How & where do I acquire the flight ability and the focus aerial throw level 2?

  1. When I played on "Master Mode" I had them, but I didn't pay attention to where or when I got them. Now I'm in "The One" Mode, and I don't have flight or the focus aerial throw level 2. Further, the focus aerial throw level 3 is now available but I cannot get it until I have the focus aerial throw level 2. Any advice? BeeOneDouble - 12 years ago - report

Top Voted Answer

  1. Flight ability you learn in Red Pill Rescue: The Security Guard. Focus Aerial Throw level 2 can be bought after beating Red Pill Rescue: Skulls Lament. But you dont have to beat the hole game again, you just have to set difficulty to what you want, and beat the last level, then you will have unlock the cheats (if its the cheats you want). LegoLegend - 11 years ago - report 1   0
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