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Reviewed: 08/30/05

Feudal beat-down is kind of disappointing

With the Anime/Manga Inuyasha gains much popularity in North America, why not bring in some of the games? I myself as many others have been anticipating the North American release of this game Inuyasha: Feudal Combat. I myself was very excited to be able to play your favorite character and duke it out with the evil Naraku or just beat on poor little Shippo. On the whole I was pretty disappointed.

Graphics: 7/10

Bandai made a good choice using cell shading for this game. All the backgrounds look great and the characters look very similar to their anime counterparts. But they don't impress me very much. It seems that the game was rushed; there are small things that Bandai did not do that could have helped a lot. Ex: Swords sticking out of clothes when sheathed, when Sango's Hiraikotsu (giant boomerang) returns there is no animation for her catching it, Inuyasha doesn't seem to sheath Tessaiga properly and so on. Also the animation is a little rough, such as outlines around characters when compared to such games like Dark Cloud 2 whose cell shading is much more polished and that game came out ages ago.

Sound: 5/10

This is definitely the low point of this game. Not only is songs not from the anime, but none of them are memorable and most of the time the battle are fought with yells of "Wind Scar" and such. All the sound effects were fine and sounding like they did in the anime, however when attacks are performed you always here the characters yell and even when you perform an ultimate move you can hear the voices of the other characters still performing moves. It gets annoying after awhile. Being that I watched the anime in Japanese and part of it in English, I favored the Japanese voices and the some of the English voices annoy the crap out of me. So I may be a little biased in this part.

Gameplay: 6/10

Big ouch. The fighing system is insanely straight forward. There are simple commands. Weak and Strong Attack, Block, Jump and Special. Very straight forward. By pressing the weak and strong together you initiate a partner attack. If you press block and weak attack you do something close to a throw (which looks like a countered throw in the DBZ Budokai series) which pushes back the opponent leaving open to attacks. The blocking system is very unforgiving as if you do not block the first hit of a combo, odds are you have no chance of blocking the rest of it. Also holding the block button allows you to block all attacks thus the level of strategy is dropped immensely. Your character's position doesn't matter as well. There are about 14 characters which is definitely nothing to scoff at and provides enough variety, however each character only has a few moves (my bad. One character has a fair amount of moves, Inuyasha, and even then they are very similar in nature) thus it is easy to master each character (Bankotsu has two combos, a little easy to counter him no?) Shippo on the other hand is a different story, the little fox demon is short, really short. A lot of attacks will miss this guy as some characters ex: Sesshoumaru, where almost all his attack will miss him 100 % of the time. I thought this is really cheep and very broken. If you have two good players playing one on one, you will have a REALLY long fight ahead of you. The addition of a random button would have been appreciated.

The Tag team idea was a very creative idea, and Bandai has seemed to have implemented this very well, at least as well as the limited AI will allow. The absence of two players teaming up on one team against computers seems like a missed opportunity. There are various modes you can set your AI buddy two: Water: will follow you around and attempt to place in chains to your attacks, Fire: will attack the character you are currently attacking, Forest: will attack the character you are not currently attacking, Mountain: will place him or herself in front of you to block attacks (personally I find it utterly useless and only use this so that my partner will block opposed to just absorbing attacks.) which adds a little more strategy however when faced against computers you can generally beat them down with any.

Fun Factor: 8/10

There is no doubt that the game is fun, especially if you're a Inuyasha fan. It's always great to grab your favorite two characters from the series and beat on the two that you hate and give'em the slapstick. But that doesn't normally last that long due to the lack of moves and low level of difficulty.

Multiplayer Factor: 8/10

This is the game's saving grace, or close to one. This game really gets fun once you grab a friend and start some beating fun. Again the lack of moves seriously hurts this factor as well and after awhile your friend will want to play something else.

Single Player Replayability 2/10

There is almost none. The story mode will literally take you around 45 mins to finish. There is the mission mode but that gets boring after awhile. I was literally done with Single Player in 3 hours. And since there are very few moves (ex: Bankotsu, been complaining about you a lot XD) each character is easy to master.

Overall: 6/10
A Fair Game

Additional Comments:
Unless you are a Inuyasha buff, the most you'll want to do is rent the game.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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