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Game Script by Siela_

Updated: 04/02/07

*                                                                             *
*                           DRAKENGARD 2 SCRIPT                               *
*                                                                             *
*                             Written by Siela_                               *
*                          Email: siela@freemail.hu                           *

 1. ------- General information                            [GNIF]
 2. ------- Script of the First Walkthrough                [1WTH]
      2I --- Intro                                         [INT]
      2a --- Chapter 1 - Premonition                       [1WCH1]
              - Tutorial                     [1WCH1TU]
              - Verse 1                      [1WCH1V1]
              - Verse 2                      [1WCH1V2]
              - Verse 3                      [1WCH1V3]
              - Verse 4                      [1WCH1V4]
      2b --- Chapter 2 - Gaia                              [1WCH2]
              - Verse 1                      [1WCH2V1]
              - Verse 2                      [1WCH2V2]
              - Verse 3                      [1WCH2V3]
              - Verse 4                      [1WCH2V4]
              - Verse 5                      [1WCH2V5]
              - Verse 6                      [1WCH2V6]
              - Verse 7                      [1WCH2V7]
      2c --- Chapter 3 - Disillusionment                   [1WCH3]
              - Verse 1                      [1WCH3V1]
              - Verse 2                      [1WCH3V2]
              - Verse 3                      [1WCH3V3]
      2d --- Chapter 4 - Escape                            [1WCH4]
              - Verse 1                      [1WCH4V1]
              - Verse 2                      [1WCH4V2]
              - Verse 3                      [1WCH4V3]
              - Verse 4                      [1WCH4V4]
              - Verse 5                      [1WCH4V5]
              - Verse 6                      [1WCH4V6]
              - Verse 7                      [1WCH4V7]
              - Verse 8                      [1WCH4V8]
              - Verse 9                      [1WCH4V9]
      2e --- Chapter 5 - An ally                           [1WCH5]
              - Verse 1                      [1WCH5V1]
              - Verse 2                      [1WCH5V2]
              - Verse 3                      [1WCH5V3]
              - Verse 4                      [1WCH5V4]
              - Verse 5                      [1WCH5V5]
              - Verse 6                      [1WCH5V6]
              - Verse 7                      [1WCH5V7]
              - Verse 8                      [1WCH5V8]
      2f --- Chapter 6 - Dark Clouds                       [1WCH6]
              - Verse 1                      [1WCH6V1]
              - Verse 2                      [1WCH6V2]
              - Verse 3                      [1WCH6V3]
      2g --- Chapter 7 - Lamentation                       [1WCH7]
              - Verse 1                      [1WCH7V1]
              - Verse 2                      [1WCH7V2]
              - Verse 3                      [1WCH7V3]
              - Verse 4                      [1WCH6V4]
              - Verse 5                      [1WCH6V5]
              - Verse 6                      [1WCH6V6]
              - Verse 7                      [1WCH6V7]
              - Verse 8                      [1WCH6V8]
              - Verse 9                      [1WCH6V9]
      2h --- Chapter 8 - Rule By Fore                      [1WCH8]
              - Verse 1                      [1WCH8V1]
              - Verse 2                      [1WCH8V2]
              - Verse 3                      [1WCH8V3]
              - Verse 4                      [1WCH8V4]
              - Verse 5                      [1WCH8V5]
              - Verse 6                      [1WCH8V6]
      2i --- Chapter 9 – Resurrection                      [1WCH9]
              - Verse 1                      [1WCH9V1]
              - Verse 2                      [1WCH9V2]
              - Verse 3                      [1WCH9V3]
      2j --- Chapter 10 – Destruction                      [1WCH10]
              - Verse 1                      [1WCH10V1]
              - Verse 2                      [1WCH10V2]
      2k --- Chapter 11 – Myth                             [1WCH11]

 3. ------- Script of the Second Walkthrough               [2WTH]
 4. ------- Script of the Third Walkthrough                [3WTH]
 5. ----- Other Scripts                                    [OTHS]
 6. ----- Version History                                  [VERH]
 7. ----- Legal information                                [LEGI]
 8. ----- Contact Information                              [CONI]
 9. ----- Credits & thanks                                 [CRED]

*                                                                             *
*       1. General information                         [GNIF]                 *
*                                                                             *

Welcome to my second guide! 
And thanks for reading it ^_^ 

This guide is based on the English version of Drakengard 2.

Although I think it is obvious, but I do like to point out that this script
So, if you don't want to spoil the whole game, do not read on!!
There, you've been warned. 

Few more things: there are sentences, which are said only if a certain amount
of time passes. I tried not to finish the "stages" as fast as possible
but to go around and try to gather every possible line.

I suppose, that during the Yaha fight, certain lines are not said, if you 
are not fighting with Urick. To get one of the most erm, interesting line
in the game, I used Urick throughout that verse.

I'm aware of the fact, that I can be very unimaginative when it comes to
explaining things.
So PLEASE, if you do have a better explanation for any of the events,
or any idea what should be in the script, instead of the word MOVIE,
be so kind and send it to me. Thanks ^_^.

And now, to the script!!! 

*                                                                             *
*       2. Script of the First Walkthrough             [1WTH]                 *
*                                                                             *

|                                                                             |
|     2I. Intro                                        [INT]                  |
|                                                                             |

Nowe:   Before I was born, a was broke out
        between the Empire and the Union.
        Many people bled, and the world
        marched toward destruction.
        Lost lives.
        The all-consuming blaze.
        The world saved.
        Caim, the soldier who lost his voice.
        Angelus, the red dragon.
        They were the events of 18 years ago.

                        DRAKENGARD 2                        

Narrator: Five seals hold in place the red dragon,
          the last bastion against world destruction.
          Charged with protecting them are
          the Knights of the Seal.
          In charge of each symbol is a guardian,
          a lieutenant among the knights. 
          Now, a young warrior has been accepted
          into the Knights of the Seal.
          A young man raised by a blue dragon.
          His name is... Nowe.

|                                                                             |
| 2a.  Chapter 1 - Premonition                          [1WCH1]               |
|                                                                             |

|                                                  |
|Chapter 1 - Tutorial- ground mission   [1WCH1TU]  |
|                                                  |

*** Inside the Grand Shrine ***
Eris:  Well, Nowe. It's your time at last. Good
       luck in the royal duel.

Nowe:  Eris, what's the point of the royal
       duels, anyway? Why waste 
       time fighting our allies?

Eris:  Nowe, you really don't know a thing,
       do you? We Knights of the Seal are here for
       only one thing, and that is to
       protect the Goddess Seal. 
       The royal duels are held so that the 
       lieutenants can assess the progress
       of their knight's training. It is very
       You've just only joined, but you're a
       real knight now. You make sure you
       don't embarrass yourself out there. Do
       you hear me?

Nowe:  Yeah, I'll fight as I always do.

Eris:  Nowe, this battle is important. Why
       don't I run you through the practice
       course one more time, just for old
       time's sake?

Nowe:  Why not? It's been a long time.
       I better see if I can remember how...

|              Here you will learn some basic maneuvers before                |
|                              the royal duel.                                |
|              More around with the left analog stick.                        |
|                                 Jump with X.                                |
|               Proceed to the door marked TARGET.                            |
|               Use the right analog stick to move the camera                 |
|                         and take a look around.                             |
|               Press L2 to reset the camera to it's default                  |
|                                 position.                                   |

|               The Grand Shrine / Attack Training Room                       |
|               Here you will learn various attacks.                          |
|               First, execute a normal attack with "square"                  |
|                    Light the crystal by striking it.                        |
|                It will guide you to your next destination.                  |
|                Jump up with X, then press "square" to execute               |
|                              a jump attack.                                 |
|                Pressing "triangle" executes an upward slash.                |
|     You can use this attack to hurl most enemies up into the air.           |
|                Press "triangle" while airborne to execute a powerful        |
|                            downward slash.                                  |
|                You can also open a treasure chest                           |
|                             by striking it.                                 |
|                 Stand in front of the door to use the key                   |
|                            you just obtained.                               |
|                       Proceed to the next room.                             |

|                   The Grand Shrine / Defense Training Room                  |
|                     Here you will learn defensive moves.                    |
|   You must defend against attacks appropriately or you will take damage.    |
|               Your HP gauge is depleted as you take damage.                 |
|                When the gauge is empty the game is over.                    |
|                 Use L2 to block attacks with your sword.                    |
|                Now, cover yourself  and move toward the target.             |
|                    By sidestepping with L1 or R1,                           |
|            you can evade attacks that can not be blocked.                   |
|              You can also perform a back flip by pressing L1                |
|                        and R1 simultaneously.                               |
|               Use this move to dodge out of an enemy's reach.               |
|              If an enemy attack hurls you into the air, you                 |
|               can press L2 while airborne to regain control                 |
|     and land on your feet. By recovering from a blow in this way, you       |
|                     can avoid the damage you'd take from an                 |
|                               uncontrolled fall.                            |
|                          Proceed to the next room.                          |

Eris:    Alright. It looks like you're
         warmed up. Next!

Soldier: Hey, wait!

Nowe:    !?

Eris:    What do you want?

Soldier: Nothing. Nothing from you Eris.
         No. My quarrel is with your friend
         there. First our former general plucks dragon
         child here out of the wilderness. Then
         the hierarch call him a "savior". This
         boy gets on my nerves.

Eris:    That is enough !

Soldier: Nowe, you're entered the royal duel,
         aren't you? How about some real
         training, eh? Eh !?! You can't call your
         dragon friend in here.

Eris:    I'm in charge of his training soldier !

Nowe:    It's okay, Eris. Come on then. If it's a
         fight you want...

|                             Show no mercy.                                  |
|            Teach the senior knight a lesson he won't forget.                |
|                    You can open the "Grand Wheel" by pressing R2.           |
|                  In addition to using items, you can switch                 |
|                   weapons and player characters on the                      |
|                            "Grand Wheel".                                   |

( during the fight, right before you win it)
Soldier: Nowe...  
         When did you become so strong?

( after winning the fight with the senior knight)
Soldier: F-F-Fine... That'll be enough for

Eris:    It looks like you boys need to spend
         a bit more time on training and a
         bit less on picking fights. Now get out
         of my sight.

|                You may receive spheres or money by defeating                |
|                    enemies or opening treasure chests.                      |
|                  A Strength Sphere restores health (HP).                    |
|                     A Magic Sphere restores magic (MP).                     |
|                  You can obtain money by collecting coins and               |
|                    money bags. Use it to purchase weapons                   |
|                                and items.                                   |


Eris:  It's almost time. General Gismor will be
       waiting for you. Try to stay relaxed,
       and good luck. 

Nowe:  I'll be fine. Are you going to
       treat me like a kid forever? 

Eris:  I'll go on ahead of you. I'll be watching
       your fight along with the other officers.

Nowe:  Yeah. Thanks, Eris.

|                                                  |
|Chapter 1 - Verse 1- ground mission    [1WCH1V1]  |
|                                                  |

*** Courtyard of the Grand shrine ***
( two soldiers are fighting, it is soon over)
Gismor:  The winner! Next!
         So now it's Nowe's turn...
         The one everyone heralds as the
         "savior". I don't think these knights are
         a match for you.

Nowe:    General Gismor? You are to
         be my opponent? I am honored.

Gismor:  You are ready Nowe? The priests are
         watching. Try not to embarrass 
         yourself... Eris give the signal.

Eris:    Sir ! 

Gismor:  Now, dragon boy. Let's see if that
         reptile raised you well. Show me
         how strong you have become !

Eris:    Begin !

Gismor:  The only way for a weakling like you
         to win is to fight is large 
         numbers. Don't forget. Keep swinging your sword.

|                  By pressing "square" 5 times in quick                      |
|                 succession, you can activate a combo attack.                |
|                     Press "square" 5 times in quick                         |
|                     succession to activate " Cyclone Dance"!                |
|                    Activated combo attack " Cyclone Dance"!                 |

Gismor:  You're starting to use your sword like a
         real human. Right! It's time to up the stakes ! 
         Prepare yourself!

|                 Fight the leader of the Knights of the Seal,                |
|                          General Gismor !                                   |
|              When facing enemies with high defense, sidestep                |
|               around them and attack them from behind.                      |

( attacking General Gismor)
Gismor:  You call that a blow?

( after winning in the fight)
Gismor:  You've learned your lesson well.
         Right. Time to get serious.
         Squad on of the senior knights,
         to the front !

Eris:    General Gismor... Excuse my
         impertinence, but Nowe has just joined
         the knights. Is it fare to make him face
         such opposition...?

Gismor:  I'm giving him a chance to prove
         himself. It is an honor! That is what
         Oror would have wanted for his "son".
         I know you two have trained hard
         together. I don't know what you 
         taught him, but now is the time for you
         to show me the results!
         Eris, give the signal ! 

Eris:    Sir!... Begin!

|               Defeat the squad of senior knights!                           |
|             The weapon in use levels when it acquires a                     |
|                   set number of experience points.                          |
|                Each weapon can level up to a maximum of                     |
|                Level 4, increasing in attack power and                      |
|                    unlocking new combo attacks.                             |

Gismor:  Onward, men! Show no mercy! 

Gismor:  When the enemy are numerous, use
         magic to thin their numbers.
         Just let the energy inside you burst
         outward. It shouldn't be difficult for
         someone like yourself.

|          By defeating enemies or accumulating magic spheres,                |
|                   you can accumulate magic (MP).                            |
|              Use the accumulated MP to cast a spell by                      |
|                          pressing O.                                        |
|                    Activated magic, "Valkyrie Claw'!                        |
|                When your weapon has leveled up, you can                     |
|                increase the strength of spells by holding                   |
|                                  down O.                                    |

Gismor:  How fearsome is the survival
         instinct of the wild animal.

Gismor:  Very well. Just act human
         and make sure you do not 
         disgrace our name.

|                 Characters level up when they receive a                     |
|                  predefined number of experience points.                    |
|               By leveling up, characters' HP, strength (STR),               |
|               defense (DEF) and magic power (INT) increase.                 |

(after killing all the senior knights)


Gismor:  This concludes the ceremony of the
         royal duel! I would like to personally thank the
         priests for attending today's ceremony. 
         And I renew the sacred vow of the
         Knight of the Seal-the promise that
         we will fight to defend the seal that
         protects the peace of the world.

Seere:  Well done, Nowe.

Nowe:   Hierarch Seere...

Seere:  You have become a formidable
        swordsman. When I see you fight, I am 
        reminded of our former general, Oror.
        Has it been already three years?
        Along with Oror, we lost many brave
        friends that day. Thanks to him,
        we have you, our savior. 

Nowe:   Don't say that! Oror raised me as his
        son. He treated me... as a human. A
        normal human child. I am not a savior.

Seere:  The former hierarch, the man who gave
        us the seals to protect the world was
        also lost at that time. So now I lead
        the Knights of the Seal in his place.
        Perhaps you are a savior and perhaps
        you are not. In either case, I believe
        you are duty bound to ensure Oror
        did not die in vain.

Nowe:   I will have revenge against Oror's - I
        mean, my father's - enemies. That is
        why I have become a knight. And I
        have Legna at my side. 

|                                                  |
|Chapter 1 - Verse 2- aerial mission    [1WCH1V2]  |
|                                                  |

Soldier: A message for General Gismor! An army
         of monsters has appeared in the
         District if Shining Life. They are on the
         rampage. We can't tell how many...

Gismor:  We'll send out the knights. I want two
         squadrons too advance. Eris, you choose
         which units to take.
         Nowe! Scout ahead of the
         forces as usual. Try to get rid of as 
         many of those beasts as you can before
         our army arrives.

Nowe:    Understood, Sir.


Nowe:    Legna, it is my duty.

Legna:   How many times is this now? How many
         times have I carried you on my back?

Nowe:    Too many to count, Legna. I grew up 
         riding you like this. Your wings have
         always protected me.

Legna:   Yes. It has become my duty in life, to 
         protect you. Nothing will stop you as 
         long as we are together.
         You are special, Nowe. You must be 
         strong and brave. 

Nowe:    ...Alright, let's go!

Legna:   Hold on tight, my boy.
         I'd hate to waste time by picking
         you up if you fall. 

Nowe:    Legna the district of Shining Life is
         north-east of here. We have to get
         there before the other troops. Let's 

|                       Accelerate by pressing X.                             |
|                  Speed up at key moments to gain and advantage              |
|                         on the battlefield.                                 |
|                 Strafe left with L1 and right with R1.                      |
|                Press L1 and R1 together to turn around.                     |

Nowe:    Legna, here they come. Get ready!

Legna:   They will taste my fire!

|                    Target enemies with left analog stick, and               |
|                    fire at them by pressing "square".                       |
|                           Shoot down the bats!                              |

( after shooting down the bats, others appear)
|                 Press "triangle" to target the nearest enemy.               |
|                Press "triangle" again to deselect the enemy.                |
|                  By pressing L2, you can turn the dragon                    |
|                          toward the targeted enemy.                         |

Legna:   These flying rats...
         The weak seek strength in numbers. 
         What a bore.
         Let's get this over with.

(after shooting down the bats, cubes appear)
Legna:   Don't take them down one by one. 
         Incinerate them all at once. 

|                 Hold down "square" and move the target reticule             |
|                 until it points at an enemy to lock on.                     |
|             Press "square" again to launch a homing fireball.               |
|               Homing shoots are more precise but less powerful              |
|                      than unguided fireballs.                               |
|               If you press "square" while locked on to multiple             |
|                targets, you can fire at them simultaneously.                |
|                Gargoyle cubes block your path. Destroy them!                |

Legna:   How does it feel to fly?

(after shooting down the cubes)
Nowe:    Legna, we don't have time to mess 

Legna:   Indeed. I tire of these distractions.
         Let's end this.

( new cubes appear)

|                 A Breath Sphere will sometimes appear when you              |
|                       kill an enemy in the sky.                             |
|                Burn the enemy with unguided fireballs and make              |
|                        a Breath Sphere appear!                              |
|                   When you obtain a Breath Sphere, you can                  |
|               activate a special Breath Attack with O.                      |
|                          Take the Breath Sphere!                            |
|                  Obtained the Breath Sphere, "Ray Breath".                  |
|              Press O to activate the "Ray Breath" attack.                   |

( gryphons fly toward Legna)

|               A gryphon has heard the bats' screams.                        |
|                   Make it regret getting involved.                          |
|                 To fight fast-moving monsters like gryphon,                 |
|                        press X to accelerate.                               |
|                 The red arrow near Legna indicates the presence             |
|                             of enemies.                                     |
|              If enemies fly out of sight, follow the arrow to               |
|                             find them again.                                |
|                   Legna also levels up, after receiving a certain           |
|                     number of experience points.                            |
|                 When Legna levels up, his maximum HP,                       |
|              strength (STR), and defense (DEF) increase.                    |

Legna:   Let's go before your
         comrades perish.

Nowe:    Look for a place to land.

|                      Head to the District of Shining Life                   |
|                    and clear the plains of the monsters!                    |
|                  The destination will be market as a TARGET.                |
|                      Reach it to complete the mission.                      |


|                                                  |
|Chapter 1 - Verse 3- ground mission    [1WCH1V3]  |
|                                                  |

Nowe:    This is the first time I've ever been to
         the districts. These are the lands that
         the Knights of the Seal directly

Legna:   Stay alert boy. The vermin are
         everywhere. We are going to be busy.

Nowe:    Look! I've never seen the monsters gather
         in such numbers. But why?

Legna:   Who knows? But they seem drawn
         to the districts. Maybe they want
         something here. 

|            In air-to-ground combat, Legna's dragon fire can                 |
|             damage multiple enemies spread out on the ground.               |
|                 Hold down L2 to make Legna slow down and                    |
|                           hover over an area.                               |

Legna:   They come in fearsome numbers!
         Let's wipe them out!

|                    Incinerate the rampaging monsters !                      |

Legna:   Let's burn them to ash!

|                  When the mission objectives become clear, the              |
|                  Mission Gauge will appear on the left hand side            |
|                            of the screen.                                   |
|               It displays the boss characters' HP, remaining                |
|                 enemies, and other information pertaining to                |
|                             the mission.                                    |
|             The short-range radar is displayed at the top-right             |
|                            corner of the screen.                            |
|               It shows the situation on the battlefield.                    |
|                 On the radar, enemies appear in red,                        |
|                  allies in green, and the targets in yellow.                |
|                  By pressing R3, you can change the radar into              |
|      a map which allows you to check your current location.                 |
|                    In the area map, enemies are red,                        |
|            targets are yellow, and treasure chests are blue.                |
Soldier: All platoons, advance to the
         plains without delay!

(Soldiers are running though the field)

|              Eliminate the monster invaders with your fellow                |
|                            Knights of the Seal!                             |

Soldier: Nowe, follow us!
         We must secure this area!

Nowe:    I had no idea that there were so
         many monsters in this area!

Soldier: What are you doing !?

Soldier: Advance! Advance! Cry havoc!

Soldier: What are you doing!? Fight the enemies!

Soldier: Nowe! We need your help!

Soldier: Monsters! Witness the power
         of the Knights of the Seal!

(after killing the monsters)
Legna:   There's more of them coming by air. 
         But I can handle them on my own. It's
         time you went down and cleared
         the ground, boy

|              Press "select" to mount or dismount the dragon.                |
|              You cannot dismount where there are obstacles.                 |
|                Press "select" to dismount the dragon!                       |

Nowe:    They're heading towards the cave.

Nowe:    I hope Eris made here safely. 

|                Head to the cave that leads to the                           |
|                    District of Shining Life!                                |

Nowe:    Wretched monsters! I won't 
         let you get in my way!

( arriving at the gate)
Nowe:    Then I'll leave the sky to you!


Legna:   Stop talking nonsense boy.
         Go on ahead.

Eris:    Sorry to keep you waiting Nowe.

Nowe:    Hey, Eris! There's nothing for you to
         do. I've already cleared away all the

Eris:    The mission isn't finished yet. But I'm
         glad to see you're safe.

*** Grand Shrine - Hierarch's Room ***
Gismor:  General Gismor of the Knights of the
         Seal, reporting as ordered my Lord.
         What is your command?

Seere:   How goes the defense of the District
         of Shining Life? Have we routed the
         monster army?

Gismor:  Knight Eris is leading two squadrons
         to eliminate the threat. Nowe, the
         "savior", has also flown to the area.

Seere:   The District of Shining Life is currently
         without a guardian lieutenant. It's
         defenses are weak. Should anything
         happen to the key...

Gismor:  Do not worry, my Lord. I swear as a
         Knight of the Seal that the invasion will
         be repelled.
         Will that be all, my Lord? I must return
         to my duties. If you will excuse me...

Seere:   Still, I sense danger in out future...

|                                                  |
|Chapter 1 - Verse 4 - ground mission   [1WCH1V4]  |
|                                                  |

Soldier: A message from General Gismor!
         A pack of monsters has appeared 
         near the gate of the district.

Eris:    Understood. Tell General Gismor that 
         Commander Eris has received his
         the massage. The monster army will be

Soldier: Yes, m'lady!

Nowe:    Damn! Some of them must have
         escaped. Sorry, Eris. I'll come, too!

|                   Press R2 to view the Grand Wheel.                         |
|               You can switch weapons on the Grand Wheel.                    |
|               If you switch to a party member's weapon, that                |
|              party member will fight on the battlefield.                    |

(Nowe is switched to Eris)
Eris:    I am Eris of the Knights of the Seal! I swear to 
         uphold the honor of the order ! 

|             On a narrow path, combo attacks with a linear                  |
|              area of attack, such as "square""triangle"x4                  |
|                     are particularly effective.                            |
|            Go through the cave in front of you and head to the             |
|                     District of Shining Life.                              |

Nowe:    Let's stick together from here, 
         Eris. Stay alert!

Eris:    Nowe, you have to leave
         some for me!

(arriving at the other side of the cave)
Nowe:    By the way, Eris. What are the
         district, anyway?

Eris:    There are five of them. They are
         desolate lands, where unwholesome
         vapors pollute the air. 
         Because of the danger, the Knights 
         of the Seal were charged with directly
         administrating these lands by the former

Nowe:      I didn't know.

Eris:      Well, it's not surprising. It's an old
           story. I don't know all the details
           myself. But the fact is, Nowe, the defense 
           of these lands is one of our primary
           I know you can't have forgotten
           about the attack on the district 
           three years ago... General Oror died
           protecting it.

Nowe:      Of course not. Yes, the districts
           must be protected at all costs.

Eris:      Well, let's get a briefing from
           the platoon commander.

|             Join the platoon commander on the top of the hill!              |

Soldier:   Damn monsters! 
           Where did they come from?

Commander: We are going to wipe out the monsters 
           at the bottom of the hill. Follow us, Nowe.

|               Go with your allies and eliminate the monsters                |
|                     at the bottom of the cliff!                             |
|                 When you successfully execute an uninterrupted              |
|              series of attack, a "chain" will accumulate in                 |
|               the bottom of the right-corner of the screen.                 |
|                By accumulating chains, Strength Sphere, and                 |
|                       Magic Sphere will appear.                             |
|              Also, the amount of experience you receive and                 |
|              the speed of your attacks will both increase.                  |

(after opening the chest at the bottom of the hill)
|                 Treasure boxes can sometimes contain weapon.                |
|                   Check any weapons obtained on the                         |
|                 Junction Screen after completing the mission.               |

Soldier: Advance! Show them the 
         power of the Knights!

( finishing with the monsters, Legna shows up)
Legna:   Sorry to keep you waiting, boy. You've
         been busy - the monster army is a lot
         smaller now. I take no pleasure from swatting
         these insects. Soar with me!

|                      Press "select" to mount Legna.                         |
|                     Only Nowe can call the dragon.                          |
|                     Press "select" to mount the dragon!                     |

( after getting on Legna)

|                 More monsters lie beyond the cliff.                         |
|                          Destroy them all!                                  |

Nowe:    Is it just us?
         Where are the others? 

Eris:    They're taking a different path
         to the District of Shining Life.

Legna:   Don't bother dealing
         with them one by one....

|             By combining Nowe and Legna's accumulated                       |
|              MP, you can activate a "Dragon Overdrive"                      |
|                              with O.                                        |
|              Hold down O to charge the Dragon Overdrive(DOD),               |
|                    then release O to activate it.                           |
|              Target the enemies, then hold down O to                        |
|                       activate Legna's Dragon Overdrive !                   |

Legna:   Channel your energy through me, 
         boy. With it, I can unlock yet 
         greater reserves of power.

(after performing a Dragon Overdrive)
Soldier: How fearsome... 
         He fights like a demon-no, 
         a dragon's child. A monster ! 

|                When Legna levels up, the strength of his                    |
|                 Dragon Overdrive(DOD) also increases.                       |
|               As with magic, hold down O to charge up more                  |
|                    powerful Dragon Overdrives.                              |

Soldier: Damn them! The monsters have called 
         in reinforcements! 

|                   The goblins have called in an ogre!                       |
|             Find its weak point and kill it immediately!                    |
|             Some enemies are resistant to Legna's fire. In such             |
|                 cases, dismount and fight on the ground.                    |

Soldier: We can't hold them!
         Where's Nowe!?

Soldier: Hit the head. Take him down!

Eris:    Our allies are in trouble.
         Let's get rid of that monster.

Soldier: Use your healing items wisely...

Soldier: To tackle strong opponents,
         sidestep and attack them
         from behind.

Eris:    Let the other knight handle
         this area. Head to the gate.

|                    The ogre is gone. Head to the                            |
|           Shining Life Cave in the District of Shining Life !               |


Nowe:    Is this a district?

Eris:    Yes, up ahead is the District of
         Shining Life. But the gate is sealed shut.

Old man: Hey, you...
         Please, we beg you. Help us! Release us
         from this prison!

Nowe:    What's this?

Eris:    Nowe! Don't listen to their lies! They
         are former soldiers of the Empire. They
         tried to destroy the world. Such crimes
         cannot to unpunished.

Nowe:    But...

Old man: Knights of the Seal! You're just a
         gang of assassins. You can all go to

Nowe:    No one told me that there were people
         here. Eris... What's going on?

Eris:    Each of the districts contains a "key" 
         that serves to seal in the poisonous air.
         In Shining Life, that key is the Holy Flowers.

Nowe:    Yes, but what do the people have to do
         with the key?

Eris:    The Holy Flowers draw on the life force
         around them to produce their blossom.
         This releases a perfume that neutralizes
         the poison and cleans the air.

Nowe:    Life force ? You mean, of the people 
         who leave here!? They are sacrifices!?

Eris:    Nowe! Don't be a fool! They are the
         chosen ones, proud martyrs...

Nowe:    They're not proud martyrs! Look how
         terrified they are! The knight are just
         forcing the weak and dispossessed to 
         sacrificial victims!

Eris:    Control yourself, Nowe! I will not stand 
         here and listen to you insult
         the knights! I will strike you down!
         Let's return to the Grand Shrine. 
         We have cleared the land of the

Nowe:    ...

*** Grand Shrine - Grand Hall ***
Gismor:  You're late! What the hell
         were you doing?

Eris:    My apologies, General Gismor! 
         Please, sir... What are your orders?

Gismor:  We have reports of disturbances in
         the District of Soul Flame. We need
         more information. Eris, I want you to
         go there with Lieutenant Zhangpo.

Zhangpo: Damn, damn, damn! And there I was
         thinking I'd been invited for an award
         ceremony, but no, it's straight back to
         the district for poor old Zhangpo!

Nowe:    Is this one of the Lieutenants who
         guard the districts?

Eris:    That's right. Sir Zhangpo, guardian of
         the District of Soul Flame.

Zhangpo: Damn!
         Do I REALLY have to go?

Yaha:    Sir Zhangpo, you would do well to
         follow orders.

Eris:    He is Sir Yaha, guardian of the District 
         of Precious Light.

Hanch:   Well, well, then Sir Yaha, will you 
         come with me? Oh, you wouldn't? No, of
         course not. Not with me. No one wants
         to go with Hanch now, do they? 

Yaha:    Hmph...

Nowe:    And her...? 

Eris:    Lady Hanch, of the District
         of Hallowed Water.

Zhangpo: How credible is the threat, anyway? 
         There's no need for me to go ALL
         the way to the district, is there?

Gismor:  The disturbance have occurred just
         when the guardians are away from the
         districts. I hope it is mere coincidence
         but we can not rule out treachery. 

Zhangpo: Dammit! Very well, my noble general.
         I'll do exactly as you say. I'll find
         the troublemakers and get rid of them.

Eris:    If you'll excuse us, we shall leave now.

Gismor:  Nowe, I want you and your dragon to
         go on ahead and clear the way.
         Leave immediately. 

Nowe:    Sir...

Gismor:  Enough talk! Hurry! We are the Knights
         of the Seal. We must guard those

|                                                                             |
| 2b. Chapter 2 - Gaia                                  [1WCH2]               |
|                                                                             |

Nowe:   The instant the royal duel was over, we were sent on
        a mission. A mission to defend the District of Shining Life.

        People who the Knights called martyrs were 
        imprisoned within the district.
        I am still haunted by what they said.

        Now I have seen ordered to the District of Soul Flame.
        What awaits us there?

|                                                  |
|Chapter 2 - Verse 1 - aerial mission   [1WCH2V1]  |
|                                                  |

Eris:    Nowe, Sir Zhangpo and I are going to 
         the District of Soul Flame on foot.

Zhangpo: Hurry up, hurry up! I'm already
         getting hungry! Let's finish this
         today, shall we?

Eris:    You take to the sky and watch our
         flanks. And be careful.

Legna:   So, Nowe, do you enjoy taking orders
         from that girl? Pathetic! Time you
         started to stand on your own two feet.

Nowe:    Eris may be young, but she has a lot
         more battle experience than I do. 
         Why shouldn't I follow her order?
         Anyway, do you see the monsters yet?

Legna:   Oh yes, I see the vermin. I'm gonna
         burn them to ash.

Legna:   Look at all these monsters.
         What's about to happen here?

|                  Shoot down the monsters that threaten                      |
|                          the Endless Grounds.                               |

Legna:   Listen my boy.
         Don't just swing your sword blindly. 
         Anticipate the enemy's next move.

( bat's had been shot down, cubes appear)

|                     Destroy all the gargoyle cubes.                         |

Nowe:    Those lieutenants ARE 
         quite different from the rest of us.

(cubes had been shot down)
Nowe:    They aren't retreating!

|                Exterminate all of the monsters flying over the              |
|                              district!                                      |

Nowe:    That Zhangpo character... 
         I can't believe he is a guardian.

Legna:   Power corrupts. 
         It is human nature.

(after killing every monster)
Nowe:    We're mostly done. 
         Let's head to the district!

(before arriving to the TARGET)
Nowe:    What it is like in the District of Soul Flame ?

(arriving at the TARGET)


Nowe:    There, I see it. Is that the District
         of Soul Flame? I hope Eris and the
         others are alright.

Legna:   You obey her every command and
         follow her around like a puppy. When
         did you become such a sycophant, my boy?

|                                                  |
|Chapter 2 - Verse 2 - ground mission   [1WCH2V2]  |
|                                                  |

Nowe:    Look at this fog! I can't see a thing.

Legna:   This isn't any normal fog. It reeks of
         evil. We'd do well not to stay here too

Nowe:    If this is a district... then the people
         live here, too?

Legna:   Who knows? 
         It has nothing to do with us.

Eris:    Nowe!

Nowe:    Eris. Are you alright?

Eris:    Yes. But I've lost contact with Sir
         Zhangpo's forces. He must have gone ahead into the 
         district. Let's go after him.

Nowe:    Right.

|                 Slaughter the monsters that ravage the                      |
|                      District of Soul Flame.                                |

(after the monsters are slaughtered)

|                     Reinforcements have arrived !                           |
|                    Secure the district with their help!                     |

(killing the monsters for the second time...)
Soldier: This... mist... 
         it's sapping my strength...

|                Destroy the source of the fog before your allies             |
|                are overwhelmed by its poisonous fumes !                     |
|               If the mission gauge is blue, it indicates a lime             |
|                                   limit.                                    |
|               When the mission gauge is empty, your allies will             |
|                            die and the game is over.                        |

Eris:    Our knights are in danger. 

|                To target enemies that are fixed in one place,               |
|                               use L2 to hover.                              |

Legna:   This mist reeks of danger.
         Let's clear it before you dismount.

Nowe:    The mist is billowing from that
         rock formation, Legna.
         Can you stop it?

Legna:   That's no ordinary rock formation.
         It may take some time, even with my fire. 

Nowe:    If we don't get rid of this mist, we're done for.

Eris:    Don't talk. You'll inhale the mist.

(clearing the rocks)
Legna:   The mist has mostly subsided.
         It should be safe to land now.

Eris:    The reinforcements are here !
         Let's kill them before more arrive!

|                       Blood-thirsty ogres are gathering!                    |
|               Kill them before they call for reinforcements!                |

Eris:    They've hidden
         themselves in the mist.

Nowe:    I wonder if anyone would live in a
         place like this?

|               Some enemies can restore their allies's strength.             |
|               For example, goblin shamans will try to restore               |
|                           HP to nearby monsters.                            |
|                  Find them and eliminate them first to gain an              |
|                         advantage on the battlefield.                       |

(more goblins arrive)
Eris:    We're too late... Their
         reinforcements have arrived.

|                       Enemy reinforcements have arrived!                    |
|             Don't let them get any further! Wipe them out!                  |

Soldier: Ugh...!
         Help us, Nowe!

Soldier: We'll leave the rest to you! With
         your dragon, you're invincible! 

( 2 undead horsemen appear)
Legna:   I sense a formidable foe.
         Go and test your skills!

|                         The undead horsemen are here!                       |
|                     They command the enemy. Eliminate them!                 |

Eris:    Leave the ghost to me. They are
         no match for my holy spear.

|             Each character is strong against certain enemies.               |
|For example, Eris is effective against the undead.                           |
|                Some characters are weak against certain foes.               |
|                 For example, Nowe's attack power decreases                  |
|                           against the undead.                               |
|               If an attack is effective, the damage appears                 |
|                in red. If an attack is ineffective, the damage              |
|                             appears in blue.                                |

Hooded man: The Knight of the Seal are
            here...! I must inform her.


Eris:    There's nothing left to stop us now. The
         Soul Flame key should be ahead of us. 

Nowe:    So, Lieutenant Zhangpo is the guardian
         of another one of keys, that rob
         people of their lives.
         But, in the District of Shining Life, I
         don't remember there being any
         guardian. Why is that?

Eris:    The guardian of that district went
         missing. I don't know exactly what
         happened, or where he went.
         Right. It looks like Lieutenant Zhangpo
         has gone ahead. Let's go.

|                                                  |
|Chapter 2 - Verse 3 - ground mission   [1WCH2V3]  |
|                                                  |

Zhangpo:   You're late for the party, children.
           I hope you weren't loitering.

Eris:      My apologies, sir. Our way was blocked
           by the fog.

Zhangpo:   Oh, yes. That fog is a damn nuisance.
           But we have to get inside and make sure
           the key is safe.
           Right, you lot. Go on ahead and be
           quick about it.

Young man: W-What!? You want us to go in there?
           Walk through the fog? 

Nowe:      Lieutenant Zhangpo! You can't! It's
           too dangerous in there!

Zhangpo:   They are the remnants of the Empire. 
           They poisoned these lands, and now
           they have a chance to atone for their
           sins. They should thank us.

Nowe:      But the war with the Empire was years
           ago! We can't keep punishing them!

Zhangpo:   Insolent boy! Hold your tongue,
           or else! This is my land, and
           you will not question my authority!

???????:   Please wait.


Manah:     I have some knowledge of the black
           magic arts. I will go inside instead of
           these people. Will that be acceptable?

Young man: If Lady Manah's going, then we will

Eris:      That woman... Who is she?

Zhangpo:   It's thanks to her, we have such an
           abundance of martyrs. Saved us a lot of
           work, she did.

Nowe:      Martyrs? You mean sacrifices, don't

Eris:      Nowe! That is enough! Not in front of
           the lieutenant.

A few hours later...

Nowe:      They're late.

Zhangpo:   H-Hey! W-What was that?
           An earthquake? 

Eris:      Look! I think the fog is lifting!

Zhangpo:   It must be that woman! She's done
           You two! We have to get inside 
           those ruins! 

( Inside the Fire Cavern Fortress )
Nowe:     I don't see the lieutenant! 

Eris:     Sir Zhangpo will be alright on his own.

Nowe:     You think so? He doesn't look too

Eris:     It is true in the past Sir Zhangpo
          wasn't much of a soldier. Quite the
          opposite. All he cared for was filling
          his own belly...

Nowe:     I don't understand. Why was he made a
          lieutenant, then?

Eris:     He entered a pact.
Nowe:     A pact? What's a pact? How would a
          pact make him so powerful?

Eris:     A person willing to pay a certain
          price can enter a pact with a beast. In
          doing so, they become more powerful than
          any normal human.

Nowe:     So, if that's the case... 
          then it's not the lieutenant
          who is strong. I mean, to
          head an army, you need more than just
          some powerful pact-beast, right?

Eris:     No, strength is everything. In the
          Knights of the Seal, strength is all that
          matters. General Gismor believes in
          that principle absolutely.

Nowe:    ....

Eris:     Come on. Our duty right now is to 
          stay with Lieutenant Zhangpo and to provide
          him with any assistance that he needs.

Eris:     This fortress is full of lethal
          traps. Let's proceed with caution.

|            Solve the puzzle inside the Fire Cavern Fortress                 |
|                        to reach the Flame Dais!                             |

Eris:     What did that woman do 
          inside the fortress?

( at the TARGET point, you face an undead knight) 

|                    An undead knight has appeared !                          |
|                 Defeat it and escape form this room at once !               |

Eris:     He must have reactivated the
          trap. Sir Zhangpo can handle the

(hitting the crystal, the door opens again)
Eris:     Who knows what lies ahead.
          Let's stay alert.

|               Many puzzles still remain inside the fortress.                |
|                 Stay alert and go deeper inside !                           |

(speaking with the TARGET soldier)
Soldier:  Ah, Nowe, this is a map of the
          surrounding area. 
          The land here is difficult. It's far too
          easy to get lost without a map.

|             Obtained the Map of the Fire Cavern Fortress !                  |

|             When you visit a place for the first time, the area             |
|                     map may not be available.                               |
|                 When you obtain a map, you can switch                       |
|            between the radar and the area map by pressing R3.               |

( in one of the next rooms, at the TARGET point)
Nowe:     Should I jump onto the pillars to 
          get there?

|                Use the right analog stick to move the camera                |
|                       and take a look around.                               |
|                 Press L2 to reset the camera to its default                 |
|                                   position.                                 |

(hitting the crystal, the door opens, after this puzzle is another crystal)

|                       One more mystery remains...                           |
|                          Solve the final puzzle!                            |

( at the nest TARGET point)
|                  Destroy the barrels filled with gunpowder to               |
|                     damage enemies that surround them.                      |

(after defeating the monsters, you fight two undead knights)
|                   Obtained the Key to the Flame Dais!                       |
|             Now you have the key. Go to the Flame Dais and                  |
|                        meet up with the lieutenant!                         |

(at the TARGET point)

|                       Used the "Key to the Flame Dais".                     |


|                                                  |
|Chapter 2 - Verse 4 - ground mission   [1WCH2V4]  |
|                                                  |

*** The District of Soul Flame - The Flame Dais *** 
Nowe:      The Flame Dais - the District's key.

Zhangpo:   Hey... that's far enough. Don't even 
           think about moving. And don't touch
           anything either. Understand?

Manah:     It is because this is here that our
           people suffer. It would better to
           destroy it.

Zhangpo:   Madness! If we break the Keys to the
           Districts, the poison will be released 
           into the entire world! Then everyone
           will die! Is that what you want? Fool!

Manah:     The world is protected by the seal and
           the hearts of the people. The rest is to
           protect the privileges of the knights!

Zhangpo:   Damn you!

Eris:      Sir Zhangpo!

( people move in the way of Eris and Nowe)
Eris:      Get out of our way!

Young man: Protect Lady Manah!

Old man:   Defend Lady Manah!

Nowe:      Wait, we don't want this...

Eris:      Nowe! They are no longer martyrs!
           They are traitors. There's no point
           trying to talk to those who would rebel
           against the knights.

Zhangpo:   Damn! I'm so hungry!

Manah:     Poor you! So, that's the price you
           paid? You entered a pact, and now
           you can't eat or taste food ever again.

Zhangpo:   Shut up! Thanks to the pact I have
           grown powerful! Look at me! Look at
           how strong I am! 
           Don't you pity me! Don't you dare 
           pity me! I will not be pitied!

Manah:     But I do pity you. 
           The finely roasted meats you'll never 
           taste again... 

Zhangpo:   WILL... YOU... STOP... talking
           about food in my presence !?
           There's more to life than food, you
           know! You're going to pay. You're
           going to pay slowly and painfully!

Manah:     No. You have tortured your last victim.
           You will never torture again.
           Because, here, today, your life will end.

Man:       If you are here to kill Lady Mana,
           you must go through us!

|                     The door to Flame Dais is shut!                         |
|           Eliminate all of the traitors alongside your allies!              |

Nowe:      I have no reason to fight you.
           Put away your swords!

Soldier:   Nowe! We'll fight with you!

Nowe:      Stop!
           Please don't resist!

Man:       You! It's all because of you 
           that my friends are...

( after killing everyone, others come)
Nowe:      Why...? Why do I side with them?
           Please, but away your swords!

Eris:      What are you waiting for, Nowe? 
           We fight on the side of justice!

Man:       Lady Manah! It's up to you now!

( others come)
Man:       The knights can go to hell!

Soldier:   They're strong!

Man:       Lady Manah...

Nowe:      Why? Why do they...?
           What am I doing?

( other are coming to fight you )

Soldier:   Their line is weakening.
           Just one more push!

Eris:      As Knight of the Seal, it is
           our duty to contain them!

Soldier:   You dirty traitors!

|                   The traitors have summoned ogres!                         |
|                Kill the ogres and the remaining traitors!                   |

Soldier:   Sorry, I'm done for!

(when everyone is finished)
Zhangpo:   Gaar!

Eris:      Sir Zhangpo, are you alright !?
           Let's go, Nowe.

|                  Undead knights have appeared from the fog!                 |
|                    Kill them and stop the deadly fumes!                     |

(after killing the undead knights)
Eris:      I'm worried about Sir Zhangpo.
           Let's hurry!


|                                                  |
|Chapter 2 - Verse 4 - ground mission   [1WCH2V5]  |
|                                                  |

Zhangpo:   Damn them! The Flame Dais... 
           I couldn't... I couldn't....

Eris:      Sir Zhangpo! The Flame Dais...? 
           Was this her black magic? 

Manah:     The flame... it has been extinguished. 
           Now, at last, we are free...

Young man: Lady Manah has fallen!

Old man:   R-Run away!

Nowe:      Zhangpo just disappeared! 
           What happened to him?

Eris:      When the district's key is destroyed, the 
           guardian lieutenant is destroyed along
           with it. And the Knights of
           the Seal lose control of the district.

Nowe:      Are the district that important
           to the knights?

Eris:      They are important to the whole world!

Nowe:      This woman... Who is she?

Eris:      Isn't this obvious? She is an enemy
           of humanity! She's trying to destroy us
           and throw the world into chaos!
           Now let's take this woman and get out
           of here. Help me, Nowe.

Nowe:      Yes, alright.

Eris:      We'll keep her locked in here for now. 
           The general will decide her fate.
           She won't get away with this. 
           Her crimes are great, and justice
           must be done.

Nowe:      But, Eris! I agree, she did kill the
           lieutenant... Well, she caused him to
           die... But it was for the sake of the

Eris:      While we wait for word from the
           General, we must search the ruins
           and clear them of the rest of these

Nowe:      Yes...

|                   Traitors still remain inside the cavern.                  |
|                   Vanquish them and secure the fortress !                   |

Eris:      Nowe, there are enemies on the
           west side of the cave complex.
           Let's go!

|                     Some combo attacks can break an enemy's                 |
|                                 guard.                                      |
|                  The combo attack for "Nowe's Long Sword LV2",              |
|                "square, square, triangle" is one example.                   |
|                  If an enemy's guard is rock solid, break it with           |
|                        combo attack of this kind.                           |

( at the TARGET point, the door closes)

|              Kill the traitors who are trying to free Manah!                |

Man:       Lady Manah! 
           We are here to rescue you!

Nowe:      Are they trying to rescue her?

(after killing the rebels)
Eris:      Nowe, take care of the east side
           of the cave! Hurry!

Eris:      There must be more traps 
           inside the cave. Be careful.

( at the TARGET point the door closes)

|              Slaughter all the traitors in your vicinity!                   |

(after killing everyone)

|                The traitors are attempting to free Manah.                   |
|                   Corner them before they release her!                      |

Soldier:   Damn it! 
           The prisoners are rebelling!

Eris:      It's up to General Gismor to
           decide the woman's fate.

( arriving at the TARGET point )

|                 Traitors gather in an attempt to free Manah!                |
|               Eliminate them and secure the fortress!                       |

Eris:      I've cornered them at the
            entrance! Let's finish them!

(after killing everyone)
Eris:      It's alright now...
           Who is this woman anyway?


|                                                  |
|Chapter 2 - Verse 6 - aerial mission   [1WCH2V6]  |
|                                                  |

*** Fire Cavern Fortress - Confinement Room ***
Nowe:    Why did you break the Soul Flame key?

Manah:   You saw the reason yourself. You saw 
         the people who had to be sacrificed
         to keep the flame alive. 
         It's precisely because the Knights of the
         Seal control the five districts that the
         people are suffering. Don't you see?

Nowe:    But...

Manah:   Is it wrong to free the oppressed? To
         bring joy to their lives? The only thing
         your Knight of the Seal want to
         protect is their own privileged position.

Nowe:    I'd be careful of what you say. 
         Remember that I am a Knight of the Seal. 

Manah:   Those relics of which the knights call 
        "keys' are actually locks of the 
        chains which binds these people. I will
        not rest until they are all destroyed.

Eris:    Nowe? What are you doing? 

Nowe:    Nothing. I was just keeping guard.

Eris:    Is it necessary to keep so a close watch?

Nowe:    Why are you here, Eris?

Eris:    General Gismor is on his way to deliver
         judgment on the woman. Sentencing
         will be carried out tomorrow.

Soldier:   Did that woman really destroy the
           Flame Dais on her own? The fool,
           rebelling against the knights...

Young man: Lady Manah... Poor Lady Manah...

Gismor:    Silence!
           The accused destroyed the Soul Flame
           Dais, the key that protects these
           lands. She murdered our Lieutenant
           Zhangpo. Her crimes are very serious. 
           The sentence of the traitor Manah will
           be carried out immediately!

Eris:      Beheading or burning at the stake.
           What is your choice? Neither will be

Manah:     I choose the slower death.

Eris:      It is not often that the guilty asks for 
           the harsher punishment. Very well.
           Manah, you have chosen to die by fire.
           The sentence will now be carried out.


Soldier:   The woman has gone!

Eris:      Stop her! After her!

Soldier:   She's disappeared... Damn this fog.

Soldier:   She's boarded a ship!

Gismor:    What's this! What is happening? 
           How dare you let the woman escape!

Nowe:      She's escaped? Can... she get

Gismor:    Nowe, what the hell are you doing!? 
           Chase down that ship! Get on your
           dragon and follow her!
           I don't care if you have to take down
           the whole ship with her. Just don't let
           her get away!

Eris:      Just stop that ship, Nowe. A simple 
           death is not punishment enough for her
           crimes. Do you understand?

Nowe:      Was her crime really so evil, Eris ? 

Eris:      Nowe! You're talking nonsense! If we 
           allow her to flee, she will turn against
           the other districts too. We have to stop

Nowe:      I am of the Knight of the Seal,
           right? That's who I am.

Legna:     You haven't got into some woman
           Trouble when I wasn't looking,
           have you? Be careful of women.
           They'll lead you astray.

Nowe:      Legna, we don't have time. Just fly,

Eris:      They took our ship!
           Nowe, shoot them down!

|               In the wake of the Flame Dais's destruction, a                |
|                   new Breath Sphere has been unleashed.                     |
|                    Blaze Breath fires projectiles which                     |
|                       cause devastating explosions.                         |

Legna:     Lowly minions...
           And so many of them...

Rebel:     Fire! Fire! Hit the dragon!

Eris:      We have to stop that woman's ship, no matter what!

Rebel:     We can do this, come on!

(after shooting down the ship )
Rebel:     No! We're finished! 

Nowe:      The ship is making an emergency 
           landing. I hope she is safe.


Rebel:     We've been hit! We'll have to crash

Manah:     We have no choice. Put her down over
           there. I know a place we can hide nearby.
           We may be safe there...

Legna:     Humans just don't belong in the

Nowe:      We have to catch her. Legna, do you
           sense anything? 

Legna:     No, not a thing.

Nowe:      She must be hiding nearby. She
           can't have gone far. Let's go. 

Legna:     Chasing women is like chasing 
           mice - no reward.

|                                                  |
|Chapter 2 - Verse 7 - ground mission   [1WCH2V7]  |
|                                                  |

Nowe:    Eris! Well? Did you find her? 

Eris:    No, not yet. If the guilty are good at
         Anything, it's running and hiding.

Nowe:    Alright... Then we should press on, but
         carefully. I don't think many people
         have passed this way before.

|              Search the Closed Land and arrest the fugitive,              |
|                                    Manah!                                 |

Legna:   I sense the girl in the area ahead.
         Let us fly over there!

( a crystal is shown, in front of a cave)
Soldier: What's this wall here?
         We can't go any further.

Legna:   It smells as if humans have passed
         this way, and not so long ago.

(after hitting the crystal, in the next part, there are more crystals)

Nowe:    Are they in here? 
         I wonder if she's been here before.

( in the valley, where you can't go on, because of the wind)

|                       The ground feels warm...                              |
|                   There is a force emanating from it...                     |

(after finding the hidden crystal, and hitting it)
Eris:    It's the perfect place for
         a criminal hideout.

( more monsters appear)
Soldier: N-No! Get away from me!

|               Our allies are under attack! Assist them!                     |

(after killing the monsters)
Soldier: Thank you. You saved us...
         We found this map with the criminal's 
         belongings. Here, you take it.

|                   Obtained the Map of the Closed Land.                      |

Nowe:    It looks like someone used this 
         path recently. But which way...?

Legna:   What are we waiting for? 
         There are roads in the skies, too.

Eris:    Someone's been hiding out
         in this cave.

(at the entrance of a cave)
Eris:    This looks like it might be it, There's no
         where else she could be hiding.

Nowe:    Well, we've no choice.

Eris:    Right! We have to push on.

Nowe:    Legna! I'll look for Manah on the 
         ground. You take the sky.

Legna:   Very well. Don't loose your way
         Chasing after her, my boy.

Rebel:   The Knights are coming!

( after killing a few rebels)

|                   There is a note in the traitor's pocket.                  |
|                   "At the end... Strike left wall..."                       |

Soldier: She must be beyond this wall...
         How does she do this?

(after killing more rebels...)

|                   There is a note in the traitor's pocket.                  |
|                   "Strike right wall after left..."                         |

(after more rebels...)

|                   There is a note in the traitor's pocket.                  |
|                "Strike left, right, then down to open the way..."           |

(at the dead end of the path)

|                   There is breeze coming beyond this wall.                  |
|                  There must be a path on the other side of it.              |

(after getting at the other side, you face a large beast)

Nowe:    What the he are these beasts!?

Rebel:   You won't get past us so easily!

|               Kill the traitor's monster, the behemoth!                     |

Rebel:   Attack! Kill the Knights!

Eris:    Nowe! They're rebels!
         Let's fight!

Rebel:   If I could just cover my flanks, 
         I'll be unbeatable!

Rebel:   Go! Attack the Knights! 

(after finishing the Behemoth)
Eris:    There she is! We must capture her!

|                       The traitors have been cornered.                      |
|                             Arrest Manah!                                   |

( after killing a few rebels)

|                   There is a note in the traitor's pocket.                  |
|               "Go through first light... then straight ahead."              |

Nowe:    Is this also her power?

(after killing more rebels...)

|                   There is a note in the traitor's pocket.                  |
|              "Next destination... Go up staircase, then left"               |

Rebel:   For Lady Manah... and my friend.

(after more rebels...)

|                   There is a note in the traitor's pocket.                  |
|                 "Final destination... Go inside cave."                      |

(at the TARGET point)
Nowe:    Must be is this room.

Eris:    There she is! You've nowhere left
         to run, Manah!

Old man: Lady Manah, we'll save you!

Manah:   No. Don't throw away your lives. We 
         will flee.

Nowe:    She's getting away! She had an escape
         route planned all along.

Eris:    Nowe, stop wasting time! After her!

Rebel1:  We'll show them!

Rebel2:  Lady Manah, the exit is near.
         We'll hold them here!

Manah:   I'm sorry... I'll fight to bring
         Peace back to this land.

Nowe:    Why do these people give
         up their lives to protect her?

Eris:    She's tricked them. 
         That wretched witch!


Nowe:    It's no good. She's not here.
         Did he slip past us?

Eris:    She escaped on a ship that the rebels
         had ready for her. Damn that woman!

Soldier: Lady Eris, orders from General Gismor!
         You are to abandon your pursuit of 
         the rebels and withdraw from the area

Nowe:    Withdraw? But we almost had her...

Eris:    He must have his reasons... All forces,
         prepare to move out! Nowe, you go on
         ahead and report to General Gismor.

*** Grand Shrine***
Gismor:  With that dragon at his side, the boy is
         too strong. Like Oror was.
         If I don't do something soon, 
         I might not get another chance.
         It's time to put my plan into action.

|                                                                             |
| 2c. Chapter 3 - Disillusionment                       [1WCH3]               |
|                                                                             |

Nowe:   The key of the District of Soul Flame is destroyed.
        Destroyed by the mysterious woman called Manah.

        Just as her sentence was to be carried out, she fled.
        Though we flew after her, she eluded our grasp.

        Now we have been ordered to return to the Grand Shrine.
        But Manah... Who are you?

|                                                  |
|Chapter 3 - Verse 1 - ground mission   [1WCH3V1]  |
|                                                  |

*** Grand shrine - General's room ***
Gismor:  Nowe, I've been wanting to talk with
         you for some time. This seems to be
         a perfect opportunity.

Nowe:    Sir?

Gismor:  Come now, don't be so formal. Why
         don't you tell me what's on your mind?
         Here, this was Oror's favorite drink...

Nowe:    Thank you, Sir.

Gismor:  You are a stubborn young man, Nowe.
         Just like Oror was. Like father, like
         son, I suppose. However...
         It bothers me, frankly to have
         someone so powerful on our midst...

Nowe:    What?

Gismor:  Be quiet. I haven't finished.
         Yes, three years ago, I gave that same
         drink to Oror, before he left to lead
         defense. He drank it all down
         without hesitation. Just like you...

Nowe:    Wh-? My eyes... I can't see...
         You have poisoned me! You...

Gismor:  Oh? Is it working already? You are
         weak. Oror managed to confront the
         one-eyed man before he succumbed.

Nowe:    You mean, you killed him... But why!?

Gismor:  You fight evil, yet you're willing 
         to trust everyone around you. You're a 
         fool. When I see fools like you, I want
         to crush them like insects.

Nowe:    Gismor... you won't get away with this!


Gismor:  Damn you... when did you
         become so strong?

Eris:    General Gismor, what's happening? I'm
         coming in!
         W-what's happening here!? Nowe, 
         what have you done...?

Nowe:    Eris... What am I?

Eris:    Did you do this? Why!?

Nowe:    ... Goodbye!

|                   Gismor's poison is taking over...                         |
|                    Escape the Grand Shrine at once!                         |

Soldier: He went through the window! 

Nowe:    I have to... go back...
         to Legna.

Nowe:    I have to remember to keep
         healing myself.

Nowe:    I would have killed Gismor
         if Eris hadn't come is.

Nowe:    Eris... I'm sorry...

Nowe:    Please!
         Put away your swords!

Soldier: I knew you'd betray us someday!
         Accursed dragonchild!

Nowe:    What have I done...?
         I lost control, and...?

Soldier: Some savior you are, traitor!

Soldier: Beg for forgiveness
         from General Gismor!

Nowe:    S-so weak...
         Have to... get away...

(arriving near the exit, you meet with 2 elite knights)
Nowe:    Let me through!

Knight:  S-stop! I don't understand...
         What's going on!?
         Nowe, are you really a rebel?

Nowe:    I... I can no longer stay here.
         Gismor... Gismor, he... Damn him!

|               There is no time to loose. Take the key and                   |
|                    escape through the courtyard!                            |
|             If you press "square" while blocking an enemy's                 |
|                     attack, you can parry it.                               |
|               Parrying an enemy's attack disables them for                  |
|                a short time, rendering them vulnerable to                   |
|                           counter-attacks.                                  |

Nowe:    Let me through...
         I don't want to fight!

Knight:  You're not getting away!

Nowe:    Please don't bother me...
         Just let me go!

(after killing the elite knight...)

|                   Obtained the Key to the Courtyard.                        |
|                   Head for the door to the Courtyard!                       |

Nowe:     What happened to me?
          Maybe... I'm...

|                    Used the "Key to the Courtyard".                         |


|                                                  |
|Chapter 3 - Verse 2 - aerial mission   [1WCH3V2]  |
|                                                  |

*** Grand shrine - Courtyard ***
Legna:   What's all the fuss, my boy. What have
         you done?

Nowe:    Legna... I can't stay here any more. We
         Have to fly... fly far away.

Legna:   ...I wasn't planning on eloping with you 
         just yet. But, I suppose now is as good
         a time as ever.
         You look ill, boy. You haven't been
         eating stale leftovers again, have you?

Nowe:    I'm not a child anymore...

Legna:   Hang on. We'll fly out.

Legna:   You're looking better,

Nowe:    Yes. I think the poison has gone.
         How about us? Are we in the clear?

Legna:   Not yet. These leas are infuriatingly 
         Persistent. What ever did you do, boy?

Nowe:    I have made an enemy of General
         Gismor. He... he was the one who killed
         my father, Oror!

Legna:   I'm not surprised. Jealousy, hatred,
         treachery. Sounds like a typical
         human story.

Nowe:    Damn him...

|                      There's no turning back now.                           |
|                         Flee from the Knights!                              |

soldier: Don't let him get away!
         Capture the traitor!

Nowe:    I'm a traitor...?

Soldier: Accursed one! Your curse
         killed General Oror!

Soldier: Stop right there!
         This is where you die!

Soldier: There he is! Bring him down!

Nowe:    Please stop!

Soldier: We've found the traitor. All available
         units - ATTACK!!!

Nowe:    Stop, I'm not your enemy! I don't want
         to fight you!

Legna:   Don't be a fool! Look at them. They
         certainly think that YOU'RE an enemy.
         Just deal with them and let's get out of

|              High-speed airships pursues grief-stricken Nowe.               |
|                      Now you must fight to survive!                         |

Nowe:    I can't go back to the Knights.
         Are we enemies now? 

Nowe:    It's just the two of us now,  
         Legna. Just like before...

Legna:   Very well. You're the only human
         I care to be with, anyway.

Soldier: Die traitor! I hope your body 
         feeds the monsters in the sky!


Legna:   We've given them the slip, for now.

Nowe:    You're right, but let's be careful.
         In any case we need to put more
         distance between us.

|                                                  |
|Chapter 3 - Verse 3 - ground mission   [1WCH3V3]  |
|                                                  |

|                   Nowe and Legna are now fugitives.                         |
|                  In search of a safe haven, then head                       |
|              To the Village of Stone in the Endless Ground...               |

*** Village of Stone ***
Merchant: Ah, perfect timing. You're with the
          Knight of the Seal, right?

Nowe:     Actually, I...

Merchant: What? You're not a knight? Well, 
          dressed like that, you certainly look
          like a Knight of the Seal!

Nowe:     Well, yes, this is their uniform. I
          Suppose I should change out of it.

Merchant: I'm not sure I understand...

Nowe:     It's just that, I kind of had to leave the
          Knights. Actually, I can't really stay
          here too long...

Merchant: Well, in that case, I've got a favor to ask.
          How about it? Will you help me out?
          I've been waiting in some merchants 
          from another town, but... they haven't 
          arrives. No one's seen 'em.
          The merchants know routes that
          the Knight don't. Maybe you'd succeed,
          where the knights would fail.

Nowe:     Alright. I'll find the,

Merchant: They said they were going to go to the
          Closed Land for some business. It's my 
          guess that they're stranded there.
          Good luck. I'm sure you'll find 'em,
          if you look hard enough.

Nowe:     According to the merchant, the
          caravan should be around here

Man:      Argh!

Nowe:     There are people here! They're under 
          attack by monsters! We have to help!

|                        Someone is under attack!                             |
|                 Kill the monsters and rescue their prey!                    |

Man:      Go away! Go away!

(after killing the monsters)
Man:      Thank you. You saved us.

Nowe:     Are you the weapon merchants 
          travelling with the caravan?

Man:      That's right. We got split up from our
          boss and ended up stranded here.

Nowe:     The weapon merchant in the Village of
          Stone asked me to come and find you

Man:      Yeah? I suppose he must've been
          worried... Hey, did you see our boss?
          An old guy? He should still be alive.

Nowe:     No, sorry. We didn't see anyone else.
          But leave it to us. We'll search for him.

Man:      We'll wait for you right here. I hope
          you find him, my friend.

|                  The main caravan should be around here                     |
|                       somewhere. Find it!                                   |

(flying toward the other part of the caravan)
Nowe:     Isn't that...?

|                     The merchants are under attack!                         |
|                             Hurry to their aid!                             |

Man:      I can't believe out boss would
          lead us into so much danger.

(after killing the monsters)
Man:      They're back again!

Nowe:     Those merchants are
          under attack again!

|                 The merchants you rescued earlier are under                 |
|                 attack again. Save them from the monsters!                  |

Man1:     There are more monsters!

Man2:     We're all gonna die!

(after going back and killing the monsters)
Man:      I'm sorry we keep asking you favors.
          We appreciate the help.
          The old man caught a whiff of treasure
          and disappeared off somewhere.
          That's how we got split up.
          But he's really important to us. I hate
          to keep asking for help, but can you
          find him for us. Please?

Nowe:     You need to be more careful... Fine.
          We'll find him.

|                 Find the boss of the merchant caravan!                      |

(near the boss of the caravan)
Nowe:     I found them!
          Damn, more monsters!

|                 The boss of the merchant caravan is under                   |
|                  attack! Kill the monsters and save him!                    |

Boss:     There's a treasure chest,
          but I'm too weak to reach it.
          Would you go and get it for me?
          I'll reward you, of course.

|            There is a treasure chest on the nearby hill. Give               |
|                its contents to the merchant's boss.                         |


Man:      Hey, boss!

Boss:     Hey! Where did you get to?

Man:      Where did WE get to? You're the one
          who wandered off alone. We got
          separated, and then we were attacked
          by the monsters...
          I though we were done for! If this fellow
          here hadn't rescued us, we would've
          been wiped out, the lots of us!

Boss:     You don's say? Sound like a real 

Man:      Adventure? Listen old man...

Boss:     Hey, you! You didn't just save me, but
          you saved all my friends and all, didn't
          you? I'm in your debt.

Nowe:     Forget it... We've cleaned up most of
          the monsters. You should be alright.

Boss:     Aye, but we've lost a lot of time. The
          merchant in the Village of Stone will be
          waiting. Come on men. Let's go to the
          Village and finish this job.
          Come on! That means you!

Man:      Alright, boss!

*** Village of Stone ***
Merchant: Ah, it's you. I heard that you found the

Nowe:     Yes, they're all safe now.

Merchant: Thank you, my friend. I reckon if I'd
          asked the Knights of the Seal to help, 
          all my friend would still be lost in the

Boss:     I've heard  the stories. You're on the
          Run from the Knights of the Seal.

Nowe:     Yes. I need to get out of this land
          before we're surrounded by their
          forces. Can you help us?

Boss:     Leave it to me. You're not the only
          ones who sometimes need to avoid the
          knights. We merchants know a certain hidden road.

Nowe:     I'm travelling with my dragon, Legna. Is
          there room for him?

Boss:     Oh, you're with a dragon!? Now that's 
          a big old piece of cargo! Don't you worry.
          It may be a tight squeeze, but you'll get

Nowe:     Thanks. I'd better leave as soon as

Boss:     Right, you are. Get ready to move out.

|                                                                             |
| 2d. Chapter 4 - Escape                                [1WCH4]               |
|                                                                             |

Nowe:   Oror my father was skilled.
        Killed my Gismor.
        I was to be his next victim.

        I could not stop myself.
        In a rage I struck out against Gismor,
        and left his right arm on the floor.

        What was that strange power that
        coursed through me?
        Now I must flee.

        I am a traitor.

|                                                  |
|Chapter 4 - Verse 1 - aerial mission   [1WCH4V1]  |
|                                                  |

Caim:    ...

????:    Ca... im... C...a...i...m... C...a...i...m...

Caim:    ...

|                   Soul Flame's key has been destroyed.                      |
|                        Four more keys remain...                             |

Nowe:    We've come a long way... a really long

Legna:   What's this, my boy? Are you afraid of
         coming  out into the bog, wide world?
         You should not fear the unknown. You
         should embrace it.

Nowe:    Legna, does nothing frighten you?
         ...Legna, what's happened to you?

Legna:   You've noticed. My body changes as 
         the environment changes. When the 
         situation becomes grave, I evolve. It is
         the blood memory of the dragons.
         As long as that memory lives within us,
         we can stand firm in times of adversity.

Nowe:    Adversity... Yes, times don't get much
         more adverse than now.

Legna:   Why the long face, my boy? I've
         told you before: regret is for the fools.

Nowe:    Legna, I'm not as strong as you. I'll 
         never be able to return to the Knights
         of the Seal now. I just a few seconds,
         I've gone from knight to exiled traitor...

Legna:   Will you stop sitting on my back and
         whining? You'll pull through.
         I know you will.

Nowe:    I'm tired. Let's find a place where we
         can rest awhile.

Legna:   I see some flies gathering  
         in the sky. I shall deal with them.

|                  These flying rats are no match for Legna now.              |
|                         Show them his new strength!                         |

Legna:   They are more then mere beasts. 
         They won't let us through so easily.

(after killing the bats...)

|                   The knights have been waiting above the                   |
|                  Village of Sand. Destroy their air armada!                 |

Nowe:    The knights' ships are here?
         Why so far!?

(after shooting down the airships...)
Soldier: Requesting reinforcements!

|                    High-speed airships have appeared! They                  |
|                    command the armada. Shoot them down!                     |

Nowe:    How far will they pursue us?

Legna:   Humans can't forgive those whose
         beliefs are different from their own.

(after shooting down the airplanes...)
Soldier: Retreat! We'll remember this, traitor!

Nowe:    I slay knight after knight, and they still 
         come! I'll never be able to escape to 
         the town like this.
         Perhaps there's somewhere we can lay
         low for a while...

Legna:   What about our homeland? It's a long
         way from the Knight...

Nowe:    Our homeland... Yes, of course! Let's

Nowe:    Let's go to our valley.
         We know its terrain. Hurry!

|                Head to Nowe's old home, the Forgotten Ruins!                |

(near the TARGET point)

|                   Hungry gryphons gather in the sky.                        |
|               Send their charred remains spiraling down to                  |
|                                 earth!                                      |

(after killing the gryphons)
Legna:   Yes, let us go home.

Nowe:    In the end, it seems to be
         the only place I can call home.


Nowe:    There's no way they can have followed
         us here.

Legna:   Yes. And even if they do track us
         down, it won't do them much good.
         This is OUR territory.

|                                                  |
|Chapter 4 - Verse 2 - ground mission   [1WCH4V2]  |
|                                                  |

Nowe:    It's been a long time. I remember
         playing here when I was young.

Legna:   When you were young?
         When you were a small boy, these
         valleys were your entire universe.

Nowe:    Back then, Legna, you were all I had. If
         you hadn't been there to raise me, I
         would never have survived.

Legna:   These valleys are my hoe. Anything
         in them are my responsibility - even
         abandoned human children.

Nowe:    I owe you my life. Back then, I thought
         that when I grew up, I would grow into
         a dragon, too. I had no idea what 
         humans were...

Legna:   If the Knights of the Seal hadn't come
         to these valleys, who knows? You
         might very well be a dragon right

Nowe:    Maybe, Legna. Maybe.

Legna:   I haven't seen you smile in a 
         long time. You know, I thought you'd 
         forgotten how to laugh.

Nowe:    I guess it's the only place
         for us. Let's go home.

|               Head for Nowe's old home, the Forgotten Ruins!                |

Nowe:    The air here feels so
         Familiar. So right, somehow.

Legna:   This area is infested 
         with insects. What a nuisance.

(arriving at the path that is blocked)
Legna:   I thought there was a road here.
         How strange.

( arriving at the place with a large crystal)
Nowe:    This might be a trap...

Nowe:    I don't remember meeting my 
         father - I mean, Oror.

Legna:   Our life together was
         not so bad.

(while you are killing the soldiers)
Nowe:    Maybe Manah felt like
         this as she ran...

(after "attacking" a crystal)

|                  The dragon's fire has lit the crystal.                     |
|                 It seems to be resonating with other crystals.              |

(after hitting all the crystals)
Nowe:    Was that a rock wall crumbling!?

(while flying back to the previous rock wall)
Legna:   Ah! Here's the road!

Legna:   This cliff... It doesn't look natural.

( at the next rock wall) 
Nowe:    Here's another rock wall.

(after "attacking" a crystal)

|                  The dragon's fire has lit the crystal.                     |
|                  Its light may fade away any seconds...                     |

Nowe:    We're almost home... My life will
         go back to the way it was...

Legna:   This cliff was made by man...
         But for what purpose, I wonder?

Nowe:    We've finally made it this far.
         We should be safe enough here.

Legna:   They may still be waiting in ambush.
         I'm going to investigate. You get off
         and rest for a while.


|                                                  |
|Chapter 4 - Verse 3 - ground mission   [1WCH4V3]  |
|                                                  |

Nowe:    Good... We should be alright here...

(the sound of running can be heard)
Nowe:    ...!

Gismor:  You took your time. You and
         your dragon friend are far too

Nowe:    Gismor! Damn, they came here ahead
         of us.

Gismor:  Did you really think you could get
         away that easily!?

|                      The knights have been lying in wait!                   |
|                    Cut them down and get away from here!                    |

Soldier: We've got you surrounded. 
         Surrender now!

Nowe:    Legna! Oh, he can't hear me.
         He must be out of the area.

|                More soldiers have pursued you into the ruins!               |

Soldier: Damn it! When did he become so
         strong? Even our elite force are no
         match for him!

Nowe:    Damn! There's nowhere to run!

Soldier: My arm! My arm!

Soldier: Hang on! Reinforcements are
         on the way!

(elite knight are approaching Nowe)

|                    More reinforcements have arrived!                        |
|                  It's the knights elite force! Use caution!                 |

(after killing the elite knights...)
Nowe:    What the-!? The door opened!

Manah:   This way!

Nowe:    That voice? It is Manah? What are you
         doing here...?

Manah:   We don't have time to talk. Quickly,
         Follow me!

|                  Slip away from the enemy and escape through                |
|                         the thundering valley!                              |

Manah:   It's alright. 
         Just do as I say.

Manah:   The lightning strikes the rods.
         Avoid walking near the rods.

Gismor:  Idiots! Why do you fear lightning!?

Eris:    This lightning is dangerous.
         Please stand back, Sir.

Nowe:    I certainly didn't expect to 
         see you here.

Manah:   Yes, what a coincidence...
         Maybe it's fate.

Manah:   The lightning is
         focused on the rods.
         Walk between the lightning bolts!



|                                                  |
|Chapter 4 - Verse 4- ground mission    [1WCH4V4]  |
|                                                  |

Manah:   You... saved my life.

Nowe:    You saved mine.

Manah:   Thank you.

Nowe:    Save the thanks until we're safe.

Legna:   Shut up and let's go!

|                The knights are gathering behind you... Leave                |
|                   before they call in more reinforcements.                  |

Nowe:    I've never been this far

|                A platoon of magicians lies in wait. Legna is                |
|              vulnerable to their magic. Dismount and fight on               |
|                                  foot!                                      |

|                 Manah is most powerful against magicians                    |
|               She can also use a wide variety of magic spells.              |
|            By defending against magic attacks, she can acquire              |
|                    more MP than other party members.                        |
|             When she is not in the battlefield, her MP gauge                |
|                   will gradually be replenished.                            |

Manah:   Fight magic with magic.
         I'll show you what I can do.

Soldier: Target that woman!

Nowe:    We can't escape.
         Let's blast out way through! 

Soldier: She's a mere girl. Keep
         attacking and wear her down!

Soldier: Attack! Keep going!

(after killing everyone)
Legna:   Is that it?

Legna:   It would be wise to avoid 
         the skies for a while.


Nowe:    Well, now what do we do?

Manah:   Just follow me.

Nowe:    Do you know this area?

Manah:   I spent a long time hiding out here. Not
         even the Knights of the Seal managed
         to find my hideout.

|                                                  |
|Chapter 4 - Verse 5 - aerial mission   [1WCH4V5]  |
|                                                  |

*** Manah's hideout ***
Nowe:    It looks like we've lost them.
         Thank you. I owe you one.

Manah:   You don't need to thank me. I couldn't 
         just abandon you.

Nowe:    But what do we do now...?

Manah:   I have to go to the nest district.

Nowe:    District? Is there one near here?
         You're going to destroy another
         key, aren't you?

Manah:   Yes. That is always my mission. I have 
         To destroy the key of the District of Hallowed Water.

Nowe:    But...

Manah:   You saw the truth yourself. At the 
         District of Soul Flame.

Nowe:    I don't know. I'm not a Knight of the
         Seal anymore. But, if I go with you,
         I might find out what's going on. Let me
         come too.

|               Head to the Village of Sand to verify Manah's                 |
|                                   story.                                    |

Legna:   Careful. You'll draw attention to

(after shooting down a few airships, airplanes appear)
Legna:   We made too much noise.
         They know we're here.

|                   The enemy reinforcements have arrived!                    |
|                   Destroy them and head for the village!                    |

Legna:   There reinforcements have 
         arrived. Can't you be quiet?

Soldier: You won't get past me!

(after shooting down the airplanes)
Legna:   I sense something. 
         The enemy is waiting ahead.

(a large battleship appears)
Nowe:    We have no choice.
         Let's wipe them out!

|                          Ambushers lie in wait.                             |
|                  Destroy the battleship and its armada!                     |

(after a few shots at the battleship)
soldier: Send reinforcements!
         We can't hold them!

(after shooting down the battleship)
Soldier: The dragon is just too powerful...


Nowe:    I can see the village.

Manah    There's nothing left now. The river has 
         dried up... It's not a place for people to
         live. Though they say that long ago,
         this was a green and fertile land.

Nowe:    The river dried up? Just like that?

Manah:   Of course not! It was the work of the
         knights. When they built the fort over
         the headwaters, the river dried up and
         the land became a desert...

Nowe:    If what you say is true, then the knights
         are doing nothing but spreading 

Manah:   Why don't you see for yourself?

Nowe:    Let's go.

|                                                  |
|Chapter 4 - Verse 6 - ground mission   [1WCH4V6]  |
|                                                  |

*** Village of Sand ***
Manah:   Another death. 
         Another innocent life lost...

Nowe:    A child...

Manah:   I'm sorry. I was too late to help. But,
         I will destroy the districts and release you
         Now do you see, Nowe? How they
         suffer? They have nothing to eat. 
         They are starving to death.
         But they cannot leave...
         If they do try, then the knights punish
         them. But starving here means that they
         weaken and die, one by one.

Nowe:    Hell for them if they stay, and hell if
         they flee.

Woman:   Open your eyes! My beautiful child...

Manah:   No. The truth is worse than any hell.
         Nowe, please. Open your eyes. See the

Nowe:    Yes, I've seen enough Manah, I
         believe you. I'm coming with you.
         Maybe I can help you, somehow.

Manah:   Thank you.

Soldier: Halt! Who are you people?

Manah:   Get out of our way.

Soldier: You must be the rebels we're 
         after. I'm going to enjoy this!

Manah:   Let's head to the Aqua fortress.
         Water must flow to the village 
         once more.

|                     The Aqua Fortress is just ahead.                        |
|                    Open the gate and head for the fortress!                 |

Manah:   I heard that the guardian of
         this district is the only female 

Nowe:    The guardian of Hallowed Water is
         called Hanch.

(after killing the soldiers, the gates open)
(and after going through, is closed again)

|                 The path to the Aqua Fortress is well guarded.              |
|                 Eliminate its guardians and save the village!               |

Soldier: Traitor! We won't let you
         go any further!

Legna:   You, too, wish to bathe
         in my fire!?

(after killing the soldiers, elite knight come)
(after finishing them, villagers appear)

|                 The villagers are rising up against the knight!             |
|               Protect them and aide their assault on the forces             |
|                         guarding the sluice gate!                           |

Soldier: How date you rebel against 
         the Knights of the Seal!?

Soldier: You people are only valuable 
         as sacrifices.

Nowe:    Manah, what motivates you to
         fight for the people?

Manah:   I want peace and equality for all.
         That is why I fight.

Nowe:    You have something to believe in.
         I envy you...

|             The knights have opened the sluice gate for their               |
|                reinforcements. Now's your change to pass                    |
|                                  through!                                   |

(going thought the gate)

|                It's a trap! You've been separated from the                  |
|               villagers! They won't last long alone! Kill the               |
|                 enemy reinforcements and rejoin them!                       |

Legna:   It would be better to dispatch 
         them with your sword. Go now.

Soldier: So weak! So weak!
         You're all powerless without Nowe.

(after killing the magicians and the elite knights) 

|               The sluice gate is open! Annihilate the knights              |
|                    with the help of the villagers!                         |

Nowe:    I'm no longer a knight...
         There's no going back!


Manah:   Thank you. Nowe all the sluice gates are
         But the rives still won't flow. The key
         Holds back the water. It must
         be destroyed. We have to go to the Shrine
         of Hallowed Water.

|                                                  |
|Chapter 4 - Verse 7 - ground mission   [1WCH4V7]  |
|                                                  |

Manah:   We're almost there. Are you sure about

Nowe:    Yes. A system that allows innocent 
         children die cannot be right. If
         there's a chance we can change things,
         then we have to try.

Manah:   Alright. Then let's get going. The
         knights will be waiting up ahead.
         Don't let your guard down.

|            The Hallowed Water Key is inside the fortress.                  |
|                Eliminate the knights who protect it!                       |

Nowe:    Let's go!

(after shooting the crystal)

|                    A gate has opened somewhere far away.                    |
|                    The crystal light is fading quickly...                   |

Legna:   No room to maneuver.
         We'll be an easy target.
         Stay alert.

( after slipping under the gate)
Legna:   It's better to take out the
         smaller target first.

|              Legna is under attack! Destroy the cannons first               |
|                to gain and advantage on the battlefield.                    |

Manah:   So this is the Aqua Fortress.
         It's larger than I imagined.

Soldier: Send all the remaining
         soldiers to the front!

Nowe:    Can we withstand those attacks?

|                  Magicians have appeared on the fortress's                  |
|                      battlements. Eliminate them!                           |

Nowe:    If a key is destroyed, its guardian
         also died. Their bond is eternal.

Manah:   the guardians stay at their posts 
         Unless ordered by the general.

Soldier: Don't run! Fight!

Soldier: Fight for the honor of the Knight!
         Uphold our honor!

(killing the magicians...)
Manah:   That soldier...
         Something must be beyond that door.

|                  The Aqua Fortress Guards have appeared!                    |
|                   Dispatch them and enter the fortress!                     |

Nowe:    I wonder if this district's key 
         is at the back of the shrine?

Manah:   We must destroy the key to get 
         the water flowing to the village.

Nowe:    I'll go with you Manah. I've come
         this far. There's no turning back.

(after finishing everyone)
Nowe:    Let's head for the dais!


|                                                  |
|Chapter 4 - Verse 8 - ground mission   [1WCH4V8]  |
|                                                  |

** The District of Hallowed Water - Water Dais **
Nowe:   A water vial?

Manah:  It must be the sacred vial that serves as
        the key for the Hollow Water
        Dais. All the water of this land is
        sealed up inside.

Nowe:   So if we smash it, then the waters will
        be released?

Hanch:  Stop it right there!

Nowe:   It's the guardian!

Hanch:  Yes, yes, yes, it's me. Hanch at your
        Oooh, deary me. It seems I'm just in
        time. In any case, I heard that Lord Nowe has
        thrown his lot in with the traitors. That
        won't do at all. Time for your
        punishment, child.
        There's no room to move in here. Let's
        take this outside, shall we?

Nowe:   So, you really want to fight? Fine with
        me... Come and get it!

Hanch:  Oooh, deary me. Such aggression! 
        Will Lord Nowe really turn his sword
        against a lady?
        Look at me. I'm just a poor little
        woman. Yes, yes, I'm an ugly
        little woman. What harm can I
        possibly do?
        Oh yes. How did Lord Nowe enjoy his
        taste of the water? Tasted funny, did
        it? Made your head spin, did it?

Nowe:   It was you, wasn't it!? You poisoned
        the general's water at Gismor's request!

Hanch:  Yes, yes! Isn't General Gismor
        an obedient little soldier!? But don't tell
        anyone else. It's a SECRET.
        It's a secret.

Nowe:   It was you! You plotted to kill
        Oror... and me!? Damn you, you witch!

Hanch:  I don't want to bore you, so I brought
        my own little pet, Kelpie, for you to
        play with.

|             Kill Hanch's pact-beast, Kelpie, and destroy the                |
|                               Holy Vial!                                    |

Nowe:   I'll make you pay for
        conspiring with Gismor!

Hanch:  Oh, touchy, touchy!
        You'd regret killing a helpless
        little woman like me.

Hanch:  Hoooh! What was that? 
        You can do better than that!

(after a few attacks on Kelpie)
Hanch:  Aahh!!

Legna:  How is it that my fire is sealed? 
        It must be a magician. Search!

Hanch:  Oh, you're so slow. You're not
        running nearly fast enough.
        Why do you have to be
        like that? I'm sure we can still
        be friends...

(after a few more attacks)
Hanch:  Aahh!!
        How dare you do such a
        thing to a woman!
        Ah, very impressive!
        Do you like to watch?

Hanch:  The price for my pact was
        my charm. I used to have a pretty smile,
        as bright as the sunshine.

( after more attacks on Kelpie)
Hanch:  Urgh!
        Die now! Hurry!
        Oh, you're so mean!
        But not mean enough!
        Don't you have any sins
        you'd rather wash away?
        I'll wash them all away for you!
        Ha ha ha... Haha...
        Is this the spot?
        Die! Die! Die! Die!

Nowe:   I need to memorize its
        movements and time my attack...

Hanch:  Oh, so tiny.
        What a disappointment.
        Crush him!
        CRUSH HIM!
        Oh, I like that!

( after killing Kelpie)
Hanch:  Noooo!


Hanch:  It hurts! I'm finished.
        I'm done for. But I don't want to die.
        NO! No! No!
        It never used to be like this...
        I used to be so happy...
        Everyone loved me... What
        happened? What happened?
        The storm... The darkness... 
        It's coming... to swallow me up...

Manah:  The pact-partner guardians are dead
        and the vial that was the
        key to the district is destroyed. The river flows
        and the village has water again.
        Thanks to you, the keys
        that have oppressed the people of two
        districts have been destroyed.
        The martyrs have been saved.

Nowe:   and the people of the village, too...

Manah:  It's time to journey to the District of
        Precious Light. But, before we do, I
        want to visit a town nearby.

Eris:   Lady Hanch? What is this...?

Nowe:   Eris!

Eris:   Nowe! Do you have any idea what
        you're doing? That woman is using you!
        Manah - that's your name, isn't it?
        You've cast a spell on him, haven't

Manah:  I think you underestimate him.

Eris:   What did you say !? You witch!

Nowe:   Eris, that's enough. I'm not under her
        or anyone else's spell.
        I need answers. There are too many
        questions still remaining. All I know
        right now... is that I can never go back
        to the Knights of the Seal. Never. 
        Goodbye, Eris.

Eris:   Nowe. You have killed another
        guardian. You have destroyed another

        district. You commit one crime after another. 
        But why? 
        Manah. I won't forgive you for this.

|                                                  |
|Chapter 4 - Verse 9 - ground mission   [1WCH4V9]  |
|                                                  |

|            Nowe and Manah have left the District of Hallowed Water.        |
|              They head to the Village of Stone to search                   |

|                for a man who left the Knights long ago.                    |

*** village of Stone ***
Boss:    Ah, it's the young lad.

Nowe:    It's good to see you again. Listen, we 
         need some information.

Boss:    Such as?

Manah:   I heard there was a deserter from
         the Knights of the Seal. I want to know 
         who it was.

Boss:    Oh, yes. The knight that ran away, you
         mean? Everyone's talking about him...
         Call him the "dragon child", they do.

Nowe:    ...Have you heard of any other 

Boss:    Others? Well, it was a little while
         ago, but there were rumors about 
         a fella called the "masked man."

Nowe:    "The masked man"? Do you know
         anything else about him?

Boss:    You know, information don't come 
         free around these parts. Folks don't 
         just give it away.

Nowe:    You want money?

Boss:    Nah, I've got lots of money already.
         There is something I want though. Will
         you do me a little favor?
         I'm a weapon merchant, right? I've 
         seen all kinds of weapons, but I'm 
         getting bored of the usual stuff.
         I want to get some special weapons.
         Maybe it's just a rumor, but I've heard
         about a pair of famous weapons. I'd
         really like to find them.

Nowe:    If we bring you those weapons, you'll 
         help us out?

Boss:    I certainly will. Now, one is a sword.
         The other one, a staff. Beyond that,
         I don't know much.

Nowe:    Alright. We'll find them for you.

Boss:    Good luck, my friend.

|                  Nowe and Manah are in search of weapons.                   |
|                   They head for the Fire Cavern Fortress.                   |

|                     The two weapons are hidden inside the                   |
|                       Fire Cavern Fortress. Find them!                      |

(near one of the chests, at the graves)

|                   Annihilate the evil spirits that protect                  |
|                             the treasure chest!                             |

|                              Obtained a sword!                              |

Nowe:    Found it! This must be the weapon the
         merchant was looking for.

Manah:   I think you're right. That's no ordinary
         weapon. I sense great power... and
         great magic.

Nowe:    Alright. Let's go and find the other one.

|                 There should be another weapon inside the                   |
|                     Fire Cavern Fortress. Find it!                          |

(jumping on the altar, and hitting the chest)

|                     The treasure chest is locked...                         |
|                   Find the key to the treasure chest!                       |

(at the room with the large stairs, and the bridge)

|                  Trapped! Kill the magicians guarding the                   |
|                                 treasure!                                   |

(after killing the magicians)

|                              Obtained a Rod.                                |


Nowe:    It looks like this is the special weapon
         the old man was talking about.

Manah:   There is powerful magic in this weapon.

Nowe:    That's both of them, at last. Let's
         take them back to the merchant.

*** Village of Stone ***
Nowe:    I found the two weapons you
         wanted. These are the ones, yes? 

Boss:    Well, well, well! So the rumors were true!?

Nowe:    One sword and one staff. I'm pretty
         sure that these are what you were 
         talking about.

Boss:    Let me see, let me see... Ah, yes. 
         No doubt about it... These are the
         legendary Weapons of the Seal.
         Look at the craftsmanship. See how the 
         blade of the sword shined. The balance 
         is perfect. You can feel the power in the
         hilt. This is no ordinary sword.

Nowe:    If those are the weapons you wanted, 
         you owe us some info about the
         masked man.

Boss:    Ah, yes, of course. The last time I
         heard, he was spotted in the City of
         Rust, in the district of Precious Light.
         Like his name suggests, he always 
         wears a strange mask for to hide his
         face. The City of Rust should be on 
         your map.

Nowe:    Alright, thank you.
         We'll leave straight away.

Boss:    Slow down there, young 'un. Don't 
         forget to take these weapons with you.

Nowe:    Don't you want them?

Boss:    I can't insult such fine weapons by
         selling them in a shop, now, can I?
         And of course, I can't use 'em.
         Very few people can wield these 
         weapons properly. But it seems to me
         that you two could know how to get 
         the most out of them.

Nowe:    Very well. We shall accept your gift.
         Thank you. 

Boss:    No problem. 'Tis my job to make sure 
         that the right weapons find their way
         into the right hands.

Nowe:    We promise to use the weapons as they
         should be used. Now, we'd better

|                                                                             |
| 2e. Chapter 5 - An Ally                               [1WCH5]               |
|                                                                             |

Nowe:   Again, Manah and I meet. Was it by chance?
        Manah showed me the suffering of the villagers.

        To free them, the key must be destroyed, says Manah.
        I make my decision. Together we smashed the
        Hallowed Water key.

        There is no turning back. Next is the District of Precious Light.
        But first, to the City of Rust, where we hope to learn more.

|                                                  |
|Chapter 5 - Verse 1 - aerial mission   [1WCH5V1]  |
|                                                  |

????:    ...

Caim:    ...!

????:    Ca... im...  Can... you... see... me...? 

Caim:    ...!

????:    ...Soon... Very... very... soon.

Caim:    ...

|                     Hallowed Water's key has been destroyed.                |
|                         Three more keys remain...                           |

Manah:   We should be coming up to the
         City of Rust.

Nowe:    What kind of place is it?

Manah:   A long time ago, when the Empire and the
         Union fought, it seemed that the
         whole world would fall. This was one
         of the few places to escape destruction.
         It's not a place you'd want to live in.
         It's a dangerous town. The Knights of
         the Seal are supposed to keep order, 
         but their presence doesn't help much.

Legna:   Well, well... That explains the ominous
         stench emanating for the place.
         I smell monsters...

Nowe:    They're here, too?

Legna:   Leave them to me. I'll give them a light

Legna:   Spare me the details.
         I'll burn you to ash.

|                    Burn the monsters blocking your path!                    |

|                  In the wake of the Holy Vial's destruction, a new          |
|                    breath sphere, splash Breath, has been                   |
|                                 unleashed.                                  |
|                Splash Breath launches a rapid-fire volley of                |
|               homing water projectiles. It is useful for hitting            |
|                              multiple enemies.                              |
|    You can switch a breath sphere's elemental alignment by attacking it.    |

(after shooting down the cubes, flying monsters appear)
Legna:   Use the water power we
         just released. 

Nowe:    The City of Rust seems quite large.

Manah:   It's best to go to a city or 
         town to gather intelligence.

Nowe:    I'd prefer to avoid crowds...
         but we have no other choice.

Manah:   I don't know who the deserter of
         the Knights of the Seal is, but
         I hear he's quite the fighter.

(airplanes appear)
Soldier: We've found the traitor!  
         You won't get away!

Nowe:    Damn! They've found us!

|      The monsters' screams have attracted the knights' attention!           |
|                      Shoot them down and escape!                            |

Manah:   People gather in cities and
         Towns in search of information.

Nowe:    That means more good guys 
         and bad guys, right?

Legna:   Shall we enter the town?


Manah:   That's the City of Rust there.
         We should go down.

|                                                  |
|Chapter 5 - Verse 2 - ground mission   [1WCH5V2]  |
|                                                  |

Manah:         My agents have already been digging
               up information on the knight deserter.
               We'll talk with them first.
               It's a large town. We don't want to get

Nowe:          ... It looks lie there are knights here, too.
               Let's be careful, alright ?

Manah:         Let's go t a densely populated
               area and gather information.

|                 They say the masked man is somewhere in this                |
|                 city. Find him and obtain the information you               |
|                                   need!                                     |

Manah:         There must be an inn that would
               take us, even this late at night.

(after killing the soldiers)

|                   Obtained the Map of the City of Rust.                     |

(in one the alleys)

|                Bounty hunters are attacking innocent man!                   |
|               He might give you information if you save him.                |

Bounty hunter: Hey I know you!
               Today's my lucky day!

Nowe:          The bounty hunters might be
               after the deserter, too.

(after killing the bounty hunters)
Young man:     A deserter from the Knights of the
               Seal ? well, now. Just about everyone
               in this town has a past. I wouldn't sniff
               around too much.

|                Bounty hunters are preparing to attack the                   |
|                   towns people. Save them from harm!                        |

Bounty hunter: I've heard all about you!
               You're wanted dead or alive!

( after killing the bounty hunters)
Townsman:      Ah, the man who used to be in the
               Knight of the Seal? Yes, I know him.
               Goes around wearing this big mask. No
               one's seen his real face.

|                   Someone with information is waiting in the                |
|                            northern alleyways.                              |
|                     Go and see what he has to say!                          |

Soldier:       You're wanted, Nowe! 

(after killing the soldiers)
Townsman:      A masked man? Maybe the one I saw
               lurking around the alleyways. Why?
               Are you friends of him?

Manah:         No. We just want to ask him some

Townsman:      Hang on! You look familiar! 
               Where have I seen you before...?

Manah:         Thanks. Goodbye.

(while going out from the alley)
Manah:         Somebody is observing us
               from the center of the plaza.

Young man:     Lady Manah. So the rumors were
               true - you are here.

Manah:         We're looking for the masked man.
               Do you know him?

Young man:     There's a fellow waiting at the church.
               He has the information you need.
               Go and talk to him. He'll tell you
               What to do next.

|                   Go to the church where the informant with                 |
|                 the information about the masked man awaits!                |

Nowe:          Security forces are heading our
               way. Let's hurry!

Nowe:          We can probably get useful
               Information from Manah's friends.

(at the church)

|                 A man who looks like an informant is under                  |
|                      attack! Save him from the knights!                     |

(after clearing the area of the soldiers)
Old man:       I've been waiting for you Lady Manah.
               Use this key to enter the north-east 

|                        Obtained the Alleyway Key.                           |
|                   Head to the alleyway and find the masked man!             |

(arriving at the alley)
Manah:         I believe the north-east alleyways 
               are somewhere around here.

|                        Used the "Alleyways Key."                            |

Nowe:          We're well off the beaten track now...

Manah:         It's dangerous. We have to find the
               masked man quickly.

Bounty hunter: Oy! You look like that bloke on
               the wanted sign. And that girl looks
               familiar too. 
               It's Nowe and Manah, innit?
               The Knights want you pretty bad...
               There's a good price on your
               heads, too. Lucky us!

Bounty hunter: You wanna fight? 

(after killing the bounty hunters)
Nowe:          Had enough?

Bounty hunter: You rotten scum! Come on lads, we
               got 'em trapped. Take 'em down!


Bounty hunter: You're cornered! You got nowhere to run now!

Masked man:    Stop right there! 
               Just because you can't make any
               friend, doesn't mean you should take
               it out in the rest of us.

Manah:         It that him? Is that the masked man!?

Bounty hunter: Hey, who the hell are you? Don't get in
               the way of our work, alright?

Masked man:    Oh, I don't wan to get in your way.
               I'm just one man.

Bounty hunter: Ooh, I get it... You're after the bounty,
               too. So you reckon you can turn these
               two in yourself, do you? This is
               our turf!

Masked man:    Oh my, oh my. Are you really that
               anxious to die? But before you do, 
               let me show you something.
               Come closer... Come on...


|                                                  |
|Chapter 5 - Verse 3 - ground mission   [1WCH5V3]  |
|                                                  |

Masked Man:    How do you like that? They just ran
               away. Well, it saves me the trouble.

Nowe:          Thanks. We owe you one.

Masked Man:    Well, what do you know? There I was
               thinking you were some regular crook,
               and it's Nowe! Fancy meeting you here.

Nowe:          Who are you? How do you know my

Masked Man:    What, you've forgotten me already?
               How quickly the young forget.

Nowe:          Wait... I know that voice.
               Yes! You're Urick! The Urick who used to 
               serve under General Oror. Right ?

Urick:         At last, you remember me. And here
               you are, travelling with a woman, no
               less. Time does fly.

Nowe:          ... You haven't changed - still
               playing the fool as always.

Bounty hunter: There they are! These are the ones we
               told you about. The fugitives Nowe and

Nowe:          Damn!

Urick:         Peace, my friend. We'll soon take care
               of them.

Soldier:       Traitor! So, this is where
               you are hiding!

|                     The city if crawling with knights.                      |
|                      Get out before its too late!                           |

Urick:         Ah, time for some fun!

(after clearing the area)

Urick:         All right, Nowe, calm down. Are you
               Going to introduce us?

Nowe:          Right. Manah, this is Urick. He
               served under my adopted father, Oror, 
               in the Knights of the Seal. I guess he
               was kind of like a brother to me.

Manah:         Pleased to meet you. My name is
               Manah. I've came here looking for the
               Fugitive from the Knights of the Seal. I
               Need you to tell me about the districts.

Urick:         Whoa, hold on there. I... I don't know
               that much.

Manah:         Any information at all would be a great
               help. No matter how trivial...

Urick:         Sorry, miss, but we should probably
               think about getting out of here.
               I suspect those guys will have called
               their friend by now.
               One more thing. A one-eyed man, 
               armed with a huge sword is hanging 
               around. I think he's make a fight
               with the bounty hunters seem like nothing.

Manah:         ... A one-eyed man?

Urick:         Uh-oh. Guess we spent too long
               chatting. They're back again.

Urick:         The front gate is no goof. We'll 
               use the gate in the northern plaza.

|                  Go to the Gate in the northern plaza,                      |
|                         that Urick speaks of!                               |

Manah:         Forget the one-eyed man... We
               can't afford to get sidetracked.

(at the TARGET)

|                  The northern gate is already blocked.                      |
|                   Kill the knights and clear a path!                        |

(after clearing the northern plaza)

|                    The knights have called in an ogre!                      |
|                            Kill it at once!                                 |

|                    Urick is powerful against monsters.                      |
|                 He is particularly affective when surrounded.               |
|               When he is not on the battlefield, his HP gauge               |
|                    will gradually be replenished.                           |

Urick:         Let me handle this. Hopefully, 
               my skills aren't too rusty.

Manah:         I never imagined that
               we'd gain an ally here.

Urick:         I don't know much, but
               I know I can fight.

|                       Head to the front gate!                               |

Urick:         The alleyway's no good, 
               either. Let's go out the front.

|                    Ogre's walk the moonlit streets.                         |
|                             Destroy them!                                   |

Urick:         What's this? Are the knights
               making friends with monsters now?

Urick:         Those knights just don't give up!
               How's a guy supposed to relax!?

(after killing the ogres)
Urick:         Here comes trouble.
               I've got a bad feeling about this.

|                  The knight have called in a minotaur!                      |
|                            Eliminate it!                                    |

Nowe:          I remember the days, when
               you and Father used to 
               train me.

Urick:         Hey, Nowe, how's your dragon 
               Doing? You still with him?

(killing the minotaurs)

|                       Obtained the Front Gate Key.                          |

|                         Used the Front Gate Key.                            |

Nowe:          More of them!? 
               We need to get out of here.



Manah:         No... Help me...

Urick:         It's him. The one-eyes man. We finally 
               meet again. But I can't fight him... not

Nowe:          The one-eyed man? Could it be? 
               Was it he who killed my father,
               Oror, three years ago?

Urick:         Your lady friend is acting weird. I'd like
               to stay and play some, but maybe
               it's time we got out of here.

Legna:         the fun never ends, eh?

Nowe:          Legna!

Legna:         You need my help?

Nowe:          Nice timing. We need to get out of here,

Soldier:       It's the dragon! The dragon's here!
               They're getting away! After them!

Caim:          ...

|                                                  |
|Chapter 5 - Verse 4 - aerial mission   [1WCH5V4]  |
|                                                  |

Nowe:   They saw through our plan!
        This is going to be difficult...

Urick:  They've even got the skies 

Legna:  We'll blast our way through.
        Hold on tight.

Urick:  As long as you have Legna, 
        You're nigh-on invincible, Nowe

Legna:  Another passenger? He
        seems quite the joker.

Nowe:   That man... That's no ordinary man...
        Who is he?

(a battleship appears)
Urick:  Here comes a big one.

|                    The knights' battleship is here!                         |
|                    Kill them before they kill you!                          |

Urick:  The princess doesn't look too
        good. Let's get out of here.


Legna:  If we wait, we'll loose the initiative.
        We should strike while we still can.

Nowe:   It's true, the one-eyes man killed my
        father, Oror. But right now, we have
        to focus on freeing the districts.
        Right, Manah?

Urick:  So it was you, Nowe? I had heard that
        some renegades were going around 
        smashing up the districts...
        You surprise me...

Manah:  The one-eyed man... I hate him...

Nowe:   Manah, what's wrong? What is it about 
        the one-eyes man? You've been a bit
        strange ever since we saw him.

Manah:  ...

Urick:  Just drop it, Nowe. Gentlemen
        shouldn't probe about a lady's past.

Nowe:   ...

Legna:  When the one-eyed man was there,
        I managed to pick up a few words...
        "Precious light", and...
        something about a castle, I think.

Nowe:   You heard words? I didn't hear anything...

Legna:  No, you wouldn't. It was more like
        his... thoughts, you could say.

Urick:  That must be the District of Precious
        Light. There are some real bad types 
        that hang out there. A guy called
        Yaha in the district guardian.

Nowe:   Let's go to the District of Precious 
        Light. The longer we wait, the stronger
        their defense will become.

|                                                  |
|Chapter 5 - Verse 5 - ground mission   [1WCH5V5]  |
|                                                  |

Manah:   I've heard that they round up civilians
         to be used as forced labor in the castle.
         It seems that conditions here are
         as bad as in the other districts.

Nowe:    More sacrificial "martyrs".

Manah:   Let's go.

Legna:   So many of them!
         They shall all burn!

|            The District of Precious Light is protected by the               |
|            Citadel of Light. You won't be able to enter until               |
|                 all the knights guarding it are dead!                       |

Soldier: Courageous knights, 
         stop that demon!

Nowe:    Another pact-partner must be
         guarding the district.

Urick:   That Yaha.
         I'd rather not see him.

(arriving at the Citadel of Light)
Nowe:    So this is the Castle of Precious
         Light? Looks like the knights are in
         firm control here too...

Manah:   We have no time to waste. Let's go.

Legna:   Put up a fight or it's no fun
         for me. Let's go.

|              The magicians of light have you in their sights!               |
|                            Eliminate them!                                  |

(killing the magicians)
Soldier: How? It's impossible!
         We can't stop it!

|             The remaining soldiers have murder in their eyes.               |
|                Leave no knight standing in the outer limits!                |

(if you use Legna, while clearing the area)
Urick:   The dragon's power never
         fails to impress me.

Soldier: How could an entire platoon be
         defeated by few?

|                    The enemy reinforcements have brought                    |
|                     monsters with them! Annihilate them!                    |

( killing the monsters)

|                   The outer limits have been destroyed. Go to               |
|                 the front gate and storm the Citadel of Light!              |


Nowe:    This door... It's locked. I don't see a
         keyhole. There must be some other 
         way to open it...

Urick:   This looks like Yaha's doing. There'll be
         some sort of special trick to open it.
(the door opens)
         Oh, he's inviting us in, is he? Well, well, 
         I am grateful. 

Nowe:    Don't you think it's a trap?

Urick:   The door was locked and now it's wide
         open. Even if it's a trap, where else 
         are we gonna go?

Nowe:    I suppose you're right. Come on, then.

|                                                  |
|Chapter 5 - Verse 6 - ground mission   [1WCH5V6]  |
|                                                  |

|               Go to the Hallowed Light Dais deep inside the                 |
|               citadel and destroy its key, the Holy Crystal!                |

Nowe:    I suppose traps are commonplace 
         in fortresses. Let's stay alert.

Soldier: What!? Who are you!? This district
         belongs to the Knights of the Seal! No
         civilians are allowed here. Don't you
         understand? Get out of here, now!

Nowe:    We know it's a district. That's why
         we're here.

Soldier: What was that? Wait... You're them!
         You're the traitors from the wanted
         The enemy is attacking! All troops to
         your positions! Don't just stand there,
         someone warn Sir Yaha! Drive the
         traitors away!

(on the first floor on the left side of the citadel,)
(after killing the 2 elite knights)
Urick:   Some force is pushing us back? 
         Oh, Yaha, do you really think I'd fall
         for your childish tricks?

|             The wind of deceit blows in this room. But to the               |
|              one who knows Yaha's tricks, it is ineffective.                |

(after jumping up, and hitting the crystal)
Urick:   Great. Now we can more on.
         I wonder what's next on the menu.

(on the first floor on the right side of the citadel,)
(after killing the magicians)
Manah:   This floor... I feel some force emanating 
         from it. What can it mean?

|              Powerful magic emanates from the shining floor.                |
|                  Only those with powerful magic may pass.                   |

(after jumping up, and hitting the crystal)
Manah:   Yes!
         We can go forward now.

(in one of the rooms, where there was an undead,)
(in the corner you see two soldiers)

Soldier: Wait!

Soldier: No! Don't kill us! We are on your side!
         This fort is infected by Sir Yaha's illusions.
         In one place there is an illusionary 
         wall. I don't know exactly where it is.

Soldier: Here, use this. It'll come in handy.

|               Obtained the Map of the Citadel of Light.                     |
|                Use the map to find the illusory wall.                       |

(in front of the wall)
Manah:   Something is not quite 
         right about this place...

(after going down, into the dungeon)
Nowe:    What are these symbols on the

|                 Do you want to open the door to this cell?                  |
|                                Yes / No                                     |

Old Man: Ah, wh-who are you?

Manah:   I've come to free you all.

Old man: Then you must be the promised 

Nowe:    I'm no savior.

Soldier: What the hell's going on here? Who's

Nowe:    The Knights of the Seal! Flee, all of
         you! Now!

|                  The knights are drawn toward the noise!                    |
|                Kill them before they call in reinforcements!                |

(after killing the soldiers)

|               The soldiers are dead. Solve the mystery of the               |
|                dungeons and head to the Hallowed Light Dais!                |

Urick:   Yaha is here. He's far off, but
         I can feel his sickly presence.

(at door IV.)

|                             It's an ambush!                                 |
|                           Eliminate the enemy!                              |

(at door VI, after hitting the crystal)
Urick:   Yaha made a pact with the 


|                                                  |
|Chapter 5 - Verse 7 - ground mission   [1WCH5V7]  |
|                                                  |

*** The District of Precious Light - Hallowed Light Dais ***
Nowe:   At last. Is this where the key is kept?

Urick:  Yeah. That huge stone there. It's the
        Holy Crystal of Hallowed Light.

Yaha:   Welcome, friends. Welcome to the
        chamber of Hallowed Light.

Urick:  Ah, the guardian, Lieutenant Yaha. 
        It's been a while.
        Nowe, Manah... Don't look into his
        eyes. He'll trick you with his lies.

Nowe:   What do you mean?

Urick:  It's the power given to him by his
        pact-beast. Or maybe, it's the price he
        had to pay...

Yaha:   I sense a great power and
        determination in your companions. 
        It would be such a shame to kill them...
        But sadly, as the guardian of the 
        District of Precious Light, I am duty
        bound to defend it from those who
        would destroy it. We must fight.

Urick:  Don't feel bad, Yaha. That's what we
        want, too.

Nowe:   Here they come. What are they!?

Yaha:   Ah, my pact-partners, the gnomes.
        Mere children, but they do love to
        inflict pain on humans. Innocence 
        can be a deadly weapon.
        Come children. It's time to play.

Nowe:   They don't look that tough, but
        there are so many of them...
        What a nuisance.

|                   Kill every last one of Yaha's pact-beasts,                |
|                              the gnomes!                                    |

Yaha:   Oh, Nowe! Those eyes!
        They excite me so! They're
        the same as General Oror's!

        What do you see inside me,

        Urick... I see that we cannot 
        go back to the old days.

        You must have known that I saw you
        as more than just a friend.
        Right Urick?

Urick:  Look at all of them! I wonder 
        how many I can kill in one blow.

Yaha:   Come, now.
        I'm waiting.
        When I became a pact-partner,
        I was so happy. With this power,
        I knew I could finally have you.
        How tragic that you rejected 
        me then... You were the only
        one who wouldn't be mine.
        The gnomes still
        want to play.
        I want to relive that exquisite moment...

(after killing all the little gnomes)
Yaha:   We're not done yet.
        Let's play some more.
        If I die, my beautiful body and  
        the Holy Crystal will perish.
        You would let that happen?
        To die at the peak of 
        beauty... How romantic.

Urick:  Leave the big guy to me!

(after killing the big gnome thingy)
Yaha:   Ugh...!


Yaha:   ...So I lose.
        When a crystal is damaged, it looses its
        luster. I too... was damaged... a long
        time ago... My luster... taken from me...
        Urick, I'm glad what we could meet one
        last time. I'll never forget you...

Urick:  He's finished. We might have remained 
        friends even now, if it hadn't been for
        the pact he entered into.

Nowe:   You were... friends?

Urick:  Yes, but he was very different then...
        If only he hadn't been so keen to make 
        a name for himself in the knights...

Manah:  Only two districts remain. Nowe, have 
        you finally decided?

Nowe:   As a knight, I never saw gratitude on
        the faces of the civilians. We did
        nothing to deserve their thanks. I feel
        like I've accomplished something at last.
        Manah, I will stay with you. But the
        knights will be strengthening their
        defenses. WE need to gather more 
        information, and quickly.

|                                                  |
|Chapter 5 - Verse 8 - ground mission   [1WCH5V8]  |
|                                                  |

Nowe:          The City of Rust. If you need 
               information, this is the place to be.

Urick:         This is a dangerous town. Be careful...
               Well, speak of the devil...

Townsman:       Please, help...

|                Protect the townspeople and vanquish the                     |
|                           bounty hunters!                                   |

(after killing the 2 bounty hunters)
Bounty hunter: Damn you! We'll remember this.

Townsman:       Ever since they joined with the Knights
                of the Seal, they've been running 

Nowe:           Damn them...

Townsman:       Mighty warriors, will you lend 
                us your strength and drive these
                gangsters from our city?

Urick:          Bounty hunters have their fingers in a 
                lot of pies. They can get information
                from many sources.

Nowe:           Right. And even though we free the 
                districts, there are people who are still
                enslaved. We must do something...

|                Find the bounty hunters and teach them a lesson              |
|                          they won't forget!                                 |

Bounty hunter: Your head in mine!

Bounty hunter: H-He's tough! I-I never heard
               he was s strong.

Bounty hunter: There's Nowe!

(after clearing all the areas of the bounty hunters)
Nowe:          Now leave these people alone.

Bounty hunter: Yes, sir...

Urick:         Before you go. Who's the best person
               in town to get information from?

Bounty hunter: You want the bloke who walks 
               the east alleys. But you're gonna need
               money if you want to talk to him...

|               Search out the informant waiting for you in the               |
|                       eastern alleyways!                                    |

Informant:     Ya wanna know about the districts? 
               Well, why didn't ya just ask me in the
               first place!?
               I've got a friend, right? And this 
               friend knows all about the districts, he does.
               Everything there is to know.
               So, how about it? Ya wanna know
               about my friend? Well? Do ya?
               But it'll cost ya. Well, it would
               normally, but this time I've got a favor
               to ask. You'll help me out, yeah?
               This favor, it's got something to do with
               the bounty hunters in town.
               If you clear 'em out, I will the you
               Anything you wanna know, alright?

(while leaving the informant)
Bounty hunter: Hold up! Remember the old fella you
               helped out earlier? Well, we've got
               him now.
               If you want him, he's by the fountain
               in the plaza.

|             Go to the plaza with the fountain and deal with                 |
|                          the bounty hunters!                                |

Townsman:      Ah, the warriors!

Bounty hunter: So, you actually came, you fools.
               You're like moths flying to the flame...

Nowe:           !!

Bounty hunter: Knights! They're here!
               Nowe you're in for it!

Soldier:       Traitor Nowe! You can't flee now!

|                The bounty hunters have called the knights!                  |
|               Defeat the thugs who threaten threaten the city!              |

Soldier:       There's Nowe and his party!
               Capture them! 

Bounty hunter: I let my guard down last time, 
               but this time, I'm ready.

(killing the targets) 

|                 Roused by Nowe's bravery, the people have                   |
|              taken up arms and are gathering in the plaza!                  |

Bounty hunter: It's not over yet.
               Don't let your guard down.

(killing the targets)
Soldier:       Damn! We're going to be wiped out.
               Send in the monster force!

|                    The knights have called in monstrous                     |
|                       reinforcements! Slay them all!                        |


Bounty hunter: I-It can't be... You wiped out a whole
               army of knights... We'll remember this!

Informant:     Hey, you did it! Nice work, boys and 
               girls. Okay, an' I keep my promises.
               I tell you what I know.
               I was listening to the knights talking.
               Seems like they were chasing some
               bloke who know the secret behind 
               the district.
               They say he's hiding out in the Closed 
               Land. I reckon you should go and talk
               to him.

Nowe:          Your city should be safe for a while now.

Townsman:      Thank you, ma friends! I don't
               think we'll be seeing them again any
               time soon.

Urick:         The knights are behind everything,
               though. They're the ones that started

Nowe:          Right. It's not over yet. We have to
               destroy the districts so that everyone 
               can be free.

Urick:         The informant said that the guy hiding 
               out in the Closed Land has information
               about the next district.
               I just hope he was telling the truth...

|                                                                             |
| 2f. Chapter 6 - Dark Clouds                           [1WCH6]               |
|                                                                             |

Nowe:   I never expected to see Urick again!
        We could not have asked for a stronger ally.

        With his help, we destroyed the key of Precious Light.
        To districts remain.

        To learn about our next target,
        we journey to the Closed Land.
        But why Manah fear the one-eyed man...?

|                                                  |
|Chapter 6 - Verse 1 - aerial mission   [1WCH6V1]  |
|                                                  |

Caim:    ...!

????:    What is... this place?

Caim:    ...

|                  Precious Light's key has been destroyed.                   |
|                           Two more keys remain...                           |

Urick:   According to the informant, the man
         we're chasing is in the closed Land,
         beyond the District of Soul Flame. But
         who knows how long he'll stay there?

Nowe:    Right. Let's hurry, Manah.

Manah:   ...

Nowe:    Manah, are you listening?

Manah:   O-oh, yes... Sorry.

Nowe:    Are you worried about something?

Manah:   No, nothing. I'm fine.

Urick:   Can we save the flirting for later, you
         two? If we're going over the District
         of Soul Flame, you can bet we're going to 
         run into knights. Stay on guard.

Nowe:    Let's head to the Closed Land!

|                     The knights are in hot pursuit!                         |
|                  Eliminate them and head for the Closed Land!               |

|                 In the wake of the holy Crystal's destruction, a            |
|                   new breath sphere, Shining Breath, has been               |
|                                  unleashed.                                 |
|                 Shining Breath fires a powerful lightning ball              |
|                  whish deals heavy damage to anything in its                |
|                                     path.                                   |

Urick:   Looks like there are some
         enemies in need of a beating first.

(after shooting the airships)
Manah:   More enemies are approaching.
         Be careful.

|                     The knights have summoned monsters.                     |
|                             Engage them head on!                            |

Soldier: Traitor! 
         This is for my friends!

(after shooting down the monsters)
Urick:   No more knights following us?
         That was easy.


|                                                  |
|Chapter 6 - Verse 2 - ground mission   [1WCH6V2]  |
|                                                  |

|                   The informant should be waiting around here               |
|                               somewhere. Find him!                          |

Urick:   It's too quiet. Something's up. 

(at the TARGET point)
Urick:   I think we can break this 
         rock apart with some impact.

Nowe:    I came here in pursuit of Manah.
         Now I'm the one being pursued.

(arriving at the other end of the cave)
Nowe:    Noone's here.

Urick:   Strange. This is definitely the place.
         Maybe the informant was mistaken 
         or maybe... this is a trap.

Eris:    Now you've got it.

Nowe:    Eris!

Urick:   Eris... You've all grown up now... and
         laying traps like a real adult.

Eris:    Who the hell are you!?

Urick:   Ah, do excuse me. I forgot I was
         wearing this ugly mask.
         Well do you remember me now?
         My little crybaby knight?

Eris:    Urick! 
         You're alive...?
         Whish means you did desert the 
         Knights of the Seal after all.

Nowe:    Eris!

Eris:    I have nothing more to say! I am a 
         Knight of the Seal! It is my duty to 
         arrest those who betray us!

|                A brigade of knights have been lying in wait!                |
|                              Eliminate them!                                |

Nowe:    Oh, no...
         Have we walked into a trap?

Nowe:    We are outnumbered, but there are
         four of us! We can do this!

Soldier: I want that traitor, dead or alive!

(after killing the soldiers)

Soldier: Second company, deploy the 
         monster and magician squads!

|                  Minotaur and fire magicians have appeared!                 |
|                   Study their attacks and dispatch them!                    |

Urick:   Monsters are my specialty. 
         Princess can take the magicians.

Manah:   ...

Nowe:    Open your eyes, Eris!
         The knights are corrupt!

Urick:   What happened Eris?
         You used to be so... sweet.

Eris:    I see that you haven't changed,
         Urick. All talk and no action.

Soldier: Amazing...! He's amazing! His power is
         superhuman! It is because 
         he is the son of a dragon?

(after killing the soldiers, airships appear)

|                     The knights' air armada is descending!                  |
|                        Go with Legna and destroy it!                        |

Nowe:    We can't fight airships from the
         ground. I need Legna!

Legna:   They're starting to get 
         accustomed to fighting a dragon.

(after shooting down the airships)
Urick:   Wow! Even more of them!
         This time Eris means business.

|                  More brigades have arrived! Burn them all!                 |

Nowe:    We're completely outnumbered! We can't fight forever!

|                    Even more reinforcements have arrived!                   |
|                             Exterminate them all!                           |

soldier: They're humans. They'll tire soon
         enough. Surround them!

Eris:    Nowe, you're still with her?
         Wake up!

|                         There are yet more enemies...                       |
|                           The battle must go on...                          |

Eris:    It's just as I thought...
         She's bewitched you!

Urick:   Women, eh? Well, they do say
         roses are all more pretty
         for their thorns!

(after killing the next quota)
Manah:   He's coming...
         No! Go away!

Nowe:    Manah, what's wrong!?
         Talk to me!


Soldier: Wargh!

Eris:    What!? What's happening!? I want a 
         report now!

Soldier: The blackness... The one-eyed 
         man... Sudden attack... Too strong...

Eris:    The one-eyed man!?

Nowe:    The one-eyed man... He may have
         foiled Gismor's plot, but he caused my
         father Oror's death. He must pay...

Manah:   Ah, Caim... He has come.

Nowe:    Caim? The one-eyed man is Caim? The
         man who save the world eighteen 
         years ago? THIS is the hero who saved
         the world!?

Manah:   No... no... no... Stay away... I'm...

Nowe:    Manah... Damn. Revenge will have to 
         wait. Let's get out of here!

|                                                  |
|Chapter 6 - Verse 3 - ground mission   [1WCH6V3]  |
|                                                  |

|                  Punch a way through the enemy blockade and                 |
|                       head for the Village of Stone!                        |

Nowe:    The skies are heavy with
         enemies. We're in trouble.

Legna:   Their attacks are relentless.
         It might be wise to retreat.

Eris:    Nowe! Wait!

Nowe:    Eris? You followed us!?

Eris:    Nowe! Open your eyed! That witch is
         lying to you!

Nowe:    That witch could never save the world.

Manah:   ...

Eris:    Manah... Eighteen years ago, it was
         you tried to destroy the world.
         You were the leader the Cult of the

Nowe:    No!

Manah:   ...

Nowe:    You're lying!
         There's no way that disaster-

Eris:    Oh yes, that disaster that threatened
         The whole world was her doing. Manah
         is the enemy of humanity!

Manah:   ... Ah... But I...

Nowe:    It his true?

Eris:    Of course it's true. I've read the old
         documents preserved by the knights.
         The Empire, the Cult of the Watchers,
         the red skies... It was all her doing.

Nowe:    But Manah s trying to help people!
         She's trying to save them! I've seen it
         with my own eyes...

Eris:    You're being used! Leave her, now!
         There's witchcraft in those red eyes
         of hers...

Nowe:    Manah! Is this true?  Say something!
         Do you hear me?

Manah:   I'm sorry! I'm so sorry.

Nowe:    ...

Legna:   Damn you, foolish child!
         How much longer are you going to
         defend that woman!?

Nowe:    But, Manah... she...

Legna:   Stop clinging to the ghost of the past!
         Don't you know who you are 
         anymore!? Now is the time to strike.
         Bring down her ship. Attack!

|               Eris's ship has entered the fray, all guns blazing!           |
|                     Disable its engines and silence its fires!              |

Urick:   I'm sorry, Eris.
         I need you to be quiet right now.

Eris:    Listen to me Nowe!
         This is for your sake.

(after shooting down the battleship)
Eris:    Nowe, that woman is-
         Damn! We're going down!


Urick:   In any case, we'd better get out of
         here. Do you think you can shake them
         off? We need to find a place to rest.

Legna:   I agree. Even stone-headed fools have
         The right idea, some of the time.

Eris:    Wait!

Legna:   The truth of the past and the reality 
         of the future are not always easy to
         reconcile. Farewell.

*** Village of Stone ***
Nowe:    Manah. Is it true? What Eris said? Did 
         you really cause all those horrors?  

Manah:   I... I had forgotten the past...
         But now...

Nowe:    You're lying! Right? It's all just a big
         lie, isn't it?

Manah:   That man, he made me promise. Caim
         said that I wasn't allowed to forget.

Nowe:    Caim, the one-eyed man. The one who
         saved the world eighteen years ago.
         The one who later attacked the seal
         and killed my father, Oror.

Manah:   He told me, never forget. 
         Never forget your crimes. Live on, open
         your eyes, and spend every waking
         moment reflecting on your sins.

Nowe:    So when you break the keys and save
         the people... Are you just trying to
         atone for your past sins?

Manah:   No! I...
         I believe in the past that I have chosen.
         I must follow it right to the very end.
         Thank you, Nowe. Farewell...

Nowe:    ...

Urick:   Nowe. You alright with this?

Nowe:    I don't know! I don't know anything 

Urick:   Alright, so stop thinking too hard. Just 
         say, "to hell with it" and come with me.
         I'm going to the District of Shining Life.
         You coming?

Nowe:    I don't... I don't know what I'm supposed 
         to do anymore. But I can't go back...
         Until I find my way again, I'll travel
         with you, Urick.

|                                                                             |
| 2g. Chapter 7 - Lamentation                           [1WCH7]               |
|                                                                             |

Nowe:   Manah was responsible for the catastrophe
        eighteen years ago!? Impossible!

        If Eris is right, what have I been doing?
        Manah left without saying a word.

        For now, I will go with Urick.
        I have no destination,
        nor I have any home to return to.

|                                                  |
|Chapter 7 - Verse 1 - aerial mission   [1WCH7V1]  |
|                                                  |

Nowe:   I wonder if the guardian has returned.

Urick:  Huh?

Nowe:   I've been to this district before, when I
        still served the knights. But when
        I was here, I never crossed paths with
        the guardian.
        The guardian has not returned...
        This would be a prime opportunity to
        destroy the district.
        But is it the right thing to do?

Urick:  ...

Legna:  Hush now. We have company.

|               Fly through the storm of cannon-fire and head                 |
|                      for the District of Shining Life!                      |

Nowe:   The District of Shining Life...
        It's heavily guarded, but we've
        no other choice. Let's go!

Nowe:   They're tough. Getting through 
        won't be easy.

Nowe:   The District of Shining Life...
        I came here with Eris once before.

Nowe:   I wonder why Urick left 
        the knights?

Urick:  Watch your step. This land is
        protected by a barrier.

|                The District of Shining Life is protected by                 |
|                barriers. Destroy the barrier towers and gain                |
|                         entry to the district!                              |

Nowe:   A barrier? Right. So we're going
        to need to destroy it first.

Urick:  That's right.

Urick:  I heard that the priestess of
        the cult was a small child.

(shooting down all the barrier towers)
Legna:  Barrier towers are in ruins.
        Beyond them... the enemy!

|                                                  |
|Chapter 7 - Verse 2 -ground mission    [1WCH7V2]  |
|                                                  |

Soldier: Aargh!

Soldier: He's a monster! A monster!

Soldier: He's too strong!

Soldier: Ahhh!

Caim:    ...

Nowe:    Manah! Caim captured you!?

Urick:   The one-eyed man... Caim.
         My time is up. I've been expecting 
         a visit from him for a long time.

Nowe:    Urick?

Caim:    ...

Nowe:    Manah!

Caim:    ...

|                        Urick is fighting Caim...                            |
|                   Find the soldiers that have taken Manah!                  |

Soldier: We've captured the woman! 

Urick:   Nowe, I'll handle Caim. 
         You go after Manah.

Nowe:    The Knights took Manah hostage? 
         I have to save her!

Soldier: Captain, we'll stay here. 
         Please escape!

Nowe:    Release Manah, now!

Urick:   It's an end without an end.
         An end without a beginning.

Urick:   Please... grant me the gift of
         eternal sleep. I'm begging you.
Urick:  What's wrong? Come at me like
        you did General Oror!

Nowe:   What's Caim doing here? 
        Why did he take Manah?

Nowe:   Manah was terrified of Caim.
        I can't leave them together!

(at the TARGET point, on the field)
Soldier: You won't find her! Our captain
         took her to the eastern cave!
         Ah, damn it!

( after killing the knight)
Knight:  You're too late, Nowe.
         The girl's already been taken 

Nowe:    Damn it! Manah! Where is she!?

( near the eastern cave)
Soldier: Don't kill me! They took
         the girl to the western cave!

(after killing the knight in the eastern cave)
Knight: I don't know how you found us,
        but she's no longer here.

(if this was the second place you looked for Manah)
Nowe:   Manah's not here, either...

(at the closest TARGET to the entrance of the district)
Knight:  The traitor's are here! Attack!

(after killing the knight, if you came here first )
Nowe:   Manah must be somewhere.
        I have to find her!

(after killing the TARGET knights at the three places)
Soldier: There's no way we can 
         stop them!

Soldier: Let's secure the girl, al least.
         Bring around the ship!

Knight:  We're ready for takeoff!

Nowe:    A ship is preparing to take off
         from the other side of the cave.

(arriving at the other side of the cave)
Nowe:    We can't fight airships from the
         ground. I need Legna!

(after shooting down the airships)
Soldier: Another company has 
         Already taken her away!

Nowe:    Oh, no! The ship is a decoy, 
         and we fell for it!

(arriving at the entrance of the cave)


Nowe:    Manah! Damn, we're too late!
         I shouldn't have let her go on her own"

Urick:   Sorry, I lost track of Caim. 
         Where's the lady?

Nowe:    Manah... Manah... 

|                                                  |
|Chapter 7 - Verse 3 -ground mission    [1WCH7V3]  |
|                                                  |

Urick:   Damn, they got away. 

Nowe:    Are you alright, Urick?

Urick:   Yeah. What's your plan for the
         princess? You're going to leave her
         to die?

Nowe:    We'll save her.

Urick:   Good boy, good boy.

Nowe:    Right. Let's go after the knights!

|                 The airship that took Manah has docked with                 |
|                           the battleship. After it!                         |
|                         Manah is aboard the battleship!                     |
|                     Pursue the ship without damaging it!                    |

Nowe:    Are you alright, Urick?

Soldier: Do not let Nowe take the girl!

|                      The knights' air armada has appeared!                  |
|                    Eliminate them without hitting Manah's ship!             |

Nowe:    Legna, don't harm the ship
         that carries Manah.

(destroying all the airships)
Nowe:    The ship is on the move again.
         Let's go!

(when the battleship lands in the Grand Shrine)
Urick:   There's a barrier around this
         place, too. Let's destroy it.

|              Destroy the barrier towers protecting the                      |
|                               Grand Shrine!                                 |

Urick:   What does Gismor want
         with Manah!?


|                                                  |
|Chapter 7 - Verse 4 -ground mission    [1WCH7V4]  |
|                                                  |

Urick:   Whoa. Look at all these knights!
         I'm willing to bet they aren't planning
         a welcome-home party for me.

Nowe:    It doesn't matter how many there are.
         We're going in!

|                Manah is somewhere inside the Grand Shrine...                |
|                               Find her!                                     |

Nowe:    Manah!

Urick:   Shut you big mouth, Nowe!
         You're attracting attention.

Soldier: Nowe! You've come to die? You fool.

Nowe:    I never wanted to come back.
         Especially like this...

( in the large room with the statue)

|               The door has closed behind you. Defeat the                    |
|                soldiers who guard the room to proceed!                      |

Urick:   If I remember correctly, the stairs
         from this room lead to the second

Soldier: Nowe's coming! It's the
         dragon child! The demon child!

Nowe:    Manah can't fight right now.
         If something happens to her, I...

Soldier: Nowe! When did you become
         so strong...?

Nowe:    Where is Manah? Answer me!

Soldier: General Gismor took her...

Nowe:    What did you say!?
         What does Gismor want with Manah!?

(at the second floor)
Urick:   There's a path that leads to the 
         third floor beyond this room.

(at the third floor)
Urick:   The priests are gone. Their
         hierarch, Seere is gone, too.

(arriving at a locked door)
Nowe:    There should be soldier hiding
         with the key to this room.

Knight:  I won't let reach
         General Gismor!

(killing one of the knights)
Knight:  No! Our defensive line
         is breaking up!

(killing the other knight )

|                    Obtained the Key to the Royal Hall.                      |

Nowe:    I can go to Gismor's room now.

|                     Used the "Key to the Royal Hall."                       |

Nowe:    Manah! I'm on my way!


|                                                  |
|Chapter 7 - Verse 5 -ground mission    [1WCH7V5]  |
|                                                  |

Gismor:  Nowe, it is very impolite to barge
         in without so much as a knock!
         Show a bit of human decency!

Nowe:    Gismor! Let Manah go!

Gismor:  Hmph! Your woman, is she?
         Well, how about this? You traitors can
         enjoy your live in the afterlife.

Urick:   Gismor, you're a bitter old man! Their
         future lies in this world, unlike yours!

Gismor:  Says the immortal coward! 
         So you finally show up...
         Well, never fear, Urick! 
         You shall spend all eternity inside 
         a cell. You'll wish you were dead.

|              Defeat the leader of the Knight of the Seal,                   |
|                           General Gismor!                                   |

Gismor:  My body grows more and
         more powerful. I'll show you.

Nowe:    This is for my father.

Gismor:  Your swordsmanship has not
         improved. You bore me!

(after a few attacks on Gismor)
Gismor:  Is that all you've got? And you call
         yourself Oror's son?
         Oror... Just the thought of him disgusts 
         me, even to this day. I despise him
         and those who carry on his legacy!
         Why couldn't it have been me?
         Why did Oror - who wasn't even a 
         pact-partner - reign as a leader?
         This mystery forever plagues my mind!

Gismor:  I've seen all your moves.
         You can't defeat me.

Gismor:  You still fight for others?
         You're pathetic.

Gismor:  Oh, nice try boy, but you're no Oror!

Gismor:  I'm not done yet!

Urick:   Well look at you General! All
         dressed up and nowhere to go!

(finishing Gismor)
Gismor:  Aaaargh!


Gismor:  You...! Is this the
         power of a dragon child?
         You loathsome monster! 
         I cannot let you live.
         But first the girl!
         When the clock strikes ten, the girl
         Will be executed. I dare you to stop it.
         Can you?

|                                                  |
|Chapter 7 - Verse 6 -ground mission    [1WCH7V6]  |
|                                                  |

!! In this verse, there are lines which are referring to the bell strikes.
Since these lines are said at a certain moment, you can get them at a completely
Different place if you are running to save Manah or if you don't care and you
are killing everything that moves, just one like in any other verse.
These lines are appearing in this case separately, not in the verse script.!!

*** Bell lines - all said by Nowe***
1) That was the bell!
   Manah, where are you !?

2) Nothing

3) Was that the third!?
   Manah! Where are you!?

4) Nothing

5) Was that the fifth!?
   No... Manah!

6) Nothing

7) That was the seventh.
   Three more... Will I make it?

8) Nothing

9) One more, and Manah's dead!

10) ** I wasn't daring enough to try what would happen...
       I suppose, it's Game Over. **

|              When the tenth bell tolls, Manah will be                       |
|                   executed. Find her and save her!                          |

Nowe:    When the tenth bell rings, 
         Manah's finished. I have to hurry! 

Nowe:    Gismor... I can never forgive him.
         He shall die for his crimes!

Soldier: Don't let them go underground!

Urick:   Oh, I get it - the underground
         holding cells! Let's go, Nowe!

Soldier: D-don't kill me... we put the
         woman in the cell next door.

( in the large room with the statue)
Soldier: You won't reach her cell!

( killing all the soldiers and the two elite knights)

|                 You obtained the Key to the Underground Path.               |

Nowe:    That's the path to the cells below.

|                 Used the "Key to the Underground Path."                     |

Soldier: Her execution is near.

(killing two elite knight)

|                       Obtained the Dungeon Key.                             |

Nowe:    I can only open one door with this
         key. I need to choose wisely.

( in the room, which is on the left and up, according to the map)
Nowe:    Damn! It's a trap!

(after killing the magicians)
Nowe:    She's not here...

( in the room, which is on the left and down, according to the map)
Nowe:    She's not here either.

(after killing the magicians)
Nowe:    Manah! Where are you!?

( in the room, which is on the right and down, according to the map)
Nowe:    Manah's not there.

(after killing the soldiers)
Nowe:    Is Manah really here?

( in the room, which is on the right and up, according to the map)


Nowe:    Manah! I'm glad you're safe.

Manah:   Nowe... I'm so sorry.

Nowe:    Be quiet. You don't need to apologize.

Manah:   What...?

Nowe:    Manah, I want to believe in you.
         You shed blood and tears to save
         people's lives. That is what you want,
         right? Please, make me believe it.

Manah:   I will.

Nowe:    Why don't we go to the 
         District of Shining Life? 
         The place is without its guardian.
         It's a prime opportunity.

Manah:   But... the key, it's...

Urick:   Sounds good... Alright, let's head out.

Manah:   ...

|                                                  |
|Chapter 7 - Verse 7 - aerial mission   [1WCH7V7]  |
|                                                  |

|                  Head back to the District of Shining Life                  |
|                          and destroy Seal Key!                              |

Urick: Alright! We're on out way to the
       District of Shining Life!

Nowe:  From now on I'll protect 
       Manah no matter what!

Manah: You're also going to the 
       district Urick?

Nowe:  It's more heavily guarded
       than before.

Urick: Hey, now that we've got the princess
       back, everything will be fine.

Legna: Fool. Do not let your guard down.

|                 Ghosts protect the District of Shining Life!                |
|                   Send them back to hell with your flames!                  |

(after killing the ghosts)
Urick: We can dismount now.
       Hey, princess. Smiles for me.


Nowe: The District of Shining Life is close.
      Are you two ready?

|                                                  |
|Chapter 7 - Verse 8 - ground mission   [1WCH7V8]  |
|                                                  |

|            Head to the Life Dais inside the Shining Life Cave               |
|                 and destroy its key, the "Holy Flowers"!                    |

Nowe:  Storm the gate!

Manah: Alright! 

( at the TARGET point)
Nowe:  Hey, this gate...
       We couldn't pass through it before.

Manah: Someone must have broken in.

Urick: I guess it's not just the knights that
       are after us.

Nowe:  Manah? Are you alright?

Manah: Yes... I'm-I'm fine.
       Let's keep moving.

Urick: There are three rooms of live
       in these caves.
       Sacrifice a life in each room, 
       and the door to the dais opens. 
       Nice story, isn't it?

( at the room which is full of monsters)
|                    This room is full of demons.                             |
|                  Sacrifice them to the Holy Flowers!                        |

Urick: This is the sacrificial room. 
       And look, we can sacrifice 
       those enemies.

Urick: It's tiresome having to fight
       so many enemies!

Urick: The Holy Flowers continue to
       bloom, with their petals stained with the 
       blood of those they consumed.

( In another of the sacrificial rooms)
|                  Your strength is being drained...                          |
|            Endure it until the door to the Life Dais opens!                 |

Urick: You have to give your life force 
       in this room. Bear with me.

( If Urick is the used character)
Urick: I can't sacrifice myself.
       It has to be someone else.
       Sorry, you two...

Nowe:  I feel so weak...

Urick: Death is terrifying. 
       Nothing lies beyond death.

Manah: One more room to go.

( in the last room)
|             The ghosts stand in your way. Sacrifice their                   |
|              souls to the Holy Flowers and open a path!                     |

Urick: These guys are sentries of life.
       Pound them into submission!

( after killing the ghosts)
Nowe:  Let's move forward!

Urick: Nothing's more terrifying then
       death, but then life's no picnic, either.

Urick: The wall that blocked the path 
       to the altar is gone. Let's go.


|                                                  |
|Chapter 7 - Verse 9 - ground mission   [1WCH7V9]  |
|                                                  |

*** The District of Shining Life - Life Dais *** 

Caim:  ...

Nowe:  It's him! It's the one-eyed man.

Urick: Wait. I'm the one he's after.
       Stand back you two.

Nowe:  But why !?

Manah: You're the missing lieutenant, and
       the guardian to the key of the District of
       Shining Life. Isn't that so, Urick?

Urick: Well, damn it all.
       I wanted to tell you myself.
       Listen, kid. I'm not so nice after all.

Nowe:  ...

Urick: I'm just a coward.
       During the attack on the seal
       three years ago, I was defeated 
       by Caim. General Oror saved me.
       I left him to die, and ran away.

Nowe:  You were there, too !?

Urick: That's not al. Wounded and scared, 
       I made a pact with the land's reaper
       and survived. In return I received a 
       body that would never perish.

Nowe:  No... Is that true, Urick? Is it!?
       So if we destroy the key of 
       Shining Life...

Urick: Nowe, I'll give you a tip.
       When I die here, the reaper enters 
       my body and resurrects me.
       When the reaper is in my body,
       that's when I can truly die.
       You get it, Nowe? I'm counting on you.
       Don't miss it.

Nowe:  No! No! 
       I don't want you to die!

Urick: When I die, the key will also be
       destroyed. This is the only way.

Nowe:  Urick, stand back!
       He's mine!

|                Urick may be a pact-partner, but you can't                   |
|                   just let him die! You must stop Caim!                     |

Nowe:  Caim! I won't let you  
       take Urick's life!

Nowe:  Does Caim want to kill Urick?
       Does he wish to free the district?

Urick: Hey, Nowe. I think our reunion
       was fate... or something like it.

Urick: You'll grow stronger.
       Don't take the wrong path.

(killing Caim)
Nowe:  Finally... I... I did it...



|            The reaper's death brings death to its pact-partner.             |
|               Silent at last, deathly serenity takes over the man           |
|                  who saved Nowe with his remaining strength.                |

Urick: Ahh, damn it all.
       I wish we had more time to talk...

Nowe:  Urick! No! Don't go Urick!

Urick: You ask too much of me... If we live to
       atone for our sins, we've lived long
       enough. I've lived... too long...
       I'll be training with General Oror
       in the afterlife...
       See you around... kid.

Nowe:  Urick!

Manah: The Holy Flowers... 
       They are disintegrating...

Nowe:  Manah, we have to keep moving.

Manah: Yes, to reach our future.

Nowe:  Alright. Where is the last district?
       Let's end this, once and for all.

Manah: The last district is called
       Heavenly Time. I don't know
       about its location or its key.

Nowe:  We'll find it. Let's go!

Legna: My boy... 
       Where is that joker?

Nowe:  ...

Manah: Urick died to free
       the District of Shining Life.

Legna: I see...
       Well, that lightens my load, but 
       we're significantly weaker.

Nowe:  Even so, we have to keep going.
       It's the least we can do for Urick.

Manah: Nowe...

Legna: My boy, I just receive a message
       directing us to the District of
       Heavenly Time. And now, I know
       its location.

Nowe:  A message? From whom?
       ... Let's go to the last district.
       It's time to end this, once and for all!

|                                                                             |
| 2a.  Chapter 8 - Rule By Fore                         [1WCH8]               |
|                                                                             |

Nowe:  Manah has returned. Now my mind is set.
       But I can't believe Urick was a guardian...

       He gave his life to free his district.
       I couldn't stop him from dying. I felt so helpless.

       I won't let anyone else die. Not now.
       Manah, let's go to the final district:
       the District of Heavenly Time.

|                                                  |
|Chapter 8 - Verse 1 - aerial mission   [1WCH8V1]  |
|                                                  |

*** Castle of the Goddess - Courtyard ***

Soldier: I tell you... I'm so bored! What are we
         supposed to be protecting here in this
         rotten old place?

Soldier: What the - !?

Soldier: Hey... What's going on!?

???????: Graaaaaaagh!

|                   Shining Life's key has been destroyed.                    |
|                       Only the last key remains.                            |
|                      What lies beyond, no one know.                         |

Nowe:    Here we are. The last district...

Manah:   Yes, we' are finally here.
         Freeing this place will herald a new age
         of peace and equality.

Nowe:    The knights will surely put up a fight.

Legna:   No matter. Those mosquitoes are
         bothersome, but we shall burn them.

Manah:   Be careful, there's a barrier.
         We have to destroy if before we can

Nowe:    I just have to destroy
         the Barrier Towers.

|                 The District of Heavenly Time lies ahead!                   |
|              Destroy the barrier towers and enter the destroy!              |

|              In the wake of the Holy Flowers' destruction, a                |
|                 new breath sphere, Shield Breath, has been                  |
|                              unleashed.                                     |
|                  Shield Breath raises a barrier around Legna.               |
|                   In this state, he can ram enemies.                        |

Manah:   There are three Barrier Towers.
         The enemies are guarding them.

Nowe:    The last district... Will it end
         once the last district is gone?

( after one of the barrier towers is destroyed)
Nowe:    Two more to go!

Nowe:    There must be a guardian here,
         too. I wonder who it is?

( after 2 of the towers are destroyed)
Manah:  Just one more and we can
        reach the last district!

(airplanes appear)
Soldier: Shoot down the dragon! Fire!

(after destroying all the Barrier Towers)
Soldier: Damn it! Bring out all the
         weapons we can use!
         Stop those monsters!

|              The knights are launching an all-out attack.                   |
|              Destroy their battleship and open up a path!                   |

Soldier: Fire! Get him away from 
         Heaven's Clocktower!

Soldier: It's all over if they 
         Break through! Stop them!

Soldier: Fire!
         Keep him away!

Soldier: Dragons are not immortal!
         We can take them down!

|                You have cleared the sky of the enemies.                     |
|               Now, storm the District of Heavenly Time!                     |


Manah: The district! Something's wrong!

Nowe:  What's that!?

( a cannonball hits Legna)
Nowe:  Whoa!

Legna: Aaargh!

Nowe:  Legna!

Legna: I was careless. Now they'll direct
       all their forces toward us.

Nowe:  It's too risky. Let's land!

Legna: Into the bloodbath, we go.
       Hold on tight, you two.


|                                                  |
|Chapter 8 - Verse 2 - ground mission   [1WCH8V2]  |
|                                                  |

Nowe:  There are so many!

Manah: Look at how the Knight of the Seal 
       have grown in numbers...
       I had no idea.

Nowe:  Legna is hurt...
       We’ll have to go on our own.

Legna: You’ll be fine.
       I’ll catch up with you. Run ahead.

|                An army of thousands in match for you now.                   |
|                  Break through enemy lines and head for                     |
|                         Heaven’s Clocktower!                                |

Nowe:    It’s mighty fortress, but there
         must be a way in somewhere.

Soldier: We can stop them!
         This is our last chance!

(arriving at the TARGET sign)

|                      The fortress guards have arrived.                      |
|                 Finally, some formidable foes! Eliminate them!              |

Soldier: The final seal will be destroyed!
         It’s the end of the world!

Manah:   We’ll be overpowered if we
         don’t move fast.

|                                Obtained the                                 |
|               Map of the District of the Heavenly Time.                     |

Nowe:    This is the last district.
         Let’s end the fighting here!

Soldier: Don’t let them through!

Soldier: I won’t die here... I won’t let you
         destroy the final seal...

( Arriving before the inner gates of the district)

|                   The gatekeepers of Heaven’s Clocktower are                |
|                here! Take the key from then and open the door!              |

|                  Obtained the key to Heaven’s Clocktower!                   |

( going near the gates...)

|                    Used the “Key to Heaven’s Clocktower.”                   |

Nowe:  Manah, you led me here.
       I’ll fight with you until the end.

Manah: Nowe, I couldn’t have made it
       without your help.

Manah: Let’s go Nowe. Let’s put
       an end to this war!

( at the end of the broken bridge)
Nowe:  We can’t go any further.
       Is there another path?

( finally arriving at the Clocktower)
Nowe:    This is Heaven’s Clocktower?
         What are they planning to
         do with it?

Soldier: Impossible! We can’t be losing!

(arriving at the TARGET point)


Nowe:    This is Heaven’s Clocktower...?

Manah:   Let’s go inside.
         There should be a shrine in there.

( inside the Clocktower)

Nowe:   Here we are, the Shrine!

Gismor: So, you’re finally here, Nowe.

Nowe:   Gismor!

Eris:   Nowe... You’re still with her?

Nowe:   Eris... Please understand.

Eris:   No, I don’t understand! 
        What are you doing!?
        What do you see that I don’t!?

Nowe:   I only... I only want less people
        to suffer in this world.

Eris:   I wish the same for our people!
        That is why I became a knight.

Nowe:   Some things come into focus when
        you leave the knights!

Eris:   Lies!
        The Knights of the Seal are never
        wrong! Take back that you said!

Nowe:   Eris, are you sure you know about all
        of the Knights’ activities? And if you do, 
        can you honestly condone their methods?
        Aren’t you running from the truth?

Eris:   Me? Running from the truth?

Gismor: Step aside! There’s no need to lend
        your ears to sinners. 
        I shall sly the dragon child with my
        own hands.

Nowe:   Gismor! I won’t let your greed rule
        this land any longer! Your reign and
        the Knights of the Seal are finished!

Gismor: Grr!

Nowe:   Come on!

Gismor: What power! You’ve taken another
        step back to the wild.

Nowe:   I won’t let you do this!

Gismor: Aargh!


Eris:  What happened...?
       General Gismor... You...
       You used me as a shield?

Nowe:  Shh. Don’t try to speak.

Eris:  You’re kind and gentle, yet...
       somewhat wild.
       That’s why I...

Nowe:  ...

Eris:  The final key is on the top floor... It’s 
       an hourglass called the Holy Sands...
       Go, Nowe. I won’t stop you now.

Nowe:  H-Hey! Open your eyes Eris!
       Eris? Eris! Eris!!

|                 Eris has pursued the justice as she                         |
|                 has pursued Nowe. Have her feeling                          |
|                      for him reached his heart?                             |

|                                                  |
|Chapter 8 - Verse 3 - ground mission   [1WCH8V3]  |
|                                                  |

Manah: The door, it’s locked.

Nowe:  We’ll have to go around from outside.
       Let’s meet up with Legna first.

Manah: Enemies are approaching.
       We must fight.

|                 Eris was used and thrown away by Gismor...                  |
|                Put aside your sorrow and defeat the knights                 |
|                             once and for all!                               |

Nowe:  Eris...!
       Tell me why she had to die!

Manah: Used up and thrown away...
       It’s disgusting.

( after killing the soldiers)
Rebel:   The time is now! Stand up and
         fight for our freedom!

|                       The oppressed are riding up!                          |
|              Fight alongside them and obliterate the knights!               |

Soldier: A rebellion? Now?
         Just kill them with the traitors!

Rebel:   G-Go...! Run!

Nowe:    Legna’s not here yet. 
         I wonder if he’s alright?

( after killing the soldiers)
Legna:   Sorry I kept you waiting.
         It took longer than I thought.

Legna:   My boy! Are you alright?

Nowe:    Yes, Legna. What about you?

Legna:   Don’t worry about me.
         Are you sure you’re alright, boy?
         You look paler than usual.

Nowe:    I can’t help it. Everyday, it’s betrayal,
         hate, and murder...
         It’s too much for me.

Legna:   Silence. 
         That is the price of knowledge.

Nowe:    ...The key is on the top floor.
         Let’s go there.

Legna:   Agreed. Looks like we can land 
         over there. I shall pay you back for
         the harm you’ve done to my wing!

( Legna is hovering before one of the cannons in the area)
Legna:   Yet another device?
         It’s just another target!

|                 The cannons are trained upon Legna again.                   |
|                 Repay them for the pain they caused him by                  |
|                    reducing them to smoking ruins!                          |

Nowe:   I would have given up if 
        I had lost Legna. 

Legna:  This is for what you’ve
        done to my wings!

(after blowing up all the cannons)

|                 The Knights’ elite troops have arrived!                     |
|                Eliminate them and conquer the district!                     |

( after clearing the area of the elite knights)

|              The elite force is gone. Leave the rest to the                 |
|             people and enter the tower from the very top!                   |

Legna:   Up we go!

Legna:   I’ll take you to a spot at the top of
         the tower.


Legna:   I can only take you this far.
         From here, you must trust in your
         own strength. Go now!

Nowe:    ...Let’s go Manah.

Manah:   Yes.

|                                                  |
|Chapter 8 - Verse 4 - ground mission   [1WCH8V4]  |
|                                                  |

Seere:   Manah, is that you? It’s me, Seere!

Manah:   Seere... It’s been a long time.

Seere:   She’s alive! Manah is alive!
         Oh, is this a dream? How long
         I’ve waited for this day!

Nowe:    My lord, why are you here?
         And how do you Manah?
         Are you two friends?

Seere:   Friends? No. Manah is my sister.
         We’re twins.

Nowe:    Ah, I see. So the stories are true.
         The price of your pact was time,
         stolen from you.

Seere:   Yes, and the years have not been easy.
         Manah and I have been separated
         since that day 18 years ago.
         I’ve scoured the world for her!
         She’s my only kin, my only family.
         I yearned to see her again.

Manah:   Even though I’m a criminal,
         a fugitive who fled from the
         site of her execution?

Seere:   When I heard that you were the
         prisoner, my heart stopped. 
         I had to see with my own two eyes.
         That’s why I’m here.

Manah:   Well, you’ve seen quite enough now.

Seere:   Wait, Manah! Don’t go!
         I’m not the enemy!

Manah:   You’re no ally, either.
         We’re going to destroy the last key.
         Let’s go, Nowe.

Nowe:    Here we go...
         This is the final key...

|                  Gismor is on the top floor, where the                      |
|                            Time Dais stands.                                |
|               Go there and destroy its key, the Holy Sands!                 |

Soldier: Over there! It’s Nowe!
         Capture him!

Nowe:    Let’s break through them, Manah!

( after killing the soldiers, 3 door open)
( going through the northern door, at the upper level, there is a soldier)
Soldier: The path beyond the hallway of
         distorted time will lead you to the
         third floor. Nowe, Eris is – Forget it.
         Good luck.

( going through the western door, after opening the chest)

|                   Obtained the map of Heaven’s Clocktower                   |

( arriving at the second floor)
Manah:   This place is enveloped in time 
         distortions. That’s why our bodies feel
         light and heavy at once.

( arriving at the second floor)
Nowe:    What a complex structure.
         It might be difficult to escape.

Nowe:    Manah and the hierarch are

(at the pentagram shaped room)

|                  The magicians of light stand guard inside                  |
|                    the distorted room. Eliminate them!                      |

Manah:   Time drags its feet in this room...

(leaving through lower door, on the next floor there is a soldier)
Soldier: The leftmost door in the hexagonal
         room is the one you want!

( after going back and forth between the third and forth floors, on the third )
( floor, in a room...)

|                  Kill the gatekeeper guarding the door to the               |
|                                upper floors!                                |

( after killing the large, shield carrying guarding, the door opens)

Nowe:    Let’s climb to the upper floors!

Nowe:    The last key should be here.
         No matter what we find,
         nothing could surprise me now.

( entering in one of the rooms)

|                        Seere’s magicians are here!                          |
|                             Defeat the magicians!                           |

Nowe:    What are they? They seem
         different from the other enemies.

( after killing the magicians)
Nowe:    I wonder if it was alright to leave 
         the hierarch behind. He seemed 
         to be obsessed with the key.

|                    Obtained the key to the Spiral Staircase.                |

Nowe:    I’ve got the key! Now we can
         head up to the floors above us.

Manah:   How typical of you, Seere.
         You watch and take no action.

( arriving at the base of the Spiral Staircase)

|            Your destination lies beyond the Spiral Staircase.               |
|                Eliminate anyone who stands in your way!                     |

Nowe:    A spiral staircase... The guardian must be up there.

( at the first larger section, there is one elite knight waiting)
Knight:  I’ll show you traitor!
         This is for the fallen!

( at the second larger section, there are two elite knights waiting)
Knight:  I’ve never expected you to become
         such a threat, but it’s over!

Nowe:    It’s getting harder...

( at the third larger section, there are three elite knights waiting)
Knight:  For the sake of our honor...
         Your journey ends here, Nowe!

( After killing all the elite knights, a chest appears...)

|                  Obtained the Key to the Grand Hall.                        |

Seere: Wait, Manah! Listen to me!
       Manah, don’t do it! It’s not too late.
       As long as we have the final key...

Manah: ...The Knight of the Seal have
       bought your with the spoils of their 
       tyranny. How shameful.

Seere: No, Manah! You’re jumping to
       conclusion! This doesn’t involve the
       Knight of the Seal! You’re just being-

Manah: This conversation serves no purpose.

Seere: Manah, don’t leave me here!

|                 Used the “Key to the Grand Hall”.                           |

|               The halls are too quiet. Eliminate the enemies                |
|                    lying in wait and proceed!                               |

( after clearing on the rooms, in the other one)
Nowe:  Time is distorted here, too.

( killing all the elite knights and the magicians, the main door opens)
Manah: I sense it... I sense the
       power of the key nearby.


|                                                  |
|Chapter 8 - Verse 5 - ground mission   [1WCH8V5]  |
|                                                  |

Nowe:   that hourglass must be the key!

Manah:  Careful. We don’t know where the
        guardian of Heavenly Time might be.

Gismor: The guardian is here.

Nowe:   Gismor! You’re the guardian?

Gismor: So, it only took three traitors to
        bring the knights to their knees.

Nowe:   The Knights of the Seal lead the
        world away from the true path.
        They are traitors to humanity!

Gismor: Right and wrong means nothing in this
        world. You are either strong or weak,
        and if you are weak, you are dead.

Nowe:   Only by your twisted logic!
        Manah and I believe in equality for all!

Gismor: This is pointless.
        Talking to you is a waste of time.
        Now you die, Nowe!

Nowe:   I’ll show no mercy, Gismor!
        Prepare yourself!

|                          This is the final battle...                        |
|                  Kill Gismor, the guardian of Heavenly Time!                |

Gismor: Impressive. Alright, then.
        I’ll show you my true power!

( after landing a few blows on him)
Gismor: You’ve improved, yes.
        But not enough to defeat me!

        I wonder why Oror raised a
        failure like you.

        You can’t reach this far with
        your sword. I’ll slaughter you!

( after a few more blows)
Gismor: You’ve done well, but it’s all over.
        I’ve grown bored of fighting you!

( after reducing Gismor’s HP to 50%)
Gismor: You could never defeat me.

Nowe:   What!?

Gismor: What do you know of suffering? 
        Of humiliation? Have you ever slept on
        cold earth? Eaten dirt to stave off
        hunger? Craved power at all costs?
        You were blessed with powers by
        birth. You cannot understand or 
        even imagine the suffering I endured
        as a survivor of the Empire!

Nowe:   The Empire? They why? Why would
        you force your suffering on all these
        people? You knew their pain, and
        yet you leave them to suffer!

Gismor: Of what value are pride and dignity?
        Power alone brings you the respect
        of the mewling masses!

Nowe:   Gismor... You’re a sad man.

Gismor: Don’t look at me like that!
        The world would be better off without 
        idiotic idealists like you!

Gismor: Playtime is over!
        Repent your crimes!

Nowe:   You betrayed and killed Oror! 
        And Eris! I’ll never forgive you!

Gismor: Don’t irritate me!

        I would never beg for forgiveness.
        Why don’t you beg for my mercy?

        I reign victorious. I’ve earned the
        right to rule over the weak! 
        Power is everything!

        What do you know!? The world 
        seeks power! Power is everything!

Nowe:   You’re the last one! The people will be
        free when you die!

Gismor: You have no idea what you are
        about to do...

( after killing Gismor)
Gismor: You’ve done well.
        I underestimated you.


Gismor: You look upon me just as Oror did.
        It is the look of a man who know 
        only hope! Only hope.
        You disgust me!

Nowe:   Gismor, you’re defeated. This is the end.

Gismor: If the world will not be my plaything, 
        I don’t care what you do with it.

Nowe:   What!?

Gismor: Soon enough, you’ll realize.
        The justice you hold so dear is nothing
        but a lie.


|                       All the keys have been lost.                          |
|                      The world is set into motion...                        |


Legna: Troublesome child!
       I’ve wiped out the enemies in this
       area. Most of them ran away.

Nowe:  You saved us again, Legna. 
       Hey! That shadow...
       Legna, let’s land.

Nowe:  My lord, 
       I’m glad you’re safe.

Seere: Oh no...

Manah: I’ve done the right thing.
       The people are now free from
       the Knights’ oppression.

Seere: It wasn’t the people you set free,
       Manah. It was the final seal.

Nowe:  What do you mean?

Seere: It’s true that people were sacrificed to
       sustain the keys. 
       But their true purpose was to shackle
       the final seal: the red dragon!
       However, unlike the goddess, a dragon
       is strong. Binding the red dragon
       required methods... most cruel.
       The people’s lives bound the world
       together, kept it from falling apart.
       In this sense, they were true martyrs.

Manah: No... No! That’s a lie!

Seere: Manah, you’ve re-enacted your
       own crime.

Manah: No! Stop it! Please!
       I... I didn’t know! I couldn’t-
       It couldn’t possibly be a mistake!
       Tell me this isn’t true!

Nowe:  Don’t worry, Manah.
       I’ll save you and I’ll save the world.
       My lord, where is this final seal?
       Where is the red dragon?

Seere: I believe she’s in a place called the


|                  Desperation. Fear. Cries for help.                         |
|                The red dragon, filled with hatred of humanity,              |
|                    engulfs the world in flames.                             |

|                                                  |
|Chapter 8 - Verse 6 – aerial mission   [1WCH8V6]  |
|                                                  |

Nowe:    So many knight...! Do they 
         intend to keep on fighting?

|                 The remnants of the knights’ armada litter                  |
|                the sky. Destroy anyone who stands between                   |
|                          you and the Sanctuary!                             |

Nowe:    If the knights insist on continuing
         the fight... Then so will we!

Manah:   This is pointless. There’s
         no reason to fight anymore.

Soldier: This is for General Gismor!
         I’ll avenge his death!

Nowe:    All the keys in the districts
         have been destroyed, but...

Nowe:    The hierarch said something about
         the final seal and the red dragon...

( After shooting down the airships...)
Angelus: Aaaaahhh!

Nowe:    What was that scream!?

Nowe:    Are they all dead?
         What a meaningless battle.

Legna:   There’s no such thing as a
         meaningful battle, but reality
         is that if we don’t fight, we die.

Nowe:    That roar...! She’s close.

Legna:   She’s approaching! What energy!

Nowe:    This is the red dragon?
         She looks like a demon!

Legna:   Don’t be fooled, my boy. My body
         has evolved. I won’t be defeated.

Nowe:    We have to stop her! She’ll burn down
         the entire world!
         She’s too fast! The red dragon is getting away!

Legna:   She doesn’t see us.
         We are not her objective.

Nowe:    I thought I heard the red dragon’s
         voice... but it was too quiet. 
         What was she saying?

Angelus: Perish in my blaze, humans!

Manah:   She’s glowing red. The color
         of her blood, tears, and fire...

Nowe:    Where’s that red dragon going?

Legna:   Why did she appear in front of us?
         We must pursued her! Hang on!


|                                                                             |
| 2i.  Chapter 9 – Resurrection                         [1WCH9]               |
|                                                                             |

Nowe:  Gismor has been defeated, and all the
       districts are free – but at what costs?
       Eris is dead. And the final seal has 
       been unleashed: the red dragon.

       Now the resurrected dragon burn the land
       to cinders. We meant to save the world,
       not to destroy it!

       We must stop the red dragon!

|                                                  |
|Chapter 9 - Verse 1 - aerial mission   [1WCH9V1]  |
|                                                  |

Nowe:    Legna! What is the red dragon saying?
         I can’t tell!

Legna:   I cannot tell, either. 
         It’s and explosion of rage...
         I fear her mind is broken.

Nowe:    Broken?

Angelus: How dare you...!?
         How dare you deceive me!?
         I decided to become the final
         seal not for the sake of humans!
         It was for... for... for him.
         I cannot remember who...

Nowe:    Hey! Do you understand me?
         I want to talk to you!

Angelus: Speak! Speak! 
         Why was I forced to carry the 
         burden of the seal? 
         Verdelet, why did you deceive me?

Nowe:    She’s gone mad...

Legna:   So great was her suffering.
         Fool... Never trust a human.

Nowe:    Legna?

Legna:   There’s no use in talking. 
         Let’s fight, my boy.

Nowe:    But if we kill the red dragon, the
         final weal would be destroyed. 
         The world would loose its order...
         And then what?

Legna:   Her power is growing without a
         conscience to control it! The world 
         will soon be engulfed in flames.

Nowe:    Alright. Let’s try to stop her attack. 
         We have to earn some time.

|                 The red dragon seems to be headed somewhere.                |
|                     Stop her before she gets away!                          |

Nowe:    Quickly! Stop the red dragon
         before she kills more people!

Legna:   Such power... Magnificent!

Nowe:    Legna, keep y close eye on her.
         We can’t afford to let her escape.

         Why is the red dragon angry?
         Is she trying to destroy the world?

         If the red dragon is the final seal,
         what happens if I kill her?

Legna:   With all the seals destroyed, the world will end.

Legna:   She’s fast!
         I must speed up.

|                The red dragon s definitely headed somewhere.                |
|                   Don’t loose her now! Stay on her tail!                    |

Legna:   I sense her presence below.
         Perhaps she landed around here.

Nowe:    Is she running ways?
         Is she trying to lose us?

Legna:   Something has been bothering me.
         A human is calling the dragon.
         His call keeps creeping into my head.
         I cannot verify the source.

Nowe:    The red dragon has a human ally?

Legna:   We do not reveal our given names
         very easily. They must have a close 
         bond. That is for sure.

Nowe:    I see...
         And... what is her name?

Legna:   Angelus.
         She seems to have landed in the
         courtyard of that castle. Shall I fly
         in after her?

Nowe:    No. Set me down out of sight. 
         I’ll go through the castle and sneak
         into the courtyard.

Legna:   A surprise attack?
         A-ha! You’re learning!

Nowe:    Let me off at the top of the
         castle. Quietly.

( at the TARGET point)


|                                                  |
|Chapter 9 - Verse 2 - ground mission   [1WCH9V2]  |
|                                                  |

Nowe:      There’s something about this place
           that feels... so sad. I wonder why?
           This is the first time I’ve been here.
           What is this feeling? 
           I can’t articulate it.

Manah:     There was a battle...
           Lot’s of people died... I’m scared.

Nowe:      Well, it can’t have been long ago.
           These wounds are still fresh.
           Someone came in through here with
           a sword.
           I’ve seen these wounds before...
           I think I know who is calling “Angelus”...

|                 The red dragon, “Angelus”, has landed in the                |
|                 courtyard. Follow her down and eliminate her!               |

Nowe:      Hurry! The courtyard is below.

( Behind Nowe’s staring point, there is a chest. Opening it...)

|                 Obtained the Map of the Castle of the Goddess.              |

( going down on the first stairs)
Manah:     Go away! Go away! 
           No...! I don’t like it!

( on the second floor)
Nowe:      Did this castle belong to the 
           Union? It looks like it was abandoned a long time ago...

( walking on the second floor, on the right section of the castle)
Old man:   Anybody here!?

(After killing the skeleton, the grate opens)
Old man:   The monsters broke in through the 
           back hallway of the western tower.
           That’s the only way to the first floor.

( walking on the second floor, on the left section of the castle)
Young man: Help!

(After killing the skeleton, the grate opens)
Young man: Thank you for saving me! I heard
           an ominous roar form the courtyard,
           and then the monsters came.

( at the TARGET point)
Nowe:      I wonder if the prisoner was
           talking about this wall.

( The wall breaks down, due to the strikes of a moving armor)

( arriving at the first floor)
Angelus:   Graaaghh!

Nowe:      We’re getting closer to the
           roar. Are we near the courtyard?

Nowe:      This place fills me with

           Why is the red dragon here?
           What is she looking for?

( at the TARGET point)
|                            The door is locked...                            |

( On the top of a pile of rocks is a chest, which holds the key to the door.  )
( Because of a sudden tremor, the chest falls down on an armor, which stands  )
( up, picks up the chest and walks away with it.                              )

Nowe:      !
           Damn, it ran off with the key to
           the door. Let’s go after it!

           Why do these monsters protect
           the red dragon? What drives them
           to do that?

( In the front the stars that lead from the first floor to the second.)
Nowe:      It looks like that suit of armor
           went up these stairs.

( Running after the armor, finally catching it in one the rooms of the castle)
Nowe:      It seems like the red dragon is
           controlling its movements...

( killing the three armors, opening the chest, that appears)

|                    Obtained the Key to the Courtyard.                       |

Nowe:      We can get outside with this key.
           Let’s go back to that door.

( At the door)

|                       Used the Key to the Courtyard.                       |


|                                                  |
|Chapter 9 - Verse 3 - aerial mission   [1WCH9V3]  |
|                                                  |

*** Castle of the Goddess – Courtyard *** 

Nowe:    Caim, I knew it would be you!

Caim:    ...

Angelus: Grrrr...
         Humans... Lowly humans...
         Bastard! Die! Die!

Caim:    ...!

Nowe:    Why did you come here?
         Caim stand back! The red dragon is a
         slave to her hatred of humans!
         W have to stop here before it’s too late!

Caim:    ...

Nowe:    What do you want?
         Whose side are you on?

Caim:    ...

Nowe:    You attacked the keys in each district.
         Did you with to wake the red dragon
         and destroy the world?

Caim:    ...

Angelus: Grrraaagh!
         Use me? Absurd!

Nowe:    Caim... You protected me...

Caim:    ...

Nowe:    She’s going on another rampage!
         Legna, let’s go!

Nowe:    Why doesn’t he say anything!?
         Can he hear me?

Legna:   You mean the one-eyed man?
         He is in pact with the red dragon.
         His voice must have been the price.

Nowe:    A pact-partner? So, if we kill the red
         dragon he’d also-

Legna:   Why do you care? You’ll avenge 
         your father, and save the world.

Nowe:    Yes, I know... but...

|               The red dragon, Angelus, has lost her mind.                   |
|                 Show her the power of the black dragon!                     |

Legna:   Kill angelus, my boy.

Angelus: I will never forgive...! I will never
         forgive the treacherous humans!

         Perish in my blaze, humans!

         Where... Where was I?
         Who did I seek in the dark?

Nowe:    Isn’t there any other way? Do
         I have to kill the red dragon?

Angelus: Perish!



Nowe:    It looks to me like
         they’re the victims.

Legna:   When will you learn
         to link like a soldier!?

         Watch out for her tail.
         Don’t let your guard down.

         Pact-partners become one. If one
         dies, so will the other. You only 
         need to kill one of them. 
         Convenient, no?

Angelus: Gggaaaghh!

( after reducing Angelus’s HP to 50%)
Legna:   My boy, I have a message.

Nowe:    From Caim?

Legna:   Kill Angelus.

Nowe:    What!? They wish to die?

Legna:   “Death will be a blessing for Angelus
         and I” he says. Indeed, this would be a
         fitting arrangement for all concerned.

Nowe:    Poor Caim... He must have been attacking
         the districts for the lat three years. 
         He must have been trying to set the
         red dragon free.

Legna:   Show no mercy!
         Do you wish to die!?

Legna:   My attacks have no effect on her!
         Does she feel no pain?

Angelus: Caim! Caim, the one who calls
         to me... I cannot see...
         Where are you?

         Caim... Ca... im...


         That voice... That voice...
         Whose voice was it...?



(Just before dealing the last, finishing blow on Angelus)
Nowe:    Caim fought to see the red
         dragon one last time...


Legna:   Did we get her!?

Nowe:    I think so...

Angelus: C... a... i... m...

( back, at the courtyard)
Angelus: Ugh...

Caim:    ...

Angelus: Caim! You heard my voice...
         You heard my voice, and tried to
         set me free... many times.

Caim:    ...

Angelus: How the people must have
         turned against you...
         I did not know...
         I could not know...

Caim:    ...

Angelus: I had waited so long...
         ...so long to see you again...

Caim:    ...


Nowe:  So... Caim was fighting to see
       Angelus one last time...
       They looked happy. I don’t know...
       Maybe it’s just wishful thinking.

Manah: The snake is coming... The snake...
       I’m sorry! Mummy, stop!
       I’m sorry!

Nowe:  Manah, it’s alright. Come on,
       don’t be scared. Caim is gone.
       So is Angelus. You’re alright now.
       We did it...
       We destroyed the final seal.

Legna: Indeed. Now anything could 

Nowe:  I’m ready for it.
       I’ll  fight to the end.

Legna: They’re coming. This is the
       beginning of the world’s end.


|                  The world as we know it has collapsed.                      |
|            The sky has fallen and the time has been distorted.               |
|                Strange creatures begin to flood the land.                    |

|                                                                             |
| 2j.  Chapter 10 – Destruction                         [1WCH10]              |
|                                                                             |

Nowe: Caim and Angelus disappeared into the fire.
      What was it, between a human and a dragon, 
                 that they shared?

      Something very different from me and Legna,
      That’s for sure. Without the final seal, the world
               steers towards its end.

             Manah has gone mad with guilt.
        It’s up to me to save her – and the world.

|                                                  |
|Chapter 10 - Verse 1 - aerial mission  [1WCH10V1] |
|                                                  |

Nowe:  How hideous... So, this is what
       breaking  the seal does to the world?

Legna: No... This is its true state.
       However, there are things one can
       only see with the world in such a state.
       Things resurrected...

Manah: I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!
       Please don’t hit me! I’ll be a good girl.
       Mummy, is it all over?
       Is the world ending?

Nowe:  Calm down, Manah! Nothing’s over yet.
       I won’t let it end like this.
       But what can I do? How can I stop
       the world from falling apart?

Legna: Hm... A goddess could re-establish
       the seal, but I know of no such 

Nowe:  Legna, perhaps the hierarch would
       know something about the goddess.

Legna: He’s at the Grand Shrine,
       if I recall. Let us make haste.

|                With the seal destroyed, hideous monsters have               |
|               flooded into the world. Destroy any that cross                |
|                                   your path!                                |

Legna: So, it’s here.

Nowe:  The world is falling apart.

Nowe:  I don’t know anything about
       what happened eighteen
       years ago, but we survives.

Nowe:  What happens if the world
       continues to fall apart like this?

Manah: The end is the end.
       It’s all there is. Right?

( killing all the skull enemies)

|                  The disturbance has attracted more monsters.               |
|                        Burn them all at once!                               |

( killing all the skull and skeleton enemies)

|                 As long as there are monsters in the sky, you               |
|                  won’t be able to land. Turn them all into ash!             |

( after killing all the enemies, knight airplanes appear)

Soldier: The world is falling apart
         because of you! As a knight,
         I will execute you!

Nowe:    Please... I can’t let more 
         innocent people die.

Legna:   They’re empty shells. Leave them.

|                  Hierarch Seere should be at the Grand Shrine.              |
|                                 Go to him!                                  |

(arriving at the TARGET)


|                                                  |
|Chapter 10 - Verse 2 - ground mission  [1WCH10V2] |
|                                                  |

*** Grand Shrine - Hierarch's Room ***
Nowe:    My lord? Are you there?

Manah:   Seere won’t die. Do you know why?
         Because Mommy loves him. 
         He’s such a good boy. 
         I’m such a bad girl.

Nowe:    Shh, Manah. Be quiet.
         Did he escape?

Manah:   But the gods don’t like good children.
         The gods love children who love the gods.
         That’s why I’m loved, even though
         I’m such a bad girl.

Nowe:    Please, Manah!! The gods – they don’t 
         matter! It’s our will that counts! 

Manah:   I’m sick of this...

Nowe:    Manah... There’s nothing I can do
         for you right now. 
         Come on, let’s leave this place.

|                  The noises on the other side of the door are               |
|                getting louder! Take Manah and get out of here!              |

Nowe:    Manah, are you alright!?
         We need to get out of here!

Soldier: The knights disbanded because of you!

( at the second floor from the ceiling green things fall down, which take up  )
( the form of soldiers and start killing them...                              )
Nowe:    I’ve never seen those monsters 
         before. What are they?
         Are they born from the
         distortion in time?

(arriving at the TARGET)


*** Grand shrine - Courtyard ***
Nowe:  Manah, loot at me. Please.

Manah: Mummy... Mummy...

Legna: Her mind is gone.
       She’s going to slow us down.
       Leave her here.

Nowe:  I can’t do that, Legna!
       Saving the world and saving Manah...
       They’re one and the same to me!

Legna: Fool! Just let me ask you: 
       how do you intend to do this?
       How will you attain the power?

Nowe:  I’ll...

Legna: Look at you. Face red with anger, 
       just like a monkey. A word to the wise.
       The new world is in the sky.

Nowe:  The sky?

|                                                                             |
| 2k.  Chapter 11 – Myth                                [1WCH11]              |
|                                                                             |

*                                                                             *
*       5. Other Scripts                               [OTHS]                 *
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Other scripts, like the conversations in the villages, cities or texts of the
free expeditions.

Coming soon...

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                    Added CH8 / verse 2-5.

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