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Guide and Walkthrough by Pishkaposh

Version: 1.5 | Updated: 06/16/2006

Atelier Iris 2: Azoth of Destiny
Walkthrough Version 1.2

Copyright 2006 Isidoro Alastra
Email: junopsionic@hotmail.com

This walkthrough has been created exclusively for GameFAQs.com. If you would
like to host this walkthrough on your site, then ask me through email so I can
decide for myself whether it may be posted on your website or not.

This is my first attempt at writing a walkthrough ever. I decided to write it 
for the countless walkthroughs I've read on this site that have helped me get
the most from many games I've played over the past ten years. You can master
this game w/o an FAQ as long as you beware that Life elements are rare and
treat them as such. Also, talk to everybody in Noir everytime you visit.

If you have any information you would like to contribute to this walkthrough,
please email me with an appropriate subject title so I end up reading it. Your
contributions will be appropriately credited to you if used within this

Table of Contents

Version History


  Episode 1
  Episode 2
  Episode 3
  Episode 4
  Episode 5
  Episode 6
  Episode 7
  Episode 8
  Episode 9
  Episode 10
  Episode 11
  Episode 12
  Episode 13
  Episode 14
  Episode 15
  Episode 16
  Episode 17
  Episode 18
  Episode 19
  Episode 20
  Episode 21
  Episode 22

Dragon's Den (Postgame)


  Mana Items
  Alchemy Items

Special Thanks

Version History

Version 1.0: Basic path from beginning to end complete. List of items creatable
             through synthesis complete. General FAQ started. Still need to
             flesh out item locations with Wonder Grow, Yugdore Water, Fairy
             Tea, and Flay Hammer. Also need to write more information on
             Dragon's Den. I know I'm missing monsters, extractions, and basic
             items on some locations.

Version 1.2: Added information on the post-game Dragon Den trials. Refined
             information on FAQ section about making money (thanks to
             VeghEsther and Missy Sampson). Edited some simple typos and
             grammer errors. Planning to revisit every area for Wonder Grow,
             Yugdore Water, and Fairy Tea item locations in next update.

Version 1.5: Added information on items obtainable through mining, Wonder Grow,
             Yugdore Water, and Fairy Tea. Expanded the FAQ section for topics
             on Life Elements, party members, and missable things. Noted a
             possible error in my guide regarding the Weather Report key item.
             This will probably be my last big update for this game. The guide
             isn't perfect, but the rest of my updates will be small if


Location: Eden Temple

Key Items: Share Ring, Alchemy 101 (Heal Herb, Fear Bottle)

Talk to everybody and leave the temple

Episode 1: Beginning in Eden

Location: Alchemic City Noir

Yach Item Shop: Dowsing Guide - 100 Gold (Pendulum)
                BBQ 101 - 700 Gold (Charcoal)
                Noir - 700 Gold (Eden Outfit)
                Magi Grass [Quality 100] - 10 Gold
	        Wax - 10 Gold
                Red Ore - 30 Gold
                Red Legien - 40 Gold
                Dem Ore - 50 Gold
                Silver Legien - 100 Gold
                Ore - 600 Gold

Melona Item Shop: Reincarnation Recipe - 500 Gold (Return Gem)
                  Jewel of Eden - 500 Gold (Damask Ring)
                  Nue - 30 Gold
                  Super Nue - 300 Gold
                  Aihie Fungo - 400 Gold
                  Industrial Alcohol - 120 Gold
                  Moon Stone - 60 Gold
                  Mini Pendlelook - 250 Gold
                  Comet Stone - 1000 Gold

Items: 5 Pure Water

Talk to everybody and visit the atelier on the next screen in town to advance
the story. There are 5 Pure Water in the sink on the second floor of the
atelier. When you're done, leave the town and the path to Belkhyde Gate will
open up. Back at Eden Temple there are stone elements to extract if you wish.

Location: Belkyde Gate

Extraction: Water, Wood

Fairy Tea: Urob

After the events, extract some elements and then leave. The path to Marmel
Forest will open up

Location: Marmel Forest

Items: 1 Nue, 2 Magi Grass, 1 Mini Pendlelook, 2 Magi Grass

Extraction: Wood, Aroma, Water

Mana: Wood Mana Dour [Wood Gem]

A tutorial opens up. Not quite as interesting as the tutorials in Atelier Iris
but it gets the job done. Head up the path. Approach the sword in the ground
and a scene will ensue. Head further up the path then onto the next screen.
Another scene will come up. You will attain the Wood Mana. Approach the exit
to that area and another scene will follow. Exit and head towards the sword.
Another scene and head towards the sword (Ohhh yeah, can you say Excalibur?).
The Azure Azoth is now in Felt's possession. Leave the area and head to the
Eden Temple.

Location: Eden Temple

Talk to everybody, watch the scenes. Then leave. Go to Belkhyde gate for some
emotional scenes.

Location: Alchemic City Noir

Two new tutorials become available, synthesize a heal herb. Watch the scenes.
Time to go to Belkhyde!

Episode 2: Belkhyde, the Other World

Location: Desert

Monsters: Red Puni, Armadillo

Extraction: Metal, Wood, Water, Lightening

Items: Gradin Cape, 2 Red Legien, 3 Dem Ore, Aihie Fungo, 2 Magi Grass

Mining: Silver Legien, Red Ore

Wonder Grow: Magi Grass, Fire Element, Stone Element

Head down and open the unlocked chest for a Gradin Cape. Some scenes will occur
as you head down and then Felt's first encounter. Two new tutorials open up.
Exit the screen for more scenes. One more tutorial is available. Get the Dem
Ore and Red Legien heading down then another scene. Head down for Aihie Fungo
and follow the path. When it splits north, jump the pit to extract some
elements. Heading back south, get the 2 Magi Grass on the way down then exit
the desert. The path to Oasis opens up.

Location: Oasis

Monsters: Red Puni, Armadillo

Extraction: Wood, Water, Metal, Stone, Flame

Items: 2 Red Legien, Foul Water, 3 Pure Water

Mining: Red Legien, Red Ore

Wonder Grow: Fire Element, Water Element

Some scenes follow. Yet another tutorial. Leave camp and get the Red Legien.
Yell barrel loudly and proudly for some Foul Water. Examine the oasis for Pure
Water. Leave the Oasis and the path to Tatalia Village opens up.

Location: Tatalia Village

Extraction: Wood, Fire, Metal, Lightening, Stone

Items: Ancient Mask, Phoenix Quill, Pure Water

Mining: Silver Legien, Red Ore, Red Legien

Mitsue Item Shop: Ancient Mask - 600 Gold
                  Wax - 10 Gold
                  Ale - 90 Gold
                  Red Legien - 40 Gold
                  Dem Ore - 50 Gold
                  Aihie Fungo - 400 Gold

Talk to the people. In the first tent to the left are two chests with Ancient
Mask and Phoenix Quill. To the far right is a chest with Tatalia Cotton in it.
Examine the well for some Pure Water. Yell Barrel for some Foul Water. Talk to
Mitsue and check out the specialty items. To continue, enter the big tent on
the north side of town. After speaking with the mayor, leave town. The path to
The Fork opens up.

Location: The Fork

Monsters: Falcon Hawk

Extraction: Metal, Stone, Lightening, Metal, Fire

Mining: Red Legien, Silver Legien, Red Ore

Leave out the east exit to open up the path to West Regenbogen. Leave out the
south to open up the path to Great Desert. Leave out the north to open up the
path to Desert Ruins. At this point you can explore the Great Desert to pick up
some items, cole, and experience if you'd like. When you're ready to continue
the story, head to the Desert Ruins.

Location: Great Desert

Monsters: Vulture, Armadillo, Vine Trap, Cacto, Sandfish, Totem, Salamander

Extraction: Wood, Water

Items: 2 Moon Stone, 1 Foul Water, String, 2 Nue, 2000 Cole, 2 Foul Water,
       Magic Pipe

Wonder Grow: Fire Element, Lightening Element, Tatalia Cotton

Fairy Tea: Desert Flower

Follow the path south and west then cross the wooden bridge for 2 Moon Stones.
Then head back west and south. Go through the easy maze east then head south
to the second screen. Immediately east is a barrel with foul water in it. West
of the entrance is a chest with the item String in it. Now just go south and
continue on east to the third screen. Heading north you can find Nue. The
north then east path on the third screen leads to a dead end with a chest with
2000 cole on another fourth screen. The south then east path leads to the
other fourth screen. Follow either path to yell barrel and get two foul waters.
Continue to follow the path east and then north. When it splits again, continue
heading north to find a camp (phew!). Rest and save, then southeast of camp is
a chest with a Magic Pipe accessory. There's nothing left to do at this point
so return to the entrance to exit the desert.

Location: Desert Ruins

Monsters: Salamander, Fungo, Ghost, Armadillo, Imperial Soldier,
          Imperial Footman

Extraction: Wood

Key Items: Weapon Guide(Craft)

Items: Dem Ore, 2 Pure Water, Niv Tiara, 2 Old Magi Grass, 3 Faux Puniball,
       3 Spoiled Meat, Aihie Fungo

Watch the scene then enter the ruins and head north for a Dem Ore. Jump up a
level and follow the path. When it splits head as far north as possible. Then
jump down a few levels east until you hit a dead end. Head north from there for
two barrels with Pure Water. Head as south as possible from there then west for
a treasure with a Niv Tiara in it.In the far west part of the map are boxes
with 2 Old Magi Grass, 2 Faux Puniballs, 3 Spoiled Meat, and 1 Faux Puniball.
The next screen on the western exit leads to a chest with Aihie Fungo. At the
north end of the map is a camp and then a path to the north screen. When
you're ready head north.

Noin-"Listen up you random encounter! I'll play you a tune called "My fist in
      your face!"
    -"I am Noin, Silvaresta's Fury!"

Watch the scene and fight. It should be an easy battle. Get the chest for the
Weapon Guide after another scene. Exit and head out after all the scenes. A
battle with ghosts will occur and another tutorial will follow. Exit the Desert
Ruins and head back to Tatalia Village.

Location: Tatalia Village

Speak with the mayor. Your next destination is West Regenbogen. Exit and head
east into The Fork.

Location: The Fork

Some scenes, then go north and into camp. Speak with Noin
then head for the save point. The game cuts to Viese in Noir.

Episode 3: Share Ring

Location: Alchemic City Noir

Key Item: Library Pass

Poe-"Operation: Love Train is underway! Woo Woo!"

Ahem. Talk to everybody then leave Noir. Your next destination is the Temple
of Eden. Enter the temple and chat with everybody. You need to find Lutanus who
is shopping in Noir. So now head back to Noir and try to enter the first shop
for a scene. Viese will receive the Library Pass. Now head back to the Temple
of Eden.

Location: Temple of Eden

Key Item: Petroglyph Manual

Enter and you'll gain entrance to the library. Check the books and receive the
Petroglyph Manual. Exit the temple for more hilarity and head back to the
atelier in Noir. Some scenes follow and your next destination is the Great

Location: Great Cave

Key Items: Alchemic Econ(Alchemist Medal)

Extraction: Metal

Mana: Metal Mana Zuvelk [Metal Gem]

Mining: Moon Stone

Head up the path and take the left fork for some metal extraction. Head back
and through the right path up to get a Alchemic Econ in the chest. Then head
east for a scene. Talk to the metal mana, Zuvelk to attain his power. Leave
and head back to the atelier in Noir. 

Location: Alchemic City Noir

Create any alchemy items at this point. Do the craft last since it will end the

Episode 4 Infiltrating Riesevelt

Back as Felt, head east to exit The Fork and head to West Regenbogen.

Location: West Regenbogen

Extraction: Wood

Items: Super Nue, 4 Spoiled Meat, 3 Magi Grass

Proceed for a funny scene, then continue east and take the ladder down for a
Super Nue. Talk to everyone, then head east again and south at the fork for
some crates containing 4 spoiled meat and 3 magi grass. Keep heading east to 
leave. The path to West Gate(inland side) opens up.

Location: Back Alley

Shop: Geology - 4000 Gold (Magnetic Crystal)
      Moon Stone - 60 Gold
      Shadow Stone - 200 Gold
      Ore - 700 Gold
      Red Ore - 30 Gold
      Red Legien - 40 Gold
      Dem Ore - 50 Gold
      Silver Legien - 100 Gold
      Mini Pendlelook - 250 Gold
      Comet Stone - 1000 Gold

Bartender's Shop: Book of Infinia - 3200 Gold (Mana Moebius)
                  Goat Milk - 50 Gold
                  Ale - 90 Gold
                  Red Wine - 400 Gold
                  Flour - 30 Gold
                  Glowgrass - 200 Gold

Talk to the people in the town. The building farthest right is the shop. Speak
to the bartender in the building at the center of town for a scene. Speak to
her again to access her shop. Exit the back alley and a path to Central Park
opens up. Then a path from Central Park to Riese Palace opens up. 

Head to Central Park for a scene. There's nothing else to do there so head to
Riese Palace next. Another scene ensues and a path opens up to the Great
Lighthouse. Go there for a scene then head back to Central Park. Talk to Naru
for the solution to your lighthouse woes.

Location: Temple of Eden

Key Item: Garden Book (Wonder Grow, Huffin Water)

Switch to Riese and head to the library to receive the Garden Book. Head back
to the atelier in Noir and concoct some wonder grow. Then head towards Marmel

Location: Marmel Forest

Mana: Water Mana Nympth [Water Gem]

Wonder Grow: Huffin, Magi Grass

Yugdore Water: Nue

Follow the path up towards where you got Dour and you will encounter Nymph.
Give her water and she will make a pact with you. Then use your wonder grow
on the sprouts in the forest to collect plant items and get the Huffin. Head
back to the atelier and the game will switch back to Felt. Head back to
Central Park and speak with Naru. Exit and the path to the sewer opens up.

Location: Sewer

Enemies: Banshee, Ghost, Brownie, Red Puni

Extraction: Wood

Key Items: Veek Tactics(Roten Helm)

Items: 3 Moon Stones, 2 Red Legien, Pure Water, Ancient Mask, 3 Magi Grass,
       2 Wax, 200 Cole, 3 Old Magi Grass

Follow the path from the entrance to get 3 Moon Stones. Continue west to get
2 Red Legien. Continue south and then west again to find Pure Water. Head east
from there and ride the log to the other side. Open the chest for an Ancient
Mask and return to the intersection. Head south and east for 3 Magi Grass then
go west to find the camp and 2 Wax. Back at the intersection head far north to
find Veek Tactics key item. From there circle south, then east, then north, and
west following the path around to another chest with 200 Cole. From the chest
with Veek Tactics, head south past the first split east and take the next split
east to get 3 Old Magi Grass. After you're all set, exit west of the camp to
get into the lighthouse.

Location: Great Lighthouse

Enemies: Ghost, Banshee, Red Puni, Mini Puni, Puni, Imperial Footman,
         Imperial Soldier, Imperial Captain

Extraction: Wood

Key Item: Legin's Wing

Items: [Basement] 2 Faux Puniballs, 1 Foul Water, 1 Globeball
       [First Floor] 1 Green Mana
       [Third Floor] 2 Spoiled Meat
       [Sixth Floor] Ore
       [Eigth Floor] 450 Cole

[First Floor] Head west and downstairs to get a chest in the basement with a
chest with a Globeball in it. Head upstairs back to the intersection and south
then take the stairs down to the basement floor. [Basement] Go east and north
to find 2 Faux Puniballs. Check the barrel for Foul Water. Backtrack and head
west of the stairs, then south, then east to another set of stairs going back
up. Go upstairs and get the Green Mana from the chest. Back downstairs head
west to another stairway up. Take it and follow it up another flight of stairs
to the second floor. [Second Floor] Follow the path to camp. Continue following
the path to the third floor. [Third Floor] Keep going to get 2 Spoiled Meat.
Go upstairs. [Fourth Floor] Follow the path upstairs. [Fifth Floor] Head to the
next floor. [Sixth Floor] Go west for some Ore then go south and up the stairs.
[Seventh Floor] Go up around and upstairs. [Eigth Floor] Camp and head north
for a scene. Fight the troops, make the rescue, then visit the jail below
where Max was being held for a chest with 450 Cole. Now leave the lighthouse.
Max will give you the Legin's Wing and you can begin learning secret factors.
The two new tutorials explain things. Continue heading out of the lighthouse.
After you're down from the tower, a dramatic scene ensues.

Fight the imperials. They're really easy. Just make sure to use Noin's Heal
Breeze when either of your guys are below half HP and you should be fine.
After one break attack I was able to hit three guys with Noin's force blast.
Some scenes follow and then you're back in the sewer. Use a return wing or exit

At this point in the game, it's possible to make some mad Cole buying Moon
Stones and Red Legiens, producing Roten Helms, then selling them for a 20 Cole
profit on each sale. I bought out all the items from Noir and Back Alley to do
this, then used all the money I made to purchase the Book of Infinia and
Geology at the Back Alley.

Location: West Regenbogen

It's time to head back to West Regenbogen. Get ready for a cool duel scene
(I love the music). Cross to the west side and down the ladder. Some scenes
follow and then West Coast HWY opens up on the map.

Location: West Coast HWY

Enemies: Mini Puni, Puni, Baby Pig, Mountain Pig, Mandragora, Floating Fish

Key Item: Mythology 1(Nectar)

Items: 1 Ore, 1 Dark Mana, 1 Pure Water

Head north and yell barrel for some Pure Water. Head west at the fork and
coninue heading west to get to a chest with 1 Ore in it. Backtrack east past
the sign and then north to nab the chest for a Mythology 1 key item. Head back
south and cross the bridge for 1 Dark Mana. Exit north past the chest with the
Mythology 1. A path to Northern Cave opens up.

Location: Northern Cave

Enemies: Ghost, Wolf, Brownie, Banshee, Puni, Red Puni

Extraction: Metal, Fire, Stone

Key Item: Mell and the Monster (Aroma Pot)

Items: 5 Dem Ores, 1 Glowing Mana, 1 Rainbow Disc

Mining: Dem Ore, Red Legien, Moon Stone

One of the openings in the north in this area has a Rainbow Disc.
Head north then east around the perimeter counter-clockwise to approach the
wind area from the west. You should be able to run through it to get the key
item Mell and the Monster. The western north path to the next screen has 3 Dem
Ores. Exit back to the last screen then head east to the next path north.
Continue north for two Dem Ores. Far east from that is the exit which will open
the path to Agito Cove. From that exit, follow the path north and northwest
through and around the wind tunnel. Head east when the path splits (clockwise
around that wind tunnel) to find a chest with Glowing Mana. Finally, exit the
area to the east.

Episode 5: To the Eastern Lands

Location: Agito Cove

Key Item: Mythology 2(Item Wish)

Watch the scene then open the chest for Mythology 2 key item. Speak with Max
to get your next assignment then head back to Tatalia Village. Or, control
Viese to do some things that will definitely help things along.

Location: Eden

Key Item: Blacksmith 101(Flay Hammer), Hal Flower

Mana: Fragrance Mana Aroma [Flora Gem]

Items: 1 Yellow Mana, Glowing Mana

Back in Viese's atelier in Noir, with 10 Wonder Grows I was able to procure
Blacksmith 101 from Yach in a scene upon leaving the atelier. Make a Flay
Hammer then use Metal Elements to make many more. Yach will buy five for 800
cole. You can get moon stones in the Great Cave and use them to make even
more money using that money trick. Metal elements are also plentiful for more
hammers. I suggest keeping a full supply of wonder grow and flay hammers
whenever possible. Also, in the forest it's possible to wonder grow the Hal
Flower for that sidequest and get the Aroma Mana. Bringing this flower back to
Meile will yield 1 Yellow Mana. If you have Item Wish, it's possible to turn
wolf enemies into Star Pieces and complete the sidequest for Melona. She'll
give you a Glowing Mana for it. When you're ready, switch back to Felt.

Location: Tatalia Village

Key Item: Clothspinner (Cotton Cloth)

Speak with Mitsue to obtain the Clothspinner key item. Your next destination is
the Great Desert. Before going, make sure you have about 10 - 15 Wonder Grow
mana items.

Location: Great Desert

Enemies: Sand Dragon, Armadillo, Vulture, Cacto, Salamander, Totem, Falcon Hawk

If you've been following the walkthrough, you should already have all the items
from here. Advance west for a scene and then a fight. You'll have help so it
should be easy to win. Afterwards you'll get a new party member. Head all the
way back to the camp on the fourth screen. North of that is where you need to
go. Get the cotton and then use a return gem or exit manually.

Make 5 cotton cloths back at the atelier and then head back to Agito Cove for
more scenes. Exit the cove and head back to the West Coast highway. Make sure
to take the northwest exit of the map this time. Upon leaving, the Holy Path
opens up.

Location: Holy Path

Enemies: Puni, Falcon Hawk, Mountain Pig, Baby Pig, Harpy, Master Puni, Wolf,
         Wolf Leader

Extraction: Wood Element

Items: 10 Moon Stone, 8 Ice Stone, 6 Dem Ore, 4 Red Ore, Aroma Talisman,
       6 Red Legien, 960 Cole

Mining: Moon Stone, Red Legien, Dem Ore, Moon Stone, Red Ore, Ice Stone

Head west and extract or mine the ore for 5 Moon Stones. Continue west and
extract or mine for 3 Ice Stones. More to mine for Red Legien. North is a dead
end for now, so head east and cross the bridge to reach a grassy area. Continue
on south to the next screen and a camp. Continue east and into the cave. Mine
for 6 Dem Ore if you wish. Then 4 Red Ore and leave the cave and follow the
long winding path to a chest with an Aroma Talisman in it. Backtrack all the
way to the split before the cave. Go up the stone steps and then east to mine
for 6 Red Legien, 5 Moon Stone, and 5 Ice Stone. At the end of the path is a
chest with 960 Cole in it. Backtrack and take the north exit to a new area with
a smoky background. Follow the path and then cross the bridge. Continue on and
the enter the house. Watch the humorous scene and then exit to head for Agito

At Agito Cove, you'll learn about weapon synthesis and a new tutorial will open
up. When you're ready to leave speak with Max.


Episode 6: Assassin in White

Location: East Coast Highway

Enemies: Zombie Puni, Banshee, Ghost, Puni Rider, Floating Fish

Key Item: Ice Age(Bomb Ice)

Items: 2 Nue, 1 Blue Mana

North from where you leave the boat you can find 2 Nue. Head back down and east
down the stone steps and west to get 1 Blue Mana. South is an Ice Age key item.
Head east to leave the area. A path to Max's Camp opens up.

Location: Max's Camp

Key Item: The Life(Elite Liqueur)

Items: Ankh

Item Shop: Belkhyde - 800 Gold (Belk Blackbelt)
           Gradin Cape - 800 Gold
           Ale - 90 Gold
           Ice Stone - 280 Gold
           Phoenix Quill - 310 Gold

In the upper left corner of the map is a chest with an Ankh in it. The upper
right corner of the map has a chest with The Life key item in it. Talk to
everybody then enter the northern tent. When you're all set, leave the town
and two paths open up to Onuki Cave and West Sessier Plain.

Location: Onuki Cave

Enemies: Maxwell, Ghost

Items: 5 Silver Legien, 8 Red Legien, 7 Dem Ore, 5 Shadow Stone

Mining: Shadow Stone, Red Legien, Dem Ore, Moon Stone, Silver Legien, Red Ore

Follow the path for 5 Silver Legien. Head north at the first split for
8 Red Legien and 7 Dem Ore. East are 5 more Shadow Stone. Talk to the guy there
to find out you'll need to take an alternate route through Sessier Forest.
First follow the path east for a chest with 1 Ore in it before exiting.

Location: West Sessier Plain

Enemies: Thief, Gunner, Puni Rider, Falcon Hawk, Mercenary, Puni, Brownie

Extraction: Wood, Aroma, Air, Water

Key Items: Crystal 101 (Red Crystal)

Items: Dry Glowgrass, Glowgrass, 1 Yellow Mana, Niv Tiara

Wonder Grow: Glowgrass, Wood Element, Aroma Element, Dry Glowgrass,
             Air Element, Fire Element, Water Element

Yugdore Water: Super Nue

Fairy Tea: Aihie Fungo

Head south and get the treasure for Crystal 101 key item. Get Dry Glowgrass on
the way using wonder grow, and Glowgrass right under the Crystal 101.  Before
going east, check for a hidden path south leading to a Niv Tiara. On the
next screen east on the far east side is a chest with Yellow Mana in it. Exit
south to open the path to Fort Zeyung. Exit east to open the path to Sessier

Location: Sessier Forest

Enemies: Parafungo, Fungo, Mandragora, Vine Trap, Poisonous Fungo, Witch

Extraction: Poison

Items: 670 Cole, Old Magi Grass, 1 String

Wonder Grow: Dry Glowgrass, Poison Element, Glowgrass

Follow the winding path east and head south at the first split to get a chest
with 670 Cole in it. Head back and take the other path to the next screen. The
path splits four ways. To the west is Old Magi Grass.  North leads to a chest
with String in it. Go east along the path then north and along the path to the
right. You can extract some poison elements here. Now head back as south as
possible. You'll reach camp. Advance further east and a scene will play out.
Fight the battle then you'll be back at Max's Camp. Enter the tent, then talk
to Hagel.

Location: Fort Zeyung

Traveling Merchant's Shop: Antidote Guide - 100 Gold (Cure Jar)
                           Ale - 90 Gold
                           Red Wine - 400 Gold

Purchase the Antidote Guide here and switch to Viese to make it.

After all the events play out, your party members switch and you should make
your way back to where the poison elements were in the Sessier Forest to take
the boat to Altena Forest.

Episode 7: Gardo

Location: Altena Forest

Enemies: Wolf, Archer, Caterpillar, Fly Trapper, Hammerhead,
         Wood Golem

Extraction: Wood, Water

Key Items: Experiment(Lota Cake)

Items: Tons of Dry Glowgrass, Glowgrass, Aroma Talisman, 2 Spoiled Meat,
       Totem Shield

Wonder Grow: Fire Element, Water Element, Dry Glowgrass, Glowgrass, Aroma
             Element, Wood Element

Yugdore Water: Nue

Fairy Tea: Aihie Fungo

Follow the path. When it splits, take the north fork. On the next screen, head
west until a scene occurs and Gray leaves the party. Head to the next screen
for a really tough fight. I lost and I'm not sure if it's possible to win at
this point. But the game goes on regardless. Some more scenes in camp take
place. Head back across the hill with the scenery. Continue to the next screen
and head east. Take the first path to the left to a treasure with a Totem
Shield. Go back to the split at the entrance of this screen. Go left and
continue left when the screen changes (through the trees) to find a chest with
Aroma Talisman. Backtrack until you can go north, but first head east through
the hidden path in the trees to find 2 spoiled meat. Take that path north to
a chest with the Experiment key item. Continue until another split and go east.
Upon leaving the path to Altena Church opens up.

Location: Altena Church

Key Item: Healing Skills(Heal Jar)

Item: Gravity Stone

Church Shop: Botany 101 - 900 Gold (Yugdore Water)
             Moon Stone - 60 Gold
             Wax - 10 Gold
             Flour - 30 Gold
             Mini Pendlelook - 250 Gold
             Dragon Bone - 1800 Gold

Enter the church, and follow Eizlen. When the path splits, go west to find a
Gravity Stone then head back to the other path. Another chest on the way down
contains Healing Skills key item. Continue following the path and you'll end up
in an area that might look familiar to you if you've played Atelier Iris. Warp
and learn what you have to do to save Eden. Head back to the beginning, visit
the shop, and then talk to Eizlen. Leave and paths to Onuki Cave, The Wetlands,
and North Grand Plains open up. You can mine ores in Onuki, but the path is
still blocked off. Your next destination is The Wetlands.

Location: The Wetlands

Enemies: Master Puni, Ice Puni, Mini Puni, Puni

Key Item: Mystic Beast(Basilisk Eye)

Items: Pure Water

Mining: Ancient Ore (after certain events later in the story), Moon Stone

The path is straightforward. Just follow it past the camp until it splits. At
the split take the western path. Yell barrel for some Pure Water. Head south
and west at the next split to get to a chest with the Mystic Beast key item.
Head back to the split and go north then west. Then head north and north again
at the next split to reach the workshop and a scene. The game will swith back
to Viese in Noir.


Episode 8: Rebirth of Fire

Location: Alchemic City Noir

Key Item: The Light(Glow Lamp, Flame)

Mana: Sound Mana Siren[Sound Gem]

As Viese, visit Yach and buy The Light for 300 Cole. Then leave and the path to
Scarlet Temple opens up. Speak with Kreuz, then head for the Scarlet Temple.
Through a sidequest with the singing mana, you should be able to form a pact
with Siren by now if you have not done so yet. Just be sure to talk to the
sound mana whenever you are in Noir and the events will unfold to get the mana.

*Note: It might be possible to miss the Aroma and Sound Mana so try to get
       these two manas as soon as possible so you don't have to worry about it

Location: Scarlet Temple

Extraction: Fire, Illusion

Items: 2 Red Mana

Mana: Fire Mana Uru[Fire Gem]

Watch the hilarious scene as Poe wreaks havoc upon the poor guard. Head north
to get 1 red mana. Take the other path east to meet Poe.

Poe-"My name is Poe. Some call me Flashbang Poe, the Gun Mana."

Follow the path and then head north all the way up then west to get a chest
with 1 red mana in it. Backtrack and then head east into the temple for another
scene and then another mana. Leave for another scene and head back to Noir.

Another scene will occur in the workshop. Make the Glow Lamp and then head for
the building above Yach's shop. With the Glow Lamp you'll be able to
investigate the library. Pick up the Workshop Map from the library. That figure
on the wall of the library looks awfully familiar...

Head back to the workshop for more hilarity. Poe is quite the troublemaker. I
wonder what happens to him.

Episode 9: Heroes Confinement

Location: North Grand Plains

Enemies: Bugbear, Gunner, Master Pig, Mercenary, Heavy Metal, Baby Pig,
         Brownie, Sorceress

Extraction: Air, Wood, Water, Poison

Key Item: Instruction Manual(Silver Crowbar)

Items: Yadok Fungo, 980 Cole, Blue Mana, 1 Foul Water, 3 Spoiled Meat,
       1 Fresh Glowgrass, 1 Illusion Bracelet

Wonder Grow: Yadok Fungo, Fire Element, Air Element, Wood Element, Water
             Element, Stone Element, Poison Element, Aroma Element

Fairy Tea: Aihie Fungo

Upon entering, advance until you see a butterfly on your screen. Hug the right
boundary by the butterfly and you'll find a hidden path to a chest containing
1 Illusion Bracelet. Head back out to the main path and continue to the north.
Cross the bridge and head north to find a camp. Head north and east for a chest
with 980 Cole. Head back and north until the path ends then head west for a
chest with Instruction Manual key item. Now head east and north to the next
screen. Take the left fork and continue up and then west for a chest with Blue
Mana. Now go all the way east and south. Talk to the punis for the next
mission. Go south from this screen the east and north for 1 Foul Water and 3
Spoiled Meat. Head back and south for a chest with Fresh Glowgrass. Now go all
the way north and exit the map. A path opens up to Forest of Ocean Mist.

Location: Forest of Ocean Mist

Enemies: Wolf Leader, Gunner, Wood Golem, Sorceress

Key Item: Me Myself & Bomb (Mega Flame)

Wonder Grow: Illusion Element, Yadok Fungo, Water Element, Wood Element

Fairy Tea: Aihie Fungo

Follow the path to meet Noin and receive Me Myself & Bomb key item. When the
path splits, go north and follow the path for a scene. Exit the map and switch
to Viese to make Mega Flame. Then switch back to Felt and take the exit in the
North Grand Plains that is to the far west. A path to Parnaky Cave opens up.

Key Item: Liquidification (Silver Acid)

Now that you have Mega Flame you can pick up the Liquidification key item in
Onuki Cave.

Location: Parnaky Cave

Enemies: Maxwell, Assassin Doll, Zombie Puni, Basilisk, Jin, Sorceress,
         Heavy Metal, Virum Zombie

Key Item: Paper Skills (Magic Paper)

Items: Silver Legien, Dem Ore, Red Ore, Shadow Stone, Moon Stone, 810 Cole,
       Pearlberry, Ice Brand

Mining: Red Legien, Moon Stone, Dem Ore, Silver Legien

Yugdore Water: Pearlberry

Make sure you have about five Yugdore Waters or so before entering this cave.
East and south of the entrance you can bomb to a chest with the Ice Brand.
Follow the path and head east to the next screen. Head west at the split to
find another workshop. Do your thing in the workshop, then exit and take the
first path north for a chest with 810 Cole. Next head back to the first screen.
Head all the way west until you are where the punis are, then head north and
bomb the block. Head west from there for a chest with Paper Skills key item.
Now go east to hit camp because you're about to fight a Virum Zombie. This
sucker can hit for around 120 points of damage so be ready with the heal jars.
Aura Strike and Mega Fire work pretty well here. He can poison you so be
careful. Exit the cave.

Key Item: Mana Power (Uru Core, Nymph Core)

Now head back to North Grand Plains to where the punis are. Give Puni Eagle the
pearlberry and a scene will play out. You'll receive the Mana Power key item
and a new party member.

Episode 10: Into the Mist

I switched to Viese at this point and the Great Tree reappeared. You can nab 50
Life Elements from the area around the Great Tree among great quantities of
more common elements. When you've taken care of things, switch back to Felt.

Location: Forest of Ocean Mist

Enemies: Virum, Hammerhead, Bugbear, Elemental, Roc

Extraction: Illusion, Air, Wood, Water

Key Item: Town History (Divine Shield), Tolena's Letter

Items: Puniball, Phoenix Quill, Glowing Mana, Magic Pipe, 2 Shadow Stones

Wonder Grow: Illusion Element, Yadok Fungo, Water Element, Wood Element

Fairy Tea: Aihie Fungo

Time to head back into the Forest of Ocean Mist. Go back to where the scene was
and follow the path past where the soldiers used to be. This place should look
familiar to anybody who has played the original. Enter the forest and head
east. The path splits three ways. Start by heading south for a puniball. Then
head right for a Phoenix Quill. Cross the bridge east and continue east to the
camp. West from camp is a chest containing Glowing Mana. East and north of the
chest is another chest with Town History key item. Take the moving platforms
south, east, and south to get a Magic Pipe from another chest. Directly east of
camp a floating platform takes you south for 2 Shadow Stones. Take the
platforms east until you are on an island with four moving platforms for each
direction. From here, take the north platform. Cross the bridge west and open
the chest for Black Mana. Go back and cross the bridge north this time follow
the path west to another workshop. Take care of business and leave the place.
On the way back you'll get Tolena's Letter.

Key Item: Weather Report (Dark Lightening Cloud)*

Switch to Viese and talk to Yach for the Weather Report key item then leave
Noir. Aquitto Spring should open up. Head there.

*Quick note: If you don't get the Weather Report now, then wait until Episode
12 and get it then.

Location: Aquitto Spring

Extraction: Wood, Water, Poison, Illusion

Item: 2 Moon Stone, Blue Mana, 750 Cole, Dark Mana

Gather up all the treasures. It's straightforward at this point. The mana is
not there right now, so switch back to Felt.

Back in the North Grand Plains, you'll want to take the southeast exit.
Approach it and then after the scene head back to camp to wait.

Episode 11: The Blood of an Alchemist

Viese can get the Poison Mana from the Aquitto Spring so go there and speak
with the Poison Mana. You need to decipher the lithograph in Aquitto Spring
first. Return to the Temple of Eden and speak with Kreuz. Then go to Noir and
speak with Yach. Now head back to the workshop to switch back to Felt. The item
you need is in The Wetlands. Make sure to bring several Mega Flame with you.

Location: The Wetlands (Revisited)

Key Item: Yugen Diary Vol. 2

Items: 2 Silver Legien

In The Wetlands, follow the path until it splits. Take the north path for a
Silver Legien then take the other path. When it splits again, go north. Then at
the next split go west, then north, then east to bomb more rocks. Cross the
bridge and you'll find the key item Yugen Diary Vol. 2.

Location: Noir

Key Item: Yach's Notes (Rainbow Cloth)

Exit and switch to Viese to return the Diary to Yach. Yach will give you his
notes which contain the recipe for Rainbow Cloth. Go back to the workshop to
initialize it and synthesize a few.

Location: Aquitto Spring

Mana: Poison Mana Jiptus [Poison Gem]

Go back to the Aquitto Spring and read the lithograph. Now speak with the mana.
Finally! Return to the workshop and you'll see some scenes before it switches
back to Felt.

Episode 12: Capital City Grand

Go back and past the Imperial Guards to the right. You'll exit and Grand City
opens up.

Location: Grand City

Key Item: Book of Hermes (Key of Hermes)

Grand Shop: Totem Shield - 1200 Gold
            Graden Salt - 50 Gold
            Yadok Fungo - 60 Gold
            Aihie Fungo - 400 Gold
            Goat Milk - 50 Gold
            Flour - 30 Gold
            Red Wine - 400 Gold

Talk to everyone and shop if you need to. A scene will occur and it's time to
slay a dragon. Exit the screen to the right and Poe exercises his mojo, then go
to the park and speak with Duvine. Return to Theresa and hand her Goat Milk and
Moon Stone. Talk to Duvine and you'll receive the Book of Hermes key item. Now
leave the city and two new locations open up. Mist Canyon and Grand Highway.

Location: Grand Highway

Extraction: Poison, Fire, Wood, Water

Key Item: Manners 101 (Comet Gem)

Items: Pure Water, Tingleberry, Yadok Fungo, Foul Water

Wonder Grow: Illusion Element, Fire Element, Water Element

Yugdore Water: Tingleberry

Talk to the people here and gather items/elements. A chest on the second screen
south contains key item Manners 101. Leaving from the south opens up Dark
Forest. Leaving west opens up Imperial Camp. Leaving east opens up Dragon's
Nest. Before heading to Mist Canyon, there are some things you can do with
Viese so switch to her.

Location: Noir

Key Item: No Name 1 (Uni)

Have Viese initialize the Key of Hermes and synthesize a few. Open up the chest
upstairs for key item No Name 1. Now go to the Temple of Eden and to the
underground area using the Key of Hermes.

Key Item: Lost Item (Meteor), Lumlia the Knight (Blue Bracer)

Mana: Stone Mana Diemia [Stone Gem]

There's another monolith here to read and plenty of ores to mine. A silver
chest in the area contains Lost Item key item. Further in the area you can get
a pact with Diemia for a Glow Lamp. Return to Noir and go into the Historical
Society to open the silver chest there for a key item Lumlia the Knight. Now
switch back to Felt and return to the Desert from the beginning of the game to
pick up an Angel Feather accessory for Felt from the Hermes chest. That's about
all for now so head to Mist Canyon.

Location: Mist Canyon

Enemies: Stone Golem, Roc, Zombie Puni, Hammerhead, Caterpillar, Jin, Were Cat,
         Hell Kitty, Sr Mountain Pig, Giant Puni, Sorceress, Master Puni,
         Golden Puni

Key Item: The New Element (Diselement)

Item: Lightening Brand

Mining: Red Legien, Ice Stone, Moon Stone

Follow the path and at the split go east. At the next split go south. On the
next screen go north for a chest with Lightening Brand. Continue east and go
south at the next split then east at the split after that to exit and open up
the path to Claire Village. Reenter the Mist Canyon and this time go north at
the split then west to the next screen. Continue following the path and
continue west when the path splits south. Enter the cave for a chest containing
key item The New Element. Now leave the area and go to Claire Village.

Location: Claire Village

Extraction: Aroma, Water, Fire, Air, Wood

Item: Comet Stone

Mining: Red Legien, Silver Legien

Wonder Grow: Water Element, Magi Grass, Wood Element, Air Element, Fire Element

There's a Comet Stone in the small house here. In the other house a scene will
occur and the party will split up. Find your other party members and there will
be another fight. Might be a way to win this but I got schooled. Story
continues and the next destination is the Dragon's Den. Leave the village and
paths to Lailzatt Cave, Spring of Nelvia, Mysterious Palace, and Dragon's Nest
open up.

Location: Spring of Nelvia

Enemies: Vulture, Falcon Hawk, Stone Golem

Key Item: Slaith Fashion (Silver Armor)

Item: Phoenix Quill, Dark Mana

Mining: Dragon Bone, Silver Legien

This place should look familiar if you've played Atelier Iris. Head up the path
and onto the mountain area. Cross the bridge east for a Hermes Chest with a key
item Slaith Fashion. Enter the cave and follow it through. Leave the cave and
head east. At the split go north for a Phoenix Quill then continue east. Enter
the lodge and get the Dark Mana. Hand the man 6 Phoenix Quills (they're easy to
find from the bird enemies in this area) and advance into the workshop. When
you're all set, exit the place.

Location: Dragon's Den

Item: 3 Dragon's Blood

Talk to the Dragon keeper and you can now do the battle arena. You'll fight a
series of five fights. The first four are easy, but the fifth one against the
Elder Virum could prove challenging. His Tera Flame hits the party for about
120 damage each. Win and get Gray's new skill and 3 Dragon's Blood.

I highly suggest doing all the trials here. My party gained 3 - 4 levels
fighting monsters here. And I got 2000 exp off a 15 hit combo on an Elder
Virum in the advanced trial. When you're done playing around, head to Lallzatt

Location: Lallzatt Cave

Enemies: Mana Cluster, Wolf, Wolf Leader, Virum, Salamander, Frozard,
         Uni Virum, Vulture, Basilisk

Key Item: Book of Uroborus (Uroborus Pill)

Items: 2 Graden Salt, Dragon Bone, 3 Nue, Fire Brand, Divine Shield

Mining: Red Legien, Red Ore, Dem Ore, Dragon Bone, Silver Legien

Follow the path up and head east at the intersection then south and around for
2 Graden Salt. Head north and then east at the next intersection. Follow the
path then go west when it splits and west again to reach a chest with a Dragon
Bone in it. Head south and then west at the next intersection and go all the
way west for 3 Nue. Head all the way north from there for key item Book of
Uroborus. Backtrack to where you found the Dragon Bone and head east until you
can head north. Do so, then take the split west to get to the next area. At the
first split here, go west then go north then go west. You can mine some Dragon
Bones here if you wish. Then head east and continue east past the path north.
The path will split three ways. Head south to mine some comet stones. The east
path leads to a Hermes Chest with a Fire Brand in it. Now take that north path
you skipped earlier to get to a camp. Save at the camp because I don't think I
need to tell you about what you'll be fighting next... His volcanic breath can
hit your whole paty for around 120 damage and lower your defense. Try to stay
over 160 HP and use Felt's level 3 extreme damage technique to wail on him.
You'll get a Divine Shield upon winning.

Leave the cave and head to Claire Village to speak with the elder and receive
2000 Cole.


Episode 13: Imperial Camp Capture

Location: Grand City (Revisited)

Magic Shop: Magic Snack Recipe - 300 Gold (Animal Cookie)
            Book of Troth - 2800 Gold (Manatini)
            Wax - 10 Gold
            Graden Salt - 50 Gold
            Tingleberry - 100 Gold
            Silver Legien - 100 Gold
            Shadow Stone - 200 Gold
            Ore - 700 Gold

Key Item: Mana Power: Power (Zuvelk Core)

Visit the new shop in Grand Village for some new key items. Then head to the
park to pick up a Hermes Chest with key item Mana Power: Power in it. Now leave
and head for Imperial Camp. Watch the scene and then head for Grand Highway. If
you made some Animal Cookies, you can talk with the animal there. Now head for
the Dark Forest.

Location: Dark Forest

Enemies: Master Puni, Giant Puni

Extraction: Wood, Water, Dark, Aroma

Key Item: No Name 2 (Dark Water)

Items: Tingleberry, 1200 Cole, 3 Glowgrass, Super Nue, 1 Yellow Mana

Wonder Grow: Tingleberry, Water Element, Illusion Element, Super Nue, Aroma

Follow the path west and around for a chest with 1200 Cole in it. Head south to
the next screen. You can find Glowgrass to the far northwest of this map. In
the plant patch south of that are some dark element and Super Nue. The Hermes
Chest to the east contains key item No Name 2. The exit for this screen is the
south east corner. On the next screen, climb the hill for 1 Yellow Mana and
exit east to open up a path to Hidden Village.

Location: Hidden Village

Mystical Merchant Shop: Manners 101: 2 - 3900 Gold (Magatama Cone)
                        Fairy Clothes - 300 Gold
                        Fairy Hat - 300 Gold
                        Magi Grass - 10 Gold
                        Moon Stone - 60 Gold
                        Pearlberry - 300 Gold

Talk to the animals, shop, and speak with the chief. Then head towards the
entrance until Fee comes back. Now head back to Imperial Camp for a humorous

Location: Imperial Camp

Items: 1 Green Mana, Ankh

Enter the tent north to get 1 Green Mana and a Hermes Chest with an Ankh in it.
You'll get to fight a boss here too. He's annoying since he has a timed skill
that raises his defense, speed, magic, and attack. It's quick and also adds
a little over 500 health each time it goes off. I used Felt's Raging Strike to
overpower this. His speed is ridiculous so just charge attack and heal to get
the skill bar to 3 asap. After awhile he'll go down.


Episode 14: For He Who Has Gone Off To Fight

Location: Eden

Key Item: Alchemic History (Grappling Hook), Viese's Recipe (Viese Charm)

Mana: Dream Mana Faustus [Dream Mana]

As Viese, visit the Eden Temple and talk to Kreuz. He'll open up the "Forbidden
Area" (oooohhh) of the library for you. In the chest is the next mana Faustus.
Read the books and you'll get key item Alchemic History. Now return to the
atelier and receive key item Viese's Recipe. Make some Grappling hooks while
you're here.

Key Item: Miracle Stone (Gravity Crystal)

With the grappling hook, you can now get that chest in Marmel Forest for a
Miracle Stone key item.

Location: Weathervane Hill

Extraction: Wood, Air, Aroma, Water, Sound, Poison

Key Item: Storm (Lightening Rod)

Item: Aeronium, Green Mana, Large Aeronium, Glowing Mana, Hexi Glass

Mana: Wind Mana Silwest [Wind Gem]

Mining: Aeronium, Large Aeronium

Yugdore Water: Super Nue

Fairy Tea: Urob

Again pretty straightforward. There's also a monolith here to read. You can
find sound elements here too. A chest west of where you find Silwest contains
the Storm key item. She mentions the Hexi Glass being findable on the hill. I
had to exit and reenter to trigger the scene and get the Hexi Glass by the
first grappling hook location. Now return to the workshop and create the item.

Episode 15: Beacon of Revolution

Item: 1 Blue Mana

Watch the scene and then head back to Hidden Village. Speak with the elder who
will help you find the path in the Dark Forest. Before leaving, head west of
the elder's cave to find a Blue Mana.

Key Items: Amanita's Diary (Amanita Needle)
           Mana Power: Wind (Silwest Core)
           Leneal (Sages Feather Pen)

Items: Ice Brand

With the Grappling Hook, there are now some new things you can get with Felt.
North of the entrance in Holy Land you can find key item Amanita's Diary. East
of that is another location to grapple to with an Ice Brand accessory. In North
Grand Plains you can find key item Mana Power: Wind. And finally in Forest of
Ocean Mist first area you can find key item Leneal. Now head to Dark Forest 2.

Location: Dark Forest 2

Enemies: Jin, Giant Puni, Uni Virum, Supreme Wolf

Extraction: Wood, Water, Illusion, Air

Key Item: Neko's Work (Refuel)

Item: 3 Old Yadok, 1 Dark Mana

Wonder Grow: Air Element, Illusion Element

Yugdore Water: Pearlberry

Fairy Tea: Triffid

Follow the path west to get 3 Old Yadok. Head east and south again at the split
then south past the wooden platform to grapple up to a chest with key item
Neko's Work. Now head west across the wooden plank to the next area. After the
scene, go north of Mitsue to find 1 Dark Mana. Exit out the north to reach the
South Grand Plains.

Location: South Grand Plain

Enemies: Enchantress, Wolf Leader, Roc, Puni King, Puni Princess, Puni Knight,
         Puni Punist, Rogue, Hammerhead, Totemite, Red Puni, Lantern Jack,
         Heavy Metal, Sorceress, Shadowgirl

Extraction: Wood, Illusion, Water

Key Item: Cursed Man (Demon Ring)

Items: 1 Yellow Mana, Goat Milk, 1 Dragon Horn, Fresh Glowgrass, 1 Dragon Blood
       620 Cole, Angel Feather

Wonder Grow: Fresh Glowgrass, Wood Element, Sound Element

Yugdore Water: Super Nue

Fairy Tea: Aihie Fungo

There's a hidden path south to reach a Hermes Chest with an Angel Feather.
Go east for camp and a treasure containing 1 Yellow Mana. Follow the path and
head south at the brach for a barrel with Goat Milk in it. Continue west to the
next screen then take the south exit to the next area and circle around east
and back up to get the Hermes Chest with key item Cursed Man. Continue south
and follow the path west then north. Behind the crates is a Dragon Horn. Now
return to the last screen. This time head west to the next screen. Immediately
south is some Fresh Glowgrass if you Wondergrow. East of the exit is a chest
with Dragon Blood. Further west exit will open a path to East Regenbogen. For
now, reenter South Grand Plain and go back to the 4 way split and now take the
north path. A chest west of the entrance has 620 Cole. Exit north to reach
Alha Village.

Location: Alha Village

Key Item: Neko's Work 2 (Heal Bulb)

Talk to the people. On the northern hill is the key item Neko's Work 2. Head to
the house with the stone circle path to talk to the daughter of the bomb maker.
Afterwards, you leave the town and paths to Imperial Base and South Lake
Midgard open up. Nothing else here so head to South Lake Midgard.

Location: South Lake Midgard

Enemies: Mini Puni, Puni, Puni Queen, Golden Puni

Extraction: Illusion, Air, Water

Items: Pure Water, Daza's Belt

Wonder Grow: Water Element, Fire Element, Air Element

Fairy Tea: Urob

Advance forward and head west at the first split. North is another monolith.
Keep heading west up the hill. At the sign head west (head east to get to
Zeyung) and down the hill. Hug the right for some barrels with Pure Water and
continue to go south for a Hermes Chest with Daza's Belt. Exit west to open up
the path to East Regenbogen. For now take the east exit of the map to open up
the path to Fort Zeyung.

Location: Fort Zeyung

Enemies: Imperial Soldier, Imperial Commander, Imperial Footman, Sorceress,
         Relief Soldier, Heavy Metal, Archer, Imperial Support Soldier,
         Imperial Guard, General

Extraction: Water, Wood

Key Item: Visa, Dragon Slayer Tales (Dragon Fang Earring)

Items: Foul Water, 1 Dark Mana, Dragon Bone, Illusion Bracelet, Goat Milk,
       Pure Water, 1 Yellow Mana, 3 Wax

As soon as you enter the Fort, a scene throws you into a battle. Enter the fort
and then head west into the first room for a chest with 1 Dark Mana. Exit the
room then head north and into the room to the west for some Foul Water (yummy,
these troops sure eat well!). Exit and follow the path north and then through
the door to the north. You'll see a scene, then head south and east into the
underground area. Grab the chest for a Dragon Bone. And keep following the path
 to the two barrels with pure water. Head up into the next area and upstairs.
When the path splits head south past the door to your left (which leads to
where you have to go). And instead take the next door left for a Hermes Chest
with an Illusion Bracelet in it. Now go where you have to go and you'll hit a
camp with Pure Water and Goat Milk. Head upstairs for a fight. Concentrate on
one soldier at a time with your strongest attacks and skills. There shouldn't
be too much difficulty in this fight. You'll get a Blue Mana from winning and
a Visa key item to pass through East Regenbogen. Now head south from there for
a chest with key item Dragon Slayer Tales. Head for the area that was blocked
off due to the fighting earlier and head into the first room to the west for a
chest with 1 Yellow Mana. The next west room contains 3 Wax. Now go east to
meet with Max. Return to the entrance to fight another boss. It's pathetically
easy compared to the first time, trust me.


Episode 16: Burden of Royalty

Now head out the east exit to find Fee. Your next desination is the Altena
Church. After that, head for East Regenbogen.

Location: East Regenbogen

Extraction: Wood

Items: 2 Spoiled Meat, 1 Green Mana

Watch the funny scene and head back up if you want some Spoiled Meat. Head down
and down the ladder then north for a Hermes Chest with a Diema Ankh in it. Go
south again and use the boat to talk to the animal (who tells you where you can
use the Grappling Hook for items) and 1 Green Mana. Head back up the ladder and
continue south. After exiting, a path to Market opens up.

Location: Market

Street Shop: Ancient Mask - 600 Gold
             Gradin Cape - 800 Gold
             Totem Shield - 1200 Gold
             Dragon Shield - 2000 Gold

Building Shop: Mystical Beast - 4500 Gold (Crystaleavy)
               Hopes and Dreams - 5800 Gold (Sun and Wind Wing)
               Aroma Talisman - 2000 Gold
               Niv Tiara - 2000 Gold
               Magic Pipe - 2000 Gold
               Phoenix Quill - 310 Gold

Worker's Shop: String - 200 Gold
               Frozen Rain - 600 Gold
               Wax - 10 Gold
               Nue - 30 Gold
               Aihie Fungo - 400 Gold
               Silver Water - 500 Gold

Talk to everybody and do some shopping. Then leave and a path to Riese Palace
should open up.

Fow now, head to Back Alley for a scene and then speak with the Bartender. Not
much you can do right now, so talk to everyone and then head for Reise Palace.

Location: Riese Palace

Key Item: Intellect (Philosophic Ash)

Surprise surprise! Tolena shows up and lets you right on in! Time to steal all
the goodies. First door to the east has a chest with key item Intellect. Check
all the rooms then speak with Tolena.


Episode 17: Revival of Eden

Key Items: My Ultimate Bomb (Tera Flame, Dragon Gem)

Leave the fort and head to Alha Village. Speak with Pops in the hut and you'll
get key item My Ultimate Bomb. Now switch to Viese and create some Tera Flame.
After you're all done creating new items, switch back to Felt and there are a
few places you can go back to with your fun new bomb.

Key Item: Mana Power: Dark (Plua Core)
          Mystic Beast 2 (Flute of Cerberus)

Items: Gargoyles Armor

First head to Mist Canyon and cross the bridge north to bomb a blockade and get
the Gargoyles Armor. Now go back to South Lake Midgard and bomb your way to a
chest with 1120 Cole. Now Go back to Grand Highway and bomb your way to a chest
with key item Mana Power: Dark. Now head to South Grand Plain and bomb your way
through to open up Mt Gelad. Finally, use a bomb in Dark Forest 2 to open up a
path to Zwital Village.  There's also another blockade to bomb to reach a chest
with key item Mystic Beast 2 in Dark Forest 2. If you'd like, you can also bomb
a path to Sealed Ruin from Holy Path at this time. You'll have to do it later
anyways. For now, head to Zwital Village.

Location: Zwital Village

Shop 1: Fairy Tales - 500 Gold (Fairy Tea)
        Fairy Life 1 - 5500 Gold (Dark Fairy Clothes)
        Fairy Life 2 - 5500 Gold (Dark Fairy Hat)
        Yadok Fungo - 60 Gold
        Silver Water - 500 Gold
        Glowgrass - 200 Gold
        Mini Pendlelook - 250 Gold

Shop 2: Revival - 4800 Gold (Revive)
        Blacksmith Advanced - 3700 Gold (Quicksilver Ankh)
        Flour - 30 Gold
        Goat Milk - 50 Gold
        Ale - 90 Gold
        Red Wine - 400 Gold
        Tingleberry - 100 Gold

Shop 3: Dark Mana - 4600 Gold
        Black Mana - 4600 Gold
        Glowing Mana - 4600 Gold
        Red Mana - 4600 Gold
        Yellow Mana - 4600 Gold
        Green Mana - 4600 Gold
        Blue Mana - 4600 Gold

Speak with everyone in the village. Leave the village and a path opens up to
Dark Forest 3. A lot of awesome items for sale here.

Location: Dark Forest 3

Enemies: Stonehead, Beast Master, Supreme Wolf, Elda, Death Gigas

Extraction: Dark, Aroma, Water, Stone

Key Items: Military Tactics (Power Shield)

Items: Triffid, Dragon Shield, 1 Yellow Mana, Pearlberry

Wonder Grow: Wood Element, Water Element, Yadok Fungo, Dark Element, Stone
             Element, Aroma Element

Yugdore Water: Pearlberry, Tingleberry

Head as far east as possible and then south. You can get Triffid with the Fairy
Tea here. A bit west from here is a chest with a Dragon Shield in it. Head
south to the next screen and head east when you can to get 1 Yellow Mana. Keep
following the path and you'll reach a Hermes Chest with key item Military
Tactics. Head south of that chest and south again at the next split to grow
plants for Pearlberry. Keep following the path to leave and open up a path to
Dark Spring. Reenter and this time take the far exit to the southwest. A path
to Graveyard opens up.

Location: Graveyard

Enemies: Virum Zombie, Poisonous Fungo, Triffid, Phantom, Assassin Doll,
         Death Warrior, Totemite, Mana Cluster, Succubus, Enchantress,
         Death Gigas

Key Item: Slaith History (Slaith Dress),
          Slaith Crown

Items: 1 Phoenix Quill, 5 Lightening Stone, Angel Feather, Lightening Brand,
       1 Green Mana, 1200 Cole

Follow the path and grab the Phoenix Quill. Head south and then east into
southern warp for a chest with a Lightening Brand in it. Then warp back out and
take the warp north for a chest with Green Mana. Leave and head back past the
southern warp to pick up the Lightening Stones and go to the last warp in this
area. When the path splits, go south then down the steps and enter the
warp. Grab the Hermes Chest for key item Slaith History. Return and take the
warp above that for a Hermes Chest with an Angel Feather in it. Now take the
warp directly on the other side for 3 Lightening Stones. Finally take the warp
down the steps from this one to advance. Go past the first path east to get to
a chest with 1200 Cole. Now return and take that path east to hit camp and

Advance to fight the boss. He summons allies and can hit your party for
120 - 150 damage. He's also got a lot of HP. Have plenty of Refuel on hand. 
After he summons, concentrate on getting the skill bar up by hitting the boss.
When you get the SP, use attacks that hit all enemies to take care of his
summons. It's possible to get a huge combo on him before he starts summoning. I
used Endless Blade to get 34 hits and came out of this fight with 15000 exp and
168 SP for my party. You'll get a Spirit Protect from winning and the Slaith
Crown. Return to Zwital Village for a scene and enter the Dark Spring.

Location: Dark Spring

Enemies: Frozard, Ice Puni

Key Item: Mana Power: Evil (Faustus Core), Pigeon Blood

Items: Lightening Stone, 3 Goat Milks

Mining: Moon Stone, Large Red Ore, Lightening Stone, Red Legien

Watch the scene and head up. Go west to gather some Lightening Stone among
other stones. Now go east and then south for a chest with pigeon blood. Head
north of here to reach the workshop. Do your thing and head back to take the
north path. Grab the three Goat Milks and get the Hermes Chest for key item
Mana Power: Evil. Now leave the cave for more scenes. Now switch to Viese and
Head to the new mana holy ground.

Location: Moon Tower

Extraction: Dark, Poison, Illusion

Key Item: Soul Book (Pendlelook)

Items: 1 Black Mana, Ankh

Mana: Dark Mana Plua [Dark Gem]

Again no enemies here. Just gather the treasures, read the lithograph, and head
to the mana. Head back to Noir, then head to Eden Temple and talk with Lutanis.
Head back to Plua and make the pact. Switch back to Felt and head for Tatalia
Village to see a scene. Then head for the Desert Ruins and go all the way to
the back where you faught those soldiers.

Location: Desert Ruins (New Area)

Enemies: Armadillo, Blaze Element, Frigid Element, Lantern Jack, Phantom

Items: Illusion Bracelet, Fire Brand, Desert Flower, 1 Yellow Mana, 1 Red Mana

Follow the path north for Red Mana. Go west to get a Hermes Chest with an
Illusion Bracelet. Go north from here and west until the split then head south
and east around past the opening to a chest with a Fire Brand. Enter the
opening for a Hermes Chest with a Desert Flower and another chest with a
Yellow Mana. Exit and backtrack to the split, but go north and you'll reach the
workshop. Now leave for a scene and then head for Altena Church and to Gardo.


Episode 18: The Important Family

Location: Eden

As Viese, make sure you have a Comet Gem then leave and head for the Crystal

Location: Crystal Monument

Extraction: Lightening, Wood, Life*

Items: Urob, Moon Stone, 1 Green Mana

Yugdore Water: Super Nue

Fairy Tea: Urob

Mana: Light Mana Eital [Light Gem]

Extract Lightening elements and gather Urob. Read the lithograph. Exchange
a Comet Gem for a pact with Eital. Now leave.

Key Item: Soul Genesis (Elixer)
          Alchemic Destiny (Ruby Prism)

Mana: Life Mana Aion [Life Gem]

Go to Eden Temple and speak with Kreuz then head back to the workshop for
a scene. Now go to the library at the Temple of Eden and enter the special area
to find Soul Genesis key item. You'll also get Alchemic Destiny key item. Head
back to the workshop. Enter Melona's shop and speak to Coco and Melona for some
hints. Then go to the Historical Society in town to make a pact with Aion.

Key Item: Shining Metal (Platiin)

Item: 3 Dore Water

Now head back to the Crystal Monument and go southwest to approach the Yugdore
tree. Nab the Life Elements on the way, but make sure you spend them first so
you don't cap it at 99! Life elements are extremely rare as far as I know and
these don't regenerate after they are extracted. Grapple up to a chest with
key item Shining Metal in it and another 50 Life Elements. Now head west and
grab Dore Water three times before heading back to the workshop.

Create the Elixer and watch the scene. Cool music plays and Iris says something
she probably didn't want Viese to hear... Head back into the Historical Society
where you made the pact with Aion for an interesting deduction. Now head for
Eden Temple and speak with Kreuz. Then go back to the workshop.


Episode 19: The Last Battle

Back as Felt, save the game and do any synthesizing or equipment manipulation
you need to. When you're all set, talk to Hagel.

Enemies: Imperial Soldier, Imperial Guard, Imperial Captain

You'll fight some troops on the way to the palace. Enter Reise Palace on the
world map.

Location: Reise Palace

Enemies: Imperial Footman, Relief Soldier, Imperial Support Soldier, Sorceress,
         Imperial Guard, General, Imperial Soldier, Imperial Commander,
         Enchantress, Imperial Archer, Necromancer

Extraction: Wood

Key Item: Fallen Book (Fog Box)

Items: Ale, Dragon Blood, 1 Dark Mana, Urob

Head north and then east to the area you had your tour and take the door that
the soldier blocked before for a scene. They need support so backtrack to the
entrance and go west this time. Follow the path up and enter the door east to
help out. Exit and skip the next two doors east (if you want ale, only skip the
next door east). Head into the room to speak with Bully and pick up Dragon
Blood. Now head back to the area that needed support on the other side, making
sure you speak with everybody on the way there. If they still need help, enter 
all the rooms in the area for events. The courtyard will clear of enemies and
a camp area is there. Use it and go upstairs for a boss fight. The routine is
the same as last time except you're a lot more powerful now. After the fight,
head through the door north to find out you need more support. Now head west
and through the door above Galahad for support and 1 Dark Mana. Leave and head
west again and north through the door checking each room for help and treasure.
You'll find Urob and key item Fallen Book in a Hermes Chest. Now head back to
the area needing support and it should be cleared. The first door west has two
chests hidden behind the grey statues with 1050 Cole and 1 Green Mana. Proceed
through the second door. Time to backtrack again to the courtyard for more
help. Check the rooms again for help. Proceed to the third floor and save.

This boss is really annoying. He can curse, lower speed, and hit your party for
180 damage all with one attack. Make sure you have items to deal with curse or
prepare beforehand with equipment. After winning, simply chase Theodore out.

After everything is done, head for Altena Church (it's almost automatic). Looks
like somebody else found Grando... Save your game and prepare for a dramatic
one on one (I opened up with Divine Shield and Philosophic Ash). You probably
only really need Divine Shield. Show him who is boss. He should be easy by now.
Of course, he has to resort to dirty tricks. Game over.

Key Item: Iris' Notes (Mell Orb)

Item: Aroma Material

Just kidding! You'll be back as Viese now.


Episode 20: Retracing Your Steps

Get ready to waste some simple enemies... at level 1. Put some nice equipment
on Viese and travel to Tatalia entering each location on the way. Talk with
everyone in each location. Make some Mell orbs when you can and use them as you
travel to Altena Church. Watch the scenes then head to the Wetlands.

Location: The Wetlands (revisited)

Enemies: Baphy, Ice Puni, Frozard, Puni

Items: Ancient Ore

Just follow the path up by the workshop for a scene. Then collect the Ancient
Ore that falls. Synthesize a Mell Orb using Ancient Orb and use it on Felt.


Episode 21: The Sealed Orb

Head to South Lake Midgard and go east to take the boat to Eden. Head towards
the Temple of Eden and a lot of things happen.

Location: Riese Palace

Key Item: Book Alha (Megido's Key)

Back at Riese Palace, speak to everyone with information. Max will give you
key item Book Alha and tell to check out Alha Village for hints on how to beat
Chaos. Hagel will let you know that the dragon king has reappeared in Lallzatt
Cave. Theresa will let you know about a secret shop in Claire Village. Eizlen
lets you know about a library under the church sealed by the lock of Megido.
The Puni Liberation Squad lets you know about a store related to alchemy in
Sessier Forest. The animals tell you Urob is in Lake Midgard and Dunkelheit is
in the Dark Forest. That should be all so leave now.

Key Items: Elusmus Fragment, Ancient Skills (Reptile Egg)

You can probably do all these in any order, but I went to the Church first.
Check on Yuveria and pick up the Elusmus Fragment then head south to the
library. Learn of the Dark Island off of the South Grand Coast. Check the
lowest floor for key item Ancient Skills.

Item: Aroma Material

Now head to Alha Village. Learn the truth about the village and visit the
workshop. Pops tells you to visit his grandma on Mt Gelad near South Grand
Plain. You'll learn a bit about Chaos and then be prompted to head for Mt
Gelad. Tolena gives you an Aroma Material. 

Key Item: Slaith Songs (Moon Drop), Y-017J Blueprints, Ares Liquid

Now go to Sessier Forest. The Megido chest contains key item Slaith Songs. Open
the Megido door to reach another workshop and obtain key item Y-017J
Blueprints. Now go back to Grando in Altena Church and get Ares Liquid from
Yuveria. The game will send you back to Riese Palace so leave and head for
Claire Village.

Location: Claire Village

Secret Shop: Heaven and Earth - 10050 Gold (Globe)
             Ankh - 4800 Gold
             Dragon Horn - 1500 Gold
             Dragon Blood - 1500 Gold
             Dragon Bone - 1800 Gold

Items: Dragon Shield, Dragon Tongue

Check out the shop for some nice items. Now it's time to go fight a dragon.
Head to Lallzatt Cave and fight the dragon. He's pathetically easy, but there's
a round 2. He's a lot harder, but if you keep your HP over 300 or so you
should be fine. If you equip gear to up your fire resistance, you'll be fine.
You will get a Dragon Tongue from winning. You'll be back at Riese Palace.
Create the Reptile Egg and leave the palace.

Key Item: Holy Script (Cueparts)

Items: 2 Spirit Protect, 1 Soul Shroud

Pick up all the Megido chests you had to skip by. The one in Reise Palace has a
Spirit Protect in it. West Regenbogen's chest also has a Spirit Protect in it.
Onuki Cave also has a chest with a Soul Shroud in it. South Lake Midgard has a
chest with key item Holy Script in it. That's all for the Megid chests. Now is
a good time to use a Pendulum to see if there is anything you've missed in any
location you have previously visted. When you're all set, head to Mt Gelad.

Location: Mt Gelad

Enemies: Stone Golem, Sentry, Firedillo, Assassin Doll, Murder Bot, Totem

Key Items: Mana Power: Life (Aion Core), Mirror of Twilight

Items: Glowgrass, Dark Mana, Diema Ankh

Mining: Lightening Stone, Large Red Ore, Silver Legien, Ore, Dem Ore, Shadow
        Stone, Moon Stone

Follow the path and grapple up to a path leading to a Glowgrass. Go back down
and then grapple up and go north to reach a cave. Grab the Dark Mana and Diema
Ankh from the chests then head west up another hook to a camp point. Head west
onto the next screen up the grapple point and east for a chest with key item
Mana Power: Life. Now head back down the grapple point, go west, and climb the
green vine up to reach the path to the peak. You'll watch a scene and get the
key item Mirror of Twilight. Climb down the vine and exit south to open a path
to South Grand Plains. Enter South Grand Plains and head south to speak to
Mitsue. Take her boat to open a path to Dark Island. Now that you've unlocked
those locations, your next destination is the Sealed Ruin.

Location: Sealed Ruin

Enemies: Sun Eagle, Mana Cluster, Assassin Doll, Elda, Mega Virum, Shadowgirl,
         Shadow Legion, Death Warrior, Frigid Element, Vorpal Sword, Legion,
         Necromancer, Virum Zombie, Evil Servant

Key Item: Illusional Vacation (Time Stone), Chaos' Diary (Verdure Doublet)

Items: 1 Glowing Mana, 1 Triffid, 1600 Cole, 1 Green Mana, 1 Red Mana

Head in the Sealed Ruin and go east at the first fork to get a chest with 1
Glowing Mana inside it. Head back and north to take a platform up. Grapple your
way west and grab a Triffid. Then go far north to the next screen, read the
lithograph then head north to the next screen. Up the steps to the west and
then south to a chest down there for 1600 Cole. Now go north to a grapple point
and go up it then take the first left for a Megido chest with key item
Illusional Vacation. Go back up then hook around north and west. Go all the way
down for a chest with 1 Green Mana in it. Now go north and onto the octagonal
platform to get a chest with 1 Red Mana on it. Now go all the way north, hit
camp, and then go north to fight 3 Evil Servants. Use Divine Shield on your
guys and make sure to keep you HP over 300 with healing items. When your SP bar
gets high enough, unload special attacks that hit all enemies and you should
eventually pull through with a victory. Advance into the next room. Kinda makes
you sympathize for Chaos, doesn't it? You'll receive key item Chaos' Diary and
some more emotional scenes will go by. Exit and you'll return to Riese Palace.
The only place left to go right now is the Dark Island, but first let's finish
exploring the South Grand Plains. You can also show the Chaos' Diary to Tolena
at this point for some scenes, but they aren't necessary and you don't get
anything for it.

Location: South Grand Plains

Enemies: Sand Dragon, Roc, Firedillo

Key Item: Book of Soil (Blood Clay)

Items: 4 Wax, Mushroom Armor

Mining: Ice Stone, Ore, Red Legien, Dem Ore, Shadow Stone

Enter the map and head east to get 4 Wax. Far to the west above Mitsue is a
Grappling Hook point. Grapple and get the Megid Chest for a key item Book of
Soil. On the wooden bridge east of Mitsue is the last chest with Mushroom Armor
in it. Now head to the Dark Island.

Location: Dark Island

Enemies: Puni Queen, Giant Puni, Mud Eater, Phantom, Succubus, Death Warrior,
         Shadow Legion, Bugbear

Extraction: Poison, Aroma, Wood, Water

Items: 1200 Cole, 1 Yellow Mana, Dragon Bone

Mining: Large Red Ore, Lightening Stone, Ore, Moon Stone, Silver Legien, Dem

Wonder Grow: Poison Element, Aroma Element, Wood Element, Water Element,
             Fresh Glowgrass

Fairy Tea: Aihie Fungo

Go west of the boat and north up the hill. Then grapple to a chest with 1200
cole in it. Go south and then west and north when you can to grapple to another
chest with 1 Yellow Mana in it. Go south again then west and north and west to
the wooded area. Proceed to a Phoenix Quill then go south for a chest with a
Dragon Bone. North of the Phoenix Quill is a chest with 1 Black Mana. Now exit
out the southwest side for a path to Vintavne.

Location: Vintavne

Enemies: Triffid, Fly Trapper, Murder Bot, Frigid Element, Legion,
         Mountain Pig, Senior Mountain Pig, Master Pig, Heavy Metal, Lilim,
         Bugbear, Elda, Nocturne Element, Mana Cluster, Flame Virum

Key Item: Pirate Bramus (Nauticaul Charts)

Item: Daza's Belt, 1 Dark Mana, Urob, Ares Liquid, Silver Water

Another place that should look very familiar to completests who have played
Atelier Iris! Follow the path and go east under the bushes then go north and
west through the warp. Follow this path to another warp. And this path to yet
another warp. Follow this to another warp and finally a camp. Now go south for
a Hermes Chest with Daza's Belt. Head back to camp then east and through the
warp. Take the floating platform east to a chest with 1 Dark Mana in it. Follow
the path and when it splits, keep heading west to open a chest for Urob. Go
back and north through the warp then follow the path. Go south when it splits
and nab the Megido chest for key item Pirate Bramus. Now take the east path at
the split and into the warp. Go west through another warp and west again.
You'll be at the workshop. You'll get Ares Liquid. Now leave and head for
Mysterious Palace. Make sure you save the game because there's a boss fight.

Location: Mysterious Palace

Key Item: Book of Marcus (Gurgu's Cane)

This boss didn't last long for me. I used Divine Shield on everybody, broke
him down and hit him for a max chain of 49 hits, 7710 damage. Didn't have to
heal or anything. After the fight you'll get the Book of Marcus key item.
You'll be back at Riese Palace. Now, create the Ruby Prism!


Episode 22: To The New World

Location: Eden

Key Item: Tik Tik (Super Uni)

Items: Speedster

Melona's Shop (New Items): Illusion Bracelet - 3200 Gold
                           Angel Feather - 3200 Gold

Yach's Shop (New Items): Fire Brand - 4000 Gold
                         Ice Brand - 4000 Gold
                         Lightening Brand - 4000 Gold

You'll be in Eden when this chapter starts. Enter Noir and Mitsue will give you
a Speedster. The Megido Chest in the workshop contains key item Tik Tik. I
revived everyone in Eden with the Destone Orb. Highlights are the new items in
Melona and Yach's Shops. To advance the story, destone Kreuz and he'll tell you
some more interesting things about Iris. "Insanely powerful" little girl, isn't
she? Talk to Lutanis and she'll tell you to cure everybody and she'll give you
some useful items from the library.

Key Item: Heavenly Sigh (Element Blaze)

At this point I went back to Dragon's Nest and completed the rest of the trials
for items and experience. Assuming you've destoned everybody, Lutanis will give
you key item Heavenly Sigh. If she holds out, you probably missed one of the
little guys in the Scarlet Temple. Gather any materials and elements you need
to complete your recipes. You can find Desert Flower in the Great Desert. Most
Globe items are found through the Item Wish skill. When you're all set, take
the Temple of Eden to the Temple of Creation.

Location: Temple of Creation

Enemies: Death Warrior, Death Gigas, Mega Virum, Nocturne Element, Lilim,
         Sentry, Darkwing, Cerberus, Hell Kitty, Sun Eagle, Mega Virum,
         Firedillo, Mud Eater, Necromancer, Virum Zombie, Succubus,
         Vorpal Sword, Master Puni, Giant Puni, Elda, Totemite, Legion,
         Triffid, Faux Puni, Murder Bot, Master Puni, Baal, Rhino Beast,
         Wild Cat, Mana Cluster, Mad Brownie, Enchantress, Evil Beast

Key Item: Church Tale (Rotor Ankh), Ellis (Cure Crystal)

Items: 1 Yellow Mana, Daza's Belt, 1 Green Mana, 1 Black Mana, 1 Green Mana,
       Aroma Material

Mining: Moon Stone, Red Ore, Gravity Stone, Dem Ore, Red Legien, Ice Stone,
        Dem Ore, Silver Legien

From camp head east for a chest with 1 Yellow Mana in it. Then take the path
north from camp past the east and west paths to the floating platform west
which leads to Daza's Belt. From there head north and north some more past the
next screen. Head west when you can and west again for a chest with a Green
Mana in it. To the far east is a chest with 1 Black Mana in it. Head back west
to find a camp point. Use it for some more story scenes. Head west and to the
next screen to receive key item Church Tale. Backtrack back to camp and go
north this time. When given the choice, head west up the hill for a Megido
chest with Speedster in it. Now head east for another camp point. North and
west is a path outside with another camp point (I know this is the final
dungeon, but aren't all these camp points a bit ridiculous?). Head northeast
to go outside and fight bosses (but not THE boss) although the sexy music might
lead you to believe so. Anyways, just Divine Shield and hammer away remembering
to heal every once in awhile. They aren't difficult but they have a lot of HP.
Take the warp up and go south to hit the last lithograph for key item Ellis.
West of here is a chest with 1 Green Mana. East of the lithograph behind the
big tree is a Megido Chest with Aroma Material. Now head west and then north
when you can. Hit the last camp and prepare for the final boss. Head north, and
that awesome tune plays.

I opened up by breaking him and getting a huge combo of crits. When he broke
out, I used a Power Shield. This guy hits HARD. If he's about to get a turn it
might be best to defend because he can take out your guys in one hit. Keep up
with healing and get in some strong attacks between. When your guys die, revive
them ASAP so you always have a full party. It will be tough, but you should be
able to take him down. Enjoy the ending! There's more afterwards. Make a bonus
save and new trials have opened up in the Dragon's Den.

Dragon's Den (Postgame)

Most problems you may have fighting the monsters in these new trials can be
solved by synthesizing really nice reviews onto your weapons, accessories, and
alchemy items. At the very least you should try to get the Attack + 4 review on
all of your equipment. Also, a healthy amount of recovery items is highly
recommended before attempting the later legendary trials in the series.

Trial: Legendary Puni

Monsters: [Round 1] Puni Rider x 4
          [Round 2] Faux Puni x 5
          [Round 3] Puni Queen x 2, Puni, Super Puni
          [Round 4] Golden Puni x 5
          [Round 5] Puni Queen x 2, Emerald Puni (Boss), Super Puni

Prize: Dark Mana

The only way I've been able to really get through the Emerald Puni's incredible
defense and regenerative abilities is with Felt's Final Edge. I would just
charge attack with quick characters and use Felt's Final Edge when his turn
comes around to win. It took me awhile, but it eventually went down.

Trial: Legendary Hell Beast

Monsters: [Round 1] Stonehead, Hammerhead x 2
          [Round 2] Cerberus, Sr. Mountain Pig x 2, Roc
          [Round 3] Firedillo x 2, Supreme Wolf, Sun Eagle
          [Round 4] Rhino Beast, Supreme Wold x 3
          [Round 5] Supreme Wolf x 4, Hell Slayer (Boss)

Prize: Black Mana

Hell Slayer has a lot of HP, but it's nothing that Final Edge can't break
through. Just make sure to have your quick characters charge attack to build up
the SP gauge so that Felt can use it when his turn comes around.

Trial: Legendary Spirits

Monsters: [Round 1] Flame Virum, Blaze Element x 2
          [Round 2] Rhino Beast, Shock Element x 2
          [Round 3] Sun Eagle, Frigid Element x 2
          [Round 4] Necro Hydra, Nocturne Element x 3
          [Round 5] Dark Princess, Light Princess (Boss)

Prize: Glowing Mana

This was really annoying for me. I just switched in Viese, Poe, and Felt so I
could hurt the princesses with their charge attacks. The Dark Princess alone
can take a member's HP down really quick so make sure you keep HP up. Also,
it's possible to put the Dark Princess to sleep which can make the battle

Trial: Legendary Fallen Angel

Monsters: [Round 1] Darkwing x 3
          [Round 2] Shadowgirl x 2, Lilim, Totemite x 2
          [Round 3] Necromancer x 2, Succubus x 2, Death Knight
          [Round 4] Baal, Lilim x 3
          [Round 5] Darkwing x 2, Snowmaiden (Boss)

Prize: Red Mana

Snowmaiden seems to be one of the easier bosses in the Legendary class fights.
If you were strong enough to get here you won't have problems in this fight.

Trial: Legendary Royalty

Monsters: [Round 1] Supreme Wolf x 2, Triffid x 2, Fungo King
          [Round 2] Totem, Totemite x 2, Fungo King ***
          [Round 3] Poisonous Fungo x 2, Parafungo x 2, Fungo King
          [Round 4] Fungo King x 3
          [Round 5] Fungo King x 2, Mushroom Prince

Prize: Yellow Mana

There's a really nice trick to this fight. Just use a Dark Water on the
Mushroom Prince to curse/poison him and pound on him until he dies. Without at
least curse, he'll start regenerating all his HP at the beginning of his turns.

Trial: Legendary Demons

Monsters: [Round 1] Legion x 2, Shadow Legion
          [Round 2] Baal, Lilim x 2, Death Knight
          [Round 3] Shadow Legion x 2, Baal
          [Round 4] Flame Virum, Baal
          [Round 5] Baal x 2, Hell Legion (Boss)

Prize: Green Mana

Hell Legion looks scary, but is really nothing to worry about. Break him and
rack up a huge combo for extra experience and SP if you still need it.

Trial: Legendary Immortals

Monsters: [Round 1] Virum Zombie x 2, Phantom x 2
          [Round 2] Necro Hydra, Sun Eagle
          [Round 3] Succubus x 2, Necromancer, Death Warrior
          [Round 4] Death Knight x 2, Necromancer, Necro Hydra
          [Round 5] Night Aroma x 2, Shade (Boss)

Prize: Blue Mana

Shade is invulnerable to physical attacks so I used Poe and Viese with Felt to
take it down. First take out its allies and then concentrate on Shade. It has
an attack that can deal upwards of 300 damage to your party so keep your HP up.
It's also pretty hard to break and quite quick too.

Trial: Legendary Dark Dragon

Monsters: [Round 1] Uni Virum, Mega Virum x 2
          [Round 2] Flame Virum, Frozard x 2
          [Round 3] Virum Zombie x 2, Necro Hydra
          [Round 4] Flame Virum x 2, Necro Hydra
          [Round 5] Flame Virum x 2, Dragonia (Boss)

Prize: Dark Mana

Dragonia is more like a Flame Virum with a ton of HP than another boss. Really
nothing to worry about if you were good enough to make it to the trial.

Trial: Legendary Dark Clan

Monsters: [Round 1] Charon x 2, Lilim, Shadow Legion
          [Round 2] Vorpal Sword x 2, Death Knight
          [Round 3] Elda, Book Eater x 2, Enchantress x 2
          [Round 4] Death Knight x 2, Necromancer x 2, Wild Cat
          [Round 5] Mahou Shoujo x 2, Underground Queen

Prize: Black Mana

This boss fight is actually really annoying. The boss is fast and can steal
200 - 400 HP with her Hot Kiss (rawwrr). The Mahou Shoujo can be deadly too
with their attacks. First focus on taking out both of the Mahou Shoujo. Then
it shouldn't be too difficult to deal with the Underground Queen as long as you
keep an eye on your HP.

Trial: Legendary Weapons

Monsters: [Round 1] Quetzacoatl
          [Round 2] Elekicoatl
          [Round 3] Skycoatl
          [Round 4] Suncoatl
          [Round 5] Amalgam

Prize: Glowing Mana

Amalgam is a doozy, but he's vulnerable to sleep. His attacks will decimate
your party, but he can be broken afterwards if you have a turn coming soon
after him. If you manage to sleep him, take the time to recover your party back
to full strength before continuing to hammer on him. If anybody dies, revive
them as soon as possible. This is actually a good boss fight before the
Ultimate Hammer Braves trial...

Trial: Ultimate Hammer Braves

Monsters: [Round 1] Mad Brownie x 3, Puni Rider x 2
          [Round 2] Puni Rider x 3
          [Round 3] Sentry x 2
          [Round 4] Puni Rider x 2, Blaze Element
          [Round 5] Instant Brownie x 3

Prize: Red Mana x 3

The Blaze Element in round 4 has high atk and tons of HP, but shouldn't provide
for more than a longer battle than usual. One Instant Brownie can take out one
character in one hit and there are three of them. Try to focus on one at a time
and use your faster characters like Noin and Fee in order to keep up. Revive
party members as soon as they die. It is possible to put them to sleep, and if
they finish a super attack, they are vulnerable to being broken so take the
opportunity. It will be a long and fierce battle. Now is the time to use those
Cure Crystals. If you pull through then you definitely have a battle party to
be proud of.


Mana Items:

Heal Herb

Heal Jar

Heal Bulb




Fear Bottle

Aroma Pot

Return Gem

Flay Hammer

Wonder Grow

Yugdore Water

Fairy Tea

Key of Hermes

Megido's Key

Grappling Hook

Animal Cookie

Rainbow Cloth

Glow Lamp

Destone Orb

Mell Orb


Altena Jar

Cure Crystal

Cure Jar

Uroborus Pill

Philosophic Ash

Divine Shield

Power Shield


Mega Flame

Tera Flame

Item Wish


Astral Globe

Under Globe

Lightening Rod

Thunder Rod


Ice Comet

Dragon Gem

Flute of Cerberus

Element Blaze


Super Uni

Bomb Ice


Dark Water

Basilisk Eye

Amanita Needle

Dark Lightening Cloud


Huffin Water

Time Stone

Uru Core

Nymph Core

Silwest Core

Plua Core

Zuvelk Core

Faustus Core

Aion Core


Eden Outfit

Roten Helm

Blau Helm

Silver Armor


Dark Fairy Clothes

Dark Fairy Hat

Slaith Dress

Magic Paper

Demon Ring

Dragon Fang Earring

Lota Cake


Gurgu's Cane

Alchemy Items:

Blue Bracer

Elite Liqueur

Holy Evergreen


Belk Blackbelt

Damask Ring

Cotton Cloth

Silk Cloth

Formal Fabric

Comet Gem

Magatama Cone

Red Crystal

White Crystal

Magnetic Crystal

Alchemist Medal

Sages Feather Pen



Nautical Charts

Celestial Map

Dark Scroll

Moon Drop

New Moon Drop

Fog Box

Silver Acid


Mana Moebius

Gravity Crystal

Blood Clay

Gray Crowbar

Silver Crowbar

Gold Crowbar

Rotor Ankh

Spiteful Stone

Quicksliver Ankh

Viese Charm

Sun and Wind Wing


Reptile Egg

Verdure Doublet

Ruby Prism

How can I afford those expensive key items in Riesevelt my first visit?

There might be a better way to do this, but I bought the components to a Roten
Helm. Then I mass produced and sold them. After I exhausted the stores, I had
enough for both of the items there. Moon Stone and Red Legien cost 100, but the
helm sells for 120 so there's a 20% gain on your investment. And if you're
wondering whether it's worth it, the alchemy items you can create have secret
skills for gaining 10% extra experience and knockback. The ingredients are also
available far before your next visit to Riesevelt.

Where can I find Dragon Meat?

Dragon Meat is dropped by enemies in the last dungeon of the game. I forgot
exactly what dropped the one I got.

Can I miss anything that would permanently keep me from getting everything in
the course of the game?

Aquitto Spring disappears, but the Lithograph that is there is read as a
requirement to the story. The items you find there can be bought later in the
game, but if you want it to read as complete on your Pendulum, make sure you
get everything there before the later chapters of the game. Also, I've been
readin that the Sound and Aroma Manas are missable but I haven't personally
verified this information. If you regularly talk to everybody in Eden then you
will not miss these mana.

Where can I find new things after I get this new key, bomb, grappling hook, 

Use the Pendulum mana item and it will answer all these questions.

Where are all of the Lithographs and why should I bother reading them?

You will get an incredibly useful healing mana item that takes care of your
status and completely recovers your hit points. The lithographs are in the
following locations:

West Coast Highway, Forest of Ocean Mist, Aquitto Spring (part of story),
Great Desert, Marmel Forest, Sealed Ruin, Weathervane Hill, Scarlet Temple,
Great Cave, Moon Tower, Crystal Monument, Eden Temple underground, South Lake
Midgard, Temple of Creation(read this one last)

You'll know if you've found them all when you approach the one in the Temple of

Are there any items I should hold onto rather than synthesize?

All the super rare items are used for the story. Every other item can be
bought, found, or won from fighting monsters. Even mana stones can be bought
later on.

Which party members are the best to use?

Use whoever you have the most fun using. In the late game, a certain skill
definitely puts Fee and Noin ahead of the rest of the party members in terms
of speed and you'll probably want to use them throughout the post-game arena.
They are great for racking up huge combos and boosting experience/skill points.

Where can I extract Life Elements?

Life Elements are rare throughout the game and should be used almost
exclusively on a necessary basis. However you can extract 50 Life Elements from
Super Puni (They're in the arena post-game and probably in a few other
locations). Thanks to Fate Fate for emailing me this information so I could
verify it.

How can I make LOTs of money?

I don't know yet, but experiment with selling items you can create through
alchemy and there's probably something you can make a killing off of with a
proper investment of time. When you can buy mana, use all this money to produce
cores to raise your stats to ridiculous levels! I got some emails with the
following information on good ways to make money at different points in the

From Missy Sampson: Before you get Viese to fight and after you can make Flay
Hammer, get Viese to enter the Great Cave, get her to mine the first Stone at
the beginning to get Moon Stone then leave then enter it again, continue to
mine it until you can't mine it any more. Then go switch with Felt have him at
Tatalia Village exit camp go left and mine the red stone that gives you Red
Legien, then run back to the camp enter and then exit and mine the stone again.
Do this until you can't mind it anymore. When your done Switch to Viese then
create as many Roten helm as you can. Then sell them, they sell 120 each. I get
around 1000 or so just less then 2 min. Of course you can start with Felt then
Viese but it is the same process.

From VeghEsther: Late game the best way to make money is to kill the Fungus
King monster the one you can never kill on the 1st visit to Sessier Forest. At
this part of the game (around the time the final dungeon is accessible) you can
easily beat them. 1500 cole per battle. At least 1 legendary ranking battle at
the Dragons Next arena has tons of Fungus Kings to fight at the same time for
3000 - 4500 cole per battle. Must beat games final boss to access the Legendary

I tested these and they work out pretty well. The Legendary Royalty Trial not
only has numerous Fungo Kings but also provides experience for your troubles so
it's definitely a great way to make money after you've completed the main game.

What is Item Wish all about?

With Item Wish you can get some unique items you may need for your recipes or
sidequest things like Melona's shop. Melona specifically asks for a Rainbow
Disc and a Star Piece. This isn't a complete list, but here are the items and
some enemies you can get them from:

Groovecube - obtained from Puni, Banshee, Archer, Ice Puni, and Roc

Star Piece - obtained from Wolf, Fungo, and Hammerhead

Piko Hammer - obtained from Brownie, Master Pig, Master Puni

Globeball - obtained from Armadillo, Caterpillar, Wood Golem, Stone Golem, and

Violet Fungus - obtained from Heavy Metal

Rainbow Disc - obtained from Harpy

Gogo Suit - obtained from Baphy

Your chances of getting items when you use Item wish seem to be related to
level and/or magic power. I still need to experiment with this some more but
the HP remaining on a monster might also influence the rate of success. These
items are great to start synthesizing some nice reviews onto your equipment.

Special Thanks

CJayC for hosting this and every other guide I've ever read on GameFAQS.

GUST for creating this game and Nippon Ichi for publishing it in the US.

The people reading and contributing information to my walkthrough whom I've
credited by their information.

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