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The story of the unknown land and what happened in an unknown era in that country.

Everyone was looking for a purple book called "Ossacaptis" that was handed down in legends and myths. At the royal palace, it was decided to gather people who were confident in their arms. "Let's give all the prizes of Porcelain to those who recover the forbidden book Ossacaptis!" Thus, adventurers from all over the world set out in pursuit of the fulfillment of their dreams and desires.

In addition to traditional fixed dungeons, there are also random dungeons whose maps change when certain conditions are met.

The screen displays as much as possible of the monster army in the battle scene! Witness the power and fear of roughly 300 types of monsters!

You can follow and summon defeated monsters with the new occupation, "SUMMONER"!

There are about 150 types of items hidden in the labyrinth! Create characters with 9 professions and 5 races to choose from! Pursuing fun such as exploring the labyrinth of the masterpiece "Wizardry", fighting, and collecting!

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