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Combine System Guide by djwassabi

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/11/05

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                       #      CASTLEVANIA       #
                       #   CURSE OF DARKNESS    #
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(c) Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. 2005. 

Combine Guide
Copyright 2005 Steven Meigs

Written By: DJ Wassabi, 10 Nov 05
Email: djwassabi (at) shaw (dot) ca

Version Information

Version 1.0 [10 Nov 05] - This is the first incarnation of this guide -
and it is also my first official FAQ (thank you thank you). 



111 - Introduction

222 - Material List

333 - Combination Guide

    SWR - Sword
    AXE - Axe
    SPR - Spear

    KNK - Knuckle

    SPC - Special

    HLM - Helmet

    AMR - Armor

444 - Shout Outs, Contact, Copyrights


I've designed this FAQ to allow players to quickly find out what combination
of materials will net them the absolute best gear in the easiest fashion 
possible.  It is by no means a guide to tell you where to get the materials
simply what is required so you don't waste hard to steal or rare materials
on something you'll never use.  

Simply put - this guide tells you WHAT you need, and provides some other
brief information about the weapons.  Other than that - I may make a 
materials/steal guide once I play through the game a few more times
as I keep finding places and items I've missed the first three times through.
So without further delay...on with the guiiiiiiddddeee!  Oh and the guide WILL
contain a few MINOR spoilers - nothing relating to the story, but just how
to get certain...things. 


There are 40 different materials in CCoD that Hector can get by either getting
them as drops from monsters, finding them laying around, or by nicking them 
from unsuspecting bosses and creatures.  All these materials fall into several
categories - the categories themselves have no real purpose but to determine
the base graphic the game uses to represent the material in the list. 
While the categories I heap them into may not be accurate, remember they're 
more like guidelines ;)  Also the text after each one IS directly from the 
game, spelling/grammar errors included.  

Keep in mind that again, these are grouped by graphics not by what the 
flavor text reads.   


Ceramics:  Lighter and More resistant to heat than metallic materials. A light, 
white color. 

Damascus Steel:  A beautiful layered selection of metals expertly combined.  
Hard and resistant, it never rusts. 

Carbon Steel:  The base for amazingly tough steel.  Very precious, it makes 
great weaponry or armor.

Adamantine: A mythical metal said to be the hardest in existence.  Amazing that
it actually exists in raw form. 


Phlogiston: Hardened "warmth" collected from a variety of objects; gives off 
natural heat in its pure form.

Ether: Said to make up a large part of the universe, but further details remain

Dark Matter: Evil, dark matter that lingers in space.  Must be handled extremely

Miracle Egg: No one knows what will be born from this egg.  Looks as though it 
could suck you right in.


Devil Iron: Ore that glows blue.  Has very strong magical powers.

Aluminum: A very light metal used by some alchemists, but mostly unknown. Makes
very light armor.

Bronze: Deep bluish bronze.  Pretty common as a material and not that strong,
but has many uses.

Orichalcum:  The ultimate metal, created on a phantom continent.  Shines with a 
red light.


Dragon Scale:  Although not actually taken from a dragon, so hard and flameproof
that it may as well have been.

Aquamarine:  A blue ore as clear an deeo as the sea. Appears moist to the touch.

Jade: Rarely used to make weapons, but... maybe...?

Frenzy of Wind: A bright, fresh green ore.  You can hear the wind if you hold 
it close to your ear. 


Vampire Blood: A pure red jewel, created from drops of blood from those killed 
by Dracula.  Mark of a demonic king. 

Holy Man's Vein: The blood of a high-ranking holy man solidified by magic.  
Filled with the holy power to crush evil.

Knight's Vein: The blood of a great knight solidified by magic.  It's 
burning-hot red, too hot to hold for long.

Devil's Vein: The blood of many devils, solidified by magic.  Black and sickly,
don't look at it for too long. 


White Steel: White steel, easy to come by and cheap to buy. Quite weak when 
used along, but easy to work with. 

Steel: Regular Steel.  Easy to find but brittle and hard to shape.  Used more
for weapons than armor. 

Indigo Steel: Fairly easy to find, bright indigo in color and pretty heavy.  
Melts at high temperatures.

Red Steel: Red Steel, made from solidified magma.  Hard, good for armor and 
non-edged weapons. 


Beelzebub's Seal: The spirit body of Beelzebub, sealed in amber.  
Overflowing with phantom energy.

Death's Pulse: A drum beat from the black depths; merely holding it sends 
shivers down your spine. 

Sun Tears: The innocence of the shining sun captured in amber.  Will shine
brightly for eternity. 

Ceremonial Tool: An amber artifact used in ancient rituals.  An ancient
weapon is said to be made from this.


Immortal Fragment: A piece of eternity itself.  Releases endless amounts of
energy.  Really shouldn't exist, to be honest.

Forgotten Memory: Has existed since the creation of the Earth.  Used to make 
weapons, but almost impossible to work with. 

Ancient Memory: A stone fragment with ancient memories engraved on it.  
Used for primitive weapons.  

Wild Memory: A strange stone fragment with ancient memories carved on it. 
Used for simple weapons. 


Angel Halo: Its name from its shape and shine.  Has strong holy powers. 

Purple Glitter: A crystal that glows a strange purple.  Very rare, said
to fall from the sky.

Lightning Stone: A stone made when lightning strikes a crystal by chance.  
Has massive energy, and shocking to touch. 

Dark Crystal: A powerful material created with malevolent intent.  Handle 
with care, or beware...


Spirit of Fuji: A godly material from a distant mountain in the East.  
Prized for its use in many different weapons. 

Galtite: A heavy red metal in many layers.  Said to draw out a human's 
latent power, but who really knows? 

Midas' Gold: Amazingly pure gold.  Worth a great deal, but not the best 
material to make things from. 

Jet Black: A primitive material used since the dawn of time.  Still used to 
make many basic weapons. 


Ah, here we are what you all came here for - the meat and potatoes of the guide
itself.  Here you'll find all you need to know about making the games most
deadly, detrimental and demeaning weapons (to both you and the enemy ;P ). 

So on with the show!

Entries will appear as such:

Materials - Mats required for combine - Quantity in brackets
Bonuses - Atk, Def, Other
Note - Special Notes from me, if nessecary/applicable
Flavor Text - The weapons flavor text on the equip screen
Category - Weapon Type
# - So if you haven't created you can still see what it is when ?????'d out.  
Effects - Special Visual/Audio effects if applicable also Special Attacks. 

# SWR - Swords        #

There are 22 Swords available to Hector in his quest to crush Isaac and the 
unholy legions that stand between your goal.  The Swords fall into three
categories - Two-Handed, Rapiers, and One-Handed, check each sword listed
below for the proper category.  These are listed in the Numerical Order
they appear in the list.  

Entries will appear as such;

Materials - Mats required for combine - Quantity in brackets
Bonuses - Atk, Def, Other
Note - Special Notes from me, if nessecary/applicable
Flavor Text - The weapons flavor text on the equip screen
Category - Weapon Type
# - So if you haven't created you can still see what it is when ?????'d out.  
Effects - Special Visual/Audio effects if applicable 

Short Sword
Materials: Bronze (2)
Atk: +10
Note: Used in a LOT of Combines but thankfully easy to make. 
Flavor Text: A simple, functional sword.  Sturdy, good for taking on groups,
             and easy to keep under total control. 
Category:  One-Handed
#: 1 

Broad Sword
Materials: Short Sword (1), Jet Black (1)
Atk: +20
Note: Flavor text SAYS two handed but its a one-handed weapon in game. 
Flavor Text: A two-handed blade with great power in each swing.  Thick and 
             very heavy, but potentially devastating. 
Category: One-Handed
#: 2

Materials: Short Sword (1), Gano (1), Ceremonial Tool (1), Wild Memory (1)
Atk: +23
Flavor Text: A sword used mainly in ceremonies.  Said to bestow its owner
             with holy power.  Good in a real fight, too. 
Category: One-Handed
#: 3

Sword Breaker
Materials: Short Sword (1), Main Gauche (1), Carbon Steel (1)
Atk: +23 Def: +5
Flavor Text: A sword designed to halt and then snap the sword of the 
             attacking enemy.  
Category: One-Handed
#: 4

Materials: Broad Sword (1), Indigo Steel (1)
Atk: +25
Flavor Text: A derivative of the broad sword; has a unique basket hilt 
             which protects the user's hand. 
Category: One-Handed
#: 5

Kris Naga
Materials: Ada (1), Dragon Scale (1), Ether (1), Ancient Memory (1)
Atk: +28
Flavor Text: The sword gets its name from its snake's head motif, with 
             the blade representing the Narga's tail. 
Category: One-Handed
#: 6

Damascus Sword
Materials: Kris Naga (1), Damascus Steel (1)
Atk: +33 
Flavor Text: Takes its name from the Damascus steel from which it is 
             made.  Amazingly tough, almost impossible to notch.  
Category: One-Handed
#: 7

Bastard Sword
Materials: Short Sword (1), Ceramics (1)
Atk: +35
Flavor Text: An extremely well-balanced weapon that can both cut and 
             thrust.  Large, but can be used with one hand. 
Category: One-Handed
#: 8

7 Bladed Sword
Materials: Damascus Sword (1), Short Sword (6), Beelzebub's Seal (1), 
           Dark Crystal (1) 
Atk: +50
Flavor Text: A sword with six blades branching off the main one.  Rarely used
             in combat, but has awesome potential. 
Category: One-Handed
#: 9
Effects: Dark Purple aura around blade.  After five swings press the final 
         attack button (B) to unleash a shockwave of pink energy that travels
         in a straight line.  Also allows up to 7 swings before combo ends.  

Laser Blade
Materials: Short Sword (1), Broad Sword (1), Ada (1), Sword Breaker (1), 
           Schiavona (1), Kris Naga (1), Damascus Sword (1), Bastard Sword (1),
           7 Bladed Sword (1), Purple Glitter (1) 
Atk: +55
Flavor Text: Shrouded in mystery and with varying reports of its weight and 
             length, many say it does not even exist. 
Category: One-Handed
#: 10
Effects: Pink whip-like blade - makes a laser-esque sound when swung.  Rests
         on Hectors left hip, only lights up when swung.  Has the same 
         shockwave attack as the 7 Bladed Sword above

Bamboo Sword
Materials: Ancient Memory (1), Wild Memory (1)
Atk: +5
Flavor Text: A simple sword made from bamboo bound together.  Not very strong, 
             but still has potential. 
Category: Two-Handed
#: 11

Materials: Short Sword (1), Knight's Vein (1)
Atk: +35
Flavor Text: Wielded with two hands, it cuts a massive arc in the air.  Heavy
             and long; requires great skill to use.  
Category: Two-Handed
#: 12

Materials: Bamboo Sword (1), Steel (1), Spirit of Fuji (1)
Atk: +40
Flavor Text: A long blade that really shows off the skills of the user.  Its 
             delicate curve is beautiful yet deadly. 
Category: Two-Handed
#: 13

Materials: Zweihander (1), White Steel (1)
Atk: +45
Flavor Text: Has a number of rings on its tip.  A name that means "great 
             sword", and heavy to boot.  
Category: Two-Handed
#: 14

Dragon Killer
Materials: Nodachi (1), Claymore (1), Ceramics (1)
Atk: +55
Flavor Text: A massive dual-handed sword.  Great for taking out big monsters...
             so long as you can swing it. 
Category: Two-Handed
#: 15
Effects:  Four Swings + Final Attack = Walking Wall of Spinning Steel!

Materials: Nodachi (1), Ether (1), Lightning Stone (1), Dark Crystal (1)
Atk: +60
Flavor Text: A blade of Eastern origin with a deadly sharp edge.  Requires 
             clarity of will to bring it under control.  
Category: Two-Handed
#: 16
Effects: When swung Red Japanese characters appear mid-air then dissapear as
         they are cut in two.  Four Swings then Final Attack has Hector swing
         the blade in circles alternating left to right before a final uppercut
         swing is given.  Five Swings then Final Attack has Hector thrust his
         sword to the sky and call down lightning 

Feather Sword
Materials: Zweihander (1), Adamantine (1), Frenzy of Wind (1), Orichalcum (1),
           Angel Halo (1)
Atk: +70
Flavor Text: Far easier to handle than its apperance suggests, its name comes
             from it being light as a feather.  
Category: Two-Handed
#: 17
Effects:  When swung the sword throws out feathers that fly in the direction
          you are facing.  Four Swings + Final Attack does the same attack as
          Muramasa above.  Five Swings + Final Attack has Hector thrust the 
          sword, point first into the ground causing a shockwave to erupt around

Materials: Short Sword (1), Aluminum (1)
Atk: +10
Flavor Text: A rapier used when learning fencing.  Light, easy to grip, and 
             serviceable in real combat. 
Category: Rapier
#: 18

Main Gauche 
Materials: Foil (1), Carbon Steel (1)
Atk: +20 Def: +10
Flavor Text: A rapier that can be used to both thrust and turn aside enemy 
             attacks, depending on user preference
Category: Rapier
#: 19

Materials: Foil (1), White Steel (1)
Atk: +28
Flavor Text: A thin sword best used for drawn-out fights.  Light and easy to 
             use; great for fighting groups. 
Category: Rapier
#: 20

Materials: Rapier (1), Damascus Steel (1), Ether (1)
Atk: +35
Flavor Text: A sword created from highly detailed plans.  Fine and very sharp; 
             can easily be used with just one hand. 
Category: Rapier
#: 21

Materials: Colichemarde (1), Aluminum (1), Forgotten Memory (1), Angel Halo (1)
Atk: +38
Flavor Text: A rapier with a diamond-sectioned edge.  So thin, it can slide 
             between the plates of any armor.  
Category: Rapier
#: 22
Effects:  This blade is VERY fast and gives Hector incredible reaction time.  
          Six Swings + Final Attack has Hector draw an arcane symbol in the air
          and shatter it unleashing 7 bolts of magical energy.  

# AXE - Axes          #

14 Axes have found their homes in CCoD.  Axes are divded into two categories
Axes and Maces.  Hammers fall under Maces, and Scythes fall under Axes.
Axe #s take up where Swords left off and run from 23 - 36.  Weapons under
the Axe combine section require more weapon + weapon materials than actual

Materials: Gano (1), Ancient Memory (1)
Atk: +40
Flavor Text:  A wide, crescent-moon bladed axe for use with both hands.  
              Causes massive damage if you can swing it. 
Category:  Axe
#: 23

Materials: Bullova (1), Morgenstern (1)
Atk: +50
Flavor Text: A dual-handed war axe with a long blade.  Great for both swinging
             and chopping. 
Category: Axe
#: 24

Materials: Bullova (1), White Steel (1)
Atk: +55
Flavor Text: A battle axe with a half-moon head and covered in ornate carvings.
             Double-edged as well.  
Category: Axe
#: 25

Battle Axe
Materials: Bardiche (1), Dragon Killer (1), Forgotten Memory (1)
Atk: +70
Flavor Text: A large war axe developed for versatility.  Requires skill to 
             wield well, but deadly if used correctly.  
Category: Axe
#: 26
Effects:  Tree's quiver at your coming with this hefty axe, Four Swings + 
          Final Attack will ensure they stay in line as you spin around 
          cutting through whatever's in your way.  Oak. Pine. Birch. Nuff

War Hammer 
Materials: Tabar (1), Adamantine (1)
Atk: +80
Flavor Text: A brutal mallet, like the kind used for construction, that can 
             beat and smash.  Batters through all armor. 
Category: Mace
#: 27
Effects:  DO NOT miss the nail with this massive weapon.  Four Swings + Final
          Attack = Instant Spinorama-dama-ding-dong-Hector!  Ole!

Death's Scythe 
Materials: 7 Bladed Sword (1), Battle Axe (1), Chauve-souris (1), 
           Death's Pulse (1)
Atk: +120
Flavor Text: The ultimate dark weapon, shrouded in mystery.  Many have lost 
             their lives trying to duplicate it.  
Category: Axe
#: 28
Effects: HUGE Weapon, glows with purple fire, tendrils of energy flowing off.  
         Four Swings + Final Attack has Hector spin the scythe causing several
         smaller scythes to appear and fly at enemies.  

Piko Piko hammer
Materials: Mace (1), Miracle Egg (1)
Atk: +1
Flavor Text: A strange hammer that makes an odd noise when it hits.  Created by 
             mistake during a failed combination.  
Category: Mace 
#: 29
Effects:  Its a big annoying sounding toy hammer....

Materials: Short Sword (1), Wild Memory (1)
Atk: +15
Note: Like the Short Sword this axe is used for a lot of weapons as
      a material.  
Flavor Text: A simple, one-handed axe comprising a triangular head on a pole.
             Easy to use, but not that effective.  
Category: Axe
#: 30

Frying Pan
Materials: Phlogiston (1), Ether (1), Steel (1)
Atk: +17
Flavor Text: Intended for cookery and hot from the kitchen, causes first 
             degree bruns to all who are hit with it. 
Category: Mace
#: 31
Effects:  Resembles a frying pan with eggs that seem to never budge (so 
          much for non-stick cookware).  Three Swings + Final Attack 
          has Hector slam the pan on the ground and WOOSH! Eggs Flambe

Materials: Gano (1), Ancient Memory (1), Wild Memory (1)
Atk: +20
Flavor Text:  Humanity's first weapon -- a brutal masher.  At least this one
              has thorny metal spikes.  
Category: Mace
#: 32

Materials: Gano (1), Steel (1)
Atk: +25
Flavor Text: A brutal but very short club.  Its large, wide head creates 
             a distinctive sound when swung.  
Category: Mace
#: 33
Effects:  When swung there's an airwave that appears around the weapons path.

Pumpkin Mace
Materials: Piko Piko Hammer (1), Pumpkin Head (1)
Atk: +27
Flavor Text: A very rare weapon said to have the power to 
             ressurect a legendary hero.  
Category: Mace
#: 34
Effects:  Think of a pumpkin on a stick.  Now when you swing said item, 
          it whistles annoyingly...and as if thats not bad enough - when you
          hit an enemy with it, it scatters candy.  

Materials: Mace (1), Carbon Steel (1), Holy Man's Vein (1)
Atk: +40
Flavor Text: And extension of the mace, the spiked ball its its most striking
             (Author Note: Okay, I like bad puns....but that...) feature.  
             Heavy, but packs a massive impact.
Category: Mace
#: 35
Effects: Same airwave as the mace.  

Materials: Gano (1), Indigo Steel (1), Red Steel (1)
Atk: +45
Flavor Text: A type of war pick, its sharp edge can be used to dispose of foes 
             in a variety of ways.  
Category: Axe
#: 36

# SPR - Spears        #

13 Spears to make any distance melee lover proud.  They run numbers 37 - 49.  
One Category - Spears, don't like it? Well...okay then. Carry on. 

Deck Brush
Materials: Bamboo Lance (1), Aquamarine (1) 
Atk: +6
Flavor Text: Although originally used for cleaning, sailors have also 
             been known to ably defend themselves with it.  
Category: Spear
#: 37
Effects:  This weapons look is gaurenteed to sweep you off your feet...
          HAH! I made a funny.  Its a combat broom.  

Bamboo Lance
Materials: Wild Memory (1), Jet Black (1)
Atk: +10
Flavor Text: A rough lance that looks like nothing more than a stick of 
             bamboo.  It might work in battle.  Possibly. 
Category: Spear
#: 38

Materials: Aluminum (1), Jet Black (1)
Atk: +15
Flavor Text: A long, thin, double-bladed spear.  The hilt is wound with 
             metallic cloth, which acts as a grip. 
Category: Spear
#: 39

Materials: Ceremonial Tool (1), Spirit of Fuji (1)
Atk: +19
Flavor Text: A long weapon used more to threaten or capture than kill. 
             Can be used in combat, but not very deadly. 
Category: Spear
#: 40

Materials: Dung (1), Holy Man's Vein (1), Knight's Vein (1)
Atk: +23
Flavor Text: The weapon of mounted knights, with a bulb tip.  Many 
             refineries have made it easy to use. 
Category: Spear
#: 41

Materials: Sasumata (1), Steel (1)
Atk: +27
Flavor Text: Slice up enemies with its wickedly curved blade set on a 
             long pole. Developed on an island in the East. 
Category: Spear
#: 42

Long Spear
Materials: Dung (1), Indigo Steel (1)
Atk: +27
Flavor Text: Born from a fairly simple concept -- keep the enemy as far
             away as possible.  What's more, it works. 
Category: Spear
#: 43

Materials: Sasumata (1), Ether (1), Aquamarine (1)
Atk: +30
Flavor Text: A long, three-pronged fork, created with the intent of 
             increasing accuracy.
Category: Spear
#: 44

Versatile Spear 
Materials: Trident (1), Naginata (1), Ether (1), Phlogiston (1)
Atk: +30
Flavor Text: An all-around weapon with many uses.  Can thrust, cut and 
             parry attacks. 
Category: Spear
#: 45
Effects:  All Final Attacks with this weapon involve fire.  You're your
          very own BBQ pit! 

Materials: Lance (1), Bullova (1), Ceramics (1)
Atk: +32
Flavor Text: The combination of a long shaft and wicked axe head make for a
             fearsome weapon.  
Category: Spear
#: 46

Materials: Bamboo Sword (5), Bamboo Lance (5), Orichalcum (1)
Atk: +45 
Flavor Text: A mythical pole that can extend or shrink at will.  Extremely
             rare, few have actually seen it.
Category: Spear
#: 47
Effects:  Just as the flavor text says, it extends when swung almost like
          a....slinky...get your head out of the gutter!  

Da Sanga
Materials: Long Spear (1), Adamantine (1)
Atk: +38
Flavor Text: A long spear with a second head made from a special alloy.  Often 
             brightly decorated. 
Category: Spear 
#: 48

Materials: Trident (1), Versatile Spear (1), Devil's Vein (1), Dark Crystal (1)
Atk: +50
Flavor Text: A weapon said to be forged in the blood of countless humans. 
             Isaac's favorite weapon.  Use it a lot and...?
Category: Staff
#: 49
Effect: For the final Spear weapon not that great huh?  Well once you get the 
Devil I.D...use it for a while. It lets you get the Devil I.D. to third 
tier after 100 crystals

# KNK - Knuckles      #

Put up your dukes in style with these 12 swanky accoutriments for your 
dextrous digits!  Remember you are the fist that mashes the groin of evil!
Only one category here as well, and if you can't figure it out - perhaps
you should leave fighting evil to us ;).  50 - 61 here.  Knuckles are 
unique in that every move at the END of a combo is different.  

Champion Glove
Materials: Knuckle Duster (1), Sports Jersey (1)
Atk: +2
Flavor Text: The rage of an undefeated champion who died in an accident is 
             infused in these blood-soaked gloves. 
Category: Knuckle
#: 50
Effects: Now with 10% more earbiting action! These boxing gloves clash with
         your outfit horribly.  

Punch Rings
Materials: Aluminum (1), Bronze (1)
Atk: +7
Flavor Text: A metal weapon that strengthens punches.  Easy to use but simply 
             made, and thus not too strong. 
Category: Knuckle
#: 51

Materials: Punch Rings (1), Ancient Memory (1)
Atk: +10
Flavor Text: A set of punch rings with claws attached.  These tear up an 
             opponent like a tiger's claws. 
Category: Knuckle
#: 52

Materials: Pata (1), Ada (1), Miracle Egg (1)
Atk: +13
Flavor Text: Massive claws that almost totally obscure the wearer's hands.
             Can shred metal and flesh.
Category: Knuckle
#: 53
Effects: Avast! Ye scallywags had best not be loafin else Captain Doubles
         will be runnin upside ye're unholy heads wit there here hooks.  

Materials: Baghnakhs (1), Steel (1)
Atk: +15
Flavor Text: Used for assassinations.  With practice, this bullhorn
             of a weapon can pierce enemy hearts in one blow. 
Category: Knuckle
#: 54

Knuckle Duster
Materials: Jur (1), Indigo Steel (1)
Atk: +15
Flavor Text: Steel bands attached across the knuckles by a leather belt.
             Turns a punch into a knock out. 
Category: Knuckle
#: 55

Metal Glove
Materials: Knuckle Duster (1), White Steel (1)
Atk: +20
Flavor Text: Gloves covered with hard metal chunks.  Powerful but very 
Category: Knuckle
#: 56

Iron Shell Fists
Materials: Metal Glove (1), Red Steel (1)
Atk: +25
Flavor Text: Only the best materials are used to make these tough 
             hand-to-hand weapons.  Loved by ninjas. 
Category: Knuckle
#: 57

Materials: Punch Rings (1), Short Sword (1), Ceramics (1)
Atk: +25
Flavor Text: Although only a metal ring, using the best materials can 
             massively strengthen its attack power. 
Category: Knuckle
#: 58

Materials: Ring (1), Forgotten Memory (1)
Atk: +30
Flavor Text: A precious weapon made from the bone of a long dead best.
             Harder than steel after many centuries
Category: Knuckle
#: 59
Effects:  Six + Final.  Same effect as the Pata.  Timing specifics under
          Force Glove. 

Materials: Hora (1), Short Sword (1)
Atk: +35
Flavor Text: A unique close-combat weapon with blades on the end of 
             gauntlets.  Can cut and thrust, but hard to use. 
Category: Knuckle
#: 60
Effects: Watch where you're pointing with these on! Six + Final causes
         Hector to leap into the air and slam down in a shockwave of 
         blue energy. For help with the timing read the Force Glove section

Force Glove
Materials: Knuckle Duster (1), Metal Glove (1), Dark Matter (1), Galtite (1)
Atk: +45
Flavor Text: Gauntlets created from an unknown metal and dark powers; so strong
             they may damage the user's arms. 
Category: Knuckle
#: 61
Effects:  Sweat merciful monkey futz! Perhaps the flashiest weapon in the game. 
          Two Swings + Final Attack releases a more direct force blast unlike
          the other knuckles.  Six Swings + Final causes the H-Man to deliver
          a massive blast of holy energy to everything around him by leaping 
          into the air and slamming down - a bit more effective than the same
          move on other knuckle weapons. Its a little tricky for the timing
          so after the second round-house kick, Hector will do a backhand 
          during that backhand hit Final to see the fireworks. 

# SPC - Special       #

These weapons aren't the short-bus special, just the what the heck special. 
9 Weapons that really make you wonder if Konami wasn't dropping tabs of acid
during one of their brainstorming sessions.  Some make sense...others...oi 
vey.  No categories here...#'s 62-70.

Gatling Gun
Materials: Hien (1), Bomb (1), Fire Flask (1), Phlogiston (1), 
           Immortal Fragment (1)
Atk: N/A
Flavor Text: A super long-distance weapon that does not need reloading 
             for its fearsomely rapid fire. 
#: 62 
Effects: Get to ze choppah! Okay, I couldn't resist.  Ulimited Ammo, 
         insane rate of fire....ownage? Yes indeed - however while
         firing your a sitting duck - so make sure you've got some 
         backup in the form of an ID running interference while you mop
         up.  Oh and it fires on a flat plane, so no airborne targets.

Materials: Phlogiston (1), Ether (1)
Atk: N/A
Flavor Text: Floats in the air and explodes upon contact with an enemy,
             or after a brief period. Unlimited. 
#:  63
Effects: Hit attack to leave a floating bomb just as it says - three
         second fuse and the bombs are pretty big so enemies may very 
         well run into it.  3 on screen at a time.

Materials: Shuriken (1), Ada (1)
Atk: N/A
Flavor Text: Will return to its owner if thrown correctly.  Its sharp 
             edges make it strong, but hard to catch.  
#:  64
Effect: One press = one throw, not that great. Never could get the 
        stupid things to come back - guess it IS all in the wrist. 

Fire Flask 
Materials: Shuriken (1), Bomb (1)
Atk: N/A
Flavor Text: A potent explosive.  Designed to burn for long periods. 
#:  65
Effects: These cocktails you definately don't want to drink.  They 
         get thrown really far too.  Don't burn that long however. 

Materials: Adamantine (1), Frenzy of Wind (1), Red Steel (1),
           Spirit of Fuji (1)
Atk: N/A
Flavor Text: A lethal projectile used by ninja.  Very effective if used 
#:  66
Effects:  With these, Hector becomes a certified wannabe ninja.  He
          throws the shurikens in clusters of three and pretty quickly too
          also don't worry about running out. 

Materials: Knuckle Duster (1), Colichemarde (1), Dark Matter (1), 
           Devil Iron (1), Galtite (1)
Atk: +55
Flavor Text: Special weapon similar to tonfa.  Transforms the user's 
             life-force into energy and attacks with it. 
#:  67
Effects: Think of a police baton.  Now think of it throwing waves of force
         in three quick punches.  Now think of all the crime you won't want
         to do now.  Good boys and girls.  One of the only ways to kill off
         those annoying Blood Skeletons.  

Spike Shield 
Materials: Soft Leather Armor (1), Leather Helm (1), Bronze (1), Steel (1)
Atk: +40
Flavor Text: Originally for defense, it's so hard that it has also come to 
             be loved as a weapon. 
#:  68
Effects: Take a swing with this shield and it winks into existance and smotes 
         anything in your way fairly well.  Does heaps of damage, but its 
         a one swing affair - no combos here kiddies. 

Materials: Club (1), Steel (1)
Atk: +20
Flavor Text: Supposedly the result of research into the ultimate weapon...but 
             absolutely zero class and style. 
#:  69
Effects:  Who said baseballs a slow sport? Well okay maybe it is, but then 
          again, they don't use spiked baseball bats do they?  Use this 
          weapon and the H-Man himself will take a proper baseball swing and 
          knock em out the park.  Too bad its horribly slow, even morseo than
          the axes and maces above. 

Electric Guitar
Materials: Tabar (1), Lightning Stone (1), Dark Crystal (1)
Atk: +25
Flavor Text: A ceremonial artifact with real soul. Some people can't play it, 
             and some just pretend to. 
#:  70
Effects: Eat your heart out Slash.  This is one cherry axe, an axe even a 
         Devil Forgemaster would be proud of.  Hit attack and Hector whips
         it out shouting "Let's Go!".  You can hold down the first attack 
         to rock out while Hector headbangs.  Hit Final to have him end the
         'riff' hit attack twice and he starts playing it upright, then hit
         Final to do a knee slide across the ground.  Hit attack three times 
         to have him play it behind his head. Final here will have him smash
         the guitar on the ground creating a minor earthquake.  You can also
         hit final while just holding the guitar ready to have him smash
         whatevers in front of him.  Nice thing is, the attack while playing
         is rapid fire and dazes enemies, but you have to be looking in their
         direction.  Takes some getting used too. And just for fun, jump and 
         hit attack ;)  Take note that while the guitar is out you can't
         move around. You can change the direction you face though. 

# HLM - Helmet        #

21 different hats for you to wear on your quest of quests.  Some are uber 
cool, others...well those ones belong in the Special group, but that was
apparently only reserved for weapons.  Nevertheless here they are.  Helmets
and Armor have their own numbers, both start a 1.  No categories here either

School Cap
Materials: Bamboo Sword (1), Sports Kit (1)
Def: +1
Flavor Text: It's going too far when a school uniform includes a cap.
#: 1

Materials: Nodachi (1), Tengu Mask (1)
Def: +1
Flavor Text: Invented by a comedian in the East, perhaps the joke 
             doesn't translate very well. 
#: 2

Ten-Gallon hat
Materials: Leather Helm (1), Ether (1)
Def: +1 Con: +10
Flavor Text: A type of cowboy hat. Although all bear the same name, 
             weather, wind conditions and job affect style. 
#: 3

Leather Helm
Materials: Bronze (1), Wild Memory (1)
Def: +2
Flavor Text: Light and easy to wear, cheap and easy to find. Just don't
             expect it to protect your head that well. 
#: 4

Stone mask
Materials: Jade (1), Sun Tears (1)
Def: +2 Str: +5 Con: +5 Lck: -5
Flavor Text: A shaman's stone mask, used in rituals where the heart of the 
             victim is offered to a dark god. 
#: 5

Face Guard
Materials: Stone Mask (1), Gano (1)
Def: +3
Flavor Text: Exactly who this is, no one knows.  But their latent power can
             still be strongly felt
#: 6
Note: *cough*Jason*cough*.  Sorry coming down with something. 

Corinthian Helmet
Materials: Leather Helm (1), Aluminum (1)
Def: +4
Flavor Text: A beautiful piece, but its total coverage of the ears may make 
             hearing orders a little tricky. 
#: 7

Iron Mask
Materials: Face Guard (1), Red Steel (1)
Def: +5
Flavor Text: Used by a certain country to train elite secret agents by using 
             sensory deprevation on children. 
#: 8

Tengu Mask
Materials: Face Guard (1), Spirit of Fuji (1)
Def: +5
Flavor Text: The mask of a spirit native to a Far East island.  Often appears
             in traditional Noh plays. 
#: 9

Pumpkin Head
Materials: Iron Mask (1), Miracle Egg (1)
Def: +5
Flavor Text: Pumpkin is so popular, he became a mask! What fun! Trick or Treat?
#: 10

Thracian Helmet
Materials: Corinthian Helmet (1), Sun Tears (1)
Def: +8
Flavor Text: A helmet from centuries ago, with moustache and beard molded onto
             it.  Makes anyone look manly. 
#: 11

Gallic Helmet
Materials: Leather Helm (1), Knight's Vein (1)
Def: +10
Flavor Text: An iron hlmet created by an ancient empire.  Also protects neck
             and cheeks, offfering solid defense. 
#: 12

Frog Mouth Helm
Materials: Gallic Helm (1), Aquamarine (1)
Def: +12
Flavor Text: A lancer's helmet, its opening is angled up rather than 
             forward so one can lean forward. 
#: 13

Materials: Gallic Helm (1), Indigo Steel (1)
Def: +14
Flavor Text: A helmet with slits to see out of.  Decorated beautifully, 
             also used for formal occasions. 
#: 14

Masakado's Helm
Materials: Topknot (1), Adamantine (1)
Def: +15 Str: +10 Con: +10 Lck: -10 
Flavor Text: Said to belong to a general whose neck was twisted.  Still
             infused with his rage. 
#: 15 

Barrel Helm
Materials: Thracian Helmet (1), Carbon Steel (1), Knight's Vein (1)
Def: +16
Flavor Text: A barrel-shaped basket helm, mainly used by cavalry. High
             defense but very hard to see out of. 
#: 16

Lobster Tail Pod
Materials: Frog Mouth Helm (1), White Steel (1)
Def: +18
Flavor Text: This helmet takes its name from the movable neck guard
             attached to it.
#: 17

Materials: Sallet (1), Red Steel (1)
Def: +20
Flavor Text: An incredibly heavy helmet supported by the shoulders. 
             Opens out when not in battle. 
#: 18

Materials: Sallet (1), Damascus Steel (1), Red Steel (1)
Def: +22
Flavor Text: Its large visor deflects the sun during long battles.  The 
             large cheek guards offer extra protection.
#: 19

Crest Helm
Materials: Burgonet (1), Ceramics (1)
Def: +24
Flavor Text: Created for use in jousting tournaments.  Heavily decorated, 
             with a space for the wearer's crest. 
#: 20

Cross Helmet	
Materials: Armet (1), Angel Halo (1)
Def: +26
Flavor Text: A helmet with a crest and visor.  Best to leave it open when not
             in combat. 
#: 21

# AMR - Armor         #

The body is a temple so defend it in style with these 26 different suits of 
armor, ranging from What The? to Sweeeeeet!  No Categories hither milords 
and ladies.  

Alucart Mail
Materials: Half Plate (1), Midas' Gold (1)
Def: +1
Flavor Text: Look carefully, one letter is different! It's not who you think!
             Also offers terrible defense. 
#: 1

Sports Kit
Materials: Hide Armor (1), Cermonial Tool (1)
Def: +2 Str: +5
Flavor Text: How many times have I told you?! Take this home and get 
             it washed every once in a while! It stinks!
#: 2

Special Ops
Materials: School Cap (1), Bat (1)
Def: +2
Flavor Text: Worn by operatives on special missions; proof of the top 
             brass's implicit trust. 
#: 3

Hide Armor
Materials: Soft Leather Armor (1), Sun Tears (1)
Def: +3 Con: +5
Flavor Text: Clothing covered in animal furs. Mainly used by hunters; 
             popular because of its warmth. 
#: 4

Sports Jersey
Materials: Sports Kit (1), Bat (1)
Def: +3 Con: +5
Flavor Text: Girls may wear this to avoid the looks from boys brought 
             on by a sports kit...or so I'm told. 
#: 5
Note: ...

Clown Suit
Materials: Sports Jersey (1), Piko Piko Hammer (1)
Def: +3 Lck: +5
Flavor Text: Worn by the heroic Vampire Hunter Comesafter C. Filled 
             with the rage of those he killed. 
#: 6
Note: Anime + The Letter D....think about it ;)

Prince's Clothes
Materials: Clown Suit (1), Midas' Gold (1)
Def: +3 Lck: +10
Flavor Text: Oh, my prince! All the girls dream of a shining prince coming
             to whisk them away...or so I've heard. 
#: 7
Note: Not sure of much are we? 

Soft Leather Armor
Materials: Wild Memory (1)
Def: +5
Flavor Text: Cheap and easy to find, great armor for the beginner. Crafted
             with love and care. 
#: 8

Black Belt Suit
Materials: Sport Jersey (1), Spirit of Fuji (1)
Def: +5 Str: +5 Con: +5
Flavor Text: The color of the belt indicates rank, with black being the 
             highest.  Proof of a lethal fighter. 
#: 9

Hard Leather Armor
Materials: Soft Leather Armor (1), Jet Black (1)
Def: +8
Flavor Text: Layer upon layer of leather built up to make tough armor, yet
             still allows free movement. Very popular 
#: 10

Materials: Bronze (1), Ancient Memory (1)
Def: +10
Flavor Text: Old but sturdy armor detailed with beautiful relief, a symbol
             of the metallurgic quality at the time. 
#: 11

Kendo Suit
Materials: Barbarian Armor (1), Bamboo Sword (1)
Def: +10
Flavor Text: A traditional sword-play uniform from a small, far 
             Eastern island.  Boiling hot in summer. 
#: 12

Hanzou's Clothes
Materials: Black Belt Suit (1), Shuriken (1)
Def: +10 Str: +10 Con: +10
Flavor Text: Said to have been worn by a famous assassin from the Far 
             East with much tension and suspense. 
#: 13

Materials: Steel (2)
Def: +12
Flavor Text: Beautiful armor made of leather scales. A historical piece 
             from a once mighty empire. 
#: 14

Eastern Armor
Materials: Lamellar (1), Ancient Memory (1), Spirit of Fuji (1)
Def: +15 Con: +5
Flavor Text: From a small country in the Far East, comprised of  many small 
             metal disks. A collector's item. 
#: 15

Materials: Eastern Armor (1), Knight's Vein (1)
Def: +16
Flavor Text: The tightly fitted golden plates comprising this armor could be 
             dragon scales. A snug fit. 
#: 16

Chain Mail
Materials: Indigo Steel (2)
Def: +20
Flavor Text: Countless metal rings linked to form armor.  Takes a long, long
             time to make. 
#: 17

Half Plate
Materials: Brigandine (1), Carbon Steel (1)
Def: +24
Flavor Text: Safe, sturdy armor that also allows freedom of movement. Highly
             decorated and attractive. 
#: 18

Barbarian Armor
Materials: Eastern Plate (1), Half Plate (1)
Def: +28 Con: +5
Flavor Text: Created by an empire in the West, but taken and imprved by an 
             island in the orient. 
#: 19

Banded Mail
Materials: Chain Mail (1), Half Plate (1), White Steel (1)
Def: +30
Flavor Text: Additional metal plates added to chain mail to create very 
             tough armor.  However, also very heavy. 
#: 20

Dracula's Clothes
Materials: Prince's Clothes (1), Vampire Blood (1)
Def: +30 Str: +10 Con: +10 Lck: -5
Flavor Text: Created over thousands of years by the denizens of the dark,
             they absorb human blood. All powerful 
#: 21

Plate Mail
Materials: White Steel (2)
Def: +32
Flavor Text: Armor created with the requests of wearers in mind. Perfect
             in battle; standard garb for many soldiers. 
#: 22

Field Armor
Materials: Red Steel (2)
Def: +35
Flavor Text: Armor focused on high defense for heavy infantry.  So heavy
             that few wear it by choice. 
#: 23

Cuirassair Armor
Materials: Field Armor (1), Adamantine (1)
Def: +40
Flavor Text: Designed to cover the weak points of field armor; very easy 
             to use and wear.
#: 24

Parade Armor
Materials: Field Armor (1), Orichalcum (2), Ceramics (3) 
Def: +45
Flavor Text: Armor designed for formal occasions, but offers such high 
             defense that it is now also used in battle. 
#: 25

Maximillian Armor
Materials: Parade Armor (1), Angel Halo (1), Holy Man's Vein (2)
Def: +50
Flavor Text: High level techniques are required to created this aerodynamic
             armor.  So smooth that it's very light.
#: 26


That about wraps it up. so I guess I'd just like to say thanks to Konami
for making such a kick butt series of games for us to enjoy, and keep up the
good work!Also thanks to GameFAQs for answering all of digital lifes little
questions when we get stumped, and for hosting this guide.

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