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FAQ/Walkthrough by achtungnight

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/03/06

FAQ/Walkthru for Total Overdose: A Gunslinger's Tale in Mexico
					by Doug Elder, aka AchtungNight

Foreword: Welcome to my 4th FAQ. This is for Total Overdose: A Gunslinger's
Tale in Mexico, an action thriller that plays like Grand Theft Auto Lite with a
distinct South-of-the-Border flavor. It's like a big Mexican action B-movie. I
recently tried the game out and found it to be fun as heck. I hope you will too.
Before we start, a few disclaimers. First, this FAQ was written for the PS2
version of the game. All herein may or may not apply to other versions. The
game is rated M for Mature- no impressionable children or idiot A-Dolts here
please. :)
	Second, this FAQ contains SPOILERS. You are warned.
Third, this FAQ is my property and may only be posted on GameFAQs and any
other site that requests my permission first via email (it will be granted,
don't worry, you have but to ask). All feedback, questions, and so on should be
emailed to DougElder21@yahoo.com.
Fourth, this FAQ is mainly for the missions. It does not cover the game's
freeroam aspect much except in general descriptions and some info on the things
I was able to find while roaming around to reach each mission. I'm not planning
to fully explore the game to find all the bonuses and so on- doing so is beyond
the scope of this FAQ. Anybody who wants to write an FAQ that does that has my
Fifth, I unfortunately do not have every mission in the game listed herein-
only as many as I was able to complete and unlock with my own humble skills.
This includes all the story missions, but not all the challenge missions. The
game unfortunately requires you to score high at certain challenges to unlock
certain others. Where I have been unable to unlock a mission I will note below.
Anyone who can contribute information on missions I have not been able to
unlock will have my eternal gratitude. Please send all information to
Sixth, I apologize in advance if any Hispanics out there are offended by any
of the stereotypes in this FAQ. I can't help the way the game was written
unfortunately. Please know I have great respect for Mexican culture, a respect
that has enabled me to greatly enjoy this game.
Seventh, I am not going to review the game herein other than to say that I
really liked it and enjoyed playing it. It's got lots of great elements
borrowed from other games (Max Payne, Grand Theft Auto), and also its own great
story and combat system. There are a few bad points too, but if you play with
an open mind they won't matter that much. Read the reviews for the game to find
out about some of them.
Finally, let me give a shout-out to Elena Ruiz, Benito Rios, Raquel Searles,
Ramon Medina, Jeff deSantiago, Lupe Villareal, Art Villareal, the staff of
Nuevo Leon, and all my other Hispanic friends out there. Thanks to having known
you I have enjoyed this game and all things Mexican far more than I would have
otherwise. Vaya con dios, amigos y amigas. Thanks also to Lisa Telman for
continued inspiration and to Ben "B.Z." Shapiro for aid in completing the game.
Thanks to the folks at Eidos Interactive for making another cool game and to
CJayC and company for putting up GameFAQs and to all the fans for keeping this
industry alive. Now let us begin. <dons sombrero and strikes up the mariachis>

1. Dedication and Version History.
2. Game Story and Cast.
3. Explanation of Basic Controls.
4. Items and Weapons Listing.
5. The Missions- Walkthru.
6. Final Thoughts.

1. Dedication and Version History.
This game is dedicated to Roberto Ruiz, Phillip True, and all the other
millions of victims the Mexican drug wars continue to stack up every day. May
they rest in peace and may their murderers get what they deserve.

Version 1.0 FAQ Posted with complete walkthru. I did it all at once to save
time and energy. Hope y'all weren't too impatient. :)

2. Game Story and Cast.
You are Ramiro "Ram" Cruz, insane criminal turned Drug Enforcement Agent. You
have been sent into the Mexican border city of Los Toros and its surroundings
by your bueno-dos-zapatos hermano Tommy, who wants you to find out who killed
your father Ernesto. You also will be infiltrating and taking down the biggest
drug cartel in Mexico and battling it out with dope dealers, banditos, corrupt
Federales and Mexican Army, loco luchadores, zombies, guerillas, and other bad
guys. Between missions you can play free-form, exploring Los Toros and
gathering bonuses to rack up a high score. The cast of this game is as follows:

Ramiro "Ram" Cruz: The playable character for most of the game. An insane
gringo who was in jail on multiple felonies, but then the DEA got him out to
take his twin brother's place taking on the criminal elements of Los Toros. Ram
does not believe in being careful, playing by the rules, or letting his enemies
live very long. He's like most videogame heroes that way. :)

Tomas "Tommy" Cruz: Ram's twin brother, playable for the second mission only.
Tommy is a high-ranking DEA agent who has been trying to take down the Morales
Cartel and clear his father's name. Unfortunately he gets seriously wounded
early on in the game and is unable to carry out his mission. Instead his
hermano Ram must do it. Tommy does help some via a radio link through which he
provides advice Ram may or may not take.

Ernesto Cruz: The boys' father, playable for the first mission only. A
deep-cover DEA agent who unfortunately fell victim to an overdose on some drugs
and jumped out of a plane after getting too much into his assumed identity. Or
is that what really happened? Play the game to find out!

Papa Muerte: A mysterious drug lord who is responsible for the death of Ernesto
Cruz and countless others. His true identity is unknown, and you will spend
most of the game hunting him down.

Commander Trust: Tommy's boss, who is not too thrilled with Ram being sent to
handle things. Oh well, you can't always get what you want, pal. :)

Marco the Rat: Informant for Tommy and owner of Marco's Junkyard, which will be
a good home base for you during your stay in Los Toros.

Officer Mendez: Tommy's contact in the Mexican Federal Police. He will supply
Ram with hardware and contacts with the local cops. A valuable if rarely seen
ally...at first anyway.

Ceasar Morales: Head of the notorious Morales Cartel, this fatso runs most of
the drug traffic in Los Toros, though he faces increasing competition from the
Virgilio Cartel. He also owns a meat packing plant, a trucking company, and a
shipping business. Not to mention the fact that he's the Los Toros Bullfighting
Commissioner and is also running for President of Mexico. And he has
information on Ernesto's death. Gotta love them Renaissance men bad guys. :)

Angel: Ceasar Morales's beautiful chauffeur/enforcer. Ram likes her, but at the
same time she is his enemy. Or is she? Whose side is this chica muy bonita
really on?

Joey Virgilio: This Mexican redneck heads a clan of drug-growing farmers and
banditos. He also owns a really cool street racer.

Rico Virgilio: Joey's no-good cousin, another high-ranking member of the
Virgilio Clan.

Special Agent Johnson: Former partner of Ernesto, a highly trained veteran DEA
agent who has put a lot of work into the Papa Muerte case seemingly with little
result. Also known for his cowboy hat and John-Wayne-style modus operandi. What
secrets does this man hide?

Special Agent Piersson- Another veteran DEA agent who worked with Ernesto. A
good friend to Tommy and Ram.

General Montanez: A corrupt high-ranking leader of the Mexican army who has
worked with the CIA and DEA but is currently employed by Papa Muerte's cartel.

Elvez Gonzales: Wealthy playboy thug, good friend of Ceasar Morales, also a
heavy dealer in arms and automobiles. Definitely a source of information to be

There are also of course countless goons, civilians, merchants, mission-givers,
and other unnamed characters. We shall meet them in the walkthru below.

3. Explanation of Basic Controls.
Well, this is a shoot-em-up, so it should be pretty easy to guess the controls.
Move your character with the left stick, camera with the right, R1 to attack, X
to jump, Triangle to reload; L1 to do fun stunts like shootdodge, run up walls,
etc. O and Square do other special moves like headshots, targeting barrels, and
shooting grenades you throw in midair. Many of these moves are further
explained in the walkthru below. You can also steal cars with the Triangle
button like in Grand Theft Auto- when driving use the X and Square buttons to
acclerate and brake respectively. No drive-bys unfortunately, but you can run
over your foes and use vehicles as explosive battering rams. More special moves
are controlled with the directional buttons- loco maneuvers like El Toro (Bull
Charge), Sombrero of Death (throw a killer hat), and Tornado (spin around
shooting). Fun fun.
A word of advice- This game is like Grand Theft Auto yet has important
differences. First off, you are DEA and the Mexican Federales are on your side-
pretty much. You don't need to worry about getting busted or ducking wanted
levels. So feel free to commit as much crime as you want- you're supposed to be
a crazy gringo. Act like it! Secondly, there's no money system in the game. All
your weapons and ammo you will have to acquire off dead enemies or through
achieving high scores to get bonuses (details below). Third, the missions each
take place in a totally different environment from the free roaming you do
between them and your score is seperate in each. Concentrate on scoring as high
as you can in each mission- you unlock many bonuses through this. Your overall
(global) score is also good for unlocking bonuses- you will earn weaponskill,
health, and stamina upgrades as it gets higher.
Fourth and most importantly- health is far scarcer in this game than in GTA.
So learn to shootdodge all you can and be quick and accurate on the trigger if
you want to survive. Pay close attention to your red meter (life) and white
meter (stamina for cool tricks like shootdodging). The latter meter recovers
quickly when you are not using it, and both can be upgraded with bonus items
(see below). Shootdodging and other cool stylish stunts is not only the key to
survival- it's also the key to getting a high score and unlocking bonuses. You
get points for both style and skill. That's the basics, I will cover more
advanced controls in the sections below.

4. Items and Weapons Listing.
**Power-Ups: The stuff that makes you do your thing faster, better, longer,

Rewind- Like Continues. These icons allow you to rewind the game's action a few
seconds to perhaps pull off a more interesting combo or do something different
so you didn't just die. Very useful.

Health- It's obvious how useful this is. :)

Armor- This gives you temporary invincibility. Useful and rare.

Bonus Points- These add to your score whenever you grab them. They come in
increments of 100 to 3000 and can be found all over the place, usually in hard
to reach spots like rooftops or hanging in the air.

Life Point (Red Blooddrop Icon)- A collectible, also awarded for high mission
scores. Every 10 you get gives you a 10% maximum health increase (up to 200%,
double the bar with which you start).

Stamina Point (White Blooddrop Icon)- Just like the Red Blooddrop except every
10 you get ups your Stamina bar.

Weapon Skill Point (Two Pistols Icon)- Another collectible. Every 10 of these
you get increases your weapon skill and brings a differenr awesome reward.
10 icons- Dual Wield Pistols.
20 icons- Dual Wield Sawn-Off Shotguns.
30 icons- Dual Wield Submachine Guns.
40 icons- Dual Heavy Handguns.
50 icons- Dual Rifles.
60 icons- Infinite Grenades.
70 icons- Infinite Hand Gun Ammo.
80 icons- Infinite Sawn-Off Shotgun Ammo.
90 icons- Infinite Grenade Launcher Ammo.
100 icons- Infinite Rocket Launcher Ammo. <drools>

Gold Combo Skull- Whenever you kill an enemy in this game you have about 10
seconds to find and kill another one and earn a higher score and bonus
multiplier. The Combo Skull doubles the time you have to do this- and of course
every time you kill an enemy it restarts the clock. Useful for racking up

Flaming Skull- Grabbing this in freeroam starts the Day of the Dead minigame.
The air gets hazy and suddenly the civilians of Los Toros are replaced by
respawning angry Mexican-style zombies who are well-armed and out for blood.
Kill as many as you can in about 30 seconds for extra weapons and points.

Luchador Glove- Another 30 second minigame starts when you grab this. Ram turns
into a Loco Luchador (Mad Wrestler) and other luchadors randomly spawn around
you looking to fight. You can only use melee weapons in this minigame (same for
the enemy), but just as in Day of the Dead the enemies soon respawn after you
beat them. Take out as many as you can before the minigame ends.

**Vehicles: Lots of these appear in the game. Most are old cars, pickups, vans,
and flatbed trucks typical of the Mexican auto market. You can also find
tractors, eighteen wheeler cabs, fuel trucks, police cars, ambulances, and even
street racers and DEA cars as you get deep into the game. One car that deserves
special mission is the gold taxicab- you can ride these for free anytime to a
variety of destinations around Los Toros. The destinations include the various
neighborhoods, the El Macho bar, and Marco's Junkyard. Taxis are the only
vehicle which you must kill the driver first to steal. All other cars you can
just hop right into and drive around in, often making amusing comments to the
drivers just like in Grand Theft Auto. You can also use ramps and drainage
canals to do insane car stunts and use all vehicles as explosive battering
rams. Only things that stink about the cars in this game are the lack of radios
(although the Mexican mariachi and hip-hop music in the game is pretty fun
nonetheless), the inability to perform drive-bys, and the fact that you can't
toot those novelty horns so many of the cars have. Oh well.

Fists- Your basic weapon. Always with you, always useful. Note that your method
of using them changes depending on your angle to the enemy. You can punch,
kick, elbow smash, groin stomp, head butt, and do all kinds of dirty
smackdowns. Have fun!

Melee Weapons- Iron bar, baseball bat, rake, shovel, machete, etc. Grab these
to increase your hand-to-hand skills.

Pistol- The most common weapon of your foes. Ammo is plentiful and guns are

Heavy Handgun- Can you say 44 Magnum? It holds less ammo than the pistol and is
a bit rarer, but its shots are more powerful.

Sawn-Off Shotgun- Like the pistol it's quite plentiful. Very powerful but runs
out of ammo quick.

Combat Shotgun- You can find this at police stations or in the hands of
enemies. Packs more ammo than the Sawn-Off Shotgun, but no Dual Wield.

Submachine Gun(SMG)- MP5s, Uzis, Ingrams. Gotta love 'em. These hold lots of
ammo and are great for spraying around while shootdodging. The smaller ones can
be dual-wielded once you have enough Weapon Skill.

Rifle- Your basic long range gun, usually found in the hands of enemies. You
can get Hunting Rifles or basic Rifles- which can be Dual Wielded with enough
Weapon Skill.

Assault Rifle- AK47s or modern M4s. Long range with rapid fire. Very nice.

Grenades and Other Explosives- Grenades, Dynamite, Molotov Cocktails. All
useful, all available. Note that the Grenades and Dynamite bounce when you
throw them so be careful. You can also shoot them while they're in the air for
maximum effect. You don't want any of these going off near you of course.

Grenade Launcher- Hee hee. This gun launches bouncing explosives over a long
distance. Very fun to blow up groups of enemies with.

Rocket Launcher- I choose you, Rocket Launcher! Heavy damage, very hard to
find. Will blow up most any structure or vehicle in one shot. Be careful you're
not nearby when the shell impacts.

Gun Turret- These can be found in freeroam and some missions on high places
overlooking the street. Get up to them and you can shoot down as many enemies
as you like with infinite ammo for righteous kill combos. For some reason
whenever you get on one in freeroam lots of corrupt heavily armed Federales
show up to shoot at you. Take them down for lots of points. Of course you can't
shootdodge while manning a turret so be quick on the trigger!

**Loco Moves:
These moves are special attacks you can pick up by scoring large amounts of
points and combo kills. Use them wisely to eliminate particularly tough foes
(like bosses) and/or groups of enemies. Note that you are invincible for a
limited time while executing a Loco Move.

Golden Gun- For a limited time all your bullets are automatically lethal to all
enemies except bosses. One shot, one kill. You can't beat skill like that for a
million dollars.

Tornado- Ran spins around firing submachine guns and takes down all enemies in
a 360 degree radius. Very useful when you're surrounded.

El Toro- Ram lowers his head like a bull and runs around in an automatic
forward motion. Anybody he bumps into dies. Use the left analog stick to steer
Ram and um, ram enemies before time runs out. Ole!

El Mariachi- We've all seen the El Mariachi Trilogy movies, right? If not, see
them. Seriously, you're missing out on some excellent action and spicy Salma
Hayek Antonio Banderas shoot-em-up comedy if you don't watch these. They're
directed by Austin's own Robert Rodriguez, the genius behind Spy Kids and Sin
City, and he made them at suprisingly little cost. <sighs> Anyway, this Loco
Move gives you two guitar cases with machine guns hidden inside. Use these
guns' infinite ammo to take down enemies in a blaze of glory that is also a
homage to a character in the second El Mariachi movie (Desperado) who used
similar guns. This will keep the fans happy. :)

Sombrero of Death- This move creates a computer controlled sombrero-wearing
zombie wielding a shotgun who will help you eliminate your foes. Both you and
the zombie are invincible for the duration of the move and the two of you
should be able to easily handle whatever gets in your way.

Explosive Pinata- This is kinda obvious, but still fun. Ram throws a pinata
time bomb, causing a big bang that is of great use against groups of enemies.

Mad Wrestler- This move summons Numero Cinco, my favorite minor character from
the fifth season of the very much missed WB show Angel. A powerful luchador
wielding a baseball bat, Numero Cinco will be of great aid in defeating your

5. The Missions- Walkthru.
Before you start you should of course check out the Options Menu and set up the
volume, subtitles, difficulty and so on as you like it. A note- on difficulty.
It only alters the toughness of the enemies you face and the amount of damage
they do. Not much difference otherwise. I wrote this FAQ on the Normal setting.
When ready, start a new game.

***Story Mission 1: The Father***
Okay, you start out as Ernesto Cruz. You're deep in the jungle escaping from a
Mayan ruin full of cartel soldiers gunning for your blood and trying to get
back the vital evidence you've stolen. A DEA plane is waiting for you, but
first you have to get there. Slide down the zip line at the beginning, shooting
whatever enemies you spot with your SMG. Don't waste too much ammo, though- the
ride is short. A goon with a rocket launcher nearly blows you up and you fall
into a warehouse. Climb on top of the boxes and grab the AK, Hunting Rifle, and
Rewind icon. The latter is most useful, as with it you can turn back time and
prevent yourself from dying or pull off a cooler move than the one you just
did. Using these does not affect your score, so have fun!
Bad guys are in the next room, armed with weapons like you just picked up.
Shoot them down and get those guns. This is a good time to learn how to
shootdodge and perform classy kills. You can also shoot the explosive barrels
to take out anybody nearby. In the next room you can pick up more weapons,
Health, and another Rewind. Eliminate your foes and open the garage door. Now
you need to run for the plane and help your fellow DEA agents fight off the
goons attacking. You can pick up pistols from dead enemies as well as more
Hunting Rifles and AKs. There's Health in the tent if you need it. Make sure
you don't get hit by the trucks speeding around the landing strip. In
particular watch out for the guy manning the machine gun on the back of the
pickup- take him out as soon as possible. When you hop on the plane, it
immediately takes off but unfortunately you soon find you've been set up to die
horribly by some corrupt compadres. Darn it!

***Story Mission 2: The Good Son***
Fastforward to a few years later. Ernesto's son Tommy, also a DEA agent, is
looking for what really happened to his father. He knows it was not a drug
overdose and is sure corrupt DEA agents are to blame. His boss Commander Trust
doesn't agree, but it's a little too late for him to stop Tommy's
investigation. :)
You start this mission as Tommy and are charged with taking out a convoy
belonging to the Virgilios, some rivals of the Morales Cartel. Your buddy Marco
the Rat has provided you with a weapon and a vehicle to accomplish this. Get in
the flatbed truck for a quick driving tutorial and then head for the tanker
marked on your radar. As you approach you will be shown how to use your vehicle
as an explosive battering ram by hitting the gas and then diving out the open
door. Do this to destroy the tanker, then gun down the eight enemies in the
service station around it with your pistol. They are armed with rifles,
pistols, and sawn-off shotguns, plus a couple with melee weapons. Some are
right by the station, some near a trailer in the back.
When they're dead, head through the garage and shoot the barrels by the dope
van parked back there to destroy it. 5 more goons come rushing in. Take them
out and you get a cutscene of Tommy facing one last enemy armed with a grenade.
Tommy shoots him, but the explosion blows up the gas station and leaves Tommy
in a wheelchair. Remember this! The action now shifts to two weeks down the
road, where Tommy's loco twin brother Ram has been sprung from jail and sent to
continue Tommy's investigation. You will be Ram for the remainder of the game.

***Free Roam***
Get in the red car directly in front of you and get ready to explore the city
of Los Toros. Your first goal is to meet Officer Mendez at the GreaseBurger,
but you can roam around the city first and look for bonuses if you want, Let's
do so, shall we? :) Note that you can now rack up a score and get bonuses in
Weapon Skill, Stamina, and Health every time you hit a plateau. Check the Pause
Screen for what plateau you're on and your current bonus levels. You can also
press select to view your current goals and warp directly to any available
uncompleted story or challenge mission. I prefer to roam the city to get to
each mission so I will not be doing this, but those who want to breeze through
the game can.
You'll notice Los Toros is divided into several sections. You begin in Centro,
the downtown area where most of the highways and ritzy joints can be found
(this is where I'm going to stay for now). There's also Barrio del Toro, the
biggest residential area that also holds a sports arena. Barrio Antiguo is the
older part of town and is home to the red light district along with many
banditos and seedy gangs. Cerro de Los Angeles is a ritzy upscale suburb on the
outskirts where you can find hilltop condos and luxury cars. Zona Industrial
holds the local factories and Marco's junkyard, and Puerto Los Toros has the
city docks. Also note that you have an expanse of Mexican countryside to the
south and the US Border and DEA compound to the north. We'll be visiting all
these later. For freeroam you are restricted to the city. To travel between
sections look for a blue glow around an icon of some kind- a ship for Puerto
Los Toros, skyscraper for Centro, factory for Zona Industrial etc. Also keep an
eye out for blue spotlights- these are places where you can save your game. You
get an automatic autosave at the start and end of every mission if you have the
option on, but it's better to save as much as you can, right? :)
Anyway, you first want to head for the nearby orange icon on your radar.
That's a training area where you can learn all kinds of cool gunplay moves. On
the way there you will probably spot some ramps you can use to make stunt
jumps. Bonus point icons and other goodies are hanging in the air near these-
use the ramps to grab them. You may also come across a police station, a gas
station, and a church with Health icons on their doorsteps. Note that very few
enemies will be around to bother you and that you do not earn points for
killing civilians. You aren't penalized either, but it ain't nice, okay? So
avoid the innocent and grab the bonuses. In particular keep an eye out for Red
and White Blooddrops as you roam the city. These are helpful to increase your
life and stamina. Gun icons will up your weapon skill- grab these too. A note
to humble cheaters- do not use codes that give you more than one of these at a
time. You will not recieve your bonuses! :( Look for Flaming Skulls and
Luchador Gloves also- these start fun minigames that can earn you quite a bit
of points. Whenever possible get up to the rooftops via ladders, stairs,
awnings, etc- or just create steps by parking a vehicle near a building and
climbing. Many of the bonuses you might like are on the roofs. More are in the
alleys, inside buildings (try every door), or on top of climbable objects. Some
are also hanging in the air near places where you have to jump to grab them- in
a car or on foot. Have fun collecting all these bonuses- just be careful not to
get run over. You can't swim either so stay out of the water. <sighs>
If you do want to get into trouble, note that you can steal hats off people's
head with the X button (the owners might not be happy and pull out guns if you
do this though). Remember this during your fights- catching hats that fall off
dead fools' heads gives you extra points. You can also punch people (most run
away but some fight back) or jack cars for humorous comments. Otherwise
activate the minigames for your best source of combat fun. Look for people
being chased by jerks with  weapons- you can save these folk if you're so
inclined. The big parking garage is a good source of bonuses and will be
important later. You can also find some good bonuses in the shantytowns and the
park. To continue...

***Training Area- Pistoleros Asociados***
You'll find a Gun Icon right outside this place. Talk to the guy with the green
arrow oevr his head (X button) to enter the training area. Note that any
weapons you may have are taken away each time you enter the area (to avoid
accidents) but you will get them back when you leave. You can't take anything
from here, but the weapons do respawn so make use of them. You have five areas
to visit, a different trainer in each. Approach each of these men and learn
their lessons. I will cover them in numerical order.
1. Special Maneuvers. Here you can learn how to kill enemies while doing cool
moves. Remember these skills and practice them- they are the key to high
mission scores. The goal of each move tutorial is to hit a target using the
move five times. Keep practicing- you'll get each right eventually. The moves
you learn are Shootdodge Kill (shoot a target while shootdodging), Head Shot
Kill (line up on a target's head and fire with proper timing to take them down
in one shot), Havoc Kill (destroy a target by shooting an explosive object
nearby such as an oil drum), Wall-Walk Kill (shootdodge up a wall and then
shoot while you're running up the wall), Wall Bounce Kill (jump off a wall and
fire at targets while you're in the air), Reverse Shoot Dodge (spin around
quickly and shoot foes by double-tapping shootdodge) and Fly On The Wall
(Bounce off a wall and kill a target with a well-timed headshot). You get free
unlimited pistols and heavy handguns for this training- practice the skills
with dual wielded pistols. You should have that ability by now if you got
enough bonus points in the city outside.
2. Combo Timer Tutorial. Again you are given pistols. Here you have a maze and
the challenge is to find and shoot as many of the targets in the maze as
possible before the Combo Timer runs out. You will learn how this helps your
score against enemies and about Gold Combo Skulls. Pay attention- killing lots
of enemies quickly is by far the best way to get lots of points with the high
score multipliers it generates. You will need those bonus points later on. Note
that killing an enemy with one of the fancy moves you learned in the last
tutorial is worth more points than just killing him. You also get more points
for kills with melee attacks, kills at point blank range, and kills with extra
style. Remember this.
3. Loco Moves. Here you get a tutorial on four of the game's fun special
moves- which you can earn the right to do by getting high scores and kill
combos. Specifically you will learn Golden Gun, Tornado, El Toro, and El
Mariachi. I've already described these, now you can see them in action. Kill 4
targets with each. :)
4. Basic Combat Skills. This really should have been first, I think. Anyway
you get to learn unarmed combat with a training dummy and then you can practice
on the range with a pistol, rifle, and SMG. Hit 10 targets with fists and 10
with any gun to pass this. Easy.
5. Explosives. Here you learn how to use grenades. Practice tossing them into
the bins first to get an idea of their range and bouncing ability. Then move to
the second blind where you can learn how to shoot a grenade in midair and take
out targets. A rifle is provided to aid in this. Hit 5 targets at each blind to
pass. This is the most fun tutorial and will be very useful in the field. :)
When you're done here and have collected enough bonuses, head for the gold dot
on your radar. That's the GreaseBurger, which has some nice bonus points on its
roof and a Stamina Point at the counter. Get these and then head inside to meet
Officer Mendez and auto-save.

***Story Mission 3: The Bad Son***
Ram meets Mendez, who mistakes him for Tommy (not the first time this happens-
don't worry, it's supposed to be this way). Mendez gives you a pistol and takes
you to meet Marco the Rat at the El Macho bar in the Barrio Antigua red light
district. Once he leaves you there, you will meet a girl who after slapping you
for some insult Tommy paid to her (what the heck?) directs you to where Marco
is. Unfortunately Marco has been playing poker with some banditos who don't
like to lose and you need him alive!
Rush into El Macho and shoot down the four banditos menacing Marco. Be quick-
Marco's life bar is on the screen and it's getting depleted. Marco can not
shoot dodge, but the banditos can (they don't much but it does happen) and of
course you can too, so do it! Marco is of course glad to see you and runs out
the back way. Follow him getting a Sprint tutorial as you head into the alley.
Continue to stay on Marco's tail, grabbing guns and bonuses whenever you can.
You will pass a couple Save Spotlights too- make use of them. More enemies will
come running out of the alley or pull up in pickups and cars, then get out to
attack, as you proceed. Try to kill them all quickly before they can hurt
Marco- he will fight but he's not as fast or accurate as Ram. You will head
through a maze of alleys, cross some streets, go down some stairs, and then
enter a pedestrian tunnel that takes you back to Centro. Hopefully Marco's not
hurt too badly and you'll have built up a lot of points through shootdodging
and combo kills by the time you reach this. Look out for the guy with the
shield in the tunnel- he can block your bullets so you will need to get close
and elbow him to take him out- or use a head shot. Proceed into Centro.
Continue to follow Marco around the building and into the parking structure.
Some enemies are on the way and more wait within. You may be tempted to head
straight for the third floor and Marco's tow truck, but Marco will not take
that route so you best stay with him all the way. Keep gunning down enemies to
get Marco to move forward. Many of them jump out from behind parked cars or
come down ramps and stairways. Eventually, you'll reach the tow truck, which
Marco of course wants you to drive (he's had too many tequilas). You can't
shoot while driving, but you can run over enemies for Spicy Attack bonuses.
Smash through the additional foes that run in and drive out of the garage via
the ramps (use the stunt ramps, especially the one on the roof, if you want to
have some real fun). The tow truck is tough, but it can be destroyed, so get
out of the garage quickly! Head down the street toward the gold icon and you
will have finished this mission and be en route to Marco's Junkyard. Upon
arrival, Marco gievs you some advice and then goes off to take a rest.
Note, starting from this mission you will get awards for completing each
mission based on your score. If it's high enough you may win the Gold, Silver,
or Bronze medal and bonuses. Get these- they are always good to have. For this
mission the awards are:
Gold (2000 points)- Rewind x2.
Silver (1000 points)- Carry More Ammo.
Bronze (500 points)- El Mariachi x 1.

***Free Roam***
Okay, time for another break. You're in Marco's Junkyard now, which makes an
excellent home base for Ram. Lots of bonus points are atop the stunt ramps and
conveyors outside and Marco's trailer holds Health and a Save Spotlight. Use
the latter to preserve your by now pretty high score. Like Marco said, Ram
needs to get himself noticed to get in with the Morales Cartel. You can do so
by meeting Marco's contacts and taking part in Challenge Missions (gold stars
on radar). We'll do these soon. First, some more exploration. :)
Let's start with El Vertedaro de Marcos, aka Marco's Junkyard. As I said
before, you'll find lots of bonus points scattered around. In particular check
out the warehouse for stamina and weaponskill. Also note the large collection
of bonuses hanging in the air by the ramp near the entrance. You may need
several jumps in a car to get them all. To access the conveyor, park a vehicle
near it and climb up. Get all the bonuses you can, then head back to Marco's
trailer and save. There's a weaponskill icon near the trailer too. Around the
junkyard you can find lots of vehicles including a tractor, a pickup, an
eighteen wheeler cab, and the tow truck from the last mission.
When you've gotten all the bonuses you can (remember you can build steps using
the rig cab and a smaller vehicle if you have trouble getting high bonuses)
head out of the junkyard into Zona Industrial. You will find the usual bonuses
dangling in the air by stunt ramps here, though not as many as in Central.
Check out the import garage, the drainage canal, and the roofs in particular
for nice stunt bonuses. A rooftop area with some ziplines offers access to a
lot of bonuses and a turret minigame. There's a similar area across the
drainage canal with another turret near a save spot. The area near the stadium
(actually part of Barrio del Toreo) has a few bonuses also. There's a subzone
called Puerto Industrial (forklift icon) you should check out too. Explore and
get all that you can. When you're ready, you can also find both the Challenge
Missions here (note- I'm covering #3 because I did it first. From here on the
Challenges will be covered in numerical order).

***Challenge Mission 3- Dope Dealers Must Die***
One difference between Challenge and Story Missions- you must score a certain
number of points (the Bronze Award) as well as finish the mission goals if you
want to pass a challenge mission. You must complete one or two challenges to
unlock the next Story Mission, so skill and style are key. I will cover all the
Challenge Missions you can get at this point in the game (the new ones on the
radar) before going on to the next Story Mission.
This first challenge requires you to score 700 points. It's a combat challenge
where you must brutally execute a bunch of dope dealers who are hanging outside
their turf. The challenge is easy if you can build your combo and style bonuses
high enough. Remember every time you kill an enemy you can get a bonus
multiplier if you kill another in ten seconds. And every fool you kill you get
another multiplier and reset the clock. Use dual weapons (you should have dual
SMGs by now with all the bonus points in this area) to make this particularly
fun and don't forget to pick up the bad guys' ammo. Some are in the lot where
you start out, others are in the nearby garage and on the roof- some of these
have Molotov Cocktails so be careful. Kill all 13 to win.
Gold (900 points)- Stamina Points x2.
Silver (800 points)- Weapon Skill x2.
Bronze (700 points)- Tornado x 1.

***Challenge Mission 1- Burrito Boost***
You unlocked a new Story Mission by completing the last challenge, but let's
have some extra fun with the second available challenge first. In this one a
friend of Officer Mendez needs you to take out a burrito cart that also sells
dope and bring him back the evidence. Easy breezy, right? You must score 400
points to win and again this is easy to do with kill combo and style bonuses.
First order of business is to pick up the grenades by the policeman. Now get
yourself a car. For laughs, find one with a For Sale sign in the window. Hey,
it's just a test drive, okay? :) Now find the burrito cart (red dot on your
radar) and ram your car into it the way you took out the tanker earlier. For an
extra bonus shoot one of the enemies near the burrito cart in the head as you
pop out of the car. Kill all the enemies that come running up with as much
flair and in as little time as possible, then grab the dope stash that fell out
of the cart (blue dot) and take it back to the cop who gave you the mission. If
you scored high enough you've won! Other good ways to destroy the burrito cart
are by hitting it with your car while driving (it explodes upon destruction for
possible Havoc Kill bonus) and using the grenades. Whatever works.
Gold (600 points)- Unlock Bonus Challenge Mission "Burrito Shopping".
Silver (500 points)- Weapon Skill x2.
Bronze (400 points)- Golden Gun x1.

***Challenge Mission 2- Burrito Shopping***
You can unlock this challenge by beating the last one with 600 or more points.
This is very easy to do. Once you open it head into Barrio Antiguo (the freeway
gets you there quickly) and track your contact down. Once again a cop buddy of
Mendez needs your help to take out some dope-dealing burrito vendors- three
this time instead of one. You're provided with a rocket launcher to help out
here- but you only get two shots and you might want to save them for later. Use
cars to destroy the carts like you did in the last challenge mission instead.
You need to score at least 2000 points.
As before, lots of enemies are hanging out around each burrito cart. More will
pull up in cars once you get close enough and start shooting. Kill them all
with combos and flair for maximum bonus. Some have grenades- get rid of these
ASAP. Note also that if you want to jack a vehicle driven by enemies you will
need to gun down the driver first (or hope he obliges you and gets out, then
shoot him). Each wagon you blow up yields a dope stash. Collect all 3 and take
them back to your contact.
Gold (3000 points)- Health Points x3.
Silver (2500 points)- Weapon Skill x2.
Bronze (2000 points)- El Toro x1.

**Free Roam**
Let's do some exploring while we're here, shall we? This is the red light
district where we rescued Marco and it has lots of cool bonus points on its
streets and rooftops. In particular look for a traffic island with lots of
bonus points atop it that you can jump to grab. The church has health on its
doorstep and so does the high-rise hotel (which also features a save spot).
There's more beneath the underpass. Look for a garage in a storage unit area
that opens for your car when your approach it- the elevator in there takes you
to some very nice rooftops with a lot of bonus points to collect. Look out for
bad guys around the El Macho bar- they pack heat and will not be glad to see
you. :( The rooftops around there have lots of bonuses on them if you want to
brave the area. The drainage canal again offers a lot of stunt ramps and
accompanying bonuses. Be sure to climb up the dam at the end still in this
neighborhood- a lot of points are up there.
Next let's explore Cerro de Los Angeles. Again the best way there is the
freeway. This hilltop suburb offers a lot of bonuses on the balconies and
terraces of its posh condominiums. Also check the freeway tunnel and nearby
hills. You can find a moped that tows a burrito cart and a street racer in the
condo parking lot. You will need to bring a rig cab in from another area (like
say, Marco's Junkyard) to access the high ladder. Go get one and then use
another vehicle to make steps from which you can jump. On the roof are lots of
bonus points and apartments you can access via the balconies to collect Health,
Stamina, and WeaponSkill upgrades. There's a Save Spot also. Small area, isn't
You can also access the Puerto area via the freeway. Here there are lots more
bonus points among the cargo containers and warehouses. It's also a great place
to find rig cabs- lots are parked around the loading docks and some are driving
around too. Not all the stunt ramps here have bonuses nearby, but most do.
Definitely climb every ladder you can find and check the rooftops- many bonuses
are up there, especially around the ziplines. Remember you can jump off a
zipline at any time- this is key to getting several bonuses, like those atop
one of the oil tanks. There's also a Save Spot and a high ladder near another
of the tanks. Access the ladder with a vehicle and collect the bonuses on that
tank and all the others (walkways connect them). Visit the rooftop with the
ziplines as much as you need to until you get all the bonuses. Then check out
the garages (again, open every door you can) to find more hidden points. Again
park rig cabs and smaller vehicles close together to make steps so you can
access some of the higher points. The big cargo yard behind the locked gates
(Puerto de Lose Toros subarea) is only accessible the same way- stack vehicles
and jump over the gates to open them automatically.
Explore this area throughly. You will need to use the vehicles that got you in
or those parked back here to get the bonuses on top of the cargo containers.
Each watchtower's lower floor holds a Stamina Point. Use the ladder on the side
of one of the big warehouses at the right end to climb up and get the points on
their roofs. Check out the office of the big warehouse in the middle by
climbing its stairs to find a Save Spot and a switch that extends a ramp to
access the big cargo crane (it's useless unfortunately). At the left end is
another locked storage yard whose gate you'll have to stack vehicles to climb
over. There's only a Life Point within, but every little bit helps. :)
The only area of Los Toros left to explore is Barrio del Toreo. Before going
there, take a rig cab into Centro and use the vehicle-stacking trick to get all
the high bonuses you can- in particular those near the park. You can find rig
cabs driving around in that area now if you want- they're rare but they do
exist. Save (the parking garage has a convienent point nearby), then take the
freeway to the last unexplored neighborhood.
Here in Barrio del Toreo you can find some more dirt roads for off-road fun.
Your bonuses will mainly be in the area around the stadium- check it out. You
may have explored much of this area already while checking out Zona Industrial.
When you're done your collectibles should all be in the high 50s and your
global score over 400,000 points. Save and then travel to Ceasar Morales's
warehouse in Puerte Industrial for the next Story Mission.

***Story Mission 4-A- Smash the Stash***
Those of you who have played the game's demo should remember this mission. You
will meet Ceasar Morales and Angel for the first time here. Angel doesn't say
anything to you for now- like her boss she's sizing you up. Morales wants you
to travel to the Virgilios' Rancho outside Los Toros and destroy their
fertilizer tower and stashes of marijuana and other drugs. You also need to
bring back Joey Virgilio's prized street racer- Morales wants it. A tough
two-part mission.
You may recognize the gas station where Angel initally drops you off as the
same place where Tommy got injured- now rebuilt. 12 or so enemies are hanging
out around the trailer with three more in the back yard where you blew up the
dope van. Gun them all down with style and then take either the van or the fuel
truck (your preference, I took the van) from the back yard and head down the
dirt road towards your goal- the Virgilios' farm. Don't worry, we'll be
visiting those other areas on the countryside radar later.
Here at the farm you need to somehow blow up the four fertilizer tanks that
feed fuel to the central tower. Ramming them with vehicles, using explosives,
or shooting them a lot all work well. Explore the maze of marijuana fields and
gun down all the bad guys who try to stop you. Remember to use style and pick
up their ammo! All the containers have vehicles nearby, so using these cars as
explosive rams is probably the best way to blow them up. Each explosion of
course brings more enemies running to find you, so be ready. Tommy will guide
you over the radio as you progress. The first container is to the left through
the marijuana fields- it has armor and health near it. Blow it and get the
enemies who come running. You're right, Ram, this does feel like a movie. :)
More armor and a Rewind are atop the water tower to the far right of the entry
gate. Hmm, how to get past that locked gate ahead? First head among the rows of
weed and get the bad guys on the way to the big barn. Inside that barn you'll
find lots of foes to eliminate and a Save Spot. Make use of the latter
regularly as you proceed through this mission. Combo Skulls are around too and
there's some Dynamite atop the crates. Take care of all the foes in the barn,
including those upstairs, then head over to the trailers and get the guys
there. A Rewind is in one of the trailers. Now head for the fertilizer tower
and clear the area around it. If your Mission Score's over 7500 points by now
you're doing great! The next fuel container is in plain sight near the
trailers- destroy it with a vehicle ram.
To reach the third one head back to and through the barn, then through the
fields on the other side. More Virgilios are waiting. There's a Rewind behind
one crate you'll pass too. As you reach the area behind the locked gate you saw
earlier 2 more will pull up in a pickup, opening the gate as they come. Kill
them when they get out of the truck and then use the truck as a ram to destroy
the third container. Return to the barn, get health from there as needed, and
save your game.
The fourth container is also behind a locked gate, and you will need to ride a
zipline to access it. Climb the water tower in the fields between the barn and
the entrance and take care of the guy up there, then ride the zipline. 5
Virgilios will attack when you land and 3 more are in the shed. Don't miss the
armor near the container and the obvious Save Spot. Open the gate, drive in a
vehicle, and use it to blow up the last container. Two more Virgilios arrive in
a van as soon as you do this- wait for them to exit and then take them out. Use
the Save Spot. By now your Mission Score should be at or near 10000 points.
You now need to give the fertilizer tower one final push to knock it over. Hop
in the van and drive there, mopping up any remaining Virgilios on the way.
Climb up the fertilizer tower's stairway now- and be careful shootdodging here
since falling off is a bad idea. Take out all the enemies on the stairway and
tower balcony. Now head over to the tower and push it with the X button to
topple it. Nice job!
Gold (7500 points)- Carry More Ammo.
Silver (5000 points)- Rewind x2.
Bronze (2500 points)- El Toro x1.

***Story Mission 4-B- Steal The Wheels***
Didn't think we were done yet, did we? :) This is the shorter second part of
the long mission in which you must steal the Virgilios' street racer and get it
back to Morales. Lots more Virgilios are waiting in their farmhouse for you,
including Joey Virgilio, the head of the family and the game's first boss. Ram
needs Joey's key to open the garage where the street racer is, so Joey needs to
First, though, we need to clear the farmhouse yard of Joey's compadres. You
start out this mission in the middle of a gunbattle, so be on your toes and
shootdodge. Circle the house, taking out everybody you meet, including anyone
you can see through the front windows. You want to enter by the back door- the
only Virgilio guarding that way in is an old woman with a machete. Take her out
and then head into the living room and gun down everyone there. Pick up the
Health and Rewinds in the yard and house. Upstairs there is a Save Spot. Use it
and then enter the double doors to meet Joey Virgilio.
This boss is just like the Virgilios you've met so far, only he has a lot more
health. He has 3 Virgilio goombahs with him- take them out first and then
deplete Joey's life bar. Use your Loco Moves for a quick and easy kill on him.
Once he's down, pick up the garage key, then go outside via the balcony and
take out the guys who have pulled up in a van. When the yard is again clear,
return to the house's stairwell and save.
You can now enter the garage and grab the street racer, but be warned- the
Virgilios know what you're about and they've set up barricades to stop you.
Before getting the precious car, you might want to take one of the other
vehicles out the farmhouse gates and clear the area of hostiles. Note that the
locked gates you dealt with earlier are now closed again. The first enemy
barricade is in front of the entrance to the Virgilios' farm and includes two
guys tossing explosives and a pickup with a machine gun turret in the back like
the one in the first story mission. Take out everybody and blow up the barrels.
If you want to speed past this point you can use the ramp, but it's more
efficient to terminate the enemy first. Now head out the gate to the road back
to Los Toros. You'll soon find the second barricade, and this one has no ramp
to jump the vehicles. Again gun down everyone with style and shoot the barrels
to clear the way. Past the barricade two vans and a pickup drive up, and two
Virgilios get out of each vehicle. Eliminate them. Now head back to the garage
and go inside. Another Save Spot and some health are here. Open the garage door
and drive that sweet car out.
The car's life bar is on screen, but since the opposition's already taken care
of you shouldn't have much trouble getting the car out of the Rancho. Just be
careful not to hit anything on your way. Sweet music, huh? Drive into the blue
glow to get a cutscene where Ram returns the car only to have Morales destroy
it with an Uzi. Boy, are we glad we risked our neck like that, huh?
Gold (6000 points)- Rewind x3.
Silver (3000 points)- Carry More Ammo.
Bronze (1500 points)- El Mariachi x1.

**Free Roam**
Street racers can now be found driving through the city. Morales advised you to
"learn the language of the streets before playing with the big boys" so that
means we need to complete some more challenge missions. :) You should also
explore and get whatever bonuses you've missed earlier. Some new Loco Moves-
Explosive Pinata, Mad Wrestler, and Sombrero of Death- are available now too.

***Challenge Mission 4- A Walk in the Park***
This challenge can be found at one of the entrances to the park in Centro. It's
a pretty easy task where you must eliminate as many Virgilios as possible
within the time limit. At least 10 of the kills must be Shootdodge Kills.
Sounds easy huh?
Run into the park and you will find lots of Virgilios hanging out. Immediately
open fire, shootdodging as much as possible. Virgilios keep respawning as you
kill them, so you'll have no shortage of foes. You have 99 seconds to kill as
many as possible. You should have a ton of fun doing this.
Gold (4000 points)- Unlock Bonus Mission "Power Struggle."
Silver (3000 points)- Life Points x2.
Bronze (2000 points)- Golden Gun x1.

***Challenge Mission 5- Power Struggle***
You can find the man who gives you this mission near the El Macho bar. He
charges you with clearing out two important members of the Virgilio family. Of
course they also have 15 goons with them. Head into the El Macho bar and you'll
find most of your foes. Take them down, including the first Virgilio boss (he
has a life bar like Joey did). Get the weapons behind the bar and then head
into the alley out back to find the rest of the Virgilios including the second
boss. Shoot them down using all the style and flair you can to finish the
Gold (3000 points)- Weapon Skill x3.
Silver (2500 points)- Life Points x2.
Bronze (2000 points)- Explosive Pinata x1.

***Challenge Mission 6- Junkyard Race***
With two challenges complete the next story mission is open. As before, though,
I will cover the remaining new challenges first. This one's at Marco's
Junkyard. A guy in the big open garage asks if you want to do some racing. If
Ram accepts, he is given a flatbed truck and advised to collect 18 checkpoints
scattered around the junkyard within the time limit. Each checkpoint grabbed
adds 400 points to the score (you start with just over 1300). The score is also
your time limit- it rapidly decreases as you negotiate the course. This mission
is quite different from the previous ones, so it may take you several tries to
complete. Be certain to pick up as many of the bonus 100 and 200 point icons as
possible as you speed through the course- they give precious bonus time. You
speed around the same route twice as you pass the checkpoints so you will have
ample chances to get all the points you can- whatever you finish with is your
score. Steer straight and don't spare the horses!
Gold (2000 points)- Unlock Bonus Mission "."
Silver (1000 points)- Life Points x2.
Bronze (250 points)- Tornado x1.

***Challenge Mission 7- Junkyard Bike Race***
Unfortunately I suck at racing so this is one of the missions I have not been
able to unlock. Anyone who can tell me about it will receive my eternal
gratitude. I'm guessing it's a motorcycle race through the junkyard.
Gold (1500 points)- Stamina Point x3.
Silver (750 points)- Carry More Ammo.
Bronze (250 points)- Mad Wrestler x1.

***Challenge Mission 8- The Missing Brother***
This challenge is in Centro, where a guy on the street tells you his twin
brother has been kidnapped. Since this kinda hits home for Ram, he agrees to
help. Find the brother quickly in the area near the freeway underpass and gun
down his kidnappers. You must then escort the brother back to the guy who gave
you the mission fighting enemies the whole way. As in the last escort mission,
let the brother lead and protect him as much as possible. He will shoot at the
enemies but he's nowhere near as good as you are. If he dies, you fail the
mission. You will follow him through some alleys, around the church, and
finally into the Greaseburger via the back door. If you make it through the
Greaseburger (the guy who asked for your help is out front) you have won.
Gold (2000 points)- Weapon Skill x3.
Silver (1750 points)- Carry More Ammo.
Bronze (1500 points)- Golden Gun x1.

***Challenge Mission 9- Sombrero Shootout***
A word to all you tourists out there- always beware the guys who offer you a
special price on some souvenir item. In this case, a guy in Barrio Antiguo near
the freeway underpass offers Ram the location of a man who sells sombreros at a
special discount for Americans. Once Ram arrives at said vendor he finds 14
banditos waiting to spring a tourist trap. Numbskulls. Take them out with your
usual style, trying to score as many points as possible. Some are on the
street, some on the rooftops, and some come out of the alley behind you. Once
all are dead, pick up the sombrero (blue dot on the radar) to finish the
Gold (3000 points)- Unlock Bonus Mission "Tequila Trouble."
Silver (2750 points)- Life Points x2.
Bronze (2500 points)- Sombrero of Death x1.

***Challenge Mission 10- Tequila Trouble***
This is another tourist trap mission found in Barrio Antiguo. The same joker
who gave you the last challenge sets you up again, this time on the trail of
authentic Mexican tequila. Once you find the vendor (inside the building), 10
banditos spring a trap on you. There's fewer foes this time around, so you will
need to kill them with serious style to pass the challenge. Hopefully all the
practice so far will help you do this. Don't forget to pick up their ammo.
Seven of the guys are inside the building with you. Open the garage door to
find the other three.
When all are dead it's time to go after the idiot who set you up. He starts to
speed away in a truck as you approach him. Jack a car and follow him. Don't
worry, he won't get far. Chase him through the alleys and onto a grassy knoll
where he stops and gets out. The guy has a boss lifeline and an M4 assault
rifle. Kill him with flair to claim that sweet gun.
Gold (2500 points)- Stamina Point x3.
Silver (2000 points)- Weapon Skill x2.
Bronze (1500 points)- El Mariachi x1.

***Story Mission 5- Get the Trucks***
Again you're working for Ceasar Morales, this time stealing three big trucks he
needs to ship 100 tons of cocaine. You can find this mission at the trailer in
Marco's Junkyard. The arena for it is the container yard you explored in Puerto
de los Toros. Both Marco and Angel will give you good wishes and then you're
Okay, to start out head into the yard and kill all the Virgilios you spot
roaming the area. There's a Save Spot by the gate you should make regular use
of. The trucks are to the left. Clear out all the Virgilios in and around the
big warehouse first, including the ones in the car and the forklifts. In
particular watch out for guys tossing grenades and snipers atop the containers.
The first truck is in the open area near the garage close to some containers.
Clear the area around it, then hop in the truck and drive it back to the gate.
One of Angel's buddies will leave in it once you arrive and Ram now must go get
the other two. Save and head back into the container yard.
The second truck is in the middle of the big warehouse, but it's blocked in by
cargo containers. Remember that crane we found useless earlier. It's useful
now. Clear the area around the warehouse again, including the upper stories,
and go upstairs to the office. Save there and then activate the ramp. Go back
downstairs and take out the new wave of enemies, then get into the crane and
pull the now-active switch there. The crane automatically moves a container out
of the way onto the ship docked nearby. Head back across the crane's track,
dodging a few bullets from the ship as you go, then head downstairs and get in
the truck. Drive it over to Angel. Two down, one to go!
The 3rd truck is on board the docked ship and has a lot of Virgilios
protecting it. Head straight up the ship's gangplank and take down the four
goons roaming the deck. On the bow is some Health. Don't waste time checking
out the ladder leading below and the crow's nest on the forward mast- they're
empty. Instead, as prompted by Tommy, head for the bridge. More bad guys are on
the first tier of the stern castle, so circle it and take them out. Then head
upstairs and eliminate those on the second tier. The two guys on the next tier
have grenades, so be careful killing them. You can go up to the stern crow's
nest from here, but it is empty so don't bother. Instead enter one of the gray
doors to find the bridge. Kill the two mates inside, use the Save Spot, then
hit the switch to lift the truck back to the dock below.
More bad guys have shown up outside now. Head off the ship, taking them out on
the way. Now clear the area around the container with the truck, especially of
grenade-tossers. Be careful of more snipers atop the containers. When all are
defeated, drive the last truck over to Angel and approach her van after the
truck drives off to finish this part of the mission.
Now for the really fun part. You need to put that ship on the bottom of the
harbor. Angel has provided you with a van full of dynamite to help accomplish
this. Don't drive it into the yard just yet, instead run back in and clear the
area of Virgilios. Then go back and get the van. Drive it into the crate you
just lifted off the ship, then get out and head on board. Fight your way back
to the bridge- you already killed most of the sailors so there's not much
opposition- and lift the crate onto the ship. Save. You now have 35 seconds to
get off the ship before it blows up, so run like hell. One last enemy may try
to stop you, take him out on the way. Once you get off you've won.
You now get a cutscene where Tommy and Ram discuss a plan to use the trucks to
trap Morales. Ram will stay with them and lead them straight to a DNA team
headed by Special Agents Piersson and Johnson. However Ram isn't the only one
who heard Tommy's latest radio transmission....
Gold (10000 points)- Rewind x3.
Silver (7500 points)- Carry More Ammo.
Bronze (5000 points)- Explosive Pinata x1.

**Free Roam**
You now have more challenges to complete. Do them and get whatever bonuses you
can that you have not yet acquired. Puerto de Los Toros is completely open now,
so be sure to get everything in there if you haven't already. A new Loco Move-
Mad Wrestler- is available. Now for the challenges:

***Challenge Mission 11- Latino Loco***
This challenge is in Puerto. An informant gives you a lead on Rico Virgilio and
his gang. Your job is to take all 20 of them out with usual flair and style.
Rico is a boss-level enemy and one of his goons has a rocket launcher so this
will be tough.
First run over to the warehouse where Rico is and gun down all the guys
outside. Rico runs into the underground garage. Pursue him down there and
you'll find most of his gang including the rocket launcher guy. Take that dude
out as soon as possible and then eliminate Rico and the rest. Return to the guy
who gave you the mission when you're done.
Gold (2500 points)- Unlock Bonus Mission "Forklift Frenzy."
Silver (2000 points)- Weapon Skill x2.
Bronze (1500 points)- Tornado x1.

***Challenge Mission 12- Forklift Frenzy***
A Puerto forklift race, where you must race over to the harbor, grab a crate
with a forklift, and then take it back to the warehouse where you started
before the clock runs out. Some rivals of your employer will be trying to stop
you with guns every step of the way. Speed to the harbor first and head
straight for the crate, running over anybody who tries to stop you. Once the
crate is in sight, hop out of the forklift and gun down the group of foes
protecting the crate. Then pick the crate up (use the right analong stick to
move the forklift's tines) and start heading out of the harbor. You will have
to stop and jump out several times to take out groups of enemies. Be sure to
grab all their weapons, including the grenade launcher wielded by the crew
foreman in the group that blocks the harbor entrance. Get the crate back to the
warehouse in Puerto where you took down Rico and you're done!
Gold (1700 points)- Life Point x3.
Silver (1500 points)- Carry More Ammo.
Bronze (1300 points)- Golden Gun x1.

***Challenge Mission 13- Bloodlust Countdown***
Another kill-the-Virgilios mission in Barrio Antiguo. Surely we know stylish
shooting well enough by now to get the points needed for this one, right? :)
The catch is you have to kill 20 respawning enemies in 99 seconds. But we can
do that. Just be sure to kill the bad guys quickly and build up as high a combo
as you can. Hoo raa!!!
Gold (5500 points)- Life Point x3.
Silver (4500 points)- Carry More Molotovs.
Bronze (3500 points)- Tornado x1.

***Challenge Mission 14- A Bad Day***
This one is at Puerto de Los Toros. A guy can't get his car out of the harbor
because a lot of boxes are blocking it in. Surely you can help, right? This is
a race mission where you must use a forklift to move boxes and then hop in a
car and drive out of the container yard. Again the clock is your enemy, the
score counting down as you go through the mission. So be quick. There is no way
to move or destroy the boxes without using the forklift. This is a mission I
couldn't finish. <sighs>
Gold (2000 points)- Weapon Skill x3.
Silver (1000 points)- Stamina Point x2.
Bronze (100 points)- Golden Gun x1.

***Challenge Mission 15- Downtown Gate Hunt***
This is another racing mission where it's you against the rapidly declining
score. Centro is your course and you are given a normal car. There are seven
checkpoints you must hit, in any order you like. As before each one adds 400
points to the clock. Obviously this challenge requires great driving skill and
strategy. Good luck.
Gold (1000 points)- Unlock Bonus Mission "Downtown Super Race."
Silver (500 points)- Weapon Skill x2.
Bronze (250 points)- Golden Gun x1.

***Challenge Mission 16- Downtown Super Race***
A race through Barrio Antiguo personally sponsored by Ceasar Morales. Again you
must collect all the checkpoints before the score runs out. There are 26 this
time that must be collected in order through two laps of the course. Your car
is a street racer. Remember to get the bonus points scattered around on the
street to keep the clock running high. This is the toughest challenge so far,
so good luck! Finishing this race took me several tries.
Gold (2000 points)- Stamina Point x3.
Silver (1000 points)- Life Point x2.
Bronze (250 points)- Explosive Pinata x1.

***Story Mission 6-A- Escort the Trucks***
By now you should have Infinite Handgun Ammo. You will need it. :) You can
start this mission outside the stadium in Barrio del Toreo. Morales wants you
to escort his trucks through Virgilio Territory. Marco provides a rocket
launcher to help out. You start this mission at the same gas station where
Tommy got injured. Get in the van and drive up to the roadblock there.
Eliminate all the enemies and then knock down the barricades. The trucks will
wait for you. Be sure you knock out all the guys tossing grenades, all three
turret-equipped pickups, and the sniper on top of the station. Shoot all the
barrels too. When you're finished talk to the driver of the lead truck. He says
they'll be fine from here, so you can go back to Morales. Tommy contradicts
this, saying you need to find out where the trucks are going. Ram thus slips
aboard the last truck's trailer and continues on to their
Gold (6000 points)- Carry More Grenades.
Silver (4000 points)- Rewind x2.
Bronze (2000 points)- El Mariachi x1.

***Story Mission 6-B- The Ambush***
You ride the trucks to Carne Ceasar, a meat packing plant in the countryside
outside Los Toros. Your first task upon arrival is to get back to the front
gate and open it for the DEA assault team. Of course your cover is blown now,
so the guys roaming the yard will be gunning for you. This includes a sniper on
the tower, a guy lobbing grenades from atop a container, and two dudes riding
around in forklifts. Take them all out and then head for the gold dot on your
radar. Kill the guard in this shack and hit the switch to open the gate for the
DEA assault team. Unfortunately Morales is ready for you and springs an ambush,
taking out Agent Pierrson and several other DEA agents with a grenade launcher.
Johnson and the rest of the DEA agents run into the factory, as does Ram.
You must now clear the factory of bad guys, aided by DEA agents. Use the Save
Spot immediately ahead of your starting location. The initial opposition
includes several goons with shotguns, a few snipers atop the shelves, and one
forklift driver. A DEA agent is with you but he won't last long- be sure to
pick up his MP5 after he dies. Now move for the gold dot on your radar, hit the
switch, and enter the next room. Two DEA agents, one with a Heavy Handgun and
one with an AK, are in this area along with several more goons. Get all the bad
guys, including the sniper on the shelves. Now head up the ramp and watch as
several bad guys fall into the meat grinder. EWWW!! Cross the conveyor and then
climb up the catwalk to another factory area. Kill all the enemies running
around here, including some with MP5s and M4s. Watch for the red switch but
don't hit it until all the enemies are dead. Once you do hit that switch, it
opens the gate to the next area and you have ten seconds to rush through that
gate. Be quick!
Use the Save Spot in this area and take out the bad guys. Use the hanging
carcasses of meat for cover but steer clear of the flame bursts. Beware the guy
with the grenade launcher- you want to kill him and avenge Pierrson as soon as
possible. There's also a goon manning a turret at the end of the tunnel- use a
grenade or a lot of shootdodging to take him out. Hit the switch by the turret
to open the next gate. Bad guys rush in, so use the turret to help eliminate
them. Get their weapons and proceed. The next switch opens the freezer area.
Again use the meat for cover as you work your way through it icing thugs. The
meat moves back and forth so you'll have to wait for an opening before passing
each line. At the far end more bad guys wait by a conveyor. Take them out and
then head up the ladder or the stairs. Save your game at the Save Spot by the
next switch.
Okay, this is the tough part. You need to use the switch to turn off the
electic tasers on the next conveyor and then run through those tasers within 10
seconds. Now you must move against a conveyor belt and gun down enemies in your
way. Jump off the belt before it carries you back into the electric tasers! In
this yard some more DEA agents are fighting it out with a lot of enemies,
including several snipers on the catwalk. Kill all the goons and collect
weapons, then climb the ladder to access that catwalk. Jump onto the last
conveyor here and ride it to the top. You will exit the factory area onto a
pile of used meat. Ugh! Then you get a nice surprise- Angel pulls up in an El
Camino equipped with a turret in the back and offers you a ride. Let's not say
no to the lady.
Gold (10000 points)- Rewind x3.
Silver (7500 points)- Carry More Ammo.
Bronze (5000 points)- El Toro x1.

***Story Mission 6-C- A Saving Angel***
This one's a rail shooter. Angel is driving through the countryside back to Los
Toros and Ram must gun down pursuit with her El Camino's turret. Build up
combos and concentrate on the vehicles for lots of points. Watch the car's life
bar. Your initial opposition is two vehicles of thugs trying to ram you from
behind. Take them out and then quickly switch to the front and get the guys at
the roadblock up there. Angel will pull around the roadblock and jump off a
ramp. When you land you will pass several more vehicles full of bad guys,
including turret-trucks and some goons with grenade launchers. Eliminate the
latter as quickly as possible and shoot the explosive barrels to help. When
Angel yells at you to clear the road, quickly shot the explosive barrels in
front of the car before she hits them. Take out a few more turret trucks and
you have passed the first section.
In section 2 you have two turret trucks shooting at you, one above and one
alongside. Blow up both of them. As you proceed you have more trucks to shoot
along with guys standing on the shoulder who have guns and rocket launchers.
Kill them all as Angel speeds by. When you reach the next cutscene, you have
finished the level. Angel, who is revealed as an undercover Federale, and Ram
escape across the bridge to Los Toros, surviving a major explosion by the grace
of God. Whee!!!
Gold (9000 points)- Rewind x3.
Silver (7000 points)- Carry More Ammo.
Bronze (5000 points)- Explosive Pinata x1.

**Free Roam**
Welcome to Angel's condo in Cerro de Los Angeles, your new home base. You may
recognize it from an earlier visit. Use the Save Spot, get any bonuses you
don't have already, and then head into the city for some new challenges. Note
the expanded taxi destination list.

***Challenge Mission 17- Industrial Race***
Another race, this time through Zona Industrial. The rapidly declining score is
your enemy. Your vehicle is a street racer. There are 24 Checkpoints, to be
collected in 2 laps of the same course. Good luck and watch those tight turns
and traffic. Time is really your enemy here, as you don't start off with much
and usually only have enough to get to the next point and keep your score.
Again, it may take you several tries to beat this one.
Gold (1000 points)- Unlock Bonus Mission "."
Silver (500 points)- Carry More Ammo.
Bronze (250 points)- Mad Wrestler x1.

***Challenge Mission 18-Industrial Gate Hunt***
Again, I'm not the best racer in the world. <sighs> Therefore I know next to
nada about this mission. If someone could help me out with it, that would be
really great! Send all details to DougElder21@yahoo.com. I'm guessing this
Challenge is a race against a ticking score similar to the Downtown Gate Hunt,
only set in Zona Industrial.
Gold (1500 points)- Stamina Point x3.
Silver (750 points)- Life Point x2.
Bronze (250 points)- Tornado x1.

***Challenge Mission 19- Pistoleros***
24 Pistoleros have barricaded themselves on a Barrio Antiguo rooftop. You have
190 seconds to hunt them down and kill all of them. This should be fun. Take
note of the Bird on a Wire stunt described in this mission's loading screen-
it's very helpful to defeat this challenge.
Run straight for the red dots on your radar as the mission begins. Kill the
four Pistoleros, grab the Combo Skull, then take the elevator up. The rooftop
here is one you should have visited before now when collecting bonuses. 4 more
are on the roof, 4 above you up the ladder. Kill them all, then slide down the
wire on the part of the roof atop the ladder (there's a yellow arrow over it).
Kill the jerks on the next roof, then hop back down to the street (slide down
the marked wire first, then jump off it) and kill the new guys who have shown
up down there. Upon your 24th kill if you have enough points you win.
Gold (6000 points)- Life Point x3.
Silver (5000 points)- Carry More Ammo.
Bronze (4000 points)- Golden Gun x1.

***Challenge Mission 20- Bullseye***
The Virgilios are stinking up Puerto again. Time to take out the trash. You
must kill as many Virgilios as you can with Shootdodge Headshots (the Bullseye
move) in 88 seconds. Hopefully you'been practicing this move. Many of your foes
have shields, so headshots are probably the best way to kill them. After making
the 10 Bullseye Kills, you must kill as many enemies as possible in the time
that remains. Remember to use flair, style, and combo!
Gold (4000 points)- Unlock Bonus Mission "Fly On The Wall Challenge."
Silver (2000 points)- Stamina Point x2.
Bronze (1000 points)- Tornado x1.

***Challenge Mission 21- Fly On the Wall Challenge***
Head Shots are easy if you've got the timing down, but I don't. <sigh> I like
Story Missions better than challenges anyway. I only unlocked this after
several tries on the last challenge. This is another timed challenge, found in
Zona Industrial. You must make as many kills as possible in 60 seconds- and at
least 5 must be Fly-on-the-Wall kills. You can review this move at the Training
Area in Centro if you don't remember it- basically it's a Wall Walk plus a
headshot. Shielded enemies are absent this time around, so your job is a little
easier. Have fun with this.
Gold (5000 points)- Weapon Skill x3.
Silver (4000 points)- Stamina Point x2.
Bronze (3000 points)- El Mariachi x1.

***Story Mission 7-A- El Macho Meeting***
Okay, now back to the good stuff. Return to Angel in her Cerro de Los Angeles
apartment to begin this mission. She tells you about how the remaining Virgilio
bosses are meeting at the El Macho Bar to discuss getting Morales back for
ruining so many of their operations lately. Angel thinks you should offer them
your services as a fixer. Bad idea, girl- don't you know Ram's the one who's
been making the Virgilios' lives extremely hard lately? He's killed four of
their kingpins so far, destroyed one of their farms, sank their ship, whacked
thousands of their soldiers, and the Virgilios are just gonna hire him?
Someone's been watching too many telenovelas!
Anyway, go to the El Macho bar in Barrio Antiguo. Angel's already called you a
taxi- it's right outside the apartment. 3 of the local toughs start shooting at
you as soon as you hop out, so remind them why that's a no-no. Then head
through the marked door. It turns out the Virgilios don't want any uninvited
guests at their meeting, so their soldiers have the bar and its surrounding
area sealed off. Ram will have to use two zip lines to access the bar via its
rooftop entrance. Of course he'll have to shoot a lot of thugs to get there.
Blast through the alley, using the turret, health, and armor in the garages to
your right if you need them, and head up the stairs to the first zipline. More
bad guys are on the roofs, both here and across the way. Climb up the ladder on
the back of the billboard, swing down the first zipline, then clear the roof on
which you land and work your way to the zipline facing the roof of El Macho.
Swing down it. Ram immediately crashes through the skylight (this has to happen
in just about every good action movie at least once) and lands right in the
middle of the Virgilios' meeting. Faced with a lot of angry bosses, he is left
trying to talk his way out of the situation. Good luck, bro. :)
Gold (7500 points)- Carry More Ammo.
Silver (5000 points)- Rewind x2.
Bronze (2500 points)- El Toro x1.

***Story Mission 7-B- Kill the Bull***
Well, what do you know? Talking to the Virgilios worked! Or maybe they're just
really low on soldiers right now (gee I wonder why) and figured using Ram was
an easy way to solve their Morales problem. Whatever the case may be, Ram is
still alive and has a new assignment- break into Ceasar Morales's office at the
stadium in Barrio del Toreo and crack the safe. Surely the information Morales
has on Ernesto's death must be in there, right? Of course, Morales keeps the
only key to the safe with him at all times.
After calling Angel to update her on your progress, take the convienent taxi
parked nearby to the Barrio del Toreo stadium. As Angel warned you, the place
is swarming with bad guys. The gates are open, so they're probably expecting
trouble. Dash into the parking lot and shoot it out with the welcoming
committee. Shoot the barrels for help and be especially careful of the turret
gunner atop the gatehouse. There's a guy inside the gatehouse too. Once the way
is clear hit the switch inside the gatehouse and then head into the stadium
through the open door.
Ceasar Morales and more of his goons are waiting. Shootdodge and Havoc Kill
the goons (again they're standing close to barrels). Watch out for the two that
run in from the left- most of your foes are on the right so these guys can jump
you. There's also a couple goons in the concession booth, one manning a turret.
Kill him as soon as possible. Head into the room on the left and you'll be in
the ticket selling area. More goons come running to say hi. The close quarters
here make for some great Wall Walking potential. Clear all four ticket booths-
the one down the hall has Health and the one closest to the entrance has the
next switch you need to pull. Activate it.
The switch opened the staircase back outside, but more bad guys have unlocked
a door in the ticket booth hall and are running at you. Kill them and explore
the area behind that door to find Health and a grenade launcher. Now return to
the staircase and go up, killing goons on the way. You'll pass a Save Spot. At
the top you'll find yourself in the stands. You must now find a way down into
the arena to the bull stables and Morales's office.
This isn't a game day, but there are still a few spectators in the stands. Of
immediate concern- the three guys atop the overhang to the right. Two are
sniping and the third throws grenades. For fun try to shoot a grenade the third
guy is holding and blow up everybody. Now head through the gray door on the
right and go upstairs to the overhang area. A ladder here leads up to the back
of the stadium sign. Go up there, kill the sniper who's probably been hassling
you, and use the zipline for Health, a Stamina Point, and a Weapon Skill Point.
You'll land back in the stands. Clear the area, killing all the spectators, and
head down the stairway below the zipline drop-off point. At the bottom are more
goons and an open door into the bull stables. Warning- a guy with a rocket
launcher is just inside that door and he will make your life miserable! Take
him down quickly (he's in a gold suit) or stay clear of the doorway as you
eliminate his helpers, then use shootdodge and a grenade launcher or machine
gun to eliminate him. Collect the Health and Rewinds in the stable and then
walk through it into the arena.
Morales and his best goons- a group he calls his "Bulls"- are waiting for you.
Soil the sands with the Bulls' blood. Some have guns, some melee weapons, some
Molotovs. Remember to shootdodge like a matador. The guys with bats in luchador
masks have especially high health and there's a lot of them- keep dodging and
employ melee attacks. Use Loco Moves like Tornado, Mad Wrestler, and Golden Gun
to help keep the Bulls back. There's Armor, Health, and a grenade launcher
behind the short walls around you. When the second to last Bull falls, a door
near you opens and two goons with AKs run out. Ice them and the last Bull and
then go through the door to find Morales. The kingpin fires a rocket launcher
at you- DODGE!- and runs. Clear this second bull stable of more of his
enforcers, using the barrels for Havoc Kills. Search the stalls for a Life
Point and a Save Spot. Save!
Now enter Morales's office through the short hall to confront the kingpin. He
packs dual sawn-off shotguns and the usual long life bar. Use Shootdodging and
Loco Moves to finish him. Two Rewinds and Health are scattered around. Also
note the pistol in the left corner, the Heavy Handgun by the microphone, and
the combat shotgun behind the bar- you shouldn't need extra ammo but they're
there. Once Morales falls, pick up the safe key from his fat corpse. Angel
tells you to locate the safe now. Head back into the stables and look for the
yellow arrow. The safe is right under it. Ram opens it and finds the envelope
he needs along with a powerful time bomb. Unable to disarm the bomb even with
Tommy's help he flees the stadium on a motorcycle. Whooo!!!
Gold (15000 points)- Rewind x3.
Silver (1000 points)- Carry More Molotovs.
Bronze (5000 points)- Mad Wrestler x1.

**Free Roam**
You're now back in Zona Industrial. Up for some more bonus-collecting and
challenges, I hope... :)

***Challenge Mission 22- Wall Bounce Challenge***
Yet another shooting challenge, this one involving Wall Bounce Kills. You'll
find it in Puerto. You can study the Wall Bounce move at the Training Area in
Centro. You have 120 seconds to take out as many of the goons in the container
yard as you can- at least 5 kills must be Wall Bounce Kills. Wall Bounce is
very difficult move to get the timing down for, so practice!
Gold (7000 points)- Unlock Bonus Mission "."
Silver (4000 points)- Life Point x2.
Bronze (1000 points)- Tornado x1.

***Challenge Mission 23- 180 Degrees Challenge***
I need to practice Wall Bouncing harder, I guess, because I couldn't unlock
this challenge. Anyone who can aid me with info on it, please send mail to
DougElder21@yahoo.com. I'm guessing this challenge involves reverse
shootdodging, another move you can practice in Centro's training area.
Gold (3000 points)- Stamina Point x3.
Silver (1500 points)- Carry More Ammo.
Bronze (500 points)- Explosive Pinata x1.

***Challenge Mission 24- Dockland Gate Hunt***
This racing mission takes place in Puerto. It's similar to the Downtown Gate
Hunt in that you can hit the checkpoints in any order you like but must hit
them all before the score ticks down to zero. Again, there are 7 checkpoints
and your car is a street racer. Use strategy and good driving skills to win.
Gold (1500 points)- Unlock Bonus Mission "Dockland Race."
Silver (750 points)- Weapon Skill x2.
Bronze (250 points)- Tornado x1.

***Challenge Mission 25- Dockland Race***
Again we're racing the declining score in Puerto. Street racer, 22 Checkpoints
that must be collected in order, 2 laps. The course involves 3 tough jumps, a
rooftop turn, and a beach turn that will slow you down considerably. It will
take several tries to complete. I am not one of the Mario Andrettis/Danica
Patricks of the videogame world, so I barely finished this after God knows how
many tries. Good luck to y'all with it.
Gold (2000 points)- Weapon Skill x3.
Silver (1000 points)- Stamina Point x2.
Bronze (250 points)- Sombrero of Death x1.

***Challenge Mission 26- Rotten Meat***
Okay, back to the fun shooting missions. Remember Morales's warehouse in Puerto
Industrial? The Virgilios want you to blow up the cooling tanks there so all
the meat inside will rot, further bankrupting the Morales Cartel. Sounds like
There's no time limit here and dozens of goons so it should be easy to rack up
enough points for the Gold Award. Head towards the warehouse and clear the
entrance area of goons- in particular the grenade tosser atop the gatehouse.
Now head into the warehouse room and kill its occupants. Closely packed
containers offer cover and great opportunities for Wall-Walking. Shoot all
yellow boxes and explosive barrels for extra points. Hit the switch to open the
door to the next room.
The yard back here has lots more bad guys and the cooling tanks you need to
blow- one at each end. Take down foes until the area is safe and you have
enough points for the Gold Award- then get some of the parked vehicles and use
the explosive ram move to blow the tanks (they have life bars like the fuel
containers on Rancho Virgilio). In particular watch out for the large number of
guys coming out of the gates and warehouses around you. Plenty of Health is
scattered around if you need it. Many of the bad guys have submachine guns so
stock up on that ammo (why they didn't give you infinite ammo for that weapon
as a reward I have no idea!). More goons pull up in cars once each tank is
blown. Steal their wheels after you waste them. Once you've destroyed both
tanks, head back to the Virgilio taskgiver to finish the mission.
Gold (5000 points)- Life Points x3.
Silver (4000 points)- Rewind x2.
Bronze (3000 points)- Golden Gun x1.

***Story Mission 8- The Car Dealer***
Return to Angel's apartment to start this mission. Angel, Tommy, and Ram go
over the letter Ram found in Morales's safe. It's from Papa Muerte, the
mysterious drug lord who Ernesto was investigating when he died. In it, Papa
Muerte spills the secrets of Ram's undercover mission and the Carne Ceasar
ambush to Morales, mentioning that he got his inside information from a DEA
mole called "The Eagle." Papa Muerte also wrote that Elvez Gonzales, the
biggest car dealer in Los Toros, is storing some serious hardware for Morales
in his Zona Industrial dealership. Ram decides to go check the place out. Most
of Morales's former goons are working for Elvez now, and the car dealer has
also put out a big reward on Ram, so Angel warns him to be careful. Tommy wants
him to be careful too, since Papa Muerte took out their father. Yeah yeah
You start this mission in Zona Industrial in the lot behind the Morales
warehouse where you blew the cooling tanks. The dealership gates are locked, so
you have to get in another way. Bad guys are prowling around, so waste 'em.
Watch out for the forklift driver in particular. When the road is clear head
into the warehouse with the freight elevator in the center. Take that elevator
to the roof after clearing the warehouse floor. More bad guys are waiting for
you up there. Kill them, then check one end of the roof for a Life Point and
the other for a zipline. Ride this zipline, and kill the bad guys on the roof
where you get off. Climb the ladder and ride the next zipline.
You're now inside the dealership. Explore the place and blast Elvez's
employees. These salesmen are armed with Uzis, shotguns, and other heavy
weapons. They've also made a lot of really crooked deals with the people of Los
Toros, so show them no mercy. Use the cars for cover as you waste them, but if
you see one start smoking get away from it quick- the explosion really hurts.
Head down the stairs from the rooftop you land on to find a Save Spot. There's
a grenade launcher and a switch that opens the back lot gates inside the
The service area in the back lot holds a lot of goons and cars. Use your
Grenades and Dual Sawn-Offs (you should have Infinite Ammo for both by now) to
blow up the tightly packed cars for lots of Havoc Kills. More mechanics come
out of the garages after you kill the goons in front of them. Check the garages
for ammo and Health, then round the far left corner to find another Save Spot.
A goon with a grenade launcher and several lighter-armed buddies protects it,
so give him a taste of his own medicine. A Rewind is at the end of the alley
past the Save Spot.
The back door into the biggest garage is locked, so Tommy theorizes there must
be a key somewhere. Head back to the showroom building and look for a back door
in. More armed salesmen are hanging out back here, so waste 'em. One of the
office has a Rewind, and the other has the key you need. Get it and head back
to the locked garage, fighting more goons on the way. Save at the Spot nearby,
then enter the garage and get ready for more action.
Lots of goons are inside the garage waiting for you. The doors also open to
admit a turret-truck as soon as you enter. Waste the gunner and everybody else,
using the fuel tanks and oil drums for Havoc Kills. Note the big propane tank
by the door where you came in- either blow it up before you enter or get away
from it quickly in case it explodes. You can also blow up the cars on the
lifts. When all is clear enter the office and check the papers on the desk
there. It looks like we've found what we're looking for- empty weapon crates
and work sketches showing coffins were used to smuggle drugs and guns. Tommy is
very intrigued by all this, but Ram points out that it's not enough to lead
them to Papa Muerte. Elvez obviously has information they need so Ram decides
to track him down at his heavily guarded hacienda. Marco will talk to the
Virgilios to get you a speedboat to aid in the task.
Gold (9000 points)- Carry More Ammo.
Silver (7000 points)- Rewind x2.
Bronze (5000 points)- El Toro x1.

**Free Roam**
While Marco arranges the speedboat, let's kill time with bonus-collecting and
new Challenges. Great bonuses await!

***Challenge Mission 27- Morientes Mow Down***
It looks like there's a third big gang in Los Toros we haven't heard of before
now- the Morientes. They're having a secret conference at the dock tower in
Puerto and we need to go there and take care of them. 24 goons to kill, 99
second time limit. Use all the style and flair you've learned so far to score
high enough to finish this. By the way, the tower was inacessible before this
mission, so be sure to grab the Life Point at its bottom. Then ride the
elevator up and kill the Morientes gang members waiting at the top. The timer
starts once you get up there. You will have to fight your way down the tower
stairway- clear each floor of goons and then move down to the next. Speed and
flair are essential. Also be careful not to fall off the tower. When the last
goon dies, you've won.
Gold (7000 points)- Unlock Bonus Mission "Forklift Dump."
Silver (6000 points)- Stamina Point x2.
Bronze (5000 points)- Golden Gun x1.

***Challenge Mission 28- Forklift Dump***
This is another beat-the-clock forklift race at Puerto Los Toros. Here you must
use a forklift to dump a smuggler's cargo box into the water before the 180
second time limit runs out. The smuggler's goons will of course be trying to
stop you. First head for the green dot (forklift) clearing out bad guys on the
way. Now zip back to the blue dot (the crate) and pick it up. Now head for the
ramp (gold dot) and drive the forklift off it, using your exit vehicle ram
stunt to jump off just before it falls.
Gold (3500 points)- Life Point x3.
Silver (2500 points)- Weapon Skill x2.
Bronze (500 points)- Mad Wrestler x1.

***Challenge Mission 29- Free Virgilio***
This one's in Barrio Antiguo. Ram meets a Virgilio at the El Macho bar who
tells him one of his brothers has been kidnapped. Oh boy, looks like another
escort mission.
Head for the gold dot on your radar and bust through the marked gate. You are
shown the kidnapped Virgilio on the roof of a no-tell motel, surrounded by bad
guys. More are prowling the alley. Waste these and head up the stairs they're
guarding. Now head along the motel walkway, whacking goons with style as you
ascend to the roof. Several have M4 and AK assault rifles. Wall Walking and
Havoc Kills (shoot the barrels) are popular options for flair here. Climb the
ladder at the end of the walkway and take out the goons here, being careful not
to hit the Virgilio (green arrow).
You must now escort the Virgilio back to El Macho. He has a long life bar and
a sawn-off shotgun, but once again he can't fight as well as you so you must
protect him. Stay close and exit the area the same way you came in, gunning
down all opposition. A guy tossing Molotovs from the street below makes your
life harder, as does the fact that the Virgilio will not stop running. If you
fall off the walkway head back around the motel and through the red gate to
catch back up with your protectee. When you reach the back lot be careful of
the grenade launcher guy on the scaffolding. Take out every enemy and follow
the Virgilio through the gate and down the street to El Macho. If you both
reach there alive with enough points you win.
Gold (6000 points)- Life Point x3.
Silver (5000 points)- Carry More Ammo.
Bronze (4000 points)- Tornado x1.

***Story Mission 9-A- Make Elvez Sing***
The Virgilios, grateful for your aid to them against Morales and forgiving of
your past issues with their gang, have provided you with a speedboat to
infiltrate Elvez Gonzales's hacienda. Head for Puerto to pick it up (gold dot).
The boat's a piece of junk, but it will meet your needs. Marco advises you to
use stealth on this mission, since you need to make Elvez talk, not shut up
permanently. Unfortunately Ram doesn't know how to be stealthy...
After infiltrating the hacienda with a daring stunt jump into the swimming
pool, Ram finds himself faced with some very dangerous new enemies. Apparently
Elvez employs a great number of ex-Octopussy employees (see the James Bond
movie Octopussy if you don't know what I'm talking about) as bodyguards/Girls
Friday. These beauties are fun to look at, but their guns and attitudes can
kill you. Oh well, we gotta stay true to Angel anyway, right? :) Elvez also has
a lot of personal security guards and other servants protecting him, all of
whom must be defeated before we can make him talk.
Your first task is to get out of the pool and gun down the gals in bathing
suits lounging around it and their attending boytoys. Collect everyone's ammo.
Be wary of the many Peeping Toms ogling from the balcony- they put their
cameras away and pull out guns pretty quick. Also look out for the two guys
manning the bar in the middle of the pool- they start tossing Molotovs.
Eliminate everyone! Grab the Health and Rewind when the area is clear. Then hit
the switch on the bar to open the courtyard gates.
Okay, Elvez is on the terrace on the other side of the hacienda. Ram needs to
head through the mansion courtyard to get to him. More enemies have entered the
pool area, so whack 'em. Now enter the courtyard and take on the goons in this
area. Be quick to eliminate the two guys on the balcony flinging grenades.
Health and a Save Spot are up there, more Health and a Rewind on the lower
floor. More goons enter through the garden door once you eliminate most of
those inside the courtyard. Take them out, save, and then head into the garden.
A hedge maze awaits you. Circle to the far right first to find two gardeners
protecting a shed that contains a rake and a Combo Skull. Now head for the gold
dot on your radar, being careful not to get lost too much. :) Some goons are
patrolling the maze, and more wait on the terrace at the other end of it. Whack
them, then head through the gold double doors on the left to return to the
courtyard. Save there, then head for the gold dot again- bypassing the hedge
maze through those now-open doors this time. Note that the pool area is now
There's another Save Spot near the other end of the terrace, and a few goons
are protecting it. Take them out and then head down the boardwalk to the
waterline. You need to find a way up to where Elvez is. You will soon reach a
cave where the rickety walkway collapses behind you. Grab the Health and head
in. More goons are protecting the boat moored at the dock here. Take them out,
being careful not to fall in the water. Ram will automatically jump back out,
but falling might spoil whatever stunt you were attempting at the time. Blow up
all boxes and barrels and be sure to pick up the rocket launcher. Jump on to
the boat after every bad guy is dead to cause a door to open for more security.
The boat has some convienent turrets on it you can use to kill them. Also climb
up to the top of the boat and use this high perch to eliminate the sniper
behind the spotlight on the cliff wall. There's also Health, Armor, and a
Rewind on the boat if you need them. Now head through the open doorway. In this
storage area you find the dead DEA agents from the Carne Ceasar ambush
including Pierrson. Apparently their coffins were to be used in smuggling
weapons and narcotics. That no-good Papa Muerte! Johnson's jacket is here too,
but you don't see his body. Hmmm. Anyway, kill all the goons and use the Save
Spot. The weapon crates here contain lots of Grenades and M4s.
Climb the ladders to access the spotlight perch that shielded a sniper
earlier. He was guarding some Health you might need. Now return to the storage
area and take the elevator up. You'll find yourself in Elvez's office. Grab his
Health and guns and then head out to the terrace where you'll find the playboy
lounging in a hot tub with a pair of especially beautiful ex-Octopussys. Ram
threatens him and Elvez reveals that Papa Muerte is his employer. Also General
Montanez, a notoriously corrupt Mexican army leader, is in charge of delivering
the weapons that were to be smuggled across the border in the DEA agents'
coffins. Of course, as soon as Ram turns his back, the girls pull out M4s and
start shooting. Two more run in from behind you wielding machetes, followed by
another with an AK. Take out all the ladies and chase after the fleeing Elvez.
More girls rush to protect him- whack these as well. Elvez himself joins the
battle with an M4- use Loco Moves to quickly deplete his life bar.
Of course as soon as he falls, more goons run in from the mansion to avenge
their employer. Angel also calls on the radio, informing you that the Mexican
military is sending a team to the hacienda. Oh boy. Take out the goons and head
onto a balcony overlooking the garden terrace through Elvez's office. More
ex-Octopussys will meet you there, and another pair wait in the hall past the
door. Admire the nice artwork and then head through here to the courtyard
balcony. Use the Save Spot. Then head through the now-open third set of double
doors downstairs. More goons are waiting in the front yard of the mansion. Use
the cars and giant topiary chihuahua(!) for cover as you take them out. A
butler with dual Uzis is in the gatehouse- waste him and hit the switch in
there. For fun, take the street racer in the garage and drive it out the
now-open gates. Mission Completed!
Gold (15000 points)- Rewind x3.
Silver (1000 points)- Carry More Ammo.
Bronze (5000 points)- El Mariachi x1.

***Story Mission 9-B- Highway Attack***
Surprise, the military is not on your side! Darn it! They've set up a trap to
kill Ram and raised a drawbridge on the road to Los Toros, killing several poor
civilians who were on the bridge in the process. Corrupt uncaring lousy jokers!
Anyway, Ram must now shoot it out with Montanez's soldiers and corrupt
federales and put the drawbridge back down. You start off this mission in
immediate combat with enemy soldiers. Cap them and head towards the raised
bridge, watching out for the truck speeding away as you approach it. Grab the
Health and Armor and waste all the soldiers at the roadblock. A camoflauge
pickup pulls up behind you, disgorging more troops. Again, using shotguns and
explosives to blow up the densly packed cars works wonders. Just make sure you
aren't close by when they go boom. The soldiers are all heavily armed, so grab
their weapons. Take out the guys manning the two roadblock turrets as soon as
possible- killing them both blows up all the cop cars at once.
You soon discover your old pal Officer Mendez is leading this bunch of bent
federales. Lousy traitor! Anyway take out all the soldiers around you and fight
your way to Mendez. Another turret is between you and him- try to keep it and
the two still-active turrets behind you at the roadblock clear of soldiers. At
least one of the soldiers has a grenade launcher, so find and kill him quickly.
Remember to stay clear of smoking cars. Mendez himself is manning a turret and
has a long life bar. Be wary of the two federales near him- one has a rocket
launcher and the other an AK. Whack them both before using a Loco Move like El
Mariachi to kill their boss. You can also turn a turret on him or just shoot
him with normal weapons.
Once Mendez falls you can access the bridge control tower. Kill the 3 soldiers
who rush out and then circle behind it to find some power-ups and a Save Spot.
Now ascend the tower, kill its operator, then hit the switch in there.
Unfortunately a soldier runs in as you pull it and attacks, hitting the bridge
controls. Ram immediately executes the lousy shot, but the bridge is only
partway down and now the controls are wasted. Oh well. Head back downstairs and
take care of the new five-man team that has shown up. One has a rocket lancher.
Use the Save Spot.
You must now jump the bridge in a vehicle- hopefully one of those around the
roadblock is still intact. I used the military pickup. Thankfully this jump is
easy and there are no more bad guys on the other side. Phew to infinity.
Gold (8000 points)- Carry More Ammo.
Silver (4000 points)- Rewind x2.
Bronze (2000 points)- Explosive Pinata x1.

**Free Roam**
You're now back in Centro, and the next Story Mission is immediately available.
First, though, we have some new challenges. Note that military vehicles are now
roaming the streets. However most are locked and can't be stolen. Oh well.

***Challenge Mission 30- Mall Rats***
You can find the federale taskgiver for this one in Centro near the giant
sombrero-shaped restaurant. He wants you to clear the mall of dope dealers and
bring him their stashes. Once again, the dope is hidden inside 3 well-protected
burrito stands. This time, they're all in the same small building- one on the
first floor and two on the second. Head over there and go medieval on the bad
guys, building up enough points for the Gold Award. When the area is clear blow
up the Burrito Wagons, gather the dope packs, and then return to the federale
who assigned you this case. Some more bad guys may try to slow you down- you
know what to do.
Gold (4000 points)- Unlock Bonus Mission "Collect Evidence."
Silver (3000 points)- Weapon Skill x2.
Bronze (2000 points)- Golden Gun x1.

***Challenge Mission 31- Collect Evidence***
Another federale in Centro gives you this case. There's a dope deal going down
at the parking garage. Your taskgiver wants you to go there, kill the dealers,
pick up 3 dope packs, and return them to him. This challenge takes place on the
garage's lower floor- not the upper ones. Once you arrive there, you have three
gangster bosses (long life bars) and several goons to contend with. Each boss
holds a dope pack. More goons pull up in vehicles once the bosses fall. Kill
everybody to build your score up and collect the dope packs. Now head back to
the policeman, watching out for the guy with the rocket launcher on a balcony
near the garage.
Gold (1500 points)- Weapon Skill x3.
Silver (1000 points)- Stamina Point x2.
Bronze (500 points)- Mad Wrestler x1.

***Challenge Mission 32- Stolen Evidence***
You can also find this mission in Centro. A federale wants you to recover some
evidence a group of banditos have stolen. Okay, we can do that. :) You have a
time limit for this mission of 500 seconds. The evidence is in several places,
so hurry to each red dot on your radar and kill every enemy, then pick up the
dope packs. Two packs are in Barrio Antiguo, three in Centro. A gangster boss
with a long life bar is holding each.
The first Centro gangster boss can be found atop the giant-sombrero-shaped
restaurant. Another is in a trailer in the seaside shantytown. The third is
inside the Greaseburger. In Barrio Antiguo, you'll find on of your quarries in
an alley near the freeway and the other in a parking lot overlooking another
part of the freeway. You must get the dope packs back to the policeman in
Centro after you collect all of them, with the clock still ticking, so it may
be most convienent to get the ones in Barrio Antiguo first. Note that you
cannot use taxis to access Centro in this mission.
Gold (4500 points)- Weapon Skill x3.
Silver (3500 points)- Carry More Ammo.
Bronze (2500 points)- Explosive Pinata x1.

***Story Mission 10-A- The General***
Return to Angel's Cerro de Los Angeles apartment to begin this mission. She
tells you General Montanez can be found at a camp deep in the Yucatan jungle.
Marco has a plane to get you there. You may recognize this area of tents and
Mayan ruins from the game's first mission. Your first task here is to get to
the communications building atop the pyramid. Of course, Montanez's soldiers
are ready to stop you.
Head for the gold dot from your drop point. Two soldiers patrol the path to
the camp forward outpost. Gun them down and then run in and turn your attention
to several more in the outpost area. Shoot the barrels near the tent to cause
some Havoc. An alarm will sound sooner or later, bringing a few more. There's a
Rewind, rocket launcher, M4, comabt shotgun, and grenade launcher in the tent;
and the sniper in the watchtower is guarding some Health. Stealing the military
truck if you like, continue down the path. You'll soon reach another
watchtower- this one's sniper guards a Rewind. More soldiers and a turret-truck
come down the path. Clear the area, then explore the tents around the ruin. The
airstrip below you should look familiar. Another turret-truck and more soldiers
are lurking- take them out. Also kill two more watchtower snipers. You'll find
more Health and ammo in the open tents. Next you need to advance up the
pyramid, clearing soldiers as you climb. Three turrets are on the front, so
steer clear of them as you take down the operators. Also watch out for the
grenade-launcher grunt. Circle to either side of the pyramid base and you'll
find a ladder- use these areas to climb up and lure soldiers here to kill them.
The turrets can't get you here, so it may be best to do your fighting where you
have cover and then climb the ruin once all is clear. The central structure on
the front has Health, and the ruin left of the pyramid has a grenade launcher,
Health, and a Save Point. Clear out the tent on the right too, its soldiers are
guarding another Save Point and more Health. You may need to circle the pyramid
several times to eliminate every enemy.
After saving and clearing your foes out, climb to the top of the pyramid. Four
more soldiers guard the comm room here. After you take care of them, grab the
Health. Ram observes the power is out, and Tommy advises you to look for a
generator room inside the catacombs within the pyramid. Sounds spooky. Take the
elevator down, then follow the stairs. You'll find an underground base full of
enemy soldiers. Take out the two-man welcoming committee, then head down the
next stairway. Another soldier is running up to meet you- meet him halfway.
Health, a rocket launcher, and two more guys are in the next room. Down the
next stairway is the generator room. Take out the four guards, grab the
power-ups, and use the Save Spot. Then activate the red console to turn on the
You now need to head back up to the first room of the catacombs. The red
console there is active now. However, a large squad of soldiers is waiting in
the room between you and there. You'll have to do some serious shootdodging to
take them all out. I recommend using dual sawn-offs for their large damage and
wide spray. Use the pillars for cover. More soldiers enter after most of the
first squad is killed, including one with a grenade launcher. Take out everyone
and head upstairs. You'll meet three more guys on the way to the dish alignment
controls. In the control room are two more soldiers and General Montanez. The
General is armed with Dual Heavy Handguns and has the same amount of life as
most bosses. After your exchange of words, take out him and his men with the
usual tactics of shootdodging and Loco Moves. Dual sawn-offs also work well
here. After Montanez is toppled, hit the red switch to align the satellite dish
on top of the pyramid. Now you need to head back up the elevator. 6 more
soldiers will try to stop you en route there- 3 enter the room, 1's on the
stairwell, and 2 more guard the elevator itself. Take the elevator up after you
beat them.
The red switch on the communications console is now active. Hit it to start
uploading all the data on Montanez's operation to Tommy at the DEA complex.
This takes some time, so you will need to protect the equipment. Two soldiers
rush in immediately- take them out before they can shoot the computer. Two more
will follow. Kill them and then Tommy announces the upload is complete. He
wants you to get out of the base the same way Ernesto did. Okay, bro, whatever
you say. Climb the ladder in the room up to the zipline, then ride it down.
Mission Complete.
Gold (15000 points)- Carry More Rockets.
Silver (10000 points)- Rewind x2.
Bronze (5000 points)- El Toro x1.

***Story Mission 10-B- Escape the Jungle***
Mna, that was a shorter ride than Ernesto's! Now you need to follow the road
out of the camp to the airstrip. Of course, all the soldiers down there are now
scrambling to intercept you. Some of them are pulling up outside the tent where
you start in a military dump truck and Bronco. Eliminate them. Also take care
of the new sniper in the tower on the right. Now head down the road- on foot is
best so you have high mobility. Tommy warns you the bridge on ahead is blocked
off- you'll have to fight your way through there. As you round the next turn,
you'll see two trucks parked at a roadblock. Kill the four soldiers around
them, then turn the turret on the turret-truck approaching. Continue down the
road and you'll find some more soldiers, then another roadblock in front of the
bridge. Kill all the soldiers here, including the ones in the trucks and the
sniper on the water tower. The turret in front of the bridge can be used
against you- keep it clear of enemies. You can also turn it on the enemies
advancing across the bridge to help maintain your high kill combo. The propane
tank and barrels around the shed make for great Havoc potential. Inside the
shed itself are some Health and a Save Point.
The best way over the bridge is the zipline atop the water tower- especially
if like me you blew up the military truck on the bridge and thus blocked it
off. More soldiers are waiting on the other side, including one guy with a
rocket launcher. Kill as many as you can during your wire slide, then jump off
and ice the others. Don't forget the sniper in the watch tower. Head on down
the road and you'll find a train depot. A turret-truck attacks here. Take out
the gunner quickly with a machine gun and then engage the soldiers on the train
platforms. This includes two turrets and another rocket launcher guy. It helps
to stay mobile and act quickly. Blow the barrels for Havoc and extra points.
Blow up the turret-truck too if it's still around- more soldiers may rush to
replace its dead gunner. Don't forget to clear out the depot office- power-ups
are in there and more are on the roof (use the ladder. In the office, hit the
red switch to open the airstrip gates and use the Save Spot.
Marco alerts you that the airstrip has some big anti-aircraft guns protecting
it. You need to get rid of them. More soldiers have pulled up in a Bronco- take
care of them as you exit the depot. Now head down the road to the airstrip and
get the guys protecting the gates, especially the grunt with the rocket
launcher. There are 3 anti-aircraft guns, and Marco says he will distract them
to draw their fire away from you. Pull out your rocket launcher and shoot the
first AA gun near the gate as it turns to aim at Marco's low-flying plane. You
can also use regular guns or ram the AA gun with a vehicle. The gun has a long
life bar and lots of soldiers protecting it- take out the soldiers before or
after you get the gun as you prefer. Marco knows enough maneuvers to avoid its
After clearing out as many of the soldiers as possible (use machine guns and
heavy shootdodging), head for the next two red dots on your radar. Be sure to
take out the turret gunner near you and also the guy with the grenade launcher
on the left- note that by pressing the circle button you can take aim at and
shoot his projectiles out of the air! I took care of the gun to the left of the
gate first since it was closer. Again, explosives, vehicle ramming, and
shooting it a lot all work. The tents and buildings have power-ups inside and
around them if you need them. Marco swoops down to draw the AA gun's fire as
you near it, so don't worry about it turning on you. More soldiers arrive in a
Bronco and turret-truck after you destroy the gun- kill them! Be careful of the
turret to the right of the destroyed AA.
Now head back across the airstip to the third AA gun, taking out all soldiers
who try to stop you. On the way you'll pass a hangar that contains power-ups
and a Save Spot. Look out for the sniper in the nearby watchtower- a Hunting
Rifle works well if you want to take him out from the ground long-range.
Continue toward the AA gun clearing out the tents as you move. The watchtower
at the far end of the runway has a turret in it. Kill all the soldiers around
its base, then get up there and take control of the turret. Use it to blow up
the last AA (atop the small pyramid nearby). Kill any soldiers you can as well-
especially those manning the two turrets on the pyramid below the AA gun. Marco
will land now, so jump back down to meet him. Finish off any soldiers that
attack, including anybody that may have taken control of a turret. When all are
dead, get on the plane.
Marco takes off and Ram communicates with Tommy, advising him that he is tired
of this operation. Tommy gives in and says it's time to leave- he'll talk to
Commander Trust and get Ram a pardon for his help. Marco and Angel will also
recieve green cards for their assistance. For now, Ram is to return to Los
Toros. However, a serious problem is developing. A train in Centro is being
loaded up with lots of Papa Muerte's heavily armed soldiers. It is due to cross
the US Border through a secret tunnel and, with help from the Eagle, sneak its
commandos into the DEA complex. There they plan to steal back a large amount of
drugs the US government has been covertly keeping to use as financial backing
for their ongoing secret wars. The plot thickens...
Gold (15000 points)- Carry More Ammo.
Silver (10000 points)- Rewind x2.
Bronze (5000 points)- El Mariachi x1.

**Free Roam**
Fortunately, Tommy has learned about Papa Muerte's war train through the files
Ram downloaded from Montanez's pyramid. That means we have a chance to stop the
train from delivering its cargo, or even set a trap for that cargo. Excellent!
First, though, we have two new challenges to complete. Marco drops Ram off in
Zona Industrial, and you are once again free to roam the city.

***Challenge Mission 33- Coca Cargo***
A federale near the oil tanks in Puerto offers this assignment. You need to
storm a ship in the harbor and recover 10 dope packs. Take the provided car and
drive it over to the ship (gold dot). Board via the gangplank. This ship's
layout is identical to that of the one you sank in Story Mission 5. Five packs
of dope are in and around the bridge, one pack is on each mast, one on the bow,
and two are in the cargo area below the decks. The last pack you should get is
in the middle of the deck guarded by a goon with a rocket launcher. Get it all
and terminate any opposition. Return to the federale when you're done.
Gold (7000 points)- Weapon Skill x3.
Silver (6000 points)- Stamina Point x2.
Bronze (5000 points)- Golden Gun x1.

***Challenge Mission 34- Burrito Bust***
You can find the federale who gives you this mission near the park in Centro.
The burrito sellers are peddling dope again and you need to take them down for
good. Time limit for this mission- 400 seconds. There are 5 stands to destroy-
3 in Centro and 2 in Barrio Antiguo. Get the dope from each after you blow it
up. There aren't many bad guys protecting each stand and you don't need that
many points for Gold in this challenge, so don't waste a lot of time on combat.
Destroy each stand, get its stash, then move on to the next. The park and taxis
both make for good transit routes between neighborhoods. When you have all the
dope return to the taskgiver in Centro before time expires.
Gold (2000 points)- Stamina Point x3.
Silver (1500 points)- Carry More Molotovs.
Bronze (1000 points)- Tornado x1.

***Story Mission 11-A- Overdose***
Whenever you're ready, return to Angel's apartment to start this mission.
You'll find the place trashed, and the four jerks who did it are still present.
Take them out and Ram will get a communication from Tommy. It seems Agent
Johnson is still alive- and he's the traitor in the DEA! Not only that, he's
invaded the DEA complex with the other agents who helped him kill Ernesto and
captured both Tommy and Commander Trust! Not only that, he's kidnapped Angel!
Johnson laughs as he coldly administers overdoses of the same poison he used to
kill Ernesto to Trust and Tommy. That cowboy pendejo is really going to pay....
Okay, first order of business is to get out of the apartment. Use the Save
Spot in Angel's bedroom first if you like. Tommy sends out another transmission
as you leave- it seems he and Trust can be saved if you can hurry to the DEA
complex and give them adrenalin shots. No problem, bro- we only have to cross
the border, and millions of Mexicans do that every day. To get there, take the
taxi that's pulled up outside the apartment building. Unfortunately, as soon as
you arrive, you find Papa Muerte's goons have seized control of the highway
immigration checkpoint. Carumba!
Take out the goon running towards you first. Now run for the underpass and get
beneath the building so you're safe from the dudes on the balcony. Use the
concrete barriers and vehicles for cover as you shootdodge around and clear out
all the jerks on the street. Next clear the booths and then head into the
immigration station. More bad guys await within. Clear the lower floor, use the
Save Spot, then go upstairs and take out all the guys there. More goons are on
the other side of the checkpoint, so shoot them down too. Save again when every
foe is eliminated. Don't forget the guys in the guard towers. Now hit the red
switch inside the checkpoint and go through the open gates.
You'll find yourself on top of the checkpoint overpass, with 5 more bad guys
waiting. Take care of them. Continue up the road towards the DEA complex. A DEA
van pulls over up ahead and 2 of Johnson's crooked agent buddies jump out. Stop
and take care of them. These guys are wearing body armor, so it may take more
shots than normal. Be sure to pick up their guns. Up ahead a goon with a rocket
launcher is on a hill overlooking a roadblock manned by 5 more enemies. Kill
the rocket launcher guy first, then terminate the rest. This includes another
rocket launcher goon so take care of him quickly! Past here you'll find 4 more
goons at the DEA complex gate. Whack these suckers and rush inside, dodging the
sniper fire. Tommy sends you another transmission as you enter the parking lot,
reminding you he needs adrenalin. Use the Save Spot.
Now enter the DEA complex. Most of the agents still alive here are Johnson's
fellow crooks, who have been alerted to your arrival. There are also a lot of
Papa Muerte's goons present, and they've been raiding the weapons lockers.
Clear the lobby of these guys, taking cover behind the pillars and desk. A goon
with a rocket launcher comes down the stairway right of the desk- he needs to
die first. More goons follow him from the stairs and the elevator. After the
first floor is clear head up the stairs to the next floor (the elevator is
locked down at the the moment). A pair of good DEA agents (white shirts) are up
here- they're on your side and will help with the bad guys. You won't
auto-target them, but be careful not to shoot them anyway. There's also a guy
here with a riot shield- handle him as you have shielded foes before now using
melee attacks or headshots (since he has a helmet on, it will take more than
one headshot to kill this dude). Continue up to the third floor where you'll
find Health but no opposition. On the fourth floor are more goons- take them
out, being careful of the ones with riot shields. Also take care of anyone else
who comes down from upstairs. Another good DEA agent will help you secure the
fifth floor- circle around and get every bad guy. On the sixth floor there are
several more bad guys, including a pair with riot shields who attack together.
Get rid of them and head down the open hallway.
You'll be greeted by two more goons. Several more are in the squadroom through
the door on the right. Clear them out, get the Health from the vending machine,
then go back to the hallway and use the Save Spot. Go back through the
squadroom now and clear the next hallway of bad guys. You'll find a conference
room in the center with 2 Heay Handguns, and another squadroom in the door
across from you. A good DEA agent in there is seriously outnumbered by foes,
including one with a rocket launcher and one with a riot shield. Help him take
care of them, then return to the hall and secure it. You'll find a big
conference room at the other end guarded by two guys with riot shields. Secure
the conference room, then check the room next door. That's Trust's office, and
he and Tommy are on the floor convulsing. Tommy manages to croak out that the
adrenaline's in another room on this floor. Ram had better find it!
Go to the squadroom where you helped the good DEA agent. The vending machine
near it has a Rewind. Go through the door on the other side of the squadroom,
then through the next door. One crooked DEA agent is in the infirmary here
guarding the adrenalin. Take him out and grab it. Head through the other door
to return to this floor's Save Spot. Now head back to Trust's office and Ram
will automatically give Trust and Tommy their needed shots of adrenalin. They
stop convulsing and express joy at seeing you. A grateful Trust gives you his
keycard to the elevator and tells you Johnson has gone down to the basement to
plant explosives. Guess that's our next destination.
Gold (15000 points)- Carry More Grenades.
Silver (10000 points)- Rewind x2.
Bronze (5000 points)- Sombrero of Death x1.

***Story Mission 11-B- Save the DEA***
Okay, first thing we need to do is get back to the elevator. There's still
plenty of goons and crooked agents prowling around so be careful. You'll find
no opposition until you get back to the sixth floor mezzanine. 4 enemies
protect the elevator- don't worry, there's nobody that requires special
tactics. Clear them out and then go activate the elevator with Trust's keycard.
Down to the basement....
On the way down Tommy reminds you the bomb must be disarmed first before you
can pursue Johnson. Gee, bro, I hope you pick the right wire this time! When
the elevator stops you will be faced with more bad guys waiitng for you.
Johnson, who's got Angel with him as a hostage, orders his men to close the
gate in the basement. He then retreats on his train. Get ready to face some
serious trouble. The initial room's opposition includes two guys with riot
shields and a pair of forklift drivers. Stay near the elevator and circle it as
you take them out, shootdodging and wall-walking. The bad guys will all rush to
storm the elevator, so you won't need to go hunting. You're also safe from the
forklifts up here (they can't climb the steps). Remember to blow the barrels if
bad guys are near them. Do not blow up any forklifts- you will need one of them
later! More goons rush in as you take out their friends. When the initial bunch
is clear head down to the crate area and take out everybody watching it,
including another forklift driver. There's also a guy with a grenade launcher
and 3 more with shields. After killing them, head down one of the halls on
either side of the elevator. You'll find power-ups and doors that can only be
unlocked from the control room. Head down the hall on the left of the elevator-
from here you can access the area behind the gate in the main basement area.
Clear out the goons here and flip the switch to release the maintenance train
on the train tracks- this saves you time later. Now head back into the main
room. Grab a forklift and park it close to the "Secure Storage Area" blast
doors- this will save you time too.
On the other side of the main room is the control room- the three guys with
shields you took out were protecting it. Kill the goons in the area, then use
the Save Spot just inside. Go up the stairs to the control room and grab the
Rewind from the vending machine on your way (you may need to shoot it open).
More goons are in the control room- surely you can handle them. Hit the red
switch, then take the zipline downstairs. Return to the doors that were locked
behind the elevator- they and the gate are open now. The room behind the
elevator is your first destination since it's where the bomb is. You'll be
greeted by Agent Johnson's 4 top henchmen. These guys (red marks) helped kill
Ernesto, so they're on Ram's hit list. All have long life bar. As usual, also
use lots of shootdodging- you shouldn't need any Loco Moves. Try to avoid the
henchman with the grenade launcher at first, since he stays on the balcony. The
one with the M4 comes after you- take care of him first. The other two pack
Dual Heavy Handguns. There's Health and Armor on the balcony if you need them.
When all four henchmen are dead, you are faced with the bomb. You will need to
move it onto the maintenance train since it can't be disarmed. Hurry- you only
have 167 seconds!
Before you kill the henchmen though, there are some more measures you can take
to save time- the clock doesn't start until all the henchmen are dead after
all. First task is to clear the lower floor of bad guys. Jump down there and
clear out the opposition including a guy manning a turret and a guy with a
grenade launcher. Use the Save Spot and note the location of the switch to
lower the elevator with the bomb on it. That will become active once you kill
the henchman. It also opens the blast doors to the main room, right where you
parked the forklift earlier. Once all the minor foes are dead, go back upstairs
and kill two of the remaining henchmen, including the one with the grenade
launcher. Shoot the last one to within an inch of his life, then go back
downstairs and Save again. Now go back and finish off the henchman. The bomb
begins counting down!
Jump down from the balcony and hit the switch to lower the elevator and open
the blast doors. This also lets in more goons, including one with a riot
shield. Take them all out quickly! Also take out the guys who have appeared on
the balcony, especially the one with the grenade launcher. Now grab the
forklift and go load up the bomb. Take it up the ramp, turn left, go through
the main room, and then over to the maintenance train on the train track. More
goons will try to stop you, including a forklift driver and a guy with a riot
shield. Just avoid them- the clock is ticking! Park the bomb on the train car
where you see the yellow marker- you should be traveling fast enough to get
there with at least 35 seconds remaining. Finish off any bad guys who are close
enough to kill you (I only had one), then run into the train engine and hit the
red switch. Ram escapes the DEA complex and catches up to Johnson's train, then
jumps aboard just as his train goes kaboom. Wheee!!
Gold (11000 points)- Carry More Ammo.
Silver (9000 points)- Rewind x2.
Bronze (7000 points)- El Mariachi x1.

***Story Mission 11-C- The Getaway Train***
Okay, Angel is chained to the front of the train's engine. You gotta love how
Johnson is aping Wild West villains. Ram is in the caboose and needs to fight
his way up to her. Be careful not to fall off the train throughout this
mission- doing that is instant death. The train will also be going under
several bridges- don't be on top of a box or stock car when it does this or
you'll be knocked off. If you have to get on top of one of these cars (and you
will more than a few times), get back down to the train's floor fast. Lots of
goons are on board the train and there's also a big AA gun. This isn't gonna be
To start out, enter the caboose and take out the 2 goons waiting for you. Head
though and onto the next car. Three bad guys are here- Johnson and another goon
on the car with you and a sniper on the roof of the next car. Shoot the barrels
next to Johnson first- this causes him to run away and probably kills his
buddy. Now use the crates as cover and take out the sniper in front of you.
There's also one behind you on top of the caboose, so turn around and get him
fast! Climb to the caboose roof and grab a Rewind, then continue up the train.
There's a walkway you can use alongside the boxcars. The first one opens as you
near it. Enter and take out 3 goons, including 1 with a shield. They guard
another Rewind. As you near the next boxcar, Tommy warns you Trust has sent 2
Harrier jets to stop the train at any cost. Ram talks the DEA Commander out of
attacking the train while he's still on it- but the price is a deadly
compromise. The train is approaching a bridge over Dead Man's Gorge, which
Trust's fighters will destroy. If Ram doesn't get off the train with Angel
within 10 minutes, they're both dead!
Let's move it, ese! Rapido! Sure there's really no time limit, but that
doesn't mean we shouldn't move fast! Continue up the train, shooting anybody
who tries to stop you. Climb the ladder and enter the next boxcar from its
roof. Take out the 4 guys on the roofs and anybody on the next flat car that
you can spot from here. There are 3 goons protecting some Health inside the
boxcar- get that Health if you need it. As you leap onto the next flat car,
Johnson continues to flee. Chase after him through the stock car that's next in
line, killing the 3 goons inside. The next flat car has 3 more goons, 1 with a
shield. Take them all out with a quick burst from your grenade launcher.
Continue up onto the car with the crane on it. Hit the switch inside the crane
to swing its load over alongside the next train car. Now go outside- the next
boxcar's back door is locked so you will have to jump onto the crane's load.
First grab the Rewind- you may need it. Now kill the riot shield guy on top of
the boxcar with two headshots. The side door of the boxcar opens. Target and
shoot the barrels to clear the way, then jump inside. 3 more goons, 1 with a
riot shield, protect the Health and Save Spot here. Take them out, get the
power-up, and Save, mano!
Now to continue up the train. Go through the door on the other side of the car
and climb the ladder to the left of you. Jump to the next boxcar's roof. Jump
down the hole in this roof and take out 1 riot shield goon and one other goon-
the fact that they're standing next to some barrels makes this an easy Double
Havoc Kill. Pick up the Health and go through the unlocked door onto the next
flat car. Another riot shield goon attacks as you step out. Kill him and
proceed to the turret. Use it to kill the bad guys and then blow up the street
racers on the auto transport car ahead. Move onto that car now and hit the red
switch on the side of it to lower the upper ramp. 6 more bad guys will appear,
3 from the cars ahead and 3 from the cars behind you. Take them out and keep
them away from the turret. Now head over the auto transport car and jump onto
the next stockcar. Again leap into the car through the hole on the roof.
2 goons are on board this car. Kill them and grab the Rewind. The door on the
other side of the car is unlocked- open it and proceed onto the next flat car.
Use the turret here to take out all of the 13 or so guys running towards you
from farther up the train. Wait for the train to pass under the bridge, then
climb up the ladder onto the next boxcar. Cross over the car and you'll see
Johnson on the next flat car running off again. He leaves 5 goons, 1 with a
riot shield and 1 on a turret, to slow you down. Retreat into the boxcar
through its rear door and grab the Health, then go back and take the 5 goons
out. There's a barrel next to the turret and riot shield guys, so shoot it to
quickly kill them. Continue across 2 flat cars to the next stock car. Another
goon is guarding its door. Inside are 3 more goons standing close together(1
has a rocket launcher), Health, and some of the coffins you saw earlier in
Elvez's mansion. Take the goons out with a grenade- it's deadly in these tight
confines. Sawed-off shotguns also work well to finish them off quickly. Use the
Save Spot before you proceed.
The next car is another flat car. Johnson is on it aiming at you with a rifle.
Run toward him and he runs away. Follow him. Trouble ahead- Johnson uncouples
the car! Not only that, the Harriers just blew up the bridge and the train is
continuing to speed toward it. Luckily there's a motorbike in the crate on this
car. Any ideas? :)
You have 96 seconds to reach the detached portion of the train as it speeds
away. Quickly hop on the bike and pursue it. Johnson activates the AA gun
turret on the last car as you get near, so you will need to dodge its fire and
destroy it. Fortunately you can shoot while riding the motorcycle and you have
infinite ammo in your Uzi for this portion of the mission. Only problem is- if
you crash the bike, you're sunk! Stay on the tracks as much as possible and get
close to the gun, then once your target reticle appears open fire. You will
have to dodge rocks, cacti, and other obstacles alongside the tracks as the
bike veers back and forth. Be sure to avoid the clumps of barrels you pass-
Johnson fires the AA gun as you near these to blow them up and the explosions
are quite damaging. The gun has a long life bar, so stay on it. There's plenty
of Health and other power-ups on and around the tracks. After the gun is
destroyed you will need to get in front of the train and save Angel. The clock
is still ticking, so step on it!
If you get to the front of the train in time, Ramiro saves Angel and as the
train crashes they ride off together into the sunset. Crawl the credits.
<pauses> Wait a minute- is Johnson really dead? What about Papa Muerte? Come
on, we gotta bust down his drug lab! The game must go on, muchachos! We were
having so much fun, and now...<sighs> I guess it's over.
Gold (3000 points)- Carry More Rockets.
Silver (2000 points)- Rewind x2.
Bronze (1000 points)- El Toro x1.

**Free Roam**
Oh yeah, you are now free to roam all around the City of Los Toros once again.
Visit your friends Angel and Marco, check out the sights, grab any bonuses you
may not have already. You can even replay all the game's Story and Challenge
Missions from the Select Menu. Not as great as going after Papa Muerte would
be, but I guess it has to do. <mutters> Hope I'm not the only one waiting for a

6. Final Thoughts.
Well, that's it. That's the game. Fin as they say in Mexico. It was one heck of
a fun ride- it's no Grand Theft Auto, but the makers of that fine series could
learn a lot from this game. I think they should at least put the novelty horns
and For Sale signs on cars in their next title, if not a similarly excellent
plot and the whole great shootdodge system. <grins> I hope you all enjoyed
reading this. Sorry I couldn't include everything. Please send all feedback,
questions, and especially contributions of additional content to
DougElder21@yahoo.com. Muchas gracias, amigos y amigas. <doffs sombrero, bows,
and walks offstage>

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