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Chapter 2-6 Translation Guide by BlueJr

Updated: 11/01/05

(ナムコ クロス カプコン) Chapter 2-6 Story Translation
Copyright 2005 BlueJr (A.k.a. William Chu)
Started June 23th, 2005

This guide was made to help people understand the story line behind
this fan service game. You may only use this guide for personal use
and nothing else. I will not stand for plagiarism, and any wish to post
this guide in an unaltered form must receive my permission.
Look at the Contact Info section for more info about contacting me.

===  Disclaimer ==========
This work is not authorized by Namco, Capcom, or any other company.
This game and all characters are copyrighted works of their
respective companies. I have no legal claim to these characters.

~Table of Contents~

1.Update History

  A. Chapter 2
  B. Chapter 3
  C. Chapter 4
  D. Chapter 5
  E. Chapter 6


4.Contact Info

~Update History~

June 25, 2005- First draft posted.

June 30, 2005- Chapter 4 posted.
               Yuna4ever's Chapter 2 Translation added.
               Action notes added to Chapter 3

July 6, 2005- Chapter 5 posted.

July 7, 2005- Some minor corrections made to Chapter 5

July 14th, 2005- Partial translation of Chapter 6 posted

July 21th, 2005- Chapter 6 complete

August 24, 2005- Added Chapter 2 disclaimer

November 1st, 2005- Modified disclaimer for chapter 2

Latest version can be found at www.gamefaqs.com


\A.Chapter 2[Written by Yuna4Ever]\\



Year 20XX, Japan. In front of Mishima Corporation Building

Bruce: Here... the Mishima Corporation Building
Feng Ling: Is this real? Mishima Corporation... for instance that about the
virus sample...
Bruce: This is true based on Suzy's information. In any case, this is no a
       dangerous country to come to.
Rejina: Mishima. What rumours have I heard about the (Aibis??) island seed
        research venure.
Rumours about demons. Stupid reasons to have. And also... the purpose was to
deal with shard...
Reirei: And that's the reason we came here.
Rejina: Exactly. Just that I was suppressed as I opened the file for the seed
        examination results... and it took a little while to move.
        (That was contained in the start-up disk)
Bruce: Even so, doesn't it somehow resemble your likeness?
Well, so sorry i was so easily noticeable
Rejina: Whose fault do u think it is! The idiot on board the ship who sounded
for retreat.
Bruce: ......
ReiRei: Man... Wintermelons...
Feng Ling: This matter should brought along with this lady.
Bruce: Just a while ago, I took dumbly took responsibility. This matter shall
be left to you guys.
ReiRei: Well... I guess that's so.
Fengling + Rejina: ......
Fengling: So... who's it we are all waiting together for?
Rejina: Its good to have the use of karate.
Bruce: How terribly convenient, avoiding the question. We're waiting for Shinra
       the Japanese special operations organization.
So Karateman and friends, who pulled out of the ship just the same as
me... That's it.
Fengling: Shinra? I've never heard of him... is it really alright?
Bruce: you have my word. Considerably known organization.
Rejina: Anti-terrorist forces?
Bruce: Anti-occult.
ReiRei: bah... just rumours.
Fengling: to hear you say that...
Rejina: Just wait... things will slowly come to place.

At the same time, Rejima building, Director's room.
Heihachi: ......
???: Heihachi, u called?
Heihachi: Listen. The namco theatre event. Why were the andriods in action?
[I can't decipher the name.. shall call him EF.. for exploding field]:
        I gave the orders on my own accord.
Heihachi: You should understand your own position.
EF: Then what will you do... Mishima... release this poor old man?
Heihachi: Hurm.. that's your business. What was the purpose of your plans?
EF: heheh. Project WAYA is entering its last stage.
Heihachi: Oh?
EF: Imaginary blade technique. The currently forgotten technique will finally
be unconvered.
    This is my lady the greatest warrior.
Heihachi: My lady... hurm, its that andriod right? I've been looking forward to
it. Strange
          impression for "man of the other side" who has already lost.
EF: Grr.
Heihachi: your andriod, technique, for your own sake, you should forget it. You
          everything during the defeat of the [**** incident]
EF: ......
Heihachi: EF, there's something i like u to do for me. Right now, near this
          buildings, demons are coming.
EF: Demons?
Heihachi: Yes, my wealth has brought them over. Disappear... and from now on,
          speak of this again.
EF: The opponents?
Heihachi: you have no need to know.
EF: Then.. my andriod squad has some purpose. I'll excus myself.
(I can think so so many enemies that man has. Besides that... that's some
intelligence. Hurm.. the research data was secretly sepeated... what in
the world
     came to search?)
Heihachi: American Coallation forces. That virus.. i thought of its location.
heh ..
          the original agreement.

20XX, Japan, Shibuya
Jin: This is Shibuya. "At closed city" its here alright.
I came here being chased. The terrible incident on the ship. Troublesome.
Time to go. I knew this time will come.

At the same time ???
???1: what's going on.
???2: Don't worry. After our group gets the seal, afterwards is simple.
Everything... will pull through.
???1: Come through, I can't.
???2: Leave it to me. I won't let the youma incident 10 years ago repeat itself.
???1: i'll leave it to you...
???2: Its been 10 years, 10 years since that demon man. 10 year to be reborn in
my body.
Haha, but "Alice show"... that man is no more. Now, Alice's blood will
always be.
      "that time" they will not return.

Rejina: What did u say? You died once, used oriential magic, and survived?
Fengling: Virus victims turn into zombies.
ReiRei: exactly! I'm a zombie. Well, without the troubles of a human, there is
        no need to arrior.
Bruce: What a troublesome find. How nice to have Mishima's ally come over.
Rejinia: Well then, why were these darkstalker realm residents onboard the
ReiRei: It felt a huge spiritual force, probably japan is a rather huge portal.
FengLing: Portal? What's this?
ReiRei: In this world, there are passages to other worlds
Regina: If what you are saying is true, since the beiginning of time, the
        of other world monsters...
Bruce: From this portal, our pursuers come. tsk, Stopping the world in between.
Regina: I'll leave the otherworld monster to you. I'll take the sharp opponents
in the portal.
Bruce: ...
ReiRei: What's the matter?
Bruce: What happened to the peace just a while ago.
FengLing: Now that you mention it... yes...

Rejina: !
FengLing: What?
Bruce: It couldn't possibly be.... a trap?
Rejina: Trap? Who?
Bruce: No idea. Mishimas, shadows... our encounters on the ship
ReiRei: No big deal. The enemies we have seen till now.
Bruce: Dammit. Get ready for battle.

\\\B.Chapter 3\\\

+Western Calendar 20XX  Japan Shibuya+

???:So it is true that this place has been quarantined.
???:A sense of distortion hangs in the air.
    Then there is this "ki"...
???:Yes. This is...demonic energy.
???:Demonic energy?
???:Across the globe, domination attempts by mouryou have been occurring.
???:Mouryou? So they are "the threat to the world."
???:Correct. It is safe to assume that the demonic energy of this
    place is most strong.
    ...I have upheld my end of the bargain.
    Now it is your turn to tell me the truth.
???:The truth? I have told you everything.
???:You have come from the far future through a time slip...
    Do you expect me to believe such a story?
???:A time slip is a movement through time and space.
    You are free to believe it or not...
    But would a practitioner of the Bushin Style concoct such a lie?
???:It may have been fate that has brought us together in the place
    known as Metro City.
    You would have never brought me here if you didn't think so as well.
???:Your assumptions are correct.
    There is strong demonic energy I've never felt before, incidents that
    defy logic, and other-worlders that have come through this "time slip"...
    There are far too many variables, and far too little information.
???:As we speak, my comrades are gathering intelligence at a different
    Have you heard of a place called Ibis Island?
???:Ibis Island...An island where an accident occurred during a
    research on a source of energy.
???:A source of energy?
???:The details are unknown; They were never made public.
    There just might be something there.
???:So it was worth taking notice...
    However, we will have to wait for Captain to contact us...
    Are there any other places worth investigating?
???:It is fairly far, but there is one place I know of.
???:There, we will find the ninja descendents of the Imawano Style, a style
    that has endured till the modern times, much like the Bushin Style.
    We may learn something if we can utilize their intelligence network.
???:So, our destination is?
???:Justice High School, in Ki-In Village.
    It is a center for learning.

+World of Demons  Tower of Druaga 59th Floor+

Druaga:Joker, it seems you have failed.
Joker:Oh dear, how embarrassing.
      I assumed the people of the World of Substance were pushovers, but
      did well fighting back.
Druaga:Hurry. Before the Corridor of Time is opened once more.
       Hurry. We must restore my power, and kill Gilgamesh.
Joker:My, what a short-tempered individual.
      ("Before the Corridor of Time is opened once more," huh...)
      (If that bothers him more then the prospect of being sealed
       away once more, "something" must still be in there...)
???:Kikiki...You're looking good Joker.
    I came hearing there was work, but to be in this kind of place...
Joker:You've come.
      After this kind of place, I want you to go to that kind of place.
???:That kind of place?
Joker:The World of Substance.
      Although I'm not sure if it is to your tastes, cute cat girls and
      such are there.
???:My tastes? Sounds fun.
    ...If the resist, that is. Kikiki.
Joker:I will be heading to the World of Gods. I'll leave the World of
      substance to you.
???:World of Gods? You're going after the goddess Ishtar? You
    got your work cut out for you.
Joker:Oh please.
      Even with my cute powers, I won't be a match for her.
      Slowly but surely, We will work my way up from "the bottom" for now.
      That is also the reason why you're heading out this time.
???:You're just running? That's no fun.
Joker:Now, now. There is no need to talk like that.
???:Ah well, it'll be fun to our target girl.
    I wonder what that bastard Druaga would say when he sees his
Joker:You are free to do as you wish with the others. However, the
      target is to remain unharmed. This is an absolute condition!
???:Oooh, you're so scary.
    Come on, I wasn’t really going to do it.
    It's a joke. A simple joke.
    I'll just get the job done.
      I thought things would be carried out more simply...
      Nohoho...things just keep on getting interesting.

+Western Calender 20XX Japan Justice High School Front gates+

        We finally made it.
       T-This is why we should have chartered a helicopter.
       Why do I, with all the commoners, ride the train and then
       go on foot!?
       Running no less!?
Sakura:Come on, I couldn't wait for a helicopter. Besides, I was scared.
Karin:Sakura, you're not a wolf; Air travel would have been much faster.
      For Lord sakes...I don't understand why a person would build a
      school in a place like this!
Sakura:Now you're just lashing out at everything.
       The clown did disappear during the chase, but we did make
       it to Justice High safely. It all worked out.
Karin:I had it up to here with you...
      (She seems to have utterly forgotten that the clown is after
Sakura:At any rate, we got to go see Mr.Shimazu.
Karin:Now that we have a lead on the Sleeping Sickness, we must
      to confirm it as soon as possible.
Sakura:That's right! Mr.Shimazu wanted me to tell him anything we
       know as soon as possible!
Karin:...Oh, very well.
      So, Sakura. When were you scheduled? Original Text:Did you
      get an "appo?"}
Karin:Justice High is more or less a ward.
      We can't just waltz through the gates.
      This is something that should have been done beforehand.
Sakura:Um...I'm not scheduled to see my doctor for another...{Original
       Text:Appo?...Something to do with pro-wrestling?}
Karin:Not the doctor! I'm talking about an appointment with Mr.Shimazu!
      {Original Text:No! Appo, as in APPOINTMENT!}
      A promise to meet with him!
       D-Did I have to?
Karin:I've had it up to here with you...

+World of Substance Justice High Front Gates+

Karin:Although your directness is your good point, I really wish
      you think things out more thoroughly.
Sakura:Thanks for the compliment.
Karin:It wasn't a compliment.
Sakura:There's no need to get angry, Kanzuki. We're already here, so
       lets do what we can.
       Open Sesame! ...Lets try breaking down the gates.
Karin:Hold on. We can just give them a call.
Sakura:Oh yeah, that's right.
Karin:But today is Sunday; We don't even know if he's in.
Karin:...Hm? Oh my.
Sakura:What's the matter.
Karin:It didn't go through. Is that possible at this time?
      No matter. Hold on for a minute, Sakura.
Sakura:Did something happen?
Karin:That's odd...
      Even my personal communications satellite can't patch me
      through. Can that even happen?
Karin:Sakura? What's the matter?
Sakura:Kanzuki, something feels off.
(Monsters appear)
Sakura:(That sensation wasn't from them...)
       Hey! These are the monsters that were with that clown!
Karin:So you really are being chased after.
Sakura:...I must be pretty popular.
Karin:It would be nice if they were normal people.
      Lets go!
       (That aura I felt wasn't from them...)
       (So who then?)

*Defeat one enemy*

Karin:There's too few of them.
Sakura:Yeah. It seems like they're just testing the situation.
Karin:Testing the situation?
???:Kikiki...You're pretty sharp, little missy.
Sakura:Where are you?! Come out and show yourself!
(??? appears)
???:Kikiki...So you're the sacrifice.
Sakura:You're friends with that clown.
???:Clown? Ah, you must be talking about Joker.
    Please, we're not friends. Coworkers is more like it.
    The name's Jyanga. Come with me, little girl.
Sakura:You must be joking.
       As a kid, I was always told not to follow strangers.
Jyanga:Come on. There's a first time for everything.
???:Seducing high school girls in front of our sacred school
    grounds? We can't have this.
???If you're going to convince girls, you have to use more
   savory words.
Karin:Who's there!?
(Kyoko Minazuki&Hideo Shimazu appear)
Kyoko:It seems monsters have made it this far...
Hideo:I see now...So this is what the commotion was.
Sakura:Mr.Shimazu!Ms.Minazuki is here too!
Karin:It seems we saved ourselves some effort.
Hideo:Aren't you the one from Tamagawa-Minami High?
Sakura:That's right. I have something to talk to you about. It's
       about the Sleeping Sickness!
Hideo:The Sleeping Sickness!?
Kyoko:Did you discover the cause!?
Karin:Not exactly. Instead of information on the cause, we found out
      the culprit behind it.
Hideo:Culprit?Are you saying the sickness is artificial?
Jyanga:Hey, geezer. Don't just come out and start messing with
       other people's prey.
Kyoko:Interruptinhg people's conversations? Such a rude cat.
Jyanga:You're going to get ****ed up if you play the good guy
       and stick you neck out. Kikiki...
Hideo:This has nothing to do with good and evil.
      It is the duty of a teacher to protect his students!
Karin:I'm not so weak as to need protection.
Kyoko:You ought to listen to what adults say.
      Now then, Mr.Hideo.
Hideo:Let us go forth, Ms.Kyoko!

+Chapter 3 Feel the Burn! Justice High+

*Jyanga loses 1000 HP*

Jyanga:You're good. Guess I can't toy with you.
Karin:Did you actually think you could beat me with such tactics?
Sakura:You're not getting me that easily!
Hideo:We have no desire to take your life! Leave now!
Kyoko:Before you go, little kitty, could you tell us more about
      the Sleeping Sickness?
Jyanga:Shut up! Don't get cocky just because you got more guys! This
       is why grunts piss me off!
       That's it! This is what you get for trying to kill or capture me!
Jyanga:I'm doing things my way! I don't care what happens as long as I
Kyoko:...It seems we have gotten on his bad side.
Jyanga:Take a good look at what "Poison Claw Jyanga" can really do!
Sakura:He's...different now?
(Enemies appear on the other side of the screen)
Kyoko:WHat!?New enemies!?
Hideo:My god! Those monsters were in front of the school gates!?
Karin:The timing is too good...
Jyanga:(Is this Joker's doing?)
       (That bastard...He know this was going to happen...)
       (This really pisses me off, but I'll work with it.)
       That's right.
       These guys are good with curses.
       Kikiki...Things will get interesting when he releases one
       past the gates.
Hideo:Hold it! Do you think I would allow such an act?!
      There are 488 students behind that gate!
Jyanga:I don't care, you moron!
       I get to decide what happens, so deal with it, you old foggy!
Jyanga:Kikiki...But I might let you go if you hand over the girl.
Jyanga:Doesn't matter to either way.
       You can risk the lives of those students, or just give in.
       The end result won't change one bit.
???:Such depravity. Such villainy.
(Gai&Shou appear near the new enemies)
???:Such cowardliness I've seen before!
    I must intervene!
Jyanga:Who the hell are you?!
Hideo:You are...?
Karin:That red gi...It is Guy, practitioner of the Bushin Style Ninjitsu.
Guy:Correct. I have come to meet Inawano Raizo.
    In the name of Justice, I will provide assistance!
Sakura:Bushin Style?
Hideo:The Bushin Style of Ninjitsu! I've heard about it from Principal
      "When a threat to the world rises, so will the shadow of Bushin."
Karin:So you are aware of it. The Bushin style, along with the Imawano
      Style of Ninjitsu, is one of the martial arts that have been carried
      on to the present day.
      If the Bushin style has made an appearance...
???:It shows how troubled the world has become.
Kyoko:Are you also...?
Shou:I am the Ninja Commando Shou. Like Guy, a successor of the
     Bushin Style.
Jyanga:I don't know what's going on, but I just see more grunts!
       This sucks! This isn't fun!
Guy:Not fun?
    Such a thing does not matter in battle.
    It is about victory or defeat, life or death.
    Now, let us go forth!

*Defeat Jyanga*

Guy:All who trouble the world...will be defeated!
Jyanga:Wait! Stop! I'm sorry. I apologize. Please let me go!
Karin:...We should finish him off.
Sakura:Wait, wait! We already won!
Shou:You are too naive, young girl. Look at his eyes; We must finish him.
Kyoko:Hold on for a moment. We need to ask this little kitty something.
Hideo:That's right. Besides, attacking a defenseless person is rather...
Guy:You were too soft!
Jyanga:That's right. Too soft!
Jyanga:To hell with it all! Eat this!
(??? appears and takes out Jyanga)
       Who...the heck are you!? Ki...gigigi...
???:...Foul being, know that your actions are an embarrassment!
    Leave now, lowly peon!
Jyanga:...I'll remember this!
Sakura:He is what I sensed earlier!
Hideo:...You are?
Shou:(Such Murderous intent!)
     Everyone, he's dangerous! Stay back!
Guy:...The Master of the Fist, Akuma. What is the meaning of this?
Karin:The master of the fist!? It can't be!
Sakura:Thank you...for saving me.
Kyoko:(She's surprisingly calm.)
Akuma:Girl...Go to Roppongi.
Akuma:A man you must see is there.
Sakura:Someone I must see? Do you mean him!?
(Akuma leaves)
Sakura:He is at Roppongi?


\\\C.Chapter 4\\\

+Western Calendar 20XX Japan Roppongi+

Felicia:Hey, are we there yet?
Momo:Ms.Felicia...you've been saying that every five minutes.
     We're almost there.
Regina:It seems like starlets don't have any endurance.
       Compared to a hiking through jungles and swamps for half a
       day, this is nothing.
Felicia:Normal people don't have to go through that, much less stars!
Bruce:Oh, I should try to get an autograph.
      That OK with you, Mr. Manager?
King:...I'm not her manager.
Xiao-Mu:Wow, such a lively bunch.
Reiji:We're conspicuous though.
     By the way, did you get anything?
Xiao-Mu:...No good. We still can't contact HQ.
Reiji:Damn...just what is going on?
M.O.M.O.:It seems like they still cannot get through.
Nakamura:This is troublesome.
         That woman controlling the monsters did say she was heading
         torwards Shinra HQ...
Hsien-Ko:It would also seem that Reiji and that top-heavy lady don't
         get along very well...
Momo:Is she an...ex?{Original Text:Is she a...MotoKano(Moto Kanojyo,
     japanese for former girlfriend)}
Shion:Ex?{Orignal Text:MotoKano?}
KOS-MOS:It is most likely an abbreviation for "Ex-Lover."{Orginal Text:
        It is most likely an abbreviation for "Moto-Kanojyo."}
        In the event that there is a break in relations with the
        opposite sex due to unfortunate events...
        The term is used to refer to the partner of the former relationship.
Shion:I-I see...Thanks, KOS-MOS.
      (...When did she get that kind of database?)
Reiji:You guys over there, quit yapping about baseless things.
      My relations with that woman is nothing like that.
Fong-Ling:You don't have to talk about it if you don't want to, but
          just make one thing clear.
          Is that woman the enemy?
Reiji:Yeah. There's no mistaking that.
      If possible, I would like to deal with her myself.
Xiao-Mu:Reiji...Don't get too obsessive about it.
        Nothing good will come out of it...
Felicia:...This is serious.
King:Why are you whispering?
Felicia:Well, Xiao-Mu seems like the talkative type, right?
        But when it comes to this topic, she's practically mute.
M.O.M.O.:So...what does that mean?
Momo:I see...it's a case of the current and the ex, right?
Hsien-Ko:Sounds like trouble. At this rate, things will go into
         shambles. This is serious...
Xiao-Mu:...Hey, I can hear you?
M.O.M.O:I-Is it serious?
Xiao-Mu:Girl, do you even have any idea what that means!? Certainly
        doesn't seem like it!
        Geez, girls these days don't know anything but fantasy love...
Reiji:(I don't want to get them involved, but at this rate...)
      (I have to put an end to that woman soon...!)

+Same time  Southern Sea  Ibis Island+

Bison:(Ibis Island...This island on the borders was no longer used
      after the "Third Energy Catastrophe." To see something so
      interesting occur here...)
      (I'll be sure to use this place well...for the completion of
       the perfect Psycho Drive...)
???:*Giggle* ...I'm surprised you're here in a place like this.
    Isn't it against the rules to change the meeting place right
    before a date?
Bison:It's your fault since you were so late.
      I'm a busy man.
???:After calling me out to this hot, humid, moodless island, those
    are some harsh words.
    By the way, it seems this island is seeing several guests from
    other worlds due to the effects of Yuragi.
    The dimensional space is most unstable in this particular area.
    Something interesting just might happen, don't you think?
Bison:I'm aware of that. Nothing can surprise me, especially now
      that a monster like you is around.
???:(Look who's talking...)
Bison:At any rate, can you really eliminate that pesky organization?
???:Elimination is...not quite what I had in mind.
    Just leave it to me.
Bison:...As you planned, my bodyguards are heading to the location.
      According to reports, all Shinra agents, excluding two, have
      been restrained.
???:(...It must be the squirt and the boy.)
Bison:Don't let this chance slip by.
      Go. Failure is not an option.
???:Yes Sir, Lord Bison!
    Ahh...it's almost like I'm a ShadowLoo bodyguard.
    Don't forget your promise when I succeed.
Bison:If you succeed.
???:Such a cold, evil overlord.
    Very well your Highness! By your leave!
    Just kidding. *Giggle*
Bison:Hmph...I would never hand over information on the Psycho
      Drive to an unknown monster like you.

+Same Time Japan Roppongi+

Chun-Li:They're fast...I said freeze!
Cammy:...She's unrelenting.
Juni:A message from Lord Bison.
     ...We are to continue our mission.
      We're starting to fall behind schedule thanks to that
      woman...She's become a nuisance.
Juli:Suggestion:Complete Elimination.
Cammy:So we should remove the tangling vines.
      Eliminate her.
Juni:Mission accepted.
Chun-Li:Looks like they finally worked up the guts.
        (But it's three against one...can I do it?)
???:Geez...we're sure are seeing a lot of familiar faces today.
Ken:Hey, it's been a while.
Ryu:You seem well., Chun-Li.
Chun-Li:Ken? Ryu!?
        Why are you two here!?
Juli:Individual Data Collation:Ken Masters.
Juni:The other one is...Ryu.
Ken:Can we do autographs later?
Ryu:Ken...that armband...
Ken:Yeah, I know.
    What is ShadowLoo doing using these kids?

+World of Substance Roppongi Shinra HQ+

Chun-Li:Ryu, Ken. What are you two doing here?
Ryu:...I met "him."
Chun-Li:Him? Ryu, don't be so vague.
Ken:Don't you get it? With that look on his face, he could only be
    talking about one person.
Chun-Li:It can't be! "The Supreme Master of the Fist!?"
Ken:It's the second time for Ryu though...
    ...There was some trouble at the ship, but once we left and went
    to Master's grave...he was there.
Cammy:We're running out of time. Lets begin.
Chun-Li:Looks like we don't have time for chit-chat.
Ken:Really? Don't worry, I'm almost done.
    Then Akuma said,"Go to Roppongi."
Chun-Li:Here? Is there something in this place?
Ryu:...I don't know, but we did find you.
Ken:Well, lets save the rest for later.
    The girls over there look like they're psyched up.
    We can't possibly talk with death coming right for us.
Chun-Li:...I agree, lets fight.
   (Akuma...what do you want to show me? What do you want
    me to do?)

*Reduce Cammy's HP by 30%*

Ken:Hey, they're doing better then I thought they would.
Chun-Li:It bother me though.
Ken:Hah?What is?
Ryu:...They seem to be holding back. Only half of their strength
    is being used.
Ken:It's our first fight, so maybe they're just checking out the
Chun-Li:Hm...they are assessing the situation.
        But it doesn't seem like they're observing their opponent.
        It's more like they're waiting for something.
Cammy:...It's almost time.
Juni:This may be sudden...but I have sensed unidentified individuals
     coming this way.
Juli:Situation Assesment:Several units closing in...
Sakura:Um...Is this the spot?
Karin:It would seem so.
      There do seem to be some familiar faces here.
Ken:Hey, Ryu! Isn't that the mistress of the Kanzuki Corporation
Sakura:Ryu! It is you!
       The man that scary old man was talking about was you!
       Chun-Li, you're here too!?
Karin:With the addition of Ken Masters, this is a full party.
      Paying you back for my previous loss right now wouldn't
      be bad.
Ken:What am I, an extra?
    Sorry girl, but we'll have to fight another day.
    Now isn't the time for a friendly fight.
Hideo:Are you fighting with such young girls?
Chun-Li:Don't let their looks fool you. These girls are the
        special agents for a certain organization.
        All civilians, evacuate immediately!
Karin:...It's ShadowLoo, isn't it?
Karin:In that case, I have some business with them.
      ShadowLoo...It was foolish of you to attempt to threaten
      the Kanzuki Corporation.
Sakura:S-Something like that happened to you?
Juni:The successor of the Kanzuki Family, Kanzuki Karin, has been
Juli:Kanzuki Karin:A listed assassination target.
Cammy:This wasn't part of the plan...what's the meaning of this?
Chun-Li:Judging by their reaction, the ones they were waiting for
        haven't showed up yet.
Ryu:...We should finish this as fast as possible.
    If the situation worsens, it will be that much more harder
    to capture them.
    Even if something doesn't happen, it's the best course of action.
Sakura:If you're fighting, I will too!
       These girls are bad people, right?
Kyoko:...What will you do, Mr.Hideo?
Hideo:Even if they are from another school, they are still students.
      We can't let them get involved in the shady dealings of a
      mysterious organization!
Kyoko:It's decided then.
Sakura:Thank you ,Mr.Shimazu, Ms.Minazuki...
Karin:For the love of...such officiousness.
      ...That reminds me. What happened to those two ninjas?
Kyoko:They disappeared when some urgent business came up.
      I think they headed to a...Ibis Island or whatnot...
Chun-Li:(Ibis Island?)
Cammy:This was unexpected, but continue the battle until the plan
      is put into action.
Juli:Roger:Continue Battle.
Karin:Here they come...
Hideo:But it's so many against so few...it's almost like we're
      bullying them.
      Isn't there a way to persuade them not to fight?
Ken:Teacher, you're too naive.
Chun-Li:He's right. Take a good look into their eyes, and you'll see
        that they are in fact assassins trained by their organization.
Kyoko:In order to save them, we have no choice but to fight them...
      It may be hypocritical, but there's no other way, Mr.Hideo.
(Monsters appear)
Sakura:What now!?
Ken:They're different from the ones we saw at the ship.
    ...There's a whole bunch of them.
Cammy:They're here.
Chun-Li:(These were what they were waiting for!? What relation does
         Shadow-Loo have with these monsters!?)

*Defeat Juni*

Juni:Prolonged Battle problematical...In accordance with the
     original plan, will be commencing retreat.
Chun-Li:Orginal plan? Hold it!
(Juni retreats)

*Defeat Juli*

Juli:Prolonged Battle problematical: Retreat.
Chun-Li:You're running away!?
(Juli retreats)
Chun-Li:(She gave up too easily...I got a bad feeling about this...)

*After several battles*

(Reiji's group appears on screen)
Reiji:Damn...They were making their push here!
Xiao-Mu:Not another special serving of fighting...
Ryu:Hey, it's dangerous here! Don't come any...
Bruce:Isn't that...It is that karate man from before!
      The Champ is here too. Hey, we meet again.
Ken:What's going on here? Even fate can't be this coincidental.
Fong-Ling:...Chun-Li!? Is that you, Chun-Li!?
Chun-Li:Fong-Ling!? What is the Safety Department doing here!?
Fong-Ling:For the same reason you're here;We have business with them.
Regina:That insignia...I se, they're Shadowloo agents.
M.O.M.O.:Those people were in Shibuya when we came to this world...
Xiao-Mu:Huh...So this is how it is...
        I'm surprised that a fight is happening so close to HQ.
        Heck, even faces we know are here.
Reiji:What bothers me more is why no one is out here.
      The other agents should be handling this already.
Xiao-Mu:Hm? Now that you mention it...
        Are they all playing hooky or something?
        A dimensional distortion is materializing within the center
        of this area.
Shion:Hold it, KOS-MOS! Doesn't that mean we're...
KOS-MOS:There are no side-effects on our persons. However, due to
        the directive nature of the distortion, it is impossible
        to move into this area except from a predetermined direction.
King:And what is that supposed to mean?
Reiji:It means you can only enter this place from one route.
Karin:What nonsense!
      An explanation that came straight out of a science fiction
      novel is...
Regina:Quite possible.
       ...I've seen it before at the Third Energy Research Facility.
       But how can it be done without any sort of equipment?
Hsein-Ko:With spiritual powers or mysticism, it's possible.
Felicia:Anakaris was one that specialized in this stuff.
Reiji:There is a technique being used that is similar to
      Ying-Yang magic.
      I heard from my father that "Ouma" specializes these techs.
        That's the reason why no one was around the Mishima
        Zaibatsu Building and Namco Theatre!?
Reiji:That's right...This explains everything. Gu...
      Come out! We're in your trap now!
(??? appears on screen)
???:You don't have to declare that so proudly, boy.
    It's not very stylish.
Reiji:...I don't care.
      This is my job, so lets get it over with.
???:My, so enthusiastic as such a young age.
    You got yourself a good partner, squirt.
Xiao-Mu:Hmph...You still haven't figured it out.
Cammy:How long are you going to keep chatting?
      Just how will you plan to fix things after being so late?
???:Ah, there's no need to get so angry.
    You've been doing a fine job.
Cammy:It was Lord Bison's orders. I didn't do it for you.
Kyoko:...Just what are they talking about?
Hideo:Is that woman...?
      O-Oh my...I don't know where to look.
Nakamura:That woman is the commander of those monsters.
         Well, I agree she is some nice eye candy...hahahaha.
Hideo:Oh no! I-It's not like that!
Nakamura:Yeah. Yeah!
         The one thing for certain is that she is an opponent
         that we must fight.
         Now then...Trans-form!
Bravoman:Bravo...ready for action!
Wonder Momo:Wonder Momo! ...I-I'll do my best!
???:Hm...How cute. Is that how you put on that get-up?
    A bit clumsy, no?
Wonder Momo:I-I'm still not used to this...
Ken:Is she really the enemy?
Ryu:Ken, don't you feel it?
    I can't sense the flow of ki from within her...
    Instead...there is a different type of energy...
???:That's pretty interesting.
    There also seems to be something deep inside you.
    Is that how you saw through me?
Ken:(...This woman...)
???:So, shall we begin?
    I was able to buy a lot time. Now I just need a little more.
Cammy:Understood. Commencing attack.
Xiao-Mu:Buy time...?
        Does this have to do with your contract with Shadowloo?
      No, that's not it! This is the same thing as last time!
      Damn it, we screwed up!
      Everyone, go after that woman! There's no time! Hurry!
Xiao-Mu:It can't be...!
Felicia:Huh? Wha? What's the matter all of the sudden?
Shion:There's no time? What is that supposed to mean?
Reiji:That doesn't matter right now! Just take her out!
???:Ah...it's such a sin to be so beautiful.
Reiji:(Why didn't I realize it sooner!?)
      (They're trying the same thing they did ten years ago!)

+Chapter 4  The Woman from Ten Years Ago+

*Defeat Cammy*

Cammy:If that woman had only followed the plan, this would
      have never happened!
      Ku...pull back!
Chun-Li:Hold it!
Cammy:You're persistent. This must be the Interpol investigator
      Lord Bison mentioned...
      No matter. We will never meet again.
Chun-Li:What!? What is that supposed to mean!?
(Cammy retreats)

*Defeat several Kamai-tachis*
(Note:If Cammy is still around, she will have lines. Otherwise, ???
      will be talking to herself.)
???Oh my, you defeated several of the poor kamas.
Cammy:These monsters are useless.
???:Well, it's the effort that counts.
    ...It's almost time.
Reiji:We're running out of time!
Ryu:Hold it, just what has got you so irritated?
Sakura:Yeah! We're doing the best we can!
Xiao-Mu:That's not the problem!
         Hey, Banter Robo! How's the space-time continuum?
Shion:Banter Robo? Who are you...
KOS-MOS:Understood. The temporal distortion has been growing in
        the past few moments.
        It is impossible to calculate the precise distortional growth.
Xiao-Mu:I knew it!
        This is bad. She's trying to...
Reiji:Hurry! We have to take her down!
???:Although parting is such sweet sorrow...it's almost game over.
    You can leave now. Give your boss my regards.
Cammy:...Roger. Pulling back.
      (Why would Lord Bison work with someone like her...?)
(Cammy, Juni and Juli retreat if they have yet to do so)
Bruce:She got away!? Hey, hold it right there!
Fong-Ling:Bruce! We have to do something about this place first!
Hsein-Ko:You're going to get taken out if you go alone. Don-guu.
Chun-Li:Use your head a little! Don-guu!
Xiao-Mu:Don-guu...Its been a while since I last heard that.
Bruce:Ah piss off!
Reiji:Her buddies escaped!
      Bruce! We need to work together to beat that woman! Don't
      follow Shadowloo!
      (Come on...we got to make it in time!)

*Defeat ???*

???:Agh...Oh no.
Reiji:I got you now!
      ...Looks like we made it.
King:1, 2 and 3...the match is over.
     There are a lot of things we want to ask.
Wonder Momo:Um...
            A-Are you his ex?
Xiao-Mu:The first thing you want to ask is that!?
Chun-Li:...Tell me about your connection with ShadowLoo.
        After that, you'll tell me where Bison is, even
        if I have to force it out of you!
Ken:Whoa, calm down there.
???:That's right, you ought to calm down.
    ...It's too late anyways.
Reiji:...What did you say!?
???:...You're too late, boy.
(The fountain goes out of control, and the area turns purple)
Bravoman:What's happening!?
M.O.M.O.:It's a dimensional distortion! The point of origin is...
         The fountain in the center!
Reiji:What!? It's not HQ's basement!?
Xiao-Mu:You've botched your own plan!
???:I didn't botch anything. This was my plan from the beginning.
Kyoko:I can't...move my body...
Hideo:M-Ms.Kyoko! Gugh..ugh...
      What...is this...light...?
Sakura:Eh!? Mr.Shimazu! Ms.Minazuki!
Karin:Sakura! We have to...!
Ryu:What is this?
(Karin&Sakura disappear)
Ryu:They disappeared!?
Ken:Hey, what's going on!? Give me an explanation!
KOS-MOS:Understood. Due to the dimensional distortion, the
        boundary lines that are within base reality are...
(KOS-MOS disappears)
Felicia:She took too long! Before we could even make sense...
King:Felicia! Grab hold of me!
(King&Felicia disappears)
Shion:I don't believe this...!
      Momo, what's the situation here? Just what is happening!?
M.O.M.O.:Well...you see...um...
(Shion&Momo disappear)
Hsein-Ko:We can't count on either of you!
Fong-Ling:We have to run! Over here!
          Ah, uwaaa!
(Hsein-Ko&Fong-Ling disappear)
        Is this what Shadowloo was planning?
Ken:This is unbelievable!
    (Is this what you wanted? Why did you have to get
    those kids involved!?)
(Chun-Li, Ken, and Ryu disappear)
Bruce:This is bad!
      Shit...my body isn't...moving...
Regina:This...tugging feeling...on the...skin...
       At Ibis Island...in that research facility...!
(Bruce&Regina disappear)
Bravoman:Everyone! ...What is this...!
Wonder Momo:Mr.Bravo!
         I can't believe...I got you...into this...
(Bravoman&Wonder Momo disappear)
???After you, it's all over, boy.
   Hey, squirt. This time...I won.
Xiao-Mu:Really? ...I wonder...
Reiji:This is the same thing as before...By putting Shinra
      HQ in a "Dimensional Closure," you planned to clean out the
      guts...while the demon...was missing from the gates...
???:That's right. As a member of Ouma, Shinra has
    always been...
    Hey, hold it.
    How do you know what happened that day, ten years ago?
Xiao-Mu:Its been ten years. To us, ten years is nothing.
        But for humans, ten years hold a different meaning.
        Even if wounds heal with time, the meaning behind
        the scar will never disappear!
???:Ten years? That scar...? Boy, you're...Oh my god!
(Reiji "powers up" and moves next to ???)
???:How can you move in the Dimensional Closure!?
Xiao-Mu:...Ten years.
        In that time, how much training did you think I
        put him under!?
        I still haven't forgotten that battle!
(Reiji and ??? puts their guns into each other's faces)
???:Ah...I'm surprised...
    You survived after taking a hit in the head from
    my Shinogi.
    That little boy has become such a fine man.
Reiji:I stayed alive just for this moment...
???:But are you sure about this, boy?
    You know what will happen if you pull that trigger
    now, don't you?
???:The Temporal Closure will be negated. Without any
    direction, no one will know what will happen with the
    released energies.
    The same can be said for the fate of your precious friends.
Reiji:And if I said I'll pull the trigger anyways?
???:*Giggle* ...But you can't do it, can you?
    Not as long as the blood of Arisu Shougo flows in your veins.
???:This is why that man died.
      I'm sorry, old man.
(Reiji lowers his gun)
Xiao-Mu:Reiji! Why didn't you pull the trigger!?
        This was...This was our only chance!
???:See, didn't I tell you?
    I wonder if that naivete is inherited?
      But in the end, that naivete caused your destruction...
      as well as putting a stop to the largest Yuragi there ever was.
Reiji:This time won't be any different. In the end, you will be
      When the time comes, the first to pull the trigger...will
      be me.
???:You've become a fine man...The kind I could fall
    head over heels for...
    I'm Saya. Boy, what's your name?
Reiji:Reiji. Arisu Reiji.
Saya:I'll remember that, boy.
     Although I doubt we'll meet again, if this ever
     happens again...
     I just might let you pull the trigger first.
Reiji:...That's nice to hear.
(Reiji&Xiao-Mu disappear)


\\D.Chapter 5\\

+World of Gods Shrine of Ishtar+

M.O.M.O.:Mr.Arisu! You're finally awake!
Reiji:Where is this...? Ugh...
Kyoko:Let me see your scar.
      ...It's deep, but it's an old scar.
      It doesn't seem like it opened...Are you really ok?
Xiao-Mu:Don't worry, he's only napping.
        For the longest time, this guy had trouble getting up.
        I usually have to wake him up every morning.
Hsein-Ko:Wow, I'm surprised. I thought it would be the other way
Xiao-Mu:Heh, who do you think I am?
Reiji:...She's usually on the internet until daybreak.
     For someone that sleeps from noon, you shouldn't talk so big.
Bruce:Looks like they're back to their old selves.
Nakamura:You were the last ones to appear here. Is everything ok?
Reiji:Appear? ...That's right, where are we!?
King:We don't have a clue.
Felecia:Judging by the buildings, maybe Greece?
        Take that chair for example.
Hideo:I don't think that is quite right, but it does look we're in
      Japan anymore.
      This throne...Hm...
Kyoko:Cellphones are out of range...Or are they being jammed?
KOS-MOS:Airwaves are clear.
        However, I cannot connect to any frequencies.
        To be precise, I cannot detect any radio frequencies. 
Regina:Not a single one? Is that even possible?
       In this day and age, we can maintain contact even in a
       South American jungle.
M.O.M.O.:What KOS-MOS is saying...is true.
         I cannot detect anything either.
Reiji:In that case, there is only one explanation.
Momo:YOu have an idea as to where we are?
Xiao-Mu:Instead of spirits coming to our world, the opposite happened.
Reiji:It means we're in their world now.
Felicia:Eh!? A world like that exists!?
King:...And where did you come from?
Felicia:Oh yeah...But this place is different from where I came from.
Reiji:That would also be another world.
M.O.M.O.:In other words, a dimensional transportation.
Shion:How unbelievable...
Regina:There was a case where a sixty-five million year old ancient world
       appeared in the present due to experiments involving an energy source.
       ...This can possibly happen.
Bruce:The Third Energy?
      Past and Present...If the only thing separating the two is a "Dimensional
      Barrier," then being teleported to an entirely different world isn't
      that far of a stretch.
Sakura:I don't get it. Just what happened, and where are we now?
       Hey, Ryu...
       ...Huh? Ryu!?
       Ryu...He's not here!?
Reiji:What!? He was at Roppongi, but isn't here!?
Fong-Ling:Chun-Li isn't here either.
Karin:...Ken Masters is also absent.
KOS-MOS:I detect no life signs in the vicinity.
Hsien-Ko:Aiya...Looks like we got separated.
Sakura:No...Just when I finally met him!
       Ryu...I wonder if he's safe...
Nakamura:Now, now. Why don't we get out of here and search the area?
         We might be able to figure out our next move, and...Ryu and
         Ken, was it? Those two might be heading this way.
Hideo:Good idea. No one is here, and sitting around won't get anything
Karin:How utterly...carefree of you.
      But I suppose there are no other alternatives, are there?
Sakura:I'm worried about Ryu and the others! Lets hurry up and go!
Reiji:Right. While we assess the situation, we can also exchange information.
Kyoko:Such as the details regarding your relations with that woman?
Shion:I believe she was...your lover?
Reiji:What are you talking about?
      Her? ...Give me a break.
Felicia:But going after Xiao-Mu after that woman...
        Reiji, you sure are into this sort of thing, aren't you?
Hsien-Ko:That woman must have hurt him pretty bad. His first reaction
         must have been to find the opposite of that woman and...
Momo:I see...This seems to be very deep.
Xiao-Mu:Oh give it a rest already.
        ("Hurt pretty bad?"...What an understatement.)

+World of Demons Hell's Village Throne Room+

Joker:...And that is how it is. It is becoming quite interesting, Lord
Astarot:Kukuku...The door to the World of Substance has finally opened.
        This makes four worlds...Now we can cross over to all worlds.
Joker:The World of Substance is a pleasant place. I've taken a liking to
      Surprisingly, there are many creatures with hidden potential.
Red Aleemar Joker:...Are you talking about the person Raptor brought back?
                  The one with the "Devil Genes?"
Joker:...As I expected, you're a well-informed man.
      This Mishima is a specimen from the World of Substance who carries
      the Devil Genes, an element that is similar to us.
Astarot:Really...So then what?
Joker:Out of interest, we took a sample. However...
Red Aleemar Joker:...However? Did something happen?
      It must have been the air of this world...When he regained
      conciousness, he just flew off.
      ...But only after a tremendous scuffle.
Astarot:I see...How did he fight?
Joker:To be honest, I was surprised by his strength.
      It was such a waste to let someone like him escape. The repairs
      needed for the Tower of Druaga will also be a workload.
      ...Well, I didn't have very high hopes in the first place.
Red Aleemar Joker:Joker, you are an underling of Druaga, are you not?
                  Such words are rather unfitting.
Joker:Then should I have reported this to Lord Druaga?
      I never expected you to be cheeky. Nohohoho.
Red Aleemar Joker:...Hmph.
Astarot:Kukuku...This is fine. I wouldn't mind making this Mishima mine.
Joker:This is how it is. I thought it would be best to tell you. Nohoho.
      Now the, if you would excuse me.
Astarot:Kukuku. Sooner or later, I must deal with Druaga...We must make
        preparations for that day. Red Aleemar Joker, you will...
Red Aleemar Joker:Lord Astarot...I will join the search for "that man."
Astartot:Hm? You're still worried about that? Leave it be. He's only 
         a thing of the past.
         We have the power of Druaga, and we were able to force back
         the "Maiden Knight." Hell's Village is now stronger then ever.
         A single knight will not be able to take any action against us.
         You will look for Mishima.
Red Aleemar Joker:There is no need for that. Members of can handle it.
                  Allow me to sortie them.
Astarot:Hmph, he's as stubborn as usual. Just what is bothering him?

+World of Gods  Shrine of Ishtar+
(Reiji, Xiao-Mu, Shion, M.O.M.O. and KOS-MOS appear.)
Reiji:...No progress.
Xiao-Mu:We still don't know that.
        At the very least, we now know that this world is radically 
        different from ours.
        That fox...She really did it this time.
M.O.M.O.:That woman...Just who is she?
Reiji:...The enemy.
Shion:Momo... Everyone has something they don't want to talk about.
M.O.M.O.:I understand...
KOS-MOS:Heat signatures detected. It appears to be the returning away teams.
Xiao-Mu:I wonder if they got anything?
(Nakamura, Momo, Felicia&King, and Hsien-Ko&Fong-Ling appear)
Nakamura:We have returned.
Reiji:Sorry to have you do this, Mr.Nakamura.
      How did it go?
Felicia:I told you already! That just doesn't make sense!
Hsien-Ko:Yeah, but you can't just think about yourself.
         You have to think about the partner's feelings too.
Momo:I don't know...I think that as long as there's love, age 
     doesn't really matter. ...Is that wrong?
Felicia:Nyahahaha! That's so naive! You're too naive, Momo!
        At that rate...
Reiji:(They're still talking about that?)
Xiao-Mu:...Are you even taking this seriously?
Nakamura:Please don't misunderstand.
Fong-Ling:Unbelievable. Do these girls even want to do this?
King:At least the three of us saw a lot of things.
(Bruce&Regina, Hideo&Kyoko, and Karin&Sakura appear)
Bruce:We're back.
Regina:There wasn't a single person...This is almost like
       a hush world.
Sakura:*Sigh* ...This isn't good.
Karin:Things are just how Sakura said it was.
      ...Just what is this place?
Hideo:On the bright side, the air is surprisingly clean, and the
      land is naturally beautiful.
      This is such a wonderful place.
Kyoko:Next time, how about the two of us take a stroll together?
Hideo:Ms.Kyoko? O-oh my...Hahaha.
Reiji:I know. You don't have to say.
      I wish they would be more concerned...
KOS-MOS:No need for concern.
M.O.M.O.:It seems that we will have something to be concerned about...
(Enemies appear)
Shion:What the!? Enemies!?
Karin:They don't seem like friendly next-door neighbors.
King:Felicia, have you seen these before?
Felicia:I never saw these mask things before, but this sensation...
        It's obvious that they have some grudge against us.
KOS-MOS:There is no matching data within the databanks.
        We're lacking in data.
Xiao-Mu:This is so much trouble...!
Reiji:Good thing they didn't come out while we were separated.
      Lets do this. We might be able to get some information out of them.

*Defeat 3 Enemies*

KOS-MOS:Heat signature heading towards us.
Xiao-Mu:Just what you would expect from the enemy's home base.
        How many are there?
(Kazama Jin appears)
Jin:Finally some people...Huh?
Hideo:A young man? He looks human, but who is he?
Kyoko:I don't know, Mr.Hideo.
      Maybe he's a monster in the form of a human...
Fong-Ling:Kazama Jin!? You again!?
Hsien-Ko:That's a suave entrance. Were you waiting for the perfect moment?
Jin:Nah, it's just a coincidence.
Regina:A coincidence...? Wait a minute, where were you?
Jin:I have absolutely no idea.
    I've been wandering around for almost two hours now.
Sakura:E-Excuse me! On your way here, did you happen to see two people
       in a white and a red gi, or a person in a china dress?
Bruce:She's talking about the two karate men that were on that ship.
      I don't think you know the china dress person.
Jin:Nope. You're the first humans I met.
    The only others I...
(Enemies appear behind Jin)
Karin:Those round things are...!
Wonder Momo:The cute monsters that came out before!
Jin:Crap! They caught up!
    Other then you, the only people I bumped into were these guys.
Bravoman:By the way, let me ask you something.
         During that battle in front of the Mishima Zaibatsu building, you
         chased after a man wearing a black suit similar to my own. ...What
         happened to him?
Jin:I followed him to Shibuya...Then I lost him.
    Then all of the sudden I blacked out...
    When I woke up, I was here.
King:We should talk later.
     We don't know what happened, or where we are, but it's clear who the
     enemy is.
Felicia:That's right, King! Lets kick their asses!
Jin:It's my fault that these things are here.
    I'll fight too.
Xiao-Mu:What do you think, Reiji?
Reiji:Why Shibuya? The "Temporal Closure" shouldn't have any effects outside
     of its' predetermined range.
Xiao-Mu:Could it be an exception, or is there something special about him...?
        Hm, quite fascinating. Just what I would expect from a fine man.

*Defeat several enemies*

(Devil Kazuya appears)
Devil Kazuya:...
Kyoko:A demon!?
Xiao-Mu:It's about time something like that appeared.
        *Giggle* An appropriate opponent for the first level of Hell.
Sakura:Eh!? This is the first level of Hell!?
Karin:You're so gullible.
     Sakura, you must concentrate.
King:It really is a demon. But where did it...?
Devil Kazuya:...I'm finally free...
Reiji:It can talk? This one is different from the others.
Hsien-Ko:This one is probably going to be trouble.
Fong-Ling:Do you know him?
Hsien-Ko:Not really, but I sense an amazing power.
Felicia:Demitri? ...The hair is similar, but it's not him.
KOS-MOS:He is most likely a human.
Shion:Eh!? Hold on KOS-MOS.
      No matter how you look at it...
KOS-MOS:Only 78% of his composition is human. The nature of the remaining
        percentage is unknown.
Wonder Momo:I-Is it...cosplay?
M.O.M.O.:Considering his composition, he may be a cyborg of sorts.
Jin:...He's not anything like that.
Bruce:Wait, you know this guy?
   (New enemies surround Devil Kazuya)
Regina:There's more!? This time things with wings on their backs are...!
Hideo:These are...Judging by their appearance, they're demons.
Reiji:Then there are skeletons. What is this?
Bravoman:The ambience suggests that they are not his allies.
Devil Kazuya:Don't get in this one's way...[我]
             This one wishes to test this power...[我]
             There is a suitable opponent. That would be you, Kazama Jin.
Jin:...I agree.
Xiao-Mu:Looks like they have something between them.
        (Hm? That demon and this kid...Don't The two kind of look alike?)
Reiji:At any rate, we know that he's the enemy.
      We'll have to take him on...Lets go!
Devil Kazuya:Yes...Come!
Jin:It's a fight then!

+Chapter 5 The Devil Genes+

*After one battle with Devil Kazuya*

Devil Kazuya:...
Jin:Mishima Kazuya. I have a question for you.
    Why are you here in that form!?
Devil Kazuya:It took so long...So long for my genes to finally awaken![俺]
     I see...During my youth, Father King told me stories about a practitioner
     of the Mishima Style of Karate...
Karin:I read this in a file...
      The "Cold Blooded Son" of the Mishima Zaibatsu...
      Father once had an unpleasant run-in with him.
Fong-Ling:Mishima Kazuya...Almost twenty years ago during the last
          King of the Iron Fist Tournament...
          He went missing for the last time.
Jin:...It's twenty-one years ago.
Bruce:Could you tell us what happened?
Bravoman:Also, why is he in such an unsettling state?
Jin:Later. We can talk all you want over his corpse.
Devil Kazuya:Kuku...Can you do it? Can you kill me?[俺]
             Kill this one? You lowly human...[我]
Xiao-Mu:What the...? Is it "me" or "this one?" Make up your mind
        already. [See Chapter 5 Notes]
Jin:Screw that. I'm going to beat him down...!
Reiji:At least we're certain that they have problems with each other.
      I know I can't talk about others, and it would be pointless to try
      to stop him.
      Time to fight.

*Defeat Kazuya*

Devil Kazuya:This power...Has it not reached its' full potential?
             Or is this its' limits?
Jin:Running away, Mishima Kazuya!? I'll finish you here!
Devil Kazuya:Kuku...There's no need to bark, Kazama Jin.
             Or should I call you "son? "
Karin:What did you say!? The son of the Mishima Zaibatsu's Cold-Blooded Son?
Fong-Ling:(I knew it. There is a blood relation.)
Felicia:What!? He's a half!? But he doesn't feel like one!
Jin:Fuck off!
    The monster that left my mother is no father of mine!
Regina:Hey, calm down!
Reiji:(A man who carries the blood of a non-human...)
      (I don't believe it...The reason why he was able to come to
       this world despite being in a different place was because...)
(More enemies come and surround Devil Kazuya)
Bruce:Damnit! More came!
Sakura:Just as one would expect, the first level of Hell is a nest of demons.
Wonder Momo:Judging by their looks, they seem to be partners with those
            red demons.
Kyoko:If they keep up this pace, then we will be worn out.
Hideo:...There's no end to them.
      Arisu, we should pull back for now.
Reiji:...You're right.
KOS-MOS:I will secure an escape route. Is this all right with you?
Shion:Please do so KOS-MOS.
Jin:Run if you want to! I'm going after him.
Devil Kazuya:Kukuku...There's no need to rush, Jin.
             There's plenty of time for both myself and you.
(Devil Kazuya leaves)
King:He ran!? What speed...
Jin:Mishima Kazuya!
(Red Aleemar Kings also leave)
Bravoman:Huh!? The demons also flew away!?
Hsien-Ko:Then what did they come here for?
M.O.M.O.:They seem to be going after that person.
Reiji:So they didn't have their sights on us.
Xiao-Mu:This is kind of sad. They didn't even look at us.
Reiji:We were able to avoid needless battle. Don't complain.
Reiji:Lets finish off the rest.
      They don't seem to be going after Mishima Kazuya.

*Defeat all enemies*

Kyoko:For the time being, things have quieted down.
Regina:There's still the possibility of an ambush.
       Those guys would be waiting for this moment.
Xiao-Mu:Hm...If that's so, then it's time to pull chocks.
        [Original Text: ...then it's time for a Jyopa]
M.O.M.O.:Pull chocks? What does that mean?
         [Original Text:Jyopa?...]
KOS-MOS:I believe it is lingo for "getting out of here."
        [Original Text:...it is an anagram for "Bashyo Kae"
         (Japanese for change of place)]
        However, in our current, problematic situation, it may
        not be a viable option.
Xiao-Mu:It's always no, no, no...!
Reiji:I'm not defending her, but staying still doesn't mean our
      our situation will get any better.
Bravoman:Both are rational assessments. So, what is the next course
         of action?
Jin:What do you think? I'm going after Mishima Kazuya.
Hsien-Ko:Whoa, hold your horses.
         You're bound to get lost. Even if we look for you...
Jin:Even so...
Reiji:Kazama, you don't have to talk about your relations with
      that man.
      But right now, we're in a predicament...Besides, I cannot
      allow a civilian to put himself at risk.
Xiao-Mu:YOu sure are talking big. Aren't you after a certain someone?
Felicia:Furthermore, your womanizing powers are probably 
        more serious then Jin's.
Monder Momo:V-Very serious...
Reiji:...It's not serious at all.
Sakura:Wait. If Jin was at a different place, then it might be the
       same with Ryu and the others.
       If so...I want to go look for them.
Karin:Even if that is the case, we have no actual proof.
Hidoe:That's right. We shouldn't be going our own ways.
Bruce:Well, we can always split up to gather information.
Fong-Ling:The trade-off will be the division of our strength. What
          will you do if we get surrounded by those demons again?
Shin:Things are...very disarrayed.
Xiao-Mu:Yep. We really can't get it together...
        ...I got a feeling that something good will happen right about...
(??? appears)
Xiao-Mu:Uwa, who's there?
        There wasn't anyone inside that building.
King:...This godly light...W-what is this...?
Felicia:K-King, what's the matter?
???:...I have witnessed your battle.
    Please come in. We have much to talk about.
Reiji:Talk? She doesn't seem hostile...
      Hmph...Something good?" I got a feeling something bad is going
      to happen.


\\E.Chapter 6\\

+World of Gods Heaven Shrine  Hall of the Great Priestess+

Ki:People of the World of Substance, in the Shrine of Ishtar?
Great Priestess:Yes. In addition, the shrine has recently come under attack.
Ki:Impossible! Out of all the worlds, the barrier of the World of Substance
   is the thickest!
Great Priestess:...There's no changing the fact that there is now a crack
                in that barrier.
                Now that the Corridor of Time has been opened...It's quite
                After what I have told you about the Soul Eating Sword...
                You of all people should understand, Ki.
Klonoa:Hey! Lolo!
Lolo:Klonoa? What's the matter? Why the rush...
Guntz:No time for that! It really hit the fan this time! The Illusion Beast
      Army is heading this way!
Klonoa:There are even some we never seen before too!
       We don't know what they are though...
       Now's not the time! Priestess! Hide somewhere safe with Ki and Lolo!
Great Priestess:...The interior of Heaven Shrine is the safest place there is.
                If the enemy has made it this far, then it's already over.
Guntz:How can you be so friggin' relaxed about this!?
Lolo:Guntz! How can you talk to the Priestess like that!?
Great Priestess:Ki. Take Lolo and escape. You must return to the Golden Knight.
Lolo:G-Great Priestess!?
Great Priestess:The Soul Eating Sword must not be taken by the enemy.
                ...Even if it means that Heaven Shrine will fall into the
                hands of demons!
                There's also the incident involving the intruders from
                the World of Substance. ...You must hurry.
Guntz:(The Soul Eating Sword?)
      (Then the World of Substance...No way it's that easy to connect to
       connect to that world...)
Ki:...I understand.
Great Priestess:...Klonoa, you must go as well.
Klonoa:You cannot be serious, Great Priestess.
       ...Lolo, can you get away without any trouble?
Guntz:...I'll fight too.
      I'm not into this justice or protection crap, but I'm not just going to
      run with my tail between my legs.
Klonoa:...Sorry about this, Guntz.
Guntz:Weren't you listening? I'm not running with my tail between my legs.
      Alright, lets do this!
Klonoa:Right! Lets go!
Ki:Klonoa, Guntz...Please stay safe.
   Come now, Lolo.
Lolo:I...I'm not going!
     I can't run while Klonoa is fighting outside!
Great Priestess:Lolo...
Lolo:Ms. Ki, I'm also a priestess!
     ...I'm still a trainee, but I will protect the Great Priestess!
     That's why I...!
Ki:...Great Priestess, I must take my leave.
   Lolo, I'm counting on you.
Great Priestess:*Giggle* Lolo is just like how you used to be.
                She has that same look you had when you challenged that tower
                by yourself.
Ki:P-Please don't remind me...I just ended up being turned into stone...
   Now then, I must be going!
   Everyone, please stay safe. May the protection of the Goddess Ishtar
   be with you.

+Same Time  Shrine of Ishtar+

Reiji:Five worlds?
Ishtar:Correct. This is the World of Gods. The demons from before are from
       the World of Demons.
       Also, there is the World of Illusion, the World Of Mouryou and the
       world you came from, the World of Substance.
       ...These worlds are situated extremely close to one another, separated
       only by dimensional barriers.
Kyoko:Even in our current situation, I still find that hard to believe.
Regina:No, dimensional barriers do exist.
       Not only worlds, but the instances of time known as "Past" and "Future"
       are separated by "walls." 
       Isn't that right, Goddess?
       Although "Temporal Barriers" and "Dimensional Barriers" differ in
       characteristics, passage through both is possible through 
       an "open seam."
Fong-Ling:Regina, that's the truth behind Ibis Island and the "Third
          Energy Crisis," isn't it?
KOS-MOS:Shion, if all we have been told is true, then...
Shion:It explains what happened to us.
      Why it happened is still unknown though...
Ishtar:It its natural form, the barriers are thick, and movement between worlds
       is rare.
       The barriers of your world, the World of Substance, is particularly so.
       However, demons have opened a seam in the dimensional fabric and now
       intrude into your world.
       The world of Demons, a land inhabited by the residents of the dark, is
       situated the closest to your world.
Reiji:I see. So that's where the things our organization fought came from.
Felicia:...Yeah, I'm from there too.
Ishtar:Even my world is experiencing its own problems.
       The dimensional barriers are becoming increasingly unstable due to 
       the workings of the demons.
Xiao-Mu:...So that's what was behind that incident involving distortions
        of this "wall" in our world.
Ishtar:Due to the effects of that large-scale dimensional distortion, the
       barriers of all worlds are being effected.
       Due to this, it has become even more difficult to control the situation.
       Even I, the keeper of this world, cannot even handle half of 
       the side-effects...
Sakura:Excuse me...Besides us, is there anyone else that was sent to
       this world?
Ishtar:As far as I know, you are the only ones.
Ishtar:You...I believe you called yourself Kazama Jin?
       you are the only one that came here under his own power.
Reiji:(...So he really wasn't sent here by the effects of the 
       Dimensional Closure?)
Jin:Huh?...Me? What's that...
Ishtar:Even I do not know. However, do you not already have an idea?
Karin:Is this about Mishima Kazuya?
Jin:I don't know why, but he's in this world...As well as in that form...
Ishtar:That demon must have come from the World of Substance.
    ("Demon," huh?)
Ishtar:Perhaps it would be more proper to say that he was brought to
       the World of Demons.
Hsien-Ko:...It must have been Raptor.
Bruce:That zombie bastard...So that job he was talking about must have
      been an abduction.
Jin:(...Does this have anything to do with why I was targeted?)
Nakamura:Hm...That still doesn't explain everything...Just what happened
         to the two in the karate gis?
Ishtar:The only possibility would be the world on the opposite side of this
       this world...It must be the World of Demons.
Reiji:World of Demons...The enemy's headquarters, huh?
      Whether we return to our world or go looking for Inspector Chun-Li and
      the others, we'll have to cross this "open seam."
Ishtar:That is correct. The only place connected to the World of Substance, as
       well as the other worlds, is the Heaven Shrine, located just beyond
Xiao-Mu:Gotcha. Lets hurry up and...
Ishtar:However...For a while now, I have been unable to make contact
       with the Great Priestess of the shrine.
M.O.M.O.:Heaven Shrine?
Shion:Great Priestess?
Hideo:Shrines are places that priestesses lead. There, those women act as
      mediums for the gods.
Momo:Oh! You mean the priestesses that show up a lot in cosplay.
Xiao-Mu:That's the first thing that comes into your mind!?
        ...Bah, young people nowadays!
King:Goddess Ishtar. I assume that we must go to this "Heaven Shrine?"
Ishtar:...I do not wish to bother other-worlders such as yourselves. 
       Unfortunately, I have no other alternative.
Reiji:It is not a problem, Goddess Ishtar. We will leave for Heaven Shrine.
      The blame for being unable to prevent the dimensional distortions in
      our world falls on...
Nakamura:It would fall on us...
Reiji:...Mr. Nakamura.
Momo:This isn't good, Mr. Arisu. Ever since then...you haven't been able to
     let yourself go.
     ...I want to save Amazona, who has been possessed by demons.
     For that goal, I'll fight too!
King:You have strong resolve.
Felicia:Yep! Just what I would expect from my partner!
        ...But Momo. I've already said it many times. The one thing Reiji
        can't let go of is his womanizing ways.
Hsien-Ko:That's right.
Reiji:...You don't want to piss me off.
Felicia:Oh my god, he's pissed!
Hsien-Ko:W-We'll help out, so calm down.
         Besides, when you think about it, it's not our fault since those
         girls got in our way.
Karin:It is true that we were unable to stop that woman due to the 
      distraction caused by Shadowloo's agents.
      After being caught off-guard, we mustn’t dawdle in this place.
Sakura:We still have to find Ryu and the others too!
Kyoko:In that case, we'll go as well.
Hideo:At times like this, teachers must move forward with due haste.
Jin:Count me in. Mishima Kazuya...I'll slow him down.
M.O.M.O.:Shion, are we...
Shion:...We never had much of a choice, considering that we're from a
      different world.
KOS-MOS:Roger, Shion.
Bruce:As public servants, we gotta protect the civilians.
Fong-Ling:That's right. We got a salaryman, teachers, musical stars that
          are accompanied by a wrestler and high school girls...
          As government agents, we can't have them protecting us.
Regina:...Just hearing them listed reminds one how ridiculous this is.
       Arisu. As a fellow member of a special unit, you got to shoulder
       some weight.
Reiji:I got it.
      ...Sorry about this guys. I'll find a way back to our world. Just stick
      with me for a little while.
Xiao-Mu:That sounds nice...
        So, what are you waiting for? You got to get going!
Reiji:You're coming too.
      ...Now then, Goddess Ishtar. If you would excuse us.
Ishtar:Take care. I will do what I can to help.
       May there be light on the road you travel...

+World of Gods  Heaven Shrine Entrance+

Klonoa:Whoa, they're here!
Guntz:Crap! They're going for the kill.
      ...Klonoa, we're going to make a break for it once we hit our limit.
Klonoa:Huh!? Hey, wait a minute!
       What about Lolo and the Great Priestess!?
Guntz:You gotta hold on to your life.
      Weren't you listening earlier? There's something here from the World of
      Substance. We have no idea what's going to happen next.
      Then there's these guys. Did you really think we could take them all on?
Klonoa:But didn't you say you didn't want to run away with your tail between
       your legs?
Guntz:Sounded pretty cool, didn't it?
Klonoa:That's why you said that!?
Guntz:Ah put a lid on it. You got to hold on to your life.
      It's all over for you when you die.
      ...Just like how it was over for Pops.
Klonoa:Hm? Just now, did you...
Guntz:It's nothing.
      Look, I said I'll do what I can, so lets get started!
      Come on Klonoa!
Klonoa:Wa-phu! We got to protect Lolo and the Great Priestess!

+Chapter 6  Klonoa Heroes+

*Defeat one enemy*

(Jyanga and enemy reinforcements appear)
Klonoa:Uwa! More came!
Guntz:Don't tell me we have to retreat this soon.
      ...This is pathetic.
Klonoa:We can't give up! We'll figure something out! Guntz!
Guntz:You're in over your head...
Jyanga:Something was holding us back, but it's just a bunch of
       brats swinging around toys?
Klonoa:...W-What's with him...?
Jyanga:...Damn you. Don't get cocky just cuz you slowed us down!
       Damnit, damnit, damnit!
       Ah, it's just a bunch of kids. Kiki...
       It just might be fun to rough them up a bit.
Guntz:What the? ...What's with that noise he's making...?
Jyanga:Its been a while since I last tried out my poison claws.
       Gotta be ready to payback those punks from the World of Substance.
Guntz:Poison claws...? Poison claws!?
      Then that hat...That mark on your hat! It can't be...It is you!
Klonoa:Hey, you know this guy?
Jyanga:Hah? What's with that kid and his yammering?
Jyanga:Yeah, I'm the great "Poison Claw Jyanga."
       ...So, who the heck are you?
Guntz:You...I'm going to rip your mouth to pieces!
Klonoa:Guntz, what's going on!? Talk to me! Hey!
Guntz: Shut it! Jyanga, damn you!
Jyanga:Kikiki...I don't know who the hell you are, but it won't
       matter once you're a corpse!

*After the first battle with Jyanga*

Reiji:So this is Heaven Shrine.
      ...This must be why she lost contact.
Xiao-Mu:Sheesh...Wherever we go, there's just another problem.
        Hm? ...A red bike?
Klonoa:Uwa!? More enemies!?
       Huh? Wait a minute. I've never seen these people before...
Guntz:Forget that, Klonoa!
      All I want is to kill Jyanga!
Regina:Seems like they're busy.
Jin:...Hold it.
    Just...Just what are those creatures?
Shion:...Maybe...Maybe those two are wearing costumes?
M.O.M.O.:They're so fluffy.
Klonoa:Oh! Are you the ones from the World of Substance?
Wonder Momo:Y-Yeah...You're so cute...I just want to pet you...
Hsein-Ko:This can't be a sensible conversation.
Bravoman:We have come from our own reality, or as you call it, the 
         World of Substance.
         We are here to seek an audience with someone called 
         the Great Priestess.
Klonoa:You want to meet the Great Priestess?
Fong-Ling:Do you know her? You seem to have some connection here.
Jyanga:Who the heck are you!?
       Hey. Hey---!!! It's that clawed cat!
Bruce:What, you know this guy?
       Well if it isn't the sacrifice! Finally up to the job?
Sakura:You got to be kidding me!
Karin:It seem you haven't had enough punishment.
Jyanga:Don't bring that up!
       Besides, it was that top-knot fucker that did the work!
       You stupid Drill-head!
Xiao-Mu:Hey! I thought your head looked like that...
        Guess that makes you the Drill Princess!
Karin:You two...I'll have to karate chop both of you.
Hideo:Lets keep the infighting at that.
      Jyanga, was it? If you're here, that means that the Sleeping Sickness
      is connected to the troubles of this world.
Kyoko:This time, you will talk.
Jyanga:You're here too!? You're annoying as usual...Jesus!
Guntz:Hmph. You're hated wherever you go.
       You brat...pipe down already.
Guntz:Shut up!
      Revenge is mine, Traitor Jyanga!
       Those guns...They bothered me before, but...You can't be...
Guntz:I can't believe I would find you here! I've been looking for 
      you, you bastard!
       So you're Batz's son. Interesting.
       Come on! I'll send you to see your dad!
Guntz:Asshole..I won't...I'll never forgive you!
Klonoa:This is Guntz's sworn enemy!?
       Hey, I'm Klonoa! This here is Guntz.
Reiji:I'm Arisu Reiji
      ...I'll introduce the others later.
      We were told by the Goddess Ishtar to come here.
Xiao-Mu:(This is just like Reiji;He's having a normal conversation
         with these freaky creatures.)
       So...That makes you allies?
KOS-MOS:Correct. We shall now offer our support.
Felicia:As fellow furry people, lets do our best!
        Do you got that, King?
King:...I'm not furry.
Jyanga:Damn. More crap to deal with.
       ...Then again, I still have to stall for time. Kikiki...

*Reduce Jyanga's HP by 40%*

Jyanga:Damn...You're good.
Hideo:Surrender yourself!
Guntz:There won't be a second time.
      This is the end for you, Jyanga!
Kyoko:Wait! We still have to ask the kitty...
Guntz:Screw waiting!
Felicia:C-Calm down! As a fellow cat...
Jyanga:Kikiki...There's no need to wait for me.
Hsien-Ko:Aiya! Something's coming!
(Enemies appear behind Reiji's group)
Shion:The enemy!? From behind!?
Jyanga:Kikiki...You guys are late.
King:Crap, we're surrounded!?
Jin:These things...they're the same ones we saw before.
    If they came from behind, they must have been planning this.
M.O.M.O:There's a very big one...
Regina:A dinosaur!? No, not quite...It looks more like a plant.
Fong-Ling:The rest are those mask things...
Klonoa:Eh!? you've fought them before!?
Reiji:Yep. In fact, it was only a short while ago.
      Now we know what the enemy is aiming for.
Xiao-Mu:That's right. They're going for...that...you know...
KOS-MOS:Apparantly you do not know.
Xiao-Mu:You freaking Astro Robo! Would you quit it with the banter!?
Guntz:Jyanga, you're going to...!!
       We got to take the Great Priestess' head in one go.
Klonoa:You're sending them after the Great Priestess!?
       That won't happen while I'm around!
Bravoman:That's right. Klonoa, we'll stay with you a little bit longer.
Wonder Momo:In exchange...Can I pet you later?
Sakura:You won't get your way, you nail cat!
Karin:The price for making a fool out of me is very high.
Reiji:Everyone has their own agenda, but we all have business with this
      Great Priestess.
      Lets finish this.
Guntz:Heh, looks like I get another whack at you.
Klonoa:Yeah, lets do it!
Jyanga:Kikiki...Now that the Shisaurs are here, it won't be that easy.
       (But weren't there supposed to be two Shisaurs?)
       (Heck, all  these guys look like shit.)
       (Damn you Joker...You and your lousy promises...)

*Defeat Jyanga*

Guntz:This time, it is the end for you, Jyanga!
Sakura:Start talking! What's this about sacrifices, and just who
       are you!?
Jyanga:It's too early to tell you that. They party just started!
Jin:Party!? What the hell are you talking about!?
Jyanga:Who know?
       Kikiki...I'll be heading to the party hall now.
       ...I got a feeling it might be over though.
Guntz:Hold it!
Klonoa:Party hall?
       Hey!! Are you talking about where the Great Priestess is!?
Xiao-Mu:Oh no! They must have sent in an advance squad!
Reiji:Crap, so that's how it is! Instead of fighting off the enemy, we
      just ended up getting stalled!
Klonoa:...You under-handed bastard!
Jyanga:That's my charm point. Kikiki...
Jyanga:So long, stupid son of Batz!
(Jyanga leaves)
Klonoa:Uwa! Wait up, Guntz!
(Klonoa and Guntz give chase)
      ...No good. They're already gone.
Fong-Ling:For something that resembles a small animal, it does a good
          job driving.
Regina:...It can talk too.
Felicia:I think that's how their species is.
Hsien-Ko:Feel cheated,no?
Wonder Momo:I didn't get to pet them...
KOS-MOS:Now is not the time for lamenting. We must give immediate pursuit.
        Judging from the nature of this incident, it is highly possible that
        the enemy has set up a trap.
Shion:I agree. With that belligerent attitude, they might not realize that
      it's a trap...
Jin:But there's still some enemies left.
Reiji:We should avoid any pincer attacks.
      Getting attacked from the back isn't any fun either.
Xiao-Mu:Right, right. We got to get rid of the rest of them.

*Defeat all enemies*

M.O.M.O:Um...I detect no enemies in the area.
King:That must have been the last of them.
Bravoman:Yesh. I want to take a breather now...
Karin:There's no time for that.
Hideo:She's right. We must follow Klonoa.
Kyoko:We should hurry, before it's too late.
Xiao-Mu:We don't have much of a choice anyways. Reiji.
Reiji:I know. Everyone, lets go.



Chapter 2:

Translation done by GameFAQs member Yuna4Ever.
I had no hand in any part of the Chapter 2 
Translations, and I take no credit for Yuna4Ever’s translation.

Chapter 4:

Don-guu:Chinese for "Moron."

Chapter 5:

The original text for Xiao-Mu's comment about how Kazuya
flips how he refers to himself is, "Is it Ore{俺}[Manly way of
saying 'I'] or Ware{我}[Formal, old way of saying 'I'], make
up your mind. Since the English language has only 'I' and
'me' to refer to one's self, I was forced to make Devil Kazuya
sound like a fantasy novel stereotype for shamans.

This is where I give due credit to people who
contribute to my translation. Look at
Contact Info for more information.

CJayC for GameFAQS
Yuna4Ever for his translation.

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