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Bonus Objectives/Secrets FAQ by ManiacOVG

Version: 1.9 | Updated: 12/29/2006

The Matrix: Path of Neo
Bonus Objectives and Secrets Guide
Written by ManiacOVG
Date originally started:November, 23, 2005


Table of Contents:

I.Legal Stuff
III.Version History

IV.Bonus Objectives

O1."They're Coming for you, Neo"+"He's Heading for the Street
O2.All Training Missions
O3."Storming the Drain"
O4."Helicopter Rescue"
O5."Red Pill Rescue"-The Security Guard
O6."Red Pill Rescue"-The Key
O7."Taking the Floor"


S1."Kung Fu Training"
S2."Sword Training"
S3."Weapon Training"
S4."The Chase:Get me an Exit!"
S5."Captain Rescue"-Morpheus and Trinity
S6."Seraph's Apology"
S7."Burly Brawl"
S8."The Frenchman"
S9, S10, S11, S12."Distorted Dimensions"
S13."Downside Up"
S14."Ministry of Smiths"
S15."Aerial Battle"

VIII.Contact Info and Ending


I.Legal Stuff

This FAQ is Copyrited (c) by Christopher Nguyen. You must email me at:


to ask permission to use this FAQ on your site. The only sites that this FAQ
can be used on is:



Hi, I'm ManiacOVG. I bought this game the day before it came out officially,
and I was very excited. However, without an official strategy guide, I had a
hard time in achieving all the Extras. So, I've made this FAQ to help others. I
have many people to thank, mainly board users, which I will list in the
credits. Well, let's begin, shall we? And just so you know, you can use Ctrl +
F to search for the unlocked item you want, the objective, or secret strategy
you want. Well, let's do this first...


III.Version History

Version 1.9-Fixed certain grammatical errors, most likely final version

Version 1.6-Extra info on B.O. for "Red Pill Rescue"-The Security Guard

Version 1.5-Additional webistes and FAQs

Version 1.4-Additional websites granted permission

Version 1.3-Additional FAQs, Kung Fu Training info added, Additional website

Version 1.2-Additional websites granted permission to use this FAQ

Version 1.1-Updated Rewards

Version 1.0-First written FAQ


IV.Bonus Objectives

Now let us begin with Bonus Objectives. I shall list them per level, the
strategy to complete it,and then list the unlocked item. Okey dokey now here we
go! I'll label the objectives by O1, O2, O3, etc. Also note that when you have
acquired a bonus objective, you must get to the end of the level and move onto
the next, then whatever reward is unlocked.

01.Level-"They're Coming For You, Neo" + "He's Heading for the Street"

Bonus Objective-"Make your escape without being captured"

Now, this objective appears all through both levels, and is very basic. All you
have to do is follow Morpheus's instructions. Once you reach the second level,
you will encounter cops who can cuff you. You can fight back with rapidly
tapping the triangle button. You must do so to any cop that gets hold of you.
Note that in the first level if you are getting cuffed, you cannot fight back
and automatically fail the level. Just keep going through the building,
avoiding being shot and cuffed, and you'll be within the outside and on
Trinity's motorcycle in no time!

Unlocked Item-Media Viewer:"Level Concepts", you also see the cutscene of Neo
riding with Trin, and skips to the part where you will start training. If you
got the secret, good job! It's one of the few times where you can change what
Neo actually did in the story.

02.Level-All Training Missions

Bonus Objective-"Complete all objectives to unlock a secret"

This is very simple. All you need to do is complete every level, up to and
including "The Dojo", and you have your reward!

Unlocked Item-Media Viewer:"Character Concepts Part 1"

O3.Level-"Storming the Drain"

Bonus Objective-"Reach the 2 highest platforms in the room"

This is also quite simple. After the room with the agent, you must continue
forth into another toom where you must get to the other side, with SWAT and
such there as well. However, the room with this objective may be the room right
after that. Either way, the correct room will spawn a message saying that the
objectives are updated. Now, on the right wall, climb up the ladder, and go
right. You should see a ledge sticking out. Climb on, then jump to the ledge on
the left. Then, get onto the bigger ledge with guns on it. It will tell you you
have 1/2 leedges reached. Get back on the previous ledge, and continue going
right, across ledges. Note to keep away from the wall if you do Focus jumps, or
else you may wall run, jump, then have to start over. Keep going right and you
should find another weapon filled ledge. It also will tell you 2/2 ledges
reached. Congrats! You got another bonus!

Unlocked Item-Special Combo:"Quick Kicks"

O4.Level-"Helicopter Rescue"

Bonus Objective-"Defeat the enemy helicopter"

You must be wary on this one, or else you'll miss it. In this level you will be
using a gun of the helicopter Trinity is flying. First, you should gun down
SWAT and soldiers from the roof you are near, and also note that destroying
certain areas or even that crane can cause extra mayhem!
Now, as you fly around you will need to shoot down SWAT and agents(which can
only be killed when you focus while you shoot) as you pass by buildings. In
between flying around the buildings, you will get a glance of the enemy
helicopter. Always Focus Shoot it to get the most damage. After all the
buildings, you will go against the helicopter, so Focus shoot, but try not to
overheat. If you do not kill it during this encounter with it, you will get one
more chance at it. It would be a distance away from you, however, so just focus
shoot it and eventually the health bar will be empty, and the enemy copter will
smash into the building. Congrats on a job well done! Complete the level and
claim your prize!

Unlocked Item-Media Viewer:"Art Graveyard"

O5.Level-"Red Pill Rescue"-The Security Guard

Bonus Objective-"Defeat 5 enemies in 30 seconds"

This time , you might get a little beaten. As you chase the guard up the
church, be sure to defeat the 4 SWAT along the way to acquire their guns and a
box of grenades. After you reach the stairs that break down, you'll see a
cutscene of some shielded SWAT and a soldier.When you get back into the game, A
timer will appear counting down from 0:30. This is it! Throw all your grenades
at the 5 enemies, and you should make it. I only needed to throw one and they
all died, so I don't have the greatest strategy. An alternate strategy
to getting this objective is just run to the top of the church before the timer
runs out, which is much easier to do. If you do need more assistance, contact
me at my email address(found in the Contacts section).

Unlocked Item-Special Combo:"Ultimate Hyper Strike"

06.Level-"Red Pill Rescue"-The Key

Bonus Objective-"Complete the level without using a gun"

This one shouldn't be too hard. This objective appears after you reach the
weapon room(which is the same one that Morpheus, Trinity, and Seraph fought in
during The Matrix Revolutions). All you have to do is defeat all the
enemies(which would be 6) without using a gun. Bullet Stop can help for a bit,
but try to get up close and use combos so you can quickly take out the enemies
without being shot at. Keep killing the enemies until there are no more. If you
did this correctly, you will not be alerted that you've completed it. Also, any
other time you visit the level, there will be no objective. Just make sure you
have the reward in the Extras if you completed the objective, and you're set to
go.(thanks to Lawman_316 for this info)

Unlocked Item-The Making of....:"Story Board Sequence 1"

O7.Level-"Taking the Floor"

Bonus OBjective-"Defeat 3 waves of Smith before you exit the level"

This objective will not begin until after the Key Maker has opened the door to
leave. You must defeat 3 waves, and it will alert you when you defeat one wave.
After killing all 3 waves, you may exit and unlock your reward. For a
strategy...keep bullets away, as they have SMGs that can hurt. Take any health
packs you can get, and note that Killing Blow Level 3 with a pole is really
sweet and can help. Also note that if the Key Maker or Morpheus dies, you will
fail the level. So watch out for them as well. If you win, congrats again!
You've completed all the Bonus Objectives in this game!

Unlocked Item-Media Viewer:"Character Concepts Pt.2"



Now, did you do all the Bonus Objectives? If you did, good job, but be wary,
because now comes the harder part! Secrets appear as open suitcases with a red
light inside. Some are just lying around in a level, but some will be dropped
after completing a certain task, similar to a Bonus Objective. I shall list
them as S1, S2, and so on. Just like Bonuses, you must complete the level after
finding the secret to claim the reward. I'll list level, secret strategy, and
unlocked item. Onwards!

S1.Level-"Kung Fu Training"

In order to acquire this secret, you must first get to the control room area.
It would be a better idea to first take out the 2 people in there silently, but
I am pretty sure it isn't neccessary. Go into the door, and you will see 3
ninjas(I guess they are) chopping wood...pretty badly. Silently kill 3 of them,
and the reward will drop in front of the third! However, it has been told that
the secret may be dropped in a different part of the room, so look around if
you don't see it.(thanks to MatNeo27 for this info)
It has been told this secret cannot be acquired in Hard mode, so if you want
the secret, switch to Normal or Easy mode.

Unlocked Item-The Making of....:"View Staff Combos"

S2.Level-"Sword Training"

This secret is quite simple. Go accross to the other side of the area, and go
behind the waterfall. Destroy the vases and the secret shall appear.

Unlocked Item-The Making of....:"View Sword Combos"

S3.Level-"Weapon Training"

As you are going back towards the restaurant, some men will pop out of a dark
hallway, unopened when you first go through. Go inside the dark hallway, and
the Operator will tell you you have found his secret stash. That's your secret!

Unlocked Item-Special Combos:"Code Breaker"

S4.Level-"The Chase:Get Me an Exit!"

Now, I'll give you exact directions:

when you start, go forward until you can go left into a three way intersection.
Head left again, and forward until you see a grill blow up.It is near a health
pack. Go behind the stands near the grill and health pack, onto the sidewalk,
and you have your secret. Good job!

Unlocked Item-Special Combos:"Machine Gun Kick"

S5.Level-"Captain Rescue"-Morpheus and Trinity

To acquire this secret, fly down from the start point, then go forward in the
street. Turn left, then go forward and turn left towards the stairs. Turn your
body left again, and fly up to a higher balcony. Your secret is up there, along
with a nice gun(grenade launcher I think).

Unlocked Item-Media Viewer:"Level Studies"

S6.Level-"Seraph's Apology"

To acquire this secret, first defeat Seraph in the first battle, the second on
the poles, and the third in the movie theater. During the fourth battle, kick
all the pillars holding up the roof. Break them all, and a secret will fall
down to the middle of the floor.

Unlocked Item-Special Combos:"The Beginning of the End"

S7.Level-"Burly Brawl"

All you need to do is defeat 30 Smiths. Afterwards, walk around the ground in
the middle area for the secret. It will probably be crowded with Smiths, so
look hard and you will get it.

Unlocked Item-Special Combos:"The One"

S8.Level-"The Frenchman"

After defeating the 6 of the Frenchman's minions, go through the only door you
can go through. Keep going until you end up in the dungeon. Go forward, kill
the 2 doberman that show up, and when you reach the area where it splits in 2,
turn right. go to the end of the hall, and you'll find the secret.

Unlocked Item-The Making of....:"Storyboard Sequence 2"

S9, S10, S11, S12.Level-"Distorted Dimensions"

Yes there are 4 secrets here. Since I'm no good at directions, I'll take some
entries from the game boards. This one is from Greenday561, who gets the credit:

"Ok I am going to try and post this as clear as I can...

Case #1 Unlocking I believe Story Board Sequence 2

When you first enter into the Dimensioned Room, hop the gap in front of you and
go up the staircase. At the top turn to your left and you should see a small
sideways arch with a focus item on it, jump to it. hop over the sideways
staircse onto the floor, turn left and head to the wall, jump upwards to the
opening for the 1st Case.

Case # 2 Unlocking Story Board Sequence 3

Go through the correct door after getting Case 1. Defeat the ant and then
proceed to hop the gap over to the right side spiral staircase. Go up the set
of spiral stairs, and at the top immediately do a 180 turn and look alittle to
the right for a small platform above you with one wall of tile and the other of
white wallpaper. Jump to it, if you are where you should be you will have just
gotten a focus item. To the right of the tiled wall you can see sideways arches
on the side of a "building", and there on the bottom of the arch is the 2nd

Case # 3 Unlocking Story Board Sequence 4

Go through the correct door after getting Case 2. Defeat the couple of ants
here. and head straight ahead on over to the redish stained glass dome. It is
on the opposite of where you start. From the front of it turn around so it is
directly behind you, hop the gap to the ground below. Now facing the same way
proceed to walk off of here. Now go all the way to the far left of where you
are, and proceed to walk off, and there is the 3rd Case.

Case # 4 Unlocking Story Board Sequence 5

DO NOT GO THROUGH THE NEXT DOOR Directly after getting Case 3 go back to the
stained glass dome, and this time hop up onto it, you should be standing on or
near a gate. now turn left and head all the way down to the edge. Turn Right
and jump the two small gaps in front of you, turn right and there is the 4th

Proceed to finish the level and in the extras menu you should have all of the
previous stated.

I really don't know how much more precise I can be, I hope that helps those who
can't find them out."

I'll need to split line this to make it more clear.


Here is another from hailkingmon. It only lists 3 locations, however, so try
and find the 4th from Greenday's:

"Yay, I'm back with better direction to the 3 in the Distorted Dimension
thingy. BTW, I did all this w/out the flight ability, so you can go everywhere
without it.

When you first appear in the area:
Turn right, hop gap, go up stairs.
Turn left at top and hop gap towards yellow item.
Jump to the diagonal strip, turn a littel left.
Jump up into opening for #1.
(Correct door is on white area to the right of first appearing, follow hallway
around back)

Next appearance, no cases.
(I think correct door is farthest left of the 3 brown oens)

Next appearance:
Look diagonal left, and jump between two of the pillars and land on the bottom
white platform.
Run to end and jump gap.
Run up wall directly ahead.
Go right, jump two small gaps, turn right for Case #2.

Next appearance, no cases.

Next appearance: (Can someone confirm this one for me? i know theres one aroudn
there, but it may have been a little higher up.)
Go around fire and jump small gap.
Jump to narrow adjacent ledge (on right), follow to end.
Jump miny gap and turn right.
Try to jump to curve for Case #3."


Finally, one more entry from MatNeo27. Here we go, for another 3 locations:

"The first one is the one we knew about before

The second one is after the 1st door (its in the area where you fight the 1st
ant-thing), jump on the small "wall" that is horozontal. It has a focus-item on
it...anyway, from there you can see a sideways arch against a wall (looks like
a backwards "C") and the case is on the flat part inside on the far edge.

There is a 3rd one after the 2nd door. After the 2 ant-things attack, head
"forward-right" from the door you came from. There is a small "wall" platform
with a focus-item on it. Climb as high as you can, and you should find another
focus-item. From there, there is a large platform thing with a number of long
"windows" along the floor. When you get to the end of the platform, continue
walking slowly off the edge. You will either fall directly onto the case (like
me) or onto a higher platform. if you land on the platform, turn right and fall
again. That should land you on the platform. Be careful to WALK off the edges
so that you don't roll.

Another way to get there is to find the large stained glass thing (it will be
on a wall opposite the door you came from) and get on top of it where the gate
is. Get to the far edge (without any walls)and to the right, you will see a
floating block, and 2 platforms on the same level as you. Jump to the far one
and turn right again. The case will be there.

On a side note, I believe that the same cases can be found in a couple
rotations of the place...after finding my 3rd case in the area, I continued to
follow hailkingmon's directions, and I think they led me to the same area, just
rotated into another position. There are definitely 3 cases, and each can be
found once (rotating the room doesn't bring them back)...also, this area is
hell to give directions for...I found the cases using his directions...and
tried to help with my own...the cases are difficult to see in shady areas, and
appear dark in code-vision.

Unlocked Items-The Making of...:"Storyboard Sequence 3, Storyboard Sequence 4,
                                Storyboard Sequence 5, View Hand-to-Hand Combos"

S13.Level-"Downside Up"

When you reach the third room of enemies and defeat all of them, you will be
sent backwards to the start. Go forward onto the first one again, and there
will be the pillars.As you get close to them, they will open, with a Vamp
jumping from each one and tackling you. Have all the Vamps from each pillar
come out, making sure at least one is alive at all times, or else if all of
them are dead, nothing will appear, and the rest of the pillars will stay
closed. Defeat ALL the Vamps, and the secret will appear in the middle of the

Unlocked Item-Media Viewer:"Renderings Pt.1"

S14.Level-"Ministry of Smiths"

First, enter the main area of the church, where you will be ambushed by smiths.
Go up to the second floor, and head to the front. On each side, there are 2
statues. On the right ledge of the second floor, destroy the statue on the
right, and a secret will appear. If you are not sure on these directions, just
destroy all the statues.

Unlocked Item-Media Viewer:"Renderings Pt.2"

S15.Level-"Aerial Battle"

Now, for the final secret in the game. All you must do is continue to fight
against Smith. Eventually, one of you will be smashed into the Kira Rowan
building. Inside, there is a secret on the ground.Pick it up, finish the level,
and you have the final secret!

Unlocked Item-Movies:"PON Cinematics"


VI.FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q)How do I unlock the cheats?
A)Cheats are unlocked by completing the game, with 2 cheats per difficulty
level. However if you complete the game
on a higher difficulty first, you unlock those cheats plus cheats unlocked from
below dificulties.

Q)Is there any way to playthrough the game again on the same memory card with
all abilities?
A)Unfotunately, if you are using the same game file on a memory card, you
cannot. The levels "Red Pill Rescue"
and "Captain's Rescue" will be fully completed, allowing you only to do one of
the challenges per level, therefore not
giving you enough chances to unlock all abilities. You will need a new memory
card, or delete and then remake a new file
on your current memory card to playthrough the game completely.

Q)How do I unlock the Extra ________?
A)All of the extras are mentioned in this guide. If you need more specific
directions, email me. My email address is in the Contact section of this guide.

Q)What happens if I missed a secret or objective in a past level?
A)Thanks to the Level Select feature, you can always go back and redo a level
and find a secret you missed.

Q)My game won't load past the starting screen! It keeps showing the green code!
A)In this case you will need to get a new copy. I am so sorry. Apparently Shiny
rushed some copies....

Q)In Kung Fu training, I stealth kill the 3 bad guys, but I don't see any
A)It has been said that this secret cannot be acquired in Hard Mode(the One),
so try to do it in an easier
difficulty. If that doesn't work, well, you should probably make a new save

Q)What does the Spoon Atmin Principle do?
A)Activate it, then complete the level with it. You will now unlock the Zion
Archives in the Level Select.

Q)What can I do in the Zion Archives?
A)This question has been asked frequently.All we know is that this area allows
you to view character designs
that were not put in this game. There is no combat nor weapons used here. Walk
around as you feel and look at the designs, but it doesn't really
have much else. However, if you do find another purpose for this small
mini-level, e-mail me and I will credit you, along with including
your findings.

Q)Can I use this guide on my site?
A)You must ask permission first, or else you're gonna have some legal trouble.

Q)You forgot something in your guide/made an error/forgot to acknowledge me!
A)Please, if I did, contact me and I will credit you plus correct my error.

Q)I have a quesion! Where can I ask?
A)You can email me, or you can post it on the message boards on Gamefaqs.com.

Q)How come you don't answer your e-mails anymore?
A)Sorry, this FAQ is quite old now. I will no longer check mail regarding this
guide, so I apologize for any inconvenience. But do note, that you can contact
me at ManiacOVG2 on the AIM Messenger.



I have so many people to thank!

-I thank Gamefaqs for putting this guide on their beloved website

-I thank Shiny for making a great game

-I thank the Gamefaqs users for helping me make a FAQ and contributing things

Now, as for contributers, I was sure to make a list! I have these people to

Shaggy Glucose
Perfect Shot

These people have contributed info, as well as encourage me to make this FAQ.
Thanks a million!


VIII.Contact Info and Ending

If I have made an error in the guide or crediting your name in anyway, you have
a question, would like permission to use this guide on your site, or have
anything more to contribute on this guide, email me at:



As the last question in the FAQ states, I am no longer responding to e-mails.
Contact me at ManiacOVG2 on the AIM messenger for more help.

This is ManiacOVG saying happy holidays and I hope this helps!

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