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Eres Guide by AncientNova

Version: 1.65 | Updated: 08/10/06


Copyright 2006 AncientNova

Legal Disclaimer:
This guide be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright.

Version History!

v.0.2 :3/16/06
Finished first draft of introduction. Started Senel's Eres.

v.0.4 :3/17/06
Finished Senel's Eres, although still missing one (possibly more). Started 
completed all of Chloe's Eres. Started and completed all of Moses' Eres. 
Started Jay's Eres.

v.0.7 :3/18/06
Finished Jay's Eres. Started Crystal Eres section. Started and completed 
of Will's Eres. Started and completed all of Norma's Eres. Started and 
completed all of Grune's Eres. Cannot figure out what Grune is saying when 
casts Judgment!

v.1.0 :3/19/06
Started and completed Shirley's Eres (still missing Tidal Wave). Started 
completed FAQ, started and completed Credits.

v.1.1 :3/21/06
Learned Tidal Wave. Revised Grune's Eres descriptions.

v.1.2 :3/28/06
Added "Tips before you read" in Introduction. 

v.1.3 :4/1/06
Finally learned Senel's last Eres!

v.1.4 :4/2/06
Mastered Senel's last Eres.

v.1.5 :4/8/06
Made minor revisions; added contact information.

v.1.6 :8/10/06
Thanks to Jason Tee for pointing out how to reduce casting time! Added 
"Reducing casting time" question to FAQ. Straightened out some of the Iron 
Eres graphs, added some changes to the incantations.

v.1.65 :8/10/06
It was actually rotating the Left analog stick.
A Table of Contents:

I. Introduction

II. Iron Eres
    2.a Senel Coolidge
    2.b Chloe Valens
    2.c Moses Sandor
    2.d Jay

III. Crystal Eres
     3.a Will Raynard
     3.b Norma Beatty
     3.c Grune
     3.d Shirley Fennes


V. Credits


In Tales of Legendia, the characters' special abilities are called "Eres," 
have particular ways of being learned. First of all, there are two types of 
Eres-Iron Eres, and Crystal Eres. Iron Eres are basically the physical 
techniques, and have three classifications: base, arcane, and compound. 
Eres are self-explanatory; they are simply learned while leveling up, and 
usually simple attacks. These base Eres can be mastered by using them each 
fifty times, unlocking that Eres' "essence." When the right Eres essences 
released, then an arcane Eres can be unlocked; an arcane Eres is a 
of multiple base Eres. The final type of Eres, the compound Eres, is a 
customized ability made up of three different base/arcane Eres. The Eres in 
the first slot always have a yellow icon next to them. The Eres in the 
second slot needs to have a blue icon that is the same shape as the first 
icon. The last Eres can be any Eres with a green icon: all arcane Eres are 
green, and some base Eres as well. The first two slots determine what new 
ability is made, and the third Eres changes the extra ability that it does. 
It will probably look something like this:

Demon Seal + 
A. ATR.: N/A TP Used: 40
1:(yellow, circular symbol here) Crow Blade <-----------First Slot
2: (blue, circular symbol here) Ill Wind <-------------Second Slot
3: (green symbol here) Silent Lightning <-------------Third Slot
DEMON SEAL +Lightning Down
Compound: Stop the enemy and rain daggers down. Best against Fiends. Lowers 
resistance to lightning. 

As noted, all compound Eres also are particular effective against certain 
races of enemies. If one were to change the third slot Eres, the "+" effect 
would change, depending on what Eres was put in its place.

Crystal Eres are far more simple. When a Crystal-Eren reaches a certain 
s/he will receive an Eres scroll. This scroll is kept by that Eren, and it 
contains information for what is required for that Eres. (This can easily 
checked by going to any Crystal-Eren's Eres screen, and looking at the 
of the desired Eres by pressing the square button). The requirements are 
things called Eres stones. When you look at the details of an Eres, you'll 
something like this:

(shiny blue thing) Gentleman            Required: 500  Total: 689
(shiny blue thing) Fiend                Required: 750  Total: 870

This tells you exactly what kind of Eres stones you need, how many are 
required, and how many you currently possess. You receive these different 
by defeating certain races of monsters. For ex., If I needed 742 Egg Bear 
to learn Absolute, then I would have to find monsters of the Egg Bear race, 
and destroy them until I received enough Eres stones. (You know you 
received an Eres stone if you destroy an enemy and see a floating blue 
thing that says, 
"sculpture drop"). You can check what race a monster is by using a magic 
but after a while you'll be able to recognize them by looking at them. Once 
you've fulfilled both of the requirements, the character has learned the 
and can use it at any time, as much as s/he wants.

(Some tips before you read)

In Legendia, there are of course elemental attributes to some Iron Eres, 
and most 
Crystal Eres. There are six elements, and they are paired up into sets that 
both strong against each other. The sets are;
Earth <-------------> Lightning

Fire <--------------> Ice

Sea <---------------> Curse

Also, each character can use a defensive Ere, "Guardian," by pressing down 
blocking. This can only be done with the player control character, and the 
"Guardian" is not actually listed anywhere. It is basically a super-guard 
shields against enemy Crystal Eres as well. Use it as much as you want, 
since it has no TP cost, but remember that there's a time after the 
character uses Guardian in which s/he is vulnerable.


2.a Senel Coolidge

Senel's your protagonist, so he'll obviously be your best character. He 
martial arts, and is vaguely similar to Regal from Tales of Symphonia. 

Demon Fist
First Eres learned
TP Used: 4
Unleash a powerful shockwave across the ground.
Pretty plain. Senel shoots a shockwave straight ahead of him, doing a 
extra damage.

Shadow Rush
Level 2
TP Used: 4
Base: Move and attack in an instant.
Again, a little dull. Senel quickly rushes in and attacks, doing about as 
damage as demon fist, but close range. 

Level 4
TP Used: 5
Base: Hit with all your might to down the enemy.
Your first ability that will knock down an opponent. As you will find out, 
is essential for performing powerful throws. 

Ground Slam
Level 6
TP Used: 6
Base: Throw an enemy that is down. (Weight: Feather)
Yippee, your first throw. However, it can only lift up those with feather 
weight-that narrows down your choices to peepit chicks, elements, eggtopi, 
etc. Don't worry, stronger throws will come.

Dragon Blast
Level 11
TP Used: 8
Base: An uppercut that launches the enemy into the air.
Nothing to say here. It's actually a two-hit ability: he launches the enemy 
up, then hits it back into the ground.

Talon Strike
Level 15
TP Used: 9
Base: Attack from above and jump away.
A bit hard to use sometimes. Senel jump up, then kicks the enemy two times, 
and jumps back. Since Senel jumps pretty high, it will be most effective 
against big enemies, or flying enemies. Plenty powerful though, and a good 
escape move, since he jumps back some.

Stone Crush
Level 17
TP Used: 10
Base: Throw an enemy that is down. (Weight: Light)
Speaking of stronger throws... this one is a little more versatile, since 
can throw feather and light enemies (by the way, with throws, a throw can 
throw any enemy that is lighter than the described weight. i.e., Stone 
can also throw peepit chicks; it says he's doing stone crush, but he's 
actually performing ground slam. It's very convenient, if you ask me). This 
adds  several more targets to his throwing repertoire, such as Eres (the 

Level 19
TP Used: 11
Base: Temporarily raise ATK.
I really like coil. Although it's a relatively small boost, it shows. Very 
easy to use, and is great for early in the game.

Swallow Dance
Level 23
TP Used: 13
Base: Rapid Spinning kicks in mid-air.

Level 25
TP Used: 13
Base: Throw an enemy that is down. (Weight: Middle)
With landslide, Senel can throw many more enemies, some examples being 
Swords and Shields, Gald Sharks, and Peepits.

Talon Storm
Level 27
TP Used: 14
Base: Attack the enemy with rapid kicks.
Very similar to Chloe's Sword Rain. Each of the kicks does less damage than 
one of Senel's normal attacks, but the damage adds up to a sizable amount.

Whirlwind Dash
Level 31
TP Used: 16
Base: Powerful backwards roundhouse kick.
Although it looks very plain (it's basically just Senel doing a roundhouse 
kick), it's deceivingly powerful. The TP cost is sizable for early in the 
game, so don't overuse it too much.

Avalanche Drop
Level 33
TP Used: 17
Base: Throw an enemy that is down. (Weight: Heavy)
Adding heavy monsters to your throw-able list, Senel can throw almost any 
monster. Mandrakes, Divas, Zephyrs, Gentlemen, and others. 

Twin Demon Fist
Level 35
TP Used: 17
Base: Unleash multiple shockwaves along the ground.
It's just two consecutive demon fists, nothing special.

Dragon Crush
Level 39
TP Used: 19
Base: Close in and knock the enemy high into the air.
Kind of plain, as you can tell. However, I have found it to be very 
It is a relatively short attack, so it has a short recovery time as well.

Rending Earth
Level 42
TP Used: 20
Base: Throw an enemy that is down. (Weight: Massive)
Finally, the last throw. You can finally throw those annoying Base Turtles.

Wyrm Rush
Level 44
TP Used: 21
Base: Rush the enemy and unleash a combo.
Very nice attack; just make sure you don't run out of TP when you use it 
much. It's six hits in all.

Level 49
TP Used: 23
Base: Down the enemy with the force of a charging lion.
One of Senel's better Eres that knocks the enemy down. He head-butts the 
enemy, then unleashes a translucent-blue lion on the enemy. Both hits 
combined, it deals about 4x the damage of one of Senel's normal attacks.

Talon Blast
Level 59
TP Used: 27
Base: Rapid kicks end in a blast that downs the enemy.
It's basically Talon Storm + Demon Blast, so I don't know why it's not an 
arcane Eres. 

Phoenix Strike
Level 69
TP Used: 31
Base: Down the enemy in a blazing attack from above. A. ATR.:Fire
He jumps too high!!! Sometimes, he will go straight over an enemy. Also, it 
has a fire attribute, so be careful who you're using it on.

Lord of Creation
Level 99
TP Used: 40
Base: Throw an enemy that is down, regardless of weight.
It is cruel and unusual punishment to make anybody level up to level 99. 
Wow, I had a miserable time learning this Eres. However, it is still a 
great Eres. You can use Lord of Creation on any enemy, including those 
normally thrown by his compound Eres (if you use it on a Grand Gaet, for 
instance, he will perform Overlord Surge-without the added status effect, 

Demon Shadow
Master Demon Fist and Shadow Rush
TP Used: 6
Arcane: A combination of Demon Fist & Shadow Rush.
Neither are exactly the best abilities, so I generally don't use it too 

Demon Blast
Master Demon fist and Impact
TP Used: 7
Arcane: A concentrated strike that downs the enemy.
The ability isn't all that bad. Once you master Impact, you should probably 
start using Demon Blast instead, since the TP change isn't that drastic.

Divine Dragon
Master Impact and Dragon Blast
TP Used: 10
Arcane: Hit with all your might and launch the enemy up.
It starts with a Demon Blast, then transitions into the first hit of Dragon 
Blast. Does not knock the enemy down.

Impact Coil
Master Impact and Coil
TP Used: 14
Arcane: Boost ATK with Coil and down enemy with Impact.
Who knows where this move came from. Uses too much TP, and combines two 
which belong separate.

Phantom Dragon Dance
Master Swallow Dance and Shadow Rush
TP Used: 16
Arcane: A combination of Swallow Dance & Shadow Rush.
Senel rushes in with Shadow Rush, then performs Swallow Dance.

Swallow Storm
Master Talon Storm and Swallow Dance
TP Used: 18
Arcane: A combination of Talon Storm & Swallow Dance.
During the entire ability, Senel is grounded. He launches a very long 
of small kicks, then finishes off with four powerful kicks. Good ability 
combos, but it's a very long ability, so once you start it, you can't stop 
him. (Keep in mind that during all of these abilities, Senel can be 
interrupted by an enemy attack).

Whirlwind Blast
Master Whirlwind Dash and Dragon Blast.
TP Used: 20
Arcane: A combination of Whirlwind Dash & Dragon Blast.
Two nice, short attacks performed consecutively. Not bad at all.

Demon Strike
Master Demon Fist and Twin Demon Fist
TP Used: 22
Arcane: A massive shockwave cuts through the enemy.
Although it is somehow related, Demon Strike is nothing like Demon Fist. It 
hits the enemy directly in front of Senel with a large wave of energy, 
knocking it into the air. It does a little more damage than a normal 

Wyrm Crush
Master Dragon Crush and Wyrm Rush
TP Used: 27
Arcane: A combination of Dragon Crush & Wyrm Rush.
Almost exactly like Wyrm Rush, only the first hit does more damage and 
the enemy further into the air, like in Dragon Crush.

Beast Impact
Master Impact and Beast
TP Used: 29
Arcane: Down the enemy with a massive hit and lion's fury.
Like Demon Blast + Beast. Very powerful! The only thing is that there is a 
longer pause in between the three hits, so it can be interrupted.

Whirlwind Talon Blast
Master Whirlwind Dash and Talon Blast
TP Used: 34
Arcane: A combination of Whirlwind Dash & Talon Blast.
Starts with a powerful Whirlwind Dash, then turns into Talon Blast. Downs 

Dragon Strike
Master Dragon Crush and Phoenix Strike
TP Used: 39
Arcane: Rising strike and blazing drop to down the enemy. A. ATR.: Fire
Pretty expensive Eres. This greatly improves Phoenix Strike, since it 
the enemy into the air first, making them much easier to hit. Again, be 
of your enemies elemental affinities.


Ground Slam     +   Shadow Rush     = Writhing Demon
                +   Dragon Blast    = Ogre Drop
Stone Crush     +   Coil            = Scale Assault
Landslide       +   Coil            = Sandman Hurl
Avalanche Drop  +   Twin Demon Fist = Dag Surge
                +   Talon Storm     = Serpent Strangle
Rending Earth   +   Wyrm Rush       = Demolition
                +   Dragon Crush    = Overlord Surge
                +   Beast           = Nerifes Crush
                +   Phoenix Strike  = Killing Time

                    THIRD SLOT

                +  Demon Fist       = No added effect.
                +  Impact           = Lowers enemy ATK
                +  Talon Strike     = Causes Poison
                +  Swallow Dance    = Causes Burning
                +  Whirlwind Dash   = Causes Paralysis
                +  Talon Blast      = Causes Poison
                +  Demon Shadow     = Lowers enemy ACC
                +  Demon Blast      = Lowers enemy DEF
                +  Divine Dragon    = Causes Burning
                +  Impact Coil      = Lowers enemy ATK
                +  Phantom Dragon Dance  = Lowers enemy ACC
                +  Swallow Storm    = Causes Paralysis
                +  Demon Strike     = Causes Poison
                +  Wyrm Crush       = Causes Panic
                +  Beast Impact     = Causes Burning
                +  Whirlwind Talon Blast = Causes Panic
                +  Dragon Strike    = Causes Instant Death
                +  Lord of Creation = No added effect.

(NOTE: Nerifes Crush and Killing Time have no added effect, regardless)

You have probably noticed that when checking the weight of certain enemies, 
says, "special." These enemies with special weight classes are thrown by 
of Senel's compound Eres.

Writhing Demon
TP Used: 40
Compound: Attack from inside a Dinowyrm. Enemy must be down.

Ogre Drop
TP Used: 40
Compound: Pick up a Megant and slam it down. Enemy must be down.

Scale Assault
TP Used: 40
Compound: Attack from inside a Hill Angler. Enemy must be down.

Sandman Hurl
TP Used: 40
Compound: Throw a Mimic Bed. Enemy must be down.

Dag Surge
TP Used: 40
Compound: Attack from inside a Sea Gaet. Enemy must be down.

Serpent Strangle
TP Used: 40
Compound: Slam a Dragon into the ground. Enemy must be down.

TP Used: 40
Compound: Throw an Automaton. Enemy must be down.

Nerifes Crush
TP Used: 40
Compound: Throw the embodiment of the Raging Nerifes. Enemy must be down.

Killing Time
TP Used: 40
Compound: Throw an evil god. Enemy must be down. 
(By evil god, it means Schwartz)

2.b Chloe Valens

Chloe is your resident sword fighter, and the third character you meet on 
Legacy. Very much like Lloyd in Symphonia, only a tad bit slower (sorry 
all the Symphonia references!). Although her normal attacks are slow, her 
defense is relatively low, and her Eres lag along in the beginning, once 
levels up, she becomes awesomely powerful.

Demon Fang
First Eres learned
TP Used: 5
Base: Unleash a powerful shockwave along the ground.
Chloe's version of Demon Fist.

Sword Rain
TP Used: 5
Base: Attack the enemy with rapid thrusts.
Chloe's version of Talon Storm, only learned much earlier. Great ability.

Tiger Blade
Level 8
TP Used: 7
Base: Slash the enemy into the air, then knock it down.
Dragon Blast, only with three hits; Chloe kicks the enemy while in the air. 
Pretty fancy.

Shining Gale
Level 12
TP Used: 8
Base: Dash forward and run the enemy through.
Much like Shadow Rush, but faster.

Alpha Tempest
Level 16
TP Used: 10
Base: Rapid Kicks while balancing on the sword.
So much different than the old Tempest! Chloe puts her sword in the ground, 
then kicks at the enemy, finishing by bringing her sword down over their 

Eagle Rising
Level 20
TP Used: 11
Base: Rush in and slash the enemy up.
Chloe steps in a little bit, then throws her sword up, letting it spin in 
air and slash at any nearby enemies. If all the hits land, it can add up to 
large amount of damage.

Ram Strike
Level 24
TP Used: 13
Base: Rush in and blow the enemy down.
Chloe rushes forward, and sweeps her sword in front of her (kind of like a 
baseball bat), knocking down any enemies.

New Moon Blade
Level 28
TP Used: 15
Base: A thrust that cuts deep into the enemy's body.
Nothing more than a thrust. Chloe turns around, and stabs whatever's behind 
her (looks dangerous!). 

Phantom Blade
Level 32
TP Used: 16
Base: Slash the enemy in a brutal pirouette.
It looks very cool. Chloe rushes at the enemy while spinning around, 
them several times (it seems to make the enemy turn around too?). However, 
slow cool down; Chloe must pause for several seconds as she regains her 

Level 36
TP Used: 18
Base: Temporarily raise ACC.
I'm not a big fan of accuracy. I really see no use for it. However, any 
bonus is useful, so Focus still has its place as an okay Eres.

Level 40
TP Used: 19
Base: Skewer the enemy and pull it in close.
I'm not sure why you would want the enemy closer to you, but if you're okay 
with that, then Gambit away.

Sword Rain: Alpha
Level 44
TP Used: 21
Base: Rapid thrusts blow the enemy away.
No, it's not a combination of Sword Rain and Alpha Tempest. It's basically 
extended Sword Rain, closed off by a finishing thrust that knocks enemies 
(does not knock enemies down).

Shining Storm
Level 48
TP Used: 23
Base: A quick thrust leads into multiple slashes.
Starts out like Shining Gale, then turns into a multi-slash combo. 

Twin Demon Fang
Level 58
TP Used: 27
Base: Unleash multiple shockwaves along the ground.
Yippee, two Demon Fangs.

Lightning Tiger Blade
Level 68
TP Used: 31
Base: Call forth lightning and slash the enemy. A. ATR.: Lightning
Chloe goes through an extended Tiger Blade, then ends as a bolt of 
strikes the enemy. Effective, but a bit pricey. As always, be sure the 
isn't strong against lightning.

Sword Rain Demon
Master Demon Fang and Sword Rain
TP Used: 6
Arcane: A combination of Sword Rain & Demon Fang
Chloe does Sword Rain, then Demon Fang. Big whoop.

Sword Rain Tiger
Master Sword Rain and Tiger Blade
TP Used: 9
Arcane: A combination of Sword Rain & Tiger Blade
Both are very good abilities, and also a good combo Eres for early game.

Tiger Tempest
Master Tiger Blade and Alpha Tempest
TP Used: 13
Arcane: A combination of Tiger Blade & Alpha Tempest.
This is where things start getting good. Chloe does Alpha Tempest, 
followed by Tiger Blade.

Demon Fang Blast
Master Demon Fang and Ram Strike
TP Used: 17
Arcane: Down the enemy by rushing in and cutting hard.
Chloe doesn't have very many abilities that down the enemy (unlike Senel), 
Demon Fang Blast is a reasonable exchange for Ram Strike.

New Moon Rising
Master Eagle Rising and New Moon Blade
TP Used: 19
Arcane: A combination of New Moon Blade & Eagle Rising.
Chloe rushes in, throws up her sword, turns, and then stabs the enemy. Much 
better than either of the Eres alone.

Sword Rain Phantom
Master Sword Rain and Phantom Blade
TP Used: 21
Arcane: A combination of Sword Rain & Phantom Blade.
Another great combo ability. The thing is that it ends with Phantom Blade, 
this Eres also has the slow cool-down time.

Tempest Gambit
Master Alpha Tempest and Gambit
TP Used: 25
Arcane: A combination of Gambit & Alpha Tempest
As stated earlier, I'm not a big fan of Gambit. Nonetheless, drawing the 
in with Gambit makes the following Alpha Tempest much more accurate.

Sword Rain: Omega
Master Sword Rain and Sword Rain: Alpha
TP Used: 27
Arcane: A combination of Sword Rain & Sword Rain: Alpha.
Wow-that's a lot of hits. Chloe does Sword Rain, then pauses very briefly, 
then does Sword Rain: Alpha. Often totals to about 13-16 hits.

Shining Storm Rising
Master Shining Storm and Eagle Rising.
TP Used: 29
Arcane: A combination of Eagle Rising & Shining Storm.
Chloe steps in, does Eagle Rising, then ends with the Shining Storm stab. 

Demon Fang Fury
Master Demon Fang and Twin Demon Fang
TP Used: 34
Arcane: Unleash a more powerful shockwave.
Basically a really powerful Demon Fang. Takes a while to warm up and cool-
down, and the shockwave could be more powerful, though. Can hit the enemy 
any distance.

New Moon Lightning
Master New Moon Blade and Lightning Tiger Blade
TP Used: 39
Arcane: Down the enemy with a thrust of lightning. A. ATR: Lightning
Chloe does Lightning Tiger Blade, then when she does the New Moon Blade 
at the end, it knocks the enemy down. Check the opponent's affinities, as 


Shining Gale   +  Sword Rain       = Cold Blood Rush
Alpha Tempest  +  Tiger Blade      = Ursa Rage
Ram Strike     +  Eagle Rising     = Wolf Rising
Phantom Blade  +  New Moon Blade   = Shadow Steel
Gambit         +  Focus            = Carapace Gambit
Shining Storm  +  Sword Rain: Alpha= Prima Donna

                  THIRD SLOT

              + Demon Fang            = No added effect
              + Twin Demon Fang       = Lowers Enemy DEF
              + Lightning Tiger Blade = Causes Freezing
              + Sword Rain Demon      = Lowers Enemy ATK
              + Sword Rain Tiger      = Lowers Enemy DEF
              + Tiger Tempest         = Lowers Enemy ACC
              + Demon Fang Blast      = Lowers Enemy ATK
              + New Moon Rising       = Causes Bind
              + Sword Rain Phantom    = Lowers Enemy DEF
              + Tempest Gambit        = Lowers Enemy ACC
              + Sword Rain: Omega     = Causes Bind
              + Shining Storm Rising  = Causes Freezing
              + Demon Fang Fury       = Causes Bind
              + New Moon Lightning    = Causes Panic

Just like how all of Senel's compound Eres are throws, all of Chloe's are 
counters. Chloe stands for about 5 seconds, blocking all the while. If an 
enemy attacks her, she will attack that enemy back with a series of Eres. 
two Eres that were used to form the compound Eres).

Cold Blood Rush
TP Used: 40
Compound: Focus and counter the enemy's attack. Best against Lizardmen. 
In Cold Blood Rush, Chloe counters with a long Sword Rain (about the length 
Sword Rain: Alpha), followed by a thrust from Shining Gale.

Ursa Rage
TP Used: 40
Compound: Focus and counter the enemy's attack. Best against Egg Bears.
Chloe counters with an Alpha Tempest, followed by a Tiger Blade.

Wolf Rising
TP Used: 40
Compound: Focus and counter the enemy's attack. Best against Galfs.
Chloe performs Eagle rising, then knocks the enemy down with Ram Strike.

Shadow Steel
TP Used: 40
Compound: Focus and counter the enemy's attack. Best against Gelures 
Chloe shows off her Phantom Blade, then finishes off with a New Moon Blade.

Carapace Gambit
TP Used: 40
Compound: Focus and counter the enemy's attack. Best against Base Turtles.
Chloe slashes at the enemy, gets behind it, slashes it again, does Focus, 
finishes with a Gambit.

Prima Donna
TP Used: 40
Compound: Focus and counter the enemy's attack. Best against Divas.
Chloe slashes, gets behind the enemy, does Shining Storm, then finishes 
Sword Rain: Alpha, knocking the enemy down.

2.c Moses Sandor

Moses is a bit unusual, since he uses throwing spears in battle. Although 
is an Iron Eren, he has to stay a safe distance away, so that he can 
hit the enemy. All of his abilities are long range, and it is difficult for 
him to attack smaller enemies without the aid of his homing Eres.

Lone Wolf
First Eres learned
TP Used: 9
Base: Throw a spear with the spirit of a wolf.
Moses' first ability is a simple one-it is basically his normal attack, 
more powerful, and with greater range.

Eagle Shot
Level 19
TP Used: 11
Base: Throw a massive spear from above.
Moses jumps up, and throws a spear in the air. A little hard to hit 

Savage Strike
Level 24
TP Used: 13
Base: A spear shoots from below and launches the enemy up.
Moses throws a spear into the ground. The spear shoots up from below the 
target enemy. Even if interrupted, the spear often still attacks the enemy. 
useful skill, in the right conditions. Enemies can dodge it, if they're 

Level 29
TP Used: 15
Base: Immobilize the enemy with a spear.
Outcast is a very fast Eres, and immobilizes the enemy rather than knocking 
down; in some ways more advantageous for Moses, since he doesn't know any 
throws. The enemy hit by Outcast is stopped for about two or three seconds.

Wolf Pack
Level 34
TP Used: 17
Base: Throw numerous spears.
Apparently, "numerous" means two spears. Moses throws two spears in fast 
succession, at about the same range as his normal attack. He doesn't quite 
throw them simultaneously, so it can be interrupted.

Wolf Storm
Level 39
TP Used: 19
Base: Multiple spears home in on the enemy.
Moses throws a spear into the air, and a large group of lights appear 
an enemy. While Moses is "Charging up," these turn into spears that assault 
the enemy. Has about seven hits in all. The attack is surprisingly 
and relatively hard to dodge. The spears will still hit the enemy if Moses 
interrupted while the lights appear.

Wild Rain
Level 44
TP Used: 21
Base: Spears rain down on the enemy.
Kind of like Wolf Storm, only not as many hits. Moses throws a spear into 
air, and three more spears fall from the sky, hitting any enemies below. 
Although not as many hits, the spears do more damage than the individual 
spears in Wolf Storm.

Rogue Hunt
Level 54
TP Used: 25
Base: Down the enemy with a straight shot.
As noted, Rogue Hunt actually knocks down the enemy, unlike Outcast. 
Outcast is better to continue a combo, Rogue Hunt is also quick and safe, 
can be used on an enemy if you need time to move Moses away, use an item, 

Lion Cannon
Level 63
TP Used: 29
Base: Down the enemy with a giant spear from above.
A very showy move. Moses throws his spear into the air and then kicks it 
As he focuses on something on the ground, a glowing pink spear falls from 
sky, and knocks an enemy down. Although quite powerful, I prefer Rogue 
since Lion Cannon takes a long time to hit.

Rabid Wolf
Master Lone Wolf and Lion Cannon
TP Used: 14
Arcane: A barrage of spears like a pack of wolves.
Moses throws three glowing-red spears simultaneously. A very fast, fairly 
powerful move. TP cost is also reasonable, compared to some of Moses' other 
abilities. Definitely worth learning and using.

Lion Rain
Master Wild Rain and Wolf Pack
TP Used: 17
Arcane: Throw spears up and watch them rain down.
This time, Moses throws three consecutive spears up, and then watches as 
spears rain down on the enemies. The spears rain down pretty fast, but 
takes a long time to actually throw them. However, the spears still rain if 
he's interrupted.

Savage Wolf
Master Lone Wolf and Savage Strike
TP Used: 22
Arcane: Down the enemy with the spirit of a wolf.
Moses throws a wolfish-spear at the enemy, and a spear comes up from below, 
knocking an enemy into the air. While the enemy is still airborne, Moses 
throws another spear at it, knocking the enemy down. A bit complicated, but 
quick to attack.

Master Outcast and Wolf Pack
TP Used: 24
Arcane: Take out the enemy with a vicious barrage.
Moses jumps into the air, and throws three spears at the target. The spears 
about the same amount of damage as one of his normal attacks, but he is 
generally safer up in the air. Sometimes he's not as accurate; it's best to 
use against bigger enemies.

Lone Eagle
Master Lone Wolf and Eagle Shot
TP Used: 27
Arcane: Throw a powerful spear from above.
Although it will probably be one of Moses' first arcane Eres, it uses up a 
of TP. Lone Eagle is basically Eagle Shot, only about twice as much damage 
(that means about 4x as much damage as his regular attack). Generally more 
effective than Outlaw.

Savage Wolf Storm
Master Savage Strike and Wolf Storm
TP Used: 29
Arcane: A combination of Savage Strike & Wolf Storm
Moses throws a spear into the ground, as another spear jumps up from under 
enemy. Immediately after, lights appear around an enemy, and launch about 
spears at it. Although powerful, Wolf Storm by itself is actually better, 
since the fact that it only shoots five spear in all makes it weaker. 

Outcast Hunt
Master Outcast and Rogue Hunt
TP Used: 36
Arcane: Stop the enemy and down it with a mid-air attack. 
Moses shoots a spear that immobilizes the enemy for several seconds 
then shoots two more spears from midair. Knocks the enemy down. A pretty 
Eres, but the TP cost is pretty outrageous. I would avoid unless you're 
Moses equip the Emerald of Faerie Ring.


Lone Wolf     +  Eagle Shot   = Witch Dragon
Savage Strike +  Wolf Pack    = Rotting Tiger
Outcast       +  Eagle Shot   = Bird of Prey
Wolf Storm    +  Wolf Pack    = Elemental Storm
Rogue Hunt    +  Wild Rain    = Phoenix Scramble
              +  Lion Cannon  = Gryphon Shot

                THIRD SLOT

              + Lion Rain         = No added effect
              + Rabid Wolf        = Lowers enemy INT
              + Savage Wolf       = Lowers enemy CST
              + Outlaw            = Lowers enemy ACC
              + Lone Eagle        = Seal's enemy's Eres.
              + Savage Wolf Storm = Lowers enemy INT
              + Outcast Hunt      = Lowers enemy ACC

All of Moses' compound Eres follow a distinct pattern: Moses charges up for 
several seconds, then throws a spear into the ground. The spirit of some 
animal then rises up under the enemy, and often knocks it down-leaving it 
a status effect. Many of his added effects are anti-spellcaster; lowered 
and INT is great and all, but the by-far best effect is Lone Eagle, which 
seals enemy's Eres (this is especially good, since he has compound Eres 
effective against both Ere and Elementals). If Moses is interrupted before 
while he is throwing the spear into the ground, the attack will be 

Witch Dragon
TP Used: 40
Compound: The spirit of a dragon erupts from below. Best against Ere.
He throws a spear into the ground, and a single, translucent dragon head 
springs from below an enemy, knocking it down. Does not work well against 
big enemies, such as Dragons.

Rotting Tiger
TP Used: 40
Compound: The spirit of a tiger erupts from below. Best against Eryngi. 
Moses throws a spear into the ground, and a tiger's silhouette (the same 
that appears when Chloe performs Tiger Blade) accompanied by yellow clouds 
comes out of the ground, and knocks down enemies in a fairly large area.

Bird of Prey
TP Used: 40
Compound: The spirit of a falcon erupts from below. Best against Peepits.
Moses throws the spear into the ground, and three birds spring from under 
enemy. They are pretty quick, so they can usually hit the Peepits. Does not 
always knock down bigger enemies.

Elemental Storm
TP Used: 40
Compound: The spirit of a lion erupts from below. Best against Elementals.
Spear is thrown into ground; three lion heads appear under the enemy-the 
largest one goes straight up and knocks the enemy down, while the other two 
left and right respectively, hitting any other enemies.

Phoenix Scramble
TP Used: 40
Compound: The spirit of a phoenix erupts from below. Best against Eggtopi.
Looks very similar to Bird of Prey, only two red birds spring up; before 
two tiny explosions knock down enemies.

Gryphon Shot
TP Used: 40
Compound: The spirits of wyrms erupt from below. Best against Phynxes.
After Moses throws his spear into the ground, three small explosions knock 
enemies down, as small translucent dragons fly away. The dragons home into 
other enemies, damaging all around the target.

2.d Jay

Jay, using a dagger, is a very short-range fighter. Although many of his 
techniques are quick and deadly, he also has a lot of slowly activated 
elemental Eres at his disposal. Although he is very good as an all-out, 
lines fighter, the computer controls Jay as a more supporting, conservative 
fighter. Either one is fine-it's up to you to decide how Jay should be 

First Eres learned
TP Used: 13
Base: Throw an exploding dagger.
Even though Dagger is his first ability, I believe that this is one of 
best as well. It has the same range as Demon Fist, only it's very powerful-
about twice as much as one of his normal attacks. The explosion also knocks 
most enemies back, and you can easily link it to his combos.

First Eres learned
TP used: 13
Base: Cause an explosion under the enemy. A. ATR.: Fire
Jay sticks his dagger in the ground and concentrates. After a couple of 
seconds, fire burst from the ground, and the dagger flies back into Jay's 
hand. Although Pyre is plenty powerful, and has an elemental attribute, it 
extremely slow to activate. Not to mention that because it's so slow, 
can dodge it without even trying. 

Ice Storm
Level 27
TP Used: 14
Base: Call up ice under the enemy. A. ATR.: Ice
Basically the same as Pyre, only instead of an explosion, Jay calls up a 
Ice Wall.

Ghost Blade
Level 30
TP Used: 15
Base: Temporarily raise speed.
Speed is generally pretty useful (especially compared to accuracy), so 
Blade is a handy ability to have around. Go ahead and use it at the 
of any battle.

Silent Reaper
Level 33
TP Used: 17
Base: Cut through the enemy without a sound. A. ATR.: Curse
Sort of like Shadow Rush, only Jay actually goes past the enemy. Remember 
it's Curse elemental, so use it wisely.

Brutal Earth
Level 36
TP Used: 18
Base: Call up stone under the enemy. A. ATR.: Earth
Like Pyre, only it calls up a Stone Blast under the enemy.

Merciless Thunder
Level 39
TP Used: 19
Base: Call up lightning under the enemy. A. ATR.: Lightning
Another parallel to Pyre, only with lightning.

Shadow Blade
Level 42
TP Used: 20
Base: Create a shadow that stops the enemy. A. ATR.: Curse
Jay slashes the enemy, and a shadow appears, very briefly stunning the 
Not really much of a use. Be careful of the Curse element.

Dark Cloud
Level 45
TP Used: 21
Base: Down the enemy with a quick slide and a final hit.
Jay looks kinda goofy when he performs Dark Cloud. He slides forward, then 
does a hand stand kick, knocking them down.

Ill Wind
Level 49
TP Used: 23
Base: Blades of wind slice the enemy.
Jay spins his dagger around; after which, multiple blades of air slash at 

Level 53
TP Used: 25
Base: Throw an exploding dagger from mid-air.
Like Dagger, only he does it in mid-air. Less accurate than Dagger, more TP 

Crow Blade
Level 57
TP Used: 26
Base: Jump up and stomp on the enemy's head.
Basically like Talon Strike, only much higher, and with only one, powerful 
hit. TP pricey.

Sparrow Hawk
Level 67
TP Used: 30
Base: Unleash a handstand windmill kick.
Jay goes through a really long chain of kicks (which looks a lot like break 
dancing). Although good for combos, not always reliable; there are some 
where he's not attacking the enemy, and he can be interrupted.

Wraith Earth
Master Brutal Earth and Ghost Blade
TP Used: 17
Arcane: Call up powerful stones from under the enemy. A. ATR: Earth
Wraith Earth is basically just Brutal Earth, only the stones that are 
up are much bigger and more powerful.

Wraith Ice
Master Ice Storm and Ghost Blade
TP Used: 20
Arcane: Call up powerful ice from under the enemy. A. ATR: Ice
It's the same concept with Wraith Ice as is with Wraith Earth; the ice 
up looks like Grune's Absolute spell.

Hawk Talon
Master Dagger and Sparrow Hawk
TP Used: 21
Arcane: A combination of Sparrow Hawk & Dagger.
Just like Sparrow Hawk alone, Hawk Talon has the annoying tendency to be 
constantly interrupted by enemies. Oftentimes, he never gets a chance to 
the dagger at the end of the ability, since he is often attacked during the 
long pause before said dagger.

Flame Dagger
Master Dagger and Pyre
TP Used: 23
Arcane: A combination of Pyre & Dagger. A. ATR: Fire
No different than if Jay had cast Dagger, then Pyre successively. As 
Pyre takes a long time to activate.

Silent Pyre
Master Pyre and Silent Reaper
TP Used: 24
Arcane: A combination of Silent Reaper & Pyre. A. ATR: Fire (Not Curse)
Although I sometimes cast Pyre ahead of an enemy, hoping that the enemy 
run into it, the Silent Reaper that precedes Pyre disallows that. Also, if 
goes past the enemy, then the Pyre he casts will simply miss, unless the 
moves backwards.

Silent Lightning
Master Silent Reaper and Merciless Thunder
TP Used: 26
Arcane: A combination of Silent Reaper & Pyre. A. ATR: Lightning
Same concept as Silent Pyre.

Shadow Reaper
Master  Silent Reaper and Shadow Blade
TP Used: 29
Arcane: A combination of Shadow Blade & Silent Reaper
Since Shadow Blade stops the enemy, and Silent Reaper moves Jay past it, 
Shadow Reaper is a good, if sneaky, Eres. Remember that it's still Curse 

Dark Wind
Master Ill Wind and Dark Cloud
TP Used: 38
Arcane: A combination of Dark Cloud & Ill Wind.
If done properly, Dark Wind is quite powerful. However, Dark Cloud has a 
tendency to overshoot the enemy if it's too close, so be sure to be at the 
right distance when using.


Dagger      +  Ice Storm     = Fallen Idol
            +  Brutal Earth  = Arachne Shot
Ghost Blade +  Pyre          = Brimstone Plague
            +  Silent Reaper = Tragic Gale
Dark Cloud  +  Shadow Blade  = Shield Blast
Crow Blade  +  Ill Wind      = Demon Seal

               THIRD SLOT

            + Merciless Thunder = Lowers resistance to Lightning
            + Falcon            = Lowers resistance to Ice
            + Sparrow Hawk      = Lowers resistance to Sea
            + Wraith Earth      = Lowers resistance to Earth
            + Wraith Ice        = Lowers resistance to Ice
            + Hawk Talon        = Lowers resistance to Fire
            + Flame Dagger      = Lowers resistance to Fire
            + Silent Pyre       = Lowers resistance to Curse
            + Silent Lightning  = Lowers resistance to Lightning
            + Shadow Reaper     = Lowers resistance to Curse
            + Dark Wind         = No added effect

As you can clearly see, all of Jay's added effects lower an enemy's 
to an element. Although it doesn't seem to be much, it can be useful to 
enemies more susceptible to magic, or to make Jay's elemental abilities to 
more damage.

Fallen Idol
TP Used: 40
Compound: Destroy the enemy with one hit after another. Best against 
Jay performs Dark Cloud, then Sparrow hawk while the enemy is in the air, 
Crow Blade to knock them down.

Arachne Shot
TP Used: 40
Compound: Launch the enemy up and kick it down. Best against Dandarantulas.
Jay hits the enemy, then sticks a dagger in the ground, like in Pyre. A 
rainbow pillar of light knocks the enemy into the air.

Brimstone Plague
TP Used: 40
Compound: Call forth mystical energy. Best against Hoppers & Hopperflies.
Jay sticks a dagger in the ground, concentrates (for a rather long 
and a mist knocks enemies into the air. If he is interrupted before the 
surrounds him, then the attack will be canceled.

Tragic Gale
TP Used: 40
Compound: Slice the enemy with blinding speed. Best against Zephyrs.
Jay does Shadow Blade, then four consecutive back-and-forth Silent Reapers, 
the last knocking any enemies in its wake down.

Shield Blast
TP Used: 40
Compound: Toy with the enemy, then blow it up. Best against Gelures 
Silent Reaper leads into Shadow Blade, and Jay performs Crow Blade; 
him above the enemy. He throws an exploding dagger straight down, which 
down enemies.

Demon Seal
TP Used: 40
Compound: Stop the enemy and rain daggers down.
Jay performs Ill Wind; while the enemy is being hit by the Wind, Jay jumps 
above them, and throws seven spread daggers below him; knocking down any 


Displayed after the level learned, the type of monster and the amount of 
stones needed from that monster is displayed. Additionally, the incantation 
said with the offensive High-level spells is shown after the description.

3.a Will Raynard

Will is the first person Senel meets on the Legacy. Although he uses a 
as a weapon, his physical attacks are slow and weak. Since in the beginning 
is the only character that can use healing Eres, he is immensely useful; 
however, this dies as soon as the other characters learn their own, more 
powerful Eres. Will's Eres are generally slower, and a bit mediocre 
However, out of all the characters, his base intelligence is highest.

First Eres learned
TP Used: 7
Novice: Strike the enemy with a bolt of lightning. A. ATR.: Lightning
Very plain, bolt of lightning. Nothing extravagant.

First Aid
First Eres learned
TP Used: 7
Healing: Heal an ally.
Your first, and for a long time, only healing Eres. Heals about as much as 
apple gel.

Stone Blast
Level 5
Egg Bear: 15
Peepit Chick: 23
TP Used: 9
Novice: Launch stones from below the enemy. A. ATR.: Earth
Your first Earth elemental Eres. Stones rise up from beneath, doing about 
three hits.

Fire Ball
Level 8
Lizardman: 69
Peepit: 61
TP Used: 12
Novice: Unleash fireballs on the enemy. A. ATR.: Fire
Three fireballs from above home in on an enemy.

Level 11
Egg Bear Cub: 46
Eggtopus: 188
TP Used: 15
Support: Temporarily decrease an enemy's DEF.
All the support Eres are pretty self-explanatory.

Ice Arrows
Level 14
Ere: 183
Element: 114
TP Used: 17
Novice: Pierce the enemy with multiple needles of ice. A. ATR.: Ice
Basically a mini-Freeze Lancer. Several icicles warp in and attack an 

Level 17
Peepit Chick: 169
Eryngi: 193
TP Used: 20
Healing: Heal an ally's Status Effect.
Immensely helpful, especially when you run into Hoppers and other enemies 
cause status effects. You won't want to use all your Panacea Bottles, so 
Recover as often as possible.

Level 20
Lizardman: 212
Hopper: 49
TP Used: 23
Support: Temporarily raise an ally's DEF.

Level 23
Lizardman: 428
Gelures Sword: 117
TP Used: 25
Mid: Drop pillars of water from above. A. ATR.: Sea
Spread is Will's first mid-level offensive magic (as you see, the camera 
in on him when he casts it). A pillar of water appears rather 
and hits enemies three times, knocking them down.

Freeze Lancer
Level 26
Megant: 523
Phynx: 226
TP Used: 28
Mid: Unleash spears of ice on the enemy. A. ATR.: Ice
A portal appears above an enemy, and large spears of ice rain home in. They 
move a little slow, so if an enemy is quick enough (like a Gelures Shield), 
might miss.

Flame Blade
Level 29
Egg Bear: 435
Gelures Shield: 134
TP Used: 31
Mid: Slash the enemy with a sword of fire. A. ATR.: Fire
A red flurry surrounds the enemy, and slashes at it six times.

Thunder Blade
Level 32
Galf: 672
Diva: 150
TP Used: 33
Mid: Slash the enemy with a sword of lightning. A. ATR.: Lightning
A large blade of lightning appears, draws back, and slashes down. It takes 
second to hit, but it rarely misses, since it has a fairly wide range.

Level 35
Mimic Bed: 265
Eggtopus: 445
TP Used: 36
High: Call down powerful lightning from the sky. A. ATR.: Lightning
"Brilliant vanguard of the heavens, cry havoc and with your wrath leave my 
enemies to their doom..."
Will's first High-level Eres. A yellow circle appears under an enemy, and a 
large bolt of lightning strikes for several seconds. Any enemy in the 
is struck and knocked down.

Level 38
Egg Bear: 499
Dragon: 245
TP Used: 39
Healing: Heal an ally completely.
Sort of the ultimate healing technique. It takes a little time to cast, so 
refrain in battle unless you have some time. Otherwise, stick to First Aid.

Icicle Volt
Level 41
Phynx: 899
Dragon: 400
TP Used: 42
High: Freeze the enemy and call down lightning. A. ATR.: Ice
"A foolish soul entombed in Death's chill grasp and rent by its teeth of 
Although it might seem otherwise, Icicle Volt is only Ice elemental (at 
I'm pretty sure. Please, correct me if I'm wrong). A large block of ice 
on an enemy, and all that is left is an icicle in the ground, which shocks 

Level 44
Zephyr: 700
Mini-Automaton: 600
TP Used: 44
Support: Temporarily decrease all enemies' DEF.
(NOTE: Don't worry if you didn't get enough Mini-Automaton Eres stones in 
main quest. You will encounter them again in the character quests).

Level 47
Galf: 672
Hill Angler: 800
TP Used: 47
Support: Temporarily increase all allies' DEF.

Level 50
Automaton: 239
Hill Angler: 1375
TP Used: 50
High: Call up red-hot lava from beneath the earth. A. ATR.: Fire
"Fiery malevolence who dwelleth in deepest earth, linger not to savor their 
suffering; Burn..."
Magma rises from under an enemy, dealing about four hits. Has a pretty wide 
range, and knocks most enemies into the air.

Final Embrace
Level 54
Hopper: 800
Mimic Bed: 868
TP Used: 53
High: Bury the enemy in a coffin made of ice. A. ATR.: Ice
"Maiden of ice who sleepeth in silent forests, grace my enemies with  your 
pure smile and offer them thy bosom..."
A snowflake appears over an enemy, and flurries of ice attack it, actually 
dealing only three hits.

Black Hole
Level 58
Diva: 1133
Hopper: 1053
TP Used: 57
High: Call forth a darkness that devours even light. A. ATR.: Curse
"Lightless tempest from distant regions, stretch out thy tenebrous arms and 
lead my enemies to their eternal slumber..."
Just like a pumped up Bloody Howling. A black hole appears (quite 
and attacks enemies in a wide area about seven times; knocking all down on 
last hit.

Level 62
Base Turtle: 1461
Mandrake: 850
TP Used: 60
High: Obliterate an enemy with its weak element.
"O, correlate born in the depths of nothing, abandon your mundane form and 
become annihilation incarnate..."
It takes a ridiculous time to activate; an aura surrounds where an enemy 
stands, and solidifies into a blast that has the element of an enemy's 
weakness (non-elemental if the enemy has no weakness). Takes about four 
seconds to activate, and by that time the enemy probably walked out of 
of the aura. Go ahead and use it to your pleasure on Mandrakes or humongous 

Shooting Stars
Level 66
Galf: 929
Lizardman: 1128
TP Used: 64
High: Rain stars down on the enemy. A. ATR.: Ice
"O celestial voyagers faster and brighter than the Gods, rain down and 
this wretched soul..."
A star appears in the sky, and from that star rain three paths of smaller 
stars, that rain down and cross paths at the enemy. Has about eleven hits, 
it's great for combos; however, it is possible for an enemy to dodge.

Big Bang
Level 70
Megant: 2205
Grand Gaet: 1097
TP Used: 68
High: Call forth the biggest explosion of all time. ATR.: Fire
"Primordial illumination, the fount of life for all things, roar forth this 
once, and show us thy power..."
An aura appears that look similar to Extension, and an enormous explosion 
knocks down enemies; if that one didn't knock them down, a second one 
any other monsters left. Activates much quicker than Extension, but be 
that it is Fire elemental, so it won't work well on everybody.

3.b Norma Beatty

To be frank, Norma really sucks when you first get her. She only knows one 
Eres, Grave, and does not know any healing Eres. Also, her HP is 
low (this unfortunately does not change). However, later on, she becomes 
more useful than Will; once she learns the right abilities. 

First Eres Learned
TP Used: 9
Novice: Call forth stone from below the enemy. ATR.: Earth
A single stone rises up under the enemy. Not all-powerful or anything.

Fire Wall
Level 8 (?)
Galf: 30
Eggtopus: 50
TP Used: 12
Novice: Call forth a wall of fire below the enemy. ATR.: Fire
Very much similar to Grave, only with fire.

Ice Wall
Level 11
Egg Bear: 90
Eryngi: 63
TP Used: 15
Novice: Call forth ice from below the enemy. ATR.: Ice
Grave + Ice. 

Level 14
Egg Bear: 130
Eggtopus: 218
TP Used: 18
Support: Temporarily lower an enemy's ATK.

Level 17
Base Turtle: 94
Eggtopus: 304
TP Used: 20
Support: Temporarily raise an ally's ATK.

Thunder Arrow
Level 20
Megant: 254
Dandarantula: 34
TP Used: 23
Mid: Bolts of lightning course through the enemies.
The first Mid-level Crystal Eres you receive. A triangular force-field of 
lightning surrounds an enemy, and three bolts of lightning strike.

Level 23
Ere: 447
Peepit: 101
TP Used: 26
Support: Seal an enemy's Eres.
Sealed Eres is always very handy; however, it doesn't always work. It never 
hurts to give it a try, though. (A more sure-fire way to seal an enemy's 
is to use one of Moses' compound Eres, which almost always work).

Level 26
Lizardman: 418
Gelures Sword: 37
TP Used: 28
Healing: Heal all allies.
This is the sole reason why I think Norma is more useful than any other 
healer. Sometimes, you just don't have the time to heal each character 
individually; by the time Will casts two First Aids, Norma can cast Revive, 
which is the equivalent of casting First Aid on the entire party. Although 
the most powerful healing spell, Revive is the quickest and safest healing 
Eres out there. I set it to shortcut, and just keep on tapping it during a 
boss battle, so that she is constantly refilling the entire party's HP.

Fire Storm
Level 29
Galf: 672
Base Turtle: 121
TP Used: 31
Mid: Create a whirlwind of flames. ATR.: Fire
A small, fiery tornado floats the enemy up, hitting them all the while. A 
good attack, but doesn't rack up enough damage as it could.

Level 32
Dandarantula: 143
Eggtopus: 332
TP Used: 34
Healing: Resurrect a fallen ally.
An alternative to the Life Bottle, if you ever run out. However, 
does not restore any TP, so beware. If you cast Resurrection on somebody 
is alive accidentally, then it will heal that character for a small amount 
(only in battle).

Dark Force
Level 35
Phynx: 596
Hopperfly: 91
TP Used: 37
Mid: Call forth darkness to launch the enemy up. ATR.: Curse
A spray of shadows hits enemies into the air, and a black orb takes them 
Relatively weaker, but one of Norma's only Curse Eres for a time.

Cheerleader Taunt
Level 38
Hopper: 312
Element: 477
TP Used: 39
Support: Temporarily lower all enemies' ATK

Rolling Stone
Level 41
Gelures Shield: 343
Diva: 516
TP Used: 42
Mid: Crush the enemy with a huge boulder. ATR.: Earth
A boulder comes bouncing onto the field, once near the edge, once in the 
middle, and once in the opposite edge. Will usually hit every enemy, but 
smaller enemies in between the bouncing areas might not be hit. Enemies hit 
the boulder are knocked down.

Level 44
Base Turtle: 1138
Mandrake: 349
TP Used: 45
High: A powerful blizzard assaults the enemies. ATR.: Ice
"Furious maiden of icy snow born on the strains of the storm, rain down..."
A large snowflake appears in the middle of the screen, leading into an 
enormous snowstorm that covers the entire field. Deals about five hits to 

Cheerleader Rally
Level 47
Megant: 1607
Lizardman: 860
TP Used: 47
Support: Temporarily raise all allies' ATK.

Level 50
Lizardman: 862
Mandrake: 530
TP Used: 50
High: Emit countless beams of light. ATR.: Sea
"Eternal light, ever true and undefiled, grant this wanton sinner before me 
the majesty of thy judgment..."
Fiery light rises up from the ground and accumulates into a glowing orb: 
ten rays of light fall onto enemies below. The rays don't all always hit 
(unless it's a large enemy), and it is very easily dodged, since it takes a 
while to charge.

Ground Dasher
Level 54
Zephyr: 1000
Element: 743
TP Used: 54
High: Unleash the destructive force of the earth. ATR.: Earth
"Great king who supports the most distant of lands, receive this foolish 
offering that grovels at your feet..."
A glyph appears beneath an enemy, and rends the ground below; hitting the 
enemy about five times, and knocking them down on the fifth.

Black Hole
Level 58
Eryngi: 580
Peepit: 677
TP Used: 57
High: Call forth a darkness that devours even light. ATR.: Curse
"O Lightless tempest from distant regions, stretch out thy tenebrous arms 
lead my enemies to their eternal slumber..."
Basically the same as Will's Black Hole. 

Tractor Beam
Level 62
Hill Angler: 765
Gald Shark: 565
TP Used: 61
High: Launch an enemy into the air and drop it down.
"You who would break your bonds to fly free across the heavens, stretch 
false pinions and learn the blessings of the earth..."
A small triangle appears under an enemy, and emits a force-field upward, 
launching enemies up and knocking them down when they land. One hit (?).

Ancient Nova
Level 66
Eryngi: 601
Mandrake: 1014
TP Used: 64
High: Incinerate the enemy with primordial fire. ATR.: Fire
"Roar, O conflagration, and command all impure souls to their ashen 
A glowing-hot vortex appears, and loads of lava pour out, knocking down 
enemies. Great damage, but Fire-elemental. Surprisingly, it's not easily 

Meteor Storm
Level 70
Eryngi: 1048
Dragon: 1618
TP Used: 68
High: Call down meteors from the starry heavens. ATR.: Fire
"Celestial travelers, I call upon thee to lead my enemies to their final 
under Heaven's menacing glare..."
One meteor comes down, followed by two in quick succession, and three more 
quick succession. All the meteors knock down the enemy. If you're lucky, 
first meteor will float the enemy in the air, as the other five all hit it 
midair. Remember the fire element!

3.c Grune

Personally, I use Grune a lot. Mostly because (one), she's a pure offensive 
Eres user, so the computer doesn't muck up casting healing/supporting Eres 
the wrong people, and (two), because Grune has the most Curse and Sea Eres 
of all the characters; two important elements. Keep in mind that Grune will 
turn out to have the absolute worst physical attack, but one of the 
defenses (if you get her ultimate armor). She also has the second-highest 
intelligence, but this can be highly boosted, since unlike Will, she can 
the Angel Halo (along with Norma and Shirley). Grune has no novice spells; 
good lot of her Eres take a little while to cast.

Bloody Howling
First Eres Learned
TP Used: 37
Mid: Cry out a dark curse. ATR.: Curse
A large, dark globe appears, and hits enemies in a wide range five times. 
though it's Grune's only Eres for a long time, it's a great Eres to be 

Aqua Laser
Level 39
Ere: 1097
Base Turtle: 652
TP Used: 40
Mid: Rip the enemy apart with high-pressured water. ATR.: Sea
Two consecutive waves of water appear in front of an enemy, and assault it. 
Both add up to do major damage. If you're going to use Grune in battle, be 
sure to learn Aqua Laser as quickly as possible; if you run into any 
who are strong against Curse (which a lot of bosses are), then Grune is in 
trouble if she doesn't know anything else besides Bloody Howling.

Level 42
Egg Bear: 742
Peepit: 534
TP Used: 43
Mid: Lead the enemy to a silent world of ice. ATR.: Ice
Grune's only Ice Eres; cold winds encircle the enemy's area briefly, and 
humongous ice crystals appear in their place. 

Brilliant Lance
Level 45
Sea Gaet: 45
Dragon: 828
TP Used: 45
High: Pierce the enemy with countless spears of light. ATR.: Sea
I honestly don't know exactly how many hits Brilliant Lance dishes out. A 
circle of light appears under an area, and four lances appear on four sides 
it. (The enemy is hit more or less times than four?)

Level 48
Phynx: 968
Automaton: 250
TP Used: 50
High: Call up red-hot lava from beneath the earth. ATR.: Fire
(No incantation?)
Grune's only Fire Eres. Basically the same as Will's Eruption. Only Grune 
learns it first.

Demon Lance
Level 51
Dandarantula: 507
Gelures Sword: 508
TP Used: 51
High: Pierce the enemy with a spear of darkness. ATR.: Curse
A dark square appears under an enemy, and a giant axe stabs downward, 
heavy damage.

Negative Blade
Level 56
Peepit Chick: 312
Dragon: 900
TP Used: 54
High: Destroy the enemy with a blade of darkness. ATR.: Curse
"Trembling gauge(?) that bends empty space, drive the wedge of freedom into 
those that would be captured..."
Negative Blade is much like Thunder Blade, only it does much more damage. 
Negative Blade takes longer to get to the attack; however, it has a much 
bigger range.

Level 59 (?)
Egg Bear Cub: 242
Eggtopus: 819
TP Used: 50
High: Emit countless beams of light. ATR.: Sea
"Eternal light, ever true and undefiled, grant this wanton sinner before me 
the majesty of thy judgment..."
Pretty much the same as Norma's Ray.

Black Hole
Level 63
Galf: 879
Grand Gaet: 845
TP Used: 57
High: Call forth a darkness that devours even light. ATR.: Curse
"O lightless tempest from distant regions, stretch out thy tenebrous arms 
lead my enemies to their eternal slumber..."
You know the drill.

Level 67
Ere: 2262
Hopper: 1072
TP Used: 65
High: Call forth a whirlpool that engulfs all. ATR.: Sea
"Majestic indigo ruler of all lands, let loose thy churning tempest to 
on this; a misfortune(?)..."
Maelstrom is one of the best. Eres. ever. A gigantic, blue whirlwind knocks 
enemies into the air, hitting them for heavy damage about 8 times, allowing 
them to float back down. They are on the ground when the land. Kind of like 
Fire Storm's bigger, better, bluer cousin.

Level 71
Gentleman: 500
Fiend: 750
TP Used: 69
High: Call down judgment from the heavens. ATR.: Sea
"O small child, wilst not forget thine or your body(?) and attain the 
heights of destruction for which thou hast so long yearned..."
A rift opens in the sky, and a giant hand crashes down on the enemies (try 
to laugh). Despite its rather ridiculous appearance, the attack is quite 
powerful, and all enemies in its path are knocked down.
(NOTE: I'm pretty sure that Fiend-type monsters appear only as bosses in 
Character quests. After I got Eres stones from every Fiend, I had 870 in 
total. Be sure that by the time you defeat the Fiend in Grune's quest, that 
you have enough to learn Judgment).

3.d Shirley Fennes

When I first saw Shirley's measly Fireball and Cure, I could not believe 
was a legitimate Crystal Eren. However, even though almost all of Shirley's 
Eres are also learned by other characters, when Shirley casts them, they 
ultra-powerful (and very pink). Fireball, even though it's a novice spell 
which takes little time to cast, is very powerful in the hands of Shirley. 
(Due to this fact, Shirley does marvelously as a Crystal Eren in the Battle 
Arena). Her intelligence is the lowest out of the four Crystal Erens, but 
it can easily be raised with the proper equipment.

Fire Ball
First Eres Learned
TP Used: 52
Novice: Unleash fireballs on the enemy. A. ATR.: Fire
Three glowering, pink fireballs home in on the enemy.

First Eres Learned
TP Used: 39
Healing: Heal an ally completely.

Level 52
Base Turtle: 1461
Hopperfly: 424
TP Used: 20
Support: Temporarily raise an ally's ATK.
Although it does not raise the entire party's ATK like Norma's Cheerleader 
Rally, Shirley's Rally gives a more drastic boost to one character.

Ice Wall
Level 55
Diva: 1001
Dandarantula: 592
TP Used: 54
Novice: Call forth ice from below the enemy. A. ATR.: Ice
Large spikes of purple ice erupt from under an enemy. Can deal two hits, if 
timed properly.

Level 58
Dragon: 975
Gald Shark: 397
TP Used: 57
High: Call down powerful lightning from the sky. A. ATR.: Lightning
Five great indigo spotlights circle around an area, and a bolt of pink 
lightning strikes the center, knocking down any monsters.

Ground Dasher
Level 61
Ere: 2003
Phynx: 1106
TP Used: 60
High: Unleash the destructive force of the earth. A. ATR.: Earth
Shirley's pink insignia briefly appears under an enemy, and the earth is 
ripped, hitting about five times, and knocking them down on the last.

Level 64
Lizardman: 921
Eryngi: 581
TP Used: 63
High: A powerful blizzard assaults the enemies. A. ATR.: Ice
"O frozen world, awash in the purest white, rain down the final chill 
to lay these wandering souls to rest...."
Shirley's pink symbol appears again in the middle of the screen, and a 
powerful snowstorm assaults all enemies on the field.

Level 67
Gelures Sword: 878
Element: 927
TP Used: 47
Support: Temporarily raise all allies' DEF.

Shooting Stars
Level 70
Diva: 1295
Mandrake: 1014
TP Used: 68
High: Rain stars down on the enemy. A. ATR.: Ice
"O comets whose brilliance lightens even the most darkest of skies, favor 
ground for the fulfillment of thy eternal journey..."
A pink star-shaped portal appears above the enemy, and three paths of stars 
cross the enemy. About eleven hits.

Tractor Beam
Level 73
Galf: 1227
Hill Angler: 1000
TP Used: 71
High: Launch an enemy into the air and drop it down.
"Foul sinner who has lost sight of the bounds of the waters and the 
heavens, I 
shall meet out the punishment for thy transgressions; Begone!..."
A pink aura forms under an enemy, and a triangular force field rises up, 
hitting any enemies in the vicinity into the air, and knocking them down 
they land.

Tidal Wave
Level 76
Peepit: 2221
Dinowyrm: 400
TP Used: 73
Ancient High: A great flood attacks all in its path. A. ATR.: Sea
"Great will of the ocean, fairly if thou(?) deemest me thy proxy, then let 
all hear thy marvelous voice..."
Ok, Tidal Wave has given me a lot of grief. Dinowyrm species monsters can 
found in the third (and final) area of the Wings of Light. They are called 
Dinogiraffes, they are fairly rare, and they have a lot of HP, so be 
for a long battle (thanks muchly to EChang for this information). If you're 
the area due to Grune's character quest, I recommend hanging around one of 
healing spots, using a dark bottle, and getting 400 Dinowyrm Eres while 
convenient. Each one gives about 234 Eres Stones. You can learn it yourself 
so you can see what it does ;-).


Q: Are Will's, Norma's, and Grune's Black Hole Eres any different?

A: No, not really. The only thing that's different is that all three of the 
characters have different stats: Will's Black Hole might be more powerful 
Grune's, and Grune's might be more powerful than Norma's.

Q: If that's the case, is Shirley's Cure different than Will's Cure?

A: Shirley's Cure is the only Eres she has that is not different than 
After all, it can't really be improved any further. 

Q: Why won't Senel's compound Eres work?

A: Senel's compound Eres, unlike the other Iron Erens', ONLY work on 
races (rather than working more effectively). Killing Time can only be used 
Schwartz, Ogre Drop would not work on a Peepit, etc.

Q: Are you sure that Sea is strong against Curse?

A: I know it's weird, but it's true. I suppose since the Ocean (Nerifes) is 
sort of holy in Legendia, it's only right that it has taken the place of 

Q: Are there any secret, unlockable Eres?

A: Unfortunately, not from what I can tell.

Q: Besides using the Mystic Symbol, are there any other ways to reduce your 
Crystal Eres casting time (CST)?

A: Information found out by Jason Tee: when the caster starts saying the 
incantation for their Eres, rotate the left analog stick clockwise as fast 
as possible. This can make your CST 70% faster. 

V. Credits

Thank You:

Gamefaqs: Without Gamefaqs, I probably wouldn't have been able to get 
a good lot of my games. This is my first FAQ, and I wanted to contribute 

Namco: Another good game you've made here, Namco. 

EChang: You don't know me, but you have a really good guide. Helped me 
that Senel is still missing an Eres! Also helped me a lot by telling me 
Dinowyrms can be located.

Jason Tee: For that wonderful, wonderful CST reducing information.

If anyone has any additional questions, feel free to contact me at 
phantasmagoria.mchs@gmail.com. I am currently trying to make a bestiary, so 
if anybody has any information on the subject, please contact me if you 
will. Oh, and if you are into Wikipedia, I'm also working on those pages 
under the same  user name. 

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