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FAQ/Walkthrough by Pocroik

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/12/05

Gantz Game FAQ

This FAQ is by Croik.  Some parts I translated directly from the 
game Instruction Manual, some I wrote myself.  In the character section
I added some information gained from Hitoshi Doi's voice actor 
database (http://www.tcp.com/doi/seiyuu/seiyuu.html) as well as some
information I translated from the Gantz Manual.

Big thanks to a certain Japanese hint site 
(http://www.geocities.jp/ohda_chugaku/) that helped fill in some of the
stuff I was missing.  I will be sure to check all these things for 

And Special thanks to LoserBait, who's also contributed greatly to
this FAQ.  <333

Please contact me with any additions or corrections you might find

Since this game is based heavily on the Gantz Manga/Anime, there are a
few spoilers present in this guide (up to Stage 5).  Game spoilers I 
tried to limit to the Endings and Translation sections.

This FAQ was last updated 9/12/05.
This is my first time doing an FAQ.  I hope it's useful :P
Version 1.0


I.  Start Menu
  A.  Start Game
  B.  Load Game
  C.  Options
  D.  Extra Option
    1.  Free Play
    2.  Neko Mimi Mode
    3.  Magazine Pin-ups
    4.  Gantz Names
    5.  Special Movie
    6.  Scenario Completion
II.  Gameplay
  A.  Controls
    1.  Story Stage
    2.  Battle Stage
  B.  Equipment
    1.  Weapons
      a.  X Gun
      b.  Y Gun
      c.  X Rifle
      d.  Gantz Sword
    2.  Items
      a.  Controller
      b.  Land Mine Capture
      c.  Back Up Bombardment
      d.  Suit Enhancer
    3.  Gantz Suit
    4.  Gantz Motorcycle
  C.  Points
    1.  Hero vs Leader Points
    2.  Trust points
    3.  Gantz Points
III.  Scenarios
  A.  Story Stage
  B.  Battle Stage
    1.  Screen Display
    2.  Hero Actions
    3.  Partners
      a.  Commands
  C.  Scoring Stage
    1.  Status Report
    2.  Gantz Score
IV.  Characters
  A.  Kurono Kei
  B.  Katou Masaru
  C.  Kishimoto Kei
  D.  Rice
  E.  Nishi Jouichirou
  F.  Hojo Masanobu
  G.  Nakayama Sadako
  H.  Sakuraoka Sei
  I.  Togo
V.  Enemies
  A.  Onion Alien Mission
    1.  Onion Alien Child
    2.  Onion Alien Dad
  B.  Suzuki Alien Mission
    1.  Suzuki Aliens
    2.  Suzuki Alien Boss
  C.  Buddha Statue Mission
    1.  Cranky and Grouchy Aliens
    2.  Buddha Statues
    3.  1000 Arms Kanon
  D.  Chibi Alien Mission
    1.  Chibi Aliens
    2.  Chibi Alien Boss
  E.  School Mission
    1.  Chibi Alien
    2.  Vampires

[Everything section VI and on contains SPOILERS]

VI.  Quick Choices Guide
VII.  100 Points
  A.  How to get
  B.  What you get
VIII.  Endings
  Ending 1
  Ending 2
  Ending 3
  Ending 4
  Ending 5
  Ending 6
  Ending 7
  Ending 8
  Ending 9
  Ending 10
  Ending 11
  Ending 12
  Ending 13
  Ending 14
  Ending 15
  Ending 16

The point of the Gantz game is to earn points by defeating aliens, 
boost your own Hero and Leader points, manage your team, unlock 
endings, and gather porn.  The game is divided into five scenarios, 
which in turn are divided into Story, Battle, and Scoring Stages.  I 
tried to write this guide in a way so that non-Japanese speakers would 
be able to enjoy what the game has to offer.  I don't know at this 
point if I'll get around to a full game translation, but this is what
I have so far.

I.  Start Menu

Pressing start at the title screen brings you to the menu.  Remember 
that in Japanese games the O button is default for selecting.

  A.  Start Game

This begins a new story mode, starting from the first scenario.  You 
can choose between Easy, Normal, and Hard for difficulty.  This 
changes how hard the aliens are, as well as the strength of your own

  B.  Load Game

Loads a previous save state.  If you load previous clear data, you 
begin at the first scenario with all your stats from the previous 

  C.  Options

Here you can set your options during play

Controller Vibration:  Can be set to "on" or "off"
Blood:  Can be set to "on" or "off"
Screen Adjustment: Here you can adjust your screen brightness and 
Sound:  Adjust volume for BGM, sound effects, and the voice acting.

Controller Settings (click to enter new menu):

Control Type
  Normal:  Normal button arrangement
  Gantz:  Prioritizes use of the X Gun
  Original:  Arrange the buttons freely

*[The Gantz control scheme changes the weapon button to R1, as well
as changes a few other buttons.  I have not played with it, so I'm 
not sure what the advantage/disadvantages might be]

Lock On
  Switch:  Press the button once to lock on, press again to take off
  Hold:  Hold down the button to lock on, releasing button releases 
  lock on.

Orders to Partners
  Switch:  Press the button to switch orders on or off
  Hold:  Hold down the button to continue orders

Up and Down Controls:
  Normal:  Pushing the right analog stick down sweeps the camera up.
  Reverse:  Pushing the right analog stick up moves the camera down.

Right And Left Controls:
  Normal:  Pushing the right analog stick to the right moves the 
   camera right.
  Reverse:  Pushing the right analog stick to the right moves the 
  camera left.

Return to Options

Mission Start Over:  Allows for you to start a mission from the 
Return to title:  Returns to the title screen

*The last two options available only during actual gameplay

D.  Extra Option

There are several Extra Options available.  You unlock more by 
completing sections of the game, so check back regularly.

    1.  Free Play

Free play allows you to play through all five scenarios as one of 
your partner characters.  

    2.  Neko Mimi Mode

Unlock by completing Free Play with one of the partner characters.

    3.  Magazine Pin-ups

Here you can wade through your various magazine pinups.  It takes 
three issues to form a full picture.  There are four ways to find 

      1.  Story Stage
      By choosing options that allow you to explore each area more, 
you can come across randomly dropped magazines.  However, picking 
them up can sometimes affect your partners' Trust in you (i.e. if 
Kishimoto's around, her Trust points may decrease)
      2.  Battle Stage
      Sometimes by running around in a Battle Stage you can run across 
magazines.  They don't appear on your screen, so it's mostly luck.  
Check corners, doorways, and up stairs especially.
      3.  Between Missions
      You get certain magazines by completing certain tasks within a 
mission, defeating certain bosses certain ways, or by reaching certain 
levels in Hero and Leader points.
      4.  Unlocking
      By unlocking endings (and possibly Gantz names) you can also 
recover magazines

    4.  Gantz Names

      By completing certain tasks/commanding your partners to do 
certain things, you earn them and yourself Gantz names.  Here is a list
of what they are and how to get (not yet confirmed):

Samurai Snob: Use only the Gantz Sword

Pea Shooter:  Shoot a lot without hitting anything

Dog Lover:  Use the dog in all three battle stages

Neat Freak:  Continually attack from far away, without killing

Sniper:  Shoot from far away a lot

Hero:  Get lots of Hero points

Kurono's #1 (#2,#3) Fan:  Raise Trust points significantly

Sender:  Defeat all aliens with the Y Gun.

Despised:  Fail to help your partners

Loser:  Wasn't picked for a mission, didn't gain Trust.

Womanizer:  Bring only women to all three battle stages

Bitch:  Get ordered around a lot (applies to partners)

Leader:  Get lots of Leader points 

Not all the characters are able to get all the nicknames.  A more
specialized list to follow.

    5.  Special Movie

      A special bonus movie--anime promo.

    6.  Scenario Completion

      Shows how many of the possible scenarios you've completed, with 
a percentage.  I'm not sure what reaching 100% gets you.

II.  Gameplay

  A.  Controls

Controls can be modified in the Options menu, from the title screen or 
during battle stages.

    1.  Story Stage

Controls during the Story Stages are pretty standard.  Press the O 
button to pass through the dialogue and select choices when prompted.  
Use the left stick or directional pad to choose between choices.

    2.  Battle Stage

Start Button:  Brings up the pause menu

Select Button:  Not used

Left Analog Stick:  Moves your character.  Moves about the menu.

Right Analog Stick:  Moves the Camera  (During Lock On mode, changes 
between targets)

Directional Pad:  For use in menus.  During battle stage, is used to 
choose weapons/items:
   Up: Change to weapon 1
   Left:  Change to weapon 2
   Right:  Use Item 1
   Down:  Use Item 2

Selecting an item activates it immediately.

Triangle:  Evade (somersault)

Circle:  Hand to Hand Combat, default "yes" button

X:  Jump, default "cancel" button

Square:  Attack with weapon

R1:  Lock on

R2:  Brings up action commands for partner 2, tap to tell partner 2 to 

R3:  Change the Camera's POV

L1:  Power up your suit, use Hero Action

L2:  Brings up action commands for partner 1, tap to tell 
partner 1 to dodge.

L3:  Display radar and remaining time in mission.

R2+L2: Give both partners the same command.

  B.  Equipment

Before each Battle Stage (with some exceptions) you're allowed to 
choose two weapons and two items.  The weapons have a separate power 
gauge, which forces them to be less effective if you fire too rapidly.  
The items can only be used a certain number of times per stage.

    1.  Weapons

      a.  X Gun

X Gun (upper left weapon):  A mid-range gun.  Just like in the manga/
anime, damage is inflicted some time after hitting the target.  It's 
also possible to fire a charged shot by holding down the square 
button for a short time, which inflicts greater damage than a normal 

      b.  Y Gun

Y Gun (below the X gun):  A mid-range gun.  By hitting the target, it 
is restrained for a short time.  Rapid fire is impossible but you can 
fire a charge short, which functions as a homing shot.  Also, if you 
use the Y Gun again on a target which has been captured, you can "send 
it up."  How long the enemy stays captured by the Y Gun depends on how 
much health it has left--less health, longer time.

--By sending the target "up" you receive a point bonus from Gantz.  
Your partners, however, can't perform this action.  If you use the 
the Y Gun on an enemy your partner has already captured it will
NOT be sent.

      c.  X Rifle

X Rifle (center of weapons):  Long range gun.  Like the X Gun, there's 
a time delay on the damage, and charged shots inflict a greater amount 
of damage.  Especially useful for large enemies.

      d.  Gantz Sword

Gantz Sword (far right of weapons):  Close range weapon.  Inflicts 
greater damage and has a greater range than normal close range 
attacks, but like the guns, if your weapon energy decreases its power 
decreases dramatically.

    2.  Items

      a.  Controller

Use this to make yourself invisible.  While invisible, you won't be 
targetted by the enemy.  After some time, you reappear.  You can only 
use it three times.  It is possible to charge your weapons while 

*Like the manga, some enemies are not fooled by your changing 

      b.  Land Mine Capture

Use by setting on the ground.  If a target walks over it, it will be 
restrained for up to ten seconds.  You can use it 3 times.

      c.  Back Up Bombardment (the blue triangles)

Use this by setting it on the ground.  After being set, some time 
passes before commencing attack.  A huge lazer falls down at the 
center of the luminated area, damaging you, your allies, and/or your 
enemies indiscriminately.  You can only use it once per stage.

      d.  Suit Enhancer  (the suit icon)

When attacked by the enemy while using this item, the damage is taken 
from your suit's power gauge instead of its endurance.  You won't be 
thrown back by the enemy if it hits you, but your power gauge goes 
down twice as fast.  You can use it 3 times and each lasts about 30 

--If you use it once, you can't use it again until it wears off
--If your power gauge is already at zero, the damage you receive then 
  goes to your strength.

    3.  Gantz Suit

The Gantz Suit is standard for almost every character.  During the 
Battle Stage, The yellow is your suit's endurance.  The Green is the 
power gauge.  Once your suit is broken, you can still run around and 
fight for some time without dying, but your strength is greatly 
decreased and you slow way down.  For some reason you can power up 
even if the suit's been broken so use that when you need to escape 

Pressing the L1 button during the Battle Stage allows you to Power Up, 
increasing your attack power, mobility, and also allowing you to 
initiate Hero Actions and special evades.  How often you can use this 
is determined by the green Power Gauge on your Suit Icon.

  C.  Points

    1.  Hero vs Leader Points

Your progress through the game is measured constantly through Hero and 
Leader Points.  At the end of every scenario, during the Scoring 
Stage, your points are totalled.  By getting more Hero than Leader 
points, your suit endurance goes up 30%.  By getting more Leader than 
Hero points, the endurance of your partners' suits goes up 20%.  You 
get points through two different methods:

      a.  Decisions made during Story Stages.  By choosing to fight 
missions alone, attacking directly or impulsively, or basically by 
acting out, you gain Hero points.  By waiting for your fellows, 
helping them escape dangerous situations, and being an over all nice 
guy you earn Leader Points.

      b.  Actions during Battle Stages.  By using Hero Actions and 
destroying the most aliens, you earn Hero points.  By helping your 
fellows, giving detailed orders, and allowing your partners to take 
points for kills, you gain Leader Points.

It's important to keep a balanced team by gaining Hero and Leader 
points.  You cannot lose points.

    2.  Trust points

Each character (other than Kurono) has a number of Trust points which 
represent their faith in Kurono as their leader.  By making 
decisions during Story Stages, or by selecting a character for a 
mission, their Trust will go up.  You can also lose Trust points by 
upsetting your team members.  A character's trust in Kurono will 
affect what Orders you're allowed to give them, what Gantz name they 
receive, and what ending you get.

I.E, leave Kishimoto alone in the shower, and her Trust will go up.  
Bust in on her, and it will go down.

    3.  Gantz Points

You earn Gantz points by killing aliens.  You can get extra points
by overkilling, or using the send gun, as well.  Unlike the 
manga, most Aliens are usually only worth 1 point each.  The 
number of points affects which Gantz name you get.  By reaching 
100 points, you're able to choose between three options, each
of which results in a game ending.

III.  Scenarios

Each of the 5 scenarios goes roughly like this:

Story Stage
Enter Gantz
Choose weapons
Depart for Mission
More Story
Select Partners
Battle Stage
Story and Battle as many times as necessary
Scoring Stage
Leave Room

There are usually 3 Battle Stages per Scenario.  Each Scenario is more 
or less closely related to each mission in the manga. 

  A.  Story Stage

Story Stages are acted out through conversations between characters.  
During these stages is when Kurono vies for Trust points with his 
partners, as well as earns Hero and Leader points that will give you 
bonuses during the Battle Stages.  Choices during the Story Stages 
greatly influence your game ending.

  B.  Battle Stage

Put plainly, the parts where you kill aliens.  You can use these 
stages to earn more Hero and Leader points, as well as hunt for 
magazine pin-ups.  Sometimes even letting one of your partners die 
determines your ending.

    1.  Screen Display

Upper Left:  Status of Partner 1.  The Green suit icon shows how much 
health they have left, their name, and whatever current orders 
they're following.

*"Follow Me" is the default order

Upper Right:  Status of Partner 2.  The Green suit icon shows how much 
health they have left, their name, and whatever current orders they're 

*"Follow Me" is the default order

The enemies display their remaining health over their head.  If you 
attack with the X Gun or X Rifle, sometimes an "Overkill" notice will 
flash.  That means the damage you've already inflicted will kill it, 
as soon as the time lag has passed, so you don't have to keep shooting
it.  You do, however, get points for overkills, so fire away!

Colored arrows along the sides of the screens show you where other 
partners and enemies are:

Blue: Your partners
Yellow:  Enemies
Red:  An enmey that is currently targeting you

The bottom left icon displays your current weapon and weapon power.  
Once you're out of weapon power your attacks become far less powerful.
Let it recharge between attacks.  By using the left directional pad, 
you can choose between weapons and items.

Bottom right suit icon:  The yellow is your suit's endurance.  The 
Green is the power gauge.  Once your suit is broken, you can still run 
around and fight for some time without dying, but your strength is 
greatly decreased and you slow way down.  For some reason you can 
power up even if the suit's been broken so use that when you need to 
escape suddenly.

The bottom right shows your radar, and how much time is left in the 

    2.  Hero Actions

There are three different types of Hero Actions:

      a.  Against Enemies:  If you have enough energy, you can face a 
locked on enemy and press the triangle button to perform an action 
(such as a special evasion)

      b.  Movement points:  During a stage, sometimes to progress you 
have to power up and use the triangle shaped Hero Mark (aka jumping 
down stairs in mission 1).  Just move to the marker and press L1.

      c.  Hero Action Markers:  Somestimes in a stage itself you find 
Hero action markers that you can use by pressing L1.  Such as throwing 
cars.  Action Markers appear on your Radar as a yellow point.

    3.  Partners

During each mission you (usually) have two partners that fight
alongside you.  Each Character has a single default weapon that you 
can't change, as well as a variety of commands.  Each character also 
has a specific special move and health and strength parameters.

      a.  Commands

By holding down the L2 and/or R2 button, you can give your partners 
orders.  Hold down the R2/L2 button and press one of the following to 
give orders:

Triangle: Protect that spot
Circle:  Use hand to hand combat
Square:  Use your weapon
X:  Follow Me
Up:  Run Away
Down: Use your Special Move
Right and Left:  Sometimes available (depending on leader points?) to 
  sic your partner on a particular target.

If you go too long without giving your patner an order, they'll start 
to complain.  In order to maximize your Leader Points, make sure you 
always have them doing something, even if it's standing back to let 
you take all the points.

Tapping R2 or L2 will make Kurono call a warning to his partners.  If 
it looks like they're about to get clobbored, try to warn them!

  C.  Scoring Stage

Once you've completed all the necessary Story and Battle Stages, 
scoring beings.

    1.  Status Report

The status screen shows up between Battle Stages, to let you know how 
you did, how many points you received, etc.  They're listed in the 
following order:

Damage you Inflicted
Damage you received
Hero Actions
Hero Points Recieved
Current Hero Points
Current Hero Level
Points needed for next Level

Damage your partners inflicted
Damage your partners received
?????? (can't read tiny kanji!)
Partner Overkill
Current Leader Points
Current Leader Level
Points needed for next Level

    2.  Gantz Score

Your Gantz score is earned by how many aliens you kill.  Your Gantz 
Name is earned by points, actions, and choices.  I.E, if you've raised 
a certain character's Trust pretty high, they might receive the name 
"Kurono's #1 Fan."  

Gantz sometimes also gives comments in the bottom left corner, such as 
"too much tail wagging," for Rice.  I'm not sure how many of those 
there are, though I've gotten, "too much standing around," "too much 
showing off," "too much relying on Nishi," etc.

IV.  Characters

You gain playable characters as the game progresses through Scenarios. 
Each has a different amount of health, strength, and their own special 
attack.  Once a character dies during a mission, they're gone for 
good, so be careful picking.

The easiest way to gain Trust with any character is to bring them
on a lot of missions.  Sometimes it's very obvious how to earn
them points, sometimes not, so a lot of experimentation is

  A.  Kurono Kei

Name:  Kurono Kei
Occupation:  High School Student
How Died:  "Getting involved with Katou" - AKA, hit by subway
VA:  Namikawa Daisuke
Default Weapon:  NA
Special Attack:  NA
How to gain Trust:  NA

Kurono is the character you play as during normal game play.

  B.  Katou Masaru

Name:  Katou Masaru
Occupation:  High School Student
How Died:  "Attacked by a train."
VA:  Dairi Masashi
Default Weapon:  Y Gun
Special Attack:  Katou grabs the enemy in a bear hug (like he does the 
  Tanaka alien in the manga).  Not effective on larger enemies.  The
  smaller aliens (like Chibis) can be killed by this.
How to gain Trust:  Act like a leader.  If you're gaining Leader 
  Points, chances are you're making Katou happy.

  C.  Kishimoto Kei

Name:  Kishimoto Kei
Occupation:  High School Student 
How Died:  Suicide - slit wrists in the bathtub
VA:  Nabatame Hitomi
Health: 900
Default Weapon:  X Gun
Special Attack:  Fires several charged X Gun shots.  Very strong 
  but not always accurate.  Best on groups.
How to gain Trust:  Don't pop in during her embarassing situations.  
  Basically, be a gentleman.

  D.  Rice

Name:  Rice (Manga: Butter Dog)
Occupation:  Pet
How Died:  NA (According to the Gantz Manual: hit by car)
VA:  ??
Health: 600
Default Weapon:  NA
Special Attack:  Rice howls, which powers up his suit
  for a short time.
How to gain Trust:  Bring to missions.  Act cool by
fighting aliens alone.

  E.  Nishi Jouichirou

Name:  Nishi Jouichirou
Occupation:  Middle School Student
How Died:  Fell from a rooftop
VA:  Yabe Masashi
Health: 900
Default Weapon:  X Rifle
Special Attack:  Changes frequency to charge X Rifle, then pops out of 
  hiding to deliver a charged attack.
How to gain Trust:  Attack things head on.  Don't act like a leader.  
  DON'T believe his stories.

  F.  Hojo Masanobu

Name:  Hojo Masanobu
Occupation:  Former Model
How Died:  Motorcycle accident
VA:  Kamiya Kouji
Default Weapon:  Gantz Sword
Special Attack:  A counter attack: for ~30 seconds Hojo goes on
  standby, and in that time if he's attacked, he'll counter and
  not take damage.
How to gain Trust:  Be direct, but not reckless.  Show off in the
  Suzuki and Buddha missions.

  G.  Nakayama Sadako

Name:  Nakayama Sadako (Manga: Suzumura Sadayo)
Occupation:  ??
How Died:  Motorcycle accident
VA:  Kakazu Yumi
Default Weapon:  Y Gun
Special Attack:  Changes frequencies, then appears and uses the Y Gun
How to gain Trust:  Stare at and be nice to her.

  H.  Sakuraoka Sei

Name:  Sakuraoka Sei
Occupation:  ??
How Died:  (Manual: motorcycle accident)
VA:  Sonosaki Mie
Health: 1050
Default Weapon:  X Gun
Special Attack:  A martial arts combo
How to gain Trust:  Agree to go out with her.  Deny liking Kishimoto.  
  Pretty simple, really.

  I.  Togo

Name:  Togo
Occupation:  ??
How Died:  (Manual: Hit by drunk driver)
VA:  ??
Health:  700
Default Weapon:  X Rifle
Special Attack:  Fires a charged rifle shot from far away.
How to gain Trust:  Be direct and aggressive.  Don't wander around or 
  be a leader.

V.  Enemies

Each of the aliens is taken directly from a Stage of the manga.
There are also special Hero Actions that apply to each in any
given stage, so keep an eye out.

  A.  Onion Alien Mission

    1.  Onion Alien Child

The Onion Alien Child is the first enemy you encounter in the game.
They're not very strong, and can usually be taken out with a few shots
from the X Gun, or even bare fists.  They attack by swinging their 
onions or spitting acid.  Be careful not to step in the acid, you will
take damage.

Available Hero Actions: Throw cars/vans at them.

    2.  Onion Alien Dad

The Onion Alien Dad attacks mostly by slashing, though sometimes he'll
pick up you or your partner and fling them around.  He'll also uproot
trees to swing at you.  Be careful when he jumps to the upper level, 
as he'll start throwing cars down at you.  They're not that hard to 
dodge by rolling, but make sure you call a warning to your partners 
as well, or they'll usually get nailed.

HA: Throw cars at him.

  B.  Suzuki Alien Mission

    1.  Suzuki Aliens

When out in the open, the Suzuki Aliens like to fly around a lot, so 
lock on and use the X Gun when they pause.  They're not affected by 
changing frequencies.  If you damage one enough with hand to hand, a 
gross looking bird thingie pops out of the suit.  Like in the manga you
can use Katou's grab special to force the birds out, making them easier
to kill.  They attack mostly with their Sonic Blast, which you can 
usually avoid pretty easily by running, jumping, or rolling.

HA:  When one dives into the river, punch into the water to drive
     it out.
     When in the apartment building, punch the four pillars in for
     a special sequence.  (There are two on the first floor and two
     on the second).

    2.  Suzuki Alien Boss

If you failed to kill all the regular Suzuki aliens in the building,
the remainder appear outside while you fight the Boss.  It flies
around mostly, so shoot from a distance.  Its arial attack includes
dropping down on you really fast, so when it starts to glow red back
off some and warn your partners.  One on the ground, the boss 
attacks with sonic blasts and swipes from its wings.

Sometimes the boss will swoop down and grab you or your partners.
Shoot at the boss's feet with the rifle to get them down.

  C.  Buddha Statue Mission

    1.  Cranky and Grouchy Aliens

These two Buddhas are pretty sluggish, but they do pack a heavy punch
if you get hit, so stay out of range and attack the feet.  Once 
they've fallen, attack the head for the kill.  They'll continue 
to crawl after you, though, so stay away from their swinging hands.
When one dies the second will power up, and regrow its legs
if they've already been blown off.

HA: Throw cars at them.

    2.  Big Buddha

The Big Buddha attacks mostly by stomping and slapping.  Shoot 
the feet to get it to kneel, then attack the head.  The X Rifle 
works pretty well.  If it catches you it'll try to eat you, so
mash buttons to get away.

HA:  Press L1 just before it hits you with its fist to defend.
     In the far corners of the area are two hero markers that
     allow you to perform a jumping attack.

    3.  Buddha Statues

The smaller Buddhas are a pain.  There are different kinds, and they 
attack with strong kicks and sometimes magic.  Sakuraoka's martial arts
combo works pretty well on them.

HA:  The two huge pillars in the temple can be knocked over.
     Try to time it so that they fall on as many statues as

    4.  1000 Arms Kanon

Fortunately, 1000 Arms Kanon is not as bad in the game as it was in the
manga (Q_Q).  Stay at a distance and shoot with the guns.  The path of 
the lazer is marked with a beam of light before it fires, so it's not 
that hard to avoid.  Just make sure you remind your partners to dodge 
as well.  Be careful of the acid as well, as it'll immobilize you for
a short time.

HA:  If you didn't knock the pillars down for the smaller statues,
     you can use them on Kanon.

  D.  Chibi Alien Mission

    1.  Chibi Aliens

The Chibi Aliens attack en masse, and can get annoying really fast with
their flying kicks.  You can shoot at them with the X Rifle while they 
wait on the rooftops, but once you see a red arrow on the side of your
screen be sure to roll out of the way, 'cause they come down on you 
pretty fast.  Once they're on the ground alternate between shots with 
the X Gun and a powered up hand to hand combo.  The Gantz Sword also
works pretty well.

HA:  In the second half of the roof fight, a Hero Marker will 
     sometimes appear at the center of the roof.  Use it to counter
     their combos.

    2.  Chibi Alien Boss

The Chibi Alien Boss has a pinkish energy shield that protects it from
damage most of the time.  It's faster and stronger than the other Chibis
so be careful not to get caught in its close quarter's combo.  Keep away
from it, shooting with the X Gun to lower the shield, then power up your
suit and beat the crap out of it.

  E.  School Mission

    1.  Chibi Alien

You fight the Chibi alien in this mission pretty much the same way you 
did in the last, except this time save your suit energy.  When it 
starts to use its telekenesis, move to the center of the room and 
activate the Hero Marker.  It'll allow you to block everything the
chibi can throw at you.

HA:  Counter telekenesis.

The second fight is on the roof.  Use the same strategies.  You can
throw the ventilation equipment around, but it's not usually very

You fight the Chibi Alien again outside the school, but he's half dead
by then.  Just blast away.

    2.  Vampires

The Vampires show up pretty much out of nowhere, and attack you two at
a time.  They use their specials often, which is a pain, but if you're
powered up you can sometimes perform a special evade by pressing the 
Triangle button as they attack.

      a.  Swords (the shaved head one)

        Swords takes off more damage than his partner, so take him out
first.  Sometimes he defends with his swords so alternate your attacks 
between fists and guns.  His special move involves him running up the 
wall and plunging down at you, but it's easy to roll out of the way of.

HA:  If you're powered up when he comes at you with the swords, you'll
     evade automatically.

      b.  Knife (looks like Vincent from the Cowboy Bebop movie :P)

        The knife wielding vampire isn't as nasty as his partner, but 
he dodges a lot.  But with Swords gone it shouldn't be any problem to
gang up on him and take him out.  He attacks mostly with the knife, 
which is somehow electrified and halts your movements for a while. 
His special attack is that he drinks your blood O_o

      c.  Grenade Launcher (the old guy who doesn't talk)

        The old guy is the most annoying.  He uses his special 
constantly, and it's not easy to dodge the grenades.  Try to take him 
out first with your guns or sword.  His special move includes sending 
a bunch of grenades flying, so keep moving.  Sometimes he'll run the 
length of the screen, dropping bombs--if your Power Gauge is high 
enough a Hero Marker will appear, allowing you to kick them back at 
him for decent damage.  Also, if you face him directly when he shoots
a grenade at you, if you're fast with the L1 button you can catch it
out of the air and toss it back.

The old man can also do a combo attack with Blondie, so try to take
at least one of them out quickly.

     d.  Handguns (Blondie)

      Blondie's handguns aren't all that damaging, but he has several 
special attacks that are hard to avoid and do a lot of damage.  Two of 
them are high kicks that can send you or your partners flying.  But the
most dangerous is when he jumps behind you--if he gets on your 
shoulders, he can break your suit in one go.  Gang up on him and 
alternate between fists and guns.

VI. Choices Guide

The Gantz game is one huge "Choose Your Own Adventure" type story.
Some choices affect only Trust, some affect the story line itself.
There are also things you can do within the battle stages that 
affect the story, such as defeating bosses a certain way.  Because of 
this, there's no practical way of telling which choices to make without
also giving clues as to what's going on at the moment, so you can 
decide what to do depending on what options you get.  Which is


This guide will show you the consequences for the choices you
make during the game, as far as gaining/losing Trust, earning
Hero/Leader points, or unlocking special scenes.  Though I've
played through the full five scenarios many times by now it's
possible I'm still missing things, so contact me if you know
something I don't!  This guide also contains clues as to how to get
certain endings.

+ Trust up
- Trust down
L Leader Points
H Hero Points
YJ Pinup


Inside the Gantz Room

When Kurono first enters the room he reflects on what's happened
to him.  You have four choices:
1. Space out
2. Talk to Kato (Kato+)
3. Talk to the middle schooler (Nishi+)
4. Talk to the dog (Rice+)

Talk to Kato and he'll talk about how cool Kurono used to be, and
that he wanted to be just like him.
1. "Yeah, whatever" (H10)
2. "Really...?" (L20)

Kishimoto shows up suddenly and lands in Kurono's lap.
1. Embrace her (Katou/Kishimoto-)
2. Give her your clothes (Kishimoto+)

When Gantz opens up, Kurono finds the suit
1. Put on your own without saying anything (H20)
2. Tell everyone to put them on (L20)

Kishimoto screams from the next room
1. Go take a look (Kishimoto-)
2. Call ahead first (Kishimoto+)


Nishi goes on for a while about how everyone is involved in a
TV show, like he does in the manga.
1. Believe him (Nishi-)
2. Don't believe him (Nishi+)

It's time to look for the aliens.  Kato is missing for some reason.
1. Decide to look alone (H40)
2. Look with Kishimoto (Kishimoto+)
3. Look with Nishi (Nishi+)
4. Look with the dog (Dog+)

Kurono has to decide where to go first
1. Around the area (you'll find onions)
2. Some condos (YJ)
3. An apartment complex

When Kurono reaches the apartment complex, there are 3 doors
1. Choose the left door
2. Choose the middle door (the Onion alien)
3. Choose the right door
(If you choose both the left and right door before the middle,
 whoever is with Kurono will lose Trust)

Kurono finds the Onion Alien!  He really reeks.
1. Attack immediately! (H20)
2. Call for everyone else (L10)

If you attack the Alien immediately, it'll ask for onions.
1. Give it onions (only works if you found some earlier)
2. Don't give it onions

If someone is with Kurono at the time, the Onion attacks.
1. Just dodge (H10)
2. Protect Partner (L10, whoever+)*

*May be necessary to get Nishi's ending

More Onion Aliens appear
1. "Let me handle this." (H10, Rice+)
2. Tell everyone to be careful (L20, Kishimoto+)

(Battle Stages)

The Onion Aliens have been beaten, but there's still a reaction
on the radar.  Kurono decides where to search.
1. Search the roof
2. Go down to the first floor again

If you decided to go straight down, Kurono gets another choice
1. "I'll go on ahead." (H30, Kishimoto+)
2. "Let's go down together." (L30, Kishimoto+, Nishi-)

If you searched the roof, you find nothing.  Decide again.
1. Search the roof some more (YJ)
2. Go down to the first floor again

On the first floor Kurono encounters Kato, who is trying to tell
the Onion Dad that he didn't kill the others.
1. Shout at Kato for him to shoot (Kato loses life)
2. Interfere directly (Kurono loses life)

Kurono finds himself face to face with the Onion Dad.
1. Fight! (H30)
2. Run away!

(Whichever you pick, you'll get the following choice:)

1. Turn and run (Everyone-)
2. Taunt the Onion Dad to lure it away from everyone (H80, Kato/

After running for a while, Kurono realizes he's out of shape
and the Onion Dad is catching up
1. Try to run faster (H30, H100)
2. Call for help

Finally, Kurono and the Onion Dad are forced to face off.
Defeat him by beating him up or sending him, and after a 
chat where Nishi complains about there not being enough points,
you go back to the room.  If you blow him up, Nishi gives Kurono
the "You like looking at dead bodies" speech he gives in the 
manga.  Kurono responds.
1. "I'm not like you." (Nishi-)
2. "...You might be right." (Nishi+)*

*Necessary for Nishi's ending

You then return to the room, are scored, and after arguing with
Nishi (nearly word for word from the anime) everyone goes home.


Kurono's Apartment

While Kurono reflects on what happens, he suddenly gets a knock
on the door.  It's Kishimoto, asking to be his pet.
1. "No, you can't." (Kishimoto-)
2. "It's totally fine!" (Kishimoto+)*

*Necessary for Kishimoto's ending

If you let Kishimoto stay, she'll take a shower.  Kurono then
1. "Girls like using cream rinse.  Should I bring her some?"
2. "Calm down, calm down" (Kishimoto+)

If you act the gentleman and leave Kishimoto to her shower, Kurono
gets the option to hop in bed with her (since he doesn't have an
extra futon).
1. Offer to share the bed (Kishimoto+)
2. Tell her no (Kishimoto-)

In bed, Kishimoto tells Kurono asks if he'll go somewhere with her
the next day.
1. Agree (Kishimoto+)
2. Refuse (??)

If Kurono agrees, she'll tell him about the "other her" that survived.
The next day they'll both go to see her.  This is necessary for the
"Original Kishimoto" ending.

If you made Kishimoto sleep on the floor, it'll simply progress
to the next day.

Back in Gantz's Room

There are two newbies, a tall guy and a creepy girl.  Kato has
already explained Gantz procedure to them but Hojo doesn't 
really believe him.  Kurono tries to get them to wear the suits.

Sadako puts hers on.
1. Stare at her (Sadako+)*
2. "More importantly..."

*Necessary for Sadako's ending

By the River

Kurono is transfered first, only to nearly get hit by a car.
1. Dodge Right (Kurono loses life)
2. Dodge Left (H50)

Kurono swears at the driver, only to remember he's invisible.
A Suzuki Alien appears.
1. Attack head on (H50)
2. Wait for the others (L50)

The Suzuki Alien asks, "Sato-kun?"
1. "I'm not Sato."
2. "Yes, I'm Sato."*

*Necessary for Nishi's ending

The others show up.  Hojo says:  "So that's an alien.  
Can I go home now?"

If you chose "I'm Sato," Nishi gets annoyed and attacks
the Suzuki Alien, which gets his ass kicked and thrown in the
river.  His suit breaks, and he calls for help.  Kurono then
decides whether to help him or not
1. Help Nishi! (L50, Katou/Kishimoto/Sadako+)*
2. Leave him

If you choose to leave him, the others will bully you into going
anyway, so he won't die.  Either way, you're forced to have
Nishi as a partner, but with his suit broken.

As long as Nishi doesn't die, his Trust goes up.  This section
is necessary for his ending.

Once the Suzuki Aliens have been defeated, Kurono checks the 
radar, realizing there's more left.
1. Hurry to get there (H50, Sadako/Rice+)
2. Take your time getting there (L50, Kato/Kishimoto+)

Kurono reaches the old apartment building, which according to
the radar has Suzuki Aliens inside.
1. Barge right in (H50, Rice/Nishi+)
2. Call them out (L25, Sadako/Rice+)
3. Look around the outside (L30, Kato/Kishimoto+, Nishi/Hojo-)

If you destroy the building by knocking down the four pillars,
Hojo is seriously impressed (Hojo+, H80).  This is necessary
for Hojo's ending.

If you destroy all the Suzuki/let time run out, the bulding
starts to shake.
1. Tell everyone not to leave the building (all life goes down)
2. Tell everyone to get out (L40, Kato/Kishimoto+)

The Suzuki Alien boss bursts out of the rubble.
1. Attack head on (H20, Sadako+)
2. Look for a weakpoint (L40, Kato/Kishimoto+)

(I read on a Japanese site that if Kato and Kishimoto are dead by
this point, looking for a weakness prompts Nishi to respond.  This
may or may not be necessary for Nishi's ending.  I've yet to 
confirm this).

Destroy the Boss, and Kishimoto is overjoyed.  If you've
been especially nice to her, she'll pounce Kurono.  
Otherwise, she grabs Kato, to Kurono's disappointment.
Everyone gets back to the room, and Kurono explains that they're
allowed to leave.


Kurono's Apartment

At this point, depending on how nice you've been to Kishimoto, she'll
either stay and take another shower, or she and Kurono will fight
(like the manga) and she'll leave.  If you want her ending, you have
to keep her around.  So no peeping!

Once she's in the shower...
1. "Should I bring her some shampoo?" (Kishimoto-)
2. "Calm down, calm down..." (Kishimoto+)

Gantz Room

Back in Gantz, two newbies have arrived.  Sei almost
immediately comes on to Kurono.  Depending on your
treatment of Kishimoto up to this point, she'll either
approach you in the room, getting this choice:
1. "...Do you like me?" (Sei+)
2. "Huh?" (Sei-)

Or no choice at all.

Kurono convinces Sei to put on her suit.
1. Stare at her (Sei+)
2. "More importantly..."

Kurono notices Togo isn't wearing his suit.
1. Try to get him to wear it (L35, Kato/Togo+)
2. Leave him alone (H20)

Rateiin Temple

Kurono and the group appear in front of Rateiin Temple.
The two gate statues look as if they could be the aliens
Gantz showed them.  Kurono decides which to check first.
1. Check the left statue (YJ)
2. Check the right statue (YJ)

The X Gun shows that the statue has bones.
1. Attack head on (H30, Nishi/Rice+)
2. Tell everyone to be ready (L30, Kato/Kishimoto+)

The two Buddha Statues are destroyed.  Kurono turns to
1. "All of you, keep out of my way!" (H10, Togo/Sadako/Rice+)
2. "Everyone, let's keep it up!  Let's get back without
    anyone dying!" (L30, Kato/Kishimoto/Hojo+, Nishi-)

Inside the temple, Kurono realizes how large it is.  Kato
suggests splitting into two groups.  The groups change
depending on Trust points, so I can't tell you what to pick
other than 3 is always "Go alone."  Whichever group you pick,
all the members will go up in Trust.

If you pick the group Sei's in, she'll approach Kurono and ask
if he wants to go out with her after they get back.
1. Accept (Sei+)*
2. Reject (Sei-)

*Necessary for Sei's ending

The Big Buddha appears out of the temple.  If you did not pick 
Sei's group, Kurono decides whether or not to fight it alone.
1. "This one's mine!" (H10)
2. "Let's go, everyone!" (L30, L50)

If you chose "This one's mine!" Someone will ask if Kurono's 
1. Fight it alone (H40, Kato/Hojo+)
2. Fight it with everyone

If you didn't make a group choice to begin with, Kurono makes a 
choice alone.
1. Fight it alone (H40)
2. Get help

Defeating the Buddha alone is necessary for both Hojo and Togo's

Once the Buddha has been defeated, it's time to attack the main
temple.  The first two choices of who Kurono should take for
backup change every time.  The third choice is always, "I don't
need backup."  Picking someone gives you 50 L points.

It may be necessary to pick Togo as backup to get his ending, but
sometimes he's not offered as a choice.  I'm not sure yet what 
triggers him to offer.

If you pick 3 (no backup): H20, Sadako/Rice+

Inside, the Buddha's rant unintelligably, frightening Kishimoto.
Defeat them, and Kannon, and Kato will be VERY happy to go home.
Kurono thinks on how much stress Kato seems to be under, and
everyone goes back to the room.  Kurono tells Sei they can go
home now.

In order to get the "Original Kishimoto" ending, you have to let
Kishimoto get killed by Kannon.


Kurono's Apartment

If you killed Kishimoto, you'll have a scene with the "original"

If Kishimoto's still staying with Kurono, he'll have one more chance
to peep on her.
1. Peep (Kishimoto-)
2. Leave her alone (Kishimoto+)*

*Resisting all three chances to peep is a big part of getting
Kishimoto's ending.


In the Gantz room, Kurono sees there are no new members.  Everyone 
suits up to fight the Chibi aliens, and Kurono is sent out first.
1. Split up to look for the Chibi (H70)
2. Stay together to look (L10, H50, Kato/Sadako/Hojo/Togo/

If you pick "split up," whoever's Trust with Kurono is strongest will
volunteer to go with him.  Their Trust will go up.  From what I
can tell Katou almost always volunteers.

After all the Chibi are defeated, one remains, half dead.  It
says, "Justice is on our side.  Some day the same will happen
to you."  Kurono decides what to do with it.
1. Finish it off (H50, Nishi/Togo/Rice+, Kato/Hojo/Kishimoto/
2. Leave it (L50, Kato/Kishimoto/Hojo/Sadako+, Nishi/Togo/Rice-)

Everyone goes back to the room, and then home.  Depending on your
Trust points, someone will approach Kurono along the lines of "Let's
go back together."  Kurono thinks to himself, "I don't know how many
more missions I'll have to go through like this to get 100 points, 
but whatever happens, I'm going to protect this person!"  This gives
you a clue as to which character ending you're heading towards.


At home, Kurono worries about what the Alien said.  He has "a bad
feeling about it."


A Chibi appears, claiming again, "Justice is on our side."  Kurono
slips out as if to run away.  But after a moment he realizes what
he's doing.
1. Go back to the room (L50)
2. "It's none of my business." (H50)

If you choose to ignore the room, Kurono will eventually decide
to go back anyway.  If you go back, Tae will survive.  If you
don't, Tae is killed.  Whether she lives or dies makes the 
difference between getting several endings.

Back in the room, the Chibi tells Kurono it's his fault for
killing HIS comrades first.  Justice is on their side--Kurono
is the bad guy.
1. "That's not true!" (H50)
2. "Maybe..." (L50)

The Chibi alien flies off for now.  Kurono searches the classroom
for Tae, and finds her.  If she's alive, he has to decide on a safe
place to take her.
1. The next classroom over (YJ)
2. The roof

If she's dead, Kurono goes to the roof on his own.


On the roof, the Chibi appears again, but so do your friends! They
"happened to be in the area and heard a commotion." (Yeah, right).
Kurono is relieved to see them.  Whoever's leading the Trust rate
will ask about Tae, if she's Kurono's girlfriend, which he'll deny.
1. "Back me up, everyone!" (H100, Sadako/Nishi/Togo/Inu+)
2. "Help me fight him!" (L100, Kato/Kishimoto/Hojo/Sei+)

Defeat the Chibi, then the Vampires, and view your ending.

VII.  100 Points

  A.  How to get (suggestions)

    1.  On easy mode, tell both your partners to run away for every
        mission, and kill every alien with Overkill.
    2.  Send every alien "Up" using the Y Gun.

  B. What you Get

    1.  Choose option 1 to get your memory erased and leave Gantz.
        This gives you Ending #15
    2.  Choose option 2 to get the Gantz Motorcycle.  This gives
        you ending #14.
    3.  Choose option three to get ending #16.

VIII.  Endings

  Ending 1  (Confirmed)

Don't let anyone die.  Don't let Kishimoto stay with you, don't
agree to date Sei, and don't let Tae die.

The Tae ending.  Kurono and Tae start dating, and become a 
couple.  Kurono then has a dream where she's gone, and when
he wakes up to find Tae's still with him, realizes that
he's "not alone anymore."

  Ending 2  (Confirmed)

When Kishimoto comes to your apartment to ask if she can be your 
Pet, say no.  Refuse to go out with Sei.  Let Tae die.

After having defeated the vampires, Kurono returns home to 
ponder the events.  While thinking about everyone who died he
tells himself, "I don't really care.  It's not as if anyone would
be upset if *I* died..."  Meanwhile, a man with a sword (Saitou 
the vampire?) stands outside his apartment...

  Ending 3  (Confirmed)

Be good to Kato.  Get lots of leader points.

Once everything's over, Kurono reflects on how good of a team
he and Katou make.  Katou gushes about how awesome he is.  
Kurono thinks to himself, "He's the only guy I really consider
to be a friend.  I'm going to survive Gantz and escape that
room...with Kato."

  Ending 4  (Confirmed)

Be good to Kishimoto.  Let her stay with you, but don't
peek on her in the shower.  Get lots of leader points.

After everything, Kishimoto is still living with Kurono in
his apartment.  He comes home to find she's made dinner, but
just as he starts to eat they both feel the chill that means
they're going back to Gantz.  Kurono assures Kishimoto that
no matter what happens, he'll protect her, and they'll come 
back home together.

  Ending 5  (Uncomfirmed)

Don't act like a leader, and if there's an option to shoot something,
do it.  Protect Nishi from the Onion in Scenario 1 (at the apartment).
Kill the Onion Dad with an X Gun and admit to Nishi that you wanted
to see it die.  Tell Suzuki you're Sato, and when Nishi gets in 
trouble, help him.  Use him a lot.  Finish off the Chibi when you
have the chance.

  Ending 6  (Unconfirmed)

Bring the dog with you on missions a few times.  Make choices
to earn yourself Hero Points.  In the Buddha mission, choose
to fight by yourself.  

  Ending 7  (Unconfirmed)

Be good to Hojo.  Ignore the girls.  In the Suzuki mission,
knock down the four pillars in the apartments to bring it
down.  In the Buddha mission, choose to fight by yourself.
Let Tae die.

  Ending 8  (Confirmed)

Be good to Sadako.  Ignore the other girls.  Gain Hero points.

By the end, Sadako has given up on Hojo and is now stalkng
Kurono.  She promises to stay with him until he "realizes
her feelings for him."

  Ending 9  (Confirmed)

Be nice to Sei, and when she confesses to you, agree to go
out with her.

At the end Sei shows up, and takes Kurono for a ride in
her car as she promised earlier.  

  Ending 10  (Unconfirmed)

Be good to Togo.  In the Buddha mission, fight the Big Buddha
alone.  Choose him to back you up when you enter the main 

  Ending 11   (Confirmed)

Get a LOT of Hero points.  Let Tae die.  Once your points
are maxed out it's hard *not* to get this ending.

Kurono reflects on Gantz, and how much he wants to go back
to the room, since when he's there, he's important.

  Ending 12  (Unconfirmed)

Get a LOT of Leader points.  Raise your Leader Level by 
allowing your partners to kills guys.  Let Tae die.

  Ending 13   (Confirmed)

Go with Kishimoto to see her other self.  Kill Kishimoto in the 
Buddha Mission.  Be nice to the original Kishimoto.  Kill Tae, but 
be nice to everyone else.

  Ending 14   (Confirmed)

Get 100 points and choose option 2, the stronger weapon.

  Ending 15   (Confirmed)

Get 100 points and choose option 1, leave the room.

  Ending 16   (Confirmed)

Get 100 points and choose ???????

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