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Script Translation by MNeidengard

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/16/2007
FAQ of the Month Winner: April 2007

Namco X Capcom Dialog Translation
Mark Neidengard (mneideng at ugcs dot caltech dot edu)
Version 1.0


    Ten years ago in Shibuya, Tokyo, a battle raged between two rival

    One organization sought to open gateways, known as "Quakes", between this
    world and another.

    The other strove to end this "Project", which would plunge the world into

    The ferocity of the battle inside Shibuya, which had been completely sealed
    off, knew no bounds.  But at length, the fighting ceased...

    ...thanks to the actions of the "Shinra" organization, special agents
    answering directly to the government, in preventing the Quakes from

    Shinra -

    a organization devoted since ancient times to combating evil spirits,
    ogres, tengu - all things which threaten the world.

    Few know of its existence, and fewer still of the ongoing battles that
    rage in the darkness to this very day.

    ...For people do not believe that the world they inhabit is not unique.

    People do not sense the footsteps of non-people creeping into this world.

    And people do not realize what will happen when worlds kept completely
    apart come together.

    Confirmation of intersections with the other worlds began with the
    Incident, a decade past.  The so-called "Quakes" have slowly progressed
    throughout the world.

    The battle had not ended at all.

    And now, in the year 20XX in Shibuya, Tokyo...

    ...a town completely cut off by the Quakes, a designated Isolation City,
    what happened ten years ago is happening again.

    It is in this city the story begins anew.


{20XX - Roppongi}

<Reiji> ...Right, acknowledged.  Heading to Shibuya at once.
<Reiji> We'll need the usual arrangements...  Okay, thanks.
<Reiji> Let's go, Xiaomu.  We're headed to Shibuya.
<Xiaomu> Geez, another dispatch?
<Xiaomu> And to Shibuya... another Quake?
<Reiji> The usual.  Yeah, not a damn thing's changed since "that" day.
<Xiaomu> Shibuya then too, right?
<Xiaomu> And the place's _still_ an Isolation City.
<Reiji> ...
<Xiaomu> Ten years already, huh?  That must be why you're so big and strong.
<Xiaomu> I seem to remember you as a lot more adorable back then.
<Reiji> Like this is any time for reminiscing.  And not like it's any of your
<Reiji> Besides, when "that" happened, I was...
<Xiaomu> C'mon now, get that look off your face.
<Xiaomu> Ten years... all that's in the past.
<Reiji> Right.  I'm too old to be sentimental, huh?
<Reiji> Anyways, we've got a lot to do today.  After we check out Shibuya,
  we're supposed to rendezvous with the agent from America's Unified Strategic
<Xiaomu> Say what?!  What's our group doing teaming up with _them_?
<Xiaomu> Besides, what's a Chicken-Fried Paraplegic Force anyway?
<Reiji> America's "Unified Strategic Forces" - U.S. STRATCOM.
<Xiaomu> The name ain't the problem...
<Xiaomu> Lemme point out that our Shinra forces officially don't exist.
<Xiaomu> So how come we're so popular lately?
<Reiji> That's the brass' orders.
<Reiji> The reason we never went front and center is because They kept
  hiding backstage too.
<Reiji> But now They're getting frisky on a global scale.
<Reiji> With confirmed sightings popping up worldwide...
<Xiaomu> Geez, you don't gotta spell out every last word.  I got ya.
<Xiaomu> Now's not the time for us to be lurking in the shadows either, right?
<Reiji> If you got that through your skull, then don't complain.
<Reiji> Let's go.  We'll be late for the meet up.
<Xiaomu> ....Hasn't our crew heard of workers' rights?  Maybe I should go
  on strike.
<Reiji> You're welcome to, but you'll just be lowering your own salary.
<Xiaomu> Heh heh.  Unlike a certain youngster I know who doesn't plan ahead,
  _I_ happen to have a little nest egg stashed away.
<Xiaomu> I haven't been in the biz this long for nothing.
<Reiji> How felicitous.
<Reiji> And if you mean the money stashed under your bed, I already snagged it.
<Xiaomu> S-s-say WHAT?!?
<Reiji> Try to come up with a better hiding place, why don'tcha.  You some
  middle schooler or something?
<Xiaomu> Leave it alone!  You got any idea how much was in there?!
<Reiji> I'll give it back once this job's over.  Otherwise there's no telling
  how quickly you'll slack off.
<Reiji> Or better yet, maybe I'll just give it back bit by bit every time we
  finish a job?
<Xiaomu> Quit treating people like some seal or sea lion or something.
<Xiaomu> No respect for elders in kids these days...
<Reiji> Try moving your body instead of your mouth.  Let's go.

{Distant Future - Aboard the Freighter Elza}

<Shion> KOS-MOS, how do you feel?
<KOS-MOS> No abnormalities within my main frame itself, Shion.
<Shion> True, but lately... we've detected a faint amount of noise in your
  visual systems.
<KOS-MOS> That has no effect on my autonomous motion capability as such.
<Shion> Well... that's true...
<Allen> You worry too much, Chief.
<Allen> I mean, think about all the space-time distortions going on lately.
  Maybe KOS-MOS has days like that too.
<Shion> Uh, Allen?
<Shion> You _do_ realize that this little one here has all kinds of black
  boxes we haven't figured out yet, right?
<Shion> It's not good to just file everything under "unexplained" and go home.
<Allen> W-well, that's true...
<M.O.M.O.> Um, is KOS-MOS feeling sick?
<Shion> Well, that's what the data says.  She'd never say so herself.
<Shion> Guess there's no choice but to "dive" and find out what's what.
<Allen> C'mon, Chief, there's no need to do that here.
<Allen> First of all, there's no way to record high-res data aboard this
  freighter.  Can't we wait until we reach Miltia 2?
<Shion> I'm going to dive.
<Allen> Chiiief...
<M.O.M.O.> "Dive"... as in Encephalon Dive?
<M.O.M.O.> You mean directly approaching KOS-MOS' consciousness?
<Shion> That's right, Momo.  Where better to find out about a horse but from
  the horse's mouth?
<Allen> Yeah, but why does it have to be _here_?
<Shion> I'm starting Interconnection.
<Shion> Allen, handle Backup, okay?
<Allen> *sigh*  Okay.
<Shion> KOS-MOS, I'm going to need you to go to sleep for a while.  I'll see
  you inside the Encephalon.
<KOS-MOS> Acknowledged.  Good night, Shion.
<Shion> That's my girl.  Good night, KOS-MOS.

{20XX A.D., Shibuya, Japan}

<Chunli> Hold it!
<Cammy> ...
<Chunli> You understand what I'm saying, don't you?
<Chunli> This town was designated an "Isolation City" just the other day.
<Chunli> Civilians are forbidden to enter.
<Cammy> ...
<Chunli> Besides, I know perfectly well you're agents from the "syndicate"...
<Chunli> The syndicate supposedly destroyed a long time ago: the "Secret
  Shadowloo Society"!
<Chunli> You're going to tell me... what happened to that man - to Vega!
<Cammy> ...
<Yuuni> You have been determined to be an obstacle to our mission.  Recommend
  immediate elimination.
<Yuuri> Concur.
<Cammy> She does not concern us.  Do not forget our mission.
<Cammy> Our target is the Japanese government's Shinra organization.  Do not
  let anything else obscure your vision.
<Cammy> Let's go.
<Yuuri> Yes sir!
<Yuuri> Sir!
<Chunli> Hey!  HOLD IT!
<Chunli> (First Shibuya gets made an "Isolation City".  Then this uproar over
  "monster sightings".  And now Shadowloo...)
<Chunli> (What's the connection?  Something big is starting... but what?)

{Material World - Intersection in Shibuya}

<Xiaomu> A totally deserted city, huh?  Quite a sight.
<Xiaomu> I bet there's no lines at the clothing stores.
<Reiji> Not very eloquent, are you?  For starters, none of these shops are
<Reiji> Plus, how can you think about shopping at a time like this?
<Xiaomu> Now that you mention it, something's not right.
<Reiji> Damn straight, there's sorcery in the air.  I'm pretty sure They're
  about to strike.
<Xiaomu> Strong, but predictable.  Well, if They _do_ strike they'll get
  their asses whupped.
<Xiaomu> Oh, and here they are!
<Xiaomu> Scythe-Weasels, huh?  Talk about your puny monsters.
<Xiaomu> These bozos aren't worth me breaking a sweat.  Reiji, move your ass
  and wreck 'em.
<Reiji> What the hell?
<Xiaomu> Look, I haven't had breakfast yet, see?  I'll be grabbing a snack at
  that restaurant over there, so just come and find me when you're done.
<Reiji> Shit, perfect timing.  Yo, Xiaomu!
<Xiaomu> Well, be seeing you.
<Reiji> And here I was planning on giving back a little of that nest egg once
  we were done...
<Reiji> But if you don't wanna fight, I guess there's no help for it.  I'll
  just have to handle these guys myself.
<Xiaomu> Well, what're we waiting for!
<Xiaomu> You're right as rain with me on the job!
<Reiji> Is she easy or what?
<Reiji> Something about this town feels wrong.  Let's get this over with and
  get back to the investigation.

  <Xiaomu> I swear, this happens every time a Quake goes off.  Don't these
    guys ever get bored?
  <Reiji> Well, this _is_ getting pretty repetitive...
  <Xiaomu> It's like a game of Whack-A-Mole or something.
  <Reiji> Maybe, but we've got to keep whacking for now.
  <Reiji> Let's do it!

<Xiaomu> Well, that's about the size of it.
<Xiaomu> Okay Reiji, hand over my nest egg!
<Reiji> Quit acting like you fought those guys on your own.
<Reiji> Look, I'll give it back once we get back to HQ.
<Xiaomu> Hold it.
<Reiji> Hmm?  What a surprise, you don't want it back?
<Xiaomu> Not _that_ "hold it"!
<Reiji> I don't get it.
<Reiji> ...Huh?
<Xiaomu> Finally figured it out huh?  Give the man a cigar.
<Xiaomu> I thought you were the one feeling something wrong around here?
<Reiji> Yeah.  ...Something different than when They appear.
<Reiji> But what?
<Reiji> Shit, reinforcements.  But...
<Reiji> Was that a Quake just now?  It was nothing like what HQ said...
<Xiaomu> Plus, I've never seen these things before.
<Xiaomu> Where's your manners?  Go say hi to the newcomers.

  <Reiji> Looks like they're the ones with bad manners.
  <Reiji> In which case I'll greet them... with this!

[when you first fight a Gnosis]
  <Reiji> What the-?!
  <Xiaomu> The bullet went right through!
  <Xiaomu> Meaning this is a spiritual type without a physical body.
  <Xiaomu> Yo, Reiji!  Quit using the cheap-ass ammo!
  <Reiji> Hey, unlike a certain someone I know _I_ don't pull crap like that.
  <Reiji> I'm already loaded with Anti-Spirit rounds.
  <Reiji> And what's this... weird feeling like they're not really here?
  <Reiji> Are they some new breed the Quake spawned?!
  <Reiji> And if we can't touch 'em...

  <Xiaomu> Lemme point out that they're still leaving nice big footprints in
    the pavement.
  <Reiji> Meaning we _can_ touch them.
  <Reiji> Xiaomu, if worst comes to worst we may have to pull out.

  <Xiaomu> God, this is so pathetic!
  <Xiaomu> I don't remember raising some weakling these last ten years!
  <Reiji> Shut up.
  <Reiji> You're walking a bit too loudly.
  <Xiaomu> For starters, don't you think I'd have pulled out already if I
  <Reiji> What?!  Don't tell me there's another Quake?!

[Shion and the others appear]
  <Shion> Uhh.... where am I?
  <KOS-MOS> Shion, are you injured?
  <Shion> I'm fine.  Besides, this is the inside of your Encephalon.
  <Shion> The expression "injured" pertains to physical damage to the body,
    and under the circumstances...
  <M.O.M.O.> U-um, Shion...
  <Shion> W-what the-?  Momo?!
  <Shion> What're you doing in KOS-MOS's Encephalon?!

  <Reiji> They're not monsters... are they civilians?
  <Xiaomu> Hmm... a glasses-girl, a blank-face, and a Lolita.  That's one 
    motley crew there.
  <Reiji> Hey, Shibuya's completely off limits!  What're you doing here?!
  <Shion> Huh?  HUH?!  H-hey, KOS-MOS!
  <KOS-MOS> This is not an imaginary world, but the real world.
  <Shion> What's that supposed to mean?
  <KOS-MOS> I believe my preceding analysis of the present situation is
  <Shion> Never mind that!
  <M.O.M.O.> S-so, where are we?
  <Shion> That... is a very good question.
  <Reiji> What the heck're they arguing about.  Hey!
  <Shion> Gnosis!  But how?!
  <Xiaomu> Hmm, what's that?  "I can't stand it anymore"...
  <Reiji> Wait, can you understand that?!
  <Xiaomu> Well, that was kinda the nuance...
  <Reiji> Yeah, whatever!
  <Reiji> Look, it's dangerous here!  Evacuate now!
  <Shion> This can't be!  We're inside the Encephalon...!
  <Reiji> Look, I can't understand a word you're saying!
  <Reiji> Normal attacks don't work on these things!  I can't protect you!
    So get your civilian ass out of here!
  <KOS-MOS> Your concern is appreciated.
  <KOS-MOS> Shion, I am activating the Hilbert Effect.
  <Shion> What?  Wait, KOS-MOS!
  <Shion> It's too dangerous if we don't know what's going on!
  <KOS-MOS> I judge the current situation to be more dangerous.
  <M.O.M.O.> Shion, those people'll be in danger too if we don't do something.
  <Shion> ...
  <Reiji> (What they heck're they babbling about over there?)
  <Xiaomu> Um... "I won't hold back any longer".
  <Shion> KOS-MOS, activate Hilbert!
  <KOS-MOS> Acknowledged.  Initiating Hilbert Effect.
  <Xiaomu> W-what the heck?!
  <Xiaomu> Oo!  The whole see-through thing stopped!
  <Reiji> Was that an... attack?
  <M.O.M.O.> No, it wasn't, um... it's a system designed to interfere with
    imaginary dimensions.
  <Reiji> What?  Imaginary... dimensions?
  <KOS-MOS> More accurately, a device which generates a finite perceptual
  <KOS-MOS> By enlarging the zone within which interference with imaginary
    space is possible, it allows the Gnosis to be approached...
  <Reiji> Okay, so we use the gobbledygook gadget to attack the gobbledygook
    bad guys?
  <Shion> KOS-MOS, be quiet a moment!
  <Shion> You can touch them physically now!  So...!
  <Xiaomu> Whoa, that's pretty cool if it's true.
  <Xiaomu> So, just who are you people anyway?
  <Reiji> It's pretty clear you've got something to do with these monsters.
  <Shion> ...Yes...
  <Reiji> How felicitous.
  <Reiji> We're mopping up this mess first!  And then you're going to explain
    just what the hell is going on around here.

[some leotard-clad women show up]
  <Reiji> What the?
  <Cammy> ...
  <Yuuni> ...
  <Yuuri> Target sighted.
  <Xiaomu> Not _more_ civilians wandering in!
  <Xiaomu> And check out the cameltoe - they some kinda escorts or what?
  <Reiji> Nope.  That's not the posture of amateurs.
  <Yuuni> Visual on target - 98% correlation with sample data.
  <Yuuri> Target confirmed.
  <Cammy> Shinra agent Arisu Reiji - just like the reports said.  Who's the
    little one next to him?
  <Yuuni> 100% correlation with sample data.
  <Yuuni> Confirmed as Xiaomu the Mystic Fox.
  <Cammy> Then, begin the operation.  I'll head to HQ and meet up with
  <Cammy> Detain the two Shinra agents in this city, and sample their data.
  <Yuuni> Special energy detected.
  <Yuuni> What about the numerous entities not in the sample data?
  <Cammy> Eliminate them at your discretion.
  <Yuuni> Yes sir.  Beginning sampling.  Proceeding with battle formation one.
  <Yuuri> Yes sir.  Switching modes to battle support.
  <Xiaomu> Oh man, one of the high-leg chicks just ran off.
  <Reiji> I didn't catch all that, but it sounded like they were talking about
  <KOS-MOS> They appear to be seeking information on "Arisu Reiji" and
    "Xiaomu the Mystic Fox"...
  <KOS-MOS> ...agents of the group or organization known as "Shinra".
  <KOS-MOS> From the use of the word "detain", they appear to have some 
    additional motive.
  <Xiaomu> Yow!  That's some ears you got!
  <Xiaomu> But anyway, "mystic fox", huh?  And just how'd these girls know
    my secret identity?
  <Reiji> (And the name "Shinra" too?  ..What's going on here?)
  <M.O.M.O.> T-the scary ladies are coming this way!
  <Shion>  What?  What?!
  <Reiji> Great, they're from some enemy syndicate.
  <Reiji> Think of everyone besides us as the enemy!  We're dead meat

[now enters someone in Chinese garb]
  <Chunli> Hold it!
  <Yuuni> ...
  <Yuuri> ...
  <Reiji> NOW what?!
  <Xiaomu> It never rains, but it pours, right?
  <Chunli> Hey, you people!  This place's a designated Isolation City!
  <Chunli> What're you doing here?!
  <Reiji> That's my line!  Who the heck're they?  And who're you?
  <Chunli> The name's Chunli.  ICPO's special investigator for Shadowloo.
  <Reiji> Shadowloo?  Did you just say 'Shadowloo'?!
  <Yuuni> Intruder determined to be an obstacle to the mission.  Eliminate
  <Yuuri> Concur.  Eliminate target.
  <Xiaomu> I get it now - the Secret Shadowloo Society.  These must be some of
    their fortified warriors.
  <Reiji> Why would the late Shadowloo want to target us?
  <KOS-MOS> The targets are clearly malicious.  I believe an attack is
  <Xiaomu> Wow, this girl's pretty firm for someone who doesn't know what's
    going on.
  <Chunli> Well that monster sure fits the profile for an Isolation City.
    And now I get to stop it.

[Chunli fights Yuuni]
  <Yuuni> Target identified.
  <Yuuni> Data match for ICPO Shadowloo investigator Chunli.
  <Chunli> ...
  <Yuuni> According to absolute elimination orders, commencing combat.
  <Chunli> "Absolute elimination"... looks like they marked me.
  <Chunli> But it won't be that easy!

[Xenosaga crew confronts the Gnosis]
  <Shion> No matter how hard I squint, they're obviously Gnosis.
  <M.O.M.O.> They're Goblin types.
  <Shion> We've got to fight them.  Ready, Momo?
  <M.O.M.O.> Yes!  I'll do my best!

[Chunli fights Yuuri]
  <Yuuri> Target is detective Chunli, assigned to ICPO.
  <Chunli> Looks like I can forgo the introductions.
  <Chunli> Vega... I thought Vega died back then!
  <Yuuri> Target - eliminate.
  <Chunli> Fine.
  <Chunli> You'll talk plenty after I kick your ass.

[Shinra folks tangle with the Gnosis]
  <Reiji> Ever seen anything like that before, Xiaomu?
  <Xiaomu> Nope.  But from what I can tell, it ain't from the East.
  <Xiaomu> You sure it ain't from space?
  <Reiji> What are you, retarded?
  <Shion> (S-she might be a lot smarter than she looks...)

[Yuuni gets her spandex-sheathed ass kicked]
  <Yuuni> Extensive damage, remaining LP 0.55.  180 seconds until 
  <Yuuri> Execution difficulties.
  <Yuuni> Sampling halted at 52%.  Retreating with Yuuri.
  <Chunli> Hey, wait!
  <Reiji> Yo, don't try to chase them!
  <Chunli> I don't have a choice!
  <Reiji> Yo!!
  <Xiaomu> My, isn't someone in a hurry.  And here I was hoping she'd give
    us a bit of info...

<Reiji> Looks like that does it.
<Xiaomu> Yeah, and _this_ time that weird feeling's gone.
<KOS-MOS> One kilometer radius surveillance complete.  No trace of Gnosis or
  life forms.
<Reiji> If that's true, that's pretty felicitous...
<M.O.M.O.> Fel...icitous?
<KOS-MOS> Accessing database.
<KOS-MOS> "Something extremely good".  "Something satisfying."  Apparently
<Reiji> What's that girl been babbling about all this time?
<Xiaomu> Whoa... I think that girl's _mechanical_.
<Xiaomu> I see, so that's how she could hear the Shadowloo girls talking.
<Reiji> Mechanical?  You mean she's a robot?
<Shion> Um...
<Reiji> I've got a ton of things to ask you, but that expression of yours 
  looks like you've got no clue what's going on either.
<M.O.M.O.> Where... are we?  And what should we do now?
<Reiji> Don't worry, missy.  We won't hurt ya.
<Xiaomu> What we we gotta do is figure out where to go next.
<Reiji> Right.  You are...?
<Shion> Uzuki.  Uzuki Shion.
<Shion> This little one is a Type 100 Realian.  Her name's "Momo".
<Shion> And this is KOS-MOS, an android.
<Reiji> (Android...?)
<Reiji> My name's Arisu Reiji.  And this pipsqueak's Xiaomu.
<Reiji> A certain organization sent us.
<Shion> A certain... organization?
<Shion> As in this... "Shinra"?
<Xiaomu> I'd love to stand and chat, but why don't we sneak into that coffee
  shop or the arcade first?
<Reiji> Why don't we _not_.
<Reiji> Besides, this whole area's been sealed off.  We can't hang around here
<Reiji> I guess our only option is taking everyone to HQ.
<Xiaomu> And then we start squeezing for info!  Nyahaha.
<Shion> (...HQ?  And there's something about that girl... like she's not a
  normal... human...)
<Xiaomu> So whaddya think, Reiji?  Looks to me like we're mixed up in something
<Reiji> Yeah.  First They run riot, then "Shadowloo" shows up, now some
  new enemy... PLUS an android and its owner.
<Xiaomu> Not to mention someone from the International Police Organization
  or wherever.
<Reiji> ...
<Reiji> (I guess this means the Quakes are getting bigger.)
<Reiji> (Just like ten years ago, huh?)


{Phantom World... Secret Oberon Corporation Base, Underwater Cave}

<Stan> What do you think you're doing, Leon!
<Leon> What does it look like?
<Leon> If you want to get past here, you'd better defeat me first.
<Rutee> What the hell're you talking about?!
<Rutee> What part of "emergency" don't you understand?!
<Leon> That's got nothing to do with it.  I'm just playing the part I was
<Leon> The part where I kill you two.
<Stan> Open your eyes, Leon!
<Stan> Hugo's just using you!
<Leon> Of course he is.
<Leon> I'm nothing but a disposable pawn to Hugo.
<Rutee> Come on!  If you understand that much, how come-?
<Leon> It's because I've got something to protect.  That's all.
<Leon> Ready to die, Stan?  Let's do it!

<Stan> Leon!  This... this isn't the time for this!
<Stan> The "Eye of God" isn't something man should mess with!
<Leon> I don't care about that!
<Stan> Look at what's happening all over the world!
<Stan> Don't tell me you don't know the stories about the "Eye of God"!
<Leon> I do.  Something about a heavenly treasure some demon or other stole,
<Leon> And I also already told you I don't care, Stan!
<Stan> Leon!
<Stan> Rrrrrr.....AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!  SHISHI..... SENKOU!!!!

<Leon> Augh!
<Stan> Leon.... why?!
<Leon> ...Stan...
<Leon> ...Not yet... it's not over yet.
<Stan> Stop it, Leon!
<Leon> I can't let it... fall on you...
<Stan> W-what the?
<Leon> ...*pant*...*pant*... It's started...
<Leon> I... win...
<Stan> What'd you say?!
<Leon> The countdown to doomsday has... be... gun...
<Leon> No one can... stop it... now...
<Stan> That sound.... don't tell me this place's flooding?!
<Dimlos> Not good, it's about to cave in!
<Atwight> But, he's...!
<Rutee> Forget it!  There's no time!!
<Leon> ...Farewell... Maryanne...

{Meanwhile, In Breagal Forest}

<Klonoa> Man, he sure is late.  Wonder what he's up to.
<Klonoa> Hmm?  What's that sound?
<Gantz> Yo!  Sorry 'bout the wait, Klonoa.
<Klonoa> What's the big deal calling me way out here and then being late?!
<Gantz> Quit yer whinin'.  I swear, don't you ever grow up?
<Gantz> I got this thing called a schedule I gotta keep.
<Klonoa> Quit calling me a little kid!  And what's this "schedule" thing of
  yours, anyway?
<Gantz> Look, the world's gotten all rowdy lately, right?
<Klonoa> Huh?  Really?
<Gantz> I swear, that's the problem with this village.  It's too damn
<Klonoa> C'mon, tell me about the rowdy stuff!
<Gantz> Heh heh, glad I finally got your attention.
<Klonoa> Is it more Phantom Beasts?  Let's go get rid of 'em!
<Gantz> Well, it _is_ a "monster hunt", but it ain't the Phantom Beasts causing
<Gantz> This looks a lot worse.
<Klonoa> Whaddya mean, looks worse?
<Gantz> Seems the "Golden Knight"'s mixed up in it.
<Klonoa> Wait, the Golden Knight as in... _the_ Golden Knight?!
<Gantz> Damn straight.
<Gantz> There's no records of the Golden Knight fighting at all since _that_
  battle years back.
<Klonoa> Yeah!  So how come all of a sudden...?
<Gantz> Try thinking the other way 'round.
<Gantz> What if the bad guys're bad enough that the Golden Knight's _gotta_
  get involved?
<Klonoa> Whoa!
<Gantz> I bet I'm right on the money.  ...Meanin' we're in for some serious
  shit, right?
<Gantz> Betcha you can't just run away from whatever it is like you can from
  the Phantom Beasts.
<Gantz> But... if the bad guys're really that bad, it also means... there's
  gonna be a big fat reward.
<Gantz> And I'm planning to go and collect.
<Klonoa> ...
<Gantz> Well, that's the story.  What I ain't figured out is whether to take
  you with me or not.
<Gantz> Guess I shouldn't press my luck-
<Klonoa> ...Hey Gantz, looks like things just got more interesting.
<Gantz> Izzat so?
<Klonoa> Hey, interesting is important!
<Gantz> Well, it's settled then.  Let's hit the road!
<Klonoa> Right on!
<Klonoa> ...But, they won't just let us waltz into the palace, will they?
<Klonoa> Don't tell me you're planning to bust down the door?
<Gantz> Dude... what kind of guy you think I am?
<Gantz> Where's the first place you think of when you think Golden Knight?
<Klonoa> Ah, of course!

{Meanwhile, In the Streets of Sandland}

<Kurino> ...
<???> Hold up there.
<Kurino> ...
<???> I heard all about it.  Reckless as ever, huh?
<Kurino> Sabine, is that you?
<Sabine> I just got done talking with the Chief.
<Sabine> I hear the goddess Ishtar forbade any Sandra from getting involved
  this time.
<Kurino> ...Yeah.
<Sabine> What you're doing is betraying the goddess.
<Sabine> Not so hot coming from a man they once called a "Hero".
<Kurino> This's got nothing to do with titles.
<Kurino> Back "then", when "they" saved me in that pyramid in the Enen
  desert, I decided...
<Kurino> ...that I'd devote what life I've got left to my family.
<Kurino> And to the Lady Valkyrie.
<Sabine> Hmph!  Well ain't that fine and dandy.
<Sabine> So you ended up trudging off alone, with nothing but the armor on
  your back and the spear in your hand?  Talk about pitiful.
<Kurino> No, I'm actually grateful to the Chief.
<Kurino> He cast me out of the village... without branding me a traitor to my
<Kurino> And he told me I needn't worry about my family.  What more could I
  ask for?
<Sabine> Always alone, aren't you?
<Sabine> Even when you saved me and my mother, you'd come all that way on
  your own, and you went off alone to the Phantom Tower.
<Kurino> That's all in the past, Sabine.
<Sabine> ...
<Sabine> Well then, Sir _Former_ Hero of the Sandra Tribe, whither dost thou
<Kurino> To the ruins of "that" tower.  I'm certain this mess has something
  to do with it.
<Sabine> Gee, same direction as me.  What a coincidence.
<Kurino> ...!
<Kurino> No way, Sabine.
<Kurino> I'm a traitor.  There's no need to make you one too.
<Sabine> What?  I go where I want, when I want.  Period.
<Sabine> Just don't be surprised if that happens to be where you're going too.
<Kurino> ...
<Kurino> Boy, you've sure changed.
<Kurino> There was a time you'd have sooner bitten your tongue than say
  something like that.
<Sabine> Heh heh, that's all in the past, Kurino.

{Phantom World... Abandoned Ruins of the Tower of Druaga}

<Stan> ...
<Rutee> Stan...
<Stan> Hey, Rutee... Back then... did I do the right thing?
<Rutee> Did you have a choice?
<Rutee> Or what... did you want to be the one to be sliced open?
<Rutee> And who would that leave to go after the Eye of God?
<Rutee> I hate to say it, but that damn thing could destroy the world.
<Stan> The world, huh.
<Stan> It's not like I'm... fighting to save the world or anything.
<Rutee> Huh?  Then, what _are_ you fighting for?
<Stan> Hmm... I don't know how to put it, but I just want to... protect my
  friends, family - the people I care about.  That's why I'm fighting.
<Stan> Besides, just look at me.  What would some farm boy know about the 
  "world" anyway?
<Stan> Maybe I really shouldn't be doing this...
<Rutee> I wouldn't sweat it if I were you.  I'm pretty much in the same boat
  you are.
<Stan> Hearing you say that sure makes me feel better.
<Rutee> And _that's_ the Stan I know.  I just can't click with the other Stan.
<Stan> ...
<Rutee> Come to think of it, he sure is late.  What's the idea of calling
  someone out and then not being there to meet them first?
<Stan> Well, he seems like a pretty busy guy.  Guess it can't be helped.
<Rutee> What's that got to do with it?!  I don't wanna hang around here
<Stan> Can't argue there.
<Stan> (The Tower of Druaga... Now what would the man who destroyed it want
  with us?)

{Phantom World - Ruins of the Tower of Druaga}

<Rutee> He's late.
<Stan> Just keep cool, Rutee.
<Stan> It's not even ten minutes past the meeting time.
<Rutee> That's TEN, count 'em, TEN whole minutes!  This "Golden Knight" guy
  sure knows how to make a lady wait!
<Stan> *sigh*
<Stan> Oh, the Golden Knight!
<Rutee> Oh?
<Rutee> Oh, don't mind us!  We just got here!
<Rutee> And I'm such a blabbermouth too!
<Rutee> Ahahahah...
<Stan> ...
<Rutee> ...Huh?  There's no one there.
<Rutee> Stan!  You tricked me!
<Stan> You're too easy to read.
<Stan> Huh?
<Rutee> Monsters!?
<Rutee> See, I told you!  This's what we get for hanging around this place!
<Stan> Don't get so upset.  We've got to do something about this mess, right?
<Rutee> I don't need you to tell me that!
<Rutee> Just you wait, you measly little slimes!  Time for me to blow off some
  major stress!

[combat ensues!]
  <Stan> Did these things come from the Tower of Druaga?
  <Rutee> No way in hell.  Low-grade monsters like slimes are all over the
  <Stan> I'm thinking too hard... right?

[the goo increases]
  <Rutee> More of them?!
  <Stan> Black... slimes...?!
  <Rutee> What a pain in the ass.  Stan, we're taking these things _down_!
  <Stan> Wait, Rutee!
  <Stan> Could these black slimes be...?!

[flying stuffed animals to the rescue]
  <Gantz> Heads up.  We're here!
  <Klonoa> Wow, that was faster than I expected!
  <Stan> Who're you guys?!
  <Rutee> Their clothing... aren't you guys from Marvel Land?
  <Gantz> Huh?  What's up with you two?
  <Gantz> If you're on some kinda date, go do it somewhere else.
  <Klonoa> Cut it out, Gantz.  That's not nice.
  <Rutee> D-d-date?!  With some country bumpkin like him?!
  <Stan> Wait a minute, Rutee!
  <Rutee> Now what?
  <Stan> The slimes!
  <Klonoa> Um, I think we're interrupting something here.
  <Klonoa> Whoa, check it out!  I've never seen black slimes before!
  <Gantz> Great, what a pain in the ass.
  <Gantz> Lissen up, Klonoa!  We're gonna have some fun till the Golden Knight
    shows up!
  <Klonoa> Yahoo!  A warm-up, right?
  <Rutee> The Golden Knight?  You guys too?
  <Klonoa> Huh?  Whaddya mean?
  <Stan> Rutee, save the talk for later!
  <Rutee> Alright already!
  <Rutee> What's the big deal about a few slimes?
  <Stan> (Black slimes... if the rumors are true, these monsters are...)

[the battle rages, until...]
  <Gantz> Only three left.  Hey sister, you're not half bad.
  <Rutee> Course I'm not!  Who do you think I am?
  <Stan> ...
  <Klonoa> Man, she sure is fired up.
  <Dimlos> Stan, we've got trouble.
  <Rutee> Eh?
  <Stan> Yeah... I feel something really unpleasant around here.
  <Atwight> Rutee, the space in this area appears to be slightly warped.
  <Rutee> Hang on, what's that supposed to mean?!
  <Klonoa> I.. I think those two just started talking to somebody.
  <Gantz> Great, we got a couple of nutjobs on our hands.  It's like that
    old saying about something or other and powder kegs.
  <Rutee> And _who_ is the nutjob, huh?
  <Rutee> I'll have you know that only the wielders of the Swordians can hear
    their voices-
  <Atwight> Rutee, here they come!  Pay attention!
  <Stan> Blue knights?!  What're _they_ doing here?!
  <Dimlos> Stan, don't get careless!  They're not human!
  <Rutee> Say what?!
  <Klonoa> Friends of yours?
  <Stan> No way.  I _think_... no, I'm sure they're the enemy!
  <Gantz> Shit.  These knights look a lot chintzier than the one we're 
    waiting on.
  <Gantz> Plus they're trying to kick our ass.  Let's do this, Klonoa!
  <Klonoa> Alright!
  <Stan> Dimlos, who are these guys?!
  <Dimlos> I hesitate to think it, but perhaps "that demon" is involved...

[Stan and Rutee face the Blue Knights]
  <Stan> The Blue Knights of Druaga?!
  <Rutee> Don't chicken out now, Stan!
  <Rutee> Let's do it!

[someone big, green, and buff appears]
  <Kurino> Those're Blue Knights.  I knew it.
  <Stan> Someone else's here!
  <Rutee> Golden armor?
  <Rutee> That's not the... Golden Knight, right?
  <Kurino> Other people?  What're they doing here?
  <Sabine> Wanna take them all down at once, Kurino?
  <Kurino> No, don't attack them, Sabine.
  <Kurino> Everyone, it's dangerous here.  Those are clearly servants of
    the demon Druaga!
  <Stan> I thought so...
  <Gantz> What the hell's with you popping out like that?
  <Klonoa> Gantz, Gantz, that's Kurino!  Kurino Sandra from Sandland!
  <Rutee> Huh?  Who?
  <Gantz> Say what?
  <Gantz> Wait, is that that Maiden Knight Valkyrie's-?
  <Klonoa> Yeah!  Ain't this cool, it's the real Kurino!
  <Gantz> First the demon Druaga, now Kurino the Hero?
  <Gantz> This's getting a tad too big for me.
  <Sabine> Looks like you're a celebrity, Kurino.
  <Kurino> Lady Valkyrie's the one who's famous.
  <Kurino> It looks like they've got weapons too.  Let's work with them and
    solve this mess.
  <Sabine> Got it.
  <Rutee> I still don't get it, but as long as they're on our side it's all
  <Kurino> Yeah, I'll explain everything later.
  <Kurino> For now, we can't let any of these guys escape.
  <Stan> (The demon Druaga...  But wasn't he defeated several years ago?)

[Kurino tangles with the knights]
  <Sabine> Druaga's knights, huh?
  <Kurino> The weakest of whom are the blue.  But don't get careless, Sabine.

[mysterious balloon monsters strike!]
  <Klonoa> Phantom Beasts!  At a time like this?!
  <???> Oh?  What do I find at the scene of all this commotion...
  <???> ...but something most unexpected.
  <Rutee> Yo, what's your problem?!
  <???> Oh, pardon me.  Must introduce myself.
  <Joker> My name is Joker.  Pleased to make your acquaintance.
  <Joker> Though, I'm not sure we'll ever be seeing each other again.
  <Kurino> Are you the one controlling Druaga's servants?
  <Joker> Hmm?  Oh my goodness gracious.
  <Joker> If it isn't the illustrious Kurino Sandra!
  <Joker> So the reason that Lord Druaga's pawns, weak to be certain, were
    having such a difficult time - is you.
  <Stan> ("Lord" Druaga?!)
  <Dimlos> Stan, did you hear that?
  <Stan> Yeah, he said "Lord" Druaga.
  <Stan> Which means...
  <Klonoa> ...he's Druaga's follower, right?
  <Gantz> Hell no!  It means Druaga's still alive, jackass!
  <Joker> Quite correct.
  <Joker> Setting aside the puny one over there, the mean-looking almond-eyed
    one seems quite sharp.
  <Gantz> That wasn't a _compliment_, fucktard!
  <Joker> Tee hee hee hee hee.
  <Joker> ...However, I'm afraid you all are in the way of a certain 
    project that's about to start.
  <Rutee> "Project"...?  What're you talking about?!
  <Rutee> Oh, wait, I get it.
  <Rutee> You're just using the name of some bad-ass demon to make everyone
    do what you say.
  <Rutee> This whole Druaga being alive business smelled fishy.
  <Joker> Rrrrgh, so close!
  <Joker> But it seems our time to chat has expired.  Best regards!

[time for a dramatic entrance]
  <???> Maybe you can suggest a souvenir from Hades.
  <Kurino> !!
  <Joker> Well, let me see... you all _are_ going to disappear momentarily
  <Joker> A "souvenir from Hades" certainly has a nice ring to it.
  <???> He was supposed to have been cast into the "Abyss of Time".
  <Joker> Quite correct!  But the door to that Abyss of Time opened and...
  <Joker> ...wait, hold the phone!
  <Joker> Precisely how do you know that?
  <???> So, he _was_ freed from the Abyss of Time.
  <???> Gil, the one who stole the "Key of Time" again must have been...
  <Rutee> That man...
  <Kurino> That's the man who once defeated Druaga - the Golden Knight!
  <Stan> Gilgamesh!
  <Joker> Grrr... do I not recall hearing that you _retired_?
  <Gil> As long as he exists, I'm in business for life.
  <Gil> From what you've said, I can pretty much guess what's happening here.
  <Kai> Thank you, mister clown.
  <Joker> IN. FURIATING!  Leading questions!  Talk about unfair!  Talk about
  <Joker> My pride will _not_ allow this debacle to go unpunished!  I shall
    personally smash you into little bitty bits here and now!
  <Sabine> My, how the worm turns.
  <Klonoa> Hey, we were gonna kick his ass anyway!  This just makes it
    easier to understand!
  <Gil> Oh, that's right.  Who are you two?
  <Kurino> Allies, Sir Gilgamesh!
  <Kai> You must be Kurino.
  <Kai> Lady Ishtar has told us all about you.
  <Kurino> ...
  <Joker> Well then, it's showtime!
  <Stan> Here he comes!

[Joker up to bat]
  <Joker> Tee hee hee hee.
  <Joker> Even the great "Golden Knight" is a relic from the past.
  <Joker> I'd say your reputation is the only thing that precedes you.
  <Kai> That's totally untrue!  Just what do you think you know about Gil,
  <Gil> Kai, don't let the enemy sucker you in before even crossing swords.
  <Gil> Especially a specialist like this clown here.  Am I wrong?
  <Joker> Ah, I see... You aren't all birds of a feather after all.  Indeed,
    you're the most troublesome guests of all.
  <Joker> Then allow me to test your skills!

[clowns versus rocket-powered stuffed animals]
  <Joker> Oh my, and who are you two?
  <Gantz> Just a couple bounty hunters passin' through.
  <Joker> I should tell you that if you stick your neck out this time without
    thinking it through, it will hurt.
  <Klonoa> What're you talking about?!  If we fight, we fight full force!

[Joker v. Kurino]
  <Joker> To think that I'd meet you here... goodness, what an honor.
  <Kurino> ...
  <Joker> I note that the valiant "Maiden Knight" is nowhere to be seen...
  <Joker> Could it be that you got on her bad side?
  <Kurino> ...Maybe I did.
  <Kurino> But I still have to return to her, no matter what.
  <Kurino> And if you plan to get in my way, don't expect me to go easy on

[Comeuppance for Joker... sort of]
  <Joker> Goodness gracious me!  To think that you all are this able...
    It appears I misjudged you.
  <Joker> And with the Golden Knight back in shape... Oh dear, I shall have
    to withdraw.
  <Sabine> Don't give us that.  You were only planning to watch us all along!
  <Joker> Whatever are you talking about?
  <Joker> Well then, ladies and gentlemen, Adio-!
  <Gil> I'd like you to give Druaga a message.
  <Gil> "Just you wait".
  <Joker> ...
  <Joker> ...Very well.  I'm sure I'll be seeing you all again.
  <Klonoa> I never wanna see you again, you grinning clown freak!
  <Joker> Tee hee hee hee.
  <Joker> Farewell to one and all, A-di-os!!

<Gil> Looks like that's the last of it.
<Gil> So you're Kurino the Hero?
<Kurino> Golden Knight, Gilgamesh... I am... no longer a hero.
<Kurino> Let's go, Sabine.
<Sabine> Wha- hey, hold up, Kurino!
<Kai> Please wait, Kurino!
<Gil> ...
<Stan> Gilgamesh, I...
<Gil> Just call me Gil, Stan Elron.
<Rutee> So, what did you want with us again?
<Gil> I have unfortunate news about the "Eye of God".
<Stan> The Eye of... God...!!
<Kai> Gil, tell them along the way.  I've got to go see the High Priestess.
<Gil> Ah, that's right.  Thanks, Kai.
<Gantz> Great, we've gone and stepped in a big steaming pile of doggy doo,
  ain't we?
<Gantz> I'm thinking screw the bounty at this rate.
<Klonoa> But...
<Klonoa> Isn't it more fun this way?


{Infernal Realm... Boss Bull's Gambling Hall, Dice Pits}

<Tarosuke> Okay!  4-6 Chou!
<Boss Bull> Hmm.
<Tarosuke> Right on!  I win!
<Boss Bull> ...*sigh* You got me.
<Tarosuke> Say, boss?
<Boss Bull> Hmm?
<Tarosuke> Ain't there anything I can do around here?
<Boss Bull> Hmm.. mmm... hrm... well...
<Tarosuke> Spit it out boss, what's the word?!
<Tarosuke> Quit staring at the sky!
<Boss Bull> Hmmm.... well... I gotta tell you this anyway...
<Tarosuke> Then quit gettin' me all jumpy like that.
<Boss Bull> ...
<Boss Bull> Emperor Enma wants you.
<Tarosuke> Say WHAAAAAT?!?!

{Distant Future... Ancient Ruins, Remote Planet}

<Masuyo> This's gotta be it.
<Masuyo> Hell if I'll forget this place.  I can feel it right through my suit.
<Hiromi> Masuyo!  What are we doing in some remote old ruins like these?
<Hiromi> Hey!  W-what's this?  That nasty-looking wall is really giving me the
<Masuyo> You've got it wrong.  This place has been "rebuilt".
<Hiromi> ...What?...
<Masuyo> Hiromi, open an emergency channel to HQ.
<Hiromi> What?!
<Masuyo> And then broadcast an evacuation order to every person or group in
  the vicinity of the ruins.
<Masuyo> Ruins this fresh must be crawling with Dig Outers.
<Hiromi> Huh?  What?  What's gotten into you, Masuyo?!
<Hiromi> If I do that, Tron Bonne'll know the Border Patrol's here in an
<Hiromi> And after all the trouble we went through to find a place to stay!
<Masuyo> That's _former_ Border Patrol, Hiromi.
<Masuyo> We worry about catching the Bone pirate clan later, got it?
<Masuyo> Hurry that call up.
<Hiromi> Geez!  At least explain what's going on.
<Hiromi> W-whoa!  What the?!
<Masuyo> Looks like we're too late.
<Masuyo> Here's your answer, Hiromi.
<Hiromi> What's going on?!  Do you know, Masuyo?!
<Masuyo> Move it!  We're getting out _now_!
<Hiromi> Make that evac order top priority!  Leave the report to HQ for later!
<Hiromi> C-copy!
<Hiromi> Y-yikes!
<Masuyo> Why... why "here"!  Why...
<Masuyo> Taizou...

{Spirit World.... Bamboo Grove Near the Upper Castle}

<???> Right up there, huh?  Been a long time since that castle went down.
<???> ...
<???> Yo.  I dunno who you are, but quit lurking in the goddamn shadows.
<???> What faction are you?
<???> Hmph.  At least your intuition's worth something, Mitsurugi Heishirou.
<Mitsurugi> Not you again!  Knock it the fuck off!!
<???> Some people just don't know when to quit.
<Mitsurugi> This ain't some goddamn game!
<???> Mitsurugi, you're the one who needs to knock it off.
<???> That sword isn't something a backwoods samurai like you can handle.
<Mitsurugi> You ain't the one who decides that, Taki.  _I_ do.
<Mitsurugi> And if you're gonna get in my way, we can settle things right here
  and now.  Got that?!
<Taki> You simpleton.
<Taki> This is getting nowhere.
<Mitsurugi> Damn that bitch and her big mouth.
<Mitsurugi> ...But she's all the proof I need.  If she's here, that "sword"'s
  here too.
<Mitsurugi> ...The "Soul Edge".

{Infernal Realm... River Styx}

<???> Where am I?
<???> I see...  Then I have...
<???> Hee hee hee... Taira Kagekiyo, what a sight for sore eyes.
<Kagekiyo> Andaba.  Why have you awakened me from my slumber?
<Andaba> It was... a good four hundred years ago now...
<Andaba> Hee hee... I remember it like it was yesterday.
<Kagekiyo> ...Andaba.
<Andaba> How many reasons could there be to return you to the Golden Pond?
<Andaba> I trust you haven't forgotten the grudge the fallen Taira Clan bear.
<Kagekiyo> ...!!
<Kagekiyo> Don't be foolish, Andaba.  I cut that one down myself.  I am certain
  of it!
<Andaba> Hee hee hee... And yet you, yes you who once slew the "King of
  Villany"... Did you yourself not fall, becoming one who has returned from
  the Golden Pond?
<Kagekiyo> ...
<Andaba> Yes, returned to the Golden Pond, with all his retainers.
<Kagekiyo> ...
<Kagekiyo> Very well.  I depart!
<Andaba> Wait.  ...The flow of time in the human world has changed too.
<Andaba> Surely you will encounter many troubles by yourself.
<Kagekiyo> ...?
<Andaba> I have prepared a guide for your journey through the waters.  Show
  gratitude to the great Lord Enma, Kagekiyo.
<Andaba> Little Tarosuke, thank you for waiting.
<Tarosuke> Man, what the heck'm I doing here?
<Tarosuke> ...Whoa!  What's with this guy!  Freaky!!
<Kagekiyo> Who is this child?
<Andaba> Hee hee hee... His name is Tarosuke.
<Andaba> He is to be your partner.
<Kagekiyo> Unnecessary.  I am capable on my own.
<Andaba> You fool.  This is the Emperor Enma's order, which you cannot refuse.
<Kagekiyo> ...
<Tarosuke> Welllll, since _he_ doesn't want me around...
<Tarosuke> Guess I'll be off, granny Andaba!
<Andaba> ...If so, your road home is the bottom of the River Styx.  It might
  be a bit cold, but no doubt you can handle it.
<Tarosuke> Damn it, what'm I s'posed to do here!
<Kagekiyo> ...
<Tarosuke> Hey, wait up!
<Tarosuke> Put yourself in my shoes!
<Andaba> Hee hee... to think this day would come again.
<Andaba> But let neither of you forget...
<Andaba> To defeat the King of Villany, Yoritomo, you must have the three 
  sacred vessels: the "Twisted Jewel", the "Sword", and the "Mirror".  And
  your hearts must be pure.
<Andaba> Do not be led astray.  Remember, stray not!

{Spirit World... Upper Castle, Cherry Blossom Gate}

<???> What an evil aura that sword emits!
<???> Yet that makes it fit for the hand of Lord Kamakura.
<???> O ho ho ho...
<???> Not by a long shot!
<???> Hmm?
<Mitsurugi> That sword... the "Soul Edge" is mine!
<???> What an interesting thing to say without even introducing yourself.
<???> So this sword is named "Soul Edge"?
<Mitsurugi> What, you were gonna touch it with your shitty fingers without
  even knowing that much?
<???> That amuses me, coming from a man come late to this affair.
<???> How low the samurai have sunk while I've been absent.
<Mitsurugi> Never mind that bullshit!
<Mitsurugi> ("While I've been absent"...?)
<Mitsurugi> (And what era's that armor he's wearing from?)
<Mitsurugi> (AND he's got some kinda spooks guarding his ass.)
<???> Well, no matter.  Since you've seen me, there would be no point in 
  letting you live.
<Yoshitsune> Consider it an honor to fall to the sword of Yoshitsune.
<Mitsurugi> Now _that_ is something I can understand!  The strongest of the
  strong, that's who I'm looking to fight!
<Yoshitsune> Don't feign understanding of things you know nothing of.
<Yoshitsune> Slaughter this insolent, masterless warrior at once!
<Mitsurugi> The name's Mitsurugi!  Get it through your goddamn skull!

[one down, N to go]
  <Mitsurugi> One!!
  <Yoshitsune> Hmm, not bad.
  <Mitsurugi> Like some bunch of shitty skeletons can lay a finger on me!
  <Mitsurugi> You're next on the chopping block!  Say yer prayers!
  <???> Now _there_ is a man who knows how to talk the talk.  It's been a
    long, long time since I tasted this atmosphere.
  <???> This man wears the aura that flows through a battlefield like a jacket.
  <Mitsurugi> What?!
  <Yoshitsune> Oh, it's you.
  <???> I merely visited to see how things are going, but this battle appears
    more difficult than you planned, Lord Ushiwaka.
  <Yoshitsune> O ho ho ho... I was merely playing with him, Oniwaka.
  <Yoshitsune> Your skills won't be needed here.
  <Mitsurugi> So we got "Ushiwaka" and "Oniwaka", huh?
  <Mitsurugi> I don't give a damn that I've heard those names somewhere
    before!  I'll take you both on!
  <???> Heh heh, how low our names have fallen.
  <???> Ushiwaka is Genkurou Yoshitsune.  And Oniwaka is Musashibou Benkei.
    I've heard of people by that name... from hundreds of years ago.
  <Yoshitsune> Hmm?
  <Benkei> I can't sense her presence.  Who are you?
  <Mitsurugi> God damn it!  Not again!
  <Taki> Are they bluffing?  Or the genuine article?  I don't know that
  <Mitsurugi> You bitch.  You've been watching all this time, haven't you?
  <Taki> Of course.
  <Taki> I was planning to wait until a certain pain-in-the-ass wandering
    warrior got cut down to size, but the situation's changed.
  <Benkei> How interesting, girl.  So, what're you going to do now?
  <Taki> Isn't it obvious?  First I seal you non-humans away, then I take the
    Soul Edge.
  <Mitsurugi> I am getting fucking SICK of this!  I'll make _all_ of you into
    more rust for my katana!
  <Taki> Fool of a samurai!  I'll fight you later!  Worry about them first!
  <Mitsurugi> ...
  <Mitsurugi> Hmph!  Guess you've got a point.
  <Mitsurugi> Just don't stab me in the back after feeding me that line.
  <Taki> Oh, I hadn't thought of that.
  <Mitsurugi> Shut yer ass and fight already!

[rude bastard versus hulking thug]
  <Benkei> That bloodlust... splendid.  But you'll need more than that to
    beat me!
  <Mitsurugi> Fuck the bloodlust!  Won't matter once I've chopped you in
  <Benkei> Indeed!  Everyone's the same once they're flayed meat!
  <Mitsurugi> Shut the fuck up!!

[hulking thug?  or dangerous adversary?]
  <Benkei> Muahahaha!  Not bad at all!
  <Benkei> If warriors like you two are interested in that sword, I'm
    interested too!
  <Benkei> I have it!  That "Soul Edge" will be my thousandth weapon!
  <Yoshitsune> O ho ho ho... Only if Lord Kamakura, my elder brother permits
    it.  Of course, we must actually seize it first, Oniwaka.
  <Benkei> Correct!  We must defeat them so it can be mine!
  <Mitsurugi> That's my line!  And I ain't letting no one cut in it!
  <Taki> What's this cutting in line talk?  You weren't the first one here.
  <Taki> Huh?
  <Taki> (Mekkimaru is resonating with the "Soul Edge"?!)

[slime creatures from outer space!!]
  <Gilly Octy> ...
  <Mitsurugi> What the hell is that?!
  <Taki> Damn, some kind of demon?  One of their allies?
  <Taki> (But why can't I sense its demonic aura?)
  <Benkei> ...Lord Ushiwaka, who are they?
  <Yoshitsune> Pay them no heed.  The path to the Golden Pond has opened.  No
    doubt another like us is coming.
  <Taki> (The "Golden Pond"?!  Then these really are... the real thing?!)

[babes from outer space!]
  <Tron> Ouch... First everything goes white, and now what's going on?
  <Minion #1> T-tron!
  <Tron> #1, status report!
  <Minion #1> Umm... err...
  <Mitsurugi> Who the hell are _you_ people?!
  <Minion #17> There's this scary guy, and...
  <Gilly Octy> ...
  <Minion #28> ...some kinda sea monster, and...
  <Masuyo> Hiromi, are you okay?
  <Hiromi> Owie... what on earth's going on, Masuyo?
  <Minion #1> ...it looks like the former Border Patrol ladies who were
    chasing us!
  <Tron> The Border Patrol.... WHAT?!  You mean those dudes that just popped
    out of nowhere?!
  <Masuyo> Who're you calling dudes!  I'm a woman!
  <Tron> Great... I've gone and done it again.
  <Hiromi> Masuyo!  Look at that!
  <Gilly Octy> ...
  <Masuyo> It's an Octy!  It's one of the Octy race!
  <Minion #1> Tron!  There's a Rebird too!
  <Tron> Darn it all!  What the heck's going on around here?!
  <Benkei> It sure got noisy all of a sudden.
  <Benkei Those slender bodies will look perfect smashed into a bloody pulp
    by my mace!
  <Mitsurugi> Dunno what the hell's going on, but they _are_ in the
    way.  Maybe I should just cut 'em up an' be done with it?
  <Taki> Wait, Mitsurugi.  We can use them to our advantage.
  <Mitsurugi> Huh?
  <Taki> Our enemies are many.  If some can be turned to our side, let's do
  <Taki> Besides, it seems they know something about this new monster.  I 
    want that information.
  <Mitsurugi> Ah ha, in other words, we save the taking out the trash part 
    for later.
  <Taki> My, I feel your comprehension improving by the minute.  I'd say
    you're more than a match for a dog or cat now.
  <Mitsurugi> Yeah, whatever.
  <Mitsurugi> Hey, you over there!
  <Mitsurugi> Uhhh, ummm.... they're, uh, enemies!  Fight them if you don't
    wanna die!
  <Tron> Huh?!
  <Taki> That moron.  Surely there was some better way to put it.
  <Hiromi> W-what do we do, Masuyo?
  <Masuyo> Let's join them and fight.  We've got to take on the Octy and the
    Rebird anyway.
  <Masuyo> Is that okay with you, Tron darling?
  <Tron> Awfully familiar of you to call me "darling" just like that.
  <Tron> I don't suppose there's much choice.  Okay, have it your way.
  <Hiromi> Are you sure about this?
  <Masuyo> At least for now.  We've got to make it through this battle and
    gather information.
  <Masuyo> And _then_ we can get rid of whatever's in the way.  Right?
  <Masuyo> We can just tie up Tron and drag her along behind our bike.
  <Hiromi> ...
  <Minion #17> *whimper*  *whimper*
  <Tron> I heard that!  I HEARD that!
  <Tron> So you _are_ as scary as the rumors say, Toby Masuyo!
  <Mitsurugi> YO!!  Either shit or get off the goddamn pot!!
  <Masuyo> Let's do it!

[gun-toting maniacs versus space monsters]
  <Masuyo> Rebird!
  <Hiromi> They're...
  <Masuyo> The ones who were in those ruins.
  <Masuyo> I don't know what's going on, but we can't leave them on the loose!

[Tron v. space monsters]
  <Minion #1> Tron!  It's a Rebird!!
  <Tron> Yeah, but it's a puny one!  Get it together!

[space girls assailed by tentacle monsters!]
  <Gilly Octy> ...
  <Masuyo> Gulp!
  <Hiromi> Masuyo!  It can't be!
  <Masuyo> It can!  This's an Octy!
  <Masuyo> One of the race that was supposedly wiped out in "that" battle!

[battle progresses]
  <Benkei> Heh heh...  Ahahahahaha!  Fascinating!  Every battle I fight is 
    like some unique flower!
  <Benkei> This is how fighting should be!  Ah ha ha ha!
  <Masuyo> What's up with him?!
  <Masuyo> (And why can't I pinpoint our location?  What the heck...?)
  <Yoshitsune> O ho ho ho.  You're absolutely right: slicing apart the enemy,
    scattering them across the fields... what supreme bliss!
  <Tron> What a dreadful thing to say!
  <Masuyo> And what happens if you're so busy slicing up one enemy that the
    next enemy shoots you to death?
  <Minion #28> !!
  <Hiromi> Um, I'm not so sure about that...
  <Masuyo> Hiromi, that's called _warcraft_!
  <Hiromi> I... I think I'm afraid now.

[enter the vengeful samurai spirit]
  <???> "Supreme bliss", you said?
  <???> Then surely you are prepared to be sliced apart and scattered
    across the fields too.
  <Yoshitsune> Wh-?!
  <Benkei> T-that... voice!?
  <Kagekiyo> Well met again, Yoshitsune, Benkei...
  <Benkei> R...rrrrrgh!...
  <Yoshitsune> Kagekiyo!  Is that you?!
  <Mitsurugi> Now who?!  Something's fishy here.
  <Taki> ("Kagekiyo"?  If they really are ghosts of the past, then could he
    be Akushichibyoue Kagekiyo from the same period?)
  <Tarosuke> Hey, it's my big sis Taki!  Yoo hoo!
  <Taki> Tarosuke?!  What're you doing here?
  <Tarosuke> Man, I can't get enough of that outfit!
  <Hiromi> T-that's sexual harassment.
  <Taki> Quit playing around and answer my question!
  <Mitsurugi> Who the heck's the brat?
  <Taki> Tarosuke... He appears human, but is actually a child who's wandered
    the Divine and Infernal Worlds.
  <Tarosuke> So, we gotta take down these dudes who escaped across the River
  <Tron> "Styx"?  "Divine and Infernal Worlds"?  What's going on here?!
  <Masuyo> Okay, I'm beginning to see.
  <Hiromi> You are?
  <Taki> I should consider your companion an ally, right?
  <Tarosuke> Yup!  Isn't that right, Kagekiyo my bro?
  <Kagekiyo> ...
  <Kagekiyo> I shall cleave... all!
  <Tarosuke> WRONGO!
  <Tarosuke> Just the dudes sis and the others are fighting, got it?!
  <Kagekiyo> ...
  <Tarosuke> Um, _pretty_ please, just the bad guys?
  <Kagekiyo> ...
  <Kagekiyo> ...Very well.
  <Tarosuke> (Boy is this tiring...)
  <Yoshitsune> Kagekiyo... must I deal with you too?!
  <Kagekiyo> No discussion... Here I come!

[scary samurai guys clash]
  <Yoshitsune> To think _you_ would show up... Is this destiny?
  <Kagekiyo> No, fate - your fate to be cut down by me.
  <Yoshitsune> O ho ho ho, are you so sure, Kagekiyo?!?

[maybe the thug will be distracted by all that spandex?]
  <Benkei> Woman, what's your name?
  <Taki> What would you want with a ninja's name?
  <Benkei> Heh, true enough.  Those torn to shreds need no name, do they?
  <Taki> That's right!  Both our names are already forgotten!

[familiarity breeds contempt]
  <Benkei> It looks like it's my turn for revenge on you!
  <Kagekiyo> No, vengeance is on my side.
  <Kagekiyo> No matter how much time passes, or how often we return to the
    Golden Pond.

[Benkei gets beaten like an egg]
  <Benkei> This pain... I really am back.  Ahahaha!  I'm BACK!
  <Kagekiyo> And now you're finished, Benkei.
  <Benkei> Kagekiyo, both of us have only just returned to the Golden Pond.
    Your swordsmanship has dulled too!
  <Benkei> Go sharpen it again!  Kagekiyo!!
  <Kagekiyo> ...
  <Benkei> Oh, that's right.  One more thing.
  <Benkei> Don't think you've won yet.  Ahahahahah!

[new samurai versus old samurai]
  <Yoshitsune> O ho ho ho!  I told you I'd slaughter you!
  <Mitsurugi> Anyone can talk the talk.  Question is, who can walk the walk!

[scary samurai ghost is a bit rusty...]
  <Yoshitsune> My body does not yet move as I wish it to...
  <Yoshitsune> Kagekiyo!  That's enough for today!
  <Kagekiyo> Are you fleeing, Yoshitsune?
  <Yoshitsune> O ho ho ho, do not rush so.  This is merely the beginning.
  <Yoshitsune> We shall meet again, Kagekiyo.  And do not forget, Mitsurugi 
    or whatever your name is...
  <Mitsurugi> I ain't got ears for no whipped dog talk!
  <Kagekiyo> ...

<Kagekiyo> ...Yoshitsune and Benkei... And behind them, Him!
<Tarosuke> Yo, bro, chill out.
<Tarosuke> We're just getting started here.
<Mitsurugi> Well, all that mess's cleaned up.
<Mitsurugi> It's Soul Edge time!
<Taki> Wait, Mitsurugi!
<Mitsurugi> What the hell?!  It vanished!
<Mitsurugi> What the fuck's going on?!  Where'd the Soul Edge go?!
<Tron> Dimensional travel?!
<Tron> The energy readings are off the scale.  Is this as good as Gustav's
  machinery can do?!
<Tron> What incredible energy gain!
<Masuyo> Dimensional travel.  That's what's going on here.
<Masuyo> We were teleported here from that backwater planet.
<Hiromi> What?!  Really?!
<Masuyo> That's the most natural way of looking at it.
<Masuyo> (And it feels like everything is tied together with one thread...)


{Divine World... Shrine of Ishtar}

<Ishtar> Are you... really going alone?
<Valkyrie> Yes.
<Valkyrie> I would like to believe I know how dangerous this mission is.
<Ishtar> Then why not travel with your "servant"?
<Valkyrie> If I may, Lady Ishtar, "he" has a family to protect.
<Valkyrie> The "Phantom Medicine", the "Key of Time", and the "Golden Seed"...
  all these things he fought for with no regard for his family...
<Ishtar> ...
<Valkyrie> I do not want Kurino caught up in more fighting for my sake.
<Ishtar> And yet, these phenomena occurring across all worlds... Is it not
  impossible for your power alone to put a stop to them?
<Valkyrie> My apologies, Lady Ishtar.  Even if so, I do not want to involve
<Ishtar> ...
<Ishtar> ...I have already given that order through the Chief of the Sandra.
<Ishtar> Should he disobey, upon his head will be heaped the label of
<Ishtar> Will that suffice for you?
<Valkyrie> ...
<Valkyrie> My thanks, Lady.
<Valkyrie> Then, I must depart at once.
<Ishtar> What of the "Golden Knight" and the "Silver Knight"?  Will you not
  at least enlist their aid?
<Valkyrie> They too fought their last battle back "then".
<Valkyrie> I do not wish to disturb their quiet retirement with the specters
  of the past.
<Valkyrie> To solve the crisis without upsetting the current order - I believe
  that would be best.
<Ishtar> ...
<Valkyrie> Then I am off.
<Ishtar> ...
<Ishtar> (Valkyrie... it seems even so great a warrior as you fails to 
<Ishtar> (To comprehend these men, mere mortals, who yet managed to emerge
  victorious from "that battle"...)
<Ishtar> (And especially to comprehend that Sandra youth...)

{Infernal World... Central Hall, Demitri's Castle}
<Demitri> ...
<Demitri> ......
<Demitri> .........
<Demitri> There can be no greater boredom than this.  Don't you agree?
<???> Hmm.  I suppose we agree on that score.
<Demitri> Why have you come, Morrigan?
<Morrigan> Heh, what a sour greeting.  Especially to a lady who's come all the
  way into your bedchamber.
<Morrigan> I should have expected a warmer reception from a bona fide
<Demitri> ...Did you come to settle our duel?
<Morrigan> Did I?  Why not try to guess?
<Demitri> This isn't about guessing right or wrong.
<Demitri> Well, lord of Aensland, come forth and fight me.
<Demitri> Fight for the title of strongest in the Infernal World!  For the
  right to rule the Darkness!!
<Morrigan> Sigh, I quit.
<Demitri> Mm?
<Morrigan> I'm the type of girl who wants to have _fun_.  Either that, or die
  of boredom.
<Morrigan> Besides... I can't get stimulated by you at all like this.
<Morrigan> Just no fun.
<Demitri> You bitch!  Give it a rest!
<Morrigan> Well then.  Would you like to try slicing me apart on the spot?
<Morrigan> That _would_ make you the king of the Infernal World.
<Morrigan> ...Oh, once you got rid of Enma, that is.
<Demitri> ...Defeating the likes of you would serve no purpose!
<Morrigan> Ahhh, right you are.
<Morrigan> ...And _that's_ what's boring.  Not that you'd understand that now.
<Demitri> This is wasting my time.
<Morrigan> Heh heh, I'd better stop teasing you or I might actually start
  feeling sorry for you.  Why don't we talk about something a bit more fun?
<Morrigan> You've heard of the demon Druaga, right?
<Demitri> The demon the humans cast into the Abyss of Time long ago?
<Demitri> What concern is he of mine?
<Morrigan> Jeez, let me finish.
<Morrigan> ..._After_ that, the demon lord Zouna, the demon lord Astaroth,
  and the evil sword Soul Edge-
<Demitri> Wait.  _All_ of those were cast into the Abyss of Time, weren't
<Demitri> ...I see!  Then the Abyss has..!
<Morrigan> Opened.  Bingo.
<Morrigan> Pandora's Box, inside which is everything everyone doesn't want
<Demitri> Heh... heh heh.... ah ha ha!!
<Morrigan> Heh heh... see?  Now _that_ is what I call interesting.  Get my
<Morrigan> Heh heh...
<Demitri> That must mean "that village" will be appearing too.
<Demitri> Heh heh... HA HA HA HA!

{Infernal World... Entrance to the Infernal Village}

<Valkyrie> *pant pant* This is... the last one.
<Valkyrie> I can't let myself be delayed here forever...
<Valkyrie> More of them!
<Valkyrie> I'm the one on the losing side of a battle of attrition.
<Valkyrie> ...If only he were here...
<Valkyrie> ...
<Valkyrie> No, I already decided.
<Valkyrie> ...Here I come!
<Valkyrie> Stand aside!  I will show no mercy to those in my way!

[battle rages]
  <Valkyrie> I see a way out!
  <Valkyrie> What?!  Impossible!  I've returned to where I started!
  <Valkyrie> How can this be?  Space-time is distorted... and I can't even 
    get in...!
  <Valkyrie> So this truly is the Infernal Village!

[...and rages...]
  <Valkyrie> There must be a time-space gap somewhere.  I've got to find it...!
  <Valkyrie> What?  Those aren't demons from the village!
  <Valkyrie> That must mean that inside the village is that tower!
  <Valkyrie> How... how is that possible?!

[...and rages until some new faces appear]
  <Valkyrie> This... can't go on...
  <???> Well well, it seems someone preceded us.
  <???> And stole our thunder to boot.
  <Valkyrie> Who's there?!
  <Demitri> The Infernal Village, is it?
  <Demitri> This place hasn't changed a bit.
  <Morrigan> The least they could do is a little home improvement.  Some
    gardening, perhaps.
  <Valkyrie> ...You two are...
  <Morrigan> Well, isn't this a surprise?
  <Demitri> Imagine meeting you in a place like this.
  <Demitri> Valkyrie... the "Maiden Knight" in the direct service of the
    goddess Ishtar.
  <Valkyrie> ...
  <Morrigan> Hmmmmm... The virginal type.  I could come to like that.
  <Morrigan> You must be quite the popular girl.
  <Valkyrie> Have you two descended to join the gate guardians too?
  <Valkyrie> Demitri Maximoff, and Morrigan Aensland.
  <Demitri> Mind your manners, girl.
  <Demitri> I might just finish you off before these demons get the chance.
  <Valkyrie> If you wish to attack me, I will not object.
  <Morrigan> That's enough, children!
  <Morrigan> I swear, tight-asses galore.  Wanna try taking a deep breath 
  <Morrigan> Growing up isn't _that_ hard, Demi-Demi.
  <Demitri> Quit giving me weird nicknames.
  <Valkyrie> If you're not involved with the Infernal Village, why are you
  <Morrigan> I don't suppose it'd suffice to say "because it sounded
  <Morrigan> I should think a stimulating experience is the least we could
    expect here.
  <Valkyrie> This is nothing so light-hearted.
  <Demitri> The tales must have exaggerated the "Maiden Knight" if she is
    quailing before this rabble.
  <Morrigan> Don't mind this guy, Val.  He's always gotta have this flair for
    the dramatic.
  <Demitri> ...Morrigan...
  <Valkyrie> Please stop that strange way of addressing me!
  <Morrigan> Well then, shall we have some fun?

[eek, demons]
  <Demitri> Lesser demons to guard the Infernal Village?  How annoying.

[Morrigan gets some exercise]
  <Morrigan> I see... the Infernal Village and the Tower of Druaga.  Talk
    about an evil collaboration.

[Demitri does too]
  <Demitri> A creature from the Tower of Druaga?  What trickery is this to
    send it to the Infernal Village?

[but not that much exercise]
  <Morrigan> Looks like we're running out of bad guys.
  <Demitri> How boring.  I was hoping for a bit more of a diversion.
  <Valkyrie> ...
  <Valkyrie> (The problem is, how to move ahead.)
  <Morrigan> Well, shall we mop up the survivors?
  <Demitri> What a disappointing battle to be over this soon.  And with the
    night still young.
  <???> Don't be too certain.
  <Demitri> What?
  <Demitri> Wh-?!
  <Morrigan> Hey, wait a sec!  That's a _lot_ of bad guys!
  <Valkyrie> Is this the main force?!
  <Valkyrie> (As I thought, half of it is Druaga's soldiers...)
  <Valkyrie> (How could such a terrible union between the Infernal Village
    and the Tower of Druaga happen?!)
  <???> I come to investigate a disturbance, and what do I find?  What 
    formidable-looking foes.
  <???> Not only the heads of the Maximoff and Aensland clans... but also...
  <Valkyrie> Who are you?
  <???> ...also, the Maiden Knight, Valkyrie.
  <???> I don't see your partner.  Has he lost his life already?
  <Valkyrie> I came alone so that wouldn't happen.
  <???> I see.  How considerate.
  <???> On the other hand, there'd be no greater disgrace for any real warrior.
  <???> You'd better pray he's not too hot a warrior...
  <Valkyrie> ...
  <Demitri> What're you talking about?
  <Demitri> Though... these numbers are finally making things interesting.
  <Morrigan> Too interesting, by a long shot.
  <Morrigan> The question is... what do we do about this mess we're in.
  <???> I'll let you withdraw if you care to.
  <Demitri> What did you say?!
  <Valkyrie> What?
  <???> I'll let you withdraw if you care to.  If you advance, I'll show no
  <Morrigan> Well, I'll say this much - you've got guts.
  <Valkyrie> Thank you for your consideration...
  <Valkyrie> ..."Red Demon Who Follows the Crest".
  <???> ...!
  <Morrigan> Red Demon?  Crest?
  <???> I haven't been called that in a long time, Maiden Knight.
  <Red Aleemar Joker> ...They call me Joker now.  Red Aleemar Joker of the
    Infernal Village Punishment Squad, the "Demon Blazon".
  <Valkyrie> (The Demon Blazon?  Then it's true...)
  <Valkyrie> ...I will withdraw.
  <Valkyrie> Demitri Maximoff and Morrigan Aensland, thank you for your
  <Valkyrie> Please leave this place at once.
  <Demitri> Do you expect me to show the enemy my back, Maiden Knight?!
  <Valkyrie> To win, to pass here, a certain person's power is necessary.
  <Valkyrie> This also explains why he, the "Red Demon", would let us leave.
  <Red Aleemar Joker> ...
  <Valkyrie> The time will come again when we must fight, and it will
    unquestionably be here.
  <Morrigan> ...Hmph.  I just lost interest in this.
  <Demitri> A waste of time.
  <Red Aleemar Joker> What about you, leader of the house Aensland?
  <Morrigan> I'll say my goodbyes.
  <Morrigan> And maybe next time I'll bring along that "Silver Knight" that
    everyone seems so interested in.
  <Red Aleemar Joker> ...I look forward to it.
  <Morrigan> Heh... Later then.


{20XX A.D...  Metro City, America}

<Ken> I swear, where the hell have you been?  How many times I gotta tell you
  to get a cel phone?
<Ryuu> ...
<Ken> I heard you were in Japan.  If you're gonna visit our master's grave,
  tell me next time-
<Ryuu> I met Gouki.
<Ken> ...!
<Ryuu> He was at our master's grave, waiting for either of us to show up.
<Ken> Don't tell me you fought him!?
<Ryuu> If I had, I wouldn't be standing here without a bandage or several.
<Ryuu> He said... "The time has come."
<Ken> Great.  How come that psycho "Master of the Fist" or whatever he's called
  is letting some riddle do the talking, and not his mitts?
<Ken> "The time has come", huh?  I sure hope that ain't got nothing to do with
  this current fiasco.
<Ryuu> ...?
<Ken> Remember that Secret Shadowloo Society?  They're at it again.
<Ryuu> "That"... society?
<Ryuu> That's absurd!  I defeated Him myself back then!
<Ken> Well, he hasn't left that castle of his, but a certain girl we know's
  already on the move.
<Ryuu> A certain girl... You mean Chunli?
<Ken> Yeah.  And from how intense she was, I don't think the rumors are
  entirely out to lunch.
<Ken> And where d'ya think Chunli was following Shadowloo _to_?  Japan.
<Ryuu> Japan?  What's Shadowloo doing there?!
<Ken> Who knows.
<Ken> ...Looks like we got no choice but to go check it out.  'Sides, I
  ain't been to our master's grave yet.
<Ken> Hate to drag you back so soon, but...
<Ryuu> I don't mind.

{20XX A.D... Pacific Ocean, Aboard the Spencer Lane}

<Bruce> Looks like we're about three hours from Japan.
<Bruce> Man, I never thought I'd board this boat again.
<???> Actually, this is her "sister" ship.
<Bruce> Same difference.  "Upstairs" is throwing their weight around and
  insisting that the last mess never happened...
<Bruce> Meaning this is the one and only Spencer Lane.
<Bruce> You and I are the only ones who know the truth, Fongling.
<Fongling> ...
<Bruce> I guess we're allies on this one, right?
<Bruce> Miss Chinese Security Agent.
<Fongling> I thought I told you before...
<Fongling> Spies have no allies, Bruce.
<Bruce> So you did.
<Bruce> ...So, how's this suspected "Contaminee" girl doing?
<Fongling> A total blank for now.  For now, anyway.
<Bruce> That's pretty vague for you, isn't it?
<Bruce> ...I don't want a repeat of last time.  If we can't trust each other,
  we'd better split up now.
<Fongling> She's got no traces of "the virus".  That much is certain.
<Fongling> However...
<Bruce> However what?  Spit it out, Fongling.
<Fongling> Apparently she's "not alive".
<Bruce> ...
<Fongling> Of course, being "not alive" and being "dead" are two different
<Fongling> You know that as well as I do, given we both dealt with that virus.
<Bruce> Corpses that might as well be immortal humans, huh?
<Bruce> Are you saying this boat's gonna go ballistic again?
<Fongling> It's your turn, Bruce.  ...What's an agent of the American Unified
  Strategic Forces doing here?
<Bruce> What if I said I couldn't get you outta my head?
<Fongling> Give me a straight answer.
<Bruce> What _am_ I gonna do with you?
<Bruce> ...You know about the Secret Shadowloo Society, right?
<Fongling> The criminal syndicate who started acting up again recently.  I've
  heard the ICPO is on their tail.
<Bruce> You're pretty up to date.
<Fongling> I know one of ICPO's detectives.
<Fongling> So?
<Bruce> Seems they've headed to Japan.
<Bruce> And the word is this boat's carrying disks with certain secret data
  on it.
<Fongling> Secret data...?
<Bruce> The "Third Energy Source".
<Fongling> "Third Energy"...?!
<Fongling> But the lab on Ibis Island is gone, isn't it?
<Bruce> That's beside the point.  All I was told is to get that disks back.
<Fongling> Have you found it?
<Bruce> I can guess where it is.  I know a lot about how this boat's built,
  after all.
<Fongling> ...The rec room.
<Bruce> Maaaybe.
<Bruce> I ain't gonna force you to help, but I'd appreciate it if you didn't
  get in the way.
<Fongling> Don't worry, I'm too busy to worry about whatever you're up to.
<Bruce> Ah, the high and mighty treatment.
<Bruce> (Both the Third Energy _and_ a possibly contaminated passenger...)
<Bruce> (I _really_ hope nothing goes wrong here...)

{Infernal World... Tower of Druaga, 59th Floor}

<???> I see... is that what the Maiden Knight said?
<Joker> Goodness, so they're finally making their move.  But I somehow doubt
  they can reach here that easily.
<Joker> Especially with her partner off on his own.  O ho ho ho ho...
<Red Aleemar Joker> That concludes my report.  If you'll excuse me.
<Joker> You seem to be in quite a rush.  Why not slow down and enjoy life
<Joker> Care to stay for tea, just the two of us Jokers?
<Red Aleemar Joker> ...
<Red Aleemar Joker> (Why does Lord Astaroth tolerate one such as this...
  I certainly hope nothing bad comes of it...)
<Joker> My my, so unsociable.
<???> Pay it no mind.  His kind is more useful that way.
<???> Joker, I have yet to regain my full powers.
<???> What of the "sacrifices"?
<Joker> No need to worry.  I succeeded in opening the door to the Material
  World... completely.
<???> Indeed?
<Joker> That world is a veritable trove of beings with strong life force.
  I plan to offer the freshest life possible for the sacrifice.
<???> ...Make haste.  Not a moment can be spared.
<Joker> O ho ho ho ho... I was certain you'd say that.  I've already sent
  "him" over.
<Joker> He's discovered a very interesting property called "Devil Factor"
<???> Hmph, how thorough you are.  What is it you wish?
<Joker> Me?  I care not, so long as I am enjoying myself.
<Joker> Allow me too to take my leave.
<Joker> Please be patient a while longer... Lord Druaga.
<Druaga> That I should be dependent on the likes of him... curse this feeble
<Druaga> But... *chuckle* Just wait, you all will be torn limb from limb
  for certain this time.
<Druaga> Just you wait... Gilgamesh...!

{20XX A.D... Pacific Ocean, Aboard the Spencer Lane}

<Fongling> Bruce!
<Bruce> Damn it, right when I was napping!
<Bruce> What's the situation, Fongling?
<Fongling> I don't know for sure, but they say a monster appeared on deck!
<Bruce> A monster?!
<Bruce> That's right, Japan is...  There's been a lot of these lately,
  haven't there?
<Fongling> We're still well away from there!
<Bruce> Well, the damn thing showed up, didn't it?
<Bruce> ...Ah, that's right.  What about the girl?
<Fongling> Well, with all this commotion, I took my eyes off her for a
<Bruce> What the hell're you doing?!  What if the shit hits the fan?!
<Fongling> You don't need to tell me that!
<Bruce> Shit...!  Look, you head to the deck!
<Bruce> I'll get our "passenger" to safety.
<Bruce> ...Got a gun?!
<Fongling> I snuck my sidearm on board.
<Bruce> Same here.  I just hope it's enough...
<Bruce> Haul ass!  I'll be right there!
<Fongling> Got it.
<Bruce> Time for my job too, huh?

<Bruce> Here's the rec room.  And inside...
<Bruce> Who's there!
<???> ...
<Bruce> Sneaking around during an emergency like this?  A Shadowloo agent?
<???> That's my line.
<Bruce> What're you... the same line of work as me?
<Bruce> That getup makes you a member of Special Forces S.O.R.T.
<???> ...
<Bruce> A redhead agent, huh?  Weren't you mixed up in the "Third Energy
  Chain Reaction"?...
<???> I don't have to answer that.
<Bruce> You don't have to.
<Bruce> Let's see.  Your codename was... "Regina".  So of course, you're
<Regina> This.
<Bruce> That.  ...The disks with the info on the Third Energy.
<Regina> I'd say the early bird gets the worm.
<Regina> Unlucky you.
<Bruce> Doesn't matter who's got those if the monsters kill us all.
<Regina> Very true.  Consider the situation.
<Bruce> Someone's already fighting them on blue deck.  If you've got a gun,
  tag along with me.
<Bruce> Think of it as professional courtesy.
<Regina> ...I suppose there's no other choice now.  But let me make something
<Regina> Spies have no allies, Bruce McGovern.
<Bruce> Now where have I heard that before.
<Regina> ...?
<Bruce> Just talking to myself.  ...Let's get a move on!

{Material World... Spencer Lane, Blue Deck}

<Fongling> Is this where you got to?!  Wait a moment!
<Fongling> Um...
<Leilei> My name's Leilei.
<Fongling> Ah, that's right.
<Fongling> Anyway, you've got to run.  You can evacuate to the hold.
<Leilei> Huh?  H-how come?
<Fongling> "How come"?
<Fongling> What?  Skeletons?!
<Fongling> Isn't it obvious?  Monsters are attacking!
<Leilei> ...Well, this few of them should be no problem.
<Leilei> You can back off now.
<Fongling> The hell I can!
<Leilei> See!  If you don't hurry, demons will swarm you.
<Leilei> This ain't no time for "aiya" or "xie xie".
<Fongling> I didn't say a word.
<Leilei> Now now, you're the only human here...
<Leilei> And as you see, I'm armed!
<Fongling> (I'm the "only human here"?)
<Leilei> Okay, here we go!
<Fongling> I've got no choice...!  I can't let you out of my sight.
<Fongling> If I'd known this would happen, I'd have brought a bigger gun.
<Leilei> Mmmm... okay, I'll lend you some bullets.
<Fongling> Huh?
<Leilei> These claws're great for knocking things over, but aren't real good
  for pulling the trigger, see?
<Leilei> Thanks!
<Fongling> Wait up, how many of these've you got?!
<Leilei> There'll be more when they're gone... and stuff.
<Fongling> ...

[secret agents to the rescue(?)]
  <Bruce> Fongling!
  <Fongling> Bruce!  You're late!
  <Regina> ...Who's the woman?
  <Bruce> An agent from China's Security forces.  Name's Fongling.
  <Bruce> And the other Chinese must be... "that" girl.
  <Regina> "That"?
  <Leilei> Nihao!  I'm Leilei.
  <Bruce> Leilei, huh?  Let's have the details later.
  <Bruce> ...And would you look at that.  Real honest-to-God monsters.
  <Regina> Those weaklings are "monsters"?
  <Regina> Compared to some huge-ass dinosaurs, I'd say they're kinda cute.
  <Bruce> Huh?
  <Regina> Oh, nothing.
  <Regina> And if you want a weapon, you'd better use these.
  <Regina> A shotgun and an assault rifle.  I trust you know how to use them?
  <Bruce> For me?  You shouldn't have.
  <Bruce> What about you?
  <Regina> I've got a sidearm and a short-range stun gun.  If things get 
    messy, there's always my rocket launcher.
  <Bruce> The lady's a frigging walking arsenal.  What were you planning to
    do in Japan, start a war?
  <Fongling> Donggua, cut the chit chat!
  <Fongling> Can you fight, or can't you?!
  <Leilei> Look around, there really is a winter melon (donggua) around.
  <Regina> Donggua?
  <Bruce> Psh, don't sweat it!  Let's rumble!

[a scarier monster shows up]
  <Zabel> Yee-haw!  Looks like everyone's having fun!
  <Regina> Another monster?
  <Bruce> What's the deal with the rotten zombie guy?!
  <Fongling> We must stop running into each other like this.
  <Leilei> Oh!  I knew it!
  <Zabel> Huuuuuh?!
  <Leilei> Oh brother.
  <Fongling> Don't tell me you're this monster's friend.
  <Leilei> Um... uhhh.... how should I put it...
  <Zabel> Yo yo!  Sister!
  <Zabel> Don't be harassin' my loving baby Leilei there!
  <Zabel> Yee-haw!
  <Bruce> What's this dickhead's problem?
  <Leilei> Shoot him for me and I'll tell you everything.
  <Regina> I trust blowing him up will do?
  <Leilei> Just as long as he's dead.
  <Zabel> What _freeeaky_ chicks!  Weeeell, lemme tell you a freaaaky story
  <Zabel> These dudes're spread through the whole boat!
  <Fongling> ...What?!
  <Regina> How could you?!
  <Zabel> Th' party should be startin' throughout the boat about now!
  <Zabel> Party like it's the bottom of Hell!
  <Zabel> YAAAA-HOO!!
  <Bruce> Putrid motherfucker!  Go back to hell!!
  <Zabel> Hey, I just got here, man!

[battle, battle...interlopers!]
  <Bruce> Damn it!  This's taking too damn long!
  <Fongling> Let's get belowdecks!
  <Zabel> Ain't gonna let you do that.  We all gotta go to Hell together!
  <Zabel> Though I'd take my Leilei to Heaven instead!
  <Leilei> Argh!
  <Regina> That came from inside!
  <Zabel> What, full already?!
  <Zabel> HUH?  What happened to you?!
  <Jin> Ah, so this is where it came from.
  <Leilei> Right on!  Looks like he kicked its butt!
  <Zabel> What the hell?!
  <Zabel> (Hmm?!  What's that power I sense from him?!)
  <Jin> Hey!  How's it going over there?!
  <Zabel> Hey hey hey hey HEY!
  <Ken> This's the last of them!
  <Ryuu> Forcing them out was easier than I thought.
  <Bruce> That's... hey, you!  Aren't you Ken Masters, the Americas' Martial
    Arts Champ?
  <Ken> Damn straight!  Looks like publicity's good for something!
  <Ken> This here's a fellow student of mine, Ryuu.
  <Ryuu> These're the last monsters on board.  Let's take them down fast!
  <Regina> And you are?
  <Jin> Kazama Jin.  Just a Japanese.
  <Jin> But for now, I'm joining in this fight.
  <Fongling> Kazama Jin... that karate stance... Could he be from the Mishima
  <Zabel> Shit, go and ruin my fun!  But guess what, I just remembered what
   the hell I came here for.  Pain in the fucking ass!
  <Jin> Hmm?
  <Zabel> You, motherfucker!
  <Jin> I know no zombies!
  <Zabel> Fuck if I care!  Your ass is coming with me!
  <Ryuu> What's going on?
  <Jin> ...

[Ryuu charges into the fray]
  <Ryuu> That armor won't shield you from my blows!
  <Ryuu> Let's fight!

[Ken does too]
  <Ken> Looks like these guys are empty inside.  All the better to pulverize
    their ass.

[Jin... etc.]
  <Jin> I don't know where you oozed in from...
  <Jin> ...but consider yourself sandbagged!

[secret agents versus monsters]
  <Bruce> These bastards are like headstones.
  <Regina> I just hope the bullets don't go right on through.

[zombie versus bad hair boy]
  <Zabel> This dude I know says he's got business with you.
  <Jin> Say what?!
  <Zabel> More like, with "something" inside your body.
  <Zabel> And here I up and forgot all about it!
  <Jin> (It can't be...)

[Zabel versus the Bruce]
  <Zabel> You pickin' a fight with me?!
  <Bruce> Did you know that the more you keep yakking, the less like some scary
    zombie you look?
  <Zabel> Yeah, you think you're so damn smart!
  <Zabel> All that whinin's gettin' old FAST!
  <Bruce> You may have a point.
  <Bruce> But getting shot to death is one thing that _never_ goes out of
  <Zabel> Just fucking try it!!

[Leilei's reunion with Zabel]
  <Zabel> Leilei!  Oh!  Sweet honey!!
  <Fongling> What's with this guy?  A friend of yours?
  <Leilei> More like I can't seem to get rid of him...
  <Zabel> Keeping it for your fellow zombies, huh?
  <Zabel> I dig it!  Yee-haw!

[Ryuu fights Zabel]
  <Zabel> How the hell'd you get here so fast, asshole?
  <Ryuu> I don't intend to speak with my words.
  <Zabel> What, gonna let your fists do the talking or some shit?!  Maybe I
    should let my ribs do the talking then!

[As does Ken]
  <Ken> YOU are one ugly motherfucker.
  <Zabel> And _you_ ain't got no goddamn manners!  Your ass needs some
    punishing.  Whaddya think about that!
  <Ken> You're more than welcome to try.
  <Ken> But the only one who can punish me is Eliza.

[Zabel goes down]
  <Zabel> Heey!  Hold the goddamn phone!  Leilei!!
  <Leilei> Time to finish you off!
  <Zabel> Stop!  Stop!!
  <Zabel> You've already taken my heart out!
  <Zabel> Any more and it's gonna be "Lau" or "Pure Love" or some shit!
  <Leilei> Yuck!
  <Leilei> Guess I gotta dismantle you good so you'll never be able to say
    stuff like that again!
  <Zabel> Those merciless words!  I love you more than ever now!
  <Zabel> But I still got a job to do!
  <Zabel> Catchya later, Leilei!
  <Zabel> Same goes for you, mister hair gel karate man!
  <Jin> ...!
  <Zabel> Ya-hoo!
  <Jin> (How does he... know about me...?)

<Regina> Well, if the monsters are all gone from below decks, I'd say we're
  done here.
<Ken> What the hell was up with those guys?
<Fongling> We appreciate your help, but they're none of your concern.
<Ken> Oh man, the cold shoulder.  Are you and that chick sisters or something?
<Fongling> "That chick"?
<Ryuu> (Chunli, huh?)
<Ryuu> Knock it off, Ken.  Everyone's safe.  Let's leave it at that.
<Ken> Guess so.  But look at how big a mess we got just from getting _near_
<Ken> I sure hope Japan itself's okay.
<Jin> ...
<Bruce> Man... writing this up for the brass is going to be a royal pain in
  the ass.
<Bruce> Hey, maybe... "A party on deck got so out of hand as to be confused for
 a monster attack"... something like that.
<Bruce> Piece of cake.
<Fongling> What attack?  I see you're as big a donggua as always.
<Leilei> A _big_ donggua.
<Regina> What's she talking about, Bruce?
<Bruce> ...It means "helluva guy", damn it all.


    The Material World.

    A past surpassing time and space.

    A world of swords and sorcery.

    A country wherein God dwells.

    A land where demons rule.

    Numerous worlds which, by rights, have no contact with each other.
    Various worlds with dire events unfolding.

    Yet none have realized that they all are but sparks before the great
    inferno to come.

    ...Meanwhile, the agents of Shinra have concluded their own battle in
    Shibuya.  Arisu Reiji and Xiaomu now make haste for Shinra headquarters.

{20XX A.D. Shibuya, Japan}

<Reiji> Damn... I figured this would happen.
<Xiaomu> I thought we were open 24-7.
<Xiaomu> D-don't tell me our hours changed!
<Reiji> Get real.
<Shion> Um, what seems to be the problem?
<Reiji> ...I can't contact HQ.
<KOS-MOS> There does not appear to be any electromagnetic interference.
<Reiji> Not very reassuring.
<Reiji> Which must mean... Them.
<Xiaomu> The Secret Shadowloo Society.
<Xiaomu> Given they knew about us, chances are they're up to no good.
<Xiaomu> Maybe they even know something about that "sleeping sickness" that's
  been going around.
<M.O.M.O.> "Sleeping... sickness"?
<Reiji> Falling fast asleep - or more accurately, fainting dead away.
<Reiji> The victims are still alive, but never regain consciousness.
<Reiji> Cause unknown.  There's been this far-fetched theory that
  their souls have been somehow stolen...  And considering the times we live
<Reiji> ...that can't be entirely dismissed.
<Shion> It seems something terrible is happening in this world we've come to.
<Shion> KOS-MOS, do you know anything else?
<KOS-MOS> There is insufficient information at this time.
<KOS-MOS> I do not believe further information will be forthcoming here.
<Reiji> Does she have to get every little detail right?  ...Okay, let's
  move out.
<Xiaomu> Oh, that's right.  During that battle back there...
<Shion> Is something else bothering you?
<Xiaomu> Umm... it was "Momo", right?
<M.O.M.O.> Hmm?  Ah, yes.
<Xiaomu> Your skirt's too short.  Wouldn't want you catching cold, now would
<M.O.M.O.> I'm... very sorry.
<Shion> Is _that_ what you were worrying about during that battle?!
<Reiji> Feel free to ignore her, okay?
<Reiji> Anyway, looks like we've got to go to HQ in person.
<Reiji> Oh, and before that, there's somewhere else I'd like to take you.
<Shion> Oh...?
<Reiji> The Mishima Conglomerate Building.  There's some people waiting for
  us out front.
<Reiji> That's where I was planning to go after mopping up this mess.
<Shion> I don't mind.  I mean, we came here so suddenly anyway...
<Xiaomu> I swear.  All men are wolves, got it?  Don't be so quick to follow
  them all over creation.
<Reiji> Quit feeding disinformation to visitors from other worlds.
<Reiji> We're going to the Mishima Building.  Don't dawdle.
<Xiaomu> Hmmm...  The fastest way would be to pass the Namco Theater.


<Wonder Momo> Thank you all!
<Wonder Momo> Someday, someday I'll be back!
<Wonder Momo> I won't say "farewell"!
<Wonder Momo> Please just accept my gratitude!  Thank you all!

<Sakura> Awww, it's over.
<Karin> Can't be helped.
<Karin> Especially so close to an "Isolation City".  Only natural for so many
  folks to gather.
<Sakura> I still wanna know how you got tickets to the final show.
<Sakura> What's your secret?
<Karin> Didn't you know?  My Kanzuki Conglomerate helped build Namco Theater.
<Sakura> Really?!
<Sakura> You guys really do do everything.
<Karin> Of course we do.  And not just in Japan either: Kanzuki Concern is
  known to governments and businesses world-wide.
<Karin> It's only natural, after all.  We're in every genre from weapons 
  development to entertainment.
<Karin> "Be victorious in all things".  That family motto doesn't just mean
<Sakura> (Oh man... once she gets started on that she'll never stop.  Gotta
  figure out how to change the subject...)
<Sakura> Ummm.... isn't it a shame that Felicia couldn't make it to the
  performance with Wonder Momo?
<Karin> Sakura, you shouldn't have mentioned that.
<Sakura> Huh?
<Karin> The Japanese debut of American musical sensation Felicia...
<Karin> And her pairing with "Wonder Momo": the "Battle Musical"...
<Karin> Given how casually you mention it, I suppose you have no idea precisely
  how much of the conglomerate's money was riding on it?
<Sakura> (Whoopsie, another landmine?)
<Sakura> U-um, Kanzuki?  Why don't we go grab a bite to eat nearby?
<Sakura> We can finish this up there?  Okay?  Okay?
<Karin> I don't like the interruption, but I guess it's unavoidable.
<Sakura> (Man, she sure doesn't talk like any high school girl I know...)

{One Hour Later... Namco Theater, Japan}

<Momo> ...
<Momo> I guess it's all over.
<Momo> And after I... after I came so far...
<Momo> I practiced so hard for the concert with Felicia...
<Momo> Well, I guess it... can't be helped.
<???> That's right, Kanda Momo.  It can't be helped.
<Momo> Huh?!  W-who's there?!
<Momo> I thought the theater closed already!
<Amazona> ...
<Momo> Amazona?!  What're you doing here?  The last performance is already
<Amazona> ...
<Momo> You're... not her.  Who are you?!
<Amazona> Kanda Momo.  You're going to meet Lord Druaga.
<Momo> W-what're you... talking about?!
<Momo> Lord... Druaga?!
<Amazona> Kanda Momo.  You have no right to refuse...
<Amazona> And should you try, perhaps severing a limb or two will change your
<Momo> ...Why...?!
<Amazona> ...
<Momo> Anyone!  Is anyone here?!
<Amazona> Useless.  There's no one to hear you scream...
<???> With one exception, that is.
<Amazona> !
<Momo> What?!
<Amazona> Who dares?!
<Berabou Man> Berabou, at your service!
<Momo> Berabou... as in.. Berabou Man?!
<Momo> Berabou Man, the ultra superman?!
<Berabou Man> I've come to save you, Kanda Momo.
<Berabou Man> Or rather, "Wonder Momo".
<Momo> What?
<Amazona> Stay out of other people's business.
<Berabou Man> Momo, who is this?
<Momo> Amazona... she's supposed to play my rival, but she's been acting
  strangely all this time...
<Berabou Man> It seems a demon has inserted its soul into her.
<Momo> A demon...?  What're you talking about?
<Amazona> Kanda Momo bears a strong soul suitable to be Lord Druaga's
<Momo> What do you mean, "sacrifice"?!
<Berabou Man> And that's why the demon's after you...
<Berabou Man> Because your power is strong enough to bring about "Ultra
<Momo> Ultra... "Ultra Transformation"?!
<Berabou Man> We can discuss the details and introduce ourselves later.  For
  now, we must get out of here!
<Berabou Man> And there, Kanda Momo, you must make your choice.
<Momo> What choice?

{Meanwhile, In Front of the Namco Theater, Japan}

<Felicia> Oh dear dear dear, don't tell me I didn't make it?!
<King> Yeah.  This's around an hour after it ended, if they started on time.
<Felicia> Geez... How'd this happen, King?
<King> What do you mean, how?  It couldn't be helped...
<King> That "monster attack" made the plane late.  Isn't it that simple?
<Felicia> ...Yeah, I guess...
<Felicia> Man, first our live duet gets called off last month, and now this.
<King> Trouble is starting all over the world... and getting mad won't solve
<Felicia> You mean we just gotta take this sitting down?
<King> The Lord sees all our troubles.  Surely He will not remain silent.
<Felicia> ...Well, that's true...
<King> Speaking of that monster incident... You weren't mixed up in it, were
<Felicia> Honestly, I do feel some weird aura.
<Felicia> But... umm..... it kinda smells different, y'know?
<Felicia> You've got a sharp nose, you know what I'm talking about, right?
<King> ...This is just a mask.
<King> But something is is certainly amiss.  And, there was that incident in
<Felicia> And _that's_ why I wanted to come say hi during that last show so
<Felicia> I still can't believe I was late...!
<Felicia> And if that wasn't bad enough, I had to sneak out just to get here.
  My manager's gonna be furious..
<Felicia> Think about how screwed I am.
<King> And think about how screwed _I_ am for having been dragged all over
  the place with you.
<Felicia> C'mon King, don't take it so hard.
<Felicia> You shouldn't bare your fangs like that.
<King> ...This is a mask.

{Material World... In Front of the Namco Theater}

<Felicia> I wonder if Momo's still here.
<King> An hour after closing?  I'm sure we needn't worry about her.
<Felicia> Probably.  Anyways, let's sneak into the music hall.
<King> Why don't we just use the front door?  Look, I'll talk to Security...
<Felicia> King, wait!
<King> Hmm?
<Felicia> One sec...
<King> Hey!  Quit stripping in the middle of the street!
<Felicia> What street?
<King> What're you talking about, the one you're-
<King> Huh?  I can't sense... any people!
<Felicia> Oh, I sense something else though.  One of my kind?  Well, something
  _not_ human anyway.
<King> What the hell, fur suits?
<King> Some Namco Theater show?
<Felicia> You're half-right, King.
<Felicia> It just might not be humans inside.
<King> Not more of the monsters that raised a fuss in the harbor...
<Felicia> Momo... what happened here?

[battle interrupted by superheros]
  <King> They came from the theater.
  <King> Felicia, this might be trouble.
  <Felicia> I know!
  <Felicia> AND these guys are pretty tough.  If we were normal humans...
  <King> I just hope we're not too late.
  <Felicia> Here comes someone else!
  <Berabou Man> This way, please!  Hurry!
  <Momo> W-wait a sec!
  <Felicia> Isn't that... Momo?!
  <Momo> F-Felicia?!
  <Momo> What're you doing here?!
  <Berabou Man> You two are...
  <King> Felicia, what about that masked man?
  <Felicia> Hmm, he certainly smells human.
  <Felicia> Did you... save Momo?
  <Berabou Man> I merely escorted her outside.  The saving comes next.
  <Berabou Man> And it is she who must save herself.
  <Momo> What?  What do you... mean by that?
  <Amazona> You won't escape, Kanda Momo!
  <King> Are they after her?
  <Momo> W-what should I do, Mister Berabou?
  <Berabou Man> Kanda Momo... please transform into "Wonder Momo".
  <Momo> Huh?
  <King> Wait a moment, Mister Masked Man.  Isn't Wonder Momo...
  <Felicia> I hate to say this, but...
  <Berabou Man> ...
  <Momo> That's right!  That won't work!  Besides... besides, Wonder Momo is a
    character in a play!
  <Berabou Man> No, you're mistaken.
  <Berabou Man> Wonder Momo is the other "you" inside your heart.
  <Momo? The "other" me...?
  <Berabou Man> Yes.  "Ultra Transformation Ability" is the other you within
    your heart...
  <Berabou Man> It will guide you if you wish to become strong to "protect
    those needing protection".
  <Berabou Man> As was, and is, the case for me.
  <Momo> The Shinda... Fourth Ward incident...
  <Berabou Man> Something is happening to this world, as we speak.  For your
    loved ones, for your family...
  <Berabou Man> I grant you this power.
  <Amazona> Kanda Momo, you're coming with me!
  <Momo> ...Amazona...
  <Momo> ...
  <Momo> Transform!
  <King> S-she changed!
  <Felicia> Y-you're right!  Momo!
  <Felicia> Err, I mean... Wonder Momo!
  <Momo> Felicia...
  <Felicia> Let's do it!
  <Felicia> It's time for the "Battle Musical", right here!

[schoolgirls on the scene]
  <Sakura> See!  I knew it!
  <Sakura> See, Kanzuki, it's Wonder Momo!
  <Karin> Is this some outdoor fanservice attraction?
  <Felicia> Nya?  Who's that?
  <Sakura> Wh-oh my God, it's Felicia!  Look, Kanzuki, look look look!
  <Karin> I can see that perfectly well.  Will you please not shout in my
  <Karin> (But why isn't anyone else around?)
  <Karin> (And this atmosphere...)
  <Berabou Man> This is not good...
  <Berabou Man> You over there!  It's dangerous here!  Please evacuate at
    once, this is _not_ an attraction!
  <Sakura> Um, so that SFX hero guy...
  <Karin> ...Berabou Man?!  The Ultra Superman who once saved Shinda Fourth
  <Sakura> Whoa!
  <King> Not more of them!
  <Berabou Man> Wh- What on Earth?!
  <Wonder Momo> Mister Berabou?
  <Felicia> Huh?  I can't smell them at all...
  <Berabou Man> Ladies and gentlemen, those are our enemies too.
  <Berabou Man> They are androids, that is, robots.
  <King> What's something like that doing here?!
  <Berabou Man> (There's no question... it's Benjamin Daikubo Hikozaemon.)
  <Berabou Man> (But what're Bakuda Army robots doing here, and at a time
    like this?)
  <Sakura> What, what?
  <Karin> (If neither the references I read nor my memory are faulty, those
    are androids from the Bakuda Army...!)
  <Karin> (First some commotion over ghosts and goblins, then the Bakuda
    army, and now Berabou Man.  What's going on around here...?)
  <Karin> Sakura, we're leaving for now.
  <Karin> There are too many unknowns here.
  <Sakura> I can't just leave.
  <Karin> Didn't you hear me just now?
  <Sakura> I said I can't just leave.  Not with people who need help, just
    because we don't know how strong the enemy is.
  <Karin> Sakura!
  <Sakura> "He" wouldn't do it, I'm sure of it!
  <Karin> *sigh*...
  <Karin> ...Well, since you brought _him_ up, anything I say will go in one
    ear and out the other...
  <Karin> That settles it.  I'd disgrace my family for generations if I
    ran off and left a commoner like you behind.
  <Karin> I'm with you.

[a new challenger appears!]
  <???> Meeow?
  <???> I thought I could go home already, but it appears you're having
  <King> What...?  Who said that!  Where are you?!
  <Joker> Well, this simply will not do at all.
  <Joker> It would seem dear Zabel failed as well.  Much stiffer resistance
    than I expected.
  <King> W-what the hell?!  A round... clown?
  <Wonder Momo> An enemy?  It's kinda cute, but...
  <Joker> Ah, you must be the "sacrifice".  I am most grateful for your praise.
  <Joker> Where are my manners?  Allow me to introduce myself: my name is
    Joker.  Pleased to make your acquaintance.
  <Berabou Man> "Sacrifice"?  So, you're after her too?
  <Joker> Yes, the adorable young lady in the helmet.  If you but hand her
    over, we will be on our way at once.
  <Wonder Momo> W-why me?
  <Joker> Well, I've been given the job of gathering pure girls with strong
    souls, you see.
  <Sakura> Hey, I don't get it at all!
  <Joker> Those not involved should shut their mouths...
  <Joker> Hmm?  HMMM??!!
  <Sakura> W-what's your problem?
  <Joker> How... splendid!  O ho ho ho!
  <Berabou Man> Don't tell me you want her too!
  <Joker> Correct!  I can make up for my "schedule slip" by gathering 
    "extra sacrifices"!
  <Felicia> Here they come!
  <Felicia> Everyone, be careful!  He looks like he's fooling around, but he's
    really strong!
  <King> Is he one of the demons' allies too?  Oh, Lord...
  <Karin> I have no idea what any of this is about, but it seems you've caught
    their eye, Sakura.
  <Sakura> Huh?  Why me?!
  <Joker> You needn't know the reason!  O ho ho ho ho....

[the cavalry arrives]
  <Joker> Oh?  Gracious, it seems today is a day for visitors.
  <Joker> Of course, that keeps things interesting.
  <Shion> Fighting here too?!
  <Reiji> Shit, why does this crap keep happening?
  <Xiaomu> Looks like there's trouble even outside the "Isolation Cities".
  <Xiaomu> Careful, Reiji.  That thing looks like a real joker, but it's 
    actually a pretty high level monster.
  <Karin> (That red jacket... where have I seen it before?)
  <Wonder Momo> They don't... look like enemies.
  <Berabou Man> One can never be too careful.  Just because they look human
    doesn't mean they are.
  <KOS-MOS> Quite correct.
  <M.O.M.O.> I-I guess he's right...
  <Xiaomu> Bingo.
  <Reiji> Quit changing the subject.  Everyone who's not human, have a seat.
  <Reiji> Are those civilians fighting over there?
  <King> Are you... on our side?!
  <Reiji> (Great, who knows?  How to explain?)
  <Reiji> ...
  <Reiji> ...We're with the police.  Please, all civilians leave the area
    at once!
  <Sakura> Look, Kanzuki, it's the police!
  <Karin> The "police"?  I think not.
  <Karin> That red jacket makes you a Shinra Special Ops agent.
  <Reiji> What?!  How do you know that?!
  <Karin> O ho ho!  I'll thank you not to underestimate the informational
    prowess of the Kanzuki Conglomerate.
  <Karin> Shinra... a syndicate dedicated from of old to eliminating all
    monsters and other supernatural threats.
  <Karin> Based on the study of ying-yang and Mysticism, they possess many
    hidden techniques and weaponry.
  <Reiji> ...
  <Karin> Their divine, or perhaps demonic ferocity in battle, rooted in the
    principle "Slay Evil Immediately", leaves all who oppose them dead in 
    the name of "Truth"...
  <Shion> What?  WHAT?!
  <Felicia> S-scary!  Don't tell me we gotta fight them too?!
  <Xiaomu> Um, I think I've been doing this longer than you have, but... remind
    me if we work for that kinda outfit?
  <Xiaomu> ...the Misfit Army?
  <Reiji> A good half of that is out to lunch, but the fact is she's got the
    basics right.
  <Reiji> So she's the heiress of the "Kanzuki Conglomerate", huh?
  <Reiji> And... Berabou Man?
  <Berabou Man> ...
  <Xiaomu> Looks like the real thing to me.  All former heroic deeds and
  <Reiji> Looks like he's not the only celebrity.
  <Xiaomu> Lesse, we got Felicia of world-wide musical fame from "The World is
  <Xiaomu> And the huge panther guy would be the pro wrestler King.  The
    second, I take it.
  <Xiaomu> That CWA title match with Mike "Macho" Haggar was something else.
  <Reiji> What are you, an encyclopedia?
  <Xiaomu> Don't underestimate me.  I don't waste my study time.
  <Reiji> ...Studying late night TV, video games and manga, oh and the
    Internet too?
  <KOS-MOS> I believe all those are generally classified as "entertainment".
  <Xiaomu> Hey, every darn one of those wasn't around in the old days!  Gimme
    a break!
  <Reiji> Joy.  Now all we need is some schoolgirl robot from outer space.
    Did I mention this is starting to suck?
  <Joker> I hate to interrupt this fascinating conversation, but I'm
    dreadfully busy.
  <Joker> And I dreadfully enjoy my work.
  <Reiji> How felicitous.
  <Reiji> Unfortunately, we've got loose ends to tie up here too.  I won't
    sweat it if you don't.

[our heroes throw down with Joker]
  <Joker> Something feels strange about your aura.
  <Reiji> Enough with your lousy bluffing.
  <Joker> It must be that... scar of yours.
  <Xiaomu> Don't say that.
  <Joker> Oh dear?
  <Reiji> Xiaomu, don't worry about me.  Let's rumble, you clown freak!

[Joker gets smacked around]
  <Joker> This simply won't do!
  <Joker> It seems there are troublesome foes in this world too.
  <King> Big trouble, no matter how you slice it.
  <King> And we're quite the Heels too.
  <Joker> O ho ho ho ho.
  <Joker> The Heel who gets carried away gets KO'ed by the baby face.  Such
    is the law of the world.
  <Joker> Allow me to show my face and seal your fate.
  <Joker> After all, I've already found an interesting new subject to study.
    Enjoyments are best saved for later.
  <Wonder Momo> ...
  <Reiji> Subject?  What are you scheming?
  <Joker> Oh goodness me, nothing that would prove fatal.
  <Joker> We'll simply need the subject to take a little... nap.
  <Berabou Man> Meaning losing her soul and falling unconscious?
  <M.O.M.O.> That must be the sickness Mister Arisu mentioned...
  <Reiji> The "sleeping sickness"?!  Then it was you!
  <Joker> Hmm?  I have no idea to what you are referring.
  <Joker> Nor am I interested in what that condition is called in this world.
  <Joker> O ho ho ho.
  <Sakura> He's the one behind the sleeping sickness?!  Hold it!
  <Karin> Sakura?!
  <Sakura> Remember what Professor Shimazu said!  We've got to find the
  <Joker> Well then, "adios!"
  <Sakura> We've got to follow him!
  <Karin> Wait, Sakura.  You mean Shimazu of Justice Academy?
  <Xiaomu> Hey!  Hold the phone!
  <KOS-MOS> Shall I pursue?  My maneuverability would allow me to keep up.
  <Reiji> No, don't bother.
  <Reiji> Too many things are going wrong at once.
  <Reiji> Without backup, we'll never keep up with everything at the same time.
    Our only choice for now is to hurry to HQ.

[the superheroes clash with the supervillain]
  <Amazona> You're coming with me, Kanda Momo.
  <Momo> Why... why are you...?
  <Berabou Man> Get a hold of yourself, Momo.  Her heart has been stolen by a
  <Wonder Momo> What... what should I do?!
  <Berabou Man> Your only choice is to fight.
  <Berabou Man> For her sake as well as yours!

  <Wonder Momo> No way...!
  <Berabou Man> This is just the beginning, Momo.
  <Berabou Man> The beginning of Wonder Momo's fight.

<M.O.M.O.> Combat... complete.
<M.O.M.O.> No sign of further combat anywhere near.
<Shion> Thank you, Momo.
<Shion> Mr. Arisu, what now?
<Reiji> We'll continue to the Mishima Conglomerate Building.  We'll leave this
   mess to "HQ"...
<Reiji> Oh, right.  We're out of contact.
<KOS-MOS> I believe there is no other choice but to wait for assistance to
  be directed to this location.
<Reiji> Always with the direct opinions.
<Reiji> There's nothing to be done about those girls who split...
<Nakamura> I suppose you're right.
<Shion> W-who are you...?
<Nakamura> Who, me?  O-oh...
<Nakamura> My card, if you please.
<Xiaomu> Lessee.  "Nakamura Hitoshi."  Insurance company salaryman?
<Wonder Momo> You must be Berabou Man.
<Felicia> S-so... _ordinary_.  Dull, kinda.
<King> Felicia, that's rude.
<M.O.M.O.> But he seems like a very good person.
<Nakamura> Oh my, now you're making me blush.
<Reiji> Berabou Man, that is, Nakamura, why now?
<Nakamura> The demons are after Kanda Momo.
<Nakamura> I came to save her from that.
<Xiaomu> So this "sleeping sickness" turns out to be that soul extraction
  the clown was mumbling about.
<Reiji> We've never seen that type before.  ...Just what the hell is going
  on around here anyway?...
<Reiji> Anyway, I want info.  I'd like you to come with us to HQ.
<Reiji> Kanda Momo, that goes for you too.
<Momo> ...Alright.
<Felicia> I'll see you off too.
<King> Hey, Felicia...
<Felicia> Hey, we're mixed up in this too.  Maybe we can help figure out
  what's going on.  So we gotta go along, right?
<Momo> Felicia...
<Xiaomu> Man.  "The journey is the fellow traveler, the world is mercy,
  life may be easy, difficulty lies around".  And all that jazz.
<Xiaomu> I got a _baaad_ feeling about this, but I guess we'll just wait and
  see what happens.
<Reiji> Can't cross that bridge till we come to it.
<Reiji> Oh, and that's "difficulty lies ahead".


{20XX A.D., In Front of the Mishima Conglomerate Building, Japan}

<Bruce> So, this's the Mishima Concern Building, huh?
<Fongling> Are you really sure about this rumor that Mishima Conglomerate
  ended up with some of "the" virus?
<Bruce> The info came from a reliable source.  ...Otherwise, no way in hell
  would I come to a country this dangerous.
<Regina> Mishima...  I've heard rumors of strange doings at their Ibis Island
  Third Energy lab too.
<Regina> But those're just rumors... no telling what's behind them.  Certainly
  nothing big enough to take my eyes off Shadowloo.
<Fongling> Ah, that must be why you've come all this way.
<Regina> Right.  But in any event...
<Regina> ...since I've got the summary files for all their Third
  Energy research, I doubt they'll try anything funny for a while.
<Regina> (... Including their boot disk...)
<Bruce> That's all very well and good, but can't you do something about that
  getup of yours?
<Bruce> I don't think you could stand out more if you tried.
<Regina> ...And whose fault is that?
<Regina> You're the one who insisted I help get things under control on that
<Bruce> ...
<Leilei> Man, what a Donggua.
<Fongling> Yeah, and thanks to him we got stuck dragging her along.
<Bruce> Hey ladies, it takes two to tango.  I just made the damn suggestion.
<Leilei> Hmmm, he's got a point.
<Fongling> ...
<Regina> ...
<Fongling> ...So, remind me who we're waiting for again?
<Regina> I wonder where those karate guys went off to?
<Bruce> Don't change the subject the moment you get embarrassed.
<Bruce> We're waiting for the "Shinra" - one of Japan's Special Ops
<Bruce> And those karate guys looked like they slipped off the boat same time
  we did.
<Bruce> Period.
<Fongling> I've never heard of this "Shinra" before.  Can we trust them?
<Bruce> I only know what the brass told me.  ...Seems they've been around for
  ages, but they don't show themselves much.
<Regina> Like an anti-terror squad?
<Bruce> More like "anti-occult" from what I hear.
<Leilei> I dunno... sounds pretty sketchy to me.
<Fongling> Speaking of which...
<Regina> Since we're stuck here waiting...
<Regina> There's a lot I want to ask you.

{Meanwhile, in the President's Office, Mishima Conglomerate Building}

<Heihachi> ...
<???> You called, Mishima Heihachi?
<Heihachi> I've got a question for you.
<Heihachi> That incident at the Namco Theater.  Why did you sortie the
  androids without telling me?
<Bakuda> They're _my_ pawns.  You get no say in how I use them.
<Heihachi> You don't seem to grasp your situation here.
<Bakuda> What do you plan to do about it?  Throw this poor old man out on the
<Heihachi> ...Hmph.  I know how you think.  No doubt you've got your excuses
  lined up already.
<Bakuda> Heh heh heh... Project "WAYA" has already entered its final phase.
<Heihachi> ...Really.
<Bakuda> Musou Battou-Ryuu... the lost techniques of the ninja.  The analysis
  of the ancient records is complete.
<Bakuda> And my daughter will become the strongest warrior in the world!
<Heihachi> Your daughter... that android of yours?
<Heihachi> Well, you've got my hopes up.  Don't let too many more masked men
  take you down.
<Bakuda> Grr...
<Heihachi> And don't forget _I_ took you in because of your facility with
  androids, Bakuda.
<Heihachi> You, who lost _everything_ in that "Shinda Fourth Ward" debacle.
<Bakuda> ...
<Heihachi> I've got a little job for you, Bakuda.
<Heihachi> ...Some rather annoying pests have come near this building.
<Bakuda> Pests?
<Heihachi> Yes... ones intent on sniffing around my conglomerate's affairs.
<Heihachi> Make them disappear.  And I'll forget all about your little failure
<Bakuda> Who are they?
<Heihachi> You don't need to know.
<Bakuda> I'll send my androids out at once.
<Bakuda> Pardon me.
<Bakuda> (I knew that man has many enemies, but whoever's outside are probably
  some kind of intelligence agents...)
<Bakuda> (I don't mind a chance to gather more data... but what have they 
  come looking for?)
<Heihachi> ...American Unified Strategic Forces, is it?
<Heihachi> I suppose they think I've got "that" virus...
<Heihachi> ...Well, that _had_ been the plan...

{20XX A.D., Shibuya, Japan}

<Jin> So this is... Shibuya?
<Jin> Looks like this "Isolation City" business is for real.
<Jin> ...
<Jin> No one would have chased me this far.
<Jin> I hate to do this to those folks from the boat, but the last thing I
  need is more trouble.
<Jin> ...Well, let's get this over with.  I haven't come this far for nothing.

{Meanwhile... ???}

<???> Wh...at... is... go...ing... on...
<???> Don't be alarmed.  Once we seal ourselves off from that group, the rest
  will be simple.
<???> Everything is well in hand.
<???> Cannot... cross... yet....
<???> Please leave everything to me.  ...What happened ten years ago will
  never happen again.
<???> As... you... wish...
<???> Ten years already.
<???> Ten years since that man got in my way.
<???> Ten years for my body to regenerate.
<???> Heh... but that man, that Arisu Shougo, is gone.
<???> That mistake won't happen again... not with the Arisu Clan's bloodline

{Material World... In Front of the Mishima Conglomerate Building}

<Regina> So, let me see if I've got this straight.
<Regina> You died once, used some Eastern magic, and came back from the dead?
<Fongling> ...Meaning the virus isn't the only way to make zombies.
<Leilei> You got it.  Of course, I'm a kyon xie.
<Leilei> Anyway, I'm not here to haunt people or anything, so you don't have
  to worry.
<Bruce> That's the last thing we needed.  I just hope she doesn't get in the
<Regina> So, what was a Dark Stalker, a dweller of the Infernal World, doing
  aboard the Spencer Lane back then?
<Leilei> I felt immense sorcery, or "power", or whatever.  There's gotta be
  a pretty big hole in Japan.
<Fongling> A "hole"?  Meaning what?
<Leilei> It's like a highway between this world and another.
<Regina> If that's true, then all these otherworldly monster sightings all
  over the world...
<Bruce> Must have come through this hole, right?
<Bruce> Damn, this place's going to Hell in a handbasket.
<Regina> You can have the monsters from God knows where.  I'm sticking to
<Bruce> ...
<Leilei> Something wrong?
<Bruce> Ain't it a bit too quiet around here?
<Fongling> Now that you mention it...
<Regina> ...!
<Fongling> W-what the?!
<Bruce> What, a trap?!
<Regina> Set by who?!
<Bruce> Dunno!  Mishima, Shadowloo, those guys we fought on the boat...
<Leilei> Maybe none of them.  First time we've seen these bad guys.
<Bruce> Damn it all!  Well, let's rock and roll!

[one plus one equals...]
  <Bruce> Two down.
  <Bruce> But man, these things sure don't look like robots.
  <Fongling> Bruce, who do you think we're up against?  I mean, how many
    people have the technology to build high-end battle bots like these?
  <Regina> Ever heard the phrase "Made in Japan"?
  <Leilei> They do look pretty goofy though.
  <Black Berabou> Hah hah hah... American Special Forces, huh?  You've got
    some nerve waving those guns around in Japan.
  <Bruce> Who're you?
  <Bruce> You look human enough, but what's with the get-up?  Trying to start
    your own fashion craze?
  <Black Berabou> Is that some American attempt at humor?  I'm not laughing.
  <Fongling> That looks like some kind of protector to me.
  <Fongling> Bruce, can you get serious a minute?
  <Bruce> I thought I _was_ serious.
  <Bruce> Jeez, guess I should be glad he understands me at all.
  <Regina> If the other person wishes you ill, the words between you don't 
  <Regina> Answer me.  Why are you after us?  What do you want?
  <Black Berabou> I'm after you because I was ordered to.  What I want is
    you all dead.  That's all.
  <Leilei> How... concise.

[hair gel karate guy to the rescue]
  <Jin> I'm more interested in who gave those orders.
  <Bruce> It's him!
  <Regina> One of those karate masters from the Spencer Lane, right?
  <Black Berabou> What...?  Who're you?!
  <Jin> ...Kazama Jin.  Wasn't it Mishima Heihachi who gave the order?
  <Black Berabou> Who knows.  The first rule of business is protecting your
    clients' interests.
  <Black Berabou> (Kazama?  Hmph, figures.)
  <Jin> ...
  <Fongling> (We meet again, and right at Mishima Heihachi's gates.  This
    can't be coincidence.)
  <Fongling> (Kazama Jin... If the files're right, he's Mishima Heihachi's
   son, Mishima Kazuya's...)
  <Leilei> Hey, isn't he the guy Zabel latched on to?
  <Bruce> Sorry bout this, karate master.  Looks like we keep bumping into
    each other.
  <Jin> Don't worry about it.  ...I'm just fighting for my cause.
  <Jin> Let's do it!

[Chinese folks meet Japanese robots]
  <Leilei> What's a "robot" again?
  <Fongling> A mechanical doll.
  <Leilei> Wow, first ghouls, now machines.  We sure get to fight a lot of
    nifty stuff.
  <Fongling> That's certainly easy for you to say.

[Bruce and Regina face the robots]
  <Bruce> Robot warriors, huh?  Fix their appearance and they might just cut
    it in the army.
  <Regina> We'd be pretty obsolete if that happens.
  <Bruce> Well, that'd suck.  Guess we'd better show them who's boss, huh?

[the gang's all here]
  <Xiaomu> Oooh, there they are!  Sorry 'bout the wait!  Been here long?
  <M.O.M.O.> Um, I don't think we can be that calm now.
  <M.O.M.O.> The previous combat data matches some of the people here.
  <Berabou Man> So it would seem.
  <Jin> Enemy reinforcements?
  <Bruce> Nope, looks like they're on our side.  They told me to look for
    that loud red jacket.
  <Reiji> You must be Bruce Maxwell from the American Unified Strategic
  <Bruce> That's me.  And you must be the Shinra agents.
  <Bruce> You must be one helluva outfit.  I can't figure out how they put
    your team together at all.
  <Xiaomu> So, we're not _all_ Shinra members.
  <Reiji> The members are me and the pipsqueak here.
  <Reiji> The others... I'll tell you about later.  Otherwise we'll be here
    all day.
  <Leilei> Aiya!  Felicia?!
  <Felicia> Nya?  What're you doing here?!
  <Fongling> Friend of yours?
  <Felicia> Yeah.  We're both Dark Stalkers.
  <Leilei> Look, I'm a kyon xie, not a Dark Stalker.
  <Wonder Momo> Dark Stalker?  You mean, Felicia isn't human?!
  <King> (Great, the cat's out of the bag.)
  <Regina> Look, this is getting messy.  I like things simple.
  <KOS-MOS> I believe our problems are larger than yours.
  <Black Berabou> ...
  <Berabou Man> ...
  <Shion> I see... They know each other, but something's different about them.
  <King> A black masked man, huh?
  <Wonder Momo> King...?
  <King> I knew someone like that... once.
  <Felicia> Was that... your master?
  <King> Yeah.  He's not with us anymore.
  <Black Berabou> Long time no see, Berabou Man.  Or should I say, Nakamura
  <Berabou Man> I don't think I like that, coming from another salaryman.
  <Berabou Man> Planning on making the same mistake twice, Tajima?
  <Black Berabou> "Mistake"?  It was an "experiment", Nakamura.
  <Berabou Man> Where is Professor Bakuda?
  <Black Berabou> Can't say I'm afraid.
  <Berabou Man> I bet you can't.
  <Black Berabou> Glad we understand each other.

[superheros and robots clash]
  <Berabou Man> Looks like the Bakuda Army are putting things back together
    quite nicely.
  <Wonder Momo> But didn't you destroy all of them?!
  <Berabou Man> Well, the ringleader eluded my grasp.  It seems this is the
    price for that failure.
  <Berabou Man> (Professor Bakuda... Surely he couldn't have done this
    without someone big footing the bill...)

[felines versus evil masked man]
  <King> That black mask makes you a Heel, does it?
  <Black Berabou> What're you getting at?
  <King> You'd better not disgrace it.  That's all.
  <Black Berabou> What...?
  <Felicia> (So King _is_ still thinking of his master...)

[good versus evil]
  <Wonder Momo> There _is_ something familiar about him!
  <Wonder Momo> Mister Berabou!  Isn't this the man from the Shinda Fourth
  <Berabou Man> He is.
  <Berabou Man> He possesses the Ultra Transformation Ability, but has 
    sided with Professor Bakuda's evil army.
  <Black Berabou> Good and evil isn't about what group you're with.
  <Black Berabou> That's just part of doing business.  Isn't that right,
  <Berabou Man> Quite correct, Tajima.
  <Berabou Man> Regardless of my personal interests, I have no intention of
    stopping this battle!

[Black Berabou goes down]
  <Black Berabou> So, this's what I get for my first battle back?
  <Wonder Momo> Are you going to flee?!
  <Felicia> That's not fair!
  <Black Berabou> Not fair?  Say that I know when to retreat.
  <Berabou Man> Tajima...
  <Black Berabou> We'll meet again, Nakamura.  Or should I say, Berabou Man.
  <Black Berabou> This battle's just begun.
  <Berabou Man> ...
  <Jin> Wait.  There's something I want to ask you.
  <Black Berabou> Not you again.  ...I've got nothing to say to you.
  <Jin> Wait!  I'm not letting you get away!
  <Xiaomu> H-hold the phone!
  <Xiaomu> Too late.  There he goes.
  <Reiji> Kazama Jin.  Who was he, anyway?
  <Fongling> ...
  <Leilei> Well, all's well that ends well.
  <Leilei> Too bad we lost someone along the way.
  <Shion> At least things worked out anyway.
  <Felicia> That's strength in numbers for you!
  <KOS-MOS> Please wait a moment.  I have detected dimensional distortion.
  <Reiji> What...?!
  <Xiaomu> Not another Quake!
  <M.O.M.O.> Here it comes!

[scary monsters arrive]
  <Bruce> What the hell are those?!
  <King> Monsters!  But....
  <Berabou Man> Scythe-Weasels...?  If it isn't a page out of Japanese lore.
  <Wonder Momo> You're right.  I remember reading about those when I was
  <Xiaomu> Right you are.  And quite popular in "Isolation Cities".
  <Reiji> So what're they doing _here_?!
  <Reiji> And why so many at once?
  <Felicia> They're still the bad guys, right?  So let's get them!
  <Shion> KOS-MOS!  Analysis?
  <KOS-MOS> Unknown at present.  No life readings.  However, they are a
    different manner of being from the Gnosis.
  <Regina> Will bullets work?
  <M.O.M.O.> Physical interaction appears possible.
  <Fongling> That's all I needed to hear.
  <King> Same here.  If I can kick it or throw it, I'm set.
  <King> I don't know what they want with us, but...
  <Xiaomu> Maybe we should ask.
  <Xiaomu> Hey, ghoulies!  What do you "haunt"?!
  <Wonder Momo> Wow, that was _bad_.
  <KOS-MOS> I believe that type of word-play is inappropriate under the
  <Xiaomu> Great, the wind-up girl can't take a joke.
  <Reiji> Anyway, there's no point asking what they want.  What they want is
    to pick a fight.
  <Reiji> Augh...?!
  <Bruce> Hmm?  Hey!
  <Xiaomu> Reiji...?
  <Reiji> I-I'm all right.  Let's do it.

[Leilei faces the scythe-weasels]
  <Leilei> I can't believe they've got knives in both hands!  How stupid can
    these monsters get?!
  <Fongling> I don't think you're in a position to talk.
  <Leilei> Well, these're my claws.
  <Leilei> That means I got nature on my side.

[KOS-MOS springs into action]
  <KOS-MOS> Beginning battle to collect information.

[Reiji is troubled by the bad guys]
  <Reiji> ...
  <Xiaomu> What's going on, Reiji?
  <Xiaomu> Isn't that scar a good ten years old?
  <Reiji> If I kept track of how long ago I got every little scar, I'd be
    old and gray.
  <Reiji> Look, these are some low-life Scythe-Weasels.  Let's just take
    them down fast.
  <Xiaomu> ...
  <Reiji> (More than the pain... there's something else...  What is it?)

[more rumbling]
  <Xiaomu> Hey Reiji, have you noticed yet?
  <Xiaomu> Something's not normal about them.  They're looking for something.
  <Reiji> ...
  <Xiaomu> Reiji... what the heck's bothering you?!
  <Xiaomu> Those chronic spasms again?
  <Reiji> ...Nothing's bothering me.
  <Reiji> And those spasms hit my stomach.
  <Xiaomu> (The scar...?  ...That was ten years ago...) 
  <M.O.M.O.> Um, Mister Arisu?  Is something wrong?
  <Bruce> I've been wondering about that gaudy scar on your head.
  <Bruce> Don't tell me it opened up during battle?!
  <Regina> I've got coagulants.
  <KOS-MOS> I am unable to detect any bleeding.
  <Reiji> ....I'm fine.
  <Reiji> The enemy's not gone yet... worry about them, not me.

[bigger bad guys appear]
  <Wonder Momo> New enemies?!
  <KOS-MOS> They have no designation, but appear structurally similar to the
    life forms designated "Scythe-Weasels".
  <King> Making them enemy reinforcements.
  <Xiaomu> Whoa!  A blue cow and a... red horse!
  <Xiaomu> Reiji!  Check them out!
  <Reiji> They... that can't be!

[Ooh, someone from the opening movie!]
  <???> I wondered where on Earth you had wandered off to...
  <???> Imagine finding you playing here.
  <Berabou Man> A woman!?
  <Felicia> Whoa, awesome!
  <M.O.M.O.> W-what is?
  <???> You lot, why don't you head on home?
  <King> They followed her orders...?  Are you one of them?!
  <Xiaomu> It's you...!
  <???> O-ho!  So they came here because they found you.
  <???> Long time no see, little one.
  <???> Looks like _everything_ about you's as small as ever.
  <Xiaomu> Mind your own business, okay?  It's not like busting out everywhere
    makes you all that hot either.
  <Reiji> ...
  <???> The same red jacket...
  <???> Ahhh, I get it.  That boy must be your new partner.
  <???> Heh heh... and _quite_ the stud, too.
  <Reiji> ...
  <Xiaomu> (Ten years, huh...  Looks like she hasn't figured out about Reiji
  <Felicia> Hey, are you a Dark Stalker?
  <Leilei> It's like she is, and kinda isn't too.
  <???> Who knows.  We should have a nice long chat next time, little ladies.
  <???> If I don't hurry now, I'll be late for my date.
  <Xiaomu> Don't be ridiculous!  It's been ten whole years!  What're you
    doing here now?!
  <???> Oh, you'll find out soon.
  <???> Well everyone, take care of yourselves...
  <Reiji> Hold it.
  <???> Hmm?  What is it, boy?
  <Reiji> Your date's at Shinra HQ, right?
  <Xiaomu> ...!
  <???> ...
  <???> Oooh, now don't come and peek.
  <???> There'll be a wonderful man and a very dangerous date.
  <???> A man from Shadowloo named Vega.
  <Bruce> Did you say "Shadowloo"?
  <Fongling> And what've they got to do with you?!
  <???> Who knows?  Anyway, that's all for today.
  <???> Later...
  <Reiji> Yeah.  We'll see each other again.
  <???> I'll be looking forward to it.
  <???> You look pretty pale, boy.  Better get that looked at.

  <M.O.M.O.> W-what was that woman here for?
  <Felicia> ...She sounded like a real slut...
  <Shion> (Is the pot calling the kettle black here...?)
  <Reiji> ...
  <Xiaomu> Reiji... that was...
  <Berabou Man> Arisu Reiji... do you know her?
  <Reiji> Oh, you know.  She's only the person who killed my parents.
  <Wonder Momo> HUH?!?
  <Xiaomu> Reiji, stay cool.
  <Xiaomu> ....I know how you feel, but...
  <Reiji> Xiaomu, don't look like that.  It's not like you.

<Reiji> We're headed to HQ in Roppongi, on the double.
<Regina> Hold it.  I don't know who she was, but she's clearly leading you on.
<Fongling> Yeah... way too obvious.
<Fongling> Dropping keywords like that doesn't just happen.
<Reiji> Oh, that woman likes to hear herself talk.
<Reiji> I know... I _remember_ that well.
<Xiaomu> ...
<King> What's her relation to you?  This "killed your parents" business 
  doesn't sound good.
<Reiji> I said what I meant.
<Reiji> ...Bruce, I've got an emergency here.  I'm gonna have to handle the
  Unified Strategic Forces investigation later.
<Bruce> ...Understood.  We'll act and judge on our own for now.
<Leilei> Huh?!  You're not gonna help?!
<Bruce> With what?  That woman we know nothing about and her pet goon squad?
<Bruce> They're nothing to do with us.
<Fongling> ...
<Bruce> ...That said, the Shadowloo bit bugs me.
<Bruce> Wouldn't you agree, Fongling?
<Fongling> Hmm... I suppose you're right.  We needed to do some checking in
  Roppongi anyway.
<Regina> Great, a philanthropist.
<Bruce> Hey, I'm the donggua, remember?
<Wonder Momo> We're coming along as far as HQ too, right?
<King> And we're seeing you get there safe, right?
<Felicia> Of course we are!
<Shion> I wouldn't want to be left alone either.  We're coming too, Mister
<Reiji> Okay, do as you please.  ...But I can't guarantee your safety.
<KOS-MOS> I believe everyone here has spoken from an understanding of that
<Reiji> Good grief.
<Reiji> Okay, fine.  Shall we?
<Xiaomu> ...
<Xiaomu> (Reiji... I wanted you to have peace.  But I sort of... knew this
  day would come.) 
<Xiaomu> (And I... I may have to tell you the truth...)
<M.O.M.O.> Is something wrong?  This doesn't seem... like you...
<Xiaomu> Huh?  No way.
<Xiaomu> Check it out.  I'm as pumped up as always!
<Xiaomu> Bring it on whenever, wherever!
<KOS-MOS> The enemy have already dispersed.  Given our destination is
  already decided, I believe that statement is inappropriate.
<Xiaomu> Go and ruin my mood why don'tcha!  Little miss killjoy robot!


{20XX A.D., Shibuya, Tokyo}

<???> "Designated Isolation City".  Is this true?
<???> There seems to be faint distortion in the air.
<???> Besides... can you feel this "energy"...?
<???> ...Yes.  "Sorcery", is it not?
<???> Sorcery, you say?
<???> ...Lately, malicious spirits have run rampant across the entire globe.
<???> Malicious spirits... meaning "they who disorder the world of man"?
<???> Indeed.  I presume this is the spot with the greatest amount of sorcery.
<???> ...I have fulfilled my half of the bargain.
<???> Now it is time for you to fulfill yours, and tell me the truth.
<???> The truth?  What we just discussed is all of it.
<???> ...The distant future... the future you claim you time slipped from.
<???> Do you expect me to believe such nonsense?
<???> "Time slip" - that is, time-space travel.
<???> Labeling my words as "nonsense" is your prerogative.
<???> But do you actually believe that a man claiming the Bushin-Ryuu would
  lie in that fashion?
<???> ...
<???> That you and I met in that place called "Metro City" is somehow fated.
<???> Is it not that realization that prompted you to lead me here?
<???> It is as you say.
<???> Quantities of sorcery never before seen.  A rash of unsolved incidents.
  And visitors from other worlds through this "time slip" you speak of.
<???> Too many anomalies... and not enough information.
<???> At this moment, my allies are elsewhere, gathering information.
<???> They are on an isolated island called "Ibis".  Have you heard of it?
<???> Ibis Island.... there was once a major accident on that island, 
  somehow connected with research on a certain energy source.
<???> Energy source?
<???> All details are unknown.  Or rather, have never been made public.  That
  much is certain.
<???> It may well be worth the look.
<???> A truly infamous locale, then.
<???> I have no choice but to await contact from my captain.  However... are
  there any other places one might go for information?
<???> It is a bit of a journey, but there is no place better.
<???> ...?
<???> The home of the Giwano-Ryuu.  Though of a different school than our
  Bushin-Ryuu, they too bear the ancient blood of the ninja into present
<???> Their means of information should avail us.
<???> ...So, their location?
<???> ...Kiin Village, the Justice Private Academy.
<???> A house of learning.

{Infernal World... Tower of Druaga, 59th Floor}

<Druaga> Joker... you seem to be having all kinds of trouble.
<Joker> Goodness me, how terribly embarrassing.
<Joker> I was certain the dwellers of the Material World were of no account...
  I simply cannot understand.
<Druaga> Make haste.  We only have until the Abyss of Time is opened again.
<Druaga> Make haste, to restore my power and smite Gilgamesh...
<Joker> Dear me, what an impatient person.
<Joker> ("Before the Abyss of Time opens again"?)
<Joker> (That he's more worried about the opening than the closing... does this
  mean something else is still "inside"...?)
<???> Ee-hee-hee-hee... just look at you, Joker.
<???> I came 'cause I heard there was work, and look who I found.
<Joker> So, you've come.
<Joker> Since you've come this far, there's somewhere else I'd like you to go.
<???> Somewhere else?
<Joker> The Material World.
<Joker> How your tastes run I do not know, but there's a very adorable catgirl
  over there.
<???> What, my favorite?  Now don't that sound like fun.
<???> _That_ is worth slicing up!  Ee-hee-hee.
<Joker> I'll be away on business in the Divine World.  Have a good trip.
<???> The Divine World?  You after the goddess Ishtar or something?
<???> Ain't going for the big fish first puttin' the cart before the horse?
<Joker> Surely not.
<Joker> Even with all my cute power, I would be no match for her.
<Joker> All I mean to do is watch, very calmly, very quietly, from "beneath".
<Joker> And the mission I'm sending you on is part of that.
<???> Sneaking around?  I hate that shit.
<Joker> Now now, don't be like that.
<???> Well hey, maybe I can carve the story of looking for this little brat
  into her when I find her.  Could be fun.
<???> Wonder what that bitch Druaga's expression'll be.  Ee-hee-hee.
<Joker> ...
<Joker> What to do with the other women is up to you...
<Joker> But _that_ woman is to be left completely unharmed.  That MUST not be
<???> Whoa, man, scary.
<???> Quit tensin' up on me, I'z just joking.
<???> I just do my job around here, see?
<???> Ee-hee-hee-hee...
<Joker> ...
<Joker> Well, I thought this would be a bit easier...
<Joker> But maybe it's more fun this way... o ho ho ho.

{20XX A.D.... Outside the Gates of Justice Private Academy, Japan}

<Sakura> *panting*
<Sakura> Wow, we finally made it...
<Karin> *sigh*  Phew....
<Karin> I told you we should have chartered a helicopter.
<Karin> Why should *I* have to be thrown around in a train like the rest of
  the peasants, and then run a godforsaken marathon?
<Karin> At top speed, no less!
<Sakura> Come on, you know we couldn't have waited for a helicopter.  Plus,
  they scare me.
<Karin> Sakura, dear, we are _not_ wild boars.  Air travel _is_ the fastest
<Karin> Besides, look at this... this Kiin Village.  Who in their right mind
  would build a school in a god-forsaken spot like this?!
<Sakura> You're letting more and more of your prejudices slip, you know.
<Sakura> I mean hey, that clown monster thing vanished along the way, and we
  actually made it, didn't we?
<Karin> I swear, this girl...
<Karin> (It's as though she's already forgotten the fact that that clown was
  _after_ her life.)
<Sakura> Anyway, I gotta call Professor Shimazu.
<Karin> Well, you're correct that we've got to get proof quickly now that we
  have some idea what's behind the "sleeping sickness".
<Sakura> Right on!  And Teach said to let him know the moment we found out
<Karin> ...Oh well.
<Karin> So, Sakura.  Do you have an "appo"?
<Sakura> Huh?
<Karin> We're _only_ dealing with one of the cornerstones of Justice Academy.
<Karin> Raising a fuss at the gates is no way to get through.
<Karin> So first, we've got to use an appo to...
<Sakura> E-errr, ummm.... is this some pro wrestling thing?
<Karin> An APPO!  A-P-P-O-I-N-T-M-E-N-T!
<Karin> A meeting arrangement!
<Sakura> Umm...
<Sakura> Think it'll be okay if I don't?
<Karin> I swear, this girl....

{Material World, Outside the Gates of Justice Academy, Japan}

<Karin> I declare.  Handling everything directly is one of your strong points,
  but I do wish you would plan a bit farther ahead.
<Sakura> Hey, don't make me blush.
<Karin> That wasn't a compliment.
<Sakura> Anyways, don't get so upset, Kanzuki.  We're here, let's do what we
<Sakura> We can just, like, yell "please" and pound on the door.
<Karin> Wait a minute.  We can solve all this with a simple phone call.
<Sakura> Oh, right.
<Karin> By the way, let me point out that it's _Sunday_.  We have no idea if
  any of the teachers are even here.
<Karin> ...Oh?
<Sakura> What's wrong?
<Karin> I can't get through.  How could that be in this day and age?
<Karin> Nothing else for it then.  Wait a moment, Sakura.
<Sakura> ...?
<Karin> ...
<Sakura> Um... what happened?
<Karin> How very peculiar.
<Karin> I couldn't get through on the dedicated satellite line either.  How is
  that possible?
<???> ...
<Sakura> ...?!
<Karin> Sakura, what is it all of a sudden?
<Sakura> Something's wrong, Karin.
<Karin> Eh?
<Karin> Monsters!
<Sakura> They're not the ones whose presence I just felt!?
<Sakura> ...Which means they came with that clown!
<Karin> Sakura, it seems they're after you for real this time.
<Sakura> Well, aren't I little Miss Popularity.
<Karin> One might have preferred some ordinary gentlemen to this lot.
<Karin> Let's go!
<Sakura> Right!
<Sakura> (That presence I felt... it wasn't these monsters...)
<Sakura> (What was it...?)

[battle the spherical monsters]
  <Karin> These things simply never look worried!
  <Sakura> ...And look, there's a great big one...
  <Sakura> I think they're kinda cute.
  <Karin> Not again.
  <Karin> Anyway, let's get rid of them!

[enemies dwindle]
  <Karin> There's too few of them.
  <Sakura> You're right.  It's like they're... watching us.
  <Karin> ...Watching us?
  <???> Ee-hee-hee-hee, well ain't you sharp, little girlie.
  <Sakura> Where are you?!  Get out here on the double!
  <???> Ee-hee-hee, I got it, you must be the "sacrifice".
  <Sakura> And you must be friends with that clown.
  <???> Clown?  Oh, you must mean that dumbshit Joker.
  <???> I wouldn't say "friends"....  Call us business partners.
  <Janga> Name's Janga.  I was hopin' you'd come with me, missy.
  <Sakura> Are you kidding?
  <Sakura> Ever since I was a kid, everyone told me not to go around with
  <Janga> Hey, s'okay to bend the rules every now an' again.  Nothin' wrong
    with experiencin' a bit of... stuff.
  <???> ...Well this certainly won't do.  Trying to seduce young girls at
    the very gates of a hallowed house of learning.
  <???> If you want to woo women, I suggest something a bit more intelligent
    next time.
  <Janga> Huh?!?
  <Karin> Who might you be?!
  <Kyouko> Monsters, here?
  <Hideo> I see, so this is what all that ruckus was.
  <Sakura> Hey, it's Professor Shimazu!  And professor Minazuki!
  <Karin> Well, that certainly simplifies matters, doesn't it?
  <Hideo> Aren't you... from South Tamagawa High?
  <Sakura> Yes sir!  We've gotta tell you something about the "sleeping
  <Hideo> "Sleeping sickness"?!
  <Kyouko> Don't tell me you found out what causes it?!
  <Karin> Less a discovery of _what_ the cause is, and more a discovery of the
    agent of its dispersal.
  <Karin> A companion of that filthy were-cat over there, in fact.
  <Hideo> "Agent"...?  Do you mean to tell me this disease is being spread
  <Janga> Yo yo, quit chewin' the fat with my prey, old man!
  <Kyouko> This is one were-cat who apparently hasn't learned that we don't
    interrupt when others are talking.
  <Janga> Hey, keep sticking your nose where it don't belong with this 
    "sense of justice" shit, and yer gonna get hurt.  Ee-hee...
  <Hideo> This is nothing to do with justice or evil.
  <Hideo> Protecting students is the duty of every teacher!
  <Sakura> Professor Shimazu...
  <Karin> I hardly think we're weak enough to need protecting.
  <Kyouko> Children are supposed to listen when adults talk.
  <Kyouko> Well then, Professor Hideo.
  <Hideo> Let's do it, Professor Kyouko!
  <Janga> This's all BULLSHIT!

[the teachers enter the ring]
  <Kyouko> My, how cute.
  <Hideo> You mustn't be fooled by appearances.  This perilous atmosphere has
    my hairs on end.
  <Kyouko> I know.  Judging on appearances is a good way to get hurt.
  <Kyouko> And that applies to us too.

[our girls face the kitty cat]
  <Janga> Hey, I'm sure they won't mind if I chop off a little extra here
    and there.
  <Sakura> Where's that clown?!  Is he the one causing the "Sleeping Sickness"?
  <Janga> No fucking idea.  Come quiet-like and you might get to meet him.
  <Sakura> E-err...
  <Karin> Sakura!  Don't fall for something _that_ moronic!
  <Karin> We kick his ass, then beat it out of him.  Got it?

[Janga gets punished a bit]
  <Janga> Hey, you ain't half bad...  Just think of this as me havin' a bit of
  <Karin> Do you seriously expect to defeat us with that kind of naivete?
  <Sakura> Like hell you're gonna haul me off that easy!
  <Hideo> This needn't mean your life!  Leave here at once!
  <Kyouko> Oh, and before you go, why not tell us about this "sleeping
    sickness", okay, kitten?
  <Janga> Yer startin' to piss me off, getting all high and mighty just cause
    there's more of you than there are of me.  I swear, I can't fucking stand
    these pissants.
  <Janga> Fuck this!  This shit's only happening cause that dumb fuck told me
    to haul your ass back alive and not kill it instead!
  <Hideo> Hmm?!
  <Janga> I'm doing this _my_ way!  Ain't no one gonna complain's long as I
    leave a few of you alive.
  <Kyouko> Looks like he's lost it.
  <Janga> Now you get to find out why they call me Janga the Poison Claw!
  <Sakura> (He feels different...?)
  <Kyouko> Huh?!  More enemies?!
  <Hideo> What are monsters like that doing in front of our school?!
  <Karin> The timing's too good.
  <Janga> (Joker's hired help, huh?)
  <Janga> (That bastard... bet he expected this from square one.)
  <Janga> (Shit, I hate doing this, but I guess I better put 'em to good use.)
  <Janga> Oh, I almost forgot.
  <Janga> These guys're really handy with curses.
  <Janga> Bet it'd be fun if they got through that gate.  Ee-hee-hee.
  <Hideo> Hold it right there!  Do you think we would permit that?!
  <Hideo> Through that gate are 448 students...!
  <Janga> FUCK if I care!  Dumbass!!
  <Janga> I'm calling the fucking shots, old man!  Now get lost!
  <Hideo> Grr..rrr....
  <Janga> Course, you could always hand over the girls and I'll go easy on
  <Sakura> ...Urgh...
  <Janga> Not like I care.
  <Janga> Come with me on your own two feet, or like a corpse.  Don't matter
    none to me.
  <Karin> I can't believe this...!

[attack of the flying ninja death squad]
  <???> What villainy!  What depravity!
  <Sakura> ...?!
  <???> ...Never have I seen inequity like this!
  <???> I shall assist you!
  <Janga> Hey, what the fuck's your problem?!
  <Hideo> Who are you people?
  <Karin> That red dogi...!  You're a practitioner of Bushin-Ryuu ninjutsu...
    Gai, if I'm not mistaken.
  <Gai> ...Indeed.  I have come seeking master Giwano Raizou.
  <Gai> I am honor bound to assist!
  <Sakura> B-Bushin-Ryuu?
  <Hideo> Bushin-Ryuu Ninjutsu!  Principal Raizou has told me of you.
  <Hideo> "When those who would disorder the world of man appear, they are
    the war god's shadow."
  <Karin> You're well informed.  They, like Giwano-Ryuu, are one of the ninja
    schools handed down since antiquity.
  <Karin> That the Bushin-Ryuu have shown themselves means...
  <???> ...that a grave enough threat to world order has appeared.
  <Kyouko> You too?
  <Shou> My name is Ninja Commando Shou!  I, too, adhere to Bushin-Ryuu!
  <Janga> I don't know what the hell they're talking about, but I just got me
    more small fish to fry.
  <Janga> What a fucking pain in the ass...!  A pain in the goddamn ASS, got
  <Gai> A "pain in the ass"?
  <Gai> Such things are irrelevant to battle.
  <Gai> Only "victory" and "defeat" - "life" and "death" exist!
  <Gai> Test your might on me!

[ninjas versus beasties]
  <Shou> Don't get careless, Gai.
  <Shou> These are no mere dumb beasts - I see in them considerable
  <Gai> Yes.  These creatures come from outside this world's sphere of logic.
    I intend them no quarter!

[kitty versus teachers]
  <Janga> Yo, what's with the old fart all trying to act hot?!
  <Hideo> Age has nothing to do with fighting to protect what is important!
  <Janga> See, that's the shit I hate the most!
  <Kyouko> That's what's so wonderful about you, little kitten.
  <Hideo> Huh?  P-Professor Kyouko?
  <Kyouko> Oh, nothing.  Shall we, Professor Hideo?

[down with kitty!]
  <Janga> W-what the hell...?!
  <Gai> Those who disorder the world shall be struck down!
  <Janga> W-wait up!  Stop!  M-my bad, okay?  I'm sorry!  Gimme a break!
  <Karin> You should finish him off.
  <Sakura> Wait, the battle's already over!
  <Shou> Naive, little girl.  Behold his eyes - this one must be put to death
    at once.
  <Kyouko> Hold on a moment.  We have some questions for this kitten.
  <Hideo> Indeed.  Besides, laying hands on the defenseless is...
  <Janga> ...
  <Gai> Naive!
  <Janga> Right!  FUCK NAIVE!!
  <Sakura> Oww!
  <Karin> Sakura?!
  <Janga> I don't fucking care anymore!  Go to hell, bitch!!!

[a shadow crosses the battlefield]
  <Sakura> ...!!
  <Janga> O-owww.....
  <Janga> Who... the FUCK... are you...?!  Grr....rrrargh!!
  <???> Wretched, misbegotten filth.  Shame on your misdeeds!
  <???> Begone, degenerate!
  <Janga> I remember your face now!!

<???> ...
<Sakura> (_He's_ the one I felt...)
<Hideo> ...W-who are you?
<Shou> (What incredible bloodlust he possesses...!)
<Shou> All of you are in danger!  Withdraw!
<???> ...
<Gai> ...Gouki... You, Master of the Fist - what is the meaning of this?
<Karin> "The Master of the Fist"...?!  Impossible!
<Sakura> U-um...
<Gouki> ...
<Sakura> Thank you for saving me.
<Kyouko> (How...calm.)
<Gouki> Girl... go to Roppongi.
<Sakura> ...?!
<Gouki> ...There awaits a man you must meet.
<Sakura> A man I must meet...?  Could it be?!
<Gouki> ...
<Sakura> ...Is "he" in Roppongi...?


{20XX A.D., Roppongi, Japan}

<Felicia> Are we _there_ yet?
<Momo> Felicia, you've been saying that every five minutes.
<Momo> We'll be there in a jiffy.
<Regina> Looks like these so-called "stars" lack patience.
<Regina> This is nothing compared to walking a half day straight through 
  jungle and badlands.
<Felicia> Hey, it's not just stars.  _Normal_ people wouldn't be doing crazy
  stuff like that!
<Bruce> Now that you mention it, could I get an autograph or something?
<Bruce> Assuming your manager doesn't mind.
<King> ...I'm not her manager.
<Xiaomu> Gee, what a lively bunch we've got here.
<Reiji> ...Yeah, and we stand out like a handful of sore thumbs.
<Reiji> Anyway, Xiaomu... how about it?
<Xiaomu> No dice.  I still can't get through to HQ.
<Reiji> Damn...  What the hell's going on...?
<M.O.M.O. It looks like they can't get through.
<Nakamura> Most unfortunate, really.
<Nakamura> I seem to recall that lady who brought the monsters saying she was
  headed in the direction of "Shinra" too.
<Leilei> That big-breasted one sure seemed like she had something going on
  with Reiji.
<Momo> Umm, maybe... a forgirl?
<Shion> Forgirl?
<KOS-MOS> I believe that is a contraction for "former girlfriend".
<KOS-MOS> If, during cross-gender courtship, trouble should arise between the
  man and the woman...
<KOS-MOS> ...the woman is apparently known by this moniker to the man.
<Shion> Ah, I get it.  Thank you, KOS-MOS.
<Shion> (How the heck did that get in her database...?)
<Reiji> Hey, over there.  We've heard enough of that.
<Reiji> That's... not how I know her.
<Xiaomu> ...
<Fongling> ...I don't care if you don't want to talk about it, but I'd like
  you to make one thing clear.
<Fongling> ...She _is_ the "enemy", right?
<Reiji> ...There's no doubt about that.
<Reiji> It's just that I'd like to settle the score with her with my own hands.
<Xiaomu> Reiji, don't get so obsessed.
<Xiaomu> No good can... come of it...
<Reiji> ...
<Felicia> This really is serious, isn't it?
<King> Huh?  What's with the whispering?
<Felicia> Well, Miss Xiaomu seems really hip, right?
<Felicia> But when it comes to whatever happened with that woman, she clams
  right up...
<M.O.M.O.> So... what does that mean?
<Momo> I see... you mean she used to be his... and now...?
<Leilei> Smells fishy to me...  So there must have been some kinda major
  breakup?  And that's what makes her get so serious?
<Xiaomu> I hear you guys, 'kay?
<M.O.M.O.> U-um, f-for real?
<Xiaomu> Yo, little girl, you sure you know what that means?  'Course that's
  not it!
<Xiaomu> I swear, what is it with girls and all this dreaming about romance
<Reiji> (I don't want to get them mixed up in it... but at this rate I don't
  think I can avoid it.)
<Reiji> (I've got to settle things with that woman... pronto!)

{Meanwhile, in the South Sea, on the Isolated Ibis Island]

<Vega> (Ibis Island... No one's wanted to come all the way out here since that
  "Third Energy Overload" business.  And to think something so interesting
  would be happening here.)
<Vega> (This will work to my advantage... and bring me that much closer to
  perfecting the Psychodrive.)
<???> Heh heh... I never expected to find you here...
<???> Isn't changing the location of a date at the last minute against the
<Vega> Hmph.  This happened because you took your damn sweet time showing up.
<Vega> I'm a busy man.
<???> Well, what a terrible thing to say, after calling me all the way out
  to this hot, humid, _un_romantic island.
<???> Oh, about this island... Did you know that thanks to the Quakes, you can
  see all sorts of visitors from other worlds here?
<???> And from time to time... space can get very distorted.
<???> All kinds of things can happen here, you know?
<Vega> I'm well aware of that.  ...With monsters like you roaming around
  already, this place is hardly shocking.
<???> (...Like he can talk.)
<Vega> So tell me, you _are_ going to destroy a certain organization that
  keeps getting underfoot, right?
<???> Well, not not exactly _destroy_ it.
<???> Just let me handle it.
<Vega> I've already sent my best troops where you told me to.
<Vega> From the latest reports, only two Shinra agents are out and about...
  The rest are cooped up in their headquarters.
<???> (...The pipsqueak and that boy, huh?)
<Vega> Don't let this opportunity slide.
<Vega> Go.  ...Failure will not be tolerated.
<???> Yes SIR, Lord Vega!
<???> Gee, don't I sound just like a Shadowloo elite?
<???> Don't forget what you've promised when I succeed.
<Vega> _If_ you succeed.
<???> Inhospitable to a fault.  Every inch the evil overlord.
<???> Very well, my lord, I'm off!
<???> And stuff. Heh heh.
<Vega> Hmph!  I'll share no secrets of Psychodrive with some unpredictable
  monster like you.

{Meanwhile, In Roppongi, Japan}

<Chunli> These girls can sure run fast...!  I told you to halt!
<Cammy> ...How persistent.
<Yuuni> We've received a transmission from Lord Vega.
<Yuuni> We are to carry out our mission at once.
<Cammy> Acknowledged.
<Cammy> ...This woman is responsible for our timetable beginning to slip.  She
  has become an obstacle.
<Yuuri> Recommend complete elimination.
<Cammy> ...Remove all sources of distress, is it?
<Cammy> Eliminate her.
<Yuuni> Mission acknowledged.
<Yuuri> Mission: acknowledged.
<Chunli> Looks like they're finally ready to get it on.
<Chunli> (But, three on one.  Can I do it?)
<???> Come on now, how many old friends am I gonna run into today?
<Chunli> What...?!
<???> Yeah.  ...Hey, you okay?
<Ken> Yo!  Long time no see, sis!
<Ryuu> You look well, Chunli.
<Chunli> Ken... and Ryuu!?
<Chunli> What're you two doing here?!
<Yuuri> Personal data match: Ken Masters.
<Yuuni> The other is... Ryuu.
<Ken> Hey, save the autograph stuff for later.
<Ryuu> Ken, those shoulder pads...
<Ken> Heh heh, yeah I know.
<Ken> What the hell is Shadowloo using children like these for?
<Cammy> Remove them.

{Material World, In Front of Shinra Headquarters]

<Chunli> Ryuu, Ken, what _are_ you doing here?!
<Ryuu> ...I met Him.
<Chunli> ..."Him"?  Don't be grandiose, Ryuu, spit it out.
<Ken> Don't you get it?  There's only one man that makes Ryuu get that look 
  on his face.
<Chunli> Don't tell me...!  You saw the... the "Master of the Fist"?!
<Ryuu> ...
<Ken> This makes it twice now.
<Ken> So, we ran into some trouble on this boat, and after we got our butts
  out of it and went to our master's grave... there he was.
<Cammy> Time is running short.  Forward.
<Yuuni> Acknowledged.
<Yuuri> Mission: acknowledged.
<Chunli> Looks like there's no time to chat.
<Ken> Oh?  The rest's short.
<Ken> The bastard just said "Go to Roppongi".
<Chunli> Here?  Why here of all places?
<Ryuu> ...I don't know.  If nothing else, you're here.
<Chunli> ...
<Ken> Okay, _now_ let's save the rest.  Those missies over there look ready
  to throw down.
<Ken> And if there's one thing that messes up a good fat-chewing session, it's
<Chunli> ...Indeed.  Let's do it.
<Ryuu> ...
<Ryuu> (Gouki... What is it you want me to see?  What do you... want me to

[Ken tangles with with the spandex squad]
  <Ken> Hey, you're all pretty cute up close.
  <Ken> Let's not fight here, okay?
  <Yuuri> ...
  <Yuuni> ...
  <Cammy> Just eliminate him.
  <Ken> Well, I knew you'd say that... But once I get started, I can't hold

[Chunli does her part]
  <Chunli> Where's Vega?
  <Yuuri> ...
  <Yuuni> ...
  <Cammy> We are not obligated to answer that.
  <Chunli> That man wouldn't have you three hanging around here for nothing.
    There's something special about this place, isn't there?
  <Cammy> We are not obligated to answer that.
  <Chunli> Then I'll have to use force, won't I?

[Ryuu next]
  <Ryuu> Come...!
  <Yuuri> ...
  <Yuuni> ...
  <Ryuu> (What is this... disturbance in their ki?)
  <Cammy> ...
  <Ryuu> Looks like you're the only one I can actually chat with.
  <Ryuu> ...What are you waiting for?
  <Cammy> ...
  <Ryuu> You said you wanted to eliminate us.  But I certainly don't sense
    that you're serious about it.
  <Cammy> I am not obligated to answer that.

[rumble, rumble]
  <Ken> Hey, these three have better moves than I thought.
  <Yuuni> ...
  <Yuuri> ...
  <Chunli> Something bothers me about them.
  <Ryuu> Yeah.
  <Ken> Hmm?  What?
  <Ryuu> It feels like they're not stepping into their punches.  Half the
    impact is gone.
  <Ken> This's the first time they've fought us.  They're just trying to get
    their range right I bet.
  <Chunli> Yes... range.
  <Chunli> It feels less like they're fighting to win... and more like they're
    waiting for something.
  <Cammy> Is it time?
  <Yuuni> Very soon.  I have detected a different person than my data.
  <Yuuri> Situational analysis: numerous targets approaching.
  <Cammy> What...?

[newcomers aplenty]
  <Sakura> Umm... this is the place, right?
  <Karin> It certainly seems that way.
  <Karin> Especially given some familiar faces I see.
  <Ken> Hey, Ryuu!  It's that young lady from the Kanzuki Conglomerate, plus...
  <Ryuu> Sakura?!
  <Sakura> Ryuu!  It's Ryuu!
  <Sakura> The man that scary guy told me to meet really _was_ Ryuu!
  <Sakura> And Chunli's here too!
  <Chunli> Sakura?!
  <Karin> And Ken Masters too.  This is what I call an embarrassment of riches.
  <Karin> I wouldn't mind getting back for the defeat he handed me.
  <Ken> Ah, so I'm just an afterthought here, huh?
  <Ken> Sorry to tell you this, young lady, but you'll have to take a number.
  <Ken> This ain't the time for a friendly round of beating each other's brains
  <Cammy> ...
  <Hideo> Are you fighting?  ...With those tiny little girls?
  <Chunli> This kids are special agents produced by a certain syndicate.  I
    suggest you don't take them at face value.
  <Chunli> I want the civilians out of here, now!
  <Karin> I assume you mean the secret Shadowloo Society?
  <Chunli> ...?!
  <Karin> If so, I would hardly consider myself uninvolved.
  <Karin> How dare the Shadowloo think they can threaten Kanzuki?
  <Sakura> T-they did?
  <Yuuni> Target confirmed as the next head of the Kanzuki family: Kanzuki
  <Yuuri> Kanzuki Karin: Registered target for assassination.
  <Cammy> This isn't what I was told... what's going on?
  <Chunli> Looks like you were waiting for the wrong people.
  <Ryuu> We should end this fast.
  <Ryuu> If this gets any worse, it'll be damn hard to capture them unhurt.
  <Ryuu> And even if not, it'll take a lot of work.
  <Sakura> If Ryuu's fighting, so will I!
  <Sakura> They're bad girls, right?
  <Kyouko> ...What do you think, Professor Hideo?
  <Hideo> ...They may be from another school, but a student is a student.
  <Hideo> And I won't let them get mixed up in any mystery syndicate's
  <Kyouko> Well, that settles it.
  <Sakura> Thank you, Professor Shimazu, Professor Minazuki...!
  <Karin> I declare, what a pair of nursemaids.
  <Karin> Speaking of which... what became of those two ninja anyway?
  <Kyouko> They said something came up, and vanished.
  <Kyouko> Something about an "Eye.bis Eye Land"...
  <Chunli> (...Ibis Island?)
  <Cammy> While unforeseen, battle will continue until execution of the plan.
  <Yuuni> Acknowledged.
  <Yuuri> Mission: acknowledged.
  <Karin> Looks like they're headed our way.
  <Hideo> But we outnumber them... isn't this mere bullying on our part?
  <Hideo> I wonder if we can't somehow persuade them...
  <Ken> Hey, Teach, don't be so naive.
  <Chunli> Right.  Look at their eyes.  The syndicate specially trained them
    as assassins - that's who they really are.
  <Kyouko> So we've got to fight them to save them...
  <Kyouko> Unfortunate, but unavoidable, Professor Hideo.
  <Hideo> ...

[the enemy pounces anew]
  <Sakura> Huh?!  What's that?!
  <Ryuu> Monsters!
  <Ken> Yeah, and a different type than what we saw on the boat.
  <Ken> And there's an awful lot of them.
  <Cammy> ...They're here.
  <Chunli> (_This_ is what they were waiting for?!  What does Shadowloo have
    to do with monsters like these?!)

[Reiji and friends show up]
  <Reiji> Damn, they really are being held inside!
  <Xiaomu> Gee, another deluxe platter we've got here...
  <Ryuu> It's dangerous here!  You mustn't...
  <Bruce> Hey, it's that karate man from back there?!
  <Bruce> Plus the champ!  We meet again!
  <Ken> What _is_ it today?  Even fate couldn't fix things like this.
  <Fongling> Chunli...?!  Is that you, Chunli?!
  <Chunli> Well, if it isn't Fongling!  What's Security doing here?!
  <Fongling> I might ask you the same question.  ...We've got business with
    those girls.
  <Cammy> ...
  <Regina> Those shoulder pads...  I see, they're Shadowloo agents.
  <M.O.M.O.> Those are the people we met in Shibuya right after coming to
   this world, right?
  <Xiaomu> So, I figured something like this would happen...
  <Xiaomu> But man, an uproar like this right in front of HQ?
  <Xiaomu> Not to mention all the familiar faces.
  <Reiji> The better question is... where's everyone else?
  <Reiji> The other members must realize what's going on around here...
  <Xiaomu> Hmm?  Now that you mention it... you're right.
  <Xiaomu> What are they, asleep at the switch?
  <KOS-MOS> Please exercise caution.
  <KOS-MOS> A time-space distortion field is present at the center of this
  <Shion> Wait, KOS-MOS?!  Does that mean we'll be...?
  <KOS-MOS> It appears not to affect life forms.  But due to the directed
    distortion field, entry into this area from a specific direction is
  <King> I don't think I got that.
  <Reiji> It means you've got to follow a specific route to get here.
  <Karin> Don't be absurd!
  <Karin> This is the twenty first century!  Not some cheap sci-fi novel...
  <Regina> Yes, it is.
  <Regina> At least, from what I saw at the Third Energy lab.
  <Regina> What I want to know is, how is that possible without some kind of
  <Leilei> It can be done with sorcery or Mysticism.
  <Felicia> Right.  Anakaris was good at that stuff.
  <Reiji> The Way of Ying-Yang includes a similar technique.
  <Reiji> My dad told me all about how skilled the "Ouma" were at it.
  <Xiaomu> The "Ouma"...!
  <Xiaomu> Is _that_ why the streets around the Mishima Building and the
    Namco Theater were empty?!
  <Reiji> That's right.  That's goddamn right.  Rrrgh...
  <Reiji> Okay, get your ass out here!  We fell for your trap hook, line and
  <Xiaomu> Reiji?!

[enemy lady, back on the scene]
  <???> Come on, little boy, no need to proclaim it so loudly.
  <???> A bit uncool, I'd say.
  <Reiji> ...Like I care.
  <Reiji> I've got a job to do.  ...Let's settle this right here, right now.
  <???> Ooh, I love a young man who loves his job.
  <???> What a fine partner you've got, little one.
  <Xiaomu> Hmph... you still haven't figured it out, have you?
  <???> ...?
  <Cammy> How long do you insist on wasting our time?
  <Cammy> How will you take responsibility for leading them here?
  <???> Oh come now, don't be so angry.
  <???> Good to see you so hard at work.
  <Cammy> These are Vega's orders.  I'm not here for a bitch like you.
  <Kyouko> ....Wait, what're we talking about now?
  <Hideo> Who's that lady...?
  <Hideo> D-drat... I'm having trouble keeping my eyes on my work...
  <Nakamura> That lady is the monsters' commander.
  <Nakamura> Though she certainly is easy on the eyes... ha ha ha...
  <Kyouko> Professor Hideo...
  <Momo> Mister Nakamura...
  <Hideo> N-no no no, that's not what I meant!
  <Nakamura> R-r-right!
  <Nakamura> Ahem.
  <Nakamura> What's certain is that we must fight her.
  <Nakamura> Well then - Trans...form!
  <Berabou Man> Berabou... at your service!
  <Momo> U-umm.... T-transfooooorm!
  <Wonder Momo> Wonder Momo.... will do her best!
  <???> My, how adorable.  Is _that_ how you got into that outfit?
  <???> ...Seemed a bit awkward, but hey.
  <Wonder Momo> Well, I'm not used to transforming yet, and...
  <Ken> So, we're sure that this is the enemy?
  <Ryuu> Can't you feel it, Ken?
  <Ryuu> I can't sense any ki flowing from her at all...
  <Ryuu> What I sense is something else... some other kind of waves...
  <???> What a very interesting thing to say.
  <???> Hmmmm.... so there's something within you too, I'd say.
  <???> Maybe that's how you knew.  Maybe.
  <Sakura> Huh?  Mister... Ryuu?
  <Ken> (...That little...)
  <Ryuu> ...
  <???> Well, whatever.  Let's get this show on the road then.
  <???> We've already bought a lot of time - now we just need a little more.
  <Reiji> What did you say?!
  <Cammy> Understood.  Advance.
  <Yuuni> Acknowledged.
  <Yuuri> Acknowledged: continuing combat.
  <Xiaomu> Buying time...?!
  <Xiaomu> What, your contract with Shadowloo has a time limit or something?
  <Reiji> ...
  <Reiji> That's not it.  It's just like back "then"...!
  <Reiji> We fucking blew it...!
  <Reiji> Everyone, after that woman!  We're probably already almost too
    late!  Hurry!
  <Xiaomu> It can't be!
  <Felicia> Huh?  Huh?  What's going on?
  <Shion> I don't understand.  What do you mean too late?!
  <Reiji> Just do it!  Get her!
  <???> My, it's such a sin to be this popular.
  <Reiji> (Why didn't I realize sooner...?!)
  <Reiji> (Is what happened then, ten years ago, repeating?!)

[main characters clash with the new lackeys]
  <Xiaomu> Great, a high level weasel beastie.  I've seen them before, and
    they're always trouble.
  <Reiji> We've got no time to waste on them.
  <Reiji> We're only after... her!

[Xenosaga crew do too]
  <Shion> Is it just me, or are there more of them every time we see them?
  <M.O.M.O.> This is the first time we've seen an orange one...
  <Shion> Momo, keep gathering data on them.
  <Shion> Here we go...!
  <M.O.M.O.> Got it! 

[Shadowloo girls beginning to falter]
  <Yuuni> Difficulty continuing combat.  Retreating as per original plan.
  <Chunli> Original...?  Hold it!
  <Yuuni> ...
  <???> Gee, we've lost so many of the poor little scythe guys.
  <Cammy> Those monsters are of no help whatsoever.
  <Yuuri> Battle status: disadvantaged.
  <???> Well, they _did_ try.
  <???> Looks like the time has come.
  <Reiji> Damn, time's up...!
  <Ryuu> What's got you so riled up?
  <Sakura> Yeah!  We've got the upper hand!
  <Xiaomu> That ain't the problem!
  <Xiaomu> Hey, robot smart-mouth over there!  What's the space-time
  <Shion> Huh?  Who's she taking to...?
  <KOS-MOS> The spacetime distortion has enlarged.
  <KOS-MOS> Exact boundaries impossible to calculate.
  <Shion> ...
  <Xiaomu> I knew it...!
  <Xiaomu> Bad news kiddies, what's she's after is...!
  <Reiji> HURRY!  Get her!!
  <???> It's a shame to do this without telling you my name, but it really is
    game over time.
  <???> You kids, get lost.  And say hi to your boss for me.
  <Cammy> Acknowledged.  Retreating.
  <Cammy> (Why is Lord Vega working with someone like her...?)
  <Yuuri> Acknowledged: retreating.
  <Bruce> They ran away...?  Hold it!
  <Fongling> Bruce, we've got to take care of this first!
  <Leilei> Follow them and you'll get cut down.  I swear, you really are a
  <Chunli> At least think that far ahead!  ...You really are a donggua!
  <Xiaomu> Man, I haven't heard the word "donggua" in ages.
  <Bruce> If the goddamn People's Republic would _kindly_ shut up!
  <Reiji> She let her companions escape...!
  <Reiji> Bruce, we need everyone after her!  Don't try to pursue the Shadowloo
  <Reiji> (Shit... we're not gonna make it!)

[schoolgirls charge!]
  <???> My my, how brave.  You little ladies are adorable.
  <Sakura> Oh, not really.
  <Karin> Sakura...
  <Sakura> Just kidding!  I know she's dangerous!
  <???> Heh...

[a lesson from the teachers on "kamaitachi"]
  <Hideo> Is this a Japanese monster?!
  <Kyouko> A Scythe-Weasel... just as its name implies.
  <Hideo> A weasel with scythes... or rather, that was the image they
    came up with later.
  <Kyouko> Oh?  Really?
  <Hideo> If a man wields a sword, he's a "Swords-Man".
  <Hideo> It was originally read in a single breath, strong enough to open
    wounds by its very sound, but the pronunciation was mangled to 
  <Kyouko> Ah, and they came up with the image afterwards.  I see now.
  <Sakura> Wow, I didn't know that!  Did you, Kanzuki, did you?
  <Karin> ...Sakura.
  <Sakura> Okay, I get it.  Geez.
  <Sakura> Professor, don't let it beat you!

[Ken enters combat too]
  <Ken> Hey there, little lady.  I bet you're planning something really
    bad, aren't you?
  <???> Gee, what _are_ you talking about?
  <Ken> You don't gotta play dumb.
  <Ken> What you said to Ryuu... do you realize what you're talking about?
  <???> Hmmm, good question.  What do you think?
  <Ken> ...

[More from Reiji and Xiaomu]
  <???> Heh heh, you're really getting into this.  Did you become a fan of
    mine, little boy?
  <Reiji> Say what you want.  I'm going to destroy you, no matter what.
  <???> Ooh, I haven't had anyone say that to me in a long time.
  <???> In fact, it was a Shinra agent, and he really did destroy me.
  <???> Mind you, that agent died.
  <Reiji> ...
  <Xiaomu> ...I hadn't expected you to take that so calmly.
  <???> ...?
  <Reiji> Who cares.  Let's do it.
  <???> (That scar on his head.... no, it couldn't be...)

[super heros in action]
  <Wonder Momo> We're gonna defeat you!
  <???> You talk pretty big, considering your lousy transformation.
  <Wonder Momo> I-I just haven't practiced enough!
  <Berabou Man> Don't let her get you into her pace.
  <???> You're the one who was undressing me with his eyes.
  <Berabou Man> Well, you see... that is...
  <Berabou Man> Of course I was.  I have to content myself with this battle,
    after all.
  <???> I think I like you.  Bring it on, hero.

[is the mystery lady defeated?]
  <???> I... O-oh no....!
  <Reiji> We got you...!
  <Reiji> ...and just in time too.
  <Xiaomu> Man, I was worried there for a sec...
  <King> That's the three-count.  Battle's over.
  <King> I've got a lot to ask you.
  <Wonder Momo> U-umm...
  <Wonder Momo> Are you... really his... forgirl?
  <Xiaomu> You call _that_ your first question?!
  <Chunli> Tell us about your connection to Shadowloo.
  <Chunli> Also, Vega's whereabouts.... You'll talk even if we have to use
  <Ken> Hey, calm down.
  <???> Yes, do calm down.
  <???> ...I guess it's too late.
  <Reiji> W-what'd you say?!
  <???> It's too late, little boy.
  <Berabou Man> W-what is going on?!
  <M.O.M.O.> T-the time-space distortion is.... coming from that central
  <Reiji> What?!  Not from... within HQ underground?!
  <Xiaomu> You planned this, didn't you, you fink!
  <???> Heh.. heh heh heh...
  <???> What do you mean "planned"?  This was the _plan_ the whole time!
  <Kyouko> C-can't... move...
  <Hideo> P-Professor... Kyouko...
  <Hideo> W-what on earth is this... light...
  <Sakura> What?!?  P-Professor Shimazu!  Professor Minazuki!
  <Karin> Sakura!  We've got to get out of-
  <Karin> A-ah!!!
  <Sakura> Ryuu!!
  <Ryuu> W-what's going on?!
  <Ryuu> They... vanished?!
  <Ken> Yo, what the hell's going on!  Explain!
  <KOS-MOS> Very well.  The spacetime distortion field has altered the 
    horizon of baseline reality, in other words...
  <Shion> K... KOS-MOS!
  <Felicia> That was too long!  I didn't get a thing!
  <Felicia> W-whoa...!
  <King> Felicia!  Hang onto me!
  <Shion> I-it can't be!
  <Shion> Momo, situation report!  What on earth is...?
  <M.O.M.O.> Uuum, w-well, you see...
  <Leilei> That didn't help either!
  <Fongling> We've gotta run!  This way!
  <Fongling> A-ahhhh!!
  <Chunli> Fongling!?
  <Chunli> Is _this_.... is this what Shadowloo wanted?!
  <Ken> Shit!  What the hell is this?!
  <Ryuu> (Gouki...!)
  <Ryuu> (Is this what you wanted me to do?!  Even at the cost of involving
    those girls?!)
  <Bruce> Oh... shit...!
  <Bruce> Can't... fucking... move...
  <Regina> It's like the waves are... drawing us... in...
  <Regina> Just like at the lab on... Ibis Island...!
  <Berabou Man> Everyone!  Oh my God...!
  <Wonder Momo> Mister... Berabou!
  <Berabou Man> Kanda... Momo....
  <Berabou Man> How could I... involve you in something like this....
  <Reiji> Arr...rrgh...
  <???> Boy, you're the last ones.
  <???> And little one?  I win this time.
  <Xiaomu> Don't... be so... sure...
  <???> ...?
  <Reiji> It was like this "last time" too... Put a Dimension Seal on Shinra
    HQ... and with no interference... you do the laundry...
  <???> You got it.  To Ouma members like me, you Shinra are the biggest-
  <???> -Hey, wait a minute!
  <???> How'd you know about "then", about what happened ten years ago?!
  <Xiaomu> Yes... it's been... ten years.  The blink of an eye to us.
  <Xiaomu> But ten years means something different to the humans.
  <Xiaomu> Even though time healed his wound, the meaning behind it...
    never changed...!
  <???> Ten years... and that "scar"... boy, you... can't be...!
  <Reiji> Rrrr....rrargh!
  <???> He can move inside the Dimension Seal?
  <Xiaomu> ...Ten whole years.
  <Xiaomu> What'd you think I was teaching him all this time, how to knit?!
  <???> I didn't... I didn't forget that battle either!
  <???> ...
  <Reiji> ...You're the one person I...!
  <???> My, what a surprise...
  <???> I stuck my "Edge" right into your head, and yet you survived.
  <???> The little boy's grown up to be quite a man.
  <Reiji> I went on living for this moment.
  <???> Are you sure about this, boy?
  <???> You know what happens if you pull the trigger now, don't you?
  <Reiji> ...
  <???> The Dimension Seal gets cancelled.  And all that power has to find
    somewhere else to go.  No telling what happens then...
  <???> And that includes all those friends who just got blown elsewhere.
  <Reiji> ...And if I said I'd pull the trigger anyway?
  <???> Heh heh, no, you couldn't pull it.
  <???> Not as long as the blood of Arisu Shougo flows in your veins.
  <Reiji> ...
  <???> And that... is why he died...
  <Reiji> .........
  <Reiji> Dad... I'm sorry.
  <Xiaomu> Reiji!!  Why didn't you fire!
  <Xiaomu> We... we've never had a chance like this before!
  <Reiji> ...
  <???> See?  I told you.
  <???> How does this naivete get around?  Genetics?
  <Reiji> ...Maybe it does.
  <Reiji> But that naivete destroyed you once... and severed the biggest
    Quake of them all.
  <???> ...!
  <Reiji> This time's no different.  You... you'll be destroyed in the end.
  <Reiji> And I'll be the one pulling the final trigger.
  <Xiaomu> ...
  <???> You _have_ become quite the man, haven't you.  Enough for a girl like
    me to fall for.
  <???> ...My name's Saya.  Boy, what's yours?
  <Reiji> ...Reiji.  Arisu Reiji.
  <Saya> I'll have to remember that, boy.
  <Saya> I think this's the last time we'll ever meet, but if this ever
    happens again...
  <Saya> Maybe I will let you pull the trigger last.
  <Reiji> Isn't that... felicitous.


{Divine Realm, Temple of Ishtar}

<Reiji> U-...uhhhh....
<M.O.M.O.> I think he woke up!  Arisu!
<Reiji> Where am I...?  Uhhh...
<Kyouko> Show me that scar.  ...Deep, but very old.
<Kyouko> I don't think it opened...  Are you okay?
<Xiaomu> You don't haveta worry that much.  He's just taking his sweet time
   getting up.
<Xiaomu> This guy's _always_ had the hardest time getting out of bed.  Needs
  me to get him up every day.
<Leilei> Whoa, that's a surprise.  I kinda figured it was the other way around.
<Xiaomu> Heh heh, don't be too quick to judge.
<Reiji> It's only cause she hangs out on the Internet all night...
<Reiji> ...and then sleeps all day.  Not something I'd be proud of.
<Bruce> Good to see we're back to normal.
<Nakamura> You were the last ones to appear here... are you sure you're
<Reiji> Appear?  ...Right!  Where are we?!
<King> We have no bloody idea.
<Felicia> Well, the buildings look kinda Greek, don'tcha think?
<Felicia> Check out that chair over there.
<Hideo> ....I'm not so certain about that.  Though it's clear we're no longer
  in Japan.
<Hideo> And what of that throne-like object?  Hmm....
<Kyouko> Looks like my cel phone's out of range...  Or maybe it's being 
<KOS-MOS> All radio frequencies are clear.  More precisely, I cannot detect
  any radio frequency energy at all.
<KOS-MOS> Specifically, I detect the complete absence of all radio traffic.
<Regina> Complete absence?  How could that be?
<Regina> Even the airwaves of South America's jungles are full of radio
  waves nowadays.
<M.O.M.O.> What KOS-MOS is saying... is true.
<M.O.M.O.> I can't sense any radio traffic either.
<Reiji> I guess that leaves one explanation.
<Momo> Do you know what's going on?
<Xiaomu> Remember those out-of-this-world monsters?  Flip that.
<Momo> ...?
<Reiji> She means that _we_ have come to their world.
<Felicia> What?!  There is such a thing?!
<King> ...Where do you think _you_ came from?
<Felicia> Oh.  Right.  ....But I didn't come from this place.
<Reiji> This must be yet another world.
<M.O.M.O.> You mean... a "Dimensional Transfer"?
<Shion> No way...
<Regina> Once upon a time, a certain experiment in energy generation made
  things from the distant past, sixty five million years ago, appear in 
  modern times.
<Regina> It can happen.
<Bruce> Third Energy, huh?
<Bruce> If these "dimensional walls" are what separate past and future...
<Bruce> I don't see why getting thrown into another world couldn't happen.
<Sakura> I don't get it.  So, what made us come here?
<Sakura> Hey, Ryuu...
<Sakura> ...huh?  Ryuu?!
<Sakura> Ryuu's... not here?!
<Sakura> What, didn't _all_ of us get sent here?!
<Reiji> What...?!  Who was there in Roppongi who isn't here now?!
<Fongling> Chunli's not here either.
<Karin> Neither is Ken Masters.
<KOS-MOS> There are no other life signs in the vicinity.
<Leilei> Aiyaa, looks like they got lost.
<Sakura> No way... and after I finally got to meet him!
<Sakura> I sure hope he's okay...
<Nakamura> Now, now... why don't we leave this place and search?
<Nakamura> Maybe we'll figure out what to do next, and... Ken and Ryuu, was it?
  Perhaps they're somewhere nearby?
<Hideo> Good thinking.  Since there seems to be nobody here, action is our
  only option.
<Karin> My, you make it sound so easy.
<Karin> Not that we have any other choice.
<Sakura> I'm worried about Ryuu and the others.  Let's hurry!
<Reiji> Yeah... nothing for it but to pool our info and figure out what the
  heck's going on.
<Kyouko> Including your relationship with that enemy woman.
<Shion> Right, your... forgirl?
<Reiji> What're you talking about?
<Reiji> Her??  Gimme a break.
<Felicia> But didn't Xiaomu step in after...?
<Felicia> Man, Reiji, you must be really obsessed.
<Leilei> So what you're saying is, he got totally dumped, and went after the
  total opposite woman instead?
<Momo> Ah, I get it.  Man, this is deep.
<Xiaomu> Hey, guys?  Give it a rest, okay?
<Xiaomu> (Totally dumped?  That ain't the half of it...)

{Infernal World... Throne Room, Infernal Village}

<Joker> Well, that's about the size of it...  Things have become quite
  interesting, Emperor Astaroth.
<Astaroth> So, the door to the Material World has finally opened?  Now we can
  travel freely between the four realms.
<Joker> That Material World has many amusements.  I enjoyed it immensely.
<Joker> There were many life forms brimming with unforeseen potential.
<Red Aleemar Joker> You mean those beings possessing the "Devil Factor" that
  this Zabel brought back?
<Joker> ...!
<Astaroth> What...?
<Joker> News certainly travels fast for you, I see.
<Joker> This man... Mishima or whatever... may be a dweller of the Material
  World, but his "Devil Factor" makes him very close to us.
<Astaroth> Is that so?  And?
<Joker> I thought that was interesting, so I had him bodily abducted, but...
<Red Aleemar Joker> ...But?  Did something happen?
<Joker> Perhaps the word is... awakening...
<Joker> Maybe it was the energies of the Infernal World....  No sooner had he
  regained consciousness, than he went and flew off somewhere.
<Joker> After going on a righteous little rampage.
<Astaroth> Rampage, you say?
<Joker> I declare, I was amazed by his power.
<Joker> Certainly far too good to simply let escape.  Of course, part of that
  was the carelessness of Druaga's guards.
<Joker> ...Not that I was counting on them for much.
<Red Aleemar Joker> Joker, aren't you one of Druaga's servants?
<Red Aleemar Joker> You sure as hell don't sound like it.
<Joker> Do you plan on reporting that to Lord Druaga?
<Joker> I wouldn't have figured you for a tattle-tale... Oh ho ho ho.
<Red Aleemar Joker> ...Hmph.
<Astaroth> Heh heh.... that is of no concern.  I think I'll make this
  Mishima mine.
<Joker> That's about the size of it.  I believe you'd do well to listen.
  Oh ho ho ho ho.
<Joker> If Your Excellence will excuse me.
<Astaroth> This Tower of Druaga... must be dealt with sooner or later.  
  Perhaps I should hasten a few of my pawns...
<Astaroth> Red Aleemar Joker...
<Red Aleemar Joker> Lord Astaroth... I will be tailing "that man".
<Astaroth> He still concerns you?  Leave him be - his day is over.
<Astaroth> This Infernal Village has garnered the power of that accursed
  Druaga, capable of repulsing even the Maiden Knight...
<Astaroth> No lone knight could stand in our way.
<Astaroth> You are to look after Mishima.
<Red Aleemar Joker> Your lordship, I have already sent my men after him.
<Red Aleemar Joker> I shall embark.
<Astaroth> Hard-headed as always.  Why must he get so obsessed?

{Divine World, Temple of Ishtar}

<Reiji> Hmmm... we're not making any headway.
<Xiaomu> I just don't get it...
<Xiaomu> ...But one thing's clear - we are _not_ in Kansas anymore.
<Xiaomu> This is one fine mess that fox lady got us into.
<M.O.M.O.> That woman... who is she?
<Reiji> ...The enemy.
<Shion> Momo... everyone has things they'd rather not talk about.
<M.O.M.O.> I... understand.
<Reiji> ...
<KOS-MOS> Heat sources approaching.  Apparently separate from the returned
  reconnaissance group.
<Xiaomu> Maybe they found something?
<Nakamura> We're back.
<Reiji> Thanks for your help, Nakamura.
<Reiji> So, any luck?
<Felicia> Like I _told_ you, that won't turn him on!
<Leilei> Yeah, well... forcing things underground all the time ain't love
<Leilei> You've got to look where your partner's going too.
<Momo> So, as long as they like each other, age won't matter any more, right?
<Felicia> AH hah hah hah!  Momo, you are _soo_ naive!
<Reiji> (Don't tell me they haven't dropped that yet.)
<Xiaomu> Hey, kiddies, you _are_ actually searching stuff, right?
<Nakamura> Please don't misunderstand.
<Fongling> Well, _I_ certainly can't tell if they're serious or not.
<King> At least three of us have kept our eyes open...

<Bruce> We're back.
<Regina> Not a trace of anyone... it's like a world of solitude.
<Sakura> No dice...
<Reiji> How'd it go?
<Karin> Just as Sakura said.
<Karin> Where the heck are we, anyway?
<Hideo> That said, the air is unbelievably clear, and beautiful Mother Nature
  is everywhere.
<Hideo> I must say I'm quite fond of this place.
<Kyouko> I wouldn't mind taking another walk around... just the two of us.
<Hideo> P-Professor Kyouko?  W-well.... my goodness....ha ha ha....
<Shion> M-mister Arisu...
<Reiji> Don't say another word.  I get it.
<Reiji> I wish people would get a bit more uptight about all this...
<KOS-MOS> There is no need to worry about that.
<M.O.M.O.> It looks like we've got no choice but to worry...
<Xiaomu> Say what?

<Shion> What're those?  Enemies?!
<Karin> They certainly don't look like good neighbors.
<King> Felicia, have you seen these guys before?
<Felicia> Nope, not these masked guys.  But it sure feels like they wanna hurt
<KOS-MOS> Insufficient historical data about these adversaries.
<Xiaomu> What a pain...!
<Reiji> Just be grateful they didn't attack when we were all split up.
<Reiji> Let's do it.  We might just learn something out of all this.

[Xenosaga girls attack]
  <KOS-MOS> These adversaries are a different type from any we have faced.
  <Shion> These're like some kind of floating mask...
  <Shion> What is it with this world?
  <M.O.M.O.> But Shion, what about those blobby gel monsters?
  <KOS-MOS> As long as physical attacks have an effect, I do not believe 
    the enemy's form matters.
  <Shion> She's got a point.
  <Shion> You two catch on pretty quick...

[the return of the karate guy]
  <KOS-MOS> Heat source approaching.
  <Xiaomu> Well, this _is_ enemy territory.
  <Xiaomu> Can you tell how many there are?
  <KOS-MOS> One.
  <Reiji> One?!
  <Jin> Finally, another person... Hmm?!
  <Hideo> A young man?  He certainly _appears_ human.
  <Kyouko> You never know, Professor Hideo.
  <Kyouko> It could be a monster in human form...
  <Fongling> Kazama Jin!  You again?!
  <Leilei> He sure has a thing for dramatic entrances.  Don't tell me he was
    waiting for this moment.
  <Jin> No, just coincidence.
  <Regina> What do you mean, "coincidence"?  Where have you been?
  <Jin> I have absolutely no idea.
  <Jin> I've been walking for nearly two hours...
  <Sakura> U-umm...!  You didn't happen to see a couple guys in white and
    red karate outfits, did you?  Or a girl in a blue china dress?
  <Jin> Huh?
  <Bruce> Those two karate guys we saw on the boat.
  <Bruce> You probably don't know the china dress chick.
  <Jin> No, you're the first people I've met.
  <Jin> Apart from that...
  <Karin> Those round things...!
  <Wonder Momo> It's those cute monsters that keep popping up!
  <Jin> Damn, they followed me.
  <Jin> These things started following me as soon as they saw me.  They're the
    only other thing I've seen.
  <Berabou Man> Ah yes.  Please tell me one thing.
  <Berabou Man> What became of the man you were chasing away from the
    Mishima Building - the one with a black suit like mine?
  <Jin> I followed him all the way to Shibuya... and then lost him.
  <Jin> And then my vision got blurry all of a sudden, and the next thing I
    knew, I was here.
  <Reiji> (Shibuya?!)
  <King> We should save the rest for later.
  <King> I don't know what's going on, or where we are, but our enemies are
  <Felicia> You're right, King.  Let's kick their butts!
  <Jin> Yeah.  I'm responsible for leading them here anyway.
  <Jin> I want in on the fighting.
  <Reiji> ...
  <Xiaomu> Whaddya think, Reiji?
  <Reiji> Why Shibuya...?  That Dimension Seal should only affect a limited
  <Xiaomu> Maybe this's an exception?  Or maybe it's 'cause he's special...
  <Xiaomu> Now you've got me curious.  Is he one cool dude or what?

[our superheroes fight the balloon monsters]
  <Berabou Man> These opponents... that round clown brought them, didn't he?
  <Berabou Man> Perhaps this really is his home ground.
  <Wonder Momo> Some of them have shields and... missiles...
  <Berabou Man> Well, our arsenal includes extending limbs and throwing
    rings after all.
  <Berabou Man> It's only fair.

[o/~ I'm blue, da ba dee da ba da...]
  <Devil Kazuya> ...
  <Kyouko> A... demon?!
  <Xiaomu> About time somebody looked the part around here.
  <Xiaomu> Now _this_ is more like what I expected from the first level of
  <Sakura> Huh?!  Is this the first layer of Hell?!
  <Karin> I can't entirely refute that anymore.
  <Karin> Sakura, concentrate.
  <King> It certainly is a demon.  ...But, where have I seen...?
  <Jin> ...It's you!
  <Devil Kazuya> At last I'm free...
  <Reiji> It can talk...?  Looks like it's not like the others.
  <Leilei> I bet this thing's gonna be real trouble.
  <Fongling> You know this thing?
  <Leilei> No, but I sense an awful lot of power in it.
  <Felicia> Demitri?  His head's similar, but that's not him.
  <KOS-MOS> It is likely human.
  <Shion> Huh?!  Wait a second, KOS-MOS.
  <Shion> Just look at it!  That's gotta be...
  <KOS-MOS> Structural composition is a 78% human match.
  <KOS-MOS> Other features impossible to analyze.
  <Wonder Momo> U-ummm.... Maybe he's... cosplaying?
  <M.O.M.O.> Judging from his structural makeup, perhaps he's something
    like a cyborg.
  <Jin> ...That's not what he is.
  <Bruce> Wait a sec, you know this guy?
  <Jin> ...
  <Regina> More of them?!  And all with wings!
  <Hideo> I'd say... all of them seem like "demons" too.
  <Reiji> Plus some skeletons.  What the hell?
  <Berabou Man> They don't appear to be acting like his companions, however.
  <Devil Kazuya> ...Stay out of my way.
  <Devil Kazuya> I wish to test this power...
  <Devil Kazuya> Yes... there is a worthy opponent here.  You, Kazama Jin.
  <Jin> Yeah, I was just thinking the same thing.
  <Xiaomu> Looks like there's some history here.
  <Xiaomu> (Huh?  Don't that demon and the kid look kinda alike?)
  <Reiji> Well, we know it's an enemy at least.
  <Reiji> ...Guess we've gotta settle this by force.  Let's do it!
  <Devil Kazuya> Yes... come and get me...!
  <Jin> It's on!

  <Devil Kazuya> ...
  <Jin> Mishima Kazuya... tell me one thing.
  <Jin> Why did you... why did you assume that form, and appear here...?!
  <Devil Kazuya> It's been a very long time... waiting for my Factor to
  <King> Mishima...?!
  <King> Now I remember.  My godfather, the previous King, once told me about
    a master of Mishima-Ryuu Karate...!
  <Karin> I've seen the files.
  <Karin> Mishima Conglomerate's "Cold-Blooded Heir"...  Apparently even his
    father had some trouble with him at one point.
  <Karin> However...
  <Fongling> Right.  Almost twenty years ago, Mishima Kazuya entered the
    King of Iron Fist tournament...
  <Fongling> And went missing right afterwards.
  <Jin> ...It's been twenty-one years.
  <Bruce> Wanna tell us what happened?
  <Berabou Man> Yes... and how did he end up in that dreadful form?
  <Jin> Later.  ....We can chat all we want over his corpse.
  <Devil Kazuya> Heh heh... can you really do it?  Can you take me down...?
  <Devil Kazuya> ...
  <Devil Kazuya> ...Defeat me?  You puny human...
  <Xiaomu> What's with the different "me"'s?  Pick one!
  <Jin> Who cares!  Demolish him...!
  <Reiji> Well, it's clear these guys have a major beef.
  <Reiji> ...Not that I'm in any position to talk.  I'm pretty sure we can't
    stop him now, no matter what we say.
  <Reiji> Let's do it.
  <Jin> ...

[the Shinra confront the demons]
  <Reiji> These look like some kind of Western demons.
  <Xiaomu> My specialty's the Eastern ones.  I mean, don't you hate how the
    Western ones just don't have any _style_?
  <Reiji> And you're saying you do?
  <Reiji> ...Look, quit blabbing and get ready.  We're taking these guys

[teachers to the fore]
  <Kyouko> First we had Japanese monsters, now we've got Western demons.
  <Kyouko> This feels like a nightmare, Professor Hideo.
  <Hideo> Indeed it does.  But somehow I doubt it will all be over when we
    open our eyes.
  <Hideo> But there is one advantage this has over a nightmare: your own
    strength may just be able to save you.

[clash of the bad hair dudes]
  <Jin> Where've you been all this time?!
  <Devil Kazuya> I slept.  A long, long sleep, Kazama Jin.
  <Jin> If so, I guess I'll just have to put you back to bed.
  <Jin> A sleep you'll never wake up from again!

[devil guy versus kitty girl and cheetah-head]
  <Devil Kazuya> I've.... seen you before.
  <Devil Kazuya> Yes.... long, long ago.  But where...
  <Felicia> What?  What?  King, don't tell me you're on life extension or 
  <King> He must be talking about my godfather, the former King.  This mask
    is his likeness, and my pride.
  <King> To think we'd have to fight him for a second generation... this must
    be God's will.

[devil v. super heros]
  <Devil Kazuya> Those garish outfits of yours are an offense to my sight.
  <Berabou Man> That goes for you too.
  <Wonder Momo> Besides, that's got nothing to do with battle!

[our heros try their luck]
  <Xiaomu> If you're really Mishima Kazuya... you've been missing for the
    past twenty years, ever since losing to Mishima Heihachi in that 
  <Devil Kazuya> ...
  <Reiji> So what's with the new look?  Are you Possessed?
  <Devil Kazuya> Oh...?  You seem a bit different than the others.
  <Reiji> I just have access to a very big library.
  <Reiji> Including ways to destroy people like you.

[Kazuya doesn't have it all together yet]
  <Devil Kazuya> So, this is my power... I'm not fully accustomed to it yet,
    but... so much strength, so soon...
  <Devil Kazuya> Heh heh... ha ha ha ha!
  <Jin> ...Are you going to flee, Mishima Kazuya?!  I'll end your life, right
    here, right now!
  <Devil Kazuya> ...Heh... don't shout, Kazama Jin.
  <Devil Kazuya> Or should I say... "son".
  <Karin> Say what...?!  The _son_ of Mishima's Cold-Blooded Heir?!
  <Fongling> (I knew it... blood ties, huh?)
  <Felicia> WHAT?!  He's a h-half?!  He didn't feel like that at all!
  <Jin> Shut up!
  <Jin> No monster who threw my mother out... is any father of mine!
  <Regina> Hey, settle down!
  <Reiji> (A man with the blood of a mutant...)
  <Reiji> (Don't tell me _that's_ how he came here despite not being with
  <Bruce> Damn!  More of them!
  <Sakura> Well, gotta expect plenty of demons in the first level of Hell, I
  <Wonder Momo> Those red demons look like his friends...
  <Kyouko> At this rate, we're just going to wear ourselves out.
  <Hideo> There's no end to them...
  <Hideo> Arisu, we should withdraw for now.
  <Reiji> ...You're right.
  <KOS-MOS> I shall calculate an escape route.  Objections?
  <Shion> Thank you, KOS-MOS.
  <Jin> Go if you want!  I'm going to take him out!
  <Devil Kazuya> Jin, don't be in such a rush...
  <Devil Kazuya> You and I have plenty of time.
  <Jin> What did you say...?!
  <King> He ran away!  What incredible speed!
  <Jin> Mishima Kazuya!!!
  <Berabou Man> Hmm?!  The demons flew away too?
  <Leilei> So, um, what did they come here for again?
  <M.O.M.O.> It looks like they were following him.
  <Reiji> Meaning they were ignoring us.
  <Xiaomu> _Something_'s fishy here.  I can't believe they just _ignored_ us.
  <Reiji> It means one less meaningless fight.  Don't complain.
  <Jin> ...
  <Reiji> Let's take out the stragglers.
  <Reiji> They don't seem inclined to go after Mishima Kazuya.

[all gone]
  <Kyouko> Well, things are quiet for now.
  <Regina> They may be lying in wait.
  <Regina> Those bastards usually wait for a time like this.
  <Xiaomu> All the more reason to blow this standing popsicle.
  <M.O.M.O.> Standing... popsickle... Umm, what do you mean?
  <KOS-MOS> I believe it is an anagram of "popsicle stand".
  <KOS-MOS> I do not believe such things are appropriate, especially during
    these extreme circumstances.
  <Xiaomu> Grrr.... messing up my punchlines _again_...
  <Reiji> I don't want to take her side, but nothing's going to get better by
    us sitting on our hands.
  <Berabou Man> Both sides have a point.  So... what should we do.
  <Jin> It's obvious.  We follow him... follow Mishima Kazuya.
  <Leilei> Just calm down, okay?
  <Leilei> There's this saying called "look before you leap".
  <Jin> I'll leap anyway.
  <Reiji> Kazama, I don't care if you don't want to talk about your
    connection to him...
  <Reiji> But remember the situation we're in.   ...Besides, I can't let a
    civilian like you go sticking their neck out.
  <Xiaomu> Gee, aren't we high and mighty.  You've got an enemy like that
  <Felicia> And yours is a love triangle!  Even worse than Jin's case!
  <Wonder Momo> Way worse.
  <Reiji> ...Way less worse.
  <Sakura> But if Jin came into this world somewhere else, maybe Ryuu and the
    others did too.
  <Sakura> If so, I'd want to go looking for them too...
  <Karin> That's only a possibility, not a certainty.
  <Hideo> That's correct.  I don't believe we should split up and act
  <Bruce> True, but if we split up we _could_ gather more info faster.
  <Fongling> It also divides our forces.  What if we ran into more of those
    demons we just tangled with?
  <Shion> Gee.... what a quandary.
  <Xiaomu> Yeah... damn deadlock.
  <Xiaomu> If only there was some way to break it...

[enter... a way to break it]
  <???> ...
  <Xiaomu> Whoa!!  Who's that?
  <Xiaomu> We already checked that that building was empty!
  <King> ...This divine light... w-what the...?
  <Felicia> W-what's wrong, King?
  <???> ... I have witnessed your battle.
  <???> Please come in, for I have much to tell you.
  <Reiji> Tell us...?  She doesn't look like an enemy at least...
  <Reiji> Heh, "some way to break it", huh?  I _thought_ I had a bad feeling
    about that.


{Divine World...  Temple of the Heavens, High Priestess' Chambers}

<Kai> They came from the Material World... to Lady Ishtar's shrine?
<High Priestess> Correct.  Moreover, I understand they were attacked there
  by the enemy.
<Kai> Impossible...!  The dimensional barrier around the Material World is
  supposed to be the strongest of all the realms...!
<High Priestess> ...It is a fact that a fissure has opened in that barrier.
<High Priestess> Now, with even the Abyss of Time breached, it is certainly
  within the realm of possibility.
<High Priestess> And consider that "Soul-Eating Sword of Evil" we just spoke
  of.  You, Kai, should realize what this means.
<Kai> ...
<Klonoa> Heeeey!  Lolo!!
<Lolo> Klonoa?!  What's gotten into you...?
<Gantz> What the hell else?!  We're in deep shit!  An army of Phantom Beasts
  is headed our way!
<Klonoa> They've got some I've never seen before!
<Klonoa> I don't even know if they're all Phantom Beasts, but...  Anyways, High
  Priestess, you gotta take Lolo and Kai and get somewhere safe!
<High Priestess> The deepest part of the Temple of the Heavens...  This is the
  safest place there is.
<High Priestess> Should the enemies reach here, all will be over anyway.
<Gantz> What makes you so damn confident, huh?
<Lolo> Hey, Gantz!  Be polite to the High Priestess!
<High Priestess> Kai... Take Lolo with you and escape from this place.  Return
  to the Golden Knight's side.
<Lolo> H-High Priestess?!
<High Priestess> The "Soul-Eating Sword of Evil" must not fall into the
  demons' hands.
<High Priestess> ...Even if it means this temple falling into the enemies'
<High Priestess> There is also the matter of the intruders from the Material
  World - not a moment can be spared.
<Gantz> (Soul-Eating Sword of Evil?)
<Gantz> (And the Material World ain't somewhere you can just waltz in and out
<Kai> ...Very well.
<High Priestess> Klonoa, you too.
<Klonoa> You've gotta be kidding, High Priestess.
<Klonoa> Lolo, make sure you get away, hear me?
<Lolo> Klonoa?!
<Gantz> Shit.  Guess I'm in too.
<Gantz> And I ain't doin' this cause I got "someone to protect" or "justice" or
  whatever the hell.  I just ain't gonna turn my tail.  Period.
<Klonoa> Thank you, Gantz... sorry bout all this.
<Gantz> I told you.  I ain't turnin' tail, the end.
<Gantz> Now let's do this!
<Klonoa> Right!  Let's go!
<Kai> Klonoa, Gantz.... please be okay.
<Kai> Let's go, Lolo.
<Lolo> I'm... I'm not going!
<Lolo> I can't just run away with Klonoa and Gantz fighting outside!
<High Priestess> Lolo...
<Lolo> Kai, I'm a priestess too!  I-I'm still learning, but I wanna protect the
  High Priestess!
<Lolo> So...!
<Kai> High Priestess, I'm returning to him.
<Kai> Look after things here, Lolo, okay?
<Lolo> Okay!
<High Priestess> Mmmm... Lolo is so much like you when you were little.
<High Priestess> You had exactly the same expression on your face when you
  confronted the tower alone.
<Lolo> Huh?
<Kai> P-please don't mention it...  After all, I ended up getting turned to
<Kai> Well, I'm off...!
<Kai> I pray that everyone remain safe...  May the goddess Ishtar protect us

{Meanwhile, At the Temple of Ishtar}

<Reiji> Five worlds?
<Ishtar> Yes.  This world is the "Divine World".  And the demons you just faced
  are from the Infernal World.
<Ishtar> In addition, there is the "Phantom World", the "Spirit World"... and
  the "Material World" you all come from.
<Ishtar> These worlds all rest extremely close to each other, separated only by
  the dimensional wall.
<Kyouko> Even under the circumstances... I simply can't believe it.
<Regina> No, the dimensional wall is very real.
<Regina> Not only worlds, but the past and future themselves can only be told
  apart thanks to that wall.
<Regina> Isn't that right, Goddess?
<Ishtar> Yes...
<Ishtar> The spacetime wall and dimensional wall are two different things, but
  a single tear can make traversing them both possible.
<Fongling> Regina, is that the true nature of the Third Energy research on Ibis
<KOS-MOS> Shion, if all data gathered until now is correct...
<Shion> Yes, it would explain how we ended up here.
<Shion> ....Except for the part about _why_ it happened.
<Ishtar> Normally, this wall is very thick, and the neighboring worlds scarcely
<Ishtar> Especially the Material World you call home.
<Ishtar> But from time to time, tears occur in the dimensional wall, allowing
  demons to enter your world.
<Ishtar> You see, the Infernal World and its many demonic inhabitants are
  immediately adjacent to the Material World.
<Reiji> I see.  That explains who my organization has been fighting all this
<Felicia> Well, that's where I'm from too...
<Ishtar> Many problems face our realm these days.
<Ishtar> The demons of the Infernal World have made the dimensional wall ever
  more unstable.
<Xiaomu> Which would be why we're getting all these distortions in the wall in
  our world, I take it.
<Ishtar> The extensive distortions you see in the Material World's wall
  directly affect the neighboring realms as well.
<Ishtar> This further aggravates the chaos.
<Ishtar> Even I, ruler of this realm, do not know even the half of the
<Sakura> Umm... Was anyone else thrown to this world besides us?
<Ishtar> To the best of my knowledge, you are the only ones.
<Ishtar> However...
<Jin> However?
<Ishtar> You... are named Kazama Jin, correct?
<Ishtar> It appears you were able to journey here under your own power.
<Reiji> (...I thought so.  So it wasn't the effect of the Dimension Seal after
<Jin> What?  ...Me?  How could I have-...
<Ishtar> I do not know myself.  However, might you be able to guess?
<Karin> Something to do with Mishima Kazuya, perhaps?
<Jin> Yeah... I don't know how, but he came here too... and looking like that.
<Ishtar> That demon also seems to have come from the Material World.
<Jin> ...
<Jin> ("Demon", huh?)
<Ishtar> It would be more accurate to say he was led here by the ones from the
  Infernal World.
<Leilei> Ah... Zabel, huh?
<Bruce> That zombie bastard..  Now that I think about it, wasn't he mentioning
  some business or other he had to see to?  It all fits.
<Jin> (He was after me too.  ...Is that somehow related?)
<Nakamura> Hmmm.... that still doesn't solve the question of where those karate
  gentlemen went.
<Ishtar> The most likely place would be the world opposite this one: the
  Infernal World.
<Reiji> The Infernal World... the enemies' home base, huh?
<Reiji> I suppose we have to travel through one of these tears whether we want
  to go back home, or go after Inspector Chunli?
<Ishtar> You suppose correctly.  The only connection to the other worlds,
  especially the Material World, is the Temple of the Heavens.
<Xiaomu> Neato.  Well, let's get cracking and-...
<Ishtar> However... some little while ago, I lost contact with the high
<M.O.M.O.> Temple of the Heavens?
<Shion> High Priestess?
<Hideo> From the term "temple", I presume this "high priestess" performs divine
  rites in place of the goddess.
<Momo> Oh, that kind of priestess.  People cosplay those all the time!
<Xiaomu> Is _that_ how you've heard of them?!  I swear, young people these
<King> So, Goddess Ishtar, we are to head to the Temple of the Heavens,
<Ishtar> I would save you all, dwellers in another realm, this hardship... but
  at present, all I can do is point you in the correct direction.
<Reiji> That's more than enough, Goddess Ishtar...  We'll go to the Temple of
  the Heavens.
<Reiji> The responsibility to stop the dimensional distortions affecting our
<Nakamura> ...Is yours, you were going to say?
<Reiji> Mister Nakamura...
<Momo> You mustn't push yourself so hard, Mister Arisu.  You've been so uptight
  ever since Roppongi.
<Momo> I'd like to save Amazona from the demons who possessed her too.
<Momo> And to do that, even if it's scary, I want to fight by your side.
<King> I like your spirit.
<Felicia> Of course you do.  You're my partner after all!
<Felicia> But Momo, just remember that Reiji's pushing himself because of that
  love triangle.
<Leilei> Right on.
<Reiji> ...You're going to make me mad.
<Felicia> Aah!  You're mad already!
<Leilei> We'll help you out, kay?  So don't get so mad.
<Leilei> Besides, those weird girls got in your way back there.  That wasn't
  your fault.
<Karin> The fact is that those Shadowloo agents distracted us from stopping
  that woman.
<Karin> I should say that we have no time to spend idle here, with that
  disgrace on our names.
<Sakura> AND we gotta look for Ryuu and the others!
<Kyouko> Well, let's get going then.
<Hideo> You're right.  This is the time for us teachers to set the example.
<Jin> I'm going too.  I'm taking him... Mishima Kazuya down.
<M.O.M.O.> Shion, what about us...?
<Shion> We don't have a choice, coming from another world and all.
<KOS-MOS> Acknowledged, Shion.
<Bruce> As a government agent, it's my job to keep the civilians safe.
<Fongling> Right.  So we've got a salaryman, some teachers, a musical star and
  pro wrestler, plus a couple schoolgirls...
<Fongling> There's no way any government agent could let _them_ protect _us_.
<Regina> That was a pretty amazing-sounding list.
<Regina> Arisu, you're special too, so give it your best shot.  Okay?
<Reiji> Yeah.
<Reiji> Sorry about all this, everyone.  I promise you I'll find a way back to
  our world.  Please don't run out on me yet.
<Xiaomu> Now you're talking.
<Xiaomu> Well then, boys and girls, thanks for all the hard work.  Get a move
<Reiji> You're coming too, by the way.
<Reiji> ...We'll be off, Goddess Ishtar.
<Ishtar> Please be careful.  I will do everything I can from here.
<Ishtar> May light illuminate your path.

{Divine World, Entrance to the Temple of the Heavens}

<Klonoa> Whoa!  There they are!
<Gantz> Shit!  Look at that crew of losers.
<Gantz> ...Klonoa.  We fight right up until the last minute, then make tracks.
<Klonoa> What?!  Wait a sec!
<Klonoa> What about Lolo and the High Priestess?
<Gantz> "While there's life, there's hope."
<Gantz> Didn't you hear?  Sounds like something's coming from the Material
  World.  Nobody has a frigging clue what happens then.
<Gantz> Plus, what're the two of us supposed to do against this many of them?
<Klonoa> Wasn't it you who was just talking about not wanting to turn tail?
<Gantz> Yeah, pretty cool, wasn't it?
<Klonoa> Was that your reason?!
<Gantz> Quit bitching, okay?  Like I told you: while there's life, there's
<Gantz> Dying sure as hell doesn't solve anything.
<Gantz> ...Like my dad.
<Klonoa> What'd you just say?
<Gantz> Nothin'.
<Gantz> Anyways, I *did* say I'd do everything I could, and I'm damn well gonna
  do what I said!!
<Gantz> Let's rock, Klonoa!
<Klonoa> Yahoo!  Let's get out there and protect Lolo and the High Priestess!

[enemy reinforcements]
  <Klonoa> Yikes!!  More of them!
  <Gantz> Shit man, I don't wanna pull out already.  What a frigging disgrace.
  <Klonoa> No way, Gantz!  We gotta handle this somehow!
  <Gantz> Yeah, YOU got any bright ideas?
  <Janga> Maaan, don't tell me a coupla kids with a few toys're holding up the
    whole damn vanguard?
  <Klonoa> W-what's his problem?
  <Janga> Shit, you just had to go and piss me off when I wuz already
    running late.
  <Janga> Shit shit SHIT!!
  <Gantz> ...?
  <Janga> ...Shit...
  <Janga> Aw, what the hell.  So I gotta fight a couple brats?
    Maybe torturing their ass'll make me feel better.
  <Gantz> ...Say what?  What the fuck's all _that_ noise?
  <Janga> I ain't tried out these poison claws in a good long time.
  <Janga> Hell, I gotta get that shit from the Material World outta
    my system somehow, don't I.
  <Gantz> Poison claws?  Poison fucking Claws?!
  <Gantz> And that hat, with that mark!  Don't...don't fucking tell
    me you're...!
  <Klonoa> Hold up, Gantz, you know this guy?
  <Janga> Hey, what's with the punk-ass kids and all that goddamn racket?
  <Gantz> Janga!!
  <Janga> You're goddamn right.  That's MISTER Janga the Poison Claw to
  <Janga> And who might you kids be?
  <Gantz> You got some goddamn nerve running your fucking mouth!
  <Klonoa> Gantz, what the heck's gotten into you?  Tell me!
  <Gantz> Shut the hell up!  Janga, you bastard...!
  <Janga> Hee hee hee, I dunno who the hell you are, but I don't
    gotta care when you're dead fucking meat!!

[Gantz faces his Tormenter(tm)]
  <Gantz> Janga!  Bitch!
  <Janga> Make a fucking fuss, why don't you?  Who the hell are you,
  <Gantz> Check your own damn heart...!!
  <Klonoa> Calm down, Gantz!  This ain't like you!  Wait up!
  <Gantz> You're goin' down, Janga...
  <Janga> (Fuck, I don't like that look in his eyes, not one goddamn
    bit.  Where the hell've I seen that before...)

[our heros appear]
  <Reiji> This must be the Temple of the Heavens.
  <Reiji> ...And now we see why she lost contact with it.
  <Xiaomu> Hmm, looks like there's trouble all over.
  <Xiaomu> Hmm?  A red... bike?
  <Klonoa> Whoa, more bad guys?!
  <Klonoa> Huh?  Wait... I don't remember those guys...
  <Gantz> Who gives a shit, Klonoa!
  <Gantz> All I gotta do is kill Janga!
  <Regina> It seems we're interrupting.
  <Jin> Wait a moment, please.
  <Jin> What kind of life form are those?
  <Shion> ...Actually... are you sure they're not stuffed animals?
  <M.O.M.O.> Look at all that fur.
  <Klonoa> Hey!  Are you guys... from the Material World?!
  <Wonder Momo> So... cute... must... pat...
  <Leilei> Okay, this ain't how you hold a conversation.
  <Berabou Man> We've come from the real world - what you call the Material
  <Berabou Man> We were hoping to meet someone named the High Priestess.
  <Klonoa> The High Priestess?
  <Fongling> You know her...?  You look like you're involved with her.
  <Janga> SHIT!  Not you fucks again!
  <Sakura> Huh?
  <Sakura> Hey!  HEEEY!!!  It's that clawed cat!
  <Bruce> Hey now, you know this cat?
  <Janga> What the fuck?!
  <Janga> Well if it ain't the goddamn Sacrifice!  So, made up your mind, huh?
  <Sakura> Like hell I did!
  <Karin> Looks like someone is still cruising for a bruising.
  <Janga> Don't fucking remind me!
  <Janga> 'Sides!  That was that topknot dude, not you!
  <Janga> You drill-head bitch!
  <Karin> D-drill...!
  <Xiaomu> Hey!!  I _thought_ those kinda looked like-
  <Xiaomu> Wow, Princess Drill, at your service!
  <Karin> I can squash all of you, you know.
  <Hideo> That'll be enough infighting, thank you.
  <Hideo> Your name was Janga, right?  ...If you're here, that "sleeping
    sickness" must have something to do with this world.
  <Kyouko> This time, you _are_ going to talk to us.
  <Janga> Not you too?  And still pissing me off too, goddamn it...
  <Gantz> Looks like everyone hates your fucking guts.
  <Janga> Huh?!
  <Janga> Better knock it off, kid...
  <Gantz> Shut your ass!
  <Gantz> Janga, you fucking traitor, I'm getting revenge!
  <Klonoa> Revenge?!
  <Janga> Revenge...?
  <Janga> That gun you got there... don't tell me you're-
  <Gantz> Never thought I'd run into your ass here...!  I been looking all over
    for you, shithead!
  <Janga> Hee hee hee hee hee...
  <Janga> Now I got it.  You're Batz's son.  Fucking brilliant.
  <Janga> Get your ass over here an' I'll send you where your father's at!
  <Gantz> Fucker.. you... you're fucking dead meat!
  <Klonoa> The man who killed Gantz' father...?!
  <Klonoa> Oh!  My name's Klonoa!  This guy's Gantz!
  <Reiji> I'm Arisu Reiji.  The other introductions'll wait.
  <Reiji> The Goddess Ishtar told us to come here.
  <Xiaomu> (That's my Reiji.  Chatting with weird creatures like old friends.)
  <Klonoa> Lady Ishtar?
  <Klonoa> So... you're on our side?
  <KOS-MOS> Yes.  Commencing support operations.
  <Felicia> Us long-haired critters gotta stick together!
  <Felicia> Right, King?
  <King> ...My hair's short.
  <Janga> Fuck!  What a pain in the ass this turned out to be!
  <Janga> But... I still gotta buy some more time here... hee hee...

[girls face the new phantom beasties]
  <Sakura> Every time we see these round monsters, they've got a new species.
  <Karin> Long range, short range, jumbo sized... I have to admire the design

[the cats stare each other down]
  <Janga> Yo yo yo!  What kinda babe is THIS!
  <Janga> So how'bout you'n me like, after this shit's over?
  <Felicia> King!  I'm being propositioned!  Propositioned!
  <King> ...And that makes you happy?!

[girls and cats = bad mix]
  <Karin> ...You've certainly done your fair share of badmouthing us.
  <Karin> In the name of the "Man of Heaven, Master of the Fist", I'll punish
  <Janga> Yeah, just fucking try it.  You ain't even on my radar.
  <Janga> Got it?
  <Sakura> D-don't point those at me, okay?

[the cat uses a life]
  <Janga> These guys're pretty good.
  <Karin> Say your prayers!
  <Gantz> Heh, looks like your number's up.
  <Gantz> Let's end this, Janga!
  <Kyouko> Wait, we've got things to ask this kitten-!
  <Gantz> I ain't waitin' one second!
  <Felicia> Hang on, okay?  We're all cat-eared friends here...
  <Janga> Naw, he don't have to wait.
  <Bruce> Say what...?
  <Leilei> Aiya!  Something's coming!
  <Shion> The enemy?!  Over there?!
  <Janga> Hee hee hee, too late, bitches.
  <King> Damn!  A trap?!
  <Jin> We've seen these ones before.
  <Jin> And the fact that they're behind us... does make it a trap, indeed.
  <M.O.M.O.> One of the enemies is very big...
  <Regina> A dinosaur...?!  No, it almost looks more like some sort of
  <Fongling> The others are those mask-like ones, huh?
  <Klonoa> What?!  You've fought those things?!
  <Reiji> Yeah, and not too long ago either.
  <Reiji> But now I see how all these enemies tie together.
  <Xiaomu> Right on.  Um, so it's... err... what again?
  <KOS-MOS> It appears you don't see at all.
  <Xiaomu> Listen here, Astro Robo, try _not_ making me the punchline
    once in a while.  Got it?
  <Gantz> Janga, don't tell me you-?!
  <Janga> Bullseye.
  <Janga> See, I gotta get the High Priestess' head, on the double.
  <Klonoa> They're going to the High Priestess?!
  <Klonoa> No way I'm letting that happen!
  <Berabou Man> Indeed we won't.  We shall continue to assist you, Klonoa.
  <Wonder Momo> And in return... c-can I pat you later...?
  <Klonoa> ...S-sure, why not?
  <Sakura> You clawed cat!  You're not getting your way that easy!
  <Karin> Precisely.  Badmouthing me carries a stiff penalty.
  <Reiji> Everyone's got their own reasons why, but we've all got business with
    this High Priestess woman.
  <Reiji> And we're taking out the trash first.
  <Gantz> Heh, looks like my luck's not out yet.
  <Klonoa> Yay!  Let's do it!
  <Janga> Hee hee hee... I dragged that damn Sheezas all the way here.  I ain't
    gonna make this easy.
  <Janga> (But, they told me they'd send two Sheezas's.  What's the deal?)
  <Janga> (Plus, all of them look like they been through hell.)
  <Janga> (Fuck that Joker and that smooth talking shit of his.)

[more smackdown]
  <Gantz> Your ass is toast this time, Janga...!
  <Janga> Shit!  Gimme a fucking break...!
  <Sakura> Now spit it out!  What's this about a sacrifice?!  Who
    are you, anyway!?
  <Janga> Don't be in such a rush!  This party's just gettin' started!
  <Jin> Party?!  What on earth are you talking about?!
  <Janga> Who knows!  Catch you later!
  <Janga> If you ain't finished by then, that is!
  <Gantz> Hold the fuck up!
  <Klonoa> Party...later...?
  <Klonoa> Hey!!  He ain't going to the High Priestess' place, is he?!
  <Xiaomu> ...Oh shit!  Reiji, he's gotta have advance troops!
  <Reiji> Damn, so that's it...!  We tried to stave off the attack and instead
    got bogged down in it!
  <Klonoa> That's.... no fair!
  <Janga> That's how come I'm so damn charming.  Hee hee hee...
  <Gantz> Bastard...
  <Janga> Batz's dumbfuck son, huh?  Catchya later!
  <Gantz> JANGAAAA!!!!
  <Klonoa> Whoa whoa!  Wait up, Gantz!
  <Bruce> Hey!
  <Bruce> ...Too late, they flew off already.
  <Fongling> I'm impressed.  They sure drive that bike well for such little
  <Regina> They talk too.  Don't forget that.
  <Felicia> I think that's just what that species looks like.
  <Leilei> Maybe Galon ain't such hot stuff either, huh?
  <Wonder Momo> I didn't get to pat him...
  <KOS-MOS> This is no time for regrets.  I believe the correct course of
    action is immediate pursuit.
  <KOS-MOS> Extrapolating from the degree of planning in this incident, there
    would seem to be an extremely high probability of an enemy trap.
  <Shion> True.  Though with all his attitude, there's no telling if there's a
    trap or not...
  <Jin> However, we've still got opponents here.
  <Reiji> Yeah.  The last thing we need is to get caught in pincers.
  <Reiji> Getting attacked from behind is no fun at all.
  <Xiaomu> Yup.  Gotta take them down one at a time.

[our agents get their licks in]
  <Bruce> Man, what a sight.
  <Bruce> Another world, huh?  Sounds like some cheap sci-fi novel to me, but I
    think I'm a believer, Regina.
  <Regina> Another world, indeed.
  <Regina> This just feels like the prologue, to me at least.
  <Bruce> Gee, how reassuring.
  <Bruce> Not to mention, this thing was wounded beforehand.  Things're getting

[the main characters fight the new bad guys]
  <Xiaomu> Man, not another freaky monster.
  <Reiji> Yeah.  And those wounds look awful fresh.
  <Xiaomu> Hmm?!  Are those karate guys nearby?
  <Reiji> ...No, those were made by blades.  Something like a scythe.
  <Reiji> I don't know all the details, but...
  <Xiaomu> Sounds like our lucky day.

<M.O.M.O.> Umm.... no more enemy signatures in the area.
<King> Yeah, that looked like the last of them.
<Berabou Man> Goodness, I'd love to take a breather...
<Karin> We don't have the time for that.
<Hideo> Quite correct.  Let us follow Klonoa and the others at once.
<Xiaomu> No choice there.  Heads up, Reiji.
<Reiji> I know.  Let's go, everyone.


{Infernal World... Path of Penance}

<Ken> Hey, hold up.  Let's take a break, huh?
<Ryuu> Not yet, Ken.
<Ryuu> Didn't we just rest ten minutes ago?
<Ken> Not that we got any rest.
<Ken> Seeing as how that bunch of horned weirdos attacked us.
<Ryuu> Oh, those are... "ogres", I believe.
<Ken> "Ogres"?  What the heck're those?
<Ryuu> An imaginary monster from Japanese fairy tales.  ...Supposedly they live
  in Hell.
<Ken> "Hell"...  What is this, Dante's Inferno?
<Ken> Don't be ridiculous, okay?  I thought you'd already solved that over-
  practicing problem of yours.
<Ryuu> Okay, where do you think we are?
<Ken> ....Well, that is... somewhere with horned weirdos.
<Ryuu> Those monsters we faced in Roppongi... I think those were also one of
  the types that shows up in Japanese ghost stories.
<Ryuu> Take this recent rash of monster sightings, and how Shibuya was
  designated an Isolation City...  These things have to come from somewhere.
<Ken> "Somewhere", meaning here?
<Ken> So we've entered Hell alive, huh?  Or maybe we're already dead.
<Ryuu> I think not.
<Ken> What I wanna know is how this happened.  I know Japan is some mysterious
  country, but this is ridiculous.
<Ryuu> Heh, you can say that again...
<???> ...
<Ryuu> ...!
<Ken> Hey, Ryuu!?
<Ryuu> ...
<Ken> Ryuu, what's wrong?
<Ryuu> ...It's Him.
<Ken> Say what?!
<Ryuu> ...His presence is already gone.
<Ryuu> It's as though he deliberately revealed his presence to me.
<Ken> Yo, why's he so obsessed with you, anyway?
<Ryuu> I have no idea.  But...
<Ken> But?
<Ryuu> Maybe we'll find some clues if we walk a little farther.
<Ryuu> Chunli and the others may be somewhere around here.
<Ken> Great, so we walk anyway.
<Ryuu> (Gouki... Why do you reveal your presence but not show your face...?)

{Divine World... Temple of the Heavens, High Priestess' Chambers]

<Lolo> I wonder if Klonoa and the others are okay out there.
<High Priestess> ...I do not know.  But I can sense many other auras besides
  the Phantom Beasts.
<Lolo> ...What?!
<High Priestess> Perhaps it is the visitors from the Material World, who
  appeared at Lady Ishtar's shrine?
<High Priestess> I can only hope that they are allies...

<???> Oh, there is no doubt of that, none at all.
<Lolo> What?!  Who's there?!
<High Priestess> You are...
<Joker> Pardon my tardy introduction.  My name is Joker.  Pleased to make your
<High Priestess> (How did he enter without my knowledge?)
<Lolo> Who do you think you are?!  You are in the presence of the High
  Priestess!  Kneel at once!
<Joker> Now now, please remain calm.
<Joker> Though I must say... this is an entirely fitting residence for Your
<Lolo> Where did you... come from?!  Klonoa and the others are outside!
<Joker> Correct.  I did indeed need them to be outside.
<High Priestess> ...Subterfuge, I take it?  Arranging for everyone besides us
  to be elsewhere?
<High Priestess> ...What are you after?
<Joker> O ho ho ho, well that shortens this conversation considerably.  ...I
  desire a certain something.
<Lolo> A-a certain something...?
<Joker> Yes... a "priestess".
<Lolo> ...!!
<Joker> I would say "a priestess of the goddess Ishtar", but that would be
  asking too much.
<Joker> Besides, it wouldn't do if that scary Golden Knight appeared.
<High Priestess> ...
<Joker> Now, much as I hate to cut things short, it is time to end this
<Joker> Shall I take that priestess then?
<Lolo> Hey!  Don't think you're getting your way!  I'll never go anywhere with
<Joker> Now now, don't be like that.
<Joker> Oh, I nearly forgot.  Miss High Priestess?
<Joker> ...I'll be taking your life too...
<Lolo> ...!?
<Joker> This is an important spot, the very navel of the Divine World.
<Joker> I really would prefer to see it gone in the interest of future
<Joker> I truly do not bear you any personal ill will, so do not think badly of
<Lolo> High Priestess!  Run...!
<High Priestess> It is futile, Lolo.
<High Priestess> I presume this foe is not so easily dealt with.
<Joker> O ho ho ho, most perceptive.
<High Priestess> However, do not suppose that those in the shadow of the door
  are easily dealt with either, "Joker".
<Joker> !!
<Joker> W-what did you say?!
<Lolo> ...Huh?!  T-the door?  What?

<Kurino> ...I should have known that you would know I was there, High
<Sabine> Really.
<Joker> Kurino the Hero...!
<Joker> W...w-w-what are you doing here?!
<Kurino> I heard the warriors of Zouna were headed for the Temple of the
<Kurino> ...From "him".
<Sabine> Zuhl, do your stuff.
<???> Gracious, the High Priestess, what an honor.  Pleased to make your
<High Priestess> Who are you...?
<Zuhl> Oh, me?
<Zuhl> Zuhlee Zulkovich Cosluinen.  A humble traveling merchant.
<Lolo> Z-zu...Zuhl?
<Zuhl> Zuhl will do nicely, miss.
<Zuhl> Now, if you ladies will kindly accompany me inside.
<Joker> Hey, wait a minute!
<Kurino> ...You're the one who needs to wait.  You've got to fight me first.
<Kurino> Zuhl, go on ahead.
<Zuhl> Heh heh, Mister Kurino, I will be putting this on your tab.
<Sabine> Look, do you realize how serious this is?
<High Priestess> Zuhlee Zulkovich Cosluinen... and child of the Impen Tribe,
  Sabine daughter of Andy.
<Lolo> Do you know her, High Priestess?
<High Priestess> Heh heh, it would seem even the Maiden Knight needs more
<Lolo> ???
<High Priestess> Kurino, Hero, our lives are in your hands.
<Kurino> High Priestess, I'm simply a fool... a fool who broke Lady Ishtar's
  prohibition against entering this fight.
<Kurino> ...I am a "Hero" no more.
<Joker> A-ha!  I see, now the pieces are beginning to fit.
<Joker> O ho ho ho ho!  That must mean the Maiden Knight won't be showing up
  here after all.
<Joker> And after I got so worried.
<Sabine> We're more than enough to take you down.
<Joker> Are you so certain?  ...Being the child of a traitor puts you quite low
  on the totem pole, I should say.
<Joker> O-ho ho ho ho!
<Kurino> ...Zuhl, take them inside.
<Zuhl> Y-yes sir!
<High Priestess> ...Kurino the "Traitor".
<Kurino> ...
<Sabine> Don't tell me you're going to call him that too!
<Sabine> Kurino is...!
<High Priestess> The Lady Ishtar is always watching over your battles.
<High Priestess> Hold your chest high, and let it be filled with the proud
  treason you have chosen.
<High Priestess> Kurino Sandra.

{Divine World... Temple of the Heavens, High Priestess' Chambers}

<Kurino> Sabine, are they safe?
<Sabine> Zuhl got them inside.
<Sabine> I'm sure he'll do everything we're paying him for, so no worries
<Joker> Well, you certainly have interrupted my plans.  I had _hoped_ to
  resolve this quickly.
<Joker> Seeing as how the people outside won't stay there forever.
<Sabine> Of course it ain't that simple.
<Joker> Actually, I rather suspect it is.
<Joker> I think we both know what will happen to you without the Maiden Knight
  to save you.
<Joker> Oh ho ho ho.
<Sabine> Man, this guy is really starting to piss me off.
<Kurino> ...
<Joker> And for that matter, what will happen to said Maiden Knight without you
 two around too.
<Kurino> What did you say...?
<Joker> Ooooh?  Hadn't you heard?
<Joker> I understand she's in the Infernal Village.... all by her lonesome.
<Kurino> T-the Infernal Village...?!  D-don't tell me that thing's back too?!
<Joker> It is indeed.
<Joker> From what I hear, the newborn Infernal Village was enough to send the
  Maiden Knight packing with her tail between her legs.
<Joker> That I wasn't able to meet her... truly unfortunate.
<Joker> Lady Valkyrie was...
<Sabine> ...What if, the reason Valkyrie tried to keep Kurino away from this
  mess was...
<Kurino> She is a very kind person.
<Kurino> I think... I think she didn't want to get us involved.
<Joker> What are you mumbling about over there, hmm?
<Joker> My story isn't finished yet.  The rest goes something like this:

<Kurino> Huh?!  Those monsters... Zouna?!
<Sabine> So those monsters we fought on the way here... on your payroll, huh?!
<Joker> O ho ho, right you are.
<Joker> I borrowed many soldiers from the demon lord Zouna.
<Kurino> From Zouna himself?  Ridiculous!
<Sabine> Meaning he's revived...?!
<Sabine> You're bluffing!  Valkyrie took him out...!
<Joker> Oh ho ho ho...
<Joker> How certain are you I'm bluffing?
<Kurino> ...No, think about it.  The Tower of Druaga is back, and the Infernal
  Village has appeared again...
<Kurino> It'd be too convenient if the demon lord Zouna hadn't come
  back out of the Abyss of Time too.
<Joker> Every inch the Hero.  Kurino, your powers of perception truly dazzle
<Joker> My story ends here.  It is now time to bid you a fond farewell.
<Joker> After all, I can't have the Maiden Knight changing her mind and taking
  you back.
<Sabine> Here they come, Kurino!
<Kurino> ...Joker, was it?
<Kurino> I've already decided.  I'm going to see Lady Valkyrie, no matter what
  anyone else says.
<Kurino> Even if... even if she wouldn't want me to!
<Kurino> That's why... I'm not a Hero now.
<Kurino> ...I'm a Traitor!

[battle is joined]
  <Joker> You haven't disappointed me.
  <Sabine> Well, aren't _we_ confident?  You probably got some kind of ambush
    hidden away, don't you?
  <Kurino> Probably, given his attitude.
  <Joker> Who knows?  Oh ho ho.

[the cat comes back]
  <Janga> Whoa, started already?
  <Joker> Oh?
  <Sabine> I knew you had some friends around.
  <Kurino> Hmm?  But why only one of them?
  <Janga> Hey, you said there wouldn't be no one here!
  <Joker> My, what a swift return, little Janga.  And how was your mission?
  <Janga> It _sucked_, okay?  Those bitches from the Material World got in the
  <Joker> Ah, and you had the gall to come back here?
  <Janga> ...Shut up.
  <Janga> They came with two of those damn "sacrifices".
  <Janga> What the fuck was I s'posed to do?
  <Janga> I bought you your goddamn time, didn't I?
  <Sabine> What're they talking about?  Material World...?
  <Kurino> (Sacrifices...?)
  <Joker> Sacrifices!  How incredibly lucky!  That makes my coming in person
   all worth it.

[stuffed animals in hot pursuit]
  <Gantz> Janga!!!
  <Klonoa> High Priestess!!  Lolo!!
  <Joker> What have we here?
  <Janga> Shit, here already?
  <Joker> What a racket.  This is no place for children to come and play.
  <Klonoa> Hey!  It's that clown!
  <Gantz> Janga, are you in tight with this bastard?!
  <Kurino> You... were the ones at the outskirts of the Tower of Druaga...
  <Klonoa> Huh, Kurino the Hero?!  What're you doing here?!
  <Klonoa> Don't tell me you're here protecting the High Priestess and Lolo?!
  <Sabine> Well, that's how it ended up.
  <Kurino> We came here in pursuit of Zouna's monsters.
  <Kurino> Several of them got away... are they who you were fighting?
  <Klonoa> WHAT?!  Those were the demon lord Zouna's monsters?!
  <Gantz> Zouna?!
  <Gantz> Holy shit, this's getting worse by the minute...!
  <Janga> So it's your fault!!
  <Janga> I only got one Sheezas, and the rest were all shot to hell!
  <Joker> My goodness...
  <Joker> I simply cannot let you meet the Maiden Knight again, not in the
  <Janga> This fuck's the reason those shitty brats're on my tail!  SHIT!
  <Gantz> So yer sayin' it's Kurino's fault?
  <Gantz> More like you're own fault for being such pissant bastards!
  <Janga> Say what, you little shit...?
  <Joker> Now then, that will be enough of that.
  <Joker> ....Hmmm.... it appears I played too long here too.
  <Joker> I suggest we join forces here, little Janga.
  <Janga> I was gonna do that anyway, see?
  <Klonoa> I won't let you follow Lolo and the others!
  <Kurino> Klonoa, what of the out-... the ones from the Material World?
  <Klonoa> U-umm.... sorry.
  <Klonoa> Gantz was in such a hurry to follow that Janga dude...
  <Kurino> I see.... No, we should cast away foolish hopes.
  <Sabine> We don't need some group of strangers to rescue us.

[the rest of your people catch up]
  <Kurino> Enemy reinforcements...?
  <Fongling> I knew it, the battle's begun already.
  <Bruce> Damn it, they really got us good.
  <Reiji> What's the damage?  Are we too late?!
  <Xiaomu> Don't know if we're early or late, but there's one major ruckus
    going down.
  <Joker> What the?!
  <Joker> I had my suspicions when I heard about the Sacrifices, but it really
    _is_ you!
  <Hideo> We have no acquaintances among monsters.
  <Kyouko> Professor Hideo, don't forget that that kitten used the term
    "sacrifice" too.
  <Janga> So they all ended up here anyway?  Pain in the ass...
  <Wonder Momo> That clown-like enemy... isn't he the one from...?
  <KOS-MOS> Yes, it appears to be the same being we met before the building
    designated the "Namco Theater".
  <Shion> Well, yes - there's no mistaking the sight of that thing.
  <Klonoa> You know that thing?
  <Berabou Man> Yes.
  <Berabou Man> I would say that Arisu's comment about the enemy home base is
    becoming more plausible by the second.
  <Sakura> Looks like it.  ...Maybe they came to get caught instead of the
    other way around.
  <Kurino> Klonoa, are these... the people from the Material World?
  <Klonoa> Yeah!  They're kinda weird, but they helped us out!
  <Sabine> ..._They_ are weird?
  <Karin> Hold it right there.  I would appreciate you not referring to us as
  <Felicia> Yeah!  At least call us "strange" or something.
  <Leilei> That means the same thing.
  <Regina> That green life form... that's some kind of suit, right?
  <M.O.M.O.> Um, I tried analyzing it, but it seems that _is_ the life form...
  <Kurino> ...?
  <Xiaomu> C'mon kids, think about the beasties you've been fighting all this
    time.  He shouldn't startle you.
  <Xiaomu> Look, try figuring out who's the good guys and who's the bad guys.
  <King> Good point.  ....Are you all on our side, or not?
  <Kurino> I'm Kurino.  This little one is Sabine.
  <Kurino> If you're friends of Klonoa, you're friends of ours.
  <Reiji> Well, that's felicitous.
  <Reiji> Understood.  Our origins are different, but our enemies seem to be
    the same.
  <Gantz> Can't get rid of each other, huh?
  <Gantz> ...Too bad, Janga.  Looks like your shit just hit the fan.
  <Janga> Little brat's a real wise-ass...
  <Joker> Indeed.  Quite the motley crew they've assembled.
  <Joker> Well, shall we have some reinforcements too?

[monsters galore]
  <Gantz> Geez!  How many of those did he bring, anyway?
  <Klonoa> I've never seen any of them before...
  <Jin> Those demons... so, you're their captain?!
  <Joker> Mmmm.... not their _captain_ per se.
  <Joker> You could call them my associates.
  <Bruce> Kazama, don't get itchy.
  <Bruce> The beach ball and the were-cat... we gotta catch at least one if we
    wanna learn anything new.
  <Jin> Understood.  We'll make them talk, even if we need to hurt them some.
  <Joker> Goodness gracious, how frightening.  Please don't forget that we have
    some girls to capture too.
  <Joker> Call us even, oh ho ho ho.
  <Xiaomu> I dunno about any sacrifice or sacre bleu or whatever, but I do know
    you ain't getting your mitts on them.
  <Xiaomu> Behind door number one, polish her and she shines, the slightly
    unrefined combat otaku!
  <Xiaomu> And behind door number two, the somewhat breathless cosplay otaku!
  <Xiaomu> And you get neither!
  <Sakura> Hey...
  <Momo> So we're both otaku...
  <Reiji> Set the record straight later.
  <Reiji> Unless we take out these guys, we'll never see the High Priestess.
  <Reiji> (In fact, is the High Priestess still safe?)

[Jin rumbles]
  <Jin> Does that clown-like monster have anything to do with Mishima Kazuya?
  <Jin> I can't figure out the connection.  If only I had a bit more

[the religious King faces demons]
  <King> Demons, huh?  God, please protect us.
  <Felicia> Um, wasn't it God who asked us to come here in the first place?...

[stuffed animals versus cat, round 2]
  <Gantz> Janga, you bastard!!
  <Janga> Shit, don't you bitches know when to quit?!
  <Gantz> Your ass is MINE... believe that!
  <Janga> Yeah, I'm shakin' in my boots here.
  <Klonoa> Calm down, Gantz!  Something fishy's going on!  Okay?
  <Gantz> Shut up!!  Janga's dead meat...!

[Joker takes the plushies on]
  <Joker> We seem to keep running into each other.
  <Joker> Kurino the Hero... and dear little Klonoa, was it?
  <Klonoa> Don't talk like you know me!  I never wanna see you again!
  <Kurino> If we're somehow connected, today that connection gets cut.
  <Sabine> Yeah.  This's getting old.
  <Gantz> If you're helping Janga, you're on my shitlist too.  Yer gonna get
    both barrels!

[Janga goes down]
  <Janga> SHIT!  Now I'm fucking PISSED at you bitches!!
  <Gantz> This's it!  Janga!!
  <Janga> Like hell!  My revenge ain't half over!!
  <Kurino> Running away?!
  <Sabine> Better finish off this kind of trash quickly, Kurino.  Or there'll
    be trouble later.
  <Janga> That's right!  And don't you forget it!
  <Gantz> WAIT UP, god damn it!
  <Klonoa> Gantz!  Don't follow him any more!  We'll get away from the High
    Priestess and Lolo!
  <Gantz> Rrr....
  <Gantz> ...-therfucker...

[the girls see Joker again]
  <Joker> Oh, my beloved honies!  Did you come all this way to see me?
  <Joker> I'm so popular... oh ho ho ho.
  <Sakura> Like hell we did!
  <Wonder Momo> If only he was just a little cuter...
  <Karin> That's not the problem here.
  <Berabou Man> Under no circumstances will we hand them over.  I shall protect

[Joker gets smacked down too]
  <Joker> Ouch ouch ouch....
  <Joker> How could this be!  Could it be that I fooled around too much?
  <Jin> Say your prayers.
  <Jin> Promise not to resist and we won't harm you any further.
  <Hideo> Indeed.  We have many things to ask you!
  <Kurino> Me too... about Lady Valkyrie.
  <Xiaomu> Ooo, death by press conference!  Just like an idol singer.
  <Joker> Well, that certainly sounds good to me.
  <Joker> However... we will have to postpone that for later.
  <Fongling> What?!  Are you fleeing again?!
  <Joker> I wish you'd call it a "strategic advance to the rear".
  <Joker> After all, now that I know the Sacrifices are in this world, I can
    strike at any time.
  <Joker> Well then, adiooooos!
  <Bruce> That little... wait!

<Gantz> Damn that Janga... got away again...!
<Jin> In fact, both of them escaped...
<Kyouko> Kazama Jin... don't be impatient.  As long as we're in this world,
  we'll see them again whether we want to or not.
<Regina> Agreed.  ...Maybe that overblown punk zombie will show up again too?
<Leilei> Hey, don't jinx us, okay?
<Berabou Man> All the same, we repulsed the enemy, and protected Momo and the
<Berabou Man> We should get a respite for at least a while.
<Felicia> I should have brought lunch.
<Felicia> Speaking of which... Mister Berabou, you did bring your lunch, didn't
<Reiji> This's no time for a picnic.
<Reiji> The High Priestess _is_ safe, right?
<Kurino> I believe so.  Let's try going inside.
<KOS-MOS> I detect three life signs.  None are in mortal danger.
<Shion> Three?  ...Who besides the High Priestess?
<Klonoa> Oh, there's Lolo, my childhood friend, and...
<Sabine> A merchant named Zuhl.  He's more or less on our side, so he's okay.
<King> Okay.  Let's fulfill our mission then.
<M.O.M.O.> You're right.  The enemy could come back at any moment...
<Xiaomu> Yeah.  Let's get this show on the road.
<Sakura> Oh!  I almost forgot!
<Sakura> Xiaomu!  ...Who'd you call an unrefined combat otaku?!
<Wonder Momo> Do I really look like a cosplay otaku?
<Karin> I recall you laughing at my hairstyle too.  "Drill"-like or some such?
<Xiaomu> Ugh, you remembered that?
<Xiaomu> ...Anyways, what's with this holding a grudge stuff, huh?
<Xiaomu> H-hey, Reiji!  Say something!
<Reiji> I'm going to see the High Priestess.
<Reiji> If you're gonna brawl, go do it out back.
<Sakura> Okie dokie!
<Xiaomu> H-hey!  Whaddya mean, brawl!?
<Xiaomu> We ain't in middle school here, savvy?

{Divine World... Temple of the Heavens, High Priestess' Chambers}

<High Priestess> I see... So that is what is happening in the
  Material World.
<Reiji> Yes.  As I've just explained... we wish to return to the real world...
  what you refer to as the "Material World".
<High Priestess> Unfortunately... it is not possible to travel to the Material
  World from here.
<King> ...?!
<King> That's not what we were told at the shrine!
<King> The goddess Ishtar... how could one calling herself a goddess be...?!
<Felicia> H-hey, calm down, King!
<Lolo> Neither the High Priestess or Lady Ishtar were lying!
<Klonoa> B-but... she said we can't go back, Lolo.
<Kurino> Wait a moment, everyone.
<Kurino> ...Isn't there more to it, High Priestess?
<High Priestess> Yes... travel would ordinarily be possible to the Material
<High Priestess> However, the massive dimensional distortion in the Material
  World has, I believe temporarily, severed that pathway.
<Reiji> (Roppongi... side effects from that Dimension Seal?  Damn Saya...!)
<Fongling> So, it's not possible?
<Sabine> I guess there's no choice but to go via the Infernal World, huh?
<High Priestess> ...Correct.
<High Priestess> The Infernal World, another world which sits in opposition to
  this one.
<High Priestess> You must enlist the power of that realm's ruler, Emperor Enma,
  to open the door to the Material World.
<Kyouko> The Emperor Enma...?
<Kyouko> Enma?!  Hold on a moment!
<Hideo> Why are names from our world appearing in other, totally alien worlds?
<Hideo> This is simply too...
<Nakamura> I wouldn't say that, Professor.  Remember what the goddess Ishtar
  told us.
<Jin> The realm called the Infernal World is the closest to the real world we
  live in... right?
<Reiji> Yeah.  ...It all makes sense.
<Reiji> The Scythe-Weasels and ogres... all the legendary monsters my
  organization fights, are basically refugees from that world...
<Reiji> And although I don't know why or how, Emperor Enma has let his name be
  known in our world too.
<Regina> This is getting hard to understand...
<Regina> This Enma character...
<Bruce> Sounds like oriental sci-fi, huh?
<Bruce> Man, I can't wait to get back to my own world.
<Shion> But to do that, we'll have to journey to this Infernal World, won't we?
<Nakamura> From what we've heard, it sounds very much akin to Hell.
<Jin> Hell with all its demons, huh?
<Jin> There's no reason to hesitate.  If it brings me closer to defeating
  Mishima Kazuya...
<Bruce> You're right.  Besides, from what Ishtar told us, Ken Masters and the
  others should be there too.
<Bruce> We can't abandon them... assuming they're still alive.
<Fongling> Don't jinx us, Bruce.  Chunli's probably with them too.  They won't
  die so easily.
<High Priestess> Then, allow me to guide you inside...  There you will find the
 portal to the Infernal World.
<High Priestess> However... I have not met Emperor Enma face to face, nor do I
  know precisely where he dwells...
<Felicia> No problem!  I don't remember it all that well, but it is where I
  grew up!
<Leilei> I think I'll remember a bit too when we get there.
<King> Doesn't sound too dependable to me...
<Lolo> Be careful, everyone...
<Lolo> Oh, right!  Klonoa, Kurino... what will you guys do?
<Klonoa> I'm going!  We gotta pay everyone back for saving us twice!
<Lolo> Klonoa...
<Klonoa> Don't worry, Lolo!  I'll be just fine!
<Gantz> I ain't down with this whole group thing, but I ain't down with unpaid
  debts even more.
<Gantz> ('Sides, Janga's got some heavy backing.  I gotta get more firepower on
  my side too.)
<Sabine> Ulterior motives, huh?
<Gantz> L-like hell!
<Kurino> High Priestess, I will accompany them too.
<Kurino> I'd like to help them return to their world, and I must repay the debt
  I owe them.
<Leilei> Don't sweat that too much, okay?
<M.O.M.O.> It may get more dangerous yet.
<Kurino> All the more reason for me to go.
<Kurino> Besides, I needed to go to the Infernal World sooner or later anyway.
<Reiji> Having locals on hand is a great help.  Can I count on you four?
<Felicia> Locals, huh?
<Kurino> Certainly.  Glad to help, Reiji.
<Klonoa> Leave it to me!
<Sabine> If Kurino's going...
<Gantz> Damn, can't be helped.
<Reiji> ...Okay, let's move out.  Xiaomu, you ready...?
<Reiji> Hmm?  Hey, where's Xiaomu?
<Leilei> Now that you mention it... haven't seen her in a while.
<M.O.M.O.> I... kind of thought it was too quiet...
<KOS-MOS> The locations of Kanda Momo, Kasugano Sakura, and Kanzuki Karin
  cannot be confirmed either.
<Reiji> What the hell?
<Reiji> ...Don't tell me they actually...

<Xiaomu> *pant pant* Come on, gimme a break...
<Momo> Not yet, Xiaomu!
<Sakura> Geez!  Xiaomu!
<Karin> We're not finished with our chat yet!
<Shion> (...They really did go out back...)
<Xiaomu> Reiji!  You had to go and open your big mouth!  Look what happened!
<Xiaomu> How come I gotta get lectured by a bunch of girls who've barely been
  alive ten years!
<Xiaomu> Schoolgirls these days scare me to death!
<Reiji> ...You dug this grave.  Try lying in it a while and repent.

{Infernal World... Boss Bull's Gambling Hall, Dice Pits)

<Boss Bull> Oof!
<Boss Bull> ...
<Boss Bull> Man, I made it back...  So damn dangerous out there I can't even
  take a walk.
<Boss Bull> All these outsiders I never seen before hanging out, putting spells
  on my friends and making 'em do their bidding...
<Boss Bull> What in bloody hell is going on here?
<Boss Bull> Yo!
<Boss Bull> Great, _now_ I roll that.
<Boss Bull> Tarosuke, do me proud.

{Meanwhile, At Aensland Castle}

<Reiji> Everyone okay?
<Xiaomu> Oww... How come this kinda teleportation always has to blind you and
  dump you out the other side?
<Regina> Surprisingly standard.
<Momo> ..."Standard"?
<Momo> A-anyways, this looks like the second level of Hell or something.
<Sakura> So we came from the first level to the second?
<Karin> That isn't important.
<Karin> This looks like a good opportunity to go over to that castle and ask
  about Emperor Enma's whereabouts.  What do you think?
<Hideo> Hmm... It certainly looks the part.  Meaning it seems rather creepy.
<Felicia> That castle.... oh, brother.
<King> What's wrong, Felicia?
<Leilei> ...Aiya...
<Leilei> How about let's not go there.  Better not to mess with her.
<Sabine> Hey, isn't that Aensland Castle?
<Gantz> "Aensland"?
<Gantz> Ain't that one of the factions struggling for control of the Infernal
<Fongling> Wait, what're you talking about?
<Fongling> Would you mind explaining?
<Kurino> I heard a little from Lady Valkyrie.
<Kurino> Apparently the Aensland clan, the Voshtal clan, and the Dorma clan are
  the nobility of the Infernal World.  It seems they once fought for the crown.
<Nakamura> That sounds serious.  I suppose every world has its struggles over
  power.  Or money.
<Karin> Don't underestimate their importance.  Without influence or resources,
  nothing gets done.
<Klonoa> What about dreams and hopes?...
<Klonoa> So, what happened then?
<Kurino> Right.  So, the head of the Voshtal family fell sick and died, and the
  leader of the Dorma is missing.  Apparently that put the whole thing on hold.
<Kurino> I heard the Aensland family got a new leader, but that's all I know.
<Reiji> So, through whatever means, the ruler of this place is this Emperor
  Enma, right?
<Reiji> I'm not sure I get it entirely, but we should go over there and gather
  some information.
<Felicia> A-anywhere but that castle!  The most dreadful monster lives there!
<Felicia> If you want a castle, there's another one nearby...
<Jin> If there's nowhere else to go, that must be it.
<Jin> I want information about him, about Mishima Kazuya.  I can't afford to
  waste time here.
<Sakura> I want to look for Ryuu and the others too...
<M.O.M.O.> Um... I detect two life forms down the road.
<M.O.M.O.> There's a lot of others I can't identify, but at least those two are
<M.O.M.O.> What?!  Is that Ryuu and the others?!
<Shion> You're a great reconnaissance Realian, Momo!
<Shion> But... only two?
<Kyouko> Three were missing, correct?
<Nakamura> Hmm... Perhaps the third is somewhere else?
<Nakamura> Arisu, what should we do?
<Reiji> Looks like we've got a quandary.  What to do...
<Xiaomu> Why not split up?  It'll be in opposite directions, but not that far.
<Bruce> Form separate teams, huh?  Sounds like a good idea to me.
<KOS-MOS> If information gathering is included in the mission, I believe that
  to be a sound suggestion.
<Reiji> Okay then...
<???> Um, may I make a suggestion?
<Momo> Whoa!  Who's there?!
<Zuhl> Heh heh, I'm glad I made it.
<Kurino> Zuhl?!  I didn't see you back at the High Priestess' chambers.  Where
  have you been?
<Zuhl> I went to fetch my trade goods.
<Zuhl> I'm most definitely glad I made it.
<Klonoa> Trade goods?
<Zuhl> Just what it sounds like.
<Zuhl> Such strong ladies and gentlemen as yourselves seem likely to confront a
  goodly number of monsters.
<Sabine> You never change, Zuhl.
<Sabine> This guy's a traveling salesman.
<Sabine> ...And he overcharges like nobody's business.
<Gantz> Overcharges?!  You sure you want him with us?
<Reiji> Salesman, huh?  What a diverse place this world is.
<Reiji> Hate to say it, but I've got none of this world's currency.
<Xiaomu> Heh. Heh. Heh.
<Xiaomu> Luckily, _someone_ expected this and busted her butt picking up all
  the coin-shaped stuff all those monsters dropped.
<Xiaomu> Check it out!
<Zuhl> Oh!  It is indeed!
<Zuhl> You all are quite wealthy!
<Sakura> Right on!  Xiaomu, you're okay in my book!
<Xiaomu> Bloody mercenaries...
<Xiaomu> Oh well, no help for it.  Time to get my money's worth.
<Reiji> Look, aren't you a bit _old_ for that?
<Reiji> Besides, that's not funny.
<Xiaomu> Argh....!
<Xiaomu> Can't you do anything besides burst my bubble!


{Infernal World... In Front of Aensland Castle}

<Xiaomu> Right.  Now what?
<Xiaomu> Do we head to this other castle, or do we head for those life signs?
<Reiji> Good question... what to do...

  [I headed towards the life signs.]

{Infernal World... Demitri's Central Hall}

<Chunli> Nobody's here...  Don't tell me a castle this huge is deserted?
<Chunli> ...And I was really hoping to find out where I am...
<Morrigan> I swear... hasn't he heard of locking his door?
<Chunli> Someone's here...?!
<Chunli> (But how'd she appear so suddenly...?)
<Morrigan> Oh?  Servant, could you tell me if Demitri is in?
<Morrigan> Perhaps he's still asleep?
<Chunli> S-servant?
<Chunli> Hey, I just got here!  What kind of greeting is that?!
<Morrigan> Dear me, I apologize.
<Morrigan> I figured you weren't his type anyway.  Too strong-willed.
<Chunli> ...Not that that's any of your business.  Who are you, anyway?
<Morrigan> Ah, you must be one of those visitors from the Material World.
<Chunli> "Material World"?  "One of"?
<Chunli> What do you know about what's going on?!
<Chunli> E-err...
<Morrigan> My name's Morrigan.  Morrigan Aensland.
<Chunli> I'm Chunli, Interpol Detective.
<Morrigan> Um, how much of that was your name?
<Chunli> ...
<Chunli> Chunli is fine.  ...Now, answer me this - where am I?
<Morrigan> Where...?  The lair of one tight-ass vampire by the name of 
<Chunli> (Vampire...?  What's she talking about?  And besides...)
<Chunli> Umm... is that clothing the popular style around here?
<Morrigan> Popular?  I wear this all the time.
<Chunli> ...
<Chunli> Are you... human?
<Morrigan> You're certainly full of questions.
<Morrigan> Planning to ask my measurements next?
<Chunli> I never repeat myself.  Answer me.
<Morrigan> Okay, okay.  Fine.
<Morrigan> I am...

<Chunli> Monsters?  How'd they get in here?!
<Morrigan> Oh my goodness, more guests?
<Morrigan> ...No, sadly, it's just that army from the Infernal Village and
  the Tower of Druaga.  Hardly a social visit.
<Morrigan> (Darn that Demitri... The place is crawling with them.)
<Chunli> What's going on here?!  I haven't understood a single thing you said!
<Morrigan> Let's save the chitchat, shall we?  Unless you'd like to try dying?
<Chunli> Okay, that made sense.
<Chunli> Looks like there's no choice but to fight our way out.
<Chunli> Are you one of them too?
<Morrigan> The short answer is "no".  I trust that means you won't hit me?
<Chunli> Heh, well that's a relief.
<Chunli> Anything else and I was planning to show you what my kicks look like.
<Morrigan> Ooh, terrifying.
<Morrigan> ...You know, I think I like you.
<Morrigan> Shall we dance, just the two of us?

[clobber the bad guys]
  <Morrigan> These things certainly aren't putting up much resistance.
  <Morrigan> Which must mean they're here on recon.
  <Chunli> What are these things?
  <Morrigan> ...Soldiers from the Infernal Village.  And not very high
    ranking ones by the looks of it.
  <Chunli> "I-Infernal Village"?
  <Morrigan> The most infamous place in history, which once shook this
    entire world.
  <Chunli> Reinforcements?!  ...Wait, humans...?!
  <Felicia> Yo!  Hi Demit-
  <Morrigan> What?  It's you...
  <Morrigan> Well bless my soul.  So good to see you, kitten!
  <Felicia> Gack!  W-what're _you_ doing here?!
  <Leilei> Aiya... instead of avoiding her, we ran right into her...
  <Bruce> Hey, what gives around here?  Is it Halloween or what?
  <Bruce> I spy with my little eye one _fine_ babe over there.
  <Morrigan> Heh heh, why thank you.  You're quite handsome yourself.
    Overflowing with life, I should say.
  <Bruce> Finally, a woman who understands my attraction.  All the women
    hanging around me are made out of steel or something. 
  <Regina> ...And who might that be?
  <Fongling> Aren't you a little too old to be dropping lines that weak?
  <Chunli> Fongling?  Is that you?!
  <Fongling> Chunli!  Thank God you're okay!  Don't worry, you're safe now.
  <Morrigan> Hmm, you must be the rest of the visitors from the Material
    World... as well as a few who aren't.
  <Kurino> ...Morrigan Aensland.
  <Morrigan> Yes, you for example.  ...Kurino the Hero.
  <Morrigan> If that Maiden Knight hadn't been so stubborn, we wouldn't have
    gotten run out of the Infernal Village.
  <Sabine> The Infernal Village?  You _met_ Valkyrie?!
  <Kurino> (Lady Valkyrie... why did you come to the Infernal World alone...?!)
  <King> It seems she knows several of you.  Felicia, you know her?
  <Felicia> Yeah.... I wanted to steer clear of her, cause nothing good ever
    happens when we're together, but...
  <Felicia> See, she's one of the nobles fighting over the Infernal World.
  <Felicia> One of the, um... "bosses"?
  <Morrigan> The term is "family head".
  <Morrigan> Besides, it's not like I wanted the title.
  <Wonder Momo> Well, we found Chunli... but things are looking even messier
  <Berabou Man> If we wish to learn anything about the world, a little mess is
  <Berabou Man> It doesn't feel like anyone else is in this castle.
  <Morrigan> I think this is finally starting to interest me.
  <Morrigan> Heh heh, we've got to get things hotter still.

[carnage ensues]
  <Morrigan> Gee, so few of them left.
  <Leilei> Well, there's a lot of us.
  <Regina> It's a simple power imbalance.
  <Morrigan> I suppose you're right.
  <Morrigan> (...Well, Kurino was known as Valkyrie's right hand, and I have a
    good idea how strong dear Felicia is...)
  <Morrigan> (But all of them are quite capable.  Time to change my outlook on
    the Material World, I suppose.)
  <Chunli> ...
  <Wonder Momo> Chunli, is something wrong?
  <Chunli> It feels like we're being watched.
  <Morrigan> Dear me, do you go for that sort of thing?
  <Chunli> Of course not!
  <Felicia> You haven't changed a bit, Morrigan.

[knights attack]
  <Berabou Man> Hmm?  What's that Western armor?
  <Kurino> Blue Knights and Black Knights...!  The knights of the Tower of
  <King> First an ancient castle, now suits of armor.  How fitting.
  <Sabine> ...What're you looking so smug about?
  <Sabine> Where the heck were these guys hiding?
  <Zabel> They weren't hiding one - damn - bit!
  <Zabel> They just got here!  Yaaa-hoo!!
  <Bruce> It's that zombie freak we ran into on the Spencer Lane!
  <Felicia> What?!  Not Zabel too!
  <Leilei> How come we ran into everyone BUT Demitri!?
  <Zabel> THAT is because...
  <Zabel> My baby Leilei'n I're bound by the red thread of fate!!
  <Zabel> My sweeeeeeeeeet!
  <Leilei> I don't want any spook thread tying me to anyone!
  <Wonder Momo> What a strange boyfriend you've got...
  <Leilei> Who said he's my boyfriend!
  <Morrigan> ...So, Zabel, you were the one who was watching us?
  <Chunli> ...
  <Zabel> Well, if it ain't the head of the frigging Aensland crew.  Ain't
    seen you in a while.
  <Zabel> But don't sweat it!  I ain't got the hots for no succubus tryin' to
    look half her age.
  <Morrigan> ...What an amusing thing to say.
  <Morrigan> You see, jokes like that make me want to kill the man who
    uttered them.
  <Chunli> Fongling, what's with that skeletal guy?
  <Fongling> Not a skeleton, a zombie.
  <Fongling> He's the one who assaulted the Spencer Lane.  In other words...
  <Chunli> ...He's the enemy, right?
  <Zabel> Okay, it's showtime!  Hey Morrigan, after I kill your ass, Duke
    Demi's next!
  <Morrigan> So, you're after Demitri and I?
  <Morrigan> I presume only the Infernal Village would put you up to this.
  <Morrigan> Do give it your best shot.
  <Kurino> Great timing.  I was hoping for some information on the Infernal
    Village too.
  <Chunli> (This zombie isn't who I felt looking at us.  ...But who is?)

[Zabel takes a pounding]
  <Zabel> Shit, take my eyes off for a sec and this crew thinks they're all
    badass, huh?
  <Bruce> Hey, don't look at me.  I wasn't the one who wanted to hook up
    with this bunch.
  <Fongling>  Agreed.  This is coincidence.
  <Leilei> But thanks to that, looks like we get to take you down after all,
  <Leilei> I'll fix you so you can never make that disgusting love call for
    the rest of eternity!
  <Zabel> Hey, you know yer cute when yer sayin' no?
  <Zabel> Maybe I oughtta call up my friends, huh?
  <Morrigan> What did you say?  You mean you brought someone else?!

[friends will be friends, when you're in need of love they give you care and
  <Amazona> ...
  <Wonder Momo> A-Amazona?!  And a Grabfencer too?!
  <Berabou Man> I thought that clown carried you off with him?
  <Zabel> Clown?  Oh, you mean that dickhead Joker?
  <Zabel> I just borrowed her for a bit!  Ha ha!
  <Regina> Looks like that zombie is in league with those things Klonoa
    called "Phantom Beasts".
  <King> Yeah.  It seems we're fighting a much larger organization than we
  <Amazona> Kanda Momo... I'm taking you with me...
  <Wonder Momo> Amazona... What on Earth happened to you?!  Answer me, okay?
  <Kurino> That girl looks like she's from the Material World.  What about the
  <Felicia> Nope.  The girl in the red armor's the only human.  The rest of 
  <Morrigan> Feel very similar inside to Druaga's soldiers, or so I imagine.
  <Wonder Momo> Mister Zombie, what do you want with Amazona...?!
  <Zabel> What do I want?!  It's fucking simple, baby!
  <Zabel> I gots to gather "souls"!  And she gets to help!
  <Chunli> That doesn't explain anything!  And what do you mean "souls"?!
  <Sabine> Gather souls...?  Don't lie.  Nobody's said anything about that in
    our world.
  <Morrigan> Nor in the Infernal World.  ...Some liar you are, Zabel.
  <Zabel> Course you ain't heard about it in THIS world, dumbass!
  <Fongling> "In this world"...?   Don't tell me you're gathering them in...
  <Berabou Man> ...Our world?!
  <Berabou Man> Is that the secret behind the "sleeping sickness" infesting
  <Felicia> What're you doing something that obnoxious in the human world for?!
  <Zabel> Aw, somethin' bout souls there're made different.  I always skip the
    fine print.
  <Zabel> Anyways, it's not like it's that easy to just walk in there, normally
    that is.
  <???> I see... so that's your objective.
  <Morrigan> ...!
  <Zabel> Damn right it is!  That's what the demon lord of the Infernal
    Village's after!
  <Zabel> Oh, and that jerkoff Druaga too.
  <Zabel> An' while we're at it, me too!!
  <???>  Heh heh heh... So we finally learn what the demon lord Astaroth is up
    to in his Infernal Village.
  <Zabel> W-what the hell?!
  <Felicia> Oh geez, I know who that voice is...
  <Leilei> Look, I don't care anymore, okay?

[enter the big cheese vampire]
  <Demitri> Heh heh... Zabel Zarlock.
  <Demitri> That's all I needed to hear.  I have no further use for you.
  <Zabel> What th- Count Demi!  Don't tell me you-!
  <Morrigan> Demitri!  Is that why you were hiding?!
  <Demitri> Hiding?  I'll thank you to call it "gauging the situation".
  <Chunli> ...So you're the one who's been watching us.
  <Demitri> Correct.  I take an interest in all those who nose around in my
  <Demitri> I am Demitri Maximoff.  You all put on quite the show.
  <Zabel> ...Don't fuckin' mess with me, man.
  <Zabel> Yo, get your asses in gear and get him!
  <Amazona> Kanda Momo... Your soul... is mine.
  <Wonder Momo> Amazona... I'll save you.
  <Wonder Momo> And I'll fight you if I have to...!
  <Morrigan> Hmm, I sense some history here.
  <Morrigan> ...See, Demitri?  Didn't I tell you this would be fun?
  <Demitri> As long as it doesn't end up as some farce.

[zombie versus super heros]
  <Zabel> Hey, what's all that weird shit you keep swingin' around, huh?
  <Wonder Momo> W-weird...?
  <Berabou Man> You'd do well to try some yourself.  After all, you're 
    nothing but flesh and bone.
  <Zabel> You got that right!  Yee-haw!

[secret agents versus suits of armor]
  <Bruce> We saw the blue armored guys on the Spencer Lane.  The black ones
    are more of the same?
  <Regina> Doesn't matter what color they are if you just think of them as
    target practice.

[Kurino fights the armor beasties]
  <Sabine> What weirdos.
  <Kurino> They remind me a lot of Mister Nakamura.  It's like they're wearing
  <Berabou Man> That may not be entirely false.
  <Wonder Momo> But what's important is what's inside!

[Leilei and Zabel, reunited]
  <Zabel> Whoa!  Leilei baby!
  <Leilei> You're about the last person I want to fight, but...
  <Fongling> ...Leilei, you've got to put the past behind you with your own
  <Leilei> Look!  I told you he wasn't my boyfriend!

[superheros and supervillains collide]
  <Wonder Momo> Please!  Open your eyes!
  <Amazona> ...Your soul... is mine...
  <Zabel> Don't even bother!  Just hand your damn soul over already!
  <Berabou Man> I think not!  I will defend _both_ their souls!

[Amazona gets smote]
  <Amazona> U-uh....
  <Wonder Momo> Be sane again!  We should only fight each other on stage!
  <Zabel> Useless little... Yo!  Head on back!
  <Amazona> Kanda... Momo...
  <Wonder Momo> Wait, don't go!  You're on our side!
  <Berabou Man> Correct!  Take pride in your humanity!
  <Zabel> I said go the fuck back!!
  <Amazona> ...
  <Wonder Momo> Amazona...
  <Sabine> ...What's going on?
  <Kurino> I suspect she's being controlled by some strong magic.
  <Chunli> Isn't there a way to return her to normal?
  <Morrigan> ...Taking out the one who cast the spell is usually how these
    things are defeated.
  <Wonder Momo> And that means... Druaga...!

[Zabel gets comeuppance too]
  <Zabel> Why you little...!
  <Zabel> Fuck this!  Today's my damn unlucky day!
  <Leilei> What's a corpse like you hung up on astrology for!  I'm gonna
    finish you once and for all!
  <Zabel> Ah well, least I'm gonna get plenty of chances to see my baby
    Leilei again!
  <Fongling> Quite optimistic, for a corpse.
  <Chunli> So, given he's already dead, can he actually be killed?
  <Zabel> Catcha later!
  <Amazona> ...

<Demitri> Silence at last.  Curse those louts who would disturb a quiet night's
<Morrigan> Really?  You seemed to be enjoying yourself plenty.
<Demitri> I'm not so weak that that could satisfy me.
<Morrigan> Oh... is that so.
<Demitri> ...What was that?
<Chunli> Hold on.
<Chunli> Now that we can finally hold a decent conversation, I'd appreciate you
  _not_ trading barbs.
<Leilei> ...Morrigan's always like that.  She's like the old Chinese proverb.
<Morrigan> Be quiet, servant!
<Chunli> Who's a servant!?
<Chunli> And I've got some questions for that onion-head over there too!
<Demitri> Little girl, you have already violated my domain.  See that you don't
  try my patience further!
<Sabine> Great... a triangle argument.
<Regina> $100 on the macho guy over there.
<Kurino> Hey!  We don't have time for this!
<Demitri> (...A Sandra?  Hmph, I see... that must be Kurino.)
<Berabou Man> Please remember why we came here.
<Berabou Man> We wished to inquire about Emperor Enma's whereabouts, did we
<Chunli> Emperor... Enma?
<Demitri> Enma?!
<Demitri> ...I must be the one to defeat him one day.  I'll not yield his head
  to you.
<Sabine> I think you've got us all wrong.
<Sabine> We just wanna go and ask him how to get all these folks back to the
  Material World.
<Morrigan> Oh, really?
<Morrigan> Leaving so soon?  ...How boring.
<Bruce> It's not a question of how boring it is.  We've got huge problems back
<Demitri> ...Preposterous.  It _did_ end up a farce after all.
<Morrigan> Oh, that Demitri.
<Morrigan> Though... let's see.
<Morrigan> That bunch from the Infernal Village does have their eye on you...
<Morrigan> And helping you would mean sticking my neck out needlessly...
<Felicia> Cheapskate demon.
<Wonder Momo> Um...
<Fongling> Hmm?  What's up?
<Wonder Momo> ...I... can't go back to our world.
<Kurino> What?  What do you mean?  Don't you have to go to-
<Wonder Momo> It's Amazona... my good friend's in the clutches of an evil
  demon.  I can't just leave her.
<Morrigan> ...
<Berabou Man> That is true... but we have no idea where this "Infernal
  Village" is.
<Berabou Man> We should return to our own world, and then plan what to do next.
<Regina> The fact is that we can't solve everything at once.
<Morrigan> ...
<Leilei> Besides, once Morrigan says something, she stops listening.
<Leilei> Just consider ourselves lucky we found Chunli too.
<Chunli> Since when do I rate a "too".
<Morrigan> Leilei's right about me.  ...I suppose I'll leave now.
<Morrigan> Oh, I almost forgot.  Would someone mind seeing me off?
<Morrigan> What say I... tell you where Lord Enma dwells in return...?
<Morrigan> I wouldn't be surprised if he knows where this Infernal Village
  Zabel ran off to is as well.
<Wonder Momo> Huh...?
<King> Are you sure?  Those people from the Infernal Village are after you,
  you know.
<Bruce> Hold on there, masked man.  Men are supposed to go along when women
  suggest things.
<Fongling> What's this "supposed to" business?  Getting pretty carried away,
  aren't we?
<Morrigan> What a delightful thing to say.
<Wonder Momo> Miss Morrigan...!
<Felicia> See, Morrigan, you've got a good side!
<Leilei> I'm... impressed.
<Morrigan> Heh heh... mere caprice, that's all.


{Infernal World... Path of Penance}

<Ryuu> Everywhere we go looks the same.
<Ken> Hold on, Ryuu.
<Ken> You sure we shouldn't have gone to that castle we saw?  Maybe they'd
  have let us spend the night.
<Ken> We might've even found Chunli and Sakura and the others, if they're
  going through what we are.
<Ryuu> ...You've got a point.
<Ryuu> But I also sensed a very unpleasant "aura" from that castle.  Isn't
  that why you didn't want to force the issue?
<Ken> Yeah, kinda.
<Ken> I dunno about feelings and all that, but it just felt too cliche at the
<Ken> If this were a horror movie, that kinda ancient castle's the last place
  anyone would want to go.
<Ryuu> Is that a fact?
<Ken> That's a fact.
<Ken> That aside... how long do we gotta keep walking?
<Ryuu> Just think of it as part of your training.  This kind of chance doesn't
  come up that often.
<Ken> ...You know, every so often I wonder if you're the world's biggest
<Ryuu> If that's what it takes to keep building up my strength, that's fine
  with me.
<Ken> Man, that reminds me of when we were training...
<Ken> Just me, you, and our teacher.
<Ryuu> Yeah... but our teacher's gone now.
<Ryuu> And this mess all started when I stood before his grave...
<Ryuu> From the moment I met you... Gouki!
<Ken> Say what?!
<Gouki> ...
<Ken> It's you!
<Ryuu> ...I thought you were here, Gouki.
<Ken> What, pretending you're a demon now that we're in Hell?
<Ken> What brought you here, huh?!
<Gouki> Fear not, small one.  Only defeat awaits those consumed by terror.
<Ken> You sayin' I'm afraid, you bastard?!
<Ryuu> Ken, don't be taken in by his words.
<Ryuu> ...Gouki, why are you here?  Or rather, where _is_ here?
<Gouki> This is the closest point to the "Golden Pond".
<Gouki> The wall separating the world of men from the world of not-men has
  been breached, and the two worlds are attempting to merge.
<Ryuu> You're saying that the mess with the demons was caused by beings from
  that other world - from here - coming to ours?
<Gouki> That matters not.  What matters is how the wall was breached.
<Ken> Quit beating around the bush, man.  ...You're the one who told us to go
  to Roppongi, remember?
<Ken> ....Meaning you knew this was gonna happen all along?!
<Gouki> ...
<Ryuu> Answer, Gouki...!
<Gouki> ...
<Ken> Why don't you say anything?!
<Gouki> ...Words will convey nothing.
<Ryuu> You want us to speak with our fists instead?
<Gouki> Indeed.  My name is Gouki...

[mayhem aplenty]
  <Ryuu> Gouki!  Why?!  Why...!
  <Gouki> Leave off.  What we need exchange are not words, but polished fists
    and perfected techniques.
  <Ken> Still stuck in the dark ages, huh?  That's outta style these days.
  <Gouki> Shut your mouth, barbarian.
  <Ryuu> Either way's fine with me.
  <Ryuu> What I want to know is the truth, Gouki.

[Gouki beaten back, sort of]
  <Gouki> Well done, children of Gouken.
  <Ryuu> Never speak that name...!
  <Ken> Okay, fighting time is up!  It's talking time.
  <Ryuu> Gouki, answer me.
  <Ryuu> What do you know?  How did you find out what was going to happen
    in Roppongi?!
  <Gouki> ...
  <Ken> Damn, we made too much noise!
  <Ken> Now we got monsters to deal with!
  <Gouki> ...So they sensed the hostility?
  <Gouki> Hmph, this too is useful.
  <Ken> Bastard, you running away?!
  <Gouki> ...The time for words has passed.
  <Ken> Yo, that was like, WAY too short!
  <Ryuu> Gouki!  Why did that girl, Sakura, have to get involved?!
  <Gouki> ...The answer will have no meaning unless you arrive at it yourself.
  <Gouki> Consider that while fighting these.
  <Ken> Hey, Ryuu, think if these monsters kick his ass enough he'll be more
  <Ryuu> ...That won't happen.  The monsters all fear him.
  <Ken> Yeah, I know... I was just joking.
  <Ken> Let's go shut these bastards down!
  <Ryuu> Gouki...!
  <Gouki> (Heh heh heh...  Why did I involve the girl?  Because she is the
    key to bring forth your power...)

[reinforcements arrive]
  <Reiji> Here they are, over this way!
  <Xiaomu> Wow, jackpot!
  <Xiaomu> ...But um, what kind of mess is this?
  <Sakura> Ryuu?  It's Ryuu!
  <Ryuu> Sakura?!
  <Ken> I figured they all got blown here too!
  <Gouki> ...Here at last.
  <Karin> It's that "Heaven" man...!  What is he doing here?!
  <Jin> "Heaven"...?!  Can that be the Master of the Fist... Gouki?!
  <Shion> What're you talking about...?
  <Shion> KOS-MOS!  Are those two genuine?!
  <KOS-MOS> They match the data on the two men who disappeared in Roppongi.
  <KOS-MOS> Detailed data on the third man known as "Gouki" unavailable.
  <M.O.M.O.> Um, about Gouki... I detect some kind of energy signature I
    can't analyze.
  <Shion> Energy...?  He's human, isn't he?!
  <Ryuu> _Is_ he?
  <Gouki> Hmph, what an affront to my sight.
  <Gouki> So of all unknowable worlds to be blown off to, you appear before me?
  <Jin> Unknowable worlds?!
  <Jin> ...You know that many worlds exist?!
  <Xiaomu> What the heck...?
  <Xiaomu> This guy seems pretty smart, considering that gorilla face of his.
  <Reiji> Very felicitous.  Maybe we can finally get a little information for a
  <Hideo> Gouki... was it?
  <Hideo> You have my thanks for saving Kasugano in front of our school.
  <Kyouko> Would you be kind enough to tell us what you know?
  <Gouki> ...Don't get cocky.
  <Gouki> That you were beaten so badly by such low-class freaks is absurd.
    ...I have no words to offer the weak.
  <Sakura> Hey!  That's going too far!
  <Ken> Don't bother, Sakura.  ...We've gotta put our fists where our mouths
  <Ryuu> ...Yeah, and there's still monsters around.
  <Reiji> A throwdown with the legendary martial artist with "ogre" in his
    name, in Hell no less.  Serious business.
  <Ken> Hey, I remember you guys from back there...
  <Ken> ...But I thought there were more of you.  Wasn't everyone else blown
  <Ken> Like, where's Chunli?!
  <Hideo> We don't know.
  <Hideo> But another group of us is heading elsewhere as we speak.
  <Hideo> We can only hope they find her there...
  <Sakura> No problem!  After all, we found Ryuu and Ken, didn't we?
  <Ryuu> Always the optimist.  I like that.
  <Sakura> H-hey... you're making me blush.
  <Xiaomu> Well well, our little girl has the hots for him, does she?
  <Xiaomu> Romance on the battlefield - how beautiful.
  <Karin> Precisely how is the second level of Hell romantic?
  <KOS-MOS> I believe we should commence combat now.
  <Sakura> You're right!
  <Sakura> Mister Ryuu...!
  <Ryuu> Right!
  <Klonoa> ...
  <Gantz> What's up, Klonoa?
  <Klonoa> We're pretty far from Kaya, aren't we?
  <Gantz> Who cares.
  <Ken> W-what the heck?
  <Ken> Yo, we ain't here for some picnic!  Quit dressing like some bunch of
  <Gantz> See?
  <Klonoa> ...Yup, I do...
  <Klonoa> But we gotta clear up the misunderstanding, and we can't just
    leave people who need our help.  Plus, that guy looks really mean....
  <Klonoa> Anyway, we gotta fight!
  <Ryuu> Those kids are on our side, right?
  <Ryuu> ...Okay, Gouki, this should do nicely.
  <Gouki> You will not find strength in numbers.  For the time has come...!
  <Reiji> Just what are you getting at?
  <Xiaomu> ...This one ain't gonna be pretty, Reiji.  That's one helluva aura
    he's got.  Are you _sure_ he's human?
  <Ryuu> I _will_ defeat you, Gouki.  And then you'll tell me the truth!

[an enemy plague of, among other things, frogs]
  <Gouki> Hmm...?
  <Ken> Great, just when we get started, the joint gets crowded.
  <Sakura> S-skeletons and now... bullfrogs?!
  <KOS-MOS> They appear to be life forms native to this world.
  <Shion> F-frogs...!
  <Shion> I don't mind skeletons, but amphibians...
  <Xiaomu> So, what kind of girl _doesn't_ mind skeletons...?
  <Gouki> ...Such commotion just as matters were getting interesting.
  <Ryuu> Gouki, this has nothing to do with our duel.
  <Gouki> Correct, would be my reply, however...
  <???> Oh, to think such beings exist in this world.
  <Jin> Human...?  A human?!
  <Klonoa> Maybe he came from the Material World?
  <Reiji> An armored warrior and... women in kimono?
  <Hideo> That armor dates back to the Heian Period...
  <Hideo> ...And court attire?  Are they from our world...?
  <???> ...I thought I sensed a strange aura... Who are they?
  <Gantz> (...Huh?  Ain't they from the Spirit World?...)
  <Gouki> ...Hmph, I grow tired of this.
  <Ryuu> What?  Wait, Gouki!
  <Gouki> Fear not, we shall see each other again.  ...Just as you rejoined
    that girl.
  <Sakura> Who, me?!
  <Sakura> You were like this at the Justice Academy too!  What're you trying
    to say, mister?!
  <Gouki> Be patient.  Heh heh heh.
  <Ryuu> Gouki!!
  <Ken> First it's "the time has come", then it's "wait up".  Anyone have any
    idea what the hell he's talking about?
  <Klonoa> Well, that scary man doesn't look like he's friends with these new
  <Gantz> That don't matter if they're all the enemy.
  <???> ...What nonsense are you babbling?  Such troublesome persons.
  <???> One of you escaped, but no matter.  I take it you all came from other
  <Jin> How'd you know that...?!
  <Jin> ...Ah, I see.  You must be in league with the demons.
  <???> "Demons"?
  <???> Should you be referring to Lord Kamakura, I, Kiso Yoshinaka, will
    punish such impudent speech.
  <Hideo> Lord Kamakura?  Kiso Yoshinaka...?
  <Hideo> Kiso Yoshinaka...?!  Do you mean to tell me you're Minamoto
  <Xiaomu> S-say what?!  You know this dude, Hideo?!
  <Yoshinaka> You have heard of me then...?
  <Klonoa> He looks too serious to hang out with guys like that.  I'm
  <Kyouko> Of course he doesn't, Klonoa.
  <Kyouko> Professor Hideo?  Do you mean Minamoto as in... Genji?
  <Hideo> ...Yes.
  <Hideo> Kisojirou Yoshinaka... if that name is genuine, its bearer existed
    in the latter half of the twelfth century...
  <Ken> "Existed", as in... in our world?
  <Hideo> Yes... a Japanese military commander.  "Lord Kamakura" is said to be
    another name for Minamoto Yoritomo.
  <Jin> Ridiculous!  Genji, you said?  You mean they're from over nine hundred
    years ago?!
  <Karin> Hold on a moment, and try to remember what the goddess Ishtar said.
  <Karin> It's quite possible that someone came to this world from the past.
  <Reiji> I see... these Quakes must not be happening in our time alone.
  <KOS-MOS> ...Unfortunately, that is not possible.
  <Shion> W-what do you mean, KOS-MOS?
  <KOS-MOS> I have conducted a scan of the target.  Structure is unmistakably
  <KOS-MOS> However...
  <Sakura> Huh?  So he didn't time-slip here after all?
  <M.O.M.O.> Biologically speaking... he's already "dead".
  <Xiaomu> Um, hello?  How's he moving, then?
  <Ken> Hang on a sec, ladies.
  <Ken> Mind filling the rest of us in on whatever you're jawing about?
  <M.O.M.O.> In other words... he's a lot like Leilei.
  <Sakura> What?!?  You mean he's a zombie?!
  <Xiaomu> Wonder if he's a friend of hers.
  <Xiaomu> If so, we can cut to the chase...
  <Reiji> Probably not - their time periods and nationalities are too
    different.  Who are you, anyway?
  <Yoshinaka> I came on orders from Lord Kamakura to gather soldiers, but...
     Heh heh, now I find a certain cure for boredom.
  <Yoshinaka> Prepare yourselves!

[Shion tangles with her nemesis, the amphibians]
  <Shion> Those are some _really_ big frogs... ugh...
  <M.O.M.O.> Um... do you hate them?
  <Shion> I'm used to human skeletons from all the research I do, but...
  <KOS-MOS> I believe this presents an excellent opportunity to scrutinize the
    amphibian frame in action.
  <Shion> ...You could think of it that way, I suppose.
  <M.O.M.O.> S-scrutinize?!
  <M.O.M.O.> L-let's not!

[Ken tangles with the kimono ladies]
  <Ken> Now, where've I seen people dressed like that before?
  <Ken> Some Japanese samurai thing?  Geisha girls maybe?
  <Ryuu> Yeah... and what's a commander of the Genji doing here?
  <Ken> Hey, we wouldn't be busting our butts here if we could solve this
    by thinking.  Plus, we don't have time to think.
  <Ryuu> ...You have a point.
  <Ryuu> Nothing for it but to settle this fight they've started.

[our heros do likewise]
  <Xiaomu> I wonder if Shinra used to fight beasties like these back in the
    old days.
  <Reiji> Dunno.  What we gotta worry about is who we're fighting now.
  <Xiaomu> You got that right.
  <Xiaomu> ...Anyways, I wanna try on one of those kimonos.  Let's take
    these things down fast so I can snag one.
  <Reiji> What are you, some highway robber?

[whittle down the enemy enough, and...]
  <Yoshinaka> What is this!  These ones are... strong...!  This must be
    reported to Lord Kamakura at once...!
  <Hideo> Lord Kamakura... Minamoto Yoritomo... where is he?
  <Kyouko> Don't tell me it's some place as hellish as this?
  <Yoshinaka> "Hell", you say?  Heh heh... we have returned from that distant
  <Yoshinaka> And all... for revenge...!
  <Jin> Revenge?!  What're you talking about?
  <Yoshinaka> Something unconnected to you all.  But interfere, and you will
    be shown no mercy...
  <Karin> We're not letting you escape, not with all the information you
  <Yoshinaka> I have nothing to say.
  <Klonoa> Rats, he got away.
  <Ken> Distant land of Hell, huh?  ...Does _anyone_ speak plain English
    around here?
  <Ken> Ryuu, got any idea what they're talking about?
  <Ryuu> Perhaps he means that they crossed the River Styx to get here?
  <Sakura> So, that guy's dead, right?
  <Sakura> Maybe that's not entirely false...
  <M.O.M.O.> Um, Mister Kazama?  What is the "River Styx"?
  <Jin> It's a river that the souls of the dead have to cross... or so they
    say.  It's merely an old Japanese myth, but...
  <Jin> Man... I'm starting to believe this place really _is_ Hell.
  <Xiaomu> So it's hard to make a living even in Hell, huh?
  <Reiji> I don't think I caught that.
  <Reiji> This place's more dangerous than I thought.  I sure hope Bruce
    and the others are okay...
  <Shion> The confusion just keeps growing, doesn't it?
  <Shion> KOS-MOS, do you know anything about this?
  <KOS-MOS> ...
  <Shion> K-KOS-MOS?
  <KOS-MOS> Shion... where will my "soul" dwell after I die?
  <KOS-MOS> ...What does "death" actually mean for me?
  <Shion> KOS-MOS, what's gotten into you...?
  <KOS-MOS> ...
  <Gantz> Look, who cares?!
  <Gantz> There's still enemies to fight!

<Klonoa> I think that was the last of them.
<Klonoa> Man, I'm bushed.  I hope we can take a break.
<Xiaomu> Good idea.  Maybe there's a minimart nearby?
<Reiji> Of course there isn't.
<Reiji> And we don't have time to dawdle.
<Karin> I'm worried about the other team.  Let us return to that castle.
<Ken> Man, we still gotta find Chunli?
<Sakura> Well, at least we found Ryuu and Ken.  That's good news.
<Jin> It's not all good news - we've got new problems too.
<Hideo> Correct.
<Hideo> Where are we exactly?  And where does this man calling himself Kiso
  Yoshinaka come from?
<Gantz> Aw, that punk prolly came from the Spirit World.
<Shion> "Spirit" World?
<Shion> Is that another one of the worlds Ishtar mentioned?
<Klonoa> Well, we ourselves came from a different world.
<Klonoa> I don't hear about much travel back and forth with the Spirit World,
<Kyouko> Wait a moment... isn't something wrong with that?
<Kyouko> Why would the past of our world relate to another world?
<KOS-MOS> Just as era designations change, it is conceivable that that era's 
  names have changed too.
<Karin> There's no era called the "Spirit World".
<Karin> And I somehow doubt that any commander in the Warring States period
  had the ability to command the spirits.
<M.O.M.O.> I wonder what's going on then.
<M.O.M.O.> I'm worried about how his signature was just like a dead person.
<Reiji> We'll just have to bust ass and figure all this out.
<Reiji> And there's no more clues here.
<Xiaomu> Right right.  Well, let's get a move on then.
<Jin> My doubts aren't satisfied... but let's hurry to the rendezvous for now.
<Ryuu> ...
<Ken> Hey, what's with the long face?
<Ryuu> What was Gouki trying to tell me?
<Ryuu> And what's he trying to make me do?
<Sakura> Mister Ryuu, you shouldn't look like that.
<Sakura> I mean, we're finally together!
<Ryuu> ...
<Ryuu> You're right... worrying won't solve anything.
<Ken> ...
<Ken> (...Gouki... you ain't getting your way, not this time.  Otherwise, I'm
  gonna have to kill... Ryuu...)

{Infernal World... Path of Penance}

<Hideo> Anyway, let's return the way we came.
<Reiji> Right.  We've found two of the three missing.
<Reiji> Not half bad.
<Ryuu> I'm worried that we can't find Chunli, but I guess it can't be
<M.O.M.O.> There's a lot of EM interference, and I can't scan a wide area,
  but I don't detect any humans nearby.
<Ken> ...Now that I get a good look at this place, it's pretty nasty.
<Ken> Where the heck _are_ we?
<Boss Bull> This is the "Path of Penance".
<Boss Bull> What are all you lot doing raising a fuss in my turf, huh?
<Shion> Oh, we're terribly sor-
<Shion> --e, EEEK!!!
<Ken> Hey, what's with all the yel-
<Shion> A-a bullfrog!  A _huge_ one!
<Ryuu> Damn, one survived?!
<Boss Bull> Now now, hold your horses, youngster.
<Boss Bull> Haven't seen you lot around.  Not from this world, are you?
<Jin> Do you live here?  You said something about your... turf?
<Boss Bull> They call me Boss Bull.
<Boss Bull> I run this area... but lately things've gotten hectic.  Outsiders
   like you all keep wandering in.
<Hideo> We didn't come here by choice.  In fact, we're seeking a way to leave.
<Sakura> So, um, how come everyone can chat normally?
<Sakura> You're talking to a FROG.
<Klonoa> You got me.
<Gantz> Hey, when in Rome, right?
<Gantz> Sides, 'cept for that pipe he don't look like he's armed.  Nothin' to
   worry about then.
<Karin> Somehow I doubt the issue is whether he's armed, but this is hardly
  the first instance of communicating with non-humans.  Take Klonoa for
<Sakura> Hmm, I guess you're right.
<Xiaomu> All that said, I don't suppose you know how we can go home?
<Xiaomu> Like, you know, "jump" back home?
<Reiji> Stop looking like the cat who ate the canary.
<Reiji> Anyway, what do you say?

{Infernal Realm... Boss Bull's Gambling Hall}

<Boss Bull> You say you wanna get to Emperor Enma's place?
<Kyouko> That's what we were told at the Temple of the Heavens...
<Kyouko> That to return to the Material World, we would need the power of the
  Emperor Enma.
<Ryuu> If you know, could you please tell us?
<Boss Bull> ...Hmm, no choice I guess.
<Boss Bull> Up ahead you'll find Aensland Castle.
<Boss Bull> From there, head south to the Valley of Judgment.
<Boss Bull> If you mess up and come out at the "Ghost Ocean", you'll be in for
  it, so take care.
<Boss Bull> So then you enter the "Turning World", and...
<Gantz> Hey!  Slow down!
<Klonoa> Too much jargon!
<Shion> W-w-we're just gonna have to analyze it...!
<KOS-MOS> Please calm down, Shion.  I will record and analyze.
<M.O.M.O.> I'll help.
<Jin> What a mess.  But at least it sounds like a clue.
<Ryuu> Yeah.  The only thing left is... Gouki.
<Ken> Ryuu, don't obsess about that old guy too much.  Nothing good'll come of
<Sakura> What does this Gouki have to do with Ryuu, anyway?
<Ryuu> He's the one who... killed my master.
<Ryuu> And he's my...
<KOS-MOS> Thank you for waiting.
<Shion> Well, KOS-MOS?
<KOS-MOS> There should be no problem, and should take little time at all.
<Reiji> Okay, let's go find the others.
<Kyouko> We're off.
<Kyouko> Thank you very much, Boss Bull.
<Boss Bull> No problem a'tall.  Just think of it as my way of getting outsiders
  out of my turf.
<Boss Bull> Drop by if you're ever in trouble.
<Klonoa> Thanks, Boss!
<Boss Bull> Oh, I almost forgot.
<Boss Bull> If you run into a little runt named "Tarosuke", tell him to come
  play at my dice pit sometime.
<Klonoa> Dice...?
<Klonoa> I don't think I got that, but I'll tell him anyway.
<Xiaomu> Dice...?
<Xiaomu> Oh ho... hold the phone.  Dice as in... _dice_?
<Boss Bull> Heh heh... yes, _dice_.
<Boss Bull> Wanna try your luck, missie?
<Reiji> ...Don't tell me.
<Xiaomu> Hee hee... they called me Shinra's Self-Centered Streak, and my
  blood is boiling.
<Shion> G-gambling...?
<M.O.M.O.> Um, what do you do with dice?
<Xiaomu> Heh heh, gambling is an adult taste.  Hit the trail, kids.
<Reiji> ...Forget it.  We're leaving.
<Xiaomu> What?!?
<Xiaomu> Reiji, just once!  Once, come on!
<Reiji> Forget it.
<Xiaomu> C'mon!  Just once!  Please!
<Sakura> What was that about "adult"?
<Hideo> Now hold on, as a teacher I can't allow any sort of...
<Boss Bull> Come on now, it's no big deal.
<Boss Bull> Dice are fast, that's one of their good points.
<Ken> Heh, doesn't take time, but sure takes money.  Ain't that the point of

{Infernal World... In Front of Aensland Castle}

<Bruce> Looks like the other team isn't back yet.
<Kurino> They're taking longer than we did, and we got mixed up in that battle.
  I wonder what happened...
<Morrigan> It looks like your friends are late.
<Morrigan> Mind you, a bunch of peculiar visitors from the Spirit World have
  passed through lately... I wouldn't be surprised if something "happened".
<Felicia> Don't make it sound like it's not your problem.
<Morrigan> Ah, pardon me.
<Morrigan> Well, I think I'll be leaving now.
<Leilei> Hey, Morrigan, that's not what you promised!  Don't go until you tell
  us where Emperor Enma is!
<Morrigan> Okay, fine.  Ready?
<Morrigan> Head south until you get to the "Valley of Judgment".
<Morrigan> Make sure you don't head for the "Ghost Ocean" unless you want
<Morrigan> Then you get to the "Turning World"...
<Chunli> Hey, explain it so we can understand!
<Sabine> And what's with the "make sure" part?  Way too vague.
<Morrigan> Geez, so selfish.
<Morrigan> Well then...
<Hideo> We're back.
<Momo> Oh, Professor Shimazu!
<Fongling> Thank goodness you're safe.
<Fongling> Who're the new faces?
<Reiji> Everyone's safe.
<Xiaomu> And we had a little fun along the way.
<Kyouko> We tangled with several monsters along the way, but no casualties.
<Kyouko> And we found two of the three missing people.
<Ken> Right on.
<Ryuu> Sorry we worried you.
<Chunli> Ryuu!  And Ken too!
<Ryuu> Chunli!?  You're safe!
<Sakura> Thank goodness!  Now everyone's together!
<Regina> Yes, now we can finally move freely.
<Morrigan> Looks like everyone's relieved.
<Karin> Hmm?  And who might you be?
<Xiaomu> Reiji... that's...!
<Reiji> ...Yeah, a _very_ high-ranking monster.
<Reiji> This ain't good.
<Klonoa> T-that's...
<Gantz> Morrigan Aensland, in the flesh.
<Gantz> ...No fuckin' way.
<Jin> ...This aura...you aren't human, are you?
<Jin> More akin to Mishima Kazuya...
<Morrigan> Hmm?  Who is this Mishima person?
<Morrigan> Let me give you some advice.  You'd best change your hairstyle
  before it damages your disposition.
<Morrigan> It's very similar to Demitri's.
<Jin> I don't know who you're talking about, but mind your own business.
<Morrigan> (Ah, this young one... Gee, looks like he's not your average human.
  This might be interesting.)
<Morrigan> Oh well.  I look forward to seeing you all again sometime.
<Morrigan> Assuming you survive... okay?
<M.O.M.O.> Oh, um... goodbye.
<Momo> She's already gone...
<Nakamura> Hey!  We didn't get clear directions from her!
<Shion> Don't worry, Mister Nakamura.  We got information on our side.
<Shion> KOS-MOS recorded the whole thing, so we can just follow the
<Chunli> How do we pool our information?
<King> We learned about many things besides that lady named Morrigan.
<Jin> Same here.  Warriors of Genji, a Master of the Fist... and so on.
<Ryuu> ...
<Reiji> We can chat along the way.
<Xiaomu> Good point.  If we hang out in one place too long, we'll just have
  more monsters on our tail.
<Bruce> I agree.  Uzuki, you said you've got the data recorded?
<Shion> Yes.
<KOS-MOS> Okay, KOS-MOS, please explain our route.
<KOS-MOS> Yes ma'am.
<KOS-MOS> Head south from Aensland Castle to an area called the "Valley of
<KOS-MOS> We are to avoid an area called the "Ghost Ocean", lest trouble occur.
<KOS-MOS> Passing through the "Valley of Judgment", we reach an area called the
  "Turning World".
<KOS-MOS> Emperor Enma's castle is beyond that area.
<Felicia> Ahh, I get it...
<Felicia> ...Hey, wait.  Isn't that what Morrigan just told us?
<Klonoa> Boss Bull told us first...


{Infernal World, Emperor Enma's Chambers}

<Reiji> This looks like the place.
<Xiaomu> Check it out...  Yup, this is it all right.  Especially with that
  major sorcery I feel.
<Klonoa> But...nobody's here.
<Gantz> Hey, you sure this's it?  That Enma dude better be around here
<Jin> Enma, Emperor of Hell, huh?  I'm not a believer yet.
<Nakamura> You have a point...
<Nakamura> Well, this certainly isn't a place for salarymen to dawdle in.
<Momo> Not just salarymen, either.
<Reiji> Well, unless this is all some mass hallucination, we'd better accept it
  as fact.
<Sabine> ...As well as how we all had to split up and search for this place,
  cause our info was _sooo_ good.
<Shion> ...I-I'm terribly sorry.
<KOS-MOS> I am terribly sorry.
<M.O.M.O.> W-well, at least we made it here safe, right?
<Kurino> Don't pick on them too much, okay?
<Kurino> See, all we have to do is wait for the rest of the team and...
<M.O.M.O.> P-please wait a moment!  Something is coming!  And it's not an ally!

[a red demon appears]

<Red Aleemar Joker> ...
<Shion> Momo?!  What?  It's the enemy!
<Ryuu> Bright red... demons!?
<Ken> Okay, _these_ guys might make me believe this is the Inferno.
<Red Aleemar Joker> I see... you lot must be the ones from the Material World.
<Reiji> Well, this isn't all of us.
<Xiaomu> We got split up thanks to a certain somebody.
<KOS-MOS> I am terribly sorry.
<Jin> Who cares about us.
<Jin> ...You look like the leader of these red demons.  Do you know anything
  about blue demons?
<Red Aleemar Joker> Blue demons...?
<Red Aleemar Joker> ...No idea.  All the demons in the Infernal Village's
  Punishment Squad, the Demons' Blazon, are red.
<Red Aleemar Joker> (Blue demons... hmph, he must mean Mishima.  That lowlife
   used to live in the Material World - not surprising that someone from
   there would be looking for him.)
<Chunli> The Infernal Village... isn't that where our assailants at that
  vampire's castle were from?
<Shion> W-what do you want with us?!
<Red Aleemar Joker> Just full of questions, aren't you?  ...Why don't you
  answer my question first.
<Red Aleemar Joker> Some of you are from the Phantom World.  ...Which ones?
<Klonoa> Huh...?  That'd be us...
<Gantz> You dumbass!  Don't just answer like that!  Last thing we need is more
<Red Aleemar Joker> ...
<Red Aleemar Joker> I think not.
<Kurino> ...These children have nothing to do with the Infernal Village.
  We're the only others from the Phantom World.
<Sabine> ...And we don't want any attention.
<Red Aleemar Joker> ...Kurino the Hero, is it?  Quite an honor to meet you.
<Kurino> ...You've heard of me?  Who the heck are...
<Red Aleemar Joker> Red Aleemar Joker.
<Red Aleemar Joker> Hero Kurino, you are far more famous than you realize: the
  Sandra man who guards the Maiden Knight's back.
<Kurino> ...Is it true that Lady Valkyrie knocked at the gates of the Infernal
<Red Aleemar Joker> More precisely, she never got close enough to knock on
  the gates.  She asked politely and left.
<Sabine> So where did Valkyrie go?!
<Red Aleemar Joker> Good question.  ...Presumably off in search of a certain
<Reiji> A certain man?  Who?
<Red Aleemar Joker> No one who's any of your business.
<Red Aleemar Joker> I got my hopes up a bit when I heard that people from the
  Phantom World were here... but apparently I needn't have bothered.
<Karin> What exactly are you saying?
<Sakura> Hey!  Don't act all satisfied over there.
<Xiaomu> Well then, let's say everything's A-OK and move on.
<Xiaomu> The door's that way.  Take care!
<Red Aleemar Joker> ...I think not.
<Red Aleemar Joker> They say you stalwarts fended off Joker, Janga _and_ Zabel.
<Red Aleemar Joker> I request a duel.  It should be a good warmup for my
  battle with the Silver Knight.
<Kurino> The "Silver Knight"?  I get it, you're...
<Red Aleemar Joker> No words!  We fight!

[big demon versus little girls]

  <Red Aleemar Joker> You involve little girls such as these in your battles?
  <Karin> A special squad of red demons... it looks like our enemies are
    getting serious too.
  <Sakura> The enemy leaders are definitely better than the troops.
  <Karin> Indeed.  This could be trouble.

[kill some enemies and...]

  <Red Aleemar Joker> Such resilience... better than I expected.
  <Berabou Man> We've had plenty of practice exterminating demons.
  <Wonder Momo> Besides, we can't be defeated here without achieving our goal!
  <Sabine> The person you came here to fight's gone anyway.  Better hit the
    road while you still can.
  <Red Aleemar Joker> And leave the other-worlders who might threaten the
    Infernal Village?  I think not.
  <Red Aleemar Joker> Besides, nothing good could come of letting the Maiden
    Knight rejoin Kurino the Hero.
  <Kurino> I will meet her, no matter what.
  <Kurino> ...No matter what you do.
  <Ken> Look, everyone's got problems.
  <Jin> Yes, many problems needing solving.
  <Berabou Man> ...On the contrary, we can't afford to let you escape!
  <Red Aleemar Joker> Finished running your mouths?

[slime creatures from outer space, part two]

  <Red Aleemar Joker> Mm?  Who goes there!
  <Ryuu> Where'd they just pop out of?  Did we miss them somehow?
  <Gilly Octy> ...
  <Reiji> What the hell are those...?!
  <Xiaomu> Holy mackerel, look at the size of those things!  And all slimy!
  <M.O.M.O.> How strange...
  <Klonoa> Of course they are.  I've never seen anything like that in the
    Phantom World.
  <Karin> They may appear strange, but that skin of theirs looks like it would
    make a fine handbag.
  <Sakura> Oh brother!  C'mon now...
  <M.O.M.O.> That's not what I meant!  They're well within sensor range, but
    I can't sense them at all!
  <KOS-MOS> I confirm the same effect.
  <KOS-MOS> Electromagnetic interference of unknown origin is blocking wide-
    range scan, but enemy detection within a one kilometer radius is possible.
  <KOS-MOS> However...
  <Shion> No way...!  How'd they appear so suddenly?
  <Gantz> Hmm?  Hey, we've seen those chicks with the clothes falling off
    before.  Ain't they from the Spirit World, that Genji stuff or whatever?
  <Jin> You're right.  Does that mean the blue and black octopus creatures
    are from the Genji too?
  <Xiaomu> Those, Genji?  No way!
  <Xiaomu> "Minamoto the Kraken" or something?
  <Reiji> Unlikely.
  <Reiji> Probably they're just one more type of pawns the demons are using.
  <Red Aleemar Joker> ...They seem to be from the Spirit World.  And unless
    I'm mistaken, they're after you.
  <Sabine> The Spirit World... that must be why they appeared so quickly.
  <Sabine> Is it hard being a celebrity, or what, Kurino?
  <Kurino> I'd rather not be a celebrity....
  <Reiji> Whatever the enemy are, if they attack, we attack back.
  <Red Aleemar Joker> I suppose I'll have to turn this to my advantage.
  <Red Aleemar Joker> Let's go...!

[the superheros are up]

  <Berabou Man> The Infernal Village's Punishment Squad... what a grandiose
  <Wonder Momo> But, the fact they sent a big team means...
  <Berabou Man> Yes.  It means we're getting that close to the heart of the
  <Wonder Momo> ...Amazona...

[defeat the others]

  <Red Aleemar Joker> That was nothing if not magnificent.
  <Reiji> We're just that desperate.  ...We can't go down here.
  <Red Aleemar Joker> But now it's clear... your power is a direct threat to
    the Infernal Village.
  <Gantz> Shit, there's that attention thing.
  <Klonoa> Not like we had a choice...
  <Jin> We pose a threat?  Then what do you intend to do about it?
  <Red Aleemar Joker> Isn't it obvious?  Eliminate you.
  <Red Aleemar Joker> The Silver Knight, the Golden Knight, and the Maiden
    Knight... those head the list of unstable elements to remove.
  <Red Aleemar Joker> Besides...
  <M.O.M.O.> Abnormal energy detected in the area...?!
  <M.O.M.O.> Here it comes!
  <Red Aleemar Joker> Yes, as you can see, the walls between the Worlds
    are already this unstable.
  <Kurino> Did these monsters come from the Spirit World?!
  <Xiaomu> No, Kurino!  Those're from...!
  <Reiji> ...
  <Sabine> Reiji?  Hey, what's wrong?
  <Shion> Arisu, does this mean...?!
  <Xiaomu> ...It does, doesn't it, Reiji?
  <Reiji> Yeah.
  <Reiji> I didn't think we'd get to see her this soon.
  <KOS-MOS> Unanalyzable energy readings increasing.

[bigger monsters this time]

  <Jin> A red demon, huh?  I thought you had something to do with Mishima
    Kazuya, who turned himself into a blue demon, but...
  <Red Aleemar Joker> Too bad for you, youngster.
  <Red Aleemar Joker> (What are these... waves I feel from this man?  He
    smells somehow dangerous... Such dangerous plants must be nipped in the
[and who should appear but...]

  <Saya> Ah ha, I see ... I guess this is all I could bring.
  <Saya> Goodness, what a racket.
  <Red Aleemar Joker> Quite an aura for someone from the Spirit World.
  <Red Aleemar Joker> Who are you?
  <Saya> Wow, what a _hunk_.
  <Saya> Don't worry about me.  I'm in the middle of a bunch of "experiments".
  <Saya> I'll be gone in a jiffy, okay?
  <Reiji> ...No, stick around a while.
  <Reiji> Experiments?  What're you testing now... Saya?
  <Saya> ...!
  <Saya> Boy...?  Gracious me, what are _you_ doing here?!
  <Xiaomu> And just _who_ was the one who blew us here in the first place?
  <Xiaomu> However, VENGEANCE IS AT HAND!  Expect no mercy from the great
  <Reiji> You said you didn't expect to see us again... looks like you were
    sadly mistaken.
  <Saya> ...It does indeed.
  <Saya> I guess it's back to the drawing board if we want to control the
    Quakes completely.  Plus, we need a "catalyst"...
  <Xiaomu> _Control_ the Quakes?  What the heck does that mean!  Explain!
  <Reiji> Knock it off, Xiaomu.
  <Reiji> Saya, I didn't come here to waste our breath with you.
  <Reiji> Time to pick up where we left off.  You were going to let me pull
    the trigger, if I recall?
  <Saya> Gee, I'm not so certain.  Hadn't you heard that women are capricious,
  <Reiji> Quit calling me "boy".
  <Xiaomu> Reiji, calm down.
  <Reiji> I'm always calm.  ...Stay out of my way, Xiaomu.
  <Saya> Hee hee.  It feels great to be wanted, boy.
  <Xiaomu> (Calm my ass!)
  <Xiaomu> ("Control the Quakes"... "Needs a catalyst"... Doesn't he see how
    important that is?)
  <Berabou Man> So that's... Miss Saya.
  <Berabou Man> Hmm... apparently we haven't seen the last of her.
  <Karin> I don't know why, but he seems to be deeply connected to her.
  <Karin> Maybe she really is an old flame of his?
  <Wonder Momo> A flame that scorched an old battlefield, perhaps.
  <Sakura> Naw, no way.
  <Jin> This atmosphere is quite unusual.  Who is she?
  <Ryuu> I don't know.  But she seems to be in league with the monsters
    assailing our world.
  <Ken> So, she's not human, huh?  Is she like Felicia or something?
  <Shion> His parents' killer... is what Arisu said.
  <Red Aleemar Joker> Apparently there's much history here.
  <Red Aleemar Joker> ...And it's killed my interest.  Do what you will here.
  <Klonoa> Huh?  What gives?!
  <Gantz> He got bored and is goin' home.
  <Gantz> I hear that.  I think I want a nap.
  <Chunli> I appreciate how it reduces our enemies' numbers.
  <Saya> Gee, so sorry about that.
  <Saya> Why not stay a while longer?
  <Xiaomu> Hey, let the man go!
  <Red Aleemar Joker> ...Hmph.
  <Red Aleemar Joker> (This "experiment" she spoke of... Presumably it concerns
    crossing the dimensional wall.)
  <Red Aleemar Joker> (The only way to directly enter the Infernal Village...
    In which case, I must report this at once to Lord Astaroth....)
  <Jin> Shit, we didn't get to ask him anything...
  <Kurino> Red Aleemar Joker... next time, we'll find out from him about
    Lady Valkyrie for sure!
  <Saya> Gee, looks like you were in the middle of something.  Don't tell me
    I spoiled it?
  <Saya> I am just _such_ a sinful woman.
  <Reiji> ...Yes you are.
  <Reiji> But don't sweat it.  Either way, it's payback time.

[the Street Fighter crew gets into gear]

  <Ken> Not these guys again...!
  <Ryuu> They keep following us wherever we go... I don't understand why.
  <Chunli> I'd love to tie one up and extract the information.
  <Chunli> Anyway, they need to be neutralized.

[the battle wears on]

  <Saya> Can I ask you something, boy?
  <Reiji> ...
  <Saya> ...I thought I sent you to the "Abyss of Time".
  <Xiaomu> The "Abyss of Time"?  What're you talking about?
  <Kurino> (The Abyss of Time...?!)
  <Reiji> I don't know where the hell you sent us, but it looks like you
    blew it anyway.
  <Reiji> ...Where we came out was the Divine World.
  <Ryuu> We started out in this world.
  <Ryuu> (And... so did Gouki.  Is he mixed up in this...?)
  <Ken> Same as Ryuu.  I showed up in this place.
  <Ken> Some "Path of Penance" or whatever.
  <Chunli> I showed up at this weird musclebound vampire's castle.  In other
    words, this world.
  <Jin> I wasn't in Roppongi when all this happened.  I was blown here from
  <Saya> ...I see.  In other words, nothing worked right...
  <Saya> Thanks, kids.  I'll get it right next time.
  <Saya> Okie dokie, shall I make you disappear then?
  <Saya> You _are_ kind of in the way.
  <Sakura> ...What kinda order is that?
  <Karin> We weren't planning on socializing with her anyway.  We must 
    take out all dangerous people like...!
  <???> Hmmm... Perhaps you should consult someone who was actually "born in
    the Infernal World".
  <Saya> ...?!
  <Demitri> Perhaps I should offer my greetings first, since I'm the newcomer
  <Morrigan> Better save that until you defeat Enma and take over the world.
    It sounds pretty lame at the moment, Demitri.
  <Saya> Goodness me, I totally forgot about the locals.
  <Xiaomu> What're you doing here?!  Don't tell me you're buddies with her!
  <Morrigan> Hmm, what do you think?
  <Reiji> ...I suppose we should assume the worst.
  <Reiji> Especially when evil women are concerned, things always seem to turn 
    out badly.
  <Morrigan> Heavens, how cold.
  <Morrigan> I recommend studying the female heart some, my friend.
  <Saya> She's right, boy.
  <Saya> It's not like you're a kid anymore.  About time you learned how to
    handle women, wouldn't you say?
  <Xiaomu> Okay, _that_ I agree with.
  <Xiaomu> You should cherish and love me more!
  <Reiji> ...Great, a bloody chorus.
  <Gantz> Quit screwing around!  Who's the friends and who's the foes around
  <Klonoa> That's what I wanted to know...
  <Xiaomu> ...Enough jokes.
  <Xiaomu> (I'm worried about the strain on Reiji, but...)
  <Kurino> Well, Demitri Maximoff?  Morrigan Aensland?  If you say you're our
  <Demitri> Bold words, from a mere Sandra. 
  <Demitri> If I said I was, what would you do?
  <Sabine> It'd just make things easier.  ...Means we'd just blow everyone
  <Jin> So, what do you say?
  <Morrigan> Heh heh, what indeed?  Being on your side certainly seems more
  <Morrigan> Demitri, you want the other side?
  <Demitri> Hmph, I came here to deal with Enma.  I have no interest in joining
    some group of strangers.
  <Wonder Momo> Ummm.... So, you met us before.  So we're not strangers, right?
    Or is that too... simplistic?
  <Berabou Man> Shush!
  <Berabou Man> Momo, you mustn't say things like that, unless you want to
    start a fight.
  <M.O.M.O.> So, you're on our side, right?!
  <KOS-MOS> We appreciate your assistance.
  <Demitri> ...Don't misunderstand.  We merely happen to share a common goal.
  <Shion> T-thank you very much.
  <Shion> Umm.... Mister Demidemi?
  <Demitri> It's "Demitri".
  <Saya> Darn, what a shame.  I was hoping you'd make things easy for me.
  <Reiji> Who cares about any of that?
  <Reiji> Hell is close... or perhaps we're already in it.  That saves plenty
    of trouble.
  <Reiji> Go to hell, Saya...!
  <Xiaomu> (Come on, Reiji... get a grip...!)

[Morrigan and Saya square off]

  <Morrigan> Plenty of sorcery, I see.  A creature of the Spirit World?  Or
    perhaps not?
  <Saya> I'd say... close, but no cigar.
  <Demitri> Why the ladies do not flock around me... I simply cannot fathom.
  <Morrigan> What's that supposed to mean, Demitri?

[Saya gets beaten a bit]

  <Saya> Oww...
  <Saya> Boy, look at all these good little children you've gathered.
  <Reiji> ...Looks like fortune's on my side this time.
  <Reiji> This ends right now.
  <Wonder Momo> ...That's right.
  <Wonder Momo> We've still gotta save Amazona too!
  <Berabou Man> This time really will be farewell.
  <Xiaomu> Think of this as tax day.
  <Saya> My crops've been doing poorly of late.
  <Saya> But I'm sure the harvest will be marvelous when we meet again.
  <Saya> Well, see you later.
  <Reiji> "Marvelous harvest"...?  Hey, what's that supposed to mean!
  <Kurino> Wait!
  <Kurino> What was that "Abyss of Time" you just spoke of?!
  <Sabine> Kurino, you don't think she means...?
  <Saya> Who knows?
  <Saya> I'll just say that... it's not unrelated to that next harvest.
  <Morrigan> Abyss of Time...?!
  <Morrigan> Hey!  What's a newcomer like you know about that?!
  <Demitri> I demand an explanation.
  <Saya> Heh heh... hardly gentlemanly of you to pry into a girl's secrets.
  <Saya> Take care.
  <Reiji> Running away, Saya!?

<Demitri> Finally some peace and quiet.  I had not been planning on all that
<Klonoa> Thanks for the help!
<Demitri> I told you not to misunderstand me.
<Demitri> I merely came here to meet Enma.  I was never dealing with you lot.
<Xiaomu> Geeeez, what a sourpuss.
<Chunli> Ever since I met him at that castle, I figured him for the proud,
  flawed type.
<Sakura> Better watch out, Kanzuki.
<Karin> ...Sakura?  Could you kindly _not_ lump me in with him? 
<Morrigan> Ah, give him a break.  He's not being malicious.
<Jin> Peace and quiet are all very well and good, but where is this Emperor
  Enma?  I don't sense anyone around...
<Morrigan> Well, the dimensional wall is this badly off, and the Infernal
  Village has put in an appearance... I wonder what he's doing.
<Morrigan> And that long-eared girl we just saw worries me.
<Reiji> ...
<Demitri> That's what we came here to ascertain.  Curse that Enma and his
<Shion> But, now we can't go back to our own world... And there's so many
  problems to solve...
<Ryuu> I wonder what Gouki intends to do.
<Ryuu> ...Actually, the better question is how he came to this world in the
   first place.
<Ken> That's right, I forgot about Gouki.
<Ken> ...Shit, one puzzle after another.
<M.O.M.O.> Oh, that's right!
<M.O.M.O.> Um, Shion?  About those blue monsters we fought...
<KOS-MOS> Data integration complete.
<Shion> Did you find out anything?
<M.O.M.O.> ...They're "Octies".
<Shion> Huh?  Octies...
<Shion> W-wait, as in the aliens that took over planet Packet?
<KOS-MOS> The type we just fought are designated "Gilly Octies".
<M.O.M.O.> ...There's no mistake.
<Shion> No way, Octies... maybe what happened to us happened to... and they
  got sent to a different world... the Spirit World?!

[a strange grandmotherly sort appears, as well as...]

<???> ...Hee hee hee...
<Reiji> The enemy...?!
<Reiji> No, not from how she's acting.
<Reiji> Wh...?!  Oh my god, I thought that was one big desk...
<Xiaomu> H...HUMONGOUS!  Inexplicable!
<Morrigan> Well, he's here.  ...That big guy over there is Emperor Enma.
<Morrigan> Don't tell me you all came to see him without even knowing what
  he looks like?
<Gantz> That ain't the problem.  This Enma dude is wayyy too big...
<Gantz> Hey?  Who's the granny next to him?
<Demitri> That would be Andaba, ferryman on the River Styx.
<Demitri> Hmph, I suppose your presence here means you anticipated all this?
<Emperor Enma> ...
<Andaba> Money makes even Hell go round...
<Andaba> I hope you brought some with you?  Hee hee hee...
<Xiaomu> I can't believe how much sorcery they're giving off...
<Xiaomu> Y-you sure about this?
<Reiji> This is no time to worry about small details.  The question is... 
  what happens starting now.
<Reiji> Somehow I don't think it's as simple as "money makes Hell go round".

{Infernal World... Emperor Enma's Chambers}

<Reiji> That's absurd! ...We can't go back to our own world...?!
<Reiji> What gives!  We were told if we came here...!
<Emperor Enma> ...I just told you.  Passage from here to the Material World is
<Andaba> Hee hee hee... what a lively young man.  Where do you think you are?
<Xiaomu> R-Reiji, cool it.  We are in _way_ over our heads here...!
<Morrigan> Well, I suppose.  It's often said that ignorance is a sin.
<Reiji> I've heard that one.  ...But it's not like we can afford old sayings
  right now.
<Demitri> Hmph, politeness out of this group is the exception, not the rule.
<Emperor Enma> ...Demitri Maximoff and Morrigan Aensland.
<Emperor Enma> ...It's been a long time, you two.
<Morrigan> Heh heh... so it has.  Since the time my father passed away, I
<Demitri> This isn't a social visit.  In the not-too distant future, I must
  remove you as an obstacle.
<Andaba> Hee hee hee... I see you haven't changed, Dimetre Moxamiff.
<Demitri> ...Nor you, Andaba.
<Demitri> And would it be too much to ask for you to remember my name?
<Demitri> That's "Maximoff".
<Gantz> Things're calming down, I think.
<Klonoa> This is where the emperor who rules this world lives, right?
<Regina> Think of this as breezing into the White House and talking directly
  to the President.
<Ken> Well, that certainly makes this sound cooler.  I suppose that makes Miss
  "Ba" over there his secretary?
<Andaba> Hee hee hee... I am the ferryman of the River Styx... Andaba.  I
  came here to see you all.
<Ryuu> The ferryman of the "River Styx"...?!  Don't tell me...!
<Ryuu> No, if that were true...
<Jin> ...I see!
<Jin> Please, tell me... is the reason some Genji from the past appeared before
  us... It can't be...!
<Andaba> Excellent guess.
<Andaba> ...They have returned to the Golden Pond.... they of the long
  destroyed Genji.
<King> Impossible!  How could the dead come back to life?!
<King> Or rather, they _must_ not come back to life!
<Bruce> Hey, mister, stay cool.  It's not all that uncommon.
<Bruce> Don't forget that drugs can make the dead move.
<Leilei> Mystic techniques can do that too.  It shouldn't surprise you so much.
<Sakura> Ohhhhh, well that's a relief!
<Karin> Ohhhh!
<Karin> ...is not the point.
<Karin> The point is, why is our world's "past" connected to this alternate
  realm called the Spirit World?
<Reiji> Who cares about that now.  ...What I want to know is how to get back to
  our own world.
<Reiji> The Quakes are getting bigger, and I'm worried about Shinra
<Nakamura> Arisu, I understand your feelings, but haven't you heard the phrase
  "When in Rome, do as the Romans do"?
<Emperor Enma> ...
<Emperor Emma> (Shinra... and Arisu...?!)
<Emperor Enma> (And these "quakes" he spoke of... is he of the Arisu clan?)
<Xiaomu> How many times do I have to tell you to look around you?!
<Xiaomu> Think about the level of sorcery these guys have!
<Andaba> And with you... a fox apparition, is it?
<Andaba> Hee hee hee... this man... I think there is no mistake.
<Reiji> ...?
<Fongling> Huh?  A fox?  Who?
<Xiaomu> It's me she's talking about, me.
<Chunli> ...
<Chunli> ...Poor thing.  She's finally lost it...
<Xiaomu> Hey, hold it!  What's that s'posed to mean!
<Xiaomu> Look at these fox ears I got sticking outta my head!  How come it
  took you all this long to notice!
<Momo> Well, I just kinda... thought you were cosplaying or something...
<Felicia> And I figured you talk funny just because you're acting...
<Xiaomu> I knew cosplay had street cred, but this is ridiculous...
<Xiaomu> And Felicia!  You're just like me!  What's your excuse?
<Hideo> Certainly, I've heard tales of long-lived animals becoming magical.
<Hideo> What they call in China... ummm... "divine foxes", I believe.
<Hideo> To think it's actually true.
<Kyouko> ...Professor Hideo, you're certainly quick to accept all this.
<Xiaomu> Very scientific, but I'm not quite there yet.  I've gotta spend 
  another thousand years studying first.
<Xiaomu> See, I'm just a little lass of 765 years.
<Xiaomu> Still just a "mystic fox".  Heh heh.
<Shion> N-no way... that's so unscientific...
<Sabine> ...Old prune.
<Kurino> Wait a sec, Sabine.
<Emperor Enma> There was another fox apparition, was there not?
<Reiji> ...You mean Saya?
<M.O.M.O.> W-what _is_ that woman?
<Xiaomu> She's a Japanese were-fox.
<Xiaomu> Don't lump me in with some vixen from a puny little island
<KOS-MOS> According to my database, such creatures are known as "Ghost Foxes"
<Shion> "Ghost Foxes"... another way of writing "fox apparition", I guess.
<Shion> (Hey, wait... what database did she find that in...?)
<Reiji> In other words, she's made in Japan, and this one here's from the
<Xiaomu> You fool, don't talk about people like they're some kind of produce.
<Emperor Enma> ...
<Emperor Enma> (This man... is he truly Possessed...?)
<Ken> Look, I think we got off track.  What do we do now?
<Ryuu> That's right.  If we can't return to our own world...
<Momo> O-oh, right!
<Momo> Emperor Enma!  I... want to go to the Infernal Village!
<Nakamura> Momo... but...
<Kurino> Hmm...?  Wait a moment.
<Kurino> Demitri and Morrigan... weren't they together with Lady Valkyrie
  at the Infernal Village...?
<Demitri> ...Hmph.
<Morrigan> Oh, that.  So, that was....
<Andaba> Hee hee hee... shall I explain?

{Meanwhile... Spirit World, Yoritomo's Abode]

<???> Did you find success, ghost fox?
<Saya> Come on... you _must_ call me Saya.
<Saya> Heh heh.. wish I could say things are going great, but in fact they're
  a bit unstable.
<???> Make haste.  My powers have not returned...
<???> With the "man of Heike" returned to the Golden Pond... little time
<Saya> Why don't we start small and work our way up?
<Saya> We've still got more experiments to do.
<???> ...
<Saya> Well, I'm off.
<Saya> ...I've got a "scarred man" to worry about myself.  And he's probably
  headed this way.
<Saya> We've gotta give him a great big greeting.
<???> ...
<Yoshitsune> ...Lord Kamakura.
<???> Elder brother will do, Yoshitsune.
<???> ...Have you not obtained it yet?
<???> This evil sword which devours souls... this "Soul Edge".
<Yoshitsune> I have no excuse...  Please be patient a while longer.
<Yoshitsune> Oniwaka appears quite taken with the sword too...  I swear I will
  bring it before you.
<Yoshitsune> Also, regarding the building that appeared so suddenly near
  "that" castle...
<???> Has progress been made...?
<Yoshitsune> We have succeeded in taming some of the apparitions which
  nest within.
<???> Well done.  ...See that they strengthen our armies.
<Yoshitsune> As you command.
<Yoshitsune> ...And, elder brother.
<???> Mm?
<Yoshitsune> Who was that young woman just now?
<Yoshitsune> I do not believe...her eyes are trustworthy.
<???> ...The ghost fox from "Ouma"?
<???> She is none of your concern.  She is still worth exploiting.
<???> And we do not lack ways of influencing her.
<???> ...To think... that the "Tsukumo Project" has not yet been stamped out...
  heh heh...
<Yoshitsune> Tsukumo...?  Elder brother, what do you mean...
<???> You need not know.
<???> Use that wretched fox woman, and hasten the "experiments".
<Yoshitsune> ...By your command.
<Yoshitsune> I shall presently begin the "experiments" to restore your
<???> I am counting on you.  ...Make haste.

{Meanwhile... Infernal World, Emperor Enma's Chambers}

<Reiji> Large Quakes are... hitting this world too?
<Andaba> Correct.  Unfathomable danger confronts the walls separating
  the various worlds.
<Andaba> And in return, tricks become easier to play.
<Xiaomu> Tricks...?  To prevent intrusion?
<Morrigan> So, it's like this.  We can't get to the Infernal Village any more
  after that.
<Morrigan> After we split up from the Maiden Knight, we tried going back.
<Demitri> It appears someone has tampered with space there.  Most annoying.
<KOS-MOS> I hypothesize that this is caused by the same directed distortion
  field deployed in Roppongi, or a related artifice.
<Fongling> That's right, they had that, didn't they.
<Fongling> Only letting you get in from some specific direction.
<Chunli> Is that why... we can't get back to our world either?
<Bruce> Yeah, probably some kind of "you can enter, but you can't leave" crap.
<Gantz> So the only place we _can_ go's the Spirit World, right?
<Ken> Great, so we gotta leave our destination to get closer to it?
<Momo> So we can't go home... _or_ rescue Amazona...?
<Emperor Enma> No... there are two possibilities.
<Nakamura> What did you say...?!
<Klonoa> See!  Two whole possibilities!
<Klonoa> Lord Enma, please tell us!
<Emperor Enma> ...The first is to use the power of the "Golden Seed".
<Demitri> Indeed...
<Kurino> ...!!
<Sabine> The Golden... Seed...!
<Andaba> Hee hee hee hee.... Yes, the very item you and the Maiden Knight
  retrieved from the demon Kamuze.
<Andaba> It is one of the treasures of the Divine World, said to grant
  anything its bearer wishes...
<Andaba> It currently resides in the Dragon Pavilion.
<Regina> Dragon Pavilion?  Never heard of it.
<Karin> Could you be referring to... the Dragon Pavilion Castle?
<Sakura> What?!?  The one from Urashima Tarou?!  That's just a fairy tale.
<Ryuu> You're in Hell, talking to the Emperor Enma.  It's not all that
<Andaba> Correct.  The Dragon Pavilion, in fact, exists... at the bottom of
  the Ghost Ocean...
<Andaba> ...or so it _should_ have been.
<Felicia> Should have?  Huh?  Huh?  Whaddya mean?
<Morrigan> What, it moved?
<Reiji> No way... the entire thing?
<Emperor Enma> It did indeed, bearer of the Arisu name.
<Emperor Enma> ...The Dragon Pavilion, and the ground on which it stood,
  vanished completely not long ago.
<Emperor Enma> And the Golden Seed with it.
<Hideo> Vanished?!  How could that happen?
<Xiaomu> Oh, it can happen all right.
<Xiaomu> The same exact way the bad guys were able to come to our world.
<King> And, indeed the way we were able to come here.
<King> But, the very ground it stood on too...?
<Kyouko> The scale of events keeps escalating, doesn't it...?
<Jin> In other words, there is a possibility that the Dragon Pavilion Castle
  has been thrown to another world, maybe the one we come from?
<Jin> ....Damn, not good at all.
<Reiji> Not "not good", it's the worst-case scenario.
<Reiji> Shinra Banshou, the cosmos... the unwritten law that sustains all life
  and governs all change.... will be destroyed...!
<Andaba> Yes, and not just in your world.  The order of all Worlds will
<Andaba> No one knows what will happen when the Worlds fuse.
<Andaba> The incident with the Dragon Pavilion is merely the beginning...
<Emperor Enma> Regarding the Dragon Pavilion... it seems it was thrown
  somewhere into the Spirit World.
<Emperor Enma> That is the best we have been able to discover...
<Karin> The Spirit World... not those Genji?
<Reiji> Yeah... and the "Ouma" too...  Chances are good Saya's involved
<Reiji> She mentioned an "experiment".  Depending on what she meant...
<M.O.M.O.> Shion, don't forget about the Octies too.
<Shion> ...You're right.  We've got to make sure.
<Kurino> ...Let's go.  We must get the Golden Seed back.
<Sabine> ...Not again.  We are _so_ unlucky.
<Ken> Heh, no help for it.  We're all in the same boat.
<Ken> ...Plus, it's not like we got anywhere better to go.
<Ryuu> (Is this what he meant by "the time has come"...?)
<Emperor Enma> ...What will you do, Demitri Maximoff, Morrigan Aensland?
<Demitri> Do you expect me to leave the fate of our world in the hands of some
  stragglers from outside?
<Morrigan> Oh, now it's "our" world?
<Morrigan> But, he does have a point.  We're with you, my darling Arisu.
<Reiji> ...Do what you please.
<Felicia> Gack, you're coming too???
<Leilei> There's still time.  The exit's right over there.
<Morrigan> They say "no" really means "yes", you know.
<Morrigan> Heh heh.
<Xiaomu> ...Quite a crew we've got here.
<Xiaomu> Feels like we're ready for anything from raving fans to light sabers!
<Reiji> What do you mean, "ready"?
<Reiji> Quit running your mouth... and let's go.
<Andaba> Wait a moment... I can't stand letting you go without offering
  something first.
<Sakura> Huh?  You mean, you've got a present for us...?  Some kind of secret
  weapon or something?
<Sakura> ...Maybe a scroll with some kinda ultra death move?
<Andaba> Hee hee hee... wonderful intuition you have.  I have many things for
<Andaba> ...All for sale.
<Gantz> What!  We need cash?!
<Andaba> Of course you do.  Did I not mention that money makes Hell go round?
<Andaba> Heh heh heh...
<Reiji> ...Oh brother.


{Infernal Realm... Emperor Enma's Chambers}

<Momo> Okay, we're leaving!
<Momo> If we make it back... tell us where the Infernal Village is, okay?
<Emperor Enma> What an energetic little girl.  ...I promise.
<Nakamura> Ah, that's right.  Emperor Enma, I seem to recall you mentioning...
  "two ways" in.
<Regina> Now that you mention it... he did, didn't he?
<Regina> I doubt it'll change our plans... but would you tell us what the
  other way is?
<Emperor Enma> ...
<Fongling> Is there a reason you can't tell us?
<Morrigan> Heh heh... well, it _is_ rather awkward to bring up.
<Morrigan> ...I presume you mean "that"?
<Emperor Enma> ...I refer to the "Soul Edge", an evil sword once sealed in the
  Abyss of Time.
<Kurino> (...The evil sword that devours souls...!)
<Jin> Quite impressive-sounding.  The Soul... Edge...?
<Jin> And what is this "Abyss of Time" we keep hearing about...?
<Morrigan> Shall I explain?
<Morrigan> The "Abyss of Time"... is a box created by the gods of the Divine 
  World, meant for sealing away things they find inconvenient...
<Morrigan> And it got smashed open... which is how this latest mess got
  started.  I think.
<Chunli> I suppose it's what we call a "penitentiary" in our world...?  And
  some jailbirds are on the loose causing trouble...?
<Demitri> Hmph, one fine job that lot in the Divine World are doing.
<Demitri> It seems they can't maintain that little box of theirs.
<Andaba> Don't say such things, Demitri.
<Andaba> A supposedly unbreakable seal was broken.  What matters is how.
  Nothing else.
<Xiaomu> The Abyss of Time...?
<Xiaomu> Feels like I heard that somewhere... yeah, somewhere lately...
<Reiji> ...
<Reiji> (It was Saya.  ...She said she had tried to cast us into the Abyss of
<Reiji> (Just how deeply involved _is_ she...?)
<King> Will this..."Soul Edge" help us, as the Golden Seed will?
<Emperor Enma> ...That mission has already been given to others.
<Emperor Enma> You would do well not to meddle with it.  ...Consider yourselves
<M.O.M.O.> T-that sounds kinda... scary...
<KOS-MOS> I believe that optimal operations will require clearly distinguishing
  between enemy and ally.
<Andaba> My my, what a well-made marionette.
<Andaba> Mmmm.... then I shall explain.  One of them is a child, named
<Shion> ...Hmm?  Where have I heard that...?
<Klonoa> Hey!  Isn't that who Boss Bull from the Path of Penance told us to
  say hi to?
<Andaba> Oh, you've heard of him...  The other is a samurai... a fallen Heike
  warrior known as "Taira Kagekiyo".
<Kyouko> What?!  First the Genji, now the Heishi...?!
<Hideo> Taira... Kagekiyo...?  As in Akushichibyoue Kagekiyo?!
<Sakura> Professor Shimazu, who is this Kagekiyo person...?
<Hideo> Let's see, he was a military commander from the Heian Period, like
  the Genji we fought.
<Hideo> Taira Kagekiyo was his common name, but his real name is...
<Karin> Hold it right there.  We don't have time to hear a lecture.
<Bruce> She's right.  Let's polish this off quick.
<Bruce> All we need to know is not to shoot them, right?
<Sabine> ...Too simple.
<Xiaomu> Hey, Reiji....we'd better get a move on before they put another one
   over on us.
<Reiji> Yeah, let's go.
<Reiji> Emperor Enma, Andaba... thanks for your help.
<Emperor Enma> ...
<Andaba> Be well.
<Andaba> I shall tell Tarosuke of you all.
<Reiji> ...Thanks for the trouble.
<Emperor Enma> ...
<Andaba> Hee hee hee.... what a lively bunch.
<Emperor Enma> The Abyss of Time unsealed, and the evil sword Soul Edge
  vanished.  And the joining of disparate worlds...
<Emperor Enma> And now we send the Maiden Knight's servants after the lost
  "Golden Seed", who recovered it once before.
<Andaba> And among them, those youths with the strange aura.
<Andaba> ...Surely they are not unconnected to these events.
<Emperor Enma> And against the fox of the abominable "Ouma"... we send 
  "Arisu" of Shinra?
<Andaba> The true bloodline of the Arisu clan is said to be haunted by the
  apparition of a fox.  It is him, for certain.
<Emperor Enma> If that man indeed bears the "Blood of the Arisu", his fate
  will lead him to fight the Ouma even without our intervention.
<Andaba> Such is karma.
<Andaba> Perhaps even my release of the dead Heike to the Golden Pond was
  foretold by karma's pen.
<Andaba> ...We elders may only watch in silence.

{Spirit World... Bamboo Forest Near the Upper Castle}

<King> Is everyone alright?
<Klonoa> Looks like everyone's here.
<Gantz> Bike's in good shape too.
<Gantz> But man... lookit this place.
<Ryuu> I've never seen such a perfect bamboo forest.
<Ryuu> Taste how pure the air is.
<Hideo> Marvelously refreshing.
<Demitri> Hmph, merely a nuisance.  I can see nothing through all this.
<Morrigan> I swear... so unromantic.
<Morrigan> But I do agree that we have no idea what's going on around us.
<Momo> Mister Arisu, what do we do now?
<Reiji> We start by ascertaining our situation.  Starting with figuring out
  what direction to head.
<Kurino> Mm?  ...Oh, I see a building.
<Leilei> Huh?  Where?
<Leilei> Oh, you're right.  You can see it through this crack here.
<Xiaomu> Ooo, lemme see... this kinda thing makes me so excited.
<Sabine> How come?
<Jin> Thats... a Japanese castle...?!
<Sakura> Whoa, you're right!
<Sakura> You don't think we somehow made it back to our own world, do you?
<Ken> ...Maybe we did.  It sure _looks_ like Japan.
<Ken> ...Guess it's not Suzaku Castle, right?
<Karin> Hold it right there.
<Karin> If my memory serves, that is the Sakura Gate of the Upper Castle.
  At present, it has fallen into disrepair, and no one visits it.
<Karin> It couldn't possibly remain in such pristine condition.
<Regina> The possibilities are that we time slipped to the past, or that this
  is a very similar parallel world.  ...Either way, it's clear this isn't our
  own world.
<M.O.M.O.> Um, may I say something?
<M.O.M.O.> I've detected an energy signature I can't analyze from the vicinity
  of that castle.
<M.O.M.O.> It resembles that from the last time we experienced Dimensional
<Chunli> Dimensional Transfer...?
<Chunli> That settles it.  Let's head for that castle for now.
<Chunli> I don't see any pandas among us who deserve to hang out here forever.
<Xiaomu> Pandas, huh?  ...Hmmmm, wonder if bamboo's tasty.
<Felicia> ...I think you'd cut the inside of your mouth on it.
<Reiji> If you're gonna try some, eat it while we walk.  ...Okay, let's go.
<KOS-MOS> Shion.
<Shion> KOS-MOS?  We're already leaving.
<KOS-MOS> I have detected a separate energy signature.  It is that of a
<Shion> A Deflector...
<Shion> What?!  No way, that means...!
<Kyouko> Something coming to mind?
<Shion> ...It's a special condensed form of energy, which can be used as a
<Bruce> Never heard of it.  If we had enough of those, maybe our energy 
  problems'd be...
<Bruce> ...Hey, wait a sec.
<KOS-MOS> Correct.  Deflectors are objects from our own world.
<Nakamura> ...!
<Nakamura> Does this mean that other Transfers from other worlds have begun
<Fongling> Let's split up.  ...Both the Golden Seed and the Soul Edge are
  important, but we can't pass on this one either.

  [I sent Reiji after the Deflector]

{Spirit World... Sakura Gate, Upper Castle}

<Shion> Momo, is this where that energy signature was coming from?
<M.O.M.O.> Yes.  I still can't analyze it, but I can detect what I think are
  the after-effects of a Dimensional Transfer in the vicinity.
<Sakura> Wow... this place is gorgeous.
<Sakura> Now I wanna go watch the flowers bloom.
<Jin> Don't forget our objective.  Let's split up and look.
<Jin> The Golden Seed and the Soul Edge, right?
<Karin> Split up?  ...But how?
<Felicia> Alrighty!  Let's get looking!
<Felicia> *sniff sniff*...
<King> Hmm?  Felicia...?
<Felicia> Oh, rats!  We should have had Klonoa and Gantz come with us!
<Felicia> Hey, King, get with the program!  Use your nose!
<King> This is a mask.
<Leilei> You shouldn't try to take shortcuts.  Investigation is all about
<Fongling> Wait a minute.
<Fongling> If you sense the after effects of a Dimensional Transfer, does that
  mean that our objective has already teleported away?
<M.O.M.O.> Yes...  It appears neither the Golden Seed nor the Soul Edge
  themselves are here.
<Demitri> Hmph, that was obvious from the lack of any magic to sense.
<Demitri> Try to have some pride as a Dark Stalker.
<Felicia> Hee hee, guess you're right.
<Sabine> Pride won't help us find the goods though.  So, now what?
<Chunli> Leilei wasn't entirely off when she said that investigating is about
<Chunli> Let's start by looking for clues.
<Ryuu> There doesn't appear to be anything here... perhaps through the gate?
<M.O.M.O.> What...!!
<M.O.M.O.> D-Dimensional Transfer...!  Here it comes!!
<Kurino> Transfer?!  What is it?!


<King> W-what the?!  What appeared?
<Felicia> U-umm... which was the Golden Seed again?
<Felicia> Maybe that's the Soul Edge?
<Sakura> No, I don't think that's anywhere in there.
<Sakura> That's a...
<Karin> Keystones...?  And... toriis?
<Kurino> Keystones and toriis...?  What're those?
<Jin> Japanese markers for things with spiritual powers.
<Jin> Keystones ward off earthquakes and other misfortunes of the ground,
  and... if I recall, torii are doors separating the human world from the
  spirit world.


<Shion> F-f-f... Frogs...!
<Shion> Not frogs again...
<M.O.M.O.> A-an awful lot of them too...
<Sabine> Looks like they came from the Infernal World just like we did.
<Sabine> ...I think this dimensional wall thing is toast.
<Chunli> That the torii separate the human world from the spirit world...  well
<Jin> Not that I expect it was true.
<Jin> ...We don't know what's going on, but taking out the enemy is top
<Demitri> That spike-headed man has the right idea.
<Demitri> Don't make such a fuss over a few inferior demons.  Just-...

[newcomers again]

<Leilei> Nope, looks like there's more of them.
<Leilei> ..Hmm?  What the?
<Fongling> What is it, Leilei?
<Leilei> ...I can't feel any magic from them.
<Ryuu> I can't even feel human presence from them... What are they, robots?
<Demitri> Who are these foes?  I recognize them not.
<Shion> Space suits... and space trooper rifles...?!
<Shion> That's... gotta be coincidence, right?
<M.O.M.O.> ...
<M.O.M.O.> Shion, I detect energy readings... just like the Octies.
<Shion> ...!
<Shion> No way!  "That" was the only place humanoid Octies were ever confirmed!
  So why...!
<Demitri> Hmph, I have no interest in the enemy's origins.
<Demitri> I trust they will be at least minimally diverting?
<Chunli> Uzuki, do you know these things?
<Shion> ...
<Shion> (Octies were specifically made to attack Packet's underground
<Shion> (That's the only place humanoid ones were ever recorded.)
<Shion> (I don't want to believe it, but... maybe what teleported to this
  world is...!)

[a new, scarier set of bad guys appears]

<Yoshitsune> O ho ho ho... my plan worked perfectly.  Behold this wonderful
  sight, Oniwaka.
<Benkei> Ahh, this is what makes coming back so stirring, Lord Ushiwaka.
<Fongling> They must be the enemy heavies if we've come this far.
<Sakura> That armor, and those sword-wielding skeletons... does that mean...?
<Ryuu> I think we can assume these are friends of that Kiso Yoshinaka we
  fought on the Path of Penance.
<Yoshitsune> Indeed.  So you are the visitors from another world who fought
<King> Komaoumaru?  Who are you talking about?
<Karin> Komaoumaru... I seem to recall that as Kisojirou Yoshinaka's spirit
<Karin> That mode of speech, and that decor... you must be Minamoto Kurou
  Yoshitsune, and Musashibou Benkei... correct?
<Jin> What on earth... I suspected this might happen ever since we met Kiso
<Jin> Hmm, quite an honor to fight some of the most famous warriors in history.
<Yoshitsune> O ho ho ho, what a pleasant statement.  I shall grant you an
  elegant, not unpleasant death.
<Felicia> We _are_ gonna fight back, got it?!
<Demitri> Forget this pointless exchange.
<Demitri> If you know anything about the Golden Seed or the Soul Edge, tell us
<Yoshitsune> Golden Seed?  I have not heard of it.
<Yoshitsune> As for the Soul Edge... are you after it too?
<Benkei> The Soul Edge... I see, now I want to make it mine even more.
<Kurino> ...Which must mean, nobody's found it yet...
<Leilei> Ah, I get it.  So that's it.
<Yoshitsune> Indeed.  But this experiment has succeeded.
<Yoshitsune> The Soul Edge will soon be mine.
<Benkei> ...Lord Ushiwaka.
<Yoshitsune> He has arrived...

[scary samurai dudes increase in number]

<Kagekiyo> ...
<Sabine> Who's that?  An ally of theirs?
<Yoshitsune> O ho ho ho... So, you did come, Kagekiyo.
<Benkei> We grew impatient, whelp...
<Ryuu> That's Taira-no-Kagekiyo...!
<Shion> Mister... Kagekiyo?!  Then the boy next to him is...
<Tarosuke> Granny Andaba told us all about you.
<Tarosuke> Just let us handle these bozos!
<Kagekiyo> ...
<Demitri> (Tairano Kagekiyo...?  One seldom encounters waves of evil this
  strong even in the Infernal World.  Curse that Andaba for wielding pawns
  this strong.)
<Chunli> So, the stage is set, I take it.
<Chunli> Let's get this investigation underway.
<M.O.M.O.> What?  In...vestigation?
<Chunli> First we kick their ass.  Then we make them talk.
<Chunli> As you said, investigating takes "legwork".
<Leilei> ...There's no reason to rush.
<Leilei> Oh well, thanks for the help, Tarosuke!
<Tarosuke> Wahoo, we're helping!
<Benkei> Kagekiyo, the time is ripe.
<Benkei> With the world enveloped in chaos, we have nonetheless... obtained a
  new power.
<Kagekiyo> ...Absurd.
<Kagekiyo> Do you suppose leading Hell's ogres and monsters from other worlds
  against me will avail you?
<Yoshitsune> We have not shown you everything.  O ho ho ho.
<King> You mean there's more?  We mustn't underestimate these guys.
<Kagekiyo> ...This talk bores me.
<Kagekiyo> To battle.
<Tarosuke> Oh, finally!  Okay, go for it bro.
<Kagekiyo> ...
<Kagekiyo> I shall cut... everything...!
<Tarosuke> Now see here!  How many times I gotta tell ya _not_ to cut our
<Tarosuke> Try listening for once!
<Kagekiyo> ...
<Tarosuke> U-umm... so, please like, only take out the bad guys, okay?
<Kagekiyo> ...Agreed.
<Tarosuke> (Man, I can't stand this guy...)

  <Yoshitsune> I see, quite impressive.  I see why Komaoumaru withdrew.
  <Benkei> Indeed.  Things are becoming quite entertaining, especially with
    that warrior Mitsurugi around.
  <Tarosuke> Muahaha!
  <Tarosuke> You guys rock!
  <Demitri> Of course.  Who do you think we are?
  <Shion> ...G-gee, what a high opinion of himself.
  <Chunli> Not a problem.  Besides, it's upsetting the enemy plenty.
  <Tarosuke> Yo, Kagekiyo, give 'em some love!
  <Kagekiyo> ...I am able to handle this myself.
  <Tarosuke> Don't say that!
  <Tarosuke> Our job gets easier the more you flatter them!
  <Sabine> ...You call that flattery?
  <Kurino> I'm more worried about those Genji.  We aren't bothering them much.
  <Yoshitsune> You man, over there... you are sharper than that exterior
  <Benkei> It is about time, Lord Ushiwaka.
  <M.O.M.O.> Ah...!  A distortion field has formed in this area!
  <Fongling> I knew they were hiding some more firepower.
  <Fongling> "Ouma"... was it?
  <Ryuu> Yeah.  We've fought those Scythe-Weasels before, but that's the first
    time I've seen that thing leading them.
  <Ryuu> A tengu...?
  <Karin> More specifically, a Crow Tengu by its appearance.
  <Karin> Tengu always accompany the legends about Yoshitsune.  These enemies
    certainly lend that some credence.
  <Jin> The problem is... how did those Genji guys summon them?
  <King> The answer seems obvious.  ...The Genji are in league with the Ouma.
  <Tarosuke> Okay, this could suck...
  <Benkei> Indeed it does.  I told you the time is ripe.  Kagekiyo, we are not
    as we were back then.
  <Kagekiyo> ...You are.
  <Kagekiyo> For at the last, I will cut you down.  ...That is all.
  <Leilei> Don't forget we're here too.
  <Leilei> You guys aren't the only thing that's changed!
  <Yoshitsune> O ho ho ho... you speak truly.
  <Yoshitsune> You all seem quite formidable.
  <Sakura> We ain't letting you weasel out now!  Plus we got lots to ask you!
  <Tarosuke> I...
  <Sakura> ...Huh?
  <Tarosuke> ...I wanna go home!!
  <Felicia> Hey!  No saying that from our side either!
  <Felicia> Geez!  You've stuck your neck out this far!  You're sticking with
    us now!
  <Benkei> The actors have gathered.... to battle.
  <Yoshitsune> O ho ho ho... I shall offer all your heads as fodder for the
  <Kagekiyo> Wrong.  Those to be pilloried are you.
  <Kagekiyo> ...And Yoritomo.

[Chunli versus scythe weasel!]

  <Chunli> "Ouma"... indeed.  The enemies are getting sharper...

[Kagekiyo versus the thug]

  <Kagekiyo> Benkei... has His power returned?
  <Tarosuke> "His"?  Who?
  <Benkei> ...Heh heh, I have nothing to say.
  <Kagekiyo> Very well.
  <Kagekiyo> ...Here I come.
[Tengu defeated]

  <M.O.M.O.> Huh...?  What...?!
  <Leilei> What's wrong?
  <M.O.M.O.> Several heat sources are approaching rapidly!
  <Sakura> What, more of them?!
  <Kurino> They're probably... enemy reinforcements.
  <Karin> But they're coming towards us...?
  <Karin> Since they didn't attack in the first place... does this mean they
    represent some other power?
  <Demitri> Hmph, trickling in like this...  How aggravating.

[something strange appears]

  <Fongling> What _are_ those?!  Robots...?
  <Jin> First phantoms from the Heian Period, now robots?
  <Shion> Hmm?  Where have I seen those before...
  <Yoshitsune> O ho ho, how entertaining.  It is the ones set free from the
    "Lake of Blood".
  <M.O.M.O.> Shion!  Those are Rebirds!
  <M.O.M.O.> They're a definite match!
  <King> ...Rebirds?
  <King> Shion, you know these things?
  <Shion> They're a form of mechanical life...  They came from our world,
    just like the Octies...!
  <Felicia> M-mechanical life?  What's that?
  <Shion> They're completely robotic, but they're still known as an
    unidentified life form.
  <Shion> Whether "mechanical life" is the right term or not I don't know...
  <Chunli> That's completely unrealistic...
  <Chunli> ...won't exactly fly anymore, will it?
  <Ryuu> Indeed it won't.  But it's certainly true that we haven't faced
    anything like them until now.
  <Ryuu> ...How will they strike?
  <Kagekiyo> Bothersome ones, you too are His pawns?
  <Benkei> We merely parlayed with the "Lake of Blood"... but perhaps this is
  <Tarosuke> Does it matter?
  <Tarosuke> Let's just kick their butt.
  <Sabine> Count me in.
  <Shion> (Rebirds... the savages of the ruins...)
  <Shion> (...Which must mean... one of the ruins must have been Transferred
    here in its entirety...?!)

[Yoshitsune faces Kagekiyo]

  <Yoshitsune> O ho ho ho, to think you would employ a retainer.
  <Kagekiyo> ...I will not trade words with you.
  <Tarosuke> C'mon, don't sweat it.
  <Tarosuke> First off, it's easier than fighting alone.  Just think of me
    as a bonus.

[Xenosaga ladies meet the dreaded Rebirds]

  <M.O.M.O.> According to the data, these are the "horokko" type.
  <M.O.M.O.> They're designated as the lowest rank of the Rebirds.
  <Shion> The problem isn't their rank.  ...It's why they're here in the first

[schoolgirls versus feudal terrorists]

  <Benkei> Maidens though you be, I, Musashibou Benkei, will not hesitate!
  <Sakura> I can't believe we get to fight some of the greatest fighters in
    history, even here...
  <Karin> A great honor, to be sure.
  <Sakura> Umm... they're from Chuushinzou, right?
  <Karin> ...Let's just go.
  <Yoshitsune> O ho ho, here I come... little maidens.

[Ryuu tries his hand]

  <Ryuu> So after Kiso Yoshinaka, I face Minamoto Yoshitsune and Musashibou
    Benkei.  At this rate, I'll be facing Oda Nobunaga or Takeda Shingen.
  <Benkei> I rather like his eyes.  This man, who seems unarmed... is yet a
  <Yoshitsune> O ho ho ho, let us observe the extent of his strength.

[Defeat Benkei]

  <Benkei> Kagekiyo... consider yourself fortunate.  Just as we have obtained
    new strength, so have you...
  <Kagekiyo> I did not wish for it.
  <Kagekiyo> Be that as it may, your path is decided.
  <Benkei> As is yours, Kagekiyo.
  <Benkei> Being... as it may.
  <Tarosuke> Huh?  What's this guy talking about?
  <Benkei> ...
  <Tarosuke> Sure you wanna let him leave after that nonsense he just talked?
  <Kagekiyo> ...It matters not.
  <Kagekiyo> We shall see him again, whether we wish to or not.
  <Kagekiyo> Being... as it may.

[Yoshitsune goes down]

  <Yoshitsune> Curses.... not once, but twice!
  <Yoshitsune> Yet know this, Kagekiyo.  This battle has only begun.
  <Yoshitsune> Lord Kamakura... that is, my elder brother is not the brother he
    once was.
  <Yoshitsune> You and your little friends will be the next ones to depart the
    Golden Pond.
  <Tarosuke> Oh, so we count now too?!
  <Kagekiyo> ...My task has not changed.
  <Kagekiyo> I will cut you down as often as required.
  <Yoshitsune> O ho ho ho... the times have changed, as have our circumstances.
  <Yoshitsune> I shall enjoy watching how you, who have not changed, intend to
  <Tarosuke> Great... so we're gonna get kicked out of the Golden Pond, huh?
  <Kagekiyo> ...
  <Kagekiyo> Though the world and those within it change... the grudges of
    man will never change... and never fade...

<Shion> Was that the last one?
<M.O.M.O.> No more responses in the area.
<M.O.M.O.> ...I think.
<Chunli> You think?  Make yourself clear.
<M.O.M.O.> U-uh... I'm sorry.
<M.O.M.O.> Ever since those Keystones teleported here, the noise has been
  really bad...
<Karin> Not only did we not learn the whereabouts of the Golden Seed or the
  Soul Edge, we acquired a new set of problems...
<Karin> I believe I'm getting a headache.
<Sakura> But we've got some new companions, it can't be all bad...
<Kagekiyo> ...
<Sakura> Y-yikes...!
<Sakura> Um, sure we shouldn't bump him off too?
<Kurino> You just called him our companion, didn't you?  Andaba was right:
  he's our ally.
<Tarosuke> Right on.  My bro Kagekiyo here looks kinda scary, but he's a good
  guy underneath.
<Kagekiyo> ...
<Tarosuke> Uh, err... I think.
<Sabine> ...W-why am I not convinced.
<Leilei> No no, he feels like a kindred spirit.  I'm sure he's a good guy.
<Leilei> Right?
<Kagekiyo> ...
<Fongling> (...Gee, fellow dead people.)
<Demitri> Enough introductions.
<Demitri> It's patently obvious the Soul Edge isn't here.  This is just wasting
  our time.
<Jin> Hey, you don't have to put it that way.  Didn't they just fight by our
<Demitri> Heh, not that I see any point in that.
<Tarosuke> Kagekiyo, don't get mad...
<Kagekiyo> As that man said, we are done here.
<Kagekiyo> Pursuing Yoshitsune... that comes first.
<King> He finally talks, and he has to agree with Demitri?
<Felicia> ...Things could be pretty bad if _both_ of them act like that.
<Ryuu> Anyway, let's go find Ken and the others.
<Ryuu> I don't like the fact that those Rebirds seem to have come from their
<Shion> Maybe they came from wherever the Octies came from...
<Tarosuke> ...Huh?  That reminds me, where'd Mitsurugi and them go?
<Jin> Mitsurugi...?
<Kagekiyo> ...I do not know.
<Tarosuke> That "Deflector" thingie...
<Tarosuke> Maybe they headed that way?


{Spirit World... Land of the Golden Pond, Lake of Blood}

<Masuyo> I'm glad we ditched those samurai... but we're still stuck in this
  awful place.
<Hiromi> But why are we getting a Deflector response from around here...?
<Hiromi> This _is_ another world, isn't it, Masuyo?
<Tron> There's no question there.
<Tron> ...Eek!
<Minion #1> Tron, it's the Gezelschaft!!
<Tron> Was the Deflector signature coming from the Gezelschaft's engines?!
<Hiromi> Thank goodness we split up from those scary warriors and came here on
  our own!
<Hiromi> To think we'd capture the whole Bone clan _and_ their mothership!
<Masuyo> ...
<Hiromi> Masuyo...?
<Tron> No way I'm letting you do that!
<Tron> Hey!  Number 2!  Number 3!  Number 4!
<Minion #17> Ack!  Please wait!!
<Hiromi> Hey, wait!  Don't go off on your own!
<Masuyo> Tron!  We don't know what's going on yet!
<Masuyo> Don't act on your own!
<Tron> Hey!  Didn't you hear me?!
<Tron> Number 38!  Number 39!  Hey, Number 40!
<Minion #28> Troooon, there's so much electromagnetic interference we can't get
  through at all...
<Tron> Interference?  In a desolate place like this?!
<Masuyo> ...This feels dangerous to me.
<Masuyo> Nothing else for it.  Back Tron up on the double.
<Hiromi> Masuyo, you don't have to be in that big a hurry...
<Masuyo> Geez, Hiromi!
<Masuyo> Don't you remember where that battleship used to be?!
<Hiromi> Used to be?  Well, it was at those old ruins and...
<Hiromi> ...Oh...!
<Masuyo> It means we and those Octy critters weren't the only things thrown
  to this world...
<Masuyo> I have no idea what's going on.  ...But it's dangerous to stray too
<Masuyo> Especially you, Tron.  You look a bit clumsy.
<Tron> I heard that!
<Tron> Just how am I clumsy...

[bad guys on the rampage]

<Tron> Rebirds!  And some Octies too?!
<Masuyo> I knew it...!  These must be the ones who were near the ruins!
<Masuyo> They must have been hiding out in cracks in the battleship.
<Hiromi> Whoa... they're separating...
<Masuyo> See, look at that!
<Masuyo> That's why I called you klutzy!
<Tron> That's not what you said before!
<Tron> Just hurry up and save me, alright!  Aren't I some big important
<Masuyo> ...That's right, she is, isn't she.
<Masuyo> Okay then!  Hiromi, get ready to charge!
<Masuyo> Rescuing Tron Bone is top priority!  Watch out for that Shell Octy
  back there.
<Hiromi> Copy!
<Minion #1> Troooon.....
<Tron> I'd love to get some backup from the Gezelschaft right about now...
<Tron> Hey!  Can't you hear me?!  Gezelschaft, answer me!
<Tron> Argh!  Forget it!

[pummel enough bad guys, and...]

  <Tron> N-not more of them?!
  <Hiromi> Enemy reinforcements?!
  <Hiromi> They don't show up at all on the sensors...!
  <Minion #28> I can't sense them either!
  <KOS-MOS> This is the location of the Deflector signature.
  <Masuyo> They're not Octies?  Humans...?!
  <Masuyo> (Hmm?  That girl in front... I've seen her somewhere before.)
  <Reiji> W-what the hell is up with this terrain?
  <Xiaomu> And this sorcery... it's like another world.
  <Gilly Octy> ...
  <Klonoa> Oh, great... look at all those yucky things...
  <KOS-MOS> I detect Rebirds, as well as Octies.
  <KOS-MOS> I believe those they are fighting are, from identification on their
    armaments, former Space Border Guards now posted as special agents to the
  <Wonder Momo> Rebirds and.. Octies...?
  <Wonder Momo> How do you know what they're called?
  <Berabou Man> Wait a moment, Miss KOS-MOS!
  <Berabou> Those Border whatevers you just mentioned... what are they?  Do
    you know them?
  <Masuyo> I'm sure now.
  <Masuyo> ...You're the secret weapon Vector Industries developed to fight
    the Gnosis, a humanoid robot designated the KP-X.
  <KOS-MOS> Yes, or KOS-MOS for short.
  <Gantz> Oh, friends of yours?  That makes things easier.
  <Gantz> Hey, you friends with the hot biker chick and that girl in the
    pot over there?
  <Hiromi> T-there's a furry, squinty-eyed creature... riding a bike...
  <Minion #1> Tron, what do you think he means by "pot"?
  <Tron> ...He means Gustav, doesn't he!  How rude!
  <Ken> Looks like these folks come from the world KOS-MOS and the others
    are from.
  <Ken> So, what's the deal with those Octy monsters?
  <Masuyo> They are vicious, mutant life forms from deep space.
  <Minion #17> By the way, the Rebirds are mechanical life forms that usually
    appear in ancient deep space ruins.
  <Bruce> Hey, gimme a break here.  We've already got monsters and devils.
    Don't tell me aliens and mechanical mystery creatures are after us too.
  <Bruce> That's not even funny.
  <Regina> With all we've seen, it wouldn't be exciting unless we get to face
    stuff like that.
  <Xiaomu> Don't be calling this exciting or whatever.  There's no telling
    what'll pop out next.
  <KOS-MOS> Confirm new enemy signature approaching.
  <KOS-MOS> Here it comes.

[not sci-fi bad guys, at least]

  <Reiji> Shit, not these guys!
  <Hiromi> Wow!  Something occult!
  <Bruce> Damn it, not that Genji squad again.
  <Gantz> Hey, this's the Spirit World, man.  You gotta expect stuff like that
    at least.
  <Gantz> This's our first battle in this world.  Let's make it count!
  <Morrigan> Spirit World...?
  <Morrigan> I don't think so.  This looks like... the "Lake of Blood" in the
    "Turning World".
  <Masuyo> What?!  ...The Lake of Blood?
  <Masuyo> Just what is this place...?!
  <Regina> Turning World...?  Isn't that where King Enma was?
  <Hideo> Impossible!  Does this mean that the Dragon Pavilion Castle 
    wasn't the only thing that was Transferred?!
  <Morrigan> I think we just saw the proof.
  <Kyouko> Lake of Blood... is it?  I certainly see enough pools of red.
  <Hideo> I've been wondering all this time what the giant green object
    sticking out of the lake is...
  <Hideo> ...A blowfish?
  <Tron> ..What?!  Excuse me!
  <Tron> _That_ happens to be the mothership for the Bone clan of aerial
    pirates!  It's the Gezelschaft!
  <Tron> It's also the hangar for the Bone's land, sea and air mecha!
  <Tron> A perfect, self-contained fortress with its own laboratories and mess
  <Tron> This giant battleship has enough firepower and horsepower to go toe to
    toe with the best the Space Forces have to offer!  It is invincible!
  <Xiaomu> Well then, not sure I caught all that, but you sure sound confident.
  <Wonder Momo> G-giant battleship?!
  <Wonder Momo> Awesome!  That is _so_ sci-fi!
  <Masuyo> Of course, it's just so much trash right now.
  <Masuyo> And that size just makes it harder to handle.
  <Hiromi> N-now now, Masuyo...
  <Minion #28> T-trash...
  <Tron> Okay, little miss attitude problem, now you said it!!
  <Klonoa> Are these folks really on the same team?
  <Kyouko> That's enough arguing.
  <Kyouko> ...We've got to solve this mess first.
  <Berabou Man> I agree.  What say we assist you, in return for exchanging
    information later?
  <Xiaomu> I wonder if we can use that battleship thingie.
  <Reiji> Getting it out of that lake looks like a bitch, but if we _could_
    use it...getting around would be much much easier.
  <Ken> Okay, let's do it...!
  <KOS-MOS> Commencing combat.

[smack down the Octies and a new batch of freaks appear]

  <Yoshinaka> Heh heh heh... to think you could last this long.  You all have
    risen in my estimation.
  <Masuyo> ...?!
  <Ken> You!  You're that samurai who showed up last time!
  <Reiji> That man from the Genji...!
  <Hideo> You are... Kisojirou Yoshinaka!
  <Hideo> Where on Earth have you been hiding?!
  <Yoshinaka> Hiding?  I arrived just now.
  <Masuyo> Hiromi, didn't you see him on the sensors?
  <Hiromi> No good... not hide nor hair of him...
  <Xiaomu> Hey, Detonator KOS-MOS.  How about you?
  <KOS-MOS> My sensors are functioning abnormally due to an unanalyzable
    electromagnetic interference.
  <Tron> Us too....The sensors just started acting up and...!
  <Tron> What the heck is going on around here!
  <Minion #1> T-Troooon....
  <Gantz> Quit jawin'!  The enemy's right in front of your face!
  <Gantz> Get it together!
  <Klonoa> Looks like a lot's going on.
  <Klonoa> But like, those big round blobby things're gonna make me puke.
  <Masuyo> ...Vagans...?!
  <Masuyo> Hey, you!  ...Where'd you bring those Octies from?!
  <Yoshinaka> Hmm?  ...I see, so these are called "Octies".
  <Yoshinaka> You see, the evil thoughts they ooze are well suited... for our
  <Masuyo> Your... armies?!
  <Regina> Looks like a lot of things are tying together around here...
  <Regina> ...Like us, and the monsters besides the Octies.
  <Kyouko> Yes, such as... those scythe-weasels.
  <Kyouko> ...I suppose that means this so-called Ouma syndicate's pipeline
    is as healthy as ever.
  <Reiji> ...
  <Yoshinaka> Indeed, their experiments appear to be proceeding nicely.
  <Yoshinaka> That accursed fox woman is not letting us down.
  <Berabou Man> Fox woman... he must mean that glamor girl... Saya.
  <Reiji> So she's already making her move... Shit.
  <Wonder Momo> O-our dreams are just as big as hers!
  <Morrigan> Dreams alone won't cut it.  Might I recommend drinking some
  <Xiaomu> Milk?  So _that_'s how...
  <Xiaomu> A-anyways, for now we'd better watch our butts, or she might just
    show up too.
  <Reiji> Oh, dollars to donuts she'll show up whether or not we're watching
    our butts.
  <Bruce> Save the info exchange and pleasantaries for later.
  <Bruce> Can't keep our guests waiting, can we?
  <Yoshinaka> Heh heh heh... fear not, for your destiny is already decided.
  <Yoshinaka> Converse to your hearts' content.
  <Tron> Too bad for you.
  <Tron> We're gonna continue in the Gezelschaft's conference room.
  <Minion #17> I vote for the mess hall!
  <Masuyo> We can decide that later.
  <Masuyo> ...We're blowing this wide open, Hiromi.
  <Hiromi> Copy...!

[several very round monsters appear]

  <Pooka> ...
  <Klonoa> Something else showed up?!
  <Klonoa> ...W-what the heck?  Phantom Beasts?!
  <Regina> Dinosaurs?!
  <Regina> ...Yeah, right.
  <Yoshinaka> Those are...?  I see, they must have escaped from there.
  <Hiromi> They're kinda cute, actually.
  <Hiromi> Wait, aren't those...
  <Masuyo> Pookas...?!
  <Masuyo> That sudden mutation.... that only exists around Baraduke?!
  <Tron> Sudden mutation, as in...
  <Tron> What?!  Baraduke?!  As in the underground fortress of Baraduke?!
  <Masuyo> ...
  <Masuyo> (I knew it... Baraduke's been rebuilt!)
  <Masuyo> (And it's been teleported somewhere in this world...!)
  <Yoshinaka> What is this "Baraduke" you speak of?
  <Minion #1> Um... do you know what Baraduke is?
  <KOS-MOS> Yes.  Subterranean fortress Baraduke... shall I search my database
    and explain?
  <Wonder Momo> Sounds like it'll take a while.  How about we not?
  <Shion> Smart choice, with her mistress Shion gone.
  <Bruce> Man, we can't even stand here and chat.
  <Bruce> I dunno what the hell's going on, but the enemy's the enemy.
     ...Let's take 'em down!
  <Reiji> ...Argh...
  <Bruce> Huh?  Hey, Arisu?
  <Reiji> Goddamn it... just when things get chaotic...huh?  Just how much
    does that bitch think she can mess with us?!
  <Yoshinaka> What did you say?!
  <Kyouko> Arisu... not again?!
  <Xiaomu> You could set your watch by this guy.  What a mess...
  <Reiji> Is this the harvest you meant?
  <Reiji> ...Saya!

[speak of the devil]

  <Saya> It is indeed.  Well done.
  <Saya> I wonder what kind of reward you want, boy.
  <Reiji> ...Your life.
  <Ken> Is it just me, or does she always show up whenever it causes the most
  <Morrigan> Heh heh... or perhaps at the most... "interesting" times?
  <Saya> Excellent read.
  <Gantz> So the big cheese's here, huh?
  <Gantz> Whaddya you think you are, the heroine?
  <Saya> Good question.  At least, I don't believe I'm a cameo.
  <Reiji> ...I'll take you as a disposable bad guy.
  <Saya> Ooh, the casting hasn't started yet.
  <Saya> This is my home turf.  And as they say, "know thyself."  Meaning
    I've got the upper hand.
  <Saya> And even though this experiment succeeded, there's a long way to go.
  <Yoshinaka> Do not speak out of such arrogance.
  <Yoshinaka> You need only eliminate the pests.
  <Masuyo> "Experiment"?  "Home turf"...?
  <Masuyo> ...More mysteries?
  <KOS-MOS> Correct.
  <Reiji> You called this your home turf... Then you'll tell us what's going
    on here.
  <Hideo> It seems we never... have a chance to converse.
  <Berabou Man> It can't be helped, professor.
  <Berabou Man> Perhaps we could negotiate... if we understood each other a
    little better.
  <Yoshinaka> Heh heh heh... assuming you could understand her, that is.

[samurai boy gets pummeled]

  <Yoshinaka> This power... we must act, and quickly.
  <Yoshinaka> But this was merely a trial for the real experiment.  Perhaps
    this was to be expected.
  <Ken> Sore loser, huh?  Pretty lame for some hotshot samurai.
  <Yoshinaka> Heh heh heh... say what you will.
  <Masuyo> Hey, you!  Answer me!  Those Octies... where'd you bring them
  <Tron> And those Rebirds!
  <Yoshinaka> The Octies and Rebirds?  ...And this "Baraduke" you spoke of,
    which must mean "that land".
  <Masuyo> ...!!
  <Masuyo> (Damn, I knew it...!)
  <Yoshinaka> Lord Kamakura must be informed at once.
  <Yoshinaka> Heh he... ha ha ha ha ha!
  <KOS-MOS> The enemy has left the combat zone.
  <Klonoa> Oopsie... now what?
  <Minion #1> Shouldn't we follow him?!
  <Hiromi> Should we pursue, Masuyo?!
  <Hiromi> The Seindark can do it!
  <Masuyo> ...Nope.  We've got to pool our information first.
  <Masuyo> You shouldn't charge in half-cocked unless your name is "Taizou".
  <Hiromi> Huh?!  U-um...
  <Hiromi> C-copy...
  <Masuyo> (...Baraduke... Taizou...)

[pummel Saya enough and...]

  <Saya> It seems every time I see you people there's more of you.
  <Xiaomu> Like you're one to talk.
  <Xiaomu> ...What're you plotting?!
  <Reiji> ...That Genji warrior used the term "experiment".
  <Reiji> Is that the same as your experiments?
  <Saya> Who knows.  Give it some thought though, boy.
  <Xiaomu> Just full of food for thought, huh?  Lay off!
  <Saya> Oh, come now.  That's called female "technique".
  <Xiaomu> ...W-well, that's true, but...
  <Reiji> Don't take that from her.
  <Saya> Well, I'd hate my pearly skin to take any more abuse here, so I
    suppose I'll just have to withdraw.
  <Saya> ...Especially since the results of the "experiment" were phenomenal.
  <Saya> Heh heh.
  <Reiji> ...Damn that bitch...!
  <Xiaomu> Reiji, it must be true...
  <Reiji> Yeah.  She's mixed up in all this, and deeply.
  <Reiji> ...And if this was merely a test run, she's probably up to something
    even bigger.

<Masuyo> Well, that's all the enemies in sight... how's it look, Hiromi?
<Hiromi> No good... we'd better consider most of our sensors useless.
<Morrigan> I wonder if the Dimensional Transfer is to blame for that.  If so...
<Hideo> ...It means their plans are proceeding apace, correct?
<Hideo> More mysteries all the time.
<Reiji> But Saya... the Ouma are making their move.
<Reiji> I guess our only option is to keep moving and keep looking for clues.
<Kyouko> Oh, by the way... who are you people?
<Masuyo> That's right, introductions got postponed.
<Masuyo> I'm from the United Galactic Space Force, the U.G.S.F.  Toby Masuyo,
  of the airborne cavalry division.
<Hiromi> Likewise, Tengenji Hiromi!
<Hiromi> Thanks for all your help!
<Ken> United Galactic Space Force?!
<Ken> We've seen a lot of fantasy-type stuff already, but that's like...
<Regina> KOS-MOS, care to educate the champ here?
<KOS-MOS> On what topic?
<Ken> ...Okay, my bad.  I forgot about our self-powered, all-purpose robots.
<Ken> Long live sci-fi.  Long live space opera.
<Hiromi> And you are...umm...
<Hiromi> ...
<Berabou Man> ...Hmm?  Is something stuck to my face?
<Hiromi> ...
<Klonoa> Huh?  What's up?
<Hiromi> ...
<Morrigan> Rather unpleasant to have a girl staring at you, isn't it...
<Hiromi> ...
<Gantz> ...Hey, at least her bike's hot.
<Hiromi> Are all those... handmade?
<Wonder Momo> Oh, um... we aren't cosplaying.
<Reiji> I get it... I don't notice anymore cause I'm used to it by now...
<Xiaomu> ...Oh well, guess anyone'd do the same the first time they get a look
  at us.
<Bruce> Looks like it's gonna be rough explaining who each other are.
<Bruce> And who's that girl hiding over there?
<Minion #28> Tron!  I opened the Gezelschaft's hatch manually!!
<Tron> Well done, #28!
<Tron> Okay everyone, all aboard the Gezelschaft!
<Tron> I don't know if we can get her to move, but it'll be better than
  chatting in this creepy place, right?

{Spirit World... Gezelschaft's Bridge}

<Minion #1> This is the bridge!!
<Ken> Wow, sure looks the part.
<Klonoa> Wow, awesome!  This place's so exciting!
<Nakamura> Definitely... intimidating...
<Nakamura> My goodness... I wish my kids could see this.
<Hideo> Agreed.  It's as though we've entered a movie.
<Kyouko> Please don't regress too far into childhood, Professor Hideo.  I'd
  prefer somewhere I could get off my feet.
<Morrigan> Heh heh... it's not his fault.  You can never take the boy out of
  the man.
<Xiaomu> Right.  Or maybe both of them are animals.
<Reiji> There is no "all of the above".
<Reiji> So, what can you actually do in this "bridge".
<Minion #15> Steering, monitoring the inside of the ship... essentially,
<Minion #15> You could think of this as the Gezelschaft's brain!
<Masuyo> I see.
<Masuyo> So this is where you'd go if you wanted to take over the ship.
<Minion #6> Rig-...
<Minion #6> E-... eek...
<Hiromi> Masuyo...
<Xiaomu> ...I figured she was the malicious one...
<Masuyo> Just joking, okay?
<Masuyo> We're fighting on the same side now, right?
<Minion #11> T-thank goodness...
<Ken> ..."Now", huh?
<Ken> Looks like everyone hates soldiers everywhere.
<Hiromi> Well... I wouldn't say everyone, right?
<Nakamura> Speaking of soldiers, has anyone seen Bruce and the others?
<Klonoa> Yeah, Gantz and the others are missing too.
<Masuyo> More importantly, where's Tron Bone?
<Masuyo> Shouldn't she be entertaining her guests?
<Minion #1> Tron went to the engine room!
<Minion #1> It looks like the others went there too.
<Reiji> The captain herself?  ...Is that okay?

{Spirit World... Gezelschaft's Engine Room}

<Tron> #22, #23, #27!  Is the engine room okay?!
<Minion #22> Oh, Tron.  Well...
<Minion #23> We've restored basic control, but...
<Minion #27> Everything else won't work at aaaall.
<Tron> Won't work?!  Why not?!
<KOS-MOS> What area?
<Minion #27> Huh?  Oh, right here...
<Momo> Wow... it is _really_ hot here.
<Momo> Isn't all that fur uncomfortable, Gantz?
<Gantz> Aw, shaddup and mind yer own business.  Go pat Klonoa or something.
<Tron> Hey hey, you people!  Authorized personnel only!
<Bruce> Hey, don't sweat it, miss.
<Bruce> We got some time to kill until the rendezvous.
<Tron> Look, a bunch of amateurs can't...!
<KOS-MOS> I believe something is interfering with the activation of the
  Deflector in the main reactor.
<Tron> Huh?
<Gantz> I dunno about no Deef thingie... but looks like yer ignition's busted
  to me.
<Gantz> Course the engine won't start without it.
<Regina> Even if it's unfamiliar tech, a machine's a machine.
<Tron> ...Dear god.
<Tron> There's no way we could find a Deflector in this world.  ....What
  should we do?
<Minion #22> Tron!!
<Tron> Hey, I'm busy, #22.
<Minion #22> We just got a lot more guests.
<Tron> Guests?
<Bruce> Oh, they're here.  ...Must be Fongling and the others.
<Bruce> They're friends of ours, who were off checking out that castle.
<Momo> I wonder if they met Tarosuke and the others.
<Regina> Well, let's go see them.
<Tron> Hmm, I guess that means Kagekiyo and Mitsurugi will be back too.
<Tron> Hey, #22!  Take everyone to the conference room!
<Tron> I'll be right there.

{Infernal World... Tower of Druaga, 59th Floor}

<Druaga> You... found them?
<Joker> Less... I've been looking with this adorable Anyo beside me all this
<Druaga> ...
<Janga> Hee hee hee... I wonder bout that.
<Joker> O ho ho, well, truth be told, I might have been watching from the
  shadows a bit.
<Druaga> ...The Spirit World...is it, Joker?
<Joker> Perceptive as always, my Lord Druaga.
<Joker> The dimensional walls in the Spirit World are simply going to pot 
  these days.
<Joker> It seems a certain high-flying blue demon, Mishima that is, made his
  way in...
<Janga> He got something to do with the sacrifices?
<Joker> He does indeed.  They share some sort of fate...
<Druaga> Is that all you found?
<Joker> ...
<Joker> ...The Phantom World... has been reconnected.
<Druaga> ...!
<Druaga> I see... heh heh heh heh...
<Druaga> Joker, Janga... pursue the Golden Knight.
<Janga> ...Hee hee hee.
<Joker> ...And what of Mishima?
<Druaga> My armies are... steadily regaining their strength.
<Druaga> I see no better chance to gauge just how strong they are.
<Joker> Understood.  Then I shall journey to the Phantom World.
<Joker> (The Golden Knight and the Demon Druaga...)
<Joker> (Whatever... will become of them?)

{Spirit World... Gezelschaft's Conference Room}

<Tron> ...Okay, I think I get it.
<Tron> The Golden Seed and and the Soul Edge, huh...
<Hiromi> Also... "Dimensional Transfer", "Shinra" and "Ouma", the Infernal
   Village, plus the Tower of Druaga...
<Masuyo> And the subterranean fortress Baraduke... which unless I'm badly
  mistaken ended up somewhere in this world.
<Minion #7> And there's all those Rebirds too!
<M.O.M.O.> Um, Shion, isn't Masuyo...
<Shion> ...No doubt about it.  She was part of the "Baraduke Raid"...
<Sakura> W-well, I wouldn't try to worry about everything at once...
<Fongling> I got a headache from hearing all that.
<Karin> So this time it's visitors from outer space... I'd say we've got a
  complete set.
<King> What else is left?
<King> Subterraneans or something?
<Ryuu> Well, don't forget about Gouki and Shadowloo.  ...We've got plenty of
  human problems too.
<Chunli> I wonder how involved they are in this incident?
<Chunli> Is it possible they're in league with the Ouma...?
<Reiji> I bet... they're after the Dimension Seal ability.
<Reiji> The Genji warriors are already on the move.  I think we can assume
  their "experiments" have something to do with Transferring.
<Jin> Like how those Keystones and torii appeared so suddenly?
<Tarosuke> Maybe that's why that Dragon Pavilion Castle thingie got tossed
<Kurino> That might be very likely.
<Kurino> Saya... that woman knew all about the Abyss of Time, the dimension
   where the Demon Lord Zouna and so many other dangerous things are sealed.
<Sabine> Looks like we need to get more info out of her.
<Felicia> Hey, Reiji... why don't you lean on her a bit more?
<Leilei> She looks to me like the type to really spill the beans if pushed.
<Morrigan> If so, why not try asking her in bed?
<Morrigan> ...Heh heh, after all, you are man and woman.
<Xiaomu> W-wow... pretty convincing to hear an expert say that...
<Reiji> Damn... the peanut gallery's at it again.
<Masuyo> Huh?  That sounds plenty fishy.
<Masuyo> Fill me in, huh?
<Demitri> Lay off.  How long must we endure these tired arguments in a place
  like this?
<Demitri> This is wasting my time.  I'm doing this myself.
<Chunli> And, as usual, the man isn't reading the atmosphere here.
<Chunli> Now, hold on-...
<Kagekiyo> Indeed.  I must pursue Yoshitsune...
<Hiromi> Wow, w-where'd he come from...?!
<Ryuu> (This man... completely concealed his presence...?)
<Tarosuke> Now, hold on!  Don't go off on your own!
<Tarosuke> Especially with Mitsurugi off somewhere!
<Tarosuke> What about the Dragon Pavilion Castle?!
<Kagekiyo> ...Do as you will.  It is of no account to me.
<Tarosuke> Like hell it isn't!
<Tarosuke> You want me sunk to the bottom of the River Styx or something?!
<???> ...Tarosuke... Tarosuke...
<Tarosuke> G-granny Andaba?!?
<Tarosuke> Just look!  I'm so scared I'm even hearing her voice!
<???> ...Can you hear my call, Tarosuke... Kagekiyo... Tarosuke...
<M.O.M.O.> U-um... I can hear her too...
<Minion #7> T...Tron!!  It's a ghost!!
<Andaba> Hee hee hee... You needn't fear so, visitors from other worlds...
<Tron> W-who's that?!
<Fongling> Think of her as... our employer.
<Fongling> It's easier that way.
<Andaba> ...The Dragon Pavilion... is directly beneath you.
<Sakura> Directly below?!  What?  Inside this ship?!
<Karin> You mean at the bottom of the lake...right?
<Andaba> Correct.  Hurry... there is no time left.
<Kagekiyo> Andaba, I...
<Andaba> You cannot defeat "him" as you are now... as you should realize
  within your own heart.
<Kagekiyo> ...
<Andaba> Otohime of the Dragon Pavilion... she holds what you seek.
<Kagekiyo> ...!
<Kagekiyo> ......Very well.
<Andaba> Hee hee hee... that's the way, Kagekiyo.
<Andaba> Understood, Tarosuke?
<Tarosuke> Got it, granny!
<Tarosuke> We'll save Otohime... no sweat!
<Jin> Otohime...?  You know her?
<Tarosuke> Otohime was really nice to me when I was wandering through the
  Infernal World.
<Tarosuke> So.... now I gotta return the favor!
<King> You're a nice kid, Tarosuke.
<Tarosuke> ...Otohime, I...
<Tarosuke> ...
<Tarosuke> ...
<Felicia> Say, um... that's a really perverted expression there...
<Xiaomu> Memory erotica?  ...Does it get any worse...?
<Jin> They say Urashima Tarou received a great reward for his troubles...
  Sounds like it's true.
<Demitri> Reward... we _will_ receive one, I trust?
<Morrigan> (Gee, he's back.  ...There's that money thing again.)
<Andaba> ...At least, I expect one...at the end of your battles.
<Reiji> ...Gee, how felicitous.
<Andaba> Hee hee hee...
<Hiromi> Man, what a surprise.
<Hiromi> Was that some kind of late-model hologram transmission...?
<Masuyo> It doesn't matter, Hiromi.
<Masuyo> ...The question is... how do we get there?
<Ryuu> Yeah.  It's not like everyone here can swim...
<Ryuu> Mm...?  Maybe if we thought of it as a form of training...?
<Felicia> That won't work!
<Tron> Heh.  Heh.  Heh.  ...I think I get the gist of it.
<Kurino> Huh?  Do you have something in mind?
<Tron> #35!  Tactical display on!
<Minion #35> Yes ma'am!!
<Sabine> Whoa, what is _that_?
<Shion> ...Another frog...
<M.O.M.O.> And... this one is enormous...
<Fongling> Don't tell me that's... a submarine?!
<Tron> Correct!
<Tron> That's the proud Bone clan's main maritime battleship.  Her name is
  the Valcon Gelade!
<Tron> And when I say maritime, it can dive just great!
<Tarosuke> I get it, this mechanical frog can go underwater.
<Xiaomu> Well, someone once said that all life is destined to "hop" back into
  the ocean...
<Reiji> We're going to the bottom of a lake.
<Masuyo> Hey, no problem!
<Masuyo> Even if the mothership can't move...
<Tron> ...You could have left that part out.
<Sakura> Right on!  Let's all get this show underway!
<Sakura> ...Wait.  Aren't we missing someone?
<Minion #10> Oh, Bruce and the others who just arrived said they were tired
  and are eating in the mess hall.
<Fongling> Sigh...
<Leilei> ...That donggua... I'm starting to worry about our group unity...
<Reiji> Get them back up here!  This's no time for food!
<Morrigan> Now I'm worried.
<Morrigan> ...Well, it should be interesting anyway.


{Spirit World... Dragon Pavilion Castle}

<Tarosuke> Oo, this's the place!
<Tarosuke> Man, it's been ages.
<Reiji> ...Man, how can this not be a bad joke?
<Reiji> The Dragon Pavilion Castle, huh.
<Xiaomu> It's like... truth in advertising.
<Xiaomu> I hope this isn't one of those "all you can eat and 'more' for the
  price of one beer" joints...
<Reiji> What kinda weird misconception is that, huh?
<Tron> So, we brought the Valcon Gelade and all... are you sure the air's
  okay here?
<KOS-MOS> Atmospheric composition matches that on the surface.  No apparent
  trace of radiation.
<Minion #1> Looks like it's okay!!
<Shion> Still... what's a building like that doing at the bottom of a lake...?
<Masuyo> I wonder how they got it down here?
<Masuyo> Forget how there's air to breathe - the whole darn thing lights up
  like a Christmas tree.
<Hiromi> ...Hmmm, I'm not sure it matters how it got here.
<Reiji> Let's cut the chit-chat short, shall we?
<Reiji> ..Is this Golden Seed here?
<Tarosuke> Well, I doubt granny Andaba's the type to lie...
<Kagekiyo> This sorcery... surely she spoke truthfully.
<Kagekiyo> However...
<Reiji> Yeah.  ...It's too quiet.
<Xiaomu> D-don't tell me we needed reservations...?!
<M.O.M.O.> Come to think of it... we didn't make any, did we?
<Tron> Is that what my bad feeling was about?!
<Tron> First of all, how _does_ one make reservations here, anyway?
<Ken> I dunno about needing reservations or whatnot, but this certainly ain't
  feeling very hospitable.
<Tarosuke> That's weird...
<Tarosuke> Heeeey!  Otohimeeeee!
<Kagekiyo> ...
<Kagekiyo> ...They are coming.
<Jin> What...?
<Ryuu> Urgh, this aura is... ?!

[a blue demon appears]

<Devil Kazuya> ...
<Jin> ...!!
<Reiji> It's him...!
<Morrigan> Dear me, what a handsome boyfriend.
<Devil Kazuya> So, this is the place... heh heh... ha ha ha ha ha!
<Jin> Mishima Kazuya!  Why are you here?!
<Chunli> H-hey, Kazama!
<Ryuu> Jin, wait! You're getting too close!
<Masuyo> Hey!  What's that monster got to do with him?!
<M.O.M.O.> D-didn't he say something about... his father?
<Hiromi> What?!  But he's got... wings!

[mysterious foes materialize]

<Shion> Eek!  T-the enemy?!
<Xiaomu> These guys must be from the Infernal Village... no, the Tower of
<KOS-MOS> ...Data match confirmed.  We have fought them before.
<Momo> Druaga...
<Nakamura> ...They've made it this far?!  Momo!
<Momo> Right!
<Momo> Transform!!
<Nakamura> Transform...!!
<Devil Kazuya> Heh heh heh... the Infernal Village?  Druaga?  They have
  nothing to do with this...
<Devil Kazuya> Isn't that right, Kazama Jin?
<Jin> That's right.  This's just between you and me.
<Hideo> Kazama!  You are sorely lacking in rational thought...!
<Minion #17> Mister Jiiiin!  Please come baaack!!
<Kyouko> Kazama, come back here!  It's too dangerous alone!
<Reiji> It's useless... now he _can't_ come back!
<Reiji> We've gotta get to him to help!  Let's go...!

[time passes]

  <Reiji> Is Kazama okay?!
  <Ken> Looks okay so far.
  <Chunli> So far, that is.
  <Chunli> We've got trouble if this drags on.
  <Ryuu> He's quite skilled.  I doubt he'll go down easily, but...
  <Jin> Mishima Kazuya... I won't fall until I beat you into a bloody pulp...!
  <Devil Kazuya> Fascinating.  ...Do it if you can, my son.
  <Jin> Don't call me that!!
  <Tron> S-son?  What?  So that was...?
  <Minion #1> I-it was true?!
  <Xiaomu> ...Yes it was.
  <Xiaomu> To bad Devidevi over there knows how to push his buttons so well.
  <Xiaomu> We got problems if Jin gets too far away from us.
  <Shion> Y-yeah, but how do we...
  <Masuyo> Our only choice is to get these bastards out of the way and save
  <Tarosuke> Riiight!  Jin, don't do anything stupid over there!
  <Kagekiyo> ...Assuming that everything goes according to plan.
  <Reiji> According to plan?  ...What do you mean?
  <Xiaomu> Quit mumbling and jinxing us!
  <Xiaomu> Your face is jinx enough!
  <M.O.M.O.> Huh?  Oh...!
  <M.O.M.O.> D-dimensional distortion is beginning to form!
  <KOS-MOS> Dimensional distortion field, identical signature to that we
    encountered previously.
  <Hiromi> What?!  ...Meaning more enemies?!
  <Minion #17> T-they're heeeere!!
  <Wonder Momo> More of Druaga's monsters?!
  <Berabou Man> Have they completely connected to the Infernal World again?!
  <Berabou Man> This is a very unpleasant development.
  <Tron> Looks like we've got more of them.
  <Tarosuke> How come we're at the Dragon Pavilion Castle and the only thing
    we get are men?!
  <Masuyo> They look more like lizards to me... dressed in rags.
  <Masuyo> These look like more of the first ones.
  <M.O.M.O.> Please wait a moment!
  <M.O.M.O.> I have no data on them!  They're completely new adversaries!
  <Reiji> No data?  On those guys in the mage robes?
  <Kyouko> Their robes are a different color, but I remember fighting them
    plenty of...
  <M.O.M.O.> U-um.... they look the same, but inside is... well, the
    ambiance is...
  <Shion> Momo, calm down.
  <Kagekiyo> ...Stronger sorcery than the first ones.
  <Kagekiyo> Don't be taken in by appearances.
  <Morrigan> So it seems.  These ones are definitely higher level.
  <Hideo> Could this be like the colored belt system in martial arts?
  <Xiaomu> Just call these things high ranking monsters.
  <Devil Kazuya> ...More small fry.
  <Devil Kazuya> But... they have nothing to do with us, Kazama Jin.
  <Jin> Of course.  ...I'll kill you.  That's it.
  <Hiromi> So, what do we do about Mister Oblivious over there?
  <Ryuu> It's obvious.
  <Ryuu> ...We just get rid of everything else.  Otherwise, we won't be able
    to do what we came here for.

[keep killing...]

  <Devil Kazuya> Hmm?  This aura... who are you?
  <Ryuu> Urgh....?!  This... bloodlust?
  <Minion #28> U-umm..... is something wrong?
  <Ryuu> This withering bloodlust... it can't be...!
  <KOS-MOS> Heat source approaching.  ...I believe it is human.
  <Gouki> ...
  <Tarosuke> A-a human...?
  <Tarosuke> A-anyways, he's freakin' me out!  Just as much as Kagekiyo does!
  <Kagekiyo> ...
  <Kagekiyo> (His aura... I cannot tell whether he is alive or dead... who
    is this man?)
  <Kyouko> This man was... if I recall...
  <Hideo> Gouki... wasn't it?
  <Hideo> How did you get through all that water to come here?!
  <Ken> Don't tell me he came skin-diving?
  <Ken> Nice job, Gouki...
  <Devil Kazuya> Gouki...?  Ah, so you're Gouki, the "Heaven" man.
  <Ryuu> Gouki...!  Why are you here?!
  <Jin> The Master of the Fist... the man of "Heaven"...!
  <Jin> Shit, why did he have to appear now...?
  <Devil Kazuya> Heh heh heh... have you come to obstruct me?
  <Gouki> ...
  <Hiromi> Someone who _isn't_ a lizard man just appeared!
  <Hiromi> M-maybe he's a lion man?
  <Masuyo> I'm less worried about what he looks like than the fact that they
    seem to know him.
  <Masuyo> (...Those clothes... they're just like Ken and Ryuu's...?)
  <Morrigan> Heh heh... dangerous men are attractive...
  <Morrigan> But this man looks a little _too_ dangerous.
  <M.O.M.O.> S-Shion, another scary person!
  <Shion> You're making children cry!  Stay away!
  <Shion> Or at least use a gentler expression...
  <Gouki> ...Form is meaningless. 
  <Gouki> Know only that I am present... that is the meaning.
  <Ryuu> Meaning...?!  What's that supposed to mean!  Answer, Gouki!
  <Gouki> While you all wasted time beneath these waters, the gate connecting
    the real world to the other worlds has opened.
  <Reiji> The real world and other worlds...?
  <Reiji> Are you saying an even bigger Quake happened?!
  <Berabou Man> If this confusion continues to spread... we won't be able to
    stop it!
  <Wonder Momo> Could it be... that what happened to me is happening to 
  <Tron> Quake, as in that dimensional distortion that brought us to this
  <Gouki> Correct.  Even without borrowing the strength of the non-humans,
    doors leading to other worlds can now be opened.
  <Gouki> With nothing but the "power the world of man has obtained".
  <Devil Kazuya> ...What are you talking about...?
  <Ryuu> Impossible... not the "Bloodlust Wave"?!
  <Jin> Bloodlust.... Wave?
  <Ken> ...Damn.
  <Gouki> ...That is not all.
  <Gouki> There is also an evil "Power of the Heart", "Psycho" something or
  <Chunli> (Is he talking about "Psychopower"?!
  <Chunli> (Is that what Vega's up to with Shadowloo active again?!)
  <Reiji> Psycho... what?!
  <Reiji> Why don't you try explaining in words we can understand?
  <Gouki> Then know this.
  <Gouki> My name is Gouki... the Master of the Fist.
  <Xiaomu> ...This guy really does stuff at his own speed.
  <Xiaomu> That ain't half an explanation.
  <Ryuu> (Is he telling us he has information to convey, through crossing
    of fists?)
  <Ken> Ryuu, don't be misled here.
  <Ken> ...Time for you to shut your mouth, man!
  <Devil Kazuya> ...What an interesting story I've heard.
  <Devil Kazuya> If human power can do that... then the inhuman power, and
    the new powers I've obtained...
  <Jin> New powers...?!  What do you mean, Mishima Kazuya?!
  <Devil Kazuya> Just what I said, Kazama Jin.
  <Devil Kazuya> Heh heh heh... how fascinating, Man of "Heaven".
  <Gouki> I know you not.  If you have no business with me, depart.
  <Devil Kazuya> Heh heh heh....
  <Jin> You're not getting away this time!
  <Tron> Wait!  Just how're you gonna follow him?!
  <Tron> We're at the bottom of a lake here!
  <Minion #17> You'd have to go back to the Valcon Gelade!
  <Jin> Urgh... damn that Kazuya...!

[after Gouki fights someone...]

  <Gouki> Hmm...?
  <Goblin> ...
  <Shion> ...Aa!!
  <Kagekiyo> Who goes there..?  How could there be otherworlders with no
  <Tarosuke> C'mon, Otohime... choose your guests better...
  <Minion #17> ...I-I agree...
  <Reiji> It's... those things we fought in Shibuya!
  <Chunli> Didn't we see these things... along with Shadowloo's agents?
  <Shion> Gnosis...!
  <Tron> N-no way!
  <Masuyo> Not only Octies... but the "Pilgrim Fleet" too?!
  <Berabou Man> The fact that they're so surprised must mean... these monsters
    have come from space, right?
  <Goblin> ...
  <Wonder Momo> They do look kinda... space-like...
  <Xiaomu> U-ummm.... lesse here.
  <Xiaomu> "I shall swallow you whole".
  <Reiji> Screw the fake translations!
  <Reiji> Quakes...?!  What's happening to the world?!
  <M.O.M.O.> Ah...!  Another dimensional distortion!
  <M.O.M.O.> This one's really big too!  Here it comes!
  <Minion #1> S-something just came out!!
  <Hiromi> I-it's a building... what the heck?!
  <Kagekiyo> ...
  <Kagekiyo> ...This is akin to what Yoshitsune and his men did.
  <Jin> You mean those Keystones and torii...?!
  <Jin> That's how this whole Dragon Pavilion Castle got here in the first
  <Morrigan> Oh dear... at this rate, my castle might run off somewhere too.
  <Tron> Heck, that's how the Gezelschaft got here too.
  <Tron> But what do they mean "SHOP"?  Haven't I seen that somewhere...
  <Masuyo> ..."SHOP"... No way...!

  <???> Oh my goodness... where might this be...
  <Reiji> W-what the?  A woman...?!
  <Ryuu> Who are you?
  <???> Who, me?
  <Sylphie> My name is Sylphie.  I run this shop.
  <M.O.M.O.> U-umm... a-a shop...?
  <Tarosuke> W-whoa!
  <Tarosuke> Hey, don't sweat it!  Now this place's finally lookin' like the
    Dragon Pavilion Castle!
  <Gouki> ...
  <Ken> Well, we had the demons from hell and that ogre-faced dude... Finally
    we get someone pleasant on the eyes.
  <Masuyo> ...
  <Masuyo> ...Long time no see, Sylphie.
  <Minion #28> What?  You know her??
  <Sylphie> Oh my goodness!  Toby Masuyo from the Border Guards!
  <Sylphie> I had not realized you were still alive.
  <Sylphie> You went into that terrifying underground fortress all alone...
  <Masuyo> ...Yeah, I got lucky.
  <Shion> Terrifying underground fortress...?!  Do you mean...?!
  <Hiromi> Masuyo, is she talking about...?!
  <Masuyo> This lady is Sylphie the arms dealer.
  <Masuyo> She isn't remembered for it, but she did great service for us from
    the shadows during the Baraduke Raid.
  <Sylphie> I did nothing of the sort!
  <Sylphie> I never imagined I would find a customer in such a place interested
    in buying such an ancient wave motion gun.
  <Masuyo> ...Hey, I'm still using that thing.  I love antiques, so cut me
    some slack.
  <Gouki> She is from another world too?
  <Gouki> Yet another uninvited guest.
  <Ryuu> Urgh...!
  <Ryuu> Do you know what causes it... and how to make it stop?
  <Gouki> ...
  <Gouki> At least not now.  ...Not yet.
  <Kyouko> Could you please stop being vague?
  <Hideo> You should tell us plainly if you have something to say!
  <Ryuu> Gouki... I won't give my body to the Bloodlust Wave...!
  <Ryuu> I vow to fight through this... as a human!
  <Sylphie> ...Dear me... it seems I came at a bad time...
  <Sylphie> Please forgive my interruption.  Please visit my store at any
    time.  Be well.
  <Minion #1> Ah, okay.  Thank yoooou!
  <Tron> Hey, wait a sec!
  <Tron> You're the one who brought the Gnosis!  Take responsibility!
  <Sylphie> Yes, but you see I merely Dimensional Transferred a few times, 
    seeking "certain people".
  <Xiaomu> Certain people?
  <Goblin> ...
  <Shion> Please, save the talk for later!
  <Shion> Activate the Hilbert Effect!  Hurry!
  <KOS-MOS> Acknowledged.
  <M.O.M.O.> I'll do it too!
  <Jin> W-what the...?!
  <Jin> What's that light?!
  <Reiji> It won't hurt us.  Calm down.
  <Reiji> They're something like ghosts, and that light makes them hittable.
  <Sylphie> T-that is...!
  <Sylphie> (Mizrai Lab's Type 100 Reconnaissance Realian, complete with a
    Hilbert generator...?!)
  <Sylphie> (How... incredibly... rare...)
  <Masuyo> Hmm?  Hold on, Sylphie... what're you scheming now?
  <Sylphie> A-absolutely nothing!
  <Sylphie> The Gnosis are my responsibility, even though I did not bring them
    here by choice...!
  <Sylphie> What meager strength I have is at your service!
  <Xiaomu> ...She sounds like a fraud to me, but...
  <Hiromi> ...Masuyo has lots of friends like this.
  <Masuyo> And what is that supposed to mean, Hiromi dearest?

[reduce Gouki beneath a certain number of HP]

  <Gouki> You must have seen it too now...
  <Gouki> ...Where this disordered world is headed.
  <Ryuu> W-what?
  <Ken> Whaddya mean... where it's headed?
  <Gouki> The fiends of Hell, the visitors from afar... the power that
    disorders the world of man, and the power gained by the world of man...
  <Gouki> The many things encircling you all.
  <Ryuu> Gouki.  I don't plan on trading riddles with you...!
  <Ryuu> Why don't you just come out and say what you want me to do?!
  <Gouki> How often must I repeat myself?
  <Gouki> ...Consider well, and stretch forth your senses, Ryuu.
  <Chunli> You're fleeing...?!
  <Chunli> Wait!  Tell me about Psychopower... about Vega!
  <Morrigan> What a cold-blooded guy.  Speaks his piece and vanishes, just
    like that...
  <Ryuu> (Gouki... I have no idea what you're thinking.)
  <Ryuu> (But I won't let things go your way...!)

<Kagekiyo> All evil auras have vanished.
<Tarosuke> Sweet!  Looks like we kicked all their asses.
<KOS-MOS> Yes.  No enemy signatures or dimensional distortion detected in
  the area.
<Hideo> Goodness, at last...
<Hideo> This certainly differs from the fairy tale.
<Kyouko> Well, we haven't saved any turtles lately.
<Tarosuke> Otohime!  Heeeeey!
<Ryuu> Looks like we finally get to meet who we came here for.
<Ryuu> But...
<Reiji> Yeah.  Looks like we've got even less time than we thought.  That
  stuff that Gouki guy was talking about has me worried.
<Reiji> We need to get this Golden Seed and get back home fast...
<Jin> ...
<Xiaomu> Jin, what're you worrying about over there?
<Jin> The way Mishima Kazuya acted when he withdrew...
<Jin> ...He mentioned a "new power", something different from what the 
  Man of "Heaven" has.  He's up to something else...
<Sylphie> My goodness, customers.  How would you like some Space Aroma to
  help you remain calm while facing your worries?
<Sylphie> It is a mere 100 coins.
<Masuyo> ...Quit trying to sell stuff when you don't even know what's going


{Spirit World... Dragon Pavilion Castle}

<Otohime> Welcome, travelers.  I am Otohime, master of the Dragon Pavilion
<Tarosuke> Otohime!  Long time no see!
<Otohime> You look well, Tarosuke.
<Otohime> I grew lonely without your visits...
<Tarosuke> Yeah, I been kinda busy, see...
<Karin> ...He certainly seems to be one of the regulars.
<Sakura> R-really?  I'm just a regular high-schooler, so I dunno about that
  kinda stuff...
<Kyouko> My, Otohime in her Dragon Pavilion Castle... Just like the fables...
<Kyouko> Hmm?  Professor Hideo?
<Hideo> Ah, ha ha ha... what a lovely lady....
<Nakamura> I quite agree.
<Nakamura> Ah, let me introduce myself.  Nakamura, insurance salesman, at your
  service.  My card.
<Momo> Looked kinda mellow there for a sec...
<Xiaomu> Hey, this's normal.  All salarymen're weak for a pretty girl 
  entertaining them.  Goes with the territory.
<Reiji> I'd say that's a pretty warped way to look at it.
<Reiji> ...But we didn't come here to be entertained.
<Otohime> Yes.  Lady Andaba has already informed me of your plight.
<Otohime> You have come for the Golden Seed stored in the Dragon Pavilion,
<Fongling> Ah, so she called ahead?  That makes things easy.
<Bruce> Thank god Andaba's so on the ball.
<Sabine> Don't worry, we promise we'll give it back safe and sound.
<Kurino> Otohime, these people need that seed to return to their own world.
<Otohime> ...
<Otohime> ...I had intended to give it to you...
<Reiji> Has something happened...?
<Otohime> The Golden Seed... was, very recently, stolen.
<Momo> S-stolen?!  What?  But how?  Who?!
<Nakamura> "Very recently"... as in, while we were fighting?!
<Otohime> Correct.  A terrible blue demon attacked the treasure chamber...
<Otohime> And when he flew away... the Golden Seed was missing.
<Jin> A blue... demon, you said...?!
<Jin> Mishima Kazuya... so this is that "new power" thing he was talking
<Jin> (What is that bastard planning?)
<Demitri> ...An impressive blunder, Otohime.
<Demitri> Have you any idea what this means...?!
<Otohime> ...I have no idea what to say, much less how to apologize...
<Morrigan> Stop that, Demitri.  There's nothing anyone could do against 
  that creature.
<Fongling> It still means we've lost our way to get home.
<Chunli> And now there's no way to confirm what Gouki told us.
<Ryuu> "Go to other worlds with the strength of man"... was it?  It's true
   that we can't learn his true intentions unless we return...
<Ken> So, Otohime, got any ideas?
<Otohime> With the Golden Seed stolen... there is no way to travel to the
  Material World.
<Regina> I suppose that means we have to track Mishima down and somehow steal
  the Seed back.
<Leilei> Yeah, but we don't know where he buzzed off to.
<Otohime> I have determined his destination, in fact.
<Otohime> He has apparently fled to the Phantom World.
<Hideo> The Phantom World... you say?
<Klonoa> That's the world we live in.
<Klonoa> ...Hey, wait up!  That freaky dude went to our world?!
<Gantz> Shit, can't let that slide, can we?  Ain't no way that sucker gets to
  screw with our home.
<Kyouko> Looks like we've got to follow him at once.
<Xiaomu> Great, what a mess... no rest for the weary, huh?
<Xiaomu> You telling me I get to miss the hospitality?  No sipping sake with
  half-naked guys dancing everywhere?
<Felicia> Is _that_ this place's hospitality?!
<Felicia> ...
<Felicia> ...I like it!
<Reiji> We've got no time for indulging your... personal tastes.
<Reiji> We pursue at once.
<KOS-MOS> How will we dimension shift to the other world?  I am unaware of
  possessing such capabilities at the present time.
<Otohime> My power will suffice to send you to where the demon flew, at least
  as far as the Phantom World.
<Otohime> Please use this.
<Tarosuke> T-there it is!  The treasure box!
<Sakura> Ummm.... isn't this the thingie in the fable that makes you age?
<Karin> H-hey Kanzuki, you open it.
<Karin> ...Precisely what are you thinking, Sakura?
<Karin> First of all, how can we be expected to use this-...
<Otohime> A certain craft is sealed within this box.  Untying the ribbon will
  open the gate to the Phantom World.
<Reiji> How felicitous.
<Reiji> Okay, we'll use it.  We appreciate the help.
<Shion> U-umm... are you sure we should buy something that unscientific?!
<Nakamura> We've already seen gods, demons, and the Dragon Pavilion Castle...
  none of which are very scientific.
<Hiromi> Maybe it'd help to remember there are machines that can warp
  dimensions too...?
<M.O.M.O.> I-I'm not sure we have a choice...
<Masuyo> If it's the only option, may as well try it.
<Masuyo> Okay, let's get back to the surface and get ready.
<Tron> I guess we'll have to leave the Gezelschaft in the Lake of Blood if
  we're going to another world.
<Minion #17> Without a Deflector, I think we have to...
<Sylphie> ...
<Tron> But, we're in a hurry!
<Tron> To the surface.  Board the Valcon Gelade, everyone!
<Tarosuke> Well, Otohime, things didn't work out this time... but I promise
  I'll be back!
<Otohime> I look forward to it, Tarosuke.
<Kagekiyo> ...
<Tarosuke> Hey, Kagekiyo, we're headin' out.
<Kagekiyo> ...Otohime of the Dragon Pavilion.  I request the loan of a 
  certain item.
<Otohime> I have heard of your request.
<Otohime> Please take this.
<Kagekiyo> ...I shall.  I swear to return it... once my duty is fulfilled.
<Tarosuke> What's that?
<Kagekiyo> ...
<Kagekiyo> ...You need not concern yourself.  Let us hurry.
<Kagekiyo> (Only two of the Three Holy Vessels left...  though whether I may
  obtain the remaining two before confronting Them again...)

{Spirit World... Gezelschaft's Engine Room}

<Tron> Okay, we're back!  How's the engine room doing?
<Minion #22> No good at all... we've just got to have a Deflector...
<Tron> Hmm..... and just when we were going to move to another world...
<Sylphie> Always nice to see you...
<Tron> Whoa, Sylphie!?  Didn't you go back already?!
<Sylphie> By no means could I abandon a customer in need.
<Tron> ...Meaning you've got something you wanna sell us, huh?
<Sylphie> You could put it in those terms.  Please take a look at this.
<Tron> T-that's... a Deflector!
<Minion #23> A real big one!
<Minion #27> Tron!!  That'd fit perfectly!
<Sylphie> We happen to be having a major sale on these this very moment.
<Sylphie> Buy one... and surprise, you get a second one as a set!
<Tron> Just one'll be fine.
<Tron> ...So, how much is it?

{Five Minutes Later... Gezelschaft's Bridge}

<Minion #1> It's a message from Tron in the Engine Room!!
<Minion #6> She's confirmed that she can start the engines!!
<Bruce> Ooh, we're in luck.  Now we've got us a base of operations.
<Regina> But, how'd she pull that off so fast?
<Masuyo> I saw Sylphie wandering around the ship a while ago.
<Masuyo> ...I bet that's how.
<M.O.M.O.> So it seems to me.
<KOS-MOS> So it seems.
<Shion> Wow, the merchants have it rough too...
<Shion> ...Hey, wait a sec!  What's with those outfits?!
<M.O.M.O.> I just got it from miss Sylphie.
<KOS-MOS> She referred to them as a token of her acquaintance.
<Hiromi> (So she _did_ steal Momo and KOS-MOS...)
<Reiji> Quite a bit of variety in space merchants.  Just great.  Now, can 
  someone tell me if we can actually get this whole ship to the Phantom World?
<Tarosuke> We'll know when we open the box!
<Tarosuke> Here goes!  One!  Two!
<Fongling> Wait!  Right now?!
<Xiaomu> Wait up!  I ain't ready mentally yet!

{Phantom World... Joylant, Ghost Palace}

<Mitsurugi> Where the hell am I?  Don't tell me it's the Afterlife...
<Taki> You simpleton.  Stop uttering such ill omens.
<Taki> ...But it is true this is somewhere I've never seen.  And this
  sorcery... something is clearly wrong here.
<Mitsurugi> Lotsa stuff's wrong here.  One second I'm getting blinded by
  some light at the Upper Castle, next second I'm here.
<Mitsurugi> ...Sorcery or something?
<Taki> Possibly.  Recall the dead Genji and Heishi, and "Hiromi" and "Tron",
  and the riders of that steel horse.
<Taki> Perhaps this has something to do with their appearance.
<Mitsurugi> If so, I sure don't see 'em anywhere.... If they got caught in
  all that light, they oughtta be around here somewhere.
<Taki> ...I'll look outside.  I don't like that lighted, festival-like 
  thing I see.
<Mitsurugi> Whatever.  Not like you'n me're partners or nothin'.
<Mitsurugi> I'm goin' inside.
<Taki> ...Hmph, ignoramus.
<Taki> (...Not again, Mekkimaru...?)
<Taki> (The reason we were separated from Tarosuke's party and thrown
  here alone... could it be...)

{Meanwhile... Above Joylant}

<Tarosuke> M...man, what a surprise!!
<Xiaomu> You moron!  Who in their right mind would just open that thing?!
<King> What just happened?!
<Felicia> Man!  I was just having lunch in the mess hall!
<Tron> The whole engine room freaked out!
<Tron> Sylphie vanished somewhere along the line too!  What the heck's going
<Reiji> ...Tarosuke opened the box.
<Reiji> But, I don't think anything hap-...
<Jin> Hmm?  Hey, look out the window!
<Tron> #15!  Put it on screen!
<Minion #15> Yes ma'am!!
<Ken> W-what the?  Yo... is this some kinda joke?
<Sakura> So, that's an amusement park, right?  There's like, rollercoasters...
<Karin> ...That Otohime must have tricked us.  Surely this can't be some other
<Klonoa> Yahoo!  We're at Joylant!
<Reiji> Joy...?  You know this place?
<Klonoa> It means we're in the Phantom World... the world we lived in.
<Kagekiyo> Otohime's secret powers do not seem to be in vain.
<Gantz> Joylant?  ...Hey, maybe the Golden Knight's around here...
<Kurino> Hmm?  Do you mean... Gilgamesh?
<Gantz> Yeah.  After you guys bailed the ruins of the Tower of Druaga, we
  headed off to the Temple of the Heavens.
<Gantz> When we split up, he said he was goin' to Joylant.
<Xiaomu> So, who's this Golden Knight guy anyway?
<Morrigan> Gilgamesh, the Golden Knight... and the priestess of Ishtar, Kai.
<Morrigan> He's the knight who once defeated the demon Druaga.  Quite famous in
  the Phantom World.
<Chunli> I don't know who that is, but let's not change the subject.
<Chunli> What do we do when we land?  This place looks pretty big... I don't
  think a building-by-building search will work too well.
<Shion> Why don't we search for the spot with the highest energy signature?
<Demitri> Not bad.  If the Golden Seed was brought here, it should be the
  strongest magical source around.
<Tron> Let's go with that.  #16, turn on the sensors.
<Tron> Search for the spot with the biggest energy signature.  It doesn't have
  to be analyzable.
<Minion #16> Yes ma'am!
<Minion #16> I've got something!!
<Minion #16> There are two spots, each with its own type of signature.
<Minion #16> There's a big dimensional distortion near the roller coaster...
  And, a strong energy signature from that mansion-like building.
<Sabine> Is that energy signature thing the Golden Seed?
<M.O.M.O.> ...I don't think so.  I tried analyzing it... but it feels like
  a different type of energy than what we saw at the Dragon Pavilion.
<Leilei> Hanging out here won't solve anything.
<Leilei> Faster to try landing.
<Ryuu> You're right.  Nothing will happen until we act.
<KOS-MOS> In that case, I recommend dividing into two teams and searching.
<Shion> ...Take those off already.
<Reiji> The roller coaster and the mansion-like place...
<Reiji> Okay, let's split up and get moving.
<Reiji> The rendezvous point will be... in front of the roller coaster.  It's
  easy to spot.
<Xiaomu> Worst possible spot to meet someone for a date... but oh well, can't
  be helped.
<Tron> Okay, I'll set us down nearby.

{Phantom World... Joylant, Ghost Palace}

<Mitsurugi> Damn, just lookit all the enemy here.
<Mitsurugi> And what's with all that flashing crap outside?
<Velociraptor> ...
<Mitsurugi> Armed barbarians from the south, those damn skeletons again...
  and some kinda overgrown lizard.
<Mitsurugi> But hey, at least those look like good eating.
<Mitsurugi> Taki!  If you're back, get your ass out here!
<Taki> Hmph.  If only the rest of you was as sharp as your intuition.
<Taki> Well, I suppose I can praise that part of you at least.
<Mitsurugi> Screw the smalltalk.
<Mitsurugi> You find out anything?!
<Taki> It may be a trick of the Southerners, but outside is filled with lights,
  despite the night.
<Taki> And among the lights creep evil spirits... it seems there is nowhere to
<Taki> Nor did I see Tarosuke, Kagekiyo, or the others who strayed.
<Mitsurugi> Heh, screw the whole lot of 'em.
<Mitsurugi> What matters is, where the hell are we?
<Taki> Well, it's certain it's not our own country.
<Taki> ...By the way, Mitsurugi.  What did you mean, good eating?
<Mitsurugi> Just what I said.  Just fry those lizards up good an' I'm sure
  they taste great.
<Velociraptor> ...?!?
<Taki> Don't tell me you intend to... eat them?
<Mitsurugi> I _don't_ intend to die until I get my hands on the goddamn Soul
<Mitsurugi> I don't care if I gotta drink mud or eat fucking lizard meat, I
  _will_ live through this shit!  Period!
<Mitsurugi> ...And you don't get any.  Go catch one yourself if you want it.
<Taki> Of course I don't want any, you simpleton.
<Taki> (Hmph, given we don't know where we are... perhaps I have no choice?)
<Taki> (But...)
<Taki> (I knew it.  Mekkimaru has been wailing all this time...)
<Taki> *gasp* ?!  W-what is this, this sorcery?!
<Mitsurugi> ...!!
<Mitsurugi> Hey!  Lookit that!!
<Taki> That's...!  The Soul Edge?!
<Taki> How did... something in the Upper Castle end up here?!
<Taki> (Did Mekkimaru call it here?!  Or is it coincidence?)
<Mitsurugi> Who cares how it happened.
<Mitsurugi> ...The Soul Edge... is mine!
<Taki> Hmph.  I have no intention of letting you have it, but at least it seems
  we won't be eating lizard tonight.
<Taki> Not that I'll stop you if you insist on having some.
<Mitsurugi> Shut yer hole!

[after all the bad guys get to go once]

  <Reiji> You sure this is the place?
  <KOS-MOS> Yes.  This is the location of the special energy signature.
  <Mitsurugi> Hmm?!
  <Mitsurugi> Who the hell are you guys?!
  <Taki> Wait, Mitsurugi.  They don't appear to be any sort of evil spirit.
  <Taki> ...No, wait... what's this presence I sense...?
  <Tarosuke> Taki!  It's me!
  <Kagekiyo> ...
  <Taki> Tarosuke!?  And...
  <Mitsurugi> That stinking samurai Kagekiyo, huh?
  <Mitsurugi> Where the hell've you been?!
  <Tarosuke> Hey, _you_ were the ones who disappeared!
  <Berabou Man> These must be the companions you were separated from...
  <Berabou Man> A warrior and a... ninja?
  <Reiji> ...Looks like it.  Anyway, they're from the Warring States period.
    Let's try not to start any misunderstandings here.
  <Fongling> ...I'd doubt their sanity more if they just accepted our motley
    crew here.
  <Reiji> Well, let's try anyway.
  <Reiji> We aren't suspicious.  I'd like to talk to you in peace.
  <Mitsurugi> Huh?  Who the fuck are you?!
  <Taki> Southern barbarians, the dead, a moving marionette... and a girl with
    a talisman stuck to her face... I presume you're dead, and animated by the
    Mystic arts?
  <Taki> Even better, there's a fox apparition too.
  <Taki> Mind explaining how that's _not_ suspicious?
  <KOS-MOS> I believe she has a point.
  <Reiji> ...Okay, that failed.
  <Leilei> Hey, don't just admit defeat like that.
  <Leilei> Though, she _did_ get all that right just by looking at us.
    ...She's really on the ball.
  <Xiaomu> Yeah, all over the ball.  This ninja lady's pretty sharp.
  <Xiaomu> Thank god Demitri's not here.
  <Wonder Momo> Huh?
  <Wonder Momo> Um... because she's so sharp...?
  <Xiaomu> Nuh-uh.
  <Xiaomu> The guy doesn't hide his aura, acts like a royal jerk every 
    second... just imagine the argument.
  <Tarosuke> So like, maybe I'd better explain?
  <Tarosuke> Ummm...
  <Velociraptor> ...
  <Tarosuke> ...Hold up, what's up with that big-ass lizard over there?
  <Regina> (W...what'd he say?!)
  <Ken> What's the big deal, it's just some reptile, right?
  <Ken> ...Kinda lacks impact after all the weird monsters we've tangled with.
  <Hideo> Gracious, we finally added dinosaurs to our list of foes...
  <Kyouko> Given that these feel more "real", that makes them that much more
  <Bruce> I guess.
  <Regina> ...
  <Bruce> Hmm?  You in that boat too, Regina?
  <Regina> (The walls separating the different worlds, and the walls
    between past and future... the walls of time are essentially the same...)
  <Regina> (In which case, it can't be coincidence They're near the Soul Edge.)
  <Mitsurugi> You dudes sure hide in the shadows a lot for some bunch of
    unsuspicious folk.
  <Mitsurugi> What'd you milk toast bastards come here for?
  <Kagekiyo> ...Peculiar though they be, they have their uses.
  <Kagekiyo> Worry about obtaining the Soul Edge first.
  <Jin> So we're the peculiar bunch to this samurai now...?
  <Xiaomu> What's _not_ peculiar about fighting in the haunted house of some
    amusement park?
  <Xiaomu> I think I missed something.
  <Reiji> Bitch about it later.
  <Reiji> The Golden Seed got away from us... but that's the real Soul Edge
    this time.
  <Chunli> Yes, the Soul Edge... which, if I recall correctly, can return
    us to our own world, according to Emperor Enma.
  <Leilei> Well, let's go snag it then.
  <Reiji> We're taking the enemy down fast and grabbing the thing.
  <Taki> (So they're after the Soul Edge too?)
  <Taki> (...They may have to be eliminated too, depending...)

[get someone next to the Soul Edge]

  <KOS-MOS> Successfully confirm securing of the objective.
  <Reiji> Argh...?!  W-what the?!
  <Tarosuke> Whoa, what the?  What's all that light?
  <Mitsurugi> Shit, I seen that light before...!  Don't tell me that damn
    thing's gonna vanish again?!
  <Taki> (My skin is prickling... just like when we came here...?)
  <KOS-MOS> Immense energy is being radiated.
  <KOS-MOS> Dimensional distortion has begun to form in this area.
  <Reiji> I-it can't be...!

[zorch!  rumble!]

  <Cammy> ...
  <Chunli> That girl... she's a Shadowloo agent!
  <Chunli> What's she doing here...?!  And how?!
  <Wonder Momo> And... look at those monsters around her...!
  <Kagekiyo> ...They are akin to the ones Yoshitsune used.
  <Cammy> Wh-...where am I?
  <Cammy> Saya... this isn't what you promised.
  <Reiji> ...!
  <Xiaomu> ...That right, she is working with Shadowloo, isn't she?
  <Xiaomu> She's really little Miss Popularity!
  <Reiji> ...Damn.

[speaking of whom...]

  <Saya> Gee, looks like that sword drew us here.
  <Saya> So... _this_ must be the sorcery I sensed back at that castle.
  <Saya> Heh heh... I think I know what to do with that.
  <Berabou Man> ...Drawn by the sword?
  <Tarosuke> W-whoa!?
  <Tarosuke> Isn't anyone else happy to see her?  Anyone?
  <Leilei> Can it, Prince Pervert.
  <Leilei> Not again... I really didn't wanna see her.
  <Taki> I see... accompanying these new lizards we have another fox 
  <Taki> Apparently the katana and wakizashi are enemies.
  <Xiaomu> You fool, don't treat us like some matched set.
  <Reiji> I wondered why she didn't show up at the bottom of that lake...
  <Reiji> Looks like you've been playing with Shadowloo instead, right Saya?
  <Saya> Oh, the boy and his friends... Are you still here?
  <Saya> We seem to think a lot alike, don't we?
  <Reiji> ...Like hell.  My interests aren't that evil.
  <Cammy> ...We have no time for idle talk.
  <Cammy> We must secure this place and rendezvous with Yuuni and Yuuri.
  <Chunli> Hold on!
  <Chunli> Tell me what Shadowloo is doing... and where!
  <Chunli> And where did you all come from!?
  <Cammy> ...I am not obligated to tell the likes of you.
  <Saya> Sorry about this.  That was the deal.
  <Regina> ...Ibis Island... The Third Energy Lab.
  <Regina> You don't have to answer for me to know that much.
  <Cammy> ...!
  <Regina> But the Third Energy Reactor shouldn't be fully functional now.
  <Regina> That must be why you had to join forces with the Ouma, and
    whatever experiments they're running with the Genji...
  <Regina> ...That about sums it up I presume.
  <Cammy> You bitch... how do you know that much?
  <Fongling> I see... that explains the dinosaurs.
  <Fongling> But, where's your proof, Regina?
  <Regina> ...
  <Bruce> (So that's it.  Those disks from the Spencer Lane must have something
    to do with starting the Third Energy Reactor.)
  <Saya> Well, that's one knowledgeable little girl you've got there.  ...Oh
    well, no point in hiding it I guess.
  <Saya> These lizards are some endangered animals from the island.
  <Regina> Those're velociraptors... a creature that existed sixty five
    million years ago.
  <Regina> They're uninvited guests in our world, who wandered in during the
    Third Energy Explosion.
  <Hideo> Third Energy...?
  <Hideo> What is the meaning of this "third" energy?
  <Kyouko> And "Ibis Island"... those Bushin-Ryuu ninja mentioned something
    about that too.
  <Bruce> ...Fossil fuels, then thermonuclear, then the Third Energy.
  <Bruce> Polarizing ions in the atmosphere to generate energy... or something
    like that.
  <Bruce> The experiments were carried out on a remote island in the South
    Sea, Ibis Island... I hear there were loads of civilians involved, but
    it was the biggest secret the military had.
  <Ken> Well, that explains where all that energy came from.  Beating swords
    into plowshares, huh?
  <Ken> And on a national scale no less.
  <Regina> ...Very perceptive, champ.
  <Regina> Certain Japanese industrial elements were involved too... though
    that was strictly rumor.
  <Jin> (Japanese industry... she said...?)
  <Chunli> ...And Shadowloo got involved with that?!
  <Chunli> Then Shadowloo... Vega wants that power for his own?
  <Cammy> ...
  <Reiji> I suppose that's what you're after, Saya?
  <Reiji> What're you trying to do by artificially controlling the Quakes?
  <Saya> What I'm after... you should know that very well, boy.
  <Saya> My time's been frozen ever since ten years ago.
  <Xiaomu> ...
  <Xiaomu> (The Soul Edge must be the catalyst she was talking about.)
  <Xiaomu> (We can't let what happened then happen again...!)
  <Cammy> You bastards... cease that talking at once!
  <Saya> Oh, Cammy dear, you must excuse us.
  <Saya> ...Well then, enough chit-chat.
  <Saya> We'll be heading home with that sword, okay?
  <Reiji> ...The only thing I've had enough of is you.
  <Cammy> They must all be silenced.
  <Cammy> Schedule change: Shinra agent Arisu Reiji must be terminated.
  <Mitsurugi> You bitches came late to this party!  Quit it with all that
    nonsense bullshit!
  <Mitsurugi> The Soul Edge's mine!  Get in my way and your ass gets cut in
  <Taki> You simpleton.
  <Taki> But, I don't suppose letting this Shadowloo obtain it would be wise
  <Taki> ...Meaning we cut them down.
  <Taki> Heh, the same thing either way.

[pummelization ensues, but then...]

  <KOS-MOS> ...
  <KOS-MOS> A dimensional distortion similar to the previous one has begun in
    this area.
  <Chunli> Not again?!
  <Chunli> ...This is getting nowhere.  We've got to get the Soul Edge and
    get out of here...
  <Cammy> What is this... light?!
  <Saya> What incredible sorcery...!
  <Saya> Heh heh... I've gotta get me one of those...
  <Xiaomu> It's reacting to something...!
  <Kagekiyo> ...The sorcery it emits... is like before.
  <Kagekiyo> Is that sword... crying out?
  <Kagekiyo> ...No.  It is calling...!

[more suited goons show up]

  <Black Berabou> Hmm?  Where are we?
  <Berabou Man> !!
  <Hideo> I-it's Black Berabou...!  What is the meaning of this?!
  <Wonder Momo> Mister Berabou!  It's the man we fought back there...
  <Berabou Man> Yes.
  <Berabou Man> Tajima, do you insist on following me even to other worlds?!
  <Black Berabou> Nakamura?!  What the hell are you doing here?!  And what's
    that about some... other world?!
  <Black Berabou> Another world... I'd seen information about such things,
  <Black Berabou> Curse that Bakuda and that "Matter Transfer Device" of his.
    It's totally useless if you can't control where the matter goes...!
  <Kyouko> "Matter Transfer Device"...?
  <Kyouko> If that's what its name implies...
  <Berabou Man> ...Correct.
  <Berabou Man> It's the device Professor Bakuda used during the Shinda Fourth
    Ward incident.
  <Berabou Man> Simply put, it's a device that makes teleportation possible.
  <Bruce> Hold up, how's that possible?
  <Bruce> Come on now, I hadn't heard that that small island country had
    scientists that hot.
  <Fongling> That's not important.
  <Fongling> Berabou Man, can that device penetrate the dimensional wall?
  <Berabou Man> It shouldn't be able to.
  <Berabou Man> In addition... from the way Tajima is acting, I don't believe
    he was transported here deliberately...
  <Black Berabou> ...
  <Kagekiyo> ...That sword called them here.
  <Xiaomu> Teleportation to another world... it's got that much sorcery, huh?
  <Xiaomu> That's pretty wild...
  <Black Berabou> ...I'm beginning to understand what's going on here.  If we
    can master that mystery sword, we'll be able to move around more freely.
  <Saya> Now isn't that felicitous.  ...Right, boy?
  <Reiji> That's all the more reason not to let you have the sword.
  <Mitsurugi> A sword that can even cleave the walls of the world...!
  <Mitsurugi> Sweet!  Now I want it even more.
  <Tarosuke> Look, I said no!  We gotta give it back to granny Andaba!

[more new arrivals]

  <Jin> What!  Those're..!
  <Leilei> T-there's more of them?!
  <Leilei> ...Can't someone turn off the faucet already?
  <???> Ibis Island... this isn't what the data we input said, Black.
  <Black Berabou> So you rabble came here too?
  <Black Berabou> Let me say briefly that this isn't my responsibility.  ...It
    was an unforeseen incident, or perhaps your master's incompetence.
  <Regina> "Ibis Island"... they're going there too...?!
  <Berabou Man> ...
  <Ken> And now we get a ninja girl?  What next...
  <Ken> ...Oh, right, we got one too.
  <Taki> Barbarian of the South, I'll thank you not to lump me in with some
    girl I've never seen before.
  <Taki> (But, those twin swords... and her stance...)
  <???> ...Long time no see, Berabou Man.
  <Berabou Man> Yes it has.  I never expected to see you again...
  <Berabou Man> Wayahime...
  <Hideo> I've heard that name... which must mean this young lady is part of
    Bakuda's gang too.
  <???> ...
  <Chunli> Does that go for those huge silver guys too?
  <Chunli> ...Those things have got to be... robots, right?
  <Jin> ...Gunjacks?  No, maybe the prototype!
  <Wonder Momo> What?!  How come Jin knows about Berabou Man's enemies?!
  <Jin> Jack is... a combat robot made by Mishima Heavy Industries.
  <Jin> ...You said Ibis Island just now?
  <Jin> So the Japanese industry mixed up in the Third Energy... was the
    Mishima Conglomerate?!
  <P-Jack> ...
  <Regina> To think we'd catch them in the act in a place like this...
  <Regina> ...We've got to get back to our own world, fast.
  <Wayahime> Accessing data...... Kazama Jin.  Mishima Kazuya's son, huh?
  <Wayahime> Well then... don't make the mistake of assuming I'm like I was
    before, Berabou Man.
  <Wayahime> I'm going to make sure you get to enjoy the Musou Battou-Ryuu
    techniques I've been programmed with.
  <Wayahime> This time... _you_'ll lose.
  <Berabou Man> It won't matter how often you attack.  I cannot be beaten...
    back then, or now.
  <Taki> (Musou Battou-Ryuu...?  That marionette uses... my style...?!)
  <Wonder Momo> Wait a sec!  A-are you sure about this?!
  <Wonder Momo> Maybe she's just being controlled by someone, like Amazona...!
  <KOS-MOS> This person is not human.
  <KOS-MOS> Though her architecture differs from mine, I believe she too is a
    combat android.
  <Kyouko> What...?!
  <Berabou Man> ...She is.  She is... a robot I once destroyed.
  <Jin> Meaning we needn't hold back, correct?
  <Jin> I'll reduce any robot with ties to Mishima's son to scrap metal.
  <Wayahime> Just try it.  I wanna see just how good you are, Kazama Jin.
  <Xiaomu> Oh ho... this automatic lady's got a real way with words.
  <Xiaomu> I bet Shion'd get way depressed if she saw that. ...Right, KOS-MOS?
  <KOS-MOS> Why is that?  I do not understand.
  <Leilei> It's ultra-simple, but let's save it for later.
  <Leilei> ...The bad guys look more than ready to rumble.
  <Wayahime> It looks like there's more than Berabou Man's friends here...
    What about them, Black?
  <Wayahime> ...Should we just eliminate them all?
  <Black Berabou> ...Ignore them as long as they stay out of the way.
  <Black Berabou> Taking Nakamura and the others down comes first.
  <Cammy> ...Prioritize elimination of the Shinra forces over the Mishima 
  <Cammy> (Mishima's servants... I've heard nothing of them from Lord Vega.)
  <Saya> Heh heh... well isn't this interesting?
  <Saya> I think I just got reinforcements.  How handy.
  <Reiji> They're attacking?
  <Reiji> First Shadowloo and the Ouma, now the Mishima Conglomerate... this's
    getting rather messy.
  <Black Berabou> Come now, collisions between the schemes of multiple
    syndicates happen all the time.
  <Black Berabou> It's as routine as afternoon tea.
  <Berabou Man> Yes, and in general, nothing good comes of it.
  <Wayahime> Let's do it, Berabou Man!

[Beat down Cammy enough]

  <Cammy> If this was going to happen, we should have completely crushed
    them in front of Shinra headquarters.
  <Chunli> Say your prayers...!
  <Chunli> I've got a _lot_ to ask you about Shadowloo and Vega!
  <Cammy> ...Retreat is the only option.
  <Cammy> Otherwise, rendezvous with Yuuni and Yuuri will be delayed.
  <Chunli> Hey!  She ran off again!
  <Chunli> She's not getting away this time...!
  <Regina> Wait, Chunli.
  <Regina> ...It's clear where they're going.
  <Kyouko> Ibis Island... right?
  <Regina> Yes.  And to follow them... we need the Soul Edge as soon as
  <Chunli> ...Fine.
  <Chunli> (But how do those girls plan on returning to the real world,

[Saya gets beaten around a bit]

  <Saya> Ooh, as formidable as ever.
  <Saya> I'm just going to leave the Soul Edge, so hang on a sec, okay?
  <Tarosuke> Huh?  That's kinda... sudden.
  <Reiji> Running away again?
  <Mitsurugi> What, yer sayin' you can steal it whenever you want?!
  <Mitsurugi> You got a lotta guts sayin' that for a punk-ass spook!
  <Xiaomu> That's right!  Punk-ass spook!
  <Xiaomu> Hey, badmouth her some more!
  <Saya> It might be nice if my _fellow_ spooks took a bit more pride in their
  <Saya> Well, that's all for today.
  <Reiji> Damn it, what's going on?
  <Reiji> (I was certain she wanted the Soul Edge come hell or high water...
    why did she just leave so abruptly?)

[Waya gets crossed]

  <Black Berabou> Defeated, huh?  ...Waya, get out of here.
  <Black Berabou> Bakuda likes you.  I can't let you get trashed.
  <Wayahime> Gee, how kind.  But I'm not through yet.
  <Black Berabou> I just don't want to be held responsible.  Now go.
  <Wayahime> ...That's the trouble with salarymen.
  <Wayahime> But it's true we are short on data... it won't be this easy
    next time, Berabou Man.
  <Berabou Man> ...Likewise.  I won't be defeated.

[And, when Black Berabou gets wrecked...]

  <Black Berabou> Grr....!  Nakamura!  Since when did you gather all these
    new faces?!
  <Berabou Man> ...Call it coincidence.  Merely good luck.
  <Black Berabou> I'm pulling out.  ...Anyway, I've got to figure out how to
    get back to the real world.
  <Black Berabou> But you won't beat me next time, Nakamura...!
  <Berabou Man> Tajima...
  <Black Berabou> (But at this rate... with this power imbalance... I can't
    win this way...)

<Ken> Man, they really had me sweating there for a sec.
<Jin> ...At worst, we merely treaded water.
<Jin> Every last one of the enemy with information escaped.
<Leilei> Anyways, whoever's sending us these new enemies sure isn't getting
  tired yet.
<Fongling> Complaining won't solve anything.
<Fongling> We should do whatever we can.
<Xiaomu> Good advice.
<Xiaomu> ...I recommend, dinner.
<Wonder Momo> Err, I think something comes before that...
<Tarosuke> Right!  The Soul Edge!
<Taki> (I suppose... I should take it and vanish... right?)
<Taki> Hmm?!  Mekkimaru is...?!
<Hideo> W-what happened?!
<Kyouko> Aah!  Professor Hideo!  T-the Soul Edge is...!
<Mitsurugi> Holy shit!  It vanished again!!
<KOS-MOS> There was no increase in energy prior to the disappearance.
<KOS-MOS> I hypothesize that it is in an extremely unstable state.
<Kagekiyo> Indeed.  ...Its sorcery had been wavering for some time.
<Bruce> Try _telling_ us that next time!
<Reiji> Damn, Saya must've noticed before we did.
<Ken> ...No point in grabbing it if it's just gonna disappear out of your
<Ken> What a waste of time, huh?
<Regina> If that has something to do with the so-called "Transfer", it wasn't
   a waste.
<Regina> Whether we like it or not, we're going to have to Dimension Transfer
<Berabou Man> You have a point.  Both the Bakuda and the Shadowloo will try
  to return to our world.
<Berabou Man> For now, let us return to the Gezelschaft.


{Joylant... In Front of the Roller Coaster}

<Sakura> This is the roller coaster we saw from the battleship, right?
<Sakura> Ooookay then, I get to ride up front!
<Klonoa> Hey!  I wanted to be in front!
<Minion #1> I wonder if they have a height limit...
<Sabine> ...Just what did you guys come here for, anyway?
<Minion #17> Shion and the others will be here any moment.
<Karin> This is only a rendezvous point... we didn't come here to enjoy
<Gantz> Damn straight.
<Gantz> Or do you want me to ride the rail?  At full throttle?
<Sabine> We're not here for that either.
<Tron> That said... we really haven't found any real information yet.
<Tron> And this _is_ a roller coaster in another world... maybe it's got some
  ultra-super technology in it...!
<Morrigan> Sigh.  Cool it, children.
<Morrigan> How about you, Kurino?  Would you like to play too?
<Kurino> With Phantom Beasts right in front of us?  I don't think so.
<Kurino> ...Besides, something doesn't feel right.  We'd better hurry this
  rendezvous up.
<Morrigan> Excellent judgment.
<Morrigan> (Besides, I keep sensing some sort of strong magic from time to
  time... that must be what Kurino was talking about.)
<Morrigan> (Is... "something"... nearby...?)

[pulverize the first batch of villains]

  <Klonoa> Yahoo! Piece of CAKE!
  <Klonoa> See, now we got lots of time till everyone else comes.
  <Sakura> You're right!  Let's hurry!
  <Karin> Sakura?
  <Karin> ...We're in a completely different world, with a roller coaster and
    a haunted house.  Could I trouble you to be a bit more cautious?
  <Sakura> ...
  <Sakura> I got it!  I'll be cautious, so why don't you ride with me?
  <Sabine> She don't got it.
  <Kurino> Sakura, I think there's still something around here.
  <Kurino> Could you be patient a bit, at least until everyone else arri-...
  <Tron> Huh?!  Hey, everyone be quiet a moment!
  <Tron> An energy signature...?!  What on earth?  It says that the air around
    here is ionized...!

[ionized, you say?]

  <Gantz> What the hell?!  Who the fuck're they?!
  <Minion #28> T-there's so many of them!!
  <Yuuni> ...Accessing data.  No match with destination "Ibis Island".
  <Yuuni> Transfer experiment judged a failure.
  <Yuuri> Problem: Cammy, lost.
  <Morrigan> Well well, some adorable little girls.
  <Morrigan> ...From the Material World, I take it?
  <Sakura> Aah!~  It's those special forces chicks!
  <Klonoa> T-the enemy?
  <Karin> They're special agents of Vega... leader of the Secret Shadowloo
  <Karin> I would never have expected them to follow us to another world.
  <Sakura> Hey, Kanzuki, didn't that one girl just say something about "not
    the destination"?
  <Sakura> Ibis Island or something...?
  <Karin> She did indeed.  Ibis Island...
  <Karin> ...That was where those armored Bushin-Ryuu men headed, if memory
  <Yuuri> Target confirmed: Kanzuki Karin.
  <Yuuni> ...Unable to analyze targets besides Kanzuki Karin and one other due
    to insufficient data.
  <Yuuni> Commencing sampling.
  <Gantz> Damn, lookit their eyes.
  <Morrigan> They look like... their hearts are no longer here.  Are they under
    some sort of spell?
  <Sabine> They remind me of Kurino when Zouna cast a spell on him and made him
    attack back when.
  <Kurino> ...T-that was all in the past, Sabine.
  <Kurino> But, if they were able to come straight here from the Material
    World, the dimensional wall must be about to crumble.
  <Tron> ...Maybe the Material World isn't the only one in trouble.
  <Minion #1> Tron...?
  <Tron> (There isn't enough data... but that getup those girls are wearing...
    are they from that syndicate "Captain Commando" destroyed?)
  <Tron> (And they've got Rebirds with them too...)
  <Yuuni> Commencing combat.
  <Yuuri> Acknowledged: commencing class one combat readiness.

[Yuuni fights with you]

  <Yuuni> Enemy combat ability exceeds projections.
  <Yuuni> Confirm the need for resampling.
  <Yuuri> Suggestion: concur.
  <Yuuri> ...Emergency: heat source approaching.
  <Minion #28> T-Troooon!!  An unknown person is headed this way!!
  <Tron> What?! Enemy reinforcements?!
  <???> ...
  <Klonoa> A-another woman?!
  <Kurino> ...What...
  <Kurino> I...it can't be!  You were...?!
  <Sabine> Kurino, she... looks like Valkyrie, doesn't she?!
  <Kurino> ...
  <Morrigan> The goddess of death and destruction.  She is the diametric
    opposite of Valkyrie... correct?
  <Sakura> G-goddess?!  Death and destruction?
  <Sakura> What do you mean, "diametric opposite"...  What's someone like
    that doing here?!
  <Kurino> The Golden Seed incident...
  <Kurino> Lady Valkyrie defeated you and sealed you in the Abyss of Time
  <Kurino> The black, Fallen Knight... Black Valkyrie!
  <Tron> Did you say... Golden Seed?!
  <Sabine> Black... Valkyrie?!  Yo, Kurino!
  <Black Valkyrie> ...Bothersome male, still clinging to the Maiden Knight's
  <Black Valkyrie> Open your foul mouth again and...
  <???> That's enough.... black Maiden Knight!
  <Kurino> ...!
  <Black Valkyrie> So, you followed me.  ...Not bad, for a broken-down old
  <Black Valkyrie> Gilgamesh... the Golden Knight.

[chapter title!!  woo...]

  <Gil> That's what these jet boots are for.
  <Karin> What amazing Western-style armor...
  <Karin> Is he the man in your story?
  <Klonoa> Yeah, that's the Golden Knight!
  <Gantz> Yo, Gilgamesh, looks like you're in luck.
  <Gil> It certainly does.  I knew a battle was going on, but I never expected
    it to be you all.
  <Morrigan> Heh heh... pleased to meet you.
  <Morrigan> Even the Infernal World has heard tales of you two.
  <Kai> ...The strong magic I sensed... it must have been you, Morrigan
  <Sakura> Those are Gil and Kai...
  <Sakura> ...What a mess this turned into.
  <Sakura> Too bad Mister Berabou and Momo aren't here.
  <Karin> ...This isn't a hero show.

[and if that wasn't enough...]

  <Ryuu> What are all these enemies doing at the rendezvous point?!
  <Ryuu> Is everyone okay?!
  <Sakura> Oh, Mister Ryuu!
  <Kurino> What great timing!
  <Sabine> Let's save the explanations for later, and mop this up now.
  <Yuuni> Accessing data... with some omissions, they are positively identified
    as those we fought in Roppongi, Tokyo.
  <Yuuri> I.D.: enemy reinforcements.
  <Ryuu> Those girls... Shadowloo?!
  <Ryuu> They came here from the real world too?!  How?!
  <Karin> We don't know how.
  <Karin> But they really were on their way to Ibis Island it seems.
  <King> Ibis Island...?
  <King> The island where the Third Energy research facility is?
  <Black Valkyrie> ...Friends of Kurino, are you?
  <Black Valkyrie> Heh... quite talkative for people fighting for your lives.
    Confident, aren't we?
  <Hiromi> There's someone... up there?
  <Hiromi> Hey, who're you?!
  <Demitri> I've felt that aura before.
  <Demitri> And that outfit... hey, Morrigan!
  <Morrigan> That's Black Valkyrie.
  <Morrigan> A seeker of harmony through chaos, the Maiden Knight's shadow.
  <Shion> Valkyrie...?
  <Shion> Wasn't Valkyrie the person Kurino's been looking for...?!
  <Kurino> ...
  <Kai> No, I will tell you for the sake of her honor that this is someone
  <Gil> ...Unfortunately, I can't say they're completely unconnected...
  <Hiromi> Oh, reall-...
  <Hiromi> Wait, that shiny gold!
  <Ryuu> European armor from the Middle Ages?
  <Ryuu> ...He doesn't look like a bad man, but...
  <Shion> Golden armor...!  Who is he?
  <Klonoa> That's the Golden Knight... Gilgamesh!
  <Klonoa> The person with him is Lolo's upperclassman, Kai.
  <Demitri> The Golden Knight, who once toppled the Tower of Druaga...
  <Demitri> Hmph, I look forward to seeing just how powerful you are.
  <Gantz> Okay, I just lost track of who's the bad guy here.
  <Gantz> Anyways, let's take down all these extras first, 'kay?
  <Black Valkyrie> You needn't worry.
  <Black Valkyrie> I have no business with you.  Play to your hearts' content.
  <Gil> You may have no business with them, but you do with me.
  <Gil> The Eye of God... I'm taking it back.
  <Black Valkyrie> ...
  <Sabine> Wait up, did he say "Eye of God"?!
  <Klonoa> Huh?  What's this Eye of God thingie?
  <Gantz> So, they say there was this big-ass war about a thousand years ago.
  <Gantz> Wasn't that thing used back then?
  <Sakura> A thousand years ago... was there such a war back then?
  <Kurino> He's talking about our world.
  <Kurino> ...The legends speak of a weapon powerful enough to tear the 
     continents asunder...  The Eye of God was needed to make that weapon work.
  <Kai> Correct.  An object too awesome for not just human, but any hands.
  <Kai> Something that should be sealed away for eternity.
  <Shion> That sounds like.... some type of Generator.
  <Shion> Are you saying that woman has it?
  <Masuyo> It doesn't matter what this Eye of God thing really is, nor who
    has it now.
  <Masuyo> What matters is whether it's got anything to do with us.
  <Tron> I don't think.... it's _not_ got anything to do with us.
  <King> Huh?  Why?
  <Felicia> What we're looking for are the Golden Seed and the Soul Edge,
    right?  What's the connection?
  <Felicia> There isn't one, is the-...
  <Karin> Hey!  Wait a moment, Felicia!
  <Black Valkyrie> The Golden Seed...?!
  <Black Valkyrie> Don't tell me... that has once again been...?!
  <Tron> I-I think... she knows about it...
  <Black Valkyrie> ...Heh... heh heh heh heh....
  <Morrigan> ...This woman was deeply involved in the whole Golden Seed mess.
  <Morrigan> Nice job, Felicia.
  <Felicia> H-hey, I just got here, okay?  You can't expect me to know every
    little thing!
  <Ryuu> If she knows about the Soul Edge, i don't see how we can avoid
    fighting her.
  <Black Valkyrie> You cannot.  The Golden Seed... and the evil sword Soul
    Edge... You just lost your right to walk out of here.
  <Demitri> Hmph, I care not.
  <Demitri> I already told you... I could not ask for a better opponent than
    the Maiden Knight's shadow.
  <Tron> Oh brother... we just signed up for more trouble...
  <Minion #17> This is terrible...
  <Felicia> A-ahem!
  <Felicia> I don't know what's going on around here, but that's not the 
    Valkyrie we're looking for, right?
  <Felicia> So if she's like Black Berabou, she's the enemy!  Right!
  <M.O.M.O.> W-what a simplification...
  <Yuuni> Judging from circumstances, no countermeasures needed against the
    figure in black.
  <Yuuni> Prioritize destruction of Kanzuki Karin and all other targets
    connected to Shinra.
  <Yuuri> Acknowledge: present mission top priority.
  <King> So we gotta fight the Shadowloo too?
  <Black Valkyrie> Heh heh... so many enemies you have.
  <Black Valkyrie> Ha!!
  <Kai> Gil!
  <Gil> Yeah, we can't let her get away...!
  <Black Valkyrie> Golden Knight, I shall grant your wish to fight me.
  <Black Valkyrie> After all has been laid waste... I shall inquire after the
    Golden Seed.
  <Gil> Then tell me why you stole the Eye of God...!
  <Kai> Black, Fallen Knight... you talk as though the theft of the Eye of
    God and the Golden Seed are connected.
  <Kurino> ...Do you know anything about Lady Valkyrie?
  <Kurino> ...I don't think she's... unconnected to you.
  <Black Valkyrie> Valkyrie, you said?
  <Black Valkyrie> ...
  <Black Valkyrie> Even if I knew, I have no reason to tell you.
  <Black Valkyrie> Let the darkness of chaos plunge you to its depths.

[the fallen knight receives an ass-whupping]

  <Black Valkyrie> Your prowess is impressive.
  <Black Valkyrie> Perhaps only natural, given that Kurino and the heads of
    the Maximoff and Aensland clans are gathered together.
  <Gil> You've got that right.  Their daily deeds have been righteous, it would
  <Sabine> Now you're talking.
  <M.O.M.O.> Ah!  Someone's approaching!
  <M.O.M.O.> According to the data... it's the squadron from the Tower of
  <Hiromi> What?  The squadron from where?
  <Gil> Druaga...!

[the enemies assault!]

  <Black Valkyrie> (Druaga's men...?  Apparently I wasn't the only one to
    escape from the Abyss of Time.)
  <Black Valkyrie> (Which means... Zouna too...?)
  <Kai> Slimes... and mages?!
  <Kai> Why is Druaga sending his armies here...?!
  <Felicia> Oh no!  Our deeds suck after all!
  <Gil> ...No, I wouldn't say that.
  <Gil> I have information about these guys.
  <Gil> Isn't that right, mister clown?
  <Joker> O ho ho ho, as sharp as always.
  <Joker> It has been some time, Golden Knight, and Kai, priestess of the
    goddess Ishtar.
  <Joker> Oh, and there's Kurino the Hero, plus the usual band of hangers-on.
  <Kai> My, how polite.
  <Klonoa> Who cares if he's polite.  He's still the enemy!
  <Klonoa> And quit callin' us all hangers-on!
  <Kurino> Why have you come?
  <Joker> An interesting question... o ho ho.
  <Masuyo> W-what's that big round thing?
  <Masuyo> And...
  <Janga> Cut the bullshit greetings, man.
  <Janga> ...Just kill their ass already so we can look for the damn Soul Edge.
  <Sakura> It's that foul-tempered cat!
  <Sakura> ...I thought we wouldn't see you again...
  <Ryuu> That monster... do you know him?
  <Karin> Not only do we know him, we can this close to being abducted by him
    not that long ago.
  <Gantz> Janga, you fuck!  You got some nerve dragging that ugly mug in here!
  <Janga> Whoa, man.  I'm busy today.
  <Janga> I ain't got time to play with you guys.
  <Gantz> You may not, but I got plenty!  Now get your ass down here!! 
  <Gil> ...Did you just say "Soul Edge"?
  <King> ...So this place is mixed up in it too?
  <King> I suppose that thread isn't that easy to sever.
  <Joker> Oh dear me... you all are here too?
  <Joker> ...How inconvenient.  Which means... we can't let you leave here,
    I'm afraid.
  <Joker> (Besides, those sacrifice girls are here too...)
  <Tron> I-I think I've heard that line before...
  <Tron> And not that long ago either.
  <Janga> Hee hee hee... battle's all about wiping out your opponent.
  <Janga> Guess what, I just got time to play with you shitty brats!
  <Gantz> Ain't that swell.
  <Gantz> ...Too bad play's not enough for me, Janga.
  <Black Valkyrie> What a commotion you comedians make...
  <Morrigan> Oh, I would have thought that makes it more interesting.  These
    little ones are never boring, I assure you.
  <Demitri> Hmph, expecting anything from this lot is insane.
  <Shion> (We get badmouthed no matter who wins the argument...)
  <Black Valkyrie> But... depending on your viewpoint, they may have their
  <Black Valkyrie> They should make a decent stumbling block at least.
  <Gil> What...?
  <Kai> Don't tell me you-!
  <Gil> Damn!
  <Kai> Wait a moment!  Give back the Eye of God!  That is...
  <Joker> Eye of God?
  <Joker> Did you just say "Eye of God"?!
  <Kai> Oh...
  <Sabine> Maybe it'd be better if you keep your mouth shut from now on,
  <Masuyo> Yes, every time seems to lead to another battle...
  <Masuyo> We don't know a darn thing, and keep getting mixed up further and
    further anyway.
  <Joker> O ho... the Eye of God... indeed.
  <Joker> (There is that, but... was that the Maiden Knight?  It didn't feel
    like her at all.  And she was black.)
  <Joker> (Hmm... I must report this to Lord Druaga, and investigate.)

[Yuuri receives a spanking]

  <Yuuri> Damage: considerable.
  <Yuuri> Commencing: investigation mode.
  <Hiromi> What... is wrong with those girls...?
  <Tron> Well... they don't seem to be robots.
  <Tron> But they don't seem to be acting under their own will either.
  <Masuyo> Man, don't creep me out, okay?
  <Minion #17> I agree...
  <Shion> I have to say... my kids are a lot more human-like than them.

[Yuuni gets beaten down]

  <Yuuni> Considerable damage.  Judge continued combat to be difficult.
  <Yuuni> Withdraw from the area, and prioritize damage recovery while 
    carrying out mission to seek Cammy.
  <Karin> Wait!  Hold it right there!
  <Ryuu> ...For all that they can't beat us, they certainly are fast.
  <Morrigan> They appeared to be searching for someone.
  <Morrigan> Cammy, or whoever.
  <M.O.M.O.> I can't find that keyword in my database.
  <M.O.M.O.> But, wasn't there someone else dressed like them when we fought
  <King> That blonde girl... from when we fought the robots?
  <King> ...I see.  It seems pretty likely.

[Janga gets a smacking]

  <Gantz> Janga!  This's a shitty place to get buried, but it's the last
    thing yer ever gonna see!
  <Janga> Hey man, I was just havin' a little fun after all that travel, see?
  <Janga> Quit takin' stuff so serious, dumbass.
  <Hiromi> Gee, this guy is really ticking me off...
  <Kurino> You mustn't let him provoke you.
  <Kurino> We've got to defeat him here, or else-!
  <Masuyo> I don't think he said that to provoke us.  He's just being honest.
    I think.
  <Masuyo> ...I don't have anything against you directly, but indirect'll do
    just fine!
  <Janga> Shut it, woman.
  <Janga> ...This sucks.  I am officially sick of this shit!
  <Gantz> Don't try to weasel outta this an' run, Janga!
  <Gantz> Hee hee hee... whine all you want, son!
  <Minion #1> Gantz...
  <Klonoa> Don't sweat it.  We'll get him sooner or later.
  <Gantz> ...
  <Gantz> (That bitch sure ran off in a hurry... that mean the Eye of God's
    that important?)
  <Gantz> (Shit... what the hell's he up to?)

[and last but not least...]

  <Joker> Goodness, what stout people you are!
  <Joker> I don't see one of the sacrifice girls, so I suppose I win if I
    run away.
  <Demitri> A prudent decision.  Never show yourself before me again.
  <Felicia> Hey, let's take him down now!
  <Felicia> I'm getting sick of having to fight him over and over again!
  <Joker> O ho ho ho, that _is_ my creed after all.
  <Sakura> However often you come, you're never taking us with you!
  <Sakura> Never come again!
  <Joker> Oh no, the more you hate me, the more I want to get my hands on you.
    That's how all men are.
  <Shion> W-what a creep...
  <Sabine> You have one hell of an attitude problem.  Did you know that?
  <Joker> Ho ho, I hear that a lot.
  <Joker> Well then, ADIOOOOS!
  <Klonoa> That clown!
  <Klonoa> He got away again!
  <Kai> Gil, are you sure about this?
  <Kai> ...That thing's magic is very strong.
  <Gil> We can't worry about that for now, Kai.
  <Gil> One shouldn't fight that kind of cryptic opponent when there's much
    chaos around.

<Gil> Is that... all?
<Gil> I can't sense any more enemies...
<M.O.M.O.> It's okay.  All enemy and energy signatures are gone from the
<Ryuu> In other words, that clown and the black knight got completely away from
<Gantz> ...That fucker Janga too.  Shit.
<Sakura> There's no rush, Gantz.
<Sakura> He'll be back here after me and Momo, Druaga's sacrifices.
<Sakura> In no time flat!
<Karin> Sakura... are you certain you understand your circumstances?
<Gil> (Druaga's... sacrifices?)
<Kai> Gil, shouldn't we thank everyone first?
<Gil> Yeah, you're right.
<Gil> ...I appreciate it.  Thanks for saving us.
<Morrigan> My, what a handsome face.  You'd be much more popular without your
  helmet, Golden Knight, Gilgamesh.
<Demitri> Hmph, to think you can't fight worth a damn without girding your
   body with such trinkets.
<Felicia> Look, I said not to pick a fight with him.
<Felicia> Appearances don't matter to me anyway.  Strong is strong.
<Sabine> I might suggest you try some additional gear too.
<King> What will you two do now?
<King> We're seeking the Golden Fruit and the Soul Edge...
<Klonoa> Gil, Kai, how about fighting with us?!
<Kai> What? ...B-but...
<Kurino> I think that's a good idea too.
<Kurino> I'm pretty worried about the Eye of God, but we've got to figure out
  how to fight the enemy before they get any stronger.
<Gil> ...I understand.  Hero Kurino, I guess we'll be with you for awhile.
<Gil> Besides, if Druaga is after these girls here... I can't exactly say I'm
   not involved.
<Tron> We've got more friends!!
<Masuyo> Okay, we got the picture!
<Masuyo> Let's meet up with Reiji and the others.  We can do introductions
<Shion> I-isn't that a bit abrupt, Masuyo?
<Tron> Well, every time a new gibberish keyword comes up, we get more enemies
<Tron> I don't blame her for being a bit tired.
<Masuyo> I wonder if we've seen the last of the Octies and Gangans?
<Masuyo> 'Cause I know _aaall_ about those guys.
<Hiromi> Masuyo... Octies and Gangans could make life pretty tough, you 
<Tron> (But, I think those first bad guys were "Criminal Supermen"... I'd
  better get back to the Gezelschaft and check...)

{Phantom World... Joylant Amusement Park}

<Xiaomu> Oh, there they are.  ...Looks like everyone's okay.
<Reiji> ...I'm sorry.  We found the Soul Edge... but couldn't get our hands
  on it.
<Tarosuke> At least we found my missing bro and sis Mitsurugi and Taki.
<Kurino> Well, thank goodness everyone's okay.  Too bad about the Soul Edge.
<Sabine> Now we've got everyone together.
<Sabine> ...So, Gilgamesh.  Wanna continue?
<Gil> Right.  This Joylant amusement park has several powers gathered within
<Kai> Not just gathered... it would be more accurate to say that they have
  been drawn together.
<Taki> Powers gathered together...?  Is that why the Soul Edge is here?
<Taki> (Does that explain why Mitsurugi and I were the only ones thrown here?)
<KOS-MOS> Perhaps due to their influence, space in this vicinity is not stable.
<Karin> Are you saying the Shadowloo came here because space is unstable as
<Ryuu> Perhaps... this is what Gouki was talking about about being able to
  cross dimensions using only "the power the world of man has gained".
<Regina> And it's clear that the location for those experiments is Ibis Island.
<Bruce> Since they came from our world to here... does that mean we could
  get back too?
<Morrigan> Crossing the dimensional wall means locating a crack in it.
  ...Which requires plenty of power.
<Kagekiyo> Power comparable to Otohime's sorcery, is it?
<Jin> ...The Golden Seed has that much power, but Mishima Kazuya stole it.
  And the Soul Edge has eluded us...
<Chunli> ...We know where Shadowloo is, and we can't do a thing about it...!
<Gil> I wouldn't give up yet.  Some friends of mine off on a separate mission
  may find something useful to us.
<Klonoa> Huh?  What friends?
<Gantz> Hey, you talkin' about those other folks at the ruins of the Tower?
<Kai> Yes.  And... one other trusty fighter we met along the way.

{Meanwhile... Joylant Amusement Park, Central Plaza}

<Arthur> Hmm... If my intuition's right, something's fishy about this place,
<Stan> Arthur!  Please wait!
<Rutee> Geez!  Quit barging on ahead!
<Arthur> Ah, begging your pardon.  Something bothers me about this place.
<Stan> I wouldn't expect anything to be in a central plaza like this, but...
<Rutee> We're wasting time.  Look, why don't we just join the Golden Knight?
<Rutee> Didn't he say he was heading for the roller coaster?
<Arthur> ...No help for it.  Shall we?
<Atwight> Rutee!  Rutee!
<Rutee> Huh?  Atwight... hey, what's wrong?
<Dimlos> We're in trouble, Stan!  Get out of here!
<Stan> Dimlos...?
<Arthur> What's wrong, you two?
<Arthur> Hmm?!
<Arthur> What's this ghastly... evil power?!
<Stan> Arthur!  Look above that building right in front of you!!
<Arthur> What...?!
<Rutee> A-a sword...?
<Rutee> ...Hey, isn't that the...?!
<Arthur> The evil sword, Soul Edge...!  I knew something was here... but
<Arthur> Run away from here!  No telling what will happen!
<Rutee> Hey hey!  What's the deal?!

{Meanwhile... Joylant Amusement Park}

<Mitsurugi> Whoa, what the?!
<Taki> Mekkimaru's crying?!  Could this be...!!
<Kagekiyo> This oppressive sorcery...!  Oh no...!

{Infernal Realm... Emperor Enma's Chambers}

<Emperor Enma> ...
<Emperor Enma> It seems another large Quake happened in one of the Worlds.
  What do you think, Andaba?
<Andaba> Let's see... What will be will be.  Hee hee hee...
<Emperor Enma> Your usual answer, is it?
<Emperor Enma> That won't avail us this time.
<Emperor Enma> ...Is that not why you journeyed all this way?
<Andaba> As you say... Hee hee hee...
<Emperor Enma> ...Is it about the Heike warrior?
<Andaba> You needn't worry about Kagekiyo.  He fights for aught but the grudge
  of the Heike.
<Andaba> The problem is... those unlike him, who escaped across the River Styx.
<Emperor Enma> What...?!  Are you serious?
<Andaba> The distortions in the "wall" separating the worlds... are growing
  stronger by the day.  Strong enough to threaten the Golden Pond, in fact.
<Emperor Enma> Are you saying the dead will spill out of this Infernal Realm?
<Emperor Enma> Hmmmm... should that happen, matters will be far worse than
  that chaos Belial of the Aensland clan caused.
<Andaba> Should all the dead return to life, I myself will be out of a job.
<Andaba> ...Only strong souls are able to return.
<Andaba> Hatred... rage... sadness, love... these excessive feelings are what
  draw them back.
<Andaba> As they say, terrifying are the deeds of man.  Hee hee hee...
<Emperor Enma> This is no laughing matter, Andaba.
<Emperor Enma> There is the evil sword Soul Edge, as well as the theft of the
  Golden Seed from the Dragon Pavilion.  What will become of them I wonder?
<Andaba> Our task is to return the walls separating the worlds to their
  proper state.
<Andaba> Let us leave the small details to the young people.  Hee hee hee...


<Xiaomu> Ouch, owwww..... not this pattern again.
<Xiaomu> ...Wait up, where are we?!
<Reiji> What the?  Jungle...?!
<Reiji> Right, is everyone okay?
<Hideo> We've already checked.  Everyone who was present back there is fine.
<Hideo> ...That said, we seem to have added somebody.
<Sakura> Leave it to a teacher to check attendance so quickly...
<Sakura> Hey, we added somebody?
<Zuhl> Heh heh... that would be me.
<Sabine> Zuhl?!  What're you doing here?!
<Zuhl> ...That is a very good question... I was expecting everyone back, so
  I was making ready to leave the ship, when...
<Klonoa> So you got caught up in that light too?
<Zuhl> Indeed I did.  What a catastrophe...
<Felicia> Well, it's great everyone including Zuhl's okay... but this place
  is _really_ hot and humid.
<Regina> ...
<Nakamura> This isn't so much a forest as a... jungle.
<Momo> I wonder how this happened.
<M.O.M.O.> Um... about that light, I've got some data...
<Tron> Data?  ...What kind of data?
<M.O.M.O.> ...That energy signature matched that from the Soul Edge we
<Mitsurugi> The Soul Edge?!  You mean it's somewhere around here...?!
<Demitri> If so, that would explain how we ended up here.
<Masuyo> Yes.  With the spatial instability there, and all that energy...
<Masuyo> It seems we've Dimensional Transferred.
<Leilei> So?  What world is this?
<Regina> ...We're back.
<Hiromi> Do you know where we are?  What do you mean we're... back?
<Regina> This is Ibis Island.  Meaning we're in our world.
<Kurino> You mean this is the Material World?!
<Fongling> Are you sure, Regina?!
<Regina> This scenery, and this air... there's no way I could forget.
<Xiaomu> That means we hit the jackpot!  Back at last.
<Reiji> This isn't the time for mirth, Xiaomu.  We can't just disband here.
<Chunli> Right!  If this is Ibis Island, this is the home base of the the
  Secret Shadowloo Society...  There's no telling what they're up to.
<Ryuu> We can't let the Shadowloo be.  ...I guess that means we've gotta
  search this place.
<Ken> And, depending on what we find, we kick their ass... Heh, sounds good
  to me.
<Kyouko> Speaking of Ibis Island... isn't this where those two who helped
  us at the school gates were headed?
<Karin> That's correct.  The two Bushin-Ryuu ninja... were they after the
<Sabine> So, I know this is the Material World, and I understand what you're
  trying to do, but... where are we headed?
<King> ...Hmm.  From what I can see, this is very dense jungle.  Just
  finding some clear space will be tough.
<Regina> It's probably best if we head for the Third Energy facility... but
  since I don't know where we are, I don't know how to get there from here...
<Bruce> Well, we probably oughtta move somewhere.  We won't learn anything
  standing here.
<Xiaomu> Maybe there's some kinda landmark or something...?
<M.O.M.O.> Umm... well, there is an energy signature, but...
<Shion> What?!  Do you mean there's some kind of facility nearby?
<KOS-MOS> Perhaps "facility" is the wrong word.
<KOS-MOS> The signature matches... the cruiser Volklinde.
<Shion> The Volklinde... you mean the cruiser we were on?!
<Shion> Where is it?!
<KOS-MOS> From our current position, it is three linear kilometers away.


{Material World... Ibis Island, A.G.W.S. Hangar, Cruiser Volklinde}

<Masuyo> And here I was worried how we were gonna get aboard this thing... 
  emergency hatch into the hangar, huh?
<Shion> I've been aboard one of these before, so I know how they're laid out.
<Hiromi> But what's a Vector cruiser doing here?
<Tron> Have you forgotten the Gezelschaft?  It may be small, but it's still
  a perfectly good battleship too.
<Tarosuke> Heck, even the Dragon Pavilion Castle got tossed from the Infernal
  World to the Spirit World.
<Reiji> So there's precedent.  No point in worrying about it now.
<Reiji> The question is... what next?
<Regina> If Shadowloo's after the Third Energy, we don't need to hang around
  here too long.
<Morrigan> ...
<Morrigan> Sorry, would you mind if I did hang around?
<Morrigan> ...I'd like to take a look around inside.
<Leilei> What's up?  Is there... something in there?
<Morrigan> You might say that.
<Morrigan> (...I feel a strange power within... but what?  It's somehow
<M.O.M.O.> I detect several faint energy sources from inside the ship.
<M.O.M.O.> I can't analyze them all, but at least one is human.
<Jin> I thought the ship was empty... you're saying someone's inside?
<Ken> ...That deserves investigating.
<Fongling> It might even be Shadowloo.
<Demitri> ...
<Demitri> I recognize that presence I feel.
<Demitri> Is it the Maiden Knight... Valkyrie?
<Kurino> S-say what?!  Lady Valkyrie's in the... Material World?!
<Zuhl> Oh ho... it's been a long time.
<Kai> R-really?  She's... here?!
<Gil> ...We'd better check it out.  If the Maiden Knight's here... it means
  something important's in this iron vessel.
<Xiaomu> ...Look, Reiji, we gotta take a peek or nothing's gonna get done.
<Reiji> I guess so.  Okay, we'll split up and search the ship, just like we 
  did at the amusement park.

[You can pick whether to send Reiji to the Realian maintenance room, to
  KOS-MOS's maintenance room, or to the bridge.  I chose the latter.]

{Cruiser Volklinde... Realian Maintenance Room}

<Valkyrie> I do not wish for any more needless killing.
<Valkyrie> ...Withdraw, beings of the Material World.
<Velociraptor> ...
<Valkyrie> I should not be surprised that my words cannot reach them.
<Valkyrie> However...
<???> ...
<Valkyrie> ...Come out at once.
<Valkyrie> I am certain you can understand me.
<Black Valkyrie> ...So, you sensed my presence.  Not bad, green-eyed child.
<Valkyrie> Did you seriously think I could misread your presence?
<Black Valkyrie> ...Heh heh... hardly surprising.
<Valkyrie> The Infernal Village has shown itself again, and the demon Druaga
  has completed his revival.
<Valkyrie> And Zouna's servants have been confirmed as well.
<Valkyrie> In short, the Abyss of Time has been unsealed.
<Valkyrie> ...I trust I need not continue?
<Black Valkyrie> A reasonable line of thought, Maiden Knight.
<Black Valkyrie> Yes, I have returned.  ...What will you do about it?
<Valkyrie> You, who control destruction and death, and chaos...  I cannot
  let your return go unpunished.
<Valkyrie> Let us resume our duel... left unfinished since the theft of the
  Golden Seed.
<Black Valkyrie> I figured you would say that.
<Black Valkyrie> No hesitation...  my how you've grown, Maiden Knight,
<Valkyrie> ...
<Black Valkyrie> As has that Sandra whelp.
<Valkyrie> ...!
<Valkyrie> Y-you met Kurino...?!  But he was...!
<Black Valkyrie> Immature child!!
<Valkyrie> ...!


<Valkyrie> Uugh... how unfair...!
<Black Valkyrie> Unfair?
<Black Valkyrie> Shame on your immaturity for letting your thoughts become
  clouded, with your enemy before you.
<Black Valkyrie> That you feel neither fear nor hesitation when confronting
  me... how pathetic.
<Valkyrie> Are you so certain of your victory, that you waste your breath on
  such falsehoods?!
<Black Valkyrie> Hardly, Maiden Knight.
<Black Valkyrie> If I wished to lie... I would choose a more effective topic.
<Black Valkyrie> ...I did indeed meet the Sandra whelp.  At Joylant, in the
  Phantom World.
<Valkyrie> Joylant...?!
<Valkyrie> Do you mean to tell me... he has already come that far?
<Black Valkyrie> On the contrary, he may well have come far closer still.
<Black Valkyrie> After all, I, who crossed swords with him, am here.
<Black Valkyrie> ...Were the Sandra not forbidden to interfere in these
<Black Valkyrie> Heh heh heh... it would seem you have been betrayed.
<Valkyrie> Betrayed...?  By Kurino...?
<Valkyrie> (No, if that is true... he is...)

[battle begins]

  <Black Valkyrie> What's wrong, green-eyed child?  Is that the best you can
    do?  Do not disappoint me.
  <Valkyrie> ...I sense a stronger power than before...!
  <Valkyrie> What have you done...?
  <Black Valkyrie> I am she who knows the deepest darkness.  ...I am the 
    Maiden Knight's Shadow, who seeks harmony through chaos.
  <???> ...I'm pretty certain chaos can't give birth to harmony.
  <Sabine> Don't stand out so much if you're a shadow.
  <Black Valkyrie> What...?
  <Valkyrie> ...!
  <Sabine> Looks like we made it.
  <Kurino> ...
  <Black Valkyrie> ...So, you made it this far.
  <Valkyrie> Kurino...!  And Sabine!?
  <Sabine> Looking good, Valkyrie.
  <Kurino> ...
  <Kurino> Lady Valkyrie...
  <Kurino> ...I looked forward to meeting you.
  <Valkyrie> ...
  <Kurino> Lady Valkyrie, I...
  <Valkyrie> Kurino.  ...I sent word though Lady Ishtar to the Sandra clan,
    forbidding their involvement.
  <Valkyrie> ...Yet you came.
  <Sabine> Hey, Valkyrie!
  <Kurino> It's okay, Sabine.
  <Kurino> ...The Sandra clan, on their honor, are keeping Lady Ishtar's
  <Kurino> But... I...
  <Kurino> I have been cast from the Sandra as a traitor.
  <Valkyrie> ...!
  <Kurino> ...I have nothing to do with my clan.
  <Valkyrie> Kurino... why do you go so far?
  <Sabine> Valkyrie, you have no idea... how resolved he is.
  <Valkyrie> Sabine...
  <Black Valkyrie> An emotional reunion?
  <Black Valkyrie> Hmph, let us cut this farce short, shall we?
[more bad guys... lots more]

  <Sabine> Aah!  It's Zouna's troops!
  <Valkyrie> Do not tell me you... sided with Zouna!?
  <Black Valkyrie> ...Heh heh... heh heh heh heh....
  <Kurino> Lady Valkyrie!  Punish me later for breaking your taboo...!
  <Kurino> For now, take up your sword!
  <Kurino> Your sword.... has always cleaved the deepest darkness!
  <Valkyrie> ...Indeed.
  <Valkyrie> ...
  <Valkyrie> And you both were always at my side.
  <Valkyrie> Sabine, daughter of Andy.
  <Valkyrie> ....And Kurino Sandra, the "Hero".
  <Sabine> That's right, Valkyrie!
  <Kurino> ...Lady Valkyrie...!

[the woman in black gets slightly singed]

  <Black Valkyrie> Not bad, for the three of you.  So this is your true power?
  <Valkyrie> I doubt you could understand the meaning of our power.
  <Black Valkyrie> Hmph, nor do I wish to try.
  <Black Valkyrie> Nor does this alter the fact that the difference in warpower
    is more than you can close.
  <Valkyrie> ...
  <Kurino> Lady Valkyrie, our companions will be here any moment.
  <Kurino> We must hold on until then.
  <Valkyrie> Companions?  But, the Sandra clan...
  <Sabine> It'd take a while to explain.
  <Sabine> Anyway, you'll know when you see them, Valkyrie.
  <Black Valkyrie> The people from Joylant?
  <Black Valkyrie> If so... they may cause trouble.  I suppose I must call
    "them" then.
  <Kurino> What...?!  More of Zouna's men?
  <Kurino> Huh?
  <Goblin> ...
  <Valkyrie> It is the monsters which attacks do not affect...!
  <Kurino> Correct!
  <Kurino> ...Then, you have faced them too?!
  <Valkyrie> I met them many times before coming here.
  <Valkyrie> Attacks do not avail against them... for they are like ghosts.
  <Sabine> Which means... we need _her_.
  <KOS-MOS> Acknowledged.
  <KOS-MOS> Deploying Hilbert Effect.
  <Sabine> KOS-MOS!
  <Black Valkyrie> What is this?!
  <Valkyrie> Kurino, what is this light?
  <Kurino> A technique that lets us attack those formless enemies.
  <KOS-MOS> More accurately, a device which generates a finite perceptual
  <KOS-MOS> By enlarging the zone within which interference with imaginary
    space is possible...
  <KOS-MOS> The phenomenon you just witnessed makes direct approach of the
    Gnosis tractable.
  <Valkyrie> What?  ...U-umm... I am terribly sorry, but...

[more reinforcements]

  <Felicia> Rats!  We're too late!
  <Felicia> Hey, KOS-MOS!  You just said something totally confusing, didn't
  <Hideo> I was wondering why you ran off so suddenly... is it these monsters?!
  <Kagekiyo> It is.  They are what she called the "Gnosis", mutants without
  <Black Valkyrie> Hmph, so it is them.
  <Black Valkyrie> I recognize several among them.
  <Valkyrie> Kurino, Sabine, are these...?
  <Sabine> Yeah.
  <Sabine> ...Well, they're kinda fun once you get used to them.
  <Ryuu> It's that black knight... and now the matching white knight...?
  <King> This presence... this divinity I sense...?  Kurino, is this woman
    the one you spoke of...
  <Kurino> Yes, she is Lady Valkyrie.
  <Kurino> Please don't be too rude to her...
  <Tarosuke> Oo, this time it's a snow-white virgin, huh?
  <Tarosuke> I like it... I like it a lot... hee hee.
  <Kyouko> ...Tarosuke, you're going to get in trouble.
  <Felicia> Isn't there some way we can shut his mouth?
  <Valkyrie> Um... Kurino?
  <Kurino> ...I humbly apologize.  I should have told them in advance.
  <Kagekiyo> ..."Valkyrie"...was it?
  <Taki> Is what I feel from her... sorcery?
  <Taki> No, something else... you're certainly not human.... Who are you?
  <Valkyrie> These two are...?
  <Valkyrie> Not only companions from the Material World, but the Spirit
    World as well?
  <Kurino> Yes.  All my companions have gotten caught up in these events.

[not.... done... yet.... *gah*]

  <Gil> But that might just let us solve those events in the end.
  <Gil> Valkyrie, Maiden Knight.
  <Black Valkyrie> (The Golden Knight... so he did come.  ...Which means the
    time has come.)
  <Valkyrie> The Golden Knight... Gilgamesh!  Have you come too...?
  <Kai> Lady Ishtar told us everything.  Maiden Knight... we will assist in
    your battles.
  <Valkyrie> ...
  <Sabine> Valkyrie, better get psyched.
  <Valkyrie> ...Very well.  This is surely the will of Lady Ishtar.
  <Valkyrie> May our strengths... be as one.
  <KOS-MOS> Acknowledged.  Commencing combat.

[scratch the lady in black some more]

  <Black Valkyrie> I commend you on harming me this much.
  <Kurino> My companions from other worlds are strong.  ...And Lady Valkyrie
    is on our side.
  <Kurino> We won't lose without a fight...!
  <Black Valkyrie> Heh heh heh... the Maiden Knight rejoins her retainers...
    with the power of other worlds at her command.
  <Black Valkyrie> I suppose I must bring forth my new power too.
  <Valkyrie> New power?  Fallen Knight, what is this power you speak of...?

[what indeed?]

  <???> ...
  <???> You called?
  <Tarosuke> Yee-haw!  SWEET!
  <Tarosuke> ...Wait.  Who are you again?
  <Ryuu> (...W...what the?!)
  <Black Valkyrie> I suddenly require your powers.
  <Black Valkyrie> The enemy possesses strength far greater than I expected.
  <???> See, didn't I fortell that exactly?  You really should listen when
    people tell you things.
  <Black Valkyrie> ...Hurry up.
  <???> Heh heh... as you command.
  <???> Well then...
  <???> Ha!
  <Kai> She healed?!  That... wasn't magic.
  <Kai> What _was_ that power...?
  <Taki> That didn't seem to be spiritual power either.
  <Taki> For lack of a better term.... "aura"?
  <Ryuu> ...Soul Power...!
  <Sabine> Huh?
  <Ryuu> ...That's absurd!  Why... why are you...!?
  <???> ...
  <Hideo> That woman... who on earth is she, Ryuu?
  <Ryuu> ...
  <Ryuu> The fortune teller of Jenova... who once fought Vega... and died...
  <Ryuu> ...Rose!
  <Rose> ...
  <Black Valkyrie> I see... such pranks Fate plays.
  <Valkyrie> Explain, Fallen Knight!
  <Valkyrie> What is the meaning of this?  That woman is...
  <Black Valkyrie> Would you like me to explain...?
  <Black Valkyrie> Do you admit that you have not yet fathomed all my schemes,
    Maiden Knight?
  <Kyouko> What?!  You mean there's more?!
  <Black Valkyrie> Quite correct.
  <Black Valkyrie> Come forth, panther-headed one.

  <???> Finally the gong rings... I got sick of waiting.
  <Gil> A man with the head of a dark beast...!
  <Felicia> That's the same face as King's!
  <Felicia> What?  What?  Don't tell me... that's...
  <King> A-Armor... King...!
  <King> That can't... that just can't be!
  <King> You're... supposed to be dead!!
  <Armor King> I didn't catch that.  Bring it on if you're gonna.
  <Armor King> And if you win... I'll tell you what you wanna know.
  <Armor King> The spoils only go to the victor.
  <King> (There's no mistake...!  Those words couldn't come from anyone
  <Kurino> W-what?  Not him too?!
  <Felicia> This... no way!!
  <Taki> Ridiculous...!  Not another dead person?
  <Kagekiyo> ...One cannot tell by appearance alone whether they are truly
    ones returned to the Golden Pond.
  <Ryuu> I see... they might just be "Fakes" designed to throw us off guard.
  <Rose> ...
  <Armor King> ...
  <Gil> I don't know if they're fake or not... but I do know this is totally
  <Gil> How dare you try to crawl your way into peoples' hearts!?
  <Black Valkyrie> I merely selected the souls of the strong, Golden Knight.
  <Black Valkyrie> Their relation to the others is mere coincidence.
  <Kagekiyo> (Those this female ghost chose... are most likely like me.)
  <Kagekiyo> (Meaning... the wall separating that River from this world has
  <KOS-MOS> Compounded "coincidences" become "necessity".
  <KOS-MOS> I believe this occurrence was planned from the outset.
  <Black Valkyrie> I care not.  The only thing I will say...
  <Black Valkyrie> Is that they are standing here of their own volition.
  <Ryuu> Volition...?
  <Ryuu> Rose!  What are you doing?!
  <Rose> ...
  <Rose> (Ryuu... once more, I must borrow your strength.)
  <Rose> (Though I can't tell you now...)

[wipe out Black Valkyrie]

  <Valkyrie> We have you now...!
  <Kyouko> Those wounds... any normal person wouldn't be able to move at all.
  <Black Valkyrie> ...Have I... been this careless...?!
  <Rose> You're badly wounded.  ...I recommend withdrawing.
  <Armor King> What a lousy master we got.
  <King> Tell me everything!
  <Felicia> Hey, wait your turn!
  <Tarosuke> And don't expect any tea in the meantime!
  <Black Valkyrie> ...Are you all so certain?
  <Kagekiyo> ...How can she still move?
  <Taki> I don't understand it.  ...Where do these reserves of yours come from?
  <Hideo> It's also possible that she's bluffing.
  <Sabine> Not that she feels like that, but...
  <Black Valkyrie> Heh heh heh...
  <Black Valkyrie> I merely wish not to make a disgraceful exit.
  <Gil> What's to say you won't, black Fallen Knight?
  <Gil> Something other than revenge against the Maiden Knight brought you
    here... am I wrong?
  <Kai> True.  For example... something to do with the Eye of God?
  <Black Valkyrie> ...
  <Valkyrie> The Eye of God...!  Do you mean to say... she has it?!
  <Kurino> We haven't actually seen it.  But the Golden Knight came here in
    pursuit of it.
  <Black Valkyrie> Look forward to it, Maiden Knight.
  <Black Valkyrie> I am not who I was before...
  <Ryuu> Running away?!
  <Valkyrie> Black Valkyrie, what are you scheming?!
  <Armor King> ...Well then, what to do now?
  <Rose> I should have hoped you'd look after us till the end, after bringing
    us all this way.
  <Black Valkyrie> ...Do as you please.
  <Black Valkyrie> In any event, you have no choice but to return to my side.
  <Ryuu> (Hmm?  What did she mean... just now?)

[Armor King gets the smack down]

  <Armor King> U...uh....
  <Armor King> Grr...!
  <King> ...!!
  <Tarosuke> Woo!  He's feeling _that_ one!
  <King> (Wrong...!)
  <King> (That blood... from his mouth...!)
  <Armor King> Heh... heh heh heh... this is a first match worth remembering...
    no matter what trials lie ahead.
  <Felicia> Hey... are you really King's teacher?!
  <Felicia> If so, why're you doing this?!
  <Armor King> ...
  <Armor King> ...Is this girl your diva?
  <Armor King> Inheritor of the panther mask... King II.
  <King> I knew it... I knew it was you!
  <King> Tell me why!!
  <Valkyrie> (It seems... the Fallen Knight, Black Valkyrie holds that answer.)
  <Armor King> Those words can't pass these lips.
  <Armor King> Huh... looks like I'm outta luck this time.  I told you the
    victor gets the spoils... but I ain't got many spoils left.
  <Armor King> I'm gonna have to say this match didn't count.
  <King> Armor King!  Master!!
  <KOS-MOS> ...
  <KOS-MOS> Target lost.
  <King> Master... why... why have you...
  <Felicia> C'mon King... look on the bright side.
  <Felicia> He's gotta be a fake!  That bad Valkyrie was just trying to
    startle us, and...
  <King> Felicia, ...Before my master died...
  <King> ...He had lung disease.
  <Felicia> ...!!
  <Felicia> (That blood... so that was....)

[a rose by any other name]

  <Rose> This will do for now.  Thanks for letting me stretch my legs after
    so long.
  <Hideo> What do you mean... this will do?
  <Hideo> Wait right there!
  <Sabine> You gonna run after giving us this much crap?!
  <Valkyrie> (This woman... so she's not following the Fallen Knight's
  <Rose> Heh heh... to tell you the truth, I don't really have my full range
    of motion back.
  <Rose> ...Looks like I'll need a bit more time.
  <Ryuu> Rose... are you really _that_ Rose?!
  <Rose> The Rose who lost to Vega, the fortune teller of Jenova, is dead.
  <Rose> Just as you said.
  <Ryuu> ...That was...
  <Kagekiyo> (As I suspected... this woman, and the beast man... have indeed
    returned to the Golden Pond.)
  <Kyouko> How can people who have entered the underworld... come back to life?
  <Ryuu> Rose, answer me...!
  <Rose> I can't tell you that.
  <Ryuu> But Ryuu... don't forget...
  <Ryuu> ...There are two men, both like flame, involved with the power
    sleeping within you.
  <Ryuu> ...And a girl, like the sakura blossom shaken by the spring thunder.
  <Ryuu> What...?!
  <Tarosuke> T-that sounded pretty complicated...  What's she mean?
  <Rose> ...
  <Ryuu> Rose...!  Rose!!

<KOS-MOS> All enemies appear to have left the area.
<Gil> ...So, they got away.
<Gil> First the Eye of God, now the army of Zouna....
<Gil> And the black Fallen Knight... what is she thinking?
<Kai> There's nothing we can do for now, Gil.
<Kai> But if she's using Zouna's monsters as her servants...
<Valkyrie> Yes... presumably, she has...
<Kurino> Lady Valkyrie, we've got a lot of enemies to fight, Zouna and Druaga
  among them.
<Kurino> Now is the time to press forward, and in time we'll come to see
  everything clearly.
<Valkyrie> You are right, Kurino.
<Valkyrie> ...Everyone, allow me to thank you again.
<Valkyrie> I am Valkyrie... a knight in the direct service of the Goddess
<Tarosuke> Hey, don't sweat it.  We're friends already, right?
<Sabine> Those words don't go with that expression.
<Hideo> Thank goodness we were able to meet you in good health.
<Hideo> One problem solved.
<Kyouko> ...It's not that easy, Professor Hideo.
<Taki> Indeed.  The news isn't all good.
<Taki> ...Those two return visitors to the Golden Pond, for example.
<Ryuu> ...
<King> ...
<Felicia> King... it might still be a mistake!
<Kagekiyo> Many have returned to the Golden Pond, including myself and 
  Yoritomo's men.
<Kagekiyo> It is certain they are the same.
<Ryuu> ...
<Ryuu> ...Let's go.
<Ryuu> Fretting here won't solve anything.
<Kai> Ryuu...
<King> It's like Kurino said... our only direction is forward.
<King> Armor King, and that Rose woman... we'll have to fight them again
  sooner or later.
<Valkyrie> And just as certainly, she... the Fallen Knight will be there.
<Valkyrie> Let us go.  Forward... for now.
<KOS-MOS> Acknowledged.  We will now head to the Cruiser Volklinde's bridge.


{Material World... Cruiser Volklinde, KOS-MOS' Maintenance Room}

<Hoover> After all I've seen, there's no mistake.
<Hoover> This ship is a cruiser made by Vector Incorporated... the Volklinde.
<Hoover> But... the Volklinde was attacked by the Gnosis on its maiden
  voyage and badly damaged.  It should have sunk...
<Hoover> What on Earth...
<Jennety> ...
<Hoover> ...I see, we _were_ sent to the past.
<Hoover> Considering all the time-space distortion, there's nothing that says
  that everything sent here had to come from the same time and place.
<Jennety> ...
<Hoover> Right... but from what I saw, the ship's abandoned.  That worries
<Hoover> I hope Captain's okay after he headed to the bridge...
<Hoover> That reminds me, haven't Shou and our collaborator from the area
  gotten here yet?
<Jennety> ...
<Hoover> Is that so...
<Hoover> It's true that all types of sensors and transmitters have stopped
  working since we came to this island.
<Hoover> I really hope they notice this ship...
<Jennety> ...!!
<Hoover> Huh?!
<Hoover> ...Heat source approaching rapidly?!  You mean they have to get this
  close to be visible?!
<Jennety> ...
<Hoover> ...This signature...
<Zabel> Zabel Zarlock is on da scene!  YAY!!
<Zabel> ...Aw hell, no one's here neither!
<Zabel> You sure that Soul Edge thingie's really here?
<Jennety> ...
<Hoover> Soul Edge?  What's he talking about?
<Hoover> But first, are you human...?
<Hoover> (No life signs... but an unanalyzable energy's emanating from his
  whole body...)
<Zabel> Oh?  ...The hell?  So there _are_ people, but it's some mummy man
  and... a baby?!
<Zabel> That ain't even funny enough t' make me laugh!
<Amazona> ...We're carrying out Lord Druaga's orders.
<Amazona> If you get in our way... we'll kill you.
<Hoover> ...Well, this girl's human anyway.
<Jennety> ...
<Hoover> Is she being mind controlled by someone...?
<Hoover> Ah, so that's it.
<Zabel> Yo!  Yo!  Knock it the fuck off with that mumbling baby talk shit!
<Zabel> I'm in a goddamn hurry here!  It's naptime for all the little kiddies!
<Zabel> Ain't nothin' personal, but since you heard about the Soul Edge, you
  gotta disappear, baybeee.
<Zabel> ...Whoa, you really are baybee, baybee.
<Zabel> Yeee-haw!
<Hoover> ...What terrible things to say about someone.
<Hoover> And not very sensible things either.

[take down a bad guy]

  <Zabel> Okay you brat, you gone and done it this time!
  <Hoover> Of course I did!  You won't get rid of me that easily!
  <Jennety> ...!
  <Hoover> What's wrong, Jennety?
  <Hoover> ...What...?  A strange response from that central android
    maintenance bed?

[who to my wondering eyes should appear, but...]

  <???> ...
  <Zabel> W-what the hell's up with that chick?
  <Zabel> (Morrigan...?  Naw, she ain't got no chest... cain't be her...)
  <???> My... my body... my true body...
  <???> Not again... don't make me go back to that cold place again...
  <???> I don't want to... disappear...
  <Jennety> ...!
  <Hoover> I know... I feel a dangerous amount of energy building up.
  <Hoover> That girl... isn't human either, is she?
  <Lilith> Where is Lilith's... my... real body...?

[chapter title]

  <Gai> Hi-yaaah!!
  <Shou> Bushin-Ryuu... at your service!!
  <Zabel> Whoa!  What the?!
  <Hoover> Mister Shou!
  <Shou> Hoover... forgive my tardiness.
  <Gai> But it seems we were in time.
  <Jennety> ...
  <Hoover> I see, this must be the collaborator from this area... a Bushin-
    Ryuu ninja just like Shou!
  <Gai> Indeed.  It is my duty to assist you!
  <Hoover> Those reptiles... the ones from the jungle!
  <Gai> ...So, they followed us from outside?
  <Gai> If they interfere, they shall be destroyed...!
  <Zabel> Damn, how come this shit gotta be so complicated?
  <Zabel> Oh...?
  <Lilith> ...
  <Zabel> (Huh... let's try usin' her.)
  <Zabel> Hey there, little missy.
  <Lilith> Who... are you...?  Will you... play with me?
  <Zabel> Play...?
  <Zabel> D-damn straight I will.  The name's Zabel.  See, I'm kinda tired of
     playin' right now.
  <Zabel> How's about this?  Help me out... an' I'll letcha meet Morrigan.
  <Lilith> Morr...igan?
  <Lilith> Morrigan... "Morrigan"...!!
  <Lilith> I gotta meet her!  I must meet her!
  <Zabel> (I knew this chick had somethin' to do with her!)
  <Zabel> (Bingo, hah hah!)
  <Lilith> So... can I play with these people?
  <Zabel> Yeah, play as much as you want!  Get out there'n break a leg!
  <Zabel> You get t'meet Morrigan when yer done!
  <Lilith> Okay!  I'll do real good!
  <Jennety> ...
  <Hoover> Jennety, you needn't spell out everything for me.
  <Hoover> ...I'd prefer not to play with my life at stake.
  <Shou> A girl in a place like this...?
  <Shou> ...Gai, use caution.  That girl...
  <Gai> Agreed.  I judge her tender appearance to conceal sharpened fangs.
  <Gai> She must be struck down in the name of the Bushin.
  <Lilith> Wow, that sounds like fun...!
  <Lilith> Okay, come and get me...

[after the pounding continues a while...]

  <Morrigan> This is the room that strange presence is coming from...
  <M.O.M.O.> Shion, isn't this...
  <Shion> It's KOS-MOS's maintenance room.
  <Shion> Don't tell me there's this many enemies here too?!
  <Lilith> ...Ah...!
  <Morrigan> Hmm...?
  <Morrigan> (So that presence belongs to that girl...?)
  <Zabel> Morrigan?!  Holy shit, she really came!
  <Zabel> Huh?  Oh, and lookie here...
  <Leilei> F-Fongling...
  <Fongling> *sigh* Leilei... maybe it's just fate.
  <Zabel> Well ain't you a sight for sore eyes!
  <Zabel> She brought my hunny Leilei here too!
  <Zabel> Yeeeeeee-haww!!
  <Leilei> ...Joy...
  <Amazona> ...Kanda Momo.  Heh heh heh... so, you show yourself again?  I
    have been... waiting for you.
  <Wonder Momo> ...
  <Wonder Momo> I... didn't think I'd ever see you again...
  <Wonder Momo> I've been waiting for you too, Amazona.
  <Wonder Momo> I'll save you, no matter what...!
  <Hoover> Who... are these people?
  <Hoover> They don't seem to be... in league with the enemy.
  <Tron> L-Lord Hoover?!
  <Tron> That Green machine... Lord Hoover, it must be you!
  <Hoover> Is that... Tron Bone of the Bone flying pirates?!
  <Hoover> Don't tell me you were thrown to this age too?!
  <Berabou Man> Hmm?  Lord... Hoover?  An acquaintance of yours?
  <Berabou Man> ...Hmm, age has always been unimportant in love, even in
    ancient times, but, Tron... isn't this a little too...
  <Tron> I-I'm just a fan of his, okay?!
  <Tron> That man is an ultra-genius, with several doctorates already at his
    age...!  He also plans all the Commando Team's operations!
  <Tron> There isn't a young mechanic who isn't in love with him!
  <Hoover> Y-you're making me blush...
  <Berabou Man> "His age"... is when most people are still nursing...
  <Berabou Man> In any case, the fact that Tron knows him must mean he's come
    from another world, correct?
  <Shion> The Commando Team?  As in the people fighting the space crime
  <M.O.M.O.> I've checked the data.
  <M.O.M.O.> The Commando Team, led by a man named Captain Commando, is
    comprised of ninja, aliens, and a baby.
  <M.O.M.O.> All personal information about these members is unknown... but
    in military circles they are known as the "Shadow Police Organization".
  <Minion> Wow, that sounds cool!!
  <Fongling> Shadow... Police Organization?  That baby and those... ninja?
  <Shou> No.  My name is Shou... Ninja Commando Shou.
  <Jennety> ...
  <M.O.M.O.> Let's see... a baby, two ninja... and an alien in bandages...
  <M.O.M.O.> Are you mister Captain?
  <Gai> Hmm?
  <Ken> ...Hey, is that you, Gai?  From Bushin-Ryuu?!
  <Ken> What're you doing here?!
  <Gai> It is... Ken.
  <Gai> That was my line.  What has brought you here?  This is a field of
  <Ken> That's a long story.  ...Let's just say I'm on some grand adventure
    for kicking some evil-doing ass.
  <Shou> Gai, who are these people?
  <Gai> Be at ease.  These are no enemies.
  <Gai> From what they have said... these must be the enemies they spoke of.
  <Wonder Momo> Yes.  Those zombies are the bad guys!
  <Wonder Momo> They must be defeated!  And... Amazona must be saved!
  <Gai> Agreed.  ...To battle!
  <Zabel> Fucking PAIN in the ass!
  <Zabel> I didn't need no extras gettin' in the way of Leilei'n me!
  <Lilith> I didn't get all that tricky stuff... but I guess these new people
    are friends with the first people.
  <Leilei> I don't know if I'd say that... I've never met the allies or the
    enemies before.
  <Leilei> ...So, Morrigan.  Is that girl... your daughter or something?
  <Morrigan> Hey, what kind of question is that?!
  <Morrigan> It's true that she resembles me somewhat, but I've never seen
     her before.
  <Morrigan> (But... it does concern me.  This magic I feel...)
  <Lilith> Thank you, mister Zombie!
  <Lilith> I met you... my true body...
  <Lilith> And so many people for me to play with...
  <Zabel> Huh?
  <Zabel> Oh, uh, right!  Give it all ya got!
  <Morrigan> This child... I wonder what she's been talking about...?  Her
    expression looks as though she could disappear at any moment.
  <Morrigan> I don't know what's going on, but I too prefer being excited to
    being bored.
  <Morrigan> Come, show me all of you.  If you do... you just might learn
  <Lilith> ...
  <Lilith> (Yes, all of you... my... true...)

[when Morrigan first gets into battle]

  <Lilith> Uh... ugh...
  <Morrigan> What... what's happening to you...
  <Tron> Hold on!  W-what's this energy reading?!
  <Minion #17> Tron?  What's wrong?!
  <Hoover> I can't analyze it, but... what an incredible reading!
  <Hoover> It came from that central android maintenance bed... just like the
    last one!
  <Shion> From KOS-MOS's maintenance tank?!
  <Shion> B-but she's... KOS-MOS isn't in there.
  <Shion> What on Earth is going on?!
  <M.O.M.O.> I have data on it!  This signature is...!
[this... signature... is... !!!]

  <Wonder Momo> What?!?  That's... the Soul Edge!
  <Shion> W-what's that doing in KOS-MOS's maintenance tank?!
  <Zabel> Is _this_ where the damn Soul Edge's been hiding?
  <Zabel> Wait... yo, Lilith?
  <Lilith> Ah...aahhh.....
  <Morrigan> It's not the wounds to her body... hey, what's wrong?!
  <Lilith> N-no... that sword is... a sword that can cut anything...
  <Lilith> The tie between you... and me... it's gonna get cut...
  <Morrigan> Would you mind explaining so I can understand?
  <Morrigan> What... relation are you to me?
  <Lilith> Uhhh.... aaahh!!
  <Morrigan> Hmm?  What?
  <Shou> How troublesome...!  She vanished...?!
  <Zabel> What the shit?!
  <Zabel> What'd she go and leave for?!  Useless bitch!
  <M.O.M.O.> S-spatial distortion expanding!  It's a Transfer!

[zorch.  bzzrt.]

  <Goblin> ...
  <Hoover> It's the Gnosis!
  <Shou> Oh no...!  Physical attacks are ineffective against these...!

[and to make matters worse...]

  <Jennety> ...?!?
  <Saya> This sword's sorcery is so wonderful, isn't it?
  <Fongling> It's... Saya!
  <Gai> An enemy...?  This woman is... a were-creature?
  <Gai> Hmm... a fox apparition?  A fey creature has no business amidst a
    bloodbath such as this...!
  <Leilei> (...Both sides have plenty of fey creatures on them...)
  <Saya> Wow, what a hunk.  But that isn't the best way to greet a lady.
  <Saya> Couldn't you at least have said, "Welcome, Ghost Fox", or something?
  <Saya> I notice a certain boy is... absent.
  <Saya> And after I came all this way.  Really.
  <Berabou Man> Saya...
  <Berabou Man> When we met last at the haunted house, you said you were
    "drawn by the sword".
  <Saya> A fine memory you have, Hero.
  <Ken> So that's it, huh?
  <Ken> ...We got tossed back to our own world.  And why Ibis Island of all
  <Fongling> Because this is where the Soul Edge disappeared to...?
  <Leilei> It's pulling us too, isn't it?
  <Leilei> So, what're you here for?
  <Morrigan> I'm sure she's after the Soul Edge...
  <Morrigan> But you frightened a little girl away in the process!
  <Saya> Oh, did I?
  <Saya> Heh heh heh... well, let's start with the volunteers, shall we?


  <Black Berabou> Where am I...?  Hey, is this my own world?
  <Wayahime> From analyzing the atmospheric makeup and the electromagnetic
    waves, I'd say it is.
  <Berabou Man> T-Tajima?!  And... Wayahime too?!
  <Black Berabou> Nakamura...!
  <Black Berabou> My thanks, fox lady.  Who would have thought that I'd get a
    chance to counterattack Berabou Man right after getting back?
  <Saya> Heh heh heh, my pleasure.  As they say, the journey is the adventure.
  <Tron> Hey, thanks a bunch!
  <Wayahime> You needn't get so mad.
  <Wayahime> I'll fix you so you can't feel anything soon enough.
  <Wayahime> Oooh ho ho ho ho!
  <Ken> Hey, you got a pretty big mouth, for a robot.
  <Shion> A-a robot?!  Her?!
  <Hoover> He's right... my scan shows that she's a total android.
  <Princess Wire> What, you got a problem with that?
  <Shion> N-no way... such an amazing AI...
  <Shion> Even KOS-MOS isn't...
  <Minion #17> D-don't give up, Shion!
  <Minion #1> KOS-MOS is way better than her!
  <Wonder Momo> (For that matter, the minions are robots too, and they can get
    depressed and all...)
  <Saya> Well then.  Now that all the fond reunions are done, I guess I'll
    just take the Soul Edge and be on my way.
  <Zabel> Now we're talkin'!
  <Zabel> Let's do this concert right this time!  Yee-haw!
  <Shion> Ugh... I'm confused AND shocked...
  <Shion> But a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do...!
  <Shion> Prepare for anti-Gnosis combat!  Momo, do your thing!
  <M.O.M.O.> O-okay!  Deploying Hilbert Effect!
  <Hoover> The Hilbert Effect...!
  <Hoover> That girl... Is she the Type 100 Realian prototype?!
  <Goblin> ...!!
  <Shion> (The Soul Edge might have something to do with the Gnosis appearing
    in this world...)

[when Amazona goes down]

  <Amazona> Kanda Momo... it won't be so easy next time...
  <Amazona> Don't forget... I'm the one who will...!
  <Wonder Momo> Amazona... that's just fine for now.
  <Berabou Man> Momo?
  <Wonder Momo> ...No matter what, we have to defeat the caster... the demon
    Druaga, to save her, right...?
  <Morrigan> That's right.  ...She's under a very strong enchantment.
  <Morrigan> Trying to break it by force could be... hazardous.
  <Berabou Man> Surely not...!
  <Wonder Momo> That's why it's better this way for now.
  <Wonder Momo> ...Until we meet Druaga, that is...!
  <Berabou Man> ...
  <Berabou Man> (Momo... you've become strong.)
  <Berabou Man> (...I've got start acting more heroic myself.)
  <Berabou Man> (...And face Tajima.)

[down with zombies!]

  <Zabel> Fuck this, man!
  <Zabel> The hell is it with all these dudes getting in my way?!
  <Leilei> Don't say that, Zabel.
  <Leilei> You don't mind... _me_, do you?
  <Fongling> Hey, wha-... Leilei?
  <Zabel> HELL NAW!
  <Zabel> I was wondering when you were gonna say that!
  <Ken> Looks like we got a meeting of the zombie minds.
  <Ken> What is this... love?
  <Zabel> Nuh-uh-uh...
  <Zabel> This's just my darlin' Leilei's way of sayin' she wants to finish
    me off.
  <Zabel> "You understand"?
  <Leilei> ...Damn, he's on to me.
  <Zabel> But yo, that killer instinct stuff goes straight to my heart!
  <Zabel> Yaaaa-hoo!  Catcha later, Leilei!
  <Fongling> ...Looks like your bonds are stronger than ever.
  <Leilei> Aiyaa...
  <Shou> Thus is the strategist undone by his strategies.
  <Shou> Meditate well on that.

[Black Berabou bites the dust]

  <Black Berabou> U-urrrgh.... Can't... win...
  <Black Berabou> At this rate... I'll... never win...
  <Berabou Man> Tajima!  Just walk away from this one!
  <Berabou Man> We've come back to our own world.  You mustn't let this chance
  <Black Berabou> That goes for you too, Nakamura!
  <Berabou Man> ...I have... things left to do.  My duty is not yet discharged,
  <Black Berabou> You bastard... you're always like that...!
  <Black Berabou> Even during that Shinda Fourth Ward mess...!  You've always
    had people on your side!
  <Black Berabou> You sure as hell didn't solve that alone!
  <Berabou Man> Tajima, I...
  <Black Berabou> At least with Bakuda... I won't... have to lose to you...!
  <Berabou Man> Tajima!
  <Wonder Momo> Mister Berabou... he's...
  <Berabou Man> Fight for the syndicate, and die for the syndicate... Momo,
    don't forget that he's... a corporate warrior.
  <Berabou Man> (Just like me...)

  [as the battle wears on, or Saya gets spanked]

  <Morrigan> What?!  I feel that evil power mounting...Why?!
  <Hoover> An energy signature I can't analyze is getting steadily larger!
  <Hoover> It's coming from...
  <Ken> The Soul Edge, right?!
  <Saya> That light... don't tell me it's doing it again?!
  <Tron> I-it's completely gone...!  It Dimensional Transferred away!
  <Morrigan> (...I wonder if this has something to do with that girl's
  <Saya> Humph, well, I guess I'll be going too.
  <Saya> My main objective's gone, after all.
  <Saya> Bye, kids.

  [mechanical ninja suffers a breakdown]

  <Wayahime> Damage rate over 70%...
  <Wayahime> Figures, since I never got repaired after that last battle.
  <Tron> Even so, that android's got incredible technique.
  <Tron> There shouldn't be any way this world's technology has gotten that
  <Berabou Man> Whether Professor Bakuda is good or evil, he _is_ a genius.
  <Wayahime> Heh heh... well, I've gotten a mountain of data on you all
  <Wayahime> Time to feed that data back into me and get ready to
    finish you off next time.  Especially you, Berabou Man!
  <Berabou Man> ...I don't want to destroy you again.
  <Berabou Man> Sleep forever by Professor Bakuda's side.
  <Wayahime> No, you're the one who's going to sleep this time!
  <Wayahime> Oh ho ho ho ho!
  <Berabou Man> ...
  <Shion> Um... Mister Berabou...
  <Shion> If you do defeat her... I'd love to get her data for my work...
  <Shion> So if you could... no, please, I insist...!
  <Berabou Man> Huh?  What?
  <M.O.M.O.> ...Shion... you're kinda... scary.

<Shou> Is that the last of them?
<Jennety> ...
<Gai> I feel no unusual presences... it appears that way.
<Hoover> Combat complete.  As usual, I can't tell over a wide range, but at
  least nearby they seem to be all gone.
<Morrigan> And... so has the Soul Edge.
<Tron> But, Hoover!  I'm so glad you're okay!
<Hoover> Thanks for your help, Miss Tron.
<Hoover> Allow me to thank you all once again.
<Fongling> W-what a polite little infant...
<Leilei> He still looks kinda small for this stuff.
<Ken> So, Gai, you joined up with this Commando Team outfit?
<Gai> I am merely accompanying them, as a means to strike those who would
  bring chaos to the world.
<Berabou Man> Space heros, is it?  My goodness...
<Wonder Momo> Isn't there another member of those heros?
<Hoover> That's right!  Our leader, Captain Commando, headed to the bridge
  all by himself.
<Hoover> I've got a bad feeling about it!
<M.O.M.O.> Shion, I'll plot the shortest course to the bridge.
<Shion> Don't worry, I know how to get there.  This is where I worked on
  KOS-MOS, remember?
<Shion> Everyone, I'll lead you to the bridge!

[someone lingers, however...]

<Morrigan> ...
<Morrigan> (Hmm... That girl who disappeared... I wonder if I'll see her
<Lilith> ...


{Material World... Cruiser Volklinde, Bridge}

<Vega> Heh heh heh... the level of technology on this ship... What interesting
  data I've collected.
<Vega> The activation of the Third Energy itself may have been impossible...
  but no matter.
<Velociraptor> ...
<Vega> And several interesting new pawns have shown themselves.
<Vega> ...They should at least prove useful as test subjects for "that virus".
<Vega> Heh heh heh heh...
<???> We're back.
<Vega> Well done.  ...Your results?
<???> (That attitude... if not for His orders, I'd pepper him with my
<Vega> I asked for your results.
<???> ...I gathered data on the functioning of the ship's powerplant.
<Vega> Indeed... how about letting me have it?
<???> I kept my promise.
<???> ...Where's the data you have?
<Vega> Your data comes first.
<???> Don't be ridiculous!  ...Have you forgotten your promise with my master?!
<???> Would you mind telling me a bit about that promise?
<???> Sturm Jr.
<Sturm Jr.> ?!?
<Sturm Jr.> W-who's there?!
<???> ...I won't let you say you've forgotten who I am.
<Sturm Jr.> I-it's you!
<Vega> Who is he?
<Vega> Quite a comedian, coming here alone.  What shall we call you?
<???> I am the leader of the Commando Team...

[chapter title......]

<Vega> Captain... Commando?!
<Vega> And what is this Commando Team...?  Sturm Jr., you know of them?
<Sturm Jr.> Dirty bastards... ones who've gotten in our way many times.
<Sturm Jr.> But this time... he looks like he's alone.
<Captain> I'm a bit short handed right now.  We split up to gather info.
<Captain> Well then... let's go back to what you were just discussing.  You
  guys are a great source of information.
<Vega> Hmph, how absurd.
<Captain> Fleeing?  You're more of a coward than you look.
<Vega> I'm merely going to watch from here and see if you're actually worth
  me dirtying my own hands.
<Vega> Sturm Jr., you've got some history with this man.
<Vega> Why haven't you attacked yet?  Heh heh heh...
<Sturm Jr.> I don't like it... I don't like this fucker's guts one bit.
<Captain> ...
<Captain> (Looks like... they're not getting along so well.)
<Captain> (But if so, what made them join forces at all?)
<Sturm Jr.> I ain't happy... but I'm still gonna make you bleed, Captain
<Sturm Jr.> I'm gonna make you pay for killing my master, Genocide.
<Captain> ...Which must mean that Genocide hasn't revived.  See, that was 
<Captain> Anyway, let's get this over with.
<Captain> I don't expect we can settle this with words...!

[reinforcements arrive soon]

  <Masuyo> This's the bridge.
  <Masuyo> I figured we wouldn't be the first ones here.
  <Hiromi> Masuyo, there're Rebirds here too!
  <Hiromi> They must have come from here to the Phantom World...!
  <Vega> Hmm...?
  <Captain> (Those old suits... aerial troopers?)
  <Captain> (And that airbike... is that a Galactic Federation army machine?)
  <Gantz> Shit, not more of these freaks!
  <Mitsurugi> Yeah, 'sides the lizards, we got... a shitload of dudes in fancy
  <Xiaomu> Hey, we won't lose on that front.
  <Xiaomu> Behold the might of our befuddling brigade!  We got martial artists!
    We got talking stuffed animals!  I don't even know what some of these folk
  <Reiji> Enthused are we?
  <Reiji> ...Still, with this much lead-in, I just can't find it in my heart to
  <Jin> From what I can see, those Bakuda robots... well, the people Mishima's
    son was dealing with, don't seem to be here.
  <Jin> The commander of Shadowloo... wasn't he supposed to be dead?!
  <Chunli> V-Vega...!
  <Reiji> Xiaomu, is he the real thing?
  <Xiaomu> I doubt there's many humans who blast out this much aura.
  <Xiaomu> ...I'm pretty sure it is.
  <Demitri> This is a... human...?
  <Demitri> Such an unpleasant aura this man has.  I dislike him.
  <Vega> I see, these must be the people from the report.
  <Vega> Including... an Interpol detective.
  <Vega> Heh heh heh... Mwa ha ha!  It's been a long time, little girl...!
  <Chunli> We've run into your special forces several times, and there was
    Gouki's words... I feared this would happen, but how?!
  <Vega> And why would you need to know that?
  <Sakura> Kanzuki, who's that?
  <Sakura> I've heard of prominent chins, but that's ridiculous.
  <Klonoa> Those white eyes're scary!
  <Karin> Setting aside Klonoa's reaction... Sakura, please tell me you at
    least watch the news.
  <Karin> That's Vega... commander of the Secret Shadowloo Society.
  <Bruce> The Secret Shadowloo Society...  Superficially known as a drug
    operation... also involved in high-profile kidnappings and industrial
  <Bruce> I understand they've gotten into the weapons-making business lately.
  <Regina> Only natural they'd take notice of the Third Energy.
  <Regina> But why stop there, when there's otherworldly high-tech for the
     taking?  I think you're drooling, Vega.
  <Vega> Oh ho... an American agent?
  <Vega> Nice explanation.
  <Vega> ...Now you get to disappear for knowing my plans!
  <Klonoa> Hey, haven't we like been disappeared several times over already?
    How come I didn't notice?
  <Gantz> Hey, give these guys a break.  They got schedules, just like us.
  <Gantz> ...Not like we're gonna make it easy on 'em or anything.
  <Captain> ...I see.  I figured you for no saint... but it appears you're a
    genuine villain.
  <Captain> I'm getting more interested by the minute.
  <Vega> What did you say?
  <Mitsurugi> Huh?  Ain't that guy one of Vega's goons?
  <Masuyo> Are you... Captain?!  Captain Commando?!
  <Jin> Captain...?  Is he from the same world as you?
  <Hiromi> The Shadow Police Organization, fighting to defend peace in the
  <Hiromi> These guys were even in my high school text books!
  <Captain> Of course we are.
  <Captain> And this is a criminal superman... a member of a hateful criminal
     syndicate that threatens that peace in the universe.
  <Sturm Jr.> Don't get full of yourself just cause you found some kinda new
    friends, Captain Commando.
  <Sturm Jr.> Our revenge starts.... now.
  <Hiromi> Let's see...
  <Hiromi> Database match!
  <Hiromi> That's Sturm Jr., underling of the worst criminal superman in
    history, Genocide!
  <Masuyo> Captain!  Didn't your men destroy that syndicate...?
  <Captain> Things're a bit more complicated than that.
  <Captain> Let's save the details for later.  I want some info too.
  <Vega> Heh heh heh... well, this looks at least somewhat interesting.
  <Vega> Besides, there's yet more unusual technology for me to capture!
  <Vega> Muah ha ha ha ha!
  <Demitri> Hmph, puny Material Worlder.  So delighted by mere trinkets from
    other worlds.
  <Regina> Trinkets... huh?
  <Regina> (There's no way he could boot the Third Energy without these
  <Regina> (So why's he so confident... maybe Shadowloo doesn't need Third
    Energy anymore?)
  <Chunli> Vega...!  I don't care what you're trying to do here!
  <Chunli> This time, I'm taking you down...!
  <Vega> Muahahaha!  The only reason that whelp Ryuu could defeat me was Rose
    disrupting my powers!
  <Vega> But that woman is dead!  And as long as I've got Psychodrive, I'm
  <Chunli> Psychodrive?!
  <Vega> No more talk!
  <Vega> DIE, little bitches!

[when Sturm Jr. gets pounded]

  <Sturm Jr.> I'm impressed you've got this much firepower... Captain Commando!
  <Captain> Likewise, Sturm Jr.
  <Captain> I never expected to find such stout comrades in a place like this.
  <Captain> I've even found some United Galactic Space Force soldiers here.
  <Xiaomu> That was the, um, Flying Armor Troopers thingie?
  <Reiji> Wasn't that Aerial Troopers?
  <Reiji> Anyway, having people who know him makes it easier to get information
  <Reiji> Felicitous and no mistake.
  <Masuyo> Wow, someone's actually in a good mood.
  <Masuyo> Heh, no low-class criminal superman and Rebirds are a match for us.
  <Sakura> She's really fired up too.
  <Vega> Conceited bastards...
  <Vega> What say I summon some reinforcements of my own?
  <Vega> Heh heh heh...
  <Klonoa> What?!
  <Klonoa> No, go ahead.  Don't hold back on our account.
  <Gantz> Hey, figures he's got somethin' up his sleeve.
  <Gantz> Well, get it over with, dickhead.  I got bad guys to trash.
  <Chunli> ...
  <Chunli> (The Shadowloo special forces were in the other worlds... did those
    girls return here when we did?)
  <Sturm Jr.> Hold it.  I'm calling mine first.
  <Sturm Jr.> Should be more interesting that way.
  <Captain> What?  What do you think you're doing?
  <Sturm Jr.> I think I'm doing this!!

[this. no really.]

  <Gilly Octy> ...
  <Hiromi> Huh?!  Whoa!  What the heck?!
  <Mitsurugi> Those blue monsters... are they the ones we saw in my country?!
  <Mitsurugi> Shit, some of them got muskets too.
  <Karin> We saw those people in the blue space suits in the Spirit World too.
  <Masuyo> Octies!
  <Masuyo> What's a criminal superman doing with the Octies?
  <Sturm Jr.> The Octies are mere pawns before the power of my new master.
  <Bruce> That's not an answer!
  <Bruce> She asked you what your relation is to them.
  <Sturm Jr.> And what is such a question worth?  Jack shit.
  <Hiromi> (Huh...?  Doesn't he know about the Octies we fought in that Spirit
    something World we got transported to...?)
  <Vega> Oh ho, so these are the famed space monsters?
  <Vega> You're right, Sturm Jr.  This is interesting.
  <Chunli> Vega!  What's your connection to them?!
  <Vega> Connection?  I'm just using them.
  <Vega> Of course, they think they're using me too.
  <Sturm Jr.> ...
  <Demitri> Your mutual dislike is the only praiseworthy trait you have.
  <Demitri> However, I am interested only in whether or not you are a foe.
  <Regina> I personally am interested in what they're using each other for.
  <Regina> But for now, let's take down the small fry.  We can make the bosses
    talk later.
  <Reiji> Especially what Vega has to do with the Ouma.
  <Xiaomu> Well then, let's make this place more chat-friendly, huh?
  <Captain> Agreed.  Let's take out the trash...!
  <Captain> (The only ones left are "Assassins"... Mass-produced on Solo.)
  <Captain> (And this "new master"... it's gotta be Him.)
  <Captain> ("The Third Moon"... it must be somewhere in this world...)

[_really_ beat lizard boy down]

  <Sturm Jr.> Damn... did I underestimate the enemy?!
  <Captain> So it seems, Sturm Jr.
  <Captain> ...Though to be honest, so did I.
  <Hiromi> I bet you did.  I mean, that face...
  <Klonoa> Huh?  What's wrong with it?
  <Demitri> Why do you hesitate?
  <Demitri> Won't you strike the final blow?
  <Sakura> Huh?  Don't tell me oxygen tank boy here's a good guy?
  <Xiaomu> Mm... the probability's not zero...
  <Xiaomu> Hey, Reiji!  Go administer some artificial respiration!
  <Reiji> To the enemy?  Get real.
  <Reiji> Besides, he's already got that tank of his.
  <Masuyo> ...No way can this mixed-up crew be called a "squadron".
  <Sturm Jr.> I lost to this bunch of clowns...?!
  <Sturm Jr.> Captain Commando!  Don't think this is all the firepower we've
  <Captain> Don't worry, Sturm Jr.  We'll be coming for you next.
  <Captain> To Third Moon, that is!
  <Sturm Jr.> ...Damn.
  <Masuyo> Hold it!!  How'd you bring the Octies-...?!
  <Masuyo> Hmm?  Wait, Captain... what was that just now?
  <Captain> ...

[beat the enemies for a while]

  <Vega> Not bad, little bitches.
  <Vega> As I suspected, the only things I can trust are my own organization
    and my own powers.
  <Captain> Looks like you're finally going to give us a taste of the main
    Shadowloo force.
  <Masuyo> Main force... meaning those girls?
  <Chunli> So Vega's special forces _have_ returned to this world?!
  <Vega> I'll bring them back right now!
  <Vega> Mmm-HAAAA!!
  <Chunli> Bring them back...?!  Impossible!!
  <Hiromi> A huge magnetic field is developing in this area!
  <Hiromi> This feeling... don't tell me he's-!
  <Xiaomu> What the heck?!
  <Xiaomu> Don't tell me mister Cleft Jaw over there has that power?!

[apparently he does...]

  <Cammy> ...
  <Bruce> Damn, it's those girls...!
  <Yuuri> Atmospheric analysis complete: Ibis Island.
  <Yuuni> Lord Vega identified.
  <Cammy> ... Lord Vega.  Special forces have returned.
  <Vega> Heh heh heh... I see you three won't cut it by yourselves.
  <Demitri> Those words... did he just summon his companions from the Phantom
  <Demitri> ...This man is not to be underestimated.
  <Jin> And he brought some of Bakuda's robots too...?!
  <Chunli> Vega, can your Psychopower... break the dimensional wall?!
  <Chunli> (Is this the .... power Gouki spoke of?!)
  <Vega> See for yourself.
  <Vega> Nothing is impossible for my Psychopower... thanks to certain 
    information I got from that Ouma girl.
  <Vega> Muahahahaha!
  <Mitsurugi> That Ouma were-fox?!
  <Mitsurugi> Fuck that bitch and her screwing around...!
  <Reiji> ...Damn that Saya!
  <Reiji> So that's why Shadowloo joined forces with the Ouma!
  <Captain> I want some details about Genocide's spatial transportation and
    this power which can cross dimensions, but for now I think I get the
  <Captain> ...This must be why Sturm and the others approached this man.
  <Vega> Muahaha!  Think as much as you want.
  <Vega> Whatever the answer may be, there's nothing you can do about it!
  <Captain> I wouldn't be so sure.  You seem to be pretty confident with your
    newfound powers from other worlds, but that goes for me too.
  <Captain> I'm sure you'd agree that that counts for something.
  <Vega> What nonsense.  Once I cut you off at the roots, it won't matter!
  <Jin> Tell me one thing!
  <Jin> What's your connection to Bakuda's robots... no, to Mishima himself?!
  <Vega> Who, Mishima?  None whatsoever.  He's in my way, in fact.
  <Vega> I just found these robots loitering around the island, and used my
    Psychopower to make them do my bidding.
  <Jin> ...
  <Jin> (Which means that Mishima Heihachi was using Bakuda totally apart from
    Shadowloo.  So what was _he_ doing on this island?)
  <Regina> Mind if I ask something, now that Kazama's done?
  <Regina> ...What of the Third Energy?
  <Regina> Shouldn't this Psychopower thing of yours be able to start the
    Third Energy reactor?
  <Vega> Bitch... how would you know that?
  <Cammy> Lord Vega... I believe that woman has certain information.
  <Vega> I see.  Woman, you seem to be connected with the explosion on this
     island back when.
  <Vega> However.... I no longer need the Third Energy.
  <Vega> The situation is continually changing.
  <Captain> So, should we assume you found something better?
  <Vega> Heh heh heh... I've said it before.  There's no need, and no point,
    in you knowing that.
  <Vega> Hey, Cammy.... Go play with them.
  <Cammy> Acknowledged.  I shall eliminate the enemy.
  <Yuuri> Mission: acknowledged.
  <Yuuni> Commencing type one combat stance.
  <Vega> These girls will deal with you now!
  <Vega> Have fun, while you still can!
  <Klonoa> Say what?!  You plannin' on skippin' out?!
  <Chunli> Vega, you're not getting away!  Where do you think you're going?!
  <Vega> I'm not bored enough to tangle with you pathetic fools.
  <Vega> They're more than good enough.  Muahahahaha!
  <Klonoa> H-he vanished...
  <Sakura> Those girls... are being controlled, right?
  <Sakura> Isn't there a way to return them to normal?
  <Karin> At the very least, I doubt simply talking to them will work.
  <Cammy> Commencing combat.
  <Chunli> We can't keep on dealing with you forever.
  <Chunli> Sorry... but this time you're going down!

[Yuuni gets wrecked]

  <Yuuni> Body damage has reached functional limits.
  <Yuuni> Initiating emergency evacuation via Mach Slide.
  <Kasugano Sakura> Mach...?  Huh?  Wait...
  <Hiromi> Wow, she's fast!
  <Hiromi> She's also, um, gone.
  <Masuyo> Didn't her movements seem... unnatural?
  <Masuyo> It looked to me like she was getting pulled along by her body.
  <Captain> Is she a cyborg?
  <Xiaomu> What I wanna know is, is that some kinda rapid evac system in her
    back tooth or something?
  <Xiaomu> Right, Reiji?
  <Reiji> Why're you asking me?  The hell if I know.
  <Reiji> What I do know, is that she could still move that well after all
    the damage we inflicted...
  <Chunli> Shadowloo's altered their bodies.
  <Chunli> Their... bodies and spirits have been separated.
  <Chunli> (... They may be beyond saving at this point...)

[as does Yuuri]

  <Yuuri> Damage: extensive.
  <Yuuri> Continued operations: difficult.
  <Gantz> She runnin' away?  Hold it the fuck up!!
  <Captain> She didn't look like she felt any pain...
  <Mitsurugi> Yo, that girl... is her heart possessed?
  <Chunli> Something like that.
  <Chunli> More accurately, she's had the devil put into her.
  <Demitri> ...Her soul has been bound.
  <Demitri> Hmph, and a fine job of it too.  How annoying.
  <Jin> Coming from you, that sounds pretty convincing.
  <Jin> ...But, if so...
  <Chunli> ...

[...as does Cammy]

  <Cammy> How often must you get in my way...?!
  <Cammy> Preventing me from carrying out my mission is the same as defying
    Lord Vega himself!
  <Cammy> Why can't you realize how stupid that is...?!
  <Karin> Now what are you talking about?
  <Karin> I'm not a nice enough girl to let Vega have his way!
  <Mitsurugi> Worry about yerself first, bitch!!
  <Mitsurugi> We ain't gonna lick yer goddamn boots just 'cause you say so!!
  <Cammy> Urgh...
  <Reiji> (Of all their special forces, she's the one who feels the most
  <Reiji> (I wonder why.)
  <Chunli> You name's... Cammy, right?
  <Chunli> What do that samurai's words make you feel?
  <Chunli> Is what you told us really you talking?
  <Cammy> What...?!
  <Cammy> Vega uses his Psychopower to control robots, dinosaurs... all sorts
    of things.
  <Cammy> That power can even breach the dimensional wall...  Wouldn't it be
    easy for him to bind your heart?
  <Cammy> Ridiculous...!  I'm carrying out Lord Vega's orders of my own free
  <Cammy> Lord Vega would... never...
  <Chunli> Oh, really?!  Are you so sure?!
  <Cammy> ... *gulp*
  <Chunli> ...
  <Jin> Why are you trying so hard to get through to that girl?
  <Chunli> Because that girl's eyes... aren't like the other special forces,
    or the dinosaurs.
  <Chunli> There's still... some of her own will left there...
  <Chunli> ...We may be able to save her.
  <Bruce> I figured you were another steel lady like Fongling... but looks
    like you got a good side after all.
  <Chunli> ...We can pump her for info on Vega, of course.
  <Regina> ...Steel indeed?
  <Regina> Oh, and I'll be sure to let Fongling know what you just said, Bruce.
  <Bruce> H-hey now, no need to go doing that.
  <Xiaomu> What're you two doing?
  <Xiaomu> Chunli, I know you know this... but it ain't gonna be that easy.
  <Chunli> ...
  <Chunli> (Can she be saved...?  That girl...)

<Hiromi> All enemy signatures have vanished.
<Hiromi> The magnetic field in the area's back to normal too... looks like it's
<Masuyo> Captain, I want to know what you know.
<Masuyo> Where are the survivors from Genocide, and why did they bring
  Octies with them?
<Masuyo> Also, under what circumstances did you come to this world, plus all
  the other info you've got.  As well as...
<Xiaomu> Oh man, she's on the attack now.
<Sakura> Wow, rapid-fire.  My head's spinning.
<Captain> Heh heh... can you hold on a moment?
<Captain> All things go in order, right?
<Gantz> Damn straight.  We ended up fightin' on the same side, but who the
  heck are you, anyway?
<Captain> So, I've been wondering... are you two human?  ...Some kind of
<Klonoa> Well, excuse me!  We're us!
<Klonoa> We've got robot friends, but they ain't here now!
<Captain> ...?
<Jin> ...Aren't you talking to the wrong person?
<Karin> ...Hold on.  This got off on the wrong foot.
<Karin> Let's get back on topic... Captain Commando.
<Karin> It seems Masuyo and Hiromi know you, but the rest of us have no idea
  who you are.
<Reiji> That's what I want to know too.
<Reiji> I'm Arisu Reiji.  From the term "Shadow Police Organization", it
  sounds like we're from similar groups.
<Captain> The name's Captain Commando, leader of the Commando Team.
<Captain> It seems I was tossed into this world, just like the Space Force
<Xiaomu> A space hero... you some "mobile detective" or something?
<Xiaomu> Geez, what next?
<Demitri> The Infernal World, Phantom World, Spirit world... and the Material
<Demitri> So this lunacy will continue so long as the dimensional wall goes
<Chunli> Vega managed to summon his special forces back from the Phantom
  World under his own power...
<Chunli> This isn't good... we really are losing control of the situation.
<Bruce> Hey, maybe we'd better get everyone else involved in this discussion,
<Regina> You're right.  Maybe they've found some clues.
<Regina> We need to pool all the information we can.
<Captain> Speaking of "everyone", the other members of my team are
  investigating other blocks of this ship.
<Captain> I expect they'll be gathering here...
<Karin> Gai of the Bushin-Ryuu said he was planning to come here.  Perhaps...
<Mitsurugi> Heh, rendezvous huh?
<Mitsurugi> Feels like we just got dished a big steamin' heap of trouble...


{Material World... Ibis Island, Bridge of the Cruiser Volklinde}

<Valkyrie> So, everyone was sent here from Joylant by the Soul Edge's power?
<Taki> Looks that way.
<Taki> ...Which means...
<Mitsurugi> ...It's still around here somewhere...?
<KOS-MOS> Energy signature detected within the ship.
<KOS-MOS> It appears to be coming from the Zohar hangar.
<Shion> The Zohar hangar... What?!
<Shion> That "golden object"'s gone already...
<Captain> Maybe it's this Soul Edge we've been talking about.
<Captain> Sounds interesting to me.
<Morrigan> (...This feeling... could it be... that girl...?)
<Gil> Let's check it out.  Maybe Stan and the others from Joylant are there
<Xiaomu> Man... so many new faces, so little time for introductions...
<Reiji> Can't be helped.  ...Let's go.

{Material World... Ibis Island, Zohar Hangar, Cruiser Volklinde}

<Arthur> U..uhh....
<???> Mister?  Hey, mister.
<Arthur> Hmm?  You are...?  Wait, where am I?
<Lilith> You're such a sleepy head.  You're gonna catch cold, sleeping there.
<Arthur> Where... is this place?  I was just at Joylant...
<Lilith> Hmm?  No idea.  You were sleeping there when I came.  My name's 
<Arthur> Lilith, is it?  I am Arthur.
<Arthur> Why have you come-  Hmm?
<Lilith> What's up?
<Arthur> (This girl... isn't human, is she?)
<Arthur> (...A demon, is it?  I feel no enmity from her, but...)
<Arthur> Oh, nothing at all.  Tell me, did you perchance meet anyone else
  before me?
<Arthur> A blond boy and a black-haired girl, perhaps?
<Lilith> Nope, haven't seen them.
<Lilith> Anyways... can't you feel it, mister?
<Arthur> Feel...?  Feel what?

{Material World... Zohar Hangar, Cruiser Volklinde}

<Lilith> This place feels... strange.
<Lilith> I've never been here before, but the magic overflowing from this
  place feels so familiar somehow.
<Arthur> Is that a fact?
<Arthur> (I don't know of what she speaks... but perhaps she has something
  to do with the light from the Soul Edge that sent us here...)
<Lilith> Looks like everyone's not here...
<Lilith> But I think... they'll be coming.
<Arthur> Everyone...?
<Lilith> Until they do... let's play, mister.
<Arthur> I can't do that, miss.
<Arthur> I must find out where I am, and what happened to me-...
<Arthur> Hmm?!


<Lilith> Wow, what cute friends.
<Arthur> Phantom Beasts... the ones from Joylant?
<Arthur> Perchance they were thrown here at the same moment as I...
<Rutee> How about over here?!
<Stan> ...There he is!  Arthur!!
<Arthur> Oh!  Stan, Rutee!
<Arthur> Thank goodness you're safe.
<Lilith> Mister, are these your... friends?
<Arthur> Friends... or perhaps, comrades.
<Rutee> Who's that girl?  You know her?
<Atwight> Rutee!  That girl is... a demon!
<Stan> A demon...?!  Does that mean she's the enemy?!
<Dimlos> I don't know yet.  But...
<Arthur> ...
<Lilith> All righty, let's all play!  We're gonna have lots of fun!
<Stan> F-fun?
<Arthur>...Be on guard, Stan.
<Arthur> What that girl calls fun... is probably fighting.
<Rutee> Huh?!  Hey, you!  There's no way that can be fun!
<Lilith> Yes it is.  Blood is so sparkly and pretty...
<Lilith> Besides... I don't mind if it hurts.  'Cause then it starts feeling
   better and better...
<Stan> ...R-really, Rutee?
<Rutee> Don't ask me that!
<Arthur> ..Demon and human... They way they see the world are totally 
<Arthur> 'Tis indeed that much worse when no malice is involved.

[time passes...]

  <Lilith> Wow, you guys are good...
  <Lilith> I'm having a lot of fun now!
  <Rutee> I'm not having any fun at all!
  <Arthur> Now now, you're talking to a child.
  <Arthur> No need to scold her that much.
  <Rutee> Now see here!  Think about the trouble we're in!
  <Stan> She's right, Arthur!
  <Stan> That girl's a demon... friends with the Phantom Beasts!
  <Arthur> Well, that's true as far as it goes...
  <Arthur> (Her total lack of animosity bothers me... Who is she?  What is 
    she after?)
  <Lilith> No quarreling!
  <Lilith> That stuff's not... fun at all.
  <Rutee> And whose fault is that?!
  <Rutee> First of all...
  <Atwight> Rutee!  Wait, Rutee!
  <Rutee> Shut up, Atwight!
  <Rutee> I gotta give this girl a piece of my mind!
  <Dimlos> I don't think there's time for that.
  <Stan> Huh?  Something wrong, Dimlos?
  <Lilith> ...That's weird.  They just started talking to someone.
  <Arthur> Egad, now you two are ignoring both friend and foe.
  <Stan> O-oh, so, this sword's called a "Swordian", and only its master
    can hear...
  <Dimlos> Stan!  Something's coming!

[where have we seen that before]

  <Lilith> T-that sword...!
  <Stan> ...The Soul Edge!
  <Stan> Where on Earth has it been since casting us out back there?
  <Saya> It looks like it's drawn to the strongest magic it can find.
  <Saya> Plus, it takes everything around it with it to another world.  What
    an _attractive_ sword...
  <Arthur> Hmm...?
  <Rutee> Ah, I see... so its power threw us into this nonsense place...
  <Rutee> ...Wait up, who're you?!
  <Lilith> Huh?  Aren't you...
  <Saya> Hmm?  Oh, don't worry about me, ladies.
  <Stan> Could it be... the sword's power brought you all the way over here
  <Saya> (My, what a cutie.)
  <Saya> (Looks like the boy and his friends aren't here... hmmmm... I suppose
    I really should avoid the tricky stuff.)
  <Saya> Why, yes it did.
  <Saya> I was gazing at the stars, composing a poem... and I suddenly ended up
  <Stan> Then, you've got to stay away from that sword!
  <Stan> Otherwise, it'll send you somewhere else-...!
  <???> Hold it.
  <???> Don't make me laugh.  _You_, write poetry?
  <Xiaomu> ...This is what people call a "fox in sheep's clothing".
  <Saya> That's right, I just lead that innocent by by the nose, take the
    Soul Edge, and...
  <Saya> ...Who's there?!

[the cavalry]

  <Xiaomu> You don't deserve to know our names...!
  <Xiaomu> Hey, Reiji, you tell her!
  <Reiji> This's no time for being grandiose.
  <Reiji> ...Saya, you're not getting that sword.
  <Saya> You made it here pretty fast this time, boy.
  <Taki> I was wondering what world the Soul Edge vanished to... to think
    that it's still nearby.
  <Mitsurugi> Heh, that much easier for us to grab the bastard.
  <Morrigan> In any case, it's good we met again so soon.
  <Morrigan> You too... miss.
  <Lilith> ...Yeah, you're right.
  <Lilith> I'm so glad... I don't wanna go back to that dark place alone...
  <Morrigan> ...I still can't guess where you're talking about.
  <Morrigan> I certainly hope we learn something this time.
  <Xiaomu> Always more riddles.
  <Xiaomu> And some new faces too, I see.
  <Ryuu> Western armor and a sword.
  <Reiji> Is he... the companion you were searching for?
  <Gil> Yes, that's right.
  <Gil> Silver Knight... I've been looking for you.
  <Gil> Looks like Stan and Rutee are here too.
  <Stan> Gil!
  <Kai> Everyone, thank the heavens you're safe...!
  <Gantz> Hey, bro, yer lookin' sharp.
  <Sabine> ...I didn't think he was that durable.
  <Kurino> Thank goodness we found you two _and_ the Silver Knight.
  <Klonoa> Yahoo!  Now that we're here, you got nothin' to fear!
  <Rutee> Thank god there's someone we recognize around here.
  <Rutee> Now at least we know who the good guys and bad guys are.
  <Arthur> Well met, Golden Knight, Gilgamesh.
  <Arthur> Were you thrown here, as we were?
  <Gil> Considering the timing, I'd say so.
  <Gil> As well as... her.
  <Arthur> Hmm?  Her...?
  <Valkyrie> Silver Knight... Arthur.
  <Valkyrie> I too have sought you out...
  <Valkyrie> So that I may once again enter... "that" village.
  <Arthur> That village...?
  <Arthur> ...That visage, you... no, your ladyship is...!
  <Saya> Okay, that's enough blabbering for one day.
  <KOS-MOS> Dimensional distortion detected.  ...Here they come.

[the ants come marching one by one, hurrah, hurrah...]

  <Saya> Heh heh heh...
  <Stan> What are those monsters?!  Did you bring them here?!
  <Rutee> I swear... this's your fault for staring at her so much.
  <Dimlos> ...You wasted too much time talking, Stan.
  <Arthur> Ha ha ha, enjoy it while you're still young.
  <Arthur> ...Well, our opponents seem to be ready.  Let the battle begin.
  <Lilith> ...
  <Morrigan> Well then, now the fun begins.
  <Morrigan> Aren't you going to run like last time, my dear?
  <Lilith> ...I can't let myself get scared.
  <Lilith> And... I can't let you have that sword...
  <Morrigan> ...?
  <Saya> My my, looks like everyone's got a plan.
  <Saya> Heh heh... well then, to the victor, the spoils.  Okay?
  <Tarosuke> Hey!  Who put you in charge?!
  <Kagekiyo> ...However, it is all the same in the end.
  <Kagekiyo> Only those who survive are capable of claiming the Soul Edge.
  <Reiji> It doesn't matter.
  <Reiji> ...Either way, Saya, you'll be destroyed.
  <Taki> Huh?... What the...?
  <Xiaomu> ...What the?  What was that flicker of sorcery just now?
  <Taki> ...Nothing.
  <Taki> To battle.
  <Taki> (I have never heard Mekkimaru cry like that...)
  <Taki> (I have a bad feeling about this.  We may need to end this battle
    in a big hurry...)

[she wanted pain, she got pain]

  <Lilith> I-it hurts... it hurts bad...
  <Morrigan> I'm sorry.  None of us know how to hold back.  ...Myself included.
  <Lilith> ...But, this pain proves... I exist...
  <Lilith> ...That I'm... connected to you.
  <Morrigan> ...?!
  <Morrigan> Would you mind being a bit more specific?
  <Morrigan> Who are you?  What relation are you of mine?
  <Lilith> I'm you... and you're me...
  <Morrigan> Hold it, dear!
  <Morrigan> (Her eyes... my eyes were like that once...)
  <Morrigan> (And this feeling... what's going on?)
  <Morrigan> (Why am I so worried about a girl... I've never met before...?)

[fragdown continues]

  <Valkyrie> ...!
  <Valkyrie> This presence... something is coming!
  <KOS-MOS> Several heat sources approaching rapidly.
  <Xiaomu> Ain't this boat a little too popular?
  <Xiaomu> What is this, some kinda hot dating spot?
  <Reiji> I assume they're the enemy.
  <Reiji> But who, damn it?
  <Atwight> Rutee, I sense strong magic!
  <Rutee> Okay, I guess that means it's not another human who got thrown
    around like we did.

[eek, demons!]

  <Red Aleemar Joker> ...
  <Arthur> Hmm?!  Red Aleemar... !?
  <Stan> W-whoa!  Where's all those red monsters come from?!
  <Kai> Gil!  Those demons!
  <Gai> Yeah, they're from the Infernal Village...!
  <Valkyrie> ...Red monsters, who follow the Crest...!
  <Arthur> A horde of red aleemar... finally enemies I can handle.
  <Arthur> You, the immense one... you're their commander?
  <Red Aleemar Joker> That silver armor... and the aura emanating from your
    entire body... You must be... Arthur.
  <Red Aleemar Joker> My name's Joker.  Red Aleemar Joker.
  <Red Aleemar Joker> I'm the leader of the Infernal Village's punishment
    squad, the Demons' Blazon.
  <Valkyrie> (The Demons' Blazon...!  So, he did take part in that war...)
  <Reiji> Ah, the one who showed up at Emperor Enma's place.
  <Saya> Ahh, that handsome man from back then.
  <Saya> Heh heh... you left in such a hurry last time.  I take it you're
    staying a bit longer now?
  <Xiaomu> Hey!  We're now officially over the weight limit!
  <Xiaomu> Thanks to you and your goon squad!
  <Red Aleemar Joker> I didn't expect _them_ to be with you.  ...This must be
    fate, Maiden Knight.
  <Valkyrie> Fate... perhaps it is.
  <Valkyrie> Together with these companions, I can now fight you and the
    forces of the Infernal Village... you who have joined hands with Druaga.
  <Sabine> We're with her too, right Kurino?
  <Kurino> Right.  And we've got Gil and Arthur too.  We're different than we
    used to be.
  <Red Aleemar Joker> Indeed.  The Golden Knight, who once struck down Druaga.
    And the Silver Knight, who once laid waste to the Infernal Village.
  <Red Aleemar Joker> And many other stalwarts besides.
  <Arthur> ...
  <Gil> Druaga... I'd like to know where he is.
  <Gil> Will you tell me?
  <Red Aleemar Joker> ...
  <Red Aleemar Joker> ...Need I say it?  The Tower of Druaga.
  <Ryuu> The Tower of... Druaga?
  <Kai> Do you mean to tell me even that tower's been rebuilt?!
  <Kai> Where?!
  <Stan> What?!  But, that tower's in ruins...!
  <Klonoa> Right!  We just fought there not a minute ago!
  <Gantz> Or what, it got rebuilt since then?  Like hell.
  <Red Aleemar Joker> ...It's in the Infernal Village.
  <Gil> What...?!
  <Valkyrie> ...I feared as much.
  <Valkyrie> But... is it really true...?
  <Morrigan> So, it must have been Transferred from the Phantom World...
  <Morrigan> ...Into the Infernal World.  Our back yard.
  <Arthur> ...I see.  That would mean we need to get that Soul Edge.
  <Tarosuke> Huh?  What's that gotta do with it?
  <Kagekiyo> (The Soul Edge... So, that sword is the key...)
  <Red Aleemar Joker> So, the Silver Knight has figured it out.
  <Taki> Wait!  What do you mean?!
  <Mitsurugi> Yeah, fucking spell it out!
  <Mitsurugi> What's the Soul Edge got ta do with-...
  <Valkyrie> Impossible... can that sword cleave dimensions?!
  <Arthur> A sharp reading worthy of the Maiden Knight.
  <Arthur> We must have that sword to enter the Infernal Village.
  <Xiaomu> It can cleave dimensions...?
  <Xiaomu> Dimensions... ah, so that's why Saya's after it?
  <Xiaomu> (That "catalyst" blah blah stuff... was about this...!)
  <Saya> ...
  <Saya> (Looks like the cat's out of the bag...)
  <Saya> (Not that that's the whole story.)
  <Rutee> Now hold on a sec, I don't follow this at all!
  <Red Aleemar Joker> There's no need for you to follow it.
  <Red Aleemar Joker> None of you... are walking out of here alive.
  <Reiji> So, even in our own world, we've still got to grab the Soul Edge.
  <Taki> Mekkimaru's reacting again?!
  <Taki> (What's been going on?  Why do you cry, Mekkimaru?)
  <Red Aleemar Joker> Enough talk.
  <Red Aleemar Joker> My duty, the duty of all in the Infernal Village
     punishment squad "Demons' Blazon"... is to eliminate threats to the
     Infernal Village.
  <Red Aleemar Joker> Let the battle begin... Silver Knight, Arthur!
  <Arthur> Skip the pleasantaries, and come.
  <Arthur> I will neither run, nor hide...!

[Saya rents the farm]

  <Saya> Okay, I'm beginning to get tired of these little skirmishes.
  <Reiji> Never mind the excuses.  ...Get lost, if you're going to.
  <Saya> Goodness, I never expected you to just let me walk out of here, boy.
  <Saya> Be cold to me, and I might just not want to come back...
  <Saya> ...Or are you trying to use feminine psychology against me?
  <Xiaomu> Quit making fun of him.
  <Xiaomu> You think he's that good?
  <Xiaomu> Give him a little less credit than that!
  <Reiji> Gee, thanks.
  <Reiji> ...Saya, what are you waiting for?
  <Reiji> The Soul Edge... ever since it showed up around the Phantom World,
    hasn't your interest dimmed a bit?
  <Saya> ...
  <Saya> What I'm waiting for... is you.  What else?
  <Saya> Maybe you can tell me what I'm really waiting for...
  <Reiji> ...
  <Saya> Ooh, you reminded me just now... of "him".
  <Saya> ...Your father.
  <Reiji> ...
  <Reiji> ...How felicitous.
  <Xiaomu> Never speak of that...!
  <Saya> Heh heh heh...
  <Xiaomu> God damn it... pushing our God damn buttons...!
  <Xiaomu> Argh, okay.  Reiji, you alright?
  <Reiji> Don't worry about me.  Once we get the Soul Edge, she's gonna be
    doing a lot less talking.
  <Reiji> THEN we kick her ass.  That's the only way to avoid loose ends

[big, red and winged gets wounded badly enough]

  <Red Aleemar Joker> Rrrgh... you _are_ strong...!
  <Red Aleemar Joker> I knew it... I should have defeated them back when I
    had the chance.
  <Arthur> I'm surprised myself, Red Aleemar Joker.
  <Arthur> I was aware of the Maiden and Golden Knights... but all of them are
  <Xiaomu> Ho ho, no problemo!  Just lookit all this ferrous metal!  'Course
    we're fer-ocious!!
  <Reiji> I swear... can't you at least ask a few normal questions before
    you start running your mouth?
  <Reiji> ...Red demon, how did you get here?
  <Reiji> Was it that "dimension cleaving power" of the Soul Edge that
    brought you...?
  <Red Aleemar Joker> The Soul Edge's power?  First I've heard of it.  The
    dimensional walls might as well not exist anyway.
  <Morrigan> I see... so the walls separating the dimensions are already that
  <Kai> Gil, maybe that's what caused that mess at Joylant?!
  <Gil> ...Yeah, it must have been when the Soul Edge unleashed its power that
    did it.
  <Stan> Are you talking about that light that swallowed us?!
  <Arthur> There can be no mistake.  I felt an evil power then, such as I've
    never felt before.
  <Valkyrie> ...
  <Valkyrie> ...I suppose the "Awakening" has begun.
  <Rutee> Wait a sec, Maiden Knight!  What's this "awakening" business?!
  <Valkyrie> ...Thanks to the concentration of so much magic, the evil sword
    is on the verge of recovering its original power.
  <Kurino> Lady Valkyrie, are you saying this sword... this sword with all
    the power it gives off, is still incomplete?!
  <Sabine> Man, what a piece of work.
  <Taki> Awakening... you said?!
  <Taki> (Were Mekkimaru's cries a warning about the Soul Edge's awakening?!)
  <Taki> Urgh... uhhh...!
  <Mitsurugi> What's this aura...?!  Hey, Taki!

[kids, don't touch downed power lines]

  <Red Aleemar Joker> This power...!
  <Reiji> Is that coming from the Soul Edge?!

[no, I mean it.  step... away... from the downed power lines]

  <Charade> ...
  <Kagekiyo> Who goes there?  This strong sorcery... these are no mere foes.
  <Tarosuke> C-course they're not.  They're like, on fire.
  <Morrigan> The Soul Edge and... this new magic are the same...?
  <KOS-MOS> No trace of Dimensional Transfer or its build-up.
  <KOS-MOS> I believe the Soul Edge "gave birth" to them.
  <Kai> The evil sword... gave birth to them?!
  <Stan> Dimlos, do you know anything about this?!  You're a sword too!
  <Dimlos> I'm just a weapon with a personality sealed inside.
  <Dimlos> Our adversary is something completely different.
  <Rutee> I don't care what it is!  It's an enemy, right?!  Let's just kick
    its ass!
  <Atwight> Rutee... you're so violent...
  <Valkyrie> Maybe that is for the best.
  <Valkyrie> Rather than hand it to those in the Infernal Village, perhaps a
    bit of force is-...!
  <Ryuu> They say the pen is mightier than the sword... but sometimes, a bit
    of brute force helps.
  <Ryuu> Nothing else for it...!
  <Red Aleemar Joker> And me this badly wounded at a time like this... 
  <Red Aleemar Joker> I can't bend the Soul Edge to my will the way I am
  <Arthur> Then what will you do, Red Aleemar Joker?
  <Red Aleemar Joker> Leave this place.
  <Red Aleemar Joker> I'm sure you lot can't touch it either.
  <Xiaomu> Say WHAT?  Give us a bit more credit!
  <Xiaomu> I break one or two of those things over my knee every morning!
  <Xiaomu> ...Three's a bit trickier though...
  <Reiji> How can you confuse yourself at a time like this?
  <Reiji> Yo, red demon!  What do you mean, we can't touch it either?!
  <Red Aleemar Joker> ...
  <Charade> ...
  <Gantz> Dammit, this is pissing me off!
  <Gantz> I'm gonna make a beehive outta ya!
  <Klonoa> ...I dunno if they've got enough meat on 'em for the bees to nest
  <Klonoa> All bones.
  <Taki> ...This hostility, and malice... be on guard, one and all.
  <Gil> Those are probably close to being creatures of pure magic.
  <Gil> Anyway, we've gotta defeat them and get the Soul Edge!

[take down one Charade]

  <Charade> ...
  <Arthur> What are those things?
  <Arthur> They just melt away when defeated!
  <Rutee> It felt like something slipped out of then at the last minute.
  <Stan> Pretty disgusting.  What... _are_ they...?
  <Taki> They're probably the Soul Edge's sorcery itself.
  <Morrigan> Taki, dear, you sound very confident.
  <Sabine> You got some kinda proof or something?
  <Kurino> I've been wondering for a while... what're those swords you carry?
  <Valkyrie> Taki... those swords... are kin to the Soul Edge, aren't they?
  <Kai> What?!  The Soul Edge's... kin?!
  <Taki> ...
  <Gil> ...The cursed, evil sword, huh?  It's almost as though it has a will
    of its own.
  <Gil> I suppose it created those avatars to... defend itself.
  <Xiaomu> I only thought it was a tool to get us back home, but...
  <Xiaomu> This's powerful stuff.
  <Reiji> Yeah.  All the more reason not to let our enemies have it.
  <Reiji> ...Especially not Saya.

[charade over...]

  <Stan> W-whoa!!  W-what the?  What the heck's going on?!
  <Dimlos> Stan!!  The Soul Edge!!
  <Mitsurugi> This sorcery... man, that Soul Edge is just too much...!
  <Ryuu> This prickling all over my skin.. what an incredible aura.
  <Morrigan> Another impressive display of power, it looks like.  I wonder
    what happens this time?
  <Klonoa> I'm almost kinda looking forward to it.
  <Gantz> I sure as hell ain't!  Feels like time for daddy to spank my ass!
  <Rutee> Hey!  Don't tell me more of those weird things're gonna show up!
  <Gil> We all had best watch out.
  <Gil> Under the circumstances... there's no telling what happens next...!
  <Tarosuke> Just what kinda commotion is this, anyway?
  <Tarosuke> Any ideas, Kagekiyo?
  <Kagekiyo> More sorcery than I have ever felt before... something is
    about to... happen...!
  <Kai> This outpouring of evil power is... too great!
  <KOS-MOS> Energy output has surpassed all previously recorded levels.
  <Valkyrie> What... space is...?!
  <Arthur> Oh no!  Everyone, get out of here now!!
  <Taki> So that's it!  Everyone, withdraw!
  <Taki> Urgh...!  Can we make it?!
  <Xiaomu> Reiji, we're in deep shit!
  <Reiji> Impossible...!  Not another Transfer, not now!

{Material World... The Third Moon, Unified Earth Control Section}

<???> Intruders?  Here on The Third Moon...?
<???> Yes.  Intruders of unknown origin.
<???> I also received reports of spatial distortion.
<???> I believe they got in by Spatial Transfer.
<???> Also, we've confirmed one of them who did not use that method.
<???> Hien, that one is...
<Hien> ...I know.  A survivor from the Striders, who opposes you, Grand Master
<Grand Master> ...A Strider?  Do not let him leave this city alive.
<Grand Master> Assassin Solo, do you understand?
<Solo> ...Very good sir.
<Hien> Tonpuu has already headed to see to the intruders' destruction.
<Hien> Their death should be a matter of time.
<Grand Master> ...But what of the Strider?
<Hien> I shall go myself.  I assume "he" will not be so easily defeated.
<Hien> Strider... Hiryuu.

{Meanwhile... The Third Moon, Antigrav Corridor}

<Morrigan> ...U-uhh...
<Morrigan> Ugh... more of the Soul Edge's power...?
<Klonoa> Man... what's going on...
<Klonoa> Hey!  What _is_ going on?!
<Gantz> ...Yo, what the hell's happened to us?
<Hoover> This appears to be... anti-gravity.
<Hoover> ...We are not so much stuck to the ceiling, as the direction of
  gravity is reversed.
<Felicia> I don't think I caught that!
<Tarosuke> Hey, quit rocking the boat!  We're all gonna fall!
<Hoover> Gravity's merely pointing in the opposite direction.  You'll get
  used to it soon.
<Hoover> Just imagine you're standing on the ground.

[invariant under rotation]

<Nakamura> Goodness, what a surprise.  I see, we just have to think of the
  ceiling as down.
<Shion> The human capacity for adaptation is... amazing.
<Demitri> Hmph, what a boring contraption.
<Demitri> So?  Where have we been tossed this time?
<Hoover> ...
<Hoover> ...It's hard to believe, but this has got to be The Third Moon.
<Jennety> ...!!
<Shion> The Third Moon... No way!  As in the Meiou Space Station?!
<Momo> What?!  You mean we're in... space?!
<Kagekiyo> Space... you said?  Is that the name this place goes by?
<King> Who is this "Meiou"?
<Ken> Stop.  ...Let's go in order, or we'll be at this forever.
<M.O.M.O.> I have some data on a "Grand Master Meiou"...
<M.O.M.O.> Unfortunately, the information is Top Secret, and all I can tell
  is that he is considered high profile and highly dangerous...
<Hoover> They say he possesses a variety of ultra-technology, and is himself
  an extremely powerful Esper.
<Hoover> He's at the very top of the United Galactic Space Force wanted list.
<Hoover> The Third Moon is his stronghold... a space fortress that moves
  by anti-gravity drive.
<Felicia> Great, another weird place...
<Felicia> ...Wait, how come it's only us?  Where's everyone else?!
<Morrigan> Either we were the only ones thrown here... Or everyone else got
  scattered elsewhere...
<Klonoa> Whoa, what the heck?!
<Gantz> That was an explosion!  Great... don't tell a fight's goin' on
  somewhere around here?
<Kagekiyo> ...It may be the others who were split from us.
<Ken> If so, this ain't no time to stay stuck to the ceiling.
<Ken> Let's go check it out.


{Material World... The Third Moon, Antigrav Corridor}

<Tonpuu> I'll ask this once more.
<Tonpuu> State your name and purpose.
<???> I told you already, girl... I have no name.
<???> We didn't sneak in here cause we wanted to.  Ain't no purpose, neither.
<???> If you insist, figuring out what the hell happened's our purpose.
<???> ...Where are we?
<Tonpuu> "Nameless"... what a joke.
<Tonpuu> And quit playing dumb.  This is The Third Moon... "His" castle.
<Tonpuu> I rather doubt you haven't heard of it.
<Ultra Warrior 2P> "The Third Moon", and Him...
<Ultra Warrior 2P> Shit, is that what happened?
<Ultra Warrior 1P> We've been flying all over the damn place looking for the
  "Celestial Emperor".  And we end up at "Meiou"'s place instead?
<Ultra Warrior 1P> I want to know something else.
<Ultra Warrior 1P> Looks like we got Transported here from Dustworld... a
  planet at the ass-end of nowhere.
<Ultra Warrior 1P> Did the Grand Master's tech do that?
<Ultra Warrior 2P> Hold up.  Hearing that girl talk, sounds like us showin'
  up here's pretty irregular.
<Ultra Warrior 2P> ...Meaning we gotta ask this instead:
<Ultra Warrior 2P> You bitches got anything to do with us gettin' Transferred
<Tonpuu> ...
<Tonpuu> This is likely the world of the past... A Transfer of unknown origin
  sent us here.
<Ultra Warrior 2P> The "world of the past"?
<Ultra Warrior 1P> Bro, she's sayin' we went through time...
<Ultra Warrior 2P> That's too shitty for a joke.
<Ultra Warrior 1P> Okay, next question.
<Tonpuu> Don't get cocky.
<Tonpuu> Whatever the reason, you're still intruders.
<Tonpuu> All intruders are to be destroyed.  That's one of The Third Moon's
  unbreakable rules.
<Ultra Warrior 1P> ...Looks like it.
<Ultra Warrior 1P> Though those get-ups look more like the welcoming party.
<Ultra Warrior 2P> Ain't no joy in gettin' mobbed by some fortified warrior
  chicks under emotional control.
<Ultra Warrior 1P> You got that right.
<Ultra Warrior 1P> Can't afford gettin' killed here, can we?
<Ultra Warrior 2P> Damn straight.  Let's do it...!

[muscular thugs: 1, scantily clad babes: 0]

  <Tonpuu> You guys are tougher than I thought.
  <Ultra Warrior 1P> I'll take that as a compliment.
  <Ultra Warrior 1P> Bein' outnumbered's our specialty.
  <Ultra Warrior 2P> Hmm?  Yo, got some strange readings here.
  <Tonpuu> Huh?!  What's this energy reading?!
  <Ultra Warrior 2P> A Transfer...?!  Shit, more visitors it looks like.
  <Ultra Warrior 1P> Looks like the lackey's surprised too, so they prolly
    ain't more goons...

[it's a... shop]

  <Tonpuu> W-what the hell?!  A building?!
  <Ultra Warrior 2P> Yo, ain't that...!
  <Ultra Warrior 1P> Gimme a break... always lookin' to make a buck.
  <Sylphie> I am always grateful for your help.
  <Sylphie> I have searched long and hard for you, Ultra Warriors.
  <Ultra Warrior 1P> Great timing as always, Sylphie.
  <Ultra Warrior 2P> I just hope she don't plan it that way on purpose.
  <Tonpuu> How did we let her just waltz in here...?!
  <Tonpuu> Who the hell are you?!
  <Sylphie> Hmm?
  <Sylphie> I am Sylphie, proprietor of this shop.
  <Ultra Warrior 1P> Sylphie, you came at a good time.
  <Sylphie> Well, I have been seeking you out.
  <Sylphie> I have learned the location of the Celestial Emperor's palace, and
    was hoping to sell you the information.
  <Ultra Warrior 2P> ...Everything for a price, huh?  Try "free".
  <Sylphie> It will be the usual one hundred coins, if you are interested.
  <Ultra Warrior 1P> Price ain't the problem.
  <Ultra Warrior 1P> First we gotta get outta this world.
  <Ultra Warrior 2P> You _will_ help, right?
  <Sylphie> Leave it to me.  I do anything and everything to help my customers.
  <Ultra Warrior 1P> Smooth as always too, looks like.
  <Tonpuu> So, she's a friend of yours.
  <Tonpuu> One more person won't matter... All three of you are going down.
  <Ultra Warrior 2P> Hmph, we already got plans.  We're blowin' this gin joint.
  <Ultra Warrior 2P> Get in the way, an' consider your ass kicked.
  <Sylphie> Well, let us go then.
  <Ultra Warrior 1P> No bunch of fortified warriors can slow us down...!

[chapter title]

  <Ultra Warrior 1P> Shit, there's more of 'em.
  <Ultra Warrior 1P> Can't say I'm glad to see all that jailbait there.
  <Ultra Warrior 2P> Yeah, me neither.
  <Ultra Warrior 2P> Maybe if they learned how to please better.
  <Sylphie> If you prefer androids, I can offer you a discount.
  <Ultra Warrior 2P> That ain't the point.
  <Ultra Warrior 2P> Huh?

[the cavalry show up]

  <Tonpuu> Who're they...?!
  <Tonpuu> I see... those are the intruders who Transferred from the Earth.
  <Kagekiyo> Indeed, a battle is raging.
  <Tarosuke> Pretty cool, seeing as how they're all upside down.
  <Klonoa> I just can't get used to this stuck-to-the-ceiling stuff.
  <Gantz> Ain't like it happens all that often, huh?  Just enjoy it while it
  <Berabou Man> We may be upside down, but the first step towards righting
    ourselves is understanding our situation.
  <Berabou Man> The combatants are...
  <Ken> Two huge dudes and...
  <Ken> Huh?  That chick in the blue outfit.  Isn't that...
  <Sylphie> ...!
  <Sylphie> It is those customers from back there!
  <Sylphie> It is so good to see you again.
  <Wonder Momo> You're... Miss Sylphie, from the Dragon Pavilion Castle, right?
  <Jennety> ...
  <Hoover> Sylphie...?
  <Hoover> As in Sylphie the arms dealer, specialist in showing up out of the
  <Sylphie> Goodness gracious, if it isn't Hoover and Jennety from the esteemed
    Commando Team.
  <Ultra Warrior 1P> Commando Team...?
  <Ultra Warrior 1P> Sylphie, you know these guys?
  <Sylphie> Yes, they once bought my wares at a place called the Dragon
  <Sylphie> Especially their Type 100 Realian...
  <Sylphie> They are very important customers of mine.
  <M.O.M.O.> S-Shion...
  <Shion> ...Please stop looking at me like that.
  <Ultra Warrior 2P> A Type 100 Observation Unit?
  <Ultra Warrior 2P> ...What're you plannin', Sylphie?
  <King> Hmm... that must mean that the army guys with Sylphie are friends of
  <King> In other words, they've come from the world of the distant future?
  <Demitri> Those other women are the ones we saw on that Volklinde vessel.
  <Demitri> Hmph, I had assumed we had eradicated them all there.
  <Morrigan> Now that we know who our friends and foes are, I'd say we have
  <Tonpuu> So, all the intruders have banded together?  ...All the better to
    wipe them out at once.
  <Tonpuu> Send "them" in.
  <Ultra Soldier 1P> Hmm?  What're the enemy doing?

[oh, that "them"]

  <Klonoa> Yikes, where'd they come from?!  What kinda monsters're these?!
  <Shion> ...G-Gnosis?!
  <Shion> B-but I've never seen this type before.
  <M.O.M.O.> Shion, from the database, this is an extremely rarely seen type!
  <Ken> High-ranking bastards, huh?
  <Ken> Bring it on.
  <Tonpuu> Advance!  Wipe out the intruders.
  <Shion> "Advance"...?!  What?!
  <Ultra Warrior 2P> Can she... control the Gnosis?
  <Gantz> Shit!  Bitch got some nerve summoning these tough-ass fuckers here!
  <Demitri> The enemy always summon companions.
  <Kagekiyo> Wait.
  <Kagekiyo> ...Was not an "incantation" necessary to slay them before?
  <Tarosuke> Hey, he's right.
  <Tarosuke> Yo, Momo!  Hurry it up with that Hillbilly whatchamacallit thing
    you do!
  <M.O.M.O.> U-umm... that's "Hilbert Effect".
  <M.O.M.O.> ...It doesn't have anything to do with hills or billies, but...
  <Felicia> Look, now's not the time to practice the "straight man" act!
  <Felicia> Just do it!
  <M.O.M.O.> ...I-I'll do it!
  <Tonpuu> What...?!  The Hilbert Effect?!
  <Morrigan> Heh heh, that's always so marvelous.
  <Sylphie> Momo... that was wonderful.
  <Sylphie> Deploying the Hilbert Effect without an amplifier!
  <Sylphie> And her charming appearance, and proper demeanor.
  <M.O.M.O.> T...thank you very much.
  <Sylphie> ...A hundred million coins would be far too cheap.
  <M.O.M.O.> Huh?  U-umm...
  <Ultra Soldier 1P> So that's what she's after.
  <Ultra Soldier 1P> Quit puttin' a price tag on everything.
  <Wonder Momo> K-kinda feeling tense around here...
  <Wonder Momo> Anyway, now we can fight back!
  <Jennety> ...
  <Hoover> I know, Jennety.
  <Hoover> ...These Gnosis aren't like the one's we've fought before...
  <Berabou Man> They are troublesome enough alone, but to think that they 
    would become the enemy's soldiers...
  <Shion> It can't be...!  It shouldn't be possible to give orders to the
  <Hoover> Grand Master Meiou is said to have even the power to create life...
  <Hoover> It's not beyond the realm of possibility.
  <Shion> I-it can't be...
  <Hoover> Yes, it's possible he's figured out how to "replicate" the
  <Tonpuu> ...
  <Tonpuu> Kill every last one of them, and make damn sure they're dead.

[pound the bad guys some]

  <M.O.M.O.> Ah!
  <M.O.M.O.> Multiple heat sources approaching!
  <Ultra Warrior 2P> Great, more goddamn bad guys.
  <Sylphie> I welcome all customers... but it would appear we cannot look
    forward to that.


  <???> Looks like those Gnosis you copied ain't doin' the trick.
  <Jennety> ...!!
  <Tonpuu> What...?!  Why are you-...
  <Shion> (Did he just say "copied"?!)
  <Shion> (So these Gnosis really are...!)
  <King> Well, this is an enemy fortress... which explains all the things 
    being thrown our way.
  <Ken> Man, this's getting nowhere.
  <Ken> We gotta find a way outta here, fast.
  <Klonoa> Huh?  ...Wait, didn't we... see him somewhere before...?
  <Gantz> Lizard-ass dude with a tank on his back... Yeah there was, wasn't
  <Gantz> He wasn't that color though, was he?
  <???> It seems they got scattered all over the place... including here.
  <???> Nice to fucking meet you, Commando Team scum.
  <Hoover> ...
  <Hoover> Ever since I saw "Junior" on the Volklinde, I figured you might
    show up.
  <Hoover> Criminal superman... Sturm.
  <Berabou Man> That would seem to be our... main opponent.
  <Berabou Man> But if what that stranger just said is true, our other
    companions are somewhere aboard this fortress.
  <Tarosuke> Hey, you're right!
  <Tarosuke> Well then, let's kick these guys' ass and go find everybody.
  <Demitri> Unavoidable, it seems.
  <Demitri> I too intend to stay not a minute longer than necessary.
  <Sturm> Heh heh heh... assuming you've got a choice.


  <???> ...
  <Felicia> Whoa!  Look at all the Captains!
  <Felicia> ...Hey, who's the real one?  You?
  <Ultra Warrior 1P> I dunno what makes you think I look like him, but I
  <Wonder Momo> Actually, I think they're all fake.
  <Kagekiyo> How annoying... Is this illusion?
  <Morrigan> Hmm... Astral Body... perhaps?
  <Hoover> Not quite, everyone.
  <Hoover> ...The imposters are Doppel... the criminal superman Doppel must
    have transformed himself into them!
  <Jennety> ...
  <Sturm> Captain Commando defeated us once...
  <Sturm> So we based these off that data.  Pretty fucking neat I'd say.
  <Gantz> It's dirty as hell in my book.
  <King> I see their appearance.  ...Do they have the same powers as Captain
  <Klonoa> Oh man, does that mean they can zap us and roast us and stuff?
  <Hoover> They may look like him, but they're just copies!
  <Hoover> They're nowhere near as good as the Captain!
  <Hoover> ...Though they are using basically the same weapons.
  <Felicia> ...So we do have to take all the shocks and the flames and all.
  <Tarosuke> T-that sounds bad...
  <Demitri> Hmph.  We have fought those with electrical and flame attacks
  <Wonder Momo> W-well, umm... this time feels different, you know?
  <Wonder Momo> Well anyway, let's do it!
  <Shion> Wait a moment!
  <Sturm> Hmm...?
  <Shion> You there!  How are you... controlling the Gnosis?!
  <Shion> Bending them to someone's will... it just shouldn't be possible!
  <Sylphie> You have a point.
  <Sylphie> I have never heard of such a technique.
  <Sturm> Heh heh heh... "Gnosis", huh?  Our new master loves them to death.
  <Sturm> So...he "made" them.
  <Morrigan> Goodness, they came out rather large, didn't they?
  <Ultra Warrior 2P> Creating life?  ...Who the fuck he think he is, God?
  <Ultra Warrior 1P> I doubt it's anything that good.
  <Ultra Warrior 1P> Remember that "copied" thing that babe was talking
  <M.O.M.O.> B-but.. their composition is indistinguishable from real Gnosis!
  <M.O.M.O.> Everyone, please be careful!
  <Kagekiyo> Very well.
  <Kagekiyo> Copies indistinguishable from the original... you say?  How then
    shall we tell the truth apart from the lie?
  <Berabou Man> That sounds like a Zen riddle.
  <Berabou Man> And what I think is that fakes are fakes.
  <Ken> So they copied some guy who beat them once, plus a bunch of space
  <Ken> Ain't got nothin' to bring to the party themselves, is what that
  <Ken> Try bringing it yourself, chumps!!
  <Sturm> Shut your goddamn mouth!  We're gonna take your data and copy you

[keep up the assault]

  <Gantz> Shit, what a goddamn pain!
  <Klonoa> But man, those things really are almost like the real thing.
  <Kagekiyo> Their likeness, and their motions even resemble the original...
    a most annoying technique.
  <Tarosuke> ...This many of them's just gross.
  <M.O.M.O.> I-I wonder what principle they are based on...
  <Ultra Warrior 1P> We just heard a bit about it.
  <Ultra Warrior 1P> Something about some guy transformed into them?
  <Jennety> ...
  <Hoover> Doppel...
  <Hoover> Genocide is the most evil criminal superman in history...  Now
    that he's dead, the special devices he invented must be how they can
  <Shion> A-a device... that's all?!
  <Sylphie> That... sounds like it would fetch quite a price.
  <Ken> Now that'd be something.
  <Ken> Device, huh?  ...Just push a button and presto?
  <Felicia> I bet that'd come in handy on stage!
  <Felicia> Transform!
  <Felicia> ...And, you'd be someone else!  Sounds like fun!
  <Berabou Man> Oh, what a great idea.  I'd love to be a hero with a bit more
  <Wonder Momo> Me too!  More, like, vavoom and...
  <Morrigan> Hmmm?  ...Why not transform into me?
  <Ultra Warrior 2P> Hell yeah.  Get to it, ladies.
  <Hoover> Because it changes the workings of the body, normal people can't
    use it.
  <Demitri> How preposterous.  What's so fascinating about imitating others?
  <King> (I bet it'd make suplexes easier.)

[so much for kung-fu]

  <Tonpuu> Grr... I underestimated you...
  <Tonpuu> No choice but to reorganize my men...!
  <Jennety> ...
  <Ultra Soldier 1P> Shit, is that woman runnin' away?
  <Berabou Man> If escaping from this area really is our top priority...
  <Berabou Man> Maybe we'd be better off just letting her go.
  <Gantz> Just get your ass outta here already.
  <Tarosuke> Hit the trail!
  <Shion> Wait!
  <Shion> How'd you duplicate the Gnosis?!
  <Demitri> ...Who cares how they did it?
  <Sylphie> That technology is very valuable!
  <Felicia> Hey, you two, don't butt in!
  <Tonpuu> Hmph... you couldn't understand it anyway.
  <Tonpuu> The ultra-technology He possesses... with that power, the whole
    world may as well be in the palm of His hand.
  <Hoover> He...?  As in the Grand Master?
  <King> There she went.
  <M.O.M.O.> Duplicating the Gnosis...
  <M.O.M.O.> That's... impossible!  Just impossible!
  <Kagekiyo> It is of less import whether or not it can be done, but whether
    it _has_ been done.
  <Ultra Soldier 2P> Yeah.  You saw how she had those Gnosis on a leash.
  <Ken> You gotta trust what your eyes tell you, Momo.
  <Hoover> I suppose...
  <Hoover> However...  In any case, there's no more information to be gained
  <Morrigan> Let us bid this place adieu, shall we?
  <Klonoa> Right on!
  <Ultra Soldier 1P> Right.  Let's take down the rest of these scum.

[Sturm dissipates]

  <Sturm> Grrrrrr....!  How could you be this strong...?!
  <Hoover> Pathetic, Sturm.
  <Hoover> No criminal superman who's lost to us already could hope to defeat
    us again.
  <Sturm> Conceited little brat...!
  <Ken> Hey, not bad!  Badmouth him some more.
  <Morrigan> So small, and yet so accomplished at provoking others.
  <Wonder Momo> (...I don't think I want a baby like that.)
  <Sturm> This fight's only just begun.  I'll see you again, Commando Team!
  <Kagekiyo> Fleeing?
  <Jennety> ...
  <Hoover> Jennety's right... what about the other two?
  <Klonoa> Other... two?
  <Gantz> That's right... there was that dude we saw before with the same
    face, but yellow.
  <Gantz> He mean him?
  <Sturm> ...Junior and Drak?
  <Sturm> They're off in other blocks, eliminating the other intruders.
  <Hoover> Other blocks... that must mean Captain and the others.
  <Shion> What about KOS-MOS and Arisu and the others?!
  <Sturm> ...Hell if I know.
  <Sturm> Either way, you're not getting outta here alive!
  <Tarosuke> Hey!  Scuzzbucket mother fucko!
  <Ultra Soldier 2P> Only a sad sack of shit drops lines an' runs like that.
  <Ultra Soldier 1P> Best not follow his ass.  Getting lost in this place ain't
    no joke.
  <Berabou Man> Hmm.... what a quandary.
  <Berabou Man> This group of high-tech villains is hovering right over our
  <M.O.M.O.> There's also the Gnosis problem...
  <Demitri> Hmph, I doubt pouting will resolve anything.
  <Felicia> Now now, at least it sounds like everyone else's here too.
  <Felicia> Why don't we go find them?
  <Sylphie> A wonderful idea.
  <Sylphie> Especially for all the customers it will bring my store.
  <Ken> Well, that's settled.  Let's make tracks!

<King> Is that the last of them?
<Jennety> ...
<M.O.M.O.> No response in the vicinity... I think we're okay for a while.
<Ken> For a while.
<Ken> Well, let's use that while and think.
<Hoover> Let's see.
<Hoover> Sylphie, and... ummm...
<Ultra Warrior 1P> ...Hmm?  Us?
<Morrigan> It would be nice to at least know your names.
<Ultra Warrior 2P> Names?  Names mean nothin' to us.
<Ultra Warrior 2P> Call us whatever you want.
<Wonder Momo> What?!  You don't have any names?!
<Wonder Momo> Um... isn't that kinda inconvenient...?
<Sylphie> I have been calling them... "Ultra Warriors".
<Tarosuke> Right, but which is which?
<Klonoa> I got a great idea!  Let's give them names!
<Felicia> Oo, that sounds neat!
<Felicia> Okay then... the blue one's "Grasan", and the red one's "Mohican"...
<Demitri> Preposterous.  We have no time for that.
<Ultra Warrior 1P> That's right, good little boys and girls.
<Ultra Warrior 2P> Call us whatever you like, whenever you like.
<Ultra Warrior 2P> ...Mohican's a bit too literal though.
<Kagekiyo> So, whither from here?
<Gantz> Well, let's get outta this tunnel first.
<Gantz> Can't do jack shit when we're stuck in the enemies' belly.
<Berabou Man> Well, it's settled then.
<Berabou Man> Also, we should presumably try to meet up with Arisu and the
  others, since they seem to have been Transferred to this fortress too.
<Shion> Momo, let's try to avoid the enemy while we go.
<Shion> Can you show us the way ahead?
<M.O.M.O.> Okay, leave it to me!
<Sylphie> ...
<Sylphie> (High-level surveillance abilities... Ahhh... I don't care if it's
  wrong... I so desperately want her... abilities...)


{Material World... The Third Moon, Entrance}

<Rock> How's the Flutter look, Roll?  
<Roll> Hopeless... The shock of the crash broke it wide open.
<Roll> If we could somehow get it out, it'd probably still fly, but...
<Rock> ...Got it.  For now, let's do something about these Rebirds here.
<Rock> Then we'll have to figure out what to do next.
<Roll> Huh?  Hey, Rock... where's that guy?
<Rock> He said he was going to have a look around, and went through that door
  at the top of those stairs.
<Rock> Anyway, since we don't know where we are... let's protect this place,
  and wait for his information...

[other guests arrive first however]

<Roll> Aaahh!!  W-who're you?!
<Rock> The enemy?!
<???> What...?  Kids?
<Rock> Who are you...?
<???> Name's Drak.  One of the guards of The Third Moon.
<Rock> The... Third Moon?  We were excavating some ruins!  And then...
<Drak> Hey, kid, I don't need your excuses.
<Rock> Huh?
<Drak> All intruders, whoever they are and whatever brought them, must be
<Drak> That's the rules here.
<Roll> N-no way!
<Drak> Get them.
<Roll> Rock!
<Rock> Looks like we can't reason with these guys.
<Rock> ...We gotta fight, Roll!

[battle wears on]

  <Rock> Roll... It looks like we're gonna have to give up on the Flutter.
  <Roll> No way!  Rock, I can't just leave our kid in a place like this!
  <Rock> But... "he"'s not back yet.
  <Rock> It's too dangerous to stay here, Roll.
  <Roll> But...
  <Drak> ...Don't sweat it.
  <Drak> I'll take you and your shitty old ship out in one blow.  No need
    to worry then.  Heh heh heh...
  <Rock> Like heck you will!
  <Drak> Very brave.  But... there's still a little disparity in strength
    you can't solve.
  <Drak> I'm a busy man.  Far too busy to be wasting my time with a couple
    intruders like-...
  <???> So, you would stake your claim to superiority over these innocent
    children on numbers alone...?
  <???> That is in keeping with your character.  Criminal superman...
  <Rock> Huh?!
  <Drak? What?!?  That voice...!

[the cavalry shows up]

  <Gai> Never have I seen such unfairness...!
  <Gai> I shall assist you!
  <Roll> W-who're theeey?
  <Drak> I heard there were intruders inside the station too, but I didn't
    expect you!
  <Drak> The Commando Team...!
  <Shou> Correct.  ...It seems we are bound by fate.
  <Chunli> That monster carrying the tank... haven't we fought him before?
  <Masuyo> The one we fought on the Volklinde... was golden, wasn't it?
  <Masuyo> But this guy's a criminal superman too.
  <Minion #1> T-Tron!  Look over there!!
  <Tron> Hmm?
  <Tron> ...Rock?!  It's Rock Volnutt!
  <Tron> You came to this world too?!
  <Rock> Hey!  It's you...!
  <Roll> Eek!  It's Tron Bone, from the Bone pirate clan!
  <Tron> Don't tell me you guys were responsible for that!
  <Tron> Great, the sidekick's here too?!  Roll Caskett!
  <Roll> Hey!  Don't put it that way!
  <Regina> Judging from how you and that fish-like vessel stuck there look,
    I suppose you're on our side.
  <Tron> Our side?!  Of course they aren't!
  <Tron> I wouldn't side with that girl if she was the last comrade in the-...
  <Hiromi> Masuyo, I've got data on Rock Volnutt and Roll Caskett.
  <Hiromi> They both have Class-A digging licenses.
  <Masuyo> They must have been the Dig-Outers at the ruins.
  <Roll> Umm, who are you people...?
  <Masuyo> We're from the United Galactic Space Force, the U.G.S.F.
  <Masuyo> You two... were you the ones hiding in "those" ruins?
  <Rock> Yes.  We were in the process of digging when, all of a sudden...
  <Tron> Just like us.
  <Tron> I swear.  What a pain.
  <Fongling> Dig Out...?  What's that?
  <Minion #17> Digging Out is excavating treasure from old ruins or other such
  <Leilei> Treasure hunters, huh?  That sounds like fun.
  <Valkyrie> They too are victims of this mess, are they not?
  <Valkyrie> Something must be done to staunch it, and quickly...
  <Reiji> Are you the only two here?
  <Roll> Um, there was someone else... but he went in through that door a
    little while ago.
  <Rock> Did you see him by any chance?
  <Chunli> Someone else?  No, we met no one.
  <Drak> Thanks fer takin' advantage of me decidin' to just watch!
  <Drak> How long're you intruders gonna run your mouths?
  <Bruce> Yo, tank-boy, quit bugging us.
  <Bruce> You want a piece of us that bad?
  <Taki> Hmph, the least we can do is act as his opponents.
  <Taki> That is our only way out of here.
  <Drak> Plus, I've got things to ask you too.
  <Drak> Like your relation to the the intruders in the other blocks!
  <Minion #28> O-other blocks...?
  <Regina> Hey... maybe those are the missing members of our team?
  <Drak> No clue.  ...They look like this.
  <Rock> M-more enemies?!
  <Tron> Hey!  Where were you hiding?!
  <Gai> Wait.  These are...
  <???> ...
  <Taki> Mitsurugi...?
  <Taki> No, what the?  Who are you...?!
  <???> ...
  <Chunli> Ken?!  Why are you-?!
  <Chunli> Impossible... are you being controlled again?!
  <Fongling> Wait, Chunli.
  <Fongling> Something doesn't feel-  ...well hell, there's two of him!
  <???> ...
  <Valkyrie> K-Kurino?  Why are there two of you?!
  <Valkyrie> H-have you eaten something bad, or-...
  <Xiaomu> Yo, eating won't make two of you!
  <Leilei> Wow, for once she's the straight woman.
  <Leilei> Reiji, you gonna take that?
  <Reiji> ...Take what?
  <Reiji> Anyway, who are these guys really?
  <Shou> ...The misleading tricks of the criminal superman Doppel...
  <Shou> Everyone, be not deceived.  These are mere copies.
  <Hiromi> Criminal supermen... as in Genocide?
  <Roll> Genocide...?!
  <Roll> Genocide, as in the criminal syndicate that threw the border planets
    into an uproar for a while?
  <Rock> The other Dig Outers got hurt too...
  <Tron> Yes, that Genocide.
  <Tron> Are you afraid, Rock?  Feel free to ask me for help if you want.
  <Minion #17> Tron... you're so bad...
  <Bruce> Knock off the weird wheeling and dealing.
  <Bruce> We need all the warm bodies we can get.
  <Valkyrie> Besides, the fact that Kurino and Mitsurugi have been duplicated
    must mean the originals are still alive somewhere.
  <Xiaomu> Well then, let's get it in gear!
  <Xiaomu> Check it out, we're kicking their butts!  Rock and Roll, or
    whatever, you're helping too!
  <Rock> O-okay!
  <Rock> Looks like we won't have to abandon the Flutter, Roll.
  <Roll> Right!  Let's go for it, Rock.

[the first imposter goes down]

  <Reiji> Well... that's one imposter down.
  <Xiaomu> Okay, these things are just _way_ too similar to the real thing.
  <Bruce> Man, these bastards leave one bad taste in my mouth.
  <Chunli> They use Shou-Ryuu-Ken too much.
  <Chunli> ...Is that the way the real Ken is?
  <Shou> Their numbers are not that great, but this criminal superman,
    Doppel... truly a troublesome foe.
  <Regina> Not all that good for morale either.
  <Masuyo> Well, that goes to show how good these guys are.
  <Masuyo> If I was a bit nicer, I might have trouble attacking them.
  <Gai> Indeed.  Psychological warfare is a very effective tactic.
  <Chunli> This is no time to admire them.  There's still several left.
  <Fongling> You're right.  Let's keep in mind who the bad guys are... and
    wipe them out.
  <Leilei> Well, if the fakes looked more like Morrigan, it'd sure make me
    want to pummel them more.
  <Hiromi> ...Maybe the greatest attack is revealing where human relations

[pummel enough bad guys]

  <Drak> Grr... how do these intruders have this much power...?
  <Shou> At this rate, your defeat is a matter of time.
  <Drak> Argh...
  <Leilei> Are you sure it'll be that easy?
  <Valkyrie> I do not recommend saying such ill-omened things...

[ill-omened?  SURELY NOT!]

  <???> Goodness me...you seem to be having a very difficult time.
  <Drak> ...!!
  <Xiaomu> Oh crap... those look like enemy reinforcements.
  <Xiaomu> ...Well, life sucks and then you're dead.
  <Reiji> Get that smirk off your face.  _We're_ the ones about to do the
  <Reiji> Is that really the enemy?!
  <Rock> ...!!
  <Rock> ...I-it's you...!
  <Tron> Aahh!  It's that grinning guy!
  <Tron> Rock, isn't that... the guy from Cattleox Island?!
  <Roll> ...Huh?
  <Minion #1> Do you know him, Tron?
  <???> What is this, you two?  I don't believe I've ever met you before.
  <Rock> ...
  <Reiji> Who are you...?
  <???> I don't believe giving you my name would have any meaning, but as
    you wish.
  <???> I am Juno.  Rockman Juno.
  <Rock> (Rockman Juno!  I knew it...!)
  <Rock> (But how could this be the first time we met...?)
  <Roll> Rock?  Umm.... you know this man?...
  <Juno> I must apologize.
  <Juno> It appears there are some faults in my memory.  You see, it was once
    completely erased.
  <Juno> The reconstructive process did not entirely succeed.
  <Rock> Roll... that's the enemy who was inside the main gate.
  <Rock> Yes... an _enemy_.
  <Roll> O-okay... g-got it...
  <Roll> (Rock's... scaring me...)
  <Shou> "Memory", you said...?
  <Shou> Then, he is indeed a robot?
  <Chunli> I can't feel any sort of human aura from him.
  <Chunli> And his appearance... I doubt that's human.
  <Fongling> But, isn't it possible that that's some kind of vehicle he's
    riding in?
  <Rock> He's a robot.
  <Rock> A cold robot... one without human emotions...
  <Roll> Rock...?
  <Roll> (Rock's hiding something... I just know it...)
  <Valkyrie> Rock... is he an enemy we must defeat?
  <Rock> ...Yes.
  <Rock> Rockman Juno...  I'm sorry, but I'm going to destroy you again.
  <Juno> "Again"?
  <Juno> ...I do not know who you are... but I am not the one who will be
    disposed of here.
  <Rock> ...
  <Juno> (This boy... Where have I seen this boy before...?)

[and if that wasn't enough]

  <Reiji> Shit!  Not more of them?!
  <Gilly Octy> ...
  <Drak> Hmm... Oh, them?
  <Bruce> Wh-... Not them again...!  It's those damn space monsters?!
  <Roll> Ah!  It's those monsters that we found in those ruins we were
    excavating, the ones that _aren't_ Rebirds!
  <Taki> Those apparitions called "Octies" that Yoritomo's men were using?
  <Juno> It appears all this commotion summoned the guards stationed in this
  <Juno> They have come to dispose of you.
  <Regina> "Stationed"?  Those monsters?
  <Tron> Well, that makes it clear where all the Octies we've fought came from.
  <Hiromi> From this... Meiou guy who runs The Third Moon?
  <Masuyo> Well, we've come this far.  Nothing to do but accept it.
  <Masuyo> Grand Master Meiou... said to possess the power to create life.
  <Masuyo> His fashion sense sucks rocks if he thinks duplicating Octies is a
    good idea.
  <Gai> So, he would create "those who disorder the world of man".  Such evil
    must be destroyed.
  <Masuyo> (But, what about the Spirit World... This doesn't explain why
    the Octy army would be in so many places.)
  <Masuyo> (That must mean... that that world has...)
  <Juno> Our warpower is now unified, so let us discontinue this conversation.
  <Juno> (I must dispose of these... and hurry the restoration of my memory.)

[the battle goes on even longer...]

  <Hiromi> ...Aah!  Multiple heat sources approaching fast!
  <Hiromi> They're coming from... the airlock we entered from!
  <Reiji> From the direction we came from?  ...Some of our missing party
  <Regina> It's quite possible.
  <Juno> How troublesome... Well then...
  <Pooka> ...
  <Xiaomu> W-WHOA!?
  <Xiaomu> ...S-since when are those guys on our team?!
  <Valkyrie> I do not have any recollection... let me see...
  <Chunli> Don't wrack your brains here!  Those aren't friends...  they're
  <Drak> ...So, it's them.
  <Juno> Heh heh heh... what a shame.
  <Juno> It appears they are on our side.
  <Minion #28> There's another signature!!  Someone's coming up!!
  <Taki> Damn, figures we'd be at this much of a loss in an enemy base...!

[ah, so it was an elevator]

  <???> Damn, I'm too far in.
  <???> Yo, Rock, Roll!  You guys alive?!
  <Masuyo> ...!!
  <Rock> Taizou!  You're okay!
  <Tron> Okay, looks like this guy's on our side.
  <Tron> ...From that rock-crusher-like thing he's carrying... maybe he's a
    Dig Outer?
  <Masuyo> ...That's a weapon, Tron.
  <Valkyrie> Do you know this person?
  <Masuyo> Yes, I know him _very_ well.
  <Masuyo> So, the guy Rock and the others said went inside was..
  <Taizou> Hmm?  Is that... Masuyo?!
  <Taizou> ...Long time no see.  I heard you entered the space force...
  <Taizou> Heh... looks like you ain't changed your look at least.
  <Masuyo> You neither, Taizou.
  <Hiromi> ...Masuyo, is that?!
  <Masuyo> Right.  ...That is Hori Taizou.
  <Masuyo> The Baraduke Raid... a battle in the middle of nowhere called
    "The worst operation in history".
  <Masuyo> This is the last and only survivor of the special engineering
    corps who gave us aerial troopers an opening into the fortress.
  <Roll> Huh?  So Taizou's a... soldier?!
  <Rock> He told us he's just an ordinary adventurer...
  <Taizou> ...
  <Masuyo> I heard he retired and became a Dig Outer... looks like it was true.
  <Masuyo> I hadn't heard a single word from him, so of course I assumed he
    died like a dog in some ruins somewhere.
  <Chunli> I sense a break in the pattern here... isn't this a bit standoffish
    for meeting an old friend?
  <Taki> Indeed.  I didn't entirely follow her story... but they seem to be
    at odds.
  <Hiromi> I-is that a fact?  ...Masuyo?
  <Masuyo> Well, we had a little argument when he went off on his own like
  <Taizou> How many people do you think died during that operation?
  <Taizou> I ain't lettin' you say you forgot.  ...And I ain't out to see that
  <Masuyo> ...
  <Bruce> Hey, no sweat...  At least they're _former_ comrades. 
  <Bruce> Let's us cut to the chase.
  <Bruce> Hey, you!  We're your friends!  We're here to save you!
  <Taizou> What...?
  <Leilei> ...So, we came to save him...?
  <Fongling> That's a standard technique for putting someone at ease.
  <Fongling> He may be a donggua, but he's good at this kind of thing.
  <Taizou> To... save me?  Hey, Masuyo?  Just how did you guys get here?
  <Taizou> I was in the ruins one moment, and here the next.  You know how to
    get outta here?
  <Xiaomu> I wanna know that too!
  <Xiaomu> How the heck do I get outta here!
  <Leilei> W-whoa!  That sure backfired!
  <Juno> Gracious, so you knew each other.
  <Juno> How to get out of here?  Do not worry, I will send you together to
    someplace else.
  <Reiji> To hell... huh?
  <Reiji> Well, we had to go there sooner or later.  Let's make it later.
  <Gai> Indeed.  Should you impede our progress, you shall receive no mercy!
  <Juno> How brave.  However, it is clear which side's warpower has increased
  <Regina> You're right.  You got plenty of those round things.
  <Tron> So many of the enemy, so few of us... not good odds.
  <Pooka> ...
  <Taizou> Man, now I've done it.
  <Taizou> Oh, right.  So, these bastards are "making" those things deep inside
    this facility.
  <Masuyo> These spontaneous mutations?!
  <Taizou> Yeah.  They're floating around inside these capsules.
  <Taizou> ...Just like the Octies.
  <Xiaomu> Ummm.... C-capsule beasties...?
  <Shou> Capsules...!
  <Shou> No!  That is not the Grand Master's power...!
  <Shou> That is the cultivating skill of Genocide's servant... the mad
    scientist Dr. T.W...!
  <Drak> So, Commando Team... you finally figured it out.
  <Bruce> I didn't understand any of that, but it doesn't sound like a walk in
    the park.
  <Bruce> Sounds like need to get out of here pronto.
  <Fongling> There are times where flight is victory.
  <Roll> B-but...
  <Hiromi> Ah, I see.
  <Hiromi> You can't just leave that ship lying there like that, right?
  <Reiji> Yeah.  It might come in handy for escaping.
  <Reiji> ...Guess our only choice is to fight it out here.
  <Masuyo> Taizou... will you fight by my side again?
  <Masuyo> This time... it's larger than just this place.
  <Taizou> ...Don't sweat it, Masuyo.
  <Taizou> I was once part of the border patrol.... I can't cut loose from
    that battle until I'm dead.  ...I don't think, anyway.

[Drak _finally_ gets beaten down]

  <Drak> Rrrargh!!
  <Shou> Here is where you die!  Prepare yourself!
  <Drak> You'll never get out of here alive!
  <Drak> Ninja Commando... this is where _you_ die!  Ah ha ha ha ha!
  <Shou> ...Indeed.  We must think of a way to escape quickly.
  <Roll> About that... maybe we can use her.
  <Shou> Hmm?
  <Rock> The Flutter... the ship we came here on.
  <Minion #1> Good idea.
  <Tron> Hmph, it's a pretty small fish compared to the Gezelschaft, but...
  <Tron> Well, it would come in handy.
  <Roll> Hey!  Don't talk about my baby like that!
  <Roll> I won't let anyone who does on board!
  <Tron> Well _I_ just _did_!  Who'd wanna get forced on board that crummy
    little boat!
  <Rock> Stop it, you two.
  <Rock> But, the force of the crash wedged it between those two walls...
  <Taizou> Heh... just blow away the outer walls.
  <Taizou> That's where I come in.
  <Taizou> And ain't no one gonna get in my way.
  <Taizou> Let's take down the rest of these bastards.

[damage Juno enough]

  <Juno> Oh my... it seems I have been defeated.
  <Juno> As I suspected, my combat abilities have not fully returned.
  <Juno> That is considerably frustrating.
  <Rock> You... don't seem to be the "you" from back then.
  <Juno> ...?
  <Reiji> Bastard... didn't all that affect him?
  <Reiji> No, his body's damaged... I don't think he's got any fighting
    potential left...
  <Minion #17> I think he's holding back!
  <Hiromi> Come on, you guys are robots...  Holding back?
  <Taki> Hmph, what a well-made marionette.
  <Taki> Sustaining all that damage, and still even-tempered.
  <Xiaomu> Those attacks are something else too.  I was waiting for the
    "Eye Beam!" action...
  <Masuyo> It looks like KOS-MOS is made with the same level technology.
  <Masuyo> I wonder if the Grand Master made this one?
  <Juno> That he did not.  He did use his power to recover my memory.
  <Juno> He seemed interested in the technology used to build me.
  <Juno> Beyond that... he scratched my back, and I scratched his.
  <Shou> Meiou was... interested in you, you say?
  <Shou> In the craft used to give you form?
  <Juno> Well then... further conversation is meaningless.
  <Gai> What skill this marionette has with its tongue.
  <Gai> However...!
  <Regina> Yes, if it's a robot, it can be repaired as good as new.
  <Regina> We need to destroy its head.
  <Rock> We can't... let Juno escape...!
  <Rock> If we don't defeat him here...!
  <Roll> Rock, what's wrong?  You've been acting... weird all this time!
  <Valkyrie> Is there... something special about his emotions?
  <Leilei> "Special emotions"... that's a good way to start a big 
  <Valkyrie> N-no... that is not what I...
  <Tron> Look, can the outsiders shut up please?
  <Tron> Rock, you fought this guy inside the main gate, right?
  <Tron> Did he do something to you back then?!
  <Rock> ...
  <Juno> I cannot help but be worried by the degree of animosity in your
    eyes as you look at me.
  <Juno> I shall hasten the recovery of my memory.
  <Juno> That will be all then.
  <Rock> W-wait!
  <Chunli> It can still move that much?!
  <Fongling> ...We underestimated it.  Nice specs, robot.
  <Rock> Rrgh...!
  <Taizou> What's wrong, Rock?
  <Taizou> It's not like you to get that... serious.
  <Rock> No... it's... nothing.
  <Rock> (He sees humans as nothing more than subjects to be disposed of...
    He's dangerous... we can't leave him alone...)

<Reiji> ...Well, looks like we beat them off for now.
<Roll> Thank you... everyone.
<Roll> Thanks to you, she's still in one piece.
<Rock> I was pretty worried there for a minute.
<Valkyrie> Thank goodness everyone is safe.
<Valkyrie> However... it is too early for celebration.
<Gai> Indeed.  The situation has not changed.
<Gai> What matters is what we do next.
<Taki> I am worried about Mitsurugi and the others, now that we know they are
<Reiji> I hope there's some way we can contact them...
<Masuyo> ...Nothing else for it.
<Masuyo> Hiromi, I know there's a risk of the enemy spotting it... but send
  out an SOS on all frequencies.
<Hiromi> Copy.
<Bruce> I see.  Now all we gotta do is hope everyone else notices it.
<Xiaomu> Hmm... why don't we just go out and find them?
<Regina> That's out.
<Regina> The most basic rule of getting lost is... don't stray from where you
<Xiaomu> ...I see.
<Reiji> After all, there's no one to follow us.
<Fongling> I'm not sure that "being lost" is the situation here, but as they
  say... leave the mummy gathering to the mummies.
<Leilei> Hey, don't worry.  Even if you become a mummy...
<Leilei> See, look at my skin.  Still nice and smooth.
<Chunli> ...That's not the problem.
<Reiji> Besides, as long as we're transmitting, more enemies will come.
<Reiji> And dividing our forces is just asking for trouble.
<Shou> Yes.  We should use this ship to escape.
<Taizou> Well then, I better get to work.
<Taizou> Rock, gimme a hand.  And that lady riding the robot too.
<Rock> Okay.
<Tron> Nothing else for it.  ...Everyone!
<Minion #1> Yes ma'am!!
<Roll> Just you wait, Flutter.  We'll save you.


{Material World... The Third Moon, Unified Earth Control Section}

<Hiryuu> ...So, are you losers going to take me to your boss, or what?
<Hien> Give it up, Hiryuu!
<Hien> Our... the Striders' battle... It's over!
<Hiryuu> ...You call this over?  He's still alive.  ...And so are you and I.
<Hiryuu> I've got no time to play with you.


<Hien> Urgh... Hiryuu, when will it be over for you...?
<Hiryuu> It's obvious...  When one or the other of us is dead.
<Hien> Hiryuu, continuing is meaningless!
<Hien> This entire world was made by Him...!
<Hien> The Third Moon, the nations on the Surface, the Army... the Striders...
<Hien> Even you and I!
<Hien> Stop this foolishness, Hiryuu!
<Hien> ...I don't want to fight my own comrade-in-arms...!
<Hiryuu> Stop talking like an amateur.
<Hien> Rrgh..!
<Hiryuu> Where is He...?
<Hiryuu> He'd never leave this section.
<Hien> He is... currently attempting to gaze into a new world.
<Hien> And I won't let you interfere!
<Hiryuu> So this is the fruit of the criminal superman Genocide's research...
  I'm not interested.
<Hien> That's not all.  The latest Dimensional Transfer...
<Hien> Even that was entirely according to His plans...!
<Hiryuu> And that's what makes you his whipped dog.
<Hiryuu> If you don't want to tell me, fine.  ...Die.

[combat brings reinforcements]

  <Tonpuu> Looks like you're having trouble, Hien.
  <Hien> Tonpuu.  Please do not interfere.
  <Hien> I'm going to settle things with Hiryuu.... myself...!
  <Tonpuu> He wants a total victory.  Your wishes have nothing to do with it.
  <Tonpuu> ...I trust you won't argue with that?
  <Tonpuu> Don't forget that there're intruders in every block... we've got to
    dispatch them now.
  <Tonpuu> I even ran into the Commando Team at Gate 13.
  <Tonpuu> This enemy won't fall easily, Hien.
  <Hien> ...Grr...
  <Hiryuu> ...Bringing more small fry won't alter the outcome.
  <Hiryuu> Get in my way... and I kill you.
  <Tonpuu> Shut your filthy mouth, Strider!  Even you can't scratch these!
  <Tonpuu> Physical attacks don't work on the Gnosis!
  <Hiryuu> ...Gnosis...?
  <Hien> That's right, Hiryuu.  With His power, creating Gnosis is...
  <???> Simple... right?
  <???> That has a nasty ring to it.
  <Hiryuu> ...
  <Tonpuu> What...?!
  <Hien> Who's there?!
  <Captain> Captain Commando, at your service...!
  <Tonpuu> No way, he actually made it here...?!  Captain Commando!
  <Hien> ...I suppose we should thank him for saving us the trouble of
  <Hiryuu> Why have you come here?
  <Hiryuu> The Commando Team... have they come to interfere with me?
  <Captain> We're actually here by coincidence, see.  We certainly don't
    plan on getting in your way, Strider.
  <Captain> However...
  <Hiryuu> However?
  <Captain> I can't just ignore villains when I see them with my own two eyes.
    ...That's all.
  <Hien> What...?  Are you calling me a villain, Captain Commando...?
  <Captain> I am indeed.
  <Captain> You, Hien, are a _former_ Special Class-A Strider, turned traitor
    for the sake of Grand Master Meiou.
  <Hiryuu> ...If you know that much, you should know what I'm after.
  <Hiryuu> This is my mission.  ...Stay out of the way.
  <Captain> I'd appreciate it if you hear me out first.
  <Captain> For example... how do you intend to fight the Gnosis, which that
    Cypher you so proudly wield can't hit?
  <Hiryuu> Hien and the woman... I dispose of them, and retreat.
  <Hiryuu> ...I can look for Him later.
  <Captain> I see.  Well, I suppose that might work.
  <Captain> Mind you... there's another way.
  <Hiryuu> What...?
  <Hien> (What...?  Don't tell me they can deal with the Gnosis...?)
  <Tonpuu> That's enough, Captain Commando.  ...You and all the other little
    rats scurrying around here are about to be exterminated...!
  <Captain> Is that a fact?
  <Captain> Thanks for waiting.  Your turn!
  <KOS-MOS> Acknowledged.
  <KOS-MOS> Hilbert Effect, engage.
  <Hiryuu> This is... the Hilbert Effect...?!
  <Tonpuu> Impossible...!  There's another Hilbert Effect user here?!
  <Hien> How could that android be equipped with a Hilbert device...?!
  <Captain> Heh heh heh... Feel free to disbelieve it.
  <Rutee> I swear, what's with all that acting cool stuff?!  I thought you said
    you wanted to meet up with our friends!
  <Stan> Now Rutee, don't get mad.  It's okay...
  <Arthur> Hmm.  Those grandiose theatrics garnered us a good deal of
  <Gil> Yes.  For instance, there's another "Hilbert Effect user" in the area.
  <Kai> That sounds like Momo.
  <Captain> We also heard "Commando Team" a while back.
  <Captain> It seems all our comrades have gathered at this Third Moon.
  <Hien> (...Comrades...?)
  <Hien> (Grr... how did we let them all sneak in here...?)
  <Tonpuu> Hmph, you haven't actually damaged the Gnosis at all!  Just what
    do you think your puny numbers can accomplish?!
  <Kai> Gil, looks like they're headed our way.
  <Gil> Yeah.  As long as we can hit them, we can fight.
  <Gil> Oh, Captain.  Can we treat him as an ally?
  <Captain> Yeah, and a strong one at that.  There's no time for introductions,
    but I imagine he'll gladly fight alongside us.
  <Hiryuu> ...
  <Rutee> Weak reaction!
  <Rutee> Y-you sure about this?
  <Stan> Ahh, don't worry.  As long as he's not an enemy.
  <Tonpuu> Get them!
  <KOS-MOS> The enemy appear to be beginning their offensive.  Commencing
  <Hien> Hiryuu... there's still time.
  <Hien> ...Come with me.  For a man like you, He will surely...
  <Hiryuu> ...Don't talk, Hien.
  <Hiryuu> My mission... isn't over yet.

[ravage the enemy]

  <KOS-MOS> Numerous heat sources approaching.
  <Hiryuu> ...What?
  <Captain> That isn't good... Enemy reinforcements?
  <Hien> What...?!
  <Mitsurugi> Shit... just how big _is_ this iron mansion anyway?
  <Sakura> Looks like we just found somewhere wide open.
  <Sakura> Is that... a fight?
  <Kai> Everyone... you're okay!
  <Ryuu> We are indeed.  Thank goodness we found you.
  <Rutee> Well, that's one less thing to worry about.... except, we're still
    missing a bunch of people.
  <Gil> Where's everyone else?!
  <Hideo> ..Unfortunately, we are the only ones here.
  <Kurino> Finding everyone else looks like it's gonna be really tough...
  <Tonpuu> These aren't the people I fought at Gate 13... Just how many of them
    snuck in here anyway...?
  <Hien> ...It doesn't matter.  We must dispatch them all.
  <Kyouko> It seems we interrupted something.
  <Karin> Not what I would call the warmest of reunions.
  <Jin> Yeah.  We've seen those monsters before.  I'd say our only option
    is fighting them on the spot.
  <Arthur> Indeed it is.  It seems the enemy has us surrounded.  We must all
    cooperate and...
  <Sabine> Well, to be perfectly honest, we're kinda in the same boat.
  <Stan> Huh?  What's... that supposed to mean?

[what indeed?]

  <Sturm Jr.> Is this where you ran off to, wretched intruders...?!
  <Sakura> Rats, he caught up with us.
  <Stan> Oh, I get it...
  <Rutee> Hey, what's the big idea!  Now we got more bad guys to fight!
  <Mitsurugi> Quit yer bitchin'.  All we gotta do is cut those suckers down to
  <Captain> Violent... but correct.
  <Captain> ...Besides, this saves me the trouble of hunting you down.
  <Captain> Isn't that right, Sturm Jr.?
  <Sturm Jr.> Is that... Captain Commando?!  What're you doing here?!
  <Hien> ...Sturm Jr., Tonpuu has confirmed sightings of the rest of the
    Commando Team.
  <Hien> We must finish this quickly and move to strike the other intruders.
  <Sturm Jr.> Fine.  In which case... let's try these guys on for size!
  <Hiryuu> Try...?  Only five of them?
  <KOS-MOS> Data confirmed.  The enemy includes opponents we have faced before.
  <???> ...
  <Sakura> It's mister Jaw Dimple and the girls...!  Aren't they from
  <Ryuu> Vega...?!  What are you doing here?!
  <Arthur> You know him?  He certainly appears tougher than your average
    opponent, but...
  <Ryuu> But, is it really... him?  I don't sense his aura...
  <Hideo> Now that you mention it, I believe you're right.  Something about
    the nature of those girls' aura is... different from what we faced before.
  <Captain> Leave it to the martial artists to figure it out.  Surely a bunch
    of facades like these couldn't fool them.
  <Kurino> Facades...?  Captain, do you know these people?
  <Captain> ...The criminal superman Doppel.  He uses a special gadget to
    imitate others.
  <Captain> Sturm Jr. met Vega and the others before on the cruiser
  <Captain> Dollars to donuts, he gathered their data then.
  <Jin> I thought something strange was going on...  So that's it then.
  <Kyouko> Kazama... what's wrong?
  <Doppel> ...
  <Karin> Mishima... Heihachi?!  What is he doing here?!
  <Gil> I don't know who he is... but isn't he a fake too?
  <Jin> ...A fake... Yes, he certainly is a fake...
  <Kai> Jin...?
  <Sturm Jr.> Shut your goddamn mouths...!  These're just tools to kick your
    ass with!
  <Hien> I tire of this talk.  ...Come.
  <Captain> Well, that's that.
  <Captain> One way or the other, we've gotta fight!
  <Ryuu> Understood.  ...Take them down!!
  <Jin> ...
  <Jin> (Mishima Heihachi's data... where on Earth did they record it from?)
  <Jin> (If this "Volklinde" really had Shadowloo data recorded on it...)
  <Jin> (Was Mishima Heihachi... was he among the data...?)

[take down one of the imposters]

  <KOS-MOS> I have discovered foreign matter in the enemy's physical 
  <Rutee> Foreign matter?  You mean something's out of place?
  <Captain> Not so much out of place, as returned to its original form...
  <Stan> Original form...?
  <Sakura> Were these girls that... weak?
  <Karin> I think someone needs a new Xerox machine.
  <Hideo> Even so, what unbelievable technology.  Not just their appearance,
    but their mannerisms...
  <Mitsurugi> Yeah, but they still ain't shit next to the real ones we fought.
  <Captain> They're simply copies... inferior facsimiles made by a transforming
    criminal superman.  Not that we can just leave them on the loose.
  <Sabine> Well, they are kinda nifty.
  <Kurino> I don't think they're all that funny.  ...Just think about all the
    trouble they can cause.
  <Arthur> I cannot think of anything but trouble they could cause.
  <Sakura> Like mass-producing one-of-a-kind special items...?!
  <Karin> ...Try thinking on a somewhat larger scale.
  <Ryuu> I'm starting to understand why Shadowloo got involved in all this.
  <Kyouko> You believe they want this technology?
  <Jin> (Does that go for Mishima Heihachi too...?)
  <Jin> (No... it would take more than that for him to act himself...)
  <Gil> Everyone, some of the fakes are still left.  Let's take them out.
  <Kai> You're right, Gil.  The last thing we need is them to transform into
  <Hiryuu> ...Let's finish this.

[finish Hien]

  <Hien> Urgh... How could I underestimate the enemy this badly...?!
  <Hiryuu> ...Hien, you're a putrid disgrace.  Drop dead.
  <Hien> I won't do that...!  If I die here... my reason for abandoning the
    Striders will be lost...!
  <Hiryuu> ...
  <Hiryuu> Give Him a message... I'm the hunter, and he's the hunted.
  <Hiryuu> Hien... you'd better be serious next time.
  <Hien> Hiryuu...
  <Kurino> Hey, he ran away?!
  <Gil> How could he still move that freely?!
  <KOS-MOS> ...Target lost.
  <Sabine> That was some serious speed.  ...Was he even hurt in the first
  <Kai> But, he was...
  <Karin> You're right.  ...Are you certain about this?  From his clothes
    and weaponry, he was just like your...
  <Hiryuu> ...This has nothing to do with you lot.
  <Sakura> Hey, you don't have to put it that way.  We're just being worried
    on your behalf-...
  <Kyouko> Kasugano, everyone has things they don't talk to others about.
  <Hiryuu> ...
  <Hiryuu> ("Things", huh?)
  <Hiryuu> (...Hien, whatever you've got in mind, a Strider's mission is

[sturm und drang]

  <Captain> Say your prayers, Sturm Jr.
  <Sturm Jr.> Grr... Don't get cocky, Captain Commando.
  <Mitsurugi> I'm impressed, this smiling shithead can still talk.  
  <Arthur> Well, we don't know what his expression is.  Who knows whether we
    harmed him or not...
  <Jin> I think we did exactly the right amount.
  <Jin> ...Spit it out.  Where did you meet Mishima Heihachi?
  <Sturm Jr.> "Mishima"?  No goddamn clue.  And I ain't got no reason to talk
    to you lot.
  <Jin> ...Then we'll use force.  You'll feel like talking soon enough...!
  <Ryuu> What's wrong?  You're getting too worked up, Jin.
  <Jin> Please, be quiet.  I've got to make him tell me...
  <Sturm Jr.> (Now...!)
  <Stan> Hey!  He...
  <Rutee> Hey, Jin, Ryuu!  You let him get away!
  <Ryuu> S-sorry...
  <Captain> Now now, he's just a cog in a greater machine.
  <Captain> And apparently this collaboration with Shadowloo wasn't his idea
  <Hideo> It would seem... that we must deal with with whoever is issuing
    his orders.
  <Jin> (That Sturm monster's attitude... it looks like he's not directly
  <Jin> (Then, where are you, Mishima Heihachi...  What are you up to...?!)
[not finished yet...]

  <KOS-MOS> Several flying objects approaching from above.
  <Hideo> From above?!
  <Tonpuu> They're late...!  Where they heck were they...?!
  <Arthur> These varlets attack from all sides.  Are we to expect them to
    burst from the ground like zombies besides?
  <Sabine> Well, the ground's made out of metal.
  <???> ...
  <Mitsurugi> Well, they're here.  And damn if they ain't all waving those
    flame tubes around.
  <Captain> Yes.  Those look like the actual base guards.
  <Hiryuu> ...Solo, is it?
  <Solo> Target sighted.  Data match...
  <Solo> Identify: Striders agent, Special A-Class Strider... Hiryuu.
  <Solo> In accordance with Grand Master Meiou's orders, commencing total
    annihilation of Strider Hiryuu.
  <Gil> You know about Hiryuu...?  Looks like they've met before.
  <Karin> First Vega, then Mishima Heihachi... Which of the enemies _haven't_
    we met before?
  <Hiryuu> Solo, I could care less about your mission.  ...Where is he...
    where is Grand Master Meiou?
  <Solo> ...He has already left this place.
  <Hiryuu> ...What?
  <Captain> Grand Master Meiou... Why would he abandon The Third Moon...?!
  <Hien> I told you that to begin with, Hiryuu.  ...He is attempting to gaze
    into a new world.
  <Hiryuu> (What would it take to draw him away from here...?)
  <Rutee> Um, HELLO?!  Try using words we can understand!
  <Sakura> Maybe you should hear them out all the way?
  <Solo> There is no need to explain.  All of you will be deleted here.
  <Jin> Don't make me laugh.  It won't be that easy.
  <Jin> And you're going to tell me where you recorded Mishima Heihachi's
    data from...!
  <Ryuu> Yeah.  I'd like to know exactly how close you are to Shadowloo.
  <Solo> There is no information the likes of you can gain.
  <Solo> ...Did you not hear me?  All of you will be deleted.
  <Mitsurugi> What the fuck's a "delete"?
  <Kyouko> "Delete"... as in "erase"...?
  <Kyouko> Impossible...!
  <Kurino> Whoa!?!  What was that shaking?!
  <Stan> I-I've got a _really_ bad feeling about this...
  <Kai> What's going on around here?!
  <Hiryuu> Solo, you bastard...
  <Solo> He has decided to self-destruct The Third Moon and eliminate you all
    in one swift stroke.
  <Karin> No way...!  Self-destruct?!
  <Sakura> F-for real!?
  <KOS-MOS> He appears to be telling the truth.  Scanning reveals an abnormal
    energy buildup.
  <Rutee> Hey, you!  Maybe a bit of _panic_ might help?!
  <Stan> This's no time to get mad about that, Rutee!
  <Sabine> He's right.  Kurino, we've gotta get out of here, fast!
  <Kurino> Right.  But...
  <Solo> ...You will not.  My mission is to keep you here.
  <Solo> This will be your grave, Strider.
  <Hiryuu> The hell it will.  ...First I eliminate you, then escape.
  <Hideo> B-but, how...?
  <Kyouko> We don't know where the exit is here...
  <Arthur> I recommend saving the thinking for later.  ...Unless we do
    something about our foes, we shall not do anything else again.
  <Jin>  That's right, the clock's ticking.  ...Move it or lose it.
  <Kai> C-can we make it?  There's so many of them...
  <Gil> Well, this Solo looks like the leader.
  <Ryuu> Right.  Take out the head... and we can break out of this place!
  <Solo> ...Cease this futile resistance.
  <Tonpuu> I wanted to finish this myself, but...
  <Sturm Jr.> This'll be the end of the Commando Team too!  Muahahahaha!
  <Hiryuu> Nobody gets in my way.  Nobody...
  <Hiryuu> Whatever the circumstances, I will complete my mission!

[Solo goes down]

  <Solo> Damage over the limit... mission failure...
  <Hiryuu> ...You can't collect my head with skills that weak.
  <Solo> ...I bought time.  You will still die.
  <Hiryuu> ...
  <Solo> I am leaving The Third Moon.

<Stan> Right on!  We got rid of them!
<Sabine> More like right off.  ...Did you forget that we're all about to be
  blown to bits?
<Jin> Like hell we die here...!  Anyway, let's get out of this place.
<Captain> Let's get to the outer section of the station for starters.  If we
  can just get our hands on a spaceship...
<KOS-MOS> I have detected an SOS.
<Sakura> Huh?  SOS?
<Sakura> We're the ones who should be sending an SOS!
<Hideo> Now, settle down, Kasugano.  ...KOS-MOS, where is it coming from?
<KOS-MOS> An area two linear kilometers from here.  Its originator is U.G.S.F.
  agent... Tengenji Hiromi.
<Arthur> Tengenji.. Oh, that young lady on the iron horse?
<Ryuu> Our group may be scattered, but it appears everyone's okay.
<Gil> I wonder if everyone else realizes this place is about to blow?
<Rutee> Well, you'd think they might get the hint with all this shaking.
<Kurino> Yeah, we've got to get out of here.  Let's go meet up with them.
<Hiryuu> ...
<Kyouko> What?  Hey, wait!  Umm...
<Captain> Please wait, Strider!
<Hiryuu> ...
<Hiryuu> ...The route to the outside is this way.  Go if you wish to.
<Kai> Thank you very much.  ...But what about you?
<Hiryuu> ...I'm on a mission.
<Captain> Now, hold on a moment.  ...You saw what we can do, right?
<Captain> How about this: why don't we travel together, maybe help you out
<Hiryuu> ...
<Hiryuu> ...And help you out as well, I suppose?
<Captain> Very perceptive.
<Hiryuu> ...I'll think about it.  Let's go.
<Mitsurugi> Slippery bastard.  Just say "come with me" and be done with it.
<Karin> That's what is known as "leading someone on".  I suppose I should be
  impressed, under the circumstances.
<Arthur> Whoops!  This is genuinely not good.
<Rutee> Look, let's just follow that jerk and get out of here!
<Stan> Right!  ...Think we can keep up?
<KOS-MOS> Not a problem.  I am tracing the Strider's movements.
<Captain> That's my girl.  ...Okay, let's go.  You be our guide, KOS-MOS.


{Material World... The Third Moon, Entrance}

<Masuyo> How's it look, Taizou?
<Taizou> Man... Well, just fire up the engine and she should be free.
<Rock> Thanks for all the trouble, Taizou.
<Rock> Okay, Roll!
<Roll> Right!  I'm starting the engine!
<Tron> I might point out that one of the wings is missing.  Can it really fly?
<Tron> O-ho-ho-ho-ho.  Perhaps it will simply fall apart in midair?
<Xiaomu> ...Look, why're you picking a fight like that?  Don't blame me if she
  leaves you behind for real.
<Minion #1> Tron, you need a plan...
<Valkyrie> W-what was that just now...?!
<Reiji> An explosion...?  That came from inside.
<Reiji> What are they doing in there?
<Nakamura> Ah, is this where everyone has gathered?
<Momo> Thank goodness everyone's okay!
<Ultra Warrior 1P> Hey, what a crowd.
<Ultra Warrior 2P> What, were they gonna throw a party?
<Hiromi> W-who are these... people?
<Ken> Think I'll pass on the explanation.  I don't wanna be here all week.
<King> Hmm...?  Looks like we're still missing quite a few people...

[elevator arrives]

<KOS-MOS> I apologize for the wait.
<Shion> KOS-MOS, you're okay!
<Felicia> That's the last of us!
<Felicia> ...Err, actually, there's more of us!
<Hiryuu> ...There's no time.  The Third Moon is about to explode.
<Reiji> ...What did you say?
<Rutee> It's true.  And it sounds like it's gonna be one BIG kaboom.
<Stan> So... what happens if we get blown outside here?
<Sylphie> Well, ladies and gentlemen, I must use my store's Transfer Device
  and be off.
<Sylphie> This way if you please, Lady Momo.  If you come, I shall give
  "that" to you.
<Sylphie> Once you wear this "clothing"...
<M.O.M.O.> Uh, okay...
<Shion> H-hold on a moment!  Don't try to act all smooth and take Momo away!
<Shion> And Momo!  Don't go off with people just because they give you
<Sylphie> So, I have been found out?  Then, farewell.
<Ultra Warrior 1P> Damn her for skippin' out like that...
<Arthur> And what of us?  Have we a way to escape?
<Roll> The Flutter is good to go!
<Rock> Everyone, get aboard quick!

{Five Minutes Later... Flutter, Bridge}

<Roll> Is everyone aboard?!
<Tron> I'm the last one!
<Tron> I chucked Gustav and the two bikes in the hold already.  Hurry up
  and take off!
<Mitsurugi> Yo, this iron ship _can_ fly, right?  
<Hiryuu> ...If it can't, it's all over.  Either way, hurry up.  We'll be too
<Rock> Roll, do your stuff!
<Roll> Flutter, rapid launch!


<Captain> Looks like we made it.  ...But, now what?
<Sakura> Wow!  Kanzuki, look out the window!  It's space!  Space!
<Karin> We aren't here for space tourism.
<Karin> From what we saw of the Earth from where we fought, we're a 
  considerable distance away.
<Hoover> And even if we could make it there... I don't know if this ship could
  survive reentry.
<Roll> With this much damage... it might be tough...
<Taki> Could not the sorcerers among us help?
<Morrigan> If power was that convenient, we wouldn't be going through any of
  this in the first place.
<Kai> ...Lady Ishtar... Please aid us...
<Sabine> What, we're reduced to praying for divine intervention...?
<Kurino> Well, it _is_ Lady Ishtar.  She just might...
<???> ...Kai...Can... hear... my... oice...?...
<Kai> ...?!
<Ishtar> ...Kai...Can you hear my voice?...
<Gil> That's... the goddess Ishtar...!
<Kai> Lady Ishtar!  Are you calling to us from the Divine World?!
<Reiji> Is that the real thing?
<Xiaomu> Ah, a little sorcery.  Remember how Andaba did this before?
<Xiaomu> Just think of it as a videophone.
<Valkyrie> Lady Ishtar, has something happened?!
<Ishtar> Valkyrie... I am glad to see you unharmed.
<Ishtar> ...Where are you at this moment?
<Valkyrie> The Material World, in a place called "space"...
<Ishtar> Come to the Divine World with the utmost haste.  ...Something dreadful
  is happening at the Temple of the Heavens.
<Klonoa> The Temple of the Heavens...?!  Don't tell me something happened to
  Lolo and the High Priestess?!
<Gantz> Shit, what next...!?  Plus, about this "utmost haste" thing...
<Ishtar> I shall use my power to open the dimensional door... and convey you
  all to the Temple of the Heavens.
<Demitri> If you had that power, why didn't you use it sooner, Ishtar?
<Reiji>  ...I see, the Temple of the Heavens... that was connected to our
  world, wasn't it?
<Xiaomu> Oo, I totally forgot about that.  That's why we went to that temple
  in the first place.
<Xiaomu> Wait up.  Wasn't there something about we couldn't get from the
  temple to here back then?
<Ishtar> That is correct.
<Ishtar> However, as the collapse of the dimensional walls has progressed,
  travel between the Material World and the Temple of the Heavens has become
<Kai> Then, with your power...!
<Kai> Lady Ishtar, please send us to the Temple at once!
<Ishtar> I regret that I must depend solely on your strength.
<Ishtar> Neither I nor Enma... can leave our Worlds right now.
<Valkyrie> It is my duty to serve as Lady Ishtar's arms and legs in battle.
<Valkyrie> And Kurino and Sabine will... once again fight at my side.
<Valkyrie> ...So that we may quell the chaos in this world... please give us
  your guidance.
<Ishtar> ...Very well.
<Ishtar> May fortune smile upon you all.


{Divine World... Temple of the Heavens, Entrance}

<Bruce> ...This is... my God...
<Bruce> That "dreadful" business called all kinds of stuff to mind, but I 
  _never_ would have imagined this.
<Hideo> Unless I am very much mistaken, is that not a passenger boat from our
<Leilei> Not only that... isn't that the boat we were on?
<Ryuu> Yeah.  That's the boat Ken and I took to Japan.
<Regina> It's also the boat that was carrying the secret to the Third Energy.
<Regina> Maybe it was Transferred because it was so close to Ibis Island...?
<Fongling> Heh... it doesn't matter where it came from.
<Fongling> The Spencer Lane...  God am I sick of it.
<Bruce> ...Guess the threads of fate won't be so easy to cut.
<Kyouko> But, why...
<Kagekiyo> ...Why so surprised?  The Dragon Pavilion was tossed from the
  Infernal World to the world we inhabit.
<Tarosuke> He's got a point.  This's pretty small potatoes next to that...
<Shou> Indeed.
<Shou> The Gezelschaft, the Flutter... there are many examples of things being
  Transferred from one world to another.
<Gai> Yes.  The disordering of worlds has reached new heights.
<Chunli> Lately... such things have been happening regularly.
<Chunli> What will become of the world...?
<Jin> I'd worry less about the world, and more about what's happening here.
<Jin> ...I've got a bad feeling about this.
<Klonoa> Right!  We gotta go see if Lolo and the High Priestess are okay!
<Reiji> Okay, let's send some people to the High Priestess' chambers.
<Reiji> Everyone else, check out the inside of the ship.
<Jin> Got it.  Let's go.
<Jin> (What's this unease in my heart...?)

{Divine Realm... High Priestess' Chambers}

<Heihachi> So, here too is deserted?
<Heihachi> ...I don't know what happened, but it's very upsetting.
<Heihachi> Where on earth did that boat wash up...?
<Heihachi> Hmm...?!
<Heihachi> What the...?!
<Heihachi> Hmph, more of the monsters that disrupted the harbor.
<Heihachi> What excellent timing.  I had hoped for the chance to pummel some
  of them senseless.
<Heihachi> Thinking can wait.  ...Now, come and get me!

[new arrival]

<Heihachi> Another one?  Quite a welcome you offer me.
<???> ...
<Heihachi> What?!  That is... Ogre!
<Heihachi> Hmph, so Shadowloo _was_ behind it.
<Heihachi> (But he's supposed to be dead?  How is he still moving...?)
<Heihachi> (I hear Shadowloo's commander, Vega, has some kind of strange
<Heihachi> (It sounds like a load of bull, but could that be how?)
<Ogre> ...
<Heihachi> Heh heh heh... no matter.
<Heihachi> Killing you was the only way to capture you back then.
<Heihachi> But what luck that I should get the chance to capture alive someone
  who already perished once.
<Heihachi> Battle god Ogre, prepare yourself.
<Heihachi> For I am Mishima Heihachi, and I always get what I want...!

[a flash of light, and...]

<Heihachi> What?!  What is that... sword?
<Heihachi> ...What an incredible aura.  The evil sword... is _that_ what
  brought Ogre here?
<Heihachi> As well as this iron mass which broke down the wall...
<???> At least, that's not true for the latter.
<Heihachi> What?  Who's there?!
<Juno> It is coincidence that I flew here.  Well, it is also possible that I
  was drawn by that object with such incredible energy.
<Heihachi> ...A robot?  Who the hell are you?
<Juno> I am Juno.  Rockman Juno.
<Juno> And you are... evidently one of the Decoys.
<Heihachi> Decoys...?
<Juno> Well, no matter.  I must begin checks on my experiment at once.
<Juno> My role includes elimination of all potential contaminants, including
<Juno> I require that you disappear.
<Heihachi> Amusing.  I don't know what's going on around here, but I,
  Mishima Heihachi... will never flee a challenge.
<Heihachi> After I pulverize you, maybe I'll give that Bakuda your electronic
  brain as a present!

[kill something]

  <Reiji> What the?!  What happened...?!
  <Rock> T-that's...!
  <Xiaomu> W-what bold remodeling...  Is that carpentry or what?!
  <Shion> ...I'm pretty sure it's "what".
  <Regina> What's going on here... A robot?
  <Juno> Hmm?  You are...
  <Rock> It's... Juno!  And this giant Rebird is the... Geinietohlen!
  <Roll> Rock, you know about this multilegged Rebird?
  <Rock> Yeah, I fought it before at Cattleox Island...!
  <Rock> (It wasn't just Juno... They even remade the Rebirds from back 
  <Heihachi> What business have you here... barging in like that?
  <Jin> ...M-Mishima... Heihachi?!?
  <Heihachi> Hmm...?
  <Heihachi> It's... Jin?!  Kazama Jin?!  What are you doing in a place like
  <Jin> Who cares?!
  <Jin> So we finally meet... Mishima Heihachi...!
  <Chunli> Mishima Heihachi...?!  What's the head of the Mishima Conglomerate
    doing here?!
  <Heihachi> You... a detective with Interpol, I recall.
  <Heihachi> Why, you ask?  That would be my line!  And where did all of you
    lot come from?!
  <Jin> We...
  <M.O.M.O.> Ah!  Wait a moment!  This energy reading is... the Soul Edge!
  <KOS-MOS> Previous data match confirmed.  There is no mistake.
  <Mitsurugi> Heh... wherever there's trouble, that goddamn sword's right in
    the middle.
  <Heihachi> Soul... Edge, you say...?
  <Heihachi> You mean that sword with the overpowering aura?
  <Jin> Never mind that!!  I turned my back on the Mishima Style so I could
    defeat you!  Fight me!  Mishima Heihachi!!
  <Ryuu> Wait, Jin.  I don't know your relation to that man, but under the
    circumstances, you can't just...
  <Xiaomu> ...Great, there went our handle on things.  Nobody told me this
    spot was so popular...
  <Reiji> Nobody's working together here.  And this is precisely the time
    we need cool thinking...!
  <Xiaomu> ...Wow, what big talk.  Bet you wouldn't be so calm if that vixen
    was here.
  <M.O.M.O.> Um... there's this heat source approaching and stuff...
  <Reiji> Shit, enemy reinforcements huh?  What a mess...!
  <Xiaomu> Cripes, please tell me it isn't her...

[well, close]

  <Yuuni> ...
  <Yuuri> ...
  <Cammy> ...
  <Ryuu> Wh-... Shadowloo's special forces?!
  <Chunli> If they've come to another world, then...!
  <Chunli> ...Vega!!
  <Vega> Heh heh heh... Most perceptive, Interpol detective.
  <Chunli> We already know from Ibis Island that your Psychopower can cross
  <Captain> Ah, this would be that man with the mysterious powers from the
    cruiser Volklinde?
  <Ryuu> Vega...!  Is that... really you?!
  <Vega> I will never forget the humiliation you gave me.  Without Soulpower
    to aid you, this time, my Psychopower will prevail...!
  <Ryuu> ...
  <Ryuu> (Looks like... he doesn't know about Rose.)
  <Ryuu> (But... with her on the enemy's side now, can I defeat this man
  <Ryuu> (And... what is this... sensation I've been ... feeling all this
  <Vega> Ryuu, thanks to our previous battle... you've become essential to me.
  <Ryuu> ...
  <Xiaomu> Say what...?  W-was that a mating call?
  <Chunli> No it wasn't...
  <Chunli> Vega, don't tell me... you're after Ryuu's body?!
  <Vega> I am indeed.  In order to continue as the ruler "Vega"... Ryuu.
  <Vega> ...That unshakable body and soul of yours... will be mine!
  <Juno> ...I am not certain revealing so much of your plans is a good idea.
  <Vega> Heh heh heh... it matters not.  The knowledge won't make them any
    less powerless.
  <Roll> What?  Are those two... allies...?
  <Rock> Juno!  What's your relation to that man?!
  <Bruce> Rock, you may not know this... but that that guy in the red military
    getup is Vega.  ...One _huge_-ass bad guy.
  <Regina> Perhaps it was... The Third Moon?  ...It would be only natural,
    given how cozy Vega's been with them.
  <Vega> Oh ho... you know of The Third Moon?
  <Reiji> ...Oh, we've been real busy.  It wasn't on our schedule, but we 
    raised a little hell there anyway.
  <Arthur> Indeed.  I would like not to be blown anywhere else any time soon,
    thank you.
  <Vega> Then... you must know about these guys too.
  <Roll> Wh-..Hey!  Gnosis...?!
  <Shion> Don't tell me these are those fabricated Gnosis from The Third
  <Rock> Juno!  Did that man Vega give those to you?!
  <Juno> Well now... what do you think?
  <Vega> Monsters from other worlds... quite interesting, really.  And that
    goes for that Battle god Ogre there too.
  <Ogre> ...
  <Heihachi> (...Did she just say... "fabricated"?)
  <Heihachi> (I see, so that's why the dead Battle god Ogre came back to
  <Jin> Ogre...?!  Is that... the Ogre from the third Tournament?!?
  <Jin> The one that... the one who... killed my mother...?!
  <Heihachi> (Hm...?   Blast it, Jin knows him too...?)
  <Jin> ...
  <Ryuu> Jin?!  ...W-what the... this aura...
  <Vega> (Hmm...?  Ryuu's aura is... disturbed?)
  <M.O.M.O.> What...?  An energy reading?  Umm.... Jin...?
  <Demitri> (Magic...?  Something akin to magic is emanating from his body?)
  <Jin> ...
  <Jin> ...It's nothing. I'm fine.
  <Jin> Ogre, and Mishima Heihachi...!  I'm sending you both to hell...!!
  <Ryuu> W-wait, Jin.  The enemy are too many...!  Stick your neck out and 
    they'll just surround you...!
  <Heihachi> Hmph.  I have words for Vega.  You do whatever you wish.
  <Heihachi> Or... would you prefer to join Shadowloo and seek my life?  Well,
  <Jin> ...Rrgh... Heihachi...!
  <Reiji> ...That doesn't sound like blood relations talking to me.
  <Xiaomu> You know, stuff happens.  I'm sure Jin's got skeletons in the
    family closet, just like everyone else.
  <Wonder Momo> Ummm.... So, who are the friends and who are the foes here...?
  <Berabou Man> Well, let's see... I suppose we'd best list them out.
  <Bruce> Kazama, Mishima Heihachi has information we want badly.
  <Bruce> I'd prefer to take him alive if possible.
  <Chunli> That's right.  We've got to find out what his dealings with
    Shadowloo are.
  <Jin> But, I...!
  <Heihachi> Heh heh heh... You'll do what?  I care not either way.
  <Reiji> We've got to capture Mishima Heihachi.  ...What happens after that
    is up to you.
  <Xiaomu> Sure.  We can hang him upside down like a pinata!  You can kick
    and punch the crap out of him then.
  <Heihachi> (Not just an Interpol agent... but the American Unified Strategic
    Forces and the government's special Shinra forces too?)
  <Heihachi> (...This looks liable to get messy, but...)
  <Jin> ...Fine.
  <Jin> I won't let anyone interrupt our duel.  We're taking down Shadowloo
    and that robot first...!
  <Jin> Heihachi!  Don't you dare run away...!
  <Heihachi> Under any other circumstances, anyone daring to say that to my
    face would end up in a pool of blood on the ground...
  <Heihachi> But hey, that's grandchildren for you!  ...Muahahahahaha!
  <Jin> Don't say that...!  You fucker...!
  <Juno> I would have preferred it if you fought amongst yourselves, but it
    apparently did not work.
  <Vega> Who cares.  They're all dead anyway.
  <Juno> ...What about that man named Ryuu?
  <Vega> If he dies here, that shows how small a man he is.  ...Go forth, my
    special forces.  And you Gnosis too.
  <Shion> We can't go down without a fight...!  Momo, do your stuff!
  <M.O.M.O.> Okay!
  <M.O.M.O.> Deploying the Hilbert Effect!

[you wouldn't like Ogre when he's mad]

  <Ogre> Aoooooooohhh!
  <Heihachi> I have you now, Battle god Ogre!
  <Heihachi> This time, you won't sur-...
  <Ogre> ...O...Ooo...
  <Jin> What...?!
  <Heihachi> ...A mere imposter, was it?  Crumbled to dust.
  <Heihachi> (All the data we were researching on Ogre... or perhaps the 
    prototype itself... Did Shadowloo acquire it?)
  <Heihachi> (There's no doubt now - they're the ones who stole "that virus"
   on its way to me.)

[carnage ensues]

  <M.O.M.O.> Aah..!  Energy signature, approaching fast!
  <Bruce> Huh?!  Now what?!
  <Wonder Momo> And after we wore them down this far...!
  <Berabou Man> Gee, this is almost like rush hour.  I wish they'd stagger
    the times they show up a bit more...
  <M.O.M.O.> (Huh...?  This energy signature... it's like what I just felt
    from... Jin?)
  <Devil Kazuya> ...Heh heh heh... hahahahaha...
  <Roll> Eek!  A-a monster?!
  <Arthur> Egads, a blue... demon...?!
  <Heihachi> What...?!
  <Rock> Monster, or human... which is it...?
  <Reiji> Well, if it isn't that demon we met at the Dragon Pavilion Castle...
    Mishima Kazuya!!
  <Jin> ...Today must be my lucky day.  Who would have believed I'd run into
    both Mishima Heihachi and Kazuya this easily...!
  <Heihachi> (...What's that blasted Kazuya doing here?  He was supposed to
    be sealed completely away...!)
  <Vega> (This man... is he human?)
  <Vega> But that power... heh heh heh.  What a wide world.  So many people
    with such strong bodies and souls.
  <Devil Kazuya> Strong power, and a familiar aura... what an interesting
    thing to find by following them...
  <Heihachi> Kazuya...?
  <Heihachi> ...No, you bastard... Who are you...?!
  <Jin> What...?
  <Devil Kazuya> ...Hmph.  I am what you call The Devil...
  <Devil Kazuya> I shall now recover the shard of myself I placed in him
    twenty years ago, when you nearly killed me.
  <Devil Kazuya> The time for my revival is at hand...!
  <Shion> W-what's he talking about?  He's somebody else...?
  <Jin> That's absurd!!  When we met him at the Dragon Pavilion Palace, he
    absolutely was Mishima Heihachi!!
  <Chunli> Could it be... a fake...?!  Like those Doppels we met on The Third
  <Reiji> Not quite.  ...Much more likely that he's possessed.
  <Jin> ...Possessed?  Hey, what's that supposed to mean?
  <Xiaomu> Simply put, it means his personality is under someone else's
  <Xiaomu> But, there's something we've gotta check on first.
  <Ryuu> Ah, that?  ...Yeah, that bears asking.
  <Ryuu> The Golden Seed... do you actually have it?
  <Devil Kazuya> ...What, this?
  <Demitri> ...Oh ho.  That is...
  <Xiaomu> Yikes, lookit all that sorcery...!  That's gotta be the Golden
    Seed that got stolen from the Dragon Pavilion!
  <Regina> And we've gotta get it back.  ...Assuming that's the real thing.
  <Devil Kazuya> ...I can't let you have it.  This is the only thing that
    allows me to keep Kazuya down.
  <Devil Kazuya> And with that sword... my powers will become... perfect...
  <Heihachi> (Damn Kazuya... Went and let his personality get taken over by
    some weird being or other.)
  <Heihachi> (Either way is fine... if I can just research him, I too can 
    obtain the Devil Factor...)
  <Jin> ...Who cares.  You don't get the sword, and we get the Seed.  And...
  <Jin> I kill you.
  <Xiaomu> ...I sure didn't expect the Golden Seed and the Soul Edge to come
    together like this...
  <Mitsurugi> Hey, don't sweat it.  Saves us all kinds of trouble.
  <Mitsurugi> ...It's all ours.
  <Xiaomu> ...Hey, wait a sec.  Reiji?
  <Reiji> ...
  <Xiaomu> ...Hey, cut that out, Reiji.
  <Reiji> Don't make like it's my fault.  Shit, the worst goddamn guest at 
    the worst possible goddamn time...!
  <Saya> Heh heh... Well, this certainly looks like fun.
  <Saya> Ah, and the boy and his friends are here too.
  <Saya> Hi there, how've you been?
  <Reiji> ...Grr.
  <Vega> The monster from the Ouma, is it?  Why are you here?
  <Vega> Thanks to my Psychopower, I've already mastered crossing the
    dimensional wall.
  <Vega> I have no further reason to socialize with you. 
  <Saya> Ah, such classically villainous lines, your excellency.  Dropped
    like a bad habit as soon as you're done with me... I'm hurt.  I really am.
  <Vega> Hmph.  I suppose you think you can use this chaos I've created to
    cover your theft of the sword?
  <Saya> Heh heh...
  <Shion> Chaos... he created?!  Meaning...
  <Rock> So it wasn't Juno who crashed that Rebird into this room... it was
    that man...?!
  <Captain> It looks like he's completely mastered the same dimensional
    transfer techniques that the Grand Master had...
  <Saya> Well then, your _excellency_ Vega, may I stay with you one last time?
  <Vega> Do whatever you want.
  <Vega> ...I have no interested in the Ouma's Project with "God" or whatever.
  <Saya> ...!
  <Reiji> What...?!
  <Saya> T-that'll be enough of that!  That's still a secret!
  <Vega> Hmph... whatever.
  <Xiaomu> What the?  I don't see Saya flustered that often...
  <Xiaomu> (..."God"?  As in, _the_ God?)
  <Reiji> Project... he said?  What's he talking about, Saya?
  <Saya> O-oh, nothing at all, boy.
  <Saya> Gracious... give us a break, won't you?  Asking a girl's secrets is
    a great way to become unpopular, didn't you know?
  <Reiji> ...Never fear.  The last thing I need is to be popular with you.
  <Reiji> Is this Ouma Project Vega mentioned the whole breaking down of
    the dimensional walls and merging of worlds...?
  <Saya> ...
  <Saya> Well, the cat's out of the bag I guess.  That's exactly it, boy.
  <Reiji> ...
  <Reiji> (...No, it's not.  After how upset she got, this is way too calm...)
  <Reiji> (Besides... if the goal were prolonging the chaos in the world, 
    there'd be no need to worry, not with with the dimensional walls in
    shambles like they are...)
  <Reiji> (And what was that about... "God"?)
  <Reiji> (The Ouma's Project... That bears investigating.)
  <Juno> There appears to be considerable confusion... But I would prefer if
    the discussion cease here.  ...Nothing can get accomplished otherwise.
  <Roll> Aah!  H-he came down!
  <Juno> There are too many unknowns here.  I must therefore eliminate them
  <Rock> Juno, you're dangerous after all.  I've got to... defeat you here...!
  <Vega> Special forces, you go too.  Take care of these bothersome Shinra
    agents, and capture that Devil.
  <Yuuni> Acknowledged.
  <Yuuri> Mission: acknowledged.
  <Cammy> ...
  <Vega> What's wrong, Cammy?  Get moving.
  <Cammy> ...A-acknowledged.
  <Vega> (Something's been wrong with her ever since the last mission.
    ...Hmph, if she's of no use to me...)
  <Bruce> Shit, the enemy's in full swing too.
  <Regina> Arisu, no objections if we start the attack?
  <Reiji> None.  Retrieving the Golden Seed and securing the Soul Edge are
    top priority.  Everyone, I'm counting on you.
  <KOS-MOS> Acknowledged.
  <Chunli> I understand.  I understand, but...
  <Cammy> ...
  <Chunli> (I knew it... I feel human emotions and wavering aura from that
  <Chunli> (But what to do about it...)
  <Ryuu> Vega... I don't need to borrow Rose's strength to... defeat you...
  <Ryuu> (What's wrong... ever since I met Vega, something's wrong with my
  <Devil Kazuya> ...My objective has not changed.
  <Devil Kazuya> Kazama Jin... and Mishima Heihachi.  I shall take your
    lives... and this sword will become my new nourishment.
  <Heihachi> Utter bullshit.  You're headed back to my laboratory.  You won't
    have two cells together when I'm through with you!
  <Jin> I won't claim anything as impressive as cellular deconstruction.
  <Jin> I'll simply defeat you... right here, right now...!
  <Xiaomu> ...Okay, we've got too many people and too many plans going on.
    How do we work this out?
  <Saya> Well, let the cards fall where they may.
  <Xiaomu> Yup, that's the best we can pray for.
  <Xiaomu> ...And I don't need _you_ telling me that!
  <Saya> Well, with all that settled, let's get this show underway.
  <Saya> (I don't like his question... it's way too soon for the Project...)

[Yuuni buys it]

  <Yuuni> Physical damage exceeds anticipated limits.  Execution of mission
  <Vega> I don't need every little whine and complaint.  Fight until you die.
  <Yuuni> Acknowledged.
  <Chunli> Vega!  How could you do that to your subordinates?!
  <Chunli> And you!  How could you just say "acknowledged"...
  <Yuuni> ...
  <Chunli> (...It's no use.  That girl's already...)
  <Vega> Hmph.  There's another mission for you.  Withdraw.
  <Yuuni> Acknowledged.  Withdrawing.

[Yuuri does too]

  <Yuuri> Extensive damage: difficulty continuing mission.
  <Vega> Useless.  ...Enough, withdraw.
  <Yuuri> Acknowledged: withdrawing.
  <Chunli> (I guess that girl... really can't be saved.)
  <Chunli> (Vega... I won't forgive you for toying with people's spirits...!)

[Cammy does three]

  <Cammy> U-uhhhhh...
  <Mitsurugi> Skittering little rat!  Finally she stops moving.
  <M.O.M.O.> T-that attack just now... her injury may be life threatening...
  <Chunli> Oh no...!  There's so much this girl might be able to tell us...!
  <Demitri> Hmph, as though one could stay their hand in the midst of battle.
  <Cammy> Uh.... Lord... Vega...
  <Vega> Hmph, pathetic.  I see that wound is too grave for you to survive.
    ...Useless bitch.
  <Roll> W-what're you talking about?!  Isn't she your comrade?!
  <Roll> No way... is he planning to abandon her?!
  <Vega> Silence, brats.
  <Vega> Hmph, I should say this is a fine stopping point.  This
    Geinietohlen... is the largest thing I've ever been able to transport.
  <Vega> Which means I should be able to tackle "that", with its Psychodrive
  <Vega> Heh heh heh... I think I'll go back and try it right now.
  <Xiaomu> Well, that sure sounded ominous.  ...What's he gonna do again?
  <Chunli> Psychodrive...?!  What are plotting this time, Vega?!
  <Vega> Nothing that concerns you morons.
  <Vega> I, Vega, have a very full calendar.  I can't play around here forever.
  <Berabou Man> Now we cut to the chase.  Are you planning to flee?
  <Wonder Momo> What?!  But, what about the girl...?!
  <Cammy> U...uhh....Lord Vega...
  <Chunli> Hold it, Vega!  What about the girl?!
  <Vega> ...I told you once already.  She's of no further use to me.
  <Vega> No doll with its filthy conscience awakening, at death's door, could
    possibly be of use to me as a spare body.
  <Vega> Wouldn't you agree...?  Ryuu...!
  <Ryuu> What?!  Why do you name me...?
  <Ryuu> Urgh...
  <Ryuu> (A "spare body"...?  I don't understand... What does he... have to do
    with me...?)
  <Heihachi> Wait, Vega.  Aren't you going to explain how you resurrected Ogre?
  <Vega> Ogre?  ...Oh, him.
  <Vega> That was nothing more than a test case for my fabrication experiments.
    I was never interested in him to begin with.
  <Shion> Fabrication experiments... just like the Gnosis?!
  <Captain> The villains have begun using ultra-technology, I suppose...
  <Heihachi> (Fabrication...?  Does that mean that it's lost its original
  <Heihachi> (Grrr.... then all of this is meaningless.)
  <Vega> Well then... until we meet again, gentlemen.  Or should I say, "if"
    we meet again.  Muahahahaha!
  <Arthur> Hey, wait!  We are not through-...!
  <Cammy> Lo...rd Ve..ga...
  <Bruce> Damn, were we... too late?
  <Chunli> No way!
  <Regina> Leave this to me...!
  <Jin> What're you doing?
  <Regina> Emergency life support.  Anticoagulants and systematic recovery
    drugs.  ...Okay, that's got it.
  <Reiji> I see, just the sort of thing special forces ought to carry.  And
    you look like you've used them before.
  <KOS-MOS> She is unconscious, but her respiration and pulse have apparently
  <Xiaomu> Great, now we just gotta use magic or whatnot to heal her the rest 
    of the way.
  <Reiji> Yeah, but there's still enemies to deal with.  First we kick their
    ass, then we chat with her.

[Kazuya goes south]

  <Devil Kazuya> Not bad... Impressive that you could wound me this badly...
  <Heihachi> Equally impressive that you could endure those wounds with a
    straight face.
  <Demitri> Hmph, rather half-baked as a demon, but I suppose he still has his
  <Heihachi> (So, this is the power of the Devil Factor... No, of Devilization
  <Heihachi> (I want it... I want that power...!)
  <Jin> Is that all the punishment you can take?
  <Jin> You actually think it's over?  It's over when I crush your windpipe!!
  <Devil Kazuya> Don't be in such a rush.  This body... will take a little 
    more getting used to...
  <Bruce> That bastard...!  Are you running away...?!
  <Chunli> Anyone!  Hold him down!
  <Ryuu> Grr, can we make it...?!
  <Roll> He's getting away!  Rock!  Can't you do something?!
  <Rock> Do what...?  Maybe if I had my wire launcher arm or something...!
  <Roll> Darn... I knew I should have made one of those...
  <M.O.M.O.> W-wire...?
  <M.O.M.O.> ...Ah!  M-maybe... this thing I got from Sylphie will do the
  <M.O.M.O.> Starwind!  Dress Up!!
  <M.O.M.O.> I-it worked!
  <Shion> M-Momo?!  What's with that... outfit?
  <Wonder Momo> She transformed?!  What?!  But how?!
  <Berabou Man> Oh dear, now we've got to tell the two Momos apart.
  <M.O.M.O.> We'll talk later!  Here I go...!
  <M.O.M.O.> Rare Hunter!!
  <Devil Kazuya> ...
  <M.O.M.O.> ...
  <Regina> A-a... fishing pole...?
  <Shion> ...Umm...Momo?
  <M.O.M.O.> ...
  <Devil Kazuya> I don't know what that was supposed to do, but it won't work
    on me.
  <Jin> Hold it!
  <Devil Kazuya> Farewell... my worse half.
  <Reiji> Damn, he got away...
  <Xiaomu> Hey, Momo!  That's the worst-timed joke I ever saw!
  <M.O.M.O.> Umm... I'm really sorry.
  <M.O.M.O.> But, I kind of got this...
  <Jin> Isn't that... the Golden Seed... that the Devil had?!
  <Rock> Momo, how the heck did you get that?!
  <Roll> Wait, don't tell me that fishing pole thingie just now...?
  <M.O.M.O.> Yep.  Sylphie told me that when I transform, I gain the ability
    to steal rare items.
  <Shion> Are you sure you actually have to transform to do that?
  <Xiaomu> Okay, I am officially scared of those pants you had on...
  <Heihachi> Heh... most impressive, girl.
  <Heihachi> I can just picture the look on Kazuya's face.  Bwahahahaha!
  <Reiji> Unorthodox, but effective.  ...Well, at least we've got the Golden
    Seed back.
  <Reiji> But it won't matter unless we fight our way out of here...!
  <Reiji> We've got to take out the stragglers!  Let's do it...!

[Juno has his turn]

  <Juno> Oh dear... it would seem I have been defeated.
  <Rock> Juno... I hate to do this, but I've got to finish you.
  <Juno> I cannot permit that.  I must not have you destroying me twice.
  <Roll> "Twice"...?!
  <Rock> Juno, is your memory back...?!
  <Juno> Not completely, but it continues to recover step by step.
  <Juno> ...Rockman Trigger.
  <Rock> ...!
  <Roll> Trigger...?  Rock, what's he talking about?
  <Rock> ...
  <Juno> I myself do not know what those words mean... but I am aware that
    they contain something important.
  <Juno> Well then, until we meet again.  I am certain my memory will have
    recovered considerably by then.
  <Juno> My combat abilities should have also improved... Heh heh heh.
  <Rock> W-wait!!
  <Roll> Rock, what's he talking about?  What's this "Trigger" business,
  <Rock> ...

[all good things must come to an end]

  <Saya> Oofda... I guess that was a bit too much of a workout, huh?
  <Reiji> ...Why so nervous?  Worried about delaying your Project or something?
  <Saya> Heh heh... You're probably trying to get on my good side, but the
    direct approach makes things so much less appealing.
  <Saya> All women are like that, or didn't you know, boy?
  <Xiaomu> Yeah, Reiji's hopeless on that front.  No clue about the female
    heart whatsoever.
  <Reiji> ...Stop writing me off, you no-good foxes.
  <Reiji> But if we subdue the Soul Edge, that Project of yours is finished...
    I see that much clearly, Saya.
  <Saya> ...
  <Xiaomu> Uh huh, where's the snappy comeback now?
  <Saya> You've got a number of things wrong, and I do have a comeback in
    mind... but I don't need things getting any farther off track.  See?
  <Reiji> ...Think we hit a nerve?
  <Xiaomu> I dunno.  But given how she didn't try to snag the Soul Edge...
    I guess her plans aren't done yet.
  <Reiji> How felicitous.  ...Too bad we have no info whatsoever about this
  <Reiji> Anyway, let's grab that Soul Edge.
  <Reiji> That's the best we can do for now.

<Chunli> Is that girl okay?!
<Bruce> Yeah, she's just unconscious.
<Shion> I think Ethers and some medicine should cure her.
<M.O.M.O.> Thank goodness... But... isn't she the enemy...?
<Chunli> ...No, that isn't clear.
<Chunli> She was about to recover her own will.  Since Vega let her go, there
   must be a way to finish the process.
<Chunli> Leave it to me.
<Reiji> Well, if she's okay, let's worry about the Soul Edge next.
<Xiaomu> About time!  That thing's given us the slip too many times already.
<Mitsurugi> Yeah, I forgot how often, but this time it's ours...!
<Xiaomu> Well...I almost expect it to happen again, but...
<KOS-MOS> Target "Soul Edge"... has been lost.
<Reiji> ...Xiaomu.
<Xiaomu> I-it wasn't my fault!
<Regina> I think I've gotten used to that by now.  If no one can get their
  hands on the darn thing, no one can use it for evil, right?
<Arthur> Hmm... not an unreasonable viewpoint...
<Reiji> ...I sure hope so.  I suppose that's why Saya left in the middle of
  discussing her little Project.
<Reiji> This happened before.  ...At that amusement park in the Phantom
  World, if I recall.
<Rock> I don't think worrying will help now...
<Jin> Mishima Kazuya... or rather, Devil was after that sword.
<Jin> ...I don't know what he was planning to do with it... but I don't want
  him getting his way.
<Jin> Or that bastard Heihachi either...
<Jin> Hmm?  Where's Heihachi?  What happened to Mishima Heihachi?!
<Roll> Well... I think he just went outside through a crack in that wall...
<Jin> ...Damn it, he did run away...!
<Captain> Quite a sprightly old man.  I was hoping he could answer a few
  questions for us...
<Ryuu> Shadowloo and Ouma, Mishima Kazuya and Mishima Heihachi, and the
  Soul Edge...
<Ryuu> We've got plenty to worry about, but talking about it here won't
  solve anything.
<Ryuu> (...Including whatever's happening to my body.)
<Xiaomu> True enough.  Guess we should be glad we got the Golden Seed, huh?
<Reiji> Okay, let's see if the High Priestess is okay, and then try to talk.

{Divine World... Temple of the Heavens, High Priestess' Chambers}

<Valkyrie> High Priestess, we leave the Golden Seed in your care.
<High Priestess> I shall keep it well.
<High Priestess> Momo, what a fine job you did.
<M.O.M.O.> T-thank you very much...
<Kai> High Priestess, the giant ship outside, and the iron monster... Why are
  these things happening?!
<High Priestess> This Temple of the Heavens is a nexus for many worlds.
  Considering the erosion of the dimensional walls, it is a place easily
  affected by such things.
<Reiji> But this is still abnormal.  Including the ship we came here on, 
  it's simply not natural for Transfers on that scale to happen...
<Xiaomu> Isn't there something behind it?
<High Priestess> Regarding that... there is somewhere I would like you to go.
<High Priestess> The Parched Desert... in the Phantom World.
<Valkyrie> The Parched Desert... Do you mean "that" pyramid?!
<Kurino> The Demon... Zouna's...?!
<Lolo> Yes.  It seems Zouna is making his move...
<High Priestess> A very large power is... beginning to move at that pyramid.
<Sabine> Does it have something to do with this mess?
<High Priestess> ...I cannot imagine otherwise.
<Rock> We can't leave that alone.  Juno and the others are up to something
<Ryuu> Same for Shadowloo.
<Ryuu> It means more running around, but we've got to strike at whatever is
  causing so much chaos across the worlds.
<Ryuu> (And I'm worried about whatever's happening to my body...)
<Sakura> That's right!  Speaking of Shadowloo, how's that girl from their
  special forces?!
<Chunli> Her life's out of danger.  She's resting aboard the Flutter now.
<Karin> Weren't you able to extract some information from her?
<Chunli> ...It didn't work.  All her memories of when she was controlled by
  Psychopower... are cloudy, it seems.
<Ken> Damn, so we really do have to beat it out of Vega himself.  So...
  what do we do with the girl?
<Chunli> She wants to cooperate with us, in part to get her memory back.
<Fongling> ...The chances aren't zero that she's a spy.  Well, Chunli?
<Chunli> ...I'll take responsibility for keeping an eye on her.  And you can
  take that to mean surveillance.  She'll be with me at all times.
<Captain> I see.  Well, if you've got it that settled, there's nothing for
  us to say on the matter.
<Captain> In which case...
<High Priestess> Yes.  I shall now open the gate to the Phantom World... and
   the Parched Desert.
<Demitri> ...The demon Zouna, was it?
<Demitri> How intriguing.  I should like to taste his so-called power.
<Rutee> It kind of feels like we're on errand duty... but I guess it can't
  be helped.
<Klonoa> Okay, then let's go, everyone!
<Lolo> Klonoa, be careful...
<Roll> Can we take the Flutter there?
<High Priestess> Your ship?  There should be no problem, just as when you came
<Taizou> Hey, I know where we're going... but are you gonna be safe here?
<Taizou> This place's a helluva mess.
<Bruce> And the Spencer Lane's parked out front.  Unattended.
<High Priestess> With the power of the Golden Seed, I can return them to their
  rightful world.  Do not worry.
<High Priestess> But please hurry.  The demon Zouna... there is no telling
  what he may do.
<Reiji> ...Understood.  Everyone, let's go.
<Xiaomu> Space, temples, and now the desert.  Just peachy.
<Gil> It can't be helped.  ...Well then, High Priestess.
<High Priestess> ...Be careful, everyone...
<Lolo> Klonoa... give it your best shot...
<High Priestess> ...Now, let us attend to our task too.
<High Priestess> Lolo, stand back.  I shall use the power of the Golden Seed.
<Lolo> Okay.
<High Priestess> O Golden Seed... shew forth your powers before me.
<Lolo> Amazing...
<High Priestess> That is the power of the Golden Seed.
<High Priestess> ...You wished to see it, did you not?  Come out, dweller of
  the Material World.
<Lolo> ...What?!
<Heihachi> I thought I had completely hidden my presence... but you found me
<High Priestess> ...Are you not their comrade?
<Heihachi> Comrade...?  Hmph, I have no interest in children's games.
<Lolo> Klonoa and the others are trying to save the world!
<Lolo> How could you call that a game...?!
<Heihachi> If the world is that easily destroyed, I say let it crumble.
<Heihachi> After all, isn't that what the "World" wants?
<High Priestess> ...I sense that you have seen many dark things.
<High Priestess> So, what is your wish?
<Heihachi> I have no use for worlds I can't understand.  You can send me back
  to my own world, I take it?
<High Priestess> ...I can.
<High Priestess> ...
<High Priestess> On one condition, however.


{Phantom World... Flutter, Bridge}

<Roll> We're in sight of the pyramid.  We'll be there soon.
<Captain> The pyramid of the demon lord... talk about your heroic fantasy.
<Captain> Could you put it on screen?
<Rock> Okay.
<Valkyrie> ...!
<Valkyrie> ...That is the pyramid.  Unchanged... since that battle long ago.
<Nakamura> Ghosts from the past, is it...?  We seem to be facing many of those
  battles lately.
<Kagekiyo> ...War goes in circles.  Perchance it may never end.
<Ultra Warrior 1P> Hey now, we're in the middle of that war.  Let's not have
  any sentimentalism, okay?
<Ultra Warrior 2P> ...Who gives a damn about old battles?  We're the ones
  fighting it out this time.
<Mitsurugi> Damn straight.  All you gotta think about before a battle is the
  battle itself.
<Gai> How then shall we make our attack?
<Hiryuu> ...Do we have a course for infiltration?
<Valkyrie> Our only option is to assault the entrance directly.
<Valkyrie> There are many chambers within... but what we seek will be in the
  deepest chamber if it is anywhere.
<Kurino> That was where the room with the huge machine that made Zouna's
  troops was, wasn't it?
<Gil> Then let's split three ways.
<Gil> We'll bring up the rear.  The other two groups can head to the deepest
  chamber and the nearby machine room.

[I sent Reiji to the deepest chamber]

{Phantom World... Pyramid Entrance}

<Bruce> Okay, looks like everyone made it into the pyramid.
<Shou> Yes.  Only we of the rear guard remain.
<Ryuu> ...
<Gai> Hmm...?  What is wrong?
<Ryuu> Oh, uh... it's nothing.
<Ryuu> This makes for better training anyway.  Just moving around in the
  desert is enough to tone the legs.
<Ken> ...Man, once a gym rat, always a gym rat.
<Ryuu> (...Those waves I felt inside me back then...  I haven't trained
  enough... not nearly enough.)
<Ken> (Hmm...?  Ryuu...?)
<Regina> "Parched Desert"... was it?  This is some seriously inhospitable
<Karin> I quite agree.  ...All this sand is doing terrible things to my hair.
<Sakura> That looks hard to take care of even at the best of times...
<Kai> And the sun is so bright.  Gil, and Arthur... are you okay?
<Gil> Huh?  Us?
<Gil> At least for me, this is nothing compared to using Heat Body...
<Arthur> As for myself... I suppose I am hot.
<Arthur> However, that is easily solved.
<Sakura> Whoa!!  Quick-release action!
<Arthur> Ahhh, much better.  Hah hah hah.
<Bruce> Hey, not bad.
<Karin> ...You'd best put that armor back on, if you don't want it buried.
<Regina> We shouldn't hang around here too long without any desert gear.
<Regina> ...Especially in our boxers.
<Valkyrie> ...
<Hiryuu> ...What's wrong?  What're you on guard for?
<Valkyrie> I sense a presence... a presence I have felt before.
<Gil> Felt before...?  Valkyrie, is it...?


<Gil> What?!  Those were.... hiding in the sand?!
<Hiryuu> I see, Valkyrie... you expected this?
<Shou> However, it is the rear guard's task to overthrow such things.  ...Let
  us begin.
<Ken> That's what I'm talking about!
<Ken> Yo, Ryuu!  I dunno what's eating you, but you gotta focus!
<Ryuu> ...You're right.  For now, I'll worry about the enemies I can see!
<Arthur> In this heat... we must worry about dehydration.  Let us conclude this
  and enter that pyramid.
<Valkyrie> Yes, let us fight.
<Valkyrie> ...Oh, and Arthur, please remember your armor.
<Valkyrie> (The presence I felt did not belong to them...)
<Valkyrie> (I am sure "she" is watching us from somewhere...)

[kill a couple enemies and...]

  <Arthur> From that direction this time?!  Forsooth, such numbers...!
  <Hiryuu> ...Stay calm.  Just cut them down one at a time.
  <Valkyrie> Those aren't... Zouna's soldiers...?
  <Valkyrie> Where have I seen them before...?
  <Allosaurus> ...
  <Regina> ...What?!?
  <Ryuu> What the?!  Lizards... no, dinosaurs?!  It's those dinosaurs from
    Ibis Island!
  <Regina> ...We've fought the small ones before: they're velociraptors...
  <Regina> And the big one is an... allosaurus.  A vicious, hulking species
    of dinosaur...!
  <Regina> What are they doing in another world...?!
  <Gil> Allosaurus...?  Should I think of it as some type of dragon?
  <Kai> If so... we'd better beware of its fiery breath.
  <Karin> Not to worry.  The dinosaurs of our world lack any such dreadful
  <Regina> That said, its attacks are incredibly strong, and it's extremely
  <Regina> Don't get careless.
  <Bruce> I get it..!  So that's what the Spencer Lane was carrying...!
  <Bruce> Goddamn Shadowloo... what're they thinking?!
  <??? The Spencer Lane was carrying... rather, conveying, me too.
  <Shou> Human...?!  Who dares?!
  <???> Good grief... finally, some humans to talk to.
  <Sakura> Whoa, it's some really buff guy!  Who are you?!
  <Gai> Is that... Haggar?!
  <Ken> Say what?!  The mayor?!
  <Haggar> Oh, this'll be a lot easier now that I recognize some of you!
    Especially you, Gai - fancy meeting you here.
  <Gai> It is I who should say so.  What has befallen you, Haggar?
  <Haggar> Hmm... I'm not quite sure myself.
  <Haggar> I was nosing around the Spencer Lane, trying to figure out what
    Shadowloo was up to, and even managed to sneak aboard...
  <Allosaurus> ...
  <Regina> Well, that proves these things were part of its cargo.
  <Valkyrie> It appears there is no time to talk.  Besides those "dinosaur"
    creatures, Zouna's soldiers are somewhere nearby.
  <Gai> Correct.  ...Haggar, let us talk afterwards.
  <Gai> Will you not lend me your strength, so that we may carry the day?
  <Haggar> Of course.  I don't exactly fancy being left alone in this desert
  <Haggar> I've been waiting a good long time for some mayhem!

[carnage continues]

  <Haggar> Hmm?  Someone came out...?  Did she get lost in this world like
  <Black Valkyrie> Heh heh heh... So this is where you were, Maiden Knight -
  <Gil> Huh?!  It's her...!
  <Valkyrie> ...Black, Fallen warrior...!  So, you were the presence I felt
    after all.
  <Kai> Did she make it into the pyramid before us...?!
  <Bruce> Shit... what a disaster!  Are Fongling and the others okay?
  <Shou> ...They may have fallen into an enemy trap.
  <Rose> ...Are you certain you should not be worrying about yourselves first?
  <Kai> What?!  It's that lady who was with the Fallen Knight before...
  <Ryuu> ...!
  <Ken> ...I see, you're that Fortune Teller of Jenova that Ryuu was talking
  <Ryuu> Rose...!
  <Ryuu> Tell me, Rose!  Why have you sided with the enemy... after being
  <Gai> Indeed.  I have heard that that girl... desires harmony through chaos.
  <Gai> ...Such deeds disorder the world of man.  Rose... for what reason 
    would you side with such a person?
  <Sakura> That's right!  Don't you realize that person in black is bad?!
  <Rose> ...
  <Rose> (Man of blazing flame... and daughter of blossoming cherry...  May I
    not elude my fate after all...?)
  <Black Valkyrie> Hmph, labeling whatever doesn't suit you as "evil"...  How
  <Valkyrie> ...Black, Fallen Knight, I think as they do.
  <Valkyrie> You once led Zouna's armies.  And now, you appear here.
  <Valkyrie> Your association with Zouna is obvious.  I shall not allow you
    to claim innocence in this matter!
  <Black Valkyrie> My "association" with Zouna is coincidence.
  <Black Valkyrie> That bastard and I were merely... using each other to get
    what we want.
  <Valkyrie> To get...what you want...?
  <Gil> At the very least, what she... what the Fallen Knight wanted was
    Zouna's troops.
  <Black Valkyrie> Heh heh heh...
  <Regina> I see, selling her own powers to get an "organization" behind her.
  <Karin> It would seem that people think very much alike, even in other
  <Gil> ...
  <Gil> (The Fallen Knight's power is certainly great... But... Would Zouna
    really just hand his armies over to her?)
  <Gil> (...!!  It couldn't be...!)
  <Hiryuu> ...Stop wasting your breath in the middle of battle.  If she's
    in the way, eliminate her.
  <Ryuu> Please, wait.  Rose is...
  <Rose> In the way...  That's right, Ryuu.
  <Rose> Right now, I'm simply... in your way.
  <Ryuu> Why!  Why must I fight you?!
  <Ryuu> And what are you hiding...
  <Ryuu> ....Urrrrgh...?!
  <Sakura> Ryuu?  Huh?  Hang on...
  <Ryuu> (Rrr... what's wrong with my body... something's...)
  <Black Valkyrie> Our chat ends here.  ...I shall bury you.
  <Arthur> Though you be full of plans, we yet have some of our own.  ...And
    we will by no means be buried here.
  <Ken> Yeah, let's get this show on the road.   ...And Rose, if the bad
    guys're controlling you or something, I'll make you open your eyes.
  <Rose> ...
  <Ryuu> ...Rose...
  <Rose> (Ryuu, your time should be gone.  I shall watch and see what "that
    power" brings forth...)

[more combat, more suckage]

  <???> Heh heh heh... ha ha ha ha ha!
  <Valkyrie> Who is there?!  Show yourself!
  <???> Oh, you're gonna see me whether you want to or not.
  <???> See, Valkyrie?
  <Valkyrie> It is... Kamuze!
  <Kamuze> Hey, she remembered me.  Ain't that fuckin' great.
  <Kamuze> Best believe I remember you too.
  <Kamuze> An' even if I wanted to forget you... I fucking couldn't!!
  <Haggar> Well now, that's one fine body you've got there.
  <Karin> No mention of the four arms, or the red skin?
  <Bruce> Heh, finally we get a monster who actually looks the damn part.
  <Valkyrie> Kamuze... even you have been resurrected?!
  <Shou> Valkyrie appears to know him.  ...And I perceive their association
    was not pleasant.
  <Kai> Kamuze...?
  <Kai> As in the demon Kamuze, who once stole the Golden Seed...?!
  <Kamuze> Heh heh... someone's done their fucking homework.
  <Kamuze> ...Revenge.  I came back... for revenge!
  <Arthur> Druaga, Zouna, and Kamuze... and the Infernal Village besides.
  <Arthur> All the more reason not to perish here.
  <Black Valkyrie> ...You're late, Kamuze.
  <Kamuze> I dunno what the hell you gave Zouna, but you don't fucking order
    me around.
  <Gil> (Well, now it's clear that Zouna and the Fallen Knight have some 
    kind of deal.)
  <Gil> (It must be...)
  <Regina> And the parade of unwanted guests continues.
  <Hiryuu> ...It's just one more monster for us to kill.  Settle down.
  <Kamuze> The fuck?  You wanna DIE, little bitch?
  <Kamuze> 'Sides, you think I came alone?
  <Kamuze> Yo!  Get your ass out here!
  <Black Sandra> ...
  <Ken> Shit, now we're surrounded.
  <Ken> Huh...?  Wait, those guys... where've I...
  <Sakura> Kurino and... Sabine?!  But those Kurinos're all black...
  <Valkyrie> Those are...!  Kamuze... What have you done...?!
  <Arthur> Don't tell me... those are of the same tribe as Kurino?!
  <Kamuze> Heh heh heh... you damn right.  Just stick an evil spirit in 'em an'
    they're kinda handy.
  <Kamuze> Kinda, makes the high and fucking mighty Maiden Knight easier to
    attack too.  Ha ha ha ha ha!
  <Valkyrie> *gulp* ...!
  <Ryuu> How unfair can you get...!
  <Ryuu> Rrgh...
  <Ryuu> (Power is... flooding through me...?  Is the fury... granting me
  <Rose> ...
  <Kamuze> Ha ha ha ha ha ha!  Okay, Valkyrie, let's do this!
  <Valkyrie> ...
  <Gai> Refuse no challenge offered... That is the Bushin-Ryuu.
  <Gai> However...
  <Haggar> Yeah... it's gonna mean roughing them up...
  <Valkyrie> ...
  <Valkyrie> To cast out the evil spirits Zouna's power has thrust into them...
    we must defeat them first.
  <Valkyrie> ...We have no choice but... to fight...!
  <Black Valkyrie> That's right, green-eyed child.  I see your mind's finally
    made up.
  <Valkyrie> ...I shall not... let you get away with this...!
  <Ryuu> ...
  <Ryuu> (That's right... it can't... be... forgiven...)

[one of the possessed troops goes down]

  <Valkyrie> I am so sorry... I as much as dragged you into this fight.
  <Gil> I know how you feel... but you mustn't blame yourself.
  <Arthur> Yes, should we fall... then they truly will be beyond saving.
  <Kai> So, we must...
  <Valkyrie> ...Fight.  For the time being at least...

[wound the allosaurus enough]

  <Allosaurus> Grrrrargh!!
  <Regina> This is it!  Take it down now!
  <Regina> What?!?  It ran away?!
  <Bruce> How the hell can that huge thing go that fast?!
  <Haggar> Shouldn't we follow it and finish it off?
  <Regina> ...I don't mind.  We can't afford to divide our forces here...
    and it won't last long with those wounds.
  <Regina> (Yes, there's no way it could be alive...)

[knock the lady in black down a bit]

  <Black Valkyrie> Quite splendid.  I would love to stay and play, but...
    heh heh heh...
  <Valkyrie> Are you running away again?!  Black, Fallen Knight!!
  <Black Valkyrie> Fleeing?  My task has always been inside the pyramid.
  <Black Valkyrie> As I told you, I was merely playing.
  <Valkyrie> Hold it right there!
  <Karin> My goodness but she runs fast!  Let's get after her!
  <Gai> Steady yourselves!  We must subdue this area first.
  <Shou> Indeed.  With such mingling of friend and foe, chaos can be the
   only result.
  <Valkyrie> ...I understand.  We must hurry and finish off the enemies

[pummel Kamuze]

  <Kamuze> Grrr.... Bastards're fucking with me!
  <Valkyrie> Kamuze!  Nothing has changed since then!  You... will return to
    the Abyss of Time!
  <Kamuze> Like hell I will, Valkyrie!  I got all kinda soldiers I can call up!
  <Black Sandra> ...
  <Arthur> Those... not again!
  <Kamuze> The more you resist, the more Sandra get hurt!
  <Kamuze> Ain't that a terrible thing for the Maiden Knight to do, huh?
    Gwa ha ha ha ha ha!
  <Hiryuu> ...Is that supposed to move us?  Degenerate.
  <Valkyrie> Kamuze... you...!
  <Sakura> Okay, now I'm really pissed off!  This isn't fighting at all!!  You
    won't get away with this!
  <Karin> Calm down, Sakura!  He wants to make you mad!
  <Ryuu> ...
  <Rose> (Ryuu... you mustn't become angry... Or else you will lose sight of
    your own soul...)
  <???> I thought it was about time... Pathetic.  What a farce I find.
  <Bruce> What?!  Who's there!  Where are you?!
  <Shou> This bloodlust...!  I recall it!
  <Gouki> ...
  <Gouki> It seems the time has come.
  <Gai> What...?!  The Master of the Fist... Gouki...!
  <Rose> The wearer of bloodlust, with eyes of hatred...!
  <Rose> (I know this man...!  Now is... now is the time...!)
  <Kamuze> Huh?!  Who the fuck're you?!
  <Gouki> Misbegotten freak, I have no business with you.
  <Ryuu> ...Gou...ki...
  <Gouki> Ryuu, let forth the demon within you.   ...Wield your fists as your
    heart commands.
  <Gil> Who are you?!  Is this dreadful bloodlust really... human...?!
  <Kai> Gil, something's wrong with Ryuu!
  <Sakura> Ryuu?!
  <Ryuu> Graaaahhh....!!
  <Ryuu> (Is this... my true nature?  This power welling forth... power 
    making me want to destroy everything...!)
  <Ryuu> (Is this the... Bloodlust Wave that... Gouki mentioned... Is the
    answer... the same as... Vega...?!)
  <Ken> Hey, Ryuu?  What's wrong?!
  <Ryuu> I...
  <Ken> Your uniform's color is...?!  Hey, no way... Ryuu!!
  <Ryuu> I... am the Master... of the...!
  <Ken> Ryuu, what're you talking about!  Get a grip, man!
  <Ryuu> I am the Master of the Fist...!
  <Ken> (Master, has... Has the day finally come...?!)
  <Ryuu> I shall return... everything to void...!
  <Ryuu> My fists require blood...!


  <Valkyrie> I-incredible...
  <Kamuze> Gahhh!!  ...W-what the... helll...
  <Regina> W-what just happened?!  Ryuu?!
  <Ryuu> ...Be destroyed...!
  <Kamuze> Man... I blew it...  How could there be... someone besides...
     Valkyrie who could...!
  <Haggar> Hmm, they fled?
  <Sakura> Ryuu, that was awesome!
  <Ken> Sakura, stay back!!
  <Sakura> Huh...?
  <Ryuu> ...
  <Gai> ...That is Ryuu no longer.
  <Valkyrie> It can't be... Has Ryuu been possessed by an evil spirit, like
    the Sandra?!
  <Gouki> ...He has neither changed, nor been possessed.  He has... awakened.
  <Rose> ...
  <Ken> Was all that "the time has come" shit... about this?!  Gouki!!
  <Gouki> No more words.
  <Ryuu> ...I... I... am...
  <Ken> Dammit...!
  <Ken> Ryuu, I gotta stop you.  ...Even if... you have to...!!

[Evil Ryuu or Evil Gouki gets smacked around]

  <Gouki> ...Not bad.  But I've achieved my purpose.
  <Ryuu> Ugh... Uoooooooooooooohh...!!
  <Kai> Ryuu?!  Are you okay?!
  <Gai> Ryuu!  Take hold of yourself!  You must not give yourself to the
    power of destruction!!
  <Hiryuu> So, he didn't return to sanity...?!
  <Ken> Hey, Ryuu!  Ryuu!!
  <Valkyrie> He went into the pyramid?!
  <Bruce> Oh shit, Fongling and the others are in there!
  <Shou> Our comrades may slaughter each other unless informed of the
  <Gil> We've got to follow him...!
  <Gouki> ...
  <Ken> Wait, Gouki!  He... Ryuu awakened!
  <Ken> Is this why you've been riding our ass all this time?!
  <Ken> And why you mixed Sakura up in all this?!
  <Gouki> ...
  <Sakura> Really?!  Answer me, man!
  <Gouki> ...
  <Karin> I don't appreciate you sneaking off after poking and prodding us the
    whole time!
  <Gouki> ...
  <Gouki> ...I must have "that" surpass all else.
  <Ken> "That"...?  Do you mean Ryuu?!
  <Gouki> Surpass me, surpass the killing fist, surpass the Bloodlust Wave....
  <Ken> Surpass the... Bloodlust Wave...?
  <Gouki> ...
  <Regina> Hold it!  We're not finished yet!
  <Arthur> So, he departs.  Perchance that means... he had nothing more to say
    to us.
  <Haggar> Just what is going on around here?  I'm not following this at all...
  <Sakura> Ken!  What's going on?!  What happened to Ryuu?!
  <Ken> ...Sakura...
  <Ken> We gotta go after him... After Ryuu.
  <Hiryuu> I don't plan on being caught in a pincer attack in there.  Let's
    get rid of the stragglers here first.

[Rose buys it]

  <Rose> ...What must transpire has transpired.
  <Ken> Rose!  Tell me what you know!  Otherwise I'll... have to... Ryuu..!
  <Rose> ...
  <Rose> Man of blazing flame... you are one of the bearers of the Key, Ken
  <Ken> Wait, please!  Rose!

<Valkyrie> Let us hurry into the pyramid!
<Valkyrie> The fallen knight has entered too.  There is no telling what might
  happen...  We must go before it is too late...!
<Ken> Yeah, I know...!
<Ken> ...I know...
<Sakura> Ken...?
<Ken> (Master... If I can't bring Ryuu back to his senses... I'll have to...)


{Phantom World... Pyramid, Robotian Factory}

<Zabel> SHIT!!  How the hell?!  Just make the goddamn things already!!
<???> Hey, what's taking so long?
<Zabel> Shut it, this damn thing's complicated!  Just pipe down and get your
  ass in!
<Zabel> Christ, and after all the crap I pulled, I can't get the frigging
  machine to run.
<???> Hmm...?  A heat signature... Zabel, a lot of people are headed this way.
<Zabel> Huh??  Look, just 'cause you got some free time don't give you no 
  right to be runnin your mou-...
<KOS-MOS> This is the place.  This block is the source of the high energy
<Fongling> W-what the heck is that machinery... Hey!
<Zabel> What the fuck?!?  How the hell did you get in here...
<Zabel> Wo-o-o-ow!!
<Leilei> W-why the heck are _you_ here?!
<Zabel> It's cause little ol' you an' me are bound by FATE!
<Wonder Momo> I don't think he's listening at all...
<Felicia> This isn't how you hold a conversation...
<Berabou Man> Remember that he is in league with the Infernal Village forces.
  Which must mean... the Infernal Village has a hand in this too?
<???> (That voice... Berabou Man...!)
<Chunli> Great timing.  It looks like we're not being followed, which gives
  me plenty of time to string you up and extract information.
<King> I like the sound of that.  What I don't like is that creepy machine.
<Taki> Yes.  ...Now, misshappen one, you will tell us _everything_ you know.
<M.O.M.O.> ...S-she kinda sounds like the bad guy here...
<Shion> Well... we do have superior numbers here... I guess it can't be
<Zabel> Don't fucking get all cocky on me!  I can solve that numbers problem
  right quick!
<Jennety> ...!
<Hoover> What's he trying to do?!
<Zabel> I'm tryin' to do this!
<Minion #1> Tron!!  It's an energy signature!
<Tron> ...What?!  From those machines farther back?!
<Sabine> Those are... Zouna's soldiers...?!
<Kurino> ...This is probably some kind of factory.  One for making more
  troops for Zouna!
<Taizou> Man, try telling me that sooner next time.  I'd have wrecked those
  damn things on the spot.
<Cammy> But now it's clear what the enemy is up to.  I figure they deserve
  eliminating, don't you?
<Zabel> Eliminating?!  Shit, that's my line!  Yo, move!  Slaughter their
<Zabel> (Gotta buy a bit more time here.)
<???> ...

[kill a few bad guys]

  <Zabel> Man, fucking puny!  You got your asses SERVED!
  <Leilei> Now get down here, Zabel!  Let's settle this!
  <Zabel> W-whoooooaa!!  You wanna marry me?  Yowza!
  <Fongling> ...I'm impressed you got this far.
  <Felicia> Leilei, can't you just give in already?
  <Leilei> That isn't funny!
  <Chunli> I don't know what he and Leilei have going, but we've gotta pull
    him down from there.
  <Cammy> Yeah.  ...Hey, get down here.  I've got business with you.
  <Zabel> Huh?!  I ain't got eyes for nothin' but Leilei!
  <Zabel> I'd love to kick your ass right now... Dammit, where's those 
    soldiers at?!  Take this!  And that!
  <Taizou> What the?  That crazy sonuvabitch's lost it.
  <???> Hey, Zabel!  You didn't forget I'm in here, did you?!
  <King> What, someone's voice?!  Don't tell me someone's sealed inside
    that thing?!
  <M.O.M.O.> What?!  What?!  No way...!
  <Zabel> H-holy shit... it's working...
  <Jennety> ...!
  <Hoover> W-what's going on?!  Is it broken?!
  <Shion> KOS-MOS!  Do you know what's going on?!
  <KOS-MOS> I detect a high energy signature from the central apparatus.
  <Minion #17> I-isn't it going to explode?!
  <Kurino> Oh no!!  We're in danger too... but what about the person inside?!
  <Tron> We won't make it!  Everyone, get down!
  <Wonder Momo> I-it stopped...?
  <Sabine> Looks like it didn't explode after all.  Man, give me a heart
    attack why don't you?
  <Berabou Man> T-that's right!  What about the person inside?!
  <Wayahime> Oh, don't worry, Berabou Man.
  <Berabou Man> It's... Wayahime?!  What are you doing here?!
  <Hoover> Is this android girl the person inside the machine?!
  <Zabel> Huh?!  Yo, how come it's just you?!
  <Wayahime> Keep your shirt on.  ...It worked.
  <Berabou Man> Worked...?  What worked...?
  <Wayahime> ...
  <Taki> How aggravating...!  Body divide...?!
  <M.O.M.O.> N-no it's not!  I think... those are the mass-production model!
  <Berabou Man> Mass-pro...  You mean they manufactured more of them?!
  <Zabel> Yahoo!  All that trouble and damn if it didn't work anyway!  Right,
  <Wayahime> So it seems.  ...And now I think we're even in battle too.
  <Taizou> So this's what all that sneaking around was for...
  <Minion #28> So many of the same person!
  <M.O.M.O.> I-it's like the observation station for the Type 100's...
  <KOS-MOS> Scans indicate that the copies are less capable than the original.
  <Zabel> (So the first one worked, huh?  Next comes...)
  <Berabou Man> Wayahime, does the fact you're with that zombie mean...
    you've lowered yourself to join the Infernal Village's armies?!
  <Wayahime> Lowered myself...?  Not really.  Did you know that my only
    programming involves defeating you?
  <Wayahime> There are no limits on how.  The Infernal Village army...
    is simply a means to make up for any shortcomings in combat strength.
  <Wayahime> Besides, I was ordered to follow Black around, and he went
    into the Infernal Village... that's also why.
  <Berabou Man> Black...?!  You don't mean.. Black Berabou... Tajima?!
  <Cammy> Black Berabou... that guy in black?
  <King> Unbelievable... a human would willingly enter the Infernal
  <Zabel> YO, fucktards!  Knock it off with all the jibber-jabber!
  <Zabel> Wayahime!  Go get'em!
  <Felicia> Hey, shut up, Zabel!  We're not through talking yet!
  <Wayahime> Oh, I'm finished.
  <Wayahime> Now... let's get this started!!
  <Berabou Man> ...
  <Berabou Man> I have a request, everyone.  Please... do not destroy
  <Taki> Hmph... I trust you are not telling us you have fallen for a
    mere marionette?
  <Berabou Man> No, that's not the reason.
  <Berabou Man> I must ask her about Tajima... about Black Berabou.
  <Wonder Momo> Berabou, why do you care about him so deeply...?
  <Chunli> ...I get it.  She certainly does seem easier to extract information
    from than that zombie.
  <Tron> And if need be, I can just take her apart and get the information
    that way!
  <Kurino> ...Okay, we'll try.
  <Sabine> It's a pain in the neck, but I guess there's no other way.
  <Fongling> So... we can wreck everything but the woman in the center, right?
  <Shion> As far as I can tell, the others are just copies.  As long as the
    original in the center is left...
  <Berabou Man> Thank you, everyone...
  <Wayahime> Naive!  Far too naive, Berabou Man.
  <Wayahime> Whatever you're planning... you won't take me down until I've
    settled our duel once and for all.
  <Berabou Man> Wayahime... Now is not the time to dwell on that "Shinda
    Fourth Ward" battle.
  <Berabou Man> I am severing those roots right here and now.  And then you
    will tell me everything you know.
  <Wayahime> Berabou Man, naive to the end.
  <Wayahime> Defeat is death to a ninja.  ...Either you die, or I am
    destroyed... those're your only options, Berabou Man...!

[one Waya down]

  <Wayahime> Damn, there she went...  Not a very good feeling.
  <Taki> Hmph, and you consider yourself part of the Musou Battou-Ryuu?
  <Taki> It seems they share your appearance, but not your abilities.
  <Wayahime> I'll take that as a compliment from a _fellow_ Musou Battou-
    Ryuu follower.
  <Taki> ...Heh.

[two Waya down]

  <Wayahime> As good as advertised, Berabou Man...!
  <Berabou Man> Please stop this, Wayahime.  I don't want to destroy you
    like I did then.
  <Berabou Man> My fight... ended back there...
  <Wayahime> ...Don't say that, Berabou Man!
  <Zabel> (Damn, these guys're hella strong...  This's gonna get worse 'n
    worse at this rate...)
  <Zabel> Damn it, get your ass in gear, you bucket o' bolts!
  <Wayahime> Who are you calling a bucket of bolts?!
  <Zabel> Not you!  This goddamn machine!!
  <Fongling> That zombie's lost it again.
  <Leilei> He's up to something, I just know it!
  <Zabel> I am fucking PISSED!!
  <Zabel> Death Voltaaaage!!
  <Taki> Hmm?!  He controls lighting?!
  <Taizou> Yo, someone give that jackass some Valium...!  Now what'd he do?!
  <KOS-MOS> Energy readings increasing.  ...Larger signature than before.
  <Shion> Larger than before... Is something going to come out over there too?!
  <Hoover> Trying to force it to work by pumping current into it... how
    incredibly reckless!
  <Zabel> Shut yer ass!  All it's gotta do is work!
  <Zabel> See!
  <Sabine> ...What?  And here I expected hordes and hordes of them.  Is
    that it?
  <Kurino> Just what were you expecting, Sabine?
  <Kurino> Anyway, before any more come out, let's...
  <Zabel> There we go again!
  <P. Jack> ...
  <Cammy> Hmm?  Isn't that a....
  <Chunli> Those robots are... Mishima Heavy Industries models!  But why are
    they here?!
  <Wayahime> ...I see.  These production machines... must have hacked
    into my database.
  <Berabou Man> So that's what this is...!  If she is from Mishima Heavy
    Industries too, it must mean...!
  <Jennety> ...!
  <Zabel> Just look at that!
  <Wonder Momo> Berabou!  Those robots...!
  <Berabou Man> The Bakuda army...!  To think that they could be here...!
  <Phobos> ...
  <Zabel> Right!  Here come the big fucking guns!!  Yeehaw!!
  <King> Big guns...?!  I've never seen those robots before...
  <Wayahime> Hey, Zabel.  Those robots aren't in my database.
  <Berabou Man> Then they're not from Mishima Heavy Industries...?!
  <Zabel> Damn straight they ain't!  These're some ancient guardians the dudes
    in the Infernal Village dug up.
  <Felicia> T-the Infernal Village dug them up?!
  <Zabel> I just brought a few of 'em, but looks like I hit the jackpot!
  <M.O.M.O.> T-they look really tough... Shion, are we gonna be okay...?
  <Shion> ...Well, we've come this far.  Nothing can startle me any more,
  <Shion> Our only choice now is to fight our way out...
  <KOS-MOS> ...
  <Minion #1> W-what a shock!
  <Tron> That's right it's a shock!
  <Tron> How could someone in another world make one of Vector's combat
  <Zabel> W-what the hell?  I don't remember making any of those.
  <Leilei> Hey!  Don't act like it's not your fault!
  <Hoover> Perhaps, it's the machine itself which is capable of making
  <Shion> No way...!  KOS-MOS!
  <KOS-MOS> Scan complete.  It appears that their armor has been fortified
    compared to myself, the original.
  <KOS-MOS> However, my drive systems appear more capable.
  <KOS-MOS> I believe that combat can proceed in our favor.
  <Taki> ...I didn't grasp all that, but it seems the original is the 
    calmest here...
  <Zabel> Ah, fuck it!  You bitches are road kill, got it?  Yeehaw!!
  <Taizou> Shit!  The last thing we need is any more of these things!  We
    gotta get rid of these robots fast so we can wreck those machines!

[wreck more bad guys]

  <Hoover> W-what happened?!  The door to the inside has opened!
  <Tron> Heat source approaching...?!  It looks like a human!
  <Minion> Maybe the others are coming to save us!
  <Ryuu> U-urrrgh...
  <Leilei> Hey!  It's Ryuu!  He really came to save...
  <Leilei> ...Huh?  Wait.
  <Ryuu> ...Uh... urgh...
  <Chunli> Ryuu?!  Is that... really you?!
  <Taki> Wait, something's wrong.  I sense bloodlust emanating from his
    whole body...  That isn't normal...!
  <Sabine> Hey Kurino, this kind of reminds of the time Zouna took you and
    made you into a Black Sandra.
  <Kurino> What, that...?!  If so, does that mean... he's possessed by an
    evil spirit?!
  <M.O.M.O.> U-umm... It is Ryuu, but... I've detected some kind of energy I
    can't analyze...
  <Shion> What?!  What's that supposed to mean... can't analyze...?
  <M.O.M.O.> Well, there is one data match from the past.
  <Chunli> The past...?!  Ryuu's never been like that before...
  <KOS-MOS> The data match is to the energy emitted by the adversary named
  <Chunli> Gouki...?!  The Master of the Fist... You're saying he's become
    like Gouki...?!
  <Ryuu> Uh... uhhh.....
  <Ryuu> ...Destroy... I... am...
  <Cammy> (Impossible... Is this what Lord Vega was talking about about the
    ultimate form of Psychopower?)
  <Taizou> Damn, and he ain't paying the robots any mind either.
  <Taizou> Looks like he's after us.
  <Zabel> Yeehaw!  That's rich!  Yo, go kill their ass!
  <Wayahime> I should probably be upset that he's ignoring us... but no matter.
  <King> We've gotta fight him...!  Maybe if we can knock him out once we can
    bring him back to his senses.
  <???> ...I don't think it'll be that easy, myself.
  <Jennety> ...?!
  <Felicia> Aah!!  It's King's... master?!
  <King> Armor King...!
  <King> Why are you here...?!  ...Don't tell me that you're the one who
    made him like that....!
  <Armor King> Well, he'd make one hell of a dark partner.
  <Armor King> ...But I actually found him wandering around inside the pyramid.
  <Armor King> I was looking for you guys.  He just came by coincidence, but...
  <Armor King> Heh heh heh... heck, maybe he was after you guys too.
  <Ryuu> ...
  <Wonder Momo> Hey, don't give him any ideas!
  <Wonder Momo> And why should Ryuu fight us?
  <Armor King> I have no idea.  I just followed him here.
  <King> ...Then why are you injured?
  <Armor King> ...
  <Fongling> Huh...?!  Hey, you're right.
  <King> You sure... you didn't get hurt trying to bring him here?
  <Berabou Man> Perhaps... to let us know that something had befallen him...?!
  <Armor King> ...
  <King> ...If you're the man I know, that's probably the size of it.
  <Armor King> ...
  <Armor King> ...Think what you want.
  <Armor King> But that doesn't change my job.  ...I was told to take you all
    down.  Say your prayers.
  <Kurino> Told...?  By Black Valkyrie?
  <Sabine> Probably.  After all, he is her servant and stuff.
  <King> Why, Armor King?!  Why would you... with all your pride, become her
  <Armor King> ...
  <Felicia> There's no way King's master would be a bad person.  So then, why
    would he listen to her?!
  <Armor King> ...They call me the "Bad Leaf".  Only natural that I'd hook
    up with a villain.
  <Armor King> Let's do it.  ...You'll know the truth when we fight.
  <King> (Master... why are you...!)

[curtains for Zabel]

  <Zabel> Well, shit!  These guys're still pissing me off!
  <Zabel> Fuck this then!  I'm outta here!!
  <Wonder Momo> Wait!  Amazona... Where's Amazona?!
  <Zabel> Huh?  Amazona?
  <Zabel> ...Oh, that chick in the armor?  Best give that shit up, see, 'cause
    where she is... is the Infernal Village.
  <Wonder Momo> ...The Infernal Village...!
  <Leilei> Well, we had to go there anyway.  Cheer up, Momo.
  <Zabel> Well, I gots a little word to the wise for my honey Leilei...
  <Zabel> NO FUCKING WAY!  No one ain't got enough lives to pull that off!
    Hee ha ha ha ha ha!
  <Wonder Momo> Amazona, I...
  <Berabou Man> Don't worry, Momo.  I will accompany you.
  <Berabou Man> Now I have business at the Infernal Village too.
  <Berabou Man> (Tajima... don't do anything hasty...)

[first KOS-MOS goes down]

  <KOS-MOS> Confirm target has ceased functioning.
  <M.O.M.O.> Actually, it exploded...
  <Berabou Man> That must be a strange feeling.  It is almost like attacking
    and destroying an ally...
  <Wonder Momo> And it's a different kind of strange feeling to have KOS-MOS
    herself confirming it...
  <Taizou> This ain't no time to get sentimental.  The enemy's the enemy.
    Only thing for it is to hose their ass.
  <Tron> Oh, I've got an idea!
  <Tron> What say I take what's left and build it into my Minions to get a
    hybrid model?
  <Minion #17> Yay, a "MIN-MOS"!
  <Shion> R-regarding that suggestion, I must protest as the person in charge
    of building her in the first place...

[le roi est mort]

  <Armor King> This is it, huh... Ah well.
  <King> Armor King!  Why won't you tell me the truth!  What... what are you
  <Armor King> ...I came back from Hell.  That's all there is to it.
  <Felicia> Geez!  I don't get it at all!
  <Armor King> You'll figure it out eventually.  And when you do... it'll
    probably be our final bout.
  <King> Armor King!
  <King> Armor King... master.  Why, when we finally saw each other again...
  <Felicia> King...

[Ryuu buys it (or at least comes close)]

  <Ryuu> G-grr.....
  <Cammy> We are definitely doing damage to him.  A little more and he should
    no longer be combat worthy.
  <Fongling> Something about the way he's in pain makes me doubt it's the
    physical wounds bothering him...
  <Chunli> Get a hold of yourself, Ryuu!  Concentrate!  Return to sanity!
  <Ryuu> Ooooohhh...!!
  <Cammy> Shall we pursue, Chunli?
  <Chunli> No, it would be dangerous to split up now.  But... once we finish
    this fight, we've got to go after him.
  <Chunli> (Ryuu, what happened to you?!)

[when Wayahime is the only one left...]

  <Wayahime> So... I'm the only one left?
  <Wayahime> Hmph... I can't believe you actually made it this far without
    destroying me.
  <Berabou Man> I told you already: I am severing all ties to that battle.
  <Berabou Man> You have no hope of victory.
  <Berabou Man> ...I do not wish to destroy you needlessly.  Please
    understand, Wayahime.
  <Wayahime> ...Looks like I've got less than a 1% chance of victory.
    In which case... there's only one thing to do.
  <KOS-MOS> ...Detect abnormal energy buildup in target "Wayahime".
  <Jennety> ...?
  <Taizou> The android's energy is building up?  Hey, don't tell me it's....!
  <Minion #28> Is she... overheating?
  <Fongling> Under these circumstances?  Hey...!  It can't be...
  <Shion> Self-destruct...?!
  <Shion> Does she have... something like the Realians' self-destruct system
    in her?!
  <Sabine> Self-destruct... and taking us with her?!
  <Kurino> Oh no!  Everyone, get down!
  <Berabou Man> Do you hate me so much... that you would go that far?!
  <Wayahime> This is a program, Berabou Man.
  <Wayahime> Designed to activate the moment I judge myself disadvantaged
    in combat.
  <Wayahime> Overloading my powerplant, making it explode... will easily
    wipe out this entire room.
  <Wayahime> ...
  <Wayahime> ...If you're going to run, now's your chance, Berabou Man.
  <Berabou Man> What did you say?  Aren't you planning to take me with you?
  <Wayahime> Even if I did... it wouldn't mean that I beat you.
  <Wonder Momo> W-what do you mean?!
  <Wayahime> It would mean that Professor Bakuda, who built and programmed
    me... beat Berabou Man.
  <Wayahime> Which would be meaningless.  ...In which case, I'd rather
    disappear alone.
  <Berabou Man> Wayahime...
  <Wayahime> "Nobody picks up your corpse if you die"...  That was the
    last piece of information ever input into me.
  <Taki> ...Beautiful.
  <Shion> ...I won't allow it.
  <M.O.M.O.> Shion...?
  <Shion> There's no way the builder is entitled to deciding the buildee's
    entire life...!
  <Shion> That program... I reject it...!
  <KOS-MOS> Shion...
  <Tron> ...As a fellow engineer, I know how you feel, but, it's too...!
  <Cammy> Yes, the explosions have already started.  ...There's no time.
  <Shion> I'm scared...  And I don't want to use this, but... I'm gonna stake
    my life on this equipment.
  <Chunli> You mean there's a way to stop her?!
  <Shion> Nothing besides... this...!


  <King> What was that... high voltage?!
  <Hoover> Wayahime's energy readings have stabilized.
  <Hoover> I get it... She shorted her out, and forced her central circuitry
    to reset...
  <Felicia> All that zapping was just like Captain...
  <Felicia> ...Wait, Shion?!
  <Shion> *pant* *pant*...
  <Berabou Man> Uzuki!  Are you... alright?!
  <Shion> I-I'm okay... I'm... really scared of thunder... Ever since that
  <Shion> ...With my... mother...
  <Berabou Man> Some sort of... trauma?!
  <Berabou Man> And yet... you used that technique just now?!
  <Shion> Things made for humans to use, and then destroy... That's just...
    too sad...
  <KOS-MOS> ...
  <Leilei> Anyway, case closed... right?
  <Chunli> Berabou Man... Can you live with the fact you weren't the one who
    settled this?
  <Berabou Man> ...Yes.  This is... as it should be, with her asleep.
  <Berabou Man> ...Now, let us go.  I am still worried about Ryuu.  Into the
  <Berabou Man> (Farewell, Wayahime.)
  <Wayahime> ...

[CHAPTER 26. Lost Children of Desire]

{Phantom World... Underground Magic Circle}

<Jin> We're pretty far underground... and it looks like we've finally reached
  the bottom.
<Ultra Warrior 1P> Moody.  I like it.  Make a good date spot.
<Ultra Warrior 2P> Oh. Yeah.  Be perfect if it wasn't for all the damn enemies.
<Hiromi> Hey, this isn't the time for joking around!
<Hiromi> Something isn't... right around here.  It's full of some kind of
  energy I can't analyze...
<Masuyo> Any biological effects?
<Tarosuke> Oh, I wouldn't sweat that.
<Demitri> ...I suppose those of you from the Material World aren't sensitive
  enough to notice, but what is filling this place is evil power.
<Rutee> ...Yeah, _lots_ of it.  It's giving me goose bumps.
<Stan> Yeah... I've got such a bad feeling I'm having trouble standing up
<Reiji> What a beautiful magic circle.  I presume we should be meeting him
  any time now.
<Xiaomu> You can say that again.  Simple, yet rich flavor, with subtle hints
  of impending doom.  My compliments to the chef.
<Kyouko> I didn't follow that very well, but are we saying that something is
  wrong here?
<Hideo> There certainly seems to be a monster of some kind here...
<Morrigan> Oh, there certainly is.  Not just anyone can make a magic circle
  this massive.
<Kagekiyo> ...Indeed.  This dreadful sorcery... must not be allowed to stand.
<Mitsurugi> Yeah, we better trash this shit something proper.
<Klonoa> Yeah... but how _do_ we trash it?  It's kinda big...
<Morrigan> Oh, it's not that difficult.  With this kind of magic circle,
  simply disrupting its shape should render it powerless.
<Gantz> Right, so all I gotta do is blow a hole in it with my bazooka?
<Roll> Heck, Rock could do that too.
<Rock> Yep, and I've got Hyper Shells and my Drill Arm too.  Of course, it'd
  be easier if Taizou was here...
<Captain> Well then, shall we take out those monsters guarding the magic
<???> No... I'd really rather you not.
<Rock> Huh?  W-who's there?!
<Joker> Everyone, it's been quite a while.  I see you all are in good health.
<Janga> Meaning fucking pains in the ass.
<Masuyo> It's them...!
<Hiromi> Aahhh!!  It's that round thing from the amusement park and... that
  rude creature!
<Joker> Goodness me.  Every time we meet, you've added someone new.
<Ultra Warrior 2P> Damn, are these monsters friendly or what?
<Roll> Maybe they're... actually friends or something...?
<Gantz> That ain't even funny...!  They're the enemy!
<Gantz> Janga, you ain't gettin' away this time!
<Janga> God damn, don't you ever cool out...?  Gantz, I'm getting sick of
  your little kid shit.
<Rock> Are those really... the enemy?
<Klonoa> Yeah.  They're called "Phantom Beasts", and they're definitely the
  enemy.  ...I wonder if they're still up to something.
<Rutee> Bet they are.
<Rutee> Which's fine by me!  This time you're gonna tell us exactly what
  you're doing here and what you're up to!
<Kyouko> I don't think you'll get them to talk so easily.
<Jin> Then... we'll have to use force.
<Joker> Well, I'm hoping that the Soul Edge shows up here, you see.
<Stan> Whoa, that was easy.
<Mitsurugi> The Soul Edge?!
<Mitsurugi> ...You bastards better not be lying!  Where's yer proof?!
<Joker> The Soul Edge, which wanders across dimensions, is prone to showing
  up in the presence of immense power.  Regardless of world.
<Joker> ...Well, I suppose that gives you the hint.  O ho ho ho ho...
<Reiji> So, you're trying to concentrate magic and release it... and make
  the Soul Edge come to you for a change?
<Morrigan> I see... sounds convincing, except for why you'd tell us something
  so important so easily.
<Hideo> I fail to understand, unless they are mocking us in some way.
<Xiaomu> That is just so obvious.  And certainly isn't the way to my heart
<Captain> Heh, I actually think he's telling the truth.  ...And thanks to
  that, we just lost our ability to destroy the circle.
<Ultra Warrior 1P> Pretending to joke while tying our hands with information
  alone... Not half bad.
<Joker> Oh ho ho.  What an incredible honor to be praised by both brothers.
<Tarosuke> Look, they ain't brothers.  When's this guy gonna get serious...?
<Demitri> ...Hmph.  That's quite enough.
<Demitri> Surely we can't stand around chatting until the Soul Edge arrives.
<Janga> You goddamn right we can't.  Anyways, you guys're history!
<Gantz> The hell you say, Janga!  After I'm done kicking your ass, I'm gonna
  shove the goddamn Soul Edge right up it!!
<Rock> Wait, calm down!
<Joker> Well, with that said... let's not keep the hot-blooded youth on either
  side leashed anymore..
<Joker> I'll take the opportunity to sightsee a little until the dreaded
  evil sword arrives.
<Kagekiyo> Soul Edge... I too am interested in it.  ...You shall not have it.
<Kagekiyo> ...To battle.

[battle for a while]

  <Rock> W-whoa!  Wh-what the?!
  <Roll> All this shaking... I've got a really bad feeling about this...!
  <Hiromi> M-Masuyo!!  The energy readings around here just went through the
  <Masuyo> Don't tell me... it's actually coming?!
  <Stan> I-it's here!  It's the Soul Edge!
  <Kyouko> What a surprise... and it's right in the center of the magic
  <Mitsurugi> ...
  <Tarosuke> Huh?  Hey, Mitsurugi, I've never seen you this calm before when
   the Soul Edge's on the scene.
  <Mitsurugi> ...We been through this before.  Every time that damn thing
    shows up... some kinda trouble's close behind.
  <Kagekiyo> ...Yes.  The sorcery it emits has not slackened.
  <Morrigan> See, what gifted students we have among us.
  <Morrigan> I wonder what will happen this time?  ...I'm almost eager to
    find out.
  <Joker> That I can agree with.

[and behind door #1...]
  <Hideo> What!  A-ancient Japanese attire...!
  <Yoshitsune> O ho... So this is the other world.  And more fortuitous an
    arrival than I expected.
  <Benkei> Indeed.... Hmm?
  <Kagekiyo> It is you...!
  <Benkei> Lord Ushiwaka... You have done your work well it seems.
  <Benkei> Right... Kagekiyo...?!
  <Yoshitsune> ...What?!
  <Kagekiyo> ...
  <Demitri> Spirit Worlders, is it?  Confounded Soul Edge... how many worlds
    must it draw into this...?!
  <Rock> T-these guys came from another world... like us?!
  <Roll> T-they're enemies... right?
  <Kagekiyo> You need not waver.  ...They are my sworn foes:
  <Kagekiyo> Demons returned to the Golden Pond from Hell.
  <Benkei> Bold words... for a badger from the same den.
  <Yoshitsune> O ho ho ho.  Let him rant, Oniwaka.
  <Yoshitsune> Matters have proceeded well thus far.  ...Let us begin our work.
  <Yoshitsune> ...Understood?
  <Ultra Soldier 1P> Huh?  Who's he talking to?
  <Reiji> Shit...!
  <Xiaomu> Reiji?  ...Hang on, don't tell me...
  <Reiji> Dimensional Transfer, the Soul Edge, the Genji's experiments...
    pretty obvious what comes next.
  <Reiji> Show yourself...!!
  <Saya> Hi!!  Whenever you call, I'll be there in a flash!  And so on.
  <Xiaomu> ...Cripes, it _is_ her...
  <Saya> ...Well now, quite the crowd.  Congratulations on coming this far.
  <Demitri> Hmph, you again?  First the Material Worlders have you by the
    tails, now you deign to play with the Spirit Worlders?
  <Saya> Let us say... that it's a tough job, but someone has to do it.  It
    seems everyone is interested in Dimensional Transfer these days.
  <Rutee> Now see here... How's about you give this bad girl act a rest, huh?!
  <Saya> I'd appreciate you lodging your complaints with that sword there.
    It causes all sorts of grief.
  <Stan> The Soul Edge...!
  <Reiji> Saya.  Are you actually... getting serious about the Soul Edge?
  <Saya> Say perhaps... that the kettle is hot, boy.
  <Saya> Somewhat like... me, really.
  <Xiaomu> ...Then cool it, already.
  <Reiji> The kettle is hot... meaning that little Project of yours?
  <Saya> Yes, as a matter of fact.  Thanks to a certain talkative commander,
    a few beans got spilled...
  <Saya> But since you don't know what the Project's about, there's not much
    you can do about it anyway.  Right, boy?
  <Reiji> ...
  <Xiaomu> Gee, she out and confessed...
  <Xiaomu> And just what do you need the Soul Edge for...?
  <Kagekiyo> ...Yoshitsune, say you that the Soul Edge will open the gates
    of the worlds at will?
  <Yoshitsune> O ho ho ho... hardly.  I have followed the Soul Edge under my
    own power.
  <Yoshitsune> Our experiments are faring better and better.
  <Jin> You _followed_ the Soul Edge...?!  As an experiment...?
  <Jin> I recall... you said that once before.
  <Mitsurugi> Experimentin' with chasin' the Soul Edge's ass, huh?  Great
    fucking job, guys.
  <Mitsurugi> ...Care to let me in?
  <Gantz> Man, don't fall for that.
  <Gantz> Sides, ain't it easier to blow their ass to kingdom come an' grab
    the Soul Edge for yourself?
  <Captain> I should call that a good idea... if everyone here hadn't thought
    of it already.
  <Janga> Hee hee hee... now this's what I call fun.
  <Joker> O ho ho, right you are.  Triangles... can be pleasant, but it is
    customary to crush the weakest point first.
  <Joker> So, lovely lady over there...
  <Saya> Hmm?  You needed something, handsome boy?
  <Joker> May I enlist your assistance in squelching the small group over
  <Joker> What will become of the Soul Edge can be decided later.  What do 
    you say?
  <Yoshitsune> I care not.  The Soul Edge is ours, regardless.
  <Benkei> ...My aim is Kagekiyo alone.  I shall worry about the rest later.
  <Saya> Well, that was easy.  However, I should point out... I don't really
    trust you.  Heh heh.
  <Joker> O ho ho ho ho, never expect a good woman to let down her guard.
  <Joker> But, look into my eyes.  ...Do these look like the eyes of a
  <Saya> ...
  <Joker> ...
  <Saya> Ooh, now those are the eyes of a man who speaks the truth.
  <Saya> ...I think I believe you.
  <Klonoa> Hey, like, his expression never changes!
  <Xiaomu> Dammit!  You blind as well as stupid, you little vixen?!
  <Ultra Warrior 2P> Great, it's comedy hour.  ...But hey, I kinda expected
    as much.
  <Ultra Warrior 1P> Just look at this get-together we got here.  I say we
    throw one helluva party.
  <Reiji> ...Anyway, we can't progress unless we defeat the enemy...!
  <Benkei> Absurd.  What can you do with so few?
  <Yoshitsune> O ho ho ho ho... Just stand there and watch as we obtain the
    Soul Edge.
  <Kagekiyo> Yoshitsune, Benkei... you will not have that sword.
  <Kagekiyo> (With "that sword"'s whereabouts unknown... I must have this
    sword if I am to slay Yoritomo.)

[Janga goes down]

  <Janga> They got me again?!  ...This ain't fuckin' funny no more, 
  <Gantz> It's cause you'z a sissy, Janga!  An' now I'm gonna finish your
    sissy ass off!!
  <Janga> It ain't that easy, you shitty-ass punk!
  <Janga> Power!  I gotta get me some power... an' then I spill your fucking
    _guts_ all over the floor!!  Believe that!!
  <Gantz> Motherfucker!!
  <Masuyo> I swear... about all that cat's good at is throw-away lines.
  <Hiromi> Yeah, and that darn cat ran off!  Gantz, aren't you gonna follow it?
  <Gantz> ...Christ.  Nah, I ain't gonna.
  <Gantz> He'n I are on the same path.  As long as I'm mixed up in this shit,
    I'm gonna see him whether I want to or not.
  <Klonoa> Gantz, you've kinda changed lately.  Kinda... grown up, like.
  <Gantz> ...Great, an' it takes some little infant to tell me that.

  <Morrigan> ...Huh...?
  <Demitri> Hmm?  What's wrong, Morrigan?
  <Morrigan> ...This feeling... It seems she's here.
  <Lilith> ...
  <Mitsurugi> The hell?  A little girl...?
  <Morrigan> That girl...
  <Rutee> Isn't she... that demon child who said she wanted to play and 
    attacked us?!
  <Stan> Yeah, no doubt about it.  But... what's she doing here...?
  <Morrigan> Just look at all the magic at work here.  Anyone could see us
    from worlds away.
  <Morrigan> Besides, I'm here... and trying to get my hands on that evil
  <Kagekiyo> What...?  Explain yourself, Morrigan.  You expected this girl's
  <Roll> That girl... who is she?  She kinda looks like Morrigan...
  <Rock> An enemy...?  Or...
  <Morrigan> I wouldn't say... she's on our side, but in fact she is... me.
  <Morrigan> ...Isn't that right, Lilith dear?
  <Lilith> Yes... You are my... true...
  <Demitri> This magic... I see, I understand.
  <Ultra Warrior 1P> Hey now, we're kinda tied up at the moment, see?  Let's
    not make this complicated, dig?
  <Ultra Warrior 2P> Yeah.  How's about explaining so some meathead like me
    can understand.  Okay, teach?
  <Hideo> Yes, but... although I have accompanied Morrigan and the others, I
    myself do not understand...
  <Xiaomu> (Well, it's the obvious question... but coming from two model
    juvenile delinquents...)
  <Morrigan> We don't have enough time for a detailed explanation.
  <Morrigan> I have a favor I'd like to ask everyone... Please refrain from
    hurting her.
  <Gantz> Huh?  Hold the phone.  We just gotta take getting pounded?
  <Reiji> What are you planning to do?  Capture her?
  <Hiromi> No way!  We can get her if we use a crossfire!
  <Masuyo> ...Wait, Hiromi.  Don't take the trigger-happy bit too far.
  <Masuyo> I don't know what you're up to, Morrigan, but what do we get out of
  <Morrigan> Who knows.  Certainly not I, at this point.
  <Klonoa> Huh?!  That's like... way irresponsible.
  <Morrigan> ...Taking that girl out here is certainly no great hardship.
  <Demitri> ...You wish to save her?
  <Morrigan> Save... Yes, I suppose that's all I intend.  Me personally, that
  <Demitri> ...
  <Demitri> ...Hmph, then do so.  See that you settle accounts by your own
  <Morrigan> Demitri...
  <Captain> Well then... We can't just refuse a request from our teammate,
    can we?
  <Kyouko> I suppose not.  Everyone, please refrain from attacking Lilith.
  <Tarosuke> Ooookay, teach!
  <Jin> Sure, why not.... I should be able to roll with her punches.
  <Saya> Well, it sounds like that girl has business with our opponents.
  <Joker> Quite the wildcard... But as they say, "God smites not he who tempts
    Him not."
  <Yoshitsune> ...I know not who you are, but I shall leave you be.  No mere
    girl is of account when the Soul Edge is in sight.
  <Lilith> What were you talking about...?  Are you gonna be... mean to me...?
  <Morrigan> You needn't worry.  Just be yourself.
  <Morrigan> (...The question is whether or not I can "accept" her or not...
    Isn't it?)
  <Morrigan> (Can I...?  Am I capable...)

[battle continues until]

  <Black Valkyrie> Damn, I was too late... You pack of fools...!
  <Captain> Hmm?  Who's that?!  Not another enemy?
  <Ultra Warrior 2P> Hey, it's Valkyrie.  Finally we get reinforcements... is
    it only you?
  <Black Valkyrie> ...
  <Ultra Warrior 1P> Hold it, partner.  I know the light's bad around here,
    but... I don't think that babe was that dark.  Do you?
  <Roll> (Well, that's what they get for wearing their sunglasses in lighting
     like this...)
  <Rock> It's gotta be someone else.  ...Who is she?
  <Masuyo> Unfortunately, an enemy.  The black something-or-other Knight ...
    or something, right?
  <Morrigan> The "Black, Fallen Warrior"... Val's fated rival, I suppose.
  <Hiromi> Oh, I remember her.  We fought her back at that amusement park.
  <Rock> What's someone like that... doing here?
  <Demitri> ...Hmph.  Isn't it obvious it's the Soul Edge?
  <Black Valkyrie> It is indeed, man of Maximoff.  That sword... shall be mine.
  <Saya> Now tell me, is that sword popular, or what?  Mind you, only the
    last person standing gets it.
  <Mitsurugi> What, you thought you'd pick your opening an' just waltz over
    by yourself an' snag it?
  <Mitsurugi> No fucking way, woman!!  Not while we're around!
  <Xiaomu> Damn straight!  Back of the line for you!
  <Reiji> I rather doubt she came alone.  ...How about all those folks who've
    been surrounding us all this time?
  <Black Valkyrie> Heh heh heh... my turn.  Allow me to gauge your valor.
  <Hideo> So she did bring some allies after all.
  <Kyouko> Perhaps the two we fought before...?
  <???> Finally, you call me.
  <???> I grow impatient, Black, Fallen Warrior.
  <Stan> T-that's...?
  <Rutee> A jet-black... warrior?  Huh?  ...Haven't I... seen him somewhere...?
  <Stan> He... feels dangerous.
  <Stan> Who are you?!
  <???> I... I...
  <Black Valkyrie> ...
  <Judas> I am Judas.  I have returned from Hell to claim your lives.
  <Rutee> From Hell?  Try going a bit easier on the big talk next time.
  <Stan> From... Hell...?
  <Judas> I have no intention of chatting with you.
  <Judas> I have my mission.  And no one... no one will stand in the way.
  <Rutee> Hey!  That's so selfish...!
  <Stan> Rutee, stop it.
  <Stan> Judas... was it?  We've got our own reasons why we can't fall here!
  <Stan> If you're coming for us... we're gonna fight back!
  <Judas> ...
  <Judas> (Stan... I...)
  <Gantz> Hey, Stan, I didn't know you had it in you.
  <Klonoa> Cool, let's take 'em down!
  <Kagekiyo> ...
  <Tarosuke> Hey, bro, what's wrong?
  <Kagekiyo> ...That black dragonbone man is one returned to the Golden Pond,
    without doubt.
  <Stan> ...Huh?
  <Kagekiyo> All those who have returned to the Golden Pond: Yoritomo, the
    panther man, the fortune teller... all have some connection to us.
  <Kagekiyo> ...And what of this man?
  <Jin> I see now... you could look at it that way.  But who among us here...?
  <Rutee> How could someone in a disgusting bone helmet like that have anything
    to do with us?!
  <Rutee> Look, quit running your mouth!  Just bring it on!
  <Stan> So he died... once already...?
  <Judas> ...

[Joker is toasted]

  <Joker> Hmm... Their strength must be considered from now on.
  <Klonoa> Considered?  How?!
  <Joker> You're genuinely in my way... is what I mean.
  <Kyouko> Oh, is that so?  And what do you intend to do about it, mister
  <Joker> I suppose it means I won't be choosy about my methods.
  <Joker> Fortunately for me, I have finished gathering souls, and the next
    phase is about to begin.
  <Hideo> Gathering souls...?
  <Hideo> Don't tell me you're referring to that "sleeping sickness"?!
  <Joker> Am I?  Well, I have already said too much.  Now, if you will excuse
  <Jin> Hey, wait!
  <Joker> O ho ho ho!  Aaaadiiiiooooosss!  I'll leave the Soul Edge for later.

[take Black Valkyrie down far enough]

  <Klonoa> Whoa!!  Now what?!
  <Gantz> Piece of shit!  The fuck is wrong around here lately?
  <Captain> Dimensional Transfer...?  Look out, everyone!  Something's coming!
  <Black Valkyrie> W-what on Earth is that building?!  Some sort of hidden
  <Saya> "SHOP"...?  That reminds me, I need to pick up a few things for
    dinner on the way home.
  <Hideo> That building... that store!
  <Kyouko> There's no mistake, it's her!
  <Sylphie> Hello, everyone!!
  <Sylphie> Is everyone is good health?
  <Ultra Warrior 1P> Sylphie?!
  <Ultra Warrior 2P> Great timing!  Wanna help us out for a hundred coins?
  <Sylphie> I am not that cheap a woman!
  <Sylphie> At least offer me ten thousand coins.
  <Reiji> ...Pricey.
  <Hiromi> W-we already gave her a billion!
  <Masuyo> Screw the price!
  <Masuyo> Sylphie, we're busy!  If you aren't gonna help out, just stay out
    of the way!
  <Masuyo> And you won't get one red cent!!
  <Sylphie> Pardon my over-eagerness.
  <Xiaomu> Look!  What's with everyone barging in on us?!
  <Kagekiyo> ...I dislike farce.  Why have you come?
  <Sylphie> Ahh, that is right!  Everyone, please leave this place at once!
  <Roll> Huh?  Sylphie, what's the rush?
  <Sylphie> The dimensional distortion in this block is abnormal!
  <Sylphie> There is no telling when it will break free and Dimension Transfer
  <Jin> You mean we might get thrown to another world like before?!
  <Rock> Did you sense that and come to warn us?!
  <Sylphie> There, that information will cost one hundred coins.
  <Rutee> There's a pricetag?!  Hey!  Try free!
  <Stan> Worry about that later, Rutee!
  <Stan> Sylphie, how much time is left?!
  <Sylphie> I believe it will be okay for a little longer, but this room....
    the center of the circle is gathering energy.
  <Sylphie> If it amasses much more...
  <Mitsurugi> The Soul Edge, huh?
  <Tarosuke> Everyone wants it... but the damn thing's incredibly dangerous.
  <Mitsurugi> Heh, fine by me.  Makes it all the more interesting.
  <Yoshitsune> (This sword... I truly cannot let him have it.)
  <Black Valkyrie> Heh heh... the Soul Edge, is it?  I had been
    disinterested...  but it is not a bad artifact.
  <Black Valkyrie> Judas... your opinion?
  <Judas> ...No interest.  It seems we have a new enemy.  Let's eliminate
  <Black Valkyrie> Hmph... Inscrutable as always.
  <Judas> (Black, Fallen Warrior... I'm only interested in a certain thing
    you possess.)
  <Demitri> So, this space is collapsing?
  <Demitri> Hmph, no wonder.  Not only the Soul Edge, but this magic circle...
    and all the high-level magic users gathered here...
  <Lilith> ...
  <Demitri> And that includes the resonance between your magic and that girl,
  <Morrigan> I'm well aware of that.  There... isn't much time, it seems.
    Just wait, Lilith.
  <Lilith> I... don't want to disappear yet... I still wanna play... and
     my true body... isn't...yet...

[Saya buys it too]

  <Saya> Oww....  Well, that looks like the end of that.
  <Ultra Warrior 1P> I hate to be rough with a lady, whether they're friend or
  <Ultra Warrior 2P> Don't hold it against us, okay baby?
  <Saya> Oh, don't worry about that.  It's my fault that I blew it.
  <Saya> And here I was being all serious, too.
  <Rutee> We're always serious!  If you can get that through your skull, try
    harder next time!
  <Saya> I think I'll do just that... farewell until then.  And if you actually
    get the sword, can I touch it?
  <Rutee> Sure, if you pay!
  <Stan> Don't charge for that...
  <Reiji> Wait, don't let her escape!  We've gotta finish her here!
  <Saya> Now now, don't get so impatient, boy.  We both know we've got to
    finish this.
  <Saya> ...Somewhere more suitable, I'd say.
  <Reiji> What?
  <Xiaomu> Who cares about the place?!
  <Saya> Oh, don't say that.  What about descending from high on a ferris
  <Xiaomu> What's that, some kinda bald-faced proposition?
  <Xiaomu> Crap... I was too wrapped up in a snappy comeback and let her
  <Reiji> (Why hasn't she been interested in the Soul Edge...?)
  <Reiji> (Is that sword unimportant to this Project of hers or something?)

[Black Valkyrie sucks it up]

  <Black Valkyrie> How can they have this much warpower when their forces are
    so sharply divided...?!
  <Demitri> Hmph.  Let there be no mistake: my presence is entirely to thank
    for that.
  <Morrigan> Who's making a mistake again?
  <Morrigan> Oh, and miss Fallen Warrior?  We'll be taking the Soul Edge,
    thank you very much.
  <Black Valkyrie> ...Consider it a loan.  And I _will_ collect.
  <Black Valkyrie> (Formidable foes... it seems I too can no longer be choosy
    about my methods...)
  <Demitri> Fled with her tail between her legs, has she?
  <Captain> Not to interrupt your glee, but just what do she and Valkyrie...
    have in common?
  <Roll> She seemed to know some of you too...
  <Morrigan> Perhaps you could say she's her... shadow.  Mind you, I think
    I've got one of my own.
  <Morrigan> Yes... very close by.
  <Lilith> ...
  <Rock> Huh?  You mean... her?
  <Captain> Say what...?  Could it be... that that's why you wanted to save
  <Morrigan> ...

[Benkei goes down]

  <Benkei> Lamentable...!  The Soul Edge shall yet elude me!
  <Mitsurugi> 'Course it will!  You ain't gettin' that sword - it's mine!!
  <Benkei> If so, then so be it.  Just try and pick it up with those strong
    arms of yours.
  <Mitsurugi> Shut your ass!!
  <Mitsurugi> Bastard... runs fast enough for an overstuffed bitch...!
  <Kagekiyo> ...Do not worry, for he will surely appear to us again.  ...Await
    your chance.

[Yoshitsune follows in short order]

  <Yoshitsune> How can this be... with the Soul Edge before my eyes...  Such
  <Kagekiyo> It is I who shall grasp that sword.  You shall not interfere.
  <Yoshitsune> ...I know what you intend, how you shall use the Soul Edge to
    threaten my brother...
  <Kagekiyo> ...
  <Yoshitsune> ...O ho ho ho, such naivete.  You can not defeat my brother
    without "that" sword.  Do you not know that no substitute for it exists?
  <Tarosuke> "That" sword...?  Huh?  Wasn't that the Soul Edge?
  <Kagekiyo> ...
  <Yoshitsune> Should you acquire the Soul Edge, it will play that much more
    into our hands.
  <Yoshitsune> ...Our "experiments" permit us to chase the sword at will.
  <Yoshitsune> ...That is, your head will become that much easier to 
    collect!  O ho ho ho ho.
  <Reiji> Shit, Dimensional Transferring on the Soul Edge's trail...  Is that
    what those "experiments" are about?
  <Xiaomu> So, if we actually get the darn thing... we make a bigger target,
    huh?  It'd be like a duck wearing an onion around its neck.
  <Tarosuke> Kagekiyo...
  <Kagekiyo> ...

<Judas needs a priest>

  <Judas> Damn... my body isn't moving how I want it to...
  <Judas> Am I... not used to it yet?
  <Rutee> Hey, is it just me or is there something weird about him?  And not
    just that funky hat.
  <Judas> ...
  <Stan> Where...?  Where've I seen him before...?
  <Stan> Just who are you anyway...?!
  <Judas> ...I see your hearing hasn't improved any.
  <Judas> ...I said I'm Judas.  Don't forget it.
  <Rutee> Hey, what's with that attitude?!
  <Judas> ...
  <Judas> (Stan...)
  <Stan> ...
  <Rutee> Stan?  ...Look, you're too hung up on that guy.  How could we have
    met some weirdo like that before?
  <Stan> R-right.  I know, Rutee...
  <Stan> (But, he said "improved"...didn't he?)

<Captain> Okay, who's left...
<Hiromi> Nothing on radar.  The only one left... is that girl.
<Masuyo> Copy.  I guess that means it's Morrigan's turn.  Let's see what she's
<Lilith> Everyone's... gone...?
<Lilith> Am I all alone again...?
<Gantz> You got the guts to say that after all the shit you caused-...
<Klonoa> Gantz!  Not now!
<Morrigan> You're not alone, Lilith.
<Morrigan> All these people here are your friends.  Besides... I'm here too.
<Morrigan> Come on... come to me...
<Lilith> Morri...gan...
<Roll> Hey, Rock.  How're those two... related?
<Rock> I don't know for sure... but maybe they're... sisters?
<Ultra Warrior 2P> Yo, the only thing that matches is their getup.  They don't
  _look_ anything alike.
<Ultra Warrior 1P> Hey, no law that the older sister gotta look like the
  younger one.
<Kagekiyo> No.  ...I suspect they are one and the same.  No one in this world
  could have exactly the same aura otherwise.
<Hideo> O-"one and the same"?  That sounds like some sort of riddle.
<Kyouko> It does indeed.  Would you mind explaining so we can-...
<Demitri> Kagekiyo should be correct.  ...Just hold your tongues and watch.
<Morrigan> You know... I just started liking you a little.
<Morrigan> It's okay.  Come inside me... do it...
<Lilith> Morrigan... I... I...!
<Morrigan> ...
<Lilith> ...
<Tarosuke> W-what the?!  What happened?!
<Xiaomu> Huh?  And here I thought they were gonna fuse or something...
<Reiji> Yeah, I just felt one hell of a sorcery outpouring... but did nothing
  happen after all...?
<Mitsurugi> Hey, just now... wasn't the Soul Edge glowing too?
<Sylphie> Not only did it glow, its energy reacted too.  ...What on earth...
<Morrigan> ...So that's it... is it?  The Soul Edge... sword that cleaves
<Lilith> ...It's cut... my connection, with you...
<Demitri> ...Lilith has been separated from Morrigan's magic... no, from her
  very soul... and born as a new creature.
<Lilith> ...
<Jin> Her soul has been... separated?  How could that be...?
<Rutee> Look, we've already had people come back from the dead to attack us
  again.  It's not that surprising.
<Stan> I don't think that's the problem.
<Stan> So anyway, was she trying to become one again...?
<Morrigan> Yes, in fact.  But... that evil sword severed the connection...
<Demitri> ...It would seem that girl Lilith has become entirely her own
  person, apart from you.
<Lilith> Oh no.. I...
<Morrigan> ...Don't be sad, Lilith.  You see...


{Phantom World... Pyramid, Underground Magic Circle}

<Reiji> So, is that everyone?
<Xiaomu> Yeah, though... not everyone's okay it seems...
<Sakura> Yeah... Outside the pyramid... Ryuu...
<Chunli> We saw Ryuu where we were too.  What happened to him anyway?
<Chunli> Ken, don't you have any idea?
<Cammy> ...Surely you can explain?
<Ken> ...
<Jin> So, we lost Ryuu...  And as for us...
<Lilith> ...
<Demitri> So, now what, Morrigan?  Any bright ideas?
<Morrigan> Lilith, come with me.
<Lilith> ...What?
<Morrigan> I am you... and you are me...
<Morrigan> However, that surely does not mean that there can be... only one
  of us.
<Lilith> Morrigan...
<Morrigan> Besides, isn't it more fun this way?
<Morrigan> No objections, I take it?
<Roll> O-objections...?
<Rock> None from us...
<Xiaomu> This's when I say, what she says goes.  Right, Reiji?
<Reiji> ...You're gonna regret that some day, Xiaomu.
<Reiji> Fine with me.  One or two more people won't hurt things now...
  Besides, it's not like we can keep track of everyone anymore anyway.
<Lilith> Thank you... everyone...!
<??? Well, if that's how it is, mind if I join you too?
<Nakamura> ...What?!
<Wayahime> Heh heh heh...
<Shion> It's you...!
<Wayahime> My self-destruct program got cancelled, thanks to you.  No need to
<Nakamura> Everyone, please stand back.
<Nakamura> Transform...!
<Wayahime> Hold your horses, Berabou Man.  I don't plan to fight you here.
<Wayahime> For starters, that electric shock erased the order to attack you.
<Momo> Then... you won't be after Berabou Man anymore?
<Wayahime> Oh, I don't know about that.  ...Let's just say I've determined
  now's not the time.
<Shion> (Good grief, her AI really is something...)
<Taki> ...Heh, what an entertaining marionette.  And a fellow martial artist.
  I'll look after her then.
<Taki> If you don't mind, Nakamura?
<Nakamura> As they say, yesterday's enemies are today's allies.  I certainly
  don't mind... Arisu?
<Reiji> ...Just do whatever.
<Xiaomu> How many is that now?  I just lost count.
<Gai> ...Without a doubt, one fewer than there should be.
<Gai> Ryuu.
<Ken> The next time we see him... I'll work something out.  ...Whatever it
<Mitsurugi> Frettin' about who's not here ain't gonna help.
<Mitsurugi> We got a job to do, starin' us right in the face.  We can find him
<Sylphie> Do not forget, we must not linger here for long.
<Sylphie> As I told you before, the level of spatial distortion in this room
  is abnormal.
<Gil> ...Understood.  One thing at a time.
<Gil> Let's start by getting the Soul Edge back.
<Kai> First the Golden Seed, now the Soul Edge... I just hope it helps us
  turn the tide...

[something turns anyway]

<Valkyrie> What is this...?!
<M.O.M.O.> S-spatial separation has begun!  At this rate...!
<Arthur> Egad!  Have we parlayed too long!?


<Hiryuu> ...What happened...?!
<Ultra Warrior 2P> Hey!  Isn't that... it can't be...!
<Ultra Warrior 1P> Yeah... what a sick joke.  That... is a Dust Dragon...!

{Phantom World... Pyramid, Underground Magic Circle}

<Felicia> Eek!!  Isn't that thing gonna attack us?!
<Klonoa> L-look, I'm only made out of fur!  I taste terrible!  I'll stick
  in your teeth!
<Gantz> Me too, you fucking dragon!
<Gantz> ...So like, how come it ain't movin' a muscle?  Is the damn thing
  even alive?
<Ultra Warrior 1P> You don't gotta sweat it that much.  The damn thing can
  barely move.
<Ultra Warrior 2P> Yeah, thing's rotten to begin with.
<Rutee> Is _this_ what the "Flying Dragon" was based off of?
<Stan> Perhaps, but it's not much use rotten like this.
<Ultra Warrior 2P> Huh?  Hey, that belly wound... Looks like this _is_ the one
  we fought.
<Ultra Warrior 1P> ...It came here from Dust World?
<Ultra Warrior 1P> That's a long haul.  Poor guy probably needs a backrub.
<Sabine> This's no time to be running your mouths.
<Sabine> What's this thing doing here?  And where's everyone else?  Looks like
  we lost a lot of people?
<KOS-MOS> I detect what I believe to be the after image of the energy released
  during the Dimensional Transfer.
<Demitri> ...Both Morrigan and young Lilith's magic has disappeared like a
  candle snuffed out.
<Demitri> Most likely...
<Roll> So, everyone probably got... thrown somewhere...?
<Hiryuu> ...Something like this happened when you all transferred to The
  Third Moon...
<Hiryuu> That's the greatest possibility...
<Kurino> We were lucky to meet up back then...
<Kurino> Isn't there some kind of magic...  To let us find everyone... or
  bring them back together...?
<Valkyrie> The Dimensional Transfer was probably caused by this magic circle
  reacting to the Soul Edge.
<Valkyrie> If so, our only choice is to use the magic circle again.
<Rock> But... if we use the circle...
<King> Yes.  But there's a rather big obstacle in the way.
<King> At this rate, we have no way of actually activating the magic circle...
<Ultra Warrior 1P> Helluva blockage, right partner?
<Ultra Warrior 2P> Heh, them's the breaks.  We just gotta chop the thing into
  smaller pieces.
<Klonoa> ...Think we could cook it and eat it, Gantz?
<Gantz> Don't even try it.
<Rock> W-what the?  Gnosis?!  What're they doing here?!
<Hiryuu> ..."Replicas"?  Or the real thing...?
<KOS-MOS> It is extremely difficult to distinguish them.
<Ultra Warrior 1P> My gut tells me these're the real deal.
<Ultra Warrior 2P> Yeah.  Dust World's out in the ass-end of space... No doubt
  the Gnosis made it there.
<Tron> So, they hitched a ride on the dragon?
<Roll> They certainly could have.  If Transfers tend to take everything nearby
  with them...
<Felicia> Forget all that complicated stuff!  What're we supposed to do now?!
<Valkyrie> While circumstances have changed slightly... we must still make
  the magic circle usable again.
<Kurino> She's right.  I don't see the Soul Edge at all, so we'd better hurry.
<Demitri> Which means... these are our immediate problem.
<Goblin> ...
<Minion #1> I don't know what Miss Xiaomu would say if she were here though...
<Tron> That darn gypsy!
<Tron> Anyway, we've gotta move this Dust Dragon if we're gonna look for her.
<Rutee> Well then, let's get rid of these small fry first.
<Stan> Yeah, and fast!
<King> And to do that... we've gotta be able to throw them.
<Sabine> You heard the man.  Do your stuff, KOS-MOS.
<KOS-MOS> Acknowledged.
<KOS-MOS> Deploying Hilbert Effect.

[whittle them down a bit]

  <Rutee> We sure are mowing them down.
  <Stan> Yeah.  At this rate, we'll wipe them all out before we know it.
  <Gantz> Yo, better not get too comfy over there.  Somethin' tells me some
    rotten dragon ain't the worst we're gonna get.
  <KOS-MOS> An extremely accurate prediction.  Heat source, approaching
  <Klonoa> Whoa, she's right!  It's them!!
  <Black Valkyrie> This magic circle of Zouna's... should prove useful.
  <Black Valkyrie> ...Wait, perhaps it was merely the enormity of the Soul
    Edge's power?  Heh heh heh...
  <Rose> ...
  <Rose> (Not just that.  If my fortunes tell true, it must be related to
    the "Heart's Power" Ryuu possesses...)
  <Rose> (Yet Ryuu is nowhere to be seen...)
  <Rose> (Ryuu...)
  <Valkyrie> The Black, Fallen Knight...!  Could it be... that you expected
    this to happen?!
  <Valkyrie> Did you...?!
  <Black Valkyrie> ...Heh heh heh, half right, Maiden Knight.
  <Black Valkyrie> I knew enough to expect something to occur when Zouna's
    magic circle and the Soul Edge came together.
  <Kurino> ...So you hid that fact and watched us instead?
  <Sabine> Try _not_ sneaking around for a change.
  <Armor King> Call it awaiting an opening.
  <Armor King> ...I don't see the sword.  Didn't you lot grab it already?
  <King> ...Unfortunately, no.  Once again, it vanished.
  <King> And now, we've got to go looking for the friends who vanished too.
  <King> Armor King, get out of my way...!
  <Armor King> ...
  <Black Valkyrie> We cannot move for those who are an offense in our sight.
  <Black Valkyrie> You must be extinguished.
  <Valkyrie> ...You surely desire revenge upon me.
  <Valkyrie> Yet, now you have some other objective.  ...Am I mistaken?
  <Black Valkyrie> ...
  <Judas> It matters not.  ...Fallen Knight, what do you wish me to do?  
    Speak quickly.
  <Black Valkyrie> Don't be in such a rush, Dragonbone Knight.
  <Black Valkyrie> Your objective is to dispose of Valkyrie and the others,
    and secure the magic circle.
  <Black Valkyrie> Understood?
  <Rose> ...Fine.
  <Armor King> Hmph... Very well.
  <Judas> ...
  <Felicia> Man, how come King's master and the rest of them do what she 
  <Valkyrie> ...They do not appear to be under spiritual control.
  <Demitri> That much is obvious at a glance.  They are fighting of their own
  <Hiryuu> ...They're just enemy agents.
  <King> That can't be!!  Armor King, the lofty panther, would never...!
  <Valkyrie> ...The Black, Fallen Knight is the angel of death.  I presume
    she has somehow bound their souls.
  <Roll> Bound their... "souls"...?
  <Tron> Wouldn't that be some kind of mind control?
  <Rock> But like Demitri said, they don't seem to be being controlled by
  <Ultra Warrior 2P> I didn't get all that, but sounds like all we gotta do
    is kick that babe in black's ass...
  <Ultra Warrior 1P> That'll break that "control" or "binding" or whatever it
    is, right?
  <Valkyrie> ...I certainly hope so...
  <Valkyrie> (Without doubt, all of them came here across the River Styx...)
  <Valkyrie> (They could not oppose the Fallen Angel's power over the dead...
    Is there no other way?)

[more smackdown]

  <KOS-MOS> High energy source, approaching rapidly.
  <Minion #17> Tron, it's a big enough energy source that even I can detect
  <Tron> Darn it!  Now what?!
  <Tron> How many?!
  <Minion #28> One!
  <Heihachi> Hmph, so there you are.  Now doesn't that look like fun.
  <Heihachi>  ...What?  That dragon...
  <Roll> What?!  W-wait...?  Rock, that old guy, isn't he...?
  <Rock> Yeah, he helped us fight Juno back there.
  <Demitri> Hmm?  Is that not... Kazama Jin's...?
  <Heihachi> Indeed I am: Mishima Heihachi.
  <Heihachi> Jin is... absent, I see.  Hmph, no matter.  Less trouble, in
  <Armor King> Mishima Heihachi...?!  What's he doing in a place like this?!
  <Rose> (This man is... from our world?)
  <Hiryuu> ...That energy was coming from this man?  Surely there's some
  <KOS-MOS> The energy signature comes from an item on his person.
  <KOS-MOS> It is the same signature as the Golden Seed.
  <Kurino> The... Golden Seed?!
  <Black Valkyrie> What...?!
  <Sabine> Hey, old man!  What're you doing with that?!  We gave that to the
    High Priestess...
  <Heihachi> Watch your mouth, girl.
  <Heihachi> Insulting me, of all people...
  <Valkyrie> Mishima... Heihachi!  W-why do you have it?!
  <Heihachi> You must be Valkyrie.
  <Heihachi> ...Hmph, just take this thing already.
  <Valkyrie> ...What?
  <Heihachi> That so-called High Priestess has some nerve, making _me_ her
    delivery boy.
  <Heihachi> She wanted me to give this to you, in return for sending me
    back home.
  <Valkyrie> The High Priestess... sent this to me?
  <Gantz> Man, talk about risky.  ...What was she gonna do if he took it and
  <Klonoa> Hey, he's not that bad a guy...
  <Heihachi> Heh heh heh...
  <Klonoa> ...Though... he's not that good a guy either...
  <Black Valkyrie> Heh heh heh... how droll.  Yet another reason for me to
    defeat you, green-eyed child.
  <Rutee> ...Yeah, I bet it is.  That bullseye on our back just got bigger.
  <Stan> What's the High Priestess thinking...?
  <Valkyrie> ...!
  <Valkyrie> (Is that it, High Priestess?  Perhaps, if we use this seed's
  <Heihachi> Well Valkyrie, or whatever you're called, I gave you the seed.
  <Heihachi> Now maybe I can finally go home.
  <Valkyrie> Thank you, Mister Heihachi.  Please inform the High Priestess
    that I have indeed received the Golden Seed.
  <Heihachi> Oh, my work isn't finished yet.
  <Heihachi> ...I'm joining this fight.
  <King> ...What brought that on?
  <King> Kazama isn't here.  What reason could you have for lingering, Mishima?
  <Heihachi> Oh, I gave that Valkyrie her seed.
  <Heihachi> But I can't just sleep soundly at night knowing I left a little
    girl fighting without helping out.
  <Valkyrie> Mister Heihachi...
  <Kurino> Thank you... we appreciate it...!
  <Heihachi> Heh heh heh... think nothing of it.
  <Heihachi> (This Golden Seed... I have no idea how it works.  ...But if I
    hang out here, perhaps I'll find out.  Heh...)
  <Sabine> C'mon, Kurino, get that smile off your face.
  <Felicia> ...He's up to something.  I just know it.
  <Heihachi> Ha ha ha ha!  Think whatever you please!
  <Heihachi> Besides...
  <Ultra Warrior 1P> What the?  Those robots...
  <Heihachi> Those are this facility's guard robots, and they followed me
    here.  Fending them off is the least I could do.
  <Ultra Warrior 2P> I get it now.  I figured you were feeding us a load of
    bull, but it looks like you're a man of your word, old-timer.
  <Valkyrie> (These mechanical soldiers... are not Zouna's troops?)
  <Judas> ...These are Zouna's?
  <Black Valkyrie> ...
  <Black Valkyrie> (These machines... I see, curse that Zouna... He's finally
    brought "it" to the surface, has he?)

[Judas goes poof]

  <Judas> Uh... urrgh...
  <Stan> Tell me!  Who... who are you really...?!
  <Rutee> Stan, what's wrong?!
  <Judas> My name is... I'm... Judas.
  <Valkyrie> Now the Dark Knight's spell is broken...!
  <Valkyrie> Return to your rightful world...  And forgive us, who could not
    save you except through death...
  <Black Valkyrie> ...You think death saved him?
  <Black Valkyrie> You've got some nerve saying that within my hearing, green-
    eyed child.  I, who control death and destruction.
  <Valkyrie> W-what did you say?!
  <Black Valkyrie> His soul.... is in the palm of my hand.  My power can
    bind him in the darkness forever...!
  <Ultra Warrior 1P> What the hell?!  He revived...?!
  <Ultra Warrior 2P> Shit, what kinda magic is that?!
  <Sabine> That's Black Valkyrie's power...?!
  <Kurino> So this's what it means... to "control death"...!
  <Valkyrie> I knew it, the Fallen Angel truly has bound his soul.
  <King> ...So that's why Armor King is subject to her...?!
  <Armor King> ...
  <Black Valkyrie> Correct.  I hold their very souls.
  <Black Valkyrie> Or more accurately, I'm assisting with the things that
    still bind them to life.
  <Black Valkyrie> I told you before: they are all here of their own volition.
  <Rose> ...
  <Judas> ...
  <Judas> ...I won't let this chance slip by.
  <Judas> My mistakes... will be corrected by my own hands.
  <Rutee> You... it can't be.  It just... can't be...
  <Stan> Rutee, there's no mistake.  This is...
  <Judas> ...I've never... met you.  Don't speak about things you know
    nothing about, Stan...
  <Stan> (...What is it you want so badly you'd let yourself end up like this?)
  <Hiryuu> I don't know how you're doing this... but I take it this means we
    can't kill them?
  <Demitri> A curse on the soul... not so rare as enchantments go.
  <Felicia> What do we do, Demitri?!  How do we... save King's master and the
    rest of them?!
  <Gantz> Who's casting the spell?  Black Valkyrie.
  <Gantz> So we kick _her_ ass, and-...
  <Black Valkyrie> You actually want to try?  Heh heh heh heh...
  <Klonoa> Hey!  She actually came down!
  <Roll> So, if we can just get her...!
  <Rock> ...No, I bet that won't work, Roll.
  <Minion #1> What?  W-why not??
  <Tron> She wouldn't have come down if it was that easy, would she?
  <Black Valkyrie> Heh heh heh...
  <KOS-MOS> I believe it is a question of probability.  As long as the 
    probability is not zero percent, I believe we should make the attempt.
  <King> ...I agree with that.  Black Valkyrie... you're going down.
  <Black Valkyrie> Oh really?  Then perhaps I should have him protect me.
  <Armor King> ...Fine by me.
  <King> Grr...!  Armor... King...!
  <Valkyrie> (I have no way to break this curse as I am now...)

[more carnage]

  <Demitri> Hmm?  This magical buildup...?!
  <KOS-MOS> High energy response from the central circle.  I believe it is a
    Dimensional Transfer.
  <Ultra Warrior 2P> Great, just what we fucking need.
  <Felicia> Argh!  Look, we're already full up!  See that humongous dragon?
  <King> No way... they could be friendly.
  <Rutee> You never know, actually.
  <Stan> No, Rutee.  We've fought these guys before.
  <Ultra Warrior 1P> Yeah, these're those bozos from The Third Moon.
  <Rock> ...And... Juno!
  <Heihachi> That robot who rammed that monster into the High Priestess' room?
  <Juno> Hmm?  Where am I?
  <Hien> That is a... Dust Dragon?!  Could this be Dust World...?
  <Ultra Warrior 1P> No such luck, bro.  Dust World's a lot smaller an' a lot
  <Ultra Warrior 2P> Yeah, and a lot less stupid.
  <Hien> What...?!  Urgh...
  <Solo> ...Target confirmed.  Strider Hiryuu...
  <Hiryuu> ...
  <Hien> Hiryuu...!!  What're you doing here?!
  <Hiryuu> Who cares.  I won't waste my breath.
  <Hiryuu> Hien, what are _you_ doing here?  How'd you get here?
  <Juno> Allow me to explain.
  <Juno> To recover the Geinietohlen, we were attempting a Dimensional
    Transfer to "that" location...
  <Juno> But something, perhaps a mechanical fault, resulted in our coming
  <Valkyrie> ...You likely came here because the dimensional walls were
    thinnest, due to the Transfer caused by the magic circle and the Soul Edge.
  <Gantz> Well, all's well that ends well.  Can't have you tracking your
    shitty feet all over the Temple of the Heavens, can we?
  <Klonoa> You can say that again.  No one's around protecting Lolo and
    the High Priestess.
  <Sabine> I think this is the first time the Soul Edge actually came in handy.
  <Kurino> ...True, but it means that many more enemies for us to fight...
    Talk about a mixed blessing.
  <Rock> Juno, it must be fate that we keep meeting like this.
  <Rock> Now I've gotta destroy you.
  <Juno> You will not.  Did I not tell you?  I cannot be destroyed twice.
  <Juno> Lord Rockman Trigger.
  <Rock> ...
  <Roll> ...Rock...
  <Tron> They've gotta be drawing each other towards them, I just know it.
  <Rock> (Drawing together...?  Maybe we are...)
  <Black Valkyrie> It seems they're not our enemies.  ...Perfect.  Let's put
    them to good use.
  <Judas> No matter who comes, my mission won't change.
  <Armor King> Interlopers?  This's getting me pumped up.
  <Rose> ...This is yet another trial for them.
  <Hien> ...Hiryuu, He has ordered me to kill you.
  <Hien> I don't want to kill a comrade... but this is my mission.
  <Hiryuu> You're a traitor, Hien.  ...I won't let you say you've forgotten
    the Strider code.
  <Hien> ...Must we kill each other at the end, Hiryuu...?!

[Black Valkyrie goes down]

  <Black Valkyrie> Heh...heh heh heh... Well done.  But, simply defeating me
  <Armor King> ...
  <King> Isn't that enough...?!
  <Felicia> Valkyrie!  Isn't there something we can do?!
  <Rose> (If you have a plan... show it to me.)
  <Valkyrie> Perhaps, now... I can do something.
  <Black Valkyrie> What...?
  <Stan> You mean... you can save "Judas"?!
  <Judas> (Even if she can... I...)
  <Rutee> B-but, how?!
  <Valkyrie> With the power of "this"...  Black, Fallen Knight, I can free
    them from your curse...!
  <Klonoa> What?!  It can do that?!
  <Gantz> Put a sock in it, Klonoa.  This ain't the time for us to butt in.
  <Gantz> Let the Maiden Knight handle her business.
  <Black Valkyrie> Impossible!  You can actually draw forth the power in
    that seed?!
  <Valkyrie> ...Who do you think stole this seed back from Kamuze?
  <Valkyrie> It was Kurino... and I.
  <Valkyrie> O Golden Seed!  Grant me power...!  Give peace unto those subject
    to the dark power of evil...!
  <Black Valkyrie> W-what happened...?!
  <Black Valkyrie> Aaaahhhh!!
  <Armor King> T-this power... this is...!
  <Rose> Now is my chance...!
  <Judas> ...
  <Hiryuu> ...They ran?
  <Ultra Warrior 1P> Damn that was bright.  What happened?!
  <Ultra Warrior 2P> Man, shoulda worn my shades.  That was like a stun
    grenade right there.
  <KOS-MOS> Energy signature exceeds measurable limits.  Analysis impossible.
  <Demitri> This is the magic of the Golden Seed...!
  <Demitri> Most impressive.  Before such power, even Black Valkyrie would
   have no choice but to withdraw.
  <Sabine> Yeah, but did it actually work?
  <Tron> It certainly was a lot of energy, but did it actually do anything
    to Black Valkyrie?
  <Roll> Well, the light scared her enough to chase her away...
  <Kurino> Lady Valkyrie!  Did it... did it work?!
  <Rock> Did it?
  <Valkyrie> ...Most likely.  The curse upon their souls is surely broken.
  <Heihachi> The Golden Seed... huh?
  <Heihachi> (This aura... So this is the power of the other Worlds?  ...Heh
    heh, not bad.)
  <Solo> Analysis of energy impossible.
  <Hien> Urk.... Just what the heck is going on around here?
  <Juno> An otherworldly technique?  I see... quite fascinating.
  <Valkyrie> There is no way at this moment to tell whether it worked.
  <Valkyrie> So for now, let us do what we can.  Defeat the remaining enemies!

[Hien buys the farm]

  <Hien> ...Time to withdraw.  Nothing else for it.
  <Hiryuu> Running away, Hien?
  <Hien> This Transfer was unanticipated.
  <Hiryuu> Especially you, Hiryuu... This warpower is nowhere enough to take
    you on.
  <Hien> I'm withdrawing.
  <Hiryuu> ...Hien, where did you come from?  The Third Moon was...
  <Hien> If I came from somewhere, it means I've got that somewhere to return
    to.  ...Unlike you, Hiryuu.
  <Hiryuu> ...
  <Hien> He is the one who will become master of all.  ...You know what that
    means, Hiryuu.
  <Hiryuu> ...
  <Hiryuu> (What is it that would make Him abandon The Third Moon...)
  <Hiryuu> (Whatever it is, it lets him take over the whole world... huh?)
  <Hiryuu> (It must be somewhere.... this place that He needs to complete his
  <Hiryuu> (I've got to find it first...)

[Solo follows suit]

  <Solo> Sampling complete.  Emergency situation requires rapid withdrawal.
  <Hiryuu> ...He ran?  No matter.
  <Hiryuu> The Third Moon... What happened to it after we escaped...?
  <Hiryuu> (Where'd they come from?  Did they build a new base?  Or...?)

[...followed by Juno]

  <Juno> Things never seem to work out... Why is it... that I fail so badly?
  <Rock> You... I won't let things go according to your evil plan.
  <Juno> Why not?  ...It is not possible for me to fail.
  <Juno> And if it is, it is the fault of those who ensnared me.
  <Juno> ...Which means you.
  <Juno> That must be it.
  <Juno> ...
  <Rock> Juno, are you... turning Irregular?
  <Juno> ...
  <Roll> Irregular?  What's that?
  <Rock> Oh, er... nothing, Roll.
  <Juno> ...It is all your fault.  Lord... Rockman... Trigger...
  <Rock> (Becoming Irregular...I said it, and yet I don't know myself what
    it means...)
  <Roll> ...Rock... is something wrong with you...?  Every time he shows up,
  <Rock> N-nothing's wrong.  Nothing at all, Roll.
  <Rock> (Irregular... The one thing I do know is that we mustn't leave him

<Klonoa> Whoawhoawhoawhoa!!  Now what?!
<Minion #17> Aaahh!  Tron!!
<Tron> We just got rid of all the bad guys... so what's wrong?!
<Gantz> Huh?!  Hey, check out the dragon!!
<Ultra Warrior 1P> Hey, the Dust Dragon...
<Ultra Warrior 2P> Vanished...?!  Did it go back to its own world?!!
<KOS-MOS> Target "Dust Dragon" completely lost.  Residual energy provides
  certain evidence of Dimensional Transfer.
<Rock> Thank goodness it's gone...
<Hiryuu> ...Looks like this space has stabilized too.
<Roll> But how, all of a sudden...?
<Valkyrie> I imagine... it is because I unleashed the power of the Golden
<Demitri> It seems the Golden Seed resonated with the magic circle.
<Demitri> First the Soul Edge caused something, now it was the Golden Seed's
<Heihachi> (Heh heh heh... how fascinating.  ...I can't very well go home at
  this rate.)
<Kurino> The magic circle's glowing?!  Lady Valkyrie?!
<Valkyrie> It seems the magic circle's power is restored.  Under the
<Stan> Maybe it'll take us to the rest of our companions?!
<Valkyrie> ...Most likely.
<Rutee> Hey, that saves all kinds of trouble!
<Rutee> Then let's jump into that thing!
<Sabine> Just like that?  Maybe we'd better make sure first.
<Felicia> Hey, it's okay!  Valkyrie said so herself!
<King> ...Okay, let's go.  Our companions may be in as much danger as we
<King> (Armor King... I believe... your curse was lifted.)


{Spirit World... Upper Castle, Cherry Blossom Gate}

<Nakamura> Is everyone okay?
<Momo> Looks like everyone here's okay, but we've lost a lot of people.
<Momo> "Whar's mah warriors?"
<Momo> ...Huh?
<Masuyo> This's the place we first Transferred to...
<Masuyo> ...Right?
<Masuyo> "Send the journeyman on a journey, man"...
<Hiromi> Didn't they... expand things a bit?
<Hiromi> ...Actually, Masuyo... are you okay?
<Hiromi> It's like, "try eating less punster cheese".
<Leilei> Hey, you guys, what's the big idea?  Get serious!
<Momo> I-I was trying to be...
<Arthur> Is this... the Spirit World?
<Arthur> It would seem we passed through the dimensional wall, and ventured
  from the magic circle chamber in the Phantom World... to this place.
<Arthur> "Interdimensional interference" indeed.
<Tarosuke> That sucked...  "interdimensional" and "interference" don't sound
  anything alike.
<Tarosuke> Anyway, this's gotta be the Upper Castle.
<Tarosuke> ...But, it's _waaaay_ different.
<Kagekiyo> ...This is the work of Yoritomo's sorcery.  Watch yourselves, one
  and all.
<Taizou> "Sor"cery, huh?  What a laugh.  Bet he's got a "sore" back from all
<Morrigan> ...What is wrong with everybody all of a sudden?
<Morrigan> Nobody is laughing.
<Lilith> Really?  I was kinda hoping I could join in too.
<Lilith> Ummm, the most beautiful flower is the Lily...th!
<Lilith> And stuff.
<Gil> What the...?  It seems some, but not all, of us have lost control of our
<Gil> Kai, I "know" you "no"-ticed, right?
<Gil> ...
<Gil> ...Me too?  Great.
<Kai> Two succubi and two dead people from the Infernal World... and Momo...
  It seems only the non-humans are unaffected.
<Kai> Gil, this "biz" is too "bizarre"...
<Regina> ...Don't tell me we inhaled some kind of odorless, colorless "gas" or
<Regina> I'm flabber"gas"ted.
<M.O.M.O.> I just tried scanning the atmosphere, but I can't find anything like
<M.O.M.O.> But...
<Shion> "But"?  You've got a re"but"tal...?
<Shion> ...What am I talking about, anyway?
<M.O.M.O.> I do detect an unanalyzable energy in the area, what I believe
  is called "magic".
<M.O.M.O.> I think that energy is affecting your minds, leading to... umm... 
  all those puns.
<Bruce> Huh?!  What's that supposed to mean?  Someone's controlling our minds
  to make us joke?
<Bruce> That kinda problem is like Morrigan or Saya, y'know?
<Morrigan> ...?
<Fongling> Bruce, I didn't get that at all.
<Bruce> Ain't it obvious, Fongling?  "Huge, and more than a handful."
<Leilei> Oh man, that's awful...
<Leilei> ...Wait, that wasn't a pun, was it?
<Momo> W-was that American humor...?
<Masuyo> We've gotta get out of here fast.  It's giving me "chills".  Plus it's
  "cold" too.
<Masuyo> ...Huh?  Man, gimme a break.
<M.O.M.O.> I-it's the enemy!
<M.O.M.O.> (I couldn't detect them...?!  The energy at work in this area... is
  something we've never seen before...)
<Kagekiyo> I had expected Yoritomo's lackeys, but we get demons from the
  Infernal Village instead.
<Hiromi> "Demon"strably "demon"ic, I'd say.
<Hiromi> ...ARGH!  And right when we were gonna withdraw too...!
<Tarosuke> I wonder if they got thrown here from the Infernal World like we
<Tarosuke> Or at "least" from the "East"...
<Tarosuke> ...Huh?  What'm I talking about?
<Arthur> ...
<Arthur> (I don't understand... Why are beings from the Infernal Village here
  in the Spirit World?)
<Red Aleemar Joker> Arthur, the Silver Knight...?  What are you lot doing here?
<Arthur> That is what I would like to know.
<Arthur> ...Have you any information "red alee" to hand?
<Arthur> (Curses, my words...)
<Red Aleemar Joker> What...?  Arthur... Are you mocking me?
<Arthur> ...I had best not say anything careless.
<Arthur> It is the fault of the "sorcery" in this place.
<Arthur> "Sor cery" about that, do not mind me, Joker.
<Red Aleemar Joker> (This place...?)
<Red Aleemar Joker> (...I see, I do feel something.  Is this some sort of...
<Morrigan> So, as you can see, only a few of us can speak properly just now,
  myself included.
<Lilith> Guess what?  We just came from the Phantom World, from this pyramid
  owned by some guy named Zouna.
<Red Aleemar Joker> From the Phantom World...?  ...I see, this must be the
  Demon Lord Zouna's doing.
<Fongling> This...?  If you know something, let us "know".  We have "no"
  information right now...
<Fongling> ...Oh, never mind.
<Red Aleemar Joker> Hmph, that will be more than enough.
<Red Aleemar Joker> ...Travel to the Phantom World is currently impossible.
<Gil> Impossible?  What do you mean?  We "just"ifiably came from there "just"
<Red Aleemar Joker> Oh, it may be possible to come, but it's not possible to
  go.  ...The dimensional wall has changed.
<Taizou> "One way"?  "No way"...
<Kai> Is this the power of that magic circle...?  Or coincidence?  Or Zouna...?
  Did he arrange things like this on purpose?
<Kai> (Hey, I got it out.)
<Regina> Quite likely, I'd say.
<Regina> This special type of dimensional rejection... We've seen it before.
<Regina> (Looks like we're not _forced_ to talk weird.)
<Shion> ...The directed distortion from Roppongi...!
<Bruce> Handy for whatever the bad guys are up to next, huh?
<Red Aleemar Joker> I have no idea what Zouna is up to.
<Red Aleemar Joker> And in any case, eliminating you all comes first.
<Nakamura> I'd like to know something first.
<Nakamura> ...Transform!
<Berabou Man> ...I've heard that a man in a black "suit" like mine was deemed
  "suit"able to enter the Infernal Village.
<Berabou Man> Do you know anything about him?
<Red Aleemar Joker> A man in a black suit...?
<Red Aleemar Joker> ...No one in my Demon's Blazon matches that description.
<Red Aleemar Joker> If he's anywhere... it might be Zabel's squadron.
<Leilei> That's true... ever since he joined forces with the Infernal Village,
  he's been leading around all kinds of people.
<Momo> (Amazona...)
<Momo> Transform...!
<Haggar> I'm worried about the others.  I "forsee" that we'll have to "force"
  our way out of here.
<Red Aleemar Joker> Hmph, ready for battle, are you?
<Red Aleemar Joker> What an unexpected pleasure for a mere reconnaissance run.
<Red Aleemar Joker> Let's do it, Arthur!
<Arthur> Very well.  We've got to survive if we are to find out what happened
  to us.
<Arthur> Come, Red Aleemar Joker!
<Arthur> We must not "slow down" this "showdown"!
<Red Aleemar Joker> ...
<Arthur> Hmm... this simply will not do.
<Arthur> We must do something about this place...

[killing ensues]

  <Red Aleemar Joker> ...Indeed, your strength should not be underestimated.
  <Arthur> Indeed, and we're grateful for it.  ...Mind you, our numbers are
    substantially depleted.
  <Haggar> Are these devils the only ones here?  Then enough "palaver" and
    more "pulverizing".
  <Regina> Yeah.  I don't plan on talking like this forever.
  <Regina> If he's here on recon, it should "mean" a "mean" number of
  <Kagekiyo> No.  ...The changes to this castle are the unmistakable handiwork
    of Yoritomo.
  <Kagekiyo> ...How could "they" not appear?
  <Tarosuke> Hey, don't say that.  We "really" don't need to "reel" the demons
  <Shion> Eek!  T-the enemy!
  <Wonder Momo> Crab Fencers and Cannon Porters!
  <M.O.M.O.> It's no use!  Sensors don't work...!
  <Zabel> Yeeeee-haw!  Finally made it outside!  Bein' stuck underground
    stinks like shit!
  <Zabel> ...So, where the fuck am I?
  <Lilith> Hmm?  It's that zombie.
  <Leilei> Huh?!  What're _you_ doing here?!
  <Zabel> Yowza!  Leilei, baby!
  <Zabel> With all this shit goin' down with the dimensional walls, you came
    all this way just to see me?!
  <Leilei> I don't wanna see your face, much less the rest of you!
  <Morrigan> Zabel, what are you here for?
  <Zabel> Just like mister Joker over there.  Recon.  RE-CON!
  <Zabel> An' thank god I don't gotta do no mumbo jumbo magic to get to the
    Spirit World no more.  All I gotta do is use the tunnel!
  <Kai> Tunnel...?!  I thought we couldn't get to the Phantom World from here
    at all...?!
  <Kai> That "tun"nel is a "ton" closer, isn't it?!
  <Gil> Is he saying that it's now possible to travel in and out of the 
    Infernal Village without any ill effects?
  <Kagekiyo> ...You simply _walked_ to this world...?!
  <Arthur> Impossible... are we to bear the "fardells" of those "far dells"
    and valleys of other worlds?
  <Red Aleemar Joker> ...
  <Red Aleemar Joker> (Quite the comedian.  And none of his material is
  <Taizou> What, they just up and dug a tunnel straight there?  Great frigging
  <Masuyo> An underground... tunnel...
  <Masuyo> (I feel like my heart's shriveling up... but why...?)
  <Berabou Man> Now now, we have a "mountain" of things to do, but
    sur-"mountin'" them is our job...
  <Berabou Man> A question if you will, Zabel.
  <Zabel> Huh??
  <???> No need.  ...Nakamura.
  <Berabou Man> ...!
  <Amazona> ...
  <Wonder Momo> A-Amazona...!
  <Black Berabou> ...
  <Berabou Man> Tajima!!  Have you suffered the same fate as Amazona...?
  <Black Berabou> ...Not at all, Nakamura.
  <Berabou Man> ...!
  <Black Berabou> I'm here of my own free will.  And all... so I can beat
  <Black Berabou> I've got my own road to travel... no matter whose car I
    rode in.
  <Berabou Man> Tajima...!
  <Zabel> That's the goddamn size of it!  See, this's guy's got spirit!
  <Zabel> An' he fucking works for me!
  <Black Berabou> ...
  <Bruce> Shit, the old "sold your soul to the devil" ploy.  Great job
    becoming his "lackey".
  <Hiromi> A bit "lacking", if you ask me.
  <Hiromi> (I-I can't stand this...)
  <Fongling> Now see here!  You're working for a zombie!
  <Black Berabou> One never chooses management.
  <Black Berabou> ...What management says, goes.  Nakamura, that "principle"
    is the "principal" law in both our worlds.
  <Berabou Man> One doesn't choose "management"... that is indeed what
    to "manage meant".  And I don't intend to debate it.
  <Berabou Man> ...But that's the world of salarymen, Tajima.
  <Haggar> You sure, Berabou Man?  We could take him from their group by
  <Berabou Man> ...No, his "resolve" would not be easy to "dissolve".
  <Berabou Man> Unless the organization itself is struck down, it is likely
    impossible to change his mind.
  <Arthur> Both for his and for Amazona's sake, we must "fight" the Infernal
    Village, and "smite" them down.
  <Zabel> Hey, bitches think yer funny with all that jive-talkin'?!
  <Taizou> We're not talking like this because we want to!
  <Taizou> That tunnel sounds "spiffy".  I'm gonna make you tell me more
    about it in a "jiffy"!
  <Red Aleemar Joker> ...Attack.
  <Kagekiyo> ...
  <Tarosuke> They're starting, Kagekiyo.
  <Tarosuke> Don't space out on me!
  <Kagekiyo> (Why, amidst all your fury... have you not appeared, Yoritomo?)

[death toll mounts]

  <Fongling> W-what?!
  <Fongling> Aahh!!  Those are...!
  <Pooka> ...
  <Gilly Octy> ...
  <Haggar> Hmm?!  How incredible!  Those are like some sort of space monsters
    in a sci-fi film...
  <Regina> No question there, mayor.  Those "bluesome", "gruesome" creatures
  <Masuyo> Octies...!
  <Masuyo> Then that "tunnel" behind the door is... Oh no...!
  <Taizou> The underground fortress... Baraduke...?!
  <Taizou> How... how the hell...!  What's _that_... doing in this world...?!
  <Zabel> What, these guys?  Good timing.  Kick their ass.
  <Gilly Octy> ...
  <Lilith> What, those are bad guys?  We got more bad guys to fight?
  <Lilith> Sounds tough.
  <Leilei> You get to fight them too, you know.
  <Leilei> But how come those monsters're doing what Zabel tells them to?
  <Kagekiyo> ...I perceive that they are "bedeviled".
  <Tarosuke> ...So that's why they're "disheveled"?
  <Tarosuke> ...No, not that!
  <Masuyo> Remember that that Yoshinaka guy said.  ..."Our 'soldiers'".
  <Hiromi> S-"so" scary!
  <Morrigan> ...Lousy.
  <Morrigan> But they are more enemies.  ...Honestly, what a nuisance.
  <Bruce> But weren't these things... being "mass"-produced on The Third Moon?
    ...This ain't Christ"mas", you know.
  <Taizou> ...No, I think these ones are all-natural.
  <Hiromi> N-"natural"...?  W-"whatch're all" riled up for?
  <Hiromi> Argh, forget it!  This sucks!!
  <Masuyo> He means that these things were born and bred in Baraduke.
  <M.O.M.O.> T-then, on the other side of that door is...
  <Shion> The underground fortress of Baraduke... "Transferred" here including
    "trance fur"...
  <Berabou Man> There can no longer be any doubt.
  <Wonder Momo> So, the Infernal Village is using those Octies to add to
    their "warpower", right?
  <Arthur> All the more reason we cannot afford to fall here.
  <Arthur> And beyond them, likes the Infernal Village.  Finally, the time
    has "arrived".  ...Is all this "archived", Gilgamesh?
  <Gil> Yes, now it's quite clear what we've got to do next.
  <Gil> The Infernal Village, and after that, the "Tower" of Druaga.
  <Kai> ...A "towering" challenge, I'm afraid.
  <Red Aleemar Joker> Oh no you don't.  Your lives end here...!
  <Black Berabou> Berabou Man, I won't let you through that easily.

[down with big Red]

  <Red Aleemar Joker> ...So, this is the best a reconnaissance group can
  <Arthur> We've become mightier since we first met you.  We shall not be
    easily beaten.
  <Red Aleemar Joker> So you claim.  In which case... when next we fight...
  <Arthur> Yes... the "villain" in his "Village".
  <Red Aleemar Joker> As the center of the defenses, I shall await you at
    the deepest part of the Infernal Village.  ...Should you make it that far,
    we shall meet again.
  <Arthur> We shall indeed meet.  For that is my destination too.
  <Red Aleemar Joker> Be warned.  ...The revitalized Infernal Village is not
    to be taken lightly.
  <Red Aleemar Joker> Also...
  <Arthur> Hmm...?
  <Red Aleemar Joker> See that you correct your bizarre speech before we meet
  <Arthur> Zounds, but he has a point there.

[more and more dying]

  <Leilei> Great, now they're coming through that door over there!
  <Yoshitsune> The time has come.
  <Benkei> ...The troops from the Infernal Village have proven even more
    useless than anticipated.
  <Yoshinaka> That shall change with us involved.
  <Zabel> Stuck-up bitches.
  <Tarosuke> They're "here"!  I'm sick of fighting these Genji stooges, 
    "hear" me?!
  <Regina> And here are the samurai.
  <Bruce> The main event, huh?  "Damn", the "dam" just burst I guess.
  <Kagekiyo> Of course.  ...How could they not appear after all this?
  <Arthur> "Us involved"...you said?  You don't mean...!
  <Yoshitsune> O ho ho ho... I do indeed.  The power of the Infernal Village
    is too valuable to let fall.
  <Masuyo> Looks like they're con"trolling" the Octies, and "trolling" for
    power anywhere they can.
  <Taizou> You mean they came from the Infernal World via Baraduke?  Shit!
    How much more are they gonna screw with us...?
  <Yoshitsune> It would appear you have yet to obtain the Soul Edge.
  <Yoshitsune> The Infernal World...  It is far more substantial than the
    evil sword, which vanishes like an illusion, or dream.
  <Berabou Man> So you'd rather take the "bird" in the hand than the two in
    the "burred" bush?
  <Berabou Man> I cannot argue with that logic.
  <Kagekiyo> ...How low you've sunk, Yoshitsune.  You would join forces with
    the demons of hell?
  <Benkei> Lord Kamakura has decided upon this course as a way to obtain new
  <Benkei> Did you expect him to share that power with anyone, Kagekiyo?
  <Kagekiyo> ...
  <Arthur> ...So, you and your "co"horts would "co"llaborate with the demon
    lord Astaroth?
  <Yoshinaka> "Astaroth"?  ...I know him not.  We deal only with Druaga.
  <Gil> W...what did you just say?!?
  <Kai> Druaga...?  As in, _Druaga_?!
  <Yoshitsune> Komaoumaru, you have said too much.
  <Yoshinaka> ...Your pardon, Lord Ushiwaka.
  <Morrigan> We'd have enough trouble dealing with the Infernal Village and
    the Tower of Druaga, but if their power continues to increase further...
  <Wonder Momo> Something terrible will happen...!
  <Wonder Momo> We gotta "hold" them here before they strengthen their
    strong"hold" any further...!
  <Hiromi> ...And we've gotta do something about this punning...
  <Haggar> Yeah.  If we don't "fix" it soon, our enemies will surely trans"fix"
    us in battle...
  <Fongling> Are we sure they're really the ones behind this?
  <Lilith> It's kinda funny, but I don't know why they'd bother.
  <Yoshitsune> O ho ho ho... it would seem the craft worked on some, but not
  <Benkei> ...In short, it is not perfected yet.
  <Kagekiyo> So, it would seem that this jumble of words is your doing.
  <Kagekiyo> Why do something so meaningless?  It is not even funny.
  <Yoshitsune> ...Do you not see, Kagekiyo?
  <M.O.M.O.> U-um... sorry to interrupt!  Spatial distortion confirmed!
  <M.O.M.O.> It's close!
  <Shion> Space is... "splitting"...?
  <Shion> No, I mean, something is "flitting" in?!
  <Benkei> Hmm?  What is that small, stone building doing here?
  <Tarosuke> Hey!  That's...!
  <Bruce> It's that lady's "store"!  What's she got in "store" for us this
  <Sylphie> Everyone, I have been searching for you!
  <Regina> Sylphie, are you "okay"?
  <Regina> ...And here I thought you'd be "KO'ed" somewhere.
  <Wonder Momo> I already used that one.
  <Fongling> Who cares.
  <Fongling> Sylphie, where's everyone else?  Have you found them?
  <Sylphie> That is what is odd.  For some reason, I cannot seem to Transfer to
    that pyramid...
  <Masuyo> We already found that out here.
  <Masuyo> It seems we can't get back to the Phantom World at all right now.
  <Masuyo> If you've got any more info, lend us a "hand" and "hand" it over!
  <Sylphie> Well, when I regained consciousness... I was all alone in my shop.
  <Taizou> Which means... the others are either still in the pyramid, or got
    tossed somewhere else.
  <Taizou> Don't tell me they got "hurled" to the other side of the "world"...?
  <Sylphie> Then, the people here are...
  <Berabou Man> Us alone.
  <Berabou Man> And then these enemies attacked, and like "cattle", we were
    herded into "battle".
  <Sylphie> I see... I understand.
  <Sylphie> Umm... I've noticed that everyone appears to be speaking rather
  <Sylphie> Let me see, "When Elle gains weight, we get an elephant"...!
  <Sylphie> Hmm?  Not me too...?!
  <Hiromi> Why does this have to happen to everyone who comes here...?
  <Hiromi> ...Wait, that was way too unnatural!  Plus it wasn't the same kind
    of pun!
  <Sylphie> Please wait a moment!
  <Sylphie> .....
  <Sylphie> I just attempted to analyze it with the shop's computer....
  <Sylphie> This energy applies "strain" to the human brain, the spirit if you
  <Sylphie> ...Making people "strange", if you will.
  <M.O.M.O.> I-I didn't follow that at all...
  <M.O.M.O.> But, there's energy like that around here?  Something that
    affects the human mind di"rect"ly?
  <Sylphie> Cor"rect" you are.  If one stays here too long, one's entire  
    mental makeup will change.
  <Haggar> Mental "makeup" will... change...?
  <Haggar> You couldn't... "make up" that sort of thing...
  <Leilei> I swear... What's the point of turning your enemies into punsters?
  <Lilith> Maybe it makes everyone more fun to be around.  I wonder if it'll
    work on me too?
  <Gil> ...!
  <Gil> No!  That's not what the enemy are after...!
  <Gil> This must be some kind of experi"ment" of how to take funda"ment"al
  <Kai> Experiment...?  What kind?
  <Yoshitsune> O ho ho ho... so you finally realize.
  <Yoshitsune> This is proof of my elder brother's returning sorcerous power.
  <Benkei> Manipulating an enemy's heart, despite their own will... what
    terrifying power.
  <Benkei> Your words are all chosen by Lord Kamakura's jests.
  <Morrigan> So that's it.  That lets you force people to unconsciously swear
    allegiance too, I suppose.
  <Morrigan> Entirely unromantic... but convenient.
  <Arthur> However, judging by the fact it's not working on those from the
    Infernal Realm, I would say this experi"ment" is a failure.
  <Arthur> You had me worried for a mo"ment" there.
  <Yoshinaka> This is a mere experiment.  ...The real thing begins once
    we return to the so-called Infernal World.
  <Shion> ...I don't know what kind of system you're using, but if they have
    any "longer" to make it even "stronger"...
  <Kagekiyo> I shall slay you first.  You shall not return to the Infernal
  <Kagekiyo> Nor you... bearer of the sorcery!
  <Tarosuke> Huh?  W-who're you talking about?
  <???> ...
  <??> O ho ho... we meet again, Kagekiyo.
  <Tarosuke> Kagekiyo, isn't that...!
  <Kagekiyo> Yoritomo.... I suspected it was you.
  <Yoritomo> That being so, has your position changed at all?
  <Yoritomo> Once, the power of your hatred laid waste our precincts.
  <Yoritomo> And now, we shall exact our vengeance.
  <Yoritomo> ...Perhaps this is the eternal wheel of karma?
  <Kagekiyo> It is not, Yoritomo.
  <Kagekiyo> I shall slay you once again, and by doing so, shall sever the
    cycle of retribution.
  <Tarosuke> Besides, we've got friends on our side.
  <Yoritomo> If so, then so do I.
  <Yoritomo> Circumstances have changed.
  <Kagekiyo> What has changed?  ...All is as it was before.
  <Yoritomo> Such foolishness.  You believe you can do what you did again?
  <Kagekiyo> Truth or falsehood... You shall discover with your own body,

[Zabel goes down]

  <Zabel> So few of 'em, an' yet so strong.  Not fucking bad!!
  <Leilei> No way you can beat us!  Never show your face again!
  <Wonder Momo> I _will_ save Amazona!  No matter how often you drag her back!
  <Berabou Man> Correct.  We have finally approached the Infernal Village.
  <Berabou Man> There is also Black Berabou... Tajima to deal with.  Next
    time, I will do my "utmost" to ensure that none "but most" valorous
  <Black Berabou> ...
  <Black Berabou> (Nakamura, my resolve hasn't changed.)
  <Zabel> Piece of shit!
  <Morrigan> Now, would you mind making yourself scarce?  I recommend burying
    yourself before your situation becomes any more grave.
  <Lilith> Now _that_ is a pun!
  <Zabel> You cock-teasing pig bitches think you're so god damn funny!  Ain't
    no one but Leilei gets to talk to me like that!
  <Zabel> Get that through those shit-sacks you call heads!!

[Yoshinaka, shinitari]

  <Yoshinaka> This power...  It is surely too great for my hands.
  <Masuyo> Don't act all hot just cause you got the Octies on your side!
  <Masuyo> Now, "take" us to Baraduke!  And "take" us through all the info you
    have too!
  <Hiromi> We'll tie you to the back of the bike if we have to!
  <Yoshinaka> ...Be at ease, for the entrance is close at hand.  Follow me,
    if you have the stomach for it.
  <Kagekiyo> ...Kiso Yoshinaka, fellow in swordsmanship.
  <Kagekiyo> ...I must strike him down.
  <Taizou> I ain't lettin' anyone use the Octies to commit crime.
  <Taizou> ...They're gonna be swiss cheese when I get through with them,
    an' that includes Baraduke too.

[Black Berabou goes out]

  <Berabou Man> Is this... the power you think you acquired, Tajima?
  <Black Berabou> That's right, and it's called organizational power.
  <Berabou Man> There are "two" ways to stop you... One is "to" defeat you so
    thoroughly that you can never rise again...
  <Black Berabou> ...
  <Berabou Man> Or else dismantle the organization you work with.  It must be
    one or the other.
  <Berabou Man> And I chose the latter.
  <Berabou Man> After all... we're both salarymen.  Despite all the "trouble"
    it will bring, I plan to "treble" my efforts.
  <Black Berabou> Sounds great, Nakamura.
  <Black Berabou> Really brings a tear to my eye.  ...Except for all the
    crappy puns.
  <Berabou Man> Ha ha ha.  I suppose leaving things imperfect is very "me".
  <Berabou Man> ...Tajima, I will... crush the Infernal Village.
  <Black Berabou> ...

[so much for Benkei]

  <Benkei> This is battle.  Fighting a losing battle has its interest too...!
  <Haggar> What wonderful resolve.  Such a formidable foe.
  <Kagekiyo> ...We must finish him here...!  He must not be allowed to "flee"!
  <Sylphie> More dangerous than a "flea", is he?
  <Benkei> Not yet, Kagekiyo.  Let this entertainment continue!  ...Along with
    these lives that have been returned to us!
  <M.O.M.O.> It appears he headed for Baraduke...
  <Shion> How can he want to fight that badly...?
  <Kagekiyo> ...Death in battle is a beauteous thing.  However, the one to die
    shall be him.

[down goes Amazona]

  <Amazona> ...Uh... uhhh... Kanda... Momo...
  <Wonder Momo> Amazona!  Open your eyes!
  <Amazona> ...
  <Fongling> It didn't work... again.
  <Bruce> Don't lose heart.  We're near enemy HQ.  Just a little further, okay?
  <Wonder Momo> Yes, I know...
  <Kai> The mind control Amazona is under seems to be getting "weaker"...
  <Gil> And hey, we've been under weak mind control ourselves this "week".
  <Gil> I suspect it'll be hard to get her back until we take out the
    source of the enchantment.
  <Wonder Momo> ...The Infernal Village... Just a little longer, Amazona.

[away with Yoshitsune]

  <Yoshitsune> O ho ho ho ho... You must think you've won.  Far from it.
  <Kai> "Hell"o!  Like "hell" we believe that!
  <Gil> All the "ex"cuses in the world won't help you "es"cape!
  <Gil> Now... tell us about Druaga...!
  <Yoshitsune> I have nothing to say to the likes of you.  See the truth with
    your own eyes...
  <Yoshitsune> O ho ho ho.
  <Regina> The Tower of Druaga... Didn't someone say that it's _in_ the
    Infernal Village now?
  <Kagekiyo> We must go there... to this "Tower of Druaga".

[take Yoritomo down enough]

  <Yoritomo> Enough jokes.  Your aura... it has been so long since I last
    felt it.
  <Kagekiyo> I see.  ...Then, die as you are now.
  <Yoritomo> Heh heh heh... the time is not yet ripe.
  <Yoritomo> Also, you cannot cut me down as you are.  ...You should know
    this, Kagekiyo.
  <Kagekiyo> ...
  <Yoritomo> I shall cross to other worlds, and secure ever greater power
    within my grasp.
  <Yoritomo> Wring your hands and watch... Heh heh heh heh heh...
  <Tarosuke> What's his problem!  Man that pisses me off!
  <Tarosuke> Hey, bro, what was that "cannot cut me down" stuff anyway?
    Is there some reason why?
  <Kagekiyo> ...
  <Kagekiyo> (It is not enough... there is still one of the sacred vessels
    missing... I must have it, if he is to be slain.)

<Shion> Momo, "recon".
<Shion> I'm ve"ry con"cerned about more enemies in the area!
<M.O.M.O.> ...
<M.O.M.O.> D-don't worry.  There are no more enemies close by.
<Haggar> What a mess.  Talk about a disorderly battle.
<Taizou> This ain't no time to com"plain".  ...If everyone's "plain" split
<Masuyo> ...It means they've gone... into the underground fortress... of 
<Masuyo> And... we've "got to go" too.
<Hiromi> Copy!  I "toss, you throw", Masuyo!
<Hiromi> ...Ooopsie, sorry about that.
<Kagekiyo> Yoritomo... We must pur"sue" him.
<Tarosuke> Yeah, I'm gonna "sue" alright!
<Tarosuke> I'm goin' "all out" to take them "all out"!
<Berabou Man> But... there is the problem of how to assail such a large
  fortress with so few people...
<Morrigan> True.  Our path leads to the fortress and the Infernal Village...
  and then to the Tower of Druaga...
<Bruce> "Battle after battle", huh?
<Bruce> I hope we're not just "cattle after cattle"...
<Arthur> The Infernal Village... their reconnaissance squadron was so "larch",
  I mean "large".
<Arthur> Should we clash with the main force...
<Gil> ...It's true that we lack the warpower.  And there's still our companions
  who are still at "large"...
<Gil> Ahem!  Who are still _missing_.
<Kai> So... what should we do?  At this rate, everyone will "large"-ly...
<Kai> Umm... primarily be unmotivated...
<Leilei> Sorry to interrupt all this important planning... but everyone's
  starting to sound weirder and weirder.
<Sylphie> Indeed.  The longer we stay here, the more the mind control will
  take hold.
<Sylphie> It is like putting your "foot on" the "futon".
<Fongling> Hey, quit grinning and spit it out!
<Kagekiyo> ...Calm yourself.  Yoritomo... His spells do not work that
<Regina> What makes you say that, Kagekiyo?
<Kagekiyo> ...They must be "spelled" every so often.
<Wonder Momo> ...
<Wonder Momo> (D-don't tell me it's... affecting him too?)


{???... Abyss of Will}

<Reiji> Another Transfer courtesy of the Soul Edge, huh...?!
<Xiaomu> And another funky place we turned up in.  Where the heck are we?  
   Somewhere near Renma?
<Reiji> You really think this looks like the middle of a city?
<Reiji> Take this sorcery, for instance...  Nothing like we've felt before.
  ...There's no telling what could happen here.
<Reiji> Hey, everyone!  You okay?!
<Mitsurugi> Damn, what the hell happened?!  And... where the hell are we?!
<Taki> No idea.  I have neither seen nor heard of anywhere remotely like this.
<Taki> But... as Reiji said, the sorcery enveloping this place is... not to
  be taken lightly.
<Xiaomu> Yeah, it's making my skin creep.  I wonder if the others are okay?
<Wayahime> ...Sensors are useless.
<Wayahime> No choice but relying on line of sight... and from what I can
  see, this is it.
<Reiji> Captain, you okay over there?
<Captain> The Commando Team is intact.
<Captain> Anyway... figuring out what happened and where we are comes first.
<Jennety> ...
<Shou> Hoover, what does your analysis show?
<Hoover> No poisons or anything in the atmosphere.
<Hoover> But just like Wayahime, all my sensors are toast.
<Hoover> I wonder where the heck we are...
<Gai> I cannot begin to hazard a guess.  Ken, how are you doing?
<Ken> My body's just fine...
<Ken> But something about this place makes me sick.  I can't stay calm.
  ...I think we better blow this gin joint fast.
<Sakura> You're right... something about this place creeps me out.  So, how
  come there's so much fire... but no heat?
<Sakura> It's actually kinda... cold...
<Karin> Flames that ignore the laws of physics... I suppose it goes without
  saying that this is yet another world.
<Hideo> I suspected it was the Infernal World at first... but it appears to
  be fundamentally different.
<Kyouko> You're right.  Another new world...perhaps...?
<Kyouko> Kazama, how about you?
<Jin> We're in the same boat as you.  ...There's the weird feeling like the
  air itself is spasming.
<Cammy> ...It's a dangerous feeling.  I'd like to get out of here quickly,
Chunli> We don't know where we are, or how we got here... much less how to
  find the exit...
<Xiaomu> Well, at least the people who're here seem okay.
<Reiji> How felicitous.  So all that's left is figuring out how we get back
  to where we were, I suppose.
<Reiji> Well, to start with...
<Taki> Huh...!  What the, Mekkimaru is...!
<Mitsurugi> It's... the Soul Edge!
<Mitsurugi> Well hey, the damn thing's the main reason we got blown here to
  start with.  Only right that it shows up too.
<Reiji> How many times has that thing thrown us to some other world?
<Reiji> That is one obnoxious sword.
<Xiaomu> What's worse, every time that darn thing shows up, it brings a bunch
  of unwanted guests with it...
<Karin> Whining will not solve anything.  Why not see if we can just grab
  the thing?
<Sakura> Yeah, not like we've got anything else to do.
<Charade> ...
<Jennety> ...!!
<Cammy> W-what kind of monsters are those?!
<Taki> This sorcery...  Those are the Soul Edge's avatars!
<Wayahime> Avatars...?
<Wayahime> ...I tried scanning them, but it looks like their energy is the
  same as the Soul Edge's.
<Reiji> More of those things we fought on that "Volklinde" spaceship...!
<Reiji> Didn't these things come out when the Soul Edge was unstable?
<Xiaomu> Yes indeed.  Right before we got tossed off to that Third Moon
  fortress, if I recall.
<Xiaomu> D-don't tell me it's... gonna happen again?!
<Taki> No, wait.  That time, the Soul Edge was giving off an unbelievable
  amount of sorcery.
<Taki> But now...
<Hoover> The Soul Edge's energy output is far less than it was back then...
  meaning it's stable.
<Captain> Could that stability be why those avatars appeared...?
<Hideo> It is certainly possible.  Inside the pyramid, these... avatars?
  These enemies certainly did not appear.
<Kyouko> Perhaps they're somehow related to this place, Professor Hideo.
<Gai> Soul Edge... indeed a treasure with many mysteries.
<Shou> Indeed.  Quite inscrutable.
<Jin> Just talking won't solve anything!  We should summon our resolve and
<Ken> I think so too.  ...Besides, we gotta use that thing to get back, right?
<Chunli> He's right.  If the Soul Edge's power brought us here, it's only
   reasonable that it could send us back...
<Charade> ...

[kill some bad guys, and...]

  <Devil Kazuya> ...
  <Jennety> ...!!
  <Hoover> The enemy?!
  <Hoover> It's no use!  The sensors are totally nonfunctional...
  <Jin> It's you!  Mishima Kazuya...!
  <Devil Kazuya> Urgh... I am... no... I'm...
  <Gai> Hmm?  Something is wrong with him...?  Is it the sorcery that fills
    this place?
  <Ken> His aura is so... confused.
  <Ken> ...Is it like when... Ryuu awakened to the "Bloodlust Wave"?
  <Jin> So which is it this time?  Mishima Kazuya?  Or...?
  <Devil Kazuya> Grr... Not only have I lost the Golden Seed... but now you
    may... this body...
  <Kazuya> ...My body... I won't let you screw with it!
  <Reiji> He... doesn't he realize that Momo snagged the Golden Seed?
  <Xiaomu> And here I thought he came to get it back.  Guess he missed out
    on that little detail.
  <Xiaomu> That's one slick fishing pole she's got.  Too bad she's gotta wear
    that stupid outfit to use it.
  <Devil Kazuya> Uh.... uhhhh....
  <Cammy> ...There's no mistake.  Two personalities exist in his mind.
  <Sakura> So they're like, arguing?  ...Kinda awkward to argue with yourself.
  <Chunli> I see... without the Golden Seed, Mishima Kazuya's real personality
    is showing itself.
  <Devil Kazuya> ...
  <Karin> I have it now.
  <Karin> You're trying to replace the Golden Seed with the Soul Edge, so you
    can keep him down again, correct?
  <Devil Kazuya> ...
  <Devil Kazuya> Correct.  I must make this body completely mine...!
  <Jin> All the more reason I won't let you have it!  Who I've gotta defeat
    is... Mishima Kazuya...!
  <Jin> "Devil" or whatever your name is... I don't want you!  Get out of
    him at once!
  <Devil Kazuya> Don't be absurd!  You puny humans have no way to escape from
    this Abyss of Will!
  <Hideo> "Abyss of Will"?!  Is that what this world is called?!
  <Kyouko> Do you... know about this world?!
  <Devil Kazuya> Don't tell me you came here without knowing anything?
  <Devil Kazuya> ...This is a subspace created by the Soul Edge itself.
  <Shou> The power to not only perform Dimensional Transfer, but to actually
    create new dimensions?  ...How terrifying...!
  <Xiaomu> This's a made-up world?  ...Can't say much about the fashion sense.
  <Xiaomu> Hmm?  Reiji?
  <Reiji> ...
  <Reiji> (...Create a world...?  Did Saya... know the sword could do this?)
  <Devil Kazuya> The evil sword is probably trying to use this Abyss of Will
    to strengthen its power... and work towards true awakening.
  <Taki> Awakening?!
  <Taki> ...I finally grasp what is going on.  This is the Soul Edge's
  <Wayahime> Cocoon...?  Is it trying to gather enough energy to version up
    or some such?
  <Mitsurugi> ...And feasting on us in the process, huh?  Like hell it will!
  <Captain> ...That explanation seems to have made it real.
  <Captain> We need that sword to get back to our own world.
  <Jin> Yeah, and we _don't_ need it waking up.
  <Jin> Mishima... No, you're Devil now.  You're not getting the Soul Edge,
    no matter what!
  <Jin> Bring it on!!

[more killing]

  <Drak> Shit, what're we doing here...
  <Hoover> More enemies!  ...Aahh!
  <Shou> Hmm?!  It is... Drak!
  <Jennety> ...!
  <Drak> What?  It's... the Commando Team!
  <Drak> Heh heh... Hah hah hah hah!  Looks like I'm in luck for a change!
  <Drak> To think I'd run into you all in some weird place like this!
  <Captain> ...How did you get here, Drak?  This is a subspace, and even
    Genocide's technology shouldn't be able to...
  <Chunli> ...Oh, there's someone who could do this, Captain.
  <Gai> You have a guess, Chunli?
  <Gai> Wait!  C-could it be...!!
  <Vega> Muahahahah!!  It could indeed.
  <Yuuni> ...
  <Yuuri> ...
  <Hideo> It's the Secret Shadowloo Society!
  <Kyouko> No doubt about it... it's Vega!
  <Cammy> Lord... V-Vega.
  <Reiji> The power to Dimensional Transfer by himself... Looks like that
    power's grown somewhat more powerful.
  <Xiaomu> Damn you and your Great Subspace Operation...!  Jerk!
  <Ogre> ...
  <Jin> And those friends of Vega's are... Ogre?!  And two of them?!
  <Vega> Heh heh heh...
  <Jin> (This must be that... replication he was talking about.)
  <Jin> (...Unforgivable... Ogre... and Shadowloo who thinks they can use him
    however they want...!)
  <Devil Kazuya> ...Hmm?  Kazama Jin... Don't tell me he's ready to awaken
  <Taki> Why have you come here?  The Soul Edge?
  <Vega> ...I came to see Ryuu.
  <Mitsurugi> Ryuu?  That bastard's...
  <Sakura> R-Ryuu isn't here!  Ryuu isn't HERE!
  <Sakura> Right now, he and everyone else is...
  <Vega> Muahahaha!  You needn't try to hide it!
  <Vega> Ryuu... he must surely have awakened by now.
  <Ken> ...!!
  <Karin> Vega!  How could you know that?!
  <Vega> It's quite simple.  I came here because I sensed his evil Waves.
  <Shou> Evil Waves...!  And what has that to do with you?!
  <Vega> Don't you get it?  ..._He_ is suitable to become my new body.  Heh
    heh heh...
  <Vega> Too bad I missed this time.  Apparently those Waves were coming
    from this area itself.
  <Jin> Evil... Waves?  From Ryuu?
  <???> ...Which would mean that Ryuu hasn't "Awakened" yet after all.
  <Vega> What?!  Who's there?!
  <Vega> (T-this presence... It can't be...!)
  <Rose> ...Long time no see, Vega.
  <Jennety> ...!
  <Hoover> Aah!  That woman...!
  <Vega> This is absurd...!  It's... Rose!
  <Hideo> Rose!  How did you... get here?!
  <Kyouko> I have a question first.  ...Has your "soul" been freed from its
  <Rose> ...
  <Vega> Grr... I never expected to see you alive, Rose!
  <Rose> Not quite... alive, I suppose.  But there is neither time nor point
    in explaining... Vega!
  <Vega> What...?!
  <Rose> Soul Power... now is the time to use it.
  <Vega> ...Was that supposed to hurt or something?  You might just lull me
    to sleep at that rate, Roooose.
  <Rose> Impossible... It didn't work?!
  <Xiaomu> S-so FIRM!  What are those, magnum scale?!
  <Wayahime> The energy that man's emitting... is no joke.
  <Wayahime> ...I suppose it's acting as some kind of supplementary defense.
  <Vega> Yes, the aura of this world... excessively evil though it is, is
    making me stronger.
  <Vega> My Psychopower has far surpassed your Soul Power!!
  <Vega> You had me scared for a moment... But your power was nothing to me
    after all.  Muahaha!
  <Rose> Dear lord...!  At this rate...
  <Ken> Rose!  Hey, Rose!!
  <Ken> Are you fighting Vega... 'cause you're on our side?!
  <Karin> Shall we consider the curse broken?
  <Rose> Yes, I've been set free.
  <Rose> Valkyrie... was the young woman's name?  The Golden Seed's power did
    the trick.
  <Rose> You may decide whether or not to believe me, but I'm not your enemy.
  <Devil Kazuya> The Golden Seed...?!
  <Devil Kazuya> (Does she have... what I have lost?)
  <Reiji> Valkyrie's power...?
  <Reiji> ...She doesn't look like she's lying...
  <Xiaomu> If so, I guess Armor King and the others are free too?
  <Xiaomu> That's some nice news if it's true.
  <Taki> I wouldn't start smiling just yet, under the circumstances.
  <Wayahime> Damn straight.  This Vega guy is going to be a pain in the ass
    to defeat.
  <Cammy> Lord Vega's power... it's vastly greater than before...
  <Vega> Of course it is.  Unlike defective people like you, I go on evolving
  <Chunli> Even so, Vega!  We're not going to just roll over and die!
  <Chunli> We're taking you down... with the Soul Edge, if we have to!
  <Vega> Oh ho, can that sword do that?  ...Well, it certainly has the same
    Waves as Ryuu...
  <Vega> Heh heh heh heh... evil sword, I'm finally interested in you.  I think
    you'll be mine.
  <Vega> After I take out a few nuisances, of course!
  <Yuuri> Mission: acknowledged.
  <Yuuni> Annihilating the enemy.
  <Drak> ...I don't give a damn about that.  Commando Team, this place'll be
    your grave!
  <Captain> Unfortunately for you, it will not.  I'd like to think I can at
    least chose the place of my own death.
  <Mitsurugi> And you don't get the Soul Edge either!
  <Mitsurugi> I dunno what kinda sorcery you got, but I'm gonna chop you in
    half anyway!!
  <Vega> Nice spirit you've got, samurai.  You're welcome to try... heh heh
  <Rose> That won't work.  ...Didn't you see?  Attacks don't work on Vega
  <Vega> Heh... heh... heh...
  <Mitsurugi> ...Hey, never know till you try!  Not like we can just go on
    running forever either.
  <Rose> You can try... but you'll just be wasting your strength.
  <Reiji> Then what do you suggest?  If our attacks don't work, and they come
    after us...
  <Xiaomu> I'd say it's against regulations.  Maybe... we'd be better off
  <Rose> ...You will get your chance.  Until then, you mustn't touch Vega.
  <Rose> To defeat all the Psychopower he's built up... an even greater power
    is needed.  ...And the only thing that can generate that kind of power...
  <Gai> ...Is the "Bloodlust Wave".
  <Sakura> Huh...?  Isn't that... Ryuu's...?
  <Gai> If the "Bloodlust Wave" is the one and only power that the "World of
    Man" has obtained which can defeat "He Who Disorders the World of Man"...
    But perhaps...
  <Ken> (Ryuu... is it really... you?  Your...)
  <Vega> Futile!  You all die here!

[beat Kazuya down]

  <Devil Kazuya> Grr... GROOOOOOWL....!!
  <Jin> Wh-what the?!
  <Kyouko> Is he mortally wounded...?
  <Hideo> No, he certainly looks healthy enough physically to continue...
  <Kazuya> Kazama Jin... I...
  <Jin> ...!!
  <Jin> Mishima Kazuya?!  Is that you, Kazuya?
  <Mitsurugi> What the hell?  Yo, Taki, what's the deal?
  <Taki> I have no idea... But... his aura is fluctuating considerably.
  <Devil Kazuya> Grrr... will you not become mine yet...?!  Mishima Kazuya...!
  <Wayahime> Are the two personalities attacking each other...?
  <Jin> ...At this rate, I don't care who it is.
  <Jin> I'm killing you... right now!
  <Devil Kazuya> ...
  <Mitsurugi> He fucking flew off.  ...What, he gave up on the Soul Edge?
  <Jin> (Mishima Kazuya... I'm the one who's gonna kill your ass.  Don't let
    this Devil freak control you.)

[Drak = drek]

  <Drak> Argh... I come all this way just to get humiliated?!
  <Captain> Now tell me, what evil plot led you to side with Vega?
  <Drak> Heh heh heh... no clue.
  <Jennety> ...
  <Hoover> Of course you have a clue!  Don't try to hide it!
  <Drak> Look, my new master's the brains behind this operation.  I ain't got
    a need to know.
  <Drak> Like I said, "no clue".
  <Drak> And I don't care, as long as I get my revenge on you!  Remember
    that, Commando Team!
  <Shou> To think that Grand Master could so thoroughly cow one of Genocide's
    subordinates... What terrible power.
  <Captain> The Third Moon should be blown to bits.   ...In which case, where
    precisely _is_ Grand Master...?

[Yuuni buys it]

  <Yuuni> Physical damage over the threshold.  Withdrawing.
  <Chunli> Withdrawing?!  Just where do you think you can run to?!
  <Yuuni> ...
  <Chunli> Grr...!
  <Cammy> I expect she has a withdrawal circuit on her person.
  <Cammy> Without Lord Vega's power, there's no way she could get out of this
  <Vega> Heh heh heh heh...
  <Chunli> I see.  As long as Vega isn't entirely overwhelmed, there's no way
    to save them, is there...
  <Cammy> ...

[more carnage]

  <Reiji> Urgh...!
  <Jennety> ...?
  <Xiaomu> ...Reiji?
  <Xiaomu> Joy, just as I expected.  The Soul Edge's awakening... there's no
    way she'd let that one slide.
  <Reiji> ...Yeah, she's coming.
  <Vega> What...?  If anyone is coming here, it must be...
  <Vega> ...Could it be...?!
  <Saya> Oh my gosh.  Just _look_ at this place.  Where _are_ we?  Ishigami'i
  <Reiji> You really think this looks like the middle of a city?
  <Sakura> Where've I heard that exchange before?
  <Karin> ...You two aren't actually sisters, are you?
  <Xiaomu> Hey!  Cut the crap, you hear?!
  <Xiaomu> Now see here, Saya!  Watch your word choice for a change!  You're
    ruining my image!
  <Saya> I don't know what's got you so upset... but I keep running into 
    you and your friends a lot lately, boy.  Starting to feel more and more
    like family, don't you think?
  <Reiji> ...Don't make me laugh.  You're the one who killed my father.
  <Reiji> I don't forgive that kind of thing.
  <Saya> ...
  <Mitsurugi> Fucking were-fox!  Ain't you tired of going after the goddamn
    Soul Edge yet...?!
  <Chunli> Are you still working with Shadowloo...?
  <Saya> Come on, did you forget how I told you I could Dimensional Transfer
    around after the Soul Edge?
  <Hideo> ...Now that you mention it, you did indeed say that.  Back when
    you showed up in that pyramid with the Genji warriors.
  <Kyouko> Meaning, she came here independent of Shadowloo... Is that it?
  <Cammy> The links between Shadowloo and the Ouma are thin.  ...I think
    she's actually telling the truth.
  <Vega> (...Saya of the Ouma, is it?  Ryuu... aren't you going to show 
  <Reiji> ...Saya, the reason you're after that sword...
  <Reiji> It's to get your hands on the "power to create worlds", isn't it?
  <Saya> Hmm?  Is this one of those worlds?  That evil sword made this...?
  <Saya> ...First I've heard of it.  Thanks for the hot tip, boy.
  <Xiaomu> Reiji!  What're you giving her info for?!  Now she's gonna start
    plotting something again!
  <Reiji> ...
  <Reiji> (So, it's not that the Soul Edge's abilities themselves are what
    she's after?)
  <Jin> Maybe it's better that Vega and that woman are here at the same time.
  <Jin> Makes it all the easier... to ask them about this "Project" of theirs.
  <Saya> ...
  <Vega> Something about "causing the advent of a God", was it?  ...Heh heh
    heh, little did you know that I, Vega, am worthy to be called a God myself.
  <Ken> I dunno how much power you got there, but you ain't no God.
  <Captain> With all we've seen and heard, she still manages to avoid being
  <Gai> What matters is the import of the words.
  <Gai> "Advent of a God"... that by itself tells us nothing.
  <Reiji> Cause the advent of a God... as in to make a God possess
  <Reiji> ...
  <Reiji> So that's it!  You're trying to use Tsukumogami for something or
  <Saya> Dear me, Commander, you are quite the chatterbox, aren't you?
  <Rose> "Tsukumogami"?  What is that?
  <Taki> It is a living vessel, passed down through the ages.
  <Taki> Though graced with the name "god", it simply means transforming into
    sorcery itself.
  <Xiaomu> Something using Tsukumogami... was it?
  <Xiaomu> ...Hmm... I vaguely remember reading something about that once...
  <Vega> How long do you intend to run your mouths?
  <Vega> Ouma fox, get in my way and expect no mercy.
  <Saya> Heh heh... the only one to come out ahead if we fight is that boy 
    over there.  Surely you see that, your excellency?
  <Saya> We teamed up once before... why not do it again?
  <Vega> ...
  <Vega> ...Hmph, do as you please.
  <Shou> All a ploy to crush us, is it?
  <Wayahime> I'm staring to get sick of this.  Why not save ourselves the
    trouble, just give them the damn Soul Edge, and get them to send us home?
  <Rose> An unacceptable suggestion.  Vega mustn't get any more powerful than
    he already is.
  <Hoover> Besides, we need it to get back to our own world!
  <Xiaomu> As long as we don't know what the Ouma are up to, no way can Saya
    have it either!
  <Reiji> Yeah.  Defend the Soul Edge with your lives.
  <Reiji> Let's do it...!
  <Reiji> (But we still don't have a way to defeat Vega... How long can we
    hold out...?)
  <Vega> ...
  <Vega> (So only Mishima and that Ouma vixen sniffed this place out?)
  <Vega> (...Won't you appear, Ryuu...?!)  

[hack and slash, baby, hack and slash]

  <Hoover> Now who?!
  <Jennety> ...!
  <Shou> What!  That is...!
  <Ryuu> ...
  <Gouki> ...
  <Sakura> R-Ryuu?!
  <Ken> ...Ryuu!  And Gouki... is that you?!
  <Vega> Heh heh heh... Muahahahahaha!  He's here!  Ryuu's actually here!
  <Wayahime> But how did he get here?!
  <Jin> The Bloodlust Wave has given him the power to cross dimensions.
    ...I seem to recall Gouki mentioning that during the fight at the Dragon
    Pavilion Castle.
  <Xiaomu> Meaning without it, there's no way both could've come here at 
    once... right?
  <Saya> Wow, look at all the handsome men.
  <Ryuu> Uh... urgh...
  <Captain> Ryuu looks like... something's wrong with him.  Is he in pain?
  <Gai> (This disturbance in his aura... There is no mistake.  Ryuu is fighting
  <Gai> (Against his own heart...!)
  <Vega> Ryuu, the form, the power you've awakened into - that's the ultimate,
    ideal shape for Psychopower!
  <Vega> Suitable to be my new body!
  <Ken> Gouki!  Were you in cahoots with Vega?!
  <Ken> Why did you awaken Ryuu's Bloodlust Wave?!
  <Gouki> ...
  <Gouki> It is not something to be spoken of in words.
  <Ken> (He said that Ryuu could "surpass the Bloodlust Wave"...)
  <Ken> (But the way Ryuu is now, he ain't only not gonna surpass it, he's
    imprisoned by it.)
  <Ken> (Gouki... What are you trying to do?  What are you seeking in
  <Gouki> ...
  <Rose> Gouki, I see your objective.
  <Gouki> ...All further words are meaningless.  Words cannot do justice to
    the answer.
  <Reiji> ...Our only choice is fighting.
  <Sakura> You mustn't!  Ryuu is...!
  <Ryuu> ...
  <Taki> ...He's currently lost himself.  And without a human heart, he is
    like a wild beast.
  <Hideo> Our only option is to fight him and return him to sanity...  I
    wish there were some other way.
  <Karin> Besides, there are still the Master of the Fist, Gouki, and 
    the Shadowloo commander Vega to deal with.  There's no time to do this
    gently, Sakura.
  <Sakura> B-but...
  <Rose> ...There is a way.
  <Kyouko> What?!  W-what on earth...
  <Rose> ...We must create a chink in the Bloodlust Wave, even the smallest
    will do.
  <Rose> Ryuu can break forth from that shell on his own then.
  <Gouki> ...
  <Cammy> Stop speaking in metaphor.  What are we supposed to do?
  <Ken> ...
  <Ken> ...We deck his ass and wake him up.
  <Ken> And we do it like we're trying to beat his goddamn head in!  Ain't
    that right, Rose?!
  <Chunli> Wait, Ken!
  <Rose> ...He's got it right.
  <Rose> After that, it's up to his heart.  Will he be devoured by the 
    Bloodlust Wave and die?  Or...?
  <Mitsurugi> ...You sure about this?  I can't pull my punches even if you
    order me to.
  <Rose> All the better.  ...It would be meaningless unless you go full force.
  <Rose> (And that's also the key to defeating Vega...!)
  <Sakura> Ryuu... I...
  <Ryuu> ...
  <Vega> (Heh heh heh... How droll.  No need for the great Vega to even lend
    a hand.)
  <Vega> (I merely need wait until he is injured and his powers weakened...
    And then I take him, body and soul.)
  <Ryuu> ...Destroy... everything...
  <Gouki> ...
  <Gouki> (Should he meet his end here, it would show how fragile his vessel
  <Gouki> (...Prove to me you can overcome it, Ryuu.)

[Ryuu goes down]

  <Ryuu> I... am... Master of... the Fist...!
  <Sakura> ...!!
  <Karin> Sakura!  It's too dangerous!  He's already...!
  <Sakura> No he's not!
  <Sakura> Ryuu's... Ryuu's just lost!
  <Sakura> No true martial artist would give into some kind of nonsense power!
  <Karin> Sakura, are you that concerned about him...?
  <Sakura> That's why... Ryuu!  I'll make you open your eyes...!
  <Sakura> I'm giving this my best shot...!


  <Sakura> ...!
  <Ken> Heh heh... I didn't feel that at all... Ryuu...!
  <Ryuu> Why do you not die?!  Why...?!
  <Ken> Pathetic... this Bloodlust Wave sucks.  Don't let some piece of shit
    like this rule you...!
  <Ken> You sure as hell can't do it the way you are now...!  Do the True
    Dragon Fist!
  <Ryuu> ...Destroy!


  <Xiaomu> W-what kind of move was that?!  It looked like some kind of upper-
    cut Shou-Ryuu-Ken, but...
  <Reiji> Did he... do it?!
  <Rose> T-that move just now...?!
  <Rose> Dear God...!  That might have actually reached Ryuu's heart...!
  <Gouki> ...Heh heh... Hah hah hah hah hah!  So, student of Gouken, you can
    actually pull that move off?!
  <Chunli> H-he defeated him...?  Did you actually kill him?!  Ken!
  <Ken> ...
  <Sakura> No way!!  Ryuu!!
  <Ryuu> Uh...uhhhh.... Ken...
  <Ken> Ryuu!  Is your head straight, man?!
  <Ryuu> W-what have I... been doing all this... time...?
  <Jennety> ...
  <Shou> Indeed.  The darkness cloaking his body has fallen away, and the
    evil aura has vanished.
  <Vega> W-what the hell?!  He recovered his personality?!
  <Vega> After succumbing to the black Bloodlust Wave that far?!
  <Chunli> Well done, Ken!
  <Chunli> Vega!  Looks like you didn't get your way after all!
  <Vega> Hardly!!
  <Vega> All this means is that I have to brainwash him directly with my
  <Kyouko> What does he think he's doing?!
  <Hideo> L-look out!  Ryuu!
  <Ryuu> ...!


  <Ken> T-that was the... Shin Shou-Ryuu-Ken...!
  <Cammy> He... actually hurt Lord Vega?!
  <Vega> Glargh...!  Ryuu!
  <Vega> That black power, the very essence of evil... How can you refuse
    my domination when such power lies inside you?!?
  <Ryuu> I am me!  Never... never again will I lose sight of myself...!
  <Sakura> Ryuu...!
  <Ryuu> I'm so sorry... looks like I slept far too long.
  <Ryuu> Pretty lame, huh?
  <Sakura> Heh heh, I knew you'd come through all along.  Well, almost anyway.
  <Sakura> Anyway... I believed that your strength was for real...
  <Ryuu> Thank you, Sakura.
  <Ryuu> And you too...Ken.
  <Ken> Not another word, Ryuu.
  <Ken> The fight's still on, see?
  <Ryuu> Right.  Then let's fight, Ken...!
  <Vega> Impudent pieces of trash!  You force me to wipe you all out-
  <Vega> Huh...?!
  <Vega> (W-what the...?!  My Psychopower is... weakening...?!)
  <Wayahime> Well well well.  That Vega guy's energy has gotten suddenly...
  <Hoover> Yes it has.  The veil of energy covering his body is... getting
  <Captain> That's the best news I've heard all day.  I take it... that our
    attacks will work on him now?
  <Rose> Yes.  It would seem that the "Power of the Heart" that Ryuu bears has
    surpassed Vega's.
  <Rose> Something that even Soul Power couldn't do.
  <Vega> G-grr.....
  <Gouki> ...Impressive.
  <Gouki> Heh heh... hahahahahaha!!
  <Taki> Hmm?!  He... fled?
  <Ryuu> Gouki?!
  <Mitsurugi> What the hell was that lone wolf up to, anyway?  Hell, he's
    gone now....
  <Rose> (Gouki, you did all this just to make Ryuu awaken, didn't you?)
  <Gai> ...Striking down Vega must come before Gouki.
  <Gai> Disorderer of the World, prepare yourself...!
  <Jin> That's one less problem to deal with.  ...You're next on the list.
  <Saya> Heh heh... it looks like that Psychopower armor you're so proud of
    isn't around anymore.
  <Saya> This may just be... the real thing.
  <Vega> Shut your mouth!!
  <Vega> Playtime is over!  All of you are dead!

[Vega goes _down_]

  <Vega> Argh... Ryuu... you bastard!!  I won't accept it...!  I won't accept
    it in the slightest!
  <Ryuu> Vega, I once gave my body over to that power.
  <Ryuu> But... Ken and my other friends showed me the light!  That as a 
    martial artist, I've got to go on fighting... as a person!
  <Ryuu> And for that... I need the power of my heart, as a martial artist,
    and as _me_...!
  <Ryuu> Vega!  No power like what that you possess offers any of that!!
  <Sakura> Ryuu...!
  <Gai> Well said.  ...Such admirable resolve.
  <Ken> Heh, can't no one call themself my rival without it!
  <Ken> (Course, now he might leave me in the dust again.)
  <Ken> (But, sensei... this's the way it should be.)
  <Vega> Grr... But why is my Psychopower being disrupted?!
  <Rose> Didn't I tell you?
  <Rose> ...Equal and opposite force, Vega.
  <Vega> Whaaaat?!
  <Rose> The Bloodlust Wave and Psychopower are similar in that they derive
    power from the heart.
  <Rose> The power of the heart Ryuu obtained, surpassing the Bloodlust Wave,
    disrupted your Psychopower.
  <Vega> Grrrrrr....!
  <Vega> ...I'm leaving.  Ryuu, you shall pay dearly for humiliating me!  
    Remember that well!
  <Karin> Well, he certainly felt that.  Serves him right.
  <Gai> Next will come the moment of truth.  ...Do not let down your guard,
  <Ryuu> Yeah.  I will... travel the road before me.  And I must defeat Vega
    once more.
  <Sakura> I'll help, Ryuu!
  <Ken> Hey, and if anything happens... I'll be on hand to deck you again.

[Yuuri smacked around]

  <Yuuri> Extent of physical damage: movement impossible.
  <Cammy> ...Go.
  <Yuuri> Withdrawing.
  <Chunli> Are you sure about letting her go like that, Cammy?
  <Chunli> Maybe...
  <Cammy> No, they're not like me... They've received too much of Lord Vega's
  <Cammy> Until we defeat Lord Vega, there's no way they can escape his
  <Chunli> ...We've got to take Vega down at all costs...!

[And last but not least, Saya]

  <Saya> So... I suppose if I get hurt any worse I might just get stuck here.
  <Saya> ...What a pity.  The Soul Edge's pretty attractive... now that it's
    started calming down.
  <Reiji> What's wrong?  Where's your usual banter?
  <Reiji> ...I guess you really were planning to snag the sword this time,
    weren't you Saya?
  <Saya> Gee, you're getting pretty sharp, boy.
  <Saya> ...Well, at least I found out something new about the Soul Edge's
    powers.  I'd better get while the getting's still good.
  <Reiji> I learned a few things about the Ouma's "Project" too.
    Tsukumogami... I don't know what you're planning to do with it, but I
    wouldn't assume it'll go smoothly if I were you.
  <Saya> Hmm... we shall see, shan't we?
  <Xiaomu> You sure let her off easy, Reiji.
  <Reiji> ...
  <Xiaomu> You did the right thing.  You know that revenge'll get you into
    trouble.  No call to get obsessive.
  <Reiji> I'm not being obsessive.
  <Reiji> ...If I was, I might want to destroy her _and_ her "Project",
    for instance.
  <Reiji> And, for instance, I might want to keep her alive to see it, and
    save the bullet in her forehead part for last.
  <Xiaomu> ...You are _so_ being obsessive.
  <Xiaomu> (Can't say I blame him.  ...I gotta wonder what form their feud'll
    get settled in...)

<Cammy> ...Did all of them flee?
<Wayahime> Well, with sensors offline I can't confirm it... But from what I
   can see, we've got no enemies left.
<Sakura> Boy oh boy, I thought it was all over there...  Thank goodness it all
  worked out!
<Sakura> Especially with Ryuu!
<Ryuu> Yeah.  I caused everyone a great deal of worry.  I apologize... if only
  I'd been firmer...
<Chunli> Don't blame yourself too much, Ryuu.  You did a hell of a job just
  to regain your sanity under the circumstances.
<Chunli> Great effort, my friend.
<Ken> Damn straight.  So wipe that look off your face.  All's well that ends
  well and all that.
<Rose> Correct.  Whatever the past might hold, you're here in the present.
  That's all there is.
<Ryuu> Rose, you helped too?  Weren't you among the enemies...?
<Rose> Valkyrie saved me.  I don't know how long this body will last, but I'll
  help you take Vega down.
<Ryuu> Rose...
<Xiaomu> Hey, I'd say we're in great shape.
<Xiaomu> Ryuu's back to normal, Vega, Devil and Saya got their butts handed to
  them, and the Soul Edge's right there for the picking... Pretty sweet.
<Xiaomu> I have a good mind to party right now!
<Mitsurugi> I hear that.  Hey, Taki, you got some booze, right?  Bring it on.
<Taki> Why this levity, you nitwits?  How could you think about booze in a
  dreadful place like this?
<Karin> Besides, we have no time to play.  We must return to our own world
<Reiji> ...The question is how?  How do we actually use the Soul Edge...?
<Hideo> To start with... shall we try striking it?
<Kyouko> Professor Hideo, it's not some kind of cranky old television...
<Jennety> ...!
<Hoover> W-what the?!  Increasing energy signature!  Dimensional distortion
<Jin> The Soul Edge responded?!  Could it be...?!
<Captain> Looks like a Dimensional Transfer.  ...Well then, do we get the 
   frying pan?  Or the fire...?
<Shou> Hopefully we will find the others...
<Gai> Our fate is up to heaven now.
<Reiji> All this, and our fate is still up in the air.  We're counting on you
   this time, soul-eating, evil sword...!


<Taizou> Masuyo, there's no guarantee that waiting here'll bring them back.
<Masuyo> ...
<Bruce> I guess our only choice is to go on alone.  Besides, the longer we
   stay here...
<Momo> We'll become punsters for life!  We'll have to "bat"tle "bats" in our
<Arthur> But we are too few to face the Infernal Village alone...
<M.O.M.O.> Aah!  Dimensional Transfer!
<Shion> Is someone coming?
<Felicia> Whoopsie!  Hey, did it work?  Did it work?!
<Leilei> Hey, it's Felicia and... Demitri and the others!
<Demitri> Hmph, this is, without doubt, it.
<KOS-MOS> Dimensional Transfer signature confirmed.  Incoming.
<Heihachi> What?  Someone... besides us?
<Ryuu> Uhh... where are we...?
<Nakamura> That's... Ryuu!  Thank goodness you're okay!
<Ryuu> Sorry for making everyone worry.  As you see, I'm fine now.
<Ken> Took some trouble to get him that way.
<Taki> I see some familiar faces.  It seems our little test was a success.
<Gai> For once... the Soul Edge proved of some use.
<Mitsurugi> Not that we actually got our hands on the damn thing.
<Reiji> Well, it found us our "com"rades, "com"prende...?
<Reiji> Hmm...?
<Xiaomu> This ain't no time to go making puns!
<Xiaomu> A little late to try changing character now.
<Xiaomu> You're character's the sullen, inscrutable type, got it?
<Reiji> ...You get a hundred lashes for that later.  Remember that.
<Kai> Oh, that's right... This is a bad place to linger in.
<Kagekiyo> You will become cursed.  Lowered, in fact.
<Hiromi> Everyone, use your fastest "gait" and head for the "gate".

{Infernal World... Tower of Druaga, Entrance}

<Yoritomo> Is that true, Benkei?
<Benkei> ...Yes.  One of the sacred vessels, Yata-no-Kagami... is in this land.
<Yoritomo> ...
<Yoshitsune> How have you learned this, Oniwaka?  We already ventured to
  other worlds.
<Benkei> Humblest apologies, Lord Ushiwaka.  I, Musashibou Benkei, shall 
  return at once and...
<Yoritomo> ...Leave it be.
<Yoshitsune> Elder brother...?  But, I have heard that Kagekiyo has already
  acquired the first sacred vessel, the Yasakani-no-Magatama.
<Yoritomo> None have meaning unless all three are joined.  What we need now
  is time... Leave it be.
<Benkei> ...As you command.
<Yoshitsune> No, Elder Brother.  I shall go.
<Yoshitsune> I also wish to test "their" powers.
<Yoritomo> ...Do as you wish.

{Spirit World... Inside Baraduke}

<Kurino> This place... leads to the Infernal Village?!
<Sabine> Hold on a sec.  This's the Spirit World... the Infernal Village's
  in the Infernal World, right?  How're they connected?
<Gil> We don't know the reason.  But it's true that an invasion came from
  the Infernal Village through here.
<Arthur> General Red Aleemar Joker came this way... as did Joker.  It is
  beyond doubt.
<Valkyrie> I suppose there must be a dimensional gate somewhere.
<Hiryuu> But what is this place?  It's certainly not of this world.
<Rutee> It's disgusting...  Where _are_ we?
<Stan> Those walls look... like they're alive...
<Masuyo> ...This is Baraduke, the underground fortress built by the Octies.
<Captain> Baraduke..?!  Are you certain?
<Taizou> ...Masuyo would know.  She invaded this place once already.
<Morrigan> Quite a mess we've gotten ourselves into.  Nothing will surprise
  me now.
<Lilith> I can't wait to see what happens next!
<Xiaomu> What's with all the bated breath stuff?  Just keep moving, okay?
<Reiji> Where's the connection to the Infernal World?
<Masuyo> Probably on the deepest level.  I'll show you the way.
<Masuyo> (...The depths of Baraduke.  I hope we can just walk in.)

[CHAPTER 30. "Creepy" Feels Good]

{Spirit World... Underground Fortress oF Baraduke, Blue Worm's Nest}

<Ultra Warrior 1P> So, this's the deepest part of the underground fortress,
<Ultra Warrior 2P> We got in pretty easy.  Disappointing, like.
<Roll> Well, it'd be best if we could avoid fighting altogether, but...
<Rock> Anyway, this place... this Baraduke gives me the creeps.
<Xiaomu> I bet it does.  The place's almost as messy as Reiji's room.
<Reiji> ...Don't be absurd.  Believe it or not, everything's actually sorted
  in there.
<Taizou> It's not so much "messy" as "mixed-up".
<Taizou> Anyways... I never ever thought I'd actually see the inside of
  Baraduke again.
<Masuyo> ...Me neither, Taizou.
<Masuyo> I didn't want to even remember this place.  My comrades... so many
  of them died here.
<Hiromi> Masuyo...
<Masuyo> Now don't be like that, Hiromi.
<Masuyo> It's all in the past.  Heck, viewed from this angle, it's not half

<Masuyo> "Creepy Feels Good"...
<Masuyo> ...and stuff.
<Hiromi> ...I don't think I understand your sense.
<Kai> Eeek!!
<Gil> Kai...?
<Kai> T-the inside walls... there was this eyeball...
<Reiji> Say what?  Are there enemies here?
<Xiaomu> W-what the hell?!
<Xiaomu> I thought that was part of the landscape...  You mean that humongous
  thingie's... alive?!
<Tarosuke> Holy shit!!  L-look at the size of that thing!!
<Lilith> That's neato!
<Morrigan> Well, isn't that marvelous?  Seems rather more suited to the
  Infernal World than here.
<Demitri> ...Pity, slightly too large to decorate my castle with.
<Ultra Warrior 1P> Ain't quite dust dragon sized, but what the hell is it,
<Ryuu> The eyes are... alert.  It's actually alive...!
<Ken> I guess this would be the alien boss or something?  ...If this's a joke,
  I ain't laughing.
<Ultra Warrior 2P> It ain't moving... is it gonna attack us or what?
<Masuyo> ...That's a blue worm.  It's a massive Octy used to defend crucial
  spots in Baraduke.
<Klonoa> Look... ain't that thing too big for "massive"?!
<Kai> If it's an Octy... does that mean it'll attack...?
<Gil> A monster that large... How on earth do we fight it...?
<Gantz> Only choice's to aim for the eyes.
<Masuyo> I think we're safe for now.  ...It's not "complete" yet.
<Rock> Not complete yet...?
<Masuyo> More accurately, it's not done maturing yet.
<Taizou> Ah, so that's it...  So should we frag it now while we've got the
<KOS-MOS> It is possible to pinpoint lightly armored spots, such as the eyes
  or joints in the skin.
<Masuyo> It would take too long.
<Masuyo> Besides... even if it's not fully matured, it's big enough that 
  there's no telling when it'll start moving...
<Roll> S-so, we're better off just sneaking through here...?
<Kagekiyo> ...We cannot.  Recall how the Genji are using these monsters as
<Mitsurugi> Good point.  Can't let them send this thing into battle, can we?
<Xiaomu> Hmm... lesse.  If we provoke it, we'll have to cry and apologize...
<Reiji> Don't flee the field before the battle even starts.  ...Though, it
  sure won't be easy.
<Hiromi> Um, Masuyo?  ...I've been kinda worried about this high energy
  signature I'm seeing in this block...
<Masuyo> Huh?  That's...
<Hiromi> Over there!
<Rock> That's a... Deflector!?
<Roll> What's a giant Deflector like that doing here?!
<Taizou> Hey, Masuyo.  Don't tell me that Blue Worm is...
<Masuyo> No doubt about it now.  The energy from that Deflector's speeding
  up its maturation...!
<Captain> That deflector's a real beauty.  No doubt it's got enough juice.
<Ultra Warrior 2P> Well hey, that makes things easy.
<Ultra Warrior 1P> Yeah.  Take the thing out, give our baby a little nap.
<Roll> But can we actually... destroy a Deflector that big?
<Taizou> ...Leave it to me.  This's my department.
<Taizou> That sucker'll be swiss cheese in no time flat.
<Hiromi> Aah!!  S-several heat signatures on radar!
<Gilly Octy> ...
<Gil> Those monsters!!
<Kai> W-we're surrounded!
<Kagekiyo> This is the Octies' nest.  This is to be expected.
<Xiaomu> What was that...?  "Meat!  Meat has come!"
<Tarosuke> O-oh crap...!  We're gonna get eaten!
<Reiji> ...You don't have to react every time she does that.
<Reiji> Now what?  ...There's too many of them.
<Masuyo> I... think they came to protect the Blue Worm.
<Masuyo> ...I don't think we've got long until it starts moving.
<Taizou> Shit!  All the more reason to shatter that damn Deflector.
<Taizou> Back me up, guys!  We gotta force our way over there...!
<Hiromi> Copy!  We're counting on you, Taizou!

[kill something]

  <Hiromi> Aah!  Masuyo!  I just detected spatial distortion! 
  <KOS-MOS> Something is Transferring into this block.
  <Masuyo> Spatial distortion?!  Enemy reinforcements at a time like this?!
  <Sylphie> It's meeeee!
  <Rock> Sylphie!
  <Roll> ...She keeps popping up everywhere.
  <Roll> Oh, make sure that huge Octy near you doesn't squash you by mistake.
  <Sylphie> Goodness gracious, a Blue Worm...!
  <Sylphie> ...Doesn't this bring back memories, Masuyo?  Memories of "that"
  <Masuyo> ...
  <Sylphie> What a wonderful opportunity!  Would you like a new wave motion
    gun?  I have some on sale.
  <Masuyo> I swear, I bet the only thing you remember is how much stuff you
  <Taizou> Sylphie, if you're here... there's either something very 
    valuable around, or you've got some info you wanna sell us, right?
  <Sylphie> Quite correct.
  <Sylphie> I have determined the whereabouts of the Soul Edge that you all
    have been seeking...
  <Mitsurugi> You know where the Soul Edge is?!
  <Kagekiyo> What...?!  Is that true, girl?
  <Tarosuke> Where the heck did it fly off to this time?
  <Sylphie> That information is worth one hundred co-...
  <Masuyo> Not one red cent!
  <Sylphie> ...
  <Sylphie> Well then.  The Soul Edge has traveled past Pluto.
  <Kagekiyo> Plu...?
  <Demitri> Where is that?  Is it far?
  <Ultra Warrior 2P> ...Keep yer shirt on.  That info's obviously fake.
  <Ultra Warrior 1P> Grow up, you hear?
  <Masuyo> ...
  <Sylphie> Alright, I understand.
  <Sylphie> It appears to be in the world this place connects to.
  <Gil> Ahead... in the Infernal World?!
  <Kai> Well, we had to go to the Infernal Village anyway.  ...Maybe it's
    convenient for us?
  <Klonoa> Yeah, maybe.  ...Call it a sidetrip?
  <Gantz> A damn sight better than running back and forth all over the damn
    place, right?
  <Reiji> Wrong.  It means it's that much more likely to fall into the demons'
  <Xiaomu> Meaning we can't hang around here too long.
  <???> Heh heh heh... quite correct...
  <Benkei> However... I think I will have you hang around here for a while
  <Ryuu> That's... Musashibou Benkei...!
  <Ken> The Genji guys?  Great.
  <Tarosuke> The Genji army's here?!  I thought they went to the Infernal
  <Roll> Maybe they got lost...?
  <Rock> No... I don't think so, Roll.
  <Lilith> So they weren't lost?  I was wondering that too.
  <Morrigan> Well, if they weren't... it becomes clear why they're here.
  <Kagekiyo> ...They must be buying time for Yoritomo to reach the Tower of
  <Kagekiyo> Am I wrong, Benkei?
  <Benkei> That is correct.  I should prefer to use the Octies to dispose of
  <Captain> It may not be that easy, you know?
  <Gil> ...Benkei, you will get out of our way.
  <Gil> We can't let Druaga get any more powerful.
  <Kai> Besides, you all are underestimating Druaga...!
  <Kai> That demon is not someone you can turn to your own ends so easily!
  <Benkei> My master, Lord Kamakura, will decide that.  I merely carry out my
  <Taizou> Man, I hate guys like this.  No hesitation at all.
  <Reiji> Impressive loyalty.
  <Reiji> ...But I've got one question before we fight.
  <Reiji> The Soul Edge is said to be in the Infernal World... do you know
  <Benkei> Intriguing question.  What do you think, youngster?
  <Xiaomu> I wouldn't look down on him cause he's young if I were you.  C'mon
    Reiji, hit him with the snappy comeback.
  <Xiaomu> Plus, I'm not young at all!  Hurry up and spill the beans, you
    big lug!
  <Benkei> The were-fox, is it?  ...The elderly should be home in bed.
  <Benkei> Besides, transforming into a little girl to hide your age is
  <Benkei> Gwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!
  <Xiaomu> ...
  <Xiaomu> R-Reijiii!!
  <Hiromi> Not only didn't he tell her, he made her cry...
  <Ultra Warrior 1P> What're you doing?  Of course the enemy's not just gonna
    up and tell you.
  <Ultra Warrior 2P> Damn straight.  Let's get this started, okay?
  <Kagekiyo> ...Indeed.
  <Kagekiyo> Benkei, you need not speak.  The sword must be where Yoritomo is.
  <Benkei> ...
  <Kagekiyo> Yoritomo shall not have it.  ...To battle.
  <Benkei> Is there not something else you need before you acquire that
    sword, Kagekiyo?
  <Kagekiyo> ...What?  Of what do you speak, Benkei?
  <Benkei> Heh heh heh...
  <Benkei> (This land, so intermingled with other worlds... I trust he will
    not find the sacred vessel.)

[keep killing...]

  <Benkei> Grr... As I thought, these soldiers are no match for them.
  <Masuyo> We're really mowing them down.
  <Mitsurugi> Numbers won't save enemies this weak.
  <Gil> We'll have to face the armies of the Infernal Village and the Tower
    of Druaga next.
  <Gil> We'd better not be having trouble here.
  <Hiromi> Hmm?  Enemy spotted on sensors.  Number is... one!
  <Kai> Enemy...?  But, only one...
  <Yoshitsune> O ho ho ho ho...
  <Rock> Ahh!  It's the guy from the pyramid...
  <Benkei> Ohhh, Lord Ushiwaka.
  <Benkei> I am disgraced by my repeated failures.
  <Kagekiyo> ...Yoshitsune, so you too have tarried in this place?
  <Yoshitsune> Tarried?  Not so, Kagekiyo.  I have just returned.
  <Tarosuke> Returned?  From where?
  <Yoshitsune> O ho ho ho... I shall let these speak to that.
  <Gil> ...!!
  <Roll> W-what the...?!  Look at all those blobby things...!
  <Roll> And squirmy things too...
  <Taizou> What're those things?  Some new kinda Octy?
  <Ultra Warrior 1P> Heh, they got much better skin than the Octies do.
  <Ultra Warrior 2P> Hey, these ones might just be good eating if you cook 'em.
  <Reiji> No!  We haven't seen them for a while, but those are...!
  <Kai> I-it can't be... Druaga's monsters!
  <Gil> The Genji already made it to Druaga...?!
  <Xiaomu> Hold on!  We can't say that for sure!
  <Xiaomu> Maybe it's like with the Octies...
  <KOS-MOS> More heat sources approaching.
  <Ultra Warrior 2P> Now what... a teeny little dragon?
  <Ultra Warrior 1P> Nothin' to worry about next to a dust dragon...
  <Kai> Gil!!  That's...!
  <Gil> That's... Qox...?!
  <Taizou> Yo, you recognize that thing?
  <Yoshitsune> O ho ho ho ho ho.
  <Gil> ...No doubt about it now.  The Genji and Druaga have...
  <Gil> Already met...!!
  <Demitri> ..What did you say...?
  <Hiromi> What?!  Aren't you jumping to conclusions?
  <Morrigan> Now, wait a moment, Gilgamesh.  How do you know that?
  <Lilith> Guesswork?
  <Kagekiyo> ...What is your reason, Gilgamesh?
  <Gil> Qox - that dragon, is on our side.
  <Gil> ...Originally, anyway.
  <Tarosuke> Y-yeah, well it looks like it's on the Genji's side now...
  <Gantz> Plus, it looks hungry.
  <Klonoa> Are you sure it's not an evil dragon?
  <Gil> Yes... now, Qox is an evil dragon.
  <Gil> And there's only one person could make a "Holy Dragon" like Qox into an
    evil being... 
  <Reiji> I see.  That person is...
  <Kai> Yes.  ...The demon Druaga!
  <Masuyo> Hold on a second!  ...Does that mean that the Genji have...
  <Gil> ...They've already entered the Tower of Druaga...!
  <Kagekiyo> ...Yoshitsune, is this true?
  <Yoshitsune> O ho ho ho.  All that I could say has already been spoken by
    that warrior in gold.
  <Roll> Then, it's true?!
  <Rock> How could people from different worlds join forces so quickly...
  <Sylphie> There must be a considerable amount of money involved.
  <Xiaomu> Hey, don't forget that this crew comes from all over the place too.
  <Xiaomu> No reason why the enemy couldn't do the same.
  <Captain> In fact, we've already seen Grand Master and Vega join forces.
  <Yoshitsune> It begins with a trial, testing whether Druaga's soldiers are
    of use to us.  And I must see it for myself to believe it.
  <Kagekiyo> ...Absurd.  This will not keep them from being cut down like
  <Ryuu> Here they come!  Be careful, everyone!
  <Ken> Cool, I finally get to take on a real dragon.  Let's see if my
    Shou-Ryuu-Ken ["Rising Dragon Punch"] works on it.
  <Gil> (Qox, forgive me...!)

[A pox on Qox]

  <Kai> Wait!  Qox!
  <Gil> Kai!  You don't have to follow!
  <Kai> Gil...
  <Gil> ...Until we defeat Druaga, there's no way we can save Qox.
  <Gil> Actually, I'm glad he ran away.  ...As long as he's alive, there's
    still a chance we can save him.
  <Gil> Druaga... all we have to do is defeat him.

[somebody get Benkei some Bengay]

  <Benkei> Urgh... I am disgraced.
  <Kagekiyo> This farce ends here, Benkei.
  <Kagekiyo> ...Lead me to Yoritomo.
  <Benkei> Heh heh heh... There is no need for me to lead you.
  <Benkei> Lord Kamakura awaits you, Kagekiyo.
  <Benkei> Not that... you could harm him as you are, in any case.
  <Benkei> Besides... your hope is already broken.
  <Kagekiyo> What...?  What do you mean, Benkei?
  <Benkei> ...You must not know that one of the Three Sacred Vessels is in
    the Upper Castle...
  <Kagekiyo> What...?!  Is that true?!
  <Tarosuke> Three... "Sacred Treasures"?
  <Benkei> But... because it is now connected to other worlds, it would seem
    you have lost your chance to obtain it, forever.  Quite a relief, in fact.
  <Kagekiyo> ...What do you mean?
  <Benkei> I mean that "that" had appeared beneath the Upper Castle without
    anyone noticing.
  <Benkei> And underneath the Upper Castle means... here!!
  <Kagekiyo> ...!!
  <Tarosuke> Huh?  What's he talking about?!
  <Benkei> Ask Kagekiyo yourself, whelp.  Mwahahahahaha!
  <Tarosuke> K-Kagekiyo?
  <Kagekiyo> ...
  <Kagekiyo> (Has my hope... truly been shattered...?)

[Yoshitsune follows suit]

  <Yoshitsune> O ho ho ho... this was but a mere skirmish.
  <Yoshitsune> I shall be waiting, Kagekiyo.
  <Kagekiyo> ...I have but to pursue you and your clan to the utmost part of
    hell.  Prepare yourself, Yoshitsune.
  <Yoshitsune> O ho ho ho ho ho....
  <Gil> Wait, Yoshitsune!
  <Yoshitsune> Hmm...?  What do you want with me, warrior of gold?
  <Gil> You should know what I'm about to ask.
  <Yoshitsune> Druaga, is it?
  <Yoshitsune> My elder brother, whom I serve...  Only Lord Kamakura can 
    lead the Genji.
  <Yoshitsune> You shall ask my elder brother yourself.  Provided you can 
    reach that Tower alive.
  <Kai> Gil, are they really...?
  <Gil> I hate to admit it, but... there's no longer any doubt the leader of 
    the Genji is dealing directly with Druaga.
  <Gil> (Druaga's power... it's getting stronger by the minute.)
  <Gil> (And from what Benkei told us... the Soul Edge must be there too.)
  <Gil> (Can I win... as I am now...?)

[Get Taizou next to the Deflector]

  <Taizou> Man, I finally made it.
  <Taizou> ...Okay, let's do this...!
  <Captain> Well then, let's see the fabled skills of former Border Patrol
    in action.
  <Roll> A Deflector that huge... what a waste...
  <Roll> I could power up the Flutter so much with that thing.
  <Rock> I know how you feel, but try not to complain, okay?
  <Rock> Taizou, please do it!
  <Demitri> Failure would be unpardonable.
  <Taizou> Leave it to me.  ...Let's rock!!


  <Ryuu> It broke?!
  <Ken> Yow, that's a whole lotta shakin' goin' on.
  <Sylphie> I see the giant Octy's vital signs have become suddenly weaker.
  <KOS-MOS> It appears that its energy supply has been completely severed.
  <Masuyo> That's a former saboteur for you!  One shot, one kill, right
  <Taizou> Hey, flattery'll get you nowhere, dig?
  <Ultra Warrior 1P> No, hold up!  Something just came out?!
  <Ultra Warrior 2P> ...Figures it's Octies.
  <Tarosuke> Yucky, they crawled their way outta that big one's body!
  <Kai> I-I think I'm going to be ill...
  <Hiromi> Masuyo, flattery got _them_ somewhere...
  <Lilith> Nice timing!
  <Morrigan> This is no time to be pleased, Lilith.
  <Masuyo> ...Taizou?
  <Taizou> Don't look at me.  Bitch at the damn Octies.
  <Kagekiyo> I hesitate to think it... but could it be that what shaped that
    giant Octy were...
  <Mitsurugi> Hold up, don't tell me that big bastard's _hollow_?!
  <Xiaomu> H-hold the phone!  If that's the case, that thing could easily
    fit a good two thousand of those inside!
  <Masuyo> Those Bagans are a type of Octy that shows up everywhere.  They
    were probably just hiding in the folds of its body.
  <Klonoa> So those're the only ones that'll come out, right?  ...Thank
  <Gantz> Damn straight.  I ain't got enough bullets for thousands of them.
  <Gil> Well, we've got more enemies to fight... but it's better than taking
    on the big one itself.
  <Reiji> Yeah, let's get rid of these guys.

<Masuyo> Oof... I wonder if that was all of them.  Hiromi, whatcha got?
<Hiromi> No enemies visible nearby.  Also, all life signs have disappeared from
  the Blue Worm.
<Ken> Man, who died and nominated us monster exterminators, anyway?
<Rock> Looks like the Deflector's completely powerless too.
<KOS-MOS> According to my scans, reconstituting it will be impossible.
<Roll> Ooh, what a waste...
<Roll> But since I don't even know where the Flutter is right now... I'd have
  had no way to actually use the thing...
<Roll> (I wonder... will I ever find her again...?)
<Ultra Warrior 1P> This's more of a pitstop than I like.  Let's get a move on.
<Ultra Warrior 2P> Yeah.  Sounds like those bastards in the Infernal Village're
  preparin' quite a party for us.
<Morrigan> Heh heh... perhaps I should dress up for the occasion.
<Lilith> Hey, that sounds like fun!  I wanna do it too!
<Demitri> Hmph, I do hope they will provide at least some amusement.
<Sylphie> Shall I show you my complete line of party goods?
<Taizou> Party, huh?  I hope that's all they're getting ready.
<Kai> Come on, everyone!  Please stop joking around!
<Gil> ...Consider the alliance between the Infernal Village and Druaga, and
  the Genji.  ...We had better be prepared.
<Klonoa> There's plenty of other stuff too... in the Infernal World.
<Gantz> Yeah, includin' Janga.  ...This time I'm gonna invade _his_ ass, see
  how he likes it.
<Tarosuke> Sure, just don't get too uptight, okay?
<Xiaomu> That's right.  Don't overstress.
<Xiaomu> Plus, who here _isn't_ prepared, huh?
<Captain> Very good point.  The fact we can banter means there's a chance we
  can win.
<Kagekiyo> Enough levity.  Time is of the essence.  We must make haste.
<Mitsurugi> He's got a point.  Hell if those monsters're gonna get their mitts
  on the Soul Edge.
<Ryuu> (The Infernal World, huh?  I wonder if Vega's somehow involved?)
<Reiji> So, we finally get to see this Infernal Village.
<Reiji> ...Okay, we wait for the others to catch up, and then we haul ass to
  the Infernal Village...!
<Kagekiyo> ...
<Tarosuke> What's wrong, bro?  Everyone's gone ahead.  We gotta move our butts
<Kagekiyo> ...Can you not feel it?  This sorcery?
<Tarosuke> Huh?  Sorcery?
<Tarosuke> ...Hey, you hidin' something from me again?!
<Kagekiyo> ...
<Tarosuke> Come on, what's up, Kagekiyo?  This thing's already dead, right?
  So why...
<Kagekiyo> ...O-ohhh.... Benkei's words... were true...!
<Tarosuke> What's that?  ...A mirror?  What's that doing inside that monster's
<Kagekiyo> ...Perhaps it was absorbed when the various worlds mingled.
<Kagekiyo> To find it here... what divine good fortune...
<Kagekiyo> It would seem I am not yet forsaken...

{Spirit World... Inside Baraduke}

<Arthur> Ahead lies... the Infernal Village?
<Klonoa> Hey, we finally made it... right?
<Gantz> Ain't no cause for celebration.  ...We're headin' straight into deep
  shit, see?
<Jin> We can't run after coming this far.  ...Mishima Kazuya should be in 
  the Infernal World too.
<Heihachi> (The Infernal World, and Kazuya.  Well then...)
<Sylphie> Some danger is to be expected.  Let us go.
<Roll> Wait, Sylphie, what about your store?
<Sylphie> I shall accompany you all from here on.  ...I cannot leave you to
  fight unaided.
<Rock> Thank you, Sylphie...
<Karin> This seems rather fishy to me.  ...Could it be that you're after a
  few choice Infernal World goods for your inventory?
<Sylphie> ...
<Sakura> (I think that's a bullseye...)
<Masuyo> Enough chit-chat.  ...We're almost through.
<KOS-MOS> Regarding the path ahead... Space appears to be "stably distorted".
<Chunli> Stably...distorted?  Huh?  What does that mean?
<Xiaomu> Is that like, stomach aches are painful?
<Reiji> ...Of course not.
<Reiji> What she means by distorted stably is...
<Rose> It's been left precisely the way the collaborators from the various
  worlds left it... is that not so?
<Regina> No doubt about it... There's the portal, to Ibis Island...  We say
  this kind of thing at the Third Energy lab.
<Arthur> Then... let us sally forth.  Our true battle begins here.
<Valkyrie> And unlike the last time, we have many warriors on our side.  This
  time, I shall not flee from your gates, Infernal Village...!
<Kagekiyo> ...And Yoritomo awaits, as well.
<Tarosuke> So, I keep meaning to ask.  What _is_ that thing?
<Kagekiyo> ...
<Kagekiyo> ...Nothing at all.  Let us proceed.
<Tarosuke> I don't like all this staring into the mirror business.  That face
  of yours is likely to crack a mirror like that!
<Kagekiyo> (...The Yata-no-Kagami... That I should obtain it here...)
<Kagekiyo> (But... I am not yet complete... not at all.)


{Infernal World... Entrance to the Infernal Village}

<Xiaomu> Well, we finally made it to the Infernal Village.
<Reiji> I hear this place is pretty big.  We'd better figure out which way to
<Xiaomu> Hmmmmm, good point.

[You can "act prudently", "play it by ear", or "head straight to the deepest
  part".  I did the first.]

<Tron> How's it look?  Rock?  Roll?
<Minion #1> Isn't this ship the...
<Roll> There's no mistake.  This ship... is the real Flutter!
<Xiaomu> Who'da thunk it?  Here we are, about to break down the gates of the
  Infernal Village, and we practically trip over our old space ship.
<Reiji> You can say that again.  ...Wasn't the last time we rode this thing...
<Rock> The desert of the Phantom World.
<Rock> But we landed the Flutter right near that pyramid.  What's it doing
<Ultra Warrior 1P> Well, there was that big-ass Transfer there.
<Ultra Warrior 2P> Yeah, big enough to bring that whole damn Dust Dragon.
  Ain't no wonder a ship or two'd get tossed around too.
<Gantz> Yeah, to the Infernal Village, of all places.
<Klonoa> I guess.... it won't fly anymore, right?
<Regina> I suppose it was too much to hope for that it could give us a lift.
<Fongling> That ship keeps showing up at the darndest places.  Including The
  Third Moon, if I recall?
<Roll> Don't worry!  She's still okay!
<Bruce> Hey, she saved our bacon back at The Third Moon.
<Bruce> ...Course, she wasn't capsized then.
<Haggar> Hmm, looks like she'll be a pain to right again.
<Hiryuu> ...The enemy could strike at any moment.  We dare not linger here.
<KOS-MOS> No enemies detected in the vicinity.  I believe salvage operations
  are possible.
<Mitsurugi> Lesse.  Yup, pain in the ass from all sides.
<Mitsurugi> Now, I bet a flying ship'd get us to that Tower right quick though.
<Taki> Merely a "pain in the ass"?  ...You simpleton.  Can't you feel this
<Gai> ...Indeed.  This is such sorcery as makes my skin prickle.  Something
  untoward is afoot.
<Wayahime> There's nothing wrong with the atmospheric makeup.  Or anything
  else, for that matter.
<Wayahime> Well, I suppose human skin might feel a little chilly, given the
  rain and all.
<Wonder Momo> She's right.  It is a little cold, I guess.
<Felicia> Uhhhh, nuh uh...  You sure this cold isn't the terror of the
  Infernal Village?
<Leilei> ...Felicia, you're _from_ here.  How can you not feel this sorcery?
<Xiaomu> Given at least one of us is butt naked, I'd be surprised if someone
  wasn't cold.
<Berabou Man> Well, I don't feel a thing either.  But perhaps I'm better
  off being that insensitive, in this place.
<Reiji> ...Just great.
<Sabine> ...Okay, you guys just disappointed every single hope the demon
  lord who built the Infernal Village ever had.
<Kurino> Ahh, that just shows how stalwart everyone is.
<Kurino> ...So, Lady Valkyrie, shall we enter?
<Valkyrie> Yes.  The only question is whether or not we will be able to
  proceed from here...
<Valkyrie> When I ventured here before, space was curved upon itself, and
  passage beyond that gate was impossible.
<Reiji> Something like a Dimension Seal, huh?  What about now?
<Xiaomu> Well, I don't sense any magical power like that at work...
<Morrigan> I certainly don't feel the magic that we faced before.
<Morrigan> Demitri?
<Demitri> ...Hmm, so it would seem.  Was the spell... broken?
<Tarosuke> So like, those Genji guys came this way, right?
<Lilith> You mean, we should be able to do it too?
<King> I have a suspicion it's not that easy, but...
<Gil> ...Perhaps it's the influence of the Soul Edge.
<Gil> That evil sword can cleave dimensions, after all.
<Gil> And if it came here...
<Kai> You think the space-warping spell on this place would lose its power
<Arthur> Well, we won't know till we try.  All we'll get from parleying here
  is a cold.
<Arthur> Let us try crossing the gate, and...
<M.O.M.O.> Aah!!  Please wait a moment!  Heat sources approaching rapidly!
<Shion> The enemy?!
<Gouki> ...
<Ryuu> W-what the?!
<Sakura> Hey!  It's that old guy...!
<Karin> The Master of the Fist... Gouki...?!  What are you doing here?!
<Heihachi> O ho, so this is Gouki?
<Heihachi> ...Hmph, nice expression.  Not so unbecoming as a guardian of the
  Infernal Village, I suppose.
<Jin> What... is he doing in the Infernal Village?!
<Jin> Don't tell me he's the demon's lackey...?
<Gouki> ...
<Ken> This guy ain't the type to do what others tell him.
<Ken> What're you planning this time, Gouki?!
<Gouki> ...
<Ryuu> Wait!!  Gouki!
<Sakura> Wait!  Ryuu?!
<Chunli> Hold it!  Ryuu!
<Cammy> ...It's too dangerous to be alone here.
<Rose> She's right.  We've got to follow him at once.
<Kagekiyo> ...We must venture that way sooner or later.  Let it be now.
<Sylphie> In which case, would all those not currently occupied come with me?
<Masuyo> Great, well that's that then.
<Masuyo> ...Guess we're going on ahead.  Taizou, hold the fort while we're
<Hiromi> We'll report in at the usual time!
<Taizou> Huh?!  Hey, Masuyo!
<Stan> It's no use, they're already out of sight...
<Xiaomu> Way to charge in without a plan, guys...
<Reiji> I guess we'll just have to wait for this report and meet up with them
<Rutee> Weren't we supposed to not be able to get past this place?
<Rutee> Looks like they just barged right in to me.
<Valkyrie> There is no mistake.  The spatial distortion from before... has
<Hideo> In which case, had we better not follow as quickly as possible?
<Arthur> Indeed, and forthwith to the demon lord's chambers withal!
<Kyouko> ...But, what about this airship?
<Hoover> Leave the righting of the Flutter to me!
<Captain> We'll bring up the rear.  You all go on ahead.
<Jennety> ...
<Shou> Indeed.  Make haste.
<Arthur> My gratitude!
<Arthur> Everyone!  To the hunt!

<Bruce> Looks like they're all inside...
<Bruce> Seeing as how none of them came back...
<Regina> We have no idea what happened to them.  We've got to get this ship
  righted and head after them posthaste.
<Felicia> Right... but how do we do that exactly?
<Rock> For starters, let's get her out of the river.
<Roll> It looks like she just got knocked over.  As long as the engine's
  okay, I think she'll fly...
<Tron> I think we should be able to pull her out if my Gustav, Hoover, and
  the Minions work together.
<Tron> Hey guys, you ready?
<Minion #1,17,28> Yes!  Ready and willing!!
<Haggar> If it's a question of strength, I'll pitch in too.  No youngsters
  and robots will beat me that easily.
<Xiaomu> How about us, Reiji?  Brute strength's not our thing.  Picnic, maybe?
<Reiji> Lookout duty.  ...This's the enemy's front yard.  No way will they
  leave us alone.
<Hoover> Well then, let us begin!
<Jennety> ...
<???> O ho ho, would you like some assistance?
<Shou> Hmm?!?
<Gai> Who goes there?  Show yourself!
<Joker> Well now, I must congratulate you on making it this far.
<Klonoa> It's him... Joker!
<Gantz> Fuck!  And a shitload of phantom beasts and... Zouna soldiers to boot.
<Reiji> That was fast.
<Xiaomu> Figures he'd show up.  We're right in front of their noses, after all.
<Gil> ...
<Gil> (Joker... you came from the gate, but did you meet Valkyrie and the
<Joker> What's this?  Gilgamesh, the Golden Knight, looks like he wants to
  say something to me.
<Kai> ...Huh?  Gil?
<Joker> If it is your friends you're worried about, they were running merrily
  down the hall last I saw them.
<Gil> What...?
<Bruce> ...So what, you just let them get away?
<Joker> Yes.  Well, there were rather a lot of them, and I figured it would
  be rather uncivilized to disturb them...
<Felicia> Isn't that rather prudent for you?
<Joker> O ho ho... I am the sort of person who won't cross even the stoutest
  of bridges.
<King> ...I think not.  You must have had some other reason.
<Joker> ...!
<Joker> Oh ho?  And what would make you think that?
<King> We've crossed swords often enough before.  You're a first-class Heel.
<King> ...And the more skilled the Heel, the more they keep the whole match
  in view.
<King> And not just the ring, but the spectators too.
<Haggar> ...Meaning he let them go to set up his next move?
<Joker> ...
<Klonoa> What's a "heel"?
<Gantz> ...It means "bad guy".
<Gantz> Huh, I get it now... It's startin' to make sense why he'd just let
  Valkyrie and Arthur and all them go.
<Gil> ...Such as, the location of the Soul Edge... which is supposed to be in
  the Infernal World.
<Joker> ...
<Captain> ...Looks like you didn't find it after all.
<Kai> So, they plan to use us, who have contacted it before... to find it?
<Joker> You read all that?  ...Simply amazing.
<Joker> And you with the beast face, you sound an awful lot like one of our
<Joker> You look like him too, from the neck up.
<Felicia> A rookie with the same face?
<Felicia> ...Hey, wait a minute!  That would be...
<King> Armor King?!
<Joker> O ho ho, who indeed?
<Gai> King, he may be lying.  There is no proof.  Do not be deceived.
<King> (Armor King... here, in the Infernal World...?!  That's absurd.  Wasn't
  the black knight's curse broken...?!
<Xiaomu> If that's true... I suppose Black Berabou is next in line?
<Xiaomu> The Infernal Village... what's so great about it, anyway?  Do they
  pay well or something?
<Reiji> How should I know?  First of all, there's no point even thinking about
  it until we figure out if it's even true.
<Joker> O ho ho ho, so troubled, I see.
<Joker> In any event, while I would love to stay and chat, I have many things
  vying for my attention.
<Joker> For now, I believe I shall destroy that flying machine.
<Roll> T-this ship?!
<Tron> Hey, what's the big idea?!  Try fighting us instead!
<Minion #1> The Flutter didn't do anything wrong!
<Joker> Oh no, if we let you fly around, you might miss all the surprises
  we've got in store for you.
<Joker> I've been worried about that for ages.
<Regina> Guess he's got the place booby-trapped, just as I expected.
<Rock> All the more reason we can't let them destroy the Flutter!!
<Roll> Please, everyone!  Please... protect the Flutter!
<Captain> No trouble at all.  Let the Commando Team handle it.
<Shou> Agreed.  Be at your ease.
<Jennety> ...
<Hoover> Don't think you're getting your way!
<Joker> O ho ho ho ho.  Well then, I shall...
<Joker> Watch from up here for a while.
<Klonoa> What, letting everyone else do all the work?!
<King> (Is he waiting for something...?)

[violence ensues]

  <Velociraptor> ...
  <Joker> Hmm?
  <Shou> I expected more creatures of the Infernal World... but that is...!
  <Haggar> Those lizards... no, dinosaurs... Aren't they from...?!
  <Regina> What are velociraptors doing here?!
  <Bruce> Those bastards... did they come here from the desert?  Or from
    the distant past, across time and space?
  <Gai> Joker, if that is your name... Did you summon these?
  <Joker> Did I?  I don't recall seeing them before, at least.
  <Joker> Are those creatures from the Material World?
  <Jennety> ...
  <Hoover> Is he... bluffing?  Or...
  <Minion #17> Oh dear, a really really big one just showed up!!
  <Allosaurus> ...!!
  <Felicia> Yikes!  What's up with that humongous lizard?!
  <King> That's a... large carnivorous dinosaur?!
  <Allosaurus> ...
  <Bruce> Regina, check out its eye... and those bullet holes.
  <Regina> ...Yes, that allosaurus.... is the same one we fought in the
  <Regina> (So how did it get here?)
  <Regina> (And there's no way it could have survived in the desert with those
    wounds... What's going on...?)
  <Captain Commando> It looks like it means us harm.  ...Nor is it the kind
    of foe we can dissuade with words.
  <Klonoa> More like it wants to swallow us whole!
  <Xiaomu> I don't go well with fried tofu, you hear me!
  <Reiji> I don't think that'll get us off the hook.  ...Here it comes!
  <Joker> Well, what an interesting development.
  <Joker> A dragon from another world, is it?  Quite suitable for an opening 
  <Gil> Opening act...?
  <Gil> Joker, what have you been waiting for all this time?  What are you
  <Joker> Who, me?  Why, nothing at all.
  <Joker> To be sure... Lord Druaga did tell me not to let you all into the
  <Kai> Druaga did?!
  <Gantz> Shit, punk-ass Druaga must be pissing his pants.
  <Joker> He is a rather difficult person to read.  I cannot claim to
    understand what he is really thinking.
  <Tron> I swear... when will we be able to get back to work?
  <Roll> Anyway, let's just worry about protecting the Flutter for now!
  <Rock> I got it, Roll!
  <Joker> O ho ho ho ho...
  <Joker> (They should be here any minute now.)

[keep on killing]

  <Roll> Hmm, looks like there aren't many enemies left.  Now's our chance...
  <Joker> Dear me, troublesome as always, you people are.  ...I suppose I
    am at a bit of a disadvantage here.
  <Rock> Don't even think about trying to wreck the Flutter.  We'll protect
    it no matter what.
  <Haggar> Don't get careless, lad.  This is the enemies' home base... surely
    this isn't the end.
  <Gantz> ...Hell, Janga's still left.  Get his ass out here pronto!!
  <Tron> Aahh, a spatial distortion's appeared!
  <Klonoa> I knew it, there's more!  Don't tell me it's really Janga?!
  <Reiji> ...!!
  <Saya> Non non, it's me.
  <Felicia> Not you again!  Nobody paged you, okay?!
  <Joker> O ho ho ho, fashionably late, I see.
  <Joker> How did things go?
  <Saya> Try as I might, it was a complete bust, mister handsome boy.
  <Joker> Most unfortunate.
  <King> ...Looks like Joker did the paging.
  <Reiji> What've you been up to, Saya?
  <Saya> Oh, my favorite boy's here too?  And nary an umbrella in sight...
    You'll catch cold, you know?
  <Reiji> Gee, thanks a bunch.  Answer the question.  What've you been doing
  <Saya> Picking up trash.  Helping make the Infernal Village a more
    beautiful place, you might say.
  <Xiaomu> In this place, with skulls and whatnot strewn everywhere?  Nice
  <Reiji> ...No, I think she was trying to pick up "something" a whole lot
  <Saya> Heh heh...
  <Kai> So the "try as I might" part means the Soul Edge, does it?
  <Saya> Ooh, bullseye.  Sorry I came back empty-handed.
  <Captain> Now, hold on here...
  <Captain> Weren't you the one who told us you could Transfer around in
    pursuit of the Soul Edge?
  <Rock> Right, didn't you say your experiments or whatever let you do that...?
  <Saya> Unfortunately, the world isn't that convenient a place.
  <Saya> Besides, these little ones here were lost.
  <Jennety> ...?
  <Charade> ...
  <Hoover> The Soul Edge's...avatars?!
  <Shou> Does this mean that the sword is nearby?!
  <Xiaomu> W-where, where?!  Don't tell me... there?!
  <Reiji> ...Looks like an ordinary guillotine to me.
  <Saya> I wish it were... but like I said.  These little ones are lost.
  <Klonoa> So, that "experiment to pursue the Soul Edge" failed?
  <Saya> I'm afraid so.
  <Saya> After we followed it there... to that tower, we lost it completely.
  <Gil> "That tower"...?!  Meaning the Tower of Druaga?!
  <Kai> So... has the Soul Edge fallen into Druaga's hands?!
  <Saya> Who knows.  Heh heh...
  <Gai> ...If it had, this were-fox would have no business here.
  <Gantz> Same for Joker lettin' Valkyrie and the others through.
  <Bruce> I see, all that happened is you lost sight of it near the tower.
  <Regina> And Saya's been running around looking for it ever since.
  <Joker> Dear me, have I stumbled into the Sherlock Holmes convention by
  <Saya> So, should we assume... that all the mysteries have been solved?
  <Saya> Oh, it's most likely at the Tower of Druaga... but I have no clue
    why its signature would just vanish like that.
  <Xiaomu> Meaning it's _not_ in the Tower of Druaga?
  <Reiji> And the Soul Edge's avatars can't return to it... I don't like it.
  <King> ...Ah, and you mean to have Arthur and the others do your legwork?
  <Joker> O ho ho, correct.  There is no denying that more hands make for
    lighter work.
  <Felicia> Then get out of the way and let us inside!
  <Gil> We've got to go to the Tower of Druaga, whether or not the Soul
    Edge is there.
  <Gil> ...Will you not yield the road?
  <Joker> Come now, come now, did I not tell you?
  <Joker> Setting aside the others, I've been ordered not to let you all in
    particular enter the Tower.
  <Saya> I needed a breather from searching for the Soul Edge anyway.  Shall
    I help?
  <Joker> Surely.  Besides, there's another event to greet you yet to occur.
    O ho ho.
  <Haggar> ...Event?
  <Minion #17> I wonder what that event could be, Tron.
  <Tron> ...Obviously he's up to no good.
  <Gil> No matter what plan you try, we will not fall.
  <Gil> Get out of our way!

[take Joker down]

  <Joker> Hmm... With so few of you, I figured victory would be easy... 
    What formidable foes.
  <Bruce> Don't even try to underestimate us, clown-ass bastard.
  <Saya> Ooh, what a predicament.  Anything up your sleeve?
  <Joker> Since I suspected this might happen, there is in fact something up
    my sleeve.
  <Janga> Hee hee hee hee... Took your goddamn time, Joker.
  <Regina> Those knights... Druaga's soldiers?!
  <Xiaomu> About time too.
  <Reiji> Sure they're late.  I imagine it took quite a while to get from
    the Tower of Druaga all the way over here.
  <Gantz> Bet you think you're pretty hot shit, with all those Druaga
    soldiers guarding your ass.  There's lame, an' then there's you, Janga.
  <Janga> Say whatever the fuck you want, shitty-ass brat.
  <Janga> An' what, you think this's all there are?
  <Gantz> Say what?!?
  <Bruce> Stingy bastard, huh...?!
  <Roll> Rock!  That creature...
  <Rock> That dragon we fought in Baraduke?!
  <Kai> ...Qox!  And...!
  <Jennety> ...?
  <Hoover> Yes, a silver dragon, apparently from the same species!
  <Regina> First dinosaurs, then some new kind of dragon?  Will someone give
    me a break?  Thank you.
  <Gil> That's a... silver dragon!
  <Gil> Damn... does this mean that Druaga's power has almost returned...?!
  <Gil> And it looks like... the curse on Qox isn't broken yet.
  <Klonoa> Huh?  What're you talking about?  What's that silver dragon
    got to do with Druaga...?
  <Gil> ...The Silver Dragon could be called Qox's avatar.
  <Gil> It's Qox's shadow, and Druaga's magic has made Qox into a dragon of
  <Janga> Hey, someone give the Golden Knight a cigar.  And there's another
    one comin' soon.  Heh heh heh...
  <Tron> How many of those annoying beasts do you have to keep, anyway?!
  <Gil> (Another one... meaning the Black Dragon?  Curse you, Druaga...!)
  <Joker> Hmmm?  What became of our rookie?
  <Janga> Damn slacking faggot...  YO!!  Get your ass out here NOW.
  <Armor King> ...
  <Haggar> Hmm?!  That masked man...!
  <Captain> ...Looks like my bad feeling was right on.
  <Felicia> I-it's King's master!  No way... wasn't the curse on his soul
  <King> Armor King...!  You really entered the Infernal World...?!
  <Armor King> ...
  <Shou> Why do you not answer?
  <Gai> You insist on siding with the evildoers until the end?
  <Joker> O ho ho.  He was one of the black, Fallen Knight's servants.
  <Joker> He came to the Infernal Village asking for a job.
  <Janga> He's got his uses.  Might as well put him to work, see?  Hee hee
  <Armor King> ...
  <King> ...How, how could a proud man like you... Why... Why people like
  <Jennety> ...
  <Hoover> Rose joined us, so why did he become our enemy...?
  <Reiji> Perhaps the curse isn't broken yet?
  <Xiaomu> ...I dunno.  Hard to read his emotions with that mask and all.
  <Felicia> Please!  Wake up!  King is... King is so miserable!
  <Armor King> ...
  <Janga> Jesus Christ, don't you fucktards ever shut up?
  <Janga> Armor King!  Lissen up!  Quit standin' around with your thumb up
    your ass and go get 'em!
  <Armor King> ...
  <Armor King> ...About the Soul Edge.  I have it on good authority it's
    somewhere in the Tower of Druaga.
  <Janga> ...What?!?
  <Gil> W-what was that...?!
  <Kai> Why'd you tell us that?!
  <Shou> Hmm... is this true?
  <Captain> An interesting tale... but possibly one meant to lead us astray.
  <Gai> Or, are you...
  <Armor King> ...Hurry.  To reach the Tower of Druaga, you should be able
    to travel beneath the Village, through a huge underground lake guarded
    by a massive insect.
  <Janga> Hey, fuckface!  What'd you have to go and tell them that for?!
  <Gantz> Check out Janga... dude's telling the truth.
  <Klonoa> So what's going on?  Is he the enemy?  Or a friend?
  <Joker> You... you planned this from the beginning, didn't you?
  <Joker> How could I of all people not seen through it sooner...?!
  <Armor King> ...I give it my all, no matter what the farce.  That's me 
    taking pride in being a Heel.
  <Haggar> Ha ha ha!  Now that's the kinda development that gets me up in the
    morning!  THAT is pro wrestling!
  <Tron> This's no time for celebration!
  <Tron> Letting his cover slip in a place like that...!
  <Roll> Yeah!  He's totally surrounded!
  <Janga> ...You wanna fuck with us...?!  You ain't walkin' out of here
    alive, bitch!!
  <Minion #1> He's really mad!!
  <Saya> My, what a fool.  You could have gotten a bit farther away before
    spilling the beans.
  <Rock> Oh no!  They're going to swarm him!!
  <Xiaomu> Of course they are!  What the hell is he up to?!
  <Reiji> No, he probably... said that there on purpose.
  <Reiji> To draw the enemies' attention away...!
  <King> Armor King!  Why go that far?!
  <Armor King> ...I'm settling the score, King.  The score for becoming your
  <Janga> TRAITOR!!  Fucking tear him apart!!
  <Joker> What a pity.  You were such a promising prospect too...
  <Joker> Oh well.
  <Joker> ...Janga, do the honors.
  <Janga> Hee hee hee... do your stuff.
  <Gantz> (Huh...?  What the...?)
  <Klonoa> Hey!  Joker!
  <Janga> Yo, you're fighting me now!  No takin' your eyes off the action!
  <Janga> And... you're first, traitor!!
  <Armor King> ...Bring it on.  This is where I die!
  <King> I won't allow that...!  I... won't allow it!
  <Felicia> No way we let Janga kill him!  It's too sad!!
  <King> Master!!!!!

[Allosaurus gets beaten down]

  <Allosaurus> ...!!
  <Regina> This time we finished it off!
  <Bruce> No, don't let up until the damn thing's really dead, Regina!
  <Roll> What?!  I-it ran away?!
  <Rock> How the heck could it move so quickly with wounds that bad?!
  <Regina> Damn, I underestimated how much life force dinosaurs have...!
  <Shou> However... it appears much weaker than when we faced it in the 
  <Gai> ...Inconvenient.  Perhaps the aura of the Infernal World is affecting
  <Bruce> ...
  <Bruce> (Could it be... "contaminated"...?)
  <Bruce> (Heh... no way.)

[Saya gets spanked]

  <Saya> Well then... I suppose it's about time to open it.
  <King> ...Are you going to the Tower of Druaga next?
  <Saya> Who knows?  Go ahead and guess if you want.
  <Saya> ...Though, you hit the nail on the head.
  <Felicia> That was fast!
  <Saya> Take your time following me, okay?  Heh heh heh...
  <Kai> Hey, wait!
  <Xiaomu> Reiji, shouldn't we have stopped her?
  <Reiji> There's no point.  ...We're in a hurry ourselves right now.  After
    all, we know where she's going.
  <Gil> The Tower of Druaga, was it?  ...There's little time left.  We've
    got to hurry...

[So much for Janga]

  <Janga> Goddamn Druaga soldiers can't do shit except look scary!  Fuck!
  <Gantz> Hmph!  Wanna know who's the biggest useless bitch around?  Try
    lookin' in the goddamn mirror, Janga!
  <Janga> The fuck?  Don't be lookin' down that pointy nose of yours at me,
  <Janga> Aw, fuck it!  No pile o' shitty Druaga stooges gonna let me win
    this fight!
  <Klonoa> Man, he's sure good at blaming everyone but himself.
  <Janga> Gotta get someone more buff on my side!
  <Minion #28> Hey, he ran away!
  <Tron> I keep wondering when he'll ever shut up.
  <Tron> By the way, didn't he just say something about "someone more buff"...?
  <Gantz> Means he's feeling the heat pretty bad.
  <Gantz> Just wait, this score's gonna get settled right quick, and you can
    bet your ass on that...!

<Shou> Was that the final enemy?
<Gai> ...I sense nothing threatening now.
<King> Thank God we were able to protect the ship.
<King> And...
<Armor King> ...
<King> Armor King...
<Armor King> ...King, you have no idea how happy it makes me to be in the same
  ring as you again.
<Felicia> Isn't that great, King?  Really... great!
<Armor King> This body of mine has already passed the gates of Hell...  As 
  long as time permits, I'll fight on your side.
<King> Armor King... my master...!
<Xiaomu> Oo, what a pretty picture.  The fabled tag team, together at last.
<Reiji> Very felicitous.  Looks like we came out of this one in the best
  possible shape.
<Kai> Welcome, Armor King.
<Kai> ...Um, pardon the suddenness, but there's something I've wanted to ask...
<Armor King> Hmm...?
<Gil> Please tell us more about the Soul Edge disappearing at the Tower of
<Armor King> I don't know the details myself.  I just happened to hear a red
  demon talking about it.
<Armor King> Something about "That sword may have ended up in the Tower's
  treasure chests".
<Gantz> "Treasure chests"??
<Gantz> Yeah, I know the damn thing's important, but now it's "treasure"?
  Gimme a break.
<Klonoa> But if they know that much, how come Joker was saying they can't
  find it?
<Gil> ...I see.  So that explains it.
<Roll> What do you mean?
<Kai> ...You're thinking about the magic on the Tower's treasure chests, Gil?
<Rock> Magic?  Like, they can't be opened, or are trapped, or something?
<Gil> No.  ...It doesn't exist.
<Minion #28> Ummm... err...  What a tough riddle.
<Gil> I haven't told you enough, have I?
<Gil> ...The treasure chests of the Tower of Druaga are designed not to appear
  unless you do something specific first.
<Gil> For example, kill all three green slimes on a given floor, then touch
  the left and right outer walls... and so forth.
<Xiaomu> Oh, like posing as a lady panther, or ordering seconds at dinner...?
<Reiji> ...Ignoring the specifics, I take it it's the action itself that's
  the key to the treasure chest?
<Regina> As opposed to a combination lock...?  I swear, who comes up with
  this stuff?
<Gil> And if the Soul Edge got mingled among them...
<Kai> Even if you know it's there, you won't actually be able to get it...
<Bruce> If that's true, that makes for a pretty secure vault.
<Haggar> Hmm... shouldn't we inform those ahead of us of this too?
<Tron> I suppose so.  The last thing we need is more chaos.
<Captain> Okay!  Since we're agreed, let's finish things here on the double
  and head after them.
<Jennety> ...
<Hoover> He's right.  I've got a bad feeling about this too.


{Infernal World, Demonic Land}

<Ryuu> Gouki!  Where are you, Gouki!
<???> ...
<Ryuu> ...He should be somewhere nearby...
<Ken> Yo, Ryuu!
<Sakura> Ryuu!  It's too dangerous to go on alone!
<Rose> Ryuu, you mustn't respond to Gouki's provocation.
<Ryuu> ...Rose, what's he really after?  What more is he trying to make me do?
<Rose> Now that you've surpassed the Bloodlust Wave... I can think of only
  one thing he would want of you.
<Ryuu> ...Vega?
<???> ...
<Karin> W-what on Earth?  Enemies?!
<Jin> Damn, I hate this pattern.  We're surrounded!
<Masuyo> This's it!  Hey, you guys okay?!
<Ken> Yeah, pretty much.  That's about to change for the worse though.
<Sylphie> Would you like some 100 Coin assistance?
<Karin> Don't try to extort your own comrades!
<Shion> Umm, I think we'd better hurry...
<Ultra Warrior 1P> Yeah, let's mop this up fast.  Chitchat later.
<Ultra Warrior 2P> Hmm, three kinds of skeleton, plus froggies.  Damn, don't
  these guys know when to quit?
<Tarosuke> Bullfrogs and skeletons with scythes're all over the Infernal World.
<M.O.M.O.> My data shows those ones with the scythes to be from the Infernal
<Kagekiyo> ...And the phantasms with swords are Yoritomo's men.
<Hiromi> Now that you mention it...I think you're right.
<Mitsurugi> They totally blended in around here, you know?
<Wayahime> However, I suppose the presence of Yoritomo's men means that he
  really did pass this way?
<Kagekiyo> ...Not necessarily.  If Yoritomo has dealt not only with Druaga,
  but also with the Infernal Village...
<Taki> There's a chance they could be scattered all over the Village, I
<KOS-MOS> At the present time, I believe we should prioritize aid to our
<Masuyo> Can't argue there.
<Masuyo> Let's get this attack underway.
<Jin> Right, let's see if we can bust out of here.
<Ryuu> ...Okay, let's do it.
<???> ...

[whack!  pow!]

  <Mitsurugi> Man, what a bunch of wimps.  Is everyone in the Infernal
    World this lame?
  <Taki> Don't get cocky, Mitsurugi.  ...These are strictly low-level demons.
  <Masuyo> I guess you're right.  That special battalion hasn't shown up 
    yet, for one thing.
  <Hiromi> The Infernal Village Punishment Squad or something...?  I guess
    they're called the Demons' Blazon...
  <Karin> The Infernal Village's main force.  ...They could certainly cause
    us plenty of trouble if they were to appear now.
  <Jin> Yeah, good point.  Should we press on, or head back?
  <Wayahime> Well, we're not finished taking down this group of foes.  The last
    thing we need is for them to call their friends.
  <Ultra Warrior 1P> Hey, attrition's our middle name.  Leave it to us.
  <Ultra Warrior 2P> Yeah.  Let's get it on.
  <???> ...
  <Ryuu> ...
  <Ken> Hey, Ryuu.  Don't get so worked up over a few small fry.
  <Ken> You'll just run outta gas later.
  <Ryuu> ...No, he's here.  It's Him.
  <Sakura> "Him"... as in that old guy?
  <Rose> It's true that I've felt someone watching us fight.  ...He's 
    somewhere around here, looking on.
  <Sylphie> He sounds like a stalker.
  <Shion> I don't think most people would say that with a smile on their face.
  <M.O.M.O.> In that case, we'd better get out of here as soon as...
  <Tarosuke> Right on!  That dude is waaay too freaky.
  <Ryuu> ...No, I want to know what he's really up to.
  <Ryuu> (If he plans on showing himself sooner or later, why doesn't he 
    damn well do it now...?!)
  <KOS-MOS> Motion signatures, closing rapidly.
  <Kagekiyo> So, they come?  ...Yet more of the Infernal Village's demons...
  <Yoshinaka> So, you finally made it here, Kagekiyo?
  <Kagekiyo> ...Yoshinaka, is it?  I have no time to battle you.  Begone.
  <Yoshinaka> ...I think not.  We want no more enemies entering the underground
    lake ahead.
  <Tarosuke> Underground lake?
  <Masuyo> Sounds like that's the real target of this raid.
  <Taki> And from the "no more" bit, it would seem that Valkyrie and the others
    already headed there.
  <Ultra Warrior 2P> Well, that settles it.  Now comes the easy part.
  <Ultra Warrior 1P> Yeah, we just decide whether to bust our way out now, or
    kill off all these guys first.
  <Sylphie> I recommend total annihilation.  That will maximize items and
  <Karin> Making us no different from a band of thieves in the wilderness.
  <Karin> ...That said, I don't precisely fancy being shot in the back.
  <Wayahime> Agreed.  Okay, annihilation it is.
  <KOS-MOS> Acknowledged.  Commencing attack.
  <Yoshinaka> Will it really be that easy, do you suppose?
  <M.O.M.O.> E-energy response, approaching rapidly from the opposite
  <Mitsurugi> What, he got an ambush ready?  And a pincer move, no less.  Not
    too shabby.
  <Sakura> No way... don't tell me it's Gouki this time?!
  <Ken> What, it wasn't Gouki?  Shit, had me scared for a second.
  <Jin> However, these are the servants of Druaga.
  <Rose> He seems quite willing to loan his warpower out to others.
  <Hiromi> Is this Yoritomo... really that strong?
  <Shion> I saw him once in that place that made us pun, but...
  <Yoshinaka> Lord Kamakura cannot be harmed by anyone.  You should know that
    well, Kagekiyo.
  <Yoshinaka> And that includes whatever power Druaga may possess.
  <Kagekiyo> ...
  <Kagekiyo> So, it would seem he cannot be destroyed without the three Sacred
  <Yoshinaka> Indeed.  Lord Kamakura is...
  <Kagekiyo> ...Speak not, Yoshinaka.
  <Kagekiyo> Even the most fearsome warrior will one day fall.  That is...

["What Flourished Must Fade"]

[keep killing]

  <Gouki> ...
  <M.O.M.O.> Huh?!  Umm.... EEK!?!
  <Shion> That man...!  Hey, Momo, KOS-MOS!
  <KOS-MOS> There was no reading on sensors.  I believe that is why Momo
    was so surprised.
  <Wayahime> Same for my sensors.  That's... the man who showed up in that
    Abyss of Will...
  <Taki> Damn, this aura of evil... it must be that evil-eyed man.
  <Ryuu> I knew you were here, Gouki!  What're you up to?!
  <Gouki> ...Watching a farce.
  <Kagekiyo> What do you want, demon-eyed man?
  <Yoshinaka> It is that ogre I faced long, long ago, on the Path of Penance!
  <Tarosuke> Whaddya you want this time?!  We're damn busy right now!
  <Ken> Gouki!  Don't tell me... you're trying to make Ryuu succumb to the
    Bloodlust Wave again...?!
  <Gouki> ...Quiet your cries, whelps.
  <Rose> Gouki... I want to know your real intent.
  <Rose> Ryuu has surpassed the Bloodlust Wave.  Did that not achieve your
  <Gouki> ...Surpassed?
  <Gouki> Laughable.  He has done nothing of the sort.  He merely escaped
    its grasp.
  <Gouki> ...As proof, the "Man Possessing the Power of an Evil Heart" is still
  <Sakura> Power of an evil heart...?  Who's he talking about?
  <Karin> ...I assume you mean Vega, of Shadowloo?
  <Mitsurugi> Vega... as in that bastard with the creepy aura around him?
  <Jin> ...It's true that we didn't finish him off back then.  Is that a
  <Gouki> ...
  <Masuyo> Now see here.  You need to stop giving out information one drop
    at a time.
  <Hiromi> That's right!  We've had it hard enough just getting this far!
  <Sylphie> I request that you keep the price for that information at one
    hundred coins or less.
  <Gouki> You'll know soon enough.  There is no need to waste words on the
  <Ultra Warrior 1P> I hate to say this, but we still got company.
  <Ultra Warrior 2P> Heh, maybe there's something to this silent treatment
  <Gouki> ...Ryuu, show me your fists.  You, who turned your back on the
    Bloodlust Wave.
  <Ryuu> I don't know what you hope I'm going to do.
  <Ryuu> But if you feel like talking with your fists alone... I'll take it
    like a man...!

[kill some more]

  <Jin> Looks like we're wearing the enemy down.
  <Jin> Demons, Genji, and now the "Man of Heaven"... what comes next?
  <Shion> I think we've seen quite enough today, thank you very much...
  <Masuyo> I suppose from a balance standpoint, Octies would work best...
  <Tarosuke> C'mon, cut it out.  Every time you say that, it feels like it's
    gonna come true.
  <M.O.M.O.> Um... there're some heat sources approaching...
  <Sturm> What're these multiple heat sources in this area... HMM?!?
  <Wayahime> An enemy attack...?!  Those are...
  <Hiromi> Hooray!  It wasn't the Octies!
  <Karin> That's a rather odd point to be happy about.
  <KOS-MOS> It is clearly an enemy force.
  <Ryuu> T-those guys were acting along with Vega...
  <Ultra warrior 1P> Grand Master's men, huh?
  <Sylphie> More precisely, they are servants of the Criminal Superhuman
  <Sakura> The Infernal World must be really popular.  Despite all the
    skeletons everywhere...
  <Sturm> What an unexpected treat for a routine recon mission.
  <Sturm> A shame the Commando Team's not here, but your heads'll still make
    fine souvenirs.
  <Ultra Warrior 2P> Hey now, you're not the only part of this conversation,
  <Kagekiyo> ...Why are you here?
  <Sturm> Why should I tell you?  Not that it's any of your business, seeing
    as how you're about to die.
  <Masuyo> Recon, wasn't it?  I suppose that means you're not the only ones
    here.  The main force has come to the Infernal World, hasn't it?
  <Ken> So that's it?  And given they're in close with Shadowloo... Vega must
    be here too.
  <Sturm> ...Who knows.
  <Ryuu> Did Gouki come here because he found that out?  That... Vega has come
    to the Infernal World?!
  <Gouki> ...
  <Rose> (I knew it... Gouki's after Vega.  But... is that all he's after?)
  <Ultra Warrior 1P> Look, this just got real messy.
  <Ultra Warrior 2P> Sounds like a great time to get it from the horse's mouth,
  <Sylphie> Shall we capture him then?
  <Sturm> I won't let you.
  <Sturm> You didn't think I'd come here without a few preparations, did you?
  <Doppel> ...
  <Doppel> ...
  <Doppel> ...
  <Tarosuke> W-whoa!!  He's got some Mitsurugis and some Reijis!
  <Sakura> H-huh?!?  Did they all... defect?!
  <Mitsurugi> The hell're you talking about?!  Use your damn eyes 'n quit
    fallin' for the enemy's sorcery!
  <Taki> For starters, don't you notice anything odd about their number?
  <Taki> ...We've seen this craft before.
  <Karin> Sakura, have you forgotten?  Those are a monster that can assume the
    exact likeness of others.
  <KOS-MOS> I have records of fighting them at The Third Moon.
  <KOS-MOS> If they match that data, I believe those are the Criminal 
    Superhuman Doppel.
  <Shion> It's all coming back to me.  Remember all those Captains who
  <Kagekiyo> ...That sorcery?  To think that I must fight myself...
  <Jin> I remember them copying some Shadowloo, and Mishima Heihachi too.
  <Jin> Looks like they switched to samurai since.
  <Wayahime> The only part of Reiji that fits is that katana.
  <Hiromi> ...Pretty narrow selection criteria, it sounds like.
  <Sturm> Your data's quite handy.
  <Sturm> Time to get some use out of it.  Muahahahaha!
  <M.O.M.O.> I-it's going to be hard to fight them...
  <Taki> It's just sorcery.  Besides, this will be the second time I slew a
    Mitsurugi impersonator.  I've gotten used to it.
  <Mitsurugi> Is that a fact now?
  <Mitsurugi> Too bad there ain't some imposters of you around too.
  <Rose> I see there are plenty of people with agendas of their own...
  <Ken> But we got one job and one job only.  ...We gotta get 'em to tell us
    more about Vega.
  <Ryuu> Yeah, and there's still Gouki too.  We can't let this drag on...
    Let's go!
  <Gouki> ...
  <Gouki> (...So, Vega, finally making your move?)

[Gouki goes down]

  <Gouki> ...
  <Karin> We did it!  He certainly felt that.
  <Sakura> A-are you sure....?  I can never tell _what_ he does and doesn't
  <Gouki> ...You cannot win yet.  Your strength is not great enough to breach
    the "Power of an Evil Heart".
  <Ken> Say what?!  Spit it out, Gouki!  You're...!
  <Gouki> ...
  <Ryuu> Rose, is what Gouki said...?
  <Rose> He means Vega, Ryuu.  You... must be the one to defeat him.
  <Rose> To defeat the man with Psychopower, that which disorders the world
    of man.
  <Ryuu> (...I'm still not ready?  Gouki, are you saying my fists still won't
    reach Vega...?)

[take down a fake Reiji]

  <Sakura> Oh man, there went Reiji.
  <Sakura> ...Oh, wait, Xiaomu's not here.
  <Karin> You never know, there might be a few dozen of them waiting in the
  <Sakura> Whoa...

[take down a fake Mitsurugi]

  <Mitsurugi> Only thing like me it's got is its looks.  ...An' those ain't
    that good.
  <Taki> I'd say they're more fearsome than the original.  Heh heh heh.
  <Wayahime> More durable than the original too.
  <Mitsurugi> Shut yer ass!

[take down a fake Kagekiyo]

  <Tarosuke> Well, down he went.  Don't take it too hard, Kagekiyo.
  <Kagekiyo> ...I am right here.  They may copy my likeness, but never my

[being a demon does not pay]

  <Yoshinaka> Heh heh... So, this is as far as my power extends in half-life?
  <Masuyo> It's your fault for being dumb enough to try and take us down
    without your main force.
  <Hiromi> Well, I actually kinda don't want all-out war, but...
  <Jin> We'll have to do it sooner or later.  ...And in preparation, the more
    enemy strength we can take away, the better.
  <Kagekiyo> Indeed.  Yoshinaka, I shall strike you down here, even if I
    cannot have the others...!
  <Yoshinaka> Our duel shall not be settled here.
  <Yoshinaka> I shall await you, Kagekiyo...  At the Tower.
  <Kagekiyo> You would run?  Then tell this to Yoritomo: let his head be
    clean, in preparation that I take it.
  <Yoshinaka> Heh heh heh heh... Very well.  But can you actually claim
    Lord Kamakura's head... as you are now?
  <Tarosuke> Bro... you sure about this?  Those Genji sound awful confident...
  <Kagekiyo> ...
  <Kagekiyo> (Only one remains.  The long-lost sword Kusanagi...  I must 
    find it, at all costs...)

[all storms come to an end]

  <Sturm> Looks like this is all a recon group can manage...
  <Sturm> I couldn't take you down... but at least I can report that you're
  <Ultra Warrior 1P> I don't like the sound of that.  Think we better finish
    this guy off pronto.
  <Ultra Warrior 2P> Agreed.
  <Sturm> Oh no you don't.  Don't want my recon to be for nothing...!
  <M.O.M.O.> Oh no!  He's fleeing right before our eyes!
  <KOS-MOS> Shall I pursue, Shion?
  <Shion> Wait, KOS-MOS.  We shouldn't split up our party any further.
  <Sylphie> Now, we probably will face their main forces.
  <Ryuu> ...If that brings Vega, I'm all for it.
  <Ryuu> We must... settle the score with him.

<Shion> Is it over?  Momo?
<M.O.M.O.> No responses nearby.
<M.O.M.O.> But... I can't guarantee that that scary man isn't hiding somewhere
<Ryuu> ...I think we're okay there.  I don't feel his aura.
<Ken> So, what's that dude trying to do again?
<Ken> If he wants you to fight Vega, he could just kick back and watch.
<Rose> ...That man has a plan.
<Rose> (He believes we can't defeat Vega as we are now.  Is that really
   true, Gouki...?)
<Karin> Nothing will be accomplished by debating what that man might have in
<Sakura> And he doesn't seem about to just sit down and tell us.
<Masuyo> Well, let's cut the chatter short and figure out what to do next.
<Masuyo> Do we go back to the entrance, or go ahead...?
<Sylphie> Do you suppose those left back at the entrance are alright?
<Sylphie> Can you contact them?
<Hiromi> This is as bad as I've ever seen noise.  I don't... think we can get
  through for a while.
<Tarosuke> Guess that means we gotta go there in person, huh...
<Ultra Warrior 2P> I think we gotta go forward.
<Ultra Warrior 1P> Yeah.  The crew inside must have it rough.
<Mitsurugi> Yeah.  An' I ain't the type to retrace my steps.  We gotta end
  up ahead sooner or later anyway.
<Kagekiyo> Indeed.  The underground lake that Yoshinaka mentioned should lie
<Kagekiyo> Our time is short.
<Taki> Captain, Gilgamesh and the others at the gates are no fools.  I expect
  them to follow in short order.
<Wayahime> Yeah, I'm less worried about them and more worried about Berabou
  Man and the others ahead.  He can get spacey, you know?
<Jin> That settles it.  Let's go.  We're looking for... the entrance to that
  underground lake.
<KOS-MOS> Acknowledged.  Let us search as we proceed.


{Infernal World... Infernal Village, Underground Lake}

<Arthur> This is it.  There can be no mistake.
<Fongling> Quite a bit of open space here.  ...And the smell of water...?
<Leilei> This was quite a walk.  But are we sure about this?  We headed all
  this way underground without telling the others...
<Chunli> Arthur, are you sure about coming this far underground like this?
<Cammy> ...Running ahead of the pack alone can be fatal.
<Arthur> I realize that fully.  However... this abominable yet familiar evil
  aura leaves no doubt.
<Valkyrie> I too feel strong magic in this place...  But Arthur, what is
  causing it...?
<Arthur> ...This magic... Wait a moment.  Demitri?
<Demitri> You needn't say it - I noticed it too.  This much magic... from where
  is it coming?
<Lilith> Isn't that it?  That big, writhing thing over there?
<Taizou> Writhing?  What kind of nonsen-...?
<Kurino> W-what the?!  What's that...?!
<Wonder Momo> E-eek!!  A-a bug!
<Berabou Man> Come now, only little girls are afraid of bugs.
<Sabine> Uh, that's one _big_ bug there.
<Kyouko> ...V-very disgusting.  Is it... alive?
<Hideo> Good question.  It certainly is moving in a very unsettling fashion...
<Hideo> Hmm?!  Everyone, look there!  At the inner wall where the bug is!
<Hiryuu> ...Is that a... "Gate"?
<Taizou> Yeah, no doubt.  Just look at those bolts - they're almost too big
  to be real.
<Arthur> ...It is there.  Inside.
<Stan> What is, Arthur?
<Rutee> Well, obviously "something" had better be in there.
<Morrigan> Very perceptive, Silver Knight.
<Lilith> Pretty sharp, gramps!
<Arthur> ...I could never forget the power leaking from behind that door.
<Hideo> That gate... is that our destination?
<Kyouko> I can't see any other likely looking features.
<Stan> Hey!  Look at all those red demons...!
<Rutee> What a pain.  And after everything had gone almost too smoothly until
<Hiryuu> ...No, the lack of enemies until now is the unnatural part.
<Hiryuu> We may have just fallen into a trap.
<Berabou Man> Now that you mention it... those demons comprise the main part
  of the Infernal Village's strength...!
<Wonder Momo> Then, waiting here for us is...
<Red Aleemar Joker> ...
<Fongling> Look!  On top of that mushroom!
<Leilei> It's him!  The huge red one!
<Red Aleemar Joker> ...So, you finally made it.  Arthur, the Silver Knight...
<Arthur> And if you are here... there can be even less doubt.
<Arthur> On the other side of that door... is Him.
<Chunli> "Him"?  Who're you talking about?
<Cammy> ...Answer me this, red demon.  What lies on the other side of that
<Red Aleemar Joker> ...I don't think I need to answer that.  It's nothing
  that need concern a bunch of people who are about to die.
<Heihachi> Hmph, big talk for a demon errand boy.
<Valkyrie> ...We are here too.  And we will pass, red demon.
<Red Aleemar Joker> If you can manage that, more power to you.  ...I play
  by demon rules.
<Kurino> Demon... rules?
<Demitri> Simple, really.  ...The loser gets nothing.  Only the victors are
  in the right.
<Red Aleemar Joker> Heh heh heh heh...
<Sabine> And that's supposed to sound cool or something?  All that means
  is we force our way through like usual.
<Red Aleemar Joker> That's right.  I'll start by letting you fight my men,
  the Infernal Village Punishment Squad, the Demons' Blazon.
<Arthur> This certainly is the Infernal Village... And as they say, "when in
  Rome..."  If the victor truly is in the right, then victory shall be ours.
  And with your men out of the way, we shall pass through the gate.

[hack and slash]

  <Rutee> Heh heh, it's gonna be a piece of cake at this rate.
  <Stan> Better not underestimate them, Rutee.  I doubt this is the last of
  <Demitri> Of course it's not.  Currently, these aren't even an hors
  <Morrigan> The main dish is through that door... So be it, but something is
    still lacking on this side.
  <Red Aleemar Joker> ...
  <Hideo> Now now, let us not look a gift horse in the mouth, so long as it
    prevents unnecessary fighting.
  <Kyouko> Our top priority for now is simply getting through.  Let's take out
    the remaining demons.
  <Taizou> ...Or so you thought.
  <Lilith> Wow, lots of them came!  Looks like we get to have more fun
    after all!
  <Zabel> Yee-haw!  Okay, baby!  Just leave keepin' the crowd entertained to
  <Zabel> If you're that hungry, I'll fill you up with my hors d'oeuvre right
  <Fongling> Joy, the obnoxious guy's here.
  <Leilei> Well, I figured as much.  ...He's more junk food than hors
    d'oeuvre, though.
  <Zabel> Whoa!!  Leilei's here?!
  <Zabel> You shoulda told me you were in town!  I'da fixed the place up some!
  <Sabine> What is this, your apartment now?
  <Kurino> He's up to his usual jokes, but he's got some of those robots we
    saw in the pyramid.
  <Kurino> We can't let down our guard, Sabine.
  <Valkyrie> That is not all.  With him are those visitors from the Material
  <Black Berabou> Heh heh heh heh...
  <Amazona> ...
  <Heihachi> The black one... he wears one of Bakuda's strengthening suits.
  <Heihachi> I see, he must have gotten suckered by the demons' power.
  <Berabou Man> ...
  <Black Berabou> ...So, you're here, Nakamura.
  <Berabou Man> I told you, Tajima.  ...That I'd destroy the Infernal 
  <Black Berabou> My organizational clout exceeds yours.  This time, I can
    beat you...!
  <Amazona> ...
  <Wonder Momo> Wait for me, Amazona!  Once we get past here... we'll be at
    the Tower of Druaga.
  <Wonder Momo> I'll break your curse, I swear!
  <Amazona> ...
  <Red Aleemar Joker> Destroy the Infernal Village?  Get past here?  ...You
    make it sound so simple.
  <Red Aleemar Joker> The battle has only just begun.  Heh heh heh...
  <Cammy> ...I take it there's another ambush?
  <Chunli> Yes.  He sounds a little too confident to be bluffing.
  <Chunli> We've got to watch out that we don't get drawn in too far.
  <Hiryuu> ...This is the enemy's defensive line.  They should have some
    more tricks up their sleeve.
  <Arthur> Yet, we are not ones to favor trickery over action.  Let there
    be open, direct combat...!

[slash and hack]

  <Red Aleemar Joker> ...It's time, I see.  Let them out.
  <Cammy> It seems the enemy's third wave is coming.  Stay sharp.
  <Chunli> Don't worry.  We're prepared.
  <Taizou> Better come with a bow or a warhammer or something!
  <Kurino> Finally, some of Druaga's monsters.
  <Sabine> ...Meaning, they're running out of options?  That was fast.
  <Valkyrie> Since the Tower of Druaga and the Infernal Village are now
    allied, it is only natural that the Tower's monsters would be here...
  <Valkyrie> I would not call this the enemy's trump card.  Nor do I imagine
    the enemy's plotting has run dry.
  <Berabou Man> More of them?!
  <Berabou Man> ...Hmm?  Wait, are those... young ladies?
  <Wonder Momo> Looks like they're cosplaying something...
  <Fongling> ...So, are they human?
  <Leilei> ...Doesn't look like it.  I feel their magic.  They're some kind of
  <Red Aleemar Joker> A species of demon insect: "Q-Bees" from the Soul Bee
  <Red Aleemar Joker> If you lot want to fill your bellies, be my guest.
  <Q-Bee> ...Want...insides, all...
  <Hideo> Those monsters seem to bear us ill will.
  <Kyouko> He said "demon insects"...  I wonder if they're involved with
    Druaga in some way?
  <Demitri> Demon insects...!  Did he say "demon insects"...?!
  <Lilith> What's a "demon insect"?
  <Morrigan> It refers to demons with powers like regular insects.
  <Morrigan> The type before us... should only live within a specific region.
    Yet it seems some came to the Infernal Village as well?
  <Demitri> ...
  <Demitri> (Demon insects... and especially the Soul Bee tribe, are only
    supposed to live in the Dorma House's lands...)
  <Demitri> (How could they be here in the Infernal Village...?!)
  <Stan> Looks like some of you know these things, but... is it okay to just
    fight them?
  <Heihachi> Anything that attacks me is my enemy.
  <Heihachi> They look like little girls, but the aura I feel from them is
    that of a true red-blooded monster.... Hmph, entertaining!
  <Red Aleemar Joker> Attack.  Eat anything that takes your fancy.
  <Rutee> Now see here!  Try getting off your high horse and fight us on our
    own level down here!
  <Hiryuu> ...Don't get careless.  The fact that he isn't confronting us
    directly means that he's got something else planned.
  <Arthur> I shall defeat any and all enemies...!
  <Arthur> I shall not be bowed, Red Aleemar Joker!

[Amazona gets smacked down]

  <Amazona> ...
  <Amazona> Kanda Momo... I... won't accept...
  <Wonder Momo> Amazona!
  <Berabou Man> Don't be hasty, Momo.  ...We're almost there.  Just a little
    more, and we'll see Druaga.
  <Berabou Man> And when we do, it will be our one and only chance to save her.
  <Hideo> Correct.  That demon's tower is close at hand.
  <Kyouko> And to get there, we've got to join our forces and get out of this
  <Wonder Momo> ...I know.
  <Wonder Momo> We've got to get through the Infernal Village... and get to
    the Tower of Druaga, no matter what...!

[yet more killing]

  <Taizou> ...Man, how many does that make?  There's still a lot of them left.
  <Red Aleemar Joker> ...
  <Red Aleemar Joker> (What fearsome foes.  I'd better figure out what to do
  <???> ...
  <Demitri> Hmm...?  What mighty magic is this...?!
  <Valkyrie> How could there be... a being with magic this strong in the 
    Infernal Village?!
  <Red Aleemar Joker> (...What?  This magic... it can't be...)
  <Arthur> ...I see.  It is Him...!!
  <???> Heh heh heh... muahahahaha!
  <Arthur> ...Show yourself, varlet!
  <Arthur> Demon lord... Astaroth!
  <Astaroth> Arthur, what a sight for sore eyes.
  <Astaroth> I have resurrected, along with my Infernal Village!
  <Arthur> I need no blow-by-blow declarations of yours to grasp that.
  <Arthur> I also grasp that the time for your second defeat is at hand...!
  <Astaroth> Oh no, Arthur, you grasp nothing.
  <Astaroth> Not so long as you imagine that nothing has changed since then!
  <Arthur> The final result is the same, Astaroth.
  <Arthur> After all, my resolve is one thing that has not changed.
  <Astaroth> What...?

  <Arthur> "Though struck down a million times, I shall not be defeated!"

  <Arthur> What do you think I went through the last time I came to the
    Infernal Village?
  <Arthur> That hasn't changed either.  ...Knock me down as often as you wish.
    For I will stand right back up.
  <Astaroth> You refer to the Infernal Village as it was.  Not as it has
    become, Arthur!
  <Stan> Looks like there's no mistake.  It's the demon lord... Astaroth...!
  <Rutee> N-no way!  What's the main bad guy doing showing up all unannounced
    and whatnot?!
  <Demitri> I never expected him to show himself.
  <Morrigan> A bit surprising... but also a chance for us.  Provided we 
    settle matters here, things will be so much better afterwards.
  <Valkyrie> Demon lord Astaroth... I wish to ask one thing before I strike
    you down.
  <Valkyrie> Tell me of the connection between this village and Druaga.
  <Astaroth> Heh heh... I needn't say a word.  The Demon Druaga is... a 
    useful pawn.
  <Astaroth> I suppose Druaga thinks the same, after seeing his tower 
    rise in the Infernal Village.
  <Astaroth> I have no further interest in talk.
  <Kurino> Then why did you allow the "Genji" group from the Spirit World
    into your lands?
  <Sabine> You _do_ know about that, I trust?
  <Astaroth> Ah yes, them.  ...Those plans are Druaga's.  I know of them not.
  <Stan> Then what about the Soul Edge?  We already know it's here in the
    Infernal Village!
  <Rutee> Don't tell me you grabbed it and hid it!
  <Astaroth> The Soul Edge...?
  <Astaroth> ...
  <Astaroth> I know nothing of this.
  <Fongling> Sounds like you don't know anything at all.
  <Leilei> I was all ready for some dramatic speech.  What a disappointment.
  <Lilith> Isn't that a little too much to not know about?
  <Hiryuu> ...
  <Hiryuu> ...Why doesn't he have details?
  <Chunli> Huh?  What do you mean, Hiryuu?
  <Cammy> ...He means that someone titled "lord" ought to know a bit more than
  <Heihachi> Hmph... trivial matters are best left to underlings.
  <Heihachi> All organizational leaders are like that.
  <Berabou Man> But, Mishima.
  <Berabou Man> When fellow members of an organization cooperate... there is
    division of responsibility, leading to various merits and demerits...
  <Berabou Man> Don't you find it a bit odd for the man at the top of that
    structure to grasp none of what goes on beneath?
  <Heihachi> Hmm...
  <Heihachi> ...I see.  In that sense...  Either he's a total incompetent, or
    someone else owns that information.  ...Is that it?
  <Wonder Momo> I-I'm having trouble following this...
  <Hideo> This is easy to follow.
  <Hideo> That monster called Astaroth... knows far too little for someone
    called a "lord".
  <Kyouko> Either he's simply airheaded, or...
  <Arthur> ...
  <Astaroth> This chatter ends here.  I didn't come to hear you run your
  <Red Aleemar Joker> ...Lord Astaroth, I shall accompany you.
  <Red Aleemar Joker> But, why...
  <Astaroth> Caprice.  I need my fun too.
  <Red Aleemar Joker> ...
  <Red Aleemar Joker> (Is _that_ his reason...?  It could mean the end of the
     entire Infernal Village if an accident were to occur...
  <Red Aleemar Joker> (And what is this disconnect I sense in Lord 
  <Arthur> (...Why did Astaroth appear?  Even should he be overconfident in
    his strength... this is no reason for him to leave his treasure room.)
  <Arthur> (Besides, Berabou and Heihachi's words trouble me...)

[take down a Q-Bee]

  <Demitri> ...Your thoughts, Morrigan?
  <Morrigan> Demon insects... and the Soul Bee tribe no less.  I too only know
    what I've heard.
  <Morrigan> Supposedly, they only live in the lands of the Dorma House, one
    of the three factions struggling for control of the Infernal World since
  <Demitri> Jeddah, the family head, went missing and the Dorma Family
     collapsed... And purportedly, his lands were demolished too.
  <Demitri> ...What is a dweller of said lands doing in the Infernal Village?
  <Lilith> Maybe they just moved?
  <Morrigan> I certainly hope it's that simple.
  <Demitri> ...There is no way to be certain, but it troubles me.
  <Demitri> Is there a connection between the Dorma Family... and the 
    Infernal Village?

[carnage carnage carnage]

  <Astaroth> I see... It seems you do more than just boast.  Impressive skills.
  <Arthur> Your brash appearance has sealed your fate.  The Infernal
    Village ends here...!
  <Demitri> I have no taste for aiding the humans, but the Infernal Village
    affronts my sight.
  <Demitri> ...I shall extinguish you, Demon Lord Astaroth.
  <Astaroth> Will you, now?... Heh heh heh...
  <???> It seems my skills are needed, King of the Infernal World.
  <Valkyrie> ...!!
  <Black Valkyrie> Heh heh heh heh...
  <Astaroth> There you are, Black, Fallen Knight.
  <Arthur> What...?!
  <Sabine> Black Valkyrie!  And from what we just heard... she's in
    cahoots with him!
  <Kurino> Not only Zouna, but with the Infernal Village too?!
  <Black Valkyrie> Valkyrie, Maiden Knight, you recall your sin of 
    interfering by means of the Golden Seed?
  <Valkyrie> Sin...?  Fallen Warrior, is it not a sin to disturb the rest of
    souls for your own selfish, ambitious ends?  
  <Black Valkyrie> Selfish, ambitious ends?  Take that back.
  <Black Valkyrie> I merely gave an opportunity... to wandering souls.
  <Judas> ...
  <Black Valkyrie> You're late, Dragonbone Knight.
  <Rutee> Aahh!!  It's...!
  <Stan> It can't be...!  Why's he still with Black Valkyrie...?!
  <Valkyrie> Your curse must be broken!  Why do you still serve the Fallen
  <Hideo> Indeed!  Rose became our companion.
  <Kyouko> Yet you...
  <Judas> I don't serve her.
  <Judas> ...I'm here of my own free will.  That's my answer.
  <Stan> Leon...!!
  <Judas> ...!
  <Stan> You're... Leon, aren't you?!
  <Judas> ...
  <Rutee> Do you know what it did to Stan to have to cut you down?!?
  <Rutee> I... I didn't want you to end up like that either...!
  <Rutee> But, why are you...?!
  <Judas> ...
  <Judas> Don't make me repeat myself.  ...My name is Judas.
  <Judas> I'm here to atone for my mistakes... my sins.
  <Stan> Mistakes...?  _Sins_?!
  <Black Valkyrie> ...That's enough.  Answers mean nothing here.
  <Black Valkyrie> The Infernal Village must not be allowed to fall now.
  <Black Valkyrie> Demon lord Astaroth... Surely you have not forgotten our
  <Astaroth> ...Nor, I trust, have you.  Heh heh heh heh.
  <Arthur> (Of what do they speak?  What is their connection...?)
  <Taizou> Damn, everyone's gotta be pulling shit behind the scenes!
  <Taizou> You gonna rumble or not?!  Spit it out!
  <Black Valkyrie> Never fear, I shall fight you soon enough.
  <Heihachi> ...Hmph, one or two of you won't alter the outcome here.
  <Fongling> In fact, it gives us a chance.  We may actually be able to do
    something against only two of them.
  <Fongling> Perhaps even get that Judas boy onto our side...
  <Leilei> I don't think it'll be that easy.
  <Black Valkyrie> It will not.  I lack not for pawns.
  <Cammy> So, he brought warriors?  ...Hmm?  I've never seen those before.
  <Chunli> New warpower from Zouna?
  <Morrigan> I sense no magic in them.  In fact, they seem to be completely
  <Lilith> True.  They feel kinda like KOS-MOS or Waya to me.
  <Hiryuu> Robots...?
  <Heihachi> They rather remind me of the lot we fought at that pyramid.
  <Heihachi> ...Bakuda would love these things.
  <Berabou Man> Do I recall that Zouna used robots too?
  <Berabou Man> Perhaps they're a new type?
  <Valkyrie> ...Robotians are machines that move by Zouna's magic.
  <Valkyrie> But I feel none of that magic from these foes.
  <Wonder Momo> So they're totally robotic... they really are like KOS-MOS,
  <Taizou> Robots of unknown origin?  Hey, sister, where'd you dredge those
    things up?
  <Black Valkyrie> I need not tell you.  This cursed underground lake will
    be your grave.
  <Black Valkyrie> Attack.
  <Judas> ...I have nothing against you directly.  But there's something I must
  <Judas> Prepare yourselves...!
  <Rutee> I misjudged you, Leon!
  <Rutee> I never figured you'd become some evil bitch's lackey of your own
    free will!
  <Stan> ...Leon, why...?!
  <Judas> ...Don't say that.  I am... Judas...!
  <Judas> (Stan, Rutee... I'm going to... pay for my mistakes.)
  <Judas> (The Eye of God that Black Valkyrie has... I swear I'll...)

[take out the other Joker]

  <Red Aleemar Joker> I commend you on getting this far.  Nothing for it
    but to retreat and rethink this.
  <Arthur> Fleeing?  And where will you flee too, with even the demon lord
    himself present?
  <Red Aleemar Joker> ...I'll simply return to carrying out my original orders.
  <Arthur> Original orders?
  <Red Aleemar Joker> Just you wait, Arthur.  ...I'll not let you have the
    Infernal Village.  You shall know that in full.
  <Arthur> What can this mean...?  Is this something to do with the Demon
    Lord Astaroth appearing in person...?

[Demon lord?  yeah right...]

  <Arthur> Say your prayers, Demon Lord Astaroth!  The Infernal Village
    ends here!!
  <Heihachi> Crush the head, and it's all over.  ...And it's your fault for
    showing your ugly face here.
  <Astaroth> Save your conceit, puny humans!  You seriously think you can
    defeat the mighty Astaroth?!
  <Arthur> Yes, and we shall demonstrate at once!
  <Astaroth> You cannot!  Not here!
  <Hiryuu> ...You mean to withdraw?
  <Arthur> You shall not escape!
  <Astaroth> You may not enter the treasure room without the key.  Remember
    that during your futile struggles!  Mwahahahaha!
  <Taizou> Asshole... he did run away.  And now he's on the other side of that
    big-ass door.
  <Arthur> As I suspected, that is the door to the treasure room.  ...Just
    wait, for I swear next time...!
  <Arthur> (But... this grows ever more perplexing... Why did Astaroth actually
    show himself?)

[Zabel goes splat]

  <Zabel> The hell with this shit!  I better get while the getting's still
  <Leilei> Give it up already!  You're not getting away, Zabel!!
  <Zabel> Uh-uh-uh!  I ain't hearin' that, even for you, baby!
  <Zabel> I gots this exciting event I just can't miss!
  <Fongling> Event?  What're you talking about?
  <Zabel> Try'n come, huh?!  ...Assumin' you get outta here in one piece!
  <Zabel> Yaa-hoo!!
  <Cammy> So, he got away.  It wasn't clear what he was talking about...
  <Chunli> An event... if we get out of "here"...?
  <Chunli> Don't tell me he's talking about the Tower of Druaga?

[take down Black Berabou]

  <Black Berabou> I'm still short on power...?!
  <Berabou Man> It's useless no matter how often you try, Tajima.
  <Black Berabou> Shut up, Nakamura!  I won't accept it...!  There's no way
    you're more talented than me!
  <Berabou Man> I told you before.  ...It isn't just my power at work.
  <Black Berabou> If so!!  If so, I'll grab a far greater power than yours!
  <Berabou Man> Just you watch, Nakamura!!
  <Wonder Momo> Mister Berabou...
  <Berabou Man> Don't worry, Momo.
  <Berabou Man> I shall never retreat... that's what it means to be a 
    professional.  Neither he nor I can accept defeat.
  <Berabou Man> (Yes, we must fight until one of us collapses entirely...)

[take Judas out]

  <Judas> Argh...
  <Stan> Leon!  It's not too late!  Come with us...!
  <Judas> Lay off, Stan!  I... I told you there was something I've got to do!
  <Rutee> And just what is that!  Let's hear it!
  <Judas> ...
  <Judas> (I can't tell them here.  I just can't.)
  <Stan> Leon!!
  <Rutee> Stan!  He went through that door!
  <Stan> Deeper into the Infernal Village, huh?  ...Just wait, I'll bring
    you back no matter what...!
  <Stan> This time for sure... this time for sure, I'll save you...!

[next comes Black Valkyrie]

  <Black Valkyrie> So, it ends here?  Heh heh... no matter.  We shall meet
    again soon enough.
  <Valkyrie> Soon enough?  What do you mean?
  <Black Valkyrie> ...
  <Sabine> Valkyrie!  They... went through the gate!
  <Kurino> Lady Valkyrie, when she said we would meet again soon...
  <Valkyrie> Yes, she is headed for... the deepest part of the Infernal
  <Valkyrie> (But why is she interested in it...?)

{Infernal World... Infernal Village, Underground Lake}

<Stan> We wiped out all the enemies!  Let's get through that door!
<Stan> Leon's on the other side...!
<Rutee> We got momentum, let's use it!
<Arthur> Wait, you two!  I understand your feelings... but do not be hasty!
<Stan> Arthur, why are you stopping us!  If we just go now...!!
<Kurino> ...Stan, it's Arthur who wants to charge right through that door.
<Kurino> Calm down.  There may be a trap.
<Sabine> Besides, didn't they say it was locked or something?
<Taizou> We could demolish it... but given how big it is... it'd be damn
<Arthur> ...We need not break it down.
<Arthur> There is this.
<Hideo> Impossible... is that the key to that gate?!
<Kyouko> Arthur, where did you get that?
<Arthur> ...Red Aleemar Joker left it behind when he withdrew.
<Heihachi> That enormous red demon?
<Leilei> He looked pretty relaxed, but I guess he was in a hurry after all.
<Demitri> What stupidity.  So much for the fabled Infernal Village Punishment
<Valkyrie> Perhaps it was... on purpose?
<Morrigan> ...Certainly possible.  He certainly seemed to have more to say to
<Hiryuu> Indeed, this could be a trap.  Given we don't know what the enemy
  are really up to, it's hardly advisable to rush in with only our
  emotions to guide us.
<Chunli> Anyway, let's wait to meet up with the others.  Then we can stage
   a full-scale assault.
<Stan> ...
<Stan> (Leon, I swear... I swear I'll save you...!)
<Stan> (Wait for me...!)


{Infernal World... Infernal Village, Throne Room}

<Reiji> So, is this... the deepest part of the Village?
<Ken> It's a lot... tidier than I thought.
<Ryuu> Something about the... air is different.  What is this strain I feel...
<Captain Commando> It looks normal enough... but something's keeping me on
  edge.  Not a pleasant ambiance.
<Xiaomu> Oh?  Hey, check that out.  Talk about overdone furniture.
<Sylphie> My, what wonderful fashion sense.
<Arthur> Astaroth should surely be here...
<Lilith> ...No one's home.  And that chair's empty too.
<KOS-MOS> With sensors malfunctioning, it is difficult to truly appraise the
<Rutee> Maybe... the demon lord just bailed on us?
<Stan> Somehow I doubt it.  Besides... Leon should be somewhere in this castle
<Sabine> Ah, there they are.  ...Huh?  What the...?
<Kurino> Only skeletons, and red demons...?
<Kurino> That demon called Joker isn't among them...
<Arthur> They believe they can stop us with this few?
<Demitri> Hmph.  What an affront.  Just who do they imagine I am?
<Morrigan> I think someone's saying this is all you can handle, Demitri.
<Demitri> Choose your words with care, Morrigan.
<Kai> Um... please don't fight here, okay?
<Xiaomu> Way to stay focused, guys.
<Xiaomu> 'Course, the enemy're out to lunch too.  Oh well.
<Reiji> The enemy sure are out to lunch.  What do they think they're doing?
<Gil> ...This has got to be some kind of reconnaissance.  I'm sure they've got
  something planned.
<Jin> Tire us out with the small fry, then finish us off with the big guns...
  Sounds plausible.
<Tarosuke> Oh maaaan, count me out.
<Kagekiyo> ...It is a standard tactic.
<Valkyrie> The Fallen Knight, Red Aleemar Joker, and the Demon Lord
<Valkyrie> None of them have shown themselves.  We must be prepared for them
  to strike from anywhere at any moment.
<Valkyrie> Everyone, please be cautious.

[kill a few off]

  <Kai> We've defeated quite a few of them.  ...Could it be enough?
  <Gil> They haven't come out yet?  Don't tell me... they really aren't here?
  <Arthur> That cannot be...!
  <Arthur> Show yourself!!  Fight me, Astaroth!
  <KOS-MOS> Heat source approaching, from the direction we came from.
  <Sylphie> Well, there's our enemy reinforcements, but... my goodness?
  <Black Valkyrie> ...Heh heh heh heh.
  <Kurino> It's not... the Infernal Village!  But rather the Black, Fallen
  <Sabine> How dare you pop out like that when we didn't call?!
  <Reiji> So, they came first...?!
  <Xiaomu> Looks like a classic pincer move too.
  <Black Valkyrie> ...I commend you on coming this far.  Heh heh heh...
  <Black Valkyrie> Did you meet the foe you hoped to?
  <Ken> Nope, not us.  Sorry.
  <Ryuu> That is, we haven't seen the demon lord.
  <Judas> ...
  <Stan> I just did.
  <Stan> Isn't that right, Leon...?!
  <Rutee> At least tell us why!  Why you're helping that woman!
  <Judas> ...
  <Judas> ...Don't ask anymore, Stan, Rutee.
  <Black Valkyrie> I told you already.  He is here of his own free will.
  <Black Valkyrie> I merely granted him strength.
  <Black Valkyrie> Though there are some among you who repaid that kindness
    with treachery as well.
  <Valkyrie> You are not entitled to say that, Black, Fallen Knight...!
  <Black Valkyrie> ...So what if I lack the entitlement?  Care to enlighten
    me?  Heh heh heh...
  <Arthur> Fallen Knight, would you tell us your connection to the Infernal
    Village... no, to Astaroth?
  <Morrigan> I'm more eager to find out where Astaroth went.
  <Demitri> I trust he hasn't left this castle already.
  <Lilith> I do feel some magic, but there's something different about it...
    Something feels funny.
  <Reiji> What's going on?  It's something... different from the demon lord?
  <Tarosuke> Someone else... or maybe several someones?
  <Kagekiyo> ...Aggravating.
  <Xiaomu> It's kinda faint, but I feel several different sorceries at work.
  <Xiaomu> The same, and yet totally different...  Rich, and somewhat dark...
  <Black Valkyrie> I need not explain.  ...You shall see for yourself 
  <Black Valkyrie> Until then, I shall be your opponent.
  <Captain> Well well well... you brought some friends.
  <Black Sandra> ...
  <Gil> Black Sandras...!  The same ones we saw at Zouna's pyramid...?!
  <Arthur> I also spy some new mechanical warriors.
  <Arthur> From whence did she obtain them...
  <Jin> Mechanical... warriors?!
  <Sabine> Kurino!  Those black-colored Sandra... don't tell me...?!
  <Kurino> ...Yeah, they're just like me... when I fought Valkyrie!
  <Sabine> And it looks like some of my fellow Imps are Black Valkyrie's 
    lackeys too...?!
  <Kai> Fallen Knight!  You insist on using them again...?!
  <Black Valkyrie> Heh heh heh... I have told you already.  I have no
    shortage of pawns.
  <Arthur> You whore...!
  <Valkyrie> Kurino, Sabine... To break the curse on them...
  <Kurino> ...
  <Kurino> ...I understand, Lady Valkyrie.
  <Sabine> No choice but... to beat them and their evil hearts into 
  <Kai> It will be hard... but it is our only choice.
  <Judas> Do you understand, Stan?  ...There are some things that can only
    be saved by fighting.
  <Judas> Just like me and you, now.
  <Stan> That's not true.  That's totally different.
  <Stan> Aren't... aren't you fighting of your own free will?!
  <Rutee> The Sandras are just being controlled!  Unlike you!
  <Gil> ...That's right, that's why we must fight... and save them...!
  <Judas> Hmph... a mere litany of excuses.
  <Stan> Everyone, Leon... no, Judas... I'll handle him.  Please don't
  <Judas> ...What...?
  <Morrigan> Like I did with Lilith... right?
  <Demitri> ...Why are there so many so eager to make such stupid choices?
     ...I cannot comprehend it.
  <Lilith> You're such a nice guy, Stan.
  <Stan> ...That's not true.  I want to... just once...
  <Judas> Always the busybody...  You're a fool, Stan...
  <Stan> Rutee tells me that all the time, Leon.
  <Black Valkyrie> Naive.  Why haven't you realized that such naivete will
    be your undoing?
  <Rutee> ...You're wrong.  Naivete and compassion are two different things.
  <Rutee> Not that you'd know anything about that...!
  <Rutee> Let's do it!!

[more carnage]

  <Stan> Okay, that ought to do it...!
  <Stan> Just wait, Leon.  I'm gonna make you open your eyes for sure today...!
  <Judas> ...
  <Rutee> Stan!  Don't overdo it!
  <Rutee> The main enemy force isn't here yet!
  <???> Heh heh heh... mwahahahahaha!
  <Arthur> ...!!
  <Gil> ...It's him...!
  <Valkyrie> The demon lord... Astaroth!
  <Astaroth> Heh heh... So, Arthur, you came after all.  I never expected you
    to be able to open that door.
  <Arthur> Do not underestimate me, Astaroth.
  <Arthur> (...Does he not know that Red Aleemar Joker dropped the key...?)
  <Arthur> (Moreover, Astaroth has appeared... but Joker has not...)
  <Lilith> Hmmmm.... Is that... that old guy we just fought?
  <Kurino> Huh?  What makes you say that?  ...Just look at him.  That's 
    the Demon Lord Astaroth, who we fought at the underground lake.
  <Sabine> And one is more than enough, thanks.
  <Xiaomu> I can't say... it isn't possible.
  <Xiaomu> This pattern's what the English call "shadow samurai".
  <Reiji> "Shadow"...?
  <Reiji> ...You mean the real guy's behind the scenes somewhere?
  <Morrigan> ...I wouldn't have expected an imposter with such strong magic.
  <Demitri> Hmph, let us ask him directly.
  <Demitri> Demon lord Astaroth.  I _trust_ you... are the authentic king of
    the Infernal Village?
  <Astaroth> What did you think I look like?  I am the demon lord, ruler over
    the Infernal Village!
  <Valkyrie> The power I feel is the real thing.  I believe there is no reason
    for doubt.
  <Lilith> ...Umm....
  <Astaroth> Gwahahahah...!  Do you rabble really think you've got time for
    such pointless worries?
  <Astaroth> Behold...!
  <Black Valkyrie> Heh... there they are.
  <Judas> ...Druaga's monsters... and high-ranking ones at that.
  <Kai> Gil!  Look at those monsters Astaroth brought with him!
  <Gil> Qox's final avatar... the black dragon...!
  <Gil> And high-class Knights!
  <Gil> Druaga... must have recovered his power completely.
  <Reiji> The more time passes, the worse things look for us.
  <Reiji> But with the enemy's commander here... it's all-out war...!
  <Xiaomu> Aye-aye, captain!  He's gonna be begging for mommy out of both of
    those mouths by the time I'm through with him!
  <Arthur> Many things bother me, but at this juncture, hesitation is fatal.
  <Arthur> Astaroth, prepare to die!!
  <Astaroth> Heh heh heh heh...

[much harming]

  <Arthur> Astaroth, do you intend to fight us with this little strength?
  <Arthur> Don't make me laugh.  ...Has your power faltered from what it once
  <Demitri> Hmph, the result is only obvious thanks to my participation.
  <Morrigan> ..."Our" participation, I think.  I swear.
  <Astaroth> Dwellers of the Infernal World, turning against the king of the
    Infernal village... Unforgivable...!
  <???> ...
  <Astaroth> ...Uh...urrgh...
  <Lilith> Huh?  W-what?!  Who's there?  I feel some really strong magic...!
  <Arthur> Astaroth is... fleeing?!
  <Kai> What... happened, all of a sudden?  Is this part of some kind of
  <Gil> No doubt about it.  I don't think he's so soft that we can just walk
    over and finish him off.
  <Valkyrie> What...?!?
  <Kurino> Lady Valkyrie, what's wrong?!  And, what's this shaking...
  <Valkyrie> Something is coming... from deep within...!
  <Sabine> What, it's probably just that dude.  You know, the red demon
    from that Demons' Whats-Their-Face group...?
  <Morrigan> ...Wrong, I'm afraid.  I felt it too, and it's something
    extremely similar to Astaroth...
  <Morrigan> No, pretty much identical to Astaroth's magic.
  <Judas> (...Someone like that is still here?)
  <Black Valkyrie> (So, finally he emerges?  ...It would seem that a puppet
    has been pulling the strings of the Infernal Village until now.)
  <Demitri> Hmph, so he's here...
  <Demitri> ...What?!?  What is this...?  He is...
  <Astaroth> Heh heh heh... Gwahahahahaha!
  <Xiaomu> Y-yow!!  What the heck?!  He's got four faces!
  <Reiji> There's two of them?!  Hey, isn't there only one Demon Lord?!
  <Arthur> Two Astaroths...?!
  <Arthur> Which must mean... It can't be!
  <???> It can indeed, Silver Knight... Arthur!
  <Arthur> What?
  <???> Heh heh heh...
  <Arthur> Astaroth...?  No...!
  <Arthur> Name yourself!
  <Nebiros> My name is Nebiros... Nebiros, the Uber Demon Lord.
  <Nebiros> You could call me the new master of the Infernal Village.
  <Arthur> New master, are you?  ...But, my apologies.  We'll be evicting you
  <Nebiros> You think you can do that?
  <Arthur> I certainly do.  ...Even should my armor be torn to shreds...!
  <Lilith> Nice!!  He's so cool!!
  <Gil> Arthur, your courage just now... Do you know him?
  <Arthur> No, I said it completely without thinking.
  <Arthur> But... if this is the Infernal Village I know, anything could
    happen here.
  <Arthur> We simply accept the truth... and defeat it.
  <Nebiros> And here I thought you'd lost your mind.  Admirable resolve,
    Arthur the Silver Knight.
  <Nebiros> Astaroth is merely a doll that moves at my slightest whim!
  <Nebiros> When you defeated the Infernal Village the last time, Astaroth's
    punishment as the one responsible was to have his soul chopped in half...
    And now his miserable carcass is my marionette!
  <Rutee> Chopped in half?!  As in he became two people?  Hey!  How do you
    expect to get away with-...!
  <Kai> Qox, the Silver Dragon, and the Black Dragon, were all magically
    separated in the same way.
  <Kai> It's possible with the demons' power..!
  <Red Aleemar Joker> ...I figured something was amiss, Lord Astaroth.
  <Stan> Hey!  It's the leader of the Infernal Village Punishment Squad...!
  <Arthur> Red Aleemar Joker!?  ...Have you been hiding all this time?!
  <Red Aleemar Joker> ...I was observing events unfold, Arthur.
  <Red Aleemar Joker> Gauging whether the master I serve is truly my master
    or not...!
  <Nebiros> Red Aleemar Joker, from this moment forward, your master is me!
  <Nebiros> Wipe them all out.
  <Red Aleemar Joker> ...I only serve the Demon Lord Astaroth, no one else.
  <Red Aleemar Joker> The Infernal Village has already ceased to be the
    Infernal Village... and I the fool for not realizing it sooner.
  <Arthur> Surely that does not change your relation to us?
  <Arthur> I shall fight you too, Joker...!
  <Red Aleemar Joker> ...I am withdrawing.
  <Arthur> ...?!
  <Nebiros> What?!  You filth... you dare betray me?!?
  <Red Aleemar Joker> I said I would retreat, my new demon lord, Lord
  <Red Aleemar Joker> ...And I have one thing to report to Lord Astaroth.
  <Astaroth> ...I located it in the Phantom World, floating above Daicroft.
  <Judas> Wha...?!
  <Sabine> Kurino, wasn't Daicroft...?
  <Kurino> In the "War of Heaven and Earth" that happened in our world, the
    Phantom World, a thousand years ago...
  <Kurino> Wasn't that the floating city the heavens used to attack the Earth?
    Or so I... thought I remember...
  <Valkyrie> ...More precisely, Daicroft is the capitol of a fleet of floating
  <Valkyrie> And... the true terror, the "Indiscriminate Crust-Smashing
    Weapon"... the "Belclant"...!
  <Judas> How could that be...?!  Wasn't that thing inoperative without the
    Eye of God?!
  <Judas> Black Valkyrie, was the Eye of God not in your possession...?!
  <Black Valkyrie> ...Finally.  That accursed Zouna took his sweet time...
  <Judas> What...?!
  <Valkyrie> Zouna?!  Don't tell me you gave that to him...?!
  <Stan> The Eye of God is... in the Demon Lord Zouna's hands...?!
  <Judas> Fallen Knight...!  You bitch...!!
  <Black Valkyrie> What's wrong, Dragonbone Knight?  Why so surprised?  Heh
    heh heh.
  <Black Valkyrie> How I use my own possessions is no business of yours.
  <Gil> ...My worst fears came true...!
  <Gil> So that's how you got access to Zouna's men, isn't it, Fallen Knight?!
  <Kai> What're you up to?!
  <Black Valkyrie> Do you know a simpler, better way to plunge the world into
  <Black Valkyrie> ...The best way I know is "establishing numerous super-
    powers, each with unopposable strength."
  <Black Valkyrie> Of course, those powers will naturally oppose each other
    and fight...
  <Black Valkyrie> And the powerless will be continually tossed by the ripples.
  <Valkyrie> The Infernal Village, the Tower of Druaga, the Genji army...
    and now Zouna and the Daicroft...!
  <Judas> Bitch... you planned all along to use the Eye of God that way...!
  <Black Valkyrie> Heh heh heh... and what if I did?
  <Black Valkyrie> Don't tell me you stayed by my side after your curse was
    broken... just so you could get it back?
  <Judas> ...Grr.
  <Stan> Leon... is that why...?
  <Black Valkyrie> Foolish man.  You had no idea I'd given it away long ago.
  <Rutee> Long... ago...?!
  <Rutee> Then, all those mechanical warriors you brought along that we'd never
    seen before are...
  <Black Valkyrie> Exactly.  Lifeless warriors which protect the Daicroft.
  <Black Valkyrie> And now the Daicroft itself has awakened.  ...The time has
  <Reiji> ...Meaning that when we were at the Pyramid, the Eye of God was
  <Xiaomu> Why didn't you say so earlier?  You black-eyed bimbo!
  <Judas> ...My god... I... I blew it a second time...?!
  <Stan> Not yet, Leon...!  You haven't failed yet...!
  <Judas> Stan...
  <Stan> We already know where it is, so let's go get it back...!
  <Stan> And, now you don't need to fight us any more!
  <Valkyrie> Our target is Zouna.  Now that your curse is broken, you no longer
    need accompany the Fallen Knight...
  <Judas> ...
  <Kurino> She's right!  We've got plenty of people we've got to defeat!
  <Sabine> Starting with this Infernal Village.
  <Nebiros> Heh heh heh... how optimistic, to think you can defeat me.
  <Arthur> We shall defeat you...!  Judas, lend us your strength.  This battle
    will not be easy...
  <Judas> ...First... I need to settle the score.
  <Rutee> Score...?  What're you doing?
  <Judas> Argh...!
  <Black Valkyrie> Turning against me... Is that your idea of settling the
  <Black Valkyrie> ...That is futile.  You cannot defeat me.
  <Black Valkyrie> And the price for betrayal is high.
  <Black Valkyrie> I had planned to simply abandon you, but I've changed my
    mind.  ...I shall begin by exacting punishment for your sins.
  <Judas> I... can't die yet.  I can't accept death a second time yet...!!
  <Stan> Leon!  ...Together... we can do it!
  <Judas> Stan...?!
  <Rutee> He said we're gonna help you!  Now, let's get busy!
  <Black Valkyrie> What...?!  This resolve... Where is it coming from?!
  <Kai> Amazing...!  Their breathing is completely aligned.
  <Xiaomu> Yeah, well done...!  Ah, the power of youth!
  <Valkyrie> The Fallen Knight... she's critically wounded?!
  <Reiji> We can do this...!
  <Reiji> There's still the Demon Lord to worry about!