How do i beat the Agent in the level: Have you ever had a dream Neo?

  1. I really need help i have beaten the game on Easy and Medium, and i only need to beat it on Hard, to unlock the cheats. Does the Agent regain his health, or can i just keep attacking him, and he will die at some point? LegoLegend - 11 years ago - report

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  1. Sorry for the long explaination

    You shouldn't really be having trouble if you beat the game on Easy and Medium difficulty. Also, there are some cheats already unlocked. If you are struggling on the level just choose some cheats like Vampire Regeneration and the weapons cheats. Though if you don't want to there is a stratedgy below, if you want to call it that.

    *Slight Spoilers*
    The angent is not the last opponent, after him you have to fight a vampire and then Agent Smith.

    Now as for what to do -

    Security guards: simple opponents, hand to hand combat is more than enough for them.

    Policemen: immidiately on the ground when they show up, left or right, it doesn't matter. Continue to roll to evade their attacks and take them out with some hand to hand combat.

    Military Soldiers: Now we'll add some focus to the bunch. You can either focus evade or bullet dodge (I prefer bullet dodge myself). From either of those actions do a focus double jump, use your aerial targeting skills to start taking them out. When there is just one left take him out using hand to hand.

    *If you have come across the assault rifle or submachine gun (you will in the next fight if you don't have it already), do not waste the ammunition.

    Swat: Somehow, the SWAT team is better than the military >_>. Anyway, start it off with a focus evade, as they use automatic weapons. Try to take them out using your guns, just conserve on automatics. Use your focus in this fight.

    Agent: Johnson is his name I guess. His AI I suppose behaves more like he does on the rooftop bullet doege sequence, as in he hits hard but is still easily taggable with sone evasion. Focus isn't really required. If you need some breathing room let of a shot or two, just not with the automatics.

    Vampire: I had you save the automatics for him, cause without them he can be a pain in the ass. Immediately focus double jump straight to the ceiling, shooting at him while you do so. Shoot as him enough and he should fall to the ground. Good. Go up to him and press the shoot button to kick him in the air for more punishment as you destroy him with bullets. If you have a good stock of ammunition, you won't even have to fight him hand to hand.

    Agent Smith: His AI is rather good, I would say the first time that you officially meet an agent in the game as a good indicator for his difficulty level. He will be dodging/blocking your attacks, focused or not. In order to get in some good hits, you need to stun him by trying to evade, also you could try beaking through his defenses by constantly trying to grab him. When he is stunned, don't use any focus unless the guage is almost full. Then you can try to use a Focus Lightning Strike -Hyper combo, or just branch it into a Codebreaker combo.

    Extra tips:
    There are sometimes health packs in the corners of the stage, if you seem to be low on health have a look around (preferrably when there is just one enemy around).
    Make every shot count.
    Use your focus effectively and efficiently. If you can finish an enemy off without focus, then do so. You will need to conserve it if you want to survive the fights against the agent, vampire and Smith.
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