left behind, and Senel helps Chloe, because she apparently
can't swim. However, when they wake up, Chloe tells Senel that not being able to
swim is a major problem to her, and he can't tell anyone. Girls, I say. Pick
up the ORANGE GEL where you land, and then just head up to regroup with Will
and Norma.

Meanwhile, the flying man, whose name is Walter, is protecting Shirley and
Fenimore, summoning a monster to hold off Melanie and Stingle. But as for the
group, you'll find a healing circle and a save point there, but this place is
not over by a longshot. With that, head forward to find an up-right fork. Grab
the LIFE BOTTLE right up ahead, but then just go over to the right to find yet
another fork. Head up here and go through the Chaotic Zone there, and grab the
CLIMAX BOTTLE right behind. Now just go back to that main path.

Head to the right and take that path to a new screen, and collect the SYRUP
BOTTLE right there. Then go through the Chaotic Zone for a LEMON GEL, and
continue to the left. Head up the path here to come to a fork... ARGH THIS
PLACE IS SO FRICKIN' LONG! MY POOR FACE! Head to the right first, and pick up
the CLIMAX BOTTLE there, on the other side of the Chaotic Zone. Ignore the
lower path and head back to the fork, this time going to the left and following
another tediously long path to find yet ANOTHER fork. MY EYES!

Enter the Chaotic Zone there for a PINEAPPLE GEL, and now take the path on the
left to a new screen, which is immediately met with an up-down fork. Don't
worry, this place is a tad bit closer to being finished now. ;) Head down first
and go through the Chaotic Zone for 3000 GALD on the other side (yay, now I'm
not completely bankrupt), and then head up at that fork to run into none other
than Moses and Giet. Heh... Moses makes up for his shortcomings earlier with his
lines to Melanie, so it's all good.

Will ends up hitting both Senel and Moses on the head, while in the meantime,
Shirley and Fenimore end up in the hidden room that Walter took them to. With
that, head up the path in front of you to find a Puzzle Booth. Yep, you just
knew this place would have one. This one isn't hard, though. There's a crystal
to the upper right of where you come in, so with a few attempts, you can hit
that with the Sorcerer's Ring, and from the block just left of the one closest
to that crystal, try and hit the crystal right below to take care of that. Just
one more!

Just hit the reflector at the far upper side of the room with the Sorcerer's
Ring, and that's it for the crystals. Now just head down the stairs to the
right, and because this place just had to be made slightly more artificially
difficult, you'll have to go all the way around to the left to get to the exit
duct. With that done, Walter meets up with Shirley and Fenimore, and on an
extremely bad note, Walter reveals that Shirley is the hope of the Ferines, the
Merines, the Shining One, whom the Ferines have waiting for for 4,000 years.

Okay Walter, shut up and let's carry on. Head down the path you come into, and
open up the chest on the left for a PANACEA BOTTLE, then go a bit over to the
right and down the stairs below. Head through yet another Chaotic Zone to the
right, and follow the path ahead to find a RABBIT'S FOOT at the end, which is
basically an accessory that increases your luck by 30. Now head back up to the
path from earlier, and follow a devilishly long path to the right for a MELANGE
GEL, and let's go back to that path below.

Now take the lower path from earlier, and follow it all the way over to the
left, grabbing an ORANGE GEL on the way. Heading forward, go up the stairs
there and follow another demonically long path to the left, watch another scene
with Shirley, Fenimore, and Walter, and then Senel will feel Shirley with
Pippo's shell. Meanwhile, Norma and Moses are dissing each other, the former
imitating Jay as usual. With that done, head down the stairs and take a right
to come to a bit of a fork. See, the layout doesn't exactly change.

Head down the stairs below first for a FLARE BOTTLE, then take the path to the
left way up, to find a healing circle and a save point, as well as a scene where
Fenimore is the one holding the shell, and Walter is down. Still, Senel asks
Moses to have Giet carry Walter on his back, and after some reluctance, name
calling from Chloe and Norma, and some explanation that Shirley is Senel's
sister, Moses carries Walter. So... that's that. Head outside and do your stuff,
then let's keep going. And yes, we are just about done with this place now, so
don't worry.

Go back down and take the path on the left until you reach the millionth fork
this place has to offer. Both left and right go nowhere, so take the stairs
below and follow that path to the left, all the way past a couple screens until
you reach some other stairs on the left. Keep on going to reach a LIFE BOTTLE
and a NIGHT CAP, the latter of which I equipped on Will, but it's your choice.
Keep going up to find an ORANGE GEL and a SCALLOP GEL, and then over to the
right and down a Chaotic Zone for a PINEAPPLE GEL. Keep going to the right for
a save point... oooh. Just continue, and Melanie leaves you a present.

 Citadel Turtle                              Elements:
   HP: 7609                                   N/A
   Race: Base Turtle
   Weight: Massive

 Again, nothing particularly special whatsoever, but this is a good opportunity
 to use a Climax Combo. Simply enter Climax Mode and then immediately press L1
 again, and then all four characters will attack, to do 1500+ damage right
 there, effectively cutting off 20% of the enemy's HP. And with that done,
 there isn't that much more to say. Sure, the turtle's attacks in front of it
 are fast and a little furious to boot, but not a big threat. The best strategy
 is just to have Senel and Chloe get on opposite sides of it, beat it down with
 Eres, while Will and Norma cast spells to weaken it. Easy fight.

After that's done, exit to the right, and Senel will talk a bit with Fenimore.
Apparently Shirley's really proud of him. But anyway, Will and Norma manage to
heal Walter, only for him to immediately charge forward and take Fenimore with
him. Jackass bastard. Then Moses want to come with you and offers Senel his
hand, only to get seriously beaten up. Still, he comes with you no matter what,
and as for Shirley, she's with Vaclav at the moment, who leaves Cashel with the
task of taking care of some bandits. Ouch. But anyway, Chapter 2 is done.

         ~-~ ~-~ ~-~  VIII. Walkthrough (Chapter Three) ~-~ ~-~ ~-~

Chapter 3 begins with a new character joining your party, and he's at a fairly
equal level with your group. Personally though, my group was at level thirteen
with Moses at level twelve, but it won't make a whole lot of difference. You
leave off right outside the Waterways, and your next destination is the Ruins of
Frozen Light. To start, head north out of the Waterways.

 VIIIa. Ruins of Frozen Light
 - Items: N/A

Getting to the Ruins of Frozen Light in the first place, is the thing you have
to worry about first of all. I recommend, again, with Moses in the party to
replace Norma, since she's kind of meh until she gets better spells, which is
a little later. So with that, you need to cross a canyon to get to the Waterways,
but it isn't that bad. All you really have to do is follow the path, going in
the general direction of 4 o' clock, where a red dot on the globe at the bottom
right indicates the ruins. So... not that hard.

When you get in, you'll find a bunch of Crusand soldiers right there, and you
can't exactly get in, although Norma and "Red" Moses want to charge in. That's
when Jay comes in, asks what the "stupid bandit" is doing with you, and gives
you information at the cost of risking your lives. Fair enough. There's another
entrance in, from the Great Hollow which is towards 9 o' clock from here. But
as everyone walks away after thanking Jay, he talks to himself, apparently about
there being a cheaper way in, and plus not being able to wait to see the looks
on their faces. Now I can call Jay a jackass again!

Meanwhile, Vaclav is with Shirley, showing her something weird inside the Ruins
of Frozen Light. Ignore and let's carry on. To get to the Great Hollow, go
between the mountains and the sea by pretty much heading forward towards the
general 9 o' clock direction, and then head towards 11 o' clock, and then
around the sea to reach a path that leads into the Great Hollow itself, which
is marked by a red dot. Open the duct, and let's par-tah.

 VIIIb. Great Hollow
 - Items: Apple Gel, Poison Sword, Holy Circlet, Orange Gel, Heavy Hands, Magic
          Lens, Life Bottle, Syrup Bottle, Panacea Bottle, Flare Bottle, Rune
          Bottle, Orange Gel, Panacea Bottle, Leather Cape, Melange Gel

As soon as you enter, Norma will say that there's a dewstone tablet up front,
which works for taking you up or down. Yeah, this great hollow has stuff like
that in it, don't mind it. Then Giet comes in and gives Moses a letter from
Csaba, saying that they got away safe, into a forest campsite. And as for
Giet, he chased Moses down because they have a really strong bond, or as Norma
suggests, Moses just has a really bad stench. But we won't go there. Just take
the thingy in front of you to go to a lower level of Great Hollow.

When you emerge here, head just a bit to the left for an APPLE GEL, and then
through the Chaotic Zone on the left for a POISON SWORD on the other side.
Equip that very effective weapon on Chloe right now, and then return to the
three-way fork at the entrance. Head up there and follow the path to the left
for a HOLY CIRCLET, which is for Norma, but it's your choice. The Mythril
Circlet has more Int offerings, but the Holy Circlet has more for Def, not to
mention it restores HP periodically. I choose the Holy Circlet, but eh.

Now return to that fork and head to the right this time. Take that path until
it splits in two, and then head to the left for an ORANGE GEL. Now head to the
right to find the path splitting in two again. Yeah, this place is full of
forks like that. Just head up for convenience, to find yet another fork. Up is
a Chaotic Zone, though, so head through that. I should also note right now that
if you run into Fes Elements, which are frequent in the Chaotic Zones, take
them out as fast as possible, since their Spread spell can do upwards of 150-200
damage to more than one character, potentially. Also Ves Elements are dangerous,
with the rare Indignation spell which can do 350+ damage. So elements are bad.

Collect the HEAVY HANDS behind that Chaotic Zone, and make sure you equip them
on Senel, since you can never get enough good weaponry for him. With that, go
back down to the last fork and head to the left this time, to reach yet ANOTHER
fork, this one three-way. Down leads back to the fork before last, left leads
to a dead end, so just head up here. Follow the path, collecting the MAGIC
LENS along the way, and take the path all the way down for a LIFE BOTTLE. Feel
free to save, and then take the elevator on the left.

Lo and behold, a three-way fork as soon as you emerge! Head left for a SYRUP
BOTTLE, and down for a PANACEA BOTTLE, then take the path on the right. Just
continue all the way to the right to find a FLARE BOTTLE there, and then return
to the fork and head down this time, following to find a RUNE BOTTLE, and then
take it all the way to the end on the left for an ORANGE GEL. Now head back and
keep going all the way up for a PANACEA BOTTLE. Keep on going to the upper right
and following that path, until you reach an up-left fork.

Nothing to see by going up, so head to the left until you reach a left-right
fork. Head to the left and follow to grab a LEATHER CAPE, and then to the left
for a MELANGE GEL. And with that, follow the path down to find an elevator
leading to pretty much the end of this place. But anyway, you'll find a river
in front of you, with Chloe obviously getting scared. Just head to the left,
while in the meantime, Vaclav tells Shirley to read some sacred Relares, while
being a jackass at the same time.

 VIIIc. Poppo's Workshop
 - Items: Turtle Mail, Flare Bottle, Red Bean Bun Recipe

When you come here, Will will automatically go into his scholar nerd mode over
the bones here, which are that of a grand gaet. Of course, no one quite gets
this except Moses, who came to the Legacy to find a grand gaet for sacred eres.
Anyway, Poppo shows up after that, and with that all done, head to the right
for a TURTLE MAIL and a FLARE BOTTLE. Also talk to the Oresoren on the left of
the building there to stock up on items, particularly Apple/Orange/Scallop Gels,
Life Bottles, and Holy Bottles. You can rest by talking to the otter on the
right, but when you're ready, enter the building.

Inside, you'll meet up with Poppo, and his Poppo Mk III, which is "just as
durable as the Mk II", which happened to sink. And it's an underwater path to
the Ruins of Frozen Light (sorry Chloe), which is what Jay meant by risking their
lives. And it has a 10% chance of success... bad, bad, bad. However, the odds
can be raised with a grand gaet's horn, so it's off to look for that. First of
all, though, examine the cone on the right to meet Mimi again and discuss how
special Moses is, as well as acquire a recipe for RED BEAN BUN.

Now head to the left, to where the grand gaet bones are, and then Norma will
walk over to a grand gaet, which then wakes up without her even realizing it.
Hah, gotta love her.... but ironically, she calls Moses stupid when he rushes
forward and throws a spear at it. Can't call that an act of genius though...
especially when it's an OMG BOSS FIGHT.

 Grand Gaet                              Elements:
   HP: 22,000                             N/A
   Race: Grand Gaet
   Weight: Special

 To be honest with you, I used up my Climax mode in Great Hollow, so I could
 not use it in this fight, but it was gone so quickly despite that massive
 amount of HP, that I didn't even need the 4,000+ damage that it would do.
 First of all, yeah, it's got a lot of HP. However, it can be very easily
 poisoned, simply by Chloe attacking it with the Poison Sword. When a red
 exclamation point appears above its head, it's on to something like breathing
 cold breath or spinning around in circles, so you may want to get away from
 it then. But it's such a large target that it might not even be necessary.
 Just whoop it good with the consecutive attacks of Senel, Chloe, and Moses,
 and it'll go down quick, especially if it's poisoned.

With that, a particularly funny scene ensues as Moses starts begging it for
sacred eres, only to get beaten up by Senel, Chloe, and Norma for being stupid.
Gotta love that stupid bandit, I swear he kicks godly amounts of ass. Then
Poppo comes around and gets his horn, giving it to the group, plus Moses
receives the title of Punching Bag Man, so it's all good. Now head into Poppo's
workshop, where you'll meet Jay. Speaking of Jay, Chloe blows up in his face
for having them go underwater.

After that, the installment is about to begin, so it's just one more night.
Moses challenges Senel to a race, in which he beats him at swimming 18-0. Owned,
followed by a flashback with Shirley being completely unable to talk about
engagement. I mean, she's so obviously talking about sex, it's not even funny.
But anyway, with that all done, stock up on stuff if you want, plus rest, then
talk to Jay to begin the trip. He'll also tell you to look for a wall with a
star on it. 'Kay, that can be done.

Meanwhile, Vaclav makes Shirley read some ancient Relares writings, to which
she does but it's thought to be lies. Her real task has yet to begin, though.
As for the trip, Chloe tries to stay calm while everyone else is themselves,
then Moses hears some "weird chanting". A leak appears in the sub, Senel says
that calmly, and gets strangled by Norma. The sub keeps flooding, and Chloe
ends up collpasing. Poor chick. But anyway, the sub manages to pull into the
Ruins of Frozen Light.

 VIIId. Ruins of Frozen Light
 - Items: Climax Bottle, Verbena, Elixir, Life Bottle, Miracle Gel, Melange Gel,
          Orange Gel, Flare Bottle, Guard Bottle, Climax Bottle, Rosemary

As everyone pulls in, you'll notice that this place really does look awesome.
And that's cool... except Will has to remind Norma to not do anything, which
is concurred by Senel, Chloe, Moses, and myself. With that, head into the door
in front of you, to find that wall with a star on it that Jay mentioned. Norma
tries to open it, only to get dissed by Moses, but then kicks it to open it,
which just leads outside. So in other words, Jay took advantage of the group
for the Poppo Mk III experiment. Oh well, it's an escape route, although if I
were Chloe, I'd have to agree with Norma here, on strangling Jay the jackass.

Enter through the wall that you just came out of, and you'll get a feeling for
this general place all around: full of forks, just like the Great Hollow. But
anyway, from where you come in, head through the door on the right. Also, if
you want level updates, my Senel was Level 16 at this point, with everyone else
at Level 15. But levels aren't all that much to worry about, so don't start
panicking if you're a level or two below me. I also replaced Will with Norma
here, since her Fire Wall and Ice Wall settle well with me for this place.

You emerge at a fork, in any case, so start by heading to the right and picking
up the CLIMAX BOTTLE there, and then heading through the Chaotic Zone. Follow
the path up there, and head to the left for another Chaotic Zone, to get a
VERBENA on the other side. It raises a character's defense, so that's cool.
Now head to the left for yet another Chaotic Zone, and an ELIXIR (!) on the
other side. If you didn't catch that, Elixirs are pretty much the best item in
the game.

Unfortunately you'll have to go all the way back around to get to the main
fork again, but hey, it's worth it for an Elixir. There's nothing to see by
going up at the entrance fork, so head to the left to meet another three-way
fork... oh joy. Both up and down lead nowhere, so head to the left for a LIFE
BOTTLE, then head up the path to reach yet another three-way fork! Exciting to
the max. Head up first of all and go through the Chaotic Zone to find a MIRACLE
GEL, which isn't as fabulous as an Elixir, but it rocks all the same.

Return to the fork again, and head left to reach a two-way fork. Gah, this place
makes me sick. Down leads nowhere, so take the left path forward for a MELANGE
GEL and an ORANGE GEL. Now return to the previous three-way fork and head right
this time. Here you'll reach another two-way fork, in which you can head up
first for a FLARE BOTTLE and a GUARD BOTTLE, but with that having been done,
head to the right this time.

Take that path and follow it all the way to a new screen, in which you'll
immediately be faced with a two-way fork. This place sure loves those. Head
through the Chaotic Zone above for a CLIMAX BOTTLE, then through another
Chaotic Zone on the left for a ROSEMARY on the other side, which is a herb
that increases accuracy by 1... this look at all familiar? Nope... just head
down through another Chaotic Zone to reach a three-way fork. Going right leads
back to that entrance two-fork, so that leaves left and down.

Head down first, and while it's virtually a dead end, examine the panel on the
left to hear something open. That's cool. Return to that fork and head left this
time, to find a save point. Oooh... head right up ahead to enter a Puzzle Booth,
usually an indication of the end of a dungeon (Bandits Lair anyone?). But I
digress. Head up the stairs and then to the left, and fire the Sorcerer's Ring
at the reflector on the left, and with good enough aim (try moving up for best
results), it'll hit the crystal. That's 1/3.

Go downstairs and push the block there above to connect the paths, and then head
to the top and downstairs, and move everything out of the way so that you can
fire the Sorcerer's Ring at the upper crystal, from the lowest level. With 2/3
out of the way, move one block to the gap just to the right of that crystal, and
the other block to the spot at the lower-left of that. And with that having
been done, head up the stairs and follow the path you just made, and shoot the
crystal at the upper-right to have 3/3 taken care of.

Now, as for getting to the exit duct, go around to the left portion of the room,
using the stairs, and pull the block out so that it fills in the gap between
the middle path and the path on the left with the duct, and then just head up
the stairs and to the left to get the hell outta here. And from there, you can
barely take a few steps before Vaclav sics a boss at you. You knew it had to

 Gigant                                  Elements:
   HP: 25,916                             Weak - Sea ;; Strong - Curse
   Race: Megant
   Weight: Special

 In my opinion this is the hardest boss that the game has thrown at you yet.
 It isn't a monumentally challenging fight, plus you can start the battle off
 with a Climax Combo, which did over 5000 damage for me, but don't enter this
 expecting another Citadel Turtle. Personally my party was all at Level 17,
 and consisted of Senel, Chloe, Norma, and Moses, but Will is certainly usable
 in this battle. This is also the first battle in the game in which you really
 want to keep an eye on your HP, if you know what I mean.

 When a red exclamation point appears over Gigant's head, he's about to use
 Destroy Viscera, which is basically a multipunch attack which is very lethal.
 Especially in the later parts of this fight, I highly suggest keeping an eye
 on everyone's HP, especially Chloe, who's the main brute force attacker but
 at the same time isn't very resilient. In the early portions I would also try
 and surround him, because his attacks in front of him are the real punishers.
 But keep an eye for the red exclamation point, because that's just plain
 nasty, plus heal when you get below 300 HP or so.

With that fight done, head into the room right ahead, and you'll end up in the
same place Shirley was at a little bit ago, except Senel is even worse. He runs
up to it and completely goes nuts, recognizing the girl inside, and needing
Will and Moses to manhandle him. Then Chloe and Norma examine it, to reveal that
the girl inside, Stella, is Shirley's sister. Then Vaclav comes in, explains
the situation, and fights you himself.

You obviously can't win the fight against Vaclav. Just play it out a bit,
attacking his puny 7622 HP to your liking, and he'll eventually use his secret
technique, God of War, to knock your whole group down. Then Cashel and Stingle
come in with Shirley, who has virtually no choice but to unlock the seal if she
wants Senel to live. And speaking of which, Shirley isn't Senel's sister by
flesh and blood, as is revealed. But anyway, watch ahead as some golden wings
break through the seal to knock the Crusands down, and Senel is surrounded in a
golden light and escapes with everyone else. Watch the flashback and...

 VIIIe. Forest of No Return
 - Items: Melange Gel, Syrup Bottle, Life Bottle, Orange Gel, Guard Bottle,
          Aifread's Flag, War Javelin, Shell Bottle, Leather Boots

After that's all over, you end up in a place called the Forest of No Return.
Will and Norma heal Senel, who then wakes up screaming and knocking Norma right
down. Hah, gotta love him. As for the FoNR, it's very easy to lose your sense
of direction here, since there are little to no landmarks and it's one similar
screen after another. Moses repeats himself about leaving it to him and Giet
thrice, only to promptly get told to shut the hell up. But he knows this place,
so that's all cool. Anyway, time to inflict pain on thyself.

I absolutely loathe this place with a passion, but I'll write as best as I can
for it ANYWAY. However, if you want a quick shortcut, you can just wander back
and forth and then let Moses take you through the place, but if you get through
it on your own, Senel will get the Forest Guru, but either way you'll get that
title much later in the game anyway, so it's no big deal, since it isn't all
that great. But anyway, from where you start, head over to the right until you
can head up, and then do that and go to the left. Grab the MELANGE GEL there and
then keep going to the left.

On the next screen, head up at the opportunity, and feel free to save and use
the healing circle. With that, head to the right, and on the next screen, all
you need to do is head up, and then over to the right. Here you'll have a scene
with Norma expressing her displeasure with this place and then getting dissed by
Moses, and then Cashel shows up and attacks. The group manages to run away,
though, so that's no biggie. After that, grab the SYRUP BOTTLE above, and then
proceed to the right, grabbing the LIFE BOTTLE on the way. Next screen.

Collect the ORANGE GEL there and then at this up-right fork, start by heading
right and collecting the GUARD BOTTLE there, and then return to that fork and
head up. You'll meet a peddler here who has Melange Gels to sell, so I
wholeheartedly recommend taking a venture there and stocking up, since a full
collection is only 7500 Gald. Having done that, head to the right and keep
going past two screens until you reach a scene.

You'll come to the bandits place, which is completely torn down. Moses goes
berserk here and charges at Cashel, trying to take him down but being stopped by
Senel and Will, while Chloe gets to deal with Stingle, who apparently took down
the House of Valens. So yeah, Stingle is the one she came to the Legacy to look
for. But anyway, Will tells everyone to escape and they pretty much have no
choice. And while you DID reach the bandits place, this place isn't over yet.

Head forward until you can go up, and from there, head to the left. In that
next screen, head left and then down when you get the opportunity. New screen.
In here, head to right through the Chaotic Zone for an AIFREAD'S FLAG, then back
to the entrance fork. From here, the directions are down, right, down, right,
to get to the new screen. From here, head up and then to the right for a WAR
JAVELIN. Equip this on Moses and then head straight to the left. Grab the SHELL
BOTTLE there on the next screen, and then head up. On this next screen, head all
the way up for LEATHER BOOTS at the top.

Now head back down to the beginning of this screen, with the blue butterflies
on the right, and take that path over to the right. On this next screen, head
down and then to the right to find a save point. You know what that means...
head to the screen on the right to reach the end of the forest, but naturally a
boss stops you before that happens.

 Armored Angler                          Elements:
   HP: 14,875                             N/A
   Race: Hill Angler  
   Weight: Special

 This fight is substantially harder than half the bosses you've fought up to
 this point, but it's still not as hard as Gigant. For starters, it's only
 dangerous attack is warned with a red exclamation point above its head, to
 when it'll charge at you dealing 100 damage to anything in its path, several
 times. That has the potential to reduce someone with full HP to critical,
 very quickly. And while the Armored Angler has about ten thousand less HP,
 it's got a bit of defense on it, so don't be fooled by that.

 My recommendation for Climax Mode is that you don't immediately start with
 the Climax Combo, but instead just gang up on it with everything you have
 until the bar is just about depleted, then hit L1 then for about 700 damage
 with the combo itself, but as for the whole Climax Mode, I did nearly 4500
 damage with it, which is more than the 2800 or so damage that just a Climax
 Combo will do. But anyway, I'd recommend keeping your distance at times, and
 being ready to heal. Watch for the exclamation points at ALL periods, and
 eventually you'll emerge victorious. Also try and surround him so that his
 charge will only hit one character instead of injuring your whole party.

After that fight, head to the next screen to find "horny baby" Melanie and four
Armored Anglers. Haha, I concur with Norma here. Right then a cutscene occurs
as a fortress that serves as the Legacy's bridge arises, and the group runs back
into the forest to meet more Crusands, who are instantly slain by an unknown
force that is in Crusand disguise, led by a man named Maurits, who Senel seems
to know. He'll explain things, about how Shirley and Stella are in the Bridge
right now, and that Vaclav intends to use the Nerifes Cannon, and your next
destination with be Maurits's base. Just head to the left to get out of here and
obtain the Forest Guru title, and with that, Chapter 4 begins!

           ~-~ ~-~ ~-~  IX. Walkthrough (Chapter Four) ~-~ ~-~ ~-~

Because of the Bridge making its appearance on the Legacy, much of the land
has changed, such as shallow paths across the water being available. But as for
Chapter 4, it's one of my favorite chapters in the game, as it ends perfectly.
But let's not go on about that, shall we?

 IXa. Maurits' Hermitage
 - Items: Cream Doughnut Recipe, Rosemary

To get to this place to start with, head towards 8 o' clock through the trees,
and when you get out of there, start heading further towards the 8 o' clock
direction and across the shallow water there, until you reach a patch of land.
From here, just follow that path (just to let ya know, it WILL go towards 1 o'
clockish), and then Maurits' Hermitage is just towards 11 o' clock of there.
Enter and... bah, I dunno.

When you come in, you'll see that it's just a bunch of trees, and just after
Norma complains about having to sleep outside, Maurits takes down the trees,
showing that they're just a barrier. Cool... right inside, you'll meet Walter,
who happens to be a member of the Ferines. Yep, he's back, as unfriendly as
ever, yet Norma calls him "Wally". Maurits tells you to come right inside, but
before that, head just a little bit to the right and examine the Christmas tree
display to meet Mimi again, who gives you a recipe for CREAM DOUGHNUT.

Now head into Maurits's base, where Senel will ask him what's going to happen
to Stella and Shirley. Their lives will be used to fire the Nerifes Cannon,
apparently... as for Will's question, Maurits and the Ferines want to form an
allegiance with the people of the land, and with that, Will serves as the
mediator of the alliance but doesn't allow anyone else to participate. Everyone
is just too emotional, plus Chloe went off alone to face Stingle, Moses to
avenge his boys, and don't even get me started on Senel and Norma.

With that, Fenimore escorts you to the sleeping quarters. In that room, just
head outside and then out of the base itself, where Senel gets another flashback
of Shirley and Stella. After that, Chloe comes out and talks to him, telling
him that five years ago, Stingle destroyed the Valens family name by killing
both of her parents right before her eyes. But either way, Senel intends to go,
plus Norma and Moses show up, followed by Fenimore, who seems to be at least
slightly opening up to the group.

The next morning when you wake up, everyone except Will is now in the group,
so that's good. Head outside, and the party pretty much begs Will to let them
join the alliance, but he refuses. That's when Walter shows up, having failed to
obtain the Whisper Crystal he was sent to get. So then Norma begs Maurits to
let them go get that, and he pretty much has no choice but to let them go, to
a place towards 11 o' clock of here called the Man-Eating Ruins.

After Norma is incredibly reluctant to that, everyone heads out and then Will
joins the party again, since he'd just worry about the group. Riiight...
meanwhile, Stella and Shirley are being taken into the Bridge fortress. Ignore
that, and then just take the path out of Maurits' Hermitage, and with that,
it's time to head for the Man-Eating Ruins.

In my opinion this is one of the harder places in the whole game to get to, so
listen to directions carefully. Take the lower path out towards 3 o' clock
through the trees, and then follow the path all the way to 12 o' clock, to
find one of the rare world map treasures, this being a ROSEMARY. Sweet, but you
have to go back to find the Man-Eating Ruins. Now head back towards 7 o' clock
and then around the mountain, heading towards 11 o' clock and crossing the
shallow water on the beach to reach the Man-Eating Ruins.

 IXb. Man-Eating Ruins
 - Items: Pizza Recipe, Panacea Bottle, Poison Charm, Lemon Gel, Saffron,
          Magic Lens, Climax Bottle, Elixir, 2000 Gald, Syrup Bottle, Stone
          Charm, Talisman

Let me start with a level recommendation. I was at Level 20 for my whole group,
and I would recommend no less than Level 19 for Senel, so that he has the Coil
eres. Plus, Will at Level 20 gets Shield, and Norma at Level 20 gets Thunder
Arrow, which is the first really good offensive crystal eres in the game. Not
to mention at Level 20 you get new titles for the whole group, so take that
into account as well. When you're ready, enter, watch the entrance scene, and
proceed into the ruins with a fever for devouring testosterone.

This place starts out fairly linear, but trust me it'll get a whole lot worse.
Just follow the path when you come in and take all the way to a two-way fork
which is easily landmarked by a tree above. That's Mimi, acting as strange as
always, especially with that one last line. Still, you get a recipe for PIZZA,
so it's all good. Back with the dungeon itself, head left for a PANACEA BOTTLE
and then take the right path this time. Here, just take the Chaotic Zone for a
POISON CHARM, which makes very good Gald and selling material.

Now take the upper path to find a left-right fork, with the left being a
Chaotic Zone, so take that for a LEMON GEL and then head to the right this time.
Follow this path up to reach a screen which is pretty much a straight line up
with nothing much on it. Head up the paths and up to the far upper left, and
here you'll reach a screen which is absolutely full of forks every which way.
Start by heading up the Chaotic Zone directly above.

Behind this Chaotic Zone is a SAFFRON. Now head to the very bottom right for a
MAGIC LENS, and then up the first path on the left and all the way up through
a Chaotic Zone there for a CLIMAX BOTTLE. Now take the path to the right which
is directly below, and first things first, head through the Chaotic Zones and
all the way to the right for an ELIXIR at the upper path. Now head through the
zone just a bit to the left and then up for 2000 GALD, further up for a SYRUP
BOTTLE, and then take the path to the upper left for a STONE CHARM. Now head
all the way to the right and through another Chaotic Zone for a TALISMAN. Whew.

If I didn't know any better, I'd say that's a crapload of treasure. But anyway,
head just a bit over to the left and save, then enter the Puzzle Booth there.
Just to let you know, these Puzzle Booths are all optional; you can always have
Will or a certain character who joins you a bit later do these for you, but if
you do them on your own, you'll get a new title for Senel later, plus a lot more
personal satisfaction, since they're kinda fun to begin with. But when you're
ready, enter the Puzzle Booth above.

Get the ring, and start from the stairs to the right of where you come in. From
the second block, fire at the reflector to the bottom-right, and with some luck
it'll bounce toward the first crystal. 1/4 already! Now head to the stairs on
the left and from the second block there, fire at the upper reflector, and it'll
bounce twice to hit that second crystal. Yay, 2/4! The next one's a bit trickier;
pull the block between the exit duct and the two blocks below, and from the one
on the left, hit the reflector below to bounce toward 3/4.

From just below that one block, fire the Sorcerer's Ring at the reflector on the
left, and it'll bounce towards the fourth crystal, which is the easily missable
one at the far upper left. With some luck, of course, that's 4/4, and you can
take the path out to the duct. And in there, Norma finds a bed right there and
just falls asleep. Of course, you figure something's wrong with statues
everywhere, but it's a trap. I usually like Norma, but I have to say that that
is just idiotic. But either way, it's a boss and all.

 Diva                                    Elements:
   HP: 12,000                             N/A
   Race: Diva  
   Weight: Heavy

 Mimic Bed                               Elements:
   HP: 15,000                             N/A
   Race: Mimic Bed
   Weight: Special

 By far the greater threat of the two is the Diva. While the Mimic Bed does
 next to nothing except do a few weak 80-120 damage or thereabouts attacks,
 the Diva uses Silence to seal Eres, attacks, and worst of all, when the usual
 red exclamation point appears, can turn your characters into stone. That is
 the worst danger in this battle, and as such, especially since it has less HP
 than the Mimic Bed, it should be your first target. However, that's made a
 little more difficult by the fact the Mimic Bed is blocking it.

 I suggest using a Climax Mode and trying to focus all efforts on the Diva.
 Finish that off with a Climax Combo, and then just continue attacking it and
 running the hell away if the exclamation point appears, not to mention being
 ready to use a Panacea Bottle if the need arises. It might be a good idea to
 equip that Stone Charm you found earlier on a character, also. Meanwhile,
 slay the Diva with everything you've got, and if you were wise enough to have
 your whole party spread out, by then the Mimic Bed will be severely weakened
 and can be finished off. All it really does is lower stats of the characters
 anyway, so it's nothing to go home and cry about.

Norma scoffs at the traps here, but I'd have to agree with Senel that the
problem is her falling for something like that. Watch the skit that ensues, and
then head upstairs. In here you'll find the Whisper Crystal, in which Moses
charges at, only to become horrified when he looks down below, into the casket.
And inside, is a living woman who seems to have completely lost her memory.
Her name is Grune, and she goes with you. Not in the battle party, but just to
get out of here. Fair enough.

Will observes that the crystal at the top is the only thing in here that could
be the Whisper Crystal, but as they leave, something seems to turn on. Bad sign,
am I right? So yeah, just get outta here and take that duct back, then take the
lower left path (not the Chaotic Zone path) and follow it on outta here, all the
way back to the entrance. As you go outside, Crusands ambush... bad. But a
sentinel shows up to defend you, so it's cool. And Grune here is treated like an
item and then happy about it... heh, she's lost her memory. Watch the scene
with Vaclav and Shirley, then take the duct back to Maurits' Hermitage.

 IXc. Maurits' Hermitage
 - Items: N/A

When you come in, you'll meet none other than Jay, whom Chloe is obviously
infuriated with. Apparently though, Jay found out that she can't swim, without
even talking with Senel. Meanwhile, the wind has changed, and in Werites Beacon
the clouds have moved, demonstrating that Vaclav is moving the ship faster than
usual. With that, head inside to discuss details about the alliance, which has
already been formed, with Jay being its strategical officer. That would explain
things. ;)

The Whisper Crystal can control the automata/sentinels, so obviously that's the
key of the mission. The council of strategy, of Will, Maurits, and Jay then
talk to themselves, and you're free to rest. Chloe wants to meet Senel outside
at night alone, though... so, there you have it. Head into the room at the upper
right and choose to rest, and then Senel will head outside to the spring to talk
to Chloe. She's straight to the point, saying she wants to train with him. And
in the meantime, Vaclav is charging the Nerifes Cannon with Stella. Dat be bad.

Head to the path on the right and take it onto Hermit Hill. And yes, the point
of this trip is to train, so that means fighting battles. Encounter rates here
are astoundingly high, so you shouldn't have a problem with that. Still, it's
just Senel and Chloe; you don't have any healing or rear support, so make sure
you stay close to the entrance, with the healing circle. There are no items
here, so don't worry about that. However, concentrate on fighting Dandarantulas
if you come across them, since their Eres Stones are necessary for Norma's
Thunder Arrow ere.

After fighting five battles, Senel and Chloe will take a break, and for the
first time in the game they're actually friendly with each other. That's a good
thing. But anyway, after they express their affection and whatnot, Chloe will
want to go another round, so that's five more battles. These battles can give
up to 200 EXP or thereabouts, so don't run away from them. Then after that, the
two talk about Stella, plus Norma and Moses show up, spying on our two
lovebirds. Not like that wouldn't happen... but I have to agree with what Norma
says about this being the middle of the night and heating it up would help. ;)

Will ends up hitting Norma and Moses on the head to wake them up the next
morning, to give you a general idea. Then the council on strategy truly begins,
but also note that Jay and Moses have a lot against each other and will for the
rest of the game. And it gets quite funny later. =D But anyway, the lake at the
northern part of the Legacy is now a plain around the Bridge fortress, now known
as the Bridge Plain. The allies will give a nighttime raid, and that's pretty
much the first step.

Your next destination is Vaclav's front line. Rest up, save, whatever, then
leave the base to see the "new" Walter, in his Ferines outfit, and a whole
bunch of automaton. With that, leave this place and head outside, watch some
more Vaclav and Shirley scenes, and the next place to go will be around the
mountains to 1 o' clock, to the front line. It's pretty simple, actually, for
getting there. It's just towards the northeast and some mountains.

 IXd. Front Line
 - Items: Miracle Gel, Pineapple Gel, Lemon Gel, Life Bottle, Chocolate Cornet
          Recipe, Scallop Gel, Flare Bottle, Silver Javelin, Syrup Bottle,
          Magic Lens, Guard Bottle, Melange Gel, FOE2 Charm, Dark Bottle, Shell
          Bottle, Panacea Bottle, Climax Bottle, Hunter's Beat, Silver Sword

As soon as you enter it's still daylight, and Norma wants a nap, but Senel yells
at her not to, only to fall asleep himself and dream of Stella and her teriques.
Carrying on, a bunch of people are seen ahead, and then Senel and Norma feel...
the presence. That's right, Curtis and Isabella show up, and Will reveals the
shocking, that Curtis is the chief commanding officer of the Holy Rexalian
Empire's Elite Guard. LOL! And just as Curtis is about to sing, he's got duty
with Maurits, so... that saved us some brain damage.

When you re-emerge, your objective is to bring through the Crusand Empire's
rear guard here. First of all, save, and make absolutely positively and to the
ultimate degree sure that you stock up with the peddler on the left. That
includes getting a full stock of Apple, Orange, and Melange Gels, Life and Holy
Bottles, and especially equipment. That means Holy Bracers for Senel, a Claymore
for Chloe, a Pile Driver for Will, and a Silver Straw for Norma. Or if you
didn't get it in the FoNR, a War Javelin for Moses. Add in two Silver Mails, a
Galf Cloak, a Scale Robe, three Duel Helms, and a Striped Ribbon, and then
20,000 Gald later, you'll have the optimum equipment. That will help a lot.

And this IS your last chance to shop for a while, since some crazy stuff is
going to happen, so make full use of the opportunity. But anyway, what you need
to do now is pretty much a mission of stealth, to get to the top of this place
and avoid being seen by guards. Can do... 'cept it's five or six screens. Start
by heading up and grabbing the MIRACLE GEL on the left, and then take the path
on the right for a PINEAPPLE GEL. There's a guard just up ahead, though, so
when he heads up, collect the LEMON GEL there. Keep going when it's safe, and
get the LIFE BOTTLE on the way.

The first thing to do on this new screen is head to the left and examine the
yellow disc to meet the "hopeless" Mimi, and acquire a recipe for CHOCOLATE
CORNET. Now head around the entrance, and when the guard wanders over to the
left, head past him to the right, until you reach an up-right fork. The right
leads to some treasure, but can be a bit tricky. Stand near the torch and wait
for him to head behind, to the left, and when he does, head over to the right
and grab a SCALLOP GEL and a FLARE BOTTLE.

Now return to the torch, and when the guard heads down, you can head past him.
Easy enough, next screen. Collect the SILVER JAVELIN, and head up, but not to
the point where the guard can see you. Wait until he turns the other way, and
then head to the right to collect a SYRUP BOTTLE and a MAGIC LENS. Feel free to
let him catch you, then just fight some easy enemies and be returned to the
beginning of this place. Here, just charge up and then to the upper right for a
GUARD BOTTLE and a MELANGE GEL. And here I just let them catch me again, then
just stuck at the tent between the two guards, and when the upper guard went
to the right, charged through to the next screen.

Watch the ensuing scene and laugh at the idea of Walter being on the Bantam
Bouncers, then head past the guards to the left and collect the FOE2 CHARM
there. From here, just let them catch you, and then head to the upper right
below the chest after the fight. Wait for the guard to move, then another guard
will come in under him. When that guard starts to move to the right, head all
the way around and then up for that DARK BOTTLE. And while you're at it, head

Return to the fork below and head to the left when the guard isn't looking, and
then that's just another screen. In there, wait for the guard there to head up,
and then collect the CLIMAX BOTTLE to the right. From there, I find it easiest
to just let the guard catch you, then when you're returned to the entrance, wait
for the guard to look in the direction of up, and then sneak by him and go to
the left and collect the HUNTER'S BEAT there, which is a weapon for Senel,
stronger than the Holy Bracers. Might as well equip 'em.

Now just let the guard catch you, and then charge up past the first guard when
he isn't looking. There you'll come to a left-right fork, and from here, stand
a bit over to the right and wait for the guard to come over in that direction,
and face the opposite way. Sneak behind him and take the path to the left for a
SILVER SWORD there. Yep, that is stronger than Chloe's Claymore. From there, get
caught again and then use the usual technique to get past the first guard. From
there it's child's play making your way to the right. Now for the next screen,
which is marked halfway by a save point, but it's not _quite_ over yet.

The first guard can be gotten past simply by immediately running through and
hugging the right, then making it to the save point. The end is a tad bit
tricky, though. Start by running through and hiding to the left, and sneaking
past the guard when he comes through and looks the opposite way. Then stand a
good distance away from the next guard, and then he'll head up. Now go over to
the left, and when the guard comes down and looks in the direction of the right,
sneak past him to the left and continue. Then you'll immediately be treated to a
boss after all that easy work of yours!

 Pharaoh Gigant                          Elements:
   HP: 37,444                             Weak - Sea ;; Strong - Curse
   Race: Megant
   Weight: Special

 This boss is very similar to his "younger brother" from the Ruins of Frozen
 Light -- while not quite reaching that lofty standard, he's a force to be
 reckoned with. Start with that massive HP count, for one thing, but as for
 Climax Mode, I honestly didn't have it when I started this battle, so I just
 had to play it out. The Pharaoh Gigant has a very dangerous attack, and that
 will allow him to get all the way from one side of the field to the other
 instantly, mowing down enemies as he goes. When that red exclamation point
 appears, I seriously recommend guarding so that you don't withstand that.

 HP is just as important in this fight as it was against the standard Gigant,
 since he can easily eliminate you very quickly. However, if you have stuff
 like the Silver Sword or Silver Javelin equipped, the Pharaoh Gigant is at a
 huge disadvantage, since those are Sea elemental weapons, in which he's weak
 against. So make full use of those advantages that are given to you. As for
 Climax Mode, I recommend simply attacking and then pulling a Climax Combo off
 at the end, since it will do over 1,500 damage even weakened, after all, while
 early it'll do 7,500 or so, which is good, but you have better. So in summary,
 take care of Chloe and Moses to keep their HPs up, use Senel's Coil or Impact
 Coil to increase your strength, and rock on.

After the gatekeeper is defeated, that marks the 30th platoon's victory, and
as Senel remarks, the first time the group has ever won against Vaclav at all.
Jay then comes in deeming their job as "acceptable", but Grune is far more
loving, giving Senel a nice big hug. Awww... then a large ray of light appears
to commemorate your victory. Cool. Meanwhile Vaclav is furious, and orders all
troops to move out. Eh... anyway, it's time to head for the Bridge Plain, which
is a few steps forward, literally.

 IXe. Bridge Plain
 - Items: Orange Gel, Life Bottle

As soon as you enter, Jay meets you there saying that there's still time before
the operation starts, delivering some negative comments that are held back due
to a certain "stupid bandit". After Will hits both Moses and Jay over the head
for their comments, you can stock up on items. Yep, you do have ONE LAST TIME!
Heh heh heh... yeah, I exaggerated earlier. You can also rest by talking to the
guy on the right, so feel free to do that as well. When you're ready, head up
to talk with Jay.

He'll tell you that the battle is lost if Vaclav fires the Nerifes Cannon, so
priority is on Stella and Shirley. Watch the scene and FMV, and then head
straight ahead. Be prepared to fight lots of battles, by the by. On the screen
there, a Radiant will give you an ORANGE GEL, and to proceed you can either go
straight or to the left. Take note that whenever you meet a soldier here, that
marks 2-3 battles, but it's unavoidable. Head to the left first, fight some
battles, then straight ahead.

After fighting some more battles, talk to the Rexalian right ahead, and he'll
heal you for free... cool. Now head to the next screen, fight some Crusands, and
then go around to the right to avoid fighting some more yawn-worthy battles.
Keep on going, and you'll have to fight a Lizardman in the form of a general,
but that's fairly easy. That marks the halfway point, with your group being
fairly exhausted (especially Norma of course), and Maurits and the others
observing the fight. Walter is his usual jackass self to Fenimore, and then an
"unidentified force of origin" with round bodies and soft fur appears.

That's right, the Oresoren arrive on the battlefield, fighting. Curtis and
Isabella are perplexed, but Jay himself can't allow them to fight... dat's bad.
Watch some more scenes, and then just keep going ahead until you end up fighting
more Crusands. Just keep going to the right and forward, fight another Lizardman,
Next screen is an Oresoren being attacked; fight some MORE battles, and the
Oresoren will give you a LIFE BOTTLE. Keep on, more battles, and talk to the
wounded Radiant on the right who will heal you Orerines bastards for free. Keep
going, help another Oresoren, and right up ahead it's BOSS TIME!

 Dragon                                  Elements:
   HP: 17,547                             Weak - Ice ;; Strong - Fire
   Race: Dragon
   Weight: Special

 This fight is so alarmingly easy, I don't even think it's worth using Climax
 Mode on it, since a lot more bosses will follow. First of all, if you're
 using Norma, seal everything of hers except Ice Wall, so that you can get
 some easy GRADE out of it. For Will, First Aid and Ice Arrows is pretty much
 all you need. Meanwhile your fighters can mow the Dragon down with their
 consecutive attacks, which obviously begins with Senel's Impact Coil. Other
 than that, there's not really that much to say here. When a red exclamation
 point appears, though, the deadly Swarm of Fangs (400+ damage) comes out,
 though, but that's very easily blocked.

After that, the Oresoren are seen in danger, but Jay strikes the Crusands down
with his thunder attack, and then the Oresoren beg him to let them help in the
allegiance (I like their "Jay, Jay", so cute), but Jay doesn't allow them to
participate in combat; instead, Jay decides to join your party and let the
Oresoren provide rear support. That certainly works... keep watching, and Jay
will now be in your party, with you on the world map. The bridge is up ahead,
but before that, head to one of the tents.

In this Triage Tent you'll meet Fenimore, who will let you rest, and also is
assured that Senel will help Shirley... although she only trusts Senel because
Shirley would. Alright, with that done, go outside and save, and head towards
the massive tower very close by, which just happens to be the Legacy Bridge.
Prepare for... well, a long dungeon.

 IXf. Bridge
 - Items: Lemon Gel, Panacea Bottle, Holy Bottle, Orange Gel, Melange Gel, Guard
          Bottle, Life Bottle, Shell Bottle, Orange Gel, Syrup Bottle, Dinei
          Bottle, Flare Bottle, Melange Gel, Life Bottle, Panacea Bottle, Orange
          Gel, Shell Bottle, Flare Bottle, Guard Bottle, Orange Gel, Life
          Bottle, Magic Lens, Lavender, Sage, Acuity Bottle, Melange Gel,
          Miracle Gel

And by that, I mean a LONG ASS dungeon. This is the second or third longest
dungeon in the game, and it's actually in length, not in quantity of one item
after another like in the Front Line, as is suggested by the item list above.
My group, or at least the majority of it, was at Level 25, and my group for
this place was Senel, Chloe, Jay, Norma. And when you really enter this place,
you'll have to agree with me that it's absolutely phenomenal, coupled with the
simply amazing music and overall feeling.

As you enter, Moses will note how overly... large this place is, and get
promptly told by Jay to stop standing there like an idiot. Before you enter,
Will will state everyone's reasons for fighting, and you can just go right in,
only to be stopped by Melanie. She's about to stop you, but Jay calls everyone
together, and they just run past and drop a smoke bomb, activating a console
that opens gates and blocks Melanie out. Still, all three Terrors are securing
the place, so that can be bad. But anyway, now it's time to actually set foot
into this incredibly long dungeon for its real form.

Follow the path through the door until you reach an indoor tree, and then head
left here. You'll then come to a left-right fork, in which you can take a left
there. Collect the LEMON GEL and flick the switch, then return to the fork and
head right this time. Here you'll come to another left-right fork, so head left
first for a PANACEA BOTTLE and another switch. With those two taken care of,
return to the fork and head right this time, to come to an up-right fork. Take
a right in this little place here.

Open the chest for a HOLY BOTTLE and flick the switch here, and then take the
door above, outside. And in this next room, open the chests on the left for an
ORANGE GEL and a MELANGE GEL, and then head to the right for a GUARD BOTTLE and
a LIFE BOTTLE. And with that, head to the upper part of the room to reach a
left-right fork, and from there take a right for a SHELL BOTTLE and another
switch, and then you can go back to the left and through that door there, which
is switch-friendly.

Now follow the path behind that door forward and down below, where you'll find
a save point. Fair warning, much? Just head forward to reach a left-right fork,
and since left goes nowhere, head to the right and nail the ORANGE GEL there,
followed by at the end of the path, a Puzzle Booth, plus three chests with a
SYRUP BOTTLE, a DINEI BOTTLE, and a FLARE BOTTLE. With that, head into the
Puzzle Booth, and you won't even get a Sorcerer's Ring. It's astoundingly easy
though, so don't worry about that.

Push the block in front of you straight to the lower left until it falls into
a hole, quickly followed by a whole new line of blocks that's right behind that.
Now head to the block at the lower left that wasn't part of this chain, and
push it until it's on the path going up to the duct at the upper-left. Head
around and to the upper left, pushing that block three spaces to the left, plus
pulling the previous block up a space, then heading back around and pushing it
all the way up, now having a path cleared to the exit duct. Cool. And when you
emerge, you'll find Melanie went around and you have to fight. Fun stuff.

 Melanie                                 Elements:
   HP: 16,000                             Weak - Ice ;; Strong - Fire
   Race: Human
   Weight: Middle

 Fear Bear X                             Elements:
   HP: 8,000                              N/A
   Race: Egg Bear
   Weight: Heavy

 This fight is surprisingly easy. Even though Melanie's 16,000 HP may seem a
 little more than it actually is, this is a really effortless fight. However,
 an Egg Bear is helping her, but it's very easy to take down if you have
 Senel's Hunter's Beat weapon equipped. So just slay the bear with that, and
 pretty much ignore the onslaught or lack thereof that it has. Save your
 Climax Mode for Melanie also.

 Speaking of Climax Mode, just pull off your entire onslaught and then use the
 Climax Combo for maximal damage. And as for attacking Melanie and making the
 most out of it, I recommend sealing Jay's Pyre attack, plus everything except
 Norma's Revive, Rally, and Ice Wall. I admit that Melanie's Red Rose attack
 can be slightly dangerous, plus her Flame Cutter spell is rare, but does up
 to 450+ damage. So just watch out for those and keep your HP up, and with
 whatever ice you have in your arsenal, you can beat Melanie with relative

Melanie then dies, followed by a Rexalian coming in and sending a message for
Jay, saying Melanie of the Terrors has been eliminated by the 30th platoon.
Dat's cool, man. Now continue up ahead, saving on the way, and you'll find the
door to the next floor locked. Norma tries to open it her usual way, but Cashel
shows up with a card, which is the only way you can get in. So that sucks...
but then he taunts Moses, calling his boys thugs and telling him he would have
loved for him to be there, seeing them beg pathetically for their lives.

Moses almost strikes him down, but he's a different man now. =) Gotta love Moses
in every way. Cashel the Phantom then casts four illusions of himself, with the
real Cashel being instantly discovered by Jay, who now gets into his happy mood
of competition. But then Cashel runs away, so you've got to chase after him. You
should also note that as this is technically the second floor of the Bridge,
the enemies here are different. So enjoy a different collection of Eres Stones
if you were sick to hell of the others. ;)

Head to the right, and Jay will immediately strike Cashel with his lightning,
only for him to run away. M'kay, chase. Take the following path after that until
it branches to the left, and then head that way, only for Jay to find Cashel
again, then receive the title of Jay the Taunting. Keep following the path up,
and then it's pretty much a long, straight path until Cashel gives more shadows,
Jay finds him, he runs away again, you can save, then keep going until Cashel
gets tired and actually fights you. At long last, I say.

 Cashel                                  Elements:
   HP: 13,861                             Weak - Fire ;; Strong - Ice
   Race: Human
   Weight: Middle

 Perhaps even easier than Melanie, Cashel isn't a threat either. The first
 thing you may notice, though, is that the weaknesses are reversed. He's weak
 against fire and strong against ice, so Norma's Fire Wall and Jay's Pyre
 will come in handy here. First of all, though, Cashel's attacks are very,
 very weak. He can do a Sword Rain-esque thingy for about 100-200 damage, but
 besides that, his attacks are somewhat fast, but they barely even do any

 A Climax Mode is extremely effective to start things off, but don't use a
 Climax Combo, since Cashel's incredibly low HP won't result for much damage
 at all, and plus you can already do much more by just assaulting him. Corner
 him, and then he's pretty much a goner, especially if you have your fire
 attacks ready. He'll succumb very quickly.

With that fight done, Cashel is dead and Moses is glad that his boys are
avenged, and he wants to thank Jay, shake his hand, and welcome him... but Jay
refuses. A jackass, I tell ya, but still, Will hits the both of them over the
head for that. That would be a good thing. Now head into the room in front of
you to find Stingle above, and about to wait upstairs. Clearly, Chloe wants to
avenge her parents, but Senel pulls her aside and talks to her... and we all
know how Norma would react to that.

The music is different, marking a different area of the place, but I gotta say
this place is truly amazing. First, head up the stairs on the left and grab a
MELANGE GEL there, then head up the stairs on the right to reach the area where
Stingle was, plus find a save point and a healing circle. Sweet... you need
them. Collect the LIFE BOTTLE nearby, and then head up the stairs on the left.
Now you'll have to go up a gargantuan ramp that leads to the top of this place,
and do please ignore the red buttons here, as they are not switches.

Grab the PANACEA BOTTLE along the way, and then keep going up, collecting an
ORANGE GEL as you go. Then just keep going up and around, until you find a door
that leads to Stingle's room. I strongly suggest having a Climax Mode ready for
this battle, since it's not even on the same continent as Cashel or even
Melanie. Enter that room, and after Norma gives her usual line, Chloe is ready
to take this guy down. As am I.

 Stingle                                 Elements:
   HP: 14,513                             Weak - Lightning ;; Strong - Earth
   Race: Human
   Weight: Middle

 This fight is MUCH harder than the ones against Melanie or Cashel, and if you
 aren't ready, Stingle will substantially overpower you. First of all, Stingle
 the Vicious is obviously a swordsman, and he's fast and furious. His various
 stances, marked with red and yellow exclamation points, indicate that you
 need to run the hell away. And that's why I recommend starting this off with
 a Climax Mode. Attack with everything in your power and then do a Climax
 Combo, and hopefully that'll be as damaging as possible.

 Stingle does have only 14,513 HP, but being that he's so powerful, it may be
 a little hard damaging him in the first place. If you have Norma's Thunder
 Arrow, however, that will help you quite a bit, since Stingle is weak against
 lightning, but I recommend turning everything except Thunder Arrow and Revive
 off, since Stingle can and will tremendously punish you with his spin attacks.
 I recommend surrounding him, and trying to attack after he pulls one of his
 incredibly strong attacks off, which will allow you to actually concentrate
 your attacks. All the same, be ready with Norma and Revive at all times.

Stingle says that it isn't time for him to die yet, and then escapes through a
trap door. And Chloe becomes absolutely furious that she couldn't kill Stingle,
since she wants vengeance for her family, but Senel and the others persaude her
of her purpose, and now you can keep going. Collect the SHELL BOTTLE and the
FLARE BOTTLE, then head up the elevator there and watch a quick scene, then you
might as well save, since Vaclav isn't too much further up ahead. Long place,
eh? When you're ready, head into the room in front of you.

In the next room, which is basically a set of hallways, grab the GUARD BOTTLE
on the left, and then head to the right to find an ORANGE GEL, as well as a
switch. With this switch, flick it thrice to make it turn red, trust me. Now
at the entrance fork, head up this time and then over to the right to flick a
switch until it turns red, and collect a LIFE BOTTLE there. Now head up and
pick up the MAGIC LENS there, and flick the switch red, and then they'll all
turn white and clear a path to the next area. 'Kay, easy enough. Head to the
left and keep going to the next area.

In the next area, it's the stereotypical ToL three-way fork. First of all head
right and get the LAVENDER there, and turn the switch there blue. After that,
head to the left and flick the switch blue, grabbing the SAGE behind it. Now
head up at the fork, to find yet another three-way fork, as usual. Head up
first and turn the switch blue, getting the ACUITY BOTTLE on the way. And with
that, head left at the fork and get the MELANGE GEL there, and then turn that
fourth switch blue. With that done, head right at the fork and party on, man!

Just kidding, it's not quite over. At the three-way fork you come to, head
right and turn that switch green, grabbing a MIRACLE GEL behind it. Then go up
at that fork, get the CLIMAX BOTTLE behind the switch, and turn it green. Then
the barrier is already gone with two switches... awesome. Follow the path
behind it, save on the way, and then head into the door up front. At least it
wasn't a dramatized three screens worth of stairs... but anyway, the Merines
Cannon is fired, and after Senel overreacts, it's time to stop Vaclav.

 Vaclav                                 Elements:
   HP: 17,415                            Weak - Earth ;; Strong - Lightning
   Race: Human
   Weight: Middle

 This battle isn't nearly as difficult as the one against Stingle, but it's
 not something to scoff at, either way. You still need to keep your HPs above
 500 or thereabouts, because Vaclav's fist attacks and explosive radiuses
 are a force to be reckoned with. All the same, Vaclav only has 17,415 HP,
 which is half of the Pharaoh Gigant's. And as usual, the rule of thumb with
 difficult enemies with low HP applies here -- use Climax Mode, and then
 attack until it reaches a little line left, then pull off a Climax Combo.

 Vaclav is weak against earth, but that isn't an easily accessible element as
 far as magic goes, so just ignore that weakness and attack. Note, however,
 that when Vaclav gets to lower HP, he'll pretty much hold his exclamation
 point for eons while you attack him. And yes, he will pull off a very strong
 attack, which there's nothing you can do for your characters except change
 their orders, but you will really want to block it, or better yet, run away.
 Yes, this is a harder fight than most, but it's far from unwinnable.

And as that fight ends, Senel and co. run at Stella and Shirley, just as Vaclav
talks to Senel about him "regretting his choice", and then activating the
Nerifes Cannon again. Walter then comes in, trying to stop it, and despite what
Shirley does, it can't be stopped. Then another cutscene ensues as it's about to
fire, but it doesn't manage it because Stella sacrifices her life to stop it.
Cover your ears as Senel lets out one big scream of "STEEELLLLLAAAAAA!!!".

Okay, with that cutscene over, Walter explains exactly what's been going on.
Stella's mind was directly connected to the Legacy; the pillar of light that
appears when Vaclav's defense was breached, was the same color as Stella's
teriques. Same with Senel being saved in the RoFL and on the Mountain Path...
all Stella's doings. Will and Norma try to heal her, to no avail, but then
Shirley heals her with her brooch (sorry Norma), and then she pretty much gets a
few last words, and then dies for good. And Chapter 4 ends beautifully with a
song, as the group, Shirley, and Walter walk out of the Bridge.

            ~-~ ~-~ ~-~  X. Walkthrough (Chapter Five) ~-~ ~-~ ~-~

Chapter 5 is one of the shorter chapters in the game. However, it serves a very
important purpose in the game, as far as the storyline goes, and it starts in
the Werites Beacon graveyard, with Harriet talking to Senel about overall,
Stella, whose death marked the wonderful end of chapter four. But anyway, that
is the beginning of Chapter 5.

 Xa. Werites Beacon
 - Items: Dark Bottle, Hot Dog Recipe, Melon Bread Recipe

Like I said above, Harriet and Senel will be talking a bit, but then you'll
have to go to Will's house, and then look for everyone else to give them medals
as recognition for ending the war. And here is a list of everyone and their
whereabouts and whatever whatnot. And yes, find them in this order or at least
as close to it as possible.

Will is at his house, which is at the second screen of Werites Beacon, to the
upper left of the entrance.

Chloe is at the hospital, which is to the northeast of Will's house, indicated
by the sign there.

Norma is at the inn, which is at Werites Beacon's first screen, having a very
intriguing conversation with the innkeeper.

Moses is at the park, which is at the rough northeastern part of Werites
Beacon, near the graveyard.

Grune is at the fountain where the Bantam Bouncers met Senel at the beginning
of the game. And she huggles Senel, too. =)

Jay is inside Will's house after the others are found, spying in on things like
the brat he is.

In another northeastern section of the town is a DARK BOTTLE, so make sure you
get that too. I also recommending stopping by the weapons shop, buying Mythril
Bracers for Senel, an Ether Sword for Chloe, a Peepit Straw for Norma, a War
Hammer for Will, a Holy Javelin for Moses, and a Kochi for Jay. Plus at the
armor shop, a Mythril Armor or three, a Bunny Dress, and a Bloody Robe. The
headgear isn't terribly important, though, aside from one or two. Also examine
the yellow disc there to meet Mimi again... acting weird, but eh, you get a
recipe for HOT DOG out of it.

But anyway, when you get to Will's house to give Jay his medal, everyone else
comes in, along with Moses and Jay making noise so that Will has to come out
and tell everyone to shut up, with a "guest" of his, being a knight from
Gadoria. After he pisses Senel and Norma off by talking to Chloe, Jay starts
revealing what Gadoria is up to, also showing that he was spying in on Will.
And then as for Shirley, it's revealed that Senel let her go stay with the
Ferines for "emotional support". Wusses.

Will, however, objects to Senel not having seen Shirley at all, so that's
pretty much the next thing to do. And Fenimore follows, coming in and telling
Senel that it would made Shirley feel better if she could see him. So with that,
you might want to head to the item shop, examine the object in the middle as
usual to find Mimi and a recipe for MELON BREAD, and also stock up on items.
Now they sell Lemon Gels, Pineapple Gels, and Miracle Gels, in which I bought
five of each, personally, but it's your choice.

Whenever you're ready to leave, your next destination is the Village of the
Ferines. To get there, first leave Werites Beacon and then head towards 7 o'
clock from there, following the path across the water to reach new land, and
then heading to 8 o' clock to find the village. Also, if you want some new
titles, make your party consist of all the guys (Senel, Will, Moses, Jay) for
the Testosterone title, and of all the iron erens (Senel, Chloe, Moses, Jay) for
the Berserker title. Also for the former you get a skit, and if you want some
really good skits, remove Chloe's or Norma's equipment. Funny. =)

 Xb. Village of the Ferines
 - Items: Muffin Recipe

As you enter, Walter will appear to stop your entrance, not allowing "Orerines
filth" to approach the Merines, but then Will shows him his letter seeking an
audience with Maurits, and then he kinda gives up. Then you'll be invited into
Maurits's room for an audience, and he says that the Ferines "just want to live
in peace". Right... after the scene, you'll have a room to stay in, but before
anything else, examine the seahorse statue on the left to meet Mimi again, who
gets made fun of by Moses, and gives you a recipe for MUFFIN. 'Kay.

With that, rest at the beds to the right, and then Fenimore will go to see
Shirley, yelling at her about what a hypocritical idiot she's being. Hey, that
is what friends are for, right? Back with the group, Jay finds a letter for
Senel, written by Fenimore, telling him to go out and see Shirley outside. So
he does that... with Will and Jay not allowing Chloe and Norma to go out and
spy on them. 'Dat's bad. And with that, Senel goes outside to talk with Shirley.

After a long conversation about politics, religion, and sex, Shirley tries to
express her love for Senel, the former of who decides to be an ass and stay
with Stella. She's dead, you freaking moron. But anyway, Senel then goes back
in, and in the morning Walter comes in and informs the group that Vaclav's
hidden remnants of his forces have been located in a fortress. Now head outside,
and Walter will meet you there, with Maurits in charge of Senel and Shirley's
love life from there. Bahaha.

But anyway, your next destination is Vaclav's Hidden Fortress, which is toward
12 o' clock of the Village of the Ferines. It's very easy to find; just follow
the path toward 12 o' clock, and then head up a hill and follow the path there
until you reach a fork, and since it's even marked on the map with a red dot,
it's pretty simple just going to 11 o' clock, opening a duct, and entering a

 Xc. Hidden Fortress
 - Items: Spirit Bangle, Life Bottle, Orange Gel, Apple Gel, Apple Gel, Panic
          Charm, Melange Gel, Apple Gel, Fire Charm, Apple Gel, Climax Bottle,
          Apple Gel, Apple Gel, Apple Gel, Operations Report

This is, in my opinion, the hardest dungeon you have yet to encounter, and it
always generally annoys me when I go through it. I recommend Level 30 for the
party, although characters like Jay may still be Level 29. And yes, Norma's
Thunder Arrow is good, but don't flip out if you don't have that yet. But
anyways, when you enter, Jay seems to know this place as being connected with
Vaclav's army, so just head inside.

Follow the path and head down the stairs to the right, and then keep going until
you reach a left-right fork, with the right being stairs. Both just lead to the
same area, so take them to one path that leads under the stairs over to the
right, and go that way. Now take that path under a bridge, and you'll come to
a fork with stairs to the left, and a shitload of Chaotic Zones to the right.
I will note right now, however, that if you run into Mandrake enemies here,
finish them quickly because their Extension spell just plain bites.

Keep going past five Chaotic Zones, and you'll find a SPIRIT BANGLE on the
other side, which is a fairly mediocre accessory in my eyes, but oh well. Now
go all the way back past there and up the stairs on the left, and then follow
that path over to the right and head up the stairs you come across. Then just
keep going to the left, getting a LIFE BOTTLE and an ORANGE GEL along the way.
And with that done, keep going to a Puzzle Booth.

In here, Senel will pick up the Sorcerer's Ring, unlike the... last time. A
slightly harder one, though. Head around to the left side of the stairs, and
push the block a bit, then go around it and pull it out one space, so that it
bridges the gap there. Now head up the stairs and go across, and in order to do
this next bit, you'll have to move ALL the blocks on the right out of the way
so that you can clear a path on the right to get over to the other side. To do
this, you've obviously gotta pull them out, so...

I managed to fit six blocks on the far left side near the stairs, and seven if I
wasn't lazy, but you won't even need that many. Just pull them out so that you
can get through, and then take the lower right path down and follow that path
down to the other side of this area. From there, pull the lower block out so that
it bridges the gap here, and then cross that path and fire the Sorcerer's Ring
at the crystal there, and with that the duct is open. Yay, that was long enough.
And when you re-emerge, you'll be in that dungeon where Shirley was earlier.

There are two cells on the left, so examine the both of them, with the right
containing a key and the left containing an APPLE GEL. Also, might want to save
while you're at it. With that, head into the door up front, and you'll find a
device right in front of you that looks similar to the ones in Symphonia, but
oh well, whatever. Head to the left and examine the cells, with the one on the
right literally exploding, the two on the left from that having nothing, and
the one on the far left having an APPLE GEL.

Go across this Chaotic Zone and collect the PANIC CHARM on the left, and then
return to the fork right at the entrance and head right this time. Grab the
MELANGE GEL by the entrance if you haven't already, and then head over to the
right. You'll find a circle on the floor moving up and down, and it's in your
best interest to avoid this as best you can, since it'll close all the cells.
If you do trip the alarm here, then head back to the entrance of this room and
fiddle with the device. Still, that's particularly annoying.

There's a little nook you can hide in, right at the turn here, so stay there
and when the alarm heads up, follow it and and open the first cell there, which
will protect you from it. And when you go up ahead, there's another alarm down
the hall to the left, so start by opening the first three cells and grabbing
the APPLE GEL that's in them along the way, and then hide in the third cell
until the alarm is past. Feel free to open the fourth cell although it just
blows up, and in the fifth cell is the key to the door up ahead. Neat.

With that, head through the Chaotic Zone on the left and get the FIRE CHARM
through it, and then avoiding the alarm by using the cells, keep going to the
right and through the gate above, which you now have the key for. And lo and
behold, it's another one of these... dammit. There's a device right at the
entrance, but anyways, head over to the left opening the first four cells, with
one APPLE GEL being in them along the way, then wait for the alarm to get past,
and then keep going to the left.

Keep going down the path and opening all the cells in case of a sudden "attack
of the alarm" (that should be a movie or something), although half of 'em
blow up anyway. Eventually, you'll reach two cells right in front, which provide
shelter despite blowing up, and a Chaotic Zone above. Open the cell to the left
of that for the key to the door, and get the CLIMAX BOTTLE behind the zone.
And with that, head back to the main path and get an APPLE GEL in the cell just
to the right.

Continue down this hall, grabbing another APPLE GEL in the next one, and then
keep going around and into the cell on the left at the upper path, for yet
another APPLE GEL. That having been done, enter the room way up front, which is
a bit of a library. Will, Norma, and Jay start reading the books, which are
records of human test subjects, which means that Vaclav was taking Ferines
subjects, including Stella and Fenimore. Senel completely loses his head here,
attacking walls going "Dammit!" over and over. Gotta love him.

With that done, head up here to find Walter, who blames the Orerines in general
for what Vaclav did to the Ferines, and then explains that right now Shirley is
taking part in the Rite of Accession, to become one with Nerifes, and he lured
the group out here with false information to keep them away from it. Stupid
bastard. But as he's about to fight, he's told that an Orerines military has
interfered and then disappears. However, you get attacked anyway... wonderful.

 Silver Galf                              Elements:
   HP: 25,991                              N/A
   Race: Galf
   Weight: Heavy

 Gold Galf                                Elements:
   HP: 25,000                              N/A
   Race: Galf
   Weight: Heavy

 This relatively easy fight is a great way to get EXP and grade for combos.
 First of all, what you really want to do is try and get both of them together
 and hit them with the same attack, and Senel's Phantom Dragon Dance works
 very well for that. Use Impact Coil to start things off, as usual, and then
 try to work some combos into them and then use Climax Mode to hit them both
 simultaneously, pulling off your combos for maximal damage. And then with a
 Climax Combo at the end, that's some major damage you've got there. They're
 not major threats, so overall this fight is quite a breeze. Plus I got +1.30
 Grade from combos alone, not to mention 332 EXP out of it. Awesome. =D

A lot of time was lost there. But anyway, Jay picks up a book on the capture of
the Merines which Senel promptly snatches, titled OPERATIONS REPORT. But with
that, you'll have to make your way out manually, oh well. The alarms are off,
so no need to worry about those. Just follow the path out, to hear that Shirley
is currently at the Altar of the Sea, at the bow of the Legacy, from the
Orerines. The Rite of Accession, anyone?

Meanwhile, Maurits is directing her doing this... proving that he's just as bad
as Walter. And meanwhile the knights of Gadoria run into the Altar of the Sea,
slaying Ferines and saying to capture the Merines. So... who would you consider
the bad people, between the Ferines and Gadoria? The plot thickens. But anyway,
follow the path towards 2 o' clock for long enough and you'll eventually reach
the Altar of the Sea, but since there are Grandarantulas in between (frequent,
at that), I WILL assume from hereon that you have Norma's Thunder Arrow.

 Xd. Altar of the Sea
 - Items: Orange Gel, Life Bottle, FOE3 Charm, Silk Robe, Rune Beret, Melange
          Gel, Pineapple Gel, Syrup Bottle

And you come in here to find two Ferines lying there, dead. And there's a
sword there, with the crest of Gadoria on it. That really sucks... continue
to watch the scenes and await the main quest's plot twist, which is up very
soon. And with that, head into the passage right up front, and then keep
following that path a little bit until it splits in two. From there, head to
the right and grab the ORANGE GEL there, and then return and take the path on
the right forward.

On another note, this place is filled with Zephyrs and Divas, two important
enemies for Eres Stones later in the game, so make absolutely sure that you
get those. But with that, follow the path on the right ahead until it splits
in a fork, then head down for a LIFE BOTTLE. Head back up and over to the
left, then it's pretty much a Chaotic Zone on the left and a path downward. Go
through the zone first for a FO3 CHARM, then back to that downward path and
onward from there.

Now follow that path to a new screen and forward for an up-down fork, with
down being a Chaotic Zone, so head there first for a SILK ROBE, and since I
was using Jay and not Will, I equipped it on Jay, but whatever, it's your
choice. Now head up to reach another fork, and head right through the Chaotic
Zone first for a RUNE BERET. Definitely equip that on Will, since it's good
for crystal eres, and stuff. From there, go through the next Chaotic Zone and
then take a right, to find two more dead Ferines. Ouch.

Then as things are unfolding, the Gadorian knight blames Shirley of activating
the Nerifes Cannon and kills off some more Ferines, and to shield Shirley,
Fenimore ends up getting stabbed. Ow, that's gotta hurt... but anyhow, from
there, take a right for a MELANGE GEL, and then follow that path all the way
around, taking a left at a fork for a PINEAPPLE GEL, and following the path
to a new screen, with a dead Ferines indicating an up-down fork. Take the
lower path for a SYRUP BOTTLE, then head up at the fork, left for a save point,
and on to the next screen.

A scene ensues as the Gadorian knights keep attacking, and Fenimore dies.
Shirley begs for someone to help, but Maurits decides he's a bastard now and
just stands there and lets Fenimore die. And from there, Shirley starts
talking like a nutcase, supposedly "hearing Nerifes", and her voice totally
changes. Then with the group, they see Gadorian knights running away in fear,
and then Walter's Zephyr shows up and attacks. Jackass.

 Zephyr Mammon                              Elements:
   HP: 21,919                                N/A
   Race: Zephyr
   Weight: Heavy

 This battle isn't really much of a challenge. If you haven't absolutely
 struggled with Zephyrs recently, or had some strange problem that's totally
 out of the ordinary, this battle will be a piece of cake. Just a few things
 to note, are that when it's knocked down, it likes to get up and then set
 off an explosion, and when the usual red exclamation point appears, it'll do
 a series of bites, but neither of those attacks are extremely damaging. There
 really isn't too much more to say about this battle; just make it combo
 fodder with a Climax Mode and move on.

Ignore some Radiant ramblings from then on, and then head up the stairs to
find Shirley glowing. Yep, she succeeded in the Rite of Accession, no doubt
there... Walter insults the group as "Orerines", and the Gadorian knight
orders Chloe to kill the Merines, but Senel just completely knocks him out,
followed by Maurits doing an evil laugh (yeah he's the villain now), and the
Merines really being reborn. And with that, the "almighty" Walter fights you

You cannot possibly beat Walter here, so just wait for him to knock everyone
out with his Wings of Hallowed Doom, and as Maurits and Walter furthermore
be asses, a snowstorm blows everyone away, and they re-emerge to find Grune,
and an orb of ice, which ends with Grune seemingly talking to herself. Gotta
love G-Girl. But then some sentinels appear and attack, with Senel and Chloe
then being unable to use eres, and Norma unable to use crystal eres. Nope, no
one can use eres anymore, Shirley took Nerifes' blessings from the world. No
choice to retreat, from here. That's an automatic return to Werites Beacon.

 Xe. Werites Beacon
 - Items: N/A

And as it turns out, no one in Werites can use eres either. Csaba shows up,
and Moses runs off to calm his boys down, plus Will and Jay disappear with
Isabella, and after Norma cracks a joke, Senel nearly breaks down, dizzy. Very
weird. Then it happens again as they approach Will's house, with Senel then
collapsing, and getting a flashback. Then when he wakes up he starts talking
with Chloe, the two yell at each other, Grune shows up with Norma and Harriet,
and they ask to each other, where to go to find the truth of what to do.

Then everyone gets a strange vision all of a sudden, at the same time, of the
lighthouse. Guess that's where to go next. Exit the inn, and then the Gadorian
knights show up, trying to place Senel and Chloe both under arrest. This turns
into one of the funniest scenes in the whole game, as Curtis comes in with
the Oresoren and starts singing the "iron hammer of justice" song, and chases
them away. Hah... absolutely priceless.

Now head on over to the park, which is once again at the northern end of the
village. There you'll find Will and Jay, just standing around talking. Tough
testosterone and stuff, I suppose, but they got the same feeling that Senel and
the others did, apparently. Plus the entrance to the lighthouse at the north is
open, for the first time ever. Then Moses comes in and fusses with Jay over his
obvious lies of destroying a huge group of sentinels, and we carry on. Enter
the lighthouse.

Everyone will then get on an elevator which appears to be a trap at first, but
they land in some strange area with that. Going on, they go to an extremely
quiet sea just a bit ahead, and then Norma shows up in a panic, revealing that
the sky above them is a ceiling. So then Jay notes that this must be the inside
of the Legacy. And that it is. And with that, Senel sees his eres working, and
after Moses makes fun of him, he hits him with a Demon Fist, followed by Norma
hitting him with Grave. Poor Moses. Nobody likes him... especially not Jay.

Will, Chloe, and Jay point their eres in different directions to test them out,
then our stupid friend Moses runs to the surface, tries to beat the sentinels,
and finds that on the main area he can't use eres. Hah... seriously. Everyone
rests after that, Grune still tagging along, and basically it's realized what
Shirley actually did. Nothing out of the ordinary. Everyone then gets an image
of a fiery looking area, so that's the next destination. Grune decides to come
with you on the fun, though, so can't turn her down. Meanwhile, Walter, Maurits,
and the Merines realize that Senel is on the Fallen Lands.

            ~-~ ~-~ ~-~  XI. Walkthrough (Chapter Six) ~-~ ~-~ ~-~

This entire chapter, which I will say right now ends quite beautifully, takes
place in the underground reaches known as the Fallen Lands, or the Quiet Lands
as they're called on the world map. There ARE random encounters on the world
map, despite not being able to save and there being treasure chests everywhere.
So that's pretty much how it starts.

 XIa. The Quiet Lands
 - Items: Apple Gel, Syrup Bottle, Squid, Shrimp, Cod

Just to recap, you came from the very center of the Fallen Lands, known as the
Elevator. Head over there near the save point that's there for an APPLE GEL, and
then you're fairly free to roam around the place as you wish. Start by forming
a party, however. I like to just put Senel, Chloe, Grune, and Jay in the party
for the sake of using a new party member a little bit. While she is decent, she
only has a single spell, that being Bloody Howling. So later you can replace her
with Will if you get bored.

Save if you want, and then take the southwestern path if you feel like it, for
a SYRUP BOTTLE. Then return to the middle area and head over to the right,
taking the path down and getting the SQUID there. Now pick up the SHRIMP and
COD just a little over to the left, and then go around the path to the left and
enter the large structure there, which very much resembles the place that you
were "led to" at the coast.

 XIb. Fire Monument
 - Items: Rune Bottle, Magic Lens, Life Bottle, Dragon Tooth, Apple Gel, Orange
          Gel, Life Bottle, Stun Charm, Tablet 1

The place opens up well enough, with Senel and Norma instantly recognizing it.
Everyone searches around, not seeing how to open the door inside, with a
hilarious outbreak of Moses dissing Jay, the latter who then says, "Hearing
that from you makes me want to die". Hilarity ensues. But anyway, Norma
eventually kicks down the tablet in the middle to make a path open up inside
the Fire Monument, so that's cool.

You may notice the place is called the FIRE Monument. As such, make your group
Senel, Chloe, Will, and Jay. For Will I just went ahead and disabled everything
except Ice Arrows, Freeze Lancer, First Aid, Recover, and Spread for good
measure. For Jay, go ahead and disable Pyre and Flame Dagger. If you're paranoid
you can sub Will in for Norma, but I like Will just for the ice stuff which
Norma is more lacking in. Of course, if you happen to level up and Will learns
Indignation, you can change stuff. I was Level 33 though, so not for me.

Enter, and Norma instantly complains about the heat inside. Well yeah, it is
the FIRE Monument after all. Moses also bitches, followed by Chloe going
slightly berserk. Nevermind her. Anyways, this place is extremely linear. It's
basically one large path which goes uphill, so follow the path and grab the
RUNE BOTTLE at the off branch. You'll come to a crystal light right ahead, and
as Jay tries to get Moses to test its safety, Senel and Chloe test it to see a
white object in the ocean. Okay, moving on.

Further on, more light which shows another image, and then keep on following
the path for a MAGIC LENS along the way. Another light along the way, and then
just keep on going to a door. Inside, Norma demands everyone take a break and
I can understand that since I loathe hot weather myself. Grune thinks, ponders,
and cogitates the situation but can't figure anything out, obviously. But
anyhow, in the next room you'll find several cylinders and a locked door at the
top. And switches, argh.

Turn on the switch to the right and get the LIFE BOTTLE there, then head over
to the left and turn that switch on, getting the DRAGON TOOTH there. Equip it on
Chloe for the Lava Dragons especially, then go up the stairs and to the right.
Get the APPLE GEL, flick the switch, then over to the left, ORANGE GEL, switch.
On the upper floor, get the LIFE BOTTLE and STUN CHARM, hit both switches, and
go through the door now open. Examine the light to end up in Fallingwater...
strange. Shirley then appears, but doesn't respond. Then you'll end up in a
different dimension, and a burning gaet appears. Hi Will and Moses. FIGHT!

 Volcano Gaet                               Elements:
   HP: 36,048                                Weak - Ice ;; Strong - Fire
   Race: Sea Gaet
   Weight: Special

 While this fight has the potential to last awhile, it's not really a hard
 fight at all, especially not with Will having Ice Arrows and Freeze Lancer
 ready to use at all times, and Jay with Ice Storm. Climax Mode works very
 well here, being that you're up against a large target that's great fodder
 for 70+ attacks and a last minute Climax Combo, which will result in about
 10,000 damage or so. Take note that it disappears and reappears into the...
 floor frequently, so be ready for a slightly long battle, despite its
 reappearances being predictable. Don't worry about its attacks either, this
 may be long but it isn't hard.

Will complains about not getting the opportunity to give the gaet a more
thorough examination, and naturally Moses didn't get his sacred eres. What a
pity. Watch the scenes which show the images from the light, as well as
listening to some Ferines get angry at Orerines, and then you end up back at
the entrance. The Oresoren will then run in saying they've made a camp at the
Coast, so after getting TABLET 1 here, return to the Coast of the Fallen /
Quiet Lands.

 XIc. Coast
 - Items: N/A

Everyone comes here and then immediately collapses. It's just so relaxing here,
isn't it? But anyway, that night, Jay shows up and gives everyone the news of
what's happening above. Nothing much at all, plus Shirley isn't doing much. Will
takes everyone through the images, and Senel then starts asking why the Radiant
built land on a ship, which was what the images in the Fire Monument showed, and
then an image of the Ice Monument appears, almost telling the group to go there.
It's like Jay thinks, I tell you.

Senel then gets another flashback of Shirley, which mentions something about
his atoning. For what, you wonder? Ah, we'll see. Back at daylight, Jay talks
with the Oresoren about this place being called the Quiet Lands and having a
place called the Trail Across the Heavens. Yep, so with that, leave Coast and
then head to the northeastern part of the land. No treasure chests along the
way, it's just a straight path.

 XId. Ice Monument
 - Items: Syrup Bottle, Rune Bottle, Panacea Bottle, Melange Gel, Mythril
          Hammer, Mythril Spear, Life Bottle, Shell Bottle, Tablet 2

The Ice Monument immediately opens with Walter showing up to attack, only to not
be able to hurt Senel, who happens to be able to use his iron eres. Then Walter
decides to be a dumbass and try to keep attacking, only to be carried away by
his own will, by Shirley's teriques. Will and Jay talk while Norma opens the
door, and Senel realizes that Shirley was protecting Walter, just like Stella
protected Senel. Ah well, too much thinking. Just follow the path to enter, we
get it, Chloe and Norma dislike the cold. Keep on going.

Just like the last area, the Ice Monument is incredibly linear. However, I
went ahead and replaced Will with Norma, and Chloe with Moses. Jay remains,
because of Pyre and Flame Dagger. Turn off all ice eres, of which Norma is the
real offender. If you have Fire Storm, that's good. When ready to go, note that
icicles appear at certain intervals here and need to be avoided, so just keep
an eye out. Keep going up the path to find a SYRUP BOTTLE and the first crystal

Watch the image, and then just keep following the path to find the second and
third lights, which are once again, linear as hell to find, while usually going
in a straight path upward. Collect the RUNE BOTTLE after the third light, and
then just take the path onward to the next room, where Norma gets all cold and
then starts hugging up to Senel, who claims "I am not your personal heater".
Chloe gets pissed off at Norma, who then hugs Will and then it ends with Senel
getting dissed by Chloe as a coward, which gives him a new title as well.

In the next room, take a right for a PANACEA BOTTLE but do NOT hit the switch.
As I go reading off treasure, only hit the switches on the left, and NOT the
ones on the right. Head left for a MELANGE GEL and then to the next floor, and
on the right and left respectively, a MYTHRIL HAMMER and MYTHRIL SPEAR, and
on the top floor, a LIFE BOTTLE and a SHELL BOTTLE. With all the switches on
the left on, head through the door. Touch the light, watch the flashback from
the mainland, and get attacked by another sea gaet.

 Glacier Gaet                               Elements:
   HP: 37,745                                Weak - Fire ;; Strong - Ice
   Race: Sea Gaet
   Weight: Special

 Much like its brother from back in the Fire Monument, the Glacier Gaet starts
 out really easy and has the potential to get more annoying later. I didn't
 bother bringing Chloe so it wasn't really a big combo target, but despite it
 having just barely, the most HP of any boss yet, I won the fight without it
 moving an inch. Sure, it bites in front of you and uses Ice Needles, but it
 still isn't very hard. A Climax Mode with Climax Combo allows for a good
 6,000+ damage also, so just ace through this fight and let's carry it on out
 of here.

Will, once again, fails to get a sample of it. Poor guy, just doesn't get any
luck. Watch the ensuing scenes as well as anger between the Ferines and the
Orerines, and you'll end up outside the Ice Monument again, with Senel mourning
about never having seen a look like that on Shirley's face before. Okay okay.
Pick up TABLET 2, and then just get out of here and go back to the northwest

 XIe. Coast
 - Items: Magic Lens

Watch the scenes, which are pretty much the group falling asleep, and then at
dusk, Jay coming in and telling the group where Shirley is: a place at the bow
of the Legacy, Mirage Palace, in which Norma claims as being impossible to get
in. After everyone goes over the images, Senel starts asking why humans and
the Ferines hate each other. And then this mysterious someone who's constantly
showing the group these images and listening to their conversations, reveals
the Thunder Monument.

Jay seems to have an idea as to who this person is, but he won't reveal it quite
yet. Fair enough. Watch a flashback and then a scene with the Merines, Maurits,
and Walter in Mirage Palace. Apparently, the blessing of Nerifes don't reach to
the Fallen Lands, hence the title. So Walter can't attack you there. =) With
that scene done, leave Coast and head to the far southeastern path. Collect the
MAGIC LENS here, and then take the direct eastern path out from the overworld
to reach the Thunder Monument.

 XIf. Thunder Monument
 - Items: Flare Bottle, Acuity Bottle, Orange Gel, Apple Gel, Melange Gel,
          Homing Beats, Rune Bottle, Lemon Gel, Tablet 3

The place opens up with a blast of lightning, and Chloe and Moses screaming.
Jay accuses Moses of acting like a child, and Norma tells Chloe that her scream
was really "cute". Hahaha... let's go. I recommend keeping the party of Senel,
Norma, Chloe, and Jay, since the Thunder Monument is a terrible place for
testing out Will's Indignation, if you know what I mean. Enter the monument,
where a rather funny scene ensues, as Norma recommends Chloe hang onto Senel
and claim she's scared of lightning. Hah, I like THAT idea!

Fortunately, the Thunder Monument isn't QUITE as linear as those of Fire or
Ice. There are black circles everywhere which will teleport you to other
locations, so make use of those when the need arises. Take the one right at
the entrance for a FLARE BOTTLE, and then hop back in the black cloud to
return to the entrance, and then get the ACUITY BOTTLE right above. What
follows is extremely straightforward, with clouds forming a way through two
crystal lights, to reach a ramp with two black circles at the bottom.

Take the cloud on the right first, and then follow that path to reach the
third light, in which Norma promptly tells the person showing these to you,
to make more sense. Hah, like that'd do any good. Return and take the cloud
on the left, and then head all the way up to the door. What follows is an
extremely humorous scene as lightning strikes, Chloe is afraid to cling onto
Senel, and then Moses, who's also scared of lightning, clings onto Senel
instead, because he's "afraid of loud noises". Hahaha. Stupid bandit.

In the next room, your objective is to turn on the switches on the first and
third floors, but not the second. So that makes four out of six... easy enough.
Grab the ORANGE GEL and APPLE GEL on the first floor while getting the
switches, and then move on to the second floor for a MELANGE GEL and HOMING
BEATS, the latter of which is a weapon for Senel. Ignore the switches, and on
the top floor, get the RUNE BOTTLE and the LEMON GEL, and turn both switches

With the barrier at the top down, go through it and you'll appear above the
sea. Yay, we all know how scared Chloe is of that, so she finally ends up
clinging onto Senel. Heh, nice, except she eventually breaks away and
"apologizes for her outburst". Oh well. After a minor encounter with Shirley,
a third gaet appears.

 Tempest Gaet                              Elements:
   HP: 39,552                               Weak - Earth ;; Strong - Lightning
   Race: Sea Gaet
   Weight: Special

 This is absolutely no harder or easier than the fight against the Glacier
 Gaet in the Ice Monument. It's the same type of enemy, except with a slightly
 higher HP count. And you have plenty of abilities available to use, since
 there's very little to disable of the lightning element, short of Norma's
 Thunder Arrow. Simply pound on the Tempest Gaet with everything you have,
 including a Climax Mode and Combo. He'll likely move, but that's fine, just
 slaughter him effortlessly.

A very interesting scene overall, to cap things off. Pick up TABLET 3, which
appears there, and also note that the shooting star was the white ship, and
it appears that either the Orerines or the Ferines, came to the world, thus
the relationship between the "shooting star", the sea, and the pillar of
water. With that, leave the Thunder Monument and go over to the Coast to the

 XIg. Coast
 - Items: Shell Bottle

More scenes, particularly revealing this time as Senel and co. collapse at
the Coast, and at dusk, Will and Jay suppose that the Ferines must have come
from another planet, to this world, hence the ship. And as for the someone
showing the group the images, that's supposedly another Nerifes, based on
Jay's assumptions. Another flashback, a question of what the Radiant intend to
do, the Earth Monument shown, and you're outta here. Note the stuff about Jay,
by the way... for later. Exit, head directly southwest from the Coast, grab
the SHELL BOTTLE, and enter the building.

 XIh. Earth Monument
 - Items: Life Bottle, Rune Bottle, 765 Gald, 555 Gald, 777 Gald, 1000 Gald,
          888 Gald, 1500 Gald, Tablet 4

Unlike the Fire, Ice, and Thunder Monuments, the Earth Monument actually has a
decent atmosphere. Norma immediately wants to have a picnic and such because
she's been around Grune for too long, but Senel and Jay are particularly
stiff. Anyway, the door opens and you can follow the usual bridge. As for the
group, switch out Norma with Will, and for him I'd turn off the weaker spells
except Lightning, and that especially means Stone Blast. If you have Thunder
Blade and/or Indignation, those help a lot.

Enter, and Norma will try to get Grune to... help out. If you know what I
mean. But anyway, there are NO random encounters in the Earth Monument! At
least, not in the first half. So head up the path, and note that there are red
squares everywhere which will teleport you back to the entrance, which is
always bad. Just avoid those, move past the first one for a LIFE BOTTLE, and
move on to find the first light. Cool... now you have the first even remotely
strategy-demanding trap.

It moves up and down, and when it's down, move to the right side. When it moves
up, then move down and take the path down. Fairly easy, wouldn't you say? The
next two traps, with the second one being beyond the second light, work the
same way. Pick up the RUNE BOTTLE, and then view the third light right ahead.
Wow, these images are certainly a lot more menacing than the last few. Keep
going, and you'll find another two of these traps. I warn you that this one is
actually a bit tricky. Here's some terrible ASCII to help.

_____ __  __
Path [  ][  ]
     [  ][  ]
         [  ]Exit

The traps will move along those two paths, but you may notice that the path
on the right has three squares while the one on the left has two. That is
crucial. Start from "Path" aka the beginning, and wait for the two squares to
be separate (i.e. the trap on the left is at the top while the trap on the
right is not). Move past the left when possible, and if you move quick enough,
the right trap will move down so you can get to the second square on the right,
and then if you move just correctly, the left trap will move up again, so you
can get out of the right trap's way, on the second square on the left.

And with that, the trap on the right will move up, and you have a safe path to
the exit. Whew, that was definitely hard enough, but you WILL be rewarded for
this in a second. =) Follow the path to the door, and then Norma and Grune come
in, with Norma asking "Nessy" what color underwear Grune is wearing. And Grune
seems to have forgotten them. =D Laughing at loud at that one! Fantastic...
and it's shortly followed by Norma going into the next room with Grune (who
knows what they're doing), and Will "thanking" them. Much love.

Save if you want and then head to the next room, and for this, to open the
door: turn the right switch on the first floor on, the left switch on the second
floor on, and the right switch on the third floor on. That's it. The treasures
follow from right to left on every floor: 765 GALD, 555 GALD, 777 GALD, 1000
GALD, 888 GALD, 1500 GALD. Wow, that's amazingly eventful. Head through the new
door, watch the scenes which take place in an area in which I won't spoil the
nature of, and the fourth and final gaet comes out to play. 'Kay, no prob.

 Earthquake Gaet                           Elements:
   HP: 41,383                               Weak - Lightning ;; Strong - Earth
   Race: Sea Gaet
   Weight: Special

 Yawn. I think at this point we're used to the sea gaets, and the Earthquake
 Gaet doesn't differ much from the Glacier Gaet or the Tempest Gaet, except
 he has an additional 2,000 HP to show off, and due to the lack of random
 encounters in the first half of the Earth Monument, you may not have a full
 Climax bar. Either way, Will's Indignation will do 1000+ damage or so, and
 you always have your other attacks to build up the climax. While I'll give
 the Earthquake Gaet credit for moving more than the others, it's easy still.

Now you'll finally figure out what the Ferines really did. The previous Merines
attempted to become one with Nerifes, and then she caused the Cataclysm.
Remember that? It was the legendary disaster via a tidal wave, and it wiped out
half of the land. The Merines succumbed there, however, so the Ferines have
waited 4,000 years for Shirley to arrive, cause the Cataclysm again, and destroy
all the land. Ouch. With that, pick up TABLET 4 and return to the Coast as

 XIi. Coast
 - Items: N/A

Inside, the group discusses the Cataclysm, while Senel meanwhile attempts to
deny the truth, about how Shirley is unable to cause it. That's followed by
Jay being a complete jackass, being jumped on by Moses, and then Senel being
confident that he can convince Shirley not to cause the Cataclysm. Then the
Quiet Nerifes causes the coast in the opposite direction from this coast to
glow. You know what that means... watch another scene with Maurits and Walter,
then leave Coast.

I'm not even going to bother separating the next area from the Coast, so the
opposite shore aka the Geoglyph Area, is to the east. You'll be required to put
the tablets in correct chronological order, and that goes: third, second, first,
and fourth slots, from left to right. And after that, Will's nail glows, he
speaks to the sea, and Nerifes grants him sacred eres. HI MOSES! Speaking of
Moses, then his nails glow. Followed by Norma, then Jay, then Grune, then Chloe.
And it ends there. Nerifes considers Senel unworthy.

The sea stops glowing, and this is really one of the more... I don't know...
more impacting scenes in the game. Senel is obviously absolutely crushed, as
everyone gets sacred eres and he doesn't, and he starts screaming only for Will
to tell him to shut the hell up. So he's left, the only one unable to use
sacred eres, but trust me that it makes literally zero difference in battle.
Simply head back to Coast, and everyone just leaves Senel by himself. Rest to
the northeast, and then we'll see everyone except Senel, at the Elevator.

Jay considers the possibility of being unable to convince Shirley, and then
volunteers to kill her himself. More talk, followed by talk with Moses, and
then one of the game's better conversations takes place, between Senel and
Chloe. Senel reveals that he was once one of Vaclav's soldiers and his mission
was to rescue Shirley, then he befriended her and Stella. Things happened, and
now Senel refuses to do anything because he's a moron and has to "be with
Stella" as an excuse, even when Shirley told the idiot that she loved him.

Chloe smacks some sense into Senel's head, yells at him about what an ignorant
coward he is, and then eventually Senel sees what he has to do, and gains the
power of Nerifes. Thus follows as Senel talks to Jay, Moses interrupts, and at
dawn, Jay reveals that there's a way into Mirage Palace that he found. He has
an "announcement" to make, of such, so reform your group into whatever, and then
return to the center of the Fallen Lands, the Elevator, where Chapter 6 began
and will end. Poetic, alpha, omega, whatever.

 XIj. Elevator
 - Items: N/A

This is an incredibly short trip, which is basically just Jay showing some rails
and then summoning a tram forth in which the Oresoren are piloting. With that,
everyone enters, Shirley talks in her usual phantom way, and Maurits talks to
one of Vaclav's soldiers. With that, the tram lands in a very distant area,
which looks just about like Mirage Palace. Will states goals, ignores Norma and
her nicknames for Nerifes, and from hereon the good Nerifes is known as the
Quiet with the bad being known as the Raging. And here you arrive... CHARGE!

           ~-~ ~-~ ~-~  XII. Walkthrough (Chapter Seven) ~-~ ~-~ ~-~

Chapter 7, Shining Blue, is a very short chapter which serves its purpose for
concluding Tales of Legendia's main quest and dividing it in half. It has quite
a few memorable moments, and plus some really long dungeons, so let's crack dat
baby up now, shall we?

 XIIa. Mirage Palace
 - Items: Holy Cloak, Stone Charm, Verbena, Climax Bottle, Dory, Flare Bottle,
          Pineapple Gel, Life Bottle, Syrup Bottle, Lemon Gel, Gyoten, Eryngi
          Hat, Melange Gel, Rune Bottle, Dinei Bottle, Rune Mail, Acuity Bottle,
          Flare Bottle, Holy Robe, Climax Bottle, Bi-Metal, Chizakura, Holy
          Bottle, Panic Charm, Lemon Gel, Life Bottle, Orange Gel, Apple Gel,
          Magic Mist, Aqua Cape, Elixir, Savory, Seal Charm, All-Divide

This is no ordinary dungeon. This place is freaking long as hell, as you can
probably tell by the item list above. Deja vu from Bridge, anyone? In fact,
this place's overall design is very similar to Bridge, in that it's really
divided into three parts. You'll be able to tell them apart, because for one,
they're of completely different natures with individual puzzles, a boss
divides one set, and also the place concludes with another, rather challenging
boss. I was Level 37 when I got in, but you'll probably gain levels as you go,

For now, I took a party of Senel, Norma, Moses, and Chloe, although that's
subject to change later. Something quite vital here, however, is Norma's spell
Dark Force. If you don't have this yet, immediately go to the Fire Monument and
beat Hopperflies until you get the required eres stones. The reason for this, is
that Dark Force is Curse elemental, and the boss of Mirage Palace, as well as a
couple upcoming and rather tough bosses, are Sea elemental. You could always
use Grune's Bloody Howling, but why do that at this point?

Anyway, assuming that you have Dark Force ready, head into the initial hall of
Mirage Palace. You'll immediately come to a left-right fork, in which you can
opt to head left and go through a Chaotic Zone (been a while, eh?) for a HOLY
CLOAK. Equip than on Norma, and return to the entrance and head right this
time. Follow that path to reach another fork, and head down through another
Chaotic Zone for a STONE CHARM. From there, take the upper left path to reach
a new screen. Joy.

Take the upper path through a Chaotic Zone for a VERBENA (oooh, statistical
herbs), and then return to take the lower path. This is another quick fork,
with the lower path giving you a Chaotic Zone for a CLIMAX BOTTLE. Head back
up and to the far west for another screen, and in here you have two paths, and
no treasure on this screen. The left is a Chaotic Zone which is merely a
shortcut to the exit. So feel free to take that, and then head over to the left
for another screen.

Watch the scene, concur with Will's comments, and welcome yourself to Mirage
Palace. That was just a little introduction with contributes to the girth of
this place. ;] This is the REAL thing. With that, head to the lower left at
the entrance for a DORY aka a weapon for Grune. Now head back up, by all means
save your game, and take the first left for a FLARE BOTTLE. Now return to the
path and head all the way up until you get a path to the left, and take that
one for a PINEAPPLE GEL. Now keep taking that path all the way up for a LIFE
BOTTLE at the top.

And with that, return to the very bottom of this screen, and examine the
monument there to be warped to a new area. Cool; get the SYRUP BOTTLE and LEMON
GEL near you when you emerge, and follow the path all the way past one screen,
and until you come to an up-down fork. Take the Chaotic Zone down first, and
grab the GYOTEN there. It's for Jay, but it's Sea elemental so possibly not
worth equipping. Head up here for an ERYNGI HAT, and then examine the monument
to warp, warp, warp somewhere else. Collect the MELANGE GEL next to it, too.

When you emerge, pick up the RUNE BOTTLE, and then just follow the path over to
the left, and up through the door there. A scene will take place as Walter talks
to some Ferines, and hears that Senel and his group are here in Mirage Palace.
He's forced to stay with Shirley, however, while operating automata. Meanwhile,
the Merines sic a baddie after Senel.

 Zephyr Lucifer                             Elements:
   HP: 33,162                                N/A
   Race: Zephyr
   Weight: Heavy

 Not much of an opposition here. Feel free to start the fight with a Climax
 Mode and slaughter Lucifer with combos. He has the trademark red exclamation
 point and then multi bite attack that all the Zephyrs have, but that's not
 much to worry about. Feel free to try a hit 'n run approach if that suits you
 best. Another useful thing here, if you want to apply it, is Senel's Avalanche
 Drop throw. Either way, this fight isn't going to last very long.

Watch a quick scene as Walter gets his way, and then head to the immediate left
for a DINEI BOTTLE. Now head to the far upper left, to find a Chaotic Zone right
below for a RUNE MAIL, which can be equipped on Senel. Now grab the ACUITY
BOTTLE above, and now take the path on the right side of this room, over to a
save point and healing circle. Yay... nope, the Zephyr Lucifer was far from the
boss of this place. You're making progress, but you aren't nearly through this
place yet. =)

Head left from the healing point for a FLARE BOTTLE, and then head on to the
upper left path, to find a fork with the upper path having a Chaotic Zone. Yep,
easy enough... go through there for a HOLY ROBE, equip that on Jay, and follow
the path down and to the left, ignoring the Chaotic Zone on the right. Enter the
next screen, until you come to an up-right fork. Take the upper path through a
Chaotic Zone first, to come to yet another fork. Wonderful... grab the CLIMAX
BOTTLE and then head to the left, through another zone.

Collect the BI-METAL behind that, and equip that on Senel. Awesome weapon,
that. Now return to the beginning of this screen and take a right this time, to
come to yet another wonderful fork. M'kay, take a right through the Chaotic
Zone to find a CHIZAKURA, which is another weapon for Jay. DEFINITELY equip
this one, because it's actually Curse elemental, which will help a lot in some
upcoming boss fights. And from there, take the path on the left all the way up
to find a Puzzle Booth. Oh joy... here we go again.

Your first step is to go up these stairs, and push the three blocks off. To do
this, push the first two off, and then go back down the stairs and move them
both below that ledge. Now use your new manueverable space to push the third
block off, and then rearrange them to form a bridge to the ledge on the right.
Here you'll find three more blocks, which are all easy to do, so get those off
and then rearrange them to form a path to the far right. That will require two
blocks, so just go around and do that, and that's 1/3 crystals. Yay.

Now, from the top of the ledge on the right that you get accessed, on the left
side of it, fire away at the reflector straight ahead, which is to the left of
another crystal. Perfect, that makes 2/3. With that, head over to the left and
take the first three blocks, and have them form a bit of a bridge so that the
Sorcerer's Ring can reach the third crystal. That'll make 3/3, but now the
problem is getting to the exit duct. To do that, you'll have to pull the other
three blocks over there to form a completely bridge there. Ah well, easy enough
for such an epic place.

Here's where the third part of Mirage Palace ensues... as foretold by the
further orchestrated music. Start by following the path on the right for a HOLY
BOTTLE, and note that this place is a bit of a maze, much like the Forest of No
Return. If you get lost, Will will offer to help, but if you do it on *gasp*
your own or *drum roll* with this guide, you get Senel's Palace Guru title. So
that's cool. And I'll even detail getting all the treasure for you, since I am
SUCH a nice guy.

Start by taking the warp on the right. There you'll come to a two-way fork of
warps; take the left one to find a PANIC CHARM. Now use the right warp four
times until you come to a room with a red floor, a purple wall, and an orange
dot on the wall. You'll know what it is when you find it. That's a landmark;
take the left warp for a LEMON GEL, and then the right warp for a LIFE BOTTLE.
Not much stuff, just thought I'd put it in for the sake of completion. Now take
the lower warp and then the upper warp... how fun is this?

Take the left warp twice for an ORANGE GEL, again for an APPLE GEL, and then
follow the path on the left to reach a new screen, and get the absolutely
WONDERFUL Palace Guru title for Senel. Hey, that's better than no additional
title at all, am I right? Anyway, you'll quickly come to a fork, with the left
being a Chaotic Zone. As it turns out, that Chaotic Zone leads you to a
left-right fork, both ways having Chaotic Zones. Argh, my head... take the
right Chaotic Zone first for a MAGIC MIST.

Now go through the Chaotic Zone on the left for an AQUA CAPE. I strongly
suggest equipping this on someone, preferably a less defensive character like
Jay, because you'll want the Sea defense. With that, return to the entrance
fork and then take a right, only to be treated to an immediate other fork. Take
the first right available through a Chaotic Zone, and collect the ELIXIR there.
See, told you these are always worth taking. Now head back up to reach another
left-right fork.

Yet again, take a right through a Chaotic Zone, to collect a SAVORY. See, I
reiterate what I stated above. Now take the path to the upper left and over to
the next screen. See, I told you this place never ends, but you're really close
to the illusion of an exit now. Take a right first and go through the Chaotic
Zone for a SEAL CHARM. Return to the path and keep going up, ignoring the small
branch over to the right, and you'll come to an up-left fork, with up having a
massive staircase. You know what THAT means.

Before that, however, take a left and go through two Chaotic Zones, to reach an
ALL-DIVIDE at the upper left. Possibly an important item. Now return up, and
take that large staircase up to find a healing circle and a save point. Now you
really know what it means. I advise switching your party, checklisting to see
you've got the important stuff via the battle strategy ahead, and being overly
ready, since this place clearly has to end on a big note. When ready, press
ahead into the doors, and make sure you have a proper team ready. Inside, Walter
isn't going to let you through to Shirley without a fight.

 Walter                                    Elements:
   HP: 55,270                               Weak - Curse ;; Strong - Sea
   Race: Human
   Weight: Middle

 We've been waiting for this for awhile, and it's appropriately difficult.
 I was at Level 40 for this battle, with Senel, Norma (with Dark Force),
 Chloe (with adequate defensive accessories), and Jay (with the Chizakura and
 Aqua Cape). If you don't have any of those, shame on you, because Walter has
 by far the most HP of any boss yet, and also rather aggressive attacks, as
 well as powerful spells. He's also a sea elemental who's weak against curse,
 hence my preparations for Jay.

 Walter's attacks are fast and furious, and it can be difficult to keep your
 three attackers' HP up. In fact, I encourage you to turn off everything for
 Norma except Dark Force, Revive, Resurrection, and possibly Thunder Arrow or
 Fire Storm if you have that. Jay is a key attacker, with his curse elemental
 attacks, so make particularly sure you keep him alive, and don't hold back
 for a second on Miracle Gels. Climax Mode also helps a lot, with even a very
 weakened Climax Combo doing 2,500+ damage. Try and corner Walter and hit him
 with everything you've got, as that's usually the best time to get hits in.
 For sure attack when he's casting spells, because his stuff like Blizzard and
 Icicle Volt is extremely merciless. With Revive, you should pull through.

Enjoy the extremely disappointing amount of EXP you receive from that battle.
Walter flies into the throne room with the last strength in his body, so follow
him down this hall. Inside, everyone tells Shirley to stop the Cataclysm, only
for her not to listen. She allows Senel, however, to come closer, and then he
tells her how he really feels, but although she starts to talk with him
normally, she still attempts to activate the Wings of Light, only for the two
to draw their weapons.

Senel, however, refuses to harm Shirley, especially because of the group
noticing that Shirley is feeling doubt. Senel keeps approaching Shirley
contrary to what she tells him to do, and then Shirley stands there screaming,
attempting to kill Senel but being unable because of her own mistake: taking
everyone's eres. =P As the two are about to make up, old bastard Maurits comes
in and ruins everything, revealing to Shirley that Senel used to be in Vaclav's
forces, and also having a witness along to justify that.

Shirley becomes furious with Senel about how little the two even knew each
other, and how he told Stella but not her, and then she activates the Wings of
Light. Damn, everything failed. Ah well, head outside via the passage to the
right of the throne room. Will hits Senel over the head for failing his
responsibility, but ah well, his promise was kept overall. Watch the FMV as
the Wings of Light activate, and then Jay and the Oresoren realize that you can
get into the Wings of Light via tram, as a beam of light exerted from it is
actually the Trail Across the Heavens. With that, you're back at Werites Beacon.

 XIIb. Werites Beacon
 - Items: Apple Pastry Recipe

Jay leaves the group here for the moment, to work on the tram with the
Oresoren. For now, enter the elevator and exit the lighthouse, to find that
it's night at Werites Beacon. As such, the music is a tad cooler, shops are
closed, and you'll be seeing this a LOT more in the character quests. All the
same, Norma wants to throw a party for the last time in your party's lives
since they're all going to die in the Wings of Light, after all. Everyone
leaves, so might as well heed her demands.

Take a left here and down several screens to reach the inn over on the right,
and then go up to get to the fountain plaza. No one's there yet, however, so
choose to wait on them, and Chloe will show up to talk with Senel. She just
loves him so much. Enjoy the scenes as Moses talks to Csaba and Giet while
considering everyone else has family too, and then Jay delivering a hilarious
quote "my ears just started burning, I bet that stupid bandit is talking about
me". Very funny.

As it continues, Will "attempts" to see Harriet, and Norma "attempts" to write
her parents a letter. Key word in both is the word attempt. Watch Will talk to
Harriet some more, and then Chloe ends up yelling at Senel randomly just to let
off some courage. Norma comes in spying, and after Senel pretends to talk to
Shirley, morning comes and Jay has the Trail Across the Heavens operational.
However, now is an absolutely perfect time to stock up on items, since the next
dungeon is just as long as Mirage Palace, if not longer, plus it ends with an
even harder boss than Walter.

First of all, leave the lighthouse and park, and go over to the bakery. Examine
the mug at the back to meet Mimi, who gives you a recipe for APPLE PASTRY. I
suggest baking about three of these, since they restore 60% HP and 50% TP to the
whole party. Head over to the weapon shop next, and buy the Strike Straw for
Norma, and at the armor shop, buy Prereflexes for Senel, Chloe, and Moses,
Rare Helms for the same three, a Silk Hat for Jay and a Star Circlet for Norma,
since her Intelligence is always important.

Finally, head over to the items/accessory shop. I highly suggest getting 15 of
all types of gels, and also, something else which will help you out a LOT is to
buy four Black Onyxes. Yes, I realize that's 100,000 Gald, but you can easily
obtain some additional Gald by selling some old, crappy accessories. With a
Black Onyx, you'll get 500-800 additional HP, so yes, that will help out quite
a lot. With that, I'd say you're ready. When you're guaranteed you are, enter
the lighthouse and talk with the Oresoren.

 XIIc. Wings of Light
 - Items: Longinus, Miracle Gel, Elixir, Climax Bottle, Flare Bottle, Warrior
          Crest, Mystic Symbol, Excalibur, Attack Symbol, Miracle Gel, FOE1
          Charm, Elixir, Pineapple Gel, Dinei Bottle, Guard Bottle, Lemon Gel,
          Miracle Gel, Life Bottle

This is it. The "sort of" final dungeon of the game, and I'll tell you that its
size is a good indicator of that, though the item list isn't as long as usual.
Hope you took note of my former preparations, and also keep the party of Senel,
Norma, Chloe, and Jay, since Senel and Chloe are good as ever, plus Norma is a
healer with Dark Force, and Jay is just another powerhouse, who can ever cause
Curse damage. Make sure your team is ready, and then take the bridge, save, and
continue to the next screen.

On another note, the music in the first part is good and the second part's
music is incredible. So enjoy it as you go. On the next screen you reach via
elevator, it's pretty much a straight path to an up-right fork. Head up here,
through a Chaotic Zone, and collect the LONGINUS there. That's a relatively
good weapon for Moses, but don't put him in your party, at least now. Return
to the fork and head right this time, following that rather disoriented path
to a new screen.

Head around to the left for a MIRACLE GEL, and keep taking the path up. You'll
instantly come to a fork, in which you can take right for an ELIXIR and then
back over to the left. Another fork here... just head left through the Chaotic
Zone for a CLIMAX BOTTLE, then back over and down. Collect the FLARE BOTTLE and
then head left all the way to a new screen, which is an instant down-right fork.
Take to the right first, where you'll come to a fork with both paths being
blocked by a Chaotic Zone. I love THIS!

Take the upper path first through not one but two Chaotic Zones, to reach a
WARRIOR CREST on the other side. Very good accessory, I recommend equipping it
on someone like Senel. Now take the lower path through yet two more Chaotic
Zones for an even more important accessory, the MYSTIC SYMBOL. Very important;
equip that on Norma right now. Now return to the entrance of this screen and
head down, to come to another down-right fork. Bah. Take a right through a
Chaotic Zone, and follow that path to come to Chloe's EXCALIBUR. Fantastic.

Return and head down this time, to come to the main quest's final, and hardest
Puzzle Booth. Bah, not one of these again... well, actually, not really the
hardest, but I can't really give any instruction for this one because it's
almost completely based on timing. What it is, is that there are four ledges,
and four crystals in the center. The reflectors on opposite ledges are moving,
so you need to hit them at an angle so they reflect to the crystals in the
center. Not too hard overall, it just might take a while, but play around with
all four ledges, in different positions, several times.

If you got through that without Jay's help, together with all the rest of them,
Senel receives the title of Puzzle Master. Sweet, that works. By the way,
welcome to the second part of the Wings of Light. Head up and then following
the ensuing path all the way over to the left and past a Chaotic Zone for an
ATTACK SYMBOL, which isn't great, but hey, it's there. Now go over to the far
right and take the teleport pad there, following the green part over to a new

You'll reach another teleport pad by taking that same path, so use that to get
down to the regular purple floor. Follow the path up at the fork, collecting a
MIRACLE GEL at the end. Head back to the branch on the right and take the
teleport pad there, and then that path will take you to a new screen. Keep
following until you reach an up-right fork, and you can head right here through
a couple Chaotic Zones for a FOE1 CHARM, and then just keep following that path
while ignoring the teleport pads, to reach another new screen.

Does this ever end? Follow the path over to the left until you reach an up-left
fork. Take to the left through a Chaotic Zone, for another wonderful ELIXIR,
and then just keep on taking the path all the way to another teleport pad, and
then take the elevator to reach a rather odd room, which explains the power of
the Wings of Light. That's cool and all, but this music is so incredible that I
could forget all about it. Take the elevator on the right, and the group will
come in sight of Shirley's teriques surrounding the final room. Which means the
finale is steadily approaching.

There's a healing circle and save point here, so make use of both. Trust me.
With that, follow the path up front and then head way over to the right, getting
a PINEAPPLE GEL as you go. From there, just keep following the path down and to
then to the left to a new screen, and keep following the path, grabbing the
DINEI BOTTLE on the way. The rest of this screen, as well as the next screen,
are just normal, straight uneventful paths, as you could probably tell by this
place's nature.

Keep on taking that path until you come to a GUARD BOTTLE, and you can just
continue going up. You'll find a LEMON GEL, along with somewhat of a fork that
even looks relieving at this point. Right has nothing, so just take the left
path, following, following... and on the third screen after that, you'll come
to a bit of an arena, where you just know SOMETHING will happen. Fortunately it
does. Walter shows up and decides he's still an idiot, and sends a huge bastard
sentinel after you.

 Royal Automata                            Elements:
   HP: 41,875                               N/A
   Race: Automata
   Weight: Special

 Not QUITE as weak as you might suppose, being that Walter is the one who's
 controlling it, after all, and we all know how badly we beat him up back in
 Mirage Palace. Anyway, this fight is nothing special. All that the Royal
 Automata does is just fall on you and release smoke, both of which are
 relatively weak. However, it does have a decent sum of defense and HP, so I
 advise using just a Climax Combo and that's it. Either way, this is just an
 easy kick 'n punch battle.

Walter attempts to summon a Zephyr, but succumbs right there and dies, while
bemoaning Senel and how he took everything from him. Hey, it was your choice to
be an idiot jackass, Walter. And thus he dies, and you have no choice but to
proceed. Collect the MIRACLE GEL above, and then take the path on the left.
Follow this all the way to a LIFE BOTTLE, a healing circle, and a save point.
Make use of these, for the final bosses aren't easy.

To reach the final bosses at last, you'll have to cross a bridge that spans a
literal couple miles. Oh, the melodrama. If you want to mark your progress on
it, though, there are ten arches you'll past through on it. Either way, once
you come to the next room, recognize it from the Earth Monument? Nope, didn't
think so. But anyway, you can't just approach Shirley, as our old bastard
friend Maurits wants to stop that. Stupid idiot. Fight him, I say.

 Maurits                                   Elements:
   HP: 31,724                               Weak - Curse ;; Strong - Sea
   Race: Human
   Weight: Middle

 For such an old man, Maurits isn't too weak, as he has a rather annoying
 staff combo which can serve to stunlock a fighter or two. Still, for someone
 with the "true blessings" of Nerifes, he doesn't prove himself to have
 anything more than his staff attacks, which are admittedly decent but nothing
 special, or a blast of water which also doesn't do much damage. I will tell
 you now, however, that you want to end this fight with high HP. That won't be
 hard with the Black Onyxes, but trust me, END THIS WITH HIGH HP. Good? Finish
 the old bastard.

Contrary to the group's attempts to get Maurits to stop acting like a fool, he
decides to get up again and summon the power of Nerifes into him, ensuring the
Cataclysm. Fine, he wants to die, so be it.

 Maurits                                   Elements:
   HP: 33,217                               Weak - Curse ;; Strong - Sea
   Race: Human
   Weight: Middle

 This fight is either really easy or really hard, it just depends on how well
 you're prepared. For starters, Maurits actually uses magic now, his favorite
 spell being Aqua Laser, which hits several characters for 900-1000 damage.
 Not cool; Norma with Revive is very useful here. His staff combo is stronger
 than ever, but still, he IS after all, just a scumbag old man. His defense
 and HP aren't incredibly high, so it won't take a while for him to fall. If
 your levels are low, though, his combo will decimate you, so definitely
 guard against it, and perhaps hit and run, because you may end up dead very
 quickly. Also, try not to use Climax Mode unless you want to raise it again.

The bastard then collapses due to being a frail idiot. Anyway, at this point,
the semi-final boss is right ahead. If you had trouble with Maurits, you will
absolutely struggle with the upcoming boss, but you have the opportunity of
turning back and saving. It's really a question of how easily you overcame
Maurits, so let that be your judgment. Anyway, Shirley activates the Wings of
Light to some extent.

Leave idiots where they are, and head forward to see Shirley. However, she
holds everyone back with the teriques, and then Maurits yells at the group that
the ancestors of the Orerines were actually the ones who came to the world,
and used the power of Nerifes after winning the war with the Ferines, to make
land. The world was originally nothing but sea. Everyone manages to swallow
this, with Jay explaining the odd points. So yes, in a technical sense, the
Ferines are the good guys.

Still, Nerifes is angry and wants to cause the Cataclysm to purge all land
from this world, hence destroying the Orerines, so hey, that's evil to you.
Chloe and the others manage to break the teriques holding Senel, and then he
runs to Shirley and tells her that he trusts her. She totally regains it at this
point, and as everyone is about to go home and have a victory party, Maurits,
a bastard jackass to the very end, gathers the power of Nerifes in him to cause
the Cataclysm. What a moron. Meanwhile, Senel gathers the power of the Quiet
Nerifes in him, and thus the final battle begins!

 Nerifes                                   Elements:
   HP: 83,043                               Weak - Curse ;; Strong - Sea
   Race: Nerifes
   Weight: Middle

 This isn't your average battle. It's the final battle of the main quest, and
 also EASILY the hardest of all of them. In fact, it's arguably the toughest
 battle in the game, and you can see that Nerifes has a hell of a lot of HP.
 And it doesn't help that he has quick and powerful attacks, despite his
 overall appearance. This fight is going to take a while of struggling, so
 right now, just for those who haven't been listening, I'll list my complete
 details for the characters I used and info about them.

 Senel (Level 44)                           Norma (Level 43)
 HP: 3739/3739                              HP: 2554/2554
 MP: 375/375                                MP: 422/422
 Weapon: Bi-metal                           Weapon: Strike Straw
 Body: Prereflex                            Body: Holy Cloak
 Head: Rare Helm                            Head: Star Circlet
 Acc 1: Warrior Crest                       Acc 1: Mystic Symbol
 Acc 2: Black Onyx                          Acc 2: Black Onyx
 Title: Berserk                             Title: Comboist

 Chloe (Level 44)                           Jay (Level 43)
 HP: 3076/3076                              HP: 3167/3167
 MP: 358/358                                MP: 352/352
 Weapon: Excalibur                          Weapon: Chizakura
 Body: Prereflex                            Body: Holy Robe
 Head: Rare Helm                            Head: Silk Hat
 Acc 1: Force Ring                          Acc 1: Aqua Cape
 Acc 2: Black Onyx                          Acc 2: Black Onyx
 Title: Berserker                           Title: Berserker

 With stats and equipment hopefully fairly damn similar to those, it's time
 to beat the final boss if only for the sake of spiting Maurits, who DID merge
 with the Raging Nerifes, after all. And on another note, enjoy the music
 here as it's awesome. Okay, time for the real strategy to start. I recommend
 starting the battle off with a Climax Mode and Climax Combo. It's relatively
 hard to cause the 16,000+ damage a Climax Combo will do here, by using it at
 the end of the climax, so take use of it while you can.

 Nerifes likes to pull himself down and then unleash a kick in multiple
 directions, which usually does about 300-400 damage. However, his tactic is
 usually to stay in his current form and physical attack, then turn himself
 into a floating circle. What he does in this form is cast rather powerful
 magic like Rolling Stone (about 1000 damage), Ray (several hits for around
 150 damage), and Aqua Laser (900-1000) damage. Then he'll end with an attack
 which spreads water all over the field, and needless to say, it does a fair
 sum of damage.

 However, after he does that attack he'll enter the ground and become a bit
 vulnerable at that point, so feel free to attack then. If you're having quite
 a bit of trouble with this, and even if not, start the fight off with your
 climax, and then keep using Climax Bottles. I had 15 of them at this point,
 so feel free to burn them off. An extra climax will always do 16,000+ damage,
 and that's a huge help. But either way, this fight is rough, and I wouldn't
 hold any items back. Miracle Gels, Lemon Gels, maybe even Elixirs... you'll
 need them. With enough effort, Nerifes should fall.

I won't say anything more about the ending. It's not that great, but hey, it's
not the ending anyway. ;) You'll then see a figure in dark mist appear on the
beach, and this is where the second half of the game begins: the character
quest. Sure, it isn't voiced, but who cares? Save, and we'll continue from the
same levels, two months after the main quest.

         ~-~ ~-~ ~-~  XIII. Walkthrough (CQ Introduction) ~-~ ~-~ ~-~

Just a few notes on the character quests. For one thing, they aren't voiced but
who cares, second of all, enemies are MUCH harder. No more easy 3+ Grade battles
outside Werites Beacon, you'll have to wait until the end of the game to see
that again. Also, dungeons have new treasures in them, so make use of those
when you get the opportunity. Some of these are very emotional and occasionally
even tear-inducing... gotta love them. It all begins at Down the Cliff.

 XIIIa. Down the Cliff
 - Items: Life Bottle, Panacea Bottle

The game starts here, as Senel and none other than Shirley are sparring off
against an Egg Bear who is surprisingly strong. Thus a battle begins against a
normal bear who has over 16,000 HP, but isn't that tough. You'll also get to
use Shirley, though all she has is Fire Ball and Cure. Oh well, if Senel gets
beaten up, that's a 100% heal right there, and Fire Ball is relatively fast
and strong. The fight against the Egg Bear shouldn't take very long.

Right after the Egg Bear is finished off, it just gets up and attacks you
again in a second battle! I admire that. It only has 7,197 HP this time around
though, so it won't be very hard to take down. Just pound on it and it'll die
in no time. And after that battle, it just gets up again! Geez, determination,
eh? Senel and Shirley simultaneously attack it and then it finally succumbs,
though. After that, they talk a little bit, also telling you exactly what's
going on in the Legacy now.

Apparently, Will assigned Senel and Shirley with doing this, and as for
Shirley, she's the mediator between the Ferines and the Orerines, so that's
cool. And with that, black mist appears around the bear and disappears. Very
strange, is it not? Oh well, nothing you can't take down. Feel free to save,
get the LIFE BOTTLE and PANACEA BOTTLE, and then head for Werites Beacon.
Enemies on the world map have, once again, become stronger. Gentlemen are
particularly annoying, so be careful as you go.

 XIIIb. Werites Beacon
 - Items: Rosemary, Rune Bottle, Salmon, Verbena, Radish, Sage, Bomba

Werites Beacon opens up with Harriet at the entrance, furious at Will and
delivering one of the game's better quotes: "He's arrogant! He's rude! And
he wears glasses!". Funny, really. But anyways, Harriet tries to get Shirley
to play with her, refused, and ends up knocking Senel down. Yeah, she's a bit
of a tough cookie for a kid. And with that, she runs off. Nice Hattie. Anyway,
the shops have been updated now, including a customization shop. Even though
your gald might not be great, I recommend going to the weapons shop.

Buy the Dynamic Arts for Senel, first of all. With that, there's the Grim Sword
for Chloe which is superior to the Excalibur despite the inferior name; the Gae
Bolg for Moses; and the Express for Will. That's only 21,000 Gald, so it isn't
too horrible. As for armor, three Rare Plates, three Warlock Garbs, and two Rune
Robes are advisable. Buy a couple Rare Helms if necessary for headgear, and that
is really that. Now I'm seriously broke. But I'll tell you now that this
equipment will help. A lot... even though those characters aren't even in your
group right now.

With that, head southeast from the park and you'll find Musette's house, aka
the location Will is at right now, very soon. Apparently, our good idiot friend
Maurits is overseeing the Ferines village, and Orerines and Ferines are
co-existing. With that, Shirley comes out of Musette's house and tells Will
about the black mist and monsters. Will also entrusts Senel with meeting Chloe
at Port-on-Rage, since she just came back from the mainland. It has been two
months, after all.

There's some stuff to get around Werites Beacon, however. At the southeast of
this screen, hidden in some trees, is a ROSEMARY. Take the stairs up and
examine the bench above for a RUNE BOTTLE. Now head over to the screen right
before the fountain plaza, and take a right. Now examine between the two
water wheels on the left for a SALMON. At the very top of this screen is a
VERBENA, which is nice. Now head to the screen left of the fountain plaza for a
RADISH behind the hospital.

Now head to Will's house, which is southwest of the screen before the fountain
plaza, and look behind it for a SAGE. Now enter the house and go into the room
at the very far left which looks like a bathroom, and examine over to the left
for a BOMBA, which is a weapon for Grune. That's pretty much all for this
place, so just exit town and then head for Port-on-Rage, which is very close
at 5 o' clock or thereabouts.

 XIIIc. Port-on-Rage
 - Items: Shrimp, Squid, Pineapple, Salmon

As you enter, you'll see that Port-on-Rage is a hell of a lot busier now.
People will get off the boat, including a certain man in a green robe. This guy
is VERY important to the story later, so you've just seen a premonition of him
for the moment, as he stares at Senel when he passes. Chloe will then come out
and after some greetings, join your group. Sweet. Anyway, there are some new
treasures in Port-on-Rage, so let's pick those up right now.

Take the upper path for a SHRIMP and a SQUID, and then the lower path for a
PINEAPPLE and a SALMON. That's it, any questions? ;] With that done, leave
town, and instead of a normal world map visit, Senel will talk with Chloe on
the path, with Shirley stating that "Senel laughs more when Will and Chloe are
around". Right. With that, the group sees two people in trouble. You'll have
to fight two Lizardmen+ here, which are easy as hell. With that, the man
introduces himself as Arnold Alcott (important guy) and his daughter Elsa.
Not bad with a sword either. You're done here; head for Werites Beacon.

 XIIId. Werites Beacon
 - Items: Croissant Recipe

Elsa will request that Chloe come with her to the hospital, at the expense of
her being currently... not coughing. Carrying on, head to Will's house first.
He'll say that Moses and Jay aren't here yet, obviously. But anyway, go outside
and then an old man will show up, who wants to be escorted to the graveyard.
Fair enough... head over there, and you'll run into none other than Norma,
there. She'll recognize the old man and start shouting in anger. Hey sis, this
is a graveyard. You're an idiot.

She'll shout out the old man's name, which is supposedly Zamaran, who will
refer to Norma as a monkey, which causes everyone to mock Norma, with Shirley
outright saying it out loud. =) Just leave the graveyard, and after Norma
explodes in your face and refuses to talk about Zamaran, none other than
Curtis shows up. Norma absolutely owns him by if he doesn't like to be called
the BBs, to be called BS. Hahaha. I seriously laughed out loud at that one.
But anyway, he urges Senel to come to the inn, while singing about it.

Really urgent, I tell ya. Anyway, head over to the inn which is on the first
screen of town, and inside, examine the usual weird stuff for Mimi to not
appear and give you a recipe for CROISSANT. With that, head down the stairs to
the left and follow all the stairs on the right down to what appears to be a
battle arena. You'll find Giet in here without Moses, and Curtis will push
Senel into the arena. Sweet... after a very gay song by Isabella, you'll have
to fight a very happy Moses. Hilarity ensues as Moses requests cheering, and
a certain "someone" tells him to die. Guess who that is? ;) Ah well...

 Moses                                     Elements:
   HP: 34,781                               N/A
   Race: Human
   Weight: Middle

 This is a particularly easy fight, even thought it may take a long time,
 since it is one character going against a load of 34,781 HP. Moses isn't
 a threat at all; his Savage Strike and Outlaw are fairly easy to avoid, plus
 his red exclamation point attack is just a simple, easy Lone Wolf. No prob,
 but I recommend having some Pineapple Gels ready unless you want this fight
 to take hours. Heed Jay's wishes and just kick the crap outta Moses, he isn't
 that bad without Giet.

Outside, Jay will come in and claim Senel as far too nice as he didn't put
Moses out of his misery. ;) I echo. The group leaves and meets none other than
Grune outside, who hasn't changed at all. After that scene, enter Will's house
to find Jay and Norma bitching at each other, Will hitting them and then being
dissed as an old man, Jay bitching at Moses for being a dumb savage and loving
the bugs and dirt, and then an earthquake hits. You would think it would be
Curtis when he shows up, but it isn't.

You'll get a Sorcerer's Scanner right around now, which has its uses later.
Curtis and Isabella want Senel's group to investigate the tremors, which
originate from Lumen Spring aka Fallingwater, so might as well get on it. Will
even joins your party now, so that makes a party of eight. If you want some
funny stuff, make a party of all girls. But anyway, once you're ready, find
the V-shaped sign that denotes Fallingwater and the Hospital, and head to the
northwest there. Feel free to save while you're at it, but head west from here.

 XIIIe. Fallingwater
 - Items: Radish, Black Ores, Flan, Pineapple, Radish, Bow Key, Baseball Bat

The boss here is harder than average, but he happens to have a weakness to
Sea and strength against Curse. As such, Senel's Dynamic Arts and Jay's Gyoten
will help out a hell of a lot here. Don't bother with Grune quite yet, though.
Anyways, enter Fallingwater, and then Norma points out that all eight of
everyone are traveling as a group. Norma and Grune shake it with Shirley, and
Moses attempts to but gets rejected with Jay originally thinking it was his...
attire, but Shirley stating it was what happened at the start of the Legacy.

Heh, can't argue that. Still, she thinks Giet is okay, so it's all cool. When
you regain control, follow the path and get the RADISH on the way, and then at
the fork, go right and get the BLACK ORES. Yeah, I forgot to note that the
world is filled with customization items like that now, so make use of 'em.
Keep on going to the left for a FLAN, a PINEAPPLE, and a healing circle. Works
for me... move ahead to the next screen.

From here, head up the stairs in front for a RADISH at the top, and then once
you get back down, Norma will use the Sorcerer's Scanner you got from Isabella,
to find a BOW KEY, only to be dissed by Will and Jay. The Bow Key will come to
use later, so for now, press on going. Almost immediately ahead, Will ends up
dissing Norma again, and she ends up finding a monster instead of an item.
Grune really seems happy. =P Either way, the Rare Lizardman that Norma summons
is extremely easy. Just lay into it.

On one rather important note which will help out near the final battle:
remember where you first found Mimi, at the very beginning of the game, way
back in Chapter 1? Check around there and use the Sorcerer's Scanner, fight a
rare monster there, and you'll get the BASEBALL BAT for Chloe. Save this, it's
very important for a certain item you'll want to collect much, much later in
the game.

More dialogue forward with Will putting Norma under control, and you can just
keep going to the west. On this screen, just keep going north at all forks,
until you end up reaching a save point. Take advantage of that, since the boss
is right up ahead. Once you reach Lumen Spring, head to the southern shore,
and after Moses ends up jinxing everything, a bear appears, along with the
black mist. Then as for the black mist, it forms a circular enemy which, in an
eerie attempt to be downright creepy, blacks out as it merges with the bear.

 Fiend                                     Elements:
   HP: 55,650                               Weak - Sea ;; Strong - Curse
   Race: Fiend
   Weight: Massive

 Think this is another joke fight which might be emphasized by the rather
 lacking boss name? Think this is just as easy as that bear? Not on your
 freaking life. The Fiend is an extremely vicious opponent of complete
 darkness, as you may see by its appearance. It's weak against sea, though,
 and you have two characters with sea elemental attacks if you followed my
 advice and got Dynamic Arts and Gyoten. As such, I recommend turning off
 Jay's curse elemental attacks. Can't give a boss like this an upper hand.

 The Fiend itself can do a Demon Fist/Wave-esque shockwave for about 400-500
 damage, a physical attack combo which hits several characters, several times
 for about 500 damage each, an attack called True Demon Tempest which hits
 upwards for 600+ damage and gets him out of the way of your attacks, and the
 red exclamation attack of Demon Surge, which strikes forward for a very long
 radius of 700-800 damage. The Fiend is fast, so don't be worried if a few
 characters die now and then. I brought Will instead of Norma, however, for
 two reasons: he has Spread, and he has Cure which worked better for me than
 Revive. So good luck with this one.

The darkness from the Egg Bear appears, but it just gets up with the black
mist. Only be attacked by Moses and Giet, however. But either way, Will goes
over to examine it and see that it's just a normal monster, not a mutant.
After another tremor, the group leaves, but Grune is lagged by that dark
figure we saw at the beginning. Does it seem to you that Grune... has some
connection with the black mist? Ah well, we'll see. Watch the scenes, which
end with Harriet at Vista Point, and then the character quests truly begin.

          ~-~ ~-~ ~-~  XIV. Walkthrough (Will's Quest) ~-~ ~-~ ~-~

Will's quest opens as Senel is lying on the floor, asleep all the way until
noon, when Shirley runs in and wakes him up. Of course she didn't need to,
because it really gets him in the moment when he hears Harriet screaming at
Will outside. Nothing you can do about that... now she wants to be taken to
Musette's place.

 XIVa. Werites Beacon
 - Items: N/A

Since it IS Harriet doing the demanding and all, you really have no choice but
to go to Musette's house. Once you're there, however, she starts stomping in
anger about Will for several hours. She's searching for a flower that only
blooms on the Legacy and was her mother's favorite, but Will won't let her,
so that's basically it. As Senel heads off, Will is seen in a dark room
thinking about what Harriet said, and being reminded of his wife Amelia.

In the morning, Senel wakes up to hear a baby making sounds. Supposedly,
Harriet was out stalking Will in the morning, when some strangers requested
that she take the baby to Will, because as Senel reads in a letter they left,
the parents intend on committing suicide. Ouch... as they run outside, they
run into Chloe and Elsa, the latter of who suspects Senel and Shirley have
been getting it on. ;] Chloe is just out under Alcott's request, though.

Then Will shows up, makes the same old joke, and actually allows Harriet to
come with him to find the parents, whom he's already guided to the Great
Hollow. That sounds easy enough, don't ya think? Any party will work for this
place, so might as well throw Will in there since I like to use the character
corresponding with their character quest. With the group all ready to go, just
exit Werites Beacon and take the duct to the Great Hollow.

 XIVb. Great Hollow
 - Items: Apple Gel, Charm Bottle, Blue Talisman, Dark Bottle, Climax Bottle,
          4000 Gald, Orange Gel, Life Bottle, Acuity Bottle, All-Divide, Dinei
          Bottle, Panacea Bottle, Flare Bottle, Syrup Bottle, Guard Bottle,
          Aifread's Flag, Black Ores

When you come in, Will is the same as ever, telling Harriet to be careful with
the baby, and it ends with Moses and Jay squabbling, as always. Carrying on,
take the elevator down, and here I'll note a few things, since this is the
first real dungeon of the character quests: all the treasure chests have been
refilled, very frequently with good items that can be used in customization,
for any given character's ultimate weapons later, or for other fantastic items
overall. So pay attention to those.

Also, Chaotic Zones are now red and have more dangerous items, as usual. And
there are a few without items behind them, but you can use the Sorcerer's
Scanner behind those for extras, so it's all cool. When you emerge, take a left
for an APPLE GEL and then through the Chaotic Zone on the left for a CHARM
BOTTLE. Excellent items, those. Return to the entrance fork and head up through
the Chaotic Zone, then through another duplicate, for a BLUE TALISMAN. With
that in hand, return to the entrance and head east this time.

Follow the path until it splits, and head left at it for a DARK BOTTLE. Now
take the path on the right and then just keep following it, ignoring the path
to the left, and go through the Chaotic Zone for a CLIMAX BOTTLE. Return to
the path and head left this time, and once you reach the three-way fork there,
left and down are both obsolete, so head up, grab a chest for 4000 GALD, and
feel free to save. With that done, keep going down for an ORANGE GEL, and then
to the elevator on the left.

Down here, the group rests while Will, Moses, and Giet go on and scout ahead,
which ends in Will having to comfort the baby because Harriet's irritation
makes it uneasy, and Moses being a wuss. Let's move on, shall we? At this three
way fork, head left first for a LIFE BOTTLE and then down for an ACUITY BOTTLE,
then continue to the right. Keep going all the way to the far right and through
a Chaotic Zone, to find... nothing?! Au contraire. Use the Sorcerer's Scanner
at the end there to find an ALL-DIVIDE.

Now head back to the flower fork a little bit back, and take the lower path
for a DINEI BOTTLE. Now head over to the far left for a PANACEA BOTTLE, then
back up a little and north. Get the FLARE BOTTLE along the way and keep going
northeast until you come to yet another usual fork. Head southwest for this
one, and just keep on going until you reach a flower with a SYRUP BOTTLE to
the right, and a GUARD BOTTLE over to the left. Now just take the elevator to
the southwest down to enter the cave area, where you'll find the parents of the
baby being attacked. Might as well help.

 Ancient Pup                               Elements:
   HP: 59,488                               N/A
   Race: Phynx
   Weight: Middle

 This is an exceptionally easy boss, which flies and is thus slightly
 difficult to hit, but while it has even more HP than the Fiend, it's not
 nearly as hard, because for one thing, its red exclamation point attack
 does about 400-500 damage maximum, and only hits one character. Sure, this
 fight might take a while because of the fact it's hard to hit, but it's
 not one that will put up a huge fight.

Whenever you hear someone on a forum tell you that Will's quest is the best in
the game, this is why, this is the sheer pinnacle of his quest. He talks to
the parents, who apparently left the baby with Will so that she'd be happier,
and he strangles the father, yells about how insane he is, and preaches to him
what the meaning of family is. Very impacting, I must say. He then goes over
to the Ancient Pup, noting that he's seen something of the same species in the
Thunder Monument. Guess that's next.

Harriet seems to have "slightly changed her opinion on Will", so that's good.
But anyway, there are a couple things to do before we leave. On this same
screen, head to the far right and use the Sorcerer's Scanner to run into a
Block Turtle. After that, enter Poppo's Workshop through the left, and open the
chests for an AIFREAD'S FLAG and a BLACK ORES. Rest with the Oresoren if you
want, but something else to find is where you fought the Grand Gaet, you can
use the scanner to fight a rare monster called a Siren. With that, you'll have
to backtrack all the way out, but ah well. Head to Werites Beacon.

 XIVc. Werites Beacon
 - Items: Ogre Sword

Inside, the parents go off, and Norma disses Will as being "old", only to get
promptly hit on the head. Meanwhile, Harriet is in Musette's house, pondering
about how to make up with Will, and then getting a bright idea. The Thunder
Monument, anyone? As Senel wakes up, as tired as ever, just head to the
fountain plaza to meet Harriet. Head over there, witness how similar she is to
her mother, and you'll be off to the Fallen Lands to get a Lesser Pup. And no,
Will is not in the party now, so what I brought were the four iron erens.

Enter the Fallen Lands, but before going to the Thunder Monument, head first
to the Geoglyph Area, aka the place opposite from Coast. In there, use the
Sorcerer's Scanner below the geoglyphs for an OGRE SWORD, which is a
particularly good weapon for Jay. That's pretty much it for that kinda stuff;
head on over to the Thunder Monument.

 XIVd. Thunder Monument
 - Items: Scallop, Pineapple, Lemon Gel, Pineapple Gel, Thief's Cape, Thunder
          Cape, Melange Gel, Force Ring

As it turns out, Will clearly doesn't know that the group is here. So in any
case, enter the Thunder Monument to find it's the same linear place as always.
Take the cloud at the entrance for a SCALLOP, and then keep return and head up
the path, getting the PINEAPPLE, and then following a very obvious path until
you reach the two clouds down a long path. Take the one on the left and head
straight to the door, and after a conversation which ends up in Norma, Moses,
and Jay on Harriet, enter the next door to end up with Senel and Moses fighting
to get the Ancient Pup, which gets scared back by a dragon. Naturally.

 Fafnir                                    Elements:
   HP: 69,475                               N/A
   Race: Dragon
   Weight: Special

 This fight is a hell of a lot harder than the one against the Ancient Pup,
 because for one thing Fafnir has a lot of HP and defense to cap it all off,
 as well as the usual Swarm of Fangs attack, which is just plain lethal. I
 brought along four iron erens and it worked for me, but if not for you,
 replace either Moses or Jay with Norma for Revive. Jay in particular is very
 vulnerable, so keep an eye on your HP at all times. A simple Climax Combo
 works particularly well, for close to 14,000 damage.

After that battle, Harriet just about gets the Ancient Pup, when Fafnir gets
up again and attacks, breaking Harriet's hairpin. And as Senel slays it, the
black mist dissipates from it. That seriously blows, since this was all one
big failure. Anyway, ignoring the switches in here, collect the six treasures
MELANGE GEL, and a FORCE RING. Once again, you have to backtrack, but who the
hell cares. Return to Werites.

 XIVe. Werites Beacon
 - Items: Crepe Recipe

Enter, and you'll see that Will is waiting for you, knowing that you left the
city. He tends up pulling Harriet away, furious at her. From there, head on
to Will's house to find him yelling at her, which ends in Harriet telling him
to die, and running away. Guess the Thunder Monument ordeal didn't help. Over
at Musette's house, she's equally furious. Leave and go back to Will's house
again, after Senel and Shirley try to console Will and Harriet, and you'll find
the second floor door which has always been locked, is open.

Inside you'll find Will, and he'll explain all his history around the mainland
and Amelia's funeral to Senel and Shirley, and then go out for a walk. The
group returns to Musette's house automatically to get Harriet, so after that
scene, return to Will's house and go to the second floor room. Inside, Harriet
starts to freak out but then starts to understand Will a little more again.
Meanwhile, Will is at Vista Point near the flowers, seeing that they're dying.
He then sees the figure in the black mist again... representing his grief, I
would suppose?

Will then has another flashback of Amelia, in which he promised to her that
he'd keep the flowers safe even after she died. So in the morning, Will
requests that the group go to the Waterways and check out the water. While
you're here, though, you might want to go to the lower floor of the Werites
Beacon inn, examine the milk carton to get a recipe for CREPE, and go to the
battle arena, feeling free to fight the Beginner match for various useless
items. Intermediate is still out of your league though, so after you're done
here, head on over to the Waterways.

 XIVf. Waterways
 - Items: Elixir, 2000 Gald, Orange Gel, All-Divide, Climax Bottle, Syrup
          Bottle, Climax Bottle, All-Divide, Holy Ring, Acuity Bottle, Melange
          Gel, Syrup Bottle, Dinei Bottle, Purple Ores, Chalk, 3000 Gald,
          Lavender, Flare Bottle, Toast, Melange Gels

There's another boss at the end of the Waterways who has a weakness to Sea,
so if you happen to have Grune's Aqua Laser (very easy and should have had for
ages now), and Brilliant Lance (Sea Gaets from chapter 6, and Dragons can be
found in the Fallen Lands), those can help. Otherwise, my party was Senel,
Will, Chloe, and either Jay or Grune, depending on whether you have Brilliant
Lance or not. Level 47-48 is decent at this point, so when ready, enter through
the passage up ahead with the green light around it.

Will rushes ahead in the same kind of way you might expect from Moses. Odd
enough. Anyway, the enemies in here are annoying as hell. There are Mandrakes
in here that cast not only Extension, which can cause instant death, but Big
Bang, which is the second or third strongest spell in the entire game, doing
about 1000-1200+ damage to whomever gets hit by it. Watch the hell out for
that. Also, in Chaotic Zones there are Peepit Ere Spirits which use Black Hole,
doing about 1300-1400 damage to a character. Quite dangerous.

Anyway, I'm done ranting for now, but I'll say that this may be the most
difficult dungeon yet. With that, head to the left at the entrance and save,
then go through a Chaotic Zone, immediately down below through another one for
an ELIXIR. Return to the path and head left for 2000 GALD and an ORANGE GEL,
then keep going through yet another zone for an ALL-DIVIDE and a CLIMAX BOTTLE.
Now keep going to the right through yet two more Chaotic Zones, for an ELVEN
CAPE and an ANGEL'S TEAR, the latter of which is a fairly good sword for Chloe
and the former of which is a relatively decent accessory.

Now you have to backtrack all the way to the save point. I got no problem with
that, since I was just about to throw my controller at the TV in fury screaming
"Red Spider Lily bullcrap". Anyway, head south from the entrance and get the
SYRUP BOTTLE on the right, and one extremely long path to the left later, enter
a new screen and reach the fork, only for Will to not be excited by a very
rare Egg Bear, and for Grune to smell something only for Jay, Norma, and Chloe
to diss Moses as being the cause of it. Awww...

Head to the right while ignoring the stairs, and on the next screen head down
past the Chaotic Zone and to the far left to reach a new area. Keep following
the path through another Chaotic Zone, also getting the CLIMAX BOTTLE on the
way, then yet two more zones, coming to a rather disappointing ALL-DIVIDE and a
HOLY RING. Now return all the way to the last fork, then start going up, and
when you reach the room where Shirley and Fenimore were held, enter and use
the Sorcerer's Scanner in the middle to summon the rare Egg Bear. Beat it for
a Bear Mask, which is a decent helmet, good customization item.

Exit that room, making huge use of the healing circle and save point, then
keep going around that curve, getting the ACUITY BOTTLE along the way. With
that, keep going until you reach a fork, for taking a left and heading up.
Go all the way around this area to reach a MELANGE GEL, then over on a path
to the right is a SYRUP BOTTLE. Heading over up, there's a chest on the left
with a DINEI BOTTLE, and also a puzzle booth dead ahead. Before that, though,
take an exceptionally long path to the right for a PURPLE ORES.

Now head back and enter the Puzzle Booth. This is a particularly easy one;
hit the reflector at the upper left to hit the first crystal; the second
crystal can be hit a few squares up from the entrance, and by standing on the
square left of the exit duct, you can shoot over and bounce the Sorcerer
Ring blast off two reflectors to hit the third. Where have we seen this
before? Yeah, probably me ranting about it a few years ago.

After that, head down through a Chaotic Zone for a QUILL, which is a weapon
for Shirley, then back up and to the right. Keep following this path and then
at the fork, head up and just keep going until you reach another fork, which
is down-right this time. Head right first for 3000 GALD, then down and follow
that path over to a Chaotic Zone. Get the LAVENDER behind it, then go down for
a FLARE BOTTLE, and you can pretty much follow the path down until you reach
yet another new screen.

Did I ever mention that I absolutely detest this place? I'm not responsible
if there's a big pile of hair, or glass around you now. =) Anyway, that path
leads you to a left-up fork, in which you can head up through a Chaotic Zone,
and then right for a TOAST. Now head to the left and then down for a MELANGE
GEL, going back to the main path again. Take another left there, and you'll
find a healing circle and save point... oooh. Head down now, to find a huge
array of dark mist which takes the form of Will. Guess that's a fight.

 Dark Will                                 Elements:
   HP: 43,776                               Weak - Sea ;; Strong - Curse
   Race: Human
   Weight: Middle

 This fight is surprisingly rough for what it is, although you might expect
 more after such a horrible dungeon like this one. Dark Will's hammer attacks
 aren't very powerful (400-500), but they can knock characters down, which
 sucks. If that wasn't bad enough, his magic is deadly. He uses Freeze Lancer
 which is around 800-900 damage, Indignation for upwards of 1100 damage,
 and Eruption, which is around 1400 damage. He also uses Lightning, which can
 hit an area around him for around 300 damage fairly quickly.

 As for taking use of Dark Will's weakness to Sea, Senel's Dynamic Arts are
 powerful, Will has Spread, Chloe has nothing, Grune has Brilliant Lance and
 Aqua Laser, and Jay has his Gyoten if you want to equip that, although you
 have to seal his curse elemental stuff. Dark Will doesn't have much HP, so
 it won't take that long to end this fight even if you didn't bring Grune, or
 even if you didn't use Climax Mode. 

After that, the mist only grows thicker, but Will refuses to move. He walks
into the mist and then sees the dark figure, but his resolve keeps him alive,
destroying the mist. After that, he returns to Werites and the ending of his
quest takes place as he completely makes up with Harriet. I won't go into any
details, but enjoy the FMV, since it's not bad stuff. Best of all, the game
shows enough mercy as to not make you backtrack through the Waterways. =) I
love you. <3

           ~-~ ~-~ ~-~  XV. Walkthrough (Norma's Quest) ~-~ ~-~ ~-~

Although Will's quest doesn't technically end in the Waterways, it's pretty
much over after that FMV in Vista Point, so Norma's quest really starts when

you start at Senel's new house in Werites Beacon, and the stuff between Will
and Harriet is wrapped up. And yes, despite this quest being shorter than
usual, I made it longer cuz I can.

 XVa. Werites Beacon
 - Items: N/A

Norma's quest technically doesn't start here, but bah, who cares. It starts
off in Senel's new house, because he moved here due to Harriet now moving in
to Will's house. The group calls together lunch, which ends in one of the most
hilarious scenes in the whole game, from Jay's first quote to Harriet trying
to make Will, Giet, Moses, and Grune try her cooking, and ending in Moses
running out and in while looking berserked, then coming in thinking he was a
goner, only to get smacked by Will. Poor Moses, he just always has to be

Elsa ends up coming in, saying that there's commotion at the entrance of
town. Might as well check it out... head there, and you'll meet none other
than Fenimore's sister Thyra, who comes here to whine about how Shirley is
living with Orerines and how Fenimore meant nothing to her. Bah, move the hell
on. Everyone stands with Shirley on this burden though, and as she goes over
to Fenimore's grave with Senel, you'll run into Norma there, who's looking at
the grave of a man named Sven.

After that, Senel goes to bed again and gets awakened extremely nicely, with
Moses telling Giet to bite his head when he can't get up, and then Senel
waking up having a dream that Giet was gonna bite him. LOL. In any case, Norma
has a request for the group, so head on over to the fountain plaza. In there,
Norma will yell at Zamaran for awhile, together with Grune noting that Moses
and Jay actually agree on something. ;] For ages on Norma actually telling you
what she wants, she wants you to help her find the Everlight, in the Man-Eating
Ruins. Enjoy the flashback at the entrance as you go... and also, ducts rock.

 XVb. Man-Eating Ruins
 - Items: Flare Bottle, All-Divide, Climax Bottle, Aifread's Flag, Life Bottle,
          Shell Bottle, Love Love Straw, Lure, Purple Ores, Rebirth Doll, Red
          Ores, Lei

Before stepping in here, this is Norma's quest after all, and I really
recommend that her offensive stuff can hold a candle to Will's or Grune's. I
suggest making an effort to learn Blizzard, which is a very grueling task as
the best place to find Mandrakes is in none other than the Waterways, but
having it is worth it. There's also Ray, which is even more helpful in the
long run, but even more psychologically dangerous if you want to go after Red
Spider Lilies. So it's your choice.

Once you enter, Norma is really encouraged but ends like Moses, with no one
feeling any love for her whatsoever, except Grune. Ah well, can't pity every
lost soul. =P Enter the ruins, and follow a relatively long path to a
left-right fork, in which you can head left for a FLARE BOTTLE. Over to the
right is another fork, with the right having a Chaotic Zone in front of it. Go
through that for an ALL-DIVIDE, then back up and take the upper path. Follow
that until you reach a Chaotic Zone on the left, with a CLIMAX BOTTLE behind.

Return to the path and keep going to the next screen, which defines how
unloved some people are. Head up the ramp to find a trap, in which Norma tries
to disarm only to have Moses fall into it, and Jay deny that anyone was
afflicted. After Moses and Jay fight a little more, and Norma thinks about
Sven some more, we continue. Head to the next screen, which was that huge
maze of treasure everywhere. And it still fails to disappoint. Start by heading
right through a Chaotic Zone.

Behind it, use the scanner for an AIFREAD'S FLAG, and now take the lower path
to the right for a LIFE BOTTLE. Now head straight up from there and to the
right for a SHELL BOTTLE, then down again to the middle walkway and to the
right, finding a fork. Head to the far right and then up for a LOVE LOVE
STRAW for Norma, and then back to the left and then up for a LURE and a
PURPLE ORES, and then left and to the top walkway. Go left first through two
Chaotic Zones for a REBIRTH DOLL, then go to the right past a save point for a

Lotsa treasure there, including a weapon for Norma and lots of customization
material. Gotta love it. Heal and save up, then head straight ahead for a
Puzzle Booth... and this one is confusing as hell despite not even having any
crystals to play around with. You've got to clear out the blocks to get to the
exit duct, and that's a very difficult task. You should start, however, with
trying to make at least some of these blocks even mildly accessible, which is
a chore considering that there are very few stairs here.

I have to be extremely vague here to avoid this strategy taking half an hour
to read, so basically your first goal is to get all the blocks onto land.
And that's not too difficult if you play around with the others to form
bridges, it's just mildly time consuming. Don't forget that there's a path
to get to them if you have to bar the paths in, making them inaccessible, above
and below the two sides of the room, which allow you to get them down. And
with all of them on the floor, you have to pull them along the middle of the
room to form a bridge and push the blocks out.

Once you have one of the two upper blocks pushed out, you can head around and
to the corresponding set of stairs and reach the exit duct. Good luck, this
puzzle is particularly painful. When you emerge, examine the center of the
room with the scanner to find a Lovebird and Lovebird Chick to get Senel's
very useless LEI weapon, and also the title of Flower Master. Screw those.
Continue to the next room, and Norma will set off a trap that attracts
monsters. Poor hon.

 Bloody Bed                              Elements:
   HP: 11,459                             Weak - Ice ;; Strong - Fire
   Race: Mimic Bed
   Weight: Special

 Mindflayer                              Elements:
   HP: 40,315                             N/A
   Race: Ere
   Weight: Light

 This is possibly the easiest boss fight since Cashel from chapter 4, or
 Zephyr Mammon from chapter 5. The Bloody Bed has less HP than that Mimic Bed
 you fought way back the first time you came here, believe it or not, and
 does nothing really but lower your CST. Yeah, that means how long it takes
 to cast spells... laughable. The Mindflayer has the Ray spell, which does
 about 800-900 damage, but spends more time physical attacking for around 50
 damage. What a complete, utter joke.

Norma tries to disarm some more stuff only to find that the Everlight isn't
here, and to get hit by Will. She thinks this might dumbfound her, but Jay
guarantees it won't make her as bad as Moses, so it's all good. Anyway, now
you need to go back to Werites, but I can't cover EVERY return trip there in
a different section, so that stays right here. Before you leave though, examine
the upper part of this room with the Sorcerer's Scanner for a TURQUOISE. With
that in your inventory, scram it on outta this place.

Back at Werites Beacon, Norma runs into Zamaran, who taunts her on her
foolish quest for the Everlight, as he usually does. Then Norma goes to bed
and has a flashback of Sven, with him acting like a complete pedophile. You
can see where the idiot comes in. Back with Senel, he's sleeping only to
abruptly awaken and irritate Chloe. Heh. Anyway, feel free to check the armor
shop and buy some Star Helms are stuff which are now available, but otherwise
go to Will's house. After Norma tells a fake sob story with some truth hidden
in it, head to the Fallen Lands.

 XVc. Fire Monument
 - Items: Radish, Radish, Radish, Red Ores, Charm Bottle, Sage, Savory, Jet
          Boots, Flare Cape, Red Ores, Red Ores

YES! I know our next destination is the Ice Monument because that's where the
Everlight is, but you never go to the Fire Monument in the whole character
quest. As such, right before the Ice Monument and in a shorter character
quest, no less, is a good a time as any to get some treasure there, which comes
in the form of herbs, which are both good for stats and customization. So
stick in a party of Senel, Chloe, Norma, and Jay or Grune, and we're good to
go. Or Will, if he has Final Embrace yet.

Enter the Fallen Lands and head southwest to the Fire Monument, picking up a
very creative set of treasure chests for a RADISH, a RADISH, and a RADISH.
How wonderful. Inside the Fire Monument, go through the usual linear screen
for a RED ORES and a CHARM BOTTLE, then in the area with now useless switches:
a SAGE, a SAVORY, a pair of JET BOOTS, a FLARE CAPE, a RED ORES, and a RED
ORES. That's it... now over to the Ice Monument, shall we?

 XVd. Ice Monument
 - Items: Aifread's Flag, Freeze Cape, Lemon Gel, Flare Bottle, Syrup Bottle,
          Miracle Gel, Happi, Blue Ores

As soon as you enter, everyone sorta gets a bad feeling about going through
here. And tell you what, you can't exactly blame them. Enter and take the
usual linear path through an AIFREAD'S FLAG and a FREEZE CAPE, and in the next
room, Norma kicks a wall and ends up with Moses getting hit in the butt no less
than three times with icicles, and Jay attempting to use him as a human shield.
Not bad. In the next room, get the LEMON GEL, FLARE BOTTLE, SYRUP BOTTLE,
MIRACLE GEL, HAPPI (robe, best for Jay), and BLUE ORES. And at the top, the
black mist which Grune has already forgotten, merges with another bear.

 Bear Fiend                                Elements:
   HP: 80,406                               Weak - Fire ;; Strong - Ice
   Race: Fiend
   Weight: Massive

 This fight is even more difficult than the one at Lumen Spring, and that's
 for several reasons. First of all, the Bear Fiend has an attack which
 enables it to zoom all the way across the field, so your crystal erens are
 in trouble. Speaking of which, the Bear Fiend also has a weakness to fire,
 which is less easily utilized than sea. As such, you need a good party.
 Senel is good as always, Jay has Pyre and Flame Dagger, Norma has Revive
 which is very useful, as well as Fire Wall, and Grune has Eruption. Still,
 two crystal erens might be dangerous, so it's really your choice. You could
 consider Will instead of Grune if he has Eruption himself, which is unlikely.

 The Bear Fiend still has Demon Surge which is still 700-800 damage, the
 shockwave which isn't wonderful, and a combo which is annoying as all hell.
 However, another extremely annoying thing he can do now is a Sword Rain-esque
 attack, which is very dangerous. But the worst thing possible is the power
 charge, which will hurt you worse than anything. Play this out defensively
 and take use of Climax Mode; I managed it twice in this fight, and it helped
 a hell of a lot.

After that fight, Norma is just about to find what she thinks is the Everlight,
but instead gets encased in ice, poisoned, and with an icicle stuck in her
shoulder. Now she's unavailable for use in the party. =( Ah well, Will works,
so does Jay or anyone else not included in that fight, Chloe possibly. Not
much else to do here; just leave and head back to Werites Beacon to take Norma
to Alcott.

 XVe. Werites Beacon
 - Items: N/A

When you arrive, the group runs into Alcott, who offers to take Norma. In the
meantime, Senel goes off with Chloe. Head to the hospital, which is northeast
at the sign which marked northwest was Fallingwater. Inside, Alcott will
identify the poison and give you an antidote, and you can head to the inn.
Senel and Shirley will give her the antidote, and then after some more talking,
they return to her room only to find her gone, as she snuck out the window,
not knowing the details about the poison. What an idiot.

Still, Norma left a notebook in which Shirley looks at, to find that Norma
was all this time, deciphering Relares. Everyone splits up to look for her,
and in the graveyard, Norma has another flashback of Sven, and the figure in
black appears to her just as it did to Will. After that scene, the group meets
up in the morning having no luck, and then runs into Zamaran, who suggests
looking in the graveyard.

Now head there, to find Norma covered in black mist. Chloe gives her the
poison, however, so now she can be taken back to the inn. Exit the graveyard,
and then she decides to completely give up on her search for the Everlight.
After yelling at the group a bit, Zamaran then shows up and claims Norma has
no more right to talk about Sven. Of course, he's only encouraging her. As for
where Norma went... it's to the alpha and the omega. Crystal Forest.

 XVf. Crystal Forest
 - Items: Red Saffron, Technical Ring, Flare Bottle, Blue Ores, Speed Bracers,
          Holy Bottle, Blue Ores, Life Bottle

As the group enters, Giet picks up Norma's scent, so you know you're on the
right track. Still, while this place is not nearly as bad as the Waterways in
terms of a final dungeon for a chapter, it's still a bit of a maze. Start by
heading left through two Chaotic Zones for a RED SAFFRON and a TECHNICAL RING,
the latter of which is an Intelligence increasing accessory, which rocks. Go
back to the entrance and head up this time, and on that next area, head to the
left for a FLARE BOTTLE and a BLUE ORES.

Keep going up, through a Chaotic Zone, and then take a right. Follow the path
and go off to the branch on the left to save if you wish, but just keep
following onward, and there Giet will sniff out that Norma is still a ways
ahead. Ah well, take a left through a Chaotic Zone for the SPEED BRACERS,
which are particularly crappy, but useful in customization if you want a real
good weapon for Senel later. Now head to the upper left until you reach a fork,
in which you can head down for a HOLY BOTTLE. Just head up from there.

When you reach a Chaotic Zone, go down through it and use the scanner for a
BLUE ORES, then head back up and keep taking the path forward. On the next
screen, take either path forward, and then veer left for a LIFE BOTTLE. Head
to the next area, for Giet to find out that Norma went inside the crystal
here. Definitely save, and then enter and follow the path to find Norma inside,
asleep. She wakes up after dreaming of death, takes the antidote, and gets
followed by black mist, which materializes similarly to Will. Guess what...

 Dark Norma                                Elements:
   HP: 52,619                               Weak - Sea ;; Strong - Curse
   Race: Human
   Weight: Middle

 This fight is a hell of a lot easier than the one against Dark Will, but it
 still has the potential to be a tad rough. A party of Senel, Norma, Chloe,
 and Jay works well here -- I would have taken Grune instead of Norma, but
 Grune doesn't really have that many Sea elemental spells quite yet, and plus
 Norma has Revive, Resurrection, and Ray. Not that you'll need them much,
 though, since Dark Norma is weaker than Dark Will in every way possible,
 starting with physical attacks.

 Dark Norma's straw is about 600-700 damage, not too bad. From what I
 observed, Dark Norma's spells include Fire Wall (450-500), Ray (several hits
 for 300-350), and Ground Dasher (about 1200-1400). That's not a terribly
 dangerous arsenal. Meanwhile, turn off Norma's Dark Force spell, and make
 sure that Senel has his Dynamic Arts weapon equipped. Chloe and Jay can act
 as usual while Senel uses Wyrm Crush and Beast Impact among other killer
 eres, and Norma herself uses Ray and Revive. You shouldn't have a problem
 pulling through this one in one piece. Just wait til you get to Dark Chloe...

The group runs back inside, and Norma requests Moses to throw a spear into the
flame, contrary to Jay's belief that Moses should just throw himself into it.
However, the black mist appears around Norma again to counter her doubt, and
as Senel and Grune tell her to fight her fear and remember her feelings, she
remembers Sven. Norma then comes to, the flames disappear, and then a red
portal appears. Hop into that, and on the next screen, follow the path for
Norma to read more Relares, and jump in the new portal.

In here, Norma will finally find the Everlight, as well as Sven's writing,
and then start crying. Shirley reads Sven's... attitude, and after a scene,
the group comes in with Zamaran, to the cavern of the Everlight. And as it was
Sven's wish, Norma uses her wish from the Everlight to make Zamaran lose his
blindness. And Norma's quest ends with her becoming friendly with Zamaran
again, which was kind of what Sven wanted. And with that, we fade out to
Senel's house again, after you collect a fragment of the Everlight.

          ~-~ ~-~ ~-~  XVI. Walkthrough (CQ Interlude) ~-~ ~-~ ~-~

Although this interlude focuses more on Shirley than anyone else, it's really
no one's character quest. It's also astoundly short, so before you know it
you'll be on Chapter 12 of the 15 chapters that this game has to offer. Anyway,
Grune comes in to wake Senel up, being that he didn't awake from a tremor.
Reminds me of myself. Shirley comes in, gets mad, and we begin.

 XVIa. Werites Beacon
 - Items: N/A

Leave Senel's house after the interlude really begins, and you'll run into a
man in a green cloak, who ends up staring at Shirley, pissing Senel off, and
just asking for directions to the graveyard. If you notice, he's the same guy
from Port-on-Rage, and as he leaves, Senel notes that he doesn't like him
much. You'll find who that man is later in the character quest; for now, just
go on over to Will's house. Before that, however, feel free to stop by the item
shop and customize an Aqua Shell.

The Aqua Shell is essentially the same as the Dynamic Arts (in fact, it
requires you to remove those), as it has the Sea elemental attack, but it has
a slightly higher attack power, so it's all good. Also, check by the weapons
shop to find it has the Last Fencer sword for Chloe available. Now, really
for Will's house. =) Once there, you'll find Moses and Csaba there, talking
about how members of the bandits have been attacked, and they suspect it's
Giet. That... sucks.

Enter the house, and it seems Norma's gone, so it's off to the inn to find
her. When you get there, it's one of the game's more entertaining scenes, as
Zamaran requests to rent a room for five gald a year (remind you of anyone?)
and the innkeeper says that's the most idiotic deal he's made, since a certain
person wanted to buy the whole inn for five gald. Any guesses as to who THAT
is? ;] Either way, Norma joins you here, so just head on back to Will's house.
Back there, none other than our jackass friend Maurits has requested an
audience at the Village of the Ferines. Guess that's settled.

Before leaving for the village, though, I'd say at this point Senel is tough
enough to take on the Single Intermediate Match in the inn's battle arena.
The first match is against a Dandarantula, which is easily the toughest fight
of the three. Using a Climax Mode, however, it's a pushover, plus Rending
Earth's 2200+ damage after that makes it particularly easy. The Ves Diva
fought afterwards isn't hard if you handle it right, guard before its attacks,
and finish it before it can turn you to stone. And the Peepit at the end is a
joke; just corner it and you'll never see it attack again.

You're definitely ready for the Party Intermediate Match at this point... the
first match is against two Hoppers and two Hopperflies, and it's the hardest
match. It's really a toss up of whether to include Will or Norma, as these
creatures inflict poison and Will's Recover can instantly neutralize that,
but Norma has Resurrection, so that's better in the long run. The next battle
is against a series of Burning Eryngi, and Kes/Ves Elements. Blizzard, Final
Embrace, it all works. And the third fight is against an Electric Angler and
two Peepit Chicks. Moving on, get outta here and go to the village.

 XVIb. Village of the Ferines
 - Items: Textile, Revive Ring

Enter only to find Moses immediately dissed. The poor man, nobody likes him.
Head inside the actual village, watch the scene, and I really have to concur
with Norma here. Thyra comes in yelling at Shirley instantly also, only to be
told off by Maurits. As much as I hate to, I actually have to start talking
about Maurits like a normal NPC now. ;] He invites you to the tent, so...
can't screw him now. However, there are a couple things to do first.

Talk to the Shy Peddler to the right of the entrance, and while the majority
of his stuff is junk, he sells Unicorn Horns for 1,500 Gald apiece, and I
strongly suggest buying 15 of them, since they're important for customizing.
Also, head to the northeast part of town and into the small tent that used to
be where Shirley was staying. Collect the TEXTILE in there and use the
Sorcerer's Scanner at the top to find a REVIVE RING. Now enter the tent to the
left of the entrance.

Here the group will talk to Maurits, surprisingly forgiving of him for being
the bastard that he used to be, since it isn't Nerifes' will to purge the
land anymore. Then Thyra runs in again, yells at Shirley, gets lectured, and
then runs off again. Shirley then leaves after her and goes over to Fenimore's
grave, so leave Maurits's tent and head to the far northern part of town, and
an earthquake will hit. Feel free to save in the tent below Shirley's, and at
the entrance, a galf attacks Thyra and becomes it own fiend. Ah well.

 Galf Fiend                                Elements:
   HP: 84,191                               Weak - Sea ;; Strong - Curse
   Race: Fiend
   Weight: Massive

 This fight, in my opinion, was substantially easier than the one against the
 Bear Fiend. It's still far from what I'd call easy (see: Bloody Bed and
 Mindflayer), but it doesn't pose much of a problem. For starters, it's weak
 against Sea again, but I still wouldn't throw Grune into the mix quite yet.
 Stick with Norma and Ray, since Revive constantly calls for use over Grune's
 lack of healing magic.

 The Galf Fiend still has Demon Surge, and tends to use that a lot more than
 its rush towards the other side of the field. And that's a good thing, in my
 book. It still has its combo, which is 600-700 damage to several characters,
 and it can now also use Thunder Blade, which is 750+ damage to a single
 character. That's really all that it has to offer, though, except the highest
 HP yet, surpassing Nerifes and the Bear Fiend. Anyway, if you got through
 Bear Fiend this will be a breeze.

Yet the black mist doesn't disappear. Shirley steps into it, however, and
clears it from Thyra, who seems to be at least marginally thankful for Shirley
saving her life. Then Grune is about to remember something but doesn't... as
she has a strange connection with the black mist. Will and Jay then bring up
the possibility that the mist is connected to human emotion, and it has a mind
of its own. After Shirley gives a very heartfelt speech to Thyra, leave the
village and head back to Werites Beacon.

         ~-~ ~-~ ~-~  XVII. Walkthrough (Chloe's Quest) ~-~ ~-~ ~-~

Don't ask why Chloe's quest takes place after Norma's and the interlude's;
it's because it flows much better after those two, and you'll see why once
this quest is all said and done. It doesn't really begin right here, but it's
obvious that it's about to start, so once you get back to Werites, it's really
one long scene.

 XVIIa. Werites Beacon
 - Items: N/A

The group departs for bed as Chloe thinks about what Shirley said back at the
Village of the Ferines, as combatting hatred with hatred is exactly what she's
been doing, for vengeance against her dead parents. As she goes to bed, she
dreams the accursed dream she's been dreaming for five years: the young Chloe
backed away from Stingle as he killed both her parents right in front of her
eyes, and then promised Chloe no mercy if she were ever to wield a sword. Then
in the morning, Elsa comes into Chloe's room, telling her that Alcott is gone.

Apparently, Alcott went off to the Hidden Fortress used in Vaclav's army. Isn't
that a bit odd? Plus Elsa makes it stranger, noting that Alcott always does
this, and comes back either exhausted or injured. She also demands to come
with Chloe, who refuses. So anyway, Harriet wakes Senel up, proving how similar
to her father she is, and you're off to Will's house to meet Chloe. On a side
note, you may have noticed how often you needed a Baumkuchen to make
customization items. You'll get that later, I promise. =) Same with Abes Wood,
three of them can be found in this CQ alone.

Head to Will's house to meet the group, and hear that Elsa went off to the
Hidden Fortress on her own. Remind you of anyone? Everyone ends up making
fun of Norma, who starts embracing Grune for comfort, and Moses letting out
his instincts. LOL at Jay right now. Anyways, if you need my update for levels
and stuff, the majority of my team was Level 57, and I brought Senel, Chloe,
Moses, and Grune for the next place. Head on over to Hidden Fortress.

 XVIIb. Hidden Fortress
 - Items: Water Ores, Spirit Ring, Verbena, Pineapple Gel, Lemon Gel, Melange
          Gel, Lure, Red Savory, Purple Ores

Head straight into the second screen to find Elsa there, still ill, yet Chloe
comes in and yells at her anyway. Plus Norma gets scolded, so props for that.
Anyways, time to continue through this particularly dreadful place. Just
follow the path and take either way when the path splits, and then head to the
right, under the bridge. I'll also note that there are quite a few earth
elemental enemies here, so if you want to pull Will in the group for
Indignation and Thunder Blade instead of Grune, be my guest.

Follow the path down and take a right when you come to the large series of
Chaotic Zones, collecting the much sought after WATER ORES after the second
one. Keep going through them, and at the end is a SPIRIT RING. Back up now,
over to the fork earlier, and up the stairs to the left. Follow that path,
collecting a VERBENA on the way, then a PINEAPPLE GEL and a LEMON GEL to the
left. With that done, enter the Puzzle Booth right ahead.

This one is a particularly manic looking puzzle. Start by bridging the gap to
get up the stairs and to the opposite ledges on the left, and then on the
other side, stand on the bottom ledge comprised of three non-movable blocks,
and at the top of the third one, aim for the crystal on the far left. Now
you'll have to go down the stairs and move those nine blocks out of the way to
clear a path to the other side. Not hard. Reach the other side, pull the block
out, get in there and shoot the crystal, and exit. Deja vu, much?

In the next area, Jay insults Moses and then goes ahead, Moses chases him in
anger, and Grune follows them. So... Elsa rests, sleeping on Chloe and talking
in her sleep. Ouch. After a slightly amusing scene, let's carry on. In the
next room, get the MELANGE GEL straight ahead, and then left through a Chaotic
Zone, to use the scanner for a LURE. Now take a right this time, noticing that
the damn alarm doesn't weigh into anything now. That makes me a happy beast.

Follow the path on the right to reach a left-up fork, and then head left
through a Chaotic Zone for a RED SAVORY. With that, take the gate at the upper
side. Take that path, collecting the PURPLE ORES on the way, and when you see
a Chaotic Zone above, go through it and use the scanner for a very pathetic
and worthless rare monster on the other side. Oh well... return to the path
and just follow it to get to the door. Inside, Will pulls back Alcott's
shoulder to see his wound... revealing a tattoo. Chloe promptly draws her
sword, only for the group to be attacked. Hah... right.

 Chariot Gaet                              Elements:
   HP: 124,610                              N/A
   Race: Grand Gaet
   Weight: Special

 Holy bejeezers! Would you take a look at that HP count. Regardless of the HP,
 however, the Chariot Gaet is a pushover, and really one of the simplest
 bosses you've encountered up to this point, much like the Grand Gaet, or the
 Volcano/Glacier/Tempest/Earthquake Gaets from chapter 6. Start the fight off
 by using a Climax Combo for nearly 25,000 damage right there. The rest of the
 fight is a bit long, but extremely easy... all that the Chariot Gaet really
 does is leap at you for about 500 damage. Not bad at all.

The Chariot Gaet just gets up again, only to be struck down by Alcott, who
bears a very familiar swordfighting technique that Senel immediately
recognizes. Guessed who he is yet? Anyway, Alcott gets the necessary stuff
from the locker, as Chloe just stands there pondering that the tattoo on
Alcott's arm is unmistakable. Now you get to backtrack all the way out of
Hidden Fortress, while in the meantime laughing at the comment Jay made to

Back at Werites Beacon, Chloe tries to accuse Alcott but doesn't. Ah well,
Jay says some things are bothering him, so the group unites at Will's house,
with Jay mentioning that Alcott seemed to know the Hidden Fortress. After Norma
ends up trying to wrestle with Chloe, Norma falls asleep and then tries to
have passionate fun with Senel, only Will and Shirley are left with Senel. They
saw the tattoo, knowing that Alcott must be Stingle. Ouch. Anyway, Senel goes
into his room with Shirley.

Chloe apparently hasn't come back, and Elsa said she was at the graveyard. So
for now, head to the graveyard which is, as usual, to the northwest above
Fallingwater, and Chloe goes nuts over a common thief, being covered in black
mist, remembering the scene where Stingle killed her parents. Senel talks with
her a bit, and then Norma mimics various people to try and get Senel out of
bed. 'Kay, now head to the hospital. Elsa is very ill, and to be healed, she
needs a Spider Cocoon from the Earth Monument, and a Flower of No Return from
the forest. Alright then, off to the Earth Monument.

However, there's a rather enjoyable boss that comes up fairly soon, and it can
become all the better if you have the Advanced Party Match completed. I won't
deny it; it's difficult, not nearly as much so as the Advanced Single Match,
but it's rough. The first match isn't terrible, the second match pits you
against several erens; get the white one first, as she uses Extension. And for
the third match, it's against a Lion Gaet and a Hard-Headed Hopper. Attack the
gaet with everything you have; Climax Mode is awesome. For that, you get the
Extreme Symbol, which halves Def/Eva and doubles Atk/Acc. It doesn't have its
complete use until the Bandits Lair in Moses' quest, though. =) Time to go now.

 XVIIc. Earth Monument
 - Items: Radish, Syrup Bottle, Panacea Bottle, Churros Recipe, Textile,
          Aifread's Flag, Red Sage, Earth Cape, Abes Wood, Yellow Ores

Watch the scenes as you enter the lighthouse and the Fallen Lands, and also
feel free to equip the Extreme Symbol on Senel. I had personally give him a
lot of Sages and plus a Black Onyx, so he had nearly 6000 HP at this point,
which gave him at least a little defense. Collect the RADISH near the monument,
and then enter. The traps are the same, so refer to the previous walkthrough
for those. The treasures are a SYRUP BOTTLE, a PANACEA BOTTLE, and at the top,
Mimi, who gives you the very important customization recipe for CHURROS. 

In the next room, Moses and Jay bitch at each other some more, only to both
be promptly smacked by Will. Chloe then stands still for awhile, thinking
about her decision to become a knight of the House of Valens. Carrying on, in
the next room which happens to have random encounters, grab the TEXTILE,
AIFREAD'S FLAG, RED SAGE (!), EARTH CAPE, the essential ABES WOOD, and a
YELLOW ORES. And right up ahead is a very angry spider, in which Moses decides
to be stupid at and throw a spear at. And it promptly becomes a fiend. =P

 Spider Fiend                              Elements:
   HP: 96,649                               Weak - Sea ;; Strong - Curse
   Race: Fiend
   Weight: Massive

 Do these fiends ever end? I brought Senel with the Extreme Symbol and Aqua
 Shell, Norma, Jay, and Grune; so turn off Norma's Dark Force and Black Hole;
 Jay's Silent Reaper, Shadow Blade, and Shadow Reaper; and everything for
 Grune except Aqua Laser and Brilliant Lance. Anyways, there's absolutely no
 difference between the Galf Fiend and the Spider Fiend. I noticed that this
 fiend cast Ground Dasher, but that's no big deal. Keep an eye on Senel's HP
 if he has the Extreme Symbol, but the damage he does will add up very, very
 well. With everyone utilizing the fiend's weakness, it'll die very soon.

Oh well, you get the Spider Cocoon anyway. However, the Earth Monument is
different from the others in that you need to go through it backwards, still,
but the traps make that slightly harder. Fortunately though, the hardest trap
is the first one instead of the last. For this, wait for the two traps to
separate, then head to the bottom left. Move to the upper right when possible,
and you can make your way out. From there, it's a straight trek back to
Werites Beacon.

 XVIId. Werites Beacon
 - Items: N/A

The group decides to go to the hospital for now, so head over there to find
Harriet, who says that Alcott hasn't returned, but he left a letter for Will,
and a letter for Chloe. Will's is how to make the medicine, but Chloe crumples
hers immediately. Not thinking on her, Senel decides to focus on Elsa, with
Moses suggesting crystal eres be used. Grune then gives Moses a hug for how
clever he is (not on your life), followed by Moses running outside, having his
day, year, whatever, made. Much, much love.

Will and Shirley attempt to heal Elsa, but to very little avail. With that,
Chloe wanders off to the graveyard, and Shirley entrusts Senel to go off after
her, since you never know what she'll do. The scene continues as Chloe goes to
the graveyard, and the black mist appears around her, materializing into her
younger form. Senel, in the hospital, asks for where Chloe is, getting an
unexpected answer from Moses, who says that she went to the graveyard, and
gets hugged again from Grune. <3

Make sure Senel has his HP and TP up, with a Black Onyx, decent skills ready
to be used, and also a choice of the Extreme Symbol, or at least a Warrior
Crest if you're paranoid about your health. Having lots of gels helps. Save
near Fallingwater, and then head to the graveyard to meet Chloe there. She'll
delve into her past a bit, and then be resolved to finish off Alcott, not
forgetting the suffering that Alcott has brought to her. And she draws her
sword, telling Senel to stop helping her. Yet Senel refuses, so Chloe has no

 Chloe                                     Elements:
   HP: 60,405                               N/A
   Race: Human
   Weight: Middle

 Wow... now that was certainly an unlikely twist of events. And I'll tell you
 now that Chloe is no pushover. First of all, she has over 60k HP for only
 Senel to play around with, but the Extreme Symbol depletes that advantage.
 Still, Chloe is no idiot. Her strongest attack is actually her normal combo
 of three physical attacks a Demon Fang, which adds up to 1400-1500 damage.
 She uses Sword Rain: Alpha as well, which will do nearly 900-1000 damage, New
 Moon Rising which isn't really anything to worry about, and last but not
 least, Phantom Blade, which is nearing the strength of Sword Rain: Alpha.

 As Senel is the only one here to fight this, you need to consider your
 strategy. My Senel had around 6500 HP because of Sages/Black Onyx, but you
 still have to use Lemon Gels or whatever else to cure yourself, since Chloe
 is completely unrelenting. Guarding is essential here, or those figures above
 will become far, far worse. Chloe can be smart enough to wait until you're
 done, though. But anyway, Chloe is quite easy to knock down. Employ Talon
 Blast, Demon Strike, Beast Impact, and the like, and that's already a fair
 sum of damage, but if you use Rending Earth right afterward, that's an extra
 2000-2500. So play this out intelligently, don't rush forward, take it slow
 and defend, and the fight will be over quickly. If you try and get reckless,
 though, you're as good as dead. Still, if you're a wimp, you don't need to
 use the Extreme Symbol...

Chloe isn't finished yet. She promptly stabs Senel, who collapses and is
thanked, because Chloe is glad that she can never return to the group again.
And with that, Shirley finds a wounded Senel in the graveyard, takes him to his
house and heals him. Everyone else is at the hospital, so go there now. No one
believes that Chloe will truly be happy if she kills Alcott, so now it's off
to the Forest of No Return, but Elsa wants to go too, figuring out what
happened. No choice but to take her along.

Before leaving for the forest, though, I'll note that it has a rather hard
boss at the end of it, however. I advise taking use of the customization shop.
Particularly, the Graduation Hat is good for Will if you intend to bring him
along, although I personally prefer Norma. Making a Reflex is a very good idea
considering that it cuts physical damage by 30%, somewhat making up for the
Extreme Symbol on Senel, and also a Kageboshi for Jay isn't bad either. The
bakery really does rock.

 XVIIe. Forest of No Return
 - Items: Yellow Ores, Yellow Ores, Abes Wood, Middy Blouse, Elven Boots,
          Purple Ores, Water Ores, Abes Wood, Lure, Water Ores
Follow the path up front and enter the next area, and after the scene, keep
on going down. Keep going until you reach the save point, and from there, head
all the way to the left. From here, head up for a YELLOW ORES, then all the way
down for a new screen. At that point, head to the right, getting another YELLOW
ORES, and reaching another screen. Once there, head to the far right for an
ABES WOOD, then back to the fork marked by a stone in the middle, and down,
then to the left for a new screen.

Here, follow the path until you reach a path going up, then take that and head
left. Then head up, and to the right through a Chaotic Zone. Go through that
and use the scanner to the northeast (very shortly to the northwest of the
water) to fight a rare monster that drops a MIDDY BLOUSE for Norma. With that,
head back to the left and up, past the blue butterflies. From there, head up
past one fork and then at the second, head right. Next screen. Head straight to
the right, don't take any forks. Next screen, head straight up. Next screen,
head straight left. Easy enough for me!

In this field, use the scanner in the crater to the southwest of where you come
in for a pair of ELVEN BOOTS. Now head to the next screen, watch as Chloe
slashes down Alcott, who has the Valens sword, and then just head to the left.
Keep going past a healing circle, and then follow to the left to find a
merchant. Head down from here, getting a PURPLE ORES and proceeding to the
right, picking up a WATER ORES along the way.

On the next screen, pick up the ABES WOOD and head to the right for a LURE.
Now go south from the Abes Wood, and on the next screen forks, head left,
then down, then left. Take use of the healing circle and save point you come
to, then go down and left for a WATER ORES. From that spot there, go right,
then down, then left, to run into Chloe and Alcott. Chloe is about to kill him
and also Elsa, with Alcott revealing why he killed her parents, but finally she
decides she doesn't want to do this, and then the darkness from her heart
appears and attacks, in the form of Dark Chloe.

 Dark Chloe                                Elements:
   HP: 66,226                               Weak - Sea ;; Strong - Curse
   Race: Human
   Weight: Middle

 This is one of the toughest fights in the entire game; I'd consider it to be
 the hardest one since Nerifes. In fact, the only reason it isn't harder than
 Nerifes, is that Dark Chloe has less HP than Nessy had. But anyway, this is
 a hella aggressive battle, and as such I think that it's only fair that I
 write down my levels, stats, and equipment up to this point. Just to service
 you lovable readers.

 Senel (Level 60)                           Norma (Level 59)
 HP: 6653/6653                              HP: 3428/3428
 MP: 506/506                                MP: 552/552
 Weapon: Aqua Shell                         Weapon: Love Love Straw
 Body: Reflex                               Body: Middy Blouse
 Head: Star Helm                            Head: Star Circlet
 Acc 1: Extreme Symbol                      Acc 1: Mystic Symbol
 Acc 2: Black Onyx                          Acc 2: Black Onyx
 Title: Berserk                             Title: Comboist

 Chloe (Level 60)                           Jay (Level 59)
 HP: 4338/4338                              HP: 4260/4260
 MP: 492/492                                MP: 460/460
 Weapon: Megant Killer                      Weapon: Kageboshi
 Body: Rare Plate                           Body: Happi
 Head: Rare Helm                            Head: Headband
 Acc 1: Jet Boots                           Acc 1: Rune Cape
 Acc 2: Black Onyx                          Acc 2: Black Onyx
 Title: Combo Master                        Title: Berserker

 You may notice that Senel had the Aqua Shell and also the Extreme Symbol. I
 personally started this fight with Climax Mode and didn't immediately use a
 Climax Combo, and trust me I didn't regret it. I did over 28,000 damage with
 the Climax Mode, whereas a simple combo would only do a little over 13,000.
 Big difference there. Feel free to use Rending Earth afterwards, for an
 extra 3,500 damage.

 After you've done that, Dark Chloe's already rather lacking HP will be
 effectively cut in half if not lower than that, but no reason to get cocky
 yet, because she's extremely fast, much more so than Chloe herself, and
 she won't hesitate to run around and slice your crystal erens up, or for
 that matter, three iron erens, for about 1500-1600 damage. If you're really
 having a lot of trouble with this fight, using an All-Divide helps, but I
 really advise having Norma ready to use Revive at all times. She'll go down
 fast if you have the Extreme Symbol and Aqua Shell, though, so with some
 wisdom on you, this won't be the hardest fight ever. Just watch out for
 the vicious Sword Rain: Alpha and also the much more common Phantom Blade.

After that, Chloe summons forth her sacred eres and banishes the dark, young
Chloe, and then wanders off. Meanwhile, Elsa is sick, so the "living" Alcott
and also Shirley take care of her. Senel goes off to find Chloe, who's rather
enjoying the familiar rain. Senel talks with her a bit, being kind and
friendly with her as always, and then a remarkable FMV starts as the rain
falls, and Chloe hugs Senel from behind. Passionate love, I tell ya.

In the morning, the group minus Senel and Chloe wanders around, then those two
show up, with Chloe saying that her purpose on the Legacy is done, now that
vengeance is taken care of. She's about to leave, as Shirley unexpectedly
walks up to her and slaps her, telling her that she can't just leave her
friends behind. Everyone dittos this, and Chloe decides to stick around. And
Chloe's quest ends, with Moses being unable to wrap it up because it's just
not in his nature. Ah well... not like Moses is short of any action. =D

         ~-~ ~-~ ~-~  XVIII. Walkthrough (Moses's Quest) ~-~ ~-~ ~-~

Yet again, Moses's quest doesn't directly start after Chloe's, but I put it
here anyway, since this opens the ground for it. Anyways, I'll say right now
that it may just be because I'm a dog lover and this quest circles quite a bit
around Giet, but this was one of my favorite quests, and the ending is very
emotional. I nearly shed a couple tears at the end, so enjoy this one.

 XVIIIa. Werites Beacon
 - Items: N/A

This place starts on a few humorous notes, being that Shirley tries to wake
Senel up, to no avail, and then goes to the fountain plaza to talk with Chloe.
She ends up apologizing for hitting her, then Chloe tells her to be more open,
and then she starts called Chloe "C". Heh, now that's going a bit too far.
It turns out that Chloe and Senel can't really get together after all, since
the kind of woman Senel likes, doesn't fight alongside him. Anyway, Senel
finally wakes up, sees no one there, the wind blows, they're at the hospital.

Head to the hospital right now, and you'll find the man in the green cloak,
who was seen in the interlude, standing there. He ends up taunting Senel,
making jokes on how worthless peoples' lives are, and then as Senel tries to
kick his ass, he just disappears in smoke. Remind you of anyone? Nah, I
didn't think so. Enter the hospital to see Elsa, then Will mentions the black
mist to Alcott, and then Grune attempts to remember something from her past,
only to end up talking to Volt's seed. Oh dear.

After Grune ends up dissing Norma in a rather clever way, Csaba runs in the
hospital screaming. Apparently, seven people from the bandits have been
attacked by a galf, Giet is missing, and everyone definitely suspects Giet,
since at this point it's possible he's turning wild. The person was attacked
in the Misty Mountains, apparently, so that's the next destination. Also, with
your new customization items, I recommend making some Churros, and then making
an Earth Javelin for Moses, and a Stole or two for Will and Jay, also perhaps
a Flan Cake, but you might want to hold onto the Flan Cake for awhile.

With all that done, leave the town to find none other than Giet right outside,
with blood on his fangs and claws. Fighting a monster, right? Jay can't help
but worry about Moses, since he's just... Moses. What more can you say?
Anyways, you can't take a duct to Misty Mountains, so just leave town and head
towards 12 o' clock to find them.

 XVIIIb. Misty Mountains
 - Items: Charm Bottle, Reflect Ring, Abes Wood, Flan, Lure, Yellow Ores, Black
          Ores, Mabo Pie Recipe

Moses and Giet instantly come across a galf in which they promptly strike
down, but Jay and Csaba don't think that's it. Oh well, that's that for that.
This place is a little harder than you might think for the first dungeon in
the whole game (except that joke Fallingwater), but it's still not rough at
all. Head on over to the second screen and take the bridge to the right through
a Chaotic Zone (first Chaotic Zone ever, omg the nostalgia), and getting a
CHARM BOTTLE on the other side.

Move on up through another zone for a REFLECT RING, then to the left for an
ABES WOOD, and up again for a FLAN. Move on to the right, and here, Moses
and Giet inspect ahead. Meanwhile, Csaba explains to the group exactly why
everyone suspects Giet. All beasts, in the end, turn wild, and Giet is even
more likely to do so because he's a grand galf, and Moses might just end up
having to fight Giet. And in his heart, it's obvious that Moses is worried
that might happen. Except he comes around saying that he'll be the single
exception to the "beasts going wild" rule. Hah, pretend I'm Jay on this one.

Use the scanner just to the left of the rock just above, to meet a rare and
rather useless monster. Carry on, to the right. In the next area, take the
bridge ahead and then go down for a LURE, then up to a new screen. From there,
head up and to the left to reach a fork. Head down there through two Chaotic
Zones for a YELLOW ORES, then to the previous screen and across the bridge
directly above, then to the left for a BLACK ORES. Now just head up, to the
left and around, and then you'll run into a monster. Not a galf, though.

 Sphynx                                    Elements:
   HP: 90,000                               N/A
   Race: Phynx
   Weight: Middle

 This is one of the biggest jokes in the entire game. I never even really
 got an opportunity to notice its attack, since its such a frail joke of a
 boss, even easier than the Ancient Pup in Will's quest, if that were at all
 possible. Moses is quite capable of hitting it despite being in the air, and
 plus if you have Senel with the Extreme Symbol, a Climax Mode makes it easy
 to hit it in midair, then use Rending Earth on it for good results. Not a
 hard fight. At all.

Giet then goes insane, taking down the Sphynx and then viciously biting away
at its dead body, disobeying Moses, and walking away on his own. Yet Moses
still doesn't seem to believe that Giet is the guilty one... quite yet. Ah
well, use the scanner at the top here for a recipe for MABO PIE, and then just
backtrack out of here, seeing Moses walk away depressed. Poor guy, I can
understand. Just head back to Werites for now.

Inside, Giet follows Moses but then just howls and runs away. The same thing
happens with Moses, who walks away as well, then Jay and Csaba leave to gather
information. Now Moses can only think back to his childhood spent with Giet.
Shirley wakes Senel up in the morning, telling him to go to Will's house, so
might as well. Head there to find a bunch of people accusing Will and Moses, as
a galf attacked some people from the city. Jay and Csaba show up, saying that
the pack of monsters led by Giet is in The Crags. Guess that's next. To get
there, head to the Far Shore of Raging Bay, up the bridge, and to 2 o' clock.

 XVIIIc. The Crags
 - Items: Water Ores, Red Verbena, Abes Wood, Baumkuchen Recipe, Red Rosemary,
          Climax Bottle, Scallop Gel, Miracle Bottle, Water Ores, Spirit
          Symbol, All-Divide, Red Lavender

I've seen grocery stores more interesting than this dungeon, but ah well, you
get something incredibly important here. It opens with Moses looking depressed,
and Norma and Jay making fun of him yet him not even responding. Weird.
Anyway, enter the Chaotic Zone above you when you enter, getting the WATER
ORES there. Then take either way to the main path and take that down. Also
note that this is likely the hardest dungeon since the Waterways, because of
Mandrakes here who use Ancient Nova, which isn't Big Bang, but still.

At the fork on the next screen, head down to the left for a RED VERBENA, then
to the path on the right. At the fork, head down first for an ABES WOOD, and
then to the upper right and onward from there. Watch a scene which ends in
Moses actually starting to fight with Jay, only for both of them to get hit
due to Norma trying to spark things up a bit, and we can continue. Head down
through the Chaotic Zone, after that, and then examine the plant on the left
for the immensely important BAUMKUCHEN recipe. Plus Moses get dissed, cool.

Head down from there to find two Chaotic Zones, neither with anything behind
them, but hey, that's why you have the scanner. Use it behind the one on the
left for a rather useless monster battle, and on the one on the right for a
RED ROSEMARY. Now head to the bottom, save, and use the healing circle, then
proceed to the next screen on the right. Get the CLIMAX BOTTLE here, and then
take your average, incredibly uneventful, colorless and flavorless path up.
See, I did properly inform you that this play is dull, but YOU DIDN'T LISTEN!

A bit up and over to the left is a SCALLOP GEL, and directly above and beyond
a Chaotic Zone is a MIRACLE BOTTLE. Then over to the right and above another
zone is a WATER ORES. I cease to be entertained. Head down and take the upper
path to the right, and on that next screen, head down through a Chaotic Zone,
then continue taking a different path up for a SPIRIT SYMBOL and an ALL-DIVIDE.
Now follow the middle path to the right, collecting a RED LAVENDER, and on the
next screen, a galf appears, who makes me think Norma is color blind.

 Fenrir                                 Elements:
   HP: 118,602                           Weak - Earth ;; Strong - Lightning
   Race: Galf
   Weight: Heavy

 Not every day that you encounter a monster that's weak against earth. That
 makes Moses's new Earth Javelin extremely convenient. Seal Norma's Thunder
 Arrow if you have her along, while using Rolling Stone and Ground Dasher if
 she has the latter. As for Will, he has virtually nothing to speak of in the
 earth elemental department, so don't bother with him. Jay with Brutal Earth
 and Wraith Earth are also good, so long as you seal Merciless Thunder. With
 those in order, you're good to go.

 Fenrir isn't a terribly hard opponent, as he isn't very fast. His attacks
 are powerful clocking in at Dark Chloe levels of 1400-1500 damage with his
 combos. Other than a rather weak Thunder Blade which he uses, that's all he
 really has to offer, except for a high HP count that's only been surpassed
 by the Chariot Gaet. I can't really picture you having that much trouble with
 this fight, but eh well, Climax Mode rocks, as do whatever earth elemental
 attacks you've got.

Fenrir drops the extremely useful Kusanagi Blade for Jay, which is his second
best weapon in the game, and to cap it all off, is sea elemental. Perfection.
But in any case, Giet shows up in a rabid form... he really is wild now, and
he has company. Moses tries to talk to Giet, only to get brutally and lethally
struck down, and his eye patch falls off, revealing a serious injury. So now
you have to backtrack all the way out of The Crags, which is serious
punishment, and you're even minus Moses in your group now. Back to Werites.

 XVIIId. Werites Beacon
 - Items: N/A

More townspeople are gathered around, because supposedly Giet attacked someone
else. Will decides to handle it, while Senel takes Moses to bed. Back in the
house, Senel asks Csaba about the scar Moses had on his eye, and then a
flashback occurs. Moses was chasing Giet, when the two got trapped by egg
bears, Moses became severely wounded and told Giet to run, but Giet took them
down and saved his life, bringing him back and waiting three days in front of
a door, for Moses to recover.

After Csaba is done with his story, the group decides to check up on Moses.
Head to the second floor of Will's room, and to the door on the left to talk
with him. Apparently Moses has lost all his confidence at this point, and as
he starts mourning about what will happen, Jay insults him only to get tackled
to a wall, promptly. Anyway, Giet howls very quickly, coming from the camp.
Ouch. Head to the park, to meet Csaba there, injured by Giet. Yep, it was
really Giet this time.

Moses becomes completely determined to stop Giet now, even after remembering
some stuff that they've done. He's ready to kill Giet, noticing that Giet's
tracks are on the floor, leading to the Bandits Lair. The alpha and the omega
once again, eh? And of course, Moses leads to talking about family, but how
could he not? In the morning, Shirley wakes up Senel, so go to Will's house for
Jay to tell you the news. Meanwhile, head for the customization shop, and with
Baumkuchens available, make a Star Mail or two. Now that you're ready, go
directly to the Bandits Lair.

 XVIIIe. Bandits Lair
 - Items: Golden Helm, Purple Ores, Radish, Paper Fan, Persian Boots, Red

The place definitely starts out well enough, with Moses and Jay pretending to
argue with each other. Kinda artificial, but Moses is actually the one doing
the dissing here. A flashback begins, from when Moses initially named Giet,
and after that, we're ready for where it all began and will all end with
Moses... take a right at the entrance, and then head down through a Chaotic
Zone. Nothing here, so use the scanner to pick up a GOLDEN HELM. Extremely
good helmet; make sure you make use of it.

From the Golden Helm, head directly up to the next area, which happens to be
the dungeon area, where Senel and Chloe were trapped into in chapter 1. Trust
me, it pays off. Follow the path and collect the PURPLE ORES, then enter the
next screen, to the left. Follow this path a bit forward to find a set of
Chaotic Zones, but I guarantee you it pays off. Enter the Chaotic Zone to your
right, and collect the RADISH on the other side. Now head up and to the left,
through the first zone there.

On the other side, use the scanner to meet a rather easy Bomb Element but get
an extremely good weapon, the PAPER FAN for Chloe, which is her third best
weapon. Excellent stuff. Now head to the left past two Chaotic Zones and open
the chest there for the PERSIAN BOOTS. If the Extreme Symbol didn't do it for
you, these will be. They effectively double your defense against everything,
so I don't care that you'll lose 1500+ HP if you remove the Black Onyx from
Senel, equip these with the Extreme Symbol, and you're absolutely unstoppable.

Now head all the way back to the entrance room, but still, I assure you what
you've done was not in vain, you got two fantastic items. =) Head up from the
entrance and then to the right at the first opportunity, and past the Chaotic
Zone is a RED SAVORY. Nothing to the very north of this room, so head back to
the main path, then left, down, and upstairs. Moses will be once again
depressed, but ah well, the group is always good at cheering the guy up, right?
Especially Jay, for obvious reasons.

Anyways, head forward to reach a puzzle booth, which is a huge tease; it looks
extremely easy but is instead, not very easy but not very hard either. =P Start
by heading over to the second block, to the upper right, and pulling it into
the space at the far upper left. With that, pull the first block up until it's
above the ledge, and then PULLING it, not pushing it, until it's right above
the ledge above. With that, head around and push/pull it to the far right, to
bridge the gap at the far right.

With the other block, which is now in the upper left, pull it out to bridge the
first gap, and then head up the stairs and over to the other side of the room.
Now, pull the third block out as necessary to bridge the gap at the far left,
and then just use the ledge to head to the exit duct. When you emerge, save
and enter the room right ahead. Giet is attacking himself, but when he sees
Moses, he momentarily goes back to normal... only to be infested again with
the black mist. The dark figure appears again, summoning Giet's dream...

 Dark Moses                                Elements:
   HP: 79,605                               Weak - Sea ;; Strong - Curse
   Race: Human
   Weight: Middle

 Rabid Giet                                Elements:
   HP: 103,487                              N/A
   Race: Galf
   Weight: Heavy

 A particularly entertaining fight, I must say. I will, however, note that
 Jay's Kusanagi Blade will really pay off, as will Chloe's Paper Fan, Moses's
 Earth Javelin, Senel's Aqua Shell, Extreme Symbol, and Persian Boots... the
 list goes on. Plus Norma with Revive and Ray is as good as ever, but anyway,
 enough mindless pratter. I'll say right now that between Dark Moses and Rabid
 Giet, by FAR the bigger threat is Giet. His combo is 600-800 damage, but
 that's not half of it. He can charge at the group for around 1000-1200
 damage, but is that all?

 Hell no, he uses Demon Lance, which is 1200+ damage, and also Black Hole,
 which can do past 1600-1800 damage. Very dangerous stuff. And to top it all
 off, he has more HP than Dark Moses and also isn't weak against Sea. As for
 Dark Moses, he's one big pushover who uses Wild Rain, Lone Wolf, and all the
 rest of it, but that's maybe 600-700 damage tops. No big threat at all. It'll
 be really good if you can focus on both Dark Moses and Rabid Giet
 simultaneously, and Senel's Wyrm Crush is particularly good for that. Both
 of them are also vulnerable to Rending Earth, so that also works. Magic can
 bind them well, as long as it isn't Black Hole or anything. So don't worry
 too much about this one.

The battle ends, with the group mentioning the black mist, and then Grune going
over and getting another seed from the air, talking to Gnome this time. He's
retained his Symphonia attitude to some extent. In any case, Moses then says
that Giet could go wild any time, and can't take him back, and then starts
fighting him. Only to turn out that it was one great big joke. Hahaha. Classic
Moses for you. However, that's still an issue, so Giet has to be taken to the
Fallen Lands, where no one lives.

What follows was, to me, possibly the most emotional, touching scene in the
entire game. In the Fallen Lands, Moses says goodbye to Giet, telling him to
remember when they ate, slept, bathed, fought together... and he leaves Giet
with a memento of him, a piece of his hair. If that wasn't enough, the FMV
will be, as Giet howls, Moses is about to cry, and the two walk away. Then
back at Werites Beacon, Csaba meets up with the group, and we see once again
the Moses we all love. Now that's a strong ending to a decent character quest.

           ~-~ ~-~ ~-~  XVIX. Walkthrough (Jay's Quest) ~-~ ~-~ ~-~

My other favorite character quest besides Moses's, Jay's doesn't have quite
as stunning an ending, but the whole thing connects very well, and is overall
very in-depth to his character in general. And yes, it very clearly begins
after Moses reunites with Csaba at Werites Beacon, so here we go with the 14th
chapter of 15.

 XVIXa. Werites Beacon
 - Items: Mumbane, Ninja Mask, Gungnir, Krona Symbol, 1000000 Gald

This one begins with Norma screaming at Shirley and Chloe for being so...
close, along with Senel encouraging Moses to be a man and eat Harriet's
cooking. Moses then goes over to Jay and tries to make him eat it, talking
about how more human Jay is now than he used to be. This immediately triggers
Jay thinking back to the "old days", and a flashback. You'll see none other
than that man in the green cloak, the menacing one you've seen twice already,
punishing Jay brutally.

Moses snaps Jay back into it, and then Norma calls the group over for a certain
event in the Star Festival, as it's called. Everyone writes wishes, with
Will's being particularly humorous, and Norma's ending in her yelling about
what a perfect work of art Grune is. And as for Jay... he wants to be together
with everyone, but... take a look at him as he is. He has trouble being with
people. Speaking of which, a tremor hits at night, and Jay comes in to wake
the very problematic Senel up... who is currently on the floor. Despicable.

Anyways, your next stop is Musette's house. To get particularly fast, just
head east of Senel's house, and directly up. Inside, Musette, Curtis, and
Isabella are concerned because ninjas have been spotted, likely hired by some
unknown force. And this seems to have some kind of relevance to Jay... it
doesn't make it better than they're around the area where the old Oresoren
village is. With that, Moses proves his idiocy twice, and you've got your
group ready to go. However...

With Senel having the Extreme Symbol and Persian Boots, you can very easily
win the Advanced Single Match with him. The first match is cake as long as you
guard when it hides; the second match isn't bad as long as you guard, once
again; and the third match is great for a Climax Mode, but either way, its
attacks are rather easy to avoid. For winning it you'll get Senel's MUMBANE
armor, which only he can equip, providing defense against all six elements,
and also the Fist of Lightning title, which dwarfs Berserk in overall stat
increases. Now Senel is truly unstoppable.

Jay, also, can very easily win the Advanced Single Match with the two above
mentioned accessories. Utilize such skills as Falcon, Crow Blade, Ill Wind,
Shadow Reaper, etc., and you'll very easily pull through with a NINJA MASK,
as well as the Jay the Assassin title, very much improving him. I personally
couldn't do Chloe's, but Moses's is quite possible because of his long range
Earth Javelin, with Lone Eagle, Rogue Hunt, and the like. You'll get his
ultimate weapon for that, the GUNGNIR, and also the Brawl Master title for him.
Me likes. Now, if you want a challenge, take the Party Special Match...

 Curtis                                    Elements:
   HP: 75,687                               N/A
   Race: Human
   Weight: Middle

 Isabella                                  Elements:
   HP: 60,765                               N/A
   Race: Human
   Weight: Middle

 This is quite a challenging fight, albeit a bit of a rewarding and also
 climatic one on the group side of things. Anyway, these two are extremely
 aggressive... both of them are. There aren't any magic casters, there are
 just two incredibly powerful enemies strutting their stuff. Curtis's primary
 attack is the Bouncer Dance, which creates an explosive radius of around
 1200-1500 damage, and is one storm of death. Isabella has the much faster
 but weaker spin attack for about 750-800 damage. And did I mention they're
 both extremely agile, even if their HPs are nothing special?

 Climax Mode will help A LOT during this fight. Who to go for first is
 definitely debatable, but I really recommend Isabella since she has less HP,
 and this fight becomes substantially easier once you have one of these two
 out of the picture. I brought a party of Senel (Mumbane, Extreme Symbol,
 Persian Boots), Norma (Revive, Resurrection), Moses (Gungnir), and Jay
 (Kusanagi Blade, Ninja Mask), and my three iron erens managed to take them
 down eventually, with the help of a Climax Mode, but expect characters to
 die. Norma's Resurrection has limitless value here. Good luck.

After that fight, you'll get none other than the somewhat mediocre KRONA
SYMBOL, and 1,000,000 GALD. You read that right, one million gald, plus a
skit to go with it. Don't even try the Single Special Match against Mimi,
though... that's just flat out ridiculous. Think fighting Chloe without items.
That's cruel punishment you don't want to go through. Anyway, we can handle
Chloe and the crystal erens later; for now, head on over to Secret Passage.

 XVIXb. Secret Passage
 - Items: Guard Bottle, Shell Bottle, Lemon Gel, Pineapple Gel, Abes Wood,
          Melange Gel, Blue Sephira, Water Ores, Pineapple, Scallop Gel, Red
          Lavender, Radish, Miracle Bottle, Life Bottle, Panacea Bottle, Lemon
          Gel, Pineapple Gel, Flare Bottle, Rune Cape, Bagel, Dinei Bottle,
          Pineapple Gel, Melange Gel, Flare Bottle, Guard Bottle, Acuity
          Bottle, Textile

Norma starts the place off by calling Will an old man as usual, only to get
later hit by him, as well as Jay and Shirley comparing height. Moses can't
tell any difference, Grune thinks Jay is a hair taller... see any difference?
After Senel, Shirley, and Chloe talk to each other a bit, it's time to trek
through this rather long dungeon. Head down, grabbing the GUARD BOTTLE on the
left, and proceed on over to the next screen. There's a Chaotic Zone there
with nothing behind it, so make sure you use the scanner behind it.

After a rather uneventful rare monster fight, get the SHELL BOTTLE below and
save. On the next screen, none other than a ninja in its truest form shows up
and attacks. After a quick and rather painless battle, Norma and Moses notice
that the technique the ninja used was the exact same kind that Jay used, the
latest of whom notices it himself. Norma and Moses end up completely making
fun of him, based on him actually getting angry and shouting, which he
actually does. Not so calm after all, eh?

Get the LEMON GEL right ahead, then head up and get the PINEAPPLE GEL, ABES
WOOD, and MELANGE GEL. Now head across the room from those three chests, over
to the far right, and use the scanner to pick up a BLUE SEPHIRA, which
effectively doubles your earned Gald. Fantastic accessory, that. Carry on to
the next screen and then head down and to the left through a Chaotic Zone for
a WATER ORES. Just head down the path from there, to enter what is probably
the game's hardest Puzzle Booth.

Head up the stairs and push/pull the block there off, then bridge the gap to
the two nearby blocks (one on the other), and push the third block there down.
Now with those three blocks, you need to bridge a gap so that you can get to
the fourth block, and to ensure that this actually works later, just pull the
block out so that you can go around it. With that, head to the end of the
ledge and shoot at the reflector on the left, to bounce off another reflector
and then hit the crystal. Yay, 1/1!

Now for the hard part. =P In the upper right corner, there are two blocks.
Do NOT put the block that you pulled out on the floor. Instead, push/pull two
of the blocks that form a bridge on the floor, over to the right, so that
they're to the left of the pillar directly below those two blocks. Now, with
the block you pulled out earlier, push it over to the gap two spaces above the
block directly to the left of the pillar. Now you can pull out those two blocks
as you wish, and you have five blocks to play around with.

You STILL aren't out of the woods yet. With those five blocks, form a bridge
from the bottom of the upper area with the stairs, to the exit duct. It's
six spaces, but there's alraedy one block there to cut your work out for you.
Now, with all of those in place, pull out the block that's in front of the
exit duct, as far as you can, and then head back down and around, pulling the
top block out to the right of the block you just pulled out. With that, you can
push that block off, and with six blocks available, you can easily make your
way to the exit. Whew... worst puzzle ever.

From whence you come out, head forward and through the Chaotic Zone on the
right for a WATER ORES. No splendid treasure across from that where nothing
is, though. ;] Just save if you so wish, and head forward to the next screen
to find a rather talkative ninja, who reveals that he linked information to
Werites Beacon on purpose. And yes, he does want Shirley. But despite how much
of an assassin he supposedly is, he just sics a monster or two on you.

 Beelzebub                                 Elements:
   HP: 79,605                               Weak - Lightning ;; Strong - Earth
   Race: Hopper
   Weight: Light

 Belladonna                                Elements:
   HP: 20,838                               Weak - Sea ;; Strong - Curse
   Race: Mandrake
   Weight: Heavy

 For such... names, this is a rather simple fight. Since Belladonna is a
 Mandrake, she's obviously the first target, but she has such low HP that you
 won't exactly have a problem with that. She uses Meteor Storm, which is about
 1600-1800 damage to your party if you take the full blast of it, and
 naturally Extension. So get rid of her immediately. As for Beelzebub, he's
 really no threat at all. He has slightly higher HP, big whoop. One of the
 easiest fights in the whole game.

The ninja runs away, and Jay decides to go after him alone. So he runs off,
very contrary to his usual style. Anyway, you end off at the very top of the
old Oresoren village, so head back for now and use the healing circle as well
as the save point. Head further back for a PINEAPPLE and a SCALLOP GEL, and if
you head to the very bottom and then into the canyon, you can go to the top
and use the scanner near the wreckage there to meet a rare monster who just
drops a Melange Gel, big deal. Ah well, just head further up and into the
Secret Passage, second part.

Head straight forward and through a Chaotic Zone for a RED LAVENDER and a
RADISH. Now head to the left and down into a Chaotic Zone, but you barely need
to go any further; there's pretty much a MIRACLE BOTTLE available via scanner
inside it. ;] From there, take either path up and collect the LIFE BOTTLE and
PANACEA BOTTLE at the top. Now take a right and get the LEMON GEL and PINEAPPLE
GEL available there. Head down now, getting the FLARE BOTTLE and RUNE CAPE
at the bottom of the area you come to, then head up, left, and down for a
BAGEL and a DINEI BOTTLE. Now head up the tracks to the next area.

Jay still isn't in this area, but he's seen further up, being greeted by the
man in the green cloak who we met earlier... whose name is Solon. He tells
Jay to help him several times, only to be met by refusals, and then he decides
to have a marvelous sight of Oresoren running in panic, seeing the color of
their blood. Guess what THAT is... never thought Jay would yell at someone
going "Damn you! Damn you!", eh? Ah well, we still have to find him. Just
head north on the path you're on.

The next screen is rather uneventful. Head up the bridge on the right and then
up, eventually coming to some stairs. Get the PINEAPPLE GEL along the way, and
just keep on going up. Collect the MELANGE GEL, while proceeding down and
saving along the way. Upstairs you'll meet Jay and Solon, the latter of who
wants to make things exciting by viewing a battlefield stained with blood. He
has apparently looked into everyone thoroughly, and just wants to enjoy himself
as he causes death. Sick bastard. He quickly disappears, in any case.

Now the game decides to be a cruel beast, and make you backtrack all the way
through this horrendous dungeon. You can't just have Cashel throw you off a
cliff anymore. ;] Plus, Jay feels horribly ill, so you can't put him in your
group again yet. Before leaving, get the FLARE BOTTLE, GUARD BOTTLE, and
ACUITY BOTTLE, and if you go up from there you'll come to a TEXTILE. I don't
exactly advise much of going up the Mountain Path, so just trek back through
this torture of a dungeon, and go to the Oresoren Village, Jay's home.

 XVIXc. Oresoren Village
 - Items: Red Sage

Oh well, at least you got some levels from going through there. Once at the
Oresoren Village, Jay will walk off on his own. Fine, let him have his own
way. Or not. Feel free to stock up on Scallop Gels while you're here, but
head first to Jay's house, get the RED SAGE outside (wow, thanks for that),
and enter. Apparently, Jay shut himself up in his room as soon as he came in.
The Oresoren then explain Jay's past, about how Solon was the man who raised
him, as an assassin. He was abandoned by his real parents, and left by Solon
in a battle. Then he was found by the Oresoren, injured and exhausted.

When the Oresoren first met Jay, he didn't show any emotion at all. Now he's
slowly becoming more sociable, but still. Anyhow, it's back to Werites Beacon
to get some information on Solon. Just head to the main Oresoren Village area,
and then Jay gets a flashback of Solon attacking Jay, telling him that he's
not supposed to be anything more than an instrument of death, and he takes
Jay's only clue to finding his real family, a bell. The figure in black then
appears to Jay and tells him and echos Solon's thoughts. Talk about torturing
a character.

Back at Werites Beacon automatically, Chloe attempts to wake up Senel, only to
be called Shirley, and thus Senel dubbed spineless. Hah, owned. Jay's back at
Will's house already, apparently, so head there now. Inside you'll find Jay,
who's a bit angry at the Oresoren for not keeping their mouths shut, as well as
Moses for making several cracks at him being scared. Yeah, obviously he was
being tortured, so yeah. Solon is at the Ruins of Frozen Light now, so head
there on that note.

 XVIXd. Ruins of Frozen Light
 - Items: Climax Bottle, Mystic Symbol, Holy Symbol, Panacea Bottle, Climax
          Bottle, Water Ores, Blue Ores, Lemon Gel, Pineapple Gel, All-Divide,

Another long dungeon. Isn't that just exactly what we need? Oh well... Norma
and Grune start it off on a happy note, despite Jay claiming he can't turn
back, while standing there like he usually does. You enter right at a four way
fork, with left and right going nowhere. Enter the room right ahead, and take
an immediate right. Get the CLIMAX BOTTLE there, then go through two Chaotic
Zones for a MYSTIC SYMBOL, and a third zone for a HOLY SYMBOL. Cool enough,
now head back to the entrance and take a left.

Don't bother with up or down at the next fork, just head straight to the left,
get the PANACEA BOTTLE, and continue. At the next screen fork, head up first,

and past a Chaotic Zone is a CLIMAX BOTTLE. Now return to it and head left
this time, ignoring the path down as you go, and following to a WATER ORES
and a BLUE ORES. Now take a right this time, heading up when possible for a
LEMON GEL and a PINEAPPLE GEL, then just keep following to the right to reach
a new screen.

At the up-left fork there, head up through a Chaotic Zone for an ALL-DIVIDE,
then left through another for a FLAN. Just head down through another zone and
take a left there, saving. Saving is always good, am I not right? Head north
of that for a Puzzle Booth. Wonderful... anyway, this one is too much of the
same old for me to go in too much detail. Move the blocks around to get to the
crystal on the floor; just ricochet the Sorcerer's Ring fire off the reflectors
to get to the one on the far left; and move the blocks to form a bridge,
getting to firing point of the one on the right. 

Pull out blocks accordingly to pull out the movable block at the top, then
rearrange them so that you can push it off. And with that, create a path with
those blocks to shoot the crystal on the left, and then pull three blocks out
to form a bridge just below the ground crystal, and then head around and shoot
the crystal at the upper right. 5/5, we're done. Take the exit duct, and Moses
and Jay have a very forced argument, plus Moses telling Jay to stop making a
face like he has to take a big crap. Hah, that sure pisses Chloe off.

But you do have to agree with Senel, this place isn't as secure as you might
think. Moses gets the new title of Wild Man to cap it all off. Enter the room
right up front, where Stella was captured earlier. From here, head to the left
wing of the room and enter the door there, where Jay will tell Shirley to come
forward and examine some Relares writing. A cage falls on the group, and Jay
knocks Shirley out and gives her to Solon. So basically, Jay just betrayed
everyone, and Solon leaves you with a monster, black mist, yada yada yada...
Jay and Shirley are gone, so reorganize the group.

 Dullahan                                 Elements:
   HP: 146,216                             Weak - Fire ;; Strong - Ice
   Race: Fiend                             Strong - Lightning ;; Strong - Earth
   Weight: Massive                         Weak - Sea ;; Strong - Curse

 Wow, would you take a look at those elements. Very... overly forbidding.
 They got slightly more creative than to call this "Hopper Fiend", though,
 although I'll say now that this is not an extremely easy fight. I personally
 brought both Will and Grune into this fight, because Will with Flame Blade,
 Eruption, and Extension is cool, plus Grune has Eruption, Brilliant Lance,
 Aqua Laser, and Ray. Senel should have the Aqua Shell, Extreme Symbol, and
 Persian Boots, and between Moses and Chloe, either works. Moses has the
 stronger weapon at the moment, though.

 Dullahan isn't really anything particularly special, although he's extremely
 annoying because of the fact he releases a black field that causes paralysis.
 Avoid that at all costs; it's just plain nasty. I'd advise for Will and Grune
 sealing anything that isn't Fire or Sea, because trust me that the amount
 of positive GRADE you get after this battle pays off. Dullahan has a
 substantial amount of HP, but all the same, don't just do a simple Climax
 Combo... use Climax Mode and Senel's complete brutal wrath to its fullest
 extent. Dullahan will go down soon enough.

So basically, Jay has just completely turned traitor and joined up with Solon
again. What can you think of that? I'll tell you what Senel thinks; he's
absolutely barking mad, about ready to destroy his fists again over Shirley
being captured again. Ah well, Norma recommends talking to the Oresoren for
information on this, so backtrack (oh noes) through this place, and take the
ducts to the Oresoren village.

 XVIXe. Oresoren Village
 - Items: N/A

Go to the main village area to find it's absolutely empty. No one's here...
so the team splits up to find Quppo, Pippo, and Poppo, but to no avail. Norma
then shows up saying there was a letter left in Jay's house, though, so head
there now. Inside, Chloe reads the letter which says that Jay was threatened
by Solon, and had to kidnap Shirley to save the Oresoren. Will and Moses then
run off to get information, and as for Jay meanwhile, Solon breaks him promise
and ends up knocking Jay down.

If that wasn't bad enough, Jay drops his Star Festival leaf, which says that
he wants a family. Solon makes a huge riot out of this, but then the Oresoren
show up and start attacking not only Solon, but the rest of the ninjas, while
Jay and Shirley escape. Outside, Jay wants to be the guardian of the Oresoren,
but he's actually the guarded because the Oresoren have much stronger hearts.
After Shirley's heartfelt speech, Moses will run in and tell Senel than Jay
and Shirley are at the entrance of town.

After a lot of difficulty spent getting Norma up, head over to the left side
of town, where Jay gets all shy as usual, and then talks about his time spent
with the Oresoren, and he literally begs the group to help him save them,
followed by Senel hitting him over the head to stop crying, and Moses...
just, really being a man concerned with family. So officially, Jay now has a
brother. Most excellent. Anyways, Solon is at Mirage Palace right now, so go to
the lighthouse in Werites and take the tram there.

 XVIXf. Mirage Palace
 - Items: Aqua Cape, All-Divide, Climax Bottle, Climax Bottle, Life Bottle,
          Pineapple Gel, Acuity Bottle, Lemon Gel, Magic Lens, Dark Bottle,
          Climax Bottle, Miracle Gel, Melange Gel, Panacea Bottle, Acuity
          Bottle, Destroyer, Saffron, Rosemary, Attack Symbol, All-Divide,
          Breaker, Mini-Gelures Sword, Pineapple Gel, Textile, Lemon Gel,
          Melange Gel, Lavender, Rosemary, Reflect Ring, Warrior Crest, Elixir,
          Aifread's Flag, Miracle Gel

Isn't that awesome, we're back at one of the three mega dungeons, as if the
Secret Passage or Ruins of Frozen Light weren't long enough. Anyway, can't
spend time here dawdling. Enter through the upper door, and then at the fork,
take a left through a Chaotic Zone for an AQUA CAPE. Now head to the right this
time, and take that up until you come to a Chaotic Zone on the left, with an
ALL-DIVIDE. Head up now, and on the next screen, go through the Chaotic Zone
above for a CLIMAX BOTTLE.

Now head down, keeping going through another zone for a CLIMAX BOTTLE. Head to
the left now, and in the next area, simply go through the Chaotic Zone on the
left and continue to the new screen. In here you'll see a scene that starts
looking tragic but ends hilariously. In any case, head up and take the first
left for a LIFE BOTTLE, then up again, taking another left for a PINEAPPLE
GEL. At the top, collect an ACUITY BOTTLE, then head all the way down to the
bottom, get the LEMON GEL, and enter that monument.

Get the MAGIC LENS and DARK BOTTLE near you, then head down now. Follow that
path until you reach a fork, and head down for a CLIMAX BOTTLE. Head up for
a MIRACLE GEL and a MELANGE GEL, and enter the monument. Get a PANACEA BOTTLE
and head down, following the path through a door to find a wounded Quppo, but
after a slightly entertaining scene, you'll hear that Solon has been using the
black mist, healing his wounds instantly. That's bad stuff. Anyways, collect
the ACUITY BOTTLE on your left as you enter.

Head to the far upper left to get the DESTROYER, which is Chloe's second best
weapon in the game. Me likes that. Above it is a SAFFRON, so it's all cool.
Take the right path this time, collecting the ROSEMARY, saving, and using a
very convenient healing circle. Now head up the path, taking the Chaotic Zone
for an ATTACK SYMBOL, then heading down through another one and following to a
new screen. In here, take the left path up for an ALL-DIVIDE and above all,
Senel's BREAKER. That's his second best weapon, over a 400 ATK boost over the
Aqua Shell if you have the Extreme Symbol on.

Now take the path on the far right through another zone, and use the scanner
to pick up a rather easy fight, which drops a MINI-GELURES SWORD, which sucks
ass, but keep it anyway. Take the other path up to a Puzzle Booth... bah, I'm
getting sick of these. It's essentially the same one as from the Mirage Palace
in the main quest, so you'll figure it out. After it's done, follow the path
for a PINEAPPLE GEL. Time to start the warp puzzle, once again, but ah well,
not like it's hard. Just enter the first warp.

Take the left warp when you emerge, for a TEXTILE. Use the right warp four
times, and then use the left one. Get the LEMON GEL there, then a right for a
MELANGE GEL. Take the lower warp, then the upper warp, then the left warp
twice. Get the LAVENDER, then take a left again for a ROSEMARY, and follow the
path to the next area. Rather easy, wasn't that? In the next area, go through
the Chaotic Zones on the left for a REFLECT RING and a WARRIOR CREST, and then
head to the right through the lower right Chaotic Zone for an ELIXIR.

Head over to the upper right and through a zone, using the scanner behind it
for an AIFREAD'S FLAG. Continue forward to the next area, and take a quick
right through a Chaotic Zone, for an ALL-DIVIDE. Take the left if you want, for
a rare monster fight via the scanner ahead of two Chaotic Zones, which drops
a MIRACLE GEL, but otherwise head up the stairway in the center, walk down a
long ass hall, and inside you'll run into Solon, who is covered in the black
mist. After he's lectured, deeming Jay as an instrument of death, he strikes.

 Dark Jay                                  Elements:
   HP: 86,713                               Weak - Sea ;; Strong - Curse
   Race: Human
   Weight: Middle

 Solon                                     Elements:
   HP: 88,737                               N/A
   Race: Human
   Weight: Middle

 This fight is a hell of a lot tougher than the one against Dark Moses and
 Rabid Giet. For one thing, the both of these two are fast and furious. Dark
 Jay will constantly be ripping through your group, as well as using Pyre
 for 800+ damage quicker than your own Jay can probably do it. When Dark Jay
 has the exclamation point above his head, he's getting ready to use Dark
 Cloud, which is about 1000-1100 damage, not really that bad. But it's made
 worse by if Dark Jay wasn't fast enough, Solon makes it even tougher.

 Solon attacks with two daggers, and his combos, while usually hurting
 several characters, are only worth about 500 damage, really. He uses some
 magic too, his favorite spells being Black Hole and Final Embrace, the latter
 of which is around 1300-1400 damage. While those numbers don't sound too
 high, remember that you need to combine those two. If you leave one, the
 other will just slash through your group. Solon is probably more of a threat
 overall, though, since Dark Jay doesn't use magic. Climax Mode rocks as
 always, as does anything sea elemental, plus Norma's Ancient Nova spell kicks
 ass. Just keep your HP up, since Dark Jay is very fast, and can rush from one
 side of a field to another, and Solon's magic is quite rough.

After that fight, Solon attempts to attack the Oresoren, only to be beaten
back by Jay. Watch an FMV as Jay gives a high five to Moses, and then Solon
will drop Jay's Bell, from long ago. Then it ends somewhat comically as Shirley
teases Jay, but then Grune kind of snaps out of it. The figure in black who
we've been seeing for so long, appears from the black mist that exudes from
Solon's body. The black mist is powerful, binding the group, but even after it
disappears, Grune can't wake up. Back to Werites Beacon, then.

           ~-~ ~-~ ~-~  XX. Walkthrough (Grune's Quest) ~-~ ~-~ ~-~

Grune's is the final, and also the longest, character quest. Still, I can't
say that you've not been awaiting this for ages. I mean, this is Grune we're
talking about. We're on the fifteenth of fifteen chapters, eleven of which
we've known her, and after all this time we still know absolutely nothing
about her. It all becomes revealed here.

 XXa. Werites Beacon
 - Items: Golden Armor

The group discusses the events at the end of Mirage Palace. That figure in
black is very familiar, because she spoke to Will, Norma, Chloe, Moses, and Jay
each when they were overcome by sorrow. And she's behind the black mist, also
having something to do with Grune, who is still asleep. Might as well take
care of her right now. By the way, this is a good opportunity to do Chloe's
Advanced Single Match now, being that she's roughly 5 levels higher than she
was last time. You'll get her GOLDEN ARMOR for that. The crystal erens can
wait for now.

Head back to the main floor of the inn, and then upstairs. In that hall, head
in the middle room to find Grune talking with the invisible summon spirit of
Rem. And then she mentions Schwartz, the figure in black. She seems to
remember her name, but nothing else. Anyway, Moses ends up getting hugged and
then goes nuts running around as usual, and Grune can feel Schwartz's presence
in the Legacy Bridge. So that's the next stop. Enjoy Senel getting made fun of,
and head to the Far Shore of Raging Bay, then directly toward 6 o' clock.

 XXb. Bridge
 - Items: Climax Bottle, Radish, Abes Wood, Magic Lens, Flare Bottle, Acuity
          Bottle, Guard Bottle, Dinei Bottle, Panacea Bottle, Rune Bottle,
          Pineapple Gel, Rabbit's Foot, Salmon, Cod, Panacea Bottle, Syrup
          Bottle, Rune Bottle, Magic Lens, Flare Bottle, Shell Bottle, Dinei
          Bottle, Guard Bottle, Rune Bottle, Holy Bottle, Miracle Gel, Dark
          Bottle, Miracle Gel, Pineapple Gel

Isn't that wonderful, another one of the three mega dungeons. Actually though,
you'd be surprised how short this place is. Anyhow, Moses gets dubbed a decoy
as always, then Grune starts trying to remember something. It's all Moses's
fault for the headaches, I tell you. Anyway, Will gets called an old man
again, and he ends up hitting Shirley and Chloe over the head. Wow, that's a
first. Plus Senel, who proves how hard headed he is. Cool.

Anyway, enjoy the scenery for the Bridge once again, and let's just keep
going. There's an initial left-up-right fork, with left and right both being
Chaotic Zones, with a CLIMAX BOTTLE and a RADISH respectively. Now head up,
and keep following that path all the way to the left for an ABES WOOD, and then
up again. Take a left through a door and one path for a MAGIC LENS, and then
back up the path, through to the right, and getting a FLARE BOTTLE there. Now
just go up to the next area.

Head over to the left for an ACUITY BOTTLE and a GUARD BOTTLE, then to the
right for a DINEI BOTTLE and a PANACEA BOTTLE. Go through the upper door now,
and head all the way up, taking a right for a RUNE BOTTLE. Now enter the door
on the far left and follow the path to a save point, then heading up from
there. Up at the fork leads nowhere, so get the PINEAPPLE GEL on the right, and
keep on for a RABBIT'S FOOT, a SALMON, and a COD. Enter the Puzzle Booth, on
that note.

This is very similar to the last Bridge Puzzle Booth, but with one change.
First of all, when you come to the two blocks on other blocks on a single
diagonal, to the middle of the left side, you want to push the nearest block
to the left of those, so you can pull those out, since you need one extra
block to bridge the gap to the exit duct. With those ready, plus the block
at the entrance, you'll be good to go for the exit duct.

No Melanie in here, ready to attack you, so head to the next area, where
everyone will rest, and decide to have a picnic with everyone when Grune gets
her memory back. Sounds good. Enter the door right in front, where the music
sadly goes way downhill. Eh well. Take the left path for a LIFE BOTTLE, then
take the one on the right to find a save point, healing circle, and MELANGE
GEL. 'K... now head upstairs.

Go up the tremendously long path, getting a PANACEA BOTTLE and a SYRUP BOTTLE,
then through a rather fightless room. Get the RUNE BOTTLE and MAGIC LENS, then
take the elevator. Congrats, that's 3/4 of Bridge's actual length done. Follow
a rather long path past a save point, and in the room with all the switches,
get a FLARE BOTTLE on the left and a SHELL BOTTLE on the right. Further up,
head right for a DINEI BOTTLE, and up for a GUARD BOTTLE. Geez, lotsa bottles.
Anyway, head to the left for the next screen.

Head left first for a RUNE BOTTLE, then to the right for a HOLY BOTTLE. Now
head all the way up past a fork for a MIRACLE GEL, then down and to the left
for a DARK BOTTLE. Okay, moving on to the next screen on the right, head to
the right first for a MIRACLE GEL, then up for a PINEAPPLE GEL, and finally to
the left. Save and head into the next room, where it turns out Grune was wrong
all this time! Oh noes! ...Or not. The black mist appears behind Grune and
materializes into Schwartz, who doesn't exactly answer. Everyone gets binded
except Grune, but after sacred eres get cast out, an old friend comes to play.

 Dark Vaclav                               Elements:
   HP: 115,017                              Weak - Earth ;; Strong - Lightning
   Race: Human
   Weight: Middle

 Despite having an elemental weakness that's quite difficult to utilize aside
 from Norma's Ground Dasher spell, this fails to be a rather difficult fight.
 However, I'm not going to deny that Dark Vaclav is a strong fighter. His
 Devil Strike combo isn't that bad at 600-800 damage, neither is his very
 slow Hell Strike attack, which breaches perhaps 700 damage with the full
 blast of it, but his God of Pain attack is quite nasty, with the whole combo
 possibly doing up to 2000 damage to one character. Not good.

 Dark Vaclav also uses some occasional magic, but the only one I've ever
 seen was Dark Force, which was only about 600-700 damage with the full brunt
 of it. Still, Dark Vaclav is fast and lethal, so you can't just slack off
 and intend to pull through. Grune's Maelstrom spell, among others which even
 include Curse elemental spells like Negative Blade or Black Hole, work
 wonders here. Seal Will's Thunder Blade/Indignation, Norma's Thunder Arrow,
 etc., and focus on stuff like Rolling Stone and Ground Dasher, and this
 fight will be over before you know it.

Senel and Shirley rightfully banish Dark Vaclav with their sacred eres, which
is quickly followed by Grune getting a headache. That's too bad... the game
decides to make up for its cruelty displayed in Jay's quest, and it'll
automatically take you out of the Legacy Bridge. Just take a quick detour on
the world map, over to 12 o' clock and to the duct, and enter Werites Beacon

Everyone walks off, while Grune in the mean time, remembers what she needs to
do. She needs to defeat Schwartz, but that's all she knows. In the morning,
Shirley dashes into Senel's house and tells him to wake up, because Grune is
gone and left a letter. Ouch. Head on over to Will's house now, and Shirley
will read Grune's farewell letter. The group has no idea where she's gone off
to, but Shirley insists on asking the Raging Nerifes for Grune's location. So
with that, it's off to the Altar of the Sea.

 XXc. Altar of the Sea
 - Items: Life Bottle, Panacea Bottle, Charm Bottle, All-Divide, Climax Bottle,
          Lemon Gel, Pineapple Gel, Miracle Gel

Your group seems rather determined to catch up with Grune, which is always a
good thing. It's too bad that you can't really use much Sea elemental magic
anymore, aside from Norma's Ray spell, or Will's now mediocre Spread. Can't
worry about that forever, though. Head to the next area, and take a quick
left for a LIFE BOTTLE. Now head up the path, and then down at the next fork
for a PANACEA BOTTLE. Proceed to the left from thereon, heading up through a
Chaotic Zone, and use the scanner to fight a Dried Shark for a CHARM BOTTLE.

Go down to the next screen at this point, and head forward and down for an
ALL-DIVIDE. Keep going up the path, then at the fork, take a right through a
Chaotic Zone for a CLIMAX BOTTLE. That's cool; go through another one to reach
a new screen, where the group starts talking about all their troubles together.
Shirley going crazy, Moses kidnapping Shirley, Norma trying to use everyone,
Chloe attacking Senel, Jay playing his trick and ending up with Will putting
Senel in jail... etc. But ah well, family is family, right? Hi Moses.

Take a right for a LEMON GEL, and then just follow the path to another fork,
heading up, getting the PINEAPPLE GEL there. Soon you'll come to yet another
fork, with down leading to a MIRACLE GEL, and up taking you to a save point.
And we, once again, all know the meaning of that. On another note, this was
the first actually relaxing dungeon in awhile. Good enemies, not too long, not
too short... head up the path, but at the summit, you won't exactly be alone.
Hint: yet another type of monster, black mist...

 Anubis Megant                             Elements:
   HP: 163,787                              Weak - Sea ;; Strong - Curse
   Race: Megant
   Weight: Special

 Wow, the black mist is such a thing of the past now, that they can't even
 change the species into Fiend. But it doesn't matter, since this boss has a
 tremendous amount of HP. If that wasn't bad enough, it also has extremely
 powerful attacks, making it definitely one of the harder bosses in awhile,
 easily surpassing Dark Vaclav. For one thing, though, each of Senel's single
 attacks did nearly 1000 damage for me. And that's quite satisfactory; plus I
 used his Dragon Strike arcane eres, the whole thing dishing out 5500-6000
 damage. So you're not in any way short of ways to damage him.

 However, Greater Butcher Soul is a very dangerous attack, and Anubis Megant
 won't hesitate to run across the field doing about 700-800 damage to anything
 he touches. His combos are extremely unrelenting at around 1500+ damage, and
 once again, he can run right through the field, scathing through anything he
 touches. Guarding works really well, and since he leaves a massive amount of
 EXP anyway, Climax Mode is fantastic, just as long as you don't immediately
 start with a combo, since a later combo will do over 8000 damage anyway. The
 Anubis Megant can massacre several characters simultaneously, so watch out
 for this. It's not an easy fight.

That takes care of that. Shirley is about to go over and pray, when Jay makes
a comment and Moses tells him to "shut up before I put a spear up your unseen
parts!". And Shirley turns around and laughs. Hah, for what she is, Shirley
sure has a nice sense of humor. Anyway, Nerifes tells Shirley that both Grune
and Schwartz are in the Wings of Light. That would be our next destination.
And with that, the Raging Nerifes' name is changed to the Great Nerifes, with
an argument from Norma. Backtrack through here, and head there via lighthouse.

 XXd. Wings of Light
 - Items: Climax Bottle, Pineapple Gel, Radish, Radish, Lemon Gel, Miracle
          Bottle, All-Divide, Life Bottle, Miracle Gel, Miracle Gel, Lemon
          Gel, Radish, Miracle Gel, Life Bottle, Elixir

Well... we've been through two of the three mega dungeons, I suppose we can go
through the third and final of them, since it is, after all, probably the
shortest in length of the three, despite the Legacy Bridge getting trimmed
down majorly. Watch the scene as Grune and Schwartz are about to begin battle,
and we can proceed. Head up the path, and take the elevator to the usual huge
laid out screen. Follow the path straight up through a Chaotic Zone for a

Go back to the last fork and take a right now, following that path to come to
a new screen's PINEAPPLE GEL. Head up now, and to the right for a RADISH, then
to the far left for another RADISH. Head back a bit and then down, following
the path to the next screen and getting the LEMON GEL on the way. With that,
on the next screen, take a right and through the upper Chaotic Zone is a HOLY
SYMBOL. Go through two Chaotic Zones at the bottom and use the scanner for a
rare, decent looking monster who drops a MIRACLE BOTTLE. I like dat.

Return and head down this time, and take the right through two Chaotic Zones
for an ALL-DIVIDE. Now continue further down from back to the left, to reach
the game's final, and possibly biggest pain in the ass, Puzzle Booth. This
time there are four crystals, lots of stationary reflectors... but the
assisting reflectors are moving! Dear god, this is painful. Anyway, the first
crystal can be hit by going to the upper left ledge and shooting a Sorcerer's
Ring blast off the top left reflector.

The fourth crystal can hit from the upper right ledge, shooting off the
reflectors correctly. As for the second and third, they can be hit by well
timed shots on the ends of the ledges, hitting the reflectors and bouncing off
accordingly, from right and left respectively. Once again, this is quite a
pain, but not QUITE as much a pain as it looks. Anyways, with all four crystals
taken care of, enter the exit duct on the left. It starts off looking rather
uneasy from hereon, so let's find Grune, 'kay?

Head down the path and take either the teleport pad or the Chaotic Zones
forward, whatever floats your boat. Use the next pad and continue to the next
screen, where you can head up first for a LIFE BOTTLE, then to the right and
just continue from there. Follow the upcoming path to a fork, and take a
right through a couple zones, getting the CLIMAX BOTTLE, and proceeding to the
next area while ignoring the teleport pad. Continue onward, while ignoring the
first teleport pad.

Ignore the second as well, and just head to the left, getting a MIRACLE GEL on
the way (and gasp! no Chaotic Zone, it's like a miracle), and keep going on all
the way to the far right, and take that teleport pad up to the heavens. Well,
it could fool me since the music is absolutely amazing, once again. But I
digress. Take the elevator on the right, in any case, and you're on that
hideously long path again. Do I need to go through this, really? Treasures
and an ELIXIR.

Also, one very important note. You may come across a Dinogiraffe around here,
which is 170,000+ HP. You'll want to defeat two of these, because you need 400
of them for Shirley's, and also the game's, ultimate crystal eres, Tidal Wave.
You also need 2221 Peepits, but that's a bit easier, obviously, with those
also being found here. I really suggest leveling up around here, since it's a
fantastic place for it. I was personally Level 72-73 at this point, and you
need Shirley to be at Level 76 to get Tidal Wave.

Anyway, once you're ready, take that eon-long bridge to find Grune fighting
Schwartz and rather losing. The group runs in and uses their sacred eres, in
any case, and you'll need to fight Schwartz. This battle cannot possibly be
won, since Schwartz's power totally overwhelms you. Feel free to use Grune in
the party, though, since her voice is now completely different. When 1/2 of
Schwartz's HP is depleted, the battle will be over.

Senel and Shirley attempt to use their sacred eres to stop Schwartz, but to no
avail. Schwartz just disappears on that note, and then the rest of the group
just gets into a circle and... discusses Grune. She can hear them, however...
and wonders why they're so nervous. But still, Grune has her memory back now
and is a tad, shall we say... different? Can't help it, though. You'll be
automatically taken out of the Wings of Light, with that.

 XXe. Werites Beacon
 - Items: Shaman Dress, Gold Straw, Heaven's Claw, 500000 Gald, Port Key,
          765kg Hammer, Starboard Key, Kitty Cap, Stern Key, Bear Suit,
          Emperor's New Clothes

You'll arrive, meeting up with Curtis and Isabella, who have seen a dark
figure around the city. Guess Schwartz is here now, too. Anyway, there is one
extremely important thing now available, with the CQ Wings of Light finished,
and that is the customization shop update. Now available is Senel's ultimate
weapon, the Kaiser Gears; Chloe's ultimate weapon, the Eternal Sword; Jay's
ultimate weapon, the Hotate; Grune's best weapon for awhile, the Temnein;
Shirley's ultimate weapon, the Angelic Quill; Moses's best armor, the Body
Paint; Will's best armor, Amelia's Love; as well as the Aurora among others.

Those are just to give you some examples. In short, enjoy putting the stuff
you've found in the CQ dungeons to good use. As well as that, this is as good
a time as you can get to go through the crystal erens in their Advanced Single
Matches. Shirley's, for one, is the easiest, netting her a SHAMAN DRESS and
her Angry Merines title. I'm not going to make you do anyone else's, but I
really advise doing Norma's for her GOLD STRAW and Bubble Master title. Anyway,
if you're looking for a challenge, take Senel to the Single Special Match.

 Mimi                                      Elements:
   HP: 61,255                               N/A
   Race: Human
   Weight: Middle

 This fight will be cake if you have the Extreme Symbol, Persian Boots, and
 also a Climax Mode ready. First of all, think of Mimi as fighting Chloe
 without items. Bread Rain Alpha, which can lead to 800-1000 damage, Phantom
 Bread, which is 1400 damage or so, Bread Strike which knocks you down at
 550 damage... my Senel had 6438 HP and couldn't heal himself, so that adds up
 quickly. However, each of my attacks did 3000 HP, so if you use a Climax
 Mode, stuff like Talon Blast, Demon Strike, and Beast Impact works well,
 plus Dragon Strike helps to get you away from Mimi, plus do 6000+ damage.
 Also, a Talon Blast + Rending Earth combo is great. Hard fight, but winnable.

For that battle you'll get Senel's HEAVEN'S CLAW, which is inferior to the
Kaiser Gears but worth it anyhow for 500,000 GALD. Anyways, that's that for
preparation. Head to Will's house now to talk with Grune, who will tell the
group that the black mist is the embodiment of negative human emotion, and
Schwartz is that herself -- her goal is to purge the world into nothingness.
And Nerifes's power pales in comparison to her. Grune is the one who is meant
to defeat Schwartz. Her existence and her objective are the same.

Realizing that they can't win, the group wanders off. Moses goes to the Fallen
Lands to talk with Csaba; Norma to the Crystal Forest to talk with Zamaran;
Will to Vista Point to talk with Harriet and deliver a very good quote; Chloe
to the fountain plaza to talk with Elsa; Jay to the Oresoren Village to talk
with Quppo, Poppo, and Pippo; Shirley to the Ferines Village to talk with
Thyra; and Senel to the graveyard to talk with Stella. Later, the group
persuades Grune to let them come with her, and now it's off to the Altar of the
Sea again to get revolutionary eres from the Great Nerifes.

Before that, however, there are a couple minor side quests you can take part
in. For one thing, if you want to unlock certain tracks from the game, head
to the tavern of the inn, on the floor between the inn and the battle arena.
Talk to the guy on the piano, and give him the following recipes, in this
order: Toast, Pizza, Crepe, Flan Cake, Mabo Curry Pie (made from making ten
Mabo Pies). Now you can play close to anything from the game, which is quite
cool, despite me not noticing the second Wings of Light theme in it. =(

Also, between Crystal Forest and Secret Passage, you may notice a Bow Cottage
there. Remember that Bow Key you got ages ago, at Fallingwater? Here's where
to put it to use. The cottage is about halfway between, so enter and talk to
Quiz Grandpa there. There are four cottages around the world like this, with
quizzes like this available, based on the game itself. Might as well give it a
try in that case, am I right? You'll pick up the answers after awhile; this
quiz is on people, and with all 10 right, he'll give you the PORT KEY and open
a duct.

Take this duct to an island and follow the path to get Will's 765kg HAMMER,
which is a surprisingly good weapon. Now for the second quiz. To get to this
incredibly difficult one, start by going to the Hidden Fortress, and point
toward 6 o' clock. You'll find two paths; take the one on the left and follow
that toward 12 o' clock, past three bridges, until you reach shallow water.
Cross that and head for 6 o' clock for a few eons to reach the Port Cottage.
This is the hardest quiz, so enjoy. You'll get a STARBOARD KEY and a KITTY CAP
on the island unlocked, so that's good.

As for the third quiz, take the duct to the Secret Passage. From there, take
the shallow water nearby toward 6 o' clock, around, and then follow it over
in the general direction of 3 o' clock. You'll eventually come to an island
after awhile, and the Starboard Cottage is over toward 5 o' clock. You'll get
a STERN KEY from that, as well as a BEAR SUIT on the island you're given
access to. While the Bear Suit is crappy as hell, it's necessary for getting
the Demon's Seal, which is very useful for getting Shirley's Tidal Wave spell,
as it increases gained EXP.

Return to Werites Beacon after that, and make the Demon's Seal. And from there,
throw Shirley in the party with the Demon's Seal until you're at Level 76 for
her. It helps, trust me. Now, staying in Werites Beacon, go to the Fallen
Lands. Head southeast of the Elevator to find a duct, which takes you back up
to land. Wonderful. Note that this is a great place to beat some enemies and
get the Gentleman eres stones for Grune's Judgment spell. But anyway, head for
7 o' clock through shallow water and land, to reach the Stern Cottage. Easy
question, and you'll get the EMPEROR'S NEW CLOTHES.

This is a very shoddy (in my opinion) piece of armor, but oh well. Moses can
equip it for no defense, but absorption of all elements. Big whoop. Anyways,
let's hope you're consistently leveling up, but I guarantee you'll get some
more chances to before the final boss. Head to the Altar of the Sea now,

 XXf. Altar of the Sea
 - Items: N/A

No need to track through this place. You'll start right at the summit, with
the group ready to get their new revolutionary eres from the Great Nerifes.
After a dozen or so cheesy lines from the group, none other than a sea gaet
will appear from the sky, which is Nerifes's way of testing you. Well... no
other way out, is there?

 Pandemonium Gaet                          Elements:
   HP: 260,570                              Weak - Sea ;; Strong - Curse
   Race: Sea Gaet
   Weight: Special

 Oh my dear god. Take a look at that, that's the divine and ultimate HP count
 right there. Still, this boss doesn't really have a whole lot to show for
 that, besides the gruesome appearance, and the weakness to Sea. Since this
 point is a tad too early for Tidal Wave, I suggest Grune in this party, with
 everything except Aqua Laser, Brilliant Lance, Ray, Maelstrom, and Judgment
 sealed. I also recommend, as opposed to leveling Senel up to Level 99 for
 Lord of Creation, to combine his mastered Avalanche Drop with either Twin
 Demon Fist or Talon Storm, to create the compound eres Dag Surge.

 When the Pandemonium Gaet is down, which can very easily result from a
 Climax Combo or any other combination of strong attacks, use the very slow
 but very powerful Dag Surge, for about four hits of 2500-3000 damage. A
 single Climax Combo without any mode to help it is 52,000 damage, so it's up
 to you, can you do 39,000 damage in about ten seconds? Didn't think so. The
 Pandemonium Gaet likes to descend into the ground and then appear at a
 different location, as well as jump through the air, so make sure you guard
 against that. Apart from that, this fight is a pushover.

The team ends up getting the sacred eres from Nerifes with that, as well as
a large warphole appearing in the sky. That is the Cradle of Time, where all
time begins and ends, in an entirely different time-space continuum. Anyway,
that's all there is left. My Shirley was at Level 74, so feel free to fight a
few battles to gain a little extra EXP, but note that the Cradle of Time has
some good opportunities to gain EXP, so that also works. When you're ready,
stand in the center.

 XXg. Cradle of Time
 - Items: N/A

One of the relatively, most painless final dungeons that I've ever seen. If you
even want to call this the final dungeon... the Wings of Light were far more
climatic. Anyway, the group has absolutely no intention of turning back at this
point. And neither do I, since I built up to Level 75 with Shirley and was
ready to get the additional levels here, but let's not go there. Head to the
right, watch a quick scene, use the healing circle, and step forward. You need
to fight six old bosses in a row, without turning back. They give great EXP
and have high HP... anything else different?

1st fight: Citadel Turtle - 101713 HP - Base Turtle - Massive

2nd fight: Zephyr Lucifer - 101713 HP - Zephyr - Heavy

3rd fight: Chariot Gaet - 204684 HP - Grand Gaet - Special

4th fight: Silver Galf / Gold Galf - 100000 HP - Galf - Heavy

5th fight: Diva - 118985 HP - Diva - Heavy

6th fight: Dinowyrm - 175589 - Dinowyrm - Special

Once you're done with the sixth fight, take the warp back and use the healing
circle, go back to the Altar of the Sea and the world map and save... whatever
you wish to do. On another note, now at this point I had Tidal Wave, so
Shirley totally replaced Norma for me, since she DOES have Cure. While the
animation doesn't scream as much utter doomsday as Symphonia's did, it's still
awesome. Anyway, take the warp back to the seventh area, and illusions of
the past's grief come to haunt you once more.

 Dark Senel                                Elements:
   HP: 158,711                              Weak - Sea ;; Strong - Curse
   Race: Human
   Weight: Middle

 Dark Shirley                              Elements:
   HP: 158,711                              Weak - Sea ;; Strong - Curse
   Race: Human
   Weight: Middle

 Finally, a challenging battle, definitely the hardest in awhile. It's easy
 to see what both Dark Senel and Dark Shirley do, but they're both extremely
 threatening. Dark Senel, for one, loves nothing more than to use Twin Demon
 Fist to start things off at 600-700 damage, and also Beast Impact for over
 1200-1300. Don't go easy on Dark Senel at ALL. He's by far the greater threat
 of the two, constantly using Dragon Strike to do 1500+ damage and hover all
 the way through the field. If that wasn't bad enough, he's fast and furious,
 plus his combos are at least 800-900 damage.

 Dark Shirley uses most of the stronger spells that your Shirley uses, except
 for Tidal Wave, of course. Her favorite is Blizzard, which will strike your
 whole party down for 800-900 damage apiece. She also just loves to cast
 Tractor Beam at your mages for 2000+ damage, and also Shooting Stars for
 around the range of 1100-1200 damage. Of course, she has casting time and
 Dark Senel doesn't. So make Dark Senel your first target above anything. Hit
 with Climax Mode, seal everything except Shirley's Tractor Beam, Tidal Wave,
 and Cure... that kind of thing.

 If the fight is still too difficult, switch Shirley with Norma for Revive
 and Resurrection, because you can expect to see characters knocked out.
 Fortunately, Climax Mode makes this a lot easier, so long as you use it at a
 point when the two are separate from each other. When not using Climax Mode,
 however, try to keep the two together so that you can hit the both of them
 together, plus it makes Tidal Wave more useful. Good luck; I'd consider this
 the test to see how much you've gained over the course of time spent playing

The Senel and Shirley of the light banish those of the dark past, and now a
new path is open to continue deeper within the Cradle of Time. However, this
simply leads to six extra bosses, so let's hope you're prepared. Since you
certainly don't want to be left hanging after that rather nasty battle, feel
free to go back to the healing circle, save outside, go back to town and stock
up on items... but when ready, venture deeper into the dungeon.

7th fight: Fenrir - 175589 HP - Galf - Heavy

8th fight: Beelzebub - 97506 HP - Hopper - Light

9th fight: Grand Gaet - 250954 HP - Grand Gaet - Special

10th fight: Fafnir - 217157 HP - Dragon - Special

11th fight: Crystarantula - 157687 HP - Dandarantula - Massive

12th fight: Royal Automaton - 157687 HP - Automaton - Special

Now it's time to go back and save, if you deem it to be necessary. Definitely
return and use the healing circle, and also choose a good party to use. When
you're ready, enter the warp to face off for the first time against Schwartz,
after the group states their reasons for a billionth time. Grune can't exactly
stop them, so fight a rather futile battle that can't be won, then after a
particularly long scene with the group invoking their revolutionary eres, the
true final battle begins.

 Schwartz                                 Elements:
   HP: 174,005                             Strong - Fire ;; Strong - Ice
   Race: Schwartz                          Strong - Lightning ;; Strong - Earth
   Weight: Special                         Weak - Sea ;; Strong - Curse

 This is certainly a fight worthy of the final boss title of this game, and
 you'll already have had two tastes of it, one from the Wings of Light and one
 from the previous battle. And I'll say now that Schwartz is both an aggressive
 fighter and a powerful magic user. And as it's only courteous that I would
 list my stats for the third time and the final battle, here they are, with
 Norma having been replaced with Shirley.

 Senel (Level 78)                           Shirley (Level 77)
 HP: 6727/6727                              HP: 5450/5450
 MP: 628/628                                MP: 866/866
 Weapon: Kaiser Gears                       Weapon: Angelic Quill
 Body: Mumbane                              Body: Shaman Dress
 Head: Golden Helm                          Head: Angel Halo
 Acc 1: Extreme Symbol                      Acc 1: Technical Ring
 Acc 2: Persian Boots                       Acc 2: Black Onyx
 Title: Fist of Lightning                   Title: Angry Merines

 Chloe (Level 78)                           Jay (Level 77)
 HP: 5958/5958                              HP: 6068/6068
 MP: 589/589                                MP: 582/582
 Weapon: Eternal Sword                      Weapon: Hotate
 Body: Golden Armor                         Body: Stole
 Head: Rare Helm                            Head: Ninja Mask
 Acc 1: Reflect Ring                        Acc 1: Warrior Crest
 Acc 2: Black Onyx                          Acc 2: Black Onyx
 Title: Soul Edge                           Title: Jay the Assassin

 Okay. Schwartz has 174,005 HP, which pales in comparison to Pandemonium Gaet
 but is still a hefty amount. Because Schwartz is just pure toughness. First
 of all, her combo can hit several times, which each hit doing 400-500 damage.
 In short, expect about 2200+ damage from her combos. Her Melody of Life
 attack is extremely dangerous at 700+ damage very quickly, knocking them
 down and later leaving them susceptible to further attacks. The major problem
 is that Schwartz is fast, and can very easily attack several characters at
 once. Put those two together, and you'll have a lot of dead characters fast.

 Schwartz's absolute most dangerous attack is when she jumps in the air and
 releases a huge dark wave of energy. This is extremely hard to avoid, and
 is about 2500-3000 damage. That's extremely nasty, and as for her spells,
 she uses Black Hole which is around 1200 damage, Maelstrom and Ray which are
 only 900-1000, and Ancient Nova, which is 2000-2200 damage. So in short, her
 attacks are nasty and you want to guard against them. However, use everything
 that you've got for this moment. Elixirs will revive your characters, so the
 lack of Resurrection make strong revival a necessity.

 I recommend before this fight, making the compound eres of Rending Earth +
 Dragon Strike, for Killing Time. This attack does immense damage to only one
 weapon, and that is Schwartz. Senel, with Killing Time and Kaiser Gears, will
 absolutely own Schwartz. And it gets even better, using a Climax Mode and
 smashing her down with Whirlwind Talon Blast, Beast Impact, Demon Strike, and
 the like. Plus Shirley's Tidal Wave works wonders, making Killing Time even
 better. Don't hold anything back; Miracle Gels and Elixirs are awesome, but
 keep your HP up at all time. Good luck, this is one of the game's hardest

And once that battle is done, the real ending begins. The real ending easily
outmatches the ending of the main quest, any day of the week. Enjoy it, it's
extremely emotional, almost to the level of the ending to Moses' quest. And
once that's over, you get access to the Grade Shop and New Game+. Enjoy it, this
has been a good run.

                     ~-~ ~-~ ~-~  XXI. Eres ~-~ ~-~ ~-~

A simple list of the eres which belong to every character in the game. Simple
enough, wouldn't you say?

 XXIa. Senel

Senel is an iron eren and one of the generally best characters in the game,
all in all. Need I say more?

| Ability Name      | Lv  | TP | Notes                                        |
| Demon Fist        |  1  |  4 | Senel's first eres                           |
| Shadow Rush       |  2  |  4 | N/A                                          |
| Demon Shadow      | N/A |  6 | Demon Fist + Shadow Rush                     |
| Impact            |  4  |  5 | N/A                                          |
| Demon Blast       | N/A |  7 | Demon Fist + Impact                          |
| Ground Slam       |  6  |  6 | Throw an enemy with Feather weight           |
| Dragon Blast      | 11  |  8 | N/A                                          |
| Divine Dragon     | N/A | 10 | Impact + Dragon Blast                        |
| Talon Strike      | 15  |  9 | N/A                                          |
| Stone Crush       | 17  | 10 | Throw an enemy with Light weight             |
| Coil              | 19  | 11 | Temporarily increases ATK                    |
| Impact Coil       | N/A | 14 | Impact + Coil                                |
| Swallow Dance     | 23  | 13 | N/A                                          |
| Phantom D. Dance  | N/A | 16 | Shadow Rush + Swallow Dance                  |
| Landslide         | 25  | 13 | Throw an enemy with Middle weight            |
| Talon Storm       | 27  | 14 | N/A                                          |
| Swallow Storm     | N/A | 18 | Swallow Dance + Talon Storm                  |
| Whirlwind Dash    | 31  | 16 | N/A                                          |
| Whirlwind Blast   | N/A | 20 | Dragon Blast + Whirlwind Dash                |
| Avalanche Drop    | 33  | 17 | Throw an enemy with Heavy weight             |
| Twin Demon Fist   | 35  | 17 | N/A                                          |
| Demon Strike      | N/A | 20 | Demon Fist + Twin Demon Fist                 |
| Dragon Crush      | 39  | 19 | N/A                                          |
| Rending Earth     | 42  | 20 | Throw an enemy with Massive weight           |
| Wyrm Rush         | 44  | 21 | One of Senel's best attacks                  |
| Wyrm Crush        | N/A | 27 | Dragon Crush + Wyrm Rush                     |
| Beast             | 49  | 23 | N/A                                          |
| Beast Impact      | N/A | 29 | Impact + Beast                               |
| Talon Blast       | 59  | 27 | N/A                                          |
| W. Talon Blast    | N/A | 34 | Whirlwind Dash + Talon Blast                 |
| Phoenix Strike    | 69  | 31 | N/A                                          |
| Dragon Strike     | N/A | 39 | Dragon Crush + Phoenix Strike                |
| Lord of Creation  | 99  | 40 | Throw down an enemy regardless of weight     |

 XXIb. Will

Will is a crystal eren whose novelty wears off along the end, but hey, he has
his uses.

| Ability Name      | Lv  | TP | Notes                                        |
| Lightning         |  1  |  7 | Lightning; Will's first eres                 |
| First Aid         |  1  |  7 | Healing; Will's first eres                   |
| Stone Blast       |  5  |  9 | Earth; 15 Egg Bear, 23 Peepit Chick          |
| Fire Ball         |  8  | 12 | Fire; 69 Lizardman, 61 Peepit                |
| Antishield        | 11  | 15 | Support; 46 Egg Bear Cub, 188 Eggtopus       |
| Ice Arrows        | 14  | 17 | Ice; 183 Eres, 114 Elements                  |
| Recover           | 17  | 20 | Healing; 168 Peepit Chick, 193 Eryngi        |
| Shield            | 20  | 23 | Support; 212 Lizardman, 49 Hopper            |
| Spread            | 23  | 25 | Sea; 428 Lizardman, 117 Gelures Sword        |
| Freeze Lancer     | 26  | 28 | Ice; 523 Megant, 226 Phynx                   |
| Flame Blade       | 29  | 31 | Fire; 435 Egg Bear, 134 Gelures Shield       |
| Thunder Blade     | 32  | 33 | Lightning; 672 Galf, 150 Diva                |
| Indignation       | 35  | 36 | Lightning; 265 Mimic Bed, 445 Eggtopus       |
| Cure              | 38  | 39 | Healing; 499 Egg Bear, 245 Dragon            |
| Icicle Volt       | 41  | 42 | Ice; 899 Phynx, 400 Dragon                   |
| Antishelter       | 44  | 44 | Support; 700 Zephyr, 600 Mini-Automaton      |
| Shelter           | 47  | 47 | Support; 672 Galf, 800 Hill Angler           |
| Eruption          | 50  | 50 | Fire; 239 Automaton, 1375 Hill Angler        |
| Final Embrace     | 54  | 53 | Ice; 800 Hopper, 868 Mimic Bed               |
| Black Hole        | 58  | 57 | Curse; 1133 Diva, 1053 Hopper                |
| Extension         | 62  | 60 | Varies; 1461 Base Turtle, 850 Mandrake       |
| Shooting Stars    | 66  | 64 | Ice; 929 Galf, 1128 Lizardman                |
| Big Bang          | 70  | 68 | Fire; 2205 Megant, 1097 Grand Gaet           |

 XXIc. Chloe

Chloe is an iron eren who exceeds in swordfighting and is excellent for
racking up combos. Very good character.

| Ability Name      | Lv  | TP | Notes                                        |
| Demon Fang        |  3  |  5 | Chloe's first eres                           |
| Sword Rain        |  5  |  5 | N/A                                          |
| Sword Rain Demon  | N/A |  6 | Demon Fang + Sword Rain                      |
| Tiger Blade       |  8  |  7 | N/A                                          |
| Sword Rain Tiger  | N/A |  9 | Sword Rain + Tiger Blade                     |
| Shining Gale      | 12  |  8 | N/A                                          |
| Alpha Tempest     | 16  | 10 | N/A                                          |
| Tiger Tempest     | N/A | 13 | Tiger Blade + Alpha Tempest                  |
| Eagle Rising      | 20  | 11 | N/A                                          |
| Ram Strike        | 24  | 13 | N/A                                          |
| Demon Fang Blast  | N/A | 17 | Demon Fang + Ram Strike                      |
| New Moon Blade    | 28  | 15 | N/A                                          |
| New Moon Rising   | N/A | 19 | Eagle Rising + New Moon Blade                |
| Phantom Blade     | 32  | 16 | N/A                                          |
| S. Rain: Phantom  | N/A | 21 | Sword Rain + Phantom Blade                   |
| Focus             | 36  | 18 | Temporarily increases ACC                    |
| Gambit            | 40  | 19 | N/A                                          |
| Tempest Gambit    | N/A | 25 | Alpha Tempest + Gambit                       |
| Sword Rain: Alpha | 44  | 21 | Absolute awesome, 'nuff said                 |
| Sword Rain: Omega | N/A | 27 | Sword Rain + Sword Rain: Alpha               |
| Shining Storm     | 48  | 23 | N/A                                          |
| S. Storm Rising   | N/A | 29 | Eagle Rising + Shining Storm                 |
| Twin Demon Fang   | 58  | 27 | N/A                                          |
| Demon Fang Fury   | N/A | 34 | Demon Fang + Twin Demon Fang                 |
| L. Tiger Blade    | 68  | 31 | N/A                                          |
| N. Moon Lightning | N/A | 39 | New Moon Blade + Lightning Tiger Blade       |

 XXId. Norma

Norma is a crystal eren who ends the game by being probably the best healer,
with Revive and Resurrection handy. Rock on.

| Ability Name      | Lv  | TP | Notes                                        |
| Grave             |  7  |  9 | Earth; Norma's first eres                    |
| Fire Wall         |  9  | 12 | Fire; 30 Galf, 50 Eggtopus                   |
| Ice Wall          | 11  | 15 | Ice; 90 Egg Bear, 63 Eryngi                  |
| Taunt             | 14  | 18 | Support; 130 Egg Bear, 218 Eggtopus          |
| Rally             | 17  | 20 | Support; 94 Base Turtle, 304 Eggtopus        |
| Thunder Arrow     | 20  | 23 | Lightning; 254 Megant, 34 Dandarantula       |
| Silence           | 23  | 26 | Support; 447 Ere, 101 Peepit                 |
| Revive            | 26  | 28 | Healing; 418 Lizardman, 37 Gelures Sword     |
| Fire Storm        | 29  | 31 | Fire; 672 Galf, 121 Base Turtle              |
| Resurrection      | 32  | 34 | Healing; 143 Dandarantula, 332 Eggtopus      |
| Dark Force        | 35  | 37 | Curse; 596 Phynx, 91 Hopperfly               |
| Cheerleader Taunt | 38  | 39 | Support; 312 Hopper, 477 Element             |
| Rolling Stone     | 41  | 42 | Earth; 343 Gelures Shield, 516 Diva          |
| Blizzard          | 44  | 45 | Ice; 1138 Base Turtle, 349 Mandrake          |
| Cheerleader Rally | 47  | 47 | Support; 1607 Megant, 860 Lizardman          |
| Ray               | 50  | 50 | Sea; 862 Lizardman, 530 Mandrake             |
| Ground Dasher     | 54  | 54 | Earth; 1000 Zephyr, 743 Element              |
| Black Hole        | 58  | 57 | Curse; 580 Eryngi, 677 Peepit                |
| Tractor Beam      | 62  | 61 | None; 765 Hill Angler; 565 Gald Shark        |
| Ancient Nova      | 66  | 64 | Fire; 601 Eryngi; 1014 Mandrake              |
| Meteor Storm      | 70  | 68 | Fire; 1048 Eryngi; 1618 Dragon               |

 XXIe. Moses

Moses is an iron eren who excels at long range attacking via throwing spears.
Not my cup of tea, but maybe yours.

| Ability Name      | Lv  | TP | Notes                                        |
| Lone Wolf         | 10  |  9 | Moses's first eres                           |
| Rabid Wolf        | N/A | 14 | Lone Wolf + Lion Cannon                      |
| Eagle Shot        | 19  | 11 | N/A                                          |
| Lone Eagle        | N/A | 27 | Lone Wolf + Eagle Shot                       |
| Savage Strike     | 24  | 13 | N/A                                          |
| Savage Wolf       | N/A | 22 | Lone Wolf + Savage Strike                    |
| Outcast           | 29  | 15 | N/A                                          |
| Wolf Pack         | 34  | 17 | N/A                                          |
| Lion Rain         | N/A | 17 | Wolf Pack + Lion Rain                        |
| Outlaw            | N/A | 24 | Outcast + Wolf Pack                          |
| Wolf Storm        | 39  | 19 | N/A                                          |
| Savage Wolf Storm | N/A | 29 | Savage Strike + Wolf Storm                   |
| Wild Rain         | 44  | 21 | N/A                                          |
| Rogue Hunt        | 54  | 25 | Very useful stuff in my opinion              |
| Outcast Hunt      | N/A | 36 | Outcast + Rogue Hunt                         |
| Lion Cannon       | 63  | 29 | N/A                                          |

 XXIf. Jay

Jay is an iron eren who excels at short range attacked via quick dagger blows.
My cup of tea without a doubt due to combo racking.

| Ability Name      | Lv  | TP | Notes                                        |
| Dagger            | N/A | 13 | Jay's first eres                             |
| Pyre              | N/A | 13 | Fire elemental; Jay's first eres             |
| Flame Dagger      | N/A | 23 | Fire elemental; Dagger + Pyre                |
| Ice Storm         | 27  | 14 | Ice elemental                                |
| Wraith Ice        | N/A | 20 | Ice elemental; Ice Storm + Ghost Blade       |
| Ghost Blade       | 30  | 15 | Temporarily increases speed                  |
| Silent Reaper     | 33  | 17 | Curse elemental                              |
| Silent Pyre       | N/A | 24 | Fire elemental; Pyre + Silent Reaper         |
| Brutal Earth      | 36  | 18 | Earth elemental                              |
| Wraith Earth      | N/A | 17 | Earth elemental; Brutal Earth + Ghost Blade  |
| Merciless Thunder | 39  | 19 | Lightning elemental                          |
| Silent Lightning  | N/A | 26 | Lightning elemental; S. Reaper + M. Thunder  |
| Shadow Blade      | 42  | 20 | Curse elemental                              |
| Shadow Reaper     | N/A | 29 | Silent Reaper + Shadow Blade                 |
| Dark Cloud        | 45  | 21 | N/A                                          |
| Hawk Talon        | N/A | 21 | Dagger + Sparrow Hawk                        |
| Ill Wind          | 49  | 23 | Damn nifty stuff this way                    |
| Dark Wind         | N/A | 38 | Ill Wind + Dark Cloud                        |
| Falcon            | 53  | 25 | N/A                                          |
| Crow Blade        | 57  | 26 | N/A                                          |
| Sparrow Hawk      | 67  | 30 | N/A                                          |

 XXIg. Grune

Grune is a crystal eren whose onslaught of magic consists almost entirely of
offensive eres, hence a black mage.

| Ability Name      | Lv  | TP | Notes                                        |
| Bloody Howling    | N/A | 37 | Curse; Grune's first eres                    |
| Aqua Laser        | 39  | 40 | Sea; 1097 Ere, 652 Base Turtle               |
| Absolute          | 42  | 43 | Ice; 742 Egg Bear, 534 Peepit                |
| Brilliant Lance   | 45  | 45 | Sea; 45 Sea Gaet, 828 Dragon                 |
| Eruption          | 48  | 50 | Fire; 968 Phynx, 250 Automaton               |
| Demon Lance       | 51  | 51 | Curse; 507 Dandarantula, 508 Gelures Sword   |
| Negative Blade    | 56  | 54 | Curse; 312 Peepit Chick, 900 Dragon          |
| Ray               | 59  | 50 | Sea; 242 Egg Bear Cub, 819 Eggtopus          |
| Black Hole        | 63  | 57 | Curse; 879 Galf, 845 Grand Gaet              |
| Maelstrom         | 67  | 65 | Sea; 2262 Ere, 1072 Hopper                   |
| Judgment          | 71  | 69 | Sea; 500 Gentleman, 750 Fiend                |

 XXIh. Shirley

Shirley is a crystal eren, and while everything she has can be learned by
someone else except Tidal Wave, she just kicks ass.

| Ability Name      | Lv  | TP | Notes                                        |
| Fire Ball         | N/A | 52 | Fire; Shirley's first eres                   |
| Cure              | N/A | 39 | Healing; Shirley's first eres                |
| Rally             | 52  | 20 | Support; 1461 Base Turtle, 424 Hopperfly     |
| Ice Wall          | 55  | 54 | Ice; 1001 Diva, 592 Dandarantula             |
| Indignation       | 58  | 57 | Lightning; 975 Dragon, 397 Gald Shark        |
| Ground Dasher     | 61  | 60 | Earth; 2003 Ere, 1106 Phynx                  |
| Blizzard          | 64  | 63 | Ice; 921 Lizardman, 581 Eryngi               |
| Shelter           | 67  | 47 | Support; 878 Gelures Sword, 927 Element      |
| Shooting Stars    | 70  | 68 | Ice; 1295 Diva, 1014 Mandrake                |
| Tractor Beam      | 73  | 71 | None; 1227 Galf, 1000 Hill Angler            |
| Tidal Wave        | 76  | 73 | Sea; 2221 Peepit, 400 Dinowyrm               |

                  ~-~ ~-~ ~-~  XXII. Equipment ~-~ ~-~ ~-~

Weapons, armor, headgear, accessories, titles... you name it, it's all in this
spot right here.

 XXIIa. Weapons

Gotta love these, especially when they're coupled with my new and ultra crappy

| Weapon Name       | Atk | Used  | Notes                                     |
| Iron Bracers      |  37 | Senel | Senel's first weapon                      |
| Power Bracers     |  41 | Senel | Purchased                                 |
| Poison Bracers    |  71 | Senel | Dropped by Crystarantula                  |
| Fire Bolt         |  89 | Senel | Fire elemental; purchased                 |
| Scallop Gear      | 132 | Senel | Purchased                                 |
| Heavy Hands       | 173 | Senel | Purchased                                 |
| Lei               | 212 | Senel | Dropped by Lovebird Chick; Lck + 50       |
| Holy Bracers      | 212 | Senel | Purchased; restores HP                    |
| Hunter's Beat     | 247 | Senel | Found in Front Line (MQ)                  |
| Speed Bracers     | 253 | Senel | Found in Crystal Forest (CQ)              |
| Mythril Bracers   | 315 | Senel | Purchased                                 |
| Homing Beats      | 357 | Senel | Found in Thunder Monument (MQ); Acc + 15  |
| Bi-Metal          | 441 | Senel | Purchased                                 |
| Dynamic Arts      | 507 | Senel | Sea elemental; purchased                  |
| Ghost Shell       | 536 | Senel | Curse elemental; customized               |
| Aqua Shell        | 536 | Senel | Sea elemental; customized                 |
| Diamond Shell     | 595 | Senel | Customized; restores 5% TP for enemies    |
| H. Speed Bracers  | 673 | Senel | Customized; Eva + 50                      |
| Heaven's Claw     | 673 | Senel | Sea elemental; beat single Special rank   |
| Breaker           | 744 | Senel | Found in Mirage Palace (CQ); 10% HP       |
| Kaiser Gears      | 893 | Senel | Customized; more damage to Schwartz       |
|                   |     |       |                                           |
| Hammer            |  37 |  Will | Will's first weapon                       |
| War Hammer        |  80 |  Will | Purchased                                 |
| Oresoren Hammer   | 117 |  Will | Purchased                                 |
| Pow Hammer        | 180 |  Will | Customized; Acc + 20                      |
| Pile Driver       | 188 |  Will | Purchased                                 |
| Mythril Hammer    | 359 |  Will | Found in Ice Monument (MQ)                |
| Express           | 454 |  Will | Purchased                                 |
| 765kg Hammer      | 454 |  Will | Found in cottage quiz                     |
| Deck Brush        | 524 |  Will | Customized; Eva + 50                      |
| Mjolnir           | 740 |  Will | Will's Advanced Single round; Acc + 50    |
|                   |     |       |                                           |
| Long Sword        |  54 | Chloe | Chloe's first weapon                      |
| Gladius           |  80 | Chloe | Purchased                                 |
| Broad Sword       |  99 | Chloe | Purchased                                 |
| Poison Sword      | 171 | Chloe | Found in Great Hollow (MQ)                |
| Claymore          | 208 | Chloe | Purchased                                 |
| Silver Sword      | 249 | Chloe | Sea elemental; found in Front Line (MQ)   |
| Ether Sword       | 326 | Chloe | Purchased                                 |
| Dragon Tooth      | 348 | Chloe | Found in Fire Monument (MQ)               |
| Mini-G Sword      | 360 | Chloe | Dropped by Gelures Scissors               |
| Baseball Bat      | 360 | Chloe | Dropped by Lizard Baker; Acc + 50         |
| Excalibur         | 483 | Chloe | Found in Wings of Light (MQ)              |
| Grim Sword        | 500 | Chloe | Purchased                                 |
| Angel's Tear      | 534 | Chloe | Purchased                                 |
| Flamberge         | 558 | Chloe | Fire elemental; customized                |
| Ice Coffin        | 569 | Chloe | Ice elemental; customized                 |
| Laser Blade       | 586 | Chloe | Sea elemental; customized                 |
| Last Fencer       | 588 | Chloe | Purchased                                 |
| Megant Killer     | 596 | Chloe | Customized; more damage to Megants        |
| Paper Fan         | 669 | Chloe | Dropped by Bomb Element; 5% TP for enemies|
| Destroyer         | 731 | Chloe | Found in Mirage Palace (CQ)               |
| Eternal Sword     | 879 | Chloe | Customized                                |
|                   |     |       |                                           |
| Straw             |  50 | Norma | Norma's first weapon                      |
| Love Straw        |  82 | Norma | Purchased                                 |
| Silver Straw      | 172 | Norma | Sea elemental; purchased                  |
| Peepit Straw      | 254 | Norma | Purchased                                 |
| Strike Straw      | 363 | Norma | Purchased; Acc + 10                       |
| Mythril Straw     | 413 | Norma | Purchased                                 |
| Love Love Straw   | 447 | Norma | Found in Man-Eating Ruins (CQ); Lck + 15  |
| Marbled Straw     | 490 | Norma | Customized; restores TP                   |
| Scope Straw       | 515 | Norma | Customized; Acc + 50                      |
| Gold Straw        | 673 | Norma | Norma's Advanced Single round             |
|                   |     |       |                                           |
| Spear             | 144 | Moses | Moses's first weapon                      |
| War Javelin       | 193 | Moses | Purchased                                 |
| Silver Javelin    | 237 | Moses | Sea elemental; found in Front Line (MQ)   |
| Holy Javelin      | 299 | Moses | Purchased; restores HP                    |
| Mythril Spear     | 356 | Moses | Found in Ice Monument (MQ)                |
| Longinus          | 467 | Moses | Found in Wings of Light (MQ)              |
| Gae Bolg          | 483 | Moses | Purchased; Acc + 20                       |
| Thunder Javelin   | 507 | Moses | Lightning elemental; customized           |
| Peepit Spear      | 547 | Moses | Customized; more damage to Peepits/Chicks |
| Earth Javelin     | 592 | Moses | Earth elemental; customized               |
| Gungnir           | 793 | Moses | Moses's Advanced Single round             |
|                   |     |       |                                           |
| Knife             | 246 |  Jay  | Jay's first weapon                        |
| Kochi             | 309 |  Jay  | Purchased                                 |
| Chizakura         | 427 |  Jay  | Curse elemental; found in Mirage Palace   |
| Gyoten            | 427 |  Jay  | Sea elemental, found in Mirage Palace     |
| Shiden            | 491 |  Jay  | Lightning elemental; customized           |
| Fuji              | 499 |  Jay  | Earth elemental; purchased                |
| Ogre Sword        | 505 |  Jay  | Found in Geoglyph Area (CQ); Acc + 10     |
| Shinonome         | 566 |  Jay  | Customized; restores 5% TP for enemies    |
| Kageboshi         | 602 |  Jay  | Customized; Eva + 50                      |
| Kusanagi Sword    | 652 |  Jay  | Dropped by Fenrir; Acc + 20               |
| Hotate            | 807 |  Jay  | Customized; restores 10% TP for enemies   |
|                   |     |       |                                           |
| Pterux            | 289 | Grune | Grune's first weapon                      |
| Dory              | 357 | Grune | Purchased                                 |
| Bomba             | 410 | Grune | Fire elemental; found in Will's house (CQ)|
| Spyra             | 468 | Grune | Ice elemental; customized                 |
| Diktyon           | 502 | Grune | Curse elemental; customized               |
| Temnein           | 517 | Grune | Sea elemental; customizsed                |
|                   |     |       |                                           |
| Quill             | 410 | Shirl | Shirley's first weapon                    |
| Chalk             | 448 | Shirl | Found in Waterways (CQ)                   |
| Brush             | 483 | Shirl | Customized                                |
| High Grade Pen    | 541 | Shirl | Customized; Acc + 50                      |
| Angelic Quill     | 601 | Shirl | Sea elemental; customized                 |

 XXIIb. Armor

You wanna piece'o my new format, eh? Well, this is as good as ever a place to
see it.

| Armor Name        | Def |  Used   | Notes                                   |
| E. New Clothes    |  0  |  Moses  | Found in cottage quiz; absorbs elements |
| Soft Leather      |  6  | S, C, M | Purchased                               |
| Hard Leather      |  8  | S, C, M | Purchased                               |
| Chain Mail        | 10  | S, C, M | Purchased                               |
| Ring Mail         | 13  | S, C, M | Purchased                               |
| Lamellar Leather  | 18  | S, C, M | Purchased                               |
| Turtle Mail       | 20  | S, C, M | Found in Great Hollow (MQ)              |
| Gaet Armor        | 22  |  Senel  | Dropped by Grand Gaet                   |
| Silver Mail       | 24  |  S, M   | Purchased                               |
| Dragon Mail       | 28  |  S, M   | Dropped by Dragon                       |
| Mythril Armor     | 32  | S, C, M | Purchased                               |
| Rune Mail         | 41  | S, C, M | Purchased; Int + 5                      |
| Prereflex         | 50  | S, C, M | Purchased; physical damage - 10%        |
| Rare Plate        | 53  | S, C, M | Purchased                               |
| Reflex            | 58  | S, C, M | Customized; physical damage - 30%       |
| Star Mail         | 62  | S, C, M | Customized; restores TP                 |
| Body Paint        | 84  |  Moses  | Customized; restores HP                 |
| Mumbane           | 88  |  Senel  | Senel's Advanced Single round           |
| Golden Armor      | 92  |  Chloe  | Chloe's Advanced Single round; Int + 20 |
|                   |     |         |                                         |
| Cloak             | 12  | N, G, S | Purchased                               |
| Amber Cloak       | 15  | N, G, S | Purchased                               |
| Peepit Cloak      | 17  | N, G, S | Purchased                               |
| Galf Cloak        | 23  | N, G, S | Purchased                               |
| Bunny Dress       | 30  | N, G, S | Purchased                               |
| Cocktail Dress    | 33  |  G, S   | Purchased                               |
| Witch's Dress     | 33  | N, G, S | Purchased                               |
| Holy Cloak        | 39  | N, G, S | Found in Mirage Palace (MQ)             |
| Warlock Garb      | 44  | N, G, S | Purchased; Int + 10                     |
| Happi             | 48  | Anyone  | Found in Ice Monument (CQ)              |
| Middy Blouse      | 51  |  N, S   | Dropped by Atlas Hopper; Eva + 15       |
| Heavenly Garb     | 68  |  Norma  | Customized; Int + 20                    |
| Shaman Dress      | 68  | Shirley | Shirley's Advanced Single round         |
| Aurora            | 72  |  Grune  | Customized; elements + 40%              |
|                   |     |         |                                         |
| Bear Suit         |  5  |  W, J   | Starboard quiz; reduces movement        |
| Robe              |  7  |  Norma  | Purchased                               |
| Misty Robe        | 10  |  W, J   | Purchased                               |
| Bloody Robe       | 12  |  W, J   | Purchased                               |
| Battle Robe       | 15  |  Will   | Purchased                               |
| Scale Robe        | 24  |  W, J   | Purchased                               |
| Silk Robe         | 32  |  W, J   | Purchased, Int + 5                      |
| Holy Robe         | 39  |  W, J   | Found in Mirage Palace (MQ)             |
| Rune Robe         | 44  |  W, J   | Customized; Int + 10                    |
| Spirit Robe       | 50  |  W, J   | Customized; Int + 20                    |
| Moon Robe         | 51  |  W, J   | Customized; restores TP                 |
| Stole             | 55  |  W, J   | Customized; Sea + 20                    |
| Amelia's Love     | 69  |  Will   | Customized; Lck + 50                    |

 XXIIc. Headgear

You wanna piece'o my new format, eh? Well, this is as good as ever a place to
see it.

| Helmet Name       | Def |  Used   | Notes                                   |
| Leather Helm      |  3  | S, C, M | Purchased                               |
| Iron Helm         |  5  | S, C, M | Purchased                               |
| Armet Helm        |  6  |  S, M   | Purchased                               |
| Cross Helm        |  7  |  S, M   | Purchased                               |
| Duel Helm         | 11  | S, C, M | Purchased                               |
| Mythril Helm      | 18  | S, C, M | Purchased                               |
| Rare Helm         | 22  | S, C, M | Purchased                               |
| Star Helm         | 26  | S, C, M | Purchased; Acc + 5                      |
| Golden Helm       | 33  | S, C, M | Found in Bandits Lair (CQ); Eva + 20    |
| Skeleton Mask     | 37  |  Chloe  | Customized; Luck + 10                   |
|                   |     |         |                                         |
| Beret             |  3  | C,N,G,S | Purchased                               |
| Straw Hat         |  5  | W, C, J | Purchased                               |
| Night Cap         |  6  | Anyone  | Purchased, Eva + 5                      |
| Bunny Ears        | 13  | N, G, S | Purchased                               |
| Witch's Hat       | 15  |C,N,J,G,S| Purchased                               |
| Rune Beret        | 15  |  W, J   | Found in Altar of the Sea (MQ); Int + 5 |
| Silk Hat          | 15  |  W, J   | Purchased                               |
| Eryngi Hat        | 18  | C,N,G,S | Found in Mirage Palace (MQ); Curse + 20 |
| Kitty Cap         | 20  | N, G, S | Port quiz; elements + 20                |
| Bear Head         | 20  |  W, J   | Dropped by Egg Bear X; Acc - 10         |
| Headband          | 21  | S,W,M,J | Purchased; Acc + 5                      |
| Graduation Hat    | 24  |  Will   | Customized; Int + 20                    |
| Aifread's Hat     | 27  |S,W,C,M,J| Defeat all rare monsters; Int/Eva + 15  |
| Ninja Mask        | 33  |   Jay   | Jay's Advanced Single round; Acc + 10   |
|                   |     |         |                                         |
| Circlet           |  5  | N, G, S | Purchased; Int + 1                      |
| Pompom Hair Tie   |  6  | N,J,G,S | Purchased                               |
| Mythril Circlet   |  7  | N, G, S | Purchased; Int + 5                      |
| Ribbon            |  7  | N, G, S | Purchased                               |
| Blue Ribbon       |  8  | N, G, S | Purchased                               |
| Holy Circlet      |  9  | N, G, S | Found in Great Hollow (MQ); restores HP |
| Striped Ribbon    | 11  | N, G, S | Purchased                               |
| Pretty Ribbon     | 15  | N, G, S | Purchased                               |
| Star Circlet      | 18  | N, G, S | Purchased; Int + 15                     |
| Magical Ribbon    | 21  | N, G, S | Purchased; Sea + 10                     |
| Angel Halo        | 24  | N, G, S | Customized; Int + 30                    |

 XXIId. Accessories

You wanna piece'o my new format, eh? Well, this is as good as ever a place to
see it.

| Accessory Name    | Description         | Notes                             |
| Talisman          | Def + 5%            | Purchased                         |
| Heal Bracelet     | 10% HP per enemy    | Purchased                         |
| Spirit Bangle     | 5% TP per enemy     | Purchased                         |
| Blue Talisman     | Def + 10%           | Found in Great Hollow (CQ)        |
| Stun Bracelet     | Stun - 50%          | Purchased                         |
| Stun Charm        | Protects - Stun     | Purchased                         |
| Poison Charm      | Protects - Poison   | Purchased                         |
| Paralysis Charm   | Protects - Paralysis| Purchased                         |
| Fire Charm        | Protects - Burning  | Purchased                         |
| Freeze Charm      | Protects - Freezing | Purchased                         |
| Stone Charm       | Protects - Petrify  | Purchased                         |
| Restraint Charm   | Protects - Bind     | Purchased                         |
| Seal Charm        | Protects - Seal     | Purchased                         |
| Panic Charm       | Protects - Panic    | Purchased                         |
| Doom Charm        | Protects - Doom     | Purchased                         |
| FOE1 Charm        | Protects - Yellow   | Found in Secret Passage (MQ)      |
| FOE2 Charm        | Protects - Red      | Found in Front Line (MQ)          |
| FOE3 Charm        | Protects - Black    | Found in Altar of the Sea (MQ)    |
| Emerald Ring      | TP - 1/3            | Dropped by Vaclav                 |
| Faerie Ring       | TP - 1/2            | Dropped by Nerifes                |
| Protect Ring      | physical - 10%      | Dropped by Mimic Bed              |
| Force Ring        | physical - 20%      | Dropped by Walter                 |
| Resist Ring       | elemental - 10%     | Dropped by Melanie                |
| Reflect Ring      | elemental - 20%     | Found in Misty Mountains (CQ)     |
| Holy Ring         | restores HP         | Found in Waterways (CQ)           |
| Spirit Ring       | restores TP         | Found in Hidden Fortress (CQ)     |
| Revive Ring       | revives from KO     | Found in VotF (CQ)                |
| Technical Ring    | Int + 20            | Found in Crystal Forest (CQ)      |
| Warrior Crest     | Atk + 10%           | Found in Wings of Light (MQ)      |
| Rabbit's Foot     | Lck + 30            | Purchased                         |
| Holy Symbol       | restores HP         | Found in RoFL (CQ)                |
| Spirit Symbol     | restores TP         | Found in The Crags (CQ)           |
| Dark Seal         | EXP+50%, stats-50%  | Found on world map                |
| Demon's Seal      | EXP+100%, stats-75% | Customized                        |
| Extreme Symbol    | ATK/ACC+; DEF/EVA-  | Party Advanced round              |
| Mystic Symbol     | increases CST       | Found in Wings of Light (MQ)      |
| Krona Symbol      | physical ail def    | Party Special round               |
| Attack Symbol     | critical + 10%      | Found in Wings of Light (MQ)      |
| Cape              | Def + 1             | Purchased                         |
| Leather Cape      | Def + 3             | Purchased                         |
| Thief's Cape      | Def + 5, Eva + 5    | Purchased                         |
| Elven Cape        | Def + 10, Eva + 10  | Found in Waterways (CQ)           |
| Flare Cape        | Fire + 30           | Dropped by Volcano Gaet           |
| Freeze Cape       | Ice + 30            | Dropped by Glacier Gaet           |
| Thunder Cape      | Lightning + 30      | Dropped by Tempest Gaet           |
| Earth Cape        | Earth + 30          | Dropped by Earthquake Gaet        |
| Aqua Cape         | Sea + 30            | Found in Mirage Palace (MQ)       |
| Rune Cape         | Curse + 30          | Dropped by Fiend                  |
| Leather Boots     | Eva + 10            | Purchased                         |
| Elven Boots       | Eva + 40            | Found in Forest of No Return (CQ) |
| Jet Boots         | increases speed     | Found in Fire Monument (MQ)       |
| Persian Boots     | damage - 1/2        | Found in Bandits Lair (CQ)        |
| Rebirth Doll      | revives character   | Found in Man-Eating Ruins (CQ)    |
| Sephira           | Gald + 50%          | Dropped by Galf Fiend             |
| Blue Sephira      | Gald + 100%         | Found in Secret Passage (CQ)      |
| Black Onyx        | HP + 30%            | Purchased                         |
| Moon Crystal      | TP + 30%            | Purchased                         |
| Magic Mist        | escape speed up     | Found in Mirage Palace (MQ)       |
| Turquoise         | Lck + 50            | Found in Man-Eating Ruins (CQ)    |

                     ~-~ ~-~ ~-~  XXIII. FAQ ~-~ ~-~ ~-~

Got a question that a million other people will ask and complain about? ;] Here
it (probably) is.

[Q] What are the "main quest" and "character quests"?

[A] The game begins on the main quest, and consists of seven chapters. After
    you beat the final boss there, the character quests begin. There are eight
    of those: an introduction, an interlude, and quests for Will, Norma, Chloe,
    Moses, Jay, and Grune, in that order. And only once you finish those, can
    you see the real ending.


[Q] Did I turn the voice acting off for the character quests?

[A] NO. The character quests are not voiced because the director supposedly
    didn't think that they were part of the main game. And on another note,
    the character quests are just as much a part of the game itself than the
    main quest -- they aren't optional.


[Q] Fire vs. Ice, Lightning vs. Earth, and Sea vs. Curse. Are those really
    the elements?

[A] Yep. Fire consists of Meteor Storm, Big Bang, Ancient Nova and such, Ice
    is Absolute, Icicle Volt, Blizzard, and the like; Lightning is Indignation
    obviously, Earth is Ground Dasher for obvious reason, and Sea really takes
    the place of light in this game, with stuff like Ray being of the Sea
    element, as well as Tidal Wave being pretty much the "ultimate" spell, not
    to mention Spread and Aqua Laser being that much cooler. And Curse is
    obviously darkness, with stuff like Negative Blade and Black Hole.


[Q] Out of four crystal erens, Will, Norma, Grune, and Shirley, what are the
    strengths of each?

[A] Depends. Will starts out as the healer, but later in the game becomes a
    lot more offensive, ignoring the protective magic. Norma doesn't have the
    protection, and starts out very meh, until she gets Thunder Arrow, which is
    quickly followed by Revive and Resurrection. She doesn't have Cure, but
    those two spells are extremely useful. And she has virtually the same or
    close to equal offensive magic, so the only reason later in the game that
    you would use Will over Norma is if you have to have Cure, or if you can't
    live without protective magic.

    Grune is completely and totally offensive magic. What's more, her earlier
    spells include Bloody Howling, Aqua Laser, Brilliant Lance, and Negative
    Blade, so you know she's very potent in the areas of Sea and Curse. So if
    you need "black magic", Grune is completely unmatched. As for Shirley, she
    starts out very "eh", with a somewhat powerful Fire Ball, as well as Cure,
    but that's it. Still, she gets stronger spells, including Tidal Wave, as
    she goes, but pretty much all that she has can be learned by someone else.
    However, her magic is a lot faster (and pinker at that) than everyone

    And as for Intelligence, the order from highest to lowest is generally Will,
    Grune, Shirley, Norma, but that can be easily altered. So it's your choice
    of whom to take, based on what floats your boat.


[Q] What is the difference between acquired an eres scroll and learning a new
    crystal eres?

[A] Ah hell yeah. When you've actually learned a crystal eres, you can use it
    in battle anytime. It's yours from thenon; when you acquire an eres scroll,
    you need to collect the necessary eres stones, by defeating the enemies of
    that species. In other words, that can be a pain in the neck but it's
    certainly worth it.


[Q] Is there really much of a use for the iron eres compounds?

[A] I never really used them much except at the end, but yeah, usually they
    can prove to rack up a decent amount of damage if you use them correctly.
    Just one note on them, though. Senel's are specifically for throwing
    certain species of enemies with Special weight. So those ONLY work on
    enemies of that type. Chloe's, Moses's, and Jay's, on the other hand, work
    best on certain species, but aren't exclusive to them.


[Q] How exactly do Senel's throws work?

[A] Ah, Senel's infamous throws. Easily passed up, but definitely worth it.
    Anyway, every enemy has its own weight, and these throws serve to take
    advantage of that and inflict damage, but the enemy has to be down. As in,
    hit them with something like Impact, Beast, or the like, and they fall
    down. Now use Ground Slam, Stone Crush, Landslide, Avalanche Drop, Rending
    Earth, or Lord of Creation (lv 99), to inflict major damage.


[Q] Can you hack the game for me to get me so and so information?


                   ~-~ ~-~ ~-~  XXIV. Credits ~-~ ~-~ ~-~

You have just gone through yet another huge RPG guide, copyrighted and written
by none other than a lifeless nerd. Or, in other words, me. Interpret that in
any way you wish. So with that, hope you enjoyed this guide and this game, and
expect to see my name on many more guides in the future. I'm awesome like that
and stuff. With that, buhhh-bye.

- Jeff "CJayC" Veasey: For running the whole site of GameFAQs, the main site
that I work for. It's an awesome site, and I must commend CJayC for running
this great site for 6 whole years and posting this guide.

- Stephen Ng: For being the FAQ editor for IGN, which is the other site that I
write for. I am honored to write for IGN, since it is a great site. I was also
very glad to do an exclusive for IGN.

- EChang: Great quiz guide which helped me when I did the side quest itself,
and although he probably doesn't realize it anyway, his walkthrough was great
too and was good for me in various spots. Props for that.

- Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, U2, The Eagles, Queen, Van Halen, The Beatles, and
many others: You probably know why I'm thanking you, but I don't believe this
guide would be up as quickly if it weren't for all of you.

- All the guys who first got me started writing from GameFAQs and all of my
best friends like SinirothX, Psycho Penguin, Meowthnum1, CVXFREAK, Karpah,
ZoopSoul, Crazyreyn, Gobicamel, asa2377 (OH EM GEE YOU TROLL), Warhawk, Cyril,
supernova54321, Minesweeper, AlaskaFox, me frog, RHarrison, masterzero99, Tom
Hayes, wayalla, djg40, MTincher, NickBush24, BurningFox, AquaBlast, and
definitely more that I'm forgetting: you are some of the best friends that
anyone can have, and I may have quit FAQing/left FCB forever without all of
you. Thank you for everything and for motivating me to get my ass in gear.

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